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The Ledge Sep 26, 1901

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Array /^//i^^^ l^j^tyL^j
Volume VIII.   No   52.
Price, $2,00 Year a
(szmral f^V*s Float   1
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps 28
that are Talked About. g£
F. L. Christie returned from England
on Monday.
Kaslo's smelter has reached the stage
of "almost a certainty."
John Williams has sweet potatoes for
eale, and a variety of B. C. fruit.
Two cottages have been erected at
the Arlington for the married men.
John Aylwin has gone to Nelson to
take charge of the Athabasca saloon.
Oh, for a few days of zero weather
to freeze the pesky peskiness out of the
John Goettsche has gone to Brook-
ins, South Dakota, where he intends to
Advertisers  in  search  of  publicity
should   try   a   few   lines   in Lowery's
„_Claim_ L	
Neil O'Donnel has sold hiB teaming
business at Sandon and will pull out for
T. J. Lendrum was in New Denver
last week. He sails for England in a
few days.
George Horton, wlio travels for a
Winnipeg cigar factory, was in town
this week,
Tho Royal Seal cigar is meeting with
a growing demand in the Slocan It is
made in Nelson.
The Little King will be born in Nelson next month The Kootenay Cigar
Co. is responsible.
The Sandon brewery has been sold to
Kamloops distillern, who will take
charge on October 1st.
H. Byrnes is clearing his block on
Union street, and will Btart the erection
of his residence next week.
Owing to the illness of J. Parson
Smith all Kootenay dates of the Emerald
Duett have been canceled.
Owing to the enormous demand for
Lowery's Claim newsdealers are requested to send m their orders early.
Ira VV. Hlnck has met with another
hotel disaster, losing tinoo some days
ago by having his hotel nt Cascade
burned to the ground.
Tho abandonment of the ollice of
Labor Commissioner iu B. C. will cause
Ed. Bremner to lose a position which lie
has bo ably tilled.
Services will be hold in St, Stephen m
church on Sunday next. Matins and
Holy Communion at lia m, evening
prayer at 7,*iH). Rov. C. Arthur Mount,
The Oleser that (darted to npotit In
Homtlaud some week* ago has hucouui
(extinct A pinch of British justice
thrown Into lt« gaping mouth did the
Defaulter Fauquier, of Ucvelstoke,
wait Hisnto'iced to two years' imprisonment last weak He wa* f*2fMKj short in
his iiccutiiitH at Ui'VitlhliiKi' and »!_.« .it
H J and Andrew Stewart last week
were given judgment against the Noon*
<lay*Curley Mining Company, for t8m*i,
balance dun ou the purchase of nn in-
'     ■     '   1 ,. IV,,, t\r.ttn\,li\*it (it\r,\,yt%i\\.
one of the host highways in the camp
has been built—as far as the money
would take it. The prospects in that
section ought now to be made into
The Silvertonian plant was shipped to
Frank, Alberta, the past week. The
Frank Sentinel will make its appearance
in about two weeks
Charlie Nelson has a way about him
that captivates the ladies. Just now he
is showing the handsomest array of
Japaneseware that the town has ever
The Bosun has shipped 60 tons this
month. No stoping has been done on
this property for some months, all the
ore that is shipped being taken out in
the course of development.
Andrew Wallace came in from St.
Leon Saturday. He has the 820,000
.sanitarium.there—readv— for— tho-plas ter*.
ers, and will have the building ready
for occupancy in a few weeks.
Jacob Dover, the well-known watch
merchant of Nelson, has received an
order lor several watches from South
Africa- Probably this is tho result of
advertising in the New Denver Lbi'iob.
Fritz Boehlofsky ran restaurants in
the Slocan and Nelson years ago and
done mam of his creditors, served as a
Colonel in Paul Kroner's army during
the Boer war. lie has got his reward,
for he is now n Bcab cook on a Pacific
The C. P. It. will issue round trip
tickets from Revelstoke to, New West-
miiiRter at $12:115. The Provincial Exhibition will be held from October 1st to
1th. Tickets on sale Sept. 20th, aoth.
Oct. 1st and 2nd, good for return till
Oct. 7th.
The political mlx-up at Victoria continued to grow worse, The Martin*
Dunsnuiir combination doesn't seem to
work. Kven Bob Green won't go Into
it, and he has been offered a cabinet
poBitlon, too, The trouble with Bob is i
that he would have to come buck to his I
matte.) s in this camp, but the men who
condemn tbe press of the minins camps
of B C for these troubles are either
fools, knaves or idiots. The press has
done more to bring capital into the
country, to build it up and advertiseiits
resources to the world, than all the
other industries in it, mining included.
The country is here, the press is-here;
anyone who don't like them can move
out. The country can't be.beat,, the
press—well, if it isn't quite "proper" it
is fair and free and honest.
Death will sometimes soften a heart
that has been hard as adamant for
years, and men who have with coldness
and indifference forced hardship and
sorrow upon thousands in their tyranny
of greed, will be brought low by a single blow dealt by the black monster at
a friend or relative. Au illustration of
this was seen at the death bed of President McKinley, Senator Hanna, a man
of tremendous power over men, who
has been pictured by the cartoonists of
the world as a man of dollar heart and
cent soul, was taking a last look at his
dying friend. Suddenly he dropped to
his knees at the bedside and, peering
into the President's unresponsive face,
said in tones that never will be forgotten
hy those within hearing: "Mr. President, Mr. President, can't you see me?
TTcWrvoTTknuw liTeV'
rlTere was no
response, and the stillness became painful 119 the sobbing senator exclaimed:
"William, William, speak to tne!" He
was raised from the bedside and led
from the room, a grief-stricken monarch. What a softening there must
have been to a heart like Kaunas!
President Roosevelt is lo years old.
His life has been one of varied experiences, and more or less associated with
politics since 1881. though ho never
succeeded in winning any important
ollice until nftei* his return fiom the
light at Santiago three years ago, when
he was elected governor of New York.
From this to the vice-presidency was a
short step. Mr. Roosevelt is a man of
strong personal attachments. Ho has
been twice married and has a family of
live children Two years after his first
marriage, he lost his wife, and his
mot her died the same week, In his be
roiivenieni he broke loose from New
York life, and went to the wilds of Mini
(ana where, nn the hanks of the'Little
Missouri lie built a log house, working
on it hiuiM'lf, and there turned  ranch*
constituency for en.lorsatlou, ami that's ■ um"' l'"w'"'v n'"1 h,n,,Hr-   H,'r" "l"""i*'
that their \chief executive has been
struck dowa by the assassin's bullet it
is high time that the public should
"uphold" them. If the public was not
so numerous it would gladly pass up its
plate for a dainty inoreel of the sizzling
flesh of Shulla'uss. Torture! Aye,
torture and damn him seven times
round. Scourge him with irons and let
him rest in a bed of salt. Disjoint him
at every knuckle; gouge out his eyes;
draw every muscle into shreds, and
when his tongue can say no more, put
him into the electrical chair and scientifically murder him. "This is a peculiar case, and it demands peculiar
treatment." And, besides, the public
will "uphold" it
Since the assassination of President
McKinley thare has been an earnest
discussion of suggested ways and means
proposed to better protect the man in
the position of chief executive of the
republic. One suggestion is that murderous assault upon the executive of
the United States, or even state governors, should be made a capital crime,
irrespective of results. Another is that
the free and indiscriminate access of
crowds of unknown individuals to the
person of the President to give him the
_lad hand should be prevented. These
suggestions  are  good,   especially   the
1 Winter outTooK Bright
i§  _
^Big Money in Capella Ore—Contract Work at the
*-*§ California Stopped—Sandon Properties. •
rich goat   mountain  ORB.     I will give a total capacity of 19 drills. A
new hoist is to be supplied capable of
hoisting from the 800-foot level. The
machinery for the new compressor is
a dangerous undertaking for even tin
best of them these days.
the btitics and liml  Lauds, he spent a
year or two hunting,  trapping and cur-
., . , , j ing for his  herds.     A*,  a   writer Mr,
hxt-iiHivu preparations are underway j UoillW,Vl.-. tfail„.(| „„„„ |ir,)I)lin„m.,., ,,,„
for the operation of the Republic *nr"
Phoenix propertied, on Lrin mountain,
this winter. Suitable quarters are to
be erected for large foietn of men, and
machinery insialled so ns to push development work with nil possible speed.
R,C, Campbell-Johnston will superintend operation!! at the Republic A
wagon road will be built from the old
Springer creek road to the Republic.
NOTK*   ON    IMMMfNf!   KVKNT*.
Tint Nelson Tribune siiys editorially
that the Aosociitted Press in ('aiinda is
owned by the I' P. R nnd lind in the
Trackmen's strike was used lo diusc min-
was not n *.iuce>s. As an executive
ollicer he lu>es all that lighting spirit
that seems to cling to hit) name, and is
conservative, coiu'itu-voti* and ju-t hi
the scltlitnii'iil uf all questions His
friends predict tt clean, peaceful anil
conservative administration of the
a flairs' nl ihe ntitioii
Aiin'i'ii'iiiisare a "cicill/icd" people.
Shullgutu* (.'/.olgm'/.p. the man who shot
McKiiilev, will die fully impressed with
tnis fact Rut, civilized nr barbarian,
men wiil i'1's..it 1.1 ii.rture lo lorce fnnn
latter. Not that the President should
he put in a glass case, as a thing too sacred to touch, but as a matter of common justice and decency, the chief executive should not be forced to stand up
for hours and be pump-handled by
every sentimental fool with a handshake up liis sleeve. It is cruel to make
any man do that. Such a ceremony is
meaningless Tt is idiotic. Aside from
the danger that is attached to it from
such men as Shiillguss, there is the
torture of it. And what for? Just to
allow a host of cranks, men or women,
to toucn the Pres-ident's person They
may never have seen him before and
never expect to meet him again, but
thoy will talk about it for years and die
happy because they "shook hands with
the President." The same farce Is now
going on in Eastern Canada with the
Duke, but the participants are more select. The ceremony ifl quite as idiotic,
however. There is n distinction, but
no difference Pope Leo may he criticised for allowing his subjects to kiss
his suow*whlte toe, but he, certainly exhibits the acme of wisdom in living a
life of seclusion. If he were to taken
trip through Canada or the I'nitel
States with his lip-teaser bare it would be
ns raw us a heefstake before he could
"do" Montreal or New York. We do
not idolize royalty over here; oh, no.
