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The Nelson Economist Jul 25, 1900

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 i.* 'i->rV -^.'^ "^A V.;*. > '% ^riT  fCffl  1  *$ y^ ^  ���Hi  kK ^f <*  ��4i >��  o  1'  %    -i_^**^aW--.ijr����,W-.!��,.,fWB*   Jf?  FAUAND  WINTER '-  tfetots and Shoe* Inilt the  l*tjt��t Style* anil direct fran th�� pwHUlf^u'Lii. .., -;,���T;'^i,Vr ��� VH9L____^������_.P  �����. ���-> > v -., N��L��Otlc'' II' -C/ ;'.i^* '-> ���.��   ii  m. irig i-^miHmiw  '"j ntawjiii   .if      Mi ihiyn  ffiajw��MwiHwdi' ii 'iWI'i1' "Xr�� %  ���    '' V���: -ga '*���   j...���������. ���,?������:   r' ,'i-'��� ,v:-;# *���:.;r��7. "���"fl.ii  i    A''  I'  >*j*m  jtf   n��*w  **<  ]gn��  ��*  Ii  ������ufn��iw>MI��  MMHMw^MMMbiWMMa<at<  M*nmnM��lk*<��IWa  �� 1 __���*)* II *    fen _�� .    ^^  GENERAL  for V��tt&��  ;��$--?���  i        W  Threw dwelling  One Lot on St*  ^:;|g^;';>;^!::'" ;-  rf       ������* *l,  $$&?  .^���r^JS *  %1  ��� ty.  U  L  Vr'l  v 1  uCC /\I 11 YrmDjLrf  . J!  | !���!�����   ��� H  ���k    * b     ��i ���*      ������� *���   ��TSj #��� it        'mm^    ** ���  �� ���'���"��� UN     ,    ��l      II I    i  ��MpM|r M       irtlltailWfli     ���<����Ml��^   <HjM��hl   4*I^��*^V    ���W��M����W��k41k��f   ���  *PMk  :'  'i.i.  ���^^���^^^���������r E^^X^  & Am��-rf     Ah^AM^/jLA-^  t5  "*'.  ���y^fi  i *      ��   ��,  /�����a  * ���'  -.^  ���^t?  ^^|^^l^��N��NRc��HMlN^  ��A>  r-T-wyjTTOY  , i ^  1C  t^~F^~ntnccwinvwin~~n*~~~r  *.**x#  t'j.   *  /        n1.  ?  f  3   V  f. ^ ,  i  ����v  Kootenay Belle  W*nHMK��M��mMi��IHHMWaHnaHIMtnHIHHaMa��  Bonnie Fives  MUHNMMEMM  little Gem  Vestalias  ���HMIl HMMWMWMtl JHUhHII>IIWWt>W��mw  ��lpagMaMnMlMHMMI  ���MMH  HMNn  H��  WHMi.��WH��IMtWWIIIiHli  ye tsuas  tMWIMWMbUlMMilMI  n\ *m*$n m*m  ���' '"^wiN ^,i4>toS'��v5>.'..>^*- *,v>v"-;:*fV ^h-^;-' "%-K-��5:r''^*,,-A\s4(,^;\-v' *  .;*),;���*������*���  ��� - aiT ��       ���* ft  ��i ~--  i.\  11 ** l- il^iK1^  tv��-    ^  ^��u>  UBLSO^BIflVSH GOMMm  M  ru^v-  MM!  * J&  ���7       4      \        ^ *S  V  *#> ^  .   ��>,  w*Wi*Cw*3 &HIn Hjs? _***,.*t '   V,   A t���        4*     , ^ 4   i  ' 3?wV      ^   ^    a..l.wa.i^^*i.|.i.^.i^W|W^^��w*w*^.|��V^^f^V.(^lii^w^t^^ ^. v^v^i^wu.  ��i��1     r  iVfeWISMt^  feSsrtva'*      5 "fe4-1  jc��t'ifi"wi i'fiMr.i<i��'>i|'fi)iiiii)'ri.uW���>��.  A     9  >- ^  And while in a quandary m to  to give tiie walk of y  pearaace* Set us smg*"  gesi to .yon the  iibritit^f;ftISSB-  v l> ��i  Corner Utmiitr *m mh*& &*. \  ^ATES? $s f^er da^ ftud up, t J  Snootier H^erf j^ ^d^;  ,j(,2  ^ i  ^e  "i.  -4  1             *��� rr ,�� -i|��-  'WJ if"  1'  "      1Hl        "  I)     -1  1        ^  X.  v   I  'I    K. ut  , *^x   i*. r *��������*  ,M  ������  *. ^ *. ^       iy"��i.-|l   ������!*��� Mm.  f\ *���!  I      c ���\;  NELSON ECONOMIST  : '\4  ��� r  ,.  i  s    * t  ������iw��w��*f���T   ���  vl.A 1,  -��* ��* "  -    , ��i  ��* "��f  ���if  ' ��� '    i  * * . "V  (  1  �����  1  WL IV,  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, JULY 25,  1900.  NO. 2  THE NELSON ECONOMIST is issued kvkry  Wednesday at thk City ok Nelson, B.C., by  D.'M. Cari.k'y. Subscription: $2.00 per ax-  'sum ; if paid in advance, $1.50.   Correspond-  KNCK OF GENERAL INTEREST RESPECTFULLY  SOLICITED, ONLY ARTICLES OF MERIT WILL BE  ADVERTISED IN THESE COLUMNS, AND THE INTERESTS OF READERS WILL BE CAREFULLY  GUARDED AGAINST IRRESPONSIBLE PERSONS AND  WORTHLESS ARTICLES.  A    m��Ti **����������� M��V��tf��r^����Ma*����^Mi*��<^'*��MH>wi��*��.��-��n��t  A DELEGATION' representing Old Country capi-  '���-��% tal has been touring Canada with the object of  ascertaining the possibilities of the wood pulp supply  in this country. These gentlemen express themselves  as agreeably surprised at the immensity of the area of  timber suitable for this purpose. The intention at  present is to induce the establishment of a number of  pulp mills throughout the Dominion, the assurance  being given that there is a ready market for the pro-  duct in England. The demand for (-wood, pulp in  Europe is so great that many of the paper mills have*  been obliged to close clown for want of material. Here  is an industry of immense possibilities. In Canada  the available supply of spruce and other suitable tim-  Iver for tie manufacture of paper is practically till  mitablc, and in this particular none of the sister provinces is more favored than British Columbia, And  having the raw material in such abundance, why not  manufacture the finished article ourselves? There is  but little paper manufactured in Canada at present,  tmr people contenting themselves with supplying the  nulp to the paper makers of the United States *md-  t treat Britain. We notice with pleasure that in the  speech from the throne at the opening of the local legislature Sir Henri Joly alluded to this subject, and  announced that preparations are being made and sites  arranged for the extensive prosecution of the industry*  The recently organized paper trust in the United  States has raised the price of the commodity in Canada  to1 an| exorbitant figure, but with mills of our own  j;oing we would be perfectly independent of our exacting neighbors to the south.  It has long been a standing, complaint that, in proportion to the amount contributed to the Federal -exchequer British Columbia does not receive fair treat-  ment when the estimates are brought down. Cclouel  Prior has tabulated some very interesting statistics on  the subject, and although they oidy cover the fiscal  year 1S9S-9, they show that this Province has paid into  the Dominion Treasury $3,184,023 89* and received  at.the hands of those dealing/out the public hinds at  Ottawa but $1,380,831 82. This certainly is not a  lair proportion, espec ally when viewed iu the light of  the liberality displayed in. dealing'with the sister Pro  vinces, During the session just closed, there was  practically but one special appropriation for British  Columbia-to bonus a little thirty-mile line of railway  in the Lardeau-Duncan country. But not-alone are  we in this Province deprived of our proportionate share  of the public funds, but we are denied representation  in the cabinet. Truly British Columbia has reason to  feel that she is net being fairly treated at the hands of  tiie powers that be at the Dominion capital.  t ' T  From figures recently submitted by Colonel Prior  in the Dominion Parliament it appears that duriag the  fiscal year 1898-9 the revenue derived from Chinese  poll-tax in this Province was $215,099 56, out of  which British Columbia received a rebate of $53,262 50  and $2,134 to cover the expense of officers engaged in  superintending the immigration of the wiley Celestial.  This is very poor compensation for furnishing a convenient dumping ground for a very undesirable class  of immigrant. *l he people in Eastern Canada do not  understand the evil as we experience it out herein the  West, otherwise a more effectual remedy would be  applied than that of increasing the poll-tax from $50  to $x00. The effect of this will simply be to prolong  the term of servitude or slavery of the new comers  from the flowery kingdom. It is a well-known fact in  British Columbia that the vast majority of Chinamen  landed here are of the coolie class���that they are  brought out here under contract and are held as slaves  until their exacting masters have been recouped to  the fullest extent. The ^Chinese at present in this  country take a philosophical and favorable view of  the altered condition of affairs. As one of them remarked the other day, ** Huu'der dollar velly goode.  Too muche Chinaman now. Can't catchee work all  time." So numerous are the Chinese at present here  that thousands of th��m are out of employment, and  thev realize that if their numbers are to be augmented  there chance of work will be proportionately less. It  will be interesting to watch the effect of this increase  in the noil-tax, especially at the present juncture.  Will the Chinaman flee from his own country now  that danger is pending, or will he remain at home to  tight-her-battles ? We notice that there is not a great  exodus of Celestials from British Columbia since the  'warbegan; ',;'"';���; ���'���;���; v. v'':-. ���::C'::';''-'S'-;:'::,:^.'--;  -.; ��� All :the city;by-laws;^^  with respectable majorities, proving beyond a doubt  that the property holders of ^elspC have unlimited  confidence in the future of the city. They agreed to  tbq borrowing of $.15,000 --to extend the ^'-waterworks  system, a like sum to improve and extend the electric  light;system,'$20,000 to; extend -the: sewerage: systjemv-  and a liberal sum for street improvents and road mak-  ���t, -  t    ,  pi  >,v  ,>' J 1  r'-M  4) ...  1 ;i.-iv*'  ��� ������.'.��� y\i-&&&xi'--' ���  ��� ��� .-���:y   i'&nt-:;-*.-,..  M��*��^fciJ.I*��iTOl*Mllftim*W��M^  ���mtMMMWBIHMHMaaMMI mmaOS^SS^SI&VKPl THE NELSON ECONOMIST  l$^E!