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The Ledge Jun 27, 1901

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Array (R
Volume VIII.   No, 39.
NEW DENVER, B.C., JUNE 2771901
Price, $2.00 Year
»as»B® as m as %m^&mB!8§
Sen^aT NeV/s Float   §
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps B
that are Talked About. g£
Saturday night.   ,
Madame Camilla Urso.
Mr. Hill is building- a residence on
Nob hill.
Miss  Helen   Hall,  contralto, Bosun
Hall, Saturday night.
Vanstone, Rosebery, will have plenty-
of strawberries next week.
Madame Urso Concert Company.at
Bosun Hall Saturday night.
W. H. Sandiford and wife are spending a few weeks on the coast.
The greateat woman violinist of the
age, Bosun Hall, Saturday night.
New Denver looked like old days last
week.   Red Paddy was in town.
Tom   Brown   has   been   appointed
deputy mining recorder at Sandon.
^Remember the Foresters dance this
C. S. Hawthorne, of Nelson, filled tbe
Slocan with Royal Seal cigars last week.
Ask your fruit dealers for Rosebery
strawberries next week.   Always fresh.
Buy a hammock for the baby. They
aro nice and cool for this hot weather.
Nelson sells th«m.
A report comes Irom Cape Nome tliat
Jack Lowe has been drowned. No
particulars are given.
Hughle Cameron brightened the
Lucerne with his smile last Sunday. Ho
says Sandon is still on the map.
Touched by the brush of paint the
Windsor Hotel now presents a more
beautiful front to the thirsty public.
Those who subscribed for seats for
tho Madame Urso concert should solect
them early.   Plan nt John Williams
W. II. Jeffer.v states that arrangements havo been made with Chicago
capitalists to build a smelter nt Kaslo.
Slocan City elected A. York mayor on
Saturday, together with a full set of
councilmon. Eighty-four votes wore
The sun got across the lino last Friday, but Williams did not He is too
busy unpacking fruit for the summer
Captain Holden, representing the
Hygiene Kola Co., was hi town last
week. Thc Captain was postmaster of
New Denver years ago,
For Dominion Day all C. P. H. agents
will soil return tickets at one fare and a
fourth; good going on June 20, 80, July
1, and returning on July i
For luxuriance of growth and compactness Mrs. John Wcrely has llie best
garden In the Slocan. Sho has everything thAt tlm earth can produce In this
northern clime.
Time nnd patience will bring hot
weather to the Slocan John Williams
Is prepared for it. He is armed with u
battery of cold drinks that will make
any hot day seem like a whiff from
Canada's north pole.
Charlea Aylwin was a welcome visitor
at this office ou Monday.   II. brought
in  n box o( at raw berries tliat would j
tickle tht; palate of a   stone  god   let I
alone that ol a New   Denver  editor, j
n r*i     ..'* "'      ...     ,.i.,... .   . >
*»■'..«'■ ••» ■       ■ -    ■ .     (
Hi- lb- tbe ' 'vriir.
in Now D-uvt'r Ci'A!']--) A.Owln bit*'
mt A ihe •"•i1*l (jard-im* In K«•**>*<'»«*.-
Leavu ymir order- with him when you
want fresh strawberries, vegetable* or
Mower*. Vrenli Jriut huiJ I'egeUt'i.ii'.s iii*e
much more whol-nome than tliat "hipped
iu hundred* of miles on dusty car-;.
Slocan City i* endeavoring to hold a
two-day's celebration this week.    Sil-
find any mineral, but saw plenty of
game and meadow land. The creeks
are booming in tha', section and the
fish are too well fed to bite at foreign
grubstakes The party were reduced
to tea and bacon rations by the time
they returned to Slocan.
Hard times have, made Sandon as
moral as a camp meeting. The whirr
ofthe roulette ball, the rattle of the
horse poker chips, the clinking of glass
to glass, and the flicker of the red light
is dimmed and hushed by the pall of
commercial gloom that hangs over tho
silver city. Must be a Jonah in that
Work is to be resumed on the Chicago.
There is a deal on for the Black
A pumping plant will be put in at the
■Joker:    ~~*      ~~   "        T—
child had evinced such a passion for the
instrument that the father consented to
allow her to be taught. At that age
Felix Simon took her in charge. Her
advance was most remarkable She
soon proved her genius. At 10 an effort
was made to get her into the Conservatory of Music at Paris. Auber, the
composer, was at the time the director
of the institution und he refused to consider the application No girl had been
admitted nor ever would be, besidesshe
was too young. But her genius could
not be long ignored. She was finally
admitted and the masters were ready to
lend every assistance to the child. Tn
a few years the first concert tour was
made, through France and Switzerland.
Year after year the talented artist has
extended her scope until, it may be
said, she has lifted the soul of every
music-loving nation on earth high up
into the realms of purity and love by her
genius and bow. She speaks through
her instrument from a heart overflowing with kindness, and in a language
that all may understand,
;   t   ■■■
There was never a Union organized
by, men of "any calling that did not have
in its ranks a few malcontents who prefer to work the jaw rather than the
muscle Nor are these individuals confined to Unions, or organizations of any
kind. They are to be found in every
TvSliOflifeTaMirisWFelo wageFtliat
Thos. Duffy is working on his Lardo
Ira W. Black is doing work on the
Fourth of July.
The Slocan Star is one of the few Slocan mines working full-handed.
Two hundred feet of tunnel will be
driven on tho Canadian group.
Work is to be resumed on the Leviathan group, on Kootenay lake.
Preliminary surveys have been made
for the proposed mill at the Rambler.
An oro shed and other buildings aro
to be erected at tho Monitor, Three
About 1000 tons of ore from the Payne
aro being run through the Noble Five
mill at Cody.
The Shogc and Morning Star, of the
Slocan Star, are being surveyed for
crown grants.
Ore in place has been discovered on
the Wonderful.    Shipping will commence In August.
C A. McLeod 1ms two contracts on
the Mountain Con, and will put 20 men
to work this week.
The strike on the Highlander should
widen tho streak of prosperity in the
old camp of Ainsworth.
David Ferguson is now assayer at tho
Payne, and it is reported that Geo.
Hansom will be book-keeper.
Tho Arlington company will build a
wagon road to the Loder and Portland
for the purpose of getting out timber.
Tho force at tho Hewitt haa been In*
creased, and tho lower tunnol Is Ih over
BOO feet. The tramway is nearly completed.
The American Boy employs Hi men,
aud will ship 100 ton<i thi* mouth to the
Nelson smelt cr. The wMor has not
caused any trouble at the Hoy this
Mr, Uiohle, the nine manager of the
Mountain ("nn, say* the Slocan mines
nil.mid have no .liilico'I*. in liudiug ai
market for their ore In Kngland He i
states that Norway ships lu,ii"*t Ions of I
nine lead silver ore to Knglaiid every'
NOTf*.-*.   OS     r.-»*HIM«i    f.VKST*.,
matter in charge. A vote of .thanks
was voted to the Miners' Union for the
use of the hall, and the meeting adjourned to meet at the call of the chair
At the committee meeting held later it
was decided to write to chiefs of the fire
departments of the coast cities for in
formation relating to the use of the
chemical fire engine and the cost of
same. When this information is received, together with such information
as the makers of the engines can give,
the committee will be in position to put
the matter before the citizens in some
definite form.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, 35,000 tons. Since January 1
to June 22, 1901, the shipments have
been as follows:
Week     Total
in the hereafter they will be there.
They can tell you all about the affairs of
the Union, and produce government
statistics to prove that the employer
is making a fair profit off the labor of
the wage earner, and therefore, he argues, the wage earner should not labor
so hard for the wages received. This
class of men are usually looking for a
crack in other people's business into
which to push their nose, and are continually squealing if the organ is
pinched. Trouble to them is an easy
thing to find—much 'easier than employment. The natural result is that
they know all about the woes and
weaknesses, of others, and keep them
stirred up in order to hide the rottenness of their own souls and their shallow pntes.
Attention was called in these columns
last week to the manner in which the
work being done with government
funds hereabouts was lining pushed
under the day labor system, It was a
matter that concerned the public and in
justice should he considered from the
high standpoint of the public's good
But tho class of individuals referred tn
itbove have, as usual, taken the narrow
side of the question and attempt to
justify thu slip-shod way of doing public
work from their standpoint of unionism
The trouble with these people is not in
their sheority hut in their ignorance.
Their concept ion of unionism is onesided, They believe that labor unions
are organized for tlm sole purpose of
compelling tiie employer to pay the
highest wage that his business will
stand and enabling the employee to hold
his job nnd do the least work for the
WAge demanded. This is his logic: but
ti isn't unionism Unionism demands
good wages, hut it aUn demand* good
labor In return for such wage,    Take
Pay no,	
La'st Chance  	
Slocan Stiir  102
American Boy	
Trade Dollar	
Sunset (Jackson Basin)	
Arlington    40
Two Friends	
Enterprise    20
Black Prince	
"-Miller-Creek... .v.. .777... .tttt: ...
Reco.,. ,	
Sunsot (Can. Oold Fields	
Silver King	
Red Fox	
Antoine ,
Queen Hess.
Bondholder ..
Kaslo Group.
Emily Edith.
V.& M	
<§   Gossip Prorri JSfcfson
^Interesting Budget of News and Comment From]
the Smelter City.
Totaltons  181
Skagway heralded tho arrival of the
Canadian Pacific Navigation Company's
steamship Islander in its port on her
Hist trip by tho following gloving report, which appeared on the front page
of the Daily Alaskan:
Sunday afternoon half of the population of Skagway accepted the cordial
invitation of Captain Foot to inspect
(he steamship Islander. Captain Foot
was personally in charge and he was
very HolicitoiiH to s«e that everybody
lind a chance to see the tine .ship anil
partake of the good things. He was
most ably assisted by Agent Dunn, Mr
I'umphroy nnd every member of the
new. They were all just as polite and
attentive as though those aboard had
paid their hard cash to he taken cure
It would be dillicult to give ar accurate description of the vessel and her
appointments without going into the
minutest details. The ship's exterior
is well remembered by many Skag-
wayans, but the interior has been so
completely changed that It was absolutely unrecognizable yesterday. The
tiltings are most elaborate and tho
decorations are all of artistic merit and
present n harmony of view mhuh is
A Nelson man who makes no prcten- i
sions to excessive virtue, but who, having children of his own, takes a paternal
interest in the youth of the city, is
alarmed in regard to the evil tendencies
displayed by certain young girls on his
street, a street, by the way, that is considered one of the most irreproachibly
respectable in town. According to his
showing," Nelson mothers are raising
future tenants for thc city of sin below
the hill Having on several occasions
observed a young girl, one whom he
had heretofore regarded as a mere
child, entering a house of more than
questionable repute accompanied by a
male companion, tliis fatherly individual
undertook to remonstrate with the girl,
threatening to tell her father where she
spent her evenings unless she promised
to desist from so imprudent a course,
The little culprit cried and implored his
silence, stating that she would be
'turned"away°froiii*iiome were*her father
informed, and as a further inducement
to secrecy, offered to make an assignment with the gentleman himself—her
father's friend—on any evening he
might name at the same questionable
re-sort, The offer, it is needless to say,
was refused, for childhood is sacred
even to men who do not shine as moral
lights in the community, and the girl's
secret was kept, whether wisely as
kindly is a matter for a diversity of
opinion, yet who would be the one to
slay a parent's faith in his daughter's
innocence The father who reads this
story will never dream of identifying its
naughty heroine with his child, but it
behooves every parent to guard well
Ihe life, for whose besetments he himself is probably responsible,
Once more unionism has tiiiuiiphrd,
and the mid-week half holiday, unlike
tlie quiet Sunday, has evidently come
to  stay.    The   strongest   mercantile
community—the Chinese—the Masons
passed for "Joss-house men." Considerable excitement prevailed among
the celestial when the craftsmen paraded in gorgeous regalia on Friday night.
