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The Ledge Mar 13, 1902

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Array 4
Volume IX.   No, 24.
NEW DENVER, B. C.   MARCH 13, 1902.
Price, $2 00 Year ADVancb
^ _  Sv
§S In. and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps K
that are Talked About. 2s
Usasaasas s& &<s s^^^^^s^ass?^
What used to be the "hookey" days
have como.
Boun.—In Nelson, March 11, the wife
of J. S. Carter of a son.
Silverton is credited with a population of 194 by tho census
Many New Denverites will wear the
green to Silverton Saturday evening.
Rev. Purdy of Sandon exchanged
pulpits with Rev. MacColl on Sunday.,
The Sandon Miner's Union will hold
their annual ball on Monday evening'.
Williams always has good tobacco in
stock. Stock up before you go in the
R H. Trueman, the popular photographer, passed through New Denver
thin week.
McKanlassand his Alabama Warblers
will amuse in New Denver this (Thursday) evening.
crutches, after a month's rest- with a
dislocated hip.
Among other things to make life
not \yhat it seems Slocan City has a cooperative store. .
The air ih, Nelson seems to be too
chilly for newspaper plants.«.The Miner
is now offered for suit' by tender.
May Cline, who whipped the station
Hgent at Sloean Citv, was lined 825 before a Neleou magistrate last week
W. .1. Twiss was in town this week
suid reports thut 1001 was one of the
most successful years in the history of
The Mutual Life of Canada.
Sandon's hocky team played all
around the Nelson team In the match at
Sandon last Wednesday evening, the
score being 4 to ll at the close of the
H. J. Kobie has disposed of his tailoring business in Kelson and removed to
Kelowna, iu thu hope that the change
of climate will be bonoticial to the
health of his eldest boy.
Ping-pong haa invaded Nelson. It Is
rapidly spreading throughout the province Coupled with thin news comes
the statement that the asylum at New
Westminster Is being enlarged.
The census returns givo th. population of New Denver at 868 Yet It Is
In this camp that Lowery's publications
•republished, with an aggregate circulation of something over 7ft,u00 copies
a year.
A strictly first-class high-class vaude-
till© show will •pptar In Rosun hall
next Monday evening. There aro 17
people in the company, and they give
three solid hour, of fun, with no inter-
This evening the McKanlats aggre
gallon of ey*-open.rs and button-twisters will stai tie theatre goers at I-tnuun
hall. According to reports they give •
performance that tnak.s hair grow on
bald heads.
Manager Sandiford, of the Bomin,
Is expected to return tn New Denver
the latter part of April. During hi*
absence in the old country he will visit
tho Kto Tlnto mine of Spain and examine properties in that country for his
Bob. McHeuite, won u*t*i to <n*««
Stew Den-vt'i in* homo, mA «-aa a.va*w»
dated with J A. McDonald when the
laitei' awubi thn C-AlSk-WJa, h t<t$>wu4
to have been caught in a coat min. ei-
tvlo*4or-» r**f*fltlv iver in Alberta, and
was tm&iv mui inert, 'lOKing tn* titintwtu., Iin , . .,
an arm and a leg {Cyclonic Comedy;
Kaslo has a kid—he's buried now—
who is entitled to the bakery and all
the pastery.    One day la«t weak he
lassoed a mule and got tangled up in
the other end ol tWe toi-*.    Th* iv,viU,„,,       ....
ran away and the poor joungntir wm™*'i»*« three hours of uninte»ropl«i
»Ut*ii*ut io Ac,u,tk.   The mule *itt tnow] ttm   At IWt1.nn.-l >.*« w**t>» »h*-r p)Hv,A
th«A*lMimoverhl*erAv*. ja  iwo-ulghi eug^emenl     the f»>t
Th* *v«r*pR attendant* +*t \he K**fof night the Hwfftrmsnc* was delay-*] t»v
public school for February wnt fi»>.    It the late arrival of the train, and the
used to be a matter of public interest to
know the standing and attendance of
the New Denver school-a, but; of late
months the teachers have been so overworked that they liave not had time to
give to the public these monthly reports.
The net profits of the C. P. R. for the
month of Januarv amounted to 8820,461
If the Government owned the C. P. R.
and the other roads, and charged the
same freight and passenger rateB, there
would be no necessity for raising funds
by taxation for government purposes.
The profits from the railroad business
and import tax would be sufficient for
all purposes—or nearly so.
John Delaney received word the past
week of the death of his father at the
advanced age of 86. Mr. Delaney was
a pioneer resident of Peterborough,
Ont. Speaking of his character the
Peterborough Examiner says: "He was
a man, who, though ho never identified
himself with any public ollice, or so-
cioti3s_of_anv kind,—whs intimately
known to a wide circle of friends.     He!
was noted for being  broad-minded and
strongly discouraged bigotry wherever
Papa Roosevelt lias decided that Miss
'Alice Roosevelt shall" not attend the
coronation of King Edward. This is
what conies from being the President's
daughter. Miss Alice can come to the
Lucerne and ravish thu seenery with
her eyes and there won't lie half the
fuss kicked up over it. Come on, Alice;
lots of the boys would quit work to
show you tbe landmarks about these
diggings, Vou can hollar down all llie
rain barrels that our red cow has left
standing, and we know of a cellar door
with lots of nails in it that you can slide
down if you want to—if you are sliver
The war in South Africa was over at
least a year ago according to reports
from the war office. Since then General Kitchener has been "bunging" the
Dutch fighters at the rate of a few hundred a month. Ten days ago Clio Boers
captured something like 700 British and
two guns. That looked bad. A lew
days later the same forces defeated a
British force of 1,200, took Qon.Methuon
prisoner, killed three British officers
and 840 mon, wounded Ave officers and
72 men, with one officer and 200 men
missing, and captured (our guns and
all the supplies. In reporting the catastrophe Kitchener said he thought it
was the part of a scheme "to draw off
the troops pressing Dewtt." Perhaps
the General Is right, but from this distance It looks like the part ol a scheme
to harass General Kitchener, and make
him do some lighting, instead of fencing
in the veldt with blockhouses. And it
doesn't matter much what the Boors'
intentions were, anyway: they caught
Methuen and his men and guns.
Henri Stuart, a pioneer show man,
advance agent for tho I'iechtl Comic
was iu town y.vit&A), hilling that ©a®-
pauy (or Monday evening, Mar* 17, tn
Bosun hall This company numbers 17
people, and embrace* the best artists in
high-class vaudeville that have over
toured the Kooteuays. Tlw (outlines of
the entertainment are manv, introducing
Fiechtr* famous quartette of Tyrollean
warbler* *nd sextette «>t sweH nm****;
the Jarretts Hoyal Marionette*, Ihe
celebrated irniwraonatort ul Chin<Ht«
characters, Geo. A.  Bird  and Ltxaio
Wlrrt  the  two  liTTle   TroT-iharlntir*-  Thi»
i'eck'* IU,1 Boy and
Johnny Riley in one mt, r«f!.-w*iJ and
brought to date; the beautiful mtiMit-al
comedy burletta in one act, German
Town on the Hudson; with sketch artist*, dancing, singing and fun mak ins
Douglas Lay, A. R. SI M., writing in
the Mining Record on the silver-lead
industry of British Columbia, says:
"Tho New Year opens with brightened prospects for the silver-lead industry of the province. The recent reduction in tlie freight and treatment rates
on lead ores, is a material concession,
and will go far to alleviate the state of
depression incumbent upon a low metal
market, and will lead to renewed activity on the part of many mines. Last
year closed with silver-lead mining at a
virtual standstill, the low prices of lead
and silver, coupled with the prevailing
freight and treatment rates, permitting
of the shipment of only very rich ore,
while many mines found it quite impossible to ship at all under the then
conditions, and had perforce to close
down entirely, or proceed only with
development work. The more favor
able conditions now prevailing, however, will greatly encourage the mining
.companies, and.„iu juany casefc will
make all the difference between profit-
last act was not put on until after mid
iiisht Hut the audience staid to a man
until the Isst number waB given. Of
the second night's performance the
Uossland Miner said: "The Kiechtl
Comic Players concluded a successful
engagement in Uossland last night. The
fact that the audience was considerably
larger than nn the previous evening,
approaching a full house,',was a neat
compliment to the quality of the per-
formers as entertainers. The various
numbers were warmly applauded and
the company leaves behind many
pleasant recollections of their appearance in the Golden City." Reserved
seats on sale at John Williams'.
The Ruth mine will resume work ina
short time.
The force at the Hartney was laid off
the past week.
The Payne has a force of 55 men on
development work.
Thirty-five men are working on
development at the Last Chance.
The May, on Twelve Mile, last week
made a trial shipm. nt of rive tons of
ore .
