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The Ledge Apr 10, 1902

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Volume IX.   -No. 28.
NEW DENVER, B. C'„ APRIL 10, 1902.
Price, $2.00 Yeah
Se^Mt NS^s Float
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps 2$
that are Talked About. H
Ping- Pons at Nelson's Drug Store.
Miners are reported scarce in the
Billy Perdue has returned to Nelson
from Dawson
Agent Moir has been transfered from
Slocan City to Nakusp.
A ball will bo given at Slocan City by
the M. U. General Hospital on April 25.
The Bosun was shut down tight the
past week to await orders from London.
Smelter returns on the Duplex ore
shipped some days ago, gave $70 per
James Cross has bought James Horde's interest in the Royal Hotel, Slocan
When the tourists come to town they
will be found in Williams' store buying
J. F. Collom savs that the profits of
the Arlington mine were over $10,000 in
Amos Thompson discovered a strong
lead outcropping on his Goal mountain
property east of the Mary Durham, the
past week, bringing sonic very rich oro
into town that was taken from the out-
Rev. MacColl was called to Fire Valley tast Friday to officiate in the interment of Peter Thisted, who was killed
in a shooting accident. This was the
first death that has occurred in that
Valley since the first white family settled
there ten years ago.
The Granby Smelter Co., is preparing
to put in a compressor plant at the
company's properties at Phoenix and
to increase the capacity of the smelter
to 2000 tons a day. The company has
enough ore blocked out to keep the
plant in operation for 15 years'or more.
Ping Pons has hit the camp. Then*
is no preventative known to tne medical
or scientific profession. The best way
to take it is with -sleeves rolled up, shirt
waist open, hair bedraggled and a ding
ping-pong sense of b ing clubbed with
n goose feather, or playing hand-ball
with a soap bubble
.To insure now is to fulfill a * present
frovide tor future needs Tho mutual
,ife of Canada will give you the largest
returns for least outlay. Results count
Over 80 years experience of practical
test. Write to \V. J. Twiss, General
Agent, Kaslo, for rates, etc.
Foreman Long was down from tlie
Fisher Maiden this week. He reports
that they have two and one-half feet ot
solid ore in the workings, with about
three feet of niineral-benringrock along
side. For the past 25 feet of drifting
they have had a foot of ore showing in
the'face, which has gradually widened
to the showing stated above.
Owing to the late arrival of tlio train
from Nakusp and the uncertainly ofthe
arrival of tlio Cosgrove musical organization, a small audience greeted them
at Bosun hall last Thursday evening.
But the entertaiuiiient was nor.e tlio
less enjoyable, and the audience was
greatly 'pleased with the manner in
which* the program was carried out.
Kvery instrument was in the hands of
au artist and each number brought
forth unstinted praise.
Lust Thursday ns the morning train
was cms-sing the trestle near the station
the engine jumped thu track and all hut
went over llie trestle Tin: front part
of tlie engine and fore-wheels projected
would have thrown it over. An engine
was sent over from Nakusp, and tho
baggage and passenger* were transferred, The wrecking crew was engaged until I o'clock tlie following
morning getting the engine back on
the track.
groceries, or more money with, which
to buy them.
The Four Mile road is badly broken
up, making it impossible for the Hewett
to got down ora.
The sawmill at Nakusp is reported to
have resumed operations this week with
a force of 40 men.
The remains of Father Pat have been
sent from Montreal for interment at
New Westminster.
Hauck & Harvey, who are working
the Prescott under lease shipped two
tons of ore last week.
As a miitter of news, the Slocan Drill
nays, "Nothing new has developed In
the mayoralty situation."
"Dad" James Black is visiting his
brother John front Trout Lake City, ns
fat, fresh and forty as over.
Max Heckman has disposed of all his
mining interests in this camp and will
go into Dawson with his brother.
W, K. Boie haslumpod all his Interests
In mining properties! in this and the
Similkameen country and sold out.
Manitoba has voted No on the question of prohibition, giving a majority of
fiOOo against the enforcement of the act.
Captain Seaman has been transferred
to the Kokanee, and Captain McLellan
now turns the wheel on the Steamer
Miss Frieda Murk, for many months
the pleasant goddess of the St. James
dining room, lias returned to her home
In Vernon.
All open-air concert, the lind of the
Spring, was given Saturday evening
from tho band stand, and everybody
turned nut.
Miss Florence .lottery was married
U*i week at Ntlimluie. to .!.(.'. Low nf
San Francisco Thev will live iu Un*
California metropolis.
Extensive  development    wink   was
*tarte>l this week ott the Night Hour
mineral claim, on (mat  mountain, ad
joining tho Capella group.
The Marconi Wireless Telegraph
Com pan v ban sold its American riiiM*
aud patents lo an America-* mmpain
with a capital of |i|,l6n,m.»».
What Is It that will come down a chiin-
nov down, and go up a chimney down,
but will neHher go up « chimney tip
nor come down a chimney up?
Joseph Oenelle, the well-known lumberman, has been arretted and taken to
Victoria, charged with being concerned
in tho burning' of two nt camera al Daw
»-. <tm • ,    i      r*.     .    . r t,'!,.,,-1'niir...
t<*<»-! (^ mat p-mfdr-ived by the Mure-
wood Dalrv Co., blew the top ol hi*
hmd ott iu'vftrultMly handling a «»»'|Tlt« lestnre wa« iireatlv mhj.i-.iii b>
K'hib mi h-antlnnR ml -twk. jaj,. pljli;*,lt/
Mrs K. Crlddle dl*d In Nelson last
TtmntdiiT ut h*ftH failure. The de-
timed lady whh n  native oi Luiiin.fi, i .,.,,, !
F.ng., and was Wghlv ert-wmed by a     An companed with the mining i«»>»>i',
host of friends in the Slocan. i Ontario. iim>n of Ifrinit.1* C.»lnin» i»,u* ,
.   ,„   _ „ . .   .   in everv  luiiicular most   liberal.    Ini
AG (Julian, n young man *'«'PKv i   uw.urvivu.1 territory in o..|f.ii», ,   ,.,»
with tho grading gang on the railroad,  r^J-ui-r tnississir locution n.n-t  i- n.
fractured hi* leg by falling over| tha Wnp|Ur ln shijW< „„, 0, „,„.,„ ,M, „,|.
pmlmnkment, last   ihuiwlav.     He i* j,,^,,,, tUowttnioo*:   Kiabi\  Hi»;i»» in)
foiifliied in llio hlwan hospwri jietij-lli by i„,iy elmm* in   m.llii. *•..»>■}
T!n'fbir)in"t(.ii Mining * Milling Co ,! talninii flJMhere*, or   I'l lii.iim.  -nitrite.}
opi'ralin" thefrnn Hon* mine on Ten jc'.mntiiing \m teres, or  i> t-u-ev >»>
Mile, was Cncoriw»r«tel \**i   week in (length by 2» chains in »id'h, .«.ntani-
SpfiVan*    Th* tvimpsnv   «i5l miune yntgiH*cre*, or "i ' elm In-  ••nn-.<- »* u- j
work on the property at so'tri an mutter* taininir I'Mcres.     N<>   •mi' ii-mih «'■»»•!
pany more than 0-10 acres, within a
radius of 15 miles in any one district,
and such areas may be composed of
separate location of not less than -10
acres each; and such locations may be
held for a period of two years subject to
an expenditure of 88 per acre in the
first year and $7 per acre in the second
year for actual mining work, after
which llie holder must either buy the
land from the Government or lease it
for a period of 10 years The. price per
acre ranges from $3.50 to 82 per acre,
do; ending upon its contiguity to a rail
way, ami whether it is situated in surveyed or unsurveyed territory. If the
land is leased the rental for the first
year is $1 per acre, and for each subsequent year from 15c to 30c per acie, depending upon location. There must lw
expended upon leased ground the same
amounts in actual mining operations as
upon land that is sold. At the end of
ten years ihe lessee is entitled to receive
a patent for the location.
Upon the failure, of a delinquent co-
owner to pay his share of the cost of
development to the extent required by
law his interest falls to the other owner
at the expiration of 90 days from the
date of serving notice.
In the Mining Divisions the law reduces the size of 'the mining claims to
990 feet square, containing 22i acres, or
of such other extent, greater or less, as
may be fixed by regulation for any division; and no licensee shall stake out
and record in the same mining division,
within a radius of fifteen miles, more
than four claims in one caleudar year,
and for each additional claim after the
first staked out and held by him, he.
shall pay a fee of $10 a year iii advance.
The cost of a miner's license is the same
in the mining illusions as in unsur-
veved territory and is $10 | er year.
—in-addition-to-the-paymentrof the-an-
nual fee of $10 for each' claim in excess
of one, the holder must expend $150 an
nually in development work If the
working conditions are complied with
for a period of four years on a claim of
990 feet square, or for three vears on a
claim ot lesser size, the holder may apply for.and obtain a certificate of full
performance of tlie working conditions
for the claim free from any other further working conditions, "renewal* fee
or miner's license to work the same,
a nd also a patent or lease for the land
embraced in the claim, free from any
further working conditions and miners
license to work the same upon a survey of the ground being made and
A party wall of at least 15 feet shall
be left between adjoining claims to he
used iu common ny all parties ns a
roadway for all purposes lor which it
may bo required
No boy under,the age of 15 years
shall be employed in or allowed to he
for the purposes of employment in any
mine; nnd no boy or young male person
oi tho age of 15 And under the age of 17
years shall be employed below ground
im Sunday, or for inroe than 18 huui-
in any one week, or more than H hours
in uuy one day
The law has several provisions pro-
 -,--' , .--       .      *.*-(,>■   ,i vidingfor the protection of workmen
over the  edpe,  and another half foot  ,hm u,„ B c statutes aro silent upon.