Still, the time is ripe for a law that will
deny its the privilege of making fools of
ourselves when tho opportunity offers
USHKUMKN    IN    lit It 11   MICK.
A story in told us from Three Forks
of a fishing party of four going lo Rear
Lake from Alamo for a day's outing
They caught two small troui, and even
then, iu their hurried prcpiirntiouH toj
return homo as evening drew near, forgot them.    Two of  the   party turned
A week or two ago a carload of 21 tons
of ore was shipped from the Capella,
the Goat Mountain property recently
purchased by Wills & MeNayght. After
paying a freight and treatment rate of
$9 a ton, the ore gave returns of $3,996.
Such returns will have a tendency to
wake up capital with its eyes toward
Goat Mountain. The Capella is a dry
ore property, and is the only one on the
mountain that has been developed to
any extent. The ore that was shipped
was taken from the tunnel that is being
run on the lead. The ore was encountered shortly after the tunnel was started, and has been continuous for about
150 feet. No stoping has been done
The tunnel is still being pushed ahead,
anoiher shipment is being taken out as
work proceeds. The Capella is indeed
a mile from New Denver, and can be
worked the year around. The ore will
average 8200 a ton, and the payshoot is
without doubt the best that has been
opened up in Now Denver's dry ore
included in the contract, theentireorder
to be delivered in 60 days.
Fifteen tons of ore was sent out from
the Ruth Thursday. Sixty tons have
been taken out in the course of development. This will be shipped as it is
packed down, and the prospects for continued and increased shipments are very
Ore is being packed down from the
Wonderful, also from the Mountain
Con. With better facilities for handling the ore afforded by rawhiding tho
output from these properties will be
greatly increased this winter.
The contract work on the California
ceased last week, and the mine has
closed pending resumption of work by
day labor, when shipments of ore will
begin, On this property 170O feet of
tunnels, raises and drifts have been run.
The ore shows from the surface to No.
4 tunnel, a distance, of 240 feet. There
is one raise of 150 feet from No. il to No,
2 tunnel, and one of (U feet from No. I
to No. 3. The ore averages from -1 to 8
inches in width. A good strike was
recently made in No. l raise.
In the past it lias cost flu to 1*12 a ton
to transport ere from the mine to New
Denver, but when a train in put iu to
the wagon road the cost will be $l,lu a
ton. I'he company operating tin's mine
is wealthy, and has never put any stock
STiBans~on™ior tne~i'Orpearj"groupA
on Four Mile, near the Vancouver.
A strike of 10 inches of clean ore waa
made last week in the upper workings
on the Queen-Hess,
After going through (V2 feet of wash
the vein in the lower workings of tha
Fisher Maiden was struck  on Sunday.
A large shoot of ore was broken into
in the No. I tunnel on the Bosun last
week, Work was temporarily stopped
in this tunnel some time ago just two
feet from the ore-shoot tapped.
The force at the Enterprise has been
increased to 55 men. Twenty-live men
are employed at the mill, putting the
machinery in position to commence
operations. Shipments will be resumed
on a large scale in a few weeks.
A company known as the Viking
Mines Co., Ltd, has been incorporated
at Portland, Ore., capitalized at *30u,00u,
to operate the Phoenix-Viking property
situated near Slocan Ciiv. T. C. Dun*
bar is mining engineer of the company
and its manager,
The shipment of seven tons of ore
upon the market.   When It does it will j *■-,„„ the Fourth of July netted the ship-
have some value. Under the able
management of A. .1. Marks this prop-
ertv has been  handled more ceonoin-
pers $11*2 to the ton. The smelter allowed only l'i "i'l for the gold values,
while   llie check   acsny   on   the   pulp
ically than any other iu   the Slocan. j showed $18 f-u, which would bring the
StiperiltioiiK otlicials anil  needless ex-i tutal per ton to $l_J.
travagnnce are unknown iu  the man-1
agemeiit of the California. {
SLOCAN   OltK   Mill l"M KM TN.
The total amount of ore shipped from
  j die .Slncuii  and   Slncau,  Citv    mining
The Paystreak sees bright  prospects division** for the year l!M<» was, approx-
for the winter months in that   sft-tion. J iut'iU*]y, :).">.0>X) ton*.    Since January 1
The old reliable property, the Star, has
received the returns from thc test shipment of crude ore, and they wure satisfactory enoii.h to secure the low rate
the smelter agreed to give. Thit* means
that tlie Slocan Star will increase its
output to lo tons a day,  part  ol which
bink, after a mile or two had been cav
ered on the homeward trip,  to .wove. -I wl" >»< d<*«'* *•'«* ■""■«•«'»*- »■*'* I""' "'it
an enemy thai which will condemn him   t|ll. ,-„,,     ., u.(|„ thrV  w,)|((|| |li(iv (iVfi|, \ ol a lower grade shipped in bulk
Trackmen's strike was use.) to disscm,- j |l)(. ,,„,,,.,,.■„„ ,,,„, ■„ 1|llW •„, j,„ ,      ,„ "" ". '       , *"",    ,    . *    "      "'' "T"
HtetheC I'll side of .he strike   This, j (lf ,.,„„,.,,„•„, t[    ,n ,. -,.,.,,',"   " T\* ";»k   ^ Hr w,»»'»"•  <""" «*"• "'"" »
it    .,     i_ ,»-l-_t -..,-   i.-.livM«  I   -r    -.  ' 7 '   ■-s"'-**"i-<vu"ni* >■«•'■">«> .nf.V-a tlnnidersliirui H'iissu'ee|iiiiiri..Hitti|.oii
ttM>M»**liAt"ilii    unli> nhi.*l   ..i   iiii',*,,,^,   ,vn*  lur.eil   IimIII  Miulliruv*   hv ,,      .....  .. 1 ,. , .      , A ...
».,,r.,.i.,.. tv.xiiil  l.uvi. il..t,.. II...1..,- ii.A ■mn_«i tii,.in,    1 h.-v Iuul no lantern,  nnd  the
poutton would  hate done iimlei   the. toritivf     tne   iam.111-  "third  ,|,. .-,•,,,.'• .  .   , „ ....    .    ,,   ,
circumstances    Au I,. st eonf-M.,,,. I Wll, ,,.„„.„•   „,      Wllll,   ,„.....,:„,,„ ', '"* '•'""* """ *'"* « l---"l*'»« <"■"•
Prnlitil.lv intended I,, eveiise tl... bi,s,,l . T,"'v '""• "*" I"*"1' *<M- f'«>' I" »»•■• '•',<'^
I rol.nl.lt liiten.le.l tuesnus.'llic Inase-l. ...(..y,,,,.' p,-IIV|(|,.Mi„. ,,u|,lic will never ,„.,_ „.| ,  '    .......i.u.i    , ....
Its output Will be in
pusiiioii taken by   ihe  Tril
•title  111   the; know      Hue nl Ihe policemen  who Iuul
Wonder if thu Id'inU Unit1 \h_ haudlin- ..( the -i,*,.(.,it,  s,-,id:   **l
(covered the A   P,  articles on the strike  ,..mn.i ti.M • <,n .,*!,.»*   .,.,,    ,1,...... , t,;,„ '
I also tame over the wire, or was the; ■.,,„ .„'■■(,.;,.,„,, w„„ <\im„ ,,,,„.,.„,,,,,(,. *.,-,„'
Irtl.uiiee.inor H'spousil.leii.1 iliein.'       t„t,tll-.    ll-ih .o/Ik   |„.  v,,i<  Im
ni'ss when they »ttitnblr*d   tumii ,( i|i-nd ' A
The American
storing me readv
rawhiding open*
t'Ols it 1l.1v.
The List i htinee Inn. caught  the on
ei.if iii the galena Tuinn-I, ;it a verth-n'
is   sacking and   ** -.fi-i.-rr.-l
. . ,       I I'limrt'.ii
shipment   when    |\v,, Fit. ml*
Mil' l\4.-'
1(1..ti   I'ri
lo Sept. -21, K«H,  the
been as follows;
I'avin- ........
t,»'»l ('Imi.if.,
>|.«'iin star
it ."im 	
Hi -v. II	
tiiii'rl.Hii ll-p,
Tr.i'l.- l>..ll*r
S'lliHi't       llll'l.*,
TV i.'
It:, .I.
