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The Nelson Economist Dec 19, 1900

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 ,. ������, ������  ..;affffi il.ll.ll iMWWt^W^W^^^^^WWW  ���^P^^^'^r  ^yJ^WyS'-ff *.h'L^r; rft^V ryJ.^v"3��-y-���'i-^.vjiL  ?fi^?'^i#^^  VOL. i V  ^!^^Q^,;B,;C..;.AV]JDNESDAV;i)Kd^  *    ^       ^^^  r9. 1900.  NO.  THK  NI-I.SOX:"KCC),XOM(ST   is  issvui!)   hvkkv    pai&.n .     Rpr���wi  ukon.-oaa   vt thj-: City /ofoX dasox/B^^^ that this  wvr ,-,,., .,,      c^.,,���.,���._... -.^v. ^0��Ji!ry should ?1!so release Imperial troops from  h/  necessity nfo.rr;,.,,:.;��.   .t :   .    "���������': / .;.''*       m lJ1  Nt/.v ; n  HNUV "  ,;\!iV,KKT  THRIFT-  ir  U. M ^ C A k t/.��;:> ��� \ SntsCR ff'TlON :   VS^.OO'. f'lCR ��� AX-  ���  wiv\)/ra t. ���'���JNTC.RKST ,   KHSfJCCT FKU.Y  -'.     !^NLV AKl'lCLKS   OF   ^IKHIT AVIIJ.    HH  ro   {>   'ill H5K.COLl^j'NSv >N;fo  THK   JX'  -!���'  ���kka.ihcks../:;' \yju.. ��� din ,.,XAK\ivvij,y'  ���pHK^h -;r 'i'^V- 'VW'i .candidates in .ilsedkid'vfor  ���      :^*' '^k:v; "* nii.t>'*>r :. !or;' Use; ycvir : 19<i:!:��-'- .''.������ >Vld;:-'  ^c>xUV    '^  .i'-redcil ..vv.^ ih<?���������..reqa'i&>i ���������.or:".ijeyerai'���'  :n-/K   -���< ' -u ''<I.<>nbr ���,heiicvc"ih'��*-. ��s./tv:iiaaij;'-vvel.!;  ' ;K/ cli Y: ��� *'\^ ncih'���aikK ��� 's'pea;fcinff; in,;a..  /u' ;h;is ii.u t.U>5tc��� a!)yi-ttii��Jl;/.fat/wh'ich'���: he  - ''Afeproa-b himself.- Aileis a'AvonfiAV'  1 ^^ed? hy xdnihimmim 'irVintquite.'."  -- * he. rccjuiremciVis.'ori J-muv^/W-csieriV'������ '���  '^v-iM. '.wutinly h-frailest:a nd erjvfoeufJy/.-.'  ! ( ; I  i ' ! !' I ��� ��� '      *��� ��� i  .r.vtlvili.i;:  i.i  ��   <  \b.  "i.i �����'  :'' ;;f  Vt7 r   ���     , ;  1  "J',!'-   ���;    ���  u    ;  M   i 1  91   lli! K,;a.,,  'Nl >>s l*r; yjjipwltd.the'caiiclirbcv >>f  ; :-I;im :u,c. i!k> .yc;u Aivb j^'p^r'ha^'- bad  �����yr iIh   opinion./'.   Tim "gcmkinau  "> ���/-. '"*��� vvMiffCtl-ri'^nu^HHi ��� his'  hrd'hC'M invtsiig.u:ii��.it;ll As Cliair-  ft; xSiti'ks, In iSu^i/jie gave'a.g:re:n  ':;^"v -fi. \LivujA ,.uui  .seetns ���!�� fj'r the  ������"< i��w>si,-KV fn: c^jvai ai l|ie .present:  !,{:'- *s-i'�� k��.��f{> iu the irmn. in/the 'ra.ee  vM^^n,m;\- *,��[ the Kof.jleiKiys, it will he  :,v ins* -ut'hu'mau ;i.s \|r, f-leteher in  :r-     ''^' niHy /^Hlerslands the'require-  ��� ;i:;,J i����s^c.ssvs- the   aggressive spirit  v:/ .v^'.'.s'v^s.'   Mr. HIo(cher was urged./  ,; !iV �����   l.u^e  meeUng  .*>f  ini'Iuenti��l"  ' '���'������:"11 :i^wl that   he   was the man"  ' '' ���i:r "N ^^kiiig -torivard t��> the next  't {,!',sp<;r.'us  nne   in   ihe   history of  !"'in.s \hr sitiiaiiuf!, it will he well to  ! ;:    ,,5<-M��'her at the head of the civic  -ecess.ty of/oarriH0ning   the,strongholds o���   the  At^  '^'^  "ail thedorts at Esquinndt   and Hali^x with Cana  withthe;ipUier^  notisnr and loyalty to the rnotherland, it is clear tint  sornesueivcourse  ^;���^v^^I'have������to:be���adopl^:/������'������  ....' .1-h H good: people of the Terminal Gitv appear to be  having a very unpleasant time dilate The ���lhobo"  elemei.tismaki,^^^^^^  nig the -operations of jhe highwavman is posiMveh^  : cause ioralarnv,,dduitth  fiumerous in the city the frequeucy of assaults on per-  . ^orv;>nd- pr-0"��^Tty.l^af -iestinioiiy:���/���V..:;A"nd%that these  jeiio  iotvsdeatliy)!;tl^rnan He  was found deM at his door-step/ liiinus bis gold watch  auhI money which lie .wdskuO-wir,. to have had on' his  persiH) on the uightof the murder. Nor were there  marks of violence:'on the body, which goes to prove  that his assailant was no novice at the work, but an  expert in Xhe use of the sand-h:^. If matters do not  ���improve in Vancouver, a revolver will be a -very use  fui Clirisunas present, andhip-pockets will become  ���not only fashionable, but a uecessitv.  SW^-'-tu:   ,.,        / Ml,t to   ;he   Hm|)ire   was   the  fi^a.i.^-;.^   ";'iM'ss  recently   delivered   before the  sS:e,,,l>"iis. ,|���!<?U.M,y'       l h{'  k��"T-��o e of the future  TiUyToronto'World is responsible for tliestatemeut,  made on the authority ol a gentleman who claims to  be well posted on government matters, that the Government intends taking advantage of the British North  America Act to increase the  number of seats in the  Senate by six-   two from Ontario,  two from  Quebec,  and two from the Maritime provinces.      There   may  be some truth in the rumor.     If such be the intention  it may be well to remind our representatives that this  Province forms part of British North America, and as  such is entitled to. some consideration  at the hands o:  the Laurier government    even though it   did   poll a  big Conservative vote at the recent general elections.  When senatorships or cabinet  representation is being  considered we hope  the claims  of British   Columbia  will not he overlooked  ^^'���rcs,(v,  "''   7v,m"1*'-   Echoed,   uidst  he unitv and  w,|ut^W,'I:w,/-<Vl s!cp ,OWIir,,s the ,atler heur^d  Wlr-Vpn.t,clii'     "m ,,,,ns So ^"R-   profited hv the mili-  Wst.not,)Il]v,,,.",,,e,noll��^lan(l1  should pav all the  ^,,Ca-j'��t,f kee,,i.C,K,,I,K the   a)nUn^ent l�� ��OUth Ah  'M '  ,M,JK t,lc !n,(,Ps there during- the cam-  Ax agitation  is on foot in Onti.rfo for the superannuation of public school teachers.    In   the older provinces this is a vexed question.      There  are several  of the old���very old���school left on the teaching staff  men  and women worn out in the  public service,  vet  holding to  their posts as the only means of support.  It is hard to cast such as these adrift on the world to  ' I  -t1  :-f!fI>il  1:  jljl  I'  m  ���I wihk itefcffiAAA'  SfeSw  ���;-%.;.' !-.;..'  Efci-V.l.-  ��=  (A'^kv^VA'A?/  kVv^r.-.';';-(:.A.;.;'' '  Kji&pS,"i:  fe*'iy!<f;!'Xr^.;'"  jfeAAA-iAA--  ISifl//  lilllAAAA--  A'A-A:  lft;AAA/;A:  IplsJItP'.;:;.  fsSAAAA.-'t  ���'���: ?'.; ���";  I^TA-J^v'.^-'^  :".'��� /;./"���. ���.'/:  ftlAfPft  psAA'A^A^-  pllli/;/  'AaA::  KIaaia  ptlllli/  /A/A  lll/||/;A'l;  Sill  /AA  fi^lii'^-'"''!'^ ���>;';' "���'���.'*' ./'"  teg^TAAsAS  ''0:;'v-s;:.-'-.i  llf^^lpA  fT;-^:,';;i ���'"-���'VJ"- '..'vrV.i'- -'iV'''''-V'  T/' U'^. ^  ����MA;AAA:A  E��tAAAAAA:  jAA'^':  pS^Al'A"<W?'  