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The Ledge Apr 21, 1904

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 editor «»- /^^...^      y§? J
Volume XL, Number 80.
NEW DENVtiR, ». C, THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1904.
Price, $2 a Year, tn Apvancg.
front tbt Cake
The shingle mill at Slocan City
resumed operations last week.
Mrs. J. C. Harris and family return id from England on Saturday.
John Taylor thinks of closing his
shoe shop and starting a dairy at
The California, on Silver Mountain, will resume operations next
John Winquist has bought 5,000
shares of Spyglass stock. He was
the locator of the property.
At Rosebery W. S. Drewery is
surveying ground for the zinc plant.
Pap McRae is holding the chain.
Miss Hattie Yate3 was married
in Golden last week to George Bell,
of Winnipeg.
The wife of Captain McLennan
is ill with typhoid at the residence
Clara Mathes and her new company of sterling artists will play
"Tennessee's Partner "' in Bosun
Hall on Friday evening. Clara is
an old-time favorite in New Denver, having played more times in
the Sloean than any other actress.
She is so much in love with the
beauty of the Lucerne that it is her
intention to purchase several lots
and erect an artistic summer home.
Rennie McNeill died on Friday
at the residence of J. F. McAulay.
He was a native of St. Peters Bay,
P.E.I., and 21 yenrs old. Last
year his lungs were injured in a
runaway and he came to New Denver in October with a view to bettering his health. The funeral
took place on Sunday and was
largely attended. Father Jeonnette
conducted the burial services.   The
of Recorder Mclnnes,
Archie McDonald, of Silverton,
has leased the Cory ranch and hotel
at Twelve Mile.
A slide at the Queen Bess put
Koch's barn out of business. The
slide was in a new place.
Last week for the first time in
eleven years New Denver was out
of fresh beef.
George Aylwin was in town last
week and reports that at his hotel
on Ton Mile ho has seven of the
healthiest boarders on eartli.
Nat Tucker came to town on
Saturday, having suspended work
on the Lou Dillon until the hills
get dry.
Owing to lack of business the record ollice at Sloean City will probably be removed to New Denver
this summer.
Carpenter creek will Home day
wash a slice of Now Denver into
the lake if tho Government does
not crib tho weok spots on its banks.
J. J. Humphrey died in Portland
a few days ago, aged 40. He was
identified with tho Slocan during
the reign of Captain Moore.
M. S. Logan commenced work
on the Sweet UrasH, Goat Mountain. J. M. Ross will havo charge
of the work.
Tho Iron Horse slide on Ten
Milo spoiled 200 feet of the Enterprise llutne, and it will be a week
before the concentrator can turn a
Tho engino on tho fast Uosebery
express got tangled in thc scenery
near the Denver depot last Monday,
and gave tho handsome conductor
a chance to get ft metropolitan dinner at Siege's. Otherwise there
was little damage finite.
The first hatch of lead bonus
cheques amounting to £38,000 were
*   I      * , I Ti I*      *  *      *
pi*t*« tt*r*i ***.*.H. au mm uiinau
ttOtUii^Aw   Luti  KliliitSiO  ill   i!*C   ll.'^u-
land, Bosun, Marion, Province,
Pontine, North Star, Payne, Ymir,
Alamo, Idaho, Mercury, Neepawa,
Dec 3—Nettie fr, Ouray, Ouray fr.
Dec 17—Millie, Minnesota, Btlledona,
Dec 30—Christine, Ontario.
Jan 4—Glen, Thunder Mt
Jan 5—Dominion No  2,   May Queen,
May Queen fr, Broken fr.
Jan 7—Black Etgle.
Jan 14—Redress No 2 fr.
Jan 21—Bloomington.
Feb 2-C;iscade.
Feb 1(1—Four   Mile  No  G.   Meator,
Griz7.lv Giant, R D fr
Feb 22—Onyx.
Mch 1—Emma No 2, Emma No 3, Em
ma No 4, Amazon.
Mch 8—Rico.
Mch 0—Shareholder.
Mch 19—Ashland
Mch 21—Bailor No G.
Mch 29—Wilmer. I van.
Mch 30—Little Ruth.
Apr8—LH,St Joe.
Apr 11—Idler..
Apr 14—Alps.
Sandon Hews Cropping
pall-bearers were Ed Angrignon,
Howard Thompson, Jos. J. McDonald, Geo. E. Greer, Dan McKenzie and W. J. Campbell. The
deceased had made many friends
during his residence in the west,
and his early death is regretted
throughout the Slocan.
Look not upon the dog tight in
New Denver if you would escape
excitement. On Saturday evening
tlie steamer Slocan pulled into the
wharf with four days mail from
Nelson. The wharf was crowded
with people when a dog fight bioke
out b tween Rowdy aud Prince.
The mania spread and soon several
canines who had not tasted a beef
bone for a week were imitating
Japan and Russia. Deacon Mitchell dropped a gunny • sack amid
the cannibals thinking that it would
cause peace, but without avail.
Then Harry Shown grabbed one
dog but the combatants backed him
to the edge of the wharf and ho resigned. Humphreys made an heroic effort to stop the war and avert
a panic amongst the hundreds of
sightseers. The dogs hacked him
clear off the structure He fell
backwards on an upturned boat belonging to .Julius Wolf that was
lying upside down on the beach.
The boat was badly injured. The
women screamed, tho captain
turned the searchlight on, the dogs
BecfK—Uanso, oh IJardanelles mtliy
The Oddfellows will dance on the
Colonel Brayton sold five lots in
town last week.
The slides filled the town with
money and miners last week.
Silver was in a slide last week,
but it is two white to stay in. the
Several Sandon miners have gone
to the Boundary to work on their
own properties.
The Noble Five and all the other
big slides did business last week.
Two bridges between the city and
the Payne office were crushed and
the K. & S. put to sleep.
R. H. Shearer who for some time
worked in the Payne mill left last
week for Alaska to take charge of a
500 stamp  mill at the Treadmill
still chewed the rag, and Humphreys escaped unhurt. Somebody
threw a New Denver ad at the combatants and curiosity pushed com*
bativeness aside until peace reigned,
while Deacon Mitchell rescued his
sack, aud soon nothing was left of
the greatest sensation of the season
except the echoes around tin* big
stove in tho Newmarket.
Y>„,1      T.\
1 ;.,,!     en,,,,.
April 13 Silver, 5;i;| Lead, £12 7s(Id
AnHlU <4ilvor WTionrt   *,!«>«*»«M
April 15 SUv«»r. fW" 1>nd. 4"l<»7e<Vl
April 10 Silver, 53» Lead,
April 18 Silvor, KU I*a<1. £l'Jft#3<!
D McKinnon
Mch 28—Me.dford fr near Three Forks,
by J H Cory
Apr 14—Magnolia, Bonanza ck, bv F
Au? 30,1902—Emma L Warner and
John D Campbell, dissolution of part-
nei'ship in Coin ■Mining Co.
Dec4—Unexpected and Majestic, lease
and bond, C French, F 11 Bourne to G
Wright and C A Binney.
Dec ">—Hio fr, 1' Co'rrigan to Daniel
Casgnff; Cataract, H, J T Fi.ley to J M
Dec 14—Alns. ?£, SiiowHake, u, A
JacobaonAn W U Will
Dt»c IU—Qu^ii He«s group, Sheriff's
notice ol>ile tu V I. Wilson; P K Wilson to A 11 Buchanan,
Dec'28-—Royal Five group, aflidnvit of
publication in Lkfmk of delinquent co-
nwiier notice,
Jan 25—tilenore }:*, W G Roger to J
G Morrison, fi,000; "Moscow and Luno,
A C Van Moerkerke to A Kriekson.
