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The Ledge Oct 9, 1902

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Volume X.   No  2.
Price, $2.00 Year ADyiNcr
S^raf fl$ws FToat
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
NextThursday Is Thanksgiving Day.
H. Byrnes sells Pekin Ducks & eggs.
Biggerstaff Wilson was in the Slocan
last week.
The ball players enjoyed a scratch
game on Saturday.
Dr. LeBau of Nelson will remove to
Spokane this month.
The Boundary mines shipped 10,500
tons of ore last week.
Charley Kapps expects to start a
breweryin Edmonton.
Joseph Law has returned to the Slocan from South Africa.
Shady Giegerich will look at tho cent
belt some time this month
Born—In Slocan on Oct. 1, the wife
of T. J. Baty of a daughter.
Al. Teeter and John Thomas are
eteadily working the Kalispel.
It is rather late, but trout are still
rising to the fly in Slocan lake
opening a school in Vancouver.
Wm   Moir will open   the   Miners'
^ Mrs. J. C. Bolander left Tuesdav for
Spokane, where she . will spend some
weeks with her danghter.
Exchange hotel at Three Forks.
Jack Harvey has returned to Silverton
after a long absence in the north.
Charles Anderson and Magnus Smith
will open the Balmoral at Sandon
The annual autumn dance will occur
at the Halcyon Hot Springs Oct. 17.
A 80-acre farm would make the provincial jail at Nelson self-supporting.
Delicious Niagara grapes and other
fruits.fresh & preserved; Mrs.Matheson.
Tho big mill that was going to Slocan
City by the hot-air route is still in tho
New Denver has three Protestant nnd
a Catholic church, and one congregation.
After an absence of four years in
California. Bob Yuill again looked at
A fresh stock of Lowney's and McCormick's candles just arrived at
Rev. Mr Young of Ymir occupied the
pulpit lu the Presbyterian church Sunday morning.
Wm. Beattle is slowly recovering
from an attack of appendicitis. In the
Slocan Hospital
Williams is constantly receiving large
quantities of fruit. Orders filled Tram
any part of the Slocan.
Chas Aylwin has two apple trees In
his home garden that yielded »t worth
of frolt each this **a*on.
Jacob Dover has gone to New York
and other eastern cities lo buy holiday
goods for his big Nelson flora
Frank Tamblvn is becoming one of
the greatest fishermen in NeUon He
rauit keep his eye on th. Alliance
j ||, McManu» s'.lll runt the hotel at
Hlocan Junction, *nd provide* consolation for fisherman out of luck or halt.
Famllle. de-airlng to purchase bottled
beer hv the can* ihotlld get quotations
from the Ne* York brewery at Sandon.
Are vou aiippltal with New Denver
•tatlon'.rv? Yon will tie nl*a»ed if you
leava an'order with ui for a dollar'*
Ittrotv White te upending * few w*»k*
in th* Slocan II* ha* rrcently atwlieA
the tine buiinwt In Kansas and other
Chan, Walmilev ha» bouiht the Bo-
de** saloon in N#l«on. HU brother
Willie will tutv thnt iiopulur Iioom Ate
W F. Rote waa married taut week to
Mtaa Liar*   tteutwU ol   ."uotau  i.\i*.
The people of Nakusp gave Rev- Mr.
MacColl an address of appreciation, accompanied by a purse of $87 50.
Rev. E. R. Headley left on Friday for
the Coast, going thence to England
where he has accepted a pastorate near
his old home.
Spokane men will drill for oil in Montana, not far from the Canadian line
where it is reported a 50-barrel well has
been opened
Weather permitting, the Miners'
Union will have a chance to &et even
with the K. of P. baseball team on
Thanksgiving Day
.Rose, who murdered Cole uear Nakusp last summer, was found guilty at
Nelson Monday, and sentenced to be
hanged on Nov. 21st.
For the money there are no meals in
Kootenay that get past those served in
the Royal hotel, Nelson. Sol. Johns
must be a philanthropist
Fass & McDonnell are dredging for
3im still has thai Slocan mule for a
mascot he may make millions.
The Are that is burning in the old
workings of the United Veido hae boon
there for several years, but not until
recently did it get beyond control.
The bridge gang is at work on Union
street. The pile-driver is at work, aud
if all goes well the contractors will have
the bridge open for trallio iu six or eight
weeks ,,
The Le Roi mine of Rossland is shipping S50 ore. It is taken from the old
Peyton tunnel. The vein is not largo,
and only yields about three carloads a
R E. L. Brown, better known as
'•Barbarian" Brown, died in Phoenix,
Arizona, of consumption He was 87
pears old and his career reads like a
chapter from Monte Cristo.
Rev J. W. Weatherdon of Rossland
ih oiliciating iu the English church pul
nit.   It is expected that Rev C Arthur
Mount will return from England to take
this Held early next spring.
Tom Fitzgerald. L, Guere, Gordon
Monkhouseand Af Hollinger have gone
to Velardena, Mexico, to operate a mill
recently built in that town hy Tom
Mitchell for an English company
Jack Aylwin writes from Portland,
Ore., that ho hat started hii studies in
the dental college, aud Is preparing to
wreck terrible vengeance on the molars
of somo of his New Denver friends,
A company hat been formed in Vancouver wilh J. B. Ferguson as chairman to exploit the oil ticlda of East
Kootenay. The company has already
■ecured oil landa lu Western Alberta.
Indian summer li a product of the
Slocan. Other countries have somo
thing they call Indian summer, but you
can t know what the real thing U until
you have sampled that ol the Lucerne's
All others are poor imitations.
" The Wine Member" company wax
not well received in New Denver. The
performance had aotiie laughable feature*, but on tne whole wn* too coarse
to lw appreciated. Thit town has not
been trained down to the comique level.
Eight years ago while hunt In* not
many tnllet from Gulden a hunting
party lo*t their horse* The other day
the tuum* arrival at tin* Morley re-
Nerve, looking fat and heartv after their
long ab§em*e from Hviliawl barns and
b*l -lii'lt*.
li te repotted that Annum* Itetn***
hae b««n linking at Ihe topper claims
around White llort-e in the \ ukoii. The
titnti* atked   lor   priwp-pt-ta titafgere-d
iim, hut he will proliably lake a few
oyU'iH'..!, and give tillered metal a chance
ill the north
.'tome iraeiiloai *faii»ltciaii eat i in at**
iiitAti mi. .Oi.Ai&t i»*M   |i» ...v.uC^*. *t, -."-^At ni
|i'.,O0K\w»W,i.*,w ut  the precifu* Metal*
Thl* Aggro**!** include**
ti  it   >-,1MIivI-)«Aiim   Iio doe* not fur
calleil to ael j ,,^1, w-,'i4ijn inlorination a* to how he
The Phair, Queen's and Grand Central hotels in Nelson are up against a
hard formation The daily paper will
not publish their arrivals because they
do not advertise. This is an awful
warning to others, and to those who
only get their names in the paper in
this way.
W E. Mann, accompanied by his
stepdaughter Miss Elme Mason, was in
the Slocan this week. Mr. Mann has
been engaged in farming sugar beets
in Spokane for some time past, hut a
siuht of the mountains has brought on
an attack of the mining fever, and next
dimmer may see-him again operating
an the famous Slocan.
The Wakefield let out its working
forte this week. The property will be
developed by contract this winter. It
shipped 200 tons of ore the past summer.
Owing to the poor condition of its ore
sheds and working buildings, it has
been found impracticable to continue
shipments during the winter months.
The remarkable feat was recently accomplished in tho Tuscarora mine, Nevada, of breaking down 1,700 tons of
ore at a single blast. This was possible
because of the enormous body of ore
which is 200 feet thick, and pitches into
the earth at a flat angle. At 900 feet
from an open cut, the outcrop workings
are 300 feet deep.
For thirty-three years The Mutual
Life of Canada has furnished life insurance at lefs cost, for the security given,
than any other responsible company in
Canada, and it is doing so today. You
have not to die to win a policy. Get
full particulars from W. J. Twiss, general agent, Kaslo, who will be pleased
to enroll you as a member, provided
Trading in B. C. inining shares ie on
the increase in Toronto. Among the
shares in demand are those of the Fair
view, White Bear, Rambler, War Eagle
Center Star, Waterloo, North Star and
The Joker fraction was re-located on
Monday by J. R. Campbell The Cody
fraction was re-located by W. G. Clark
some time ago. These' are the two
claims oyer which so much law has
been produced.
It is reported that the Rochester company owning the Hartney, will spend
$10,000 more on that property. Everyone wishes them success for this is one
of the best and pluckiest companies that
ever broke rock in the Slocan. If the
Hartney becomes a mine there will be
plenty of money in Rochester for Slocan
properties. .
are curious reptiles,
^ uu-fjana-iii-c'iii-buivar-o.-aiuiiiawuii'
The first annual meeting of the Rifle
Association was held Saturday evening
In the record office. It was well attended The association is in excellent shape It lilts $51 in the bank, and
the targets for the range will be In position for the first shoot in a week.
Col. Holmes will be in from the coast in
a few days to inspect the range, etc.
The supplies for shooting are expected
Irom Ottawa during the week.
We do not feel called upon to vouch
for the nbfiolute truth of the following
paragraph, which is taken from the
Calgary Herald: "An Okanagan man's
garden was located on a hillside Hu
went out to get some, potatoes for dinner, and in prying a large potato out of
the ground, it go', away from him and
rolled down the side, of the hill and
wrecked his residence. The next day
one of his large watermelons was kicked
by a horse nnd sprung a leak, and the
juice drowned seventeen of his wife's
ducks lielore they could get out of the
way "
A correspondent from Kaslo writes as
follows: Mrs. W. Verniilyeii, who, with
her three little girls, has* been visiting
Kaslo for the past lew months as the
guest of her sister, Mrs. C F Caldwell,
in returning to Vernon next week, Mrs.
Vermilyea has won golden opinions
amongst peoplo here, both for her gracious personality and for the charm of
her voice She has figured In various
musicales and concerts during the summer, aud gives Kaslo excellent testimonials (or a health resort, the pure
ozone of Kootenay lake having a beneficial effect not only on herself but alio
on the children —Vernon News
Vampires are curious reptiles, but
when they belong to the genua humanus
and are of the feminine gender they are
dangerous, with a big D. In a South
American republic whose boundary on the east is marked by the
Pacific ocean, a vampire forced Its presence into the outskirts of the political
demi-world and by shrieking very
loudly through the columns of a weekly
publication, made its presence known
to the same extent that a mosquito becomes on evidence when it is on a business trip Like the mosquito, this vampire was also after blood—only in South
American political circles, blood is a
synonym for lucre. Now this vumpire
was passic even to loathsomeness, but
what she lacked in attraction she aup-
piied*bjna"mixiure*of io'w-'bred'cunnlng
ana cold-blooded gall. She commenced
by forcing her acquaintanceship upon
the leaders of public opinion, who at
that time had divided into two opposing
camps—the one advocating an air line
to Mar-s, heavily subsidized by the government, as the only safe way to guarantee prosperity to the republic; whilst
the other characterized the scheme as a
big graft. The vampire buzzed around,
strongly advocating the scheme, and
having secured an introduction to the
chief promoter thereof, fawned upon
that impressionable individual until he
thought that "he was tt.e only thing
thatTiappened," and then the vampire
declared herself in. As soon as affairs
had reached this happy state the vampire began to blossom out as a gigantic
butterfly. Visions of untold wealth in
tho near future did not prevent her
from touching the chief promoter for a
siillicieucy of the sinews of war to carry
on a vigorous and effective campaign
Indeed the promoter, who by a callous
policy of helping no one but himself had
pushed his way up in the world, was up
against a now expe-rlence. But the
vampire was on to herself, and, after
the haolts of her tribe, she played the
role of bloodsucker for all there waB in
it When Mia promoter hesitated nt a
new jump, the vampire held out visions
of a salou In Paris in which she would
be the presiding genius, and whose aim
would bo to promote the promoter
1 Frorp N^-by Carpps
»gj What Can Be Done With Hook and Line at Keison
te      —Hew Smelting Process— Kettle River Ore.
