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The Ledge Sep 17, 1903

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 Volume X., Number 51.
Pit ice. $2 a Year, in Advance
from tbe Cake towns
The Bosun is reducing its force.
The force at the Speculator ha
been increased to its full capacity.
Nominations for the Provincial
elections will be made on 'Saturday.'
X. F. McNaught reports a good
strike of ore on the Hampton group.
Returns on the last shipment of
Republic ore amounted to §82 per
H. Byrnes left on Monday for
Enderby where he has purchased a
Messrs. Foster, Cory and Woods
are digging for gold on Cooper
Mrs. D. Matheson is getting iu a
full line of fashionable fall millinery.    Don't send out.
Born—At Greenwood, Sept., 10,
to the wife of A. W. Strickland, of
New Denver, a son.
All the popular styler, of fall suitings to select from at F.  F.   Lieb-
seher's, Silverton's boss tailor.
Owing to the difficulties in   getting the ore packed to the Siding
the Capella -shut' down last  week.
at one time shift boss at the Queen
Bessjdied at Greenwood last Satur-
A ten-inch payshoot of rich ore
was uncovered last week by Bob
Milloy on the Monterey group, Ten
Geo. Lendrum, a director of the
Bosun mine, arrived from England
last week and spent a few days inspecting the property.
Wm. Davidson, the labor candidate, addressed the voters of McGuigan Monday night and on Tuesday was in Three Forks.
Mrs. Points came in from Spokane Monday and has joined her
hunhand at tiie Marion. Mr. Caldwell, of Kaslo accompanied her.
Win, Thomlinson made a deal
for W. B. Young on his Goat
mountain interests this week, T.
H. Hoben securing the property.
The C. P. R. was peddling sugar
and other commodities about thc
Slocan last week, as a result of
letting a carload of freight run into
the lake at Nukusp.
Another holdup. This time it's
thc lumber men behind the gun.
They raised the price of rough
lumber fifty per cent, and tho mine
owners are complaining. !
R. T. Kirkwood mado a good
strike on the Riverside group, Ten
Mile, last week. In the face of a
tunnel driven 20 feet on the leatl
he hits Hix inches of clean ore showing.
Returning officer Henderson has
established his polling places, vte,:
Deer Park, Burton, Nakusp. Kose-
hery, Three Forks, McGuigan, Sandon, Xew Denver, Silverton, Enterprise, Sloean und Winlaw.
Grand Chancellor Nelson went
to Ymir on Wednesday to Institute
a K. of P. lodge.    Another is ptv-
(in ring at Cranbrook.   Pythiauixm
Ms taken a decided jump forward
since <\ V, Nelson took hold of the
Silverton   Miners'   Union  has
Tohn A. Kin man; trustees, D. B.
O'Neal, Wm. H. Davidson, Ralph
A party of sporting men from
Pittsburg were in New Denver
last week, trying to get pack animals to take their '-traps" up
Wilson creek. The local combine
tried the cinch game and drove the
party away. They returned to
Smith & Co. upwards of SCO worth
of groceries and left for Revelstoke.
They are now on a hunting expi-
dition up Kootenay river. Other
parties are following this, and will
no doubt pass the Lucerne like a
white chip.
At the convention of Slocan
Liberals, held in New Denver on
Tuesday, the following resolutions
were adopted:
Whereas, owing to the removal
in the near future from the Province of R. A. Bradshaw, the
Liberal candidate for Slocan Riding, he has deemed it necessary to
resign as such candidate, and such
resignation has been duly accepted,
Whereas, the McBride_ govern-
mlmFh^ingTnost unfairly~changed
the date of the elections from the
31st to the 3rd, of October, thus
bringing on the elections in a little
over two weeks from this date, and
the nominations in four days hence,
therefore be it
Resolved, that we, the Liberal
delegates for Sloean riding in convention assembled this 15th day of
September, 1003, do not nominate
a candidate at the ensuing elections.
And be it further
Revolved, that, while we affirm
that the Liberal Party is the best
friend of the working man, and
while we heartily approve of
many of the planks of the platform
of the Labor candidate for this riding, wo view with great apprehension that clause in said platform
which provides that the resignation
of the said candidate shall bc
placed in tho hands of a committee
of the convention which nominated
him, as wo consider such a condition unconstitutional and fraught
with great danger to constitutional
Another well-known and popular
New Denver couple were married
this week, Robt. J. Sutherland
and Miss Mahlo A. Cleverley went
to Nelson on Monday and there, at
tho Methodist parsonage, hy Rev.
W. W. Baer, were happily wedded
as the shadows of evening were
stealing sleepily across the lake.
After spending a few days in the
Kootenay metropolis Mr. anil Mrs.
Sutherland returned to New Denver, where they will reside.
WIIKIIK   (iOI.i>   Ol.lTTI'.UH.
gravel is as rich as it is at present
thought to be, there will not be
much surface left,
The first discovery of the gold
bearing gravel was made in the
centre of the town, and after the
different prospectors who were in
town at the time had made an examination of the pans taken they
quickly scattered to look out locations for themselves. Along the
main river itself, placer operations
have been conducted for years, but
it was not thought that the sand
and gravel even to the' base of the
mountain was also gold bearing.
What the practical value of the
discovery will be yet remains to be
proven, as work has not progressed
far enough to tell. None are down
to bedrock yet, and the gold has
been so fine, although plentiful,
that it is difficult to save it with
the, crude apparatus yet employed.
At the river bank half a dozen
cradles and rockers liave been
built and with these the qwners are
hoping to reap a rich harvest.
Two mill's below Poplar, near
Goldhill, Messrs. Stead, Moyer.
Sharplessand Gilmourhavea force
of men at work with a hydraulic
pump on a gravel bed at the east
side of the river. The gravel is
pumped into a flume, the gold being caught by riffles. The machinery is not yet complete, a few minor
The two new ones are connected
but cannot be blown in till the two
slag-carrying locomotives arrive
from the east, which will probably
be in three or four weeks. The
mines yesterday began shipping
1,200 tons of ore per day.
Sandon Hews Cropping
nozzle   of   the   intake
enough has been done to show that
the project should prove most profitable. A stream of water has
been turned in from the river which
supplies enough force towasli down
the gravel to the mouth of the pipe.
The party of Philadelphia capitalists who are interested in this placer
bed, with other properties in the
neighborhood, have been spending
several days here, watching the installation of machinery.
It is reported that an important
mining deal is likely to go through
early next week 6n a property
twelve miles up the creek, owned
by several Swedes, the purchasers
being a Nelson syndicate, This
claim, the Spyglass, is considered
by many to be the richest proposition of the camp, tho ore being so
rich that it is possible to pack it
out on men's backs ami yet make
big profits. Tho values are principally in silver and gold. One
-seven inch leatl carries 4,000 ounces
of silver to the ton, and 8500 in
gold, and the main lead is also very
rich. The ore is hy far the richest
ever struck in this part of the
country, and when a trail has been
cut in to the property ho that it can
be reached easily it will canst a
groat stir among mining men.
The North Star mine in East
Kootenay has 40 men on the payroll, all working on   development.
A mortgage for §35,000 is to be
placed on the Britannia mine, Howe
Sound, for the purpose of building
a tramway to tidewater.
The Copper King mine, Kamloops, shipped recently the first carload of ore for smelter treatment to
the Croftou works, Vancouver
The ground is being surveyed at
the Hunter V. mine, near Ymir,
for the building of a tramway,
which it is hoped to have installed
before the snow flies.
A strike of high grade galena
and zinc blende has been made in
the 400-foot level of the Ymir. It
is reported to be worth over $100 to
the ton. At this mine the tram is
to be extended to the No. 2 tunnel.
Manager Kirby of the War Eagle
thinks Rossland has seen its darkest
davs.-—He-says——I— believe that
tJ . a!
reforms in the mining legislation of
British Columbia cannot much
longer be delayed, and with it will
begin a new era in the history of
British Columbia. The province
cannot be further repressed. It
has a mining area of 1100 by 400
miles including the richest part of
the Rocky mountain ranges.
Some day this will be dotted with
mining communities drawing their
supplies from the great area of
agricultural lands adjoining. This
province is an empire, although few
men at present realize tlie fact."
The United Copper Company
management declares that it can
get 14 cents for all of the copper it
can turn out, and that this price
will govern.
A new oil process for treatment
of refractory ores is being worketl
out at San Francisco, says Pacific
Const Miner, nn experiment having
been made with Tonapah  ores.
W. P. Hamilton, the dredge man
of California, has placed orders for
four dredgers, to be located
on the Yuba river, at a point not
conflicting with the work of the
Debris Commission.
Writing from Poplar creek,.I. C.
Bolander says that in his opinion
that is going to he a very busy
camp this fall and winter. A
great amount of inlxir will ten re-j to the 100 foot levl.
quired to clear the towiisib' and
even now building* nre going np as fast ax the lumber can lie
The force at the Oro Denoro,
Summit camp, has been increased
to 25 men.
Once again this week the Snow-
shoe hft«* broken all previous records
for shipping ore, the total being not
far from 3,000 tons for the seven
Maiuigar Plowman, ofthe Winni-
J. M. Harris is in   Spokane   on
Ed McLeod left for Spokane on
Byron White went to" Spokane
the past week.
The Bluebird made a shipment
of ore this week,
J. E. Lovering has returned
from Revelstoke.    Alone.
Jack McFarlo badly cut his
hand at the Idaho on Saturday.
The Noonday was shut down
this week. They have no winter
quarters at the property.
Agent Clark of Kaslo is relieving
Geo. Huston, of the K. & S., who
i^ enjoying a few days' well-earned
W. J. McDonald is removing his
stock of general merchandise from
Whitewater to Sandon.
A party of Great Northern officials came in today over the K. &
S., on a tour of inspection.
Lumber arrived last weeek for
the Rambler flume, and work is being pushed with all possible speed.
====AVLif.li^.f-.lin nrtmiYiftr,f*n,rtiifiiii-~f\f_\vriTi\r^
on the new tram for the Idaho,
that old camp is taking on its old-
time life.
The Inland cigar company of
Kamloops has appointed G. H.
Muirhead, Sandon agent for the
McPherson & Hurlev  lost their
valuable horse Baldy this week.
He broke his leg in the stable and
had to be shot.
The Ivanhoe shipped (il tons of
ore in the past ten days, The coal
shortage lias been relieved and the
mill is working full time.
A horse belonging to Liveryman
Crawford fell oil* tlie pack trail to
Three Forks near the electric power
house on Tuesday ainl was killed.
After being newly papered
throughout, and other interior improvements, the Miners' hospital
presents a very attractive appearance.
Hans Hanson was taken to the
hospital Monday night with a bad
fracture of the ankle. Thos. .Jones
also spent a few days in the institution this week.
Major Vaninoerkitk,   who   has
Tho 100-stump mill of the Hoyal
Gold Mining Company, Hudson,
Calaveras countv. California, has
been started. This is saitl to be
the second size mill on tht; coast,
the Treadwell leading.
Manufacture of glass from quartz
has passed the experimental Mage,
and it is predicted that the ordinary
glass of the future will lie produced
iu this milliner, which alTonlseconomies not J o-sible before,
,.    A ball of India rubber Immersed! |j..;ulitiir U<.om.
^™?V.*.}u *l!"l.   "!"!!W"!M  .   i,u lUini,i n,r ,M"'n,1'"s h'Mo' ■•",l «'! w:i« ee'iAuoA hum
been working alone on the Empress! |!!i','lX.!ii'i!.r.v'
Frenk Malcolm has taken the
contract to supply ore for the Ruth
mill from the mine for a period of
three months. Mr. Malcolm has
been foreman of the property the
past vear or two and is in position to
handle the output most advantageously.
Last week a nay famine was on
in Sandon, and pack animal0 had
to be turned out in the J hills for
feed. One of the teamsters had a
bale of hay in his stables andlockcd
the door and sat up all night to
watch it. The Ivanhoe was also
short of coal, though five cars had
been on the way from Nelson for
several days. C. P. R. freight
trains, like C. P. R. passenger
trains, come and go with marked
irregularity—except into the lakes.
There is no cause for men to be
idle in the mining camps of B. C.
In the Slocan there is a demand for
more men, and in the Boundary
the shortage appears to be even
The Phoenix Pioneer says:
"There is no cause for men to be
fall and winter, for the simple
reason that the forces at all the
properties are gradually being increased. Assistant Manager Flum-
erfelt, of the Granby mii.es, said to
the Pioneer this week: "We could
use 100 more men today if we could
get thein, but men seem to be scarce.
As you know, we have been running with le«s men than we actually
need for a month or two, and now
we wish to secure the full number.
We have sent word to Vancouver.
