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The Ledge Aug 1, 1901

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 ^yLA^^/%^V^t^c^  ^^{j~u^y^^vx^i
Volume VIII.   No  44.
Price, $2,00 Year ADVanck
SefI^*T NfcV#s Float   I
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps Sg
. „ „ that are Talked About. M
Harry Aylwin returned from a trip to
the coast on Monday.
ServiccB will bc held in the Methodist
church on Sunday at 11 a.m.
Alex. McPherson and Ed. Shanuon
aro working in the Neepawa.
The courts have set aside the bill of
sale of the Joker and Cody fraction.
John Wereley and Frank Wells are
upon the Kokanee.doing assessment
J. K. Strahan, the well-known city
clerk of Nelson, was in the Lucerne last
Rev. Ferguson, of Sandon, occupied
the pulpit in the Prespyterian church
Sunday morning.
The Silver Mountain wagon road was
finished aa far as the Government ap-
Joseph Irwin and family will remove
the coming week to East Kootenay,
where Mr. Irwin will take a larger
i, school.
With the exception of Florida crackers, John Williams keeps almost every
other kind in stock. Eaton daily they
will prolong life tor years and years.
Tho  mine owners of the Rossland
v*    camp are out with a letter refusing to
concede to the demands  of the Miners'
Union, and the strike promises to he
protracted and bitter.
Howard West came down from Sandon Sunday to enjoy the atmosphere of
the Lucerne. So did Billy MacAdams,
the typographical, editorial and report-
orial staff of the Paystreak.
Many minors in Johannesburg hnve
gone on strike, refusing to accept live
shillings per day, the rate fixed by the
military authorities. The wages paid
before the war to the "poor" Oiitlanders
was one pound per day.
Empty houses in New Denver seen)
to afford sport for thoughtless boys who
break windows for the fun of it. The
lock on Bosun hall has been twice
broken anil the hall entered. A spell
in the cooler will cure wnnton acts of
this nature.
If theio is a law on the statute bookH
of British Columbia affecting the mining Industry that is not condemned by
thu Mine Owners' Association in tho
memorial Issued by that organization
some days ago, It might as well be
wiped out with the rest. Laws are
obnoxious things, anyway,
G, S. Hawthorne, representing the
Kootenay Cigar Co , of Nelson, was In
the Slocan last week. Tho cigars made
by this factory aro growing In popular*
Ity owing to the excellent quality of thn
Roods. Next month the company expect to put out a new cigar. It will
"** Imvo a name especially suited to the
wed, and should he a winner Irom apex
Id sump,
Bob Green, M. 1". P., in ei'edilnil with
d I mon raging the Itcd Mountain ruin I
from Silverton bceauso, as he puts it,
"lliere is no ore sucked ready for ship-
ini'iit'' This istrin*: hiii the propertied
on lied Mountain have immense bodies
,'. .'. ■ 1 .!. ! •:■, V . !•■ '. ' '. ■ ■ ',. !
dnvit ;nu\ <i'it'V('d *1<* "(ton M" there V'
■oiiic.assurance that It can he moved
before tlio kacks full to pieces from old
The Nelson Tribune ways thai $|n,-
uw would nol cover tin; /iiuoiint Dial
has liecn sunk in the daily newspapers
of Kootenay in the past two yearn, and
then It adds; "Now Denver, .Silverton,
and Slocan (inch havo a newspaper, and
Handon has two, yet literals not enough
advertising in all live papers to pay tho
wages ol one good man and a boy." In
. the main this is about true, but it isn't
W the actual truth. The condition of the
newspaper busine** iu the Slocan i-> not
of n velvet finish, 'tis true, but then
tho Tribune is in a position to talk with
more accuracy about its Irish dividend!,
and sltilrlii-jfimd
A strike is reported from the True
Blue, at Kaslo.
Miners from Rossland are getting
thick in the Slocan. 0
The lead upon the Ohio has been
opened in several places
The Whitewater is shipping 40 tons
daily to the Trail smelter.
The dry ore properties of the Slocan
are attracting more attention.
A trail is being built from the Four
Mile wagon road to Fish lake.
A small force went up to the Fisher
Maiden on Monday to resume work.
Work is to be resumed on the Alice
and Zurri groups, on Spring creek.
The tunnel on the Galena, one of the
Last Chance group, is in over 1500 feet.
The Hewitt tram is working,enabling
that mine to make large shipments of
dry ore.
For the purpose of getting timber J.
F. Collom has bougbt the Hope claim
on Springer creek.
A trail is being built to the Emma
group, Goat Mountain, this week, The
owners contemplate pushing development work on the lead.
A rich body of ore has been opened
up on the Young Bear group, on
Springer creek. The property is owned
by New Denverites. A deal is on for it.
The property adjoins the Bondholder,
and its prcBent showing is said to bo a
foot of clean oro.
There is work for a Weights and
Measures Inspector in Nelson. Accord*
ing to the united testimony of a great
many citizens and the public statement
of the Rov. J. B. Morgan, it is almost
Impossible to got just weight and measure in any line of merchandise! The
butchers habitually sell fourteen ounces
of meat to the pound and your choicest
bit of steak is largely composed of bono
and gristle. The grocers have a similar mode of sinning as the home scales
will frequently testify, and some of
thorn have a reprehensible practice of
leaving fruit and vegetables so exposed
that petty pilferers and stray dogs are
alike tempted to a "hold-up" as they
pass. Tho buyer may without compunction pay for the fruit the pilferers
liavB Hlched from the boxes he buys,
but the strongest stomach robolB at tho
thought of vegetables so watered, As
for wood it Is a notorious fact that the
cord you pay for Is curtain to be short
anywhere from halt to a quarter of its
lawful measurement, and, when your
coiil is delivered it Is necessary lo refer
to the bill in order to ascertain whether
you have bought half a tou or a ton,
while what there is is fully onolhird
screenings that might he useful to the
lire department it*« an extinguisher, but
is nl little or no use to the iioildelioliler.
Kven the guileless I liiniunaii is not
above reproach in this regard, hut so
adjusts his scales that live pounds of
potatoes mark down to eight, and even
if he throws in a bunch of lettuce At, a
will vi' to hi*: wrnn-rod ertw.Hi.iic-. it
takes a full two hits worth to make von
a illinii'i*, tmrtieularlv if you happen to
be Irish, The dry goods men have, so
fur. eHi-aped this general condemnation,
and, au instance is related where one of
.'.'., ,,'.-''. , ,, -,-,',, .'
length that there were four ihclies more
than the hill called for when the tape
line was called into reqiiiiition at the
home Inspection of the name. Iu this
respect, nor in any other, is there any
excuHM for the practice many njepotM-
hie citizens havo fallen into of sending
U> F.Mon's foi' lhuh goods,
They were discussing the suicidal
jiollcy lately adopted hy tho Legislative
member for lhi* riding, ami Thc Wo
oi.'im   Mi«l   vi-rioimf-}*.'   "Kffhcr h* hn*
given over his political ambitious or he
has some secret source of power that
the general public is not aware -of."
The Man replied: "It must he the
power of prayer then, for'I don't believe
he's got a pull in any other direction."
Rov. Mr. Young, of the Seventh Day
Adventist persuasion, has located in
this city with the immediate intention
of teaching the people that they are all
Sabbath breakers, even if they do not
play ball on Sunday, and the more remote design of establishing a branch of
the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium in
the Kootenays. The doctorB say Nelson is distressingly healthy, and therefore it ought to afford a tempting field
for a cure all institution.
Tho item appearing in these columns
last week relating to the matrimonial
affairs of Ensign Lester, of the Salvation Army, presented the lady and her
husband in a false light, in that it did
not take a charitable view of what appeared a peculiar combination of circumstances. Avery considerate letter
has been received from the husband of
the Ijttle woman which proves beyond
question that a great injustice has been
done her, and that instead of their being separated or estranged, as has been
reported, she is temporarily confined in
the care and comfort that her maternal
condition demands.
A Nelson merchant has reason to regret the entire sanctification of one of
his customers. A long standing bill
was presented for settlement, but tho
customer declined to pay it on the
ground that it was incurred before he
became a sinless mortal, and was therefore one of the "old things" which had
"passed away."
Work on the new post ollice iB going
forward with some show of speed and
the residents afar up the hill aio suggesting a new plank upon which the
next candidate for their suffrages may
slide to victory, A carrier delivery i's
what thoy want,
1,'he new time table which goes into
effect on the Great Northern Railway
on August lst comes at an opportune
time. Trallic and travel over the C. P.
11. has been seriously deranged by the
existing trackmen's strike, and people
will be glad of an opportunity to travel
with safety and speed over the rival
line. Tho mall arrangements are also
liable to he a little less cuasablo under
a revised and regular train service,
Tho people who aspire to gaze upon
royalty as thc crowning ambition of
their lives are craning their nocks towards the advent of the. Hook, and
much anxiety is felt lest he may miss
Nelson iu his running to and fro on the
earth. It Is hinted that the city fathers
will not frown upon a suggestion to fete
Ills Highness and "Mrs." York, an a
local light once dubbed Lady Aberdeen.
Charley Waterman wat born in Chi-
j cago during the lad! century, and lives
I In Neldon The latter part of hid name
I id said to he itiiduomical, as while upon
i Ills way lo sell town lots In New Denver
I Inst week lie was deteeted three differ.
j ent times drinking out of a dark hoi tin.
I Extremely shattered, tlie bottle was
I afterwards found on the haul; of Lemon
J (iieelt, Imt, shatter a bottle ns yon will,
J the odor of boozerine (Mill to it will
I1"!'-'        ti,f*ll-MU,      '11,11 It.>     II.in    Ml)     (III)
II ','.'. ,','r;.',",-, s.v, j   ^/;   ,',,',   ,'i,iv ^,1,,,, ,,,,   ,'mV.
liis   oratory   riettird   llie    Government
\ hundred*-, ot AAArht-    Tin- children of
■ Hie town   were  pleased   lo meet the.
I man of b'ul-,  ami will  ceiiieiiilier him
lor   llie   priKcs   he spread amid their
ranks for races and other tports.
Along at the same time, soiuoihing
like a grafter with a circus, came a man
called G. W. Jackson.    This geyser
attempted some daring featt in the
Lucerne,   To at leant two citizens who
had buildings on Government ground
he mated that if they would give him a
few dollars he -vould te* that their im*
j provcmentN   were  appi*i»_d   no   high
| that no one would hid agitata them.
| Hi-aue-npt would nn% work, and he
| wn* ottf fbi» online i*Tfwndt»rt fn making
the effort People in Now Denver do
not object to being held up by road
agents or the Government, but they
enter a vigorous protest when a geyser
like Jackson flips a flim-flam in their
midst. It hurts their intelligence, and
if thev had not been long on patience
this crook in the embryonic would have
been ducked in the lake until his sins
were washed away, even if all the fish
died, He escaped a rotten e.^g ovation
as there were none in town. Waterman should take this misguided chubber
to a moral sanitarium and have his
brain pan tested for indications of
sanity. Otherwise he may get worse
and do somebody.