I have noticed of late a good deal has
been written, and is being said regarding the excellence of the trout' and
salmon fishing in the vicinity of Vic
toria on Vancouver Island. Now I
would like to say a few words in favor
of Nelson, in West Kootenay, as an
angler's paradise
Nelson, half mining town, half business center ot that particular porti3ii of
B C, is situated directly on the Koote
nav river, and some fourteen or fifteen
miles from where it joins the Columbia.
Nelson is a place easy of access, both
from the States and all Canadian points;
the C. P. R bas a line in there, and tbe
Nelson and Fort Sheppard railway connects it with Spokane; there are* good
hotels where ths sportsman mav put
up, and there, above all, is the river at
his feet and teeming with what I be-
the Marion is b«iiig in-
Thn force at
Twenty men have heen laid oil at the
Th« price nf itinc or« continue* to advance lu Missouri
A new company is to be formed io
work the Slocan Star.
Zinc is il cent* a pound in Winnipeg,
and pig lead H| rent*
The force at tha Ruth ha* been reduced lo about 12 men.
Ed   Shannon   report*   finding   the
Mabou lead on lha Neepawa.
B. J Perry li at the roast talking to
Dunsmuir about the Noble Fiv«.
the promoter kept on lumping till Anally
he came a cropper. The history of how
ihis happened will be the subject matter of another fable, hut when the
soImih of the republic refused the subsidy, the air line to Mars faded into tor-
get fulness, and the vampire, having
exhausted the chief means of supply,
became a derelict.
HI.OC-AV   OKK   -♦llll'WV.vrH
Thu total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approx
irnately. 3>),0u0 tons. Since January I
to September 27, l&«, the shipment*
have lieen as follows:
l'.iyn#    *»
Iv.mho*        .            to
s,in»rf rjartoan IUiIih ,
Tlie force
rrraned to l<
at the Hewitt will l*e
nwiln a few week".
The li»«#<Mof Ihe Pinto are «hii«plnf
f»l»i# tnui nt nra in  Vel«nn  t-Sla  -iron-tr
Thev will *hi(t another car thin fall.
Jim Wardner ha« «er«red an option
Hr-wit  .
It Ann .   —
Ui|i«#n Oram
XllV**. IIIi-iiht
i Hit w-i
Tniiln llolUr
>*-*K-»ti Boy..
i S*i*«i»w» .    .
lieve are the gamiest trout in British
Columbia. In Mav and June one mav
have rare sport trolling for'char through
the narrows at Balfour—but a few miles
distant fsom Nelson. These fish are a
species of salmon, and run anywhere
from four to eighteen and twenty pounds
an inferior fish Irom a chef's point of
Oue great thing in favor of the Kootenay trout is that he has not yet become too shy through overfishing, the
superiority of the river being aB yet but
little known, comparatively speaking.
The fish are of the rainbow variety,
such as are to be found in California
and in the Gunnison river, in Colorado,
though they do not run quite as large
as iu the latter river; this possible defect, however, is amply counterbalanced
by their remarkable lighting qualities.
I have known it to take close on half
an hour to land a pound and a half trout
In Kootenay river, and in smooth water
at that
Some fe*' miles below Nelson, at a
spot called VVard's crossing, the very
Rcmo of the Kootenay fishing ia I to bo
had.   Here the liver has been forced
through a narrow gorge in the mountains, thus forming u series of tremendous rapids, and here iu the rapids and
swirling, foaming masses of water lie
the kings of the Kootenay trout. They
are of much larger size and far stronger
and gamier than those in the upper part
of the river, and they know uot whut it
ii to be timid mid wary.   Always battling with the rushing currents of tlm
stream has apparently made them of a
peremptory, not to say violent disposition.    I hey snatch at a liy with a dash
and splash and whirl oi gleaming sides
(hat is often disconcerting to the uew
comer, unused to their ways. The rough
water helps  them   aud    lends   thein
weight, and ouehasolten been deceived
Into thinking he lias hooked some real
record breaker, though  when  netted,
the H»h on the end ol the line may tip
tho scales at under two pounds.   They
are rare lighter*, those trout, and game
to the very last. Often, when apparently
lauded ou shore or tu the boot,one (ant
almost Hupurhumau flap will place them
lu their native element once more.   I
think    iho| Urgent    trout    I    over
heard uf a   being taken at that point
weighed 7k pounds, aud the smalh-at 1
tiouud; the fish of letter weight cannot
live iu thu  rough aud boiling water
there.   The early morning and   lat*
afternoon and evening, even till dark
are the 1*1* time to tl»h at Ward'n
crosiilng, and as a rule during the miiii-
iuer (ho UmIiis to and limit  NeUon run
nl muIi hour* and mnkr thin poaiible. I
havo more  Uimu  once  been one of a
party  of   tUherimn    returning   (torn
ward's after an evening'* wport, with
erewU n«»U, and even vnat i*m'k*i* lull
*!! to overflowing wilh ipvvkltd beauties
mi*'"'  N"'**   ,r,M"   ter  -eating  are of a
J}t) 1 quality not lo be em«'llt*d, l iwlleve, t.y
*! »ny trout in the world, bar none
The test of the Garreston pyritic
smelting furnace, made at Croftou oh
Saturday, says the Victoria Colonist,
was quite as successful as anticipated
by the gentlemen interested. It must
be remembered that Saturday's trial of
the Garreston furnace was not a "blow-
in"' of the Croftou smelter; it was simply
a test of the working of the new furnace, in which the proprietors of the
Croftou smelter have only such an interest as all practical metallurgists havo
in a new process which promises to
revolutionize the treatment of ores.
The furnace did all that its inventors
claim for it, and the test would have
proved an unqualified success had it pot
been for an unforseen accident which
did not oceur in the furnace and for
which it was in no way responsible.
The Garreston smelter demonstrated
that it could smelt wet ore direct from
the mine without pro ious roisting or
crushi-ng. with the least possible consumption of fuel, that it could reduce
the low grade ore to a very rich matte,
and it was on the point of converting
the matte into pig copper when the ac-
was done, however, to convince all
c6ncerned that the furnace is capable
of performing all the work claimed for
it when it is in perfect running order.
The furnace also dkt a trick which
has been held an impossibility by
metallurgists—it reduced to matte,
without fluxes, low grade ore very
heavily charged with barytes. This
puts an end to all doubt as to the possibility of smelting the low grade ores
of Mount Sicker at a fair profit and assures the success of copper mining on
Vancouver Island.
T   ..I
41 f
Should the Slough Creek mine, situate lli miles from Barkerville and 5}
from Stanley prove a success, as there
is every indication that it will, there
will bo a stud of 30o men employed itn-
mudiately and |t will mean the employment of numerous plants boring for
deep channels throughout Cariboo.
That there are deep channels of gold-
bearing gravels in Cariboo has been
suspected for a long time but.the possibility of gaining the gold and making
the work a verv remunerative mine has
not been established hitherto. In California these channels have heen im-
uieiiKo gold producers. The Miocene
Gravel company at Harper's camp, the
Page, company at Swift river, and F C
Faud at Willow river, are all working
on the expectation that there are such
leads Aud the working of one of them
successfully will mean renewed activity
iu all the others, besides the investigation and exploration of deep channels
on numerous creeks that the miners of
Burkurvillo have their eyes ou. A railway would open up upriice forestry
for the manufacture of pulp wood
in quaiitltlim larger than any on the
continent aud furnish winter'work for
many who now go toilie coast or winter
elsewhere than tn Cariboo. Lot Slough
carry nn the work and open out as anticipated— then a railway—then will
follow a development that will ourpaix
Kootenay — Kamloops Standard.
V Frit* and C. W Harrigan, the dis-
cover*rs of the properly which catisad
such a »taun*di» Into the Kettle River
country noun" week« ago, ar« in New
Denver. They have with them >atu-
plet of theore, whU'h baa the appearance of being very hi«h grade, awaying
5<4» «*•». wilv«*r. a hitfh per milage In
Fth«metaVu"o"Im"n irt%" »™P*'tv in Bait Kootenav.
e     iijlt iv *|.mv itpMuA to hiw *t«vfli« t<«il (j^,,, Wlt
They are aptnAlog the honeyrn-wfi
.,  . «i    i .    %•   t  I Miitnj in  «u«! nun:*,     nn iium pm iui    i ... ■ .     • it.^_.' ■• . i ....
Recorder Mcliine* was called to Ml j ni#h ^,uil| u,^,,,,,,^, M tl> how he '*ntI ln A»,Pr,» "«',! »P
non on th* tody \ rat-lion ease, ?«*™jrJ tawurM thii Aata. J    John d fwiin wa*, hi S*
^M»'^ihhlm,''l"',l''** '"'"'   ""*' " ""'I    Th«ltal Jacket «ha/l,«.nh«tWumei(;^
omc* with him. ,_..,.* »«»• min*-, tboogt" »* ^ll»dwf«t! Jffw,f,|V> l1*1 etlh'   l/on1 £ta,wt •»
Koot»nay lak* will *oon be   all of L, |h„ k |1M, ln',h#, Vwld, te (,»Ji)U pray'al r*ek.«itar Crawford Bay.   The
black haat, which mean* a tttady war ,Wj>t ¥trtkallv from in* MihM.   Nine ,ron '• »P«ular hamitite.
with th* trout *m mare tpott lor Ike vwlr# mttrt, te«*nire4 fnr *li»kir»f It, and     If #A?oe <*mr« had a prop#rtv tike ih»«
Wtlton't boy* i,ie C(Hl WM ti»)fiM), it being all com- Capella. w|«h ore bringing 9\.*an to tbel Wli
One Aim not b*ve to toak very fa.*) partment incapacity. ear. »h» fart wonW bt* puMi.hnl th
Into thn liitmet«*F* a wainmoih Uinr-j    u}mtM„itM J#Uf fulf,Hur# i« your  ™\l uZlX.*)*!?^".**'   H(*r1 **
HI hotalta Naw l>*nv*r. with tha C P. (ftwri \nvrn tM w,^ tl j. Robertam A «».* I« to pttlty g*d, miJ-mw ww*.
R. aUUe IrnvW niU. h;o .. j« Se.Wm    11 yon wtih to wtite'.    Aha  s*lU---.r (Ham* at  Hear lake j*
Da«l Altai NagaSn in tha Slorao, and I them ah*>wt i>tkm ot g*»A* you will tw- \ *hir»plne m tm* ot ore that will tWA
t.%er*l* #*•*# A**-r*t rA S^w-a** Citv i t.-ir* mn a-ttw.rr »>■» r-einm rati!, a»d '■.%! *tm*t a ptt,f,t ul it 2stay I>» Aniiar
tfppliJ*. e«»«rtalff if th« nawmfll «hmiMIf prftbaMf ifc- x*«l* bv expt***. L*rg*f*n«t hia pattrer* nrm oxetvAintlf tor-
nN-0 arrt*« in thnt t«w*. {««4*r* *h*-S by freight. »lunal* in baring»«> b a tifh pe«t+tty.
A*.*   -■■--•
MnimtMm tti»ir .**»b* I.
