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The Nelson Economist Feb 28, 1900

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NO. 33  '< S ���'/ 4!  ////���:   XKMOX KVO.XOMtsr u U*�����l   ,;,,,  Wnlne.Uuj  ..//Arf'ftv ���/ .V,7,������, /;. <;,. ty a. .v.  rv.W,.V. *���/,,,���>.  '���'"nv,'",,'*,,,ff " "'"'���'������' "./>��,���,�����/ h,t,��,i nwtfuii,,  flint,*. <��nl,j ���f(Mt* ;,/ merit will he a,lrerti*r<l i,f  the**  e,,!,,,,,,,,, ,������[ Hie   hnerr.iU ���{ een.teex will he. cur-  Mlu inutnM <iiinui*C ir,rH>,m*ihU p-r^m and worlhU**  nrti^lr*.  wrongs   that  liave  been   perpetrated in the name of  government.  Pay I    Pay!    Pay!  VurirK.���TJieiv ure ��vv��tji) hundred ivadem of Tiik  !>ux'MMfsr Mm.,1 in rh��ir Mib-eriptions. Xodouht (his  i< :ittrii.iiuli|.f to ix^Iuct am! u!J (hat will be repaired t6  T-iiMirv a lumty rtspoitnc f* (his ueuHe reminder.  B  V a vote of 19 to iS, hist Friday, the Semiin Govr  ernmeut was restrained ' ironV working ftnthe-  injury  t>   the  Province  of British   Columbia,    For  month* past, that which, in the absence of some more  -appropriate term, had been called a Government, hovered UvjM} life and  death, so  that   the end, though  smhku,  was   not   unexpected.    No  one believed   it  could   shuffle   through   the   session, "and   very   lew  mourned its, demise.    While  the.   patient   had   made  pretenoMo renewed strength and vitality, it deceived  no one, for the Symplons of death   were ever  mani-  ^i.    At   best   it  was   only a make-believe Government, and during its eighteen months' existence, even  tw accident, never  succeeded   in   accomplishing  one  ;*e? of benefit to Use 'Province.    On   the  contrary, its  capacity   ior   maladministration  was    simply   prodigious.  Now that the end has come, it is worthy  of note,  that even the papers that once championed Mr! Semiin and his Government are compelled, to acitnit the  weakness of the defunct  administration:    The   Victoria Thin-* goes so far as  to  confess that conditions  lately   have   been   intolerable, and   wisely  urges the  formation of an  administration  capable/ of ^dealing  with the affairs of the Province with a strong hand.  Tlie Times now condemns the haste-with . which  certain   acts   were pushed through the House, and expresses the "almost universally accepted belief that  in  disputes between labor and capital, it is well to  leave  it to  employer and employee  to adjust their grievances.    The Senilin Government probablpente^  the same belief now, when the damage*^)^^^^^rt^'rl^iS:]^%^  If it had heeded tiie warnings of its^iilnSPI^itiQfi^  have avoided one of its greatest mista��^S^^|^^  ��r\i  in August. 1898, when tlie Semiin Government as-  sinned control of affairs, British Columbia was eniov-  i��*g -n era n{   unprecedented   prosperity.    Capitalists  bad lauh.ju the future of the  Province and did   not  hesitate in niakingnnTstments.. -'The   affairs  of the  country  were administered   with   due   regard to the  nghts of all, and radical changes in  economic conditions  were  discountenanced/   But in   a   lew months  Jhese conditions changed     The new Government, in  its lust for power, indulged in a species of class legis-  i;i|iou that has bred distrust in the minds 'of all, and":  Avnere   was  once  a   happy arid prosperous people, is  11 w a population at bitter enmity  with   each  other.  iNo ^00(i can be accomplished by disguising the  real  state of affairs in this Province at the present time. It  w doubtful if the lull'seriousness of the  situation  has  vet hilly dawned upon the people, but when  it does.  *t will be to the everlasting discredit and execration of  the men who must be held  responsible-fori the great  The most striking feature of the defaiic^  mem was the lack of faith the.memt)er^|i|re|^|!^S  in each 'Other.    This   was  the   natural;^  templing to assimilate a variety of eleraegt^  nothing in common with each other  anlj^  tor office.    From the beginning there/wereXdisleree-^K  mentis   in   the   Cabinet.      Finance   Minist^  eventually wearied of paying homage "to'^^^||i^n^  who exacted tribute from every other ineuSe^^  Cabinet, and when the opportunity present^  struck down his former master.    It jn^^;l^^^|E^:^;.  encc to the Minister of Mines whom he obeyed; so lie  transferred   his  allegiance  to  Cotton:i;5Sen^';vw^^  unsuspicious   and  was  content  to  wear the, em  honor of Premier without the power.   -'Cotton]^si^^0:-  to be Premier, and McKechnie was also ambitious ibr  office in tlie Cabinet, and   it   is   believed   an   understanding existed between Cotton and McKecliine that  the  former  was eventually  to  become Premier and  the-latter was to get a portfolio.    Henderson   had  al-  ���read3'made a sharo curve, and he was   therefore ever  an -object of distrust. .His political, cede was  to  get  on in the world, rega rdless of the methods  practiced;  to achieve his ambition.    Henderson was too heavy a  load Ibr any Government  to carry, and  takitig him      ;  into  the   Cabinet   was  the  price   of   his treachery.  Some little.dependence could be placed upon t.he-ldy---.;--------  ���.aity-.of Joe..Martiti,;',but'::t  minster by his shifty  conduct  sacrificed the  ence of those   who should have been   hisy political       ;  friends.    As ajconsequence he was never regarded as  anything more than a makeshift���a man  who could  be decapitated   when  it   suited  the convenience of  .y-  ,y ,,' *-  \ '    ''.  ��:;,yayy^yyy$i��.  :i;;*;"S;'.;]"SSM^I  . . . .-. ��� .t\ ..' .1 v       ....,I!..V.).'A.^.W��jl  y*yyw:yw;M$m  y~:yy-0yms$L  yy-yym$tiMi0f,  y: ;'yyM:yyy&x%  '>'?���>?"<��'Jr.:iyyyt?i:?}:<f$% 1  ;!'y'',y^-ft^-^?|il|ij  yy:yy:+yyy<mH  :;;���'.y.-:'" y.t;C:-y.-yy;5;:fi;/Si'i  ,..,.;,,,,:^,..,,;^g^.^j^|  yyys>y0yyi$ii>,*  yyy^ysSM  ������SiSSiiifSf  ���'.:'- -y y. yy ������''' ^yyyfy i  ���yyyyii^yy$i]  yyryyyi$^A  ���yftiSH!  . -"'W  il  .-; c>,  1 - ii  o :.  iU  m  sii  il  ��s3  "S MJ  ifcfy��pr.(l  1  ��.����.'*>  &&&.  IP  it IK*' Saa-:SIS  sir.  mm  y '"3  '��� '    * 1V���  Pi  infl  H^vf  111  & i.j  HKI  ft'  P.K1  It1'IS  Vii'  vv4vf 1, f  urfcy **  ' 1   Svf J  si t f iv1!  fJ-  lfff|:  Mil  v-?-;'^^'"^v^-.''  IT/'*.  ipflif ,:'  lilly  *r  Kfiifvi'iy^js^  yp!sfe,fB'  ������myiwAr ���  ������.����������� ���=!������:���?*:���* VI  ���!;��$:��.���.-!������..���.��������  :S-'.;J-.-f.   l';--:i  iy|y5^l'-.y].  l.lt-"  .>  THE NELSON ECDNOMIST  his   colleagues.     With    a  Cabinet   com  such men, what  was  to have been ex pected  men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of t hi  posed    of  > >Do  n>  It would be a wise man who could predict the out  come of the present mix-up the Legislature; just  now it looks very much like a case of every m^  himself A great deal rests upon the eonduct of the  Lieutenant-Govertior, and of cots r$e he hasideas'-with  regard tdrthe duties of his office at least one thousand  years in ad van ce ��� of b is ti ^6^=^-=^^ ���;  Canada has demonstrated that her .p^tribtisra is * h  actions as well as in w<  mMWmw.1 MKftlll  : :.'',The most exclusiye ;set;in'. Nelson \ to-day,:;%;;; to: ������ ,be:  fo]ijmd:-on..b6a^  ;:.'^or-the"nextvfe  'Avill'divide-;h,6ubVs:'wi  lwo;most'talke^;pf;m,en''^  :ihc^su!i;ueVjBiryset$^r'.,^  A':0jT;wilL^  ���tufn$:.-fout-:iliat-tii  ���^Qj^e 'are.;pfan^iifcrior..quaHty-,;':>Sucii,a tbln'g-'would.  ' be;';disastrous; to ;'stock-^  tnreyyiy^yyy'"''y::y y\yyyy yyy-.yy'..������>./.. '.���������lyy- .'r'.:.:;:���.,  ���-. iTiiErffasc^de;^ depression,caused  by. the temporary closing: down; of ��� the: -mines..-'^. '-^Ie  ���Kbotehays and the :cBo.iu^  offset by'the settlement'-of the ;Jabor troubles '-in.'.- the;'  'Siocan district and thefesu^  yy ftitE[tM:Ang^QsyiiTpre$^' jemarks: --that:-- Macrum,  who formerly represented the United -States; Go-vern-  '���.-nieoiat. Pretoria;-South:Africa'.RepuWic^  : in a v'ery--bad ligbt/by the:StateDeparimeut/'''-\Vhet:ber.'  -"��� the.;atmosphere l>���qame too :warm at .Pretoria' fi'jr'c'om..-''  ���jf6rt..oY.'.f6r;s6n?.e. o'ther: q^^  of dutv and made his wav back to the United Statesl-  It 'is ..always bad form-to'abandon one's, posr.in ' tirn^  'of danger, but Macrum not only did this, but a,s's'of>n'  as he got beyond the hostile -territory':-:be^ oi   iudn!^-'  ing   in   a lot  of   silly   insinuations likely  to cuise  ���'������.troubie���araong other things   charging   that   his of  "ficiai   mail   had   been  tampered   with   by the'.liritis.h  authorities,-and.