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The Nelson Economist Apr 25, 1900

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ifi8S)S*IMISI®fefflSS^^ I^IIWHIHXIfMW^V  . i.ii \[._.\\m***^mmmmmxm_  ECONOMIST  VOL. III.  NELSON, b; C. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 25,  1900.  ��,~it*im&Mmn i  44 r��mfBn��i��J-A. Jmu-jn.i any,, r,x.foriv*  NO. 4)  ////���; XKLSOX UCQXOMtxr ,* imtfd ivfnj Wednesday  ttt the City of Xrhoiu It. C, % />. .?/. f,V%, Subscription : $3J)0 per, annum ; if pnid tn adrance, $1.50.  Vorrttpondtnce on matter* of gent ml inters nxpectfulhj  solicited. Only article* of merit will be advertized in  the** cMttniri*. and fhe inUscnt* uf render* trill be'carefully guarded ngu'imi ine.pmmblr permmnnd n^rtkl*.u  article**  more it will appear to the enlightened investigator as  a gold brick.  J*WA*r-��t r*iv.>  ���,*��-   ���   tj_ limy  Pay!    Pay!    Pay!  XoTfrK.��� Then*   tire  .^weral hundred  readers of Thk  Faw>XMMiKT behind \\\ their HtilwcrlptiaiH.     So doubt thin  !���, ultrihuUhteto ftLMrl^iktifl nit   that   will be rwjuireri to  Vu��urf a hasty rt*spor*M* U info trenUe reminder,  YXJK doubt if the most ardent worshipper of Hon.  * * Joseph Martin will contend that the visit of  ���that gentleman to Nelson resulted in establishing in  ihe slightest degree a credit with the electorate. On  she contrary, it is generally conceded that so far from  making a good impression, Mr, Martin only disappointed his audience. His speech did not materially  differ from his speeches elsewhere. There was lack  oi logic, with a strong desire to pose as a martyr and  to impress the people with a keen sense of the overwhelming importance of the speaker.  But,   as we  before intimate!!, Mr. Martin's'chief  characteristic is his egotism.    He seems  to imagine  that the public is disposed to overlook  vices in  him  that would'be ground for condemnation in others.   In  effect, he asks the people to forget his past  record o!f  unfulfilled promises and repose trust in the man, who  has betrayed them     He whines at the treatment he  received when  his treachery was discovered,   and in  the next breath poses as the man  of indomitable will  and courage ; but at no stage does he reach  even trie  dignity of a dime novel hero. Of one thing, however,  he may now rest assured���he has few. if any, friends  in Nelson.    His sins have found him out.  Mr. Martin says every government With which  he has been associated grew stronger by his having  been in it. There really has been an impression that  Mr. Martin's association with a government made it  stronger, even to rankness.  U Mr. Martin's speech elucidated his policy in any  wa\\ r was in demonstrating that he is an  experimentalist, who, in order to win notoriety, is prepared  to engage in any character of legislation, no matter if  his undet taking were to result  in disaster to every  vested interest in the country.    Mr. Martin's  attractive picture of the  advantage of government  ownership of railways is a striking illustration of the ends  :���<> which he would go   in order  to  gain   his   point.  < Government ownership of railways in British Columbia, at least what.. Mr. Martin oilers in  that   line,   is  .���amply- another name fcr aliowiagforeigii railroads to  cripple the great national highway.    Mr.   Martiti  is  ��� .not blessed*with a: superabundance of gratitude, and  he would smite the hand that  once fed   him.-Orrit  ��� may'he that he imagihes the C^  again, and that by preachi ng the doctrine of goyern-  ment ownership of railways he will intimidate the  management of that enterprise* It would mean a  great deal to the Northern Pacific or the Great  .Northern' to secure running rights over a railroad  that was built at the expense of the Province of British Columbia. The more closely Mr. Martin's gov-  eminent ownership.of railways theory is followed, the  The residents of British Columbia are becoming  alarmed over the invasion by Japanese laborers.    The  little brown men  are  pouring into the country by  thousands, and scarcely a steamer arrives at Victoria  which does not bring anywhere from ioo to i,ooo of  these people.    Already the labor leaders are agitating  against this great influx of Orientals.    It would be  serious enough if the Japanese coming to this country  were of the-better class, but if the reports from Yo-  kohoma are correct, such is not the case.    It is alleged the charitable societies and possibly the municipal  government of Japanese cities are taking a hand in  the shipping of Japanese pauper laborers to this country, and  it  is further alleged that destitute Asiatics  are  not allowed  to congregate  at  Yokohama  and  Tokio, but are sent across the Pacific as fast as possible, this being the  cheapest way getting rid of the  undesirable citizens.    In the absence of anything else,  the law in regard to the immigration of laborers under con tract shou Id  be rigidly enforced un til some-  thine can be done to check the evil;    We cannot  afford to be made the dumping ground for Asia>  and  that is what is in store for us unless  prom  ergetic action is taken.  