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The Ledge Jun 20, 1901

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Array 'A-^A/O^iaA
Volume VIII.   No   38.
NEW DENVER, B. C, JUNE 20, 1901.
Price, $2.00 Year adv!&c-_b
^v^ts JUst.passes By |
Sometime ago the merchants of Nel
son decided tc inaugurate a wid-week
half holiday. But John Houston was
not consulted, and when he came home
from the Provincial Legislature he at
once started in to upset the movement
The Tribune never tires of slapping the
businessmen for daring* to oppose our
good friend John. It hits them like
this: •'People who need anything1 in the
way of jewelry should steer clear of
Nelson on Thursdays. The jewelers of
the town do not care to show goods on
the afternoon of that day, as it is too
much trouble." It isn't necessary to
question the merits of the movement;
it is one that concerns the businessmen
alone, and it is difficult to see how it
cau take any cuticle off any part of John
Houston's anatomy if they close Thursday afternoon, or every afternoon for
that matter.
Snaps! What are snaps? There are
the good old snaps with ginger in them,
whip snaps, noisy snaps, and Govern
ment snaps. Then there'B the snappers
off of beans and snappers that are on
Just now the most conspicuous of the
.■-nap-fajijilvjB the Government snap
It is noticeable in and all „bout New
Denver, and generally throughout the
Slocan. This brand of snaps Is different
from most brands; the quality is good,
however, assaying from 13 to $4 per day
for each man employed thereon. The
Government Reserve snap has yielded
a good crop of ducats; the Carpenter
Creek snap has done likewise and the
Silverton Road snap has been a regular
harvest. These' snaps are worked on
the never-sweat principle. The mode
'of operation'is something like this: Set
aside as large a pile of ducats as can be
procured; get a few able-bodied men,
some picks, shovels and giant powder
Proceed then by selecting thu right kind
of foreman and dividing the men up into pairs or trios; place in the hands of
each a pick and shovel and to the fore
man give a sharp jack-knife and a
ainooth-gruiiiod piece of wood. Give
all plenty of breathing space and watch
developments, If they do not do as
much work in three weeks as you could
have had done by contract in six days,
there is something wrong. Vou should
turn them around and work them in (Indirection of home and mother,
brother, sister or friend, extended in
secret and noble love. If you know
anything about the husiness methods
of a rival, tell it if it's bad. Never hold
vour peace. There must be strife, and
you can keep yourself busy with the
Knocker's Mall If you and Bill Jones
have fallen out, tell all you know about
the weaknesses of Bill. If you and your
party don't agree, Knock your party. If
you and religion are at outs, get out
your little Knocker's Mall and Knock
religion, Don't give to Bill Jones what
you demand for yourself—justice. Tear
him to pieces. By so doing you may
not be able to elevate yourself or your
belief, but you will have done what you
could to bring him and his standard
down to your level—and that's something.
Genei'aT News FToat
ani About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
To the Editor of The Ledge :
Dear'Sir,—In the last issue of the
Sandon Mining Reviewthe editor, while
praising the merits of the Sandon pupils
at the late entrance examination held
here, made a very uncalled-for remark
about the New Denver pupils, which it
may not be out of place to further explain. New Denver has only had a
graded school for six months while Sandon has had one for some years. The
,ao*es»of—theAS&ndon—candidates- ranged-
from 15 to 17. while those of New Denver ranged from 10 to 14. The highest
mark obtained by a Sandon candidate
was (542 by a pupil 17 years of age; in
New Denver the highest mark obtained
was 675 by a pupil 13 years of age.
Surely four years ought to make quite
a difference in a pupil's work. All the
candidates from New Denver over 1*2
years of age were successful, while oik*
only II year* old, as I pointed out last
week, was rather unf tirly '"plucked", hi
geography, because there were quo.*-
tioiiR on that paper which could not
have been answered from any text-book
on geography. Tlie Now Denver pupils
paffsed the-examination oh its merits,
There is a story told somewhere about
people who live in glass house), which
Mr. Cliffe should have read. Then, instead of making n slur at Xew Denver,
he might have been making enquiry as
to the source from which tlie information rami! that enabled their teacher to
place so many of the exact questions
before his pupib the.Saturday previous
to tho examination. J. Ihwix.
Found.—A key.   Apply at this office.
What a time there will be in Slocan
City next Saturday!
That prince of wild souls, Dave Bremner, is in Greenwood.
Vanstone. Rosebery, will have plenty
of strawberries next week.
An auction sale of Government lots
will soon be held in New Denver.
F. Pollick, of Three Forks, has gone
to visit his folks around Montreal.
Ask your fruit dealers for Rosebery
strawberries next week.   Always fresh.
Buy a hammock for the baby. They
are nice and cool for this hot weather.
Nelson sells th**m.
Tom Mitchell was in. the Slocan last
week, having a look at the site of the
_urohoseAPavrie_.inilL : 7	
Whose business are Vol" attending
to today'.' There's Mrs. Snillles who has
recently come out with a new Spring
garment; perhaps, If your own business
is of so little importance that it dot's not
demand attention, you might trot over
to Mrs. Eardrum and tell her about it.
The dress is not at all hand.somu aiid it
doesn't rit any better than your own;
it is your business to tell how it could
have been made much more Iwcoui-
lug. Mm Wag had some words wit •
her husband last night. It wm a family
affair and pissed off with honors «vcm.
Mrs. I.ighthead is just dying to hear
about It, and you can give tint story tho
embellishment* needed to put it in mo.
tlonj you ought to make it your
business to start It. Miss Snickers has
not heard about what Mis-. Hourgrapei
Is saying about her: here'-* a chance for
you to do a land oflice business In Chi
cajro Tongue Mr. Kasymark wan out
to tte the girld last night: Mi** Ill-intended would never dream of such a
thing and would cause a sensation if
the knew about It.   Make It your husi*
n^r-r. In tnlt ,,«-       Mi*   ftlillifiifA tn itrl-t-
•„•» (v<»ft\T*t     \t\» wife nnd Hub1 <w- nn»l
In actual want     Onn't help them by
kindly acts, hut tell all the mean things
you can Imagine about Oldhooxe.   He's
a brute.    \M your neighbors attend to
'JMtlki   WudWWl '»! il.Vf.  V'ii> ^i;i   'liiVi* '.i'.-V '.».-.
Lightweight Goodfellow Is a fool He
spends every cent he makes trying to
create an impression with The Boys.
He la always in dobt.    Tell  what he
owt'.si VOr.    Then  there/a Hard-dud.
Cloeerl»t: be never spends a cent, and
For political reasons our "ne'er do
well, ne'er do evil" provincial government will not let public works, such as
road building, grading and street improvements, be done under the contract
system. This is a commendable policy,
but if abused it Is one that costs the
government dearly, Without particularizing it is not necessary to go beyond
the limits of New Denver for abundant
proof of this. As a general thing men
when working for the government believe that the prime object of their labor
is to give the government agent nn ex*
emu for naying them their wages, It is
not a question of getting well paid for
an honest day's work, hut rather one of
doing as little work possible for nn lion*
est day's pay. It is a slow man's race
The result is that tbe money being
•pent hereabout! in public improvement* U not achieving the desired end,
Tlie Arlington mine is now the largest
shipper iu the Slocan. It leads the
Payne by nearly Hi) tons.
The carpenter work on the Enterprise
mill will be finished-this week. George
McFarland has the contract.
A company lias been organized in
England by J. M. William-, to take up
the Myrtle group, on Twelve Mile
Evening prayer will be >.-iii| in St.
Stephen's churi-h on Sunday next at
7.'A).    Kev  (.'. Ai-ilmr Mount, Vicar,
"Th" I .oves of a Landlady"' is tlie title
of a book tliat iiii_ht interest many star
hoarders in -i city nut many miles from
the Lucerne  " .    '
Mrs, George Davis, after spending
two weeks with friends in Kitsln, has.
gone to Tacoma to visit her grandmother for a short time.
Andrew Lea my of Greenwood has
been appointed county court judge, but
whether of the county of Kootenay or
for the county of Vale has not been announced.
This is ihe season of the year when
fruit should be eaten in large quantities
provided the quality is excellent John
Williams is a fruit expert, and should
be consulted not earlv, hut often
Granville  Forbes, charged  with a—
sault, was arrested at Ten Mile Friday
He, had his preliminary hearing before
Justices Bull and Curtis and was taken
to Nelson Saturday to await trial.
Diiv'nl A Kane, of Kaslo, is in town
this week representing the North American Life Assurance Co , for which he
is district agent. Dave has not been In
New Denver since 189*2 aud finds many
changes since then.
The citizens of Nakusp still retain
their old.time loyalty. They are pre*
paring to celebrate Dominion Day, the
chief attractions being baseball, nice*,
tug of war, aquatic sports, fireworks
and a grand ball in the evening.
Michael   McAndrewH   was   In   New, vj,(||n ,„ Km„,,
Denver t,h>»   week.    He   it  much  im
races at the. new Westside half-mile
track, which is Hearing completion. In
addition to the fastest horses in the
Kootenays and Okanagan. several
Washington, Idaho and Montana stables
will lie represented.
The work of putting the Union street
bridge in condition for traffic was started this week. The flood badly damaged the south abutment and weakened
the cribbing leading to it, but the
bridge itself was not strained in the
least, which speaks volumes for the excellence of its construction. It ought to
be ready for traffic by the end of the
Slocan City is preparing to hold a big
picnic on the 25th and 20th inst. The
Miner's Union is getting Chris Foley,
Ed Boyce. James Wilkes and other labor speakers to deliver addresseg on the
zens are contributing liberally to raise
funds to provide prizes for Caledonian
suorts. A large attendance is anticipated from neighboring towns.
W, J. Hinehliff and F. Benson some
weeks ago made a rich discovery on recently located ground between Ten and
Twelve Mlie creeks. The property was
bonded last week by R. E Fishbum, of
Nelson, and will he worked by the purchasers Work was started this week
on a loo-foot tunnel. Clean ore is ex
posed nn the surface for a distance of
I'm feet, assays from which gave -J 10 tu
in gold and *i"0 uy.s. silver per ton.
The local lodge of Knights of Pythias
observed the■ Memorial Day of the order last Sunday. The members gath*
eied in Castle Hall, ('lever's block, at
l'i a. ni and participated iu the Pythian
services. An adjournment was then
made to the Methodist cliureh, where
Kev. A. E. Roberts preached a sermon
ou the subject of "Friendship,* The
church was well filled, and the bright-
shore he had just left. He shook off the
jag and tried another turn at the tightrope business. At the same point he
went in again, but was sober enough to
scramble to the shore nearest home this
time. Reaching the bridge he stripped
off his clothes and dried them in the
sunshine while waiting for his jag to
catch up.