Victoria, Nelson, Rossland and
other places, and hope soon to have
all we need. A number liave come
in this week, but we have places
for a good many more at standard
wages, both at the mines and at the
smelter. When we get the fifth
and sixth furnaces in operation fit
the smelter we will need to still
further increase our lone."
The total amount of ore k!ii|i|ic(1 fnnn
tlm SiwHii ami SIiii'hii City utittiutf
•livisit.im for tin* Mar \UH wite, apprux
hniitcly. 110,000,ton* Since January I
tnM'iittMifoer l.',l!i!i;t,tlu« v.lii|unenUliiivc
been nn follows:
Wm-Ii    t     '
Aiin'rli'Mii Huy  .'•';"!
Alit.iinit  ,  X'.J
claim, adjoining the Silver Glance, | •«.""-'> ■• ••
for the past few years, is taking out   Mo',.
ore for another carload shipment. | ft'."-'..'^-^!.!,,.
Work was started the past week
on a contract to drive NO to loo
feet of tunnel to tup the lead on
the Noble Five group. Phil Mcln-
iii'ks .tnd Mike Monihnev are lining
the work.
ore ou a small   scale   next   week.
The mine is now pumped out down
A waggon road is being surveyed
from the Betts and Hesperus mines
ou Hardy mountain, to the Gninhy
smelter, which will shorten the
distance alsnit four miles.
A large gal hei ing   enjoyed   the
basket social  niven   Tuesday   eve-
jiiingby  Ihe   Ladle*   Aid   in   the
pwanN of ?iio
tin*  -vale of I»r»«-
(hopped to the  Ho<»r   hi oak*   like! ken.    It's wonderful what a little
gla-s.    A lead ball   iicitiiios   elns-' -.(ring nf i*:Aiet, uill do.
tieitv and  will   relsuind   like   thej
rubber in it* noimal Mate. j    A tire.it deal h«* bem. said lately
... , about "the Woitdetfu!  lead   Isin^
An extensive iihtn.tiii.  producer, ^.....j. nt  ,.ls, ••    TUl. fa(.,    k w
u ■ mn *	
Illllllll'llll   .
Ili-ililitin! I.i. 1,1
It tm
IViilH 111'	
I.i.rk-i .Inn	
*U nurv	
XL 1.1,1	
I'.ll ll. .     , , .
I/I|.*l*ll    II, M      .       ,
If niiiii. r	
I.'. j.uUli'.       ....
|:..| Lo
M'K ill M:ir
**l «•*•,-, 1*1 •*.
**illt I   lil.till'   . .
"u Mi-  ...
V iin'.i   Vi r	
»» i.idl. fliil.	
1,1 *
T^t.!     |r,
us  iiii:  i.ior.
appear* to te- in peiii.aneiil   woik-! \\;. V\ ain/r. who has operated U,e
: ..l...... ., i   III, I.. d Vt*..    I.'.. ■,,.. I....   t »
laid ou the ground.
The  latevtt  eicltemeitt  at  thHT^^Z'fnS'm Z"""   ""l^^^^'1*'<>>'>_ K"«'"»'«M ,hM^;««v.'l^ bi^,. "Jakb^  .,„
eamo ha« nrinen through   the   Ate.t <"*",I1U' aoom lour mum. I where the i a ie metal has been prov-. f,,,,,,  «|)(>   M'(1„,i,.,.r„*)   .. !,.,,»••    f,„
elected t«iefoHowiugonicer»«or t««e|,,oVery that practiwilly all the gravel!    For the first, time in the   historvien to ai omul in the placer  groined „„m^,u *w,\ ,,,„„«<,«.    lh- vmt>ni»ti
 ' J    Im-^Ih  in    tho   valley     are   gold (of mining in British Columbia, it te \ and the rock iM-mg uuneii tm gout. |j.„„WH (j,,,   nrotuM-tv   better  thai
hearing,   colors  being  obtainable) announced that the   Ix>ltoi   \o.2j
eveywhere from the  moss  down. 1
A mewled articles of iiMoiporatiou' anv man in therainp.aiid he hiiigh-*-.
mom   down. | mine Kossland has made a contract | for ,,|(, j.v,|,T;,j Mining nnd Smelt- at the report of   the   recent   Ate-
This was observed lait week, and a* | with the Greenwood smelter for thej j     (Nnnptniv have   been   filed   inleovery.
i in,, a-, .,.«',-.•. u*.>,„    ....    ■..,!,.,.......v      A „ umber oi Unighls i,\ Vyt'lnof-
ti,,.; tion from   *:uhj»».(hjii t«» «:t»Mnj«>,.j tv,.,„ iu S;ll;(|,m  Weilw-dav'tii-ht
t,9    tf,.l,.        I,i,,■,*', i
made the first day, and about thirty
The • report   published   by
enduing U.mi: i leniuieuC, iiulii.
Spencer} vice-president. Phil
Walters; secretary, John Findlay;
treasurer, V. F. Liebscher; warden,
Geo. White: conductor, Ifarrv
Tliorhurn; trustees, Wm. KyU»,
Geo. White, Win. Scott.
The following are tho names of
tho officers elected for the ensuing
six months by the , Blocan Minora'
I'tiion at their Iaw-5 meeting: President, W. II. Harrison; vico-presi-j
di'.ui* Thus. I), Tobiu, financial,
secretary, Ii.  H.   O'Neal;   record-j
ing werotary, John Skinner;  war-' townsite company have the title to the Granby «m*lter l»*t Thur-day'■ His   Mill;   i-   imiwuve   and   the t«» im reisi
den, Thos. 'fapparelllf conductor, | the surface all   right,   but   If  the [ am! two more yesterday   morning. * price* reasonable.
The   voters'   li-t
tiiiinlrcil .'nil   Hit. .-ti
♦ .-•.•.I   ii, ... fii,. i, ii. .«
Yirttt   !■*•#■:,','-I'tr
M,i; ,.,
J III <•«"     {uf lv",
H inia*
A'it tn
IS     I'losi'll
lilliiir.   .'Hi'
f n't"
ThoPonlar crook   tow.H.i.« im J Pioneer some weeks ngo that   the «hh».    I iiing (r u.-e ;.. nee* mkosi fmm N|.W ,)(,im,r     Sis candid.ito :\ ""
j tie i opiar criek   townsite has (; , Mlll„itw     * arraimhi-r P,"^,, n,M,m »»»• thiiH of ihi.roeur; ,  t},,,,,,^,   ,„„] .lftl.,   tJ„. «••» ei,„,
been staked not   only   for  a pre- ,»»««»«™M« Hineiar uas  air.ii»k•»,; «        ,-oii*nii.ite.l   ,Jl '     .,,l,m,M».  '«•»' •»»•'   «'»• . ...o
emotion mill site    half  a  d'       to use Cascade power, viaI'l.oenix. sd Alene  (ie.iiM.ng  loiihtii mm , {,„iK„ vvolk <Va* liiushe.l, rit ..:;;,i ft, ,.„„,„„
XmIc?"^ *^"|hMbeenc»nnrn^ a few of the matheii.etica.lv in- Hre \M»
site and hy applicants WpurchiiJie,iU,uVm;k' "°«w»H»««t«»l,,-'»; "" tSi"\    Hundred* of>e.,ple me honing 'bue.l went  down t.,  t;i-   luiumr u "X\o,
but now h.'M placer pant" ;'ttick   all' nW at t"1' fimf* "rt<i Pnn1*'"- ' furniture f!i"-- Any-- ••«» fhe store .,f \atil  ami  made  .neasnri'tttent*- uf      yhl. ,.„,,,,*,.
over it.    Itis   believed   that   tl»e|    Two funuices were blown  in   at! U*h Uuteih*,n \ l o . in  Nelson.  ]'"; l^~ ■   } w,^,u^ '*_'' uUy'n>[ *'i;}*iy ' Ai'np
the police force and put
i the Mile walks io   l«lt't   i iiijiJJt.Hii.
Tl;e ?-i"*f['i'  'il'inlhil    S'lfid/di
*-i..iiy limp ml,, the Knuimoy
unbuilt when thev uant au antidote
for wet weather. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, SEPTEMBER 17, 1903.
Tenth Year.
had been removed to  Sault Ste Marie,  and the continent British cabinet minis-
Ticked Over the Wires During Many Days From Every
Point of the Compass.
London, September 9.—The revelations I vantages obviously entitle her.  This iner-
contained in the report of the royal commission on the conduct of the war in
South Africa have filled all England with
consternation and indignation. Of the
three volumes just issued much has been
suppressed "in the public interest," but
enough remains to justify apparently the
opinion freely expressed that the war office
at the outbreak of the trouble was in a
state of incompetence which is nothing
short of amazing. According to the testimony of general Nicholson, the intelligence section of the war office relating to
South Africa was run before the war on
the two men aud a boy principle, with two
officers and one clerk. The treasury,
against the united recommendation of the
war, office, refused any increase. Hence
it is not surprising that, when England
went 'o war, there was no effective map
whatever of the Orange Five State, the
Transvaal, or Natal. To quote lord Kitchener's own testimony, according to the
official memorandum, l,a field intelligence
department had to be created from the
very beginn'ng."
General Nicholson is responsible for the
information that there was practically no
valid connect':--: n b itw een the intelligence
department and the defense committee of
the cabinet. Colonel Altham testified
that every Boer gun was known and
traced after the war. The British local
defense scheme' was, however, based on
au inadequate force. It was merely that
generals should report how they could
make the best use of what troops they
had, and that experts by desire should
• prepare the plan of a scheme of mobilization iu the early summer. But the government would not vote the extra necessary money until it was forced to do so.
This was the testimony of general sir
P. Stopford, and, from the official memorandum and colonel Altham's testimony,
it is apparent that the marquis of Lans-
dowue knew that there were forty-eight
thousand mounted Boers waiting to oppose the British. Yet, almost without
exception, infantry were sent. When finally the mobilization of the first army
corps was ordered it was so late that it
was not possible for general sir Redvers
Builer to be in a position to take tlie field
until the end of December. The>Boers,
however invaded Natal in the second
week in October. The hasty mobilization
on the part of the British caused disorganization. ,
Nearly all the military witnesses, notably general Kelly-Kenny, lay stress on
the fact that the representations of the
commander-in-chief did not meet with
sufficient compliance. Viscount Wolseley
lord Lansdowne treated him aud his advice in 1890, when he was absolutely disregarded, the secretary of state for war
absolutely refusing to sanction even the
most urgently needed expenditures. This
refusal delayed the army corps, nor did
the war office send out the reinforcements
he urged. Lord Roberts also condemns
the initial preparations iu South Africa.
A largo number of militia officers hud
never boon traiiied at nil, according to
major general Borrett, while lord Lovat
stated that each regiment practically Iuul
officers who wore so completely worthless
that thoy could not bo taken on a trek.
They used to bo loft iu different headquarters for superintending baggage and
Vico admiral sir R. Harris tells tho following delightful story: "The confusion,
of course, was tremendous, owing to the
war all through tho colony. I nuiy say,
for instance, that I sent a truck loud of
one hundred and fifty lyddite shells to
lord Methuno, which was absolutely lost
for three weeks,"
Utter confusion existed initially and
through the course of tho campaign. Sir
Redvers Builer said ho went without any
general instructions whatever and received none on his arrival in South
Africa. Sir J, Ardiigh declares the war
office always contemplated a withdrawal
to the south of tho Tngelit on the outbreak of the war, and never thought for a
moment of Lndysn.ith lx'ing a defensible
placo. Yet the bulk of tho stores in that
town wero poured in from Oetolier 7tli,
throe days liefore the war broke out, iuul
it was then impossible to have removed
LAN'snowNic suori.n iumkiw
Home of the iiowspajiers are strong in
their expressions of  indignation.    The
Ontario. Counsel for the complaining
stockholders will now bring suit against
the company, and if they cannot reach
the books through the courts of the
United States they declare they will apply to the Canadian courts.
tia is not merely a matter of tradition, it
is almost a matter of religion. For a majority of the faithful believe that God has
given the land to the children of the prophet and the sea to the Giaours, infidel
dogs that they are.
Such is the teaching of Islam. Al Mak-
kari, a Mohammedan writer of authority,
says in his "History of Mohammedan
Dynasties in Spain," "When the Moslems
achieved the conquest of Egypt the Khalif
Omar-Ibu-ul-Khattah, who was then tho
commander (of the faithful) wrote to his
lieutenant Amru-Ibp-ul-Aas, asking him
for a description of tho sea. The answer
sent, him by Aumt was as follows: 'The
sea is a great pool, which some inconsiderate people furrow, looking like worms
on logs of wood.' Ou receipt of this answer the Khalif forbade the Moslems to
navigate the seas, and so it was as long as
the Khalif lived uo Arab dared to go
aboard a boat unless he hail previous leave,
and transgression of the prohibition was
severely punished."