- fut her more, that there was  a secret,  alliance between tne -.Government of Gre;it Britain and  the   United  States.    These   sillv   lies   were   eairerlv  seized   upon   by that portion of  the |>ress opposed to  the administration, and a strong -effort has been made  to  show   that Macrum,  an American representative.  had been imposed upon and his rights 'a mi'"privileges  interfered   with, Macrum   in  the   meanwhile   posing  before the country as a patriot who preferred  to   give  x\p his place rather than to'have his country   submitted   to an   indignity  through him...   Latest--developments', would seem   to  indicate   that   Mr. Macrum is'  very much of .a fraud.    Secretary .'] lay   of the  State  Department, in an  official  communication   to   C<m-  v'grc^  ^7..bout;h'U  ;tabrtcatioirafont:'a. secrettdlm  -Stately aud'tJre^vt^BritainVtSy'^  '-uivd^r't.he:;,constit:u't!ms^  <|u]i;eW ^.;of >:.-'fhc 'V-'.'':'T:I|jiteci -..'; States  .SeniUe,; ;rMiicrum;;has,;;wri  ;If.h.e;hiul;'keptJ)l5i  ���have .credited^him ��� with;!>e-iug;ii c^ward:;::ora':,kitaVe^;,-:i:,;  -.'.'; 1 x..|hc:\fvglii'-VlMwecii'',.)'' ':C^:fier^^0tt0ii:*:'---flliidv.'J^'  ''Sln.rt.in',-- -honors^njuot..-,be^  ���gethe.r/ivith..the,;.:,fermc^      ���������������^::S'-f^;^v^���i''���':C^���^^'^:���^^  ���*t\.  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S.uii.iiyV-Wi^'..^i^\te''- i��P :W%  miniori::PiirItament.-'' Ttew.'tt; 'mivii^'ii^rteit^  if;no'go^KL-''*-;;'������-     '/;;".;'::.:V; :':y':yiy::yyy':yy y;--y'-:/--\;.;"/���'''��� p-'y  -,*y��J*.iM.ViW(iii��,'iiJiW��*Wfl*Mi ^i,-W*V -**  :'���' -"'.Tilh "effect of.-Gen-''Kobcrti-:t:ftruing: rtbv^mSitt'iws  l:>een felt from K'tmberle'v to Lidvs?:!iitIi;'-tuH!:judging  from'- Dr. .Leyds*'silence:he has'likewise,.fclty/the trem;-  :or clear to Jvurope..  %���nitMnpUi^fc1  ' N<ni,v have the Canadiatis  upheld   the  h on or ot;  -their ���, ouotrv in Soutli'Africa;   The :-\yords .of eum--  nseodation of. General .kol>erts5end-a 'ihrill." .throug.J-.-  the heart.of.every Canadiancaud'.biit^m'pre-the.chorus;  'of our ^national   song,..^11:ie-ALipl,e''Leaf.^V.fitid  thusiast.ic,res{)onse.    Of. the "success of . British'- artiis..  we'are  all proud, but  when" ':CaniKlian^y-;'contH'bttte,  evei'i  more  than, was ..expeetCKlof'tliVtiv^  success,-surely- we  may  lie  panloAed��� fbr,:gi.viug a.��..  extra cheer-'.for our own bovs..   When the word-: eamc;.  that so tiianv of our vpluhtee'rs'had yielded up; then..  ������*' ; ,F' -  lives iorihe Umpire, sorrow' was'.depleted oii-cvery.  lace     War   wtih all   its' hitter cbiusequences cai^e  home to m all.    Iiideed, each one oF'Us felt as if  "C.-  had lost a near friend.     But our sorrow 'was season.^-  E* i��,  fc-1' 'J  r  I*.  V    v  �����< v ��  (���     ��� ���  ii'  "*.  (-.- --;  t ������:  s  T"r Tn-T-r-m-  ���ifjf t^"^*-��  T^T"  'r��*"r* >M)*fi v ��*rff"f�����'r''��,*rW^  "H1^ ���*����"  .ft  \��v       ���-   �����'-. -.( "ii"r!,r..'."'>,t"v1vi  i.,:?. ���   iv . V;-\"s ^;'ly " THE NELSON ECONOMIST  with joy,   for every   report  bore  testimony   of   the  bravery of Canado\s patriotic sons.    They knew how  to die- and proved themselves worthy sons of worthy  sires.    In General   Roberts' report to the   war office  yesterday, the following appears :    "At 3 a. m. today  a most dashing advance was made by  the  Canadian  regiment and some engineers supported by the  First  Gordon Highlanders and the Second Shropshire's, resulting in our gaining a  point some 6oo yards nearer  the  enemy, and   within  about  eighty yards  of the  trenches, where  our men entrenched their positions  until morning.    A   gallant  deed worthy of our colonial comrades, awl which I am glad to say was  at-f  teuled  by   a   comparatively   slight    loss.''     What  greater tribute could be paid to the courage of Canada's patriotic sons ?  this virgin country, with  its splendid  resources,   so  badly needed.    They have gone,   and every , citizen  breathes freely, because confidence will be restored in  the financial markets of the world, especially  in   the  metropolis of the Empire, and brighter days assured  to all  the  people.    The  intelligence  came to   the  World as the expected, because we felt that  misrule  could not prevail longer, that  incompetence  must be  condemned and that chicaneryinust sooner  or later  meet its just fate.    All eyes are now  turned on   the  Lieutenant-Governor.    What will   he   do?   As  the  representative of Her Majesty he must c;*st all  private feelings aside and in a constitutional way assert  the authority of the Crown by placing in able  hands  the destinies of a colony than which none under the  sway of the Queen has a brighter future."  Xkuson has a population of 7,000, and yet  three  policemen are expected to preserve peace and   order.  This is asking a little too much of our guardians  of  the peace, but   to   their credit, be it said, they  have  earned for Nelson of being one of the most  orderly  cities in Canada.    However, the time is now at hand  when it is desirable that the  police   force should  be  increased.    Two men on duty at night and only  the  Chief on duty during the clay makes it a difficult mat-  ter to ^iva proper attention to the requirements  of a  city the size of Nelson   with  such  a  large   floating  population.  n\  The Conservatives of Neison will meet to-night to  elect officers and talk over matters of general interest  to the party.  Talking about redistribution bills and pocket burroughs, Cronje is something of a gerrymanderer himself. He had burrows throughout his whole constituency.  ' 0  Cron-je knew he was up against the real thing  when he awoke and found the Rocky Mountain  Rangers within eighty yards of his trenches.    '  Thk Liberals of Nelson j*re said to be casting eyes  m the direction of ex-Aid. Beer in their search for an  acceptable standard-bearer.  It took some time to accomplish it, but the British  have at last wiped out the Majuba Hill score.  1 in-: rames of Mr. J. H. Bowes and Mr. John Elliott are discussed in connection with probable Conservative aspirants for Parliamentary honors.  With the Semiin Ministry dismissed and the capture of Cronje and his army, all in one day, things  may be said to be looking up throughout the British  Empire.  Mayor Houston is  said to have  a political bee  buzzing it! his Scotch bonnet these davs.  Let Canada raise a monument to commemorate  the deeds of valor of her sons who gave up their lives  for the Empire.  Hkrk is the way the Vancouver   World discusses  the situation :    "Our news colums  give a report of  tlie kownfail of the Government, headed by  Premier  Semiin, but of which a craftier man than he was the  real leader.    Cunning does not win, however, in   the  long run, and Mr. Cotton has  added  once more an-  other failure to the long succession which has marked  his extraordinary career.    We  have no hesiration in  saying that members ott the right of the Speaker distrusted him as much as those on the Opposition  side  did, though the former, to save their positions,--' voted  'right.'    'Now-that, we have got rid of this incubus,  it devolves upon us to bring order out of chaos and  return to the good old progressive days that marked  the continuance of the last regime.    This administra-  tion has done nothing but injury to the vital interests  ol.. the Province; its members have been flies on the  wheel, merely drawing their'.-salaries and looking after paltry details in their various  departments, with-  ��ut a thought to the broader and  wiser and nobler  legislation  that characterises statesmen and which  All Tommy Atkins wanted was one good chance  at Cronje, and he got it. Result: Knockout in the  first round.  Up to the hour of going to press His Honor had  not called upon J. Fred Hume to form a Government.  "It might be inferred from the exchange of courtesies between Col. Baker and Mr. James Dunsmuir  that the Avar spirit is gradually developing in British  Columbia.  'Some one has mentioned the name of Mr. J. Roderick Robertson in connection with the portfolio of  Minister of Mines.   ������-. :'���-.:; ;;.: y'y  WriTH the Lieut.-Governor's son '.Billy"as  the Mclnnes family would be decently provided-., for  by British Columbia. >  ���.