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The Ledge Aug 21, 1902

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Volume IX.   No, 47.
NEW DENVER, B.C.  AUGUST 21, 1902.
Price, $2,00 Year adv2koi
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps 23
that are Talked About. fig
■Serial f^Ws FToat
The huckleberry te paying dividends.
When you want fresh eggs aBk Byrnes.
There are 40 men working at "the
Mrs, Carey and sons have removed
to Seattle.
The Bismarck is shipping another
car of ore.
The American Boy will train all its
ore to? Cody.
New electric drills are being put in
at the Payne.
J. T. Black is spending his holidays
around Calgary.
Seven mon are'working at the Blue
Bird and H at the Noble Five
New York capital is looking at the
Iron Hand near Whitewater.
F J. Deane of Nelson took his lirst
look at the Lucerne last week.
' Wm= Thomlineon returned Tuesday
from an extended trip to England.
Are yon "baching?" Mrs. Matheson
furnishes every delicacy for the table.
M. fi. Davys has leased the Silver
419,000 pounds of copper matte, valued
$2,990 000. Over two thirds of the product waa shipped from the Boundary in
British Columbia.
Several equine picnics have recently
been given upon the lawn adjacent to
this office The hatch on the water
barrel"was battened down.
Dune McKinnon will return from
Halcyon Hot Springs in a few days,
where he has been testing the merit of
the waters for rheumatism.
Fall aad winter furniture has commenced to arrive at D J. Robertson &
Co'e store in Nelson Write for prices
when you desire to purchase.
Families who keep beer in their
houses should get a trial case from the
New York brewery at Sandon Drop a
postal to Sandojj.and get prices.
At a meeting of the Canadian Mining
Institute in Nelson next month, A, C
Garde, manager of the Payne, will read
a paper upon mining machinery.
On the Silver Glance, near Bear lake,
two men took ont 80 tons of ore fn HO
day's. Fifteen tons, sent to the Nelson
smelter gave a net profit of $3,067.
the case that a strong union dictates
terms which practically deprive capital
of its profit, nor is it an unusual thing
for capital to compel labor to accept a
wage that is altogether inadequate for
tho services rendered. Every thoughtful trade unionist will admit that under
the present conditions it is the party
that is strongest that wttis, regardless
of the justice of the cause. The idea in
the ntinds of those who believe in compulsory arbitration is that might shall
not be'right, but that whatever side is
in the right shall have its claims recognized by the court and enforced by the
nation." In our judgment those who
imagine compulsory arbitration would
be an evil to the. workingmen are entirely mistaken As we see it, it would
he the greatest benefit that could come
to them, for it would eliminate the distress consequent upon the strike, and
maintain between masters and men
harmonious relations where too often
under present conditions there is bitterness and hatred."
Kipg;. mine, near Nelson, for one year.
Gus Ostby is happy. 'His wife and
family have returned from Minnesota.
The coke famine being oyer, the
Granby smelter resumed operations to-
A company that will create and foster the Slocan tourist trade will make a
The blanket ledges on Cariboo creek
back of Burton will some day attract
There are siill plenty of fish at Slocan
Junction and McManus has not moved
the hotel.
How would it do for New Denver to
colebrato Labor day in some kind of a
mild manner.
The address of J. G. Main is wanted
at this olHco. He was formerly a booze
dealer In Kaslo.
Mike Kirlin has struck tt rich upon
tho Mascot, and will do considerable
wotk this summer.
It is reported that the Ajax mid Pal-
tnita properties may soon bo working a
large force of men.
Peter Simpson nnd his partner, T. 14.
McAllister, nave returned to the Slocan
from South Africa.
The rain descended and put out the
forest (ires, hut it did uot touch the
fruit in Williams'store.
The party who stole a pitchfork from
tho stable of A .1. Marks should put it
back nn<i a old trouble.
There are millions tor Slocan In the
tourist trade, but it cannot lie realized
without effort or money.
Ice cream will soon be out of season,
so Improve each opportunity by buying
a dish nt Williams parlors,
Mr. and Mrs Mclntyre from The
Glen, Scotland are visiting their
daughter, Mrs Scott, of Sandon
The numerous friends of Wm. Mc-
Adams entertained him with a banquet
in Sandon on Thursday evening.
Captain II. C. Adam* died suddenly
at Sedgwick, Maine a few days ago.
He wat well known in thn Slocan.
Dr. Mlllov will be In Now Denver
August «8, ii and 25 I hose in need of
dentistry should remember the dates
The schools opened Monday W, I).
Mitchell presented each of them with
an autograph copy of his coronation
Every New Den write should use
writing stationery illustrative of the
town. It costs no more than the plain
The .editor of the Orangevlllt Post
roasted a county judge. The *m of
the lode* thrashed the editor's wife and
went fishing up near Cody and, caught a
good 'String, consisting of a gum boot,
one Noble Five jumper, oue sock and a
bull frog.
Jim Ward came to town on Saturday
aud reported that the Eclipse, on Silver
mountain, had more than hope in its
tunnel. Work is making it look more
like a winner every daj.
The Slocan City band mutilated the
atmosphere of the Lucerne for a low
minutes on Friday evening. The inhabitants could not reach them, as they
were entrenched on the steamer Slocan.
That was a torrid game of ball Saturday afternoon between the "Hon-
Pocked" and the "Would-like-to-bcs,"
for the Bank of Moutrdkl cup . The
score was 1^1 to 18, in favor of the single
Making money, are you':' Bettor send
some ahead to look after your old age,
Insure with tho Mutual Life of Canada.
Nothing on earth can take its place
Write to W, J, Twiss, general agt.,
who will cheerfully give vou rales ami
There is a lot of pent-up patriotism in
New Denverites The wav thev are
taking: hold of our illustrated Letterheads and Envelopes in most encouraging. Have you sent in vour order?
A dollar will pay for a pad of 100 sheets
and 60 envelopes.
I). J. Young, formerly of Kaido, semis,
fn a subscription from Calgarv and
states that he found it impossible to do
without Tub I.kiujk. He leports the
boom still on In the great cow camp
and says that it would be a paradise to
live in if tho winters were only like
those of the Slocan.
MKTI/KJ-f   OF   OLAIt.%   MATHK*.
New Denver Is to have another dramatic treat; theatre-goers have not vet
forgotten the pleasure with which they
witnessed tho performance of *'Nell
Uwynue" by the Clara Matties com.
Iiaitf, and they will welcome the news
that that "bright particular star" Is
shortly to pay them another visit Tho
reputation of the Mathes company In
sufficient guarantee that on the occasion
of their next visit they wiil give us a
performance equal in every respect to
the previous on* Indeed,* report has
it. that during tht well earned holiday
which the company has been taking in
NkIwh, *»vertl well known Thespians
have been added to their roster. Home
of the latest Eastern successes have
been secuied, escelling iu interest the
previous production* of ihe comjpanVt
and It Is cerlalu that the Clara Mathes
company will lose none of the high
favor which It now enjoys    We will be
fflsd   tn  wolr-owe  the mm nam*     T-hn
plsv to he nreaentftf on this vUit will
U"Al    '
Taxation or mining interests is always a complex problem. In general,
it is well nigh impossible for an assessor
to put a just value on several hundred
mining: claims. It is much easier to
assess town lots, orchards, farms, buildings or live stock, but difficult to
equitably value mining property developed or undeveloped A property
may not appear to be worth 81,000 today, and in 90 days may be actually
worth $1,000,000; or it may be apparently, worth 8100,000 now' and not be
worth $100 in six mouths. A mining
property is a constant source of expense and nothing but expense until it
becoines a profit to its owner, and to
the community where it is, It furnishes
employment and adds to general and
permanent wealth. It is a creator of
prosperity, hence the hand-of the tax-
gatherer should ever be laid lightly
upon it. No mining property should
be taxed until the productive stage is
reached, and then only on the net output. The miner is inevitably taxed in
a variety of ways, and deserves a certain degree of "fostering care from the
state and federal government. To tax
the mines to death means to destroy or
greatly retard thnt region's nihidral development and the frightening away of
capital, Of course a fair share of taxation should be placed on all inning
property; but when carried further, it
injures the mining industry and every
other class of business dependent upon
the .miners —Mining and Scientific Press
on many of ihe claims, Of course, the
facilities foi getting out the gold are
now the very best, and under these'circumstances many of the creeks which
were abandoned in the early days as
being worked out will yield remunerative returns for a longtime to come.
During the last two years a great deal
of very valuable machinery has been
sent to Cariboo, and it is only reasonable to expect some return for this expenditure during this or at latest next
season. From information which has
been received it is evident that there
has been in Cariboo, as there bas been
ilsewhere in British Columbia, very
bad management of some of the properties, and where a good profit should be
expected in dividends there bas already
been a loss. This results from placing
in control of properties men who have
no knowledge whatsoever of mining,
and very little, if any, of business generally. They are sent out from the old
country and given responsible positions owing to the influence of- their
friends, who, in nine casets out of ten
are only anxious to get rid of them,
and they not only mismanage the properties which thev are placed in charge
of, to the loss of the British stockholder
but to the serious disadvantage of thfs
country. So many good properties,
however, in Cariboo are now in charge
of experienced mining men and capable
engineers that the district is bound to
see another period of prosperity It is
to be hoped that the era on which it is
now starting will be one of long'continuance.' There is no reason" why
Cariboo itself should not rival, if it does
not eclipse the Klondike, and give-the
cities of British Columbia a permanent
and enlarging market for their surplus
sootls." "
Pound fri .the Woods
i'The Bones of a Former Slocan Miner Discovered
in a Tent Near Ferguson.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approximately, 80,000 tons. Since January 1
to August ltj, 1902, the shipments
been as follows:
Payne ■.     *<>
Sunset (Jackson Basin).,.'    80   '
Aini't'ieaii Boy    i0
Arlington    40
Heirett      *«
Busiin    if)
Lint Chance	
Enterprise    80
UisillftU'k •   20
The plans for the Canadian branch of
the royel mint, which Is to be located
at Nepean Point, Ottawa, alongside the
printing bureau and facing St Patrick
street, are now completed. Thev were
prepared by Chief Architect Ewart,
who visited the United States ami
Europe lust summer to get the best
possible information before proceeding
with the work.
Thu two features of tho building will
be endurance and security, It will b«
one storev with tho exception of that
part for tiie offices, where the main on-'
trance is placed. This part will be two
stories with a basement The building
will be constructed with a limestone
dressed front. On either side ol the
main entrance there will be granite
columns, and above the main entrance
will bit the cost of arms and the wirds
" Koyal Mint."
As far as It is possible to make It the
building will bu lite proof. The roof
will lie expanded iron and the doors of
concrete and) mosaic. It will take two
years to complete, and work will he
commenced this fall. The site of the
buildings is 177xKM, and is rectangular
inform.       __«____„»
Queen Dens.
Silver fit
lance ...    40
Whitewater  to
Klort'iiou      I
Trado Dollar ,	
Hliwan Boy    t'>
Niiiimwa    in
Pn y Kt ten k	
Surprise ,	
Monitor (for July*    li"
rilm-aii Star	
Wiiki'ilnlil     in
I' ru«'Ot t	
Kiiinliltir ,
Molly OH)*)!!,
London Hill..
It. K   Ui'	
IM Foi...
Alltloiitt       j.'
Total tons	
€11UAPK9 IimK.