During the past two years the Standard Oil  pany has-forced: up the price of coal oil in Canada by  six cents a gallon. The net profit which the company makes on all oil sold in Canada is nine cents a  gallon, or nearly one million dollars a year,    Ob'tile  -     i I  < > hu   -21  ������"������� ^  ��� ���' - r."V'  L'|j  n��  v  ml  ��@sa  tvti  ml  ftu  ill  AW  efts 'it  if �� n * { , '  ���r? =  M'MHBWMM^IWMMn*^^  ���:::'���'���:-&H *  ir  , '  ti  .if. j,t. w-im  THE  LSON  S Is:  Si  iSSs  it��:.  |:sKfci#J  ��M\'  llitl'  K|#SEi:-:::  K'Ms#i&��.;:'  gp��tlvp';  sbtr ���  ;$&'<$$: ���  i#?ll; ' .  �� V,>,',��� :i,i,K:Mt  Ifif ���  ���.?:,-' ���"'.��� ��� ��  ���{. tfe-'f' '.iji.  fill.'  Pitt  ���<  /��7  quantity of oil coustimed ill the Dominion a  the diffeieticein the retail {mee^w^  twlve cents per gaiira iti the Ifn^  t^hty^five cents ^  a sum of $2^46<x  thej^opleo^  the Ltbeial party inco  a clause to prevent combines  andy;''ni6i|6mii^;'troui;  preying otith^  member for Stanstead;:;in :a.\;vnbliWe������";:*S|��e^H^;,re��h'Uy��-  .rxnnted;out^  dealt;at:tbe^^  :tn&ut#fbowe^  suspiciotiHi^  with/thc^^  tatein/'decla^  :uat a corruptiw       ,  ,v     .......������ ���.���-.���.v; ..; :,'',' dr  .;���    . .. ���.-������. ���.  ���. .,���:��� .. . ' .'..������     ���..''..   ;-..���������    >. ���'.'������'��� .- ��.'-. ��� ���  ::madel)fct^  ;&mpany|:ati^  ,;bution^  ;tfcdu��&ri^  fr��t>Mr UWW*��H �����,��*<��&('*.*JfM*a#M-  ;;:fiM*t/:M^  ������riia^a^ua^  JNeisouJ^^  ���po��^s^  #W'*>kAs9*ViUtamii***t*.*'M*- .  :^:-^M:r;.-.; ,xOsca.r-:^  /tin's |rd&rw^  ';:tiaubtthat;;M^  inthe'Governm^  and';if^  : service-reiideredvit slip  .Mr.-Martih U  ;G:ov��nmetitf .Avith.'.^.;^  not enough'thatlhisy^  ���flieti0n;of Martm  tribute to his aggrandizemeut in the way; of yf Ornish-  ���Illg      U1SH    Wltu      ucvvapapci     ;.V'V�� ic?|/y��ifCJi^ -j.v;-   jv     IS  not the �� duty .".of the depart mental^:, clerks to'trav  around the country  and give the time, that should  'honestly-.;:be,\'devoted';'to: the; '���Pravince,..' to^'poliiical  -mduntebariksv ;-  In the past it has been   urged that   prohibit.iotsfots  were not sincere in their fight against the Iitj-uor traffic.    This cannot be charged against the   temperance.,  people of Aurora, 111., 'who have under  consideration  a novel plan to close the saloons in that city,    in the  past the:-lip-license advocates have  always been'- defeated because of the revenue derived by the city from  the saloons, which has ranged from $35,000  to  $40,-  000   annually,  according  to the -humber of   saloons  licensed.    It is now proposed by the  prohibitionists  that  the  saloons  be closed, and the amount  of the  revenue derived from them be raised ��� by. a special .UtK, ���  thus depriving the city authorities of,the pretext upon  which   the  licensing   of saloons  has been justified;  This proposition will be submitted to a   popular  vote  at the annual election in jo/m.    So far as known this  is the first time- the prohibitionists' have ever proposed  to stand their just proportion of the   increased   taxa-  :^lwiisj.is;cut:oKf  %ke v.; "Should ihey^  $p(&^^  ;s^^aretest:oF;ptiblie  : a wa tted :vvi t h; itnfcStiiiterts!^^  . ##--,:v* .Wi������'*'rt:-J '-^W*��^.IW*IH>W: H**f *, -����w��NMH1M0>fMA��W' , :,n,'  y::l)<utk'6ti'obors; \vKrt^>HaVe''^istt  :.to;pla'ce:ou;c%*aaM'��t^  :;ries:ati<i;..whb:a;fe  'It a veijeert; ;St����|^^  ���<^niiuttjioru  rfoirtt^i';:Sttti*:fc>-y  .'..�����-���������",::>:  , ,^i*��^rf*��vwai*^'"i^^w<��^^  ^::41^i'AA:rplaitk.:j  ���tlie^tai>!&,hni^nt;.i:*^  the  ^iea1:'d^'leots:;:ot:;tiv  .- %M*mwi#*r*��t.!yW,-f&m&vw.,;rMtfM!;<.  ::detgnM.rtO;::iti^  niliit ;,tfie-;lMter^  ���-*|l��'K*-<:(j.4(ftji>:-S.V;. ^iltW(^i**f.j*l**��i; ^t^AWWWi^'SltrvlW'vfcH1  ^  ;.;;:;^I^;a:Ji^  ���ttmjuiiiiW:Mtb^.vafm^  ^'Rot>cfi^:';:is::^K^f^  ' i 1$ tier ��� ijlirdes .of: 'tlie^V'Ef- C)8fici*i^Wr 1��^;�� "'.  :'r^po!tteiu  ..Eiifert^ take-fi^  :ftiibtiMa:��ier ;t.he  solclier.-bitt ^'liK::mo4^rliti0r  'a'; coinbiiiatiOn^^f'gift^  i>ii t be is' not U kdy'Mm  ;:6ver,.: b'ytL:::wi!I:-^reto  ilsearmv::'::>Tii^  "distinct "iM4:to^  Uiroogh' id];clifltcu!tieS4''::;v,;\;:--  ^f TiT. -W Jt��*>rt *���" ��**    JSV'SW��*HJ-''*i*?' Si-*��*U'  ���'��� * 'T11K.'Itw|ierial';:G6vier 11 ment': has;::;'pli^<t^aittafder:  with' a Montreal-..firni:-for.:3O,0pb:;/feH;^rfei-'i|tytt^/>��^.. tlie  same'Jtttnil>er :of overcoats/'for ^  ���Africa . -���\v/:v.;;v  -..j.'f*-       j^yjjw.t-**^.);.''  '.'��� ��� ���SpEAKiK:c;';of tiie "'sympathy' V..bciu'g..s'ho.W".- i>V:the  lJniied:.Sfetes.for Great ;;Britatft.':in;the..present; strifc,  /i!te.ix>;nclotr-Tvi/^i��%nW>vba^  both 1 lie Free State'ami- Natal '���tnatters/apr^ar;;. t;p: -be  |>rojj.resHiug,a$AVe:ex;pected-; aiH  wishers in. America, ;who:are."evicleihttjfi".;iiery;<>^5.-.'