& ���'.':'������:;���'���-:������  ing plant. It required a two-fifths vote in each case  to pass the by-laws. It is generally conceded that the  best time to ex pehd public money is when th iugs a re  dull The amount of employment these works will  give and the amount of money thus put in immediate  circulation; will be a great l>qon to the city just at  present. All the improvements outlined is these bylaws are essential to the health and happiness of the  citizens, and seeing that the payments are spread over  a period of twenty years, there can be., no- particular;  hardship to anyone. The sooner work is started the  better. . '��:c'::.  "'."There are far more destitude people at Nome  than the people on the outside know,'' says Mr. 'G*  Rudolph iii his report to the Secretly  States Treasury. 'Mr: Rudolph has just returned from  the alleged gold fields, and, he gives a very gloomy  account of all he saw there He says that of the men  working on the beach no one was taking out enough  gold to pay for his grub. When he left there were  about 20,000 men in the district, and the only work  was in unloading lumber: etc., and putting up '.new  buildings. Between 500 and 1,000 people were arV,  riving daily, and tents covered the l>each for a distance  of three miles."There are not inducements for the  steamship companies to send vessels back for the busted  mob," significantly adds Mr. Rudolph: There is  no gold dust tendered in payment of accounts,' which  goes to prove that there is very little of the precious  metal in the possession of those who went in with the  hope of securing it It is but right that intending  gbld-seekers should know what to expect at over-  boomed Cape Nome.  The bill ������.providing, for the amalgamation of the  Hank of Commerce and the Bank of British * Columbia  has passed the Dominion house, provided the amalgamated banks deposits sum w iih the govermiienUo  protect the circulation until such time as the stock is  increased by ^���obo.opo..' No doubt the deposit will  be if it has not already been made. Both institutions  have a high reputation, but when amalgamated it is  hoped the confidence and patronage of the public will  ; be increased   ������   It -js absolutely necessary to the prc^s  perity ofacouiitrythatttsbankin  ���be.sound and the business-' conducted on a solid basis  In this particular Canada has-been   ver\ ���fortunate' to  : date, and long may she ���continue so.      <  Avigorous  policy of road-'makin^ is �����.*��� of urmv  good measures   which  the   piVseiit government  .has  pledged itself to .as;.outlined, in the speech  <>fj.i,.���t  Governor  Sir Henry Joly at the -pe;ung (if the'lucd  legislature last   week.     Th;Hsuch  a  policy   will  be  highly beneficial tt, the mining uuerestM.f the eounirv  ���particularly to the Kootena'-ys    there   cannot   } - .  shadow of doubt; Tin, was the policy pursued' by the���'  ;l^-iri]er,';governm.ent/ and   that it   was productive of  good results the rapid progress-of the mining sections  during that regime amply illustrated. With 'thegoin-  out of the Turner government an opposite police was  inaugurated,   and ever  since we are . feelim*   its   ���-*]  effects,;. the progresscof .the'e^  retarded, more esi>ecially the mining interests:    Atr  Turner a m\ his oojleiigues -hid fait 'It; in the .';' growth "of  t he province.'i'aud-were^approyingly;..;WilIi!ig to !)orr^  ������'money to dcVe!op.:.:dtit  \.facilities';,Were'' provKte,d-:Jbt/thC  mines our great mineralAvehlth;'^  j<^p{easihgto'.ndte':';|hav fhe'';0dusiW^  Wke.a.Kk'e'j^  rnanyriclt'ciistrictsiu'the KtKHeufiys.^  ticallv -.shut. 6tit..for' want.of a  ���:mfty/do'tlK^  poses of a"Avorki.tig'-\SA*cii.o��,;v-';-v '':'y/ryr'y"yy  ���J��l*i<|HHWiMw'*l|f' jit'iW'Mr.ViuWu  ������    Is his leUcr V^T"-^  :\\re<lnesdayV;i^  xepuou.tc^^  . of Lord SaILsbn.ry- ��� that the:.G.hm  . Chioa';were..'.the. cause oftbe:t;*rpiup  ..eatnHry,'';,;^^^  of. t tie '������reverend getHleunut'.''^  ;argties' that .���"'������the conttrnvlietwfen;:;;t!i:e;^iiduc!:'ciicllse  C hi.uesc ..'{sold iers;; :?snd '���'��� t bill; f c*f';-1 lie ��� i^Br It lilt: JttiBiiibS;  ,. s t rohg.-.-rpason.'" why vttiis^ionsir^  cnted.iu Chin^  the'iui^btvary.' w#r^i*f i^^  ; is. broug hi. to. a. t\<m, ��� and tljousliridlS:tt't^i^4p^^i3^i.ljL��oir��^'^l^r:  Jives ;saerife^^^^  , t\\mn tbe-Chiue*e a?m! ;; ibe'VCIlf ^  without araeft-te;s%isne^  _.ft>:r the^privilege of mAki��g:-;th^^!^^^  as we-do'and'.think'a^-^  ���liverwl .inChina, bv. Hi^bopCmiivsib^v^iii.$  returue<l .to. America,tbe- Bishop..'said^'Wi��P':-?S:'v;;l'^'  '. ^V;||-W;'woft^ ai*y;;cm^  cost, in ^>lmklshfedv.' i'f.'���; we', ciin 'joififtl^'ei:���it.ttc-i&iliift^':^  , Chinese ..true -and'Iritelligent. CbrisiUifUjf^ :'.i::w&W{c(il  all red tape:in, the world, an thmi*fc;;atit^^  .made to place tb.e'armie^:of the. -tSi*It<B<i/;'^irfl"����:^iitetfee-;"-;  tore, next to'Great... Hri'taiiK- .cy^The.Of>e!'t^d&t  {.>re.serve<l forChrUtbin^y'a^.:Wetl':^  .; In other word's,'.��� the g'oapd:oi^^  ���.was      Peace on earth,.* Vyi^to ;be spreild'^  a n& a 11 the. er i mes; w bicb'. of: ncK^^ify.: ;:ac��  gressivc-.' warlare.,. . Wt do ���notsdp^^  will-agree with ..tiie.- Bishop i.n" th^,:,piiriitnSir'c>^  utterances  are similar to'iltos��r''-.of t��th^r^^i^eHV\^?  vines.  ��� Rev, Mr.- Sutherland admitsinint' letter '$$;  ilk: Protest::nt missionaries;have also'had.Somet!ut5g.-  Ui <{ii wVfh--!>recipita-iinj*' the' present crisis,",'y btft-b^;  lie-v.e> that the ."..illconet ived eugerncHS of ilm tvGSterjt  naiions to Ket 'possession of Chiiiesc'ierrUorV^-" "iVtbiy..  mam cause of \he trouble.   ' Vet it;istbts;ver^:Wateri!.;  civthzHtion :uu\ Tcligioii-Uiat he u^utd'ha^itbe'eiim^  e^���'accef)t ���', !��"' ��07.'4 says'.Mr: Sutliertabd,.: "*%}-  Germans had two mjs^onarics'killed aficlthev'pourtcrii';.;  "p.-ii tin.,;, cho.i..". Kxacily. -��� The'Riis^aiis Imd  "n<-killed and u.cy sciwd IV.rC Anhtir," white the  "fiiisli seized Wei if;ij \vcj lorasimifarlv-'cbKCHirca'^  -an j he reverend' gentleman-, would- ���'coiiisequerit^-.^  appear to agree with us Unit the CIuistiiuiuUMionarfeV  h ��ve Ore;i the .caase of the trouble in China,   .���  I,!I-: lexowand Mazet .investigations in "New York'  '^vealed a condition  of public ..depravity  and official  v\.  . *i   ^-      ���     ij y '���'.'  <���  fii  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  5  1.1  ��      ii  corruption which was a revelation even to our Yankee  cousins.     At the time of these exposures every civilized community in the world expressed surprise that  such a state of affairs could exist in a city such as New  York, but that public business was not,  and is not,  there conducted with honesty has been demonstrated  fieyond  a doubt.      Tt will be a surprise to many to  learn that England's capital is no better in this regard  ���if certain statements made in the British parliament  the other day are worthy of credence.      Mr* John  Hums,  Socialist member for Battersea,  and Mr Sam  Smith, Liberal member for Lincolnshire, declared that  degraded criminals, who were cleared out in 1897 are  re-establishing themselves in large numbers, and that  iu the West End  there are forms  of vice of eastern  origin which are simply appaling,  and that club pro  prit tors and barkeepers have the police absolutely under their control      Mr. Burns cited individual cases;  and told the Home Secretary  that if he did not stop  this bribery the evil would deepen  until  they saw a  stite of affairs in London similar 10 what had been  seen in the tenderloin of New York, where a chief inspector had earned  j��*o,ooo a year by  blackmailing  -ambling halls and prostitutes. It was further averred  by the complainants that  in the matter of vice and  corruption many  things were tolerated  in England  which would not be allowed in America.     This, if  true, will be a revelation to most people.     Of course,  in centres of population such as London one does not  expect to find absolute purity,  but that things are as  bad as represented by  the gentlemen   mentioned nothing short of a thorough  investigation   will satisfy  the public.     This the Home Secretary undertakes to  prosecute,   and the result will  be awaited with great  interest,  Mr. Hkwktt Bostock, M.P. for the Yale-Cariboo  district, has announced his intention ol retiring from  }K>ltitcal life. Mr. Bostock has not been a success as  a politician, and he )ias sense enough to realize the  fact, and to see that his chances of reelection are very  slim. When he was solicited by the Liberal party to  contest the big constituency it was not that they recognised in their nominee an idividual of any sterling  ability, but they found iu Mr. Bostock a man of money  who could stand the expense of a contest. This was  a great convenience at this particular juncture, and it  carried the day. It is said that Mr. Bostock will devote his attention to ranching, in future, and the study  of that interesting suliject-���the milch cow.  