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The Nelson Economist Mar 1, 1899

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 ���SJSl  WV^t��~SSf  fV-,41"            ,                 1^/        t   *                     J                 j���_     J  "  - �� ^V , M���k \ h  ~^3  ^^rf*^;^&  1 *-*   ^+  >*���  f  re  r^m  ���* r 1    ).  With which is incorporated  ^t  NATION, of VictoriaaB  ��*   J4 $ x J  M-'/'J r* fy >nL y^vy^y^^^iyi^^^^^c^*j#K  THE NELSON ECQNOtllST  P /"  *'<  I��ued everr Wed n tad ay ��t ibft eft? of NtUon, B. C  ft1  4a ��  1..-.i mi,.  /    ��  '  ���>     *.  fr<      ,      -��f      xf  1   *  8 i      Y  ?  XK"  80BSCRn��TIOK RATBS:  .'  <   <���.   ��  im    HI   !��� ���'  / 1.        vet" J*       f    <   Vi tV    t  enacting tiieee laws the legislators were careful to aTmiJ themselvee of the benefit of expert  inowledge, with the re��ult that while changes  ill some respects were dcei/able in the iriain they  those professing that political faith eao unite,  *���    ^   (���'��. "!^  i   n   ^ l'    .-&     ~  ���*-   c  Oftt Y��*r to Canada and United Stfclw*.,."....,,,^.*.,,,**..1^^  r A      -i  0b6 YMr to Great Britain......... 1 ** i f��* ��.*<��.��-..#,��.**�� .*.. .^--'JUw.,  If paid In aQvaii^u. .��.,..���.*...����..������..����*..,��,.  oiemlt by Expr*M, Money Order, Draft, P. O. Order, or  lUfUtered L#ttar. '   ^��    ^^-   ^ * " '*   '��� w  .*  1  j  ^ "0^ V  NMU����f��^M*N  1    c  * <f  Correnpondenee on matUraof ftnerU interest irwp��cllallr  ���olidtod, ,     ��, '      . 1., j*>1�� *  7   \jt v, *   .fy,i  f  ' 1  f ^  1 *�� s  * ���'AdrtrtiKemenu of repaub���� ehar^ter will 4e foaertex!  opan terms which wiU t>�� made ^po?rn m appUc*Uon. Only  ���nicies ot merit will be a4r^tf*Se��;t&��* cSltSni ���md'ffii  lnt��re��U!of readers will b*s ��**ref��iHy yuirdtd ��f ainat lrr��>  ���aoQiible pertotttand worthlew article.'; ^ ?*h* **< * ^ ��* ^ u   ____li_li ^ *y ��*H.r   ^^V*^   *"    s  ���.���..in.,,  iiLL���iH���timw.!., "liUmi ���������ii-!- 1   111��� ...m���n 1.�����������������.M.M-f������ ������fcn..���n    . k���^^.W���^x^^^L> ^^ p^ i.frr. -^ |f- TiriTT|-|l T' lUiLUIII Hlfl  ^- ��� -   J.���. * ^ IV  EDITORIAL, COMMENT.    3  r, ���    S    "      ^^ V  j ^ [��  The session of the Provincial   Legislature  that has just closed hai been * most eventful  one.   The law-abiding people^in| British Columbia have been eitlightened as to what one  raan can  accomplish in H the #*y of tearing  0ffn theconsututiona! struclni^   The worda  oJJunma might b��cbkn^d ^ r����d:   "The  fubmission  of , a free people to fhWecntiV*  ���athority of government, it.ny. more than s  compliance with  lawe, trhidh 4;��??ph ifartjn  has enacted:"   Certainly;^t^ti}P^'��^H>l4-  ��ot be held respon^ibie forVth*reekie����Tin8n-  ner in which the a0minant pt>trier inihanew  aggregation  .has .trampled^j^ei Jfgislatfon,  wn^er Ins fett and enacted Ifw^that ar^in.ho  *��y suited to the .yeqtiiremcnte ol  British  Columbia, V   '    '"     '  ^:  were well .adapted to the requirements of this  Fforince<^;Ba^theyi.did no* ��it ihat-eipinjnt  ^grkuHunet,  Joseph -Mmnm.v;'$ipw, yrpjp&,  going to try theiexpenment ���of a^aRting agr|  cultural laws to the mining industry;  they do not appear diepoaed te take the pub-  lfc into theifcconfidw��^t!>KoMd^t;^  difficult matter to construct ��"*te aVnl^liwm.^??*���  Tb*   .-c��K-  1 * 'itj.**  <r>       t  f fK^fi.,/'.','^.  J    ",  !���   'T%  e.'*  v If that were all we might hope4o life it  down. But Bntiah Columbia has been forced  to shoulder the odium of violation of all con-  stitutional precedent to gratify the^lust  for^  power of  one man. vTbe l��gl'aling ����  ^F0  ^n into seats in the Houfe, thereby obstruct,  niff the operations of the courts   in order to  retain power that had been conferred bj the  lieutenant-governor, was k the ? most audacious  p ece of legislation ever, undertaken in a Bnt-  leh Doesession. ^ v   .v v> ��. ^ < . y��t,>^ v^ i"' .'*^,(��  The Limrals cratriiilo^^)OiiW4ilidei  tenses.  7bAy^bBjRf@pw^piSM^  ;.<=  Wto&r.  Ba' :  KJS'  tinumg the polioy 1  ;ur.tedbXthelafSir  1.1*  ��>c !  Thk Economist uhasv'ditcuised^daring the  ^   w^xV  progress of the ��wiontthecIe|fjeiation enacted  IwHhe Goverrtibent.   There iiaB,?been^?veryl  on  the affairs on a free  leaders ?of ltK$i yWrTir.'  of mierepresentation, but it  reach the gc^l |rf iiiw ai^iwtion.  IMS  II  iM^^J^;  V-  "���J?*. ,i\Arfi*-'Jf}'  vjU'  .   VVi  The future^.friS4eveai; the iniquityof theof  fences of which th& present governmentthaTe  : 'beeii^guUty^s" When the^ timV^me^/ior'an^  othW appeal: to the; ^pl^w^airef^?c6nvincedt  that; the verdlict will be against the men w^o .  hate placed this province in.^su^; an uneriyi-;  able ligbt beifore the whole.world*   ���  1  SffiJ  little to endor��. t��it a^reai^al to-condeinh! =   ^I'w^'^^^SS^^BfiSK!  ���r       >a       ~ ai  \       rM    t  It i8 contended by the devotees of Mariinfcm  that the new order of things places us on the  ���-.i^me basis a�� the Eastern   Provinces. -'But  J,8 la the very thing we'object to io-Britiah  ^lumbia.   A>great number of people lefl^he  ^gt because the conditions prevailing in this  r��vmce came nearer their ideal. ' Those who  c*me here and discovered that our way of do-  \1^ business was  not   to their likia,' cotVld  jmve retu^ed to the East and no on�� would  Jave  fo,n(J   fault   wUit them for go doing.  instead of that, they hnvewmaihed here and  - "ij^urcmg agricultural Uwson> a mm-  Tiih Lirierals ��f^Nelaon are particularjy;  Active at the present time m tfee .mattes: ol  orffftniEation, Whi e The Ecokomist has no  fivmoathv with the principles of the Liberal  Fb.H.v it is nreo&red to express its admiration  RllVv*V?