I lhl|J»l
tteiitfr1. <e,'tty-*fi,i
R»<«lt>t*f     ...
«>;iv Oi»«*-a,
Wakihlmt'Mi. .
9.A Vmt  	
** n n.
|>vw|Mt WW
i»» ..
it.r. !.»♦...
-»)P*rt*.t.it   ,.   .
-l*.»n»»| ,
I'l^raplat. ..
CtitrtMMn . .
•i-ts'iwra'.t't lewt. and «iia!l talur* in
gold It i*a gatmiA om carrying gray
n»p|K:r Thi* pro|n»riy iviljoiini that of
the Scsia brother*. hnAlAl *ix year*
*gn, and in located about I-J injle-^' from
I ire Valley The l rip te nwd" Uoto the
Valley in one dnv.
Ihe property is a tunnel pro|M>«itlou,
mul ihev itava ir*t*eil  *\u*  n,-,,  r,***,.*,,*
for bto feet.   It i« from H inch-jf tolhr##
•'lAut,   i-i*iei   9iei  .>'Oi,   auvi oui   iiui) ine,* m **eim *\uii »iv(i*» tite tuitiie nvh-
„ itaiiiJli,v, the. toachtiiau.   Now and then, »**» when* v t'l uinnetiA
"mUmoe namel*** Hy, vtttlvnt from Ibe'    Tha hkcalof* wMI go in arafn before
«J! Imaginaii'iu of •nine ihoughilul lUlirr > »»«w thea, bnt thev *l* nut contempt*!*
y'Jinati, tiaa int*t  allh great mirces*. and
*. ' rtn«. 90b hi-i n t*Hirl« r»( i,**ii h* witi-r* nr
'  lull imve tiei'ii Jou-tnl m ne  very ii««e-}uJ
And in the tualter of (lies tlnu Unlet!
«r« extremely catholic Thoy will run f
lo alinoKi any Hy, it llu*)' are on tite n»«-1
•»»    -nil       Ttm   ti'.itur     hrni'm-'-np    li-ic l*.*n|l
Iw-wt luck with the March Brown, lied i
1 think I am
have the tune
-iff :n tilvmiig «il Nd
'he ine4ii#, and witn art-
taking out ore until i>e\t mpring At
lb*t tutte lh>-v t-ntwit ((. wtitk the ono,-
i'!l,>. Hi e»tfh*iVei-. n« )iri»«.ili||'. Dip
ru»h Into the roun try ha* Imh.ii *top|MNl
bv llieitiow, and Mr f-Vitx *ava he An**
true lover* of the »|iort lo make a trial I not think  there ran be anv locating
done in that vu imtv until u«xt vear
oi the Kootenay river, making Si-lvm.
which in an .igree*h!e little town \u
whkh  tn   I****   a   few  weekft or even
m iii.tiifliK,. »h''fi" fn« i.f.jM-H'r.i.it"- From
lijlhere alt Hie be»t ti»liiii/ ol the nver i%
* i within ♦(H'V r»*ib. <«tber hv rail nr
y.lM-Mitftar Kv-i-ii du-r»i1lv in lfi»»t of U,e
t l«>wn, for a mAe or two in either dtir-t-
is lirtft, tb* fi-'un/-1» th>t li» *ny Tncrati* t"
 ^'(be AmoiaeA.*— A. P. Arniin
ttrtt Hon in ian*0*.
The Hall Mine* *nunter *liipped Hnl
tofn of lead liitdiofi to s»»f.fern her
There are lui men %
I'aVUt'.       Tin'.   -...IUVWU*.
linen\tit*ai liit'n tni'.l.
orkirt* on ihe
U.-l,   lunl.t \f.,t
,    T(MjiA*r->-Toae  -Jit-'ntt  l»!>   |<ri>i!iu-*ed
in Hod and! lldA*".'*" and the ilee^wr work it T«i) THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. (JM OCTOBER 9, 1902.
Tenth Yeab
ThbLkdoiIs two dollars a year in advance When not bo paid it is $2.50 to parties worthy of credit. Legal advertising 10 cents a
nonpariel line first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to olroumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: Thk Lkdok Is located at New Denver. B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that It is
better to tell the troth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. K chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the nnancier. Come in and see us, but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; he is
•sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
tbar collateral.
In the east all is not gold that
glitters.    Some of it is coal.
. Slocan beefsteaks are generally
found in a granite formation.
More people read this paper in
the Slocan than read the bible.
As fuel oil is rapidly pushing coal
out of the fire-box in California.
He is indeed honest who always
puts the smallest apples on top.
The output of the Slocan for 1902
will be worth about $2,000,000.
, It was just ten years ago on
Tuesday since the Slocan Star was
—v 1.13-y-
Recently in one week $25,000,-
000 worth of millinery was sold
wholesale in New York. It is no
wonder that some men cannot afford to buy coal or cigars.
From reading the Vancouver
papers we are inclined to think
that before many decades the
'Frisco people will be calling their
city a second Vancouver.
Nova Scotia complains because
English investors will not take hold
Of the gold mines in that province.
Their method of introduction is
probably not smooth enough.
The war did not break Paul Kru-
ger. He is still able to buy gin
and bibles, although none of the
Boers are telegraphing him to come
and swallow his Christmas dinner
with them.    	
To a company in search of wealth
we know of no better investment
than developing the touriBt trade
in the Slocan. An investigation
will prove that we are not even a
distant relative of Ananias.
rwr       *>ii l'i! _ *rt s\nm one r» 1 r%.^_rvt.
rr jiuvuu—v/ytuci oiii^/   v/i
coal mines looks like a good thing
in the east.    	
Scotch whiskey is one of the best
drummers that the devil ever sent
on the road.
There is still hope for Spokane.
Gambling will not be allowed at
the Interstate Fair.
Lowery's Claim for November
will be heated from sump to the
top stope with literature that will
The Saudon Miners' union has
discovered one or two yellow specks
in the labor formation.
If the Conservatives of this province would succeed there must be
no chasm in tho ranks.
New Denver may have its drawbacks, but no one has yet been run
over in the town by an automobile.
The laboring man has found a
heaven in tlio Canadian west this
year.    May it be so for many years.
A (.'ontrivance that will burn tlie
smoke of soft coal means a fortune
for Canada and the inventor who
can locate it.
Laurier and the Pope have had
a few words together. How thin
will bear upon the next election in
not yet known.
The iee man may have his head
sunk low in sorrow but his brother,
the coal man, haw a (nee that, looks
like a hi-a of Munle*.
Next year Diiinonl will operate
hte nirt-thip between I'm nee nml
America. Is this llie beginning of
the end of fti'Jliulioitttf V
It te believed in Mime (ilari'M that
there will be ji general Ih'iiiiiiiiuti
election within four mouth--, and
an im »ea<-e in tin* tariff,
ii.   (.'.   lUU.Ill'I- .111   pJ.ihahU   IliiiH'
lazy tliiui uny other pi-ople in the
provinee.    They iiinke n !ivin>
paieiitU without an\ effort.
of a brain. Read it not if your
mentality is in a delicate condition.
Tarte wants Canadian products
carried on Canadian railways, and
through Canadian canals. Tarte
is right, provided the people own
the transportation,rail or otherwise.
In time Slocan lake will be one
of the greatest resorts for tourists
in the world. This lake is the most
beautiful in America. We are
writing Morgan in reference to furnishing capital for exploiting this
rich touristical formation.
Hon. G. W. Ross, who is the top
sheaf in the Ontario legislature,
says free trade is not practicable.
He is partially right, Free trade
would have trouble in some parts
of Canada, but it would make all
Kootenay a hive of bee-like industry. 	
The Doukhobor-s may not be as
greasy as they are daubed, but they
are bad enough. They are sadly
in need of missionaries to teach
them common sense. Their notions on religion are so strange that
they forget the duties of the present life. 	
In putting a duty on pulp the
United States is making it harder
for their own people, wlio use
much imper. in a short time
f tularin will control the pulp biiHi-
ttot-m of the world and neeri not eare
about the dutioH other countries
place upon the article.
mine, and not himself or his manager. For this reason Americans
and Canadians have shone more
brightly in successful B. C. mining.
Dawson has become a very quiet
place since vice had its claws
frozen by the police. The miners
now keep their gold until they get
closer to coast civilization. Wages
have crept steadily downward until $5 a day and board is the
standard, and the froth has been
blown away from the snaps around
the Klondike.
The editor of this paper will publish a book in a few months, provided the earth holds together until he can get it in print. It will
deal almost entirely with the various phases of life in western mining
camps, and will not have a dead
line from the top line to the last
quad. Keep this fact in your upper stope and do not miss it, for
there is a iimit upon the namber
that will be issued. The author
has no desire to become too rich.
The people of the United States
are quick to see the coming expansion of trade in Canada. A company from Ohio is purchasing a mil-
-1 i r\ n_ Qnrac.. r\tL_l asn A _i« _4-.li a.-*\T^vi»4-.1-» v*t oef_
-AiVU'U'UI VO-\Il-*»JIVI"llI_*OU\J~i.l */I'VIJ'VV13£3lIT-
and will extend its operations to
this province. They see that mining is reviving in B. C. and are
getting ready to make millions out
of our mines. , Already they have
two of their best men looking up
properties. The company has great
faith in British Columbia and will
no doubt make money while people
nearer homo are grumbling at hard
times and waiting for something
valuable to fall at their feet.
, pyotri the kinPs Kenne* I
i-%,'%%'%%'**l/%'•%%'%%%'%'% 9^*9
Oh, to be a politician!
Not a curb-stoue one, nor one
that wears the imprint of a fence
rail ou the cushion that Nature, put
upon his anatomy where it would
be of the most service;
Nor the politician, that is a politician only iu his mind;
No, not that kind.
But to be a politician like what
is turned out of the Island incubator at Victoria.
Oh, to be like him!
We would move our kennel at
Of all earthy gods he wears the
brightest tail feathers;
He has the seat of honor in the
state band wagon;
And is king bee of the political
plum orchard;  *
And carries the longest pole—
The only pole that can reach the
To be like him would be good as
"All coons look alike to him" in
the political plantation;
a clean lot of men to Victoria, tho
people are foiled every time by the
little world politician.
His political creed does not extend beyond the limits of Victoria,
and he has a string to it.
It is also reversible, and transferable, and open to modification.
He is ready to jump the track
and raise a distracting hubbub at
the first pull at the tit he has so
long monopolized.
There can be no change;
He will not permit it.
Whether the government be Conservative, Liberal, or P. L. P., the
results would be the same.
A clean, honest and progressive
administration is out of the question in B. C. so long as the Victoria
incubator is kept hot.   -
Arthur Flullen
Has opened a Wholesale Liquor
Store in Three Forks, and has
all kinds of Liquors and Fancy
Drinks, Champagne, Tobacco
and Cigars.
The Best Liquors
in the World—
From France, Ireland and
England—and he wants all his
old friends —and new ones—to
come, and try a bottle or case,
or barrel. He will serve you
well, whether you order by
,   mall or in person.
Color, breed, creed, and party
all look the same to him.
He sees but one world, the center of which is the Parliament
building and its limits extend not
more than ten miles in any direction.
It is a big world—to him
*   In   reality   it is a very   small
world, but he occupies a very large
place in it.
There are many of him at Victoria—so many it that takes all the
rest of the province to keep him in j
sugar-tits. j
It does not make any difference j
to him what breed of cats occupy j
the government chambers;
Nor how often or severe the parliamentary squabbles may be;
He makes sure that his little
world is well cushioned and supplied with well-seasoned bottles.
He does not know anything
about the outside world;
Doesn't know there is any.
