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The Ledge Feb 14, 1901

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Array *-£>-■
-.-■jv •--.-«
,    /   'N*
J,Ajx lAMA-'^    »   ' /
Volume VIII.   No  20.
Price, $2.00 Year adv_S_k
In and About the Slocan. arid KeigM'oring Camps
that are Talked About.
There aro piles of jokes in Kaslo, but
Sam Hunter can tell the latest.
A letter from Butte spates that Carl
Hand is very ill from throat trouble.
Tho residence of George Baker, of
Sandon, was destroyed by fire last week.
J. C. Drewry will examine the smelter
proposition at Kaslo for eastern capitalists
J. C. Harris was working" in his ice
fields the past week, and he cut lots of
ice, too.
Jacob Dover, Nelson, is offering* a 10
per cent, discount to those who need
goods in his line.
G. P. Ford, well-known in New Denver, died at Kimberley, South Africa,
Jan. 18th, of enteric fever.
Tho ratepayers of Kaslo will be asked
to vote a bonus of $50,000 for the smelter
that is talked of for that town.
the ice is not feverish. Cocktails have
not changed, and jags are quoted at old
prices. Real estate is solid. Brick
blocks are up. Free lunches are at a
premium, but buckwheat hot cakes are
scarce. Whiskey is going down daily.
Beefsteaks are firm. Other lines are
about the same, except the old timers.
Most of them are Bober.
New'uenver sicaieTSFtooirparv-iu-TJUo
carnival at the Silverton rink Saturday
night, and report having a huge time.
A saloon license was granted to the
International of Slocan City at the Commissioners' meeting held here Saturday.
Harry Wooley came down from tho
Speculator on Saturday with a nasty
cut across the arm which he received
In handling an adze.
The cider barrel in John Williams'
store never runs dry. John must fill it
up at night when the feverish rush of
business for the day is over,
Is there a man in the Slocan, with
soul so thoroughly bad, that he never
to himself has said, "1 will try a little
ad." If therein, he is wanted at this
office, right smart.
And now the province is to bo asked
(or a bonus of 18,000 a mile to build tho
Coast-Rootenay road. What's the matter with the government building the
road for the people instead of for the
charter mongers'i*
The provincial legislature will bo
asked to voto 18,000 to defray the expenses of sending a lacrosse team to
Australia. It will probably do so by
cutting down tho appropriations for
roads and trails In the mining districts.
Tho acenery around Now Denver Is
beautiful enough to tamo any wild soul.
Some of tho host views can be soon
from the windows of John Williams'
a tore, on tha lower end of Blxth street,
commonly called the Broadway of tha
On tho evening of Feb. 92nd, in the
Clever Hall, the Knights of Pythias will
celebrate tho Fourth Anniversary of
New Denver Court with one of their
always enjoyable social evenings, lie*
frosbmeotn will be served and dancing
indulged in.
C D. Maekenele tiled in Nelson on
Monday night. He had charge of the
Arlington mine, at Erie, since the death
of Maurice Bucko. He was a native of
Kentucky, and possessed a mind and
manner that endeared him to hundred*
of friends who will regret to learn that
he has creased the great divide.
At Ust a clew Iish been found to tin*
whernn bouts of our Siding Station stove.
It's up in tho Klondike. At all ovarii*,
the Wlutehonw »l*r tells ot urn- tike it;
*l_*»t «.-•.'* A HUAUHV MHU. Wt-» *W\\ ...
Bennett, vise.: a well-lighted *i«ve on
tho ri-l^w uf the* n*it ut Hit w.'-m ik'ji-u.,
and a brlckdaver building up a brick
*-rtimn»-t with th*-thmnon-H't«-r rt'tlwdow
*eri», keeping hi* limit*,' on tho wtovti
to prevent it fw*itlng Several snap
shots were taken of this not every day
Buitfnan is slack in some line* In
NVNon- Pnfc'-r Htarlrs havt» falF"ti to »,
dollar Frogs are 5 cents, while the
Wl m.U> hwUUi.h In-big*. uuu_ lUatt 15
cents. White pants are b«iow coat
KfSigktn it. IrtaMag up. Rmil#!tt« is at
ataro Street cat* art* fare. Dailv
papers aro weak.   Hockey is high,while
Work was resumed on the Sinft this
Another shipment waB made last
week from the Bondholder.
The work being pnt upon the.Lake
View group, situated close to town,, is
proving very satisfactory.
The Hewett is shipping about a car a
week A lower tunnel is being run to
tap the mine at a depth of 500 feet.
Ninety tons of ore was shipped last
week by the Arlington, giving*  that
prup6riy~-aQU~wjHH"iu~u-5 -yrouiirmuvc'uau'r
1st.      *    •' " ;    '':■'-   "
In a few days the Noble Five will be
in operation again.' Work .'will be
pushed through the Last Chance No.'3
Palina Angrignon has garnered his
ico crop. Ho has 100 tons stored away
to cool tlie populace, when the summer
suns shine forth in all their splendor
and misery
The Payne did not make any shipments last week, but when the now arrangements with the Trail smelter are
completed shipments will proceed with
increased tonnage.