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'exmy .��  *iiig'public. ?:  ; We .'-dp- not't h i it k;ihey xmi,- ��� .  :1'!ie. emit   :  ��� ^feasible/means /o'f gettiugfover''^^ i!|e:A  AMure^would'a^^^^  ; Terauii.eratiyesaiaj-y 'and ma ke a- matura!:��ie life 'p*dicy::-:':.  Aau soine stanciardA'iissurance  eotBpauy as: mmmim ;- to"/!:  '-apiK)i!)tmeiuas;a ���certificate of health.  .Tht- old"hW.ii4k- :' ���  ��� at present, in the-service will, have  to "be/provif|ecf:' for':���'��� "���  a: id .some way' ' .This phase-nf.'the school/que^Uon will'-'���" ���  sooner-or later pr^cnl itself-in  this' Prcwi riceV r a ikI dl  ..is as well to he prepared; for -'it,   A ���; /"  *.kj;'!'v%  mm  ���#^^  -:yASl  '//:A|.  ���.:.''i iH'^'Si  - ���;/'���;.���'." ;-������'  'A;Ai|'  I'A':'A:-';  Si|  'vA|s|  "'Aili  J:."-''..,.-  AAll  a!1  ' ���**!! res  '\\,���*,*il;.   '���������''������ ���'������     ������'.'''' ���.'.',.'.���'���.: ��������� ������������,..:';.v,.,'.-v'i.v'.��i.;",:'.../,i ,-,:.;" ���.-���'.':'. i ^ :��� ���:'���; ���'-. -. :���: ���    ..���'������   ���  ...  ��� J:>l  ,' *taMMMkn��wet..|M^pri^  .-.''"���'.V^'Vi  #**.  !(:.^,,.:|iirfn-eetni|Apt;i  //vnA#tl^i!/las?:A\v  /;prr^c|tog^  ,:fte:rsi^Ki  /::^|g^|/ft>^  ���: ;VW''^^-^J ;::=^7��lWWH��*r^:;J^i^^ '  :'|i  Arf  Thk rapid growth of Nelson is coiisidcuous on all  hands.      The history of,the place' is brief.   !>m   verv  interesting, not alone to iho*c who have been  spared  to watch the phenomenal development ofthe city, but  .to thousands-of those who have settled here within the  past few.years.    Not until 1887 was the townsite h>  cated       It was then to \>t known as Salisbury, but it  was found o.n .examination to be practically a goveno  ment reserve.    Later on Salisbury gave place 10Stanley,/ and after considerable   disputation   the embryo  citvxvas   named   Nelson,   in honor of the  then  lieu-'  tenant-governor  of the province.      The  subsequent  growth /of Nelson up to the date of incorporation in-  1897, and from that time up to the present, isevidenc^  of the energy   and enterprise of the settlers,   old and  new.'   -In speaking on the subject the other day  to a  gentletnait"..^.b.o sat at-ihe first board of aldermen   he  A/A/;l|t^  /;t|l!|^  A^;ttii|iy|/;i||^  ::Sa?|'||:A!;:IS  ;:,^1:Sj|i^/|||I^i|  j;ci'^iiiri:;:/:|;i||/i^  :;s|cii//||!iA||il||^  ;-;;:/-ibe;.|ii|l^lA|il|lft  ^���!;^ilrfiif;:f;AilW  //'w|itri/:Jl^tllfip?l:|^  :/;;^i^;g;S0cntt  :/-c3ii-t��pf?ii:S/i^^  ;A;TIie::#fii./|f!ffi^  ;-/r!ifAlfe:w.!ifi  A'!)efe!i:-:ii|^  :-:pecior;"i'fe:J  Awork'Avlli^^  ������&ji4..��*i*^ -,.,  '^tid-;*mett^%lii^  ��� ��� -, ','���-��� -A-^A^-^-,��:���'���-:.:->';---,Av;A^:::-:.:;^  /t 11 g-co ncerri$;v/Ii tv.e.;;^^  .teT'-:t��'aiia.geine:iii;^P  'present activity/ir  .tat e.x.pen-d:eddJt;'impri^  ;iK>sit|o'n-to.;.me^t Inc^  M.or^  iruve/.   Sever*!rich fwcViii.iH^  l)ei'n.gor>erated.as;a.V';re.uItrf  and trotn the:number o.tc.kiriis/recordea h-;^^ ^g^f  hext- Ytar- will 'minem;'::tii^re/profi'fot>k:.,.^oj <, y0^ (  mountain (jfAiiietais/thanAO . , ...^     ,u),)mi^.,. -,.  koote.ruvs,      *\ot. a.*oue;;ts,atu;i;,-,y:-. ,:r:v   ,,      ^^n. ^  AAA': ..ii^w ������^fiifrictS   ^a%c   >VVr^ii  :51ii  ,A-    't'A*���������'���. rAt'worktOft.inl     d^���V^CI  available and improvediaa.htiesdot���^^���:-f;ilfiae4-;'S  ' ������*'���.������������������   ;   A.    ,Yi>iV    >e   t()|i   -A "J-*--* $01  in operation,   Hie . com;M^ryearA:ro  .r ir::.AA,:..;.fo^/,��rverOUS0nTttM      ���j.i-.syltl  -������'":'AA;A- o^,va,j;^^ ctS   nav^M ��,vy���jf  in "Nelson/ hiit. The surrounding dist.tu,      rdiir^;:j;  oicked   11 p : worulerfyllyA.//..-.^W:An$.������,, _iU^Ay,w  the mast'prosperous mu::^^ ^  looked to"as oneo  we now need-is ��� such a ..A,��iv.*.ft��-..--,A-     ;   ^ man  keep the raw material.at hotue,;.:.iiv -,.���;;..;:.:.;;.  chuhge.,..����� t!^ W^,^  ���iiri ������$���:��� -:y,  THE NELSON ECONOMfST  _'   .  lured into those commodities which we are now al-  Lost entirely dependent upon American enterprise to  Lpply usAvith.    And such a change will probably be  Inade during next year.  divKKY day the   feeling   is  growing that Canada  jpmjht tabefutingly represented at the opening cere*  [monies iii com  lecthm with  the  Australian Common  /wealth.     We Ought to be as much interested in the  Lreat event asGreat Britain* and \i the mother coun-  Itrv. deems the occasion of such importance as to send  [members ��i the   Royal Family to participate,   surely  Caiuala ought to he suitably represented.      It is said  Ithat SirW'ihnd Laurier is anxious to attend, if he cat)  |io v(1  withouf   interfering  with   his  parliamentary  feutiesr.   However, the house will be called together  lit .111 awkward time, and should   the session prove 9  (protracted one/ it is difficult to see how the   Premier  tunnel away unless he delegates to some *f his friends  (the power tu act tor him.      It seems  to us that con-  [leueraiedCasmfa mi^ht to have some of her represent  luuve pubiiciiicu from each  of the provinces sent to.  [he Land .of tjie.-SiMU horn Cross on this occasion, when  fiuru'la turns'hi the Island Continent   are  adopting' a  jHiliry which has made   British  North America what  this country is to-dav���-confederation*   Kach province  phould select its ow u men.  and  if passible have its  premier on the delegation.      Such   an   arrangement  jwmikl he a splendid advertisement for the empire as  Ivell as. fur'Canada  I'm.Vancouver   iutiiu\ of Trade are anxious tint  limilar asM��ci;uioji> throughout   the. Province should  kiimein forming * provincial board.     Circulars have  peenAseiU out to sound the feeling  on this point,  and  It h reported that the proposition is favorably received,  JHere in the K Aoteiun s we have our Associated Boards  |i ira.tic, and ii the identity cd tha organisation would  |*/siby afiilia icn with our   friends   at the  Coast,  iheuTin; Kcoxomist would shy don't afliliate     The  paresis ol the merchants and   traders of  Vancouver  f��c l|V no means identical with those of the Kootcnays  1!i m-tiiy iiiMances they are opposed      If Kooteuay  p liel|) the Coast in any matter of Provincial interest.  "^assistance may always be relied upon; but when  peonies to a matter ol local concern, we will be found  *uuhor ^uu-nay    hist, last and all the time.     The  J^ U ol lI ,(ie al Victoria have monopolized  the no-  Jttjjalu,c ,,! tin- Province by  calling themselves the  JS.,"^ ^'"'hiu   fioard ol  Trade.      But tin re are  quoted condems cooked food will  not, we hope, induce a change in Tuesday's menu.      We have been  too long accustomed to look respectfully to the kitchen  as the most important department in the household to  change our opinion without very  serious consideration and  positive demonstration.      Professor Tyler  it very sweeping  in his assertions.      He says  that  cooked food is responsible for all the great pestilences,  contagious diseases and other bodily ills; that it shortens life generally;  that it causes crimes and makes  moral   degenerates as well as physical degenerates,  and that it heaps untold misery upon the worM by so  greatly increasing the cost of living  as to bring hunger and want into the land and  cause millions to toil  their lives away for the mere sake of eking out an existence.   Cooked food responsible for all this !   Perish  the thought.  Chkistmas���Merry Chris mas���will  be with our  readers ere  another  number of   The   Economist  reaches them.    That the festive season will be merrily  spent in Nelson there can be no doubt, for if there is  a community on the continent that has the necessary  ingredients of a happy  Christmas���peace, contentment, prosperity���that community is Kooteuay's capital    Since last we wished our friends the compliments  of the season, many changes have taken place in the  city tending  to  make our picturesque,  prosperous  mountain home more attractive, and  indications are  not wanting that ere another year rolls by our cup of  happiness will have been filled to overflowing.    As a  community we have much to be thankful for.     That  " Peace on earth : good will toward men," vve enjoy,  so that in agabj wishing our readers a Merry Christmas,   it is with the happy assurance  that   the  wish  will be thoroughly realized.  Ax album, weighing over 200 lbs., and containing  the photographs and autographs of 100,000 Canadian  children and a cheque for $16,500, is.on its way to  England, to be presented to the Queen. The cash  goes to the army iund Good for the rising generation of Canada.  Ii A*iniuwc,  ^laatc ��� I11CS thc |jr0,"essor ^ho solemnly ells us  !PL; l 1(HHi Is humanity's greatest curse. He is  ^1 Tvi ,n,Klu be expected���one Prolessor  l&tol'lutein,r      U" S,,��Uld l,ot sPr!nK'rtll����artliiig-  Ir^f011. wh*   ���   ^ "a" ��n ��UI rem*ers at this festive sea-  '^niii-n,, 1 ,ln'tSl llllkc~v wil< udorn so nianv tables and  ri^ thin > ^'oked, is acknowledged the cor-  H^n\ fij. .N��r Woll,d we ^Nodid we think for. a  ���^thtbe te'r'1 "lnil(* ln tlle detest degree interfere  "/"���-'^istuias ' t^' lracl,lions or customs of merry old  -.:/;, lc 'act that the learned professor here  On the 1 st of January next the  C. P. R.   will take  over the section ��f the Nelson & Fort Sheppard road  between the city and Five-mile Point, the latter company retaining running privileges and will enjoy the  use of the new G/P. R    depot aM yards.      This arrangement will be a great convenience wot only to the  travelling public,  but   to local  merchants   handling,  goods over these lines,    A union depot at Nelson has  long been the dream of all anxious for the progress of  the city.    The new station; warehouses, approaches,  etc., are all indicative of increasing trade, and stamp  Kelson, more /than ever, the commercial capital of the  Kootenays/  Th.eC. P K. has expended over $50,000  on the section to Five-mile Point the .'old line followed  by the Nelson &-Fort Sheppard being practically discarded,      Freight trains have been running over the  new line tor several days past, which materially helps  the prompt delivery of goods.  <}'."-��� "Aii. ��� v^t^-,,  '���v A /!  .��� ���*   . *:  ���x��f 1A  1, x. ;/  - " ^ -n  ���V 1, 'I  i> '      ' 1 > i-   ,  J.S F   i  .^ r  *   .. ��  i, t *. tf. |.,^ ^ j.1  'A'/ * "fat  ' -''/iV^i  0   ��� ; -V*-i  <, > 1?1  - . ��0 ^Jj  -s   >'\  ���.     \ . v .  '        A  1 * ����� ��'?  /A;a h.t5^,i'  :;;-;A:;A K   . aJ;  ������:.,��� ;aa f ,,r �� .^*  ;a. ;  ,'>-.��� , .      * p     ���*   \  -i',  ;a; 1 ��� -  :A?'      *   ���  A;H   \  :;:;|Aff  ; >?lAA''  ..���'::.':!"1|.'J''<:'.'',j   '  111'  mm  ^:W?$&X&^^^  ���   ���,.-* # ���.'.���....'���-.:���  vr'.^.V.  TH E :m EesOM;BGONdIiSl  mm  IA r AA  a - ;a::,-  te/l  J��b#^/A/:Va/  $^$^/^a/'a  Ifii//  RSW:,r.W.. ^.: ������!������. .���'::  li/l:  y*:^*1;.'...'���'���!���  ||A|Aj��;A:5:;'::  !%A'AA;A;A'  AIAA'5,AA^  ifpAAA'Av  l^i;i;AAAAA';:  r||i|AAi;AAA;  IliitlA/;/  iffeS ASA':' At<  M^AvA/'>'':-f^ "  mXi^&i^: /aa-a:AA  it;  f*AA  l��Si��AA  /V"*yH;A=AA  \ iff* mm  ���ir  : .'/���*  i ���-  ft  ;/;:/::/:;.,/:Thep.ther ;day,::i  ���';/f Valuable b  ; A;:/;;old, ^Tagged' n<s ws^  ;/:/.://thereby^  A,/rsheety;/and;/o^^  //A/elpse^  A;;/oJd;/d^  ;/:/;a;;e^py/ofthevWa  /:/:lT^  /: ���/'leara'; :t:hat:one^/:of ;/the  ::':''/-.<^^  /./AHous'e/bfOom^  ' ������'G^allih'er:,./apd'the:0^  ������" '��� ./l>e-p!"_ in tere^ ^.<>;'��� ii i|y' to.; fear ii" '^*>'aiet B I' nigr ������ :^ft litW'���'-li is iffjry ���'������'"���  ;;-: ;:of/rf  v,:: .military.::operation^  ;//;adid. as such/had/1^  ///neighboring;^^  ^//tbat/^  ���'A.;A}>ei tigA20TO;;y ears/old/;/k  /A;iarge;:building^^^  ���;'/%oside^  a/; place/A/Here:il; was  //enga^  .A/!mn.g,us:;/m^  ^./Acahsid^  ;//publieatii>n/  ///puTeiy;^  A^wej*e/secu^  A/:an^^wo;printers';bp  :;./toak/th^  //;write0  //teTnM^  ;/;'.articlej:.////' a;/-a/;;//:;-;a^v;^a/;':: /���;���"/_. :a;;^a;;'^;:a/:;';A';-     a:::'"-a/':a':.//V;-;/';a;;-v:v>.:;;a-a;:a/://:^;;  ;A///;;/rOur,.eu^  ���:ing;/ahy;-p^  / these; columns.: ;::I;/We,a  ^-subscription*/^ '���"���'"'"���"  have a natural , leaningyo/ the; side' /frocn -Wlile/j.;  :/;receive the; most'support,v^  pression   to   our yiew!s/;.'''