<��*'  . m  &y>--}\  ���'    tM  r$  i" > >=  y^y ^  nm  ir  ��� f"-��    p   �����> r�� �� mmms,  r-ViSe S3 ft  Mm  &,fV[  Slftl  $fe Safe:.*���"���."��������� ::���  wmM.  p ft* S# '9 -  &W:  &��i|pp;2,........  tCfy&^y >���������.-:  ifiwt'y  kyifi*i.i.JL-<.f.fi;i-i;.    ...  ittii::':- ' '  &'^E v.'V-"'.-.������''.'���  f^%iyl|:.-y.-:--y--  |^lf^--.:::::-:yv;;-  ISI^iO^' ���' '��� ;"y  y^f'.5.y--.f:-.y:' ���-  g|||pyy:y-y:  M^yyy:  #ifey--:::;.y  i#i'0:-;:,:'  '���sS-W'v:'������''���'������ ���������:.'���'  iSi'..*>f ������!������,���.���...'    ���  ,H'- 'i",'^".''  Ijgy -,;  lly-:"  lSy:y'- ������.  S-ifiiv:-.'.'."   .'.- ���      ���  nr  i ys:  -V  dL  NT'  ��>��������  ���Ov:  a;  ���U*��*'n'��*fi'WlrtUr*.����*;*-J*' -^  ��� ������'^���iI^JF^H'E-v"Rossland  "'Minstrels'";' ;-..he: ;ySeatetU ;vge.n*::  ;.:.;^ 'b'V;'  cyan leld^^^  V;'-:'tatu:slowly.ascended-'.atvthe,Nelson.' Opera' IIcniseiasty  ';;/:'Satufd.^  ,^; chair-warmer  :y:jUStetTW  -y quicken^  oycpnditm^^  y'-';':-:the^  ->;';'ibis ;,fam^  ���o.:Vio^  ':i;:-:;'-:com'piaititI'':a  ���-:��� all-Sw^  ���ovqfthts'venera^  y'^dar^  y:'ct*rta!n^  Satl'th^  ^:;:'^ice"'entitl.ed;i:t^  y;tha|::pi^  \;"-CtBal::'.\Vbi^  ':':y-'artistic re!Kieriiig:of-a::few::solos by Messrs., Oliver -and- ���' ���  V::-SaVvim,'-vh^  '';:::\ti<Bme'H,;'it-.is--;d  '' -.--ance"-- was .ever, presented.':- b.v amateurs '-on '��� '-'any'-..' stage "v  .'y.thaat-hat.'s^ ;,lty'  ,: was-'' painfull, it : ;was .:'ex-;tsoeraUtrg', and ;harrytssing,���..;'..  './auditis ; almost:-'iueouceiv-tble, hcnv a'^cor'e'.'.of. -men.,  ���������..'otherwiserationalenough,- living ;'|n these., d-.ys���>(; ,:  '-enlightenment, andy enjoyiug^.the.:���::,advatitages��� of';frec:  q^WaAIc - /V��ttlH   !-��#-'*������'���nfAvn t lA'd . 'UsfiOti'.-1 f'V -itl'^i!������#*'  <,t,u��i-iil.i t��  **:w>��  ��� Jiibitiorr'af^ ''an'.'- ��tier-tack,',bf:v-:  -' .gei.ii.us i.: but: e ver;'ma h ife.st "a.;. re prehe asi.ble, deter mum. - ���;.  ������'���\tidn ..to-'addto.-the - misery of-'a -people /a.lre^dy.: su'Oer*'.' ���  ;��������� iivg.from'- the.'-ravages of war -and'-''{jrolonged disagree."'.���'���  ���'���me.nts between labor and.'capita'h ; .t': ha^-e'' no desire  ��� to -shield.: any member -of the;- organizatioji" (ram: -his- .-  shore of responsibility ;i:i the perpetration  of the.out--": '���.  ; rage,,'when, I charge j'he- aged -inteTlocnror wh-b-hav*  ���ing been ���the- most persistent offender.'-'. He is' a--, imiu '  ot   m  atu're years' and should have known,, ''-better  .Even when 'artisticallv retidered, a recitation nails on  the listener, but in "the -treatment -of Mr. NelsfMi it is  positively excruciating:. - He contempruouslv is> no re's  the intention., of the author and Strikes out on-n^vvliues  for himself,,- ...I'.lrive the distiiigut'shed  honor- of the  .....      |-  . ��� ..-.,.        - ���...      ���   ,.  .acquaintance of James .'.\Vbiu.:on>b :Riley;..auot, "1 . have'  '.heard.him reciting many of bis own ��� conrnositious,  .���������and lie brought   out   everything   that. was'., in. them!-'-'  ���:;;Iiut;MT.-: Kileyr'has considerable.' knowledge .of eiocu-  i.tion;."^ri'd in a; master of dialect.'  . ,M r. Nelson is- an a b  /solute:stranger to both ; in fact his tones niul gestiin  ���;arei'-:"'th:ose:.:6f i;the mouth ing   mountebank.    What license'the-.Rossland'Minstrels have, for going   airound  4:he.coU-ptry'":'reha.shing  old-jokes  I cannot -tell, but  ,';I-sb.!'cerel,y trust it.,-w  ���;:; .to'...underg;o;i*';��\milar;:;akp&tmim to-:'thity^tmiy$zany  ��� .davmgKiV'.-;^  -'again,: :.Ti3ey^relti:<;bad;^dven^^^  ,-tias fea:>nie;justly-cete^  :.:ii.U'eU.igv.n.ev^^^ i---:  ; ���:,;A;uTtter:.inV,t,he^:./?^  :.:L.onlj'Kol>ecB^;;,t  '':.H'r:iusb,.itimi.y::i'rf:;:3d  ���.',lkif;'istr:;;geue^a|^  ;;'w.t;io.;;:liccoiniMm  :;.'.\\'ill4efey/::'i..!te':.;co  ���'^G^jtera'l^Bnt-lef-^  :A.'IVi���a,:;fe':::f;riShi':/  .'sutmtaon^  ;:Afr)^t;Trpin^at?TO^  .'������Hii-;va^��t-^  ���:tia uf :h t;;:W!i0;;|i; tlit^^  :;wIi.o";It'C0!i'.ne���tec!v;^  ;K0beFts-"tH^*^ty^'.yt^r^  ;;tetUt��t4;^jn^  :;iic���tic^r:::ti.e::r^^^  ;wben.....genermly;rB!iI-if.r'jn  ^.nk'-;6f^  turned;totlj^g;biy*h  i^forfi:'. ��� h'.^d;. .ecm'y&rt'cd' :''ir,;''dlsfeircte'^  g b a. u,f 5 iai fTIIB'v'a;' b ri I ISo:i t: ^  ���'iasKfliSiW. 'i*sa^PM(W!��nAft^  .:���., Pe,r1?a p.-1 he:tnoit:. .'.i  .1 he;-- \\i%ryjn' /South'   :Affw$t-w.^li^^3k;!^|^tf^itktU  :.ot itie Ii.Cic>f?l,',yi.l.i;:;ibc ;;i,ira  ���k.nd;w.��i,;:';Ai��>ue'time^  regimeni "ni. ��� Ite|*tor- M-ci>dtiii 1H;��;.',;'wbci-;' '��� ts:y:; WW":'-C^|:I"  mamler ofihe~:Highh*ti<l;'.iMg^^  his Dratndti'ofi-.'bv itu'act dfwmor^  ���.$e'r'gefi'iit';K ituthfbi-'-.wi^ y'had  hi5.dlf.iiciv.tvf' t.he/Victoria:.'Cio^;.<i��c  hi* ohfv*i*.J \it* -IrO fr��r-'   -;.   fits:  r;i��i>* :;!i����a' iy��**i;s;'".���'��� rit-nii'l ' fi J.kl'.'de*  serveti-lv. so:':��Fri; it ^bouhl be "a- source 'ofg;ratific;ttron;  to this; cbs!ingutshed,.soB .' of"-". Aiild ..-Scotbi- to':.:feaii'#e  that his odd comrades on- theVicnt,ed.,;/!ield ������afe:':'.-:artu)ujr  his most..et]thusiasiic-.,adnii.rers,   -:  if--*-.**!-, .\.<+h*V*V&?*i*  The-seu'se-of.('air play 'dominate^ the'-breasf-oi,- the.._  a vera ge ne wim nc r. man.: T'u ��� st r i ki j i'gr proof' oi". t.I-t is*,, t-hc  Pbiladvlphia'-AVr^rJ relates how the';';''n't-^ht;>tsiu:.otti��^-  several papeisofthat'citv came to the hclp-orcokfw'^iei-.  cothusiasts/,"tc savs ���:' . ''The proliibittoniHtsof l*lnh*  del ph ia' owe a -debt of g rat it'utle: .to" the. local onew^puper  workers.  The acg'regation '-of si gnat tires'.necessary ty  b-' - place thfi.citv ticket onthcorticiai ballot .had reached;  . "    ... '..'''���'���..'������...-,������      '�����  2,0-^0  at .midnight, on Tuemiav ,"aud there it stopped-,  ft was necessary to bave.3,o6o:'n-.atM^r:-'a'ndthere..w��e��-  gloom in the headquKtler*4 of cold .water ad vocateh-  Where to secure additional, signatures wias/aproWcin.  ���&  'yir  :yym  -   ���������.''-tit  ���'���m  m  yi$i  I'll  - :'i..'.'!;|  -'?M<I  "  -''Vl  ���.....���A'.f  ��� y - Oi*l  ���.r;'A#|  .^y&i|  -y'Si  y;::yi  ;:t::"'SSl  mm  ::lli  -ill  ;-'..'-2liSl  '"'���:t-;'7/l  .   ft. i.  I .nflb,  y p:^*  ; ^ , r  M^  y? ii.-jt  J      if-  ������������������a   ���*���  y*-  i  y;-yl      'J  ;-..--0  - /'-*.��  ��� .:���;.:*  --ot  " -si  iissiMesi^iiBaeBEKaja^wssiiaBaaB^^  or.;t-"iV.';yy.- THE NELSON ECONOMIST  They couldn't go out on the streets and request belated pedestrians to rign. Nor could they wait until the morrow. ' How about the newspaper offices?' suggested one of the committeemen, 'they  always have men at work at night.' It was a happy  inspiration. The willing workers divided, the  newspapers up and started out hopefully. In the Rer,-  >t*d office the signatures came at the rate of one a minute. And it was the same in all the other offices. In a  remarkably short space of time all the necessary  names had been secured, and the 'causeof temperance was not allowed to fall out. That is how the  newspaper men saved the day for the prohibitionists."  It is pleasing to  receive  repealed  assurances  that  the Freneh-Cauauians of Quebec  Province are  truly  Capt. Mahau, the well-know author of works on  Sea Power/' has written for publication a letter  dealing with the attitude of the Americans towards  tiivat Britain in connection with the war in South  Africa. He suggests to his countrymen the inadvis-  ability of holding public meetings for the purpose of  i.-xpressiug their views on the warv and warns Americans that problems await them in the near future  which make a good understanding with England too  important to permit the creation of an impression that  \merieans are *gainst her. He concludes bv declar  ing that "not only is the cause of England just, but  Jo have failed to have upheld it would have been to  Jail in national honor."  Knnn New Zealand co.nes news that the government oi that colony will expend ��12,500.00 on railroads during 1900 and igot. The improvement,  will include enlargment of stations, building bridges,  sails,  K: mi olives, cars and midline shop tools.  Mr. C. 1). Rose, son of the late Sir John Rose, of  Mmitrea", has been selected as the Radical candidate  tnr Newmarket, Hug., at the next general election,  He is well known in racing circles and a member of  the jockey Club, and very popular in society. Mr.  Rose was mxtous to compete tor the American cup  race, but was 'pronounced ineligible as being by birth  a Canadian..'  