Four years ago Gus Lam ford was a
somewhat familiar character about
Sandon. He suddenly passed out of
existence and has never been heard of
since. The Ferguson Eagle tells of the
finding of a body of a man in a tent
in the woods close to the cabins on
Eight Mile creek who had evidently
been dead some years. A jury was impaneled and proceeded to the scene,
and in the presence of the jury the coroner and police officer made au examination of the remains of the man and
of the surroundings. It was evident
that he had been prospecting in the
summer or fall- of 1899 and had been
camped several days in this place He
appears to have gone to bed, cut a pipeful of tobacco, had a smoke and then
went to sleep. His bed was shingled
with evergreen boughs on',which blankets were laid, and another blanket
and a coat covered the body. The
body had been resting easily on the left
side and there was nothing to indicate
violence or pain. In a screw-top baking
powder tin were found a free miner's
license and a poll tax receipt, issued to
.'•Gust ll.Lamfors^^^I^cordj3r Mclnms
a mineral glass and a new shaving kit.
An axe was found under the pillow, together with the man's boots, and his
pocket knife was found uear the right
hand. No coins were discoveted. The
tent had become pressed down to the
ground by the weight of the snow and
this, together with the man's wearing
apparel and blankets were very rotten,
but undisturbed.
The reason why no wells are sunk is
because the Canadian Pacific railroad
hae corraled all tho oil lands, and will
neither sink wells itself nor suffer anybody else to do so.
Americans perhaps might go up there
and teach the Columbians how to get
in, and get there with the oil, and appeal the case against the Canadian Pacific railroad, so as to force the oil field
to be opened to boring. The. fact that
this great railroad octopus is so in control of the Canadian government that it
is allowed to tie up one of the greatest
resources the country is blessed with is
a disgrace to tlie'Canadian people.
They need to become Americanized.
They should haudle the C. P. H. as the
people , ol Californiau handled the
Southern Pacific, and should force the
great transportation tyrant either to
open the oil fields themselves or release
their grasp upon them that others
oould enter upon them—San Francisco
Mining Review.
A few nijjhts ago Mrs. Edna Ellacptt
and Miss Kitty Hendrigan had a narrow escape from death on Arrow lake.
With a party of_four others they were
Tuesday, the 12th inst. marked a
most Important era in the history of
Ferguson, says the Esule, as on that
day the new Vulcan smelter got its preliminary trial mu. We are glad to be
bt io a fA>titi..u to announc* thai thn
trial proved eminently satisfactory.
Since it demonstrated lhat the plant Is
capable of everything predicted of it by
both makers and owners.
On Wednesday morning tint (urnacw
was blown In ai{aiu and worked as in
the short run of the dav before with
.   ,„„,,f..i,  ,   „, „„(,       <r>i
UOL.   PUJOK   HlillK.
Col. Prior, Minister of Mines, and act-
ing Premier in tho absence of Premier
Dunsmuir, visited New Denver Tuesday to meet the citizsns and hear their
complaints. It is Col. Prior's first official trip through the Kootenays, and he
is getting new ideas from the closer
toueh with the people. In the low
grade camps, Col, Prior says, he met
with much opposition to the 2 per cent,
tax, but where the ;ire is high grade ho
found very little complaint on that
score. The demand is made by the
low-grade operators that the tax should
lie removed, in order to foster the mining inniiBtry in its infancy; but then
again the 'demand is also' mntlo for
more trails, more roads, bridges, etc.,
and in ortlt-r to build those the government must have money, and this could
only be raised by taxation. Col. Prior
was greatly struck with the apparent
folly of having so many iittle towns on
Slocan Lake, and contrasted the present
situation with what would undoubtedly
be the case with one good sized citv oil
the lake and all the people working
toward its upbuilding, This deduction
bv the honorable geiitli'itian is the com-
uion one to practical men, but it was
not iu vogue with the old regime at
Victoria when for political reasons the
Slocan division was split in twi and a
record o'.Viiu t.-suUintied at riWan Ciu
—like adding a second tail to u do*.
According to the !to**iaiid Miner, a
decidedly interest ing report emanates
from Trail regarding the affairs of the
War Eagle and Center Star mines    It
is stated lhat the Knsslaud minus n|k>c(
tied have come to an agreement with
He Intimated that  within a year he. the Canadian Siindtintt; work* wherebv
would 'ttriiish the Boundary smelters, the question of water rights, which has
with all th* coke required at a cost not  licet, a source of litiualiuu between the
Junius J Hill believe* thai llie Bound*
ar.v smelters are paying too much for
Although a large shareholder in the
Crow's Nest Coal company, he was not
backward in criticising' lis management.
He intimated that he had coal measures south of the int-vrnatloiial boundary line which he intends developing.
There Is no dutv on cuke
exceeding $.*> a tou
Mr Hill is goin;; to build to Greenwood and Phoenix Ills road is going j
toihelp »«.".s!il up the Boundary country ,
and h>- Intends running branches to j
e?try point iwhere there is a chance to:
develop the district and do business     j
Mr. Hill Is going to build through toi
the coast.   ITe hopes the people of British Columbia will soon get thioiigd vot f
ingnonusasashedoeanntwantone. He
bnlM» r»llw«*i'B   til   ito   to-nct-nom*"   tint In*
antm it even.
Kftaftaare being made to t*' «»>«i^ ,4 ^.^/^^^oique
ball game for .Sept. 1st between nine* "•w *"d "*<»««^_
ehmum tmm tfce Miners.' I'mUtt amd td*
K. of P. Lodge.
Have you-got a dollar's worth of mi* !
iiifiitttiiitt-ft),    »y.vi»'H ■»'• ',■•'* fay.,*.;! '■.'»* jiw^v-
•elf wilh printed stationery iliintrativ*
of New Tmrrer.
will I splratoV, a 'nwMttly iiatwuH a^tlannil «*m bonusea.-Boundary Creek Times.
t nctut,
lor tr eg mating iim ilraii, was tound toj
be somewhat light!v constructed for the]
' -tmelter mtd mining intcr«ti*t« for years,
I is adjusted in part at least.   Th»'state>
j ment  is  madit  that the Mueller will
s pump w»\vt toi  A* own tine from Trail
| creek a natural source *»f supplv which
: has  not  baeu   utili/nl heretofore  by
reason of the-expetiNeattachedtcpump*
ing operations.   This decision  leaves
the mining companies free to utilise
the disputed waters of Rock and Stony
creeks (or mining pnr|»oseii within the
,,.,.„• i- , t ii *, ., .,►.»,. .**-. . >.•> . i,.t»..   ..■!.* 1. * .
been reached.
hhivish tstiM nm.%.
!>!;••-!, ..A,.,.    ,.,,*„, ,,i...,.*i-     ..fl.;t,..,»l,.,,
the SI Tltuto*** Jnuieal **y*: " We hi*.
lieve lhat, so far •« ih# 'Dominion of
Canada is toiicwiH. whenever a trade*
union has a gi«od com strains! an Individual etrploy-rr it wonkt get justice
from a roinmudon appointed under a
law such as thi- Hon. Mr. Muloch has
Sj,m ntinrnn 1« klnwlv «M«v#rlnir fram ' ^-O'^'d, -Mid iu.U *■* t,,u*-\*  wnuld An
Sam Uurgcs is slowly wo\ering iiom. m^m{ cli|n| ^ ^^    Th(, tllu(|.
»nt*i     H».*,.,irml sill with the *»..,*•     t>WrM   „f   (,(U)pu)^.v   ,,,imuir.,,
TneliheT ma<.tt-rsnor men would lw abl«
C3a.r-»4a, Am ing the t esr -mdinr June -j »o tMmt !«,»* t&at wm* wa jtm.   Ai
»), exported to thu I tilted State* ft),-j the present tUnc (t U not infrequently
P. II. Moyer. president of the West-
em Federation, ami Jame* Baker, of
Shwun, were in town last week, talking
with the miners.
Hsra Burges is . . „ .
an altaek of typhoid in th* Slooin Ho-t-
pilai     His m>ii t red ■*    "
ailment at the home.
•mount ot uttrami fir***!**.** *A*tr*hf*fi&..
It was thfrefo«« owfdsd before put-1
ting the plant to the test of a contliiu I
win   mti*   fn   titni ur**  tii-s\ti«r ettin>>»'
tor Iin- viuuuiu I'ogiilHtiug metimiiisiii )
On il* arrival fiom San  Framiico Ihe
smelter will Ml once be started tip with
a day and nt^lii uliifl ui operator* who.
will form it* regular i-rew !
MKVtV.tf.   1*   I'AHIItOO.
f'h«  Provincs
mitfl,)   Hl'ftY.uiyi-,..
witting:-j udiikUi
than ime letter lm., Wti
ing lUt 3****i month iwm
letting nl th
s»*>:   *• tl»4-r»*   are
ill t i,i-    U'*I i *.*';   «>l  ibe.
Ol   t.,tl !*,<>. i   Mild |||..i»'
received ditf-
lhat dj*t«n»
»• ;/r<»-»[.*#-irt» ui
••in up*
A tip-erfail cabinet meeting i» bent*
held at Ottawa to deal with the fast Atlantic service project.    Several offers
being that of the Allan*, and it is said
that ihe Premie* has tttbWA from Lon-
dun approving nf a speedy sttttling of
the question.   U i* uiulerstooill that the
tender of the C   V. It. has heen prac-
i tit-ally accepted     Thi* would mean • t.
i ir.'iiM-iidniH piteniiitti ut the greet Oan-1 »M*-"fed oil pon<l« and
.I'iiaii trati<*>piirt.*tt!oii »,vMt'in, snd make; ordnniy lamp" with
\ it the main art«»ry <>f trav#l tu the whole"
, Ut.u»W   t.ni|>ii»-.      W^Hvi-n   wilt v.ari'>
l»at*enger* and »ail Auevt Itotn Mori*
Heal t«> Caj* Tnwii, *t*<l A te t>%petteA
; iiliat the trip wiil not iti-itpy wore th an
, f(.|fW, wti'fc.*? or one month.
retul'innglo Tire^HiiTeyoii Hot Springs
from St Leon on the' gasoline launch
' Iris," owned ami captained bv John
Thew. '
The party started to return soon after
10 o'clock and were half a mile from
shore when the accident occurred The
sparking apparatus conveyed lire to
the lead pipes from the gasoline tank,
and the boat began to blaze. Mrs. Ella-
eott became panic-stricken and jumped
into the lake. She was rescued and
placed with the other occupants of the
craft iu a row boat that was towed behind for emergencies the launch waa
abandoned, and when Captain Thew
and his passengers were barelv fifty
yards distant thegasolinetank exploded
with a loud report and scattered the
tight little craft to thu four winds.
Captain Thew made a sturdy effort to
extinguish the flames and save his
launch, but without avail. He was
frightfully burned about the hands and
Koriosuly about the face Mrs. Kllacott
and one of the men were also painfully
burned about tlio face and hands. The
launch was valued at 88<xi. The launch
was picketl up by H. Harlow near Nakusp very little the worse for its fiery
experience. One report says thooxplo-
slon took place probably from a lighted
match when (he tank'was being filled
en route.       _________
I'AHTI.Y   KATKN   HV   HIM   111)11.
A gruesome story comes from the
(iatineau region, where an old man
named Samuel Napier has been found
in a shanty at Desert with his body
partly eaten by a dog Napier, who
was formerly a member of the New
Brunswick legislature, was sent out to
Desert last May to look after a supply
of grain and provisions for Oilmour *
Hughson'H shanties, His only companion
was a dog. Iu June he was seen by
Hinployoes of the firm, but since then
had not been heard from and search
wan Instituted, when the body was
found In the shanty, badly decomposed,
sitting «rcct at a table. The dog had
disappeared by jumping through the
roof of the shanty. Tne don is supposed to have been starving when he
attacked Ihe body.
