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The Nelson Economist Dec 5, 1900

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 OL. IV.  NELSON, B.C., WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 5, 1900.  NO. 21  icf*i'j'^^��i*.-.*JJ"^f)tS>M"��rt��-*U-H^ J-"V*"Wl**"*��*' ���*t.t���,(*H> r  HF NEISGN   MCONOMIST is issuko   kvbrv  Wkdnrsuay at"tiik Citv of Nklson, B.C., wy  I) M Caki.kv/Sr inscription :    $2.00 i*KR   an-  ' ' ������ ik !>\!r��SN .W>VANCK, $% ,$0*     CORRKSPOND-  INTKRKST     RKSPKCTPULLV  I)  sum; '!>'  fxck oi:-   c;knkral  |i SOL ic'rfKD.ON I.V ARTICLES OF MERIT WILL BK  ADVKRTlSSiD IN TMKSK COLUMNS, AND THK IN  TERK5TS OF R'KA l��KRS WILL BE CAREFULLY  GUAKDHD-AGAINST   IRRKSPONSIBLK   I'KRSONS   ANU  WORTHIJvSS a'RTI.CLKS. ���   ,  *JiJ��*t   h       ^.>,~i  r*ff*i ji "rtt-wniu-H    .. i  rO-MOKKQW'' the voters of Yale-Cariboo will se*  ..     lect their representative for the near five yearn  ji the. Douimion -House of Commons.      During the  ist.nvo months the candidates of Ihe various parties  lave pursued an active canvass, and everything is  practically over now. excepting the counting1 of the  kllois. Tun Kconomist has u��i desire to pose as a  irophe", therefore it will refrain 'from making any  mess as to the re soil  This pa j ht docs not want to force iL* opinions down  (be throats ol' men who are equally as well qualified  Jajedge loniH-mselves as The Kconomlst, but it  biHJottdram \\o\n making a fciv remarks as *o the  fcosuiojj o.'thv }������;�����rtir^ unw on xrhl ami their relation  [0 the !>eoph:.  The Libera! ������ -*v4 when out of power, practically  placed itself -:i.rcc^nl -is bcint: *��nposed to protection  )n principle, ivr,d prunn*cd to eliminate cverv element  Plenum hnni jt< ir;uic nolirv if returned to power.  peuoer.n ;���; trt\ xvmed the reins of government in  Ho Din [h:il ;.-jrtv i^^.j, |(s promise ? This ques*  ?,0,,^'!<H demand an answer.  ;(:ic:il M>;il's,   '<hi   Liberal   p*irty   ha* professed  > ^^sh'cr-.: !..s ;|)r rendition  nf the  wajre*earnors.  .: \  <;, a ���  (tir (",t ,   ....  ���ttvt!: llM v ��� *v 5��i��* fjbvicd leadersdemou.Htra ed  the  lr iriei^isn,., fM!.  ���i.^auixcd   labor   by casting  into  J'.joj! wht:-> !..u!   .he audacitv to  join labor  is     1 ii ��� *   ���    ���  S1, ,,"'     !1 !lH':i P^'iessious of friendship for organ-  1Zedlab('Mh,v;l;n-f  thev  pigeons  union ?  is.*  L��J.  &3  Baa _  e manifested   tfte  same  hypocrisy  ''<!''ir!!-; with the   protection  policy ofthe  ��� ,..     "   tv       "!! "lie labor-uian can to-day point  '^nir'i oj^anized labor has been benefice!  vn ;uucnt      And this ��s not strange  ; l,'J,',i 'di.i    the lender of the Liberal  11 l i>''>v;:i.v ^vhcre organised labor is  Vi:'!  HI!..- ;  I;ivtir.  (,11<- art s.\  ,eI,HllIlc;   <  I   *" H   IS (  ui.-s ;  *tf   ��    V  ll'll! ,  av:  " ' Vi��s a prominent plank iu the  1" r'( ����urai/e immigration. In this  5,1 'du-ir promise We have had a  hum upon* our shores to com-  zn etvitjIrilll. ll  . 5} >es NviUl    (' An lKM,I''e.   Poukohoboiskts and othei  ���'''"'"���niH-eabk-   names   have   been  im-  ��>f ethics for the moral  f >(ill's,|ll,).  i'ver,,,,,, ' a n<MA   f��-di-  ' t:il!    "it |)c !  j 1H ��)pie, and have been encouraged  :>Mcai\ i*'Mti> little more than aqttr'tr-    t,  to monopolize the vast tracts of fertile farming lands  in the Northwest, to the exclusion of people of our  own flesh and blood. In order to fun'her emphasize  their preference for aliens, the Liberals have framed  laws to permit the naturalization of 2,000 Japanese.  And in this way the Liberal party is carrying out its  policy of immigration. To-day the British Canadian  is rapidly approaching that deplorable position where  he will be an alien in his own land under his own  flag.  The foregoing are a few of the reasons why the  Liberal party should be made to suffer the resentment  ofthe voters of Yale-Cariboo, and why Mr John Mc-  Kane should be elected. Ano her reason why Mr.  McKaue should be returned as the representative of  this constituency is that he is fully conversant with  the requirements ol the mining industry, and would  he able to enlighten the House on questions affecting  mining. .  In speaking of the settlement of the big anthracite  coal miners* strike, the United Mine Worker'Journal  says that in the absence of actual statistics as to the  cost of production, less the expense of operating, it is  difficult to figure accurately the net increase tD the  miners, hut it will amount to approximately $5,000-  000 more money to be divided among the miners for  their next year's work. We congratulate the miners  on this increase, but we would like very much to know  to what extent the strike has benefited the mine-  owners. They reluctantly yielded to an advance of  to per cent In wages and raised ihe price of coal about  gr per ton By how many million dollars peraunum  are their profits thus increased? The unfortunate  onsumer has to pay the increase on both sides, and  while he may kick vigorously he cannot strike. But  the time is coming when the voice ofthe people must  be heard and respected, and the sooner that time arrives the better.  Tar- Monev Lenders' Act, 1000, came into effect in  Ore^t Britain a few weeks ago.    Most of the scandals  iu high life have had their origin in the offices ofthe  Loudon money-lenders.     These establishments have  proved the first downward s-.ep in the career of many  a scion of a noble house, and have brought thousands  (if one time honorable men and women to poverty and  disgrace.      The new act is intended to protect those  who cannot apparently protect themselves.    It makes  moneydenders who fraudulently  induce their clients  to borrow liable to two years' imprisonment, or a fine  exceeding ,��500. or both.      It gives the court power  to re-open any transaction  which  may be deemed to  be " harsh and unconscionable,M  and it renders any  monev lender who does not register  M^;#:lli|  ;'i[? iy-J,;-??%��f.��J  1 '*���'*&& i  .'.. r  w  '. Mjj  > lift  V>  -1  i r  J'- C2  J'f ?i  <   f   1  f <r  i ^*  * n *'  I *��� X  iti (V  bl"*kj  n * v  fl   3        *��* if  j;. {     i r  f 1        >  h I �� *   J  if 1      ' r '"*  If] '  ^ 1  (1 -1   B  d        i  It  . *r - --**���  �������     �����       �����,! ���"��"��� "~   "^"  .��r -��� 4  ����������� *p  .   if ���mm  ;VV,V   ./'.���- ��� '���'H''''V:';V'.;'';,'!,rf  '^P]0^9f^MM  THE NELSON EGONQMlSr  Wm  Hfcfc  ��Sfc;  IfSrf  rp  m  own name liable to a penalty  tidt;^ko6ocli^jpc'"^^"I'^p��.  "and In ��� the/event -'of;*  'meht/fora;.tem  'might; work.-weiriu'.^^  rtTO"f*"'*";-"fui*  The vertical system pf writing adopted itt the pub  ;: :>die schools'* of tW  ���'^/generally, accepted -as- afgreatimprpyementon the'; old  ;Ustykl''ortbM  '^-put Canada^  vantages of legibility; and fit /'.has ./-'been demonstrated  that the pen can -.'be wielded -.-a* /rapidly ���..in; '������ forming.1, the  plain characters as when employed in making the |>e-  cuSiar hieroglyphics which too often are designated as  .,.'.a'business ::li  v;.Avri.ting-'fe  , Vpearanee.on^  ���^.���Difficult' ;6f4nterpretatj6  i ; the larger; puhlisto  ;;v written copy;^  ;;/;;'itnder;;any^  ';j;wastcd;in'^  ';':/'ticatsyste^  -'i^iid^t enjoys^  .���'o.disKpublieatiph^  vf;;;of;'many eminent.surgeons'^  /';efRcf thatH^  //-eice^  ��� en forced on children while at ;.scH:0ol.'