As one of them explained to the lady in
whose kitchen he toils: "Allee samoe
my China Joes-house men—China Joss-
house man never marry—lady, ohe nun
—never marry too." One being told
that the English nun likewise remained
single John was incredulous. "No, no,
I know. I see Joss-bouse man and liun
—live, in house—lots little children."
And the most charitable construction
his mistress could put upon John's
words was to suppose that he alluded to
a Protestant clergyman and his family.
The Dawson News of May 81st gives
the following account of how Martin
Clair, a miner who was well known in
"Kootenay, met his death in a mine not
far from Dawson. The News says: "A
coroner's inquest was held at the Forks
by Captain McDonnell on the death of
Martin Clair, who was found dead at
the bottom of a 25-foot shaft on Little
Skookum hill. The jury decided Clalv
died from suffocation from the effects of
gas breathed while in the mine.through
his own carelessness, and recommended
that tho mine be ventilated before again
being used. Clair was a miner, He
disappeared Friday night, and was
found dead Saturday at the bottom of
the shaft of a mine opposite No. 2, Ron-
an/.a. lie has a family in Scotland.
The bodv is being brought to Dawson
Potruleuni I.iiuil*.
the IntertiatioiiRl Typographical I'nlon,! indescribably grand.
tar example This organization is one
nf the he-t and most highly respected
unions iu existence tndiiy ll- management has been brought down tn ii
practical science. It-, demands are a-
iinicli tipiin the employei* ns Iln- employer Wtii-reVrr .-» new-papci ntlh-e
is run by union men the management
knows  tfliat  the  t(.»-l   intere-t- of   the
Ottawa, Ontario.—An order has been
passed changing the regulation in regard to petroleum lands in the. West.
I'nder the old system the Dominion
Government reserved »>10 acres for
opponents to the innovation have grad j those making discovery in Alberta
ually fallen into line, and few places of! I'nder the new regulation, which has
business remain even secretly open on j just been panned, no reservation is
Thursday afternoons, The sympathy J made, but anyone win finds petroleum
uf the citizens, from the lirst. hits been J in paying quanti'ies will be granted r,p.i
slioii_ly with the clerks, even to the j acres at one dollar per acre, subject to
It i« not often in the hWtorv of « do«d
inining camp like the Slocan that such
artists as those in the Camilla I'rso con
<t»rt company will apju-ar. hut that they [ „   j.,.,,),,-
will be, well received wherever they ,«p*j ti,ibi)Hed
gone conclusion, for utir |s*ople appreciate good things.    Madame Urso is no
ordinary vinlinistc    A brief sketch of
| her early life; In view of hi»r coming to
....... ,      ... , Nuw Denver, may be of intcuftst    Born
-•.ton ■ foo ball team played aitiagame „f pfl0rplMt,ih„wly(hIHMwM
with   thn   foot.oMh_.Uk._ra   lue*day,| ^^ Utft oJ|| {0#n of ^^   on
lV,.i." -it M ^ ■ ,.■,. , ' .   . •      ■!'■ ,. ,,
iiieul*   I'ldv.'iin-i'd   by  l'n-■■   -. !!*,!,* Inl
union men   hit- *!,;,,*• ii->;i'.A'.* '•■ -''h-ip*,^- of.
v'Iuim'  head   ii.is  I.cm <iver*
i.v the i11111■ >rl.-<iu f the piwi
'Hull  lie I iiIIIK" lie Imi'l-  ill I nr   ■'■ ul el.
The dining mIoiiii  in   e*tcfrpii"ii.iily i
large for a  ship of the pioporti'iis of!
■A Miiud"-     ltA*,.J*,!i ...aid  > h '
! •• tiuer, il \V"iild  seem.    The  1'i.ti.i-h-'
in.- nf Ihe litdii".' entiin,  the  l«iun„itig'
>.mm and oilier parts lire of  the  m..-t
' i.i-ul the aUiarUuiis .vlilch   i-,  .»in.i*. m
i .-..Veil    li il"    I iy    the    ••••ii.   l.|--|,Ve|i'i'   i-   :i,
i ;i;iiit-e in piiiiiieiiiidi* The Islander «
. ii.Hi ii *.o I'ualeil h.if ,i <*|ileti<!iii wall,
i ,,i "i   pp.iu motile, it
Pali it is in the stiite M"iiis where the
v e,i ipfiii.1  ol   tin-   pnsneii^ii   tiA*   been
.•.',i'"H-!>    guarded.       hver.    alTrtllgt'-
•   ,,,,| ,1,.. ,-,'   -i »,;,.} i p u t,.
extent nf threatening to boycott those
stores that refused compliance with the
popular demand. The Tribune undoubtedly had a measure of support for
its rahid opposition to the scheme, but
even so, and with election time a far
cry, one wonders why any man—particularly a man who holds ollice by
grace of the people—should so deliberately set about getting himself disliked
as Mr. Houston has done during this
campaign against the Thursday half
holiday There's a verse in tin old hook
that advises a man, ostensibly n poll
ticinn, to buy friends for himself with
the mammon of unrighteousiiessH. If
thy member for this riding acts on this
udvii'o hi* next election will break thej
4- !
I'lepHiMlioiii im   i tit*  Duiiiiiiioii   Day;
'•elcbrillioll proceed apace, itllil Ihe  c|t\
i» nliendv a*»umitig  a   feMive nil* that'
Not even the   t l»l'c,l'i"|i'<!   tie-Up   of   the'
<    I'. It.   can   disMpate,    When   Nel-oii;
cXpei, I- •,o',llpau>   die pUS lief licit   Ut >t
',,i,.|ih,,i  -hii|  H c-n . (no-*i||lii1:iv eloltie-
eoll-ci-Uollth   a   yeneral   boll*-i'''ii-Hllin''
and  renovation  t« gnhi|» ott in th* city..
It in a matter for  iignt   that   the ne«
poM Hlllce Will Hot  lie   ipilie    iii   lone   to
exhibit   to   the   «. Allot -.   but   the   ),.,!.<
,, I     , ,.  : . ■ '    1
such royalties as may be Imposed from
tune to time b\ tlicGovorument. These
regulations apply to Manitoba, the
North-wost and the Yukon,
F«>lt   CtiMKTttlt.    tSiritOVI'.SIKNTN.
Amounts promised towards fencing
the cemetery:
New Denver Miners' I'lilon $'J!l ou
Silverton Miners' 1'nion   15 ou
A. K Roberts t, Ou
Julius Wolff    :»t»)
Subscribed to dale   $*i (JO
A |tortion of tha cemetery lot is to be
set apart for the exclusive use of the
New Denver Miners' liiiou.
li. A Higbie cHiue in from Sew York
on Tuesday. He will tie followed in a
few days by other members of the
Hartney company, who will spend
several week- here. hi*.ing plans for
the building ol ihe Hartney wagon road,
making Ihe Uh p*sin«*iii on tbe pro-
petty and puitin-.' ii in ih.-ipe to make
regular »bipiuetits
I'l'iV bfl-'enHc* flu. w«*ti>Mlii|i!    uf   i-.,o.
cent rate from a vaiiin-r ln-lt m 4 box
b math the table » hammer automat-
n.iilv itiikin.' lapid t.|.»w» on (be <.ji|.»
u| the box i-  employed,    Ibis  i-  n-e<|
roit   run;  I'ltoi i;< i miv.
nnd on Weibi-'*il*y Now Denver's ha-***
i>all and foolball teams tried iheir skill I
i Uic, Lube, Fuitve.     Tin* .hiliU fat he.
A public meeting \s*- h
1'nion hall Friday night t
'o,U'"'*J',m of (if.' prut;.'' p*7nt
J ver.
j 'Hid llHli il lliil'ic-i   itifUOif»U'4
'.<l ti; Miner*''
coii-ider the
■ »■ y-M.-n-.-u
nilnite to thecmfori h.ii b«""i pro j pointed  -ait  atid  the • it>   ;.,t| cr
I    From  main truck  to   kieit-.m, ' again print  ihe plan ol the  |aopo*ei|
:.i -I'-ni  lo Mem,  the hhip  h kept   building that i» to add so much to  Nil-
i',itiioif.lv cleaii.   A* many  wended  -'lAgluty
ii w'i-y  up town  after  viewing ih,- +
..ei and fnioyiii/  f'ie  fut«pfr*t?frv  of-     r< .. ,.-.,    „ ,._   ., v ,,i.„(   i..    .,,,-.,;...,,.
Thn nipetinjj  wa* well attendtd ' ,l',',i" »'»"« tlie.v were constrained  lo;in,|   Ma'm*   la*t   week.   The former
- e' « ai (In-  ,:(|i-  >   *< '-*-n*[   11 it*t   t.W . n,)t,l('huif. »tii«-le--aoii o-ioii  n,i-   Ule   ol
was a flute player, and her mother aj Uoberl* wa* <all#d to the chair,    'ihe "**'lw,l'"'«i skipper on Hi*-run.           j ,)„. n,v. Uir.,, ,ii,j i,<,t 0»,-.-oni.tep the
•luger of •Tw-iaie note-. ttiU* #be inherited  «nie»tioti w.a- d>i-u*<«-d fr«m it* vatiou* *,;i r'»'' w'»>' «p tlu*re t»ei.- mtuy w,u-: rut »»f th.- K-i.i''h-ii«-d-.  but  tin* M<i--'fj*
Nat Tucker,   Damiy   McCuaig  aud j a love for inu-'ic.    In tho*--days it was! pha-v.s and liualU a tommittee of Me*- -  i-.«»« on hoard and thf ia*»t night out I had a good liiio- and  madi* !l,**r»i»elve*
Charb-a Martin made a trip to I.Utle(considered a shrM-king thing for a girl! srs. Smith. Hohen. Jacub-on. Williami * -oncert  w«s given, at which T.
Slocan lake last week.   They did not j to play a violin, but at the age of *» thej and \Y»lk<*r wa- app-'-mte-d to take the i'uiipb»«*y presided
wil! *allcl ihe *-Aia*kii kicker.
The inajiiritv of cam *ha((s are made
ol \* roa;;bt ii on. 'I be put t;n ,,f mak*
er* differ-. Steel, being cheaper, is
fn*-i*i|--iitly iim-m! for 11******* -hafts.
The Seattle   Time-   fnv<
that  Hugh
Maddi-u Ua- arrn>-!   ';««i
• 'ape  N'oiiic
with |.Vi,t->» in yellow .iu»t.
Hugh wa«
reji»ll«*ij de.ld Jaol l*it.
Ii j fttlt in various wav*.    the funiu  tinngI     No Wonder » fly C*n «'t  in  well,
(atjout it was that to one portU.i. of the; I/xik at hia ape-aa. V
i~     'A.. At
-".? A
Eighth Yeah
by those who wish to keep the
human nice in darkness, but will
always be welcome to those who
love freedom. The next issue will
appear about the 20th of July, and
it will be in keeping with the
weather. Get your orders in early
so that disappointment will have
no opportunity to soil your temper.
To all points §1 a year.    No trust.
