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The Ledge Apr 3, 1902

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Volume IX.   No, 27
NEW DENVER, B.C., APRIL 3, 1902.
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
^SSSS.8SSI8 ff^^^8SSS88SaS
Eph Downing has started a paper at
Maple Crook, N. W. T.
The C.P.H. repair gang is doing some
pile driving at the wharf.
Ed. Atherton has moved into his New
Denver summer residence.
TheHowott shipped 45 tons of ore
last week and the Bosun 20*.
Born—In New Denver, on March 29th,
the wife of J. B. Smith of a daughter.
Born—In Sandon, on March 28th, the
wife of G. W. Grimmett of a daughter.
Paddy Stratford is prospecting around
Kingman, one of the gold camps in
John Woretey had a fight with his
rooster tho other day and got the worst
of it.
G. H.* Dawson, manager of the Essex,
pmirjMe^turned from the coast this
Miss Hewton and Mr. Pedlar are in
Nelson attending' * the annual teachers
The annual Spring clean up is in progress and the scenery hereabouts wears
a smoky aspect.
Thobaflfiball fever is epidemic in Now
Denver. So far it is confined to the
juvenile element. •
Henry Stoge was in Nelson this woek
whero ho gave orders for a steam
launch for use upon tlio lake.
Died-At Kelowna, B. C, Mar. 25th,
Harry Lawrence, eldest son of Mr. and
Mrs. II. .1. Kobio, aged It years.
Fresh vegetables can be lind from
Williams. Consignments will continue
to arrive while the demand exists,
Harry 'Hover made his annual strike
the past wcok. The ax found tho fleshy
part of IiIh shin-bone and made a nasty
W. C. KiH'h will build a stable at the
Mollie Gibson Land In*, on KooUmay
lnke. Miirilock McLean has ihe contract.
Fruit Ih hotter than sulphur and mn.
lassos in the spring. You can get
plenty ol it from Williams in exchange
for currency.
In tho 800-loot level of the Humbler-
Carrlbon mine at McCmigau, the ore
body * recently opened np is four nnd
one-hall feet In width.
About 20ili settlers r. day are coming
into thn Territories ovur the Soo Hue.
If there were as many tourists rushing
into New Denver, what n boom we
would have?
Tonight In Bosun hull the ldg Con
grovn muslfiil organisation will appear
The entertainment is said to be first-
class In every respect Following the
pnrfnrmnnce a dance for three hours
will be given with up-to-dnte music nnd
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approximately, 80,000 tons. Since January 1
to March '29, 1902, the shipments have
been as follows:
Week    Total
Ivanhoe 's- 	
Sunset (Jackson Basin) :    00
Reco „  ..   40
American Boy    13
Arlington    80
Hewett    15
Bosun    20
Last Chance	
Wonderful    IO
Enterprise .".    40
Moni tor (for March)  115
Queen Bess (for March)    01
Silver Glance	
Neepawa '.. '..	
Paystrea k	
Slocan Star    63
Duplex.....',  ^^j.._ 7_
for the purpose of treating and refining
nickel will be for rent. The whole
business could easily be prevented
Ono word from the government at
Ottawa would change the. headquarters
and workshops of this big combination
from New Jersey to Canada. One word
from the law-makers at Ottawa would
put Canada in a most enviable position
as "far as nickel and nickel steel are
concerned And yet that word remains
unspoken 1 Can any man give any
reason, good or bad, why the government of this country should thus neglect
its plain duty?—Hamilton Spectator.
Speaking of the character and importance of the recently opened iron
mines at Kitchener, B. C, the New
York E.  & M.  Journal says:    "The
Kitchener ore, so far as developed; is a
high grade bessemer ore so situated
that it can be smelted on the spot or
transported without very great cost or
difficulty to furnaces in the coast region
of British Columbia, or to the vicinity
of the coal mines and coke ovens of the
Crow's Nest Pass country. One of the
latter alternatives seems the more probable, if the analogy of all modern practice is to hold good; since it is the almost universal custom at present to
carry the ore to the fuel rather than the
fuel to the,ore. The important point
is that when the time comes to build up
an iron industry to supply the Pacific
Coast and the export trade to the East
—which may not be far distant—the
raw material will not be lacking and it
seems reasonably certain that it will be
among the best of its kind "
Total tons.......... «U
Mar 11-Meteor, nr Silverton, \V 8 Grady.
12—Hcc, Slocan lake, nr Rosebery, W. D
Of all tbe mines in the Sloean there is not one that is
managed with greater business tact, and with so little noise to
attract applause as the Monitor mine of Three Forks. Manager Gintzburger does not do his mining, through the columns
-i     of a newspaper.   But he goes after the ore for its value, not to
f     boom the mine's stock, and—he finds it.
——*—very-big-and"important~strik:e~of"*"ofe^waOoade oil tlie"
H—Grizzly Giant, nr Silverton, W S Grady.
California ami San Francisco, Four Mile, Geo
J Jiickwn, K G PiiIkc. J .r I'ftsttir, Cha* A Smart
and Ij A Illlboi-nc
Fell l'.i--It I) fr. '21—Onvx. »;-Hartne.v,
Anifust Flower, Sylvanlte, Kdltli, Hunter, Huh
and Hub. Edith fr. Mi-li l-Atlln fr. 4-Cas-
eude, Contact. lft—Donnolly, Gordon, Crawford
fr. 17—Little Hud), Maydee. 5>l -Hour. Piun-
Men.   a-t—I'nuobscot.   US-Ivan, Wllmnr.
Feb in—Silver Leaf, Tamarack. SS—Victoria
Xo rt. Meli n-nixlo Hummer. SI llcloim.Troy.
y.V-IImnp Hula. t:~Donnellv, Crawford Ir,
Gordon, Gall, Daniel.
Felt 18-niack Horse, White Home, Ft-iloi'ii,
Afliilnvlt* nf Notice* iiiiltllslied to dellmjiiont co-
owik-th U'lven bv Clia* K Hd|n>.
^-Silver Lake, Silver Luke Falln. Oranlie
Mountain, Jno A Whltlier to K L Warner.
ifii-Cawade \, R II Kerr to Win Thiimliiimm,
Aiiril. 1W>|.
Moll tl-Alerli Hun KiicelKiiw to All.i'i't Wild
Se|it j.1.
Alert 1. Allievt WllitHloAVm llimtt.tr, Fob III
s   Knijilre -), (JO linker to U II Hilii,llo,.l.in in
lo-Maills-wi Kxlfiinfoii }, Tin* II May io.I ti»
A ()l!arnileli:iol, *■ ei.t %:
ao-Klifht Hour i, T 11 Hobun to Albert Wil-
Hum*. .I uly 11.
Ill-Kluiit Hour I Alltert WIIIIiihih to J M
\Villl:ilit«. Mch 80.
■j.'i -Co-iniitiiei'shliiUKiwinent between Kmiwi
1. Warner and .1 II OnmpU'll der Ihe iinnif of
the Coin Slinlii«& l)fVivl(i|iiiuMit C-ii,, .Inn:'.
Nolle* of Ifime of tn-niiertlet from llie Wonderful Mrou|> Mlulint Co, by lh» Od'i MIiiiiik Co.
Miller Creek Ir, MaiUmim ICmmmioM \ niiell,
Kinitia L Warner to Jno DCaiiiiiMI.
Silver Coi.1 |, II M Walton to F LChrMtf,
Auif 1.1.
March lllrtl J. W K Will »<• AndrewJittc..l.«..u,
Mill 21.
Apr 1 itlii M.-ild ), M li NleholKon to ¥>l Smith,
Ajii 1.	
Feltjii—VieliiHu. Win* anil Skookurn.
Mar 11 yuleit Suite, Monilitir Htw-fr for thive
yt-iim. Mnriilnn Mtir.H yr*, Kvenlna Siar.iyn,
I'leUirla S yr». Ilniee .1 yrt. CuTiinn-t J vr«,
Hi*'\n .1 i-r».    tA—Ho*' of I^-iit*hi,
Krl. i!.-Htnror In.Iln l, M.iutl Smith in Win
Monitor last Sunday. The strike was made in the lower level,
No. 4 tunnel, where the main ore shoot has been developed for
a distance of 275 feet on the horizontal. The paystreak shows
in tho drift three feet of solid oro, *-Miit,h ovory indioation ot it
opening into a very large ore body.
A raise has been driven on the ore shoot from Xo. 4- to
No. 3 tunnel, a distance of 122 feet, and the ore was found
absolutely continuous, from 8 inches to three feet in thickness.
The strike made iii the lowest-developed level is conclusive proof that the ore shoot goes down, and, also, that it
increases in width with.depth.
ToUi-Tst ^ssocWon
• Good Progress Reported, and Permanent Officers
Elected—Officers Greatly Encouraged.
At the meeting of the.. Tourist Association held Thursday evening in the
Clever hall, there were in attendance
upwards of 50 citizens. The meeting-
was most enthusiastic throughout, being addressed at considerable length
by Mr. Ryan and Mr Sproat The
temporary committee appointed at the
initial meeting of the association, reported a registered membership of 50.
Communications were read from the
secretary of the Nelson Association, setting forth the objects of that organization and offering encouragement to the
local association. The secretary of the
Nelson body will visit New Denver in a
short time, when it will be decided upon what basiii the New Denver association will be conducted.
It was the opinion of all present that
the local association should preservers
April l— Silver, n.'t2
,*   o_    »    ru?,
Le.nl, i'tl 7s(id
"    £'11 "slid
Snuff taking King Edward isn't ihe
only follow in Un* Hritndi I'liipiro who
f-eiitiiR to cling Invinidy to riilicbioiis old
customs mul iiotion.s that holoii|» lo llie
davs of liis  *oratiil(nllH'rn  iuul   great-
ItKKUHKI)   TO    KinilMS.