Thinks the various political parties fight each other to see who will
have the privilege of sending a'wet-
nurse into his little world to take
care of him.
It is really becoming serious.
Try as hard as they may, to send
Uot Shot for Divinely Appointed.
Professor Charles Zurblin, of the
University of Chicago, has said in
a paper upon the relation of the
public to capital and labor: "The
impudence of the blasphemous aud
inefficient representative of the
anthracite trust, who proclaims
himself the chosen of God, would
receive effective rebuke if it were
not that the natural resources of
America prevent a proper appreciation of the attitude of the anarchists who have been granted by society the privilege of owning the
anthracite coal beds."
Must Havo u Hump,
A woman would not be satisfied
without an unnatural bump on her
somewhere. For a while the bustle
sufficed. The big sleeve with an
unnatural bump on the shoulder
came netft. The bump then moved
from the shoulder to the cuff. Just
now it is the fad to wear a shirt
waist that looks as if a peck of
apples had bee:i dumped into it in
A handwriting on thc tablets
of our hearts proclaims tliat the
service of others is our divinest
freedom, and that the law of love
is the charter of our liberty.—
George Brown.
rt of
in the
"Tl,-  7lr.nl/ The best par
i ne yarw the united st
in -f^anarln is the north. Can-
m ^anaaa ftdB ,ms ail im.
mense territory just as good as the
northern States, and the Americans
appear to bo finding it out with a
rush. Now that tho chance of free
or cheap homes has disappeared
acrosH the line northern immigration lias become deflected to western Canada. Americans are now
coining in so rapidly thai they will
practically make the country. Ontario was doing it slowly, but
just now has enough to do within
its own limits.
The United States has an iin-
mense surplus of capital and people, that are ever seeking new
fields. They are finding them in
Cniada. A lreariy 2/>,o00,O0O acres
of tin? best arable land in western
Canada have Ix-en bought by
Americans. These Americans will
eventually overrun western Canada.
There iH no sentimental reason
against Americans settling on this
side of the line. The institution*
are similar to Uncle Sam's. Politics are just as free, and religion te
tinged with ju-t n> much Puritan*
Ciunuh in a deiiioiiiiev  and
"Did you hear about It?"
Mrs. Merkley's
Millinery has just
Seals, Stencils, Price Markers, PrinUng Wheel!.
Numbering Machines, Band DatiiiK and Numbering Stumps, Cheok Perforators, Rubber
Type, Printing Presses, &c.
Vancouver, B. C.
Hair Cut
and Shave
At Ed's Tonsorial Parlor
Brick Block    New Denver
Maiinser of BOSUN HALL.
Keports, Examinations and Management
NEW DENVER.   -   B.O.
If you wish
to purchase
a shot gun
send to
Charles E. Tisdall
For hi*, i'.n;' fiitalnurui1.
TliU illiiHtiHte* uiul .lc*»<-rll>es the most complete stock of arm* ami
iimimmitl in In Canada.
You want to
beautify your home
For  Spring Flowering Ouuidu and
for Winter Flowtsrhtg Insldft
art; now In  stock,
The Crocus, Tulip
Jonquil, Hyacinth, Lily
nic,, ,iri. „ii i„.n,,,,,,(,,|,*•.,,.
Very best quality.
NelSfln'S Drug & Book Store
N'««w IliMivi'r, II. V.
A highway  rubber is a
rompared lu llie follow wliu
gntee of   friendship,   will   take n\ *»*«i»-    < aniiuri i* a iieiuociitey
drunken inanV money nl gambling. ] monarchy » distant* t radii hm.
Such a fellow will  generally "lie in j    '">«' Anieiiefm   immigration into
the gutter ami   furtii-h  « fen-t for' we-tern < 'hihmIii   uill   l.e   *-o  Imve
llie llie*, while bin soul poipoiis the
n/olte ol' hell i\ ith il.--  vile tt< e**.el;ee'
We h.tVe JUj-4 irail  all  .ihie  aiti
that the Yank will have to look at j
the (liijr In   yet   ]A<    bearili'!-        He I
will be among hi* iiwii   people ami
Iiii.  fioin timl luini> t'eeliiig,      l'i,''
Willi    A   I'm KTWUIUIIY   i.KX'll.lv
limit nr  liu|v   tit i.-.i-li  c.i-iiiiiv   t" nniiHt'f
■lt,.-««   !.,r  <ui ..|i| .-.t.ilill-lii-:!   lime.-   .-( * .||.|
nii-i.-il -.liit.iiliii.'     A .|i.,iu!ii. I, ,,,,, n.i..«,,-(.Iv
ll-uliirv ul   -ik i.i j.-ilii  0\ •-|M-.|tt>* i-.kIi WYiI-
l.ll.   'A Ull   illl    I'l!.*.!-..    .III. I*     !,.,||!     In-fitl.,utv
*       MiiM-V   :li|nitH-«-ll f. .'   • Mu'l.w*        Mill. '.VI',
i    iimi JlMi;., < Incur-..
Our Naphtha
Launch is now
on the Lake for
the use of
our guests
tLB f_9m mm a m. Jl
jgJ^**_ i*p*i' xmm'^mp^^rm^m'xm "L^^O^jr/
^**^*^^^^**.^^f ^^gt^^^^^ ^^i^^*^^1^^        '^^t_^F'^^*_^i  '^^" ^^*<^^ ^^'^^^■^^ __t   mi
mA. *m\ mm\%_. ..    ...mmm mmm ,       .^^^ ^^B*,. ..  .,^^9% _^^*\_,..   .   ,^^^m Jmrnw^^ . ..».m****mi  mm^U***.,    mwAm >V^d»        •^Bi mm, Jm*
Or anything in the Sporting Goods line
eh' on how lo   kec|» apples all win-   Yank love* hi* eouuiry hut goe* lo|
let.     Hnvine  onee   i-lerked   in   ni IVmi.oI.'i lo better  bin fiti,-inci;tl eiiii-
-lore |hut did not iidvettiM\ we ,-ire
fairly familiar with thesnbje.t, n|.
dftb-ii.     In time mo>t. of them Mill
*   Mil) to 1 Si'* new  lov«'  ad Ih eoine
v-i'UI eimw
7   ib..
dav   )'
timl then IimiI; mo for the
'I he  -f-'tir'li-li eiiilnt-- n-i,,
iuvH'lni {'aitaiia missed ->
ih.tt   tlm-v   in.*»>   tvgrvt.
not *t*e iim- SliB-rtii, ur tin
of  Viiieriejt.
. i ..tii-
Tf.e\  did
' l.ueerne
wi   "ill
*   I,,i  hi     . I
e.vj eriitiejil
W. A. (fMlliher wmitH the -*il\«-s
U-*ul    liirii l<i gt-t*   titgelbet     imi   -ee
whtlt th«*v want (be TkHiiiniun -/nv-
enuiM nt to |of*»r l)i*r* leeni U\Ao*»lrs .
Mr. fbilliliei   rt-pre-e«iN   Kootenay
if- the IHttViHIliriit ,*il iUialiH.
Hlili«*b ill.ewli,! tli uuiiet. is.
eiiie-Hlei'.'i'"i nj «i ^;ijiji))er. JJe
|<> -fei- fo tteV bit* motiey b> iniiibig
Mih-U rather than follow legitimate
inuiiitg hy   raj-big   jj,,.  ,„,   (lU| ,,f
the bill".    When   be Ati*-** mine in
»-.l!»l» *t    \>e   genetllbv   xemlti   out ;i
in iii.i^' r wiso kjiom^   all   aooitl ini,
nnd «"«ial,   Imt   tiMwtienlU   tuttbiiin.
a'"tilt   .:iibl,   \i-tu\   iMi.-,   eiijijM-i    ui
-liver.    Then   when   failure come*
il.e   V,tlli-U    «  ilnitlH**t     tilMne-.    Hit'
ll)  llli- ' thi   I \' tt ettilHlll*'
■ un, ihe X'mA:
'y,i','.-l hand ia
fiiekiiij.' dMhie.'
ii«i ,i- lime
*i,n,il   *'■,>,>■•[•'■
i-ii.il like two li
£ie —
i h.iilMiie*' iHi'i lleel.l ihei'e *****
Out tug lie- liM-.ii vein >•! I'i.;r
>l.Mi,I'M Oe.,a ni <iM', \ ieiitin^
ul u-!im«<J e.jj.|ii't*,
»    I OUIiil-
»iil«l irne
••I,i    «
-io. I I
• vi!,*/ :ii
M-|«ti,    tl.li
-I    vihle   i-;
'   ( 1 :.     ■       '•**'.'»"
it i »i*. *,t   .-i
*i«li«l gn«; f   Jf
u Vi.t fi'»n    R "*
*!.'.'.', n U*n,
i nn/reg *te
".*-'.••*,■«:♦    fit
*^^ L.*^ t^^ ^^        ^i*^ ^--- ^^'^^/ ^*^^^-*^^ ^^ "'
■t***mm -W* .       J9Wa Wkmk,        ..M-m 999%, Jmwm mtmL.        J-im l^fc,.
Be ii ilk (0)f i\V\Wwrhr<e#i
< apilai utii pa Ml (Ip)
5*!t">-'f!*nv«<| !ar.4   .    .
nmlividiil pi..iit*.   .
Ol   I,.-.    .I» «|< •
Ot     llnS
if liititiS
•re !}»•» *vtM«ife;
♦ tr oi titmrnl"* '«>'
!   ! '
hutli SlU UlltuM ,;k.id \UHSS 'S  <i.'«H.'.VI.,   lit    Mm.   iVr.-ttdrttt,
HoX.lt. A. I'itl'ttMoNIt, V';» •* rf»'<»i*Se|t1,
1^ S. I j>»t ',-to.v, (ii lata! Maiaiifpi,
lir.ttielie-i m  all t«trt»* et Cun.i'ln, Niuvfi.iirtdlnrtil, lirrnt Itr'i.iii?.  .mil
1'tliteit rttaten.
New Denver brunch
in ti.nn vnisnt*, Mmm^r
f J tmgm,*a{ taae^wA km"*** w1*^fcr<PW mrmwm.
im mt
X    m W
i*4 r*m»** p*^** **'mjHP<^**P*:^**:
WW    'AA'kt    mi'mi    ww.    ymi WW
■ 11.,-u <-Ufvji ti.t*<
;,''.K-iiViji ?.".'!.'ii':
.'•t 11,1 Ml.il|
♦ lost Itt   il .
xm .**** pm'^pm *mc-m w""'"' w '
■"IV mPw 9x9*9 •XxXxW jgHW w
v-<w    WW    WW    WW    WI Tenth Yeak.
Lift of an Indian 5 com
) Iu the shadow of Eagle moun-
/        tain Judge' 'Jack'' Stilwell, famous
Indian  scout, is dying.    He is in
the grip of Bright's disease and
can not live many weeks longer.
'Knowing this he moved in from
his ranch to be nearer medical
treatment, and while the doctors
may prolong his life thsy cannot
save it, says the Kansas City Star.
Giles Stillwell, known all his life
as Jack, was the friend and contemporary of General Custer, Texas Sack, Wild Bill, Buffalo Bill,
General Miles and the Indian
fighters, scouts and frontiersmen
of the days gone by. When Custer fought his last fight and the resultant fury among the whites
stamped ought the Indian uprisings; when there was no longer
need for the old scout, Jack Still-
well retired from the army, from
-cattle raising and ranching, and
studied law.
Brilliant scout and Indian fighter
he made a brilliant lawyer, and his
arguments before the courts of
Arizona, Texas, Wyoming and
Oklahoma will long be remembered
for their wit and comprehension of
tho law.