Cheap raised people often nip soap
and other things out of an hotel. The
other day a beautiful chambermaid
rushed down Btairs and told the manager of a leading hotel in Nelson that
the towels in some of the rooms were
missing. A party of show people had
their grips waiting for the hue. One of
the grips was well-filled with hotel
towels, letterheads, pens, etc, If the
gsip had been larger the barn stormers
might have had some furniture in it.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan   City mining
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, 35,000 tons. Since January 1
to June ,15,   1901, the shipments  have
been as follows:
Week     Total
Payne  1611
LiKstChanee  938
Slocan Star.  1*5 J005
Ruth  -SH
Bosun  **0
Heirett^ ^.^^. ^... ^,.. ■_ _. 570,
American Boy    *' 768
Ivitnhoe   &.*>
Trailc Dollar  140
Sunset Cluck-son Bmlnj  ."SO
Sovereign  117
Wr.mtcrful  i
Arlinirton l'» l'lftf
Two Friend*  10
Enterprise  Jim
Hartney  U0
Black Prince  loo
< ioodenuuKh  U8
MiII.rCrt.-ek  20
Keci)  IBS
Simnet'f.'itn.Gold Kleld*  .S3
Silver Kinif  M
Red Kox  «4
Antolne  18
Queen He«  Ml
Monitor  M5
Corinth  <W
IliiiiUi'ilder    S3
Kumliler  MR
surprise  jm
K-ihIo ft roup  Id
I'lmiiteuu  lft
N|ieelil:lt.,r  lo
AJ;«\  Id
Siilui  ,"!:t
Kuillv l-Mitli  4"
I'lioe'ulx  an
AIiiIipi                , Vi
V 4 M -  .  -             -n
T'ltiil'toiH   ft*-, lutus
Til    l''KN«'K   THK   CKMKTKItT.
Uev, A  K. Uoborts is heading a commendable movement on the part of ihe
iii'hs of the service wits greatly enhanced j ritir.ein. o. Un* <ninp to survey, fence
by the singing of a volunteer choir.   Al! *"'■ otherwise protect and beautify the
the clone of the service the lodge proceeded to the cemetery to decorate tilt*
graves of deceased member*..
The question of lire protection has
been generally discussed in business
circle;, iu N«u" Denver the pant few
weeks and the matter ha* finally assumed definite shape. A meeting will
he held in the .Minor*' liiion hall Fri-
diiy evening for the purpose of formulating some plan looking to the nrgani-
yjttioit and equipment of a lire brigade,
nt at hum to procure some apparatus
for fire lighting. Everybody interested
in the welfare of the town should attend.
The Miner's I'nlon kindly volunteer*
the urn* of the hall for the purpose* of
the proposed organization.
Madame (.'•milla I'rso, the fitmout
violinlste, who, with her concert com.
cemetery ground*.    This is a
thm has been too long delaved.
|",M ' •"!
*fSeV/s PToat Fvoryi rN^fso^J
There is a man in Nelson who declines
to attend church becauee the preachers
no longer get their sermons out of the
bible. There are other men who only
go when the discourse has a real, 'live,
human document for its inspiration.
The latter class was fully represented
at the Congregational cliureh last Sunday night, when the Rev.'Wm. Munro
attempted to answer the query, "Must
the Chinese Go ?" If the Chinese Commission had Mr. Munro for its spiritual
adviser some of its difficulties might
vanish. He argues the question from
the premise that the divine law of all
natural growth, whether of nations or
of individuals, is set forth in the parable
of the tares and wheat, "Let them grow
together until the harvest." One point
only Mr. Munro neglected to clear up.
He left his hearers in a painful state of
uncertainly as to whether the Chinese
represented wheat or tares in the mad
thing called civilization.
The "power" is off again, and Nelson
feels like an impatient lad waiting tor
permission to go fishing, while pa and
ma thrash out the question of bosship.
1« eimvlriieAthi^tire^
fish—and the grass grows on the ball
The authority with which the Mayor
of Nelson iB clothed is so brief ub to be
almost indecent, and it is said there is
a movement on foot to outfit the chief
officer and the aldermen in gowns. It
might strengthen their dignity, but
when one remembers that thc gown is
significant of honor, wisdom and goodness it seems hardly fitting after all*
The linemen labored all day last Sunday, and no one had any authority to
stop them, though to be sure they did
their work noiselessly,
The age of chivalry is not gone by.
A Nelson man licked another last week
because the other intimated that his
wife was crooked. It seems that the
lady disposed of some furniture to her
accuser and he says she cheated him on
the deal. Maybe she did, but it is
nevertheless pleasant to meet with a
man who heartily resents an implication
against the woman he calls his wife.
Women are only relatively honest
anyway, as witness the action of an-
long been discussed but until the pres
ent movement wan started no real, live
interest has ever been taken.    Since
it   ha* been properly taken up there
is no doubt -bout the  outcome.    The
quiet city of little green mounds on the
hill  will   receive   the  improvement*
spoken of.   It il estimated that $1V) will
be needed to put the place in proper! course,
ilmpe.    Subscriptions are earnestly so-;
licited toward* this amount.    All contributions, in labor or money, may be
sent to Hev  llobert*. New  Henver, B.
V„ who will report same through tlm
columns of thi* paper.    Chas. Saudi
ford will survey the grounds, marking
the avenue* and plotting the lots.
It hasj other lady who was leaving town and
disposed of her furniture to a secondhand man The dealer paid her ti- to
bind the bargain and left her in comfortable possession until she was ready
to step out. Getting an offer of $2 more
for the stuff she immediately took it,
with no consciousness of wrong in the
transaction.   She returned the IS. of
THK   OM-K   l-IIT,
The business depression that exists
iu Nelson may account for the recent
immense rush of men to the coast, but
it is more generally attrlhutsd to the
attractions of tht; pretty Vancouver
octoroon who has half a million dollars
to invest in husband*. She ought to
get a good one for that money.
Nelson newsboys are not   In-hind tho
proved in hen It h after spending **ome
InthemeasuM'that It ought.    Work j,..-..-... ......... «.»«., .,..*„„,„•( .*,„„.; flW-t,,„ ;ln,, _,   ,,,   -h#  „,lr|>riNr,, 9,|
men on public works In «h;"_.'*;n|._"r^ V,„U|, ,,,„,. ()f Kwmhf\m ()U),
Invarlablv well paid, and for the good
of  the public, an honest
should he required of them
.N^.    I Ids institut „„ is operated  u       she Wlls the lltst girl  student ad-
of the public, au honest day, work ■ by the Sev,„th Day AdvcntiM*, »wl',„,.,,  ,„ .,„.   „,„„„,    aw|),n|V   ||f
.Much hi oi praise for the kind manner  j.fW^# „,„„ wh,,.h %h„    „,,„,„, „
r,,v   o..,^v   .,...„•„ !«• Which .hey treated him. j .„.„_„      u. ,,,<rl, ,,,%„„,, ,,,,,
  I here i» gold and silver Up the north! Cr-ii  wit*,  t.oiriie' tl,*.  I'ti(t«*d   <iti«*«
nature and «,"lH oli V»,»,enter creek, about eight. „,„Uhe has been more or !e«„ |,«.f(„t.
pany will appear in New Denver in wi 	
j few weeks, was the lirst girl to pisv thej    The oldest  saloon  in   Nelson, i* to
p\t the age of f, year*'have its  name changed,  probably  to j •••"•'»"• _   A   gentleman   in   process  of
sin* teas taken in hand by one ol tliei Filbert, Mo-ran or something more in7'"'1'1'"11'-  "I*    *«*"•  ptoineiisdiug  tin*
harmony with tin- new proprietor*,.lint' !,lr*'Ht '■»•* »•■■•'•" ""lining «t an hour
Uowc* and Billy Walinslay, two of the I w**,,n Idlestrian* are few ami custom-
best known hotel men in the couuirv.!prH f"w"r    N«*»'»v was out though    He
I hey have, recently taken a   lease of
tid» faionu* iaIouh ami intend to tit  it
on in n "ilth c/*h»erv   tnnitner  unit ihiIm
it   in  t.»M"ptt»y  with  the   i*h«t*,r»>«
have  come lo Nel*«n since the
met  llie  victim  i>|  iiisornms and sold
him a paper.    Presently spyltvg a figure
down a side street the hov "svi* i-hnne
,^nt' onlv to hnd it wrts ihe Name man     He
1RVJ H'tolngizcd ami ran back  lo the main
when that great cocktail eipert. Kd ?■'»">•'■■• '" " '«'w Minnies another
loridug. first wrvwl out morning life > ll«,,r* »<w»"i«*'i «»P »h<-ad, ami ne*sv
preservers    IV,.,,|e should   not drink i caught him up with his umihI cry of
you are tn Nelson, and have the notion.
Alton l.e.«it, an artist by  	
education, sailed   the him*   waters n(l m'7 fr*m Three Fork*.    Michael   Mc*| ,|,e public ever since    Her plaviu«   i*
Kootenav lake for msnv rears i„ -*,,m.l A,",,,'« * '•■'" "hi* •' *"'«■ ••»*>'» «•) grand
mand of differed steamer's.     After „,,! »"!fb a* $.HtMrom specimens taken fr«m|    Wtl(>11   Hlvfrlrtl,,MI„  ,.„„„.   ,„ Nl.w
... '   III-.   H:IHII» Hi.   w   r...i|-   t,,,,t.-tl,iir  fur !'./.,■
aHtittlit.fi     h«HVIl»1       nn'il'inlf     V»,'.A.'iK' I    III'.. |lVl  111! ■■!   viii- I    lUHIit'ri'.     It (IIO    ll   gtlllll,   * Hit-
forsook the wheelhouse for the camera, j '•»"•»»« •*"• •» *"■•■'• ■» «"•■■ «M»»»cri*k ( „,„,» ,„ ...v.g.te ti»mo»iir<lu|>oii   Just
About 18 month* ago he established the j al"' Uh* ,**" I"1*"**-'*"* •*>»• ! ,,„* this is not to be had croseing Car-
(Jueen Studio iu Nelson ami on account!    r.rnesi  Man-Held returned from thej j„„ter creek.    The footbridge .mines
or good work he ha* made rapid pro* H»l*. country the past week and went at »„me di»tau»«s ah»v* the road, hut for grease fouling quicksilver It is better
(Tree*. His studio is on the ground it,tm' •" in-M"'-"i hi- Camo Mansfield j tl.eai-<-oinino<Uli<»iH»r the more daring, tu distill over the last n-ntli of the
1W,    Ii.  -.IdUUui tu u-eMu.* pl.i.to-! pt'"p«'i'ti<f-.    H-  " <-  *'vmipnn(.*,l h;-' A \„, »_% Uitow,. Mi>*s \\»- <'**riV>» at  un-tai separate irom the re-t     A wash
graph* he **ell* view*, pictures and does j <'<»<■'* Iredern de Hailliencurt, who, I ihe main bridge, allowing one to noes ,„g with lye will remove grease from i "/'•'•'VliTiol*'* v,^* *„,^M,f*"nW
picture framing.    I lie lover on he beau- (-l •* *•"'■■• '•«"■• •" l"***»-o  »*|.n-s«hUt»ve  dsiicut ining muiet by tin* hwitbrldge   ,|,iifk»dvef on battery plat*-*
hotild ■-*--■■ •.«_-..