Where a shaft is being sunk below
levels lu which work is goin on, a suitable politico Mini I ho provided lm llie
protection ol w u Uini'ii iu ihe. shaft.
A proper font way or ladder, inclined
ut the mont convenient angle which the
space In which the ladder is fixed allows,
shall he provided in every working
shaft where a man engine is" uoi ummI.
und everv such I ad tier hereafter enn
structed in a working shaft shall have
v-uhwtnutlul platform" at Intervals nf tin'
more than \ln feet, unl nu such ladder
shall be iKcd lor |iei'iii,-iiient 11-.0 in ,1
vertical urovi't'tiaugiiig povitiou unless
in shafls used exclu-ively for piiinpiu^
If more than ten ipcimiii-' to each shift
arc ordinal I'y < mpl<»y«-d in the mine he
low ground, suOii-ifin ,1 i-nmutnd.itioii,
including hup) I es nl pine i-uld and
warm water for washing, th-ill ia> pm
vidud abuvi* gi'i.iiud near tin* principal
entrance oi (l.e mine, nel not 111 lie
engine iiiiiiii ur Oiiilei ii.nin,fni i-iialiliii^
Ihe pui'soiio oui| lnyi-d in rhe mine lu
toiivoiiienlly thy iuul ehaiije linn
run vnMTiiu  avii   \,iix
Rev. .1.11. White, of Nol-ion, iWiv-
At tin' pre-el'l tnm
ei* in U C mine* are
f-laitlillg ol ln---.es ,mtl   1
it ii- ttitiM-i-^tir.-t* tn lietir
when ••!i*ii-.*li"|il
Jielll'islly    t-iilll-
lll-pll.llllilll llll-lll*.,
1111   F.M^Iifh
satisfied with their mining venture in
that part of Canada, says the R. C. Review. Tho Monitor anil Ajax Fraction,
a private syndicate with a nominal capital of £55,000. has for some years past
been operating the Monitor group of, '„*£
claims in the Slocan, near the smallfj*^
mining town of Three Forks. The
syndicate appears to have carried on
their operations with considerable judgment, and have the good fortune, to
possess a group of claims containing a
strong vein of high-grade argentiferous
tialena with, what is rather unusual ir
the Slecan, good gold values. The
mine, we understand, has now reached
a profit earning stage, and this has
been accomplished with the issue of
little more than half of the nominal capital. The shipments of the Monitor for
January exceeded 200 tons of ore,which
it is estimated will yield an average net
return from the smelter of about £15 a
ton; of this the gold values represent
about $20 The Ajax Fraction is the
claim adjoining the Last Chance, which
recently ran into a strong body of ore
at a distance of 1,000 feet beiow the surface, the lowest workings at present of
any Slocan property.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and  Slocan   City mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approximately, 30,000 tons. Since January 1
to April 5, 1902, the shipments have
been as follows:
Week     Total
I'jyne  2SS
Ivanlioc  255
Suruct (Jai-kaon Basin)    41 621
Reco    SO 302
American Boy    20 3C8
Avliiifrton   so Wil
Hewett   59i>
i^HrChaticeii'.:;'".];"^""^".'-.   20 130
Wonderful  60
Enterprise ■•• 240
Monitor.,  -402
Queen Beas  14»
Sliver Glance ... ••  S5
Whitewater (for March)  503 169*
Ottawa'.'..  7
Neepawa.....  «o
Hartney  20
Mariu'i  88
May  S
Payslreak  8
Surprise  20
Slocan Star    21 84
Duplex  7
Emily Edlih    *o 20
I'rcwott     I -t
Total tons.; 729 7015
nrll 1—Silver
£11 7s<Sd
>'   0	
"   8-
11 8>9d
"   4_
"    5—
"    7-
"    8—
•'    9—
Tourist Aiov^nnsnt
^§What an   Enthusiastic New Denverite  Thinks')&»■
Ought to be Done to Make it a Success. 8§
An enthusiastic New Denverite who
i-iiiiipaiiy which ha* eveiy ica-i'ti to i,e
('has. A. Sandiford states that a new
i-oinpnny has been formed in England
In work'lhi) Wakefield, and operations
will commence iu May, probably with
Ward Macdonald as foreman, lie also
received a cablegram Saturday to ship
100 tons more of zinc ore to Antwerp
from the Rostin, with the assurance of a
|iermanen; contract if the ore runs well
in /,111c. Sir. Sandiford stales Hint the
report in a Sandon paper about himself
and father having lieen let out by the
Nor'hwesl Mining Syndicate is incoi*.
[■ect W II. Sandiford. he Kays, will
ie(nru'to New lienvcr about the middle
nf May, or winner il the price nf lend
Illl.llllll   IIKITIHII    r.\*l'AI.TIi:s.
v The war ollice ha** issued a ret urn
showing the total I111n.es sime the coin
hiimh-csiii'iiI of the Smith M'liran war.
until February '.Nib. n- Inllnw**.: The
tiiitl nuiiihei* i> -.'iven n* H!i,Hii, ie*
llgilillft Hi.l.Vt for tin* piecer'ling iiiniilh.
The detailed -taiUtiis nl i'a-n:illie»
are a*«. fulldM'*^: 1 illieia'ly admitted, *•'*.
l'n"; in hn*ipitil1s aud re«t centre-, in
S piilli Africa'"tr-ivei'iimi'u- lljiin-H! II,-
ihij i-oiiiiiinl invt.iiiU. I.iV-M: civilian
■ h-sthn,'J,.V*t; i.i-ti.i'.iir-, incbidiug i'i--
tuilied invalid*. Mnce March 1*1,   \,on:
iiidvinu a total of Un.itiKi
In addition the liners  took.   himI ie-
leii»ed. iibieit J-i.'il' |liiti-li pti-»>iiii-i*.
Tho mr.n wlm -relus*?!* to Mieve
tlmt honestv Is t'.u* lie*! -jolicv U u
Ixirn jtolitlciMii. !
is at present visiting in the east, upon
learning of tiie organization of the
Tourist Association here writes:
"The tourist movement is sound, and
is a strictly business * proposition
Kootenay can give exceptionally better
value to tourists in climate, scenery,
hunting, fishing, and interesting sights
around the mines, etc.,-titan any place
in all the world, and 1 have seen quite
a hit of this last myself and know what
I'm writing of.
"The hotel keepers and transportation companies are specially interested
in this matter, and I wish to point out
that hotels for tourists will have to be
more comfortable, convenient and better conducted than the Kootenay hotels,
with few exceptions, are at present.
Tourists won't come to Kootenay to get
drunk standing around bars. They
will want good beds, warm rooms, good
meals, and eveiything homelike and
"New Denver should if possible get a
good trail built up to the Slocan glacier,
opposite the town, also have one or two
rough but comfortable log cabins built
as high up the trail as practicable for
the accommodation of people who go
up there. They need a place to jcpok
lunches in,"aHBTTf the weather should
get bad, to shelter in. Special look out
or view points should be selected and
foot trails built to them or posts marking the routes erected.
"A small steam, naptha or electric
launch should be put on the lake to
carry people across from New Denver
to end of trail, and this boat should be
run by a man who is reliable and who
knows the lake and the local weather
indications. Everything should bo done
to prevent any visitor from meeting
with an accident, exposure or too much
hardship A very small percentage of
tourists are lit to rough it. The best
policv is to make tlio trip easy for
Speaking of the east ho says: "There
is something about these eastern cities
that depresses my spirits. So mnnv
young men and women, able-bodied,
fairly well educated, and very willing
to work, yet apparently quite hopeless
as to their futures. 'Class privilege' or
legislation favoring those who now
have money is the very root of the evil
I believe.
"In Ontario, take mining for instance,
the iioor but able-bodied Canadian has
no sliow to secure his share ot the natural resources or wealth of   the  country.   Those who have money get every
chance, every privilege,   to  use   then-
money to advantage, and all of the natural wealth of the country in the way
of mineral   hinds,   timber  lauds,   etc.
Ontario   would   become  a line mining
country in 1 In* course, of a few years if
poor men could locate and hold*mineral
lauds •Jiiine as the prospectors of Ii V,
Inil as 1 said before tin* poorer youiiM
men of (tularin have   no  idiow   to  net
I anything—they are only the 'hewei-j of
j wood and tin* ibawers of water' iu their
I own i-oiinii')     Well may they go into
', llu- I'jiiled Sliiten. where, as a citizen,
|llt"\ i-illi ill .iii> title ;',et then'   sli.ilu   oi
j the 'natural wealth of the country *
1    "line of the obstacles to ('munla'***-  n*
; generation and advancement  is uradu-
' hIIv being removed     The (oksils of   the
I olil ('iniperv.itive   -enure  chamber are
I dying oil and l>*'inu ^iiidilal!,*.   ivpliici'd
• by somewhat more   progressive   mi-in-
li'i'id     What  a  learlul   enw   political
Jiai'lies are t" I'llUinla.    1  believe   lln.se
' I 'un»eiviiti\v -eimtois Mould it-laid  a!-
tun*! any men-tiro, im matter how lum li
oi niyeiitly I'eijuirel in the  intere»t   ol
: ('iliiiiila, il thev could old-, break up  or
dUeredtt     their     p .luteal     >ip|Kiiieiit<*..