A .movement is on foot in England to establish old-  age pensions, and among other prominent men who  support the measure in the House -of Lords is  the Archbishop of Canterbury; The old-age pension  scheme has been given a trial in New Zealand, and is  said to work to the ".satisfaction of all concerned. It  is, however, a matter vet to be decided .^wether or not  it would prove equaHy- 'satisfactory'��� in the mother  country, Those opposed to the measure contend that  its effect would" be to kill that spirit of thrift which all  agree it is desirable to cultivate. The working man  should have instilled in him the necessity of making  some provision for "the rainy day," but this it is  hard for him to do considering the part labor-saving  machinery is playing in the industrial world. The  ordinary workman in the Old Country lives from hand  to mouth, and it does seem hard that when old age*  has deprived him of strength sufficient to earn his  bread that the country to whom he has given his  life's' vigor should have nothing better to offer him  than a pauper's home. There is much to be said on  both sides of the question, but we rather incline to  the belief that the stand taken by the Archbishop of.  Canterbury is the correct one. and that a country owes  10  its people something more than a mere living while  they are able to earn it. Some adequate provision  should be made for necessitous old age  Thk evil of sub-letting public contracts is one which  has forced itself upon public attention.    The original  contractor invariably secures the work at a respectable  figure, and immediately proceeds, should the contract  l)e a big one, to sub-let at too often ridiculously low  prices.      The sub-contractor, in turn, determined to  make all he can out of the work,  hires his help at a  starvation rate of wages, and then comes the trouble.  It surely is not the intention of the legislature in undertaking or bonusing public works that those employed  should be paid a lower rate of wages than  that prevailing in the district.     The contract price is always  ample to pay the standard scale, but the standard scale  is seldom paid.      So serious  has the trouble become  that Mr.'H. D. Helrackeu,  member for Victoria, has  given notice of his intention to ask for legislation on  the point.     He will move that all government contracts contain such conditions as will prevent abuses  which may arise from sub letting, and that every effort shall be made to secure the payment of such wages  as are generally accepted as current in each trade for  competent workmen in the district where the work is  carried out.      This rule is to apply not only to work  undertaken by the government itself, but also to all  work aided  by  a  grant from  the Provincial public  funds.     This is a step in the right direction, and one  which will no doubt commend itself to the Provincial  Legislature.  Wk are in receipt of. a letter of in quiry from London. Eng., as to certain mining properties in Kootenay in which the writer purchased stock a couple of  years ago. He informs us that he has written to the  reputed secretaries of these concerns on several occasions, but has never been able to get an answer to his  communications. The fact is that our correspondent  invested in wild^catpropositions, evidently tempted by  "the flowing picture of wealth as presented in the prospectus and the low hgtire at which stock was quoted  %one and tivo cents per share. We bave been reluctantly obliged to report that three of the companies  mentioned have gone to the wall long ago, and that no  "work";is.being two other claims in which  our correspondent is interested. We are at all times  happy to give outsiders such information as to mining  properties and the management thereof as is in our  possession or obtainable from reliable sources.  ,'"; ,  '1  TP  "���'��  >   I'. "'.,  V'y',va  1��  Vif  Mf  '1 >'J  ', c  ' 1 *  1, t.-  r-x  v^  S*1  r T.y-  ���T��r����' 1. 1 ^w.  mniy*...     iu i. a  ���yt-i^i .,������ ; ��Vii"1 i"1��-i 1 ��i���j. ii-i-iv ���������.���J"��fi�� *�� f���rv~  (��wcwr**w-'4-t^l1*ti|ir'*'1?* "  MfUMHiMMKJHKMT;M R"&fcfcSafcf  *T  �� - m%  THE NELSOM ECONOMIST  MINING   NEWS  pv.fl  _ j-m  Fm  m  fit*  ��������� a:* ��  .; %&m4  My%i&  ��� fir5>|f.|i ���������-:'���  ��� ���W^im'  ��� ^���������iufiii*..''..  ��� .,  ���p:��:.. ������.:  . ���������pillst:';;.:  W:itiH$$   - ��� ��� ���  |i|- ������;���  .���#; ������;  YXT:OkTY">-w-.,  operations generally throughout the Province are steadily improving,  the change Of  government having promoted a degree of caniidenee  ���an element which has  not .'-..'been-' apparent for  the  past couple of years.    The announcement made at the  opening of the Provincial Legislature last week,   that  the government intended to pursue a  vigorous policv  of road ''making,   has also had  much to do  \Vith tiie  altered condition of affairs.    There is a brisk ���demand  for stock in proven properties;   with a  decidedly  up-  ward tendency in price.     Several partially developed  properties have also ch nged hands '-during the week,  and judging from the large number "of...orders 'placed  ^;:;,:;for^machinery  and the promptness  with winch ..-pay-  ments on ''���������'���existing, bonds are being met, it is evident  we are on the eve of a great revival in the udning  in- y  dustrv. '",..".; ���:' ' ���;���" v   . ��� ��� \^���*=~*��� ������:���:.  -^yj ;������ ���:;;;���:;"���;'���������': ���":"��� '>���;:;���'..���;v;'NELSO5?. >y:;''l:. .: ;;��� ;.-=  Active preparations continue for resuming work on  the Silver' King and the blowing in of the smelter, A  large force of men is at work pumping the water froui  the mine and overhauling the tram jine. The At ha- /  basca Company has been re-organized, but work at  the mine has not beet: interfered with Several tap'e  ���blocks of stock in this concern have ".changed hands  during the week.      As indicative of the activitv pre*  ;   vailing in  this camp;   reference '-may'-be made to i he;  mining  recorder's book|vwhich show a great volume  of business as being transacted.    A new com |>an>', to  to be known as the Nelson Mining Co., Ltd. isbrnW  .'*������* * *��� *���'*��fcj  formed with a number of practical business men at U>e  head of affairs. The promoters intend devdopingi.ne  prospect at a time, and disposing of same '.as m/v it-  deemed advisable. The venture is worthy of shocks.  On Forty-Nine Greek there is a great deal of. go��<i  work being done, among the other properties showii,-  up well being the May and Jennie Mere the- nH:ni4  connecting Nos. r and 2 tunnels is lasOicarih? com.  pletion. On Morning Mountain development Work is  proceeding on most of the recent rich locations .,���.*  applications for crow,, grants are agreeably numer-us  .    from this mountain of mineral  ROSSLAND,  The Rossland Board of Trade have   issued a pamphlet setting forth the growth of the camp .   [��� this u  ...is set forth that there are at  present emplov,��<i   i��� tin-  mines of the camp  about 12/000'.men  at   an av-,,,.'.  rate of nearly $ioo per month.  It is estimate tint C/  the ist of December there will  l,e 2. .���>,������,, ;it u,���k  The average ore shipments are set down at ., v��, ���'������<  per week.    As illustrating the increased tonnage and  values the following figures are given .  i-ons  r896, ... ...        38,075  j897, ������-,'.-.��� .������.       68,804  1898, ...        ...       111 282  1899, ��������� ���*���      172,655  The output for the first six mouths of this"ye<ir w.t  71,727 tons. These figures would be considerably increased were it not for the general shut down <>w' "  to labor troubles, extending from the second week "*  February to the end of April.     The contract  as now adopted';in. the'!iiine^|;a)^  ��� satmiactorily, and the labor treaty an/enC:  '���':���'"Tbe:'re^^  /imssioner '.^  ���sbb.w'a;totarif^   .���riiiners\jice'b&^  :at tbe 'tegbtrar's.-office'//^  ''.'//.-���'/".' tKH^m^  .'������;.'��� ���'.������,���'' v:;..., from -tiik.-ok kknwooo l^tym:^y"'<Z:':c^  ���;'��� On'the ���"Sunset'" group ���1^.';..^ workti-  !>eing  done on-' thediseOvej^y^m^  agoV.. '��� li\Ls;i.H'nv-;t>el!cved'. that' /';he brfe^lKKtv':.'^''' '::  li\.iv.. now; believed;. tbat ���/:  _;'same-'a> ihat ���Oil tlie ^101 tier .1 ^c,yj^yi^ ;.0?  -���.. Jame^;C,.:!)ale'i?i;<l6wn'ft^  :;i)ale  wa5-.pi��c.of;.ifjeyfit5i^  ������ d'ist ric t,,. ��� b a y i bg ���: staked ;��� f tie ��� Gar ii| .1-; ';;ii ^H^tjt ji^i^  three', years;/. a'jgo^.//;-;lie::rc|^  ;;'equal' to'that 'of ;>oiv;eatU|>:;:-i;ir;tifc  ��� Ky'-.MeC.uHocli.iHur-Jli';^^^  .jng'-on.the' K-lond.yke :"���' sM*d;K^  A 264mt^m{mx c;ro^^nit,: '.has;Ik^^ii/';roii4;J^iM|/:;l|l^!