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The Ledge Feb 18, 1904

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— •~"HUa«5sas.3_Ct- >
. .--"^.y^^" '"^sms*^y ;,v-v
f  y
Volume XL, Number 21.
Price, 82 a Year, in Advance
from the Cake
from Pop-
Why not
Geo. D#vis  returned
last week.
Joe Winter returned
lar this week.
Sandon wants a bank,
send to Eaton's?
The Japs have captured and invaded Port Arthur.
A diver is looking for the car of
bullion lost off the slip at Slocan.
Born,—In New Denver, Feb. 13,
to the wife of Herman Clever, a son.
Geo. Clarke and Geo. Eogers are
working two shifts on the Glenore.
Frederick Stock has taken a lease
on the Chapleau,  on Lemon creek.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Taylor returned from their eastern trip this
Born,—In New Denver, Feb. 12
to the wife of C. A. Sandiford, a
The Comstock and Hewitt each
from Silverton.
John Mclntyre, who has been
employed at the Enterprise, died
at the Nelson hospital last Tuesday.
The wall atlas sent as a calendar
by the Winnipeg Telegram, for
SI.50, has several valuable maps of
The Presbyterian ladies are arranging for a social to bo given on
the evening of March 1st, at the
home of Mrs. Harry Strickland.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H,, and C. A.
Sandiford went to Nelson on Monday to meet a representative of the
Bosun company, from England.
If wo judge from natural indications, and pitt New Denver's birth
record against that of sister camps,
she is the livest corpse in the
A largo audience greeted Rev. T.
Crosby last Thursday evening in the
Methodist church, and his address
on his work among tho ludians was
very entertaining.
Miss Grenfell, schoolmistress at
Nakusp, came to tho Slocan Hospital on Saturday to have a fracture
of the nose set. She was hit by the
handle of a pump windlass.
A wne smelter for B. C. is the
next thing to encourage mining
in the Slocan. Keep your optics
lifted high and your feet tight set
on the silver c imp, and you will
como ont winner in tho end.
Nat Tueker nnd Geo. Long have
struck a big body of high-grade dry
oro on the Lew Dillon group, situated on Four Mile, near tho Fisher
Maiden. They are drifting on the
ore and the showing i in pro vei with
every foot.
Tho Nelson News wants to know
what New Denver want* of a
coffin. Dead easy: to bury the
ideas dropped on tlio trail by the
Sandon scribe when he comes down
'.*u iiiii m tern! Mie epitapfis on the
iw.iiuftiuticn in tha tittle city of
sleepers near the railway station.
Possibilities are bright for New
Denver "when Spring open*."
Willi vm* isosun working, the
Mountain Chief, Hartney, Marion.
Sinfi and Neglected employing
small forces, the Mollie Hughes,
Capella aud other Goat Mountain
to Poplar I properties in tbe hands of strong
companies, and a big sawmill at
Rosebery—well, just watch the old
town move 1
Regarding the report that is current to the effect that a zinc smelter
will be erected in the Slocan by
Belgium people, we are enabled to
say that U. Fernan, of Newcastle-
on-Tyne, and Oscar Legebere, of
Brussels, are at present in the Slocan, guests of Mr. Gintzberger, and
have been in the camp since the lst
of January. They have already
visited nearly all the silver-lead
and copper districts in B C. for the
purpose of gathering necessary information regarding, the mineral
production of the country, with the
view of establishing important industries. It is said by one in position to know that the silver-lead
mine owners will, within a few
months, be greatly benefited by
their visit.
cuted. Entertainment was provided in tableau, cards, etr\, for
any who did not indulge in dancing,
and refreshments were served.
It was, indeed, an enjoyable
event, and was participated in by
many from Silverton, Sandon and
sister towns. Everything was
served free.
iidon news Crcppin
It has been said that a Pythian
is at home any place.     And this
may be  true;   but a   Pythian at
home, and a Pythian's At Home
convey vastly different meanings.
The former means a Pythian always at home with the public, and
the latter means the public at home
with Pythias.    If you  cannot see
the distinction,  you will have to
turn out on next Monday evening,
and have it demonstrated to your
satisfaction.      Promptly at 8,  in
Pythian Castle. New Denver lodge
No. 22 will be   formally opened.
At 8:40 the doors will be thrown
open to the public, and at 9 o'clock
the ring master^HLcrackJhejvhip,
fof~~tlie~prograni to begin.     The
important part for all is to be on
time.    The   rest   will be demonstration,  concluding with a feast
and what-not.    A special will prob
ably bring a crowd from Sandon,and
any who cannot swim from Silver-
ton will ride or walk. Sleighs will
meet the train at tho .Siding to convey the ladies to the hall or hotels.
Tbe train will leave Sandon at 7
o'clock, returning at the close of
The total amount of ore shipped
tlie Slocan and  Slocan   City   in
divisions for tha yt»/ir 1908 was, approx
imately, iri.200 tons    Since January 1
to   Feb  111, KKJt, the shipments
been ns follows :
Wink Vrlnee    10
UliMlm'llii-Modford    i!0
Comstock     '-'H
Lmi cyniK'<>	
I/mm l)o(M)	
Mountain Con	
Ottawa ,	
I'nvnr    130
Port Hone......	
S'lVi'P'lKII ...*	
Total ton*   SSI
W. B. Pool will open an office in
,Born:—A daughter on Feb. 14, to
the wife of Percy Wilkinson.
The Tribune is making a strong
fight against the present municipal
system of taxing the girls below the
Jack O'Donnell is spending tho
winter in Nelson. He is enthusiastic over the prospects of the camp
around Poplar.
Bruce White will leave for the
east in a few days on business in
connection with his mining properties near Poplar.
The report that 30 alley women
from Spokane had settled in Nelson
is untrue. Crib women could not
exist in this city.
In order to accommodate its ever
increasing trade the Strathcona
hotel will have to enlarge its dimensions before many months are over.
D. J. Robertson seems to have
the faculty for capturing business.
He has tho contract to supply all
the furnishings for Kaslo's new
R. (.J. McLeod lias gone to Seattle on business connected with the
Spyglass. Stock is selling rapidly
in this new company and it promises to be a winner.