Writing from Thames, New   Zealand, the  correspondent of the   Mutitia Journal of London,-f savs":  " The figures recording the general bullion yield (for  2 ^ob) stand considerably higher than those for the  189s. period.:'-'  The increase of the bullion is accotlnt-  ed for.iir many ways��� viz., in milling plants erected  by new companies; additions to and improvements in  the methods.of gold saving; and new system of milling ores by the older companies.    Regarding the latter, roasting and dry crushing and then cyaniding was  the  system in vogue, and.is so still with some of our  mills which have not succeeded as yet in converting  their mills to that old system of wet crushing which  iias, owing to a series of experiments that were tried,  demonstrated the wet crushing superior to that of  dry, enabling a higher extraction of bullion at a somewhat less cost."  the other, evening a gentleman, who enjoys  a.��social game of poker, more especially when he is  winning, invited a few friends to his home.    One, friend  was supposed to be an indifferent  player  at best, so  the  host  had  no misgivings when a game for small  stakes was proposed.    In fact, he was rather eager to  get hold of his guest's money.    But to  his surprise,  and probably sorrow,   this guest,  although a  little  under the influence of John Barleycorn, succeeded in  winning not only the host's money, but also that of,  the other two gentlemen.    This  merely shows that  appearances are sometimes   deceitful  and  that you  cannot  alwaj'S  tell  by   the looks of a man just how  much he knows of the seductive game of draw-pokei".  Preparations for an early production of, "Pinafore"  by amateurs are being pushed rapidly forward. The  best amateur talent in the city will be heard, and the  production will be elaborately staged, while arrangements have been m de for correct costumes.  Canadians as a general rule are  slow  to take  offense, but   when  they   feel that a deliberate attempt  has been made to wound them, they know how to resent it.    The heartless remarks  of Mr. Neill, M. P.  for  A!J)erni, the  other  day when the news reached  Victoria of the battle  in   which   70  Canadians   were  killed and wounded, will not be forgotten as long  as  he remains a resident of Canada.    It is hard enough  to harbor an occasional  Boer  sympathizer, but when  a member of a British legislative body brutallv gloats  over "the  deaths  of men  who  have given  up their  lives for the Empire, it appears to us the matter becomes a fitting subject  for investigation.    Canada is  a   free  country,  and  men   are permitt��d to think as  tbev like, but Canadians   must be  excused if thev  register an objection against legislators exulting over  their misfortunes, and Mr. Eberts has won the esteem  of his fellow-countrymen   in   so severely castigating  the member for Alberni. P. G.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Company has just  issued two excellent immigration pamphlets for 1900,  iSWestern Canada" and "British Columbia," which  contain a great deal of useful and accurate in formation about the country west of Lake Superior, and  are of special interest to those who contemplate settling either in the Canadian Northwest '.or British  Columbia. Large editions of these pamphlets are distributed gratuitously in Great Britain and the United  States, as well as throughout the Dominion and are  eagerly read by those who are seeking a new home  and desire to know something"'of the best country in  the world in which to find one.  i  ��r  .<��$sa  ^  V,v  ::yy:yyy.:  EJW"  mm  m  ���   t' 4.'  '! i'��j ? <  t , & * b r       ,.:  1 ..m 1  |��i'.i.lti  iff; 1  ���  I   hr      '  ft  I      . \    .  '��� f 'J  1   I  tyjr��-t .  -%T  ���f��� ���p..fnp...11>|f|.i.i��|i.ri7y  - HI  \  ^  fc7  . \     1  -Wlf"  j^, ,   ,:  -J.  **:  T  I      * \      y      **^ THE '.NELSON- ECONOMIST  W:Wy  v-jy  My"  wyy  miyy  my  i:'y''.-.:'-:;}';.':;:^-'-.oH:-B6b$ n 'and' Kitchener.  .,';,-.l?ou,I^���atJt'.'q;n<^,again,' .-/,:.'���-.^  ..'::y'���'������,::'.yFighti.n, Bobs, ''��� T-'y-'-y-y^y'  Un,eedih? privi :y--m--yy:~:yy^y.  .;-".'-;���.:-,',, Father. "Bobai-..';'^-',-.  With a big lump in your throat  You*ve stepped aboard theixwt,  But Tommy's made a note,  ':';;;^''..;''y,yDear,old''Bot)Sv ;'".'-;  You're older than youwas,  Afghan Bobs ;-'���"���"  ��� That dorFt signi/y, beeos���.. ���'���' 0":,  ',';���" t Cos: y ou r.re- Bobs.-';;...;'-' ���       y :.yyr-\,:-: <>'���'��� yy;  y You've never had an ounce,  ()fgas,- or buck ort>ouneef ���---."  ^^^^ '���'";  :;:���;':'..r^.^fiftltin?/'"lJobs*--v.'":   ".", '";v:/������'-������yj-v'-  if .'-AVith the Sirdar you're in touch,  ^'^''t,y y-:Oen,'ral-,Bobs -:V;  Some chaps don't love Mm fhueb,  ;::::,:y:i'.Do;;they;;Bobs.?. '���*-,;��� yyy,y  '.'tr^'orfiee'ire.con'ftm".;'^  y:tE airi.*.fc td0..;gny,at mods'''';���:���'������ '������'yy���::  But the Boers will love Mm leMt"''.-' v  \y --Won't-they'y 'B^i'-'):'ry::y-yyy-\  But Je% the.;.hghterS'fnen<b ���;'...'���'';������";,-v."-"'";---  "yyy:, General I^bs, '-:''':-\.'.^'ov'": o-'''  yAntMs;?ead;:e^  'uyy'-': y.Faetsythough������-Bote;.;:: .".  oLet Cb'e^yi^^ .',y'::  :.',;-I3?'lf .'rtdodge't'he bill', -odead,"'��� ���'���::  ,:Apd-';'ave:-vietories: instead tV:o   ���        v., <���������������"-  .-,;.���. -/Under Bobs:  yJE*s:a; we.rryypuuetual. bloke,':.  ".-'���E Is, Bobs.-.-.  .;;'- EMI .reach.' K'ruger ,6n.': the stroke,". ���  .'���';:''".v^-E''\viy/.;Bob8: ;:���-,.'  Bo if 'e named'21. date,  Just write it on the slate,  YouMlrjud'e wont-bc late,.:  ]]y\. ;Gen?nil Bobsv'.  But jest whisper sim a word  ���:'������.. . ('Beeretf. Bobs,   ,  ���Mb tongue Is dmrp, I've 'eard/' .  ;���'   You know,-Bobs";  : We're:used"to '"damn" and-curse,.  But if tilings was the reverse.  M'onjmy wouldn't fight no worw,  ^.'--'yWould'^^BobH'? ... :-\   ������,.������,���. ���"'������  \E dont mean any 'arm.  Let it cause ytT no alarm,  Dear old Bob* !  But 'edon't BOBSthis.ere.vv, ���  At'pl as you and Mm make two,  Well���Torniny'B used tar you-  Malum, Bobs?  ���Philip Trevor, in pnil " .j/,,// o^>o/-  CURRENT COMMENT  Advice.  Advice would be much better ii"  We might more often hear it  From people who have reached t,h^  Or managed t-o.a:et irear it.'  top  But they, alas, have little time  To show the way to ol hern,  And men who need advice them.selveH  Preach at their tolling brother**.  y'y^yy '.Sriarli.^  '.^:<1^roiii��>ivi%mft��3. '���"yyy^'y 'yy'-"  :/; Canada:^  - ��� ���atfatein of ,p�� vornment ".ii t�� CI I ��� -:-.|*�� biid",.,- o jj^f-it iStif.'O wa'W tijei- ;'..t liV"  >P.irit'j>f;^  ���.���Mrmuei^  vL.ttotfrnl..-^^ ;"���'-- ;''y::v'"v'V,:; ������',       o;  ::';-'i?nuWfo^  trtHNloni^^  .arikM.ho'.bliiicl .MheVeou*e-��4;'^  rU^dw^ed'^  ;.exereimv;.hl*;H^  :-Ht*irue, tha^^  . !mnio*plrft^t;'H^^  ���lawrtef &*>Vt��riim^  fotolenun-fe  ,ada ���' t o-wi* hi*; M Ui w^wirt d*i tt.:to:''t f i iij^lftij^ h^n^iy^:"  ;���; ,:-'A;:;mi*u��kt?n^  .*ou'to*i^pott^  jmptfriMid. tOhi*^^^  :'raHwj*y;: H*^  :'M.ry B'ift.o^  t h0. ��� tH��,itpr pi*rv,: ��imft.iii. *Rwf'of:t!te-eitti:|Ol*rf^iin,-:;.i��.: hiim\:'-  otpd r^.t':hlu^::o,-'/'-'''-���',/-', :'':^^  .,:, Th�� iiicldent-h;**.**>i*f 1;,'hiti.'li';f^:*rr^i^^^di,-|fe!is^l^".:}o- ilni-  ��.i^ii:,of ihe ki��sEiM. w;hletf g*.**wu...tjii.:'hi.i4bii|^iii**rit;;i>fi i.i#',I^li.w:>  erul'- f^rty���-tii,()tu*wnl' -':...;;, ;:'.;::';-;j-;::;^-��� S;:fe;;;:;:f^:-v;'.'': y'       '   ���  '.HiHKMVHCi*?**;^  ::\::..:-.;';Capt.ii:i.a.''j0lu  ,-; t >u ring 1 be 'd i^iHi^Ion ;^f-.tti|^y:;;.h:J(ttU^  ; had'��Kh*enU. thue*cB.?^n ?>tt.;-*i.||M#p.^fl''*^  ''.^��'<nJn.'g,irrgiw.|^iit:":.th  '11 si v��r h h o|* jKir t u u I ty. m Mnm^m^yxU^ytii^tl^ ��� Mi~  . yeat, . ** tuit ;olonyt '^ydu: ..^ljin!r.u:y:tlife;:::^ f g*t.  . t hr��>.ugh,* ��� .���:"''"    ���_.-'., ,'...-'���' -       ..,'' - ������, .'��� .' :'. .,':-'���::y:'-'-v.- y ������.-;,y-::''y  ".'��� 0*v "t.N' o|?po.rrh>Iiy'..,:lwbig:;^  ttrottgh't to.iitUH'*ti��iVu--'n jifiibU^UibUyiiV''.'.^  ;AV^/^/glylng.|i'j>'rlW.i>if^r^  idtUM-If, the^iT'tiel^'^Jii'^iiii-hii*  �� jolly.'giH'xl-A'ilo^w :he.:Wii>f;tiO:'-  >'Urteii;ji*nt' that-' hfc ehieily-o|*j^.lef 1'lo���; wtth;;iuiHI,v';gm^  \vavIng?* of lib elmprent M'pni(^l'...hiiht1i::v.'v���"���::-:;  ��������� t*-Thi*f jj*.Hmrceiyo* rnaittr���'.<�����f^;.|Vriy 1 (t%'iiV**':'^*>t*^-ry^*.'t'���"."