One of the most important suits which
haye been entered since the celebrated
War Eagle and Centre Star mining suit
will come up for hearing at the next
sitting of the Supreme Court in October
in Nelson. The case arises out of an
action entered by S. S. Taylor, K. C,
on behalf of the Star Mining Co., of
Sandon, owners of the Heber Fractional
and Rabbit Paw claims adjoining the
Slocan Star, for $500,000 against the
Byron N. White Co,, owners of the
Slocan Star. The latter company are
following a lead, the apex of which
they claim is on their property,wheroas
is on the Heber Fraction. The plaintiffs
state that large quantities of extraordinarily high grade ore has of late
been taken from their property by the
people of the Byron N. White Co,
The suit involves the difficult and
complex question of the apex, arising
under the old miniug law, as all these
claims were staked in the years of 1891-
92 and the properties in question are
some of the most valuable in the Slocan.
A receiver and an injunction has been
applied for m connection with the suit,,
Another interesting law suit, arising
out of a mining transaction, will come
up at the October assizes, which has
already been the subject matter of four
different actions in the Supreme Court.
A writ has been issued by S. S. Taylor,
K.C., on behalf of Alex. Sproat and F.
Mclnnes, of New Donvor, agalnRt C, F.
Caldwell of Kaslo, E. S. Sawyer of To*
ronto, and William Chaplain of St.
Catherines, claiming the wrongful disposal of a portion of tho ore of the Marion
mine, sacked and ou the wharf at New
Denver. Tho plaintiffs ask an injunction against the defendants from disposing of the balance of tho oro at the
mine, and damages for ore already
taken and tho appointment of a receiver
to hold the monies realized from the
ore already sold, pending the result of
the action. This ore was tho subject of
an action lately tried at tho Supreme
Court in Nelson, whoreln Mnrlno was
the plaintiff, and Sproat and Mclnnes
were defendants,
I   STocan Cfty Division
Brief Summary  of Operations  Being Carried on;
in the Dry Ore Belt.
Commenting on the condition of mining in the Slocan City division, as seen
by a representative of the Sandon Paystreak, that paper says: "In the Slocan City division there are two distinct
districts, both geographically and geologically, viz: the Lemon creek district
and the Ten Mile district. The Lemon
creek district comprises all within tlie
watershed which finds its outlet at Slocan City.   It is the dry ore region ofthe
the north, a distance of over five miles.
"Next to and adjoining the Arlington is the Speculator group, which
covers the ledge for nearly two miles.
These claims were bonded last fall by
capitalists who are also interested in
the Arlington, for $40,000. The bond
falls due on the 18th of August, and will
undoubtedly be taken up. R. I. Kirk-
wood and Chas. E. Smitheringale and
wife are the principal beneficiaries.
"The Speculator is being developed
under the management of Wm, Thomlinson, with Wm. Warren as foreman.
There are 35 men on the payroll, who
have be.:ii engaged for several months
in ground-sluicing, sinking, cross-cutting and drifting. Everywhere it has
been opened up the ledge has proved
strong and well-defined. In one place
it was cross-cut for 60 feet before the
footwall was finally run into. In the
No. 2 shaft some very nice ore was
Tho auction sale of Now Donvor lots
by the Government last Thursday afternoon by Auctioneer Chas. A. Waterman, of Nelson, resulted in tint disposal
of tho following lots at the prices named:
Lots 1 aud 2, in hlnck O, at llO'icach,
(oGothing & Henderson.
Lot t, hlnck G,  (or ft Oft,  to  Donald
Lot ft, block G, 4lu;>, to Henry Siege.
Lot li, block ."#, fciu't,  to  |).  A    Mt •
Lnt H, block l'i,  Shift,  to Ella Brown,
Lot I, block II, floft, to Alex Spi'".it
Lot i', block ll,*l"-, to A  .hteoli-ui
Lot \ block 11   IIO'.,  to J   (',. Ihiti.r
Lot ..'. block !*.», aloft, to  !■'    w*,i,,>m.
Ui\ ',, block 12, *_fto, to Kd Shannon.
Slocan, which is now attracting so much
"Lemon creek is a camp with something of a history. In one particular it
was not unlike Pioche, Creed, Cripple
Creek, Transvaal and almost every
other district which eventually became
famous—it was turned down hard before its value became known. In the
early days of discovery in the Slocan
prospectors walked unheeding over the
rich ledges of Lemon creek, not be-
ence, but because they did not consider
that dry ore was worthy of their attention.
"The principal properties working in
the Lemon creek district are the Arlington and Speculator. Both these properties belong to San Francisco capitalists, represented by J. Frank Collom.
The Speculator is a comparatively new
property, but tho Arlington has been
worked several years. It was located
originally by Cooper & Murphy, who
did considerable work and afterward,
with Frank Watson of Spokane, stocked
it and put tho property on the market.
Under    Watson'a    management    the
Arlington was extensively worked and
considerable oro shipped, but an ore
shoot siilllcient to make the prospect a
mine was not found, and the company
was floundering along between an overdraft and the sheriff when Collom purchased a  controlling  Interest   in  the
stock and found $r>(),000 for development
purposes.   Since then the history of the
property has been a tale of success.
Extenslvo and systematic development
has been conducted and an oro shoot
opened up from which the owners will
take out all they  over  invested and
many times more,
"The Arlington   is worked through
eight tunnols which aro run iu ou the
ledge, each opening up the vein loo feet
below the next one.    At  present the
Arlin-rliui Is shipping froun'Oto lOu tons
of ore a week.   The ore is sorted into
three grades at the mine and only the
No. 1 grade shipped.    Like other dry
ores, especially those carrying native
silver, the ore varies in returns, but a
general average would give about !lo<)
ounces nilver to the ton.    Considering
that a freight aud treatment  rate of two years ago from Geo. Aylard, Win.
less than fin a ton is secured for this! Glynn and John A. Finch,   Since then
charact-'i-ol ore, it  is easily seen thai I the property has been worked quite exilic profits of operation at  the  Ailing- j tciiMvely and tin*- spring construction
Ion must hei Immense.   The No   J and ! wa- cnuiiueiici'd mi a f/Mon coiu-i'iiti-a*
ft  i.m the, tin     Tin-mil! i-iiii« in',ii'\  ■■oiii|i!,'ted
Some of! and will he in running order in r»ix
layed at this point by the non-arrival of
the pumping and hoisting machinery
necessary to continue sinking. The
delay is due to tho machinists strike in
San Francisco. This shaft was sunk 70
feet and 100 feet of drifting done by
hand. A drift is now being run on the
ledge lower down wliich will drain the
upper workings.
"The ore found in the Speculator is of
the same character as that produced
from the Arlington, only even more
desirable for smelting purposes, as it
carries higher percentages of iron and
silica, and also shows considerable
"There are many other properties
about the Arlington basin from which
g-oat things are expected. A small
force is working on the Two Friends
and showing the property up well. The
GatineauandSimco have 10,000-onnce
assays and aro cross-cutting to open up
the showing. The Lilly B, it is expected, will some day be a great mine.
There is another deal on for the Chapleau, and scores of other prospects havo
the showings and ear marks of mines.
All of which makes a hopeful outlook
for Slocan City,
Crossing over the divide onto the Ten
Mile side wo come into a different country. Here the silicious or wet ore predominates. The old reliable Enterprise
is the leading property of tho Ten Milo
camp aud its product is a clean galena
running high In silver and lead, There
are many dry ore properties iu the Ten
Milo region, hut up lo date they havo
not been worked extensively,
The Enterprise belongs to tho Loudon
and H. ('. Gold Fluids company. It
was purchased by that concern about
No. :t gndci*- are sorted and
dumps for future   reference
(lie Vi,   -,< j-r;«d" li-|«    Ii.'.-m    k|iij.ji..r|    l,n(
the No :t rock, which will go nln>ut '.'••
minces, is all nn the ground yet, ami
(timiit ft'i-m ions have in-cumulated,     It
i- niliinl'eil that the [',. (" *uii'llc'ii are
very actively eoin|ii'|i||'i' fur (In'., me fill'
ilnviiig purposes as ii  carries Iii-_rIt per-
rnil.ijjcs in ni,)), dine ami siina
t tti'tf life  M Utt'll   mi    HO' p.t> loii .11
Lot H, block 1*J, $|i;o, tn Kd Shannon.' -■"• Alluiglnii mid ueue are l.ein-. put
Lot lo, block 1*_, llnft, to L »' Harris.! u""* ***'"■ '*"' *-""'- ""i"!.* "in''" .'no.-'..
Lot 1-2, block L.», Hldft, m ILSheran. |''Ul it is a properly oi high value- in
l ,,t '.   t.li.i-t   i"  4i,i*.  >,.u   t , ., ;,.,,.,    ' which un tlii|itii(ii'ifti»   hand   nturhi \>,-r
.'lots n( nioiit'), .ilni nolle lilt! the liitisl
scii'iUilU- inted nj.ph . The Arlington
ollice building nnd resilience jH ,,„.
••quailed at any other mine in  Mritifh
• 'im
Lei pi, block LL floft, tu A mm*.' K./an.'
Lot 11, block 1,1, to Amos Thomson.
Lot lo, block 11, IH).-., to .1. I", De*
D-l », block Ift, floft. to Geo. Thompson
u-efky ,     It u-i|| l.i- .,)t llw.
1 ."c the Ivuiili.il- and Uuth mill-.
will he two lllake crushers,   nun  set   of
luyli speed pulverizers, four Hart/ ij^t
land  four  elevator-  and  fuiir   Wuliiey
: tabic.*, all to he driven hv a  ■; foot   - • t a * f
l I 'out double no//.le I'elton «tlh hnliHtt
Irt'sult-s tui.-   mm    itliiiiliu;-,   Hie   mm-
! |ia»> i» iiistiiijin^   u   |'l-ilri(l   lii-visiiii.
, ■vi-.-i'M    . n.iif.(i **.-i    .'tie!   ,ili   ('.•.'-, i,
; d> naiiiu tn hjfin tin- null,  mine, uilnes
■ Mel   t ,ttnt>        ■*,    '»i. Iipii't,*!    M ;ttn'.i :t s .
similar In (lull n.nt    u-fil   al   (he   li'lilli,
wil!   In-   iifiaUfi.     The bucke!- nnd
, cables Im this .ire now mi the ground
p iilnl C<ill»llllclion will   he   i <«lii|t|eteil   a*
Cohimhia.   Asa (unglhle evidence uf  early as necessary to feed the mill,
the prospenn of the company, |2o,i»»ij    The mill Is being built umler contract
The Washington mill ha. !*e« bought I »«* l';f *'■'•'■->  «-«-   «»»• ^J-'-"" -■*•■*!-■■> <-"•'• M-'K-rlaud,..( Nel«m, »Ik.iIi,.
- *    l raised fnrileveiojiineiit Mia*   tiie flume .-.mimci     Most  «.f the
h;» llie lUinhlet, aiiti is being moved to
a point lower down the creek. It will
easily treat (¥) tons a day.
