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The Nelson Economist Mar 16, 1898

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 &  ��1  If  19 free patients. The cost of maintenance,  etc.,���amounted to $5.+75. having: a balance,to  rreclit of $392. However, with outstanding  a:c Hints now to be met, there will be a deficit  of some S220. During the year a new wing  has been added to the hospital,"and furnished,  and' several other necessary improvements  ' n^cted. With increasing population it is but  reasonable to expect that the calls upon the  hospital will be proportionately large. An  additional wing to the east of the building is  contemplated, which will  cost about  $2,000,  nd towards this the government will be  railed upon to contribute���and not in vain,  we hope.   The establishment is very economic  dly managed, and is fully entitled to the  Hberal support not alone of the government,  but of the public generally.  The death of the Hon. Theodore Davie  leaves a vacancy on the bench of British Cul-  umbia, and one which many claim it will be  difficult to fill. The chief justiceship is a very  important office. In .selecting a successor to  the late chief justice, however, it need not be  necessary to go outside the province. Ihere  is a rumor afloat that a political   friend  of the  1  The President oF the Marine Engineers*  Benevolent Association of the* Uiited States  has it is reported, offered President.McKiriey  the services of 33,000 marine engineers in the^  event of war. There is nothing small about  this offer. Thirty-three thousand marine engineers * And ail for the American Navy !  One would imagine from this that the marine  encrineersof the United States had unanimously  resolved that in the event of war the safest  place for them would be in the engine room.  Next in order may come the Cooks' and Confectioners' Consolidated Confederation offering  to supply 33.000 hands to man the naval cookhouses.  Washington fairly " takes the cake" as a  news manufacturing centre. The absolute  absurdities and crude improbabilities served  'up to a long-suffering public from this quarter  are sufficient to bring the manufacturers into  contempt and to make the ordinary newspaper  reader wish that his accustomed daily did not  arrive in time for perusal at the breakfast  table A scare heading catches his eye announcing that " The Queen and the President  miaity^n^uDa,, ���^-;u^���,J���'.;<?i&t k��� i��,*i:;^ 1 *4  Majesty ,als<v through; hferLanXbas^dor^gapy^^,^  seviral;friendlx"hii^to:^^  ' ���    "r      \   "     .  .    .- , - -iit.1   '^:����-i^rr^��f .that the- t   ^ ? \ >.l  ;ammerciaiv r^ia-i^i^   i^.** ��� r , ^,^_,)H ,s ,,cr? v,^ ^  (a'nd. Ireland) .and the United; States. ;^eto<��^  extensive to be jeopardized, by:.a war;bptw|en{. f--���  the aforesaid.United.States;-aud', Spain.--^For.r--, .  instance,  ',' the even temporary ..oeapafcon,::of.; ,v,j||  the   shipment of food. supplies   to .England;  would be exceedingly serious," and this would  be the effect of a blockade of the port of New  York !    But when Sir Julian had got thus *ar, ^  and a great deal farther,   he had not   fulfilled  his mission : he was  evidently reserving the  . most important part of his direct.message.from,  I  Queen Victoria as a sort of surprise  for  the,.  president.  This was nothing short ofa proposition, on behalf of Queen Victoria, that if the   ,  United States would afford to Great   Britain  (and Ireland)  her  moral support in case of  war in the far East, Great Britain (and Ireland)  would give the  United States  her  sympathy  and practical   aid in any trouble  that threatened with Spain !    I This is the kind of stuff  that is dished  up to us  day after  day by the  daily press.    It is telegraphed through a press  '< ftfl  i -'  rtririT]  \5i45  ; fwi  t .'J  i .:���>  I  a  <yencv and received as���news ?  ��**.- c;_�� mjr&^^v'tt'Sifot^'r&r-x  n^*;> n  r^i'rv:<iwra.���*wJl' ** ��+*.*-1_* -4.  *,.>\> - vi -aajj! ���;".;(:*&:  ^M^V.^v.fcJl^  i3i��MiJSS  !;S��attSs*  m�����^���*'^*  ���ajSJ-^rv''^.  site*  ���R/K  W<��iM��MW��$B  i^.^TSV^W/^  mmiiwrMt  lii^^  imlllliiil^^  lnl;;:M^tfi��l��  lo^cese:^  ii.ed"'a"writ'  m  ' J *'W '*? .'-:���  iP  ft  it  ':SphBn|.l>K^  lilllll^^  IliliBilS  .imept'in-^  'bel ti g'a:;:diret:tor: xr: naviiigjaii ��� ;in terest-":i rf-,a n 3r  raining" company in Canada;'tb:'he: :S  a resident  i:i   Her  M *jesty's /realms:-or'���������������of a:  esuntry which has no alien labor law against  the Dominion of Canada,  We;i::wiiHiigI^  ��� iiotice^ ;;belieyi;ng:;atvlo ��� be;^  ���butwe:''m:i^t^respect^  "O1  I u  I ��� ':���!:  In another column will be found a summary  of the report presented to  the   Bsard of Trade  b\- the special ezKirnitiee appointed  to inquire  into existing-freight rates,   as ..affecting-   Nelson.      The comnittee*s investigation. has' revealed the fact that this city is being" seriously  discriminated.'against in .'-favor  of  North port.  For instance, the rate on ore from Hall Siding  to Nelson (a distance of eleven miles > is ^2.2^  per.ton ; while from Nelso:i to  Northport (55  ���miles) it is  o 11 1 y $ 1   per to a .       Aga'i 11,   fro in  Sandon and intermed iate points to  Kaslo   the  charge   per   ton   on    ore'shipped,   to    United  States smelters is $3 ; but on ore shipped from  these points to Nelson it is $5   per   ton.      We  have a smelter at Nelson, but there  is  also a  the right of dealing with matters an%ctin�� the  civil law of the land.       Some   weeks  ago  an  Irish    priest,     Rev.    James    MaeFaddem    of  Gwenore, paid Nelson a visit, his object being  to   collect'-funds'   towards the building   of a  church.in his native dicceseV    He called upon  several, members of the   Catholic ..faith.:'.here;  confining his attention chiefly to the Irish, or  to those of Irish decent; and we are  informed  succeeded   in   raising, a   considerable   sum of  money.     