From tho timo of the first naval engagement between Moslem and Christian,
at the time of the siege of Constantinople, when four big galleys of Greeks
and Genoese put to rout the 145 ships of
the Turks, to the infinite chagrin and
furjvof Mahomet II, down to the present
day, the Turkish navy has been impotence
personified. Iu vain sultans following in
the wake of Mahomet II, who rode out
into the shallow water brandishing his
sword, shouting terms of Turkish ob-
liquy against his naval commanders and
ordering the captain pasha to bo impaled,
have tried to mobilize a fleet, conduct a
'successful naval campaign or even carry
ordinary commerce, unless a Christian
captain was at the head of the enterprise.
Turkey has no mercantile marine. All
commerce beyond the waters of the Black
sea or Levant is carried on by the Greeks
or other Europeans. Even the ferry
boats running through the Bosphorus and
Golden Horn, though under the control
of Turkish capitalists, are run by European captains and engineers, aud the
boats themselves are all made iu Europe,
mostly on the Thames. There are, of
course, small craft owned aud manned by
Ottoman subjects, Moslem and non-Moslem, but they are only equipped for short
Great, black, unseaworthy hulks, idly
rocking and rotting in the port of the
Golden Horn, are what is left of the
beautiful Turkish cruisers bought,
twenty-five years ago by the sultan Aziz.
Long ago their boilers were sold by order
of Hassan Pasha, and their armament, is
now completely out of date. Beside these
Turkey has a few so-called seagoing ironclads. But they learned during the
in the Dardanelles, that it was better for
them not to try to go to sea. And she has
eight smaller ironclads for coast defense,
and a fair-sized fleet of gunboats and a
score of torpedo boats, including two
Nordenfeldt submarines.
This imposing fleet is manned by conscripts forced into service for a term of
eight years, including three on leave and
four years in the reserve. The mariues
aro indolent, uncleanly, and absolutely
without discipline. They are regularly
exercised on land, each morning finding
their blue-uniformed ranks winding in
and out of tho admiralty buildings to the
shrill music of bugles and a bewildering
clatter of orders, which, being issued by
the captain, pass on to the uext in authority, and eventually through a long lino of
subalterns reach the jackies, along with a
choice assortment of epithet and complimentary, as "Jackass!" "Donkey!" "Why
don't you do this?" "Aro you a fool and
the son of a fool that you do that?" etc.
It is small wonder that at the end of eight
years' service they aro utterly untrained
m the habits anil knowledge necessary to
the successful use of the terrific engines
of modern maritime warfare—particularly
as they have none of those torriblo modern weapons to practice with, Of such
men as these Turkey hits a pence force of
15,000 men, the numlier lieing doubled in
timo of war.
The demoralization of what once promised to lm a fairly effective Turkish navy
was the work of Hassan Pasha, tho Turkish minister of marine, who died the
other day. Hassan was a sailor, but he
wits also a coward and a thief. For over
twenty years he held his jiositioi. while
ministries rose and fell, boasting that the
sultan dure not remove him, and apparently with reason, since while other olli-
I cial heads tumbled one hy one into the
Want to Improve Ireland's Condition.
[Associated Press.]
London, September 11 .—Another conference looking to the, improvement of the
condition of Ireland will be called shortly.
Captain Shaw E. Taylor, who was secretary to the recent, landlord and tenants'
conference in Dublin, which was instrumental in securing the Irish Land Bill,
proposes to invite the representatives of
the Orangemen, Roman Catholics, Protestants, and the hea'ds of educational institutions in Ireland to meet in Dublin
and confer together with the purpose of
finding a common ground on which all
may stand, thus ending the religious differences in connection with education,
which has lasted for centuries and which
has beeu responsible for many of Ireland's
Ask for a Postponement.
[Assoeinled Cross.1
Washington,   September   12.—Russia
has requested permission of China to postpone her evacuation of one of the frontier
provinces of Manchuria for several months
after October 8th, the date fixed for the
general evacuation of Manchuria.
Minister Conger cables the state department this fact, and the matter has been
referred to secretary Huy, at the secretary's summer home iu New Hampshire,
for consideration. The state department
apparently is not concerned over Russia's
request, as it is pointed out the province
is a small one and tho postponement is
only for a short time.
The Prince May Not Attend.
[Associated Cress-'.]
Boston, September 13,—No steps whatever have been taken in connection with
tho frequently reported contemplated visit
of the prince of Wales to America. No
invitation has been tendered to the prince,
and neither the United States embassy,
the British commissioners to the St. Louis
exposition, nor C. T. Watson, the secretary of the commission, have any expectation that the visit will occur. Nothing is
being done, even in a preliminary unofficial way, towards securing the prince's
presence at St. Louis.
Train Robbers Sentenced.
[Associated l'ress.l
El Paso, Texas, September 12.—The
Americans who robbed a Mexican Central
train and the Wells-Fargo express at Ber-
mejillo, Durango, July 2;ird, 1002, have
been sentenced at Maphni to 15 years imprisonment and fined $1000 each. The
men were Bill West, alias Ingram; Lee
Smith, alias Whitaker, and Jnmes Paris.
ters came to London today to attend, the
cabinet meetiug, which was; regarded as
marking the most important phase in the
recent political history of the United Kingdom. The Times voices public sentiment
iu saying it was "a great occasion," more
important even than the historic meeting
when home rule was supported most. For
the main issue today is "The Unity of the
Empire." Not since the fateful day when
the cabinet framed an answer to president
Kruger's ultimatum had such crowds
gathered around Downing street. From
early morning loiterers assembled here in
the hope of catching a glimpse of political
leaders. However, it was announced that
the cabinet would not meet until ii o'clock,
and the spectators dwindled. Mr. Balfour, who arrived iu London from Scotland yesterday, went to Downing street
early. Treasury officials were posted all
the morning with Mr. Balfour's secretary,
and going over the statistics on wliich the
cabinet is supposed to base its decision for
or against, free trade. Mr. Chamberlain,
who was the. central figure in today's proceedings, left Birmingham accompanied
by his wife. A large crowd bade them
farewell at the railroad station. On their
arrival here Mrs. Chamberlain went to
their Loudon home and Mr. Chamberlain
proceeded to the colonial ollice.
Were Once Paid for Their Services.
In former times members of the British
parliament, who serve now entirely without, pay, were rewarded for their services
by the constituencies which they represented However, the member took his
reward more often in goods than in specie,
a not surprising matter, seeing that money
was not the common possession of those
from whom he levied tribute. The last
payment freely , made of which there is
record is that which Andrew Marvel received. It was a barrel of herrings. In
1157? parliament formally discontinued
payment of itself, but the practice had
gradually been lapsing for some timo, for
ten years earlier Samuel Pepys had lamented the disappearance of the paid
member, "so the parliament is become a
company of men unable to give account
for the interest of the place..thej* serve
for." The old paid member, was very
much the servant of the house. He flared
be absent only by permission of the speaker, on penalty of a fine equal to about
:$:2r>0, in addition to-the stoppage of his
wages; while imprisonment was at times
substituted. Further, the members who
appeared at the house later than 8 a.m.,
aud so missed prayers, were penalized,
uot even the speaker being exempt from
the order as to attendance or payment of
penalty in case of remissness.
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Represented by GEORGE HOHTON.
Daily Mail says: "One lessoni blnzoiu-d porto's waste Imwkot, his remained llrnily
on i.very page, ul' thi.i rijjtirt in th.it uur, uu hte .tltiiuldt r.i. lit- \v;t.i awarded a
national iutertwls ean no Ioiikit te' en* i grafter-lii-ehlef, even in that land of
trusted to men who n«irard stateHinaiishiji I \Kvtitt. Year hy year the Turkish Heel
iw a pleasant otruputinii for the leistuv  lias sunk furl her iuul further into a i-on
It is said they got from" tlie WHls-Rirgo
company $53,500, all of which has been
recovered except about §10,000 or $15,000.
Disastrous Wind Storm in Florida.
[Associated Press.]
Jacksonville:, Florida, Septeniber.14.—
No wires aro working south of Jacksonville this morning, and no details of the
hurricane which swept across the southern part of the state Saturday is complete. So far as known seven peoplo met
death, the bodies of five being washed
ashore near Miami on the east coast, and
two near Bounton on the west sido of the
state. Passengers arriving today on belated trains report that on the east coast
many vessels havo been wrecked. Above
Miami it is reported seven or eight are
ashore. The property loss in the city of
Tampa is about one million dollars. Wesl
Tampa was flooded, No loss of life is reported in Tampa, although several persons wero hurt by the fulling trees. Much
damage was dono to the Orange groves
aud gardens, and it is feared that the
beautiful winter homes of northern peo.
pio are damaged. The disturbance is today sweeping across Alabama and Louisiana. All wires south of Montgomery,
Alabama, ore down. Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, and New Orleans, all report high winds. Thew is no evidence of
the storm at Charleston, South Carolina,
although precautionary signals have lieen
displayed for two dn.VH.
Snow Storm Swept Montana.
[Associated I'ri'W.
Hki> Loduk, Montana, September l'i.—
A heavy stiow-storm swept over Montana
last   night.    Considerable grain is still
Mantling, and it is probably ruined. The
storm covered a wide urea, ll is repurlcd
that two feet of snow fell near IVyol
In Danger of His Life.
[Associated l'ross.]
Bkrlis, September, 1-1.—An extraordi-
ary letter, purporting to' have been writ-
ton by a Bulgarian statesman, has up-
asserts that a subterranean passage leads
from the castle where prince Ferdinand
lives, as though besieged, to tho river,
through which the prince can escape by
water when convinced that his position
is no longer tenable. It is added that the
princess Clementine, mother of prince
Ferdinand, saw king Kdward at Vienna,
and told him that her son was in n deplorable position and in danger of his
life, and begged the kitig to have a vessel
iu readiness lo carry him away from Bulgaria. King Kdward, it is asserted, assured princess Clementine that prince
Fordinaud would always find an asylum
in Kngland.
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A nu mo tlmt is familiar to oltl-timern
ns the r.iiniu (if Three Porks—familiar
Wuusd it, was there in days ofbooni
and in days of lit'invssion that they
enjoyed tlio hospitality of tlio Kenial
proprietor, and partook of the linstoss'
liimutil'iil tuhlo. The siuiiii 'conditiona
prevail today that havo won for thu
house its enviahlo reputation and its
proprietor is—
: Books
I Magazines
j Newspapers
('lassos. The flay of such men as lord
LaiiHilowue and Mr. Hrodcriek in English
ntiitt'Miiiiinihip te over, They are costly
mid dtuigerotiH luxuries.   The reputation
dition of iuoomiUH desuetude, to the givat
profit of Hassan and the sultan.
Year bv year vast sums of money ap
portiiiiHil  for  thn  maintenance of   the
of lord LuiiKdowiie is blasted a liniidrtil; iutvy wi-iv divided Iwlwi'idi Hassan anil
times over in the pages of this evidi-iiiiv his inastcr The navy has lieen extin-
and not only hte reputation but lln> whole gwished, but Hiihhiui has wiixid fat ami
attitude of" the present eabiiKt towards | well liking. And Hassan secured the
their duties t i the i-tnpitv." * abrogation of the constitution, tip- itlmli-
Tin' Times says. In regard fo the report:  tion of parliament, undid the work of
"It iK a swi'iping iiiilii'tiiH'iit of onr miii-   Mhliil I'nshn. anil wilt  that brave nlor
larv unprtiNmiliieK*, an uiipiv|wivdniM4,  nut to Ini death, to prevent iuv« stigntion
be it oIimtviiI, which tlifiv i* uo reason to, ol hi* graft* ami itoliticul Jobbery,   te it
Probing the Postal Scandals.
[AsMK'luled 1'ii-Shi.)
Nuw Youk, September U.~~ Charles
McGciehen and Ceorge H. Huntington of
the Columbia Supply Compauy, who are
indicted in Washington in connection
with   the  postal   scandals,   surrendered
themselves toUnited States marshal Hen-
kle in this city today. Bench warrants
were issued for Huntington and McGciehen at the time of the arraignment of
George \V. Beavers on the Washington
indict ment.