Apropos of the ri-sing generation: A
youngster in one of the lower primary
grades recently had a small rabbit
fc'ivoii to him. His mother found him
the next day on his knees with the, rabbit ludd beforn him in both  hands, and
allernattdy slulkliii,'it and exclaiming: ,
,,., ,, (i   (ii _ „ i In previ'iil others from  doing do,
IlMFrty"iirany~combina?ion that might
be affected with Nelson, and that the
funds of the local should be spent at
home. -
Officers were elected for a period of
g!x monthe Aufollown.-  Prosidont, Honry
Stege; Vice-President, Alex Sproat;
Secretary, John Williams; Treasurer,
A, E. Taylor; Advisory Committee,
Angus Mclnnes, Jack Aylwin, Andrew
Jacobson, Jno. T. Black, H. M. Warker.
At the meeting of tho Tourist Association the other night Henry Stege
voiced the sentimentB of every loyal
citizen when lie said: "We want to
make of this association something that
will benefit onr town; we want no one
to look upon it lightly, but as a real,
permanent institution. It can he made
a success if we   work-   together.     We
"Three   limes   four
"Four  times  six,"
don't want any knockers. If you won't
do us any good, don't do us ativ harm.
If you won't help us, yourself, don't try
Shocked  at   thii-
grandfathers •— those oM days wln-u: seemingly cruel action on the part of
kings were supposed to he something j her usually genlle hoy,she said: "Whv,
a little different from other human be j Harry, why on earth Hn. vou shaking
ings. The following from the UoprIiiimI. 1 that rabbit so? You \vj|| |<j|| it,"
H (;., Miner would indioato that our
t'oiisiiis jiiM over the border have xiiiii-
lar ideas and can't i|uile shake off the
idea that the clothes, some way or
other, nuiko the mini.'
"The barristers of Hosdland appeared !
know if we work intelligently and harmoniously together, we can build up a
t>ood town ami make it a point of attraction to tourists and mining men."
"Well." replied Master Harry, "papa
said this morning that rabbits multiply
rapidly, but 1 can't make this one say a
<o|iii(m- mines as a rule an- dm-; lived
iesl   opened   in thin
M ago   are*  nlill   pm-
With siieh Hcntimont underlying th
Association at its inception, and with a
thorough, practical understanding of
its objects by its members, it will ae-
complisli all that iu iuo*t optimistic advocates hope for,     But the tai»k under.
Are they tourists that indulge in these
gay recreations?    In a  small degree,
yes; but by tar the greater, number are
resident Californians, who are not content to point the way for visitors to enjoy life, but are determined to lead in
tlie enjoyment.     Nothing- attracts attention to a point of interest  like a
crowd.   Of   all the  residents  of New
Denverwho point with so much pride
to the glacier, we venture to say that
not one in 20 has ever visited it andean
realize its  magnitude  and grandeur.
How many have stood upon its glassy
surface  and looked down upon New
Denver and scanned the rugged mountain and placid lake scenery from its
lofty height?   How many have climbed
any of the mountains towering above
us and looked down upon the lake as it
sparkles in the sunlight or tlie glorious
moonlight.   We have all stood in won-
the lake and upwards and around at
the great snow-capped mountains and
deep canyons in, the moonlight, but how
many realize what the sight must be
from a mountain top in the dead of a
moonlight night;-1
There is work for the Association.
Many of its members have always had
the desire to see the points of interest
hereabouts. (Jet up glacier parties to
make the trip in two days, or a week,
as the crowd may decide. Make it convenient for ladies to participate in the
outings. Rnconratfo camping parties.'
Six-Mile falls parties, I ion ting parties,
lishing parties, picnic parties—anything
that is clean and oxhilcrating anil will
bring the interests of ail under the
head of one. Let tlie. Association pro*
vide systematically for the enjoyment
of our own people hy combining with
those, of Sandon, Three Forks, and the
lake towns, not as ;wi Association, hut-
to enable I hem to join with us in seeing
nml gelling all there is in mid out of
our great beauty spots. The tourists
will come when we can demonstrate to
thein that we, have Houiething hero that
interests and captivates our own people.
Till:    I.IIINKS   MISl    no.
We've  considered   well   the   matter;
we've ilifciiHsed it con and pro—
And   we've  linally   decided   that  the
Oiiiiiiuian must go.
He's been here since the early days,
'        '-iIh-.u tin: ciiup wan neiv «ii«l  rude;
iu the county court yesterday in black'Some of  the  earliest   opened  in i|,jH|'"ken is not an easy one, nor one that i He's washed our dirty linen and dished
coats, white ties and gowns for the tiistconiitrv tiftv vears ami  are utill   pro•|,',,l, *»■" nt-c*on»|>I i ?*t»o<l   iu  »  few «hort \       us up our fond;
time in the history of the city.    Here- j ductive. witlu.o signed becoming «x-! wwk*' "w n,""tl,H' or -v,,"rs-    Nor '"»> j      ^''v« IbHduN^tVol' .'W'
tolore the legal fraternity Iiiin not fol-1 ha lifted very goon,   One of the oldest!il'"' "'••••uuplished with dollars, though  n„, t|„. time'sarriviMliiiSilverto,', when
lowed the strict  rules of the court in  copper minus of the world is at 1'ahluii,  ,non,'v w''" ,"' '* Bnn'' l»,,!'l«"'i»t »o make J       the chink must go.
this  respect,  the  regulations  having j Sweden.   This mine has l n   wmiieii It,,,, ">'*"'"' n,n "'100tbly-    Hut  more
tieen relaxed iu the early days of the1 fur 7U) years and lm« produced ,V»o,ooi)it'1"" wm'>   is individual eitlhusiapin
camp, asull lnwveis had not supplied i tens of copper, in tons silver and or*~ "•"* ''ft01'1-   ^"- a"  '"  different diiec-
themselves with
their   profession
changed in this renpecl,ami the disci)
I"    OllPi ,
the  otllcial robes of; and one-i|uarter tons gold, r<>pri'«rm!nir! ,1""*'       ' ' "'"""- "' '""
Nmv   inattci.s   lone a value of &£.,:*in,uun.   Kvideutlv pen ! *
il Bhiek-toue roiielmli'd iluit  in  Oiini
•ti,  \ht Mmiti' I. .In < I-', < »rr tn K W on-
•il   Ml,'i»r«if<-|, s||v«»  !»-.,   (, A|\V|l<|>t
Wm lluiiiti- ithev   would   observe   etimielte  iu  Ho
.    M»r im   lliimli-l»«it* 1.  I  Kli'ii.lnit toll M*--   ,   ,,'   .    , ,.    ,       ., ,     .
Wliv not iipeu up ni. account with t lm'I^o, ,*■,..,,    :f,,ll"H, 'hv^,,'    ' ','l«''' l,,«' «'"1"'1"^""
.. ....      ... •   «        t» . I      ll«l>-l»i|U<1llitfj, 4 MHIUIM-f I .  rt    i  SllHlOiril.
Muliml IJfuof C«nnd«/    Vour annunlf   iir...tl v,(,tii..rt" 1. *m,U\'U **> »...»i r•i*-it
pl" In Sweden tin
!*>iriy ii*. thoy .-,,,.
Iheir fmillties   fm
|.llt     *,,    fl-,,    „| \., Ul,;        <(        Mj(k,|<,       ,„,,,„.,*
nrrived nt no lawyer will   iid.lro** llie. min.. |„ tl,i. v..untr.v viehh-d un.nm i„„.
mi «<t
in Ihi..
IliHt'h Hi a
fimiiir,-.. in'
'   mines  a to
I'llllUnl   HiM'-in    ->.>f*ii>i'ii>i «.»»•■      -...•>■•!••■        i a i *\%,t.  ,9n\ i it* t ,i   § ■   " .if '■■* i *•    •'-    **• •* •• *■   ■■ -t *i*r i yu - ^ •       -..- , -.....-
premluin«wllUiv.^vourtaniny|.roc«u-.h';7X,^HV'^^^^ ,'"1'   e"l'i"*r'    U  ,,",, ,',H" xM'  '»""■  xvi1'
tionlnthflflventof .ie»tl.. with lihernl     11-^^1^..VKMPv.oBiif t..my M.ii„y.    scribed mauner    u •**and whitel,ai„l-  t,r,.,!u(-e mo,-,. (.„flf,f.,- jn ,,.„ >t.al.s „,.lM
I.ti uf adopt the way* nl Smith-xi-n
'"ilifi'i'iiiaiin ain! !t-;iin of fliem. In t)»»•
Hr»t plni«» thev realize that thev have t
fi.iiiiiri- tiin» i- -■*- „'!■-! ,i- :!.; hi .«t,
And iIh-v nre not afraid to Id! lie-
world m>.    I hen they prove by prmUcul
He's not the kind of timber that a mining camp shoulil irrow,
And so we have concluded that the ye|.
I iw boy must go.