The youth and beauty of the
Sloean held high carnival in Ro.huii
hall Tuesday «ve. Never iu the history of this popular playhouse was
such an aggregation of happy face*
fathered within its walls. Every-
KKly forgot tho years that have
brought wrinkles to the brow, and
with the disappearance from the
memory of the years, the wrinkle*,
ttvt ftitiuA ts,- ...r-:L ;:'MM,;Mtrtj ttllJI)  - "■"-•""'
the    *y*rV]e-    f,!   yisu.l.   Had   good   < Umt„   ,n  „.c   Hlueuu    Mlnli.v  DlvUiou ui
cheer.   Every one was "sweet six-      }J'*'' Ko^nyjr Duuirt.   when iwiMi
.       ,, ,     ,,   J , 1      OnHUtt-m l.'hkt; ■i.ii.e lu.k tail tifio Uuw-
twii" for the occasion. j     »*ryst*Hon
Uurnu il L.u.t *.«nn hall.   «tll  «««..     'IUKK NOTICK Thnt I. A. U   Uei.lAiul,tt\ti*u1
was ii leap j ear oal I; all prep-j j   jltrK. J|M„, *.««• it ti.v*. c > v ■'»•■
aration* wen* moAn l.y ♦»; ■. },_•„,J%x i,ui
ladies of Xew Denver, assisted hy
their more (or less) fortunate sisters with handle* to their names.
And the arrangements were perfectly made and successfully f xe-
Feb. 11 Silver. 581 ]>mjt ci 1 15s
Feb. 12 Silver,       Lewi, £
Feb.l.'l Silver. 581 Lead,
Feb. 15 Silver, fill" Load, I'll lUifld
Feb.Ill Silver, 5«M Lead, £11 liNfid
Feb. 17 Silver, /i»»> Lead, til 12sfid
A shoe for  every   foot
Royal Shoe Store, Xelson.
at   the
Whose dog is" yours?
A foot of clean ore is showing in
the stopes on the Majestic-Unexpected.
Sandon has no idle men. Everyone who is willing to work can find
Chas. Hanson has sold his
interest in the Union Hotel and has
gone to Poplar.
R. H. Trueman will make his
periodical visit to Sandon this week,
remaining ten days.
Frank Griffin was operated on at
the Miners' hospital Saturday evening for appendicitis, and is rapidly
Sandon is the best camp in the
Slocan for business, but it's somewhat short of air brakes on its
When'the Slocan Star mill is remodeled and in working order, the
Another carload of ore was sent
to the smelter this week from the
Cinderella-Medford, making three
in the past two weeks.
The trails are heavy with snow
and few men come down the hill.
The result is that activity in the
bars has fallen to a whisper.
The Sandon Miners' Union will
celebrate the anniversary of the
Miners' Hospital on the lst of
March, by giving a grand ball.
A. E. Hall, who left some days
ago for Ferguson, is an enthusiastic
.Nindonite, and will be greatly
missed in all progressiva movements.
Sandon's Chief  of  Police is ordered to enforce the  dog tax.   All
dogs without a   tag
and if not bailed   in
be killed.
The force at the Ivanhoe has
been increased to 155 men. The
property is icing worked at full
capacity, and with the late improvements to the mill, is turning out
rich zinc concentrates.
The indebtedness held Against tho
Queen Re«s by the Hank of Montreal, has been paid off by Messrs.
Potter aud Zwickey, and it is reported that the property will be
opened u{ and worked by the liquidators.
Joe McNeill, the young man admitted to the hospital last week,
from the Ruth, suffering from appendicitis, was operated upon last
Friday by Dr. Gomm, and died on
Sunday evening. His father look
the remains to Calgary for burial,
leaving Tuesday morning.
The extra-lateral rights case
known as Star vs. While, involving the Slocan Star  and
will be jailed,
two divs will
Manager Garde, of  the Payne,
has lately appeared   frequently • in
print in relation to   the zinc question, and he has   been looked to as
an authority so  far as it relates to
tbe Slocan.    This   is  natural, for
the Payne is the only   property in
the camp that has spent any money
in an attempt to solve the zinc problem,   and   Manager   Garde   has
learned   by   practical    experience
what he knows   on  the   question.
His opinion is   therefore valuable.
Mr. Garde agrees that the final solution of the treatment of Kootenay
zinc ores is the  erection   of one or
more domestic reduction plants, but
before this can be accomplished satisfactorily he is of the opinion that
the export of a   large  quantity of
zinc concentrates to European smelters is advisable in orderJliaLevcus
ifcuailfTJiC*veiyT)est and niost economical .system may be finally adopted here, and the   treatment of the
zinc abroad will, bethinks, best demonstrate what   system should be
put in here at home.    Mr. Garde instances the first ore shipments sent
out of Butte and   other  American
mining camps which went to European smelters although the freight
rate was then as high as §24 a ton,
just double that   now given by the
C. P. R.
Manager Garde last week closed
a contract through L. Vogelstein,
of Wall Street, New York, with
Aron Hirsch & Sohn, of Halber-
stadt, Germany, for the entire zinc
output of the Payne until January
1st, 1005. The deal was made
through S. Hirsch representing L.
Vogelstein. Mi*. Hirsch spent a
portion of last week at the Payne
mine for the purpose of closing up
the deal.
Added importance is given to the
transaction owing to the fact that
the Payne shipment to Antwerp
will be the first io go there and the
first to get the benefit of the freight
rate recently announced by the C.
P. R.        *
A brilliant game of hockey took
place at Silverton Tuesday evening,
between the Stars and Victorias,
resulting in a tie of six. The teams
lined up like this: Victorias—
Misses. Coburn, Finlay and McKinnon and Messrs. Howes, Mills,
Ilorton and Kherbineuu. Stars-
Misses, Lawson and Ilorton and
Mcssis. Fletcher, Stewart, White
and Thorburn.
The pbiyiug   of   the   ladies was
superb, although the feature of the
game, was the fancy life size figures
Rabbit I printed of themselves by several nf
Paw properties of Sandon, has been j the gentleman,  calling forth siren-
on trial before Chief Jimtiee liun-l nous  applause  from  appreciative
lark vikw, ihival PifK, .iKNML ter, at Nelson,  for the tuf-t fl«-J ■•• ■   '..,:„.,,    X< ai .Niitittiay eve the
|d»ys.     I fi**   testimony   h«u   bt-cn*
j whoHy expert, and the case drags
| wearily on.   The News wiy* if {»
difficult for any but mininguien to
understand what it all means.
 :   iC ',.. k. <*» i .'., i II :i< H'niri 'ioih "J, j''.VJ.
*". tt Hi/*, ihtrhii. fitly Am* (fin tli.' iiii*
tit-rent. I.t »|>{*>'y t»» lls.' Miitfrij; ltr<-. <tili r lit
tVriirtj,Ht^<i«niii|.roviiii«.i.i"i, fir th" i>urj«wii
oM.itiilttk' a Crown Oram «.f i»h >>f thi-Ai>nt*p
Ami further tnk<" n»ii.rv thst net mo u tub-r »>v. X.
OHIO !*• i oiiiimnc .f.f Imiur,- lL«- l.»u nut ,f -urf
Oriiil<Mie«<•( Imi<r..*«in.r r«.
fKlcI ih <*r.t*l».Ut .,!' lK-i.ru.'irv. A. D, in t.
Nunething Dang. —First Christian Science child: "What's going
on over at your house'/
Second Christian Science child:
'•Mother has jusr demonstrated ,i
new baby brut iter.*
1>.'M < u mi.