No ore was shipped from the Arlington last week owing to tlie breakhig.up
of the road. *„-.-.
Another carload of ore was shipped
this week by.-the" Neepawa, making (50
tons since shipments began^ fewrweeW
ago.       .   •' ■;■ ,.      .,.■*-■-.  *   •     '*
Further shipments from the Fourth
of July are ttv be made shortly bv the
owners'. The ore shoot is IG inches in
width. '■'■■'■. ••'■:"
TheGranby and Mother Lode mines
in the Boundary, mined and smelted
o\;er 0,100 tons of ore. iast week, an
•average of 1,50.) tons daily
The Slocan Star will ship 800 tons of
ore per month to the Everett smelter
this summer, to do which it will employ
ns large a force of miners as it ever
The Sunset mine, Jackson Basin, is
shipping two carloads of ore a week.
In January 110 tons were shipped, in
Felmiary 200 tons, and for the lirst
eight days in March 80 tons
Seven tons of oro is being rawhided
from the Duplex, on Lemon creek. The
ore has been taken out under lease by
Jas Cross nnd J. Nathan, whose work
during the winter has developed a very
promising ore body.
Another Twolve Mile property lias
made a trial shipment of five tons, the
Paystreak by nnme, owned hy A. M.
Rogers, L. llllltnan nnd S. Cooper. A
80-foot tunnel has been driven on the
lead nnd an ore shoot carrying high
values has been exposed.
Preparations are under way to resume work ou the Anglo-Saxon this
week. This property adjoin* thu Horn*
Run, on Silver Mountain, and has a
very good showing ol ore In a -strongly
mineralised and well defined ledge, upon which a tunnel has been driven 100
The following communication speaks
for itself:
To Hit KtlUitrnf Thk I.KiniSi
l)Ban Sin,—At a public meeting held
herooutlie4thinst.it was decided to
{ana 9 T-f.uiUt A-M<>>d.»ssv.», tovtring, if
pOMihie, thc. whole of South west Koot
enay    A* we feel that in order lo make
il a'success and obtain Importanl  re-  lho Yukon<  |ml ,„ Br„uh VnU[mhln
stills by s.lvertUing oui country and tUm, WM „„ iwtfMtt ,,( ,„„, million
pUclnjr IU attraction* before the public  M[m%    Th|k^ w^ ^ WUng ftB l(V tlu, -
at n distance, it is absolutely neriwarv  ,,„„, r,1.f,1,„).,,„,1 „V(>f «>, t„.r wn, j
lor all Mwiiona lo join hands. ^    , #;vin, „,# Ywk„B ,,lMri(t (>u, of
(•u»iieweietooutmiitl»-«opuiu.ii*oij|.n|(tWpfll(|nnt   ,h„   [wmnnmt   ,„,.«» 	
ihe merchant, and husinm men ol each J w||||nff iwlmXtim ,hftW an ,ncrww of | ^^'^^^l
per rent..  iiotwiihManihng'1     '        *
success, having obtained a membership
of about 150, with the probability of
getting from 50 to 100 more.
We shall be glad if you will take this
matter up with friends in your neighborhood and let us have your views as
to the assistance we might expect from
each section. We shall be pleased to
get this information at as early a date
as possible. Yours respectfully,
J . Filial) Hume, President
Mki.viu.i*: Pauky, Sec'y pro-tern.
[I'rom the Asliwott Journal ]
The Cariboo   Trading  Co    are also
ready for business with a well-selected
Harper's Camp, owing to its proximity to the Horsefly discoveries, is already a point ot considerable importance.
McRae s»nd Fitzgerald have for some
time been in possession of the Walters
place and in connection with their store
business have fitted up tlie hotel very
The Horsefly Trading & Transportation Company have the most of their
new stock of goods in their store and
Mr. Sutherland who is in charge is, we
believe, ready for business*.
Mr. McKay, the newly appointed
mining recorder, has an office in the
Miocene Gravel Co.'s building and will
do business there until a pl-ace is erected
Tor~lifisn Hisn!rit~W6!fnlng'r*Fe^eiptS"
are reported-to have been oyer $80/
Tho travel to the discoveries is mostly
by tbe Horseflv.lake at pv<>«;Mt, in"
teller wlien the snow is gone it is expected a good many will take the river
trail. Within the last two weeks about
•20 prospectors fully equipped have left
Harper's Camp for the discoveries and
considerable more than this number
will leave in a day or two if they have
not done so now. Three-quarters of
tliein are experienced prospectors.
None of those who located ground last
vear. as far us we can learn, will go in
until they can begin work. Nearly
every day men are leaving Ashcroft in
companies of twos and threes, all anxious to be on the ground when snow
will permit of prospecting.
A summary of thu inineial production
uf Canada for the year 1901 has been
prepared by the geological department.
The total mineral production for the
year was $09,407,031, as compared with
$ii4,488 087 in the year previous, or a
total Increapo ol 14,918,094, nearly five
millions hi 1895 the total mineral production was a little over twenty million
Thc entire gold production is valued
at |24,4(12,*22, ol which tho Yukon gold
lields contributed 118,000,000. Of copper
there was 1*6,600,104; pig iron, from
Canadian nre, 11,121,110: lead, t2,l00,-
Taj; nickel, li.KJi.WJ; f liver .tt, '3M,C68;
andiron ore exports, I7fl2,2»l. These,
with the gold production, makes a total
9t2.fT24.098 metallic production. There
was $2<l,'.'83,3:)it non-metallic, and fHOO,.
isW products rot returned, which.added
to the non-metallic makes, made a total
production of $ti9,407,C«l.
Coal production in valued at 114,671,-
I*.1.'; eoke.gi.-Mt.lWi; petroleum, Vm,.
'115: Hi>W»to«, tl.lH*i,4',l|, and building
material, II,820.m*).
NiitwitlMsuding a decrease in Ihe
gold output over 191*1, the increase in
the total production is equivalent to *
i AWns Prospects Bright
&  , _
^Douglass Lay Gives His Yiews on the Relations _ _
§z   Existing Between the Miner and Smeltermen...' -S3
r> per cent, of silver contents as
calculated by assay.
28.5 o:c Cn: 55 cts per 07,	
Deduct freight, and treatment,
, 15.00
able and unprofitable operation.
"The present concession on the part
of the smelters, amounting to practically a reduction of %\ per "ton in the
freight and treatment rates of lead ores,
ia certainly liberal, but there are conditions adhering thereto which did not
apply to the former rate, and which
rather detract from the advantages of
the new rate, so far as the miner is concerned,   Tho new conditions are—
(1) The amount of zinc treated without penalty (50 cents per unit over 8
per cent ) is reduced from 10 per cent
to 7 per cent- j
(2) To avoid the risk increased by tiie
rmelters in buying metals on a falling
market, they will pay, upon receipt of
ore, only 90 per cent, of its net value as
calculated from the market then prevailing. Final settlement will be made
90 days later, when any depreciation in
market value will have to be stood by
tbe initio, and on the other hand a rise
in value of tbe metals will be made up
by tbe smelter.
"So far as the growth, development,
and ultimate well-being of tho mining
industry of the province is concerned,
the question of freight and treatment
rateaisof paramount Importance, the
great majority of the ore demanding
the Intervention of the smelter. But It
is a question that must over be a vexed
one, and so far as treatment rates are
concerned perhaps no basis of settlement will ever he arrived at equally
satisfactory to both miner and smelter
alike. The smelter from his unassailable position, perhaps justly, regarding
the miner as ever prone to cavil, and
deeming that his (the miner's) proper
altitude should he one of patient sub-
mission, rather than of aggressive self-
auertiott. While the miner, on his part,
unable to possess himself ol tho belief
I hat his ore is smelted mnrelv as sn act
of accommodation, ever cling* to thu
conviction that Miteliing rates were
framed entirely (or the benefit of the
smelter, to the complete exclusion of
, bin own intercuts    \\e that m* II may,!
per cent.   There wax a decrease »,Uver| .U(l, wi|h,ml itl ftllV wnv t»klti« tip th..;
four million* in the gold output frotnj ,,ru.( „,„„. „|ilM.r> a ltmrtti,t hctww-nj
the grot.* net values of silver lead ores j
a* calculated upon the new basis of set. J
iii V„- of interest: 1
Total net value	
It will be seen from the above that the
difference between gross and net value
of lead ores is very marked. Moreover,
when from the net value as above given
has been deducted the total cost of
mining the ore and placing it on the
railway cars, and also the government
duty, the margin of profit accruing to
the mining company is not great However, the net value allowed by the
Bmelter is greater by some 45 per cent,
than that resulting from the old freight
and treatment rate.