^  inagnanimity will./increaseA ibis a support', we- thus  deserve to earn;iram those . whose sabscrtptions ure  less numerous// a-,  If the publishers had adhered strictly,to this'jiolicy.'  : all mightImvc been well-But' Bill":would' -persist in'  dabbling in politics, and thus earned   tlie  enmttv of  Royalist party, headed by the Queen of the Bisharefies''  who wielded great Influence   ,/Her/ Majestv Va*  a'  handsome   woman,   and   very   unscrupulous   when  dealing with any one who had earned her disple isurc.  She   threatened   to   ruin   the    QmHie,      To   make  matters  worse,   the  printers about  this time   manifested symptoms of a sordid   character.      Some\*hfct  vulgarly speaking,   they   wanted "monev, and   when  printers want   that   which   editors' are supposed   to  exist   without,   everyone  knows   the   result       The  publishers of the YVady Haifa   (Jntette tried to   show  how   unreasonable   it was  to  expect them to edit   a  paper  and   at the  same  time dig   up  piastres    the  current coin, of the realm.    But it was all of no avail  At length it was decided to appeal to the citizens for  support.      Bill being the most presentable, in fact he  bad the only pair of  trousers in the   establishment,-  for clothing is a luxury in that clime, was selected to  go forth and bring the citizens to a realization of the  calamity that would befall   them   in the event of  the  suspension of the Gat. iu.    This  appeal was in vain,  i he Queen had threatened   social  ostracism to   any-  one who would subscribe.     The citizens also lacked  public spirit, and, moreover, were wise   in their  day  and generation.     They reasoned in their  ingenious,  Arabic way, that a paper  which   could not be  made  pay as a legitimate business enterprise, was not likely  /tO/a'ceottif  ;.ffire,:J;tiie;i  :ay^$l^d::ti:0^  mmmmm  ;stpij^|/:^f;||  ::^ii|;|(fletl;tv  mm  i��:#����i:io:[a  Va*���PaaI&%  ^ugbt/grtoi//^  /..'-V-'-^^Wf^-^tW/^  |ARR#s|i|||irt:;  we  we-  kW> l J m ,-~ IsW^^.tis-njor fiotfiveersiuce^ii  ;::meieliArote:|^  :Ht;g:'on>/^  w  ���.be/ai"  ���g4c^/iiel tltvriis/i t /  PiipriiflP  lelt::;^tlf|;;^  .r;aif'w4yi/|,g^  i*trii��ig:^  -lrt:pci:f;;fid/;.fe  ||||lp/|:^  tlil/;pg|/|||fffl  t:fi/^S::|||||f|pI|^H  't|!|/||;|i^  :K^ftr&|A||f  yycf^.;'-fet;TOitffij^&  ||il||||i^:;/pli||^  "J"  _ p:|iip!p|i;w|y||  ��/tnliJ  .r*^*  ���fio.w  m   ^Ife^JtS^^^lfMp^SsiS^.,........","   Afril^/*::l#v:;:ii|l^  ;;C>j'l^;IC:i>Iliir.lteii^  A:v/:A/:-^:A'//;VVi;!iii^  /;:���:���/ -;::.-:':/;-;.A/v:0v;Itisly/;i|^  'a/// /Tba.tplfi*MetlM;ipMr^  ���.//AC>ev!Miit':htnd;lW  A/���������''���-/://./^W  ���;/ya'-/-av'^  ���:-A.///^/-':i/;/Att!i^HJiik��^  iw-airiS:it:;tw,::.j"iii:jip  l^SM  .mym:;::,:^  '���';/A>^:::-.A^A-/^tru:ijii^  /,;-..v:;-'/:a'';'/',/;'a;f^i^/1I^  Bui ovir^b-^e^ra ft*w. ���  Any way, Tim, I'lived threw the whole ov it.Ji  ** ��        +     <a������-�� tn vote *o* **  wait x\mtzd to turn up in Nelson m turn w*r    ^  good Irishman for rnimber ov Parliaumjt���BW>"  Uher.   Ik's the broth ova 1k>v from OaW, a��  lie's not agtn the gov n  . trubel in F  flower Ko \m pratie cake  mint,  ting  im-he's witl it.    They'd some ;��7: . lic(e(ii  nun to run, for lotke all Irishmen he > ijn^j  wid ton much modesty, but whin the l)0>'  -Go it. Bill/vthat settled it    Ov c00fs^^JlrarUm|  ���'���'������.:AsrwisWt����,'tim  Nebpni>o---'-'"^  out to th  self, too  On the Iuke'8 {>ebly hIiow  thr<>'  the treer  v ��  iHthlHHpot to adore.  Where sweiUtmt of ��cp��iyn�� they |*w>  For wf dot it any b!firne>  'Tim a little KHlartiey, -v . 5  That here in old NV1m<mj one MneieH ^ s{lll^, ���-,  There's  grate  improvmints in Nels0 ' [   - j  mmMMMm  ^��io&.  '.r*-.:'''' 1^1,  ' '(IL''-J l   ��\ I rote.  Ye could; play lawdi-ten usioti/M  ^���'tis:thatlev%/wl#  '. ��      * -     11 /*  ���      ���"-,"'ll      /*  ��� ' A     ������'.*���-^ .�����������;', .������������'���.A'/".'-. '<''A *���--���;.'.'.���.,���'���'-    ���'���"��� A-*". AA--'V'   A:-'A :.:������..���;,, ,:���:  |0\V,   *���. -.-��� :.-v      -.���  ill-ground- is'a 11: f 5need in,;//wid|prttn:s:v:tc>  it<t from the players an' to  Just from-1 h e pi a yers -an /to :RU$^  ^.a/ tbim .ihat aren T;g; bad/eim^  rand .stand. /   -. But;,t here-s^  >oneV'Mickey J;hirt^^  'nth says, and if/he/doeM'^  tore' they findVtji^pb^  lidn't see ..'Billy Hen'rlor/a/Id^  [oig-htAAv}undie;dropl/u  joys, started .singing'.;^ Wil^  gorra, Tuiivjnu ye/wouldo;'^^  /iaived off his goatee���;���;../.PaddyJ^lS'j^alfiHli^^  |r he." will he won ov t bcse day s/:'^^  Jr,g out a< rich as he tovwId/bs;;it7\ya5/;i/^  iise lost, as wa .'.��^d/���to;-!-iei^lhim  fyddy.for .he'll .pfc^rbe'M  tedoii't knovv Juc/DoWi^  pie Downs *>v t/he'-.CotUit>*^0'^^ft  lion ov his: f:>^' ^^;:^ccond/;pu'sM  iuirihsh wnrnaiiAthat^^^  |v the 1-our Courts/m/Ou^^^  ''l!   ���:''���/ '  ���.''.:., '<'''.���: A-/ ',. '"'���'   -A : ./���.-'���"'!:. AAaA V-  A '��� vA; .v'. 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'".I* .      *    _I  "S*-"V!iirSeTi~TWW  ;Si mm  ���..���>.'.'.:."ii-..(:K*!j'..,sffl  $��P#a  y^i��  fiSti':  "8;-  ��� f H EN B! .SON - Jc O NOM 1ST  :.#!  ���'.' a V*;��  TH:E/most .careless; bbseryer  /;;y;sufficietH/te  ':A,sho'w,; can hard!y. fail;to see,:'.pita uy ���''afternoon/ M::  thousand p'rboTs:^  vyoman not only has/her way,   but her owiKstyle'/eif  doing it/    In dtherc  and established fashion in walking costumes, but here  we have all the infinite variety of life and  millinery  that the whole round year affords/   Oik? vyoniarrgtHrs  /by in 'fursy'and- a nother comes a long Uui ;-jnuk..; shu/t '  ;;waist;:;;/orie;is/so ^n.Hfamly!.arrayedB'i  :-tnashes';the;eye/.:.and:'another  that:.the 'average man is liable t.o-tua'^h herliy"mista:k- '���  ^.ng/ber.^^  the cli mate/does it alL// ������: A.n:y raec'lu:��� t Is i& mtu<.jsphere':.'  ;is/bourid';t6v,,;;evo]v  please;, ;.;/'/;///////;;.//:./���A'/:-./��� /'/;.: ,.'.:;:%'- /: .���/'/'*: 'y::;y  /oferect,ipu.v-//For;yeaS    ��*&> ought to be aide to  ;J/>.-Nel^  '//but/it.- ds/regrettable Vt.b.at::"u>'- it^. ��� :attjhltibu--tc^---*eacli :'i;!i^''  :;vg;oal;;of>^  /���ttndesirabley^  /Apparent tte  //a/questim*^^  ydhe'yn^^  ,/seyera!