How indignant they would   be   11   (old
plainly thev were traitor* to <.'.innd.'i, yet
mi iiie*    ie.1'11)   nl<-    ..ii     ilie'i    in   iii.i...
t;i-e-  put    p'irtt     tli»t    nud    t'aiiiid'.i
*   «.HK»T   HiKT.
of 1902 closes, unless all signs fail, 71
considerably greater number of home-
seekers will have gone intothe Canadian
west than were engaged iu the first rush
across the Oklahoma border. Tho
more moderate estimates are that at
least 70,000 people will have taken up
their residence in Western Canada before another harvest has been reaped,
and the mors sanguine estimates are
put at as high a figure as 200,000
If the lower figure'* is the nearest to
the mark it will be a suffic-ently remarkable event, and its influence on
the currents of commerce in the west
will be wide and deep. The settlers
from tho United States are coming in,
no doubt, with a great many of their
wants already supplied, but, however
well furnished with their main requirements, the sum of their unexpected or
unprovided for needs will be gieat. It
is thought in some quarters that these
settlers trom the United States will, for
various reasons, prefer to procure their
wants, even after they have settled in
the new land, from the American towns
where they have been accustomed to
deal. It is scarcely credible that they
would put themselves so much about
unless thoy found that they got better
goods and-more-suitable-goods-across—
tlie line than thev do here. We should
think that it would be well worth while
to pay some attention to the preferences
or even the prejudices of the incoming
host.givinK them such excellent quality
and value Tor their money that any disposition to look to the old home for
their supplies would quickly be removed. There is one thing, at all
events, that the eastern merchant and
manufacturer havo to get a good, firm
grip of, and that is the (act that this
year will see such a transfer of popula
tion as this continent has not witnessed,
to the same extent at least, for many a
The day of big things has alreadv
arrived for tho west. The debate i'n
the Commons 011 the grain blockade in
Manitoba irtid the Territories contained
revelations even for the well informed
members of Parliament. It was stated
even by those who complained uf the
blockade that the Canadian Pacific
Railway had moved ii'i per cent, more
wheat and 125 per cent, more oats than
it had done in the previous year up to
llie same time, and yet had' made bill
little impression on the mountains of
grain that still remain to be moved.
The fall rains Inst year greatly delayed
the threshing, with the co'useqtie'iice
that the railway had but Iii days to
move grain belore the closing of 'navigation. This was an unusually short
season, and at the best the margin of
time between the reaping of the crop
be   narrow,    lint   what   we  are
i% m •*««*-*««*-«ik*««-«««A%««p'ML«%%%
\, h 4 * ,1 i«*J.   <      ,»   »i.i.« A
)\mnor<wb''ci\\re nn 1i\e nVo-o »o'>'-' 'u I A
the MtMlindiM church, Titesihv evening
The Hjron N. Whili* Cotintiinv,  of Sandon,   Ibi*-
of wiiler from iln* rivi-k at l!n\ ninynii. Tin* i'»»tii|»aiiy nm-
templates I'H'i-tiiig a jMiwirfu! tleettii- light Jibuti t<« Mtpjilv
eh-i-li ieity fm light nntl jmiwit |«iii^t»e<* fur Sandon, \«*w Denver. Thni- Ft irk*. Silverlon. SIik-hh Citv att<l llu* uiim* iu th«>
fli-tf  tnAv n
can be .iri.ttixed to do *«.
1 old mon tli;in 'AM tA-:ie*
■ l   10 i..'11't:
VH'UUtV uf xlw.e  tov.iv
eomji-iin Iik»* tin* White |H-o|i!e is <-{i|iahl*e «»f handling, ami
when liiuillv jiiii iiitti <ijieraitt)ii 'fi'M wcati invi-h tn ib«- Mnenu,
«n«l might to |«iv rteh dividend* •" 'he iiiinjiauy.
(•ur   mei'eliiiiil»   and   manufacturers
would tlo well to devote ;i good  de.il  nf
.    • «-,   .. ■     *i*    1   •
..... , ■ ^v
' evit I'lnvuda.    Kvetv dnv bus its   record '
ot Ibe at rival nl hall Io-miI iiigmnit  >e|.
tlets.   1 uedtiv it (s h   Iliou-.tinl   Mm-
liSV^'p'ps* wt'iiii. St.tn»."*»"■ ;..i*Nii-ii'ii| tlni'i.r lnr«'.'(ip!,-«'>■> i.;..i
; Southf m Al*<»-i*t:i. the ne\t it i- -1 |..-irty
of tmi Euulish and Iti«h  fnnn   l:ib« 1. r-.
I'.it    tl,,.    ,.1-,.,-u I.,-'l.iili'i    i.ri'l*.'-»i,l,.r'i .*,-,.
I ill the I U>li ol'm-IIh'I s I-  t-\pi-i-|i-<i   limn
I llu- I lilted NUN-*, atel froiii tliip «.iiin..
a migration is loiked   f <r   whii-h   wil
equiil, if imt  MirpA^s.  aiivthing  of  n
■.iiuilur kind that lia- «-v.-t   t:tk*-n  pint***
A on this ceiiiiiii nt     llu- t>kt.thoiiiii nihil
Ol   IHS1' Wlls liiolljllll  Io be   the   UMmt    tit-
111,1 rki-ibif tii.t'tmn 'ii. nl j...*,...'.it.--i. 'Uv.
hnl been -■•fii in tbt- w.-tetit beinis
I jiTi'.    ]' 1* *i   ■' r'-t-'t.lj- 'Ip-  ne»-t t ijii*l
W ilhlli H feu dfi^ii   .V'.'Hip  i j.je   weni
in in the Sat.d in inherit if.    We mi.- ii it
i'Cliri-g S" * 'lift* Ait}' slllblli^ll |pfr--ili(
•flli-ll't'i.t *» Ililtl.bll! lu'foie tile si-Uh..|i
and the climing of navigation   will
conceiued with now is the magnitude
of the production whiih the actual phy-
sii-al handling of ihe grain has deuion-
stinted,   The Canadian Pacific Railway
has during  the  grain-moving  season
j 7,1**1 Hoy cars and 'JVi engines in  the
I western division.   In the-transport of
1 ^riilv. ul.>iie :l,'iini   nf   Hiewe   cars'   were
! employed.     If strung   mil   along  Ihe
j truck thev would extend   alum-st   limn
j here to Hamilton      iieiweeii the   1st of
September and the -'sth   ol   Decemlmr
I the railway delivered I J,-"*l,i*'J IhisIicIn
j of wheat at the I'ort William  und  Pnrt
i Arthur   eleviitnin    A   great   deal  Iihh
1 since been in >M'd.   and   yet   tne   west
i Mill reekn wilh wheat,    ivveiy jiu»-ilile
oVi'i, except the chillclici.h.in
1 n.n-d wilt; whi'.i!. and great   pyra
uihl-. o| it have been (iiiid nu^ide and
covered »* well a* the uei-i-sitje-n of the
fii-e wiil allow.   The   situation   U, an
pm by Mr.'I    «•-  J'ius    thu   member
loi Siiskaichewiiii, that   liM.iMn |i,Hi|ile
■ill told ti'ive in'odileed IIMJInn (il'l Iniali
e|n ol wheat     If we me going to add lo
these jiindin ers at ri,,. |.,f,, 0f put^mn ,,
yi-ai, the |ii.ili|cm of it,-iu->|iortatioii U
ijoiiud to grow gieater .nelgreater,,ind
that i* lie' fad that tin -rcautile and
ttiilustrial world of the east, as well n*
tlie liiilwHXs iimi the 1 ■Pin-iiiiiu-ht.,! Kii-
tborifiesi. must look nt imt >t* n otientiou
ol iin- iiituie. lint a qtic-.in<ii with unicii
il'.i   .    .Ill     i',i..«    v.i.HI IMIIItl.il  {11.1111 ,
place ot .0
been lilted
« t»*T   Ol     till 1  VI lll\
'■■...-..i,'. ,.\ i.i.i.pt.ii,,..   ,.,..  1.,..,,1    < ,1 ,.
|.|i(illl,lllii|| loi' i nlnllnm  #fhoo|s |» |.ri.;!J;
\*'w Vorkof4.IT: the average tn ten
other lulled States fitie< is fct ii|, n,,t
uii-tiidiiiii tree hook* and original hintd-
Hi„- costs. || might lie iiitei-estiii-f to
compare with these ti.'tiie. iln< tignies
for Uritlsb t 'nluiiilil 1 ciue. in pun I
%*»•».( V,',- -vihcocSi i' « i- t^.i-ieiiUli't- A.it
18.12 pei  hi*i\A ni lie'   }»>tillUtio|t;   Villi-
Ci Iff v. I
Ifl'l J.'."
I he 1.
'-'!!   I   -
!|    C   -!
Iii tin- provnuv,  iiii-ludiinr  th
t.. '.ujiiiiiu.'n ejc-Cled 1.1 "l.c .till head of the p >; u!,tt...,:.