Thb Lkiiok is two ilollars a year in advance. When not »o paid it is s2.SH to parties worthy tit credit, Legal advertising W cents a
noupariel lino lirst insertion, and 5 cents a line each .snlisctjuent in.sertion. Readim* notices :'5 cents a line; imtl commercial advertlsim*
graaed in prices aeconlinK to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: Thk LEDOK Is located at Xew Denver, B. C and can lie traced to many parts of tlm earth.' It conies to tlie front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the slioiitl, snowslided hy cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of mini. It works for the trail
blazer as well us the bay-windowed and cham panne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right Bide of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in larite dost's. It has stood tlio test of time, and an ever-increashi)- puystreak is proof that, it is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our Miiokestio-k. iV chute- of job work is worked occasionally for the heneiit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see ns, but do not nat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is .savage und the other a victim of tliir.-a. One of llie noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; lit- is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with tbomless roses for it pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this »t|iiniv
Indicate!- that your subscription is due. and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
four collateral.
THURSDAY,   JUNE 27, 1901.
Carbolic acid helps more suicides
across death's gulch than anything'
Lowery's Claim opened its eyes
last Friday. So have those who
read it. 	
Thousands jumped Lowery's
Claim last week. Jt will be jump-
able every month.
is better than none at all, and we
trust that ere long the [News man
will be able to listen to the bells
until his soul is surfeited with the
melody of his youth.
Xew Denver is different from
almost any town in the world. In
it one man edits two papers without going broke. ?
Never think evil thoughts. They
drag the souMnto the only hell,
while good thoughts make a heaven
within the reach of all.  •
The sandwich is called after the
Earl of Sandwich. What horrors
have been perpetrated in his name
only those can tell who have bought
a. stack of these stomach wreckers
at a fast railway lunch inquisition.
With a 810,000 libel suit on the
hook, and a resolute enemy behind a battery of linotypes, ihe
editor of Nelson's oldest Daily
Loser must often pray for a surcease of sorrow oi* a fatter bank
It is reported that the American
Smelter Trust has offered some of
the Colorado mines 05 cents an
ounce for silver on contracts for
three years, and that the offer has
been refused. If this is true look
out for a boom in the Slocan before
'Christmas:   ——- —
Silverton's local paper calls New
Denver's government square a
goose pasture. Come along, boys,
and shed your feathers on it.
Around Dawson City wages have
advanced to 80 a day and board.
That is still rather small pay for
such a country as the Yukon.
There is talk of a lead smelter
for Spokane. The building of the
Republic railway may quicken the
dream into a smoking reality.
The largest sponge ever sent to
niarkt'l was three feet, in diameter
and ten in circumference. Nomas large as that read iliis paper.
Su far the Sli'i'iui summer has
been wet and cold. Hit does not
change very scam we will be forced
to prospect for a cut wood claim.
Kunior lias it thai the Slocan
mine owners have combined to control the lead output, with selling
agencies in London and New York,
Unities, when line, are worth
much more than diamonds. A lo-
karat ruby recently sold for $50,-
000. They are taken nt this ollice
in lieu of ensh for subscriptions.
\V. J. Bryan is still publishing
his weekly paper. It is dry as
Death Valley, and proves that all
great orators cannot be great editors
from the turn loose. Still, Billy
will no doubt improve as time and
practice bring to him the true journalistic touch.
Lawndule, in Kansas, contains
2000 people, yet the. police have
not made a single arrest in eight
years. The whiskey in that town
must have general debility or else
the cops have discovered a longer
way of sleeping. Hoboes should
be safe in that burg, as the ollieers
would hardly care to break their
.Joy and trouble generally come
in pairs. When trouble holds the
ileal we draw lo nothing; ami gel it
several times in succession, while
sorrow spreads a pall of funeral
blackness o'er our feelings. When
joy sits behind the table we draw
to anything and get everything,
while sweet pleasure melts oursoiils
into the taffy of bliss. Look at
Kaslo,    A report comes that work
ttill be commenced on  one  Hllicltel*
this week, and that another one is
in sight. A eai-liop, By Thunder!
aud the smoke curls ever onward,
and upward.
is always rendy to give their  votes
to an easy nim-k.
Tin-: Lrcuiin is the third oldest
paper in Kootenay, and has paid
from the grassroots. It lives on
its merits, and is not backed by the
C. P. R. or any other financial force.
It does not sib ab the feet of capital
nor bulldoze labor with fulsome
flattery. Its editor would not accept legislative honors as'a gift, not
even if he could swim in government, pap by so doing. Tn ic Lkim; i;
is,more generally quoted than any
other Canadian paper and lias a
greater circulation than till the
other Slocan papers combined,
hence, when llie government passes
by such a. valuable advertising
medium and spreads its bets over
nearly all of Ihe little sheets in the
country, the editor does not begrudge the other fellows their fat
takes, but he cannot help heaving
a sigh for the downtrodden taxpayer, who, perhaps without a trad
order that little politicians may
help their friends, and damn the
province by passing acts calculated
to dull progress, and roughlock the
wheels of prosperity.
Tuk T-KIhiu does not need any
government pap or charity, and 'it-
will live in the memory of the.'people long after Bob Green and other
white chip Icjiislatorsare unknown,
except by tlio names on their tombstones, if thoy have any. This
paper can give value for any government advertising it may receive,
and asks favors of no party. Its
hand is always out for legitimate
business, and it; will continue to
roar when trade is diverted from
its columns hy the spoils or any
other system, It pays dividends
without government or <'. 1*. IL pap.
I'rncticul joiiniiilisiu is merely business reduced to an »• vat*i science.
The Best "you;vautt?haV?
the cheapest and
DfeQu most wholesome
bread make it from whole wheat as
follows: Soak the grain over night
in water, salt to taste and simmer
all day, or until the grains are very
soft. When possible,put in enough
water at the start to cook the grain
soft without adding more. When
the water has all evaporated, and
the grains become soft enough remove from the stove, and place a
small quantity at a time in a- jar
and put through the same process
required in mashing potatoes. This
will reduce it to a pulpy mass.
Place in gem pans, or it can he
placed in a large. Hat pan. Then
put in a hot oven and let it remain
there until baked through to proper
hardness. Serve with butter, or as
ordinary bread.
Ballarat, where nuggets of &old as big Australia has vast quantities of iron
as footballs wtre found Here in Vic- and tin. It has stream Ud; that is, tin
tona was the first, gold excitement, and in the shape of sands which are so §ne
today 800,000 ounces and more of g-old that you can hold them up and they
are still annually produced. Gold is will run through vour fingers just like^
found all over the country—in the the dust of the desert, save that every
mountains, on the farms, and in the grain is pure tin. It has copper mines
sands of the deserts; Western Australia and coal mines. Its silver mines have
is so dry that camels have to be used to produced $160,000,000 worth of that
carry the gold out, and from there come I metal, and it has also diamonds, rubies,
most of the gold exports of today. | emeralds, opals and pearls.
v4 carload
% of Lake of ®
B the Woods I
Just received;-
Cereals. Etc,
promptly filled.
'Also one of Feed,
Any sized order
•"'OLD    AM)   SHARK.
Australia is a rich cuiithiciit    So ri<
that no one know- how rich it is. H i.- j
now out' oi the great gold producers of \
tin' world. It produced more last year j
than the I'lsiteil States, and the surface i
has not been scratched. The. greater j
part of the country has never been prospected. Vast areas have never been
explored, and new mines are being dis
covered every day. Later on I shall
give a letter a bout Mount Morgan, in
Queensland, the richest gold mine of
the. world, and shall tell of mv  visit  to
fsj Bourne Bros.,
Have yoti*>eii our latest lin.'ol
Gents' Slilns for sumiiii'i- «•<•,•> i-V
__ =0 Nti-QA I WM -PGIW-RD-W Q140 KS-wxr-M -VBK POOh— =
__?"Tlie"" Hauler" Beer 1ms Ueeome the favorite Beer in tlie 0-uisl Cities,    it hiis met In siuwssfu
ciimpetitiiiii tlie famous Milwaukee Heels. i
Our Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable whiskey in the market.
We have it in bulk and is cases, 5's and li's. We are agents for the Brunswick -BnlkeCollender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
Write us for prices and terms.
Is tlio [iliice to have y-iui' watch repairs alii
lu. If-t'oiir wuU'h i*tom nf Hi-tier, si-nil It to nn
ami «'i will ,101111 set it rii-lil ny-jiti, We do m,|y
tir l-ilass work ami uuaraiilie "u-d'eei Mllifae-
tlun ni* uioiiHj- refunded.
NKI.SO.W It (*
Aii atom is not the smallest
tiling. Mat lor one thousand times
smaller Im-* Im-cii discovered. Kveti
tin* latter discovery is nut as -mall
Hi*   till*   soul**   ol'   soiitt
IrU'vlit" le»- 'h" •*».'«.:id«-t -tree! -»f
any un..t city. It i- «l"» feet wide
and give- the   1 M-ritutit**   plenty   <if
I'OolO to )>et holne after    lllt'V    have
been hulking inn Uion ut tin'  Inner
foamin*. in tin* jil.i*—.
*h , ,j, ,p.,.v...) A ■?." 7.  A.    '."  ■ ,r 7 "p-.i.' ■ s
Ijowha ** < iaini li:»- i»*eii   -o   yii-iit ; li-iliK.
th.1t tnitu-.iiid- «d   pt-tpli*
Im'   iilil<-   to   »•"•'   it.
Government ;ra,ki,lKrHh,m;
_ iioviruiiM'ii t
AGS .idvi'it i h i u n
It'liniiuent I •'"' N'«''w»<> 'IVil'iuie -laie> tliat it ih
, Hiowin- iat   Upon   -JioVi'iniiieiit   pup
TIutc is jjreut i.'xcitenit'iit iu Toronto. A ucntleinnn from the
north, after iiluyin-j; poker for is
liotirs in ono uf tin* laint* liotels,
won $.'l,N00. During tin* gnuwone
of the I'llnyi'l'H heriline so exliaustcd
tlmt In* had lo lie shot with morphine, Now llie police talk ol
milking it lint for the player*-.
What' a row about little ihingi*-!
Here in Ihe west men have often
won ten tiini'HHs iiim-h ami not a
line in the |in|ii-rx. as for playing
4S lioiirn why it is considered the
very worst (mill to jump a game
before that time in -onie camps.
In fact, it isn't ••ale. Toronto
hhould not wnriv itself  ovo*  such
&. GO.
No. II, K. W/C. IJI.ek, NelM'Ui, B.C
I', o   II.iV. ;'1T
Deaier.s in
Have recentb o|HMied in Nelson a
In which thoy carry the best and newest (uruituro in tho country.
Buyers in and out ol town are requested to examine goods and
read list, of prices before placing tlieir orders elsewhere	
A l.-tip.- p-tiiek alw'piy-oii hiiuil.   Write I'm-|inc«!t
N*(iT!( K TO
1.1.Ill, Silver-|.eillt illill t*..|l|ier Mllli-s Walllell at llie I'IXt'II .VJ,tl K.
KKI-'.IC Mll.lilN'ii Ulll.ll |irn|ii-rtle, uai.t.-il u une.- |,,|- I'a.tii n luve-t  r-.
I',iiiii» luiviiii,' minim.' |rn; i riy ti.r -ale :u>. ih,ui i nI in -i mi .*.-uii|ili >. ol tin lr. re to
W      llie K\eil:illi!C for i-Nllllilli'ill.
A ■ II <MIII|i|eS*i||i.|||ll lie -rill liy  K\|il'e>-. |ili'|i.ili|,     I'lil-l'i ■»|..>l.i|ellee H.illi'il i-ll.