Feb t—Soho, nlliduvit of publication
in Li'.iKiR of delinquent co-owner notice,
Feb »—Cataract, J Buckley to Idaho-
Alamo Co., Hume privileges
Feb 10-Onyx, N C Dingman to f M
Williams; Upton, 1-5, II T Twi«g to 1
M Williams*
Feb ll—Cimtick and Mountain Con.
lease aud bond, C A McLeod to 11
Fel> lil—Carriek, Fimium, Krin, Krai,
Baluiont, i»i each, C G Gamy to W G
Clarke and Fred Ritchie
Feb •_'.*>•—>ilver Cord, 'j, F L Christie
to .1 I) Karrelt
Feb 27-1 hikefr, U Mitchell to A C
Van MiM'rkeiKu.
Mch 1 — l.ipton I-"., II T Twig* to J A
Mt'liiinall; l.ipton, 'lo, II T Twigg to K
M Saimihindi.
Mch Io-Flon.ine, ll-h, W It Will to
N F McNaught.
Mch 11—Alps, Snowlliiki*. *{, Bertha
Amrrignmi to \V It Will; Shamrock, !4
each, K I'eake to ,1 Cyan ami A Mullaii
Mch 12 -Bouse ir, owing to lapsHof
certificate Win Hunter claiiiu Roupc'**
Mch t»i— Wilmer and Ivan, Mnrclitnoii
Interest to M F, Young; Wilmer nnd
Ivan. '*,*. M I. Young io M > Logan
Mih 17—V*.mm Dominion fr.J TDui-
can to W K Z*Ickv
Mch'_»*}—Gipsy Boy, '._., .1 F, Jnnptto
G F Batisomi;.
Apr 7—Oijeen  Ites*   ijroiip,
chanan to \V K Zwickv; *aim
,. ti      ...   tt-      ;,.:       I*"
AiVr U—\*'Y7> M V VnuoetrA,.}
W Hunter To Gen Fnirbiinc. Bblgeway.l
>(,, Geo Ffi'rlmrtt to \V Hunter, |
Apr l.V-Braver, Annie 1 urner to W j
Barker. \
mine     He   was "accompanied" "by
Harry Stevenson.
By cutting away the mountains
for half a mile on each side of Sandon the city can be made perfectly
safe from water or slides.
A slide last Thursday destroyed
the big qya house of the Slocan
Star, and took 150 tons of rich ore
down the trail.
Experience teaches valuable lessons. Xo lives were lost in the
slides last week, which proves that
Sandonites are good runners—or
else just lucky.
J. K. Woods, for so many years
in J. M. Harris' ollice, is now bookkeeper for a* mine in'Arizona. We
thought, Jim left, Sandon to get
married and live in Georgia.
mAii i*j_.
.riicijnv? n t*r= aj h^I-H*
ia mi ii£
Dec ll—Port Hopefr, on Krin mountain, C Snyder aud II I) Lea.
Dec 17—Guelph fr, 1st n f Lemon, W
II Davidson
Feb in—Valentine, on Springer creek,
Dan Nichol.
Apr2—Manhattan fr. on 1-tnf Lemon
adjoining thc Chapleau, W Davidson
IVe 7—Carson
Dec 1")—New Dodworth
Dec 18—Club
Dec ill)—-Summerseith, Dundee, Four
Friends. Dorris, Slocau Prince
Feb 22—Tin Plate fr
Mch 21—Ivistside, Weotside
Mch 21—Bilnxie and Bilbxie fraction
for two years.
Apr 2— Fram; Nansen and Berdan.
Apr iV-Wavetree.
Nov 5U>—Sapphire group, Sheriff Tuck
to II U Jorand.
Same, H B Jorand to L C Sherwood.
Dec 4—Bobo'-Link }%, DI) McPherson
to John Welsh; Cub fr'lii, I) (i McCuaig
to same.
Dec ir»—Standard '.;', ,1 H Werolv to
C A Lett
Jau t—Mnyeta and Aricle '.., F (J
Carlisle to 1 B<*aupre.
Jan n—Maud S *,, P M Schomberg to
P De.vl.
Jan ir»—Southern Chief 7 l'i, Duplex
',,, H A Bradshaw to James (>o>*>,
•Inn l'i— Same, Mine, James Cross to
Hoht Cooper. , ..
.Ian H~s.de Line fr, C A Kirkwood  Puhlu'-
to B I Kirkwood.
Feb 2—Cub iuul Itoyiil, «,, in each, H
L Fife to N V McNaught; Democrat '..,
John Wafer to Mime.
Feb 27—Sligo, ili-M'.hnrge of mortirftge
by M LGrimiiii'tt, and deeding lo W D
There are 25 men at the Enterprise.    W. Koch is now sole lessee.
There are nearly 50 cars of zinc
ore at the Ruth concentrator.
The Sunset has 140 tons ready
for shipn'ient.
Several properties near Whitewater are resuming operations.
George Alexander returned to
Ivaslo from California last week.
The St. Kugene, at Moyie, resumed operations on Monday.
Last week the Ottawa shipped
22 tons; Slocau Mar, 31; Ivanhoe,
31;   Fay ne, 41.
Jim Wudner has settled at
Sedalia, Mo. Jim shipped tin* first
ore out of the Sloean.
The Rambler lost a few small
buildings and its powder house by
a slide last week.
Goat Mountain, at New Denver,
i» attracting the attention of capitalists.
Howard Thompson and C. A.
McLeod are working the Mountain
The lessees of the Neepawa will
ship 40 tons of ore when the road
J. Tinling ami N, K. McNaught
are toiiinieuciug work ou the Club,
a promising claim   near the  Re-
A. J. Marks is applying for a
certiticate of improvement on the
Satisfaction, a claim near the Hartney.
The ore carried down the hill bv
Cameron l4, A Cameron   '... B A lbad-  ..       ., ,    .i.t-.  .(      ... ...
shaw t*.l, G A L-.ve l-il, U McDowelli,h*' *M<' tlmt  hst ,,M* M'*;M» ht«r
"i*:i2. ore house was principal I v in wicks,
M«-»» It ZBUh.M!. II It Dk-kin-'jut-iliu.d can v».-il> U- luuw'a-il,    TS..
A H Boblerston. ! ,„e Sm wolth llo.O.Ml.
Mch lu— AUiia B  and   FUeUe, A, in
encli, I S Benupre to KG Carlisle; Ancle j
At   the (JutTii   liet*y* a tunnel  ii*
'•.•.»anietoiiaine:UnnsvilIeHndMaye!a,nM«iiig driven fo tap It lead,    1'lenfv
.  A H IM.  ,\ifu,,'*j;h-|f \nt" J" *?""'', • , ,      of float has I n found rit the nioufii
.*>   7,i.i„t..      McU'itl—PuUU*h»'if» notice-  rt-Ui-un-l-   ..... . ,       .„..
e-A\skby J(iUH)f ro.mv| |>r ,(( Hhi|,k „t(imnn,, i of this tuuiifl aw-aying 12H oni.cer
iii mi ver ami ■>*» |wi cent Uml.
, y      I he Slocan S>t;ir will put in sMO.-
(Hot worth of machinery foi treating
Wilcox, Black Prince, Rambler,
Sullivan, Enterprise, Whitewater,
Stop at The Queen's Hotel in
Trou* Lake Citv.
k  fc'-wnVv  ***** -4    l**^'iJ'«* ft* i 'tWi'C    Jiiiit i.t*i 11   >**) i i ir(,V,U}
compiled mul published bv H T.
Lowery. It contains much that wtvors
of life in the west and mining camps.
Many of the articles are aingly worth
the price ofthe hook.   It iu sent to any
addre-**** upon receipt of 25 rents     Send,...    „. ...
orders toil. 'I. Lowery, hew Denver j'rwickeiiiiam
OrN«l!son. '    Mcti 17-Florem*.
Dee 'A— Freddy.
Dec u—liiterniitioiial Ir
Dee :K>—Polo.
Veh l'«—Archie fr
Mch 12—Bodnoy, Faringt#ui,Corydon
fr,   IMinpton,    Win trtn,    siher   Band
I)»:cii— Haioptiin.  Puii
V.ih,e\ k .