XKW   TIMK   -UARtl.
A new tints card went into effect on
this Knslo ami Hlocati railway last Sun
day. The train leave* Ka<do at'»a. m ,
arriving at Sandon at 11:25. Returning it leaves Sandon at I p m.,arriving
in Kaslo at :t:lV. Th* *te*taer International leave* Nelson at ft a. tn , arriving at Kaslo at il:4oa in. ll leavs*
Kaslo at li'M p nu, and arrives in Set.
son at 7:15.  	
"■"he smelters in the Boundary will
... .,.«-.    . .*,..-. *.*.*.    -.,0,..**.+.4,4**.        i.,**99   .i**tii
the nvi'tt* at Vli>heM and Vertde \* he
I Ing divided between the snvaral smelt*
!*r»    AttJrand  Forks everything Is in
; rewdine*-*** t* i-wniftf-M-e' ■itf**n\if»n.'i  as
;^>oii as the nece.*sarjr supply of cok* t*
tii.ni.i   «n. and as the on- bin* are overflowing
'"""''iiiit, ,,.„  ...  *\,,.    ....',,...     ..„.....,% i. "
itilhut c«|mcity
will ln< worked  t.i  it*
within another wevk.
.1. V. Uitchle.  P. I.. h„  ami   H*i***\
Tht.iniix'in   are   in   the   Klkt
limed n»iihw->*siof Klk»>, Ka'-ttern Kmitr |
nar i*ve;ii mil«'.» from the railroad, rt*-,
tna'rkable oil deposit-    The oil can be' u.« n,. i.n„.
nonped up from th«- water pool*, and I i*m«w.
Ih* biiriicl trimly as it i» fouml. wlibont",    Eleven year» ago Aitgu* McGillivray
relit.mg.     it  ha»   l<een   gatliei.il   (n S found color* in a cn-i-k running into
burtietl in tho f Kootenay  lake ami south of Pro**lor.
e*r ilnme and | ' be teilingol llu* iitdtifci Kd^hannoti,
no snioie, «*» the gravity of the ml mii.t 1 i'«n Mcljicblau ami Murdoch McMan
\o*    lUSit.    Ul.Htgll    ll<>    ■* 11 * S y >., -    ll«-    s H  I -»'» l'»ll t ll*'U     bUltki'l •    »l,     >i>.ll<i-*»»    *l|.i
iwivii made o( it. (irtdogiMa have tar«;-{ <T» hi aeanb nl tie* tn*tlnw f«wer of
fullv etsutiinitl tto- (irotind aud thev'eommern' If th«> An not Hwl it In a
repiiit l-bat   'gusiin* will tn- iminA till »'«rk the*will leum, to Sew Itenvai
abuifS-Hti >•' I
and l»»ll tw.ir mnA h**rr\ *torte*. \
Ninth Yeab
Ths LbdoeU two dollars a year in advance When not so paid it is $2.50 to parties worthy of credit. Legal advertising 10 cents a
nonpariel line first insertion, and 8 cents a line each subsequent insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a' line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGBJMS: Thk Lkdok Is located at New Denver. B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of mnn. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right aide of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses.' It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavons do occasionally hit our smokestaok. A chute of lob work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barre't one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
four collateral.
A knocker is a person full of
envy or a seeker after blackmail.
Why not handle the Manitoba
wheat crop through Vancouver?
Time may be money, but we do
not want to trade subscriptions for it
White flour is a delusion. A
dog fed only on it will die in 12
The papers in Paris, France,
roasted Laurier to a rich and golden
ThiB journal is about the only one
in Kootenay that has an easy chair
for the editor.
One of the noblest works of crea
tion ie the man who pays for his
paper without being dunned.
Gaynor and Greene of Georgia
are registered in Quebec. They
love Canada too well to go home.
The Cranbrook Herald says that
Bill Galliher has gotten back, and
it is pleased that Bill has gotten
There is a salt famine in Toronto. Surely there are enough of
churches in that city to keep the
people from spoiling.
Peru takes the bun from British
Columbia. A free fight among the
legislators in Lima the other day
broke up the session.
Manitoba will have 55,000,000
of buBhels of wheat this year.
Should be a delightful country for
the three-shell game.
Dorothy Stilea, a young girl in
Michigan, is slowly dying from a
a strange disease. She is gradually turning into marble.
The fastest long-distance train
in the world is run between Paris
and Bayonne, in France. The
speed is 54.13 miles an hour.
Paul Kruger is hated as much
now by the Hoei* no he was once
loved. Public opinion always con-
demiiH the cause of a failure.
The Itio TJnto mine in Spain
made a profit of $7,500,000 last
year. The cheap luhor of an ignorant people was the cause of it,
Owing to the forest fires and the
exporting of lumber from the district, it will not lie long before tlie
BIocaii mines will feel the lack of
tituW. ____
A fast life of any kind is liable
to nrove disastrous. Charles Fair
ami hte wife were killed last week
while riding at the rate of fiO miles
an hour in an automobile.
ihe iir-mi'ucUoii ot copper will
sUnariily incmwe for years. Costing
on itn Mit&ge "Si -cent* h pound to
produce it should ite a good busi-
rut-*at HA oer»t«* « mmml. i
K<Mitenay mining would improve]
if the duties upon  machinery and j
jHiwricr were removed.    There is
not much sense in  killing one industry to Mipport another. !
'llu Aim -nun i   Suulttf   Ti'Uitt te S
*»hif»piiV|f silver to Meiico.    About
L>-tt.<wwu«on «,im*f* nil!  lw »hipp»-d.
which will have a tendency to elevate the price of the white metal
The licenses for doing business
in Kaslo are high enough to be
laughable. The council should be
be giving premiums instead of taxing those who would do business
in the burg. ■   ■ . .
People who feel like committing
suicide should interest themselves
in science. Nothing will add a
greater fascination to living than
the pursuit of wisdom along some
scientific pathway.
There is no truth in the rumor
that the editor of this paper has
fallen heir to a million dollars. The
only way he expects to get it is by
delinquents coming to the centre
with their backward subscriptions
Nelson should buy the street
railway. Then if a few mines
could be moved into the suburbs
the road would pay expenses and
the prosperity of the town would
enable the loan companies to play
The liberty of the press should
not be abused, nor curtailed. It is
the greatest weapon for right on
earthy-and ~woe""to~the~freedoia"of
the people when it is cinched by
the corrupt and debauched who
chance to be in authority.
The effect of war is plainly seen
in the Transvaal. Twelve years
ago the wage of Kaffirs was $12 a
week, now it is f 6, and iB to be reduced to S3. The blacks of South
Africa should consider themselves
lucky if they are allowed to live.
God made that country for Englishmen and they must be respected.
Amy Wilson is red-headed and
lives back in Ontario. Not long
ago she ran away from home dressed
as a man aud worked on a farm.
The simple people back east are at
a loss to understand Amy's conduct. We know what iB the matter with her hut do not think it advisable to make the reason public.
A Canadian officer from Ontario
was discharged from the army in
South Africa because he had been
caught using marked cards when
gambling. He should have been
shot for such a seriouse offense as
being found out. His disgrace ie
the one withered flower in the
bouquet that the Canadians plucked
in South Africa.
The Canadians are easy when it
comes to subHidies. A few thousand dollars given to greedy and
dishonorable members of pari to-
liament by lobbyists, and the deed
is done. Thc C. P. tt. is owned
principally by foreign capitalists,
but that will brush «way no frost
when the sulwidy grab for the fast
ocean line comes to the surface.
The Canucks will lie there with the
money, and glad of the chance to
give it- away. What a prize Canada would win if It were only a
milch cow!
The newspa]H*r habit seems to l»e
deadly. There Is John Houston
for instance, He Is old enough to
kinow better, but in spite of all his
bitter experiences he is about to
dig the old i\elson tribune out of
its young grave ami make it siuver
in the bleak winds that blow over
the frwhly iIi'mjm of hard times.
We are glad to nee John shyhg
his coat for sunt her inmn into ihi*
jouuiaJMie prize-ring. It means
blood somewhere, and elthongh the
Creator initde John neither perfect
nor handsome we will let nitn go
a.« he looks, and trust that the
sheriff will never aifwin roughioelt
hte v'goroii-* jieit.
The Holland World stands up
sod  whi-»}«-r^ that  when the <*u]A
clutch of death gets Nelson's last
daily paper, the metropolitan
mantle will fall over Rossland
That may be so but if it were not
for subsidy or bonus money neither
of the Rossland papers could keep
out cf the graveyard. So it is an
empty honor to blow the horn in
a city where no daily paper could
exist merely on its merits as a
business necessity.
ADOUl llie dealing  out law
Law     *n  Canada re
quires some fixing. It leaks. It seems to be
drifting into a system of making
this earth a monetary paradise for
lawyers, a self-glorified heaven for
judges and a hell for those who are
seeking quick justice at reasonable
Away back in Bruce the Herald
gets after the judicial system of
Ontario as follows:
"There is a copper riveted con-
viotion that Canadian justice is far
superior to the article which goes
by the same name across the line.
If people would only give the matter their attention this comfortable
complacency might be slightly disturbed by the story of a man be-
while in gaol -awaiting trial, while
two wealthy criminals in Quebec
are successfully resisting extradition with the money they have
stolen. Another case is that of
Sifton of London, who has been in
gaol over a year, although he was
tried once and the jury disagreed.
Sifton happens to be pretty well off
bo he will probably be kept alive
and in gaol as long as the money
holds out. These three instances
are not cases to be particularly
proud of. The man at the Soo
should have been admitted to bail,
the wealthy Americans should have
been returned to their own eager
government, and the man at London should have had Mb fate decided long ago. Many more cases,
past and present, might be cited if
it were worth while, but surely
these three are sufficient to raise at
least a fugitive doubt as to the surpassing excellence of our boasted
legal system.
^ Pt-orp the &W& Kwtf 5
There were "revival services"
held in New Denver last week;
And they are spreading to all the
Slocan camps, and tbe contagion
may continue to spread throughout Kooteday.
Revival of what?
By what?
For what?
Why just a revival of < loudness;
That's all.
Funny, isn't it, that people have
to bo revived every once in a while
to lie what God Intended them to
l>c—that's all.
Just like a family reunion woftena
the love of home and freshens the
influence of home life;
So this coming together to lie
revived spiritually sets upon com-
By the interchange of thought
and the mutual yearning for a life
that is higher and deeper and nobler than the mere physical, people
are lead Into channels of purer and
f»fM|*n»tnt» tl*»»l««,
<>    ' *   t»t
Thut* ore they benefitted nntl Ibe
community mndo better.
Some people ridicule revival
Ignorant people poke fun at them;
»»•,»»   ii.VH   *U    It ...•<■*'*0'£V.|!VV,      1IH-.I1   I'll
heart, know that all spiritual  re-
vivnl is a good thing.
Helf-righteotiM people scorn fully
IKiint to some whom they have
mown who, under thii* reviving
iufltu'tiee, l»'cante »'i*>tlm»ia*tie
'followers" while the <-|tcll was on,
but rhilled with the lirxt blast of
-adversity and l-twatne woi>e than
th»«y were in the fii>t \Atot;
There ave cases of this nature;
But the reviving influence is not
to blame for it;
The fact to be deplored is that
there are these putty men and women;
And these jelly-fish kind of
Men of hickory-nut heart and
tumble-bug brain.