The Monarch's Mistake.—Richard III. was offering his kingdom
for a hoive.
"flow foolish.'" tliey cried.
"Why don't you net on Uncle Sam'N
payroll and yon will have aennige
as well."
Regretting that he hadn't thought
of-tiifiiu^ U-f»nr, be bad to do
without.—New York Sun. THE L^DGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., FEBRUARY 18, 1904.
Eleventh Year
Voters are often ignorant and man gets his yellow leggins properly
spoil their ballots by wrong mark-! adjusted there is no telling to what
ing, but a Devonshire farm laborer I extremes he will go after getting his
The Ledge.
With which is amalgamated the
Sandon  Faystrkak,
Published every Thursday In the richest silver-
lead-zinc camp on earth.
Legal advertising 10 cents a nonpaviel line
first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent
Insertion. Rending notices 25 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices accord-
inc to circumstances.
Kuhscription. $2 a year in advance or $2.50 if
not so paid.
Certilicnte of Improvement notices S7. Delinquent Co-owner notices i*10.
Fellow Piigrims: Thk Lkdgk is located at
New I 'enver, B. C , and is traced to many parts
of the earth It has never been raided hy the
sheriff, snowslided hy cheap silver, or subdued
by the fear of man It worl<s for the trail blazer
as wellasthebav-windowed.ehampaKne-fiav.ired
capitalist It aims to be on th<> rightside of I t .i^p,.*-.. 0f fhonrrbt and freedom of
everything and believes that heir should be ad-! ljlDei ^ or ™Oug1111 aim uttjuom oi
ministered to the wicked in large doses.    It has j the preSS IS not Wanted in tlllS glor
ions, liberal Dominion.
Canada is full of knife blade
minds. Tbe Canadian Press Association recently made a protest
against United States periodicals
coming into Canada upon cent a
pound postal rates. Tbey cannot
produce tbe literature that the people want, and like the bulldog in the
horse stall they wautto keep others
from the hay. Canada is a poor
field for native periodicals. , If an
editor does start anything of an original and progressive nature, the
church and state will immediately
try   to put him   out   of business.
stood the. test of time, and an ever-increasing
paystreak is proof that it iB better to tell the
truth, even If the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation is the man
who ahvayi pays the nrinter; he is sure of a
bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver, B. C
A pencil cross in this square
i <dieates that your subserip
ti in is due. and that the editor
wants once again to look at
your collateral.
The war tbat is now on will materially increase   the   price of lead
and silver, and it   will not be long
'97.  l_
The doings of the Rossland council would make an excellent farce
if properly staged and produced
with the real actors. The carnival
managers should have advertised it
as an attraction last week,
John Houston says that tbe present mayor of Nelson is a spiteful
old granny. This is a horrible epithet to hurl at the chief dignitary
of the metropolis, and it is up to
Hamilton to make Houston swallow
his words or pass the buck. The
mayor of a western city must preserve his dignity at all hazards, or
go away back and sit down with the
The war just opening between
Japan and Russia is the beginning
of the greatest conflict in the known
history of this earth. It will be
seventeen years before the last shot
is fired, and at that time all the
world will be arrayed against the
United States and Great Britain,
but they will win, and then will
come a long calm that will resemble
the fabled millenium.
The exclusion from the mails of
Physical Culture by the postal authorities at Ottawa looks like tbe
spiteful act of an ignorant mind,
if prudes and fossils are permitted
to act as literary censors the freedom of the press is certainly in
danger. There is more reason according to the argument ot the postal authorities iu Canada for excluding tbe Rible from the mails
than Physical Culture, Read l>oth
of them from cover to cover and if
your mentality is normal you will
admit the truth of this remark.
Thk Nelson Tribune says that
Hob Green is too small for bis job.
If be was too big for it what would
this province doV   (irecu is rather
cmnnlh   •-end t-t r*WM fitov««fon.   lit*
vAW nc)\\euyo tbvourrh « Vnot-bolM
like a greased rat rather than offend
anyone by pronounced attacks or
opinions." He is good to his greedy
friend* and alwavs ready to hand
out any j»ap that will not stay in
his own liarrel. Nature made Bob
so and if the people choose to hoist
him in sight lie Is not to blame.
Bye and bye he will fade away like
the mark a pebble tniikes v,.on itis.
flung into a pool of water.
Under tbe present Government
liberty is largely a, myth in Canada.
Iu recent actions of the Postmaster-general the tyrant's hand is
plainly seen. In shutting Physical
Culture out of the mails be throws
a sop to medical superstition and debars the people of this country from
acquiring knowledge, the tendency
of which is to a higher and nobler
As proof positive that the present
Government of Canada is controlled
by the church one instance the ex-
Agnostic journal, the New York
Truthseeker. This journal is one
of reform in religion, and Canada is
the only country on earth that considers its mail bags too dainty to
carry it. Its exclusion is plainly a
blow at religious liberty, and tbe
people of auy country that will submit to such a thing are simply slaves
to a knife blade mind who prostitutes his high oflice to vent personal
feeling or please the masters of the
church that keeps him in office. If
we permit these things to go on
where will it end? In a second
period of the Dark Ages, and a
bunch of thumb-screws. If we expect freedom for ourselves we must
extend it to others. Nothing else
will do. We want no tyrants at
Ottawa forcing us to their way of
thinking. If the Orange Sentinel,
Catholic Standard or the Presbyterian Review were excluded from the
mails we would defend them just
the same as we do the Truthseeker.
We believe in equal rights for all.
Place us under the power of any
one sect or individual and our lives
will become a perpetual Gehenna.
We would rather be a cold lunch
for maggots than live where tho
breath of tyrants curse the air.
George Jordan lives at Pincher
Creek and raises horses and other
things. He occassionally comes to
Nelson in order to attend Sunday-
school. George was born in Georgia,
and still owns a plantation in the
great melon state. He has the negro dialect pat, and as a story-teller
has few equals this far west. Talking to the writer he said: ' 'My deah
parson, you may think I have no
use for niggers because I come from
the south, but I tell you that down
on Flint river, in old Georgia, I
have seven of them pensioned off;
coons who worked for father before
the wah. They are always glad to
see me and when I get off the train
at the little station where they live
they will line up, and every old
black woman will put her ebony
arms around me and exclaim, 'May
honey is home agen!' 'Oh, Massa
George, I never thought I'd see you
agen!' and many other expressions
of joy." It rather embarrasses
George, (he is not English) but bo
admits that their devotion bas its
phases that are pleasant. To those
simple folks he is a deity. He keeps
them in all the necessaries of life,
and George must be very dear to
them.    George is a   thorough-bred
takes the prize. If there were
many like him in British Columbia
Bill Galliher would* have a snap.