The Whitewater mine,has concluded
not to ship ore for the present, owing
to tho trouble with the smelter combine,
and is storing its output. Six hundred
tons aro sacked and piled near the K. &
S. track.
W. H. Jeffrey, representing the Canadian Gold Fields, has secured an option
on the Black Prince. Should the property be taken tip it will be on a bond
running 18 months, calling for the payment of 175,000.
ada in 1881. After spending six years
in Perth lie moved west, locating in
Spokane, Wash. From there he went
to Victoria, where he was employed in
an important position in the. erection of
the Parliament buildings. , Five years
ago he came to Three Forks and has
since been employed at the Concentrator. He was not a member of the
Union, nor of any fraternal society, and
did not carry any insurance. He loaves
a wife and four small children, whose
welfare is in no wise provided for.
Last Friday morning a largo number of cltlsens from Throe Forks attended the burial in the New Denver
cemetery of tho body of Roderick Cameron, who was killed Wednesday after
noon at the concentrator. The service
was one of unusual sadness, the circumstances In connection with the death,
and the condition of the wife and children left to mourn the loss of a loving
father and husband—their only protector—being such as to sicken the heart
of the community and bring sorrow to
the homes of many.
The accident that caused the death of
Cameron happened about H o'clock in
the afternoon, and he died in about an
hours time. Hu was employed at the
Concentrator an foreman of the tram
system, and was ever a careful, pains*
taking, industrious workman. He had
warned nil mini employed under lilin of
the danger of riding ou the car*, andj »'»«•*•desirable, extensive and sttisfar*
onlv Ihe dav before refused   lo allow *n«*y revival In mining that It linn ever
Good Work Being Done by the KoMlantV
Chamber of Mines.
At the annual general meeting* of the
Rossland Chamber of Mines held in their
palatial board rooms this week, says
the Rossland Miner, the treasurer announced that the Canadian Pacific,
Great Northern and Canadian Northern
railways had each contributed 825,000
to that institution, that the Le Roi Consolidated and the vVar Eagle Consolidated had also contributed a like sum.
The financial statement shows a balance
of over §300,000 ou hand at the end of
the year. The chamber now employs
15 lecturers in Europe, two in Eastern
Ontario and five in the United States.
Senator J. B. McArthur was again
elected president by acclamation. Word
was received from London that the
lories of lectures on the liolbTTra'diTof.
British Columbia by Mr. A. J. McMillan
are being well patronized by the British
nobility and others with money.
Alex. W. Murdoch,* of Toronto,' Commissioner for British Columbia and Ontario, representing the London & Berlin
Banking Corporation of London, ling.,
in an interview with the Miner, said:
"There is a great disposition oil the
part of English capitalists to Invest
money iu Canada, ami particularly iu
the resources peculiar to British Columbia. Owing to the trouble in South
Africa, English capitalists are today
turning their attention to the resources
of tho Dominion, and particularly to
British Columbia, aud if our peoplo are
alive to the fact and can be impressed
with the opportunity which now presents itself, there is no question as to
the results this spring ol' later in the
"With the banking and railway facilities, which are available today,wo have
practically placed at the doors of English capitalists opportunities for Investment such as no other colony ha« ever
presented to them before. There is a
feeling of confidence prevailing In London at tho present in regaid to Canadian
opportunities such as has not chamcter-
Ized this class of venture before, nnd it
Is with a view to obtaining the closest
and most reliable data concornlnp* the
milling Industry of this province that I
am visiting it We must bear in mind
that English capitalists have in the past
been more or less deceived as to what
we have to offer hern, they having ob
talned a great deal of their Information
filtered through New York, Chicago or
other American sources With our high
commissioner's oflice in London,to whom
thu capitalists naturally apply for reliable information, which forms « basis
of the Stock exchange quotation, It bo-
enmes our people to furnish thu most
reliable data concerning the output,
fadlitksti ant) the means employed, to
place results ii|K)ii tho market In desirable form. 1 aiili.ip-Att- this spring that
British Columbia will expcritinri' the
if you people would only associate the
same with the opportunities which the
English market presents at present.
"The fact of certain of our Toronto
capitalists having invested largely in
some of your mines here has evidently
deeply impressed the English capitalist
with the fact that we have in Canada
the courage of our convictions, and we
realize with the plethora of English capital seeking investment today that it
simply rests with our people to present
to the London market the condition of
the mines in their existing form, and
the unquestionable value in connection
therewith, to secure results. If we take
advantage of this at once, this year will
see a revival and an activity in the
mining interests here such as we might
almost have hesitated to have dared to
anticipate in the past. I shall be pleased
while here to obtain any data in a form
such as I can submit directly to my
correspondents in London."