^T"'rt"'  B1 wuker, "Indtdg��mtly;:. :-.:'''-:' ���',": : - ifi-y-yyy-'���^y0'' ' :.'y   '  '.:/'";A'. hrHd.t;p<*^  2J^i��>de.t>t'y f'jrevented/tli'^:'.g^nlmf'-'rne.rn^  rend big \ I ic�� - w h'o.le of" f. he ii rt- tele :mm p\filnm}y.M*.: :m>. the two  periiod ri*ndl-fj^ weret:rsns^rnM!:to:^ir,.:.pre|V        who'di<i.'  11 j Cv- KU.bj'tfct .'a m p I e' j u-kt I m, n mk\', ih<$... 'ptiuul Iti*- of :.bath s We*  *-��f th't*t.iou^Mind the gn1!erie��. ������'���;������"'���:.  'J^it-vi< farr��t��vw)��i w**^** y  Second :Contingent** - Bathing-Parade.-���. '���'���  ',   (OUuMTft Citl/^rr* ��>iirrc.����|'H>iMl*iii;t wu!$ ^��<**mtl CoMtUt^.rU-*)'  . There wn.H great .fun 'when the ftrst bath ht'^',. piirsde-:- was*  b.el<l.--  An iinmv.ii.Me- run van- bath -that  will..:;hold '25 men  \Y}\��. strun^,up.����n-t:be parade-th*ek atnl at 5'a, m.:.!') .lottery  vva** turned   out. oy- Huf.M.U virion?* '.In" "'tttt*fr"- 'Unadorned  bounty.'  Th.c morningwm tiitber-.-eool and o^:.,.tl-ie ,iuea-  "ttuai^ht UuvM*a wat4<r '.'would \m eokb'tbe: flwt'.iot' tmiicd  ���out reluctantly.    They ^rambled  into the .bath and all  H��j tint ted flown, for tit ere wm only about ii footof wativr hi  it.   Tfnm the. old Iii*h bo^'uu ' lippeared'with''oii'H.>?e arid,  shoving the iioV/zdc over the ����hle of tub bath* proeeeded <o  Hoak them indUeHndnnteJv wf'tli a  three-lneh-stream,-su>  compaiUed by wild' yelln of a  eonimynbiry efiaraeter ��$ ���  1 Bedad, I Mi teach ye/ to kape c.lejui !   How d'ye like thai  now ?>!���{.soaking' *omc ' poor gunner fu.ll lii   the .fueeK  (t DidnM. the pnison tellyez elaiiellue^ wan next to godjl-  ne-ris?   If anybody ealls ye dirty fipalpeenB now tell him  iM  '. ''-t'i  ::';y.:f'l  ::'Sl  1 1  5E  "If! yft���tp���r-w n*-^ i��g..wt�� �� nyf^V)M^u.^-j.^4^v,tlv. (  , f >  11 1  �� "I *" if fv.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  \iv's a liar!,? Meanwhile the men had discovered that the  sea water in the hose had been warmed with steam and  they began to tumble over each other and yell with laugh-  lei as they dodged the hose stream. They enjoyed it ho  'uaieh that when the time was up it was dblieult to Met  tin -in out so as* to let the next lot iu. The report taken to  itw tioopdeek by the Wrnt lot  brought the others up oil  mop and they all thoroughly appreciated it.  ���e' j  A Crisis.,  ��� iwitiij to the whole Hint!" whleh h ourM-if.of thisfauulv  Iv.iintal, belu^ on a vacation, we failed tog' i out last <vcek.  iJi-ju't; ����U',��* ntnre down to business wit will endeavor to get  ike piper out with the same punctuality a.��* heretofore.   It  ui!i ,tU�� if noticed bv the Most'eatoml observer  that thin  >��-a- N ^ninewhai reduced in size,   This is an account of  .';')>������ -trin^i-Hcv in the money market canned by the war in  Yfrir.i and the organization- of the  paper manufacturer*  \n\ ��.�� Kuraidie trust to rube the price of news print:    But  Vnen (lie eruel war is over Hud old   Kruger gets bis whU-  Ui������** flipped, we hope to t��e abbMn place Itefore our innumerable deadhead Milh**crU>er�� and some of our energetic  i>u��one^ men who don't  believe in advertising, a much  i.-�����-. :*-r pij��t-r than we h*iveevt*r issued before.   If your nub.  -iviptiou. wbi��'h you tisever paid, ha* nm out, do nut hesi-  = o^ about renewing, as we are of rich   parents and  would  v����:-n tin* tukimr of your filthy lueiv, j#h��mUl it lie offered  '.���> o��, and, u- is writ known, editors can grow fat on ozone  ;0��d mountain srenerw  Legalised Extortion.  For uiootlM pist ?�� mild form of .Huutlpnx has been  ; �� v;i!roo in Spokane and other western cities. It is not  ������.nyrn'orM da onerous than ordt nary  measles, but hs name  v- oruf'k terror Into tnanv ueoptc in ���British Columbia.  ��� e 'understand ihut eoiupuisory vaeeiuaUnn has been or-  nd in NeUon and Holland. This, as a measure to propel tin* general luvdtli miy he omntomUhle, but it  'tiuiild nut Ik* taken nd vantage of to extort unreasonable  pnre* fr<nn n defenceless public. Vaccine tubes or points  *'o.-t-.Uy* than ten eeotts each* and to charge from $1 to $-  ���'"rsbooMu^ touMif (lieui into the arm is faking advantage  "���! eireti;n-s$;iii<v.M hi a way that w**ii!d do credit to a road  ^eent.- ?' b **irv enough to endure vaccination without  ���having n> pay tdirht price** for the misery. The Govern-  neoij .>h'��oid hm> that Hn' price is not over 'Jo cents, and* in  5-oh,/Hhiut'-I h^ar the entire co��o\ and not allow the dis-  ������iples <,f t; d^o t(��irrow f.it on the nnsfortunesof frightened  ���; Mtonuvi!**;..*, Wo i\��-ipe**t the medkr.d profession. They  >;easionaliy podottif a life ; but the si/,��?'of their financial  '"vi- to �� large, even for Nelson or Borland. Cut your  P!'l,es, i^entlenteit .'.tbiiiK ie!*s of gobit and more of hutnan  if-y, ant y,^\y days will be longer iu the land of minerals  whieh a iwiii'iiiful Brovldehee }t;l> SrC out of doois for all  ���'���ur n;��e^.  A Comparison.  0\.i\ li*��\!����vv, ton��loM, Knu .���  '''rbe;'i.;o'd produeiioji   of   WrMi-ni   Australia during it*JH��  ��� \va? roughly ^nfal?ia��f $.'l*J,0Ut^tU)u ; tliegobi production   of  * anada dutintx  the .-situ*i  period  was roughly  sneaking  : ls.uou.tKMi,    I f the ���atubuut- if tiapital sunk in   the two  >'ountries' be eonipared, Canada*W'$bSAHKiitH)0,' mnM   i>e   re.  tiirning a htunlred to One better dividends than-.-Western".  Australia^ $^2,0^0,000.    If silver, lead, copper and   nickel  '������� atlded to- m ike a fair i)asisofo'Out|mrison, beeaune these  metals are "OneraUv udned in   eonjuneti n   with  gold   in  ('ana��ia, fhen <"anada\s output is superior to that of West-  <rn   Australia.    Vet  Canada's   New   Year   in   mining   is'  greeted with a lugubrious lowering of the. \a��ieoand drop--  j'i'U oftbe eves.    Western   Australia's  is greeted   with a  fanfaronade of trumpets Asa general rule the proportion of interest shown in Canadian and���Western Australian mining is as two lines to two columns. Yet the output of the two countries is practically the same with a  more rapid rate of progress, a higher degree of science, a  more versified selection of resources, a more determined  character of local enterprise, and a more permanent and  staple future visible in Canada. Things are not necessarily untrue that are not generally recognized.  Are Both Sides Wondering ?  (Grand Forks Miner.)  The settling of the Hioean labor troubles, which have  caused the shutting down of the principal mines of that  district for the past eight months or so, will be good news  to mining men and miners in all parts of the country. In  order to effect this settlement it has been neoessary for  both sides to make concessions ; and now that they have  made them both sides arc wondering why they did not do  so before.  An Act of Courtesy.  (Victoria "'Times.)  '    inuie acts of courtesy such as that of Hon.' Abram  E*  Smith in yesterday lowering the Stars and Stripes to half  muat 1 ii token oi his sympathy with the sorrows of Cana"  diaus have a larger effect than is generally  thought possible on international relations. Sentiment is a great binding force after all when  rightly directed, but misdirected  by the unscrupulous may lead to serious misunderstandings.   Mr. Smith has made himself a Canadian since his  arrival here, and has no doubt discovered that after all  British liberty is not very dliferent from American freedom.    He has mixed with Victorians in all relations ami  feels himself iu sympathy with them in   their joys and  their sorrows, and therefore his act was a simple and graceful acknowledgement that he entered into and  shared in  our affliction.  Macrum the Mum.  (St. Pan I Pioneer Press.)  The fog   that so long enveloped  East Liverpool has  lifted.   The silence that hung like a pall over the nation  has been broken.   The gentle breath of McCrum the Mum  has blown aside the one and smashed the other to smithereens,   tt was well.   That silence was too majestic,  ton  much of a strain on the delicate yellow press.    It battled  even 4'special eomiuisstonersM accustomed to all horror*  from the dissection of the lingerie of a Van Astorbilt bride  to the vivisection of a divorce court,    it  was not fair  to  steep ihem so long in an unaccustomed silence, to plunge  them unaeelimated into the midst of a Sahara reeking  with, aphony.    But the damage has been repaired.   It was  but the stilling calm before the storm.   The storm made  up for everything.    It has shaken the nation to its found-  tion.    It has hud bare the hideous secret of the State Department.    