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■ ■ ■ THE ■ ■ ■
(Adopted at ItcvcUtolie. SeptcmWr 13th, IWi |
1, Tlmt thii eonveiitliui reulllnu* llie iml i-y
of lliu imity in in;s11> r" ol provincial roiidiauil
trail*; the iiwihi'»ltip nml control of railway*
anil llie ilevelopliii'iil of llli' iiiri'li'illllil'ill IcNinir-
cch of the province a* lulil down in the platform
iiiloi.tcil In iii'toi cr, I hi Hi, which It un f.i||iiw«i:
" To ncllvclv illl In fhe eiiitdtiilelloii nftl'illll
tliriiiulioui. lie- audi Vi!i|m| |*->rt "i;« of lie-
{iiMViiice and llie luiltilliiK of provincial trunk
imiiiN of pnlille iiroc.-.Ify,
■ I'o iu|ti|ii ihe pi'inciplcitol i.",-,! i mn, in mui-
■ mhlp of raluviiy- in mi fur in, the clmiiiintaiicct
of the province will nilnill, mill  the inlojilloii of
the priucli le lhal no Imiiu* »hoiilil lie (.'routed tu
iny inllway ciiiiip.iny ulihli i|,m n nut ulic llai
if ii eminent of llie ' pruvllice cullliol ill Kite*
,,>i*r Iiiii--l„,|ill<eil, li'.rllirr vt ll ll tile option of
| lilireliine,
Toiicilvcl) iii-lif li) ilile nlil III llie ilewlnjt-
Newmarket Hotel
9-u-A it
A.*,  tlv.kt from lli-M ti".t«' «>n h"
think teift tei '.i Sity n,M*tiA
fh«> jn'riiifl niiiee the wstr." ' hm«tiil of liU jwiw«t and  kni'W  himself*
Th»- Miuiiiiig Adverti^r  saiv.i*tiially , immune n«< mallvr ln»\v atfivily tin mi '
niniiik'-:   "Tin to  te mily ii»f  IhunKht miiiIic nf iifurni uii^ht wnrk fur hi" nn J
' Auing'i \
likilv lo tniulilc tin' mind ut ih<> putiiutii
lllillxln l, iu* he l'i mis tin-si' I't'iiiUi'knhlt'
VfiltniM'K- that i« the tuition that thi-y will
Im*nf Kixntir mtv*»«•■»• jmikwHiI.v tumir mill-
♦ .,,... t*1, ,„1,* r.i,  tt,,,   f.cntlt.i.eif   ttv.it   fto.v
will In* to our own war utliee nml nrinv,"
toe  liiuty Mirumoif   my*.      ii  imii
Jo'iiiHion in' luui uny •fline ut Auiiioy 5<ft
!i>' will »»nd in hix rwiirnatiuii «t iuki*.  111.    ,,   , .. ,    »„,Wu.,,,,,,*,..,,,     **,*,•,   •
i« not fitting thitf « mitiMor who !.,.» mi' «'"S rt! tu"lr thiM *W«.»>», vv.'J'J h  rn-
flfiKmiith' ttiii-iiiifit>wdoin<l<|tiirtiiiitif of volviil iu liiixiitimi   with none ut   tin
llw   tfflhltf    IrtlMft*-!**   nlHniM    trvttwitt   in
eluirge ui niiullier ul  mjutil Higim-uinee
Big Industrial Company In  Trouble.mi,,. Aiii.ri.aaFid.iaiioii.ir f..ii...r,
I»iiii.aiii:i.i,iiia, .Si-jiti-mlH r ».--Tlmt »!«•}
i oiiMilHI.ltiil   ItitUu   Mi|*nllut    t^illi]»:iliy, I
'.■.llli Ll uur, t j.lvllsl-,1' Will ll MH till llu* ^11 III ,
; hikennnd in t'liiiinlu ami winch iiniijiitiil-,
Returning Bodies of Soldiers.
|\".>"liilc,l Pro* 1 I
New Youk, S'liti'iulHi- itf.-ThoUiihi-il
Hiali-s' iraiiMKii'l Kihialri.-lc from Manilla I <-••"",;•< H-«" iwiriiintr.il u„,m,f* „t the pro'v
arrivi-d   Unlay,    tin tin* transimrf \v«'iv j   it  rn,ii In tin in.intliiie mil until ihe nil
tin* InnUiw of SUM linit.'il StatvH MiMliw,|*<'>'H^'^^
,,,.,.., ...        ,„,,, I .* l-i'ini   I rnllHuy Hi t I"'   iil'ii il. t.'H nil,' llee.1 ,IM
wliulii.il  Ihi'ir livis in  Dp' l'hili|i|imi-s. j,„ ,.,.,„„,„,, ,„ii,,,,,>„ ,n,.i,.,■,*,nitJn up.rov.d
TIlU   ix llli* llliyi'M lllllllln'l'of lHn|ii>i rv'ii'S reu'illilI'Mi"  Miiiiliyini" Iii the n)»ti*iu lli.it li.i*
' 11 -nU.il in ll> It evlt'i.nive r-tlttvuv r Ui<ll urtl'ill
lit ftie I'lillnl *(*tn*>. tilth mi lotoli .i,Until.iue
In It,lliu anil cumuli ti e.
S.   Th.il lo i Itiulir.tto- llie niliiiii-' loilil.lty the
in Villon of na ■t.illllclnil. iillnit -.llniil'l he oil Iho
II IPl* I'l .'1 |, II ' 1,1,1,.,   ,,0 illl* fl, I |**f, 1,1.,
1.    Tlmt   lh'"   t.',V. ruin. HI   oulifl'ltlp   i.f   t>V
*l,,.,*i. i>t«itiii« •' :>l l»- l-i iulii .ihotit ,i..» lirii
lip Iii ittc acipi'di ion "I pttlilte illlllll.*.
M'S-duil   lli'iv tixluy   with   til"   I'JvHion   of;     '•    Thii i |»;ilfi,ii .ifevrrveniil iiren  liti*>if|.r
Usodt'li'tfutc* Imtlliml iIn- tuin. uinii
ri'ttirnid at mu' tint** fnnn tlm islands.
Session Closed. j
|A».ih i.iu.l i I. .. , I
l.i.n i.Mi..f,  Kii^luuS, S. |it< nil* r 14.    ;
Thi'Tnidin t'nioiH' riiiiinvxs i-lo.nl its!
IV   t      *     f*      it     IV f
9999*14*9*.    %94t.9,tlK   lS.v9.4j * V« <*♦.
Diiiii.iv. A-j.N-mU/' J.' -A hi-ilojii'f,!.-
tb*, wthh'h fi«! 1*'f,f,«'Vii'iil| Ui Swivic■ K'vMirtiK fmwir
handud  yrars  l»vftuv  ("hri.-t, h.i.-. Ui-n
hroviuht to lijtiit mar t'n*'t I
A Crises ia ik British Cabinet.
1/).vi«)n, Ht'jitftiilwr Mi.—Only a f«w
ilny* a-tfo thn Ainiriiaii Imilt Tmkinli
rroiwT tl»»   Mitljidin   wn«   l:itin< Ind   in
«t<**khoi«l«r»i now stt-m* im-vitnldv. Tln-w
'(<« kiiolijt i>, Ji(.idiil hy K. <,'hiivn<v Mil-
1-r. ti Uuik'T of thin tiiv, \sjoit to know
tin- n.nm-., Mil iM-iipl ions, and d< t iii* of
llm$ll,<MKMMMi ninlirwri«iii-tf*toik nyudi
rati-.   Tiny ilalin that ovi-r *T,i«KM»n» of «,,,»rniu'hiii« rmiKiutlioii nf th
of rim eiehii]i;er, Mr. Hifrhi
Philadiljihia and tlm iVmm—iv- Turk. th,*,. MiWriptioiiM nn> nnjNiM.   Vmn*el
who iloi'» I'XiM, though hi-1- it"t  iiuiin-r for the Mot-ltUo'iilt-rii i«>t well thri'atiiU'it
miii.U-unn tniln-mntln-nm-of adnw.li.'n •" twinti |init-.*tiiii^ nnd fi»rc thft-oin.
liirir-««wimwm.nhonhl r*nhir,* tlmroftiijK f(ir ,h„ »Wrkh»M«f* w.-r.-*jfiv.-n to nnd.-r-
flttt-t frf the tUAA, n lliflu with re ■! liatilf--  %Unil iimt ,j„. y,iks „, lJl(
mhil** mul A»-inmi' m jutiw dt-mvi-tin- *»mi*i-  f)p.n fnr f|„.jr |ri*.{»^fi,m
\\**49 llU'ii I'ttr* j
I/iMHiv,.St-j.tvuiU.rm,_ 'ih. A»»t»ii«t<-<l
l*nti.* iindi rvtnmN that tlm minora of tin-
llli'   Wfll
founditl.   Hi-will attind msiiumi nu*-t-
'MX h. 1 i t"r t'ltloy with th> A •• : ;,*ni \Xm
ul iiM^niini. iiiht'i' iiiinor iv»i(fiiiitioii<i
an-hk« lv toi»tttr. Imt iiilotdil -HTctun'
t,i l«' ,i|».«t-.-,| i I ..||*.iilillii' ii.it«l (lulil »**leof
fiit-e * i liml it.ileomi'il tlilui. lil.i) Ik- cH-«lly
iio'ii-dlilii, ft" tlieir opl'latli'li liecoiii:-N Ini eMitly
or .ill* \**lAr.
tl    Thnt  In  lit.- niilp Inml  le,i*f*  provl«l.iii
.,1    l.ltt    U'     4iftit      f*1    *, * -*• *.i„,*    J.....    ....-A.    *,,.i,«*
,tii.ii|ill«, liiVrit tor lie' i""iii-rnl »iti*tv!i»l'iii of
lnl'i-«l-i 1>V UtlillttllikC UltHltlft lliu Ul.WU'lm il.;.
.llllrl-iiill of tlllilii r.
J    That llm l.irl*l;iUir*» and j,overiiiiwttt tj tin;
i,|v<*iloi-i   .'Urn'S'l Hl'inlr   ill IB... t'liifll 'l; •■•',-'U1
Ili.-.\ilii-l*ei'.f A-i.tt" In', r,
a.   Thtt tli-- utitfi-r «d In Iter term* in lie' way
,,.•.,*I,.*.,*(,* *.t 4 ftti-•o.'fioi'',.!* for lh*  !**♦».*.t*-*-*
^lim,l*l i.f -\ ... <l iHI,'i.| |'>* '"•'* , ujiio i.i* 'i;ii.,,i,Ji.:u
*;* ,*fe^g'ili*i«*ill
;t 'I hi* ll*- *|H»f - !*• k I li>«!*'i-<r*f» «•■! «!«•
|.r ,* |ii«c I*-('"•*• «* • ""d < i!i..iirs«nl hy 'le' lm-
i«,«»><Mi of tm |, ««id i itil'iittt ,lniu-t ott Ir^il i*ttd
!..nl |.r.*liicto hii|>iiii-ii im,i I'liiiiil.i, und liml
t|,.* i" ■it-.r**'iUt•    nn in'*i*   *ii (lie  I>,..niSi>t'<«
II,,II.,* I»* I!'.- .1 In »ltpli" tl itll) motion IlllflJ-
iltKt I lor »»«tl ;» .tlllin-*.'
I*i    T ft,,»  i-i fn,fii.,ii-f if .t'.^ii'i'i iFinnsf  Ini-iirf-
jiifi r.ut't i.< mif'tl  l"**> Jiutl i).Jiii>■ l*Jl. to lite
■■ i, ••>! and !■• lit* ptiMtr, lrtri*U(l(in
Tin: Nkwmaiikk'I' Hiuni, in Xi*;\v 1 u:nvi:h oiTi-r* ii pleasant ktihutitiitu for
lioine to tho-.u who Iravel. ll Is «lt initial on thushoru ol l.alui Sloean, the must
lieiiutifiil lukit in nil America. Venn it* lalcoiiie. and windows.'an he *c*en tlm
Kiainlii.t scenery on this continent, Tlm internal iiiriiiiRcmciits ot tlio hotel are
Ill6 reverse to »eh'|ill0lie, llli »Iie mollis hid lilt plastered, and tdceti'lo hells Bt the
head of every he! make il ea-v fur the dry nioineiits in the moriilnit.
TllKln'.l aii'l chwipc.l ineiils in the coitntrv no- to he found in -tlieililliliK
room.   The Ihhi-h is run ou co.uiopolitaii principles, and t he pni-|ieetor w llli his
pack Isjn.t at **ele as the millionaire  with hit   roll.    Kvery  Kiie.t   receives
the lest cure iuul proterlioii.
Tin, lii|iitir» tire the l,...t iii the sineitn, iti.il Ihe hi.tid hits lonn ln-eii tmleil for
lis tt.h nii'i WNiio- iliiiliers
lout I* In tin* I.lie,'ine of North A nu I i 1 tt.   lliu* look
Tills U thtt only llr.'-e
Ml tin-l.'onlloi'd viiti eon*luce itnv similiter 1
iiunlify.   Itu,im» ti'.irti"! l.y lilctiraph
I1.1I  Hie   1 (niiiii* ale •'!   lilst-i litus
HENRY STEC;K  ♦«.  to  a* ^   PROPRIETOR.
