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The Ledge Jun 12, 1902

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Volume IX.   No   37.
NEW DENVER, B.C   JUNE 12, 1902.
Price, $2.00 Year
mt^w&tffl^&&8& 3SI3S3SS8-358I38SS
■ Q^n^B'N^VfS FToat
SS In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
_% that are Talked About.
will celebrate  on   Dominion
Carroll McNaught is visiting his uncle at Silverton.
D. J. Young has sold his business in
Kaslo to F. S, Attwood.
Revelstoke expects the Big Bend to
make it very prosperous.
During May the tu^ Sandon traveled
3480 miles on Slocan Lake.
Tobacco users can find the best goods
i n New Denver at Williams'.
Green onions—crisp, healthful: fresh
from the gardens of H. Byrnes.
D. A. Crawford and Miss Agnes Rue
"were married at Kaslo last week.
Adam Esch, of Whitewater, ia to be
married to a Kaslo lady next Thursday.
For 'his company. E. J. Mathews dug
out $267,000 in gold at Cape Nome last
A strawberry social will be given   in
 i.1 ,I"k l^-.ȣ.Min-n...Ki*i-i*f.ll~Oll*<-lllAtlAll^.laV_.
—■{n-'-.-r reoiiy voi i«« v"■--«■*-*i-^"•-J-"~v'w--"    —. ~
In Nelson Jacob Dover has a line of
; goods particularly adapted for wedding
Mark Mauley has returned from Boston without having lost his senatorial
appearance. .
Mrs. Woreloy iH remembering her
friends with beautiful bouquets from
her flower garden
Arrangements are underway for tho
annual Sunday School picnic, which
will be held in a few weeks.
The junior baseball teams of Slocan
City and New Denver, will cross bats
on the New Denver diamond on Saturday.
Henry Stego'8 naphtha launch arrived
Wednesday and is now on thi' lake for
tho accomodation ofthe New Market
S. S. Fowler, manager for the London
and B. C. Gold Fielils Co , was married in Nelson last Thursday to Miss
Joseph McNaught is organizing an
electric railroad company for operation
in tlie fruit country around North Yakima, Wash.
Joe Fortln died ut Three Forks on
Moiulitv morning. He was from Que-
bee. and bad been in tin* Slocun for
eight years.
R. tt. Woodward has bought the plant
and Rood will of the Lardeau Kaglo of
It, P I'ettlpiece, and will continue the
paper at I'i'i'KtiHdii
The abrogation of the two per cent tax
would smooth the It it rd trail a little,
over which the mining men uf Kooic-
nay are now traveling. ,-j
Boh Green Iin* been the Cjip'isilioii j
whip in the Li'itWrtliiri', uiul in reem:. j
nilimi uf lii'« set vuc> In* wn* ini'M'nteil j
with a eo-tl\ watch and clmiii j
I'ri'tnnttiiT wrinkles ami eiu\v'. iVei:
around llie eye* arc tin* result  uf tin-
correrli'iliiit'i:io,itisiii    (leu, I,. Pedlar, j
«|iiciali'(, CHlt IVIIHlVe till' I ini-..'. i
The Yalc-(V)!iuiilii)i < u.iiiiauy hiivcj
niowd tlii'ii iillici' linm Holland l>> i
NakUsp. They me gelling mil lug*',
about eight inili'o from A irnw In/id
Prowl Irvino ik '"<• . uf SnUnn, iin...!i-
tHiiiiilly sliippiuggoodstu N'uw f Kii vmt
and utfier Slonin point*1     Prop then, a1
lull'  ttlll'll ,»«»((  tt.iui  III) nJi.i'ii-otl   ill,-illi-i
t- ry. |
.1 IL McMnwi** Ini" a cuiiii'i i-tHliii- lm j
tcl nt Sloi-nn .function whore Hsbim- I
put lie- ainl tniveh-i-, whlh' u'.iitin^-! ,r)
trains will lind plenty nf Hind or solid re.\
(ritshments, S
f .\h* nf *' "ni-ii-ln. nlw«-*v« remain'* nr,n.'
Wrue tu W .I. IWin* of Ka*l<» lm rate-i
and   plan*   hcloie  clotting   elsewhere;;
**8'rt.*r.'"(i t<iiPi!<t,1l '
kev. and  Mr*.  Hubert*  und  family,!
and Ml** Pun.lv, left Tijesdav ni'irniii-.-'
101   "ll.tlliH ll,! ,  I in ll     in"ll     lll'l'l    ill    •rtllul.j
A itatgw crowd wa* at tin* wbotl to bids
them farewell,
Dtiunmuir hat at hi»t gon<> to the
coronation in l>»ndon H* will probably return with ■ bright tin title, and
m fcappy an * boy juil In from a Jianta
'CUtm hIoUmovi
of groceries and provisions at his store
in Sandon You can save money In-
getting quotations from him when in
need of supplies for home or mine.
Gus Lnfttip, a cook, attempted suicide
at Kaslo last week while experiencing
a jim-jam seance. He cut the arteries
in both wrists, but was discovered in
time to save his life.
Coronation weddings, like coronation
babies, are the latest fad. New Denver
has never been beaten yet, and there is
every probability that a wedding will
be oil the program for that day.
Beauty in the nude is not appreciated
in Nelson. A lady from Lake street recently walked through that city clad
only in a pair of black stockings When
she came out of her trance she had to
pay the city $25 for being found without a fig or burdock leaf
Commendable efforts are being made
to get up a picnic on the lake shore at
Union Bay for Coronation Day. It is
suggested by those taking the initiative
in the matter that a public meeting be
held in Clever's hall, on Saturday evening, to consider the proposition.
 _^nil -O-afrlifnrr on/i__a faiL> rv* a% »♦£»_♦ i*n Ji..
 ».-■ \s**--<f vivui {■ g^ iiiiva— im — i -C " iiivr-i 11—vi'niv
blazers, are hunting for new enmpine
grounds in the Peace river country.
His partner, George Henderson, now
works the two shifts at the Arlington
hotel and has learned that the craving
for sleep is only another delusion.
Chas. S. Sandiford received a cablegram Tuesday stating that W. H.
Sandiford will leave Liverpool for New
Denver today (Thursd y). This ih taken
to indicate that the Bosun, and all properties under the Northwest Mining Syndicate, wiil resume operations; and is
also an indication that London capital
is coming from cover as a result of peace
iu South Africa.
Vanstone, of Rosebery says that in
about ten days he will ha'vom'ore straw
berries than some ranchers have beef.
The people in the Slocan should get the
sugar and cream ready, as nearly everyone in these parts knows that the berries grown by Vanstone nre equal to
any in America. Flecked with cream,
and dusted with sugar. Vanstone'*
strawberries make a dish fit for the
gods—or editors.
The Ruth mine and mill are now
ready for a long run The pay roll will
be like a draft from home to the Sandon
Fisher .Maiden stock advanced slightly last week. Several carloads of ore
will be shipped as soon as it can be
hauled out.
Sidney Norman has the Black Prince
under bond for 8-i5,000, and has a small
force at woik He also has the Transfer
under bond and active work will commence upon it next week.
The Payne has cln-sed a'contract with
the Trail'smelter which calls for the
shipment ol 500 tons per month The.
mill is rtinniujr on the big dumps and is
giving very satisfactory returns.
Tho Wakefield   is sending   down  a
quantity of high-grade clean ore over
the train.    It is sacked at the concentrator     The lirst carload will  be  ship
ped from Silverton in a few days
The Mollie Gibson mine lias shipped
lo'Xi tons of nre since the lst nf January.
A further shipment of 200 tons will be
made iu a few weeks New ore bodies
are. being opened up continually, and it
is contemplated to push development
on a much larger scale this summer.
The first payment was made Saturday-on the bond taking in the Neepawa
and Boisevain claims, and the Flora and
Havana fractions. Nothing was paid
on the other claims forming part of the
group when the bond was made.
Michigan capital will be busy in the
Slocan this summer:   A   Detroit   corn
pany will work the Republic group on
Erin mountain in addition to the  Sap
phire and other claims on Twelve Mile.
Charles Dempster has charge of the' va-
Johnstone is coiisultiiigengineer.
have bad a peck of trouble. The food
outrage assumed the greatest proportions on the Anglo-Klondyke works on
Fox gulch The uoys struck for better
food and more pay a fortnight ago
Several returned to work without the
entire crew, and those who were let out
were not paid by only a "time check,''
subject to ten per cent, discount. Big
ATex's men went out on Chechako hill
and in all, about a score, of strikes took
place. The going wages are now fixed
at 80 cents per hour. The Union organ
ized at the Forks is supported by practically every working miner on the
creeks. Wlien any man strikes or gets
laid off now bis S06 or S100 is not blown
over the tables in a few moments, and
he can eat and drink for several days.
"Everybody but tin boms and boosters
now have money at the Forks," adds
Klondyke Miner, and "except for the
bunco boys, times were never better
than at this season of the year." Except for the labor troubles at King Solomon's hill, Monte Cristo, Fox, American and Magnet. The Wash up at these
places is indeed a happy season. On
American Dr. Carper's exclusive water
right is causing much hard feelings and
several dumps will remain unwashed
this season on this account. Upper Bonanza has put almost all wages up to 80
centB per hour, and the balance will
likely be forced up at once. Probably
the most bare-faced steal ever perpetrated upon labor is the present juggling in gold dust that is being attempted to pav men at $16 per ounce dust,
and in addition subject to 21-2 per cent,
discount at the bank for royalty, is
about as jreat an injustice as labor was
forced to endure. At no time in the
history of the creeks have so many men
had money for so long.
I Ain^CanS ?n Canada
SjjThe New York Sun Makes , Some Interesting Ob
servations Relating to the Influx.
Arl'/.nnn ppop!« have suggested that
two elegantc»rs bo fitted up as ore cal-1
Inets. for a tour of the country. With I
the enrs will be two burros, and a eniw
of trained Arizona prospectors' When
the outfit reaches a city, the prospector! with their burros will "prospect"
through the plac-J. while the small boy
dUtiibuteg large qiiauities of Arizona
mining literature intended to draw
people to the mineral cars. Tho plan in
likely to bit carried out soon B C.
should try it.
June has alway* been 11 month when
matrimony becomes epidemic, This \*
no exceptinM. True, many cupidhit
individual of New PenvOr took advunt
,-i.»'i' nf the p.'irly Kprfny mouths but
others did not. and now that the monih
nf nil iiionthnliH-M'uiiii* tu, tliey are dn
inj the prn|UM' lliing, Andrew.Wallace
and Mins Mary Kveritt went to NVUnn
lrn.1 week und were iniirrieil hv Rev .1
II. Whin-, Mr. nml Mr», Wrtllaci' Uv..
returned ..Iler a period ul sweetpes*.
tr.iMdinvr At ^locan City, e.ii'ly Mienlii,\
iiiiirnliig, II, ll, Joniitil and Mi«-» Maud
F.dwardu w.-re nw.iied h\ Rev Mr.
Ileinllev. Tl.i'V left mi I lie eiirlv bun!
i*ii a trip !■. Ihe I'o.'i*-!
HUM!-*!**     MOKIIAI,    I'l.OM.
