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The Ledge Jan 2, 1902

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Array "/A--*
^>-      X.-.V-^lllls^ '**i~X,A,,.,.„■■■■■
•^h-V^.-w^^&w.**-    ■***.•■* -'-^\o;V**>* y'■•.*'•
'•''*^\>'..>-,-;■"w-Xyv-;; -sAV*      ■'•*--  .    ■'",       . ..■*,.'
Volume IX.   "No,  14.
Price, $2 00 Year Anv&,
Sgn^aT NSV^s FToat   I
 : _. £$
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps S3
Arthur Goodenough has both feet on
the mayor's chair at Kaslo.
Geo. B. McDonald has gone to Victoria on Noble Five business.
The Lucerne was at its best Sunday,
in scenic beauty and grandeur-.'
Do not smoke in 1902, but if you must
smoke use the Royal Seal cigar.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. R, O.
Matheson, of Frank, on Dec. 15th.
Mrs. 11. Forrester and family left last
week for Grand Forks, to join Mr. Forrester.
The Bosun force presented . Manager
Sandiford with ;i beautiful cane as a
Xmas gift.
John Williams haa survived the
Christmas rush and is still selling poods
at the old stand.
Jack   Mndi«an   is  reported to have
I; ii Iwitrt! .lil-i* emiim,.
that are Talked About.
where in Arizona.
Saturday evening the first skating
party of tlie season went to Silverton
and enjoyed an hour on tbe ice.
While skating .m the ice below Slocan City some days ago, Mrs. H. 1\
Christie had her right leg broken.
G. W Grinnnett, graduated optician,
will be in New Denver on Jan iltii with
a stock of glasses to suit all nights.
" All the smoke in Kaslo is not from
the smeller. Koine of it is caused by
people smoking the Little King cigar:
Miss McQueen, who was telegraph
operator in New Denver three years
ago, upent Xmas with Mr«. A. S. Hrin-
Dr. Milloy is in New Denver attending (o all kinds of dental trouble.
Crown and bridge work are his specialties.
.lack Und was thrown from a horse
on the ice several days ago and sustained two fractures of the knee cap
He is now in tin1 hospital at Calgary.
After Miirchiir^itig the atmosphere ,n
the Lucerne with spirited harmony
Xmas iiinming the llosun band went lo
Silverton to give the Konr-Milers a
touch of tiitfli lifi".
Between the Silver Glance and thc
Fl.-* M gold mill, Ihinciui Mcl'hail, nf
Kaslo, ought to make a fort line The
Bold mill is the Pest for saving Hour
Kohl that ban bci'ti put mi the tntu-kct
I  Kll.ltlil « IlllllOllltl  lllKllW.n    IN lllllhlllji
money faster than Canada'-- mint.   For
assay from which nave Slti" in til! values.
The liiial payment* on the Tamanic
bond was made last week to Con Fielding. Geortrc Henderson aud Neil Geth-
itui. The bond called for !?18,0o.i, the
final payment being flU per cent of the
amount. The. property has been closed
down for the winter.
A cave in in the tunnel beim: driven
on the Queen Fraction, on the lake
•shore near Silverton, by Beneduni &
Smith, haa^ teinporarily stopped pro
gross on the. lead A 10-inch -shoot of
clean tire was encountered a few days
before the tunnel caved in. They failed
tn drive their lugging ahead of them,
and the roof came down  for a distance
reduction of what is equivalent to 20
per cent, in treatment charges on silver-
lead ores, the. new rate going into effect
yesterdav. This will <>reatly benefit
the big properties of the Slocan, and
should improve, present conditions.
Fred Kelly, who was employed at the j of two sets.
Trade Dollar as cook, celebrated Ninas As a result of recent developments on
eve in Sandon, taking freely of the] tlie Silversmith, one, of the Slocan Star
bonze habiliments, Thursday uiiiriiiniij «*roiip, in order to determine the apex
he went where the punch bowl does not j 0f ,|,„ Slocan Star ledge, the Byron N.
reign, and will await Gabriel's call White Company has uncovered a two-
quietly resting in the Sandon cemetery.   f„(,t. ore shoot of 1.5(H) ounce ore—one of
Following aro the newly-elected 1* O j ihe prettiest showings of ore ever un
F. ollicers lor M02: C I). McHae, C. \ covered iu tlie Slocan. The ore Is a
D , P.C R :   II  .1. Strickland, ('. R.;  A. j steel galena and gn-y  copper, carrying
escaped my memory.   Will  yon please
insert it iu your next issue.
Yours etc., A. K. lluiiuiiTs.
ac'iicnts oi-- srxiuv school.
Hiilaiu.* from lium *lii-I'
ll v culK'i'tlitiis to Dei-, i'i..
5S.no   **;.-Mio
Jini. I. lo Utiii-atui-i; (HUH) -^Ki."1"
In hnulimr souls tn hall    1 '«>
to Ootids fnnn afra. Murklny     .H.-i
April 1, to Imliuict'im IjiU'ialure*.     11.S"
"   7, to A.E. Rolierts	
"    !'. to S. S. Aid Fund	
Miiv 17. In telephone to Sandon ....
.Imie 1.1, i.T us Croft, pii-uk- wusroit.
"   to I'alma Anci-ltfiton,
.Itilv 1st to Hourni- Bros., supplies.
•'   i.i .1. A. Taylor, !<■»' cream ..
lice, l'.t, to I-ltor.iture (10o2^	
"   In Sunday SchoolTiiiies(l',|if2).
1 Oil
lOFFtcfalTLj Reposed Upon
iM __ —  '
&3Department of Mines Issues a Pamphlet Regard-
$ ing the Horsefly Diggings.
Hiil.int'iMtii liaiul Doc 24, ltmi ...
A vcriiRo nlti.ndiun.'o duritiB vear. 31).4
AviTititt; colli'dlnii, si. 13
S 2.25
nilKWItY   IS   A   POLITIC I as;
.1. C. Drewry, one of the best known
inining men in Canada, and one also
who is a general favorite wherever he
The department of mines has issued
a  pamphlet  relating to   the   Horsefly
'■?■'   .. ... I gold discoveries, in which .1. W. Burr,
,,-i5    **t|2.2*i j
 1 Mining   Recorder   at   Ashcroft,   gives
some very interesting information.
Relating to the trip taken by Alexander
Sim and .James Craddock, the. discoverers, he says nf their lind on Eureka
creek :
"As tlieir provisions were running
short they had little time to prospect
is known, was in towsi last week on his; the ground, but hurriedly improvised a
way to the Great Dane property Mr. j sluice box by felling a tree, splitting it
Drewry has been mentioned a**- a prob-j in two and hollowing it out with an axe
able candidate in Roiuh-e.-int Kootenay ! ai.out three inches deep by ei*rht wide,
for the provincial house.   Heisanatural I Then they started shovelitur in the dirt
IHakc Joy for
nd family, and tbe Klorld
Avoid death.
It is ul ways roomy nn   the  root'.!    Better be alone than surrounded
while in  the* cellar   men   light for by   those   wjio  cannot  touch   the
: keys of your soul.
i _ * l
air and hrosn
!5c goot
Ki-ss lovey every morning,before!
o-oA utter hroakfiist*.
Do not monkey with active buzz j     He goo.l tu U.e juinH,. .ud y,,,.,-Y   - -,li    your  -mind
Haw* or (lvnainile when it is H,K)Ut. rei-t will n-vor 1«. l.hstoml  ,»i  ihe ; thl,Ughts. and your stomach with
pavements of that Southern   City. !(]„» best grub around the diggings.
; commonly known as 11**11. '
Look not upon your neighbor's
wife when she smiles because her
hubby is out of town.
Keep the skimmed milk of human kindness to yourself and divide
llie cieani with the world.
to erupt.
Castaway the charming ace-full
when the other fellow has fours,
Jiuy your booze by the barrel and
let your wife be bar-tender,
Do  not   forget  that   he   is the
wisest who is the least ignorant.
Be merry, without wine, and
your gastric juice will lie sweet as
Do not fear anything, and lift
yourself above the gods and devils
that past men have cringed before.
Love and the world loves with
you, hate and you hate alone.
He good to your mother, and
everyone else, ami n is an even hui
that your life will be a. nine-time
winner, and your existence one
long sip of .sweetness.
Remember that. the greatest man
on earth is only an atom in the Dig
Creation, and do not get the balloon head when you win a trick at
f H(irseli*J|j^thence up tho lake to
ic upper wjramgLnml from here across
I>. McPherson, V. C H ; A. Owen*,.
Chap.; A.D. Out by, Orator; .1. II. Mc
Aulnv, Hoc Soc'yj K Angrigiion, Kin.
Secy and Trou*.; C Chisholui, S \\\;
.1 H. o'Neil, . I W.: M. McDonald. SB.;
P Angrigiion,.I It.
The cuiiuuittec having iu charge tin-
Xmiistiee entertainment jtiveii Xniiix
eve iu BttMiii hull, decerve uiHlinteil
praiM' fm the «reat Miceer.* that the
event wan made The children were
pirticularly well trained The proceeUs
fii.ui the tree were $:W, ciiutrihiiliou f-2;
total Wi. Kxpoiiditnio,., *tl l,a-.t
year* receipts were |:l:l.-.».*» aii'l e\*
pemlitureH $11 7«i,
<*i.<m:.*is  misickai. ri.ovr.
low perc'.-niacc*' in had.   The showing horn politician, and would fall  into a
is al a depthul .CtOfeet.   ThiHiliscovery, campaign   like   a   Methodist   minister
with what i- showing iu  ihe old work into a chicken dinner.    A- iin  illustra
itms, gives the property  mure ore in tion nf this tact, at the dance   I hursilny
sight than   it   has ever laid in  its re
maikai'h- hi-tory.
KI.IICAV    (Mil;    -1111'MK.MS,
The lota! amount m" mv shipped limn
the Slnciiii   and   Slocan    City    niiniii^
ilivi-i'tte* f"f tho war Pi'Ki was. apptnv
iiililtelv, ll.'i.U Kl  tun-     Since .laiiu.-irv  !
the week ending  Dei.  lilli  llie liallict
rt»cei|UM of thu railroad were $7*-<u,ntM,Hs j    '^ bineof abmii |.*i men i-* wuil.iii-,- at
against I'Uit.OiU for the curre. pondin-i j ll"" "'"•uey.
wwk of lf»uo 1   ,,'l'tu* furci-at tlio Speculator i» being
II   llccl-i, net-lion toteinaii on ihe C. P. j «"'»<'>' imreaM'.l
It., Ims biiugt.t   the   Df.iiiu  niiuh. mi      There are   llt'i iiieu einp|.i\ ed at.Ihe
the Slocnu river, (m* ♦,*»,(H)'(    The Sim an ', HidiildeM arribon
river   valley  ranches are fast   money, j    Tin-Homn »lii|ip.il |o«n.<. ol ore |««t
»iMki<r« ami ranch  projiorty in thai *ec | ,v,,,,|-% ;l,„| p, tht-. week
tion ix in demand. ■    ...... _ ,        .,    ,
i      >lnlliu -iiuw I* HirtMli^ llie ,bf,i*.'iee
About nil the   jiroplc in llie Sim au  Hhl,. around the Nee-paw a.
tl.M»t «!.» 0'it, ht.ynl ov#r "«l.i»ll Slim*- '  n<;.X      ,*,,    ,.       ..   .       .  „ ,
,        ... - .   ,  ,      ,    J     Hie llimvu t*(«»ei| ilnwii  lor llie mill-
!"«■»» tnun VI ymr* o{ aire     A *'ed and *   > .    .     i .hi
, ll**     ,        * onv». work resinning ni'tf Muii'luv
•hpperv lull t* ol more Importance thmi I     ... '
n .lo*mi lead amtliom nnd mflnnrlco t„ !    s|"l,»'«"^'""" «»••' »«"«'•« «""' •••
them.   Wise ncople are thev ! *am,H* Ua wwU' ",mI  w,U «•«•»•»«•• »*
. , ,   j long as the roml liold* gi«nl
PilillUl    Allgl'IglUltl,    losili    OIH'    of   lliu        ,,    ,, ,     ,      ., t,    ... . .      .
heavvdrav horn- on  Momlav     Tlm I    °" ,,w' 2u,h lUi' B-vr"" N   Wl'i'" (:«- W
aitimal loll in harm-** ami ilii-nl in a h-w (•"""" ""*"""""" *,""","4""* "*"*   * ''*    '' '   ' **
PPM,      f,|* l,,t    ,,1 ,1*.    *l,\ \ ... ,1,1,. ,,, I.
iiHiuiton.   (>o oxainiuation it *a* loiihil *     ".  '
that • WoimI-vi****! wat ruptured, the)     "''"''
kninev» »K»iiig dr.iwni**!  ii MinhII. ',     w- B:'^^^"* m^'h-hmiyyif^yil^ un
An injunction l,a* lW*n tjrai.ied ,n ,^'»'''» «'«•*'*ba, l.eio, I. ,u,ie.l l,v  W.