But it is not this character of
men and women that are susceptible to a revival;
They are out of their element;.
Their home is in the muck-heap,
their heart, mind and backbone are
like soft dirt out of which children make mud pies.
Life that requires Living could
not be pounded into them;
There isn't the texture in their
make up to take it.
.Men capable of thinking, though
hardened to impression themselves,
are nevertheless honest enough to
recognize the helpful influences of
earnest meetings of this nature;
And. they give to them their
moral support.
It is the men and women whose
line of vision is beyond the circle
of the almighty dollar;
Whose thoughts are broader than
their hat-rim;
Whose hearts have love in them
and whose backbones are made of
something stiffer than dough;
Who are helped by this reviving
They think as they live;
They love mankind;
They love God;
And honor Goodness unalloyed.
The Clergue syndicate, which
is the pet octopus operating iu Ontario, has been bonused;
And nursed;
And privileged by the government until today it is drawing millions annually from the Canadian
In exchange for „this they are
paying thousands out in wages to
Canadian workingmen;
And building up a hive of industry where formerly nothing but the
raw deposit was, placed there by
Nature. ,^
All this is very good;
All capital and energy should be
well remunerated for any outlay.
The ClergueB deserve all they
have made -ar can make on the
Canadian side—
If they make it by honest invest-
rflentr       ~~~      ~       x~
*   But now they   come   with the
proposition to build that mammoth
Alt |)i'vsous indebted to the linn of Aylwin
Broi, proprietors of the Denver House, New
D? iiver* BiC., are requested to fettle their no-
t'ounts ny Sept. l*t, not, ns on that date the
luirtnershlp heretofore existing between the undersigned will lie dlMolved.
Special Lot
All sizes
All prices
NclSOn'S Drug & Book Store
New Denver. II. O.
^••(-..Hiwicllj, l'ri('#V»rkiT<*.rrliiilii,r \Vln«|«,
NitiiilM-rliiK Miii'li!iii«, Itmiriliiitlnif „im| Sum-
larliiK NtmiiiM, Uienk IVrfi.riunri, Ituiihir
Type, I'rlMlnir I'roK-Ks, At-.
VminAiw. ll.ll.
paper mill on the American side-
Build it with money made on the
Canadian side, and with the intention of feeding it with wood pulp
taken from the Canadian forests.
And the people look on and say-
it's allright—
Think of the hundreds of men
that will be employed getting that
wood ready for the mill;
And all Canadians, too.
Think of the wage-scale !
The wage-scale!
Will Canadians never get above
Are we forever to be taking the
1 'wage-scale'' from American enterprises, and let them walk away
with the proceeds of our labor ?
Are we forever to take the skimmed milk and give away the cream?
Farmers feed skimmed milk to
hogs, and they fatten on it.
Canadians have taken it uncomplainingly all these years;
But as a nation we are growing
lean upon it.
We have the pulp for all kiud6 of
paper mills;
But few mills.
We have the capital to erect the
biggest paper mill in the world;
But few men willing to make the
The dollar is too big in the eyCfci
of our men of means;
They belong to the sure-thing
But lack the knowledge necessary to play even this game successfully.
Buying advertising space in a
good newspaper is almost equivalent to buying trade.
The United States would profit
much if they had a Kitchener in the
Warm weather
Is at hand.  A cowl, refreshing
Is a luxury that costs only Mc
At Ed's Tonsorial Parlor
Brick Block    New Denver
If you wish
to purchase a shot gun
Ox   riHG Or anything in the Sporting Goods line
send to
Charles E. Tisdall
For his 1902 eatnloinie
This Illustrates and describes the most oomplete stock of arras and
ammunition In Canada.
Our Naphtha
Launch is now
on the Lake for
the use of
our guests
8    Tourists
<M^^M ^^^jm—**m^^^^ ^^^^**mm^^^^i  -^^■wm***^^  .^^^i»——.-^^^^  ^^^^■•m—i*^^^^  *-^^^——»  -^^^^ ^^^—•—■«^^_-^ -T
r^^, ^^*^^^^ i^^*^^*^^, -^^^^-^^ -^^"-^^rf^^, ^^•^m^^^, ^^iii^-^^^ ^^*~m*^^K P
And the traveling public generally
will find everything for the inner man
that will put a shine of health and
gladness on the outer man at the
St. James Hotel
A, JACOHKO-N-jI'ivit
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Address = THE LEDGE
Bam Ik of Montreal 11
r,wini,Hi.v<'<i ii'*j7.
Capiul (all paid up) $12,VU},(W.W
Ke««rvtMl lurwl t : 7,00^000.00
Undivided profits  ;   :   MQ08I.OI
lli:il»   OK KICK.   HONTUKAI..
Ut. lies. 1/imi iiruArutxiSA a.id Movsr Uovau ti.CM.ti. i'veaiAent.
Hon. (1. A. Drommonh, Vice Pra-ftidcnt,
KL S, Cuiuston, (fcntti'Al Malinger,
Uniiicliea in all \mmoi CAiiMda, Newfoundland, (treat Britain, and
'he I'nited .Stated.
New Denver branch
I.E tt. DE VEBEK, Mnnneer
:^mp€^} Ninth Yeah.
THE LEDttE, NEW DENVER, B. <J„ AUGUST 21   1902.
If the experiences of Alfred Y.
Allen, an old Toronto boy, are any
criterion, he has discovered a cure
for consumption that leaves Koch
and other lymph compounders in
the "also started' '■ list. His remedy
is certainly an heroic one, and,
efficacious as he found it, is scarcely
likely to become popular.
This is his story as told to the
Mail and Empire: °
On being told by a doctor in San
Francisco that his lungs were almost used up and he had better go
home to die, Mr. Allen retired to
his room to consider what he would
do. Many would have done nothing, or committed suicide; while
idly pondering over how to spend
his few remaining days, however,
a sudden inspiration came to Mr.
Allen. He decided to take a walk
back to his old Canadian home in
He at once decided to try the experiment, and the next day, Aug.
8th, 1901, he started out, with his
best suit on, one lung out of business, $1.60 in his pockets, and a
gross tonnage over all of eighty-
one pounds. He was very weak
at first, and found it hard work to
cover a mile and a half a day. For
two months he walked along, keeping his money—as long as he
looked respectable no one woul.?
take it, but when he became more
weather-worn and needy-looking it
soon went. So weak was he that
on one occasion he got permission
to cut wood for a meal, but was
unable to handle the axe.
Slowly and painfully he tramped
on, following the ties north through
California and Oregon. Then he
left the tracks to take a shot fc cut,
and lost himself two days and a
night in the dense forests, but in
spite of it all he started to gain
strength, and was soon able to
average .35 miles a day, one day
actually walking 51 miles. In Oregon he earned $17 cooking for
some hungry sheep-herders, strangers to dyspepsia, and started off
again, rich once more, until he
reached Idaho. There he had a
terrible experience tramping a 3ross
173 miles of blazing hot desert,
without food or water, until he
reached an oasis, where some adventurous spirit had by irrigation
reclaimed enough land to produce
a scanty living.
parched and swollen, his iips
cracked, and he was completely exhausted by his privations, so much
bo that it took -several days of water
and food to put him in shape to
continue his walk. With the aid
of a big water bottle he managed
to cross the rest of the arid, sun-
parched plain, and crossed into
Utah, through which state he
Btrolled, hospitably received everywhere by the lonely railroad 86c-
tionmen, to whom the sight of a
face from the outside world was a
real Godsend. In fact, at one
place, where he had to face a fearful cold snap, with show waist
deep, a family took bim in and
kept bim three weeks. When
finally he did start off tho lady bf
the bouse gave bim a kiss and a $5
bill to cheer bi$ lonely pilgrimage,
Tbe money haa gone but the memory of that kiss is still fresh.
Through storm and snow, wind
and rain, he plodded along, traversing Ohio into Illinois, through
Illinois into Michigan, and at Detroit he crossed to Windsor, once
more in Canada. From Windsor
he walked across to Buffalo, from
Buffalo to Lewiston, where he
crossed the old Suspension bridge
and once again landed on Canadian
Hoi). There he took the Grand
Trunk ties and landed in Toronto
laat WcdnesdaVi weather-worn and
weary, but a well man, weighing l.'IO
pounda of hard, healthy manhood,
and without a traoe of the old foe,
This is certainly a marvellous
record for even a man condemned
by a doctor to upeedy death.
During lito long tramp, Mr. Allen walked through .15 paira ofj
boot*, and lined up more cWtbw
than he could keep track of. He
was much more impressed with the
unfailing kindneaa he met with
everywhere, having alwaya plenty
of food aud clothea. On only one
occasion did he lack a house to
sleep In—when he waa lost In Oregon wildB,
Mr. Allen was wonderfully surprised when he at length reached
lonuito. tie wan u-urn ncrc in the
vmily 'livf'r,, .niiw iimi mil. Heen tiie
Queen City for 40 yeara. Kvery-
thing had grown beyond hia tt?co1-
lection or dream*, but he utill
found one or two of i\\o friend* of
hia enriy youth, much lo their j
mutual pleasure.
During hit* adventurous life Mr.
Allen hax vImHwI every city in the
1'nion, Manila, .lapan and China.
In all hia peregrination** he haa
Ktayi'd iu the manic bin-tiuci*-*, that
nf incroiftiiii! the circulation nf
iicw>paper.-, He lm.*. been ex-)
iimiiicil by phyafelani*, who have!
Iiwn amazed to find  liim perfectly!
free from the white plague, and
still more astounded at the extraordinary method by which he cured
In any system of protection
some industries must suffer for the
benefit of others. If it were possible to fairly apportion the favors
and burdens the loss in every case
would be materially greater than
the gain, and the system would
have no friends. But as the favors
go to the men besi qualified to direct parliamentary action from behind the scenes, any protection
scheme must in time become
strongly entrenched. In the fight
against protection in Canada the
miner should come to the aid of
the farmer if on no higher ground
than personal interest. The iron
miner is well cared for,- as we are
obliged to import iron ore for Canadian smelters, but the miners
who must seek for a foreign market for their output are in the eame
position as the farmers. They
have a surplus to export, and it
determines the price of the entire
product. The miners of gold, copper, silver and lead 5n British .Columbia, like miners of nickel and
the precious metals in Ontario and
the east, are burdened at every
turn by the protective tariff, but
they derive no compensating gain
from such duties as may be levied
on foreign metals.
The duty on mining machinery
is about twenty-five per cent.
There is a proviso in the tariff law
that mining machinery of a kind
not manufactured in Canada shall
be admitted0free. A comparatively
small amount of machinery receives free entry by virtue of that
clause, but such imports are not
sufficient to materially relieve the
mining industry from the burdeng
of protection. There are but few
lines of mining machinery not
manufactured in Canada, so the
great bulk of the importations
must pay the duty. The proportion of free to taxed mining machinery * is very small. In addition to the tax on imported machinery the miner is required to
pay the tax when buying the Canadian product, for the current price
is that-of American or British machinery  with   the   duty   added.
There is also a protective tax on
is extensively used, is favored like
other petroleum products. There
is nothing the miner uses, handles
or wears that is not enhanced in
price by* the protective duties. But
the tariff cannot afford compensation, and there are in consequence
mai)y idle mines, which, under
fair conditions, might be profitably
operated.—Toronto Sun.
In concluding an article on the
above subject, the Chicago Public
That the tramp is a parasite is
conceded. He docs not work. He
lives by .beggary. But he lives
very poorly. When he begs even
successfully his prize is seldom
better than a bone. It doesn't cost
muoh to keep bim. .