Mth'» Legal, Bum. Uitu L-uise ft ; zinc uie. The machinery is uow
^ Mcbit .tjnsiip, Arirb-, Alfnril, A^fie,/,ii the way from Petcrlxiio'. The
j..-..;--.', * '..•*.>..-... 'fj.it..:j.t. ■*:,*.9.,*. **,i(,mt* **,iHr n-umates mwj note a
ffiction of work ilotie nn the first naincit ,.    t   , ,    .
t.|j,*jul month of zinc concentrate.
• Olfl«»N, .   \ — _•."-_-. * -..'-_-
Mtli -Ji—Sntiv-t *>y  F G larlinle !hati     AIw»vh have a   l«>ttlc of S»uidoii
he h*« tfivjH Mil o|»tioi.   oil the I Iveti...   , j    • kH ,
Alma n.   M-Aveff.i.   Arn-.e.   LmiinviM**.   ,.  i •       *   ,,-  - i     •»■•.*-,
liiluXie mul HAuxie tut Uut. |.( A l!l.o|,->4'"^       "Inv    to   Vi.e  .s.-v.    1 Of K
mnn. I*iti#b\n-ir. Br»'«ery and yet a < a-e THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., AP1UL 21, 1904.
Eleventh Year
The Ledge.
W 1th which is amalgamated the
Sandon Paystkkak.
Punlished every Thursday in the richest silver-
lea'd-zlnc camp on earth.
Legit advertising in cent1* a noiipariel line
lirst Insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent
insertion. Reading notices SS cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances. .„-„,,
Subscription. $i a year In advance or s« oO if
not so paid.
Certiticate of Improvement notices $7. Delinquent Co-owner notices j-10.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk IjEdcjk is located at
New Oenver, B. C , and is traced to many parts
of the earth It has never been raided by the
pherlff. snovsllded by cheap silver, orcubdued
bv the fear of man It works for t lie trail blazer
as well as tbe bav-windowed, champagne-flavored
capitalist It aims to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
■H-iod the test of time, and an ever-increasing
pavstreakis proof that it is better to tell the
truth, even If the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
Oue of the noblest works of creation is thc man
who always pays the printer; he is sure ot a
bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but gold to look at
hy day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver. B. C 	
V pencil cross in this square
I i.iieates that your subscrp
tl m is due, and that the editor
wants ->nce again to look at
your collateral
One torch will
many feet.
light the way for
In life as in a mine all the ore
is not in the first level.
Freight rates to Dawson have
been reduced, but they are still the
same to Poplar.
While house cleaning last week
the fact was made apparent that
cleanliness is not always next to
When London lead reaches £12
10s the bonus commences to decline and disappears when it reaches
£15 10s.        	
The silver market has consumption, although if it had more con-
sumption it would not be so consumptive.       	
Beware of the rose when it has
thorns. A lady recently lost her
life in New Jersey by scratching
her hand on the thorn of a rose
A lecturer in Chicago declared
that woman is losing her sense of
touch. He probably never had a
wife during tho days when Easter
hats are in bloom.
Some of the deadbeats we have
met carry big billies to church, and
make long face* at God while their
pants are threadbare at the knees.
This however may be their only-
hope of raising credit.
Ix VANwrvKR the other night
seven Iwys were arrested for looking at a black jack game. It is
hard to say what would have been
their fate if the police had caught
them playing. Probably taken
away their umbrellas for 30 days,
A man one hundred years of age
was arrested in New York on a
charge of vagrancy. It is a mean
advantage of a great city to take of
an old man. A man of that age
should be given the best in the land,
including whiskey instead of being
thrown in a lousy police station.
Any man who can live in New
York to the age of 100 is a greater
hero than Dewey.
A Toronto parson has been
awarded $100 for writing the best
poem out of 1,623 effusions sent in
to a New York magazine. At that
price poetry does not pay half as
well as dealing gospel in the flush
days of a mining camp that is crazy
with the heat. Unless he can fill
up on fame the parson should not
encourage scab prices for the honey
of genius.
A machine has been invented in
Saxony for telling the age of an
egg. It would be of little use in
New Denver, as eggs never grow
old in this community. The climate
creates a certain desire that nothing
but eggs will satiate. The effect of
this diet can easily be seen upon
the citizens of this Venus-like city.
Death is so rare that it cannot view
the burg without an introduction.
will be sitting on his wings, and his
plant will be.a relic in some museum devoted to the exhibition of
heroic deeds and things.
The snowslide may be strong,
active and healthy but it is no
gentleman. Its manners are no
better than those of a bull in a
flower garden. It cometh down in
the afternoon and stops the cars
and shuts us of the Slocan out of
our daily papers. It cares nothing
for the work of man and spreads
his home like a new-born hot cake
on a warm stove. It hits the C. P. R.
with a boldness born of reckless audacity and twists steel rails just as
easy as a Nelson man sinks a dollar. The snowslide when in action
is mightier than the government.
It puts railroads out of business,
and never pays damages. The
snowslide is rude, impolite, villian-
ous and entirely unworthy the love
and esteem of the human family.
Shun them dear readers as you
would a Montana blizzard unless
you wish to die with your boots on
and save funeral expenses. Beware
of the slide when it rumbles on the
top of the hill, for in the end it will
cut your ozone wire and make you
look smaller than the soul of a delinquent subscriber.
anything. The camel has humps
but never saw a brace game. So it
is with those who abuse Hubbard.
They are in the caterpillar stage
and require several incarnations
before they reach the proper mental
plane to understand the towering
intellect that makes thoughts that
are free-milling to all who can tell
gold from iron pyrites.
A. JACOBSON, Proprietor
When you are seeking tirst-class hotel acc-jin-
modations you will lind them at this house.
Gold $ .75 I Gold and Silver..Sl.00
Lead 751 Gold.sllv'r.copp'r 1.60
Samples by mail receive prompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
1785 Arai »l»«e u*.,   Denver, Colo.
A name that is familiar to old-
timers as the name of Three
Forks—familiar because it was
there in days of boom and in days
of depression tbat tliey enjoyed
the hospitality of the genial proprietor, and partook of the
hostess' bountiful table. The same
conditions prevail today,, that
have won for the house its enviable reputation and the name of
its proprietor is—
It has lately been renovated
throughout, and is first-class
in everything.
P. O. BOX 185
—Tnis-jS-tu6'age"of**tiusts eveuiu"
theology. The Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists
propose to unite into one body. We
have not seen the prospectus or
stock list of the new corporation,
but we suppose with the unity of
strength they intend to bull the
harp market, and drive the devil
into bankruptcy or an ice-house.
Well, it is about time Old Nick
was put in the discard. He is a
source of expense both ways, and
whipsaws every player. When we
serve him we have to pay, and
when we quit we pay the other side
to fight him. The devil is a bill of
expense and we sincerely hope that
the new trust will put him over the
dump and give his location to some
Canadian smelter.
Royalty has queer customs. In
Vienna the other day Emperor
Joseph observed the ancient ceremony of washing the feet of 12 old
men. This edifying spectacle was
witnessed by the elite of Austria, aH
the top notchers of Mexico look at
a bull-fight. For the old men the
best part of the ceremony was the
hanging around the neck of each a
silken purse containing .'10 pieces of
silver, (probably dimes). This
nonsencical ceremony is about on a
par with the grease act in tht coronation of English kings. There is
no telling what royalty will not do.
Occasionally they will do something
that savors of genius, but b<j a rule
they jump up and down like puppets pulled by the wires of established precedents.
A (iini, in England recently
walked IH miles in her sleep. We
can beat that in this glorious western paradise.    In the Slocan nre
have reverence for trees, cows and
other idols, and we laugh at them.
In China the Chinks put empty beer
bottles o'l the roof to scare the
devil, and worship chickens, and
we laugh at them. Iu Africa the
natives bow down to snakes and
again we smile. And so on throughout the world bowing to something
and growing very angry when an
intruder comes along and makes
light of their religion. In America
we worship a book and when some
soul higher up the trail of reason
turns tho torch of sense upon our
fetish we are up in arms aud throw
rocks at him. In England just
now they are throwing rocks at
Canon Henson, of Westminster
Abbey. Ho is high in church circles and has nerve enough to tell
the truth about tho bible, or what
he thinks is the truth. For expressing his honest and intelligent
opinion about the great well of
English literature, which at the
same time is a fetish for the ignorant aud those minds too timid
to think, this noble man is abused
as if he were a villian of the most
crimson variety. 'Twas ever thus.