-^5f��*g*^J j ��>^^^;-:_:_ -Vrid:|��v��_  ^arty'iik**^ %  in the; privies of ^soundi g^Ms^^\Sh^t, ^ ^  vX ��^ y\i*y<  * s**'.  ^t %.tv  * t  i fr c i_>'  tne'next' ani snce^ding^election��. X^hal^iire  m:\my ^^vf  ^  j\ ^ #j  principles of their party.  , It.u^'tolba^contended ^'^fiw^rn-  ..wi. wth;knp?j��^about ^wifipm ..  'bope> to. hold ,v oil hj the ^manipnlat|pn^f vvth��  oilces in the control? of thWgoveray^ak:'^ j  #\l*r  Pf  *i  t-1  *..*  t i  r.v  t"he.conwn'tioa i^ <tf M, A ip��*W Pf^ed  that either .through la^kj of interest - -  r^ber ^asuf ;they/(.baVe no^akej  . ':t&: ^^aj^hru^fuliy ^rlA-  'tW^eeo^;of-t^til>I^W^a&nf^fe^k^  ���4    V  rhe Jaws ���f British Colambiaftrflibe result  penment m other mining wintsm   I�� iSili&fijiit^  {iiV'^r^'V'yv-ffjffi  ^-'���'������^i.'VFVji.Q'-.-������?,   ��|2��|f f^^   rjv  ?18l  ^;#S#tSSV^^iU:&5VVl*;#|V ^  ���"'irasl  rjfefflH  tfv'fe v^v'"  ,?5i!j'),'4fi.^;^��;'S!  l��Vf^|VlV:VV  VS;Plfe#���.^  WlrtS��fc|o#eitheatre,^vHe%�� ^troiiglv ��� jtf  itlC?lv!MffflV|>Vm^^  ':i!M^m'WM9:M&BmMm '���'*""''-'***' ;:"K:"'":'' ':*::" '  ���;;i;.- .   *'��� ,(A-   . ' ���''������,",���. ���'���.������',  '*���:���'   ''.';*   ''',:' * '������.'���'���-'������';    ,.' C?V'    '     ���    ���-   .' '  ^j^f!^  lliiil?!$iv|  J^'SsJ^.'iK'V'':^.'.'^'!,  V'VflK'fc  ^.i^l^F^^ v-IC',"' '1'^ ,1U inoperiy safer  mPmMm>: & fcgreai : expeht% :^rdv I d e<i";pl -?  .; puh!ro:;:Wth:;:;:a';v^  >BMVVf haf rofit:x)f IheVin vefst^tV:will':^p  g^er'depeiyi upon;'tfeep;rbnage^ria ^'b^  terteinments received;   The eh terprige of ���" t he  fio roftVfeif. asdfhfa!nWlaelir*|f^a?Ma^^��|l  /.ra^^'pec.^  ,J'^-?-,m^:.fty0^  .'' '> _.';"i': V^'V-;:'7-.;:''.:;::^'-;c/:J'-v:;��VV';';.v^j;^V^-'^  ���^������::-; v:''--.'-.;v-:'.^;'^-:^��.'V;.';-^'^^  >;^v^'::;V::V":V'V;J;:>V>KV"V:*VVV.V^v^  v-y--'-.- y-^~:-::-:^- '-^k^^ j Cooney, the pair will box under the ,Queer s-  * },erry rule?. Such a radical novelty is a  ' Chinee fistic star that there is'alreadyl some  speculation as to whether the Celestial is a  buna-fide scrapper.    His, manager solemnly  avows that he is a boxer worthy pf champion-  ship honors.   He is   ambitious, and   regards c  his forthcoming contention at thejfctr Jersey  cipital as a  mere .stepping-stone to further  glory.   If he secures a decision over^Cooney  the almond-eyed, fighter   will seek, a' malcrjt  with Peter Maher at the Lenox Athletic Club.  The Chin a m a n  rega rd 8 Maher, /as a �� man he,  would he able to soothe to slumber wjth> stiff\  right-hander before" the Irj*��hmanliad time to  solve the original   tactics of \m parchment-"  skinned opponent.  According to the Joiirnqil,  nil Mott sueet, is agog over vthey.com ing*/] ad*,  vent of a mernber of their raceJntb.-pagiliWh,  Many a shining shirt bosom has1 1 tely been '  pcorched while irons halted in order that the  wielders, might finish/a pemit of argument;iri-i  volving some particular feature/of the prob-  -able methods of  their braverArfepregeutative.yf  Once the long dormant spirit/pf atkefcWis ]  a rowed the reformers   see visions of gymnasiums replacing .opium densy^and ' oShlerii?  plate scenes  of lan-tain players; refusing;' W,  participate in that game' in' order tliatv VheyU  im y have an interesting r!>et-tf/With. theliyeiy^  pu c ing bag:   L4iindrymeiirwi11/work;;alt,;  the  more vigorously ohi,,lirien* ih'ftiturein'*  sTr,"*1)  8^kVainadIe ^nf '?' A8^VplahV   MSShester^he^u'W^^^^ghe^Srttll  stock, and goodwUl  of the, brick   busing ^rcy have%en going abouti^fe^  which ig  now being carried on by the said  .���OHjor, as a ,going concern, and acquire the  vendor^interesfc in a certain lease of a valu-  ablelime quarry, and operate the business of  ^manufacturing and selling, lime .in connection therewith." , As will be seen^from   the f  ; foregoing this is an enterprise of considerable  magnitude, and is.onein whichlhe "residents  j)f Nelson are deeply interested, from the fact  that the coming year promises to be the greatf  est, from a building point ^f3vie^, in the his-  toryiof the city. Nelsonhas vrkched.thebiick,  stage in .building operations, and it is.beybnii  doubt ihat Ihetfmount of brick and lime that  will  beuVed for ihis; purpose alone willal-  most approach the fabulous;   The standing  in fihancialcircles of the gentlemen connected  - with this ^enterprise/ is  that; it will/be'carriedori  brick ^turned out  from M  ; hive; given  satisfaction  ^testimonials of \ Messrs:,l Hedley (and; Al^  dridgeVhoiiid  be-sufficient guarantee 6f! the '  excellence of the product.  *    ' "     u A ',r     J'       4  ,*��� ft.*��  and^among,; thervvery young, men whpV^ill^, ^ .  .mostUikely be seen' more ^^/^nn^h%i^^  'coming year/ are Lord Herber tXord Pembroke's *' ^  ! i     J  Thk British Columbia Weekly in its review  ,-  'In.  changing^b rapidly ChaVifc'ik diffcult v to- fol-  low,   The day oirprospepts, development coni-^  pamea and{attenda'rit specula tibn^ has, largely j  order that muscles may acqiiire^at^gtjbj'an^  it may he a reality of the ,fuu/relliaWtlie inm  from the ICastwitirtae^i^  will he eiteemed more ^igWy'in ^CiiiiWtowiv  ciicles than the Celestial- who ^os^sses'vHlie* \, ~ , .-, , , .,,. ,v . ,   ...   v- -v .-���  chniPMt iflvmu     r *j u *w   '^v -v-  .' ^*/*v :% . %^  v<creaBiog -yery-Tapidly/1: V " 1*. , Wr**��*' -^^- v>  cnoictst la} out.   Li, Hung (Foy is^good.and^   :* v,v>-,"f       ^ ^v'-r-r ���jl--s^wl. v,'  W, and has not ^ded^ilie(jbolief ^aVhe} '''^   ' '   "   "'"'     v>"     V"'      *  would attain finer condition if torrid /hfmself,  of superiluous adipose. ^ Foy has*an idea that  the layer of flesh   will serve to' decrease the;  Rt����g  of his adversary^ blows, and 'oonse:)  quMilly enable him to stand greater /punish-;'  nj���t.   