Not so with the millionaire para-
Bite. He doesn't work either. But
he lives well. And although he
doesn't live by beggary, ho lives by
something worse—by appropriation. It coate a great deal more to
keep the appropriating millionaire
"hobo" than to keep the begging
tramp "hobo."
Why concern ourselves go much,
then, with the problem of the latter while neglecting so persistently
the problem of the former ? Let ub
concern ourselves more with the
problem of the millionaire "hobo"
who geta by appropriation bo much
that he doesn't earn and therefore
must be extorting it from those of
us who do earn, and we shall not
need to concern ourselves with the
outcast begging *'hobo" at all.
Both are product* of the same
conditions. The institution whereby
the one claaa Is enabled to appropriate, te the very institution which
haa driven the other class to beggary. Solve fie idle millionaire
problem and tho idle tramp problem will aolve itaelf.
father, sick unto death, waits the
sad home-coming of the wife of his
bosom, bearing with her the senseless clay of her wayward boy. For
weeks the poor mother had interceded for the life of her son still
dear to her. Failing in this she
still pleaded that his remains might
be handed over to her after the law
had passed upon it. Her tears
broke through a hitherto rigid law,
and contrary to custom thisjbooni was
granted. While the execution was
in progress the mother and her only
daughter spent the fateful hour in
prayer at the residence of Rev.
Mr. Hall.
The truth and recent occurrence
of the following tale are (says M.
A. P.) vouched for by the Canon
of Ely. The much venerated and
saintly Bishop of Lincoln. Dr.
Edward King, is now advanced in
years and somewhat infirm. He
has recently been visiting Bournemouth for his health. After retiring one afternoon for some time
on a seat on the parade, he desired
to move and found some difficulty
in rising. A kind-hearted little
girl of the town was passing, and
noticing his difficulty ran up, paying : '' Oh, let me help you." Dr.
King gave her one of his sweet
smiles, and said: "You're a dear
little maiden, but I don't think
you're strong enough." "Why
bless you, sir," was the reply,
"I've often helped up daddy when
he was a sight worse drunk than
you are!"
True    Friendship.
As dews to the parched earth, as
the sail to the shipwrecked mariner
so is friendship amid the cares and
trials of life.. If men decry friendship it is because they have selected
those unworthy of trust or because
they themselves are inconstant.
Falsity in friends is impossible. It
only occurs where a masked friendship haa been the counterfeit of
virtue. So-called friends deceive
because they never should have
been selected as friends.
"COMl'ANIKfi ACT, 1807.*'
The Anglo-
Regarding the "hanging of Fred
Rice, the Toronto Mail Hays :
While these scenes were being
enacted at the jau, a (tale-faced
iirtiiUMiuu'. w-juntil -wan ulruntfiiim
with a grief which placed her dotw
to the bimler of despair. It was
the mother love interceding with
the Throne aliove for the re no*** of
the aouJ of her erring Iwy.
Havo yriti coiintrd the drop-* In yomlcr
una ?
Have you I'ontiti'd thn hiuuIh that iintlcr
it lw?
Have yon *mcaitir«<l the lioiglit of hwven
alatve ?
I ben you w;ay know to it mutim- 'uluvn.
The pity of it nil i** that in the
punifbiiH'iil of the guilty the bum-
cent are made to suffer. In a little
home in < liamfiaigii. III., an ogcA
Province of British Columhia. /
No. »33.
_ Slocan Syndicate Limited," is authorised
nnd licensed to carry on business within the
Province of British Columbia, and to carry out
or effect all or anv ol the objects of the Company to which tlie legislative authority of the
Legislature of British Columhia extends.
The head office of the Company Is situate In
The amount ofthe capital of the Company Is
A5jW0, divided into fi.ooo shares of £1 each.
The head offloe of the Company lu this Province Is situate at Silverton, atidThomas Rejruell
Lane, whose address Is Silverton aforesaid, is
the attorney for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 16th
day of July, one thousand nine hundred and two.
[1.8.J S. V. WOOTTON,
Keglstrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The following are the objects for which the
Company hits been established:—
(») To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise
acquire any mine* ur mining property in any
part of the world with any water rights, timber
rights, plant, machinery, effects ana things and
as the lint ojieratloii of the Company to take or
accept a lease of the Wakefield Mined In British
Columbia, with an option to purchase the tame
on such term* a* may bo agreed, nnd, with a
view thereto, to ado|it and take the benefit of
and carry into effect (with or without modifications) an Agreement tinted the Will tiny of Fell-
ruary.HXM and expressed to he made hetween
the Waketleltl Mines Limited, of the one part,
and Thomas Keynell Lane, ton liehald of the
Company) of the other part:
(U) To carry on the business of miners nnd
mine owners, and to work, develop, manage,
carry on and turn to account any mines or
oilier property in wliich the Company may be
Interested, aud to search for, win, get. quarry,
crush, reduce, amalgamate, dress, retlneaml pre
pare for market auriferous quarts and gravel
and other metalliferous oiei ami mineral Hub.
stance* anil precious stones, and to carry on any
metallurgical operations; ami to buy, ull, nnd
deal In bullion, specie, coin and precious metals,
■poiiper, quicksilver ami other mineralior metals:
(f> Tu seek for iuul secure openings for the
employment of capital nml lo prospect and
iiearcii for mini'* and minerals, mid examine ami
explore any IniulMor territories, and employ and
equip «xp<*l Hon*, tsxptarert, tm>»ixctora, exuerta 1
and other agents, ami to locate, peg out nntl up
ply for anil acquire mlii«t, mining claims, mining light*, water rlgbu, timber riiiiUe anil other
eoiiceoilon*, griinu. monopolies. rlght> und
pro|mrty,aiid to acquire, take nn lease ur other-
wine, any lniut«. faruw. for<»l», graidiik rliiliU,
fisheries and properties, and work anil develop
the same or turn tliim «> account:
(d) To carry on any other bualiiei*, wbtthcr
tnaiitifacturtii*/. tradliiir. commercial or other-
wltf, which may lw cii|iable ul being convt-.u-
leiitly carried on in cmniectiiiu with ilw above,
or calculated, directly or Indirectly, to enhance
the Value of ur render in .lit pmHtiihk! any property or businessot ihe Company; moi In particular io carry on iln* limbics uf merchant* nml
trader*, carriers hjrland and water, builder*mnt
(c) To purchami or otherwise acquire, protect
prolong and renew iinj' letters patent, patent
right* llt'ciiins, proliHsiious. fonc«**kui*, moikp-
i-tliea and light*, mid to iiianufactuiii>. nn.-, vend
and turn lo nee.tint Hie tame, or any Invention,
lni|>roveinciii, prncfiw, apiiaraiu*. combination
oi oilier muller or thiin/ (irmlu* til* ctAJ-t-**,
thereof, ami to grant lle»u*e» or privlli «,-*» In r«-
.\*x't thereof,ami to i»|»nd m.iiey In making
cjpeitimiiu, tettsur investigation* in relation
thi-rc'tu, or In iiihUIiik or seeking to make liiven
tion* or liiiprtivi'inciilft which may Wuin« th*
«ul>'ct..t any »ucli patttiiu,tlceiin«t4or iltiliU:
yl) To purchase, lake or leam-, or other*!*-
ncqiilw for any lntere»t amrrealorinrrnoiial prop
VU), "r any I'iulit *. i-A'.UWiU, or t4t-<lUgm», it iiii
toiakcupiJoniovirorln *n*|i"ct ol any propi:ily
ig)   To build, ci)ii»iruei, mail,iniii, niter, en*
lilll'l   . Jillll   ih.lcll,   I ,.li....i | , J i*.slln>.      1 ij' ..,'    Ili.if,,;
i-m-l miv Imllilliigi) nr rrwlloua of niiv nature
nlia*Uk*i«i, an.| .my railway*, u-.iiH.tys „t
other way*.mil any water <-<4irM-«. r»nduli«, nr
»'iu'|.«» miii rtiiy eiigiiii», ciaitt, nmililiiery ..r
tr.»rk" of any ii.tturc whi<i**"«ver, .md to <uipl„>
.,ih.-n» *t, in do, or Join wlili othem In loilulnic
Ik   To lu^ulr* lh*p wli.4.- ••* any \mt* **l *{,■
■I      ..!    I  *„t.  I.,...,,,.     .....      *    '..    *-.       * I     'M      *tll»,i.   I.HHI,      I 0'
ilal»lllt(ei ,,t .tny (..iiiiMiiy. In ia or |* runi.vauy-
tnif on any lniiliie*i which  ihU I'mniiatij' i*
OiU'itt t.ifftty on, «.r io iiiimlif.mi.iii- «|||,.; f
inlet    Into   .1ITi!liKiMll>'lit-»   for   Jiiiiil   .iH-Mliioi'
ullli anv »iw lic..iii|uny. nrMi, or |rr-..n ,
I To |.r.tll|.l|e ,lll\ .||,.-r i(|ll|i»IIV ei,li«.| I I !
llu puri*-.- ot «<ilulil.iu' .ill or .ue-. |. .it ..<'.ti**-:
|.l..j»-llv   i,n, ll.'hl.   .!   l)i|« I'otnmni,.   .^  „l iiii
king miv "fit* Ihliilii'
nil" I
j>fo|«it% i*. vMirr-«lly. with * vW t.i ni.-il.li
l*r  -'I'     ll'    ,f -ll* li    1,1    u,.,lt,,„
l*rt. ).|;m-. trunrMitn- 'hi* |« .e
t,f j*f i.,lnfnl*'|.«l.|.. %-eiine
lhri-i«|ilta|r>r«n-urlt|r« .,( >.<
j    To Im|.r..v#,  iiii,ru,*i    i-ulil-i .».    ,;.
IS a monthly journal that you do not
meet every day. Its home is in tha
West, far from the smoke of crowded
cities and the hum of grinding commerce. High up in the mountains, surrounded by scenery that would drive some
artists mad with joy, its editor sits close to
heaven and draws inspiration from the
clouds ***********
Lowery's Claim is principally devoted
to Truth and Humor. It has hosts of
friends and enemies. It is hated and loved
just according to how it strikes the human
miud. It presses the limit every time
and always deals from the top. It bows
to no creed, cringes to no god or devil, and
fears nothing, not even the sheriff. It is a
sham crusher, and aims to tear the mask
from everything that is evil. It is the
most independent magazine in the world
and panders to no class, party, sect, creed,
color, flag or fat advertiser. It has pay
ore always in sight, and every shift shows
that it is increasing. It has touched a
chord in the human heart that vibrates
with its music wherever the English language breaks the ozone * * % % % % * #
If you want to get in line with it, get in
early as the circulation is limited to a million. No sample copies are sent to anyone,
but it is furnished free to all people who
are one hundred years old. Postage free
to any part of this wicked earth # # % % %
exchange, let, mortgage, turn to account, grant
ci.HCiiientH, rights, or privileges In respect of, and
otherwise ileal with all or any part of the pro|i.
crty nnd asset* of the Company!