/d.G^  ;/;dam'aging;/and':ins'iduous/:than  .//houses; of il bh me a//;,; On ty^fo.^  /woroan:d}ecai^  ;d'>er::two:youngvdaug;ht.ers; /She catne'/iiowy to the/  ."/city in/ theymorning;and traced The' -erring' ones -toy a''  ,;;house^vhere';wornen'have been in:t:be1.ud>itof ineeting'  men. . lt,may. be "-assumed 0 that- /these. ..youhg-- girls  ;: won d have 'transgressed^any wa,\v/ but ;thiil. "does'iuVt .  ./.make/jess.-biii.dtng- the'obligation to- remove'the' on-'  ..portunities,of so.doing, .. .,;a../   *a'.  /' J learn-from Vancouver.tlrat  there is" considerable-  interest at present over'-.the; much'  talked  AWirilirin  ���tour of the Canadian/LacrosseClub/and-' that 'efforts  are being made to- have the Dominion. Goverrnnenl  appropriate $3,000 towards the e* pes ise,' Should" U.rts  , be- secured in addition to the Sj/xx^ua ran teed by the ^  lacrosse associations of Victoria, South Australia and '  ..New South Wales, at. is considered by those engineer*  zing the scheme that it would' be safe*  to pick lU'tftv*  presentative Canadian .players from all -parts^f Canada and make the contemplated tour,   if not in 1901  the following year.       Now,, I   should   be verv..'much  pleased to see-a representative' team  sent to the T and  .-of the Southern Cross/ but I do not like the  idea of  asking the Government to assist in the project.   While  lacrosse may be our national ^mc,  the Govcrmii'mi*  liberal though i   be, is not likelv to support   it to the  tune of S3,000.      The lovers of the sport themselves  "raise  the wind"   without much  {should be sorry to see politics enter into  which would   probablv be the case   if  a j /  beral Governmont has a voice in the   selection of the  team.  And talking of Australia, reminds me of some verv  startling statistics I met with the other dav as to the  rabbit pest in that country. At one period in New  South.Wales over 100,000,000 acres were infested  with rabbits, and 55,280,000 were dcstroved in one  year and their skins paid for by the government It  is estimated altogether that 18,000 'miles of rabbit-  proof wire .netting fences have already been  erected  ������-������/.���AW,;^  / eladm tcm-^^  ''^S/CW^  ''three;^^  ''Vltfliefcef;.^  /Imjiior*/^  ,,way/:;t]iere/.:a.r^;-/;few:,/ "' ' ";*  ^zgentlemctt^  :,th:tf: was.zx^^  -;��rat��ry.  y.riihers/M  : ness: '0 f; tbe;lmct:AfciiSr;Iie  '/Every;'  ;':Qoe/sd.^  '���-'I)ii..blliv*,:^  Alftteud:/ -rt^  ,: i*mtl / "Mm ris/ii / Q $i^  :1tnn:/::;W/^  ; per. fecily';/ .jfc^rrtcff^  starid-A'bif'iiii:///;^  --^skvt li^^;iiStcicii,ftA  ./--^'C<Hin.Iv;:-'://V.Sl  '>.ske<li'is..terciilifp^  ;.e^me,acr^  yertoife^'^'y-AAA./v;//;.^^ ~m��  '���. a Atii;m>(fKjftra^  :.ec>Ieraiuer;/n;;/wliic;b:^  ..veieririary:sU'rgeon/:.';ibr:.^  horseA ^'.::Tlie:isiyetfcj>enie  number-of grains-of a:'^^  acloiini^tered; roTlie ;inimal;:^  - pr  1  'home was ���������not exc^slve, ,   ,,,���:'..,.,���,:,,.   ;-,.,,,, .,:,:v- ,. , ���,  ' ' /' * Mever'mind ^otir^iiglM .g:riius/:d^ * /  Wr��;:all/'knW  l|l!lIIIU      *+.,?������ ��H�� *   1o.\:*.     ��.-�����:*���������   HK��f!fc.      *�� f �� *. *.m-*y^-. *  ��   --.���   .   ..������."    ��..��.��� - ...... | .;..���  provecl.'tlHd''btf1t!id,0fttrt''f  Srot!rwI.ii.chyif-;wit.tt.o/i>eA;t  fUOIttN  cumulative in.tB^ct. attil0miiyWW^^olJ^.  But tell 0tt:1)iis\: Thm^3���  ,-.��� ' ' ��� ������.."���' -��� ���:���.''      ' ��� �� >.*  with .impuriit.V  wonIdn?i.vt]tev kill toeclevif^^^  : ' . #   . . ���.. .        ���'.���.���'.:���.'''"���'������.'"���'������������.  til  them ?v". . -������/'./:-:;:^^������';';:x *,verc(l"  The dcxrtor was'amloyedmid .pottipotis^/aus :.^^.^  " 1 dor/t kuow,;my ..lord''; ^:I/.-'ne  ever���/'hW;.Hi��J  l>at-ien'tv,v' ������ .''AvO-Ah   iw &  From- the   bench' cnmeah'e:,an,^^  docther,   ye  niver  had,  more v t-he.n.i^ .-.  mm  biusumg  surplices,  To Mr.   Flavin,  t'he  British   EIouk ol      . -::j  *  . ���  J  '. .  / ���i       '  1 a  " . >  * ji  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  9  >s.'recently been indebted for several delightfully  )inicHl f.uthur.sts He it a man of quick temper,  (here is audibility in his anger, for it is obvious  j,ai:heis-.a'u"gry with himself for being angry with  iose who are .moved to laughter by the quaintness  j,;s expressions,      It  was   he   who said :    "'It   is  |i rieht-fn'r voU ln scm* ^r's^men to the front to be  tilled in your wars a\u\ then come back to spend the  iiiiaiti'ier -��>f t.ii��iir lives in an Irish workhouse/'  "wm him also.came the assurance that "as brave a  r>:irt i>r.us beneath the kilt of the Gordon Hisrh-  ,��// it iv^oac of ins colleagues who rose and  |,;;1mu!aa/ /���' 1 am now   going to   repeat what 1   was  as an advertise-  ment for Vancouver its value cannot  be estimated  Mr. Gibbons ts placing the Produce in the first ranks  of Canadian newspapers.  vJL h    t     g bus,iness houses of Nelson have issued  very handsome and artistic calendars this year    The  one issued by the  Lawrence  Hardware  Co  is     ,  usually attractive, ,nd in many respect is a work of  *��h  ij-iAfiiuy.'i /tvos'y The  use of a   wrong word  by  [lr. id ivjo y>>nye -.j.rvc a particular  significance to his  Lo^v o/ihv..Mori's  bravery,   for  according   to him  fecre we're io be  louud   among those who   took the  jeM'" the'heardk-s*.   boy of sixteen   and   the   grey  laired .huT''4�� ir o! six ty " '  1 ��  G.  was  Both  -ith   whom The  Kco^nsTnnites't ttSlw  congratulations. wenaiug  Mrs. W.J. Goepel returned last evening- from  lengthy visit to England. She . was met at Ne  \ork City by Mr. Goepel.  a  New  I. . i'V    -wn  TatZl����u>t- addition to the business hoaxes of Nelson  !hc new cnack'ei v ami glasswtre store, just opened  iy.Mt^rsZMeiz<r}and & Hrockman, next <loor to the  The  new   house will be _kuown  as  {//.and an it will be found the latest designs  <hd  ^1 i-^-vare.      