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The Nelson Economist Aug 29, 1900

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 SB?   ^��   -J  fift'.w/." ...M  **���  <<  -*��� T  **        J.        **       >r   J/?"  'l"   W"f -1  ,        4.  ���vajj&.fc.jf  \yit'i1 ^^K  I  ��  THE  A.    ���  ,4  �����   "��-.  \     ��  J%��  *��.  ' -*<  {"V?  ' 1  1_  !**T     '     tffj  itk   J  y-t  \c*  ^  -JL^^  ^  * '* ��nli*  ��J*BJ  .WA-  r>'   '���  'o y   i/��  ��� J V,S^> *"*>., -*JL, * **** i *-fe r*    ivy  ^V,     flip F       <<���   ���    1    * r^    Ji<    ��Hft'  &��c  *    L"�� :  PJ      *  \ X i*~  ptfxfl  F��    >*!  !'     S 'I  H      r-  1��    t^V  &^a  sS  ���������^  fe.  <r 5 -1  t x  VOL IV^A^R  *1^,  *�� k ft..  '��*-  1W,      ^*55rrr33^ss����  ^^H^-.'J-  �����  S.l>  rt*i-  ���91-.     J    *  r - -*  *._& yrfj'v  I?"  n  ' t.i  *^  >vn>  '^C 5%��%'*ru.^9i  ,,,���'5^1..  ������J *:  ���vc  , *Wi  /jd.1  ^^  rw3  V^  W  %1  1  ^, "��S2L  * i-   <��� V&AfWgUw  ^* -.  * >���  ��. /, ^ v/a ��  CALL AMtl *f-  . ?s ^ ^^MlP   r^fcJbv^Wl^  -  v.   ������    �� TOW"!  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"^'VHt^I^"'?  .t;       -   "jrL  ������-  ���Bm  "a.  ^*s  ^ij  ^  *  #:  Ft* "  ���4*f8jS  .*���  i *> it  S*^^%!  iy--  iVe^V*  ^  ,ftSS.-.,j*<'^*Ji*it(14;  4.^:  1 '��w��  &J  .j^-ajl.  *A JT>    ^  ;,>tt^  _�� Y*W f-1 ^_        1  ''%���*:���������  C>.s  i,'.#  <M|N  ^  t~  *rf  JKS3*sk�� - v  1*1  lf��,  .'.Vj  <^Si"  *    fci  ��?��{���  *��i.  ���*  *r.  fif(  w  ��'*���.  ft--     fr]  ��*jf  .*���  'J1*1  w^  W*fl  "to  ���Avls*'"^  ���X*:  m  r��0*  c- ;*  ^jrl  r\ *  *E^.  h"*j  1     "A  ^^   r ��*.   k1  "U    ,    i  GHNliRAL ft  ���ft***! -  S^Jf*  t,\ ' Aft     J-  4M.M     ;  1      M/*4  '" t  ''-4  t v-��,  L  As*-  *����l  ��'t-  i�� TT-^  A*  wi:  *tr   ������    t  I' iiV*j��V  *A  -**4l  J*  *  &o/ti*~^,.  I *^l  f*^  ^  (        t  'Vj  '����'  ' ��  :**+vl  vf IKi  lb *JI  '' ����hm�� *��� mtm��   1 mil hi 11 wm iiwirtwMawwiiiwii^iitHiMWi'ptWiw  II  ^MBb.^-1  ���i^  v,��-  ROYAL  MRS  frfcA  va  1 -I  *> T. a  J  k  r��ti  ��� >��� 1 "JtSw  HINT OtHIie MM&ft  ^1*   jri.  < i  J   t  Kootenay Belle  ^tnkwrmmnmimtiaKmnm*immK��Mmmmmmmm0*mmmmminimiH*  Little Gem  Bonnie Fives  Vestaflas  i "  ,tfj  ;?f  ���vft.  3lue Buds  1 *  MMMMM  (JtMMMmU  Uiwilimw m  whhk ingM~  S8&  atrih  ii  '�� 1  *_f  "*-'J  *     !W  ?  -***J  1  ?*�����.  ^u #mm. m*m  L      ^      ��� 1?'  *   t ���*      ���''ML  ��� ^:*  ��� ,*, ,i 1 J4  y   '    -  1* '  ���.   ��  4.     l  l''  $t&m*  1 \h  4^8^ ^  sriW.flu.aaiwaA.i sp^-ia  -. tr  f-i.  -��  ���*��     r.Utf  1  Y4  a"-1  * .*-   Av ^ j.\.T��  IS'    x v    -^  ^1.  r ,u  ��i 3 �����:'.*����  fM\ix    l    ^'  *���  I     \    "l  ��  fr ^  ~> "*     L** ,   t  i-  4 \  0 WW  IE  it  * 1  -  1  w        ^  v^8?"^  ^  \  '"r  I  ^*  1  ^  kw  it-'  ^H  ^   ^^   ^^    i-'  ^   4  fr  * -*|  -V,^,,^ wpww  * ���  1  *  *Vjj  *     I.  air; f t *>  Sf*     i *       -  mm  ^#����i#i����H4<N^  SUPPLY  \   <.  tf.  fftffe  rwV.  1 >  IK* ������\i   -    ,  !**������-'- v  If*.    -     '�����  4    I  r   ���*  "���mmmmmmmmmmmmmmrm  hi  u  ?W r1>F?f *  ���,yr  frl?  ���"A  21*  m  M  S1  t  * t  ./���*,   ��4   *    * T��" �����  <��������  " "-���/'  TRONQ  mmmm  ^lifin alt ����rw��wi* K^iv W#��rtlv  Artjcic thai our <rc*t**t*x*t* viiU  .*r .ttu t v*nr  i   ��� urn fairM^*"**  J,  ^>s  c;: 5^��� ����������-������������������ ����^^  tim%MtQtf'KE&.kW(N@'<��UARAtff��%0  'fW*?;'^ f  i���. ....     -^ ^diiMkL.   -.-   >iaik.        mhm^" , ��     'iHUh.  v*>.   ^  IMC ' 'I'It'll J!1    I l���MI    ' M  '�����  ���^ !  JEWELER  VU Jt  /V<L^p/^r BRITISH COLUMBIA  W"^M|>P^H'lltUJ��ll(|pWMffi  lr��HNW��  **\}\  J  'I rail*-iv  Tempers nee. Hotel a fid  % ���>���)>  x,?  tf^5  ��J/    /  V      1  !       ^  Au<J white in a cpar'Iiu :���* to ivJn* t*f ?��v  pearance, let tr  #est to ynu tlt^  famotts  -v��. �����:  ,*i  ��*"���  "05'      - -^ 'V  S.t>  r  I For SaSe by  }i-  ^y <-       ^  ^ �����  *-!?  vverytbiflyNemrt Neat and  v\>m��ortaMe> - *' American'  wmmwimrimimm*  ifrH  -Billiard and Bead-  i In!  Corner Htfttik��v an*1 SUIcaSt^  :   $i.oo rer day and wp  iV  *    ! ' .'lit1'* I >.    "~ A >t   .1      A l_F L rxf l\. Ilia II- * -^ # > * t * S| xMi  *8��8  NELSON ECONOMIST  * r��* ^ftKlWWWl+IMM***** VV***'''!  vol. iv:  NELSON, B. C��� WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 29, 1900.  NO. 7  1MIH NELSON ECONOMIST is issued kvkry  AVhikM'Sdav at tiik City of Nklson/B. C, by  IP MvCaki.kv    Subscription :   ��2.00 vuk  an-  X! M;   HM��AIJ> IX AHVANCK. $1.5��      COKRKM*OX!>-  j:NCk   or    <;knkka'l    intkkkst    rkspkct fully  S)!ICiTK3>. ONLY AKTJCLKS OF MKKIT WILL BK  VOVKR'nSKJ) IN T11KSK COLUMNS, AND THK IN-'  JKRKSTS   OI-      KKADKRS     WILL      UK     CAUKFULLY  (;iy\Rr)H!�� AtJAlNST   lKttKSl*OXSiHLK   PKKSONS   AND  WORTH LK^S AKTICLKS.  THLSC)N is   being   flooded at  present   with catalogues from one of the eastern departmental siores  ' It is evident thai these people must still get S;*tne trade  from this. city, otherwise thev wourtSrno: persist in  .distributing'their literature so liberally and system-  !nu:all\y :.h is to be regretted that such establishments  receive any -patronage, from this quarter. Our local  !iH.-re!:a.pLs������'carry large ancl well-selected storks* and-  ���>ell at prices winch will comnare favorably" with those  minted hv the eastern deinrtmental stores. We would  ���respectfully surges; to those who send back east for  their supplies that they should scan the advertising  ynhmnis oi-TiiK KcoNOMtsTor bur local daily papers  and see -if .the v cannot suit themselves here before thev  >e.rid their money hack 10 Toronto* AH the' staple  .mi.clcs can he secured at home at about .the same  price-as. is charged in Toioi��:����. and where there arc a  lew cer.is in <:ii{Terence \\ ought to be .bourse iu nximi  'hat the purch^er *ave< ,Urs<> that the erne! .sweat  v^lemnuybv pendulated a?*d innoeense and virtne  skuPcup ]-.\ery citizen owes it tothe community in  'vinrn ;ne. iiycs, im.ves and has his lieing. to encourage  !V   Sf  t.rv and enterprise; and this cannot be done  t:'lulln^ **'* r<-*dy  cash abroad and depending on  (': n merchant tor c  red it  1 Li: Oyptn*�� C.ovcrmuent has appointed J commit  ���u" \i  t  *�����?,  "P  i-n-entjiurr intu tne system of assessment prevail-  ���\1:i nia"pn^'uuv. The points the commissioners  ���j l��.-ive !���� consider are 11..1 matters in which the  :1 '���'���,<4'parnHi)g community is .much .interested as they  p , . ��� # ���  '^'���v^^P'^y'U^as^^  '���'���'I !Ws' ���ittons that have come into existence since the  s^s,uu;nt law was passed and which the Act was  lK*Vt'i- iiamvd to m^et:.    Tlie corporation:". largely eo.n*.  ^   u:'a ai"c electric concerns, street railways, telephone  ^'"1]':U,%K'S ;m<i departmental stores ::   There is 'a.gen-  1 rUi..^img Unit the latter ought to be taxed for. each  'I c--.��n;  .id  j&gj H'!';n^^'<lq��aMimuit ..riiusiness curried on.  $ri  #'j����i  VSg  ��� ,_. } J/ONO(;��rt'-K, government fair-wage inspector  ^3 ip!o^WiUly   ���Visilecl-M��sy  ^"S [^ troul,l^.Avas interviewed  on his return to Tor-'  , fci.  J,^' :,ml slillcd that the labor market in the West is  ^ > i     )U normal, the supply and demand being well ad-  justed. Mr. O'Donoghue is very favorably impressed  with all he had se(*n here during his visit, and spoke  of the great possibilities of the country. He repeats  Horace Greely's advice, " Go West, young man, and  rise with the country.** but does well to point out that  the labor market is at present well stocked. 'Young  men who ��� ave comfortable homes and good positions  in the East should think well before striking out West.  except they are prepared to rough it and turn their  hand to anything which may offer. During his stay  Mr. Q'Donoghue had an opportunity of seeing the  effects ofcthe Chinese and Japanese inundation, and it  is to be'hoped that he will enlighten his people on the  subject.  ������Win miM ��� ������ 111�������������������'     ���Mi*iw*i���������!* ������' (jnMHMHM  ,\ J '  ( , ' J  If-the'foreigners oi Pekin did hut know it, says a  London paper,.-they might increase the number of!  their supporters indefinitely. All they need do is to  cut their Jwaste paper into the shape of soldiers and  horses and scatter them about the streets. The common people who put their faith in the Taoist priests  ���for Confucianism, a philosophy rather than a religion, is confined to the upper classes and scholars���p  believe that such iigures become imbued with power  antagonistic to themselves, and they flee- in terror.  Sometimes the whole valley of the Y^ngtseking has  been stirred up by so comparatively simple a thing as  paper soldiers. For our own part, we would feel  much safer in Pekin or any other part of China if under the protection of the allies than depending" on a  legion of paper warriors. The paper soldiers may do  very well to frighten common people, but from the  tight the Boxers are putting up it is evident they are  none of these.  A branch of the Canadian forestry Association has  been organized   in this Province  by Sir   Henri Joly,  and from the interest manifested in the undertaking up  looks as il* it will prove a success.   It is most essential  to the mining industry of the country that the timber  on the mountains should  be preserved.      