\      tiiiitv." nil eiiiiiihiinii'iitioii- in \Miiti;\v   I'.   itosi-:\ui';iti.r;u,
W       l'i |,'| hone Xo. mi.   I', ii, iinvT'ii. \il«on, II. ('.
•ii hi « -i ii
.    Snllo, Kill.i-
*       K.-llll(« Bt
Vint fur (irlei'K on
molliliin voii mum
o, sTK.lTIIKAIIN. Kii»|i.. II, C
Ki«ni-:\AV  n\ii.ww  ,v v win tI'iii\
<l     i. l,.iiiiH'..iioni*.l.i|i' i
<-i<tiiiiniii|i-atl n» In tifen nn e. Kioto .V  "-I.M-nii
.      ■ ■..---,      i I|i||h.i» t'liln i un'* llli'l-  .hnilil   I,.    ,11111,...,,1
and that practical polities ih merely | t,,ivi(l| a|Vai,,im winning s;!sim» in<',
■I. II    Illt.W  ImiHij* iiiiiiion) III. |i-,.|li,,i,
"      *"  ■ '   '    ' "t 'III* I'..ill|..iii».  all
The Newmarket Hotel,
Husinie ol the most beautiful location* in America, mid the public are
aH*»itretl of pleas!tiit aoeouiinodiitionn.
IIKNHY STWJi;        *        •        •      *       * l'rop--letor.
lllHl ;i\ if.il
business reduced to an c\nci sciciici*. I
it nlso -ty** that   for  -iv   \cni>  in
wa- all t ignored by the   yuvei-n-l
incut, but did not   kick   or   whine
and h pmvrAl |j,, Ij.m.i. for   rout*-1
:.        i       i  11 ,'        ■<       •     •   i
r .■ ^<      ...      .       ,   .,  .   ,
I lie   -poil-   -.y-tciil    in   t|c-
wili   not   Icinlli'd  iii (iiroiig'u Iln- arlicic.
N". • \ t   month.       I'raitiial politic- uiav be biip-iui--.
, n, ,       ,  mill        i.lli,       l. mil  i  .i    in   nl.   '    \..'   I    f I   ii   III I   ,      Mill      M
l-lie-. i-i  Hot   pi.'li-ttred    ill    till-    pl<i\il!'>'.
'Iclpili;: llieiid- at   lie-   pill ii
a short pok'Tganic.
>(... M «*
t    Ki'lll    lit V INc . Mi,,,,*...
\, >■   "1-1   :.-.;,
Lowery"- (' I a i in
the new monthly
i**»un| iii New Den-
P€.X^m pKXm.mxmp*CA*m; »_c--^ ?€X**\  KXy*{)«   !■<t*KX»*\p€~A.
MT    X kC   J^^C    ^ *-*■     < i p^_^.^_ k^**. i   ^^99^^^ ^.m*^. >v Jkw^ Jt J*m.
T ' "
,';;,"1   i.,' ■■•■.'V'il.'
tnaliou evil
journal.      'sni'
■ ilitor
, *
\ Vi-i-oii papi-r <-all- New I >»*n\ «r
n i.tit'dim-o- to'.Mi. Thi- i- not iru<-
as alU'otM- liino\- \nlio li,t»t-\t-l   left
il water b;iM»-l al.n> ,ni<i uii|t|o-
i« « i. . i on . i in, bi ii.fi -- lo ios 11 -i •
ill'thtA nV.i   flu-   I.Uei t ),•-.
[nil-'' i- Hot bll-ilH---.
without the ri-k  thai
■ •tilt !- | »»S»Im*I *i
toad   iigcnt-
>>■' >'-**i-i'* •
■ ■ ■   -. i • • 11' * *
H-eoidt'ti   a    |{.   t',
>•     II-      i.lvellt     flic
ia- In* ii   -Im" • red    with
IliniU'l      iiui'l    w.i,,i|in  i»        (Mill      l\l'IA
-«*ciioii of iln loiuits* N|o»l «if
pi-ople think il i-a vaun j.ubliia-
• ion,   ". Ih'H il   i-   <<-r h
lllltll'lll ||    l|.H-      |..,|
' ' -p p i li^ii   ...« " -       t
'IK*'    \'V,   -   hi.Mi.if
llil* .«»-il a  li:u.".o«»'l'i'
1..H,       Im   Ivire! nf
I i.hi i-
>    fill'    .!
i if-o  fl(
wottltl defend it
j a-idc/ In j'i|'
■•■]" 'M-1- ""■•:
'-a in I '
• ,-|»   ^„,|jiic,(| |,|,
il ti      O.-l Ul     '"'   de
y let tl',
.."t-'-l  '•<
atoi -
,i,p«]    1
!    .till   -
i !.
,l,n fa- •   v... atn| cut-    il- «
p) ■ AA- lij.U    i'I'm"!'    lie-
»•!- '111!      ,  ! J Till! t.       -l.tte
"■ i ii..in iln' '.' t'tik » > • -
f     * l.p'-i.'l,, If   o iff    t.
-la'--   and
hi!   iV'tiii
\ < i , It i nij^
il.t      the
ii oi k -
» ii t\
H,-.-    Vt llo
I   ur. ■>! rail
tid-'llll  ell
■ tl, I
i i
I k^-r »^^    |^g^ ^^      ^*__f '*__m_4 \___tf ^9_1 l^f^
mi    ywimt
Bamik of Montreal,
c.ii.iOt.hr.i im|;.
' i ,,it., i  , ., H i . i i,t  ,«i   .  •. 1 •> i * * i 11 i
.i-wrvvd miid    : ' _    rr'J*M*>
i.* it
I! -i\      l.«'!'M -»'l"
.,-   Vi
( tidivhled yrotii*   A  .    .*.!<».) H'j,i*|
III  lit   Oil Ml,,    IIIIMIII, \i..
I Mot SI  1,'oi -tl,  <i.«' V I,    i,,
A   l»IOMMoSI». Vice )*rc-i«t( a;'.
'•',   S     ' 'r.ef-Ti iV    t ,',-ii,-i- , ;
ai.   t. ••*•-<.!<  r#»j:», [fi,   N*>-W'i.UI,i|S.M|.>,  i.l'Cji'   Hi
I I MCO.S 1 ;|.
Uov y,
iiti1' „e> ,
.iUi      On'
iNeH' Dt.nvor branch
I.I:  15. Ml*   Vt-.hV.U. ,M.in.T,tr
C    Jm\
"i-,_-C    y*m.
,..".. Pf...... "99 pa _ *m 'P« .... x p*l ,_.t*\ pm. ... 3t it ah   y*     »» mt    ■*-****     i«*« wr    wm *w    ^^    ^   ft
V     _f _        ^Hl m%%w -^^V 9\\w -fll _____ *W%m 'mm** -____ w  "* _.*__       ™ 9^mt ^^   ^^*f k^^K ^^ ,    ■•
I IW.   __•< w w_-_ w   -wa w w_-_ b*   mt _-_t.r-.-t  mm m.   >.< %a *** m mm hwiTm uTsp* t % Eighth Year.
\     [From a paper read by A. J. Bensusan, A. R, S. M.,'F. C. S., before the January meetint*;     _!
P of the New South Wales Chamber of Mines. #
•i-%'-V%/-V%'%'V%%'*V%-'VV'%-%/%-^^ *%--)
Wo come now to a few remarks under . first freezing the surrounding ground
tin; heading*of Exploitation: Assuming,
it ia decided,, that a deposit is worth
working*, knowledge is required concerning the manner in which it should
be opened, and of which the lode itself
is composed, or the country rock that
has to be removed to get at the deposit It will be readily understood
that the size of the openings (the shafts
and drives) into the deposit is a very
important consideration. A vein, say,
of a few inches wide may be worked by
a shaft, say, six feet by three feet in the
clear of timber, as there is a comparatively small amount of material to be
handled. It is, however, a mistake to
have the main openings in any deposit
too meagre in dimensions. The shalt
at the Sydney Harbor Colliery at Bill-
main, where it is expected to handle
enormous quantities of coal, is circular,
18 feet in diameter. It is first made 22
feet in diameter, and has about 18 inches
of brickwork all around. This shaft
will be about 3,000 feet deep when completed, and it is hero given as an instance of a shaft for very large work-
hi|i8. In metalliferous mining anything
so big is seldom required. A mine or
group of mines bein? proved to be permanently profitable to work, usually
vast sums of money have to be spent on
it to get the utmost profit from the, mineral won. Most of us are familiar with
or at. least have some idea of the ex
tensive, woiks there are. at Broken Hill,
Mount Bisc-hof, Mount Lvell, Mount
Morgan and other places; but few people can have any conception of the
magnitude of the workings in connection with some of the very old mines of
the old world. Thus, in the 'Hartz
Mountains, there is a group of silver-
lead mines tlia£ has been worked for a
great period of time. To drain these
the Ernst-August ''Tuniel has been
driven a distance, of nearly f'J miles,an<l
with its branches it is no less than 14
miles long. Many of the lodes are intersected by tins tunnel at 1,200 feet deep;
the cost of this work  was nearly  £90,-
The Freiberg Mines are drained by a
f.innel, the Kothschonberger Stolln, the
by injecting a freezing mixture through
pipes forced into the watery strata; this
is known as the Poetch process. There
is also the Triger or compressed air
method of sinking in very watery
To conclude, gentlemen, I doubt not
but that you will readily understand
that it is a much easier task to write a
paper on any technical matter with
which one is familiar than one dealing
so broadly with a big subject as 1 have
done. I have tried to avoid everything
technical, and to write matter that
would be pleasing to the average person, who is merely inteaested in some
way in mining, which doubtless fill
members of this'Chamber are; and I
hope 1 have been able to show at least
that the subject of mining is one that
should not he dealt with iu any perfunctory way,but that in all its branches
there is ample scope for the employment
of brains.
I shall be glad to see the day when
moetdf the men at present managing
our mines all over this country retire in
favor of trained engineers, when we
will then hear of lower failures, and of
people investing in mining knowing
that they will have at least a fair run
for their money.
The employment in managerial positions of the so-called "practical" man,
and I use the word practically advised,
is one of the greatest drawbacks from
which the industry suffers in this country. He is usually a miner who has
been cute enough to raise his status by
(irst becoming a shift boss,then foreman
of a mine, then"' perhaps manager of
some small concern, and finally he
takes responsibilities far beyond his
capacity, with the result that he almost
invariably ruins the mine, and not infrequently those who have found the
money for the work.
The management of mines nowadays
should be in the hands of the most
highly trained anil educated men available. A common sailor can never reach
the position of commander on an oceangoing steamer; an ordinary miner, in
the. same way, ought never bo able to
Pull the shutters open, Harry.   Let me
feel the evening breeze
How it murmurs soft scent-laden thro'
the flower-glad forest trees.
See there where that sarsaparilla climbs
that old dead gum tree trunk
And the  sun throws fleeing* shadows
from it, right across my bunk.
Early in the day, old fellow, they were
playing round my bead,
When the shadows reach the shutter,
then, boy, I'll be lying dead.
I was thinking all the morning, just be- !j
fore you chaps came in, | -
What those people mean who tell us i
each man must repent his sin.      j
I have done no sin 1 know of.   What is j
sin?   I drink and swear, j
But I never wronared a woman, or to!
man was else than fair, J
Yet the parson came this morning.knelt j
aud prayed my soul to save ■
And  when   leaving,   said  forgiveness j
must be sought this side the grave, j
Told me in a serious fashion what it did j
no good to know, J
How a woman ate an apple some few i
million years ago:
Since then, White and Black and Yellow,
each and all are full of sin,
God He ain't that sort, for tell me—isn't
that a bit too thin?