Stillwell saw Wild Bill assassinated, and comforted Texas Jack in
his last hours when he was dying
of consumption.
His most noteworthy achievement took place while he was a
scout under General Forsyth, during the summer of 1868. General
Miles tells the story most interestingly as follows:
Jack Stillwell wae the hero of
one of the most remarkable affairs
with Indians in the history of the
American frontier. During the
year 18C8, when he was a beardless youth in buckskin, he did the
* thing which made him famous
throughout the west and stamped
him as one of the most courageous
scouts in the army.
Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Geo.
A. Forsyth, commanding a small
body of about thirty citizens enlisted as scouts, camped beside the
Arickaree river, a small stream in
northern Kansas. The Indians
had been reported as rising and
the purpose of the expedition was
    to  ascertain   the   true   state   of
summoned or the command would
perish. Jack Stillwell one of the
few who had escaped unharmed so
far, offered to go to Fort Wallace.
It looked to-be sure death to venture outside of the charmed circle.
Old Pete Trudeau, a frontiersman,
volunteered to accompany him.
There was nothing else to do,
and Colonel Forsyth was compelled
to accept the offer. At midnight,
amidst the whispers of good luck
and the farewell handshakes of the
boys, who never expected to see
them again alive, the two men
crawled over the breastwork and
waded the river to the enemy's
shore. They imitated the wearing
apparel of the Indians by wearing
blankets and moccasins—made
from their boot tops—so as not to
leave the footprints of a white man
behind them.
The natural way to go would
have been down the river or
through one of the many ravines
that started from the river bank.
The most dangerous way was to go
straight up over the bald hill in
front of the island. Stillwell
thought the ravines would be full
of Indians and he also thought that
the water course would be most
closely guarded, so he chose the
trail over the bald hill, trusting to
their disguises if seen.
In conversation between Stillwell and some of these same Indians afterward it was proven that
they had made a lucky stroke in
not attempting to make their escape by the waterway or the adjacent ravines.
Crawling on their hands and
knees, they were able to make only
three miles before the dawn that
night. They saw Indians on every
hand and were forced to lie still
frequently. The three miles brought
them to the divide between the
Arickree and South Republican
and there they concealed themselves for the day in a washout or
the head of a hollow, where the
banks had been overgrown with
tall grass and sunflowers. They
left no trail behind them and they
were satisfied that they would not
be discovered. From over the hill
they could hear firing all day,
which told them that their cora-
rades still held out
Wh i le one of these scouts was sitting his horse not fifty yards away,
occurred the "rattlesnake" affair,
which has been so widely published.
There was a snake in the carcass
and he crawlsd around and made
it exceedingly uncomfortable for
the two scouts who seemed to be
usurping his home. They could
not move a hand to kill him for
fear of the Indian. They could
only lie still, Stilwell finally spit
tobacco juice on its head by a well
directed shot, and the snake vacated the premises.
But this was the last straw to
the camel's back. Trudeau broke
down completely after the Indian
scout had satisfied himself that
there were no white men near. He
seemed to lose his mind and wanted
to shoot his revolver and sing.
Stilwell kept him quiet until nightfall, when he persuaded him to go
to the nearest river and drink.
The water did wonders for him,
and they traveled on as rapidly as
possible. The fourth day was a
foggy day and they could travel by
daylight without trouble. About
11 o'clock, when they were nearly
exhausted, they saw coming out of
the haze of the Denver wagon road
on which they were traveling, two
mounted men. They could not tell
whether they were Indians or not
but they had horses, aud the weary
scouts needed the horses. They
had come over eighty miles on foot
in four days.
When the horsemen drew near
Stilwell discovered that they were
soldiers, two couriers on the road
to Colonel Carpenter's commaud,
lying at Lake Slater, some 60 miles
from where General Forsyth was
As soon as they heard of Forsyth's predicament they spurred
away to Colonel Carpenter, who responded promptly, marching his
entire force to tht, relief of Forsyth.
Trudeau never recovered from
the terrible strain of that journey,
but died next spring. He lies
buried at Fort Sill, 0. K.
Every minute of our tranquility
is purchased with patience. It is
the great sacrament of peace, the
sanctuary of security, the. herald
and the badge of felicity.-Vaughan.
There was very little water in
the river, it being the dry season—
September 17, in fact—and the
party, fearing attack, encamped on
an island in the middle of the
river. Jack Stillwell was one of
the scouts. About 9 o'clock in the
morning they were attacked by a
band of 200 warriors, who shot at
them from both banks.
The men placed themselves in a
.circle, lying down, and each one
instantly began digging a rifle pit
for himself. The Indians were repulsed and retreated. Roman Nose,
their leader, was killed in the
charge, and tho river banks were
strewn with dead warriors.
All wiw quiet until 2 o'clock in
the afternoon, when the Indians,
thirHting for vengeance, came
again, more fiercely than over. But
by that time the defenses were
finished, ami the Indians were
again driven off. A final and 1110111
feeble attack was made about 4
o'clock, and then it began to rain.
Everyone knew that the next move
of the IiidiaiiH, finding that direct
attack did not accomplish rwuiltw-
would be to surround the devoted
little band and starve them out, or
pick off the unwary by long sharp-
nhooting from cover.
Taking account of the damage
done tbey found that they had mif-
U'hh\ t***\ete\y.    All ilio hur«e.*> and
nitilw hud been  killed,  making it
iuipuvdhh-t fill them to get away.
I.ieitt. l$ee< her, second in command,
and five men hud  ateo  been killed j
01 -mortally wounded, ami 17 ineti,,
tiit'Iudiug   Colonel    Fornyth,   had J
lieen   wounded.     Practically  only 1
neven men tint  of the thirty were}
utihariUi'd.     Ohviomdy  the thing,
to do win* to get help, and that wa*.
the verv thing which  the   Indian.-.;
, weie on   tite   xhaipot   lookout lo
Foil Wallace, the neaieft   mill-
iny \e.t, wa« 1W mile- away, und-
Koi.xyth and hte noo were without
fiM«l,   -utrounded   by   '.Hill   Indian
from the northern   nation*, im-lnil-*
ing   Sort hem   Cheyenne*
Bargain Hunters
Sli.lt i.f urine tl*'^u> V'.to ,"1i •!■' *"1Vi<»
Subliei -." The :'ittl ition *,vn-de--
The  dead   hot•-***   wen* nut  into
f*tlip- for fool m.d a well invide the
I'll'   Ill.lt        I 11 1  .1 -1   *,.,,  , .       '|*i ,'.*.•       *..._      ik, ,
water. The defeum* *«." strengthened with 11-••!»■-<* middle* and tie td
vou■**•-*-•,  and.    watchful   ag-iiu«-<t ■
ritpii-e.    tbey   *jMl-—ed   four    il,nv>.
with tio -i^ti front tl"-  Indian hm
.uo. .! .'....   <jX>..  ..   -Ay- '
im-.uitio; ;A\ ante to stretch hi in*
tb  the fifth d»y the  tinttt oitiid*
lit* ]. .-^.-i   in-  i'AlXi,  :wl   l!1- -uff'T-
When the darkness came they
started south again. During the
night they saw two parties of Indians in front of them, which delayed them greatly, and yet daylight found that they had reached
the South Republican. They also
discovered to their surprise and
chagrin that they were about half
a mile from the Sioux and Cheyenne village. How that happened
they did not know then, but it was
afterward learned that the trail
turned south about a mile west of
where the battle was being fought,
and that turn had led them into
the very heart of danger.
As the sun was about torit-6 they
'hastened to cover under the river
bank in the tall grass of a kind of
bayou, and there thoy lay in the
water all day without moving. In-
diaiiH crossed very near to them
during tho day, fur it was a kind
of ferry. Once some warriors
stopped not thirty feet from thorn to
water their horses, and they heard
them talking about tH white men
on the island and how soon they
would l>e starved out. They could
hear the beating of the tom-toms
in the village nearby as the nquawH
mourned their dead, and saw thein
carrying out several bodies to the
sepulchre of scaffold.
That night, almost crazed by the
mental worry the noises of the day!
had tau.n'd them, they crept away j
across the South  Fork ol  the He- j
publican, and the morning of tho |
fourth   day   found   them  on  the j
prairie near  the   head   of Goose)
creek.   The Indians seemed to have'
been left behind, and  thc I toy and \
the  man  eoncluded   to  travel   by ■
day.    It pretty nearly cost them'
their lives,  for about H o'clock  in
the morning they saw  coming toward thein the advance guard of \
what   they afterward*  found   out-
was the ••I).»g Soldiers."
I'oiltiiiulciy tiie  iiHiiiiii.*. had oo
(llM-overed     them      \et. It     'lil-
ueec.-.-a'sy \» bide and hide quickly.
In loukii.g for it place to conical
them-clve- on ihe open phi in tliey
accidental^   dtn'ornvd  cotue yel-
!,,<.-  ..-noil..  ,.t-riti-*lef   -ilif-int ft   HlllTillo
i»\<re"iaM Tlie «vi»i"l«» were not InVh
enough ,0 eoneetl tbctii, but they
crawled to the carcass, intending
t'i yi"iA' oil the stein* ami eo\er
them-etves,    The  biitYolu had evi-
R. Elliott
Onu comhin.itlon Billiard and Pool Table,
[by Miy)
One LiuffC Safe.
One J. J, Taylor Sufi! No. 8. scout! a*, new.
Ono set Ilur Fixtures, very tine.
One National Cash Roiflster No. 17, totnl adder,
Mirrors, 18x10, other kims
One l'lute Glims Mirror, I'-xnl Indie*, bevel edtte.
One Plutonium -Ylrror. SLxSl Inch, with hardwood frame nnd .tide brocket*, fixture 7fl feet
long '.y IS teel hltfh,
Sewing Mnehlni'H nt grunt linrttitiiiK.
Two I'itmon.
Burlier Chalra, Mirror*, Until Tub*, 1'lpes, tnnk»,
One Bull nnd Sprint.' KiimIiic Governor for 3J-
Inch xteain pl|tc.
One steam Online, one Lubricator, one ilium
(•Slat-it Show Case*.
OiieOarden Seed Drill, by Matliewi.
One tfnod letter Pre**.
Surveyor'* Iii-lnniii'iiK
If what, you want It nut advertixeil, write for it.
Write mul iiii-iii ii.'.i ltd* |«|ier If yon liveout-
Klilici KiikIii and ym will receive lutorinatlon
promptly ii|hiii the line ymi ilenirc tu piiretia«c,
In the dainty I'niirt ■■! Id■uli-n.ty Icldeu it
Ni iim.
IktHiui H-toiji -sii»<-, .,'* .V«» Diioi-i. li i.'..
Iliit«.lk<-<'i»-r, 1'l.iiiiiilT: ami A K K«ii'iul''r.
fortm-rly ul N>-w l-vnvi-r II (', Broker, I*-
I 11 ill.-  lh il I|.|..|ll.   A     K    I   .il|.|llll'l.
