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The Nelson Economist Jan 10, 1900

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C, WEDNESDAY. JANUARY  10, 1900.  NO. 26  3  1  "1  /���///���; XHMOX ECONOMIST u iuafd svftu iVedneHdau  at thiCUtj tjf'Xrhunyii. (>�� />��/ 71. 3/. Varley. Suhxcrip-  (ion; fS.OO ptr annum ; if paid tn advance, $1M.  Uojrff#p0mltnce on. Matter* of (jentml interest retpeetfttUy  xolkited. Only articles of merit trill he advertised in  thttt column*. t e*i /���; '/n iKi���ttM$ of render* will be mn-  fully gunrdtiil: against i?ier,Htn*ihU perxom ant' vrihU**-  artfcte$.  NoriCK..���There nine *eventl hundred n*ader.s of The  KrtiNoHlKT.lwhiiMl in their Htihscriptiotis..' NtMioUbt this  H ��ttribtiUtile to neglect and utt tlmt will he required10  ensure h luiaty re*p��m*t�� In tills ireiitlo ri*imndH\  rTAHE municipal contest-is now drawing to a close,  "*��� and to-morrow the electors with their ballots will  decide upon the men who will control the destinies  of Nelson for the next year.' It is a subject that demands serious consideration, and we rather imagine  this is the view taken by the majority of the citizens.  Nelson has reached that stage in her history when  great care must be taken to avoid mistakes that might  mar her whole future. From this time onward, our  progress must be gradual and any attempt at1; booming" must.be' checked. It is absolutely essential  that the affairs of the city must he conducted by the  same rules as are applied to other business concerns.  The question with the electors is simply with whom  can thev entrust the affairs of the city for the next  year with the greatest degree of confidence. The  " Economist ��� has before, stated that Aid. Fletcher  possesses qualifications that specially fit him for the  head of the civic administration. As time, has passed,  this paper has become more convinced of its original  ���conviction, and reiterates the hope that Aid. Fletcher  will be the selection of the electors.  The electors have no just grounds to  complain   of  hick   of g:>od  material   for. the Council Board.      Indeed, no great   mistake would  be made   in choosing  any three of the candidates nominated in either ward.  No matter what selection   is made, the etizens   may  feel assured that their interests will not be sacrificed.  In the East Ward   there are Chris.  Morrison, W.   J.  Wilson, J. G. Irving, Dr. Hall and  Hamilton Byers;  and in the West ward the candidates* re W. Irvine, Dr.  Arthur, T. Madden, A. X. McKillop and A. Ferland.  Every one of   those gentlemen is well known, and  the citizens can feel satisfied that their motto will still  be " Nelson first, last and all the time."  There is one feature of the campaign just closing  that is entitled to more than passing mention. We  refer to the good   feeling that is   manifested between  the candidates for mayor. Both Mr. Fletcher and  Mr. Houston have carried on their canvass with regard to the rights of each other as citizens. When  the ballots are counted to-morrow, the vanquished  can take the hand of the victor and confess that it  was a fair fight won on its merits. This is the right  spirit and speaks: volumes for the patriotism and  sound common sense of the candidates. A municipal contest is merely a difference of opinion among  neighbors and should b* free from any exhibition of  bad feeling. When the ballots are counted and the  sentiment of the people manifested in the usual way,  all should settle down to work for the advancement  of Nelson, totally oblivious of the circumstance that a  contest had taken place,  The defeat of the Local Government last weeK on  two motions is only what was anticipated. Constituted as is the Semliti Government, it does not possess  any of those elements requisite to hold together, and  sooner or later must die of inanition. The events  now transpiring at the Capital may hasten that end,  but iu any event it is doomed.     .  Hon. Thomas Green way has resigned, and Hon.  Hugh John Macdonald h^s been called upon by the  Lieut-Governor of Manitoba to form a cabinet. Xfc  Lieut.-Governor Patterson had followed the pr^-  ceden't of Lieut.-Govemor Mclnnes, he would have  entrusted the ibrmation of anew government with  some broken-down   politician.  In the news that has reached here from the Capital,  it does not occur that Hon. Fred Hume was called  upon to speak against time,  These references of Joseph Martin to penitentiaries,  iron bars, etc., must have a grating sound on the  finelv-attuned ear of Minister of Finance Cotton.  Word has reached Nelson from London that our  esteemed fellow-townsman, W. A, Jowett, Esq., has  .tendered-his. services to the British Government to  take charge of the commissary in South Africa.  Thf spectacle of Alexander Henderson pleading  for the political lives of the men he condemned and  excrutiated but eighteen short months ago, is without  parallel in the history of Provincial politics, and  fortunately so. It would be a bad day for British  Columbia if there were any considerable number of  men of the Henderson type in public life. Henderson need not flatter himself that he has succeeded in  deceiving very  many   people,   for although   he was  {^MBBM^^m^^^m:^m^- *ass  5 ft li  Itjf  ,41  t#  t%S  o  raB  ^  tit  rt  f }  f   o  4-   *  4     \  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  aided in every possible way by the supporters of the  late Government, the general impression of those  Who came in contact with him at that, time was that  he was a "fellow, who would bear watching* Subsequent events-developed that he could sink to even  lower depths of political iniquity than was suspected,  possible in a young man just beginning public life.  The case of Henderson induces the belief that the  Malthusian doctrine is not without merit.  the fr,encjs of that party supplied the necessary �� here  with to carry on the   content   against Ws   ��dversar\  who was an avowed follower of the OpposiUon. ' MV  Hendersons recreancy is without a ,��ra!lel i��� Uie  polu.cal hrstorv of Canada, and it isnot byuny m^  Mich a one as deserves emulation oil the part ofvounr  .nena.p.ring to public .life, in this or any other"co,u"  try..  f"**s^mr*a*W*".m- ->i;iw>)|  W. Irvine is a candidate for alderman'in the West  Ward. Mr. Irvine is a shrewd business man and  his presence on the aldermamV board would be a  matter of congratulation to the citizens.  M Btaki;' ' WiLaos knows the ' ��� ticcri* of Nelson in  the way of maintaining its commercial siwemaeyaud  lm selection lor a seat at the Council Board' will heV  distmet gain to the city. '��� . :>���  '    ����WJ*t"M**��*tJyfr*ttH*,��.r.;.fc  The Speaker of a Legislative Assembly endorsing  his own ruling with his own vote is something' new  in the way of Parlimentary Procedure, yet Mr. Speaker  Forster has supplied this precedent  When the armored trains were unable to withstand  the fusillades of the Boer guns, it is hard to .understand how the Duke of Marlborough Will succeed  with a dog-cart.  . AViTirs strong business council and-Mr. Fletcher  at the head, the maintenance- of Nelson as the commercial metropolis of the Kootenay is assured.  If Col. Sam Steele of the N. W. M.P. cannot  discover the exact locality of ihe Boer trenches, it  will be simply because there arc- no.Boer trenches to  discover.  Premier Skmijn had a bard hour last  Thursday,  and the   Plutonian   shadows of political 'destruction  still haunt his path.  Eighteen months, ago, in the political ethics of  the Vancouver Prober, Joseph Martin stood .for all  that was noble and pure in polities ; to-dav. acconi-  ing to the same authority, be is the '-horned beast."  who gores friend and foe alike.  ���TflKRK is enough material'in the list of candidates  before the people for the aldefmanic board to form a  good council.  *���  A conti-mi-'orakv points out that one 'event   that  has grown out of she  war  and mare Mr.MiWiUni.  ���mosi   than the   war   itself   is   the   closer   alliance  and. co-ojwraiiotioftJrcu llrttain and   her colonies.-'  livery colony has mad,, Britain's nar her own.   This  was not   the work of (Ovenim;:,t or of   politic ins'  The people   did it.     Colonial   governinenw in srm--  pathy 'with :he spirit of the people   were fir-'   will-  their oiler, of help.     Those wlv, refused or Uziluwd  m the t��s,��,���i���g were f..r��,| UiU,   j,iy;U. mhlK   ;u)(1  compelled to cntinoc in is. by a ;,,,,vcr behind' them  that no niiiiisi.-y could resist ��rtd live  ��-<*��Mft*��..��j��Hu^w^wu..>  In selecting mounted scouts for service in South  Africa, Canadians should show some originality and  not steal the title of ** Rough Riders."  In casting his vote for Chris Morrison f r alderman  in the Hast Ward, the elector will be < v���r,.c..;.... ".  worthy desire for a good business administration' '" "  IHE Vancouver MrU   has the   f >li >vmgpleis .u t  remarks with-regard   to the   conduct   of Alexander  Henderson;  "Attorney-General Henderson, in ���js,.���.  deavors to- avert the   im^uding    Waterloo  tor    th<.  Government, of which he   is a member,   did  no*   !������  any   means   distinguish himself   in the'   proeeedr^s  which took place on  Thursday last.      The JVt    that  he played the Judas with   the   late Government  arid  its supporters, will remain as a stigma on that -entle-  man so long as he lives.     Nothing is so contemptible  ui the estimation of the public as political ingratitude  and desertion   of friends.      Not only    was Mr. Hnw  derson   a supporter of the Turner Government    but  Ov a u��� the .decor a lionsbestowed bv princes, kings  and emperors, none - is perhaps   so highly prized   n>  the Vfcioria Cross of Em:!and, In-stowed by thesover*  eignol threat Britain u-.r j��crsoual valor in the   face oI  tite enemy.   