Tlie miner is prone to contend that in
view of the many modern improvements
in the metallurgical field, tha high perfection to which the science of metallurgy has been brought, it is not unreasonable to suppose that  in a  Jarge
lead contents and"5 per cent, of silver
contents is not  lost beyond recovery,
and that while  iu  the  stag ultimate
losses must of necessity occur, yet by
means.of suitable plant, a coueiderable
pioportion of this 10 per cent, of lead
and 5 per cent, of silver contents, is
susceptible of recovery   " Without having access to detailed  records of smelting campaigns, it is hazardous to state
to what extent such a contention is justified.   But there is abundant reason to
maintain that the miner's estimate of
the smelter's profits is, iu the great ma
jority of cases, excessive;   that in  lead
smelting (copper  smelting   is another
matter) on a small scale, only a small
profit accrues to the smelter, to use a
colloquialism, there is "nothing in it.''
In the case of large lead-smelting plants
there is reason to believe that it may bn
"As matters now stand, for silver-
lead mining particularly, is the outlook brightening and while some few
months ago it was impossible to contemplate tho future other than with
serious thought, If not with anxiety.,
now there is «ood reason to anticipate
better times and a general renewal of
The total amount of ore shipped front
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approximately, 80,000 tons. Since January 1
to March 8, IW2, the shipment* havo
been as follows:
Wf»k T-ttal
Psyus    *u ti*
Iunhoo -    »" HW
sunn-l lJ»ckwn lUiinj ...,•#» «*•>
Hte,,    tt IU
Amrrlt »n tiny                                   II WW
Arlington    «M
ii*«ri-tt           *> rat-
iiowti    •» nm
l,»*»t Ctmrirf  »              7H
Wimtlrrfiil  f>>
KiiH-riiflM!                              .. *i            IH
Monitor                   * .... I*t
yuiiMi Maim       ..... II
silver ttl»no II
Wliltrwkttr-for t-Vtiruaryi -is*           U'H
ntuwa ;
Nn.|uw» '                    . *.i              *.i
ll:»rtii*> t'i
Miirl.m , •»
I'Mvitrnk .. ... i '•
•vii|irl»i*- ...... t t'i
ToUUoUM  ■•!* mi
art t.t, iiFvTr "tmiTi-mkkkj*.
It. n. and .1. II. Thompson, mining
s »1 i* »■*
•r« Iuul, tsoiK, il Ibe p-J.-ytxl  lum*  tt'Ah
general   approval,   io organize  local
l,r,»nt*» »i emh T«oir.t.  «ti«l  «H  matter*
nearlv H7 per rent -....-...,....... ,
the falling off iu the lead |trmluctlon. Il""' ***     ,   "
.... ...      ,*.   1     lirost. value per ttm —
V, <-♦«. *wr or
iste of IIS
.^r -ft
.    IT
4 -M -J,* -t  4 ,    .*'
**•*." i      T.t.
lM'r j tt-if.ot.HOl4 Ihe AAlelelit crcck*.   or   wait
ol 11'* p»T [ nni,»f(t nJM.y -nm, tiak* tn-r lhem*^\v»* —
A t.lo.1 oft ,Iomu.t!.
j pertainlna to »-j»t.-h-wctioii lo lw under'
ihrit *up*< »vi*»<>ii, snd it, that way to
get   up an  attractive |>atiiphli-|. well
illustrate!, and obtain the co-operation
of tht different railway* in il* distribn-
ftlon; and sho to appoint n food live
|'man as *#tr*Ury who could vWl each I
' wtilitti it bi'O i>ei'ft*tstrv.
i    lVc haw .ttlmiih *lmleil hu AmsoHji-i
' lion tn*re.   The ttteinbrtohlp fee !s fixedf
»l -?!.»»•, .-u«l * »f.v late nu
1-v»   r.nr
cent/, of -rnp-jser, H-'» |*r cent.-. nf«k*i,;fl*i
percent.: «*Ih>«o*. •«* vet tern , and
coke/'I per rent.
In the production «•' f'K irn1*«" <-'ana-
dian furnatrs, sn iia-iease of 1*1 perl
i-ont! i* iwitrdftf Thio increase l« dne
largely to the »\«r.iuut oi the Dominion
turn iii.d AxiA t.jmt.-itny at Sr-tnt-y,
S.J>. lt»ot*-ri iurit»'«** which *if no*
iiKltitded oi ib- ^i-v't'ia! table.Ih»-ie waa
s -f ilh fr«*t' mad** ll/»H ton* "J ****••■ itigM*.
IM'O,  -»-f*J.i.   :i  «
j»ilver, i*i o*-*.
%.,■■■ .,<
P» hi
Total gro"# value 110 00
Xet   value pi r t* tt,   as allowed by
Ia'aA, *m«*ll«-r pay for lead at tjot-
tititt i|>ii«mmioii> \» »• $1 )■* i l"'.i Ua.
nl i«-ad content**, as cab uiated
lA-r -i*.!.r.. havt.;  in t n .f>-*ft|."*'f
!*"p.^. hvnl i" tl..i,.perlOtri.o   112 35
Silver.   »irt"lter -pay for «i'.'ver at |
N*»*i»' 't i.i*i. nih,%ioAti ih AwMftg        \ \yt(lk,t'i'M9w*h
tiiottt.r the tmn«»h  nt  l',»brtisrv  lhn*
li.uubli'r »hiin«*«l i'l carloads of ore that
g.iv-e return* of |J,.*«>» to theHMAKi'U
dividend of one r.Mit  a tli«M<.wj»»litW»-,
< lured on Feb -Mb. 1^4^ UI[j|,amo^f
• ill U divided »«.aylc Ihe^.^^,
At the end of tin* monlb     ' .
H,   -»l*iM f    *.
1,111,10 I
l   Koht, l^lify, wf.« w^ .^mfitoj^ »(
i the •« *hlman oioil r^t-fiillo. t<* conhiitHl
! m'ttw XmdiitmVU*l>W' koHtliiXbf THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, MARCH 13, 1902,
Ninth Yeab
carded and the city cleaned thoroughly. Then regardless of expense the houses were fumigated
with the vapor of formaldehyde,
and the smallpox disappeared like
mist before the hot sun. Other
cities should follow the example of
Cleveland and become healthy.  .
The Lkdok U two dollars a year in advance When not so paid it is 82.50 to parties worthy of credit, Lena 1 advertising 10 cents a
nonpariel line lirst insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: The Lkdok Is located at New Denver. B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by tho shevifl', snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the buy-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything nnd believes that hell
should lie administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stooa the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that it is
better to tell the truth, even if tho heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us. but do nut pat the bull dog on tho cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
one is savage and the other a victim of thirst.   One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; lie i<
A Big
barre'-.   ontt ip> p.hyhkd piuu muvm^. «*■* ^.w.... «. .........   ...... «    ~.	
sure ol a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold tolook at by day.
Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
A live newspaper is seldom run
with dead ads.
Eat whole wheaten bread if you
desire to keep your teeth.
More than 22 millions of tons of
iron ore will be moved from Lake
Superior ports thip year.
The right use of air, water, fasting and exercise will cure nearly
every disease known to man or
Santa Barbara, in California, is
ja sweet burg.   Two hundred cars
ot honey  are  shipped   out of it
^very year.
Lake Superior is 1,003 feet deep,
r^ndeOl fieeFiSoietHesea. Slwln,
lake is about tbe same depth, and
1,760 feet above tbe sea.
This office turned a blackjack
last week. It made a contract for
a telephone, and it is number 21.
Now don't ring all at once.
AsparagUB is one of the most
wholesome of vegetables. It comes
early in the spring, and a bed once
established will last 20 years.
In advertising Canada the fact
should be put in capital letters that
this Dominion spent 8200,000 for
the capture of a Yukon murderer.
"We want no more railways in
Canada unleHH they are owned by
the people or built without any
(loveriuiiont aid, either in cash or
Lent is valuable without any
referi'iice io its religious moaning.
It given the stomiU'hs of some |»eo-
ple a slight holiday from the evils
of over-outing strong food.
Kight million acres oi land, besides the cash, would be a nice
thing to give the ,'aiiiida Northern
railway. Railway magtiato.« tnti-at
think we are easy suckers to stand
siii'li a play.
Another newspaper for Ferguson
is Kpokt'ti of. Tlie Kugl-e now pub-
Huhed then- is one of the Iwst in
the mountain*, and if the |ieople
•up)M'irt il they will have no ne-wl
of Another shoi't.
If some jMMiple would eat less
they would not need to pray vo
iiiiieh. Wrong living make* people
><ometitnes imagine thai they nre
full of shi when it is only Mle thai
is troubling them.
easier and cheaper divorce law
would increase happiness in Canada. Marriage should be made
more difficult and divorce easier.