The "supply agents,"—-the men who
do the talking, and, Incidentally, the
buying of stationery, etc., for some of
the Slocan Miners' Unions, have their
own ideas of fairness. They appear to
believe that fairness in business is only
demanded when they themselves are
the direct beneficiaries, and that when
they can save a dollav or two in their
supplies by doing so, 'they are justified
offices and sending to the coast cities
for; what they want. This, of course, is
their privilege, but it is a policy that is
.abhorent to the very fundamental principles of unionism, and must be contrary
to the wishes of every member of the
Miners' Union who has any regard for
the principles of fairness. It is a well
known fact that in most lines of printing
the; well-equipped offices of tho coast
cities can afford to take work at a price
much lower than that demanded by
any Kootenay oflice and yet pull out
witli a larger profit. So can tho laboring men of the coast afford to work for
$2,50 a day and save more than the
average Kootenay miner earning 88.25
a day. If the newspapers of the Kootenav* had followed the example of tho
newspapers of tho coast, when the
trouble was on some months ago, the
wages to miners in B, C. would have
boon reduced to 18 and $2.60 per da-,.
But tho newspapers of Kootenay stood
almost solid in opposition to a reduction
In tho wage scale. They did so without
receiving or asking any favors from tho
Unions. They did bo because they
honestly believed that a reduction In
tho wages to minors would be detrimental to tbe best interests of tho country. Tho Union loaders show their appreciation for tho assistance given then
by attempting now to force the newspapers of Kootenay to compote with
tho prices charged on the coast, by
sending to Victoria for their printing.
Who said "scab'?
wasa Hu$e success
I • '
IThe Miners' Union Masquerade Well Attended!
7 and Greatly Enjoyed. , a
The local Miners' Union is fortunate
in having as members men who are
adepts in the art of blazing trails to the
land of fun, frills and forgetfulness.
When they locate a claim on a ledge of
amusement ahd advertise for a crown
grant, it is safe to wager that the claim
has been thoroughly prospected, the
lead well-defined and opened up,* and
all fractions staked. They leave no
stone unturned to bring to view the
ore outcrop, and when operations begin
they generally are in a position to
break down fun enough to "pay dividends from the first number. They
were particularly well-prepared when
operations began in Bosun hall last
Thursday .night.7'It. was, to use a
familiar parlance, a grass-roots proposition and there was stoping ground
enough opened up to allow everybody
to work "in ore."
The ladies werewell represented and
never missed a shift. Mrs. W. Cook
pjayed the role of Doctress, while Miss
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, 85,000 tons. Since January 1
to February 9,1901, the shipments have
been as follows:
Last Chance	
Slocan Star :
American Boy...
Trade Dollar	
Wonderful .,
Arlington ....
Two Friends	
Black Prince....
Miller Creek	
Sueen Bess 
Corinth ..........
Bondholder ......
Rambler.... v.'...
Kaslo Group ..,.'.
, SO
two of tht'in to go up on  the train
Wednesday afternoon one of the earn
uttick In maklm? the dowenf end Cameron followed it u\i with a crowbar to
but tlm predict*
pOM*l1'l|lllleH  Of   t
had, and it wiil \m
what, Im within tin,
very near futuie.
"Irnprt'Mfd «« I Htit with *tich farts.
Imi-wn it.   A* he did so nnd the t*ar| and tin* eto«ecnrreMponth'tirf-i I hsvnhad
tnnvt-d alidad hu juiii|*-l upon it. Itf
Ufliiif.1 n|»<>i-<t ii* it went aim w lien tin-1
trontle wax rt'sehod—thediingerniis part j
. i .»     li, .,    ;... ...   ,.,»   ii..i-     i,.t,   ti.,,. ., -
|ump would have meant it-rtain injury. j
About midway over the trtmtli* thi« i*ar
left the track and plunged over the
trestle to the ground below, a distant-*-
of HO or 40 feet. Cameron managed in
rrtar rvfrri Fr and wni found fyfnjr h*Mfrf*»
ft, mortally injured. He w«t> carried to
the Caucci.U'iUu. iuul uuiiic.-.! aid . uut
Ule Sandberg has sold his interest in
the Wa Wa, on Laformo creek, to W.
B. Pool.
K. A. Allan, of Cilgary, has transferred his interest In the Chllcst, Noble
Throe, Treadwell, Wa Wa and White
Klflphant tlnimn to tin* Double Eaghi
Million and |)cv»'ln|iiin'iil Company
Tin* Duulilt' Kaglu Mining and !»«•
v.-l'ipMcnt <>t»p-»tiy iiav** *»!d v* AUrvl
fMavlou* Klrby, <»f Loudon, Hug., the
White l'.lephitnt,ireiiilwt-.il. NnblitThn-e
cliiirnn, and an eighth iiitcn-M hi ilia
Wu Wu ami CliilnU claittiH mi Lafti.'iue
civi-l'.Hit* HcimI, nnd iilwo a Milnl Inicn-Ht
in the Mos-'ow flaiuu on Pool creek.
