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The Nelson Economist Jun 6, 1900

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 ���.*-*j,-V'r-~.u jL  ft  "   r  .    9  1 ��  I'M-  i  !X* f  '  I'  ^ "ll,  &  C4i *���  .,,y  its  S>) * \'  /!  ���Mr  ?l  II,  $T  ��fc .'  mly.  <1   *  1 . /- "*-/?�� **#"���  V'  i ''-  -v  ii *- "Xt��  L ���  <(��VJ��'.-...  ^     stfl'l  '   &irV ^S5  ill  I  f  0  };;".'^   ^-v;-.  ISII-iS  IrE  0   "r,��^  ����^N-,.CLOTH I NfliMfltf*"**  ��� i   ���       ,'   J  ';   ���      $   *   'f    '  d    ��*x  ��tttesiC��?s  ���4 ? flH  'V'*?.  ;\%^|.||!^:  217-219 BAKER ST  1 *���!  H>  ^yy:  :^*??^  WMMMH  i4<wN����ti^HW  i  i*^!'* ***** *��ft8ffli�� y*W&* tto tvtwtii, ?��* ***** ��Mfc we wilt Mt  ^  *' * -M*   *    -.  < ��*^7S KHmtfS5& \ kIS- J31 #-��qt4i Bmii^l \\itm *5iu*;������t. i.vrtf J *        *  WARTJN Q RE!LLY A CO, **m.m*m I  1/  ���UMMt  ���mMMM  ����  MHMWP  -, ���. ^|p>     ��� ~  ii iMit^^MM^lWtf^p.^   l,|i..*4il    I ^tf  ���4*  *���  jonok��r  "n.  . "ROYAL SEAL" ^  OUR OTHS* BWHOS  /i   ��  I  ^>  ^   Kootenay Belle  * TgjXfigggSUSSSSSSSSS.'SSSrgSSS.  Bonnie Fives  wametaM  Vestalias  :-'.-*.  ->.  I  ; \\n  4  X   t  Clfefvi^  * > 1    *�����   >  *f  * *  *i V  ** J  ( ����  HP    '7��4   4S*  ���A ��*  OfftWSW.^  ���      '"sr ��rrfcivi>i        ������     i.r     ��. \ ^ ���sjih-J'S  * fisiserfa  ���**'5 tils  ii *     M  ' . I v v  %   r:  j" ^"  I   )-  IS 6*fdHWtaKl I* tteffttttf ****IH>  ���*  MMMHWUVM  ft.  Kruger is Knocked in the  Mm.  g&my,  w  sw  f  At*d wg ��re still advancing  wUUcrnr 1 .'  ^  sH  \^#  f.t  V;  *Ntl��?W  w  rftfwMM,,!^!    ah iw .^...-^inpujuMp' fi*   t^��> �� >*�������> m��nj i*k>���i w��**���� i  ��  latest  I,  ill It lUtf  niiitiHHrir  SwfQKI  Wbacli ue arriving  d��ily.  w  iy t     ���'",  A,  'S  11  Wi.  -" * y  <j *r '*  \  **-_  -if ��  w$  'O/K  i?   ^  tv1:  ���,1  t  )  1  1*1  nuraru ���> ^ >willn lHWWMfc  life*;  I 7,  '/i  J  Jr    +  ^  REMEMBER *" ���*���* ��M,re,M,��d **��� *���  quality   .  w  Call and ta<*|*��t them, and t**H c^rl>, ���i- t  ,   (|.r... K,.-yi,: ^^..(/^itf^V^t*^-^^  .itirtta.Tjj-ji-ttatntfiri w  ���i^^W.+^tf-Wwfl rfVJW*: ��� Jf  i)iyp:Nr'..B^  ^igOQ^y,.  NO. 47  Thc>'#0wte^  : t ns^s of- ���' iM /-^.iirfete-- ...csiticlicttits^,,-'. ;They; are'1" re pub-  its iiicidentai turiubil will be one of the certainties of  ��� the ���futurev:''"T}:"y ������"'���.��� i4yiM0'i\'~  ������'      "      ��� '    ���',������, '���"������.������,��� ? ':-.-������������ .',���.���.-���   '���������' ���'���'���'.    :      ..���;���    '.'��� ���       ���.    .,-'*!���.;.,'.,.     '.-���.���     :    ���!��� ,        .     ������;���,..���'���. ���'  ! -,- h��; - i, - ^^^.l h ai^ t life;-: |;iu,|��l fe-: tiia y - ���-Mtio ^ :%v here.,: each:; can >  ���"���fv'V'tl  i. *'��.  ,  ������ ; iy'].y;iyyy\yy.yy  :t rtgtitfiioit; tig  ���vt  |otni'-".M^  ���'.i'  :-% '<v..it.**;.-fI.''r;'|%C^^^-#|";^;liic|^;��:;':^:v;:/_v;;:;'v.;;:::;.';;;;;���..--���;,���: \:y. y [     ���;.:'; 'y:''���::)������'������  Th K EcQXO^risx has for various reasons refrained  from   taking :va;;,',yery|l:^ in    the   pres-  sent-eontest. It beHe^^ that little or  no  agimtion   was re^ the people to a  - Ta^-i^ now assured that  l;A*:c';wwk;;:^ what divisions  ''*"' '���    ���^���^i-^'^^^-^y^-^yi-y^-            ''''''''''"^ JA'"'r':"^ opposed to the '  :1\i^ 'm expressing  (letenninatton to;^o^ from  power.    We  ssyt^ implies that  t iilr|is^^ field.'   We ^lieve  . . ,,   .                                                               ........ Ifffe expressing  ��� h.��yVi?,::;!!oi-:S|iifj��#^-^l^"^^M4T^iil.^-;^ri"l>^;ft^_y|3S��S--��e^-^L-^.:L"i.jE3:��.���-t>^iief- =;"trwt.t-=.;tt^"^"is;^fii<er"'2wi:3LVi"i"ii:"oia.������ldate in the iNiel-  rf.ih:-:fwn!dpB?aC"^^ vve l2old nim in high esteem'  -y.y\iv��v r -ft^fisteltW by the doctor's own  :uiTr��rf wa^l*^m^^*^W^��t!ttf��on,.,;I: WQt !d,:;v>ta��pe^^1^^^:,^^ no.doubt as to  eftouglrvotes tocouviucehislearter that the  inhabi-  ' tints of tte Kootenay.are.nBfedisposed to take kindly  tithe methods: of Joseph Matrin; or any one who sup-  \'^is<>t^o^si^^yyyyy  ^^^^^OM^^Sesjire to speak harshly of  i)r Hali when it says that it would have been  more  4.keepin?: with the;: doctor's.;general conduct as a  ^��^'&&w^m&oa mt?hls tconfi;  den!: ^Therefore,:in consonance with the aentunent  frust Nelson Riding will show its antagonism to  Mr  Irinh>y defeating.^ Hallr-Mo^over the do^or  The vitiated atmosphere in which the doc or won d  lat intime would have^ its corroding and cteleterwus  ��� eflect. i\':i:i  ' Votliin�� can be said at this time that is likely to  h,v�����vInfluence on the  general  result.    Ue can  ; v hone that Mr. Martin will be driven from  poh-  ScVrSe   and that the electors  have kept con-  u,th-in their minds the solemn  fact that a ba 0  ���nked for Mr. Martin or his candidates �� a ballot  %   for misrule and disorder.    What this  Prov-  Ularkcd lo, n sru ^ and ^^  I!rf, speedv return to those conditions cna, �����  ^de S Columbia the home of a happy, contented and prosperous people.  Tin, issue in the present campaign largely resolves  Jlf intoiconfidence in men.    The man who is dls-  ^-^I:.:i4tsw|iig:i|l|;||i;^  ^^.^-v>vcfit^feut:-.'-./-^it0J##te  iiait;;-whcr  :yraykm\:tim  :yyyyt}n:hUit0i^  y>yymM^  )-.>;ym\tim ��� for-:^cmiip!M -^:Th?-:ma'^ ^vh�� .-  - rrtv;.r:���' "is- ���:'to -.iiU ���'���iiitCiife.'rtOci; r>:fr:in>ses.;ix>lU:icaUy.-:  ��:>������ !ij:ni "three or war' ^tpi>orte.r;s, ,\vhite:.|he-other .  -,v-!o,n- oi--tliirty4ive  ^ats. will' be Jilled. by the ���  l' rojipo-tiisibic- govcr'iinienL   -.���  1 * t V    y v ?  j ���* '���*  ' t .u'uu1d-.requirfe-^ome;orie more' giued wuh^;the m-  -';.!!-,! 03 nritnhcsv.th.an 1��'C I-.coxu.Jii.si     ]���.  . ;<  ���'���'���-1 .iccnrucv the exact  divisions; w!   Uit  .,ikvv.  :      ���',���'      i;!,,,],-  tint -tine or those  :n;.-,.    It ��� is   mor��   than   iiKeiv . u..�� ' ���".-  ���M-:i.- will !>c in.ai>oSitk��. U) Jor>u a gorernmeut  -'���h.T.i stHfti! ft.