: horse on  the   trail      Ifcroveniid  from ; depth of h»t" feel, mid when   sloping is
i tlieir fright  they  proceeded cmitioti-ly [ ioiiimeiice.Ur.iiii this level  the outpwit
.........   ..... ,, -„,,,,,.,,  ,, ,.,.*!, .,, ,|j|o-, .,,■>,1 io.- (O'.i'.'M*   w.o ue  ;_<«"•* 11 •'  in,111
i„i... WW!*.....   no longer  _rlmV- 1V«-''""" l"'"" "", '   "'""'  ' '"  l""<'»tt ...tm "t «•„. .ton- »,, v„.,..,(,i,i«. t,W   , ,       ,   ,        , „.,     ..,.,    ,   *    ,.    . '    ,»      "
  " A.   .       , "   .. I    rtl.uiiee.inor H'spousil.leii.i iliein.'       totulk     !l-th .o-rh.   i„.  »..,<  t,„.|-v  «„7, 'T   .  .-.       '         7      '"" 1 " ' *    "       ■"■'*• ".■• (""•"•"■.'  •
Ice-cream imtll it Is reduced to a  mans '. -i»Mik.    ii   tn .ii.n,t   h-  «.is im U,i   ».,; ;„(iKt,j llk<.  ., i^ysi.itk  jiim ahead »f, t„w »l dean ore per d»>.
of trotevi tiw0t'lt\*9*. but  he pUII  film-1                                  '                                  ' get away alive, ni',.| be-.\-if.ri_'ht     \ es. > th„m    lumu**tt*Uib; *U <>;*■*■ I'lii-mm^n'    ti    \ i'■'   vu    u *n     <
ishes the populace with candles that are!     Hie .sandon Mumi* Kev.ew Mivs.hai  MiiiILm.!!. «„- ...m.,,,-1. ,-,...1 i. i* ,.„,!,. ■ Thnt, W|.„. w||l| ,.ri^ ,,, ..„.,., ,i|ii(r...l     ""' ;s'•'",    »«' tt'" *"' '"
delicious and .'igars that  are aromntie.l •' '»'•' «•«•"»•«•■>■  had  pro,...,- le^iMation  able !„• wiil i.-to,.tuv i ;i^u.,.    lie |ms| ..,, i,,,,,.; .,*,„,,., „,.„,.;,,.. ,lii,»l> >i
Action has been entered against the •. ''"',', '        .   • ''. "    ■ '"     ',,'.•' ,      . ■        •    •'•   ■.,-.' un > '.tic  nie        jsni   eteti  in  the
A...   ,, . .«   I b.->in; loved irmiud :sitii.hni instead uf. p.*. nSii. 1 ,,.-.., ,u.l t  - . 10,nn -   i.«. ti tar -. ..v,;.,.,,,,.,,. ,.„ ., 1 ,1,,   , v„.     .    ,    t!,i
Art ngton by A. Bremner to recover «be> • ....... ..    ■ - ' et. itemetit one <.( Ilic ><>uit_ nun .lid
i,»<|.... iii,-Ii
Mill. r< mti
^Pllt*.  I     ('.HI
•"WW Mi./
v,,i,|.- |.*n,.
t,.i, -i,„.
\jtii til   I'..'**
■    *>    ,.,.«,   T
. I    .H.lHl
ii .. it, :,'. 1
: ll.ii,>.!• r
.. ,     .-.'
.* ■
,  l.'"
"I   ■ *
I-   '
(I .1.1 Kii'l.!'
suiti of $|f»ia, balaiice doe on bis timber [
contract, and •2iMKl damages for breach
of contract. The action will be beard
In December at Nelson.
:t m a,* iit present.
loi*. ever been one
llie   KVvieWM   diet    tie.illnci
>f  prune*, and  ..ourj wili ii|h.
apples, with ji plelle.rit <<f doad ads, ,11,d   the .-n.-i,
the.e things iire nol  rc(i»tumcinled  in
iniftii'e :i siiiiby  disposition    hi,,! •!,.,! :,
A promising seam of coal w«# .-is p ,MM.X, Um* f..r it. 1118U lliu s,.i,it.     :i  it
f„v,.r(H| ld-,Nwl."  <»> the ,,i*»f...rtf  '''lu.i-^mpu p.f".ipu.pev j..,,-**.'   ,UA  u
the Similkameen Valley (>/il I 'oiiipany.; j, ,„ |„. #1||l|M),^i ,|ia,   „   i^jj^v,.. j, ,Ht
and preparation*- are being m*de to ••*■.,-,„..,   !(.t   ,ti(.  .^   ,,f   iv|„.„rr-phv   he
praisml that ue have n.i inure.     II.
press has been blanit. I for intuit tl ing*,
particularly in -el.ii,..11 to «,!..- ttnthi—,
■ lending np t'i in.' "'.-i-.tiait■>t;  in tninti',*
femdvelv exploit tin* find, which is re
nidercd to be very Important.
Three th'iusand d U;»f*» (m«  U'lii'V
■pettded on ih** Hfd Motun-titi  r«i««l mui
1-   ,!i|'*.\    tl.-'
f! " " I
hrille I "ire
llie hi-A	
lie hat't* "in
giiii't/, it ., .
their   : 1 ,*■
Will'        ■■■'.
,li.   Hi.) ,
i'. ,u.'i '.(   di'iii.itnl
1 i.l'lil'.r lll.lt the pubhe
u* in   t«sii;_   |,.ice   to   hriuj.
i>.  el,.   1 i  jiisl ice  '     ()|
j.-.l.lie   .» .it ••ii|.|i..t.A th.-ui
' " "■■ '<■■'•■ "-IU ', u-,-
I* 1 i.-.ii- ttsf  pub)if ai,.|
"•  1 " •'■'*•   "•    tin* M'plltl
i;,t,_»»   ..M.keil   oil   ;it the I.)
",    • "   • '• ■-   -i(   .ttiPlHiit     ,;
• Vied   ami   ilidnlt?ei|   l«>
pi   'i j.ul.tie.il hoSKes.    'th,
•   .[■•,.--t.p-u   in»   been   "hti'i*
: 1   .   " ■  f !--,      And no
ii'it forget bin earlt t*'ai tiiitg He
ipi-i'ieded the girts nnd was nooh al the
'.j. •<! the neare-l tree, ye)ting *a» he
a.ni up, "climb a  ti«e,  girls, climbii
"■• .       •'tl i'v V,'.,.■',,   tl'..'   e tc.l. hh-Ii'.   n,,»
jn arest, and the girl*, expfi ted  to b*»
-Mill,I oj, 1,, i,( ,f      ,U\   ,,,,,,,,,,,,»_  il(t
■'l.i'i bghtiiiiig tt.-i-J. 1 ill).-     It leve'ijeil
«n* ••l.ear" making  off  into the  hush,
-it '( ".'•*- iii.lv ;» j„.ri-uj.it.e     j'l:.- „A
tiiMrei'cliiuher fell ftotll his Sni.k inil
-•anon and vm* testi».'itiite<l i.v thegirl*
J.d    1-liii-VliH^ "ij   l.>   Ipf.-.p .-el    11  l'h   The
csiiriti,,* «>.f.L. "d.iji r I..- irt'h'eoi'.f
"It fellow, i: is only a ■porcUj.iiit',"
10 resume weekly shipments  when the
"Miwhnhti" *i-ni.piii oiifiis
('It- Suns.'*, m r.wh, iii.nh* it .tMni
shipment last week lievelupinent
work is lining fiiinhed steadily ahead
and an ••xt^iisive ore body  o|.etied up,
Pi'epitriltinii« are being made at the
f'■ .■■ ■ ( l"tiiiiig!i    f .     I'.-- iiiii..     (p.. -\t, ■
♦ tiipmeiilo with the ci.ming •>! tie- slum .
1 !'«> '; iitidlei .* arioim c--»i.p-itiV h'4-
f>M(li;t< l'-'i   "lib   the   ,lein k«-«   Ma. hide
IIIUI*.).!!,.  on     I'hbliuortl    III... iit0.i_*    Ir
• ptiri-,. ut.'li 1 ''tn' j-. i.gt un of improve
iie-ut* (.'Kij.;.'- I <<»(' ''"-the pr*i|...*£''i I
tfii*>liill i..inni'.«..f plant t<> I..* .Ir.t-o
by w.ili, M.A hi-put o. at   »»i»tr.      1 i.i*
K ,.|-.*,t
1 lui'l. .■
s;„ , ,|1 ,t..l'
it. -:
u 1,.
V t
VI i
t    ..-.
I.it Pit.
• ,\. li-
Hot «;i!n lath* PH.* fa»hlOO,lh!i- in
(lo* -, ilii(i. -'••111. U ...p ,],,-(,»• Tf.ri.p !.,r
.... ti.i'iiigii  it..-  t,n<uiit»iin». TH,E,,LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. CM* SEPTEMBER 26, 1901.
Eighth Yeae
stoke. Expensive tastes dragged
him hito'dishoneetv.aiid he touched
the Government funds for a few
thousand with the usual result.
He is now working for the Government'without a-salary and cannot attend parties in tlie evening
for the next two years, in other
words, he is in the pen, and will
have plenty of time to meditate
upon the folly of being anything
less than a train robber.
Th_ Lkoge is two dollars a year in advance When not so paid it is $2.50, to parties worthy oi credit. Legal advertising 1(1 cents n
nonpariel line tirst insertion, and Scents a line each sulisei'iuent insertion. Readiiii* notices .5 cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices accordinR to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: The Ledge ts located at New Denver. B. C. and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champaKiie-flavqri.'d capitalist. It aims to be on the rijjht si.lo of overythinK and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in laree doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing pnystrenk is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit onr smokestack, A chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us. but, do not pat the bull .log on the cranium, or chase tho black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing hut gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
-our collateral.
There is many a slip betwixt the
mine and dividend.
had better take out a permit to
carry a gun, for no strenuous editor
should ever take tar, or water.
Canada is hard to beat, judging
from the royal flush that it now
A large shoot of line weather is
now showing in the hills of the
The time of year approaches
when the coal man has an ace in
the hole.
A city has been discovered iu the
Ural forests of Russia where no
taxes are paid.
Those who wish to avoid or cure
"rheumatism must not eat meat or
drink coffee.
More presidents of the United
States have been born in Virginia
than in any other state.
Happiness make women attractive, because no womaii can bc
happy unless she is healthy.
Judging from the newspaper reports about Ro-slaml that city must
have a large shoot of smooth liars.
In isuo. 1(10,000 bales of cotton
would lust the mills of Lancashire
one year. Now that amount- lasts
them .'10 hours.
Annie Digg is going to start a
reform paper in Kansas. Another
wise of dig for the inhabitants of
the state of cranks.
No need to build your hen-house
on your neighbor's lot in Alaska.
Kvery 100 square miles only contains 11 inhabitants.
The MinnenpoliB .lournal says
tliat tin" man who killed McKinley
lias Ik'cii tortured—h policeman
handed him a cake of soap.