It is a j>crsonai distinction that is within  the reach of w-ty member of the British   force from  the highest general to the Invest   drummer b;>>\ and  v.Hhe thousands of troops u ho haves died for'".Smith  Africa during the present war. their is hardly a soldier  or sailor who   does  not  hope   to return to   his home  with this bit of bronze pinned to his coat  front, a distinction    which    he .would   undoubtedly   prize   more  than any Unm of  promotion,   for its possession   indicates that its owner is   in every sense of  the   word a  hero, the   cross   being   conic*red only tor some   exceptional act of bravery partaking oi the  character of  heroism.      This little bronze badge  was instituted at  the time^f the Crimean war, audi* altogether unique  in  the history of the world.      In the rase of  military  men the ribbon is of red   while in the navy the ribbon  is blue       The metal of which the cross is   made is <>i  that same kind of bronze that 50 years   ago was used  f >r held guns.      The cross is of   the style    kmovn as  Maltese ;    has the   roval   crown surmounted by   the  h"   in the eentre. and    underneath a scroll    bearing  the   inscription,     "For    valor/'     It    is    hung   suspended by a " V" ring   to a bar, on the rev-rse   suk  r��  aMSirw��rwrTs^^  Tfraffis&aMesKSBniw'mswj!"!^^ THE NELSON ECONOMIST  eft  L?i  of-which the rank and name of^'thF'recipient are  engraved, while on. the cross itself are inscribed the  name and date of the action in which the honor was  won. Any additional act of bravery which would  have won the Victoria cross for its holder had he  not already assessed it, is signalized by a bar  or clasp being added to the ribbon just above the bar  from which the cross is suspended. The cross carries with it a pension of $50 a ye��r, and an additional  $25 is given for each bar. So far as-known, there  is 110 'Victoria Cross man--who can boast of an addition!  bar to his cross/and this perhaps as fully nsanything  else explains the regard in which these decorations  are held.  terviews with persons who have participated more or  less in the work of the present municipal campaign.  About the only statement contained therein that our  morning contemparary would care to vouch for would  be the terse expression of Candidate Houston, -"Saw  wood, boys." The words have a wild, woolly west-  tern ring, and undoubtedly the language bears a  marked relationship to those bright flashes of-wit and  wisdom that adorn the editorial columns of the  raatinal 77i6 ��#>>..  Tun Ti'ihnmhm been indulging in another "pipe  dream.M It states that the Fletcher committee have  hatched several deep, dark, malignant schemes to  defeat the will of the electorate-that dead men are  to bejppersonuted.. uon residents are to be impersonated, and absentees are to be brought from different  places. It is safe to say that no memher of the  committee contemplates any one of the three things  suggested; but, of course, it is beyond the realm  of reasonable h p.* to ..-.'.expect that the Tribune  will adhere strictly to the truth during the progress  of an election campaign,  During the winter, Nelson has been visited with  several bill-of-fare fakirs, and in nearly every instance  some one has been victimized. The restaurant keeper  generally suffers, but the printer who is green enough'  to do the wonc on credit is almost certain to get the  worst of it. Of course, anyone w'ho is simple enough  to imagine that an advertisement of the character  offered is worth anything, should be made to suffer  for his foil v.  Whatever council is elected, the first step taken  should be one in the direction of fixing up the streets.  The present condition of the main thoroughfare exhausts the vocabulary in securing words strong enough  to condemn it.  Oxk Monsieur Pierot has run against the neutrality  laws of the United States. He has been engaged at  Cincinnati in securing men for what'he says is the  Boer hospital service, and the United States court has  informed M. Pierot that his operations-must stop.  That settles M. Pierot. Whenever the persons who  are talking so loudly about raising troops for the  Boers tu the United States stop talking and start to  work in that direction they will find that same string  arm of the law ready to grasp them;  It is about time something was done to regulate  fast driving on the streets. Several teamsters seem  to regard the running down of pedestrians as a huge  joke.,' :; i'-i--.  Tun Board ofJTrade has selected a capable set of  officers for the current year. It is pleasing to observe  the growing interest in this institution.  To-night every elector in favor of a civic government of good business men should be present at Mr.  Fletcher's commttt^rooms"?and post themselves on  the situation.;������- It is probable that in ��0 far as Mr.  Fletcher's election is concerned it , is now only a  question of majority. The books show an overwhelming balance in Mr. Fletcher's favor.  Tine London, Eng., h��mh%r, supplies the following  striking illustration of the romance of war : "Only  the other day Major Maxse, of the Coldstream  Guards, son of Admiral Maxse, was lighting in the  engagement wherein the Khalifa died. On Saturday  he readied England ; on Monday he was married to  Lord . Leconfield's eldest daughter, the Hon. Mary  Wyudham ; and he is now about to start, for South  Africa to join his regiment at. the. front."  Read the concluding paragraph of Mr. Fletcher's  address. " In concluding I wish to say that in the  event of my election ��� I will consider it my duty to  share with the Council the responsibility of the Civic  administration believing, as I do, that the assumption  of entire authority by one individual is subversive of  all constitutional Government, whether Municipal or  otherwise."  Chris. Morrison is   a sure winner in the   East  Ward.  The reported meeting of Boer sympathizers at Victoria may transpire to have existed onlv in the vivid  imagination of the newspaper reporter. So far, every  prominent person accused of being present at the  meeting in question has been able to prove an alibi.  With *' Blake'' Wilson it should be only a question  of counting votes.  The Tribuw h is iuv^uted soatethin^ unique iu the  way of interviewing. In its issue of Wednesday half-  a-eolumn of space is devoted to a series of alleged  in-  It is understood that John Houston has engaged  the services of Hypnotist McEwen as. his agent on  election  day.  Read Mr. Fletcher's address carefully and see if it  does not meet with your approbation.  *<   ;,  ��� V.v ���.V  .���.\j'.;;**.  y.:'^��  !i  i riffl  V'  ,?  ** .-*" l^v-*  >  is  m  K�� ft- ���  PI)  ���.r?  |3  THERE is perhaps no con itrv \n the world   where  divorces  are so rare as in this Canada of ours,  and long may it so continue.     Oar neighbors to the  south, some States at least, are particularly easy.in the  matter of divorce.     The husband and the wife agree  ���or one or the other of them    the   further details of  the divorce  are simple and  inexpensive.     So   easy,  has the form been made, that people think nothing of  legal   separation   and   the frequency of 'divorce .has  "becomea positive evil.     But. strange divorce customs  pre found in various countries.'     Convenient   are the  methods  of  settling  domestic difficulties  in Upper  Burma.      When a husband.finds that his better   half  is not the unalloyed blessing he has been led to think  he'calls.into his house all the old men and women   of  his village and expresses his desire to divorce her, and  a trial by candle is   prosecuted.     The husband   and  the wife   are each given a   candle,which they   light  -simultaneously,  at  the  order  of   the  eldest   oerson  and placed in   the middle of the-floor.    Then every  one in the house sits around and'watches to see-which  candle burns, out first,    if the wife's. does so - the husband has a right to divorce her, **ven against her will  and turn her and her relations out of his house with*  ���- out more ado.     If- -tan the other hand, the husband's  candle-' burns out first, the' wife has   tbeoption and  right of- either refusing a divorce   or agreeing to '. it,  and turning' her husband .and his relations  out of the  house, which, with the goods and chattels it contains,  becomes her   personal property.      In -Cochin-China,  when husband and wife-find they can no longer agree  they give a dinner, to which they invito their 'relatives  and the patriarch of the village.      The latter,   duriug-  the meal, take?? the cho, -sticks of the pair and break.  them,   and .by   his,action    they are legally divorced.  With, a certain tribe of African savages, ' ^hcu a husband desires to be rid of his spouse --a fairly common  occurrence���betakes her to the door of'his hut or  tent and strikes her across the back with three rushes-  three times, crying, in his savage tongue at each  blow. " Wicked, naughty, -bad,"- which constitutes  the tribal "form of divorce. A husband.in Madanas-  gar may divorce his wife for the most absurdly trivial  offense. All he has to do is to call his friends and  relations to the door of his house and in their wresenec  give his wife a small coin and push her out, saying,  41 Madam, I thank you ; go," An underdone dinner-  will amply.justify him. When divorce is mutually  agreed by a Japanese pair, they wend their way to  the temple where they are accustomed to worship,  with a large scarf tying them together by the arms.  Kneeling before the altar they bow three times, and,  having undone the scarf they rise and depart indifferent doors, and by this formality become divorced  I he extent to which adulteration of food supplies  is carried would surprise many people. Legislation  tending in the direction of stopping such adulteration is  one of the crying necessities of the times. Before the  U. S. Senate committee, appointed just prior to the  adjournment   of  congress and   headed   by Senator  Mason, several prominent chemists* food manufactures,  and others gave testimony. I)r, Wiley, who has  been chief chemist of the agriculture department at  - Washington for many .years, asserted that nearly every ���  kind offood'u|H>i,t the market ivto a-greater orlesser  extent, adulterated, misbranded, or otherwise rendered.'  . harmful' ox fraudulent. ��� More Vermont maple sugar  is made every year in Davenport, Iowa,;..' from cheap  yellow sugar flavored wt|h vegetable-' extracts then.'  ���can be produced from all the maple trees in'the whole-  state of Vermont!   Currant'jelly,  is' manufactured  -   . ��� . *  from the cores and parings of apples utilised after thev  have l>een evaporated'; glucose* .sugar, n-: v^euhle  acid, and some coloring and flavoring /matter ��� com*  plete the--���-delicacy f Nearly all ofiiic ** pure ��� olive  oil" imported to this; country h coUoii'-seed oil made- '  in the Southern, stated sent abroad, at?d. there.'refined  and returned to us the product of the -'Mcditcrriuean  olive.  The   other day I   was asketl-.the'meaning of'.-.the  word- ** '* Si wash.M ...' 1   confessed my ignorance, but  since then I happened to- urn across - s^tnethmg that  ma v enlighten others who"a re like mvaelf isi *v benighted  state.     " Siv��a.*h"- Is'-the. 6>ttim^n'; .name  for. the  Indians , on Vancouver Inland and-, in neighboring  British |w-;.s^cs>ioi,s, fi b nothing- inore. than a cor*  ruptioh of the French *' sanvagc,* * t he. *i$.me-given to  the Indians by the early French -settlers in the North-  west. The Indians, on their pari have adopted tmd  curiously corrupted English wrordsatsd:f*h.r*Bcs,- 'With  one tribe the ordinary form of salutition ^puncis  something like *'Ckickaway;��/* and. it htm mm traced,  to the fact thai the Indians Iftngiug alrVui -a .military  post-were accustomed to be;*./ tile so Id ters'salute..-, ft  post trader named Clark, ^Clai'k'howare you V' which  phrase the Indians adopted and corrupted.  . The Nior-d Reform Association, by all accounts, is  now thoroughly prepared for an aggressive campaign  against vice in this city. In pursuit of this laudable  object n is just possible that a few of the good people,  on compulsory virtue intent, will unearth, of some the  causes that are responsible ' for the -brass and tinsel  institutions that flourish in our midst.-.' 'Therecan he  but little doubt that the hoodlum clcme.nl is responsible for much of the wickedness alleged to prevail in  the ctty, and until young men l*ehave themselves ano  live natural lives there is little hope that the evil will  !x; completely wiped out  The "budding youngster,"   of whom   the   people  are admonished to take better one of, sighs while   in  ��� r. 7  petticoats for knee pants and cigarettes, he looks with  envy upon his older brothers inhaling cigarettes, and  JS THE NELSON ECONOMIST  I  practices, with a straw, the artistic manner in which  [ he hoodlum holds the '..paper-rolled, poison between  Ids lingers, with, the thumb resting on one of the  pockets of his pantaloons while the smoke is passing  through-the lungs. How the budding youngster  links ahead with pleasure to the coming time when  with his girl and three or four other fellows and their  ��� iris arm in arm they can monopolize the whole sidewalk, making the night hours hideous with their  songs. -  A Querulous Objection.  A sad waste of pity you'll'note day by day  JMongst people of wisdom bereft  For creatures unthinking great care we display.  And the people who need it get left,  But by far the most twaddlesoine note of regret  Is this sentiment ffeble and tame  Which Again and again bids us sorrow and fre't-  This tale of the.moth and the flame.  It is true that the city is to a great extent responsible  fa the existence of the young tough. Naturally  enough the-'police officers do not care to bring'disgrace.  unou respectable families by arresting these young  people, and the result is they grow up iu a'state of.  semi-respectability, .and later on swell the great army  of non-producers and loafers. I earnestly trust the  Mora! Reform- Association* composed as it is of philanthropic and God-fearing men, will go to the bottom  ^i this evil, and kill the germs of the disease, as well  as tin; disease itself.' .  llvre'* a toast to the flame that attracted the bug  Who was seeking for things to devour;  Who fixed with a birth so secluded and snug  In your wardrobe, wop Id feast by the hour.  Perhaps such a cold blooded thought merits blame.  Perhaps it is wicked to gloat,  But this moth,'just  the *ame,   who gets caught  by   the  '-.'-flame.:. ,  Won't he eating your best winter coat.  \  The municipal campaign has   had a bad effect   on  business.  The reports fr^m the se?t of war are not of a  character that will bring cheer to the hearts of the  British people. So far Her Majesty's troops have  n<��t accomplished as much as was anticipated, and  now three months after the declaration, we stand  practically where we were at the beginning of the  campaign, No one doubts that Britain will triumph  eventually, but the delay only proves the gigantic pro-  Portions of the task before the nation. Buller's inactivity during the progress of the bombardment of  tadysmith is one of the great surprises of the campaign. It may transpire that General Bulier had  good reasons for  remaining  quiet,   but just now   it  An unkown man was crushed to death On the Hall  Mines tramwav last Tuesdav.  The man who promises one way and voles another  is a dangerous person in any community.  It is now the ioth day of January, and there  has  not been once enough ice.for skating purposes.  The condition of the streets   at the   present   time  indicate the necessity of permanent improvements.  A   strong   business   Council  is what is   needed.  Therefore/select business men for the Council Board.  See that your ballot is  marked   for men who   wil  good reasons for   remaining   quiet,   ouiju��^��    -        ^ ^jv-.,--       .... ... ,��� .    . ,  Lks as if Gen. White will he forced to leave   Lady-    conduct the affairs of the city  on business principle,.  smith in-order.to relieve Gen. Bulier at Tugela Peiver  The presence of Dr. Milne at Ottawa gives rise to  the belief at Victoria that Lieut-Governor Mclnnes  will resign and enter the Federal arena, and that  Dr. Milne will become the next Lieut.-Governor of  British Columbia.- In such event W. W. B. Mcliincs  would resign his seat in the Dominion House and  nun for the Local House. It is quite evident there  will be some moves on the political checkerboard  within the next few. weeks.  If the returning officer would accept the committee  books of both candidates as the true state of public  sentiment and waive the formality of a poll Nelson  would have two mayors next year, and thus would  the metropolis of the Kootenay maintain its. suprem-  . p G  acy over all rivals.  Gold Commissioner Kirkup of Rossland was in the  city yesterday.  Beware, of false prophets and vote as your conscience dictates will be- in the best interests of the  city..  '  A gang of workmen is engaged in laying a three-  throw switch or cut-off on the C. P. R. transfer  dock.  When voting to-morrow remember if you mark  your ballot for W. J. Wilson it will be for " Blake''  all the same.  W. F. Anderson, travelling passenger agent of the  C. P. R. at Nelson, has returned (alone) from a short  visit to the East.  The charge that the Fletcher committee intend to  vote dead men and non-residents is another illustration of the Biblical saying that the wicked flee  when no man pursueth.  The polling place in the East Ward is situated in  the old sample rooms of the Phair Hotel, next to F.  J. Bradley's paint shop on Josephine Street, nearly  opposite the Clarke House. In the West Ward the  Office of the Exchequer Gold Mining Company, next  door to Ward Bros, on West Baker Street, has been  chosen.  ��-r-T������"*���"�� p*  V  s|.*  !I  Hi  il  r&!  I  R  "i  8  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  CURRENT COMMENT  Canada is Proud of Him.  (Vancouver World)  The news from   the  front-to*dav made   even   our  clouded skies and wet streets pleasant and cheered the  hearts of all who. awaited intelligence that -would tell  us of triumphs won and deeds of daring such as have  ever characterized our soldiers.     The   hero   of the  hour is an officer of whom we as Canadians feel proud.  ���'Major-General' George Arthur French is an irishman  to the manor born,     Ro>commou claims him  for her  '���own, he having been born there on June 19th,  1841.-  Educated at Sandhurst and Woolwich he entered  the  Royal Artillery in i860, became lieutenant-colonel in  18S7, and -was promoted to a   colonelcy for   ^distinguished service other than in the held" in i4Jo2V    in  this   possession   of  the   Crown he   was   appointed  lieutenant-colonel and.'inspectator of artillery  in 1S70  and commander ofthe  School of Gunnery   in laJyi!  Heorganized the Northwest Mounted Police in 1.173,  and was its first commissioner, being also a stipendiary  magistrate for the Northwest Territories, and in  tm  following * year commanded an expedition' sent from  Red River to the Rockies by' the   Government     He  v  was-  made a C. ' M. ;G. in 1S77 for services rendered  here.     Since leaving the Dominion he   has occupied  high and honored positions at Devon port, in Queensland, at.Shoeburyness, in Bombay and in New South  Wales as major-general cogunaadiug the forces, which 4  position, we believe, he still, holds.    He has received  the   thanks of both Houses of the Queensland   Parliament for services   rendered   in that   colony.      He  married a Canadian girl, the daughter of. the late Mr.  Robert  L. Innes, of Kingston. and  so in a   double  sense  is dear to  us,   .and-we may well look   upon  him   as one of our own.     He has   many friends in  Vancouver who knew him in Manitoba and the Northwest,, and' his   exploits   formed the burden of their  -..  hajppy conversation to-day.     He is   referred to. as   a  quiet, unassuming gentleman, a true friend and brave  as the Hot, that guards over our   Imrwrid    .    ���  Nor   should the name of Coi. P^ �� (**"***'  -.ncchedidcapiu,^,,,,,   pau ���ew fftfft  campa.g,, llow entered hport with cverv   - - "'  "pe��ly ���er��i�����tio*��terawol the A*\��?��� *  waves over the T���u,sv.,U will hri,,* in j,, ?  cho.ce.st blessing a���d lift ��heBf*rsw,IL " ^  globe u*-d��v. lj*"e' ���  *��� i  Fenian* ForewiirneC  ..ilinfolltou'Bi^t^idi^r,'!'.  .     Vigors ,0   CniMa* shores with   !����,;,<.   