(k) To sell or otherwise dispose of all or any
part of the undertaking and asni>ta nf the Com-
liany, either together or In portions:
(I) To Invest and deal with th« inotioyn of th«
Company not Immediately required for the Im-i
iieuaortiicCotmiatiy n any miiiiiier which may
he thought llti
(m) To lend and advance money mul give
credit, and to guarantee thu engagements of any
company, llrm.or lairaoii, ami tollinlaiMlunike
(ii)  Tn raise or borrow money:
(o) To secure tho payment of any money ur
thi« performance of any obligation by mortgage
in charge upon all or any of thi- a»M>U of the
Company, Including its uncalled capital, and to
Nile debentures or dchantur* stock, with or with,
out security:
(p) To make, draw, accept, entlor*', dlncouiit,
ant) Issue bill* of eichange, prontl-taorv notes,
warrant*, debentures, anil other negotiable In-
(i\) To apply for, prom .ten nd obtain any Aft,
decree, order, provisional order, license, or other
authority necessary or inefttl for any of the il^
Jects of tlie Company, or for effecting any modification of the Company's constitution:
'l'i   T.-I t/W*' or *e*Mjvt, n*r'.ll'illi r.,li*j.i ful.uil
•ale or intifhaae or exchange, or n« remuneration
for inn services rendered or otherwise, any fully
or imrtly paid shares or atock. or anv debenture*
or oilier security, or any cho»e Iii actlin or vain-
aids property:
(s) Toartasngriite, broker*, or «tib conlrnc.
tors, and to act In the hu*hte** of the Company
through agents, broken contractor*. miKoit-
tractors, or ot In r«:
ft;  To pav nil or miy extmiiaes iueiirriil In >	
iw'llnii Willi lie formation, promotion, .unl In-
eor|-*>r«t|oii of the {"..iiipmy. »r the procuring of
the suIin rli'llon of Its capital or anv |<ait thereof,
ortheiiliialiilinr nfniiy loans, and to pay com-
mlxsloiis to linikera and others for underwriling.
plailng.m-IIIio.' oruuarHiiti<i'iiiirtlie*iiti*crl!>iiiiii
of any share*, ili-lwiiture.. or *eeiirltli> nfilie
i.>.«ni|i»iiy or ol any companv pro "tn| in it,is
(II) To effect InsUraiH-MI Hifaln-I I■*** in tb"
Coinpaiiy or to the person* cui|ilo)n>d hytt. ami to
pay premium', and to contribute to be.neilt
Jomls, Iio-iiiIhH, mul ilmiiint.i,- iiiaiiiuiloiis,
and lo Kive irritullh"*- tM-ii«|..n«, ninf etmrllnhle
(*i To distribute Mliioltif the member* ot ihe
Omipuiy in kind any pro|*>rty of the Company,
anil in |.nrili nlur any -Inn-*. Mo k, dcbi utiitc"
or Srelinlle- of oilier" i-iiiupiiiiii *■
>w.i   To procure the Coiiiffciny lo la- rruUlrrwl
ol'i'ei-iigiilueil III  any eoloiiv  *H' .leicnilHiiey
(orclu'ii country or »t«
To do all
*. -..-..Oil.
such tliloe* n-i nm- melil.-iitil .r
Ut*- *n*ioiiii n<  «»i -ini ..i IO. ,,I, .ii
Fiiielioiiiil llliieiiil Claim.
RHuiiUi In the Slocan llluliitr Division of
Went Konteiiay Dmtrlct. Where Incaieil:
on KonrMiJeciTi'k. West of Cornier Group.
TAKK XOTICK, That I, Herbert T. Twigg, as
*• aueiit for (Scorgc 11. Dawson. Kmee Millet's
Ctrtitlct.ti. N'o. ll.i.H fl, intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Uecorder lor Certilieate* of Improvements, for
the pui-inxc of uhiaiiiliiM Crown GrauM of (lie
And furl her take notice tli-' action, under
section ;i7, iniisi lm cotiiiiieiH'Ml It iore the Imu
iincn of micb certlHcat'1* of Jinprovemciit*,
IVitwl thl* Jth day of Aii«u*l A. t». lH"i.
lilll.OKN    MOI'K   KltACTION
Mliicr.il Claim.
situ.iic in the A mui  Lain- Mining Division of
West Kooienay  DMrlci,    Where locaUNt:
tin Ilild Mountain, eight mid one-half mile*.
fnnn tie .nth of l'liiK»l. ii cnek.
V*KB NOT1CK. Thai I, Tlio.   .Ibrhl.of N».
■■    huaii,   II   C, Free Miner*. tVltlflcate Xo.
II Minn. Iiiteiid, sixty day* from th* ,||,U: heiw.l
In tipiily to the Mining l(e«-»n{rr f«.r a t'iitlm*l*
oriinpriiveiiii'iiis, for the |iiirpose of ohialning
a<!rownOrant of ttie iitH-vechiliii
Anil furtiim take notice ih.ii action, under »ec-
tloii .17, mnn l». cumnieiiced before the iwuanr*
of mich Certilieate of ltnpn>veuietit*.
Diitiil thl* :Hb day oi July A  O, V.t-H.
I AMIIt:V in„| v || Mil..ml I'M,
Sloemi   Milllliu'   IHvUlon nl \\',„i
I«I»1IH( « ||,|I-    lo.n|,,|;       Up
llllll.J  u.lllll ,,f Villi,,r.
Siiiniielii il
KimIiIi-  .      	
-IM Moti«htlit.il»"iit i
ion, IM"
rpAKK N<iTH'Kllmt«c, A Mif.1 II. ViunUiui.
9 K. M-t'ett So llriUttV. a* to Itim-f.-iirlli*
i\> .mil (hu tic Itiuiiil. K. VI (Vil.Xn.lt-Ht.MSoa*
I., ..i,c h.uuli ,\, liiliiml. -iil> il.,y» troin the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining lleconli-r lor
CVl'tilli'ilte'' of lllHit'0-.iJWuto!*-. to* tl.r k.lir|»i»e.il
• ililalnlio; :i I'rown <>raiit of i-.icli ol Ihe .-ilioie
..I*.*,, i.
A iid!tiithcrtitkci,i.||i*etli.i| actio
tilt!    1   111    .   l.ll.Illl   Ul   *     '      'll ■.'.        ,   .
r.nlHinte. ..I |in|.r..i. ini-rit*.
i'.l..I ib.« rml -I.ti .>! Julv. A  0. l:»*.'.
il.KIIKD It   VlStit *V|.
- tl\iil.h> Hit AND.
Mineral Claims.
Situate lu the Arrow Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.   Where locatod: A t
head of Cariboo Creek, about 1* miles from
Burton City.
TAKK NOTICK thut J, K. M. SaiitlilautU.Cft.
No. llimn, acting as agent for 1', Hume,
Cft. Xo. II M.'-SO; John Hrown Cft. Ko U. T10M;
W Mackenzie. Cft, No. II rtMiU, and W. Q.
Clark, Cft. No. HdWTO. Inteiid. Ally days from
the date hereof, to aprily to the Mining lie-
conler for a OrllllcHle or improveinenls, tor the
pur|Kjhf of obtaining a Crown (irant of each of
-tlie above claims.
And further take notice lhat action, under section SI, inn«t la1 commenced liefore Hie Issuance
oi such Certificate of Iinpt'ovcjiieiiw.
I in ted till* Uf ml 'lay of July. A D. W«.
CO.MiO   NO.   n,    HHIHTOl.   anil
MANDKH Mineral Claim*,
Situate 111 the Hioi'iiii Mining IHvKloii of West
K'mleiiay District.   Where iocs ted;  On tht
North Fork ol Klghl Mile Creek.
TAKK NtlTICK thai I, KKaiiiiiielin. ver.net
lint as Mgeui for ('has   K   llo|«.. K. M,C
li 4-l.Hil, John A. Turner, F. M. C II MWU, M. K''
Haininelimiyer, F. M.C. II !*H, and Hanford
Daigle, F. M.C. 0mm, Intend, sixty day* from
thedate hereof, to apply to the Mining Hccorder
for Certificate* of itiipriivctneuio, (or Hie put'
|m*i. of obiNlnlng Crown (irauU of ihe above
Anil IuiIImi i«g« notice that aeilon, miller set-
tion .17. must iMM'iiiiiineui'etl liefore tbe is.nance
of Mich Orlillciilcsoflmprovi'iiieiila.
Dstd lids 1Mb lay >f.luh . A.D . ll*«-
Wdltr.D'S SCKNK.' KO|?TK
1?AC»F1C Ky.
inter .ec. JT
.... t- .., ,ucA
In t lu-
Ji.ii)   ii.i.i-.'.r/»-»i  |,|,   Inii'ii'ti  in   the
W***! ill Xo, t utluerMl cl.tm   • illl.itnt
»H-..» f.iVf ^lioli.i; |itvi»ln>.  Wnt K-'itrmrV
Ill-til. I
V"t: AUK HKHKftV V*•'! IFIKM that I hue
I    . Y|«ttit«tJ #it^'»»tii l.br mul lmi.r..\ei, ,r,ts
ll|*>« til.-   nltoVr  llletitl.omt Hllnrr4lcU|tfk IIMlter
      t , .,     Oir !iiovi-ioii- «.! the Mm.mi .\i«.an.l|i « iihisi
l.lti«kilil.*l»li» of It* lliliilttic*, ,,r.,f rarnihi.-..o ! ol"*''* <l*y*   froni   lt»- it ite   of  llil*   ir<4|e<.  in
i   -■•- ', v   V"*i"'.i>...... *,i r
Itlihtl   H   lloW     lw     |.».
Ivert|.in»f, y.air m»ir,*»l
.....    lli*   ;.t   i* iU -.1 lit. t
lion   1   -.1   He   ' Ml
limy i uli..in ,
ii**»-'..i; i-.
value .it
r ,u
*r.  .ii..}.*i
Mil..i ri;
I l,. I »tp*\r   riirtlll-Kii-ii   .,in.
v-n-th.r with nil e -t«   f
' I'1 th-"  ,ii*!<!*iu, uf.s. •„
, •.uoi. rulgii. d   ui hi i  •*..
Ail Im.inliiM-i.t Ait i<
!    IHt#«!*t N'*li«i... It
stmii. :o 'In
H..i K..
i'..rlt... ,   ,*>,,■
Oh-.,   t,T   „..    ,
• vki; \<ii ii'i
JllllS    • •    H-i
I-. ,ii>',  .-     V
ii  Mi.   .1
•■I l.-l  !■
«' .   t) |.   |,f   ,J*t  .,( J,
i    W. l«i»|t-l\',l'.^.,,.
: 4i.il.
*.ml..*r *,.
. d.ii*i l*.
* * r<:-*|.   .
.1 .tn.  |.|,
Winnl|«'jf | Vnnrauvtr
roronio Victoria
, <'U«wa Si»Ul«
| Mnntr*fl«l PorllHiul
KAST *\ Sew York WKHT<8KrmioU«»
j .M. Ji.iui Sew Wenu
Halifax tiiiitvli-r
litmtdii Skngwuv
I.AKK   KtiiriK
Irtini Tort William, tin* fgvnriic mini-
mitr rtniti* t«i ah Kn*ti*ni |ntimv,
j n* .-mmi i.isr.
, i! nt .ii. ii'rttii, inituui, Minn .st,. M»rn«t
f'llil'AKU,   I'll
UnHUt.H     HM'HInI     >l KKIMNti
j VAilS
VK'T       I   .-..',.   tin.   - ' •
. for St. l'«ul: K#Mi(.»,i,y lauilini
l Wvilay ami Smur.Jus f„. Tuoiiitti
Montreal, »<ti', '
\VKST-l.i-*v«   Ii«'ti.!,f>i...  ,t„j|v . ,„r
m«hU1h -HUH V unc.iii v.-r.