Tlv   proprietors are  ��� cli ksE.v.vu nv'NVis m. ami with the stock they carry  ;iK///m;A A/a large tiadc in I heir special Hues,  I-1'* las' ivsue...o: :n<: Vancouver  /*, w^./^ was pro-  pi">iv d^iargest   newspaper ever   issued   in   British  a>,t;mbsa,      h opiums ^j   pages of advertisements  A dispatch from   Montreal  announces the  arrival  therefrom New York of J. P. Graves, of the Miner-  ��� graves svndicate, operating in the Boundary country  Mr,   Graves states  that he   has  made a contract to  deliver 700 tons of copper matte   per month  in New  York and 200 tons additional in Liverpool, England  1 his   would   mean  an   income to the   syndicate  of  Si.500.000 to $2,000,000 per annum.     Mr. Graves  further announced that a charter would be   obtained  next session of the British Columbia legislature  for  framing a consolidated mining,  smelting and power  company   with   a capital   of fifteen   millions.,  To 1 lie*  Electors of Nelson  mux !equyvj o; ,, :,amber of  debtors. I   have de-  itioo i.i.ouer my.Si.dias 4   candidate lor   mayor at the  pmg civie deed ��� s       !   have mm ved us   alderman  lun:;~ ^^ yea: so: the   nmr   durinc which the citv  !as Jx-en confbictin.^ its own   affairs,   and mv   record  nr z"' ll;,;,"l,!  "n ?'k' questions (hat are now  iS1"'U:;/-'Aaan!   ismu-s- before   the people of the  sVv';,'n -'s '"'vi 1 i b-4? rn^ptcutin.  y ���j       ~ *  "^^vf tna: thr  ,-iiv has  valuable  assets   in   the  f-;   fny  !h:hi   sy^teins, and   while in   the  '������'il I ��! sc I ,  P'illiO i!  vi!l h(.  fcll '  "I i .1 !  VVTV[ 'la-,: possible to safeguard these  /���; fAero>o ruavoi im> ;ici <��r Vote of mine  *v ! o; dh.wing any outside corporate  't*c----m-: 1 competitor wi h   the citv in   the  t.-'NS   !  : .S .! ; !  Ciee?  iJ'hhu'j,, 4 business in   which  the  "���'���t'le.iiiv   )  -vested ��70 !hh>  . ,,un:uhr '���'���"neil in   1897.   I voted in 'favor of  "^'n-or.ui...,     .  hi;. i(.     '" l  "!!: u"age clause in all contracts,   and  ''/"'I1!'-  was  carried' out; in   b'oth  letter   and  l"tIlMs��11 to change my   views on that  11    !|IMA' \ ,,   I     {      1      , .  .m.u.1   {   believe   further,  that  with  ' "UUt'n   ail<i   snperiutendence   that  the  'Ml}  f"ni!ie��  litv  t-iit   i  can K(.{ ,  V!I1K  the  sK^>d   value   tor the   money spent by  labor a* 1     "!C;tl   hulk  ol' its work done   hv (lav's  ''V|||�� "  ^ contract system/ Ami no good   reason  can he advanced why the city should not pay the  same rate of wages and.work men the same number  of hours as prevails \n private enterprises.  I am in favor of giving the business and property ^  interests everv safeguard possible, and to that end I  believe the lire department should be made as efficient  ;i> passible, consistent with the revenues of the citv.  Nelson should be kept in advance of its rivals, and  everything possible must be done to induce manufacturing enterprises to locate here, for it is the payrolls that build up the cities of todav.  Nelson, a western city, is as orderly and law  abiding as eastern cities. This is because the people  ol Nelson arc tolerant. I believe that this spirit of  toleration should be continued, and I will it' elected  mayor 'do no act to abridge or curtail the rights or  privileges of one class of our citizens merely because  another class mav have different views/  The city lias made,a start in permanent street im-  "proveme'ntSv and lam in favor of continuing these  improvements as fast as possible, with due regard to  the revenues, of the city//  If elected mayor, I am in a position aiid will pledge  mvself to devote mv time to the conduct of the city's  business.  N  El-SOi  ^. C.  C. 13, l\  .1  . '1 "i  . v.'iA-  '' t Z * *���'  . "���* y.:{vj  , (��� A '4  m>:fm  '* 1"'" 1  > ' AH  I  , 1,,.,.-./]��� Ill  '    1';   fal  ) 1 " ^1 *   .t *\\\m  ^ ,    .-"^ Hit  5i *....  .- ;  a~>m  y     ',*'t<'#v|  .   rt,A^/'ZC-1  /��� A./;r^  - *   A-:''"A'I  * ��� 'vf'.sji  ''���������'���, hi  .��� ��� -^ AA^��l  1,1   '. /;?Zrd  (i y^>/v!��  ��'  , .   ''-V'/AnA  ,rs J  A-.'i  ' f  I    -"/J  !I   ��    *  * i Sf"  ' f .** Art *"  ���>   ...11,8*}..  ' *   "   t      ft* ,-$$���  ^  *P"f��H  ^^n.:-/  t   t  5�� �� ^  v^'.fei'?^-^:^: 'm "'-���'���'i' "j^'O1, *i."'Y.u.- v "'A'1" .rT?^7T^?T^'v\'w:"'i?-x,xw.',Ti!,.!T,?r-^-"  ^8MSJfe��ra!a?lg5iK{5!^^ >.i7
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4. /
Were' such bargains .offered:%3SSp^^|f
/of ..Nelson /as  those : wh Ich:^
at .the;:store.of ;j/j./;WaIke^
onds, Watches Jewelery, Ma
r-p!a.ted.and Cut Glassware
h Reparringa Specialty
'ork Guaranteed
"e Sets,
f. tamps-
afl:a'nd be Convince
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I     V'-tL'     .(■ Sa��;.;,'*:*.ffl*K  *s:s*$$&��fe  mimM  ;THE}p��s|)N;:Eeo^dMfST;  :fmm:mm>mm^mmm^mm^00$i^^i%  .. ....,���........yyfryyimmmm^m^mimmmmM&m  A>.^Afci*:^^  ,.,.,,....   ..........  ...... ,.,.,���-,r.  .,,...   ,,. ;.,���.,,..   :...,,,...........   ��� ;, ......    v:,:,.........,.,.,.,;.,,.:-,:,^..!-'-.:, ������������,."'A:;AH:.;A:;.A��4^  of delight through New York's four hundred, says an  American paper It is asserted in the London cable  press reports that the Prince's vacht is to be used to  try out the vessel which Upton is building ; and  that if- the former boat proves the speedier, it mav  possibly be sent over to accomplish the feat which  has proved too much for all the crack British yachts  m the past.  lin'iZ..'.   * I have     a     question   or     two  ,{^ a     Very    l��w    was    ^ie   JU(*ge*s  voice,  I Very ���'���distinct.'     "How  old were you  when you  liinntted ih is V��fience ?" Vansickle  replied, "Nine-  How many years ago wan it,?" li Twenty-  ��� -Did   you   commit   the   offence   alone?"  .   sei lonkvd--ni one another in some surprise The  mi .in was unusual      Indeed,   it was unusual   for  ",'oiut to ask.s.i many   questions      MI   was not  " Vaiisiokie'replied       He   wis not  looking at  ��'"/"��� c>kc.      "You   were  led   into   it  His  voice was low.  '* f  j's led  t��tjii'e pJOl.uh;enl  IHt'is,  ��!)li ���i.:i<'('l  ����  jiuU'e ;��*��� he/s.o  ss'il.h���." v-'id the judge  r./zit !