That rare ideinerit. helion, hits h«*«*n
discovered In Bases from the hot springs
u: Itoth, Kriglwnl. It costs JC-.i*i per
eiAi'ir tnnt tn cnflect.
'The Ai'litiglr-u ledge is iiiii- n| ihef ijjacbinrr, is already up, hat aome „l a
(itrongi'i-t and limit coiitiiui.iu» in Brit-j is delayed by tha machiuista strike,
ish ('oiiiiiihm, It has tweii traci-d von* j 1 lie tramway, electric plant and coin*
tiriiin'isU from the Lilly It pro|*rty on j pn-asor are being tn«t*illi*d bv the coin*
theammh, ihrough the Arlington and j p*rn Tin* UwnUiinu f-*-r_the emu*
Speculator iEt'oue, tn the Entcrpruc ou; " ,-,Vuvtw77,7^uui7^; THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. 0., AUGUST 1, 1901.
Eighth Yeah
Ths LBDOKli two dollars « year in Hilvance. When not so pnitt it is *S*,50 to parties worthy ol credit. Legal advertising 10 cenfs h
nonpariel lino tin,t insertion, nnd 5 cents u line each sulisenuent insertion. Reading notices US centsn line, and commerciiil advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: TilK LEHOE Is located at New Denver, B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided \jy cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well us the bay-windowed anil chiunpngne-ilavortid capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that it is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit. our sinokeetack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally (or tho benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but do not put the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our witter
barrel: one is savage und the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; hi! is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in tins square
Indicate*! thut your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again  to look at
your collateral.
The ideal Slocan climate is just
now at the apex.
Slocan City New Denver would lots while others held on hoping
soon have the largest print shop that some day the Government
on earth. Moir power to him, and would take a tumble and do some-
may he never touch the bottom of I thing.    The day came at last and
The plot thickens. The Seventh
Day Adventists are doing business
in Nelson. 	
Lions are fond of sweet odors.
A bottle of perfume will make them
forget hunger at any time.
his purse.
Lowery's Claim has met with
greater success for the time it has
been alive than any other paper
ever issued in the west. If nothing
hits it the circulation will be greater
in a month or two than any other
B. C. publication.
.Man's inhumanity to man has
beyond a doubt made many mourn,
but man's indifference to delinquent
subscriptions has made many an
editor doubt that story about
throwing your bread upon the
waters. "
If the Government spent less
money upon useless advertising it
would have more for wagon roads.
There seems to be no cure for
journalistic insanity. The News
will appear at Grand   Forks this
Probably if the C. P. R. made
New Denver a health and summer
resort it would be able to pay larger
Tun Lkiwik is 82 a year in advance, or 82.50 when not so paid.
Students of economy should bear
this in mind. ^____
Smallpox has broken out again
in Toronto. More soap and less
puriUiiiisni is needed in that city of
creed cranks.	
The opportunity to build a smelter on Slocan lake is still open to
(lie world. Xo one barred, not
even J'ierp. Morgan,
About 5.00(1 oil companies are
trying to do business in 'Frisco.
Some of their assets me principally
gall and prelty ccrtilicalcs.
The Provincial Secretary must
lie rushed with basiiies*-, as lie has
not answered several letters froni
the Slocan addressed to his department.
hi (ieiiiiiiny many women paint
signs   ior   n   living.    In   America
women  paim   their face-  because
vanity  is stronger  than  coiiiinon
TV T-alf** Nine years ago when
n   Idle   New'Denver   was
Ol LOtS known as Eldorado
City it was full of log shacks and
trail blazers. Meals cost a plunk,
and irrigation two bits a gurgle.
these waiters had the satisfaction
of obtaining a title to their lots for
a mere song as compared to the
former prices. "All things conic
to he Avho waits,'- even New Denver lots. Never pay the B. C.
Government promptly for anything
and you will come out winner. A.
few of New Denver's real estate.
owners lost hundreds of dollars by
being in a hurry, aud do you think
that the Government lias any notion
of giving them a rebate? Not for
a moment. It is too busy with
great things to pay attention to
little acts of justice.
white frills of iaced-up society seldom bobbed in sight. Occasionally
a white shirt wrapped around the
form of a boozerine diluter, or the
nervous anatomy of a green cloth
devotee, Hashed its polished bosom
in the sunlight. The camp was
wild and free. Mrightly burned
the hope of great expectations in
the heart of the motley crowd who
exposed the Slocan to the world,
and no man lacked baeon and
beans, although potatoes were seldom in sight. It was no disgrace
to get drunk, and the man who
could not carry a bottle of Scotch
in his inner workings or buck the
tiger for 4S hours was rated as an
amateur or a tenderfoot. Oh ! the
sweet, youthful days of a mining
camp. Mow full of joy, of hope,
of booze and a dash of hell. How
the crowd jostles and rustles, wiih
the light of millions in their eye,
for no man knows whose wildcat
the drill will pound into a bonanza.
Age brings to every camp bitter
fuels and stern realhics. When
the buds were on New Denver the
cry wciu abroad that it would be a
Mi:uiiil LeadvHit-, and when llie
Government held an auction sale
ol lots the supply pinched lielore
Hygienic professors say tliat the llie real estate lhirst was satisfied,
people eat four times as much food j ()» '■>-•■• «'»>' *-N."M worth «»f wkiIj-
as is necessary, if that is true wej timh'wl and Mone-smfaced lots
are out several thousand dollars <m |«w unloaded unto a public in
IhiihiI bills. i whose brain the dream of a great
town   was    wonderfully    distinct.
The days  Hew  over the  rocks ol
lime and the dream  faded.    The
'crash in silver, internal strife, rival
' towiiM and the wilful neglect of thci
(ioviriimi'iil compelled New Denver!
It* '_'i per nut. the ii-iiitl iiuioiiut  :o live on its shape ami  become a
)-itit 1 lo  mining   rcconleo   iu   lliit*   Likciih'   instead   of  a   l.eadville. |
province who work on coininij*--ioii?; The railroad wax kept  out   of  ihe
II   Hot.   IIH'II  Mill   VKl>   Hit*    ltV«»HH-|     f,-n>vt<i    n\      ,\     Wl     ill      IM .1 *. t - "HI (1 *<l ,
nt kit»*koiiooit pant uuti notch :        jwuuei- v.ie> iimi oiuci* u»wii»ues i»<
;Imhiiii. ami the l iovernuieut instead)
•Un>    Ijh-H-Siuitli huA   Slim" iof f(iyt«.r*mj- t|H,jr mv„ ,.,,--,- tf„v„ j,
('osgrove arc publishing a paper in; lh)l).I.OZ((|1 ))ml.,|](,  ,||lJir,   .u   vXV].. <
".,„,,,      .,!._,    ,vi*    .'.   ■,..•,...     ^'d^iVt,fkoliheimUeniiaii-h   the  in- «
lilled  an.lthci,-Mim.r .vIliM* ull; fant ,«, „„.k ft„  ,.,np(v  |„ll!lt. .„„,)
Main |Mople 1-reetcdj
Why docs the Government   pay
fl.'l n day   to  the  lal-orei-  on  the*
Silver Mountain   wagon   road  anil
only sir., ii mi day ok the  mad fi-om
Nelson to I'l creek?
A Slocan ;^omth?■'»** °'
^_ the smelter trust,
rf3y£r     and stupid legislators,
Good Lord, deliver us!
From bad whiskey, marked cards
and tough beefsteaks^
Good Lord, deliver us!
From high water, burning forests
and amateur mining experts.
Good Lord, deliver us!
From theological grafters and
Sunday observance cranks,
Good Lord, deliver us!
From party politics, ma-chine
votes and scrub politician!;, !
Good Lord, deliver us!
From the wail of the pessimist
and the cry of hard times, -
Good Lord, deliver us!
From C. 1*. R. freight rules.
Good Lord, deliver us!
From (lag toadyism and Ihe worship of kings.
Good Lord, deliver uh!
From Hob Green as Minister of
< loot! Lord, deliver us!
green. But it is a system tliat puts a
collar around the people's necks and
hinds the country, down to the colonial
days and ways. Advancement is out
of the question, as a nation, so Ions* as
the country has no legal 'tender-coin
money. With absolutely nothing to
fall back upon but foreign gold, she
must of necessity remain v. dependency
on the financial world. And this in
spite of the fact that she has for years
been a heavy producer of gold. Viewed
from the bankers standpoint—and since
the world began this has always been
one of immediate self interest—there is
some reason why they should oppose
the establishment of a mint. But there,
arejust a few people in Canada who are
not bankers—though all would like to
be. Then again, the, Dominion' as a
government is not in the banking business, and it, too, wants to get there.
When it succeeds, it will have something more than promises to pay to
hand out to von.
Manager Wilkie, of the Imperial
Bank of Canada, is an exception to the
general run of the head, of our money
mills. At the annual meeting of that
bank, he said, concerning the establishment of a mint in Canada: "1 do not
concur in the objections which have
been raised to this project; on the contrary, I am more than ever convinced
from a patriotic, a sentimental, and an
economic point of view that no time
should be lost in completing its establishment The advantage of attracting
to our markets the producers of an ever
increasing output of gold and silver,
won from our own territory, by the establishment of government assay
offices, is self-evident; the alarm lest
we have an over-production of gold
and silver through the establishment is
newlless; our present excellent currency system will not be interfered
with. Canadian gold assayed and re-
lined by Americans linds a market today in the shape of United States bars
and United States coins, whichever is
applied for by the depositors. Why
should a Dominion government assay
and a Dominion government certilieate,
in the shape of an impression of his
majesty's head upon each coin and upon
each ingot, debase their value or divert
their course? It is not necessary or expedient that everything in the shape of
gold or silver purchased at the government assay office should he coined into
sovereigns or decimal coinage—such is
■notthecourseof-sveuts in Great-Britain-
or in gold-producing countries, such as
Australia and the United Slates, where
government mints now exist. Much ol
our Canadian gold does, under American auspices, and will, under Canadia .i
auspices, lind its market in the. shape
of ingots or bars. Its coinage into sovereign"*, half-sovereigns and decimal
pieces will not be compulsory '"
Ring up
When you want quick service, first-
class goods and fair treatment. We
can fill "rush" orders of any size as
quickly as they are received, and
make a specialty of large orders.
Another carload of flour just in; also
one of feed—wheat, barley, oats,
bran,   etc.     Let   us  supply   you.
A complete line of Christie's Sweet
Cakes and Crackers just opened.
Bourne Bros.,
The fact that Canaila is In have it
mint is not well received hy the Bank-
ers' Alliance, It it-, of cninw, must unfortunate the Dominion jjiivenuneii'
cannot please the heads uf I'aimilnV
rag money institutions. What is to
the best interests of the coiuitiy should
be, and is, of equal advantage to every
litc'lttei-t" Institution in It Tlmt '•■m-
aihi nccili* a coin money ofltiiiiwn mum
be conceded, mul more ci-|i(-cliilly now
when the miiunituile of her Industrie*
is no great, and is ever mi tlm IntTcHsc
The tumble li;ii> been that tlm tiauken.
have had things too muili tlieir own
way. No banking syMvin In the world
Is safer -mil better tliiin tlmt of this
country—for the men belilinl tin* long
__?"The"KiinIer" Beer has lieoome the favorite Ueer in tlie Coast Cities.    It has met in sueoesp-fu
(-•iiiipctltlon the famous Milwaukee Beers.