^ to,  the possible: efiec.l^:of-:a .check-- in our Jtdvat#e;;oti';the  ���opinion of the efectorate,' 'ii��*6ci- ';not:-;:^Mr\^^^';;fl>a-^c  themselves .uncomfortable :' AVe ��� are';-toklvtbaV:-..tft^rt;  .will -be ' no ��� Boer '|>arty in. theilsjUed; States K Ijyrd  Robert*} wins a'decisive victory' -before the Republic^"(  co'iivjentioii in June... We cannot;.of' cotsrs^' |>rom^e  to oblige our  friends 1>y. simplifying their politics  :':l|l  ::iiS|  ^m  h -  r  fMsy;;:  "v^.,  : ".* Vv'!v^1  (..  .��^t-  ^   ������  1  >��� �� 1  . V  "TqrTT  .    r      1. l' THE NELSON ECONOMIST  1  them by that date, but we shall do our best, although  sone Americans indulge th?ir sporting instincts by  sympathizing with the weaker side in a fashion we  did not practice during their contest with Spain."  It has been suggested that Premier Martin should  have the tetter he received from Mr. Laurier half-  soled, otherwise it will be worst out !>efore he completes his campaign tour. This letter has been very  much in evidence at Mr. Martin's meetings, and according to his own interpretation of it Sir Wilfrid  I��aurier and he are bosom friends.  <y>r<Wl.*ftMiwUM*    fe<*fft4��      ��� iv^HMMM* �������  Hon. Joskph Martin plays the part of "injured  i t.iocenee*' in the great political drjma with dis-  uugu shed success. According to Premier Martin's  si-irv, Mr. Carter��Cotton is the bold, bad man, who  i  ���seated all the trouble in the Semlin Government. It  ., very singul.tr that all the mesnbers of the Semlin  ,*.tity (inspired against the unassuming, inoffensive,  j o!oceut Joseph.- for the purpose of having him ex-  -i:\L\l irom the late Government. ^  At the political meeting on Monday evening the  Premier received a patient and uninterrupted hearing.  There was little enthusiasm displayed with the ex-  ivptiou of about half .a dozen applauders distributed  Uiroughout the audience. The Question has l>ecn  asked, who engaged . these professional applauders  and what remuneration did they receive?  JUWUWMI    -hnWHnl     <*����r�����   '  Sir Wilfrid JLaukikr said, in the House at Ottawa the other day. that it was not thought advisable  to restrict Japanese iuiinigatton, and that he believed  the Government's policy in this respect was approved  ia British Columbia.  The old ticket has been renominated in victoria.  This nraciicallv means the abandonment of the party  hue tig hi in that constituency at least, except in so  tar as scratched tickets are concerned.  ���n rv<W * **   '  Carsi.kv & Co?., the Montreal "department store  have favored The Economist with their spring and  vuminer price list, with the modest request that this  Paper will "kindly favor with notice." The Economist has not (he slightest objection to giving S. Cars-  lev ^ Co; a couple of VioUsirs- worth of tree :: advert is-  mg, and witit that object in view a close examination of 'the prices quoted was made. In vest igatioii  revealed the tact that there is scarcely one article  meutioue'd'' in the price list of dry goods that could  not l>e purchased irom Fred Irvine & Co., Martm  (.)'Keiliy & Ca. and the other dry goods stores in Nelson at the same price as quoted by theMoirtreal department siore. And the same thing may be said o?  other lines quoted. Takefurniture and carpets, tor  instance. D. McArthur & Co. sell almost similar  goods at about the same! prices, and less, when the  question of trieght is taken into consideration. In  jewellerv, the same articles tan  be   purchased! Irom  Jacob Dover at the prices quoted in the Montreal list. Why, then, should Nelson people send  east for goods that can be purchased at the same  price at home?. We hope this notice will be satisfactory to S. Carsley & Co.  Messenger Boy No 1534, who is now on his way  to the Transvaal with a message of sympathy for  Oom Paul from 22.000 Philadelphia school children  who may be presumed to know bout as much about  the cause of the war as the average American adult  has been pictured in nearly all United States newspapers. The Victoria Times is strongly of the opih-  ion,that he might have made a strong candidate for  President if he had only been a little older.  1 1 ��� ��  LiLiuoKALAxi, former Queen of Hawaii, is about  to return to her country palace in her native land. A victim of the grippe and disappointed  at her failure to secure a pension from the United  States Government, she takes a gloomy view of life,  says a Washington special to the World. For the past  month the Queen has been making ber shroud. The  Hawaiians always prepare their garment with great  care. To be buried in a robe bought or prepared by  strangers is considered discreditable  It is suggested that Mr.* Cbarles Hiilyer may be  Mr. Martin's candidate in Nelson district. The  chilly reception accorded Mr. Martin Monday night  should not have the effect of encouraging anyone to  espouse his cause.  They have a peculiar custom in Hawaii of every  one making their own shrouds Just now, we know  of one public man in British Columbia who might begin at once the work of making his political  shroud, with an absolute certainty that it will be required on and after June 9th.  Mr . Sifton might take New Zealand as a model for  his immigration policv. There the Government isi  buying out the big run-holders, splitting up the land  iti to 200 to 600 acre farms, and actually helping  workingmen to make a start by advancing cash.  