The rev. gentleman was well known  by repute, and in announcing-his presence in  town we incidentally alluded to the  fact  that  he came armed with the necessary credentials,'  ���meaning thereby that he had  documentary  evidence as to his identity and  the  bona tides  of his .-mission,       it now  transpires that the  rev. gentleman had not the permission   of the  bishop of the diocese to collect money  within  his lordship's jurisdiction. ?    Of this  we were  not   aware at  the  time.        But   what we did  'wil 1" be'a'��� redistributi^  sess ion���t hat': ��� x��i':��::Wy^  fri tter   a wax*" all ' t lie" time "1w'IxicK^itoi^'fc-^:t^-<:'  devoted to. .pubiic;-b:usin<  t he; reg Is 1 ra tion;; of' the , districts ;^U^^i^SW:l-  i in po r t a 111 par t ��� i u ���..tli'.e.; re-a ri*a!ttg^tu^^g ���������  REG 1 stkr, 'a.ud;'"withp^  ./xTh.e Konteuaian is  doing   good   seryt^fe^^;.y  .the.'directicn of encouraging the  ttiini^|i3|di  smelting industries of the   Kootenay��*;i||��|l|^;;'  petition beinir circulated bv  Editor $l5ji$Sf$*J^  1 favor of placing an export diitv on   l^idll>i^"v'���  was   presented   at  the   meeting of th^;:^^!!1^  ' Kpotenay.Hoard. of Trade on Xhnr^^y^M^.  warmly, endorsed.-, The;apparently-.:^  opinion of the beard was that such an inipcst  is necessary to ]>rotect  the dead ',;indu'st.nes,c.I  the countrv and encourage  the establishment  Kfi.    ilml  ilvi it. i i     (."J   V v SVIVIH.    V l*t* v.   ...��^/��j��*>wr.. ���..--^ v-,���-.  measures will have to be   adopted   unless   the Lave\aAWi^  means:ol:m^rk��tin|r^^  Can a daviSn^^^  l ClclUU 14 > /��� vy.VCl.A;;Vv^M.^.-;:,,;-M;,f^^  ���'' and m"X^0iMMM^^^^^^^^  to doubiitb^p^Sill^^^^^WiiM  can, Uien,-"verpcorilisS^  on lesid'aim^e'ali^f^tKl^M^^^^^^.  without ��� dep^n^r^t^i^^^^^^  In fact, it wdn^d:1^inBit^  promised, 'tariff /ap^>|^|!^|JP^^|iip  States'half way on-this^  Mr. Daniel -M^iw^^^Ja^lill^^^-  member for North Monaghan, and editor; .of.  the People's Advocate of th?tt   place, hjaS >in-  troduced a bill in the ;house;:pi;(��ni^nfg;"^0;.i  enable persons of Irisii/DlL^^^^^wd?^  adopt the iuw'of\theplr|^*:^^:vl^*^^  their surnames;" How:vserious-:;|Ke^^i^;  quences of such an enactment it is horrible, to  contemplate. Fancy the great family of  Finns collectively and individually adopting  the prefix '' G." O'Finn ! Well, the sound  is not euphonious. O'Smith or Macjones  would be no better. Oh, Macaleese, don't--  don't !  A petition in favor of granting a charter to  the Kettle River Valley Railway Co. has been  going the rounds for some months past, and  Kfarej  ^ha?ir:West5Ro;pte:n^  Margestuaii theynW>pay,\fWl^pM|!  'In connection; with, this^statement we mtght  nf^rade meeting in another cplumn).,that  :^i^-tne>ri^^^f^tf:i^^;^n.��^  Nelson (elevenr miles) is $2^5 r^r. ton oyer  the Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ravi way, pi  which Mr. Corbhiis president, the rate frpm  Nelson to North port (55 *$&} is but  $1 per  -^Xatld.��a:nte^  readers many happy return s  '%&& w\r  &m '��� ''  >>:;:;:M\      t "x ,,  .;..;.������.������..���!    i" 11 '  .";;.. it V:i       }     ***  ?%:i ^ "���  m$ A ';  ���?m    r \  <���::%;      f'f  ;i?:;':';..           '**  ftvft;     "      t.  ���?P;K       \ ',*!  ::Wk            i  : ������'������; ,:*��              1 *  V.V.'i.v:                'J *  ;;KJ.           ' ..   ���  ^1 - .*' ��';w?\i';.��;-��  ���,K:  W,  ��^  ���::;��  'M^t^:^  ��W!T,-/'X'V:i-r  iV^jf-'s''.:'i>'.��-:  VlJ,:'T(:J~,l'>r^^.V^U;rVV^yJV^YliT,'  &K:M&mSi  kiteips&'iWH  *J, .     I    ���>  SM^S?^:'  ��K^SsSSS  jEnKtS^UiSR  pf.��%i?5!��|jjj!;  ffissil  :m  3*a-  ��&J!  '"s|liiii^^'":"^;^^  s&s-s   i>fti!ishij^^ w.,1-..^,.w.-,.w.^^.,,^,^.,.-,,:-.^.,^ ...���...,.,.,... ���.,.. .,,.,.  lifcitii^  |fapi|��ai3ea^::^  /S#^#/fe  r^-Thewr-centre^htt^  leiia^  jil^dSthe^nilding.g-  MoorAfor/that /purpose'.;^;|:fig;ure /pushed: by ;/ -landing place  ���-���.���*'tt-S?.'V'',-���������--.  -.���-..'���'._-'. ������    '���  g*:;>;,��:;,Ii{i��|llS:lll  "J  ihem and/darted; on tin  a loud cry and frantic gestu res.  " Boy Bill.!" said half a dozen voices.  He was recognized at a glance. We had no  doubt that Sullivan was also inside; though  he probably remained there at his own desire.  The boy plainly showed his eagerness to  escaoe and join his shipmates.  Our baffifed captain was now. at his wits'  ends. It/would never do to sacrifice life in  making an attack upon these people at close  quarters, and reluctantly the order was given  to weigh the grapnels and pull away for our  ship in the offing.  We had hardly made half a dozen dips of  the oars when the crack of a musket was  heard and the ball struck in the water near  us. Yells of derision rose on the air from the  whole population, and the desperado Sullivan,  swinging a musket aloft, joined iii the iusult-  imr crv of defiance. Perched on the roof of  the council house he had fired the shot  at us  jLI.II ������-, WdllCU'   atlli ,.-.';UCdi-I Iiy      UUUU      LUC    ////.^// v-^^r^.y^.-^y^^^  Lace, we aoproaehed <withv.':��h.ec.hoat:'^t^. ���������-������^���*.yp^M^  > prudentariu our   bov .���.pl.uiieeti-/-in,--���[;��� >���/������-     -/^-;       ,-���>���',--^w>^wi4^  as near as  swam out to us, and was heartily greeted h\  his shipmates/ On the coral slope, at the feet  of the frightened 11 atives, lay the body of J *ek  Sullivan, his face upturned to the blazing  tropical sun.  *'Is he badly hurt ?\', demanded the  mate;  *..'���* Dead, sir,I? answered the boy. v\ The  ball struck him full in the head.*'  4' Pali ahead, then���;,'.' was the  order, -as   he  laid the boat's head round off shore. l '.We've.  iio time.to lose with the ship so close into the  ���tzzks, a:id they are welcome to his body if  they want it."  