KISH   CKKKK    CAMP,      ,
W. B Pool, the well-known Lardeau
mlniny man, visited Fish Creek, our
sister cantn, last week, says the Lardeau
Eagle when seen by a reporter he
hail hardly recovered from the marvelous sight of gold ore exposed on the
properties visited Mr Pool says that
exaggeration of the wonderful richness
of F ish Creek is impossible. He had no
idea that the camp was as rich as it is
To back up these statements Mr. Pool
has samples of ore from the different
claims No glass is necessary to examine these specimens as they are
literally held togethei by the yellow
Mr. Pool owns the Moscow clai 11, in
that section, .mil has lou feet of work
done on the property. There is a big
showing of silver-lead ore on this claim
but as the gold leads pass through it
the management intend to pro.-,pi-..;i
these quartz ledges (j|| thev uncover
the hidden treasure of yellow meial
which undoubtedly lies buried in these
(bi the Lucky Jack the owners have
done home llX) fuel ol work and have
cut 11 (vei ol tree-milling gold ore in
which the gold is plainly visible liny
also have a big body of silver lead ore
xpiised but   pasi-i  it   over like a while,
Under the caption, the Americans in
Western Canada," the New York Sun
contains the following somewhat startling article which will be read with
great interest by the people, of Manitoba and the Northwest;
All the farming laud in the United
States has been taken up except the reservation, hut there remains in the Dominion of Canada, between the Great
Lakes and the Pacific Coast? a district
as large as Germany, Austria and
France, for tbe most part untouched by
the plow and the axe. It contains vast
areas of arable land and pasture, magnificent forest and undeveloped tracts of
great mineral wealth, which includes
gold, silver, copper, iron, and coal. It
could support a population of 50,1)00,-
000. There is no finer grain country on
the North American continent than
Manitoba and Assiniboia The Canadian government has been unable to
convince European emigrants that the
Northwest was a land of promise. Its
vastness. its loneliness and severe winter climate repelled thein. If it depended on the European peasant-farmer for
settlement, it would remain a country
of splendid distances. But tho men of
be paid by them. Having- arrived at
this view, it is unnecessary that I should
consider the mistake or fraud in the
making of the contract, even if the
manner of conducting the defendant's
case at the trial were 'sufficient to warrant our considering that point, which
1 am somewhat inclined to doubt "
chili in a freeze out game as the yellow
stuff is so much more enticiu
Toronto, June 5—-The conference
Canadian Boards ot Trade came to
end here this afternoon.
A. S.Goodeve, of Rossland, in moving that the Government be urged upon to readjust the. tariff on imported
lead products, so as to encourage the
development of mining, smelting and
refining of lead and the establishment
of various manufactories of lead within
the Dominion, referred to the great possibilities of British Columbia, especial •
ly as a mineral country He said the
production last year amounted to $20,-
000,000 in value, while  last  year the
•reduction of gold in that province had
ncronsed forty per cent, and copper
ten per cent. The product of the lead
mine had decreased twenty per cent
He said the Americans had attempted a freeze out game and would neither purchase nor manufiiclure, Canadian lead. 'Ihe American dutv was
eight times greater than that of Canada,
the former being about 942.50 per ton,
and the Canadian duty about 95 pei
ton The Canadians were absolutely
prohibited from eiiteriiiK the United
States with lead, and compelled to sell
on the open markets. They hoped in
the course of a few days to have a refinery in operation in Rrittsh Columbia,
and thus be in a position to maimfac-
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1601 was, approximately, 30.000 tons. Since January 1
to June 7, 1902, the shipments have
been as follows:
Hire and complete the raw material lo
bring this about; a r.Mdjustment of tlie.
tariff was necossary.   Ho did not think
nudum adjustment would neceHsatily
dn the Criterion-! lystur group (level j raise tlio price to the consumers
opmi-ui has shown up ennrmuu* bodies | \\ Munro. of Montreal, in seconding
ul free milling ore, and also hoiiui two 1 the 1 ('solution referred to the anouially
feet of jj.ilcna, but practically nu Atteu of tbe |K>sltlon-—all the lead consumed
tion is paid lu the galena ai present.     j in Canada was imported, while all   the	
The Imperial group i- developed o»- j je;V' l»"»«l«,'«,«l '" * ;»Ui*tli*  ^Hs  "•,,,',fi,,i ti'iulHiiileri*' ri|r'hTt«V ai i'l on their part th.
, , I ,~ I ,1 T     *i\*tl I    I. I.ti       I1I..HJL *  I -. ■■ ±1 1,11   l>lkll# il I   Hill ■ I   I tt *• 1 *
yoiio ihe  pi-ii-pccl   stage and  can imw
wa and Nebraska understand the great
possibilities of the great prairie and forest country of the Northwest, and although it is alien territory, they are
crossing the boundary by thousands
with their farm equipments and houso
utensils to possess themselves of land.
The soring migration already has
reached the total of 10,000, It Is estimated that before the twentieth year of
the century 2,000,000 Americans will
have settled in the Canadian Northwest,
The flag that flies over them will be
a British flag, but will they become Canadian citizens? If they prosper they
will be permanent residents and when
crops are good—and thev aro good almost every year In the Canadian West,
how can these sturdy farmers fail to
Without doubt the American invader
will be reluctant to "take out papers"
He is loyal to his institutions, regarding them the best on earth, and  his
pride in the pre-eminence ofthe United
States is robust and aggressive.   The
Dominion government has failed to develop   the Northw«st with Eitruppuns
and the Yankee will do the work    His
will be the glory and   he  will   not be
slow to claim it."   What then is going to
be the political future of Western Canii-
1 da? Il is llie, opinion of Mr ,1. IL   H..s
i hit-, of Winnipeg, thn   greatest   landowner in that part of the  world,  that
! most of the American settlers will never
I become British   subjects    A   polillcal
coolness, then, is likely to grow up be
tween the rulers ol the  region  (native
Canadian* and British stibjucls) ami the
outlunder    A British observer admits
Unit the loyalists will  be  swamped   by
the incoming tide ul   Americans    uii
the part of ihe legislature it will require
tact to prevent   infringements  of  the
t'aviic    135
S70                '   ■!
Sunset (Jnekson Basin)	
n mi
American Boy    411
4SO ~
Arlington    im
Hewett    20
Last Chance	
Enterprise       40
Queen Bess	
Silver Glance	
m              j
Whitewater in
JA                                     1
55                   '' '■'
f>                    ,
Mollv Qltoou, (allies la»t report;.   li»
liccl.tx-.cit a» a mine    Tl
a   w|ii/,e 'it)  feet  below
« iir-Kbi/*-. nod iia v<- ,i   !•:,
grade ficc.milling   ore
lust.. -  a   tut.ti   depth nl
ey have
their   pn
b..d>   -(...Ji
This   winze
IH t'|      Illl    icl't,
|.| ,11   11 ullv    I.i<i< I,-   mi*
illiI I 'lis oi  till' li!;'itl'»t  .'1,1'
V     li' \\ liicli Illl'*  ever   I i
Vi 1.1,
paying directly j
■11 J.i- i ii.isoillri     id
tariff was -..ullv   in
Tliey \ver<
.11 '.1.lib iuiU. A- a
lead, he fell thai llii
need uf Hilitistment
Mi. Il.nthavay ami Mr. Mchiiiam* n
<»tt«wa spoke iu favor of the re<n*>lution
•tvl|ie||  Ml-  IH|>lll!l||lM|s|\    il'lupti'll
I II1:    M %>    1 II IT   I .Ills.
in lint.- , - ..liiioliin
Ml    i'mii ;ii"l> Vi«itei|
sax * that Hie rei-i-nt re
-Illl- •• loin l'i -a 1'    '.i
thill ill.
lice .llel ,
it'll !
ie in
■I-  lie
•up a
A #*-'"
nn .t.i
U).»i iie/i! i» lind-.*-,   w.tc   Hi  ti
I he W
th-lii*   lent
n,i»«. ■•
mail lu 11
i-iniigtuii    iia-   .-1 (.■•■!,in 1
I llie Irt
Week ff'iiil 5lll«
Nt- 'liluiil h
ie Ni'i'|ia\va
itirvi!k io,; fu: .1
• Ml tin
; O IT -I* 11
•null    II'
-I.l.I" .11
Illlllll'   kt
i-.i>-.lv   -l.tll.l
whiiis will be n bo nt t.i tie' w
lie nival (iincn-au lie f.r..lll<v
Ollt'i    ' * -1
■1 !'■  'A.
I the
Mi-    |i<
!r.;i      la!;;
the    IIMMl
TillTC i»   a
ll     till*     t'lilfK
'•III I   li.k    ,■'...
II .
'II   Wle1  I.
'•»-      i<*      ItUMIll'f ••
ive.    Tie- iiii't:
■ lllil^eil    ;.'    fi-
lu'ii leti.iii-**   'ii-
'i* in,1
1 .m-
'..1 -
'l -f
,1   Ik.
ll II..II
•iVf ni'i'
M|l (•■•
'■'I Ml-
meli  11!
I't-niiif i|i«
ini k «• heen
Pel'.is|e 1'.
>ii|i.t alti.-
I im  ariu«aiicii of number**, may   emme
i|i*M'tiMnn     Inriiiiiiiteiy tlie ( hiiihIiiiii
guVeniiiii'lIt  in gell.'l'ulf   toils   settler.,
ni'i -.-b iut-ffi'-t would   impel it   io see
thai i.he am.-iiilie-. were   precetved   be
tween alien and native    Thu A'tiioiican
Mil! pie,ii-Ii aiiUi'\.'itioli   tioill    the    lliu-
iiietit tlu-y niise a 'mj taiiiu ami  ilig ,1
Well.     TlH'V   b.'l *. e tiiil'li    lilolCht   U|.   In
lielievii il i» llu1  de~t|iiy  nf i nine! 1   t<-
-lllll'i* llie Inlllllie •'! tin-   Ulliteil   Slltlev,
.lllil It   Will lie   U-clci-s  lm     thill     t alJi
•I.ill,  ei-.. li' 41- I" Illy" tlu'lo I" rim  ,'.m*
A week ago J. J. Cole, Henry lioso
and old Nelse Detnars wore iu Nakusp
drinking whiskey and having a grand
time. They left on a boat for Rose's
ranch apparently good friends. Later
Hose came back and «aid that hid com»
panious bad met with foul plav. Upon
investigation Cole was found (load upon
the beach and Demurs wilh his skull
fractured. The scene around bore the
marks of a terrible tight. Hose was
placed under arrest and Denial- was
taken to thn hospital at Kamlooti. Cole
was well known in Hossland while De-
mars was one of the oldest pioneers in
ll C . having come to this province in
IS.'j". There seems lu bo a shroud of
mystery over this tragic event.
