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The Nelson Economist Apr 4, 1900

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 jrjtJfh   !*-/*���:  '-V'  ^SMmti  i" *tys  %H1  t  i  -    t.  JiV  ���VJ- i >   -'    ���' - ��J\tf*v*7  ^ ^&_S_**  ft��  NELSON  -    . '.  i1-* *"���-?��� "3*.  *��? !��* i v* ^sSap  * \  " *      1. ^ ,. Jl.   ��^    /Ai ._*��j3P  /*��'  'Hi'.'  V   * B^JW*  ���vc    ^  *      T"i    ���*!   i*^1  ����� '�� r?*-3  AKl  f  r foiling  _��  t- _V ' _i_B-* ���>���    _^HLb    *-    ii ���"    L > "Us. *��88  jg j^    ��� i ^     H * ., ^���f v i ; i*/fc ,   4   sv* AS**3?  ���i_r" -rf*_u_,i     r ir           i ^ - ���-��� fwr*        r'.v      �� -V     A y^, -*':,> ^'afii  *  J *��   * - * r >���,. * ' "^  -������-:'*'-' -^^-i-'iU:^ -.'l-abp-j-l 'j_-_L^*r7.!"iB*jgM',<��i **i\w).  ihu-j^* ' -l.44w_  I  CrtM   /M ATUiiia -.���*. ���*���* k .^p;|./;:?J|  hi  Ml  1*1  L8DN  AUAJtDWmTER  FOOTGEAR  ��  I  net Shoes in ill xht  tflm *xA dirsct firm tJtc ttmuu&ctoters.  i! to see our itocfe citable for this winter.  A. GILKER.  Haltssa Cross      ;^,^^r..���  .. Bjay .W*ItM�� *��d get \ -. * "  .      -TheBrit.-;.'   '">  ' . ���  217-219 BAKER STffEgT,  NELSON, RO;  **&  ���*l'  ��y   i  *4i      Jil  J  *rt  *  ���p-pa  ���hmi�� |  S TO HOUSEKEEPERS  ���p ��hiwm : yim |{����t Umb lMtif*flt   Finr<Mte w^k we tvtH^eli:    -  i  '    ^J'  f  ��>  *  tv.rf#"      ���  ^rf|lii^il.��rt*ti^twji^��eoorwi    *^   Ail-WoolBlftftfcftte,Wx8fr,    ..   %d��fttfr t  vJS r* y,iWr **W��l|W*����"(3r> ��^ t*��* teat ijttwltties of Hott<*e F<.nttaHittg�� ��t ��roUrterf��Uy o!o-�� prioea.  9AKEHT STBKET  > i  \4  A&��M  "tIWEHMR ���*��"vI81  MARTIN O'REILLY & CO.  -o     i.  **_  ���KNn_-wwa-_ep-Mni_n_MH  V*��HM|MfM���� V Ii  ��������*_ 4VA*. _�����.   ��^uAM.  pw  ���*!�����  "ROYAL 5EAU' cis-  *4  ft  A     f       *. j,   f t v * f< ^Wj ?Vi. < t^V?l II ���        *���  I M
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Nelson, British Columbia
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i NELSON ECONOMIST  VOL. III.  NELSON, B. C, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1900.  NO.. 38  *u^jo^h.W>l1'��'Hfrti#-*N ri  I HE   SKLHOS KUONOMlHt ����  i**urt  -very  Wednesday  at the City nf .Wfrou, 1L i'% by />. M.   (Mrlry. Subxcnp*  , r '  turn : $$.00 psr <utunm ; //* paid m ndvnuee, $1.00.  i**>rrf*pamlence *m mnllrrn of yen f ml interest rt*pectfnUy  whAtriL Only artirfc* uf mrtk trill br ndrertued in  thru? column** ami lit? iitttretj* ttf rrmtrr* trill be care-  fully (jnnrdrd nynhtpt irt^pomiblr pewm* aitff tvurlhlr**  nrti<l*$.  v^i.  4��vW��i jv��      ��-"   *Wt��    T->UM��4Mtnw��V<l  Pay!   Pay!    Pay!  Ni>tu'I-:."-"-TIicmv iin�� sown.) hundred reader* of Tub  Kr��iv����MisT MimhI U\ their Mitwrlptinit*. Xo doubt (lis*  1 ��;itet-iiiutii!>U<c���� neglect and all thai will he ivqtiired to  'iwurt' a hasty rc^p'tn^ \* thin i*vntto reminder.  ^pillv meeting  of the   Liberals  in convention at  ^      Vancouver to~timrrow promises to  he an event  ����f unre than passing interest to  that party.    Several  momentous questions that will have more or less in-  ilucuce on the future of the pirtv in   this   Province  will  U*  discussed   at   this  meeting.    First and fore-  most will be the proposal  of the Vancouver   Liberals  to adopt party  lines in the   fortcoming content with  Joseph Martin   as  leaden    Delegates  have been selected bom the various portions of the Province, and  in the major* ty of cases these delegates have been instructed to vote against party lines and  most unconi-  prnmisiniily resent the attempt to foist Mr. Martin on  them as their leaden    In   fact, with  the exception of  Vancouver, we doubt if any of the delegations will  either vote for party lines or for Mr. Martin as leader  <��t the Liberal party.  The leader of the Martiuite forces is that old political war-horse, Mr.  J.  C.   McLagan��   and it   is sug:  jested that Mr.   McLagan  in   supporting   Martin, is  endeavoring to get back at the   Laurier  Government  Ji��r   some   fancied   or   real   grievance.    Mr. Gordon  Hunter nf Victoria and Mr. K,   P.   Davis  of Vancouver in all probability .will lead, the  anti-Martin forces  in this';political"D.ounybrook, and it is safe to  prediet  t h:.it their deliverances will have a potent influence on  tlie deli!>erations of tlie convention,_ It is rather sur-  prising that tlie greVuest.antagonism 'to;Mry-Martin is  found amongst the Liberals.    This  circumstance can  only be accounted  for by the   well established  belief  ihat Mr, Martin   is anxious  to gain power  that he  may inaugurate  legislation   which will   perplex  the  Laurier   Government.    His  antagonism to  Laurier  ��utl Siftou probably gives rise to this suspicion.  and the Liberal Association have practically declared  for party lines at the  forthcoming election.    In the  interests of Liberalism they cannot in a body endorse  Joseph Martin, but many have agreed  to give  him  their individual support.    It  appears that previous  to the meeting for the selection of delegates to the  Vancouver convention, the Liberal leaders in caucus  formulated the plan  of procedure   for that meeting  and agreed  that   no  Martin  or  anti-Martin,  issues  should   be brought  up for; discussion.   AVhen  the  meeting was convened the different speakers known  to be  Martinites and  anti-Martinites   discussed the  matter of the selection of delegates in  a  most  harmonious manner.    Another matter  which came  up  for discussion was that in the event of Premier  Mar-  tin carrying the country, all  well and good; but if  defeated no stigma would attach to the  party.    The  Liberals are all afraid of Joseph and do not want to  assume responsibility for his acts in  case he should  do something that would bring discredit on the party  and thereby injure  their chances in  the  Dominion  campaign.    For this reason it was decided that it was  not advisable to endorse him as Liberal leader.    John  McMillan was the chief speaker of the evening, and  with one exception and without a vote  being taken  the meeting agreed as hereinbefore mentioned.    The  exception referred to was   Mr.   S.   Perry  Mills, who  declared that he was a man and  thought the action  of the meeting was cowardly and unfair to Mr. Martin.    