'IUKIV NolHT,  tint   Hum    Mi-u-,* ..t New
Denver. I! c , in. |.»it.il ,i wri! nt iiltfttle
lltehl jitmllet ymi. ni;.! d all 11 i,«-. 1 ill til.* t- nl
•--.tlii-, l'lrllil» nml elfi-i 1* In l«.|ii.'l|i>." «n -en,
willed MM will l» l««u.i| ,.ut ul tin t'.iuiilt C i;;t
.f K. -.-telti-, .|i..'il.-i ,-.( NY |. „ sn I it 1. ,1 N rt'
lllll, \mi   .nil)   li  I..  .i'W,   it  t-iil.uu il.l.l   "I
• t.'.V    ttt.it llu   -.ilil   !!.,tt*,iii.i*l,.  .'..mi   In.   in
* itli-r dull.I die if 'te'  -If,   ii-   -■-..» iiiii'f   I'*"*
<tn|i e.l tlii. ii.,ii ,. in I*-  i.nl.ti li.-.t i..r |. in •. <-
. ■ *.,|.   S--il. » < i ;(,.     '*>. ti    il*   ,ii   |,| |,,t. u   *  •**
total, Hlitl \..tl    ,11      to|tlir.<l  '">    'Is    ".I'll- -'.-I
I . ,*t)>|»-.*ti tu ili.- -ilil « ri' » i:ln.. i«.*ul. - ■..,' .. *v»
'•   ,  «•:„ »,...!..     .1 •    ,,    *     ,, ,. i , ,i   i ,„(,
.,,-,. .ur •■. ilil. ik tin. j.'tiiitltl ui.*.   , tni-1-.-ii ■;- If
tl.*  I..'..! v. ii:   I..,.I   !    ;       . ,   ;'!-,   -. r;    '. u;
i   ii. ,ti. - j   •*   ni****   i>   i.'**---.   -.*   .   'ii   ■*'*
-i -.t'i
>   ii tn..*.   i|r-i rn I-. i|>.  . i..  tir1'*   'i.   cii-iiic
. ,, t.,1 I,.11 l„ u i..l  :,.,    .,,    mil,*    ,|lt.,* ,.t
i|t.* li. ...li  i ..* Hi- -..ii .*in' ... :..!....
tl.tr. ,i ilil. • ti, ,;..,.,    l >, | i,*.„t , i, \   |»  i-.*ij.
ii'f: , ,i*. i. '. mu-.ni'',.
» id ,t, i t *t I"!.*,uiul.
IS a monthly journal that you do not
meet every day.    Its home is in the
West, far from the smoke of crowded
cities and the hum of grinding commerce.    High up in  the mountains, surrounded by scenery that would drive some
artists mad with joy, its editor sits close to
heaven   and draws   inspiration  from the
Clouds    -jc^e-jj;*^;s|eH5*>|c*si!'*
Lowery's Claim is principally devoted
to Truth and Humor. It has hosts of
friends and enemies. It is hated and loved
just according to how it strikes the human
miud. It presses the limit every time
and always deals from the top. It bows
to no creed, cringes to no god or devil, aud
fears nothing, not even the sheriff. It is a
sham crusher, and aims to tear the mask
from everything that is evil. It is the
most independent magazine in the world
and panders to no class, party, sect, creed,
color, flag or fat advertiser. It has pay
ore always in sight, and every shift shows
that it is increasing. It has touched a
chord in the human heart that vibrates
with its music wherever the English language breaks the ozone *#*  * %' % * #
If you want to get in line with it, get in
early as the circulation is limited to a million. Ko sample copies are sent to anyone,
but it is furnished free to, all people who
are one hundred years old. Postage free
to any part of this wicked earth * # # * *
Winnipeg I Vancouver
Toronto Victoria
Ottawa .Seattle
| Montreal Portland
EAST i Nti\v Voi U \VKST{SFnimisco
IS '[IIKSDfllKMKlVH'K'I'iiK HlllTlftll ('Ol.t'MIIU.
Ill the estate nf HolVuni  \\'***t, ili-ecHxeil, In
St. John
New West.
I.AKK   linl'TK
Front Foil William, the lavni'itemilliliter route to nil KHMerii |»iiitit»,
Via Wi) LINK
For Nr.. Paul, DflliUh, Sault Sfo Marie
ChleiiKo, c.c
rmiMiMiij   mi uisi   •ji.ekimni.
I.AST--Leave Dnmitore .liuiitimi ilail)
Cut  St    i'attl:    Kootenav   L.'ttulitil'
'I tieMinv ami Snotnlav in* I 'iniiitn,
M"iitfi'ftt. etc
\VK<T—Leuve    lte\el*>tiike   ilnil.V     f"l
Seallle ati'l  VaiH'iiuver.
I'lirmi'^li   I'o ikinifw   to  l'!tirn|.e  vii   .;i
Atlantic Lines.
I'l i'|r«ii| tit kelc   at   It.-Uiul    title-    n-*.||r-i|
ii'tiei ill Mtniijii .it. < uiiiiiiie*.
i'.r   -Uli*   • ii,.*■■ *».!.*.   f.ti MM.iI t'lll  i;.f»*trtli.■•
.:** ,     1    ih   t
ti,  It   .    \ ••!>!    )   .'      i .*..-.,    I >,,    .
....      - V . *      V
JOT10K In lieivliy tflven Hint all eretlltnin mill
A otliti-i Inivliiurelaiiiw in,'iiili*t the «'*tittrof
the iiiiilil ll.iWiiril U'l-H. lute nf the city nl S.tn-
ilnll II (I, tell nlfi'.l un nr iiIhmiI the l.'lth tiny ul
•Illlv, -!"l. tire liljllil'i'll, nil nr liefore tite im llilVnl
NhC'i'IIiIm-I', line, IiiHellll liy |-»i,t |iie|iill(l urilellver
to M I.Uriiniii'tt.iif llriitiiiuti lili«-l(, Keeimtii i-t.
S.111.1..11, ll. i . KtilU-ltnr lm .Inlin Henry slink-
l.-inil, tin-I'Mt'iiter i>t tin- ln»l will it11ri ttd-tument
ef Iln 'lid l|iiH-,ti<l W«-t. ilt*i'i*,t-.t-4,tlii-iritaii|. ■*,
iililli-n-* i uiul iie-M'1'ltitlnil-. .lllll lllll liHI'tlellliii-. n|
llliil  rl.lllllK.   Illl'   Ullltl'llll'lltH   llf tlll'lr Hl'i'iilllll-.
mil Iiii* ll,il nil- nl Hit-It ui'i'iilltler., If uny, held hy
Ainl iintnv i. Iii i. lit t'ivi-ii thut finmei|l:U.*l>
iftit «||i.|i j,-i»i -nii'illlniicil tlitfi thn nn III eMiiiil.i'r
wlllliriiee.il in ileli il.tiie -lie le-n-t-. ol tin-i|i •
t-t-a-i-il .itn-iiii: iln- jinn). « iiiiltli-il lliertlo, linvluk'
n -uttril iiilv in the I'litlii.H.it uhlt-h he nil ill llu n
li vi- in.I'.i,- .net tlusl t lie miiI • Miiitm will imt
In- h.il.li* fur lie h;iIi| ii-.i*i«, or .my |i«rt therriil,
l.i.ltlV   |'l- .Si    .1   U'r-iSI-i-l  tt'llis*'   i-|»tlllK   hn||.».
• ll -II in 1 It-Vi- l.n.|. v   ,    I'    .1   In   I'!'!'  -t fill- Mi,...
I.t lllt'll lll»ttlt*lllll It
l»|t|-l   UlU Kill  ll.lV   I.f  S||.t|.|ll|K-|.   V*'i
\l   I.  UIIIMMI'.TT
>,,il> II   t t..| lliu i-.u-rtm.r.
1<i I'CI.ISv1 IA' I  i    .iWM-K.
ii- eillS" i.. |i|,\ Lis;, .,i «i, ■»,..„ 1,,-r In* in iv
li .ir  i-,.i, ,iti-i  I.i     mil i  -t   ii.   tie   l.u- i
Wi-.t   III V.i,  I   n,ii.i*i.-,l     in* ! II., '..I   i.i tin
li-    H   '.ill   ML,   ,*;•  I".      I     •     W , -<   K-    •'•-,|-i>
V  '   ' >'i hi:i : iiy N'i'i it'll..' ii...' i i,.vt
I : * *   .   1 ■ .:•■   ■     *,'..*      :■.:..;:,.   ,J,t-
ni».i. *.' i   .1. -\ ■• **n.-iil|..i .<) inlin ml (i*i|,(; ni iit»i
'li     -t'.ivi-t. ti -   ... il,,    \!ji,i*?.i*   \i'.   .i.*i Jt .*. ttl.it,
**1   '.tt      I  .1 H..I1,     !l.      .I,.',- '     "...      ,     ,.i,  ,      *,     I
:.,i. *. ii- ii-    i . i*....|ii'   -,t.   . ..it. ),|   |..ii ti..ii    'in.
KKKWATIS MinerHl Clnlm.
Situate  lu   tlie    Slocan   Mliilnir   Division  om
Went   Kooteany   lilttrlvt.   Where  loentetl:
A.ljniiiliii.' the I'ortlainl N'o. ,'iinltii-riil elulm
lot mm.i, near 'I'tine Korks.
TAKK XOTICK Hint I, Maurlee dintzhuriror,
I tiHinreiit for the Monitor & Ajax Fraction,
l.lnilttd, free liiiiti'l'n ri-rtllliitle Xn. II H4S1H.
inteiitl, «Ut> days from tlie date hereof, ti>
apply io llie Miniinr Uecorder for it Certillentu of
Iiniii'iivenieiitN, for tlie |niriMi»c of nlitaiiilnif a
('rown (irant of the above elaim.
Anil farther Pike notice tlmt action, under
Section H7, nitiHt heei itinienciil In-fore llie n-wu-
iiiice of eiifli (Vrillli'AUt of Ini|iroviitient>.
Pateil llils ittitli day of heiilentlier, A. D, 1!«»!!
AI.IOK   NO.   -I   Mineral   Claim.
Slinili-in the SliK'.tn Mining llhlnlnii uf Went
Kiioieiiiiy liletrlct. Where locili'tt: un
• l'Mdtiy'* I'thk'nn divide lieiw«-*n Cnrtwn*
ter ami hiiitl nf TwelV" Mile creek*
TAKK NOTlt'K That I. Iletliert T. Twiitu. nn
1    uk'i-tif (or I'atiiek MeCue, Kru- MimrV Cur-
litleiite No. II .'rii'.iii, inteiitl, iil-ity day>< irom
tile date hitfiif, In uplilv In the Mliilnir H«-
ii.liler f'.r ll (Vitllleate nt llni.l'..\illli nl«, for the
|iiir|«.*e ..I oliUinln..' it l'i-wn i.raiit of the
;itn»V« el.illllit,
And forlhi I lukr imili-e ltint .nilmi, under Sn-
lli.il .15   IIKMt lie i i.llllnetiei"! |H-It.re lite  I»*-Uiuicr'
ni <ne|ii vriiik'.ite nf liit|ii'ovi nieitt",
ll.ltcl till* I'-'.tll .I.IS iif Sn|.tetllli.-|, A, If. I"".'
Wlllll   rilACl'ION   MIucimI Claim.
siuiiiii- in Hi,-SI.Mau Mlnliit.- I»iv|..i..ii ..I Wilt
h....ti*iii> hlmni-t, Ulnre IikmihI: Svir
•i iiiiloii,iiilj..|tiii!i.' tie  uplilr nnd Mornliiit
•ni'i lliilll-l tl ll iim-
'PAKK Nnlli I-, tii-t I. Win.* to.ttty, .I'lliiu
I     i-  -ii-riit  (•.<  'lliu*    Ave*-*-.   I Uf  Mltiem*
t   i I'll;! .te  N'.i   ll il'*.!..,. uiti l,ll     ni  i|;t\«   It,,III tint
.1 if. n. t*..!. I.   ,i|.-|.iv I*, tin  Ml ii I in; llu- til-1 fm
, ei rtltn ,o->,t ltuj,|,i\. li,  i,t».!i   the   |.nte •. nt
-.1,1    lliill*.    ..    rli.Wll    (.tllltlti.l   tie*    .line I I Hill.