, ,,. ., .i '. ■ Hai-v** (or h-ti-iflUlt-t-at'iHt.     I lw |.rk-«'
at Vkioria'agair.ft the viiw'i»f Uo- u*,,ml i» **•■''"»* W^titui tireomiubs
l*,\tfll»|V«* ttc'krtofiinii'lil  **'»»k 1* J>< lw
MArtid HI llie Ibiikl-Uid   a«   #o.i|l .-!•, tin*
|ir*«|M*rty ran In* umhe-i in ii,«»-priiiif
When the project)* i* deveiopjd nulli
ri-j-nth lo (rarr.int if a »tnet(*i will lw
»-ri-((«tl mi F«»<n iiiii«? lo Ire-it Ih^oit-
lu  lift'    ."-i,
heen a- hdb
I'.tyn** . ...    .
S|,p)...l| MO
ll    Mill	
Vni. iii ;i i I! ..
h ..• .,-
■.„.,..«   it.k-
"- ■-.. t*-i.   p
W.in.in till
I iliiitflot,
l'*.. Kil.-.i'l-
Ilijl. t, i ■*.-
II IHil. »
ll|p.i*i.    I'l,,..,*
I....-I. i,...ls.*!i
M.ll.-i Uu-i-k
II.*. .
-iiti-^-i  i .,,,  t
-tlv.r Kl...-
\,liii  Kin-
ii ti r„\
\... -. ,
yu.i.ii t(..*-
M .,.,•.*,
li-,* ii,..:.i.-i
Kll'l-t liOMIjl
l'h.i,.li nu
1'l-tl,   Ihe
•A... ■■..
l'« t
II •
II Ml'
very good wagon road to Harper's
camp, and from there on to Quesnel
Forks, near which are situated the.
celebrated Cariboo Hydraulic Co.'s
mint's    From Harper's camp there ave,
tu'i. •   ;;.-. s ef -..*"*!)g U> Aw   »)'>«'   ilis-fnv.
ery;one is by a trail which runs pvirallo.l
with the Horsefly river to tb-i forks;
thence across the north fork near tlm
junction, where there is .''good ford,
and on up fmcwdUi f«":< to Eureka.
The alterui^^tite.p'.s from Harper's
caiiiptotJ^<i'ij^^»gon the lower end
of Horselt
the iiiiii
the pass fo M-iTTOHis of Horsefly river.
The folt^1(Hf,^tl)les of distances are
very nea^,*i(l((Jj»i't, as far as can  bo
an.lasa  result  fr-nn  the actual  time  "» "^SHIfr !,;i milm   ,ff*-Mile
-hovelling in, they cleared at  ihe rate  I'ouse tolH|tl l«| cam|p. *w miles; total,
f f.'-'i per day  to the man  iu  rmcrh
coarse «ohl of about the si/.e of ilaxseed.      AshcroOci:|JttMilo house, KI5 milesj
night, he knew evi'fvbody iu the house   In aihlition lo this a hu  of ^,,1.1 must   1^-MIIh B"«|:'<» Harper's camp, :15
in'wixlv  minutes,   and   inside of I wo jha ve e-iape.l, ..winx lo the crude man-   ]"-*'< t0^J^,il,'s'
hou-s had tiikeu nineteen .Irinks.eleven |ner oi workinn, as un panning mil  llu-      x "' lli-WTlirTWii.-ieaiiil lir, Mileliou.se
cl»-ars    talked   with  all   the   married j tailings   afterwards   thev   got  several   practically same as via Iun Mile Iioubo
ladie".' smiled  on   ihe  young   ladi.*-, |colors in each  mm, and a  lot of gold      I'min Harper's camp to Kureka creek.
ki--edfourbabie-, i otl.etl.me to sleep, ! wa-visible in the indentures  made by   '•>' «™*l up  Hoi-elly  river.-Harper'H
da...-."I seven tim."", plaved a rubber of! the axe iu hollowing their rough sluice  l'«"'l- to forks of  Horsefly, Ml miloH;
whiM. two  games of st.aigli,  talked ) hox, iu which they bad only placed  si*   forks lo Kunka creek,  U miles; total,
minin-development, resources of llril* j rillle*.   Aftei pruspecting their claims *-•• "dies
i-h Columbia and Southeast Kootenav, j with   the  same   result  appai tly  all j    H> Horsetly lake.-Harper h ctnip to
told thtrtv-two good -lories, and denied |over them, they felt co.ilidel.t that then- j Hor-nfly bike, H miles; on Horsefly lake
-iMv.liree iiu.es lhal he w.»s .1 cii.di : i-a hoivy run ol r>ld 'all through the """" «•' ">' ««•«•>. *> "nib's: upper end
date for anv ollice, Drewrv i- a v,-i>atile ', property, and believe the Hai.n- ab.ive j Horw'lly lake to forks. l> mtled;   Forks
and iielow tliem just as ricii. jtu   Kurt k.w   neck,  Ul  mile-.,   tot.d. ul
"Smile of the gold recuveii-d contains! "iiles
olIiriAI.   INVITM'iev , ipia.i/., and Fraser ereek,   where   some'; «^   "«'■••   lAUrillAl .
prospecting ha-  been  done,  j-, full ul!
lloitt iptnrt/..  indeed,  bum  the  indiea-!     Ihe   Pedro group,   situaliid   at  tlio
tion- in it and other creeks iu Ihe viciiet head of the south fori; of Canyon creek,
length as Eureka, and, although not
prospected as much as (he latter, is
considered just as rich. All these
creeks take their rise from a high rauge
of mountains, about (1,000 feet high,
which appeaas to be the dividing line,
between the Horselly and Clearwater
rivers. There is a large tract* of country lying to the north, south and east of
the. new discovery that has never been
prospected yet, and has probably never
even heen traversed by either Indians
or whites. Thereare several good roads
leading into Harper's camp on the
Horsefly river, which are accessible, at
any time of the year. Parties travelling up the Cariboo road, with pack
horses or on foot, will find the. hest and
shortest route by the, 108-Mile road.
Another road branches off at • the 111-
Mile, post, and connects with the first
mentioned one a ,-.iw miles out, Another route, and the best for a team to
travel, is by way of the 115-Mile (->:t.
cha|i.— Mftrysville Tribune,
'   i On bt half of New Denver Lodge No.
' ,. .'_',  K111^Ills   ot    I'vtllill-,    We    eWldl    *l
•'■•" ..tubal iiivilaliuii lo all friend- loatlend j
.7 the pnilic iiistiillulioi: of olliier* to ho
I -| held   in l.Tever'-hall, Monday. *Iau '>th.
I I'XJ     We woul'l urge a   lai'irc  iitteii'L
il !in<e.,i^ we wish olll IllemlH to  become
,' ,ii'i|iiaioli'il vvilii tin*  I'lnpo-e-  and  the
!H>. there may lie mi wutnciise  bmly of 'near 'I mnt Lako fit >.  wa-hiindud last
'ipiiuiz in ihe iiioiuitaiit*- iii  which all'week  lo n   Mitiiieapoli* company, for
these tl eel,* (ul,.*
i*-i-"I p l> ilig lltllie
tilt'le !ie\t vear. 1*1
their list-.
- may be
•» -ue!t  .iii
and  -time
S-'iVn. says the topic
On tiie Kalhlceii, in a   tunnel
below the upper -howtng,  three
W t.| Lillys o! il
be open to Ihe
tll.llll'--        1(1       I
, f ,-tdle« ,.
■i illy " -
.John '•■'■ *
A. I-: .*■■•:■*!.
UK OO. '
' he door-   wiil ,
p.t ».vt-*, <
p -  K
i ere
i.i i
tlii* -onto ot-oi'plv to tin- iiei;t|,lii»riu^   cr-. o(  nre   not  ktiovco  io   oti*l   liefore
i-n-ek*. and   Hie   whole   ll"i-»e||y   river    were crosdt ul, which  yave  retuitmof
The c.illlill v iiiuiiimI |i,l*ei*   creek   hll*.    I I'l ullllceti Hllwi In Hie toll
,l|i|ip'liei "h'. ties el   Iteell   |t|'o-|tei-|etl    lie-
lore .(* it ' -iv'O "l •»   Wiiile   In.to   i.tll    be,
i found.     (tie iil.'i.'tli^*> are \ ,*, v   -hallow,
   Kllf'ekft.   K'tt|,|M* Kiel    I'IHHT    cleeks,
not being much more than I wn or tluee
(ect deeji. UeittiT wli:,(   are  tetiil««i|   pool
cotirer 4 LuKtern Haiiway ,v Xaviga-
tion Co., re*traiiiing tht i oiii|aiiy from
buiitiiiijf a hranch line to'trand Forks
Johny Angrigiion, wlfp and child re
Intv^vl t,n Vi'inviviuiwl ou l^tuiaiiiA
Johny •a «tiift-t»M« at tin* Mother IjnAe
mine. Vlr* AngrigniM, i- ,b hghl**d
with Ne* Iteuvmt* tnrant>' *r»#t wili r*>
t-nre* io th*. *\>r*mjr
* i--..,i!:» i*,|iii!
p  »ll''t't' '
* V  A M
'- V-tii* *p
K«i«o   ......
■ l".-in,-».,i.i i
11 tint,i mt
«-   .,'
'i ..miii... ,ii..
(' - t-i'i, it..,
Mnt it-Tiit. ■■«-■
K-ilT-t .
***„%iy ...
rt.nUf. m
■ i
Un*   pioth-irli
tt I \liiiir(.ii'i*»i|i[ti  wr"
'jii-',r.;.s.ii;j i-.w
,..' 'c-i'iljug thn •• re n
t*l«s    lotli.iUs
*, |H7.r*i'.,;;t»
'Ml   the   Anieni-.-ltt    the    tliltlief  j*   m
;"lalei't. ami lor tho la-l .*» oi lo leet
upwards o( l'i Incite-, ol clean ore Iih-%
lit'ell sloiWIU-;
• hi I lie IViini'ti-e. i;.. Iliygiiisiiu. und
Alex HimiKi re|iiir! i tine nhitw iliu* of
gu> copper "iv.      i lio>   tiaw Uriven
lite mwi'i Uttntet tn ),i li*t<t, ami lor .Vi
loot |iH\e lieen rillilllllg «.|t s-evon lncllO<l
oil lHo* 4 n h tile 'iin* t'OmH ui ul,,; |*
nhowing in the upper working!, and I a
retni-irkablo tichm—-
--,**■ WA
*\ *.*\,    si ittmi,   Vi*!»U-».
i;i. L
;v k Aitt.1.1 .i.ii.iod.--,iif
work mt tho Ca_-ti-.(rvak,
1   *   Vi-A   Ol *tH*e   pTI)*r1t1 , .»WHJ tiller a*.'*
a lease       I'lu't    li.il.
irli.i. -J   i-.oj.per    "l j...)!-itn-oe-wl.t *>l ,1  hi'hni.n-   Xim.u
i   th*-  ve*,r   l'»«»,   ^s t-,,,.?^ff,,| ^.^i.,,,;,,,, ,; ^..ij.,^ ,a;i ..i,.,,,,^,,,.^,.,..,,,,,
D'.il'l.lg    the   pf   ! J,,,|ii n,*%,.|,   iniU-   ,|li.>\e   l!,e   fork- to
llu*  i*i(idui-tioli   wn*.;,,.,,!,;,,   )ia,|f   .-,   ,„il . „|   Kun-k.-i  cro.-V.