I can't manage this repenting.   All I
know, I've got to die,     ' i ,w==:
God will see me fair, old fellow, what's ~*
up Harry?   Want to cry?
Don't be soft you grey old badger, you'll
peg out some day 1 s'pose,
Ami we might meet one another in that
other world; who knows?
Jrfaue you
Grimmett Block, Reco Ave.
Sandon, B. C.
Rents Collected.   District agent for
The Great West Life Assurance Co., Winnipeg, Man.
Af.T-m Norivk-h Union Fire Insurance Coinpaiiy .
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co., of Hartford
.-Etna Fire Insurance Com-nmy,
riivenlx. uf Hartford, Conn.,
Pacific Con.-t Fire Insurance Company,
Imperial Registry Company,
" The   Dominion of Canarta Guarantee  and
.Accident Insurance Company.
Kill    It LAST    AT    CAItlllOO    MINK.
K.'iily on thi' evening of the 12th ult,
the luruehank blast at the Consolidated
Why will people tell a fellow  that he's j Carihoo Hydraulic mine, at Bullion,was
successfully exploded, with very salis-
lengtb; with its ramifications it is about
25 miles long, and cost £3(>0,000. In
Hungary a mine drainage tunnel, the
Kaiser Joseph Erbstolln, was started in
1782 and completed in 1878; it is over 10
miles long. Mauy other works of this
kind can be recorded, but these few
serve to show how vast works are some
times in connection with inining operations, and they rather dwarf things iu
this hemisphere that appear to us as big
coiicorus, These drainage tunnels
serve also in many instances for the
conveyance of the ore to the treatment
centres. At ( lausthal, in the Hart/,,
there is a central ore treatment works,
fed from a shaft about |,_oo feet deep,
sunk not on any lode, but tliroit.h the
country to tap the drainage tunnel, in
which all the ore from the mine is con
veyed ill barges *o be hauled tip the
shaft to the works.
In the ease of a moderate-size vein it
is usual to have the levels about I'm
feet apart; formerly a lesser distance
was llie common order, about uo feet.
The improvement In mining operations
and ihe eui| loyment particularly of
underground winding machinery ren
decs it unnecessary lo contract the
wiii-l-in_-* I leveliipiiieiit work is always very cosily, so it can be readily
seen how important ii is in open a mine
witli ns few rlinftti aud ,'iilleries as pus I
sibie, Ills ,.rt.n here where inferior Tommy (who Uvea on a plantation
mine, managers cjme to »rhd by spend »»«■ wllt* *•••* bw'» |*>'»ying foi' a little
iug money In iiiineiessarv work I brother or sUtcr)— Scents to me  the
.l.iMlimendoiisof viutfts. as pointed I -j0r'1 -s "* »*W»ty toni? timo sending
mine, with none better able to guide
bim than the average board of directors, usually consisting of men whoso
only claim to their seats is that they
possess good business qualities.
Nothing but old ane will cure some
people of blushing, and indeed it is a
wonder they wish to be cured, so be
coming is the habit. But others find a
cure in compound infusion of gentian,
of which half a wine^lassful should be
taken twice a day
When coughing is troublesome, draw
a deep breath and hold it as long as
you can This allays the irritation of
the throat nnd lungs, and is a step toward recovery Remember that the
more you cough the more you are likely
to, lor coughing im-i-easen tin* irritation
of the respiratory organs
Kxcicisc cannot with impunity he
mvlecteil.iiiid should be taken regularly
ami in iiiDilcnitii-n Most women would
be all the better lor walking four or live
miles each day, and, were they to do
so, Mislead n| depeniliii',- so much on
Mnvt c.-irs. _ood complexion*. ;iud Iriin
tigiiies would be far imne common than
they are among tboie who are no louder
in their liist voiiih
got to go to hell?
They don't know, they've never been
there; no one yet came back to tell.
But, old mate, I'll soon be wiser, tho' a
breaker wild and rough,
Than those people   who  are  flaming
with all sorts of hellish stuff.
Hurry, I've just got t_ chance it, I can't
pray; forgotten how;
I'm not frightened, only sorry that I've
,got to die just now.
I am young, just two and twenty.punch
this chest, 'tis broad and sound,
Vet by this time Friday, Harry, I'll  be
lying in the ground.
Oh', that ugly wall-eyed lilly, ere, she;
banged nie on that gun,
1 had very little notion she'd send me
to kingdom come
In my swag you find a  letter  my old
mother wrote her Will;
When I'm buried  write and tell  her
that I'm gone a kind o' ill.
Bide a while and write her fully—she'll
expect to hear it so—
That I've backed my last buck-jumper,
gone where all at length must go,
Tell her that I still remember what she
used to tell me say
will please her anyway.
Make a lot of little crosses underneath
my name at last,
Kisses for the poor old mother Harry,
I am dying fast
Pull the shutterB wider open, let me see
the flowers again;
Hear the curlews, how they're screaming, Harry, that's a sign of rain.
I don't feel a bit of sickness, 1 could kill
a bullock now,
Or make things almighty lively in a
fair four-cornered row;
Bnt my back is broke, old fellow; some-
'thing's wrong inside my head,
And the doctor smid by sunset.'I'd  be
numbered with the dead.
Harry, what's jijono wrong, old fellow;;
' 1 keep slipping, slippim* ilown,
Hold my band, how dark  it's getting,
ail the sunshine has a Irown.
Harry, don't forget poor mot her,  write
' and tell her what 1 said—
Climbs the shadow o'er the shutters,
and the rider lies there dead.
Teacher—Arthur, 1 si,all be obliged
to detain you again today after school
Is ont.
Arthur (aged 7)—Ol course you tin
(lerntiind that if there is any gossip
comes oi yom* keeping me alter school
every day you are resj-onsihlc for it.
It is noneo! mv seeking,
factory results. This blast contained
'l,5ou |<eoS-(equal to 113,500 pounds) of
blast powder,-wliich was distributed in
It was a boy at the St. Mary's Ked*
cliffe school, Bristol, who handed to
the teacher the following essay on
the making of a British colony:
'Africa is a British colony. I will
tell vou how England makes her
colonies. First she gets a missionary; when the missionary has found
a specially beautiful and fertile tract
|of country, he gets all his people
i',-200 feet of powder drifts that were| round him and says:   'Let us pray';
and when all X\,e eye ave -shut, up
goes the British ling." Youth's Companion.
driven across the bank from rim to rit''.
Tiie explosion raised the, bunk about 20
feet uver an area of four acres of ground
and disintegrated about ->,000,(K')i'.i cubic
yards of gravel This is probably the
largest bank blast ever exploded in a
deep gravi-l mine on the Pacific coast.
The. mine has been oper.-itcd continuously since April -20th, and tin* outlook
is very favorable for a larger clean-up
than any secured during last season,
which itself was the best in the mine's
record to date.--—Kamloops- Sentinel
at Mrs. Merkley's
New Denver
When in need ol
.11 AT
Are you thinking-nl'liiiyini*? sU;o these tir>t.
They an', without doubt, the leading American
Millie. Watch. Perfect In-aetii-s. Sec iln'iii in my
Watch re|iairiun:,t ilk-lit prices. Satisfaction
-dai-antecd. Kcturn postal?*' paid on nil repairs
___i_t_bv_it__iL_——_. —— —	
li. W. GRIMMETT, on-..!,-,,-.- o,,t,iciu,.
and Jeweler.
SAXIiOX. il, (.:,
that baby.
Aunt-You must Imvo lalth,   Tom
my.   Which do you want most, a
bain brother or nistei V
Tommy—It don't innko no difference to nu», so lt'» white.
M»i, M. Sheldon  1'enrce, piu»i*te, nt
out proviounh , is an important mutter.
and almost entirely dependu upon the
amount of rock and mineral thai   is re
quired   <<>  be  conveyed   through   it;
tdioti'd, however, it  alim be necessary
tu remove touch water from below, pro
vUinii has to l|i* made when -!erhliii-;-ii>
to the si/.e of u Kindt for a pinnpht-fcnm
partiueul    WhenitUessenii.il thai a | Homiii Hall, Sunn-tiny nijjhl
•ill'tlt -dinllhl be of ample MKC,   it   is   Iio! j "~~
Ulieoiiinioii !\ln'ii  speinliu^-   ntlioi   pi-o .
pie'*  money  for  a  mine maim"*er to!
••U--iiu il,  .Hi.i   Atif   iln-    milk   jitt'.iU'i j
diinciixioii*. iIihii is n-'piited
Mi*. A. *■*. Uouvhct, in hi* pttpev <nr
shafts and shaft machinery read bei'niv ,
Ibis Chamber in ''ebruary la-1 year.
ji'U-i,'x dimensions of tdiafl* at sniue of
the |iriiici|»,i| mines, \ shaft at tin-
Hohitiion Deep Mine is hi loet le. o lee!
ami Is -.',•'»»■* lei-t 'lci*|i, allO «»!*«* ul tin*
Simmer West Mine it-'5 feet by .- f«-«-t
lllld is ,i, ■'-» lei I «iei-|i      Ibesiij,,,-  iiU'-jr
••ll'lfls far _i,|ii liliflill'.', ninl it  is   solilnlil
i,n    ■■•,    (V P..      M       ili-i ii  -it..,"*   •  ■
!*■«•! by •"> (•■«•' in rlti* « .doiiy
fhr ».tlk*ti„ • i   fbilft-   i-   lint    .itM.iVo
|-<>l|-|||l (.*'{ ' lint-Wilt,! I «    i,V     till*    niiiittii'V
|>r > c ■■; iii -Mitt j b»>|i<-   ir.   'In-   t^cl.
i.i..|   "tl.»-tui_      Iii    P.el/iu'ii   i|p-f|i  .mi
sh«|fs fipfiv ' i'i-fi sill,!, p, «;tf>ir< »;i-'.-|
• •> tie* Kind < it tiiiin ii |ii» !■>•, uiiuh
,..•,.,! .!...?►, ,fj., r ),v f*,.. ,nn ,.'      '•.:■■:   ■■
. sj,«'tlrtll.   < ..|i*l    iii l<" •       ■■ ,.l ' .' 'i    '•!"
to-.r.- ■■! •■! V •-• - *' <■ wn. I ■ ■'. -  t '."• i-
s|(.-,fr   Toliit.i'   '•.•• ii [.-i;!   n i ■ ;,.■.--. I.;,. I,
Picture   Franiliiy   and   Uootn i
Moiildinfr, write to J
NKl.suN. H. f, J
4      Mail iiotei-, ii-i-civi- | tpiin|p| Hllcnl'iiii      A
The   warm  weather  Itux
struck if* at !a-»t with it
vciurcaucc,   and   l*   evi
dniily   lii'iv  t<» t«t,ty for
wuiie time.
Staple and Fancy
Aireni I'm-
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.j
Lumber j
uoors <
Store Fronts
Show Cases ■
Mure &: rar Hxiurcs.
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillja. Manager
II. li. T. HAI'LTAIN. T. P.
are you prepared
for it ?