1; Nnii.it
•   i o«t   of
.ii  14 ,i" |.» THE LED&E, -NEW DENVER, li. 0., APEIL 10,  1902,;
Nisra Yeae::
""""     "™ T/Sie httj-wini
. adininisl*twi to tlie wiok&l Ki'lnn
3WIS.1 ---   -
io riEht Ji.le o! evprytliinmin•■Hi*
H. T. LOWERV, Editor inti Fln-mcter.
land settlement, i-advances to settlers,
etc.-. not only .pays interest on the hnnds
issued therefor, hut .yirilds a profit of
8300,000 a year to help'piiv tlie interest
on the remainder. Even the remaini rig
debt is indirect!v- profitable, as . 'ne-nrly
all oE it was inenrred for new mads,
bridges, and public buildings, and for
the purchase of native lands There is
no war debt whatever . to depress in-
diistrv The ^ains of this decade have
been "exceptional! j marked {taring- the
past five years of international' proHper-
itv.nnd most marked of all. during the
year just ended. During this year,the
fcfoveinment reduced, railroad iates 6§
per cent, in pursuance of its policy to:
reduce these rates whenever the re"ducJ
tion could he made'nnd the. roads still
"net"the Government enough to pav. Ihe
interest   on   theii-   bonds*     Instead  of
followed by such an increase in .traffic
-"■- yield the"Government more than
before.; Furthur ieductions were
made in its Customs duties, postal rates,
all these combined, instead nl
thn loss-of i*3fiO,000 (which
woiild'have resulted hsid. imt business
isnd), paused—nr were followed
ti incre:<s<3 in the (.invenmient
lies nniniintitiff to £1 ,'100,000. Tlm
widely circulated rei'int tlmt llie Pre.in-
Imd cnjifosseil llmt tiie' eulniiy waa
'-hills* financial      *' ~*'
The Ledge.
THimSDA}', APRIL 10.1902.
lipPKli STOPE,
IF you would be happy avoid extreme wealth or. poverty.
The future oF lead and silver
looks brighter according to authorities upon that line of busiaess.
This summer inany a cow is born
to brush unseen, along our picket
fence, and waste her breath.,upon
the water barrel.
New Denver needs a bridge
across Carpenter creek, but we can
hardly, expect to, get it until there
is a Government at Victoria.
A specialist ou mind diseases
says that the world is going crazy.
We believe him since reading tbe
proceedings of theB;C. Legislature.
Canada should own- all the banks
within its borders-, provided oF
course that politicians would not
nse the funds for tlieir  ow
The coal mail has been dethroned.
, but the ice m»u'is about to step
into bis golden ■ shoes,
the fires ot moital misery ever kept
The col-set   ruins   thousands
fashion-mad wmneii. but Few   p
sons ever preach sermons upon
Tlieyare tuo busy with the hells of
the future.
The Sandon I'avstrcak called
Jim Ditusmiiir last week. .1 ini will
likely tbv-mv his Laud iii the dis-
eard. nnd walk up the Canada
Xortherti track looking For air.-.
Miinitoha will stick to-whiskey,
having turned down prohibition
the other day. -Temperance people
_-would do .inure good- by agitating
for state ownership of the liquor
No new smelters ha\v beeii built
or gold camps Found at Kaslo during the past .week. This is hard
upon the Ozone of A nieriea, and
"may.prove fatal to some of Its inhabitants.
. Calgiiry in hiokiiiH up .a.-* a eiiw
eauip. They had , otn> uiaii foi
Slipper thorp ii"t f«»t! iign with tlie
prosiH'ft ut hiiviug jtnothtT for
l.renkftwfiii tU.-heai-Fiiiiin-. Whi>-
kev in n jtreiil pinviiW,
.-Tho tiilinr-iSuniliiy while wn-vii'-i*
J.-*■«,'«*; bei»(» held in a Luiitlou, Oni.,
church a >iiinll goat wnnderiul in
aiiilomwdeil bin viay.. up lu lh'*
pulpit, ivrlihps.. In- ihiiiij-lit iln-
KWtiiim *wn* dry and ui-iiled ii lltlb'
-..'butter.- ' ' ■'
Ah im empire Spain iw dyfujj.uiid
It will In- Iml ii hhul-t iSiiie until a
how Form of novermnwit ic..i*siiib.
: Httheil in ihtit del IiuhI of nil, wliu>
ttlld U'Oiisure. The , miimer tilt*
change is made ihe bi-iier will il. In*
for the ci minion people.
There are 'still a Few he.itheti hi
kinee. The editor of the. Wiilker-
ttin Herald was fined rei-enlly W
working on the SablnUli by th-n
llueiiceol' i\i**7
■bath for.all il.ereiisiir.it. In future 'III- Slilillhl UlU.-H.ItW>!!
tho hotels of Untflni. ami A*
Kuiiday work'".when;, mi .spin
The iron collar is getting too tight
for tbe few millious who can read
in" that country, and there, will
come a day when civil war will put
the Czar on the highway.-. Any
change, will help the masses in that
land of .tyranny ..and-...Siberian
prisons.   -   S
John D. Rockefeller has millions
in money, but is poorer than
printing office rat. He cannot eat
a square meal and is bald-headed
from woi-ry. All his money cannot buy an appetite. With all his
gold he is as thin as the, ghost, of
an India famine. Probably if John
would edit this paper for. a few
months his appetite might return,
and we will change places with
him, not that we care for money
but--just to help John and add t
little variety, to onr existence.
In the United States soriie of the
railways are advertising in the cast-
that there is plenty of room
North-western States for settlers
aud laboring men. '.' This is a lie.]
There is little room in those States
for anyone without money as is
evidenced by the thousands of
penniless people in the west. It is
criminal for the railways: to : Hood
the west with, broken people, but
they will continue to do it as they
are in the push arid you cannot
knock thein: down with anything
short of a revolution, and that will
come in the States just as surg as
it-rains, in  April.   ;.
The Intercolonial railway
Canada does not pay because it is
used by politicians to hold themselves in power. When men become honest government railways
will pay. In Canada we have
practically a set of thieves governing the people. All some of them
think of is to" do the eo'intry for
the benefit of themselves,, and :the
pa]i suckers who are ever at- their
heels. .'. It would appear that being
a Kticcessful politician in Canada
means that you are endowed - upon
the one hand -with" all the sweetness
of a confidence man. find upon the
other with the grabbing proclivities
.of a- red,, roaring pirate. - Canada
uiui-t indeed.be sti-ong.to Furnish so
uiatiy leaches with : Ftill'-.; skins of
blood. ;
. Vaccination is'still "prosperous in
America." Thousands cf deaths
iiave been . caused by it. bnt the
people' in their blindness still rush
after it liken, chicken chasing a.
briglit colored . 'fly. - Xewspapei-s
everywhere talk about the power
for good of vaccine and doctors sill!
•shoot it in the arms of igiior.m
'ietiins. -The iutruduetiaii into thi
■irciilatioii of the dried, pus froni- s
imning Hire means tlie poisoning
if llu* biuntl. The strong are able
fo resist ifrl influence', apparently
"-if bout evil 'i-uK.ults, but llu* weak
lien fid:siiiflet Fever, diphtheria,
heumunfii, t;juphold"iViid oilmi' dii--
:ic.'- nr* a result of ihe wi-iiki-|ijiiK
effects of vnueino.; - While llu- sni-e
i* inflniued viiceiiiaiiou may hvwn
iiger of uii|ii!i1nn Huiallpiix.
but by.di-creiiwinHfui.cliotml vigor
l-opeiiHiihi-.diinr to all filher.dis-
*.i>«^,i Sintillpox iS only po-ssibli*
o IhoMnvho.elolh.-.loi)heavily,-nl
on.miti'li, und duiuil. biuhi! or >\-
'it'itii* (■uoiigh. Il in iilmi 'i-iiiii'ly
.imtipiii-kl.Y etired when -'properly
iii'aied. ., Viicoinatloii -shmilil lu*
prohibited IW one »[ tho grciift>f i of
Ihehuinilli'ruin*. Its place
ih with the myths of the pnwf.
them from the pulpit.    C..TV.  Mc-
Crossan has a rosy mind'and at
time flew the Jesus  banner .;
sold stock; in  the. visionary   gold
ledge that runs through :the main
-street of the New Jerusalem.  Later
ly he has_sailed with. Mammon and
blown the ozone full   of  Lardeau
romances in order, that  the   public
can.be emancipated from, poverty
or their money at so inueh a share,
novelist   McCrossan   should
stand with the great.     His Triune
•omance is certainly a word pictti:
that should be in the top . story, ;
fiction and next to the door.     As
mining man he shonld crawl lindi
a snow-slide and fence his head with
His tactics as   described   b_
the local papers are old   enough, to
ununified and placed on eshi-
n in Toronto.
;tei>av rf.THK
Coine here, yer lirown.faced ilngn, yer
Conn: here an" stop yer prate!
Just let us =ee vei- drink a toast—
"The (lay we celebrate "     -:    .
Miln-iutkee beer ia iileutv here, .
Fill high an'drink awav,
To Washington, our Washington.
Whose birthday is today!
Here, seiijieaiilj take yer bay'iiet thi-re.
An' make him stejuip qniek,"
Just stab him once or twice: tlisits right
Vou ud you know tlie trick.
Now blast yer eyes, yer nigger yer!  .
.   Ver see that loaded srun?
Welbtake thut -Blass and drink, a toast
Ter General Washington.
hail untiling hae.!;.of it, ll
hoiiris i-milil tint iip«- In* issnrrt I
tlli'lertakiiiirs exee|i| in 11 hi»iie
interest,h era use (;ii»l tills, ni
was nmitted from the Tinv reim
paid for in-eome taxi although the year'£
eperationB resulted in a ioa-g o-f £1,662.
This matter, possibly is explained in the
auditors'report, wliic-h, however, .does
not appear to have been communicated
to the shareholders.
■is. except  ttleiitk-al,
that, new   ,lt.itrlliH)1.
Fort Stee
had h
; Hot.
ml vi
i- -Sin
WftsU nr two aji'1
tnii-Miallv dull it
■hiiiure" As It n
. The reported strike of oil north of the
in tenia tion al boundary has proved to
be a factj though not true as to location.