The Canadian Government prefers to bonus the  pauper labor of Europe and reduce the .native, population to a condition of mendicancy.  <&  .***'  The candidate crop in the Island  is excellent So far there are seven ca  trig election in Usquimait and nine in  It is a matter for congratulation that  ..ness block of P. Burns & Co., was not  damaged by the fire yesterday.  Raslo's 24th of May celebration will surpass all  former efforts in that direction.  '��V'5  ���M  \i'  ���::'5V*'-i  ,1  [1 *  "<��k  l'>  <>' 1 .fy'ffi  : l .,-i;.i  , >��� . - ,1.  .' .**���' .~' \?y  ,      '.'.���.,*,.vil.'��4ll  -     '   -   ^'M  ,'-.'���'^i  1  ���->%  ft S  T-n  '���im  Hi  mm  mm  ��� **  m  ���;������':" ������;:.>; -"^T"~vgi||i^p NELSON ECONOMIST  /;tnto the'^  ���Joseph./^  togaled^  :tleman,:^-Suclr-is'fiitUe; ���U-,;v;;//V/;: .':/���: v?:'^  -;:';;:-; Hoii. Joseph;  TivM'ttrt'^  ;.-It;: seems ;Superfluous;t  /pleasure/;^  ^veiling, p^  :^^  . ;iu0c^uo;us mail  :-:;wit h/l. he '���; food. .>-��:;So\-;tf��^^ to'''some -  .;e^.^  ���tiou;,'-.p.rodu^d:;l^-;;^  ::siom'aeh//;/^  ���'// /Among/vtfc^aspira ?V tS -' lor: .::pSli t i^l* I ���::--h'rli i;b r^>;-^'r�� r'' \^ i^t ^ * ^ -"  :)>ia,yand^  :wotil;d;;i>e:-tisefoltn:;th  'to*a��^imnt*jt^mwimw,..  :;;;;;:;:;;Ttiere':J  -^mpl^  ;;|ell���in/  ;Reraiiiis^  -.and; had v.t hequfeest^  .kept/^  ax^om^  btit;/Lt:I;^  ���-���;;::v.;v!.Unt!r.::;Num  ;;^;^^  ;.i|^';hppitaf  pitalahd;^^^  ;;bug,;de^  :wurse;...:,.h.e;;::.:d^  :cbaracter::itt^:':o  doubt: j>e::%ad:.;;W  frotitv;;;;::.,:\^!ii!^  '#���*   ' .k ':        '*'-;���'     ���   ;���   .���"'���.   ������;."���'. '������'���'-.  .. V  '���'���', ��� ��� , . ��� '������\y-       ���-���'.���'   .���������'���������. '���'']-'.:-. '������   ": ���.;���-. r, ".'';'' ���'���:^':���.������[> "���:���   ������ -.-���' ���' <r,':'.-'-: -       -1: -����� ..-'��� ,���      ':"' ������.^..'���'.'. ���  :;V':;Maii^  -raa^  ,makes ^pleasant; reading :,for.���',Capt.;.;,:HcK!gin^.mmix^;  friends in-.'Nelson. ,-'���:".:������'���'"'  prii0itt;;y'%v^'re:;;tt  /inet;''w^  .rerit.ieaf,;tn  :;a^  ,-trpof^  :;y;te^v;y:;^  :; fih'exl .:;at;:. riindisnir.. wc>^  '|regiinentt:.;.I|owe:vert;:  ��� W'iisfeVaKSSiAivt;***^!, .  /tfV  To;- morrow; ."fe ye hi njg;-' the -.���com ic:: 'open*:'" * * Hit a fore*'���'���  ; .���../willreceive';.its/fi^^  the Opera Jlouse. '���' The'/rehearsals'. have;, progressed-  :i.v ';skti^factprny.;���,������ But/p^tha'j^-"a 'itttle. toiif' =;;ititich"-::''mav���''W-  /'/.expected; of. ^  .   MiST/in'its,next;issue,;- will   endeavor; to';-.', supply- - a :  .v:: lengthy /criticism of the perforniance.:. ''/'"<";'.:  .;���;.:/'/As.yet,:no  effort ..has ;beeu.: made  to .organize- the.'  . kelson, 'lacrosse club;- -'So.rnething;'should be done   in  .-this direction of-once, not only' in the Way'of orgap-i/'-;'  ��� 'iug:aclubfher^ \n the  Kootenays to 'organize;   : lua lew -week*, preparations/  will begin for the Dominion Day ' celebration, an-d if  the Nelson lacrosse filayers. are -.to gi:t any 'recognition  from the Finance  Comniittee/tlicy- 'must   be   able   to  show that a match wilh some power-to attract will be-  '���'made,' ..  Lar^ge portions of the.stomach may be excised, or  .even .the whole may be removed/ with no wry great  mortality, and in successfn! cases with" wonderfully  , little effect outhe patient's digestion. The stomach  ���hardly occupies.-in our present opinion s--> important  .a.-phce iu'digestioii a's it iortndy held. We know  that it is rather a preparer for the exercise of the digestive  power, of the pancreas than an active digestive  /';; :;/.john;::f ioiisto  ;;:;���;: ;:forjK^^^  ���..^together- ;wit|ithe/y!s^  :,./ the;; poll. I tea!/ pot 1-Wl:ng//  :..;;if Mx:/]Ii.di.is|i^rtv.u-;e  ��� -way,--.but.; t||e;!a^-dti^T?r^o;1  ,/. i;on ^of iriinterB.. con:.sidcn  ���%*-.''      ���        * " ..  '���     . '������'��� ������.���'������"'    .���'���'���''.���.'   :.  "��� ���:.'/    ,������'������'��� :���������,'������..���.'������ -:'''V-  '���   \:T *i' <t t t ��'l     '���"���*** .*�� 4 *     ���'   H A . . u    :   ��� w,       ���   ,��t.::iJ. 4 !'.|i'.'v'-"        *'- '...'*'     .. '' : ���*-'��� ���������'.��'.��:-i. ...���,'..;������: ������ .ft.:: *���.../��� * .  :...*>*��,i.,.f .-.t.i,,^ /iiiiv^va.... ::ca.udicsp.te:in.ytiietjei|ii.v  /������:s��M'f>;i��;nde^<<M^tb^:'^r^  ;ts will;'Aise.���nr;a:#.lectioii,: ;'Tte  ; 'Conservatives who.bav'e'1>eeu; ���prt*iichih^;/pa ;  vfor   5.ome:'/inouthis,- ..and,; are "��� defer mined ;,to; Mvi :'.a:;  /siraighfrJiiie-inan in'.th/'liefoy'';'-Thelatt:er'iu'sti^''thcir';;  .course' by the fact ;t-ha't. die 'CouHer:vattve-'.A;s40c^^  at one .of. its mere ling sst'l most- ';iin',��tijinously ''inioptcd, a ��� ���.  resohitioH pl*��d^i.ng stipport 'only 'tot*' '���SttmglU'   party-/  :��� line niahv'   Dr. (George Hall   is: :��|^ken:;: ()f,as,;;v 'can---/  didate for the��� 1/iber.jis."- and m.':-i*Iho".ik��� <5.i>I'd;-'C-oni-tiiis-.'