He's n worker from old  Workersville,
aii'l he saves to lie/it (lie hand,
Bui when he -gets a bank roll It all go"*
■ Mfk In I'liiiiHlaiitl.
low, that's not the (iroptT i-«|M«r in  this
Ininl of gold ami snow,
Aii'l flu» If .01-   •■
when the CliinU mn«l -.'o
Ht-'f mighty swift in pelting toin,  Imt
in spending it hen slow,
Interest mul loan* during life of your
policy.   Not H game of  die  fo   win
II   «'t.nit,|ii.in Ir, It i; All. it 1.1 Mitili- Kl»tinii.)flr(, r<,s(.fV(.ii \„r nitlitiirs 11/ the »ii|iieui,
It'-IM', nil, (!W llniTliiaK.il UiWKI.h.        * eonrf, nml the-,e have always  been  in
..,.,_, , .        l'i   Vla> t-tn.uhi-"'. u-itil Tl *',. ii|4t.ni In II Ritftkiiul 11111111   in   tlmt   court "
WrlteloW.J. TwiM, gerKTal  agent,  j..r»iit|. i.n.M.y*-. \  ' '   '.   ''"  "'   """      ""'
llie   SwedNh   mine   has m 7«t» \ears
Less hurry   In evliaiisring .Ih it-* iu
ilemtiiintiatititi that it   i-  all  thai   lln-y  *■■ we've tmnle   it   'iianifcst   flt.it   Joint
-fliinHiiuin iiuinl go,
Hetueforth for p'tli^to-'l linen,  ami  for
grub by day or niyht
believe i' in be and claim for it      The>
i»o to llie iunuiiierable  i.nint*-  nf  iniei'-
-polsnm* j American 'mines would r.«i»iilt in  better ■ '"^ '" borschack pi,ril.«, trolly parties. 1 \vvi» lost em Am n*.. i.-lk
..i^i..,, mi *«<l.v, " l ■ 1 \tV,HVlt,
A i|UU',l wwiumj-j Vihih \09cn SS 0*109*. \ ——
day mornliiKaMlu* r««siden«-« of Clin*.)    We hear of big movcim-M* in the
W.  Aylwill,  wlheii   i*   Aylwin  ami, nieUel tield, ail ol which  lend  Inward
MitMH«ril|i(l«thereAU> were unltod lii|ffivlng n big  American ••ompuny the
holv   wpillnct.'      ilex.    A,   V.    !tob-»rrp«t ..   .       *     » .1      *;   ■ •,. -  ,
pn-s.i-1* ami inme peiiiipiiieiicv lothe in
tuiifii v
A eolureil j ins tor h'ihi-yjjoiiihIjii^
<h«i k*wjk»! Lu- Hi*  Utile  !!<M'1>.   nw)'     Miiii.sii'i     it wmAA >ui j»ii.-«- \mi
nfli'i-vividly  ib'wiibiug tin*  pla-ci*: to   know   bow   min-li   . oimterfeit
,.f ti.o ii-,- < »".i,..t  i.;..      •     •     ....'.,'      '    '' ...
tit,iiii pat 1 ie.*, iiiuiiiitmii p.uitc», iiini|i.
. .i,i ili.ii' 1,     ip  I--   .i   inuiiutili   llnliu   III
.■sitiia itaib.iia, ainl meiitioii i» madi> of
'AiA t-tiiVi   ", ,   ,,'■:.,-"yy.1-,   in  .••<•<• Jmiw
back pin I it"- ni .'■*', I", "i",   or   ",.",.  ;foiiit»
f-ll   iUl i.tlt'!    ."t't'.   ';:«-'!p't\     '••    tlie    It'iftf.
(l*llii.'iliinie,   ni    i.n.ojj   tli   the   bliyiit
officiating.,   A   stimptuoiis   wedding j||iW *r(»rld.   If il.e *»<rin>ine come. t«. vic«^ with the f.tllowing:    "Ibetb- tion Ixivo* in tbe coin -<<ti'tin- year,  iu^ml^'t   tl'i,;   t1 ■   \ 1-'  -tmth oi
breakfast w»* «n»n-*c«i mA tli*  hi%j»r»yj coiiip|eii..ii tin* Initid Mates will have |Vn, I bit* Im-cii ,'i«ke<|  how   hot is l-iienil -I Htipposf -n.    How iio  white im-at-h on il.< -..«-...-.!. vl ,..re    Then
maiiuf.i.-iiire  of  j„.j|( „U,J J Wol,J,l s«#v  Hull   if   you >oil lulUiuge |o g.-t t id of it nil?        ' Out* u ill l.i« tallt.h.. parti
ttiok ill! tbe  WimkI   in    Volk    f«trtt-e 	
iii P'-i-fiM-lvo.ni'i 'f'b.-n tie- '!<-tl;tnt   Uiili'.-iitt   ,<|viiit
hai lm>n found in commercial *in«ini-jStaten will bn\e the who!* nmnojoh of »u«l |HMi»iil on flial heap all tbo oil tiK»k po^sension of tin- ib-vot-M ml-*-' \\„. \„.,„ :.   ,. \. . ,,11
tievi iu 'Aie iti'i' fi'tiui two claiui,1  m  llux nac of C.uulL « nicOf-i   n--.niin.-i.-ni  in tin* vioi-lii, unit w>t it nil <.n   |'tv<*, -it>n,«ivv.     "S'oulbink  I'm .1   pud-, raiupiii;,'/ ai 1 ■■"• n. "ie  «ild  m'-ijni.-uji
di*trict. ilii'lhaosond B ntidfhf'»lym.;a|»ro.liici  *l.ir!i  will   <_\vt*   \\u*i\e*o „„• t|„,„ ,(l(1|. .,   „mn   (H(J   l>t   |))kj| ,\Uiy,/' \u, ,.rjH|.  ..|'1| «|,r,w   yo»  I   t-'iove-, wl e.  "p     tt-.-eh*  ;n;r  »• p.-t.i in
til*     Bskct Jt t'-i ■■ uf  Sewnt'k.S  A..' r;i»n»ifaf''iir*i- in   ,1   .»».•»*   n,*,.*   Hu,-        t .   , , ,„,. ;,,,,,,  |,.,,.,.-,   t,■■',;,\:ii„(|,   fn.it,   Xi*u
pi*.   »'■»" ,   .,      ». iii. 1 . ,       ami ji'ii iiiin into that btirmii  twit* .tin not!'      "The proof of llie pud- '-      M
platinum ri*(liiera, nm.!*? the itiscovprv' ntisolute jirei<-.I.-iai. tv»-r tf.t-   itiaiuilac. ' ... m--. ■cbntd .-(ret **.,-ial  nfi»:   tiinuii'itn
liy«its»yii.i{»*mpb»s, and are inrp.ii ing j Hirer* . .fall otm-r unintrie,.   h  wmu* h" wniAAUee,r u,  -b-ntb.     I bat * .ling h in il... i-alihg.    ivj«mh«1 the ,,,„,,.. H, (l,!jt, )liji)t .,„.) MiJ4.,.,j
for mure ol llio ore. i tiiai the i.iitMinjis, *i.r*tf*^l in llamtiton, liow hot it i»." raviigi-. «!»ikl\. j,,,t    >. x      ;u [ ; .m [ AuU-i.e.
twain twik the mornine Ixiat enroiite!fl   monopoly   of   the
for Nnl-wn. j nickel and of all manner of thing* 01
The .Siiiillk»m»'»'*u Star piildisbe* the j which nickel forms !ip«rt.    Die nice.-.
fmpnrfint  liif.irm.itlnri   that  pF.-irfnum ; of fhe srhenn'   mean*.  Hy'  fl..-   f'e.Et--d  f,r"'   !       r ""   '""•''
lilltl llti-v
hiirven. ti
K. lite hilt*
ceitirn in Hie I'Vciuic- with
acli and «*.< <-sif-Mit- burieil iu it'
penpie that ari* white,
ll. ,.  ,.i.>,11, >i ie    .vtiK-fttiiii*. aiei  niir
CI.in IS   lllll-    ll ,'   tlll/H
l'v   "♦ending frntli   the   edict   i.h'O the
• Iniik iuii»i gn
Ami-.'ill In all tbe   oiHm.Io   world   tin-.
in,---a.j_>* v, til In- ti-iu •
tt i> n> h iiiieoi'ii ut. 1.p.1 -^tn ei'inji and
the Chinaman 'lint went.
.-...tin* 1no- l.tiitg- and the  Yin*.' i.ingn
l.eti.'i' ca»h their Itdlt -lack.
And hit tin- li.iiU f«.r ntlo-i   cltnn.»  .-md
never -nanilej ti^ft..
From i.nw nn  aie!   f.ii-<-v<-f   tin-   uMf«.
rti-1 'i .'(••-vi -. ■-,.' oo
Hi..! li«>M<>i>. it-H |...t|t«-> on   io ih<- v'lc.tti'-t  ittucpt.jjj c,*rnp nn e;irth
an.I tt..- rintil,
--H.-U H-dt -n,
01 Miner,
\ p;it«-r!i*l -giivi-tiuociit 'i.evi-r lie-*
■ onif- si» thoroughly fatherly th.*t
is- -eh-Milren A*Xt !..ivi   1*n  pm-  .,51
ivi.iir.   1x1. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, APRIL 3, 1902.
Ninth Year
ThkLkiiqkIs two dollars a year In ndvanco When not so paid it is $2.50 to parties worthy of credit. Legal advertisiiif? 10 oents a
noiipariel line first insertion, nnd 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: THK LKDOK Is located at, New Denver. B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never lieen raided by tlie sheiilT, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that boll
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stoou the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, oven if the heuvens do occasionally hit our smokestack, k chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but do not put the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of thii noblest works of creation is tho man who always pays the printer; he is
sure ol'a bunk in paradise, with thomless roses for n pillow by night, and nothing but jrold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
your hair and to wear .clothes that
simply hurrah at the passer-by—
What, that's no beauty! Throw
away those hip pails and the 'rats'
in your hair and those pinching
stays. Let your lungs have an air
bath. Give your ribs spreading
out room. Be a wholesome^strong,
well developed, happy and wholly
alive young woman. That's real
loveliness. Don't talk too much
about foolish things. Read good
books, choose good friends, aud
learn some of the possibilities of
•eallv useful and contented life."