Martin, hisj manager,   will probablyj  allow Foy to   havehia, way in  thi^.respectf  Aa the Chinaman has mastered the fine points  01 the game, and is remarkably adept\ti.fiidt-t  stepping when he notices a padded fist travel-:  '%' hi \m direction, Martin   dom not fear'  s Protege*s accumulatk)n of avoirdapois^wili  seriously binder him.   Should Foy triumph.  }��:rer C,ar��y aa<i then  deliver to   AT iher the  )l)w illicit would end muters/there are vast  P'^ibiiitia   f.r  the   futlrd of   ^   q^^a  hCrApper.  1 ^  ;:  .Rapid progress is being madeiwHh the vnew:  public buildings at Khartoum;   Gordon'smal^  ,ace is being rebuilt," and will be Lord.Kitchener's official residence/  ^Ee police arrange^ j  i ments inOindunuan arid Khartoum u are ex-  cellent/and life and property"are "perfectly v*  safe. The railway has now been* Extended :  halfway from Atbara to Khartoum,/consider-?:/  able tracts of country are under cultivation,",  and the whole, region, is r'evidently settling  .down. .   ^f     ^     - ��>5    ^r<  1 ^r^        ? r  1 A  -FRO'it/present^injdications %ther^illj he a^%ff  \m    Wiiiiv   hftnrirt  il.n>\iW tilonn.  i ha ' /%/"\irv\ �� r\ /���'"V co�� o/^i^Kut^at-tt. <u>>*d��V.WJ  I- i!   f,  4 ��    '  ijIK "mistakes" admitted to have been  }made [)y J��seph Martin in nearly every bill  3rou8ht before the House are insignificant  compared with the blunder British Columbia.  maae ln harboring the Manitoba "statesman."  n another column we print the p ospectus  otthe   U^t Kootenay Brick and Lime  Co.  /   -4nis company, as the prospectus an-  unces,( has been formed and  incorporated  M^h a capital of $50,000, divided into 50,000  res of $1.00 each, for the purpose of pur-  a8>ng from the vendor, Mr. T. G. Procter^  "VThr latest feature oJ4the women's page\in  certain American, papers is a list of marriage-,  able and titled Fnglishmeh. /On the authority  of one of .these papers the following lfct\is;  given :   "The chief among them all, perhaps,  is Lord Belgrave, grandson and  heir of the,  Duke of/ Westminister.     He is not. yet'of  age, but whea he comes into his kingdom   ho  will be one of the richest men in the world.:  The coming of age of Mr. Lister, Lord Ribbles-;  dale*^ eldest son, takes place next May, when  also Lorfl Herseheli's son will be of age, while  Leopold Canning' Lord Garvagh's son, will be  twenty-one next July. Lord Headforts major- t  ity takes place   on  June 12 next.    Lyd  Dalhoueie's on September 4, Lord   O'Hagan's  on December 5 and Lord Vivian comes of age.  at once, while the new Lord E(unsany,   who  has only just succeeded to his title, will attain  hi�� majority on July 24 next.    The Duke of  .justice^-  ladyship,is a constitutional governors wife.  f      ���*!  Otlawa . Caweft'^^Poor Mr^Sifton: ��� Aovf^&^L  was/he to know when/he, issued -that desenp- ?' fyf*fg;|��  tive atlasjthat this obscure Alaskan boundary ^kf^K0i  question was suddenly to be pneumatically^ h( vA  expanded in a reason for this reciprocity ^fm 4}j  treaty failure.   He's a.hoo-doo.,,i    "  '$60.--'V'v'ill  .   ^ ^ a* tE  A new leather combine, capitalized at  000,000, isT^ Being organised , to take over the  tanneries outside of the, United States Leather,  Company..   The name 6f the hew prgan,iza->  tion will   be the United   States" Hide and "/., fv;  Leather Company, and it will not be antago*/; ^ ^|i)T  nistic to the^United States company;,    \< ^y^jA fll  ^1 >  . .     "f % A  1  r^'M&jrte* ^- ���n  'A?  THBjBCONOJHISI.  local j&b" provinciaL  mi  G. r . Lennox has almost rfc *vered from his  recent illness. /' ,  $  './/  ///  GJ3 f *  j   The 3 m^ycr of Vancouver gets jr salary < f  $1500 per year!  mm''1 f-  I  *;���*'' >y  ;The,%lson;city cuuhcilyfll only meet fortnightly ;in future. '     ,    /        .  e?  to Win. Hunter and J. H. Wilson, of the  same place, an undivided one-fourth interest  in a group of claims, com posed of the Colonel  Sellers, Senator Teller, R. P. Bland, W.J.  Bryan and Wabash. ITheyare located hear  the head of Coffee creek, in the Ainsworth  district, and the consideration named ^in th^  deed is $1:75.���Paystreak.  change.   Whittle is reMvin^T^-J  in her tnihd^hile^ugjy tucked ^^'  the poo^usband is musing in fr^H V  stove and wondering fcow he is  the next  month's trent.  ����a  butcher and baker.  Suddenly she exclaims:' "James d5i  lock thVddor?"   ��Wks���k a^jJT''�� M  ��ff the  Naturalized Orientals.  ?t 4 4  ��  [ft V  Wilt  EH  A; ]ft. Sherwood is able to be abound sga'n  after a severe illriees.  s,>=  �� ��i ���,  Mr. and  Mrs Bruce  White have returned  from a visit to Spokane:  -.'-?���  pot It.     ...  / , William Love, a British Columbia pibi eer,  died last Saturday at New Westminster.  PIP"? "/^ '  ,;  'Miss Ida Johnson, of Hartney, Man., nitce  of Mrs. Frank Tamblyn,  has arrived in  Nel-  1 * ���- * if 9 , H  son. ' c  1.1  Etf -  /a '' ���"  IV  .,,   /particulars ;have been received of the mar-  riage at Boldre, a   village  near Lymington,  .SoithHaht^iEngJand, on February 2 of M .  i:Cecil Ward, barrister of Kamloops and son of  /Mr.W. ,C. Ward, of the bank of British Co-,  lumbia, London, to Miss Ida Marcia Augusta  .Sclirubb, yojuhgest daughter of the late John  Lane Sphrubb,  verderer of the New Forest.  The.church was crowded and the little village,  was| en  fete  for  the occasion,  the,   residents  treating the affair as one of public importance.  At Boldre   Grange, where  the reception was  held, two arches had been erected, both gaily  decorated with flags and  bearing appro] r ate  mottoes.    The town,  too, was  prettily decorated and  when Mr. and   Mrs.  