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The Ledge Mar 17, 1904

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Volume XL, Number 25
Year, in Advance
from the Cake Cowns
The Emily  Edith
worked under lease.
The Kootenay Tourist Association is being revived.
H. T. Twigg has gone to the coast
on important busiuess.
There is still room for increase
in New Denver's population.
Hugh Williams intends spending
the summer in the rear of Port
Manager Garde, of the Pavne,
will move his family to New Denver for the summer.
Silverton will tonight give the
annual St. Patrick concert and ball.
A good program is prepared.
The Board of License Commissioners granted a license to the
Rosebery Hotel at their session last
Mrs. Frank Pyraan leaves for
Enderby this morning to join Mr.
Pyman, who has opened a jewelery
will soon be | companies for use in the concentration of ores. This is a concession
to the Kootenay inining industry.
The Harley Bros, and Russell
Gordon have dissolved partnership
and gone out of the bottle business.
They are organizing a joint stock
company for the purpose of dealing
in grasshoppers during the fishing
One hundred people came to Silverton from Slocan City last Friday
evening, to enjoy the hockey game
between the Silverton and Slocan
teams. The band accompanied the
excursion, and everybody had a
gay time.u
At the Newmarket hotel Sandy
McKay has the hens trained to lay
eggs in the card room. This is a
queer layout for a card room but it
enables the customers to get golden
fizzes right off the nest. Ask Sandy
to show you the barrel with the
fresh eggs in sight.
R. I. Kirkwood came up  fromj
Slocan City Tuesday morning to
walk on the wide sidewalks of the
The bank will fill its windows
with a choice assortment of flowers.
The manager has artistic as well as
financial taste.
J. C. Harris does not like the
cold rains and pea-soup fogs of old
England. He is delighted to get
back in the Slocan.
A large crowd from New Denver
and feilverton will go to Sandon
next Wednesday evening to attend
the Pythian At Home.
The Great Northern is trying to
get a share of the zinc shipments
from the Slocan. All it will have
to do is fix the freight rate, and it
will get the ore.
Thirteen tons of ore went out
from the Kineora this week. This
is one of the Mollie Hughes claims.
Five tons from the Pinto also appear on the list.
Detroit, Mich., has reji'tted Carnegie's donation of $150,000. We
will take it. Our Bull's kennel is
in need of repairs, and the bung is
out nf nur water barrel.
The gross returns of the Sloean
postofTieo for thc year ending June
.'50, 1003, was as follows: Sandon,
81,010; Sloean, 81.188; New Denver, 8085; Silverton, 8354.
A court of revision was held in
the court house Tuesday afternoon,
presided over by O. W. McAnn, of
KiihIo. Ratepayers from all sections appeared to present their
Charges have been brought
against the C. P. R. and the G. T.
K. for unduly favoring V. 8. shippers in order to get long haulage.
The Railway Commission will hear
the charges.
The silver-lead mine owners are
now asking the government to ex-
A bottle was found on the shore
of the lake the other morning with
a note enclosed saying, "Dear
Jennie. I am going to the bottom."
As all our bachelors are still on
top, it is reasonable to suppose
that he meant he was going to the
bottom of the bottle,
The local lodge, K. of P., tendered 0. G. Baker a farewell supper in the Castle Hall last Wednesday night, on the eve of his
departure for Vernon. The affair
was enlivened with hair-curling
stories and remaneseences of thrilling adventures by J. C. Bolander,
J. T. Black et al, and concluded at
an early hour as only Pythian love
feasts can conclude.
A deal was put through, the past
weok, by Wm. Thomlinson, by
which M. S. Logan of Nelson, takes
an option on the Sweet Grass group
of claims, situated on Goat Mountain and owned by Denver parties.
Mr. Logan is mining director of
the Juno Mining Co., and inthe
Sweet Grass deal is representing
Montreal capital. The option is
for 00 days. Ten or twelve men
will he put to work on the property at once.
, The Slocan Drill says: "Affairs
are shaping themselves in a satisfactory manner for thc Arlington
people, and there can be no longer
any doubt that thoy will proceed
with the erection of their reduction works just so soon
as the condition of tin?
ground will permit. 1 Miring the
week a letter was received from R.
P. Rithet. president of the company,
stating definitely that the mill
would In* erected this summer. He
also stated J. Frank Collom, managing director, was meeting with
marked success in the Eastern
States on his mission to raise the
finances for the undertaking. With
thn e*\**lrttr t***it*r*irift    nr*    niitfVW    it
I t>     . il ,        .
W.W not he lonrr r\rw till th*» IniHnl
As a result of the agitation begun two weeks ago agaiust the action of the C. P. R. in demanding freight charges on zinc ore
to Antwerp to be prepaid, the railway company has reconsidered the
matter and has withdrawn the previous order. This will undoubtedly
mean the resumption of zinc shipments, which have been discontinued for the past month.
There is also the probability of
a Colorado zinc smelting firm entering the Slocan market for a zinc
pigment ore, aiv ore that carries
too much zinc for lead smelting and
too much lead for zinc refining.
George Huston, who represents
the Denver firm, recently visited
several Slocan properties and believes he can. get a large tonnage of
the character of ore wanted. At
the Bosun he found large quantities of this class of ore, and believes
he can handle it at a figure that
will give the company a good profit.
Mr. Huston is ready to handle 500
tons a month of this ore, and if the
London office, the Bosun will probably resume work in a short time.
m Cropping
The Silver   Glance is rawhiding j in addition to a greater tonnage of
orP> j lead ore.    The zinc   product is the
Jas. Clarke is minding the jigs j best in the camp, and will runabout
Tlie total amount of ore shipped froni
the Slocau anil Sloean City milling
divisions for the year 19U3 was, approximately, 15.200 tons Since .January 1
to Mch. 12, 1901, the shipments Inive
been as follows:
Week    Total
ArKunta  .r>
Mug Hird	
llladc Prince	
UluekFVl      2
KnU'i-priHP  20
Fisher Maiden 	
Howltt       *.'0
Ivanhoo    t*l
Kliicor.i    13
Last Clinm-L'	
Lorna Doom	
Marion —
Mountain Con	
Ottawa     a
1'ayne     .13
Port, Hoji«...	
Pinto      ,'•
Huiuililii'    11!
Reco      i'i
Slocan Star    .11
U'l i
Total ton*  2'.',i
Mch. 10 Silver, 57iJ Lead, £11 18s0d
Mch.ll Silver, 57* Lead, £11 17s(id
Mch. 12 Silver, 57 Lead,
Mch. 14 Silver, 57   Lend, .CI 1 17sfid j bovs of the knightly mein
Mch. 15 Silver, fttift Lead, £ll 18s0d
Mch. 10 Silver, M\ Lead, £11 LSsOd
at toe Ivanhoe.