The captain shook Bill's hand with a tear  in his eye, when they stood once more on the  ship's deck. He said nothing of punishment  for desertion. He did not even reproach him,  but left him to his own thoughts.  The lesson had not been lost upon him.  Boy Bill is now a shipmaster himself and tjds  rash   adventure of his boyhood seems almost  like a dream to him. /  Presentation  Goods   at Thomson Stationery Co., L'tcl.  4here:are. nb^^  .'entitled ���' to;..:, so me;;: little;^  men folk can stroll:upr-^M;^^i^^����P^^  ���streets'smoking U:ie''.p^  sing politics, -luit'we'^  where to go for'a little Were a )^^i^^^^^  exercise on;''tne'p^  shopping dees"not: :ocmpy,^i^8?S��^-i^|^:  park '��� w ereput iu. 'sooiethfiig:::Jik|Jii^ii^���  occasional liburi^Ia/^^l^e^^  ds .no.:attraction<.,l)urinfein:^^  I have .frequently, hear^dt:^^  sou "is- a. iBOst::desirable;paw^  set lie 111, '��� T quite; afree.^ with::tlio#e^^  "that claimd:)iU-:alwavs-porih:;;:^^^^^  add' "-the'Boar^  it' so, ���- bv: providing," a!,recrca^  .vSurelv it will not be -necessary for,;the^.y^ig.f��  and children of Nelson to get np a petition t<^  have this doner ^.-cv ���,-v;^*.:;:: -,-,.-.  "���   -Nelson tt-Q^Ntirtti^i^^  /f %^  & 'M  &  BMIIterifefiii^BWSlfiMfl^^  TOamilM��MJW��IWWBMBBWqB��B?MM��lli;WWJUUUM   JuiumKUMIUMUUIUMWmilMJMfliiCT o  s..  Derr^j^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Saanich l!n���i^|pf^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  we' got' iHit^^^i^lj^^^^^^^^^��^^^  we. wb r -��� th ere*-a^'^'^^^fc ��^n l**^^  every won by  fein' t w.^:^^tE:*Ji Wf-vi wlIii��MaT^^nrvfeji  ;5:.i��(-v^-.s7'.6i'.  t o -day'? - ';v::.ah||iv^^  o v' the; ^wif^y^^^^S^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  t i 11 t he :^iroM��K^^M^^^^^^^^^^^^M^^J.  I)erry, :calliriphi|p|g  b ri n gs :yQ^M^^M^Mi^^^^^^^^^^^^M  boy's,'0y0^^M^0M^M^^^^^^^^^^^.  o u t. to; see ^Pa<idp/Fowe|||S^  sa w m il 1 ^W$6^^  shower w asto v:er^:^  I)erry an' oneself���;.was"  house ealied;;:me a&id^  a whisper/ says-s^ie,-\;;-:^  ���"That's ��� what '��� they^alls^  Wid that she goes' bver^tdfiJ^  '' Doe, would ye moind.^te^^^iip:^?V?J^^^^S  ���hi r M y r y a n ne.r':: ':^t:t' Wid plea^iitte,;;:; ^tsf'am^ ���  *ays Derry, an' giving meself ^ vvinkp the pair  '>v* us walked upstairs.       M  Tul yung woman,  was in bed^forr^TO|^da  an1 they could' nt "make:- ���' o^t^^^^^^y^n^  ^a"icl her at all at all. ;W  Alaryanne^the'mbt:tie^:cpnie  to Derry,.;.^'Whatldo;^  think,'' says:perr;^s%  beautifullestyung woman 1^  OocTOR,V,''says-ttieVmQtb^^  might be wrong wid her ?      Is it rumatis she  has, or is it only a bad cbwld ?" '^^B^'^iMr  but Derry seen he put his foot in it entoirely----  that they thought he w^s a doctor becase the  boys called him Doc.     But he was equal to the  okasion,   an'   the  villan  got   meself into; the  scrape too.     " Wid the assistance ov me part-  Pocket Diaries for 18.98.at Th.Dit1.s9n'Stationery Co., L'td.  M:i?h ��:���?�� t ii 11 ;p����ste^^  ����|g|^  Sl^^Sri^^^^^^   Sa^il*^  -���:\;;l|we"ht^  ''that'wa^  '���seenife-b^  iii it itiouid Ireland^  :^ojis^  %iie:va;:p6M  "itt^  :di^  ssdn Stlf ��;; :windei':ah;TAts;a:lbr;bi  . ���& Jiafii��W��iil^��iS��ii��Mi^iS^"  ^iirsf/i  :>S;/^  TO,4.,-..���,,...._      .....,,,   ................ .. .. .. ... .  :'s^ys^fe^  :iopj|^  ^:.;/'//::. :::-^;,/::',o  ^:#"::^^'.-"  ..:::/ ^liat^lie'dlikp^tppok^ his nose,^ //^//::Y//:'  ./:'^^^^^v:/:���;:-//;:������^'^  .SayS'lie;'''':'-''/^  v�� Well you needn't fakeIhe mansion if the landscape dosen't  ���/���:>-;. ^^stfife;^  "     And my terms your approval :do;;not \viiv.i;-..;:  TruBiks, Valises, drips at Thomson Stationery Co., L'td  esngffiMMMMBEfflMS&ffi  tn;sistea|U.^__   in,:tne:ia|rleme|i||i^^  ^::^ri:en^She:^^rl  ^hipbelohp  ;;,:.^e^S^iiil^^  lallelm^iBlSiil^  /ri^|l||��|pii"  ;twpe|thela^  ;:Mr|r^l||^  ������idikeSainnglso  r-fj  ������:S  .1  >i^3T#.  /:>ii;  _1_  :goo'<3'liq.iior.:,';'. ���':,;.      .\;:-V^^^--T:i;:-:;;:5K^v :'^^  4' i J  I-v.1  fr- ;i '1 '/{;,//|/i;t     "'   "  :'���'���.���:(.'":'���;���/ -\ '..���''��� '.���i'.-....;.'1i ..'.���:,:.':" ��� ������:. ..i... '.'���'��� r-v;." ��� ->--'l^..;L.t....v:J.^.^.i::.^...Jj..jii^".��iKL^.W^^^ "'    ',>" -"''���''     ������-.���-���  ���...-.. j    ...... . . *���><���j    ......      ...   ��� -.'���i., .......... .......  tiils^ai^pcliii^  ��pfl|fK  fsttlSiift  IfellleS^  ll^^ '" "" " "'"   |lpafl��^^  M.Mt���if\^:0.i:.*L=  S;:i|lM:;;////'*  :;,,l��v^i"j'..^.'ii"''''':^V'.,^"3;Xt'.Jt*T'  lilltslSll^^  ,'���*.���..'���<$  :;i|pMl��-.:f!^  i t  I  ^.liSK/,;*^,;:,;^,,;^;,..,.,.;.,..,'.,:. ,--  ,, ...,-~ ;���,.���.,   ,, .,y v ;-,.���..  ���,- ��� ,:-, :.; ....... -: ,     .,...,.-;,,.   -..���.���������.,,     ������ .    ...   ...-.:.:,-   --..������,���.      - ��� ��� - ;���  wr'"''^ ���i""-^' -^ ��� ������������"���---' "-  i/fi9s  ffiebt^'^^coiisignee^;;^a;t;:;-;^ .,;' on;  ';Wraigiit''c^rload-^ "'bal  ance of rate r rebate^sch'eine'9\.hyf which-' mer-;  chants at Revelstbke'and.Naknsp: can" ship ��� in-  carload lots to either of those places and res hip  in small lots to Nelson, Kaslo, Rcssland and  other points in the district, getting a rebate  equalizing the rate,to.regular carl.cad rates, to.  those, points, and as: this privilege is'���net conceded to Nelson merchants or to anyone .shipping carloads to Nelson for distribution, it  compels jobbers doing ���business, in this district  to ship their goods and/establish warehouses  at Revelstoke instead;;of .at;.;Nelson. It the-  practice is continued, we consider that Nelson  should be nlaced on the same footing in this.  respect as Revelstoke "and Nakusp. Your"  committee further recommend that a commit-  tee of this board be appointed to confer with  the different railroads,centering in Nelson /-*s  to what steps should be taken in order to make  Nelson a terminal point, and thus allow her  meaehants to compete'for the wholesale trade."  