- by '.the ''prevailing;  c':';'habit"of'*iahtihg"  : testimony that the  same- usage is;.a..... prolific cause "of  ������ 'shortness of sight and othe r-eye weaknesses... Erect*  ������������ iiess of pose is; they "claim; to".be"secured only by erect*  ��� ' ness of handwriting,      One authority says : ;'** Many  '���"���.-an evil of less pernicious  a   character has .teen oiade  the subject of a rigid parliamentary, inquiry, and has  been suppressed by statute law.      Then why not this  also?" '.':���:    '  The Citv Council of Manchester/ -Bug land'/.is-.'con*  sidering the advisability of buying a coal mine :md  operating same in the interests of the ratepayers, The  city owns the gas works and does the public and a  large share of the private lighting.     Lately the price  * ....  of coal has been raised by $1.25 per ton, and as fully  500,000 tons are annually carbonized at the corporation's gas works, it is considered good policy to buy  a mine. The advance of $1 25 per ton on new contracts would entail an increased annual outlay- for the  raw material of gas manufacture of 8500.000 for the  current year. There is little advantage iu holding a  public franchise-if the supplies have to be purchased  at an exorbitant figur e.  Old.man. Kruger has been accorded a very wrm  ������'deception.iu France. He was cheered to the echo at  the various points en route, and here and there a very  decided anti-British sentiment was manifested. It is  not to be supposed that this is the prevailing feeling  throughout France, but it nevertheless has its significance; And that Oom Paul made the most of his  opportunities to engender a   bitter feeling against his  ; frot|;;tlie^  ���haye^  /;Ajrlfe*^  ; greater tliatv  ::*Ufre^  !ay';h'^  .Euroi^  '.muie^-to';^  dierotthe^   ;.their;/it^  every:;: m'a,*V:and:'eh||p  .in':Pri*nte*^  bi^o;\v:u/p^  is;absord^^  $ratt<Sie^^  I dslu & :;t hei f/f$t|$��^  !asf/::Bt^^  wa/r/Jlhd^hSe^  ly^vjtb/t^^^  ::wbo";rSy  "���'-,'���'-���'<���   ';���'���":/   ,���.���.���;'.,,;./.'������','"., ���.'.���>.;"'/,'7.-i /���'..'/"������/������'T/V-/-.'-*1.'-'^/--/'   '��� -.���:--:i".-i'.'" ���  ���������/*'. v1, ���.:���'���������.''������'.   ���!''���-��� ;.   ���    ;vVL-,:-' ���     '-      ���'v. * ;;:���-/���*'  Sid��ft&&��#  :tbM;;'tl^  $er��i^^  yiyiiclr^  \^i^W.W*tti*;v ��� W��*#.  ,v ixwitfi'w&tf&���**&���  ;;:l;;tt  ;io.ttiel^  ; direci.a11calloivM^Pw-*WP^^^S1^'I"ll�� -1  .hyi^b^-iii^  ^bicagoMve;'^  mre��rgln'g ':iiic$f^W$;TCComme!Kt;^��cb kgis|  ���.fairttW&W  smutbg^iriohs/wbiciv  object in :vie��'��*;g^  compHshed ������^fe*!:Jbli��^^Sa�� V:^'; ^*e:^-:-gr^^-'  wheels of j usi ic��ao :��s-t^iiidiwe; t he tegal nwc r ,  10 move With:i^iHn^f^^i^m^,  As the laws are;at;p��s��>i;>Jdwiaistered "!^..,  States there is no gtmrantee ttiat; speedy .j"*.  teadnu,.istCretf/0rthatiu,tice^  atau/  Tbi*^  law in their o.rn hands,   The burningoOorter^;  stake was fiendish,   but if it Will Mm ne ^  knocking Judge Lynch out of ^^\a ^  nate victim of the Limon fiends will nere'  sidcred on a par with the martyrs.  Plow to assassinate President^c^^^@  paiwr msuiufacture, are of such^ (re<?u ;. |east'fej,'\  that that gentleman should not feel .id �����* ^^.1  turbe'd as a consequence  ary plots, the-newspaperssay  to the police of Hdboken." w lJ".ce bufeau  have .communicated, with the secret �� _ ^ , A  Washington."- What else would tW ��� 0  furnished the names of the men aec -^thef  Hjianot^."^       i|f^  ,    The latest ofth��e      ,,.;  that  'has  ���������>-.��� Fancy  been^ek!T;-i  tw  J.  a breach of discipline !    "The police ��  J      �����  I   1  i  3    I  I   .  I  * r       f ^fd^M/d/^  "V.U, '  tbruurtiO!  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It is- argued,;and :wt.tb;:''eOu'siderable/  " v/tni,'" that i\ eoriimu n ity 'in' .;which -a;man :or-":Wo-:;  in spend the workiug..d.ay.#'o.f ri/lifeti'^  IjijenKit ie;isi'>tipi*ort 'ioMeeJingyY����;^  r.'t1,m-Wtii'*i ���!-hitn is.ack^ow]edg'e<!^:as.K.lil^the-;:gov-/  lenimei:! d"o"nc>!: pro uidc.^  k.-i.'ir t>hiUjuhrt.��nv does,-;. ���' in -^ew'/--^ealaud"~-*'that::  land u\\n\\ovMAms,- /ihe. j>eiisipji/���-���'.Jij!u;t.0^:"f'5^r;;.:i��Ir6ciiifccd.v:\  i'Hie .system d:^- <;(,-H. tried .in 'Oej;jma?*y��:d^  pr-val d/5iIuf<*���.  .������' Tb^'.other'day'1W^lMc -:;-'Rilefeiag; -?  Ifcr-flH \'f,n'T!:i<.dnHiir/5ecreU��ry'\of tlieJiifpr^  ^��ry. tiec'Ufvu that, the old-age/pension'. fuud/.wa^^  ���V,'' , :'-'..^-^:l--'/.-v^/ -;//.'-  '   '  '   -    :lucre years, ago,;the..f^ .--.;-.,,-,,,,,,.,,. ,:,;.,,i;..^...,-..,,.,,^..,���,���,���,,.-.,,,:.,,.  ast..:ne\vspapers-|'/eouplel,;o  -���ouservati.ve:det]]Oiistrati6uTec  :ye-r:;;;//;lHtey;aceiised;^  Vhe:;oc^a$ion.:..^  :!nade:i;f;a:;rece'ht/;.iiiee  dig;nantly  f)e|n||>ure  S1/1';I1I1I  d|ii#d8ll��  -:?'-///-.'/ /-"//rvo:/''f#S^  ^;//:-/\::./;/';/!/'��>/&f|KjS|��  :-;p|:|-|;|i|p^|||g  MBUfcnrat  marks/.and i^��Uv: there, iS-a' m\)mXJ^::\j^  jsi.itemeiit Muii as-1 his; woai<H^&t.;:t<)^ibe;;;  mw \ i^;>vcm!.nei'i tak<?.s������;���'-';(he\ttiStt^ir-.;;-;1 tt'--Jia'iiil^it^i.^.irt?;  b.:,;roi' Hritain^ih^iv^rk  d(^a-U'?ic./-aged:ai.i.d/;-;|n|i.tW  n..     Ai>er-sou' w'ho;has;;:Iiyecl.���;�����;;���}jle.,of";)i.Oife:;  r>;; c j v d��� >cs. no'i -.rel'i^Ir; t. Iie<;;idea/;;;^  biand Iii;-.d.ecli;n;i,��i|;yea;r'S,-;A:  ���Iv ili- ra^-c-' limit/- the', mai^|f^;-ofcthe^Jidv  people in ihi-s- jr.^5itutions are^b"��na,ies-;l^ai.u  uroviiiciicc <:t ujch- u:4>rk.iu^- cla.ys>,/d.;,/;lt//s^us:;^^  iliai ihe r-iT.vkU.'^ >in>ul'd.n.i>e eaifed/^.up&i^io/^  she nnpi��>v!ii;r:i-, >>ut .^uclijs,vhe;aiSe;/';TO  uppeiius to'ui.to.be.th'aldii'sorrof  : i��� ,��� ��/scd o?i ihe-earjii;iig?i:;:c*f.;.|>eo|}l.c.:.<'lnv/l  kn\:/ uie.- to he c?eclit<i��,i"-io.a.";|>0VjHi<H.t;;-F*Viiid.--:"-  "u Id be emit led /���to.-dra vv Avheri, Inca*;  :|/|||i||  f;N/;Van  ^iWWfi  ;re,v;tijraf  [���last re.vH  ���;:i!- , , vi i; .�� '.. V.  ittit ���������������$.?$$%������  ll|/llliBiiii i v\  ;/^;-'r;/:.//-;/;//||S^  j ! f  ; 1   '  ����  > i.; i i  '���''"cvriit: Ui>;  iiiK their ^v  . Ii   *;.V>  '.'.t'.. t,,l ;;*  ���  II!'.   Ii:  ��eunV>nf)��M>(.^^ h' iM-HM ^Ma -  '.V.irl-  *!K- ;:k?  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J,l  ,::w:P  iiii:.  d|Si|s ��\  /��lifi *^  :;dlS|i -  12  d'/iij ��i  ���;'���'��� ,.'.,:.,,-'v'-;-' .'-{it-;f  liiii-IVs^  1 '!��� H   >,"  f>rmg.ing- jo the attention; of those  '/'^b'Cohinduft-'some of the m'atty good  ;r "'it-ird.  -My   R:. fv-GosneH,''sccre*"  r;- ^ 5'ow making a collection of pho-  '���!''vc -i the province at large.' Repre-  x    :  lni::iiii;t  agriculture, ���.lumbering'.'  >   c!ndi." wcrks -iind' buildings,- busi-'  1 Jv"S!tu.-ucc.s, churches, schoob, sec-nerv'  ;       < ����>od.   rlrar,  well-finished '.photo*  ^ 5" ^i/e than 6x 12,". willbe acceptable,.-.  '! hr '''��r\\ardetl without delay/    ; It is  ���^ds,.!! udl! find a suitable place iu.  '3Q \>L '     * ���' U is|j  pad   ^" a   !]W.   \  fi�� snK,'��.. .        ���  ���-,- ..v i ,r  .   |,   "   ^!ca^ importance, .and,   we  think,  vi/H'.Uu'c" '���� hand by   the   Hoard of Trade or  fhe  >s*ss iu-)\h  �����   l!|  ffllhlsalhi���M   .,���    ,     -  ,  h^ ": ;   ��������n��sn. tnlumbsa, which  i^ to be on  iictai's ofhee in fdondo.n       i'he  B?i sul>ject  flf itlotilc!!>, ,.,1.  ��^Cityeul  || PassedV<-,r j ^      ���   J 'le Heenerv ot NcIhoii' is unsur  Si taui-v ail(i attractiveness,   while-mahv of  AccOKOiNG to the decision of Mr: Justice McGoll,  rendered a tew days ago, oh the Dominion Franchise  Act. Mongolians who "have  taken out naturalization  papers are entitled to vote. This is what many feared  "would be the' effect of admitting to citizenship a lot of  Chinese   and  Japanese who for obvious  reasons are  anxious to be considered good British subjects.    