Our Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable whiskey in the market.
We have it in bulk and is cases, 5's and fi's. We are agents for the Bruns*
wick-Balke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
Write us for prices and terms.
Have recently opened in Nelson a
In which they carry the beat and newest furniture in the country.
Buyers in and out of town are requested to examine goods and
read list of prices before placing their orders elsewhere	
In Hot
Or «'0ld one should
Pearl divers in Ceylon receive about
2u cents a day and a small |ieri'eiitai-e
of the, catch.
Signal Lowery's Claim
to come vour wav by
sending the editor a <lol
lur. It furnishes a powder that leaves no missed
holes, and cannot be
beaten for shattering tlie
rock of superstition and
ignorance that cover.*, wj
much of the bright metal of freedom on this
earth. Dig. while the
thought of purchase is
warming your upper
R. T. Lowery
■ Nc»v Denver, B. C.
Unlit. Sllvi'i'-l.i'iuliuiiU'iip-ier .Minus waiilcil nt tie: KXCH ANOK.
PlilCB MlW.lNli HUM) iiriiiii'i'tli'h waiid'il ut unci' for Kiisleni Investor*.
I'liitU's liiivlii(f mliiini,'|n-iiiii!it,v Kir mile tiro rri|ui>twi to suwl num|iln» ol tlii'lr nr,. ro
thi' Km'Iiiiiii'i' fur i-xlilliltlnn.
\ll (,iiin|ili'g hIii.iiIiI Im si'iit liy Kx|irom, *>ri'|>iii<l.   Cui'ri-siiunileiH'H milli'lti'il.
UAtlilrrBHiill '■iilllliiltnlcutlonHtn ANIlHKW    V.    KOHKNlllCHdl'll,
'1'i'li'liliiiiif No. UU.   1'. i), Hnx Tim, NelHon, 11. (*.
-%%%%*%%*%%%%^^%%%^%%v%%%%^% <%%*%%%>%*
The NewmarkctHotel,
llns one ol the most beautiful locations in America, and the public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at Now Denver's printing emporium-—
always remcmlwrto! ?c^J5»^rW>1^«^^^><»^ p<^P*^px^mx^mr^9x^*mrAm\
keep'tho stumneb or!S^-**■*- **** Wk xRTWkTx WTiMW!">rfW y*imt **imt. xWdJW%
bowels iu u'uod order j pA
Wi it*     th\v    nm»»-»nvn 11 P\}
t i
there a nntSjjng^ct
(er llian	
I hat is umtli ktnming nlmtit Ymir.
Health Salt
tt Im a wife ri'inedv for
iiy fur help,
iimi*'   ready  'mililiiijj*. and  ext-iied   lliein-.ehc.-i
Folks limn t«» build up the t«iwn.   They, tinu*!
and ap'iin. ni|iii-*icil   ihe   ■ -ovctu-
llU'lii  tn :i--Al   llifUl    bv     l'»"*i<*M»l!iM|''
fin*  |»n-yii>t'iit-  held  a-zawM    lli.-ii*
Int.**. but il w,;(--.f sin  avail.     I.ib-
a **t"U** k«kI the fiii-.enimctii'   tn-v.-r
If   b.w.iyV   ri.iin.    had   many   Mi,..*#*d mm *y,    Tinil   «f   ujiiIh.*.   IXClSOH S DTUg &   HOOk StOTC
ji.-ifniic* lib- llw «".  I\  If    .I'-eiif   irf  *-<trri<* >»o*.|i» *^td in   full   f<»r  flnti v»« iii-»i»r, n, r,
There i- -.aid l<» l»-
nnin<\ ai'iniiil iiiand
•t any jKiinl iu the njfper coiiiiliy.
I'U'Kiv '»(' ueiui'V i.> uuued at
1'tnH-iiix. but the lainei** have di***
(over*-.] Hitiiv iiivott* *4 k*-(-jiill|i   it.
llie inanv simple ail-
menu, .xiicli im Hiliorn*
<t\e*\ Hick HmwImcIh*,
i tc , und, lxulftjf a pal
ntabie eflervfuccnt )<ow*
der, tt "u »i nil Hint* . .
Cooling and Refreshing
Sold onlv nt
Baek of Montreal.
IMiihlUhr.l   IKI7.
Capital (all palU up) $12,UAtt.O.(.W
(Ulsterveil 'iuim    .    .     i,'iXki,\h:tn.>iki
Undivided proHts  :   :   MO^XUH
iniAii ovrtev, monthkai..
!{r. Hox. b.uiiSTHATHcoxAa.ul Mount Uovm. (I.U..M.(J. JVeuident.
Ilov. ll, A. Dhiimmonh, Vice President,
K. S. CijOUhtvix, General Manager,
I'liiinehe-. in  all iiurti' ul Lnnada, Newt'nniiulaiid, tirejii Hiitiilii, im'*
the I'nited Hi tne*.
New Denver branch
l.K IS. DE VniiF.k. Manager
a lw1'*-** )*/mwm' *__rl"w
pwrxm P*^^p€yjmmex.
W    mt  ht*   "WW'   mtmt'   '
'A Eighth Year.
THE LEDttE, NEW DENVER, li (J., AUGUST 1   1901.
ITlcxicos Burden Bearers
Mexico never gets away from its
dislikes of innovations and its love
of primitive ways, says a traveling
correspondent. No primitive custom is more doggedly retained by
Mexicans everywhere from the Rio
Grande to Central America than
that of using human brawn and
muscle to do the work of horses,
mules and oxen.
■'They are our competitors, and
no mean ones, either," said a railroad man recently, pointing to a
score of Mexicans in single file,
each carrying a box of merchandise,
up the mountains to inining camps.
In the streets of cities there are
passing every hour men who transport enormous packs of merchandise on their shoulders and backs.
Here conies a little old man with a
quarter of a ton of hay on his bent
back. Yonder is another man
N carrying a prodigious load of earthen crocks strapped across his shoulders. Close behind him trots a lad
with a basket holding several bushels of chilis balanced on his head,
and there conies a procession of
young men, the eargadores for the
big hotel, each bearing on his back
a huge American trunk from the
railroad station.
The business of burden-bearing
is eon lined to the peon or peasant
class in Mexico. There are families of eargadores—the human
freighters of Spanish countries—
who have been in the vocation for
generations. As a class they are
small of stature, thin of legs and
arms, haggard faced, probably
from the excessive use of the powerful mescal and tobacco, and prematurely old. But their necks and
chests are full and exhibit great
muscular development. They are
stooped shouldered from long years
in their work.    Scores of mail car-
comes an   Indian  woman   with a
great load of charcoal  strapped on
hanker for a diet of soap and salt.
and nothing else.
the plough  trudges along with  a
dull, set expression.
One scene of Mexican women doing the hard labor of  the   beast
sticks in the writer's memory.     It
was at, Zacatecas.      Irrigation in
the hard, parched soil there is necessary to produce crops,  and the
primitive  irrigation  devices   have
remained exactly the same through
two and three centuries.    On many
haciendas   water   is   raised   from
springs by crude water wheels.    In
almost any other country a beast of
burden would be employed to work
these water wheels.      But human
muscle is cheap in   Mexico.     At
Zacatecas the writer   saw a  half
dozen comely peon  girls, ranging
from 14 to 18, harnessed to a water
wheel and trotting about the ring
hauling the heavy beam of the apparatus   after    them.       Notwithstanding their ragged garb,  their
swart   hands    and    necks,   their
clumsy feet and marks of hard toil
they had a fresh beauty peculiar to
young women of Aztec blood. They
had worked at the same task weeks
and their parents had  contracted
to supply their labor  until the end
of the irrigating season, which was
three months away.    Every day for
11 hours, with a half-hour rest at
noon, the girls trudged  about the
hot, dusty ring of earth, in a fierce
sunshine, with  never a   thing to
vary the monotony  of their existence.    For this labor the  parents
received 10 cents a day  for  each
Standing on any city street corner on a busy day it is interesting
to watch the busy procession of eargadores passing. Here are two
women loaded down with wood
that they gathered yesterday up in
the mountains '20 miles away.
Their brows are dripping perspira-
her back and dirty as the coal j It is his opinion that what the
tucked in the front of her rebosa, ! country needs is more doughnuts
while balanced on her head is a! and pie. He says that the most
water jar filled with the precious! notable man in camp is one who
pulque. i used to act as pastry cook in a cow
Here is a  man   with   a tower of j camp.    People come   miles to see
chairs rising seven feet  above his j him.
head, and another with four chil- \ Ike is of the opinion that a line
dren's coffins. Then comes others \ of soup houses ought to be estab-
half concealed under their burdens lished at once along the Yukon,
of furniture, hay, wood, pulque. I and bitterly bewails the fact that
water and garden produce of all such institutions are located at
kinds, and as you are about to turn ; places where the stores are full of
away in sadness rather than disgust j the finest grub,
your eye catches sight of a girl al- j He encloses a copy ofthe Klon-
most smothered in a profusion of j dike Kicker, from which we excerpt
flowers, and you enjoy a chat that [the following items: '-The Del-
leaves you lighter in heart and jnionico Cafe is now open. Charges
pocket, but rich in beautiful roses, jare reasonable for reading over the
orange blossoms and mignonette,     jbill   of   fare.
One of the most common sights
is the pulque bearer.    The vessel
The    Vienna
look at anything but a pickled I camp is the place t(» send a young
claim.'' ; man who wants tu  acquire knowl-/p
"You -know what quartz is,' edge and fill his s\>t'-m full of in-
probably?" ' ; formation that  will   be   useful   to
"No." ! him as long as he lives.
•'Well, every  claim   has quartz. ;    ,,.„ , ~~7~7     .- ■
' •' ■ ' 'lake care of tin-.  *"iv*t->,    p-.-n-s a
Some more and some less. You j •[•{,uu^M.i, ,,.,,„.,., j„,\.l,.i..nin--ii.-' thai
find out how many quart/. I here j nut of a single tree ;n liyei- Cunnv a
are. and then put in so many j■ citizen had got four cords of tire-wood,
pounds of salt to the quart.    Wild |
Bakery is now selling sixteen bread
tickets for SI0.     That  is all  it is
used for carrying pulque is the skin j selling, however.    .    .    Four hun-
of a. hog.    At a. distance the   skin | dred cords pf highly seasoned wood
when filled looks more like the live
animal than anything else. The
skin is kept steady on the bearer's
back by the band passing over the
forehead, thus supporting also the
greater part of the weight. A bout
25 gallons of pulque, or 200 pounds,
is not an uncommon load, and the
bearer moves rapidly along with it,
as if it were a mere trifle.
riers in the sparsely settlecTparfiToT j
Mexico walk and run more than
140 miles every week. A few cover
on foot 40 miles a day six days in
the week, and go up and down
rough mountain roads at that.
