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The Ledge Jul 25, 1901

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—     y\ )
Volume VIII.   No   43.
NEW DENVER, B.C., JULY 25, 1901.
Price, §2.00 Year ADV'ANNCK
c£*. .-,*
Sen*3^ N^Vs Float
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps 83
that are Talked About
zi hdz
L. Alexander and wife are visiting
in Kaslo...
Harmony seems to have pinched out
in the Sandon council.
Several jag mills in Kaslo and Sandon
have gone out of business,
TouriBts and capitalist!' are becoming*
more plentiful in the Slocan.
Harry Hewer is laid up with a badly
cut foot in the Slocan Hospital.
After a lingering illness James Williamson died in Sandon on Tuesday.
The advantages of Slocan lake as a
smelter point is attracting much attention.
The annual assessment upon many
huckleberry claims around these parts
is being done this week,
—J filra-DRlyhwrgone-to -K-a«lo-«8-«c-
countant for the Rambler. ThiB reduces the sunlight in Sandon.
Service in the Methodist church will
7bo held Sunday evening at 7:80 o'clock,
Rev. A. B. Roberts officiating.
The non-building of the Red Mountain wagon road retards the working of
many promising claims on  Eight Mile.
L. ll. Briggs and wife are visiting
friends in the. Slocan. Briggs built the
lirst cabin in Silverton, but now lives
in California
Thc, Kelly Merry Makers gave one. of
their popular entertainments in Bosun
Hall Tuesday evening to a very appreciative audience.
Nat hi are easily procured in New
Denver. If you can dig up a small
piece of silver John Williams will supply
thc soap, water and towels.
Work on the Silver Mountain road is
being pushed us thouuh it was the in-
icntion to llnt«li it this timet. Sandy
McKay and D.J Weir are the inspirations that im-rciitm the ambition <d ihe
men The Hartney company will coin,
plete the load to the mine Iron, where
the tfiivcrnmeiit appropriation takes it.
line minbi travel ihe wide world mv.t
Mini view the setting -miii  from h limit--
The apex of the ledge on Rabbit Paw
lias been cut. This property adjoins
the Slocan Star.
I'he Golden Nugget group, on Woodbury creek, is to have $10,000 expended
on it this summer.
The True Rlue, at Kaslo, has been
surveyed and extensive development
work is to be, carried on.
About $35,000 has already been expended in developing the Pontiae and
Tecurnseh, on Woodbury creek
The Lucky Jim, in the. Lardeau, is
reported bonded for 850,000. It is
principally owned by Sandon men.
Prospectors should turn their attention to the development of dry ore
claims on Goat Mountain and Wilson
Jack Gray, formerly land agent for
the K. & S., has charge of the engineer*.
Ouienica country.
Sixty men are working at the Rambler, and 20 tons of ore a day are being
shipped, It is stated that the Rambler
company will buy the Washington mill
Tlio ore that is being taken out in tin*
drift on the Capella, Goat Mountain, is
being packed to the Sidinp station for
shipment. In the neighborhood of noo
sacks are down.
A prospecting party went up Wilson
Creek this week to slake .some more of
the bit. things that are found there each
year. When a railroad is built up this
creek from Rosebery these properties
will be made into heavy shippers. The
ore is there, but is of low Hrnde, «"d
must have belter transportation facil
ities before a camp can be established
i. a it no  noisi.s.
in thc ■"iii-inus iind valuable products of
Kont.'iiay. Mi*. Adams' collection of
far-*, especially of 'near skins, contains
some particularly beautiful and unique
specimen'*! of bruin's winter coat During the season just closed the lollnwing
ueiitle.inen have contributed to the
number of bear skins brought in: N.
O'Brien, three silver tips, three, brown
and two black: II Stevens, two black
and one brown; s,|I from the head of
Goat Creel-; Dan Towney, Joe Warner,
each got a black one, frooi Howser;
Frank Townseinl and -J. Jackson secured iu all six hlac.k. one, brown and
one silver tip from-.Bear Traps and East
Creeks, on the Duncan; Frank Hanson
shot a Irti-'j-e black one at the Montezuma mine: W. F. Fisk aud J. Renter got
a black and a brown one on the South
Fork of Kaslo; Dan Rice killed a large
black one on the Nulford Star claim.
L. A. Lemon and F. Walker nabbed
three black ami three brown on Fry
creek; J. Nicholson, one silver tip at
Bear Lake, and J. Otto aud W. White
secured two black bears on Hammil
creek T. Adams did not go so far
alield but killed a large black one on
Kaslo mountain within sight of the
Adams House. Among manv other
skins may lie mentioned that of a coyote
and three lynx, also secured on Kaslo
mountain bv Gu.*. Adams and W. Fisk.
Kroai ii ('nrri'*|ioiiili'iii.
Opposition is the life of trade, lu!
this case opposition is jotting the best j
of it. TheC. I'. It, ollicers arc certainly j
not to blame, fur inure obliging ;u,i| i
pushing fellows never maniieil a ship |
But there is a "nigger in the fi uce'|
somewhere, a*, the K. .-* S nr.-handling (
all (he (-.instruction  Height and passeii- i
ami points al one time,  but  thc sc< j _ers hu the A. .-i K. railway wm I-,. Not j
i.mill tint Miirpu-i-i in grandeur thai like the energetic lookoiit-for-iuisiness i
which wni to be seen from New Deliver Style of th.* C. I* IS. However, thej
Monday evening bet aeon 7 and 8 _t-od work noes on mul is a mystery to |
o'clock It was supremely grand t nine j .ili-eVcn llie K. »*i S, theuiM'lvcis
\\\0 ■!-. in plltfrini'- behind flu* brush i Mul the C P. I! have an eve to hnui-,
and |.ahilt if you are *i'el*iii<>- inspirit | nets in other r.-»pi-rt«t our old govern I
tioiw that will lift vmir att'stic souls up 1 ineni trail into and out ni  Hie l,aidn is,
unto the ceiling of the  soveiith heaven, | a thing of the p.i«t.    Thee pany hav.* i
I ii'ili/.ed tlie trail loi-ntioli f«.r the rail-;
•wav location, an.I are not HkcIv to.
I open upauolher mad for pinspivtois to!
j gel II. Hilil "Hit, il l||e   iroveilllili lit   doe-'
'■■ nut pu»h tbe mailer,     We want a trail
operations   lids i and nitiM b • »'■• i' at miv cn-t.
Dink*, and ttharves ai   Lardo  ms.ii*
ho nt interest lo   Hie   II, I     unV.-rii u!
if il-,.--,   |.:.i^i-i|  At.- "i.r  'i, ''*''*       I .p.-
de. l:n_* nf tin-oh*   wharf,   which   inn*'
I.   ,,,-,. ...   .I...   ,.,,...,'-!     ■■   •   ,"    -.-    f..,.....\       I
__..,tie       M'li.'i-.. i- in In-   i-t.'lv   (ulliid   .oi*
Ia  ri|i|llll itl_' nt som.'     >l  Lai'tn* mii.t, '
haul*      It i* th •   -.•eiieia!   ••tn'ii-.t.   it, r
TTTelniiienils arcrwoTthy"<^"nTuch more"
than a passing notice, containing a collection that is certaiiiiv a grand demon
stration of the mineral wealth of Kootenay, and can be most highly recommended to prospectors and others having mineral properties with showings
worthy to h<> exploited. Mr. Adams
takes great pride in keeping his c illec-
tions all nic.-ly labelled and arranged to
the best advaiita_c. and is most obliging in sin.wing and explaining the origin of the many curious articles which
he has gathered Birds and boa is,
martin, skunk, lynx, ami stuffed specimens in profusion adorn the tops of tin*
cabinets and walls of the different
rooms. Instead of the usual wall paper
immense fur robes are stretched on the
walls and must lie seen to bo appreciated. An object of specially attractive qualities i». that of a stuffed mountain goat, which certainly is a beauty,
and is much admired by all wlm have
met tins timid animal in its natural stir.
piiunditiu- Messrs Adams have demonstrated in tlie in-»rit critical iiii-uirer
the siijierioi i'v ni Ka-'o as a central ..ml
successful pniiii liiiiii which to ciindiici
Minit of all kinds, the iNhiinjaiiviintay-cs
lia\ ilig    be.-li    Moved     limes    with.Hit
SIIK'AV   OKI:   *lli I'M i;\ IS.
The total am.unit "I ore shipped tnuii
tlie Slocan and >!"caii City 111ii■ i!• >.:
divisions for the tear I'l'M wa». appmv
Ami' .l.too.u i   1
iln' shipments   have
""■ "•""•" •""" "s""r,,"io" h«*i y&m^m^w^%^w&WR2ftM£&$%
- o
At present the greatest distance over
which electrical power is being transmitted by wire is 85 miles, being carried
from a waterfall at Redlands, Cal , to
the city of Los Angeles to run a. street
railway, to light the city aiuPto furnish
power for several municipal undertakings. The plant was set up iu 1897 It
has a capacity of 400 horse power and
33,0on volts. " •
Mineral Industry gives the following
figures as the, production of gold and
silver in the United States for 1900:
Colorado, S28,7li2,03'-t: California, „Slo,.
050,000: Alaska, $7,531,885; South Dakota, §0,0-25.000; Montana. S5,L50,000:
Utah, 84,140,000: Arizona, 8*2.725,000;
Idaho, $'2,067,000; Nevada, S2,023,808;
Oregon, 81,640,000: Washington, 8800,-
(XX); New Mexico, S750.000; Southern
States, 8230,000: other States, §(55,000.
Mine water is ordinarily objectionable
for feeding boilers because it is likely
to contain acids and sulphates destructive in their action. Sulphate of lime
forms, occasioning scale; corrosion or
pitting below the -vater line is primarily
caused hy the action of a free acid. The
re-agent for ammonium sulphide is, approximately, bicarbonate of soda. Sulphate of copper will produce complete
ium and sulphide of copper.
■Float Frdiri Nelson
^Interesting Budget of News and Comment From'
^ the Smelter City.
?^M^m^&>5 &£? g#2 SBafegasa^fz^s
An alarming incident occurred in
Nelson last week. A furnished house,
with bath, hot water and all modern
conveniences, to say nothing of the
piano, was let for ten dollars a month,
and there is panic among the landlords,
who, notwithstanding the fact that
there are numerous vacant houses ou
every street, have resolutely combined
to keep rents up to a prohibitive figure,
with the result that desirable tenants
are driven into shacks while desirable
properties remain a drug in the real
estate market. With such a precedent
to encourage them tenants will begin
to demand a reduction in rent and the
shackers will begin to dream of a habitation and a name among the fashionable fraternity of the city.