The president read a telegram tb Mr. Martin from  D.\C.   Corbiri   stating   that   Nelson  Th���� X��Json Wine Co. .sells only the purest winew and liquors  Tryoiiu bottle.  -Salf^^re^et;^; to  WWs^& ..-,.-..,,.,.,.,.,,,.:W,.,,,_,,.,.,,^  :-:"""'",,: ������������������-���-���-���������������i--w- ''"''���^������'''������������'���'^^  ;-tp;.'��--liSi;#so'  U::  i;::;;;"^;Th^;eo^^  f ��� vHt��=.f ^ H ��r;;b���;i n'2" do wes'fc^  i/;::/^-':^';letter:was:read::fr  1 .':tiie;;cpuii^it:tb':;-m  ! ��� .wcrks .franchise' 'for' which he had appled.;' He  I requested; that the clause calling for the com-  i mehcement of wo.k within six months be ex-:  puiged, as also the condition that the 'company"  {   pay over to the city a percentage of its profits.  \    ���>��� Aldv.-Teetzel:- They*'want the" franchise with-  i out any stipulation. '���;.-���'  The co^inutiication was referred to the Pub-/  I   lie Works Goramittee. '\:y:-.^:/':.'  AM. Hillyer asked what had been done with  \ two recent aoolications to make additions to  buildings vvithin the fire limits. He noticed  that the parties were going on with the buildings, arid.-he'.was anxious to know if the work  was being'done.with: the approval of the city  engineer. '  The Mayor : They were all right,   and the  work is going ahead. >  Aid. Hillyer : Why didn't the city engineer  report to the council, as lie was called upon to  do ?       We might as well   stay at home   as to  //���iSifi  ������������':'Wt  ''���.'������#<f;J  /;go.ve.riim:en^  ^n_ _   -:-vv'-: % "ii\ '������' ;,^yiYS&-^  ''adopted.      ��������������� -fiVX^v- ^-^tf^i^  :.^::A!d^H:H^  ���tbe :i.iiM.ii'ts:'c':>fieitcCi^  b>nk, :'th^'a:n >ii':it^^^  m >ney collected .bv/t'he.' City;;^iiife^pJ^^gWe  ..uame'ofea.chp:iri;>fcol.lec^  ���of all."monies paid:;putvb^&l^^l^^^?1  'piid^^Ayhat'f^r,:^  ^ ,���  /\ici. .i e^iz*ei ^c\-^.ri.f^iv,v*.. .v...*^.;,.^^.,^^  '^ Tlie Siayor,i^6wMg%^  ���ati ;i ha^th^iTeturn^prf  :'orgairoft.he':::city.:;s  'see.them as' w^H;;aS-.tlie;'a^  i'cally),','.      .       :���:���<���. v.;':       )��;:;0tf^  . ;:.  Aid'.'-'H.illyer- : . I-dorit:':mihd;i:KT^  ' ���" The Mayor : T.he;;';books;:;;are;'a^  can'be inspected at any time.,;. ^.0^��^$0&{:   .  '���'���'' ' The motion was' adopted', and/a,/iium?>^./��  accounts having been passed,;. tbe. couti��,,;..a  j ou rned u nti 1 Wed nesday':.after^ooiv^ :^-^_^  ' Pocket DiarTete Sir '75��7atTh->m*o�� Stationery Ca.,.^t'*f y,  iSFSA  S39  C-4M  aft  kf LiTJ  'iii:y ,;,�����/'  THE NElISON'* EGON6MIST.'.  'In  fit  Yesterday, the 15th hist.,* Wastherdate fdr  piyment of the second instalment on the government  town  lots recently sold by" auction,  and it is  satisfactory  to knmy/thaf'.tlie pay-     ,  meats have been promptly.met.    ^ ^ iti;;' ^-:j;;~  s&t  MINING  NOTES.  *<-r  The attention of the  police  is  respectfully*! iong.  c died to an individual with * a t faraway   look  j -  who   is   causing:  considerable  annoyance  to j  _^ prov!UiUl ttl..   ,   ...  ^.���>1.    ,.*,. -^���..., :^,.^.,--^~,  ladies and children whom he happens to meet .         . . ;^  . proration -syndicate Joseph" Jtosseau*,-/oi Exie,/;was^^p^;,..,.  i��� the less frequented sections of the city. , The Te ford Juko ���'   ^^.e>plorLng t before justices;De��u and .Buckworg^Mon^, .,||  Mr. Melville  Parry,   general agent of the     ^^^t^ Yukon   region.    , It '. day for^n%,.;X^ ^^!^|g^^^V/f  Confederation Life Assurance Co., ^ arrived J ^^0^^^ rf              ^   Q , g, Maybee^ of^r^^^Pggg   ; _,;f|  and will make Nelson his headquarters.  Mrs.      will ma few day s .              U^.,*! .^ulted   the. Maybees M^M^l  ' ���< Ai  Parrv is expected in the course of a  couple of-j from; Vancouver. .,-.,.-  week's ; she will be a great acquisition   to the  [      The Maud   & and  c  musical circles of the  city.       Mr.   Parry succeeds J. I). Breeze,   as   general agent   of the  Confederation Life.  The Maud   S and   clLer   well   Rnown   pro ^  kerties at Waterloo have been ponded,v    X*J |  Afterfiearin  1  propertiesincludetheMaudSsTwm,Eractional j  tenCed^o^  The Hume Hotel will not have its Torm*l  opening to-morrow, as was expected, as it has  been found impossible to complete arrangements by that date. The electric wiring and  other internal fittings are unfinished, which  is a oreai disappointment to the management.  The intention was to open on St. Patrick s Day  and have a grand ball at night. However, it  is only pleasure deferred.  C.P.R. Agent Hamilton was before Police  Magistrate Crease on Monday, charged with  wilfully and uhlawfully destroying^ the property of one Madeo, a son of Italy. The complainant, it appears, is a squatter on the railway company's grounds, and it being found  necessary to utilize a portion of the Madeo  domain for railway purposes, the fence was  removed by order of Mr. Hamilton, the Italian  protesting in very forcible English. The case  was dismissed.  Ledgers, Journals; Cash Books at the Thomson Stationery  Co., L'td.  Not      The group was bonded to Howard  C.  Walters for $40,000.     There was a  Pjy��ent.  of ��i,ooo with subsequent payments of $15,000  to be made June r.nd $25,000  September   ,  H    T   Williams,  of the   Mavgurete  Gold  Mining Co., brought to town a few days ago  foZ beautiful samples of ore, taken from the  c!l Cap, one of the group of claims held by  the company.     The property is  situated on  Cariboo" Mountain,   near  the   Pend d'Ordle  divide  in the Nelson  Mining division.    Mr.  Willies reports that the  shaft  is  down   ,5  feet and from this depth  the  samples  were  taken       An   assay  gave $30 to the ton, and  thus encouraged  the  company   haye  begun  active development work and intend continuing it      Mr. Williams left on Monday for the  scene of operations.     