Ward  left for  London  the  whole   village   turned   out   to  cheer them. -  i  "I r  A return was brought down in the (Provin-<  cial Legislature la'rt week showing the number of Chinese and Japanese who have become  naturalized in the province. TheAt��rne3��  General said the return h was incomplete, including cnly Vic oria, Vancouver, New Westminster and Nanaimo. There were other  places at which naturalization could be ef-  fec;ed, but they had not,been heard from, and  it was thought better, seeing the session was  nearly over, to bring down the relaru as ,it  wap.    Ii is as follows:  .Return showing the number of Chinese and  Japanese naturalized in the province since  1863.  the next  month's trbnt,  and Wnd �� ^ ^y  butcher and baker. <  Suddenly she exclaims: ��Jamea  Idck tlie d<*>r?�� /"Which door?" 8a  -The   cellar Idobr?"  says she.   ^o�� ,     ���  . 8�� down and 1  w the back yaW  ���!��������� I  >  2rFl  Slocan Mineral Float.  -     M   It?  Two men are developing the Frisco.  Year  1863.  1867.  1868.  1869.  1870.  1872.  1873.,  1874.;  1876..  18 0..  1881..  1883 .  1884..  1885..  1886..  1887..  VICTORIA.  Chinese  Japanese  7*1  31  <f  G>  JO  The cold snap forced the /owners of the  Mary Durham to quit work/but now that the  spring whether has set infwork has been resumed.  1891,  1892,  1893.  1894.  1895.  1896.  1897.  1698.  1899.  2  7  1  1  2  o  1  1  13  2  8  11  4  10  3  1  21  8  '5  23  30  29T  31  #^  It is understood that the January clean-up  at the Cariboo (McKinney) mine yielded  $27,000 in bullion. This is at the rate of over  two per cent.per month on the capitalization  of $1,250,000.  1  1  7  14  38  85  37  32  James, LiWell^>6u'd   better  lock it, for I heard someone  last hignt."  Accordingly James Saddles down the ahi,  returns and is going to bed, she remark8,��S  youshu|the8>ird^  "Well, if it is not shut the cat will get il ,?  the room:"   "Let   her come up then,"        *  James,; ill-naturedly.   "For the lands  no,��T. t irns his wife; ."aheUsuck the baU I  breathi;'   "Letter suck," says James,, but ill  paddles downstairs again without his shoes on  stepson a tin tack with thV wicked end up,  clones the stair door, swears at the cat and re<  turns to thebediroom. "  ����� ^ y ^  ���*   ������ i ff if i  Just as he begins to climb into bed his wife  observes, "I forgot to bring up some water; 1  suppose you bring up some in the.big tin."  ' ^  So James, with another swear, goes  intothe dark kitchen, falls over a chair, rasps  all the tins off the wall in search of the bie  tin, and then jerks the s|ajr door open and  yells, "Where the blazes are the matches?"  She gives him a minute direction whereto  find them, and adds that she would rather go /  and get the water herself than have the wjiole  neighborhood/ .rained about it. After this  James finds the matches, procures the water,  comes upstairs and then plunges into bed.  Presently his wife says, "James,.let us have  an .understanding   about   money   matters.  Now, next week I?ve got   to  pay " *fl  don't, know'what you have to pay, and I don't  care!" shouts James, as he lurches around  and jams .his face against the wall. "All I  want is sleep/' - "That's all very well for you,"  snaos his/wife, as she pulls the covers vie-  iously; "you never think of the worry and the  trouble I have; and there is little Bella, who,-!  believe is taking;the measles."   "Let her  :^l  >;"if  t^ftl  f,cf  1891  1892,  1893.  1894.  1895.  1896.  1897.  1898.  VANCOUVER.  .. 9         .. 30       .. 5       .. 0      . 3       . 17       . 35       . 18 ......  'em," says James.  w  5  47  72  197  230  93  Two car loads of ore have been shipped  this month from the Monitor mine, Three  Forks, to Machester, Eng., It will he treated  to save the zinc and other by-products. A  freight rate of $11 per ton was secured, and  the ore was shipped via Vancouver and  around the Horn.  S*  NEW WESTMINSTER.  ince 1875, 69 Chinese and 176 Japanese.  NANAIMO.  Since 1873, 14 Chinese and no Japanese.  Hereupon she begins to cry softly; but about  the time James is falling into a gentle snooze,  she punches him in the ribs, and says: 'Did  you hear that scandal about Mrs. Jones?  "Where?" says James, sleepily. "Why, M��.  Jones." "Where?" inquires James. "I de'  clare," say�� his wife, "you  are getting  more  Charles Brand, of Silyerton, has transferred  How She Does it,  ave  Instead of thinking what she should h  attended to before   going to   bed, a   married  woman thinks of   it afterward,  says an  ex-  stupid every day.   You know Mrs. Jones  lives on the hill?   Weil, day beforeyesteW  Susan Smith told Mrs. Thompson thatj>��U  Barber had said that Mrs. Jones had  Here she pauses "and listens.   James is s  ing.    With a snort of rage she.pulls.a  covers of him, wraps herself up in wm,  lies awake until 2 a, m. t^^Ed    &��  ;used she is, and  what a brute <* ^a f  |g|  she's-got. * ' ��� ' ^   ; ftg^  And that is the Way amarried woman g ^ , ^|  to sleep. a'   ;.;^JJ  *Si^fcJBS.S  %$m��@mm  sa5B#isB^��ate^  4-^^v:,1!**1*;''?.Wrfi-'*v^M>'ri>vi  *^i&twf^������!Bi!i'-  ��!���      m 1  ^r Si1* %��$?*  -S-f  ���-*&. *j��  ^'w.  M  jfftiS  The Metropolitan Opera Company, under  the direction of that famous impresario, John  0>rt were teen in three, productions at the  opera house, last week. While each of the  operas presented was keenly enjoyed, perhajps  the most artistic production was "The Chimes  of Normandy." The solos were well taken  and the chimes chorus was deserving of special  commendation. , ,  " \\  The Nelson amateur opera company have  postponed their presentation  of the "Geisha"  until autumn.   , /    /      -^     ,   ^     *  It is a matter worthy of special note that  there resides in Nelson the best musical talent  r j i  in British Columbia. Mrs. Brougham has,  achieved fame in many of the leading cities of  Europe, while Mrs. Parry is one of the most  acceptable soloists irT Canada. In the dramatic line there are quite a number who were  footlight favorites only a few years ago.    ,  As tne critics of the Tribune and Miner both  declare that the Buchanan company, now filling a week's engagement at the Nelson opera  house, is positively a great show, The Economist would be running great risks to contend,  otherwise. "Fanchon," the second night, was.  a vast improvement on "Queen's Evidence."  Two characters came but very prominently:  The first was Miss Gracie Hayes in the title  role. This young lady possesses considerable  histrionic merit, and her rendition of the part  was most acceptable. ;As "Mother Fadet"  Miss Jeanie McAlpine gave evidence of real  genius. The part affords great scope from a  character point of view, and Miss McAlpine  left but little to be desired, the other mem-  uers-of the company had parts better adapted  to their peculiar style of acting than on the  previous night. The bill for to-night is "The  deputy Sheriff."  The returns of the British Board  of Trade  show a great   number   of   casualties  in trie  United Kingdom, for the nine months of 1898;  ending September 30.   Accidents to  trains/  rolling stock, track, etc.,   caused the death of  twenty-seven persons   and injury:Ho j$5 persons.   From other   causes, carelessness, etc.,  482 persons were killed,  and   1,110 injured;  ninety-eight of the killed and 865 of the in-:  ]Ured    were   passengers.    Of    this   number,  seventeen were killed and seventy-five injured  ��y falling between care' and platforms; twenty-  seven were killed   and fifty-four  injurned by  falling ont of the.cars= while in motion; ninety-  seven persons committed suicide   on the rail-  Ways, while thirteen were injured  while ap-  parantly attempting suicide, and the remaind-  ��r~bf the fatalities and casualties were due to  C: Leveral causes, tresspassing, etc.    Other accidents, in addition to these, resulted  in 350  deaths and 2,835 cases of injury to railway  mpanies' ^ndjcontractors' employees.  It  ^ ' J-  THE ECONOMIST  5  LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL,  The hotels are filling up very rapidly.  Mrs. Alex. Dow will visit her mother at  Guelph, Ont. ^  ~ H. G. Goodeve was over to the Boundary  country last week, -   i  George Tunstall, Jr., has returned from a  visit to the Boundary.  C. E. Mallette has gone into the real estate  business at Greenwood. .  ���    ���   ���  Mrs. J. Roderick Robertson has   returned  from a visit to Spokane.  , s  "  The machinery for the Summit Creek mine  i3 now being placed in position.  The Nelson city qouncii are anxious to have  the Kootenay Indians vaccinated.'  _,  A streak Jn a hew vein at the Athabasca  coins a value of $1700 to the ton.  ,  Jacob Dover hris left for Montreal, where he  will be married some day next week.        '-',/,  Rev. Robert Frew has gone to Revelstoke  to be present at the meeting of the Kamioops  Presbytery.  The.Columbia Telephone Telegraph Co., of  will equip-a telephone line from Trail, to  Camp McKinney. . t  An effort will be made to have an isolation  hospitarerected in sor^e suitable locality con-  venient to Nelson.  Waller D^^TOt^charged .with apppro-  priating funds~oftfie "cfp. ��., has been admitted to bail by JudgeForin.  The Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist  church will give a social tea this evening at  the residence of Mrs. E. C. Traves.  The city will take over the * scavengering  work, as the manner in which it is now carried is a menace to the health of the citizens.  The announcement that W. H. Grant, accountant for P. Burns & Co., is about to leave  for Calgary, is a cause for regret among his  many friends in this city.  The chances are now that the Rossland  Water and Light company will soon be called  upon for its last and best price for its plant  and franchises, and that if it is not satisfac  tory the city will proceed to put in a system  of its own.  "Z4.  Jjr-fltel  i    /  W. F. Smith and W. S. Keith of Green-  wood have bought an interest in a group of  nine claims/in Dufour's camp near Camp  McKinney/ The claims lie near the Deer  Bell group; a very promising property belonging to Thomas McDonnell and the. Dufqur  Bros.i - - k"   '���   r'-' ���/���    ������'   .- ,.  ���i.-'/'.  ���A'  The Cascade Taxpayers' Association, have  elected the following officer^ for the ensuing  six months : President,. C. J. Eckj^rom;  vice-president, George K. Stocker^ treasurer;  T. F. Garden ; secretary, P. J. Omeilly.*' The  work being dgpe by the association is said, to  be of great benefit to Cascade. ? ���  ,   . / /* - ,  <���  "J, <'5J  "f, f rf  r       (J* 1  VJ'v;.f:lfj  i <yy%,  j- 1, . ^iffv  Victoria Globei; ^ "What will go down in  history as one of the most remarkable sessions ^  of the Legislature of British Columbia vever,;;:]fi^^  held is fast drawing to a close. It marks the ' '"?&��  introduction into this Province of political  methods of scandalous character and the^pas-  sage of legislation which throttles, the electorate and repudiates solemn contracts. British Columbia should go into mourning; Her  fair name has been.besmirched'before the eyes  of the world. Martinism is triumph; and the  rights of the people have been tr/ampled under  "foot." -. -  . V1--,Vv      vV:/> "  :   I*  ���&%  t ^\ ytM?$l  y , . \-.y^  ��� '   vl'^w  a y yM��  -^' ><���'. ;->^%|  '^'';\yf'(/><;$*  . ' -r^y%sk  The Greenwood; Miner says the .Golden  Crown mine, the property of the Brandon and  Golden Crown Gold Mining Co.,, Jobated in  Wellington camp, eight miles eastof Green-  wood, is one of the largest and most promis-r;, < y^m  ing properties on Boundary, creek.. The ^my'^!^f^  ficers of the company, whose headquarters:  and offices are in. Rossland, B.C, are H^nv-oT.  