>>* in*-''' <>Uh:r than myself They have  most of them. I have never  iatn'^' and never sh dl." That  <;i!!. He.left, the witness s and and took a seat.  there 'was' -not h inc. remarkable about the judge's  i.,.M'tn /e iurv a first, but he'said in closing ;  |;/it ^i.d'eAo'if, id n'dcr to Miececd in an action, must  >n,/���y pa^t. and if no man can win a Jaw-  i! oav;a /fnan u !v> b.is , nothing to regret for the  juaru-r ui' a'���veotury. I fear there are but few  . tt';ai!d .wi i lawsuits, If the s��ime standard  \h-<\ t>> the bcnolK it would be depleted. I'am  .V-d then he added slowly* almost solemnly:  I u;;s ui;t' </ihc mcu who assisted Vansickle to  tanm ih<: of\\y.)ci* h>r which he suffered a year's tin-  ns-iimt't-t "     ���  Thr nnv i;a\y< a��� wrdici f*��r $v>"#> damages, which  i/iiwb: ,p.*yorded. b:��V as the jii<tj*e SZH in Jus  xjiri^s hbrar>��Hhat nighl* he remembered certain  <e words as n.* one's sin always finding one out.  FT'.  I He I'i'assj  R'3'  :cons (  v that the Prince of Wales'-yacht,  in*  SirTh-'nvas  JJptoM*   mav he  cho��en  /a Amf-rii'ri's cup   will send a quiver  ANOTHER ELDORADO.  i)r S M. Fraser; head of the N.W.M.P. on the  Dalton trail, is in Victoria from the. mining district  recently discovered on theChilkat liver.  " None except the kw who have   been   privileged  to see for themselves," he said to a newspaper representative,   " realize   the, immense   wealth    of  that  district.     Of course, in  a general way it is known  that the Chilkat and some of its tributaries are rich,  but that  it is actually as good  a gold producer,. so  far as developed, as Kldorado, is not understood, but  the little work done,last hammer  demonstrated   that  richer dirt   was never discovered  anywhere thin- in  this district.      I know it to be a fact that  thousands  of dollars of gold was taken from   holes onlv a   yard  or so square on bedrock.     From  a hole  eight  feet  square on. lied rock Smith and Bigelow for  days took  vm   from   40 to ioo ounces  of gold a day, and  they  ���  never   at any time   worked  more   than   ten men.  Glacier creek, on the Canadian side of the temporary  inc. is also very rich.     Those who did their assessment work all found   good pay.     To test  his  creek  some miners put in   a steam  pump on Jack Dalton's  claim.     They  were just  getting  into   rich  gravel  when   they were  driven   out. by water. ,*- Hut   their  work demonstrated the richness of the creek.  Further  south of Glaciei the  Salmon is   known to be rich ;  'VWVW  vtttm ��� m ijil mn u mtm>\m  Holiday  Novcltir/H  Arriving Daily  Irvine  Co  ��ght I  The new Stra  Front Corset.   We  j have them-  r  ranivsfe*  .^,���,.JJ ii-iiinii����iwiiii<iw��iiwi>iwi>iiMwiiiiiriiiwiii>iiii����wiiiiiwiMmhn[iu-mtiriTnmrir',��nT^  wmmrnuna 'ii'jmuh'm u.'j ea  erchandise has its place in the preparations for the Xmas season.  The attractiveness of the goods to be found in all our departments  will make brisk selling for the next three weeks   .   .   .   ;    ...    .  iVpi^i".^ .^  Mimmm  asm  1 "-������ ��<'-l.��i��W.-|.v   1   �����.',."*--��.-Ji'VuOi^.'"������><~m^  ��J��-.  Christmas Dolls  ,/., i; !!,"v Juic ����f dolls   is now   <��n  display,  '.lit. *    *  ' ���^i',ib;-r-^jjahtv is ,>f the highest, the price is  T!11<.ul'Nllv'ulv that von will be surprised at  *][' St'"' {![ uu- <h*H you can v��et for a dollar or  ,/^' , .''/'"'b-d dolls, kidd>odicd dolls, new  '/.0,1OM-sJ'--ii'c_ dolls, blonde dolls, brunette  ��������� ���/ inches; ^50 to 58. so.  mmaamuM  *WMJi  Handkerchiefs  Von lose unost of your handkerchiefs, ihe  lauudnes wear out the rest, and your handkerchief case needs constant filling. We have  them from 5c to $7.50 each.  <l'��K  /'���/,!:  I  am  1 n !>.������! 1  |t the finest taffeta, liberty.'sanus  Irom S3.50I0. $r 5.   -   a  s 1 i K S  !('!' douiaud for furs this season was  v os very early   du time  to make  s \--en they were at: their best. What>  nr ladies 10 wear, made of fur,  >u this depart men t   at   very  h>w  - A&��-nts for  "ttPrirU p,)(  ^K Patterns  !1  nterbiovesand  In great variety. The very latest style in  gloves is the suede, castor and mocha. These  gloves are nice for cold weather, as they are  much warmer than dressed kid. We carry  these  lines  in black,  mole,   tans and greys;  $I./25'.tO.$2. ������. : '//';/"z/.  cold   snap   which   we   have just ex-  -A'H  t, 1 h^ijj  ���.  ., Vif-''  ". ay?-"  'J>/y'eA*x{  /'. J ,1  s  0  *  ������..Wi>..'V.i-;.'i'r -.^  * -   \ .< -r^8  ���'''';.>ir  ..11  '��''!'��� fli  <��� . *i'i ii-ii  ,���,�� ,'yZ'^1  " - - ��� - A'*Z^rJ:  >/K':Aiw;1  :, 'Ai>4  '-    ^^:%i  "  'fl'Atl   ;  vMP;,l-'"i<f4'/'  ^' V AA ra��  1    '     1" -g***!  l\l',��    '"7-''  -     > "i t ,"$  ^   !>' I V/J^  . ��j^   v VwV >  '"',>.    '-'./S'W'l:!  J    .       ^    Mffl ^ .:  v*   ��� I V  <    >!.']  -     ��� ZA a ^'?i,  ' "A- ~*sM.  ���Hi  >.'  ���<i  ��� ��� ii  .11  ���>*:  ���'"} '���>;,-^.'VA'-/:''^MV.f ���v;';#|AArZ'A;  :y..t��OTy/A:;:  .-. .y/as?.?.;;- �����&���:'���>'..  ^A^AAAA^''^  !;!|IZi'Z/:;  10  ���,'���.��� ^:.*'/.V.fvSa  i ;'^*;\;yyy:yv?  A^AfAAAyy'  ll|fl/l/  te:!flpffl/;IZ:Z  i|fSA;>fZZAA/&yi  '5.y.''<*^?ijy*yyy-^  ;y^'':'ia'Ay w#?'A' A'  :y jx^Wri'SKiv'. VX.V-'Vi".';.'  l':S^?%?'^M^i^y,i'i':'':':'  jSAslfe����? A>A sy;.,  f^lflillflZAA  a"V^^>:''J^'iJ.-'f.^/>;!.'.:t'' '.;������'!;���''''-"-  pi^iilily.'A^:  Pfffgpyyyyiy.  pS^A{f;ZvZiAA;  fipillz/v;  ��lplIlI:.:S  ^���Zi^^^A.CZH'ZM'A^'Z .AAA''  ���^J^^'^iyi;.iV:'--^'Z'A^'Z'yZr.'Zi:'."  :���/, t  ^i-hZZZZ  '/���' $\/:/Zvi>���������;���'-   ���  ;Av^i��A{-'ryiAAyAA;  yA;:.AA:ZZ$f  ;;;y$  "All  WROT  ���**WM'iiWwWrtliWHHMH��ltfc m  'm  . IJ wdge; glanced: careleMly^over^tbe^iist ^f'cases  ';;;!hatyw^:uld; be/.tried; ^-;ag  ;;;brought/;^y/m  zz;t^w$paper./ Ne.v&r^^  //z:'t!nited;S^  ://^toget.iier a; prom;i;uent--/cii  -;;;;been.aiizactiye...pdlitt  //,;wj>nderal  ./;;words./:vnr the::;lil:>el/:^.c0nr  ��� ���-;..that:;���.���/the;.= ;;plaintiflTf .:\ra'.ii^ic'lciev; was:r:disl:H:n>cst/^,'snau  /,;;wb.o-mzl^t>ody : know  //V;*nsi^^  :-.,../tliuig;^tirred/:::in,;tbe  .,:;/ii^.me^some.;.:t  ;;-die/was^//^ ^  /hi i3:0,zv.eryy.bri|ir:hb-''^oloriy;--.-^^^ylieii"; ^'   *   ���-'���"'-   :-*:-:  tn/;t>e^  s?ck!e//;aftcr-:b^  ��'A|?|  A'S'lfjl  ;aw  Ay#i  :/ll  ���-���sa  Maiseliy;/z::M/Aii  m:f0iBmw^mmmmmmmmmM  ,,.,, .a?������������:;^  been tiiis'CoHhaiftI^A-Jf!V V',.,y^ry"-::Z1^  ;y:^.-/.Ml^.