Johnny Teir will leave the hospital in a few days.
A daughter was born to Mrs.
Dr. Gomm last Friday.
A magnetic separator is to be put
in at the Slocan Star mill.
The silver pavement is pushing
its head through the snow.
The Rambler will reduce its force
and confine all work to the lower
tunnel. I
Sandon wants to have its Nelson i
mail switched from   the K. & S. to
the C. P. R.
The opening of a faro bank is proof
that prosperity is peeping o'er the
hills in Sandon.
Our shamrock is covered with
white, but our hearts are green
around the edges.
Chauncy Depew Stubbs has very
rapidly improved under the doctor's
•cock-tai 1 s-a n d-wi 11-1 eav.cthciiospi.taL
today. l
R. Peake, of Three Forks, was
operated on last Saturday for appendicitis by Doctors Gomm and
The Hotel Sandon has a new set
of spittoons in the bar, and the
scenery on the floor is devoid of
Raymond King is in town after
having made a record of 404 shifts
at the Idaho without coming down
the hill.    Next.
Bob Brett left for
Wednesday morning,
to squeeze the punch
adinn Northern.
Three men are working the
Whitewater under   lease.     Thev
have already shipped 3 cars of ore
and are doing well at the business.
By cutting off his moustache Billy
Rennet thus become one of the most
handsome men in the camp. Paddy
Murphy might outspot him if he
would follow suit.
Chas. TC. Caswell, cook at the
Reco, and Miss Bertha C. J. Meyers
were married at Vancouver, Wash.,
on the Oth inst., returning to Sandon on the evening of the Oth.
Next Wednesday evening will bc
Pythian night in Sandon. Everybody  will  be at   home   with  the
50 per cent, zinc, and 30 ounces in
silver. The Ivanhoe mill has been
brought to the pink of perfection
and Phil Hickey deserves credit for
the excellent mining and milling he
is doing for his company. Others
may talk but Phil   keeps   the jigs
At the district convention of the
W. F. of M., held in Nelson last
week a resolution was passed condemning the royal labor commission's report on industrial strife in
British Columbia. The report was
declared to be unfair, one-sided,
and full of falsehoods,
resolution was passed
cialism and the support of District
No. 6, W. F. of M., to socialist
candidates wherever nominated,
provided the candidates were actual
favoring so-
Winnipeg on
He is going
on  the Can-
The silver-lead mine owners have
recently been holding numerous
conferences at Nelson, the object
being to reach some kind of an
agreement in relation to the payment of the lead bounty. Just
what has been done to date has not
been made public, but a general
meeting of tlie association is called
for Tuesday, the 22nd, at Sandon
and it is expected that by the date
mentioned all the details of the proposed'plan will have been worked
out and that the committee having
the matter in charge will bein position to submite a definite scheme to
the members.
It iH stated that when those directly interested in the matter have
agreed upon all the details the plan
in its entirety will be submitted to
the boards of trade of Kootenay
and to all those who joined, in the
lirst instance, in asking the government to grant aid to tlie silver-lead
miners. There is no desire, those
who are working the muiier up say.
to ignore the general public in the
matter, the miners and siucltcrmcn
waul lu agree fust on the details
and then to submit a thoroughly
settled plan to all concerned.
itiHiu ri ionh  of  roxiMU.Kxci;,
tend the lead bounty to cover a cer-1 BicP8 f° J*lnK~ «•*">  *?** «*»-
that  must  te^y^/^w^tonoMheiittSM.
tain   class of or©  nm*  mum*  «*;■-    ~.     ,
shipped to European points to he j^ry buildings
treated at a prom u» lint piw»ova i. n
An order in council has been
passed by the Dominion government placing petroleum oil on the
free list when imported hy mining
and   installing the
Slocan people will need plenty of
furniture. The best place in all
Kootenay to buy it is at D. J. Robertson & Co., Nelson.
Sandon's school master does not
ask all the questions. The other
day a bright urchin who had been
reading the local papers, asked:
"What is appendicitis?"
It was the teacher's thinking
time, nnd he absent-mindedly answered: "Anything butlagripjie."
The lioy wasn't satisfied. "Please,
sir," he asked, "what is lagrippe?"
"La grippe   is everything that
"n    •*••*.-
"Huh"' p^elnhrscfl Ton v. n.ndhe
*t  ■
walked off surmising.
If you want to vote in the coming
IViminion Election, you must have
your name ou the list before thc
28th of Match.
A shoe for   every   foot  at   the
Royal Shoe Store, Xel.*on.
7:30 for bulge members,  «S:30 for
friends and guests.
Work «m the repair of the Hume
will soon tie started. It is a costly
undei taking, but where there is
faith ami fellowship and a deter-
ininatio. to win. enough public
spirit will always be found to stem
any Hood.
Fifteen miners--machine men—-
, rami' in from Rowland Monday
[evening and went to work at the
ivanhoe. Manager Hickey is continually adding to the Ivanhoe
force, and is «l>ont to greatly increase the output.
.\ in out:   Mini
\ Wlii im .uv VHHuaninnv,
pital Ball this, Thursday, evening,
in the Auditorium, The commitu-c
in charge of the affair   have the
I   -   1,    If.* t     ,9, f.»,
lit* ll*4»l.:49^;..ikl.'t.,l,.*lii:-       '.'....tw.*. >,'*.    .
j evening that will im green in bli**«
ful verdure and merry harmony.
The Ivanhoe is shipping 250 ton*
of zinc concentrate*' a month to Iola [
•" 1'nion at itt'
The Sandon Minei
I last meeting   pitted
Whereas, It has pleased Almighty
God in the wisdom of His A11 Seeing
Providence, to remove from our
midst our Brother John H, McNeil.
Therefore, be it resolved, thai
this Inion extend to the ivln-
♦ jve* nf nnr deceased brother tlii«
expression of our heartfelt sympathy for them in their deep sorrow
and heavy ndiction.
That a copy of this resolution be
forwnidtil to Minn> Mary McNeill.
t* <>j,«...
.   litlt
4. ...**»
. TT, .
1   ,. 1
,l,.,1 «,.  «t
I.■**■.".'.■ Jf'j' j.*!A*53r.*)l3'.*.!.v
That the Mime   be   >pread upon
tin- minute* of thc organization.
And further, as a mark of res-
tiiifit miA r»«.tr»r»m tlmt tlio 1 'linrter r\t
Sandon Miaern' Union he draped in
mourning for a period of thirty
March 5th 1001. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., MARCH 17, 1904.