With "iiitHblc »ijimii».|
irarincnt^ liin-t. «< wen
never in a Iwtter |»tisjiinii
lt> siippU \ntii ili-inaiuls
Here a ri' n' few lines thai
will int**rt>t Mill:
bummer Skirts \;\
(iinmiiuii, u   ,
It %«-!.•»
I'..  ■•     .11'.-.,-   -  -   :
I'li.lltVI   l-IMl'Ks
i'H'AU't     SIM1   Itvs
!-'\ti- \-s*--iihu:\i
IX(! COMPANY arc now prepared
to supply builders and contractors'
■vith all thealxive building materials,
Ottru products rcecdved First Prize*
and Medals the last two years at the
Spokane Kx|K-siiii*ii. The Lime tha'
«■»: .ire now iiiiii,utHi:lurIii^ is nut
excelled. Sj.teial tpintatioits to eon
trai'tor*- on .ipi'lleation.
ON', .*  C. P. O.EOX600
Whi'ii iii M.LSON see tair
$25 Suits
!7 SKIXXF.If, Tailor
Fred. J. Squire,
General Dravln?: Mining Sup
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
*»'U I'*il'-.,1-4-* *--*;«{.•. ll-   meet    ill Sim
'U-,   'i'ti(...
Provides accommodation for
the travolllnp public. ......
Pleasant rooms, and good
meals. The bar is stocked
with wines, liquors and
cigars. HOT and COLD
HUGHNI\E1N, Proprietor,
Tu THOMAS S1IKA,  owm-r  nf an midividctl
iinc-i'i-'litli >l) uitt'i-L'st in rlu' Xiilinb mineral
claim,1siiuatt'il en  Rem niHiiiitHin, and tul-
joinlnif Him.' lilrdaml Trmia Dulliii- minenil
i'l-iim<-t.'iii<] reeordt'il at N'i-w Dcnvi-r record
'1V\KK XOT1CE, ilidl I. H  W. Bull, luiVB tioiie
1    aud ri-cordcil the ,-iiiiiu;i i -e-Sfss'ineni wurk as
i-i'i[Uirt'd by Sr-i-tiun :M of tin- Miiu-ral Act, on tlie
almvi" c.la.1111 roryear ci>tlii:<* .'uly  15. liKiO, and
that your sli.irci'if cximii.'-i- cf saiil vrorli is now
tlui'.   Sluiulil y.iu fail I" mniriluti' ymir share of
ex|peniliturefiii*abcv,! i\-ui-k tii(*elln-r with cost of
this advertisement   1 will al expiration uf said HO
days ajiply !■■ liecrdci' to lmve your interest in
above claim transti-rred to me, t urguuiit  to -=i-c-
ilon 1. Mineral Art Amendment Act.lt'n).
li. \V. HULL,
Fire Valley, li. (.*.. Mnrch :'K. l!Kil.
ToV„!l. IlEHXE, or t" any iiei---on or u-isous
In wl i he may liave transferred hislntcres't
in the Miner Buy mineral  claim, situate mi
llie north side "nf  Cariienter  ereek.  in  the
s|p can Mining Divlsl-.u of  West  Kootenay
Oistrjct and recorded in the Hmirdcr's ofllcr
at Xew Deliver, 11, 0.. on July lib, 1«>2.
VOL' or any of you are hereby notified that we
1    have expended two hundred   and fifty-six
dollars and llfl.v cents  in   labor nnd imnrove-
nietils u|Kin the above.mineral cl-uni, iimler_the
da vs from the date cf thi? notice you fail or refuse to loiuribiite your |iio-iorlioii of such ex*
lenditures, lunethcr with all cost of atlvertlsiiii*,
youriuteresi iu said lniiieral elulin will become
the |iio|Xiity ofthe uudcrsiii-ne    iiinler section 4
tf hii Act entitled An Ait to Amend the .Mineral
Act I'.too.
Iiated this ^SpI dav of March. 1W1
To DiaiXOUK.NT tililWXEKS.
'I'n E. J, MATHEWS, or lo any iu-i'-oii <>r iit-r-
sons to whom he may haw' transferred Ids
interest In ihe Hultie K mineral claim, at
Ol.ieler creek, a ti Unitary of Wilson creek,
nine miles fiuiii Three Forks, Hint recorded In
the Heci.rd nfHcc Im the Sloemi MIiiIiik
Vol' ARE IIERI-UY NoTII-'lKD thai I have,
I e.\|M>iidi-d inn-lliintlred I<"lliii's In lab mud
iliilil'iiU'itii-lils u|hiii tin- above uiciitioiiCil mlliiTltl
elalin, iii ■ rtler t<> lidd said iiiiueinl claim uiith-r
lie |ii-nvi-ii.ii« ol tint Mlueriti Act, and if within
lllm-ly t)ay- I'i-ipIu iln- il.-p|e uf tills m,t|ee you (all
..I'refuse ti, eiililtil uti yntir |:|'i.|i,.rlinll nf "Hell
i-!S|h.m tilt lire, T..j_. tin I ,i Uh all ens|s id ailverli*-
llilf V"llf ilitin't in -aid el.lint uill I eeoine tlie
|.|M|lt-|IV ill llie -llli-i l   l.i I  iill'll I    M-rlli'll    I  ul Oil
Act i-ntltbd.'• Vn  Ve' '.. Am. ed iln- Mii.nal Act
Three Fni k.
b»KI'll ll   MARTIN',
I.  I'., Mat'.-I, .-1, I:..).   .,
Tl Itlll*., U \I.|.A( I*.   IIIAVlllV,   l'\|'.
Kl.l.«», nn.I MiMiil   IHACIKN Min, r»t
( !. iin-
t"-t-  i'   'b.    -!.,i .,,,   Mining  Mi,-:
K - ii mi s    di-:rii t        Win. ,■   I,,
111.(it   Mp  III:!    ill       .ee    ,|i lie    n,,,t|pi
Wil-: N'o i ii i: i!
11   ..•   West
■.|'.l:    on
-i -.! N'.-w
I lli-iin ii /' Thi, I.., „.
I :-;• * ' ; \ .:, »' M.N.oul.t. , ,., M,t,„t «
' • .ein-..' N • It * ;. \\ ell.im |( \\ hi. If.,,,.
Mum's <*. r;in- nn N . II ^'i|..; im) \UII%4
I le iiiji-..  , I ii,   \iji„ i . i , ,i|ip(.  i,. v..  II  !,:'C.'i
III<I-I1-Imii|.I.I  ■  ili.ll. 'ti.  .1,1.   b.'|.-..fl   ,.,,.1.1)   |eth.
\llnhir l|i-.-,.ti(i.i ■ . i-,,i ti,- ■ .' ti,,i>-. v.-
mi liLfm !hr l,dl|. •■ ,,: I.' .,. i.i ; i i ,n n ,-( ni,m
■■' » ii b --I llie ab■■:>■ . I ,!in
1,0-1 I
I'iI.iI lb-, i.'b d
• .-or
< i:it \It   \ite-
V  h
ll   I
il eihin
Sl»l| ■•.,•       Ill       I-. -l-.inl Mp
W. -I      I P    Ha)     ll.Mfi, '
i»»i M-.vt • -i. , in i,
T VKi: N«ij ii i    i'l,,i I   id I'., ■'
I    ,tr. i.i b.r lb. *. .,'t, I, t . ; t.i
Ullilled, l-'li.   M   ... I   -I i I'll.,     ••
<,l-..|.,   W    Iln. ti   -,   I  le-   Ml' . >  .
■'   I
int. inl    K' ^  -1 ,\t  'i Hi  ii„
in , :.|.h i., '»„  Mb ii e II.. ■ id. ■■ »
.1 |in; i   vi ....    -.     «,-|.,    , ..,,    .
i I  I. Ill   t.lj    |   •( |l„   ,,|,i   \,     t.ilu,
Aid linn , i i.k.  eld «   -ti-t    its
tl'.i.    ',*     .ill...   Ph     I ,.|||,,   I  l;i  ,    i     t  ,        -
l'»>kv, .1.
■! l'"!l| Ft. Id.,
V .     ■'• li.  pc.-l
I   ,  Hitll   ..!.-   V..
it ,|»-    le It ,»,
1 I   I (I III' ,>».'
'     l.'.i'.l    »,
■I   tl,|.
til pI ,,   ,.|   til1. I     ! .■•!
Ill- tflll-.K I     !
m,ih I •« i-
I \1 |.
■it i, *•     i -ii.
»  .,'
M..I ■ Ofvi    R   c   |    -v.uHv H'tt***
I Inen Crash -mi Denim Skirts
f r, i\  .f* t)U,„- -i
tht* «a"** . *tn !
• IU*.
OFFHT.-», -.
*» -W -i
minim;  k
•», •«. i
Ladles' Parnsols:      '7
:     -l. ,
Ladies' Gloves s'   ':r d   *
, ,    .ii        .....
Ladies' Hosiery
Ladies' Carve!-
^I'i** r», h «
'»*•-.•   |..-,m!   :   :
*\   • »-"• I ^ •" i -    :*. "*■
Pinc*»i Sh»p in the she'll].
'« - y. v.
\f*A !>i live)'
Swrnii^r Vaca!i«n Trips
t *\ Ut liver. B.C
:i*  \N  I.XIH
t   i ■ * -.   •,
.    i" . I   :
\ I   ■ «•( i ,
• I \ \ \ ! 11,
.1 11* A'
A-.\. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, JUNE 27, 1901.
Eighth Yeab
May 23—Mole, east of Silverton, E F Lloyd.
-7—Lo?t Boar *'r, Four Mile, Frank Anderson.
28—Monday, near the Hewett, F F Licbachcr.
20—Ronald Fr, Mowieh Slide, Geo Long.
81— Buffalo Fr, Xew Denver, P Anj-rigiicm.
June 1—Homestiike. Four Mil", DDavies.
Contact, Red Mountain. C H Abererombie.
8—Ida, near Three Forks. X C Dingman.
Firefly, near Three Forks,C A Sandiford.
4—Savage, near Three Forks, A Thompson.
6—Kingston, Silver Mountain, T Avi-son.
8-Butie, near Silverton, J Benedum.
Hi—Oxford, near the Alpha. G \V Simpson.
Masonic Fr, and Crown Fr, Bear Lake, A C
Red Jacket Fr, near Silverton, a DMcDonald.
13-Fandora, Four Mile, C Capp,
lfr-Pouland Fr, Carpenter ck, D Murphy.
17—Monte Cristo, near Alamo iram,E Carlson.
King Edward, Wilson ok. J Wright,
Fedore, Silver Mt, D McKinnon.
Louise. Silver Mt, D M MeDoiigald.
May Si-Dandy fr, Sandon Chief, Keystone,
Concordia, Great'Eagle. 23—Baldwin, Amazon,
Queen fr, Fail-hope, Kalrmouiit, Free|»rt, Peree,
Tim <cr Lake, Bolivia. 27-Little Dick, Snow
bird, Emma No 4, 8, and 2, Amazon. Dutchey,
Huh and Hub, Hunter, Eva Fr, Gladstone, Glua-
ekauf, Jerome Baldhu. 2$-Hazi)rd. 29-Ad-
miral Dewey. Newmarket, Willie. Alberta fr,
Minnehaha, Evening. Jennie, Violet fr, Violet,
Liberal No 3. Muybelle, Perth, Carlton. Flossie
fr, Menury, Silver Bill, Sheridan. 30—Hemlock,
81—Jubilee, Sampson, 1 X L fr, Wonderful fr.
Juuel—Anaeortes fr. 3—Miller Creek fr. 4—
Fred L. Havana, Dewey, Virden, Atlin fr, Commodore Sehlev, Sunrise, Cultus No 2. 6—King
Oscar, Silver King, Lucky Baldwin. 7—Neil fr,
Mascot, Sunrise. 8—Ouray. 10—Congo No 2,
Millie, Belladono, Ironside, iSeattlc, Seattle fr,
Delta, Boss. 11— Vanoni fr, Mentor, Second Extension, Mentor fr, Boston, Frank fr, Black Hawk
fr. 12-Willard, Golden Chariot, Majuba Hill.
lS-Cobblo Hill, Royal Five, Lake View, Jennie.