He was a Conservative, his father
was a Conservative, his master wras
a Conservative, the Squire was a
Conservative—all Conservative, all
true blue. He entered the polling
booth, and came out a few minutes
later with the air of a man who had
truly made bis mark. "Well, Jan,
you've bin en voted, I zee," said a
pothouse companion. 'Iss, fay,"
replied tbe complacent Jan. "I
can't abide that there Liberal chap,
Ethrington, zo I wint en put a big
black mark against hees name. I
reggon I've done fur he!" And
Jan went on his way rejoicing.
The Mohave County Miner breaks
loose and says that when a Nogales
jaw loosed up in the regular No-
gales way. This is the latest hot
air output of one of them, according
to the Oasis: "Is the ledge permanent?" asked the cautious investor
of tbe old prospector who was trying to sell bis claim. "Permanent?''
was the reply. ""Well,' I should
smile. If you had Niagara for the
water power, the Territory of .Arizona for a dumping ground and hell
for a blast furnace you could not
work tbat ledge out in a million
Float is a handsome annual, written,
compiled and published by R. T.
Lowery. It contains much that savors
of life in the west aud mining camps.
Many of the articles are singly worth
the price ofthe book. It is sent to any
address upon receipt of 50 cents SenH
orders to K. T. Lowery, New Denver
or Nelnon.
The Sandon
The Pioneer House of the Silvor City, ls now in the hands of
W. GEO. CLARKE, who has re-opened the Dining Room,
and otherwise improved the accommodations.
FirsUclass Meals Served
And the Bervice In every department of the house is Al. uld
friends and new; pioneers and strangers in the camp, capitalists
and the Man of Hard Knocks, all taken care of and made happy
southerner;one of the old Louisiana
tiger boys, and every time we think
of him the following anecdote
flashes across our upper stope:
In the absense of a minister, Judge
James F. Read, who was born and lived
in Kentucky before moving to Kansas,
was once unexpectedly called unou to
say a few words at the burial, near
Fort Smith, of a man who was comfortably well off in worldly,, possessions,
but neglectful of his spiritual welfare.
"My friends." the judge said solemnly,
"we are gathered to dav to pay a final
tribute to our friend who has already
Bolved the mysteries of the great hereafter. He did not have the reputation
of a religious man, and yet ho lived the
life of a noble Kentucky gentleman.
He had good hosBes, and ho ran 'em,
He had good seegars, and he smoked
'em, He had good whisky, aud he
drank it. Ho had good game cocks,
and he fit 'em, for such is the kingdom
ot heaven."
Do more and talk less.
Many a good farmer has been spoiled by getting
into the pulpit.
An ounce of action is worth a pound of intention.
Woman was not made to love as you would a
flower—to be plucked and destroyed.
not?   It will cost you only FIFTY CENTS.
Address—   Moments,
New Denver. B. C.
,Puhlished each month by H. M. WALKER.
A shoe for  every   foot  at  tho
Royal Shoe Store, Nelson.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg. Man.
R..l,r«.^nt..il hy OFOIWK H«>HTON.
Steamship Tickets
To ami tnm Kitrufitan point* via Cnnfcdlftn
9tetAUi*IUktitUi*-9,    rti'1*;    *"■*   M«»%   ..Mit*,
tnlf* McVi-»» t»nd ti\M lii'onnnil'Hi '" i»nv C   1'
Uy. a*eiit or-
illl. UAUHV.TT.
0. P. H. Aiwit, Ni*w lipnvnr,
\V. I*. F. Camming*, O. ti. ti. Aitt., H iiini|»->\
Strong**!  t**t m*A*i  h*nA**twtd;
honwtt v»lue».   Retiring ii*M!j don*
Puney Ward.      Sandon.
Minor*' She** % »p«f titty.
om stage appliances; furnace heated throughout:
Of the Miner's Union Block
Is the only hall In the eity suitable for Theatrical Performances, Concerts. Dances and
other public entertainments,
For bookings, write or wire—
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
"XEt Interior view. Seating enpucity 350; mod
population to draw from, 1.600.
P. O. BOX 185
A.JACOUHON, Proprietor
Wht;n you .in: Mtkliifj ilr-Ufl.tM \iu\*A accjni'
modatlonn you will tind them at thl* home,
I .IS | Oold and Sliver
l*wl    .1A|<»old.*llv,r,copnY l.IWt
Sample* by mall rwi'lveprompt utUttitlou.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
17811 Ami time "*.,   Ilenvur. Cola.
Is published once iu every century, and the current number has been
on the market about a month. It is a literary blend, compiled, written
and sold by R. T. LOWERY. Its contents are streaked with humor,
with a touch of pathos hero and there. The upper levels aro filled with
comedies and tragedies that have occurred in the zincy Slocan whon
its trails wero hot with the swift rush of new feet, and the fever of
mining camp life showed 105. Certified assays of the cent belt appear
in several chutes, and three poems with at least $100 of Mexican money
appear like diamonds in a blow-out of gold. The lower stopes are filled
with pictures that would have astonished tho universe ono hundred
years ago. The stories by other writers have clean ore, although
Dickens did not write any of thein. This grand and lurid publication
is cast adrift, postage paid, to any part of the earth at the following
prices: To people over 100 years old, 6c; to parsons, 15c; to busted
prospectors, 10c; to all others, 60c. On the lst of May, 1999, all
copies are redeemed at 810 each. Remember that 100 years will climb
the shaft of time before another FLOAT flashes across the literary sky,
get in early   with your little half dollars, and  become happy.
Address all letters to—
T<* « \vr>f»lf1r rw»rw»r wiblishwl
ut 1WLAK, B. C. It give*
all thc news of that great
erohl camp. Tt costs $2 a
year to any address. Send
your money to— j
IMJCi JNUlJtjJcil   I
New Denver
Nelson, B.C.
Job Printing
Tlu Assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done it New Denver's printing emporium—
Kleventh Year
A m-jn In h s carriage was ridinp along,
A fja.vly-die.ssed wife by his side;
In siitiiis and lai-es she looked like a Queen.
And he like a King in his pride.
A wood sawyer stood on the street as they passed,
The carriage and couple he eyed.
And said, as he worked with   is saw on a log,
'I wl"h I was rich and could ride.''
The 'nan inthe oarriag- remarked tu his wife.
"One thing I would £ive if I could—
I'd give my wt-alth for rhe strength and health
Of the man who is sawing the wood."
A pretty young maid with a bundle of work,
Whose faee as the morning was fair,
Went tripping a oiu- with a *mil« ol delight
While humming a love-breathing air.
She looked on the carriage, the lady ihe saw,
Arra> ed in'apparel so ti..c
And said in a whisper, 'I wish from my heart
Those satins and laces were mine." •
The lady looked out on the maid with her work,
So lairln her calico dress.
And said. "I'd relinquish position and wealth
Her beauty and youth to possess."