The Ledge.
With which is amalgamated the
Sandon Pavstkkak,
Published every Thursday in the richest silver-
lead-zinc camp on earth.
Legal advertising 10 cents a nonparlel line
lirst Insertion, and 6 cents a line each subsequent
Insertion. Reading notices 25 centfl a line, nnd
commercial advertising graded in prices accord-
iner to circumstances.
Subscription. $2 a year In advance or *g.so if
not so paid. «
Certiticate of Improvement notices 87. Delinquent Co-owner notices £10.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Ledgk is located at
New Penver, B C . and is traced to many parts
of thc. earth It has never been raided hy the
cheriff. snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued
by the fear of man It works for the frail blazer
as wellasthebav-wlndowed.champacne-flaviired
capitalist It aims to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. Tt has
st<»od the test of time, and an evfr-incrensiiij;
paystreak is proof that it is better to tell the
truth, even If the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation is the man
who always pavs the printer; he is sure of a
bunk In paradise, with thornlc»s roses for a pil-
|.nvb\- night, and nothinir but gold to look at
bv day.
Address all communications to—
Xew Denver. R. C
A pen"il cross in this square
I .-lleate* that  vour suhserln
H >n ts due. nnd that the editor
wants Mice acrain to look at
vour collateral.
From observation we judge that
the popular cure for appendicitis is
more fatal than the disease.
ISTot a
dull   with us last
week.    ISTot a   man   called with a
hunk of meat for the bull-dog.
Tiie Sloean is with the Japs in
the present war. Every time they
win a battle silver climbs a little
All signs point to good times in
Kootenay next summer. Order
your job printing early and avoid
the pan'c.
A camp without a newspaper is
like a kettle without a spout, a pipe
without a stcrtv, a home without a
mother, or a dish of icecream without a lover.
Many a man who cannot buy a
dress for his wife, or a bag of apples
for his progeny, nor pay for his
paper, can always find four-bits in
his clothes to throw into tho hopper
of some gin-mill.
The Liberal government at Ottawa is controlled by the church,
and is afraid to give equal rights to
all within the Dominion. We say
this with no political basis and can
prove the assertion.
Racy editorials do not seem to
nourish the Kossland Miner. It in
shouting aloud for help, which will
do little gootl. The editor should
cut down to the size of the game
and kill hard work with a paste pot.
Thk prospects of the Slocan were
never better, and times arc slowly
improving. Kre long prosperity
will again touch the camp with its
magic wand and the overdraft man
will bo full of nothing hut misery.
It takk- four or live days for a
letter to reach Poplar from Nelson,
a distance of 85 miles. If the post-
office would pay more attention to
the needs of the public, and less to
1110 rillHIt'Mligol l* ittti liii'tit in wuuiui
ive better ior au vunciHueU.
The daily papers arc full of war
news from the east.    Mont of it is
.. ,   *i «...-. Tm * »  n» J»*   ttf. f*i**ir\\.* u*Vtftt.
the people want. If yon do nol
supply the people with their wants
they will go out behind the wood-
house and cuss until the air is torn
into riblions and tainted with sulphur.
The Minister of the Interior has
sent out a book of cartoons that is
a great advertisement for Western
Canada if circulated abroad and
not among the admirers of Sifton.
This book with its colored pictures
shows the resources of our great
west much plainer than the dry
statistics of a fat book bound in
The world is still mainly selfish.
As a rule when moral, physical or
financial danger stares us in the
face we lose sight of everything except our wee selves. This is why
hard times are made harder, and
no locality can be built up by holding the nickles and praying for the
dollars that never come. Generosity begets generosity, and many
people would benefit themselves by
a few doses.
You cannot change human nature
by force. It has to be done by suggestion along the lines of love and
harmony. The parsons in Spokane
have been very busy this winter in
crushing the social evil in that extremely sensualistic city. They
have done no lasting good. Merely
scattered the evil, by making it less
noticeable in certain localities. Sort
ofjrtuckingthe __ flowers as it wei'e,
and leaving the roots in the old
formation. To entirely eradicate
the social evil, or even to reduce it
until it is no larger than a.pimple
on the moon, it will be necessary to
make stirpiculture a lino art and
do away with the false and injurious teachings of creed promoters.
The church, with the opposite object in view, is one of the great
causes that lead to so much ruin,
misery and degradation in this
world. In its treatment of women
the church places creed higher than
nature and enforces its commands,
when necessary, with the aid ofthe
police. While such conditions exist there is no hope of obliterating
the scarlet curse that has tainted
the world since tho early days. The
attitude of the state, church and
society towards women must be reformed before any change for the
better can be expected. To bring
about a revolution of this kind will
require long years of labor by thousands of minds that have been lifted
out of the mud and whose eyes can
see the real light that shines near
the throne of our best God. No pin-
headed parson with his parrot sermons can bring it about. No politician with his glad hand and lying
tongue can produce it.   Xo pluto
crat with his bags of gold will bring
it to pass. No sticklers for custom
or knifeblade slaves of fear, ignorance or vice will be responsible for
such a revolution. It will have to
be done by men who are strong
enough to stem the tide of habit,
and popular opinion. By men who
are willing to brave the sting of
persecution in order to eventually
raise the human race out of the
slime of perverted passion and place
it in an earthly paradise.
It may be an Utopian dream but
in order to bring about the social
reforms blindly aimed at by the
clergy it will be necessary to change
the economic conditions of the day,
and make woman absolutely free.
She and her children must be absolutely assured against want. She
must be allowed full command in
regard to love and the flowers that
blossom in its train. She must always be a queen and never the slave.
When such a condition can be
brought to life all evils will disappear from this earth. It is the violation of love, harmony and nature's
laws before and after birth that
causes all the despair, misery and
remorse that confront us in every
city and hamlet in the land. If
parsons and reformers wish to
change conditions they must throw
away their crutches,  take the ban
dage from their eyes aud walk over
the trail that leads to glory on earth,
and peace to all men.
they could not account at all; total,
$14.80. They had spent in all
during that week $34.50.
Subtract what was "fooled away"
from what was spent, and you have
$19.70—that is. they spent for
value received $5.30 less than their
income. The hint in this incident
is as valuable to the single as to
the married.—Saturday Evening
A well known eye specialist declares that every man or woman
who smokes half an ounce of tobacco a day is smoking himself or
herself blind. And in addition,
he attributes the increase of cancer
to indulgence in tobacco. That
smoking is fatal to the sight is well
substantiated. The following letter
written by a Fellow of the Royal
College of Surgeons contains some
startling assertions: "it cannoti;be
denied that the smoking habit
causes cancer of the lip, of the
tongue and throat, blindness, and
a whole host of nervous symptoms,
with general deterioration of the
ihysique. I have seen as many as
five patients in one day all blinded
by smoking. One could not tell
night from day, and not one of the
others could read. Tobacco is not
only a curse to those who use it,
but a nuisance to everyone else."