.:������  siouer Turner,    With' so many .:'c*iudidateji seeking 'the.' -  suftrages  'of- .the |.ieople, the foii'hcoining/e,!ectic>n/in :.;;  , Nelson, district'slundd not'1 be'such a ��� tame-afe-ir after,''  '^l.  ���'-   ."'��� :/.��� ..... ' ' ��� :-----:;'-r'^  jobn Keen of'Kaslo.has been ���lioininatedto con lest  Shic/ui coi;stitueucy.    The friends o^Mr./���'���Keen:���ct?um.'.���.,  that he will be elected, as be has alwavs 'i>ecu-a warth-  ��� ��� . ��... <  hiend and supporter of the   prospector ami ���miner -be*-./.  sides being greatly respected   by   the   business corn;  mttuitv.    , .1/ p/<i'r-  .%.  t-^waMwprfWllWlMIWSWR^^ THE NELSON ECONOMIST  FROM THE CAPITAL  (ri|��4��ttiiti <'<irwix>mt<jiK'<? of Tn e  Kcoxom mt.)  xriCTORIA, APRII, 23-���The Victoria Liberal-  V Conservative Association has held another  meeting for thi- purpose of reconsidering the decision  iif contesting the coming election'ou party lines, declared for at a previous meeting. The orators of the  evening were Capt. Harmon, George Sheldon Williams and William Lorimer, The meeting adjourned  about midnight with the result that the resolution for  turtv lines stands.  Incidental jo the above meeting, rumors are afloat  that .Mr. A. L. Belyea has not the interests of the  Conservative party at heart although a strong advocate for party lines and that by having the Conservative Association declare for party lines he will be  ilningjoc Martin a lasting service, inasmuch as the  Liberals will S?e compelled to join issue on this question. Be this as it may, Mr. Bel yea has caused considerable strife in the Conservative Association.  meat when he had not a single follower in the House-  It appears, however, that W. W. B. Mclnnes did not  like the outlook for Joseph���indeed, it has not been  very brilliant���and he was. abiding  his  time rather  than give up the substance for the shadow.    It  now  devolves upon him to assist his  father,   the Lieut. -  Governor, for in the event of the defeat of Mr. Martin,  Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes  will  be decapitated, and as a dutiful son William Wallace  Bruce is  now going to seek election, in this Province as a supporter of the present Premier.    No doubt be will run  in one of the Nanaimos or  Cowichan.    In Nanaimo  City he might be elected provided  xMr. Ralph Smith  was out of the way, but in any of the other constituencies it is doubtful if Mr. Mclnnes could be elected.  He is young and clever and had a brilliant future before him, which is probably destroyed by "an  ambitious father, who has been endeavoring to push  forward his son at all times rather than allow him to advance by natural process of development.  '���HM*** tophi he*mimk  It matters not what resolutions either the Conservatives or Li ben Is may pass, or what may !>e said,  one thing is certain, and that is the party line idea  will be more or less in evidence throughout the Province during the campaign.  U '*��tn    KM  Last week the Great Northern Railwav landed an-  ���oilier shipload   ol Japs  here,   and   thotreets are  thronged with the Orientals.    It is freely stated that  a certain politician la responsible for the great influx  -."i these people, who are being rushed  in for the construction of the road  over  the  Fraser  River.    It is  further alleged that a prominent  politician   promised  the sneedv construction of this   road, and if the rail-  way company employs the Japs  it should gxv^ the  anti-Japanese-Chinese agitation a big boost in certain  quarters.    While there mav be no foundation in  this  ���.report, it must l>e confessed that some politicians will  ���do things which are not  above  suspicion,   consoling  themselves with the iniquitous doctrine that the end  justifies the means.  1 he question is frequently asked why Joe Martin  entertains so great a regard for John McMillan.  While the latter is an ardent admirer and supporter  of the Premier, still how can Mr. Martin reconcile the  attitude of John McMillan on the Chinese question.  On the one hand, Joe Martin, declares he is strongly  anti-Chinese, and on the other hand, it is a matter of  record that Mr. McMillan declared on the public  platform that the Chinaman was his brother. Has  Joe succeeded in converting John, or vice versa.  It is currently reported .that Joe. Martin will contest this city in order to assist his colleague, Mr.  Vates, but very little credence is placed in the report.  The concensus of opinion is that Joe had better seek  election in his own constituency, or he may be left  ".out in the cold/ which assuredly will be the ../fate, of  James Stuart-Vates, '.'./���/..'/  The dispatch from Ottawa announcing that Mr.  Justice W-dkem contemplated retiring from the Supreme Court Bench at an early date, has naturally  given rise to the query, who will be his successor in  office? Mr. Aulay Morrison's name is mentioned,  but those in the inner circle say that Lord Baltimore,  commonly known as Samuel Perry Mills, will retire  from active political life and go on the Bench. This  is to be regietted, as Mr. Mills is an eminent statesman, and the gap created by his retirement from public life will be indeed be hard to fill. However, there  will be some consolation in the fait that the Bench  will reach sublime eminence, socially and intellectually, by the acquisition of Lord Baltimore.  