The  decision will enable some two thousand  of these fellows to exercise the  privileges of intelligent voters,  and that they will mark the ballots is a foregone conclusion,     What a plight to be in !     Have we really  arrived at that stage of politics in   British  Columbia  when an election can be turned one way or the other  by the most objectionable class of undesirable foreigners that infest the Province ? Talk about British subjects and their '.'rights'* and- *'privileges."     What do  they amount to if they are to be over-ridden by a host  of Oriental c<  :��|d  Mill  f  m i  w  m  t-S--  I  1  1  ,1  i  u  }   i  r i^ '111 ^Ji'k f *. 1   i ^    ' j *^ \ m t* (l ^ri,v, ri�� v \ _        i* t'V 1 .*i K 1        .1 4 *^Ji NELS^  ������������ipwf  �����'���  m$":  11/:  'r    *  '*��  fe>  \  X  MINING NEWS  NELSON.  A special examination for effieieucv in the practice  of assaying is being held iu this Citv. Provincial  Mineralogist Robertson is in charge of the examination. The practical work is being dune at the office  of Mr. McKiilop on Baker Street, and the written  work at the Court House.  ^ The new tramway at the Chapleau mine, on /demon  creek is now m operation. Its eons ruction was  started some time ago and would have been eom>  pleted sooner if there was a good wagon road fnr  transportation of the machinery, Th^ new mi!! at the  property wai completed and in operation last week  and every hmg is now working in a mosuatKniet-rv  manner.  ROSSLAND.  The ore output las? week was above the average  and shows an increase of nearly 1000 tons over the  previous week. Seven properties contribu:ed to 'he  rotal of 6837 tons      The Ymir mine and   he [ewe! n(  r��� ak�� "?ad5 ��lliPme"'�� ^ Northern   am! Silica'  respectively during   the   week.      Following   are the  Kossland shipments for the week ending Snturdav b��r  with the to als for -he year to that date":  w      . Week's      Tonnage  *' Tonnage   Veir to Ihitc  ;J.ak.e-i.jea.r .Ca.mp/Mai)sfte!d'^--^  '':K'*sirv'':--'-'^fc^  ;/**^;/.;/^  <Wpie/.of'saifirde^  set villashAv*^  ���  '-..'''' "     ���'.''���'  :   ������.���/.'���'..,���',   '      .���'. ,.'-.���������      ' '.���:'.���'��� - .** fa ��.  7;//;///; v/;/-/^^^^/;/:/;//^;//'  '. *m�����% wfere/tM;;ie3p|g-;^.^ .  ,| rail .smelter, (mmmdmrc k^m$$* ���e I  /df'v^'.d/idd/��d'f^  /^.*.H>-^;A*;'/:t^^  Tons. -  ������ *7*9r.  '���vVVfar;:;,Ba:gJ.etddS-^  j^/'-Vr^v/':/:///^^  ^ ������'/,** ����� - '-;.'���... ��� /���/^'d ������, ;���;-/���'��� .-,���- '���-/.;//.;d,vd/: ^^:p/^/^;^?w;*-f;*^/^'*.*;*/fr^ * vvv* w^^d;-.v*.:.:  ���; ...    * 7*'*:''*"**���*:.���* .*"* *'^</V*VM*^   ''' "" "'"   '"   '" " ' "'*'"  ���2%2l 1  '���i'fau  Wm  ^ *��������*',>.:^'.i(''i^':'��:���;i;,S,  M/*;*/* * '*!.*'.' *>.*'*���.���*-��'.>.* ��<"'  '.*���*��(..  Tota!.'  .:*.*#>..*.* * ��;,��*;'��;��:*.^/.*.*������*.��/,,,  ���'."*���;*?��� *A'* *:>T'*'.:'��-'* *.;.*���.*���'*;.*���*>>'*���'.��  * + >.,<-��� ;,*^''w'w. >i.*��.,  Le Roi     War Kagle...   Centre Star   Iron Mask   Uvening Star   Monte Christo..   L X   I   Spitzee   Le Roi No 2   Iron Colt   Giant.........;   .+��� �� '* ������    * .' j,   . :��.  i  >f*  Total  ���;43,C5.;;. ���./'.  ��� ]r'.ij;$t:Mi  9/���.*.*'*..���������  /:d;;';dro;^6o  ;2>45,-/:./  ^jfi :" |'-,,�� *5  v   ,. %J~iJf  ��� -:'"     ���' ;^^;*n  j��. H**- *��L ^".f  * �� v"V. ��i- *:.  d';-d >:/���// 3,0.1..  ���"��� -1      ��' ' j *  ���^-f..^-.  . . */.*>  ; .**! /,**. ���   ���   ���  ��  * * :m-   *S  ;/:��� ^-. ;���.���;-��� *75-  ...20; .  0... i:.  .roo '������''���  2 ���'166''  v*v..... . .;'  ./'  70/  ���*��,�����- s  ���.-���'������369'-.  ";- :'<*w��wiiiiiMi������<^��i��^r'.'.  iioliii;  . .��J��  37  ��97.7?5  MOYIE.  'bofu^ ever arranged in British  solidSSl ������ \l JUr madC by lhe St Kiigene Con.  sohdated Mining Company, of Movie bv nrhirh  Messrs. Guggenheim & Sons   the  �����,;uLr 1       r  Antogagasa   Chiii   -onfr^V       s DeUe^l^ple   <>f  ft"f>��^ <���� v.001, contract to purchase^ 4r r��/^r. /,^.  of reduced wet ^IverA^A -^   J       -u���   ^'.uoo.oo*  he fact ni edea1"S',i  ?reat .^Jp���rfa���cc.   cnvi���,���:  the �� '      Cte-V-e ��f theCbi!i smdiers l�� -d're  toe. \vet-Iead ores of Koo eniv   fr.r   a. '  ��� "  will cans? 1 ,r^��    i , ^ fluxing   purpose*  wii  cau^e a.kreat, aeroand for   these ores.       U    th-  Past   three   uion hs,   $150,000 of thi. ore hW  I I  shipped v a the C   \>  p     ,,1* b ori ,ws    !>^'(  to San Kr ,*      ' loVancolu^randbv/std-tup-  steamers for Chili        \,   L      ,ransfei;rcd  ",!"   o!|lcr  r.6oot.,1)S",,rt,:,r;."'prc'se!/!he-y.^''-'���-'^i.K  it ��� ",c ,Jt    ��viuTse   Kir   sb nnwMit     t..,i  ��: S��"/ 'Wf.v ."-se.1   by a   .carc   v       ' ;0kd  ieit     veek  "d'1' ,l��1rPf!u��d state af.ont $5o a  ,m '  i.^exi    ueek another   shiom��n't ^r#r^  ore will tnk, place      S'"''rae,,t of *'50,o��)   wurth ,,  u  ;..   ���. ;v;4^'';pi^haj^/ii���en;||^  ^/bau/1*-^^  ,,;./||^a;o|,-;^:r^  ���/';;'Pip|tlflf'.':-Sl*l%  ^:';-;-^?|||<f;'c|.|li.ia;^S  ���;������' '&n'd\that;'0  .;.;^ t'hereoi ���]-.--.;; ;:';T  dele?idaut/;froiu ���:'" t;.r^A i>'^"^yf#^V-S.^.fei":"/;: tfoiS ���"'^���^Vo rt" ri tl'f-;/^i'itxi d/pir^  /Vfi&*tV*j��j&dddvd;:^  ��� d ^/. llie ;;f5oud bol.der.;f roiq  / Creek.-, has.,been'.'lciise<t;':^  .���' and C,.H'orrie,;c>fSite  petty; .- >������ .The J<es^^|^^iN  bud,. ��� ' Good' things':Wre;ei  The lessees ofthe Graphic have  been granted &  extension of tihie.  BUNDARY.  From ihr Pwuix Plonwr.  ^X V. Tregenr. superintendent of the Winnipej:  mine, at the recent company meeung ofthe mine.  gave iu hh report iht to al development of lie niine  to da'e as being 3,450 feet it? shafts, crosscuts, <irift>, j  winzes and raises. * The mine was developed to a  dep'-h of 390 feet.  John Dursey, of Phoenix, a few weeks since went  east to interest   capitaHss in   Summit camp cli  u. r^���. _.    ..���      . ...:   ...-.  . tw0 well ki  !l  andj.-S.,tlic  Ik-fore starting   he'���*obk'. 'bonds on; two' well know"  .claims   in  that camp,   the Blue  Bell and Jd S., tiie         r Word  1^  d  CAMP MANSFIELD,  Concerning   operations    in   Cmu    M-.M-^r n    -  tenously disappeared, also a lar^e r���nn id d   ,   "  there at the mi,,e had vanished    Me   "'  ' ietd M^  Caine, acting Under iu.struction.s from M     imsfielrl'  fished out a Sack of ore, presun.ablv Jolcer,   f"^ ��� ��  amount   of the  bonds   !>eing  $67,000.  been received here��������ha1 Mr. l)orsey has been success^  ful iu securing theco^operation'of monied men i�� !]d  east to develop the proper-ies", ''������''/>���    .  Since last August the  Diamond  I>riU Contracting  Co., of Spokane; has been at work in "Phoenix .unoc  g^f  '5V!idicotc--dow8:   ���  contract   with   the   Miner-Graves  prospecting work on the-,.,  K  The original contract   was lor a  minimum,y* <*-���   j-vfj  feet, but  altogether .2.700 feet of holes were ..do   ��� ..-���;-.  another boring Contract.  fr**wy  \ .At   t-iiiir   I .aammnmamm
Train Master 'Risteen arrived up from Vancouver
l^i uight in his special car. Mr. Risteen comes
hereto give instructions and lecture 10 trainmen on
the new rules and signals that have been adopted by
the Canadian Pacific Railway, to go into effect some
time in 'January: These signals are what are known
^standard, and are in vogue nil over the United
States; so tliat after they are in   use on the C   I*.   R.