Nothing is  better calculated to   prevent snow! slides than a good  growth of timber.      Tt is a noticeable fact that in districts denuded of timber destructive snow-slides are of  I requent occurrence, while in  well Wooded  sections  they very seldom occur.      The climatic influence of  trees is another point in favor of preserving the forests  which should not be overlooked.    It is therefore to be  hoped that the British Columbia branch  of the Canadian Forestry Association will prove  as useful in the  West as it does in the other parts of the Dominion.  Africa seems destined to be the sportsman's paradise. So far as legislation c;n accomplish it all of the  continent lying bet /een Egypt and the Sahara on the  t* ���i  3    ��� :    '  li:.^  r'f '  ';��it  &-/-C  ^T:'^:jf7Wssmm��m>mm  tK+jwaontmltm  fj^-liV-Man-n""'' *",V'J" TV*V(  ���jn��H y �� ��*���** "Atpwiff  ��� ^^^^r^rvr^^ jBaHIBBBMiiWiHMW'IMBB  M y :���:-/������:  ����C  /  im  &*Wy  ��� l?f;  ps ill ���  Ill  Mm  !fl|!;  if  4  THE NKLSON ECONOMIST  north and the Zambesi and German Southwest Africa  iu the south, has been turned into an immense game  preserve by the European Powers. The agreement is  to last for "fifteen years, and by it at least one great  preserve will be secured.  Race riots  iu the United  States  are becoming an  every day occurrence, and so serious is the aspect that  again the proposal to isolate the blacks is being seriously discussed       In the southern states where the  negro element predominates  the whitenian's Hie and  property are never safe, while the colored  folks who  live in the northern states are having anything but a  pleasant time.      Never in the history of the country;  was the race trouble more serious than at present   On  the slightest provocation the  colored man is lynched,  and to avenge his death the whites are  made sutler.  So bitter has race hatred become,   that law  seems to  be altogether ignored even in the cities of the United  States.  In New Yorkthe other day while two negroes  were riding on a street ear some one ca lied  out that  they ought to be lynched.    A man with a clothes line  promptly appeared on the scene and the negroes were  pulled out,  thej-ope thrown around their necks, and  with some fifty men and boys pulling, the mob started  for a lamp post,   intending to hang the victims.      A  squad of police arrived in time to save the men's lives  and '*:,* with much clubbing dispersed the mob.'*   That  such a thing should  occur in broad day  light in the  city of New York shows  how bitter is  the  feeling  against the blacks.      The negroes are said to be arming themselves, and otherwise preparing for trouble.  The war correspondent of the I) tily Tvhffr.tph gives  a very sad account of treatment British soldiers receive  in South Africa. He states that one pound of raw  flour, which the soldiers have to cook after a hard  day's march, is served out to each man every alternate day, ll In this country," adds the correspondent  "there is no fuel excepting a" little" ox dung dried by  the sun. If a soldier is lucky enough to pick up a little  he can go to the nearest water, of which there is plenty.  mix his cake without yeast or baking powderp and  make some sort of a wretched mouthful. He gets one  pound of raw meat daily, which nine times out often  he cannot cook, and there his supper ends.'' This is  certainly a horrible state of things, and there ought to  be no excuse for it The idea of supplying flour and  raw meat to soldiers in a country where there is no  fuel with which to cook them, is an. idea that would  not suggest itself to any sane mind. That such bungling should be possible with the War Department is  inexcusable, and whoever is responsible for it will no  doubt be brought to task.  There is perhaps no country in the world where  the tramp is more painfully in evidence than in...the  United States. The great army of idlers seems ever  on the increase, and of recent years these good-for-  nothing fellows have been steadily drifting into Canada. How to deal with the tramp is a subject which  has occupied the attention of governments for a long  'up-to.date the  Germans  appear to be the  only j)eople who have succeeded. Germany allows  no man to prowl about the country without giving an  account of himself If he is looking lor work he must  make it clear that he has means of support during his  searchr If he has no means of support the govern*  ment offers him these means, but oti the important  condition that he works in return. If the tramp is an  honest man he will be grateful for the opportunity of  tiding over his hard times and earning something into  the bargain, but if he is merely a loafer the govern*  ment gives him such a taste of work that in the future  tramping will have vastly less charms for him.  ��v~j  yH��J^"l��"����H����W  niiVMMCUMOf  ��UmM  Major Dkkt, agent lor the British Government,  has been purchasing horses in Canada for the army,  and re ports very satisfactory results. So well pleased  is he with Canadian horses that Iks will recommend  the establishment of a permanent purchasing depot in  in this country for the remounts for the army. The  major gives some valuable advto? as to the class of  horses suitable for the service, and no doubt the farmers of Canada wilt profit by it* There is good money  in horse-raising, and Canada ought to be able to supply the demand.  tnxMWMilVUtKWM*  Tbk United States Senate has been popularly dubbed  the Millionaire Clubt and if the figures given to the  public by the New York Herald are reliable, the institution is a very costly one* For the la**t fiscal year  SrVjoo was '.expended for medicines and toilet ariicb  ''for'.the!.:'sena'torv-'i trifles as" icoo doses  of bromo seltzer and bromo caffeine Three doses of  caffeine powders; four cases of lithia water, twobottte  of bromo lithia and some lithia tablets further conti>  ��� billed to keep the senatorial system in goo<i repair,  To each senator there are four employes in various  capacities ���sixty messengers in all, who each receive  on an average$i,440 per year. Men employed in the  folding room get $tcxx> a year, and those who run the  elevators enjoy $r,200. The little pages who wait  upon senators get $75 a month, the postmaster of the  senate $3,250.' firemen $1.095, and the upholsterer and  locksmith $r,440, It is not generally known that  each member of this distinguished laxly is barbers  gratis as many times a day as he wishes, that in con-  junction are all the appurtenances to Turkish and  Russian baths, and that skilled masseurs ate always  in attendance to hasten the course of the slothful senatorial blood. Truly Uncle Sam tteats his senators  liberally.  Thk Germans are up to date in military matters at  least. We seldom here of an accident in their commissariat department such as too frequently bring*  discredit on the British service, and an instance 0  which we recite in another column. The latest innovation introduced, is that of war telegrams, which enables the German soldier serving in China to send a  message to his relatives at home. A list has been  draw h'up of about one hundred messages sucb as  would usually be sent. To each of these message *  attached a number which has a word corresponding to  it in the official code.    A soldier who wishes   to tele  ���&5T  ������:-^p  =**��*^����^  ���irtiSPSiS THE NELSON ECONOMIST
■ •"- •-?
lfl*A  . -h
r ■.■■*•-'
£ .a .^1
(J!-   «     1*~
I""'.' »
I* ■"   *
i.     •■•»
Kir   * .;-
rnohiioine will only need co tell the authorities his
own number and the number of the message he wishes
\o scud. The corresponding words will then be
teie-raphed to Berlin, and the message I or warded in
lull K) his relatives. For such telegrams officers will
be charged six marks, the ordinary cost of telegraph-
r a single word ; non-com missioned officers and
^en\vi"ll pay only three marks. Messages relating
■to wounds and sickness wilf be forwarded at the ex-
})e!)seu! the naval administration The imperial
nostoflice has already announced that all letters to
and from the troops serving in China will be   carried
nnvt Uw.
in^nMCMUflM *nW* WWBHH*   Jl    «.*•
Por the first time mucc her life sentence was iro-
ppsed eleven years ago, Mrs. Florence Maybrick has
had a private interview with her counsel. Dr. Clark
hell,.of New York. The interview took place at the
Aylesbury prison, the unhappy woman appearing in
alight blue check costume with a red star on the
shoulder! indicative of it being her first offence and of
her former good character : below this is the letter L,
meaning that she is a life prisoner, and her prison
number. The woman still protests her innocence of
the terrible crime for which she was condemned, but
vet ■professespto.-'hope that the time will soon come
when her long years of captivity will cease "and that
>he.will Ik! set at liberty. Every possible effort has
i*en made by the friends of the prisoner both in the
I'mted, States and in England to secure , her release,
but,so. clear was the evidence against her that there is
no doubt whatever iu the mind of the authorities as to
.'her guilt;."'
A CABU-; from London announces that the Department of. Mines'of British Columbia has !>eeu awarded
a grand prize.at; the Paris Exposition. This is welcome news, and serves to illustrate the wisdom oi
.making; a good display of the mineral wealth of the
.Province wherever and whenever it will attract worthy
attention. There is a great deal of French capita!