The facts are as lollows: A Cal-j-rarv
company, has struck oil ina well- which
they are drilling on Catnaroh creek, in
Albertavaboiit a niile iiud' a lialE. from
the line.. The well has'now.= reached a
depth ..of :;R20 feet: When the. drill
reached 380 feet, a slight flow of oil -waa
struck, whichlaiade ite presence -known
by aceuimilattrif* on the water piimped
from the well; shnrtlv thereafter" gas
began escaping fro hi thoicnsing.., fhe
crude oil is. of ..heavy, consistency and
dark green iu color, showing n piirafliie
base The small quantity that can "be
wived is not .a marketable factor, but
p-oes to s.'iow that the oil ia there, nntl
the supposition is that a larfje flow will
bestniek at 1000 feet
This well nf. the Calgary coiopntiv,
which is tlie first to reach oil, is only
about two and niie-hnlf miles from the
International Cnmjmuy's ground,   the
' "—and lav of   the  land ht-ing
nntl i-n  ihe  siu'cess  nf their
.hev  are  much   interested —
rin will 'build a' S550,-
ic p und a half millioti
'Fifth   avenue,-
and horseman has. completed  the-pur- ;
chaseof the 106 8il00.5 plot, N01. 125
tp 185 E. Siity-third street,-   It is, accu-'.
pied by one four-story and four  three-
story dwellings.    These will be  demolished to make a site for the stable. The',,
land cost about 3200,000, and therstables
wiil.be constructed.at'acost of'*f550,CHJ0;'-
making  a   total  outlay  for   land and   .
buiiding' of m S750,'OOC:..: It  will  be the
most elaborate  private citv stable in .
the world.   '-.
Mr. Ha^gin "will soon demolish the
Progress clubhouse on the north corner
at.Filth avenue and Sixtv-third street,--*.
to mate a site for his ?i,500,000 mansion. He paid 8735.000 for the" Progress
cluh property.""-..
: At Zacatecas, one ol the ancient nlining camps of Mexico, the Bote property.:
bas a payroll of ¥30,000 per month, and
pavs a.monthly dividend.of 850,000. It .
is a silver property with a little gold on
the side and is owned by one individual,
a Hoclger Kerrieou of England.
dullar palace
York..   -
The  multi-i
Thev don't
pppear to preciate
!Tlie drift
i' white man slaw.
hat von dn for them
They're s
iiliborti a-i.t imi'e.
Klse whv d
u t lliev be tn-aieful
-Tiie b'U*h
it's tit our rule?)
■''nine here
ow.uiv dear duskVf
Just «e-. ;
■1H11..I him.-iiiaies.
We'll make
if 111 taste the freedoi
■ ot
We've killed olt everv fri end he
We're bound lo mak<_- him loval 1
The Hng.o
frpcdoui no 1". ;
Yer know 11
hat dsiv we're hiiviuv
Wn celeh
ite the'birih
Of one who
vas rhe fiuher i.l.
. ■Tlifjfical
-stUindotiisuib   ...
Well, what.-ha tr\
His "iiau
i'ii i
ni r
irt out, ve
Hike, hustle,
What do v
111 1,'
ttf our (i
.  ,-
So   CA.v.
ll.  «-.
! lie Brit
viiR-inl    111
i hu
of that
:  IrNh.,
,   CShiim-w
. 1,1111!
-■  HeFtna
■ -n,wr
■epiiris of big deals in ihe
1 ii, hiK-itm iii't-r Iniifihahte to
men-    Thut cliHtrici
tn will
ll the pei>|ile
f Hi-ni-l.
U   lint   iv ii!
li tl'.-
un, l'!-l
U-olnhineh ni-
i showed viiUt-i-s-of
14 per-;centl  lead.
, ..Tin* ontW.k- I).-
Prtividi's iiecjiiiiinodiition for
ilioCt-iivL-lliiu imhlio... .,
I'lenji'iiit ttiDiiis, and {rood
iiifnjs. - Thn h;n* U stocked
W-iut- w hn*Hi -: J uiiittrH nnd
xi\gm% s HOT nntl "COLD
HUGHmVEri, Proprietor.
Onion Sets
Fresh Seeds
Onion Sets
NelSOll'S Drug & Book Store
Union *fands:
_.     ■-.'"'        Monogram':
IjHJD©!    Marguerite
El Condor
Por nii.cB npiily t^-
w..,. i,,mi,,:^i,im:: Schiller   *. ■.
p. p. BOX 76:.;.
""."Sfr-AS!! "ps'oflteu aildroases uf  ELEVEN
AR.UEHS who have 1ml, to otenr or who have
st.--for it STOMP POLLER, nnd wo Willi, nil
it-B-s to jour niidi-fes. il coiij- ototirSlorles orthc   *
rent Nortiiwcai. uow ecW to pi-eo.1   Wrii.
lilaliily.aiiili.ildi-ssgthelv-. S^aTH GR
ri,'J"'ir|,r-4n''-'!'!!1 i!B'lnlj!1'et wiitaintiiB guesiloiiB
,,,-.. NEW* DENVER, " B, C.',''.-.
.Has oiieol; rhc most; ben utiful locutions in Americans fid; the publicare
assured of pleasant accominodfiSGii^r^-'-. ;'
IIENRY. RTi-Xil-I,    '-- -    .=   - ~r. .j.-     .*    ^^-
■ Proprii
KEhOWfifl '■■'-ojgftf!
yfit-Ay Tourists
'And. the  tnivelin»-' public  generally
tt-ili fiiideveiiytiiiim- lor the inner man .
that will put a' :'«hinti| of .health.ainl---
gladness   on tlie  ontur-. man. at" the
V  St. James Hotel ^
-.-.'TliHi iissnvs liiyli. Iii. anUtie-Tnurit, =-qutok.1,V -:x'x-
-   dime ni New .I't/tivi'i-'s- iirintiiiaveinporhim™ -:■'
Address =ss=sspss=s=== THE' LEDOE"
- : Ihe iilifllli-.Mtvor.tlle.M-.le.il ■ U  UK-   Tf
ivwi'il hv.tlin Hrltlull  Cnluiiiliiii  nftlirtl,! "^l
All tin* .'..il.iirl.*- i.n (Mriii lliriiri>.- H  Jkl
llu* -plat-.-inf Krljrht r.ii-p|lMtisl,  I'.iium-  ¥ J
IiIu'h pii[>ii Iii lion iiM'e|it Cuisililti, llii-nite   y^S
53 -K3i:«SK:CK5e?! !5?3:K3K:K3K3C^{52:
W'*-'.:.-' ■   -o:
irk tin- Siil>-i ''""I*  ''''"I.1  '"  p.vof'pwts a lid  un-j [.
. UitHsfu is rtlleii wi'thniireiii, jinf(,'-
tllg ftiiiii lh.- mimi'mll," I'fiil,* lllhll;;-.
-pliiM- ivithin'thcC'/iir's 'ihii'nijiii'.i^
ii'ijr thu leii
.mitii*(«, Imt when the nir.hp-j: .\-
i.-iitiii's heavy.wilh vtipi.i-ri-iiiii^lm-kri-hl , . ..  	
-filing htHiKii>rH Sri-Mime; *t«..iimkit; 'ii.n...|-SeH- -Kctilniitl iii- ii-m-i
11 few n?nilir);H. .*M'i* hiive   unilci-ilj J'.1'1"'''.''?1 '"'t1 t-Nl*»i|^ in I't-r wn
imitih,. ^.^^t^ wi«s ,lw^lt: t^i*-i ^v.;,nr;"r uw i";r^,^ ,j:;-1;^:;
1 i-ollj-siiiiiutli'lfiiMiJinil will whei.*ine!.,^l''"I"lM»>hei'i* hi lh» wmlt
i...m.-yMir i1l'.lhe.|lM.|i]l.; mi; iU*.|itt!^'^J\i*:/,",-^W^ '■■
Cu].lmr.{ahpala ui'i) ■:$ta,oujlt>Jo.iju - '   :
"i-iosurvi-dluiiil . i -'.'j   : 7;00u,000.00" "
UiKUvUiQtl.pvolitB :: * 1 :-'6tO,(84,0J
llliAii   (irKICK,   illUNTItl-JAl..
Kt. rioN. l,oHDSTKATHU0S,\a.itl MoUK* Hov.M,, (j;*C,.\l,{'!."-I,r*Biiltt(*uti'       *
■;"!      ■ ' ' .Hos.O.'A..D'JtUMSl0K«, Vlou Pi'osiilciH, ;
... E. S. Cloustun, General ilnmiKi'i*;
Ui-miohus in .ttl!'pnrCa'ol.Citiiadn,.Nuwftiniifiltui{i1 Groat Hrlhihi, aiel
sho, L'nitutl Stntcs.
New Denver branch
'■-.■■■-,--l.B--Bi DE VEBBR, miinasCT ■-■:
:k3&sk: z^m&^mm CUE LliXiJi, NHW  DHJJVBH, JJ (.   APRIL 10  1902
Bow to mini Reep fiealtb
khenlth. . Tile flreary,
Of mortal n-ilmlles
la vara and itala
Yuu ciumot cliorm,
orinterest or please
By harping on tint
Say you are well, or
■altJa well with    ou
jonr words and Mali
Many people think   that    phy
sical   culture" 'means' to   don. a
gymnasium auit and' go through a
few   ealesthenics.      It   m
much more than that.:   It ■'■ means
the science of   living,   how   to be
strong mentally, morally and physically; how to make   the   most of
one's life;  to know, what   to eat
how to take care of the body;  how
to exercise;   how   to   resfc: - It   ia
-learning to control   oue t   nerves
It is the .science   of   becoming acquainted with one's self;   to . know
how to get the : best   out  of   life.