$24,000 was going pellmell back
into the gambling house coffers. I
did see one man, however, win and
go away with his money. He was
a very rich man, as I happened to
know; and just played for fun, not
caring whether he won or not. He
had astonishing luck. The same
number came up five times in, succession—an Unusual thing. It
made a great sensation in the room,
and people gathered about. At
the fifth turn of the number he
swiped in everything from the
table, and poked away the wads of
French banknotes into his pockets
right and left. He won about $6,-
000 in a very few moments,' "
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this squnre
Indicates that your subscriii-
tlon is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
four collateral.
There are mines still unfound in
the Slocan.
A train of thought is often loaded
with cheap freight.
Salt makes you prematurely old,
and often causes catarrh.
soil. None of the methods suggested are of any use in the Slocan.
The only way to till the formation
around these parts is to drill holes
and sow plenty of dynamite.
It seems easier for Mann & McKenzie to get a few millions of
acres of land away from the B. C.
government than it is for us to get
a ten-line*ad from the same source.
corset next to her cuticle. The
dragging of such details into print
shows a lack of sulphur and molasses in the mentality of the city
Manitoba is flooded with water.
Prohibition talk brings its own reward. '
Judging from reports there seems
to be a few flies upon the Horsefly
country. -
Consumption is a house disease
and can be prevented by living in
the open air.	
Despise not the things that are
common. See the B. C. potato
where it is climbing to!
To give the lands aud money of
tbe people away to railroad companies is an evidence that legislators are lacking in wisdom, or
have had their hands rubbed against
movable gold.
In Xew Denver we used to talk
about babies, Silverton and other
interesting subjects, but lately all
topics not touching on tourists or
smelters have drifted into a knife-
blade whisper with signs of pinching entirely.
Towns that do not get one of the
various smelters now flying in the
Green goods will soon l>e plentiful in New Denver. The planting
of onions has commenced.
Too ruiich smelter smoke might
smut the scenic beauties that ever
smile upon America's Lucerne.
.Saloon business must be quiet in
Kansas, for lately we hear nuthing
about Carrie and her little axe.
These are dark days for Phoenix.
Au amateur minstrel company bus
broken loose iu the copper town.
To put live members in the Legislature from a small city like Vancouver in surely u wanton waste of
money mid material.
Over a million lobsters were
whipped out of Nova Scotia laut
year. Very few of them got into
the Legislature at Victoria.
Mining coal is a very profitable
business judging from thc fact that
om: It. ('. coal company can alTord
to run a daily paper in Nelson.
They may not need a smelter in
Kaslo. There in a gold craze for
O>oi>er creek hanging over that
burg of energy.
Full many a tourist i* Itorn to
rush unseen pint the wenie glories
of the Klocan, and waste his hoodie
Upon the frazzled **\*,t* of other
air may congratulates themselves
upon the fact that smelters smoke
a town. In addition to the smoke
the deadly fumes poison the foliage,
and makes of gardens dead things.
Gentle spring seems to be reluctant to break away from that
cold proposition known as winter.
During the day it gets a little
nearer to us, but is shy,and hustles
Jack Frost into camp every night
just to show us how two strings to
a beau look.
Ferguson having become too hot
for the Eagle man he has leased
his plant to a Montana printer and
gone to Vancouver. Pettipiece is
too aggressive for a small camp and
will do better in a city where one
dollar-grasping preacher does not
cut all the ice,
An Irishman, in a time of revival, joined the church, but was
found sinning grievously not long
afterwards. "Didn't you join the
Methodists?" inquired a piously-
tlis|K)sed person. "Faix an' I did;
I jincd for six months and behaved
so well they let ine off with three.*"
It is currently repotted that the
Fen inn* will make an attack on
(Jreat Britain this year. If they
can not do any tatter than they did
in '«UJ they had tatter ntay in the
SUites and light with their organs
of speech. It is cheaper mid not
deliteriniiH to the anatomy.
Filth,fear and vaccination spread
smallpox and keep it alive. It seldom attacks a town where the people are clean mentally and physically. Vaccination is one of the
filthiest things imaginable, and to
force it upon people is to push us
back into the days of civil and religious persecution. Few evils are
greater than vaccination, and to
rely upon it shows that the human
mind can still be influenced by a
Evolution is wonderful. John
Jacob Astor came to America
many years ago and made a fortune
in furs. He was just an ordinary
greasy emigrant when he struck
New York, and now The Mrs.
Astor, of Gotham's Four Hundred,
states that no man can be a gentle-
tion. Of course Mrs. Astor is tal k-
ing through her real estate, but she
should not forget that poor old
Jakey did not know » *L»tf« eoofc
from a Long Island potato.
Every spring brings its boom and
a new Mecca for prospectors. This
spring it is Thunder Mountain,and
next spring it will be another gulch
or mountain. The story of stampedes is ever old, and always news,
and the eagerness with which men
rush to tteW'OKciteinentK is an evidence that the old saying about
hope springing eternal in the human breast is not devoid of truth.
Without hope few new camps
would be discovered, and it is even
more essential to have it iu the
heart than bacon and beans on the
I wck.	
A bill has lieen introduced into
the (7ongreHH of the United States
to repeal the apex laws relating to
mineral claims. This ruinous law
must have been framed by lawyers
and should have been repealed long
ago. It has always been the cause
of much expensive litigation and
has never lieen of any ivwciptauoo to
honest mining men. It has caused
millions io lie spent in defending
suits and him hampered the mining
industry. When the exact boun-
dariew of mining claims are known
it will prove a great incentive to
the wile of valuable mining properties.
One of Beau regard's old soldiers
In Greenwood the
authorities have
U0UDI6 0 turned the double
0 on the roulette wheels and the
Midway Advance compiles the following on the subject:
' 'The new police .commissioners
for the city of Greenwood have
made a beginning by ordering the
closing up of roulette wheels,which
is certainly a wise step, and will
prevent many a man.* in that city
from spending bis nights in a vain-
Iqss effort to increase bis capital.
Roulette to many is very fascinating, although the chances for winning are vastly in favor of the
dealer. Xo system has yet been
found whereby it is possible to
break the bank. Only a short time
ago Lord Rosslyn attempted to
break the bank at Monte Carlo. He
announced in England that be had
an.in fallible system and only needed
■$50,000 to make it go. People!
tumbled over each other to give j
him the money. He began by i
playing with thousand franc notes, !
until he finally got down to playing
live franc pieces. There, is no such
thing as breaking the bank at
Monte Carlo or beating roulette
under any circumstances, yet the
game wherever started always finds
sufficient admirers to make it profitable for the owners of the tables.
A man who has lived at Monte
Carlo for years says that the gambling houses paid returns as regularly as dividends on the New York
Central railway. A gentleman
who visited" the place gives the following account of the renowned
gambling place;
"Rattlesnakes are grateful if you
gain their affection," says a correspondent of the Corsicana. Tex.,
News. "My brother Jim found a
six-foot rattlesnake near town,
caught him under a boulder, and,
instead of using his advantage, he
sympathetically released the snake,
which thereupon became a pet and
followed Jim about and guarded
him as faithfully as a dog. One
night he was awakened, and, missing the snake in its usual place at
the foot of the bed, he knew that
something was wrong. He got up
and lighted a match to investigate,
and found a burglar "in the next
room in the coils   of  the   snake,
which had its tail out of the   window rattling for the police."
There were a few tense moments
in the Methodist church of Mt.
Holly, N. J., on a late Sunday
evening when a well-known member of the , congregation, who had
fallen asleep during the sermon,
awoke sufficiently, at the end to
realize that he had gone to bed
with his clothes oil, and began undressing. As he was in a pew by
himself, he had made considerable
progress toward disrobing before
anybody interfered to arose him
from his trance.
tables, and each table is a bank
with a capital of $120,000.    If you
win'all its-capital that   particular
table  closes   for  the day to get a
change' bf luck.   That ~ls  alt the
bank   breaking   there  is.     You
would have to go through  all the
other tables—roulette,rouge-et-noir
and trente-et-iiuarante—before you
close up the concern, and there are
several of each.   They a re a dismal
looking lot—the players.    I never
saw one of them   smile,   and   the
winners looked as miserable as the
losers.    Xobody  gets  away with
any money, no matter how   much
he wins.    At least it is very rare.
1 saw one man begin with a thousand franc note—$200.    lie played
and   won — doubled   bis money;
played and won again,   and again
doubled,    lie kept on until he had
won about ?'J-I .ono.    Then he started resolutely to  go   out.    At the
door   be   stopped,   iicsitated   and
turned back,    lie sauntered over
to thc table, and looked on at the
game for awhile.   Then   he  buttoned up his coat again, with great
decision,   and  started out with a
firm stride.    Hut he could   not—
positively could not   get   through
the   door.   The last 1 saw of hi in
he was playing away again ami the
The two greatest medicines for
Spring are
Dr. Fax's Sarsaparilla
lllnoil I'liritU'i- and Tonif
Dr. Scott's Iron Tonic Pills
Hltxitl Builder nml Nervo Tonic.
For Sule a.t
New Dflivur. It, C.
Oigar Co.
For prices apply to—
Wholesale Agents for B. C.
Vancouver, H. 0.
Our Special
El Condor
p. o. box 76.
n.-tiiiun ami postofltee addresses of   ELE\
     .   .       |nn)to
-. — Koini-r
iluinly, null ntltljtiss the \V. 81
khkk lo your address, a copy of our 8torle« of the
Orent Northwcut, now ftolnii
plainly, nml nildross the
Orent Northwest, now KoTiif; to press.