Simon (iiigenheinier, uf tlm smelter
combine, is reported to have about completed the "purchase of the SunnysidH
mine, of the San Juan district. Colo.,
for the sum of SU'Wi/MI,
The metal output of the slate uf Idaho
foi -the year Iimi was lll,!W7 untieis of
-old, ;l.:l"(i,l.*il Mlvmr .ind ii,.>!Ki,70->
pound- of lead, the total being valued
at 4.*,.i',.i,l.'.i. 'ttnu'nii mU.'i .it liiet'iiiu-
age price
MntiV    per«Mll*»   b.-littvn   \\\:\1    (he   Mid
Cniii-tiii k uiiiie has been roiiipletMlv
wnrkeil uot     Such willbe-urpi-i-ed |u
li'.IIU   ihat ill   illi   kk.'fk   rei'elltiv    thu«e
uiiue- prudticed H total of |1;i,;|h;., ,,f
which amottnl #11,1-.'H was iredite.l tu
•he CoiiHiiliihtinl k Hiifiirma ami Vir-
.1  :lt
i' Hop :
Ul ilii    '
► I.
-.1  last
i\\ IIIT-nl" t 11 fl
ThU «'inTiiiii'r Ibe .Viiu'rie-i.- O-,«•    \i\S* '
|'i-i>i|iic.i nlnnil 'J.\»i imt* h iiii.|i<li 1
Work   i*   lo   be   re-iimeil    nn    thej)
itiiciielur •frnilp. near  fliiee Keik"
The  Last  Chance   will  pm   sever
l.'t,.. 111,. II ,V,t'l.t,,1.1,...I.l .1      . rV Iii. *'•■
tii'ioHi. 1 |,ftVl.
Sl"pHiar litV* CulilllM'tlfed ;,t tlie t":«i..'l. ! H#«»
In.   The ero*»i oui tiiuiu'l will be
■I -      "" ,IU.U e
-.,, ,   1....,I-  I..,,
tl-e-ir pnniertv
.1   jUtf* I    . •<   U't
.. 1 .tt, 11 -...i; 1 .
1     i'H'l  ..'ICO   ni'i?
llll'l'll'lll' ll
Mi-! Mm.:
*-.,       'III'
I ...!■    *
I he inn
liMllft! i.
Will be
tit Illl  !»'
... ,1    .
il.il •
*.  <  VI .     j'-.J      ,
'1'be ililib'i
.■ I'fful-i- -li.ei
liUH.;-,. .-.
alli-acteil !-'
|i|..|-l'  IS Iin
i. .*!:•    1,
i-. I *.  .,
li    i'.-.i
i-ii «•--
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ever vilu ii-
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com-1 m,',,t ,ie'l •
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I ... .»   . .,,.   t .,,•,,   .1
I   shi.'ihI   10 pro-1 «-i.s\ tu w hi trade
,k .. 1 t   ,• -..ik** im- j tuw ^i\ i'- u\i ,n
,   i.ll   l.lillj' iii'-,   tk i.ki .,,.0J>     !'.k      l.'i'      •l.,,k"
1    i-   ;»'l   tat,ill) M|i..   I'lil'iTV » •s|uw loi-i'in-il
i-illv"   erected   and   »•> uu-iret a ii'iut  n'l'i   I i.i'--'
1 .'.aid mhiiiiHt.      ' ti'idi-     It i» liekh- mi
, , .       , ' ilf.1! .if •■nt-.rt'tt;'        '    *
leni, JailhliiJ, in'tf
iiilwrlisinv and ha
tune will be iIiii.i-
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tk'.iy I ni- iin-  -
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jijit-   Itti-t 1 iit ,*
1.' 1 illiiiill.'lli  autluuiHei v il     I
(i.tiidei ipiestiuii on their uin>
I'cuiid  laru'oi ami
: I' I'     - oi'lti'i'   11 thi' •>*.|ie
v ■'! In- Hi ii|ielatlun ,llit\  I.
,,'it'-  aii-i'iiili.-e nts      It   !
- i.;i:.i, i< -•<■■ 11 il bt :!,- 1 i.-i
I -l«l" Smelt in.- rulilimiv, at
1 i.iti''i ,11 i-*i[iii..ctii,ii kk -.1 Ii
i'.Ill riKlie at  I .I'll'l *'Hi-,       ,\
•tllH'   I ..Ill|.|||vk I   j|l*   lll'lli'
l'i' I liiillH'IIIL'   *'■'"' 'I'll-     per
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M.VItlNO    VH.   HI'ltOAl     III',! IHIifiS
te bi'iiiieiiig;
l>:  .'lilt   4<*Vi-|'ll- j
i-nhl 1 i.mmis I  .
vi-it   ii.m thi
li   ix-
Ihe   uiul':     Ie,'
.tn.      in.   »..U'
-nil-      Jil.-i-      ,e
!>adi» i» -lire
!-   tu   «'i!icl?
ri'ipiires a jfte^t
*■   le'j'ulat.    |fi-i-
*;; 1 e '.ip.    M U I,  !u ll
the tight   for   for-
Keep Hie stuck that
-written de
\ *.    .-Spl.'.ll  .
UlliiU^ O  Ul
!|.--.*j:, T'l*-
■ i,'|. to Mie   ctisf   u(   M .1 !■■
i    .'1 ' lie     l-a-e    ll-tS    lil-i-ll
loo t.iuil, iii won 0 \ia1111u
'eli'i .(.es (<•   »«•'   0,1-   "if
Mai ii.'  .•j;re...l t .   ,.h'.,i   ,
the     .level..pilll'llt     nl      'Ise
nun   W,if.biii;;!un
! I- hu' laud a!.Di^   the
Whll'll     *,l   I Illl;--       U |-['l'   »<■•
t.lii-M   l|e(,l,«.
hi.    iiupur-
' il is re^tir ti
nh'icd this month
camp, but gavi
A <tRth*ad of urn uIiciiik hauled to thui nieiit aid.      tine ih 1,0 escilem.tii ..veri ::;"''■'
IhiMH-k landing for  ..hipment 1M11I u^ rich WniU. but iii.velopm«Mi« Ulii'hig-   n*B**
*vck, Itkrtii tbe. Nct'iti-t**.
I stemliis |it|»liei'l
nu 1 iHiniN   of govirn
(tublic want* nml treat your cu»to
nicf*. huiie-t mul ("iii'teuiiily ami the
uthur hull will  ii-rtainly tollow.—Kx-
If vour eye* *re. not nivinsr iwrfMtj    Th«» cro^s-i-nt tunnel on the Marbm U
»atl«fac«on *n nrnkouiUiieni  with *»eo„ j i-n r*» teet    SS ben Mtiicbed n will -mvp n
L. l'*edl*r. Opt. I) aptdalint, will itmure 1 depth of 'iii feet on the vein. ■
y,* eoBdltioi. ym look for    At Nelwn-t!    Ti)t W4l)illi,i(p)i i)M ^^ b„ v^
At NVI«vn'i
Draf Slore until .fun* 2l*t i
H. Ol«ffflrich him an itnmenie Mock
Miffi   I lani   UAVStv\.
Lite »'lv4l r-Jj,ua   iHti'fci/o  »«v   tliat
Thr Nmliunal Smeiter, of Hupld City.
•»' ^'i.i'il. llil■*'•?"', "'■i* blown hi h*'
iifek. llu* timuHgefnuit urmoutices to
llii- operator* uf tlie district that   thev
li:n,. *    »„*...
llu-    ->.'lJe   "J    Ihe   .in-,
ui  hi- lailitig tu ,»i't it
thev .a* p.irtni'i>. wore
-pu.l-lble    fill'   tlll-U' pn
.1  tin
11 1 uih litde--   "hi IUV opiiiiuii, thi
..-•■AH'.U^    "f   t!,.t'    *!
|e||||l.!l! •! "1    Ili'U
Uiul III till' eVl'lif
(lulu title ►ulllce
nut to be held re
rut* ul   •tub  I'Xpi
viewing thin plias
of ore "since Vfoigani-tatliiu, mini lifts | on the *jrcek»i Uu* chwp tit'*t -oid *l
f»,v» tu thtt trcaiHirv for itiTlitenit*.     I »on<kerl1s; 9i|!i mtttn food 'Ihronri  in,
ajiri'itiiehl) is Dial tlie plaintiff
),,.); j.,'-|||i,lrll|- ti, tie* ..1.' y.r 1
'uiul foreif" *"*>' rl.iiui fm sectit ity, »nd
'■■■. in the tneantime nhutitd hav? n • chartrn
, vtAl be Ann' ji. ia**l ore*'At htrto t£ io tajiou ibe other iiilcrrKs in thf mine,
'*ll WuilhaH thiiv have b*,A to '|i»y for I but in cttae. of r«Iltir*n to realize but of
1 Mti-flting before Hhe orf hi» l««ii to his purtner* wtt to
I il   i .1 •,'• in, i    |i
,i,i , . ei ..j\ i i;
'■' take llj, the
\ nli.'i riv.-r,    i
.,- ,..i   ' ,r M,
Will k ul tl.*!lllllllle,' «el|ji
ti . VV ui'll' I'l.I I.CIU'llCIII.,
I.Illl    It .11 K    |S     \\ I'i('ii||ll-(|,
»••! .1  i-i'.-■•[ ee'l.-l'e v,i»t«• r■
He-  ti*   k   •'•HifrutittH'r the plaeer ttlti-er*,
! liecail-e a leeent   i|.m isjuti of llie   court*
'*. the e»fe, I  •!,:,•  r,   i,i ,      .,,   „\,„,      ,,.,,*
Jell   It tihk   Until**
Tif  uutpii'    of   •Mratt<h«    Iiib'p.'ii
i deiiii' initie  in now  n|ipru\imnt>-ly   !V>»
tell-    | el    day.     Sillie    H.llllfiiulld     !»'•
After  re ((M.rted on Hieorf in wight, the net   mil-
et\ie   Justice j pul lias been nearly the  lutat   lie   e.ti-
mated the tiiir.e toVairy   lie (act that
Hull     ',-    tin   ilium,nt oui   io Il.e   nut put
w*h tui ronvlnt'f* niiiiinjf men of   llie  di»trfct
•[..'lyrrieot f|,;lt JJatiiiuunti iiuiictc»uiiuu-ki U,«- ..(••
leneived Sitive the re-jwul ni Mt'iwiieil
wa* made puMIc, there has hi»im a ri*#
in liidi in it.li iicc *|ik1, *btih riuph-n-
sl/e-liie he!ple«-iie#» uf mining stm k
■*heii experts are hieonflcl.
. UUU'US,     U,t-, THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, JUNE 12, 1902.
Ninth Yeas
Thk Lbiiok Is two dollars h yettrin advance When not so pnid.it is S2.-VI to parties worthy ol credit. Legal advertising in cents 11
nonpiirlel line tirst insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion, Rendiia,' notices Wc^ntsa line, hth! commercial advertising
gradeci in prices accordinK to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: TilK Lkdok is located at >'ew Denver. B. C. and can be traced to many parts ol the earth. It, conies to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the slierill', snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that hell
-hould be administered to the wicked in large doses. Tt lias stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing naj'streak is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokeRtaek. A chuto of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the llnancier. Come in and see us, hut do not. pat the bull dos on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barret: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. Ono of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer: he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with tbornless roses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but gold to look at, by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1902.
The B. G. Legislature has not
yet given away the air in this province, They probably need it all
in their business.