Through   booking-*   t,,  Ktuop.- Vin  .sll
,V'.;u'.'.t'  I .,-„,.-,,
:yulJ::ii:\i::::z^ Vtrv*ff,^i':!. fir1 r;?;:! '
l-»«.'.*(IHKn, Uv,t\e. Ik.,,,.,,
K. J.O»T», ».l.   I'   \g,    V ,ti     ,.,,,,
'   ■*   i irl.1    |i |-  *i    \».w,    i
.».*.-»»   VII.VH.H'V   Ml,   .f    \nm.lHi
I I.Illl.
l*    l.-.li-
Dl.Ml. •
. 1   .III).
ill '..III**..
tb*.l I I r**l*tu k \\ .1 ,nj*ii,
ii ; r i|m> .-,.*,wii. r* fn*-tnhi-
Mtninc HnUloii ..I
W In n-1 *-.«i,.,( < >,,
• fi"      Jinii il.o ,.f
it. .t ,*.
k,- (,.,»!,
"fntn* t
'      "*i-*!»  *<	
t»i .1  l„ti .   v
nu i-Fiat i,
i *.i >!.*
*• 'H r / »
t-   Ill
Ninth Yeab
Spring and
I liave just received a very
well-selected Jstock of new
goods. Get in your order for
a nobby Suit early.
Boss Tailor
EXOHANOK, in KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
a nd bracers of many kinds.
qiHE MAZE, in KASLO. is  lust the place
1   for Sloean people to lind when dry or in
search of a downy couch.
ll when you want soft drinks. Special attcn-
*ton paid to tho tradeof families,
C. E. BKJNEY, Sandon.
Insuranoe 8b Real Estate
A, InajP"-™ Agents. Dealers In Real Estate
Mining Properties, Houses to rent and Town
Lots for Sale.
GKOKGK t. PEDLAR, Opt. D. .Honor
Graduate of Philadelphia Optical College;
Graduate of the Canadian College of Optics and
Detroit Optical College. Outfit for the diagnosis
and correction of Optical Defects unsurpassed in
the Dominion. Consultation free. At Nelson's
Drug Store after May is.
1 S.
RASHDALL, New Denver, B. C.
Real Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale. Claims
represented and Crown Granted.
Lumber, Doors. Windows, Store Fronts, Show
Cases, Store und Bar Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
•Glass,      . H, HOUSTON, Manager.
Nelson, B. C.
DRY ORE PROPEltTY, North Fork Car-
. •I*nteLcI*ekrAL'l:'S, ALPS FRACTION,
and ALTURUS—Crown Grants obtained
ply,W. J.     "
McMILLAN & CO.. Vancouver, B.C.
NELSON, B. C.       Cor. WARD & BAKER Sts.
. Has bad IS years experience in ti
 ,        B.O,
5 years experience in dental work, and
mfl-Vft* jLjiii,-,eJaIty_-fif.Onlfi.Ri.|iirjft-TOrtelrr Most-
complete {leiitaloffloe ItTB gA
The budget speech of Hon. J. D.
Prentice,  the finance  minister of
British Columbia, has been issued
in pamphiet form.    It is not exactly a boom   document   for  the
province.    Fairly well as the Pacific coast has been progressing, it
has been surpassed by its administrative and other expenses.   The
demands upon the government and
legislature for  the outlay of public
money are large, varied and per-'
sistently pressed; aud there seems
so be no particular inclination to
resist  them.     According  to Mr.
Prentice, the net debt on June 3oth,
1901, was 86,497,757, or $36.38per
head of the province's population.
The same rate in Quebec would
make   the  provincial debt   some
sixty millions of dollars, instead of
about a third of that sum, as it is.
The annual charge for the current
year is put at $493,140, or 22i per
cent;!  of the total revenue.   The
revenue regularly falls below the
expenditure.     The  overdraft  on
June 30th last was expected to be
$1,768,000.   For the current year
the income is placed at $2,222,568,
and the expenditure at $2,468,127.
The prospective deficit is $263,559.
One of the government proposals
of the session was to make another
loan of $3,000,000. Another authorized larger obligations by way
of railway aid. Nobody seems to
have seriously considered where or
what courses that produced such
conditions were leading to, British Columbia has large resources,
not all of which, however are
available for taxation purposes.
Mining is passing through a period
in which it is more in need of encouragement than of the tax col-
collector's exactions. There is an
income tax, a realty tax and death
duties. There does not seem to be
much which the treasury can levy
on that is not now reached. On
the face of the finance minister's
statements it would seem that the
legislature has gone beyond reasonable lengths, and not even a successful raid by the province on the
Dominion treasury will put it on
a safe footing.—Montreal Gazette,
A correspondent writes to the
American Machinist as follows:
"While visiting the Elkton mine
July 2   Maria, :idj Baldwin, J c; Melvin.
4-0 T. fr., Red Mt., J M McGregor.
5—Traffic, Four Mile creek, W. Valentine.
Venezuela, Four .Mile creek. H C Wheeler,
Coronation, Cai'iientcr creek, A is Nichols.
15—Marietta, Wilson creek, W S Drewry.
Empire—Wilson creek, A H Blnmenaur.
Louisa fr., Wilson creek.-WS Drewrv. ■
Number One, Finnell cr., A D Coapleti
2S—Teresa, Wilson creek, W S Drewry
84-J Devlin Boss, Four Mile er, J Fln-lley. jr.
Dum Dum fr, Payne mountain, M McKian.
Fallen Tree, eight miles head Sloean lake, R
Burnett.   .,
Soho fr, adj Soho, J O Ryan
Robin Ruft' fr, eight miles head Slocan lake, R
Burnett .
20—X YZ, North Fork Carpenter ereek, S m
S. M. R., N. Fork Carpenter creek, S M Rowse.
Sienite, Four Mile cr,«k, L M Knowles
28-Balfour Fr, Silver mountain. W D Mitchell
Standard, Howson creek, R Sloan
Sunrise, Howson creek, H Lowe.
30—Mac B No 2 Carpenter creek, Geo Long-.
81--De Lisle, Galena Farm, M McLean
August 1—North America, Fennell creek, J L
Jeffries, Finnell creek, J L Dalby.
Monte Carlo, Four Mile creek, A B Walker.
July 2—Little Daisy, Likely, Kelso Heather
Fr, Dalkeith. Delaware Fr, Flag Staff, Lancaster. S-G O P, Blade, Revelstoke, PInnooKle,
Emblem, Mary Dunham, Gem, Mascot, 4-
Fouith July,Gertrude. 5-Tramp, Planet, Fraction. m-N umber Three, Tinhorn, Morning Sun.
Shogo. 89-Wnite Horse No. 4,| Black Horse,
Feilora. 31-Hub and Hull, C J, Excclsler. Sarah
Jane, Trio Fr. S-Momlng Star. 8-Brl»tol,
Commander, Glen, Bonapart. 10-Tliclma 11-
Bay State, Ray State Fr, Friday Fr, Persever-
ei'F.e. J?u-y • H-Snowshoe, Summit Basin Fr,
Billy D, Expert, Lincoln. 14-Le Roi, Baltimore. 15-Plilladelphla, Meteor. Grizzly Giant.
Bour Mile No. 8. Gipsy Boy, Bloomington, Ava
Fr, Joint Fr. Christina. 17-Allce, Snow Bird.
18—Forget* Me, Jersey Horn, Gladstone Fr.
Ill-Good Hope. M—Wilmer Fr, Cobble Hill,
?,Vby ,Pr', i4rAlleJ?a"-)'< Silver Quick. Reno,
Silver Leaf, Gipsy. Good Hope. 2S- Old Crow,
Dread Not, Keno, Tom Moore. Bixey No i,
' Liberator No Si, Horn Silver, Hecla. Butte. 26-
Iiome Run. Porkingluim, Capital, Silvcrite.CP
R, Black Grouse, Owl. 28—Little Buth. Bee
Bee, Robin, Pansy. 31-Silver Tip Fr, Aug. 2-
Home Joy, Sjivanite, Hnnter, Hartney, Edith,
August Flower, Kingston, Edith Fr, KingFr.
5-Casliier. Mey Nult Fr, Admiral,
TltANSFERS.    '
-Repeater. J, F L Byron to H J Mathie-
FL Byron lo HJ   Matliieson
Hwhen you want anylhlng
in the line of Jewelry, or
have anything in this line
    that is in need of repair,
send direct to the old-established house of JACOB DOVER.        In doing so you will be sure of getting
the best—and it never pays to get anything else.        No shortage in stock; no waiting for goods.
DIAMONDS-Loose and Mounted
WATCHES-FUlfed and Gold
GOLD BROOCHES, latest designs
Nobby Patterns
, F P O'Neill to L B Stutz, May 14
IUM.   The moHt complete tiri i  "r il
-    - Ameri-H tA L I H
on the Continent of North 	
ca. 8itnated midst scenery un- D C G fl D T
rivalled for Grandeur, Boatlnif, n X O U II I
Fishing and Excursions to the many points of
Interest. Telegraphic communication with all
parts of the world; two malls arrive and depart
every day. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; Its waters heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments of every name.
The price of a round-trip ticket between
' New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for so days. la $1,35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. C.
July 4-
AE, 2
Emblem, F P O'Neill to L B Stutz.
.   Glencoe,i, D. A McDonald to A O   Ostby,
June 27.
5-Oakland, T H Wilson to F Liebsher, Jn 2d.
ii—Pansy and Velvet, re owner's notice.
10— Hoinest-ike, ■}, D T Davis to W. ft Nicholson
Fob, 13
14—Bristol, Commander.■ Congo No. 2, _, F L
Byron to M E Raimnelmeyer.
Bristol, Commander. Congo No,2. ISHKI.FL
Byron to M E Rainmehneyer, June 20.   *
Bristol, Commander, Congo No 2, J. Jl ERain-
melmeyer to J A Turner, July 11.
15—Prince, i, J Black to A C Van Macrkerke,
April 28.
Hi—Oakland, notice re W ,R Gordon's license.
28—Lincoln, J. A C Van Maerkerke to H Gw-
gerich,June 17.
Ladies'and Gents'
with and without stones
GOLD CHAINS-aU weights
with and without stones
GOLD GUARDS-10 and 14 karat
Standard Grades of Filled Chains
and Guards in all styles
7 his is our
Daily Motto
And you will be impressed with the
meaning of it to yourself if
buy your goods
"Jacob Dover's
The Jeweler.
Our nenonaXKijArantee goes with every article, and should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, we are at all
times glad to exchange same to the entire satisfaction of customer. JACOB DOVER,0. P. R. Time Inspector
Latest Fads in
of all kinds
And all the Latest Creations iln
Goods of All Kinds
, The guest came down to breakfast sleepy and wild-eyed, but the
hotel proprietor cheerfully enquired : '" Did you enjoy the flute-
playing in the room next to you
last night?" "Enjoy it? I spent
half the night pounding on the
wall for the idiot to stop." "Goodness ! Why, Herr Whiffler said that
he played over all the tunes he knew
four times because the person in
the next room encored every
one!"—London Answers.
Fall Stock
A.  I
HEYLAND, Engiueor and Provincial
Land Surveyor.  KASLO
WF. TKKTZKL * CO., Nelson, B.C.,
,   Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers' Supplies.
Jit.   CAMKUON, Sandon. Manufactures
•   Clothing to order;  and solicits patronage
rom all cIsskcs.
"Wholesale   Merolianta.
I OH N   OilOLWTCn   *   CO.,    Nelson.
♦ I   Imi'.r'er-. Wholesale Grocers and Provision
Mi-f at",
*.  Ue.
CHhIHTIK, r„ L. II., Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public,    Sand-m, B- C,
Fvtry ^rldiy st Stlvcrtoii. tf
I,. OltlMMKTT, L. L.