Retorting  will destroy most of the
ing on another corner and new»v
strolled leisurely up l/toking the man
over severely the small mentor cried:
"Why in hi don't you go home, sir?
Here I've Wen chasing you all over
U>'N,. f-..r 'sue   tlV*■   iml*     liu   iii.iiir   <i>r
he'*. a tool. too.    Tell   how   large In*
bank account is, drop a whisper about jtiftil  iu the  photographic art
his shabby clothe*, how many time* he  have a sitting with Allan I/jhi,
refused to "treat the house;* at the same  lifol   photograph*  touch   tie*   hitman
time be careful lest a word should slip» heart, and in after   ve.o« bring t>ack
out  unaware- telling   of  hfs helping> sweet metmirit*-of dear friend*, when,
h»nd totheold methernt homeorneedy ( perhap*. they are *!ecpln_ iu theg.^ve.
Ui^»*il, .« l"t^li»t   I't
ot a new   company organized hyMr.tu.  Monday a returning SiUertonlanl
Mau-fiel.l to u.,i. tl.e Man«(ieM pro*}>-  j,it.TO*<tH to tti.,u% \h,>  h*.     He had
'''tie*. ,,,.ii[..itn with him, and  th
<»raiwl r»«i,» i-/.en/ to have * tfro. toilt for twa     Atxoit hall
tWy*" celehittion.   .Inlv
not.'Midc. ii.iiiiii' will
1 and  *2.     A
(cii tn
d from
He ». Mintit.
At the Robinson mine in t».<* Trans tins Matthew ». adding a reading room
vaal trie cost of cru-hing the ore in the j to hit cigar ttoi,. No gambling with
r.K-k bteakers i* W *. cents, the stampU-ards or chc.Ur* will be sllowtnl a*
iiiilhttx: io*t» ■*'*. > «#nts, the leiaentrat*! ttus t* right in the »»im tilth the moral
i"g warnit
wav arrops.
I totlieshore
Is   **a the c^ut*, aloisl of }). >i'»a ton.
1  f'titu,  .tu-f rit-. cyiiiiidiu;
**Vv..    U »s i... ^auii.tr s..i.nv lu*< ignrs.
They are m\\ go,«j x-    ;\
Eighth Year
the corporation that' the shares
should go to a. premium, it was not
it'll uncommon practice of Mr.
Whit-taker-Wright to  give  tips to
i tlie clerks so tha.'. thev nii.o'lit buy
hares in   order   that    the  shares
j might go up'in   price."     This,   of
Thi Lew;-i- two dollars a yenr in advance. When not so pant it is s-j.ft'i to parties worthy ol credit. Lcetil ailvertisini* looentMi
nonpariel line first insertion, and 5 cents a line each siiliseiineiit iiiseition. KernUm: notices .fi cents a line, ami cnmmereial ndvenisina
graoed in prices accordinu to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: THE LEDGE Is located at New Denver. B. C and can be traced to ninnypiuts ol the earth, it. comes to the I rout
every Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the rear ol man. It works for the trail
blazeras well as the bay-windowed and champaRnc-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the riiilit side of evvryrluiiKand lielieves thai hell
Bhould be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an cver-increasliiK paystreak is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A. chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us. but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a vietim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; he >s
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but j-old to look at by day.
R, T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due. and that Ihe editor
wishes pnee again to look at
your collateral. !'
THURSDAY,   JUNE 20, 1901.
the   Babv"—Lowery's
New Denver would be an
spot for an Art School.
The mills of the Sloean grind
slow, and not exceedingly well.
Legislation and other things have
juet about rocked the Slocan into a
peaceful sleep.
It is a crime in Michigan to sell
or give cigarettes. That State does
not want a surplus of coffin nails.
It was 86 years last  Tuesday
since Napoleon ran up against a
"patr nand~at""Waterioo"held- bythe
Iron Duke.
much for the wreck of blood and
treasure ihat has recently taken
place principally for tlieir benefit.
B. C. has had no war.
To-morrow Lowery's Claim will
be shot into the journalistic sky.
The light from it can be easily seen
with a dollar._ __	
In America, 13 million packs of
cards are sold every year. The
devil uses up a lot of printers' ink
in his business.
A negro in South Carolina has
been married four times and has 69
children. No danger of him being
burned at the stake.
Bouquets are seldom thrown at
the Rossland Miner. The paper
does not need them as it runs a
flower garden of its own.
The Provincial Secretary seems
to avoid putting government mis in
the Kaslo and New Denver papers.
This mystery should be cleared up
bv Hob (treen.
The King of Kngland was not
eom|M'lled to call himself Kdward
the Seventh. If he had wished he
could have called himself Albeit
the First, or Hertie the First.
Most of the people in Nelson live
in thin glass houses, but this does
not prevent some of them from filling the moral air with rocks large
enough to knock down Potter,
Parkhurst, Talmage, Johnstone or
any other great reformer.
Six years ago Northern Pacific
stock was a drug on the market at
$2.50 per $100 share. A few weeks
ago that same stock sold for $1000
a share, and we did not have any
of it, although we have a trunk full
of other stocks that may some day
cause a flurry on this earth.
At this season of the year tourists
should not overlook the beautiful
scenery of the Slocan. It is a lunch
for any artistic soul to watch the
June sunsets tint the sky above the
green and white tipped mountains.
-*:iic—xKi'iiopu oi*^'—ii* *j\"»v—picH*.invisible in the Slocan, especially in
proximity to the Lucerne.
In India if you see a number of
strings tied from side to side of the
street, with three-cornered pieces
of paper fastened to them, you may
know that a birthday is being celebrated in one of the houses. In
the Slocan if you see a number of
jags stretched across the street, with
whoops attached to them, you will
know that someone's birthday is in
process of celebration.
An Arkansas paper has the following testimonial from a lady dilating upon the virtues of a patent
medicine. "Your female tonic has
helped me wonderfully. Three
weeks ago, before I began taking
it, I was so weak that I could not
spank my baby. After taking four
1 Kittles I am able to thnt^h my
husband." This remedy )'.*• not
sold in the Slocan.
and upon exactly the same terms.
His speech was a noble one, much
easier said than carried out, especially when a money worshipper
like Rockefeller is one of the back
ers of the church. Time will tell
how Eaton and the plutocrats will
wade to the golden shore.
At a recent meeting of the Toronto Methodist Conference one of
the brothers said that there were
not enough of Methodist parsons in
the west and foreign fields and too
many in the east. In fact they
were tumbling over each other in
the eager competition for bread,
butter and salvation. This is a sad
state of affairs, especially as nearly
all the wood around Toronto has
been cut. Manitoba might furnish
some relief during harvest time.
The Health ;rh« wle <»*
_ _ being    worked
POOCl Fake all the time by
some fad or fake. The health food
eoiu-se. explains the frequence with
which optimistic    para.gra.phs 'appeared in the monetary columns of
certain of our largest  daily papers
and it also explains  the great difficulty   which  we.   and.   no doubt
other journals,   experienced   in obtaining any  difinite and authentic
information from the officials ofthe
company.    In this case  it   was acknowledged that when   Mr. Hvain
was unable to meet  his differences
he got   Mi*.   Whit'taker-Wright to
assist liiin by a loan of £1.500. but-
even this being  insufficient  owing
to a. falling  market the  managing
director of tlie company again came
to the rescue of  his  employee and
the corporation took over  liis various speculative  transactions which
resulted in  a-  further  loss to  the
company of over  £10.000.     This
insight into the  methods employed
by the   London and   (Slobe to  rig
markets and raise the price of shares
to a fictitious value will hardly console   unfortunate  shareholders  for
the loss of their  money.     "\\'e  repeat that the deplorable condition
of the B..C. market is due entirely
to the mischievous  financial policy !
of the London and   (Jlobe Corpora-'
tion. who not only used the moneys
of the B. A.   C.   to assist  them in
tlieir share manipulations, but wilfully jeopardised  its subsidiary li.
C.   Companies,   in  order to effect
"rigs" in the   Westralia.11   section.
Twenty-four   spidere   produce  only
about as much silk ae a silkworm.
NELSON      . C.
I say that the  religion  and the while flesh and blood are perishing
culture which demand riches and in the streets, and while the souls
blazonry while vice and misery are of our sisters creep shuddering to
at their side, are like painted  har- hell—I say that this religion and
lots hiding their debaucheries with this culture, these maudlin, sicken-
rouge, and their shame with satin ing things, with their poems and
and spice.    I say that the cant and sonatas, their chants and benedic-
att'ectatioii   of   piety   and  culture tions, are things false and vain,
which   lisp   sentiment and  chant
liyinns in drawingrooms and chapels
and nothing else but lie.—Robert
uA carload
%of Lake of K
$ the Woods H
Just received.
Cereals, Etc,
promptly filled.
Also one of Feed,
Anv sized order
Have you !*eeu our latest line pf
Gents' Shirt* fur summer wear?
In China It took ten years and
thousands of lives to build the
Chinese wall, lu B.C. the government ought to have their wall
against capital finished in another
It would |>*y the province of B.