Mayne Daly, ex-Ministera of the Interior,,  president; Andrew Kelly, of Brandon, vicK;  president; W. L. Orde, R(��ssland, secreta^-/  treasurer; G.. H.,Collins, Greenwood, manag:  ing director, and Hon. Senator Kirch->ffer, W. ���  A. MacDonald, Q. C, J. Jermyn, Wm. Johnson, W. A. Fuller and,.W. J. Porter, directors.  .- ve hi  ^     a-.  -,   ,&*--.  fi  U--S--  Thenews which we publish elsewhere re  specting the construction of the Crows Nest  Railway, into Fori.Steele and thence to Windermere, and the North Star branch, has been  corroborated and comes at a time when it will  be most appreciated. We are just entering upon  a season of great .mining activity ; the winter  which is fairly over has been quite slow as to  general business3 but with a railway under  construction right at our door, all kinds of  business will brighten upland become good.  Moreover the definite knowledge as to the  railway policy in regard to Fort Steele, will  enable our merchants and miners to go forward with greater confidence for the immediate future, in that they will be able to guage;  better the prospects for trade at this point.���;  Prospector.  ym  "m  ���V;1  wu^.m.���^..!^.^,  ��,r.,fni  KSSS8CSffitS5S)^S  ���5?W��� "^SEK-*.*^^ W���ff���*^*J^^'?'';~*^!!IT���i-,,  ^^ll^^^^^^^^^^lgp^ 4^^��lpl��^  ^^^mM^mMM^^m  IS  NtS!7??  ii*?*  zzs^wmm&M  ftSfKliS^^iiiH  -���.-.���-'!:''? x!:.';^l-'.;: ;;'.'���"-  l%%  fWr~-%?fc'h��:',  fMltuWM^ys  M  ?dif^2; iff-- '&"���" >' i ."��� *V.V$&  ter#t wos  $^l^!tin��t^^  llxSfillSlfS^  svs^^^?;J^r8tOW^:��fM*fi:^m-vn��ti^rfti  *K#  PVl/;v;;;v���, ,,,^  MfStT.-.t  t! ���,..���-..   .'fcj" ���',"��  -�����,:i>  ljn^!lor;:_..,        ,w^  ip^,*ww^����*^~-���^^-^^iilliiSil l��l||8i|^|l/tti^��am^  jll^lii^iroii  . _,. ,:^M^mmmmmm&&mmiW;  ;:.��i���.3.,t0ili��!tto*  ;��"��������������#;;  fc;'i-"(Si��:5J.f";��? ! ''-^^k-V s^Ts?,- ~M^S j" ~*efe';;<**���.  y^ry/jviplete onher bosom and nodding plume  in her hair insUntlydre#�� m.gie circle of  ���iii^giftl^iiilft^iPiiii  >����?;; ;r  7./  ^l^^^^^^i^i  SV%8iVT^&r|j��  :%amiIe:��liirveyeiviMiln^tlPi^^  iii��iliwii^^^fep|;  ^^^^^^^^^^8^^^  'Ha  sime^up^iailieriiiiQaiiilfl^  s&m��K^MiMliliil'Iiiii^iinll Ib��|lilHiap^SilppipWP2P^  ^/vSi^v:A^^  jiipiAnap  fmy.w.,r.... .., .., ���.,.,.,...  some routine  ��mm\&.  �������������� ,,���,����.,���.,.,,..:�����,��������. jB^ls*��oKoii:tneium.,..  ittlWliiiBillMIBiill  fftfiolPWi^^  ^^lilg^��fe#urneci-it'iB;  ^lliPiliiatlisvr^  ^vvftffillllllll^^  :8weeth^*tlv^nrfi��;.^rv-"" ^^�����--^^^*--*---^-��  ...����i  .uu,..*new   Ji��ienea i��un   interest and  [SS|Sf^#fK#V::V;VV;^.���^ "i^-vi;:.:^  J|��fefetesSS'V^f;'t ^; if-f^l'OU '-i; j  ^sm^s^^n:ip^:^^   S%li��&!S-^^KV^VvV3VV��lii"i*  iJW5'  ft^^'^^-v V^' 3'^^"^;r  V!pro��.imJil?MOi||mejni|ne^  Si*.-<j^;i:i?.,S.'S),Jjt'i!.:te;-3SWife^^  Wj|w^iisien��^i^  on  ?||Io||d|d|||ej^^  It^djwatfp  vvvtojhernjii^  l^nlyimiojeil^^  ||^x|^ii||t|  :er#^v:;;:They:;^wpo;  winptheirllovlv  man'e/v'dayvter/  ��g>I-^ystityi'ng:/an^  V^wVj''^��^'^^:t:^:3!|yfVf.!#VV^^  :ano,i;ave|rr^;v;|op^  MAS-  .^f.^.-;-^".^r>  SI  iSPtll;ilv/-wh  mmel  in a cutaway or  phamv:in;^;|weate^  #^uif;;ci.vili^  .,  , t, ���.-TJM^*yi'/wbrnv/ribglets^  |;#:^tire:;;|o^^  .>;p|//i|t|^^  ^-^v!^va";:l  rff:  iman,   Sheii^ lo��|^r lo^k^ at the ���  1 * ,BV,"v"��������>���' v't-v >... i-T-��-rt)S^ .->*;!'.'.,v.*';.-t'.'' . ���.���'���.;'iw* ����� *. a *>���'������������(��� *-. a .���������������m-'h:kV ,.m.  ' W-^vJ.l :ra'fiH%^i3^iii^Ii^^ .   ed her voice into perfect melody, as v,  V;&:VA<vt:.^^V@|gpif||^^  :*��^.,^*|a|OTe|||y^  8idn  S^��BisSS^^iEfefev4^i>ii*^.ft'��!a��i^i^^  Th, si  PI urn 1% Ita^ -#^% - -'"I  Will be able to supply comrnoh-brtcK  ime trie coming season.  CONTRACTORS  CAN:GETfPfnCES  BY?APPLYING t&  pressed/brick and  i-'J: a '  Y  <iy  If  *f il  I 1  1  . I.  It  >, v  f   )f-  -1  1'      l   ',  'iVf  ^     \    -   t       J"?,,   <"  *  \*<>  7V��, PROQTER.  Office West of Hudson's Bay Stores, Balcer*Street.  ., in-  Fromv$50^  ID    ^ ��!'  r        * r i < f       '      ' <f,  <     i *��� J  4 t       ���.���*    1  |����!n��)��.l*)i.il-n>WW��i>  w a} w an Mmapw aWngiinwuuwu  u[  3 u n b P u 1/ I      �� �� ff ��a ff^ s7!^ \ 'fir ^" K^-Ba^LI  .v R   8   I   1  %  dr.  Tenj|��ie liuitdhi  '>, .?  a   ji   j rt  *mtt ^.j.r^igVj.wt.jtt  f ��*   m ^*w��^     ^;���^wa��^w^ ^,^IBP!Ji ^^>a^ f*      wMaV '  ^w*^,,*to^r^w����^.M^s^^w^mw.�� <-<( ��* ^+, j   r( \ .*���, ,<  11     '���civ, ^av<'  II    t. i n��Cjiiy  s  /���General Shipping &:lnsu,ranc,3?;A33n.ts'\  A   >'  ;w-.  <  7^r/i  <^?J.  *IN$N0IAiL\t-'::A6ENTS. ??' i'"vVV-  GENERA L   - ���_ F/N^O/aL 5 ���:-'  (/I  V^M  <W^m.Ltto- mJ-^.-l,...-J,^.J. T^nn[jtJ|tl ^^,|LL  1     V 1"      ���  .ViaMi.MtrsHAtWaVAtw  tie  IP  came  ***"��'' "''���'" ���>>*>Jlmm*>QMmiMllipvliliu^^  i   ^  ^^^V{  >!r.��Mr Ukel   (Umt U   b^^afHW/ril J Tlieeold^^olmid* of forUiddhig face ma^  Mil),    u rm art?  ywu?"\ And .the HiittW. J;. ,  l    the sun from niy *t|gh^'  * -^  a^, "1 Mm F��tim\0' '        ,  \  \^% ;" ^ * |{Xnd. the htinipry  wolyea , with despairing,  ^Pardon mi.�� " t|���,  lwi,u,rtl::.iiur lm/*'    \\'   t. add��htH*rleafeinesis t<> the nktit. t.      '  "J  A Poor Unfortunates  *      K  Td��Io�� r���v the woman eiidl ������! Wd4-|. ^,, f^^^,m,t<>^ ^    ,;'  gotten you " �� '     {   But th����rc��8jshwr for me in1 the ruddy ^low of the  "   * 'firwbfmfttJhhi, hwirth.  \,   \        ^>'\f  And the ^napplog ��tp:trkat from  the dry pine logs  . <  :;  s^eni crackle of fiery mirtlt,  "r  * *'*^\t  And; f i*>s.s a defiant laugh at care and the teihTpestlt%  i(   '^that^rtmnd me'si��g,\\ �����  ,   ^^'  For m hm%** Tve rot my him in and beans and my  piiM,* um C not a khm?4  HU^��w*"t.U-a.lal,|.Umulow*.H(u,,,'s  Am tMX(''"���*'" ��l"��ker game;        :   .  