It has exposed the conspiracy in all its nakedness, rattled the dry bones of Downing Street���see map of  London���and lorn the foul mask from the British  censorship.    Noi Mnee the cyclone struck Smithville has there  been >uvh a  cataclysm.    And  when  the disturbance is  stilled and nuiel reigos oiuw more, Macrum clothed iu  a  bright new aureole and a contented smile,  will  hover,  wings'out spread, o'era preserved and thankful nation.  Good News.  (Vernon News.)  The best news for the Province that has been spread  abroad for .many a day, is the announcement that the  mining deadlock in the Slocan has been at last terminated  by a mutual arrangement' between the striking miners  aiid the Mine Owners] Association.    An agreement in tlie  %  'yy  ��� !  ,;  yy  y\k  ' B  . \y  y\  m  vV  It'I  %  '-^-^Jlna.!  a.  .���|i  '' 'tll-  . 'r* '"H  }v  -t ii��u.'<h��iWiV1ii;t'!i*'^*^;t.^w-!��.  '..nature of a;^^  amounts toa ^splitting of the diffe!^  posing parties. Mines that sinra last June h^  down are one^mbr^  business of a|l kinds, which in eonsi<pienee has beeti |Mir-  lyzed will soon resume its wonted activity in the great  silver-lead region of the Slo<^  similar state of ailrirs may speedily t>e brought about "i ii.'".  other seetion^^  results wddeh followetl the mueh-delmied eight-hour laW;  r:    .    ���    ���>^       "���".. ��� ��� ���  ':';   The Man Who Would Be King     :  ��� :',.':'^'-(/;y{Gref!aw<KKi.-Tijacs,),':',.;���'.���.'.���:���'���'   . :������..-,; .'"  Mr. Rudyard Ki|>Iing*s story under tlie above caption  has a moral in it  that  ulight  have an applied  e^iseof Mr. Joseph Martin i  tin is undoubtedly a^^^^n^  LOS ANGELES  irting  eview  TturGrejii-'^tinlntr J��iuraar.of  the Orei*t--.SoliUiw(*st,y'.,  i6:;Pages��;with;Heavy;Cover Every Week:  esTpriged  r''-.3f]ihih'iK;.J'Ouma.t on Use  :.yI^ieUlcr��:*die��ir.: -  SuliSeripU::>nsi,:*2 n Year;  ��l��sj|e <;"Oj'4eS r�� {ymiy,    \.  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ���riius'ty  ;.*ouh>-of the;.p^  .;^rtbe^  self atui all others e^nneetcKi^w  '.Ave^now;of:.our-owt''r ex  Cohimbia. . ITwewere^  \��!bje,|he;i^^  :woiild,,^  ���'.he-:want'^.to;b^  at which Mr* Martha jud^  do not want a king.   ;TKb-.jite����i>U*;tmy^;/;"^/;\l^|^rwtecl"'cot^-������!  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They have ideas of their own, ambitions for  thomseb'CH and their province, and a pride, or perhaps it  i�� self-conceit, whioh re vol tout the Idea of any one or two  men taking them by the nose*, as it were, and leading  them arouml. Therefore, "the man who would be- king"  get* into trouble, and rinds himself, like Mr. Martin ban  found himself, discredited by everyone.  If Mr. Joseph Martin's fate lias the effect of impressing  upon others of our legislators, or would-be legislators, a  lesson along the lines indicated, his meteoric career in this  province will have at least one good effect. We may he  lH��rmiU**d once more to reped: We don't want any  king and we won't have any king. Anyone who wants  to lie king better tackle some of the tribes hi Control  India.  How Canada is Regarded In England.  (Duflfcrln, Main, trader.}  in a   Setter received  from  H. P. Simpson, real estate  agent,-now in England, he my* :   ** War news is the one  topic ��,f interest here, midt in spite of reverses after reverse,  theii* U no talk of drawing baek���simply of sending more  trmips.   (*autidu ami the other colonies are in everybody's  mouth, and the sending of the Canadian contingent is the  b<\st advertisement Canada has ever had. Every paper you  piek up ha**nm*��thb*g$u itub>>nther, which must tend to  draw the attention of the people to her.   Her soldiers are  s��-��k����n of an of the iiest, if not Ttir; hast, troops for the  work Hnghiud ban to do in South Africa.   Plymouth is, of  eoui>e�� a nand mid  military town, and  troop* are march-  lng�� driUiug and leaving for the front at alt hours.  Tete-a-Tete.  There's meaning in his method  And music in his mirth ;  A purpose in his poems,  With promise in their birth.  There's magic in his singing,  A daintiness of choice.  With grace-notes in the setting  That warble in his voice.  Free as the wind���there cometh  His message 'cross the sea;  With pathos and with passion  He strikes a minor key.  As tender oft as brilliant,  As quietsome as strong,  This song-bird of young England  I n vi ri le sea-set song.  Life moves in all its phrases,  With thought in every theme;  Swift to its mark it ffieth,  Without a halt between.  He sways us to his singing  By the genius in his soul,  He lifts us in his soaring  Till we reach the poet's goal.  ���Blanche Woodyear on Kipling.  ">-���>�����  'y";:<y\i  A great deal of money is being spent for machinery for  the mines in the Boundary district.  yy  a  i 'y S  ���'':fyy  i ,. ���.' "'Vi.  i <>* -.7 I  . - ;�� ,)'  ��� yyyf  " y*$l  Measles are epidemic among-the children in Spalluiu-  eheen district.  -If   ��-.l*-.,i��I��<,iJ��,i,��-  Send  for  Samples  Baker Street  Ladies'  ��� ���  # Mackintoshes  Latest Styles  We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct from English manufacturers, therefore  we are able to sell goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses.  Wash Dress Goods  Print**, Zephyrs,  Ginghams,  Victoria and   Bishop  Lawn, India Linen ami Muslin.  Dimities, Mercerised Lawns In all colors and shades.  White and colored Piques, white and colored Ducks  and (..folates...  Km broidery at old prices; a fact that.. Is .'.due-to early  Imnorf order before the advance.  We have Ham burg?*, Nainsooks, Swisses* Cambrics  in Edging and Insertion,  White.Valen.cieh lie '.lac��" and Insertion.  .Table Linen and  Napkins; Towels and   Toweling,  .Bed Spreads,- white and mercerised bleached-Sheeting.,  8 4, 9-4 and j(M.   .  'Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 to 46 inch.  EliSON, B. C  ;i;<  -np  ���v*. -*��� vat �����-  ff      ,   it  Shirt Waists and Wrappers   .  Just Sn  We have opened up and are marking the largest  stock of Wash Shirt Waists and Wrappers ever re-  wived in Nelson.    Right in style and right in  price.  Black and Navy Serge $8 to'$12.50.  Black Britlianteen, plain and fancy, $2.50 to $9.  Ask to see our new Silk Underskirts, from.$5 to $20.  Two more pieces of all-wool Sheppard's plaid dress  goods, 44 inches wide.  mr***^ ~*�� ���*" ****** #ipwr�� *���� f9@ si1'1  I?  f'��vSy  ' .����M.��.*t*-.-Mr.!WMi��W  S Maud Ashtoh, the  English girl  who   had created  such a sensation at-Cannes, stood in the bnv of th e  Jessica   she seemed   trie  very   persohitication of  youthrh^dtham^  'loose'by the \virjd, whodtdiad:d}rought-;the,:,c,fiinso��v; in-:(0  ".her 'cheeks,-and.her-^e3''e>.'-';.wcre^ti;.jleep-TeiK*etio,��'r-.of iho  Jb'liie sky:;atid...dadci't;jg;w{ile,r.;:\ y-yyy -iy ���>'."./ ;' '���������;��� -';v';-:vi:V ;-.^  .. yBhe'Was siuTouhded by, 'several- 'girls- oilier own age,.,and  y..they -wereall'-iaj^  ���..-ihough^the^  ;;th'eir,s'pi;r,it��-..;'.\:^y'y\yy::': yy ;.'*;'./'       .:> -.- ,;'"���'���..''.;;;;;������,, ^ J   "'y'y������'���  ������,������ ������-....They",gave.' the suggestioir:;ofya;lifc.vWhere': 'eare--,was"-''ex-,,;'.  .:eluded;.au.ti\S.brrow.;;-u  .^; abounded'and; tlh^h^  -sen ted.'���'��� ������ 'Thev' spen t-: the! f"tla vs.-'��� p'la v i b'g-d cN'i'if teV ������ boa t hVir ���''  'krid re^d^  .and:ii'steuingy'to..-;;the,'.. o.rche?>tn*��� ��� tjie:y-typii-aj.\|ih$&hf e.; of ��� /'  .':i)iose'.hbniadieyi:p: nildh'afr*%AV !.io;;^|>en<i i.-tTie'i ri';-li yS'-.-sei^i nti:y  " eh niate^; w I d,c}i; ag ree  ySou tberi'i 'Prarii*e:ap<i:'i;ta1yr.vtheir;4atnnmtml li.;i-,;Hcot;}anci.y^  ���anc!v:N.orwav.;:;':;^'::^(- '���''���.-'/.���'-;y---,;y/yy:y:   --o--1'.--^' ;,������.y.: yy,'V--  y:;^The; twilight  ;the'::'vi4iet'inpa-nt^  ���jdiore'iin^  ;iihdbaii^  ���eredytt^  /bq<^''m^ yyy^-yy^y^'zt '-y,   ���������'��� ������: : ��� ���^������������:  .!h:':;'\\?i.tbo'|it;ili'b  ���..iSul.ni^  :Miow.n-4.ido'ibew-aU?rv  : whlcdr pervaded her so inexplleahly.:'?':.;;..y;';;;;;;        -yyy ��� ���.   :  ;,; The boat .touched .'the/pier,.,'^ ������'sJteiefit1'  yixcr place'and-er^  , every-:iilinl;of eo^  ��� jm.hy.-'ahd^^  ���'.jittle- groonb'' B��t:'it ;W*b;not;;-iu':''in*��� MHrfi,:y-Suddenly;'>jit*:.  .-noticed.';';a dn*od^^^  fibrtH^  .>>r*j*''.'ftKJ&....^  Vfclag-e^  ."ikcr,:)^>ok;'to; oojite,;;foao^  ','pi*rJ$>in^  . sonYelldn'tx.Av^  :-'-;---.