.invested'in.the'mines of British Columha, and that
samples of the ore exhibited in the capital of that
country would prove of interest to present and pros*
pective investors goes without saying. That good
results will follow the exhibition and the award, there
is every reason to believe, Ir. our own and neighbor*
ing districts' Frenchmen have invested, literally, and,
we are pleased to add. successfully. If their experience and that of those .who. had the advantage of inspecting the minerals shown at the.-exposition,- will
hut induce more.capital in this direction .:' the'money
and labor spent in securing a good display of our ores
1,1 Paris will have'been Avell'invf"
Pr is not often Tin.; Economist indulges in praise
°* dramatic companies that visit Nelson, but an exception must be made in the case of the Australian
ir ■     i
medv Company,   which   will open  a four   nights*
tnKagement in the Nelson Opera House this evening.
°u'rv pbtee this company   has visited   the news-
papers <hc   loud in   their  praises   of them, and   the
olluwing letter from Mr. C. Wentworth Sard, editor
of the Kamloops Standard, to the publisher of The
Economist is one of the many testimonials we might
give as to the excellence of the Australian Comedy
Company : , °The Australian Comedy Company,
who are coming to your city with 'Sapho' and
other plays, are really excellent. They are a refined lot of people off the stage and are far away the=
best thing we have ever had. I told Cochrane, the
chief actor, to call upon you He is, as are the others,
an Australian who has travelled extensively. He
was in the Jameson raid."
In Mr. Jacob Dover's jewelry store there is a piece
of work which for artistic design and excellence of
workmanship equals anything manufactured in
Canada It is one of several medals Mr. Dover is
making for the Nelson Gun Club. It will surprise
many that such work can be done in Nelson, or in
British Columbia, for that matter.
The Legislature will probably complete its labors
within a day or so The pi esent session now drawing to a close has been remarkable for more than one
reason, the principal one.beingthat it has under the
peculiar circumstances succeeded so well in bringing
order out of chaos. It was intended that contentious
legislation should be avoided, but certain members of
the Opposition were persistent in setting snares to
trap the Government and lead it into a trap that
would weaken its resolutions. Notwithstanding
this, the Government has accomplished much beneficial legislation and has strengthened its hold on the
people, who have grown tired of the fallacies of incompetent and dangerous legislators.*
It seems more than probable that the general
elections for the Dominion will lie held on or about
October 23rd. The unusual activity in the Grit
hive presages an early election Already nominations have taken place in many constituencies and
the campaign may be said to be in progress. In the
East the Conservatives are preparing for the fray, and
the same may be said of many of the constituencies of
the West In the Yale-Cariboo riding, no move has
yet been made by the Conservatives, although the
Liberals will meet at Kevelstoke next Wednesday and
select their standard-bearer. Organization should
'.beginat once. ■^;-\-\a>':■■■
■We are pleased to note that there is every probability of having a new Jand important industry added
to those already existing in Nelson; Mr. Thomas
Kennedy is in the city representing Brantfcrd, Ont.;
capitalists, who are anxious to establish woollen mills
in this province. They propose to erect a factory
with a capacity of four sets of mills, for the manufacture of blankets and woollen goods of every description , and have practical!y decided upon Nelson as the
most suitable site. As Australian wool is that principally used, the syndicate would save from the coast
east on the raw material and the charges west on the
manufactured, article,
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NELSON. ';;,!'■■//!   p. ^.y,
•The Silver King is putting on mor^men, and doing
a great deal of good work, the result of which will
be a greater output of br£ than ever and systematic
The reeonder's office was a busy place during the
past week. An exceptionally large number of fresh
records were made, and a great number of claims
changed hands. The books indicate a very lively
time in local mining operations.
The gold output from the properties around Nelson
is a*sdaiing resp*etibie proportions, says theTr^un^.
The Yinir mine was dropping seventy stamps for the
month of July. During this period 4650 tons of pre
were crushed, yielding a gross estimated value of
J5239i5O0, of which sum the officers of the company
say about $25,000 will represent the company's profit
upon the month's operations. The Athabasca company comes second with a crushing of 400 tons, and
a clean-up of $17,100 ; and the Granite third, with a
Crushing of 1040 tons, "and a gross returh of $9550,
AIL three of these properties are yet in their early
stages of development, yet their aggregate months
output amounts to the total of $66,000, and at the
present rate of progress it will not be long before the
million mark is reached.
The east fork of Cottonwood Creek is another
quarter from which good reports are being heard.
James Dickey''and- Robert Ca Id well ha ve a; cou pie of
good claims there—the Black Bird and Glad '..Hand
on which considerable work has been done, and with
very encouraging results. On the Glad Hand a 20*
foot tunnel has been run, and sinking is now in
operation, the paystreat increasing as a depth is
attained. Recent specimens of galena taken from
the* bottom of the shaft run $40 in gold, silver and
From the Lardeau E»gie.
Parallelling the Cariboo creek slope portion of the
Wagner group, right on the top of a lime dyke
mountain of granitedike .lime.'.lies the Marie mineral
claim, owned by Gus. Johnson and John C McCartney. They have a fine showing of clean galena
ore in a 4 ft. ledge, running from 70 to 100 ozs. in
silver and 84 per cent. lead.
The Galena Creek Mining Co. of Lardeau B. C.:,"
Ltd., is a new concern organizedin Belleville, Out.,
to operate properties in this district.
Messrs Tempieton, Evans, Murray and Culkceu
are doing prospect work on the  Lost Tunnel group,
up the south fork, with  encouraging   results.     The
■'.'■'."•■ f
boys intend to open this property up enough to prove
it, and then either sluff or commence shipping ore
next season.
The returns of the Triune's maiden shipment of
ore to the Trail smelter has been given to the Eagle.
There were 380 sacks of ore, the gross weight of
which   was 42,180   pounds,   the net weight   39,695
pounds, or 405 pounds less   than 20 tons,    The ore
sized up iu these proportions :   Gold, $237.58; silver
;$4';"9$5 95 ; lead, $589.96.   Total gross value, $^iy
45 or, figuring on   a 20-ton basis, $290.67 to the ton.
.■■Transportation   and   smelter charges  amounted to'
$436.65, leaving the net proceeds  $5,376,84, 0r on a
20-ton   basis, $26884   to  the ton,     It costs$toa
ton   to pack   it to Ten»Mile,   $15 to haul it to the
tanding and $22 a ton for freight,  trausportion and
smelter   charges   to   the   C. 1*, R.     The  shipment
was aeeotUpanicd by A. Ferguson, one of the owners
and V.   Lade,   one of the lessees.     They got $20an
ounce for their gold and 61 cents per ounce for their  j
silver,     it is sale to say that every ton of Triune ore
shipped this season will net   at least   $275,003  ton,
after paying $47 a ton for freight and treatment The
Triune,   it must  lie   remembered, « only  about ten
week's bid, and the lessees have over 200 tons blocked
outaftei 'having drivt ti less than   155 feet   of tunnel
■ .,■■■<•' 'i
J  Ppl*uruyeat3 C\ E,,P* L; S*» of Vermm, is down f
from the Black Diamond group, up the north fork, \
having;''finished surveying the Silver Tip Mining ;]
Foreman 1$. Crilly intends to put on another shift
in the long base tunnel of the Nettie L. shortly and "«;
if possible get under the upper workings in time to A
stope this winter Manager Pool hopes to ship at4 a
least 500 tons of ore this winter and if possible to get
to the Landing 750 tons.
Several Of>cn cuts on the lead of this claim have
exposed a good shewing of galena. It is located mi
the Iron Mask lead on the soutbeast-iude of Hall
creek over on the Duncan slope, near the lime dyke,
and is owned by that well known old-timer, JohnC,
..McCartney, who. though 62 years of age, is still a*
nil of hope as thi younger folk.
■:■""■■ Su'pt. j/W. Westfall is down from the Old Gold
camp, having successfully piloted another tenderfoot
safely over the scene of action. Mr. Westfall reports
the Primrose looking better than when we were
there last week, more mineralized quartz being encountered "with each shot, indicating that the ore
■ 'body ..'is "not far distant.
Work is also l>eing pushed on the diagonal crosscut in the upper workings of the Old Gold, but it
will be some little time yet before they get under the
big surface showing of galena and pyrites of iroo
•A diagonal crosscut is also being . driven on the
Guinea Gold from the face of the tunnel just driven.
This will tap tie lead at considerable depth and
develop many other characteristics of the mine, from
which a better id?a of future work will be derived.