The group includes.the  Told Cup    Gold   Button,   Iron   King,   Gre>  Hawk, Tyler Hill.  High Rock    Copper Cup  j "z*~*-'���r % mrktiths at'iiara-iaDor^ -,,.  f - ���&  tenced^to twomoninbdt ^.^   ^vWW :nC/  Quite a large iW^men^'are^now.Hn  camp around' Asbcroft;  breaking horses and-  enjoying camp life. ^ If the spring is as*a* y  as now seems almost assured men   will begin  ��� to move up the road early in April. '- '  The lieutenant-governor has approved the  plans of the Kootenay Air Supply company,  which is to erect an hydraulic air compressor  in Ainsworth mining district, about a quarter  of a mile from the mouth of Coffee Creek, and  has granted the use of 1,000 cubic, inches of  water. .     ,   i,    *   *  Miss A. B. Ward, who has resided m. Ash-  croft for the past two years left on Wednesday  night's train for Nelson, B C, where she will  open a millinery store. Miss Ward vTas a  general favorite with all who knew her and  fo show their appreciation a large ������**��*  friends gathered at the town hall Tuesday  evening, where   games,  music,   refresteents  ��� ������       ��  'A  P  ft"'  '���Tit  ��� "it  n  H  V'rJ  ��� ..1  ES^AWWBMSWWWffli  ^***>mc*mmmM9mimmm$$& ���PS(SW��W|S5!*WSW*|S**  tft& iWw.w��y��rWrt^*  U'-J'ff-!  SSfeS  seass^s^s:  ':;&;$$  .*���."������ ���; ��� ���/ ft* ���h'.-',>r(:''"J:.  v&wsSriSaa  IfcfcSB 5 ":cSS:tMSS;iH"'Sy3f *&&���  wwi&MmwMmimm^^  JBS  5 *^r*^w^:!rp*i>-.-iv;"- v>};.V^;;;VvL'f':!v:;^^  :*^an;;^rom^a;;^  ���:i^rl^ii^dditi<3^:l  ���if ss^iv -������-������  ':i;Wf^^^M^i&^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I^^^^^^M^  ^ct**'-S^  ,;#ft5K;.,,,v;  ; y.;*.i$��s;:-?i"  "���.SAS2)-:-  -^llsi-alte  f%iMl?lias^^  hot  watertin^  stirred a few;drops;.of; camphor or,!;;:;,      ;./���    aiways on hand  some Jamaica ginger should be  in- r ��� v'>-        :-; ���������..���/������!  stantlv swallowed on reaching   the J Special arrangements made for the;  '   . ���"���������!.'   ���" ��� Lenten season,  destination.   '���>���'. ,.:;-f;;.        . ������������������{  [Fresh Fish,'. Prime   Poultry-,-;- Rea-j  s��s  '::i'  ;nvs��orv*vorJt��ntf BlacksiniUiiflSTta'^^  The woman movement ..in-/.Germany has .scored 'a : great victory, j  The woaian J doctor's; .question .is j  solved ! The chancellor by **Th .  Imperial Industrial Regulations," j  has the right to lay down the con-j  ditions of examinations and of ad- j  mission to practice of doctors and ]  chemists. By making use of this ,  right he will now provide for the;  admission of woman to the examinations. The chancellor has \  not, of course, the right to open to j  woman the course of study.     That;  sonable Rates, Worthy  Weisrht-:  H. A. PROSSES?,  Manager, take St., Opp.   Court Ho��wt  Sil^iMi^.-/0:  ko  VTr  those   tempting   things   and 1  trust -us with vour;;trade. .-. ���.,.;    :|  '���:'jl  if  m  S  BAKER STREET,  NELSON.  WHOLESALE' AND RET At L  scribe for  HEAD OFFICE:��� Nelson, B.C. %  .    .    BRANCHES AT    *   ...  :  ���     NELSON  "Office DiaricTifor 1898<"��*"ThomsonT'Stationery  o., L'ttl.  ROSSLAND  .SANDON  nrK ail  THREE FORKS  SLOCAN:;Ci*V:-  fBHM��aOIM>IWtfA��UIM��WWi|iaiB^^  ���wBmiiMMaM!Jiaw��!WPMBmtiftn^^  iiittfataawmBB^iMwimiJiiMiAuiMMii^^ NPH^mt
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, - ,  T^E; NELSON .pcQNOM 1ST; •' -
path not to blow into it, for it looks
orchestra. ^
Profcsser Park of Andover figures
rather amusingly in the reminiscences of the late   Professor' Schaff    ; Australia is a paradise for tramps
at Berlin, introduced   Park  to  his j Hfe iii traveling frbm one little ^ol-
German  friends,   and   among    tlij^tfnyW^
rest to Kahuis.      He relates  that; j another}  * Thename ^sufa'dow'tiefc"
uud-u*  the  continuous   pelting    of
is applied to thehiu for >the  reason
*~" —^ ir""- ■—5T-3 TT ■ '—^T--*—*  t^-t-,.l^'.      *l  *     V   if'ti   ■/*, |XW^/^.Fl%r^
iui* A:nene * !
" #\^
? thirty 4iiiles or more—the  people
have not the,heart* to send  tlrem
An Kriaugen professqf was called J adrift in t he-bush; to go hungryffbr'
u ) n latclv t^ perform a dangerous4
** .- tc6iony
l**W" ■«•    ifM-V »*i ^»V4T ^^o
^■^J  »vT'!,iy*"^r'      ftMn»W*l"»  i^A ,****»   «<rtWl^ *-"»v'^*'W-W*J &S&*f*t   **►   «v?,Wtf>*^^'»-W«-^«"
An A h^ricAn iury   has   recentK"
(leiennined   the   COmhiercial"\"afue   X-Cowei* ramo^s^aciitiiig serein black'ancl^
' .     x    > ''  'v'   if       HiuH{tot wafxantetl to'^tand fhe*sitxi".auds^alv vt
'>« a kiss.       A voungr .society man]^^^ "" \     ~ ' \   \;%; //i>    ^
appropriated to his oivn^use'.soifee\il
2,^oo kisses,   the   property  of the
Fresh Spring Goods have just
wife of an  acquaintance, "an* v>?a%f
^ned by the husband    to   give'sHjli^
^lantifil     consideration      therefor.
A jury, although   it   is-not stated * arrived at Mrs;   McLaughlin's arid
(>:i what basis it figured out its ver-  iS llovv °Pen for inspection. • *
^uct, decided   that each   kiss^was Drop ia and see our stock, and
vk orth   75 cents (no    discbrfht' fdr+>'°? wil\ finf J»st^h^t;Xou, want,
, , k ,        , .   ,        ,   ^ and at the right price. -
<asin, and assessed the whole a.opop, : .    .. * y 3f.A
t'»the defendant.     It will be readily*
^ouclud^d that at this rate a reason-
•ihly  industrious  woman,    market ^> Io$ephipe St,
^ >aditums  being  favorable,   could'
hnnc> L~>a husband   a   dowry' that
^ mid  only   be  estimated   by % the
bunt of her earning capacity.     -    *-   ^   ,
.*' K
V >     J     v  Ct
#!t,,    V-^    ^
Aniateur vfrjnisMng „ Don&:
• ^-^Cor^^Vicfbvia'aisd-.Stanley Streets;
■•If"  -
\fr- •> 3»i **fH^ T   -
fhe   onlv
first-class  saloon in the
citv. ■ ■  - •      -   **   -.