In ante belluni days bloodhounds
were vsed in the South to track
runaway slaves. In Trail they are
used right now to track Chinaman
who rob the white man's garden.
Canada should smelt its own
ores, make all its pulp into paper,
and coin all its own money. This
would mean work for many thous
ands, and millions of money for
the country.
The store that does not advertise
is often full of nothing but flies,
while the proprietor sits sad and
lonely and wonders why the world
^TRFcora~"to war .ir~mnr~aM~liTs
musty wares.
increased activity in the shingle
busin ?ss is a record breaker. The
pulp industry is about to sprout in
B. C., and a law prohibiting the
exportation of pulp should be put
in force all over the Dominion.
Every pound of pulp should be
worked into paper and then shipped all over the world. At the
present time the pulp industry is
worth about §4,000,000 a year to
Canada. With an export duty on
pulp and pulp wood it would be
worth $50,000,000, and the, Canadians are not financially wise if
they will permit the present state
of affairs to exist any longer. . We
should be above cutting wood and
packing water for other nations.
The cost of smelting Hossland
ores has been reduced to 84.80 a
ton by the Northport smelter. The
Trail smelter will probably give
the same rate, and Rossland will
then have greater prosperity.
Fanners from Alberta are looking for locutions in this province.
British Columbia, with its mild
climate, is very attractive to those
who have tilled the soil in any land
where the thermometer hugs the
lower levels.
Iu the United State*, if a person
takes mail other than his own out
of the postoflice and does not return it he. is liable to a fine of 8200.
The law can do little good except
through the power of fear upon
gome individuals,
Ijook at the enormous dividends
paid by Canadian banks, and you
will find one of the reasons why
Canada has no mint. Rag money
is too profitable a thing to be
shoved aside for solid coin, and it
never will be until the linkers tuke
their influence from behind the
legislature at Ottawa.
For more than a year jiast we
have heard miners say that it was
dangerous to work in the ami
minoH near Ferine. One iihift waa
enough for some Hlotau men. Im it
possible to make those mineH workable without danger to life? If not
thev should tie abandoned,
The war in South
Africa is over, but it
l_j j/yU has been expensive, as
'"o" everything comes high
in war times except the soldiers'
wages. It cost 11 hundred millions
of dollars, 28 thousand British lives
aud thousands of broken hearts to
make the Boers, throw up the deal,
and wander down the back steps
towards the debris of their homes.
Their bulldog courage and staying
qualities have excited the admira-
not win. They did not pray to the
right god, or else they were shy of
guns and men.
hero of the
scramble for the few white chips on
the floor.
Such is life; such is War.
High over the ruins of homes,
blighted hopes, crushed desires, and
broken hearts rises the star of
Kitchener, its bright light shining
on the blood-stained veldt and the
vacant chairs of England. 'War
makes one or two names for history, and nameless graves for
The war just closed will be of
great benefit to capitalists and
Chinamen. One will own the
mines and the other do the work,
while the Boers will hoe potatoes
and praise their Lord from whom
all blessings come. "We often think
of the inconsistency of man. Here
iu the We&t men will stand for
high wages and denounce scabs,
but when a war is on they will
follow a piece of colored cloth right
into hell for about 50 cents a day
and a suit of clothes. They will
work longer than—not eight—but
fourteen hours,'put up with short
grub, and suffer all kinds of privations in order that the rich can
have more gold, the poor less wages
and kings greater power. Such is
the real thing, but perhaps it
In the terms of peace the Boers
Kitchener is the 1 are given the privilege of using
hour. At one time J their own language in the schools
Bobs was on the top level of public i or otherwise. This is wrong. There
admiration, but he faded like many \ should be no dual language under
another mortal, and amid the dis- one flag while nations are prone to
card of neglect, he can scarcely be j settling their disputes by force,
seen, while the blinding light of Paul Kruger should never be al-
public adoration falls full in the: lowed to return to South Africa,
face of Kitchener. He is the man • He can do no good for his people,
of the hour, and will have no diffi- He fled when his money bags were
culty in getting a square meal or a iin danger, and he should be kept
mug of beer when he strikes the Iin Holland or put on the stage in
old camp of London.     Kitchener j America.
has brains that are not all beef, and j In the meantime Kiteh will
he takes the main pot with, all the divide the honors with Kd this
ribbons, while the boys in khaki nionth, and Canada's rough riders
can come back and fight the beef
trust by chasing cattle over the
ti There is a spirit of
I (ley aie unrest  in  Europe,
I IdggcU to those who live in
America.. Political feeling shows
in almost every disturbance now
fermenting in the countries of the
Old World. It is present in Italy,
where the Pope is ever vainly
reaching for temporal power, while
in Germany the increase of Socialism puts a foam in the political pot
that threatens to overflow and scald
the government to death with the
hot vapor of public opinion. The
government of Russia, in building
up factories and extending railroads
has neglected the farmers and the
| poor serfs of that Czar-cursed country are often pushed to use extreme
measures in order to obtain fuel for
their stomachs.
• Misery at home,   lack  of  bread,
severe   military    conditions,   and
many other burdens, combined with
the stories of  prosperity that cross
i the water from America have had
: the effect of increasing the emigra-
i tion to the United  States,  and in
1901 439,000 emigrants poured into that country,   like hungry boys
to a Methodist tea meeting. The
bulk of the immigration now coming'to the States is of an undesirable class-, and never heard of
Florida water. To Hag tliis rush
of greasy human European scum
the Shattiiick bill has passed Congress.    It aims at a  greater strin-
mation with base material and are j of the sons of Australia have die-
trying to make the country a j graced her beyond forgiveness, but
heaven into which bye and bye j in all their relations the men from
ouly capitalists and Canadians will: the Dominion have been the ideal
be permitted to enter. i soldier.     The   latest   example  of
On this side of the line we need j this is told in the story from the
more people. We. do not make j neighborhood of Hart's river. In
them fast enough, so if Canada! the severe fighting of a whole day
would fill up and be some pump-, the Canadian Rifles were in the
kins alongside of other nations it j thick of the ruck from the begin-
will have to draw from other parts j niug to the end. One party of
ofthe world. But we want only j these gallant boys held an impos-„
the best. Good Americans and j sible position until every 'member
Europeans will always be welcomed j was killed or wounded. Not while
in this great Dominion, but we j there was a shot to be fired among
cannot build a great nation whh i them was the cessatiouof resistance
the riff-raff of Europe, China or \ thought of. It was not in itself a
any other country. Now that our, history making tragedy, but the
neighbors have put up the bars we ; annals of war can show nothing
should do the same,  and not fill j Qner in the wav of superb courage."
our beautiful land with discordant;      '       ' ' .
elements. It may be hard on some
people from across the sea, but self-
preservation is a primary law and
should be respected.
Glowing tributes to the valor of
the Canadian volunteers on service
in Africa are being paid by the
press'of two continents. The, Detroit Free Press, voicing American
opinion, says: "Dominion soldiers
have earned and secured much
glory as participants on behalf of
England in the South African war.
Wherever placed, they have met
the highest of duty, and in actual
conflict displayed the superb bravery that distinguishes a dominant
ra.ee. Even the critics in the
mother country  make candid ad-
{^"Monday, June 23
The world's largeut and best tented amusement exhibition
Gentry Bros:
Famous snows
gency agaihst the importation of! mj8sjon t,hat the-most intelligent
people who are rotten financially, ;a,,ul ellicient soldiery enlisted for
morally and physically. The bill j.the Empire in this struggle came
provides for the better detection of from a.mong 0l„. neighbors across
the classes shut out by law. and re- ithe border, who tendered their ser-
quires every steamship.company to
deport at its own expense every
alien who becomes a public charge
within five years of arrival. Tlie
States are getting particular, In
that country for many decades all
classes could find a haven, but now
none but the best can seek admission. The Yankee statesmen can
see the danger of studding the for-
A smash
It you want something
in Chinaw-ire that will,
adorn the table and add
to the happiness of the
home; or if you would
like to make a handsome present to Iriendor
sweetheart, this is your
opportunity. Never has
Cliinaware sold soHieap
ns it is selling this week
NelSOn'S Drug & Book Store
Nf\v Mi'ii\«T, It, I".
IIiivi. iii'i-lvi'il liisiiiH-iluim iii k,|i ih,. fniiiiwlii^
i.'|-..ll|>*< uf lnwii  lulu;
Terms: Cash or its Equivalent
Price, $125 per group
Tliis year Double lu Former Klze, and Better than Ever Helore
Two thoroughly complete exhibitions daily aV.Mn
and 8
Clm Canada abounds in
OIOW natural reroureeti, but
Panaris we do not get the full
V^dlldUa jM,m,fit0f thi'iii. We
iihip too much raw material out f
the country. It Hhould lie worked
up at home. Much of our ore ix
whipped acroi* the line to te* yinel*.
ted ami then we buy much nf the
ftnifdted product tmck Again. We
are tbe third greatest gold producing country on earth, yet no yellow
coin with a Canadian" face Ih ever
ween.   Million* of big  Yankee nil-
set tiuii*i» |Mwiuiini(iii un: mint,•
<i|'llll|l Nil. 1.
Gnni|t Nu. i.
•>i»ii|i Xo. it,
(li..ii|i No. i
<»rtni|i Nu. A,
(lri>iii>X'i 3,
(lnni|i Nn. k.
i.i it- *4.*'., *«, Works*
IS, l'i. 17. "     4H
\M»w.ia,i\yit Klixkai
all .if- ••    am
I/M»3.4..*., Hlook.',l
i:. I*. i», *• ••    m,
I,. .In tt. IS, tn, Hlutk i«
HI, tn. •    ut
ii, i», i«, *<i ••    i
lM» J-1*. (i, HI.M-k <il
11.13.14. IS. in. K.m.   -    m
l/iii» l, *, Muck !W
U. ••    «
nil nl -     J4
Ul#iw, tn. «,» HIiMk 14
■ Hot- -     ;n
!.wt» t.k.r. liMl. I*  HIiN'kM
• II of- -     J!
A I*, lor •■!•>, ii-rnw to lw »«r««l utMi-
L-it" 1.1, III.- k M, \V»tilr..|« i < .HtdvM
Lulus, 4, V HIiM'k 4». C  C  l'l-ivV«,inl.n
•ml in-tn
U* fl, Hlo-rk l», Mi KhIh.I*? t'l.iiiiif.-
l.ol 1», illi*Hi -fi, rerkiim' CuHn-wr
M«|ii'f Kf-w ivi.w, ,V« .
TIIOMPHoK.iltTrilKU.t t«>.
X*W DrllVi't-, It. I'., .Illlii' IM. I'mi
vices at the beginning, and have
voluntarily come forward with
more men as the emergencies of the
protracted strife demande 1.    Some
Dealer in
soli Drinks
and Groceries
IiUiic'hi's put »p for Picnics nml Trnvclei-s.
Two doors west of Bunk of OominercH   NclSOU
Wc want iu once trustworthy men nnd women
in every locality, local or truvulini-', to Introduce
u new discovery and keep our show cards and
ndvcrttatiiK matter tacked up in conspicuous
places tlirougout tbe town anil country. Steady
employment year round; commission or salary.
S61I per month nml expi uh»>s, not to exceed 82.50 per day.   Write for particulars.