14-Nettic B. 15-Lake View. 17—Gem, Indiana, Ashland, Ophir No. 2, Shakespeare, Little
May 2n-Wiiidsor-Hulkln, BAT, JRL.ftn
each, B Anderson to T R Saunders, $200.
21—Concordia, Gus Kumlin to Chas Kumlin,
May 18th.
Four Mile, J, F F Liebscher to W S Grady,
23-Unlucky Day, I, W S Gregg to A A McDonald, Sep 25, llioo."
Rineon, l, C McXleholl to R Iininger, May 22.
Rincon fi-, all, A S Reed to R Insinger, May 22.
27-Dutchev, l„ W Keil to I) Salk, May 21.
Alberta fr, J, J M Lind to W A Lind, April vi.
28—Ogema, W J Trcthewav to Geo Alexander,
April 13.
Lonely Lake, J M Lind to W Anderson, Mch 2i>
Formosa, i, J F, Brouse to C H Abererombie,
Nov 18,18011.'
Central, Pollard, Richmond. K P, _ each, J T
Foley to A Fisher, April 25.
2D—Santana, all Interest' assigned, A Leinieux
to Joseph Martin, Audi 5,18:»9.
Torpedo, 1-0, Pat Clune to -I W Chrom, May 28.
3l-,Iubilee, J Smith to W A Thompson,
May 28.
Junes—Declaration re Home Rule by M Me-
Andrews, May 29.
4-Sligo fr, all interest, W D Mitchell and R
Thompson to A Thompson.
Stanley: J. H C Thomlinson to Ada Barton,
Sen 2.i, l'wo,
Brunswick, K, A S Reed to C McNicholl, Juel.
Sunset Arabia. \ each, H F Anderson and H D
McLellan to S Haydcn, June 1.
11-Firefly. J, C A Sandiford to N C Dingman,
June 10,
Ida, 1,N C Dingman to F C Dingman, June 10.
Firefly, \, C A Sandiford to F C Dingman,
June 10.
13—Madison Extension, \, E L Warner to _TB_
~Ma*)TOcr5^lK-9r —' "
Mountain Lion. Celebrated, Eastinount, West-
mount, Southmount, Iron Camp, fi—Annie Bell.
Gertie R fr, Onslow. 7—St Lawrence, Rainbow
No 2, Tamarac, Falls View,
Too great heat in retorting will soften
the iron of the retort and some fusion of
its inner surface in contact with the
.c    ,„ n..       , -,,-„ ^i ™.. ,       , bullion will cause it  to receive a eon-
May 13-Ottawa,i. W R Clement to T Mul vey. ,,   • .-        , ,,     ,
Same. J, san.e to A CSmith. ! siderable impregnation of the latter.
There is no definite distance above
May 31-Bank fr. Lake ck, Chas Schiel.
June 1—Grothe, Desmond ck, Mrs M Grothe,
VVarsplte, Duncan Pass, G M Gordon.
3—Moccasins, Kootenay lake, J B Townsend.
Relent, Whltewuter, J Anderson.
4—Brittle Silver, Kaslo ck, J P Millar.
6—Xortlisloixj, Woodbury ck, E Fettorllng.
7—A 1, Kootenay lake, A Goodenough. Golden
Circle, Duncan river, J Schmlth.
l<-~ Alpha, Bennlson ck, MC Dot ton. Omega,
Bennlson ck, C B Dlmmick. Erie, Sproules station, W James. I'lioentx', Sproutes station, T M
12-C O D fr, Sproules station, J Weeks.
IS—Marlborough, Coffee ck, L Eoiish. Buckingham, Coffee ek, W 8 Lemon, Primroie,
Hooker ck, O McElroy. ;BlESiai'!iit__CB.
17—Iron Head, Argi-nta, R J Kcown Jr, Silver
Cup, Duncan river, ll Newcomh. Clyde, Crao
ck, J McLellnn. Shamrock, Crao ck, D B
O'Brien. John Hull, Crao ck,G Mllbo, Ohio fr,
Whitewater, L K Ruby.
May 81—Porcupine. June 8—Kooteiinv Bell,
Gold Crook, Monte Curio, Blue Bird, <3ra v Eagle,
KltchciH-r. -i—Brooklyn, Black Dlamontl, Black
Diamond fr, Black Diamond Nn ]. Mavbe fr.
6-COO. 7-Iroti Chief. * -Nellie Womf. lo-
Ru»le H, Gold Dam, Buttertly, Rcpleiiiption,
l.utlivcii. Da/v, Llby, Wntorforce, Hcl Elephant
Minnie More, ROB. Albert. Stars m ul Stripes,
JJ-Miirlc 12 - Island ll-.y, Vanl-uy Kid, Hun-
vegan, Silver Plume, Ri'surgatn, ,\tlio!, Lvdin A
Sliver Sir, Kiid'ira, Knuiia. ''hint li, Virginia
May, No 3, Scejitro, l.t-Vankiy Boy, Copper
King, Yellow Kid. Il~<.'aled.iiiinii. Sura Thing,
No fr, Virginia Dive, fS.-Iil Hug. n-Carlbu,
Kiilem.l'omlniiin, Kitchener. Kfll.i, Hlver Vlnw,
LS fr, IIoIihiiii fr, Kl'iii-nci- li, Hdiy.
Juih-12--HIhi-U It! nn .in!.
May U N'liTiisiaii.l-ii. .1 M Mlll"i* in (i 11 (b-r-
llarl-tcijinblu, i.(Jp.-> Henry tn C 11 lirveii.
Jeijiili.t. til, Rii'liiillp.ti Mlnlnir t\ bi Londot)
Exjiloriitlnn and Mining Co
I-.lIU' sgn-emt-lit iK'twi'tm Geo Mi-l'-irtiicy mid
June V-NVw Era, J, n II tt'H.ht to } I KK-utot
12--Little Bell, Silver Hell ami Hub. by th#
•hcrllT, sll Int of Ni'l.ion Msriln Inl'Mcfiin. tll.m
IS-Toronto, all hit, .In*. Nlcliolviii to JO
Axslsml Stockholm.MO, M<-Aukii«iIii tn |{ p
14 -Orion, J. Au«u« H<h.'iil*-r tn It William*.
15-SurcTlilt'if.i, W J Thumps in tu || |>,.,r,
•on _____—___
l,u< Allium,
Mm}" U—llsfl'V Miillinu. bet Ten and i'wvlv..
Mile W J H.t.ililltT
Int'-rii-iil'iti'il. •»iiii>, K ll'ti*.ii
«•) •'i.iii«t.T'-biiu,:.,J.iliii W.if,.! .«i. i t i-,i,u
i-i It -«.•. Iiibii. I.- i 1/i.l.iu. , , ! IV, in„
MIK T II W«tlt,. !
If.   .      t(  .    ,    ,      tl   «f   IV     !      .. '
f..i..<irs, -.-.-!■. .'■» .-'•-. I  |li-.'   ..
T.t n.Siip.   . V. I. ! .!   .
:t'i  liiibi, ..i, i 1 m)i vit. v,   ,., .   ,, ,i.,' ,,
11-l*.t)i, rtr. T i. Mil , I"  V<   -  ,
.Inn* t   l'--tr|... . Iii' t .ii i '.. ». lit )■ in. !■'
Kinpi.. Hy  ■ p. i-.■•    -  .ii..    |i:i ['..'.. .  ,
<;   Wiiii.-.t -1...1 .-,..!-.;.  j if .|-b't
Port Hope, and Gold Vikiujir. agreement between G H Aylard and H L Fife. T J Baty and
J G McCalUim, affecting: a portion of the claim
included in survey of latter
H-Loder, W F DuBois to J Frank Collom.
Qulen Sabe, 5, and Dark Horse, J, T Tobin to C
M Geihing-.
15—Montreal, J, D Sloan to A York.
17—Daisy, D Graham to Rene Laud!.
Black Hawk, Jas M Rae to Rene Laudi.
2p,i—Bald   Mountain  fr,   all,    Huprh  Cameron
Peter Lindquist and J Campbell to J Frank Col-j Legislature   raising- the incorporation
lorn, tjiooj. I,   B t , .,   , .    .        '
Hill Tom, nil, J C Butler to J Frank Collom. j *>s cailnot be avoided by incorporating
*soo- ! outside of the state, foreign organized
27-Quien  S.be, 16, C M Gethhi!,' and R G
the surface of the water in a mortar
from which the drop of the stamp creates
a splash which wears thc chuck block.
The narrower the battery the less the
distance must be.
The law passed by the last California
Established in Nelson
Henderson to W Thomlinson.
K S,.'., M Damico to N F MeNauidU.
Colorado Xo 2,}, H Gillette to N F McNaught.
Monterey, J, R WT Malloy to N F McNaught.
Bancroft, J, L Doirion to X F McNaught.
28-Rother, M3, Ranker fr, J, Susan G and Superior fr, _. Bassett, J, Wedge fr, J. Rother fr, |,
Superior, 1-6, Susan M, all, \\ m Harris to James
S9—Hampton, Ethel K, Pluiiger, RaUihow,
Camp Fire, order from Supreme Court re McKinnon estate.
Tea Pot, Tea Pot fr, Frying-'Pan. Star Pointer,
Colorado No 2 and K & S. l-o in each, X F Mc-
Xau-fht to G Falrbalrn.
Colorado Xo 2, J, R Gillette to O Falrbalrn and
X F MeXaus-ht.
K it S, j, M Dainluo to X F McXsunht.
3ii-EclipseXo 2 fr, all, D A Ross to Hugh
JuueS-Climax. notice by J P Drlscoll that he
owns one-half undivided interest
Tea Pot, Tea Pot fr. Star Pointer, Frying: Pan,
mid Dipper, Mi in each, B F McXausht to Chas
Colorado No 2 and M S, 10, X F SlcXauuht and
Geo Fatrbairn to Chas McNicholl
Xix fr. 1-fl, J Radcliff to J M McGregor.
■i-Tca Pot, Tea Pot fr, Star Pointer and Fry-
luff Pan, l, B F McXauglit to X F McXaufdit and
Geo Fairbairn.
5 -Celebrated. Oh My, Mountain Lion, all, A
Ferguson to F E Griffiths.
May 13-Ottawa.  27-Eda fr.    ,
Trolley freight cars are comin 4* into
use all over the United States ;i'id are
provinya great convenience in expediting-the delivery of local freight and
express packages.
The new law increasing the extent of
a placer mining location in Atlin district, B.C., goes into effect about July
1st of this year. It permits the location
of claims 250 feet square.
The placer gold taken out of the beach
diggings at Yukatat and Lituyu bays
on the Alaskan coast is very probably
due to the wave and tidal concentration
of poor glacial deposits.
Kootenay Coffee
incorporations must pay the same fees
when they undertake to do business in
the state as if thoy had incorporated
The outlet to a reservoir should preferably be a tunnel through the solid
ground alongside of the dam. A trunk
through a dam is poor practice. It is
hard to protect it against leaking and
against the weight and more or less
uneven settling of the dam when it is
built of earth.
The best way to keep a mine ptnnp
operated by compressed air from freezing is to reheat tho compressed air in
the. mine close to the pump. Not only
will the difficulty of freezing be removed
but there will be a large gain in efficiency. The reheating is comparatively
A group of fifty mining claims is not
necessarily a mine. More often than
otherwise is it not. One deposit of payable ore, on one claim will make a mine
without the other forty-nine claims.