This is a story Rossini   liked   to
h-ll: A performance of * 'The Barber'»
^ as being given   in   my   honor   in
{l^- local theatre.      While the overture was in full swing   I   noticed a
]l"ge trumpet in the orchestra manifestly blown with remarkable force
■ukI continuity by a member of. the
*>and; but not a sound in   the. least
;tkin to the tone of that instrument,
<-ould-"t hear.      At the close of the
Performance I interviewed the conductor,   and asked him to  explain
the purpose of the noiseless trumpet.
He answered.     "Maestro,   in   this
town there is not a living soul who
can play the trumpet,   therefore   L
•specially engaged an artist to   hold
°ue to his lips, binding him by  an
hn1|!A>in^VVbplll,^visftioy forovor.     KM Joy's t>  . ,*-.,*,
Mt«-'u<l unciiui V>cautiful.* I Josephine St..   -   Between Bauer ni\<\ \ ictona
The   Choicest—Liquors alwa}'s in
stock.  .
Mixed   drinks   of. all   kinds   a
All the best brands ofcigars.are
to be had. at.
If "so it will'pay you to inspect" bur: new ^arrivals
at $6*50 and./$io.oo per suit!'
"•""SB^^a ,.7WaSWKJi|flE��l��i(iBS��W''i5^  ||i|;-iA;����Al^^  'A-^A';A*A;AJ'AaaMV',^ A^^Y-T^i^^  rovsncial  ipiiflflp^  ��fi?V/e--.V.-'.;.: ������fc"-.J;-.'.vv'��lwJ  IS$ll;AAA):llf|  j|i;|#:AAAASui  a.!  iii'AiAAA^S  :.H; _/;  AwAAA  Awl  .Sjja..,,,   ||||fg;|;SS|||  ��l��J!#3AA'At|  tillfiAASl  iifllgllfilf^  ^��K.?^>:?:-<:,^^   i fs^Se^S  -..,-; , .,,..., _r....,,..,-.......JAAS|Api^ .  AA^sAAfeiAA;^  ;^.-,,::y,,,����.,:��iSEM.IIiilSI|fem  IliiS^  tisi:lisisl^   �����--,^;,,-^�� -wear**- *��* ��jiK Mw.^;jfe!#��?;*^ 3SpA' - ^?%i**K^ ^A-A:'  ������|AA c A-Af A^  J-/-"1./-;  f: s>AA A^  f~:J -fc:\v:-.;:':  1       #$&�� '������':  ��Sl*i*f*^^ &������'���Croistne;"C*** ealled>;f n f . 1  L��/;*'*maice  A��!  A:::SP��Ml^*Iffl  - ^'':A^'AA''A!'w.\J^I;A.^;A:tA;^  I-   A  I*  "A.. Ocean--of A-s?lze. Ni*i Frio'>. Oyer  'xuiiaer;   and 'Oesser&L Oao!   DeiJ-ce-rr: triH ������beJ     In ihe Ooaly f'oan <>i xwtenaj, lunuai^v^  A''fe0Meiaat. th*Cstvof Xel*o��. oh  Mon��iar.  the ; Nei^>n.  ia tbe master-of KrM-k Nelpo. alia^s ^  ������ A23i4daTofMar.-b;ite?ia.at. ' ������;- "     ;   .��� I.Eric Sils^n pU&n ^eeeased. jatestiite, aadw;  BSOTICE.  OI-SSO'tUTld.9 OF  ;��.��������  wfJES BAK����  f'-she matter-oithe.Official''Administrators.' A'et, :    'Kot  ''" ���.��� ;-','.'aa. :t   .-a:;a': i.'v^ot^:^  ice is'hereby- idyen-.ihat *^lr l1*?* mi*?T V&nti&^r^^Mtii^r  ��� Proviss.��*ial Seereia'r* "s-Officffc-  .   A dn^l tbe34tii:-daT of Ja.nnarr I^8,:-CiK>n read-, i date 1 intend to apply  to the Cine! Umm^i^^ji a��;il^^.^^J��'<^**^ff|^^^  PiorineiaiSerresary: f ingr'the   aSdavits- or James ::Ferg:oson   -Arm- Asj0ner of r*and�� and ^ Work^.for. j.M*rmi#*ion 'toA^l;ved;i^rf3ies^i|*^  r of -iot  ���" ^irtojisr and William Kingr, sworn respeetively i purebate the following; tract oi-Iana :.  \ th* ?&th darof Oetof^er l$Sff. aod the 22nd day. r;   Commencing'at she norib' vf*s#t corne, . .      A 'i; of Jannarv,*A.D..-I��98. and Sled, ft -is- ordered % 207... Kootenay ..-district,-, .thence. ��asst ......yenty:;i  "-- ^ ibst Jsmes Fer2��?on' Armitrong,-Official Ad- j chains, ibetiee  worth���'elgrhtr  -chain*, ��� tbenre i  " "" '"is*;''::.-:A  US'?  31  the Vel*oo Ke-osoinz5t newspaper 'tor 'a period?     February -^thV J89s��.  of three we��k#.  (Sfened) J. A. FoRty  IT,?      a  ^  J.  fiOTfCE.  In the Supreme Cou.rt'of-British Columbia*  : In the matter -of th�� .Windinjr Vp Act audi it        . . th<*  matter of  the  >"eisori,F��wmni.;Com-  .���.��*, ,��.. - I hfrrbvgrive notice that i.intend to-apply to pan>% Limited. ���-���  ���"fitvof Xel^on  on 3iondar. jh.e Wih clar of ��� the Lk-ehsie Conrmi*sioners for the c?ty of Nel-.;-     The Honorable Mr. Justice  urake  has by ah.  June" im*    ���������"���"��� *' "     '������. son at sbeir next .��Itiin? for a bottle license tor., order dated the twentv-seventb-day of ^*i>tem-  -r '" ,/r/T��rt��atrt' nn M'on^v" *b#- ^th'daT of   th�� s&Ie of lujuor at  my premises  on   Lot  1. ' iwr, 1337, appointed Hugb-R. Cameron, of th��  Town.of..l>onaW,on.Jonda>f tht -His ua> 01 ,��� Klot-k 1. Xel*f*a.     - ���; iltv of Nelson. British Columbia, to he Omcta!  R. F. Jayne-s.     ;. Liquidator to the above named Company  Dated. Februarv 26tb 189^. Dated -this 6th day of October. .I:^7.  ������������������'��� '��� Courts' of Assize and Sisi Po?is-( and <*f- Oyer?  and Terminer and 'General Gaol  Delivery. \% III -:  beliolden at the. plaeea and 'on ,tlse: date* fol-;  .lowinjr/viz.:  recei^e^;:: ptt-plS-Kfe  ;yicelm-^;;^<^  terms ;'apply ;;ate  Silica street:,��-;  June,l��9S;  Bv Command,  . -   -   < r-r-rr* - r��  *   T." pt>  J j\. J��J. JCJ5   X> .-X IV -E, li. T.  Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office,   A'-Stli..March.,-l��93i  Whtttaike-r's Almanack 1S0S, Cloth and Paper , rKkpnt-v  Distrtcrt  Registrar at  Editions, at Thomson Stationery Co, l/td. .'        