C. to hire an advertising agent.
The Provincial Secretary in hand*
ing ads to the pim*. exhibit** Hbout
What a farce government advertising is! The Provincial Secretary sends it out evidently with a
view of pleasing certain follower
instead of getting value for the people. If a |ta|H'r has vigor, biieklt-one
and circulation in this province it
cannot expect much government
advertising. It must |»t legislative zeros on the hick or lie left otf
the ad list. The people should not
permit such conditions.
some time and has tnade many men
rich. These schemers buy wheat
and other grains, prepare, and put
them up in attractive packages,
which retail for about five times
the first cost. If these foods were
really good it would not matter
much about the price, but they are
not. All of these so-called health
foods lose delicacy and are of less
value in nourishing elements than
the simple grains from which they
are prepared. If you are in the
habit of buying such truck, stop it,
and 1 will put you on to the real
Entire wheat when properly prepared is the best food in the world.
Here is the way to do it:
Soak whole wheat in water over
night. Add just enough of water
so it will soak up. In the morning
salt to suit taste, |x>ur milk over it.
and simmer (not boil) for from
three to live hours. The longer it
simmers the softer it will gel.
Chew well when eating. It can be
eaten with honey butter, cream
and sugar, or without any addition
whatever. If milk cannot Is* had
simmer it in water. If any of my
rendern want to know I will tell
them how to make the finest bread
ou earth from whole wheat. In
the meantime buy no more health
finals until you liave tried the
Wc hear much these days about
municipal aud government ownership of this,  that ant) the other
An much wnse as a fool at a wed-i thing, but seldom a won! itlwuit the
•ling. * most important matter of all—self
W.,,, •   ...      .                   . I ownership ol women. This would
B.C. legislator* knew an much            .....
...... ,,                       I mean the atmlitioii of marriage ad
altout making a couutry proaperouHi y
I* the iiIhcv to havr vuur nuli'li rt'imlri. .mended
to. If your wiiK'Ii isulil ul order, w-ml it to un
Hint wi will noon let it riulit nK.dn. Wi- iln oi.lv
tirxU'ln** work mul ifiiiinmlee jierleel iwllafiu-
tlou or money refunded.
NK l.SOX. H C.
Bourne Bros.,
 ON.-E-I'-A It- IAH>OIIT.En._I..Ii.tlTri».«i..„v A.IVFPt'OAI -	
t&'VUt "Hauler" Bwr has hecoiuu the favorite Beer in th* Coast Cities.    It has met in iwceexfu
i-'iinjietltion the famous Milwaukee Beer*.
Our Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable whiskey in the market.
We have it in bulk and is cases, 5's and 6's. We are agent* for the Brans*
wlck*BaIke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
Write us for prices and terms
& 60.
No. 44, K. W.C. Block, Nelson, B.C.
i*. o. ii«\ si;
Dealers iu
Have recentlx o)>ened in Nelson a
In which they carry the best and newest furniture in the country.
Buyers in and out of town are requested to examine goods and
read list of prices before placing their orders elsewhere	
A l_ri*i'»to,'U iilway* on liund.   Wrlu- lor|trii-e«
Oolil. SiIm r-l,inil nnd l'n|i|i'i- Ml in'* hpiiiiiiI nt iln- E'Xt'H ANUK.
KHKK MlU.IXd OOI.D |iro|nitle» wanted at oiu-. for Kunteni Invf*t..r«.
I'nrtli't ImvlnirnilniiiK |iio|pfit' for *ni<- mt n<|iu»*"d to »md niin|>!e« ot iln-li-nre tn
tin- KirtimiM for exliU«itln!i.
\ll >uin|i|e»»l|iilllil lie m-iiI liV E\|HV*«. |U'<'|i,tid,   < iill'iMiondeiuefiolielted,
Adiln-V. nil lomilUlllieittlmiMn .tMllIKH'    I*.    UOMKNHKIUIKit,
Tele|i|ioiiu N'o, KM,   I*, (». ll"". .it". NVlmiil, II. ('.
I Mill no*- mil
Milio.      Kilin.,
Kixl-k* nt
!**inl for |irii'Fi on
B f
ar* they do nlwitit the h|k>H~ MyHtem,
it   now eiintK and th'* plaHiiK of
• ,    ,.                   .  _i      _        »woman where nhe right I v lwlon_*.
and feeding a pap Mirkinj; prwx,, n    ,,      .  a *   /(,        '?,
thin   province   would
world with it» hum.
deafen   the;
. .. . .<3 J.<v.'.'.v I1) thi- ii/.v.v.1   m   ,'i   ;/.»
generation*   would   he prmiieally
I.OMMIK    AMI   OI.OMr.   ''Til*-."
During the courxe of nunc rn-eiit
litigation in tin* l_«w t'otiitH. h«vh
the Ignition H. ('. Review, an in-
t«.'i*«***tiug •ddt-light, «,•»«. thrown on
jln- fiithi'tiy and phihtnthmpir m>-
t«*m iitidct* which the London -mil
(ilolte t'«ti'|Miruiii.ii mt«i '•diit-ct»Ml"
into liqtiidiitioii.
of the com-tany
jtlieiild I'tiipliivifH,  h   Mr.  Mvani.
who wa-  nn   itiifumtnut   •«•  \mt\V
Aroerii'»ii i-rli'M.
-uythliiir \ <>u wm,
•v •Ttrathkamx. K-l.
MK. .1, M. tIRAV Imvliiif nmlKUrd |,|* Ik,.|i|,„,
sn Iaiiit(otiiiMl».loii.roftfi|.(v>niiMii». all
w«pft«nu«it(--tli*tln rnffitHf-n., K**lu i sfiM-»ii
Railway t'Am|.in«,p»UiiU*MMMiM to- aiMrr-orit
t    i    - .     .<  """T   "'V'N'.  «».,„„•
Kaulo, tl. «,., M*\ 11M. inn.
The NewmarkctHotcl,
H*s one ol the imwt heautiliil locations in America, and the public arc
assured of pleasant Mccountiodatlonif.
HENRY STHUt;        •       •       • • Proprietor.
The liijiiidatoi-H pJ,
foiiml  that  one of y^j
[pMiiver.<"«»!oi_«l<t. i** * ipiiei pU4r, withotil vice or mi»tei-y.
upon Hnndav.    !'t«»ii that dav noj "T~~,T~        ......
... A. A Kev. < hariet- hHton.  the  Sni-tnl-  nnd   miinn   *«-    (mntfht   i*.rrnin<.t I
Vkt iuKt, Ai*  ****i   YA*,*t)i-t    *...    V4n<,*,m+, i        .... ,,, I '
.. istlc Itaptf-t |.«n**>i. of lontiito. haf  him to «»litaiu   |Htvment.      Ihed»-|
ili«*n   traiiHfenvd   t<t   the    Kticltdl feudHiit'**   ••.mii-el   aikiMiuletlgiil,!
Avenue BaptiM elmneh  in  ("leve-wlmt   lm»   l«*eii   well   kimwii    *«>■)(")(
rwtaiimnt* and dru*. <<torei«.
iu Nelaon umrc placet* than
nel I drinkf ti|M»n that day.
A, J*
| kwjd'r to the f*iir}*r>mtioiti.,  uarnin*'LnJ
|<leliti*(l Iti the cuiii|uuty for ill.fUiJ,{&£
Bank of Montreal.
»..t_biit.»i»ri i»ll.
:»piui (all i*i«i up) $t2,tj(X),oju.ou
»4   t*lr.A
laml.    John D.   Rockefeller •iiuieicvervtmd*,.   thut   Mr.
It in *Ui\t«\ on  go«id  authority) from Sew York to attend  the re-; Wright «,••» in  rhe hal.t
that Knglantl will tai the utinei* of Option given to Katun, and  made'the clerk*- a- uoui
llie lUud 2/Ui milUuuf ».f d>»lUt> iu a »«i»otl »»jieecU.    Katun, iu  hit* ml* jdi**».,i**e \»*. **hHH'
order to help out the South African j dm*. mU\ that Him friendship r»util 5 he further **tat«tl
war eij*-n»t->.    Kaffir »t<«kholder* (not \te imtight ami that it nouid I**; taker* Wright g,»ve tip
Arm filled with eonntei nation *» they \ given alike to the man of  million* '• w henever   a  «*oti»|
expert**2 togft out of frying  very'and the  plniri   worker  for  wajir*. ..m. .»imI ;»-n «»-
Whittaki-r-j J|
if of H-ingfl J
iliei-j* in   otiler tu||T I
ItHII-MHtlollv. lllldlt  §
"that   Mr. Whit-lLl
• ti|w*lolhei'lerk*.||M(
\mm «s« f*<miinglijljj
ililheiiilen>t!» tit,%. Mi
ecc\ it\i i*i
CndivWed proflw  t   »   :>li\iiMM
HKAO   timet..   MUMTRKAl..
Hok. biKi-HTHATMfioXA a.id Mount Noyau fr.CM.O. I'tvsidenr,
Hox. (J. A. DRru-ioxn, Vice F*resident,
K. flp. CuovnTfS, -Ueneral Mannger,
Hi'an'jhei ut aFf onm of CAttn-tft, Ne**'Piar^l»n^, ■■*.>«*•.•. Hrftnfn. mul
the L'nited Statei.
New Denver branch
LE a DE VEKEU, Manager
M Eighth Year.
THE LEDttE, NEW DENVER. B. (J., JUNE 20. 1901.
J    I
IFrom a "aiper read by A. J Bensusan, A. R. S. M„ F. C. S., before the January meeting:
1 of the New South Wales Chamber of Mines
Vitbi many persons, only a few such   Mount Morgan was sold for cleaning:
literals and minerals as gold, silver, tin,
li-ad,  copper  and coal are associated
hearths before its value became known.
Coming  to  the actual labor of the
with mining' opeiations, but that great j prospector, much depends, of course,
American work, the "Mining Industry,''j upon what mineral he is after; if for
treats, among other matters, of the foi- j gold, he usually commences by testing
lowing': Alum, aluminum, antimony,
arsenic, asbestos, asphaltum, barytes,
bismuth, borax, bromine, chrome, clay
(including china clay and fuller's earth),
graphite, gypsum, marble, lime, mag*
nesite, manganese, mica, nickel, onyx,
ozokerite, peat, petroleum, salt, slate,
sodium, sulphur, talc, soap-tone, tungsten, whetstones, scythestonea, grindstones and zinc, and in addition to these
there are such substances to be recovered by mining as amber, diamonds,
and other aem stones, carbonic acid
gas, and kauri gum.
These, serve to show what a great
number of substances are derived from
mining operations. It would, of course,
take many lectures to deal even in a
\cursory way with so great an array of
minerals, and the writer does not propose to attempt such a task. The
enumeration of thes*e nieials and minerals is sufficient, however, to show
what an important industry that of
mining is to any country.