In the United States an effort is
beiug made to stop immigration
and keep the Irish at home. It
cannot be done unless they are all
put on the police force.
The Watford Guide says that
there is little danger of the Duke
of York being shot by an anarchist
while in Toronto. The price of
admission to the royal review is 50
The way to pronounce the name
of the man who shot McKinley is
discussed by many of the American
papers. In a few days they will
probably all agree that it is plain
When the political tempest is
over in 15, C. New Denver may be
able to get some shiplap for its
sidewalks. Just now this crying-
necessity is lost sight of in the roar
for office.
It is stated that the roar of a
lion can be heard farther than the
sound produced by any other creature. Next comes the roar of a
woman when she finds a mouse in
her bureau drawers.
Teddy Roosevelt being a gun
man will probably protect him from
being shot while he is President of
the 1'nited States. Assassins seldom molest anybody with a reputation for being a dead shot.
In the royal household of England if a candle is extinguished it
must never be relighted within the
precincts ol* the palace, although
the electric lights can lie turned on
without changing the plant daily.
mountains and drive a pack train.
Following mules over hard trails
will blow fog off the brain, take the
breeze out of the stomach and produce an appetite that will be delighted with anything from porcupine fricasse to quail on the summit.
Some wag played a joke on a
widow in Kansas. lie put an ad
for a husband in the local paper
and signed her name to it. When
she found it out this is the way she
explained it: I want to serve notice
here and now on the busybodies of
Lawrence to let me and my affairs
alone, 1 never stole any of your
husbands and do not want any of
the critters. I simply want to do
my own courting and selecting. No
doubt younger girls can manage
such things better, or rather can be
content to let others manage for
them, but as for me, T am not so
gentle that I will walk up and eat
out of the hand of any of these, old
scarecrows. This advertisement
may have been considered a joke
on the part of the saphead who put
it in the paper, but it was no joke
An Irish member of parliament | on me. lwant to say right here
remarked the other day that he be- that while not averse to getting
lieved Henry VIII is now in a married the second time, I am not
place "where he can light his pipe so hard pressed that I will take up
with his little linger.'" The De- with any old skinllint who may
troit Free Press remarks that therei desire a soft  job   managing   my
is still a few of  us  who  have  not! property.	
been led astray by the higher criticism.
It is estimated that within the
present generation Canada will
have a population of 125 million
people. As a generation is only
40 years of time Canada will have
to pay more attention to the home
production of babies, or increase
the importation of the full-grown
article from Europe in order to
reach the estimated figures in 1941.
The Czar of Russia in hiw tour of
France is guarded in such a mariner
tl.at hir" life is safe from external
force. If McKinley had been
guarded in the same way at IhlTalo
I'nclc Sam would not now be wearing crape.
If the IjRrdeaii pans out under
the thump of steel half a? well as
it docM iu the newKpapern the hump
of hard times will soon lw off in
thai section and everyone will have
to hump theinwlves in order to gel
iu line at the banks.
(Sum chewer* should never utick
their quid* where children can
reach them. In Fargo a little l»oy
gathered up neveml old quids,
chewed them and died. The doe-
ton* my that thi* Milivn on the gum
had become rank (toiaon.
When Hen (Mell wax a Iwv he
wit.*' hi fond of hard work that he
would get up at 4 a. m. mul drive
an ice wagon,    lie is now < ioverwir
The Duke of York is giving away
titles in the east. Titles are grand
things and are seldom conferred
unless the individual has earned
the right to wear one. In the west
we have conferred titles upon many
citizens for some distinguishing
deed or trait. We have Red Paddy,
Dirty Shirt Brown, Porcupine Hilly,
Johnny-Rehind-thc-Deuce, Short-
cord Mike, Whiskey Hill, Poker
Smith, Fisherman Jack, and scores
of others.
At the Indian Institute at   Lawrence,   Kansas,   Mr. Bob Tail Hull
arrived on the same train with Mr.
John   Little   Eyes,   Mr.   Benedict
Shoulder Blade. Miss Einniii Beaver
Claw.  Miss Minnie Squint Eyes,
Miss I^aura Nice Talker and  Miss
Minnie   Stands   l'p.    There they
found   Mr. Edward Woman's Leg-
gins,  Mr. Ilinton   Big  Leg,  Miss
Anna Woudded Eye.  Miss  Bessie
Little Sun,  Mr. Elmer Long Jaw,
Mr. Jerome Hear Tusk, Mr. Joseph
Crazy  Mule.   Mr. John Stands-in-
Timher. Mr. John Pretty Bull. Mr.
Hull Ked None, Miss Clara Rolling
Hull,   Mr. Iicaiic Young Bird and
M?«m   Little   White   Man.    These
people belong to the  first   families
uf America.
F. («. Fauquier is tall, stately,
and the hod of a bishop. IIin way
\\a> a pleaaant uiie. and liis grace
equal to any oeeaaion. For year*
he had been iu the Government
employment at Nakusp and Kevel-
When the bean is prop-
,_ erly linked it is a gas-
D6.3P1S tronomic dream to eat
them. Then they are food lit for
the gods, or editors. In Boston
the folks are on the .-"iiniinir when
it comes to beans. This is the way
they do it. and it is to be hoped
that all Slocan taverns will have
this article pasted where the cook
cannot let his eye wander front it:
"The  plain  white   bean   of com
merce is~""Brsf~boiTeu mil if. when
lifted from the water and blown
upon, the outer integument of the
berry cracks. It is then put into
the bean pot with a piece of carefully selected pork with a streak of
lean in it. To each quart of beans
is added two tablespoonfuls of molasses and (ine tablespoonful of
mustard. Some water is added,
and tlie pot is then placed is a slow
oven to bake for lour or live hours.
Water is to be added from lime lo
time. In some families butter
takes the place of pork, but this is
considered rather au innovation
and is not practiced in the best
Tlm uilour from n Uny.-il Seal i-iwnr on
lire iH -.ii'llsnnt   In   nil    wlui   lii'vc   U'ikmI
These are the nioiningh \shen it
is so delightful to lie in bed, and
Jinten to the music ot the rain as it
pit-a-patters on the shingle*,
A hotel to eont nearly five mil-
Iimi* is to Ix* built in New York.
We tr-UHt that it will be finished by
the time we reach that camp,
In Suffolk. Va.. there in a norfety
for the Mippmwiou of titles,    ff it
spread41 to New Ik»nver  there will
lie one   "Colonel" le** in   the  coin--
nninity. I
Hees are often diHsijmted.    They \
•will Mip hard cider uutil it iw xituplyi of New  York and  work** harder
lfi*»»w»«««{Hlo fur thi'tti tn tamVe *i   lu.n • tlnM. .*4*m> l*n »!».,.«•- ♦V,,, tr.    .»..,..,-
■ --f. 	
Mae for Vuvnc.    T-M-   iv-tn   •■honWThl' vViuM  In-   ;■   w.ir.y'ix^  A a))
ulliHcl I'm:'u Shiiuu. i Inty.** who itec-ome iufatuate-d  with
.... .Z   "      . ,.     ,. ,. , jhAril work.
thret* prwid«*nM of the  I nited;
State* have Wn riiot to death  in I     V young woman anxious to make! ,.,.,   ,„,.„
thut    im* mimtry.     Liiuohi.  on;'miHwetor rtaj,-i* purpi-m-* lost  her' f
April H. 1MW; Garfield, ou July life at Niagara the other day by NClSOfl S Drug & B(M)k StOrC
"2, 1-h.HI. un,l McKinley. mi Kept. *»., trying to go through the rapid* in x,,w »»*-"»««. »«. *'•
M   (Jot  your
IN XKl.soX.
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goods,   for   anything   like   the   same  money.
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Our system of supplying  the   best tailor-made Kn
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Bourne Bros., ffl
tS The.'-Hitnlcr" Hci-r has l.ccomi' the favorite Jleur in tlie (Vast Cities.    It lins met in siiccess'fu
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Our Special Canadian Uye is thii most palatable whiskey in the market.
We have it in bulk and is eases, 5's and G's. We are agents for the Brans*
wlck-Balke-CollenderCo. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
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Parties IhivIii!*, minim-* |<r<<jpert,v lor  sale  are  ivi|iir*.t.i'tl  tu  m-ii<I i>:iiii|iU<huI' llieli ore I
ill.' Kxrlianm- f..i- e\liili|iiini.
Ul ^iilll|ile»Hli..ll|i| lie »eiit liy lOxiH'e—•. |.ri>|ialil,    Con,.-''|ip'l]i|clli-e lolielleil.
i        AiMivsmiiH eoiniiiunlcalli.il> lo - IMHtlW    I'*.    KOKKMIICIMil'lll,
f        Telephone No, \m.   |\ <>. lt.,v ;in. Nelmm,  ll. ('.
The Newmarket Hotel,
Has one ol the most beautiftil locations in America, and tho public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
HrJiiiierel, iff MinneHotn. i** :i
bai-d pituf tor mliUtn*. W. S. Cox
wi*-." r»*»*i'titiy ki(in*p)M*«i, t«k*'ti tin*.
lh<» Irtish, mid r"»»v«?r*-f| with lur hy
ilirw Mii'ii whmii rrn douM h»* had
offend***!   hv   hi*«   r-*fit«rtal«*.    Vox
Fall Weather is bad for
Causing Golds
Cascara Quinine Tablets
B<wft1V* Bvmp %T9i p<\<st\ for-P,.!
Curing Colds   [«
i-f-i      r him     fi- 1 '   w   ■
J. E. Angrignon H
Finest Shop tn the Slocan.       O
iln jm,nK mar, i** hit hernial mot  Hrick  n,^    Hellem Aw-  N«w j U^;
Job Printing
That HHsayH liigh in artistic merit, quickly
<lone ur New Denver's printing emporium—
a l-atn'l. If nhe had triwl to |itit >
th** r;i|iid>* through the liarrt-1 there j
uoiild have l«*4'ji Icsm dai<K«*r at--
iHfbtn) tu h niu) ■•*!>..<■* »!.,• ■i/ifnr*;
Hiii.-iinl of ttlory. ,
_»_f   m€.