MAailMlKTS it-
m .Elkctbiciasb„
Send for Ui-pate'pamphlet containing question*
nBkedliy Examining* Board of Engineers to obtain Eimlnee klicense.   Address,GKo. A. Zru.hk
I'ulillslier. IN S. 4th St., St. UniU, Mo., U. B. A
Has one oi the most heautiftil locations in America, and thc public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
HBNUY 8TMUH,        •        •" •    ""■''    . -      "
The <,on«|ii>'u», ni l '>uuid» gne<*
quirtlx un, iimi m,t :t {iff lift* !«-i-n
!o.-i in tin* tattle of Canada North*
-fin. Mui'li. eimier w»\ than lakiu*u;
a nmntry with tin armed turee nnd
lilt- ikillldll- uf   IiliiiirtiM  Wiii IK.H   i«'
at iii- iii ni.in.- H  it»n nn-  •hi  tin-
iiM-ttm* {liatforiti, iimi ptiy taek the
lllllllf-l    liH'     V HU'I It fl II   jM'Hjiil*   l'i-l   'III
hei r;m--*t»s«i.
Over in South Africii the  other
day   Cecil   Rhode*   wit out of? he {petit him a dnllnt with Hie m|iie»t
gatiM'ou  ai-fiitmt   of   iiver-eoting. I thai ln« would «end   hint  tt  lottery
The other Na|io!i*oti died from eat-, tieket whh'h would win him it  hlg
Uig 1oo many fried onion*, hut our j prize.    He m\A'.   "i wat* alwny* ut
wii-ele** di't-ijiiiW'ht'H do not Kin what j my   pout,   mu!    ne\ei    dicuheyed
Ceeil wrm ntldiete-d to.     If«'  wn* n j order*.     I eatne out   of   the   war
! powerful  man.   and   would   liavi . without i-tothi*.- niouuh  lo   w»A o.   _
■ * ■ i * iw% t
owned tin-»-,ii1li il In* will liml nut.-Iiiu^im.        Hif^i-in-ml .oi"iieiii\:{ g^ Jl
'heen   ronj;hloek»il   >>y    i-uiidwitlve, "Mv ileal- i-><inr.i«ie, l   t-enA   \*>n nil I
riri-iim«t.-ini«'n.     Hit death h;i-  not  tieket that I hope will draw a (.ti/
vaii-n!  a deluge of teat*. ie»i ha.-- a  and io'g have to gjv>- y»'i  He    M-
■*iv;-"l»- -Mr mnAe tie- -litflit«••-«   -i-vn   |«ha iii'»» (ntnl-fr.    li imi >Uek lo the
of titoppiiiK  to   teri-a   firma.     ii*'■, LnniAmio   lottery !t<i Into ve.n*»a«
ua- a ^eiiin* iu hi- "Wit   line.    Lin   faithfully a* vou did tho  Southern
f   ihi«   proviio-f -ix feet of earth   make*   him   like Confederaey.   yon  will   not   ha\«-
Provides accommodation for
the travclliiik' puhlie	
Pleasint rooms, and good
iiiohIh The bar Ih stocked
with wines, liiiuors and
ctsrara HOT and OOLD
M    Tourists
An«l tht' trawling public- generally
will find everything for fhe inner man
that will put a Hhinu ol' health and
gladness  on the outer man  at  the
St. James Hotel
XKW IIKN'VKK •■*• U<,o||s«lX,|»r.i|i
JOl pt-^**11^ -FC^p9^ pAt^A*1**, r**^J^ jA*S^a*\ P9*^m^mm^Xm9\m^m.
JU ^^**^ ^m'^^^m ^rf^^rf i^^^^ ^^.^*^^ ^^^^^W ^rf^"-^J ___m
Job Printing'!
Tlmt assays high in artiBtie merit, quickly
done at Xew Denver'* printing emporium—
Address  THE LEDGE
HUGH MV EN, Proprietor,
tl »
■~9.    1   e*
iiEiilk w
».*l«btlf«lr.l   mn.
The eoii! mile
"hotild I" owtietl liy the jwoj.le and niillion« of other- who-sejiertiuineiit  ,tothe» enough lo w»d a   |»ij^un.
worlt»il foi rheir UiH'tit. itt-fend iA :iAAit**eio** Me link now it. ' ~
lieing exploih-d l.y a lew iielii idoal-
at a di*»t,;ii>i->- nltti i-iin- ti'iitiuiv' e>i
the etoiiufrx Ukv>!id «<jtn-e/itig dollar* oil I nt it.
\\V   *»1*i?!|    itn-ii-tffiJ,*-.
(ltU'.v i tettiui il   tut
The Sfmkatte Itevtew   i-   ttirntnir
yelUot.     hi >l>en'kiiig of l)ie  ijjvip-
^•siy-Miiii" of a inaif jj«-<J moiiijii from
that *ily i-ei-eiit!\ it -late-* that -he
f.^tt'ii-.    itnmt  tr*^tjH**ntiy  f».r-,»«,i tn   5»«is   i.r.    h*'t
{.,    tit!   rh''   !|ii'fen-fi»fln-  irii! it i in Iff   iii-.-it    fn-r
,. CoUov-AUtf ii'ts ■■•■■■ ^.i',ou hy
the fndinn»5»o!i» S'iitite-1 to .t
"joJJy girl" i* too «o..i| tu he h»t:
•'Yon are on ih«* wroii-a tfa«k. you
won't lind the royal nad to frailty
it yon hunt «W*<* tear-. To have »
t hirri'i-'H-irifh o*i"*t :*nA in '.>.»•.fine
I %mt
,. ^^ pr—-p, pmxm pxx*
'**'*rf mt    imttm     wmmt    1
A, J*
^^^i-^^l       -.^^^___u_,.^^^ m^^* ^^^-^^9i m^^ ^^^ m^^ t^^-^^^-^^^ J^^9t^^^<^^*i §^^m^^^^^% l^l^
(ww   pf..   wn^f.    im%9t    mtpt   .Mtac   ■mimt.   '2*t*\ I
Cnptittl lull -jnftiit upl t-t-.'.tio.ou.ti*
t>    .....   .t ,... ,t * ihi iiitir.
ClH(tVi«U<4i |i*)-olit» ;     .'i|l*,i^l»»t
»*:.%•• «»'i'ir»:.   mo\tiu:.ii..
(IT.   HoN. I.OUI' STttATItMiN\ a.id Mot'Nl   ItoV-lU  t-i.C. M.li.   I*l'i**ule|if.
Hon*.<«. A- Dhimimoxj), Vice l'n*id< tit,
H. S. <*i/if»»ToN, (feneml Manaifer,
WiwXvx ta all vuut'*-' ut Cutui'tn, N,..-i"f.'itmlt..uid, 'treat ffrff.-tfti    it*<t
ne rntt-sHt H!a!«*\
New Denver branch
II! H.ni: VRIIKk, Man«ver Ninth Year.
THE LEDtfE, ...NEW DENVER, B. (J., APRIL 3, 1902.
Heinze and Copper Crust
Montana, which produces about
$50,000,000 in copper annually,
inevitably became the battle ground
of the kings of the copper industry.
Here Daly and Clark met and millions were expended in the fierce
conflict of the financial giants.
Here, also, clashed the Amalgamated Copper and Heinze interests,
and that was a memorable war for
the ascendency, one which affected
the copper markets of the world,
and which presented the unusual
spectacle of a single individual
meeting successfully the attacks of
one of the most powerful combinations of capital on the western continent. He not only warded off
the blows of his unscrupulous and
determined enemies, but entered
into an aggressive fight in which
he came out victorious,
F. August Heinze   was   born of
German parentage 32 years ago in
Brooklyn, -N. Y.    His father   had
been a successful business man and
young   Heinze   received a liberal
education.    He  was   educated in
Germany,   arid,   coming  back to
America, graduated at the Columbia   University.     He   was   well
equipped with a thorough   knowledge of metallurgy, mineralogy aud
geology of the great battle for millions which   he   fought   with   the
great copper trust.
The story of that fight is an interesting one and has never been
told from its inception to the end
of the struggle.
When young Heinze, fresh from
college, arrived in Butte twelve
years ago as the., engineer for the
Boston and Montana Company,
Daly, Clarke and the Lewisohus
had acquired the largest copper
properties in Montana. He saw
the immense possibilities of the
camp and with his brother, Arthur
a great deal of the food it consumes.
Large quantities of wheat are imported from this country   through
•Marseilles and other  ports.   The
held possession and the property is iatest statistics show that  in   the
now worth $10,000,000. In fact,
in two years the young engineer
had spent $1,500,000 on developing mines which are now worth
" As an illustration of his indomitable energy and perseverance the
following incident in the fight with
the Butte and Boston people may
be told:
That company had acquired their
title to one-half of the Snohomish
mine from Jim Larkin,an inebriate
whose reason had been dethroned
by liquor add who afterward died
in a madhouse. Heinze knew this
and also knew that such a sale was
legally void and could be annulled.
He began a search for Larkin's
only heir, a daughter, who had left
the camp years before , with her
mother, leaving no trail. Detectives were employed to trace the
girl and the continent was scoured.
It was a long chase, but the girl
was finally located in the cabin of
a pioneer in ' Eastern Oregon, 150
miles from civilization.
Heinze began to untangle the
legal skein and restored to the
daughter of Jim Larkin her legal
rights, thus crippling his opponents. He obtained from her possession of the other half of the
valuable mine, giving her in exchange property which has made
her independently wealthy.
The Amalgamated Copper Company, with Marcus Daly at its
head,theLewisohnsand the Boston
people now joined forces to crush
Heinze. Their candidates went to
the Legislature; the executive of
the State was under their control
and even the courts were said to
be swayed by their influence. The
press was subsidized by them and
the combination seemed to be invincible, „	
tourist season of 1901 the amount
of vegetables brought into the country was about 20,000 tons,of which
nearly two-thirds came from Germany. France and Italy contributed most of the remainder.