"For life is not to live,   but
well."    I believe we havo onr lives
m om hands,* to do with   them
we please,   mentally,   morally and
physically.    It is true . we
live always, but we can live to be
three Pcorc years and ten,and proh-
ahlv more if we take care   of   oui
selves.    I am not counting ou accidents.
People.eat too much, eat too.
great.a variety,eat too often. They
indulge too freely in stimulants, do
not drink enough water between
meals, do not exercise enough, and
get too little rest.
If we.eat wholesome food, fixer
ci=l some every day, bathe often
steep from, seven, to eight hours'
eiery night,leave stimulants "alone,
and keep our minds healthy nr
can live on and on,, a .comfort to
ourselves arid everyone about us.
Nearly everyone I meet is a slave j
to the food habit. -'They say-they
cannot give iip things they like.
They would like to. exercise, they
will sleep as much as they can, but
thev want to "eat, drink, and
meiry." ''Why, what would lifej
he worth if. I could not eat what I
like? T..would sooner;diethan confine myself to a diet," is what-I
hear every day
Dieting does not mean living on
bi-eiitl arid water—Jar from it, bntj
most people shrink ;from the word,
The-seat.of life is the stomach.
Our health depends principally on
.what.we eat. If a fireman puts
eoft, clean coal into his firebox, the
engine is. going to obey his every
wish (if the imclimeij l***; well
oiled), but if pieces of. rock, slate I
and metal are mixed   in * with the
: beginning or end of it.    About hall
an hour before a meal,drinkagh
of water, and then an  hour  after
leaning the table drink as much as
ybii wish until half an hflur before
the next meal,    Too much liquid
of any kind i> prejndiealtb digestion, because it delays'the^aetionof
the gastric jmc.es weakens the di
gestive qualities, and overtasks the
absorbents.    Cold drinks cheek digestion   by cooling the contents! of
the stomach to a degree at  which
digestion : cannot   proceed.      Few
people are aware how serious a dis
turbance even: a small quantity  of
cold'water, ice cream or any  other
cold   substance   will create when
taken into a stomach where food is
undergoing digestion, as this: pro
cess cannot be carried on at a tem
pcrature less than that of thebodj,
or about 100 degrees   Fahrenheit
If the meal is mostly composed of
dry foods, a: few sips  of   warm ot
.moderately   hot   water   might be
beneficial rather'  than   otherwise
but I would suggest that no liquid
whatever be used unless it beniilk
not iced... Milk is a food,   and in
the country we'find it much better
than.in the.large cities, ,b«t it does
not agree with everyone.    Becaii=<1
Miss A. drinks milk a.nd has.anice
complexion.   Miss   B.   goes in for
milk'.drinking,   and   presently the
whites of.her eyes -"and- her   skin
turns yellow, and she finds herself
oii the  bilious   list.    Lime   water
added to milk makes it   more   di
gestible, but I think  some   people
had better leave -milk alone  alto
getliti except i* it is used m eook
I am sure that drinking at meals
a habit, and that the mind c in
effect a cure. The habit should be
discontinued, wholly, and especially
by those - whose digestive, powers
eak. If the food is of propei
quality, and proper attention is
paid to mastication, there . will be
little inclination to eat too   much
Ibelieieitwa^Kimkin   «ho   Bild holiest degu e oF pt„ itj       Became
he ilw 11-i chewed   each   mouthful Ione ml> vutn.eto -peak freel-, of
Of food until ho bid oo lntod flily,' 1110> Ll,ee *""1 PVlls   »' a e t''01 C 1S
rfrnd   in tins Imsj   age    ■*el*l0mand fm   ljeiEeot   frep ******
Gmoot do th.t  bit we tan   mast,    d-^s not indie-it., that    w3 in irch
for men, but I desire to say something right here to the future i
mothers, of men/ Make it a point
of your life to educate your boys to
he something more than libertines
ahd; baser minded scamps. The
men who stand on corners and leer
at.passing.women,:.who see indecency in every gesture or pose,
gloat over   everything that then
1 imaginations a
with:se^,.were.not properly trained
by their mothers They neverhad
the good common-sense - facts of
being,, instilled: into their minds.
They were left to be educated by
the lowest the most irresponsible
companions of the street;'by-the
tale of the drinking place, the
ecdote of the brothel, and see what;
they have made!
'Of course the opinion of such
men as these is valueless. It should
not"'affect anyone, whether they
think ill or.well.-They are in their
depravity less^ worthy of consideration, than, the dog that bays at the
moon, but*because of this very fact!
you who are mothers should see to
that your boys do not go in the
me way. That their minds -nr
free from ignorance, that their -imaginations'are not; allowed to batten on the misleading stories of low.
companions,, and above all, that'
they are taught not to consider
woman the"weakl'tool .of man, the
constant "rake at heart'1 that the
bittei hcaited \ict ct t?ed crook
ed little poet'^   Pope, denominated
Teach boys to respect women.
.Teach them that she is the woVld'
most potent influence. That her
ty is a thing sacred as religion,
vithout it life would dwindle
away to lower and baser forms.
Teach them to never give ..ear to
the vile-minded man or woman
debased by association, who assails
evciy woman, regardless of her
.condition, motives, etc. Physical
development, while it does not
teach the crucifixion of ' the flesh
teaches restraint, perfect ■: poise,
mentally nnd.physically,  and the
we can command the prudish,
weak minded mdividnale, who pei
sist m .making believe that they
can see sin and nothing but sin in
a,ny course of conduct that does not
ake pretense of being ib=olutely
devoid of. aU/function's^ laws and
demand* of human life They are|
the worst curse any age oi country
could have, and they deserve to* be
pilloried for public scorn
cate   our . food   thoroughly
i licentiousness
-sons al- ,
coal, something is going to. ha-ppi
Our holly is l-he engine,, our : stom-! of food.
acli the firebox; we arc the firemen,-!-    Everything should bo thorough I;
i-itic tiixd
j m imiaine a peison chewing eaih r10 u"otl1 *•<
thfnl thirty times at a railroad |.   "Th.;i*e ait
eating house, or the. average  man [ ways ready t<
at the'lunch counter?. . I that dots not
Bolting   oue •**. food is  t grcit ideas if life
mistake.    The poor little  sf.omneh ' meet such on any and all
has   enough   troubles   or   its own land to submifc   llie  results  of (
thoiit taking care 6F great pieces colloquy  to-a   jury of  intelIiB(
i leideis
In a long article_in Physical Culture a wiiter. describes some ofthe
beneficial effects of hbtair. and
vapor bathing In the ancient)
dai's of Greece and.Rome, he says |
tbe daily bath was considered one
of the greatest essentials of man
kind, and their public baths wer
fitted np luxuriously.     Physician
■e not needed*in those days, asai
result''of this practice.;    Not many
people comprehend why the hot-air
and vaporbaths.are so. very beneficial, biit the reason  becomes apparent to those who give  the tmb-
ject a little thought.    Every living!
person has about fourteen' square |
feet of skin to take care of,  audi
this is supplied withmorc than two!
Ilion sweat glands, having ducts,
the length of which," if placed end1
to end, would reach about two and
half miles.   Besides this, the skin
■is over six hiiridred.- thousand ie-
n,eous or oil glands. When one'
bodv is submitted to 150 or 200 de
giees of heat the pores   ire qnitkh
opened, and all   the  impurities oi
ody are thrown - off. . Those
is who are under the impres-
that the Turkish  aud Russian
baths arc one and the same thing,
e greatly  mistaken;   they  difler
ry decidedly.    The Turkish bath-
a dry, hot-air.bath, and the Rns-
ut is a steam, or vapor bath:   the
Turkish is tonic in its.effect, while
the Russian  is enervating.      The
cold bath is all right in its . place,
however, and   taken -before breakfast Forms an excellent stimulant— |
the most natural one there is
those whose constitutions are strong
enough: to stand it, as it shocks the
icirt,   increasing   its   action  and
;ends the blood to- all  parts of the
s\stem  Hushmgit lepmingwaste
tissue arid producing a great'tonic
tVect; but the dead epithelial cells,
.'hieh collect ou the. surface of the
body, are not entirely  removed by
.       ""it   md hot in    \apoi oi hot watei
,.       biths   it foi tnightlj   intervals
idy   to
There is no harm
In blowing your own horn so long as yon have the right tune,
and you bet your big Canadian dollar we have tbe rigft; tune
museles are
us put th in
food info
the machinery.   So
wli ilosome.dig.st-
t1    "itoniaclr. ffire-
)     I  t us
1   i! 1     m
\eius     oui    mtis
md  keep them
i i mid it dn   fti
to be. t
an engii
or once a month?    Just think ho
sooii it woiild'set rusty. - To b
good couttit.ion wo cannot. exert,
once v w el    i oi co i month    "U
must use? (
So'mixed with  saliva befoi*
the ■mouth.
"When one drinks a'gla
u three, or five, as I hn
times observed, of .'water, 'one" feels
stnftj aftei ltuu, tin tnbl
and- wishes- he had not ea-hn o
much. .-' I wish everyone "eonId
know how injurious it ,is to drink
ice wato.r »r iced mili;,.in- any hvil
drink.-:   If tho heat of the r.stomach
essential. As <i hygienic and tin
aptntn, iy.nl the t ibitti t bath h
been  ;rapidly
f-itinh   ilieumitism   I nghl-• h
ease, eczema, and even pneumonia,
mike   nt   i\tusi, tot     ui tllpo\ md hjdioph >bi i. in-lid
ith airthe vehemence to be cured by them.