Other snaps in houses have been
secured by the few families who have
been daring enough to take up house-
where the Sisterhood of Sin once had its
l'he. amount of capital invested in  quarters.   Those houses, though most
electrical enterprises in the United
States today may be estimated at about
$4 000,000,000, of which about $1,200,-
o0:>,000 represents the electric lighting
industry, 81,800,000,000 the electric railways, ami 8150,000,000 electrical manufacturing plants, lu nearly every case
these investments have been increasing
from year to year in au almost incredi
!>le ratio The number of persons employed in electrical works of all kinds
in the United States is estimated to be
more than half a million.
Among wants ot the mining industry
at the present time is  a   process  or
<*Uir t>    MI>Klt.%l.   H.Ot.1
being wicked al the Wishin/
R.-i-ii   retime
il 1:
I   IH'     I
The Whitewater i>-"hipptn- •*»*> '">«*
tn I tail
The Hewitt mine ha» over !•» men on
the p„vr<dl
It. I', Uilhet look .( l-'lv at tin' Ail;i.»
ton h**! -Acek
I'lu* buil'liug" at the M.nlH'r m' in»t
about coiopleled
\n <i«hi*«• building i* b.-in. ei.-ti.-l *»i
the Amei iiHi l<*iv.
Thc mncMnerv iw *«*iii*r inMaU.d a",
thc Enterprise '»«H.
Frank IM.-'; hi* >»•' 'n jf^und ■•'•nn-Hig
the Hone, on !.<*mon creek
Jl JS ITjiOrll'll llllll  llie  '»  iKijo.'.o    '...ii
rMHttnioiX'ralioii* In August
A»»di-tineut work hai improved thc
Black I'rlncc Kroiif), near Sprouhv.        ,,..,.,   	
Work   ha**   heen   rcitim***!  on  the j i* ib'ui.h! that l>> th* time tt,*- puuihiit
l.ntlntbAn, new** th# Ukc fr<»m  K-»*ili»,f holiday* m<* »>ver our liille  <m«*« uinv
mill i
e   mini.■ *i
i'oini'l  it
i (*•■
tho-e « ho to!''
pill  ll ill  ..line repnii  ,'|.
III.' lilile i* *   «s!  Uh -ii
,nl«.i»s it .a i.i j'!1.,' -'ni,;.
Ill   M     ll' PUP       lit'.. '   '..
UlMlillg *'.   Hi*     *   -     I'
MA.'** J. 'iju.ii""■■"' '"'i ■'' 'Xr " : .A. " '■ "''■■'"
HCat'.'-st lioivi, Jtlel ll iIm-* I'mlM 1...
!al'.!t-l «' (".»-• -.Id '!"«-L Hi*", .'.nll-1 .>•>. < •
the «ic..r.-.i Uiiti-I hi ten y.M'<ls \i,'iil,
Al! iint-i-s-fst-P"! *»r«* ^Iftsj-il t«» krii-'i
thai Ihe lillliistei of edlHilttoti Is tlklis.'
steps j«i«*«l_b|ish 9 •M-liif-l Ul I,;tl.|.i.     11
I'llill.'lt. •', ..I
■if    to
tO      JlllV      .'!',
'i.-eo .(-■ i • 1 ■
<i -:
fit in   . ,
l.it.1 Ctliiir.-.
SI »   ,1, S!   ,
lli.il.i   .      ...
In .11-   .   i   It
1', , '      | l .
^. ,,. i, ■,.   .
tt ., .  -.-it .1
li -i
til,.   .-   ••!•
In   , 1 ,.    :.;
;l ,'- 1. t
l-.l- p, I'l
...   ..,'.   ii,i
-,|.   i Hi   .
. i,-   ri.,
II   .! V.   .
\   .!    1    .
1,1.1, , i,   It.   -      ,
V.     .C   .      ....
desirable in every way, have been
vacant for nearly a year on account of
the peculiar prejudice that existed in
the minds of the male population concerning them. Not even a rent cut in
:wo would induce husbands and brothers
to permit their women folk to occupy
the tainted dwellings until Time and
the ,'Kalsouiiner had purged them of
the memory of their past iniquity.
A number of Nelson men and women
appear to be engaged in the reprehensible work of demonstrating that marriage is a failure. There is the man
I'laiiiptilation by which petroleum can J whose wife skipped out with his cash,
he applied lo produce iron aud steel j with which, it is said, she purchased
direct from the ores cheaper than ia j back the discarded affections of 1ms-
nossible by the use of coke Petroleum I hand number one, whom she had di-
s already being successfully ami eco j vorce.) in order to marry the Nelson
■mmicnlly used in ore roasting, in j man; and there is that other man whose
•lyritic smelting and in rcinelting pig j wife went a .vay on a visit of indefinite
iron I'm-ca si ing i length, and who. returning nuexpect-
The mines at l.auriun in (Jreece; ''dly one Saturday night, found hoi
cum- an ore rich iu lead, zinc and!; place in tin- conjugal couch tilled bv
silver. Tin-time of their greatest pro- j another. With proper dignity she .le
duct ion was about .MV i H C, when tin*.! i-urtcd on tho iioxl hnat, nud it is prob
population of the district was in excess! able that a divorce suit will result
of '_<V MO.   The yield of silver at  that; Some men got int.. thut kind
time was so great as to make Athens of trouble when "the Missus" is away,
.he richest city of the time The ralini'ind nthon* only _et drunk Moral:
of value at tliat period between gold I Wive- stay al botne ami keep the
.mil silver was as 1 to ll Two Inui- i straight jacket mi these lorilu of crea-
<iied years later, when the production ) Imu
Iris ..Hte-illlv doelino.l. the rafin  stood   1» ""■"
It was the same polished gentleman
who later on delivered himself of the
following wail: "How 'umiliating it is
to be. obliged to dine at the same table
with oflice men and clerks and other
common fellows There weally ought
to be a separate dining room for gentlemen." If he can afford it. this gentleman might have his meals sent to hie
room, unless indeed his landlord proves
enterprising enough to set up a specia1
table for fools.
The English victims of arsenic poison in beer now number more than
115 dead and more than 1000 ill. The
area affected is confined within a
hundred mile radius from Manchester, but the panic among beer drinkers
has spread almost throughout  the
Whole  country. Tt Iias~T)een  com
pletely established that the ca vise of
die poisoning ifi arsenic in the * ol-
phuric acid used in the manufacture
of glucose which the English brewers
employ in the place of malt and hops
in making cheap beer. The poison
has thus far been traced to only one
establishment, which supplied glncose
sugar to several brewers in the Midlands and the north. An uualysis
shows that some beers sold in salooni
contain arsenic sullictent easily to
kill any persistent drinkor, as much
as one-sixth of a grain being found
in a pint. The fact that arsenic is a
cumulative poison makes it more
dangerous. — Populnr Science.
('niilitn'l l,usi. Him.
T '..1
....    V-'i
to I'l
A wjie )•.■■•(' i- jur' like .-.Hy <.ih<-i-
iii.n liiiie; it need*, care and lubrication,
! hi- hitler is impoi ant: a- a lubricant
ii ih-.-'I* to pen.<iratc ,di ihe wir.—, as ,.
preservative it must be flee ll'i'io acids
and inn.i prevent ru*.t, u» a pi'.'leclioii
ii   should   liiru    liipiids
IMIiMOll        !.ill-.l'."l
:i.tii,g   liibrie.it!':
ai i'I
i' ei"
• i\'i*.
11 . i
MS   t',
'■I  I'll'. -Hill llllll   van ,e.   j
;.,•■   c.iniit...i,«
IK'    ll.-.'     II,i'l.
-.1*. i ii-'    ii"!   i
,-p   i!  'I ,  k.'i |iin;    >
"oil, tut ,1'l'Hn-
■; .-'* Ule:      t i '■' '
,- iubri.'itt.t i- !»\
t■ -.>   >i.iii ii   (■ •
nil    i>    lint    ,1   good
i    it.'ll.'i   at'.,•!.•   is
• •il ,'llid  inn i   ,i\ie
'I'opol ami*   ■ ■   -Hit
Tie-  tar  .tod  ..il
.'IClii        l'i eo   le i'l-™,
.'till...    tin     pip.-.,
il-* i!." p .Ale,   -l.i'.l.
il..*  "I-   ... 1
-"'   tier   reii!.   to
' •',   -■ilVi  it','   ;>,.', l'i ■
I     -lll.'lll,    s(..i|||\
11 O'n        Ui       ,i       ,,l,"
The love affair*, of little Kn-ign Leu-
ter. loiiiii-rlv the popular iiiiiini_'er ol
Salvation Army affairs here, ought to
make iiitei'otiug rcadln; for ihe mini
.•rutin »wuin who «t that time were
willing lo embrace religion real hat.) if
it also took in tbe fi-seinming lit tit*
Yankee Miss l.e»ler tinned up al
lii'vel-tol..' shortly after leavin_ lore
and then- die eoliiliiitted mall iltlnii V.
up act of which, it i-. sitid, -be ha« since
|i-j'Cli1ed   i onli.lllv.     Ill    lii-i    im n   i-pio
h's-ion iniiile twi> w■■<■!.- utter lur  mar
,    ,   ..     .1 I    ..„    f ,,        ll..,.,        I.     ...
it was late, and getting later.
However, that did not stop tho
-ound of inttHli'd voices in the parlor.
Meantime the gas meter worked,
The pater endured if, as long as Im
•ould and then resolved on heroic
"Phyllis,'' he called from the head
ol the stairs, "has the inurniiig paper
I*.line yet?"
"No, sir," replied the tiimiy man
on the Daily Hugle, "we arc holding
ilie (onus lor an iniimrtniit (liM'ision,"
And the patei* went back to bed
wondering if thev wmihl keep hotim**.
or live with biin.
||, I    ll,   ,p,.l   I  I,l|i,,
face   is   nn
• i ii.i-i..   -.I  i.
i * ■ ■ • ' -    '
maiit miles ton _•!>.
ni i .!«.'irlt and «dn
,li,'i,  I|.''l'irU'.'lll . . '
.,c  I,
:«*»--     -..".|.l
• ■I lor ber.
h.v.-d    'ii
.lie   "I   llie
lie loved
e   unci,"
"It is tin ei'iiiie   I.i   In-   j.'«>l*,
llieiileu h.i' dearest eliiim.