The C.P.R, will enlarge the hotel
accommodation at Banff. Why not
build a summer hotel on the shores
of Slocan lake, and rush some of
the. tourists through this section?
They would be delighted and so
would the Slocan people.
In the Bank of England there are
millions of dollars unclaimed by
the owners. Let us see, didn't
some of our ancestors put a roll in
that bank and forget all about it.
We believe they did, and we must
wire a wireless to the bank about it.
Physicians often receive large
fees. Dr. Gale, of Bristol, although blind, received the largest
fee ever paid a doctor. He got
1250,000 for curing a diseased knee
by electrical treatment. Some experts would be glad of 1100 for the
same job.
Aa Irish street car conductor
called out frilly to the passengers
standing in the aisle: "Will tbim
in1 Iruufc pl**o to iuuvq up, oo t!b»t
tbim behind can take the places of
thim in front, an' lave room for
tbim who are nayther in front nor
The market for molybdenite is
very limited, and ore running less
than 22 per cent, is not purchased.
Tbe price is 850 a ton, and the production in America is about 200
tons a year. Molybdenum is worth
$1.25 a pound, and the production
in America is about 16 tons a year.
This world is full of tears. A
woman in New York is suing her
husband because he cut her pin
money from 860,000 to 840,000 a
year. Looks strange to us, but
perhaps she has another fellow
eached who would allow her 8100f-
OO0 a year. You can't tell in these
days of degenerated commercialism
what a woman will do for a slight
Cold feet can be cured by winking them six times a day in very
hot water in which a spoonful of
mustard has been dissolved. Soak
them '.iti inimitch.itud then rub hard
with a coarse towel, large and
thick-soled shoes should be worn
as an aid to the cure. Cold feet
can also be cun-d by losing all yotii-
chips in the early part of the game
and remaining that way during the
When the columns of a newspaper are packed to the last <|itad
with advertisements of business
iiii'ii i( Alien more to nllnwt attention to a town and district than
anything Hw, ll is a sign thai
j there is business going   ott,   or at
does not keep a stiff rein upon himself he will be getting full at some
of these blowouts, and perhaps find
out that a King full is not the top
hand in the deck.
To give the Canada Northern
railway eight million acres of land
and 81,800,000 in money if they
build a railway through the best
agricultural section of British Columbia would be the height of folly
and a betrayal of public confidence
upon the part of our legislators.
Better do without railways or build
them ourselves. This giving companies land and cash is too old a
grab. If kept up the people of this
province will have nothing but the
air left. All such propositions
should not be entertained for &
moment. li
Evils of   Vaccinrtion to
,        .        prevent or cure
Vaccination smaiipox is a
tellacy and of no benefit except to
allay fear, much tbe same as some
people think the carrying of a rab-
bit>s_paw„wilLbringJhem luck, or
They are commencing
to do things on a big
LUnCh scale in the old camp
of New York. Quite recently
Morgan aud some of the other million or more in the bank fellows
gave Prince Henry a 30-mihute
lunch that cost §20,000. In the
room the tapestries cost 250,000
plunks. Tapestry at this price
ought to give most anything an
appetite, but we never use it. It
does not look well with pork and
beans. However, Henry might
have been lonesome at that lunch.
It is an even break that Morgan
forgot to have lager and pretzels
on the menu. However, it was a
swell lunch, and knocksany of our
Slocan spreads away back into the
shades of oblivion. To eat a S20,-
000 lunch in 30 minutes seems infra
dig as they say in Koine. It. would
look as though Morgan's crowd
cared more for time than money,
and nothing for indigestion. If
Henry was a. great man it is hard
to say what the crowd would have
done. As it is they will probably
make Germany pay a million for
that lunch. Morgan may have an
eye on the railways of the Fatherland. Who knows? Pierp; and
he is mummer than a dead hobo.
Europe and   Amei-ica  and  leave j
hundreds of thousands of   dollars.
When the stream of tourist travel
shall turn this   way   it   takes no
stretch of the imagination to picture
the result.    The towering columns
that pigfee the sky at every   turn,
cut   into   thousands   of   fantastic
shapes—pinnacles, minarets,domes,
veritable castles  in  the  air—are
sights that cannot be described with
feeble pen and ink,  but  must be
seen to drink in the true inspiration.    And many will come to see
them as the years roll by.    Directly
in front of New Denver, on the opposite side of the lake, is a glacier.
It fills a large basin between two
noble peaks, several thousand feet
above the surface  of  the   water.
Steps   have  been   taken to raise
money to build a trail to this glacier
which cannot fail to,be one of the
attractions to this region.    Mountain goats and caribou   are found
on these heights,  where they are
sometimes shot by the hardy Alpine
climber.    No one need   travel to
a column of pure reading matter in
tho village paper; on the other hand,
if I say I have always used it, I
can get two columns and my picture
through the whisky concern.
Wandering Willie—What's de
matter, pard?   Yer look bad.
Weary Wraggles—I'm alius dis
way durin' Lent. I find dat hard-
boiled eggs an' cole fish-balls is
worse fer me dejestion dan mince
,Europe to,see the grand and beautiful in nature—we have it at our
very door."'
"Thar must be a woodpile up to
college, Maria."
"Why, Hiram?"
"Because Craw foot's son writes
that he sees our Silas picking up
chips every night."
"I don't know what to do," he
mused; "if I say I never drank
whisky in all my life I can get half
[ least that the people arc capable nf
Ther#» are over 1M-000 ?»ii!«»*i nf! Auioit hit«iiti#***m when f!»»v eel nn
rullrond 1-n -f'ftiin'ln nil <A whioh! opportunity. Tho tntw who Aoev
pays except that operate) by the not support his local pajM-r cuts «
■floTtrumwnt. Too mtmty votrigash into hi>* fimaraHaS hack ustbout
UxMters on the Government  rosdsj knowing it.
„,i ft it.i.
Hit-ore* i* such   a   enmity   otnA\
cumliersouie thing to get in Camilla [ xhort
I'nw.'c Henrv mul   a   thousand
ii«-wpa|*r men diwil   togither  a
in   Xew   York.
that jieople prefer to x-ufTer ratherj Henry must have felt liki* a deuce
thaw journey to the fowl belt in| in the hole with such a tlood of
Ottawa, In ;{.*> years le** than *-'.*> brains around him. Most of thc
illYon***! )mvi* )**eit gt'ttrtUil by »)■«•) eAltmn mnvtveA the muni, and
dilute of Canada, although jiim : jacked mine of the cake home to
fiom tln-iv ar*- 11 application-*.    An «ho',\ their ful-iwiil^r*1.    If  Henry
tbe wearing of a charm keep away
evil spirits. Theite ia no positive
evidence to prove tbat^'vacciiii^pn
ever was of any benefit against
smallpox. This looks like a rash
statement, but if the reader will
think below the surface he will see
that it is right. People who live
clean and proper lives need *have
no fear of smallpox or any other
disease. Vaccination probably
kills as many as the smallpox, although the people who die from it:
generally have some other disease
credited with their demise. Doctors
through ignorance or a desire to
keep up the delusion for personal
gain seldom speak harshly against
vaccination. Doctors are a good
deal like sheep and parsons. They'
will follow any old trail because:
1 hoy lack the brains and lourage.
to lind a newer and better one.   ,    j
Compulsory vaccination is an!
outrage upon the liberties of the
people. It has been abandoned inj
Great Britain, but is still practised
iu free America. To hold people
up and inoculate their healthy systems with filthy cow pus is one of
the most damnable customs and
delusions of the age. How a (tee
people can submit to such a health
destroying process is a mystery. It
must he through fear and ignorance.
If people of their own accord will
be foolish enough to allow themselves to be poisoned nothing much
cm Im* said, but when the law of
the land forces it upon them they
should protest until the insane
custom is abolished.
Within the past months sniallpov
has killed about one-third as many,
people as vaccination, If this)
record keeps up people will have to >
lake smallpox iu order to protect!
themselves against the evil of vac
< Hindoo. , y-w
Matistics irom Miuie ol tlie I«>| ii
vaccinated Miitntries in the world 1 Pf
show iem deaths from smallpox !LnJ
amongst, thow not vaccinated. The | * •*
I'liil-wl Slate* Hrtuy is vHceiunieA t1 I
to a finish, yet mortality from j | j
small | hu in that army is 'lb peril J
SmalljHii wai« very Iuul in Cleveland last year, but it was t-tamped
not In .'■ verv f*hnti timo- «h»«n   Tb-
I YicderiHi took hold of the  health
department     Va>mnatit'U «..<- Ah-
In due   time
, ii   when the Slo-
SwitZerland can is known
to the tourist world,., its beautiful
scenery will have proper appreciation. S. C. Clark, in the Rossland
Miner, says this about it:
"Slocan lake is a gem in the
mountains surrounded on every
side by towering peaks. They rise |
7000 and 8000 feet almost straight
from tbe water's edge, and makes
as grand-geenery-ftg-csn-be-found
on the American continent, Tbe
lake is 28 miles long and from two
to three miles wide. It is of great
<septb.. In one place y»7 reel, was
reached, while in other places no
sounding could be found. Its
waters teem with fish, which are
caught in great numbers during the
open season. The time will surety
come when the entire region surrounding this beautiful sheet of
water will be the resort of thousands of people who go forth, not
to seek riches in the delving mines,
but to bask in the smiles of nature
and worship at her most wonderful
shrines. This region has been
compared to Switzerland, and it
has nothing to lose by the comparison; in many respects it surpasses
it. Time will only add lo the enchantment. As remarked by a
friend, the great trouble with British Columbia is that she lias too
many Switzerland* within her borders. Tlie Switzerland of Envoi e
could be placed ii: our midst and
the difference scarcely noted. As
known to all intelligent renders.