But after a quiet and smooth   talk by John McMillan, Mr. Mills subsided.    The Victoria contingent  will endeavor to gag the hot-headed  Liberals at the  Vancouver convention, and persuade them  that the  end justifies the means.    Will they succeed,  is the  question ?n  It will be seen from the foregoing that Victoria  Liberals have practically declared for party lines, and  will fight the next provincial campaign on those  issues.  To-day the following letter was received in Nelson  r'om .Victoria:    "The: Youner   Men's  Liberal  Club  LiKUT.-CoL. Prior, M. P., has proposed a plan  for the repatriation of the old Hundredth Regiment.  His scheme, as outlined in a communication to the  S. J^^ is  as  follows : "The   Prince  of  Wales Leinster  Regiment   (Royal Canadians)   now;  consists of "five ba ttalions, the first and second  batal-  ions being regulars, the thirds fourth and fifth battalions being militia.    The first battalion was the 1 opth  Prince of Wales' Royal Canadian regiment, raised in  Canada in 1858.   The second battalion was the 109th  Bombay  infantry   regiment,   raised in   India.    The  third,   fourth and fifth battalions  are Irish  militia  battalions.    The depot  oL the  regiment is  at Birr,  Ireland, and is numbered 100.    The   iooth; namely,  the first battalion, should be entirely separated from  -T     u 'A  ' ���<   A.  v.  '-Si'I  1      .  fit  .'   ' Yfjj-th  ���1 aM  ^ ^y  ,'   '.V y(ft  ��� "   ,1",fl  .   V,  h,  '      ,'"   'jA  A��-  ��� "1.. ���' <'"'  tiW  1''" y '.\M.t  '\y::;;%  1 ';?'%  . i> 1.''' i  ',' 1",'  1 j A'  "'"' A  ���i' ,Y>  c *-i  ���^1  >��.' *m  mm��  .AA-AAA^mis^smi  yAAiimi,  Jmmmrniimtmfksmisaiimiiisesisii^ ,  ��fe  SE;5m��y|.y  jy-4'  K^'E^SPISv-ECONOMlSt^  the second &t^  /Irish, militia .b^'ti^  :i_iaimiigJ^  !'wouldl;'by;yirEie,6fyi  ���'���'������'���^���^'^A''    '.VJUj!i--K^>y.W^iW^i^'^y' ���:H1WV.i.V.,>(,il..Ni)ii,|  y^pe^  y;lhe,BH^^^^  y^South^  yytalip^  -Mfytfe -jaa^aA ������;  :;:: ;a ������nev^^\secdnci/i battalia  ;;:Trish'o  .;:j;Leinster^  ; y:;Sh:ouid:1>e;;;; re-n;u,mte  ;::;plefe:;tlre-:,,lrislii  ::;fiave:hadi:its'.^  -'J^oyal^  yne^^ai-y^^  H'&lidny^  :Stbe.vfi^  ;yipm^  A$$\^^  '/ might ^':'j^le���te*  *;K;W.^  ���^reer*;,-  ,<l#gitSer;,t^  ;ifet^  i*eu%Kip^  ���Sylvw,'.'^  ���..$'i^.^y\;f^'.^jiSi(^  ���MttfXhWVMMWta^ i 4WHT^MMH��MM<  *���������;& ;:lfe/W:'A^  ^'hiffp^  ;totfeptG^  ;C^ded^^^  .j,ii,MiW, ^.iW4v.;1��.'T��*^i^��!i��K(B^ - ViAwin&l .'i  >:y0OM;'P:Am  ^'presses'' some ^;doubt ������ $��,;tp ���: the" efficacy'.of ypmyerv;;; ���' J ust.  ;no'w'hei.$ mm^  ���the-wav' to St.-Helena" audjoiibert''&qM, :'��� '���;','-.  ���';j!n*t*H"+   ViC"1-'"-!  :' �����  ';:;-:;.'THE'Rii'is a ^proposal. ^^  Strathcona in'i.ihe'.Pa.rlihnieniarv library atOttawa.; -  :&h#i'':B.v^  ��� "���     /   ���'���������   ,       ���   ��� -A''A'AA''A Y :��� '���' '���.'''.'������;'-';    ' ���'���' '���,'���''   '.:���'��� .,".'"'   /'��� ''' .Y \ :'.;;��� T'A-   A a'. Y- '"-'������ /';.. Y-\- >:Yl -^'a,' .���-' ��� V^^-'v1 ������;'. A A' ��� ������';''-���>', "���,-'-'      ������'.���.'-'������  ;.'fcidM:.yt!^  :��� nmA mmf wmt YftzA&A^. -Mfifyfli^ ;|f ^^^-|i|f_- ^tr lie** 1;.:; v  system ���, '���  O^Vi-^if ^ tS; If aelieri^f f i:;llii'^lllt^ ;  - 44& ��� bid; .clecf^'mt t tp.u^^^  ;i;iisi?ectiir ��� ll'uir!i6s,'.y*;^  ered:a$'''>vell\.w''0,^yw  \i^ a^y/sfower^:;jViKi;''L,cii>;i)  .the;iri^t:kgthk;*';-;*^^  :!ar:  ,":::> .TH:H:;settleme.nt '0f.:..t!ie/;diffe.reoce5 .J^tween'/'mfne*  ���:; :ma!iagers'' a.n.d;-miners-��� i{r.,'.Ne!^oa.'t'^Ustr.icL- .should��������� be ii  . -source of .congratulation to -ail' ���^htcrfued,;\V'N?6W;-that  ���ybotlt'sides^to; the';dispnte-lKiveiodulged;st;v die luxury  ���.. ��� of ;a-strike,.itjs ���. to.;., be '���hoped, .���..'they, will refrain from  acting with ���undue; haste; in; fu lure, .][-,A: 'little forbear-  ;:ance.veryofteiraccomplishes mbre.than' a strike,  ; ��� lFySvengaU';Martin succeeds iir'hynoitziog.aii; the  Liberals' who are going -to 'V.aucoiiver.;:-iustrncted  to vote against him", he will have accomplished;'  something bordering on' the miraculous/  iNy'the: .-death .-Of' General' joubert ' t he   Ii vers   have  ���-. sustained ..a   loss that at this juncture'is   irreoarable-  -He was the  ioremost general of the.line' Boer republic,   and: had 'fully demonstrated his worth  ���.;. He. w.;B  regarded  as the second man in the-republic, and ' wss  .quite as popular..^ President Kru-ger.   ' By. ma ay. he  was'regarded  sitiperior ,to-.^J<;m P,ad himself* . just  what'effect   the  death of (icneral  joubert will have  upon, the present' war it is diflicult to predict.���. The'"  dead. general   enjoyed   the .confidence  of Iris   fellow  cbutitr'vmeu to the fullest extent, mul now that he is  gone they  do  not know which way-to turn,     If the  death of the .gallant' general will tend to shorten the  ^wjmt��Wj*ta��fW-**��*i*^*^^ -���-.��> AOdb>fM,*f>iK*Jjr��rt.1  ^..Tiik'G^iy  ted:Am-tvice., irr/Juoei-niMfciim  ���Va��cmiVet''lati<t%fe^  ' ,y^wi��utf|to)ij)^iJwfcV,''.j.;v-.;;.jv.,jjw^.'.iJ^V-'tifl');���.'���)' ���^.^^isti.^-iy^'  from iBpIi\>':xJa'Uorr'by1'b!dw1u^;oin  ithly evejuoate ��� in a-stro?)^''/niea^iTO������ prob!bitiug;;;t!te'  u^ of gas as anilbuntnant lb ;.hotetS i^vfuUil^; ������ - .;v i'..  t>*it,*Mi>*> . ,,.��fW<   . .-...v;.', j-tf'-UdMttwWwwiWi*.  ���WItii 'tiie.frTiucbise-.ta'lien;aw'ayfronidhe;'tinya.l;awl  military 'officers and mm and'six ���candidiit.es seeking  ;-;'the  suffrages^ , of' the:eleciors of;li'S(iuimaltt:.vot.es in.  tliat coiistitueu'cy ' wilt^iKf .;tbuibt..;be .at' a.:premuun  ��� bv election daw' " '������ A*: ;���������''���    ������:'Y-':::Y'a:.-  /���'' & ��� ��� ��� ���''���'.���'.'  ;' ��� A.ccok j>ino' tiv a' dispatch Iroui;'.:fr(^n..;BKmntiPgi<^^  ���|fkl'iaini/;';H>.j/-.'Fdt  ���8tart will rol'lmv ifac'cxsiuiple. ���oi^,'Key^,^!.r:^Sheldon,.  otdv Koing lo the opposite ektreme;-,'-. M.^ 'Peltus��� wd.,.  turirlns..pa!>er over to,yt'he'y devil -tor ,-otic;���"!^^v^;'t '  -ives his 'reasons as f..dl'ows.:- _ **A" gmd many.- .news-  ]>aper readers think lliey can, rua a. pa per "better .than  thereditor. No doubt his satanic majesty thinks the  same'tliitie, so next week we'-propose to" give mm y  A^  '\'!A  y  y  '1  ;.