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The Nelson Economist Mar 7, 1900

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 > j. t7 *if ' ^  J       li    r I. to.**  " AA  ft   f A * -��<%  ^f V|f$*>t* aud Siw��* ia m 4be  iff" &'.? - .     -  f ��� i  &** fefci Wid ^ fr�� the ��k��m,&cta,e*;.  Jjgon t bat tr�� we *& *fa*fe miiwblefor this wi��ef.  \ f  miNTB TO  at*a* -jAjKeiftii*;  ���1.   -';   NELSON, j& C;,-. ^;V'iCW^  "Till'   '   <V'rt��iiM'>    KBWh?^��sfed  llli^sji I  * miff  *��� �� �� ��� *        ��� J * >i     ��.  W;frt��li����n-> _   ? M I life i��y�����,ropp,,fiunliv to ��*,<*��> bestqu��UU��.��f H��a* FunH��ht��^at wot��<terfiiiIy do��prttt*.  Helton block        MARTIN QTREHLLY 4 CO. MK������f*ctr  to?*]      --       WL\~tet$lMwit  4MM  ' ���*> ��(*��J><j><i��rtf��    i "mrn rui in  WHtu  ROYAL SEAL  A  ���a?  Ott* OTHER ��MHM  Kootenay Beile  ft  ^ *r  l^fflffiS^ HaKSHSS5aBl>^B?BFSBS8!8BBB��SlM  ^^W^����^��M��^#^^^^|1^����fe��^^i  - -   "TiA     AH 1   %  *       -?i   A J ��� _  (.*A ^'r^ t#?~"T">~^JT'^  i i A  ,st ? A c^e      , v/** "*   A A (A O ^l#  ? v    s-\ ��A    .<.���>/r   A Ar  *,;    f^mMflj  l��^#^^ ..'II    1  'j'-M      *'  Mi   *  > i  v/  v    1  'tfivi    ��  wl  t  I  !'    ��  1     *  1%  *4.  -1*  r  t   'I  t  1  *1  \  i  i *  a" "  ������ ��*  V        i  fifttattteitful   a Malum **i&na'  ���II If I ll��aMM*B��WW*WHMM^M|MMa��tMMMMI>��MM^^  *���>  -      1*  mw  UK  *    if  Kruger is Knocked in  And we are stilt advttteing  with our . /  .-������� /  mest  ** r,  (  i. n  J  -        t  * <��  NfVClltS  ��� *.  Wbkb are arriving;  '��� daily.  K  If  X  ,���*  lit  il��  A  I  M  Pi  i      *  I  rwnfefenr ��M��  REMEMBER ��  AH goods purchased here are guaranteed fir  ' *  , 7ltl' ��������  ��-.����*$MA ,"j  *-V istr ife6-     _  -^  m.  ^Alv7!  Call a��d inspect them, and call &ar\yt  a* we aifc here io serve w��t*  Our Watch and Jewelry Rehiring Departments  Arc A s, as we only employ the tat wurkmen.    Matt coders revrive  ��itsr prompt attritions.    Don't forget the phee   JACOB DOVER'S, "THE JEWELER"  Nelson, British Columbia  Wm$  4P��  ^y?f}��  f   ># A ^  AH',   $UA  t  l ^'^>:m  Ja.     "  * ^ V-  >\  *���%&  '" ^dlf&MMWMmWM^  ���'1  " -   '*��  -4  'Si  -fl  <1  -    1^ -*L��/2i %.lJ%&e��-��Y~ *>>V,y  \ >A^ bo��  >^  ?    <���  >  r  ���*1  u-  s3a-  i'WJi ^;--!,AAiA����AfA*r ,.  ?.' ".y  �� >  1 X  A  ^^;^^A?1V^?A  "rA^  7^     'ti      '  1  $ ^  ?/--Jr  *1  "*% X^> ,A      t, ii \   ^���,-! a ^t <A:A <.'v ��4  >? 4  * -s'  ���i    o  * 7 ,1  * 1  .��*  Y  A"*        *      v  f .if"   *  al  >f  i  ._    !*_.��-���&._.   f Ml %imM of P&sfela��fr@m so fn* to*? ft* In Width  s**  0* C��  "1 *v  f> v  ?.j. \  r i.   ���*  ^    "^  ��        3^^  r     , <        iri   i*       "  "5     "      1  ��� ^ ,�����.IMP ' NELSON ECONOMIST  VOL. III.  NELSON, B. C. WEDNESDAY.. "MARCH 6, 1900.  NO. 34  ���ttthfi'Hy ���( SrhuH. It. C., U,j I).   .\f,   (.'��,/<���.��. SHlvcrip-  li����� .-   ,*.'.��/  /vr annum ;   if ,���titt ,,,  atlmn^,   x/.so  <:,*rw/*W��w* <m motor* <>/ ywni/ iji/w*/ rr*prctj��ll{,  *��/i>iW.    Oii/y   ��r//rfai ��/   wmv   M./// /���,  n(irrrfhed  in  thrtr yohtmii*. a ml thr   imrrett* *>f rratltr* >ri(t fa rarr-  fulhf ijwtriUd lujntnfit i^^oiUihtf. }wmm* mttl irorthh  urlfcUft*  7��X  *'**��   ��M��-��"WW���HMu>>i  Pay!    Pay!    Pay!  Xorirn,���There ��rv *��vi*nil h:in<Ii<e<| readers of Thk  HroNu.Mfsr behind hi their subscription*. Xn ,|<mht this  U attributable t*> needed and all that will In.* reputed to  ensure a hasty rexpmtste U iUU tr��Mttlo reminder.  OOMK aspiring comic opera author would find rich  v^    material lor a plot on which to exercise  his  genius in the scenes which were presented'in the   Local  U^'isl.iturc Inst week.    Gilbert  nn<\  Sullivan   never  conceived anything half s:* diverting as the spectacular exit ofthe thirty-five members ofthe Local Legislature when the Lieutenant-Governor, decked out   in  all the lojjsery of  his  office, with   speech   in   hand,  made his entrance.    The denizens ofthe  gallery evidently believed they had the worth of their  money,  f'*r they cheered as the gallery does almost invariably  when   nleased   with   the   ballet divertissement, or a  cake-walk ; and here it might be pointed out that one  wh<.   participated in the proceedings, and enacted the  rnlo <>f the Great Presence, has much  in his stride to  rvmind one of a champion cake-walker.  servatives   and eight Liberals are  elected,   or vice  versa, what guarantee have the contestants that  the  chosen leader of the"Vfctwlous party will be eutrusted  with the formation of a Government ?    In   1898, the  Lieutenant-Governor dismissed a Government  without knowing officially  anything of its strength ; in  fact, while contests for two seats were still pending,  and called upon a gentleman   who  had  been over-  whelmingly defeated at the  polls   to  form a Government.    After Mr. Beaven had acknowledged his inability to accomplish the task, His Honor then called  in a gentleman who was  fortunate enough to have  won a sent.    Now he dismisses a Government  and  calls upon a member���absolutely without a following  and who has been declared by all parties to be a political impossibility���,vho proceeds to call iu a couple  of lawyers, one of whom was defeated at the last election, and they undertake to carry on the affairs of the  country without  leave   or license  from the  people.  What a farce !    But it demonstrates the seriousness  of-the situation.    It proves  that our Parliamentary  system is lamentably weak in spots.    It also reveals  the fact that there are individuals in high positions in  this Province vain enough   to imagine  they   possess  more wisdom than   the combined intelligence of the  whole electorate of British Columbia.  But the residents of British Columbia, if one  may  conclude from the ominous murmurings heard   along  '.the streets, and wherever men do congregate, do not  incline to take the humorous view of the performance,  yuitc the reverse; they feel, that matters in this Province have.reached .that pass   when   the   voice  of the  people, is" no longer   potent and the people's  will   is  contemptnously  ignored.    'The pernicious  hand of  despotism, which alone can make a whole people desperate, ' has .manifested its presence in the loyal Prov-  i��ce 01"British Columbia, and now that   the  struggle  between-the people and despotism  has   been precipitated, it does not demand unusual depth of wisdom or  political saeacity to predict the end.    MThe  voice of  tber people is the 'voice of God." >  /-��v  Phe present conflict letwecu the people and despotism presents a series of problems that will be difficult of solution. ��� Assuming that the next election is  lought out on Federal party lines and that thirty Con-  Perhaps Sir Hibbert Tupper put the situation in its  strongest light in his  address to the  Young Men's  Liberal-Conservative Club at Vancouver, last Friday  night.    According to the report in  the   Piovince.he  reminded his hearers that this Province was on 4t the  eve of an imperial conflict; they had on hand a contest for the great principles of responsible representative government.    If the Province  was  now in  the  positioti of a laughing-stock in the eyes of all the provinces and indeed of all the colonies, it was because we  were under the domination of a man who resorted to  very similar methods to those of Oom Paul, whom he  seemed desirous of rivalling.    The Liberal-Conservative party was not desirous of weakening the respect  due to the representative of the Crown; but students  or the   B. N. A. Act  and  of constitutional government would readily apprehend   the  great  difference  between the- Queen and those holding office representing her. To the latter w*as always accorded the respect  due the office.    