that be has recovered his old-time vigor, and that he
will he back on Friday. On Saturday evening the
reception takes place at the Barracks, and it will no
doubt be a rousing pne, as the adjutant is one of the
most popular officers of the armv ever stationed in
Nelson. "
■UPimnan from anywhere in America will l»e com-
jieteiit to work on any of the other great railways
tviuioul untieing   a special  study  of their systems.
itllOL. ..
This uniformity will doub less t>e appreciated by the
traimneu themselves, and should also proves safeguard to..the public
" fi is expected that Mr. Risteen will be engaged
^ivihe, lessons here two weeks, after which ihe true
will iie.wlloweda certain time to thoroughly acquaint
ihemselves with the new regulations, when they will
[heii W req n i re<I.t o pass a r\ e*am i tiatioti» — fnla n d
I he speech of Sir Charles Tapper at the Opera
House last Saturday night was notable for more than
one reason. It was a great display of oratory—the
like of which our citizens may riot hear again in years
to come—and few of us are likely again to see the old
leader on a public platform.
The capacity of the Gran by smelter, at Grand
I^5tS ro l)e d?u.ble<i- The representatives of several
ihctrioU and mining machinery firms are now on the
groitfld for the purpose of tendering on the work. At
present the plant is treating some 600 tons of ore per
Some'lime ago Tiui Kconomist called afentton to
the fact that hundred* of Japanese a: lha: 'Coast had
frantluIe? 1 d y ' u h i a i n ed natural]za?ion j>af>et s. This
'ms accomplished by perjury and misrepresentation.
A test . c:»*c was .heard and although it was proved
drat .the particular Jap bad only been three months in
?.heoKiniryd instead ni three years as required by law,
nothing cmU\ be done, as he was not responsible for
die train] — in"fact, orufessed to know nothing about
it; Nmv-sotne of these fellows are going over to the
l.'uited States m<\ are actually being received asgoop
Bri ish ^shject.s.on ihe strength of pnpers obtained by
The Labor pany of Nelson closed the campaign last
night with a public meeting at the Opera House. In
addithn to addresses ou the issues of the day. the,
audience was treated to a few campaign songs The
speakers of the occasion were Mr. C. Foley, the Labor
candidal ; Mr. James Wilkes, prominently identified with the party, and Mr, Taylor, Q.C.; for the
! '»-. ';■
v-rr !>nw t<»*dav.  Ta*moirou*
Mi t ,      . f »
■viji mxuU' \hv b,iulf *hev have iie^rn waging fur some
weeks m<\.      r\\\ c«»u-vrued luive received! the u<ttai
;'fivu;e .." V»-^ earlv and often/* There is no doubt
;W a vcrv huiie p >Il will l>e ouiuted, as every voter
!!! 'lie disjno' has U*en canvassed on behalf of one or
;"wr-oi j he *- .iMtlMi.i es» Speculation is-rife as In the
™]1 bu; "?" ^nine. there is little, although each
I'Jrty pro:es> o-he sanguine as to *hc result, nt\d are
^rai^nik: t«>r a vnppjy .»f biuo.us with which to cele-
.■■'Mte h sv\fepin^ viro>r\\
bailed .a
ntie   at    Rossland   the   other   d&y
utation which w.iited ou the Minister of
*' Fast electric ships crossing the ocean   at   more
than a mile a   minute,   will go   from New   York to
Liverpool in two days," writes John Blfreth , Watkins,
Jr , of " What Mav Happen in  the Next   Hundred
Years/'  in   the  Decern her   Ltidie*'  Horn* Jonnwl.
11 The bodies of these ships  will be   built above   the
waves.    They will be supported upon runners, somewhat liice thoue of the sleigh.     These runners will be
vt*rv   buoyant      Upon   their under sides   will   be
apertures expelling jets of air.     In this  way a   film
of air will   be kept  between   them and the   water's
surface.     This film, together with the small surface
ofthe runners, will reduce friction against the waves
to the smallest possible degree.     Propellers turned
by electrici'y will screw themselves through both the
\ya4er !>eneatk and the air above.     Ships with cabins
artificial!v cooled will   be   entirely  fire-proof.     In
storm they will dive below the wa er %nd 'here await
fair weather."
^ines   in
f:*]> «d"mines ni that  n\\
jt-'ieienee to the proposed incorporated
,...,,. !nesmthi<t .-itv. The government has
^ ^tn/Kif -{ unint of $2500. but the money has
...    v\  '^,,5   paid over and the trustees    wished to
no  receive   the   funds   so as   to
i!/v  '   thevcar.       Hon.   Mr.   McBride
■' 'l-d" matter upon  his arrival at the
i < 1
■ <5  h
Wsi    [ nitt-<I $• ,.
|a   moj ,;, ' p'   " k ,,,«»ntssi«>ner.;lleck -"re^rts- that the
m  »■>     .p." 4,;!|sr>m mission   will «>e "close ...on St/ooo-
•! 40.60
• vid
" 'f
Cil     ■
. 1
:■ 'M
t*n.*i.i| N
ie"dv |)in
'«> d.ii
):^ !li.,N..
R'(;(st ,
' "'din^s cost Stouts experts* salaries
V("bnjr   exf>enses,   $.52.-530.'' ancj- several
"^ i'roportion; .■    The'United States se-
•du.j'oic prizes;-  but the  countrv   will
fllsd tor :hem.      'The .figures showing
•ni> *t the exhibition have not yet !>een
1 ij''\" cet ainly . will' nod linear so
,v" quoted....
' Adjt.
• s •tc being made for a grand reception
;Jo(»i,l, «»ii bis return to Nelson.    The
'"■ Ala»itoba 'm*!.11 lUo.m;>l>^>s ago lor his old home
':e,lc*i>t iii.'},l !V:irat'on being necessary in conse-
.- 5
: 1
I"    Ctu,i»-^ahl
His friends will-be glad to learn
Ladies of Canada :
While   statesmen    and    politicians    argue    the
Zoliverein and  differential  trade within the  empire
(which   they  will do while jaw displaces common
sense), settle this matter for yourselves.
Your brother colonists of Ceylon mid India are
growers of pure teas, Black and Green. Canadian
and United Staes importers supply you with. ■■ ■ii.,-
000,000 pounds annually: .of. Japan teas, yet they
know Japans are artificially colored and adulterated.