* assistaiicsd' from cither ot theothe. ���  " in th��cvtmor this partyM.ot having s"it|c.ent  ���".���i-...tcr. to carrv .,��"a Jtovcrrnnetit, it. w.llp.rpbaW> ���  ��� m a nosiiioi, to form a coalition vvith   one..o.��   Utc  ��� yy, 1 names���the one with- the  puiu.y - 4  i'proaohinBit*owu.'   Otherwise another election and  1   > a  .'J  . ��,    -ii  I'  ." 1 s  *<  - I  ''>.v  I  ���,'M  Eta  ii  Irl  ill  -7f  .nu.v_��� V-  >Z   1  ���    .nK/*1��f<'<lh  -     /    *-  -'���)  ���n*  ,^  r    \.��. ^        l  . ^     - - >  i *. i  '        - \ '  ' n THE NELSON ECONOMIST  myy  ��!.)���...:������:.���  myy  m  mi-.  ��ji.rt.-"*j .������  ^'^:i%^  JJS��*����"-  ��� posed;to'-.'deaI.liouestly,.-with'.the people; anclih$yassets;'  of the Province is the man who should be elected.  ���AiK, 5tcPhii!ipsvGV..t^29:':^:��� R., ifetveiirt>..v;,::;"V:v'"'  'y;::'���'-The Ibllowing;table;gives'-,the,c<>m,plttej';rettrfn^; at  /������������last^  :;/pj&risoncat^^  .''������the'^rner  ry the oppositions.:^ ,���,:/���//;���''''/  SV/;///.'-^ y>y'y  ;'/-,, v/y/,'' //. 'y:''y^ y'E:'i y"i'E  ���;'Helge$b^  j:K3uebant;y /Huiiter*/::(^  ;';;/y/'/r:;'  ;J::--.';;';:\;,,v:;^;::^  //Duhsmi^  ;������-//;/S^^yy,/^  /Imn'g,:^ ./.���  :WE:^ :S-y  :-F6r3ter��yC^^  i\iiEyE&  ������.:rTE\yiiiyiyyy^  ,;;P<^ley;:;G:i^  .^BuUeu;/^  ::H��rri$^ /'/'  y.'S.'^/V-..vXly'^ :������   !t';;;;.V,'i;::'-. ,;  .^Xeilson^.'G^v *.;,.., ,/��y'.-,.;i^ .*,...,.-;.;l-t,0:V  :-/.���.;::���'::'/' ,'    /   ���������,.:��k^.THN:.4V-"S;;'.K-. 'V.���{'���..���;;;-.V'��� ������X;i,;,'\.; ':  ...Got,-Baker,.:G'',v,,.>;.,V. 159; '.'"-AV;ixi-: -Baillie, 0:>,��.'.v,,.j44 '.  /   ; /west : kpothn-atV;;xh.lso,n, ..',    ���. /';/���/  'Hume, .0-,;*-* ���������,-'-.-33-'.-���;: F'ariveUv G;��/:v..  '������'.; ,:-S.S/.^ .'���.  .Martin;,'P/>;, ^���^'^^569' ':��� M.eK:iinc, :-G//,,,  ;''���';������:.-'SV- ���-:.;��� ;>i. ;W1^T.vK00T.H^AT, Sii>CAN/;;-y-^-  Gfeetv-O...;. .w.y,.;:G,/...:52.5'.. Reiaflaek,; CL.v>...  ,."��������� : : "��� y   y : WEST''KOOTENAY^ KHVHi,STOK-K; ,-,;  .Keliie,-X).-���!'...Oy..-���;-.->.-37*   . While,: G-.>;',., -,, *  'yr-:///      .������'���   ���;���:,     ; -ij.llckiet.. w.. '.:���������  'Smith, GX.^..--.���y-;>;v-  .    ���'���������������.U.IXOOKT/ Jv    .'���������:    /   ���".  ........,/. 1.05 '��� Stoddart, (>;;,���..v...  '."���' n an ai.mo; err v.  ...... ..67s     McGregor, G;,..   ,.  : NANA KM O W.  .."... ,...2.49     Hdiie7\ U :',,.,..',/.  ,nanai:m<) s,  ;..;.,/..   193   .-.l.)r. Walkem, G..,.  XKW WKSTMINSTKR,-:.  ....���./, 555    Brown, O ,:... .,,,-,,  ��� *��������� "������:>"57    McQueen,  G. ......  ......1,798    j. I\ Oanliyn, .('.;.....'..���,, r'.t-jf  ..1,795    -Dr, Carroll, G....'^,,- ��� *.>54  ���FvC..Cott��ji;, O.......1/067 'AV.J. Howscr/G......   H79  Joseph Martin, O,'....1,651    . V. S. McDunakl/c;  '735  VICTORIA.'  :y::^iy ���:������������..: ../::::W��;cn^  ���^{/���'^y-i-.^:^^ Ey  '\^.f.^y.'iyyy "  Sem.tin^/0.,;/,>'/.:.,::.;/;,/:, t^(>^ :;/;ivlcKmy��   :������;:: ii"--rf y y':\ ''yx-AiM'%f-^'iEji:':y  Priceiil^  V-':E:-:--^y  *. * f, ���*,  * *,*'l��  ���v.   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Tisdall. O...  R.. MePherson. O.  i i'jn  157  ,X3  34  j / ^  ��� ;oi ��� ��� h t5 ��� ��� .c>ppk)netH^; Iw."s!^ocfi m. ���gpxi'tfhWid::' yaf y:;feittf  : .routed,; and the .p.rovinofc; .^mvecl. Irani, t)i#>;/Ittiiilili^tion;.  :-of.ixiug -ruled over- by the uimtj*r^  '"iau-ol.lltc-' west,. ;/" ������'������/":'������/-./���.��� iyyy-H-. ���  'Among/the- cx|K:.dieii^. 'of4he,'^fa.fiiui.tes '.wo^ ;..u.n  effort-.in. .seeure:--the "adhereucc of' -the jnliir. ,pii;rtyv  represented-  in   Bri.ti.sh' .Cohuufofory by. ..Ralph jS-UHth,-  ���',p'reii:lcn;t  of- the; .Oominion - Tracks ' 'cougre^/'' 'But'  this,' as : welt its.- rn.au v   of.. ��� the Mother..'-, efforts   in  'tlifj't ', ��� directiou,;.' '.'tomeruably. ��� fkiled,   -"The;J. Jfi-bor-'.  ,eleuncut'   in ���.������''-British Colai'nb!.a;...ha^ /'had; ins. ...exper- ���  ience.; of- 'Martin in: -.Winuipcgv ��hd ������'���.���"know  by this  time h.ow 'unreliable are h'b'election/ profession^, 'and.  are not likely to be caught'again,/. ;-/-''/;.  ��� The >!artiuite��;>'however, m'ey.displaying ,.g^al  activity- and ; carrying on a' bitter ���''/campaign1',--^1  Ko.sjiiaud, for instarsce, where ex-Lieut* Governor  Mackintosh is in the held,'every"trickery is/resortrd  to- -shuulers- ��� without, number put in��� circulattoil���-  with n view to interfering, with the election otuvon* ���  H/ I). llelmcken.G...1,484     F   ii. Gregory, (...) ,., 1,149  j, IL .-Turner,.O........ 1,352    A. Stewart, 6 ,1*065     servaiive. whose   appearance on the>ccue of parlia-  Ki  1  ���c      ���  i '  i  **" ^T ��� ���hw*r^gf"n*v|yp*- -ry-    >w-*^>if* ^/^ >^ TV-"-^  Vn*t-r~wi   tw^ �� iW^iwil ^*r       vwnf'l'm-ni    ***-H T���'�����C-,���,* ^K*��in*,,"rr^*,n,lp    (      *" "^ rwr����w -��j i��>w ���* w����*wo   pv-^w-t *���f   m-^��i  ?  ^      \  '1    V  i-ru"*'  ���<Wir��W"M'*'l'     Jiy  ^1^^^  wl?3W3^^*5w  ,l?l  pWl'S,  S-o-'-vijv---'  &j}a!ft?_ mmmam  THE NELSON ECONGMISf  "nieuuiry -activi^  as ii--i*grMi^  '������  But \Mf;rMic^  Rowland/', ,/A^"%^  in '|h'ta\fo!tii^  if 'Mr>!acfcj$t^^  ''Kosshut'd^  the ''��� .workftig^^  .],��t< for him*::E}yPT^ iEEE  - ? ^otu'i n if ed itorif tlte. ^If if ^it^a nci''ihortl y a fter wa rds'  otic of it$, pronrie?^ was/to;,place.  'ihce:**^  wcre'i^id^nA  ;-:',i:iuriog./1&  i n ,t i!�� u r a "k" "M rf M a cki i&^^  ������M.re^um  oHtW broad. ro*nly and scnerous views  ieudi'14 invariably to promote the best interests of the  filing m;wei** ' ^  ;iflisim��nt Mr," Mackintosh was the same sin*  lu   r,..,,.,,-^.., ��� ���  ���vrc ami  traitk  friend of labor that he had been  !?U'u��sjh����t hts public career. ���  Pndcr the rirctf romances, if Mr., Mackintosh's  ���*r����rd i�� locked imo by the workiugraeh of tbe coast.  ihry eamiot. in all jtwlice to themselves and the man  vh��* lus ever.stood the uncomprorofatng champion ol^  '!u-ii tmcrc*:*. hut validly express their endorsatiou oi  -���En a valuable friend.  