They don't seem to know what fatigue means.
The descendants of the Aztecs are
a still'-necked people in more than
one sense, and seem to prefer to
place their burdens so as to be supported by a strap across the forehead, bringing the entire strain upon the forehead and muscles of the
neck, while the hands are left free
to handle the indispensible cigarette
and once in a while to carry a pole
to help them up some steep path.
In this way they will carry a barrel
of flour upon their broad backs up
mountain sides and along barancas
so sleep and rugged thai most men
haye to pick their way to avoid
The Mexican believes in woman's
rights lo the evicnt that she should
cuiiy her half, and, in fact, a little
more Until her hall'.    Hvcn   in the
Klondike Ike, who left here
somewhat in doubt and clothed
with more or less suspicion, writes
us from Dawson City, says an exchange. Me says that it is early
spring by the patent medicine almanac and that he has just ventured forth to gather a mess of
mushrooms and dandelion greens to
in exchange for a piece of liver and
no   questions  asked.     .     .    Our
stock of summer dress goods, shirt
waists,    seersucker    lawn   tennis
suits, etc., is offered for a few links
of bologna.    Pedigree unnecessary.
.    .    A birthday party was given
Ted   Taylor on Monday  evening.
attended  by about thirty of our
elite.    Ice cream and cake were on
i the bill of fare, but   they   failed to
! materialize anywhere else.    .    .
Doc Kli is mourning the loss of his
little dog 'Tomale.' The little fellow was perfectly harmless in life,
but the doctor hopes that lie will
turn over in his grave and give the
wretch who stole him a bad case of
HOW    THEY    SALT    A    CLAIM.
Tenderfeet are only human.      It
brace up  his stomach   with.    The
bracing atmosphere fails to do this. | |s their desh;e to ,earn  abo»1; the
the alkali dust of the plains, their
feet are only half protected by old
grass-woven sandals, and as they
totter along their hands are busy
fumbling ancient strings of beads,
and their aged lips trembling with
weariness and the prayer they mutter. As soon as the wood is sold
the women drag themselves to the
shelter of the nearest church door
and leave there one of the coppers
they have received for their two
days'hard work. After a prayer
for good luck, they invest a portion
of the rest of the money in a lottery
ticket, buy a few I'rijoles and seek
the mountains for another load of
wood. Yonder conies an icecream
man bearing a freezer and a can of
ice cream as large as a keg of beer
on his head. Icecream is a national
dish in Mexico, and one will see
several hundred icecream peddlerst
liearing their stock in trade on their
heads, in the course of a day's observations. Iichiud hi in comes the
baker's boy with a great basket,
nicely balanced on  hi-*, head,  fillet
horrors of uncivilized  war.   in the with rolls and sweetened cakes for
worst of the  hard   I'oiighl   revolu- your  evening   chocolate.       Then!
tioii.s. iln* .-oldier*  have  each  his  ~~~~~~-—~~~"~~
woman who carries a heavy load of
Indian corn and babies,  who cooks
tortillas and frijoles  for her lord
and  master,   who  helps   to carry
home the plunder   if her side wins.
and   not   unfreqiiently  pcrisho*  if
the other side is victorious.     I Vou
women are also doing  iln- wuvk of
beasts of burden. In many instances the hard Inlmi* she cheerfully perforin for a mere pittance is
revolting to  ViiH'Hi'itn eye*-.   Fvery
ilny out   among  ihe   mnclue* one
may see young women iu the Hush
of   health   and   vigor,   gracefully
jKiised and with shapely necks aud
i i
Iliiii*>,    <ihhh--*m <i    ,<•   ' mm.*'   >'•««
ploughs in ttte maguey .icu.-.     iu
the state of Oaxaca.   close b,,i,..* g^ jj,,,^  Manager
He found it slightly too chilly for
mushrooms, and fears that the
dandelion pest has not yet reached
his stomach with his leather braces
which he stewed in a strong solution of suspense.
He says there is a great opening
for an ice cream parlor at Dawson.
There might be some difficulty in
getting the necessary skim milk
and sugar, but. there is plenty of
nice, linn ice. So far, none ofthe
churches, even, have gone into the
ice cream and oyster supper business to raise the church debt.
Ike is especially anxious to have
the stampeders bring in a new kind
of dog. He suggests that a nice,
gamey setter bird dog would lie the
thing, alter living twelve  months j
intricacies of mining as quickly as
possible, and to do so they must
ask questions.
"1 wish you   would  explain  to
cat claims require more salt, because the wild cat spoils quicker
than anything else.
•'Sometimes you catch a sucker,
too. and you have to put him in
brine or you lose him. That's one
reason why they salt a claini.
"Then, again, you often grub
stake a man—"
"What is a grub stake?"'
"Well, a grub stake is a stake
that the boys hang their grub on so
they can carry it. Lots of mining
men have been knocked cold by a
blow from a grub stake.
"What I wanted to say, though,
was this: you will, probably, at
first, strike free milling poverty,
with indications of something else.
Then you will, no doubt, sink till
you strike bed-rock, or a true-
fissure gopher hole, with traces of
"That's the time to put in your
salt. You can shoot it into the
shaft with a double-barreled shotgun, or wet it and apply it with a
white-wash brush. If people turn
up their noses at your claim then,
and say it is a snide, and that they
think there is something rotten in
Denmark, you can tell them that
they are clear oft', and that you
have stilted your claim, and that
you know it is all right."
The last seen of the tenderfoot
he was buying a double-barreled
shot gun .Hiid ten pounds of rock
There is no doubt but a mining
hree gallons of honey,  and  five raccoon--.
High heels, .it is said, owe their origin
to Persia, where there were introduced
to raise the feet from the burninij sands
nf that country.
A  first-class seamstress in  India is
paid from $1 to So a month.
{Condensed advertisements, such a.s For Sale,
\\ anted, Lost, Strayed. Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Miirrlnge.-*, Person-lb Hotels, Lewi I, Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding SO words for
!!.ri cents each inffertion. Each live words or le-ia
over 8" words are live cents additional.]
DItY OUK PKOI'KKTY, Xorth Fork Car-
lwnterj-veek--ALI'S,  A LI'S  KKACTION,
und A'LTUKUS—Crown Grants obtained,
lily, W. J. McMlLLAN & CO., Vancouver, B,
'I'HEO. MADSON, Kelson. B. C, numufac-
L    tures Tents, Awnings, Horse and  Wagon
Covers, mid nil kinds uf Canvas Goods.
me all about this salting~7*)!~ciaims
that I hear so much about,"' «tod a
meek-eyed tenderfoot to. a grizzly
old miner who was panning about
six ounces of pulverized quart/.. "'I
don't see what they want to salt a
claim for, and I don't understand
how they do it."
•'Well, you see, a hot season
like this they have to salt the claini
ltds of times to keep it. A fresh
claim is good enough for a fresh
tenderfoot, but ihe old timers won't
To .lini.v Ki.DliH.H.ortuaiiy person or iii-rsons
lo wliuin lie may linvc tran-fcneil liis interest
in the "Vermin" Mineral Claim, one of llie
•'N'.iiiliaieil" (,'ruiip, situate near Bear Lake,
in the Skicnu Mliilni; Division of West
Kootenay District:
\rOU are hcreliy notltied that we have expended
slivl.ii.i in labor and improvements mi ne
count ul vour interest lu  the  Veinon   Mineral
Claini.    'I'lie above mentioned >l.!ii.ii*i i- your
I prupoiti'iii of the expense necessary in ordertu
' hold the eulil claim under the provisions ofthe
' Mineral Act, and if wlihi.i ninety days from the
date of this notice ymi full or refuse to contribute
thealiove mentioned sum, which is now due,
liiu-cllier with nil co»ts uf iulverti«lni.', y.iiir In
ii'i'csi in the siiiit claim will tiecoiiie the prn)M'iiv
ul' lliciibsi-rlliei-s, iiuiliT Section t of the "Min
eral Act Aineiiilnieiit Act ltrnn."
Dati'it nl Xcl'-uii. II   C. tills isth dav ul .lulv,
■I.'G.  M-LKAX.
The finest 17-Jewel.d
watch in the market at
the price 	
at a
on pointers. ! The Hamilton 17-.Teweled movement
Ike says he isn't drinking a drop |"'« Nickle C"6*-'. '« t-l(- b,~'st '>""> »",s-
,  '     .    ...     „,     " ' ibeautilul watch in the market
now-he gets  it  in   the   lonn   <»'| Vory low ligure.
frozen chunks and by  the  pound.
His credit at the store is good, lint   ,      ,   .
h 'jeweled,   ui
XKLSON, B. C.      Cor. WAKO & BAKER Sts.
Has had 15 years experience in dental worn, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridire Work. Most
complete dentil utlk-e in B. C.
mi the Continent of North Arm-ri- n CA L I II
ca. Situated midst scenery un- R C Q fl n T
rivalled for Grandeur. Boutin-,*, n LU U II I
Fishing and Excursions Resident I'hysieian
and Nurse. Telegraphic, communication with all
parts of thc world; two mails arrive and depart
everyday. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments. Terms: *-l.r> to pjlH
per week, aceordlii-' to residence in hotel or
villas. The price of a round-trip lieket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good tor'aii days, is >5.35. Halcyon Springs. Arrow Lake. B. C.
R   HEYLAND, Eiiifineor and I'rovineial
LhikI Surveyor.   Sandon.
\\f    V. TKKTZKl. * CO.,   Xelson.   B.C.,
Vi .   Dealers in all Or* '   -
hniii* and Assayers' Sup-
I     K,    OAMKIlON,   Saml'in,   Miiniifaetures
»l ,   ClolhiiiK toorilcr:   audi solicits pa troll aire
from all classes,
"Wliolesale   Merohants.
'IMItXKK,    IIKKTON    A   CO.,   Wholesale
1     Mercliiiuiwaiid Impiii'tcrs:   L!(|ii.ii'«. Clfiirs
and Dry Omuls,    N
.imt London. Euc
nn,  Vancouver. Victoria
tt     Importer*. Wholi-a|e ti
CO.,     Xelson.
■v- tt ml Provision
the   merchant
1 have Hamilton movements tally
$13 to $60
;'.*   seemed   |.os*   -.,„, hl,Ht,|Ual
with  the idea   that along ity, trout.  .
spring   the    people   would      ,-vc,.y wa,c,, fjuuraiitcod. Send (or
  !  a $18 watch, mailed  upon  receipt of
I price.
ill.   \V.   (iWlMMhTT, i.riiillipili' nplii-laii
IJNelson Saw and '
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
The   warm  weather   Iihh
struck us at last with a i
vengeance,   and   l«   evidently   here  to  8tay for
some time.
'I'ii nKl.lN\U KNT CM.oWXI'.ll.