i,,,,-/  the* days..will I*  urwHe   if fh.t���-,.,...,'        "!u'u  extra clothing with them     'm��Mwj>      ���   "V^Mi, ,  '��Jw\f*��-   i����m * . ���"'*���������*��� '-I* ��� <*�� ***e fields  -�����*��..    Kidgrway ,��� ������,. ji:S. ���mv/ tf|w     -     .^    .  rosy mouth of June    :��etth v.���, r,���  ta '     ���   ," '"  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVE 16ENTS.  Yakima  Mineral    Claim,   fdluatt*   hi    the  Right Ye Are;Mon....-..*���  r8cof{Hh-A?if��^r|^ns|   .'-  Loo&i rot-over   if?**   r*r�� ���**�����������!    ���*'**��*     : *-'  >. -wc me   if��*m*iaf -Malt4tic$-r*f -the %*  penitentiaries in,Canada for i-'l^ ni ��ui,w-.\ * ;  V'  ,.   *   ���.                              . * "���* ***y*? *u^ ki'! to wars f'as the*  reugious , chi.^siik-^ii-in - -a* ��� ��-ic-- '���>������'  ch .-*   ,.                                       . -Iv v^*��vtviair,..   Kovfiiiii  ....    ='���'   <**'   Cuuf^,.al   Lngiaau, 1761-Method  ui*.vty*; i*re*b>ncrfcu*, iao.:   B*pt*ta. *, :olllcM-  5-t. according loM^tiiy- tWe\wc;. Canadians;'  ���*o^;. American   (U   ^   4-   "'��, t ,   1-    .*���..*���  .;    -,. "," x   ^j;   *Jt-0^rst   64.     Porridge aful  the Shorter eathcclmm.arc notlcwl-to be siwred aV":  after luis.  Surprinhiff unci SigofiIa*c*L  ��� ^London Ftvi? Pt��mi   ..''-.  Much .Ic-w did   the  iiuropcan   powm ' h��iile   to  o������t Untam dream that the colonial provinces of she  empire would ��f their ...wit free will  wnd' f*rrl,   th,ir  suu.8 toa torcigo shore t,, fight for their felJow^toniab.  1 ��c cxatnplr oi loya���y. si<leHty, sct   |,v. t|w   ^j^^,  ��;f Wf.^t K*.'H>t��*u��y  NeJiKiti  .Mining OOUlun  DiKtrlci.  When* hxratwl :  On Handy i'tvi-k, tuljninhiX  IVuigh Nut Mineral Ci.��tin.  Take notlc��: thai I, John MoI*'itt:lil��.\ P.L.H..  of tfi<.�� city of SelsutUt acting a* rtju'ent (<tr  Columbus M. Parker, Fr<*<* Mi��'*r> (VrtUi-  i^tUi No. 2"J.(xW A, JijU'md, ��*xty day*, front the  ciiiU-hcir����of, to apply to ihf MlijJi>j< Unorder  for a Certi/icateof IniprovenH*nt��, ��!<jr *��*����'; pur-  pose ofobUiiniug a (.Yown Orant of the a!x.ive  claim.  And further iuke- notice Unit act Jon. under  section H7t must lw commenced )^-U>w tiie.  fHMuance of ��ueh CertHh-at-c of Jjnpfiv��,'��iM'niA,  Dated Ihirt l��th day of Ot-tober, A. O. HW.  John McLatcmie.  certificate of m?��m&wtm%.  ���'Eii*it End," "HuiinyHidtf" and. "UiKi^er"  MineralCJalms, situate 3r> tlie Nelson Mining  DlviKJon of We��t Kcwtymay DUirlef.  Where located ;   On Tostd MountaHi, eant of  und near th�� "Grizzly Hear" Claim,  Take notice that I, A.8. Farwell, a^ent U>r  E.J. Palmer, No. J.0,9*W A. a# to twoahird^,  and J. H. Wrlglit. No. 23,012 A, an to oneaiiird  undivided itiU'renl inwiidelalmH,Intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply t.<* tiu-  Miufn^ Recorder /V��r (VrtiflcateH of Jfitprovtv  mentM, for i-he purpose of obtaining Crown;  Grants 0/ the above claim*.  And further take notice that action, under  m&tion 37, muHt be commenced before the  t&suancoornucfi Certlficatew of improvement?*.  IMted tMn imh cIb v of October, Mti  sler & Gord;  ...Over...  Bank of Halifax  Nelson, !L C,  ^-104  A. $. KakW'kij..  ������^ir THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  provinces of their attachment to British institutions  is one of the most momentous political events of this  closing century.  The Editor says Good by.  (Ottawa Citixeu)  A vital element in the strength   of the   influence  wielded  by"   the press   lies in the   confidence of the  people that the man   behind.the editorial * penowrites  from conviction*-.     The   Cit-;*n   under   the present  management   has   consistently and   persistently   advocated   the strengthening   of the bonds of  imperial  unity,      The present way in South Africa afforded air  opportunity to further the oi>ject by opening the way  f-r   Canada   to-offer   military   assistance to aid   onr  iHI->w-suhjects   of   the   empire    in     that     distant  colony,    In furtherance of that   object-.we   have advocated the sending of the .first and second contingents  of our troops to South   Africa.     The   writer happens  to be an artillery officer, and when the call   came for  that branch of the'.service'.' he deemed it his duty  to  practice what he had preached, and   volunteer   himself     That   his   services have been accepted   is an  evidence that   the militia department   is   making an  honest effort to keep politics  out   of this matter,   for  the CV/-Vii.iias no favors coming to it from the present  administration*.  Candor forces m to admit that apait from a'-desire  to vindicate the high principle of the press, we wanted  to go anyway. The Citizen company has generously  granted leave of absence "for six months or for the  war," and we're off:  You can't refuse when you get the card,  And the Widow gives the party.  The Canadian Almanac For 1900  Thh- national publication, in which for 53 years  The Copp, Clark Co., Limited, of Toronto, have  supplied Canadians; and the outside world as well,  with just about all that is worth knowing concerning  this country, is this year presented in an imposing  volume of four hundred pages of carefully compressed  and closely printed information about Cahadian Industries and Institutions, and every matter of commercial and industrial interest.  The Historical Diary for the year is of particular  interest, giving in an incredibly small space all the  principal events of this very important year. A  unique feature of the new Almanac is a list of Titled  Canadians, with their ranks and orders. This is the  first time that such a list has been compiled, and may  be considered as the beginning of a Canadian De  Brett. Certainly the Canadian Almanac is growing  larger and more complete every year, until it is now  difficult to see where it could be added to or improved.  The price however, still, remains, as in past year, 25  cents.���Copp* I %trk'Cu)ity>t-:ty, Publishers,  Special Sale of  ii finery . . .  " ������'���������'"S'lWWWaMWWW^^  V**""*$  h're  r��->  rvme  r*d..-;������'-.-! Special Sale of  Carpets . ...  32 BAKER STREET.  FALL SALE  Commencing'Wednesday, November 22  ^MM^-.����M��a^<aP��.��M��afe*����M<|)^^  argains���I n  Every  Department���Bargains-  ���WW^iWl^Kufitt^^aaWlW^B^  6aai��m����atai��^swM��M��aaaMc^  mmemamta  Dress, (,\t,MiH, m  Navy ami   Black, I Ladies'French  Kid Gloves, every I-Carpets in Tapestry,  Brussels, WiL  ail vvt).-��J, Htonii serges.   8a!e [nice,  ��� >5e pi*r y;ihl.  Fnui'v   Nnvdrlis  i:i   Drews'Pattern  Uniting* Costumes-at Half Price.  fan lie*'  Jackets   and   Mantles   less  l han ��'c��stt  WhiuvSaxonv  Flannel  at  20c   per  van!.  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Comparison of  Our Goods with Eastern Prices .  :>��&  ^  .....l.'...  ;?;*/  !���}���?,'���  ''/'���',  $0:  '11  ':. ^  '���:'-'.\-Jj''t  ������.'.'I-.v.it'i  .''���'������'  -S;?*:  ;./-;,.,  ?#&  "UyX^  ���-ft:,' ������:-.',IV.S|  -.������.''*���::������;"  -:f v, '������lC:'-.',: .'ti-itfT  m  Ml  wM^^^W^^^^^^iMimmmm^^mmmmmsmMmMS^^  i^^^SH^^^I^^��lWi*^^^^S  m a .��*  :?j  ill  1  is  Hi  ��1  f  J'  I- i>  I1  f;  If  p.  m  fo��  TO  M  ii  i.mfe  J��  ,L>3  m  m  ���m  v  ���I" f  i! i  ���Mi  8  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  CURRENT COMMENT  Canada is Proud of Him.  (Vancouver World I  The /news from   the  front to-day made   even   our  clouded skies and wet streets pleasant and cheered the  hearts of all who awaited intelligence that would tell  us of triumphs won and deeds of daring such as have  ever characterized our soldiers.     The   hero   of   the  hour is an officer of whom we as Canadians feel proud.  Major-General. George Arthur French is an;irishman  to the manor born.     Roscommon claims him  for her  own, he having been born there on June 19th,  j&ji.  Educated at Sandhurst and Woolwich he entered  the  Royal Artillery in i860, became lieutenant-colonel in  1887, and was promoted to a   colonelcy for     ���distinguished service other than in the field" in 1H92.      In  this   possession   of  the   Crown he   was   appointed,  lieutenant-colonel and iuspectatorof artillery "in 1S70  and commander of,the  School of Gunnery   in 1S71  He organized the Northwest Mounted Police in 1H73,  and was its first commissioner, being also a stipendiary  magistrate for the. Northwest Territories, and in   the  following * year commanded an expedition sent from  Red River to the Rockies by-the   Governuiem.     He  ���was   made a C.   M,-G. in- 1877 for services, rendered  here.     Since leaving the Dominion he   has occupied  high and honored positions at Devouport, 10 Queensland, at Shoeburyness, in Bombay.and in Nvw South  Wales as major-general corjituaading the forces, which  position,  we believe, he still holds.    He .has received  the   thanks of both. Houses of  the Queensland   Parliament for services   rendered   in that   colony.     He  married a Cauad.au girl, the daughter of the late Mr.  Robert  JL  Junes,'of Kingston, and. so in  a   double  sexise is dear to  us,   and   we may well look   upon  him   as one of our own.      He has   many friends in  Vancouver who knew him in Manitoba and the Northwest,   and   his   exploits   formed the burden of the r  happy conversation today.      He is   referred to as'  a  quiet, unassuming gentleman, a true friend and .brave  CERTIFICATE OF ISflPROVEWIEffTS.  Yakima .Mineral Claim. *Huale in tin?  Nelson 'Mining Idvhdon of WeM Kooiciwv  D\ strict.  Where HxmU'il : On Sandy-Crcrk, adjoining  Tough Nut Mineral Claim.  Take notice that I, John McLfUHUv:, I'.L.H.,. :  of tin-? city 0/ Scihoit, acting a* agent {<>r  Cohimbu* M. Parker. Fn*- Miner"** O-nili-  ���oat*; No. 23,(.<>?.( A, inteGic!. wixty day* from tin-  dale hereof, to apply i����ih<> Mnilng Iteeorder  for a Certificate of Improvement*. Uit lh> pur-  po>e of obtaining u Crown Orant of th��* ahov  claim.  And farther take notice  that i*��.*f.J.on. under i  wection Kit  nms! he   commenced  before the  I hi* nance of each Certificate of Improvement*  :  Da ted l h I & IHt h d a y o f O<��� f obe r, A. 1 >. i *%*.  John MO/.ArrM!K.  CERTIFICATE OF I ��tPSI0VE LEGITS.  ���'Eant End," "HunnyHide" ami '"Hndger"  Mineral Claims, niluate In the Nelson Mining  Division of West KooU'iiay l.)|utrb*t.  Where located : On Toad Mountain, eaM of  and near the "Grizzly Hear "Claim.  Take notice that I. A..S. Far well, agent fur  K. J. Palmer, No. HJ',0ft�� A. m U> tweMhfrd*, '  and J. If. Wright. No. 'Z'Um A, ax to one-third  tuidivkied lnu-re��t in *aid ebOniM Jnfend, ^ixty ;  dnyn from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for Certificate** of fm prove.  merit*, for Jie purpose of obtaining Crown  Grants of theabove claims.  And further take notice that action, under \  ^^ptlotl .37,  mml  he   commeueed before  the  .f88itaiic��0fi��ucl} Certi/Ieaten of improvement*. ���  -Bated thin 16th d&y of October. WM.  A. ��. Fakwkm..    l  m the lion that guards over our Imperial destine*  Nor should the name of Col. Pitcher be forgotten  since he did capital work and puts new life into the  campaign .-now enteredupon with every '' prosit 0/  -a -speedy termination in favor of the flag that., when ii  waves over the Transvaal will bring in its trairnhe  choicest blessings and-Jiff the Boers out of their present  ignorant and deplorable'-conditiorr into the. highest  civilization that obiains in any land on the face of the  ��� glolx: to-d-*y.������  Feniaoii-Forewiirned.  ���'���'���''''' .  ' ^iifioiiitcjiri HfH^ftittJtnj'  Visitors to   Canada's shores-with ."hostile   iutent.  these, days, will .be- nnwt.*te   if they'd'OH*t hriug'much  extra clothing with them,. .' 8tv*uiacks*;>g in -the fields  about ..Ridgewav ^ w��>t��'j��*f now., what it- h in  ibe:  rr>sy -month of June,    Fetch- your utu9ie.r^and ancte-is  with you, ����entlenien-.  Rjght Ve ArerMq>nv .'   ..  ' (H.***tH����h Aoterhtiul :.  Looking over the -crifuimtI. ,��stalistties of tbc !m  (xiuicentiarics in Canada for 1.H9S the.' folfowiug i^ the^  religions.'' cbi'ssiticauou ����� the ,:-���onVieii,: ��� Roman.  Catholic^,' 7^,1 ; Chtird:..af Engbusct 1,7-6; Methor  'dists, ��� igz ; Pr.e:U.jyt.erians. izo ; ,;Baptists, $4 "; others,  5.1. 'According to natjo^ailty there-nvere ;. Cahadiaris,  '.039; American [V, S, A,>,.. ijr ; Eeiglish, 136;  Irish, 56: ScmLs, 30; oiher^ 64.- Porridge'a mi  the Shorter Cathechistn arc not food to-tic 'sneered at  after this.   ���   ��� '  Surprfsiog and SignilkiiiiL' .     .  ! l^-.uidoh. Fit**?. l*mm)  Much km did the Ivuropcan ' powers "hostile to-  Great Britain dream that the coteiaf provinces-of the  empire would 01" their own free will send, forth their  sous to.a foreign shore to tight for their feltow-colonia'ls,-  The example oflovaltv, fidelity, set.'-by the-', colonial  sler & (3  r Street*  ...Over...  Ifaftk of t1��llf0x  Nelson, B�� C,  ?Slk:<>  ^fe..4^.  1  1     .  1 ���'  1,  y THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  *%  provinces of their attachment to British institutions  is one of the most momentous political events of this  closing century,  The Editor says Good-by.  (Ottawa Citizen)  A vital element in the strength of the influence  wielded by the press lies in the confidence of the  people that the -man behind* the editorial pen writes  from conviction'. The fit :����� under the present  management has consistently and persistently advocated.' the ..strengthening of the bonds of imperial  unity; "The present way in South Africa afforded an  opportunity to- further the object by opening the way  f>v Canada to offer military assistance to aid our  fellow-subjects' of the empire in that distant  colony, in furtherance of that object we have.advocated the sending of the first and second contingents  of our troops to South. Africa. The writer happens  to Ix* an artillery officer, and when the call came for  that branch of the service he deemed it his duty to  practice what he had preached, and volunteer himself That his services have been accepted is an  evidence that the militia department is making an  honest effort to keep politics out of this matter, for  the Cit:i';n has no favors coming to it from the present  administration*  Candor forces.us-to admit that apart from a:-desire  to vindicate the high principle of the press, we wanted  to go anyway. The Citizen company has generously  granted leave of absence " for six months or for the  war/* and we're off:  You can't refuse when you get the card,  And the Widow gives the party.  The Canadian Almanac For 1900  Th> national publication, in which for 53 years  The Copp, Clark Co., Limited, of Toronto, have  supplied Canadians, and the outside world as well,  with just about all that is worth knowing concerning  this country, is this year presented in an imposing  volume of four hundred pages of carefully compressed  and closely printed information about Canadian Industries and Institutions, and every matter of commercial and industrial interest.  The Historical Diary for the year is of particular  interest, giving in an incredibly small space all the  principal events of this very important year. A  unique feature of the new Almanac is a list of Titled  Canadians, with their ranks and orders. This is the  first time that such a list has been compiled;and may  be considered as the beginning of a Canadian De  Brett. /"Certainly the Canadian Almanac is growing  larger and more complete every year, until it is now  difficult to see where it could be added to or improved.  The price however, still remains, as in past year,- 25  cents.���Copp, (���'/��. o7; Cuuip'i tfyt PtthlukerB.  Special Sale of  Millinery . .- .  ���sr^  rre  ������-.;'' 0  tfS  ""���"���^���-w-w^^  irvirie  33 BAKER STREET.  Ci\      ^ Special Sale of  I Carpets ... .  i  .-^����*,��rf��fcu**jcsww��i^v3"  t^oeaaaa3scaaiaJt��it:j��taft^cAXSmx^MsnaK-'lagC.Ttiavaaa^.w --<��� .   ����� nli-j-������>f����^-p.71lr11wri-l-j  GOODS ANNUAL FALL SALE  Commencing Wednesday, November 22  ���-I  very  partment==Bargains  ���"in���I. w%mFWMtm&#**x��mw<ttmwmtomti&m*s&  i>MtMwr:.ff. nim.&m!mm**mii*tQ&!ma&!msi  immmmaesamaBaBiama  Dross (mods, in 'Navy iX\u\ Black,  tol vvool, siortu sertros. Salt* price,  ���Hoc jicr yard.  Fancy Novelthw in Dress Pattern  Suitings Costumes-at Half Price.  Dailies*  Jacket*   and   Mantles  less  Ihun cusf,  While Saxony  FhtmiH   uf   ^oc   p0r  yard.  U bile i anion Flannel tit 5eup.  b)\<kv Flannels, in all colours,  40e.  Children's Cashmere I lose from i~><.  a pair up.  i'Ms Cashmere Hose 25e.  Ladies* French Kid Gloves, every  pair guaranteed; worth $1.50, for'  ��1.00 a pair.  Ladies' and -Children's   Hemmed  Handkerchiefs, from oeup.  Linen   Roller Toweling from oca  yard up.  011 ec k e<I Ii i n en G la ss  To \ve 1 i n g 5c  a yard up.  Carpets in Tapestry, Brussels, Wilton; Velvet and Axniinster at extremely low prices.  Cuenile and Tapestry Curtains from  $2.75 a pair.  White Wool Blankets from $2.00 a  pair up.  .^..wisjv   0��*jvj        ��* \r\ri       \tfJLUlQllS       sPJL.Ol/  each.  White Linen Table   Damask, 35e a I  yard up. I White Quilts, large size; worth $1.00,  f     for 05c each.  Turkey lied Table Damask, 35e up. I   n, nftw    . r     V , .*   *  ���*,,.-, �� All Carpets sewed and laid  free of  J \\ hite table Oil Cloth, 25c a vard. 6     charge. "  Write for  Samples  TOga��rarara<ra��M��iMMa��3c�����^^  We Especially Invite Inspection and Comparison of  Our Ooods with Eastern Prices  :'v:t :x y.����ipg,��ai��"re>?s��OTCTgw^  cKmaessssssmsESSfssssn  mmmmiimmimiitimmswii  WF��M^i��WMmmg*m ;■ ?
,   f
TO.MKN aboard shin," said the b./svin oi the
i British Oueen, "is like cits in a conserva-
torv. Thev won't keep still bur a minute.
If -they ain't up and. asking the skipper W far it is
U the next port, they ha* to be getting themselves in
a middle with, the ropes and soars, and'alrviug to
tarn'a businesslike ship into a sorVnf 't traal Ivm-
doir. «'f" whatsoever..they calls 'em, as is decked nut-
with ribbons and fancy touches.
** We-'ad a woman- once aboard the LizaJ.Mie, a>
was crossing from Cardiff to the -Thames with steam
coal and back ageu with, anything as w<r .. c*mM get
hold -oh - She war* on the baoks as a', p-issenger. ,u\d
when she come a board at Gravesend wish a red parasol
; and.a, brown 'ahdbag and asked the way loher-n»-mi.
■ vye k no wed 0:1 the instant that there was something
going to'happen, and we chinged oar lives jusi a^s if
we'd" bin.'born agen an.* couldn't help it. ' Whv.
afore we was off the Nore/ blest if she 'adn*"t .b.*gun
a-talkiug- to the cook about the greasy knives ami
teaspoons, till the poor feller was in $:\ch aflutter that
he took a two'hours* turn a polishing every bit' o*
brass as might 'appen tocoine. und^r *er eye., And
then she started on the men. The ropes was all
sticky and nasty, she ses, and so was the bulwarks,
as she couldn't leanagenst without messiu' 'er blouse.
And the men never said nothing, hut just went !*e!ow
and fished out their !>est togs and took -to-'scraping
away the coal dust and tar when they ought to ha'
been below-and in their bunks.
44 The fact is we was all .-knocked 'ead-over-'eels-with*
admiration. For, no- mistake, she- was as trim a gal
as ever set-a parasorl.' That is to say, we was all
struck 'cept the skipper and he wasn't that sort. They
did say as V was a woman 'atcr, and-didn't see no
use in. "em ; and 1. dare say- as that was so, for when
she was-on deck aiming her l>est' things.'" and a-.mak'
ing us poor chaps wish we.was.-'-good looking.enough ■
.to lay-our hearts at herTee!.. ■ *e was ir-slioktng- out of
the way am! oulvcameondeck when .he kuoived she'd
lu bdo-v curling . "er 'air or, gefuri.gVferseJf'.«p' for
another attack...
. •*Well, this state of thngs continued fori'couple of
da vs. and then one' morning *he come.- right up to me
as ! was a--Splicing- ta.shiug$''au<l.p**ked me in the chest
with ''er paru.*orL
■:   " Sailer/ she ses,     * What's younrune ?.*:.
** * Bill Snigg-s,. mks. if tcr please./.-i^oe,., with.my-.
knees a-shaking as if th«jy was sprnog, ■
■r* * Weil; Bill/ she ses, ' ymi \mk.to.,, me., to . lie the
kindest-Varied and the h^aeile^r, 'm*?i'almrd<'$mi T
want you to dn me. a-favor as I c-tM--never repay.-■ Will-
you ?'
M* I will!' - 1 answers, ^riouvjustas^
take *em for better or wuss, .-   And when- -.site smiled
I i
is rjoei;.s '»K
■ 'to*
Thomson's   Book   Store.