Blow reasoa against custom, fear,
superstition and vested rights and
you raise a cycloue that fills the air
with a noise. 	
HuiMiAuu, of East Aurora, is one
of the greatest writers, thinkers,
and philosophers of the age. He is
a literary sun whose rays warm
everything that does not Iivt1 in a
cellar. His soul touches the high
places and his upper stope bas a
direct wire to the works belli .d the
Is a weekly paper published
at POPLAR. 13. C. It gives
all the news of that great
gold camp. It costs $2 a
year to any address. Send
your money to—
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
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By   A.    C.    GARDE.
(Continued from last week.)
Ae to deposits of zmc ore, we will
commence at Sandon, where there is to
be found a considerable tonnage of zinc
ores blocked out in nearly all die noted
silver-lead properties.
Tho Payne —This mine has for a number of years been the leading silver-lead
producer of the camp, and was also the
lirst property to take steps in tho
matter of the" economic treatment of
ziuu. The first zinc shipment of 1,000
tons was made to the Lanyon Zinc Co ,
of Iola, Kansas, in 1902, and averaged
about 41 per cent ainc, with nine ounces
iimilver. .In order to improvo the grade
the Payne company during11903 added a
magnetic separating plant (the first one
of its kjnd iu the country) whereby the
iron is eliminated to about 5'per cant.,
wnile other impurities in the ore are
very low, inaKing it a much sought
after product for spelter mai.ufactuie.
Zinc deposits of considerable size are
known to exist in this mine iu association with silver-lead ores. Altogether
1,800 totid of zinc have so far been shipped. At the present timeshipmentsare
being made at the rate of 200 to 300 tons
por moi th to Antwerp, Belgium, under
contract with European zinc smelters
The yearly output is estimated at 3,000
tons of 52 to 55 per cent, zinc-blende
concentrates containing about 10 ounces
of silver per ton
Tlio Lucky Jim.— Tnis mine, located
at Bear Lake, is, in my estimation, the
most important zinc property in the
Slocan The silver values contained in
the ore are low, being only about G oz ,
but the blende is of high grade. The
vein or Uer.osit, is very wide and can be
conveniently mined. 'Besides the zinc
ores a largo tonnage of lead is aiso
bucked out. lu 1899 an experimental
sliipment of 1,800 tons of zinc-blende
averaging 50 per cent, zinc, 3 per cent,
lead, aud W oz silver was shipped to a
zmc Mnelter near Manchester, England,
but through the untimely death of the
promoter, Mr. Brown, the enterprise
cane to xviel and the mine was shut
down. Keceiitly the property has been
bought by local* parties who intend to
work it during ihe coming season, with
undoubted prospects of success.
The Slocan Star, and Silversmith.—
These properties besides having a large
• t nnage of high grade silver-load ores
.nocked out, also contain a Viiy con
sicLsrablti amount of lirst chta* zinc-
bleude, principally in the nature of a
vouceutrating ore. A quantity of u>cse
high silver  values, but
w xa= *. 11 a*. *V \* i
- \j" Vn\_r—%j l ■•
 "On HU-fiVvrHii
'UtlftVlI J
The Whitewater Deep Mine—This
oroper**y, which is an extension of the
Whitewater, has a zinc ore pirn.liar to
the Whitewater. !No shipments have
been made, but I understand that a con-
fiderable tonnage of good concentrating
materia, is available and that under
favorableconditions steps mny betaken
to erect a suitable plant for treating
The Ruth.—Quite a large tonnage of
zinc-blende is exposed at this property,
on winch a concentrator for silver lead
ores was erected several years ago A
zinc by-product assaying 40 per cent,
zinc, 10oz. silver, 2 per cent, lead, 1(5 per
cent, iron and 5 per cent, silica has been
made during the past year, and approximately 700 tons are at present on hand
awaiting disposal.
The Reco and Goodenough.—This
mine is noted for its exceptionally high
grade silver-lead ore shipments, and
produced in 1898 07 tons of 50 per cent.
zinc biciuie which assayed 99.5 oz in
silver to the ton, which Vas shipped to
Vivian & Sons, Hafod smelter, Swansea,
England. For the zinc contents in this
lot the smelters paid at the rate of $12.41
per ton net, with spelter quotations in
London at £12 10s, but they refused to
pay anything for the high silver values
in the ore. The smelters were, however, generouB enough to allow the
owners an advance of five shillings in
the market quotation from date of shipment until arrival It is hardly neces
sary to add that the above preposterous
transaction was so unsatisfactory that
no further efforts were made to continue
shipments to them, the above furnishes
an excellent exampleof the shortsighted
policy exhibited by Great Britain smelters towards encouraging shipments
from a new camp. It will be reuvem
bered that the high c()8t of transportation, which in this case amounted to
S28 17 per ton, had to be borne by the
shipper and was deducted irom the gross
returns. In consequence the owners
have found that in order to recover the
the silver values it pays them to mix
the blende with the clean galena shipments, whereby, of course, the zinc
values are lost." The Reco mine has not
a very large tonnage but a desirable
grade of zinc ore running high in silver.
The Goodenough mine, adjoining the
Reco, is worked in conjunction with
same, and has approximately 800 tons
of concentrating material on the dump
which will produce a concentrate with
values similiar to the one quoted above.
The Bosun—This mine which is loeat
ed near Slocau lake, offers in several
respects au interesting study. Close to
the surface, the vein was narrow and
the early shipments consisted entirely
of galena As depth was attained zinc
made its appearance, and at the piesent
time tiie mine produces three times as
much zinc as lead The total zinc ship
ments from this pro|'iTt-\ represents
1,440 tons, averaging 41 8 percent zinc,
71.3 oz. in silver, 1 8 per cent lead, and
0.4 per cent iron. Th" highest smelter
returns received for an individual lot of
40 tons was 51 7 per cent zinc, llloz.
silver, 12 per cent lead and (i per cent
iron On an average this ore carries
13 per cent silica, 3 per cent lime and
20 per cent sulphur When considering
that more than 1,400 tons have been
shipped since 1S99 this property holds
the record for high silver values in the
ore Six hundred and twenty tons were
shipped to Antwerp, 200 tons to the
Lanyon Zinc Co and 020 tons to the
Canadian Smelting Works. Aside from
tho zinc product this mine has shipped
approximately 2,000 tons of high grade
silver-lead ore to local smelters. The
management has been at a disadvantage
in several respects. Although tho vein
is wider on the lower levels close hand
sorting is required in order to prevent
penalties on the two minerals. The best
offers that can be obtained from the zinc
smelters is 75 per cent of the silver
values. While the mine was.shipping
to Europe the freight rates to Antwerp
were §21 These ha^e since been reduced to S13 Consi lerable ore is iu
eight, and with smelting works in Brit ish
Columbia this pioperty would no doubt
be able to pay well At the present time
the mine is shut down, but steps may be
taken whereby operations will be commenced again within the hear future
; he Emily Edith —This mine, in
close proximity to the Bosun, has a similar grade of ore, and could be worked
in conjunction with the Bosun to advantage, which may possibly be done.
No zinc shipments* have been made
from here
The Wakefield (near Silverton.)—At
this mine a concentrator has been erected for treating high grade silver ores.
tion as well they would furnish a very
desirable product for reduction work's
located in British Columbia.
On the ear-t side of Kootenay lake, the
Blue Bell mine has been known for
many years. An unusually large ton
nage ol Uny grade zinc is available, hut
1 am larkiiia sufficient data to give further paiticulars This also pertains to
the Silver Hill mines, above Crawford
bay, where large deposits of zinc ore
are reported to exist.
In the e;»8t Kootenay district more or
less zinc is found in the St. Eugene
mine,but very closely disseminated with
the lead and iron, so that the marketable
product under present conditions has
not been fouuci profitable.