Bunk of Moetrea"
Ktlnbtlihcl mil.
Capital (all paid np) $U\000,000.00
Kewrvedmnd   t   t    7,000,000.00
I * 1 «        »     . t t      it . *   * f;    f   ,'\   »     I -i  »
>., bv*,i*;4'* V*k*0«ui   ,^-,*1ai»i*:»<a-     *»       •       -»■ h\fc,,-!,'■.'■* .''J'ta
MKAIt   orriCK,   MOSTHKAI..
Kt. Hon. I.oitnSTHvntcoNA a.id Mount Wovai, O.C.M.G. President.
Hox. (}. A. DfiuMMoxn, Vice President,
V* 8. Ci/ii;ht<»x, (Jeneral .Manajrer,
Hranche* in all j»arta of Canada, Newfoundland, Oreat Hrltain, and
■ !,•• 5'i*ii*--«l fl'.AU'A,
New Denver branch
LE B. DE VEBEk, Manager
hi* health he should come to the
Denver, ll C
\^p^^*^^^t ^^^-^^^^^^ ^^^■^^'■^^^i ^^mf
_m< kw«k"^k*wi
WzW Eighth Yeab.
martyred U. $. Presidents
The shooting of President Mc
Kinley resembles in many respects
the assassination of President Garfield in 1881. His assailant, Chas.
J. Guiteau, was one of the thousands of persistent hunters of office
who pestered President Garfield.
He appeared in Washington during
Garfield's visit there before the inauguration, and construed, or pretended to construe, a promise to
see him again into the promise to
grant him an appointment as consul
at Marseilles.
The day after the inauguration
Guiteau called at the White House
to see President Garfield, but did
not find him there.    He then wrote
to the President, asking an interview,to which he received no reply.
He then followed   the   President
closely, wherever he went,and stood
outside for hours and watched the
houses where the President called,
waiting for a chance to press his
suit for an oflice.    Again and again
he intruded himself upon the President, who, after becoming convinced
of the man's unfitness for official
position, frankly refused to grant the
petition.    Guiteau was very angry,
and refused to be satisfied with two
or three denials; and at last he became so insulting in his demeanor
that the President, after a most remarkable display of patience,ordered the officers at the White House
to expel the intruder.aud refuse him
admittance should  he attempt to
enter again.    Mortified at his failure to obtain the coveted  appointment, and angry beyond expression
because,of his forcible ejection from
the White House, he determined to
have revenge.     Various   schemes
suggested themselves to him,according to his own  confession, which
would bring disgrace and  failure
upon the administration .and shame
or could satisfy him but the murder
of President Garfield. Once, it is
said,he followed the President from
the White House to the residence
of Secretary Blaine, dodging along
from dark corners and skulking by
stone balustrades; and the peaceful,
confident head of the nation walked
^cheerfully by those hiding-places,
and Guiteau, with his revolver
cocked, could not muster the
strength to pull the trigger. At
another time he followed the President's carriage to the railway station, determined to delay the deed
no longer; but when the affectionate
husband lifted his wife from the
carriage, and Guiteau saw her thin
one side the assassin took a surer
aim, and fired the second time with
deadly effect.   The second bullet
entered the President's side, tore
through the spine,  and remained
lodged in the flesh.   The horrified
spectators rushed to the wounded
man, seized the assassin, and for a
time there was the greatest confusion and terror.    But soon the doors
were shut to keep out the excited
crowd, surgical aid called for the
President, and the assassin hurried
away to the jail.    The surgeons
called to aid the President declared
at once that the shot must be fatal,
and ordered the fainting and bleeding man carried by ambulance to
the White House.
When the President had lingered
and suffered at the White House
for more than two months, holding
on to life with an almost miraculous tenacity; and suffering incessantly the acutest pain, a council of
noted physicians was called to consider the advisability of removing
him from the heat and malaria of
He had lost more than one hundred pounds in weight, and had
become so weak that it did not
seem possible that, without a change,
he could survive many days. He
longed to get away from the place
in which he had suffered so much,
and. as there seemed no hope for
him there, tlie physicians consented
to undertake his removal to Long
Branch, on the Xew Jersey shore.
His removal for so many hundred
miles in his dangerously low state
was one of the most remarkable
feats of modern days. The railroad
company laid a track to the White
House in Washington, and another j
track to the cottage which kind
friends furnished for him at the
shore; so that he was taken from
hdoWttRlbor fir~aTr~elegan~t, com™
found on both sides, with bronchopneumonia of the lower portions of
the right lung, and. though to much
less extent, of the left.    The lungs
theatre to the back door and left
him there, holding the horse. He
then went to a saloon near by,took
a drink of brandy,   and,  entering
contained   no   abscesses,  and the 1 the theatre, passed rapidly through
the crowd in the rear of the dress-
circle, and made his way to the
passage leading to the  President's
heart no clots. The liver was enlarged and fatty, but free from abscesses. Nor were any found in
any other organ except the left
box.    He showed a card  to a ser*
which  contained near its! vant in attendance,and was allowed
surface a small abscess, about one- ] to pass in.    He entered noiselessly,
and, turning, fastened the door with
third of an inch in diameter.
Guiteau,the assassin, was charged
with murder, and after a sensational
trial, which lasted for several days,
and during which the defendant
sought to escape the penalty of his
crime by pleading insanity, he was j
convicted and sentenced to be
hanged on June 30, 1882.
Secretary of State John Hay, in
the biography which he wrote in
collaboration with John G. Nicolay,
gives a graphic account of the
assassination of Abraham Lincoln
at Ford's Theatre on April 14,18G5.
He was at one time an assistant-
secretary and aid-de-camp to Lincoln.    He writes:
"Lincoln was fond of the theatre;
it was one of his few means of recreation. Besides, the toiyn was
thronged with soldiers and officers,
all eager to see him; it was represented to him that appearing occasionally in public would gratify
many people whom he could not
otherwise meet. Mrs. Lincoln had
asked -General and Mrs. Grant to
accompany her; they had accepted,
aud the announcement that they
would be present was made as an
advertisement in the evening papers
but they changed their minds and
went north by an afternoon train.
Mrs. Lincoln then invited in their
stead Miss Harris and Major Henry
the bar he had  previously made
ready, without disturbing any of
the occupants of the box,, between
whom and  himself there yet  remained the slight partition and the
door through which he  had  bored
the hole.   Their eves were fixed
upon the stage; the play was "Our
American   Cousin,"   the  original
version   by   Tom   Taylor,   before
Sothern had made a new work of it
by his elaboration of tlie part of
Dundreary.    Partisan hate and the
fumes of brandy had for weeks kept
his brain in a morbid state.    He
felt as if he were playing Brutus
off the boards; he posed, expecting
applause.    Holding a pistol in one
hand and a knife in the other, he
opened the box-door, put the pistol
to the President's head, and  fired;
dropping the weapon, he took  the
knife in his right hand, and, when
Major Rathbone sprang  to   seize
him, he struck savagely at him.
Major Rathbone received the blow
on his left arm,   suffering a  wide
and deep wound.    Booth,  rushing
forward, then placed his left hand
on the railing of the box and vaulted lightly over  to the stage.    It
was a high leap,   but  nothing to
such a trained athlete.    He would
have got away safely,   but  for his
spur catching in  the  folds of the
R.   Rathbone,   the   daughter   and j Union Hag with which the front of
stepson of Senator Ira Harris.   Thej the box was draped.    He fell  oil
fail; but his face even then  was
scarcely more haggard  than  those
of the sorrowing group of statesmen
and   generals   around him.     His
automatic moaning, which had continued through the night, ceased; a
look  of   unspeakable peace came
upon his worn   features.    At  7:22
he died.    Stanton broke the silence
by saying: "Xow he belongs to the
ages."    Dr. Gurley kneeled by the
bedside and prayed fervently.   The
widow came in from the adjoining
room, supported by her son Robert,
and cast herself with  loud  outcry
on the dead body.
Booth was tracked and pursued
by troops, and, on the night of
April 25th, a party under Lieut.E.
P. Doherty surrounded a barn on
Garrett's farm near Bowling Green,
where the assassin and one of his
confederates, D. K. Herold, were
When called upon to surrender,
Booth refused, and a parley took
place, lasting some minutes. Booth
offered to fight the party at a hundred yards, and, when this was refused, cried out, in a theatrical
tone: "Well, my brave boys, prepare a stretcher for me." Doherty
surrendered. The barn was fired,
and. while it was burning, Booth,
who was clearly visible b}T the flames
through the cracks in the building,
was shot by Boston Corbett, a sergeant of cavalry, a soldier of a
gloomy and fanatical disposition
which afterward developed into insanity.
l.KAF Mineral Claim.
.Situate in the Slucau Miiiintr Division of West
Koott'iiav District. Where located: On North
Fork of Eight Mile Creek.
pose ui uniHinini* a crown grant of ths
And further take notice ttint action under section 37 must be commenced before the issuance
of such certilieate of improvements.
Dated thi> mh day of Align*!, A. l> lftil.
ami I5i:noi<;o fraction
Mineral   Claims.
Situate in thnSlocRii Mining Division of Went
Kooieniiy    District.        Where     loctitt-il:
Near the Elgin r"1 '   ' '
i mineral claim, south of Sun*
..-    ,-_.,-,.»..      v..     ,„,l.,ll
gTiuit of each of the above claims.
And further take notice that action under section .17 must be commenced before the tauiini'e
of such eertiileatesof lintiiovemciits.
..^ueiieerimeiuesoi Until'
Dated this linii day of S.>
ptemher. A  1 J.. 1001.
•Mineral ciiiim-..