'HI  The announcement from Ottawa that W. W. B.  Mclnnes, M. P., will resign his seat in the Commons  wd seek election as a supporter of Premier Martin/  was not received with an unusual degree of surprise.  As a matter ef fact, it hW always been suspected that  sooner or later Mr. Mclnnes would be one of Mr.  Martin's cabinet ministers, inasmuch as la pere Mclnnes had called upon Mr, Martin to form  a govern-  The policy of the Martin  Government and  recent  legislation are having a disastrous effect on the mining interests of this Province.    A Chicago syndicate/  which had an option on certain mining property  on  Vancouver Island, abandoned it, although  all payments had been made except the last.    The reason  assigned was on account of the policy of Hon/ Joseph  Martin and "the legislation which  had been enacted  while he was a member of the Semlin  Government.  There are numerous cases of a similar character, and  the sooner the people realize the true condition of affairs and retire Mr. Martin to public life the better it  will be for all concerned.  (,\:  I  "'"    :',M  v'^l  /-���/."Si  'a-J,  , >     . t  f,v\  ��� .".&|  ���/q(J  * *- ?s  ' " ['I  1 'f' Ji  /     " .��� ���V i  , $������  A i    *<  3l?l  ^ *   - f*l J,"  t     ���"Vt  >kVi  ._ '...'Sit,  -   - .v,v,?���-  .       -���/>  ' ?.T*B1  nm  mwnmtNwmnR  fflWSilHS^lMfflWSSKM^^  S!l��B��g!&ttnK9^ o  NELSON ECONOMIST  fittl  CURRENT COMBIENT  ';//:-:��� :;-/,/;:/;^;/;;;-'-'/-^  :v^/;;;/;;/:/;/;:/';: ////;/-///^  T  ptit#, aftdgG^  Boer generaL as told by Shepherd in a letter to bis  friends, compares id interest  t he;;wa rwri tten/. l^/any  ;out;:thefe';:'S/:.Th  .iristinct'/of/a;^  ���deserves /to;/;be/prc^  ';''::;:'.-**Wrhile:;^at/tlie;^  ���. wound^//'Boer//pnsd  ;;marriant.;;/Pretqrio^  ;srx>ke;tb/him;;;for,  -a'Gatiadte^^  ;*Weilv::my/:boy|;;y^u,]#^  hereto  b'tyiSa^^i'Ssh^-^wiit:  !aetibn:;/ofyfh^  'iles|ifne:/vyhy;iyou td^u  ^y/c&h't  pCTeToye;^  ;himtt/:wa^  ;astd/s^w;i.the/;w  ;hurtiy;yy&  ���stroked;/:: bis^/;;head/a n  .asked. him bow he/ 'iva^/t^^t5!^l���/: .-f -, He./^a id. '��� shbiHtly > -.t h ait'..'  /he ���;::ha;d'/n.6th.in'g  ���abstracted: in/fuan'o;er,\.:I,bade;;hi;m.good .bye, ���;���;,;;/  ;:.;v//;y;;c ���'  ;;;//;, ;<^.;/./;.;/, /;���''/;;.���;., Inland .HentluvL ; ���.':'.-/:,.: .-.''-  ///;:The;- nomination  of Mr.'';���.-. H. .Mackintosh,hy/tfae  /Conservatives/of/'Rossla  "���provincial:.;-Legislature,,:- has called  forth   eommetit  /'from" the.;:--press/;.'throughdut;. the /-Province:  While  brought  forward by the party with which he has so  ;;loog;'been;afiRil'iated, Mr.;;-Mack-iutosh is oot.a supporter  of the party-lines movement/ In a letter addressed to  the president of the Rpssland'Conservative/Association, just  before receiving his nomination, he  made  his position on this point ,v^ry clear.   He says: '���While  I  believe  the  Conservative   patry   has at  all  times  endeavored to keep inviolate ante-election   promises,  while from my ex|x?rience I have learned to love and  respect that party, I am   free to confess that the mellowing influence of public life in various positions has  taught  me, in times of emergency, to be .willing; to  adopt broader than   mere partisan views.    I  believe  the present crisis in the affairs of the 'province demands,  patriotic self-denial on the part of those., who have confidence in the future of British Columbia, and while I  do not profess to sit in judgment upon the opinions of  my fellow-citizens who differ from me, instinct prompts  ���/hie to suggest a halt, to ask the question, What does  duty demand under existing  circumstances;?*'' -"The  answer to the concluding query is so ^elf-evident that  the   wonder is that occasion should ever  have   arisen  for its being put.    The duty of the electorate, at the  P)��ent.;j uhctii'm*;is-^  t*ridyunHe;hvtfe  ;firstc��>nsideratio!i4.-y;'r^  ore /--aU::/;:/v  /;-;;;/::;/;j;.;;:-:;//;://';:/-'/  ;.-,; ;::;By//;.-a ./despatch^  ob^^e/'that/the  :arel^vtng;^  the-majortK^rtlon/o  ��� I)a'WSon:.t Ctty:-':: ahd:':tbe"^  nqrtben...:;go|cl;belii;'"  j^'ttej"^  firu^  proye/eoffolus^  tad/^the^  tr&fficr;th^  eotupetiti^  reme&b^r^  ?a'n^agein;'ship  dutifs/yto/^^  sharp/;:;cut ting |q  tirae,*./tbe;Seattfc  their; it rae;: i tt ���. aoy tbi'ii^t /  ;profi��;dr-p^^  s'tabflity-y/M  ���Seirtleyy  -mar ket/;;;wit.h;/:;th#  materia :::Which^  ed; fargdy/au/sp^ul^^  -order./. /-.But ��������� ;i?owe ver /;tM �� tun v/be/Sthe/  :tsythere  /for ������;;tbe /'coufidermtjou;;/.^  /Oe/yis-at/ti%^^  ymanneirrai^  '���;the -abounding; ':^  ':; played by-those people/on;theifidtscty/^; tKijik/thatiil  ���-would/;.te'weti'/for/'.t:be.^  .���:',uke.a,leaf ;,ot*t W/tb'eirbto  ^li/it/i^  --v'ttt-stt i*it>s &jWiiriit&'������: flit*. ***#*��-*tml.Z.U, Ozmh-^MSt'-'l''-, '.������:.'.��� '0'  :������'.:���.