•f '
1 <■
1 th i'A*
>..t   „n    -in-t
IdllK-t-tt   till-
<smi|«aiiy wi-tv Ciiiitiili'i'hiin tnul \ tettAet Vkiihntt ute 11
When mem
nhi\m mul t*#*mne m winti' <n w*-*' tlm ^usi- r,n,.n fnr f|„.jr it„r»^ri„„ When mcm-cl liurb A tu t*. sritndiiiK' twAer nnd inf-did >■»*■ t">vt..« »»(u- »• ,.^.;i k- t.v m
tion sniiinK th« luivnl jiowr^ of tlm world for ^rkholdnr.t. -4iH,,l «, tin- «".iin,»iuVi, kii-|>iiW thtiiihiiiit ttVt.tl.,r l.y ftlliiiK th • t&^^t*"}*^** '*«
IO nbiih lot uu*aiim.**"il tJt.;miwe ini*  iyt_xtm) ioAny they wen fold th«U-lwbook.=** vto-wut'tt-*.   twm ml \mtla ut titv cuaatr/ tefiatwfctwi,.«i.*t4.
h ••■!■!
,*;.»,«   iiilj*,.-!!.    ,-'..',
pl.,*.*t*. add .top!*,!**. *
ll    Ti,»r ,! i*> .iilvi*!,!*** i-o fo.ii r \%* mut-mihi"
lull- «'.'  lie- 1*1* i*f'iJlitti* >4 ilft') fiil-litt*! mwhit,
Ik- tiv uu autof Uxit-
I if, rrtakl« >A
...  —  .... ..... __ - umt-aftttsrrd
l torn ml j«ut- ut tuu vuuutr..  in Uiuut,ox.-^i,^.
Bank of Montreal
Cttahllahed 1017-
1 ■, ■   1 <M*> , ., ,11 *. , 1 ,1 '
Vl   '''I     "   'l '*•    "   "l
Hi-M-rvi-d (nml ,     :,»»*, m.on
rinliviihtl |.r«iliti        ."iK'Hiui
Ut. Hun. Strnthiona urnl  Mont.t Uiynl, (J <*. M, fi. PrcHidi'iit.
Hon. (J. A Ihiiiiitiioml, Viit»-I*rii'i.lt'iit
lv ,S t tiiiitHoii, tifui'iiil Mttii.iyt'r
ll<-,'iuri,„*. in all fciits t.f f'aiinih.  Nnwloiimllainl. t'ifritt  I*.r\ta1t*.
'niid the riiili'-tl MtdH
New Den%**r Branch • • - Ix II. Ue Veher, tlanager Tenth Year.
[Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale
Wanted,Lost,Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Lctfal.Medk'al.etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
•J5 cents each Insertion. Each live words or less
jver 2.) words are live cents additional.!
L and American plan. Meals, ib cents. Booms
frtm 2"c up to .si. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow ahout tho place except the cold
in the sife. MA LONE & THEUILLUS.
MADDEN HOUSK, NELSON,-is centrally
located and lit by electricity . It, is headquarters fur tourists and old timers MineV-s or
millionaires' are equally welcome. THOS
MADDEN. Proprietor.
•TpHK KOVAI. HOTKl, Nelson, is noted for
A. theeccelleuceuf il3eui*i>ino. hOL JOHNS,
BARTLKTT HOUSK, formerly the Clark
is the best si a day hotel iu Nelson. Onlv
white help employed, a. W. BAttTLETT
Breezy Items From the Young Gold Town in the Lower
Lardeau Valley.
TUK   EXCHANGE, in KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, anil a bar replete with tonics
and bracerB of many kinds.
rMHK MAZK, in KASLO.  is  just the place
1   for Slooan [wople to Had when dry or in
,t eareh of a dowuy couch.
near Ward St., Nelson, 1), C. Tho Dollar a
Day Houso.
THE KINO'S HOTEL in Kewuson is it cheerful
lioiim tor nil travelo]'.s to Uie Ltinleau.
Jamhs Ol.MMlJiUS, Proprietor.
milE HOTEL FERGUSON is the homo of Slo-
■*• can people whon they arc in Ferguson.
McDoNKl.l. & Di.At.'K, Pioprioturri.
•TRUE BRITANNIA HOTEL is thu oldest and
■*■ the best hotel in Lardo. (lold seekers'ill-
ways welcome.   Ul.viN flues.
<TM1E QUEEN'S HOTEL in Trout, Lake has ample
i* accoinmoilation for a lar^o number of
guests.    AUH.UIAMSI.IX "linos;
r G. MKI.VIN, ManufactiiriiiK Jeweller.
t). Expert Watch Kepaher, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
undltiiiKs. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any In Canada. Orders by mall solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
"Wholesale   .Merolian.ts.
ers ii: Butter. E|?i,"S, Cheese, Produce and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C.
|7   I.. OHKISTIK, L. r.. 'B., Barrister, So-
X; .   Hcltor, Notary Public.    Vancouver, B. C.
Ml, GRIMMETT, I,. L. B., Barrister,
,   Solicitor, Notary Public.    Sandon, B. C
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday.
Insurance & K,eal Estate
The rash to this camp still continues,
two coaches being required to bring in the
During the past week W. B. Pool and
J. J, Young closed a deal for the Swedes
claims, situated about \y2 miles from the
Lucky Jack, on the east side of Poplar
creek. The purchase price is said to be
§50,000, with a substantial payment down
and the balance iu 30 and 60 days. Development work is to be commenced at
once, and a stamp mill will be in operation before December.
Rutherford and Stevenson, representing
Philadelphia capital, have bought the
Athwood group, just west of tho Marquis
and Gilbert.
Now gold strikes are reported on Canyon creek, eight miles from here, also 10
miles below Trout Lake, on the north side
of the lake.
| Building operations continue as rapidly
as lumber can bo obtained. The Kaiser
and .Tacobson hotels are under way.
Archer of Kaslo has opened a hardware
storo. A uqw restaurant has been opened
in a tent, and the Smock hotel will open
this week, William Schnell has sold his
barber shop to Al Gregory. Williams and
Gavin are building a blacksmith shop on
their lots. Billy Schnell has opened his
hotel and Baillie's brokerage office is
nearly completed.
Several representatives of capital have
visited the camp .this week.
Trout Lake Topic: On Wednesday next
the Lucky Boy will send to the smelter a
carload of high-grade ore. The shipment,
it is expected will run away up, because
it has been carefully sorted. During the
process of getting the shipment together
test assays ran on an average of $500 to
the ton. Mr. Stead, the mauager, says,
however, that he does not think he will
be paid at that rate, but he is confident it
will run considerably over $300. The last
shipment, which was unsorted, went $814
to the ton, so Mr. Stead's prediction is
pretty nearly sure of fulfillment.
Nate Lay and Sid Graham have discovered a four-foot vein of gold-bearing
quart/, about half a mile from the railway
between Canyon and Lynch creeks. The
samples of the strike they brought down
all contain free gold. Gold has been
found now on an almost continuous chain
of claims from the Second Crossing to the
foot of the lake. Between Gerrard and
Trout Lake gold has been found at one
point about three miles from Trout Lake
and it will be very stiwigetf this season
Ttoes^otl«Ttlr<rchaiii cAlnpietiTWtween
A young Oklahoma man went to
church with his best girl. Both were
quite handsome and modest. When
llie collection was being taken up the
young man explored liis pockets and
whispered to tlie young lady: "1 havn't
got a cent;  I changed   my pants."    In
searching in her pockets, and, finding
nothing, blushed a rosy red as sho
stammered: "I*ni in the same predicament."
Stoney Rock, and Murphy creeks, and
conducted to the concentrator by a flume.
Sixty or seventy men will be employed the.meantime the youiifj lady had been
on the mill in construction, and the work
will be rushed as rapidly as possible.
While the concentrator may uot be ready
for operation by the first of the year, it*
certainly will be in operation within four
to six months. While the plans are for
a 200-ton plant, there is every reason to
suppose that as soon as it has been in successful operation it will be doubled if
uot quadrupled in capacity without the
slightest unnecessary delay. The erection of the mill will be completed earlier
thiin would ordinarily have been the case
by reason of the fact that the company
had the timbers sawn some weeks ago,
and tlio material is now thoroughly
seasoned and ready to put into place.
Moreover, the machinery for tho plant
has been ordered from tho manufacturers
at various plants, and arrangements mado
for the stonework required in the foundations. A special effort will bc made to
have the premises roofed in before the
snow flies and the outlook for the, accomplishment of this seems to be bright.
Blairmore (Alberta) Times, 12th: The
Frank mine of the Canadian-American
Coal & Coke Company has again resumed
its place at the head of the list as a shipper of > coal from this section, at present
sending out some 400 tons of iirst-class
(jpal per day. Tho three openings on the
coal measure are all now in a position to
ship steadily. At the old workings the
main entry is again in excellent shape,
and with the installing of the new fan
will be in shape to produce fully as much
coal as it was before the slide. Within a
few days the new fan, which is a six foot
Murphy, wiil be placed in position and
then the mine will be well ventilated, and
the former heavy shipments of coal resumed.
Over Wallace-Miller liloet, linker
street, Xelson. Special yearly ctut-
tracts fur Pressing Ilenairini; anil
Olenninpr. GikmI-,1 called for and
delivered weoklv. Tents and uwn-
iiiRsimtdu to order.
General  Draying
Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty . . .
Goal and Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses  and   Pack
Feed Stables at New Denver.
|C        Smoke %
§ ffivitisl) Zion and %
v§| Mainland Qigavs jfo
ji   ORDER YOUR . ...
So Call and see my
jo Slock of suitings
:v|      Vancouver and Nelson, IS.. C.
ROS. |
L   Insurance Agents.    Dealers In Real Estate
Mining Properties
Lots for Sale.
its.    Dealer!
Houses to rent and Town
p S. K.ASHDALL, New Denver, B, 0.,
Real Estate mid Mineral Claims for Sale. Cl»lm«
represuntcd and Crown Granted.
_ .i. MinpY ,™wr.,
Haa had IT yearsexjiBilenceTin dental work, ann
makes a specialty of Gold Hrldife Work. Visit
miulu to the Slocan regularly.
General   Store.
T T. KKI.T.Y, THREE KORKU, denier in
ll. Groceries, Dry Hoods, Etc., Goods SIilp-
pod all over tlie Slocan.
P.   BURNS  & CO.
Sandon and Elsewhere
Fresh   Salted   and   Smoked   Fish   Just   Received
Eastern   and  Olympia   Oysters.     Turkeys   and   Chickens
ls the only hall iii Hit' city sailed for Theatrical
IVrformaiicci',Concerts, Dances and other piii-
liu cnti'itiinnitiit-..    For bookings write or wire
Secretary Saiitlon Miners' Union
Staple   and   Fancy
Groceries, agent for
Goodwin Candles
Giant Potoder, Etc.
1UBI.  Themo»t complete U C A I T U
on the Continent of North Ameri-11 L H L I 11
ca. Situated midst scenery un- Q £ Q fl D T
rivalled for Grandeur. Iloutliiir. n CO U II I
Kiitlilmr and KxcumIhiis to the nanny point* ol
Interest. Telegraphic -vomtnuiueaitoii with all
parts of tlio world; two mails arrive anil depart
svcrydny. Irs Imtlics cure nil luirvmis tml
muscular diseases; Ita waters heal all Klilnoy
Liver and Btomach Ailments of every name.
Thu price of a round-trip llckut between
N«w Denver and Halcyon, olitaiiial.lu all tin
year round and irood for sn ilny*, Is Ifl.ii. Halcyon Hprlmis, Arrow Lake. 1). C.
fOIIN   Mtl-ATI'IIIK,   Dominion nml  I'm
t)   vliuinl liHiitl .Surveyor.   Nelson, ll.C
tlio Second Crossing aud Fish creek, a distance of 50 miles.
It is reported here that the people owning the Triune are considering a proposition to extend their tram line across the
summit to the lake. This proposition appeals to them, owing to the natural difficulties in the way of maintaining the liue
in its present location. Tho proposition
of bringing the ore to tho lako presents no
insuperable difficulties—in fact it would
bo both a wise and an economical move.
From tho Triuuo to the lako by tram the
distance would bo only six or seven miles,
while bj- the present route it is thirteen,
and owing to slides the tram lino can only
bo worked during the summer months.