.. .ii jiiiiiei- in    i-p •■".    titfl e t« !t tiotlulii <ti  Iruui tl tJUIil let   t-i   ll
ti t*'«M, 4li<l ll-'J'--'.-  half toil., mule, in whiih there i- UaoIIv
•A.        I he-e    t-gnro. .at,y   ,.,»5  ,,,  xhe   rtVef,   and   It..in    here
j i <*r production of j,|„w„ t,,((,,. fori,-, there i-a lull of about Iril'-t, Alaska, during tho pa-t summer.
Miehijfatt «!ifi<* •**- Miiall«*r sa*t voir three t*-t*t to tnv hiiitdtr.1 Kmvka "•'«' drilling pi^rii sinknitf a well n#.ar
than diiimi mv >>f too Ibrre prtveding |t.r,.,.^ ,. A\„,\\\ oight to t«n  oiilo- iou^    Inner-skin bay, and down several Hun.
»M i    J^iUI
show    tl..i
(Ivor :**,*»*, mie. ,,| ml  liiml,  hav*
been  locatvit in  the  vtciiitt\   uf Cook
.opt .* *'UlU tl
-Sl'-v-in City
The •ini'lier* li*v# sorted to roakR a .*\\ ton- ..(
"■ *p.*'
s.iiiii thutj;  oVt-t
«5>i'ii "Ut.   ;i   ■'eii«*.. *
! .:, I   :
s* »p •
_te»ii *.      . o
Hi*rft's ',U'f
it*/    '*ti'iy
agaim*>t *».
••*■ . r.ii'i'ire 11 t-e'k, vt let (i is  ,i   iriWutar'
tl   1.-K
ili<lit Ainill*-,
■ ii t ti ,i-«-     ill    I   .i.v.Oit
■ i ft.n» i* very fn*irk»il,   *<**- ' •. -M.,.i .* , -r.-.,.-j(, ^„,| #.,n|,t„*. tt,r., u about 'hi  i-  fniml   ll.iwni-.-*   fmiu   lutnitroii**
 "'.''*"*'!',                              I'^A   '*''».*'   '".*•','•**-'   -poMo.l*   in   i'»»».   ;-,. _s.«,rtS-  l»f.i»i  ti- you\\ r.  *H»t t'.,<- -»pri"tf« ami Un- pnoitio  tu. iiiaro Hunk
I u* following r#pori waa  „,,,,„„ „,, ,ift,, j imm>i* \u i"'".          i*r.utl. I »k .,i H«r-eHv. i« ai«mt mtf and «'»••> w Hi wp*t a lot of guthvo
HiiHtrS^eMUty, ff O.j                                                        .        \»tijf .,..(,-. i.,t^, ,te! at tt.r x-i+t w, \ r,
■.-■ -•• u«d «t lb* Suad»v |    Muny »   nnin   looks   iiiaitfiilfimni Ll^*,u.t» Veu-,,,p*-iv do■■,  td.- mouu- I »* ■«.« ol  Itftloranc*  1* ih«  to
• •4<jiment, but it entirely   wHh his -mite \i with him.                   ltd*..-     Lra«er - . - •!. i- a^-m   .-:<■ **ew i know your lurk of wladom.
Ninth Yeab
the   following   conversation    was
"You've told a story," Paid the
village girl, accusingly. "Don't
you know where folks go that tell
"No,'' replied the New York
miss; "where do they go?"
"They go to hell."
••Where's hell?"
•'Why, Mamie Blank ! You a
minister's daughter and don't know
where hell is?"
"Well. J don't care," answered
the accused. •*! never was in a*
geography class in my life."
An English paper tells a good
story of a Droitwieh hurlier. lie
was just finishing lathering a customer and was  talking   volubly as
ThkLkiiokU (woilollitrs it vt'itrin iiilvttjieo. Wlicti not* -*o piti.l it is _i.r*i to pit rt.ios worthy ol itrt'ilit. I.dkiiI lulvortislni! l'i i-itnls 11
noiipitriitl line tirp-t in-ertii.n. iuul ■-. cent* it line nitfli sn!pM.i|nent iiiMo-titm. Iti'iullim notices IT, cents it line, iuul coninicrcitt! iiilviTtisnnr
KMtile.l in prices iiet-oi-iiini: to eiri-tiitistunccs. _ .       ( ,     ,,. . .        ,
FELLOW IMI.dHlMS:   TilK l.KI.OK is loon tut I ut New Heir.cr. II. ('., nml i-itn l.f rnn-eil to miiny pm-l.s nf tl ni-tli.    It comes to tint in .nt    UKUSll.      ' 1 CS, Sir,     llOS'lKl,   'tlieri
every Tluir.stlitv nntl lius never l.oeii ntitlc.i l.y tlie ,-liei'iil. .sixtWnlitli-il liy <• hen]i silver, or siiIhIuimI by tlio Iimi-ol'nism. I( works for Hie tmil
bliiyoi-iip*. well t'l;* tlie luiv-win.loweil nntl cliitiiip.u'in-iliivoi-f-il citpitiilist. It. films, to lie on the right* si.iip ot evei-ytliinynnil hclit-ves tlitit hell
shoultl lieiiilmiiiisterc.l'tii the wicheil in h-iru'c iloses. It Int.. stood the test of time, n nil it'll ever-increiishiK ptty.-t ri'ilk is proof Unit it. is
hotter to tell tilt, truth, even if tin- In-uveii-. .In iH-eiisii.n.-ill.v hit our slllokestai-K*. A ehllte nf (fill work is workeil oceitsioinilly lor the l-eiieht
of Immimitv and (he tiniiiicicr. Come in nn.l sic us. hut do imt put the hull ilois on the entninin. or elmse tiie l.hii-l. cow Iron; out• witter
barrel: one is -nv»i.*e und the other u victim of thir>t. One of the noblest works of creation is the mini who always pays the printer: In- l**
sure of it I.link in paradise, with t hornless rose.-, for a pillow hv iiiyht. nnd nntlihic Imt t-'oM to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY. Editor ami l-inancier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cniss m this sijtiiirr
indicates tlinf your subscription is due. ,'tntl tlmt the editor
wishes iniw iiffnin to look nt
/onr colluteritl.
Anyone can make resolutions,
but it requires an iron will to keep
The Slocan will be a bright mark
upon the tourist, map in the years
that are coming.
In the world there are 1,500,-
000,000 people, and only about 500
of them know enough to live in
New Denver.
Ere thirty days have rolled along
many a resolution born on the natal
day of this month will have fallen
under the power of habit.
During"7tfie^past"year TTondon
lead declined in price from £18 to
£10, copper from 17£ cents to 12i
cents, and silver from 62 cents to
54 cents.
A i ■■■».,.,i,    — I,,.
1 he C. P. R. is copying the edi-
toria pass ideas of roads in the
United States.   The system entails
work, and
ines from
at that
rect a lead
cheap ex-
t is better
is about
ok place
ivil cases.
term  to
action is
a vast amount oi
no gain.
The pleasant
Trail that the S:
point will iuime
refinery.   It is t
perimental plant
than none at all
In British Ci
time that a ret'or
in the man ner of
To postpone su
term is no wa.
Quick and less e
wanted, much the same as
criminal cases.
If the words of Knockers iu
Kossland could be condensed and
blown into the rocks, under aud
around that, camp, the stream of
yellow stuff dropped in the mad
rush to get this earth finished on
thin' would he.'-unu' more visible  to
the naked optic.
A sand storm blew through California last week and knocked over
half a million oraup's off the tree*
around Uiverside. A snow storm
lit upiui the SliM-iui la>! week und
caused hundreds nf tree* to slide
down the li it 1«4 ill a vi-i\ rude milliner. Nature wink- many <|iieer
plunk" U|mui thi>. obi litrih.
1 in*   M*«ii   ojH'ii*-   unli   lew  iiw
tints in the ^I-Mjut -ky, hut tin u it
will not for all time he thuslv.
Tlie Dominion piirliiuuetit will probably at. if- iieU *-..'XNi.iii*i bei'iiitu-' ctm.-*
vil»ee*t Ihtlf    letut  MMi-ii-i-i" !t» *'*tt,*»iti
Up i-hiV't'v dviti" fur bu-V   ut   t,n,t.-r
tiitJl.      It     .("lilt]    i,t.t    Htjilir.     ihi-
iVl'-i.-'IWVin v" if til'' 5'iraiSti'i8 S!,*iJn"> $ji\i'
it free Hi*-***-** iii-n>*«s (he line.
''William." said the Colonel,
"do you realize that you and I
have got to swear oft* the first day
of January next?*'
''Yes, sir, J've lieen thinking
about it."
''Well, bow much is left down
"Over half a barrel, sir."
Tbe Colonel whistled a long, low
whistle, looked out on the dreary
landscape, pulled oft* his coat, hung
it on a convenient peg, and said:
"Bring me up a ton of coal, get
me my slippers, have the daily
newspapers sent to 1113' room, and
tell everybody I'm not 'at home'
till after Jsew Year's,"
sprang from his father's knee and
doffed his hat. The lady looked
like a blush rose, the women giggled, the father signaled the conductor to stop, and half a dozen
men stood up while urging the lady
to sit down.
One of the campaign stories that
floated through the cloak room recently related to Senator Fairbank
of Indiana and Governor Shaw of
Iowa. According to the story,
stumping Kentucky. After a successful meeting, the Kentucky
colonel who ha.il the two Republican statesmen in charge invited
them into the hotel barroom for
some refreshments.
"What'11 you have?" he asked
Senator Fairbanks.
"A little cold apolinaris," was
the reply.
"And you?" paid the host to
Governor Shaw,
"I think I will have a glass of
The barkeeper turned to the
Kentuckian. "What shall I give
you, colonel?" he asked.
The Kentucky gentleman heaved
a long sigh. "Under the circumstances," lie said, "1 think you
can give me a piece of pie."
A picture of .Japanese life drawn
by Professor Morse shows such a
pleasant relation existing between
the human aud the brute creation
that no Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals is needed.
Birds build their nests in the city
houses, wild fowl, geese and ducks
alight in the public (Miiks,wilddeer
trot about the street. He had
actually lieen followed liy wild deer
iu the streets, nibbling melon Hud
out of his hand, ns tame a* calves
and lambs ou 011;* Michigan farms.
•^ 'log goes to sleep iu the busiest
street*: uicii turn aside wi as not to
disturb him. One day a beautiful
heiiin alighted mi the limb of a
In-e. and the bu-y. jn-llini.' throng
stiip|ted.     I'.very man'* hand   went
Hit'* hi- }.',!*,'krt, ;u-«t ■».*■ they 'A i Oil A
Willi ll-. but ili-leilil nf bliti^iliji
Ollt rt *|H»p|MT," out i-ailie (H'Hl'il
Hlltl -kefe-hing paper.
iii others  bandages  had   been applied to wounds or broken limbs.
One day-he killed a bird tha1
evidently bad lieen severely wound-j
ed at some recent period. The
wound was covered and protected
by it sort of net-work of feathers,
which had been plucked by the
bird from its own body and so arranged as to form a plaster, completely covering and protecting the
wounded surface. Thc feathers
were fairly netted together, passing
alternately under and above each
other and forming a textile fabric
of great protective power.
A certain Unitarian minister of
Greater New York is determined
that his young daughter shall not
know the dark side of orthodox religion. The miss went to the
country with her ■ mother during
the past summer, and there found
a playmate in the youthful daughter of a village teacher.    One day
no carelessness allowed by our em
ployer. Kvery time we eutp a ens
tomer's face we are lined six-pence
and if we make a.u ugly
costs us ;ishilling.
Cigar Co.
ish it
Mag ihls be
9 Happy,
10 YOU
NelSOn'S Drug & Book Store
Sfiv Dt'iivt'r, II, V
Family & Commercial.
Fitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection against fire. Kates $2.50
and fri per day.