In the now Federated Colonies, for
instance, the gross value of minerals
produced to date has reached the fabulous sum of £408,504,108, and the industry employs over 153,000 men.
The value of minerals raised in New
South Wales to the end of 1899 is £125,-
933,945; for the year 1899 the value of
minerals raised in Ne v South Wales
was £0,080,501). The value of minerals
won in all the Colonies for 1899 was
£*22,'201,255, and the wool clip for the
same period is valued at £19,104,355—
so mining is the greatest industry in
the Commonwealth.
To concentrate the many subjects appertaining to mining into one lecture,
we must broadly class them under the
following heads:
Prospecting, or search for minerals.
Exploration, or how to reach them.
Exploitatiou, or the preparations
necessary to win them from the earth.
Metallurgical treatment, ormeaiiB of
-«i Lion.i
the gravel of rivers and creeks, by
washing dishes in it, and a few colors
may lead him further up the gully or
stream, where his prospects improve;
he goes on further, until, perhaps, he
gets no more indications, and knows
that he has passed the source of the
gold, which may be a quartz reef, or a
number of leaders or stringers in the
country rock. If sufficient inducement
offers, he probably gets to work to
search the immediate neighborhood, bv
digging pits and shallow shafts, and
before a payable discovery is made the
prospector will, doubtless, have many
stories to tell of the "duffers" he has
There is an old process known as
"hushing" sometimes resorted to. It
consists of damning' a quantity of water
in a "convenient place, and letting it go
gently at first, and afterwards with
force, so as to wash the hillside and denude it of its covering, with the hope
of exposing any lodes.
While searching for one mineral
others might be come upon, gem stones
or tin ore might be found in the. dish
when looking for gold. Some minerals
nearly always have others associated
with them: tin ore is almost invariably
accompanied by wolfi*am,schoi*l,chlorite
and fluor-spar; magnetic iron is associated with e.pidote, garnet and hornblende; galena, lead sulphide, the common ore of lead is seldon found without
it carries silver, and zinc sulphide blend
can almost always be expected in a
lead lode.
Exploration*.— The deposit for which
a search is made having been located,
it becomes necessary to explore it to
get an idea as to its dimensions and
value, and to decide on what equipment
will be required to properly work it.
The processes of boring play an important part in exploring many mineral
deposits; alluvial deposit* of gold, tin
or gem stones may be traced under
coverings "Oi~voi«Jsnic-origiii~or"~uver"
burdens ot later sedimentary deposits,
when it can be easily understood how
valuable a system of borings to it would
be, as also it is the case when testing
beds of ironstone, coal, salt and other
Most metalliferous minerals do not
occur in the reefs or lodes id a homogenous manner, but are there in patches
and chutes aud irregular bunches, and
it is so very important to decide, at any
rate approximately, the dimensions of
the chute of ore before the discovery
can be considered a mine on which it is
advisable to expend large sums of
money. It is most unfortunate that
proper attention is ho seldom given to
llie careful aud judicious projection
and exploration of a deposit before expensive nmcliin ry is erected, and
heavy outlav incurred; but daily wh see
evidences of this great neglect; and it
is not to he wondered at that there are
so nuny failures, among gold mining
companies especially. A vein or reef
or lode may he ever mo permanent in
character, hut the cliutee of payable ore
may be very few and far between, and,
what is more, in a great many instances
it has been proved that in quartz reefs
golden dime* live onK to shallow
depths. There are many who will
doubt lens contest this Htatement and
say that such has not been proved, but
the fact is none the less true and incontrovertible. Let us think of the hundreds of gold mining enterprise* that
have been started on promising shows
in the Colony since the discovery of
gold iu 1HM, and today the number of
payable gold mines can be named on
one'* lingers. The failures are to some
due to  had aud extravagant
to botanist* as "Viola calaminarla." i*| management, but in most instances, I
only recogniaed iu xliic districts, and (venture tn assert, the uon-suireM haa
analysis has revealed thr presence of arisen from the "p«tering" out, to use a
this metal in ils roots and flowers mining uhra*«, ol the pay chute
• ^ The  wild  **p*r*gu*  of   Itouinanla      No mine should be equipped with ex-
gro«« only iiwar sulphur. peiedv** machinery until MifHcietit «r«*
Coming neartr  home.  It haa b«*eii j has bt**\, proved iu sight to pay for ih«
ohowii    tlmt   t.h«  color   of   euiMlyptlls  mi Hay     It frequently hap-teiis that »h#
leaves Is lighter near the altiuile rock*
ol Buladitlla than thai of ••llier* in  Ihe
sanit* neighborhood
There are many discoveries made by
chance and by mistakes, and many by
Ktttlojriral dMlaetioti«.   Cobalt •*»,« «li*
is found in undefined bunches in the
rhyolite rock, but always in the vicinity
of the "pilot," a barren quartz vein a i
few inches wide which traverses the j
country.    There  are  only  a few in--,
stances,  but   when the features of a
district become known there is generally some special characteristic to guide
the miner to the enriched zones.
The course of a vein or deposit may
have been subjected to geological disturbances, and the exploration will generally show to what extent the result of
these has influenced its value. A lode
may be "faulted," and its continuity '
cut off, resulting perhaps in a neighbor I
having advantage of your discovery.
Knowledge of the direction and dip of
the faults and cross courses that interfere with the bearing of a lode influ-
ences the position of projected shafts,!
drives the other workings.
and manufacturer.
PnosPEtrriSG.—Not infrequently discoveries are made by mere accident, by
m«n having but the crudest ideas of
mines aud minerals, but these are generally on account of the fact that in
certain localities the valuable substances
are oozing out of the earth, so to speak,
and can't help being found. A farmer
plowing his land might unearth bright
•T'hHbstances, which may turn out to he
such mineials as lead, antimony, or
bismuih in their common forms of sulphides; or, perhaps, silver in ita native
state: or metallic gold, if the stone is
very rich, when he can hardly fail to
note that the substances are of value.
Much prospecting may be done by men
who set out definitely to search a locality for some particular metal in a more
or Ihm systematic ninuner, but for want
of a little practical geological knowledge, perhaps he passes over other
valuable deposits. A prospector armed
with some knowledge of Ihe mode of
occurrence of minerals, of the use of the
blowpipe, and of a few crude but useful
tests, is more likely to meet with success, and will assuredly waste less time
than one linking such advantages.
Here arc a few. not common, but interesting instances, of the indications
that help lo lend the ob*ervant and
ttaiued eye. to the goal it seeks:
lu Michigan and Illinois, iu the
I'ldted States of America, there l< a
plant known |iu*hII> m* the Lead Plan!
t Aimu-plia canescehsi. It i*a iow scrub
and is said to be only found ir the
vicinity nt lead lodes.
lu Spain, a convolvulus indicates cal
ciilin phosphate
In lllienlsh Prussia, a pansy, known |«xtent
A Colorado contemporary gives the
following hints to young miners:
Always designate the Super as the
"Old Man." it may inspire him with a
parental regard for some who evidently j
need a guardian. , .^	
Don't fail to cuss the blacksmith oc-1 >*&:=■::
casionally,  especially    if   your   holes    —
tfs-ure.   Never for a minute admit any (the last fellow you struck.   This will
fault of your own. | cause him to conclude rliat you think
Don't fail to call the foreman "Cap-1 -wic&as much of him ns vou did of the
tain."   It may impress him (where im-j ot',er •',!"0*v-
Should the other shift' accomplish
more work than yours insist that it is
only the result of your superior wisdom
and foresight in giving tliem a show.
If the rock should prove very rich,
pick rural! <d the handsome specimens
you can and s-ive them for the Super.
Nearly all tm-ifty, honest miners do
ave you
pressions are possible) with a more exalted sense of importance and indis-
Never fail to mention the way things
were done and run in some "model"
mine whereyou were formerly employed
This will create, the impression that you
are. a "master among craftsmen"
Never let an opportunity pass to enlighten the public at large with reference to all that transpires in and about
the mine By so doing thev will eventually know more about its workings
and prospects than those who are paid
top salaries for such knowledge.
Pick up all of the Cousin Jack terms
possible, especially if either your Super
or Foreman hail from the "Hornwall of
old Albion," ana fire them off frequently
whep in their presence. If this won't
make them feel homesick, they are
fully naturalised
If in drijling double-handed, you
should hit your partner, convince him,
if possible, that it was his own fault;
•eise~coi!SOie~iiiin~with~"tiie'"assu ranee
that he is not hurt nearlv half so had as
The warm weather has
struck us at last with a
venjreanee, and is evidently here to stay for
some time.
If your hdle- fail to explode, cuss the
fuse and d.-t.-iiators, as well as their
manufacturers; if the.y fail to break,
"blow up" the dynamite and its coin-
Should the Super and owners visit
you in the mine don't fail to chip in the
conversation at every opportunity.
This will probably prove the means of
your getting promoted—. somewhere
at Mrs. Merkley's
New Denver
When in need ol
are you prepared I
for it?
With    suitable   summer:
garments   If not. we were \
never in a better position I'
to supply your demands.
Here are a few lines that,
will interest you:
Summer Shirts \l
White   Duck itini
I'iquei, Willi insertion I
lilimnini*. ni *;* 2 .vi. :■ ".'iimil 4..'Ji
Linen Crash and Denim Shirts
1'liiln or Ti uimii'il with while lirulii
hi •l,J.-,.'«. * .mi,.." .'■. ami S.Vieiicli. '
I *i/Hac' DlmicAc >■• l'ili»t«. M(i»lin« iimi i
LdUPw-   OlOUSGd I',real.-     while    .-ml
j i-ulorMl. •!/•" W t" it. m *■'<-, 1,1 .t.\
I l„Vi. i, -nd?,.'"«a<'h,
j Ladies' Parasols $J!S r.',L;!.,V;,rv'
handle., .ll l Vi, I ',\. !. l.'H. .1. i.'H.
I mnt i 'iiii'Mcli
j Ladies'Gloves rt.1'ik;;a"''"
i White uiiilrewit kill  pit  It ll |i*lr
i boll' •' Kt'l t>|u.e*   white, erenm
| li-inon. with iilm k tucko. «* *1 J.,
mnt 1 .'«'h pair.
:Ladies' Hosiery '„„!:.":; Ia'***a
j ml .Wa |alr.
I Ladies'Corsets lv\',-.,u.m_:!;;:
i «l|i.il «.ii*i ut i.   ;.'«■ mul >) juh.
! Nelson, B C
Picture   Framing"   and   Koom
Moulding, write to
NIXsiiX. ||. v.