' 'You hold my future happiness, "if he told the girl.
"Why don't you hold it yourself," she asked coyly.
And she wasn't so heavy that he
couldn't do it easily.
A shoe for every foot at the
Royal Shot. Store, Nelson.
Locate at New Denver.
The Sandon
The Pioneer House of the Silver City, ls now in the hands of
W. GEO. CLARKE, who has re-opened the Dining Room,
and otherwise improved the accommodations.
First=class Meals Served
And the service in every department of the house is Al. old
friends and new; pioneers and strangers in the camp, capitalists
and the Man of Hard Knocks, all taken care of and made happy
In the March Number of Moments, the subject dealt with
most is "Friendship." Perhaps it is not treated just as
it ought to be, or just as we'd like to have it; perhaps it is
faulty; but some thoughts are produced that might do you
good to ponder o'er.   Send 10 cents for a copy.
not?   It will cost you only FIFTY CENTS.
Address—   Moments,
New Denver. B. C.
Published each mouth by H. M. WALKER.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars, Union
Goods, made by
\\'liml|H tf, Man.
Hepre»Hit.M| by OKORUK IIOHTO.V.
A young couple, after living for
nearly a year at the rate of $30 a
week on an income of $25, reached
the place where a sober, serious,
heart-to-heart talk was imperative
—a situation of the greatest delicacy, with the breakers upon the
reefs of matrimonial disaster roaring in their ears. But they remained cool-headed and learned,
among other things, that during
the preceding week they had spent
$3.15 on just nothing at all, $7.40
by paying too high prices for necessities when a little thought and
care would have prevented it, $2.25
for things they could have very
well done without,  $2 for which
P. O. BOX 186
A.JACOHSO.V, Proprietor   '
Whon you nre woklng Hr»tch*« hotel rccjIB-
mmUtlon* you will tind them nt thU house.
NEW  DENVER,  tt. 0.
Oolil t .M | Oold and Silver. .*l.i*
Lead 7» I Ooldjill»,rxoi»ii,r l.8o
Sftinpka by mull receive prompt Attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
1795 Ara| ilio* "*..   t)*nv«r. Colo
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall in the city oultnhle for Theatrical Performances, Concerto. 1 anccs and
other puhlie entertainments.
For hooking, write or wire—
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
'Oil Interior view. Seating capacity .180; m^d
em stage appliances; furnuco heated throughout: population to draw from, 1.600.
Is published once in every century, and the current number has been
on the market about a month. It is a literary blend, compiled, written
and sold by R. T. LOWERY. Its contents are streaked with humor,
with a toiich of pathos here and there. The upper levels are filled with
comedies and tragedies that have occurred in the zincy Slocan when
its trails were hot with the Hwift rush of new feet, and the fever of
mining camp life showed 105. Certified assays of the cent belt Appear
in several chutes, and three poems with at least $100 of Mexican money
appear like diamonds in a blow-out of gold. The lower stopes art! filled
with pictures that would havo astonished the universe one hundred
years ago. The stories by other writers have clean ore, although
Dickens did uot write any of them. This grand and lurid publication
is cast adrift, postage paid, to any part of thu earth at the following
prices: To people over 100 years old, 5e; to parsons, 15c; to busted
prospectors, 10c; to all others, 50c. On the lst of May, 1090, all
copies nre redeemed at 810 each. Remember that 100 years will climb
the shaft of time before another FLOAT flashes across the literary sky,
so get in early with your little half dollars, and becomo happy.
Address all letters to—
Steamship Tickets
Tf* rttrtil tr,'.***.  1i*i,9t.r*rt9** t\i\l*\*,*  *,*,.    1*rt ...titlitt-,
awl Am^rlritn Iln**.   Apply -'-r nulling date*,
JiUi-l, lil\i ).■' .W.V.J *.vD lv .?',***. lvyJl.*v A.,   ,i,j,j   IS.   J',
Uy. m-wit or—
C. I*  R  AtftiT.t,, y*m |V(W«*if.
W. P. P. Cummin**. O. S **, Attt., Winnie-
Ti^G^   R. T. LOWERY
• tf^jt«p%jr  tm« t am •$** *wa,
ncAv i onuco
Stronger  tt*r madr, hsnd-wwed;
honoit valuta.  Repairing neatly done
Puriey Ward,      Sandon.
Uln*r*'Hbutm * *{tti.ialiy.
Is a weekly paper published
at POPLAR. Ji. C. it gives
all the news of that great
gold camp. It costs $2 a
year to any aiiiiinm Ser d
your money to—
New Denver
NeLion, B.C.
Job Printing
Tht* assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done it New Denver's printing emporium—
Address ; THE LEDGE Eleventh Year
Canada's Growing time
The Dominion Government is
sending out a picture book something on tlie line of the ABC
story books for the nursery. It is
intended to impress npou the mind
of grown-ups by colored pictures
the immensity of the resources of
the Canadian Northwest. It will
in all probability accomplish the
"" object aimed at, for it is a fact that
the average mind will grasp much
more from it colored illustration
than from a page of dry figures.
Uncle Sara and John Bull are
brought into chummy companionship. They are made the prominent figures in each picture. On
the title pago they are shown passing a hand-board "To Canada,"
carrying between them two great
sacks, labeled "£" and "$." Accompanying eaeb picture is a brief
comment something like this: "A.
prominent lawyer of New York,
writi ng to Sir Al fred Jones, says:
•The Canadia.li northwest can easily
take care of forty millions of people.
There is no desert country there;
all the land is productive and
highly so. In fifteen years there
will be in the Northwest ten millions more population, than now.'
Short paragraphs are given jrom-
inent space telling ofthe possibilities of the country. Here are a
John Bull and Uncle Sam have
not always pulled well together,
but they an* now thoroughly in
accord as to the attractions and
advantages of Western Canada.
After long waiting Canada is
now coming into her own. She is
known the world over as a land of
plenty and prosperity, where there
are prizes to be won by all who are
stout of heart and hand.