Sltimte in thc Sbcau Mining Division of Wc:
Kootenay District. Where located: Aboi
two miles  up Carpenter Creek from Thn
Forks ou the south side of cr
rown Grant of each of the above claims.
And farther take notice that action, under section 37,must he commenced before the issuance
of such Certificates Ol Improvements.
Dated this Kith day of September. A. D. 1001
Mineral Claims.
Situate jn iln;
West Kooi
....    Slociui    Miniiig  Division  of*
West  Kootenay District.     Where located:
..itur.v ("reek, in the Slooan Mining
Division of Wv-st Kootenay. 1). O.-
President's carriage called for these
young people, and the four went
together to the theatre. The Presi-
and the play had made some progress. When he appeared in the
box, the band struck up 'Hail to
the Chief,' the actors ceased playing, and the audience rose,cheering
tumultuously; the President bowed
in acknowledgment of thisgrccting,
and the play went on.,"
John Wilkes Booth? an actor, of
fortable and commodious car, and
carried from the house to the car
and from the car to the seaside
cottage, without sufficient commotion or movement of his couch to
cause any considerable increase of
his pulse. Although he exhibited
signs of exhaustion the next day,
he did nol attribute it to the jour-,    .     .,     , , -  - ,.......,..„...,....»....
,       ,    ,,          ..            a laniiiy ot famous players, ascer- j surprise, and afterward  wild with
ncy so much as to the excitement j^.,,,. , .,.    ,,     .,    ...'..        •!      - ,-r" >a"u m,vl "iWU   "mi "1U1
the stage, the torn flag trailing on
his spur, but instantly rose as if he
had received no hurt,though in fact
he~"fai I~hFd"ln^K^nns^lFg7~lie
turned to the audience, brandishing
his dripping knife, and shouting
the State motto of 'Virginia, "Sic
Semper Tyrannis," fled rapidly
across the stage and out of sight.
Major Rathbone had shouted:' Stoj
him!" The cry went out:
has shot the President."
the audience, at first stupid with
'roni i
* Optical
And further take notice tliat .....vupphwim;
tion ,'(" must be comiuniced before the issuancei
such certiticates of improvements.
Dated this i"Mh day ut August. A.D., liml.
f Brown Bros.,
■^      The Jewelers, Nelson.
and pleasure of being in a new-
place and amid new scenes. Although the President at first rallied
slightly, he gradually sank until,
on September 1 Ut li. he passed away.
The immediate cause of < iarlield's
death was for some time a matter
of dispute among physicians;  but
hands and pale, sweet face, he was the day after his death a post-mor-
defeatcd again;   and,  stuffing his
revolver in his pocket, said:    "I'll
wait till she is better." He pondered over the mutter, making
careful calculations on the elTect of
the President's death, and planned
how to avoid tho rage of the mob
which the murder would be likely
to raise. He wrote a letter beforehand to tumoral Sherman, to be
delivered to him at once after the
murder, asking for troops to protect him at the jail.
On Friday, the first day of July,
(iiiiteau hjiw hy the papers that the
President intended to take the train
for Xew York the next morning,
and again determined to secure his
On the morning of Sat tirdny,.July
ijjnd, he loaded bin revolver.hired a
hack to take him hastily fnnn the
xtation after he should have killed
tern examination of his body was
When  the operation   was   performed, it was found that the hall,
after fracturing the right eleventh
rib, has passed through  the spinal
column, fracturing the body of the
first  lumbar vertebrae,  driving a
number of small fragments of bone
into the adjacent soft parts, and
lodging just below  the |iaiiereas,
about two inches and a half to thc
left of the spine and behind the
peritoneum, where  it   had heroine
completely encysted.   The immediate cause of death  was secondary
hemorrhage from one of the mesenteric arteries adjoining the track
of the Will, the blood rupturing the
peritoneum, and nearly a pint escaping into the abdominal cavity.
This hemorrhage is believed to have
lieei. the cause of the severe pain
hi* victim, and placed himself near I in the lower part nf thei'Ihm. which
the entrance to the Uultimore Hail-j President  liarlicld   complained of
road waiting-room, thinking to kill jjimt   before  death.      An   abscess
the   President   there.   Soon after j cavity, nix inches hy four in dimeii*
the hmsrhmIii had taken hit* |K«t at ■ nt-ions, was found in the vicinity of
the .lour    INwMiMit  ».*<«*^m .»«<»'♦».. -!!l!J,!,.,'^i.,,,,, ,;(t ;l%c,!
<!._i...s«<t>>r  unoit,  which
ich  was
taincd the President's intention to ! excitement and horror, two or three
attend the theatre in the evening, | men jumped upon the stage in pur-
and.with a number of confederates, j suit of the (lying assassin; but he
planned to take llie life ofthe Presi- j ran through the familiar
dent: ; leaped upon his horse,  w
lie was perfectly at home in j waiting in the alley behind,reward-
Ford's Theatre, where he was ed with a kick and curse the call-
greatly liked by all the employees, boy who had held him. and rode
without other reason than thestilli- rapidly away in the light of the
cient one of his youth and good {just risen moon,
looks.    Either by himself or with
the aid of his friends, he arranged
his whole plan of attack and escape
during the afternoon. He counted
ujioii atldrej-s and audacity to gain
access to the small passage behind
the President's box; once there, he
guarded against interference by an
arrangement of a wooden bar to be
After he was shot,President Lincoln scarcely moved; his head dropped forward slightly, his eyes
Major Rathbone. at first not regarding his own grievous hurt,
rushed to the door of the box to
summon aid. He found it barred,
and on the outside some one was
fastened by a simple mortise iu thc \ beating and clamoring for entrance,
angle of the wall and the door by He opened the door; a young officer
which he entered, so that the door j named Crawford entered: one or
could not l>e opened from without. \ two army surgeons soun followed,
He even provided for the conting* j who hastily examined the wound,
eney of not gaining entrance to the > It was at once wen to U- mortal,
box by boring a hole in its door, j It wan afterward ascertained that a
through which he might olwerve J large derringer bullet had entered
tho occupants to takeaim and shoot, the back of the head, ou the left
He hired nt a livery stable a small, jside.aiid, |tai»*ing through the brain,
licet horse, which he showed with had lodged just Ix-hindthe left eye.
pride during the day to law-keepers Hy direction of Hathhoiicand Craw >
and loafers among his friends. The'ford, the President was carried io
nio.ni Hthe that night at IU o'clock, a house across the si reel and laid
A few minute*, Mure that hour he
Whose O
Place •
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of Iinjif*.ivcm.'ii*.s, fir the purjiow of olilninin'*
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An.l further take nolle.' that net ion, uiiiUt section ST, must he i-ommciH-L-'l hufurc tlm irwiuinc**
of such CurtiticaM.- of linjnoveuivnts,
Dntwl this nth i|ny of Sept.'mhor, A. 1). linn.
Mlii.-i'iil C'l'iim,
Sitinttu in llu   s|
Koolcnnv   I >	
1'a.viif MuiiiitHjii.
  .'im   Mi  Ini; l'ivl-loil "I
Koolcnny   l>i»trirt.     W'hciv  liu'iiii'il:
' -t
TAKK .W11CK That I. Arthur S. Fanvoll,
Fn"- .Miii'T'-p (.Vr:ili.-:ili-,\'u Il.'.iil.Vl.liitruil.oO
ilnys from the dmr. Iieivo!. tu apply to (lu> Mlninu
Hi'ip.nli i '..r.i (VrtitiiMii. ,,:' liupr,iv.:)ii.-i.iK, for
til.' ;iiin>i<i. ui 'iliiniiilips.' ,-, i.'i-uH n liriiiil "t tlio
;il,ovi- I'lnilii,
Aii'l llirth.-r l.ikr liotii-c that .irlioii, (llYlJ.r
Wl'tioli ill. Illll'l hi- l-iililllli'lli'l'll Ili-loll.. tll.lj-.nU*
llll.-l- ol ■illrll ri-rlilinlli. of ]|l||ll'oV.'|i i-|lt*l.
Il'lti'il till-'.''Ill ilav .if   \in*i|«l, A. II. JIKIl.
!>-."."I \. S, KAinVKU..
CI.NTKAI.,   ICI'I) I'OX   mul    ltl*H    I'O.Y
r|-.M'TIOV  \ll.iii.|-iil(.'|:iliii».
shoal.- lu tlir    s;
WYit   lvooti.,i,n
.hi    Miiiiiii."    Iiiviiliii.   "ii
IH-trl.t.   When*  ln<'«ti!.l:
ll.flll ,'llill   j.illl*   llli' Slll'p|'|-I' oil tllli
"|o i'l'S.IN'vt I'M 1'u.iiW'NKK.
,l..ii\ Ki i.itii ii, "i to -my |«r*oii or ■mtmiii-i
(.. n in in ii. ..on i .ivi- ir.ni-l.-iti"! liiKiiiti't'.if.t
In tin- -\'I'i'iii'n" Mlnt-ral CIhIiii. on. nftli..
•.Voupaii'l' ti'iiip. -KiipiIi' n.'Kf li.-'ii l,*ln.
In  (In- s|.,p.,n   Mlpilnf   1>Ivi«|.ii,
il liii|i|''.V(.||ii.nt«, for tin- pur*
j p.iM'nf nl.tuilillK.' ll ('lnHII (ililllt of t)|ti I'liuVO
I clailllK,
'     Anil fnilli'-r l«k.' iiotii'i- thai   .ili.ii uii'l.-i * ■■'■
1 tion .'», uum hi'   r.illitiii'lu-i'll Info|i- tlm Iwtiutuow
I .if ninliCitilii'iid "."I liiiiil'iiV'ln.'iit«.
j     flutril thin -Mh ihiy nl **i'plrii|l.i'l'. .V. ll, inil.
j       Tiivll"   niveTION   .Vlin.ral Uli.lm,
•-ililati III thi'  Miu-illl   Mliilni:   I'lvi.lnii of W'tiilt
K" tnihV    ill«irlrt.      Winn,   loi'uliil:    ()u
I'.'tyiii- MoiiutHiii, ailjohilm; -sllvrr \ln*t."