Further west, we find extensive surface showings of zinc on the Arrow
lakes opposite Halycon Hot Springs.
Along the main lino of the C.P R.
zinc has been found in a number of
places in the Illecillewaet, Revelsloke
and Golden Mining divisions All of
these ores are as a rule heavily mixed
with iron or lead or both, aud'some of
them must be classed withcomplex ores
Their silver values are also low.
The Monarch mine, at Field, situated
on mount Stephen, produced in the early
days 2,000 tons of lead ore which was
mixed with zinc-blende. This feature
made the ore difficult for the ordinary
lead smelter.   With a separating plant
at the mine and smelting works at the
coast conditions would be materially
North of Vancouver, on Lynn creek,
some very interesting prospects have
been located and samples of zinc-blende
assaying up to 50 per cent zinc have
been taken from the surface Further
along the Pacific coast and as far as
Queen Charlotte island finds of zinc-
blende have been reported, also on
Vancouver island of which I have no
further particulars.
From none of the above mentioned
properties to my knowledge have any
zinc shipments been made, and a great
many of them are still in the prospecting "stage and will probably remain so
until capital has been invested for
treating these ores at home Under present conditions they would uot stand the
high freight rates either to Europe or
the United States, and the owners have
either not the necessary capital or sufficient confidence in being able to make
the propositions pay. to carry on development work.
Every foot in this country needs
a boot or shoe.
Store, on Baker
can furnish any
that is required.
The Royal Shot-
street, in Nelson,
kind   of footwear
over 50 oz. per ton. Ztnc-bleude running more than 1,000 oz. in silver to the
ton has been found in these mine9. The
Suur company is nt the present time
busy reconstructing itstinilling plant so
as ii) be able to save the zinc values in
tne future, a valuable by-product with
iho nigh grade -silver-Juanconcentrates.
No zinc ore nhipments have to my knowledge been made from these properties,
imi approximately 200 tons oi 4u 45 per
co it. blende with silver values over 150
i.z. per ton lias been mined mui held on
hand for *oine time awaiting bolter
pries. With the completion of the
ab-ive mentioned plant this pioperty
will undoubtedly be a heavy producer
of valuable ziuc concentrates, whicn in
foriuei* years went through thu tail-
Tho Ivanhoe —This mine is supposed
to have a large vein of mixed lead-zinc-
iron oro, which is now being concentrated at the company's mill iu addition
to the silver-lead product Zinc shipments ,tt the rate of 200 tons per month
are made principally to lulu, Kansas
The average assay of this product la 44
per cent, zinc, '28 to 30 wa silver,! per
cent lend, aud U per cent iron Pros
pectH for continued snipmeiits are reported to be good. Tho concentrating
{riant which was built (our years ago,
has within thu past year been rearranged
in order to save the zinc ores as a byproduct to the galena. Altogether 500
Ions of zinc blende concentrates nave
bdcn shipped to United States smellers
since January, 1008,
Tho Washington. — This property,
located Immediately above the Payne,
lias approximately' 11C>,000 torn* of lirst
class concentrating material exposed,
existing partly nn a zinc-blende product
sorted out from former shipments of
high grade silver-lead ore, and partly
as oro iu place lu moro than one respect thu /.incbletido resembles that of
the Payne initio, nud will furnish a very
desirable by-product to the Hllvor-lead
concentrates I have learned that it is
tho intention if the owners to install a
tramway from the mine to the K. & S
railway during the coming mimmer.alHO
to erect • custom concentrating and
magnetic separatng plant in KiimIo
which will treat their own as well as
anv other ziuc and galena ores mined
tributary to the mA railway This
entepri.su Is of special merit and should
prove both profitable ami beneficial to
tho entire district,
Tho Whltowator.—Thin mino has alio
a lair tonnage ol   xiuc-nionue cxpost*!, j ^__~ ^;ip~
Auiai *. ui tl uivu    Cm«iAi.H4    iii ><&CA liniiif,,* '
nml jiurtiijjjtt trout former m1v*cj -lead
shipment* J Miffing from MinpUwi of the
ore on hand I boliovo that a desirable
zinc product can be obtaine i by means
four months'"run in 1903 thi -
concentrator has produced as a by-product 235 tons of zinc concentrates which
ave aged 45 per cent zinc, 44oz, silver,
5 per edit lead and 3 percent iron. The
mill feed assays on an average 14 per
cent zinc. Up to the present time all
shipments have been made to the Lanyon Zinc Co , Iola, Kansas. The com
pany expects to produce at least three
times as' much zinc during the coming
season, as their concentrator has been
modified to suit the conditions. The
property is reported to have a large
body of" ore in the mine.
The Rambler-Cariboo (McGuigan
Basin.)—In this mine more or less zinc
is found scattered through the high
grade silver ores, part of which is concentrated and saved as a by-product in
the concentrator, with the view of making a finished ziuc product at some
future date Approximately 30,000 tons
of this material averaging about 13 per
cent zinc, together with a considerable
percentage of argentiferous galena, is
now on hand It is stated that an addi
tional 20 000 tons will be made this season, wheu tho mill is running.
The Antolno (McGuigan Basin )—The
Antoine is reported to have quite a tonnage of zine'running high in silver. Recently a carload was sorted out averaging 40 per cent, zinc, 75 oz silver, and2
per cent, lead, but up to the present time
no shipments have heen made.
The Jackson (Jackson Basin )—Extensive deposits of zinc and galena exist
in this miue. The ziuc ore which will
coiiceutnito something .like 5 into 1 is
in many respects similiar to the Ruth
ore. In former years this property
shipped several thousand tons of silver-
lead ore nnd concentrates The present
concentrator is now being remodelled iu
order to save the zinc by-product. During the course of the summer, this pjo-
purty is expected to ho reonened, and a
considerable tonnage of both galena and
zinc concentrates produced.
Tho Monitor.—Following Carpenter
creek on its downward course towards
Slocan lake wu find tho Monitor mine
situated near Three Forks.   At thi1* pro-
_/ _..
—Oil Y-Cl'lUllTT"
nerty approximately 3,000 tons of ziuc-
iriemic mixed with galena and iron has
been sorted out front tho silver-lend ore
shipments and left on the dumps Tliis
company is nt the present time figuring
ou erecting a concentrating plant al
Rosebery for the treatment of above material, together with anv other zinc ores
mined in thu future It is also the intention to equip above plant with a
magnetic separator, and it is expected
that thereby a good grade of ziuc concentrates can bo produced.
The Idaho-Alamo.-—This group, located just below Three Forks, has been
idlo for a number of years. In thu earner days the Alamo whs well know n n*
a heavy producer of
lead concentrates mar
mine, which is close to the Wakefield,
has also a large body of ore blocked out
from  which milling   tests  have   been
made showing that a desirable grade of
zinc concentrates can be produced.   No
shipments have been made with the exception of a few carloads of hand sorted
ore, merely for its silver contents, but
the chances for a large output of zinc
are considered fair with the near future
when probably a mill will be erected on
the pioperty."  1 lie ore sent from the
mine will average about 12 per cent
The Galena Farm (Silverton).—This
property, located in the same vicinity,
is reported to have a similar proposition
lo tho Hewitt, out the only work done
on the property was for tho purpose of
exploring silver-lead ores.   During the
past few years no work has been done
on it.
The Noonday.—The remarks rnaue in
rsfereiice to the Galena Farm also pertain to ti.is property.
The  Enterprise—This property   is
located considerably above Slocan lake,
approximately half way between Silver-
ton and Slocan city.   Since 1003 about
1,000 tontf of high grade silver-lcad-ziue
ores havo been mined and shipped to
local smelters.   Average assays went
157.Ho/.. silver, 17 5 per cent lend and
23,0 pur cent zinc.   It will remlily be
seen that tho shipments wero mado for
the silvor-lead values nnd that a penalty of 50 cents per unit or $7 per ton
hud to he paid ou the zinc, which of
course acted as a drawback.   Some two
vents ago un attempt was made to concentrate the zinc from thu lead, but it
did not prove a success as thu lenses in
silver and gray copper proved excessive.