To I lie K-tati' nf X. M.   MniPllK. or  wlinin-.s'M'i'
ll umy cipiicitii:
V'ul'arc berebv initlli'-il tlmt  I   have e\| ended
1     oin-hll'idrei'l a   ll two dollars anil lift y ei'iil*
Hi labor and im, ri.vi■iiu-nl* upmi Ihe   Molli.- mil
el'il claim  -limited neiir Sainton,  iu tin  Si., a'
Mining IHvinloii. mul reeorili-!*. In llie ulllec.if tin
Minion llec.inl.T 'or the said illvinl Ii.-liu; tin
am ilint ivijinii d to i|..|il  said eliiliii   nun1.a   Iln
l'io\ i-li.ii-. I tin- M'u pci al Aci ior lb.- vi -are i dii
S'ov.-nili.-i- i;ii|i  lo..
And u hi Hi in iitm-tv di\- irom Iln datt-ot tlii"
notice you I'piil ■ T ref-1-.e to  i rllnile   vnn   pro-
p.ii-i|.iii nl   *iip-Ii  i .\;i. udituiv. ! .villi' I   "illi .ill
I li-l ..! aiLi'lti-in-.   \ p 111- hilnv-l  in  On   -.ptill . I .iln
il   Ulll   Ir rolllr till-    pf.i|vr|\     ..I    the    IIIHI' t'-l .' Ill l| .
ilii'iei   .elf in I o, .pip   \el i.i   a ml  Hi.   Mlm-r.i!
\i'i  i	
I>. '.•: !h>;i.;ili .in ■•)' ln'y. I'm)
( illti*.) ir., I,. I.
..    _ it"I'.   Xolai'V   I'll
K\-er,\ Friday at Silv.-tt..
I   .   Ilcitor.   Xoiaiy I'ublie
It., Ban-Inter, So.
>ainJ.'ll.   It    ('.,
ML.  (iltlM.MICTT. I.,   I..   ».,   Hiurlitu,
,   Solicitor. Xoiiirv 1'iiblie      s.uidoii. It. ('.
Ili-iiii'.-li tlllli-.• .it Xew tleiiverev-iv Satuulay
•i-iir. \iu.i\i;ton iioti:i., sim-ancitv.
I     is li. p.il.jii ii|. i- for Mliilni* ami Coiiini n fal
\|. n.     iilllllM.   \   111 M'l IIMiN
ami   lewi
SA.NI'dX. II. ('.
Staple and Kancy
Agent tin*
are you prepared GOODWIN JANDLES
for it ?
Kelson, 13. O.
& G0.
the Ci'iilf of Tehimnicper. hnndi
(<f women, young and old. are doing mi the maguey ami nii>'i.cr
plantation** whatl umh-i* would do
in America. AH dav Imig. har-
iivsmiI ihrcciind four logether. they
tut* and **trat>in  al   the   roiH'i-  that  Xo. II. K- W.(.'. Block, Neltoti, IU\
r*                                         '                                        i'i> Mo* -*ir
hold them   i»»   the   nun   noiuh-ii 	
Hi aK-nj iu
With stiitahle munnier
iMniicnt." II not, we were
never in a l»eUer |K>slti(iii
to supply your deinandrt.
Here are a lew IIiu-k that,
will tutei'CHti >«Hl;
Cuw«i«r Clrlftc '»   •»*»'»•'«•'   l"" '* ""l
%j *****... *»»   *^ *.* .* **. 8 ,.,„. *■. .., , "". ..
trlmmim.' nl •-» ■' '.' -'"'mini I V'
Linen Crash and Denim Skirts
T", ■!!, -4 If I in. in. i a."'' aVi'.'ii'V.i'.vii!
■I' • I . 1 /'-, ."*'   i '"■  ■'"'I   "' '■ ' -'.'U'lt
in I'llii'*, Mielin• ami
,f.       .j,,. *I,P.' ..|,,|
< ...ol e.|, *o, -   -       "i     ,      ,   '■     ■     .   .. '
l •»>, ■>. .n.i i.:-* " K
w,<!.   ....   !   .ill   I .;.-
• t.. I  i   il      ilit   (..lie*
«. tM»l\
The f.eadiin;
MIM'VCIII.,     lltilNsllli:,     vi:iimin,
in. vtuittt-.it>. -*t villi. *.i' tt it i
liaell mil  NOM'Utl II.   Iiinliiiii
Min.i  l I'tilui*.
I    a*
-.1 ..nn Mii.iiivt  liut*i i tt eft
I'll,!.      Ilp-llll'l.        tt'll. te Ulltill \l,,lll
,lir |..,l 'IIH|.»t ol   Ileal   I,live
M; Mi'lii i, ib.it i. Wm *• iii.hiv .'I'tinn
u, ot I  i Win  I    \|« Lean    I''"'   Minei '•
Ci riiliui'. \'.. ii ,",«;,,i: ,|..lni il    \|e{,i,in  l-'n-i
\lll,.-r-      I ellilicap     Xo      It     ..»;>      .'till    V\  i'l      A
(lam     I'm   Mil..i*   i.iliiiiiii   Xo   II    i,'-
blli-lifl.     -i\ti   d'V»    'loin    i lie   (III.     InV'il     I"
aplih I..lie Mmiuu l(i.-oi.|,.|  loi (*rllti. p.*. -p.l
llli|i|..«, Oil-Ill.    loi    I lo-    (illl|>,.»i    ol   olilaildm.      .
I I    ll i, t • In 1,1 ol Co li ol tin   ab'Hl- cl.llli,*
I nil '■■ illl. I  l.tki- i.i •tin- lllal ail e.ll. ii,.<!. i  •<•
II et   I*   il,ll«t  |„    i'.hiiIii. ih . ll   l»(..|e III,   )..null. .
..' mo li i , itiiii an «  .   I pi.p.r .- . ui. ni*
Oil.-1 tiii- iiiini.., ■■• itiji. ii h r*-i
w\i - i ini-win
ninii*, ivui.ni:, mi;«i:uv, nr
I'l.l (». mul -I.M.O   ril.%l'TIIIN  Mi.   >
III!.    Ill   (III      >!....Ill     .Mllllllj.'    |l|||-|.|ll    of   \\  f.\
K-. u u,,p,    .ll.'.tii t       V. I:...   t ... v. :     i h
li.,HI  Molll.t.llll    ■'!.<■    mill     lioltti.   i*l ..!   \l w
liKM t IIMI' I It ll >l.,  i\A>l.i»,
Kresh HhIi all the time,
Poultry tnii-t the
tinic, 25UP
Summer Vacation Trips
IX. '. \',:>,  *•;■ ■♦■
I Hill'    I*t       III!"       •      !>,       \ tlk»l|«(   ♦,,   ■.'It.
i'wiiki ii i i:\(.t i mi irriMi
•*• \N   I i;,A\l Al it   *"i" <m
.tut*, ia. ll, }.:,
t-inc&t 5tiup iu me oiociin.
Itiiek   Hlnck,    Hcllevne   Ave
iU'wver, \\. <'.
Ladl :s' Blouses
Ladies' Parasols
Ladies* Gloves,a
ii. • .i i.
i ..i-n-ii
Uliin  -iii.
H.-fi.T. HAD! TAIN. C. R
M|\|N».   KN«ilNKKi:
•      XlXSON
KUCI- *.'  I-
K    W  ('   III
■y\ui x'i»i hi i in i  n.ii.ii  t
i   ,,u,,,, , .  , .,. ,-    ti. ,. .I,.!,.. i-
•   ,  -t" '      V        !*.      •■   :.     W   'MlalPl    If      Wi"    |lo
Mill, I*    li|-ll|iii|e    >.'    .      II       'till ml      \ino*
t  lo     .,»   „ r .!■.,.     H I'-K' '"l        '..    V li' f"
lii»,.i,,l.„,it n -  "..-in Uleil .(.  I,ri.    II ■ 1) t-H  '    II. <
Mlllliil       U,'..>.til    t. I    I   . itlllral. .   ..1     l!il||o\,
nil lit" (""   ' ill'  ,.||l |H •'    ol    olil ilniiiL'  '   »•   »1.      li>'-
;        .   ■'! I,    ■  .       '       •.,
\  .il   ,n'|l|i r I , I,,  a.
it.-.. ■',; '>..,.( u <.,niiii
■..'I, ...,ui. .i-*..» (..■
|i.(.,( t|ii. ,»,.(,  U\
I inV   ilMiv V (TTI
.till. .'. .t.
*< >* *i» i
11,in   I,, ii
,.(. r. it..
A M . I "I
ti  i   rwi'.i-
i      ™■
i tan
II.'K'V   ,'Ulll   f'Hlll  JI'Tieiw l!,,.
dry (ield** the moiiu'Ii diaji the
jiluujjli. their t.;iie jV»-t .iokiiijj in
the -uft earth, their luviinaiif luriji
!^(M"*I. im'iT MYiii^ invi-r (Isi'in" Kr.»t,«,H
;ttuuMtTv    'f'Fie   tonu   eh<> j*ffi»l'***
Wlule llliitri
I   , Il .- I, I '   l, !..!.'
|. llli.ll.   '.Mill i/!..   i.
,»inl 1 '»> a -..Of.
I Mil
Pi    t   1
1   1,    II
I    •!
Ill  I'll
A 'iii-«i. .•*• .1 ill*
on r I.    tt'if . t r i-t'i
Ladies' Hosiery,,,
■tii**! "Av st .**ir
Ladies'Corsets ,'v 'Yd,.l_.....
»h>.rr ii pi«i ai  *•     . »    ami •) |»air,
Nelson. B C.
Si. James
\ \ ( l".V\i, l.lu i .u
i<i.i i;«»i i   *
!.;U-   '
.. .%   * tl*.*-  'a!,1. *    1 ..!, . ,*,,0  ' o
ii •■* ».!iir.*» Mi* i.r .-..<; • .:
'.. a '.Aliiii*; 11, \
'..v„y.<, •'.<• i*  ■.-- . v
■I.   -     »   -I'        .  I'
iiSM.   \>^\,
l^iAll^ti i &\t
V   I ((.(ltt'*ffN * -('   l'*ijp.
t V. <• |n,»
!,.!  •.'«..
!t>«> tt'i-nl** m thi' en*.
!**. lit-,**
-t Vhh li.rm t>te   r»-»»li»**—Par   i.-i'i'.i-   At': V *• b *'
tn! «'!_:»('■**    \U**t mm v'.n- fit  >i-.i.' u".
«   I*  f
V    >|1I|
• •till t
v i: v t'. 11,
-        'V^     ,       * *., 'I:   1  ,. t
X.- tt    '       ,    ';f.#. THE LEDGE, NEWDEiWEK, 13. C, AUGUST 1, 1901.
Eighth Yeak
-June id—Weu-r Ford, near Sandon, ECarlson.
Hastiiif-!- I'r. Silver int.' H Nelson.
_4—Florcnei-    car Sandon, R A LnngM.
ail—Oamiiadii .lie, n f Carpenter cr, J H Elliott.
Xew Eneflaml. s f Carpenter cr. -,S S Cameron.
Victory fr.t'.. v cr, A B Docksteader.
Uiiniel fr, m-.,'* Sandon, J A Black.
Gordon fr. m-r Sandon, R McTagsart.