Still when such  representatives forfeit all  right  to respect, when   they transgress the  constitution, they can and  will be  punished.    So in  British Columbia at the  present time;'--when a man  holding the high office of representative of the Crown  becomes despotic or idiotic, it was not possible for the  people to be quiet and to be told that he  Is  hedged  round with a dignity, that is beyond criticism. Times  have changed.    There is no dignity that will protect  "vii  : -a  .- <\  ... i  #'  ���ftiN  AA��i  . y. ' ��*A  1 A''  1  '���vm  11 _' 'V^'"3 ^5KR��EWi5wm��b  ��zm THE NELSON ECONOMIS'I  IIavv'  B&y?  Mii*y  III Li  If f 1 I  ftp!,:  lite I  IfVIIIil  sflMsIi  ll'^iV:' |;  #*!&.*.������  pv||v|  i:l|#7| ���  *p]A?  iff I ���  fEAA  a a: .jr. ���  |ja-p  OTVy:;  l!f ���:  III y  A'A* .���   ���-  or permit the Lieutenant-Governor of this Province  to insult the representatives of the people or the  people themselves through them. We are  men and there is no duty more important at the  present crises than to show the world that when held  in contempt by a man who has forgotten,' if he ever  knew, the traditions of his office, we are prepared to  resent and rebuke, and constitutionally to drive him  from office at  once and  forever.    There   are   tunny  things to be considered. It was evident a desperate  <*ame was being played at Victoria and the chief actors were Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes and Joseph  Martin. The latter had reached a position when he was  powerless for good or evil in the affairs of the country  until the former had deliberately chosen to link fortunes with him. The reason for this hold and dan*  gerous game, and for, the extraordinary conduct of  the Lieutenant-Governor, was not far to seek."  From a Conservative point of view, speaking now  from its influence on Federal issues, the situation is  not wholly without consolation. Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes received his appointment from a Liberal Government, and,th*t party must now assume  all responsibility lor his official acts If he had been  the greatest enemy Sir Wilfrid Laurier had in British  Columbia, he could not, have accomplished more in  the way of bringing discredit on the Liberal party in  this Province. No Literal candidate can go upon  the platform and conscientiously defend, or even condone, this latest official act of the Lieutenant-Governor; and that is why so many Literals throughout  the Province are so emphatic in their condemnation  of his intolerable conduct.  Sir Wilfrid, however, appears to have  found a w y  out of the d lemma.    In   the   House,   yesterday,   he  intimated that the Lieut,-Governor had acted   within  his authority, but whether he acted wisely or not was  the question/   "It  will  be   the  duty  oi'  the  Lieut -  Governor to promptly dissolve the   Legislature, sum-  mon the electors uAhe polls and submit to them with  as little delay as possible, the questions   which   have  been raised.   If the people returned a majority against  the Martin Government   it   will   have   been   obvious  that the Lieut.'-Governor had  taken a   very  serious  risk.     At the present time  the   remedy   was   in   the  hands of the Province of  British Columbia."    There  is  not   much   consolation In ' these   remarks for the  'Lieutenant-Governor or Mr. Martin.  The Semltnites are now taking copious drmghts  of.the medicine administered io Mr. Turner and his  followers twenty months ago by Lietit'-Govcruor  Mcluues.     His Honor gives big doses, too.  In the two months which the Lcgishture'sat nothing in the shape of legislation was passed. What do  we send men to the Legislature for anyway ?  IF anything further is required to indicate the sub  stantial hold that Canada has secured upon the  trade  of Great Britain in natural products it is supplied by  the cable order rccived last week from the Imperial  war office, requesting the agricultural department to  arrange foraTsupply of 3,000 tons of hay per month  forshipmeiti to South Africa as long as the war lasts.  Thk Greenwood Timt* says, without hesitation,  that no man in Catuda lu* done more to fasten odium  on the Literal party than Joseph Martin;  ',.   n>feft*.<**.'sVfc-V��-.,.  ''i'siati'v^  .p!e,':and/iiotvfe  . WXttutW-f,  �����'1.iV;;iJ)'V'.^.p.7...����i^;^.'-..  ; ���y.^.-_   fo��*-H-*r--.-''^:*;vS--  'v';:vitfy.ls;Au^  m r ttier:' will makrt' ton f Wl!>^  * ���   ���        ���'. y-   ' :    ��� A   ������    ��� -.''''��� A-. ���,..������...��� ��� ��� -'���-.. A  ':������"���>'   ��� ," ��� -..; .'���'-' .������, :������ ;��� ��������� ��� '���>:���      ���'      ''   . ;"  ;aU';earl,y:;da;lev';yv'':; :]-^;.^r\.::.'^.V-0-::W:^  v;WP*ii.*!VW'*<*,<^^ -,  a'vIn'v drtwntuu��:^  ;M$rihVs^^  :of;Mr./'Piei;-C^  ;and.;Martuv:vwou]d':vtna:'k'c,, v'f'/r^.'^  rof^hducti^  <adoU0;VieL  ���'������ ^rovin^'r^  .Th r .��� tiisurfesal; /of v' tbr :'SemHnv"fc*c#eramgit  has  giv.etvthe/;%*r)i^( v^UyexcMIrr^  Inir������ a.'fe.iv"��������� timely ' remarks V#a |he^ *  phase of the question. '���',;;,,;.��� ���Cyy ^V?jav/;-a;  '���':; LA.i>vsMiTU.;has; teen .rctfcvetl Viid;^^  .���wildvtyiilr^  ' reached i<^  ;friihtrc$;-.tlW|*^  .'was,,fully accbrnpltebedv'.w'Ueti-they v;^^ ���  up',to a:day of rejoktug fri'id .thfink*giV^^  ..dihkult.task^  4j'fish,-.to  the credit.- v.-The strategy��� of a;dr'^ .  .'ener'��� tm*y-'Vhave'. eontribin&L^  nual result, but tO'Jiufler jiurst 1>e awarded due credit������.  .for'   iiis:.;buUdog; tenacity,, ;in.lhcTace".pF the-greatest. ^>  -natural di.0kulties-and. ad verse-criticism at-..Uotiie -and-  ���.���abroad. . With the surrender',of Cronje ;aud the... rebel.,,'  of Ladvsmith, the mid of the bloody struggle should  be in sight.    It is probable'- that, there may   te more  fighting at Bloeuifontein and Pretoria, but the  back:  bone of the   war is undoubtedly brokeii.    With the  :."laree force,ai .Lord-R6VWrtsV:coavmatid^;.he';shoii.kl te  able 'to'', invest any position taken by the'Boers and  force them to capitulate, even if lie shonkl not.wisb to  attempt to carry their pofiitioit. by direct assault.  Mafekirig ha^-itot yet i>een relieved, but. that will ui*  evitably come in due time.' Too much credit cannot  lie givon General White and his brave garrison for  their stubborn resistance, Every man was a hero,  and of all those who have done their duty in this  campaiirn, muiehave' made a greater name than those  who composed the Ladysmitli garrison.    And Briton*  u  '      {  ' l ^ i  (.     JL  *nr-rnu-�� i*f*��ififq   p- r+��� Vf* +  1  pw-r-v" ���^���"^'"rif  *n����  M*fw^ " 1FV***  ,-^  1 ,- 1 % �� >l-  Y'.-v. r  ft***  3  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  d  are now guessing what the next move will be. Lord  Roberts has in the past told but little of what he intended doing, and it is probable that the first the out*  side world will know of his movements will be the  notification of what has been accomplished. One  more decisive blow and the Boers, havi.ig demonstrated to the world their quality, may be able to see  their way clear toward the initiation of negotiations  that will bring the war to a close.  The Lieut.-Governor in his repeated onslaughts  on the "constitution" has torn it to that extent  that some people believe it would be tetter to buy a  new one altogether than patch the old one up.  Thk funeral of the British Empire, so long predicted by foreign powers, has been indefinitely postponed.  w*itwkrtwUM#auMr -jj  i umm v MnnwHNnnwy*1  It was hard pounding, and in spite of the cost  General Builer was able to pound hardest and loug-  longest. In British operations around Ladysmith  the tola! losses reached almost half the force sent out to  rescue.    The record is a dis nal one, but that is war.  -#WM-*k��* (r*.a*t ittr*mf*+tH*+**w-  wU��w��m      tmmut  '{ uk 'loronto iflftjstun (Conservative) has the following ; (" It is lobe hoped, that Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes of British Columbia will make no  move that can give hisenemiesa chance to shout that  he is trying to clear the way for the promotion to  Cabinet rank of his son, \V\ W. II Mclnnes, M. P.  for Nanaimo, There is not a man in the British  Columbia delegation at Ottawa who has shown any  appra ach io the ability displayed by Mr. Mclnnes.  itntisu Columbia would be fortunate ii that Province  a ere ruled hj men like W. \\\ Mclnnes, arid it will  be a misfortune if he should enter provincial politics  under circumstances which might expose him to the  taunt that he owes his promotion to the official influence of his futher."  i  MUoWte.   ��J��-.�� (       t- nrmt**.  Thkkk have been many things said by British  Columbia newspapers during the last two years that  ilie editors might \\o\s wish had teen left unsiid.  l.ver Tiu��: Kconomi T is not disposed to maintain  that Mr. Cotton is w I out virtue or merit, and after  all Mr. Semlin may not be half as black as he has  been painted. Indeed, tuev -mav.be both honorable  men. Of coutse this opinion is given offhand, and  ^���subject to revision..:.'..  Tut-: new' registry office has been handed  over to  bae Provincial Government:'   It cost"$12,000.  that holds certain views concerning the matter, but  whether an influence inimical to the best interests of  the Empire is to be paramount in the councils of  Canada.  Pj.iAs Rogers has been appointect managing di-  Jcctor of the C. N. C. Co., viceRobert Jaffray, who  ���la-mains first vice-president.  In its issue of August 18th, 1897, The Economist  published the following: ''We observe with some degree of alarm that the Hon. Joseph Martin will transfer his political operations from the Province of Manitoba to British Columbia. Mr. Martin is a man  without whom this Province could struggle along very  well. He is a disturbing element no matter where  his lot is cast, and if Manitoba desired to mark her  friendship for British Columbia, she should have sent  us a blizzard and kept Martin at home- We would  suggest that immediate steps be taken to bind Martin  over to keep the peace while in this Province." It  surely is permissable for this paper now to say, "I  told you so." '���"/;'*  The Lnh Standard, of Minneapolis, says "the Fenians���the men of Irish descent���will cross the bor-.  der and raise the stars and" stripes oyer the Queen's  Dominion." Well, not if the Rocky Mountain Rangers happen to be present.  The Spokesman-RcvifUk contains the following:  "What troops are those?' asked Cronje, as he rubbed  his eyes in the gray dawu and peered at the entrenchments only 80 yards away, "They are Canadians,"  said a subaltern, "and they rushed that position just  before daylight." "Send out a flag of truce," replied the ga'lant Cronje, "it's all off with us now."  The Produce says: " The great majority of Liberals will agree with the view that Mr. Martin can  advance no valid claim to Liberal support in any capacity., If the Liberals of British Columbia wanted  a Provincial Government representative of their party  the new premier would be the last man they would  call upon to form one."  The latest dinner-table decorations in England are,  of course, of a military nature, and scarlet is largely  used. Strips of the bright cloth used for soldiers'  coats are laid down upon the table, and silver baskets  filled with variegated holly and scarlet tulips are  placed in between these. A novelty is a khaki tablecloth, on which scarlet silk is puffed, and the flowers  are tulips and hyacinths, planted in high scarlet milt-  tary boots. A pretty idea is a table centre of pale  heliotrope panne, with silver vases dotted about filled  with variegated foliage and Parma violets.  Thk Grit- press appears to have discovered that  ^���verttl French Canadian conservatives ardently supported the stending of contingents to South Africa.  fiie  question, however, is  not whether this citizen o  There seems to be a growing sentiment with men  .of all shades of politics, in view of the unseemly  scramble for position and power, now witnessed at  the coast, for the Kootenays to unite in sending a  solid delegation.of sound business men, pledged to  fight for the interests of the Kootenays, to the Legislature.' .  ���,-   ,' --M  ," A  i'U  s  ~.~yy -k:  ", A,  . a&1  'AJ  .."-,?>  , ,'' "���'  - ��� 'h41  / -*"A  >\ " -1   ?i!  ��� 'JAt,y���.  <������ *A3  ���   -I _ -. ��� ,1 -f��..  ��� ������"������ -Vf��. '&%  ^^  #  ^^  m  &lfe  IISa-  HI  Ffllsp  KiKa^f-  w  KxI^'W';  ^W^ttiJ  *.)fo  SS-^S^p-'  rEa!  PPS��sa  fm:m  yS'f.  flfefe|.*r  !��iStf'^;  ^#4l^'''iA17  tmtMtw-'-���������'��� ���  V, v.  '-JL  TS  *Vl  THE ?:���selection:.:v,by"v;Mr,:,' Joseph ������ Uartin v of'  ,,,..., ,v;'::;vtwo;:vmetnte  him in conducting tte  suit in arousing indignation against  the  nian  who  ���'���has   presumed   to   run   this   Province  by. la wjtefiv.'  y-forvvlawy^s,;: v-v  lession should be represented in the  House, hu{  it  seems like casting a reflection on:the iittenigence  of  members of other professions atid  those euga^  the various other ayoca^  v'sented :in:; a',.-0oy er n men t ^  'hohestlv^  -mauyJa^  ���; there :.aTe;-Mte|s  ���;.who.:are:^  ^mentallgito  Sare-ij^tih^  vcati,c^:::^  the mitids of m^^.tjWn.kidg.��� men';��� ofv';'to^iay.:-:������ LJ^otism:;.,.  ;s^ms,to!b��M^  maiit^  ,.��*   ���'.'....��� , ..'.--.. **"'��� A\'  "'     ' ,''''.' .'.'.,' i   -      ''.'�����''������'���������,. :. *^  Tvlistehed-; while ;a^  ^dress.^ ^iJiinWjgS that; : shbr t:.v ;space::. :he-v:v,succeeded" .an. '������  <Iraggmg:in;Tte^  times,vor'';on:anv':average,ofate  ���iout:'se<x)uds.::v::^  ���lawyers, and many of them3 but they vviliadmiL  that  In .ho':Other; w^ frauds: to.- :te  found as inThe legal proi^ioiK;^;;-:Vv;v^vV-  WWm��  iVp^:|  lli^y  BISff.f.  AT.;.|--i-j,-,i ���---�����.  ip-yl:  S-A-yl  -.; I'^iJ.7.    J".  111!  il!'.  alA'f ���  Last week the humble architect of this column had  a word of criticism of a recent amateur performance.  It is contended by some that greater latitude should  i^l^-lpermiUed: amateurs than ;: 'professional's.   and   no  doubt there is justice in this contention, v'..profession-'  als live by the disposal of their talents just as the ra'er*  chant does by selling his wares, andvi.t.."is'���'.maintained'  that neither has a right to misrepresent the quality of  his commodityv.  The   Economist,   so   for as  the  writer is aware, has not made  a   practice  of  unduly  extolling the genius of the professional or the quality  of the goods which the merchant offers to his customers.    This species of dangerous flattery  is left to   pa *  pers which have so far failed   to establish credit .with  the public.    There are  many   amateurs   whose   performances are more  acceptable than   those   of some  professionals, notably in the cases of individual members of the Nelson Minstrels, and on  these .occasions,  this paper accords due credit ;��� but again there are altogether too many amateurs absolutely  barren of tab  cut, who. on every conceivable occasion, force   themselves on the public, and so  often too under the guise  of contributors   towards  charity.     (Charity   covers  multitudes of sins.)    In the cases  of the   latter, the  writer d<pes not feel himself bound to lie   in order  to  mantle their naked imbecility     In this connection, it  is pleasing to note that many   letters   have  been   received from leading citizens-of Rossland thanking me  for-my outspoken remarks with   regard   to   the   per-  ������*�����������������'.  AA  AP  formajtee;gtven^  soti,y ;y';:,J a':-���':'���������' v:;���:��������� ;;aa���:���>,,^^.-,:^  ���'iWntr -r .���***-*M,1����m��#W  ���  v-^;Theintei^  mt.lr^th^  t hev :Nelsonv. R ifie"; Com pa n y-;" ; p'To.; ���' tsi k& rx hirtv.. "or-1  y ���ra'.\v:.recruits;:'::4tid"  drilliugvlitem, to.-the-'de^^^'/���-^���^^'-v^.r.l^^ifwi:':.:rc^ic-iied;:-:Si.