/ii;;;  . a shall':..iiiis./'; tmz;n mttk .-'ia n<M$fy^  bdp*,.my,u^at^  jibyry. ;. :*'t.he;.vidnc^.;run';iii;Kpr  ���;.i 0 ,1 <> .40 ��� \Kt ctn t jn. cop-i^-n;.-';', /:;':-;//;;.//''/;.;://'-y^UM^^MMS^  .���-������;A.,.rrcfr sijt.rilc'^- .of /pli;rb@t;ife;:;ii;rt:/w���|^  A V. i tte: g rou 1 *. of chi msjmmtn ^B^^^^iSj^^^^^  Sumh'.H���;, carnp tlie :: |WBt,,. .-.^ve^k;/��� ///:.;Tbl^'(fetif^ISlfiSill  lour icet nr,wlclth/;iii# eA'rrfcl'^*<i%I"/%*JJi|^|tt3g&p^^?S^?  ������������ 1\vo.5!v?fB are. c^fo^^ii!t:I��g:r'ir��Mii^  on the Uu-lcher \!|c>y "111'.i>e^ilwomi::0^i^M^$S:'M-  ..    On  the Mollie and ' .Trcdwtflf/to  . 1 he jn.mno, ih^ la-;id In*?*- J*een...i.rii.c^^t.:.fof\;\;i'c^^^  ' v:*.Ex��ue<.S by Cim^iils'hp fbrei* .|i!li���^i;,;:://'//��� 'VfyS^^&^yy3  .'v.;  ,;���-' ;-/'.:,"^"...;'KklK>^/^  nie profit o.es ;ii�� ^nc!/iiroiind'Effe:ife  auenuou.-���.- . 1.ing]iH!|'-|ia|>emto';!iiiid  .the ^niiuii.!.nieeti.fig:o!.thc:'-r.lit  iM-ni hyndxcfite; T..td , r*|:^m.ling/;t!ie;C;^^  ongtoiv-and veverarod'ier'.pfo.|:^rt;fe/;i.;n;iii^  n.ocHi:ot hrie. a.s ^veiras'nnnerai ;cl��  01 lhc. K.voieuayt,-..-   i>ecbaiim��IK ^rvH^  ^iK'oura^in-/a.cvt^ina-of'.a!l/-!ie.trad^^  ^!H v��*�� to the;:pr��*j^^  ^.otup uncut to Mr, Markcn^ie, the et}girieir'i.irchar^  t>^-.'u> ^:-��nny and.thr���.success attending Iimo|^ra.iion$v..-.  ;he s>'suh<--^.��:*"bus uwvMvd, -.;/:io.4'od'ttv tticf jHJrChaM',  ��-:'  -^   �������� ^l(^ ^'Untjy, ;;thd ��..is -eucouraguig' to.'  n'tl(: lhal .,n"si",;j' lln'^ -"i: turntug out 'well/-'" ;/':-,/; v'  ���'������.'.-   ���; /���������    ;nvXAi>A 'iSKAN-n.-V-'.-.'V,  ��� ^n-1 ne Copier Ouccn 'in i tie thev -Sire down /a-  denih'. '���  Cross \*alne  2,097,2^0  2*470,81 1  3.229,0:^6  s>*s^em     active.  loorT'^'M^ ? '"^ l^U; ,^OJue^' l*'��� ^topc Froiri ;.the:'^o  .,/''' Vt*4 ?s iwn ���u'<-'I^t>d. up tea the second levelalni  a g ,n<i ;>nuv,,i ore uncoyerpd .in" Vhe W^vaii:.- --fW-:  fTs   m, !m:C lH:tilf;u^ preparing to sbiiv^re' '/Tte'  r    riar'V,J,thc blowin- i,�� of ttie-^twel'tcr w^,  isYT   1      ,   !-st   wcck-      M'����nK   ��tiietrt��v.:oH "ifo  ,S,,uld l:��. very e���cotinigi.ug. .' ,,-V,/;;,//',/,'^  sioc"n!dui;;ri^  Hill and Two VlUT u^   Hlduai^ ' &* Liberty  aciiv- ' l()lil,r;4'Jo!)s.generaIlyare ver>  ;. ���"'-.,.i.'1 -\  1  1 ^-pi-vr-T*. |,*v*vW      m*"*."t "T*        ^  'I  ���U   ,,  ���M^^S��S855SSS5!rB!!ffiSMm��^^ THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ��� ���**<&&  v   V.  J> '-���,  ^*AHK final match of the  Canadian   Military Rifle  T  1    .. .* -"J  *  <**~  V  League was shot off Saturday to the credit of all  concerned. The members of the local branch are fast  becoming marksmen and take a keen interest in their  work, as is exemplified by the large number of competitors at the rifie range on every occasion on which  a shoot was announced. H Bird wins a first-class  badge with an aggregate score of 354. while X. T.  Mel,cod 1347L {^ Burden (320), A. Qrant (312) and  J. Mackenzie (308J secure second class badges. An  invitation has been sent to the local club to attend the  annual shoot of the British Columbia Association, to  be held at Victoria on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of next  mouth ft is probable that a few of our best shots  will go down and show the marksmen of the Coast  what Xelsou can do at the target. This city will also  \k represented at Ottawa at the fall meet of riflemen,  and ��\ill doubtless make a record.  I am always pleased to note statistics which go to  prove the growth and prosperity of this fair city of  ours. From a statement furnished by Mr. T, B. Hall  to the Victoria C*/<��'o*f it appears that while certain  communities in Eastern Canada with a population of  lo.iMtf* and upwards do an annual postal business of  $St7i*it Nelson, with something over half the muni��er  to draw from, contributed to the postal revenue last  vear $t vioo ^S I also observe from official returns  that for the twelve months ending June 30 Nelson  stand* third on the list of Customs' collections. Victoria comes first. Vancouver second, with Xelsou a  good, third, Kosslanct. New Westminster, Xanaimo,  and Kaslo follow in the order given. Bravo Nelson  say we all.  The weather for the past week has Iieen exception-  ally watm, and as a consequence the ladies are appearing in the lightest and whitest and brightest garb*  As for the steriK-r sex -well, they are discarding many  of the conventional articles of dress and assuming an  iudepeiulence which Old Sol alone can be held responsible for. Not a few of them have gone so far as to  shave off their whiskers, and in a couple of instances  at least friends of mine have parted with moustaches  which for years they had been cultivating with the  greatest care. In one particular in tance the growth  on the upper lip of the young gent uid not seem to be  of sufficient density to interfere with his comfort, and  when chided on the point, lie solemnly assured me  that the measure was a precautionary one He mentioned the 'name'of some eminent scientist who claims  to have discovered that the'beard of man is a happy  hunting ���grounp of baecillu The -fact, he assured me,  had been demonstrated'.'upon, a guinea-pig which had  been inoculated with the material obtained from beards-  and moustaches with results distressing to the guinea  pig and alarming to those who had been more or less  in contact with the beards and moustaches aforesaid  Fortunately  or unfortunately,   the  gentleman   made  known to some o�� his lady friends this latest achieve-  raent of scientific research; with the result that they,  individually, became alarmed and advised the immediate removal of the moustache. Such is the explanation given by the young swain in question for moving  about this hot weather with a bare upper lip.  I took a street-car ride out to Lake Park the other  evening, and was agreeably surprised at the many improvements there effected within the past few weeks;  and the great number of persons who by their presence showed how much they appreciate this latest addition to the attractions of Nelson A. brass band was  in attendance and from the neat electric-lighted pavilion discoursed sweet music. Some scoie of small  craft leasurely plied with ore or paddle over the glass}'  surface of the star-mirrored lake, while the summer-  night breeze played through the foliage and seemed to  whisper 4> here is rest." It is a charming little spot,  capable of being made one of the most pleasurable resorts in the country. I was pleased to observe the  street cars so liberally patronized, for such enterprise  as that displayed by the Nelson Tramway Company  deserves every encouragement.  The fishing season is now in full swing, and fish  stories are the order of the day. But I am not going  to tell even one of the many I have heard during the  week, for the verv name of fish brings anguish to my  heart because of four speckled beauties I lost���positively lost-the other day, and through no fault of  mine Gentle reader, dont suppose that this loss was  sustained while I was at one end of the line and a  taking fly at the other. Far be it from me to plead  guilty to such a crime���at this particular seasou. No,  the fact is I was listening to the dissertation on bacciili  and beards, when the fortunate.fisherman called at my  domicile to make what would have been a very acceptable presentation, and not finding me there���unreasonable fellow���he gave the trout to another living  several blocks away. I have heard of several good  baskets during the past few days. I saw one, and  although there was but one fish in it, I semewhat.  envied Mr. Cbas. Matthews his catch. It was a beauty  weighing between three and four pounds. While  complimenting Chas as a noble disciple of Sir Walter,  a lady who was of his party claimed the honor of landing the trout. Now, Chas is too much of the gentle-  man to contradict a lady���her presence in the boat no  doubt had something to do with the catch, as that  trout never rose to the surface for the mere purpose of  admiring that fly.  And talking of fishing, I was reading in one of the  monthly magazines the other day the experiences of a  noted angler���one who has fished all the well known  streams on the continent He asserts that fish will  not rise to a fly if the surface temperature of the water  he over 60. This authority always brought his glass  vvith him, and before casting a line ascertained that  the temperature was right. His Indian boatman on  one occasion attempted to steal the wonderful instrument for locating fish, believing that this was the only  purpose for which the glass was used.  P. G.  v  '. ��'.���  *.'" \->)l  ' ' '���I ''  ,-��� i'S-I  ��� j y'����l  *   -,   " '���".?!? 1  -' -��� -''; "J-Z  ���    ;'  l * '������'.'  "I     (/  \     \ \  1   !*   'If. I  J^X :  !������'   1  It  ��sa IftWMMH
tsss m
" S-«
l&§^fe,j|f ...