>ini:nc^  y^p:notreme���^r,;:^  y.:mtk::;Sorae^  y.maUgApas&dTroaZi,/^  AA::-si.iQ��!>^;:after(^tw:day::::/^  - Rooked, atliun; wish some- ettrrtisitv;': .iie:oH!i^:HV a |��i:  waf:<ifei;|;-:;��t|g||^  rat!ier1iar(l,.:!ace^nd8a^eel:v;��:e;8::"  J|'Zf'��<y��lfe  ��^.^��i^*������.����^,,,,^,a<^wl.,iUi,<<.;j^M>M^i  ::::i,;IMVt1//f l|f^Z  WW^^^i^^^**^,,*  lilk^W^::  v-'.^i  i'rvw'-w  l;^pJS��A  A'' f; J*VvV:"-vV, v-r;'..'. ''\  A^;sA/A  v^mmMx:  Were such 'barg^iii^/.bfltered^jt(ip  of Nelson as those:���'������ whlcH-^Mtfyb^  at   the  store of j; j. WatkerZ the j   il  lili  ���^���'(���'i>-:"--'i'-'^  :ill/i  ;::'!tV'Z'-',''''"v'*'^'  * ���ti��*.     ^  p|lyyy-v  hSWiw^ 7.'J'..>:, ���'-���-���������::��� ���.���  pg|f;;Z/:..:  ^sZazsaa-.-'.;:-;-  tt|pl////;:/;  ���'!Mvi(;7i1-1.-;i*VJ>>\^';-:  , ���*wf~e+-*if**m T  Diamonds, Watches, Jewele  Silver-plated and Cut Gla  atch Repairing a Specialty  All Work Guaranteed  , ...anicure Sets, Clocks, Li  re  in  all the  latest designs.  n graving  Call and b  V  h r-*>i ^��tu  r v��f^f ����!���*����� J^tTTi-t"  'V ^{ j   AfJ,* ''t'  ftnr y w��c-9 **ii��  (  t  ��WiqV-*lT~.lr���      f.^.  ' ' lu ���>'  ^-jw^,���,, wn��~v   K4  -i.iifT' jw��"i��i i *. iv I'tinwri wr>��M^v.��  .'M-y  M4, 1^       I"   w  I 1 i-   t)  1"  f    1  11 K  "1       ' ���     ���* ���*,   1   ��� J      ,jf '     *-l ��  ��*. I.J ..f*J X. ^_\     ^  ���'. . ��� ���� Vi .  -> ,.^ r - i-   �� :->i ,���  ".I    M  " ,'l   .  .'1^,     i Vi .  A'! .^H'-^TSi eP^.^w^^^W^^)^i^^
,Id ni;■ ■''.'■'v I havea/ '&M$w^^
listiu'ct * ■/" '■:'■ How/joJd/we^
Ued this oflence/?(V;:y#i^
.-.■«•■ H«»w m ni ii v ■:yea rs.;'ago>Av?i'ji'}jX^y&^^^
."Did   ynu:A:'c0m;m|tE/t
lH1<el looked al>ne/aupihejp
(e.sti'r;'n.was u'mismd'///:';;) n'd^
i"\vuit i'u-■*& so mauy/:"$i^
'i-'Zjl"'".;/'^. ;;.v-'i--'iZ:l;;;V,iA/'ZZ/^'- /s;^■^yAZ/■<V;^ii^^^^^,^l
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>;■'iAi;.ctj.-r'«11''a centar.y, /1\/, lliir||fi|jKiffiiif^®ife^
ii who.would-'wi.'i j^:W.sdtlS|//Z;|g
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Holiday  Novelties 1
Arriving Daily
mirti i»mi«ii[iiniwHMPi>immni
Ie rch a n d ise -. h a s its /pli^c^
: The attractiveness-::-of'tWMg^
! will make brisk, sellirtgz^Tz^^
I Is
Ui^ "AA- -A
iu'.y      j,.;
dolls ■ isy. n'o^wz.:'on/';dfepia:y/:;:;
ZA.ddv is of/ihv. highesft^t:l:ie/
v low that .you-will/^
'he doll you can get/ibrti...d..0Jlar/br/::
: -ed dol 1 sz 'kid * bodieel-' dolls/- zrie^V/:
o>r (\n]\^x   blonde''".dolls/'.,i>ruuet.te,;
-■: inches; 35c to §8.50.. '"';
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;kerch.ief'case:ueeds, constant^
iheiti' from':5c^o :$7>;5o
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';u the finest taffeto, liherty sarins
Nl]ks, from Sv SO to Si's*
In great variety. The very latest sC^Iez^iii';-
gloves is Uie suede/castor arid mocha.   These
gloves are nice for cold weather/as they are
much warmer than dressed kide We carry
t hese  lines  in   black,  mole,  tans and greys;
Sf.25 to $2..//.-. /:./■'"
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^.j(!'!;!ll/"'! !|v !ls Vi-^y early —in time do, make'
'l,,,,,s \v^-u they were at their best. What.
^"^'•isfor   Udi,
wjll I   ,        z"   ""-'W* '0 wear, made ol lur,
h,.;#i iK> ;":!!i,! m this department-at. very   low
The cold snap which we have just exz
perieuced suggests what we may expect when
the winter sets in in earnest, so get your comforts now and be ready.    Prices, $1.56 to $25.
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IN eu:l>Kii Um.r she Uov-ermneiM mm- h^ in  ]MKfM?Hs1o-ii of dermiCe, infofmaMoVwHh  wiiMi to supply !l,!<^��^ktpi: htve*ti.m*nu In  fht> Province. J ��tn instructed tr.�� Invito j-Ktr-  ���ieuhirs from liu^e ud��o turn? pr6f'***rtb'* j;>r  -ulMtiKi u'lio iimy reel di*j>o*ed. fo forward  -web particular* l����ihU oilier* for ?he' purprt%<>'  hi vU'\v ..of t|}(  prop-oned ' ��-'i'trjv 're-nrioud.*.**-  'ion nf tlif-r -Agent C{^i.-Mrn��r�� Office In Uiulnn  Kiij?]��ml. !l>i*<lf*-irst.nUify.c��f' 'lt��virn��'':'oh fllt�� n  !Sj>t of fartit.s Hfifi ��.��tii*T  nrojj^rth^ Y*sr  Hid/  vvSUO'ull   mUi  nvi-uniiv -'dcUith,  \x   nti\'\tm*  l*roiH:rUcj<suhin$lt<��i in��y  inr!u('l���� runm* ��nd  mrni luncliH;,  .iiKlu.Mrial ����r" oonun^rrtnf   <-otc  '.���cms.-timber limit*,  wuu-r \M>\*t>r*, or niiwr  '���nterpHKe^utrorUin^ ���ipi^jrtunitli-s  f����r l��>*Mt��-  mate lijvf-KOiu'iu'.  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Oil  KaKi Slope of  Morning Mmmtaln, nr-ar  Give-Out Creek.  Take notice that I. J. H. Horn**, hh ar��ni ir>}  the Hall Mines, Limited (Koreij/jo j,*nv  Miners Certftlcato No. u3fl,oflL,># infemj, ��j.xj v  days from 'tho date hereof, to ajifdv to the  Mining Heeorder for a Certificate of Improv*.-  menta, for the purpose of obtaining Jt cr,  Oraot of the aboye claim.  And further take notice that action, under  ��ecUoti'37,.mu8t be eoinrueijced   before the  .(ftsuiaoee of suoh Certificate of Improvement*  Dated-till* 25th day of October, ItfOO.  .    . J. H. BOWKH.  Centrtil  and   cvtitrnl    Knualcmal     Min��>rK  Chitin����, .��Uuate In the Nelmut Mining Dlvinf *���  of W#*Ht Kf��ot��-!��jty iH.Htrlef.  ���,Wlterr��-b.wnbMl:    <m   f^fr  Creek, h��Hw**et*  ' Hed    point"    sod    "InvlnHbhc    Mtn<>ral  V  i  LV-1  M  lukenotlen tbnf J, John'MeXitlehfe, I'M,.M ,  of the City of Nef^oib xie.iln�� rt��i tigimt tnr  Otto Jotuitfon, Free Miner'-M Certlfleitte No*  H W/V/i, rtnd Kdwurd Ibimont, Pre�� Mtner'a  certnie��t*' No. H 27JN)^,'intend ��lxtv dnvu  from thi- drtt*? iien*oft to���-apply Jo the Mhi-  ln�� Itecorder for eerfJnVnte** of mprove-  meijifi. for the purport*ofObUifningr Crown  ��*rantK rd the above fdttim��,  And further mice notice that uethm. under  neetion '<n, impti be eomrneneed before the  Uwmneir f>r��oieh eerCflente of Improvefnenttf.  I��nt.<-<I Uii. ��jr��th day of 8*'p|i��uii��er. I��0fi.  JOHN MrLATCIHK  Camps supplied on .^fff  notice and lowest prices.   . feaj  Mail order;  attention.  Nothing   bnt  wholesome meats  kept in stock.  receive careffgij  .^�� '.^  fresh *?JF^)  udsuprT.r-Jj  '-;���" '.1  '?���(  *?���    ��  ei ^' *>*.   "m ! 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