Let the knowledge of these facts and sentiment of
patriotic  sisterhood move  you to  help the  British
"planter,./'- :■,'■/■.'.i':..:^d':d ■;;
British grown Black teas hold the Canadian
market. Drinkers of Japan tea should try the
Greens now coming on the market, and your dainty
■palates1'- will approve /them.,;;;d Yest/.7;we./hear :your
■grocer's excuses, but insist. Ladies can always get
what they want. Remember how you ran your
husbands'to—'well, do they still think it Paradise.
They certainly will if you give theto Ceylon and
India $rea\ tea. The Salada Co. are now packing it in lead packets. -Colonist.
« ' "1
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•- /'I
■ 11
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• J»F*w
■j m      iim.^  fc*~i- ^ iw, firvltr   *■***,if*   1 *   fi* ■"■■r
r ■■  ^»»«n«" 1 1
■ «h    iTI PKP^lf
■a^r*v~ )•■«■• ■»» i^^iwr—\ v ■■ *mi»
.    1
oiw^ii ^* i> Jim tai'« ��#;d  P-e ������:���-���  m -'iff-- '���-:  i'l'7-.':  mi*-  &|7:  >m  '.U  ��������:'  *4H  k.?P��s  *  fit  }i-  m:  ^1 ������( < mi.  >i#!  }'������  P#*'  3��;7.-:  S'/  ?*  s*.  pfe  r- f*  ��Sr7  1!  ft*  K\  LP  /IP?  ^74  cm?  i  ���'7' 7/ 7//:7?/f/?S/&K5��!!  ..,;������ 7^777/ ''���: '^"^Ib7$S�����  s:  THe:dNELS0.N::  ^e';suirimit';:.-:tow  ITITregret/Id4e:ar^  ;/;^.M.oyiev;-/';The;;;iirst acco  ;7/',,'���;'/;.;;��� ;:;;;;was,.;t  d^trikledpr6daimed;ja.tth  'detail  'Xt'?ffans$^  dboardiu'grhb'useddthat  dworkdiuthe mine.- '.;*rhi��:ii^  settled wit h out. the aid of - a;.. parliameiitarycoujoiissiortv;'''  ���dHard^ ,'.ib;: gp^.'��,;tylk  ./i<)0d:7'.properly.. cooke  ; cures'inevetw^  ':ture'd/';appetite;;iOKi;;delic/ate  .tur-ned'-cnrth^  "adla;daem.is^  ;wheii/-scteKce.-tea^  V!"  :d:-p0t.tlt.;.f..:  ;;;;/;y4\iioud.  ./-���.;do W'hda'/jjoiii td:#;!iijS||d  IS!  ;t  ;:Efj;/i:l|e^;piri  ;Sl-ote;;;m;iritg-  spep|t.l:3trets.gtli:,:;;-,  torn* um'd -:dz Bveraitplflimuti  f;l|||||;-|i||JS;^  .:>��  d.tip'u's;'.;''''Vdl  '-aas'd/ih^  .^tijoyed--tl).e/;ho  :: t he'-feooteuays/; hot Ii-���. tefo  'Mr Keiiv*$TamoiiS\Tru'CfcMctid  d,heed;tM^  ���/^ve!l;d'-:d"T  ^/ru!eV;;aii.d/d,fso:':.'the,;meir;;:  ��� ���ch.an.se';.' '���' ���" / d ;-ddd:/dd:::,/'ddddd ���  /;/;^!^:'i;.|^^.Vfiiiy(*i'k^i*j,Ji->  l|||||l|J|;||hf||^  :�����>/  dd/-^ieepi itg Adu rttig^d- divide ��� 'S��rv��<^7js:.to  :.aud;';Tdregre|to'obser  ihiodd'ti'^  :.Id:ijoticed;au:-/o^  ;|;a f t'er; ser vice..)/. Idmen lion; iectt,b;b.dtii'S"fct:^rv Iii:  '.was/rude .ehougbdto ,insinuate:-'tha't;-i wk%- tlteamfiitf,/^;  No\v,dl; don;'tdl>e.lieve;l-vms;-for.I;.cpuId:-'cite'"the.:' tekf��� ������:  ;tl%;7Mr||S|^^^^  ;itid/;tlif;0h1iteSIW^^  J^fiSSIIlllPi^      , ,  ;&)t||fi^;;;d||/ite  ���lOretpilip  .pli't ������-���--������������ ���'������-'-!-'--5--'----**��� :'^:v ^---*-*'��� "��� ��� - ��������� ������     -"���"  *W;  m:.  :;.;Wll|Ii||ll��^l^^  ;/)^0|t/ill;#^7jSte  :;.f0g;/7d:;|;-li|p:||^i^  ;bO|.::;0d^|-f,;||^  ii!ir.%'!i;a|^|li*y.;:t^  So nie-.;;;.MitsJioSr!li:ld^  ^ud give a  rair  outline of- .the'- mims|er/'s''::'djs<xajrse,  ���Oh .thinking' over  the/matter "-isidee,- .'������[ .have ' airno^i  persuaded..myself to. plead-guilty./tbtuking a .nap, add  ���I have beendponderiiig:.over't!ie old Bcotc1i:'.method of  dealing with.the oSence;��� to'denou'nee the.deit!Kjti.ent:,..  There- are ;;some. good ��� .stories', told'; on.;.."thts:.pottiK;.  When the Rev. Walter '"'Dunlopd- minister of"a.. -Uv I:d'  -church "in .D.umfries,; ;'saw a ���number   of.-. his  flocki:  nodding-while' he was preaching; he sitddcidvdsiopoed'''  in".bissermon/aDddobserved :   "������*' 1 doet '���'some.o'".dye'  ��� ha'e ta'eu- ower' inony'������ whey' parridge ''the: day ';������' sit,  up,   or   ril' name ye' 'OOt'l'?���a'threat whicdi d.wasd  effective,   at- any rate- during the/remainder: of thatd'  sermon.     Another:Caledonian preacher, ou like pro*.'  .vocation,   cried-  out :, .'"������ Hold dup-your "head, ���'���me ;  friend,   and   mind'that neither saints nor dinners ;u:e  sleeping  io the   next   world d'      And  then/..finding  that this general exhortation was insuflkient to deter .  a certain well,  known -.member of the  .church  from  obviously getting  his 'night's    rest forward, the ; re-  verned  gentleman'" turned   toward, the  offender.  a.'ud .  said impressively, '"James StewaU, this is the second  time I ..have stopped to   waken   you.'     Iff   need to'.  stop a   third  Iime,   I'll  exf>ose  whole congregation  eriCji!etltv'\j;s'!it:;;fMh#S  fiip^ora  you   by name   to the  itid-;^��:id"d^-ma^'ivr-S  ,.'.Iad;y;tn:if^;iooi:ri:ti  ���.;;l'!atsv''and;;|.clipd^^^  ; ga;rtf f!cl;-iii;;;;^i|^  yt')'0it;!C���:,;/d;;:/S6/-d^  ;:'GlHiiesedtlrat jliiefe/^l^  '7M^'ifioidlid'or'^  : B:i^hop;;':;/;forg0t: ;r;-^  : made'^serifc^  -. c')tr:/bedw.l!.ote;ddli^  - sieit.,:!;i*sdd:%*etf';dofi  '^\^s>.enr'of-Ctt'i'Ii;::.a^  e-aroes;/: recoosi'derlM!^  C bioeSe" ���' ofoM' ;;'l>ed % |>|>r;#|t gJted-:; j vy ^- pf ^ac!*>e r^ ��� ��� *t ���' ������ ���  ��� (%tosprf ������ /dd- ��� '.<���'.':-���������'���' ���-./;���':.;.������       :;d:d:;-;d':;d;::/ v-.d-';d:'d-.d'd'/ - /;'":' ���  Atfua-Oou'ld^-;:'.'^^  if! the .baud#t- of her tm<rimonie). purchase^ tn .���     m^  De ' Castellaue. --/Santueld'd/termey^ ,ha��. J^' I  from '-Justice'' Fitzgerald -irt   ihe  Su P!;eff e.,je 'cc^f ^^  New -York-an ;iujunction.. order,  agant^ ����    '   ^.fe  and   Coun ess   nnd   George,   twvviu  Grand horks, I am informed, will soon have the  distinction of the largest toboggan .slide in the world.  The preliminary work of organizing a company to  promote the enterprise has been progressing1 for some  time, and their plans have now reached such a stage  ���of development-that there is no longer any doubt as  to the outcome. Almost overhanging the city is  Observation mountain,' so precipitous on one side  that ascent is impossible, but sloping out to the  valley ou the other side,     'f he company proposes to  Helen M.' Gould,, as' trusees/ un  eni   irotn  !ss-:I>eCistellanc),artyWl  ider i he ^"Lw^  late   Jay   Gould.   restraining .tbf'" /ln,m nF.rl0li^^  Gould, or :*?���> ii4  Anna Gould.