The Swiss Government is not
satisfied with the comparatively
small return made by the fields and
gardens of the country. They are
endeavoring now to stimulate
greater attention to agriculture and
gardening. They say it is unfortunate for the republic to spend so
much of the money received from
tourists in buying food with which
to feed them. They especially ask
that the area devoted to vegetables
be largely increased in order to reduce the great amount of imports
which of late years has been growing very rapidly.
"From a mining camp with a
reputation for bloodshed that extends to the oceans," says the
Leadville, Col., Democrat, "Lead-
ville has developed into one of the
most upright cities of the country,
as free from violence and crime of
any kind as a Kew England village.
The result has been brought about
through the influence of the good
women of the community. They
worked for the election of officials
who could be intrusted to inforce
the laws and make the city and
country a most undesirable place
for law breakers and vagrants, and
their moral influence throughout
the years has been most beneficial
in this respect. They have developed a city of home and good
government from a mining camp
with a record."
The authorities have refused to
copyright a Scotch whiskey label
that bears in large staring letters
"King Edward VII.'' They claim
that the names bf living people are
their own property, and that other
people have no right to demand a
proprietary interest in them. They
also suggest that it would be well
for the whiskey men to get King
Edward's consent before taking any
such liberty as the one proposed.
But who expects that the king will
consent to this use of his name?
He would be foolish if he did.
Just picture a line of thirsty men
ranged along a bar.
"Fill your glasses, gentlemen,"
says the man who buys, and they
solemnly pass the bottle of "King
Edward VII.'' along the line. "A
toast, gentlemen. Up with your
glasses. Are you all ready? Then
down with the king."
And they solemnly down him.
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interested   he   started a smelter,
leasing the Estella   mine.    While
treating  the   ores   of  this   mine
7l3in/.e struck a "lead"   and followed it up.   The Ranis mine was
for sale.   It had been worked out,
everybody said.    Heinze examined
it, purchased it, and went back to
New York and organized the Montana   Ore   Purchasing   Company.
Tho Hams had been bought on easy
terms, Heinze paying part cash and
giving his notes for  the   balance.
Alter the mine was opened it was
reported thut the young operator,
who had purchased what was supposed to be a valueless   property,
was taking out rich rock  from a
new-  ore lxidy.    Certainly a great
amount of rich ore was run through
his smelter,    lie  began to extend
the Held of his operations.    Crossing the border he secured from tlie
Camtdian    (lovernment    railroad
charters and grants of mineral and
timber lands and actually   built a
railroad and   smelter  there.    His
push  and enterprise,   his   daring
operations alarmed the financiers
of I he north,   and   the   Canadian
Pacific began to trade war against
him.    While confronting this oh-
Although the Germans as a class
are noted for their stolidity, one
who kept a hotel out at Prairie du
Chien, Wis., is entitled to the blue
ribbon. The old gentleman is very
fond of card playing and "pitch"
is his favorite game.
One day a couple of years ago a
party was sitting about, a table
playing, and just as the cards had
been dealt and sorted and it was
up to the old gentleman to bid for
the trump a boy rushed into the
office and in great excitement said
the barn was on lire.
Without showing the least perturbation the old gentleman turned
to him and the following conversation took place:
' 'Did you get out the horse?''
"Did you get the buggy out?" -
"Well," turning to the players,
"I bid three."
the incense around Prince Henry.
They recognized in him a kindred
spirit, for he belongs to the class
who live upon the labors of the*
poor and often cause strife and
desolation by dividing humanity.
In a republic like the United States
it was only those with the real
monarchial spirit, who kissed the
hem of Dutch Hank's garment.
Many of them (Morgan, for instance) are really monarch,? in that
great land of the free, south of
A. good, cure for hives is as follows: Take a dose of Epsom or
Rochelle salts before retiring and
apply to the hives'a lotion composed
of one part of water of ammonia,
one part of spirits of camphor and
two parts of alcohol as required.
But Heinze organized a plan of
campaign which spread consternation   among   his    enemies.     He
entered politics   with   the  slogan
"the people of Montana agamBt tlie
trusts.''   He took the platform and
roasted his enemies as the enemies
of the people.    He wrote campaign
songs  and sang them.   He spoke
in German when he had a German
audience.    He made a   whirlwind
ciynpaign and the "bosses"   went
down before him   to   defeat.    He
has beaten the great trust in  the
courts and in the held  of politics,
lie proved that   his is a   master
mind and the great Amalgamated
Copper    Trust    has   capitulated,
Heinzedictating the terms.--' Frisco
Prohibition will never be successful until the people are reformed
in taste and appetite. It savors
too much of force, and it would be
Here is another advertisement of
a London popular clothing house:
"Saucy Cut Clothing.—Cut slap
with fakement, seams to suit all
comers, for business or pleasure.
Cut very seVious, to suit plowmen,
dustmen, sneaks, mushroom fakirs,; th(, evil is not t0 roughlock the sale
Better to BavtTtEe whoT« universe
drunk than one county kept sober
by compulsion. To cut off the retail sale of liquor and allow huge
■diBliiHciies to run wide open looks
like playing the ten to catch the
ace.   The better way to   remedy
KINO  mACTION   Mineral   Claim.
Situate In the Slocan MiniiiK Division ot West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Xolde Five Mountain.
■TAKE NOTICK that I, John I). Anderson, P.
1 L. S., of Trail, B. C, auent for .Mrs. Mary
Holland, Five Miner's Certilicnte No. 2S218A,
intend, sixty davs from the (late hereof, in ajuily to the Mlninp Hccorder
for a Certilieate of Improvements, for the pur-
pose of obtaining a Cruwn Oram of the above
And further take notice thai action under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of linurovements.
Dated this Mh day of March. A. I), v.*it.
313    - J. D. AXDEKSOy.
AXI> HUH, KDITII Fractional'
and KINT.STON Mineral Claims..
Situate in the Slncan MiniiiK Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
.Silver Mountain , west of tbe Merrimac Mineral claim.
TAKE XOTICK That I, Win. S. Drewry, act-
1 hi*; its agent for John D. Mm-Master. free
miner's certificate Xn. B 52470, intend, sixty days
from thedate hereof, to apply to the Mining Re--
(•order for Certificates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under Section 37. must bo commenced before the issuance
of such Certiticates of improvements.
Dated this soth day of January, A. D. luce.
*-*> - - W.S. DltEWRY.
trotter men-, costers.actors,parsons,
bruisers and gentlemen. I'egtops,
bell bottoms, tights or half-tights,
of boozerine, but hang every man
who gets drunk before he is 50
years old.    A law   of  this   kind
or drop over the hoofs.    Black or j 1>ropwiy enforced  would   kill the
dandy vests, made to flush the ragjcvu j„ n. f(.w m«nths, and bankrupt
or dickey, or right up around  the Lh(. Kec]ey Institutes.
rag.     Lavender   in  every shade,
built spankey, to suit the ikey and
lliinsey hwls of Nott ing hill,  Shepherd's bush and the  surrounding
The rich men of the I'nited
States who have piled up their millions by roguery and exploiting the
masses were the fellows who burned
To HARRY M  ADAMS  or to whomsoever lu
may  have transferred   Ids interests in  the
Laughing Waters atirl Faraway mineral claims
situated in the McOiilifan Basin, adjoining the
Soho and Red Cross claims. In the Sloean Mining Division of Wort- Kootenay District. B.C.
ytW arc hereby uulllletl that 1 have extended
I   *20S.OO in labor nnd improvements upon the
above mentioned mineral claims under the provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within <mi (fays
Irom the dale of thin nutiee vou fail or refuse "to
contribute   your   moportlon   of    tbe   above-
with    all     costs   of   advertislni!.   vour   Interests In   the  snlil claims will   become the
iinmerty ol the uinleiilgned under Section t of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act WOO."
Dated at Kaslo, II. 0„ this SJtli day of March
1302. J.C.RYAN,
To the legal permiiiul representatives of J, W.
LowKS, ileeiiiiMl.iiiidt.i HUGH McRAE,
or to any |k-idoii or ih-i-soiis to whom thev
may have transferred their interests in the
Glencoe Mineral Claim, situated on the north
hideol Hume creek, lu the Slocan Mining
Division of West Kiiotenav District, llilllsfi
\'Ol\ mul ent'li til y.Ki, nre hereby untitled that
I have exju'iiilid two hundred dollar* In
lalmr aiidlmprnveiiii'iits uimn (ho uliove mentioned milium I clnlm under (lie provision* of
the Mineral Act, mid if. within ninety days
l ruin the date of Ihls notice, vou fall or rel'ufc 't i
cniilrlliute your iiui'llmi of all such cxpcndlturci",
towetliei- with nlliwlsof ndvcrllKiiig, vour in-
li'icl In the sn id clnlm will hi-eninc the'iiiopertv
ul the »i||liHerilifiliiii|,.|. Section I uf :m Act eti-
tilled "An Act tn iinn-ml the Mineral Act film."
Dnteiliil .\"e\v|1..||t,fi- |1. (.!,. \\,U i.Mli day ■>!
Keltiniiiy. I'.uri.
1>. A.  M( IhiNKI.L.
To GEORGE C. WHARTON, or to whomsoever he may have transferred his interest In
the Lost Bear Mineral Claim, situated near
Silverton. adjoining the Alpha, iu the Slocan
Mining Division of Wesi Kootenav District,.