��� ������������ / ./ ������ .The Policy/of--^ttttttinii^g^''wi^     ^"&.W'"  ���.' Vaneou v^r::;.proylh^-^i:'-;��;;:;/ W^B-B ���<���:���':  ":.'. /Prom whatyMr^-Otxouof  ''appears't hat theMartitrgovernm  /:a-gtngl!ie.;i|e.Qpic;^  that-the'railway scheme/wb^  . txz ;brought������ iirto;/'operittsorrtnicter;;-a.';:|>roviocial;;; set:.  ' Tii at'-is to-say*:' under the tramway:^  . the proposed' Kettle over yeah be'.co��stfttct^a��td'giyen-  . connection: with-, a. 'railway'. out he.-(J fitted .'States/side  /of... the' boundary. '' Mr; Dixon 'hasmade/ytheystate-  ;ment:/' ��� "The tram way /���'act''gives/practically.;alf. tbe  ' privileges of the ordinary railway acttexcept/wecan-'  not  run to a point further than onedialf a mite  from  the .boundary tine but this difficulty /cmi M 'overcome  bythe purchase of the necessary ground to; enable-us:  ���to '.'make close'cbti'iiecitous with tlie-.'American lines.-',  This/contention/ylie/says* :vvas;approved bV' Mr." Mar/ ^  tin' and'his''colleagues.;' "In 'that -ease'IMrv   Martin  .and' his colleagues - were carrying out. their ..pottcy-oi  humbugging the public, the ������.people of the Kettle rives^  valley" being  selected- fbra lc>ca.l:.:applicattois:.--';/;-lbrec-  of Ui���; ministers, .-at least, are .'learned, enough.; to y.1"*;-'  law    to   know  that "provincial/���.legislation" 'cannot  authorize  railway/connections "across the 1)Oundary^  'They' /must' have deliberately determined /to .-deceive  the 'people 'interested when they spoke as Mr. Dixon..  represents.1' " ��� ���  f  f  s  i  i   r i^ifr?'  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  <)  i.,iL'.T.^.ir-.n.vj;-*  ....,. ,_. ,,._ .. y'fcg$��g��|  ���'"��� '���'���'���:��� -u--r: :Ct:'^-?.y>tv)6s::^mn  ..���''���-;'i ���,��� .-.���;������'.'..-..V-S'.^v&^j  ������,'.'.'-v '���'^il^,,'''.rfc!-v^J::>'.'?73'*iS(^-!  '::,:.:,:::'-^>,. f;^;;K:��jB��pi  .. ;'.'..-';...   'rsr-iy��";:\:tms3Z4  ''������'" ''^:'.' v':    '^ -i'f'vS- v:9li��  ������; V^:"- .'.',c-..tw^:feiS-;'Sw3lS  ,.,.jj*.s��m  ,; ;,������,,. ��� ���;/: v:.i":-^(%iv^.#|5r^  '.',':'��� "..''^-'k '.'���". V!-.rr;:.V^{'v:t'''/,/^'/��S4?jJ  ..,-... ���,.;���''V-:.'.-..vi,.".-'5''Stri^gfef  -;.:,v?ir.i:jr,:,-;;,;��: M'^X^fel  1-.,,.:.'. :,���:.,,-.v::--. ?.-.Wji��4��iy  :..',-��� . ���'���'.:���'���:���<''��� .:��� .:A<r:^;:E�������*S!  ^A"����a  ever cnangingyies^  mountains,  vegetation,  spot for j| summer  niilwavf and is situate ^lilj^  town of Nelson.  ������ J. ���". ���.'.'��� .-���.���, ;���:���;;: .V;:-yi;av;;:!M��^.M  ���. ......,,yyy^-:MmmSfM  ;.'������: ^X''t;'v';,,'',';.' ������ '��������� "i'''- yzy?^'^&m  :,:.!'...: ;; ���:���,.:, \.!,<j.-ii:..:;*r.w.\\-A:?,:w��X:ii3&\  >'    -i .������.���'.���j-i,-:..--...-;-!    ���t,M:.-,fi..'S'-!Hi*.5il iiskiuf'  v':':-:;.1-' M^;.vi,-.;.-i,\^>.\ivt*.-rf;.,,^1H,V-K��8'i  y'.,���';:N, > iv; -V: A.,(',E, l,'Kv:ly^^��  "yyy^yM^y^'^y&gSiPM  ^:yr^^yyyyyyM:-im:Mmmm  ���      /;fi/| ^v/;p|||;||^^  ���    '.--*-:.''.: -���;'.:,.' 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'^^  S A M PLE  COPY- FREE  V;.-1104J2/N.BrmdW^.,/.l'-^>^/.\^^��^?<v^.^;    |,; ������;;:  ���jk;-.'.. V.: -   ������' V:  . w ,-: -,,-.-;���     . :..���; +  ������:-:' '^'.���';^.--',iV':'..r:' . ;'. .   $>���  ;t.'y^pMvVp'u''B'uy;S^-;./-.v--;-.{t:y^-' ���  ���--:"-."'���:->-.-.-;'."   -���'.'-':-:'-.-:-..���-/:    .- .���^'.���-.:--'  *  WHOLBS.A.I-K,;i,ANB/ K.ETAJ0  .M��aIJ:^^  /S/AKtW*  MMm  i^WW|*BPMi'l��Wm^  #  4  O'Kell l*^<>irrts:  I  .1^  ; f *est": Sf ocfe:; in ;.f he/ Kmmtm v;';;  /Aisoa/full/i  Sfjelf and ;HftAV�� HMfiuiQrd  ���;. ;Wc..itvvite .a;: ;'/"���// : y ���/  y;yy:cm^^  mmw Marc!ware ��  y. * y * *Jv'' ���������' <��* -  ���'���:-"..<*>* If.    {"��, S.,' .��5��*v   "  ri;  '- '   .   H. '^jc jv     '    $t ^' I ' .!��-'.':*W***W,'fr.i  ",; ���   ���: fc:l*">'i' '    'A��4rf    '',".'*.v'-��������f��(i��,.  .' 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Ag��nr.��, Howard Station,- St.-Louis, Wo.-   ''���'-������-./'':  ���   Jl��l-.  > \��l��.iA.\l. fiHK   aNIi   nKIUTilfKYvO;' Ouniti��M. - Mt*x.. ��� Miintifttriui-ifr^   K  *v^       -     ��� ! . -��� ���$  PRICE 8 CENTb PER POUND   - '' .   -|  .^ ,��� �����:, -,r^ ��.,?^ ,,-���.:;-.���p-^s;y^r^v^x*^$ ^s;*^.������ .^i;v^i>\^?*>$��^s}*^'^^"M^.^^^$^#���5  i^fej  m  hi-.'-J  |i  i:   '*  rasH,^" ���'���a THE NELSON ECONOMIST  11  glanced from the drill and took hioi squarely on the  head, inflicting a temporary put painful injury. This  incident did not serve to improve the spirits of either  man.  At last they had penetrated the rock far enough  and Michael, with a sigh of relief, proceeded to clean  out the drill hole, preparatory to inserting the charge  of powder. Thus far the work had gone on in absolute silence. Now a ntfw obstacle presented itself.  A small vein of water had been encountered and was  tilling up the hole as fast as it could be soaked out.  ruable to contain himself longer, Michael broke out  fiercely: i '  ���'  '���Dannie we've .-truck a wet joint, an' the clay's at  the iun\s%t    Run *wl fetch it."  