The Agnostic knows that, hu-
inity must- fulfill the universal I
rt and fromlow, amorphous be-j
giunings reach up to moral nobleness ancl spiritual. beauty. He
knows that nil society is experi
mental, all laws are tentative: that
the.stream of tendency dues indeed
make for liglitPousness, with many t» «'
windings and tnneh doubling back Anrffurci
on its w ij-i 1 ut llwajs flowingon   "'[^^i^
ward from, the darkness to the light  ——
—fiom the uitiott lock in. the K,M
mountain to tiie broad aud infinite!
se* In the tbboirencewhiehgood "* "liootei1
men feel for. crime he sees the nlM-! ^'li'teFI
mite destruction of tnmp in tbe l^1^ i
great Man-God ■ which fornis thej?f^1|d F
ideal of ail religions   be   sees   the   f p
projection of liumauity itself oil f \£ ^e"t\
tie cieen of the tutuie m the fact <,,^B]1 ( ,
that this humanity has ever touched j t' fa*
the level of "Moses, Buddha, Christ, | "'nSmiti «
he sees the possibilities oE the whole IB	
i ice —Mio  K   Ljnn Lmton harim,
lAhEN  Till- CI a
sHARRY M. ADAMS or Hi vli
1 I nv ti-i sfeircd I is nt i
Li |,M tW-iieMM I tun ji
sl met tl-eM-rC i n r«s
11 D   iaion ut W™ t VJuen W
T'T  -t'-toTr-Eii;
t-    KI1ITH,
HKB   1-niTHrract,
XOTICE lh     I \\„    si
h   h I** "'u  ° tlu
•I     U  i,   ihli- II da  oCMuU
jic avA\
t C   e> of J   11
hL.anhrfn  „,&,,£'£
1     nELratJDEST CO tl\\
To «E..nGE CP WPtARTo**,-   or
s hitere*[ In
lm*te<l near
aj   1 i?trlct.
Iteil   IK j       Bb,,fl   a
cral elmni
e       illl tral
ntrtirate ""the
dlL    lo-
\ '" Sill' ™T
I"" tli "
h   tl      ti   f  d    rU   '"b
Slnn-h, 1
N » Uri.ver. H. -T.     T1
»"                                    H.
flh ,tay q(
muscle1- e\ei\ dnj islOOdegieis t alueuheit find a
krip mi Hood (iitulatuif, fieeh (glas^ of watei it thi tiMial tttnj 1
Keep am li\<ts in god woil iii^ atuie uf fioshlj diawn well waloi
oidei keopekiin tin! !o and I e \ii!l itdme the timpiiatim to 7<t
hold! Wc'lmvoil. beatitlfnl body,; (.IpgreoH, ydn'ciirt imngiiie whikt a
iiud iilualbh-tooK Hint will nppeni glaw or \m\ \h\\\U\ vn\] lo n mil
tillill WP.iiiooli, . do to n gyiiuia.s.j.firii(l.of tiny Idntl,
I urn 01 to aphjMpnl ultuii tenitur W)llIlk ,„ ut, |||sl) mv„,
iuul ht umiUsoui     Tt \m11 hi   hi* I -—
*<u pplng fiifn n nn\ wtnld UlUiilmth   In Wtimm* Phisun.1
ww** t illluiQ spinK   phvlnU   nml   wilh
.'Komi* wcnuwiwaiiL- l« be wi-'Uij tovee.when slip mi.vs! - "Tin* fm-l--
■sonio .wftut tii bit wtirmigj all wtilil in tlio followtliu; etm \vi'l*e luiil hi».
to i I-s nntl fill M\ npiliioit in fon mn nctnflj li\ an ncqnnlut
tlint iiuh'Sf ii wnmmi.iH *\vi>il -iiiii|linipci, who win* jiistly Indignant lit
htttmy i-h   in nut liniitiCtil    Umllh 6lio iinwniinnt il f-t u^ ttllt\   htutiii
i fticnlifi limy in Un w
J lintl.-jlitit.inost'people wniit.to tb
jnH«»:Thi\v.|itefl8i\ aiul wnnt'to In
well iit llie siimo time,' Tlu\v tioni-
ihi\|lctw> „n t»ul, nntl thin yn
to IV tin t n b I ih lie t»ti tini, nntl
.well,* List, un IVmbnit tlm wi»ivt"of|
li\ nt, '" * v-hui wi I ine louiiil it
Ul us woiU haul 1 i pulpit tin
timiplo whioh (lot! lm« jiiyei.i in*.
Tqli Mill we mii-«t i t 1 tnlltirtil
fOmlSt bmuqiso ni iniieli is j o-Mibh
ami sloop Burn m iiij,lit lunn,»
o\oiyuii,ht Wo mii^t 1 tne fit-Mi
att^lii mn Hlpepinsimmfaniidiinl
ploutij ol \MltLl Intwun in ils I
dn nop "iidvi)ii.Hi> llu* ilHnkhijj; of
wni i il nfprf i in 11      t\ ti ntlho
ignniiiiut liml iiimsi iullhil\
mul clepiavi 1 lomuHiits \mi h
snfoil hy eovtatn imlivlclimlw.of tin
mule pei-siiHsion, who,, with nil of
tlio'pvikloV faW soK-martost-y nnd
\iihie woie illspnsitl to lit tin \
ers of atones at -a y-ming woman
who lind fnniislied photogmphs ol
luiself m ejmnn-'Hini tt^tntiu hi
HplOfUlQtlOl) iu tins iiiut,i/n»
"I.;Wanttt) atnto vi-slit "lioro tliitt
W.imnvn'H Physical Oi>volo[nnont h
fiwi*. fi'tnn bhesuggesilve, tin* mi—
londiiV) tlio objeebn nabh thttn an\
publitat'oii I 1 now t F < \n (jlln^
none. It ti'iielit'n.truth, «nd truth
iB ptiril.v in every |>h m
"i .un mil tmi'iistniiii.'ir In writiliiL
1 \M
1 \ K    lu
^  I'Mil,
1*^1 M 1 M 1 I   ■^^   M   t
M IH    in t   j *    fi   h
m l<]„   In    1 i   v   h.h«y
lorn l     M mm   ft   i ii
\\^^!    \\   I   \ 1 ioK«    l>ml\
\ini*oi\fi    -setttl     I    w
liaeti   i -jle   \\est 1 (mul M itrii 1st
t   Aertl mull
rinoujl    l 1*1 Ug    l    luio|i   in ull
Attautu- I.itit*
1 itpu 11   Kits (ruin nil |TMHt*>ntl mat
Fori) relit ill i-MIb, Mm.   If   | | f,*, a
It  i nni>ly m
0, U.'OA'RK-STT, AbpiiI S-p« It,   v , THE LEDGE, NEW DEJNVEK, B. C, APRIL 10,1902.
Ninth Yeah
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There has been a great deal of wild
and fantastic talk recently "about "7000
■i[,, .    *■
locations" in Thunder Mountain district
upon all of which gold-bearing rock had
been found. Such wild, careless statements are not new with Thunder Moun-
afterward in hardening or tempering
will remedy the evil. The blast should
be watched to see that thin or exposed
edges of steel do not -jet too much, fire-
In tools carrying 11 cutting edge, finishing cold and hammer hardening is beneficial, c
The Idaho law of inining claini loca-
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Every Friday at Silverton. tf
ML. GRIMMBTT, Ii. Ii. B„ Barrister,
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Branch Office at Now Denver every Saturday.
Signal Lowery's Claim
to come your way by
sending' tlie editor a dollar. It furuUhos a pow
der that leaves no missed
holes, and cannot be
beaten for shattering' the
rock of superstition and
ignorance that covers so
much ofthe bright metal of freedom on this
earth. Dig, while the
thought of puri'haM' is
warming your upper
for extraordinary richness and extent
until last fall just as the winter snows
began to pile up. Up to that time,
aside from the close neighborhood of
the 'original discovery, practically no
locations had been made, and there
were few people in the district. The
consensus of all statements as to the
prospectors in the district, through the
five or six months of winter, would not
make the number average fifty for the
entire period This would 'require to
make the 7000 valid locations that each
of the filty prospectors should make
each day a valid location and sink a
shaft on it 10 feet deep. The mere
statement of such a proposition i*-?, its
refutation as an absurdity, Under the
climatic and physical conditions not a
tenth part of it ia reasonably possible,
and not more than a twentieth part of it
is probable.
A few years ago the Buffalo Hump
excitement  was on.     When,   in   the
spring following the winter of the lirst
rush in of prospectors, the clean-up of
claims was made, some freaks in loca
tions were found that Thunder mountain is very likely  to reproduce this
spring.   As in Thunder Mountain district, the winter snow  in  the Buffalo
Hump country waa deep—18 feet or so
where the mines were.    In making locations, trees projecting above the snow
were blazed and  marked  as location
and corner monuments.    If the tree
was not too big the top was cut off and
the stump was squared down into a corner post.   It happened that a locator
did this in locating a claim late in the
winter on top of 18 feet of snow.    It is|
even reported that he sold it immediately for cash, the buyer going out to
organize a company.   He had a valid
location sure, for he had himself seen
the claim  and  the properly marked
monuments on it.   Later iu the spring,
when the snow had melted down to 10
feet or so of depth, the same location
tree was seen to have another blazing,
marking and. discovery location notice
at the 10-foot snow level, antedating,
by several months, the location notice
described as posted on the tree 18 feet
under this notice naturally took possession of his own location, and to save
trouble topped off the tree just above
his notice.   It is related that he made
a cash sale before the snow disappeared
down to the ground, the purchaser go
ing out of the district with the deed in
his pocket to buy a stamp mill     In his
absence the snow all melted and ou the
same tree-stump, about four feet above
the ground, was disclosed a marking
and notice of location made In the preceding fall, clearly the original location
of tho ground.    The locator who made
this original claim then appearing, resented the attempt to jump his claim,
and to save further trouble topped the
tree stump off about 5 feet from the
ground and sold his location to a com-
cubic feet of earth or rock must be removed. The ordinary shaft, 4x4 feet
and 10 feet deep, or a tunnel 4x4 feet
and 10 feet long, complies with the law.