U. C.
1 expended -Sioz.W) In labor and Improvement?'
upon the above mentioned mineral cUltai
under the provisions of the Mineral
Act, ami If within ninety davs from the date or
this notice you fail or refuse to contribute the
above, mentioned sum, which is now due, to-
initliav.-'i.tit, u]l...AA.....r .1.^. i.~i J_il -.._
—  *".«**i-^w»i'u«-rrrf.inii!K*7-*^,*#urin*iPerenv-"
,    .     -; -— will become the protterty <" '
uiiderulgued, under Section 4 of the "Ml
in the said claim will become the proiterty of t)i«
uiiderulgued, under Seetloi    '    "   '
Act Amendment Act l'.Mio."
Dated at New Denver. 11. C„ thl* «Ui day of
March, W0* H. CLBVF,R.
'PAKE NOTICE that thirty daynfrom thedate
1 oftlllB notice I. William Downie, acting as
iigeul for the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
l.-ontmlMloiier of Lands and Works for iiermtulon
to lease that jiorlion of the foreshore of Slocan
Luke, in tint town of Silverlon du.«crllied ai follows:
Commencing at a |kihi marked "C.I'.H. S.E.
coruir, tlieiic- iioriheiiHtfi-ly along high water
mark to Hie north lioiiixlitiv of L,,| i.l, Block «,
In the towiisiloiif silverton.
Dated ut silverton, ll. ('., K«h J.illi, liny.
KKIdHNfi   TOUItlfcTK     IN
$10 for $1
It is said that the average amount
expended hy tourists every year
1 while enjoying the mountains,
waterfallH and glaciers of Switzerland is about X-Jiuhhi.oOO, The
year 1898 was a remnrknble season
for traveling in Switzerland, and
the tourists left behind nearly
double the amount of  money  that
in one year Is a fair profit,
lluy Slniilkaiiieeii Valley
Coal Company's shares and make it.
$90 for $2.50 r-Ki^:
.Vrow'a Nest (Jon I .SIihivs.
Htacle he wiih advised that the Bos- travelers usually leave in the conn-
ton and Montana and the Butte j try. By far the greater part of the
and Boston of Butte were prejwir- j tourist* eome in excursion partief
ing to wage war against him,! from Western aud Cent ml Knrope,
claiming that he was extracting ore'They remain only a short time, but
from their ground. Then com-' their munlier* are m large tlmt the
meticid a struggle in the courts,;aggregate expenditure is onnrmouH.
the Butte and Boston and Boston; The landlords and shopkeeper*
and .Montana bringing suits against i would become very rich indeed if
the Montana Oro Purchasing <V»m- it were imt that they are eom|ielled
IViltiv. t,.i cciid'i great deal of  the   money
Heinze i|iiickl\ dis|H.M-d <»i his* thev mrtv»-to foreign land* to buy
iiittcivst in Canada aud jtiriijied; the supplies which they sell to
imek to defend himself in ModIhihi. tourists. Because mountains rover
His lirst step wits to buy up every- more fhitn half of the <«..iiiitty.
ihitig which he thought wa- vttlu- j Switzerland cannot l*»ghi to nti-e
able in copper. He tmuglit a Im HI tie ei!iiriii'«us quantities *A food
intew-t iu the ^nobomi-tt.   »   iniiic''Coti*iiiued   by   tourists,    in   tnet,
},«!, U'hiit'h  the    Bo-t.oti     JteHplf   iVft.v
hfitV'Uy   iltte»e-ll-d.     (ul     N■IlKI.OOil.
He   jttl-.ii nt-nsiir"'    «    littt-    t«>   tie-
Mtoiite lleaEv.  a   piojK'ttv    u,Uwli
M:tr«-ii- I Miy ba-   turn <l   timut in
ili'^u-t after i-xpeiidtii; s.Vi.hoii  in
developing if   and   faiiiii-.'   to   tind  mm.- intj»ortattt   tb.iu   a^iietiltme.
eopfM-r.     It «a-otTereil   to   H« tn/e  a-   many    ;»»   .V».i«wi   l»-»-f   rattle,
for the amount which lie hail -\,*ut   nn'-th tmiii   vu-tria ami Italy . atv
n-.iii.     IU* »•*,■»uiiieo o   W*>W   !ii«-n   U.t.nkfcbl nil.. Un.' 14 uuiiy v*.i i v y ar
offer and. in thirty Any? after i-.hh    l«» make up for the lo-nd  dettci-»-i«cy
Uti-lMllii; o|n-f.lt(oU-,   fifM'lii-oi    lip   ,t j ill iniA.
large t»r»* Univ.     lie*   I Miy   |P-»»pte|     >*» Sit il/i-i land A* )«mi- o-juhi   ii»
tin-.l |.»,illHil t'i»' -ii*'. hot    lh ui/*- I Oei-yiAn il- *iil*'i thet  nll*'i'i Mat*- inf
Swil/erUml derive- less -up|(sirt
fitiiu \\t a^rii nliui.t! tc-ottrt (- (ban
OOV «>lll«T ■■•tUf'l'k   ill  |-]»IHt|s'.«V«,»'|lt
\Mivvay. iHtly ah«mt a sivlh of
the coiiiitry em !«• lilh-tl, mid.
ihoie'li the animal    indit-tne~   aie
•](»l) Pi-intiii-o- is an art.
It ts today one of tho
mosi advane-nl of ails,
and jiTeatei' Hl'oitsare
bfinjr niadt* t«» reach
perfection than ever
liefore in the history
of printttiir. Kv«3ry up-
to-date l)U8iueHH man
riMojrnizes the importance of having his Nta-
tionery   well  prinied.
llu   r..*l I- 111, yn.lt- I III...  111.   !■.«-Kli.il.
wnl. iIipiI inf. in i .ttli.. will ,
I f?>'C"   yu 7
ft f>   *"Ny i,*
mi<K« i i.ini.
i Thi.,tun
Y,.\:-A ■; • -iu ■-..'.
' Mi ui* H-,i
.<tt'H     I .i
h KNH   (;<•!  IK
I "V\ },- I   «;,\ ||:s
:• Vfif i-rtitvio
Vii ttiriii
- I  Mlllfl-M 11
*-   J."lll(#
.i.i i.st   -* i    . i ;t  j.
ti>ItPP..|«-    .  "    ,   |»;,!*h
! ,    i  . '.,,,
.(II   i
At   f
\ ,i|,i ..til,. i ,    -.   .;
il«»Ml.-s|.KKI.nN   I.
kc?- nn ..'i1f«,
,'l< 'N
*: .-iii
I  lit:
-tsiiSui, \ it.»,.
* tp,,..|.|,   1 „!(. .  I
*.|  'l:      I   ■    *■■*.
N..i I*   '-)-i
mi. * .»   !.   •-
mmmm -.>->jwc> -n*T~% *■■■.?--.
i titipii,'ti
> .*. .i I.
ii., i .-I ■
. *.<1,„.
■I. u.
<t it.
.. f. n,«>.**
Au.itit-t i.
■ Ol
,   ,   f :   ..,»;-.;    i m.V -l. \ i :   » , ; : •    ■
*)..*. ' \*.   V-  hi'      Tf'*#*#  •!.   I. . ■   .   .   .**..      •        *,' .1     it*
»■ ■■ ■■•- -'» *■ ■"• ■ ■  -
fill >mil h IUKI V \  III I \   1 Oil   lUHI'IM     I •„,.!-. ,
I. ».*•
tc J,Om
it i.
t. \«'i» ',i
Ninth Yeah
Clothes always look well
and wear well—if the
Tailor knows his business. Wear the best.
Leave your order for a
suit with—
F. F. LIEBSCHER, gpgfc
Lumber, Doors, Windows, Store Fronts, Show
Cases, Store nnd Bar Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
Glass. H. HOUSTON, Manager.'
Nelson, B.C.
BixiployiMient Agenoy.
Help of All Klnd3 Furnished.
Postofflce Box 405, Nelson.
.   Penter_creek--ALPS, ALPS FRACTION,
*nd ALTURUS-Crown Grants obtained,
ply, W. J. McMILLAN & CO., Vancouver, B,
NELSON, B. C.      Cor. WARD & BAKER Sts.
 „ ,        B.C.
 3 years experience in dental work, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work.   Most
complete dental office in B. C.
Has had 15 years experience in
uated midst scenery un- n r O n Q T
I for Grandeur. Boating, II L 3 U II I
r and Excursions.    Resident Physician
XI   ICM.   Tho most complete II r A I   T ll
onthe Continent of North Ameri- II L A L I II
■oa.   Situated midst scenery un
rivalled"    ~      "        «....-
and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all
parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart
every day. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidney,
Liver and Stomach Ailments. SPECIAL
WINTER TERMS: 818 to $15 per week,
The price .of a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for 30 days, is §3.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. C.
R. HEYLAND, Engmeor and Provincial
'.   Land Surveyor.   KASLO
F. TEETZEL & CO.,  Nelson,  B.C.,
Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers' Sup-
JR.   CAMERON, Sandon, Manufactures
,   Clothing to order; and solicits patronage
rom all classes.
"Wholesale   Mercjhants.
JOHN    CHOfcDITCH   &    CO.,     Nelson.
Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Provision
As*.XSV%^9*%f1W%*9r'±' 9s+
Appearances, they say.   are deceiving.
Are they?
To what extent, and how?
If you see a mau roosting upon a
fence rail in the sunshine,
Tearing holes in the reputation
of another,
Telling questionable stories,
Who is profane, j
Rough in manner,
Sloppy and seedy in dress,
Are you deceived when you conclude that that man iB doomed to
failure iu life?
Not on- my electrotype.
When you see a bulldog in a
fight he's the "under dog."
Are you deceived in concluding
that he is getting the worst of it?
You are.
Don't waste your sympathy upon
the "under dog."
He is not, always an object of
And this is as true of men as of
A bulldog can accomplish nothing from any other position.
Neither can most men.