July s—La ni.- fr, Payne ml, F H Wilson.
Cortez, neat '  'dy, M Mt-Andrews.
Sussex, near McGuigan, M Ganty.
4 -Amies, nipi Alamo concentrator, A 0 Ostby
.n-Hill   iile i:. Carpenter er, D McLeod.
i.-Calcite. M i I er, J K Clark.
Hiuli Ore, Four Mile er. F Ryan, V Clune.
Heather, aini i'elegrapli, McGuigan er, J
Italia Four Mile er, D Sulk.
Whistler. V.i \ no mt. C Walmsley.
li-Moniiiio V, Wilson cr, J WriKlit.
Hi—Ri-stiKutii :ieBoy,Gold cr, G B -tlclntosli
Ca-itrvann. ii '. Carpenter or, A Mitchell.
Jossie, n I C;i p penter cr, W Wills.
Jessie, n fern , muter, A .Mitchell.
li   Sterling, i pirpenter er, J T Foley.
(imml Rapid . Femiell cr, J Finlay, .1 r.
Maiiimotli. I-  nell cr, L M Knowles.
Caneiiseii, 1-V: nellcr.J Finlay, Sr.
19—Calvin, pid Telephone Ir, 1'ayne. ait, 0
in—Krlda* fr. near Three Forks, A R Hiik-
..•|~('l,-ii!su,ii   fr, Best Basin, 1> MeGresor.
Joint fr, Kicp! lie Lee int. I* M Hayes.
KJI-Holis, F i:p- Mile it. Geo White.
Dennis, and ilii-hland Jesnie, Four Mile, H
>C .lblrk.
il-Reim. Wil-oncr, M Murchlson,-I Weroley.
(ialleo. joins l;lncon, L M Knowles.
Belleviie fr. 1' yiie int. Geo K Ransiiin
il-.Rii-lianl < ivoil, near Wilson cr, D Bran-
David Harm,, same, A R Balderston.
-»•-Jersey -U ilsou er, A M noseliauips.
Horn, Wil- ,,er, J Wrifiht.
Jiiiii)l»-M:,i .* Durham, Stnii 1'i-Flai? Staff,
JJeJ.iware fr, Luneastor, Central fr. mi-Hustings
•21—Swnnsen. Viilvern. Caniilen, Harlem, Boul
<ler, Delornine. Younj? Dominion fr. ..—Glon,
Blooiuini'ton, ivltes, Revelstoke, Lincoln, Ex-
lettiDalkeltli, Heather fr. Kelso. Ruckltvini fr
Last Hoiie, Kathleen. Madonna. Colonel Sellers,
Perle, Killarney, Little Giant. Francis M (» yrs).
16-Tin Plate fr, Tin Plate, Bonnie Doon, Great
Britain l'r. 17—Time. Josie (2 yrs). 18—B I'. E
B. Rose, Climbing Rose fr, Rosedale fr. 19—Ida
W.Quinte. 20-Staple Leaf, X L C R, Porcupine, Transvaal (5 yrs). Pine Top (5 yrs), Boomerang, San Juan (5 yrs), Rescue.
June 37—International and Happy Medium,
agreement to bond W Hiuchliff anil F Benson
to RE Bishburn.
July 4—Leon. W E Newman to Percy Dickinson.
G H, i, Geo C Ham >l.v to D C Lindsay.
8— Pioneer aud Pioneer fr, E Brown to J P
11—-St Lawrence, P A Munro to Alex Ferguson.
Dalhousle No 2, F E Griffith to same.
12-Morris, J, W Seaman to A Owens.
17—Marmioti, Maryland, Moyie, and McKlnnon, notice hy John McKlnnon that he will not
be responsible for debts contracted on same.
Mineral Pass, R I Kirkwood to J Frank Collom.
Hope. A Owens to same.
Katie fr, John Wafer to same.
19—Morris, a, A Owens to same.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking Powders containing
alum,  Thev are Injurious to health
Oinpio   ■
Established in Nelson
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, 85,000 tons Since January 1
to July 27, 1901, the .shipments have j pressor was laid this week. \V. C. E.
been as follows; i Koch has four teams of fours on the Ten
(Continued from [laye one.)
Week     Total
iii .         	
St James, il haay Aberdeen. 25—Sarah Jane,
■Ontario, Qlen-ary. Linnet, Black Fox. 26-
Ajfiie*. Echo lr -7— Butterth-. Minnesota, Pern-
lirook. Grand Stand. «8—Head Light, Northern
Lililit. 2l)-lj;iurk Bird, Non'jurlel, Vernon,
Non-iariel fr. Morning Sun. Sligo. July .—Pln-
jiaeli', Enilili -in, Cornel-acker. 3—Moscow.
Luna, Cuba. June But*. 5—Flower, Rosedale,
Pansy, May, Violet fr, Home Run, Internatloal,
Chiiiiinioii.' <; Si-ivlnate, August Flower, Hart-
new Fourth July, C J,Gertrude, Trio fr, No S fr,
JS'elliefr.Nillip-.StlverCoril. '.(-Trophy, Lady
Aberdeen, l -Apis. Gipsy Queen, St Helena,
Tro). ll-Sli.-pveliolder Key West, Summit fr,
HUM fr, Surpri-o ext, Nabob. 12—Annex fr. Per-
severance, Hul.y, Bristol, Commander, Highland.
Bonnie Jean. 15—Owel, Black Grouse, Furlong
Ir. Hi—Haudv. Hardscrabblo. Arabia, Rouse fr,
..McAllister, himetava, Bonaparte, Cashier.
17—Silver I.al... Condore, Corlls fr, Christine,
Summit, Souiliern Girl, Broncho, is—Thelma,
Furness. an—Snowshoe, Rockingham, Capital,
Ettm fr. 22 -Kthel fr, Croesfell, Allifjany, Silver
•Ouleh, Good Il'pe, Una, Cassie. 23—Ardeii, L
H C Ireland, s, otland, Madison ext. 24-Alert.
Fairy Queen. Wanderer, Ocean Queen, Copper
King, Einwald. 25—Mlchiean, Old Tom Moore,
Liberator No 2. Good Hope, Gipsy, Mae B. Blade,
TCeno. 2>.i— A ni'trica, Yorkshire Boy, Great Brlt-
.aln, Bead \V. od, Alie Lincoln. South Wales,
Home Joy. Kalvin, Vandory, Vandora, Silver
Leaf, Return.
June 17-Sw. et Grass, ., M E Young to M Murchlson, Mar in. 1900.
21—Ida',),, X C Dingman to C A Sandiford,
June 10.
22—Ida, J B Anderson to J M Anderson, Mar 10
27—Miner Ilir.-, notice re co-owner advertising,
ZR T Lowery..! .me 27.
Nabob, same
Ruby, MB t.i-h, S T Walker and H M Walker
ti, Wm Letlerik, May 13.
3iou to A II Blinneiiauer, §ei)t 18,18»!.." .
Hartney, s, '.vanite, I each. August Flower, J,
J Goettsclte to A H Blumenauer, Sept 18,1899.
" Hartney, Sy!\*anite.Jcach, Atigust Flower,IU,
A Jac-obson :'.. A H Blumenauer, Sept 18,1899.
Hartney. S\; vanite. J each, Edith, ), DD Mc-
Tliersoii to A 11 Blumenauer. Sept 18,1899.
Hartney. \ s ,iranlte, I. Edith, J, James Camp-
Hiell to A H Hlpppiietmuer. Sept 18,189n.
August I'l ■,-.• .r, 1*8, J C Butler to A A Blum-
• •nailer, Sepi 1-. 1899.
Hartney, nil interest, A I) Mel'liermm to A H
JJIiimeiiaiiei-, s nt 18,1899
Htibniid Iln:.. all interest, T Avlson to A H
.Hluinenaiii'i-. S pt 18,18!».
Hartney,]S\ I. anlte, Augu**t Flower, Hub ain>
"Hub, Hinilir ,i id Edith, A H Dlumenatier to J
D MaoMaster, Nov 27,l«i9,
10-(liaut.aii interest, M E Rainmehiieyer to
IiSilke.Julv .;.
15-Dlniiiiiiid Ciixis, Hii-phorin, Darilanelliin
Ts'ot.Olbriili.-i Lady L fr. Oardanelle. Mining
<Jo toF I'ltn-iidCECIarke, May 31.
1«   lll|i*v,.l Vull'iui'ii to R MeOonald, Aug 17,
IH-OIpm-,!. 11 McDonald to L II Forbes, Ai-r
17-HWi line. ', J T Foley to J J Grant. July 17,
-Mole, K F Lloyd to K Insinger. May 8».
*i-Lone stai. Deception. J, .1 Tiilllng to AH
Last Chance    2'i
Slocan Star  is'.i
Ruth ;	
AmericKii Boy    n
Trade Dollar	
Sunset (Jackson Basin)	
Sovereign .,
Arlington    to
Two Friends  .
Enterprise    jo
Black Vrlnee	
Miller Creek ;..
Sunset (Can. Gold Fields	
Silver King ■	
Noble Five	
Red Fox 	
1036 ' ^''t! loai- lunili'ig' supplies, machinery
9S8 and lumber ui) to the new m 11.   He
2«i aleo has 20 men working at his Ten
8! Hi
Queen Bess
lii-Mokt, K F Lloyd to fi Insinger, May 8».
*i-Lone stai. Deception. J, .1 Tiilllng to ,
Klngliiiiil.tii-i 15,190O.
1.11.1, Lis Vegas, fiS-SOi, Basin fr, \. Oct 98,
'.oin tor.
Bondholder ..
Kaslo Group.
Speculator ...
Emily Edith.
V.& M	
Marion ,
Esmeralda ..,
Total tons..
The general rate of pay for all classes
of labor in Switzerland is a little over
half as much as is paid for the same
description of work in Great Britain.
makes a specialty of mixed
drinks, and affords	
ATWeary and
Thirsty Public
a 34-hour-day opportunity of
drinking the most delicious
beverages produced by art and
good liquors The cigars can be
smoked when not a breeze is
stirring, and add pleasure to the
life of any lover of good tobacco
Reistcrer & Vaughan
Mile sawmill, about two miles below
the Aylwin townsite. This mill is supplying the building material for the
mill, flume and tram towers.
The Iron Horse claim, belonging to
the Burlington Mining Company, of
Spokane, adjoins the Enterprise on the
north, officers of the company were in
this week to commence operations on
the property. It is a sinking proposition and a hoist and pumps will require
to be installed. The Iron Horse has a
line showing of high grade ore in a 70-
foot shaft.
There are 35 men working at the
Enterprise mine and 25 at the mill. The
mill-wrishts are boarding at George
Aylwin's Ten Mile hotel, a hostelry
whose scenery, surroundings, circumstances and hospitality would make an
old-timer think he was back on the
overland in the days of '49. Here, from
the little concorse who surround the
campfire in the cool of the evening,may
be heard many strange tales of travel,
adventure, industry, enterprise and
war—strange taleB ot the hills which
transport the listener back to the early
days of the Comstock, Leadville, Alder
-.4—Joint fi*. 1" M Haven to K V McCune, July
.7-Vietoria N'oil.by iherllT. A D Williams Interest mil l) V Martin, Nov as. 1900.