>ir-'--��� -  the'v.nfle.company.; t^:iiO/eas'yv;,task,^  ifmeiS:':fi>r,ibi';j^^  a^otu]>li^hed:;st>-.nHt^^  ,'*W-.llV*��*^"��n#��(f S(*lr��frttt<!.  : Charles ;Semlhv';wi*s.;aWpt  ���andimm^mtely^':^  vBet>ni$";'^Mu';rphy; ;',^  West.,-Yiiie'in^O|>p0s  Thts.v;js';:ii;;.v:nK>ye:v  ,,wa;ut,ed.;i.ti'thss,;;Provitt-ceAit  ;;lawyers;,int:>t.tb!iedile*.vy.vv,I,t;;?s  .pemta^H^';M>y;:p  ;j^tiiIpuersA;:;-;A::.A:^  : -iSMBUti**.-���'������'  .���v.'iWWWWtt:,  :'; In: .-'.i'S^H^. ;.;,w.beu ;,,:���-; Lieiii .-Govf rm!#:';v:;v^  .missed.:tlie;.Turner >f-itusb'y,:vlfif W:;^  ...was"at. ';^atHiitno::.-.:(miTifediat^  vappointmeni .'of.Mr, ;}kav^ti.':vhe^^rt^^l^^  ��� When he reached ;the. caftitai' he.;::-w.as' inet'byAtviriettdv  who asked": :;'"Wbat:d*f'^  . Billy?'* :*;* Realty,l'- he s;vkis.:*v.tt. :wis.;i^vfhuch:^  prise 10; me' as-anyone,-.'then ���laftcra-'/v.tn'O'fiiM  tiou, he^.o.vtledAtud,a<ided''A''fAiidrlie'v'^  j>ersist in. mYttit*'- that"-there/isaio" hoTOQ.r;i!t|:"it':-S^^  .'niiuii *.*���;( referring ibr.h^  ,on '��� Mrf-:-,'������ Beaven; to;>fmin..,;a": ^Goyeriu��ettt.}S:>ST^  .slKUi,ld.beajo.lori'ger..i!iiy:d.0irtH:oh\t  .tneasured'bv hisrec^ivi ",d,is|:davs^:of"^  ..might te regarded' as having; honestly-ft  'of nrofesstonal -luimomt.-':.. ^vX;^^^a^v.a:>;..:A.'  ��� 'Phe force of habit is strong with so me ���people,, "th'-f^-  ntit jJtrraUirr, in a������ recent' uurnter,"gives'a story  which Baroti Dowse, the celebrated Irish judge.  once told in that exaggerated "brogue", which he  loved to employ. ���*!' was .down in Cork last".''tnonth  holding assizes. On the first day,when the jury  came 'in, the.officer of the court mid ; *Gintlemin ay.  the jury, ye'Il- take your accustomed. ��� places,��� 'if' .ye.  '.olaze.'-   And mav 1 never -laUi;h,"'siid the Baron, "if  it- ...������'��� ���  they didn't all walk into the dock:fT  ***iM��n��mi���.v��i*nn {i***wtof-  Here is an old story of an Irish court Mr. Curratu  the renowuedTrish lawyer, oti one occasion, was try*  li\g a case before Lord Avoumore and 'a.-stupid Dublin iury, by whom his besi flights of elcxjueuce and  wit were wholly unappreciated. Addressing them,  with a side glance at the judge, he stated that-Hestod,  WMgffigg^8?iCTq|Bwyaa)��^^  *  '^Mi^^SS^iffl THE NELSON ECONOMIST
At last, Ctrran said, "Well, my lord, I see we must
di^o.!ree. It it were a matter of Jaw, I should bow
t-» y«»ur lordship's opinion, but ii is one of fact, ami
tests with the jury to*decidc\ Let us send it up as
collateral U* ;e to the jury, add I'll be bound that
they will -find il ft trek !u
The Xelv»a Minstrels are makrtg preparations for
then tour of the Slocan next w^ek. They will ap-
ami';it a'cw J)«:»ver. Sandon and Kaslo. This or-
:.uh>, itfon iu many resoeeuk.is equal to a professional
.-.iiu/any, and in some regards belter, for it contains
i mre.jut number of i*ood voices than are usuallv
found with the travelling c«.»mpfny. The 'specialties
also are away above the average. 1 bespeak generous
pais mage for the Nelson Minstrels." P. G.
p. Pw»*M<   tfeM^ivara "«i »<nt    riwwiHMf'*
There is much extravagant booming of the Howe
Sound coppei properties, which were recently ae-
ipiticd by a syndicate organized by Mr. IL C. Wallers of Spokane:"" So far as cars be ascertained bv im-
o.irtiai e\perl<r there scent !c* be very extensive depots on the claims of hj,v-.;:ade copper. This will
:;ecd :o he most skilfully and economically worked
and concv.dialed on the spot and very large expenditures indeed will also be necessary for aerial tram-
aj>s tind other plant. Then it is thought, on the
<;e!$„Mh -of present indications, that sufficient profit-
iiU-rr^'i'tii s'-i u!d 'accrue. l}r\t, as already stated,
aa;c acU;a!   ^ipiulizatlon, representing  money  laid
• » i   s   »«,
'U.i,     ill
lost caieful working are   absolutely   neces-
o:\ c.j^ilti.ius jo success,.    The value of the  Howe
S i i;,d^te is not suflicic-itlv high to nermit of a mar-
.:i i f^r ua^ic, extravagance or   inefficiency.-—J/fofo;/
.*»        <
Dr. Ro>c will be identified  with Dr.   Hall   in   the
• J'lc: *s practice in  future.
The I-'. f/tr \< t ho name of a new paper published at
; A„;ii-vVn,  it C.     It is a   bright,, newsy  sheet,   and
'•■a-vald be* -well AKttrtHii^cd;< ...-'
■ '■ * ■■■■■> '     ■ "
A small t.orce of'ihen'is being kept at work on   the
ifoudeC unue,-'p-e:,Klirig the restarting,of operations on .
•; ti.".--;e .s-...\tk' by'-iho ue'w'company,. ■'•'        , " '
Knkjvtuick Cv.   Wilson,   grocers,   have   purchased
ae southwest corner q( Baker and Ward streets, and
■•vill proceed at once with' the erection of a brick block,
l'> cost a 1 least $35,000.-' " '■■•
"TheWilliam Hamilton .Manufacturing Co.=, Peterborough, will'make Nelson their district, .headquarters.
Kitty Neil.
Ah, sweet Kitty Xeil! rise up from your wheel;
Ymir neat little foot will be weary from spinning;
fome, trip down with me to the sycamore tree-
Half the parish is thee and the dance is beginning.
The sun is gone down, but the full harvest moon
Shines sweetly and cool on the dew-whitened vallev,
While ail the air rings with the soft, loving things
Which little bird sings in the green shaded alley.
With a blush and'a smile, Kitty rose up, the while
lie  eye <»n the glass, she wound her hair, glancing.
Tis hard to refuse when a young lover sues,
So she couldn't butchno.se to go oft to the dancing.
And now on the green glad groups are seen,
liaeh gay-hearted hid with the lass of his choosing;
And Pat, without Jail, lead.* out sweet Kitty Neil—
Somehow, when he asked; she ne'er thought of refusing.
Now Felix Magee puis his pipe to his knee,
Ami with nourish so free, sets each couple in motion;
With u eheerand a bound, the boys patter the ground—
The maids move around just like swans oh the ocean:
Checks bright as the rose—feet light as the doe's—
Now coyly retiring, now boldly advancing;
Search the world all round, from the sky to the ground,
No such .-sight sight can le found as an Trish lass dane-
hi«>a ■
Sweet Kate! who could view your bright eyes of deep blue
Beaming hmmdiv through, their dark lashes so mildly—
Ymir fair-turned arm, heaving breast, rounded form—,
Nor feel his heart warm, and his pulses throb wildly?.
Poor Pat feels his heart, as he gazes, depart,
£>uhduc<i by the smart of such painful yet sweet love;.
The sight leaves his eye as he cries with a sigh,
u I).nice light, for my heart it lies under your feet, love!"
—John -Fraud* Waller, LL.D.
The Passing Century Mysteries.
The nineteenth centurv* will leave behi nd a grea
lesracy of mysteries which it could not solve, and
which probably will remain mysteries to the end of
time. The most notable of these is to be recalled in
detail in the April Ladled Home Journal in an article
on 4The Mysteries of the Century." Each one set
the whole world agog with excitement and speculation in its day, but has faded almost completely from
the mind ofthe public.
MoodyJs Remarkable Life. '
We have received a book of much importance at
the present time.jfrom the Poole Publishing Company,
Toronto, "The Life of D. L. Moody." The book is
attractive, and is well printed on good white paper.
Thirty-three'pages of illustrations embellish its pages,
covering the '.'outstanding features in Mr. Moody's
career, home life and religious experience.: Its circulation will probably be very large, as Mr. Moody had
a powerful influence in..Canada, was known here quite
as well as across the line, and his was a potent name
in thousands of Christian   households.    The book is
ii ■       , ■ ..- ( ■■■■.■   '■.■■■ ■ ■.'■■.
published at 25 cents in heavy paper cover, or 50
cents bound in cloth, is for sale at all book stores or
will be sent postpaid by the publishers on receipt of
price. Everyone will want; to read the story of the
life-work of this remarkable man. Poole Publishing
Company, Toronto, publishers; for sale by Canada
Drug and Book Co., Nelson.
' '' t.
'     t'A
' a4
■■ A A;
*" a
■J        •-,   , r
-   ■ wsd
rl      7;
T ji»    ^ X&1
, ■ , ". -X'-.