At thu present time thu mino is leased
and the ore sorted hy hand to bring thu
tenor of ziuc down"as low as possible.
A sorted zinc product is reserved on the
dumps which may lie concentrated to
advantage during tho summer.   Aside
from this thero is uo great tonnage of
; zinc ore in sight.
|    Aside from tho zinc properties men-
' tinned in tliu foregoing wu tind that do-
' posits of  zinc ores  arc  found  fairly
. evenlv distributed throughout a number
of districts of Itritiirii Columbia.   On tho
.. .        ... south fork of Kaslo creuk wo havo somo
high grade, Mlvur- (njr ,trofe,H.c((4 wjth ft considerable
lo  in the old con-; u,lamHv ohlcslrahlu zincblendc, such
A pleasant substitute for home to those who travel. It is
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lake in all America. From its balconies tind windows can
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The best and cheapest meals in the country are to be
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~'tiOTl_      _    _ ___    _      _   __     ... .        ___    __
The liquors are the best in the Slocan, ancl the hotel has
long been noted for its fish and game dinners.
This is the only first-class house in the Lucerne of North
America. One look at the landlord will convince any
stranger that the viands are of first-class quality. Rooms
reserved by telegraph.
New Denver, B.C.
W Henry Stege, Proprietor
v. .. J"^—^^r*^-^^^r^^m^'K   P^—TP"^   r'v—-y^
Sandon and Elsewhere
In every inining camp in Kootenay, this great company of Meat
Dealers has established a name that will live as long as the name ofthe
Sloean. In Sandon, Manager Gusty is ever on the alert to supply the
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con rator. I he memetuie was sepnr- ^ u rVovime mine*, aIko thu Cork and
tttod by milling and largo quautitic.H of Flori<u ,lH well as tlm old Montezuma.
«amo went throngh the tail-race. Aycnr(Tl    J,,,mii mmll pi-nml*CH activity
°f. *°,a5? thu '*'o,,M'0,M'Tt.,r* WT ,.'I,H,T  towards systematic treatment of thus*
iiiiieiuiil urern Mini projects mi  -vuiitcii-
^^       «^^     ^^a^*^"-*""*.^^^^^     ^^^H^I*H«^^    ^^^^*«*  fV^^^^^j     ^^^^^9^*94999^^^^^ ^^*^"M^^
^^-—i^^   *^^»i«-^^    ^^^a+»--*tl*^^^^   ^^^91 t^^^^   ^^^9K~mmi, mi^^^^ *~K*Km*^^ ——.,  -   -  — ^ ___    ._
I The Strathcona |
/)/ IN NELSON, B. C. |J
Is the leading hotel in Southern British Columhia.
It has ample accommodation for a large number of
guests, and the ideal position it occupies appeal*
equally to any traveler uh well as the tourint.
Drummers will fun1 large naniple rooms and all the
(.mn'n-n-lnru'oc ,i( till* liiuAnei* hniul
rumnAeWuA,   with r  vlev tfi
making a zine by-product, will no doubt  ^f j^'*«'-,'
during tha coming season  ho able toi*
matkc a zinc  concentrate  of iair grade *
that will carry perhaps* Bo oz. in ttilver. f
i l«*aru fr.un the rnmiAt'er that the /.ine
Siuls m
coiiMilercd About eight miles i
moith ot Krttfln on Kootenay lake wu!
have the old Ainsworth ramp, from J
where a eoniddorablo tonnage of silver
1 ,   ,    I       ....       I   .*,.,.    I  , ....     .-I.l,.».,,,I \     i.nr.il '
~9*.^^**^^t 1^**^^^^. ^^'^M,'"^^ ^^^^^^   *^«^, ^^*y^
'^^'^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^'•^^^^^^■^^ ^L^ _^S^^"
little activity has been whown at thit
mine during tho past year. No zinc
shipment* liavo ever been made, but it
is mated that a very large tonnage of
zinc ha« been run to waste when the
concentrator was running. At the pre
M-.nt timo tho -pr-upci't> in
a»i{ load ores arc cltmnv Umemmnletl > timwin,. 0j y,jla. vttll |„. found in neveral j
•nd metal  treatment  in rehired in pru,,erl?,w, 0[ khicli Imiajr mention tint
order to avoid ln»«pa by sliming. Highlander, tho Krao, thu Gallagher,
The Mountain Chief —This property,  the" Glengarry, the Ayi^lia, the No   I
located not far from Slocan lake, in alio I and Dillie, etc.   Mont of theae zinc ore*
an old silver-leait  producer, and crop-! run low in hIIvi-t and somewhat higher
nu» boiug i uinga «*>(   \*-ty   Aertti,\\,\**,   /.Iim: t»re   nre
(found on tho surface.
tu   i.»m  vh.iiv  xbv.  Fiuiduii  uti".-.,   and
while thev would not stand traiwporta-
B. TOMPKINS, Manager^
ar-'yiptCyaatpaf—"»*PC"J"l 1W—"J*   JOT )«f'~~"TBf J*T—T"I)W—"XIITTK THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., APRIL 21, 1904.
Eleventh Ye
Dr. Price's
Baking Powder
Always makes the perfect
biscuit, cake and bread.
Price Baking Powder Co.
| **% back
(each one different) are
spnt to any address for
R. T. Lower}
-TMIB KINO'S HOTKL in Ferguson is a cltecr-
1 ful lionii! for all tnvolors to the Lardeau.
F   ANlv BARBER. Proiirictor.
I and American ]>!iiii. Meals, ii,cents Rooms
(nra '.' c up to sL Only white help emoloyed.
Nothing yellow aliout the place except the «old
In thebaic.. MA LONE & TREGILLCJS.
'pHK KOVAI. HOTKL, Nelson, is noted for
*-   the excellence of llBcnisine.   SOL JOHNS,
B.\ltxr.KTT Hn.USK,   formerly the Clark
is the best -1 a dav hotel in Nelson.    Only
*!iile help employed.    G    VV. BAuTLETT
near Wnrd St
LAK   A    DAY
KING   HOTKL, Baker St..
Nelson, R C.   THK   UOL-
THK HOTKL FKKGl'SON is th-* home of
I. Sluean people wlieu thev arc in Ferguson.
MCDONNEL& BLACK. Proprietors.
rf*UK    ItlilTTANNIA     HOTM, is tlio  old-
*-   esf nml the best ni tin'Lanlo    Guld seekers
always welcome.      ULV1N BROS.
George Aylard has a fruit farm at New
Denver, and ordered many trees in Ontario This is the reply he received
from the nursery company:
Dear Sir:—
We regret very much to notify you that the recent passage ofthe
Bill amending the Horticultural Board
Act will prevent our filling the order
for nursery stock which you placed with
us for delivery the coming Spring. The
provisions of the Act, as far aB the bond
and license are concerned are of small
consequence, and we would have no objections to complying to the new regulations on these points; but thegexieral
looBe wording of the Act, together with
the hostile attitude assumed by the Horticultural Board towards all Eastern
Nurserymen make it extremely difficult
lor any outside lirms to continue their
business in your Province, and the result
will likely he, that you will no longer
have the opportunity of buying nursery
stock where you want to, but must do
business with a few, small local linns
We supposed that we could iilliyour order this Spring, even if we did not continue selling there, and we wrote the
Deputy Minister of Agriculture as follows:
"We have on hand quite a number of
orders to be shipped this Spring, on
which we have already advanced tlie
the commission to our agents, and we
suppose, that we shall liave the privilege of filling tnese orders under the old
law, as the uld law was in force at the
time of their being accepted "
He has refused, point-blank, to answer
thisqucstion, and while competent legal
authority assured us, that, we have the
right to (ill your own and other orders
referred to,'the attitude of the Board
leads us to expect that they would throw
every obstacle in the way of our getting
the stock through to you in good condition, bv delaying their inspection etc.,
hence we have decided to notify you as
T   «.   MELVIN,    Manufacturing   .Jeweller.