^i  y'vffl  '������V.-yl  ���������}'$��  t  lfcish_;  g_oBi��n��MWWi<b-��-MWWW��lBieWJffytf 1  THE NELSON ECONOMIST  trial by turning over the .SW to him for one issue,  and letting him run it according to his own notion.  Suitable contributions for such a paper, briefly written, will be received and considered if sent in early in  the week. No church notices, nor reading nor advertisements of a religious nature will be received for  next Saturday's paper; we propose to let the devil  have full sway/'  In a murder trill now going on in a United States  eotirt a number of women rushed up to the prisoner  and showered kisses upon her. Yet the people of the  United States wonder at the terrible increase in  crime.  _Ww   **W_r <* KN��   ,  **f��"    ���"*���***_-_.        rn-xm*  Sykyx's threat to shoot all burghers who refuse to  join the Boer army may find some difficulty of explanation h\ the final adjustment of affairs.  Tun visit of Her Majesty to Ireland should he  \n'<Aifie of good results Undoubtedly the Irish will  forget their past grievances, and accord a hearty welcome to the nged Queen;    Irish chivalry still lives.  v jh<*>��� ioii -n.-fc-m\M\tDm w���,  RrssiA is probably the only country on the globe  that could equip a regiment entirely composed of  generals. The officers of this rank in her military  svivice number 1.248, and they receive in salaries an  aggregate of 7,000,000roubles a year.  Tun letter of congratulation on the part Canadians  ne playing U\ the war from Sir Alfred Milner to  Lord Miuto will be duly appreciated. It is also  gratifying to learn that the Empire*'will never forget  ���tiie great assistance rendered by Canada in the cam-  p.0*40."  Th Knew Bank of Montreal building is a monument to the skill of Mr, Charles Hillyer, the con*  tractor. It is one of the most complete and best appointed bank structures in the Province.  Kiev. Mr. SmsKR. is announced to deliver a lecture  'at Victoria, on * 'Crawlers; Creepers and Climbers.'"  'five iecture is without political significance, and has  no reference to the position the rank and file of the  L i be r a I na r t v w. ill occ u p v i ru tii ed ia t e I y a fte r. the con -  vention. . y '  Nor'satisfied with tlie distinction of being known  as the ,*silver-ion^ued orator of the Rocky Moun-  tains.0 Mr. J. M. Kellie has turned his attention to  -letters.-. His latest effusion is to the Kdtilenay -Maifo-  aud reads as follows : ���'���'��������� A man who will act in the  dual capacity of attorney-general of the Province and  legal adviser lor a client when authority and interest  seemingly conflict is not, presumably," a fit man to  control the destinies of the Province. This occurred  fust in the case of the Sahdou townsite, the crown  grant to which was obtained several years ago  under  peculiar conditions, yet Joe Martin but one year ago,  while drawing a government salary of $4,000 per annum, was retained by J. M. Harris, the alleged owner  of the townsite, and though knowing the imperfect  nature of the title while acting as attorney-general  took no steps to recover the Sandon townsite to the  Province.  I he later and fuller reports of Canadian valor on  the battlefield (-confirm   the glowing accounts first  telegraphed from the front, says the Ottawa  Citizen.  Correspondents of the British press are more than cordial iu their story of the steadiness and dash of the  men   of the   Canadian  contingents.    The London  Times' special, ascribes the surrender of Cronje on  Majuba Day to the insistence of the Canadians that  the issue should be forced on that  day.    The Times  writes that General Hector Macdonald, in command  of the Highland  brigade and afterwards  wounded,  along with General Colville, who  was in charge of  the ninth division, in which the Canadians were brigaded, reminded Lord Roberts that the  27th of Feb-  ruary was the anniversary of the battle at Majuba.  They suggested to the commander-in-chief a plan of ^  attack, but Lord  Roberts demurred,  as it seemed  likely that the plan proposed would cost too heavily-  Canada, however, insisted, and  this insistence from  the colony broke down Lord Roberts' reluctance, and  the Canadians were sent to redeem  the blot on the  name of the mother country���to avenge Majuba Hill.  The subscription to the British war loan of ^30,-  000,000 was over-subscribed to' the extent of ^300,-  000,000. 4  The Vancouver Liberals turned down Messrs.  Davis and Senkler, but they will beat the convention  all the same, for they were chosen as alternates by  the Nelson Liberals.  In an interview at Vancouver the other day, Sir  Hibbert Tupper said he is still strongly opposed to  party lines and approves o/a combination with Liberals  to defeat Martin. In a nutshell, it is with the Lieut.-  Gpyernor a case of "Off goes your head if Martin  doesn't succeed," and the Lieutenant-Governor had  apparently inspired Mr. Martin to run on party lines.  "But" 'said/.Sir-Hibtert,-." how any true Liberal can  support Martin, who is forever railing against the  Ottawa government, although he favors party lines  in his platfbrtii, is beyond me. He's whipping them  into line though in Vancouver, owing to the hard  and fast party lines attitude of the Comservatiyes  here, who are driving the Liberals ^^  acceptance of Martin as leader."  It is a very obscure man these days who is not the  leader of a political party of his own. The latest  party to be launched on the troubled sea of politics is  the   Houstonites.    (See editorial in   Tribune of to-  ���1q"V7     ��  " -J* IB  r-' A  <"   'A  -' "^i &  ��� "A Ml  ��� ',   ��� -,'Aj  .  >      yj  f     '-f  "    I -.- i  <, A-  ��� 'A. -isi  .''��     ^v  ' 'A  .  t  ;    yto  >n$  >   ���.1.H  >." J  .   -', W  ��� ' 1  - Am  ',-., ev^A\; ii  $>w&M^iW-'A >'Y:',  M M^WffiW''-��� ���-���'���"������"���  Wife  m  is.". ~h'-.-*���''���������fflT't?'* v- -8  ttifft-  fe#p$S ���%:'���  %'&�������;*.��������������������������  pfete? '���������$���  Sji\#4y%y  {���'i.fci*,va'.:-' S':  Mfiy  :-;^';5';'^.'.'- '���!!*���.  mil ������  s:f/p f  Sis: i  >���: 'j-  I'T:; was:yW'ell:said'''%  ���y?;ti^  >:wide-spread;sprrow ��� and' 'sympat'Hy -as;; .f he;: ' late,.ya,cci-;  ; debt-at''- the 'powder ���house;,;;|>y'^  ;and.AViU&  ���one ���..of';..;the;tnostpopularyotsng;;mehi;ip./Nelson. and'  : hy;:iuittme!v:deat^  joyed his acquaint  :stmnger::  :\viie ahd/twovchildreh  .'