-fConnie  n-usi Jund  to the debts  of A����a>^IM,^on^!l  support of the ehiidreiH tnttil the hiring^^ pit^H  the  l*�� - -���  ���     -���������- ,    n  i  which $285,00018 past due.     Jt.iA a"ef<^heVby ^  Gotdd has  $18,000,000 held in trust  ��� ���^* w:-:$  tssd;;pS0i^  :-"r--''',";;  /^jiv.  ii^sii^K  ;lin;cdtiii;c:if.:,/al>o.u;t::  ued:::::;/;  fbrotbers and . surer,d and;;.-'lhatd7her;d:ihcomi;/  1900,000. .   But tliis;;is ���n'p)d,mp  Ian'conveniently get through,^  this.    Jucig^e - l.)illpind:d<^UHsiir:for;^^  [$ays- die Con tress is not;;; en titled,;^  [capital orprin^  'The will of Mr."' Gor^d - prdvpept^^  |the income .is ��o','.be-a trusr/Tuiid/ttQ  'trustees to heappojnledudb^  i:tenaneeoi- hiHdaught^  ;'or , dispose.of   an d- part.. ,of that':/h;j.confef u:htiljl:.:dis.-.^  I actually received- .'by;her.;^ud^  i^lie shall be liable hardier ciebts;or.;those;of'her;h:ijsbanclw.:'  "She has no control:, ��� nor'.vhasd.thj^  over the principal Muu,.: \vhieh;lgoeS-.dt^  .after her dt\rU')J-���' I / w-Ojvder;dif;dt Im  (.Co'u ii.t.   lic.w:ainlymam^^  ;Gould'.tho?\vii itK andi;it'/;\vi.II-grie:ve;;:h|m  ���he has. the .(ioiild-'bui no?.dl1ie/:goldd';d-Y  . '.{ rc^<i that idc.-pt^acbe;^^  have struck against a.-reductioi^^  it  ^:!757.riSi;/:^/f;  idiftifilpli  ':;7/~//v/^;-S/��7iSsS|^  ., 57/^'S''^f#v^/':f OT<!Spf:  7/S/77l'S:/li|il^^  '���'���������,F'.''.��:!'',t;'/!S^��':"^^  "'"'"'fSMMi  YY ;d V ^,;' - d' v ^ ^ Kdd^^:i^5^^  ���1 i#'^p#si^^^  /Ip^onsu^^  :��^^WP>50^p;:7u. Babitajit^airW^rtlmlrtii  pins, pianps,.dining cars,^fe^^j^rto^ia^^r'^  ���fl^'at;;^  ffifSfi'l/^ORra/of^ ,,   IME'��lffi*teB>n/Kr^  ������ 'd  ',i:-1i-.''",'.'j>".-;?W  ���������'H:;v7^:i77,7:Zlte'7&��W*��wfe..  ://: 7 i/M ?*���;'$!?>M0$��x$k  7 77"S/t^i.ft^j/77*��SiH7S?i5!  r   .   . *- ,��� //;., j//-.//.^//v^,-T;,^  tor. sermons  dein*ered .::tU/,/the^^  ,'  ���- ��. r ������".���i ^^-v> -^/-----'v/^/:.;^/.^  fejwr.srn.nou, inn qtm-^t^^  State hnd -redu eed   the ;vfeitilitteriiriotidf^::il3'd:.t  ?f ...  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'..!iard7io':ger.td/;7r^  ;iiuuoas, ou-   k-  o;.rv-..-orie; -itillY^li^^  j Holiday  NovcU^i;.f  Arriving D ��i j I y      I  I  , ��� I  KI��IMIIlt^��MB  dfd*lp^^  ;de^;!.|e^./i|pohe'W  fvli;;r||i|in'p|^i.t;h^  giiildrefidlW^  ,thosf;'|reie^^^^^  :littie|;dtiesiol/f6;a  TOahiilcturJr^  ;ex;;b:lbii;iou;;-t?lreM  |^he/;h^;/:Straighi;;  |d|ront;dCo.i^^d/;\^i;-  tNemddd-dd'/zd  a  ��s��a  "vI'liJiiH*  IMHIIIIMW  ' ...            . ^^     .',/ ���"���"; ' "T~���������������������������-nw�����s_m-^BWlHxilMHMHBiiiiHHiHnBBSa]  Merchandise has its JJfacic m the prejaaratibns for th^  lei 'ric attractiveness or the goods to be found in all ouBdep^inehii  ske brisk selling fo^0  ' w^^-.���^l^^-.,>p^rat��^v^^^j^^^^alltLtt|^B^^Je^>^nu^���ll^��l)��^ll  IMHHK  H��  Christmas Dolls  '"'���." Si!K; *>IV dolh   is  now  on   display.  ,lY.,,!* Quality ?< ofthe highest, the price *is  ^'fsllv l^'that ,'yon will be  surprised  ;it  , ^   '     '���   lliV doll von a\t\ ��*'* for t* d**Hnr or  \:^v,,:r\l'U'i] <{o^s'   kidd>odieci    dolls,   new  fU\'"-} ;:''dH-   ;h��lls,    blonde    dolls,   brunette;  ���7. niches: 35c br$H.$o. ,  ddiia  S;! in  tiie o/.  Handkerchiefs  You lose 'most of your handkerchiefs, the  laundries wear out the rest, and your handkerchief case needs constant filling. We have  them from sc to 57.��jo each.  fl.i!  X,  M- '"n the finest: tdfTeta. liberty  s;0ins  ;,x Mlks. from S3.50- to $15,    "    ,  !sa.nci,:W.i_.^._  h\ great variety. The very latest style in  gloves is the suede, castor and mochaV These  gloves are ince for cold weatherv as they are  much warmer than dressed kid; We carry  ���Vhese lines in black, mole, tans and greys;  Sr.25 to $2,  i'ccoCll"!(;'.! rniiUul *��>r furs this, season.'was  S7jech ,.V''! '���'" ils vor>' e;irl>' -i" lime to make  ���^���'���nthey were at tlietr best.  What-  ever ()*,..    ���  win b'.'^, lVor  ,Jlfli^. *o wear, made of fur,  i,!!n,i ln Jbi.s department."at, verv   low  1 !��nees  The c^ld snap which we have just experienced suggests what we may expect when  the winter sets in in earnest, so get your comforts now and be ready.    Prices, $1.50 to $25.  '�� ��v.'4MA#<����A����fe ^,'^^w, iMti^1!m��^mvmmimK%immmamim^iM^    S&&4mmxB!i&mtimmmmm&^^  wsmmmssesssmx  Kmummmmtmmaamimi bmiiiimmiwihiiwb���88^  ES2EStQ3EEBBBa3  ;/;S;f.  ' 'Hlcrns /  Specif care takers  ���* L*U    mm ��� mm.  W'Me-  tov  ��1^7//,  MMk':'r?>  llt-d;  |lfi:-  .... .':5irt;/7 "-  fe/||;7-;.:7  Mm  mm  *).��''..'(ar ''.7  |1'77  wwm  m$m  w$;m  #J//;7/'/'  ' ';Vli77/ '7'V  ilpl;^/;'  s?*^//7;  s>t^|j^, ;���-.;��������� .;������/  [Ss-S/  ".-fll.'i-  ">    ;i'v",..,  i��> ' O/-  Jrn '/-��!  SIT *   '-"'7:  % >> 77-  tJ \>     ���;'��� "V  ^  in  *>  p  P  ft'  S  TEN;ofthe boys'of'H  .......... atfd-^  ,;dd.;::7--d-'the;Ph;ili  .;;rbeeu:;a/fine-tu^  ^Towne.-a:.^  dags floated from the huikf iugs, nnd ihe brass  fend  ;:.-,- was' ,ev;en-,more..'tham  :- ������ Ten   pretty  girls wept'��� at���,the/departure d,o^  lovers.     It is true that  some of this lo\^e was  of an  ;��������� jmpropp^  d one;'-^  and the boys were jiot-hiiig;' abath'^o; 'acidihg'" :iii^bei/;:  ; /emotion.jothe manywhich they ;were:,d,ex'p^riencingd'  ;;;;H;;'.was .fine'/dto-b'e,.a;.,h  d^angevparts^  --;-couiitry,; butdt,.w;as-;m  .:,Yhe tearfu.l-embraces.of;a -b*aufifbl:^  boys tnade a ~|>criit t:- o^aljMf i ^-t ji-t*^-:: ^^-ddd .d d'^- ^.'dd^i  ;;:;;;;;:,:;Bnt..tl3edpret>  d;w^, not, well; sat-isfi  :;.-of/the .heroic'teri,,;-7,':;/tie  diomedwaterin^  ;::;W.heii..7^  ;7inorniug,:7;:Y'^  ;::vd--'<_<;.Are=yput.he,ea^  ;.d:/But;$he;wa  ;���oumed,'^  pronged stick w he re i t '..could ���do execut ion w i t ho u t h is  ���assisbrK^.and.;:^  ^���^^  ;reverelyi.;;-7/--'t,dotrtthj.uk;-  ri town. d ������ - '/',//"'���'/'���-;: --':'--.;���//���:'-  ddll  ''"���/'���//111  ddSH  j ei��tcrdny.tti,^er stirred you to shamet v���  ace "anv essentia!  c iffefMWs 0^��i��/... U'-   ly"  ���      r"^*"������.   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" :���-:������" *r*-^.; *>�� ��� ���������;..' ^.v��..v.