.I.J. Young,ofCulirary, and W. It I
i'lv.l, til llHvelstokit, h«v* Hold tlwirl
Inti-rent* In the Moh-ow and Ottertail'
cntiiiiM tin 1'«mi1 creek, and the _*.ilv«<r:
linw, Unite mul Hlsck Diamond on l.«s••
ti...lii»i   (THi.t       iml   Iii    t*u>   Trrnriftwoll  '
N.iiilt*   Thr«-»-,   VVn Wa,  Chilcat  and
Holmes conducted herself as a Grecian
Lady should. Mrs. Sutherland presided as fair Canada, and Miss McDonald took upon herself the cloak of a
charming Spanish Miss. Miss Gillis
came in as Night, Mrs. Ferguson as
Liberty, Miss Todd as Cards. Upon
Mrs. Hill fell the mantle of a Flower
Girl, aud to Mrs, Brown that of the
Chrysanthemum, while Mrs. Geo. Davis
came in as the Parlor Girl. Beautiful
.Spring hunu gracefully over the shoulders of Miss Everett, and Mrs. Nesbitt
was the Diamond of the occasion. It
fell to Mrs. Long to costume as June,
and to Miss Walker as the Old Fashioned Girl.
The gentlemen were more numerous
and some of them frequently stayed off
shift. D. Hope gave his impressions of
that illustrious character, tho Coon, and
•J. Bruce looked like a Clown; Duncan
Mclntyre was a real live Cavalryman
hot from the Canadian contingent, and
J. A. Lind carried himself with the
dignity of an oilicer fresh from tho N.W.
Mountod Police. Frank „. Shook
showed what an Engineer on tho Em*
press wean., while Ed Shannon was
prepared to do the pastry cooking. D.
ChlHholm was upon the scone like tho
proverbial Colored Gent, and In the role
of a French Cavalier It, Chisholm
sported himself to his heart's content.
A Napoltan Gent was found in A. W.
Shulsk.G. Sutherland was a Turk of
haughty mien, and K. L, Gibbs was
Mex. Bob Johnston wore tho toggery
of a Cavalier, likewise did W. Gibbs,
only his was uf French accent. D, J.
Wslr was tho Huntsman Bold, and
Charley Greenlee came into the arena
with the grace of a Spanish Bullfighter.
Dan McDonald was a Hunter, W. L.
Hagler a Turk, C. Owens an English
Cavalier, and Tom Lloyd rescued Mc*
Glnly from tho bottom of the sua. S.
Simmon* brought Black anil White from
Nakuiip. mul Paddy Stratford i-niui*
ovtirfroin Hoselmry an Florentine ||,
J StiirU IiiihI wan togged like an English (.'avalit-i*, and (' I
trapping* •>(  *-"
: —ToiaitonurrTTi—.Tr".-383 Sjfwl^
No ore was sent out last week from
the Payne, shipments being delayed
pending the settlement of negotiations
with the Trail smelter. The shipments
br the week were consequently reduced,
but we are enabled to add to the total
the shipments from the Rambler and
Surprise for January, which brings the
tonnage since the first of the year up to
8,r»98 tons. The Hartney has another
carload at the wharf which will bring
its shipments up to 100 tons. The tonnage this week will show a large increase over last.
The Corinth group of claims Ik situated on Howson creek, about four miles
from New Denver. The four claims
were sold by Al Behno and his partners
several years ago to an English company. Much money was spent In do-
volopmont and then the work stopped
for a time. Last year 80 tons were
shipped. Harry Low, foreman, and A.
Muir, superintendent, have obtained a
lease and bond for one year, and they
will work the property steadily, and
will ship a car each week. They also
have a lease and bond on the Grenville
group of five claims, adjoining the
Corinth, which will be workod when
spring opens. In a (ew weeks the vein
will be tapped from No. ft tunnel,glvlng
a depth of about 500 feet. No. ft tunnel
is already In 900 feet.
The details of work done in the llosa*
land office for the year ending Dec. Bl,
1000, are as follows:
Mineral claims recorded  £»
Placer claims recorded  1
Certifies ten of work  E_0
Money paid In lieu of work  4
Certificates of improvement   ftN
BIIU of Hale, tramtfer, etc  12?
A bandonment *                4
Water grants....                  7
Miner** t*ertiHcati«», ptirttotml     «lo
<>„'->. _...._, ti... i Mliier*' < tiitilhatt**, lumiNHiiM    »*»
Sin th wore the} M|||m.<„,*,,«,-.,,„,mxQ,........   :*>
hliglisll   (iciitlriiiitii. 	
Sjtitiitifiii, liy a competent, steel sharp-
ener Any camp in the Kootenays
a-j-in—i   »i. i. i.,  i,>i.i».ii, ('nut-,  S%99
] Neil   MoriiHiin   liail   the   make. Up   til:
! Illicit* Sum, John S. I'xiiieroii that of n
j French Soldier, aud Percy Johit«ou wat-7
j tlie Maininer ol the lioy#,    Ed Angrig
with detiirnhlt' and prominent |iooplt',
•moim'im*! with wealth mid anxious to
invest, caused me to viwlt thl« rtaouw*
(,,»...,.;.        .,.:.!        . " ,,., ,     . i.i.,t,.;..	
ti»!*» of information *<uch n* it neeta*
iiii|"to-»iMi- for tme iiitt-n-till to obtain
outkide of its coiilmch, and I  he||i>ve it
become* your provincial government to «»" ••* n..der-<t'--«l lo have feriwd a
tnak«» a upecial effort tliit upringto take
*idr.irif..-ige nf tho -.fngnf.ir npporfunity
which now pr«f>ents itself    I have ttiiwd
Up llu: -4til.U.uU.    I luvc t'.U'cfuIl.   Ciil.