., •', >(
i' ."
-u rx
'",'"" SSgSE&mimnMM I  #ir  H$  is  ��1  I  m  Itfi;  mm  m  ,--��  I  I  k:  ***  :El*!fe7  iiifif!;v...  Jfer-A  mm-  flgf,  flll|-  P'fl I  flpfV  V|#|.:  ���iti-' ,1-  ; ft-  fey* .-$���  |pf  ���say 1 ���  mn i ���  W iv  ISA  py *  Vfyl -  Iff  [A 'ft  i --  The Career of Lord Roberts.  (Review of Reviews.!  Lord Roberts is a soldier as Brindley was a   maker  of canals     When   Brindley   was asked what   rivers  were  made   for    he   replied:    "To   feed   canals/  So    politicians,    statesmen,     and    sovereigns,    tne  migration  of races,   ihi, de/el >p neat yd    military  ambitions-all these turbid forces which govern the destinies of peoples appear to the soldier, whether he is in  cocked hat or in the plain regimentals of the rank and  file, as important chiefly in so far as they culminate in  fijhting.    It is his business, and like the  apostle   he  says:   " This one thing i do:*'    This  conception   of  energy   and supreme devotion to   professional  duty  may   not impress us as representing the highest type  of human evolution, but it is certainly quite different  from the point of view of ordinary citizens���so different  that in reading Lord Roberts' story we are continually  reminded  that he is practically a denizen  of  another  world.    We do not   feel   this in relation to many soldiers.    . General   Gordon/for   instance, although  a  brilliant officer, devoted to the army, never sank the  man   in   the   soldier, .but   remained   philanthropist  statesman,   humorist, and   religious   genius   beneath  his   regimentals.     It   would be unkind   to  say   tliat  Lord Roberts is a soldier aud  nothing else, 'out he is  certainly   saturated   through and  through   w��:h   the  atmosphere of the camp.     He  has   breathed it all his  life.     It   is his world.     He is even mote of a   Tommy  Atkins  than    Tommy     Atkins   hin>el:',   u ho   is  <>f  short service, whereas Loid  Kol ens fa- put in near-  lv fifty years of service in the anuv.  absurdity and anomaly of the game of personal politics, and they are rapidly coming round to straight  partv lines. It is site to say that four-fifths ofthe  Liberals and Conservatives will now favor tying up  ton party with a definite policy and a recognized  lender, instead of choosing a side in'such n medley as  at present exists It is the only way out <d;\ dilemma,  the like of which bus ntver 'been witnessed in this  country. Both Federal parties .should call conventions  and decide at once.  f'-AWhoTlasyXn^  ���V ';������/, A "f',''; f "-V A-Ajj fyilttih*^  ���;::.'yGn';1'ue^da^  ::ikr;vu^  :was'veM^  jibetv^^^^  HvardTh&^  'said^.fli.cia-1 tij%#  ;mir'o��;*'^  GoveriforVy-we s^ttbi*$��fc  Simply a^^^  = MeitMte^^^^  ia��  ���wmtt induct, ���ibstab^  on'  sinned' %:.;debaie:, ��� for: ���''���a'H ti i -;��* 4y--.: mewlU^r^i <^>ui^3  uve.f faib^  to order.; V^pL Irtm^  aodvkepfoq;  eyen^nnte^l at ^ W:  cause; the iinprisooiufeot iH:tlw .:wbo!c^tall;:;;. y.y;;v.;'.;���"���;..;  ?*itir,t����ifci wniW��w>-'v  A Timely Caution.  (Ottawa Citizen.*  That sta'^e in the progress of evenu in the    I ra:*s-  vaal   war far: b^-eu reached when   it  is   necessary   to  caution  th;* paYic 't% dust circa! uing u ifo in-led   reports of war news.     The i:n i^iu.iti n is   no-v  Itemed  *      ��� *��� t        t i  and it  is very eisy to   originate,   in   wu -le or put a  storv   that   may occasion great anxiety   a:fo   pain   t<  those wh.) have friends .afthe front     The r*:<-;"' wtth  ���much force says a   "While discussing, this subject v^e  mav, perhaps,.add a word in depreciation of th'c.prao* ������  lice of starting baseless  and cruel   siriAt   rumors re*  warding alleged cables from the front rep atlng   :M\d\-  t'io s il   f)S^>, a a I d-Mt'.is  .fro a   w >u i ��� U,   Ia'a;   >A a.  Those '-who thoughtlessly start such..idle gossip are responsible for much pain amfanguish of mind to   the  thousands 'amongst us who have relatives and friends  oh''the field of battle, and the public mind   is unnecessarily agitated/'  Party Linen.  (Greenwood Miner,}  The revelations of the  past few days at Victoria, of  political  intrigue   and   scramble for.' office ' on   both  sides/has been a shock io the public of the interior.  The situation has opened the eyes of the people to the  i  ���"'��������� K;eefV;i:leae.u,tmeptA:v.c.:-;; ;.-';; :;jf;;; vvv  ::  ;I Ij$!joM;lHcni;intt), v-'-'^f ;v.;;:;;^A''ffvfv.;.;  rii6'ligbtiu'wluc.b;ih  iloi/ofdre\l^  tkm'of a;uewobih^^  .in'u..S-irlklng^^^  no-trivial-matter^  ^nd lo^d a piib^  n'r^Moo'to-1heir disapomvafofthe 'dyent^G'overnofs  o-u'trsc by 0eU.beraicsy teavit^ im:-.;jc^.t.Ni��*rr.v.x*.,~v ���.--.;-:  '.ti��e':M^ra\u^ thc.��'eiu/;;;S<r:opc.tt:-;��'!^t  'niarkcd a' rebuff'^'witli^tt par'al'lely'inThe   annals :ol.  foiv Jh-iiish Pariiame..nt; Keen' indeed'' must vhaye beesv  ..the resentment felt whetj hot.it';palitical'vimrlieS- :s;mk  sill differences and .united .in, so itttmihiakably"^bowing  '.how 'deepiy/'indiguant they" Avere;.a���t the'a-fTrotd .put  ; upon. them.  The Career of Joseph.  (Toronto Telegram'.)"  Judged by the sUndards^icn-'^  and public office'as the grand prizes of polities, t ic  career :of Joseph Martin lias been a'failure. " J��rtS^"  bv'ils public.influence and by his own personal < ^  sire for excitement the career of Joseph .has^nJ  dazzling'success.'   There  r��  1 K h nwywoMwrv*  *tt w" tf*-��i��r^*��f i~-,k,M*'" -rww*    it" rw^  T"r  V  ���""^t4!" ^^-M^a,w","  as not.l'KJen  ,' /-A.  a  dim m��  It l**v"  ���  y                    ;  ������ t --v; y  1 '- -"  ii-. \i  --r .1  LS i  -:>  rami. Mi"l>��"���,"l,r  i  i ���.  0.  1  ��� ���c  i THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  in Mr. Martin's public life. The average politician  deems it a great honor to serve in one government for  twenty years, in that historic period Joseph Martin  has served in the Greenway and Semlin Governments  and contributed to the defeat of the Norquay Government th" Tupper Government, the Greenway Government, and now the Semlin Government.  Clearing the Air.  (The Province.)  Premier Martin has given the names of his selected  .colleagues and announced his policy. As was generally expected, he has been unable to draw to his  side a man of any weight or prominence in provincial  politics. The composition of the new Cabinet 'is in  facta matter of indifference to 'he public, inasmuch  as any Cabinet with Mr. Marti a t its head would  nave been dismissed as an impossibility. Whatever  chance* that gentleman might have had as apolitical  -leader have  been entirc'v removed through the  oeo-  '>   ���icquaintance   with   his   methods.    While  the,  ,ue .��  'ce i��-ral tendency is to  censme .Lieutenant-Governor  Mclnnes for having landed the Province in thissome-  yhaf. ridiculovs situation, it may be well to look  further aud see whether he is not actually doing the  vpnbiic a service by clearing the   political  atmosphere  , 'of at least one obnoxious element. To thrust Mr.  .Martin into the foremost olace means his most ef-  fc-vvuVd, * impression and the removal of his 'power to  d> further injury.     More than that, the opportunity is  vaaa >> the people to renovate their political house and  ���Maw the adminbaraliou of their a flairs on a proper  aaic,;.    Thus  while holding to the opinion that the  aa'vyno! the legislative assembly should have been  cy-ioPUiM'^i the situation, it seems to 77o* /Vnrfon*  a a; the c -i,!>e taken bv the Lieutenant-Governor  a iv fo ;iie end have a good effect     If personal   Mid  ;.;.i<-'Vio;.ia? i".cwjdcrauoiH can only be sunk In   the  de-  A'   \o   foil her   the   public interest, order and good  ;ci.v'vrnuK'ut   will shortly come  out of   the   present  '"  A'-S, -  tc  The Scene in the House.  < Neu>.*Advert iser.)  Ve^teid tv's scene ut uproar in the Provincial Legis-  ��� dure, was.with its acomp auying .affront to .the  Lieu-.  :-."a,;i::t"C.oVer'n.or-" unprecedented,.. as ; ..far as',, we ������.���are  ^ cc, in-either British or British Colonial "'Parlia-  ''���'���ent./n'A'autjals'.;.   ft- is  highly  regrettable,'-, vet we  c? *��� *.'       >. ������,|  ���'"'ciuct )-.[X\. perceive that the extraordinarily irregular  ,,!hciai action of the Lieutenant-Governor has raised  A-ucral public feeling to such a high pitch of justified  1!i;bi;nation as to render even responsible represeuia-  :-'ves ot the pepplecregardless'for a .time- of all con*;  SJderativ>ns; precedent or official status. His Honor".  'll'c fieutenuntGovernor has chosen to act distinctly  '���''utriry to the all but unanimous opinion of the  ('lcctcd representatives of the people of British Co.  bun'hia of both Provincial'parties,without having for  ��� .  . . '������.'��� ��� A ���  .l^sttheation any evidence that the present Provincial  legislature lias, as a body, forfeited the confidence of  tbe people,     He   has moreover���following  this  time  for the worse a bad precedent of his own-called upon  a Provincial member to form a new Ministry, who  has neither the slightest mandate irom the people nor  any following worth jnentioning even amongst politicians, and who is evidently as a result almost at his  wits'end to get together a *'scratch" quartette of  Ministers for a brief term of official life, certain to be  cut short ruthlessly at the almost immediate opportunity of condemnation which must be afforded bv an  indignant electorate.  Closing Scenes in the House.  (Victoria Times)  The imposing pageant advanced at slow rr arch up the  centre aisle toward the turone, and His Ii'oner slowly  mounted the steps    It was noticed that between him  and Mr. Speaker Forster not a movement of any kind  in salutation was made.   The two men simply looked  straight at each other, then, the sergeant aUrms having removed  the mace, Mr. Speaker slowly turned  away on   the  left side to the floor of the House, His  Honor   immediately   taking the chair.    The officers  grouped themselves on the steps and on the dais beside His Honor.    All this took only a   few  moments,  to do, but while this was going  on on  the platform  every member ofthe House had left  the  floor, going  out by the doors nearest their  own  seats, and   when  His Honor looked up after sitting down it was to   be-.,  hold the strangest spectacle that ever greeted the  eye  of a  representative of Queen Victoria, or any other  British monarch.    Not a soul was to be seen  on the  floor of the House from the foot of the throne  to   the  north door, where .in old man,  apparently wandered  for the time being, stood peering   into  the hail, fun-  nil v   undecided   whether    to    enter   and ' take    a  seat or not.    From the gallaries burst a storm of derisive laughter, calls and  rappings.    The officers 'of  the   escort   looked   much embarrassed.    His Honor  was visibly vvhiteued snd appeared   for   the   moment  nonplussed.    He couched  slightly, put out his hand  toward his private secretary, withdrew it and  pulled  down the peak  of his  cocked hat; then pressed his  spectacles more  closely  to  his eyes.    Then he took  from the secretary's hands the copy ofthe speech... It  was upside down, so he turned it round and coughed  again.    The uproar  in  the gallaries continued; the  naval and military officers fidgeted a little and looked  somewhat uncomfortable and much surprised.    It was  painful to observe the nervousness of His Honor, who  pressed his hands together in evident  agitation, and  lor   the   time  being seemed not to know what to do.  Mr Joseph Martin stook near the clerk's desk as impassive as a statue; he showed signs of neither  agitation nor anger.    His was, perhaps, the only  countenance in the whole assemblage that was  absolutely,,  immobile.  Read Out of the Party. ,-  (Greenwood Times.)  Neither Lieut-Governor Mclnnes nor Joseph Martin nor there followers are representatives of the Liberal party.  G '        -"3 .  ���'Aa;  . '\ 'A*.  j*  i            <-i ���  s  i  if          r   ,  a  "f    ' '  jfi  }              3  7 ,  ���>., m  1 -��,('.  9rf  1              ...  Si  . 1       1  r  .V  Af  *\ &i  'di  a a  Xh'-if'  ���"&;  ��.-.������;!��� J  , ������ U  ���! O.  n    ["fey '*>  f<- f i  ',A;|M'  - ' ? * (���  11 ,-,���*,  14  ��� :,i '  a  ���"$-  ��� .'Mil  vv;#il��  :-^;aI|Iip  '>-'������- y'fI��fTO  Vilifl ; T KNEW';H3tr6ld ''Vmceut/.Rfo!iard4 ;:pretty.;, ^11.. for,  ^   twoyears^^  fact���and considered him a rising follo\yitr the  liter  ary world.   He hadn't dotieaiiythiug very greatV but  his work was distincth-promfe  gradually making itself knowir    Utiluckily   he had  ;marriedjhe:wronjg.;giri^ f'He.s^  working, and quarters are rather close in a flat  Butmyfr^^  and cry; he made the best of it. It was hH ba��! tern  :per...;;It;'''Was;jealous;y^biu  ' -thatgrudged liim even hisjiter^ry fiuhe; Lbla-Kicii"-  ���&*#**��� ).���*���������*-^-  LOS ANGELES  i n i n g  evievv  The -Great-Mining; Journal of  the77OTcat,Bo,uihweHtc  i6 Pages .with He* \y Cover Every' W<c fc  tOWEST PRICED  'ftfuitnfrJburiia'l 6naii*��  Pn-cfllc Co*��5t.-' VA .,..;  Hufeiptf>ijk '$2 a' Year;'  Single Co.? 4es- 5 Ceo us.'' ���  T  m**Jm-  .ards;, was; one of these, little, :^ -*^  ;:^th:a:..sp^  ;:;to;.!w^  //<>��C.afoi^  /teforefJpid^^^  ;,was'to:'be:.the;..\vtfcv.<d  ���:>yasfocr^  ���: shri 11;,as;;:She mimi:IcedXlife^'c^!I^ie^:^ "i "^/^���^^���.���^���'���^ -/::'?V::;-  , //$^^  >VH0LI2SAtd;-A'NI>'- retail;  ,HEAP:'OFF|C;E;ANe!soma.;.C'/^;:f  ::/f .'.'���';���������������'; ���,.' ;-���'���'BR;A'NCIffI:S; Alf^-f;  ���R05SLA^D'  V SANOON  ���; ;��� ;; ;���; r':;xnMQ/\/jy';y-yi  Af,A';\;;^  y:p&y$W^^  '���"���"'' r~rin",itii^i>irwtnii|i>t>i;iii>)iuii;m  '�����*i��IMftH'i '�����* W**j Wiy^Wtill tl�� liillUiHM'UWmWfriM^W.a^*^  .;���'.' 