Th* ialw men of Ottawa never besbated in their  -::-?-e when Mr. Mackintosh'was in the fold in-this  < uv. He had been put to the tert, ��"<* never was found  ������v..ntinn: be headed the poll each time; and it is  :ho f.MMlcnt hope ttf-roanylSTthe toilers in the Capital  he may receive the support of the hiring men  r wc^ mu\ lie elected on June the 9��h by a solid  naioritv.  .. ww transpires that there arc ninety-lour labor  . ,.,��U��Im��� in the field. Vet the horny-handed son ot  ���������il would have hs bdicve he is without Iricwls.  ���-L.HHJI��'*"��'ri'"   ���WW****"***"** "**  Oni.%- three (lays more of M-irtinisin, ami then  the  .*. - ��..*��.��<jh����u'* oi pros*  :vm|uV will tuisk once more m the m. .*�������<.     \  ;H.'iit\\  >*^. *-- -"-"'-  I'm,.: latest information from South-east   kootcnax  -mid ���;en* to indicate the almost certain election ol  Mr. J. K. Costigan.Q. C  r       ���    ��� 1        V V       ���*'-; ih<* rreditof the candidates  It .nnisi be put down to ..-the cranio       . ,. ^  ii. thc-Nefetrtr.-VWi.iR tluU they have reiramed tn n  i-etsonuJ abuse. Vitupenmon and personaltte, oul>  make votes for the other feU'W.  Tu �����,�������.�� of Lkkc Parking  Saturday marked  another epoch in the progress of Nelson.    N�� ri>   ���  ,        ������* <    #t��i tn'rhedehehts provmea.  thousand people participated in uit ��V-k    Tr<irl1iv.iv  ' ' ,   1 'u%. thf* .\T el-son 1 rauiwtiy  by hountiliil Nature, assisted by the,>ei��.  i .. rtt��!v oiveu us *t inert  Company.    The company  hayonh M^��       .  ... *    . ..;   . ft     . ..*.;.!��;,, the future,    ituvpro  taste ol what it uUenos a* uv.?. aiv  posed to make Lake Park a recreation grbundeqtial  to anything of the kind in the Provihee.  :;!'"-!;'��  y'yj-.i'^y-yyy^'i^~v'Ai  EEyM  y iy  //;l||p  y<  ���iEyiE.  :-;-';''  ^-;iA^:Syi^  ���  '." .'..-  :y.]y y $$���!$?$?  "���y.\f yyyyrty!:.  y.y,.;.  /yylUJ  ���^^/T^K'^arHri/^ri^  nerism is dead^'   There  British Coin mbia if a ^oyernt^  Turner gave the Province were not one/ip��;^;|pi^^  /.liHitib-'ofytfe  '--HberiEfi amount of v*Turnerism" just now:/^/^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^       -y  It is just possible that soraethingM  surainer in the way of ^  ble:thoroughfiare-.Q^y��y.-- ������.^:: ;i;^:--\^^:-^  ��� f''.. ���'' - ,.-,:''���  '.;   'mii     ���' ��� ��� '���^-^������ . .  inany when lie^e^  ���������'y';: -���:-'-'%l/:^ Slylllf  -.'*--.-1;,;.,'. I ���>,���;. i.'ii.'.jikv,  ������':u-!o..i^.,;',v^ik.i-iijsi)Sj  ,::���:���:---;:���'S'^S  3��  Evkk-be anticipated political demise of Mr.;#a|y|||||||i^  tin is having *��� good effect on'the mining industr^:.|y.":.:-��av��i��aj��ia  Kveryonk on the side of the defeated candidate^  will be able Saturday night to place the responsibihjy  of defeat just where it belongs. Some one will h|||  a great many things toexplain.  yy^y!yiyy!i$l^  yyyyyyiyyyy:'y0^m���  '   ���'���' '��� ::.;.;'/���' ���';: / '$���"'�� ^i!:4yy$$yMi  '��� "!���' yyyy ���^yyvM$m!M  ������-*.- yyyyyy^;y^M��m  EyyE^EE0i&i  yyyyyy?��itiy0i��^  y.yy. y- '*yy;.;y:y'tyxyy��i$p0%  . '   '<.:.y';^y-:,yyyyyy:y:yyyyi:MyMi^!^'  Mr Thomas Hampton,.of Los Angeles is |^|^^g  ... fW��Mvstic. Rotary Rock Qnal^mmMmmm  " .���, mine    It is claimed for this machine tbatt:3i-wasiSSS|r  the Veuus-mtne.    it is u�� ^^'^Sv^saga^wi  it is not complicated, but durable, and will  give b|  r"ul�� than any other rock crusher on the ^|  ket If conditions are favorable. Mr. Hampton m^  manufacture his machines in Nelson. ,g  ''Vry^.'/i'^feV  Hith John Macdonald is now engaged repm^  ���     I   Se e ectiou promises to the people of Mznm  Uif        d Hketn^tute statesman, he is determinedy  toba. and, like auasiui d h{m  ,0 maintain his credit with tbe people w     v  in power.    , ���      u�� has a candidate in every  .,��� vr.HTiN'claims he nas a uuuv  Mr. AlARii^ "oi fhpre  are some  ���. ^vin  the Kootenay, ana. were  die  he is talking about.  or   iForfd publishes the somewhat  THK Vancouver   Vo,W P Hall) the Govern-  startling annormcement rt^ ^.^    T,is  meat candidate,    wilt  "' *  will be news in Nelson.       ^   "Ar    \trlnnes is endeavoring  hard to^ex-  Voung Mr M^fflent of British Columbia is  humiliated to thee^fGovernfflent House,  vauts for the occuHant ot^ov^^  i tw the Vancbuver-TrorWis"-".^!!-:-.  nitslv coutemplatmg-me c  Sv edition in Gaelic______  rtUl news is that Smith Curtis is  ������������'��� ���.������',:���-:.;--'!'.;''-'' '.V .':.-viv '.;:v.-::-'.'.^r:>^^.  .^.:...y:;--;-\t::,yyf.y:-i;.':ysy!y^^  - ������' :yyy yyyi yyy$0.  EEEyEElA  y?ytey��$%%PMW$0*  :ii ��� EiE^-MEi^   ,...:yss��gi  j-yfSfli  ���'���._���, V/'.;'.:i.^(l;u  -ii{iy&  ;y;v,��i  J-  ��-��-�������-   T,      ^    ���  ^���^���i'i^i^L^^^iJ^^^vJ^^sfisK  ���-t����t,,jMpTsr(iw"j7 ��� ;��  economist  I' //A.^i::l^  .,.,' :/:/.w0,rksyh as/noTight-/:to want-:tp/;Be/^lovelyv //.She  ;?c^i!*t'ept^  //s\ye^t*//hm^  -'. boots/aivd:a: tailor ;/jj'^  /:ing^as/eham  '���the/lata! ^  /:lier,- '---At:-6;o'clock-it-:begi  /boiS^  ���^andt-iiiacfct^  ":card��^  /groan/of despa^^^  ^struggliri^  /pf-theymM/'she  ^njd/'th^  yse/ri^her/fi  /thfnk#:;b&t  -.^uidy'-be  :-has shrunk  /.woma/b/eo'uld/f^  ���.in/dr^s;:a^  '���tip; practical: poroses;?:: ;,:::S.hev/has/lea roed,;/or;;/0isgh''t> to;  ;/ba'vMtbat^^  'sllken/g^  : l>e/sh r an keii/beK  ;'betrhB."m^ :  rateiy;dressed* ';/.A".n&Hvhto Ife^Mi,  thoroughly; she-aira^^  /beauty -.out of /the. severity of ,/Htyie^w'h.icli /sybu posed ���;.  upoirberby/em^^  . V'ATtgf^^^  a part/from/' aue's self ?; -/. ���Consider/anptlier beingknow*'  ing--no enj.oyment.b.ut that;;. - It: seems; horrible ���'���doeit.t *t  it ? ;/A.: person/ mu.st/be/\; dainty;. there innHt '/be no  slo.veuUu^  The- hairy'mitst be' -carefuIIy '-.dressedt'the' hm4s '/we'll  'kept,'aiKl.'!>eyo?Ki this. \H\re<pijre/nQthii��g/jK*rkmall>rv  We demand that the mind' be well, furnished; the-soul  '.kept/clean.';--this.is the. important- Intsiness, ".Have vou  ntxizt seen a plain woman with an'intelligent-eve 'out.  ���to rout a grandly gotten updame of/fash ion'?'.- -Lain"  not crying down flue clothing'; every one loves-to set:  it,-and where, there can be.a/conjtmcfion of goodness  intellect and beauty, we should admire it and thank"the  Creator for occasionally giving- the world ,-a/perfect.'  being. .���/���  i read an admirable little treatise the other day  relative.to that brutal'imposition of man/on' the-horse,.  the check rein,, and the good .common sense contained  .tn.'the article should.appeal to every mail's sense of  fair play and 'humanity.' The terrible torture inflicted  orii the poor horse by the-abomination called the check  rein'cannot be.'.too jStrongly condemned'; it is apparent on every side, and is a crying''disgrace to mankind, a disgrace, too, that increases daily*    The   mat*  .-terbas 'been;; tli r����l*<eidi -*i��*i t -;Twi ly-. ii V^^a''^^''ifef <* ^ C"w^ji .it yVi  /..on/tbeybor^  ybe//^  ���,;be-eliher a;penal ty-��� ofmnteiyt0rimm\''plartd-^mmi  /th^e/humm  /the;:��niniat;'whfh  /bij>exia.tl,ie^st' ��� t>eti 11 icl _���- hu;S' ::*i Vr *i>i ^gf :/,-tii^-; 'b'.cr^fl ::^S-N:iijg;\ii?',t haV.  ^t'"$loul<i;be.J^  ������'ey^  ^-|^rft::1u^yiM  w;ta;/.;fer:yKiie;r-';;;;^  ; 11|/-Ilit. h i nl';; na: til ^  ':tcr:ilie.;;dumbvcr^i.'tson.v:-r-'':''--  .������.f.^i-v^WiftfChwrtt;.' .--oAj^eti--''  flien;^^^  /:/ its/s u nny-jkfe/ an-d-'-h^t/^  '>:-;'t-ttl;'ir-'yfpyity  //;;h'yiidayywlii^  ;;;;,;.f:rorn/1ioiitey^wh  //after  :/!:te;-;tergott��!iyfer  ^^w^^td/t^  ;r :ilriyen;:;i'iyiy.;i'ii.^  ;;He' w*w ii/j^li ilcm^  ���'plaV'/yfbafe^^/j^tfc'/.^  yTlnifue^i^  - ,1:>ethf/^n;'pplfei!/,wttli/  -B'lorvg':s!ead.iiy-:iii:the::-'-;*t  ; iheinsclve^ ;;lor,tlie/; sii^i'iv  '���t^mifc :^ #itre^  ���% i oi apd .&liject'.' Is":w'-^sfk"f .'��� tti-o^.^,w!!^EiWtfyItt:;yU{ft;: ?>tti:'  , g ri lid, g- r i :o cl./; - ��� g; r i ii-d /, tiie/" -^: ear y/; y 11$ j;f;:/ -ttf ici.,; :'weefey/a lit I." -'  ...������.month arid. 'year^-jM^  . ilEtintnx���.���ba.-ve.ii :fresh Jiippfy,#f;;,t-I'lfelt:/:y/ft|Oct^/IfeeMiie, ;  ' liS. tilite;.;: paS$CS ���'���&*K it%%t���yl0&fy  'brightnej^. tuid. Iifc-,-..,T.!ie/'��� j|liyil2'Wii/-'/;^ltlr/;)n  and //Increasing \praSti^  .. thonglii i'uid: 3!lent'!0ii';:w'h'icli'a!! ���coii^i^lhiiwi 'doctors .-  do,-iKrcd.me^i��� wi!l,h>yt-yi\hp!id^)%;ei;ier^ forced ���  ���tolook to  jitinui'hintH-oij*. a'-' tenipormry'-1 expedient,l.o.:  keep the fahi}* burning /any thing 'like/-brightly./ -So-,;  with the hiwver and 't-he.-'clerifvman -;--antb-.' if "-.with.''all'  these, - how much more' ipse c*4hlt' be i?iidypf.;.the/-/stt)[-  ��� dent/the clerk and'laborer/that "allworkafHluOplay'-  makes jack a;dull-lKn*.M' . j'u^t ������here'h*f .me: my- thai h  is. rny   jinn ;. couvietioh,. after:   rnany- ve*ir^'; of ycx-; .  periencxv that what niake^mmtvlives the'-flat"1 failure,  ihevare.Js the. lack of 'energv and- ambit ion-., .which/  prevents, the centralization amieonecjunitiw' of power  upon the-task to be performed;-' ���Cat*.adiH'u^f:-;as;aru!e, ,:  are noted the wt,n:td ov^r-ibrtheir ;-energy: and, ambition/ and one-'of.-the chief reason**;-' to  my. ;fflindj.why  this h the.case*;-b.that!they, aB a people/.are given to  sport, aad canV-at'timeji .when it' fa expedient,-ihrbw  off the 'mantle of labor and plunge witli heartiness and -  spirit into the sea'of enjoyment/   The-Canadian- .girls  have the same mental and -physical- strength��� as, the  j.  I  i  f-  "Wi  ��w   T   w ����.  I,      " mm  t/4::idu�� ����e��. ;iltc' they, in company wills their Kng~  j.,-. ?:i��-mK can and do cast lo*fse from daily cares  :.,.;n<*ndy enough to ktfp the color   in   their   bright  .. .;,, i:vi the sparkle in their eyes. After all, there  :. ���- ���f.i��:!t'fi like health, real health that comes of the  . > > m iUt of tmturc** gifts in she truest and m����st an-  ��� : ���*',';a!e waV .  ;':/.-, P^wlnce  should   give   the cold   shoulder  to  -   ;,  Z\:tshaofs   ^ Ah a tree is known by its  frail, so  ''������>��� y��*uU* kmtwu hv the men thev   send  to  the  I T N >  -:si illiff  i/'.tt delightful buniomu Mr. W  \\\   Jacobs,  <ur-  J   * H?  , i<-d   hun^it   with a bust of admirers  when  he  a*. J M,<ny C-ir^ws.** followed bv "More  Car-  .   ' .01I t;.��w cour"S/\\ \taster ofCiaiV to add, to  ;    :��****tuu ��n ;*> a Mmv writer,  . .i"   *.:*,?e   o|   this new b^k has nwe  in it   than  - o-t "s*J��*?c ;b<����stwv k read, for the first conclusion  '������ .' '* o�� a -mm V'fUu ��;ily ; but the sneuu significance  r- - -; ';*'nff ^^n'Ks on? $a tssecuuy suture *-S C.iptasu  ��� *..-.', wb��>  combine* the ann*uud Mending of hero  I  vdhiu, ?!n'iii^b  a narmlc;**  pr**t>*rtir>ft of each.  KyiU^.-iui* ��i>aq villaitivorasJSits chiertv in Cap-  .    i-\<* at? "s uc��jp*y lor becoming eni��;*4*ed to scma 1  -iv o  at the vune time: and the enormous amount  y- \ p:.muih\! j*i sicit Ui^b various coarse* at  once  ���v.   his .single, u^HU^dydatut'Vrau, taxes his mgen-  -��� ���   ' ' tac uU��'*si��� eysdtni* finally in a smash of his  -���.fu ���,-��mpassfc after   which it ?< <��dy  a   matter  oi  ;;���* >--;^r*' there is a cruel wreck on the rocks ol des*  ;-id th;* rcckk-HS <e,uiwit is heard of w> more.  ��� ��� "   ���> ��"k js fall <��f owv*t fun, and .vill   he   hailed  '" ���*: o ov lovers of a gomly-irn.    It h-Vs jus? come ,  -:   Tar  0<*pp, Clark   Polishing   H<m$c, Toronto*  ���   * -ih- ov Cr,o#!a Drug & link 0>.. l/t<b Xelson.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  wMftWWii��W*�� "^*r ���*��  N--- '*!;k* tve^imnnK* of Htne, discussions h*ivearisen  ������ ' s-'n- ��.ld. old Mi��ry ����f Adam *nd live, who dwelt  ��� h.ippdv m ihcir i*cau?iful Nnvcr urns! the serpent  ������:-d. b:inking discord- tntciol in them never  '- -^ dull, each new omnneM MnK e^erly listened  lUanche   Willis   Ilowaid, author  oi ,*(��neim,M  '  '   'i !*i.'   Snmmcr/* has- rccomly  m.-��derni/.ed  that  '   :"m.mo-   of   !%nadisc inner   tiew   work," The  ���  ' h-i ��.i Kdcn," uiteroieUiU; the lime-worn facts to  ,..5 < .      