Frank Yates and bis partner Williams have returned from a season's work on their claims, the
Lizziep Queen and Florence, on the north fork of the
St Mary's The properties carry;goldr silver a»P
copper, and assay high, but the difficulty is proper
means of transit.     The particular belt   in which this
*■***» ' wi THE NELSON ECONOMIST  >j  ��� l, Ur  '&*. pJ  fifcvV ���' *  *..i p.;  B-   "   "7*  IP  "'  '  * ., i  fe    *     '  . roup is situated requires some fifty or sixty jmles of  . J��� road-to bring the ores to market,   but so rich  Ld substantial are the ledges, that those   interested  L  this section are   confident that a   smelter or con-  ,ltrilors will be started in there   in the uear future.  There is abundance of fuel  and the water supply   is  lu���li,���iu-d,    A great deal of good work is being done  j,���, the St. Mary's.  On lisbCre.k the McKays have a welt developed  i,roj>ertv which they are working.  .''.'ThnHit-h.nn   the   district   generally there is  considerable activity, and the season's �� ork has developed  ycime exceptionally good things.        ���  BOUNDARY CREEK.  Kmin tin- Pl��rnlx Pioneer.  Last Tuesday morning at 10:30 o'clock,   the   long  look.e(i.;fpr in   of' the   first furnace of  the  (IrariHy inciter, near Grand   Forks, took   place and  .was a'most successful event in every particular.   Two ,  hours later the ore had become thoroughly fused, and  .liiattc'ahd.siag commenced to pour from the.  furnace  myp molten '.stream:     At  the start but,one  furnace  ..was started;..but next *eek the second furnace will be  ���blown in.     The ores now being  treated are . those of  the Old,Ironsides and   Knob Hill mines in   Phoenix  arid the City of  Paris, in  While's   camp, all   being  '.nviK-d by'the;  Miner-Graves . syndicate.      The,ores  Yrom .the  syndicate properties in Phoenix do not re*  ���quire Toasting.  : -There' w"as...a supply of about  7,000 tons   of ore on  hand when the   smelter started,   the  bulk of  which  came from Phienix.   The smelter will handle custom  work, but'is intended primarily   for the reduction   of  ���the ore from; the properties of the syndicate.  p'.Tins week-the Sunset in Deadwood camp, sent out  ���..���mother -car"of ore, *  Over 2,000 tons of ore have been shipped   from the  (.olden Crown.  business with the stage lines running into Fhtenix  has been better the last two weeks.  The raise in the east drift of the War Kagle   is ex*  . pected to be....through to the surface this morning.  Reports  from   the   Mountain    View,    in   Summit  ���ttimp.-are  to  the  effect that   the drift is just coming  mto 'good ores.  * t \ *  l he 1 losseut in the   railway   tunnel in the   Snow-  s'tlrK-  is inoie .45 ��� feet..     The. new 70   horse power  ''^hr isnow all bricked in   and steam \vill   probably  .^���rMU-n up   this afternoon, ,        ^ :','/���������  h(��n! ears of Brooklyn ore were sent out up to  1 nuis<la\p au.<l two- more are expected to be .shipped  10 the Trail smelter todays With '.an'average of 27-  IS'1!S ^>f!ii. the. shipment represents 162- tons''  Urtvis being hauled from   the Athelstftti by   Dock-  deader   bros.pfor   shipment.     David   Ox lev'-how  .] # * ���''. "������  (evoies all his  time to ' superintending development,  ���l��u is putting up a.boarding house at the mine/  f  V  V l() ihe last night the shipments from Old!p.Iron-  I    ; . .M(Cs:md .Knob Hill   aggregate   225 ears, or   about  |.    J   V'otons.of ore.     The  amount will   grow   much  faster next week,  when the   output is expected to  double up to ten cars daily.  The diamond drill which the Miner-Graves syndicate has had at work on the Banner claim, near the  Old Ironsides office, for a couple of week's or more  has made excellent progress. It has been run  night and day, and will bore its 1% inch hole at the  rate of from 15 to 25 feet daily, according to the  character of the tock being penetrated. Up to  Thursday the drill had made a hole over 575 feet  deep, the intention being to go down about 600 feet.  It will next be utilized in the Old Ironsides mine. It  is understood that the owners have a contract here to  do boring to the extent of at least 2,000 feet" It is  expected that good results will be had from this  method of prospecting.  0      CANYON CREEK.  A representative of the Fra last   week visited   the  placer workings of the Golden   Placer and   Quartz  Mining   Company on   Canyon   Creek, where   work  was   suspended recently   owing   to the   inability of  the pipes to keep the bottom   of the shaft dry   while  digging.     The shaft is down 70 to 75 feet,  the walls  of which are cribbed with 6 inch by 8   inchlimbers.i  At a depth of  about 65   feet a  peculiarly   hollow  shaped Wilder was taken out yielding; irom thirty to  forty colors:     It is confidently expected by the management tbat.froin.12 to 15 feet more will see bedrock,?  when the   next move   will be  to   drift  right   under  the creek bed.     New machinery is e.cpe.-ted   daily  and work will be resumed as soju as it arrives.  The final payment on the Juno bond was made in  NeUon on Saturday.   ., ..      ;  Monday next will 'be tabor Day���a Dominion and  Provincial statutory holiday The government offices  m\d banks will be closed.  It is reported that the epidemic of cholera at Simla  is one of the worst outbreaks on record The natives  are dying at the rate of 3000 a week.  A petition is in circulation praying the government  to extend the Molly Gibson wagon road. It is pointed  out that the extension asked for would open up a big  tract of country-  The mayor and members of the City Council of  Nelson have l>een invited to attend a banquet, to be  held at Grand Forks tomorrow evening, in honor of  the blowing; i" of the Miner-Graves smelter.  James Blakey, a C PpR. employe, and Miss Stan -  den, -u ho has just arrived from East Bourne for the  special purpose, have an appointment at the I*resby-  terian parsonage for this afternoon. Mr, and Mrs;  Blakev will be receiving the congratulations of their  ���     ��� '     i.*"* ;'���������"'���" '' ( '   ��� p ."'������' =.'���'���  .  numerous friends during the evennig;  George M cGowan, who has just arrived in Nelson  from Cape miich misery,  sickness and destitution as exist there  the opinion that thousands of people must inevitably  perish there this winter unless the United States Government sends relief.  y.^yy^v,p|K  ���$li*l|ips  Py P;3pP i^r :.'���?%  i i  ��  "��y  ��**������:  ;ppp.'f;pppv*;s��ft;  ;:;';s;;pp;p;p|-i?i;i;pi!  Pytf! A0^:ff$Mi;  .���������������i"."''.".'-,!- ���i-iifc'-!:','.������������. "/!.-,r:.;iV/->4'?liW I  {--���'-<Kv::'i[:':':;������:���:���';^V1'i;.^aiy*fl/S-1  Pv|Ppt!p|4lppii^lt  ;iiifji;^A  >;-.;;p;;p:pyS||  ;.;;;! yPpPp;pti  ';p;;.;-fy;pvp:jj||||x  ���>: -.\\.  ������:������     t* *��    . 1 '��  s.      -      .      \Zl���'Si ��� �������������  \ 1 ^ *i  -rMmr~n~3r"~t**Fl-*rvp��*& ���S71 '  I' /  M       l 1 W..'■■:■
IsfiUlBlfe'. :>■
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1 V'iS   ! i^'.«*'i"i ,-„>
|i ■;  ■ .'V^'jlfi.-:
|yy ?p*.
Mk'- ■ V:
,-l\      "     *    in   ^ "<"'•     oV   «■< *-*
l,f    <.f , '       'l r',, '
'V       >■     \ 4     ,1 S ■» t
-    -' -*■       \J     J     »» »'
THERE was great interest  manifested in the Fitz-
simpns-Sharkey fight in Nelson  the other night.
rounds, but to the disgust of local sports the battle
was won in two, Fit* being the victor. What source
of pleasure men can derive from witnessing or listen-
"mglo the details of a brutarcontest is more than I
caii under Stan d. So me calf the v'noble art of self defense ^ a science. No doubt professional boxers now
and again get in some very scientific knock-outsr still
Iwouldinot carepto class them w^
tletnen of science. Of course they do not fight; for the
love of the sport, or science; or with the philanthropic
idea of educating their fellow man as to how best-to;
defend himself when attacked by a foot-pad- ^o ;
these professional sluggers fight- for purses. The
purse in this. iristsnee was $25000. In the early days
of the prize ring the nioiTetary!consideratioh was not
by any means commensurate with the punishmeut the
fighting men received. Savers and Hc.c'na u, who- in
turn held the championship of Knglandy fought for a
purse of T^5QTh^ as well as dubbings
■ hi-the. prize ring of to-dayP   y      •!'
Rev. Alexis Jeffries prayed fervently for the success
of his, son, the ex-champion; and  witnessed  some of
his most desperate, battles.      The reverend   father of
sluggers on one occasion travelled   from his home in-
Los Angeles to Chicago to see his younger son, Jack,
knock out Jack Beanscholt at TattersallV    After the
mill the old man went to the Central Passenger /Assop'
ciation and,   presenting his preachers certificate, demanded the privileges which gen tie men of broadcloth
are entitled to.    Questions were asked, however, and"'
when it was learned that Mr Jeffries had journeyed all
the way to Chicago to see a prize  fight,   th- officials
decided be was not the kind of a minister the association accommodates ,      /
The regatta on Saturday was a great success. I am
pleased to  note that aquatic  events   arey growing in
-public favor in Nelson, and that from present indications we will soon be in a position to send a crew to
compete with the oarsmen of the Coast, Winnipeg and
; Toronto. Our local men have rare facilities of becoming proficient oarsmen, and holding .their-.own. with'
any crew which may offer. The services of a professional trainer would be an advantage,., and-T under-
standahat these will be secured next year There is
110 reason why Nelson should not hold one of the more
important aquatic championships.
It also affords me great pleasure to note the success
attending the movement to establish an athletic asso.
ciation in the city. Suitable quarters have been secured arid the furnishings of a-decent gymnasium are
on the way. The young men of Nelson have proved
themselves athletes of the right material. Whether
on the diamond,   in the lacrosse field,   on the cricket
r   4. 1
>   *
:..crease, '■■.■behind tbe. footbalI,;;'.'or';fiicing the'puclt;"^^
sheet'.of ice;,they:p ar^;.formKlab!e
Let ■ tss c tifcsu rage; our ■ ^tMe^ga^^ fc^p.;.NcI^n;'^|l
tO'Thc! fore; iirihis;.as;jn,;'eyei^^
;the stortnds. at;h^ttdr-^jvliotlij^
at, work;; :but: it'' 'is ;.ra tlier; early:;,!iii.;; the.; game > to.;;.^!
. more thanpllie.'!''general.;;';;pre^
■ Govern niehlis'dobraeti;^
■stauiich! fr'iendsofthe^part.^
'.Rumor has pit; th^
■ Mr" >V*ii!iani,Ca.Uiher^
; ca n didate.;; ■'. T wo:;very ^trbitg'riip* :i;;;!p
■doubtless, l>e'a^dt^|>cr'it^
result ! have-'made np:;my^
^ .v!.Our:^Misins to:ih'e;^
' Orator,/Ifry^
the ifoilbwiii^ explairtion'^bK^
, many, .'■ prove.!jf:iterestliiff!p';/8,i^
51 r.5 grains,'of :Wh'ic.lv;;|pto^O§
.'silver, '.tl^-^fliatntle
..silver tiV".:i"sifver''d0l!ai!i!;:;weigb|^
much, as;ihe'Tpure.pj^id'lri^
■-tne'.'free eoi.hagVtjfsilver,^
' posal. that' anv. ^ownie^"':^
authorized bvhnvtb take 1tt0;:i!V:'tJn1ted S fi5^nt
and have coined and returned to hint   One dui.ar *or
■each ;>; 1.2.5  grains of  silver, -tlrt*', .dollar being tbe_'
legal tender fur the   payment of all debts,   public or
private      The j-ilver iu such a dollar  (mid the dollar
itself under free c >inage *at the present price ot silver,-1^
is not far from fifty cents in gold* \l
And talking of elections, I observe that in,staid o.d
England the phonograph is l>eing t%%v& in the present
campaign, Mr. F J. -Hnrniman, mem!>er for F*-
month ,md Penryn, ivas ;i large district to cover, &™
as there is nothing nf Sir Bovle Roache's fanrms bird
in his make-up, he simply sends a phonograph to a
meeting which he cannot personally attend, and an
experienced operator just touches the button and in*
■.machine does the re»t the talking. By a simple contrivance the instrument is mndxt to register the led*
ings of the audience, so that vvdieii the meeting i^«ver
the records arc sent back to the '■Candidate-;, .who repro-%
duces the [proceedings, and 'perhaps feels*gratified that
he -did not 'appear in person p The gentlemen who aTc
about to contest Vale-Cariboo might possibly findtne
phonograph useful iu the campaigiiy It would <^f*
tainly prove a novelty, and perhaps an untuixcdbic
P .    ..■■    ■ ■■;,     . >        fl
A few months ago wherever "Soldiers of theQt^en
was sung the inspiriting song was  received .with twj
greatest enthusiasm.      I hope public sentiment a»
rf      v   '■
'->   1 *■ 1 \\
bv * .       "■  J « "«
V     -v -iH . .       -1 1
*      ri ^ "
—>J~ , .