A      Mull uiiln. ten lv |.|.illi|.l ttOilitliili      A
H. giegerTch
Staple and Fancy
Ajjent for
Don't forget to pay your respects to
the carpenter if the timbers fail to lit,
and declare tha'. either his square is not
perfc-t nr else his mechanical ability is
not sufficient to construct a chicken •
Don't say too much about the. engin
eer.   "He lias the drop on you."
John Williams is not «*oin<r to Kurope
this summer. He is too busy planning*
new surprises for those who buy fruit
and bon-bons.
Grimmett Block, Reco Ave.
Sandon, B. C.
Rente Collected.   District agent for
The Great West Life Assurance Co., Winnipeg, Man.
Ai?ent Norwich Union Fire Insurance Companv.
Connection* Fire Insurance Co., of Hartford
-■Etna Fire Insurance CompHiiy,
rticenlx. of Hartford. Conn.,
Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Company,
Imperial Registry Company,
The  Dominion of Canada Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company*.
Three Forks
B. C.
Provides accommodation for
the travelling public	
Pleasint rooms, and good
meals. The bar is stocked
with wines, liquors and
cigars. HOT and COLD
HUGHNI\ENf Proprietor.
Are you thinking»r hnyiiiK? See t'lemi' lirst.
lliey arc without doulit. the leading American
Made Watch. Perfect lieatities. See them in mv
Watch repairins ;it right price*. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Return postage paid mi nil ivpair«
sent hy mail.
GA WAGKIMMETT," Graduate < •ptician
and Jeweler.
SA.N'UOX. B. <*.
To THOMAS SHEA,  owner  of :m undivided
one-eighth {) iiiiercst in tlie NuMi mineral
claim,situated on Keco mountain, aud adjoining Blue Bird and Trnde Dollar mineral
claims,and recorded at ."Jew Denver record
TAKE NOTICE, that I. B. \V. Bull, have done
1    and recorded the annual assessment work as
required by Section -M ofthe Mineral Act, on the
above claim for year ending July 15, 1900, and
that your share uf expense of snid work is now
due.   Should you fail tn contribute your share of
exjienditurefor above work together with cost of
this advertisement   I will at expiration of said im
days apply to Recorder to have your interest in
nhoveclaim transferred to me, pursuant, to section 4,Mineral Act Amendment Act.KKO.
B. \V. BULL.
Fire Valley. B. C, March 28.1901.
to supply builder* and contractor*
witl> all the above building materltils.
Ourk products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at the
Spokane Kx|>o8itioii. The Lime tha*
we are now inHi.ufacturinj? is not
excelled. Spi-cinl quotations to en*
tractorn on application.
ToV. H. BEHNE, or to any person or jiersoun
to whom he may have transferred his interest
in the Miner Boy mineral claim, situate on
the north side of Carpenter creek,  in the
Slocan Mining Division of West Kootenay
District and recorded in the Recorder's office
at Acw Denver. B. C, ou July 4th, 18!«,
VOU or any of you are herehy notified that we
1    have expended two hundred  and fifty-six
dollars and fifty cents  in  labor and improve-
mente upon the. above mineral claim, under the
provision of the mineral act. and if within ninety
llil VttJlYim  thai. {tat,i if., kin _■**.«!...._..-. *_ 11 T.	
fuse to contribute your pro|lortion of sucb tx-
lienditure*. together with all cost of advertising
y»ur.-Interest In said mineral claim will liecome
the property ofthe underslgnc under section 4
(f an Act entitled An Act to Amend the Miners!
Act IWiO.
Dated this Md day of March. 1901
To K. J. MATHEWS, or u> miv person or persons to whom lie may have transferred hi*
Interest in the Hattie E :nlntir*,l claim, at
Cluciereti-ek.a tilbutary of Wilson creek,
nine miles from Three Fork", aud recorded In
the Record nfflce for the Skx-an Mining
1 expended One Hundred Dollar- in !nb rand
iuinroviuieiiiK u|«m the above mentioned mineral
c aim. in order to hold said mineral claim under
In provUioiinol the Mineral Act, and il within
ninety days from ihe date of tliis notice you fall
orrifuseio rnnl'lliiiic your pro|«<riiou of such
e_|»inliturc. together with all eost* ot advertising, your interest In .aid claim will Income the
properly of the siili«i-riberiindir Section 4 ol an
Act entitled. "An Aci to Aiin-nd Iln- Mineral Act
.,.,      „   ,     ,. ,     'loSEl'll B  MAKT1N.
I bee Fork*.. It I', March Ji. l!.i|.
TUtKIS  MAI.LAf K.   I.KvmiY,   V.SV-
KM.O, anil «|(l«;o   | |{.%< | |<l\  Mineral
Al.\-.\\'ll|<l H
p    \\f     U'llll
<U*tMVM III  i IIIIIMHI   •'.•    *
;.'._.; m v.. ,w i'«.w<- .'.V'.w^.Vj
(V«>fi*i* W99 Jims**!! lw Sumitiidi \iiWili"-»Mi»
from eimnliMtiiiii nr fin-n mineral in
ltiinviHiiitfi ti! tbt' wmiiluit DUnii'm-la
in .NJUlti Mriim, una ji'<»l<l m ' hiiIkjiiih,
wtrt* IihiimI liv ilitiH-t*. A jpNilflfl.f
ilitcotrtriti pliri-jiliatc of Htn»* in Frittm*
lit/ *uml> -iiiir *M«tiil thai »_*. ii.nl tugtvf
a rie\H v,\',r tn r.rh-k« ,\n\ mitt#riil
of« fwculinr j*|i*H*.ir*.iur in * -lirtri't
nhouliS W i-nrtjiM^v i*tmnin«»i» V or
y**.r* tn»* I'rrnt t'«m»t.«-t. Iwl** hi Sr-
X9&* *>h* worVn! f>«r y<»)il. AiA I'*- t'h-Ii
[ t'*llft«r «uin<l. whleh eT^titn»lly ttirtir»l
}i*ut t>* tt *ilrri <-he*ri4r. **»*, -3<H*<_
tlu'i.WV. HiW*}. Tlm* lU'xkt'iv Hit! >tlti*v
Minr, S hi'towr*-., •»..-** Iftn** ^»z--<^'% »<%,n
ti*r   fir.     7'fie*   fmrfin*   pniti\>>-   "fr-   »*
inin«*r citw Im* l«l tn |Myahlf clunks of
ort* by i-erlain nmrkwi iiiilittlioii*. in a
jiartHuUr<li»trin Th#re «r«'. for in*
mi*rnf. tti«* well known "iwlimfor*" of
HiiUnrAt, wfiicli t*onsi«t of nflrrnw lm\n
ofaUtr •.-ntaininjf cryt»l«lt» of pyrttr*!
f,. .«..(. ,,■ am *..«,« it* »«.r fUKiM, i .   ,,,
v.v   ii.i:m: ,v,v.-  ,•,,,•--,•,
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
lij      l.'VJi'l'.kl},
whb g"vl «/'* i*. »-|»ex.l*<l in  (tit-  (iiiie
illy, nlMk* i»t*My, whftn » q'lttwta?  «"-*twf
iru»n«* one of th«f- (li«it is iimitllv civ*
rkhiiMiMl     At Kmigilifig. in  N'or*>At,
\he «jjv«*j vciiim ju*4> ifuui) id tlif vivinily;
nt  ihr  "fahliMiwI*"   tnne*   »f  quart/'
ncliiat, miv.! whi«», hnmlilt-iiil* ichiflj
■ml i-hliiiiti- %vl.i»l  iii;|in-^iiati-.I   with;
Iron ji>f »!#••. hut arr fwrnr «hru lli^y
fm** f lir»u_li iii!<< ihr grtiM    In Ilrrliy*
ihirt*. tlir n-nA vnio mt* iiruOhU'livt-  in
the: llmrntoii*. *n<\ Art ir~ttfrNlt\   jn*if
in lln-**i*»a<l*'ti>ii»-1   ftti hiirtWf)d*"1 tata
Al <i*.i«i|'it*.«,mevti«Jart<I, tli»* tt>*U ar*
MiWMy* miii'r a*>U t#<*ting  iu  criimn
hAtitt*nf  l'l;ul   -.l-A'e.   uiUuli   inrtiirfw**
«i**#"fiwi«ii*«    miii#-   *»>.i!itiiift   ift/j   ftAtiifti?,
S99l9rhtm>r: nr  f'.itiiniifa, rli* i-**.trt itrr*
Store Fronts
Show Cases
r>.... -   t*    •« , .
<>ioiw   _i.  l>_i
Fancy Glass
llnjrf *ik| };\|»«si i ..)
HIiillKVI i'ltlt »>
iM'o.Mi'T Id; i rm's
HIM  ♦.HwiMtMlIM
Wlicn Iii NKLSON'sr-ftom-
$25 Suits
I). SKIN'NKK, Tiillor
Fred. J. Squire,
General Drayln?: Mining Supplies ana Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
-itui-iti in Mir :-.lniiiii Mfniui; IHvl.ion of \\>m
K'l-tenay dMri.-t IV'he < loeahd: tin
imiil Uoiiiil.iin ■•in- mile iioMlieimt of New
P   r»  *any Aon''r»l»K Nol'IcK T|W, I   llnl.n   |    Tw|k-i*, *«
P. O.BOX6BO    |    llt!tl_ f„, V.,.,1, *.-    M.'X.m.hl.  r't-i'.-Miiiir-a
 ' eiiihi-uic N*., |i *i»».;: HttiiMiii  If    Will, Yrtf
Miiier'n tirlili. un- \ ll -cil"; .mil Alum
ili'iiiijw.n . Kr«'. Miner-iiitltir t< S".. It,'*«:<<,
iipinii|rtidii>-li'i|ii Ihe dull -hereof lo*|.ply lutnr
Miiiln,- ltci-iiit!.i li.r .Vrtitic-ii. of Improve
ii.'it* foMli«-Hniiu«r of iih;.,:i.li,y * ii.ttniiiai.l*
..! nilii.f thtaltot'efUliu.
*i il loillin l.ilii-iiuiicr  id,,'    .n'.iii iinijir *n •
li..n .,, iipu-i i.. coiiiiiii in in i«'!nri' I tie I'MiKhi * i,l
• mil 1-eitiHcati » nf lui|iiuvi in. n|.
Du«t| thitMli «l.«, •••  Inn      K ll    |-o|
it    i     UV.'i.li
(Kl«\ll    Vipp-ihI i'Ihh,
MKl-.c    tu   ().-     si,,, an     Mtoipii    I'lVi.li.n   «.»