Switzerland's chief revenue is derived from her tourist travel,people
who Hock there   each   year   from
The two greatest medicines for
Spring are
Dr. Fax's Sarsaparilla
Blood Purifier and Toluc
Dr. Scott's Iron Tonic Pills
Blood Builder and Nerve Tonic.
For Sale nt
New 'Denver. H. 0;
Cigar Co.
For pi Ices apply to—
Wholesale Agents for B.C.
Vancouver, B.C.
Our Special
El Condor
v. o. box 76.
21 Ruby and Diamond Jewels, ■**-£ I I
In heavy Silver-old cases for—I III
Watches, other prices.
Kaslo, B. O.
names and iiontolHce addresses of ELEVEN
FARMERS who have lau I to clear or who have
use for » STUMP FULLER, aud we will mall
frek to your address, a copy of our Storlea of the
Great Northwest, now goin? to press; Writ*
plainly, and address the W. SMITH GRUBBER
SlACBimsn k
Sendfor40-ppa(fe [mra|Alet containing question*
ukeu by Examining Board of ICDf-fineer! to ob*
, tain Eugtaee «license.   Address,Gbo. a. Ziixik
1 1'ublUher. 18 S. 4th St., St. I/OUti, Mo., U. S. A
The NewmarkctHotcl,
Hns one ot the most beautifal locations in America, and tbe public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
HENRY STEGE,        •       ^       '•      •       '-
si. James
New Denver, B.C.
A, JACOI1SO.N, Proprietor
Three Forks
B. C.
Provides iieeoininodatlon (or
tlie travcllini; puhlie	
I'leartrit vunuo*. mid -uihkI
meals. Tlie hiii' Ih stocked
with wiin-% lt«|ii*>i*M nnd
elytra. HOT and COL!)
II ATI 18.
HUGH NIV EN, Proprietor,
New. men in in tlie city—Cointoniible ruunih—Bitr replete with the best o(
Li(|iiora and Ci«nr»»—Ne»t service throughout.
Job Printing
That assays hi«rh in  artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Address ===== THE LEDGE
Bank-of Montreal
KMMlllltltird  I SI 7.
Ciiiita! {nil paid up) f12,(WO.OO
Reserved fund : t 7,00^000.00
Undivided profits  s   j   .fil0,(j84.lM
ni. 'iin!*, iinini i-ijHUiwiAiHh «.iu kiut/KJ tun*)* u.-o.fci.v*. i iwtt.mil..
HoK.ri. A. Drdmuond, Vice President,
E. 8. Cumj«tox, General Manager,
Nrnnche* in all part* of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
•ne I'nited States*
New Denver branch
LB B. DE VGBEk, Mana«er
W WW pw-^mi WTW Wl
WWWW: Ninth Year.
j F^orp tne surras K^nn^1 S
I believe it was Artemus Ward
who once said that "a reasonable
amount of fleas is a good thing for
a dog."
Now, while Artemus was a great
perspnaige in the fun-making business,
I don't think his experience with
fleas nor with dogs entitles him to
be accepted as an authority on the
Fleas do not grow in the scenic
But I've seen places where they
And I can assure you of this
that they come and go by jump,
"And no amount of them are good
for dogs—
At least, not the canine variety.
Perhaps Artemus has in mind
the breed that travels upright.
Xo doubt his conclusions would
apply then.
But I've seen people who would
not do the scratching no matter
how many fleas prospected their
"All things come to him who
waits," is credited to a sage.
But it sounds more like the babbling of an idiot.
Things do not come to anyone
who waits.
You've got to go after them.
The only thing I ever got by
waiting for it was a clubbing.
And I deserved it a long time
before I got it. '
Bull dogs usually do.
So do editors.
Never wait for anything. •
Be patient, of course*
But all the time keep adding to
the jackpot,'
It is a lazy man's policy to wait.
They wait bo long they don't
know how to do anything else.
And seldom do.
They generally get what they deserve—     V
my teeth all right by Thursday.
I suppose you all enjoyed th'
Fourth—I had a peculiar experience.
I brought home a lot of fireworks,
torpedoes, pin-wheels, etc.
I didn't want th' children to see
them, so I put them in the pantry.
Th' next morning I discovered
th' dog had eaten them all up.
I didn't know it until breakfast
time.    The dog came in and laid
down under th' stove.
Then I found it but.
As far as i could see everything
went off great.
And I could see about a mile
and a half from where I stood.
Going up—th' dog hit th' stove
and th' stove hit th' ceiling.
Coming down—th' stove hit th'
dog, th' dog hit th' floor, and I—
hit the pipe.
Then, juat to cool off, th' dog
went out in th' yard and ran around
the rain barrel so fast that every
third time around he had to jump
over himself.
He'd rather do that than wait
for himself to get ont of th' way.
I met a friend of mine on th'
street today, a young man; he's
been married just a year—one year
ago today he was married.
I says, "How's your wife?"
He says, ''She's holding her
The other day a gentleman asked
me where I was from, and when I
told him Chicago, he says, "What
part—Wisconsin or Indiana?"
I told him Joliet.
"Why," he says, "is Chicago
taking in Joliet?"
I says, "No; Joliet is taking in
He says, "That's very good; come
in, let's have a drink—and tell me
He says, "Your face looks familiar to me."
I says, "I can't help it—it's my
face and your fault, so don't blame
Nothing.       •
God feede the sparrow, but He
doesn't throw the feed into its nest.
He gives to every man life and
And to bull dogs tenacity.
But the man, and the bull dog
has got to make use of them if
they are to grow.
Don't be exclusive—
Like a clam.
Any fool can be exclusive.
An exclusive person is one of
more or less dwarfed and dwindled
They aro exclusive, because they
haven't tho capacity to be anything
A iimn can make himself so "ex-
chiHive" tlmt his nature will lose
its soul.
He is a pigmy that hides hi* ig-
iiornnei' in his ash-barrel-—
A fool wniting for the undertaker.
I see a lot of people traveling
piist my kennel whose faces wear a
troubled look—
I says, "You may have seen me
in Vaudeville, but never in Bpringviile.". . .„
He says to the bartender, "What-j
beer do you keep?"
The bartender says, "That we
don't sell."
He gave us two glasses of Schlitz.
While drinking th' Schlitz I noticed
a machine full of slots; so we put a
few nickles in the slots.
And then we put a few nickles
in the Schlitz. And we put so
many nickles in the Schlitz that we
couldn't see tho slots.
Warning—Look not upon the
slots through th' Schlitz.
The bartender says, "I'm going
to close up now; take anything you i
want out of th'house." ***%  \
My friend took the awning—and j
he's kept shady ever since. ;
J says, "Anything handy, that's!
soft, will do me."
And lie hit nie with a sponge.     j
"We regret to announce," writes
the editor of the Hickory Ridge
Missourian, "that a snide firm that
has done business in this town for
the last year or two under the name
of Scallenberger's sneaked out between two days this week, owing
us $18.40 for advertising. There
were two of them—old Scallenberger
and young Scallenberger—and they
carried on a sort of grocery business. The old man had a long,
thin nose, and dyed his whiskers.
He can shave off his whiskers, but
he can't disguise that nose. The
young Scallenberger, if that is his
real name, has a gold front tooth
and a smile that is always showing
it. They beat us down to bottom
figures on every inch of advertising
and whenever we wanted any
money we had to wait for it six
weeks and then take it in dribs.
They carried away all their stuff
except a barrel of their celebrated
Porto Rico molasses, which we
have seized in part payment of
their account, aud anybody who
wants it from us can have it in
large or small quantities for live
cents a gallon. Readers of the Missourian may remember that they
were always advertising that celebrated molasses. Well, we have
sampled some of it, and as near as
we can make out it is a mixture of
corn syrup, turpentine, and rain
water. It never was within a
thousand miles of Porto Rico. So
far as we are concerned, we don't
want the Scallenbergers to come
back. We are glad the Scallenbergers are gone. Darn the Scallenbergers 1"
"When the snow aud ice have
gone," said the Sunday school
teacher beaming upon the boys,
"and nature awakens from her long
sleep, the tiny bugs begin to appear, and then what do we have?