vtM.iin -I  iiivtiv   lovostorv  -. oi;?o,rtii envirtinmenU     >V ltne..a. io��~o>  ���'���/���cads -'tis way' through, the;devious'paths, u as ,riot.  '��� ���������"v.hf n.ovchd.HitV:one;pfovt>k;ing thought, involving  ..'-":' s: /b^-s vexed social and:.morat.;questions, which-  'v^iteaiw|Aviih'nWterlv;-Uamh-y  ��� s-hch.  : The '.author 'hai' fearlessly dealt.blow,aitei:  ��� .-' ' ��� '��� o' ��� ��� ��� ��� ���  : .i ^K'ims ol  nresent  *i\-w .at manv -ol 'the standing social sham> <.n  |.   .  :^'   Ihei-and/;- xvidelvr^ do,.nu��ch.;to,  ������' ilu- s!���rv primer throiiyh ihrofe talking Httfc aileg-  '���" i��. \vlnch   a/   not-oitly 'foiicil��l V" he!P ���      J"  -���;<��� niu-rprclstlioii .of the sioO't-   The hrs! -0"*" P'/  s ���., i.\.r> of   seven   in  ;'"-v.in ,\.:luai agefl eleven, and an */"�����-' ,-g  ���'���' "rchrtrcl on �� Surul.y evening '?ulw,,1.srl|'(..,ML-  ��� ��� ' * #:-A�� fh*��rc* in the tret  ^���rpent in absent, but tlie temptation tntrt  of Icnnwlcdge���a small Bartlett pear tree with a few ripe  pears upon it.    The children hang about the pear tree  longingly for a time, and  finally   devour   the   fruit  Hut the gardener swoops down upon them, destroying  their delight by dragging them   before their severe  aunt,  who accuses  them in righteous anger.    But  Adam, disdaining the truth, denies having  so much  as seen the fruit.    The aunt then turns on Eve, who  shivers  guiltily  before   this   austere   female judge.  "Child, is it possible that it was you ?M cries she, and  this arouses a dormant chivalry in the lad.    He sudden).-  remembers   having done the deQ&}  and  hi.;  conduct, the writer asserts, proves much nobler than  that of tlie original Adam.    In a voice that all   the  world   might  hear   for aught he cares, he manfully \  shoulders the blame :    "I say, I lied you know.    I  ate your, old pears, all three of them���skins,  seeds,  awf.stems !" For this he was unfeelingly driven from  the   orchard,  and   the  faithful Eve, grateful in her  heart, followed him.    The later story is told of older,  grown people, and shows what a beautiful thing  love  might   be were there no  mercenary powers to misshape it, nor anv ties necessary to recognize than those  love binds.    Monica Randolph, the great character of  the book, was a strong and fearless woman.   Her nature <vas intense in every fibre    She hated hypocrisy,,  and was particularly bitter ag? inst loveless unions;  on the other hand deeming the whole  world lost for  love- well lost.   Published by The Copp, Clark Company, Limited, Toronto ; for sale by the Canada Drug  k Book Company, Limited, Nelson.  The interest being taken by ^u^kZ^-  ..-!�� in the east in the election ot Hon. C. H. Mack  ti; * . *�����** refutation of the: ��*  charge that union workingmen are without gratitude.  Mr Mackintosh was their friend when they needed  one, and they have not forgotten it.  The new cold storage^uTof P, Burns & Co. was  charged to-day for the firsrtnne.  .,���  :,,  ,a,,,r��e  of the  Dominion  Day  Thi�� committee  in  *.uaige  ui  celebX are greatly encouraged with the prospects  of success.  ,f T   \r   Kelbe  will  never  again   be  the vagaries of Joseph Martin^  Return  Thanks.  -TO-TIIS  KOITOB OP THK   ECONOMIST.      ; .     .  ���n,^ -SiR-Perri.it. me to convey to the citwns ot  v/       thouMvthe medium of,your paper, a,..un^ni:.  -:Ntv��^0��, accorded them by the members  "' /- the diocese of Kootenay for the great  rtlthe^ssious.    Believe me, sir, yours very  ���Awin% JIenryS. Akehurst.  trwly. clerical Secretary of Synod!  The surrender oi Pretoria   means practically the  :-...'   tionof the war.  ��!���"'��� 4  '" ?���'*%]  A =��� J  ���* lSi  1 ("* -,l,f( i  " '<���  ���*:t>Wm  ���:rm%  /PI  l||  Pi  it  .m^. - i -+ep-Tsrfi  E:: .j~  .._:.__'   i-  ^    ���*.    -Wl        -itl1"'  -'��t  i ���*  L  f  0    I  'I.*  1    I    > *  i '    ���>'    u.  Em  rj^s-^L jWvn.rH=-Jt m-ti.r-��Ht*f.S^  i 3 I THE NELSON  PM  m  imy  sp^M-J..-���:.-.- ......  mm&y  mm.  m^y  SB���  K8��M-.'.y..  1  #��//. ���" ���-" ���  li^-vr' ":  tp;///  Y/.;(Bl^i��f\j^ '��� KcokomtOT*-)'",:'"'  ..y/;:;/;y^/'^  -. ;;a/greaty^  /and'-mudibasi^  /liisaettotii  ;.; ^government/'/ft;J_$-npt'the :: purpose' of ������ thisyarticle ���  ' the"atteiition-:of:t.he:::.p���^plevv,tO;the fact'.' that  dthongiv\  ; His:HonQT:;-;m^  ;,-Province-'are iiotaware,;--'die ;is!chari table to a:"fault,-,  /and'yhedk^^  ;giyetfi^��nd^  ,:-peam;Dn;:;:a^  :;e:nteftMneT^  ;dealyo'f-pleasure  ybej&at;^  ;petise; are;'spar ^  ,-..'fiil/y/^  ��� by;;;Sdiii^t hat: tlkyHot^  ^eniertaihmeur^  :;hfs/Sa!^  ���iiis7'term/<^  that.;.they;:are;a!I^  J.;8,/YiUf^^w^  />��w��vp^  ';tt'*^,^  *he'disa>m^  other...<^  5""'' '���������-'i" ������'���' "  and vdcpart.eti *vf ii liottt;.;addrosing;.  ^:-;>yh;itfev;f^at!icr;  ���'vetectorJ4':-'';-^fr-:;-  . >t��M ^ftar#t��M4^MKWjeM  //I:lon>.;;- j, Hi da rf' Yafe^^  .,^|;ot;^  Wtisti-;-/^  ;^.'m^;--IH^StlibtV���=': !--":;:--"v"^"v:%^--//:';/:./��� /:'^rm./^^:/:;^tf^'/^fv-fei'/y���/t"'":^'���':���  - ^H-wy<^-''r-.W;tSftf<v.*i*Kk  ttytty;emm^  iy^hii.m  ;Smile;^  Coiio.ieoanec��:/:':/^  t^-*Wrfpw��SBiiw> jjjftvcttif^' ���  ///Hoti/^o^  duct:and'/actions"o.f the 'T^te.utenatU;-Goverponi;y:l:iitS:  ;Mf/;Martin:1ieard:/lhe;rumor'-that/Mm- Honor, has  : three: Ch i'narnen' ;i n his em ploy.;?;:  ���/yirfifcUi^  'Per^'irKi- Krry.^  Imh; .!!/ j,,,Wrry'>u|cJ /^f^  more frigid ��� ������ tctirtmri tn ri ������tiiiiE;;.!^  northern trip.-/,-; ���''/y;/;:y:;y^///y;//^  ^wHM^i*rtfwwiwwiur*��w'W'..  ���v-.^ ...J,.'  St'uartv-Yates entered. Premier ''Martin's i'otbinet as/vto  what-became of Mr* 'Yates'Chinese c<Aichman./ ;/-  ; - I'bere will -he' a *03alt--vm;e.^  a ceo n t tt of I h c **. b^;? u:c ''�� f -jo ��� -nil* j *$/. yoterift:,.; /$:���) large'  iturafoer tire -north��� for ihesntntileryEy:EEi:iy.EE-E:'.  ,imrt*st*l��,*,,+rm>*v***v   -*v*' -V<V  y 'The. Mariih.-Government .will sink: ��� into oblivion::ofi  .Saturday/. It is .'conceded., here- by-some of his. most ��r-  ��� dentsupporters- that- he cannon carry any.; of the ���.' H?  ���land-^constituencies.,; but .they' hope for two sopport*r$.  in'the'. Praser Vallew' Mr/. Martin V-supporters -from-  'the /Praser Valley in the "next- House will' be'very  small and '/wont cut much ice./* a.s was remarked by  .a politician' from New Westminster the other day,/  **WMrtHtfWftMN^<tittKU����.  From information received from various sutireev, it  is a foregone conclusion that the following gentlemen "will represent, the Island constituencies \n the  next House : '  .Victoria City���Turner,  Helmcken, MePbillips and'  t-Wii *   '���  South Victoria-���KberLs.. ������  North Victoria Booth- ;  Esquimau- Pooley and Hayw;ir<L-  Cowdchan���Dickie,  ���/Nauaimo City���Smith.  North Nanaimo -liryden.  South Nanaimo-���Duusmuir.  Comox ���Mounce.  Alberni���Thompson;  ;���'���- ���R^M/teljre^  meeting iif &tat.iichton.t)i��*/i^ber/e^ii  MiHau;iu-.0|M:ningy ap��togfeM;:yft*r/yap|^f  .'golf ..suit. .-���; -The; farmers of';tKat:��Ijs(irteti4M  ���kindly to tins, attire';-'/ -;- ////v';:- yE--E^0Ey'^ETEy  ������./Sitycrton;defeated' Kusf'o ��t'fb0tb*ttl la,Hl. ^fonday/ y  ': .llcginning jahua.ry .1.,   ti/>i, ---Manitoba .-wtll'te a  prohibition-.Province- -:-  *.r*��*��4^��r^��f**VW������**tMitt*.  | vm m <i riunp. .Mi'"|imi' ~0�� IMtm\WkwH.**  y The constrtictiorr of the--.' Front street' Hewer ;,.ts; well  - . i .  .     .-. .���.....���-���-  u'nder.'wa'y',��tid:'..i50'.fcet of pifK* has. a treaty; been iai'dv-  ��� ������ There will. !>e a special' sitting of the. 'county ���- court  on tiie iHth to, hear certain" ensm ' against ",the;Wttle.  Phil Mine at Aiusworth. '.  :    J*W      MMWftMUf  J,\   -i-.-;..'��W��JWO*��  , iThe. polls at- the elections this year will .be located.  in the old Trihune office,.on. Vernon street; at present-  exx-upted by Mr, Houston's committee,.  ,-i ���- ��.ii i.\.  ^TF*\yikM j,*-w-Nfj^^tn**��"i* �����"  "TBflWJSfefaiaMafiBai^^ Their Wedding Tour  ' r ^H i%H!i was a perceptible Mir among the passen-  ��� grr* in the Chicago sleeper as a feminine figure  v. :!krd  sbnvly  down the nsle and seated  herself in  ��� ;- center of the cur  With  well bred  politeness U>ev appeared  not to  : .m.v hes, but there was not one olhhe five men  but  ���. r, --uiNioth ����f the dainty figure seated there in out-  ;."��* .tgainst the bright morning sky.  Six* seems t*i \k all alone/* remarked the lawyer,  , <���!*���: t ,*\fj of hi* paper.  ;-;i,;d nftoitcNnmc for her/' suggested the reporter,  ��� \-dy studying the pretty face  * Sho j,*t>i mi at Albany to? night/* contributed the  : : ��� v * m * m i i wM the tfthUt^rid cat if c*i:het, as  ,    i<y\ury4 trwm the tear end of thec^r.    *i  asked  ' .'-   ;v^ter/'he supplemented.* as a look   of inquiry  / .'.bed t��t*-�� the fares of the other*.    He fingered the  ,,Hic m hh w>cket( minus one coin  ��� \\\-   mght to make it frieatant lor her/' dechred  -'���. ��� rMcjr man.     'Shcf .seem* a veiv nice little woman  '. I praiuji* unn^ed to traveling  ���<;.**!   plan, but   deucedly awkward, don't you  ! >ocsn"t k��>k like the kind of a girl onecoulU  '.' r \\  nu rasilv*/*  \   ^!dd?o*istrn of the car brought the full glare ot  ������* sun  acr^s^ the car'on the girl's hiee*    Involun-  ,:;!v  m?c   mu   un her hawl to .shield her eyes.   The  *���::<-? st*!*ini*;  to hi* fej: aad I tiered   the cartun,  *n t'^nhes and another till   the glare was excluded,  , : ���   :*nved   her  head in  graceful  acknowledgment  ' -v.   t>i breakfast wa^annrtnuced.    The men  meu  ' y ,\u\ the <!<K>r.  I   rally think that we might send her something  ;he  potter/' the elder ins*a   remarked atier th*  : u*r, were given     "U wouldn't seem personal, you  ��� ..-v. w Somt as there are ho many of us    something,  - ��.��uv ;mo nice/*  A h��c x> Out lawyer iclKnv '"suddenly queried the  ::.����,.   ^nvjvk'u.tHly.     Tlw��c   were  only   (our o!  ".'��� us !   SimulUncmtHly   thev V3"*   t��>  their    let't  : :;������ ��umM��i.il   yoMiiK ��"�� !KVr!-v c0,lidea Wlth ^  i:u-i in hi* (k.sh lor the door.  ���||t."s   ihere Wlfcimi  with the ijirl." ��!���������� reporter  - :usjv��.sK wvavely. pccuhk thr-m.uh ilie sjlnss pais-  ���  ^ ���>! tbo sleeper.  -p' > i iiw^i.uir ii��hI sauntered eare-  I lu-    jcpot tri- o|>encd thenooj ,t,io  Ev   ��|mvn the aisle.     He coma k-vi ��- *><->  ���'inns up��in him  Can't wc induce   7. - ~   ��� . ..    .-   .  , ,        m t     Vh<* ��ntl s lace  aid.   with   his most   genial  smile.     * �������  -1  -,iKHl      .W-     Then    <lu-   arose,    compose, l;  ,      , ��      .   f    ...jii *J she said        i iu*  i nank    vou;   pel hap*   I    v\U(. ll^  i  *#      it  will   be \ei\  ..'.'���nilcinan   bad just   suggested it     ti  ' 'h-as.mt  TI  $slc.      lie onuu ��^^�� ^��- -/  He smned by the occupied seat  -e   v/utoiuinnsatbre:.ktast? _ lie  /re wasu uck-mI rearra��K'cuio..t of seats at the  i  .lu.  ltw\*er   were  mm       i.i ��t*ii�� ttioit and tut   ��*|">v*  ��� ..i ihi-* ne\t   table,  w uu  ett-ovcis.    But  tlieysatitthi ikm  ��   i    . n wi AviM* her shonUier u>  ���u ks to Use girl and she talked ovu  thl,m.    It ceftaudy was a very jolly party ^  ! t    * thrf>^-sttled  conttM,  'it looks k if it were to ben thtct suae  (ii n n  ihe I  langhed the drummer to the elderly man, as they  re-entered the car after their morning smoke. The  others had foregone theirs.  The reporter sat beside the girl, and his lap was  full of papers and magazines; the lawyer and the  ministerial young man sat in the seat facing them  and they were engaged in an animated conversation  which became general.  4*Xo, f have never seen the falls," she declared, as  the suspension bridge was ueared.  "You are on British soil and must wear the British"  rla<v% the elderlv man declared, returning to  the car  after a' short and not-noticed absence.    She laughed  as she pinned on the tiny silk flag."  A curious look stole into the eyes of the lawyer, and  the ministerial man regretfully fingered' tlie coins  tu his. pocket, as the reporter came back with his  hands full of roses. They were very sweet, and filled  the car with their fragrance.  ���"When we get out at the Falls station, I shall  pick you a flower from the very  brink," the lawyer  declared sentimentally. ���  ������I shall give you each one," she declared.      Vou  can have them to remember tne by."  She Hushed as she pinned them on, and her  haud  troubled a little.   The stem of one broke as sue.  pin���ea it on the lawyer's coat.    "It doesn't seem to  want to go on." she said protesting^.  He  bit  his lip and walked  to the end ot the car  The ministerial young man checked a  laugh  and  there was a moment's constraint in the little group.  Then the  American falls,  in all their grandeur  burst into view. ,ra,��� .. ,aid the  -I have brought you a four-leaf clover,   saia me  invver. when once again the cars were m motion,  ���is for good luck." His voice.was cheerful now.  t was adrearv stretch from the falls to Detroit.  but the day wore away rapidly for the little company.  Te elder v man slept a good deal,-the drummer  IL a while retired behind a novel, but. the- other.  four kept up a lively chatter. ���  loin ivM     t noccenaers were added.  A.t  Detroit a  few more passenat.j��  Thev eved the merry group with interest.  ��Li we are getting to the end of our jurney  110W ��� the mi-mtcrUl young man sighed regretfu ly  I/ Uie outer suburbs of Chicago were reached.  ������ And then we must say good-by."  Tee was a general bustle and hubbub bach  Jn seised something.   The reporter took the roses,  Ef S' send5^!' my address," she said, as she  stood  on the platform, the men in a circle about her.  -That is if vou care to have it."  The conductor gave the signal to start.    The men  sprang on  the car, all but the reporter and the lawyer    The train began to move.  "   The Uvo men looked at each other. _  -I  shall be very glad to see you at any time,   tne  ^'S-t^ut to'thank you for your kindness to  ���   >?  E-44  -  II  ' -iff  i  tie  i  4  < '*<im%  y  ', -d  !>,>'<  >:<'  :y  ��� .-yivw  '���-���^3  ,''; j"-  M  ��,S   .5  ��� ::.#M  I   in  -,.&\  %  1  W  iti  I  ;  ��* I.-?*. 6* ���fi*��  f%  ,.  ^���fiuU r  ���!**  aaeaiftgiffliiiiiLJilJffltMlH^  h      U.    ���      to  }  ,1  '  'i *:i  *71T  i   i  '.*���   ': '���':.:��  TO  THE NELSON ECONOMlSr  m:yy.:X  ^yy'y<:y.  #H  Ms-  mMmy:  IS^fe--.:-:-.:"-  ����-'  !!?# :- ���  ;||pf.:S:^.. ������- .  1%'H  as*-  ft  ���fit  ��:\y��it��'*J  /f  i  i  y  ;;mywife//;Th  .the--^porter as ^  Not a woniwa^ spoken as the tn  -^separate'$eats,;>/'';;; y-  ::;'./'.:;The;y:dru.turaer and/the :-^  ,.begaii/to ;<^M&t/;"^  retired precipitously behind a paper/ closed ht$ iyts  ���'and;^  The reporter walkM to the        oflhe;.:<^r;;r-:With;  an imperceptible movement he dropped  the/roses*;  and they lay there a tiny sr^lc between the long line  } of ii arrow-tracks ^yy^^^^  /V.;/* Yes, - sar;^-they/;waSybri  mhg;blacl</explaine^  PATENAUDE BROTHERS  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  :and/gr0oiir;an  :didii*;i;  prett}/;weJK*Vy^  /y-He-  ..A'f^;';������'���':-���;:'- ;..'���'���';���':'���:. i-yi:ivyy\yy:i:/-y-yEii^i.::r'iEy::rri:r'.  t-^-W-^rWiW ������ m<g���WIWHW|WM.irt'. mmiw**M*  ;/;';/V';^/^v/'?y';.;B��ttCif:po'  /v-;vy. ://* y:^  .env05^ *hat;i^  ���MOty-propa^  .:pf^:thfetr/oiu  ^/to'Tt^  :S-n��cf��itf;;'-::y."  MEtSMyBC;  WHOLES A LBi AND * H RT All  Cf UtiFICATf df iMrioVlMIHTf.  -T;  '; -Annie y''M��yv rMltt��ral;.;<^lm*'',��}m��nr--ri*i1-  -:the-Kf?.tfw&t*,Mmttt# 'Diirfcloo ��ir;W<e*t-.K��>��ien*jp.' *  -'".Diitrfcu.;'���":'-yy    i    "yy - <:.;; ;;v    .     !''������ [.  ..���' -.WbeirayloaiUMir;..^^ .C?h��K';"it��d' f  ; lictbe -:-��k>aib'eirii." :ext��i��l��ifi /.0T;.t Ims VMm^iitf'': -|,  :-'.Mi..teral''Clit-.irfV>l .yy^yy-'-:'':: yiMyi yf'-'i  or?.;ilie;' City- ,0f;Xel^%-&cf te  ;B' Il��3**��'-?*mt:;WllIi*m":.0# ^-Bi^lwwetf*, ;'|rh*��* I ^rnr..,  ������ -Miners.;''.<^rUltc*.t4Bv-:'.".No;.".:"B-vSI(M"��i.".'Mfedy'f "'"  . #!xt>vdAir��: from-' "tttc:-dak*.'-hertalf. -to-;*$>|*lv-:��  ��� to i&@;:Mining--Recorder"Tor;,��':-v����ttf.fl��aM*r"of]  it-Crown -Otidnidf the abbv*? 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'���,.. -..��������� ;..-���;,���=:?,������  A new chemical ;,comp<^ition ���.. iht&�� the ''..only -Ibiv;.'. ��:  priced btu highest-grBde alloy/-' --Superior -Wiphte-ifi-.  phorns'tin and alutnintim.; brotuc; ;.Tf'the/game 1i;f-.;  wortlv the. powder/ send. ..To^-.-our, neW  ctii jiod-a;;p  .sample keg:of ioo founds 'for ���irfal'.i- : Sent; to-any % ���  responsible brnns funndrv.- " " t':  %��8wS@, Howard SUiiton, St* i.��yl��#  ^   ?Tm-Hv ^i?/^*1* ^iA- 'tw��,^*>"���� rniriiiittfi, Me* , K.xolttA"t v<! Au��?tn<#'l*��r M*Xl^��.'  ��   IMK NAIIONALOHK   AM)  HKf>t;��.rriON' ril, Oumrigm .MVx,f M*ii-M��ftM����u.r��*r��.  !.';  I,  9 "^ ^ ^s '^ ^^ ^ ^8 ^m ^wm ^ %ss�� >tss ^ ^,^ ^n^^ ^ ^^ ^  .^  *���>����  I ^  .      *  rr-*  I��J.*��M.   "W^t-li  .  L ( S  -rr  c  T^"  ai  x"  ,3    "^ ~ *r        l  ^^ iwmm^fm^mmmmmmmi  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  . i.fv-��� wii! now tealile to esiita -iteat its corre;t value  ��h,. We Icome extended;!^ haters of all.  /f*it!^s-dirittsll,. -Um  iimi-fdeasruc^  nu*nof ii&ty  '.si'w'v '.;otf ;illls:,;.;sld���*,.0f;-  who-'desire./  -.will ���' rcttit ri; Umm ^h%^^ stop;'the.'  ���w.\K .1>y^/-pf^  /uH+y--'it^  ��� hoj>tf/t.i^  nut c"r v'c m eM<^^ : of irtespon'si hie-  nmi mrd:^d^  jW���. oui/iiSelhlll*  .so,ii ';���: ^y;;tbr/etsy^  U*ey';#g^  m  ;\n*eri^  m,uT^f;:>y/^  y-ourkrv/-i^^  :ym, /- nj^trfeii'flll  ���\hpy'/.'iw��^^  yH^.:*;rtcsy.,y:;^  Sccr ctii?:y' ^ U;l|l^  yy:,mE:m /Iti;^^  and journalists who buoyed   them up with false  'hopes^'-yy;/;;/^;.;:^^^  President McKinley and his advis^e^  gratulated on their disregard of ah in-advised and  vicious propaganda, and their precognition-p��t  nity and responsibility of their position.   