\ i.i) fintlii r '..iln  ti-ttt.  sli .1  *. ii* :. inn!, i  N.'i-
I,   mil-'   I .   i .,! lllll. Ml . ll In*'*,.*.. II,,   I*.  | , .1,.,     ,'   - ••. I;
■   ■ I til..  .   I,   ,,|   lllll,I   ,ii llt,n!»
|ii«.**l il"" ;>;!i id} ■*! Ao. .-!   i !'   i" .
'.. OUl.i\ Hi
*'. i
t.i ,,,i. ..(.,.
■»,      M'-.-i.,;
.1     1 . .      I .Mill,
In liKUVfjl  l-AT Ci 111 \V VI :i.'
'., \\    I-. Vi".H.\ I   -,I -,  .  ,.. .     V* ...
<■ '*'<«<••    lit    It,!-    I.-I,I  'nil.'     V\   *!
ii iioi.iiii iniiini    .ii i » is in hi i
I i <■ linn il  Mil,i*i ,» t ;.,i.*i
*-lti,    •        ;,,    -I*.        *.'       ,           V   :        ,* ., 1
V\ . ■«    K.,  •* •    t   !■ ■'.!. '        '.\ «-. •
',.,. j- ,..t M.I. fi..    ■• '  i* * -*..   ,i|.
'|' 'I I. I     VM !•   I-     I I* i     I    Hi'-,      ,      i ■•,!!,.    ,.•
• .    I    f    '■    i     .....!,* I-"        I.   ,   .1 *.        1*1*. \|l
(I.,     . ■•'.     fn te-.       '..    . , i-li     '**    ti..     M'.*!, ,
.!*•(     I
t),   ),-'.»!   Il-«l|t       -t.li.tr,I-,--    Ill,*    -,   t,..        |,.(   i(      f  •   (
J,,.-.   .  1,1!,-     j,,      if   '■»    *
• 'A ..* K'   •*:  li   |||--fi.-:    »!
*.t     >(,..!       1   Lil.     .*»;..,..I..I
.* •        <«   ...**      -*    till
V*    ll,    I  -I..I,   -1   ll-llif*!  .'I   .I'..*    *,ll-"*  l'i*   1
t'.l! ,.,*   I,.. ,•■■: I     I   ,,f,!f,.*.t
I *   ',-...**      I      >   ,l..l      ...*■
"•Is* nut
t   in
f«ir»'. hu the skeleton wm- it»t;e t.
with lilt le liiive**'«»f lliile iilheriiig
t«t the rAe* IU jilHeen.
Iii n iHHiiHui! the) hiA eiiwloA
into llie i*kel*<t«m. Tite »l"tie|| «;i«
..Jltli -;f lllll'i'ir i.ii*" lfi;i r? i'_t en'iM
Hut -MHne UUt. ita'V.iUM' lie tiltHliilill
iieil.ku i»* i»..l - ..ji,..!!,!-. i.i ' I   .''■}•   IS •'•'•
ij.sisu.;  tie- Any  auii   -i nnu*il the
u*i lltt!«t   .11 iA\   Alii" ■!*'*»!,-    fi'l    untie
llum .a. huiu* at a time.
I.l^i «>).' l.ll lAt K All   i ■■*.
".i.'-i *.••. ui'KM i: ni-riti' 'i
'pitF   ', V, -'i. v   *■.<•■, ■ .'<   i*   "   - •   <> !"' i*   *
.■li   ' ...   .1 ,
Ul  I t.t «. I  I    ll!\(   I1IIMI,   •,),.„ ,     .    ,
-    n   •-  '    '*\    "-.        i    M   *i ' ..    ii.t I.;. ■■„   . '   \\ , ,i
■ I .     * hi.. ...    ,,t   ..I
\     '    - .   .),. . -    ' .
i t.i
, III'.-!    I»
.    I* ...... ■
M.. 'Il.w ■■.'»>■    I!
»*'(--. **ii
i   *i.\ti -
: %    .      tli*'
I.e.       -   I    -nt..i
Ji' -ii     i    ■-'.*.-   ».•   I>,
...tl.      .tl      i ,-«••(      **.'      ..ii.-'lt-i*,        .*. .,*
»   •     t-   t-i     |(,«■    ..■.*.■*    ■     ii,,*     -vl i     !-i*. *.'- .-   tV
. , ,,. -'■  **■ tl,.* in***f, *-i •    -; iii .1. i   < i il , ,   i    '
**,   m -■•'••i i. • \ -   s -.   " y-  i "
1. «'■->.  AiiV'ie' i i. . •
f.l  . !t^ ,X.
W \N>«.1».     ,     .M-... '   «»t, I n\   »,' > | I •
U     mutt   ,,- i* '     '■    ►>• It  .*•'••" ♦■>   i.'.   im       v
tt f   !>.-*■ t    ||. i'. .■   I   T**«-'. .
.*:.*!     .:     *      .   !r-.    Vli   ,
*      ■*'...     -.   ,.)..     i ,
t? ,i, ii !l,>. ,*', ,t,.    i  v ,   .,-■    \   I'
-Hu   '• :**  tf.*    » '      -i.i.     H  * •„.   ,»;.;.
W i *     K-** *'. ■ 11,  '  :* '       '.', *.   ,.   t        ',  -
•r.i l»u.{ M    ,   - ,.*,   .*r»,- .      ,'f
lr-,fi. !., ,,".   ■ l'i  „ >   ......
•|**M:. mu!< f    if. • l. i>   ■    mt,.i      %,.
*      Vie;*     H   •'      : *..    Mt   - ■   ■  I   ■ t,i,,   .*
■Jt tt i . *\ -^    .t'-i,.     ,%,- ., ■■     i. .- ..   .
•J'I.j ■   J *    ■ •   ll   t
, ti«|<lVr«|tiinf III-    •■'.:   -tit    '. •""
I   -il\    .      •:,!. \*  h
i .  ■ : I i*   ,     t. *i-
■   *    lll.u
..   .   - ,t - t \   ,
....   ..,.**     .. .."
i.'    X     ii  4ttil-   !'<#4
■»   •
* -   *-    j . *,
.... It*     -I
■■!  -..     i  »    1   .     "f *   !,»
f '
; t
■1       >
i if . ;   f*«*'r-',!f.- tl-, ;.
;,., .   i
:■ I' ' ' : I THE LEDGE, NEW UEiNVlilK, B. (J., OCTOBER 9, 1902.
Tenth Yeak
Order your Xmas suit early, boys.
Oeneral   Store.
JT. KKXlifcY,' THREE FORKS, dealer In
.   Groceries, Dry Goods, Etc,   Goods Shlp-
pcd all over the Sloean.
A   of i
EXCHANGK, In KASLO, has plenty
r airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
15—Tw step.   Silver   mountain,
D.   J.
rpHK HAZE, in KASLO,  is just the place
J.    for Sloean people' to find wli
hen dry or in
__    for Sloean people' to find
search of a downy couch.
ft when you want saft drinks. Special attention paid to the trade of families,
C. E. HIGNEY, Sandon.
Insuranoe Se K.eal XBsta.te
X IhBurancc Agents. Dealers in Real Estate
Wining Properties. Houses to rent and Town
Lots lor Sale.
Graduate of Philadelphia Optical College;
Graduate of the Canadian College of Optics and
Detroit Optical College. Outfit for the diagnosis
•nd correction of Optical Defects unsurpassed In
tbe Dominion. Consultation free. At Nelson's
Drugstore after May US.
1 S. RASHDALL, New Denver, B. C.
Keal Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale. CUIms
represented and Crown Granted.
Lumber, Doors. Windows. Store Fronte-Show
"Cases, Store and Bar Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
' «la«s. H. HOUSTON, Manager,
Nelson, B. C.
lit—S A. Silver mountain. A McWhirtur.
17-Silver Cord, Payne mountain, W K Will
SO—Wakeun fr. Galena Farm, relocation  of
Producer A\ H Brandon
Wide Awake fr,Galena Farm, Chas McNicholl
SI—Little George, Mowieh Basin, W.M.Burnett.
Mtcal, Mowieh Basin, J. R. Cameron.
Oct. 1—Caileton and Richmond, dames Bell
aud Robt. Williams.
Whistler, Eight Mile ck. C W Greenlee and C
3—Black, Silver mountain   relocation Phair,
A D McPherson and Ed Shannon
6—Independent  fr, Freddie Lee hill. Jno   D
Sept. 13—Northern Pacific. 16-Black Diamond, Ada Bell. 17—Sir Kitchener, Parrot, In
temational fr, Laughing Waters, is—Satterlee.
19—Neglect. 20—Report, Venture fr 23—Wee
une. Cafe fr. 24-Miller Creek fr, V fr. 25-
Dolly-, Miller Creek fr for WW. 27-Blake. Henrietta. Nancy Bell. Oct. l-Caindeu, C B Milton, Miiton fr, Profeshinal, Record, T T. 4—
R E fraction.
Sept 16—Silver Leaf, Springer creek, H D Lee
Midnight, same, J Hamelin
17—Alabama fr, Twelve Mile basin, J E Skinner.  Champion fr. same. C A Hurlburt
Greenwood. Exchange hill, M Isaacsan
19-Slocan Star, Springer creek, F Prevost
20—Rabbit Paw fr, Dayton creek. E Eyton.
ii—American Eagle ir. Republic  Hill, Paul
XS—Kelvin, Ten Mile creek, Wm Brasch
Si-Old Glory, s f Ten Mile creek, Joe Hamelin
Kentucky Belle, same, D B O'Neoll
28—Emmet fr, Lemon ereek. C HlttleandPat
Sept' 15—Camo Bird, Maveta, Transfer ' and
True Blue for two years 16—Crazy Jane, Dexter, Lady Franklin. Rand. l*--Dover. Rome, F
& F Potomac fr, Venice. Speculator, Belfast.
18—Earl King. Champion fr. 20- Rusty Treasure No 2, Tailholt. 22—Rosebud. Cassel. ii—
Sharpsvllle, Fallen Leaf, Ute fr. 24—Aricle for
three years, Flyette. Alma B. 28—Murilla fr.
27—Monarch, Hazard.
Sept 15—Vevey fr, all, H Jorand to F Benson
20-Rabbit Paw fr, all. E Eyton to H t Dempster.
23—Kelvin, Wm Brash to Wm Lardner.
24—No Name, A M Rogers to Eric Lemieux
and D B O'Net.il.
SEL80N, B. C.      Cor. WARD & BAKER Sts
_ ,        B, C.
 r in dental work, asd
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work.  Most
complete dental office In B. C.
Has had 15 years experience in
JH. ^UM.   The most i
"   Continent of Nort
mated midst see
rivalled for Grandeur.   Boatine.
L tVH, The most complete M [1 | TU
tbe Continent of North Ameri--Il CAL I 11
,  Situated midst scenery ira-.-n C C ft D T
Telegraphic communication with all
A. E. Fletcher, of the London
Daily Chronicle, is thedoven ofthe
party of visiting British journalists.
For n lifetime he hae been engaged
in newspaper work of the most
strenuous kind, and has always interested himself in public questions
including the progress of the colonies. He is a socialist in political
belief and was the workingmen's
candidate for Glasgow at the last
Imperial election. Mr. Fletcher
has been a close observer on his
present visit, and was critical in
his expressions, says the Ottawa
"The fault of this country," he
says, "is that there is so much of
it you do not take care of it. For
instance, at Nelson,  B._C,,„I_saw
Interest.   —0._r—  — ,., .  .     ^
(•its of the world; two mails arrive and depart
•Very day. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; Its waters heal all Kidney.
lilver and Stomach Ailments of every name.