<..,ltea'e.Mn.g'.t.lie^^ ���  . in to t he. ���'$ wet>t-. fkee 'ofv It' (  v^o;|.s*siiiyy- :|^n^^*i"rig;;:: ^hi|; *^wy.  there:'drew'''fmnV;her Xim .ftmsfa^t'y^  yy'imni^  ���;Vy l^idy^A^liti^v to<^  ���-   4;*'Clet..lo.'di:*ii!%^o{<t:d-wlll'tel^  y ^Mnsxdyttiwyf&h^  ;>.;������:.**; i% U.fV<my'fy **likMi��L, yHXtm:-1jSv^lfjadiiew^^|yj-1ifii,;,;'.���  ���'as h��r;.eo?njjii,hloo��� dU\ ..o.ot;;,'.re-pr^i'-i*,i|'^'::"'-^ ���?��� '���"*.^r**ll-:i:.'.ti:��t*.;ti:����t. -f  ��� oTice..',.'-;^^  ������:; tr.:V^j ;* lea r^-.". h'cri s, '.'������w>n.t oo*ed.*-^#r f ^^l^;:^-^iirr?*^:', ;;:�������� :^';.v>  y^MHMd''^i;o^  h.e.vd^d";?^V^hej:a*k^riiM*-"V^'h  THE HALL STREET GROCER  Family' Groceries'/  **-.���'��� ... >;...-  '.'���:';���>;.' '���::.:'!>-v;':;;- vEyery.y Hn.e;-Freshv  : :;.':'..���/-' '   :'y:'y':.i*riut iu, -Season;;' :  Osier &. Otircl,  ities an  rt Iff !*';���., y-  ifyif I ii y-  ? ^  Express and Praying (J  J4��nfc.of'HaMfa*.  |.jjl    ;.*#'�����.���      >��*���    ���    ���  Iv*  :����.  ^  ;SSs'fif;if���).: ���;  ���K?-? h �����������**.'���  i^��    i  ?iyp:Niy|:  ISif lyy-' ���  PlfeS';;  syiriyfy  t'tt'.i',;'f.-f--  SS'iy'fy  Pip   .  ��� .Hu.vin^.|>un'!ms.cdo.he e;\;pn''��juuHl' drayOj^.l  hUKSne^ of J".-W:.('<.>w;:uj,;U''-'' i;sr^  pr^twir^d   toy  ��� do-all kinds of work��� In  tfif.*' !Otf% j*t��0 .^ii"��i;it y  .I.h<��. }>;Urontt&<M.>f.th��; rv;-<-ij>I*:*���<,>!' Sr'��.:j>.��>!i'.''i''.��nl^J>-'v  left afl). 'M(;v\r!.hu.r A". 0��:>v >ifn-r.. imrliiw***} y  cuvnvr H;-sk.'r jiiid Wars!' 'Or��><>0>, vvfji r<r<..'i*i v^'���.'  'pr<<>mpt..'.ain'noon.-.  TcU'pUuuvsy,  ���'  30MER   DAVIS.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEDEfiTS.  Mi*.v ;n*.d. .?rni2��f.-   MUu-tnl CUiuii, ^iinnU- U\  tiii; Si;l<un Mining DrvjssnM *>f���.Wfvsl Kn'?r<'nav  ������   l.)!.Sj.H��!t. .'���������:���'���."��� '���      "  WlieO'-.' ioi''u!f-:ti;    On   thf '*"-}i>0;'i'!y  ~loj>^ uf  F'oii .yni!i<- <'rff-k, ��}.h.)ih. .. fiv<-   m;j!J<-^   (ro'in   ir^'  HiOt.O.I}'.. i  : T��ifee a Vt-i.'���'"���' |hat-..l,.J<i!n.i !vb-L;twiiH>, f.L.S  of. tiie City   �����.��('��� NrU'Hi, ;.ict inq: as ; ;*���;�����-'nt -fur  VS'ilHaro A.  Arnoifl. }-*rr^  Miner's (>rU?i<<;Ur  >�����.>.  John }';.i!��'i -��o3.i, Fn-** AJincf'?  .CerlUicab' No,, -li .!|,<0>, janl JohnO'ujMpfw^i.  FnM-M'i,n.er'H <>rf iiO-H!^ No. !' I'J J.71. ii��!t:-��fS,  sixiy fJla-.v* from ? In- dai.*- hi')'^;!, to ��}:��p!y  ?0, tii'i*   MJnliJii It^ruraor  for  a   *'���<"'ri Hifi-oV of  I fii proYi'SSivOOfr-j   fitt   the    | 'U r J)OHfM>|'  oht.a Oi hi:,'  a frown :(0"ain-of r}j<' ;0m*v<* <*hditi.  An<! /furliniM' Jake uotic*.- thai a<'Ih��nt ti!t*l��yr  KfftKHj ^7v0nuHt   ho  coiojrjcix'vd   la-fOn*  the  is>tiai-ie*i: >i.r>jn*h <^*r* Hica'!<' of ihjpr<ivouinti?-,  . Joii-+r<i !hU;.:'l day-of I'VbriKTV, A. I).. 1 J��'Mj  '      JOHN McLATClilK.  m in ion-and  vincial - _  and. Stirvevor,  U \J  I*- wSb�����,,'-  j- Ph;Ov I tOi*:'<'  *f#Ofi  v(cfbR'U-;STy;-.��:ELSdi  *       y**!1    ^'' ff-^  STARTLERS  On. Cu islotT! House, Nelson B. C.  i S !1!J':K^ ��:>'{������'  ^  .':'       ���   Moris':r-Miuih-'Y nsj'S H(Ih"itSf-,  R \Ti;5; $i ���|u*r't1i��y'and up.  yScliuoncr Uccr. to cent*  E-. J.   Cu i"ran., !������ Propric  r* i  '.-n-*t�� WiwW"-*"*"  '-AT*  Thomson's   Booi  m  m  nil  i   Via"!  iv-*f  f^1  ���������pi:  X -.-;  fv-  (V - i  V.. ������!  yj-:."."  rnyyi":  i ������?,���!-..*������������$���,  my  !_:-  .  ��(T*H Vf"1 ��t?lf (*���  -ryw")^-  ,��-    i ��      �� ���  ;v*> %���>*.'-*'���;  I  Wtt. THE NELSON ECONOMIST  is  Lady Ashton put her arm gently about the girl's* shoulder.  ���' Ye*, Maud, he it* dead." ���  For a week after the new.-* of the death of her fiancee  Maud Ashton did not leave her bed. 8he lay and moaned  softly, at time* talking in a way to make the anxious ones  niitherod around her bed fear that the shock would cause  her reason to become Impaired. She had had hallucination ����� ami vUiousof her lover wherein she saw all the In-  ,-ideutrt of their eourtniiSp before.he hud gone to Africa and  iieaid iitfuiu his* words* of love and devotion.  Ihtt theerinU panned, and she beg.io to notice things  ai.nni her and to take an iliteral In those who watched by  her, l\i|e nod little.**, she left her bed, and wandered  about the h011*0! Never again* *he declared, would she  take -part in the old life again. Bhe refused to nee any  one, until- a lieutenant'named George JXlith came and  risked to dellvera message to her from her lover, in whose  raiment he bad been ami who.nodeath he hud witnessed.  lie tiore with her queationn and her memories with the  patience of a brother, telling her over and over the same  stories of hi* rrUmd, never tiring of giving to her the comfort which talking of him seemed to bring.  Gradually the color came back into her cheeks^ and the  light in her eyes, while her step rogaihedifeli^  her turn, she told her new frien  own love, dwelling on the depth and cohstahcy of her  passion. '/���;'^yy:5/.-^  "Do not blame himior loving yOU^  Blith, one day, and the color in Mand's cheeks gre  deeper. ^.^Jyyyyyyy.^  They were constantly together j buit lat jjlast ''|his^time::o|;;  absence was up, and tie told;-her/heVmus^  u But why V she said, as she handed him aicu0;6t;piii^  which she had made'tot-ihVth^  " Because my time Is up. ^^^ ^  leave.   Bu11 thinkdtdsybest;^  44 Why?" asked she.,:ron'ee:'mo'^  " Because I cannot remain here with yyOu a  without l<)viug youi   Because I lovSy^  (end you, forgive ine....:J;,;(^un;<&  'see that I must go/^;yy!And!fero  "But Maud held o,utybo^  ply: .;��^;-H;&^  11 <tnv f yy.yy-yry.:fyy:yyy#yyy&;^  OUIV   I ���"���ly-.-j-y.y^y. ^-.-���-y.;:- ::-:v :yyyyy-:-: :--yy ��� yyy yy,yyy jyyyyyy.  As he covered her hands witfr   .-yyyy^ *  ���y:r.''.:'.:-':.,<i'ry.ff!i%-'��S   ���  ''-������/ '-'> '���;���;... '���,.'"A'.'^'U,v"'^1S'    ''  ^yy yyymm :i  yyy:'yyy.;yy!::$iy '���  .i. :%:-\--..'.t.,:\ >:yym \  ������yyyyyyyypi:  y^yyyyyyfyBB  :y;;yyyyyyy& *  IliSffiJ  'mmiy�� i  'yyyyysKf?^  ^yyytrXtfi  '������'���������. y,:.- yy. ysyy$y*!i  1 :; y-:' :y ^y>'<o*yi&w  .���.yy^y^y^iyylsa;  .y',;'"y ;>y:> ���'", -'-' ytii??yy?!:;  yyyyyyymM  -./���"^ryMr-yy^ym  -"���' .-.yy ykriifryffiiffM  r-"���;-'" '>- 'yy^y-y^y^y^-  yy ���:<:;��� -;':^.:,f.X^-.(ifQi0i.  yyyyyyyyy;^  y^yyy-yyyx^y  ^^yUMy,^  :,yy  yyyyyyyyyiiiM  West  J  Fine \  Specialty  .:Camps.'..'s^  npti.ee. and;,:low-est:pritfeSv;^  ; X-1ai 1;;orders': ��� Tecei,ve;: 'ycar$  iiilcnXxonyy :y::}yyyyyy^  : Notiitug;;.:;hniyy;:fresli /.-.iartd-j  \v4iolesome;;iiieatS;y:aB^  ep.t iii stoek.' ��� yy:;   ly^]y;��� ���  y<.���'������{.��� r  .,.   .   ..    . .:ej.ki��.k  yyyyy��i';0^  yyyyyy:yyy$m  yy:yy*yyy:ysvtitf$  y-:.:^/;yy!p:y;:yyssyB  -.' v. 'yiy:<yyy ;;y;-'s;(,fe$  yyyyy;yyi%s��  :yr;:;:yyyyys$M  yyyyMMsiiM  yyyyyyyyyyxm^M  .;:.::;;;��� ���).;; ;.-:;���;! \';yfzyyi;*f&'$:$%0#  yyyyy;yy;%-l$y^  yyyyyyy$sy0y0��M  yyyyyjyt'y'yyy^M  yyy'yyyyyy��s��s��$  yyyyyyyyyyWyw^.  yyyyyyy;yyyMMiM  '���i'vy..y.iti''.y>i"y^~v-.,tfi!:'?y  iilliilisiSi^  ���.���::'���.:;.,..l_j-.-.iT-Vv..^'���jm ���yly ii;.;*;)^'"^^^^V^^ife  ^y;-;:;y:-V;-:'vy'-^r,:.g  E.C.TRAV  yyy-mm  yyym^m  myyyymm��  myy^ymMi  yyyyyyyyyM^  CERTIFICATE Of IJ��PK0VE^CP8TS.  s"Him!i, Ihuid 'M; Udekhorn and- LUIIe I i  > -ruction Minora I t--ii\ha^(��.ituat��l.tt the Nelson r|  Mnniijf Oivinlon of ���Wetii"-Kooieimy Dij��triet.    i i  Wi��or����' loea.t<M.t:- 'On tlie mirth" fork of Wild * 5  i!< w'm> < 're��*k, near ti��e iieadwaiern then>of.  Tjikv nutire that I. .lohn MeUOehle, F.L.H., ; j  "i i he City or Ncl��iim,nctf��t.8 ft��"in:ent.Tortlu��.|" j  ^���miiiii! Vinir MlnhVit -COiuiviiiy. UmUed. <-\  .,'''"��-" M InersV .t>riirtduo No. H ^6.(505, Intend, ; j  -s \iy ituys.rroiu thedute hereof, toupply.to the i  M.hOnir Ktvurder {����r Cerfifie^ie^.of' improves | .}  nj.'tits, for the��� ja.i.rjM)*ii��.of ��>l>{ainhitr Crown i  ' Oivni* **f ii��e above elahni*. ���'������-'���   '���''.'���''���.- ',     J  I  ���And fursho- nifce not!f��-> fhat ��eU<>n, under j j  ���-���^���{Snn. :��7, nntJsMu:* eomnieneed hetbre theyts-  Miutii^�� i>f mieh rNMtifU-ute rif'1'inpr'oveuiehtV.  I'.'Ord ih'WetKhieehttia\ny of December,l&W. | (  ' J(.|lN.MCl.*ATClUK.'.   |  "���'.'-, '���������������       :���',���'������������������.������������.      ���!  4  mm  tches si  KKlSB  "I'TTRSSIfflB  MiMi)^i7i^pffi^wmwW'W��nwwt^BWWWtf^!gaflia'y.'l.W<i.W{iBJWi1lt.Tffln!  BMWWBWW^aMBMW^^  iSBwawstsw ■•■■«<*
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Pitlsy^.' '■' y
mm-:. -''- .
li'lslr ■■■- ■
*jf..J..)..*.ij'.    .;,''   .