No region in the world offers the
farmer a finer opportunity than tlie
Canadian Northwest. The best of
wheat land, a splendid climate, excellent railway facilities, ample provision for churches and schools,
light taxes, good government, admirable postal arrangements, everything is indeed in Canada's favor
and thrifty and industrious settlers
are bound to come by the million to
possess and cultivate her rich aud
highly productive soil.
Where once the buffalo was the
only thing raised, and the Red Indian the only husbandman, now
stretch vast wheat fields, yielding
25, AO, and in some cases even the
enormous quantity of 50 bushels to
the acre, bringing handsome returns
to the happy and fortunate settler.
Elevators holding from 20,000 to
60,000 bushels are to be found at
almost every railroad station, and
in every settlement. No farmer
need team his grain   many miles.
From $40,000,000 to $70,000,000
is annualy added to the wealth of
Western Canada by production of
the soil.
The area of the Dominion of Canada is 3,745.574 square miles, while
that of the United States is 3,610,-
Canada includes in extent perhaps the largest area of arable land
to be found in any country in the
The great wheat producing prairies of Manitoba, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and Alberta, contain
land areas to the extent of 229,101,-
725 acres. It is estimated that
fully 100,000,000 acres of these
lauds are still open for free home-
steading. There is also the District
of Athabasca which has not yet been
opened up to general settlement,
wliich has a total area of over 150,-
business institution of any kind,
simply because you cannot find a
business announcement of a local
firm m the home paper. The town
is not so far gone as our "ad"
columns would lead one to believe.
We have a bank and five general
merchants; this is the government
seat and tourist centre of the Slocan.
000,000 acres.
In 1902 these prairies yielded
nearly 70,000,000 busheles of what
besides 30,000,000 bushels of oats,
and over 12,000,000 bushels of barley. The wheat belt of Western
Canada.is about 1,000 miles lbng
by 400 miles wide, yet only a very
small portion of this tract is under
Free homestead entries, covering
160 acres of land each, were granted
bv the Government of Canada to
7^426 persons in 1900; to 8,167 in
1901; to 14,673 in 1902 and to 31,-
383 in 1903,
England, with her enormous appetite, is certain to be Canada's best
customer for her natural products.
Even today Canada is supplying the
Motherland with great quantities
of flour, and wheat which is ground
into flour, and her reputation for
quality and for maintaining the
standard is undoubtedly superior
to that of other countries.
Her bill against the mother country for theyear 1902 amounted to
J the enormous sum of $131,202,321.
This will be vastly increased during the next few years not only in
consequence of the greater demand
for the Canadian food stuffs, but
because in the development of her
natural resources Canada will year
by year increase her supplies.
The construction of railways
through Canada—particularly that
portion known as Western Canada
—will make markets of easy access
for the quick sale of farm products
in every district. Whatever may
be the experience in other countries,
settlers who are now locating on
Canadian farms will reap an immense advantage over those who
come later.
Canada now exports to the British Isles in large quantities: wheat
and flour, beef, bacon, poultry,
cheese, butter, apples, and a variety
Of farm produce, timber and pulp-
wood, farm implements, leather,
furniture, and large quantities of
other manufactured articles.
place shall we give to Hosea?"
A tall man rose from one of the
back seats, and, with a reverential
bow, politely said:
"If you plaze, sir, he can have
my place. I'm going out.''—Brooklyn Eagle.
"When I was in politics out in
Iowa," said Secretary Shaw, "I had
some difficulty in deciding on a
comity ticket. I met a Swede who
is a big farmer in my district and
talked to him about the candidates.
" 'Olaf,' Tasked, 'whom do you
think we should nominate for
County Judge'?'
" 'I tank Oie Oleson ben goot
man,' he said.
" 'And for   District   Attorney'?'
'Yon Yon son.'
'And for County Treasurer?'
'Neils Peterson.'
'And for Sheriff?'
" 'I tank James Smith.'
" 'But, Olaf,' I protested, 'you
have named a Swede for every other
position, why not a Swede for
" 'Oh, we must do something to
catch the Yankee vote.' "—Philadelphia Post.
Locate your family in New Denver
9~ Barber
>y   Shop
The best Tonsorial Establishment in
the Slocan.
Balmoral Bldg,  Main St.,  Sandon
A name thut is familiar to old-
time,! s as the name of Three
Foi'ke—familiar because it was
there in days of boom and in days
of depression that tliey enjoyed
the hospitality of tlie uenial proprietor, and paitook of the
hostess'bountiful table. The same
conditions prevail today that
have won for the house its enviable reputation and the name of
its proprietor is—
It has lately been renovated
throughout, aud is first-class
in everything.
^^^*,—ii^H|   *\W****t~^mmr,.^ , a^^   l9^^*****m**^^^  l^^m)^^^**.********^   *^^^*9fmmm9****^^^  tt\*^**K. m*^^9%   ^., __*a\W9\\ 9^*9,.^^9\
Itis    Ll
Teacher (to class iii English grain-
mar)—Class, what is the feminine
corresponding to the masculine
No answer from class for some
time. Hand finally raised in corner.
Teacher— Well," John, what is it?
Pupil—Afternoon    tea.—Judge.
Elsie (in last row of balcony)—
Oh, that violinist is simply divine.
He sends cold shivers down my
spine the instant he begins to play
that weird, uncanny music of his.
Julie (practically)—Do you suppose the open window back of us lias
anything to do with those shivers.
—New York Times.
"Education," said Uncle Ebon,
"would be a heap easier if a boy
conld only see his brain gittin'
bigger an' stronger, de same as he
kin de muscles in his arm. -Washington Star.
ThiH is one of Dr. Lindsay Parker's
after-dinner stories:
An old Irish Protestant preacher
had announced the major and minor
prophets as the subject of his discourse for a certain Sunday. For an
hour and a half he talked of the
major prophets, assigning each to
his proper place. Then taking up
the second division of his sermon
he said: "And now we come to thc
minor prophets.    First, then, what
ft The Strathcona
_ji IN NELSON, B, C.
Is the leading hotel in Southern British Columbia.
It. has ample accommodation for a large number of
guests, and the ideal position it occupies appeals
equally to any traveler as well as the tourist.
Drummers will fin<> large sample rooms and all the
conveniences of the modern hotel.      '
ft esKxsx^i H^a^1
A phusant substitute for homo to those who travel,
situated on the shore of Like Sloean. the most beautiful    f }|
lake in nil America.     From its balconies aud windows can   f|
be seen the grandest scenery on this continont.       The in-   W V
termil arrangements of the  hotel are the reverse to tele-   b£
phono, all the rooms being plastered,  nnd electric bells at   A^A
the head of every bed make it easy for the dry moments in   II
the morning. I
Tlii! liest and cheapest meals in the country are to be
found in the dining room. The hou^c is run on cosmopolitan nrinoiples, and the prospector with his pack on his
hack Is just as welcome as the millionaire with his roll in
the bunk. Every guest receives the best care and protec-
Tlw liquor* are the ho»»t in the Slocan. aud tho hoM hn«
long been noted for its fish nnd game dinners.