Columbia.  1; Thomson .'St��tlo��*r��ar;'; -. ':^^*0 ^^,  ���Vs^**'' '��� s**��i'e,h. ��"\fI*-:���  # __     t. tweesl**;-'^  ? Queen's hot^l.  Xel^on,,  British f and   Canadian., tweedy-:S^-;vI^^:K|^r^  few  7mr4  -������^ fesft  ,-.7-.gi;  JKjl ll  '"iVlv ft** ja  AS sSaj  'vil^  , ���'.!������   [fir *\A  a py^J  :A:.: t^*5  Alf^  A^l-J  "::A f/* "I  ;-':'-.f-: ?���;:  Si '(���  ,.,,,,>;;  milMHMlMaO'raPmtlMmiMMUMM^HlMi'llUWeWMlJII'i  ,iUi��ll!l��l!llililWijl  BMBwa����aw��ggiMai < rf i  A.t-  1    1  f     .1    ������  ���I        !  ���THE NELSON5.ECONOMIST.'  lt/   '  w > k  t        /  PERSONAL.  i'1 ��"'  ���      ,'    *,      , ���> ** VA ' ^   -'���<-*>��'*     A     vAM^A#i^3>jS1  A ���^ ��� 7r-ATr77rA        ^7." '   T."   r t,     *?>> >-= V\ i*-.^ , , ^ 2f *i  ^<A,t     /'J.*/A^'     -^-"*  ,, .   -   %^t     AAvt  1 A  rii  K  T. Matthews,''of lUe Pilot ?^:  i,or is in town.       "    '        .�� *',- Aiv.i id ufVFFI<A,���','  smelter, is Arlinstd'n -MHUb' mM:,,'=',1- ��� ���;*,  Frank Watson,   ot the ArUn^^l ,.,t^       ,    . , ,. , ,,  Mine is down on business.,- ,    ������,  ' o. A. Keefer, of the Bodingtoij,  railway survey is in town. ' jjaiH'ry Bay Oysters  ��� wiiiip   superintendent .of % '���*<���>���'-> ,,-��� v'\Aalad.       - .      &���>���* ;r  Brucc White,   bupei        ^ ,.     -.,ii)l)s'tfcr-^la(IiSt. PatM��k styic/v   \'  the Slocau Star, is visiting kelson.  , - ���      -0OT . ,    o :,     ���,..-,  Mmia-er    Thompson, ��� . of   . the \Ci^v *$����.  t   ��� -y,: . '   ���      - 'K��s�� ,T.Ib'h'  "   i        ��U Turner Beet01V&     '    ''    - A-^." hay OyUter.  ,<      ,\.- l,Aa- from Victoria. -    * j^ljaniion'Hlver foiled Salmon, Kilkenny f;au(e.  I?  H  Brophy, of the engineering,,- t     jS��-  ��� ;   ; - >toIu^..     '   , ' - v  ir r.i,P (-row's  Nest Pass rail-1 cSrawilloef w��< cabUagc, conn^nght style.  sUifT'ii the Ctow  .*>   l^csi   !.����, falfs TonKue. KHlarney Sauce. ��� '.  1 *\*t    .    ��A-  ^A|r^|v  'S Ar?f,    ��^^iwA)>vi  I>7 > *-?��    .     i v>    i.la. .r ...  *i  %'AW   ^  ��^A��:n\   r^^PAi  P1  tadoi the Crow h   ^��i   -��� f��� ��� CalP* Toiigiie. Kmkrney isauce.  ,.ftV is in town, and  reports >vdrk     ^ t\       ;     ' Joww. . ^,       v  ���    . r,,-nrcihlv '      ?    '        \^'    8irl61iiBeef:<Jialway0rsvcy. ,    \    <  rogressmi^ uixoiapij. ���v , ^ Leg of Irish M utton, dreen Cage Jeljy.;,'  Mrs  (r  O   Ross and family hav^ - *,�� ��� /.���     ;,',;, aEusM^I. ;;r ^ ^,.,, ,41,4  A:  ' ' ���  ���*   -     t%, rio��i4   th^ir old   tireen Oliver   .Green pnionn.    GreenLettucei  .,t ( n a visit: to Unhand, their qiq I     , _ �� ^ bWW'^ --^ -^ ^'^ ��        .,.,(f.,nnf'irin   ii��; wJ4�� Stated '  lriMti^t&w* DnlSlinSCyle.  ��   ,^-   A  c  ���B4ilm1   amU^as^fcd  S|��ud��,   I-iin^arfct ^tylo.  I    Ofeon Pl*rt^   Green Cabbage.   Green Corn.  DArts that the company have aban- ; ^ ^dbssbbt/ -   ���    ; J    " "   ;  cloned the idea of  introducing   toe  vlrJil/ miinr i\m^������ Emerald  i��!c ^auce:n ���  ydnide plant. s     ^:    "   '^'��� ' " "   i ?        fhamrookCaktiV  ja Metcher,   pest  office, inspector, is visiting this districtwith'the.- , ,, .   , ttv ���tvl.  object of arranging icr jniore~saUs~ J ^  - w J    '  fact rv   postal   facilities,   between  Xelson, Hon Steele andloke points. I-"   ,   ^  ^y.^ Lbah, .  I=\TRA    PROVINCIAL COMPANIES. l��w��i^JF  ,    - The Canadian Jlntual Loan   AInve^icnt  LK,n.,s authorising   extra ^-.S^^f^^^ffiS,  vincial ctMUpanics to conduct   bUSl-   property in  X^son.     H>r  full. mtormaiMm i  P.A.  :f:,OFFEF.A  jCriii ��o Braugh.    ^  * 4 J  8     a ^~  CAin tvinicH  ��M   vuhin   the'   Province,   have f^0   ^ W^^&I^S,  lieirii   mtmtfd   as    follows: the      .._���...,._ :���     ��--- -  A^ney company,  limited,   with   a   PreiTlO  WniClCW  capu.il s-cck.ojl^mi.cci^ The head   ^ ar=ui-i�� *��� ��� bTvv/1 a ir  ��m.v el" the company in the   Fro^jEaStlTian     f^OOaK  uikv,  is  at   Nelson,   and   Charles  , Fir"st=class^ ' irtr .every:  Lunch a Specialty-'from." ^    ^        ^    ^  to-8-o'clock.    '--   -   ' ,,-"'���-���-- AA **�� i.^^^^AA^ArA^^AVA A'^  OPPOSITE POSr. OFFICE,-;   ->    .        .       ���;   ������--, .v.-,-. ,   -     ���   vV:,fy   -j .  Melbourne is the attornev.  '1k!k' bA'crcit <&  Spokane Mining  A oiiiiuuv, wiih its British Columbia  <>n"u. it (Greenwood.     The attorney  fni ihe- company is D. H. Holur.ok.  Tia*   lAiirHeld   Ivxploration   syn-  <iicatc, limited, with a capital stock  ��l /^.si',ooo at jQi per share.      The  pi'^viurial office of the company   is  ^ \':micc,uver, and James   Long   is  Seeds Dry Plates  Solio   Paper and   Photo -  graphic supplies.  ��      M / ok n������icr H     ^k.       ���/    t%  -��       hb .- ^^.',     r i- is t- *1   ^Tv   Hi      SI jf SI* * v�� (��� ��.����� �� ,    v _�� ��� , J;  ^l'   ^/\^^JlV'j JDJ^'i^^^+rv^:^,^   . ���aa:. ^  ' .    Rr��ad Delivered to, any .Par^^f fftwn.   -   r,:   ?iCwt  ionery Company  tlk' :i! <  Baker St.  Nelson.  in.*  on lev.  ''iK' Whitewater Mines, limited,  witi,, :���, capital of ^'125,000 at ^'1  :�� c'K'ii. The provincial office is at  ||^ ^e��s��,n, and J. Roderick Robertson,  Wvsk llle ^'anager. for the company, is  IMf 11k' attorney. The object is to  ;&H| ,|r'ii:,!(' the whole or any part. or  iMt 1!!jt"A-st in the Whitewater, Irene,  -mfi ,c:".ie C. and Myrtle N. mines, in  ' &*��| l,!l ^J'Jican district.  iBlWH ll i* a settled fact that North-  SvLt? !"-t will have a water system of its  tM^ n ' !1 l)v "ot later than May or June.  fv^l j 'K' water supply will he taken  &T& ������ 'ah deep creek, above the old saw  RJ-S lln'l, and l>rought over the   hill.  FOR  1 (  GOOD BATH  SMOOTH SHAVE  AND HAIRCUT  AS YOU   LIKE "IT, GO  TO  THE  ^0:R:Evv:r\)rireiiabie.;d  n WrI no   n S n   inra   h bI  n on   kI IhLJmI  HI     ^wn^a     &3v   Ba   i^Ko. 19     ww ^      -^      '^S  ��)��A\V^*nAB^^  ^,;.AjL/.��  MaraJ^tQclfv  ifclll^^r^P?^^  Two doors east of Post Office.  W. J. MORRIS  Mayor Gordon has decided to  withdraw from the action against  Thos. Roadly, of ^arnloopsv tor  $5000 damageSifor slander.  wo^^d tlie painless^^^o^^eeth^.  .lodal^anestheticsi'v..:^:-:^/^;-^  ������'SucceJas-OfS';  Q  Bakek Stkeex  ;;GOQbS.-;;.';;;A  .,����^��g^��t^ 5��  t:  Ililii  ilillf .Iff  SIS :iii  ?i':Wipws^^  ^���-..j."^...^^.^^:^.,^ ... -iiiiii-    -i  mi     i - ii . mi mi   -   -���i-y-f-'-'*���  bwssi^^  ^���$i1  lllllA%g  -^*s��!:rt--'";-;'v:'-;!-:'-:  pifc��lAAA  mmmMfe  MXMts^  IHIllilll^  --���:^A- A--.-;.- Ar ;:���-:--.-v.:7- ���,"':/A A V>.;-." A :iV^e-AiV''' :;y/':A';^AiAj:-A^-Av A*^ ���& .':*?*ia%:"-*r' "'''-  A A/A y Ay-:\ ,-���'"': ;y ^v^AS AA.>_.^AV^'A^ A::AA  iftPStAA  II^^AvAgJA  y#^��yy -.;;:? ;;-:���,;  y^^^yy .���:,..���";������-  '^ifpfllAAi-"'-��� A ���������':  '-%$$feA:iA,: -y-  *..-.V ;���-��?-  ���-3|'-:W?  11  S��!;i^^ij*-> /ffK-sEi-   ....���:.-,-.. -.���; ..:...,    .���..����� -.,.-';.    :.:-..���;...��� "y. :��� ������..'.���; ..... ���-.- .-.;,���;���:..-....-....'���...���.��� :���..-.    . ;-v?'.: ,���-.---.'. ��� ���������.'������=������������������..���...        ..../;-.-' -.���:;-... ,.-. ���;���.>���.....-.���...���;,,  ,........,: si^^?^i^iMi^#^"..,,-. .- .,. -..,,,..,.-  f Kli^aif;i;S|'|^ #p#||^^  ..... .....,,.^1 ;js.'-'w>'<aiiiffii5a;v.^r�������������-!=*-.��� ���t^��^-..*>w-*.->����r^'jSi-.j^.-it. '���'">".,-.^".'-.   ���'.". ;r-y;--. "-.'" .      '������-'���\;v-.'^:.;^'.:'-:,.  itfiv^.'sS'-'  Ml  iMiiS?  t^|li||i^|i|  ';"A"-lA$;&rl;���&^ :A',;A  . ,i _>        ����������� '���?*-'      in. "- ���    'C.��vc - -����� . =(��� �����;���������.������ -ate.���'   . "f '"W/.iiiM.  A&:iilflSH  ^uiii,.; .���JCi.i'iiliBin' Tifiiniiiiw'Twiii  i^r^i  t��..'K.   .-J-.-.'ff'.^!,��aft.i,-.JP.it^L,i��i,Sl     ^'ivKa'A- (  t%*  I.S'l'.:**isj3li  ���gfc �������� ji-. -��_*c v     ������ ����� J-" -���  ������-*   .b!  ���2.|?lI:lt:ffCI^&* *  If- -zr.e !?**32��e, war-- *$** ' ^m:T%^ fensag&is&s:*  �� ��? *sa�� v  Hiia^arian,  xxxx. "'���^���-  ai-3��     vwiw;'. K- i'S-j'a  Strode Bakers.  *-^ -*��w  J& ��1 .^crtsrt: :s;^E^v^^:s.3?r*^2-7  :t -i./:r!i%:  ���-..-.. ,'..'>'���?���'   S- .��� ��� ����� ->��� v  .^4        fi-CS'  iir-'  is-.,-.. ^..--^  ii,-.J.P-iw��J'  ir*~i;--      <����$��=*  .t t,  business l>i���cxs *>!! ��� isaxe*,,  >������ 'dajsJs.Oi.s   s-t*.j-i-��..    ���;...--.--���'*--   ��� ���*������ ��� ��*-*��� -  iR���^dentiai.l<>ts-apd touses  tor. sa!e in " addition A ai:d  -.other .parts of the cilty.  ~Vhl^ *iSJ'��'AA S\-T^t3S* SlMiS tisU^;,"*^-12Si;��v>:*   .a��Iil- ���'���    ';.,'.-���'.  ^.   j- 1 '��y.*',  :'**-.j.jfif: -jr-    "- 'T ���������it'" v*~ - ���'" ..'*;  t-^^;w^* f femS ar*. 2T��;flM:S"B -SI-SSL    ' ;���������':;���  Bi ^^*r s*,, S*&^le.-A   .'  Tiis.e ^:ss: P^g. ^:?;s.gsir :^�� ^^.resl.F. ere y��i: $���&&**&  ���    It is learsfed'. that Great    Britain,---  the United   Slates  arc! japan   are;  arr&B^iofr  for -a    triple    aiiianeeJA  ��� The   Canadian ^ Paciac    railway  have made a further cut   of  30   ]>���f  j-vat-nP' ?.���?? T*fe-^>>'Sn^-^.er Tate.s^        v^isie- ���c^&si  travel from  Yaaeonver " to   St. Fan!  Ii����  .*������  ; /-  . %v..      ..    .. ���,��.v- ..���>���. ..-���������:��������� j;         1  ...-.- ������ii.��i.-iiiii' "' ��"������"������������  ..���FWW(W***M HI ���..!�� <'   "T"  rs .and inan-iii'.  Agents' for Masutoba.. Produ��:.' C^P^?  Wheat;;M:a:!iiiaA'W'AJ..-';Fead^^^  Biscuits, Etc


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