, Mc.ic...,, V.pph.C; All-.   MclM.i-- .pp),..»,i7
tin-living |jei>niiilH*ati('.' i,»f Hard Tack,'
1 mitt It yiiui  w»»r«* t>x>kliiiig  U\t m
Girl out of a job ulic wn* to be foi
Willis (.'lark.     <"    Nenbitt   played  the! tit'", copper lias Incn fniiniHiy tin-   i\\
,niik ti iletiil*-A«eoige  uiiiij*  Mint Oi^j     iimhh'i i'hhi mi <i -o-j»iti m y&ti \, i-i,    iim
H»U«-I'    At «h«p tfrw«i MrtmnUkFi mtni.*   mw'ii
mild in j the Anatoti-la, Montana, copper proper
White Elephant on Uforme mu\ Carnea;
i r-''kt, to A.'» Kirby, of London,Eng.7
I inilt'il enough for a ll*rrUU*r, au«l <>. B.
tiiinpany to take up mul develop |he*e
fip-f»«*rtir-»    fr i>« lit'lii've«f that tb»» deaf
v,;'i result in operaiinn*. of an tixteii»ive
7   *.i'*ti)r and  *vhi-'!i  -'"''I   '"* ->f gri*tt
moriml, hut he was beyond all Imman j nt'dt-rtHi yum hanking, railway and other • unf-rUMce to Kevel-toke, Mr. Ktibv
*id and qnkkly f«xplrH I f,iri)iii#**», *ii.d I ha»* yri to come n^-n' '-•■f»it«,-S|»e*te»l frMnl. »••.•»« r.en t month
Di*cca«ed  was  born   in   Iuverubss, j any thing lacking tn •-»-ontial fi-atuiv-' - •  ,|"**"^   arrau^emetir- —- Kwitfn.iy
rkothlnd, i« years agrt, coming to Can•! which could not !>•* advantaged, l!u.t'-.- M7'
Cliiimlni played the detn-e n» the Iritdi
liint,   H.ti Maliit*M«iii w«h a Military;
ilict-r, Align* Mcttiilivrnv wan decked
like a  .Hpittii-di  Court,   while   Harry;
Hi-tti-i     b-oi     -luiilifil     toe     mnok     ol
KtUToyable j
Viuui llto iiiuiiil liiHich to tin- lioinei
j «*all/. \ho daticei* enjoy*-*! sheaitygtHHl'
! time Supj-er wn* wrvtif at the St I
1 Jame» hotel l
High <»r«» *balt is
'.Mi f,^»|
to have h t|«pth t>f
I'laao r«r a»lr.
A'.u.'.t '^UA.i  'ruiiv>,
Heintztnan, foi sale.
Apply al once to .1. r
L'Ui'.' l'.«.i: .kiwi
chiiap far c**h.
l>fct.»siKV,   ,NfW
Ladies' Jacket*, Fur- and f?olf Capes
for aale at coat at Mr*, Merktej*'*. 7=1
Eighth Yeae
wishJJinJPier evening prayer, that
twins might come to the house she
would be duly regarded. The little
cherub forgot about the twins. Her
mother was greatly startled when
she entered the bedroom to see her
suddenly rise up in bed, clasp her
hands, and looking upwards, ejaculate: "Oh, Jesus Christ, I forgot
the twins. "^- •-"'-- -• -■"
paid It ia $2.50 to parties worthy ot oredit.tS^To barbarians east ot Lake
ion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion,    Rea-inx
i circumstances,
-      FEIiliOW .FILOBIMS.. XukX-CDOX Is .located at New Denver. B. C. and can lie traced to many parts of the earth «£frlt comes to the front
•very Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff,sriowsHded by .hoaptsilver, or subdued by the fear of roan,.,   It works for the trail
blazer «s well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist.*S»It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes that hell
• should be administered, to the wicked iii large doses.<__r;It has »tooa thete*t of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our ~mokestaok.*3}A. chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the tin&noier.<Q>Come in and see us, but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or ohase the black cow from our water
-_.._ .  H0l_r.'^3»vuLu_ .ij mm oeu ua. iiuvuviiuii
barrel:   one is savage and the other a victim of thirst.s&jOne of
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by n
the noblest works of creation is the man Who always pays the printer; he is
ight, and nothing but gold to look at by day;
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
,',-, A pencil cross in this square
, indicates, that your,, subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
f oar collateral. ,
Not a yellow Chinaman has been
left in Moyie.
The local legislature meets next-
week. The Mineral Act is already
shaking with fear.