(..Ill    I.l I ss    M,[
iti:\t'*iirrt. i.iivr.,
't r.: ii.
Il-i ■
(, V.
T'.(.t(•.!'.« .      . .   .'":
neir.St'K   AMI   MI.MNII.
if m
1:   • •   '. '"il.-. ,»»..
» Im Ii III.   W.-llit if   .
I-'    1   ■•  .1 ( ,,     'i ■    .'•
, . i    ■. ii' pp Iln- -    i
I.i..-   In., i. II On  "i
4     ,-   '!,-   II.ti* i. *|iil
"-' in v. nr <l.-4i •'-.'
H ..,.'-.fi>l«>•-. * Hi'.i
■ •■■ ir (n in.
|     ,'    'li Sin- »r.«illi '
! ll.'   W.I.IU f'-uUl.l if
Thit *»Mintn«*r «»n*i<Wiibii«; work it
W.Ukx *bnm till vUtui: arinii'd M-k f.i>."
Elp«rim«nt-t with  Brown-   MiwtAl
Tiuitr Art ttcing f<:*n'.!ufJ#*'l a- t?p*- Ia*x
h*vc »be   Uu inui'
ior -Hijiiinuo   ,U1
p.. '(tiiiir, -l(.«r- .i, m(«I \.ai wmi
. Ud . will. ji» »rr  »'*. «.*• in* Iij/iI  |,,
•.  * iwji I )»it, t, th, i |jm|> .lirii..
, p( I' in'., f ami ii ii«\ii,.- ii.tinl in nOii,
•ifal Mnd! murr .Im. i . u.«
.:.!■ 'j mfiaiMi. Ua.p.     :'' ,!'!,' aiiil I,,
%   ri**V.   lOM.KITIll-v.
More us .hs<-.ivery, in •**•<. the Home
• f.iffp- iiifn.' '<! Sitritfi i,>ft).*^'t b**> [niA in
dividend* a (.'•(•! r#l HU,Vxi,',i*).
  T*.-* p#-riio(>aUr« ot Hin-iwvttan «n.l
Avi*iltotU«Ad4iiwRrolheism,l.euiu   r»rtlier India arc s*fd to tic vetv rich   *"t (*""»•?• "*■•'  Hin,rpwl..r.i.m.*-
tvnaKul lo**'. until iV.*U. »h»U i«ii.
r    tp- tfy,t» fit h»« .»*..(l ^ ^,«»»'„ .« **--• -
ritimitttj mt l»,»0»,'i>t ton*, -ill o( «i*    j, „„,„... ,iV4l ,r, .,„,„*„,»».«»,ft.
i..'i<'j,i.-«..I*«i»m,ifc». «r.,f(.| i*.»t »r..tiw
' *,:.4 tita.-s etirt mlih },i- mO of »•>* tr.
ii. and -he ui- a*diaiiicil in walk
i mo-- tt ilb hltll Hi ii . tturkil.j- 'lollies;
•il''  H .is ,| i tilel "i   (.ml,   Hlel    s. Ill-    11 ill Ol
i.-.'. ue ij-iue -Use 'ii to* m i epmin'c »•« tin
ticit paituil (alhce, All tin* (lie '.>n»<iji.
.s.i v. A«> ii...H, u 1'ieii'ii .o .• *.-■'..i.ii.i.-o.
wlncii iimy or nm\ imt lie temporal >.
\ funny ibii-g •K*«,itii'<"l ;tt a i.'.*-nt
•li.iiii-r given l.v li.<- Lot if ..f ihe \i ls.ii
' bib. A local architect was one of ihe
.Hints While y.-t perfectly sober be
f.ii.-irk(».l: "S*> , boys, i|jd you know
Tfi.tr .I.-m-I. (iibson nifires t., be th* n*>w
|i.i*t*niA»t-h.v iaif, weally, bill |p
a-'»|.i(i p')'( '••'I! iit.\;0, ico-ii'i. Mi^t (*.*, '
|«.iiillinlil      K is Im kin," in the cilltiiMh ;
-, no • ii. |. :■ .i •   ' le
It'll  I Ii o i   i.. \ ■ i  in'
It.'!..:.   ,!;■'.   Id
Th    ',,■'.    ■'        :.
Wi;',,     'tii ii '..!■!
i'P.I     t P|.»*     S     ".   14   ll     I
II-' .'I.,*.-  •!! •"" it"i I'm-, and
ii p ! '        i ',,'■•.
I II it  s.'i'lll-   !•> Ml.    I  s.n'l    d |,ill.,.,.',
V\ ud r< ti n n, i i'iiji.is....in ■!
,\'.b'.iii'i "lie  diotti tiniii ''i'!it(-,",s .
dju.'iiitls bill ii'.l.lt  i.tshiiiin il,
II MtV, In i oim-s an bum -t i.,r, .
A ti.i.1 tint s ii.uiid and • heirbi!.
f'   'II'       'lie  Smr,|i    (,.   »,i..   fiVli-i
An-I smithes the wt-.tk and te.trhii.
lot 11 On- p. it i bis n1' tbe rats
!t -•i-«K*A>,!b -tib'b' utifltou,
And in tour tuart <>f hr.tit .•|i{n-.ir<.
T.i work its ^*« tcijiij. fun. Imti;
A *ifclw»«at-M 34• t*n*ot «rr w_t mtdr At Ui«  AiU.ut   linn***  i.cre, t*v» thit iinoal    The production during lfMJO I*
to the W.rerelt -»m<»lti*r tliW w«*k from  K*«lo   Kr»«#*it-itn. i<   w«b   wo*th the
tli« Marion. < -*htl* ft' nnyme* -rbo i-> nt mil »rit*»n--«t»»rt return fjunlitr.    I he hrtin-* .l*»rnanrt t«
*n.e«*-«iv   for *uch   *   i-otition "   Mr
(fiihton *«}# he i*. tnking l<m<«ori-« ir  the; And all dnt bm** with pl.-.ismg s..nj'
j rcjiiinil **culln«h    Irom »h# fpi«lilie.t      ll ""»<'•'*• ««•«'■*>*■
mlu jut*. #>V|*c(s {., Ih' lu'lly nu*ku<\l
-t rink I. Msnluft.; bt ibt* loin- tin- \*t*\. ollke U hlliU.
I'm »",'**• !".<» !t.'lMi,»t«  h»»-*f"  •»'•'.''•,   «•.»«'.»!,;,«
Tb it*. !o!d,"i ,,m! ■>-,% ...«.••.{ bb-sn vnu.'
—• t'.ujfrn- l*n*bl. \
THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, 13. (J.. JULY 25.  1901.
Eighth Yeap.
Jap as we float back to the sea.
We will do the best we can. even
if we can not get away from the
canners can. when Ed Bremner
can get the can ners to can us according to the latest mode of canning in this beautiful Canada. Of
canniferous canni vers.
Thb Lkdoe I* two dollars a year in advance. When not so puid it is $2.50 to parties worthy ol credit,. Legnl n.lvertislii-* Id c«nts n
nonpariel line first insertion, ami 5 cents a line eiifh snlise.iuent insertion. R-wdini* notices 25 cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: The LedGK is located at NewDenver. B. C. and can be traced to ninny parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be ou the riitht side of overythini* and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stoon the test of time, ami nn ever-increasing paystreak is proof that it is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of Job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but do not, nut the bull do-* on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of tlie noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer: he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but. gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscriii-
tlon is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
THURSDAY,   JULY 25, 1901.
The Liquor License Act of this
province needs plugging. There
are several holes in it.
t i
is more justified than the .present j is with a paper. Strangers judge
one of the C.l'.K. section men, and a town and district by the news-
it is surprising that the officials papers published within their con-
can not- see it. ' fines, if they are up to date the
Lowery's Claini came out iast "npression   is favorable.
Feed your
thoughts and
time to backbite your neighbor
soul    with    great
you  will have no
The Slocan needs a smelter on
the shores ofv its beautiful lake,
within easy touch of the dry and
*wet ore belts.	
Prospectors would do well to
turn their attention towards the
development of the many dry ore
claims in the Slocan.
"™The man^l^payFKil"MFeriiF
tion to a newspaper promptly is a
jewel who should wear wings when
he jumps off the earthly trailtE!p'
week for the second time and met
with a warm reception. At one
place, Slocan City, one man bought
all the copies he could and destroyed them. For financial reasons
we would that the world was full
of such men. but in the cause of
freedom we trust that he is the last
bigot in the bunch.
In the Southern States an organization composed of negroes, formed
for the purpose of committing murders, has been broken up. The
society was known as The Church
of the Living God, and the leaders
were adepts at quoting scripture.
They probably took the authority
for their hellish deeds from some
of the books of tlie Old Testament.
Capitalists in search  Of smelter
If not,
the effect is much the same as can
be produced by looking at a tram])
who says he represents such and
such a community. AVhen the
people get more sense there will be
fewer and better papers in this
glorious country of strikes, hard
times and golden future.
Many editors write such a poor
hand that it is almost unreadable.
We had the complaint years ago,
but have recovered. At one time
a Chinaman picked up a piece of
our copy and started to dance, and
shouting, "A lette Horn home."
Horace (ireeley was probably the
worst penman in the United States.
Being in the uptown portion of
New York one day and wishing to
send a telegram and also to get
shaved, lie entered a hotel and sent
his dispatch. Then, passing to the
barber shop, he sat down in an
operating chair, and (according to
his custom) was soon sound asleep.
Meanwhile, the telegram had created a decided sensation. Mr.
Greeley having thrown it down
hastily on the desk and neglected
to translate it. Nobody from the
manager down being able to supply
the legible equivalent for the mysterious characters, a messenger was
sent into the barber shop with the
screed. Waking with a start, and
supposing that the boy had brought
an   answer   to his dispatch,   Mr.
Ring up
"1-5 "■
When you want quick service, first-
class goods and fair treatment. We
can fill "rush" orders of any size as
quickly as they are received, and
make a specialty of large orders.
Another carload of flour just in; also
one of feed—wheat, barley, oats,
bran,   etc.     Let   us  supply   you.
A complete line of Christie's Sweet
Cakes and  -Crackers just opened.
Bourne Bros.,
If the Duke of York and his
party could only have a look at
Xew Denver they would probably
never again care to live in England.
This country has many human
polywogs who delight in spitting
slime over other people. Living
in the mud themselves they expect
thai their neighbors must also like
The Slocan offers a delightful
resting place in the summer for ihe
people who make their homes in
the hot cast and south. The C. I'.