Sixty days from notice of discovery and
location is allowed for this.
Sinking through excessively wet
ground is made practicable, where the
effort and expense are deemed advis
able, by a set of bore holes being first
made around the proposed site ol the
shaft, two pipes being lowered down
each bore hole, one inside the other, the
outer one being closed nt the bottom
A calcium chloride solution at a temperature of 20" below freezing point C.
pumped down tho inner tube, and rising
in the annular space around it, it extracts heat'froui the surrounding strata
sufficient to freeze water therein, an
icy sheath forming around the outer
tube in each bore hole, the sheaths
growing and coalescing into a ring of
frozen matter, impervious to water,
encircling the iute of the shaft, sinking
then going on in that gigantic cylinder
of ice-bound rock. When the waterlogged strata are. passed through, an
iron lining is built up inside and the
icy envelope allowed to thaw.
IN    THK   tiAUDKi-VU.
froutLake Topic
A four-foot lead showing free gold is
reported to have been struck oil the
Steve-Namon on Lexington mountain,
near Comaplix, by Owen Rowland and
\V. Hamilton is applying for a license
to open a hotel at Comaplix.
A deal is on for the Horseshoe, on
Trout creek, and it is said the property
will go to American copitalists.
There is upwards of 1000 tons in the
ore sheds recently completed for tho
Silver Cup and Nettie L mines, at the
The site has been selected for the
hospital to be built at Trout Lake City.
It is on the Piper property across the
mouth of Lardeau creek near the lake
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Brewers ot Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
R.REISTERER& CO., Nelson, B.C.
The Kennedy, Amariora county, is
the tloopt'Bt Cftliforniii mino shaft—2550
foot vertical.
A imiMc ini'li nf water ovfl|inrnto<l at
atmospheric pri'ssiire will inakw a cubic
fOOt of Htl'lllll.
It is reported that the New C.iledonia
and Sudbury nickel mines have heen
consolidated into one ownership. This
makes a practical monopoly of the (supply, and as the prosident of the United
States Steel Co. is reported to be the
organizer of the consolidation, it probably anticipates ultimate absorption by
that company, it may be assumed that
the sale price of the metal will ho kept
where it is if not increased. Tho owners of nickel claimr. should find In this
situation much encouragement to the
development of their properties.
Here is the way a certain youiiff man
of the town Bizes up his <jlrl: "There
is a kindness in her gladness when sheV
uliul—there is fadrioss in her siidnoss
when she's sad; but tho gladness of her
irlailncsK nor the sadness of her sndnens
is nothing to'her madness when she's
mad "—Ex.
All the
latest mixes
in Spring
at the Nelson
Hotel Bar
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B. C.
Stolen at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
Roisterer & Vaughan
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
R. T. Lowery
New Denver, [1. C
He\turo*t KxMiiliiiiuioii* huh Maimgo-;
ment. 1
NEW DENVER.   -   B,
m    -^_ £ ^   |«mll) A I'ommtrclat
It is estimated tliat |!Hi,o-M,iX>» repre-
units the investment in machinery in
the gold mines of South Africa.
The co>it of sinking a three-coin part*
ment shaft ~\'2o feel in and'aronml
Hutu*.. Mont , varies from fio to 8-2i> per
TUm 'levi,i!i.i[iiniiiit. nf u mine In e\.*
pi ii.'itioii. The -!"|iiii;* ami working of
n uiiiip after it is tlovi-lojicil   I*;  exploit-
With Illl feet fall Wl ctlb'e feet of
wilier per minute would give, with a
gmid water wheel, a praiticiil elllcii'iuy
nl about **< II. P A -'Much pi|x* would
i-iu'l'v tin- water l-!*** feet wilh a head
1 i»* nf ub'iut \! per ci'lil,
If lh" »hnnk« to machine drill** crys.
nili/e and break, heat  the sliiink to low1
id I heat ttiei diver fiuin the ttir in n«henj
ni .li-. -pii)il to anneal. •  :
Tin*   ii'iipi'ivni •   nf  the («r#at   I'all*.,'
| M.'nil , -Muffler, the Mining nnd  Scienj
C*   ' title Pre** -.-iv»,  U beemiio the (treat
*. i l
j N'lirlheru   railwiu   will  change   from |
''treat Palls to the Canadian  Hue frmuj
luiniw lo l»iu.nl jMtig<\ when the miiel-j
iri H,.. nel •■*•« i .iiinui/iu ,-n-n, it tt'.jii
in1 11'iiu t.p' .n,u t* -ui i ^ ..ui Mii.iHit nil it j
Jul »ti'4||| i
Uiifii   •(i,ii|.'inii„*    .null    leiiiperln^j
drill*, leave tlie -et-s on the lorge until]
.!'.        ,..     'P.*i.     *..-*       T *      In-*,l     Till-     I*It-
»-li'-'iv. i-i'il.  Inil   u»it   !Ue   buily    ui llie
»tf-\   -l,|. II. i ie.Hl H.lln-1. U1.lt ilp^ j. to it it
■fcvly KOOniS J *l--\», then mil, IfUviltg he;U enough ill
"jm* lh>* '■■ iv ni th" drilU lo toughen the
T^ i hit* ov Marling '-t'liiKi' t" »how color
FiftH Witll   f*V*»rV IllHei-n In,,, !, r.il..r l.v mubos in *Fnrk tnb,
convcnitjiwe.  Spec-iui protee t   h^uii* t»t tmimg k in it* w*y,
tion i»"amsi tiro.  U»t<»-H^2.ft<»],»'l^,'''*»,,kli",a,il,i *** l*"*u"- u haui-n
oinljiierilav «ninr; r'lte nnd «;mf.'-nniiy in th« Ap-
Him ?*i \n I '■<■} ■ ^ j,li,i»i'..'.n ..f '.-vt ».. *!.«• t\r*i u.*t*m-e h
C>CKl,H A  P\PWORTH.     ' vi-i-v   .-.*.*uti*»».     <h.ulif the  -tee!  h*
Proprl»tor> ' •m-ilt'-i-Hfd  r    liii<   ..H-nilion  nu rari-
Seeds, Trees,
"RlllVkC fw FhII or Sprln«
XJIUUO Planting.
OataloKue Free.
Jm'.i WYatniliiNtur ll«ml. Vaiu'imvt-r, II. (,'
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Buy Your Fancy
I'u nml (rum Kiii'ii|n'iiii |iiiliit*- vlu t'piiipuli.ii
nml AiiiiTH-iiti lliii.n      A|i|ily   fur woliiiir il»ti*»
MUM, tlcki'it Ami  lull iii'iiriiiniinii  I" miy •'.
H> .im-iil ..i
II   II. li.AKRXT'l,
*'. I*. it, Aut'iit, Si'«- ll<*livti
tv i*. v, t'liiiiiiiiiiin, it. *i, *., Am,, who,iin*.!
and Provisions from tlie
Wm. Hunter Co.,umited.
Stores at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
llaiiluur Hiiri Puck in k to Mines,
and tfonenil local biiHiiioss.
New llnntur, II, V,,
General Draylng: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Om- MajffrHKe wagotm meet till .Sunday traini.
Saddle Horses and Pack «.ivun.
Feed Htnble» nt New IXutver.
U   W. (JHIMMK'IT, ijr.ui.1......
i-iit .It'll i
lu. nt f..i l'inn.Hup K -»l ik t '• i
siMiuS. II   i
]>l i. lull
«nhoj<i.u. Vauwh
■"■•'"'  I'lM   V til)   U |„
lll-l Illl,.
<U'|{ CoijsKT DKPAHT-
MKXT  IS  |'l».TO.|iATK
IN   Al.l. STYI.KS  AXIi
*  L
iiiiich, iiiMiK     Xew i*esvhu»
'.ii!i. M .iH'r^..i[ii.«r i.itit
. l.v mall m*»-lv.-t.f,Hiii.t *it»nt|or»      (
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought l
Ml" lillli -Hi.,   I>fn*v«-r, t'nli» ,w
i #
2 WADDSBftOa;  I
# PMOTOCtWAI»NC«8        >   <I
tV«NCOUWC« — NCUION. ■ c. #   . _
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
T oH1Pc,     Spring     ChirtWiictc
L'tiviiVk?   End Surfimcr ^i'-i** i < < ni*?i^?
Latest New York Styles
Choice Line of Latest and Most! ashionable Millinery, .md Dressmaking:
Wiiitt-iuul Colori'-l Khw n»; I limit if*, Miinliuii, P#rtiiU-i«, fiijjaiiiluw, ami lUti»(tw. Hi"« <»iir Liulicii himI
< liiMifit'w fi.li.rcil wiit>ii drtntM^* o((>r«»ii Linen. I-'hwih, I'iiiih-h, '/., phyr*, < »r«-*iHHet» 4ini Umiiiii-ii. \Vo
iiiviti- im raily iimpixtiuii whiln you cmi gut H ^or.il *fli*ctioii in nil Axe* from M to U b\M     Prici*** vi«rv,tinv.
Spiil.K A<•-KN i:*. H»H
it ut. unror.n* itrcKtvp. wkmii. ,iTTi<'yrm\-
Fred. Irvine & Co.,


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