The newspaper correspondents
on the coast have not sold the Britannia mine for several days. Ci
The army canteen has been abolished in the United States army.
Must have seen Mrs. Nation coming*	
The police in Kansas must be
corrupt, or it would not be neces-
~ fiarg7tQOto.^ation to raid points
where liquor is sold.
press, an institution that has done
more to build up Kootenay than
any other force. Solid facts, when
you think about them for a short-
time. ______
The spring will soon be here with
its soft southern air, its gentle rain,
its budding flowers, its active show-
slides and rising brooks. It cannot
come too soon, for our wood-pile is
even how on its last legs, ahd ere
the April showers sprinkle the face
of nature it will have passed away,
or we are out on our reckoning of
the size and strength of New Denver
cords. _____
Ella "Wilcox says that,divorce is
the fire-escape from a domestic hell.
If Ella is right we should have the
escape system improved in Canada
At present it is too difficult to
reach for common people. Most
of them fall back into the flames of
married misery before they can
clutch the first rungs. Lower the
The highest salary paid to a
bank president in New York is
$40,000. Some of his clerks get
more than $40 a month.
A store iu Vancouver advertises
"Her Majesty's corsets for sale."
Thus does the war of commerce
obliterate the word, indelicate.
A moral wave seems to have hit
Spokane. Some day one will
swish up against Sandon, and leave
of blue and white ribbons quite a
In Windsor, Ontario, the other
day 14 men were arrested for gambling. If that law was enforced in
the woof- f-omo townn would all be
in jail, occasionally.
An electrical instrument has
been invented that can tell to a
certainty when people are dead.
It is of no lute on the delinquent
subscribers—they are never dead.
A hotel to cost a million dollars
is being built in Toronto. It will
likely be supported by western
peoplo, an dwellers in the east are
averse to paying more than a dollar
a day when stopping at a tavern.
Aristotle said that all genius is
mixed up with some kind of madness, This explains why so many
eminent and talented wood-choppers are craxy with the hallucination that they should bo lawyers,
jutrHoiiM. doctors, or handlers of the
lever that rulM* the unm*im
When labor union* uf any *tripe
send out of the district in which
they live for job printing, In-caiiw
a few dollar* enn be wivi-d, thev
are knocking tint, the foundation
of Canada a chance to reach safety
when the atmosphere of marital
bliss becomes heated to excess.
pense and trouble. As it is the
people of this earth have all kinds
of theories hurled at them from all
kinds of pulpits for which they
have to pay. Would it not be
better to lessen the expense and
give us better service. Union is
strength, and one strong church
would be better than dozens of
weak ones. The money saved
could be given to the poor, and
parsons would be able to live comfortably, instead of living from
hand to mouth as thousands of
them have to do under the present
system. Evolution is in constant
motion; and if it does not carry the
church to higher ground, the tide
of progress, common sense and
reason will bury it beneath the
debris of exploded doctrines. We
do not look for an early combination of churches. There is too
much of man in them, and as long
as the people dig up we will have
creeds. When their brain pans
of the present church will be over.
It will be dead.
. -Be what you wis^-others to. become,
^et/youreel. andnot yourword-.preach
A,n error is-,.the more dangerous.,in
proportion to the degree of truth which
it contains.—Anon.
Intolerance, especially when it takes
the form of persecution, is the product
of two very mean vices, cowardice and
They who voluntarily put power into
the hands of a tyrant or an enemy must
not wonder if it beat last turned against
If the-mind is clear eveiAiii a dark
room there will be a radiance; if the
thought is dark at noonday there will
be demons.~-Japanese Proverb.
To the personal conscience there is
ever present a higher than it has
reached, a light beyond, which throws
a perpetual shadow on the track behind.
Nature is but an endless series of
efficient causes.   She cannot create, but
she eternally transforms.   There was
no beginning and there can be no end.
—ingersoll.       A °
Strong; souls within the present live,
The future veiled, the past forgot;
Grasping what is, with hands, of steel,
They bind what shall be to their will.
—Lewis Morris.
Be rather bountiful than expensive.
Never marry but for love; but see
that thou lov'st what is lovely.
He that has more knowledge than
judgment is made for another man's
use more than his own.
The usefulest truths are plainest.
And while we keep them our differences
cannot riBe high.
Never give out while there is hope;
but hope not beyond reason, for that
Three things to love—courage, gen-
tlcnesa and affection.
Three things   to   light   for—honor,
country and home.
Three   things   to   govern—temper,
tongue and conduct.
Three things to hate—cruelty, arrogance and ingratitude.
Three things to delight in—frankness,
freedom and beauty.
! Three things to avoid—idleness, loquacity and flippant jesting.
Three things to  wish   for—health,
friends and a cheerful spirit.
Three things to admire—intellectual
power, dignity and gracefulness.
Three things to think about—life,
death and eternity.
■"ST* Jewelers
The communications below explain
Miner's Union Hall,
New Denver, B.C., Feb. 9,1901
Editor The Ledge:   Sir—As one of
the many instances how deeply7the
death of ourbeloyod Queen is regretted
by all classes, 1 beg* to enclose a letter
addressed to this Union, with the request to have the same printed in the
next issue of The Ledge.