•Act    Ko- L.l.i)    D*'lii!        U ll. r.     In..i|»li|
i 111 ||,,i». „, , ,„ i.
•I'AKt; Miriri rn.ii m...... i   i«•_*...«.
I .'kfini for TIm—...tii.h i ..i..,.i., i,„»ii fjinii,
l.liiiltnl, Free Mlicr »«VrOit. jn Xo r.<»i|/, ^,,.1
l.e-.tw-eW IIiip.Ii «, r II- Mliu-l * I'l Ulltiiite Vn
• il'iT',. ihlMill i|«n lint friii li,. ,|a|» |ti|-r.if,
t..ti|.|ih Tntht Mliiiiiir lf„..r,(.r f,,. ,, i , ,i|((, nt*
•t luipruii im mil. fur In inirjNin „• .l.uiuii,^
.• Oi.wr *.T«til «.f 1ti«   »li  »i  .:*!«,
Anil liiflifi i.k. i,.,i!i. i|ix! ,„i|.,|    iii.il. r^»i
lion 1,   lliii'l l»   i nrnii,riin.|   I*-,.,* 'I,,   imiu»ih»,
"I »i i li CiillH. aii ..I Imii r.ni-u.j -,,<%
l»*»«l tfil« id il iv .* Mat-. |*»ii.
t'i*:KHi:trt t   \w jM,
<»tir »«im»ijj»'wapiiiii meet mII Suit*
<Imv tr.-iftf*.
"y   ' « * rtutgn, n.c.i _«daic n_r>n and Kack *..:;r.afs
J. E. Anqrignon " *"**"■
vacaiiiifl Trips
Tf«* l^ailitiir
Finest Shop ia the Slocan.
Brick HI<ck.   IWIU-vtir A*«„  NV»
l>i»n»rr, B «.*,
II    |l.ittl*.   Viw I* hull m
»n»f !i.,ii« Kiifi
»p » •'
r»rr.„l|rtl   t«*i.t»i   tull.   lMl..tiM*llnt
•It.    »!»**».« • ■'■
«»    H   '■ *UHY.l I.
•'  I*. ll.  Ii.t-i.1. V»w Kit.*
Charles Hillyer, Manager
iroiaoii. n. c.
H. E. T. HAULTA1N, C. E.
•irfttK^-*. *.... Vi*» -aw
N'ew Ilenvcr, B.C.
Si. James
« s**.imamAvo..Pnm.i
Itn-t re-7« to itut dtj■-(iMnknuttte rx»«»~lli_r n_t*t* with »h« but ofi
r.i^U'.ii's. ■Ai.i'' I i_ u. s. -*    P*-»i m-p, v M>* li.rt^i* - 'ii
i'.•lA.t.iffcl.'ii ,\\ K.vmiwnos
l!.ri'!7\ll ti.  iVi. »,!.
on..- \*t h||» ■.». \>,, Aiiv-i*.'    , .«>.
l.i  Mini i 11    i   I.A.il   I,   ll| ,  |,1 r\i ,
>AS  I'KAM'lHll. »,m»,
•!u|\ i;t. »|. 1.*,
« MI.InHAN   IAMKVV*   .'     n\\ . \
TI«iX.riNnx\7\Til. »a:»
• «t» .', :*.
NATltiNA!   Kill «'.\*n«»\u
l<r. \ ».•'-, i    t.» *.'
• Ml* .'   .'..
f.-r fmr -»M, .   .!..»,,     ,. ,   ,     ,,
•• < v §.LUi -* '... , r, ».t .... »■ .»,,.»
\*«v V.
M, t. thttt, tt.  f*   i,.
-. **.(»•
V.,w%., |H   t THE LEDG-E. XE\Vr DfcJiSVEK, B. C. JUNE 20, 1901,
Eighth Year
The grass is green, the, sky is blue,
Honey's sweet, and so are you.
1 feel all throbby when 1 see
You look across the room at me
Oh, how 1 like to sit all day
And watch you while you teach away
The rose is nice and sweet to smell,
My love for you no tong-ue can tell.
1 wish that I was thirty-three,
For ma says that's what you must be.
—Chicago Record-Herald.
MIGHT    DO    IN   XE*ff    DKXVEU.
"The most original joke 1 ever
heard ot," said an old-timer yesterday, "was that of h saloon keeper at
Kit Carson in the very early days.
Carson was a typical frontier settlement. It had drawn within its
boundaries a mixed population of
hunters, gamblers,soldiers, Mexicans,
frail women and loafers, with occasionally an industrious man who was
willing to work for his living. In
the summer of 1871 the town grew
frightfully dull and the boys had
plenty of time in which to practice
the favorite western amusement of
practical joking One day old Sam
Tate, who kept the Alhambra saloon
and dance hall, was accosted by a
man who professed to be desirous of
obtaining employment.
" '\Vant work, d'ye?' said Sam.
'Well you don't look like a man that
wanted it very bad.'
" 'But I do,' persisted the man, 'and
I am willing to do anything.'
" 'Kin you turn a grindstone?'
queried Sam, as the bright idea
•truck him.
" 'I certainly kin,' responded the
stranger, whereupon Sam closed a
contract with him to stand in front of
the Alhambra for 30 days turning a
grindstone, his pay to be at the rate
of $2.50 a day,
"The next morning all of Carson
drifted around to witness the curious
spectacle of a man turning a grindstone. Sam sent out word that anybody who had axes, knives or tools
uf any sort to sharpen could have it
done free at the Alhambra. The
news quickly spread and soon the
saloon and the sidewalk in front of it
____«H*r_i-*a rtr*f\\Ainaii «_'i_"r__„a„i»'_ ._is>£-11 a m-nnc.
 "TT-OI C~Vl \J ▼•/ UV>vl ITlf[l-*»-tUI3<JUIinil^VU.iJ
crowd of people with a miscellaneous
collection of dull implements.   The
humor of the situation went home to
everybody and a period of conviviality waR inaugurated such as the town
had never known before.   Day after
day the patient man at the grindstone toiled at his task, and day after
day the bar at the Alhambra did a
whooping  business. - The   firsr day
more than enough was made to pay
for the whole 30 days ot grindstone
turning.   The other saloon keepers
commenced to grumble, but still the
circus at the Alhambra continued to
go on.    When the news had spread
up and down the, road,  visitors from
abroad commenced to pour in.   New
life  was Infused   into tlm  waning
spirits of the population.   There was
a great spurt in horse racing, gambling and the other shirts of the border.   A new store or t tvo came along
and a lot of new buildimjs went up.
The ridiculous circumstance of a man
turning a grindstone had given the
town a boom.   Old Sam Tate simply
coined money, and his dance hall
was crowded all thc time.   The patient and taciturn man who gronnd
away with that grindstone became
•omething ol a popular hero.   One
night a lot of rovelers emptied the
water out nf tin* littln* bo* which kept
the .tone moist and filled it with silver
dollars   100 of them.   At other time,
he was given preaentit and when hia
SOdaya had expired he found himself
richer by several hundred dollar*,
Ills dogged |H'i'sintency at that grind-
•tune laid tin foundation for quite a
fortune uiade later in the cattle bait*
nt'di    Hu* the iM'indstone man and
Sam Tiiti* were the only onea who
really phitiitMl, for Kit Caraon wn* a
doomi"! fiMiiiiiiinlty. tin* word having
gone mil that her mil road branch to
L.i-1 Aiuiip.i.-, nuhi Im- abandoned and
uk«*n up"—KaiiiwftCity Journal.
OVIMItlll    MIMK1.
I In- I'tiT'iiM niiiH' nt Mi**Mfii*-*it*.ii
l.aUi-  Miiii-itm, liii-  «..li|  for  l^tl   iln-
IIVi-lv    :iii,,|l     |im-Mi    liilin   (,(   trilUlmil
ben fiti'i* m■ ,i; *'i..*.*> ■ tun. This mine
w.i- ii|.i-in'.i ,t .em   .»jo m«l inadi* it*
lii-t «in|.iin-hi. in ,liigu»t of l»«t yMr,
,,-,,. •    . i . ,   .i ,,i ,i ,. ....., ....
-i :
It  'im.,'!-:  ...:,'»m t.v.%  l**i  yi*ar.   A
"i-riiii'i  iii-iii-i   •» iiuw bvinst in*
#lall«*'l itiit will in* ii« (i|ti«ralii>ii in a
IllU'iih .if v       Tlie  '!.-s .•iuplllflltl   *ll««*
tliNl mini.* *„'•*-. Ml. ••! t.••)*. ul on* vxi*t
iipnn rlit* iii ifii'i M
Tli* <'lt-iJin* ivniiii itf in building*
iniii'isi'l iii im- .lii.t-i'liin.', » newly  flit
»-«»v»*n*.l    i, tjt*    M.    thi*    Mkriipfroten
lAltfC A*i    ■ ■**    .ii.i-   i »tftnl! nihijilOI-nt
thi*. >.-«r 1'u'i* -pur, • h ill b.* an iin*W*
tfi'4»uii'i i.i'n^««iti •!( iti'l i* •up;m>**«*>1 tn
>** lartfi. j i.tj . .'.4 •• •H*_H«*m*r nr*
The bureau of mines is now engaged ,
in mapping and exploring the vicinitv
of the Helen mine, Micliipicotcn range,
and will be at this work nearly all summer. The oie body here is on si foot-
wali of banded magnetite nnd individualized silica The formation is very
More than 100 prospectors are at
work in the countiy east of Nepigon
river, where there are said to be ore.
formations and outcroppiugs. The best
geologists do not regard the indications
as promising and examinations made
for the Carnegie and other companies
have been fruitless.
At*ttt*.- «n-"« on-am or tartar powder
Nashville, III.—John Rhodes, an old
reclouse, who lived in a lonely hut in
the southern part of the county, w*as
found dead on June 3. There were
evidences of foul play and the coroner
and a number of citizens made an examination of the cabin which resulted
iu,the discovery of three big rattlesnakes coiled up in an empty barrel.
The snakes were killed and under a
bed of leaves where they had been
sleeping an old tobacco pouch was
found, half filled with money. In a
barrel two black snakes were found. It
is believed that Rhodes made the snakes
ids companions and that they guarded
his money.	
Huxurdlnsc an Answer.
A poet in the New York Press begins some pathetic verses in this
questioning style:
"Why should I beat at the barricade
Why should I weep at the bar?"