.circumstances ':oF:.hts;;death,'^.y.  ���'^'^/'Bro^  %nv^  '.'������v6tr;^  ;:large/r6oni^  /efaJs^an^  ;;!;aiife  J/.y ��� A;f>adly :;'cons tfucted;''.:play 9 ��� wretchedly '���;' i n terpreied,.  ���is:what^  -���oiumbiaii>>pome#  ���:'other Evening; ';>;The:compa;nycofisb  {'o%-^  -decay.-';.:-The(i climaxes' were of;:; the Bowery border; ;-a,nd-  .:oiily;provoked.ridicule'^ud :laug;hter.':: It is sincerely;  ; "hoped": Nelson will never '���'receive:another ���' visity'.Irom  the Columbian Comedy Co.  WH��)V-. ftM<ft��<.*>t  The entertainment toTWglven under the direction  .of;Mr.'- E.-'Pv Wballey is looked forward'-to with much.  in'tferest.'v  jHi,��iMHiuinH  ... A large number of seats have"- teen..sold -for .'the  Brehany concert, on the evening of Easter  Monday/  The Edinburgh EtrYnuuj ���New* pays ������'������'the; following'1'  tribute to Irish valor:   ".Before the 'cue .ny the ..Irish-'  man is the'finest soldier/the .world 'ins -ever   seefi. ���  He faces death  like the descendant  of  a   hundred  heroes,   and   his  coarage is as  inexhaustible ,an   his.  vivacity,    Ere now Irishmen have stood .in the ranks  of our enemies.    They have''fought battles, like   Eon-',  tenoy, where the ''base, brutal Saxon" fell back before,  them.    Unrecognized   aad 'despise;!..'br.it d -iustru-'  rnent of conquest,-the Irish -soldier in .'the Peninsula'  revelled" in -.blood'.'like' a ���'���vampire, and .everywhere  scattered the legions of vaunted.'Prance like chaff Ik*  fore.the'wind.    .Napier's   history   thrills of tlie deeds  of men in   uniform,   homeless,   outcast   and   wicked,  who  feared .'neither. man   nor  devil, 'who i'aeed the  most tremendous obstacles which soldiers e-icountere'd  and yet, often-'beaten,.at length   stood triumphant by  their sheer valor, 'almost unrecognized, by  their own  commanders  and   unheeded   by  the public at home,  We  are  all.  proud of our Highland regiments.    We  ..-.believe.th.^  ./There.^  ,; Highlanders.^^  . liue;^C0Jit'ain'ed h^any &.yttt^  yTh'e.',sto.He^.frc^  yujficcmto'cra  Uhe-lnu;skiItiug;-E^^  '.. li i 1 Is icle;-;. till;; ;:t h ey:; ;':��� .reHett'eci ;^;-;: pa i a tv /;;ii't;;?Hvi f^;ich' - j io;t b bi g'  /whereof hey ^  radvanee^^  ;iugt;on^  ;-8iett!s'';;.wefe^  .;ti!iiig'.beeii;TecrdMed lik^  -'aty-Piet.er*$:;/Hil^r;^  -stai:vdiug';out'^o.f:si;X,.;l��^  ;r��K:a.!.le<!;" ,feci;us^y;.i  ;for-:y:ti^hind;;:/vW  .proud', of ;her :sott|ier^  ,suberidrity.i0'ail;:'ie.oievdfv  ' -HI>M-WW>I^WlHtf*fJ  ���'..';;. The-foliowirig/frdm  ;. * *:The��� Roya 1'. I'biviskit!bigtoEasM ierl*;bf ;;;w||p|e^  .clash sud;;!>r*iv-er:y.eyery':'a*ie-M/  .stro!ig;w;heu' tnspecied.by/y  at,i be- end"of Oeiolkri:;-.'beloire' .^m'bii'rfebig,' 'Mr v'So^MV'  Africay;. lis' bis.-^d'dresii  .minded ihcm^that'Cbt;.more/itifiu  the-;.;I'rrntskii!i!igs.:h��u;!'. taken/'  'm^t :'of' <Hir.grea.t wari.. tad^at^  were the 'fosse's'tp .the-yllr.imh/refi.me��.t|s'i^  2"rth I.niiiskiltilugs;fliie:oId-liaise  alL-��� ' 'Every, one 'of 'ftie:-offiSrra',iid/^  ert,'added-v/Lord'oRbtrts,/!  .evening, .of the:historic..day,:;,;.Tbe;f)ufe  yto'ii. :-S|.ieak]:tg' ofvthe;..:a  'ment.whieh..savrtf the;-centre. of mf;!iHe-:itt.^Wat$rfoOv/;  ���To;- this., line .tccord/'-may^i.^ *^.  theii;>te/$ilid c!iir<- -on 'Erichy '.of Uii week;:ni Vkm**  Uii!,. after '-which jnii oiic;'afficcr a nd;.forty ;meu-'osseniy  bled:: at the munfer.' Seveitteeif officers joined' in the  charge.    '!;;?>urteesv,,were killed;.pf wounded; *���* ��� :���'  '"^.Tiie. -'Dublin lAyrmnjA\hynwtl.' iNationalistJ^sayS'^  "'An' ear-splitting: song' is ';hmvM'yi��;:'; the " London  .'streets at present by a'darge/proportfou ol '.the Cocky  nev iX)nulatio"u; male:a;id 'female, : ;'��� With'.the-Londosi  dialect it ���create* ����� rau;cous'::cffoct::\yhicltii%tp^^ VlC  hearer for .hours/    11 ts'to this, effect���y ,  ��� '���'��� What do you -think onbe IrW) iiow**  y  What do v'ou (iiittk of tl'fc;Ku^dfer?*'?  ���They utiy call them agitator's*^   ._  lUit fhey eaimot eu'Il.-.them irtdtorrt,:  Whut do v'mi-thlnk oft the ������'! iish .now A ���  A.'  l^rr��m   morning   till   morning  and all through the  night   until   the   morning  comes again this precious  - ~"r  t.^>��BimiLm^ft'��l��WWM>WSt|W��igi!BggM>.tfW^^  1*] f"Hf "T  I  L>?J THE NELSON ECONOMIST  ballad soars above the din of London streets and adds  another terror to life."  The season of the year when tlie attention of youth  turns in the direction of outdoor sport is now at hand.  In the past the young men of Nelson have' displayed  their superior qualities as   athletes, which   no  doubt  much was due to the exceptional facilities afforded in  war surrou.idin.js for outdoor  exercises.    It is  now  i!> eat time when the various clubs  should  meet and  perfect  the organizations for the coming season.    In  thK connection it might not be out of place to suggest  t general organization in which ail the clubs, would  '): re^r.-i.* nut.    To >l)Tten it occurs, there is friction  between the clubs, which with a general organization  might   be   avoided.    Much,  also, could   be   accomplished iu this wny in securing  suitable grounds, etc.  This is .1 matter that might well i>e   discussed   when  the clubs meet for orgauizatson.  Sheldon's Early  Verse.  hMU^lSf?V^p'tte�� by Mr. Sheldon at an age not  ver ru, ��ZT \n(\lcat* ��*' the question  *e is now ans-  ^r|.   ,s ��otalways been uppermost in his mind. They  mulKr ,Vr "i.81^1*^. and'appeared in  the June (1891)  Her eye is brigLt with reason's light,  Her face is sweet with beauty ;  Her form would charm a lover's sight,  Her voice inspires to duty.  But with this grace of form and face,  They say no heart at all has she ;  I innst confess that is the case���  She.gave it long ago to me !    ^  JWi>m��rffrt��iim>  A visit to Fred Irvine & Co.*s millinery opening  io-d<:y should convince every one of the pre-eminence  ���of Xelson in the way of strictly up-to-date establishments, The goods displayed at this house at its  opening uwla are equal in style, quality and price to  those  found   m  the larger establishments of the east.  