H. might lind it profitable to make
a summer and health resort out of
New Denver.
After 2.*) years spent in a Minnesota  jail   .Jim  and   Cole Younger
have  bi    paroled.    They   broke
banks hy force. If they had robbed ihe masses by stoek schemes
lliey might still have n cliureh pew
and Im; in good society.
I loml thought.-*- and a lilt- kept
free from evil words or deeds will
bring repose to the mind and digestion to the stomach. Wrong
thoughts, coupled with errors iu
eating, emise 7A per cent, of the
• iliswiHi's man is persecut-i'd with.
Hieh Americans buy works of||mv,. ,„,. »v„ipnthy „( -(„. ,)r,.ss
an with the spirit of the !"'ddler, |m„| p,H,p|,. j„ ,|,jN ;„„. ((f ,|„, yM],
mid not  for real love or npprecin* <<[,>..( epoch* in their live*".
tion.    The religious   spirit   has a ;  —
(U*.pn-.**ii.'-; «-IV«-« t uj*oi- an.   Mmhrii!     bi   the   IVmuditry   the   < "ft-M-a-il-r
sites would do well to examine the
advantages [of Slocan lake. This
district has dry and wet ores, and
plenty of lime and iron for fluxing
purposes. There are a dozen water
powers, and smelting can be canned
on cheaper than at any other point
in Kootenay. Gentlemen with
money should look into the value
of this opportunity.
The Doukhobor has a simple
creed. It is as follows: "There
is to be no positive religion, in
order to avoid intolerance and persecution; no marriage, in order to,
have no adultry; no constraint's
upon appetite, in order to crush
thoroughly the revolts of the flesh;
and, lastly, the syslematit! abandonment of all intellectual culture,
a hateful pursuit which ending
only in the triumph of wickedness,
has operated coldly in behalf ofthe
devil's power,"
Canada is commencing to swell
ui.). The Duke of York and his
party will soon whizz through the
broad Dominion. Let me see, who
are these people? Have they written any great books, painted great
pictures, or done something to
make the world worship genius?
By the way, come to think of it,
they are still greater than those
kind of folks. They have royal
blood in their veins. How slow
means let them go through Canada
in private ears amid the plaudits
of a loving people, but if Christ,
Aristottes, Solomon,St. Paul, Burns,
Angelo, Edison, Paine, Voltaire,
Buddha, Confucius, Shakespeare,
or any other similar gentlemen
come ashore let them walk. Genius
is more plentiful than dukes, so let
us whoop it up for the Duke's
party and when they go 'ome perhaps they will say: "Delightful
colonists, those Canadians. They
recognized fully our superiority.
Could not have treated us betiah if
we had been little gods shot' out of
Paradise for a. spin around our
^^r«y^7SS ^wholesale liquors and cigars
look  of deep disgust,   piped -out, !
•'What blamed idiot wrote that?" j
What is the dryest tiling on'
enrth?    A Sunday in Toronto.        |
What is Lowery's Claim? Dollar j
a vear. I
The true Christian not only feels
no need of culture, because this is
a worldly principle and opposed to
feeling, he has also no need of
(natural) love. God supplies to
him the want of love, of a wife, of
a family.—Feuerbach.
In the study of science there is
bigotry, no persecution. It teaches
charity, it teaches a well-ordered
life, it teaches the world to be more
kind. It is the great new path of
knowledge into the future.—.James
Lane Allen.
After death all that we have ever
known of a man is gone: all that
we have ever seen of him is dissolved into its component elements:
it does not disappear so as to leave
us at liberty to imagine that it may
have gone to exist elsewhere, but
is actually used upas material for
other purposes. So completely is
this the case that, as Sir .lames
Mackintosh observes, "the doctrine
of a resurrect ion could scarcely have
arisen among people who buried
their dead." — W. K. Greg.
In an address the other day
Senator Hoar said: "1 think God
is ton good to condemn any of his
children lo eternal wrath  and tor-
tofTlie "Hanier" Beer has become (he favorite Bern- In the Coast Cities,    it has met In sueeessfu
ciimiii'tltion the famous Milwaukee Heers.
> Our Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable whiskey in the market:
•Ve have it in bulk and is cases, 5's and 6's.    We are agents for the Bruns-
wlck-Balke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
Write us for prices and terms.
Have recently opened in Nelson a
In which they carry the best and newest furniture In the country.
Buyers in and out. of town are requested to examine goods and
read list of prices before placing their orders elsewhere	
ilulil. Sllv.-r-l.t'iiil unit Ci)|i|iei- Minus want.'il at llie KXCH AM1K.
KHICK Mil.LINO (501,1) |>ro|i.'i-tlf». wniiteil at unec fur Kusiern liivt'p-tii's.
Piirtl'M. Im viii).' minim.* |in>;.'iiy for sale are i'ci|iii'Ntc<l to m-iiiI Kiuiipl.'K ul tlii-lr uiv t.i
tin-Km-Iiih)-.'.'for .''xliililti.iii.
All S.lll|ile8 Hhoillil In' M'llt bv K\|ir.'ss, |ire|.alil.    t'i>rreS|ioi)llclH-c solicited,
i,        Adili'isi all loinimiiilial ions In .INIUCI'W    I*.    HOSI'Mll'.IU'I'll,
W       T.'li'|.||i.iii! No, tul.    I", (I. Ilii.x 7im. N.'Ui.n, ll. C,
The death by accident in Nelson
on Sunday of Donald J. Beaton,
editor of llie Miner, removes from
this life one of the oldest journalists
in t'aiiada. For nianv veai-s he
was connected with the press of
Manitoba, coming to Nelson iu
is'.is. To die at any time is sad
for those left behind, but when the
messenger of death reaches a mini proeoKwion.
vigorous in health ii makes the
Wow all the hnnlcr to hear. Three
sons survive Mr. Beaton, and thev
What is that vapor floating with j ■•-■'•'' »'--•■ ' tl,i,,k ■**a*   *'v,,,'.v >*■■•■
the cloudsV   "Pis I he smelter smoke
of Kaslo,
What is the dilTercnce between a
Kosshind mucker and I he l,e Roi
mine?    Four bits.
Who was (lie slowest   man  on
that < iod has made is too good to
be condemned to eternal w ratli and
torture." Why does nol Cod come
down  and   settle   this   disturbing
(■tiestion    oi    I'm*   all? Secular
The reasoning by which perseeu-
The NewmarketHotel,
Has one of the most beautiful locations in America, and tho public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
HKNUY STKCi;        .        .       *      *       . Proprietor.
earth?   That   fellow   in   Victoria, , ....
. . , . | lion was justtued  was  unanswer-
who was run over bv  a  funeral    ,,..., .
J able il Hie assumptions of the theo-
jlogians were granted.    If it  wan
true thai a heretic was the cause of
inflicting   eternal   pain   upon  his
iieighliors as well as upon   himself,
tlu» fact would justify any  means
Why should the Provincial Sw-
retary's wtlary Ik-cut down? Be-
cfliiKo a Prentice never draws full
Why should the B. <\ legi.*datiire|)|(,m<Ha,.v lo ,„vv«.|it muh a result,
never   get   dry?    Heeaiise it   luiwj |.'„im (|u, w.iciitille ,„„•„,  of viinv
j how*'ver,?he prowmiuij uf hcirtir-
Well- in il.
art   as   applied   to   painting--  and   Record I no* eefi*cd publication   and
sculpture is retioiiiwliiig in   Kng- 'ihe editor has gone fanning.    This j and do it up brown,  what  i
html. !»ho\vs   wisdom, to*,   there arc  i(*o[hcsl color to use?    Green,
A   IWesso7in' Temte,sve «iv- m""'V ff,n,"'rs "'>'"*** '" *,,nv''  ,,,<'?    ^'here can I sell a nursing hot
♦ *-,.,«»,,.  .„,  : ♦ .,   „,.(,,*,,   ,,'.,» pen instead of the plow.    liiCieen-1 ,|..'»    Micbt trv SIocjui City.
In order to paint the Shu ait blue,, is most iiniuouil.—John \Vi|«nn
the! —	
Job Printing
That iissayn hi^h in  artistic merit, quickly
il<»m- ar New Denver's printing emporium—
wood the Miner has wild oui to the I
, . -.     - i     i        ii     I hues, which  shows  hornc  senw. >
prcH'iit tn- illicit will)  lite   wheels      , (
.,.,,,         j        ,          i .       when a town  cannot   -iiiiixirf two1
in Im* head,   bin   ill  Mich  a   ilmig,                 ,    .. ,        ,     ','   .„ ,     (
,     .,                                             , ,i papers.    In acImui ihe sheniT Iih-m
should .-nine tin pass it  man could!-   •                             ....
,           tinne.1 the hliic on llie   Miiut find
Mi*. V... V,'i."t   iV.     .•«*■'(!      1'Pln,      ruin ti    in     . .
x,      ,, i      .   i   i  •    .i   ; a** liitniv in unknown.     I here ai«*
New Denver, and go to I mm I  in the1
.....     , i too many papers in 11. (\  which is
Sandwich Islands. ,,',.,
the    fault    of   the   people,     Local
If nil men wcte ••.piiilly -trong in j jealous)* ln'twecn town-often   keep
education the trackmen on   Hie <'.   raj,*** alive thaf l-riii-.' neither honor
P.  R. would***.* ftrikiiig lor !».'{.(«• a oi laoiiev to their ..unci-*'.     lU-lter
»hi.v    io-lt'H'l    «»i    * I.•>'•».       U   ii    i-   liic\    Ken-   .lead   than   live   <*o   a-
worth *:i for a   mucker  to  wheel horrible -sUii-titm*- of  typ(^raj»hy.   to can,that is theipic-tion.  Wheth*
rock for cighi   hour-   it   -un-h   i* roi leu   with   ibmi   a<i*»,   and   Atlly   >i h i* lmiu-r to wail  until we an*
worth   the   .aim*   for  a   hand-ntr i with ihe-.-ribblings of infaiitih -or 'aniii-d or while   wc i-uu  <*vrim   u>
piifh.-r   lo   -Ito-iri   ■.ra-.cl   hn   !• it i -eitile i*-ti**.     .Wav   (i*»tii   horn.*   a  hij_it.»-r waler* \vh«*r*' .i.-«-,m refii^t
hour-     No .-ii'tke o( jiiofli-ni tii»i«-' man i** jndge»M»y   hi**-' e»«tt.    n, trnml t.-ik.* a  eharicc to »>.ca|ie  the
Whi-i-i- I'iin \ iivinMiri- ii3i1u(3i*'*'
Wiit* Nakuxp for rate.*.