Postofflce Box 337. Landon, Ont
Our Naphtha
Launch is now
on the Lake for
the use of
our guests
And the* travelinjr public generally
will find every thin ji' for the inner man
that will put" a nhine of health and
gliHltieitK  on the outer man at the
St. James Hotel
\. JAroiiMiN-tl'niii
&     Htf?
it a m.
eilver coim.
€tm%A*i lurk* them»w and *nl*er> J
pride Ui i-htalillMli a mint and make *
motiev.     i>i*»lMtltlv    WiiuM'    tlie!
tanker* do not wmil meli mi  m-.
utitution for f«ir of it* efti*et u|«on 1
their rag money.   Canada te a fat,;
jui-ry and Noft thing f°r th" »liarp •
jpeoole of the I'nited Htaten.    l*H>k; A
at the condition of the lead mine* j A
in thi* province.   They npi-ak voi-j
ntn*« for the lark of hmin** in our
(f.Canada nhoold I* tired of doing! „    „   „„
rough %vork for the rnitalSlMfefdtaffe^j^^
Hincw \he asportation of mlar big* \ M»n.   AdmMan. AdtlM $1.00, Children, .***.    Cheap etettrthm ratet on
mw fM&,*M*A \n thte |twiiwr fhe *\\ n.l unA hrmt Ham. Pf/ICAN* €!TY. MONDAY, Jt-KK 2U. 1101
150—Wonderfully Erlueated DoprN—150
100—Pretty Performing Shetland Ponien—KM)      !
•»#> f*. ..ii,, .t  M . „1  f,„.     1- . .. » r\
*t<» '    •■■n.i.i.*''sit   ..»   .Lk-..*,. *(    -1. * )v.,k,..,*,v.» ,1,*, itSI
A Drove of Tiny Kaered Cattle j
A Caravan of Lilliputian Camels {
Herd of Performing Elephants!
i'caittvely the gruausi troa^e uf perfornitrg tlnplianu ever keen        | %1
gOO lVi»|>h* and Animal* Eiapioyetl 800       \/w
(ir»nd Irtf b<A\A*v tM-eti \mr*<l* on roomlnf ti f «SiWtW<».   The hrgm, *
joanac m inonxreai.
KttablUliM tan.
Caplul (all p«ld np) $ti»,000,OUU.OU
Rewrved innd   :   :    7,«m00r).00
Kt ilox. Umn Sthatkooka i.id MoirxT Kof ai, O.CM.U. Prwidem.
Hox. (I. A. Drcmiiokd, Vice Freiident,
R. 8. Cix>u«To>tr (icne.ral Manager,
Uranehes in all part* ol Canada, Newfoundland, Oreft Britain, and
New Denver branch
LE B. DE VEBEH. M.n.ter
it Ninth Yeajk.
THE LEDGE, .NEW DENVER, li. t<   JUNE 12  iyu2.
CIk Depil fighter
"A The rainy season had been unusually long and wet that winter,
Forty days and forty nights it had
poured in torrents, and on the
forty-first day there was sign of
abatement. Most of the diggings
along the upper Feather were deserted, for the few remaining stragglers in each camp had joined forces
at Gin Gulch, and proceeded to
make it hum. Bnt after forty-one
days of ceaseless pour-down even
their resources of diversion were
exhausted. The mud ofthe red,
sticky sort had grown deeper and
stickier each day, 'till the "goin"
was almost impossible, and the
whole (>oimii unity was rounded up
at Casey's.
Casey's was a nice home-like
place. It was the store, and in the
early mining-camp days "store"
included post-office, hotel, general
merchandise, and bar-room. The
building was small and the accomodation some what cramped, so the
back room was devoted to gambling; tlie front to drinking; the
middle where the supplies were
sold, to haggling, extortioning,
brawling; and the porch, incideu-t
ally, to "scrimmagin'"; and at
night the bunks, tiered around the
wall above the counter, were used
•   for sleeping. (
It dill not take a man iu those
days long to shake off every emel-;
iorating influence of his past life.
Comfort, health, life and honor were
staked on hopes of striking it rich.
Every one was gold-mad, and nothing else counted, and every man
cherished the feeling that, his fortune once made, he might go back
to his Eiistern home, gather up the
shreds of his discarded repeatability, and, under the glitter of his
goldhide the scars, left by the life
he had lived in the mines. Meantime the population of the mining
region was a lawless, godless crew,
every humanizing influence crowded to the background; a lot of
hairy, horny-handed animals, for
if, where women are concerned,
men are fools, without them they
are fienils.
The habitues of Casey's were no
better nor no worse than the rank
--rkil*Li-i -ir rtf -l-.rlA
kindest-hearted had the roughest
exteriors, the most timid appearing
and retiring man in the crowd was
most dangerous, as they all knew;
ahd there was not one among them
who had not made a record of
gome kind during his short residence on the coast, as his sobriquet
intimated. And, as a rule, there
was a tacit code of behavior tliat
was pretty well observed in camp
when they were sober, but after all
these weeks of enforced companionship, things were worked up to a
pretty high temper. The ai>- in
Casey's bar-room was dense and
rank with the fumes of stale tobacco and blue from the steady Btreain
of unrestrained profanity. The
big stove in the centre always kept
the plaeo over-heated, and the circle of hoots usually perched a-top
of it sent out a vile odor of steaming raw-hide. Every "pile" had
changed hands half a ilowm times
in as iiiiiny Aveeks, and even gambling seemed to have lost the keen
edge of Its attraction. They began
to long for a change of almost any
kind. A cook-tight, or even a good
dog fight, would be a great relief to
the Ami level of the present monotony.
(iood nature could not be sup-
jKwed to endure long under this,
strain, nor did it. Even Red-handed Texiw. at all times the mildest-
mannnered man in the mountains,
had allowed circumstances to
•rile" him, l'oker I'ete had turned
glum and retired into his shell, and
there hud lieen several little drunken knifing over exchanging "piles."
Altogether the ntinomphere of (Jin
(iiileh was unpleasant.
On tin1 morning of the forty-we-
oitd day the monotony was hitiken
hy tlie arrival of the j>oiiy.express
wagon.   A few paper*,  New York
dailies, iwo iiionthw oh), were sold j
for two dollars  apiece, and there
were several letters for which  the!
rider claimed a dollar ajieiee  for]
transportation. Then as he warmedj
himself. Inside and out, he retailed j
all the local news along the route, j
"Anil, say, boy," he began,!
when tie fiatl told the more impor- >
(miii in»|i|wuiugs. - there, s a pamni
chap working the camp* around
httv Ui tAim money to build a-
church, he nays, to tight thc devil |
nn hi* own trrwmd."
"He'll have a tough tu*»«l with i
Ihe old fellow if he trie* to tackle*
hi in   around   here," opined  Sii-
Shooter Charley, pridefully and all
the otliirt* agreed. !
The n«t day the subjecrt of din-
i uhMoii Haa the variou* way* in
ohirh ihey   might    "An up*     lh»*
imrmin uheti he   appeared   umoiig,
thro), liter* waa a natural rrwnM
ment thit any one ahmild pn-mttme,
to interlM* wilh lh*ir way of «r» j
wing un, hm lh*- p»»«*>pe»i of the
"He's   too
Pete,  regretfully,
diversion was welcome. Anything
just now, from a revival to an earthquake, would relieve the routine of
sleeping, drinking, gambling;
gambling, drinking, sleeping.
So it was with a not wholly inimical feeling that they watched, the
next afternoon, toward sunset, a dejected little burro plodding through
the slush toward them. The men
were forced to admit that pushing
his way through such mud and
slush showed grit and plenty of it,
for both rider and^ beast showed
it had been a. hard pull.
' 'Good-evening, gentlemen,''
said a thin, opologetic voice to the
crowd, as he reached the porch.
"Good-evening yourself, answered Casey, somewhat strained-
ly. Then as the stranger prepared
to dismount, there was an awkward pause, during which several
of the crowd aimed deliberately,
and spat at a certain crack in the
wall to show their ease of manner.
The parson wa*s about tho rawest
looking fellow that had ever ventured into those parts. He had
that young, tender, unprotected
look that always, prompts a guess
as to whether his mother knows
he's out; but he had also a pair of
cork-screw eyes, that seemed to
penetrate to the bed-rock of their
nature, and read their very
"Can you direct me to a hotel?"
he asked. "I have come to these
parts to bring the gospel."
"Then I guess you are that devil
lighter that. Pony Mike told us
about," Casey answered. "These
fellows here are all tiger-fighters."
with a wave of his hands toward
the by-standers.
"I did not know that tigers frequented this region," • the young
fellow answered; "but I fancy that
I should like to try it myself."
Then, "can you direct me to a hotel?" he repeated.
"This here is all the hotel we've
got in these diggings," said Casey,
nodding his head toward the stencil plate sign that read: "Tom
Casey, Dry Goods and Wet Goods.''
said Poker
after the new-
C-nrr|flr_ha.d disappeared inRidst-lihim
and his little camp meeting show
won't last the^first round here."
"We won't go for him until he
gets underway." suggested Texas,
"till he gets to firing away at hell-
iire and damnation, and then we'll
turn in and give him a taste of it."
Six-Shooter Charley had not
said a word all this time, which
looked ominous, for the fact that
Texas had outlined his plan of action, and Charley had not disputed
it, argued ill for somebody.
The bar room was the only place
large enough to hold a meeting of
any kind to be held, and tho score
or two of miners in the vicinity
overtaxed its power of expansion.
There had been some "anti-secesh"
rallies there, recently, and the
speaker Iuul taken the bar to rant
over, so, when the parsons meeting
was called, the card-tables were
taken for extra seats, and the bur
left for the speaker.
Gentlemen, he began, timidly. I
thank you all for the encouragement of your presence here this
evening. This is my first attempt
to build a church, but I feel I have
a call——
Show down, then! interrupted
Poker Pete, recognizing a familiar
term, and trying to head the parson off. But the parsons voice,
piU'hed a trifle higher, continued,
to carry the gospel to the heathen,
and now, gentlemen, with your
permission, we will begin the service by singing.