Thin is th«» only ftrst-el»s« hous* in the Lucorne of North
America. One look at thc landlord will convince any
stranger that the viandw are of flrst-elawi quality. Itooms
reserved by telegraph.
Order   your  Spring   Suit
Natty Suitings now arriving.
Fa F. Liebscher,
fill* tii nn'* I'oit Tailor
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.    The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Ei.KiTiuc Li out, Hot
A IK,   MnilKHV   Pu'Mltl.VO.   EvKRYTlllNC,
Henry Siege, Proprietor
New Denver, B.C.
! him*' iilfi'**. '* iiiilmic iiufM-rwi-lvhl) (nrtSernt*. j
W. 11. M!T< UKl.L Mieeak U*:»l JM.tte.
*.   ?;.'«• !i.'uv.-r. 11 V .^y:^:.",v■"■■ I
We Set the  Best Meal  in Sandon
 Meals 50c.       Tickets 87.       Main St., Sandon.
Sandon and Elsewhere
In every mining camp in Kootenay, this great company of Meat
Dealers has established a name that wilf liv«> as long as the name ofthe
Slocan. In Sandon, Manager Gusty is ever on the alert to supply tin*
best meats obtainable. You will always find the best Fresh and Salt
Meats: Salt, Fresh and Smoked Fish; Ham, Hacon, Sausages and Lard.
And when you want Poultry in season,  or feel  like having a dish of
Drop a word over tbe 'phone to "7, Sandon."
Barr &
A nderson
1 ui    «i
KINGDOM *i* e'C< ni'uf MUv', r*
' lAiul~7.iiiet,re*et ilncSlocnu. from iniiiMlti tlie
' vlciiili\■ ;>f XV* limner.   Five f< r 'u ciit* um*
liy mull   ten  (MiripSc
Are the Leading Plumbers of Vancouver.
Write to them when anything is out of plumb
% wm.
Eleventh Year
A Haircut
That looks good, is sold
for 50c; shaves for 25c at
Brick Block     New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.   '
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
General Draying: Mining Sup
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Coal & Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.
Feed Stables at New Denver
Gold Ore in the Slocan
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
P. O. Box 583.        Office: Kootenay St.. Nelson
Ten years ago I heard an assayer
then doing business in New Denver,
refuse to assay a piece of local rock
for gold. "I won't assay it," said
he, • 'this is a silver camp and there's
no gold around here, so save your
money." This goes to show that
there are assayers and perhaps even
mining men who have not learned
the truth of the statement, made in
such an ancient book as the Bible,
that '"gold is where you find it."
Gold does certainly occur in most
unlikely places. If you have a
sandstone doorstep to your house
you may be passing over gold every
day and also you may be quite justified in suspecting your grindstone
of having gold in its composition.
This is preliminary to stating that
there is gold, and a whole lot of it,
in the Slocan district. I personally
know of several mining properties,
tributary to Slocan lake points,
from which samples give upwards
of $100 per ton in gold values, and
of a dozen more prospects from
which samples ranging from $5 to
$40 per ton in gold can oe obtained.
In many cases high silver values
accompany the gold values stated,
especially in the veins having a
crystalline quartz gangue—such as
occur in the granite area tributary
to Slocan City.
"Nothing is so new as that wliich
has been forgotten," therefore it
may surprise some of the present
residents of the camp, and interest
outsiders to learn that about nine
years ago a couple of prospectors
took out and shipped five tons of
gold ore from a prospect situated on
eight mile creek near Silverton and
that the smelter returns showed
$125 in gold per ton of ore. Asa
matter of truer, the ore was shipped
in my name and I can vouch for
said returns.
 ii^udQusecLiuiverUsoinenls such-~asi=**FQrJSa!c--
W^utitcd, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births. Deaths,
Marriages. Personal. Hotels, Lefjal, .Medical,etc..
are inserted when not exceeding in words for
15 cents each Insertion. Each live words or les?
jver i^ words are live cents additional.1
THK KING'S nOTKLin Ferguson is a cheerful home for all travelers to  the Lardeau.
F   ANK BARBER. Proprietor,
L nnd American plan. Meals, H5cents. Rooms
fnm i villi to *1. Only white help employed.
Nothing vellow about the place except thn sold
li, the -ate.. MA LONE & TREOILLUS.
\TAODKN HOUSK, NELSON, is centrally
ML located anil lit bv electricity It is head
quarter* for tourists ahd old timers- Miners or
millionaires are equally welcomo. THOS
MADDEN. Proprietor.
1   the
UOVAL HOTKL, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of llsculsme.   SOL JOHNS,
, ,QTT.'trop-/3imv__T. /rvrvi m_yjr\ _
Meetings in the Union Hall every Friday eve
nhiRat7-xo Visiting brethren cordially invlt.d
to attnd .1. E LovKltlNG, , Noble Orand; A.
L. Cuaig, Vice Grand; W. J. Gahhutt, Sec'ty.
A.F. & A.IVi.
Regular Communication held the lirst. Thursday in each month In Musonlc Hall at 8 n. u .
Sojourning brethren aro cordially invited to attend    Jamks M   DAit'j'dN. Secreta v.
This gold ore was taken from a
quartz vein lying near a huge mass
of •mineralized eruptive rock carrying gold, silver and copper values
held in masses of iron, copper and
other sulphides, and it is to this
mass or zone of sulpide ores that I
wish to call the attention of mining
men or companies who have means
to handle such a proposition. This
great zone of mineral bearing rock
appears to be continuous for over a
mile, from the UL. H." group on
the east end to the "Rockland"
group on the west. The owners of
the "L. H." group who are well
known miners of experience, state
that they have already opened up
large bodies of ore, on their property, which will easily average $7
per ton in gold, and that the mineral bearing rock will concentrate
7 into 1, giving a product of clean
sulphides which can be treated locally or shipped to smelters.
In the "L. H." there are bodies
of ore which give high values in
both gDld and silver, but as these
irregular in occurrence and above
the average in values, they are not
included in the estimate given.
Development work has also been
done on the "Rockland" group and
here conditions appear to be much
similar to those at the "L. H." except that copper is more in evidence.