■■■ flltlil-
;;■;,;:■-.;.-.:.,./.;-..-..''c^iKtiaf ciri^i*fato»tv.of Thk   K€t>5<>>mTJ .";,,■■•
,.'■•".. -,.,'' '--■ -     ....'■. ;\"iCTORi,A;.. July" 2.1", ^1900. ■.'
THE opening day of the..: .Legislative'A'sseuibiyh^t
.-';,:week;:was;otie of;^iMgayest, in tbe'h-isftVry qflhe
large concourse of people were in,'attendance.;, ■'?riuci^
'/"/mer:garb;; which gave a v;ery;,charmiug appearance to
v'' trae:assembly.liall.;",' -Allthe ;desks. were removed:, from.
/. /the'; floor'.of thediouse^with. the.'.' exception- of those. A.*r
the cabinet miuistets so :';as to provide more 'aceomnvr
■'■■;datiou%^ state- that
::''-':aIl;;availabIe-'space both.,on/the' tloor;;ai)d.:.ga!lerie>;w-;:is
/-;.axed.to'itS'utmo<t:. ;;;Sir-LIeur|jo!y 'has adreadv'w-on;
:-;:,/fie:has: come; in contact by hi%-'a'llab[e/-:n.a..ni5e*''and'ey i>:
'"■. dial treatment..'/ ;.fit-is- guard;o.f-hoi'mr on 'this occasion
;':.-w".s; large and representative/ .;. Not/only was the; j a-
.'.-' -panese.consul; an "attendance., hi■ hi.s;'.'''uni.!orlB. of office %
■■ 'but' also a contingent of officers- irony; the jC.hi-lian- vear-
/--ship/wttich; was .at/Bs-qnirnait at the-:time/'.isr addition;
,;.'"■■ to.the .military-and naval officer's .at oresem' -staUomai
oliere. -:,/.-.-;'":;"-- '..;'•■■■'■.■ -. / ■
p/\.-Joseph'Martin, the leader of the;:Oppositiof]',-,dk! not
; -object;, to the/selection of,Mr.  Booth as /..speaker; and'-.
;■''/:'be;wa's -therefore' unan boons! y elected■■ to that. ofney.
■: Mr- Dennis ■''M'nrphy; "of Ashcroft, ■'■'had the  ho'uor.'/of ■
1 /'.moving, the'fir.st-resolution-'-'in.the house.,   w,]dcly-.wa<
/.■'seconded by-Mr. Dickie, of 'Cowichau..//This re*r?hv
-,/■-'tton''was thai. Mr   B00Uf.be' selected.as'speaker:.   Both.
•"'■■these'- members, in, well-chosen remarks, reeonnheodrd
: .the representative of Xor-Ui-Victoria to tbe.'-.o^juoo
...-When the-.'Premier moved  the adjou'nime'n / or .the
.House until ".Monday,. Mr'.'Joseph ,\L'irtin took excei>-:'
tion to the delay  in conducting  the   business--01  the'
;   country/1 and also'took objection m the mannerof'be- .
ing. crowded bv the invitation ofs</"pvMv.-,fjv..;VK''-n;:.t
, ■:M'r.'-Prentic-ythe ■Provincial Secretary; ;H.Inmied that,-
;he was'responsible for''having  provided  as mo-o   -,.-...
. commpdation as possible Tor the invited  guests.   and
apologised to all   the . members   present/ exeent ' Mr'-
■' Martin, for anv little 'inconvenience   that' '^rV,;,/!..
have been put to. ; ".-Mr." Martin-made-' st>me v-,^\-va-
for  insinuations in T'egnrd to   the 'Hon   yy   ''l-»:t..j;.jriv
for   which he was   promptly  called'to   orde:.-'     .\jr" ■
Prentice  challenged  the  kite IVmirr   »-.-. ..;..'. 1. :.
'direct statement   and  in a -niasterlv   uk-po-   ,^-    '   •''
down Mr. Martin.
-Attorney-General Kbert/s drew 'atn-nti--,-■ to -:
tact that it had always- been the . custom \ adtour--
from Thursday, the'"opeiung day, until M'o.ida'v "ii-
order to give all the members an (.ppnrtunity'. "i \'-:;^.
. sidering the Queen's speech. He referred tw'ihJe.X
nalsof the house when Mr. Martin was V) u(^f./'Z\
showed that on many   occasions  (inri,„, .},.,,    .     -
" '"     Uil '•'■;   Ui.it     he^Mi' i' i
the house adjourned on account of not hem" ou.,v..ro
with public business after being in sc*<i<m an' 'hup ],l
two. It' was the same old kick of WiviM„ .-..', /', '
able time of members   who had  conh-o, ,...M,.... ,,
business of the country:    It is needle— n, s-o■ ♦ ■?,.■♦ \t
■ .  ■-J K 4-n.tt Al r.
Martin did not create a   favorable   miore<>io-   })V 1.;'
.,'.,kicking:'in": regard:to. ''theJarge;.;./o^^sqfel>^^-^ir^^iVf:'!Si^(-:.