Thus it ls-!u the world, whatever our lot,
Our minds and our time we employ
In longing and sighing for what we have not,
Ungrateful for what we enjoy.
—International s. ookblnder.
and nothing out of the ordinary
has ever been discovered. Tradition has it tbat somewhere ou the
Tiburon there exists a ledge of gold
ore that is the richest in the world.
Mexicans who have lived all their
lives iu the vicinity of the island say
titat this is not true. Somewhere
along the coast they say that there is
a rich ledge on the mainland that
runs from the top of the mountain
down into the gulf and the waves
at high tide break on this ledge and
keep the gold bright. This is where
the Seris are reported to get their
rich gold ore which now and then
finds its way intoHermosillo.—International American.
my father, testily.
*' 'But I am responsible for the
silver, sir,' the waiter said, in a low,
reproachful voice.
••A man like that waiter, with all
the perseverance in, the world,
would hardly succeed," concluded
Mr. Rockefeller.
Once more the story of a Seri outbreak is going the   rounds  of the
press.   Tbe report is that these Indians are ravaging the coast of Sonora, killing and eating the inhabitants of that country,   as an every
day sport.    The truth of this matter is that the story   is a big, fake,
pure and simple.    A man who recently came to   Douglas,  and who
spent a long time in that particular
section of Sonora  said   to   be the
stamping ground of the Seri, denies
this report emphatically.   The Seri
Indians are harmless,  if left alone.
They do not court intercourse with
outsiders, neither do they stampede
around the  country,   killing and
eating the inhabitants, as told in the
fake press report.    These   Indians
are said to be   cannibals.   This is
now denied by men who have visited their island   home  in the Tiburon.   They are raw meat eaters,
living mostly on raw fish, which inhabit the waters surrounding their
The Seris have been made the
foundation for many newspaper
fairy tales, and for that reason prospectors, until very recently, have
given their country a wide berth.
The stories of the fabulous wealth,
Hn~gold7"tuat~this~~i8iaTKi~is saidTo*
contain, are very misleading.
The island has been   prospected
Mr. John D. Rockefeller, jr. at
the annual banquet of his Sunday-
school class that was held recently
in New York, talked about perseverance. It was perseverance more
than any thing else, he said, that
caused men to succeed in life. After
he had finished his address, Mr.
Rockefeller said to one of his neighbors:
"I regret now that I didn't speak
a good word for tact while I was on
my feet. Without tact, perseverance, after all, won't accomplish
much. Years ago my father had
this truth brought home to him in
a little restaurant in Rochester.
"He entered this restaurant and
ordered some   luncheon   one day,
and after the food   was brought he
was much annoyed  by the waiter.
The waiter stood   right in front of
him, watching  him   like a hawk.
Except these two,   the  waiter and
ray father, there was no one in the
room.    The silence   was   intense.
My father tried to   eat,   but every
little while he looked up nervously,
and there was the waiter studying
him with the same profound interest
you or I would show toward some
strange creature from an unknown
" 'Waiter,' said my father.
" 'Yes, sir,' said the waiter.
" 'I have—ah—I have everything
I want.'
Net profits of $1,456,916.45 were
made by ten Coeur d'Aiene silver-
lead mines during the past fiscal
year. The figures are supplied
under oath by the mine managers of
the district, iu the statements they
are required by law to furnish the
county assesorof Shoshone county.
Taxes are levied on the net profits
of the mines after paying for
mining and smelting and all improvements around the mine. The
sworn profits remaining are as fol
Bunker Hill and Sullivan. .$ 67.89L30
Couer d'Aiene Develop. Co. 143,096 87
Cleveland (R. Wilson)  12,607.82
Empire State (Wardner)... 297,697.76
Empire State (Burke)  7,007 40
Hercules  169,527.03
Hecla  45,048 88
Mammoth   847,386.84
Morning-  111,054.18
Standard  271,626 37
A doctor tells   a good   story   in
connection with a lad who was recently in his employ.    It was part
of his duty to answer the   surgery
bell and usher the patients into tbe
consulting   room.    One   morning
there presented himself at the surgery door a young fellow with whom
Buttons was on   speaking  terms.
"Halloa, Jackson!" be remarked,
"what's the matter  with   you ?"
"Oh, I just want to see the doctor,"
was the reply.    ''Have yer brought
yer symptoms with yer ?" inquired
Buttons; " 'cose  thats's   the   first
thing he'll ask yer about.    Jfyer
ain't brought'em ye'd better   pop
back an' get 'em; he won't be down
for another quarter of an hour,- an'
he's awful pertickler about 'em."
The best Tonsorial Establishment in
the Slocan.
Float is a handsome annual, written,
compiled and published by R T.
Lowery. It contains much that savors
of life in the west and mining' camps.
Many of the articles are singly worth
the price ofthe book. It is sent to any
address upon receipt of 50 cents Send
orders to 11. T. Lowery, New Denver
or Neloon. _ _,
A shoe for  every   foot  at  the
Royal Shoe Store, Nelson.
Balmoral Bldg, Main St., Sandon.
A name that is familiar to old-
timers as the name of Three
Forks—familiar because it was
there in days of boom and in dayB
of depression that they enjoyed
the hospitality of the genial proprietor, aim partook of the
hostess'bountiful table. The same
conditions prevail today that
have won for the house its enviable reputation and the name of
its proprietor is—
It has lately been renovated
throughout, and iB first-class
in everything.
n i
Thank._ vou. _giiv
"""But the man still   stood there,
still stared.
" 'Waiter, you may retire,' said
Bank ef MeRtreal
Established 1817
Capital (all paid up),
Reserved fund,
Undivided profits,
Head Office, Montreal
Rt. Hon. Strallicoiift and Mount Hoyal G. C M. G., President
Hon. O A. Oruminond, vloo-President
E 8. Clouston, General Manager
Branches in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain and the
United States.
fieoi Denver Branch,
A. XXX. Strickland
Acting fc.juuwscr.
Total $1,456,916.45
The London Daily Express propounds the following problem:
In the United States the Mexican silver dollar has an exchange
value of 90 cents. In Mexico the
American silver dollar has the same
value. On the frontier of the United States where Texas joins Mexico there are two saloons, one on
each side of the frontier. A man
buys a ten-cent drink of whiskey at
the American saloon and pays for it
with an American silver dollar, receiving a Mexican dollar in change.
With this he crosses the border,
goes into a Mexican saloon, hands
over the Mexican dollar for a ten-
cent drink and receives an American dollar in change. It is evident
that the limit of his purchasing
power is the length of time he can
stan d;—H6~fiiTal iy~ waljes*up*witill"
a bad headache and the American
dollar with which he started.
Who pays for the whiskey.