The pa won had been preachiug from  The text, "Love one another,"  And urging young and old to be  Like sister and like brother.  Said he, as home they walked that night:  "I haven't any sister,  So can't you loye me as the text���"  (I failed to hear what followed next),  But���well he up and kissed her!  1 have received a* letter from a young woman in  Sdsnu, who complains bitterly that semetimes at the  'he.a re she is forced to sit alongside-of women whose  reputation for virtue is not marked in their dress and  mcv. This is not the first time this complaint has  ��ven made, aud I am sure that all that is required to  have the evil remedied is to draw the attention of the  management of the Opera House to it. A certain sec-  ifon of the theatre should be reserved exclusively for  tiiesc women. p^ q  He preached full often and full loud  On Adam and the "fall,"  Till on his audience a cloud  Fell like a funeral pall.  ���Said Lawyer Smart to Deacon Small:  *' Im tired of just one thing ;  Instead of preaching on the fall,  I wish he'd preach on spring."  A man in love has lost his head,  But that's no vital part;  For doubtless he will find instead  A brave and loving heart.  "I love you well," said he to her,  "But whether you love me I doubt;"  She blushed and slyly answered: ''Sir,  You'd better ask me and find out!"  fi.e Xelson hotels are radidly filling up with   the  regular spring travellers.  H. H. Bowden was }'esterday sentenced to two  years' imprisonment for stealing $6oo from the Hall  Mines smelter.  jiilf't -Jt* i*att>t- t  The Dominion House will adjourn   next  Wednesday till the following Tuesday.  * R. F. Tolmie arrived in the city last night from the  Boundary countrv.  The forger is again at work in Nelson. This time  t'.Je At habasca saloon und the Lake view hotels are  tl��e victims.  A., L. McCulloch will  erect a  building on   Baker  mreel, 50-feet beyond the old Hudson's   Bay store, at  <���; .cost of $12,000.  The people of Slocan City are already making preparations for the celebration of Dominion Day.  George H. Keefer has just returned from Kettle  River, bringing with him a number of specimens of  ore and coal.  has!  C. S.   Ryder* general storekeeper, of Cumberland,  The health officers at the different quarantine stations along the boundary line have not been paid a  cent siuce February 1.  >een sworn in as Minister of Finance in Martin's  <;uoine.t.-    Like George Washington  Beebe, he is an  unknown man.   -:' -.y ;;'.  f he following delegates from the Nelson Liberal  Association left last night to attend the convention at  Vancouver to-morrow ; W. A. Galliher, Dr. E. C.  Arthur, Tbos, Madden, J, A. Gibson. W. G, Gillett,  A- M. Johnson, John McLeod, A. R. Sherwood and  ^- H Miller.  1 ",W1  ,,' 1:  Y'%i  /  sAi\  *   v ,1 ���<  ,y,y>iJ\  '",, Az-:  A A, '-''���%  'yY%\  r     \.      I   *'  ,   -//-SI  "       ���     ^..d_..  / y "t a 'ii  A" l-1|  .,'��������� 'r--" 1  -. *' 1 - i " -\  ^-yAA-frj  . m.    *i.i.    *-������  ^���wWU-.lmr.<v���T-V-��<r^1   ���n,��,"  ���^ ���������T ���*!��������� ��hm ����    "V **w      ��� *   * -**������*"*�������  �� TUkW-^T1 yp'��1*��IP*'  \ i  1 1  -It        4     .*���',-'   1      - * 7r v*- -t    ^  ^^ :   -     Iv  ii��  1 " ELSON ECONOMIST  CURRENT eOMMEMT  Our pious Wend^fe  m  ft m AA  Nil   ��'...  lift If  13 * 5     fey:  ���j* 4  ift-  7 '   (  ^;;/;/>;"��� y^  ;;;/;?;;;/;':;:;y.'/;       ^/^'^vyv;;.;;;/;^'!*!!^!!ver,yi*r<>vlii^er;,;    ;,���/;//;/:"/.;;  !r:';L;The:^  ;ness.;.ofytha^  /exaggerated*,;/;pndpubtW  .���be.- ;xeaped;iu coiioeet^  /poriatiouocbn^  ^ihduc^.-pletitv of'people  of'^uringAve^  ;^ho/:cal;miy;.;.arid^  ybe/:Ver>*;apt;^t6;d  ii&e-  |meijr|.a^^  -bffthe^  tners;ancl|^ur;yeSw  ;antLpuT^  ;'^M^5i>^  ���'riic^  /Mppl^Sdi^  Jb&v^so^  AAAyAlYy^  AAAyYA^AA--'^ 'Tvi**it>' "���'':;'-;';;:';';;y''';'./'//'::/'  ��� ;.yTp;^  is, yiiecessssry ;tb:;l>e ��� pugna'cioiss,'; t hick, -skinned md: pa-.'  ;be'/ lacks At^  perspnalatt'iick^  ';duck.'shbt^  liiuiycomesl^  ,6iihe'mdmeiu  .a" Theodore A)a vie nftrythe^  The:']ate;;Mr./'Davie; ;';wbuid'/:; wait;': .for '.':yearS;ytb;;C;ru*ft.,,  an opponent; joeHMartiu' wouldiik'e;.to/dertio'Hsb//a,ir':  'enemy'''Prince RupertTashio.h'.-'' .Since tiie. Deadman^-  Island squabble;:.of; last, year ���Mry'.'.Mnrt.iu hasr desired  the- politicals<^dp. of;Mx.; Cotton;.,- /He sighed Tor it ,aA  . intensely as'; Heiodias longed for the head of John the.  Baptist.; But he wii 'probable regret-.that he was- in  such a hurry to get his revenge . The electors ���'���.are  not concerned in the .Mar tin-Cot ton- duel and on election day tlie. should vote agani?st these iwo men and  their nominees.  '. ���'��� ;  ��� ..' ������"���;   ���-. -: ..��� -��� ���   . ."������        ,. ; /   ���"    '   ���   -, ���..'���,  .. 'yToo .Palpable...  Ottawa   Citizen.  ' As the'present''session of parliament 'draws its slow  length along, the insincere and flint-fllam character of  .the. government ��� is'-manifest iug itself at eveiy; turn/  To coin a phrase, for the occasion, i.t has no��v become  a regular brazen-nosed college ol buncombe. The  spectacle is humiliating iu tlie last degree, and cannot  but have an injurious effect both at home and abroad.  Witness the proceedings,-.on Thursday, in connection  with   Mr. Mtilock's  effort   to catch   the  labor   vote  Ouys/  wis mag -  a'.diar-';,  *Ye'  .���ytta'nimqusye  y aet<^  --//forgot; fone^^^^  ���;-;appit^^  ������;-;.;hy:p6c^  -tesiderytiot^  '/;!fit; wj^  .;';dayVwbrk;Jou;;goy  /.der^tck^^'  ':;;.j)royidin;g/for't  ���;';'"niem^  y;;haye;-; 1^  ���:-:;;tiptfij;;ib;|^  ;���:. policy ;;'bf;/:tbe/r f��oyetbt|ep t ;;K^^|it^^^!;j'.'\ M;: ;;;u%:/#f; ;;t.  .;'/resoI.ution":/inyft#or"t  .<������������    , ��� ���-,'-���      .���'������'���        ���[,'    '. -   , ���...'..���-        ���     .".'.,������', .'-���'.������;. A->r- ���������-.-.':  :,, ������:. :.������,'     ' .miW. ;������;.���. ���    ��� ������������. v   '������-..'���--,������. .���;.   ���  do^ylias .plenary  ;$mpire;is:prac*;  $v3^ytlie  ^iisSeyer.-  'A'"; y-Ay [^AyAyy^  ;"M;/;T;he4^  yttoU#A^  .y/*$;0|:ten..'';  '���-'^l.'^  ^iitaet;;j:w;illrx  ^"{oit: iWft ������ i|le^  /'l'here!;Ire.;l  ';fliaiiVll.nti$b;;;ui^  :;:'aV/t��^Mfe^l>ut'a^  ; in; her''ideals ������b0r;;;ud  /fefr Kwptiic^  '���;'V^r''aM^':>'C^"tta^/"-  Ibitied, 'uot'J;>V't'IitTiiiinyvjsiv^  AttfeVpoweir/df^, mighty  ftljWiKiMI|WMlWlW,iW��W��W**<'- -  '/'���'Bevelope' :.hnd.  ;y :'i%mmlimm B.i^n<hsn!* A-Jy^yAyA.^  ^win'fe-' ���tU'Ahe'-.variofts.'ea'U^  'time;: tdTime;; |>oiut^^^  'c<>uttt:Of'.^''M  ;wbtch;' pr'omi^dv.>l&  has ���fe.ll-'the'/depre^i6ti''ii.S'-..'W  ���cbos^q'i��enlly;;t.^l':'trt  ;rnaiiy;hoi>eci'..and p'ro/:hesiedr..it fo/Cveir'Su|^ir.-ttiah^  ordinarv vear^oNr,' But this'slioutd ORiysiimuw.tethe;  ���.public;i'u general, and theminlug mtMY in particular^  '���to greater ���effort. ���'��� The; two t hi tigs';, necessary, to bring...  the.activity so long; looked'.'for ,:"ure ^clevefoprneut/anci;  advertising. '.."Thcsse- two'.' essentials ;;m;ust /l>e done  however,-.ud^h^cbmiiioir^'m^^  jJeveiopment/work.. is: of 'course' tlfo^wiost .important,:  as it strengthens our'bands- wlietrAve,,.advertise,, ; bttt  efTons. shciuld���i>e''eoiicei��iraU'<l where most good.wm  'm done, and/ systematic' work whie.lt the;mum am  .be proud of, is-wlmtiiyivintcd. ; Ai/tbe/Sainc^.umc.  ' proper advertising' - shmild' be tfoue. ���:���; It :is...no. u^. >/  blindlv give some one' a^cauple.oLhuu'dred doU^ns t^  uiore';in" the same blind''way inv;wh.ieh'.,the ca.re��t^  lounger will put a nickel- into the slot, with a ia/.>  iiopc'thath will bring'; hick.. It is as important u.  advertisein a business like .wayAu;,such.��-|��n��"cl;  that'the m^.ney is ..unlikely to ,'he. wiistedf as.tt i>; ���.  devclope the country;on suellfreasonable.lines.-. ������  ..���������'-���Ai  ������Kl  :".l  .-{���si  ym  Km  (���m  ���'���:-'^|  ��� ������ ivJJ'l  ��� ���'���-���';f':L  Am  ���,-.-41  :A>  yotCj  AM  ���sm  >;S5l  a- 9  The Story of a Shield Pin  T J )U not like to take,up personal  cases, as  we de-  *     tectives call a certain class of work, so when Miss  Angell  of Broadside street sent for me to take up a  "small   personal   mystery" I responded with a  poor  v, race  Scarcely had' she begun to tell her story, however,  than I became so interested that I begged her to  ������ontinuo and teil me the details as far as possible.  Miss Angell was engaged to Mr. Cloud���a peculiar  combination of names to begin with, and was devotedly  attached to him. rIn fact, she confessed with tears iu  her eyes that his love was more, or had. been more  ihen life to her. The rest of the story I will let her  tell in her own words.  "Mr, Cloud.M she/iaid,1 "is in the habit of calling  ��>n me aimost every evening. About a week ago he  eame to dinner, invited by mamma. He was to attend a supper of the Phoenix Club at 10 o'clock, and  stairs again. I found mamma and my sister seated  alon- ia the parlor. Mr. Cloud had just gone out to  send a telegram.    Fie would be back in-a minute.  u\Vhe.. he returned, which was after half an hour,  he came in for only a minute to say good-by, he said,  and to ask for his pin. 'Come, Mazie,' he said, 'you  have teased me long enough. Let me have, the pin  now.    I must go.'  "'���I  gave it back to you.' I said,/and you have it  now.  wore ev  * **if*  ening onjfts.  "At   the table we noticed an exquisite shield pin he  wore.    It  shone so brilliantlv that it caught the eve  ;tt once.    Mr. Cloud took the pin off and it was passed around the table for all to examine.  "It was u shield as large as a quarter with the out-.  ,; -ude edge bordered with pure rubies, bipod red. all  of  a size and without a Haw.    The center of the  shield..  .: consisted of a large diamond cut not very deep, yet-  too deep to be sunken, so it was elevated in a wire  ^citing. Around the diamonds were perfectly matched black pearls. The combination was so unusual that  we exclaimed as we handled the jewel and*21 remarked that I had never seen anything like it before.  "When we had finished examining it, Mr. -Cloud  ^aid: "That is my Phoenix club badge. It belongs  *����� the president. When I was elected the badge was  presented to me by the members, and when I resign  and a new president comes in I must give up the badge  to him. It is the president's badge, to be owned by  him during his term of office.    Of course it is only to  be worn hi tlie meetings.  Mamma spoke o( its great value. * Yes,J said Mr.  Cloud, 'it is indeed verv valuable. It is worth tbous-  ands. If L were to lose it I should feel ruined, as I  could never hope to replace it.'  "As he spoke, Mr. Cloud's face became very serious.  AVc once had a case of that kind,/ said he, 'a most  curious case. The president lost his badge and committed suicide next day.    You see he was  suspected  of having sold .it'A,. A'.'/  4'After   we  had  looked at the  badge ancl talked  about it,  I very foolishly asked to wear it, and in  a  At of waywardness I reached across the table, took it  up  wd  put it in the bow of ribbons at  my throat.  "At the close of the meal, Mr. Cloud asked me for  it, but I, to tease him, said that I meant to keep it,  and ran upstairs with it on. ,  M After they were seated in the parlor I stole quiet-  ly down the stairs and placed the pin in the lining oi  Mr. Cloud's overcoat, directly under the lapel.  MI went back up into my room and came down  1 hen I stood up, and running ray fingers over  the lapel of his coat felt for it.    It was gone !  "I turned as white as the snow, aud as I felt the  color leaving my face, I said, 'I gav�� it back.'  "My mother looked up surprised, and Mr. Cloud  stared at me 'Yes, I gave it back. I put it on your  coat,    you must have it.'  "'Why, Mazie/ said Mr. Cloud, 'how can you say  so?' * �����        .  "[ pass over the disagreeable scene which followed.  I will not mention Mr. Cloud's chagrin or mamma's  amazement, even as, I explained how I had stolen  down stairs and fastened the precious pin iu the lipel  of the coat, just for fun, and h >w I intended after teasing him to teil him that it was there. As I talked I  could see my mother's incredulous looks and Mr.  Cloud's absolute dismay. They did not believe me!  "After the most painful quarter of an hoifr which  I ever exuect tosoend Mr. Cioud left, shaking bauds  cordially  with   my  mother  and saying a cold good  night to me.    ,  "After he had gone, my mother said:    'Mazie, my  darliug girl, tell me the truth.    It is .not too late. \  v 'There  is nothing more to tell, mother,'   I  said.  'I have told you the whole truth.  "After awhile mother saw that I was in earnest and  she believed me.  But as next day came and passed, and  no word came from Mr. Cloud, I saw that he doubted  me.    The third day there came a formal note saying,  if I would return the pin he would give me its value  in money, paying me as rapidly as his  circumstances  would permit.    As it was valued at many thousands,  it was rhen beyond his means. *  "I tore the note into bits and did not reply.  "That was a week ago.    For the first three days I  was too much overcome with -notification to take any  steps toward establishing ni}* innocence. But now that  I am in a soberer mind I wish to learn, if possible, what  became of the pin after L placed it in the lining of the  lapel of Mn Cloud's coat and where it now is.''  The  recital took some time,  for the young lady's  emotion overcame her more than once.    And I must  ..confess that I, too, felt'judig!^ that  fate  should  have played so unkiu'd a trick/ upon   so  beautiful   a young girl; and secondly, that her lover,  Mr. Cloud, should have doubted her so easily.  "I am willing," she said, ''to spend any amount to  clear myself of this disgraceful suspicion, and hope,  with your assistance to solve the '.'mystery."-.  ' 'It is so long a time,'' I  bpgan, * 'if you���  ���Yr%i  mt  '        f   r^ l-  m  '    -J-. VH  ���    ��� ^Hf  ���    < ���   : r*af  * * ... ^ t  ' 'A  * * _��* ^ -  i  Ii  ', ���' m\  i             ;>"���  '   '-''"i mm  A '��� i \m\ m  //'!  V   �����  t         ' *M-a  \ y:��;<\  fl  i   >��4'  a_F  in ;���,'.'���   i     _���  ,C      "l*  s  ��� *'    "'A  9  j    ' ,j     * 'i  _B  ''  'T<-1*.  fm  ���-. $  _���  m  ���.*    b    i i-f  _���  "'-.     1              _-'*!/  - .  ," *' t."?  m  ..   '      * * '  / .'..'���    ���  ,'   ����� ���   J->-  '      '-!  - aAA  i-        v.j  A '   .3.1  9%  ''.fili  i* B_IH  r.       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'���l*Vv^ ^^*^ vj Ei_����Eli2&  Mini  eview  the Great B*wiiwtfs*ti a ���  ;t'd. p��j|^v-.^i.ti��,.H<��vy; Caver' 'Bytry+fyitk.  esTpriged  ;.������; Y-M l;hiii^;ijf'our ii^i;oh the'-  a ;���.���;_*��<&$ i!<*;i*"ii:*��*..s*t4;';.: ;//���./  ������'-'���"''Hi��l>��w.rir��i i >ii*��-'yi 'rt'!Y**'rr^  ::y ^lrigk*-.C<*('��*>'������'>..C<*i;*i'��...'.'  '/".'���'������ .'' ������ Hi**IHJ: (s>r-  ''/���, AY-'"'.''  SAMPLE ;cdPY---FREE  ../'lll^ilg.H/ Br��-.��5:f*lw;i"i>'-i..IjA A^ri*^.,yAl,. ������.  ���������������������^���^���#^*#*-����^*^#^>^^^  ���../������ '���������'������ "������'"���#  ^A/y:AAyAAyA:tyyAyA:y:yy.^  ��� :- ���;���.-��� ' ���'���:/.': -#.  ���_fc. ���.���:'��� _,  X   'w1  !ADA>FFrce;- ���Nel��6n��'&XvA;A;:^c'^S^^  v^O^stA^o;;';  --��� ''.;irto��;  ti&a!iA'.aaa!.;aa:  -'���;;,/,.'. 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"But this week we had  a breakdown and we are late, and it's almost eight  da vs.  As the driver started away I said: "I want to  search that load of napkins, and if you will drive  them into that vacant lot I will pay you well for your  trouble."  Once in the lot i overhauled the contents of the wagon thoroughly; aud was finally rewarded by feeling  a hard lump of something which hurt my hand as I  pinched it.  booking close, I s w tangled in the fringe a glittering jewel, which, as I extricated it, proved to be the  diamond set in the gorgeous pin which had been so  accurately described to me by Miss An jell.  I did not let the driver know of my bootv, but.  making an excuse that I could hot fi id what I wanted  I walked away, nor did I stop until I had telegraphed,  to Mr. Cloud. A little later I sat in the parlor of Miss  A'ngelPs residence talking to h it. Whei^Rold her  my story and laid the pin in her Jap her joy knew no  bun As. Just at that moment Mr. Cloud was an-  nou seed, and Miss Augell then uui there gave him  tiie pin. I never saw a girl so happy. She almost  hugged me.  When Mr. Cloud saw his mistake he was humbly  apologetic and tried to fall at her feet, but she waved  bun awav, and Mrs. Augell delicately suggested that,  as his presence would always remind them of a pain-  *  fill chapter, it would be better if he. were to go away  and stay away/  I may add that when Mr. Cloud went into the cafe  the pin was in the lapel of the coat, but becoming  entangled in the fringe of the napkin, was pulled out  and would have been lost forever had it not been for  the   perseverance of the plucky Miss Angell.���N<w  Odiums TitHet'DrmoC'-flt.  FROM THE CAPITAL  (Spfdal Correspondence of The Economist.),  T^ICTOKIA, APRIL 2.-The political campaign  * was opened by Premier Martin here on Tuesday evening last at the A. O. U, W. hall, where a  large audience assembled to hear Mr. Martin defend  the action of Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes and outline the position taken by himself. Although the  hall was well filled, it was not by any means an enthusiastic assemblage: In fact, it was rather a chilly  reception. Curiosity was the chief drawing card to  this meeting, people always being anxious'to4listen to  the man who has been the means of - forming and  oveithrowing governments apparently at will. Alexander Wilson occupied the chair, and'was the only  person on the platform besides the Premier. Mr.  Martin did not display his usual tact in the selection  of a chairman, as it is common knowledge amongst  the citizens of Victoria that any candidate or proposition that is supported by Mr. Wilson  is  invariably  We have opened this week a large shipment of import goods direct from English manufacturers, theerfore  we are able Jo sell goods much cheaper than buying from eastern houses.  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Alexand^  well tiring  the Liberals, the   Cpn^rvativ^  would   he  anything toAfo with him, and havingspured on  l>oth  ��� parties';r,he/now:;;^  Defeat and Alexander Wilson go hand in hand.  AMr. Martin, during the course of h^  tacked F^essrs. Davies, Bodwell and Gregory, apd.eiK  d^vored to explain the op  ,;aud;?6tberv^  ;;VaneouverA^  :;/yWith;Ah^  lE^witt/B^  Aesporid^i^vb^  ;the I)pminioh;;G disfjais^i;  ���;of the, ^mlih.;;;Ministry  -as;, ;i f/;;t he;;;Otta wa-  :the/matter^  .cpuhtlrA'Withdut;^  ^ci^rnor^M  tiops would tak^ place on June 15th has satisfied at  least a portion of the electoral A great pumher,  however,;.;.;;. appear;;,; jipA Adoubt:.;"���, the   sincerity ; of  ���this; ^i^teiiien t ��� ^tid^-Eliege; t fiiai t- it-v-,i��' /-jmierelyf ����� Aistuljte^r  fuge with the bor^th  not take time by the forelo^  contest at an earlier 4^  has completed bis organic  /have the Ho^  election at as short a period thereafter a^ possible.  