Drummer   Miwrai    Claim,- -Uu^r^ \n   On 'i
N id won Mining I>ivirion   of   Wf-a'  Ko^as-ai*;. \
DImHcU \
WIi*.*ri*  located:   On w^st-^rly *Jop.> of «nd \
n'-.ar tli** headwuti-r* of Kov<'r On•*•*;-. \
Take Moth-** Una J, John .\l<d~*ii:.<*h;*\ !\S..*' , \
of th^City uf Nt-W-on, lirtijjt,'a-^ ;iii*-!jl   for   !:«>?> 5
<>rt    ll**nni<<,   yi-ff   >IUi4?r*t»   OrOhVat*'   '<<K  j: ;
UWU. H«*!ijaisiin F. Uuth.-r. !•*!-.-*•   Mim-r"*- <'-t.
tOJrut*-   No.    2J.<a»»    A.    -'l!\c    Ii.    Jwn.-*.   I'*-.-! '
Miner'h «'Vrfin«-uN- N<». 'Ji.-^lM   A.   a:i«i *ni«^;u»- ;
1L J(>n*-fi, Kn->- M in>--r'" ' ''-rOJ|i-;i'fs N*o. vi ^;x  \ -, j
Int'-na. k! X!y <i.ty;  f'n*in   th»-  U;it.*-  li*-r.--.-i.   o,-;
uj>|.)Jy.jo {}»«• Minium il* runlrr fur ;i n-'rt'ijS'-ati- '
of iiMj»rov<«jM(.-t)t!-, for l h«- }tijrjM^» ?ifr*?i{,r. si in>.r r
a Crowu Oram of ti.i«- al*ov«- <-[Hitu.
And   further laltf /oaici- n»af  ur'i^u, \:tuh • ,
m<'-^M lon.TTami'a !><• f-ojoaj<'n<<(l h< [*,!»   Op- U-ss ;
hnet'of •'iich c«",rt H»ra>*4 >>{ \tv.[!i'"\"<•;ji»-;0.-,
l)a?-»-d thi< .H'.-cond da\- of < >t-i<il.i«-r. l^'r*
Jo if n M</f,.\ n si: »-\
Ualinorat   M'n>«'-ral   ''iaiui,   ^n«;aJ^   i;t    iu<-
Nelson   Mining   hh'^ion   of V.'«->a   KunU-a-w  ■
Dlistrict. '  j
Wiwr*' I/x-fr   :   On ih<- Hali M:n< k Wk-ms ■!
flcwid, 1 K milt-   --ou?h of ;\«<;r.oj;.
Take 'tioilo-   lhaT   S.   John   \0'La!*itH-(   jo-i- :
ingas ii%vnl. for I-.;. W. ('lt-vci'-.|cv, J-'i-.-f Msji.-r'-- '
("ertlfjcafe     No.   ^J,7S1    A.   I-:.   J. Mo/n-.   Vu>-\
'Mhicr'H  Orlil'lraS'-    No.   ;:i,7^2   A,   and   !•.■»<•»-'
Melons, Fret- Mii^r'.1-. < 't-oiiirat^ ,x.<>, 2i.7.-.-.; -,"•,, '
inland, Hi'xiy df*yj« ivnw. 0><  <i;ii'- !i< rfof. n.;.-;>-
ply So Mk-1 Mining lo'cx d< r ;■-!- n f "■ run* .^o- • *
improvement*, Uir tU«- \^n i,<^^.   <,f uni.-o imh:
a Crown (irant <*ftla** ;Ojo\c chin,,
Ai:ai farther iako noiicc Oct! ;o 0«»n. nodi-r
seeliou ;.{7, intiht ho <'o,mnj*-iifi.-d h»*3oj'- ilu-
ls,Kaano«f of tsu*)'.}! i-ortifo-a}*' <*/   uojsr»»\'<-f!*. ii','-. I
Dated itiiH Pnh day ofHijuU'inU^r, ?kw, \
JOILN M'-LATrflJj-:.     '
ll!;AO O-FFJCl;
Nc^on, B. C.
.    BRANC!ti;S AT
.. vttRi-:fi roMKs
Plfc    fi%   Wf ■   *    '   *>'
5C0CAN ctrv
%^%^j/^.^^ ^%^% *&■<%/&■ %-^ir^'% %^'
itrrtoitiiiiii^  )miimi niwnwwn;f»*«n
toW^•MMrw*11*' -«W>*<—iW>lfW*»
'J   0  V
(U'.N   you !»>:!>■■*. *
. Preserves
c^    froir and Mi^.tf, :t!;*h
CA«V^^.^JUtiLA5...a£JUUl AJIA5 " ; A.,o.jt.o.A • ^ ?
A re f0^t'd>'." c y U'C
1.1 if    •;■     -=t ,.
I    «.   hi..'.    1        - t 4 *■     • ■
9» «i9
•ui %S
"V '•i)(.."
vv ^;
U'/t    2,-
i;*st st^;<
A':-'* a full line <•
:."       IT-       (   J,:-
Shell and Heavy Hardware
. •    .       1 ! I   ■•    1
C dfH),! :  ; -< ■■:   <:!    j''-. !.-<■■'.
^w^«-&: THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  ;in(l showed 'er pretty teeth and 'er eyes shone like  nieSlci stars, I thought I should ha* had to back on  the deckhouse for snppoit,        m  i% ��� Now,' sailor/ she ses,' I'm a.going to take you  into my confidence. First of all I must tell you  that I am in love/ I was almost a-falling on my  knees to tell 'er I knowed it. 4 Now, cpn't you  oucss w a!i whom ?*���  'Why, of course, with yourdear, good skipper! But,  nli, dear ; he is so horridly backward. He won't  . veu look a .'me. lie knows 1 came here on purpose  to l>e near him and.to talk to hivn. and see how he  neglects me and keeps out of my way ! Oh; sailor  am I so horrid and ugly���?.'.'  "1 told 'er as well as I could as 1 didn't think the  old man need take on so, 'cos she wosu't *arf bad to  look at. On the contrary, she was about as pretty a  pieter as you'd see in a month's cruise.  44 * Well...sailor*1 she went on, * what do you think  I've determined to do? I believe he won't have  anything to do wuth me simply because I'm a woman,  and some silly people think a woman can do nothing  but receive admi ration. Now, if I could show him  that I am brave".and strong and can think and act  for myself, perhaps.be would learn to love me, So I  want you to help me. [want you to fall overboard,  and let me jump after you;*  " It come   on me a bit sudden like;  and I   sorter  levied with astonishment/    But she   took 'old of my  and and squeezed it till I thought I should Taihtaway  m 'er  arms.  " ' Now, don't look surprised/ she ses; 'I'm an  awful good swimmer! I've won lots of prizes at our  baths, and 1*11 see that we throw a buoy or two over-  hoard, so that wesh&'ti't be in danger/ And when  us over, sailor.      I'll give you ��$.    Now you can't  say no tome, can you���youdear, kind man?'  iiaT'No, I couldn't, and that   was a fact;    It's   bad  enough when you*ve got a   lovesick   maiden gasping  andade&ning on yer, but when it comes to five-quid in-  'ard cash danglingabefore your nose it's too much,  ���' So we arranged it thst next day, if the sea was  smooth and the weather fi lie, I'd sprinkle a few lifebuoys overboard and accidentally tumble among.'em.  Then, with a cry as 'ud bring the skipper on deck,  the gal would dive after me and we'd go through a  sorter life-saving performance : and if that didn't  make the old man fall on 'er neck and ask to be forgiven���well, tbeti^we'd 'ave to throw 'im in next,  and let'er'ave a try at saving'im/1  ���-. ii.-. ;-..  " Well, next day was fine, with j'usta bit of breeze  as kept the bark steady under all sail, and as we were  only making about tour knots an hour, I reckoned  this was the time for the final scene. So I whistled  to the gal to get ready; and then I got 'old of all the  bouys I could find and pitched them astern when nobody wasn't looking. Next I sliriped off my boots  and dropped quietly over the side. .  44 When I looked up I seed the gal a-lookihg *s it  she was a-wondering 'ow cold it was. And then all  of a sudden she gave a yell, and dived in and come  swimming toward me like a fish. ./-      .  !" Lor the commotion there was on board when  thev heard that yell I First, up come the skipper  from below. He looked asteru and saw the girl:, in  the water. Of went 'is coat, and splash 'e came after  Then I seed the cook  rush  out of the   galley.  er  'R took in the situation, and the next moment e was  taking a header from the stern.     Two seamen  as ad  ���  ���  PLACE YOUR ORDER  With us/for now is the time.  We have the largest supply of Groceries,  Crockery, Etc., in Nelson.  i^^iiiLtii��Zy  TO    MENTION    PRICES  '.���X'.C;;  �����:iSf>-.*/;s  M  mm  '���:SM  $0*#$$>4^$$ ������<  1 "��>   **  ',. v.   . , H,.   ���  flH��|-*",   1���r.��\-^M   "*fti-**r-"  TOWS** .  1 . v    -  **M#4m^��m��  fe^tov,! m  12  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  m  i:  UM*  mm-.  [l||t|��  !:a-.'l'fc'j'iiSi'  %*#&$& .  |;i?��Ki;  ^l^-'-'.-I;--.  I;$j0&  <zm$: -  //;!'  'eard the cry next tumbled over, and before I hid  time to'ollar out and tell 'em it* was all right the  other two seamen and the boy was a babbingabout in  the water.  44 By this time the gal had got to me,   and we   was  each of us 'angiug toa bouy.      Away in the wake of  the bark we. could see seven heads   a-bobbhg about  and one by one they came up to us andtol ared   *old  of a bouy, to wait for what was going to''appen next  And ail   the  time that   hlarmed   bark was standing  away, under full sail as if nothing 'ad 'appened.  "Suddenly   the   skipper   looked   round and "said'  something as -didn't seem to just 'fit the occasion,  44 Who's left in .charge of that bark?" ht veiled  " Nobody'--answered, -and   then  'e  looked   round  agen .--and counted us.  all as we was adxibbing about  together.      T�� counted us twice,  and   then he twvre  agen.  ���'M \ How dare you leave the ship without my orders?*  he shouted. * Don't you see thftt there isn't a man  on the bark, and that we're kit here like a .-flock of  fools-while she drifts on to the nearest lee-shore"?'  " Somebody began to giggle, and the "skipper swore   -  as Vd  blow 'is brains out if 'e found out who it was.  