Thanking you ih advance, I am,
Yours very truly,
D. J. Wbib,
President N. D. M. U. No. 97, W. F. of
M. of A.
Hall of Rakdsbumq Mines.' Union No 44,
VV, F. of M. ot A., Randsburg, Oal., Jan.»6^901
Whereas. Victoria I,; Queen of KnKland,and
Empress ol India has passed away, be It
Resolved: That thu Union extend fraternal
sympathy and condolence to our Brethren of the
W. F.of M. who are citizens of the British Empire, in their profound national sorrow.
Resolved: That we express our admiration for
the imaculatc purity and womanly virtue tliat
adorned the long and eventful life of Her Majesty
ar. a Sovereign, wife and mother; and will for
ever remain the richest and most glorious heritage of the English nation.
Resolved: That the foregoing be reread upon
the minutes of this Union and a copy be sent to
each Miners'Union of the W. F. of M. of A. of
British Columbia,
Signed-  Randskukq Minkrs* Union No. 44
Adopted. Jan.86,1901.
Attest, O. \V. Andkkws, Recording Secretary.
Importers of Fine Watcnes. Watchmakers and
Opticians. Send for our fine Watch Catalogue.
OLD GOLD and SILVER bought at the highest
Dealer in
The scenery of the Slocan will
some day make it a famous resort
for tourists. It is a lunch for the
soul. The grand jagged mountain
peaks seem to pierce the lower canvas of the blue heavens, while the
brooklets that flow down the steep
slopes look like silver streaks amid
the green when seen from afar.
The very ozone seems to be purer
than elsewhere. A mid the wonderful grandeur the soul seems to bo
lifted to a higher plane and—but
come and see it for yourself. We
are too busy rustling for ads to
write effusions upon some of the
best work ever turned out by the
_, order of the day,
I rUSt and it is about
time for the churches to come iu
the circle. At present there are
several hundred churches all fighting the same hoofed devil, and
shouting for the same dear Jesus,
but from different standpoint!".
Why not combine, and save some
of the millions now spent ou the
numerous trails to that unknown
prospecting territory generally
known as heaven. One broad road
to the pearly gate** would provide
more accommodation to this sin-
curwd tin!verm*, than a t-omplex
system of trails, some of them so
narrow that two sin tiers can scarcely
walk abreast. A combine would
aim stop thf» war lietwe-eii en-eds,
and do away with the ruinous coin-
petition in reaching out for houIn.
Just now if a Methodist (lag is unfurled in a community, it will mil
Warren S. Davenport,
_ in the Butte Reveille,
OtUTT shoves a pen that burns.
If he worked on the Nelson Miaer
it would be all night with the dark-
skinned genius who sows his
thoughts in the columns of the
other daily loser. Warren says the
"Every little while the press of
this mighty Yankee nation rent's
upon its hind legs and brays a series
of windy discussions auent the value
of schools of journalism. They all
seem to be pretty well agreed that
such institutions are superfluous,
and for once they are right. Journalism is no esoteric science, it is
just as 'easy as lying.' Really it
were as silly to establish schools of
journalism as to found professorships for instruction in the art of
making chili con carno, creating
bad smells or fighting flies. Any
one can learn without a preceptor.
Of course, there aro those who scale
Parnassus' rugged steeps step by
step until they reach those heights
where shines only tho great white
light of God; those who are overawed by creation's mighty plan,
rettH-tng that m.Hvp as they may to
ferret out the secrets of the universe,
words of flaming worlds written on
the broad papyri of immensity,they
cannot think the thought of (Jod,
can only grope towards his throne
in fear and trembling. This class
of people will disagree with me,but
those engaged in journalism who
'sweat blood' in perusal of the old
masters, are so hopelessly in the
minority thatthey don't figure much
nowadays. Take for instance tbe
daily mental abortion of Mark
lUiiiiit'n \u\Ay bum It of p^iii*, the
deWtiible mob of hack writer**, free
Hutch fiendt*, journalistic charlcy
hort-te* arid long haired 'ninny* lx>ys
yclept the Helena It-word. "
shows~more desirelilmrrjudgment.
There are some mon like dictionaries;
to be looked into upon occasions, but
have no connection, and ave little entertaining.
Do nothing: improperly. Some are
witty, kind, cold, angry, easy, stiff,
jealous, careless, cautious, confident,
close, open, but all in tho wrong place.
Van Camp Lunoh Goods, Confection-
cry and Fruit.
Newmarket Block.       New Denver
Buyer and Exporter of,
Ship by Express NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines w i nted at, the Exchange.
Free Milling Gold properties wanted a\ once for Eastern
Investors. 7,
Parties having mining property for .sale are requested to aend
"samplesofthelr oretortn^KsamKGirftrixhirjiitioB
AU samples should be'sent by express, prepaid.
Correspondence solicited.   Address aii communications to
Telephone No. KM. P.O. Box TOO.