Ti'��" a Art 17 * '        l"5 "V^ ttW,>y�� ' '  An olIu^Vi ��� '''t0r' h�� tt,mo ''0Un    ' >'���      4"Vl  ' A�� thociiV       !n> ft>r the '",I,J ����"tbe gmun!  An ��m i    ,n,"'sl,i'1.''o come i,, view''   ���  A���'cU'"',��"!a"Higl'?   ^Wbwwtaiiery  W|,,,n Uie,.lr, "M ��,,! fri0"ds f"11^ �� ������  Nev"i. to,  IT* c,,n,ea" ��w��How<Kl,ail?  AVtu, a|| J|,,,�� fbh"��e he wW. .    .  Not I'ini'   i!" I,,."!'k's' ��" '"P,,f ������������ he��l!  An, U,rill       r,"7' WiW left '''��' ���"��.   '  Hwj Ih,,!.nV����e��"P��n����t; ��   '  "fn"i* /' .sv       l '",d the ��'����Hlwi ylt!"       '     !  " "']'���" m ,!(/<,���,��� Constitution,'  The Sn  "There's! never a eSre from the outer world can  !;,^, reach me to mar my rvitt * ^ '* ^' �� - \\  ^'There's nover a trouble born1 of earth to harrow  my brawny ;lireast,  the  Th'e gain  how  ��� >. >. ������ -���.  M   i   *U  ^wbound Prospector.  ^'lewi,,^ '���-���  A     th�� n'!s?n!!?|Vl ,U1(I the m0WB l���y fi*M and  ^"���ehHuV/r   h.Cp,l,l0l,l>ff^nt  ^kthefl   wn,t^vvith the key of ice  UK ilW of the Htream,  Thesm����ke fro.u inyeliiuiauy floats away like a  bride veil over the pwiks, <  Til! torn to ihre<!s by the icy breath of the breeze  In its sportive freaks,  And the Huow-Ciippod <Ta>wwith the echoing notes  of inv huitfli of dftianue rin^.  For as longas f have my Iwcon awl beans and my  pipeaui �� uotuKHg?  When the blmird lulls and  the sun pe<>p$ out <J"  the crest of the drift f ��tandk  And I compijss s\ a *e with a' ^wvepiug glance, as^d  my spirit with prlcht exjmnd  As I think of the toilirir hUvcu peinieilupln the  cities 'way over there  * For I feel-with my bacimaml beans ami -pipe of tli e,/- /:;/3:^?f^  mountain world I^m the,king. \.,   ? *: ' v �� '/> ^'c^y; ii^6  vt ^t  thcgiwuil. cherry light  Of the frlowinglog^ in the board fire-place in Af/f T;/; v^Ip^S  blanketed bed I lie ~ '     "  \\     |  a  *i w  .fee  And follow the wreaths ft*<��m my 6id cob pipe with \cj:^iy  - a liizy artd caielfree'eyt?. "   '      '    *' "'< '^^/if^f-  T druiua of the day  when 'the snow king Vr ha ml  ''  will be lifted from irulehami peak ^ .      ���  ^ ,., _���  Audagtiiti   for the  trepan' that rules the worM\^/ '*"^s\tlR  with a ^��iie��j/^?e:>f.J*o ��11 ^i';,   ,/     1    y     .\..^ f^>:*?i*~$m  While I  am iw free an Ihevfml* that toss the      Hut m��\vr��i A$\\ if the ilays in flusht l���� drivun hylv  may  threads of my tangled hair,  I mwy not yonder p<tui|��tred lords, the pale faced  1   princes of wealth, j  i lityring witi^c,  & ':*&Wk  &   tu hw >hni��Mr��itr-mH'**^  4����mHnWHm����r?M��i^^  '* H >    A* If J'  Foran lonjr.-m 1 have mv hsu?on i?j u h��i smV] my :^rT\M^��*t&f:M  piiw ruia happy khiif.;. /   -   ;n /.      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'������: ,' .'. .;"���      \h-:.< ���,-.y--,-::-^-f'.-- >V-?M'!.vt''m>'\l':-:"'\&:'^-^  :yV.'v;,vTheifollqwm  ;v;L;^:lBv^'F6reigh';,n^atr^ri^^^^^ :v^-i:u;^^v',"L-:y��^>:^v-'^rvy^  :y/;/:v:The::qualityvbfv^  Mmes,;%iinjtedvv;an4:; |he;:Ganadia;^  vt/:-;//:v/L  ViVfe  ���i^fci;  Vfe'7  ���:5)D^;v'3��..iSiife:  yiiry^ry  ���-r:T-iri ���r.-ZitA*-.. T    s rfu J_     ft      A.     j _, ^ V1  "���    , ,t -'        A '     -. ���* A   <    *  THE ECONOMIST  rrwcT'"'"  f, G. Procter, Nch6]i,B> C.:  My Ukak Sir,--Having, used rainy thousand brick frnm ,,��'  pleasure in testifying to their generally "excellent aualitT y^r��yards, I have much  chiyiiicyis a fitting, testimonial.- 1 should not have thought nfr��!��- "ew   reverberatory  in such work. , y -   /     ��� -     v -gllt of Puttin& any inferior brick  I can heartily recommend the liimestone froni what wa�� t-n������       t<, -A    , ���  of first quality for both fluxing and lime burningK^L^f8 ������iy.as  ~y       *��� (Signed) ROBERT R  HWnr ��7  .   (The �� Fletcher �� quarry referred to is the same as that contabed Ul^S?^' ��  The following: extract is also an. emphatic testimonial tn tw,,;,!-..   i- v WasehoId No. 2.>   ,.    ;,  ^Canadian Sme.ting Works (Trail; B: ��) a^3^Sfi2S3S3i8r! ^ ** the facfc' ���**  ��� y-y.-" *;< , A4 ������',-.,' i. A,  ���uy!*���ncK aurmg thg past year :     ���   &���  "  "*"~^ -A   -   ^A^'V-A<\  .'".���./'        CANA'D"�� Shewing;WokKS,'  " The brick shipped us by yopr Company were oP^' B\$" Fe,b���a,T��20tV l899-  ,      were used in the c&uctibri of6ur h��g��tSS ^��   g���* qUahtjrknd^^ctory, and  ' ��� " - '   '���- 1'-"*' '   ���* '*���- y    " ;i; ;���" '    '-1 ! - ' - '     ���   ���  ���'   ".-  ,,     ���  '       ,..' A"'," '' A"'.^A    '(Signed)'   ,        w  H  AT rip mot?  ��A    ''"  A very careful est.mate of day in sight places the quantity at Efficient ��'J*l,   BRIDGE, Manager  The Vendor's brick business from the * B-ilfour yard "alone K    I-        ms*e#��'^000. brick, -��  ofover Ss.ooo.oo. , V .....' > ,V *  f% ^ a,0,fdu"��&tne year, 1898, resulted in a netpre  ( j *j " v" / ' ^ ���''3 ^  Mr, Win. McMuHen: who has been the>Peiriman , w ***** iV j    ^   . , tt   h.      , I  With the steady increase of but dnir in  West JCnWnW ''a���x iu      t. ��   .      toe company.      *      -  l31V!y bean.idp.ted that the dWd��W,J^5ffia^^Sffi tln^et^ ^  As carlv as it mav l>e tv*<��M* fX ^��r^^ r.. ^. ^���,^     ,, JT?. ���    not ^less than twenty,per cent!   /;  profit  of Tlfcles#,Victorla. plans Bho^gTpropSA^Mg  thereto and $ite to float a ���"~: -r*- - <���- - --  A1^ ojTKootenay Lake  Djock) ��2a. In the city of l^��vu, aUu�� ute io^ ^�� ��^;  ffiSteSSv^ 8am^;together irtfcV^S^d^*,  !!S5 ofihe;pr<>Posedsife8,and,I^hav:e depoS^W  ited a dap fcate pi e&ch'hnMe 'ofllce^of >\thS^^fm  HonouraSje the Minister of PublidrW6r^}lU0&  the City of Ottawa, Ontario. fyKl?fci) ^M4^M  SXS5S ^lLthe!ften^ tlmt/afierWSxpP;��;  ��  ����  ��  rationot one month from/this date Jwiir&iy^  p-CoiraoU'lbr approval of sucfcplansand d^IS  scriptlon and of the works theri^<refenred^#M|  . Dated nt. VAlienn t.TiAtlfV. Aa**rrk~~~~2^i^%kffiMh  Dated at Nelson the lltb day of January; 1899'  *   �� * �� * . L   r.. i,r^^JW*rLIlIAM::Bi��MAcCI!U.w^^,!