'J .   Expert Watch R-paher. Diamond Setter.
and Kiipraver.   Manufactures Chains. Locke's
"aTtyTn Oanadiu    orders "Dv mail solicited
240. Sandon,
v/holeeale   lwl€>rclia.nts.
ers In  Builer.  Eiripi. Cheese,   Produce and
Fruit. Ne'son. B.O.
I.. (JKIMTCTT, L.  I..  I?., Barrister,
SniMtor. Notarv Puhlie      Sandon. B. 0
•ti 0:i\ f New Tlcnvi'i* everv Kutimtnv
rxv*\irarioe Sc Ra=»6U *E3stevte
iwouosov,   HITCH KM.   .V; CO.    Fire
1     Insurance Atrcnts.    Dealers In Real Estate
Mlulutr 1'r ipi-rtlen.   Houses to rent and Town
Lot* for Sale.
H «*. K AH III) ALL, NewDenver, B. C.
Heal F.«iif." mid Mineral Olalm" for Halo Cblms
fiiiii-i.<iiiitii,| "iii'l Crown fJnmft'd
Once again the treasure of the Peruvian Incas has been found and tliis time
hy American and English engineers.
The buried treasure of the Incas has
been variously estimated from a few
million to several hundred million dollars and the present reported find
amounts to but $16,000,000 Search for
this treashie has extended through almost 400 years. The legend is that
about 370 years ago, at the time ol the
Spanish conquest, the gold was buried
by the Indians for the Peruvian Incas
to be paid over to the Spaniards as a
ransom for the liberation of Emperor
Atahualpa, but that the money Avas re
fused by the Spaniards, who killed the
Peruvian emperor. The treasure remained hidden. Since then innumer-
ablo exploring parties, native and
foreign, have made fruitless search for
the gold. It was by a mere accident
that the lucky finders came upon the
ancient treasure. While making surveys and driving stakes they discovered
the fortune. A dispute has now arisen
among them as to its division, in which
the Bolivian government has also interested itself. The government has
taken charge of the find, announcing
that on account of the difference in the
the nationalities of the engineers it will
act as guardian and supervise its distribution.
The Red Jacket shaft of the Calumet
& Hecla copper mine, Michigan, is the
deepest in the world. It has taken nine
years of day and night work to sink and
has cost $2,500,000. This shaft is vertical, but all of the other shafts of the
Calumet & Hecla follow the dip of the
lode. Work on it was started in 1889,
immediately after the last of the three
great iindcrirruind fires in the older
workings of the mine, which did damage
of more than §1,000 000 Work has been
continued upon it since Mint time, and
tho shaft stands without a parallel in
mining. It contains six compartments,
each eqaul m size to an ordinary mining
shaft, four of which are used for hoisting rock and lowering timber One
shaft is utilized for tho ladder ways, and
the sixth compartment carries the wires
and pipes for telephones, light, power,
water and com pressed air,
JjW.HA ANOKIONON, New ])i nver    Gen-
I    erd prnymitii nml dealer in <•««!. wood and
U;i* hi*11" voamexiM.rlence iu deiitnl work.and
'iinkf-i i *int'i*\ thv of Guld flrLluu Work. Visit
made to the Slocun regularly
Qenei»al   Storo.
f   T. KKI.I.V,   TJIKKK   KOBKS, dealer In
•l.   OffiTlix, Prv ciooilu, Kti-
i> Sam!<,ii. Il(\ Miriln-M In Hie t'uioi Hall
i-v-'v Frlri-ty cv-ruliitMit *'•'"' VMilnif tuvtlircn
cordially invlt.d (•> Hit nd I K L"VKNik<i,
NolileOrnnd; A. L, Ciuiu, Vi« ■*> < I rami; W..I.
O.uiiurrr. secretary.
AN HON   I.OIMii:   NO   il.     K.   OK   I'.
M'et-i-wry Wi'liit«d:i> rvculnir ill xoYI-uk
III the I'.vlhl.'-in V;wtlc If nil. Sandon N.Joimiiiii,'
lirilhiiii will receive a I'vthiiui wiIiihim-. S.
!m\,u> a, <",<;.      Ui iu i. ,s Ham., K. It, k s.
Order   your   Spring  Suit now.
Natty'Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher,
Silverlon'* Boas Tailor
Fume, idea of the Comstock, Nevada,
mines may be had from tho following:
In I860 tlie vield was: Gold, §550,000;
silver, 5200,000. In 1861: Gold, $2,300,
000; silver, $l,u00.000 By 18(11 the pro
dilution had readied: Gold. $o,t00,0o0;
silver. $9,600,000 By 18G9 the output of
gold and silver-had dropped to §7,105,-
578. From 1870 to 1877 there was a
steady and rapidly increased product—
in the last named year, that of the
greatest output, 814,520,0*14.08 being
/old and §21,780 922 02 being silver
The total output of the Comstock mines
in gold and silver to the end of 1902 is
probably very close to §371,000,000. Oi
this sum there was about 00 per cent,
silver, the remaining do percent, being
cold. These values were recovered ;
tlie losses are estimate at between
$1.0,000,000 aid §80,000,000; of this loss
modern methods would have saved 7<>
per cent.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
To G. F. COPELAND, deceased, or to whom his
inteest has been transferred in the Morning
Star mineral claim, situated on Goat mountain, Sloean Mining Division, West Kootenay.
VOU are hereby notified that I have expended
1 S710.00 in labor and improvements on the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Aet, and if, within 90 days
from the date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the nbov,» mentioned sum, which Is now due. together with nil
costs of advertising, your interest In the said eliiim
will become the uropertv of the undersigned
under Section-1 ofthe "Mineial Act Amendment
Act likX)."
New Denver, D. C, April 7, 100-1.
MoTICE Is hereby gl /en lhat 00 days after date
•^ I intend io apply to the Hon rab.e Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase for agricultural purposes
the following described tract of land: Comment'
ing at a post market! 'M.G., N. \V. corner," and
situated about 800 feel northerly from the shipyard at Rosebery and adjoining li. N.Cook'*,
pre-emption, thence east -lo enains, thence south
■40 chains, thence west.40 chains, thence north 40
chains to point of commencement; containing too
April sth, 1004.
i'l a iter date 1 intend to apply to the lion The
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special licence to cut and carry away timber
from tho following described land, commencing at a post planted at the North East corner of
W. 11. udhope Timber Limit on the south side
of Bonanza cr* ek and about tli miles .'rom Slocun
hike in West Kootenay District. Thence west; no
chains, thence, north, 80 chains, thence cast SO
chains, thence south 80 chains to place of commencement.
LONZO OX LEY, Locater.
1'ated this.ttli day of April IDOL
is hereby given that.
after date I intend to apply to the Honor-
able the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase for agricultural purposes the following described tract of
land: Commencing at a post marked "A. R. F.,
S. W, corner"andsitnated about 8Q0 feet northerly from the shipyard at Rosebery and adjoining R. N. Cook's pre-emption thence north 40
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence south 10
chains, thence west 40 chains to point of commencement; containing 1U0 acres.
Dated April 5th, 1004.
To CHARLES NEWI1AUS, or to whomsoever
he may have transferred his interest in the
Black Eagle mineral claim, situated on the
north Fork of Carpenter creek, Slocan Mining Division, West Kootenay.
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended
!?10:'501n labor and improvements on the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the* Mineral Act, and if within tin days
from the da;e of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the ,;bove
mentioned sum, which ts now due, together
with all costs of advertising, your interest in tho said claim will become the
property of thc undersigned under Section 4 of
tbe "Mineral Act Amendment Act WOO.''
Three Forks, B. C, March 10.1904.
J). J. Robertson & Co., of Nelson are alive to what the people
need in  the   way
Write them.
of   Furniture
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Koo'enay  District.      Where  located:    On
silver i.'ountain near the Hartney mine.
§\\KK NOTICE   That  I,   Wm   S. Drewery,
a-    iK-riiiu as agent for   AJfr.od. J^M-art-iijPrce
in offering with every purchase
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly,
ings made to order.