It would be  an ill/day for the world \vere Su^  Wycks and Webster Davisesl  administration at Washiugtoh^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^;/ /  'iy\'yyi/^  Bfi^  str<m:gety^  '..nave:t^  ^���had^Kfa^  ::fighyihgi;::;:"The^:;"-iai|ir^  :ii)d----:4.mpi^!edy-^  wV'bld^&fon^    wnic^'ttbuMe^  fespitfulfpr^eu^tibi^  ymsm  ".yy'yM  :yEh  ;:.;,- EEiEEtilfiM  -^yyyyyyyyyyii^fih  "iEEEmESm  i EiEEMESwi  ���-''���������''$i iyyiiEEIMi  .yy. yyy.yyyyyy^m i  ������%' ''���''��� ''���'���  -.rT::/'.:' \ ^ rj/^,'Mr ;!-^}|  ������'���'��� y '������ yyy>'.#;!yi$0i$\  ��� xvv!y yy'yiyyy^s  -- ; v-; 7,: ."'���. *: - ��� -^s^^Ss?  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'y':-yyy[yy  >c  40c up  40c up  75cup  at   All  yyEtmm  yyyy>^m^  -:y:.;^:;i:.:;l��J  /'-s^^S  ...i<--ti-jwjut.'it,r?... ..  u. t  w, #*'  ,���,.,.<���    .vm^-^*^-  r     '  awqtf*l  ���I  ���<    >      ij  /I THK \Nt&SOH:'. ECONOMIST  ffiv-.':X  s;s;;:gre^t7:!tced:yis'y:ri��ty'a'bl  V(^VSyiE;:yyy,fyiEE^:.y''ii,  ���soldiers.; -.but' '���������: wilier.  . fjty^i^^.. w��fVi i mil Hi  ���y^HCHfM'rt'  ;;y .y;,;y;:;y.:,r/;:,^  ';/:;;'-���-.:'',y   : -���>;���.-;-;:';;-/;.\otncouvi*r:-.Province;.;.'''���-���/:���..//���//'*;'//V  /���''/^''.fool^  vm'ai^  ;i^ieod%  .:Ayi$dtfm;/^  'owii'^  ; ;w hen;^;'Mr/Ral p h./  ���'������enter^ttey;  ;.e^tially ';p-ro':mpt.;  :.-Iab0r;; -represe n tat J ve'y :/;>! r  �����":WJ  .'i'tii  .^���:wasyset.:d0>vi*;asytn.'e.  ;-:,paid;ageM  Z^^natoQ;>.]e^  y;?and':y;nOy:tat]y;yy  y^r/'hi^^  /a-nd;^  ���y;iln��y  yyBtvfiyth^  /ie^;M*fe  /yta;k:e/:/;^^^^  ydpity^^  ;:y^g^  ;yJPhe,Or|^  '^-Malfe^  -y^o/'^  :: ;:;|vlilrls-a'ce::the  ':yfory,h'fc  #>-*ti  ;%;--yv<^  yy'iyy :''y'-:;;^'./;Vit^^ '"'���..  i;;y;.r:!lCy';I^Cmi  ;';6pycp^^^  v;on/tti^^  ;/he/;;-w^  y..;l)���y riiofe,:Jik^  /;A"cl--ri|ittIr!;g  y,iUKl/I.Mi:^ /;  ''-..in^'ly'v^-ydiftknlt:-;^  /leci,y;;-;;;a'V;';teidcr  'y'^-'^.,;^^  i i f6a/r.'rh^;::;y,|^f t is^fc^' fc^*M ***?s VO ���'=. j^fe r^ f^ife:fe^^o j t'i^^-���^i?^":^^^t^/fi��l^ v: "^";.":':  /f^repartc^  , ;:to;bir .w' ;&! fow#d ;t fit ill:' If /to ill pl#f ^t|i^^|i|^^|i��^^-V: ;  /^ii'icl/'-tii^ri;-;!^  ;:iS|^:;y:^i'-:;i]ie  iMcA&Eiii  ;;t:��!|V^  >;e:rnr��  itmm^  it��dcr;;r^  ttjrifcstd^  i'.iU.,!V*i;^;,Vv^V'^V!iw^r;!iAri%^'*.?.!��!'^<r^7-  Mi^-Vi'V.'.vvu^i.::.:.--,;;-  AS  . ^-tw^mmur**'-',  ���;H.^tf ii-ylf>iji.'jij|jfr CpJp^'.x'M.hi.'fef;*^*,  ^yiM'-r.*.*^,!** Jilt OHA-lii?**:^*: in*>$iV  .���:WHi..e<.; Apply '���'���?*!���'Hf*'^-;t*�� -UK?. '  WELL1NGT0  tIERf CO., lifjll  HE HALL STREET GROCEi  *a��~ f *'*����-.-�������.*-,-�� ����h  j!%'%'%'%^  sler-'^vOiircI  !  %  -c  B&kef;;St:r#��*f*  ' v * *-.*.* y- Cf f y ^ *��� ���  ���  .tift*��lt,ertf''-n*ii1'4k.  ''���~''^���'"'-'-^'.lniiM.i,,^  Family Groceries.-.  '       .:  livery l.;ine Fresh.  Fruit-in  Season. -  c  ���,   ���  lk>minion ant  Provincia  ���Land Su.rvevp.rv  I :��*rtc'����4*.'V��r i��fi'd  VICTORIA iSty^-N1  fl����'**-tt^tt��rtiA^hV.M|i��ftt*.,-,^J��iK~yiyS.-;V:^y  S I A Er 11  r*"-I?%'-  S *��,7  I. /VFV-8   .|',,rf- S..^- f\ %��?-.-  iH  .'^���",  j. lu isioiTi House,: Nelson  'i  .* if-"*  (.'^.jrrK'r SutnU'V- ��}j��i-**-|H��!�� ?4I:  yRATI-:5; ft p��?r clay a��rf tip.  "Oentleme'fi'ft  i  ...A Specialty  Fin��  Suits  5chooifer ilc-cr. <o c��fif��  i?f i,*wi*;M ��*>*���  fc.StKsftlWiW^MiWftU^fW.l*  MS��M����<��W��iS*taI���SW�����  ��.:--A-'r  E. J.- Curran, Proprietor. Thomsoi  &  "V"*^l  '���*  l"ns\ k fv   ���^rtagr*�� ���*   ^rvw**r  -r~T^~T  i       "      y  I. ?x  '" .1 THE NELSON ECONOMIST  to the Electorsi^j^/li^|j^rir;;Rifiing  of the West fCootlnay Electoral :'&sj  y tricU-.y^^y-^  a^^^sss^:^���~~yyy?"~^""^  y%rym  ���tv  I  m !.����$��  i*c  y'en  * *��.' <���+'  SVC  : * t  A..*ie  ? f'��t  .^;/to^  titbirMi^^^C^eE-E:-  /'"la^  t:��;: flemaiids^  ��f-lt!^  of the Province first, last and always, and to support  all good legislation with that object in���W^^.y-yiyy  In asking you for your support, I will state that I  am opposed to hasty legislatioirar^  ticidarlv with resect to our  to jeopardize business iiiterf^  for instance, twicethe Legislature has^  Exchtsion yFavv$ and they are now for the second  time seeku^  siderable mischief and damage.  K-iH-Wt]  .ndivit  %  \Vith regarct to the Eight-H^  to any-ch#Hge in the law as it now stands.   y;y  Shorter h&rs for classes b  but iO  ruy opiinon the^^^p^  .^���'appealio^  ^irit&nlWn  meutofthe^  Onnps-.-^  ���' -.'' Mall-, circl^rs;:; eM !  aUcuttOtt  Nothitttf  ;Biit>-S^"::fr^s;h  kept io-^stecK  ������Nmi��'U*H'ii^  , <:. r^ \n 1w iw��m - it��*,#t I w Kin*;**  ����?  Envelopes  Business Cards  isiting Cards  i.����trtt ih^,U-ih,t!?ty,*>r M*>*^Vij��' i.,KS:-SiK��.-..  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All   "fi-l'I^i'   lim*v;' ���������-,:>'-;-i- >-  di ��  .r..��*'J'*V>'  cinpfovfr*  **�����  ^ii to,.;  ii'i&v  * p.nc  ili;'-::1i:lt':1fi!lS*:":0*:  UIT  Iii!!;-'-1:!tll0i!.--:i:ifM*r,  EELAHOS* 8LDG  Service for the year iqoo  will, be commenced "  BAKER   STREET FRED   J. SQU I W||^f|^^||[  KOOTENAY LAM  ''5o  ',����  sfH*^--: ' ��� '*��JrJ  **tt   Mriv*f  *;5  G. O. B U C HAN AN; Propri ��tor,  '  .Orders   Promptly   Fllied -��na SasH^  ^atmfaction   Given, .   N'felson  MouJciiRp,  ard. Poet of Hendryx Street.;; Turne  JUNE roth.   The "Imperial Limited" takes you  across the continent in S  foil.T    days   without 5 Lumber,  change,   ft is   a  solid | singles.  vestibaled train, luxuriously   equipped    with  every   possible - essen/ w* 5;e^^-^*��^.^  tialforthe comfort and  ience of passen-  Ask your friends  ive ".travelled on  JOHN RAB, AGENT,  -v-;^-.".��<"  y.-:Jy. '��� ��3f ;.-  . yiM. .  ���'"���������'"'���  ���'��*( '  'io��!:  gers,  it, or address  *WO��*����(����  -wxewaiMnt -  ���       8     ���  T.   P. A ,  NELSON, B.C.  Doors, Sashes and Turne  rackets and Office Fittin  ��'��WW���������W8��>B>��MMWW  \. Q. P.  VANCOUVER,, e.c.  0  ^^SS^SS@���ISJSB^B!SiSlgBi5^S83gi8^136S!a^^ m  y  w  .��'  Mi  s-��j!r��~~  -**j*s��"pi  i���-*>    <-     <���*     T  fe* *< } ^ .i-^J k" \ ,^-< T^^iy\y  i-i.  (-?!'  f  J       ?  <-*>  d��k&^   t-    ju . J *~^y?%rEh  |faf mc�� hi  ,.on Hoi  / ���-  \M��yEy  ' tr;  J-  d.  i ^  >   U  * ���  --^ii.  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