Victoria.T Milne to U U .McMartin. Feb 8,
Letter*of Ail iiliilmriili.nl In Su.ili Murium re
"Mate of T l' i iirliam, June 1»,
«tl.U<   '. .V   -UITV    IIIVIMION.
Mil vri»x».
June 17-1; A ft, beivrei'ii lit mid ;'d u f Lemon
K'k, WHUcn.",
New Onuit   below Union <-lc, Ut* l> Hurl«y.
SilM'i Tip .   'larck, J Hn-rlii.
I«   It liny;   .-.mnl I'.ivntnmk, Twelve Mile,
.Ai'->. M.Hog' :•
(!'-Li-*Mi-   *m, C*(HvmiiUi« ok, TI» Woo<l*
ToiiiihuHl,   e|»«enTwelve Mil*nii'lSpringer
i'k«. \V lli.twh
.1 — Iltni-k Ii ir, Und « (l<fmn», Frank Hherry.
il   Si.iw ll.. .liunitu Hill, mul Mlueml HIII,
tllvl.lt* Hpiln. r an I Ten Mite <-ki. J O llutlor
V,   l.u 1... ' Ut i, t t/rc -,-,, tl K* ■■,t-\y
Xitiu, »,uii. V \f, Newmitn.
il7-lll.,w«,ii, springer tk, W K Wurdrii
A-..*l.'.i,T'- ivclllle, W V W..J.I.11
July 2   V.<    . nl) Rt-imtilii-, I M UeOtvgur
MiiiippijIi, ::   ,«l l/-iii .n ck, ,1 l*i'*rlu
M.ipl'-,^.;."i if H|h"*ii 1'n.i, KM rurvUuce.
Lull iii.i -  ■  ,-. J V I'urvlmn-e
I   II it ii'i     :»t ti tlsinmi.S l.»■*
ll<»" 'II  I.  .tun ' k J Law
i    li.i  ii.  UavtiiiK-b, MriHMC'ovliiKtiiii.
i:i ii    : .vtoiiik, A II M.Mdi.i,
M ■>   I i'i Mile, JC«rtVninor. I
;   (Mm. i . Tin Mllf, M l».ivi,* )
*   i.i      I it( fr  ••priinxi r • k, ll Iln l«li»w
l.-i'.. I fr So .',-*.|,riin*.rc)., I K ('"ll-iiti j
••  I; ■>       . Mil., ii.v.u.ii .mi r iviiiii.   ;
i     I   ,  „'        ...ii ii, A K l(..(ti. rin-i
I .    • U Mnir.tf.t |
I I  ■• ■ V   K Si HMI..II J
l" .   \ •\\X< ' i. \ J..iin. .ii. !
t     i ■ .( ii "'.. I. ..   \v If.   ir,-*
I , .'.I   . k,   I   tl    Mill
|.l"l       . II' It .l.'1'..lll
. .      .">    . -'Ui,   .'I ,11    •■'    I II.J'lpl    I   lli       I ,.„
;»l ■   ■   .. .      .:. i
ill 1,.    i ii !,♦ .ii   llvl. ll(T   mnt   I in.- !
it," !
i-ii.'i.( ii fs,.riu»'.r. I i:il-,r/l-. :
i t..m.iO,«  uii.'ni..'.
. Ut).. ti A Hi 1.I-..1.I
-.."' 'ffl'l.fr     >,*l.nrn   **'j.»l- IJV-    |,|.,( ■
J. .,   •■! A.
»-».■*.   »f-*l'\',"       "*     (I-   ".'.-.
\ p. ■ ■' ,11...      :•    i 'in im.iiti t iiiiii't ,ii,in i,
>'». ;»-.'        tl    Adfe.npiri.ih  At" k, IH«(
il ■   '    '    ' *».«•*    Vtr**   t,,'>,*-'      I'l     Xlta.   1
I.     .- .'.«„•,   f .'"l"l, ..t .hit*         ,«.-l|.r,
,!.,.   It '              l,..».'f«p<'^     dllrf'-W       l»i -l.ill^l,
Si. ,1.1 ... t«   "Tn    -."!.»fi        *»   «»    H.i
■*•'.   « <*: p   ■■      Jeljrf   ft.il>ni»  Kit.  R*1».t.  V5
<l   M.   \ %l.  f   X.l     llVi. V-»»rri*iv*-r '
l» *■»"■■  ■ *t   H    I'Mhtfi    » -"Itmpfift.  **«|c '■
'•i- .       mm. Mini.i',   %\hh* i*i««.f
Hit* '% I  i >.•..       .  -iHi.>«-|»-Intl».'ll-*, i
•■Aim,  -<>,i. Mollis     *   fU-vti*
'I., i -   Ti-*'-.i.t'>   Hnt.it*'.in    T>tiiuti-
>„,..,„       ,   r#*V>, H*»*-i*«», Htmilirm. I'e«-
'lit. Hhn. Awrii-HH K»*b. ikli Sua
!(•   - *-*tiltu#!»a j»(«*»■••*. |t*«4tV'<vi
I.i ■   *•' 3»>   Hi l'i   "kSft'iJ*.  StAffc'.'
I.       ,    "'     - I    \|',X   »«UmI(     ♦'. *.V'i«*«H
i.    * ...Im-    y.mm*>u,  >*ir*fWI,(, ih»b i
I .ti- ■■,*.     I;    ■"•.«i,*(*t }»».(»", •■'«, ffo|.;'
*•■.■■■',   (.: *, <•■•$ I" * ! • ,'»,.;,.* TlkuMw
*..,      ;.... .**   * * fc/    f,^-4c,-i   ,   ■. ... !„*r„   *1p*^,
Kootenay Coffee
I>e*leri lu Teii* and ColTe.'.
All itrnde*. nihl prlec.-i. A
trial order nollcllud	
Kootenay Coffee Company
I'.(\ H.i*tid.. We^t linker St.
S'KLHON', II. €.
to supply' builders and contractors
with all tho above building materials.
Ourw products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at tbe
Spokane Exposition. The Lime that
we are now manufacturing is not,
excelled. Special quotations to con*
tractorn on application.
P. O. BOX 688
Three Porks
B. C.
Provide* HoamMuudmiori tor
the travelling public	
Pleasint rooms, and gi»d
meals. The bar is »tockcd
with wines, liquors and
cigar*. HOT and WW
HUGH m\ EN, Proprietor.
Seeds, Trees,
BlllbS fo«* K«H I'lnnting.
Catalogue Free.
*i«i Wcntiiilii-ter ll'i.iil. Vaiii'iiiivi-r. It. (I.
Wc i  in «, ne  »mi
ll|IHll>      H«     «1-H     l>»
Hi-ill  .»«   If    >'im   Irfl
vmir   »«ieh  |»i-r« •»
tf Wil   t\  ,1.1     ■*   *!•.*
W p.llll    ». )„|     l|»    ||)a.
III.ill. J   )■■.!'   P|,tl-lil| 1  i
V ■•!'   'Iitl
I'l        ..PP.-
l|.*l   fll.l (111-        •!» (»'
i.ll'il'Il. ll,       'Hill       «•'
Hill    «l  Pill       Villi      llll
l»-»( x -4»«. jrf.H ri**,1,,.
!"l (If  ItliiTii'V.
Ik*al(M* in
Van Caiiip l.tiiicb Umxls,  (^.nfcctlniv
(iv anil Fruit.
For more than TEN YEARS the goods of Jacob Dover have been made on Honor and sold on
Merit. Our line to-day is larger and better than ever before. Our stock of Diamonds and Precious
Stones is the largest in the Kootenays. We solicit your patronage/ By buying from me, you
will save 20 per cent, on each dollar, and you will be getting quality as well as quantity, as I guarantee
all goods bought from me.
As wc only eumloy e.\|ierl workmen, nil jufos |ii'.>m|iiK- executeil.
THK   JEWKI.EB,   Nolgon, ll. O.
Mall orders receive our prorapt and careful attention.
Gulcli and Hoinestake and loads one to I
believe that the Slocan camp is still in |
its infancy and may yet he greater than |
any of these.
Clean galena contains 8fi.r> per cent of
lead and l!l 4 per cent of sulphur. It
always contains some silver, even in
the Missouri mines. As a general rule
—which has exceptions—when the crystals are large and coarse, the contents
in silver is small.
Should not miss an opportunity to visit
D. flcLachlan's
When In search of Gent'-1 Furnishing*! for this
season's wear.     Some rare liar*?ains.
New Denver, B. C.
Gold $ .60 I Gold and Silver..« .75
Lead 50 | Gold.sll v'r.copp'r 1.50
Samples by mall receive prompt attention.,
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
1439 10th St.,   Denver, Colo.
Cigar Co.
For prices apply to—
VV. J. MoMIliI.AN &CO.
Wholenale Agents fur II. O.
Vancouver, ll.O.
Our Special
£1 Condor
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general looal buHincsa.
Ni*,v llenviT, II. f).
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers ol Fine Lager Beer and Porter-the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.   Address— l
 _R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, H. C.
Stoics at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
Hn.vA_ah nna_i n_ri fifl.rl.v_-a.ll._f-.il ft_n.n.*m i .a n nd-ai Hra'a
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Wine Co.,
WholeiiHle dealers In
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars   ■**
Agents for Calgary Beer.
In New l)«ii*i r    l'.**\ ti-rm*.   A|i|ily l.iOKO,
K, SMITH, or iliip.nni.i7
d. K. CLARK,
Keiwrta, ExuintiiRtioii* and Manago*
NEW DENVER.   -   B.C.
Pimlly & Commercial.
Fitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection against fire. Rates $2.50
and U per day.
forget the
Lake Shore
Brown Bros., f
The Jew«f*r». N*ls««.      m
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our lhga»ge w*ffom meet nil Sun-
d*v tin in*.
Saddle Horses and Pack * jjhi-is
r***t •MUiWe* at Sew Ik over.
.Niswiiiarikci »»!«*:»».        Acw tietivcf
A full line of Silverware nnd choice j
P-ri-nft.tt-M-'priori'  -it
IH'II I'ullsKT IH-'.I'AHT*
MKXT  IS  nvn».|»ATK
IN    \i I    STVI l-\    VNh
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
sI'IKFSfrom Veo.Vi,'
(Tint*   Af-if-ii*€il   rf1**ai*€irir'4ai
\^m+k\       I   klllAM-Ul      V1VU1UI1
J<«r',titl,<   M..Nf*  IVliVrf
tj   •    *■• -M- film *,(
w        K-uMk. nt '
.Imiii'Hi {«♦»-»-*   s»,,,t f,,r jif(ri*i on :
kiiiHrtiSn* ***'')'* * 1'i.s
o.HYM.tYIIKitKX.R-1**.. B.C
Sale started this week!!
Big reductions in all Lines
"*   Fred. Irvine & Co,
|tn lotMiim


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