Mmiy bird*, particularly those
*n.» 1 rtn- \tti-y tin tin- !*\HHifrUteti,,
pH*--e»«» iin* laeutly ot -Kslllully
dreeing wounds. Som*" will •■veil
*et Uine*.,taking their nun feathers,
to fnnn the proper lianringi"*. A
Nnw nun rue n\ grji.-p 01 uniiej   ireiuh imiiuuhsi wnu*s lh,ti  <»n ;t,
h-t>l<I« the >|4M-au iM-tt-c.-tth ti- »lat<* lining 1 of o<t;v-i,.ii-h,- ha*  killed
skin 'ac would tnin (Hick onr trunk  wihhIiim k* tliat   were,   when *hnt.
into  -ohm- eliitie  win-re  th*-   un* mu\nh'-eiuu   from    notiud*    pre-
Kiiiihi* at the *ki.   and  tie* ««*i*aii  \imi-lv received.
iiiiirnnit- ■M.H.ei-iHii- ;tU,ui w,i-iiuig      hi every ui-laoee  he   found tlie
Then, picking
up and brandishing his razor, he
added: "'Hut I don't care a rap today.    J've just-won a* sovereign."
"Here,   lake   my   seat,    iady,'"
said the small bov in the car, as he
000  MEN
To work on sell'improve
ment these long' winter
evening's  .
Schools, of Scranton, Pa., will give
you the best of instruction in over 80
courses of study, including Steam,
Electrical. Mining, Civil and Railroad
Engineering, Bookkeeping, Architecture, Drafting, etc. Also give you
Spanish, French and German with
Phonograph, so vou hear the master's
own voice. Write for catalogue on
any of our 84 courses.
BOX   751 R-SSLAND, B C.
Km' iiiiiv.-i ii|i|il,v In***
W.-.l. McMILLAN &(.'!>.
VVIi.il.-talf AjrriHs lor II.C
Villiriillvi'l'. II, ('.
Our Special
El Condor
HAVIXO SOLO .un- shin* nl Tlti-ft- Ki.rks in,].
T. Kt'll.v, nil m-ciiiinis lliu- lltt' linn i.l llt.-it
IKiint aii- jiiivnlilo I.. Iiii'i.
WM. lU'NTF.K CO., l.i.MiTKlt.
Xuvi'iiilntr ->,s, lma.
DR. miLLOY   J
Is now in New Denver for a
few days. Modern, improved
methods employed in al|
dental work. Prompt attention is invaluable when your
teeth exhibit, indications of
1'. O.  HON  id.
L'I Huliy nml Dlniiunid .)f*,\(.|.s,
in  heavy  SHvi-i-ulii i-usit, ftir--
Wnti'lies, oilier in'iee.'-
A M 101 >' I ('. A N W ATCII A (i KNU V,
K.-islo, li. C.
Taste the
winter drinks
at the Nelson Hotel
Bar.     Hot Scotch,
Oyster     Cocktails,
Roman Punch,Clam
Nectar,  and many
Reisterer & Vaughan
•tnm  fi'.*t.  ItlK   vM'i-iiU    t.-ile    tn   li.
main in llw  iim+o  uiih---  uiii Ai
Ihu^mnt **n\fw-iiiip-r'   ^*-t   ^hi,   nn*
thr«-»s» ihtlliif" until «»• j»r»»M m-jin
m*A -/*•« .a   '.Oi-*•!.•»,,■li-,.-   ft"inii   •.-'p't-fewp
f* / *
n't!      injur,.      fiiritii-    Ar,- *■-.'-.(     ttitfi
An\Ati p*)n<-k<i(-i (titm ih«- «ifMi tmth-
-r- hmA -kilfully vittvim^i-iI hvii ihe
Mtiuriil, »i.itleiit!y U flu* tung tm-i\k'
»i.f ihi- I..VT1!.        Il;     -Ij'/*ii(-    :t1) *1,il'l 1 fft.   ,n
•p'ip[ |,il.i.-u-i '.-..w^ itm.-* UanuA.  ..:,-[
.lob I'riniinii is an aii.
It ih t'wlay one o(' the
oinftf  <i  l-i'M nunil  .'tC'iet,*
*:)»fj;,'}'(vj5cr i*5T(,0"J.* :u'<:
lM*in*u 1 Jade V* reacli
nerfeetu-ii than ever
lel'nre ii   the  hi-*forv
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irlnl t.rilii -t.illili.-il	
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PmvidoH iiocoininodHtion for
tlm travclllntr jiuhlic	
I'loiiHint I'Miinw, nnd giKid
uiiuiln. Tlu*. I ia i' i« Htoekcd
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iimmrcd of iiloasiint iiccouiiuodiitionH,
81. James
New Denver, B.C.
A. JACOHSO*. Pttpilttfit
I nmt wetA* 10 thf city—fY»mtorwMfi mom*—Itar r«plct* with the h«it of
Lijii'ti** nnd ' itrarn—lv>«t M«'t-vj««o thn»njflimu.
^^S^^*^i --^^"^^g^^^ ^^*^^J^^,
,WC%* fc*""^ mtsmM mt
* *
i jp|'
t ^jv-
*« i '(    -jS'l   4-4 '■*'! '-t't'l
to-date liiif*ine.HK
recognize; the importance of lm\ ing his stationery   well  primed.
l!..  --..ll*
I III     .,   !
•fllni 1.  ,|P
i„« *
."l-l-l  *| ill)
1 V..i.z.i*-M,.&*t wwrnatt
I ~.t:-Trir~i'atriM -:=m 'tiS
-    ¥\'"i
Mmmm_^t___t___________999 -v '  B    ^t ^   ^.^^^^„
aEsaiSEp. * *■*
P*t   .yaimt   ^   !K   X>*   immt.,.  .^rfhC.XfcC   J**tmt^.7M%*C ymi
Bank of Montrea
K«tnl»ll*«h»*il  IMI7.
.'      *,    1  ,    11  . .  : 1   „ .      - 1.1 1 ,1 . . 11 i, , «,
KcacrviMl luiwl   ;   :    i.wiwhm
I'ndividwl profit*.  ;   :   .*»KM«I «H
iiik%!> ttvrivr., mi^THK.%1..
Kt. Hon. I/umSTHAtiuxiNA ii.id Mount I{uvai, <J.C. .M.1J. Vre*ii\eni.
tins. t'i, A. Orcmmonh, V'tc<» President.
K. S. f'rcicsTiiv. (leneml Ifjin.-tfivr.
Hr-inche** in all t«rt* *»l llnwtAit, K^wfutitidland, (iifm PriMin, ntwt
:l,e I'oiwA .UiiU'ii.
New Denver branch
I.E B. DE VEBEfe. MnnaKcr
pxxm pAy^pAcx^mmsxmi Ninth Year.
Levents just passing By *
Iii another column is produced
an able communication from the
pen of one Geo. Broadley of Nelson. Mr. Broadly argues well
from the standpoint of worldly socialism, but until he grasps the
underlying meaning of the Ledgk
writer he is not in a position to
either condemn or commend these
criticisms.    Other socialists make
is really so. Wouldn't you like to
turn time backward, and see Abraham Lincoln at twelve, when he
had never worn a pair of boots?—
the lank, lean, yellow, hungry boy,
hungry for love, hungry for learning, tramping* off through the
woods for twenty miles to borrow a
book, and spelling it out crouching
before the glare of the burning
logs. . . . Yesterday I rode
horseback past a lield where a boy
was plowing. The lad's hair stuck
out through the top of his hat, one
suspender held his trousers in place,
U 'I
the same mistake.    He tells us, as
a matter of information, no doubt, j hif/.-onn  ^ bony  and awkwar(1
that "you are a socialist yourself, j his 1)a,.e log8 am] ^ wwe ,)Iwn
in principle, but .   .   . unaware of | ,iml   st,ratehwl   a,m!  briar-sirred.
'Lie fact," Mr. Hroadley n.a.kesa|llt, fcunRl(1 hjs hol.sw ^ JW ,
mistake. The writer has been well, pnm,(] ^ mn] ,. ,um umlt; (he ^
aware of the fact that ior eight orj phlJ,. ,„.;,„ ()f his imt,KmlKta <!llick
ten years he has been an avowed ;gla[lw ()Ut of (larki half ,)ash|.lll
socialist, and if he sees the dawn of j (}ycg) ,uul luodos(.,v retun,ed lny
the tpwonty-fii'st century lie expects! salute Wh(jn his \yd{ik was (iUnu,;1
to be living the life of a socialist \ * {Q{)k o|Y 1)]y hat aml S(Ml(, a (Jo(1..
then. Indeed, he expects to live, WwiS_you dl")wn t,hl. fm.,.ow aftor
the same life beyond the grave, and j Mm why kll0W8?_1 luay yet g0
will be satisfied. When we first |fc() thafc boy* {o h<)mm mm^ ^ U}
became imbued with socialism we | hmr ,,.,„ pmMjh> or lo bog him to
felt as M.-. Broadley and socialists | d(,fen(] ]m; Jn ft ]aw>8uit). 01. he Juay
of his stamp now feel-that capital j Htand with ^^ uninovedi barc of
was the oppressor and must be de- j.^ iu whiu,: .ipr()n< y(^]y t<) do
throned before the great working ; his (]ntV) whi,e thc C011e is ,pla<jed
masses could get justice. We then | OV(jr my fm^ ,im* ])ight am] d(jath
blamed political parties. Today jcome n.eiipiug ink) my veinH( Be
we have learned to see the other , pat*ent with th(j bovs_vou a,re
side of the question as well and be-. dealing wi(h S0Ui.Kt*ulV—destiny
lieve that the fault is not with cap-; wai(;s just around {he (>oniei..M
ital.soiniu.h  as  with  the  people:' +
nor with political parties so much | Many an old bachelor boy was
as with the individual voter. ft | made happy on Xmas Day by be-
in nofft question of are the people j ing cordially filled up on' turkey
oppressed; everybody knows they i and other good things at the homes
are. Nor is it a question of cor-j0f New Denver ladies. It was a
ruption in political parties: every-; red-letter day for the orphans, and
body knows that the rankest kind ! as a result there is a spot in the
of political jobbery does exist. And-i hea,,.t, of many a bearded youth that
-everybody ought to know that the jg]ows wjth tenderness toward the
rankest kind of political jobbery j iady 0f many a home here. It felt
will continue to exist so long as the j g00d to be a stag that day. And
love of mammon is uppermost in, the glow that warms the heart
the hearts of the people,   whether j melts the soul—yes,  bachelor boys
We have a small store, but, you must remember, "good ||
things are always done np in small packages."
Remember this; and—
We can give you Fresh Goods always and the best goods on the
market, cheaper than any other house.     The following
are our prices lor ten* days:
Seedless Raisins, 1-1!) pkir, l-'.f
Ciii-r.-uiis l-'lf Hi
All l*|..-U.-.'-.t- 11.
I'lilwri/ril Siiv'iii-. l'tf Hi
Hit; Hu." in, .'.."><■
1 ifi-ps-i-d Turkey**-1. Oec.--c ami I lurks to a rrlv.* thi*.
hccIc- In- -sure anil send in your order-is •£• ine
old party ticket.
ha-vs-souls. Be—kind—*with theni,-
Deep in the heart of all clings a
sacred love for that place called
Many socialists delight to point to 1 home> and it comes like a peep into
the oppressed millions by the gold- j paradiHe when that love is rekindled
hording hundreds as .an  evidence j by home thoughts rubbed off the
atmosphere of home surroundings
It waa only the tail off a hog, tied
with blue ribbon, but it spoke
volumes. Some little soul in
which love is dead and decency
goes begging, under the guise of a
friend, sent it as a Ninas gift to as
of wrong industrial conditions, and
it must be agreed that the evidence
ib deplorably true.    But the fault
lies more upon the oppressed than
the oppressor.    Who puts in the
hands of the oppressor the power?
Men will roar the whole year round
about this wrong and that wrong
but when it comes Ui a show-down j grand a soul as was ever touched
they   themselves   are   largely   to j by the love of (iod—a man  whom
blaine for the wrong complained of: | ail flew Denver delights to honor.
they condemn  the operation of a j Practical jokes at a Christmas tree
principle but countenance the prin- jare enjoyable if carried   on in the
above it more lofty than before, and
is strengthened under the affliction.