The outcrop here   shows in places
flakes of   native  copper   and   the
whole rock mass   is   more   or less
colored by green and blue "copper
stains" or carbonates. I understand
the owners  of   the    "Rockland"
group claim to have   an average of
upwards of $12   per
silver  and   copper
properties lying between the "Rockland" and "L. H." consist mainly
of the ' 'Daisy'' group and the claims
which    were    included    in    the
"Congo" group, all   of which, and
including the "L.H." group, are, I
understand, open for aale or bond.
Bearing in mind results obtained in
the Rossland and Boundary camps
and at such mines as the Treadwell
from $2.50, to say  $16 per ton, all
values, such a deposit as the one on
eight mile creek near   Silverton in
this camp certainly deserves the attention of those   who have capital
and   experience   to    economically
work such property. It,
We are unpacking a large stock of Easter Headwear. Ready-to-Wears
and Sailors. Dreams of Loveliness. We are proud of the selection,
and feel confident that our Sandon ladies will likewise feel proud of
their selection.    Watch for the big window display.
Wo  R^ n©fTSlW9 S^d® n and Vernon.
A visit to our TAILORING EMPORIUM will give you an idea of
prevailing styles for FALL and WINTER Clothing. New line of
Suitings to select from.   Leave your order now for a Christmas Suit.
J. R. Cameron,
Reco Ave, Sandon,B.C.
ton, in gold,
values.     The
gold double eagles, excepting 216,-
000 standard silver dollars. This
is the largest amount ever turned
out in one month by any mint in
the world.
It is proposed to install a complete
mining plant, including air compressors, concentrator and other
machinery, at a cost of $35,000 at
the Portland mine, Aspen Grove, at
Nicola. It is stated that the company has several thousand tons of
ore on the dump at the mine ready
for treatment.
The Nickle Plate mineatHedley,
in the Similkameen, has spent over
$1,000,000 in work of great magnitude, but has never shipped a pound
of ore, because there is no railroad.
p.o.box36 NEW DENVER.
Terms on application
Special   Representative
...-,.. in  this   and' adjoining
territories to represent and advertise an o.d
established business house of solid financial
standing Salary $il weekly, with Expenses
advanced each Monday by cheek direct'from
headquarters. Exponses advanced; position
permanent. We furnish everything. Address,
Tho Columbia, 030 Mon on Hldg., Chicago, III.
BARTLKTT HOUSK,  formerly the Clark
is the best *l a day hotel In Nelson,   Only
white help employed.   O    W. BARTLETT
'PHK MASK, In KASLO.  Is lust the place
I    for Slocan |x.'oplu to lind when dry or In
search of a downy couch.
f O. MKI.VIN, Manufacturing Jeweller.
•), Rupert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
imi E'tgr-ivcr Manufacture* Chain*. Locke'd
.ind Rim'* Workm inship guaranteed equal tn
>imv In (Vuid-»     ' 'rder'* hv null solicited.  Box
IO. Si tlillrlll.
Sandon lodge No.
K. OF P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
In the Pythian Castlo Hall. Sandon Sojourninu
biothrcn will receive a Pythian welcome.   S,
IBAACSON.C.C.        Al.WIKIi .1. HAIX. K. R. &S.
fOHN MoLATCHIK,   Dominion and Pro-
•I   vlnclal Ltuid Surveyor.   Xelson, II. 0.
Land ^inveyoi.
Stop at The Queen's Hotel in
Trout Lake City.
A  Warm  Cont.
"Your papa and mamma have
been traveling in northern Scotland, have they, Minnie? Didn't
they tind it awfully cold up there?"
"O, I guess they kept warm, all
right. Before they started I heard
'em say they were goin' to use a
coat of arms while they were away.''
The cocktails in the Kootenay
saloon, Sandon, do not carry any
lead or zinc.
To CHARLES NEWHAUS. or to whomsoever
he may have transferred his interest in the
Black Eagle mineral claim, situated on the
north K>rk of Carpenter creek, Slocan Mining Division, West Kootenay.
YOU are hereby notitied that I have expended
£102 .10 in labor and improvements ou the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 day*
from the date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute   your   proportion   of   the   above
mentioned sum, which ls   now  due,   together
with    all     costs    of   advertising,   your   Interest   In   the   said    claim  will   become the
property of the undersigned under Section 4 of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900.''
Kaslo, B. C, March 10,1904,
r*rhol*oqalo   MorolifintB.
u rvtiKKV « «.;<»., miui,K.sALK lkal-
• »   er* In RuH'r. Ktitr*. Clu.eic. Produce and
••'nilt.NVi.il. II O.
Ml,. OK1MMKTT, I., h. H., Hurrinter,
.   n >ll«(tor,N'vtttrv PttMle.     Sandon. B.C
U'tt.ch OflW at Ww Dmivit every HMnrday
Inrauranae Sa Itwal HJetato
litlOHPHON, MtTCIfKM, A ro. Fire
I !H«>mnr» A«**nl«. Deiler* In Hmm rMalt
Milling Pr<t|Nrtl*»,   ILitiwwto rent •n<! Town
Lnt«f<»rH»l». __««__»
ItJM. Thc most complete II C A I T U
on the Continent of North Ameri- II C A L I II
e«. Situated mldnt scenery unnrnnnf
rivalled forOraudMir, Boating, n CO U II I
Fishing and Excursions to tho isany points of
Interest. Telegraphic communication with nil
part* ofthe world; two mtilli arrive and depart
*very day Ita bathe* cure all nervou* and
muscular dlscKses: lis waters heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments of every name.
I'll* nrice of a round-trip ticket between
S'hw iVnver and llalcvon. obtainable all the
year round and good for*> day*, ia fS.Sft. Hal-
■yon Spring*. Arrow Lake. II. O.
I    near \\nrd si
LAK   A    PAY
. X, l*m. Jl U TIIK OOL-
PKKCH'MOX |« th- home nf
i-   in
MCliOXXRL It BLACK. Proprietor*
Nli.i'flii |h'(>Ii|i' when tbey   llti*   111   KeruiHoii.
*%. HASH l> ALL, New Denver. II. O..
R#»l Rft*t«an<l Mineral Claim* for Sale CHIrn*
,    i        uv   ..     r... . ti .1
nPIIK   HHITTANNIA    MOTM. i« the "Id-
*■■   eat and ihe best in thc l^ir-lo    Oold Keeker*
*lw*y*w,kuii\e.      ULVIN BIIOS.
\y ASU.I. HAHDV & CO. AdvcrtUlngOm-
I j.   tractor* and NVw«Corri,'*i»>n'l*nt*. SoF.M
H»ree», I^nnd»n, K. 0.. Knidsiid
A rtleof thLf*m*rcau is ittn tree nt charge
by vlnitur* u> Uiiulou. to whom advice gratia
will I* given tf required.