'■». . BgWIWll  IB THE NELSON ECONOMIST 9  Bh '���������     'liberal to the  men who., fight under his Chamberlain,   Edwards,    Ontram,   GoughpRose���  H|    Ve-i. liber dity is sadly abused    Too often do were ail men who had won their way up to   military  M^^ihV British  soldier  spending  his closing fame and title by   distinguished services   as soldiers  ���ReaI ��� 'e workhouse, an object of cold charity in- and military   administrators.     The   father of  Lord  BB ''"������ {'lCC^v) honored charge on the nation.    The Roberts, General Sir Abrahm Roberts,   won his title  ^K i1 rihis respect are no better.   A pathetic little by nearly forty-seven years of  distinguished service,  ���H'01 l ���1- rc'rVirted in the Paris /^.n-n���the suicide of and   owed nothing to family influence, and his^ son,  BE   'rn^ hOVd   Roberts'   e*rned   ^^titlebyover   forty-three  ���K^n-i >n ;>! Ho-.or       lie had won distinction in years' service in India. Afghanistan, and Burmah.  ������'hndv1 blule of' Worth,  where he received the        The best stuff in the   so-called British   aristocracy  ^Ht} " ^,n^ |h\t  exceptional valour can secure for has been recruited from the ranks of law, during the  Hinrr   thii c/ -^ing decorated on the field itself in present century.     The^eport that Lord Roberts is to  H����<vnce' : if i he arm v. But as none of these things be made a Duke for his recent brilliant services recalls  ^^H1 i    ,    "      ii  ,��ita��,�� atfiin��t ilMti- the tact that since the days of Marlborough no   Eng-  ���ea.fo-protect the brave old  veteran again*t detti ^ ^^ ^  won bij? way to a  Dulfedom,   save  ������on.he resolved to end his misery.      He diet uo t>> Wellington,  through   his   military   services,     The.  ���Hpyy; a charcoal brazier, and with his prized cross Duke of Cambridge, who commanded  a division of  ���HV h-vul awaited the deliverance of death. the English army during   the Crimean  war, was   a  ^R Vr-e h Mtd of fire worshipers, but the latest in grandson of George  III. and first   cousin to   Queen  _ ,ua i,rM i     m . wi .mii, t ^���^ .  , Victoria.     Four of the British Dukes are   descended  ������ ea eg0! y ]S a ti the 111 iudm who uomhip Ldd> s ^ ^ ^^ ^.^^ rf ^^ n ^ ^ ^   ^  |H|ches    vY missionary gave a few. boxes ol watches ^   ^M owe  thdr    dukedoms.     Lord Roberts,  ^Hhe people, of a ..village who bud for generations obp measured by his military brains, is the best   soldier  ���Byy 'tire hv  rubbing two flints  together.      A* few England has produced since Wellington, for he is the  �����      merhe (bund that the people were^worslup- only, English soldier  who lias  won fame  fig bung ���  ^H .        . . v well*armed, .scientifically   led white   toe ot   notaole  H thee��� ooxes,:ofc matches *<�� dcitH* courage and skill in the use of the modern magazine  H;:  l-rnesi' M-ausheld. who is largely  interested in rifie ,��� ;  ^HiincprAJi^rties nud real estate iu Kelson, and who ,���    ���  :���  ���directed';i lot of capital in this direction,   has re " STATEMENT OF EXPENSES.  ^���nedirutu ,a trip to the Old Country.      He reports BSTR ACT STATEMENT of all expenses iu-  ^���t tiu tnuey  market is very  tight in England at J\   purred by or on behalf of Mr. Frank Fletcher-  J^B       ��o.viug to. the unsettled condition, uf.. affaire. .     heijstc Election of a Member to represent the Nel-  BR n,Ki war  and now the troubles iri China,   with J."n aiding of West Kootenay Electoral District :  '^������nrohabiliiv of more serious complications,   makes "paid clerks engaged at Committec;room work,  HB                                               ���.       ,-.             '     t, �����~h  as copving Voters'   Lists,   mailing  ^���i-tahst.s very cauttu s in investing their money.    It .        such  as^J��    * ^ \ $218.35  iBRatiM'^-p^v 10 know   that  Mr    Mansfield's invest-, ^^f^lI^PA^^e^etc* J.100,00  .^������Hi ��� Voters  .Lists* * wsm^v, v.*v   ^"^���iiis in this.emihtrv are all satisfactory.. *      Vmir Mi err and Nelson ;Ui��/r 160.00  n p q l nnting. *��  12 10  BR ������ ������ c;��rn (or Commit tee-room....* *  12.00  ���I *      r tr n�� *.         ������������ 25.00  ���I NOBILITY OF ENGLAND. Rent ot  Mauh.   __   HBfh o    is   a   great   deal   of   malignant   criticism ��527-45  Wm 'Ppi^int or uiucrupuLnts f dk u^u whu ' \?}*JiSSrHM  4HB        ,   ,.    .     ,,        . .      ���   .,     * Acent for Mr. PRAfck Matcher.  W"'i:i-;   b.ugtand s   aristocracy, says the   rortlanti ^ ^   'BK-'^^i.in.lmr intelligent men know and truthful xhe first two carloads of tramway outfit for the  flRn ������e.��u:e.ss",that hji^houl's aristocracy has for at %fc>Ilc>^v* Gibson were shipped froih Lanark, on the  Mm    a m-uurv been recruited from   the ranks of able     unhi'i5ne on Monday, and the remaining carload will  �� ,;w!,, h:ive conferred great honor upon their be forwarded to-morrow The wa8^ rpaj 10 trie  ���SS-' *. * A :c ;,, ..vrellent condition, enabling thete^mb   to  �����'��5'^y :;y \i^n servicein war, in stntesmaiiship/ or ^^^^^^ dailv+ The tramway is to becom-  HSU' ,A,,/V��,-,:'Vt-inineucc in law, science, or literature. nY\l> ^. October 15th. and the property will then  tS^Ifi^.v-y:,ihuisif Kiskiue.KldoiuStowell. Mansticld. )!^once regular shipments. The management  ��^->'.:ii:.iii.-  si. -UvmanW.    Ilcacunslicld..   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Sir Henry Havelock was of    tati?   for the   comple turn   ot   the   Arrjnvhead and  f . 7 ';"���: "7 ,,iH U"U'Se' a,Ul f5�� Were Sir He"ry IUKl iSr�� tin foe, It Nelson as the distributing  - vj"lm l-ivKuc- Sir John Moore. Sir Ralph "' f���r ti,e'territorv tributory to the proposed line,  I ' p'vnm,., ;,n,i sir ��� lleurv : Hardintfe were tintof ^"dU.eclty interested in the carrying' out of the work,  ; ��� Js,-"'T.iii- M.,ck. Tiu. ,-araolls lie,.oes ofi.Hlian war- !ind that the completion of the road would materially  !      *  lV'"   '��.,.,    to ���,857_Salc,-f- l>ollock,    Neili,     a.lvanco the mining interests ot tint ot country.  ���"���?*<  '"'1  lit  ,P  ; y; f  / *' .1 H  ",.��." El  "/PH,  ^ :$\  ' '   '? I  ^ *-  S** I  ��� ::V;!!  ��� ���- i:;i  "-pi:  ��� ��� <,  y,*'j  vl  ,1 V  ,-(i;  '���V.JH  ?;H  ��� i-j  r��  - It:'  -Pi'"  Jli^^���   ' T  J,". J  i  s  * A.  v  . !  \r  \  s  I  -I 8  l I  if  ft  1  1  li  I  I  1   t?  if  l     M-  ..$  : 1 ml  ....  "'PM  10  &<&''  �����>  a*'  Sir  mt  w  H   r  Wt"  ��w  il  MM !  a>  ra>  iV  if  ^ ^ *���)  ? s  i  QEPT.4.1897, ro:3oa.m,-j  O took dad his cup of coflee, I found him portug  over a bill and looking worried to the verge oldi^-  traction. At last I drew from him that.;��� II:<*A;Iy  Ifrag is wagging all the wrong way and is bound to  go to the wall unless he can secure a few articles  from some comic writer of note. But, though he  has written to several with   that "object, nothing   has  come'oi it.'":''!; ; ���'.   p.!' ���  4Mn a word, the paper   has  turned out a   ruinous  investment for me,M he concluded bitterly.  As I came up ���stairs,- feelingutterly   miserable and  depressed, a happy ; thounght darted into my mind,  Men don't like refusing a requestp when framed by  feminine lips, so perhaps I may succeed where poor  dad has failed. At any rate, ^Without a trial there^  no denial/ 'and a recent incideiit^ o^tis tlie way lor  me to make the trial.  A few days ago, while aunt and I .were���;.. whiliug  away an hour in the British irmseuni, -she Ik)wed to a  librarian. He responded to her recognition with a  courtly bow, and a; .polite,/ smile relaxed for I he  moment his clean shaven, inccrutable face.  '���* That was the celebrated Mr. Rutland; the writer  of those clever   articles, my   dear.      1'met-him Jasi;  week 'at Mrs. PhelhamV she 'explained ������ as Ve-' passed.  on into another room.  ��� ��� .*",''��� ,    ��� ' ���   ��� ��� ��� ��� '..  Seeing   that she'had-' turned.as;'red;as-a p peony 1  concluded that he.