Little can be done well to which
the whole mind is. not applied.—
Little enough will your religion
profit you, if your deeds do not
accord with it.—Jussiif Aii Musta-
Only the vulgar person seeks to
adorn his short-comings and give
them an air of respectability.—
The worst enemies of law  are j ciiristu^s /.M.hvr cream sodus, s-n, n..x...-. if,-
,, , i, ,       , NINE cans Cream, si. no
tllOSe    Who    WOUld   perpetuate,   111- ! Three cans Tomatoes, -in,.
.. i      ii pi ; Sardines, inn* tin, Hie
justice under the  name of  law.— icevinn myh Noi.try n.*,- it.
,-,      ..      ,     .. /,.    •   ,*        i m     . i Hulk liollt-d wltfiitt. riclb
Sentinel ol Christian Liberty. • aninuiiueii su«nr, nu- u,
I Fivsli Hni-.-lcil J(iv;i vV Mum ('..11'. r, llu. vi-i'v licsl
Men are often capable of greater j   <n- your ininn,..v imck, nu* in
Crttssu &  lilnrkw-rll's Soup-t.  Murk Tiirll.'.  (ix |    wil!-., m In |,,..|-i-imk ..vrr «-li,,l,.«:,l...
things than   they perioral.     I hev I    ImH,<:in<kin :uni oilier vai-ii-ius i Hp.h ii(,h<,-j.v m
. i     ' ii       .  i     i ..i    ' Ht'iii-'ltt,-5--*  01iii'k«n,  Turkey,  IHtrk, (jtiiu.i  Satt* i ('l....-..!.-iti*s. l'-.c Hi
lire Sent lUt'O the    WOl'kl   With   lllllS |    saw,  Kni.'lis)i  Ilrrnkfast   Hn.-xn, 17.* 11,; frvsli 1 Mint,. :•-,;• 11,
. ,., in i .1*1     y'i»i'il{ !-'l*.-iiii-fi-il   Mtt.i.'S, lt.lc  Hi.     lit!  ciirt-l'lil. , Mix,p| (.'nullify  :.',ir II,
Of credit, and Seldom driUV tO their:    ami il»nt   u*c  slamilitrr-lKiiisr-l'i-tl   llturs   ..r   ('..|„*iilia-..n Siiuff. i-llij-u- -.1 s-i
.   ,, ,       , ,, ,.r  ,      , I     sraviMitfi'i  Uocs.) | ,\|| kincU nf Knvlish Sii„.kiii*J T„l,:1,.|,
full extent.—Horace Walpole.        ; Fro-iii !■#, ■■kk- tin/. i   Tnuiii.-r'-,. in,. i-„.
| Xli-iIktii Sny Apiili-s, rlt,)iir,s*i.i;, .-.ii-ll, l„,N i    llutl«oii H;» v .MI-\titro  l-lli   I-<•
Head not books alone, but- men; I }!\^^ ^^ t,, „. ,:-„. I  ^ii^^ri^i 1"»' ^      '
and among them, chielly  thyself.   I>m'° Bl!U"kK'!|i"'r-:,l)r "' ; ^u khitKVaiiiKiiaiit.iiiaiTo.-ii, M,„*k
Jf thou iindest" anything question-j
able there, use the commentary  of
a severe friend rather than the gloss
of a sweet-lipped  flatterer.    There
is more profit in a distasteful truth
than   in   deceitful   sweetness.—! rather late, he  thought,  he would
Quarles. ■ I look at the time.    So, advancing tu
Vice is never so much at ease, !tho nearest lamp-post, he un fast-
never more tyrannical, never more jmoA h,s hu8'c "vereoat, pulled out
ambitious, than when it iiuagines! bis watch, saw the time, and but-
it'has found a mask under t.hei toned up his coat-again, but could
cover and protection of which it,|»ot for the life of hin.inove.
may   pass   off   for   virtue.      And
I'AVMASTKR lliuc-ral Claim.
SiuiHte in tin* Sltx-an Miuinir Division of West
KootiMiay District. Where located: At Three
Forks, ail join in*.:; the Newport.
'PAKE NOTICE that I. J. M. McGregor! acting
I as asent for Fred Sivannell, Free Miner's
Certiik-aii; Xo B n'.YSii, inteiui sixty days from
the date hereof, to appls' to the Mining
Recorder for a certilieate of improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of tha
And further take notice thai act ion under *>eo*
turn 37 must be commenced liefore tin-issuance
of such certiticate of improvements.
I tilted this Oth dav of December. A. D l'Jol.
SH.VKII    1511.1.   nml    MKKCUHV
Mineral   Claiins.
Situate in the sloe in i Minim,*  Division of West
Kotilenay  District.    Where located:   North
of Sandon, 1'r.vne creek.
riAAKK   NOTICE   that  1,  Herbert T. Twiuff,
■I-    l-'ree .Miner's Cerilficate Xo  11 AS j i'l, for my •
-oil'  and  as a*-'ent  for  Hubert  Cinmiii-pr.   Free
Miner's Certilieate No 11 ;>-|]S!'i. and Alliert David,
Flee     Miner's   Certificate     No    Midi,   Intend,
sixty   days   from    the    date    hcrei.r.   to   tip*
ply   to llie Mining  Recorder for Certiticate-' of
We have ,-il*«j just rei-eived a'cl^ieehi;',,! cnudii" j Improvt'inelit,  fur the  lmrpose t.f obtaining   a
--H-.il llon-p. Knifllsh Mints. Clioc..liiies  w-liich   <'''""'',' Oriinl of each ol the above claims.
'■• ■ I     And fi.rtlier take notice tliat action, under sec-
! tion :i7.inusl he <-iiiumcnced  before the issuance
ui such Certificates of Improvements.
Daied thi*. .Mil dav of December. A. D.l'.tOl
j '    HKHllKKT T. TWIfil.l.
Cl'l.TAS    so.
Mineral   Claini.
"]\fail and letter orders attended to same day
J. F. Delaiiey,Wholesale Commission Herchant
masks there are which, to a certain
extent, deceive even the wearers; a
deceit to which they lend themselves with alacrity, and find in
their own delusion encouragement
to make daring experiments on the
credulity, timidity, or dependence
of others.—Bentham.
The bore atllicted with a genius
for saying over and over again the
thing that is self-evident and needing not to be said at all, turned up
in Auburn aud sent out alleged
, Thinking that some electrical
power was drawing' him to the
lamp-post, he commenced to shout
loudly for help, which attracted
the notice of a policeman.
"Why don't you move,  idiot?"
exclaimed the man in blue, at the
The plant as now contained in the
buildings at Thunder  Hill, Upper
ton concentrator — complete with
Engine, Boilers, etc.
For further particulars apply to,
A S. INNIS, Victoria.
ciple:it-self.    In  other words they
roar no and  vote yes.      We still
spirit of friendlinesH.  but when a
venomous spirit comes like a snake
maintain that no real reformation | jn \\w gratis to strike unawares its
in (he body politic will come until j victim and sting the heart of unit comes through the reformation {suspecting love, there can be
of man himself.     Mr.   Mroadly  is | naught   but   sadness left  behind.
The animal hog can be revered for
his meat, if he has no brains to
speak of, but the human hog can
not be honored for anything.
wrong when he says that this paper
has ever advocated the downfall of
individualism as applied to man.
It has ever condemned the building
up of conditions without the building up of man himself.     Tor ecu- j 	
luvies the world has  been building J     Virtu„>H K(lftn, ,„ |h|mm.. (,m{, ,„,,.
mammoth churches and ,"*»inpellingiK|(M,.) ._'i\,HH0
pi-ople to pav tribute in  the name *     ,,„ . .   ,
' ,      ' •    „• i        .i When a world of uitu could not
of one deiKiininution and  another. .,     ,,,     ,.  ,  .
......        ,   . . ..      prevail  with all their oraiory, yet
forgetting that man s true relation ;    , .... .  . ,
......      ...      , . hath woman s kindness overruled, i
PHILIP ROWE. or to whom they may have
transferred their interests in the white Horse
No. 4 mineral clnlm, ultimtetl on Galena
Farm flitt, near Silverton, in the Sloean
Mlnlnn Division, of West Kootenay District.
L expended tW.M In Inhor and Improvements
ontlin White Horse No, I mineral clnlm,  Tin-
assassin, Czolgosz. Here is one of
his specials: "Minute by minute,
hour by hour, day by day does
Leon F. Czolgosz, the assassin of
President McKinley, draw nearer
to the death which awaits him."
Most of us are in about the same
Considering how fiercely I have
been attacked by the orthodox, it
seems ludicrous that I once intended to be a clergyman. Nor
was this intention and my father's
wish ever formally given up, but
died a natural death when, on
leaving Cambridge, 1 joined the
Beagle as naturalist. If the phrenologists are to bo trusted, I was
well fitted in one respect to be a
clergyman. A few years ago the
socrel-ary of a (ieriiian pnychological
society asked me oariuiHtly by letter
for a photograph of myself, and
some time afterward 1 received the
proceedings of one of llie meetings,
in which it seemed tlmt the shape*   . „, .   , .    ,
. ,       iii! t\ i •     i    * ' V"l    und each iif vou. nre  herein-  uuilii.
of my head had been the subject of, l   timt w-einive ...\|».iuii-.i t«., duniin-ii mi
a public discussion, and one of the   """ ' "       '"' '' "" "
speakers declared that I had the
bump of reverence developed enough
for ten priests.— <'barton Darwin,
same time   unbuttoning  the overcoat,
I'tter collapse nf the. professor,
who discovered at once that he was
released. He had buttoned his
coat rouml the lamp-post.
STAM.IiV XO. •' Mineral Claim.
Siluiite in tint Sloeun Mining Division of West
Ktioteimy Di.-,rric.t*. Where loomed-
Adjoining II,e Merriinae mul Ke!iii<e. on
Silver Mountain.
rrtAKK XOTICK thai 1, Wm.S. Drewrv. .-u-linir
■■•- as agent lor flenniiii Clever, free miner's
certilicnte No. B380.il; Henrv Siege, free miner's
certilieate No. BSlM3'.i. and John I'ionttschc, free
miner's certilicnte No. H.W75, intend, sixtv davs
from the date hereof to apply tit the
Mining Recorder for n certilieate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown'
grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under section ,')7 must be commenced before tlie issuance
ol such certificate of improvements.
Dated this litth day- of December, AD.. 1!K)1.
-^iliiiili-in   tht.- Slocan   Mining   Division of West
Ki.pileii.-iy   Disirii-t      When-    located:    i in
Trihiitar'v en-ek. near Sandon, on divide.
TAKK .VOI'ICK Tlmt Wilson & S.-nkler, lifting
1    a< ii-s'ent  fur (he   Adams  British Columbia
Minine  ''ompaii.v.  free miner's eertiliclte  N'o.
liis').'.. intend, si.M -■ dn.vs fnnn the dam hereof, to
apply to the Milling Itei-onler for a Oi.-rlilieate of
Improvement.**", for the  purpose  of ..l.tahiiim  a
j Ciowi! Grant of the above claim.
|     And further tnUe  notiei- (lint   action, under
] Section .'17. mu-t be einnnieiiei-il liel.tre the  issu-
tnee of sti.-li Certilieate ol Improvement*.
I in ted Ihi,- 17th day of October, A. D. liml.
KM MA unit  ROHSON Mineral Claims.
Situate in (he Arrow Lake  Mining  Division of
West Kiioieuay District.      Where located:—
(.in l'ingston creek, al.ot.it  * miles  from   its
TAKK XOTICK That 1. K. 0. Green, acting as
1     agent for the. Daphne Mining  and  Develop-
nii-iit Company. Limited Liability,  free  miner's
eertilH-ate. Xo " Rtysi'iS, intend,  sixtv days from
the date  hereof,   to  apply lo. tiie'Mining   Recorder for a Cerlltieute of Improvements, for the
purpose of ohtiiliiiuu n  Crown »; rant of each of
the above claims.
AiipI further take notice that action, under section :17. must be commenced before Ihe issuance
of such Certilieate ot Improvemenis.
Dated this flub dav of September. 1001,
F.'O. GREEN, Nelson, B.C.