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At any rate people wouldn't have  praised him up in order to run ma down. I know  'what they mean. Of course I'm stupid, and brainless and sidy��� tot good enough for you to wipe your  boots on - --"  And then Richards did the most sensible thing possible. He walked out of the dining-room and locked  himself up in his study. Lola, on seeing the lines of  his mouth more firmly ��*et then usual, aud guessing  nothing of the' tempest that surged in his mind,  immediately went off into a violent fit of hysterics,  .'and called the sympathetic hired girl to witness that  "Mr. Richards was a perfect brute.'*  Harold's den wasn't much of a "study ;"'merely a  smoke begrimed den furnished with a second-hand  -.burcMU, two or three chairs, and some shelves of  books. Lola called it 'Harold's sulking-room/f  but I knew that il was the only haven of refuge Richards co j Id find in hisow&i h u*e.  41A man must follow hiso v i fate/' Richards said,  as he sat down wearily at ue bureau, and looked at  the sheets of paper littered over his desk. ** I'm not  the only fool  who has found  marriage a failure; and,  after all, I've got a brain as well as a heart. I'll  give myself up to work, and waste no time in morbid  self-pity. That's a form of cowardice that leads to the  cutting of one's throat; and if I've exhausted the  possibilities of marriage I'll be hanged if I've exhausted the possibilities of life. "  He smiled grimly, and taking from one ofthe  pigeon-holes a notebook laid it on his desk, and began  to read its contents. From that day Richards progressed swiftly through the book that was to make  his name. Thys was his masterpiece, wherein he  would show his best of brain and heart; and, as the  weeks rolled on and the novel neared its end, he realized his work was good, and in that knowledge  could afford to live, and did live, without love and  sympathy.  In truth, he needed every support that work  could give a man. Lola's conduct grew daily more  shrewish and violent, and her tongue less fastidious  in its choice of words.  "So you've taken to locking yoars^lf .;) in your  sulking-room," she cried one day, when Richards had  perforce beeu compelled to answer her heavy banging  ou his study door. "It's a nice thing when a husband comes to lock himself up from his wife! I suppose my society's not good enough for such a clever  man as Harold Vinton Richards!"  He saw that she was in one of her paroxysms ot  rage, and he resolved to control his own feelings.   *  *T   wanted to finish some work," he said calmly,  �����������*Vi.**J*+L�� ���HeVt^Mi'  _>Vu^    #.��.r*t..i  We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct from English manufacturers, therefore  we are able to sell goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses.  Wash Dress Goods  Shirt Waists and Wrappers       {  Prints, Zephyrs, -Gingham*,- Victoria ami Bishop  Lawn, India Linen and Muslim  Dimities, Mercer teed Lnwm* in till color* and shades.  ; White and colored Piques, white and colored.Ducks  and Gfdn'teg.  ���  Ktnh.roidery at old price*; a fact'that is due "to early  honor* order ..before! he advance.  We huvo Hamburg*, .Nainsooks, '��\vtase$, Cambrics  in Kdjringaud Insertion. *  White Vnleneienne lace and Insertion.  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'/'A-// ;'.; .'"'^".vy-'vyf;'..;  ,:,;;;;,;-*I^must;  ^deskr;'^  ;;^st;every thing: in''���  'lattetid;'t<vra^  Avp'O'f^  ;a;nythitig;vf<)r^  ;hand:;'':'latlfp.n^  ;,lbbse;sbeetsV;^^  vwhatT'vd^  :(nius|;;;:Ypurre;;e woman want io '  vdjriwn;her^  -;^  ������'aids* ruefully coutemplatihgtb^ sheets o^  she was fest grumbling in^  rhh  :;;'..'finished ;myJ>ook'fandT  ;^vaHtabie.,/'/''''Ay;;;;;'';'���������,; -V^d:dy  :: .v ;v:;:7;'Lo!a. threw,'the;;ba!ls  ..;, ' ;��� ' And ��� this; book.:;is-��'': make;; -y^  ;;|asked,;:::Wit.h'.bitter;::contem^  ; published; every^  :;'I'm;the::;#fe;dft.he;|^  ;    Her scornftil'; emphasis^  .-���Ridia;rdsf;faee/::-:;;;:V;^  ;;;y;vfM  ;temperedlyty;:^W  ���:. And if IC^suexe^fol.y  v^iondvbangley  ������;"; y;But;;' even; ;4 he.'; referent  rfojjIM t6;:mp^  ;;V''-,How'J;^  .asked;slov^  ;;��� ;::,;T':ixop^;  ariumphan^  ���ma'u,::tovsee7Som  very.;: fa vora blcyopi n ,i pjr  ^V*^V<-v����>Nv?*-������ . 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'  Where lc>eaU*d:   On the <'��Hl<T!y ��ioj��ft of  .Forty nine Creek, about rive-mile*  from  Um  mouth;  Takenotico that I, John MftUiU'hle, I'.fv.H  of the City   of  NtdHon, acting an a^ent   for  WUHnni A. Arnold, Fre�� Mlnor'H Ccrtilh-at*'  No. ��� l'J 13.37'V Jolm   Pat^r��on,'Free    Minor w I  Certificate No. B ll,m, an.1 John Campbell, ! '  FreeMioer's CertlfioAte   Na. B 12.151, Intend, ! CI   IJR  .���4'Jxty dav'K from  the dale   hereof, to upplv V ^8-'v-/,^'  to thfi Minfiiff ti^eorder for a eertlncale of  ���i.m'provt��ment��.- I'oi* the 'purpose*of obtitlnlnjf  a Crown Grant of the above? claim.  And fnrther take notice that action, maler  section-?j7,! mil st be eon: me need befrne the  iKKuanee of such certificate of imp'roveiVieutH.'  Land Surveyor  p. Cu isloiri House f Nelson H C,  ii  ...*^e-��i*,..'  Mml'r Hotel  B-. w*p��--*fpj-:��j.)����ii>.  :sl<^k^r��-^U*��3��^T,**s"i��t>**i  J)a?e<! thi^M dav of Februery, A. !>.. 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HecaugM  his strength hurled hto^  on the carpeted floor and rolled over ajid over until at  lastvthe:'.flarnesv:were;,beate'n  was^cbi^  Three ho  tlieystr^  biack to the disfigured i^  bn';theVbed,;,':i,t.ywas;^  .beyond;; a'li^help:i;';aM  :Ricijards;.Biatf(carried-h  -;;yV;He.r husband  |>Mly^  :rea.li^%;,hisv^  :cruellyv'disfigured;;  vba ndagesi:;; a ir usli;iof; te^  ;,:���/'?������:���'..-������ yA'"v; '-'��� J- "';V-7-;;V,-;^:..''--.'-v.;Vyy,A^..^^^-.yyyy,; :.yy;.:::'7;;yy.v;-::7yrv..--;y;.yy'y^  ^knewjvtliata^  ;th|tjiis|wiie^  ;bhi$fas;tbeW  -���-���----���--    ������.���.-..-���������'���.������      '��������� ::,'.,������   ���.��������� ..��� -.'    ���/������;..���>���-���.-..,���      ,������,���,���*������. ,..-;...  ���,.,:���    - ���   '-'''l..>---^'A/f ffl,:^.; ^.V^  s-y' y Vi AV A;#I^Vf liffgll  ��� ��� ���';���,'' yy A-"''fyyyyyyAy A^ASs^s?  ii;;v;;^':'V;v;^A^'yfA^A.psv^*p^:  .AA;.s?.;'A^;s?^-t^^^^  ���;^��;;;;A;:^^;��,^*|P|^^^  -. ;;y ;v; jy;S'A: A A^l-;|!^  ���^:^:^t^M0^^^;  -/���;;:'AAA^;;i^>P^^  -.'.'.; i-.-- ���-���������y: -. ..yyy.yy.fe;?yysyi^si&j>  Ay ��� vy^yy^^y^i^  :\:;^;-:'yyKi'::'4:^y^:t}:^ym  'yyyy; y. 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Summit,   Band   M,   Buckhonv ��iu\   lA\\i**\l  tr :ieti*>ii 'Mineral CiaiikVst��rtituun> In the NcUo'ti't  MluimrDivision of Went Kmdenav DlKtrlet,    I  Wbere J��H^ted :   On the north lork of Wild j  Horse.Crook, near thehtnuivi��aler>i ther<?of,  TnkiMioUee that t John MeUitehiet !