-was a celibate as 'well as a 'celebrity1'  But   he certainly  -did'not look a hit   like!    imgined.  him, for, strange to say,   dad had- been .speaking-.'of",  him to me that same morning, when he had envs-nisly.  pointed out an   attractive   ���announcement'iiv a   rival  weekly 10 the effect that a series   of, brilliant-sketches  from the.pen of the widely know humoust/.k-olf Hut"-'  laud, would shortly appear in  its ...columns: T ;tm.���������very  .-  glad now that We chanced to see--', him',-since it'.-o'ave-i  the way for nie; to call .00 him and   explain ineon*  fidenee the sad straits.of TheM'trl:!?/ M'>m/; ' and. be^:ofc  him to contribute something to its pages.  Aunt   mentioned that he lives at Koh><?   o-^n- "\u a  beautiful residence known as'O.liv'e/ f,odee.   : Sm   apo-  .morrow morning.'! shall take heart   h i^'ape  :i-u[ s?arl  on this forlorn hope.  Sept. 5   1897.   1 :ro p. in.    .-.-What   a    d.iv n{   days  this has been I   I    really    i.u^iu nV  havi; dated "it in  red ink.      This    moruiugp diteytlv the n<-ir:    siumi's-  ��� pecting    dad bad started    f.,r   the city, I' ��� pv.p f>:i tnv.  sailor hat and sailed forth on:mv .secret missi.n  About two hours later I'moimed a. broad ijO'n ���'��'"  steps to the. threshold of Olive [,/d^y and [ ' must  confess that while I-waited ' admiua'nre   mv r en.co-  seemed -to'ooze out of inv fun"-? ��i��  .        -> ��������� * ��� ��������1  little simpleton, Rose Harve\  is  '  \  ^ "U    are  ."���;���.:*���  ���m  As; I. did sp.'I:touglii^  :and\was:reli.ev^  'possessed���which.:!i <��riainl'y:did,u  OpaKlIp'   ;iMc.|      sh;,|.;��..��.r  1 a pirv i!i k >5 'H., s n:i k 1 np  as though you. were going"-p��: f,���.v an o<m(. ;',,<.,..���i ,','  a wit," I said angrily to  mvseli' a<   a }>,�����    ;,, \ .,,,  iic.Vte>r&A' m#'>   in If-,  a   }'ir(rn     vlr ;���,.  The;next\minute  ���:a'tid.;v'.the.celebrattcl^tr.^ Rutland**:entered^tkr  ���Unless. I wm m\\thfM^  fro in;" h is, steel:;;. fray; : eyes .'as;/, t hfcy ���'��� alight"  Possibly,-^iivce ��� --to>*;; ���%��!�� t'; ^81^X5 ��� jte^r^4h'ej2;ii  he;:: b ad.'!" <* x'pedted: $��*fe {.fev. < aiid:-.of ;^; two;'^  would; rut her;, deal., wit jh;; Vifeib;-. > j*eia��ftr ;���".!:"::.-": I?i  curmn ���,:riumberp. of 'y^^^^fM^Y^ %tMk  "* <>���: '���' ''    '   ,,,i "���'..'.���'���   '>���'������'.,    ' <'"   ���   ' '''���������'���. '���:'.:���'''    '���'   ���'���>������������        .���'���]-<"' ���:������"'.-     'P'       .'    '    ���,.���"''���.  rather ah^  :.'-AV:hi!e-he;Sto.ep'ed^  ca'uie .a;stare!';0t^:;tts'^t^  ushered'me into a large   drawing   room, vers  somelv furnished, but lacking in   \>in\<,-   ,Mn,     /������  ing the boy my card I -subsided into an   easv �� n ������;,  of-, .a c^epiing';':: -the :p|offer#'!p-;|  feet Avlth:'juii exiis'i^rittiKiJg  ���.;; si'.Tb'iiU;a!!::mc^t;pre  Itpis: utterly ���oul.bf  :m y pew ':$ h oil Id;;pii pp^f  p.-lAI?.Cpslig1i.tiiigr  ,|>c^>rJiit]cyW;ctkfy,^^^^^^  '"'liuof  re^iiestsy^iiig  iftftatjau^^il^  S!;:ihe'"melKsa  i|  an'��������� tC m$M.me;;;tIiigte:f:''Wtt,hyr|8|fe;:I  .*��- *T*i  )lierpt.l^re'is'Jicmlrn  a'p<:di>gi2e/fer!Jl^^d  ITOterou^'r^iij^  uiak,ing^y,!.iiai;:ii;.;itff  d(>o,rp;.:'yIie'biid't1ie  mc, ;a:vid-"t :pi*ss��^  sur?'n,Uf>n.!  , At.;the;^ruevp  ��� hasi i! v 'o'fieheti, '����� lid?: a. ���;;:ie��r-i:^:biiitt:c<f:. ,p#i#-!f|  stra.ig)u.;ngWrc^.!iti-;C^!^&^  itottbi.V^  out Cfviiig,;-  ��� . ;p:" :!,:v.,';;.;;.;' ���p'Sy^y.SySS:-^ VpN;P:pp  :' Rcinoviug 'bk'''Cai^4:he!-y^uiiippt^^^  ��>I*en for; me,, and ^;e���ping:;-mr;��^  the .K'r<:>t*nd'"-I" ha:stilV^'fitidifeWy'.eiti't���:;���;.���'-.������IS^yiftir';^^  19��� year,s.of -my dtIf 4iiid;;t;iel.i;i  ' " So mnchyuir m.v'-'* h^pyltllonghty^  :-hnefl)p-'!;as"I cksc^rtcIclt^TI^  'station; ���:';Having-''li^ertmln^i;tlf-fc'py!:>t^f:.^l|  .ducdor.rs ;inii!utes,;:1:!:;'fe  .where    the  3��li  ���r a' >  .  ..    flaunOt^  in peer of t he' luck few* 1 ittlc: weeklyd- St u.; g^S'  gave'a yet keener edge 10' mydfepl^1^1  ing 'in. my perambulation I' waW;''^ -^  flannel clad hguie of my learbturrcd. visioif;^  ! �� .t rii �� d     i�� *���>-. ',  "The ..id bigwig .lias rcfwiiteti of ,,is .;'���*"'"],  &><"i '������    f  '1 !io.uK|it:\^aperiiliy.-:'^1*^..-1 ^i  icsiHinsf to the voting tellow'sdolTpt cap.  me,   MiSyH��rW, but  there 1��^  1' -v" t * 5  J il 1*  sotne unfortunate mistake', audTpiuvt  Hrp^ ^ .^  here in the hone of  ^traiiibteuhtg' -.m**^^'  ��� ' * ��� .'s.�� ������������:. . ���'"  his cpuek breathing .'and;;height����^^9^  to the hot   halite   he h'aid..   made, : ��� '* I  *llB'  Ktuland   who' .scr ibbles :nonscuse.p. ,u.V-'"'-u,p-'  savant, and onlv- writes for the'ScicntihCyJ^  " A savant !    No .wonder'������'hewa|S so  ^,:;p  * ' a ^"i    \  ;:-y.'yiglli  ft *>  JL  *��� 1   h      r  J THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  ���^' yyypf  Ire que  d  �� ��  I   exclaimed,    blushing   painfully.  ft really, knowing  you   write humor, he   might  guessed I had made some such mistake/'  \h hut-he did not know it until ten minutes ago  e    ureal   expectations'    in that   quarter,   and  ...'keot'tuy   frivolous   talent >a dead secret   from  "he replied, with a whimsical smile.  friicti 1 -h^pe you   will have   no   reason to   rue  jsutpid blunder of mine,M I said impulsively.  fi sli'oiild   certainly    have   rued it sadly if I   had  .p diseovt tetl it    which is a tank   Hibernicism, I  v,m;        And a mutual  laugh set us   both at our  [A-ad now, Mi^ Harvey, with regard to The  1,1 W-'Ui, 1 shall be most pleased to contribute to  johnnus?' he <aid, tis eagerly as though he \v,ere  vuii'ycliuK aspirant, anxious "io see his effusions in  it, '<  die midst of my delighted thanks the train  icd '������'in. and all was confusion. When - he had  tieu.���pnu- ;nJo a carriage he told me that directly  h'icket maudi was over he should run into 'the  fatal ^c my father. Then the train moved on,  ���av.oiii eyes met in a last glance, i saw a look in  napnude my heart dance as it had never danced  He  bout' 5 o'clock there came a telegram from dad,  kveffect that Mr. Rutland would dine with us at  tlutter of  delight   I  helped aunt to  im  prove our menu and then hastened   to make hiy dinner toilet       * ''y:^:;-y;^  When, half an   hour later, dad  aird^  entered the drawing room, I was surprised tp see hi>\v  much older and distinguished he looked in   evening  dress than in his  flannels, and for the "minute I le  quite shv      But his genial frankness of manner soon  '..������"-.        '���''���:'.).'"������...������,.������!.  .���'������ ���,���' * -     ���'.���,;......       .   ,   "���'���'..\i ' ��� ���".    ,'"',''*''������:���  brought us'* in touch'* agaiupand^  most charming evening! can; remember^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^y^^pppf  Sept. 5, 1898, 10:45 p;pm.-^My^wedding:;p.eve,fand;,  exactly  a year   since ahe da^   I made; that  absurd}  blunder.     And now, thanks to the spur given it   by  Rolfs pen, TV W**kJy llvrais the foremost of its class  and its editor bis cheerv old self again^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^y^^Z//  ,   *    \   ������.������),..���-��� ������.���.���������''���'���������'������.". ���...'���������������'���'��������� .'���!:��� .���..;������'���    ���-, '.; .���.'���,;.-��� ..'i.;i-;;... ������/.'.���   ���. ���  4 But I shall   never forget;; y-.p'h^  morning, "that it owes Its':$ucce3S;-^  but to the editor's dang liter !;dy/;%?^^  1 j a  The following is a-s'am'pde/bf;C'hr  i a t h ese U11 ited|/pat^|^\||9J^ Ri$*fey  70,000,000 we;haye::#o:;���^  us , 90,000 la\vyer's���;tdphetp!'^i's  fessional crhTiinalS^  Union crimiimts^^  gress. _   75,oo<!&pM  scientists. ���   Wep/fiay^^^^  professors ;   1 27;��oooplmrt^  '5,000,000 com.m^r;lab^  inventors   '   It:;ean/;:tm^^  discovered bowitOpraa^  men, ���iSS-SfSI^  s  ?A\  ��� ?��  J.">,���*M,*  ��� �����.  "' �����*     H��  1 ~  ,\*\ 8*  !*>  ,P-  f  1��  t <  li' ri , ^  i  ��*.*Y ,-* ,-T3S  '��s.r  4 ����� -if-u  ���  J*  , 5, *-  i  "- . -1 ~  V  i-^y,  trtr  - -���'.  *~ ..   id  k  -  *"i  i  -          "��        L  i   i  .;",'  1  ���-  t * ���  l  r  "   "**  t  *  ...��  to  , j'1 .  'Ml  s    V    A  T  ��  -J.    ��.  PECIAL SALE OF DRESS GOODS, MjtLl^  PRINTS, LAWNSpPERCALES^ SATEEN!�� AND DlMlitiES.  E WILL OFFER OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF SUMMERG0ODS  AT PRICES BELOW COST.   SUNSHADES HALF PRiei  PETS,   WINDOW   SHADES,   CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS  LINOLEUMS'AT CUT-DO  "f ";.":;.���, 0  v-4&-  .���:y'-;:pp'Pi  ������:��������� '''i'i.y^y^'fiyl  .p/S/Pt��*  :-;^:^yyp-P|f  ;::PPP;ppliSl  ppXpS;;pi^^i  ;pSV-^p;'pvM^.?j  :;k:mmm  Ppyp|tpPSfs|i|  j-i1'.��� ��� ��� --\-'���;������ v>   /.''���>;^iHVv<'-Atl  ���^^,; IrV. >,?rfop)i;^?p^  '������' 'I ���;%:$''. :A'���:AMMt\  ^:A:mm0mm  ppppp��??s&sStB ?.��  P y "i^spyyy^yt*^!!^:!  /;:/.;ySi:;/i;iii!i|ifei  y#l'p/;;pi8iSilii*j  ,;j ��� ��� ��� ������������' ��� ��� ���- -jj^jter*1"���  ;:;;/!��:y8lftiSi  ���yiypii  ;?.v,:j:'.:fei;i((S  Sli  t1!  0 .1  masM  ��  11 ������'., MiipiWHIJ  il;-    ill  '-1 v* ^ f - *���H  I **%   *  r ( ��   *. s I  f t <% >�� er  4 & '       1?  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By, the^nin(ierr)fO  tendantofcoustruetipnou the Rideau  canal, decided  to recognize the honor paid the   place b>/�� visit iroiti  ���'the'^  the  construction   of what /was  at thai tiiuep looked  npon/as a most important "national higliway: Captain  Franklin accepted the honor and August.'.'}(. )\ w^  fixed as the dat^. Inieresthtg historical sketches  extant/describe the busy time the nieu had on the  day previous getting things in readiness for the event,  and on the 16th work was'started at 4 o'clock" in the.  morning getting the- huge stone in position/ lor  Captain Franklin to give itthe; tune/homered taps  ���with the trowel.  'Captain Franklin's 'association; with'the wo&'^  .a great b#w  it."is .' quite apparent   that the   distii^^^  ���appreciated,'im^  ���of either 'FrankHu'ofp'B^  ;w.ho;to<layei'yoy:the,I^  well ���commenced;:by ihe^pyb'rave;pioneers of :;eiv|i  t'i'on'and'progress;; i;:;,!pThM  Yrbiii/' Which :'Captabiplfrisukliu ��� had,;;just retunitd\  cluded!..aj(ihVncy;u^  M ackenrie, the ex plorer of -the; raujestic;$tr^m;w|i  empties '/its ���:: waters in to'';-.','thfr =��� A:rctic..;: 'seas- was' [  ^ inkiest't'o'.give;; dtyht5:;'ow]t;t:^  when: Su- Jolvn'! Fninkliiv'reachM  i0ve-nlf>o'kihg...''thc:;^  ' in me horn'.Big;-;.river;ti*: M.acken!^ei;':";;;:;!; ^��1^,  .:,' - Pfonrt.be ;,u^mtUr;,y'c>f^'!t;!i^  r'nished' alongp/ ihe/coa^i Jn!'a;:"' .'north w^letiy:,djr��^  'goingp:asp farplts';^  'vv^st"of";i^oi!H'.lk.rro#p.:y  antl cati?e east:iS;'rftvr;;&  : here', he, ;';:co!'nthcnced;!pli|^;;';:;home^  r'cniched.";: By town '/��� iu;;Anful^  ���.stone' :oi'/i.tte;':1iig^^^  :;(').aawapi!id':Sty.:::;i,awfe  'Ringstiiii.;';': ���Oil,tbe/trtp;;ttor;^  .,(;:.-)<   JlLWl. WW*  t  M  ^10^;/AHClf2;L|S;i  1  eviei  [m  t  OSLER & GURD  ������������'������ '    ������      e " ,    .  Mines and Real Estate  .  ,;'������'.:' ���'/''������ ^iff<i*^i-M*v.tt#:J^wM^i||  ".���y./ "p; |!^;i;liyii:i^^ilsW*^P   /:, ..U f%t��#,;iiiii"t<#**:r o��rtr<sw'i��|  LOWEST PR1  -'.'���-/;���;' ^';-i^$iti'e''t>^i*iP'--;'-..':.;f:  ���.' H��ti^rii��'ii'.:*^*-.ti-*i: yMt'..'...  ���;��� p^^^|fe.|^fi|#l��-���#  '������"-'...'���.-";/ '������'���''���'.���/������:''/'-/---'-^.s*4:'.A'��? ������������'���'  BAKER STREET  ...Over...  Bank of Haiifax  NELSON, B. C.  SAMPLE; COPY-  "1 mtt% -K> .er^^4f n,^Jm^j^*^  1  w1  OrKcll& Morris  We Carry in   Stock -a full  Line of  Assaycrs' and Che mists* Supplies  DE!  B.  C.  AGENTS  FOR  ER FIRE CLAY CO.       WM. AINSWORTH  F. W. BRAUN .& CO.  vim" *��<!/ -wlwt :"*r*r-nttrr w1" J.^i  itimia�� "IriMt' ��i*,s' *tv:i* * '  SONS  ET TRANSITS ONLY $25  ������i#  P  1   frfi  a:  *** -$���-  D, SHOl  I'.,,,,"  Hi   Iti.  \i,;/;.;" /,;"!; ���������'��'-.i,1.  i���.,ua.i,- i*nu-u>-�� ��rsi��M'iHtiy.o,l.;\  ��� '   ' llM ,i"1 "������-�� ^r n.u��k..r niMuf,roj���mMii. BAKEB-ST,  *  n  ��-?cf'^;  ii.., ;,.;r-...vj- ,.7 sj;-:^  .r.nVW BHWTl���iiniimii mm  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  13  gained hy Dr.    Richardson,   who explored the  leriiviiie' fiver and parts of the coast.  le corner   stone of the lowest lock wss   laid   by  I'Dalhousic on   September   29th, a little over   a  iciie were important days for Ottawa and much  fc work then accomplished played an important  Sin the growth of the town to its present splendid  leuee :ini����.h'vj.the cities of Canada, ,  these days of rapid transportation the average  pn not engaged in mercantile pursuits involving  jnsive shipping, is not likely to appreciate the  le and ;iitij.��o.r.ta.iice'<u"the canal but it is ueverthc-  !a hii^hlv/ important adjunct to the' commercial  ?lMp!nejU'Oi'oH;Ktern Ontario As it also lowers  ;ht .rates ���iW summer it is a blessing of a very  jriai character to \\\e merchant and shippers, No  iV'.imdertakinij of the kind ever pays the country  et Interest f>n the..investment but the benefits to  |eoninimnt;P:Ht;hir^e are s-> much greater that the  III as-'-a-m'ode of travel is  bound to ever be a factor  in the development of the world's carrying trade. In  these days when the benefits of the Motherland are  so much spoken of one fact should not be forgotten  by Ottawa ns, at least, and that is that the great public  work with which tomorrow's anniversary is associated,  was constructed and paid for by the home government in its generous policy of doing everything  possible to develop this great colony.  The work on the canal was begun in 1826 and on  the 29th May, 1S32, a steamer passed through from  Bytown to Kingston.���Ottawa Citizen,  THE PRICE OF TITLES.  The small republic of San Marino, in the hills near  Rimini on the Adriatic, is said to do a flourishing  trade in titles for the purpose of raising funds to maintain its foundling and orphan asylum. The price  charged is a sum equal to ,��1,000, and for tha  amount anyone can buy the title of Vduke" or  ''baron/* and hsveit to decend to the owner's entire  posterity, or merely to his male  heirs,  according  toc  t, V.    T-t"  ��.. sr<*��T/t'iirrFTM i*V t  180IN OPERA HOUSE  J. E. A'n'NABLE, manager  faordinary Engagement A Theatrical Event  WEDNESDAY, AUG. 29  'i'-inti- Aj>[.w��r;int"v in K<dMm of tb��*  mum COMEDY CO.  .r'.��v;sr >Pv!M- Only,.  1 yunrm-u^huf*  Direct from th�� Antipode*  M (er��*nt expense this cowinany hashet?n orRani^d \n A��s*?ra]ia to  tint riVumtta find &>tuh Africa.   Wednesday,        ^ m ���van.nv mm  Au&w��r'<&, will ix) prodimcd ft fcpeelai adapt- limflMMil"  niton of A iphonse DtuuteCt* famous work....       *OnH  IIV  MRK  tiKOIKJKKMJOTASSAPHO ,  Tho'tt reuleftt Play of the Age  Tin r ttuy, Ai.#u*l J��Hb, "f% JL OT ET *  Tb�� titfkM notable ot'Comodle*, w#%0 Id  Krbttiy. Au?u��i31��t.   |l|0    flUlf^Ulf*   /\l IT  Tin? Fun** y C��med>\   IflO    Hlvn I     wii I  To I�� fallowed by si burlesque in one act of SAPHO ,  Saturday's IMw* Wnib** Only Announced.  PRICES SI, 75c AND SQc. SEATS NOW ON SALE  certificate of imphqvements.  citddCMWit Mineral riftlm, Mtuult; iu the  NVt��.tt  Mining JiivUtcrti of We*l  Kootenn>  IH^irbS, _ .  Whrrp heated:   On Morning Mountain.  Take m��liot> tl����t t. John MoUdehie. * ��uj��..  ot the ruy ..r-NeWrn. acinus ��* .W^J ror  i Hrrtwri I. WlUofi, Kw Miner'* i^rilrtmU"  H*. H'JJJSCe* intend,*! sty days from the dnU<  b<��rv*��ftt��nij.plv 1*1 Uie Mining Ucwmwr r��*r u  (VriUU'rtU' <*t Improvements f��r the purpose  uf ntiuunlivft a i mwn tyrant of tnv nnove  claim. .  And Anther lake, noiUv that action* unoer  tt-ctbm 37. must be commenced before the b-  Miiuttv u{ muii OrtUientc of Improvements  Uated this 12th duy t>f Juno, UWJ*  Jou>* McLATeiuii.  