By tho other route tho property could be
worked twelve months of the year and is
free from slides.
Tho Silvor Cup has now stacked nt Trout
Lako something over 200 tons of oro. Owing to tlio shipments of machinery and
supplies coming in every other dny tho
two big warehouses of tho Western Mines
Company nre kept ou the overflow, consequently tho oro hns had to Imi piled outside. A shipment of fir timber squaring
about 18 inches each came in the other
day from Whatcom for the chlorination
plant, now in process of installation at
Fivo-niilo. Tlm brick is coining in nnd
the different swtions of Iho mortars nnd
furnaces arrival some time ago. . The corrugated iron roofing for the mill forms
part of today's shipment. Tl|eliit'gi'qnnii-
tities of machinery piled at the wharf
gives a pretty fair idea of the size of the
works being built at Five-mile.
A purly of men leave this week to re-
open the Black Prince pro(>crty, near the
liead of (lniner creek. The Black Prince
has Im-oii lying idle since Ml?, and the reasons prolwibly were the low price of silver
nml tlie transjiortation problem. Silver is
nn flu1 upward move mid tiviii-ipiit'tiifinii U
no more it buglienr, therefore it is probable
tliat the Black Prince will 1k> develo|sd j ii'iV-iuiV
It HKYI.AND, Kiiiincor and 1'rovlnclal
LandHurvuyor.   KASLO
Employment   Agency.
Nelson Employment Aflcncy
Ilt,||,„f nil kind-
.1  II l,mi:
1'. O.lluu.iu'i
wilh a view lo early shi|mnnln. Tlii
property lias a surface showing which ut
one time had not its equal in the camp in
•jxiint of grade The Mack sulphuii'ts
•'otiH la> wiki|kiI nj» in hitndfitls and lite
assay returns wore up in llie tlionciiiids
The 'average ore value, however, while not
miming so high will yet lm rich ewmgh
to place tin- Black Princeiii ihe front limit
of the high-trade proper)jes of the ramp.
K. B. Kit-by. I'enenil manager nf the
War Kaglc-Onlre Star loiii-jmnies, Mules
Dial Die Holland Power (1oiii|miiiv. a hi!.-
Miliary uim-jiaiiv of the War Eagle mid
t Vm iv Star, Ian* la-rl'itted all plans nnd
iirrniigenieiitK for the imuiediate couMmc-
tion of the long-promised cnnceiif nifor for
The Liberals squeezed themselves into
Taylor's committee rooms last Saturday
and four speakers filled tho air with
words. The News reported an audience
of 237. Iu 1900, when the Provincial Party used tho same room, 150 people filled it
to suffocation,.but then the Liberals may
have shrunk until less space accommodates them. John Hamilton was chairman, and opened the meeting with railroad promptness, but without prayer.
F. M. Black discussed the affairs of state
in a vigorous manner,'and painted a beautiful heaven for this province provided
Sidney Stockton Taylor was elected. He
handed Sidney several lines of sweet
praise,.and.said_tha the had-no- str ings on-
him. Probably he meant that the Nelson
Liberal god would buy his pants in Montreal, if he wished, without paying any attention to the local establishments that
have dono so much to make the men of
Nelson. Mr. Black also stated that Si d-
ney would not go to Victoria with the object of personal gain, but would bo a loser
financially, aud was a man whom wo
could trust and respect. Perhaps Mr.
Black was partially in jest when ho uttered those words. Who over heard of n
lawyer losing anything by being sentenced
to tho legislature? Ask tho Western
Federation of Miners at Kossland
what they think about Taylor's weakness for losing anything. Law is a
profession and lawyers live upon
tho mistakes and troubles of tho human
family. Somo of them aro liars, and will
squeeze every dollar out of a client that it
is possible to get. Is it reasonable to suppose that Taylor isnn angel in n profession
black with intrigue, and bloated with the
spoils skimmed from the pot of human
troubles? Canada is enrsed with too many
lawyers in its legislative halls.
William Ebbs is a Socialist—one of the
dreamy kind, Ho has a poet's nature, and
litis dwelt many an hour with Homer,
Virgil, Burns, and other dead composers
u' beautiful imaginations. Ebbs is nji
eloquent speaker, and has the (Ire within
him that touches the sonl and drives it
above practical matters. Ebbs believes in
public ownership, afar off pmliuhly, as
did the .Socialists of Nelson when it came
to wanting public ownership of the electric light. Mr. Ebbs, judging from his
How of oratory, is evidently in love wilh
Sidney Stockton, and looks upon the little
lawyer as the liero of a poet's dream
dressed in a cheap Montreal suit of clothes.
However, (he little god may wear Ebb"*
At this point AU' Piut Mrugglcd to \u**
feel and the audience put a cinch on ith
Alf talked all aliout the way lo
Sausage or all  Kinds Made Fresh Every   Day.
Love in Nelson.
This picture represents a nightly
scene in Nelson and shows that the old5
old story is ever new. The young man
is happy because his best girl fans the
delicately perfumed atmosphere, while
he sits serenely, well knowing that his
immaculate shirt bosom was done up
at the
Kootenay Steam Laundry
and will not break even if ihe situation
becomes critical.
Phone 179
The Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan. The Dining Room is conducted
on strictly first-class principles. The rooms are large, comfortable,
and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Everything
Wc Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c. Tickets $7.    Main street, Sandon.
P. O. Box 296.
•inil agents for
Monogram, M?rguerita,
Boquet, Our Special,
El Justillo El Condor,
Sarantizados Schiller,
Tuckett's Union Labe',
Karnack T. & B. V. C.
Curm-r Alexumlcr Htrit't mul Culunililn Avenue,
Vancouver. II. C.
A visit to our Tailoring Emporium will give you
an idea ofthe prevailing styles for Spring Clothing
I    U   C \\\I^K*()\ REC0 *VENUE«
wit     IV.    CAi\JM\UA SANDON.   B.  O.
handle thin country ami put tin-snn'llt'i'*
anil raihvnyK on ihe nic-Cfti eml nf tlivi-
ih'iiilH. 1'arr did not my anything n«'\v.
He iii a chuhher in |ioliti<> ami tinkle* llu-
job like a jack • of. all • tniiW. Parr
known nn little nlxiiit the M'ifin •• ul
|M>!iticM as he iIim'k iilnmt priii-
lipli'. lie Moupt to 11 clam who cry
wolf in iniler to nach the nmj.li" svniji
thrtllW'lvex,     If Alf flltlH to   \leii  mil I1I11
lur Hnl lie mUrlit iimltc iifnrluii"!'i-tiii-inu:
ii|h»ii ••The ttifl ol CJali. nr How lo l.ivf
t'|Hin Wiml."
When .Mr, Taylor iiim- Io hie fn t In*
liin w a ih>iii|ui 1 at him-, mui wi-tu on i,*
till hi;- tuutimml Mury .iUmt v.h.it he
would iln for thi* jjiinii country, jmnnlitl
In-iinihl xii-ni M. h. A. uftcr K. f. Mr.
Taylor iu hi* ^lecch Mini many \\>e
tiling", Imt hr iini not tin nnmi mn tlnou
1 hnl* lie hits floiii' fur 1,'ilinr In tlii- ril\
Hotel Sandon
Robert Cunning, Proprietor.
Pioneer lioiel of tlie Sloean.    A table that is replete with
the Choicest Seasonable Viaiuls.
Kiioins I.nr^e, Airy and I'linilnilaldc.    Spivial Attiiilion lu Mininj.; Tr.i.lc
Canadian o *
Provincial Exhibition,
Selling elates Sept. L»»i, -", -8, '2'.*,
.'iU.   (ioui to return Octolier ti.
Rates New Denver $16.25
Com'sjKiMlinir rules from all Koot-
enuy |«»ints. Through coaches and
hlceiieiB Arrowhead to Westminster.
Victoria Exhibition
Oct. 6-10.
(hi jiavnient of extni fire Vitncott-
ver or Wi' ttiihi«u>r to Victoria,  tic-
5;ila rt'i'l It i-A'.t'i.iIuS H i!.*j\». \\,i
cii|ii|ilcte inloiiii'iti"!) ami Ihi tli iv-cr-
vHtliw* apply tn lu'.il agent* <>r write
<}. ii. tiAKKKT, Agt.  New Denver.
I  •*. r,ltlH K ,l  < <>>|.K.
|l  I'   A..N.I-, '.  ilf A u V i    VHiu.-un^r
■ • •   IflSl a a 9
i **  *.** it.*. 4% * 1
J.O ,\n. ,!;A {.
the treatment of the low grade oii-s uf tin
War Knjfle and fi-ntn- Star minm, nnd) He n-femil f««-liiiglv to hi* iIoiImn ami
,,        , ',ii.. *. ■
|.«..'***....,#b.       ,,,.,..1.        ..«...«  ,.<     ...        ...4 §.44,*,t-,„„,t,   ,   - "■     .■*/."'    «.     .*.,*.*,..      .     ,.,...'.,,      .4,..'.    ......     .*,**•-,
,,,.,,    "('),,.   ,,.',^      ;u  *,, ,.,,.,) ,.,, ,},. ''o  -lutvi' mi  U*:ut> ini\i\i'  *ii\n*mt •,'.\\> v 1\>-
,,...,,,,,.,      , iii'."1'   ,*,t.* V. 1           ilmiiifht  his ale*', ehiitii cluthex.    In pn-
ll.-ij n. itt. Alt. HANDON Lv. 1 .'(>,) p. to.   Hiii nurlh ul Aw mii.JIi 1, mar lh. pr. ,m (Ji j H.Mim hi* t'lniniH 111*111 thin jm^n *»i\c
____ I, rttt*1 raiiiit*!'.   Tlw mei--jrinit»l jAumi u-Hl •v.'iii.v'-i'fiiT t»i" frtiSi'ij n*-» i*m?ttt,i ih.-ii if -.,1. '*';,» m
u capacity of ;'(KI tons im r day, hut it will \ purstud th" jmli-y of Iniyinji their p-«l-
be I'oiistl'licteil in xnrh a munmr lluil   il !
sii.vku i'iv." unmv, no uu
-»M»<\, it e
Mi*. Min iin Hi. I ii'-i* It'll inti l-'Milnjt < v«,
, .: .i'. : :-." '111.i>i l,i, i.'.tu. I* ,.ituil\ imlf.i]
l>\\   Hi in 11    \, 1,1.   iuul'1I1  J  I*,.
V *   .   Iim, ,!     Sr.-      11      'III* HI •** %,
, ml
A.F. & A.M.
**r l
A'.SIA  l.'lln.l. :
'• *M«A. 11. 1
in;.   ,*, . .Ut  1.   (.,
-■If* 1 **J ,it.» '*..
uu hv.   K77
Is the lL,ti,linii  hole!* in  Sottthern.  Biilisli   L*i.'li.ii*nhta
,|.|l   in   ,   11 ll Hi*,i.ti,
'■'•j  iiiiiIih- I »• I'M' !•   ml
j. nl     .IIMI,"  M    lllli I
f if..   t:,-.| Tl...!*.,
M -,- *',i.    Mull  »l  » 1,  11
ll*   I ,  iill.s.Uj*   |*.,ti1.<if..*t*
II11 >
i" iFilicyot
t tllere \sw
tlie iileal   p*",itii>n il  i>i.'v.upies apj^eaLs
"" :ts the tourist.   | >nttn-
t,m 0. in. Lv. NKLSON Ah. 7:15 p. in
8:10 a. in. AR.   KA.SI.OLv.  fl:!» p m
TickHti wid to nil mm of the Unite.
State* and t'nii.-iil« via (irent Nuttlier
iuul rI. li il M Cmi*,HUiy'.'litu".'.
For lurther patticnliiu call on or ad
ll!:oF»KRT HIVING, M*iuifi»r, KflfcJ«
Tbt atne.ttrn et th« iinlt  J Jike v«lle>
hanulhil dufinj< tlm \***l month i»l.i,l»,
ttmt, tit out.
in the Kiift there wnnld U* uu eh* it"ii in
V..1. ..,,    f 1,,.,  ,,1,I I...   ,..    V   1 T.
vs)Uf.eelimr/t".. lo  .iiKMNUige ms  l,iM   f^J^«j„. „ M l.«. ll^ist   ill   the 'uiilmii.lillg
ciruii^tnmi'H may ni|nln-. \\..rk mi the.(lf nritv w|,„t|lwn.,.u„y [ltWir: ,),*.„ ,|„.