I.OI'.XA   DOOX  IKACTIOX  Mineral Claini
Mineral   Claims.
nbove-meiiiloueil iUii.M i» thu expense neccM.
sary in order to hold the said claim under the
provisions of the Mineral Act, mid If within
nliietv ilityg from the dntc of this notice ymi fall
or refuse to contrlbuti' your proportion of tin-
ahovii-mentlouid sum, which Is now due, together with all costs of advertising, your interests lu the mild claim will become the property of the. UwlerslKUed under Section 4 of (he
"Mineral Act Amendment  Act l'ton."
Diitetl nt  Silverton,  11. (1.   till- I7il, day of
October, liml,
CHARLES K. llnl'E,
Wesf-Jtooteimy District. WThefc located'.
South of New Denver, adiolningthe Alpha,
l.akeview and Corncrackcr mineral eliiims.
epAKE NOTICE that I. Wm. S. Drewry, nc't-
■*- iiiir as aijcnt for the Northwest Mining Svn-
(llcatc, Ltd, Iree miner's certiticate No. BSiiSlK,
intend tiortays from the da tc hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certiticate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown cram
of (heabove claims.
And further take notice lhat action under section 87 must he commenced liefore thc Issuimceof
such eei-titlcates of Improvements.
Dated this Iflth day of December. A.D., lfin,
Situate in the Sloean Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Four Mite Creek.
'PAKE NOTICE, That 1. M. R. W. Rathbornc,
1 Free Miners'Certilieate Xo. U,r.2i!t3, for myself and ns agent for Frank Culver, Free Miners'
Certiticate No. B :1S0;'U. intend. *) days from tiie
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining n, crown  grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under Sec.
37 must be commenced liefore thc Issuance of such
certiticate of improvements.
Dated this loth day of Oetolier, A.D. 11)01,
SKKI.Ki   FRACTION Mineral Claim.
Situate In tht! Sloean Mining Division on
West Koote.iay District. Whore located:
On Fidelity Butte, south ol New Denver, adjoining the Fidelity. Frisco, and Crurker
.lack mineral claims,
rpAKK NOTICE thai I. Win. .S. Drewrv, nct-
•JL ing hs intent lor the Humid Mines, Limited,
free miner's certiticate No. HMii. intend
sixty days from the dale hereof lo
atiiily to the Mining Recorder for a Certiticate
of Improvement'!, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown (irant of the nlmve claim.
And furl her take notice tliat action, under section 37, must lie commenced before the issuance
of such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this J.uli day of December, A, D. mm.
Brevity anil roiiriwiH-ns arc thi'
piii'i'iitc of conviction. Tlio louden
linllct is inure fitful tlitiu when mul-
Regard  illenilili' cliiiogmphy its
nu evidence of high claw learning.  "
Speak to children without consideration for tlieir feelings.
l.iMik ii|miii nianiiigii purely as a t
business transactiuu.
Make ihciiiM'lvcH lidii'uiou* h\
(In* legal itt'i'soiial iTpi'eseiitatli'cs ..I
.1. A. SMITH, deceiistil, or to aii\'
person or persons to whom the -niil
•I. A. Smith tuny have traii-ferre
his Inten-si In (he Silver HIII Mineral Claim,
-Itinufil on Pay nu Mountain, :iiuil.'ss,niih of
Three Forks, In Ihe KliH-nu Mining Divi«ittii
ul Went Kootenay, British I'liluiuhia
live tl.iHiim in litb..r iuul Imiiioviuneiil- upon (In-
uliove mentioned iiiliieial claim ituiler the pro
visions of the Mineral Ael, and If, within Itiilay*
from the ibtte nf this iiotlee, you full or ivlus*. tn
toiitribllte your lu.rlloii nl nil stleb evp-ielitiirv,
together with all i-i.«l»nf advertising, your Infer
est In tin- said cl.-ilin will become the properly ol
tin* ..n.*.. ill). I-. mui. i ,-vi-tioii i ..j an A.. ...
tilled "All Act to Amend tlt't Mineral Act l-«»i "
|1,l.ll at New Denver. II *' . till- .'Ith iIpi\   ol
n,tl..i- l'mi lll'KIIFHT T TU li.i.
to his Maker is his relation hk mi
individual, not as a church nieiii-
l>er. Church inciulH-i'sltip does not
make it man a christian: neither is
i% ihiiii made a socialist  liy putting
hi- mime i.. tl icmlicrship roll i»f til'l>,'«1 *"»«' -*h»t.    Ilnw-n Hftllou
a MM'inli^t chih.    Men nre socialii*t*      Children   have    moral    ineiiHlesi ''<""i'"iall> talking iiIhiiii men.
a- \h-,'X liw tie-  live- «if *.«w-i:Ui«tw   ««miei.iiiii.*«.    iiulylet   I hem  alone.;     Indulge in the mum' of flirtation
Siaie thc> I'liii-tiaii--. and thc\   will  get   well  of them- ^ though it were .*( pli-ic-iin!   pa«t-
* selves.    Tin-re in u wise hcih in the; time.
Klhert   llul.liuiil   i^   *  iiuiu  of gardens, and it is culled  thyme. Like to increase ilu-ir height l,v
thoughts thai  he delights  tn  put  s. Weir Mitchell, i the weariiif. (if slmes with very high
into word.*, and  having  put them       ,   . ., ; i,....iu
into ttoftl* lie glutic,'> in M'cing i.hrm  , .       ,   .        ,.        ,       i.\...i ti,..„ ui.....;... . i ..
" r inti" m*; ».<,-(» ore  loved   liv   other**--- *       ' "'i'l tttev can eruili nn iiiipiuleni
untold m the im** nl othei-it. lie
liken mankind, and es|»eciHlIy the
hoy stage of it. "I Imve a profound svsjM'ct for  lxiys."   says  he.
Al. Miiii-inl I'htliiis.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Koi.'eiiny Dlslrlel, Win re locnleil: Sllv. i
Mountain, two miles ei**! nf New Denver.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, Where located: On the
Third East Fork of Wilson creek, about 20
miles from Slocan Lake.
TAKE NOTICE That I. Kenneth h. Burnet,
agent for James M. Martin Esor., Free Miner's Certilieate No. ft 42010, intend, sixty days
from thedate hereof, lo apiily to the Mining Recorder for n Certificate of Improvement!!, for the
puriiose of obtaining n Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under Section .1?. must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certiticate ef Improvements.
Dated this 81st day of October. A. D. ltmi.
•PAKE NOTICE Thai I  Hugh S. XeNou. Free
I     Miner's Certilieate No. II.'.Jlis, lei.■ml sImv
'""' '"•' hereof, to apply to the Mining
Urates of  linpiovciiit uts. fm
f oltt-iitiitig Cmiru (irnn(« uf tin-
iluys from Ihe tl nil* hereof, lo ajiply to the Mining
Recorder lor ('ertllli-nti« of fnipiovcint uts. fm
(be   ptlr|tt.*e
above claim.
And further take notice that iw-tluii, uinlei
sirtloii li", 1111;-1 be I'oliillielieeil lift.in* the l--u
i.lit-e of •iii-li ii-ltlliiiiti*. of iinproveliients,
Daliil Ibl-isih i|.,v ,.f \'ov.-mli.r  A. D. I""l.
N A llllll   Mineral Clnli
Hiluitte lu Hi.* s| .,.„„ Mb ing DIvMi'm nl .', <■-!
K<».1. ii,i> Di.lilit, Wlnie lisnii-il: tin
H.eti   Moiinlilii,   .-iiljolnhm    lb.    lliu. bird,
sir.-tiiL'i-r, Ttiiilc   ll.iIIhi-   dill.,   v,,   ..i    ,i„i
Hiiwitoii iiiiuer.il claiins. j
•|'*\KK NoTH'Ethiii I.II.IV, Hull,in. iiilii.i-.*;
I     ei-nllleiile   No    Itil.'Mll.  l.,r  iiivelt  mil    |J
SUNRISE   Mineral   Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District.     Where located:    Adjoining the Hope mineral claim, near Sandon,
(PAKE NOTICE Thai I,George Alexander, free
1    miner's certilicnte No. H.Vmiii, ns agent for
the Iliith Mines. Limited,free miner's certiticate
N'o,  UWinful, Intend,  sixty   days from  Ihe (late
hereof,  to apply   to  the Mining Recorder for
a Certilicnte of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown lirant 'if the above claim.
A nil t in Iht-r tn lie not Ice that action under sec, 37
must be commenced before the l-utiiitcc of Mich
Certilicnte of Improvements.
Dated this Kill dnv of Oeluber  liml.
CASH IKK   Mineral Clnlm.
Situate lu the  Sloeini   Milibltr  Division ol West
KnoletiiiV    Dislliet.      Wliue   Im-alcd:      illl
l'i>r|><'iiti i ei. ek, adjoining the Sunri-c,
'PAKE   XiiTK'E    That  I. John   Keen, Free
I     Miner's (Vidlic'Ht- Nn. It ,ww!|. Intend, slity
day*- fi'i'in Ihe iltle heriol, |.. apjily (olbeMlitlng
lle'iordi r foi it C-rtlliritti- ol  Improviineiitu, lor
the |nil'|io*|. of iililaiuiug u Crown (irant of llm
above cl.ilin.
Ami further take nolle- that m-tlni, under sec-
tloil ,'*7, IIIIIM l»-eolllllll'liei-d Ill-lore   tile I.«s|1HIII'II
of "licit Ceititlenle of linprovemeiits.
Iiateil thl« .'IM day ill Hetoher. A. D. |:«t|.
D  W MoollK, or to any |«-r»oii tn whom tut
T'l DEI.IVgl'ENT cihiWVKH-*
I A. MeKINS'oN I. f UICII Uil'-*
1*1111.11' IttiWI'.oi i.. «li..linnet in.,. |,,lVl
iiiiii-.Ii mil iheh iiiii r.--i« in lb. I'..lot pi min
> r.il .|i|ni, -If ii,il.*I ,,ii Oil. t.;i li'iini ll.:
ii-.u'SHvi-i'ii.u   in ih.   --I..IIIII  Mi'ilng   D.*i
.   ll...I Wi ■! K *. *a i, >>   1'1-lle !
ol'   VICE Hi:iir.ttV  V'tllFIKD Hut I Im,
.i^-.-lil p.l (iiolgi.t. Alkin», tin liilnir'-. ci ttlti-
enie No II i?i7.' iuieml. .i\t\ ii,,s< ti nu theibili
lereof In ,i|,p|y to llie Milling Reiol'llel
b.r i ('..rllile.il. ,,) ImpioviiiH-nt*., (..t tbe pur
p.— ••( --t.tait.ii;*,* ,, |-[..«|, 111.,!,. ..f th, ,|I.„M.
' I .Ini
Anil Inllln i Hikt   nolii •  lli.it
lion .'II. mu-t I.i
f »iiiln'i nilii.1,-,,1 Imtiroi. mi-lit
hav,   *i,,;i-.'-! i-
in'. ri»t  !n   tb
I'wll lolllllllll lllllletPlI ell.Illl.  lit    (lie   hl'Hlt nl
Eight Mile.leek.il, Hie sloean Milling Dlvt*
"loll.of We-t   K'silellilV Dl-trlct
,-iit'pir.  li. i, l.v i...till* .1 llip.f   1   It.t.   .ttp.n.|.-d
I     "i.'i Iii lalinr and itiipr..'.. n.i nl» mi iieenuut
f  vour  uil'tt-t   b.   ihi-   THirloiilutiii iiitiitnil
 need  I, I.,.,- tl,. I..,,,,,,,*,, , '1 tint     The nl,..,,* „„ l.lloi.. .1 *V. l» V.itir |,rol.or*
. lion ol llu e!,pi-ii«.* ii. i. .-.in v iii nub r to (mlil (he
Hon uii.li-i «. e
-.aid t liiin nt,tl« i tin piovi-ioii- nf iln- Mineral
\. I Hit It t\ itlili, i,li,, O il.', - (("in Hie dale of
lld« i..-llf.- y.-.t f.itl or   ii-ln-'   I*. i  .ultll.titi' the
III.WI'I'T,    IIIM'ON,    lit 1 Vlll   II. I 11   .lll.l     -ib.li*   ll,. Illl.illl tl   -llllt,    libIlll   i«   I.OH    .llie,   |.-»
Dated till- U'tll ll.ll   ..I Jllll      \    D. |!l.|
ll  W   III I.l.