You may answer, Robert?"
"Sulphur and molasses," replied
All kinds of Shows coming
But nothing like the Big Showing in Prices we are offering
For Fifteen Days
Following are some ot the Snaps:
Large choice Navel Oranges, 40c doz
Johnson's Lemons, best in the world,
40c doz.
Big fresh Bananas, 40c doz.
Copenhagen Snuff, §1.90 per crock
3 large 30e plugs T & B Smoking
Tobacco, 80c
4 medium 25c plugs, 85c
5 plugs soft Canadian Blackstrap, 50c
Vanhouten's Cocoa, 30c per tin
Pure Black Pepper, 30c lb
Choice fresh-roasted whole Coffee, 5
lbs for $1.50
Whole-wheat Flour. Every sensible
person is using this flour. It makes
delicious breakfast gems and choice
bread. You get full benefit of all
the wheat; no du6t or dirt. Our
price, 50 lbs for $1.40.
Write to us for prices, or enll iiei-snunlly.   Vou will save money Ity dolus so.
A City of Wonder, Progress and Prosperity
First Bulgarian bandit—-The
chief has cut the ransom to one
ihouwnd dollars.
; Second Bulgarian bandit—Yes,
his idea is to close out all the missionaries on hand, to make room
for new stock, I'm told,
"Is it a tonic?" inquired the
prince as he curiously regarded his
first Manhattan cocktail.
"Yes, but not Teutonic," replied the smiling entertainer.
Development of
the coal mines,
the installation
of water, electric
light and power
plants are now
arranged tor. The development by the Ashnola Coal
Company of their property,
owned by the Toronto Syndicate, and the equipment of
their mines has already been
arranged for, which is a
guarantee of two large payrolls for Ashnola.
Lots in Ashnola are a safe
investment, and are now selling at from $50 to $225; 25 °/
cash, balance in 3, 6, and 9
^months with^utintweltr™""
To the legal personal representatives of J. W.
LOWES, deceased, and to HUGH McRAE,
or to any person or ptrsoiiti to whom they
may have transferred their interests in the
Glencoe Mineral Claim, situated on the north
side of Hume ereek. in the Sloean .Mining
Division of West Kootenay District,  British
\rOU, and each of you, are hereby notified that
JL    1 have expended  two hundred dollars in
labor and improvements uikui the above mentioned  mineral claim  under the provisions of
the Mineral Act, and if. within ninety  days
from the date of this notice, vou fail or refuse to
contribute your portion of all such expenditures,
together with all costs of advertising, your interest in the said claim will become the property
of the subscriber under Section 4 of an Act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral Act l'jtifl."
Dated at Xew Denver, B. C. this 2.1th day of
February, l:«e.
._ D. A. MeDONELL.
Large Herds
of Cattle
Fine Grazing
All Kinds of
Hay Meadows Galore
Crows Neet shares advanced from lie to Wo
In four years. All lots in Blocks One to Four,
and Thirteen to Twenty will be advanced IS |>er
cent, per month until May lit, 19<«, and io per
cent. In all reti.uiiilnpblocks.
r-lUKE NOTICE that thirty days from thedate
I of this notice I. William Downie, nt'ilnsr a»
ntfeiit for the Canadian Paoltic Hallway Company, intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands und Works for iiermiBsion
io lease that portion of the foreshore of Slocan
Lake, in the town of Silverlon described ag follows:
Commencing at a ikxu ■■■marked "C.l'.H. S.E.
corner," thence northeasterly along high water
mark to the north boundary of Lot 13, Woek 8,
In the townsite of Silverton.
Dated at Silverton. B.C., Feb imii.lwtf.
KIN*;    KllACTION   Mineral   Claim.
Situate In tin- Slnean Mining Division ol West
Kootenay I»i«tiiet. Where located: On
Noble Five Mountain.
•TAKE NOTICE that 1. John D. Anderson, P.
I li. S.,of Trail, II. C, agent-for Mrs. Mary
Holland, Free Miner's Certiticate No. S3H8A,
Intend, sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply to the Milling Hccorder
for a Certiticate of Improvements, for tlie puriiose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certilieate of InjiiiovcineJits-
Dated this flth day of March, A. D. I'M.
3-13 „ .1. 1). ANDERSON.
Vegetables of
Every Kind
Game in
millions of
.ft. of Timber
Grounds that
For further information apply to
Similkameen Valley Coal Co., Ltd.
Nelson, B. c.
The following circular letter ia being Kent to labor unions throughout Canada:—-
Sii.vkuton,  B. ('., MAlien   1st
To tlii' Parliament of the Province of British Columbia, Dominion of ('lunula:
Cknti.kmkn—       Ai tlu- regular weekly meeting of Silvei ion Miners' 1'nion No. «.»">. ol the Western j
Federation of Miners, held in 1'nion Hall on Saturday,   March   lst,   ll'OL',  th.   .ati'tiide of the  Britteh'
AND HUH, EDITH Fractional
mid KINGSTON Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Sloean Minini? Division of West
Kootenav District. Where located: On
Silver Mountain, west of the Merrimae Mineral claim.
'lUKE NOTICE That I. Wm. S. Drewry, act-
1 ing as ajfent for John D. Mac-Master, free
miner's certificate No. B .1*470, Intend, sixty days
from thedate hereof, to apply to the MiniiiK Be-
corder for Certificates or Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take uotice that action, under Section 37. must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this SOth day of January, A. D. litre.
Kootenav District. Where located: In
Best Basin, Joining the John W. Mackey
and Jim Fair mineral claims.
'PAKE NOTICE that I, Alcjstider Sproat, aa
1 agent for Wm Hastie Adams and Charles
J. Kapps, free miner's certificates Nos. B 778TO
and £8800. Intend, sixty   days from tbe AtAp
a Certificate of Improvements, for tbe purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the -• bova claln.
And farther take notice that acUo ndex iec.iT
mast be commenced before the Issuance of tu-eh
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thia nth day of January 19CB. 	
MOUNTAIN  SCENKRV   Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of Wset
Kootenay District. where located: AI
the head of Eight Mile creek
TAKE NOTICE That I. Albert Ashcroft, ac •
Ing as agent for Harry Christopher Wheeler
FMCNo B. M4*),Charles MoNlcholl, F M C No
B -K410 and K F Liebscher, F M C No B 61400,
intend, slit, days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Cruwn Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that, action, under
Section tn, must tut commenced liefore the issuance of suoh Certilicnte of Improvements.
Dated this flth day of January, A. D. 180*
Did you ever notice that., where- j(»overninent towards Canadian, and especially towards British Columbian legislation,  on the restriction of
ever yon go to take a drink in one 1
A sift hey owed the editor some-! of those ploi^^^ w«* well  considered,  and  it  was  unanimously  agreed  tlitit   llie
one around who think* he knows
mines   closing you?   If they're not   there   they | uniful,J1 disallowance of all such legislation, with no other explanation than that it was done ••for Imperial
, scud out for 'em. ,,   ,        . A. L   t    ., „ ... .  ., k t .. ,
I    ,„.    . „ , i        . p reason*,    showed upon tlie part of said British (lovernment, a contemptuous disregard  of the  wishes of
j     ihe fellow you  know, who   Hi-. '
jway*  squeezes  in  edgeway* and i t|u, ||eop|e of (,ft||U(lH thfttW(1„ (,,,HW 1o ,))M.m,n,
*ay*, "Vou don't remember me,do
As if n mine could be a  mine iu . you?" \n,| j, WRH thereupon unanimously resolved that the British (■overnnicnt.   in making tieiitict- with
the Slocan mid   not  clone  down      I was just taking a glass of beer
seuii-ominiiiiially! I when one of thoHe rememlier me's the UovernnicutK of China and of .lajHin whereby the people ot tho-e countries arc  liecii-i-d nary to
wiys, "I declaro, old man, you're;
getting Htout, aren't yon?"
I Hnys, 4,No beer, go way from1
They talk about
Hard Union.
Hard up,
And the like.
If it never closed down it could
never ''resume operations."
And how monotonous it would
Im* without tliew? periods of ••resuming operation*."
Job Printing is un art.
11 is today one of the
most adwiKvil of arts,
and oTeau»r HI oris aro
liHnir made t<» reach
perfect ion than «ver
before in tbe history
of print iitii'. IOvery up-
to-date business man
reeoo-ni/.es the importance of having his stationery   well  primed.