«..|a,l.:   ■•
».M?.     ■      .'
l p       '
iy-fcty-: ..
^ 11   ^nwfi f-yf**"-—tw^
o    :     *
'.den reflection, ; y
\ V" How^appy Tony would be if he could ^uit(V,rho
loved us both and would want us to be Imppy « *
And George, with the absolute egotisnt of perfect it»,»,>|-
ness, replied : ,;;>;y*-----,- -/■;;':
'SiS ^'?"■;?    V "at>*■ ^'^^wf^ «U.er com
Unntlorw of a *imH,tr character, for it give* % Sh6W„„*"'
It ircon.oosed of good; sl,)gBre, Au.ce^ a„d ^ S
iiiiisieiatm. ■'-■:-"'>y'^^
.  White 1*U> be aJJuronet, French « Eield  Mur3lml «„,)
Hoberts a Duke.   There's "othing too gowi for the IrWh.
The wife of Mr. I£ >bt. r,ennie.Wtlmr. tow birth f,v
wmi'ImlThursday.,y yy y:yvy: ^:?:#y     r",t(>R:
W'.*V-   MM***.  -wiftrtJW^.^
^•mWM^We*;,^ ^ _
l?o^Iand retail inerehantaw
cash system in future. y:y:yy   ';":-:,-y\::    .'■'":y y .
The death ofHurry Arnold Id South Africal8«aiU8e ftr
much »ormw *,rao»c «|| old-time WinriftM«r% nhw^
dentiri-Neh.on.yy ■■■yy^.-yyy■-'y■y■\yy^?y.■™;,^-:
,*w.. -w*
A corainittee ofWfli^^:?^^!^^^^^^
gratntotio^to the BritiHh War ome«^ bti the eiptu^ of
,be:,..jy^astyy;:reyt val;;j. n; ■ bus! ncs«&..;. ■
,y. y.l.kxt*v.r**fM«r, their:*m?nw"w^mVlt$^^^ « "«»»>>■ <
;    l-hft ron^wln^;^rii! iH*pi^^4-s**dmWyi^ -:'-^--
■;-"..i«h.« Ktlltti;;■..'.':■'.':■-"   '■■■'■■...-■■'■■.-■■ y>:'  :: ''*■);yr-':ri: 'O'^W";.-^ ;
11»^t.,;.^B'eet.;:..:.r>yuj,e.'n-oi:ii^ rvmht^'
,':VV,   ./'-.'v/v-y;;;.^
DoDfs,:;VSashes; arid^.. T
Brackets: .'and ^^ce'^^rt^^l^
■•'■'.:/:-- 'y;.;'.';;-yV;:Cin'.A'n:Tnnni4vf><)m V .;"';-'v' ..'...'''-.
T<.>;^H.r«T::5*A:t>«."iiKW'Medicine rbn.daU'rfi.r'
.^iv. tift«L-jsHtjqars<-ii-.itil.■.■iWfiUn^IrtY^' ft*T^
:n>!iio,..h;rIdi5y?,.|-nr M6ntntiiJ aiid' lU^u:mmy
mm t^^-'i.£^.v^mtokc* out* iirt v <^r ?iVr- : ■   '; ;
^at!staGtsG:n.;;;;Ouaraiitee(l;; r* Pr|Cesyllil|iiie:
■"^ihiiw n nniiium i ami>ti,,
;..-,   CONNECTj ONS
*.<*U»x.8-im, lA-'...:,XE{^0'X..A.r.'.«^ 'sij.'^ «? ■,,>
' .-.Morning lntiit''<x»{in*H-5.*v/«>rri Ji. j>:'»|'n^.-j. jj   -.:-
Liny arul . IVMus.-.North,  itii.1   id<Z\": "t^
«.»«>•.«;■ froiii -nil Points 5a   iiAafi^a'rv'cS^n.uy" :'
[K'l]y   : .. s»r-jj.ivi.. "r-.:.'^'t.;
-*»«»Lv .,,,..■  ...NKf-.so.v' \w-Wf>. ■:
.-• >T  i>/a?jJ'h ?r;i J i;k..
............>i>UM>N,;.;...;;... Ai.-'n.M
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[ /^hmBtywhoy
cut a.iK.1- ■mifc)*^di^ .
drc'^ed', mm: cks-e rvQ$«y I )yy v.;;;'.;,
-; ^ t.)ur;:.\viii;tcr::suite
i:"iOtlTf^nti'ii <e'.;. .•. -t **r* . m:*rt«-*si^T^ '    ^f..'
,": ■■■"     ■'* ^-.«-|»>..». *.»..«3.  .     *..** V      (IHU  V'VIQ      ;.wx
good; ■ q4.iai'it.\%... good .--style'. ..atul-
p>od:. ^  Avo.ifkiiiashi.p,"v■;"vTlie;;
value is' great.' ■'  ■
'y<. SUlJ.
■i*.0<V«.«Si.n. l.v  ..KBUS-IV.,.\r.',.-x.:si<„ ii  ■„
4 HOURS!JiaSfl.Mfl®SSUN0ajn!|f3Q /
K«>r Tt'i{v«   .jiTi'.i    fuii    iijO»rMi;i{ j/.**  '■•,'-Mn^w ■
'Wnrvfit kmd yi »,-/n, .o.r " ''l"   '-  ;
■■;.. B..W. Dr«w,'A^-H!( :,t.jK!iJli   ■
W. F. Anderson, y   ■ "';■   g. j, Coyfe
.  Trav. l^iH.Ajj-e., a, o, ^  A,aM,/   :'
.    NrtmnfB.iy Vnn^iarr, n. c.
G. 0. BUCHANAN, Proprietor,
J   i-ath,
fe   Shingles,
Orders Promptly Fined and Sash & Doors :i
b-t.sfact.on-. Given. Nelson Mculdmgs, 3
rard, coot of Hendryx Street | Turned- Work.
8ygyigli^i^fe^gpgr^j^"'wlfr^!^ *■  4*
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r- .
it -     r      -
*tfr«W'wi*f *»wjir"'W i-■***!«•
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,v     I,
ff Ht?;m^M  .v. ���/���  u>'ij  if **  ^Owt  1   > , -l    t * ^^ *���   vr tf.+���.  ^p       h    {  -. j ."  ��� I-  v;  *r5  SWfci  \    *  fi   *J_5, !"<���������!  ft r 1**4% ' * "'        '       "'    ���*������"* S.  ; p *   *  % MP  14       j-      -  4   >"  ,f-       -  -*><*������*;  3g*3  yc  . (  ,*��.��  *fe��r  .Wirt  7*J  ,*>5  J  SV3  4/-WW  7^  ***  * ��>il  f ^/'VV-s'V->  ,y*M  as -^ ^fy. com petition  JUST IN TODAY: ; - ���   : y .:,. *;-':.;:v-'i'';^  ��� ���    ��� W��v   * * *" --.��**��� j ^*�� WWW* *^    i#j,  e J  ���      *  * ���  Special Attention' to Mail Ordets.  HERRINQ, **��  y 11  s  -"���'  n      Mil    j  ^>.^j'w^':*,*,'i,,*\.'i':-  I-.    ���*  ���><".  V's  ���^yy-  >* ts  ��'!"J"  *   ���>  ivirKp&xrjcK ot  .*  &4-  <\    TV        j **   itJ   -��*jf  * via? a,'  Postof f Ice Box K ft W  Tetephone to  ��� *  Balcet*vSti^t  .*- *^.j  M,..*J  "ft  4.H^jbn   "*>*    /  ���}Uk k       tP.    Illn       Ami       v  M    ����������  n:.s i  RANCHES...  Winnipeg, Manitoba  j   jl   '>;**��  K,   t^   S..,       v/-..^..-.  Nelson  Rossland  Victoria and  Vancouver  wnwLcSALE  it  Butter, Eggs  Cheese,'y  FruitSjEtc.  it    ��� i    ._ -.  WMMMW^IMVW^^ 'WWMW**^0'^^ ,,l*T,i,W!!  $��,]�� pes iw.  Special' ^HttUi||f��Mr Hftir  Camps ��nt|'$Hn'  ffltimmmmsmMm lr * f   *  . '_  3 -.(.  ��-        t T  rV��  ; * r I*  PIJ  (&'  ���*i*  i <f ~ ^r-~. ���  ^      1. IA-4J.  p     ��.  ill  I$f��  gnojce Players Nayy Cut  �� ���  The Best Tobacco  in the World  V.    "   ** + �����*  H  j* *.<  T i fi      " *���* J f  /   *5   ���> ^Sv  _ ���  �����  *  <f  1 , . ���  1   -i      **  *   4*  T*    *',  ,.  . _ _ I" f* <- *      ~ J ^     J<�� - . ���*.  V^ -i, s i^1      tit    '   irf     ��     ������   j \ -^  t��.  '    Jrtl.  K ��  <���!  ���U  J,       j  rf-  P V  W  ^  r*  i��  i    *  t-yi  m   ���>  RIM, ft  Mi  Am  m  v  r^  ��r  V^w ^ jj  NAbRINw'  J        T  HCAUHt'MOHt AUW^ M$MN)tl  * ����� > \  \ ^  '^'  V        *  ACJfiNTSr  ? �����  f<  ^.tr1:  s    **'��  J. J 1  >   *  * I  n       /  ��HM  f  �����^MMMWIHMMkC��i^  >i  V -f      ^   JJ*.   /-* r <    ��. IV*   *  JL        ^-  I M  Beeton & Co  Nelson* B. C.  >H��T>W> * >W^*V  ft  ..NELSON..  HARDWARE CO  a"��o��'#*ir��flfcKi��A �����������**�� �����  "tt ^fc"W->***���    ��H  Ais-M*_5'��afif;  ^      1    T"  H  y^h >*r< \r>>y <  i? IT*  ^r j.f,    _ r. iff. '^        I  1 '* *��,  i ft. i ^       ^ J<    fr.  r  1 *���  *.  *��� *���  ���,'  dm** ��  v-    1  w*M&  ^>   i  t  \*  M| t^L"\ v   ^ *-v >^^|l;  tCAA-n'-'-t  "<^       J  H,  ^.Jt  feiSOfSi  �� -v  ���"���   I  S^m 'y> 4  i(V4 .  *      *  4        ^ (  *. X      ni^JV^:^"  ;a��^^lw������������iwaw��q'Mi����''^^  r 1  /      ���"  JA


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