J. J. Steele, manager of the Jack
Lako Gold Mining Company, called
at the Bureau of mines lately. The
company has bought the entire surface plant, including a ten-stamp
mill, mining machinery, and buildings of the Golden Star mine, at
Mine Centre, Western Ontario. The
company are going at once to remove the plant to their gold mine,
the St. Anthony Reef, on Sturgeon
Lake, about sixty miles northeast
of Ignaee. A saw mill will also be
erected. This makes the second
mill installed recently in the Sturgeon Lake district.-Toronto World.
Husband—Have you completed
your list of persons to be invited to
the reception?
Husband—You have invited only
the best people?
Wife—The very best.
Husband (examining the list)—
And these nre all?
Wife—All, excepting the two detectives, who are to be here incog
to see that nothing is stolen.
1 The Strathcona I
Is the leading hotel in Southern British Columbia.
It has ample accommodation for a large number of
guests, and the ideal position it occupies appeals
equally to any traveler as well as the tourist.
Drummers will find large sample rooms and all the
conveniences of the modern hotel.
B. TOMPKINS, Managen
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Hooin is
conductetl on strictly first-class principles.   TherooniRare
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Ei.KCTiuo Limit, Hot Ant, Mowwx Pi.umihno, Evkuythino
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50e.       Tickets S7.       Main St., Sandon.
A pleasant Riibstitute for home to those who travel. It to
gituated on the shore of Lake Slocan, the moat beautiful
lake in all America. From ita balconied and windows can
be Been the grandest wenery on this continent. The internal arrangement* of the hotel are tlm reverse to telephone, all the rooms being plastered, and electric Ml* at
the Imad of every lied make it easy for the dry moment* in
tho morning.
The best and cheapen! weal* in the country nre to be
found in the dining room. The house to run on co*ino|w»l-
itan principle*, nnd the prospector with hi* prick on his
back is just a* welcome in* the millionaire with his roll in
the bank. Every guest receive* the \m»t can* ami proration.
The liquor* nr*' t!\o ho*-* hi the $Wnn nml \\k- J.wkJ hi.**
long been noted for its fish nnd game dinner.*.
Thl* to t\w only tlrst-clas* ham** m the hmtnw of North
America.   One look at the landlord   will  convince any
stranger that the viand* nr* of tlrxt-eU^ nt»«t>ry     »''>'*•,
rcwrvwl by telegraph.
L»t  Lieb».eher make a suit
for you and you will never
j be   wtttolbd   with   another
'•fit.*' He has the *tylfo!i
i fit;   hi* clothes look  well,
they   wear   well,   and  feel
F. F. Liebscher,
Sllititom'* I'mit Ttlhr
Henry Stege, Proprietor
New Denver, B.C.
l\ I W IS U (J IVI   »|-<!'l,.h«    i.l   SlIVlT-
lj>iul-"/.lue i*tt***tl iln-S|<r;»!i. tti.m utu***** In the
tlrlttilv   ,1 S*'9 I**-,i\t*f,   Vtvi* 1 r << «•*. t*f«  u\.f
liitHf t'i* ft'    H lif'i«lil»- |.t!»f «|.),'til   f* f *'.»-. hi*, !
VV   l>. MIT« UK i.f.. Mlf—.v tt.y V.yiu* I
y, a i»i i„, t, h * . iH't-. •', j«... j
Sandon and Elsewhere
In every mining camp iu Kootenay, thi* great company of Meat
Dealer* has established a nnmc thnt will live us long a* the name ofthe
Slocan. In Sandon, Manager Gusty i* ever on the alert to supply tlie
best meat* obtainable. You will always find the best Fresh and Salt
Meats: Salt, Fresh and Smoked Fish; Hum, Bacon, Sausage* and Lard.
And when you want Poultry in season,  or feel like having a dish of
Fresh Eastern Oysters
I)i(ij) a word over the 'phone to "7, S.ntilon.*"
Barr &
A nderson
Are the Lending Plumber* of Vancouver.
Write to them when anything i* out of plumb THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., FEBRUARY 18, 1904.
Eleventh. Year
That looks good, is sold
for 50c; shaves for 25c at
Brick Block     New Denver
o Manager of BOSUN HALL.
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly eon-
tracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
General Draying: Mining Sup
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Coal & Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses and Pack Animals.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimsSurveyed
and Crown Granted.
P. O. Box 563, Office: Kootenay St.. Nelson
In the "Gentleman's Magazine"
Dr. Yorke-Davies writes on '-Ciout
the Nemesis," a subject on which
be can speak from long experience
—experience of the sufferings of
other people. It is in the nature of
a staggerer to learn from such an
authority that more people shorten
their lives, directly or indirectly,
by excessive eating than by excessive drinking:
''That excess in either induces
numberless diseases which shorten
life goes without saying. The consequences of excess in drinking are
more apparent in some ways
than excess in eating. The individual who takes too much stimulant shows plainly that he is doing
so. He gets manifestations that
are palpable eveu to the most unobservant of his friends. Indeed,
one often hears the remark that so-
and-so is shortening his life by excess. On the other hand, the individual who eats himself to death
does not seem to attract any attention at all. In fact, the more a
person eats the more pleased his
friends are. They say, 'He has a
healthy appetite, enjoys his food,'
and so on. He is tempted in every
way with the refined cuisine of the
present day and the repetition of
dishes to eat beyond repletion. Tbe
result is that if the food he is fond
of is not the kind of food he should
eat, he becomes either so gouty or
rheumatic that he cannot walk, or
so corpulent that he gets to be an
object of pity aud amusement to all
his friends, and, whether male or
female, becomes to a great exteat a
nuisance to all around.
"Gout is much more prevalent
among males than among females.
It is more prevalent in cold climates
than in hot ones, and in those predisposed by heredity a very small
excess in eating or drinking will
precipitate   the    attack.     Undue
So great has been the demand, that we have concluded to
offer for a few more days
Exiraordinary values
Every size made, and quality the very best. This is your opportunity to get the best garment for little money. It is no remnant sale
this time. Our entire stock of Ladies' and Misses' underwear is offered
at reduced prices.    It will pay you to come in and inspect them.
Wo  Ro ni©MLW9 Sahde n audi Vernon.
A visit to our TAILORING EMPORIUM will give you an idea of
prevailing styles for FALL and WINTER Clothing. New line of
Suitings to select from.    Leave your order now for a Christmas Suit.
J. R. Cameron,
Reco Ave, Sandon,B.C.
_A_nwi _____
[Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale
W anted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Legal,Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
la cents each insertion. Each live words or less
>ver itt words are live cents additional.1
THK KINO'S HOTKL in Ferguson is a cheerful home for all travelers to  the Lardeau.
l and American plan. Meals, 25 cents. Rooms
from i'c up to i\. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the gold
In the rafe. MALONE & TKEGILLUS.