'nrl> piuili Khu;" bii'I  >i.pphlri*'   Mlmral
'IMIi'l' V.lTH'1-" Tip,' I I' M. !i,ui., i in*
I Mliur'-i iTiiiirnii' N'i. II Mitv: w"''lin," a*
iiihiii 11ir l' H W'iI«oii, Kri'<- Mini•t'tlVdlilcntt*
N.i II .'Isni'i, Inti'inl *txtv il.v- !r,.in tin- it.tc
l,i in.(, toapph   to   lln< Mliiiii'*.' l(«-«'ori|il  for a
ealletl one of the undeiliugv* of tlie
*<oer«*t.«vv ■P.\i^*nen.-I^ile(1 fr('U.i IJhvj .i.1 ....,   „,
enrrhae, ami for five iiiiutUoHHUNMi were   -troogly intenulhcrent.     lt|
c\w*! to fi-uii-aau, engaiuwl iu eon- did not involve thp Hiilwtftnee ofj
veraation.   Hut he could not miiHt-er the liver,  nnd no communication!
'.-•.•   ",',,v;vi^..   .*..,>   rly,.i,.i    .Ivint,    '»'.»v   s-i-An   1011111)   deipVteeii   it   «iii>   iUei
Hudden null of the conductor,  "All wound.   A long suppurating chsn-
aboard !" nnd the quick Movement* nel   extended   from   the  external
of the paanenger* in  the --tation. wound, Itetween the loin  muxele*-*
however, enabled him to throw off nnd the right kidney, aluuwt to the
the spell. ;t,ti*lv with a -"iituuie  *.hl*.«- right   gioiii.      Ihe   chiuiucl. now j
peration and horrible impnlw. he known to 1>e due to the lniirotcin^1
turned,   a-   thc  PtvMdeul  jiawcil of put* from the  wound,   wa****up-;
fiim, and liml the  first  *hot.    He jmwd during life to have be-*n  tin*
wa* m eime to his victim that  he trirkoftheln.il.   On «n evamimi- 'p.      .      fwtt% **
mw IiIk aim had not Iiei-n true, and tion of the oiymtM of the ebift. evi- LAiHlCS IlllJyCr, M3H3^Cr
id* the -tiiiiled Pn-hideiif   Ip.ijm**! to i\i*ntt*»  ot  *ovore  hmoehitii   werr*] _•*!*».lion, fc*. O.
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Planing Mills. Ltd.
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Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures;
Fancy Glass
 •■■  ..-Ml"." Io lolllrlhlll.'
tin- ,1'ovi' im-iiii«i«ii.i| •mn. whh h i« now ilui ,
!.u.'i'ilm ulili ,iil n»»|. ol .n|\iiti.|i,t., v,,ur in
l.-n-nl III (lif « Ho i'l un will l«..oiiii. »|.r |if.i|«'M\
■ if iln mil.. tlUri, iiiulii Hrilluii I ,if th< • ,\||n
<r;il A.'l Au"t>inlii.f.i( it ( I'm"
I'.it.'.i m \..i*.ii, H»
lhl» |M||  i|H, „| July,
1   0   Mrl.KAX.
(ii.l.lAM A. H.AUEU
I" l»KI.IM/l i:VTO»..W\|..|.
I., iln- li.iHt,. ,,f \   (»   M.n.iii.. or «|„
it limy i-.nir.iii:
V1 * I' nr*. li*.r..l,r ,,,,.*.;,,,» «i   , »   i *
Novrinlwr IS'li I'm '    '   t""''C
Si'MMKIt Tor Its via.
I" Al.l. KASTKHN l'«tlS'Ts via
or S«w> LINK
' vi'i   •«•    l»«n( .-,,. ('( ;
, *.1C
li|Mtu a lM*d in a Hiiiill ioohi nt the
rear of the hall, ,,,, ff„. K,„umj
IliMir.    I he President had been ?*hot
a few tnimitcit |uo*t Hi.    (lie wound
i*t        i        .
../,.... ......  •«</„K„,   iHn(<tOi   (lentn
i*« ni.i.>i miii, .'mi ion vnai teiuteity
wan extraordinary. He wa-^. tif
eourw*. uneonw'ioim from the llrxt
moment: but he breathed with-low
■Aim (.yuirti n ••••.j iii uoi* tiiruitiiliuiii
the lamp-light grew   \n\U-  ,n  ,|„.  \,. r... " *"u' ■•"*»'-' •»«• Mi„.r»i
fre.-h,*, iM-am,, hi* |>M|W.  1^,,  (<|      ,()!(1. M)t,(4V ..t ^.^u.AXrH   i ^;r';AnrV^i1"^r^ri:^^i;^Vf,'1*,,,*n "",
1 .i.i     .'..Vi' i   ii.~\ii i,\,n
"" ilny* limn
.....V."' ," M|,""" "'"*•'■**■"'• f**'wtI,. ,!,.
•X'TnliKK m:,
' ""'' \V.\u!,i,^',,''Yu*oW'mMJ'ia,  iliKuiali M»'«'|ni'j-  l'.n» K
<*'»t«MIHV l.tlflf
rn>«|ic*a.|t„ Sntinmvet
51. James
New (lenver. B.C.
* n«muys, mpntt^r
l.-,no- „„, rVM-,,., ^y^^^yM' *• •*" '*
(.. H liAHKICTT. W„t,V>w r^,)m
*.. I.r.iihi, i ., v .*.«., ,v ,((|i
      .,        '* "•''»«"• l»-l,--*i..N>ltn«. II, C
Ren meals tn the c[tr-f,AmNn!).h^ momi-
tf. ti.H fr-«*( l;»f»(ji|,|,ii j,,/ ,i.
dftil Amfrtran llnta .ll^.U ( -
r»t« «K»»t«»r..l  full  inf..f,i,.,:,,,:
P.f %.9*nA ■'»■■
1 '» ( « ittlttt*
"•"'o-r 't-ilv-*
,»n> (*.
f    W  f  f, Vnm
u ii i. U'*r,'r,rr.
I" K. »*n.i. Si-m lv«,wr
W li-i.»j*«
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A young" gentleman, well-known in
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idea that the world, including* its proverbial fence, was arranged under his
special direction, and only for his own
individual cheek, was recently found
disseminating the following sentiments,
which have been arranged in poetical
form by one of Nelson's rising authors:
The sun gets up to see me walk,
To gaze upon this form of mine;
And if I did not venture forth
T would not be worth his while to shine.
The earth is honored by my tread,
The flowers bloom for me to'smell ;
The fruits are for my chief delight,
All nature suit? me passing well.
The ladies, bless their simple hearts,
How they adore and fawn on m«;
•  They put forth all their little arts—
Their motives I can plainly see.
Dear girls, it is of no avail,
My heart is proof against your charms,
I cannot throw myself away,
1 must resist your outstretched arms.
Tho author of the above versification,
who has immortalised the sentiments of
the gentleman referred to, happens to
be a lady, and her reply to his effusions
has been forwarded to the said individual.   Here it is:
Oh, Maggie, Annie, come and see.
Here iB that too-conceited swell,
Who thinks the world was made for
Him, and that he runs all nature well.
Look at him as he struts along,
With head in air and cane in hand,
And coat-tails flying in the air,
And stylish hat arid manners grand.
He simpers at each dame and girl,
There's self-conceit in every hair:
He thinks that he can throw the glove
To any woman, dark or fair.
It makes one smile to see his airs,
It makes one frown to meet his gaze;
He lives to worship—just himself—
And sing and shout his daily praise.
Ho thinks he's king bird of the flock;
Ho stares about him like,an owl;
While we, we know in spite of all,
He's just a common barnyard fowl.
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a scheme would ordinarily have
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Bus hail l.'i vi'urs I'.Ti-erii'iii-i' in il'-nliil work, aim
HiiikuM ii -.''ii'i'tativ nf (IppIiI Hrliliri' Work. Mont
cmiipli-ti' di-nt il'.fllei' In B O.
Thou shalt not g*o away from home
to do thy trading*, nor thy son nor thy
Thou shalt patronize thy home merchant and thy home printer, for yea,
verily, doth not thy home printer spread
HIM. Tlii'iii'.»H'ompli'l" II r 1 I T II
on tin' 0'iiitlin'iitnt North Aitn-rl* n CA L I II
ca. Hiiu'iii-il iuul*! wi««■*-»_ (iii OCCADT
rivalled for (in ml ur. Badiiif. n CO U 11 I
KlnhliiK mul Kxc.iri-itui* K«'"i*li'iu Pliylcl-ti
and Niir**' *P»*1.»trr.*|il*li* iniriiiiiniuaij >u with al!
purl- iif tlii- wiirl'l- twn null* alrlv. un! il.'ptn
eviryday. l(* lmili.'*> i-iiiv .ill iktvuiis and
mil«iulai'dl»i'ii««'«; lu wati'r* li'itl ill Kldui'V
Liver anil !-itiiuinrli Ailini'lit*.. 'I*, i in*; "l.*. !>• -*l*»
|nr wivk itci-orillnu i». --■••Iili'tti-i< hi li.iiil nr
villus,   Tin1 pric* of n ruiiniMi'l'i ihkei i^twi-w
N'l'W   Iti'liVi'l   ,'liul   H'llrV'iil,  n|itjii,ali|.   pill til,-
year rnimil and aixiil lur'.'l'i day.. I< *'i'i*.    II >l*
i'y.tii Spline*, Inm» l.iki. II (.'.
over the lan(r^lacrtul'ings"o!~ifiy"goo(l~
ness and greatness and they shall patronize thee.
Thou shalt employ thy own mechanics that they may not be driven from
their homes to find food for their little
ones. Thou shalt also consider him as
thy neighbor, above them that dwelleth
in a strange town,
Thou shalt not ask for credit as the
goods cost much money, and the merchant's brain is burdened with bills.