U hut is the Hm*i Hiaii for ri-dlifh.'
f \«k the Mayor of Silverton,
"\Vtiy is s.ai)iii,.ii a *irauge place .*
IU*«3tuse Loy-atf all tili»e* ruh"s the
bui-g. even i hough a Lyon dure no'
trrad the (HIT where a Lily -.weetly
What* that thcNiliin.il are *iiy-
il.fc Hi ill.' I'"frti-elA      I ii oui. or nol
7 I
Bank of Montreal.
*K«« wht I _!«#•••   IMIt.
''/Ajvii.'Ai yrt'n j/rt.ii 'iiyn  .>'. .I'.kd'i'v)' W.'itii
KeMrved land   :   :    T/JtMOOXOO
Lndividwl protltn  :   :   .">lO,«?<l.iM
iti. Hun. biRiiSTKATHcux.-4ft.Mt Mount Hovau C.C.M.(i. I'r«*ident.
Hox. (;. a. Drummonh, Vice President,
F~ ?., Ouiiam:;, Ckuci'ivl .Maiuiitei',
Hrnnche-4 in nil ]mm at Onnmlft, NewfAOndlund, tlreu Hrltain,  (n-1
'An'. ClliU'tl aU4U'*.
New Denver branch
LK B. DG Vnnnk. Manager
lI*A**&*W^>**&4*^Mt^}* x—-<w^*<i_t^xW?>_w^!»^wt*5_<kJt Eighth Year.
lUas a modern Reformer
Once there was a Town that was
having a Total  Abstinence Jamboree.    The Excitement over Temperance was becoming Intemperate,
all on yjcount of a Reclaimed Sot
who  was conducting a Series of
Meetings   at,   Central   Hall.    The
Lecturer   claimed   to   have   been
Ossified for 15 years at a Stretch.
He had a sodden  Past that read
like a Session of the  Legislature.
He had been down  in  the Gutter
and told about it every Evening.
The Front Rows were filled  with
horror-stricken   Old   Ladies   and
sympathetic young Girls who shuddered when he told how he used to
hoist Strong Drink until he would
see green Anacondi and polka-dot
Lizards peeking out  from  behind
the Morris Chair.
The former Soak took particular
.Delight in telling what a Brute he
had been all during the Time that
he was doing  Business with the
Rum Fiend.    According to his own
Story   he   must   have  enjoyed a
Thirst   that   was   a   Pippin.    He
touched up the Black Bottle every
f> Minutes or so.    In the whole  15
Years of continuous Toot he never
'had been known to compromise on
a Suit or take a Cigar and put it in
his Pocket to smoke After a While.
Nothing but the  Red  Eye  would
do for Oscar when he started on a
Bender.    He said  that he sold a
Locket   containing   his   Mother's
Picture in order to get his  Morning's   Morning.     Once   he   broke
open the Savings Bank  belonging
to his little Brother and  took  out
(5.1   Cents   to   blow   for   Alcohol.
When  his darling  Sister   remonstrated  with him,  he chased her
with   a   Poker.      He   forged   his
Father's Name to a Check rather
than do without his  Liquor.    In
fact he had been an all-round Pup
which could not justly be claimed
for Root Beer,Moxie or Hot Chocolate.
So when the Rescue Corps went
after the Major, it had a large Contract on hand. The Ladies tried
to wrestle him to Earth and pin a
Blue Ribbon on him, but he bade
them stand back and declared for
Personal Liberty. His idea of Personal Liberty was to drink it or
leave it alone, although he never
had tried the Latter.
The Ladies told him that he
would be a hopeless Inebriate in
less than a Year unless he shunned
the Wine-Cup. He replied that
the Wine-Cup never could land
him, because he went against nothing but the Low Ball, which means
a full Jigger and then about another Finger for Luck.
The Landlady at the Boarding
House at which the Major lived
was one of the Earnest AVorkers.
She was a Good Soul,and she longed
to wean the Major away from the
Old Stuff and get his Nose bleached.
She advised him to take the Gold
Cure, but the Major said they
never would get a Drink Cure in
him unless they hurried it into him
while he was Asleep. The Landlady gave him "Ten Nights in a
Bar-Room" to read,and had a little
Girl'sing "Father, Dear Father,
Come Home With Me Now," for
his especial Benefit, but it did not
seem to do any good. Also she
gave him a ('hart showing that the
Interior of the Moderate Drinker's
Stomach resembles a colored Map
of Asia Minor. When he came
down to Dinner he found at his
Plate a Card representing a Snake
with a forked Stinger coiled around
a Bottle of Rhine Wine, and below
it was some Printed Matter to the
effect that the Intoxicants used in
What did you drink during all  of Secret,"  said  the   Lecturer.    ;*If
the 15 Years that you were on the you were to Squeal on me and let
Turf?"                                              jit be known that 1 have lived  an
"Rum," was the weak Reply,     j Exemplary Life all these  Years I
"Go to!"  said the Major, indig- j would not stand one-twq-seven with
nantly.    "Do  you think you can j the Respectable Element."
deceive an Expert ?   Rum is not a |    Next Day the Town settled back
Beverage.    It is-a Remedy for a j to its usual Calm.
Bad  Cold.    No  one drinks  Rum I    Moral.—Any one who  is going
except in the Nautical Novel or a i into   Reform   Work should  get a
Story by the, Rev. Sheldon.    Per-; thorough  Technical  Education.—
haps you can  tell me what Sour j Spokane Outburst.
Mash is?" I — 	
,,_ „     ., ,. . ,      , Oratory thai is Warm.
"I am afraid   not,"   said  the i  ,
other- I    He—But you should hear him
"Then I   denounce  you   as  a j when he is really full of his sub-
make-believe  Rounder,"  said the ject,.
and he wanted everybody to "know
After each Meeting the Ladies
would cluster round and offer Congratulations. The ordinary Man
who had never been through the
Tremens or assaulted his'Folks had
to retire to the Background,feeling
^»tfniall and unworthy. Any one
whose Lushing had been limited to
a few Schwahcn Schutzenfests and
Annual Banquets dropped back into
the Amateur Class and had nothing
to say. The Men who attended
the Meetings "and observed the
Popularity of the recent Drunkard
Major. "When I heard you misuse the Terms in your Lecture last
Evening, I saw that you did not
know the difference between a
Remsen Cooler and a Shandy Gaff.
A nd all that talk about throwing
your Sister against a red-hot Stove
and trying to choke your old father
did not go with me. Don't you
know that when a True Gentleman
is Corned he goes Home and gives
Money to his Relatives."
"I have always understood that
Liquor makes a Brute of a man,"
said the Lecturer.
"Not at all.   It is a Shortage of
Liquor the   Morning   After   that
causes one to be Disagreeable.   You
should have studied  up on  these
Details before you started out to be
a  Reformed   Drunkard.    I   don't j
believe you have had any  Experi- j
ence whatever." j
"J tried to take a Drink many
Years ago, but it made me ill,"
said the Lecturer. "I discovered,
however, that in order to be a Power
for Good in Temperance Work I
had to tell about being on prolonged
Bats around the 5-cent Doggeries.
The Slums have an abiding fascination for well-behaved people who
never go near them and, of course,
there is no Risk in Stringing them.
But when I strike a Saloon Specialist, such as you, my Talk doesn't
She—Carries his audience with
him, does he ?
He—Right into it. Why, when
he was preaching on "Hades" the
other night, he had to stop till the
ushers distributed fans.—Brooklyn
Sometimes the women with the
smallest mouths have the largest-
sized kisses.
America cost more than the Public
Schools. The Major retorted that
this was a clear case of Value Received. The Public Schools had
filled his youth with Sorrow, while
the Distilleries had helped him to
forget his Troubles for .'50 years.
After each of these Efforts to
save hitn the Major went to his
Room and took a Gentleman's
Drink out of a Tumbler just to
prove that he retained his Personal
There djid not seem to  be much
chance of pulling in the Major, but
the Landlady and her Friends kept
began to realize that they had made iafu>1. hlm#   'u laHl) jnsl to „umor
a serious  Mistake in  sticking 1<»;(1Umii, h« pi-omiml to attnul onoof
Sarsa par ilia.
The reclaimed Tank was invited
somewhere to Tea every Kvening.
and there the Women would hang
upon his Words and beg him to tell
once more the sweet and simple
Story of how lie swatted his Sister
with the Poker.
The Meetings were a Grand Success. All the People who did not
Drink came to the Front and signed
the Pledge  1\yo or  three  times a  (*mir-t.HV
the meetings, lie slipped into a
Hack Seat and listened to the Horrible Example. Next Day he requested an Interview with the
Lecturer. At this there was much
rejoicing. It seemed ns though the
legal Dipsomaniac was beginning
to weaken. '
When the renowned Temperance
Advocate entered the Major's Room
the Major received hiui with formal
I trust you will  not  Expose
The uiKl'irsiinied have been authorized to
ofler tho followiii-,' lots In the Government
portion of thc townsite of New Deliver for sale at
public auction at the Newmarket Hotel, New-
Denver, at _ o'cloek in the afternoon on- ■
G-1,2,3. 4.S.
4—1, 2, 3. 4, li, 8.!», Ill, 11.
5-2,3, 4, <i,lll,ll, IS.
U-i,-.,Jl.4,5, ii, 7, S, 11. Ill, 11. 15*.
IF yoU have
that tired
Fitter a $
fn the breeze
ftjV/TH-pUlJ you out oFfifc sUrpp
The longer a man lives the more
he has to live for and the ■ more he
has to live without.
The way a woman talks about
"breaking" her heart, you would
think it was made out of old China.
—New York Press.
The linest 17-Jewehd
watch in the market at
the price	
Week.    Every man who wiih hiik-
|iected ot' kfi-jiiiijj' Hcer in hi-* t'clliu*
or Inking a Hank with him when lie
went I'Wiiug Mils* cnlieated to  net
on the Witter Wilson  or it  might
In-a mutter of only n   few   Months
until hi* < liihlren would he crying'
for Bread and htx Wife would June I
to Sew for a Living and he would \
l»e Dead to the World,   lying   Kncol
tlowu on the Cement Sidewalk.
lu tilth Town ihere wan an Al-1
torney known »h The Major. Hi»j
wax regarded with Sunpicion, in* hoi
wa* Hipj>o»e(l lo |H> High Church, i
although he never attended service*.