Chances of having a mine are not ^materially increased by having a large
number of claims.
[Condensed advertisements, such a> For Sal
\\ anted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births. Deaths.
Marrlapes, Personal. Hotels, Lesinl, Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
25 cents each insertion. Each five words or less
over 2 ' words are live cents additional.]
Service next Sunday EVENING at 7:30 o'eluck.
A. E. ROBERTS, Pastor.
penter creek-ALPS. ALPS FRACTION,
and ALTURUS-Crown Grants obtained. "Apply, W. J. McMILLAN & CO.. Vancouver, B.C.
SEVERAL THOUSAND old newspapers, at
Dealers in Teas and Coffee.  .
All grades and prices.    A
trial order solicited	
Kootenay Coffee Company
P. 0. Box 182. West Baker St.
TRAINED NURSE, is open for engagements.
t.l.f....... O! A/11V    D    /1
rpHEO. MADSON, Nelson, B. C, manufae*
L   Cures Tents, Awnings, Horse and Wagon
Covers, and all kinds of Canvas Goods.
We can serve you
equally ns well by
mall as If you left
your watch personally.
If you want n new
watch send us the
money you Intend to
Invest In one, and
describe the stylo
preferred, anil hi;
will send you the
best value procurable
fur the money,
NELSON, B. C.      Cor. WARD 4 BAKER Sts,
BAM3YOX HOT SPRINGS SANITARIUM. The most complete ll r i 1 t 11
on the Continent of North Allied- ll U A L I II
ca. Situated midst scenery un- n[0 fl DT
rivalled for Grandeur, llonting, n CO U II I
Flsliliii; and Excursions Rcidileiil Physician
nnd Nurse. Telinjraphlc coiniiiuiiicatiiii with all
piirtMif the wnrld: two mails arrive and depart
everyday, Its bullies cure nil nervous nnd
inuscillardi'' mhi's; lis waters heal all Kidney.
Liver aud stuniach Ailments. Terms: -l.'i h>»lK
|ii-r wit.'k, .iccHiilliiu; to resilience hi hoiel or
vllltis. Tin- price of it round-trip ticket between
New Denver ittnl Halcyon, obtainable nil the
year round and irnnd for _'i day*, ii »,'i..'i.'. Halcyon Spring'. Arrow Lake 11. C.
Brown Bros.,
The Jewelers, Nelson.
Dealer in
—_ v TKKTZK|i A. (.0ii N<.|<,Hli i, c#
Van Camp Lunch Goods, Confection-! J?,* "•""""'""" u,m* ■""' Aw*s'*i"
VR  HEYLAND, Eimim-or and Provincial
,   l.iiiul Surveyor.   Sand m.
cry and Fruit.
I  I    It.   1IAMKKON, Hpiitdoii.  MiiiiibiPliireti
Newmarket Block.       New Denver'" • <lHW"iri»«M.-r: .111.1 »-.ii-it« pur,...*-*..
I from all cUiif.
wacc *
rilh>>. KVANS'
ii KM < Ht»l» HorsFv  K,\Sf.«»,
Kiv-ilt KWi all the time,      MEALs
Wlioloaalo   Morohanta,
'IMtltNKII, HKKTON * CO,, Whihwln
. 1 McrchiiiiU ami liii'iui'ii'is l,|p|ii 1.. Cltfurn
1 anil Dry lin>nl».     Nmiit,   V.jin niiN.-i.  Vbiui'lil,
tint lAid'Hi. Mtiw
;   IOII.N    (HOI.Dill II    A     III,,      .Vi-ln j
fil    |ni|»»rti<r>, Wbob *,ib (iin-1 r*iunl I'iuvIkI'iii
MiTt'lllll'" i
Our attention is for your Benefit
-Our stock'of the latest, goods received, direct from
the. Manufacturers, are here for your inspection. ...
When you visit Nelson for the Dominion Day Celebration, don't forget to see our stock	
Our Watchmaking and Jewelery Dcpnrtmcu'j) have
110 equal In 13. O.   All work guaranteed.
TUE   JEWELEIl,   KeUon/B. C.
Bodies of men and women, then,
(and much more, as I have said before, their souls), must not be bought
or sold. Neither must land, nor
water, nor air, these things being the
necessary sustenance of men's bodies
and souls.—"Time and Tide," by
John Kuskin.
A discovery of a diamond field is reported in New Zealand
fieri  Wanted
to wear
D. flcLachlan's
Spring Hats
New Denver, B, C.
Gold  J .50 I Sold and Silver. .* .75
Lead 50 | Gold.silv'r.comi'r 1.50
Samples by mail receive prompt attention.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
1439 10th St.,   Denver, Colo.
Cigar Oo.
Union MBrands
Label    Marguerite
V^lg 4X1 o 0ur Special
El Condor
Brewers ol Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address-
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
An u'i-lo-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: XELSON, ». C.
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
For |ii ices apply to—
Wliolesale Aitftlit* for fi.C.
ValK'.iilvei', II. C.
^W*    ^
Uaujing and Packing to Mines,
mid general local business,
Xpw I»i>iiv«>r, II. V.
In New IMivrr    K«<iy terniK.   Apply t illEd
K, HMITII.oi H.U0IH1.',
Wine Co.,
—       NELSON, B.C.
Wholesale ilenlers In
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars   '■*
Agents for Calgary Beer.
Family & Commercial.
Reports, Examinations and Management.
Fitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection against fire. Rates $2.50
and $3 per day.
llailiail ]A>«ttravjiiwrU-ttoi* in ilenul work.and
iimkmia upei-lalty of Hold UrMiri> Work.
Most complete Dental Office in B. C,
I'otiliiy lii'-t Uic Uuic 25    UP   1.'   I-.. «'•••••**'■'•»:. I-■••■■•.■»"» *vr. s
VV); «I-.M fr, \-i '■ I I,, tn
,     li nu u .ti., :  . i .. .   ,.
H.      ft ,
Seeds. Trees.
I* i..in
I    ,    lll'll-il.    N'.« .1V   I'lllilK" - '.i'l  l,     II    !-,,(
I'vi'iT Krl'liy -' Mh.il.. . ill
*   .      *       CI'MIHI'TT     t       t «•                               '
t\t .    ^'"'i   .''i   X'rfrtl'i  1'ill'i1' "•m-iI'.h, II  I'  I
I'               :':.    P.It                          •'                I  I. ■           ,'     _
or I! mtWKT DKI'AHT*
I\   VI I    STVl.IS   VVIi
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
SI'l KKS from r-eto.-VV
'J. M
11.. r«!« 'pi
Mt ■
I .' I .. • •
-*.,* I \i •'*
V .10     i >'■>■■
1.,..',  a:-,
>!*.,.). I ■ \ ■ i '   '  I )•
1 *•■*'•, ♦'••-' '-** I' f '«
ii*      .i
.' 11
I   iCt .;.
1 *»!
.....    \"»  I'l   ■  ■ . >
•■   -\ ■ ,■'«-., II ■;.,
it,.!*     :    M ..-l.Hir.'i*
(I  ,t,  ;,(,. ||:       S.pi        ,v
'.!   •,. .1.4 H!ii V.. : i ,i
.!'.     .".'    <   <M:.l.tri'.p|l(..i.,
U".».*!.! ' k   f'li,'- lr»«.  !•■.;   ' .).. -*-*(k»f  S„t.
All*r».-t    Ii.'l \> .,->lr.,>.     ** m.n f-Hli. lt.,lr«-»*.
F*.u- Ft 1- ».«1*     -'    I'-illi >• -i* N ' t **" I.*.*-!**!.' "
i.    \i  :.   ...'.'.■   ! ■■ ',■'■ -' -i    " •   ■   '■-, "''1'H ".''' '-.
KitwtlK.' •«•;• l'i'*.ii*'•»>■' *> -...■» lt-»» , M!-».-
IVM, K»*p-<. Mas !i! i   *r    (','.      .'   *.-.-,V»f.«      f«
,,,.,..i li.;.. -..
ii.'i., M.-iip -ip.
II..*-, t   »'!'.'
S   T»,.      '- •     *
tmr*.   • •■■•■■>
Im:1,";^'!*.'.^!!^.'.. 'r,,,; \ih.«>"«j«'»n h»ti:i.. m-p,.,»*i(v,i
Mil   II    HA^K'.TH, J     l-lh-uil.|il;i»t.-r   I-.p MIppIii.    -i," r.,,,niirki-
* 1 »                                      . ,  ■ .              '        » I
t    i    M   I   I ( .1 f *1 ,HA\,   |
,   , -       ^,-p, %jf tm^ 9»t \J 9. m.  ""■* 9ms *t m. ml %.   iu« "
at wonderfully low prices
A       -I
Cii'.Hliiw'ii*' Fr«*c».
.. i*
. i,   «*V>i":i
l'i..     I-
' ,f  •>,.„
imr*.   ■ '■■'■ ■ "      ■   "■'.-    '■■'■-.■■ .- -'■»■  ^*:  '.
fviti.-- '"■•'     '.■:■■     ■      '     **    -,A'-    ,,;l1"    .,n
-.iith.S.  :t    >■...   .   U.     W •   i.-*-iS-»'i.
Y.i-t-t.it **!«'' V. i.   !*' '. 'in    '»f> k*'"jr„-    *■-
Utr^n X .» .      ■ ■ •   •-     *■■■ " 1'1
SILVERWARE    _*0-P&*Qt the
ullliiuf..* Siiv«!i-ware aud choice XjAiMT-A   OflOY'-A
•fVmtectk-um- at . *mm%_*V9wm,\J    K/J.XVJ. V
rirsJ.H.Wereley's    Laundry
«■■■- tt*..-.-.'„.i..r I! ....I Vnv.-.pn'if. II. t\
WIHTi: l. \llol(o\-|.>
\. » ]•.;.!'
CIMF WHITF \ AWM WAKIKI vi.r,, r.,... ni„   ..; .i 0| apv q nni nncn en vmim-m-c ■■«>«,«-.., i ,»„
.,,,».,,...,.-.-„ c,t,. ...t.^.^t    ■ ... ■   .,.,,,„  t*i.i-i>irt \*««*wrti.w uiut ilmutu  -u-i.tiiiiiiiiiiiii,!,!
ll-iKilii.il Ik.i i.-illrlj "'   itlirl", .Villi li, in -ilutlii-.g.  (iip-Umii. ,'iinl <-:i|'    l.nli-ly of *tvlc» .I'i'l In v.ilil HU>< r»ipj.v fl..lu -l.Vi (.►  *v;   »,,,l.,v
l.r.ll.ryi.r »,«-<*   ...  411.&0 tOttB.SO   .nil. in irk. .1 il-.wii     Y..iiri'li.»i((- $2.60
"tvlr-i  75-. TO »2    *p*i'itl> iin.riiiisf<.ini**'*i"r »ll Mv.-ri-iiiliri.l.l    t-.MiwTii li^tii Mu.-. i.l.l r.*-. c*r*»aim iml Msok      !
•-ry. t>l*liiiir|i|f4i<-*ltii<-k*>. $1 t» 2 50 $5.50
THK unlv ttKLIAnt.K
(#••$••••$••••11 niiitinnmiiiim;
K AOKNTH FI.I,      I ft^   fty^ &   fa I^I'NKS ?„ VAUSKS OF|
mil K PATKHXS. • „„. „^„ ' •   AU.SIZ^SavmsTVI^S   I


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