Mill.I-', Mlo.i .Ii'Ipiiii-   .rn.i tb.   |||sens
.ml I'llHW  l-'t .. M *ip.I  \lp.„ i..l Cl.ilu,.
n.i. d "t'i/ .'in In I.i I .or ,n nl  I. ii pi o i r in.
li. »|i..
I. Hal
...   ,.,    Mini,
.(ml      U '
ll*.n.tl *\i't.'." l> tie v\|»-!i*.i in . ■■•-.ill ipporil.it
Ik.I.i Hi.- • .nl . Ipiiiii in..I. > ti. i.i,,,i*i,,,,. .| t,i
Mlneial \i I, iimi 11 Mltliio inn. O il .\. in.in tl,
.Ini. ..( lh)- no li. . I. in fall • I It hi- (■• * .p.IhIiipI
yotir pr. |,,,||.,.|| • .* tin n' oia in- i.||..iiei| -lit,
tthti'l. |s '|..it .lit., I 'L'.tb. t «lltt ill e,,-I* -I '
aitvertisitig, your IiiI-ii *(• in Un- -.11 >i iltn « III i
I.i -colli.. III.    |'il.-|-.itl   ol   III.     Ili.il. t*b.-|.i'l   Hi,del   '
S.i iiimi I >•! Un-
ll, tol.r, l:»t|
I.l   1.1
would uhuoet eay that  wc arc in-! «»«> with a glance uf tlie eye--.
■tJi.-fyt'lli'.sidv-Sti", sl'jsd mim niitltii t'>  iiim-J-C".--^:     Thsink it iw et'hieter of mwlvtly
while he has a  friend,—Holiert  i.. \ to assume a diMigiceahlc lo<)k.
|.Illl..tp  ,.f \\t •(
I...-Plll-I    \l,..lll
"■•.- ■  ,,..1* -  n , *., * , -o,. (,■ I.  li i
•V VkC  Nut tl  I    t I, .i   1     i ...   ,       I    ,,-|;,  j
'  I        ' sp!i*,.   *     ll  •        .    ..,„•  *.., |;   i.„i„^,.,
i . I *•( ..Uiii.e   si ...  ,,( u i-|ph..t,.,    Is  t|  .   Cr, p
;  Mill. •'* I'- .tilt.   ."    V-    II   •'(».. |nt.-|,it   -Ixt-l .1 n «
,   •   -in  Hi,    .Ire   io le. t    •,.   ,,|,j I,    |,,    t|,,    \iiiiu.w
li'i colli.-I     tot   I   ' t 'ill- .,',.   *       '.    |i,,j.!,,i, I,,, 1,1 .     !.,i*
«l„-put [«.».■ ,,(   • bii.liiii.    Ii„ni,   I,Mil*. ,.(   i|„.
il.i.V- i-l illl,-
Ipi.I 'ti-lli.t r .le- i.. llu  ■-l.it
I,,,.,   'I"      ,,,.,,|   l„*   ,    ,,,,   ,   ,.,.,!   I
■   mh ii t ■ Miin ,..i -.,; (in,
tl....' It t, I.l   I   .     , *■'.
I HAM Is   I
p-iln r withnII t',-l» >.f ■idy'M'liiK. ). til illli n-»t
In tie  *.ild . I urn Mill U. ,ii..   lb.   pi-.|.-iti ot llu-
ill.il. t'lgl.i.l.   III.I.r   •M-eOoll    I   ,.(   tin-  "Mllli'IDl
Ai t  I im iHlim nf Ai I l -ii
iMe.l   ll  Ni l,   D l-M I    II   v*  , (III. .Il.lll.ll  ol lie.
t-l-s-r li.l FRANK E ('I.ti I*.
^ 1>acifi
niiiii i
un. i-l. m«-ii(.
KA lfe«
tpf.i <. i«..ii..ii.i,,
'In |i|'.l,|M,it I'.ST itiinWI II
'■ft'iimy. eti<itieA, Imo-Uil Inn* tn tlu
kiic-I ofif-ii  altiact  me  "tisingi
\ Imiv i- a man in
j He who d(M*s not make hi* family make au imjire^ii
. w li
do mil know whit it i» iioiu^i loL
hi- life i- hi(r with  |»os»«ih
lhec.^iH»n~-yoti «'"»'-*«»>t»'»1«' w>H  hiniHi'lf never lie;     |{^tow glance-.of ,niitrn.|.i ii|h„,
h»p|iy nt home, ami he who is not;0,|H.r women onlv Ihi-jiiim- thev are
till I. \
: • i |t(! .iSoi i
'Ml-     l.M'J.!t-.i'
1     MMNMiV      l     j
oi." runnui.-s.
- I il I'l aim, »llll»l.i|..n I'.
l_ iiap|iy at home will never lM*hft|»py letter ilr*-"«il,
Mti.i.itf IMil.1.1
I  'oltlllll.lit
,m. t ii
\i in.lo. th
I'flll.ll' ie>\\ i.
mt ha ii i is
mil ih.
, t»i • t .in
• W.*.! n
miii-!!, t ,
... it., i ii,
Hi-     -fill'
It Hi  Hnl.
i...   Out*.
I o|<   i HHlvrMAs
-. '•   '*.,   -P.I.    |L,      ..".  »l
F«'l.' \i.\\   Villi-
'i.mi 'i:i l nr
;n   make or  unmake
a ii'.
lie IV
Sir. William Ken--hot.
vlll! IIV.Ul,H\   \<>i IKII-.D
The lef*»*tm->« of advernitv are often
I to'MJS-MH,
tioi'ii -sat-ej*. wn
!♦• Iumks tiiiii will   'hi- mie-l Itenifctmiil oiu-ii they seem      ,\   ccijaio   .'(Iim-jiHihiuJi-i]   jiio-
,ln\r -»n iii|,.i.).j miii,i,,l
tl,* ».|.|«tsito it.nt. r Hi* .
i  ' . .. ,.t{ U. w,. U. . ,.o . ..
, li-
■().■ Miuvt ,
m)A   «iiHtM'ter*.   or   Jiiveut   m;t-
th** Jiiift -cvw,    The ile-jtn-Hftjons ft-^*»t>? w.-i* a tn.iti dei-jilv  inrcri-ii-il   '*''•
tti-.i..,( ai
ice if
th.kt    A ill    revollltioli/e
l\it. of  vanity   sometime*  eittmhle   the  in tie- «•• -i»-nce nl' itilsjiiii-eil eU-t-ni
A 1.
ii* 'n ni
It  :. CHI'
M.   t'.V'C'n" witivi
ffteltii-^      'l"h»* ihiiiiI which doe* not   iiy.
«tfiri,.l tie
. tO   i,
-•frtitiy'r. ttiif if   o holly t'oA< imAer iii'ffrirtniie ri**i-*-      "ro* i*c.*niri^ u fn'li* tc'ifViiif.-* h
• ..-l*!l..
'I  VS'lVl.
„l,.l .j.
- Ii--MMi*
■   I
. r •!   t, I   t
.1 fi,
• I f •fi
ll i il'l.i
.1   .li  I
■    o.| i
C    I1
tr. >, c.
f'. H. n.vnilh
W    I   1.   1'   I,
,1*. i'
H <;
/ THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, 13. (J., JANUARY 2, 1902.
Ninth Year
C. W. CR
The well-known
•—•lllPMBiitt ••■■>•<!■»——f
Will be in the Jewelry  Store lately
occupied by E. M  Brindle,
New Denver
January 6th & 7th
IP My-glasses satisfy because they are
right. Spectacle tilting* is no guess
work wit.li me. Five, years of satisfactory work in Sandon'is the proof
of my claim. Hours, 10 a. m. to I p.
m., and by special appointment.
G.   W.   UUIMMKTT, Gradual.-. Oiitieian
and Jeweler.
Attent for C.'iniidiiiu Kodak l'i,.
SAX1J0X, U. (.*.
cluct.iop in the prieeB which will be paid
for ores at the various works of the
Smelting' Company. The price of lead
hits Vicsn uuch;it)o-t.(l (or considerably
over a year, ever since the disa^ree-
  fluents anion"-tlm chief producers were.
To the Editor of Tin; l.KniiK: | settled, and this has been  tlie  longest
DliAU .Silt,—In your recent  eriiicisms i period in our recollection   without  any
of Socialism you liave, been  emulating' j linctuation.
the conduct of so many others in thai | "The American .Smelting and Kelin-
you have been guilty of the foolish aet j in^r Company practically controls the
of creating a straw man for tlie. pleasure j output   and   niiukets  the,   product   of
ft u
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy (Jlass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson., B. O.
Clothes always look well
and wear well—if the
Tailor knows his business. Wear the best.
Leave your order for a
Xmas suit with—
F. F. LIEBSCHER, £',r£ti
Dealer in
pipes, ao.
Van Camp Lunch Goods,  Confectionery and Fruit.
Newmarket Block,        New Deuvet
of UnocUino- it down. j
Al! true. Socialists at-rree with you in
the matter of discussing llie question
from a rational standpoint, and approve
of tlie suppression of the counterfeit
article, which is too frequently accepted
as 1 (*■<■■;*, 1 tender. But when yon discuss
tlie broad question of Socialism, from
the narrow lodge of controversy instead
of tlie higher plateau of reason and
common sense, you will admit, along
with the t,|-ite Socialist, that the principles advocated by them are mostly the
spurious ones which you occupy so
much of your valuable time in condemning. Why, you are a Socialist
yourself, in principle, but like many
more, of us have heen, unaware of the
You either assume ton much, or are
ignorant of the fundamental principles
of true Socialism, when you assert that
"many Socialists believe that they can
bring about the reformation of the. nation without, pr before the reformation
of the people." Before attempting to
reply to this assertion, I would like to
ask: Do the conditions produce the
reformation of the individual, or does
the reform of the individual change the
conditions? In reply to my own query,
I would niOBt emphatically assert that
the former is beginning to be recognized
as the true solution of the question For
the last '2,000 years the world has been
experimenting with the latter scheme,
and is attempting to develop the individual. What has been the resulty It
has been (as has often been pointed out
by the teachings of the New Denver
Ledck and Lowery's Claini) making
man one-sided and produced the in
equalities, from which we are. at tlie
present time suffering, when the whole
of the world's wealth is controlled by
about 18 per cent, of the people and the
remaining 82 per cent are in virtual
slavery to the minority. Individualism
is responsible for this condition, which
is essentially bad, and equally cruel.
. Xha_ha!£_Qf—Soe-ia!Lsin^,vhic^^
rightly describe "the better half." is the
demand for sacrifice, for your fellows,
but which you erroneously describe as
"unpopular with the. average Socialist "
Your denunciation is unjust, because
it does not apply to the question at
issue. Those who have made a study
of the matter recognize fully that to
rCoiiilftiim-.il atlvttrtlseiiiiniW, --uioli us Km- S.-ilo
Wanted, Lost,Strayed, Stolen, Hlitlm, Iiuntlm.
Mtirrlnpcs. PerHonul. Hut els, Ijei.'-il, Medical,etc,,
itre Inserted when not exeeudluu 20 wnrds for
'il, cents each linwlinn. Knell live words or loss
over H'l words are live cents additional.]
Employment Agenoy,
Ili-lli of All K1 ]i<I~ Kiirnitlii-tl,
1'itMofllt-e Hox-liift, Ncl.-on. .1. II. LOVIC.
^yr ki.s
I kUV (IKK  I'HOI'l-'UTY, North Fork tinr*
±) peiitererwtli-AI.I'S. AU'S VKAOTION
and ALTUHUK—Crown CriuitH obtiiiiiwl. An-
|ily,W, J. MoMIUiAN k Co.. Vancouver, H.O
NKbHOM, It. O.      Cor. WAItl) & HA KICK St*
i)R. MI WAS) Y,"
llfln Iuul 1.1,vdnrHi'-ciMirti'iici' iu den
II, C,
leiitul work, iiii'l
iimkiw a H|iii('liii|y of littld llrltlKit Work.   Mint
ciiiniilete itimt'il tillli'i-In It C.