Tin i ..«i l» ii. , tfit.ift i lli.iu tin l..w viuil'
v..til til,11 lllll IH-1 .-fli.i • -w III t'lv.   -,«.||
■■^^^^'^:-* **«*<&■«*
After having a couple more—for
Anyhow. If all the mines iu the! which I paid, he says, "Well,  bye
ramp clotted down   it   would   not I bye, old man."
warrant the darkening of a single J    I says,  "Not on your  life.    I
the known demres of the Canadian people to unrestrictedly  come into Cimada. has committed aK»iiiM the:'
peoplit of CttiiiMla an act of insolent despotism; and it is the ho|s< of this I m.m that  i|u. ,„.u,,|,. ..f f 'aimtlH'
* i
have the nerve tn quickly prove to the wild British Government  that  their  "Impei-inl i,-.zoning" i„ ti,j„
case is very erratic.
^ACI" "
countenance with trouble lines.
Think how large the world ia!
»    ,, i.     •
.Ulll   tllM-l   glASUt
ii is hiewfXii lu oiiiy iA it.i
it you know how to do it.
SHIS 1X1   fMMT.
Iiought the last two, buy one yotn-
wjlf now."
ne -*»>», "i ti snake you {ov the
tasl two.
I wiyn, "All right."
He went ont the door, and I
haven't seen him since.
Ust Fourth of July I wa* eom-j J*^ J"™ S TLTH. Ermine to tie mx-essary for their welfare,
ing  along tlie street, smoking a |me j h|t ft
When it eaine to
hif(h   uote   for   three
inum* aud lied the game.
A tmn-tll hoy, with a lot  of  tire-
craeken* fn III* bam?, **keil tne for      Ihgga—VA have you know, nir,
a light. that my ancestor* were blue-blood*
I thought lie handed tne tb' cigar e«l.
bark. Dijopt— T«*o bad- why didn't they
But the dnitist thinks he'll have take something for it?
\Voftt,t»v ccKSic It-MlTi".
IUHKf'l  LINK,        I.OWK-I   ".MAS
Wtnnll"'^' VarteiMivnr
I 'IViiTiiitu i Vit turii*
KAST jOttnwH \VJ> |■ J Settle
If was therefore further unanimously resolved that thi* Ciiion most  earuei-ily dec ire* that U>th the, ( Monti-*-,*! f P<»rtinint
| Sew Vxrk stFi-'oifU-i-n
t'tttiiament* of Britialt Columbia and «>f Canada tirmlv stand bv such Acts of Kestrietion of tb.-ii-m-Mevni-in"' '* S,M' ' ,SK,
M. t'aiil, l.tiu-ntfn ami nil I , > fxttiit*.
or employment of Chinese and of Japanese a* thev have already iwss^l, and  that  they im** and Uk<'wiftej      !,V'.'.!{,S,r s''KI|,-,,,',,t sh,t)'' K
v   J ' !       r.ASI—t.v lltuiMimre j<-t., i>,-ii|\-
j l,v KfMit-Pti*x lAg Tui'mIhv &  iVutfcv
*tand hv such further laws of restrfetion  or  of exclusion as the majority  of the people of Canada iimv     <, »»-,„♦   t      -,*,,"    *,   .
' » i .......
j \VKST--|,v   U-mrlotok-p,  iMilv
I YaiK'iinv'-r.  cattle, « <»»*t
Kcsolved, That everv Tnion in Canada l»e notified of the action of Silverton 1'nion on thi« matter,! Ticket* mi **ie, \\"tmA*>notl, March M
* <ui A|«rit ;»it|»
... . .     -   . .»i • .i .   .i     i,      •    ■  . ,.    ,- * I Through   l»«».il.iiis«   f"  Knmftf rfa  <♦»!
with the re*fue*t that each of them »-nin'kly evf<r»-.^ a.- nen* no r»i»» simc  tn the i ntvmctat l'arUit,nu uv of Atiaiitir i.ine*.
BritNh Cohaubfa.
A. MeKINNON. Prepident.
C.  HKAND.   Sern-tary.
VrefOtiA tn k*>t# from all f»itV.»«t! ,we*t
ft* t»*ll|i»   Utr.i-».!•'• ». f:»l»# »,-.) 1 .>t  !«>f..»ww.-
Il>*. »|i-l> I •
(., ». r.AUHKfU.AvTi.tSttw fiM-V'f.
C- J.C«-»>, A. I., ¥   A*f., V»r..v,tj»->r
*.>■*< . -. :• l*. * . \ti*-,. t« n THE LEDGE, NEW Dm VJflK, B. (J, MARCH 13, 1902.
Ninth Year
Clothes always look well
and wear well—if the
Tailor knows liis business. Wear the best.
Leave your order for a
suit with-
P. F. LIEBSCHER, Bs0'ir«sr
[Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale
Wanted, Lost. Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Legal, Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not* exceeding 20 words for
85 cents each insertion. Each five words or less
over 2o words are five cents additional.!
Exxiploynaen.t Agenoy,
Help of All Kinds Furnished.
Postoffloe Box 4G5, Nelson. ■ J. H. LOVE.
DKY OKK PKOPKKTY, North Fork Carpenter er«ek- A LPS, ALPS FRACTION,
snd A.LTUKUS-Cro\vn Grants obtained. Apply, W\ J. MCMILLAN k CO., Vancouver, B.C.
NELSON, H. C.      Cor. WAKD & BAKER Sts
DR. MH;L0Y,R<Wfl>'
Has had 15.years t'X|ierieiice in dental work, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental office In B C.
^.J. IDM. The must complet'' lir 1 I TU
on the Continent of North Ameri- fl CA L I 11
JH   IDM.   The must complet'
he Continent of North Ameri
ca.   Situated midst scenery un- D E 0 fl R T
rivalled for Grandeur.   Boating.	
Fishing and Excursions, Resident Physician
and Nurse. Telcsraphle communication with all
parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart
everyday. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; Us waters heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments. SPECIAL
WINTER TERMS: SIX to tlfi per week,
The price of a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all thc
year round and s?ood lor'att days, is £8.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. C.
HEYLAND, EngnikOr and Provincial
.   Land Surveyor
WF. TEETZEL * CO.,  Nelson,  B.C.,
.   Dealers in all Drugs and Assayers' Supplies.
JK.   CAMEKON,  Sandon
.   Clothing to order
.ji,. Manufactures
and solicits patronage
rom all classes.
"Wholesale   Merohants.
JOHN   CHOtmTCH   &    CO.,     Nelson.
Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Provision
e ji ■:''.'    '■ :,,      -' ..:	
_f...-m.ra. AT.,
A subscriber writes asking whether
h« should pay an assessment, the third
within a few months, upon shares purchased in a mining company whose
directors had held out hopes of early
dividends. He does not doubt the in-
te-j-rity of the directors, but fears they
have not the knowledge or experience
necessary lo make a success of the mine,
and hints incidentally that mining is at
best a very risky venture
As to this particular instance we cannot pretend to pass an opinion,knowing-
nothing of the interested parties -
As to mining in general, however, we
must remind our correspondent that
the mineral industry has created more
real wealth and has made more rich
men than any other, and like every
businoss undertaking is largely dependent upon the knowledge and skill
of those who engage in it. Indeed, in
some respecls tlie man who engages in
mining must have a wider sweep of
knowledge and a more thorough training for his business than any other.
He must first of all have some knowledge of geology, so that he may not
waste time and money in a formation
in which mineral does not exist.
Second, he must be a mineralogist, so
that he may recognize the rocks and
gangues which accompany the precious
metals. Third, he must he a machinist
that he may equip his mine with the
best machirery and see that it is properly s?.t up and operated. Fourth, he
must he a chemist in order to adopt the
most suitable and economical method
of treatment. Fifth, he must be a good
business man in order to keep watch of
expenses and take advantage of market
conditions. Sixth, he must he a manager of men and a good judge of character, in order that he may not be tied
up in strikes, and may make the most
of his labor; aud lastly, he must be con
tinually alive to every 'condition of his
local surroundings. Or else he must
have the money and intelligence to hire
the right men to fill all these requirements.
But "Fortune is a fickle jade," and
sometimes she seems delighted to fling
wealth into the laps of those who have
least expected it, and sometimes the
man who thinks he is sure to win is the
one who loses.
That the rewards of mining are often
gigantic, is proven by the wonderful
successor Senator W. A. Clark of the
United Verde; of De La Mar of a score
oL^bigj„niina8i_2L,Jj W. Mackay, the
afterward widened and at a depth of
3000 feet the vein is stronger and the
ore richer than ever.
So that mining when prosecuted in a
business wav is more profitable and
less risky than many commercial enterprises, and there have been fewer failures to record —'Frisco Mining Review.