The only process in a case of this kind before the  explosive can In? inserted is to stopthe flow of water  by pl;Mcrmg\the sides of the drillhole with a very  tine eiav,  Michael's homv, a one-story frame structure, with  newly whitewashed exterior, could'be seen about .a  quarter of a mile away, situated on the brow of a hill,  surrounded by trees of many varieties, all clothed  witn the rich foliage of early summer. Back of this  waved half golden fields <��f gp>in and as ait appropriate background the edge of the forest stretched1 fir  <>ii until it reached the horizon a mere thread. It was  -i> barren as the quarries below were barren���a ' fit-  wSiL! contrast.  As for   Dannie  he was very much pleased  to go.  Himself a youug lad of 22 years, he had found Michael O'Biien's young daughter Mary, with her very  ready wit, bright eyes and musical, contagious laugh,  an attraction that had captured him completely. At,  Michael's order he was up and away, realizing nothing  as he sped the rocks but that he would get to see  Mary, and had he not found the young lady he might  have completely forgotten his errand. . As is was, he ;  grabbed the pailful of clay aud together they started  for the quarry.  In the meantime Michael had continued the drying  out process, when suddenly the Mow of'water stopped  and hdswabbed out the drill hole as it could be made.  At this unexpected good fortune his good humor  commenced to return."  "Oi'll surprise Dannie by finishin' the blast before  he gets back/'he said to himself. He thereupon'  poured in the powder, inserted the "needle." a metal  rod reaching, from the charge to the surface of the  rock, and proceeded to, "tamp" the whole by pounding down first a wisp of hay, then small pieces of  stone, untill the drill hole had been filled to the top.  He then withdrew the needle and , filled the space  thus left with fine powder.  'All being ready, the touch-paper was applied and  ignited. "Won't Dannie be scared when he hears it,M  thought Michael as he scudded to a place of safety.  Reaching shelter, he turned to-watch the explosion:  In his haste he had neglected to "shield" the blast,  which consists of placing brushwood over the charge  /^^v^  36 Baker Street  "****"���""���" ���"��� ���'���"���    niin.il m  mnfiill    .1.11 .Mm _ .n_.   .1. 1   I ��i.i.-l.ii.����l.. ��� .i.n...i^...iip.�����m�� miimii  nual Spring Sale  ^ j  >  "i  i  s  . v  i  ouse  ��.*i  ��     It  o  hings, Carpets, Oilcloths, Linoleums,  des, Lace Curtains,  es  Now is the time for Spring House Cleaning and  replenishing new for old. We will offer special  reductions in this department for the next 10 days.  i  I  .J*  >���  Tapestry Carpet; from  Brussels;- Carpet/.'.frobi',;  Axminster. Carpet;from'  ���English 'Wiltonyfroni ���:.;,'  In-grain Garnet <from,.���. *.,/.  50c up  $1.20 tip  $1.25 up  $1,50 up  50c up  All - Carpets; ��� sewed; and laid/free  charg:e.,,-',,':* ���   ���  Floor Oilcloth, from   .;./.  Window Shadesftom;!/;;.:;.;'',  Ciirtain Poles from  -^;..  .Lace Curtains from. .  /Art  Rugs  and  Squares  25c up  up  up  75c up  at    .iLli  .l>  . (,.���  .�� % &  ', '"l  -' >  ', w  i -\  y;*  T  ���*   ,m'  *,  li  "'   ���.  1  " V,;  *   t ,  * 1  *'  i<,'  '/  *' v'  '  .,. .\i  !  '. V,'1  -, /'  t           1  1 \��  ��'  ���,''������'",'  *  1 i\  .<-.}  ,  l'"'.*  ���#  1 *{'*  I /��<&  ! 'T..  'S  >��� ��� -r,'  .1"/  lit  ,      .**  "A,  '   1  ,     p /.'  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'���..; ^otiiid&ig? tp// th<i/  ���bf/iishrW  rhe/:eha/rg^  ;brush-'--:.Iiea'p^^  .-///'Ah/!:/.^  /Carrying {'toll^^^  y-ddwufiahdy^  /tbaty^Ied'/To  --:-aobt her'Set^hd/i t;.:\v  y*;/��t��iSjditiglM  ,:i'ngypver//M^^  ;:;)iis/britri^  ,~���he/.rM^^  /���;'���;/: Yefc^^  t^ou'ld/t^  /he-,:^  ;:ter/ing./''spat^  /1till:.,.he-..^  ;fiowers,I'^  ;now^;. if/was. st(m mer*:;-;/  ;:yardi;;andynsi.ng  ;$mope'/};tolt|//that:^.-tiip  ./g-'ood.'a;/wife;;  :;shc//���Outt  �����d:;;s;tii&  ;jiSatn^iv;^  ^had/l^n/the^  ;$-tar;'/0f,,^  .what/s^^^  Jwi.:;$toM  je\yet/defi^  //4l^t/--'ft^  '^If ;/;he; ::/<^d l,d//'i'^  ;idig^  ;^fway^::te^  .;lle:;had^r/go  /his...;#,t>rMi  /pertd;y;thtmB://^  ;^$/;t��/lft^  ������^���,>^��-^^Jt��,��'^*^K^  ,��^J��i��*Wi��Ai!*>u*JrtW w *W��i.  THEH4L^  ..Gsi^M":Qiira;  Family Groceries  ':':: Everv-Line Fresh-  Fruit in Season.  Express arid Drayihg  Mines  -. ��� ....wvifj'i.'  ���linker; Street/  "���Hav'injj'-pu^rluiKCfd OuVcx}>r.&*k<ttH'l .'*lr��.v.'i��#-t  'imsi'ne&s of I. W,.(X��w?u^ w^'s^r** '|>r**j*n ��'*���*! Utv  do all kind* of wosrk. In ''Oil*flu*:, .iuul w��Hrii 'v  ilw-pair a tin.i^t* o( Oie }*eopk* of.N*>ison�� Order*'?  .JH'lat.D. MeArihiir ' ,�� I.V.*'Mont. itorUivv^t I.  <.ro'r��(*r Bakrr and WUrd ^im.'rv *rHi n-w<-jv��:�� '���  prompt ntletnion.   Telephoned, ���������'������'  i'i.'.irl-J  ,      .      ii  me  I lift 1  and  irsci  OTEL  Corrt��''r Kinntav niid .*?iH��'HS<*(  RATf25;'$i per  ���/���'���/.    V*nc?'oiuv*r .Sn^dl' H*liw>**  vimt-mm .'...������,' :��� victoria.ST*>;.iiictso^  STARTLERS ���;:-'  ����������'���"rw-1  ��. T  4snd ttp*'  '���'.  !-. 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