I  A. L PERRIER  LEAVE ORDERS AT  VAN STONE'S  DRUG STORE  -amps supplied on shortest;  M.vc and lowest prices. s  Aiair orders receive careful \  ���U'ution. '  Nothini.- bm frcsh audi  ^It-snnie meats and supplies !  T^ hi slock.  Wadds Bros.,  i  CESITtF.CATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.    *  Vawcoijver ��nd Kelaon  I Plmir ll*.i��-l  MAGPIE.MINERAL CLAIM.  ST., WELSOK  CERTIFICATE OF ��f^PfiOVE^E|3TS.  *���j*��cvtr*  Atmle May Mineral CUnhit, situate in  tin? Nelson Mining Division of Wosi Kontciuiv  DlMrlou  Where United: On Fortynhie i*iiH��k, and  H tin* southern extension of the "Majestic"  Mineral Ciulm.  T��kem��tieetbul l.Jobn MoUuehie, P.L.8.  of the rity'of Kelson, acting as u^ent for  Sol����nu>n Johns. Kree Miner's CVrtltieate No.  It U.X77, and William ft. Kobinstm, Free  Miner's eertilleate No. B 2tf,Uob, intend,  isixtydays frotn the date hereof, tt> apply  iu the Mlnlntr Heeorder Tor a eenideate of  mnrovemenls. for the purpose of cbtaininK  a l rown itranl of the above ehum,  And farther take uotlec tbut aetion�� under  sect on Ji7? must he commenced before tin*  Issuanee ��>f <m*h eertitieate of Improvements,  Dated this ninth day of May. A, IK WW.  JOHN MrLATCHlK.  i-'iL-,! .   \i   rth,uV<- (,��uim. 1 Orants at the above ehilms,  ^   m.iuv tbafaeilon, under I    And further take notiee that action, under  ,). r "'  ��'4>'��inene��-��d' b��fnro the j neeUon .'IT, must be  commenced��� befnttv the  ' umeate ���>( improvements,   i.Hsuaneeofsueh (rertlfleates of improvements.  <u,v *" Mh.v, a. l>. 1900. UaUni tbis^tb dav v��f JunejmK  K.-S, LKSN1K..     37'��4>�� A. i*. Pah^vklu  *1f*!k  ^ ^i   h  *^>r��^tHwa��affi?^  mm ������':'/yy>yrMfc$||P  ���  ������:'   v.i-l":-:-.-.:-.ji!f?;^-i��5��  Kit :���":���'���  a ���>  llslf  <��f����  Sft II Si  fmm  is, f *$$  fSi  14  fencv. Tbe republic of Brazil is said to make  similar grants at prices ram in; uomticoAo.fSO,-  ooo There are indirect means of buying titles in  other countries; In Italy, for instance, the title of  "duke" or " marquis" is often attached to. or connected with, a large estate in land. ��� Accpidiug to  the latest list of prices the tariff for Italian titles is as  follows : That of '���prince'" costs 40 ooofr (/.i,6oo):  p�� "duke," 30.000IY. (��},200) ; and of "marquis,"  25,ooofr. ^t.000; "counts" are cheap at ^.8oo,  " barons" are litterally thrown away at ��4*0. whilst  the ordinary - noble" is only worth ��� /200. The  above prices refer to,titles conferred by the Kin^. At  the Vatican prices are being tremendously ������cut."  The title Of " count" only costs .��480, and of " roar-  quis'' but./'iaomore. -���..-.��..'   . ���  THE NEISON HCQNOMIST  '���':-;*;  COME A  'i��$m  Nelsonfsnew chemical engine has l>eei,) pracl.icaliv  tested, and proves to be a valuable acquisition to  the  fire department.  :������.' "Certain'mechanicai;^  ail.*'���Ooef^.^  T>>'KlcKmtiofv,iiv^  mca n in g: cleit rl>% ..for cibty: :a nd;.agreeably M ~~ irnom  ':   *\Ipray'you,tttfirtm :^ ���"fe  tli.ciw.iltfai'orcdtyr^  .'.. The rippbrtu'n'ity.-.bf,: ha^sng; your voice tlioroti  trriifiediH nowofIered;:for;:(  Mr. CuAS. P.': M.cfto$TiJ$>./w^6-'/is:Tiowy'prepar^  ..take-'.pupils m ElocutionV';:':lnciuditvg;:.:Vo^l;,^raa  Pli ysieal Gu J turev A.riie��.liiiion;and, 'Owturfcf  'ta-keii .of auy'age* and^ti^^  rmieed; . S^xicM^ attention',  pupUsSelKirac^  given.in-wcek]^  other work.   ; ..Best-of refe^ '.'_  ������ \\>ic�� :test^  ���'������ Call.at'y. v ,  A:'HA^:^  283 uwi^  ;��� : y.? ::;-;��T^  OR ADDRESS: *;0^^  .iJ..        ,  .    .'..., ..,.. ^,ViiJ    .-     ^-^ix^s^iiuw--^  mtiAQl AN ;>)  v'OACIFtC. KY.  *"��  SOO LINE  G .0. BUGHANANlplollitb^  FAMOUS  IMPERIAL LIMITED  SERVICE  EAST AND WEST  Lumber,  Lath,  Shingles.  Orders   Promptly: FOM  Satisfaction  Given*  Yard, Foot of Hendry*  ,Ne|io��:  ,^*iee**  Moulding*,  ffuM0M  :i'';-.��.y:,;?i:'��;ii  'tM&i  nwWWMMHMMMV^nlMlfflnWMB  oLuwimw'^'Mii!"1,11,';1 yli,i^l*j!l.*Si?a**Sv  FIRST-GLASS SLEEPERS  On .All Trains from  ARROWHEAD AND KOOTENAY IDG  TOURIST OARS puss Modidne Hut daily'for  ���St.'.-Paul, Saturdays for Mont real and Hoslon.  Mondays and Thursdays  for Toronto,    Hamc ;,  cars pass RcivclsU)ke one day earlier:  CONNECTIONS  7.10 Lv. ..:..:.,..NELSON   ������15.30 Lv............ NELSON ,..  .Ar. lMJiVi  ..Ar.lS.,>, }  ���:,;.';;;-'^l  WH01CSAL�����������AHP R��TAIi  HEAD OFFICE:    WELSOH, B. C.  i  Morning train daily for and from Rowland. !  and for Rcvcdhtoke,Main   I/hh.-, and  i'ardfh-  Coast. ��� ^  Afternfx>n train daily for an'*, from  Ross*=i;'  land, and from '-Kcvtdnto-ko. Main  Line .and.:  Pacific Coast, and daily (Kx. Sunday ���< for and  from Boundary Point*.  7.30 ex. Sun. Lv...NELSON..Ar ex. Sun. H).:a.i  For and from Sandon. Slogan  I'oints. lu-\. \  elstoke, Main Lino and Pacific Coast.  KOOTENAY LAKE-KASLO ROUTE,  Str. KokarHM* Ex. Sun !  .... .'....NEfiSON' '....At.'.U'.Oo!  Saturdays to Argent a and return, lea vim* I  'Kaslo'at20.00k. ' !  KOOTENAY RIVER ROUTE.  *  Daily Strs Moyie and Nelson Luilv  22.30 Lv.-. NELSO.N      A r. 2 iu  Connects ��� Koot-enay  kndIng with Crow*  Nest Line trains.  30SSUND  SAHOOK  ��� RANCMCS "AT  TI8AII  tm^��i fonm  cm  sss^?  .Ex. Sun.  16.00 Lv.:  FormUiH, ticketwand iuii information an. '  ply to Depot or City Agent, Nelson, H. (.';., or  W��f. Anderson, ����� J. Coyle,  Trav. Paw. Agent, A.G. P. Agent,       j NEELANDS* BLDP  Nelson, B.C. Vancouver, n.c | pAtrrro   r-VB^  ���������'BAKER   STREET  I am now prepared to show t  Spring Goods.  A Special Line on  hand at ,'.. ..,,.,  All   other   lines  at Low  employed.  Mofie  in  -y -y  buy.^;!)"^1!  *^s  ik  *& i * (i ���>  --V w .jiiui|".y..;��  t\   �� ���  ricif " 'eiyvr,'  1  4  Tntr���i-"  *i|nim.p.M.  P*)1"*Jmp vm-w wfv-n^H \rMt>  'i  r i-Zm  H  ' "vi  >^^W����^^#*^*��%<>M��^  '   * J  ��  ; ?yy>4  Rf_i  .'r-    V  . ���  V  . �� ''  t-r.Jkr  >4>< sO^$  ./��� Vr-      ^       ?   .  ���^  At     M  u*  V">;j4sb  &t,  W>  1      . &, J.    %/f?%  ' "Mil*  With "' IIS��*   ��WP;��� H**^1^ * ^* IH .- LltlMi. --, r i. -,V . .��� .^--.;: n.. ,vr ^ ' i- ��t ^-'-J* -.-r :*b Ji" ^,.- .:* .f^J^al  Wc have the tai  Crockery. Etc.,  Ii   "^C(),J  ^ 'J -.'  I    /.'  *r f  .    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Ml   <U>  ft ��       *      �����      �������� *!<,*����* >��1��*    W����I^��**����W����P��  ���vatatmnn  Planing  STEVENS  :i*?:%''.'^''.'!.''���,���;'.,  Doors, Sashes and Turned Work  Brackets and Office Fitting*  *���    /    m _____ __   ^^  isfaction Guaranteed.   Prices Reasonabia  *-     ���  rw w^ w wmmw.jwiMwwuii  ��w��ia���inwmwumi'i  ii nw im���ii��<������ii .n-WMmta  SS 75 p^ m  mmm  [*i  v <V  *    1*  #J  c  All or*  i er?^  ,P��*cia  c   1  171 Ps sn.d  ���<nev  i -.  ��w  ifc.  B-, !��u-.i it-few,, s����* .-I ?v i--J<* ���".''. wm*. I te .V .v*a-i ^A-f  i-;:'--''*^  "-xw��K*!����m^(rTst*i*-<��-j��-*j^   ���L**K   ��**-"Vn.*-     ���Tt �� jii�� "*����*���!��wm* ��* jupwx** r i mnarw smrow* <*���*  . 41DWM-*   N**9s/- r-'OfcaJ* Aun* !��-**����-��*��*'  ���^ V1  i:  i?   1  1  Si  1.  u  r  1^  V   *  tt. ���  t  Quo! alio n*i jp��tl  ,���* r-  f    <��� ��!  4    *  T|'  J   H     tJ  a  t��   /  i^-n  ��� '��    -��i  -  . * ��*  ^ <^ *��  c  '     �����    r*    l��  n* #1   * ��.      k     ����� '  ���.-:!Lr  1 ** ��  .  ft. ft  m  . ... \.- i'4T j-jn  ijwT.^ i :";:,.-!fiu.'ii  ���m  U  -*��  *    (MTi;  4if  ,w *m Vi  ,'*->  *���"  ,.vra  SWM  /��,   *   ft,   *  F^r^t ^ ����>����\ri <*> *��� *- <.  ��� >n  ^IvmV  The Best Tobacco  1   <F 1    f  J    *  S-i  '**\   1*  "*.,  �����: ���*  v ���  iJA  s:  <H S  n  4M. 1 ,~n  **    -*  tJ  A, i  mm  %$  IS  m  f��-  ��*i^  fj*  V��* *:&  1 "Slf"^u.f,.j  fj^^^'pil^^'^l^^'i  :iKJ  .b*ttik3arjMp**^i^  |S_  i.'Si  ^''������'������AtaBWs **;��� "v*fl  :��-*.  v*1  y  1 ^���^������^w^r^*)^^^  .r ^h  si  A  At   A   ift   )��('  WA^l  hf^  rK<^"S��##A��  BUY  ,_y  _��T ^J_ *vf  t:  w *u  ^1,  ,W'  ^H.  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