The West   Canadian   Collieries
Co. is now the largest and strongest
coal   company   operating   in   the
Canadian Northwest,  as its holdings now embrace several collieries,
each of which have heretofore been
looked upon as big undertakings.
The following is a list of the interests lately acquired and merged into the   West Canadian Collieries
Co.: The Byron Creek Collieries,
the  Uellevue  Collery,   the Lillie
Collieries,   the  Grassy  Mountain
tain Collieries and the Blairmore
Coal Co.     Any of tho above taken
by itself is a big coal mining proposition and when taken all together
as they now are, they make one of
the largest coal mining propositions
in the whole of Canada.   Thc management of this entire property has
been placed in the  hands of Mr.
Whiteside, who for so   long has
been manager of the Can more aud
Anthracite mines in northern Alberta, while J. J. Fleutot, tu whom
the success of these properties is so
largely duo, retains bin position as
managing director.
Tho Blairmore Times nays that
this company in the largest producer of coal in that section and in
in a position to more fully develop
ita various properties so that it*
output of both coal and coko can
bc made to aggregate thousands of
tons per day.
DTI   Mil l OY b^H^1'*
Hu hatf n t**r*Mjierlenr" in dental '"wfcjanrt
HM ,   .    .'  , i.*.,.   i r mtij*,*t.Trfit*j    Vt*li
matii tuttie Sim au regularly
Qeneral   Storo.
T t. RKI.I.T, TIIKRR r~.
»l« ryxzettti/ta. Dry Hood*, Ete.,
p*4 it tctar the Sloean.
FORKS. AtwU-r In
Good* Shlp-
& numbers
sent to any
of yours?" asked his elder sister.
"No, she set her face right
against it from the start."
Send your friends a case of beer
and buy it from the New York
Brewery at Sandon.
'I never have married," quoth I'hlllls the Wiee,
"For few are the men whose poKneRnion'u prize."
'•I never have married." quoth PhilU the Fair,
"Since ardor Is fleeting and worth Id so rare
"Vet, response and consent I nm sure I should feel
Toward my unrealized heroe.my menial Ideal."
"Anil who Is your Ideal?"  Then Phillis arose,
"My Ideal," «he paid, "Is the man who'll propose "
—Harper'h Bazar,
A shoe for every foot at the
Royal Shoe Store, Nelson.
Send 50 cents to this office and
get a copy of Float.
New Crop Home Grown
and Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds,
Kaitem Price* or lea*. While Labor
Catalogue Free.
•mi*,* w«(Hinlii»t<-r H«v«d Vancouver, B. C
VTOTICE l* hereby given that, thirty days
ll from date I intend to apply to the Board of
Licence Commissioners for the Slocjin Licence
Pistrtct, for leave to transfer mv retail liquor
liCtmnR   from   thn   Mcfinirmvi   hntol   fn   tho fVnsa
licence from the McGuigan hotel to the Cross
P..n.l .  \,nl.,\     \,„n„S 	
Dated this 25th day of February, 11)04.
Mineral   Claims
(".itunie in the Slocan Mining Division ol
Weat Kootenay District. Where located:
On Slocan Lake, one mile east Irom Roso»
bery Station
UKE NOTICE That I. A, R. Heyland, agent
_ forE. Hunt.F.M.C. B 71««, )>. J Mathe-
noil, F.M.O. B 715(«.and D. V. MaclJonald, F.M.
0. B 71fti», intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certiticates oflmprovenients, for the purposed
obtaining a Crown Grant of each of the above
Aiidfurthertakenotlcetliatactloii under sec.ST
must be commenced before the Issuance of such
Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this lftth day of February; A. D. lixn.
KIIACTION Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Blocan Mining Division of WVf
Kootenay District. Where located: N ar
the town of Three Fork*,
TAKE N«»Ti< K That I. Maurice OlnOburm
as atiiiu lor The Monitor & A lux Fraction.
Limited tree miner's eeillllratc No B tl •* :«•,
Intend, Hl.xty ilavs inou the date hciiol
:n apply t* ilicMining Unorder for Ortiticntis
0 Improvenients. for tjie purpose ol < blalnln^
a Crown Grant ol each of the iiimivv claims
And furl lier take notice that action, uiidirKx
tlmi »7, mini 1-e commenced before the issuaint
:if 4111*111 Vrlllicati s of Improvementf..
Dated this mh dsy of .lauuaiy. IDOL
R. T. Lowery
The rich copper district near the
he»dwat*»m of t-h»» St. Mmry'n river
io \Wp\y ta -yet n railroad.
John Larsi'U is driving a tumid
several hundred tttt m length
through the  west batik of gravel
nn Wild Hnrte   owe**   in wonreri t\t
address for &n 0,d channel.
The United St*te« branch mint
at San Francisco daring the month
of February, 1904, minted a total
or $21,706,000, all of which waa in
Herewith notice change in time
on this Company's lino*, taking
effect 12.01 a. m., Monday, March
7th, 1110-1:
K. & ft. Ry.
Ij*  <).«MS A.IJI.-V>4UUU<J~Ai   ■i.^tO p.UI.
Ai ill. i-i il.Ul.-KAMtJ-Li** i.uO  p.m.
Steamer Kaslo.
Lv 1:30 p.iii.-Kaalo-Ar 11:00 a.m.
Ar4:'{0n.m.-X*»K»n-IiV KtOO a.m.
Tickela tM)ld io all parta ol tha United
State* and Canada via Great Northern
ami O. It & N. Company'* lines.
For further particular* call oo or ad*
ROBERT IRVINO, Manager, Kaalo,
uw?Jth)0'' .ymu-tijifX
Direct Line   Lowest Rates
New York
«*n Franclwo
VlaSooFaeifle Line, 81. Paul, Chicago and all
U.M. |>olnt*
tu Ala»kUi,Japu,it,China, lUwull, Auatrall**.
TtiroMi'li lwv>trtn«t ♦«  f?*nf»t«*ml ***A thn r*r*n*l
n«nt viaall li. h. Lu t«.
t ut ion* Uiuiai, t   <•*» Ami iiiionuwiiuii, i»npiy
to locid ajfrnu. or wi:tc-
J ft CARTRR R.j.dvn.ir,
II. P. A , N«l*m.     A O. P. A., Vnnconwr
^j,i i i^u 3u W titfu \*i^ vSju i*^^ «n^^ {^^u'£^^"ii|^j«ij|kto' \j|fc^M|^
\        PHOTOGRAPHERS        }


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