' is yrega rd to ■ the ''wasting, 'ot. tifi^'^y^
lost'on which the ;hou^,-wiW
■«<1avv aiid surely i>ne.,dmv-ia'no^
"me!u!>ers to consider middig^
'tuent a^ibe'Quc«uV^peecb*'^ii^?^
'4».u'a'rd: of hoiior-Jn' a\toOtti'-. tu';t!i^-:/b!iil^
.■.'■'■■'■   * . "' ''. ■ ■■■     ;   ;,' '■'' :"..-'- ^   '''"■; '..7.'> V..'--.'''^--^
ior'Untt purpose., .'--'/■//■-/-/-■,,,"'■-/■'/■;■.:l^;:;;;:;';i:-":/■■',;:■•..,:>7-:.-e-;,e;ev.-,c
' - d rr'tiie-e;vertj ng. Sir; Htprf, JciO
dinner's;at tlHv-I')riard'to:-a./d.iitiiJ^^^
n e w' I Je-u. tenant* (5 o v'c..r n or', in: it. p Iioidiiig ;hp,'/repu 13 imm
a.N; one of the !>cst/ etj^r.^jner^'/MVyth^-
■. A' C'hi'ba'ri war-ship %^ra^._:'i t>-':- jf*t>rt/ fo^-:?M^^ri*-i ;.:.tl^i">:,:i"''':J^^>^
week, .and.. ■. the• officers- /'ancl'-:tn^it:./'tlwoht'WT/.enmy'ti!'-
t lie'i r leave.'"■•" :8oibe :of.:'i;b«-"m^ii/ib<W
C:u)^(l trs ?r.'lxr \'-^riige%; ^;nd';
oth'cet s' of .t he. la w ;a ltd. alt.ciw^|-;;t bctr/tlfe^
they Iwca-mt" sot^r.;''-',:- ■Tliey;..Wtrf:/givfi:i-t^
thx city .a.;«d. 'hkd-a'gf^l tniiei/'.:A;';i*|ft;|:^
■whi.Ic out hv.,? he'. Inbil^ lif*s|iI.f;ili/'-'-:i^
jt.s contetits' '■.■.' The-r#nil-^■iB;tb|.t;||'f;:8^M^3fifel^S
a,.run:,of Iwy .mite^ mi-vin/&$it^^
■\#>" ■-.?,■;. :tr- \:mmH**tMtmttmm.,'
1 'me .Victoria ■ fy^#®*^$^
c-o.U^i sis, ti> Ibe. Htjnib'.jif;^; i'ii'ip|;y//;.||
thatl^r of nM\v \\m< -.;!)&::tii!tfi|^
,t hfit; time ^re.now■ i^i*:;;tfck't!l--:;|||^
.s'uienila! election-^
-' Pt iptijist; t be. M iddie-'O-f-l b^/Rr^*! --f*«i|i-||fli4^/i;lie/--;K-C»lil-/--/
' l>ei..e*:>p' 8^<i'.alisl„ ike. ..t*nilt^;;;C^f J^lffij;
t he. (. b j lit l>r mm:: tu %, . ■• B.r;v/tiii .It ■; ili^ ;iic|ii||iili|/;il;i|.;fiiti|;|!--;
th^;p;trires— the ;I;>em<*crat'^'»^;t;|ii:;.pif^itl|l|-ft
very-He.|:-ub!ic-;ois:,:- '^IcK'tiife^-'/If
s t r :^ i g 111,; K e p n b! i c.f n ' pi r!.y; oi:ilye //.;": ^/^liiyillig#§!;tflife|/
ryattpn-.d. ret>nt.;ub^.V'o?i"- ibc;otbc^
•I^^uejlv,. re-nintnit*!d/'kir'ylrjf^p^
ot 1 he-' ko::vd.. IUn^xtu%\y. ■ m^■ .|;j||g^iit:;|1g|0^:;;i|^
l.or. p.residr 01. fiy .Uie S^iaLn^mi&l^l^
*e '.in uii> cotO;ttry.'-.;wttb';^Uj.^^^^^^
•^ebnu b-o?!n,'      "■ hyy'y-yl:yy^
A1 fs.s r
t *■>
s   i' J!tt'ord. a-nd Sublet U»k-.tbfe^tb^^ilttyth^l
' "   ''   : 1   "
; TJ   V I'f    o-
vtr? en 11 Lcsi ii buy re ■ mi. .Monday. m' *1«;
i V
!/ e'
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The doctor had  never told us  [much of his early life, but this evening he  was in al  [reminiscent mood.    He said :  *' I was born in a little village neat the city of Moh-f  [treal, and after attending the public school for a while!  :ngaged in sehoobteaching*   By economy, I managed  |tosave euottgh money to take a course iu a medicMf  |<xdlege at the Canadian metropolis.      I had reached  jthat point when it was necessary that I should perfe!!  myself in physiology and anatomy.  " While sitting in my lodgings one evening smokl/  ing a pipe unci reading the paper, my eye caught all  item giving an account of the strange death of ayouhgf  woman whom i knew well in my native village. She!  had been engaged, but a lew days previous to the date  xed for her marriage, and while walking around tiie  house apparently in the best of health, she threw her  |>rms up and fell back upon the floor, manifesting ail  he symptoms of a dead person. Although fouye-  Mght hours had elapsed l>efore burial, no signs of  putrefaction had set in.  "I   was strangely interested iu the case, foi the  ':''XYtf'MyXy&XB0$M  ������-./���';- yyyyyy yysM:.ii^M?M:\  '::'.-: "'.'.'..e R.r;o^e-'e..;>e:!.3^;'0^'  ���Y^-'-'i..'".:.-': y^.y^^yY^Syt^M  .--.y. .'-.v ;Y y,;/:'^7:y^yyyy#yMJi$  yyy'.:^^:':''yyyyYyY&vxttL  y^yyy'.i'M  ':\' ^yy'i:\kfi yiu'i ���'yyiyffiiyi4i  yYlyY$YY0^M&  :"<?Yy7e.  .yyouhg,.raa^  ;-1han pti<��; -^occasion//mented-/my/./dis^leasure  /,reading'.;.ib^  or&tir/ed^-bM  ;;;df>the.Ything/.the'/m  ; ��� one/of ;t hose'!;ra re';��cases;:of ��� cat  ���'���^ul ted.ariie^i^  ^ing^tbe/m^  ;traiil/'w.liich/ieft"  /day^nc!/^  -ai>out;.;;^  '.tet'nioi'rBa^-tb^ rbb':t  :YYyyyi\Y0$$  yi^Y^SSM  yiyyymmt  yYyyym'um  ������$Yy$��M$%&t$  5whp";;wa;^|a|widpw ^t-distSh^^  Zgr a:i-eya"rd#  ;her|/:;'/I/;kuew  Y'.; '';'.."''v'..'i'-...f i".'.'������'::���'-':��� Y.'^'Y'"^-Y^^'..':Y^Y'se-'Y;.lY:f i^-.:''"\Y;'>YY^:;i-Y';'Yr^Y"&Y''^  ;;.y<>.ung:;:;;Iadv/;;ih:,::the  /wotdd-ife  .!,.'.V. ���"���---.'...i1,-)'.. iyi:s~ .y:^'yK^yrsi:^riy^.^:^^imri  ,,-..-,M  ���|oi;ng;;  ;,,,.,,,.,..,,y-,,,,,,^ MS  -stmigbl';dbwh/a/c^  ���������,';-���.''���;.:���-���;���;"!���'���������:.;- r***j[yy -���-���; X-' ':-.-'<'-yy-:''y: ���������';Y- ���,.':-;-������V/-'-e;-;.-������-���:;-������.���, /Lo".!-:i -.-'���,/(:';.'p.: er.M:(.'\':^';:,'-e',,'''-:-^'^/,^^^:-';e --'���"' ���;'^;:>^o,':;:-/c'"v'v,;;:.:'ei ,7t'v;.''e.''-'::':. ,_>--.  /(|iuld-rea/eh|^  /���r^inpis<eeit|l.:iT  /|-Kn|^;tbe|^  ;;d^teHldi1|lp;||S^  -;i-teacbed;|te|g  dtttle|tli|e|te  ; cS:t?ghtY;.|l-myt; w^  /\vith/-t!ie-:a//-/:pic^^  ?t.fe-lahtefir-/'^o;^;/t^  'gray^bu^-iiBsu^  :|6eKi^iiffir^  Yyet-ft^|r|b^rdi:^  YUse-iuppicS;/-/-  ���  Y- Y Y^':: '���'��� YY^YYyYYYYYYY$wYS$  ^YYyy-YYYuYYYYiiYMYYMSSi^i  Yx^ Y:y: yyYfyYYYY;<Ytiyty0YMiYM  YY$%  ��.%^ j-<t,)..:^oii.;a-;,��  tloliiiflilii  ������.-.;���   ..-'.''W. :v.'i/;K:.y.. -;.-.v ''���.'���������.���.���.'/,r-.: *�� "  KCa(ilii|llS  Against  prices  will  be   the   feature of the Gen Glearaiice Sale which  will be corntnenced on Saturda}^   Moriihig to  niake  too  of Clothixigv.Geiit^.FuniisliiHgs,'.Etc./v ;-':'/;/-''-/''"  \ry.'-y'':y.yY::yyYryYiyyiY3YY0&  .yyYyy'y^y:"y;yyYs}yyyiYtyyyrY?y0YM  YYYyY^yYyYYyyYYY^YYrYYyYY^A.  "^!v,^;  .C^i>..:  .���*!  ��� * ' ' .'.'���-'��� ��� , ''������.,-''. \-     .   Y '.���.:' .     "       .     ' . y  -���',���'.'.'���:"..' ,-.*'.'. ' ''"'" V. ���>  ::.fywo Hunderedand Fifty Suits of Gloth  Cost. ;^ Men's"Furnishings^^  v'unts. " Every. Article-' 'in'v.thft .Store offe'red at ���'���from/ 2:0..; to 50 Per,'Cent;  *     *4  H  t  V ��  r      I  I'  "A  .,������.;  Y. Jt  *^r*��^.*iw. M|.ii�� w...  -!<"���"  "T  t' ,  ��.*n pnnr "iwi* #-'^at��*^�� ������*"����� * I'" ' I  v    ��� r  i *  -{ ^vtfy-ev-nv^'^f -' -:-j 10  'THt NELSON-ECONOMIST  rfik  !!$����-  PpSlfY  tiffed  ��� if ft  m,  - -^riff ���  IB*.  My .  half an hour,! suddenly struck the coffi  thing sent a thrill through me, and looking up 1 saw  staring at me the lover of the girl, with a revolver in  his hand.  He did not notice that I had observedhim,  and as I leaned over I pulled a pistol from nty pocket,  and quick as  flash I pointed it up n hioi and  fired  He fell forward       I opened the coffin^  took  irom it  the body Of the young woman,   placed it in tiie sack;  and then shoved the niau I had shot into  the grave-..  :;<- What to do with the IxkIv of the young   woman  was the next question.      I finally made  tip my mind  to "go to the  house of mv mother and explain all. to-  her.     The old lady was a woman of iroirnerye^ and  was not sb much  shocked at /what I told  her as one  PATENAUDE BROTHERS  .wmUdimagn^  ��� conch near t.he/sU>vt\ | ''returned:tft:tHt'^mmtyi^i  ., Intstily; filled in the grave', in  '���'then made;my way -lioito'W^  \ as*cv oriny/'mo^  ldimke.t'-a,tK! pfii-c^^^  : i|uickl>"intr.n^  , and; with mother" handling,,tbe/'ra  station*"catching iht;. 3'. 0* clocks  ^/Ou^rcachi^  ex press m*m 'and ..had threat tiketi;;Wiiiy:rdopjf..wfee^  ���if-avas jhiluitdcf'thc/j^  ���.'ilown;'and. vvm *wm,. ta&i'EsJeep*/:.>/;/:How IiC*tt.g-:'IfStej^.-���!/-;.���  'know-not; J>qt'-when  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  fine Watches'.';*  Specialty  NELSON, 8 C.  WHOLESALE' AM) .'RiBTAli.'  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVE*ERTS:     ���  \imit*   Mav    Min'Tnl    <:.t;*inY.  siaud**'   m  th/ NVIson M'mtiisr l>ivi>io����:��f-->Vfst K����or,rm*y;  Distriri. ���������.-,������' .". ,'-.  '.,���''. ', ������     ..:,'  \\'ilt.rt. kv.ued:   On l-ortynine,t nw?K, nm}  isthf*M"��ini"ru'exioasi��-in"-<*r thc./'Msj*^ *..*<"/  Mineral Claim - , ��� /'���      '.L    /, ��  ^  Tuki' notice Thai 1, .I��hn- >ii*Ua^hf*vl .!.>.  of the I'itv "of-Nelx^u. u<rtihi.��--.Hs:-Jij?i-ttt **.��r  ��� Sv��(omon-Joh'.W.-Kr��-t��- -Miner's. (yrJitJnUr ��� \i>.  B ' 11 377. -una ' WHiifthi O. K^Mn-mv Y rw  Miner's . a?riitl,ca?��" '��� N<��. B ^,h*>, intend,  sixtvdavs from lln* dak- JK-iyuf,.. ?<>. ��M|**y  H> the Mining Rwonlvr'f*��r �� rvrtMrni*' at  improvements, 'for th*.*'-puriv.^of olduu)ht.{*  a'Crmvn.Ofunt of tlu- nb<A'<4 vUVm.  Ami  lurlb'-r ;'akv nolkv.thaJ actfowY under  ���'seot:orv ;>7.. must'lv* eo$nmrnr<-'d U-Oirv Mtr ,  issiiaru-r of <ti<:h. wriiHriU.��'.����l:.iJn|'r",,v,"ln*-,,r*'  Daled lhi> jiinsh day "j1 May, A, S> , I <*"*..��.  AOUS  Mrl.A'H'UIK  "'���������������������������������������'������������***���������.>���������  MEAD OFRCf;: Nc!?fc>n. B.C.- '���  " ./���.���',6RANCHBS--.AT  f  -'-'.- -R05-SL.A.M'i  /.'>ANiH>S0  L  TRAIL    .''���.-,  '���.  .���  W  HEN YOU  BUY  Q'Kell &'Morris1  ���  ���  ���  you '_'*���! wis,11 .' ;(r��' ;>u :< Y'i'-'! s  liini'Mii fruit ��� a !>'\ -Ti'.i r, ����� :���; !  )n��r!n->- is l��-n a; hnui-.  ���  ���  i   't' V    lift?      i.t'T *"<*/���*      t ��   f*      }����������������*'��� *'i ���      * -- j.     .  ��� Jk'>i -St^'t'k iu/'the" K*.'::OU:u.'i'\. -:  AI*rO /i -iiill !sy.e ��/'  Shelf and Heavy Hardware  \\\-   -M  t- -  conil'.r-krs^oji-  t.>r-5-cte  nc.ou.yer Hardware Co.  FLU  D  t:  #  1   %  %\t  .   1^  I     O'KELL & MORRIS'     *  are. absolutely the  D BEST  ���  "e  /r-j  ,   !  ;   ' " ^ 'r  , i   , <  ��� '  J   '      I  !H '  d;n��u   ..'JSUX,    thy OMJV'" ?OW"..;������/  :-t   f ��� I  '      !   i��  ''iil'''l,,'!\s'>"'i!.t -,d)v>v/' /'-SinK-rtor. 'td-.phoir1' ':f.  --���'���'���.'ousronum hrou/.c.','    If the/- |?"ame���.iB/if  * -it *'��� .      o % jY.  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For  |wo houis I labored  with her,  but was rewarded by  festoring   the young  woman to complete conscious-  " Abtutt daylight   following morning she had suf-  leiystlv recovered to tell inc that she had been a silent  vitness of every movement since being taken from the  jidfm, and had even heardthe shot fired !    She knew  lie man 1 had shot was her lover, so that being guilty  h\ murder I was in her power.     I felt satisfied that  1  lv.t<i sate for a few days at least,  as she was too weak  jo leave the room.    It was necessary, however, that I  should remain with her for a da\\ but on   the second  Hay I determined to settle up my affairs and give my-  [eie u\> :o the police,      I started out for this purpose,  mt had gone only a shoit  distance   when   I   saw in  [r����nt in me a man   with his arm in a sling.      There  iv<N  s miethtng about   him that reminded   me of the  n.m I had shot,  so f walked a  couple of blocks and  iu^lu up with him.    As I was turning the corner he  looked around.  '��ud there 1 met   face to face my victim !     l He recognised me at once,  and pointing his  liberated hand   at me said, '" Vou  thought   you had  died mo,    What have vou don? with the bodv ofmv  ^.ve,etlse:trt ?'       It did n��it  lake me long to explain  matters to him,   and you may  be sure he was  as relieved and pleased as was I at the fortunate result. ���  " After leaving him I returned to my room, and as  the young woman had sufficiently recovered from the  shock, I 'explained to her all the circumstances con-  nectectwlttr the adventure.,��� Needless to szy she was  well pleased, and more so when, a few minutes later,  her lover entered the room and both were happily re-*  united. *  '* It appears that when I shot the man and shoved  him into the grave, he had only fainted During .my'  absence he recovered consciousness, and binding up  his wound, he took train foi Montreal to bring,rue to  justice. The pair were married that same day, and in  order to avoid undue, talk about the affair, settled  down iti Montreal. I abandoned my professional  career, and taking what little money I had saved up,  started round the Horn for British Columbia. And  that is not the end of my story either^ for on a recent  visit to Nelson I met :i sou of the. man ?nd woman  who had both been in the grave He is in business  there, but I do not suppose he has ever heard of the  strange experience in the lives of his parents :'  D'Mcke  The macadamising of Baker street will be at once  proceeded with, beginning at the eastern boundary of  Hall Street and working west as long as available  funds hold out.     This will be a great  improvement'  * ��� t  1  ii <  -k1 "*  , > Y'rY i  77    ��; ,  \' -5  'V**********^^  w~^ w~\ ri  VVVVWVVWWVVVV  IRVINE  &  CO.,  36 Baker Street  *3s*tB*t&mtteaantAH*m^MmmiiiJMmm  WWUIII  Annual Spring Sale  f   t   r     '  tjI  t1JF    '  &x*i  . V.VJ&TJ  * I ft rt.S  ���>���     *****  K r       a-      J     _  ^ >�� ��>���*���'  House Furnishings, Carpets, Oilcloths, Linoleums,  Window Shades, Lace Curtains,    -.^^^^^..^.^^wv;^^-  QS ' yv/;-/;''/;/'';;:y/'/./-^  Now is the time for Spring House G  replenishing new for old.   We w  reductions in this department for the next 10 days-  rtieres.  SOc up  $1.20 up  1^25 up  */ ^| Tapestry Carpet from  /;\| Brussels Carpet from  ��� , -I Axminster Carpet from  '- .^ English Wilton from  ���' > Ingrain Carpet from    ,  All Carpets sewed aiid laid free of  i.:'charge./'    V^.'