••mHlriuUo,, nf the mill will c,.ii,m«.|,ce j ,,„,,,,„ ;|IIIV ,mv„ „, iv^ ,,|)jn, UtMlY.
mnmihiitely under the dmrtiou..f l-rmr/. J,,^ „,„{ TrtvJw £„ ,mll, ,„ N(iM,n
t'liziii.i. iiiirhnilical eiiKU.i'.rof lii'liviT, j,.,„.,rt u Xm& „m(ll
whiMiijoyi*an exceptiotuilly hiuh n-piita-
lion in the rank* of him pmfixioii. Mr. ,
t'min *[n'iit n Tow rl.-ivx in Ffossljimf h*t[
j winter.   The MiiN-riiiti'iHii'iit of the null j    Tlm nutiotimetmrit thai fr«nii and a!i<T
'will   1*'   CIvdt'M.   Kve. Who htlii*   U<-)| in ' fhe 15th    Ji;sttfli!*i'l*t   '"   mul   tl'fi,-   H'V.4
]ehnrgeat ttieev|t(>h»i«'Hi'.d plnist nt Sdn'n. ' *t<*\e-   -nuiAA   in*   miii   Iiv   wm   "',    tie
Tin-»»Hildin« of the rowi ntrator will  !■• j Niikni>p ami   Hlm'aii   railway ' nel   tl.**-
i,fu<'sis,   and
ci|t».il!y to any traveler as uv
mi r*
1 1
t* o,
vcniti.ccs of the nunlcru hold.
I,IK   Mill!   Ill
l'l»t   II   I«!|5<   IKfOlllit.     If   111*   !""'«   >*
Itiiieh for him. nml now he wuii!»a full
! diom r.
* 1 **   *", •
w   r   T.f!
M<- j' • i,.-t  •■ 1 i '■ Hi'A i
ntnii w'M.i.r.W",      v
e. l.twin:\ri:,
1*., r*l*»f 1..
K. OF P.
lli, •!.. I'*.'-
Ii-J I I.'lilt 11 <; *.-t
a .>,-.% .iiiii t •* * «»'• !-" k
.,    fall. '•..ll. !,,li.    ">»*.i**ufl».
■...!*>■** |'»ii,i*.i '•« ;■ ■■» •
1im*.,J Him   K   ll*.»
of t-fiy iii.ifirwl Uncfil JoTiviil, ft.ua */*i;i-; Shmiiti    Ktv.-r  l«mtH'li   **i,ir
Mdernhh* iinmlnrof men will la* fmployiil I n-« nothirt-ir bit* Ix-t'ii lu-anl iif it'af N l«"fi
in it**t\*vu»i«n». the lim-e t« u-m-ii N*l-on nnd Nukn-p l»y
Waiicr tot the mill will lm tak*n from thtt wmm te -At hmrti,
fnadbnmne & McLaren
<*iie tih'n jKii to Nf*Jj«*ri mill l*i'Aie-
taltv luukctt gtter.
NEISOM.   " * -      B. C THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. 0., SEPTEMBER 17, 1903.
Tenth Year
A ijewshoy discovered a
display line iu an "ad"
for a Rubber Goods Sale
and rushed up the street
yelling "Robbers! Robbers! Robbers!" He got
his "oV and "uV
mixed—but he sold his
papers. We tell you this
simply to call your attention to our rubber goods
department. Everything
new, and first quality.
Nothing better, and seldom will you find Rubbers
so good.
Ne,v Denver. B. C.
•<* Huniers
S'lould chII on
One Combination Tool and Billiard Table
One Pool Table
One National Cash Uegister.No. 7, total adder
One small Excelsior Safe
One J. J. Taylor Safe. No. 9
Set of tine Bar Fixtures
Sewinif Machines
Glass Show Ca es
One Plate Glass Mirror, 40x!)6 inches
"       '     " ,"      311x54 Inches
flarber chairs. Mirrors, flath tubs, Tanks,
Heaters        Letter-Presses
One Mason & Hisch Piano
Una Bail and Sprint? Engine Governor, JH-iii'-ih
steam pipe
One Dako Enptine lSi-hp, with governor and
One Uake E  gine, 5-hp.
One Bono r,12-hp.
One If inch Shnftini?
Wood Sjilit Fully, from 10 to 21 inches
One Wood-Splitting Machine.
The Ledqe.
With which is amalgamated tlie
SAXlHlN   I'avsthkak,
I'ulilished every Tl'tii'sibiy iu the richest silver-
lead-zini' cii nip on earth.
Legal advertising 10 pent* a linnimrtal 'ine
first insertion, and ft tvuts a line • uch nuiisequent
liist'rtlnii. KeailhiL'iintii'i's W cents a line, and'
commercial advertl'lug graded in prices according to circnmstanci's.
Subscription. &i a year in advance or $2.50 if
not so paid.
Certificate of Improvement notices J7. Delinquent Co-owner notices ^10.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Lkdok is located nt
New I'enver, B (1, and la Irni-ed to many parts
of the earth !t lias never been raided by the
rheriff, snowsllded by chean silver. or-Mibdued
by the fear of man It wnrlts for ti.e trail blazer
as well astlic liny-windowed, chainp.'ign.'-flav,ircd
capitalist ltiilmsto bo on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
stuod tiie test of tin e, and an ever-increasing
paystreak Li proof Ihat it is better to tell tli»-
triiih. even if the heavens do nceastoiially hit
our smokestack.
One of tho noblest works of creation fs the man
who always pays the printer: he is sure of a
bunk In paradise, with th'iriile*s roses for a pillow liy night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
Now Denver. B. C
Brick Block  New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
V pencil cross in this square
I i Urates that your snhscrip
tlm is due. and that the editor
want8 "ice again to look at
your collateral.
All is not gold that glitters,
except around Poplar creek.
It looks like an early winter.
A coal dealer was seen buying a
diamond ring this week.
Ix 17 days the music of many a
glad hand limp and lifeless.
We can see an era of prosperity
just ahead of Kootenay that will
cause tlie world to sit up and clap
their hands in admiration.
home. A plant for this purpose
lias been erected in the United
States, and the shipment of ore
from the Malayan peninsula was
•'about to begin when the department of commerce and labor received word through the reports of
the United States consul at the
Straits Settlements that an export
duty .of $30 per picul (133 pounds)
had been levied on tin ore exported,
the purpose of this export tax on
the ore being to prevent its exportation in the natural state and to
retain for the people of the Malayan
states the profits of smelting.
Whether this will terminate the
project of importing the oro into
the United States for smelting cannot yet be told. The Malayan states
now produce more than half of the
tin which enters into the commerce
of the world, tlieir total shipments
iu 1901 being 50,000 tons out of a
total of 89.000 tons entering the
markets of the world in that year.
It is interesting to note that three-
fourths of the world's tin conies
from parts of the world uot far
distant from the Philippine Islands,
and this fact, coupled with the
growing demand for tin in the
United States may lead to easeful
examination as to the possibility of
tin production in the Philippines.
is now worth $1500 and who received $750 in dividends in thai
time: or of the investor who purchased Peerless oil stock at Si per
share in 1901, who has received
monthly dividends since January,
1902, and who could sell his stock
now for $15 per share; or of the
many millionaires who have made
money by judicious and plucky
investments in mines and mining
The secret ia that people who
lose money in any business, as well
as mining, make a noise, while the
people who make money are not
advertising the fact.
Notwithstanding the many fail
ures and ill-advised investments,
statistics prove that there is more
money made in a given time in the
raining business than in any other
iu which man is engaged. But
speculators should remember that
mining, when legitimately carried
on, is a business, not a gamble, and
should be investigated as any other
business would be. "Be sure you
are right, then go ahead," may be
applied to mining with a great
deal of meaning and force.—The
Engineering and
Canada to Australia at the time oJ
the Australian gold excitement in
1852. The nugget weighed 2,195
ounces, nearly 183 pounds, and
contained only a small' quantity of
gangue. The nugget was placed
on exhibition at the first Crystal
Palace Exposition in 1853, and the
owners took in thousands of
pounds from curious sight-seers.
After the exposition the nugget
was bought by the Bank of England
for £8376, 10s, 6d. At the time
the big nugget was found the
Ballarat district was overrun by
bushrangers and Napier and his
partners did not dare to let a hint
drop of their phenomenal good fortune. They buried the big lump
of gold in their tent and proceeded
in their diggings as usual. Later,
after declaring that their claim was
valueless, the men packed the big
nugget in a bullock cart and made
for tlie coast, where they took ship
for England.
Mining Journal.
A case came up in the district
court in St. Paul, Minn., in July
in which evidence elicited the fact
that 4405 shares   of   stock   which
Heen Avi>,
Running since the great lire, nnd always oiien
up in midnight. Cull In when vou strike tilt.
silver Cay and Ketn filler.
Meal Ticket, $5.50 for $5 00
p.o.box36NEW DENVER.
T'TiiiHuu application
AltKIMK   Pit AC HON   Mineral Claim.
As xoTiiixo can beat a volcano
for opening up a country it would
not be a bad scheme to set a few of
them going in En si Kootenay.
Votes are the principle things being prospected for in British Columbia this month. Many of them
will bo staked on October 3rd.
The coining fair in Nelson
looks as though it would be a
great success. It niight be greater
if pVizes were awarded for legislature canditateB.
Spain* is bankrupt, and its
government rotten. If something
is not Hoon done for that lovely
country it is liable to go over the
dump and be lost to view.
Mtunie In the slocan Mliilnir IH\h|i,n „f UVm
Hon t'luy lii.liwl. tl bi'ri- located: \\V,|
lirini'h of  the N'orlh   Fork   of  I'Mlitt'lif ..r
<'r,,''> I l*„ ly Vnnleli Mount ai..,
I tun \   W. .I   McMillan, flic
A million dollars a year was
too nuu'h for Mr Schwab. It
does not pay to be too smart iu
your youth. Better strike an
average mui last longer. We are
now old enough lo take Schab'H job
mid hold it without expecting any
further rtee in the salary.
Wifi'tr and nilver  have   pome
connection. When one lifts itH head
,.,.,-,...  •,„.,.,      , the other looks  up.     Koine people
I *\mi;,^;iVf-V-Vii.l.«iofN.,Wii7,i7*i"^.lr,*"V,"i? I <»lk ii]mii «,olllir w,,0i,t th.'HMlay*.
nm! M««irt.»>i |..t H. J. McMillan   tun iiiliiir'i   bnf it in il   Willi     " " '   "
.-rlll5-.it.. V    HJlJi',1  uutt mn>.f;.'.,rr,'t„ll»'   ", ,.
.ine iii,,.,,,! to ..,ijv t„ ii,, Mh,},.*.. Utnittw, that* silver will ever
!:;'; '1^,:2;;^;^),v!f^r^l!^(,^»1:J,:,l:^,; j the si mark. Htm a a **» a few
;%..'>..v ..i™,.,^,,,.,,,,,,,^^
t  1.1. .hm.ii» ,,„„»,,.,„.,,i m..i« ihe Kuan-* -'air of prosperity iu nntl around the
i.t n'li-it i •'ni'i. it,* ,( Ini'T ,\, iiii-iiti. > * .A ii it    i
im, tti.i#tei,,iay"f j„i\,y|,i /,,„„ iffiinoiiH   KIochii.    Iwn   uh   it   i*
iv..i u.-.in.lax.   (there Hhould Ite good timed   for all
N». a Mimmi naiJ who will dig ont th>> ""'t«' metal.
dream   to
t tlll.MIKI.fMIA
HHinv    |„   ||,,    .sl..,»„     Ml.il.itf   I»i*W,n,  „|i
'\-.l >..,it. M«>r tl.itrlcl       Wl» re   t<*-.i|««|. I
,,i,..t   Mm,,,.,   frtuwtt  n,„l
<rwk*   »t.,,»it   ||   .ifl..« *.„.,ifn..... rt
**„* t It'niitMt.tn \*r ix*,
hwt'l. *■*  S <,|i'iWi.|..i«i*l|),t.
,„,    ,   v    ,,,  ,  - .* I'rwi.ti.fi-*-.. <.|t„r.-,,r.
»'.   - ,.iml  W   \  *f\,f,|,.,i.  p  M  <■   v„  ,(>,„,
I   #i|inh- tn Hie Vlnlnir l,'i.i*,,i,|.,,. f,,|. „ |
tr l*,„*.r., -
iMi'oitTATio* ar tim om:.
cost Charles Faber 8I1TTn~~Tf arch,
1891, were worth 820,000 in July,
1903. The stock was considered
valueless when he purchased it.
It was the stock of the "lloyal
Gold Mining Co.", which owns the
Song Bird and Gray Eagle mines
at Silver Cliff, Montana, which
have become very valuable properties.