Thou shalt not nsk for reduced prices
for the "influence," for behold guile Is
in thine heart and the merchant readeth
it like an open book. He liuigheth thee
to scorn and shouteth to his "lia, ha!"
Thou shalt do whatever lieth in thy
power to encourage and promote the
welfare of thine own town and thine own
Thou shalt not suffer the voice of
pride to overcome thee, and if other
towns entice thee, consent thou not, for
thou miiycfit bo deceived.
Thou shalt spend   thy  earnings at
home that they may return from whence
they  clinic  und give  nourishment to
such as may come after thee.
Thou  shall   not   bciw fulee witn-?*-?
a-jalnst the town wherein tliinulwellotli,
but ^pcak well of ii to nil men
Thou shalt keep these coiitnmii'lmeiiU
and leach them to thy children tn the
rhinl and fourth generation that (hey
may be made to flourish and grow In
plenty when thou art laid to rest with
thy dithers, -I'tikinwii Sucred Writer,
KII.I.KII   HY    V    UK A It.
The Bosun Pantry this week:—Ripe tomatoes,
$120 per crate; p tatocs. *1.15 per sack of 110 lbs.:
apples, --1.80 per box; peaches. S1.40 per 25-11).
mill!; Jersey and St Charles oream, 85.75 ]kt
cusci wheat nnuia.15 cts. a package: ti bars soap,
ih ets.; the best butter, choice from ii! cts. a lb. up;
50boxes pears to arrive on Saturday. --2.10 a box.;
live (lucks. Call and see us for bargains.- Look
out for your cash, and don't buy goods for friend*
ship, We have spring-chickens always on hand;
nlsu fresh eggs. Mail orders sent promptly to any
liojnt lnJho_Slocan.   Address--
A limited number ot shares in the
Similkameen Valley Coal Co., Limited. For further particulars apply to
Sandon, B, C.
The Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers ot Fine Lat?er Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
~a ri<T~ u ts cMfE v~	
Commission Merchant, New Denver
Three Forks
B. C.
Provides accommodation for
the travelling public	
Pleas'int rooms, and good
meals. The bar is stocked
with wines, liquors and
cigars. HOT and COLD
HUGHNIVEN, Proprietor.
Stafde nnd Fancy
Agent for
to supply builders nnd contractors
with all the above building materials.
Our. products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at the
Spokane Exposition. The Lime that
we are now manufacturing ie not
excelled. Special quotations to contractors on application.
NE'.SON.B.C. P.O. BOX 688
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, 11. C.
Stoics at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON,
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
A    l!. ,I,;'1'.I,*}N" 'T^T:''•"'■'--'''"*'••■ " ;    D.ui llicc, ii |.r(n.|icctoriinil Imnlcr.dl
4 \ §    i.''.i'i>"ur\i'i'»i,   ^Mii'i'tii
Seeds, Trees,
BlllbS to K»» I'lantlnnr.
Catalogue Free.
.tiei Wr*iiiiilii»t«'r ll'ipid. Vmii-oiivcr, II.I'.
WHITK LAII'illnsi.v
Dealer in
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local businctw.
Wine Co.,
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars    ^
Agents for Calgary Beer.
}        PHOTOGRAPHERS        f
Pamlly & Commercial.
>'•<«•   Ill'IIVIT,   It.  (5.
unnAi.Q iopr-Rcent.
MMM-_M-MM-H-MW-V« "tt    I #«'t'ir>'      \'rU*Ml
I'remo Cnineran and n new line of
Printing Pdjiers. Tlie very best.
Send for pricen
Fitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection against lire. Hates $2.60
and #3 per day.
Reports, Kxiimlimtioim anil Mannge*
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
General Draylng: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Baggage wagons meet all Bun-
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack " .nnuis.
Feed Htables at New Denver.
I        It.     t   \ 111  lil.N.    N,, ,|,l,      M- ..' .  I
At .   '■' u.-:     ■    ■ ' •« - M I'* • .'• ■
irun. 'll' I......
V/iiu.-jhitlo    'i»**u;l''Oil<.-lit,=>
.MfcXl   .* »'IVl'u.!iATK
! K.!*!», ssict h^'lvni'.i .'.» Fri'iuy hi tu.,        u_A\nnoTEr\
' ctirnuiiltM- with  it licnr.   lli' went H|ij IMrUnTcu
it* I  ..../.• „ .-„   vi     ur lMi,f""1 cr,'v]i "» ,-*"t ,,">• wi,h VlW AN0 DOMESTIC CIGARS!! in au. stylks and
»1 ?    . I    I.l-  I    /, I.l.       All... >•   I*'*'. |l      I  I,      , .».»     MM ^»     M_       _       _^     ,,__,- '    W
» .   I' -; -.-;.., m»iu*   >..! \ ..,■.... .^:ii, ' A'Ikiii** "ii n lii'iir-lHintlnir trip.   After! AND  |QBACCOES
_.'' _ i llie |»»ir IwkI lii'cii mil   smite  liiiie, they! P|PP*»i   »SlO
liei'MHii. '■i'(iiii')ih'i|, mul AilnniH nut llinl'! '
in_ liim at cainit when be returned, bn>
'                                           ■ «■   .   r*  ■      r ... ,i, n..,,t-    -*.-»*,,.(««
1-,'iioe iii.iniiH.I mul rciiuiieit (o KnxK* (Hij "*4*     "**«  *'      *•        •*  -	
.-...wir*tii>.   He itii'itu'ii _ |i«i'.y ni i^ii- /.'j'y jij.kJ *".nni,
men,who ieil Unit nivrlu.Hii.l nn miiuIhv
ii..'v i.iii..fd .( m-am-Ii Mhivb t..-1-H •/.-        BAT1W IN CONN'F/TIOX.
«iir.t,"! l.y timiiivUue',i..M|.v inu im.ii; SBWnwrkel Block.       Now Denver
in:,■."leil riiTniilnni     rrutw iM't'i'irunC"* ______
In-iiMil ■.ti'|ip0i| liver ii ln_* oil .'h|i ni n __%__ 1 f •■ mm Uf j_ mm m
!»!/i* MlM*r-ti|..wliidih;Hnitt*i<kc.Miinil', DlLVcH.fVARC
tn*t'iil;iii_-  Iii*  n*.'lit   «rin,    Il   liU'l  (llinl .,,,,,        .   ,.., .   ,   .
,.   , , ...     ,   .     , A lull !»n(* of Silverware and choc*
;";:«'V»»'» "•' »■■• '«'«'• *'•*«»' «7Vi (Vmiectioncrv at
i- 1'iitire liioe nii'l iDirliiwI.iiinI lenillii"
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
HI•! K KS f ruin 5e to not*      |
Ill I.TdN    A   I'll..   Ul
■.'...     •■■ ••     I.p.p., .'•   •'
New Autumn Goods
..I,.i i.ptf
l-ms    « IKK IK i 111    X    fit.,     '•
tl     t ,r.   \\ i :    ,;,,, ........I {»■■ v
■4-i.li...   *
__Eioiy\, i«<
« Al.l. ANI» SI-'.F. (MI! KAI.I. MAN ! UA AM" I..MUK>   HM \M\ .Tii-WKAIC I'F.l.r HATS.
Fir*i Un*. I.M>!!*.S 1 ! US. I.A1M1A  I i.ANKI.r.ITK .uA i'l.AII* SIlIItT  A'AKIV.
1 '    I..  • Ml.l** t II
T .    '<    ,. r     v.". •   •-.
I.. I.. !«..  Ilirn-.T    **
-.,    ■   ■      (I    '
;" -'■»>".fl.-w.. n- ,....t,,,*M.i,e».mi,.7 n rs j t H.Werelev's'
1 !m- i.-ii arm   vmc* .i)"t liiewe'l  ha'll.v., .      ,. v     . •>       \
Ii.-i'l. 'p.ini   lntve   li.'.'n   ii|Bt>iri!;ili('(iIH
Winil. M,vrVUrA->FA .vu.l F.tt)F.i:t»'MV>   -'fll.T*-"
H-r^,iiii*.iii VhIUcx, Trunk*, met Travelu^ H;i^..
f. AHA*' K!F> (;f.MVKS, nFTVfKV'lS VAMt
>ev iinr Wh-Ii Ki'l (JI..V.-F*
Mi.. i.i:inMi;tr  i„ i,. it.. !(.«,.*!.   „!,,,•, AT.. f. uii.t t»*.i.lo hitn
.    »   ,1  ;:..»   N   •*: .   1'u -I;.        -v ■. ■: .,:    J!  i .....
ill i..< It nffli .   i» V. «  r'.'.n. . ,•* i-n   -iii»!m
•I'lti: .tui.iM. ion HfiTKt. **'   "• •'*:
I    t* lf>>'t>itii'('i • C " Mit'luif  «f.-'l «'"«.in**f'i«l
'.Ut,    ■•,! iii!-     -.   'I* ■ I.l «".'.
.u«' ii.ni ii -I ei'eii 'line I" lice hi-  tl I in, r_r~ i   ■ a ria   r-     a r*r\ a *.^r\
l.'.Sil     * .'-
«,i« taken !<> Ka*li' for linrial.
KXt I IISION   Til  HAS   ritAM f*l O,
t,tmr\     Vi|«. tt .|i,*r.r.,[,|i*r I..V»j
SAUipt** Uf ni.Hl IU' H..;l..uv*   itlrutl.pl.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
Tl." ( nn. 1 in Fncitir tt.i(Ufiv "ill OGDEN ASSAY CO
is "tie roi(n'l*"ii|' ticket- fnnn Se|.|   2ft j
H» tfllh •*(..  lientmr, (*r.|n
Sol.F. Ai'rKNTS FuU
r.l*TTK!»!«'K IV\TV.«SS.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
at VBItY !.f>W PKICK8    \


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