"Well, the only answer that occurs
to us is that those unpleasant things
happen to tbe poet because he persists
in living in a town where the Sunday-
saloon closing ordinance is strictly
enforced."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking Powders containing
alum.  They are Injurious to bealtU
ffl-8KF2_R K2CS3S2CS ESX-_3__3___X___US
WvTIia _"k_. _r ■ s . —- ii  wn.
v Business
1890 j   Established in Nelson     1890 j
Xo Telephone N<*«>«.«4ni*)-.
"Why don't you have your house
and your office connected by telephone? Then your wife could call
you up when she liked ''
'"Oh, she wouldn't care anything
about that. She'd rather wait till I
got home and call me down."
Retirement  from the Wovld.
"I heard that your sister went into
a convent for two years "
"No. she was visiting our aunt in
The. majority of cam shafts are made
of wrought iron. The practice of mak-
eis differs. Steel, being cheaper, is
frequently used for tlu^e shafts.
Is eminently progressive. He does not follow in a i
rut; he worships no ideals ofthe past: he is of the1
times and with the times;  he seek* constantly to'
^•TS11?6' t0 imProve« to.give broad-minded and;
skillful service;   he not only buys early, but he1
studies his business minutely; he recognizes the im-j
■ Xi   j-**,      __* P01'^ fact that his stock should consist of goods
that are as widely different from "the other fellows" as can be secured     He picks'
outlines that are progressive, up-to-date and superior as to special features style;
and finish, then gets his goods in early, is not afraid to liberally displav a com-1
plete assortment of his various lines so as to impress his trade with the confidence
he possesses.   He familiarizes himself with every detail as to quality and manu-l
facture of his goods, sets a good fair price on them and sticks to it, proclaiming!
quality, perfection, long wear.    Send for prices    Call and see us: we are here to'i
serve you.       (^r ^SS^^'SaXdJrr«t?JS.^i_?_:'_«_«>^^ JACOB DOVER
TilK   iIRWKI.ICIt      VaiJ^T'i.
pan ol Today
Kootenay Coffee
Healers in Teas and Coffee.
AU grades and prices, A
trial order solicited	
F. C. Box lfte. West Baker St.
(Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale,
Wanted,Lost,Strayed. Stolen, Births. Deaths.
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Le^al, Medical, etc,,,
are Inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
25 Cents each insertion. Each five words or less
over 2 ' words are live cents additional.]
Modern ProgreH*,.
She—You have been away in the
country, haven't you?
He—Yes. Visiting some people I
used to know when I was a boy.
She—Particular friends?
He—Oh, no.   Father and mother.
Japanese jj-old placers in 1900 yielded
about §1500,000 The copper production
was 27,840 tons, being- the third largest
in the world.
Hen Wanted
to wear
We can serve vou
equally as well' by
mail as if you left
your v, a tell personally.
] f yon w ant a new
watch send us I li * -
money i*"U intend tu
iiivi-«f iu one, avid
di'-t-rib'' the style
preferred, ., and we
will <cnd you the
Ix-st viilue procurable
fur tin' money.
Service next Sunday MOHXIXG at U o'clock.
A. E. KOBEKTS. Pastor.
iienter creek-ALPS. ALPS FRACTION,
and ALTORUS-Cro'wn Grants obtained. Apply, W. J. MCMILLAN & CO., Vancouver, B.C.
SEVKRAI. THOUSAND old newspapers, at
_     TilK LEIX-K.      „ A .
TRAINED NURSE, Is o|«ii  tor engagements.
Address- SLOCAN. B.C,
I'lHlEO. MADSON. Nelson;  B. C. mainline-
1.    tares  rents, Awiii«u*s, Hor-e and  Waifmi
Covers, and all kinds of Canva> (Toods.
Brown Bros.,
The Jewelers, Nelson.
Dealer in
Van Cam[> Lunch Goods, Confection-
crv and Fruit.
Newmarket Block.        New Denver
Whose O
Place *
Fresh Fish all the time. __ MEALS
NELSMN, li O.      Cur. WARP _ 11AKKII Sts.
.    11! .11.    Tile I110»t complete M r k  I   Til
on theCnullnentiii Nordi Aiuerl- II CA L I II
en. Situated midst scenery nu nrnnnf
rlvallitlforiii-iindeur. HoiitiiiK. n CO U n I
Kisbliiwr and Kx<tusioiis Resident I'liyslclan
and Niii-su. Teleurapldc coiniiiiiiiicaiiun wild all
|nirti» of the world: two mails arrive and depart
every dny. Its luitlies cure all uervotw and
tnusculaf diseases; its waters heal all Klilney
l.lvor and Siovnacli AilniMitf. Terms; p-'ifttnutK
per week ttocnrrlhiit to residence In hotel or
villas. The price ot a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
vein-round uiMl«ood for so day-,, l* -.'U.'i, Halcyon Nprliws. Arrow Lake. H. C,
Vlt   HKVLANP   Kmjiue.tr nod I'lovlnelal
,   Lund Surveyor,   Sandon.
Poultry iiioh. the time.
D",rable Residence For Sale
Tin- \V*nlri.|*r t3.»n»i;.-i nice «||u.itlon unl
In »ii»v; fuiir Ih r^.- r-ioiii. wild kltctien and two
»ii>itU r *<ni»    Larir*1  vertn.lti   nel plutfotlii nil
•runul i)i« l|iiu*f.   T«ro l-jt«. iVtinii jiml t'riiwn
In*lll:niee A«»ntd, Mlltudi Heal F>tat«.
■QiA#\#le.    nn*w^ir>rt
V. TKKTJ5KI. A VAl.,   Nelson,   II. C.
ptf.ileniii all 1'iu^s .in.. Aiviyei*'**iii|f
I    It.   OAMKHON,  Suiilmi    M Hinlartiire*
•lt   iJlottilmr *•> order;   nut snlii-iM |iNiMintt(«
Iimiii -II '■|it»«i'».
Wlioloaalo   Merchants.
'pI'UNKK.   HKKTON   ,t   t'O..  WholnMh.
1    Mip|iliBiit*aiei Imi'or'i'i-n;  Linii'rs. CIkhi*
ami Pry fiomts     .V,-is.n   V-im-iiiiWr. Victoria,
mid l.ouiloii. Ku.
fOIIN*    <'IIOI.|»fT4'H    A   I'll,,     Nelnori,
#1    llii|iort<'i«. Wlioli'*nl'-(ir'i-i'i.miil Provlnloii
Millll ml-
D. flcLachlan's
Spring Hats
New Denver, B. C.
Gold * ..WI Gold and Silver. .* .75
Lead..: 50 1 Gold.ailv'r.copp'r l.ftO
Samples by mnll receive prompt attention.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers of Fine Laser'Beer and Porter-the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B. C.
Stoies at SANDON, KASLO, ami NELSON.
..14JS9_l.tttl.-St. Denv«!-,-Colo„
Cigar Co.
Union MB;;^m California
Label    Marguerite Witie CO.,
PicrcirQ Bouquet   I'   "*~—nelson, b.c,
vlgdlb Our Special
El Condor
"Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Wholesale dealer* In
Kor iiiIit* :i|i|ily to—
W. .). Mt'MILLAN StOO.    SCxllller
Wholciiili' Aifonts lor B.C.
Viincouviii-, lt,U.
HHuUiiff and Puoklnj? to Mines,
and general local business.
New Dfiivnr, II, V,
In N'nw Denver    Kh^,v t*rinn.   Apply t > liKO.
K. SMITH, or thl«nfllcii.
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars    "^
Agents for Calgary Beer.
Family & Commercial.
' Rooms
9, %Sw**A*Ay%*%*%%%,%r4
Fitted with every modem
convenience. Special protection against lire. Rates $2.50
and #3 per day.
Reports, Kxnmfnatlons and Management.
NEW DENVER,   -   B.O.
Hai hut nyearnexix-rli*!!!'.' in dentil worb.ind
iimke* t »|n-i'l«itv of Oold Hrl'li*.' Work.
Most complete Dental Office In B. C.
— -j
i*   I,. <rmtlsTlt-;, I.. I., it,, ll.iriiti.'i   So*
I   ,   Hclt'ir.   V.iMiy PiiMlc      iiiiilmi    H   V...
f.\ii\ r'rld.»> h HtiverM.. tl
IN   Al.l. hTYI^S  AM»
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
Sl'lKEs /mul ."K5tn,"tiii'
Ml.. l.ltlMMKlT, l„  I., ii., H„rrlit.r,i
,    v.iH.'Hi,.   V,,.,ir-   Vnlili ',i,,J..i,. p. (*"
Hriincli Ofllci- ,ir Sew |h>nvet ever. Sitimlny
(Jatal^uc Free.
VIM'IT*  t» «■*,'?.• I,*TV
n urnm:m,d %
rpHKt Am.lMlTOMuIIOTi:i„ SI.*.,, VM^
.vim,  atii riistt ,i Hi.Mii.Hmiit      *
»»*• W '**riijint*-r R'«*i1 Vshroiivfri H, C,
forget the
mmm ■■ _0**__l^
Lake Shore
nrs.j.H.wereiey's   Laundry
A lull lit.f o» Silverware ind choice1
Oonlecibnerv *t
I^.I jn_^_iH T    ■      *f\ m" wT tf\ m^m   K*   wtmw, tf M 9 f   p—wi I 4T% 9 w f9 if% t*9
at wonderfully low prices
FintWHilELAWHWAJSTS «y\* *.,..«.,'iu\ ..... BLAuK •£uuLOiitpSiLKWAiSTS w,,„.;»„;,„x,
iritnrii. d loit vsrltty ot HrTt-ct*, *lllt ■*•••.• *iilrln. u. tui'dlo..   oil»"if   vnrir-iv .it .iv««. ami in vnTij,'i th't rjnav iioiii >|.Vi lo **; tuclo*.'
li*i»l<fM > »r hrr . ^ l .00 to $000  'mt.iii*»*lt-«14.t#n.   V«mi rholr*       $2.50
•tvlc*  70-TO»2    will'iii«.iiiiiu-,iu<li*ir«ll'.v.-irihlir<.I"t    coiwiT.t livlit wit   M i *•. <-rr*m nn. Ulm-k,
.ri.|il.iM..i (ii.it.diiick*, $1 to 2 60         $6.SO
J.*t>(lllir Ht    V^t» I'X'f ttt
< I	
Fred. Irvine & Co,
f   AM. SIZES ash STYM»
J    •tVKKYU>WI»H!rfS


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