The gal said it was 'er, and sure   enough   she wasa-'  laughing away as if it was the i>est Am tV ��i  whether, was the crew of theO*'"J.'e 'fl//'1'  abont   m   the water,* while o���r ship    Jas        r"K  stead.Iv away by.'emelf, without  a 'and  o .l;? P5  trom the cruel rocks.     It was a,,  ��� K    ,e  er  'act, after all. "asa  "Hut there.was the gal. still  sniilimr    m,| ..., ,  ���she wanted the skipper n> report us t��, the a ,/"?:!���  as apicnic. party as /ad m lm o( o,ir .d/ / ' ( T  'heoh  ma��� was wild with the hmo'is^    \,jt  ne region olUie tropics.     A..*ihW��* li d        -  not, tor we never set eves on 'er again '  "'  I^vupo r lungs in the ri^t'- -spirit- he: -mmr veered.  ���      ^:^^ conclusion tiiat-axomfortabie orne ami  t t frtr   ��r ��i�� m0rr r** the !ift>"d^nMmch of tu '  got for our share, either/*   ",  An Invocation;  Lord God of Israel I Thou who gave  To Gideon aiid.his hn111{re<js free  A great and signal victory,-  Grant us the blessing now to grove.  Without Thy potency nn|acme  The valour of our Lmve��<i mt��n  Shall not avail, hut he as when  A man uwaketh from a dream.  We look to Thee !   And y&i, O Lord,  We in tire past have oft forgot  That Thou art He   who ebaru'eth  not  Thou wilt be reverenced and adored.  We oft, alas ���   Thy Name profane,  While   yet on   Thee we most   de~  peml,  Believing Thou  wilt he our friend  And from our foes j&i'v-e u.��again.  Accords nil to Thy gracious word,  Let us Thy-great salvation see,  E'er i as our trust is now In   Thee;.  Forgive Thy erring people, Lord !  Get to Thyself the victory !  And to this end our arm* employ���  Del nil the world in rough um enjoy  A grander, greater liberty.  In ua, O Lord, Thy word fulfil !  Thine arm of power again reveal,  That all the world mav know   and  feci  That Thou, our God, art with u* ntili !  u urn-  West  Aldermanic Contest.  To the Elector* of   the Wc*l   Ward  At    the   request   of a   large  ber   of   the    electors    of    the  Ward, in which I reside, -I have eon-  .sented to offer myself as a candidate  for Alderman in the West Ward. If  elected I shall endeavor to discharge  the duties of theoHice to the heat of my  ability in the furtherance of the  general interent of the fit I ze us.  Soliciting your vote and influence, I  remrdn, your respectfully,  William ihvim-;.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  JOB DEPARTMENT  Prints. Everything  tetter Heads  Note Heads  Bill Heads  Statements  Envelopes  Business Card  Visiting Cards  tnu Cards  leceipts  At  ���*����*te JLE W .^sM-mtum-  RICES  COMPLETELY  e  ��  O^D��g?S BV fyjAlL RECEIVE PSSOWPT ATTEMTIOM.  mmm  v^mr-ssiB"^**** "B"wps��  ; ^~.r. t r  -*^.r��-^i   nmm n   *^ vru.**i  if a"^ THE NELSON ECONOMIST  18  MAYORALTY CONTEST.  Tm the, Citizen* of Nel$on :  In response to luimerotis requests from business men,  property owners iiud ratepayer*, I otter rriyself as a. candidate kv Mayorof the .City of Nelson at the approaching  MimieifMil Election*.  BriHl v Htated, my platfoHii U us follows :  ifeU'etrd- It- will he iiiv earnest endeavor to assist in  mure firmly tMtahlitfhlng Nelson as thtMvholetttiltr (itatritint i:tu' <<mtre of the Kootcuay ���the position for which she  ins \n>c\\ ho admirably designed hy Nature.  In furtherance r��f this idea* twill-continue my eons'st-  ��'��� .-it adc.w-icy of tIt**. couMtrti>.'tl*Mi ofu wharf which will  mtrt present and -firturir"requiri;tiieiiU of the wjiolenale  and other bu*diit*!w intere*!**. .--  I believe thai the city ha ^reached that stage when per-  tn-unmf street impr<��vements have become? mi absolute ne-  <>,-^ity, and (hat the eont should be met, a* fur as ���feanihle  from <mmmt revenue and nhould the citizens see fit to. eu-  irtHi ni��i with the oJllee of Mayor, It will be any aim to  ���urv out n wellklevbwd syttein of street impn^vements  Ir .will be toy policy to op|M>se the borrowing-.of. money  N'orp-'K l* hereby jjtvcn that after the ex pirn lion- of thirty day?*  i    fnun ttaMlHitMt��rf^r'\veititemttofiptfly.io'i'be Chief Corn mis-.  --:..;u-r ��if l.muN and Wi>rkH ��t Victoria, B, (', far a lea&e for tweaty.  i   v :vr���� for 0!���� por$w*��i^ *jf ijuarryiuif .I*liitc*jst��>j����*, for sate nod a Ik-.'  j ��;if, (rv��r tie* rulhnvlna hoid*, *U mite-d on theeasi bank of Bower  ar ��*w f *uk��\ nttou'i'' *d.x..mile*north of I*eer l*ark on wild take, and  a inn;? ��**,�� yard* due en.?d  from the *diore of fluid  lake,comprised  u iihiii fh*�� following honitdarle*:-  Comnsencimriu a po..:! Inscribed.  Im 'Hat l*o*i|, . W ., A  OalHher, Frank ^ekkr. and Allan  Forresters  s. W. <*>rmr. planted nnd tneated -1'kttwmber (Jth, 18?$;*' thence 'due  w-riu vn chain*: thence due? eafct at .right tingle** 5W chain'**; thence  iu��  .south nnd'ptirnifoi to lh�� western bbuiidajy 20chains; thence  du<'wv.M'JOrlutlriM to .-the .point of .mmtiMiaceincnt,..ogmfalftingr. 10  Jim-*., iti��n>r)r !��'*��***�� :'-  !>��t����d thin ?2tb dav nrrN*eember. 18fl*��.  W. A. GALUHFR*  ���FRANK SK1DEL,  ALLAN ;FORRtd*'rKK.  unless the same lie used fur the increase or establishment  of public works producing a revenue to the taxpayers.  I am opposed to any Increase in the salary of Mayor,  which would necessarily involve a reduction in salaries  now paid an efficient staff of officials, or an increased burden to the ratepayers  1 am strongly in favor of maintaining the fire' depart-  ment. in a position of thorough efficiency and would advise the adoption of a odern equipments, including a fire  alarm system and the purchase of a chemical engine,  which would effect a reduction in all fire insurance.  ft 'will be my consistent policy to safeguard the taxpayers against any attempt on the part of corporate bodies,  carrying on business in Nelson, to encroach upon the  rights-of the citizens.  In my 'Opinion a sufficient amount of money should be  expended upon the parks of the city so that they will pro  vide the citizens with recreation grounds and opport uni  ties -for- healthful enjoyment.  On all municipal works" my policy will be to employ  ���bona'tide residents of Nelson' and to maintain the public  .standard rate of wages.  I believe that the public schools in Nelson should be  under the control of the 'city, and that every effort should  he made to establish a high school in our midst.  - hi conclusion, "T' wish to say that in the event of my  election "f will .consider it my duty to share with the council the responsibility of the" civic administration, believing, as 1 do, that the assumption of entire authority by  one individual is suhversiveof all constitutional government, whether municipal or otherwise.  Youiv respectfully, FiiASK FhEcCHEa. j  THE MAYORALTY CONTEST.  To the Electors of Nelson,:  In asking for your support for the office of mayor at  the c >ming election, it is only fair that I should state my  views, brief! v, on what are considered public questions or  issues.    No doubt, during the campaign you wilt have an  l^ttiM-T^l^i^^lM^V^VWuMiltWiAHiW.*^'1  PATENAUDE BROTHERS  JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS  NELSON. B. C.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Fin-- WatcNctt m  Specialty  MANDERS  THE HALL STREET GROCER  .������w*f��ui��i iB>wmfi��miwiWiii  Family Groceries  Everv Line Fresh,  Fruit in Season.  Ash. Lady. Aberdeen* Lily Fraction, Mlnto  Fraction and fladdo Fraction Mineral Claims,  situate in the Nelson Mining; Division of West  Kontemty District.  Where located:   On Morning Mountain.  Take nolle** that I..John MeLatehie. I'.L8,  of Nelson, acting as agent for Herbert T. Wilson. Free Miner's Certificate No 21 M) A,  David T, Mewat, Free Miner's Certificate. No.  21,718 A, and Malcolm Hcddlo. Free .Miner's  (Vrtitirate No B llJJtt. intend, sixiy days-  from the date hereoj, in a; ^!> -n th-e Mining  IbM'order for (Vrtlfieate* of IrnprovennnHs.  for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of  the above claims.  And further take notice that ..-action, under.  section S7. mast be commenced hefojv .the  Issuance ofsueh Ccrtilic��t��* of Imiftrovehients.  Dated thlsl-ltb day of October. A. D. 1^6.  John McLatciuk.  