\US��� j--  <��t the city of Nelson, net I ng as i��iront for the  Summit Vmlr Mtnlm?"Coitipivny, LimBed,  !;ree MlnerK'n CertHlcat* No. B mMX Intend,  Mxty uuys from ihedauvhereof. toappiy to the  Ml in tif; Heeorder for Ortiricat^sot improver  nieiHs, for the purpose of ohtalulng Crown  Crania of ttH' above elaiJUfS.  And ntrther take notice that action, under  noetlon. jit. tiin^t be tHumneneed before the .is-  sua-n��v of Mie.h CeiUheate of fmprovemtaift?.  i >n f ��d t h Ik eljrbteeut h d��y of liwemher.-ISiW.-  AloUSf McBatciue.  Statements  PRICES  vvv?:;v;;;v;;;i;||||^l  ins  ^-7:7;--���'r''���-'. :y.;:;.i:7.'7>7yy^y:'^y.^y7^,^^i^  7 i .:.'��� yv..7-y -; '-'-y^y^y.^yyoy.r'-.-^iv-i^^i  '"' '^''^"''''"'"'W&SMit  ���'.  COMPLETEiY  B  fS  O^PltS.��V fJA8L  ���v^;aviia  .. .'-������;..���..' ::vy'S7i:��?ift��l  :y^V:VyAB|  1  Flm* W��ftch<  , i  li^aM^amBm^mBBsiam^^i^ag^igBB^ffiMS^ ���wfe-*!*������. ���  -i .Ft-" *  ,;;�� i'Sl    fe;i'  :��*i'M. m-y.^  -rt;M w.v;v-  ''Kitted  *&  if*;  s?  Mf-  If  NB  II  s��i  Pis  <?7 r&-  If7  I  n:  m  |y'  ��������������  Pi*  I f v, y-7,  If;,. A'  tlf"  . .A  i'tfei'  ��ia  m  m  ,'. Si..-  *Jift  Jty:  isA  A  fA  mm  Ii  ���*s'A- ���;������  ;j.7:;.. ������'���  frills  Iffv:..'  p  ip��  3  iittfpiA y  !Ilt��fii!v!  $,--'\  I1  ���AVi-  S^i*.-.l<V--:-.  ��K!BSB:'vfc3.'8 SK '��� ��� '  |SS|3|;;,v  iptitt  lift i5  sSrhI?* * ^"i ^"^  Wfff C^|\   ^  v  Hit l ��  lUfV  \  \   f rt|   s >|  f^ } 1- 3    1  i$ ii -i|  *;-f f a If  ?*fAf  �� H | |  1 *  4(11  A i \'   1  ill-  I?  ITtf *  VH  H 1  \ 1*" f  ^n !  - <\* $  *   i  if} !  *-i ��� '  lot!  <  A fc�� f  ^   ,   *5  MM  A A  ^,' i  j i *  i      !  ^S��B��.?  ��������-.  14  THE NELSON EGONOMISI  hearL Before life flickered out in th at snfiering bodyv  Lola opened her eyes once more and met her .hd'Sr;  baiid^s gaze fixed with intense pity and Jove u port her  face. To Richards it seemed that she pleaded dumbly for forgiveness; but even as be looked the; lids  closed again, and in a few moments Lola's soul  slipped in to the great silence.  When all was oyer  Richards stooped   and  kissed  ;the pale; cold lips.    As he  bent down  the  remem-  braiiceof some words he had written or -mpr-n..^:  ing eauiebaek to him; and be stood for a moment in  .'deep.silence.;^a;"' ';'';;"������ ;.. '������;.������:���;  ';;',���:���;,"'':��� '������.,..;i;,;,'.;';,:"^';.:;���;������ '',.-  *' Death is the atonement for all injnries ; it   is  the  sobnge that erases the remembrance of all.'transgres*'":;.  ;^ions;**;;;;v:;;acV7;;,;;.;;':/- '"'������.'". v.;',;;;:V:;;;;  ���;;:.;.;t^  heentered the room a shudder rail through bis body a  :-;ih.e:i-;rem^  into his arms a fe w hou rs ago, a ml his;;heart was. torn"-:  vat thetixo^  -":;;,As'vyetv;it,'was;a;.-uivster\^ caught fire;-'  Presumably she the  study, and her thin grenadine dinner dress had swept  r:-to0:Jieart^  ^buriiccf'iftlK  ' ���imeehanieally---toJi;iS:.d^ .;;���..';  ;vsigh.;v:^tA't.;ieast:;I:;,o  /v:-';;::'We;ppe^ed'they  .''.nianusm^^^  ..Qiie:^r-t\vo;otiMSsions  ;;?ifi.d;;.the;'work;:vvvo  ;J>r^uw:';'vBuiwtltei';d  ���'j'>ttl!edvou.t;;i'is;';;e0niite  vJ.rjg:.; ������W.ii.b';:feyerislr  ;;:lK>I'ev;turn^  :''tbe:;'cJi'Sir$,;v.th  ;��� feared ;]'';..'';;���',*;;;;;; \ ;v'-v. v';;;;''^  ;-y;y;,,.fIev;.Taif;t<>.;;t'be;n^  ;clta:ri;eci ashes ,ib:l;be:I|t  Ay;';;.;^  ' vlteAt^v'r^i*.!.^  ytmn tuky plaee nl i**i>tHl.i��*^,*.'--iii*-^^<i^M,at^^ ^li'-'^ip'*^  ��� j*Tt*i *t ;y*ra r^.of n$y* h % :n^m\BA:t^MM^i^r^l $ W- Ymstfiirifi&ml wn  . ���The.fAH*>;^i.ii^^ii-iiVt^;;$^e^��^d';i  ��� ���.p.��r .InteOiBo^ Vohr-^.**-;: '���'       ..;., ;'. ��� r'y'-v'-' ���-������,������*] ���-::, .:A/'^vyy :'���'.: A y;.:.;--A Ay-7,/-. ���,���'..;: ���l-y,.A-  ' J *"ihfvKUjk)t�� ;,.:,;���     :->':'A:-^^.'-',vA^^;.|ti;n^wp^A-^  . W, A.-Maedormfd;7:..;V-;   -VA v. :-;.-;v'':-:,;i^--;iC-i.'->i.ii^Itt��tt^ r<K���:':��� A->-;.  .���it.AV; l'U.nnt.tt��s.i^.i,:;.- "a;a; ''-7'-��� .^v^^lrfIIM'piM,**i'f��^:V  .���-'; 'N k mts��. ��� By t\���.- Fei^it is r;^' -^' i !*#;;7; a' : a, .;'.;;;;���;;;.;;, ;V7';;;' m:M-}^^ "���;;.-- ;-'���  fW  S00 LINE  e*��iW��*l��iM��jft**��4.f .'/^MMkW.M*: -  EAST A  WEST  ;The'"VDireet' ..Ilf^u'te... froin. KmMemty ''Country  ���;,.-;-" -.to.' Air Pol nis. ,'7';-;V  FIRST-CLASS SLEEPERS  A-Vy',...;,',   On Ail.Tra h'i.8 from- ��� '  REVELSTOKE AND KOOTENAY LOG  \- ' ������������������_��� ", ���   . . . ,        ���   ,  TOURIST CABH pa^.MeihelneVilsu daily U?r'  ���St.. .."Patil,' Su.tKiay.ft and .'Wedne^xtnys  fv*rTi**  ���nmUii Friday* -fc>r-.*t<Hif reataiid. BV^tofL'-.K^hre  .car.^,-i>ass Kevelsioke one day--.earlier.' \  CONNEGTIONS  'To tuVd from Bob,^on;-R'o'K-!*'liindv  sjN) ex Hun, I:iv..".-N..KIJSON.-;-'Ar. ex.'Sun.il. 40  lH.'i��dnilyvLy.--.;;'/,.N*:KI^>NAB;.;Vr..daJly-Jii.lO.  Morning��� train.-eonneeis for all fwdnfs in  BOUNDARY COUNTRY  l-'veninir train conneeSs  U�� and .from'  Main  Line and   Points. North; and^ (eMvpt   i^un  i'lay'sy from all Point's in   Boundary".Couhtrv.  Doo rs, Sashes a n d Ty rmd  Brackets and Office Fittings  mmmm  Satisfaction Guaranteed    Prices RMiinabie  iwi)i��i.*W(iriiiMtii>wmwi:"i'iTTiin-r i rf-^-'nfr-'V-1   ������"^^, ���������  " ���"��� ���1"11"  KOOTENAY RIVER   ROUTE.  itliiiV  :j.f (��)I,v  Str Movh?-  . 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ILt*f* . ..,  .- - f&  >;.' ���   i*o  jo  '.  ^  >3  *"W'*\ ST~^-  M      �����y  ^  V  AKF  SANDON AND SLOCAN  POINTS,  !*.��>(��. ex Sun. Lv.  .NKLSOX    Ar.Ax, Stin.il. U*  G. O. BUCHANAN, Proprietor.  ��  Orders '". Promptly Filled , and ;'SaslV&' Doors./g'  Satisfaction Given, Nelson Moukiings, ^  Yard, Foot of Henciryx Street. ���Turned- Work*   ^  HOURS (Ms io B8ssu,iBfHOURS 4 ;e Lumber,  ��� .��� S^   Lath,  i'"or' r;t Urs    and    full   .iuforjoatlosj   ai|i!n-��>    .;     ShinCilPS  uearfst. local; n^<~ni, en* -.- & y   "   *  'G.E. &eas\ey,rHy Vawiwr a\u<h\, p   ���    .  R..W, DrewJ-Vu'em, Ne|K����ji. g  UV. F. Anderson, E. J. Coy.ie, U  Trav. Paws. AiT��'.   ' A. ����. P, A^t-iit... (o  .\id��o,rf H. i'. .Vaneo.,v���y M. (���. ^-J^.^Ji.JU)^AAAAJLftA^  c;,  o(;  o(".  ;^-  ', I'V'AVJ  ���'i."'r 'J:'i'''  ������:vi;!^i  ' ���i-,;,',T. f  -���'.H*l  ���"^1  '/.^i  a;.a  :'t ;,':V-;/^J  gHWHWMWatW^wnPfflffWlwsil;av^)lSSff!7ff1 -Mm  1 ?r$P*  k^A��  t ��� *  Kirkpatrick &  *   l>o*toffice Box K A W  ���**���?$���>���#'  ^-lA  mmmmnhw  Is   JA  *"��        If. ih. M.1*.^ii ^ <        L. �� f        ���    Hv..,.!  �����"��������  J"      i     m  A^! vl  -4    J7  >  ��*���*  BRANCHES.  Nelson  Rossland  Victoria and  Vancouver  Winnipeg, Manitoba  n  .v  Butter, Eggs  WHOLESALE j Cheese,  ,{ Fruits,��tc.  mMMnawLi���mfi  i ��  ����� .* u v     iw *  "^S^B  ff  if8^^-  .WAS*  W? fc fc * fc��* V* Set  i  vt*?l  SI  *��x*  in)Pi  r  *rs  VJftM  . i  V  .   .    z - *   i.-W HL* AA^%vm  tt  A.-  Amii  -iS  As",'  .A . :  ,f " '  '^jf^affrflJFff'W^ **Lnr ��n<  iM A��� A    a A ^gji  ' j A  .v , Ak^|:  ^ _ ��� ^ ^p^^���.i, ������  -,   ^ " Arf    i.'   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