This remark was addressed directly to Casey, as the host of the
assemblage, but the situation waa
too many for him. Still the speak-
seemed to be waiting for a response
of some kind, so he turned to Poke
and swore that he did not can- a
—— how they began, and followed
it up with a lurid flourish of pm-
fanity, jimt to be polite and All up
what might otherwise have Wen an
awkward pause. Then the parson,
although he changed color at
Casey's language, Siegan to sing. To
everybody's surprise, instead of
starting up some long-metre psaliu-
tune, he commenced with Dixie,
lie had a Miirpri«mg good voice tor
such a hot iow-cheated lellow, and
sang with plenty of vim. At the
fcemoiid vein*, Poke slanped hift
knee and Joined in, ant) at the
third. T#»t woA Sine itrnr-tt in too
and when they got to And when
he put hia arm around her be
looked as fierce a* a forty-pounder,
they all tuned un, keening time
with their feet till the glass*** and
whiskey bottle* on Ihe liar clattered
tlflnre th»" eeltin*** nt lUxie n**re
dead, the parson ImgAO on tiie Star
Spangled Itaniier, wilt the name
M-sult, hy the time that waa sung,
vet*- after veme, they began to
(9)1 mils my, Vrmch. no }tiu know
iThe Girl I left Behind Me? Do you
j know Jo Bowers? Do yeu know
| Old Black Joe? He seemed
I to know them all, and to be glad
. to sing them. Then, when there
! were no more calls for old favor-
iites, he said: Xow, I'll give you my
j favorite, which seemed fair enough,
j so he sang Rock of Ages.
j He is getting down to business,
j boys, look out for him now, Char-
| ley whispered to Poke, but that
j song brought up to Poke's mind a
picture of a kitchen lire-side, a
squeaking rocking-chair, a placid
old face; and quavering tones that
had sung it in his childhood. He
couldn't put a man out just for
singing that. As Poke was always
j the leader in matters that required
I prompt action and physical prow-
! ess, the others waited for him to
j move; so, while he sat seeing pictures of that old kitchen, with a
{hoe cake on the hearth, and a 'pos-
jsum in the oven, the preacher was
going ou without, interruption.
He had finished his song and
begun with his discourse, and
no one had made a move. We are
going to build a church at Dog-
town, he told them in conclusion,
a Protestant church; we are a new
sect that is going to take the world
by storm, for we not only protest
against every article of faith and
pratice of the Roman Church, but
most of the doctrines of the hundred and thirty-seven different Protestant denominations. We are
called the Brotherhood of the Holy
Ghost, and we claim the distinction of the first rank in Dogtown.
Now will you all give liberally toward the new building?
Again there was an awkward
pause, when the parson had finished, for he had not Casey's ready
gift in filling up the breach. So
he added in his thin-voiced apologetic way: Brother—er- Poker,
will you kindly help take up the
contribution to this worthy cause?
As Poke jumped down from his
perch on a whiskey barrel, Charley
and Mac thought the scrimmagin"
was in order, and began to sidle toward the bar, but to their surprise
he grabbed up his hat, and said:
Boys, this youngster's lay-out is all
right. Just to hnar him sing Jo
Bowers aud The Girl I Left Behind Me every Sunday, will be
worth the money, even if he can't
preacET   LeF^usairante up.
The parson turned toward   him
gratefully,   although   he  did not
seem to understand   entirely;   but
seeing what the   words  seemed to
suggest, added: Yes,  gentlemen, I
hope you will all ante   up  in   the
name of the Lord,
Go it blind, for a  starter,   Tex,
Poke, urged, as he   presented   the
hat, but the crowd seemed slow to
catch his enthusiasm. This touched
his weak point.    Doesn't anybody
take me? he asked,  isn't  anybody
going to chip?
There were memories   fresh   in
the  minds  of them all,   of   what
had happened on several occasions
when Poker had held a Hush and
no one had taken him, so, although
this was not a personal nature, they
were hoping some one would chip.
Their apathy only made him  more
determined, and as he waxed   enthusiastic tlie atmosphere, always
of a bluish cast   when   Casey  was
around, became empurpled by his
cloqiiriu'i', as he pummeled the air
j with upper-cuts and home thrusts
by way of emphasis.    At all times
Poke's language was strong, even
to   hardened   ears,   not   that  he
seemed to  lose his temper or get
excited, for his utterances fell from
his lips calmly  and  gently.   His
was a mere gift of  profanity,   and
his vocabulary was the pride ol the
camp. Whether it wn« a polite
i oath, just to brtttern the interstices
Uif conversation, the happy, ringing!
: oath of bubbling spirits. Ihe deep-!
; mouthed, run-together oath of eve-..
| ulng, it was delivered with such!
[ornate grace it could not be iinitat-j
ed,   And now, under the force of
;*uch exhortation, all hesitancy and
;defiance gave way and the   virtue'
;of profanity was vindicated by the]
generous   collection that liegan to;
rain into the hat.
j Xow, Mac, you straddle Texa>j
.antr, he cajoled; if you don't stay.
! in now you re  out for  k<mm1, anil *
Mae convinced by   hi* eloquence,
stayed in like a mnn.
f>o you t^iine in, Jim? he  axlm!
a big red faced Irishman, when, he' *~ -,,„,.„„, „,,,, ,„>
reached him; hut Jim did noi weem' _t\ **%««•.**% •#%# »* »• '•"»»•' -■•""
• disposed to help along such a rank-f ■  fl-MBfllMMK. I1i« •**■*•
ly I'rotestant  undertaking,    then;
Is the Host Economical
Greater in leavening strength, a spoonful raises more dough, or goes further.
Working uniformly and perfectly, it
makes the bread and cake always light
and beautiful, and there is never a waste
of good flour, sugar, butter and eggs.
When outfitting for camp always take
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder for
good health and good food. It makes
the finest  flapjacks, biscuits and bread.
Will buy six back numbei-s,
each one different, of	
Sent to  any  address
world, postage free,
all letters to. ....
in the
R. T. Lower j'
New Denver, B. C.
ESSKX   nml   KDIXHUIUJH .Mineml Claim
Situtuc in tin- SlcH-iui Mining Division of West
Kimh'imv DiMrii't.   Wh.-rc  located:   Three
and Oiii--httlf mile.*-- up, and north of, Four
Mile creek.
'I'AKK NOTICE thai 1. Iki'lurt T.'Twikb, as
J    nuenl for Geornco H. Dawson, Free Miner's
Ccililioiite Xii. li.lMTii. inieml, sixtv davs from
tlii' date  hi-reof,   to  apply  to  tin-' Mlntiii? Re-
I'oiili'i- lor Oi'illk-utt'.s of fniprovi'im-nts, fur the
pui-jKtso of obtMiiuiiK u Crown Ora-nt-nt each of
tin; above claims.
And furtliRi- take notice that action, under Seo-
ttoii .1?, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such CertllieiUi;* of linnrovenienU.
Dated this Sffttli day of May, A. D. im.
Pniok Bakinq Powder Co.,
Never go into the woods away from a
tlocti-.r "/Uh a cheap alum baking- powder
'■" 'A'.' 'sXA.   y(>'; wnm the best baking
!' "• ' ;*:■•• *.'*'.''<!--.'.:;.:! it is most
and  r-KDOKA Mineral CIhIuis.
Situate in the Slocan Mluiuu' Division of West
Kootciiny district. Where located: On
Oaleiui Farm Flat.
TAKE NOTICK that I. J. M. McGrejfor.actlng
R.sanent for Cha.-lesE. Hoiie, Free Miner's Cer-
tiiicatoN.-i. 4<5,s!2'il:l, intend, sixtv days from the
date hereof, to applv to tlio Mining Recorder
for Certilicates of Improvements, for tine purpose ol obtaining Clown .Grants of the above
I claims
j    And further lake notice that action, under set-
! tion :iT. must be, commenced before the issuance
| of puch Certilicates of Improvements.
|    Dated this s»tli dav of April  A.D . mn.
cliued to come in.
I pass, said Arizona,   when
hat got around to him.
Xo, you don't, said Poke,
this hand; nobody has passed
And when Arizona turned to request him to withdraw to a
warmer clime, he looked down the
barrel of a. six-shooter. Arizona,
because this meeting yras ostensibly
a peaceable proceeding, had not
eome heeled, and as no one ever
presumed to interfere with  Poke's
. The, Visli-nci;-. nii.ic ot old Muxico has
, j paid a royalty mi n Mtal output ot $1,
rae ; 000,000,000 ,-iiu-e its discoeery Tliis is
rog-arded beyond question the .greatest
mine of the world in point of production. Many others of Mexico have produced high as 8100,000,000.
private affamT, Arizona anted
Seeing this, a- couple of* greasers-
in the corner tried to edge toward ;
the   doorway,     but   Poke's   iron j
promptly covered them. Throw up j
your hands!  he   commanded   and |
turning to Tex said: search 'em.     j
When the parson grasped the situ- j
ation, and saw the length to which i
the collector was going, he rapped '
loudly on   the   bar   to   bring the |
meeting to attention, so loudly as
to set the Ixittles   to   clinking   in
such a way that it started a violent
thirst among the crowd.    We will
now be formally dismissed, he said,:
and bowing his head proceeded   in
the customary   manner   to   make
apoligiesto an all-wise Creator for
the state of affairs he found in  this
What is the amount of the contribution. Brother Poker? he asked,
shaking in his boots, Imt afraid to
refuse the well meant oll'eriiig.
Nine htiiulred dollars and over,
l'oker Pete answered, proudly, ly-;
ing it all up in a piece ol hi- ban- !
daua. And. now, Imys, lei's till j
drink to the health of the Holy;
< Jliost and sing Tlie Consecrated j
Cross-Kyed Hear. -W. H. Kelbats. i
The eyes are
wage earners.
Anything* short of
perfect vi.sion diminish t- s the  earning
|jG*»V\?i :,, —
We pcrfec'. your sight.
Our ijliisses rts un investment yis-lrf you
substantial returns.
'GKTMMKTT, Graduate Optician
nml Jeweler
•nl for CaiiHi.llun Kudiil.Oo.
SA.VPON. II. (.:.
Kvery brave man is a man of his
Dominion Day
B, C.
July l, '02
To be Given In Prtoes
*fw 0% mm m 09 *wm
ll|irii iinly t"> triirtt.-
mliiall)     WiirMii-t'
*'ll      liil.lhi,.        mil
mii*il«'iiiiiiir« ili.it
Is new, hnl the |>i'op*iet<irH nn*
inil Tliey linve lieen before
tlie pulilie/iiiiil liehiml (he liar
in   the   uh!    CKNTIIAI,   l.mjr
i'l oil.ll fur ihe ivm hi In pa-f
jinl^n.i'iil .limn llie.** quality nf
tl ■••ir llniil hriu-erM Nu \\e_\\ to
lejl uiil liiners where the li'/lit
now shin..-, on All' ami .lack,
Inil i.lu'iiiiis to K.-ihIo should
Inel-i ihein up when in ceiu'ch nl
a nice riviiu. nr heer tlmt i» not
all foam Tell lliein where yon
»aw ihi* ami vpii  will  he »iilii|
Willi —
To HARRY M. ADAMS ur to whomsoever he"
inny  have  transferred   Ids Interests in  the
Luugliiiifi Waters and Kitraway mineral t-laims
situated in the MeGuiirun Basin, adjoining the
hollo and Red Cross claini!,. in the Sloean Mining Division of West Kootenay District. B.C.
VOU ;m liereliy notified that I have expended
1   vid.'i.oo in labor and improvements upon the
above mentioned mineral claims under thc provisions of Hie Mineral Act. and if within 90 rfayj
from the dale of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute   your   proportion   of    the   above-
mentioned sum,  which Is   now   due,   together
with    all     costs    of   advertising,   your   interests in   the   said   claims  will   become the
property of the undersisriicd under Section  4 of
the ••.Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900.''
un v 'v i -*iu w rvir"
May 26, 30. JUNE 29
JULY 2, 3, 4
From Rowland, Trail, Nelnon and
intermediate points, to
Minneapolis 9-1-f. 60
Chicago '04.60
Detroit   77.00
Toronto  80.80
Montreal   UK) 60
Cnrres|ioiiiliiiir raliictiou   from aii
Kuotenay (Miiiits, Unual ilivetse
rmites, iiienl.i anil hertli in-
cliideil on Canadian l'a-
eilie I.aktt Steamer*
|    Kor ii.rtli*. llini-tii'li-K. rule* -tnd full Inform*-
linn, upply lo
\ 0, ll, OARHKTT, Ap-.iI Ni:w D.nver.