It is hinted that there may be startling develop*  ments in the political Sttuatfon withih the  ;da,ys;.; f^WIiat-; these;:;devei^  difficult to'^gu'c^  .itte'im^  ;'Gpyernor; wsl l/M, r^uesti^  ,\vill;/:be;^  ^1 he; firs t: act'' y ;bf;;. Lieh.t A  ''bring;oii;the:;eiectipns;:^  ���.bis. .ihii.bUtt v to/'-'irbrm'a. .^O'0^iTOWetttv-  :at;dri.^e':and  MifctfrnftttMMtiMU  y*i.  .* *.  Du��h;\!m  ;;./''���;/; wit h;/':'the'.;.��� pot i tfe  The/announced ;; positivdv-ibatAb^  ���   ������'.   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W, (V>wm��, we1 arc prepared. !,<.�� \  do all kind* of work lit thin line, and hoUcU /  the patron&ere of thv* people hf N4*!xon. Orders j  lea at I). McArlhur. * LVm more, northw*\ '.  corner Baker and Ward ntrw't.*',' vrlll rttwive/?  prompt attention,' Telephoned.-.  CEHTIFICflTE OF IMPUQWLMmTS.  May and .U*mik' Mineral Claim. *ituat<* in  t i 1 e N e I ��o n MI n f 11�� OI v 1* U > n r��f SV o ��t K of> (��* m i y  District.-  Where IcK'af^d:   (Jn  !h<* easterly nl'ipf* <>f  -���Fortynine y'rwk, al^ntt  live iath-*��  from  sin  moutJi.  Tttkqnotiw that J,.John M^UttchU>. i'.L.S.  of the City of ..WIhou, actirj^ a> a^ciit ff>r  .WtlUnm A. Aruoid, Fr<n>; Miners LVrtitirwtc  Ko. H iH'jUA, John' I'atorKon, S'rec . Mino'r^  <';e'rtlftcaUi .No. 1-J ll,<j��2(*. and John Camphvil,  FreeMIii����r*8-'(.Vrt.lfi>-ato. N��>. K 12JAJ, Intend.  Rlxty day�� from th��' dat��* hi-rcoi, to apply  m the MlMing lUw��r<U>r for a ccrtnioai^ ��if  ilhprovi.irteritti. for th<��. purfM^c-oi ohtainin^  a Crown Grant of the abovr> <��lnlm.  And fiirthorfuktt ttotfco fhat lo'tion, und��*r  MH'tum ffl, iiui.st he���.roir.rniMH'tf'd .hi'fon1 the  fgsuan^ of ���such <^rtlth'Hte of hrtprovfi.uctju.  l^iU'd thSH*i<i day of Ft'hnicry, A. i>.. Iixn*  -.M��HN' M<!/AT("!liK.  rovincia  La fid Surveyor,  up. on istOfB House, leiscn  CLUB HOTEL  . ^..S'fft-r...   ���  t��lmir" Hotel  *t  .     <l*iqwW��w��-liM'i|*��iti��m- t*-BiM*MtV-l***v1K&^ielH*i&^\*f^t*^  f'orttcr Stftii'h-v Am.l-J**iUr�� S(-.r-  RATH5; $t per tlay ��n*l up.  Schooner Beer, to ccntft  .Curran, Proprietor.  !  .*# *  *.��� ���  .jf ��.��* .B^,, ^w  i.-yjMUCWoiK  AT  ��^WW^��WI^/<W��������^^  "���tt" r*  'i r 'rHE NELSON EGONQMlA  13  :'^.HS-���'^;^.'���'���-:;^j���.^^���J,^fTlf.i^^  YAmmm  AyAA:A^S��k  ;..'i;s>^'iw.vivVi^'S:r>6=aa  ��� '���.:'.;.. yyyy?yvv?N  AYyyAA^M  /issil.  ;t fie' fort bcotn i>*^;^am'^  :the&jiblittc^  'becdittes.njo^  ; ������������ '.���'-, - '���- '.. ������>���" -���-��� YAA Aa: Ai^A-miM  '���'������''i?' a- ".>'-���' A'' <���'������-;i���.-������Tv^^"^;ti!i!^l?^:T!i'  "���'������    '' ",'���','���' ;,;///// ''''���V'':A'-:-^i',y;^ Ai"^w V''*^'  "l ;���+���'-  *tnSn*t<**0#��  /,;... Tames,Ii-.���'/iAdcAherA*V&^^^ teii davs  <I u ri n g\ t h<A Aarl y ��� :/par t ;o��;;|he  ; Bennett/A J^  '. 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Ck*rttflon"tc Ho,J,Vi_6.mi3,' intend, j f  ���*���'��� xty day,s froin Oi��dat�� hi'itmiV to apply to the  Mining itiHrorder for 0crttnciu��8 of improve* r j.  nioni**,.for Ouv purjK^e or obtaining  Crown   j  GninU oft .h��Mi hove ahiith)*. |  And further tak�� noliw> thai *u?tionf under I  ^^otjon :r?/nvn^t i><* t^nuneiaxal before tlu* is- |  nuance of Mich������'Ortificalu' of i"m'|��roveiuenlH.-   | f  OaUarthia eiglitiM'iith day 'of Decern her, HHW.-j- f  '���������'.���'' J oi��x Mef _ATci* i k.   I i  teceipts  ~0!'rOCRS 'BY''MAIL: RECEIVE' PROMPT 'ATTEWTIOii.  "f I  rin(> Watches��  Specialty  la5?  Jr*"!*'-?  Ifff "*i-f, *i  H^talBjmleiin******!***^^  *"��<W*1��^1M..*"I1W ft1*.'.  *5v  '*��y  if/  ���ii/'/;  m s-v'....'  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"\YY  To'and'from. Rot^*nf/KoH��IiH��<fy,  JHJ()-daily lAvy.^  .'. .'Morning train eonne<^-for nll-puliJt* iii   ��� :  BOUNDARY COUN'TRY.;../  ...  i '    ' ��� . ������'.������'���'.' ��� ���   y.    '��� ���'���. | ���.  Kvenlht?train fyinn��*ots, t'q- -anrt front /Main..?  Mne and Points North1. ami'-' ��*xiVj>-i. son]  'dii-y.s)  from ail I'ofntH Hi   Jkmndary Country-. |  KOOTENAY RIVER  ROUTE. /  jiHiiy Sir Moyie���.-������" I tally ,  ' 21.0o'fA\.,... '    ,NK1>M.>N,/,...,/     /' AC I7/J0 |  C'onne.<rtK ' fC��'M*.��'<.*nay I,a��ulinj�� wiilr Crow'h.S  Nck! Branch train**.. ' ��������� '  j ,.../,.,,,./....,..., ���-.:...,_../....:....;...���., :     ......... ../���......     ,;../..:.; '-AA^yyY-Y^yv^  KOOTENAY LAKEKAStO  ROUTE,      fr^tin^^  Ex/Huu.    ��� Str. Kokand"   ' K.*,.Koru  "10.00 f,v, ' NK.l��.SON .,;'.  / /    Ai, 1J.00 i'^  j^attiniav'K to Ar^'ota -sun! rvtur'n,' Jttivlnu a)o'.  .-���' ICaslo.atm��Wk.   , /)��  ���..'if��  ^  ^  BUCHANAN, Proprte  ::''\yeli'dtefes���d:/:':;';-;/;/^  ; -��� ���' T-h pse'; w it o;;' Hv ea r;^/;g|t#!| i'cii t$  ;ctit'^iiid;::tkiIoi*d;/^  :ceiv���'all:tlie;lt^  dressed tiiaiv;cieset^es./':;^  ���; Onr*^uiter.'^^^o^  ": f'��.!'#v��*��^.'_**��������.*':��:**'_?' '���'!������"**:t*_> :��� ti't ��t'rt/f*:lS ' ���������- ^*  ' good; rqiiaiitvr^^^  good ���.';'WorkiBaship.    '  value"-'is" great: ;  a  SANDON AND SLOCAM  POINTS.  9.00/ex.Bun. Lv;. .vNKf.*SdN.. Ar. fx'.-Suu; M.-iO J  HELSQH TO ROSSUNO {Hi  umber,  rs Promptly :FMi��d";ari���S;r  Satisfaction Given*; Nelson'[  Yard, Foot of Hendryx Street, j;  ii  ���  For mtm   una  ���iinr'inforrwmoM. jt<ldn.'v�� \ ^    Shingles,  nearest local agent, or- | \0  C. E. Beasley, <'*<>' VuKtwuwr Ajfcni..- |io-  Ft, W. Drew/A^mt, N��>!^oi^     ,Jg    ��� ���        *  W. P. A'nif��radii�� : 'E. J. Coyic,      ;/^'  Trav. Paik A'<ent, A (.;.. l.��. AKent,      ./ so   ������' ���'''���'* a*-����aw  Netoon, B. C v��n<-ouv^r, H. C     ; ULJLAiUUlAOJUlLJUUU^^  0  ;:������'�����  ".y.-y.^  ���.:,6t,  vi-M  "^/���'������ MEil  //'it  '^'������y'yWl  ������.<-.--;V��l  y^;/I|  . ,'%.^  ' y��5  Mi  :.';.N?i  ������'SH  y/6|  ;/li  a  :/.i;'Mf  :>Sf  * i  ���* '  "A; s] --*.;;^/'  . �������-��������' ��r*-r***i",^"J?"  ���'"y  .,  ' -   ���- L .    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