Jl IUM. Theinosl coiii|tleti
on thd Continent of Korlli A merlon Situated inliUl Kci'iiery un n r Q ti ni
rivalled for Or.nidi'ur lltmtliiK, K Ed U 11 I
KIhIiIiik and Kxi-uihIuiih Itenldent riiysli-liiii
anil Nurmi. Teleurii|thli' rniiiiiiiiiiinitluii with till
Iwrtnof the w.iiltl; two mail* arrive ami i|i-|mit
(iveryiluy. II" lutUit*-* ciiin all inivim-i ami
muHi'iiluritlHeHRi'it; li« walei-i lie.-il nil Kidney
l.lvitr ami Httiiniii-li Ailments. SI'KiUAI.
WINTKIt TKHMS: M-'l |.. fl.'. |ier week.
Tint iirlee of n i-miutl Hip tlekt'l lit-tween
New lieiiver mul lliili-y.iit, ulitiiiiniiile all the
yi'iir riniiiil hiiiI Kimil I'lir'nuiiay-,, N '•"•■•'l'-, llal-
eymi Sprlniiti, Arrow Lake. II. C
J\.    b»"
IIKVI..VSI1, KiiMliieni' ami I'mvini-lii
il Siirveytii',   Siimlnii.
TKKT7.K1. * «!0.,  NcIkoii,   It. O.,
i,aler» In all linm* ami Ahhh)ith'Sti|-
II.   (MMKKON,  SiiiiiIoii.  Mniitifitetiirc-i
.1 ,    ,*l,.,li,,,K  <
i*pim hII i.|in-~eti
"Wholesale   Morohanta,
silver-lead ores in this country, The
Missouri producers of soft lead—carrying no silver—have, probahiy been consulted, though no mention of the fact is
made They ought to be contented,
since even the reduced price should
leave them a very satisfactory margin
over the cost of producing their lead.
"It appears probable that the reduction in quotations is a wise, one The
price has been too high, reaching very
nearty the point which the tariff per
usitB without making iuipmis or foreign
lead profitable. The prices paid for
lead in ores stimulated production beyond the probable limits of consumption, and threatened a congestion of the
market with its possible consequences.
To check production by lower prices is
an easier and better plan than a simple
refusal to take over,which would naturally cause much discontent among the
miners and cause, opposition to the
present management of the business.
As it has lieen made with the approval
of representatives of the larger mines,
there will probably be no friction over
the changes "
WATCH rcs-Kllleit nnd O.ilil
GOLD liKOOCIIKS.lmesl 'lesUvns
r.oi.n scaup pixs
Xoliliy 1'ulK-nis
UOLDSKT mxi;**;
bullies' and Geiit>'
nni.n lockets
willi and willi.nu stones
iOI.D ClIALVS-all weights
\> itli and without stones
(.Ol.rHUUUOS-Kianilll karat
Standard Griules of l*'illed Chains
anil (iiianls in all styles
Sending your  orders to  houses that
do not have  the goods.    Send
them to us and get just what
you want  without any
A' Jacob Dover's
The Jeweler.
our liorsoiml umii-.-uitec W0L.S wm, eVvrv ,irljt.iei and should
any article liomrlit of us not prove satisfactory, we are. at all
times Kind lo exchange same to the entire satisfaction ofeus-
**-"■•*•••• .IAC0I1 l.)OVKH,0. 1*. II. Time inspector
Several Eastern smelters are making
arrangements to substitute, oil for coal
in the. smelting and refining of ores.
In California the Paciiic Coast Smelting
and Refining Works at Seal Bluff Landing has led in the use of oil as fuel, and
the Mountain Copper Company's smelters at Keswick are using oil tn a great
The Lead and Zinc News says, referring to this subject:
"The substitution of oil as fuel in the
smelters is the next step in cluapening
the cost of reducing ores. Three tons
of-coal to one, of ore has always lieen a
heavy item of expense, so great that
the smelters instead of being located in
the mining fields proper have generally
sought sites in the coal camps, as it was
the smelter than  the coal  to the ore
"The question  of fuel  for mill and
smelter purposes has been the greatest
drawback   to the (levelopiut*o.t  of the
lead ami  zinc fields in  Ark.-.nsas and
Missouri, especially where there  was a
,    sore Ijick of transportation    Oil  being
produce proper conditions means sacn-  .(J       m)f ch th(m conl am} mudl
lice.   But they   have also discovered,
what you have obviously overlooked,
or ignored, viz :   That the 8*2 per cent.
Latest; Fads in
of all lands
and  11UONZE y ^
 -CUTUSHY ? fl
And all the Latest. Creations iin
Goods of All Kinds
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter-the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address--
.  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
tl    lni|KifUir«, WIioIi-mI
A    <!«,,     S'l'lMin*
• OiiM-ernHiiil I'mvlnl'in
.1 I.. I'lllllHTIi;, I.. I.. It.. Uurrlnier, Sn*
' , llell>ir. N'titnry Piililie Sainfuii, II (!.
vtry Jfrlilny »t Sllvi-ri-i.i (f
Ml., VltllMMKTT, I..  I.. II., lUrrlnU.T,
,   Hrtlle.lior.Niilnrv l»ul.lle.     Samltui, H. C.
llrwit'll Ofllrt) .it Nrw (tt-nVt ! i-.1t:t'l  '.(.lluri'.i.V
The I'liuicli VMih ill sine need of
$50, and ho when one enthiiHiantic
iiii'inlx'i gave the entire amount, it
wivh Imt natural that the |Uirsiui
should Iw'gin hi*- ]tt"»v«'r tliu*»: "O
i.orA. we tliank- t) fur thi-* timely
of the people are already on the altar of
siurilice to the IS per cent, of their
fellow men. And the whole aim of the
Socialistic, movement is to make, tile
conditions of life such that all shall be
compelled to bear their share of lha re-
cpusibilitieB of life nnd be one great
family of hrothei'H and sistei'B, irrespective, of race, color, sex or creed. The
property which the capitalist manipulates is not his. It has been produced
hy the hand of labor and, even according to our present ideas of the rights of
men, properly belongs to those who
produced it. Thut is not the aim of
SocialiHiti, however, but so to arrange
tlie affairs ot life that every man, according to his several abilities, shall
contribute, bv brain or brawn, to the
general good. Hy our present system,
the result of the producers' toil h» manipulated by the 18 per eent. -the cap
Your assertion that "they believe
that the rich are oppressors uf the poor: ]
that the one must feud upon the other," |
is not only » belief, but has long ago j
been crystalized into an ugly fact, i
That the rich do oppress the poor Ih a |
filet, which prnctica'ly every issim of I
your papers (•onlli'iiis, and the fact that j
the one class feed upon the other is so |
-self evident that it is the great aim of!
the .Socialist movement in Imve discon-;
tinned. Vuii aie not sn ignorant of the ■
true condition of things, .'tinnng.-t tlm'
wage earners, as tn be unaware nf thn
fact thai the vast majority of the people j
are prai-tieally on the vori!'e  of  starva- ■
Mon, and bv a spedou* svMi'in  nf lav I
iitioii, duties and ) rolits mi their toil, to ,
coiitributn all they |iinduce, uliove the!
living Ai wage tn  the support  nf mi
Indolent   mid  iiiTngfiint, itriny of pant-1
sites, consisting of monarchs, prince* j
lllltfx,    li   irtlnU.tl   ill until l rtty   ,iln.I   Hie,
I'lPli-i.iii. Ann jVt.'ii'im ui  int   .*." ..mi. ,i    .'liU'i
blooded upper ten. j
(iKoiitii: Bhoaih.lv.    '
Nelson, IU), liec '.'il, iuul.
I.IC.\I»   rllHJKH. '
"Wc have referred recently iu mir'
imirket repott*," says the KtiKlneeriii" \
and Mining .Itnirnal, of Sew York, "lo |
the i-iiufcreiici'S which have been held j
lii'tweeii the iilllccrs of the AnierlcHii;
Miii-ltmg iimi Itelhuiitf I oinpiiny on tiiei
one Imtitl and the leprehcntatives of the <
Inrge mines producing lend ores on the
other.   The llnal outcome of these cmi. i
NlllUtioilS H|I|H'AIM ill   the   IriilH lion   of j
thrc.e-«iglith« cent a pmutil iu current;
prlci-H of le-td which i-- reported in our '
m»irl,**f coltimosinnd Ihin will,of cotimo,!
be accoinimiiied by * corresponding re- j
easier of transportation in t]uantities,
owners of mines with small means can
now see their way clear to undertake
development work that heretofore they
dared not because the cost and the
haulage was a superlative obstacle."
Sandon, 15,C, Dec 28, 1001.
(I. \V Grimnii'tt.
Deiir Sir,—The glasses you lined for
me some three years ago Live given
entire satisfaction, and my eyes have,
ever since been growing stronger.
Wishing you every succiss in your
opticiil work     I remain,
Yours tuil.v.
UllAS   I,. (JULVKIt.
A wise
girl  never  marries  her
Siuinil LowkiiyV (Jiw\iM
tu come your way hy
scinliiiii' tin' wliior it dot
lur. It furnishes a pow
<ler liml leaves no mis^eil
holes, ami cannot he
heuten for shut luring the
rock of .superstition and
ignorance that covers so
mwh nflbc Viyio'bi met
al of freedom on this
earth. Dig. while the
thought of purchase is
warming your upper
R. T. Lowery
Ne.v Denver, H. C
Seeds, Trees,
tor Ftill or Spring
Catalogue Free
.'-iii i'.i Witsnnhisii'i* Iltiiiil. Viini'imver. II. C.
Reports, Examinations and Management.
NEW DENVER.   -   B.C.
A tull line of Silverware and choice
Conlectionery at
.lunt'lililiu' St., Ni'\v lii'iivt'i-.
Unlit $ .,Vi I ;jn|il piiipI Sllvi'i'..* .".'>
Iiitml StJ I (l,il.l.nnv'r,cii|i|i'r l.fiu
Siimpli'iiliy mull i'fi-fh-t'|ii-(im|i( iittt.iitlnii.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
I4SII Ultli St.,   1)i«iivii-, Colo.
An up-to-diUeliim of
■.'onstiintly on lmiiil.
lloiid iilllt-o*: NKIiSON, H. fi.
Stoics at SANDON, KASl.O, ana XKLSON.
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
BURNS   &   CO.
J. E. Angrignon
The Leadiner
Finest Shop In the Slocan.
Brick  Block,   Bellcvue Ave,,  New
Denver, H. 0.
I'n nml fi'ttiii Kuril)n>:i11 p..Im- via Citupitllai
mil Aiiii-rit-iiu lini-f.    Al'i'ly   f"r imiliiiK'lnt'>
niti't,, tlrkt'i.i mui  lull  iiii.iriii.ill.pii  it. pn.y 1.'.
liy ,t«i-nt i-r-
ii ii, t,Aiii(i-:'iT,
('. I', 11. Awi'itt, Xi'w lii-iivvi
W   I'  I*'. I'tiiiiiniiiici. t«, S, ««. Aid.. Wliinl|*i/
Buy Your Holiday
Q rocencs,,m] pr°v|8i°ns ,v°m ^
Wm. Hunter Co.,L.mited.
Stores at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix,
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
nnd pen oral local businei-w.
Ni<w  IJi'iivi'l', It. V
^t^^^^^^K   ^^^**^^^l^^^   ^^^t.^^^0^^^   '^^^^^^---~^^^^
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Bftjrffage wagons ment all Sun-
day trains. *
Saddle Horses and Pack *..umais.
feed Stables at New Denver.
lllMt nilij-K'l' HKPAUT-
Ml-'.NT   1"'   I'P-Tn.DATK
IN   Al.l.  .sTYl.KS   AMi
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
Sl'IKBS from 5eto5uc      !
tVANCOUVER ***« NfcUiON, U.C. W    \
1^%%%*^%^*%%*^%%%%*^    '
A Prosperous Year io AH
.SOl.K A<.KNTS Jolt
Fred, Irvine & Co.


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