The average wages including minera
and laborers is less than SI 50 por day.
Upon this sala.-y the worker must maintain an average family of five persons,
which means that each has less than 30
cents per day. This forces the childien
as soon as they are big enoagh to carry
a dinner pail to go to work in the mines
iu order to swell the family income, so
that it will bo adequate to keep them
alive. There are 25,000 children under
14 years in the Pennsylvania coal
mines In these coal mines, men and
these children annually exhume from
the earth 44,000,000 tons of anthracite
coal, for which the consumers pay au
average price of $7 per ton,or $308,000,-
000. And the coal barons stand between the miners and the product of
their toil, and absorb all but a meager
living, even forcing the 10-year-old
children of the miners out of bed at 5
and fi o'clock in tlie morning to toil in
the "breakers," and then robbing them
of most of the value of their product.
And what hopes does the future hold
for these miners':' Illiteracy is on the
increase and it must continue until the
people at large arouse from their criminal negligence and wrest the mines,
from the robbers to restore them to the
people collectively, to whom they belong by natural and moral right. Or
does any one think that the coal barons
made the land and the coal contained
DIAMONDS—Loose and Mounted
WATCHES-Filled and Gold
GOLD BROOCHES.lalest designs
Nobby Patterns
Ladies' and Gents'
with and without stones
GOLD CHAINS-all weights
with and without stones
| GOLD GUARDS-ID and U karat
Standard Grade* of Killed Chains
and Guards in all styles
Don'i waste lime
Sending your orders to houses that
do not have the goods.   Send
them to us and get just what
you Avant without any      ,
• a."- • -delay	
"Jacob Dover's Th* JWe.er
Our personal guarantee goes with ev-ery article, and should
any article bought of us not prove satisfactory, we are at all
times glad to exchange same to the entire satisfaction of customer. JACOB DOVER, C. P. R. Time Inspector
Latest Fads in
of all kinds
And all the Latest Creations 'in
Goods of All Kinds
X>   J.. CHKISTTK, r..\S. v., Barrister, So-
Jp-.   licitor, Notary Public.    Sandon, B. C.,
Every Friday at Silverto.i.
Ml. G.RIMMKTT, I,. I,. B., Barrister,
.   Solicitor, Notary Public.     Sandon, B. C.
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday
Signal Lowery's Claim
to come your way by
sending the editor a dollar, tt furnishes a pow
der that leaves no missed
holes, and cannot be
beaten for shattering the
rock of superstition and
ignorance that covers so
much of the bright metal of freedom on this
earth. Dig, while the
thought of purchase is
warming your upper
R, T. Lowery
Haw Denver, B. C
d. K. CLARK,
ftaporu, Examinations and Munajfe-
Comstock Bonanza King, and hundriHs
Of others.
Speaking- (tf llio Comstock bonanzas,
there have been few such tremendous
returns in dividends as the California
and Consolidated Virginia mines, now
kuo A-n as the Con. California and Virginia, of Virginia City, Nevada, paid in
tlieir palmy days
The California jmid 82fl,l«rt,O0O in 28
I'onsoeutivo monthly dividends.hetween
May, 1870, and August, 1878. The first
•2(5 were of $2 per share, on 510,000
shines, or $1,030,000 each, and the last
two half as nuieh.
The Consolidated Virginia paid 811,-
010,000, in li} dividends, between May,
1874, and June, 1878, these dividends
lieinjf paid monthly with the exception
of the lirst four months in 1877 when
they were omitted. Thirty-four of
these dividends were of $1,080,000 each,
two wore of $510,000, and ten were of{
$821,000. Last year these mines paid
several smaller dividends.
Another similarly tremendous dividend return is tliat made by the Calumet and Hecla copper mine of Michigan.
It has paid about $80,000,000 In dlvi.
dends since it was placed on a payinjr
basis, although in the early days of its
history it wan considered to be a "wild
cat," and it cost over a million and a
h<*lf to develop before It paid a dollar,
aatl many ol the stockholders dropped
out rather than keep on paying ass&M-v
menu nn what wax considered to be a
hopcle&& \ito\iotoiiuu.
Tha millions paid yearly from mine*
in Colorado and California, Arieona,
Nevada and Oregon, come mostly from
mines which were developed by subscriptions from stockholders. Many
mines which were abandoned because
the stockholders jjrew weary of paying
assessments, not having the courage
nor patience to wait for their reward,
hav« since heen reopened and have lie-
come rejriilar dividend payers. As an
instance nf what might hav* been, the
Kennedy mini' fn Amador county, thin
Stale, which hax paid H.lUM.Om in
diuiiirutL, wa* about to be clotted down
in thi- e*tly stage* of it* itavdopment
bet«ns*  the  vein bad "pinched.'"   It
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mllls,LW.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
?tore & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Nelson, B. O.
Kootenay Coffee
Dealers in To;*.? and Coffee.
All grades ,-mtl prices. A
trial order solicited, ...    .
Kootenay Coffee Company
1'. O. Box 182. West Baker St.
^ Nelson Brewing Go.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address— ■■'''.
__ R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
All the
latest mixes
in Spring
at the Nelson
Hotel Bar
An uii-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: KELSON, B. C.
Reisterer & Vaughan
Q. W. ORIMMBTT, Onrfuate OntlMan
and Jeweler.
Ac*nt for Ctn-adUn Kodak Co.
SANDON, fl. C.
Tonsorial Parlor
When you nttd anything In
bit Iln*
Brick Block    New Denver
Staple and Fancy
Agent for ■
Stoies at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
of Kootenay and Boundary.      They sell, this
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
Seeds, Trees,
"RnlHc ^ Fall or Spring
UU1US Planting.
Catalogue Free.
»>>» WwrtmlnMer Ro»d. V»neouT«r, II. C.
Wold  ...I .*)|OoliJin.lMH*r«r,.| .16
l,f»d Mln.*l.«llv'r/.,»|t|iy l.M
K* in lite* liy iiimII rwltv prompt «t(«*Ht|<m.
Gold and Sliver Refined and Bourht
14-1* ItHli Kl.,  |l»nv*r, <*nlo
To and from European point* via Oantrilti-
tnd Am«rlr»n llnw.    Apply   for idling date*
rate*.Ui'krUand full Intor-nutton to *nj-C.
Ky unit or-
C. P. R. \**til, Xiw Dtnrt-r.
W V,v, Cummin**. O.H.H. Airt.. Wlnnl|»ir
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Buy Your Fancy
G l*OCCf*l 65an'' Pi'ovisions ,v°m the
Wm. Hunter Commuted.
Stares at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
Kaolin* And Paoklmf to MIum,
and general local o-ustnem.
Naw D*»M*ar, B. C.
General Dray Ing: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Dor Baggage wagons meet alt San*
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack '.uinuis.
Feed Stables at New Denter.
# VANCOUVEH *•» Ktl%OU, tt
Matty A vaMiatf ci*l.
Fittc*! with every modern |
eonvenii'iu'o.  .Sjx**ial protec
tioa alumni fiif.  Rh(u»
awl $3 imt *l«y.
2.m i
cocki.h &
The Great French Remedy
Turf*   involuntary   I'miiwion**.    Imt   manhrtod.   iin-jMiU'iicy.
i»»Tvt*Mt-!*> t>nt*tmtioti, urnl -nil (Iik'hw*. of thi*  wvual orpins in
••itlicr t*ex.
Tltif it'wody i» simply wonderful in it» rwult*. and is
jw-ifedly Itarmlr**, containing nothing injurton.* to tin* iihk-M
dolioat-p org*ni«»iii«.
Mailed, tree from oWrvation. with full dirwtion>«, for il
jjcr \tox, by the—
McDowell, Atkins & Watson Co.
S«l»- MUI III*  till   ll.   (*.
flnX *•%, M'tXrt, R. r. %",**IOIVK«. B. I.
ri.fc-Ui: Mtteti.,% SMi*. iii in
Fred. Irvine & Co,
SPIKES from SctofiOc     !
i K
L/UUAVU       ^f IUI   ^lilltllllJ     *^ 9*2*12. m    1 w. ZZSLKJtXJ
Latest New York Styles
«,. i <ip-t;
ivti ivhii «%'iifT<
Wliitp mid Colored F*nrn»; I)imil-t>««, Muilm-. Vtrvttle*. Orx»iMli*e», and P«li*t«. ^«s «tir l^diM^And
Chililieti'ii colored w«*h Ate**e* of Grai* Litten, Fitwna, I'iquo*, Z«-f>ln*r*, t)tg*ml\o» am. lYitoMee*. We
invii# *n p»rly in«p#-ttlon while you can get * yrocA n*l«Htii>u in all Azet from .12 lo It hum.    Prtc-f* v^ryjiow.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
fusiiMiiee——a—a j


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