/'/'���;,''���- ;./"\y"'  25c u/d  ��� -��� * ���,  .-?  Floor Oilcloth from;..  Window Shades from     / /  , ...^      Curtain^Poles ��� :from;.'/  & a   US I  Lace Curtains from /  50c up | j.  Art  Rugs  and  Squares   at   All  Prices.Y^-.'/''//-'y/;/.:-.: '���^���"���.^/���../���'/���-:fv;-r  75c up  "SSSSSSSSSSSS&BH 4  l4     A  kYYYMY. i^fe**  MMfflBMM  k^fma  12  THK. NELSON.'eeO.NO,p$T''-  m  w  W'y  ill  m  W'.- .������������  pey;  m  Ii7>:.;;,!.5y.: ..;���.���,.  feii/  !SSl5  vmm m  m.m  J*M*��yf \-  p|.-%?S-iv, .'  mmm^y  i ipt  '     >' "I..- t&f .  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' "     ,"'-'  .Where:' i^K-ui^l,:   l.Jn Morrs!:^ Miim��!ittfi' "  .���lukeivnitrUmt I.Jc.jim   Mr{^.iit>}n��'   !M  ^   '  m]  the   Cuy  of Neis.n^  :m-:M^   :^ H-r'iy"'��-'//'���  Herbert, L .-Wilson, Kr*'��-.'.At-.ini>rV. r.-riu^v,'  No. H 2>,<f,0, inieiKlvSi xl.v duvs jn>ns n^- ��?''*��<������  kmvqI, to apply to t,hv  M-iMt'o'u' U^rd^r *.��r '-,���'���  Leniiicnfe ot  irMj>rov����iin-rnm, r����r  sit-- i*i��rw..-;,��  oi obtaimn- a. (Tou-u   f;nun   OJ-  tjU!' /��/,v,,  -.elaini.   ��� ^ ���  And further tJik<-tioiir.,j.h';H a-te.ij    ��,������}   surv.it;ey'Ji"m;'' {yvmu'uu- <f( h��M/rnv;��,;-t-;,.'"  Dated lln,< I'Jih <!uy .y.-sm,.-, !',.*.��.��� :  ^vH's'.McI.^ivntr,,  Wadcls Bros.,  -.,;');������. .^:^i.^.^-^^Y-Y^i^  Osier /&.'...,(jiirci  '������:'��������� '"������  ^YYY'I  y;yy*  lii-s  YY'Y*  *- T m  n  ac  c  Baker S-tre^l*..'  1  .     ';,,OVf'f   .  Mc��y ��i .ryuiM  ^ t.  :K*i����.��iiiv"��:  ;#i  ...Near...  l'iiair ���. Hot'e'i  and -Ne.lsoh  VICTORIA ST., NELSON  I  THE  HALL  MIMES,   LIMITED  (In Liquidation.  TO SHARK W'AHKANT.S.HoUiKK.s;  .-. .Special n.soJuf ion-  U*v -li.nu.hii '<(IJ ���=,,<! ,  eonstructlon   \ver<-    p:,^.ri .";i, :,���   [.-,.';/, ','  nary  (.Jencr.U   M.-rfjn^  h,��h)    ,-lM   \U,' }'>n''< <  A pi'! I last, and conijnec-rl ;u a -t"-.u r 'p-r i,, , ���' ,' '  on tl.if. .S5U.li   irleiu.an-1   in  fM,iu..nui'���, ' 'm' /';;  ��"ith anew <.'ojn|ijmv l:a>- h��.,.t, �����..,-,^t.' .���   /"  uer Hie nairK'^fih, J|a|| .Mitjin-'/v �����,',,''.,!'/"  <'oi-nptiny -(Limiled),   having   7,'. ,.��;',,o   1 "'';  JC-^yoOO In Ordinary <di?:res oiYjLh-.^.h ' '   "  As Li<juidator ��ir" 111*���  old ( %iiiii>;j.1'v   |   ,,,..  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(.'., Kn'^land, u/t i.-.i,.  than Friday, 271 h July, J900.  (.Signed) * ��� -   ���  A. K. Ash i.kv  Gent!  cm^-a   Finc  Su.uj  A  Specialty  _ f"y|rt-  H-^;'*-Jji!"v  tjf^^ i*;* .��?*'pl>':: '"'*5: :?^  "���'-*,.*!>���;" ye' ���$���*?..?f^*,My.*>r ^bfstSsii^s -y^^i;  ��m-.~ !���<.!. itjij. ;.jt,i;tvv;.��.'������ j.'--.?)j4tji?*.v    . "��� ���'���    '���"���'", ,  yi;J ��'fir��i*<-i- r.-i*fe,.��. *vrt||��^':;''{1s'*t-;.H.qfMn.*r^.*tt.*^  -���������u'Kt'* .y^h' s.y*s-.^r.Yiiii*r%iiysy.���������  ���'*' - ���  " '������"    "'A-Ik' i^'invK'M-  J  ^' IN^,.��,,rM��������-}������, U^u*'nil Hf*-^^:. fO^-   '**'*/ S���  ''-������-'t* ���������!!?  n-njj suih^ *um*Um<w*'n! WM  :'jy ^j-'"j�� j,��i , wist tH--*>'UI nf.-����� ^?eUM^?   g'  ',- nev��� i.,r y:i:,^      Th*'rfM'*i   *|   ^0<h! b��yy^  i!--��^-   ut   ih**- %ii��r��% iumI  pMrvlm^ry^ mm  ���,'"'< *���- favu -iwwt j,fH*k trnlf* rwit tw^?; ^S  r"---u.��h   iviii,   ?.he ertne^Mit.     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He d^W  |iug;dut/v  ground w^s hard with sleets  po'fmndrv;//'!}^  formal]/thii^  [.Hike/y'/'He/'^  purri,/'ah'(l.:.;was;/huina  puUurescyd^^  Gahridk'^  fcraey.' wrecked ;at'ihe;tim  |he,ihe;distn^^  |tixtiry;:arui;ea;%;J;h^  /way-''/al'^''av^  {not/inclined;^  .'���   .������'.,'���   ���������;;'     /..:'.'.' ...-'���(;.-.;.-;- y '..'������.'_.;��� ���       .,(. ���''..y,.;y ./.-.��� -'!.,'-       ���,.������..'.'.������'������ r    ,--'-,   '..:���' ���/.)''-������ ���'���'.'���.'- -1   . .���.,"-.!-:A',\- .-���'��� .',���;'..;���.*   ''-.  ." ,��� '���,   -"-.',.:' '���   'kY-l-'Y- '������������..��� ;:-- -"������''.; .'.:���������-  !the;;:w^  do^  "motli^  The simple gift oi wholesomely  :as;.ofte^  :absurditie^  ���ambng-he^  '////^  :.to;:I)ayid;;/th;e:|pn  .winter^  ���re^a/an^  ;SGnie;; grands  J/;'1:he;.iM^  aM|ira^  Go|)p,;;;Clarfe'/'jCbm  J}rug/aiid/3  . ���.#'.;  'I'ik-f^.  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DERS AT  ��: *  IBITOMStggfge^wsjwweB����  wwwwwLiijuieuuAMiijwi^^ w m   ���*   T  14  THH NB1.SC)N BCONOMiST  y.yYS^^  :iy$,  ft.,S  SMI  ���^  ':tl#IP*Y  J*5^' a ii it1-  r tvi v*t '111  V '.5"      H *   SI i  $>f! < 1 if  (to! 1!  > wf  < ���>  the /Winnipeg summer exhibit ion -was 'ojx'ned / on  Tuesday byLor^Minto, G<)ver!ior(kneraIofC^iad:i:  Sir Charles Tupper addressed the British Ktnmre  league *t Manehestor, yesterday afternoon. Re*  ierring to the Imperial problem now before;, tltc  British Ministers he reiterated the ini.|^sihil;hy/>!  Parliamentary federation Sir Charles-warmly-n\^  piauded the Imperial annVorgatm^ion which had  ��� eiiabled 200,000 men. to he transported and kept:;..<>.*<'  miles away in South Africa.  Juneau has a full fledged placer nime//t\\ettemetU., '  according to advices brought   from the -.north .by /..the  steamer Rosalie/ When the vessel saile<! from jtuie^uy  June iS, .a stampede wis era-i,it th'i;p|ic:er ili^ui^i.mi::^  Glacier Bay 15 miles distant.  '/   Chas. Colby,' the oldest resident ���of . Kent.., county;  and pioneer of Harwick Township, died !*t Cha'thaui* /  Ont./ yesterday aged: 100..years;and;five 'niohths;//  The .schooner Nellie ; Coleman has,- arrived, "at/ Fort.'''  aw  /Townsaul', .tTt:mt;:;-Y%|^;/'^  pas*<mgersr^I:^  .Quarantitie /r^g:u!aticin^ ��� ���;\y:i|l.';/-;bfe./ it.iferi^i;:;//^ ga|^!^^  .vessel^  ,-A//.young'^  Rosslaml/Ute/^  ,The/fi>IIowi.hg/l wkslif i*fe/I>^i4":';i&diidieiid' -|;c>'.'|ii"^}j  j/ufdic Ubrary r/T^  ; 'CxMi'.spiraior^,. W h$f /Is; art/, Tfe )'$M$ h|| .^rf:'/:! te^r^li  '{two-..V*ols}/ "A-:; Ro?i*iuhS-.:&��V;^  l*rmctss \ Xenta/^nd Jteyw";;&;  .������''Mr; j/-!^  ��� SYvn4i���^ie/.'vdK>w  ,   . '''���    ,< ���   "-. 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P. A.f  MELSO^, B.C.  f   fe2. v.  Doors/Sashes and Turned  Brackets and Office Fittings  ^*j  ^���^^^SSS?1LS��'SSS0��'-^'-'-  J ��',''.'t-  rt              SSAlUi&wb*W*��klM*j��U.vjj^iK a^salw^afoiSltfiatlCSWV..:  ���^^fit  !SSJ8SM<W*reiflw^ 1 I) ���*  ^JhMmmm%idkmmmAAdmmhmmJmmmm\m^i  /t  ���f^CW  ���*�����,-*���-  *L  &*s  *r*j  *   V J-  '>.-**.  ^tfc  r- ��..   ���* *T*J*  -;-v>;v5&*-��3  &��  ,t%,vj  Mti&Mlftr:  !*>'  '1*     }<��  t  *���  f/w-'ssr^^i  y.,+  *����. 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