•   Hollcltor, Notary Puhlie.
* t New f>*rr
rtneh OBes at
II., Barrister,
Handon, B, C.
nver every Sihinny
.^L^V flB^_^_     _m%%.   ■■■■■ —9m
fat prW«* *i*s>ly ia—
It*   I   ifr-ni, i   **,* . i*n
Wtinlnwl* Air#nl« fnr B.C.
Vancoavtr, ll.C
El Condor
mer, I was   interested   in the ingenious way"in which a rock drill
had been rigged up • to   take the
place of one  or  two blacksmith
helpers in the blacksmith's shop.
The drill, minus the tripod,  was
fastened to a vertical support.   An
ordinary anvil was fixed in tt position under the ram, and the necessary air  connections   were made
with the cylinder.    When a blacksmith has some heavy hammering
to do, he has some one, as usual,
to manage this contrivance, while
the smith takes care  to have the
blows struck  in the proper place,
as with a steam hammer, except
that the blows are not as heavy)
but a sight more numerous in a
given space of time.     At the time
that I  saw  this  improvised (?)
steam   hammer  in operation the
blacksmith   was working down a
piece  of steel or   wrought  iron,
about  three  inches  wide at its
widest part, one inch thick at its
thickest part, 2$ feet long, Upering
in both width and thickness, and
the hammer appeared to be doing
excellent service.   It appeared to
me a very simple, effective and
quite inexpensive  apparatus,   especially considering the fact that
It, excepting the hammer head, was
rigged  up  from   material  to be
found in any inining outfit, and
that it could be very easily resolved
into itti original   parts  and their
former    d title*   resumed,    eineo
neither drill nor anvil miffer* any
from thin somewhat unusual nue."
A  II ur   for  a  Cunt,
The Western Publinlier saynof
a recent court decMon: "We aro
diHinayed by the action of a jury
who recently decided that a hug
wan only worth one cent. HeaidftH
the fact that it wax a He it is an
| awful cheapening of a valuable
j linnet. J u»t think of it! One hundred for a dollar. A man could go
out this beautiful, bright weather
•nd hug hia collar bone* iooae for
fifty centH. Everybody known a
bug ia worth more than a cent.
Most of un would willingly pay aa
Just to hand
A new stock of
Prices running
$8 to $40
for a complete watch
All partieB indebted to us arc requested to settle their accounts by September 1st. 1902 if they wish to siive costs.
After that date amounts remaining unpaid will be placed in court for collection. Hill Bros.*
New Denver, Aug. 14,1902.
"Five years ago I used your road
and I haven't used any since." So
runs the testimonial sent to a general passenger agent at Chicago by
a convict in the Joliet prison.
Brewers of Pine Lager Beer and Porter-the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
__^__^   R. REISTERER& CO., Nelson, B.C.
ftl+   r*A««*
rirwnr-n n
These nre stroii"-, (serviceable
nnd excellent time keepers.
Fully warranted to give satisfactory service.
Send along your watch
repnii'H and liave your
watch niudu like new
rtriittuiito Oiitlclttii
and Jeweler
Airi'iit fur CuiihiIIhii KodnkCu.
This olil-tinitihotel has recciUlv
lieen bought by the undersigned
and renovated into an up to-
date hostelry, Miners, tourists
and all classes of this' world's
people can always get a square
meal and an easy bed within
the portals of my doors. The
bur contains many kinds of
nerve bracers, ranging from
'the brew of Qody to the sweet
cordials of sunny France. If
you are dry, hungry, weary or
Bad when passing through the
Forks, lift the latch and drop in.
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities '
of Kootenay and Boundary.      They sell' the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Staple and Pancy
Agent for
CAHrlNTRR CllKfcK  lllllfJUK, AT   SV.W  IHf.lVKR,
M. C.
OKAMCD TKNDKRK, |.r..|«rly .inlar* .1. will
tl h« iw-nlviil hy tin* uinli'mltfiHiit up to ii.kii of
the 9tl> St'|iti»m!*r Hunt, tor llio erection and
i'oitiiili.||on of n lirliltft) kirn*' Car|K>iit**r Owtk,
un iim linn «f Un« |ir«*nt ttruriuiv, «t »w Utn*
ver, Wiwt Kixitt'imy Dlntrlri. II. (;.
Tlittrtrtwliiii, «|Mc|f<tntt<>ii>t mil i..ii.lt(loni(i.f
timil-i'riiiif mul i">iiiriir>i m*v Itftiwii m ibf I'litille
Work* Knirtiit-vr'* OIHik, l.aiidt tml W«»rfc» te:-
mrtimsnl  Vlit»rU, II. '., »t Om • ITIr.' of ih»
tml »t Ui*
nfflwof ilii'Oiivrmmint njri'iii, Kmln. || o   mi
iiji      .   . _.....
itnil i'li('.|Ui' ur im riltii' ilf uf ifi jn»ilt. tn»d*i*y
anil »fl«r tli.« lllli Au(fii»t limtaiil.
Kuril trnflir mtinf im utToniinii l»i| l.y -mac*
I \iiry %oA tonmvite n. woman who hm
 I Wn hugged one wnt.    If this te
r^t-, ,*,-.. r- m #%^ * w#-J fixwI by l»w m the ruling price
RELIABLE ASSAYS | «»•*«• «<•"* ** *«y »»h«r work done
rinid.. i .•.»io..i<i.»ii.i-Mivt.r * uj thid year."   On wutond thought we
It    : , .. ., ,,» .   I * I
i lift',:  l,1.',-,. in.-i'i.b    .,!,»    i,i,:iiif.i*v.     'in-c    ^Wik^i"
»mi jnr>' were jolly badielor* and
iliiln't want- to place tlw»   hug ix?-
I Oiilil nml -«|ivi*r
in.,11 .il*» (...... •
liilnc HmiwiIit, Si*w Ilnnv*r, H •*
Bwof f   "" '        '   "    "
Kuril t.
I'niitiiilI'liC'iui'ur 1'iruni'nt'ui i|i|m>iii.tutoru
»l»i« to tht: noittttltcoei, f'/i il* »utn "I tin wli un
drwl !•*«>) «tol|»r». »• «M>urlty f<»r ili^.lu»fii|.
ttlnwntoftlHit-oniroct whlrti »hill »*> f.rWtwl
If tlM>|wiriyi*inl»'rlinril«.||m«i.oilier imn «*.i«.
tract wtwnrallMlti|iuti to tin mi, nr If h« fall M
fwmtiltt* the work <-»ntr*-?t«J f>f. Tlw rbrout«
of uniuccta»ful t<tiiltr»r»«i 111 I* return*! tu tlwni
niw n iha»*«>tttl<>ii nf tht -rontrait.
Teii'l-rra will not In- roiuliteml qiiIihm mad*
out on llu' fiirnu aumilUid, and nlgutil with tli*
ai'tual »ltiiiaturi! nf tli* Ituilirei•
Th* lowtit or any t#nrti>r nn rt«m«MMftrtiy nr-
W. J*. OORK,
rir-,,,,-1,. r*,,*rt,ttt*.tr,nf,i- n» f »,.*!.-. »* 11'   .-!.-.
((•niMaitd tiaHa Itepanttwtit.
Vlili.rla   V.  f"    *,lli Aiii'ic"  VOf
When iu .Sandon Hhould not
forget THE DENVER hotel
Bates reasonnhle
Rooms airy
And one of the few houses
in the world that it* built
over a river.
Victor Kleioschmidt.
Hauling and Packing, to Mines,
and general local business.
Suv l)«iiiv«ir, II. O,
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Baggage wagons meet all Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack "..iuiuis.-
Feed Stables at New Denver.
Kootenay Coffee
IMalcn In Tea* and Cottm.
AU «VAik,*> *i,.l pile**, A
trial ord#r *)Ilclt«<l	
Kootenay Coffee Company
I*. O ll-it lit, Wtm llalur Ht.
Seeds, Trees,
Bulbs X^rSprl"K
Catalogue Free.
soo WcBiiiilii!iti>r llimil. Vancouver, B. C.
HMirif.Iwi l,y iftHfl ri'i'i'li'i-firciiiij.t iitiiiii.ji
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought >
i«t* miii «i., n#«*»r. i'«i»
V'tnd tlioir reaeh.
To an-4 fr'.-m Rurn-ftf-an p..iivi. -»l«i:n-».ti»'
Aiid Auiaii -j-u Ui.ti      \v',.l}    f^i   miIii.i*;   l.ili-
rile*,tilk*-i»41..J lull luttiiiniiiUii) in miy t:
Rjr *»n«t writ. H. tf.AKRXTT.
C r, H. A*iwt. S«w Ontum
W P. r, Cummliirt. ft. s. *. A .-i.. e h.utian
-c, , it. :* ih'i.l.A ^ , it, .■'!' 'ttt.li* i 'U ittili*. ut 'ini
wl,*.m.»t*v«r b« ruiy Iuv* iriisilnitnihH In-
i,-if*t* tn lh** I.tuvhlrii; Wmid-ih ami Far-
.wsjr n.Ci.r*! rlalm*. •Iiuii.-.l In lho M«--
Oi.Uw llnlii. »'l>»lnl.iu (ltr >*'. arul K«,l
i °r»..rUlm*. In ll** «!"•**n Mlnlmr rMrhlin
w«*»t KiwAtnty lM«rl*i„ I». •'.
"Thin te inuuh lurk " Ritid Hftm • V"! if -ht-rehy n«itlll#«l th*» Ifi*«>»it«i
tiiotiriifiilly.AM he r*f»ane«i over *Hi«*t »t -v. ■ m-nti,xi,-*i mtn*r»t A»im* nr»f-rfh«
*iAe of thi' ark.   .
"YOi,'if'« «'fonf»
••Why. All tliif water to Ml in,"
rrpHeel IHm, "»nd only two fi»hin'
vi ,|i,n«.,: tl,. Minfrol A<'i. ai.-i il wiililn tmnajti
fr.«»i If^.lir ol thl* notk* *r*m (all et ratwm »
f.,iTiri»,tj»t.     vMir    iirnfHirtlrm    ..f     |li».    iImm-,>
rwiiu .!*>«!  tt.ni.  wtilrli I*   tn>«   tlw.   umttha'i
• ill,      ill      iff      ol     l--tlrl-lJ.il.*.-.    >.«r    1M-)
«*'if.t« In   th*   MM   fl*fw» wilt   l*et*M 99,
|m.;»rlli  A' th* ■l*U»-*lW*»t.*-*l1   WtrArt   1*t<ttU,tl   4   ttt
V»-•'Mitwral An AwtfrfiWiil AetuaO." j
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
We have a beautiful range of
C««3f 3rto*e
In Black Hroaaclohs. Black, Bine and Red Serfrea, CiMhmore all colore
striped Flannels, Woolen Crepe de Chine, in all fashionable shades. Something to suit ci'crvono. In«ummer trooda we have a flne mncre of Colored and
Plain Dimities, Flowered and 8tri|)ed Organdie*, Striped Mturtiiis, Victoria,
BUhf>|M. and Pei*sian Lawns. Stri|>ed Grenadine Muslins. Hijfh clans Dry
G<hmIm in ail linen.
«omi» on    honnl"
Ka-4... Aa#it«in, l"«W.
Choice Line of Latest and most Fashionable Millinery, and Dressmaking:
MAH. >.m>H(* im.-tUM-. nM',| M. K\ lK.STI'»V
I      Pr^ii   Irvine & ft\        I
Fred. Irvine & Co.


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