Tents and awn-
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands ami Mineral CluiinsSurveyed
and Crown Granted,
1», (). Hox m.        Ollice: Kootenay St,, Nelson
OIIN   Mfff.-tTOIfK,
vlnclnl l.wnd Surveyor.
I>.tflllil.)!t  am!
X. 1*1.11, ll.C.
It   HKYl.,*tNl»,
I.hiuI ^iirvcvoi.
Kiuntif nr unit I*iMVlmiil
one chance on n ticket to the
World'* Knir. ThetickctK Imvu
a coupon attached, which in
placed in a scaled hox until tin*
luth of .Inly. l!»i)l. when the
dmwiiur takes place. The mnn-
ner of drawitiK nhall he decided
hyn committee. The chance nf
a lifetime for n cheap trip
IV-ople at a distance can atnd order* by mall
They count |u*t ths tame.   Addreft all lelttri
to        HcMCMOI.L  A   SMVTII. Nt-USON.
Commercial Hotel
Ih the home of all Slocan people
traveling  to  and    from   i'oplar.
fleals always Ready
McLachlan Bros., Props.
p.o.box36 NEW DENVER.
Tvr;i*.*f>n actuation
TnTieT's^Certriieate "Ko: B. 8Ti$I)!T7 fiTfeiul,
sixty days from tlio date hereof, to
applv to the Mining Recorder for a Certilieate
jf Improvements, for "tho purpose of obtaining
u Crown Grant of thc above claim.
And further take notice that action, under sec
.imi :i", must he commenced liefore the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Jmted this a 1st d.iv of April. WOt.
A ranch, with hotel building, at
Twelve Mile, Slocan lake. Several
acres ready for cultivation and implements on hand. A packing station for mines in the vicinity. Terms
easv. For particulars apply to—
J." IT. Cory, Three Forks, B. C.
VA/ A MTm Snoci, I K.-Mwutaiive
WAIN ' tU In this and adjoining
territories to ivpr. sent and adverliMt ;ui u tl
CNtalillslied liusliiens Ii-jusc of hoIIiI l!imncinl
standing Snlaiv -&U weekly, with expenses
advanced each Monday by check direct from
headquarters. Expenses advanced; position
iii'iiiiaiKiit. Wr furnish everything. Address
'■''■ • Columbia, iiao .Monon llldg., Chicago
ISIS Mineral Claim
Situate tn the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: Near
Hear Lake, adjoining thc Snap mineial
TAKE NOTICE, That I, Wm. S. Drewry, K.
L M.C. No, B (54471, for myself and acting us
agent for Minna lioctcher F. M. C. o. B (54!Ki7,
Hugh B Fletcher F. M. C. No. B.(i!)8S3, John i* .
clntosh. K M.C. No BfinSSft. Oliver T. Stone.
F M. ('., No. B. «4:-i«, Kobt. Williams No F. M.
0. H<ii:mo,.lus. Black. K. M.C. No. B (IK»7l,aiid
iler ert T. Twigg, F. M. C. No. B. Mm, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to ap
uly to the Mining Uecorder for a Certificate of
Improvements for the puriiose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37,must be commenced liefore the issuanct
of such Certilieate of Improvements
Dated this 17th day of March. A. D 1'iOi
<=? A NTT A KMTTT-**
TO DRY PEOPLE  , i Ifoj™.
New Crop Home Grown
and Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds,
Hanteni Prlw* or hs*. White Labor.
Catftloijue Free.
turn Wi'stmlimter Itoml. Vancouver, II, C
Mineral   Claims
Situate   in the   Slocan    Mining  Division ol
West Kootenay District.    Where located:
On Sloean Lake, one mile east irom Hose-
bery Station
'PAKE NOTICE That, I. A. U. Heyland, agent
I    for E. Hunt. F.M.C. B 71502, I). ,1   Maliu-
son, F.M.O. B 715u3,aiid I). D. MacDonald, F M.
C. B 715-22. intend, sixty days from the dale
hereof, to apply  to the Mining Hccorder lor
Certiticates of Improvements, for the purpose nf
obtaining a Crown Grant of each of the above
Aud further take notice that action under sec.ST
must he commenced before the Issuance of such
Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February; A. D. I'M,
W A "VTI"/n -Special Bcprcentntive
1* J\±\ 1 lUlf iii this country and adjoining territories, to represent and lulvcrllsc mi
o d clalilished usliicss hou'C of solid linancliil
stnndlng. Salary i-21 weekly, with Expenses ml•
VHiieedeach .Monday liy check direct from head
quarters. Morse and liuggy lurhlsheil wheu
necessary; position pcrmniicnt. Address Blew
Bros, it Co., It,w mu Monou Bldg., Chicago, HI.
The best Tonsoiial Establishment in
the Slocan.
Balmoral hum, Main St., Sandon
Direct Line   Lowest Rates
'Tho  F.vfhnrH'i' Holol \\i  V.n^bi \
At.ii i A I'.l' UUr HfUiMth  S,l.Ml.l|v
7n th» Contlnrnt <* North Am't-rV- HEALTH   Hk«' »" m"* •« «" HfTVptian tlowit.
rn.   SiiT-iv-M'-l wMei ti-ihii) i.i, D tO fl D Tt
rlv>»f-l fnr Oniiitfiir.   |t*--m1tr>*ir. fl C 0 U II I   Kl
FUhtng mid Kicurslons to Ot.j irnny imlnMof{*•"
lnt*r»*f. Trl*Trr*vhl<> ^'Ki.rwmi^Atii.n t,eh •*.',)
pktt.itU,'i.iit'iti'l,.i, inn ioiiii« iiinve -Hid iHJnill
ttttytiay It* b-*ilw-« tut* »tt reiMmt **i,>l
«0«ttHr di**>**ft; t'i w*'*tr* lw-*| xlt KMr.-*r.
Llvflr ami Ktomncli Alhn*nl* of e\*rv immV.
Th« pricn of • roam! trip tttlitt "r*l«»-t^ii
S«w lltmiir mil II»lc>oti. ,,|,t^ir*l,|.- all th*
jrttr round nnd goml for»» 0s*j*. i* *3.*v. Il»|>
eyon Sprtn-a*. Arrow La It*. II. C.
fi-'lflll I
K. & S. Ry.
■n -W'ltirlmv    \ e
Kn^o T.v *}-.(\* j) rn
K«««r York
Hmi Vntteiwu
That lookn ^ootl, in ko3(1
for WW-, -rimes for -*mt af
ioean f*»Ik» flock  to it   like Iweai —«*
to ii tiiiwer gnvth'U. Lli
ALLEN  & PALM ER I Brick Block
h un ni nun ipo
n it u tuuivuii o
New Denver
Stoamer KhpIo.
Lv \:'.it) p.m.-K«Hlo-Ar 11:00 a.m.
Ar4:^0p.m.-Xelnon-Lv 8:00 a.m.
7i( kt't.s -*iAA to ail part* ot Um UniO-d
State* «imI Ctinn<U via (Jrefst NArthcro
and O. K & N Compnny'ii linen.
For lui tlici* |>arti<ul*t   <all on or ad-
ROBERT IRVING, Mincer, K«i!o,
VUHoo l'ttiilic Line, Kl. I'nul, CHIrftffo*n<lall
U. S. |»oinl*
In AIiisIui, .fftputi,Clifiui, IImwiill, Auslnillii,.
Through Ixioklnci t<> Kimlnml nnil tho-T.mlf-
«^-t ... . 44t mtt J**. ,>• *..** t *,
1"i,r ilim inVlr.   i   'i    ■!■!,*.
to Irwulspin*.or WKtc--
Ii. I'. A , .NeUon.
A O. I*. A„ V»iir«.iivt'i
. fe * & & i&i '^ ^ ^ -^ *^, ^:^'*^ Mb'^ %< >
#       PHOTOGRAPHERS        #
f VANCOUVER aa* NCL80N, B.C. t


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