I l-.l.Coy'i-, A.0,1*. Agt.. Vancouver.
i J, S. (Wlcr, DI'. A., NVUoii. II. O
,       Id .iini froni ICiji'mH-itii point" vl* Uuimillan
j *ml Aiiierti-kii lliiim.     Ap)il>    fur -snlllng d*U'»
j min, thki-inmid full liifoririBtliin in miy 0.
\ Hy agent or—
; O. II. ilAltHKTT,
i C. I*. it. ,Uiiit, Sew Denver
I     W  V. K. •'.iminitut*  :• S. S A«t., Wliiiil|*ir
Palmer  &   Allen
Lumber i£f ^!
' OiIiImI l« titAnnn In4** i«il>.
<, i
thc |mrw>ii,   reitiembertng  it had
Wt!ii lit*'nuh'mik that IiimV  riMnliiii,
thein all In the flint pinee, Imwmi toi A(|IUIti(; Spoiln
einn' Thf   (Vinttiyrntwl    <*rn«s*K    t'd; t *ulr,«l,.'»»;»»
Itear.   Th« word* weto not   <|iiit»j H»li« RaiMllir nml
apnmpiate to the spiritual tone of, ,,. ., .    r...„
tlii enmd, but the/hail a muring j ,*",VH,#  R»<'w
martial nwing that oiught thu %e\\- * l,K °' " **'
HnvIiiu purcli><xil mid tale n ..vtr Mill Iln* !
MIII. I.nuili- iiiidliitilHr l.linli-f..i nn Kii.lirn ;
tyiitllffti-r. we wUli In «ny t.. mil who re^lilrf,
Mnl*r«iir lumber, iiiihiI.I|ii*(*« .ii'Iiik'.'t<'.. Iliktl
Mi Inneiiii 11»■ 111 n i|ii.inl|l)- (lf itihmI «-nvi|it><| j
ni.iii-rUI.ilml we »rr |.rr|i.in*.| in eul lo order i
miy bill-. Ili.o limy lw inquired mi tin-.liurtMt'
mil lei- |«w«llp|i- UV li«|i«- hv urii-i ntlt'ittlnn to'
l.ll-liii.'».tnil Ulrdi-dllim. In l«- al.le to Mtt*f)
lie liipilrnii. i.l« ..f IhinillKliIri Tmtlliiw lh»l *
we nuy Ui.ni.i.d with vmir i««ir.in«w I «m
\ iMir» Inilv.
W. B. Strathearn,
I-', o   iniX Oi.
NKIJ40N, H.t.
Hl(M'an HtiiHs
ill «l|l-|ll]liiir.
-t'ral fanny, and latwcen the pre*-
nureof iVike'w nryiniifrif find the
mimic, Jim waa brought to part wilh
9f*vernl toinitm of h!<M prvuioii.-' *l't~t.      ,•"*s,, H*'-l '•"-"" '■-*■■ '■- *"""1 ••' ,,»'"i
>ow,you All m> hwaiit*, do )ou«t4.,,,r,h*i„«!.«»,„,,,,-., «udi.<*rr r.*
go him liettet? the »«aloii* itiliedor' ft," *,!"*''m *"'' H'«"|M a" ','*1*' '**'"" •'
itmfinitMl, remember,  therein   no, » v<iRK.iH..ir>ii»n
limit mi thia came.   Hut the Antf •'• ►• -MitnKMi\«Mi.fc.w.
(• » II*.■**».«,.«»(_ M I. *V,.(»*»**i .1", *-'• . VsiM,
T *   l   !«•*«. !.!»« , im-C'../ '.,.••*-
»*•■ ono *i higlt thai tew   Ml    in-
wm. TimfN.
titnw* *i..i   'niiAi,.* nitori**** tit r.l.Y.i V.X \
t" MtttiW*! -■»»... »i *vr Hu   unumt nr mltfiini't.
n^-tttt^**tvne evttUf.u.mnt ■»■* win .nit,
t*iKtkU*v*it tiUir*-** i»-r.-4»J  kl.wraitMrtNlftrtlMl
Or-t-nt Xi»'tl»wi-.i   ii••» if<i*tiif in t»r«#.    Writ*
i-fiiMi ».,.i ,..:-:-»•*-i»n*w ^mTiii.HrahKK'
Hi^nal Ijowrry'r <Xmh
to mmti youi* way by
wnding tlu.* tMlitor a d<»l-
lur. fr furni4ho<4 a pow
(lev that leaves no missed
holos, and cannot bc
bearun for sluitttu'iuy; tlie
1*1 KUI    .Mlj/Cl .Mil HIII    HHO
ignorance that covers .so
much ot the bHorhr met-
ill    nf    t'eiiittti ,tM     ,,i.     iti-ii-
earth. Dijf, while the
thought of |uirehaHe in
warming your up|tcr
R. T. Lowery
Haw Dtnvar, B. C
tti r\\.ioi*-y. w !•«
AU that
gra<^ if it
te human  mimt retro-
do nor */i\aiif*- - -(Jllv THE LEDGE. NEW DE1NVEK B.C., JUNE 12, 1902.
Ninth Yeab
Spring and
I have just received a very
well-selected ftoek of new
goods. Q-et In your order for
a nobby Suit early.
GKOKGK I,. 1>E1)LA.R, Opt. D. Honor
Graduate of Philadelphia Optical College;
Graduate of the Canadian College of Optics and
Detroit Optical College. Outfit for the diagnosis
and correction of Optical Defects unsurpassed In
the Dominion. Consultation free. At Nelson's
Drugstore after May 23.
fi S. RASHDALL, N!r* Denver. B.C.,
Real Estate nnd Mineral Claims fur Sale. Cl'»lins
represented and Crown Granted.
Lumber, Doors, Windows, Store fronts, Show
Cases, Store and Bar Fixtures. Counters, Fancy
Glass. H. HOUSTON, Muiiaiwr.'
Nelson, B. C.
Employment Agenoy.
Help of All Kinds Furnished.
Postofllee Box 4iiS, Nelson.
T\KT ORE PROPKKTY. North Fork Car-
U iientcrcreek-ALPS, ALPS FRACTION,
and ALTURUS—Crown Grants obtained.    Ap
ply, W. J. MCMILLAN & CO., Vancouver, B
NELSON, B. C.      Cor. WARD & BAKER Sta.
    ._ .        B.C.
Has had 15 vears experience in dental work, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work.   Most
complete dental office in B. C.
IUM,   The most contplete U C A I  TU
on the Continent of North Ameri-
«a. Situated midst scenery un- n r Q fl n T
rivalled for Grandeur. Boating, |» COUIl I
Fishing and Excursions Resident Physician
and Nurse. Telegraphic cpnunumeation with all
parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart
everyday. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; Its waters heal all Kidney.
Ltvfer and Stomach Ailments. SPECIAL
WINTER TERMS: «3 bo *15 per week.
The price of a round-trip ticket- between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for »> days, Is SS.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake. B. C.
ssXj JX.'v'jli'x'ORT-
R. HEYLAND, Eninneor and Provincial
Land Surveyor.   K ASLO
Cheerfulness does not cost much
but ft is the best asset in iuty businessman's life.
It does not take up any sbolf-
rod'ni, aud is not cumbersome to
carry in stock.
It is the one article, that all men
are capable of dispensing;
It requires no experienced hand
to handle;
And goes without price or wrapping paper.
And if you can carry enough of
it around with you, it will over-
ceme difficulties in life that would
crush men of millions.
Cheerfulness does not have to be
clothed in purple and gold and fine
linen to be marketable:
It is as acceptable from the man
covered with muck and soot and
machine oil, as he arrayed in the
robes of a king.
You can't carry too big a stock;
It is never out of season.
Cheerfulness knows no hard
times and is a victor over defeat.
Cheerfulness does not need anything to recompense it;
It pays back a hundred fold to
the man who gives it away.
Cheerfulness is big enough for
any business;
And no business is too small to
carry it in stock.
The businessman who thinks his
business is too important to deal in
Cheerfulness is like a carbuncle on
the neck of Tune;
Thc church that keeps Cheerfulness in the backyard, is a fester on
the seat of Happiness;    .
Neither will get very far heavenward.
The home that puts a damper in
the neck of Cheerfulness, smothers
the fire of Love and chills the milk
of human kindness.
The first lessoii that man should
The lesson that should be daily
man's, and should go with him to
the grave;
Is Cheerfulness.
Hard knocks taken cheerfully
become light as the touch of an
artist's brush.
Cheerfulness will enable you to
take the "knocker's knock"' without wasting time and temper
knocking back.
precious, to waste a single hour in
WF. TEKTZEL A CO.,  Nelson,  ~.~
,   Dealers in all DniR* and Assayers' Rui
JR.   CAMERON, Sandon.  Manufactures
.   ClothlnK to order; and sollciH patronage
rom all clashes.
"Wholesale  .Merolnan.ta.
Alttt- ii>'
i; ii ui,DITCH    ft   CO..     Nelson.
T'tr*. Wholesale Grocers and Provision
L. OUK1HT1K, :.. L. I!., Barrister, So
Hcltor, Notary Public.    Suudoii, II. C,
Very KrliUy at Sllverto.i. tf
L. UKIMMKTT. L. L.  B., Burrlrter,
. Solicitor. Notary Public.     Sandon, B. C.
ranch OtHee at New Denver every Saturday
Cigar Co.
•■■■■ M|| *m
fn* tftttrl »f,.f,.!v «.—
Wtioli-Wd* Ai/-t■t«t.irll,»*
Marguerite, J
Oui Oyoi.iii,
El Condor
attempting to ' Aie good
If you are successful in anything
you are sure to be knocked by
somebody; .  ,
If you don't amount to anything
somebody will speak contemptuously of you;
It seems to be the sole purpose of
some people's lives to knock somebody.
Whether you are up or down
Homebody will knock you;
You can't get away from it.
You might as well reckon on it;
And in your program of daily
life accept their injuries just as you
do the depredations of rust, rot
and rats;
Guarding against them when
In   Cheerfulness   and   without
Everybody does not like bulldogs;
Do not expect everybody to like
But whether you are liked or
lie cheerful.
iAve to please the  Hood   that is
in you. and in  linrmonv  with the
' (inod that te in the best people you
j    And let the knocker alone.
|     When ynii strike ltack  you he-
i cntne n knocker yourself;
Your  ■Tliwfiifni'SK eiml!*'*  .nul
* that i.'veiices of temper drop*-**, out;    ■
!    CheorfuliH'-K brings hiu-Mitc-issw-. i
j eex* and friends; j
i    With thcM'will   alwi ft oue thej
; kno<*kci, ;
You i-iiiHc.t  iitToid in ih-up tln«!
UiMid of the former for the muck of
the liiUr.