Tho price of a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for -SO days, is $3.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. C.
Land Surveyor.
Eiigineor and Provincial
WF. TKETZKT, A CO.,   Nelson,  B.C.,
,   Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers' Supplies.
,   Clothing to order;
rom all classes.
Sandon. Manufactures
and solicits patronage
"Wiiolosale   Merolieuits.
ern In Butter. Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
Fruit, Nelson. B.O.
| H.in   «)n\iLl)ITOH   A   CO.,    NeUon.
it   lm:'. .".err. Wholesale Grocers and Provision
if ar.;«
L. CIIKIST1K. .'.. L. II.. Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public.    Handon, B. C,
Iverrfrlday atKllvcrtoii, tf
for cheap, labor is not available on
the dressing floors, the employment
of Chinese for such work would not
be in any way detrimental to the
skilled white miner, and would undoubtedly greatly assist the mining
companies in earning ' dividends.
He also very justly criticises the
inutility of the great majority of
the concentrating structures erected by American firms, and suggests that English manufacturers
of concentrating machinery would
fiud a valuable opening in B. C."
The renewed eruptions of the
volcanoes at Martinique and St.
Vincent give added interest to the
report which has recently been pre-
s.uited to the Royal Society of
London by Dr. Tempest Anderson
and Dr. Flett. Their preliminary
report will probably be followed by
more complete details of their observations, They were not only
able to make careful observations
of the effects produced at St. -Vincent, but had an opportunity of
witnessing at Martinique a repetition, on a reduced scale, ofthe
Mont Pelee eruption which destroyed St. Pierre.
The Soufriere eruptions was not
unexpected, and the Caribs were
making their preparations for leaving the "neighborhood permanently
when the fury of the discharge
came upon them. There had been
repeated warnings in the shape of
continual earthquakes. The lake
in the crater was raised to boiling
point, before the actual outburst
came. Thus when the explosion
arrived, the rivers were swollen
with boiling water. This scalding
torrent was immediately followed
by a blast of mephitic vapour.
In both eruptions this blast
seems to have been the chief feature and did the awful damage.
To it the great loss of life is entirely due. It came like a solid
wall of black smoke, looking as if
it were a "promontory of solid
land,'' In the case of the Soufriere this column extended fully
eight miles out to sea. It was not
a firey blast, but yet was intensely
hot and carried hot dust with it.
The few who encountered it and
live to relate their experience, describe it as giving them a sensation
as though something was compressing their throats. Upon the higher
levels the blast seemed to have had
K When you warn anyihing
t\r send direct to the old-established hou^ of JACOB D3VER.       In dMng at
in the line of Jewelry, or
have anything in this line
  that is in need of repair,
send direct to the old-established hoa*» of JACOB D3VER.       In dMng so you will bo sure of getting
jA| the be3t—and it never pays to get anything else.        No shortage in stock; no waiting for goods.    %
X\ DIAMONDS—Loose and Mounted
WATCHES-Filled and Gold
GOLD BROOCHES, latest designs
Nobby Patterns
Ladies' and Gents'
with and without stones
GOLD CHAINS-all weights
with and without stones
GOLD GUARDS-lOandll karat
Standard Grades of Filled Chains
and Guards In all styles
This is our
Daily Motto
And you will be impressed with the
meaning of it to yourself if
buy your goods
AtJaeob Dover's ih. jewe.^
Our persona^jiarantfte goes with evtry article, and should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, we are at alt
times glad to exchange same to the entire satisfaction of customer, J AOOB DOVER, C. P. R. Time Inspector
Latum -Kndsln
or nil kinds
and IlltONZK
And all the Latest Creations iln
Goods of All Kinds
forces. If we labor with anxiety
about the future we destroy that
strength which will enable us to
meet the future.—Ullathorne
9:00 a in. Lv. KASLO Alt. 8:15 p. ni.
11:25 a. m. Ar. SANDON Lv. 1:00 p. m.
5:00 a. m Lv. NELSON Ar. 7:15 p.m.
8:40 a. m. Ar. KASLO Lv. 3:35 p. m.
Tickets sold to all parts of the United
States and Canada via Great Northern
and O. R. & N. Company's lines.
For further particulars call on or address
ROBERT IRVING, Manager, Kaslo,
L. OHIMHKTT, L. I.. II., Barrister,
_    Solicitor, Notary Public.    Randon.B. C.
ranch Offlf* at New Denver every Saturday.
Mining; Properties.
Minim? propttrtiai should artdrsM Boi AD,
ew Denver,B.C.
Gigar Oo.
fw prices apply It*—
WholMMlr* Atrintl* 'nr O 1"
Vancouvtr, ll.C
Our Special
El Condor
Oold .....I .-VilflolilandHllwr*.* It
Uaad to I Unlit j||v'r*rop|i'r I.M
Hiimplfm bv nmll rwelvoprompt nttnntlun
\x»'i9 Atkvi Suva htnucu Aiivi oougtii
IT9A Ar.p.hn** HI.,   Uimvur, Colo
Tn antt trum Knmp^.irt pnfnM vl» *f*i»ii/iit/.i.
•ad Am«firtu llitM.    Apply  1<>t miUntt <lai*,
rtu#. tti-hfU nnd full litfonniillriri V, unv C
Ry tf-M-ttor-
a blackened mark of abomination—
tract of land over which had raged
one of your forest fires. I think
you could take some steps to prevent this wastefulness which is
characteristic always of a new
country. I have travelled through
the forests of Germany and never
saw such devastation from forest
fires. Then I think some means
should be employed to preserve the
beauty of your forests find water-
powers. There is no necessity for
disfiguring a water power in using
it. It is only a question of expenditure. I think your peopledonot
value subjective utility; you only
consider the objective. The wealth
of a country does not consist altogether in its material resources,
but partly in the number of beautiful objects which you can personally enjoy, and in the number of
good men and women you can rear.
For instance, again, in the prairies
the new settlements are exceedingly ugly. Log cabins have a natural
beauty, and as a rule are in harmony with the surrounding scenery
but the hideous false fronts built in
your new towns are an abomination. Some of the older settlers
are so used to rough aud tumble
conditions that they are satisfied
with them. But you don't look
enough to beautifying your surroundings^	
The article annexed, taken from
tbe B. C. Review, of London, will
not meet with the approval of the
many in this province who are op-
ported to thu labor of Mongolians.
This is what the Review says:
"An interesting paper by T. B.
.Stewart has beeu published in the
Mining Journal, dealing with the
Dilvor-lefld mines of B. C, aud
many of the conclusion!) ho nrrivox
at are those which have been frequently stated in our columns, and
which have drawn upon ur the denunciation of a section of the local
pi-ens. In summing up the it-unies
that militate against the profitable
inining of silver-lead ore in B. C,
Air. Stewart ruiMin to 1.1 j tlm high
Ittic uf    MAgV-*,     \'iS)     high   Hlltt'tU'r
dwrgeH, and  (.1)  the want  of a
properly arranged hvhteni of concentration.     We believe that the
l»*t te theiM'tix of \he whole pnw-
tioti, ah given a iwtUy mMtehdiwy
system of concentration,  the cost
of   labor,   hiii el ting,   aud    freight
would uot weigh so heavily m it
does now per ton of concciittate*
flipped.    The writer, in discusxiiitf
| the lalxir  question,  Ixililly »»Utex
! that tlie want*  nf eheap Inline te n
j diptinrt drawback, tint) tlfplumi tlie
I feeling of aiiimonity s*hown to Chi-
tlie"fofce~of~ar hurricane. Tn"no
place did it last more than a few
minutes aud it was as destructive
of vegetable as of animal life. It
did its work quickly as the fumes
of a lyddite shell. Of course the
stories about rivers of burning
lava fluwing down the mountain
side were mere fictions.
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
steaks--1^h^^--^-v.^-x5g{u^i5w^_ ^
P.   BURNS  &  GO.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Address ==========
One of the new fads is men's
socks for women. There is a rumor
prevalent that some wives wear the
trousers, but no one imagined that
the socks would also be appropriated. If the women continue the
invasion of the men's wardrobe,
there will soon be mighty few
articles of wearing apparel that
man can call his own. His shirt,
coat, vest, collar, tie and socks are
gone. He has remaining only his
chewing tobacco and suspenders;
not much of a lay-out for a cold
day.—La Grange Journal.
Our Lord took his apostles aside
when they were fatigue:!, and said,
■' Let us rest a while." He never
drove his over-tired 'faculties.
When tired, "he sat by the well."
Ho used to go and rest in the house
of Martha aiid Mary. He tells us
all to let tomorrow tnke care of itself and merely to meet the evil of
the present day. Real foresight
consists  in   reserving   our   own
T!.e mechanism ot n watch ii
an intricate and delicate thing.
Many good watches have been
ruined by bungling repairers.
I do export repairing and am
willing to stand on my reoord
us such I know how tu htm-
ille a chiap watch mul I know
how to handle an expensive
time piece. Kither gcta tho
same honest attention and caro
In mv hnnAn. It you have
whicIi re pit Ira to be done I
want your work    1 pmuiiieto
fill   If   Ut    •!   T-.f*i»1t-it--!v1 Vt,
This old-time hotel has recently
been bought by the uudersigned
nnd renovated into an up-to-
date hostelry. Miners, tourists
and all classes of this world's
people can always g^et a Hquare
meal and an easy bed within
the portals of my doors. The
bar contains many kinds of
nerve bracers, ranging from
the brew of Cody to the sweet
cordials of sunny France. If
you are dry, hungry, weary or
Bad when passing through the
Forks, lift the latch and drop in.
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transport-
 ationa Specialty.
Our Baggage wagons meet all San-
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack * maws.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
Wheu in Sandon should not
forget THE DENVER hotel
Rates reasonable
Rooms airy
And one of the few houses
in the world that is built
over a river.
Victor Kleinschmidt.
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local business.
N-nvr l)tMivt-.r, 11. V.
Kootenay Coffee
Dealer! in Teal and Ctittt*.
All tcrailfti and price*. A
trial order nollclWd	
Kootenay Coffee Company
Seeds, Trees,
RlllHfi for Fall or Spring
.DUiUfe p|anting.
Catalogue Free.
!tm Wmtmlrifttar Road. Vancouver, B, 0.
"•" ^■woii.al-■*•"*•
O. I'. It. Time lna|k-CtiH.
i*trt n
C. P. R. Aft-nt. N«ir r*nr« .... .   .
w p. r. onm.imr.. o. h. «. Ai*., winni^f j ««* M™* ** juvenile, liml theee-
Contains  a   lUilabta   Rtoonfl
of all tha Ivanta In tha
PuautHto wtncLV.
•4.06 A VIA*. ftlHOLt OOPV, lOet*
for Sato by all Nvwatfaalara.
•AMPLE   COPY   mil.
Addrvaa WW YOftK OUPPtJI,
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
We have a beautiful range of
Ladies9 Suitings
In Black Broaaclohs, Black, Blue and Red Serges, Cofthmere all colore.
Striped Flannels, Woolen Crepe de Chine, in all fashionable ahadea. Some.
tiling to suit everyone.   In Hummer goods we have a tine range of Colored and
Plilin nimlti»»«     ■f-i'lrnvrM-nrt   *\im1   <ti*\i\ritl   Amwi ..rl!«f.     q«-..:., . i    %w    ** r*>* *
Bishops, and Persian  Lawns, Striped Grenadine Muslins.      High class Drv
Goods in all lines. M *
Choice Line of Latest and Most Fashionable Millinery, and Dressmaking
Fred. Irvine & Co.,   f
mnnnn —J


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