Co  Wholesale and Retail  Dealers in  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  WADDS BROS.,  VANCOUVER   AND   NELSON  ^'���Kr t'lmir lloud. VicioriH Street XelJ��ou.  Dominion and  Provincia  StunniiO Band M. Utickhorn and Lillie  Fraction ..Mill era It? Jdm.%s oi.iie in the Ne'S't)  Minhur Olvisltm of West K<x��tenay Dixtriid.  Winn'i' located : On the nor h fork of Wild  Ilor^'eCreek, near the headwaters, i hereof.  Take notic<�� thai I.John M(d,atcliic, P.L.S..  'ot the City of Ntdson,acting as airenf tor the  Sninuiir Vmlr >nniusr Com?-any. ianrted.  l-'tt^ Mines-s"j* eVni.'ieatt* No. B 2s��.(H^> intend,  sixty dav* from.t liedat��' I ereoi ton- niy (" the  MiiUinjr hec��irder for rertlfb-it' sof Iimitovc-  nionlj*. for tlic purpose ��>f oli'aUinfr Crown  (irauts of Oie ahov.c claims.  A tut 111- th��-r take no.*l��-c !hn! acf i��*n, under  s- fttou -:7. innst be commenced t>efore the is-  snane^'1 of se.h < ��'t J Mean-�� f Impi'V  im. n(s  Slated this eighteenth d��% of PeeeinheolHW.  Jonr'x ���MeIiAr<,i. n .  Camps supplied on shortest  notice and lowest prices.  Mail orders receive careful  attention.  Nothing but fresh and  wholesome meats and supplies  kept in stock.  ~]ansoe  Op i. Custom House, Nelson 8.0  CLUB HOTEL  <  RATES; $  ���orner Stanley and Silica Si��.  i per dmf and up,  Schooner Beer. ��o cents  Express and Draying  Having pnreh?��sed the ex press a ml dnt v")i\  business of J. W. Cowan, we are prepared to  d-uill kinds of work in this linr. and solicit  the patronatre of the people of Nelson. Orders  left at I) Me.Arlhur ,fe C��^s vn��e, northwest  corner Baker asid Ward street**, will receive  prompt attention.   Telephones:"*,  i in us ii  AND  Josephine Street  Nelsoo,  "" "r:^^m^^^&^m^^i^B^m^^^i^^^ms^^^si^^iC^Tg^^S^^^^^^^. ; i*  l  14  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  r  1 WW  hi  td i t  ;���,  1'  tii  i  ;���  ill  ''1  ,   | ?   v.  I c�� (, 1  S> ;  Jf 9K     i  all -*a  ! !  'il  0  Ft -  ft'/  :#'i  opportunity  to hear these questions and \&*nm cii$eu��t$e,  for they are important to the people of thin .municipality.  1. The public utiljtk*j* owned by the..city nhould In*.  maintained at a high ttute of efficiency and the revenue  therefrom collected closely and promptly. The rate**  j��Sh>uI4 be so adjusted that a fair profit over and above  fixed charge* van be realized',' for the city can " no  more sell water and light at cost than can the merchant  the commodities In which he deals.  2. Direct taxation'can-only be kept low hy iiiiiltifiK the  issue of debentures. Nc> debenture* should In�� issued except for the -.construction of revtmue producing public  works.  3. A 'beginning nhould be made t It is year til making  permanent street .improvement*. The main bunlne**  streets should lx* macudami./eti ami the main residenee  atreeU 'graded. Sidewalks should t*�� inhi with m��mio  uniformity, -and not aceonUnir to thtMliIterrnt bhus of  different officiate.  4. The steamboat interests centered tit Nelson are  second only Hi.importance to the railway liitetv>i*, ami.  the city should .provide mooYrn doek nml 'wnrehouve  facilities at which' thin i��u?H!(,ss��'.i.in i>* handled... The  docks and warehouses should he built-����n pbtn���� :ij��j��rt��v��.��I  by practical I steamboat tnoi,:^ t'i;��* futnro k'r-wili .tmi  prosperity of the city depend., in -i i^*ui .ji.��"a.rtu'��-, '��n tc.�����  cost of tnins.hipmen t of meren.��*:*. 1 i *e.  5. I am opposc-nl'to-^iloon expan>b*n. There are already a sufficient number of pbe s in Nelson'at which  liquor can be obtained  at retail,   and the .number should  not  lie  Increased   until the city   hm * papulation of ten  thousand.  tf.     Public  ganibSlng   (**   looked  upon  m tut evil in  civilised  countries and   whibt  gambling cannot he pre*  vented, there i# no good   reason why the mmml of Kam  tiling machinery .aliotiM equal that   from theteaiii iraffle  on our.Rtiiiti btmlitettHthoroughfare*.  7.    None but   irenentl by*l��Wf* should Ut.  pa*M*], and  when pattstcd they should Unenforced,  S. Corpomtlon* that have m-eured franchise* frotu the  city ahoiiUI lie made to live up to the letter ami the spirit  of their agn'eitiettla : but hi adjusting different that  may arise there should not be any .utttiecftwary friction  ^ ft; The lire department *diould he efficiently ninlnttthietl.  The be^t apparatus should lie nrm*ured�� and the number,  of io�� ii in the volunteer liHgnue kept at the max I mum, for  without men, mere npjwtnttu* would im um\mm In thinitif  d��n;��er. J.oitx HoChton,  -  Aldcrmank Contest*  7" the   HUrt'.*rn ��*;' the  tVesi  Ward ; ���      .  I n r-omjdmneo   with   the   reoue-nt   of a large mnnU'r of  oiU/��"!t*,    |    h;l\r <'>if,��>ii!,t"t|   h> ��i!����U'    1H V w-e s f    JW    a    erO'td \t\l\U-  f.*r:��Mrffii:iti m t h-e W*.-*t Ward. If eb*-td.��"d I ���dndl -1^ !iiv  uim<-i-"d "*��pod^M- a-J-d tort be?- t h��' i|iirft>*N of. tbe.\-ifo".  ( >vi m>> to uoa\*ddatde < 'lretim��?.:��,o ,**;*����� 1 ^hall m*t i.*? it's  N.eUon iluribg the w**e-k, and ^omm^|MenUy will U* unable  to itmke a tw:ri*4do.tl enuvft/*. HopStig to- rtwlv��? yotir support, I remain, yourwobediently.   .". A*--FKti'L'ANP��" "  /v.��(jv.:}>niivt-��ft  CANADIAN r\  "Pacific Ky.  *"���  S00 LINE  Nelson Planing Mil  EAST AND WEST  The Direct.  Honte from K,oo$*��nay   Country  to- Ait Polnt.K..  FIRST-CUSS SLEEPERS  Doors, Sashes and Turned Work  Brackets and Office Fittings  On All Train* porn'  REVELSTOKE AND KOOTENAY LDG  TO'UJUST CAUH.pa>�� M^dirOM- II;** dally for  St. Panl. Stmaayx. anci   Wf-dro-^day*   fof T*>  ronto, Friday> for Montr*-iOan*i-Uf^totj. ^,-nnc  ear> r��e^- m:-\vb*lok��..' r>re. ib*y- ? ar1|*r.  CONNECTIONS  ,-    To and frot/s Kot��-.on,' Ib.i-fcViaii.L  TJi'M-x Kju'j, Lv... . NJCI^hN . Ar.ex.hnts !.o,je  Vt.m driily l.v.  .   . .NKI>o>"..      Ar.tla-ly JIJm  Morning train connec:.^-f<.-r aS) |��.dnt*-. irj  BOUNDARY COUNTRY  FA'enirni'ir.dn r(s:��Mioet��   ?<��  r*od   from   .NJatr  Line, and   I'oints   Nor?h.  and   fn-x*-^- j4    ^au-  da\>j   from  aJi J'oInJH in.  i'.o>*:'��d-<r.   t'*w.\itv,  KOOTENAY  RIVER   ROUTS  Satisfaction Guaranteed.   Prices Reasonable  m(M>M��iiMntnMMnBMtu  MMWMMfWMMM  ..COMri ANDINCT. ATTENmON-  Dailv SO  Mo', i.  ltbn<J l.v N.J-:r>i�� i\  e'����:( !i4/'-l>   K ��.������' rimy    i.'itMi  ;i  NckI Br.iiK'h 0:ii;>.  5 f.tii(  ' i   a  r ��� ��� u' ��  s  is  siniplv a -iriatter' of ming  well dressed.  . Those wlio wear. garments  cut and tailored'by us will-re-  ccive all the.attention - a ��� well-  dressed'man deserves. - ./  Our winter suits of Harris  Homespuus ' are- marvels, or  good' quality, good style and  good workmaship. 1iie  value is great.  KOOTENAY   LAKS--KA31Q  ROUTE,  5 tpt nnrmn nnnnr v��"mnnnnf m tfTrwrrrinnrvTv^^  Kx.Smh. HJr. Xokanrr Kx. Hun  i'��j.<>��i ivv. . N 1 -,��� ���.-*>N \|    13 r/i  s<t'tirdti.vh  *-o Ar^MOn  :u����j  f-'urn. ;��--��vS-n^  Kr;i>iu a! 'Ju.<.*��k..  o/  ,M*^  SAN DON AMD SLOGAN   POINTS.  !UM��. <'X Hiio. f.%'    ,N'KI,s< j\'-. . Ar. ex. Hon. il.'3��  hour-:-N'Kl.s����s    fi >   lussLAXfi -hour*  ���*  For  rii-'s    find    An*   hdorjun! ion   niidro'j*  n<3U\**t so.'iil jj^'fit, or  C. E. Beosley�� <'by rH^HMi^f-r AKeni.  R. W. Drew, ���U'<,i��i, Nc'kjjii.  W. F. Anderson^ E. J. Coy!e��  Trav. r*iu^K. Ajf��*iil, A . <t. I-��. As?<��nt,  Nelson, K. r, Vnin'ouv����r, U.*'  . 0. BUCHANAN, Proprietor.  Lumber,  Shingles.       |Y  Orders   Promptly   Filled   and,Slash  Satisfaction   Given.������    Nelson ] M.  Doors  ���  ^o  to  - ��  ���     ��  &  .X��RJ��U  ��!^SSiMte��ifS^SESS��1^��*��Ki  ^\^rt^&*  *���* ^'i. i -����� n*t   -i-T ���vy-'^n�����  ?"l    T'pi ���   *����� ^   -|     rPnl^M^wri  'HSi^S^i^^^^SSgra^^^^^8fiisw^Ks��sifflama^^  S^lS^J!$i!fflM^g^J^,^aw^  l��!te^'SS!SiJH!5S31^3?t!^S!Sl:.r'*-P-"rf'1"'"*  I:  'If--; a  #  "J��ig  6  S��^��t   ��.'��   >7  <",  feflfi  1ft&.  ���m  u* *'��  ."tiafiv^  f*.*Vfc  $&  ^#3  :3~n (���'^.sTi-.i  d^B/w^h  $S&  ssft?  t<  fa*  ^444  483  #*  fejfM;'  tfN  srac?  ^Mw��3m  ;AM  -*%:  <%&**���  W-'  *����������� ft  gfe/  :tw,  :^Mt^i\'j:s  ��j. .-s  1.   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