Faber became insolvent, and
listed among his assets, it is said,
"A mining interest at Silver Cliff,
Mont." The receiver sold this
interest to J. F. George who sold
his interest to F. F. Wilde; Wilde
soltl it to his wife and she sold it to
her daughter, the plaintiff in the
case, and Faber is now endeavoring to retain the stock and insists
that the item in assets did not in-
elude the stock of the Boyal Gold
Mining Co., for at that time it was
considered absolutely valueless,
and was not considered worth listing.
Investors ave often reminded of
failures in mining and loss of
money in speculation, but rarely
hear of the huccckh achieved and j
wealth gained by investors who
have displayed judgement and investigated before investing. Who
ever hears of the investor who paid
S100 for 100 shares of United Verde
copper stocks twelve yearn ago, and
whose holding, thes'iitie 100 shares
te now worth $!10,000, and hut*
drawn down in dividends $1200 per
your for several years; or of the
man who put 8100 into IJoniestnke
►lock a few years ago and who could
now sell hte Moi k for 8'-'0,<Mi(i, and
who has also received handsome
dividends every mouth; or of the
investor who lioldn 100 shares of
Greene Consolidated which is worth
ahout £8,500, wliich he tonight for
SUki iilKint three yejirs ago; or of
the lm ky woman who paid $'2.'i for
*UK5k in the Jack !•»•». in I8(M which
According to the latest account
the Simplon tunnel of the Alps is
about three-quarters completed,
and when finished will be 14 miles
long, or twice the size of the Mont
Cenis bore. It is expected that
tho Simplon tunnel will be ready
•fort'iuse~nvttbout—"two—years; One
of the greatest obstacles encountered in the work is the high   tem
perature in the centre of the bore,
which compels the employment of
two gangs of men on short shifts.
Power for compressing air for the
drills and refrigerating the tunnel
is furnished by a flow of water
from the south end of the bore at
the rate of 15,000 gals, per minute.
It is estimated that the cost of the
tunnel alone will be about ,81,000,-
000 per mile, or nearly the same
as tlie contract for the subway
under New York city.
Samuel Hawkins Napier, who
found what is said to have been
the largest nugget of gold ever
mined, is dead. He died alone,
except for the companionship of a
faithful dog, 200 miles from any
human habitation, in the wilds
of the Gatinea river, Canada. He
was a Canadian, born in New
Brunswick. He was the discoverer of tho largest gold nugget
ever found in the world, the famous
•'Welcome Nugget", found in the
| Ballarat camp by Mr. Napier ami
his   partners,   who   went    from
Platform of Independent
Labor Party.
This party lays it down as a first
principle, tlint tliey will nominally endorse or support only such men as will
place their signed, undated resignation
in the hands of the convention which
nominates or endorses them: that thip
reBignatior be sworn to; that thin resignation may be handed in to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council whenever a majority of the convention shall consider
such action advisable
lst That we gradually abolish all
taxes on the producer, shifting them on
land values.
2nd. Government ownership of
rairoads, means of communication, and
the establishment and operation by the
srovernment smelters and refineries to
treat all kinds of minerals.
3rd. That the Franchise be extended
to women.
4th. The abolition of property qualifications for all public ollices.
oth . No land or cash subsidies
Lands to be held by the actual settlers,
and further, that ten per cent of all
lands be immediately set aside for educational ptiposes and ihe education of
all children up to the age of sixteen
years to be free, secular and compulsory.
Test books, meals, and clothing to be
supplied out of the public funds when
necessary. *
Citli. Compulsory arbitration of
labor disputes
7th Restriction of Oriental immi-
gra'.ion by a law on the lines of the
Natal Act, and such action by the
government as will ensure the work-
iniimen of this Province protection
petition nnd association.
8th Absolute reservation from sale
or lease, of a certain part of every
known coal or oil area, so that state
owned mines and wells, if necessary,
may be easily possible in tho future.
Alfcoal leases orgrauts hereafter made
to contain a provision enabling the
government to fix the price of coal
loaded on cars or vessels for shipment
to British Columbia consumers.
Oth Municipalization and public
control of the liquor trallic.
10th To provide for the settlement
of public questions by direct vote under
the Initiative and Referendum.
lltli- Election day to bo a public
holiday. Provision to be made that
everv' employee shall be free from
service at least four consecutive hours
(lurinir polling, and the exercise of the
Franchise to be made compulsory.
llowAiii) Thompson, President.
PintcY \V. Johnston, Secretary.
A few quartz mills in Toulumne
and Calaveras counties, California,
have been compelled to close because of water shortage. Others
may have to follow.
The gold output of the Klondike
this year will not exceed $10,000,-
000, according to W. T. Willis, of
the Canadian National Bank of
Dawson. Mr. Willis has been
handling this gold output since
1898, and is one of the men best
able \o speak of prospects for the
On the 1,100-ft level of tha Home-
stake mine, South Dakota, the big
500 gallon Reidler pump used to
drain the mine is closed in a brick
building 60 feet long, 20 feet wide
and 18 feet high under the arched
roof. This is said to be the largest
brick structure under ground.
At a conference between the mine
owners, union men and merchants
of Prescott, Ariz,, the operators conceded another advance, but the
union men held out, stating that
they would not come down a cent
from their original demand. Prolongation of the strike there is expected.
One of tho Prettiest PIhocm In Kootenay
Th New Denver Market Onrilen. Sixtli Street.
Seventy fruit trees, ncnrly nil bearini?; all kinds
miinll fruits, HtrnwberrieB. raspberries, iroose
lierriwi.reil currents, etc. Flower Rurden wit li
choice vnrletles of ruses ami other ]>la»tsfor
puttinir—itixid market. All under thorough i'ul
tlvailou, mul perfect y Irrtttiited. Willi comfortable dwelling house, woodshed, storeroom and
out bulldliiL's. For further particulars uii|ily to
WM. ANDERSON, NVw Denver,,H C.
$5 worm
One Dollar
Address- E.   GALLOWAY,
The Old Bookstore.        0       Vancouver, II. C.
?kL°^H°oVE8252    SANDON
WiiVTmy a"7-jewel7~
16 size Watch of English make Pendant
Set. For iikliability
durability and hard
service cannot be beat. ,Ca3i'd in
Nickle Case, solid back, open in
tlie front only, and is as near dust
proof as can be made. Yours for
89 to any address.
Watch reyairing our specialty.
G. W.
r\    ij
■Wt  I
It Time limiMH'tor.
Shoe Talk
you read
If there is one thing iu our
great stock that wo like to
talk about—and to have you
talk ahout—it is our Shoes.
We will not my that you
cannot tind anything as good, but we will say that you cannot iiud
anything.better. When you try a pair you aro sure to be pleased—and
now that our new stock of Fall Shapes are in we want you to see them.
W.  IR. JlegglW, Sandon and Vernon.
MMKK NilllrKll,,
I     **• ,*ijf.*n' i,,t ;i ><
■ r»iiil«'
'  from
ri'ti ..'».»#
•r .v.mo,u<if* Hw. -,nt,.„m* t,t *Att*M*i.
■»•, t.rmil „t 0,9 nlntVfiUitltn
 ■";' 'i "»■ '"•'isi-t*Hi*il ,'nii* -j,   iiu,iti^.t
),«,!.» I„.   ,„, ,i„„i„„,.,*|   I,,.!,,.,   ■!,,        ■■.:,,,,,
ii i*iun,*iit., ,,i li|.,..r.,Y»,„,, ,„
"I tti|. 1.1 i|,lV i.i \„  ,*,|   ^   j,  j*, _.
I'. * ci.r.MK\T* nvi*.u.im;
HAW.   TKM?Mi:t<   VVAV1T.II-,
*'-,- \Vt !«, nv.r MmiI'C H.-Imv,!, „n >*t  l-.*f*»i
ih *i..|.*r W,   |'«i
W !» Mtrriin.L
\+*i* It'tiit...  \n- fi  y..,-,.
TO UKl.lNyl'lCKT -t'.O.OWNKHH.
Tn THo.Mts M   UWi.  nr lo wIiiiiiihih'vit In'
mi) W,\, tl*., ■<,',V li.  nl, r.-*' In   llw  l<.,val
Fi*»< . l-»ki View, nml J.iii.l.. uiiii.ral i l.ilni*.
m,!"t*<'i'H im, .i*j. h uy -ivy.),,
-,-m llwilt'ir *.f iliN in,tli.-    «< ii fMt.ir-
r,.«i|ril.<|l<- Ktlir |,r,.|.,I'|,,|| ,,f ||„. t,l,,y, ,
ill    lllll,  Mlllill l. ln.u   i!i|.*   :,r i) (av.il.lr.
Itii|M»rtationA of pig tin into the
I'nitMl Static in the past u»av were
larger th tn in <iiiy preceding year.
The Mati>ti('H of ihe year's imiMU'tf
an pi'i'HiMiti'fl hy the dcpfirtiuMit, tif
iimiinerie and labor  through   it*
bureau ul   ►Jain-tin* allow Hint- tin**   i»ivt>i..» Wr*i K...i..i*,«y"teotwil
niH»*iii;uitiitj* oi un were .sa.uvivi.umui Ytl■',.v, -»«r«,»v n..ui*4nm *rh**««-i-ii|.wi„t
pntiiid* valmil at inure than   &M,- „„„,,',',;.'.X'lw'1 «.:ii.l1('',ii*m'iV..'r.'.i''.".nl.'i'uiI-i.T
i*jii,ii**b    hi t*^nheUo{i*,a,iih,n>*\XtXl^t!yt
were :!.\iMM».t«Ni |kmiih1k, valued at 11--tu
s-bmit !*T <HKHI»»0. -'""'<'
• 'nii'.M'%iii'i's, are imperial I v inter- y.yx<< "" —^'■)""'«« "'.jj i,.,
t* * -   . s rtiy .« it.' tin «r»l»'n.»| uiui.f -
You won't know what
it's like until you do.
Cood to drive away thc
bluet*, and put ginger
in your mul.    Twelve!
doMCft for -50 ccntM—a\.e]
te worth the money if]
you take it right.    Try
September   numl>er—it;
o;\\\ enyi   ymi   10 emit,,'
if you want it that way. i
Address-     Momi:m>, j
New Denver. II. C.I
liar Iron Steel, PI|hs FluhiK*, Klc.
0\ ■»■-# 9****1      * ■»
:\ StJamesHotcl
y.,.ii o'.'ti.'A a .*3j"-'.T i:h:y.
y.'x) )},•>!
te clean and soft arid well -nmt!t% you will flit! what
yon are looking for at this pioneer bouse. Also the
flire*t nerv« ton lea
New 0*nv«r
'Phone l(»
lit,'   lilt-
lit   Vlf't
t  ll   thr
e^tiitcr in vtcw of the mvnt  unm \ M,imu.\ ah ai»c- ^■■**,* «.■•,. s m,
sitiiui  of a duty on   exportation* j i-im ax i. m'a< i«>\ w.n
'rid/,* itti.4 '*-:)!' >4* w.'
l»»X  I   V. t|l||vi.\.
, ll.C . s. j4  l'1>.. ytut.
t.*M       ....* ,i\\n+i4*wi**Wt*t »i
l.j.ii'i ., .,*'.; i,  |.t.,nu'i i ,,^.,,"i  i -.j
*thiti|<li'*lii iiiull n>i'< hi [iriiiii|,t iiiit-Mli.il
of tin ore from llie Itritifh iiilonie^
of the   Malayan   piiiin-til;i.    'Ihe; -     ~.
mptil (crrowtb'in the n**r nf tin   in CUnAc flint    WpOf
the I'uilrd StAt.-H and the fa. t Omt;3l,Ut:* l"aL     ^Cdr
t)if,1   Tirth'li*    tel y..*mv*wiorit-*h**lr.!*l1i*m    Vi,«
iinn]iweA in thteitiuviry, vuggesieA i
Gm and Silver Refined and BoarM th* importation <»f tin imhe form I
OGDEN ASSAY CO, f,r nr,k m,U)"' »"<™»g ^ *'"j <MPuriey Ward.      Sandon.
iT.Wt.r. cTirT    «nd niannfartiireof theptg tin   at-
u u>>*.  .', im tliln.   ii!., .
I'll!' Ml in Illlit   J*.II   nil,    Hi'JH'HiJ    n
M. »(»»'*» t^nt tiViOdl i!»# t#»i
tts# *»lt»<!i,if1t'»i,     R* ji*U1t,j? Ai
Job Printing
uii ii
1725 Arj|iwli<ii»
Miiiert' sht'i*-**.» »|m i ixtiy.
The bett Totimtel JvAnlAhhtiiuiiUii
the Slocan. I
B.vLMon.u. Ri.tm, Main St., Sandon. i
t assays high In artfotlr ment, quickly
3 at New Denver's printing emporium—
Address= THE LEDQE


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