And there are many who won't
accomplish much from that or any
other position.
They appear to be doing something, but—
Appearances are deceiving.
They won't because they won't.
When you see a man who says
that nothing on earth can move
him when once he has made up his
Don't be deceived.
He hasn't any mind.
What he mistakes for his mind
is that peculiar kind of matter that
is put in mules' heads
To make their ears grow.
Ditto woman.
When you see Henry Stege
scanning the horizon these beautiful
EL. CHRISTIE, I.. fc.B., Barrister, So-
.   licitor, Notary Public.    Sandon, B.  0,,
Every Friday at Silvertou. tf
Ml. GKIMMETT, I.. I,. B., Barrister,
.   Solicitor, Notary Public.     Sandon, B. C.
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday
Signal Lowery's Claim
to come your way by
sending "the editor a dollar. It furnisher a pow
der that leaves no misled
holes, anil cannot be
beaten for shattering tho
rock of superstition and
ignorance that covers so
much of tho bright metal of freedom on thia
earth.    Dig, while the
thought of purchase is
warming your upper
R. T. Lowery
New Denver, It. C
The lumber barge "Lucy" had
been loading all morning at the
Delta Company's wharf, writes
Kenneth Herford in the Pilgrim.
The sweet-swelling, smooth pine
boards were piled high upon her
deck, and in the little wharf office
Captain Swanson sat in a swivel
chair looking out at the stevedores,
who, bending beneath the long
loads they carried on their shoulders, moved hither and thither before him, living symbols of labor.
As he gazed out the window, a
knock fell upon the door,, and he
shouted a gruff "come in."
The man who entered was un- j
kempt, short, and red-faced.
"I seen yer advertisement in th'
paper, "he said, ' - 'bout yer want-
in' a cook, au' come down t' see ef
ye hed one yit."
"Are you a cook?" the captain
"Yew bet I be; I'm about th'
cookiest cook thet ever trod a deck.
Is th' job open?"
It was; indeed, the loss of his
cook had seriously disturbed Captain Swanson. The stranger was
"Better git right down in the
galley and git dinner," the captain
"Whattel I give 'em?" the
stranger asked.
"Oh,give'em rice; that's fillin'."
' 'All right; how many men be
they t' feed?"
The captain counted on his
"Twenty-five," he replied.
The stranger thereupon disappeared in the hold of the boat. He
found a huge bag of rice and an old
pair of scales. Filling a wash-
boiler with water, he set it on the
fire. He weighed out twenty-five
pounds of the rice, and dumped it
into the boiler. He discovered salt,
and added that. And then he sat
on a keg^and- waited  "fer hor t'
locaij Trad
Standard Grades of Killed Chains
and Guards in all styles
Don't waste lime
Sending your orders to houses that
do not have the goods.   Send
them to us and get just what
you want without any
.... .delay. . . . .
"Jacob Dover's
The Jeweler.
Our personal guarantee troes with evtry artlele, and should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, we are at all
times glad to exchanjie same to the entire-satisfaction of customer. JACOB DOVER.C. P. R. Time Inspector
Latest Fads iu
of all kinds
Aud all the Latest Creations
Goods of All Kinds
ions iin r^n
Ki'j-oiK KxHitiiiifUUin* nml Management.
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C,
twilight evenings
Don't conclude that he is looking
for a barren spot in the scenery
upon which to plant trees.
He's only looking for tourists.
When you see our editor strolling up the street,
Bent in a deep brown study,
Do not think that he is   experi
encing the agony of giving birth to
a new thought.
He is manipulating a mathematical problem in his mind to find
out how much longer you are going
to delay pay ment of your delinquent subscription.
Do not be deceived.
The wag of a dog'w tail is to ho
trusted rather. than tho sickly,
slimy shake of many a man's hand.
Do not be deceived.
There are precious few old maids
who'could not. have been   married
The man had popped.
Do not deceive yourself by believing that you will be given a
reserved seat in heaven on tho
biography that is engraved upon
your headstone.
If you are unhappy it i.s nut an
indication of another's fault;
Hut, points to your striving harder to make yourself happy than to
make other people happy.
Home of the former bachelors of
this camp think there   is   nothing j
warmer than a woman's love, j
But they are deceived, j
Try two of it at the Maine lime.!
J know a young woman who fori
iip5M-nv;tv,if.-» *-,ike cover.* up tin- key
hoh' iu the piirlnr dour  when   Ate
has company. j
Hut* *hi« it* not n ivlifihleevtdenr/*''
of her modesty wi much as of her1
Presently "she" began. , Up,up,
nearer the top of the boiler rose the
rice. The cook seized a dipper and
a> pan and dipped out a quantity of
the rice, Again it boiled up. He
seized another pan.. It was now
boiling over faster than he could
dip. Every dish and pan in the
galley was filled. He turned over
tho keg on which he had sat and
filled that. Still the miraculous
boiler con tin ed to boil over. At
last, in sheer despair and fright, he
rushed upon the deck crying:
"Mate, mate! For th' love o'
Gawd, don't take on enny more
lumber; we gotta cargo o' rice!"
And with that he was over the
rail and speeding up the wharf.
The next day another advertisement appeared in the ■flazotte, asking for a cook on the barge "Liiey."'
Pp«»ent utruinlnif
means future  .utter*
We will DKnmina your
uya» frco uutl r-BCQ
Kootenay Coffee
Dealers in Teas and Coffee.
All grades and prices. A
trial order solicited	
Kootenay Coffee Company
P. O. Box 182. West Baker St.
tt^isasiria£?d-ft*Mi- .*•■»«■» ">»*-
R. REISTERER & CO., Kelson, B.C.
All the
latest mixes
in Spring
at the Nelson
Roisterer & Vaughan
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
Seeds, Trees,
Plants ,uimo„,„1HAI,
"Rill VlC for Kail or Spring
■°U1U» Phinting.
Catalogue Free.
3i",i Wi'StiiiliiM|«r lliwil. Vnnooiivcr, II. 0*
G. W. tJRIM.MK'IT, ..Mit,,,,,,..,,,;,
piit'i ,li"W(.|i>r
Air'-n! f->r I'-ii-pii.I1.hi !<.»l«'.. I'.i
«*INI«'S'   II  »'
l'n ami (rom Kiirojimii point* vin Ciiindl.ii
.ind Auiiiivmi llui-tH,     Ai'|ily   lur tallinif ilAto
rat-M,tlvhit»ani| full liitnrmutlon in miy 0.
IIy iiaeiii ur--
(I. II. oaiuikti;
('. I'. H. unit. $«w Henver.
W  |>, K. fiiinmliiiM..'» <. x. Ai/t., Wlniili*!/
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B. C-
Stales at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary.      They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfac-
-tto«'to every customer.     Try a line of their li
steaks-^-^g^^-^^^^^^gi.^.^ H
P.   BURNS -.&   CO
Buy Your Fancy
VJ l*0CCf*lC5 "ml l'rovisions tm«i tl»e
Wm. Hunter Commuted.
Store* at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
Hauling and Fucking to Mines,
and general local btwlnosa.
Vow I>«nvnr, ll. c.
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our IlagKaue wanoua moot all Sun-
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack '..imms.
Feed Stables at Now Dwhver.
(-ALL IX En's
ToNSOm.U.   V.MUMi
" '''•!   III   Hlili
I.:* liin*
Kitff'K Ht/yx     New Dknvehj
* piit
awful HtH4pii,iottwiii*HH.
■    m             ' M!IW \iI'iiv1h1i\iiVm|,Ii". :i  -Min.
j fill )ii:ij) a-; it HoiiM'llu'uj,' ouj uj' |jH.
I                                  ^unlhiinrv, h<Wi irmhr a lwkv si.w.
j     .\|>)«-itiaiir»'i< an' iIiwivhir.
,        >n-t •        -.:        •     ,v.    t...,'t        r     i.i
Comfortable I *)'>"'   S»mtli.   nnd   can   only   Ik-
Rof»m«« ! r"mv|"•,, h> ,,,,, ]Mv ,)f l""^^"!-; Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
,    '"Tr  , ■ ,. , :°QDENASSAYCO.i
•■ViTV miMl«rn'r..lf('f■ z>t the fruit
Il iliM^n't fall.
Aii<l if you Viiiil for the Xuui- nf
tiini» to tAmke if off
oi*i: cnnsKT hkpaht.
l\   VfJ. ^TVI.Kv   am.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
uinivw kvhs jintix, ;
sl'IKKS front 5c to run*
■     4% Hl« rmCw '
OL!.a TfT
andlummcr MM WU1SIS
Latest New York Stvles
'■■"I.* -ill ■iiltV.i.,.,.
#»» i.*4*t «ra'r,,-,,j,,,v (_'
'-('"< S^I.-iUji!  -i!(«.|il(.,|,
Fittwl with
conv«init:ni;t*.   SjamijuI piotot*
tion nui»iii«*l iin-.   Hut***-?2.f>H
un«l*3 |Mi ihty.
I«T» Irtlh «!.,   Ilrn%,r. I«|„,
rr.iiirli,lor«.   UJMIII  yoUr-*<"lf
[ WADDS BR03%]
... # PHOTOGRAPHERS        C
V o.i W.|| to pmettemg ifeyptfrm; * MAmoo^tTZT^o^
rn^m %%%%%%
i»v,r,a„ ,,r.y iii.^tioi, mUMe y *o ,i,\ ^V^X^l ^.V^%*^%>?* 'pK^Vv.i.^
S*A.t: Ai.r.Sl:* ft At
jlS'TI'l-LJiirK J'A'JUiNS.
Mil- iiMA IIKI.IAItl.K.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
^THINKS ash VAUSK.*; <»|


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