VfADUKN HOUSK, NELSON, is centrally
Jl. located and lit by electricity It is head
quartern for tourists and uld timers. Miners or
millionaire* nre equally welcoino, THOS
MADDEN. Proprietor.
1MI15 ROYAL HOTKL, Nelson, is noted for
■   the excellence of ilaculhinc.  SOL JOHNS,
BAKTLKTT HOUSK, formerly tlie Clark
ia tlio best t'l a day hotel In Nelson. Only
white help employed. G. W. BARTLETT
SAN PON, 11. C.
A.F. & A.M.
'Regular Communication held the first Thursday m each month In Masonic Hall at 8 p. n*.
Sojourning brethren aro cordially invited to attend   Jamkb M  Barton. Secretary.
physical work or exertion, excessive
mental work or worry, exposure to
cold or wet, sudden suppression of
perspiration, emotional causes such
as sudden joy, a fit of rage, loss of
blood, injury to a joint or sudden
wrench, will do the same. Indeed,
the gouty individual is like the atmosphere when overcharged with
electricity. He has in his system
a bottled thunderstorm always
ready to burst out."
It is a curious fact, as the author
points out, that many who live to
eat are very hard upon those vho
live to drink.
The returns from the mineral districts of Mexico are necessarily slow
and we can only give the production of metals up to the close of the
fiscal year ending June 30, 1903,
the values of which are given below:
Gold  $14,800,000
Silver     82,000,000
Copper     18,000,000
Lead      6,600,000
r|i!IK MA7.K, In'KAKtA  U  limt. thn place
1    for Slocan jicopJo to find when dry or In
search of a downy couch.
T O. MKLVIN, Mitmifaclurlne Jeweller.
t) • Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Clialiw. Locket*
und Ring*. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any tn Canada. Urdor* by mail solicited, Box
HO, Sandon.
Wholesale   Merofoemta.
er» In Iliilbr. Kgg*, Cheque, Produce uixl
Fruit,.VeUon, II.O.
Sandon Lodge No.
K. OF P.
Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
In thc Pythian Castle Hall. Sandon Sojourning
brethren will receive a Pythian welcome.   S.
IHAACHON, 0,0.        Al.FllKI) J„ llAU., K. R. & S.
rOHX MoLATCHIK,   Dominion and  Pro-
')   vlneial Land Surveyor.  Nelson, H. 0.
R. HEYLAND, Engmeor And Provincial
Land Surveyoi.   KASLO
M!„ (intMMKTT, f.. Ii.
,   Hnllcltor, Nntarv Public
II., Harrlntcr,
Sandon. 11. C
firanch Office at New Denver every Saturday.
Insurance Sa Real HJstate
IMIOMI'MON,   MITC1IK1.I*. * OO.    Fire
I     In*iirn»ic« Agcnt«.    IVal*r» In HmiI E*tnte
Minimi Properties.   Hoii*m to rent and Town
l.*>l* for na In.
IU8I. The most complete IJ r 1 I Til
sn the Continent of North Ameri- n CA L I n
ca. Situated nildat scenery un- n r ft fl D T
rivalled for Grandeur. Iltmttttir. Il Lu U It I
FIMiIni? and Eicuraloun to the ir.any point* of
Intercut. Telegraphic communication with all
parti of the world; two mail* arrive and depart
•very day. It* bathe* rum all ncrvou* and
niu*cular dlNcMNe*: It* water* heal all K idee v.
Liver and Stomach Ailment* of every name.
The price of a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcvon, obtainable all the
fear round And good for no day*, la #S.5.V Hal-
ejron Sprln«», Arrow Lake. B. 0.
rxw x in Luis*
I near Ward St
I.Alt   A   HAY
, N<l«m. II t.   THK   l»OL-
Pt S. UASIIDALL, N.wl'eiiver. II.C,
Real RHatc and Mineral Claim* for Hale Cl»ltn«l
tv.*,**,-.*..',^, ii. .",V.. «.v 'f.JjA'-!.
■fm. IIOTKI. FKIIOPHON I* Uie home of
I Sloenti |mmi|i1c wht'ii (hev nre In Fi-rirumm.
UCUitSSKltk BLACK, Proprietor*.
JnTrnTTrrANnmThotm~. "i*~ii^7m-
cM and the best In the Lardo    Oold xeekw..
«lway« welcome.      ULVIN if Ho*.
RANIt.I. HAIinV k CO. AdvcrtUliiMVm-
•   tractor* nnd Xcw'*Corrcti(Mudent*, SnP.ct't
Street, London, K. C, Euulaud.
A llleol tli|ti<ii|*rcnn «c teen frm of charge
liy vlaltorH to London, to whom advice gratia
will I* given If required.
Tm MTTJ.OY. ™W*m-
H*» hart 17 year* vxfierieiici' in denial worJt.aijrt
m*ki*M a meelAHr of OoM BrMff* Work. Ytalt
made l«> th*^ Slocan regularly*
Oeneral   Store.
f   T. KKtlXY.   THREE   PORKS, dealer In
*].   Wtuit-tit*, (liy <l*Ht». Ew.,   Qucii** i'.Utiif
pe4 all ovar tbe slocan.
4 "J back
* ~ numbers
(each one different) are
sent to any address for
R, T. Lowery %p I
Bosun Hall Grocery Store.—Don't
be deceived; compare these prices
with what you are paj'ing: 10 cans
best cream $1; 2 Big pkgs. Postum
45c; Dairy Butter 25c a lb; Farmer's
pure leaf lard 13c lb; unsmoked
eastern sugar cured Hams, 16c lb;
picnic Hams 12^c lb; Spice Roal
Bacon 14c lb; Bologna sausage 2 lbs.
25c; 5 cans .Raspberries, $1; 5 cans
strawberries, $1;30 lb pail Strawberry & Raspberry Jam, 10c lb; 1
gal. pail pickles §1; 4   lb Rice 25c;
~A iT-.-.^rt/w^w-OK/*. 1 =f7_lT*..^Y'*!»o 3\,*»I«1*1-A'ri_a.. *vij il.
■±~iu~Dag*u"■£■**t/uy~i rlu gictu iij*»i,*cci-ciugni_
$1. Remember all our meats are
from, the east, procured at Hamilton, and you can depend on them
not being slaughter house fed. Call
and inspect for yourself. Imported
French Sardines, 15c tin; Cross &
Blackwell's meats, soups and Turtle soup, 40c crock; Canadian Black
Strap Tobacco 2 plugs 20c; T & B
smoking, 2 plugs 55c; Star and
Climax SI lb; 2 pkgs. any kind
starch 20c; Camp chimneys, pearl
top 10c; 4 lb white beans 25c; 4
bars Sunlight or any kind soap 25c;
Roqueford cheese 40c crock; 5 pairs
wool socks $1 jblack satine shirt 75c;
2 cans Lye 20c; big pkg. Penrline
20c; pure cream tartar 35c lb; black
pepper pure 30o lb; whole roasted
coffee 25c lb; 2 pkgs. grape nuts 30c;
good clothes lino 25c for 15c; 5 cans
fresh packed salmon 55c; Northern
Spy and Greening apples 50 lb box
$2. We will still cut on big orders.