!     With   ('lii-crfiiliii>s  --hnwiiiji   in;
MlIU   (nee, the lllows nl'till' kllOi'klT
! i'Hnni'1 dcfpli.  it jutv. .
i "Id-it 'fiihti-—   -a ju,«   ffiiiid^  that i
aie worth holding; j
I     !.l i',.J:i     .f,]       MI.I'll       ,»,...1 1,7,1,       '.hi
.11..i. .\hi, ^i !.*. .il.i ,ii! i., tin   .vi.ilil.
!     He \** oten the inaii  wh<» Iw-t »u-
tle grass. Five or six dogs were
scattered about the yard, and only
one of them had life enough to rise,
to his forefeet and give a spiritless
bark to announce the. stranger's
appro «ch. The man slowly raised
himself upon his elbow, the boys
turned on tlieir sides, and the woman, with a little womanly pride
still left, 'began to twist up her
hack hair.
v'Could I get a drink here?"
asked tlie traveler.
""Why, yaas. certainly," drawled
the man. "Thar's the well; help
yourself. Maw, can't you get a
glass to drink out of?"
"Thar's a gourd hangin' on to
the well-curb," replied the woman.
' 'Do not let me trouble you in
any way." the stranger made haste
to say. 'T can drink out of the
"Wal, that's the way we do."
said the man.
After satisfying his thirst, the
stranger said, "I wonder if I could
have my horse put up and fed while
1 walk to the summit of that hill
yonder, where I could perhaps get
a good photograph of the valley below. 1 will pay you fifty cents for
caring for my horse while I'm
•'Yon hear that Jake?" said the
man, rising to a sitting positure.
"He says that, he'll give fifty cents
to have his horse fed. Thar's your
chance to earn money enough to
htiy that spotted dawg of Hen Turner's."
"There ain't no cawn husked to
feed tlie critter with," replied the
boy called .lake, as he turned over
and buried his face in the grass.
""Wal. Lute, you whirl in an'
look after the critter. Fifty cents
will buy a pile of shot for your new
gun." *
•'Let Lem do it!"   replied Lute,
and lie yawned a tremendous yawn.
"Lem! 0 Lem! called the   man.
The Sandy head of a youth of about
twenty years was thrust out of a
window in the gable of the house
and a voice said sleepily:
"What do you want?"
"Here's a man wants his horse
watered and fed, and he'll give you
fifty cents for it1"
"Let Lute or Jake do it."
"Wal, if you ain't too triflin' to
live!" exclaimed the man with
some show of irritation. .Then he
asked "Whar's Liddy? I reckon
get up-thananyof the boys. Whar's
Liddy, maw?"
"I'dunno. She said she was going somewheres and take a nap'
cause she was off to that dance
down in the holler all night. Like
enough she's snoo/.in' some place
over in the big woods."
After screeching several times
for "Liddy" and failing to get any
reply, the"man turned appealingly
to his wife and said:
•; Wal, why can't you do it, maw?
Think of all tho terlwvcker for your
pipe thut fifty cents will buy!"
"Yes1 an' have you an' the boys
smoke the heft of it up. Xo I thank
The man turned toward the
stranger in disgust and despair and
"It ain't any use. mister. They
won't one of thein lift a hand. Air
it any wonder I ain't ever got
along in the world! Yon can ride
from J)an to Beei-sheliy and you
won't Iiud another such a shiftless
lot at* 1 liave to support. I reckon
they'll feed your nag down the road
at Hank C-r"eenVi .His folks have
got sotiu* energy. None of mine
have. Nothing like a shiftless
family to keep » man down," ami
lie dropped backward with his hut
over his face and went to -iei-p.—
Youth* Companion.
When you wam anything
in the line of Jewelry, or
have anything in this line
    that is in need of repair,
send direct to the old-established hou<"» of JACOB HOVER.        In doing so you will be sure of getting
the best—and it never pays to get anything else.        No shortage in stock; no waiting for goods.
DIAMONDS—Loose and Mounted
WATOHES-Filled and Gold
GOLD BROOCHES,latest designs
Xobby Patterns ,,
Ladies' and Gents'
with and.without stones
GOLD CHAINS-all welRlits     .,
with and without stotias
GOLD GUARDS-W and 14 karat
Standard Giadi-n uf Filled Chains
and Guards in all stvlcs
***** *s.
This is our tr£
Daily Motto
And you will be impressed with the
meaning of it to yourself if
buy your goods
At Jacob Dover's
The Jeweler.
.Our personal guarantee goes with every article, nnd Hhould
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, we are at all
times glad to exchange same to the entire satisfaction of customer. JACOB DOVER,C. P. R.Time Inspector
Latest Fads in
of all kinds
And all tha Latest CreHtious iin
Goods of All Kinds
the lens is a clear glass.
Courtship is a rainbow gateway
to a clime of storm; a quarantine
station outside the port of disillusion.
Nothing in this life could ever be
such perfect happiness as courtship
would be if it were.
Courtship and marriage are
sometimes resorted to as a means
of livelihood by dukes, bigamists
andothers. Highway robbery is
more honest.
Courtship is frank. It classifies
women and men as "angels" and
"brutes.''    And no doubt they are.
Courtship is the philosopher's
stone. It transmutes all it touches
to gold. Sometimes fool's gold,
but it shines.—N. Y. Recorder.
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers of Fine I&ger Beer and Porter
ence solicited.   Address
the best in the land.   Correspond-
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
Captain Joseph R. De La Mar is reported to have given an option on his
Do La Mar mining property in Nevada, to Jacob E and Samoa Ramberger,
of Salt Lake for $1,000,000. This is
pursuant to the recent announcement
that the Captain will retire, soon as he
can negotiate his remaining'two properties in Nevada and northern California.
Two more oil wells hpve comejn in
the Boulder district, of Coloraio. The
McAfee has eig-ht hundred feet of line
oil, while ihe Star well has a large
amount,* The oil.of this district is said
much naptha, liner in the crude state
than many other district will yield after refilling;.
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand
Head office: XELSON, B.C
Stout nt S VNDON, KASLO, and NELSON*.
Principle is a passion   for truth
and right.—Hazlitt.
Kootenay Coffee
Dwalers in Toa* and Ciifliw.
All itradi'** and price*, A
trial ordisr *>llclteil	
Kootenay Coffee Company
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
BURNS   &   CO.
1*. ", H.ix IH;<
Wi'.t Hakor St.
cut i.iMiir.
•  ; -oue  n-n:iUy
and .M^i'iitani'i*
Courtship te  th
givo'n to 1hi»  Hsui"
of fhaHi"ii'4vs for  tin-  iiiatrimniiinl j
!n coiirt.'.hip jit-np'i
.Vl hours iiud niiwriihi*1 »
in mn- dnv «it ".liindari! '•
('tiill! -l-iji U a nni;.'i'- '«•
wliii'h it plniii fa-"'- !
-pair of e\v* tM'tuitHii
in !»• happv
w.ck. -iii
*• tin'tiiii'
All the
latest mixes
in Summet
at the Nelson
Hotel Bar
Reistcrer & Vaughan
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
llaulmur and Packing to Mine*,
and gcii-era! local Ijumiiuii*.
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Hairffage wagons meet all Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack '..nr.uis
Feed Stables at New IX'nver.
Seeds, Trees,
%«n  !*i4ti%**r, Hi *'.
^^*-^~^*w r^'K^^^
(or Full or vtyvinn
,Caulojfu<! Free,
|       M, J. HENRY,      i 4
,.**..' \V, *:i(ilit»U t ll.ui|. Wi.,-'Hixtt, 11. C, >
I \VlllTKI,AHoH«lM,V
'*• ■ •
lo niii-
t*V-   li
<,-,•>! Ill
Jton-w  ttlO|:i».
.ti.'i.a  iie-i, cm- "■* -m   <l"Uts     i,i
| UH'   '■v.-.'*,   IH    -.llli'll   till'    lil.-Ol     to     l»,l-
| l«'I.<>\ni,g    «.|ory     wiih  kr|.|    fiom
tilnuUiiilit^. t*i HLXth'tUg."
s     \   Ki'iitit'iiiau   win*  Iravicliii^   m
ibe H-H-ilIt oi* hof»*ftrtrk    wh'-t    '.■•
f ,-.<Oj*Ji»i.l fm- :i iJ.iuk of   istttoi    il   ;t
,- 1i1tt«* l«*^» <-«iKtii in   ih-^ Iwicliuixuili..
< A long and v i\ lank  man, wirh a
; thin,    fttitl   ^ttn^uliiig    )t«>f|it|  «ml
■ wi'nk liliu- i-yi*  >;i< s»jil*iiu-Ihttf  un-
Aer » tn-*- in th* itooryiirt!.   \ Ant-
ti-ilily  woman  in  a   UAiti «-.ii'i«V
! winn -ti-.t-v.' Anting "tn n rwb'mg e)nA"
liy the At hu:    Two Itoys* ot hltout
AweetiwuA  «»ifeht^n  y«Ar* r»f »#•'
i were lying fnee AownWAni   in n
NEWDENVER,  •  B.O,r^!1W,*!wn,,*rwh*,T*,^**ff,w,,,,,, ,,'t•
0. r\. OL,AKK,
Ki!pon% Kxaininalkmt And M*tiaf«
Warm weather
J.,,' :  ,... ,   ,1 .* . :. r<l.'i*..'ii   .-
;** < i.mt-v 'lis, • -••<• •'! H .'
At Hd'fi loriAorlal Parlor
IliiirK P.i/m-k     Nr.'.v I^r.wnv
;. ,.j . ■  !'. ■'. >;;»•• ,■ ,<,•.', j.'.-.
»Li!-ftvA»«l.*i- mill i-M-.-i.'.-j-r'.iits.t .*»«»-s.t
Gold and Silver Refined and BooRht
urn rini-K! iH-.fun.
Mi-;nt is i rrni'Aii.
IN   Al.l. sTVl.S-S   AM'
I'itit i.
ri ti
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
1.AIK.ST  -N..VBI.1 lh>% !S
A!.!. !«KP.M!TMKNT<
We have a beautiful range of
*  VANCOUVER .». HtlwON, B
In Hlnck HrondfloliK Black. Him* n«.«i Hvii Soinvn, (.\\*\\nu*rt* nil colon*.
Strijii'il Khmiich. W'iMilcn ( rcjic ilc ("huic. io nil liishiiumMe Hhiui(c». iS«nii«-
thinsi tu .suit ovi-nums.    InHummcr u«.ols sve Imve a fine runjfc of Colored and
VlHlU iHltlllU'S,    Y'lnWClVtl   lllit,   MJJJHM]   V»Jii«ltlUtt'N   .Trip*!'!    Jiiii.viilrM,   Viiivooi,
HifthopK, aiul IViMian
<SimmIm in all lines.
Laviiia, Stri|)c«I Oronadino MiisHiik.       Ui0\ oliuw Dry
Choice line of Latest and Most Fashionable Millinery, and Dressmaking
UUl,   HUitUM l.li.'-'WVK -t'ECtU.  -iTTI-V
!      Cr^  Inrln^TA        I
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
hOi-lr, AttKVtS H»n


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