Hi* Nom-had an irldtwcnl i.liin-i
mer ami hi- wit* « little Watery in
I ,.,,,, Vi   .,..
iiii.il «.«   i-uV li'in'i'i dvii (»','."
in ti Houwhold which held that the
Siiiehotirtl mill the t iwlie were
ci|imlly   iudiHpettmihh*.      He   hud
!«•> II   irti.^lll   '(MM, ■« 1 it'll llie    I'OpJICI-
di'-'tilh'd Kswinuee of .Joy i*- moii*
than l- Yeai-x old. Iiit«'iti)H*nince
may I*** o-onshleivd a Virtue. He
held that ft Scholar and a 'Jeiule-
mAi'i m-AH-v t«**k Wat*» .hi'trrvtitir-iU.
tt wat* an Article of l-'aith with
him that the genuine Kentucky
Article did not haven Vnr*e word
ina ftarrt't nf it, hut, on the contrary. HH-* h valuable Medicinal
Igcnf, hrteittitt'omtiw   MnipfrnV*.-
"I understand thai you were the
Champion Hoo/.c-Fighter at onci
tinie'' said the Major, pouring n|
goodly Slug from Iii* private De-t
flutter. "Now, I want you to smell!
of that aud tell me whether it is j
Uye or I tour lion."
The Lecturer began to edge olf.'
"What kind of Hitters are used,
in a Manhattan','*' demanded the'
Major, severely. I
"I don't know what you mean."!
wild Id" Caller.
"And yet you Im-a-M of a Keeord.!
  —■ — ' — '
Nelson Saw and
Planing Miiis, Liu,
t*, ,....
Store Fronts
Show Cases
"Certainly not/' replied the
Major. ''We are justified in doing
anything to push along a (iood
Cause. But I am going to ask you
to make a quick Jump to the next
Town. You have demoralized my
Boarding House. The Landlady
has been so Busy trying to get a
Hammer-Lock on the Demon of
Strong Drink that we don't get
anything to eat.''
"I  thank you for keeping my
The warn) weather has;
struck un ni last with a j
vengeance, and is evi-1
dcntly here to stay for]
suine time.
Ladies; |
are you prepared!
for it ?
10-1. t, S, 4. ,ri, 6, T. •"*. 9, in, 11, li.
11-1,:), 4,.'., «, 7, K. II, 10.11.
1.-2,3.4,5,7,8, 1«, 12.
1S-_,S,4,S,<-, 111,11.
15-1,2,:), 4, 7i\, 8.
Terms and i-ondltiuni- fflll'lie*! inn.de known up.
un aiiiilit'.itlon to the tinilei-sit'iH'd, or will ho
iivnlliilili'in in-luted circulars at the time of sale,
Knom* 11 and 15, K. W, C. Hlk.       Kelson, H, ('.
The Hamilton 17-,Teweled movement
in Nickle case, is the best, and most
beautiful watch in the market at a
very low figure.
I have Hamilton movements fully
Every watch guaranteed. Send for
a $13 watch, mailed upon receipt of
G.   W.  GRIMMETT, Gnulnale Optician
and Jeweler.
When in need ol
Tii.lnilN Kl.lilll(-|l,or toany  person or persons
tn whom lie may have iransferreil hia Interest
in llie "Vei'iinn" Mineral Claim, one of tlie
"Xnnparc-il" ip-uup, situate near Bear Lake.
in  the Slucaii   MhiiiiK   Division  of   West
Kootena.v District:
VOU are hereliy notillcd thai we have expended
1   .<ii().i.(i.ri in labor and Improvement* mi ac
count of your Interest in the  Vcrmm   Mineral
Claim.    Tlie  above mentioned *li>i.'j5 Is your
proportion of the expense necessary in order to
hold the said claim under the provisions of tlie
Mineral Act, and if wltlil.i ninety days from the
date of this notice you fall ur refuse lo contribute
the. above mentioned sum, which is now due,
toiretber with all costs of advertislni;, your iu
teres! in the said claim will bi'euine the pro|iei*ly
of llie subscribers, under Section I of the "Mill
cral Act Aiiienilinelit Acl WiHl."
D.ileii at Xelson. II   C. ibis l*tli day of July,
.J. li. Mi-l.KAN.
Wit,MAM  A. r'l.AOKK.
IMcture   I'Vamiiig   and   Room
Moulding, write to >
NKI.miN. ll.c
To l)|':U.\i,il'KNT Cii.oWXKII.
'I'ii llie K-tiite nf X, D.   Miinlii:. or wliiniisuever
il limy concern:
\'o|'ur.'hereby ii.itili.-il ih.-il I   liave cvpeinl'il
!  1     inn- liuiiili'i'.'l a  il 1 H-i• dollars anil iifr.v cut.-.
j in labii' and iin|iri>veiiieiils up ai the  Mollie inlli
i I'l'.il claim  -IniiPlpil iiiur Sauibm.  ill tin-SI..cat.
Miiiliii; ltivlslmi, mul recorded in llie ulllee ol tlie
Minlnif Hceiit'iliT 'or tlm «aid division. In-Iiii* Iln-
,'iinppiin' nipiiivii lo IipiIi)  i.tl'l i-liiiui  mul. i   lie
lirovi.|oii»of tin- Mineral Ad for lie- vcn-cnillii!-
\.,M.|.ili.-r l:i.|i.l'.i"i.
Ami il « Itblli ninety i|:i.\*> front tlie date "I tld»
niitl.-e ynii full or refii.-,.'tn e.iiiiriluiie smir pro
pinliiiii oi -ileli e\|ii mill lire, tuiiellief Willi all
cist ul .uh.'l'll-lliu .V"iir Inler. «l In the »:iii| el.illn
li will !"•! ii-iIn- |it-'i|«-rt\    .f tin- iiuili-i'sli.'ii.'.l,
llllili-l■ .-i-.-ll .11  I ol all  Art |u     llliriill   |||l-   Mlliel'PlI
.mux vvu.aNck
H.iii.l ilii-|'ii:ilnl,i\ i.i'.lu'.v,l'..i|
jCondensed advertisemenia. such as For Sale,
Wanted, Lost,.Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Leiflil. Medical,<-te„
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
25 cents each insertion. Each five words or less
over 2 > words are five cents additional.]
FOR,  S-A.L.E3.
DKV ORK PKOPKKTY, North Fork Carpenter creek-ALPS, AM'S KHACTIOX,
and ALTURUS-Crowu Grants ohtaiiid. Apply. W. J. MCMILLAN & CO.. Vancouver, B.C.
'PHEO. MADSOX, Xelson, B. C, limnufae-
JL lures Tents, Awnings, Horse and Wagon
Covers, and all kinds of Canvas Goods.
XELSOX, B. C.       Cor. WARD & BAKER Sis.
Has liad 15 years exiierlenee in dental work, aud
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental office In B. C.
 "" _"..e-inost-«o!nplet*-|j-"i-4-|—T--i|-
ou the Continent of North Ameri- n CA L I M
ca.   Situated midst scenery un   ~ **
r'*   "  ' *■■■ " ..     .
ou th
ea. situated midst scenery un nrnn n T
rivalled for Grandeur. Boating, If LU U H I
Kishing and Excursions Resilient I'liysieian
and Xurse. Telegraphic coininunieatioii with all
parts of tbe world: two mails arrive and depart
everyday. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidnev,
Liver and Stomach Ailments. Terms: S15 toi-18
per week, according to residence in hotel or
villas. The price of a round-trip ticket between
Xew Denver and llalcvon, obtainable nil the
year round aud good for'ao day.-,, is >3.35. Halcyon springs, Arrow Lake. B. C.
R   HEVL.lXH, Kngiiicor and rruviiH-iul
Lund Surveyor.   Sandon.
\\T     V. TKr.T/.KI
>>   ,    Healer-ill nil I
* OO.,   Xelsim,   B.C.,
Drugs and Assnyiw' Sup-
1 It. ('\Mi:itO\, n,iiiif.ii, Miiuiilii.-iiirt'H
♦ I. t'l.'lliing l.i,ii-.|ei-. .p..I ..illeils piilrmniyft
from all ela«...-s.
Wlioloaalo   Mei'ohanta.
'im it.vcit.   iii:irro\
Mei-ebniiN and liii|inrli |>.   l.lipi r-, I'itiiis
I 'IV   IhkiiIs.        ,\'el».,||,     VlllieHllVe
pidiI I
piinl l.n|ii|ii|>, I'.n
A    (II.,   WliPilesulu
it-. Cifc-.irH
i, Victoria,
■(MIX    ( HOI.Ill I (II    *    lo.,    Xelson.
»l    l_iii|M,rt..rs, W|i,i|ev.|.- iiro.-ii'-niii| I'rovislon
j >     Mull oid.'i1. receive prompt iilleiilloii
Willi Miitalilt; AUiittiiui*'.
triii'iiKMitH It not, w(> weio j
never in h iH'ttcr |»t^ition J
to supply your ileinnnds. |
Here iiro a f«w lines that j
will intoroRt vou:
Summer Skirts n.iu.s'.wiib Yi»t»«-i*Vi*Vn!
Irlinmiiig. al 'i t fn, tViainl l.vi j
.•ll.'ll. i
linen Crash and Denim Skirts;
J'lul Tiintin. t ivlthwhlli'liiald
«i *i. i ii'i. Jim,-j;.*• I :i Vi.Mib
Ladies' Blouses Kr SN:J'
i-..|iii'..il, »liM«,l;' in IK, at
I ,V.. J, and K.V.ea.-b.
V, I.l «.'.
Staple nnd Fancy
Ap'iit for
Ladles* Parasols:"" -"• "' "**
(wl  t• Ml   Hllll   Inn.'*,   , K.lii.o
Inn.lie*  nl I "in t t'i /, i.'n. i  ,' '*..     -
ami  I "Jiencli,
Ladies' Gloves^.tiiltdUd '"'
W lille llliilre»~ll kid   ill   *l ,, |i,.ll
l.ip.ll.'.   Kit  lilne-     ublle. lie.On
I'llloll. Willi lilai-k   li.leli*.   .It   -I :'*■
ami 1 .'.' ,k \mU.
f lAifi*' Wftcliartf "» «'l*«-»« *"""ll •«'''•
*- "      ....... ^   ,..,..   ....   .       ....
ami .'IV.i (Mir.
Ladies' Corsets ^V^d^*
Tlie l/'Hdinif
PitiMt Shop it* 'he Slncan.