Letter or 'phone orders will receive
prompt attention. Money refunded
if goods are not satisfactory. Salt
herrings 40c doz.; Salmon bellies
15c lb; Mackerel 82.(15 per kit; loud
alarm clocks $1.50 each; 15 jewel
Waltham watches SO each, dust
proof, J. F. Delaney,Bosun Hall,
New Denver B. C.
Fill your cellar with beer or
porter from tbe Xew York brewery
at Sandon.
The cocktails in the Kootenay
saloon, Sandon, do not carry uny
lead or zinc.
Just before you get married price
the furniture in J). J. Robertson &
Co'.'*. Htore in Nelson.
I.IKK   ItOll   filtRKN'H.
Ijiwley (expert nhorthand reporter)--*I wiy, James, the boy from
the newspaper oflleo has cal let! for
the report of that lecture. Ih it
jwiu* (a novice)—*All bul a
Hitort Hentenee in the multlle ot it,
and I can't for the life of mo make
out from my notes what, it in.'
Lftwley—'Oh just put  in 'great
WjijiifltiM?  miii ied in, gu.
James act« on the suggestion, and
the lecture is sunt for publication
with the doctored part reading:
'Friends, I will detain you hut a
ffnv moments longer. (Orwif, applause, y
The production of silver in Mexico for the first ten : months of the
fiscal year just closed amounted to
860,198,094.31, as compared with
$59,367,241.63 for a liko period of
the former fiscal year, showing an
increase of SI,830,852. Of gold the
production of the first ten months
was $11,697,160.25, against $8.
132,383.39, showing an increase of
$3,564,276.88. Of copper, $16,142,-
084.37 was mined, against $10,462,-
591, showing an increased production of S5,679,492.76. The increased
production of copper and gold is
very gratifying.
During the past year there has
been invested at least $1,500,000 of
American capital in the district of
Parral, Mexico, and a large amount
of development work ha& been done;
a number of important mining
plants have been erected and some
good mines have been developed.
Never Priced Them.—"Do you
lind him a little lower than the angels?"
A shadow swept over the fine face
of the woman of property.
"I don't know I never priced angels," she replied after a moment's
Total .....$121,400,000
From this it can be seen that the
mining industry of the Republic is
still in a flourishing state, notwithstanding some reports to the contrary. Of the minerals produced,
silver, of course, leads in value, for
no Jess than $82,000,000 of the
white metal was extracted last year,
which was $10,000,000 more than
that of the year preceding. Considering the low price of silver during the past year this increase is by
no means small. It should be noted
that the above mentioned figures
are in Mexican dollars. The gold
production of the country is also
steadily on the increase, the product
of the last year representing a value
of $14,800,000 gold^ About Jen
years ago gold mining in Mexico
was still in its infancy; in fact, the
annual production of gold then had
a value of less than half a million
dollars. Besides gold and silver,
copper is another metal that during
late years is being extracted in great
quantities. No less than 54,660
tons of this metal were exported
during the last fiscal year, representing a value of $18,000,000 silver, which is an increase of $6,000,-
000 over that of 1901-1902. Tho
copper mining industry has undoubtedly a great future in Mexico,
and it is believed before long that
country will rank third among the
copper producing countries of the
world. The amount of lead produced in Mexico during the last fiscal year was 99,000 tons, representing a value of $6,600,000.
Kcco Ave.,
Running since the Rieat tire, and always open,
night and day. Call In when you strike the
Silver City and get a tiller.
Meal Ticket, $5.50 for $5.00
Agent for lnlanc^CIgarCo., of Kamloops.
after date I Intend to apply to the Hon The
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special licence to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lund, in West
marked "F. Pclton. S. *\V. corner." about fifty,
chains from the Eighteenth Mile Post on the
Nakusp and .Slocan R. K., in a northwesterly
direction, and about iOO feet north of the railroad;
thence north forty chains; thence past l«0
chiidiK; thence south forty chains; thence west
KM) chains to place of commencement.
Located January litli, lit4
Dated, New Denver, B. C, Jan. 12. In01.
FRACTION Mineral Claini.
Situate in the Slocan Minlmr Division of West
Kootenay District. W here located; Near
the town of Three Korku.
TAKE NOTICE That I", Maurice Glntzlmrgcr
as agent (or The Monitor & AJhx Fraction,
Limited, free miner's certiticate No. B «:<i*!>.
Intend, sixty dnys from the date herooJ
;o apply to the Mining Recorder for Certiticates
jf Improvements, for the puriiose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of each of the above clalmn.
And further take notice that action, under sec*
tion 37, must bo commenced before the uuuance
,of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dnled this nth day of January, I'.tH.
p.o.box38 NEW DENVER.
Terms on application
sow W(*tmln»t«r Unnd Vancouver, 11.0
Canadian o
IPacifig Ky.
Direct Line   Lowest Bates
FLORENCE  Mineral  Claim.
HlUinte In thc Slocan Mining Division ol West
Kontonav   District.    Where located:    On
Goat MountHln, north of "TurrL."
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T. Twigg, as
agent for Thomas W. Kit74n.ruId, free
miner's certificate No. II «Htftl», Noah F. Mc
Naught. Irce miner's certliieuto No, II. (M,.i»T,
and William R, Will, free miner's certilicnte No.
H'11404, lntcnd,slxt> dnys from thedate hereof, to
apply to thc Mining Recorder for a CerWHeato of
Improvements, for the puriiose of obtaining s
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section ni, must be e< mmenccd before the wsu-
mice of such Certificate ol Improvement*.
Dated this 3d day of December, A. D. I DOS
0:00 a 111. Lv.   KASLO Ah. Jl:16 p. m
Ur25 r, m. Au. SANDON Lv. 1:00 p. m.
New York
forth nd
Nan Franclwo
VURoo Pacific Line, St. Pawl, Chicago »ndall
V «4 notnw
to AlMtt«. Jaiun,China, Hawaii, Auatrall*.
Thmogtiitaaklnnto England andtheContl-
ocnt vlaall H. S, Lire*.
PortiiMUblM,r-'ft» and Information, applf
5:00 ft. m. Lv. NELSON An. 7:15 p. ni
fl:40 n. m. AR.   KASLO Lv. 8:85 p. m.
Ticket* aold to all ptrtu of thn United
8tAt*a tnti Cnnntlft via lir#At Northern
And O, R & N Company'* line*.
For further pArticuIar* call on or Ad*
ROBERT IRVING. Mnrm«r*r. K**lo.
D. P. A , Xahon.
A O. P. A., V*neonT«r


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