���  a.  MS  '-Si'  Si  mm  h  ���?/'  f i  f  U  ">        t-^l  rfT  I' ^  <    S f  \*  ' - >"  *  H i  11     J  i ,   i  A. > "���  'O  ' r ..  i'  ^  M i <a�� -  w��  " * <������  tiT>  '*> ,��� 'Mv   ��  t (  :y   i  '^  11  V      <*  '"1 v. it  Jit,  a��:F  y$t?  Situated in' the West Kootenav Vallev nn thp r^n^t:,ii^^^'-":'k^^^-yy^M^i'0.  the Noiesin ��.Jj d'Sv���^-v?^.? --X vaiiey,,on*tne crow s Nest Pass ) Railway;^alsd^nf  tne rNelson and Bedhngton Railway, now beine constructed.'     k        :".*&.-���W:W&&tt*mA  ( f*     ^ .     !��� l\    v       (.��.,     ;   A. ft    ,    �� .   11��� �� ��      ,. .    7<7"      i . k t  rin���LVs- 0S,y 7 ra!,?s ^rom the VInternational Boundaiyt--ai^W&eCentre^of'tlie ObM*  SSSST M��nly PtfWct, the richest in West Kootenay.^'Here is alsff^Strlctll  Arming land, adapted for the cultivation of Fruit, Grain and^Vegetables/     ^^ ^ V5I  iotenow foi  Further particulars apply to}  Geo. McFarland. A  Creston Towrisite Cp,, at Cre^toii, IB. C.  v^.1 t% A sA  ^tl/' 'V i ��s 4^Vi-^M  #1  A.  \   A  SE9BSSB  1    \  l*^^***3^^  "Tt������ rrr-"-  2 A_ v ^x'>^^s&SwPM  i r        "   ^       A^         :       *    N -^ *^mmm  &m$&M&i&^*^^^ ��, a. *: ,-Y' ^.. >t' *# >1  WHOLESALE &HO RSTAIL DEALERS I  Camps supplied pn/shqrtest notice and^lbwest prices.   |:  Mail orders receive, careful attention: "'    a "    ���   ���    a ^  Nothing but fre^h and wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock. ^  4   ���>��������        jw>^.  j   -   ���. -*�� i* ^ ** r ii j: '  ff  ?/*,<> A^.*a  i  ��s  I  *v  'J        V.V     ^/,1  ti-^-% ~4M  S  wtf \y yr^y^A<ym  /-"      ,   >--*Va \ * -A A *��  -   v -: * \t^ y^;f,^M  y, A   : >y Vv w5-  ~f^,- *��� vm.~CA %t^1* flpflfSiiM  .;,;fr'i;.''ir-^^^  ,,!,,.. .-. i^.i.-^-.t,;..'- .  . ' .-.-!.;.', 7,- t;/' y. '���,;.'.. ���: iftf ������ .�����.;,! vi.-.'v ���''><���.'.'���"'' '��� ��� '���'-',.-" ������-I1' '��� ,'i.' i ,r'(i,'-v i-.'jl' '".,/i,1.,i.J'i.)/���'''.v"'i(' ���''.'.���! i ������''.'"./',' V   ".:v. /I '��� ������ '��� i   .' >���   ' .'t'. ��� !'j.! '-j !r ,��� -y :-  ��� -���������; ���    '   ���! .'i ������r-)'?' '.T'/i   ','���������  . 'i:: y r".*.'   - ���'  ���"���' - ','   ; ./��� ���'*��� ���>/��� ^������'t.-','f- ��� J ���  . 'I. .                i1..^.. .'J.           . ' F .'L,'   f'lV/,'. t       ... ��� . J..7   . - h                 '        '���    '   '-' i     '      "^^^^^^^^ ^W*P^W"*M**W*   Mfl'M"*,*'"****M*t*^"**"*~nf^mi.i fTiM iiihi^. I      'i   ��� ���.'���"���    ' ''      '    ''',' ''          ' '        ' "     ���            '"'"   '"T't    ^'"           '���'���J',r"Jp /*''^t..fJ*..   ^.': i    ,.���','   :tJ"1             '[ "if   '--' *"'- ���;���'., fV'.'S. 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Our nr��ndn��oUww= �������� and wwn�� ha��* tt�� d&aSof th*  S,o'����.   ��* ������� "-ovod on ��m��   ,��������,, aetata, ����S2  jJoagawjusJly red and rluL    Ta. worn- ' ���<f' ��� r.��~. w���r.nnHimii woman il  Wwbo hui>* th��*u��e best Hlk gown oa   panlaha*. - gtetmutrffE dSSta of  m uuple drew mouroe for gi��al mm-    AoaM b�� oaod a* afaTm* ^'^-2?  &-ii.di��..��i��it��aur.    ,. .y.;j��fcy'i"^'i!^^V^"t7  Mm��l.audi draft upoa .llWtlmeor/, ^4^fc^7.1^^^,liA'rfwaS^  kiwfaM thw.today. TW. i-Mtaaf* , l^aa��'7i^:aa��bWw^^l��lS  Mr-ate* dvi wer. pwtcrabl., bol  .wJU.dwwfcv.7 yt���:y,     ' 7\?1T  fcfo" ����Fopportunities w. muMBak* 7:/�����,��*iwiy IBavwWAiaaia i��iaili��.  . It tinrooiuj u�� hotter, moracamfora ��� * -. ��� v.-."   ���j,.. .f?,-T?*","*."i  llbk) wa must go out of door. tit. ototrar.  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We nmke ajQ ever Uwpccine **����� ^^ ���* ��������P*��- Tba p��ti��Dt ����/  M; tor our own f��t and penamntlr walk ^^MjpJ^^I^^W^^^ aod  hIt ^e ��o< not inada for tbU kind ��t / ��*���&��$��*lfc*^., Itt^ th. moralny %ht  tatcling, aod we grow morbid, a worth tN^.pvli b-< eortwd with one ahe��t,  IT !?*���? tTef7tl,lnf <������Hr������bl��  t�� *���'i����% ��ffttt41tft ^ to tha bod wWcli ha#  ijtoibt whateTcr that u w�� tt��4��t.%t   �������*��- writ* aaally alld ca tha aan,e !e��^i -  SL llih ,mlght ana m<l,��^�� <*�� eo���� Vii��f4fC, U>a bad *aca*d elm ba mUad upf 4  tTde.. ��!! ^ kmw U   Stltt* ���*��� ��w>^^ - ***��*^fl^a^krf rantliatad daring Ov  ^;op��n the rt��t door.   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Ch. tendwfoofc u��d il  * riV.V^* VA-\ *A"\\^    ^^^^".^^^iKl^W'  -���  ���        ���'�����"���' �� v.    -^ *   .""    -a rift  v   * >.y ^"V7* v^    i��",f   ^�� ^ ^\' ��i't.jf    4r    \?t '  ��� "-^fy1^ ^^y ATM  ������ f \  -ft   v  1 koommfiJAKE  f *��� Nnur  ��v Tr.     *. ^^ ,4,,W w������  ^ot'th" ibn'0nbk *h," "���*!* ��"  Sown th. ���to ,0~��"fh,ta ���*��� S��noS.te76  WNlU#f*t.>a.. 1B    M   dOBa    llllahft'-aiW.  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rates^ickets and full toformatfe
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ni peg.
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.'/■ .■.•-
Dusiiiess of J. v^V,^Cow^n, we.are prepared to
do all kinds oftworkVinvbis 11^ ^^J|{
^ 1^™m<>fi «ie people of^ndSvo^Sri
W«fc-%' ^Arthur & <5o'8 8tore"^ortn^S
corner Baker and Ward streets, wffS^c
prompt attention.  Telephoiie^ S" ^A6   e
•'!y;;yyy;. y.|yyfiff-**,:;|.s:BAvy;yfev»a
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,7? ..7/:yy;:'7y.:r::,:!y;^yy;74y;yyyy!;y tsfftgyjfss ••^.'.Jf
"   «a^t*ti<<


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