I  '      I..    (   IlltlSl IT,  I..   I..   It..   Il.lll.fel
—    1  ,   licllor,  Xoiary I'libln-.     Vn
NOM'tltlll..      lltOVNIOK'.      VKIIMIV.
in,*.( uiiiiui, sKAT'i'Mi, «.i:»rTi,i:
I-'iik lion, mul  NOM'Altlll.   l'i ml loll
Mil 11 Kim-.
s|iimii. In tin   -.; . .an Mmini' DUMiii ul IVim
K.e.leiin    hi'lilcl.     While lis'.ileil'     lltoiit
oil.1 mile ii.i|lli«e*l of Hear Lake
'I- IKK Xo| HI. tliat I. Win *». Ui.m. ....'ling
I n- i.|'..ill ("i Win ('. \1< Lean Fn*' Miner*
I'.rlilii-Mt.-No II i«7U; .lulir ll Mel.' oi l'i"
Miner*' IVllilli .He N.i II :*■•;>. mul Win. A
Kl-.if.-r. Km- Miiiein reMHiiuie N'o II .;"''.',
Inleinl. «Uly .li>H Irom llie dale In lent In
llpph  lo III.  .Milling Heeoliler  tin   (Vrlitl' »te« ,.f
Itiipii.vi'ineut, Im tin- j... r i •■ -«.  of nbtaiiiliig  ,<
Crnwn OtMiil ill i-iuli <i( ib, -ibtivp i-|«lm»
Viiil '<i it It. r luhe n.itl.v tlm n-ilmi. iii.itfi ih -i
Hull .17 ,11111*1 be   • ..Illlii, III I ,|   U (nil-llie l**lli.l>'.
• ■I mil 1.1 Vrllll. at.* ..  ltn|iii.t. in. nt*
Hut...I Mil- llllnl.it nf July. A   H l'-nl
WM   >   i»KI tl It'i
TIHHI**, W.-»l.l.,»i i:.   OKWKIIV.   r-n*-
Kll O, hiiiI *I.U.o   lit tl'TIIO Minimi
'«|.H,-UII.     Mllllllll     lHVl.toll   nl   WlHl
i|l"irl. I.      Win-'.   liM-nt..!.-    op
. ,i..   . , ,.   ,. ii,    .. ,••»„ „.» . , v. ,,
•liort wal«i m fi*-, :.'»   an.I »l |nlr.
Nelson, B. C.
i Mrick Hlixik,   Ik'llevut*
I>nvi»r H C
Ave,,  Xew
6 60.
XI   XZ   T   UllltTMM    r   f-
OKI 1. •■• '
Ml VlNi;
*.|tnii.- li. 'lie
Ki*. ii-mhv
i; .... M ...
1^ lit. I
'i'lUi. .».'.■■,'.i ,i. ;,',, ; ,','.,,,,,- ,' ; ii,. ,..;■
I iii/i-nt l... \'...ili K Mi •N'aiii'lit, In. 'Mln.-»'»
»>.rll«<at'i V.. ll *.«..;; tt illlnm ll Will. I*ri.
MI,im»*« »*.iMi*i- S ll "#U"(. .in.l <ni.i*
TIi.iiiii»oi . Kitv Miirr •IVrtiiW- i«- \... II. ,wi;t».
Illl.-ll.l i^'il.H « hum III' il i|.  Iltl.'.l loitpl'lv In Iln-
Mlnliiw He''-nii|.r |..r C.'illll»-.tl. • of improve
m.tt1* for tl.* tfliri* •*   '■:   ' t.t.'.ii.l'i,- .'i-.m n „-Tiii,t»
... t .11 II "I  III,  Itl, t\ i   i hull!.,
Al.il fnrlli. r I., i,,  ott..   .(,,,.,  i,t |t,i, uii>|«r **•*
H-41 1" lllll-t I*- ep.lliii,. merit »«■'.,I.   tlw i.mlKl.ee ,.'
• in b««ilirl.,»li • ..I linpti.ti riii-ni".
|l..|..| Ibl* A'tli il.it ..I Jim.    A (l . |'Ki|,
II   T   TWIi.O
Ksery Kridny ,tt Silv.-rtn
lll'UI.   It     I",
Ml..  I'HIMMKTT, I..   I.,   II., lliirrlM.-r,
,     "-nil. Itnr. XotltH   I'llliti" n;,i,||i,||, ||. .',
I      l« lleNl|.|Uitlt> I- f.'l   MillillW     ilnl "'.Pin
Ml!!,     tlltlllM,   A    lll.Mlll,MI\
in city,
in* t < I.i I
> 1>ACIJF -
Summer Vacation Trips
I'.W-\Mi;i{|< ,W KNilllilTlnN
HliiAl.*.,  »",•..^i
luti" J**, Iul> .', l'i. Autfit'l •!,_•.'.
ki'Wiiimii i.kam'1: \ii.i;tin<;
SAN I'KAM isi't i, j.vinn
■llllv III, 11, 1*.
'I'titV   r|v*(tvv y\"T\    ■•..•.
•Itilv -.'. :t.
N A 11( »N A L Kl H I A I K »N AI. Axs N,
l>KTIi»IT. «;i.'-'-'.
Illh   ..', .'!
Store & Bar Fixtures!**"-4I-K- ^.^.M; Ne"0", HC
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager;
Ilf'ttifrt in
81. James
New Denver, B.C.
l A *•!«• •'•" * liWM""'» *>i-i.    *' liw l«*r
■ U    iln:   tin
!,! ill"!'*-   '
iff-i'-tlM      V
...' ...i*r-'■-,. r<
V  t VwUHSON * V.O..fro**
,,!.'".-    "t":t1l   thl! If«t (ll
•'< ,,|J*
K..r llir.r Ul.!i» i*i. •
•ii •■»■ n.|.ir.«"li.- i;,-i.ri
inil '.'l  ninllni. . *ll
,.t t.fc'1 nl.
... M ..AlJIIKI I, It.'.ptVm |i,-t:*,i
K   I,(*«.,'', i.i*. e   \e'.. X .i.i . i.tif,
i.".. i .»n.., I. C \ , \,| |i. c
.mil Aiii.i i.
Hy   • ir.nl
■ii. l-.IJi
t in C.munhki-
•»i.'ii.k* -l»(.'«
...  '.• kl,t t
.1    ll   '. VKKKir,
i* it. v.. i.t, s*#- |i»i.»»r
...       -   '».'    >•;.». ,i«4 THE LEDGE, NEW DJ_:UVEK, B. 0., JULY 25, 1901,
Eighth Yeah
Eyes?   Well, no, her eyes ain't  much;
Guess you seen a lot o' such-
Sort o' small an' blue-yray.
'T ain't her eyes—it's jest her way.
Hair ain't black; uor even brown;
Got no »-okl ui'on her crown;
Sort o' ashy. 1 should sav,
•T ain't her hair—it's jest her way.
'T ain't her mouth—her mouth is wide,
Sort o' runs from side to side:
See 'cm better ev'ry day,
'T ain't her mouth—it's jest her way.
Nose, 1 reckon 's notion' ji-reat.
Couldn't even swear it's straight;
Fact, 1 feel I'm free to say,
'T ain't her nose—it's jest her way
Love her?   Well, 1 guess ! do!
Love her mighty fond and true;
Love her better ev'ry day;
Dunno whv—it's jest lier way.
—Elizabeth Sylvester, in Century.
kill;  men whom the spoils of office
cannot buy; men who possess opinions
and a will; men who have  honor;
men who will not lie; men  who can
stand before.a-'demagogue and damn
his    treacherous   flatteries   without
winking; tall men, sun-crowned, who
live above the fog in public duty and |
in private thinking.   For while the
rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds,
their large professions and their little
j deeds,   mingle in selfish strife,  lo!
I freedom weeps, wrong rules the land,
and   waiting justice  sleeps. — Our
Dumb Animals.
, A tourist tells how he traveled with
a young couple, evidently on tlieir
honeymoon, and the passengers in
that particular car were in the grins
most of the time over their antics.
The bride had got the man she
loved, and she didn't care who saw
her put her head on his shoulder.
The bridegroom had got. a farm with
his wife, and it he wanted to feed
her on sweels, or squeeze her hand,
whose business was it?"
A little old man sat directly opposite the couple, and he looked at them
bo often that the young husband fin •
ally explained*.
"We've just got married."
"I knowed it all the time," chuckled the other.
"And we can't help it, you know."
"No, you can't; I'll be blowed it
you can."
"I presume it all seems very silly
to an old man like you," continued
the husband.
"Does it? Does it?" cackled the
old fellow, "Well, I can tell you it
does not, then. I've been there three
times over, and now I'm on my way
to marry & fourth. Silly! Why,
children, it's Paradise b'iled down!"
DARK    TO    TRY.
       Dare to trv !
What though a thousand critics wait
To cavil at the, thing you do ?
Have courage—gaze upon the great
Names written high
And know that thev had criticH, too,
Whose glory men acknowledge now-
Had Colon harbored in his breast
Drena of the critic's scorn, his prow
Had ne'er been pointed to the West.
Dare to try !
Not one immortal line or word
Of Hamlet would enrich our, tongue.
And no man ever would have hoard
The bitter <:ry [wrung.
From Lear's poor, blooding bosom
Hud lie that touched but tuaboni
Sat down in dread of critics who
Forever wait to biu«li to scorn
The thing!1 that other people do.
—S. K. Riser.
A    OOl.DKN   ltl!|,IJ     HOKSK
A gentleman who has a Christian
Bjiirit and a horse for sale advertises
as follows in a Minneapolis paper:
We have a good family driving
horse for sale, providing you curry
He is not over particular us to feed,
In fact,ho prefers our neighbor's hay*,
stacks and corn cribs to our own.
Wo Iced hi in whenever wo can
catch him, which is seldom.
lie is partly gentle, The nther
parts tiro not, and you must, govern
yourself accordingly.
We will throw in the derrick and
telegraph p"h' C'ltiiliMtuMnti which we
use to hitch lutn up with.
If ynii an* fund of driving wc would
advise you to engage a cowboy that
owns a fast hoi'se tn do your driving,
and be sure m got on tup ol the Ivirn
bi'lot'e ho begins to drive the horse.
For price and coroner's address
iipph in the owner.
im-:iiim»  T»l-.   BUI,
U'li'ii it imiuimiiii'slicijdii, fur l'i-.mi tlio soa,
I found ii >1h'1I,
And tu my curious ear tliis lint'ly tliiiii*
livi-r u song' of i.'Ci-iiii soitnit'.l to shifr—
K.er-1 taluof iii'L-ioi swnii'ii ta toll.