--;<ji��.:..wnice^  jc^si.,- .set- upon ,;*'��� lie'. twanda^'/dre^  ,jj<')$e j won Id be more ''oi'da/ibaotn- '^wt-^^^^^  ���herto..lie;nrb^^^  tair-.fly.     "��� V\,u ;*vmiid jthio^^  \w\ owi ���luid.w:t.s-slaind^od t'Oo.k';fromdber:^  sior-   shij:j -1->u piw t> 3j(;'i^'u;^^g:d^^^  tahriy appeaI.'.. to;  me ; d Idttithl^l;^^  ,.!ny.j;a!itr.!!snvis nort.he;sori;i  snand^)! a ��h;nmd. it 'i*;:#epe.r;;:5^  I n.-.iiiiry }\\t*   !'M>!'irA   ".'-. .''���...,'.::.������''/��� ''./���/���������./iv: /7'.'7.'' ;:'7./^:v, ..//'77;77''/-/.:.-:/*7'7'7  .! noqerable/'i^ace. - ,,.,-.--.,..-:...-...-.���..���,���-���,,,,-r,..-,.,,  > \ski .whin if it -were a'sh&ritefuf.^  eo^as tuey arr. Saul. .^ ;l>e,.;.J^  jd Jf'M.K at one and; fc:eep;ttjyfi^i��j^  fc*   ^..mnerc-ye^  d' ci?rtft i o; det*t!r:S^^  lid1  ! von \'r>!n(r a'iva  as a oow-ird. "  fcdddddd'',k! ddr :-w^^  p >u\vu *n;,' lumiKerchief,./������ :. ��� ?mmwwmm.\z&^.  f',>.'ut-,,ct/i" '   Moth^:.i��ilt^^t^s0>;?.^'.s  l^< na��K v..c     i d^rt^O^S^^|iSvl^  /'��/mistat^  ::;*pp^^  ^-A/r'r^'-d/^  :m.^M^  'ttomO'kdlvSi Sk- d11^ "^ span of horses i  tolrt you  ? ir-?-,^S vfn ^nti��'^you, knb^7 I  Vou���J^#^t^ !W;    ^ are ^perfect'^taitclif  ^|^Pd#h^^/got tbetnl7thou^htfo,1ly 6f��  'E?^^ureI^ould have in driving mm&Wf&S:.  .',|��^:fa^<*'^'Mrt��W<ii:!il��..oii)��r  -::::i//.//-vn:e7^^culate^;;::/7l^f,tv^    '���' '.'"���''���''.'���.'".v: ,7;. v77:(?S^i}'Ksfel  '  I^iufllitn  ,,,/7.,,.:/777,,7,^^  Ur^Ken7:..^0;.:r,,;-,,,1,,,,,.i.,t;-}1tn.^,-r--.';-A��.:-^  ;v;7:;^;;7.:;/;7!^|77:;;|^|fi|  ���7/7 mmm&m  /'/;/'; /���::/i/'/::///vrf^'#��-lss  ''���. //;'::,7/ /;;7fr:';';;;^'^jtp;^|S;  '.-' "��� ���'������;':.;/'-'////:/.iJi/;4s^S^i'J  ;'//t;/..o; ���;ft/;s/;/si��S%M  '::7:;''d::/.dd';/lllF|ii  :���;/:/ mriymm^M  ��� ������'��������� .vr.'-v:-.---,^^^^^^!^^   -?*tllf m  '.   ������������ ;���':��������� ,.���'������������:!�� .o;;ss���/f^.^vS���(;';>'!.^'^.^lj;'i!CfeTftS M���-i  ;///--:./:''7-/:.;'^/7-7/7/s^si^i^ ill  ���a: di::p^^  ftA^'nt**^'*-*.^.-^^ -���*���������"^������'���^���������>'y:^'^-'^^  /^bat/J  ���������"-, ������������������-���   ������ ���-���.'������"���    -.'.->���:;.?���;:���<'i-J-'"- ��� ^S;W{y*WM jMj  /;.:5/^/;:#7/'S:#^i^^lI^ Ii f Ji>!$l  7/- 7 ���*.^/:/:'?ft^:-^i:;>;/S:ffi&Mis  MiAJf'.  ���������/orllAh^'/'/^W*-^?!:-''-^^'-*^^ :- ��� ^''^".S*:-J;7v7^*v*.a.Uja.llOII.;.:/:';::,,.;^:,-:^ R  ddfiSiJilMiiMlewaffi^  *��^,M:/;M���'7a//temperamen&  .reco.rd.7..ofi;herorc;/d^er ��-://./-..7;^,;^w^  ���%^-^t,^%^^.%.  eefc;:|^St^ii^  i'v-1  Were Such bargains offeree! to the p^ojjle  of Nelson as thosed;^icW;^jf:ii��.^r!^(;  at   the  store of j  ^'arnonds, Watches, jewelery, j  wlf6'"oated and Cut GSasswa  All in     pairin^a sPeciaity   .  work Guaranteed  anjeure Sets, Clocks, Lamps,  in/all; the--latest designs  tngraving-.rree ������.../-"..-���..  Call and be Convinced.  NlNGS  fll|:|*llilliiiii^  : 7;/;;// % ////// t/':;s//.;/;' >///^'t^!��Si?  ��� * t *^  4      .       -r   1  ::.7 V-:7>/'-7Z7^7^5Z!/ffi!?j&     \i'  r'tii  d;di/a;d|iag;ii ,',Vf  'i^:'MyMyMwS��m' 'i^   /  (-  :.7,;:7;7-H.7'7:JfKifiJ;-5l!;|     I       * s t  ���J��  ������:-//.7/;v^:��^ii| .p' S:fa  1   L"  Kr-  *       1*/  :'//^;S?II  ?      >  ot -r;, J,i d &!^t^^-^t  w'i - ������������ if^-vi ��� ������?. '.-v'r 7 J?"  ���V^lt:  m-WH-r v - ������>ti,">^" �����"������'  ���rtl��p�� ���  �������-��- ���>--*. - mm  Mara*���'  H��  gEdtt  sis- ���.*v^ *  safe  wv  r,>F.f  ��  IffftlP-d:''  it,  M����i  ��3i��fl  $ll��;-:  ikmMm' ;���:���;���  T  -l-SON  proposed leading would not  enrich the annals of a  family  The   restless  roans  kicked  up   the dust   of the  summer road, and Nan could not   refuse a glance of  admiration at them as she came slowly do;rn the path  to the carnage that afternoon.    She had dressed her*  self soberly for her ride,   and her glowing   auburn  hair and flushed cheeks were   the  only vivid   things  about her.     Her costume was  black,  severe,   but,  like all that she wore, a distinctive scvle of   its own  * at  "Til have to ask you to get in the victoria ahme,  Nan/' said her lover. li I have not gut well acquainted with these boys yet. and thev aie resticssd*  She stepped lightly into the vehicle, :\nd the next  moment they were dashing down she road She  could not bring herself to speak, and Curtis said  nothing.  The country was beautiful with ibe splendor of the  late summer upon   if, and  she watched   it   with   ��ip-  preciative eyes.     It seemed as  if this swift journey  might take   her away from   the miserable   f tet con*  fronting h^r���#u-r---    f *  *"glKut  fronting h*r    ,u   7 y   ��� UtQ ��"*��"  fronting her-ifac tact of Iter hero's Pill  At the side of  he  rond    w���r i      .      .  was a basket facton-    ���rf rhl        m,,c*  ,r,,m  fWenced   in the   n^'se    ,   m  y��Un|5 hm^    llo,s*s  uf Ih��   world, uMk  . -,... ���.�����i^ nmtmm^immm<mmt m ��wpi i worn*H*,*m*+**mitmtm*m*m*mt,>m**iiMx*ntk w**m*m*��***mfSmiHt  tt>W II,  ]im.x-.  xrtat  .... --... ...u...i��i      ��;, v.'.. '"*���;"�����.*ar1>  tarn, ho.sewi iS$ "|#^��^.    ihl  To fi.��,/:-^   ' '^M 'foroat -was "i/�� iriif-,   ?��  ���'chntices, ��*: cM'W'.';W:f ~-"';^:'''fstr,/sv*',8'iv'|  ';/tVQi|^ur&;;*!K^  ^iMJtfj  **  I"  iVfelO^I  Shi  iter that  'w.��t��i &*, ��^,:.^,l.,:.>i(.  '*r;.kto..;.^.���v.(>..^....  & M^dsonI  8����(erStfNe!  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II 1[ L ,.  r  i. w      ,     * I , I,   T l��    1 r  '*{*.. ���mmmatmmmmWBI  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ain hardly conscious, to find that her com-  - aghad actuailv curbed the horses till they were  rT'-owed      A moment more  and he-had   them  Wily crouching, and the  shaft   was over the   pile  !!"C'���'^nic'(l to know what was desired. She  ".(ifrornthe victoria, and, picking the children  Tv their arm*, siting them out of harm's way,  [li fcW'/nomii-nts later   she was   back beside   her  ^\V.'nodMie said   "you should   noth.ve  come  ,c|;*   'TiioaUn^er is not past."  ��� j ]r()   whcrc' you   g��>,"   she   responded.      '��� No  hHPr how ������far or'how wildly   you drive, I am going  rith votK imw anil aiwa\s��.  