Iliiw oume this slii-ll ii|-cm tin' mountain ht-iglil :
All, who can say
Whutlu'r tiioro dropped l.y some  too  careless
Wln'tlier tlu'iv cist wliim ocean swept the land,
Kre the Kternul had ordained the Oity V
Stniiiire. was ii not V fur from its native sen,
One. sum* it saiiH'--
Sun?; of tin' mighty mysteries oi the tide—
Sans;,' of the awful, vast, profound and wide—
Softly with echoes of the oec-in rimj-;.-
And as the shell upon the monntain's height
Siii|*s of the Mi.-i,
So do I ever, leaiiui'S and leagues away —
So do t ever, wanderm-,' where 1 may.
Sim*.. 0 my home—sinir, O my home, of thee.
—Helen Modjeska.
John Williams has pulled his ice
cream gun on several people lately. It
will not go off unless you throw about
two bits at it.
V1S1 I Kl)    HY    NUOK    SAVA(ll>.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid linking Powders  containing
alum.  They are injurious to health
a   ...
HTime tell
1890     Established in Nelson
For more than TENYEARS the goods of Jacob Dover have been made on Honor and sold on
Merit.       Our line to-day is larger and better than ever before.      Our stock ot Diamonds and
Stones is the largest in the Kootenays        We solicit your patronage.        By buying from
will save-20 per cent on each dollar, and you will be getting quality as well as quantity, as I guarantee
all goods bought from me.
Captain Yule of the British steamship Myrtledene, which recently arrived from Antofagasta, Chili, with a
cargo of silver and manganeae ores,
says that while anchored in one of
the small harbors in the Straits of
Magellan, awaiting the coming of
daylight to continue through the tortuous channel to the Atlantic, his
vessel was boarded by a band of
nearly sixty nude savages and he
supplied them with food and clothing.
In the party were men, women and
children, nil copper-colored. They
were most docile despite the fact that
Captain Yule absolutely refused to
supply them with any liquor. "We
had between the point, where I stop
ped and the next available spot for
j anchorage," said Captain Yule, "about
i 70 miles to go, and as the sun was
getting low, I determined, as a
measure of safety, to stop and await
the coming of daylight. We had
hardly gotten the port anchor overboard before our attention was at
traded by figures emerging i from
huts on the shore and rushing down
toward the water. Soon they swarmed into boats and were alongside.
At first I thought of getting under
way, but this could not be done in
time to get away from them, so we
welcomed them on board, fearing all
the time that our last hours on .earth
were approaching. When (hey
reached the deck they, made known
by unmistakable signs that it was
rum they were aftei*. I shook my
head, and pointed to a cask of fresh
water, which.my men dealt out to
them, ft was not, to their liking, but
they made no disturbance. After
ward we gave them several sacks of
biscuits, and all the old clothing that
it was possible to gather up.    One
As we only emnloy expert workmen, M\ j„i,< |nMin;uly executed.
THE   JEWKLKR,    Nitlst.ii,  It. C.
Mail orders receive our 'iron-ipt und careful uttcutinu.
•lACOll    OOVKIS,    <).  lV'U. TIMK INSPKCTOK.
'pKACHER   for Senlm-   Division of llie New
*~*i"   DeiTVer*isui*iiic-*Sc-iiitnlr=Aiiply'r^tHtin^-*-|unli-
O..F. N'ELSOX, Secretiuy.
licntions. to--
Kootenay Coffee
Denlers in Teas pilid Coffee.
All HTMiles iind prit""-. A
trial order i-iiliclti'd	
Kootenay Coffee Company
I'.'. Hox IN.. West Hulicr St,
XK1.SOX, 11. (l.
Three Forks
B. C.
Provides accommodation foi
the travelling public j
Pleas'int  rooms,   and good!
meals.   The bar is stocked !
with   wines,    lit-iion*   and
cigars.      HOT  and   I'Ohl'
HUGH M\ EN, Proprietor,
to supply builders and contractors
with all the above building material.
Our. products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at the
Spokane Kxposition. Tlie Lime tha'
we are now manufacturing is not
excelled. Special quotations to con-
tractors on application.
NG-SOW, 3.C, P. 0.30X688
Seeds, Trees,
Wi ■•
• ijii 11! t
in..II   :.■
i -ei tv y.iii
ti*. Well I'V
11' «...H l.'ll
'-It'll, is   .,
Catalogue K
u* Fall Planting.
woman r.ttemptcd to put on an old
coat by sticking her feet through the
sleeves. The mate showed hei how
it should be put on, and she went
over the ship's side contented with
her costume, which consisted only ot
the coat. In stature these savages
are giants, and go about throughout
the long, cold, dreary winter without
Sluiulil not mis* an opportunity to visit
D. FlcLachlan's
When in search of Gent's FurnishinKS l"»r tliis
season's wear.     Some rare lm renins.
New Denver, B. C.
Gold i? ..WI Gold and Sliver., *■■ .7.1
Lead SO I Gold.sllv'r.copii'r 1.50
.Samples by mail receive prompt attention.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
1439 Kltli St.,   Denver, Colo.
Cigar Co.
Nelson Brewing Co.
-the best in the land.    Correspond-
Brewers oi Fine Lager Beer and Porter-
ence solicited.   Address—
.  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
Au up-to-date, line of
constantly on hand.
Head ollice: XELSON, H. C.
Stoics nt SANDON", KASLo, and NELSON.
For price* apply to—
\V, .1. MCMILLAN & CO.
Wholesale Aifi'litsf..rll,<".
Vancouver, Il.e.
Our Special
El Condor
Have shops in neaily all thc camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Hauling and Pucking to Mines,
und general local buainess.
Wine Co.,
Wholesale dealers in
Family & Commercial.
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigarss   "^
Agents for Calvary Beer.
V% -%%r*%%-%%'%%%%%% %r4
ll.m.i',   It.  I'
mr^m, pexm. ^-C^ K^_p
ll ypll   .,..it,l    .1   I.i- :,-
tf pI.-Ii    «•■-■■(     II-    ti..'
il  V v   ll Ipiteml 1
ill\ i--l'    10     ..lie,    .li i|
il.-,-rili      tin.    *i-.!.-
-i*.-'..i-i-..il.     nut    u
.till     4,.||l|       v..II      'lie
Id'-t  t    !i|i. |.|-.,   p.fiili'p,.
1 ,-'ll' 11..I  ,
v\'."'iinhi-iio' iln nl \*,-.i i-,,nt ..|,
u hi ri. I.', am; uxi v
fi-i ii-il iln
l»p l.'iiir- 'I
ln';ili-.|   -
■I 'nff p.f   il
':   .-t:-
V>' tilt' liiu-r ;|- i;.- HlINi'-,
Sit til- }".'.■ -■   'Sir '.'   !>'• lis.-*.
>i'i' Ui-- ill;;,
-im' un' num.
Aii'i 'I.i' in hi      i !■• i. tin' |.ii|p
ill-    I I
>l-l» till- Hit'
.1 il«.   S    ',1,1,,
>i-i' ' in*  ,,
•u   Ih.h
'In- li-i ill'-
»*■ In- IIIIXi-
,t   !. M «
I ll.i' Im.-.
* -/-.
f Brown ftros..
X      The Jeweler.-*. Nelsun.
i^lltt',i   %_ mf
*    !S5 TfeSS iJs**'*' ^ter*
joMi^i Williams
Dealer ill
HOUSE FOR SALE.il{i'iH,,,|s-Kx,,mi,mtio"-4 «««• M»imir«-
  j ment.
A'iI-Iv t • i-ICH,
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
In Xi n 1). nt. i
K SMITH, ,,t ilu
l'.ll»\ 1«'l'lll»,
j    Fitteil witli every modern
convenience.   Special protce,.
| tion against lire.  Rates*2.f>0
iaiid&'J per day.
I'nii't li'lnr».
forget the
Lake Shore
! Laundry
Van ('it.n,' I.it xli (iii.itU,
• •l'v und l-Viili.
ol 1! nillSKT IM-'.l'Ain".
Mi.:s i   j.*,   i i*-i(i.i(.\ i i.
IN   Ai.l. STM.KS   ANI»
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
\SKW I.INK (H   sl'iKKs u,,
sI'IKKs limn -'tctii.Vi--
.S«e lie
it   ? ? i' I«_J *•  i.l* t /InilM-*,
.**)»T tit** ii-i"-.
Slllt'll Ihe •JJiic,'**.
.*m*i* the <••* r/./..'e, *.fi' tlie i*«'iy,
Set* l!»** }X-"* • '"''' ""' J'*i;
Sec Till' ii't'l,
ll-'tir thi* npii'I.
>l*l* tilt'  f* .J't'lii'. rtlcl Uil' n^tti^,
^-i* iii-« jaiflcis. imii the fivj;—
,:iei- :!.<• u ta 'n-'hintl !lf fj.it".
<;oi| -jfive iu i._*»ttt   A time ilke
lliil ilen:»:ei    ^rifi-u*   isi-i-i'.-*!*,   jJTeitt
lw-*H4a v«.'.'.iiuU .uut ^ttUn^ Uand'i.
Men whom iA* lu< lur Dftlce *l ai* not
Tl!i:<i. KVANS'
■<j:*:.m nun- imrsi-; kaslo,
Kresh Fish nil the time,     ME^LS
1 ..Illl1\   illu-l llie lime.   4i5
Ncw'iiiiij'kel \l\ock. New Deiivei
^ ^ gj™X
General Drayin?: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transport-
atiuu a Specialty*
Our lU|f£*ge wngons meet nil Sunday trains.
Sad-Jtc Horses and Pack *. .*;::_is,
Feed Stnblc-i nt New Denver.
A luH Itiu* **< Siivui'warc aiut choice
Confectionery ,it
,li*'Jitl|iii-St.,Ni'W ll.-liViT.
S'liTli'K Til
.Uui-i'- "
4iitll«hit(J'iii »n t
I v iU in* id!
• . • . Piter*,|
K.'i.ik* at \
,:.'i.K'.V   UkU-lUU
o. HttUTHKAKS. h..h,, B.O
Our Annual Clear
C_ ~ i -v   ~--__ ___- ~_ t   --*-!«
'VHK <>S»,V HW.lAlU.l*-
Big reductions in all Lines
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
AU.f»!ZF,< aw»-STVLK8


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