Thetreinldnjv: h 'ise* regained their feet, Dizzy  idbewndervd. and dripping with sweat, they went  nio'iva   t'se'road,   Curtis   soothing them with   bis  "���Vou'.iid i;vnnd to tell me- that dreadful thing,  fttr ivll?" ' in4 "found a chance to inquire  ���.".j jrA-e-vii'!;.-'* she tfsponded.*,,,, ,','...Yqu,^^  an."-" ' .' > ''���.'.'. \-'';;':^*c>;^^  .��� *��j^*is.;  Vtt'.ifr.tWvi -m*u��w: .-,lw*va ")  r!n*  CH.l'N��Si::;AS/'-C..OLQNI:S^Sif  ''le .dt thev/ev^fHee^  [e.isenu.. in'K o x i ji g a. a.-;" ���.Chi ti'csed^fifcfd:;;VJj'atd'b:a.d.:fed���  ..'���su:;;c:?d/M" 'o. b��!.Tiihnr����^  II -he- kw\ <.d"an ������urmv i\f'iO0SoQ^:m&  ��� ' * '*'''���,.���.. ''('.''���' ���'-' '��� ������ ���:���-'-���!'���   ������."'��������������� l/il* ,i;  ivbv <ua   the'-- I)utetn"'^:T^  ml  correspondence with the Chinese in Manila, and the  Spanish governor, fearing 'treachery, slaughtered  40 000 of them as a hint to the suvivors that anv  more friendly doings with General Koxinga would  meet with his displeasure In the latter half of the  seventeen hundreds they were massacred by thousands  in Papanga province But in spite of this Spanish  me hod of dealing with the Chinese question there  were 30,000 of them in Manila at the beginning of  the century.  They constitute an important part of the Philippines  population to-day, often marrying native women and  sending their sons to China to be educa ed. Rosario  street, in Manila, is given up to the Chinese shops,  and many of those who have no capital invested are  employed as clerks and compradores by merchants of  o her races.  The Chinaman pervades not  only the   Philippines  but all the islands of the seas, from Colombo eastward,  wherever trade promises profit     Mr.   Bancroft .says  that the first Kuropeans ar Malacca,   Penaug,  Singapore, and all the important  island por-s of Eastern  ���JAsia and Oceanica found Chinamen there before them  dl hey have generally  clung to their  places with  all ;  dfhe tenacity that characterizes the grip their -cousins j  >bave gained in this country.     They arc thick  in the ;  Spice Islands.     The   British say they are  excellent \  ���^citizens in Borneo,     They created Singapore.:  There  were 20,000 of them out of a population of 111,000 in ;  Batavia, in 1894.    There are said o b? over 250,000  1  ......���....,., ,iS';7':i'>:- w*j-  <.'M:.V..',--.W-;,lV.jijWi  W^^^0^W^&0^^^  *'IipI  H^rtWll������MWI*MIWi^W.li'Hl*nMiWililjffli.Wl(WI.M  '���l.;.-*..>v.l��..^. *.���<;���..1'w.^J,-,...*"*���'..  sh* m a 0 c k m 1 n t n al c um.  H*il> -O-i* i'/i  '. . v .. ...  r'.v.-;n -���  t'<n-<s, <,;���  A/.-S fLl.  Ik,!..  >;/ u,,?i M1 t��n��j��: .01 y m.my: W:|;  ������'H*-,m u'Ihj. >i����V*HO*.|i?.ti*^��f -|  ' ��� .   ' ���-   I./.. ���   ��� ������;.;' .������'��������� '������������*-.,ft-  \'A. 1,. i a- t.!o.w^,7��*';i^sti;|:;  . ���-. '!,;??���":?' "if ��**riA$ti}ir.t*t'm:ti-'t.  ������������ Vm.  ;^//*>>, 'M^,^^ddv��tt(yd.'  -���::>.'^ h.-. ?><4, ���uy-:npply:'i^:'t  ;������'������ r :t' t^'riUhwiz*���>���'*(��� :f Mi 1 ..?���'���;  ";.-    jnv '.���:*..��������� ��/( viUfait^Jig H.'.-������  ������ 'ib-'tv*;' 'i^i?n, ',.'���/,;.''::/ t:.  -    . ,.��� Jhiti hiH.itnii'iiml&r.'j���''  ?       *--;������*; ;M��.'tH'7 4 J'n'*^*ftV J Iv^/f '  '��� '"������������.-   ���iU-til l'*n\Hii^*zii\%*tll$:* f".  ��� /��������� < ���: * v.(mu*k,ifwi:- I  J,;'U/UOWKH. ��� i':  THORNS MINERAL CLAIM,  Wadds Bros.,  JAPHERS  Vancdi^v^.r/af-nrf Nelson  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  C^M^M^M^M^M^^0M  ���      ���������������-���"��� ���'���������������<���-    'VII&Z*.  I    Ounpsv Olcn Mlneml t'Snim,��ftuaiu in the W:mmmm4&^M  '��� Nelson Mlninir Division of West Kootenay mmmmymMI$��M  ...^pr,,.-/^  vf.-f.lviiji'V'  District.  ,  .Where lAt'utecl:   On !U6rnfn��Muunuifii.'  Take n^Oci} thai-1, JohnJMcLntchlc, P.L.8.,  of the City 'of Nelson, aetii^ur ��s agent for  } Jniuc&Meltttxl Campbotl. Free Mlrter'sCcrtifi-  j t*nle No. 1J M,>iH(h imont. jii.vty days from the  ? thin* hcnt>r. toapply to the Mining Recorder  I for a ivrtlitcaito orjmprovcmt'nts. rbr the pur-  j jH��f^v ofoblalningra Crown r*mut of the above  And further lake notice that action, under  L-"\w ,'���>:��� ^^���'���^VJ/'Vr.v^^  VICTORIA ST., NELSON j^cUon <17< niust bo rommonceU before the I.  .   _  f suanw offtiieh Certificate of Improvements.  Dated thin 1st day or November, 1W0.  Jonx McLatchik.  hk.T.',:'-  !'��� Ihil  >  ll!;r"7 (-,���;���  pnu'.' -7' ���;;,  Ait.-I !/;:-;!,  ���'linn r,  hi!��������,{ .'...  ��� }���   1 ���  ���MUfUit;    Oiy i;.j*irM.��   :*;>f  \Vhej-e ��� h^Me*lH':  -:^^ ���.A:��uiji(?alh<::?i<^r:  ;i   lu.'vr ��i('�����(,.*:��3^0ul ^>r,  tV-^..<>i"tt hi?��.'?Hl, , ������il.xf v  :'" !"���'.*tt". ������(>>  at*p!>' ?** MmI'.  '     r* *f^7i|.��   ��i|'   f Jiipr>'*V*',v'.  ������I' ��--^?^iuhn'* -i   i''iPm��)t  \ .��� ������)  * ���'"<��� shsU- jUTiU,��n. UfNter.  ;'"?-;i-:M".!H'i-4 PvfWe. the  ;,"--!'; "J hiHin^vein^ntx; ���  t ft,. 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Will,,,, ,."    ���"������  ���jn��nt  .1..1  ll'Mh,  '"''li.K,'  ''ills;   1,  l^l'I^Hir,  ,A|'<I flirt  mil,,, ,,/'  |v'l!ii     '"'  ���in  iinWKs,  E MINERAL CLAIM.  ." 'J/1''1'    I*!V{sjmo ��t|/\Ve��*t  ���'������|;!'-,:<!-,i. M' itr   (Jjvt'.tJuf  I I       Uip\v,.s,   ;,s   ��,,*,.>jjf   j'0j.  i,M,Ml fl>'or��.|l.l,i. j.'r���^.  ' " '',.,'<i>. iiiti'inl. KIM V  ;/' ���"'. to apply to thi-  ������1 tsn��;itr of Ittn^rove.  '  "���' "''iainh^ a Cnnvn  ^'OTiftBo^W"'WWIM>*i<lw^iw':  CM AS, P.  Gentlemen's Fine-Suits'}  A Specialty ��� '  I6R0STIE'.'  Teaeherof  i.  >;u,.<l,  :i|*  'fli .|  ;"���   n.ai uviiuu, under MnHudi.mVoeal Training ^nl^. ^"\Vim;.|J  ^'""���'n.-.-d iH,rolv nie i Articulation   and���' Uo^lure.     trial   lutnonjl  ' nnm-itveinenu. j Fvm\  ' ".'Vi.^owkh. ^S tatlmcr St ,or.P. 0. Bon  "ii)  1  *.7v  1^"-'  MS*  j-* f- 14  fHE.NELSON. ECONOMIST  ���������.v...;(...".4i.--yf*!a,f  :M  i-H', '������  i'*j": ���  [:.$:���  5 yyv'  (II  j/?/  f  SCO.!:.  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