Have an "ad" coming up.
It will bo here next wool*.
The Browns said so,
and It-
Must be Right
Canadian Whiskies
Scotch Whiskey
Wholes?: e Dealers In Wines, Liquors and Clfarso
The NewmarketHotel,
Has one ot the most beautiful locations in America, and the public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
Fruit and
nnon  which   thev  nland.   Cheap
work fdwuvn mean* lower \*v iforl'* ' M* * ,'   I
thow who produce it.   Some union! \  '
men cannot wen* farther than  th*<
job they are working on.
r«i m »«
Heeds, Plant*, Vlnea, etc.,
Extra choice stock of Cherry.
Peach. Apricot, Plato and
other Irult tree*. Most complete rtock in the Province.
100 page Catalogue hm
%i t; W<»<;*a4**(H« tV*piii. V ii'v*-!'*"*'!- ■ M «'
SI. Janes
New Dtnvcr, B.C.
Beat meals In tho clty*-Oomfortable roonw—lVti
Mtiuon and Cigar*-llest acrvice throtiglitiUL
A. JACC-BftON * CO,(>f«pf«
replete with the bett of
p I and m on until the cliureh be-t-omi* j l m€   I WlflS I heir  iiiiuMjeneeij
I ahnt**t n enrm* instead uf n  blew*-i that if uti*wd by adult* would 8**jU"
 ._ | ing.   The petipb*  art*  tnmfrontwljcimwdered bhwphemont* and irrev-j &"-—
Mining i*■ mtive in  tbe SUhwi, j with nil kjinif til whemt'i- ior wmh-iwhih   h_v   on..nH.rrA   j«n>j„,\    iln, ,«i
but the commercial bnsinew twin*] Ing money for the priei-t. purwrn; following are two <•*»•«- in poinlJ^nJ
Batik of Montreal.
(Capital (all paid op) f \2,(m,<* WO
to lw* rotten, A>«k a man for an
ad. them*, day*, ami In- will unfold
a tale of woe that would make a
bronee image t-hudder. 11 im Mtrange
how people attempt to ^-onomiw*
by cutting off *»omr* little aii. They
seldom think aixni! cutting
ttelr whinkey, cigar* and rua*t
beef, which wowld be rm) btn^t
and thc  Ixml. and tin* exr-ew-ive A\ litlU* ln»y in **w of th.* Sloeau
foiiijw-titit.n weaken** the mim\        town** h-nl a dog eslled K«»ley.
We do not hi- any iiw of fighting | night the U>y always* *»id a littl
tbe    devil    wuh    religion.      'Wn-j,b\»i»ii.   U-forv  f»-ti.i.ij_.  '.ike tl.-.v.
rhm-eheji >ihvi> Ut-u trying U> kill' "I pray ihe l^rtl mv «ml to k«*p. • % %
him foretjnttiri«»i, hulthe old gent jam) Kok-y*.    It J fchouSil die !*'-<
offjuwrn* l« W Mill holding hte on-ndjw I  wakt. <Mi  UmV. pmft tar,
We have often trondeml wbj  thej Ut. H»n*ilbi."   A *w tot of a girl j
I^o-rd did «o« *btt« *>ff hi# gtmft- wmI}-» M#«r  U»«r -mt told by her
Ami  «x*o<ni»y. WV wWikw •» Ut*-|wwe u*ii*Mr lituucrp. m tutioh «-! parents that if i*-* fna-rporriM »;
,a m
L'ndlvklfd pwfiti .   t t,HMJ'M.
HKAII   firriCE,   »09lTlie«l,.
Ht. Hox. I/iroStratwodsa a.vi Motmr Roru, tt.CM.O. Pr««k)ent.
Unx. O. A. Dbdm-iono, Vkx Vrtthtrnt,
K. S. Cijouimty, 0«n<*r«l Manager,
llvAivdw.*. u. att \mxvU -.it Canudit, N'i»t-f.*irin«ff,'i.nifv ffrcitii Hrff-ifn. ,tnd
th* United fttaten.
New Denver branch
U: B. OB VEBEfe. Mana«er
A \
IllGHTH tiiB.
tfifc LEI&& NEW DENVER, B.C., FEBRUARY 14 1901.
If you've a gray-haired mother
Jh thj. old ho-ise far away,
Sit dotfti and ffcite the .letter
7Ybu*put off 6&f by-day: \._
Don't wait until her tired steps
Reach Heavejb)5 peajfl-ftgate,
that voir think or
But shoW her
f B^fore'it is tdoilate.- ">'• J
'     . ' '*'    '•:-' iV j"    -
If vcm've a tender-inessage
Or aioviuff wordJto, Bay,'
D6u't yftdt till you forifct it,
A But vhisper it to-day". ,,
Who knbws what bftfer memories
\May tfaunt you^f yp'n-.tyait,
S0:makl_ your lpved one happy
Before-'it is too late.
■Si       J. I ,
We live but in the- present,
7The future is unknown;
Tomorrow is a mystery,
:-Today is all our own
The chance that fortune lends to us
• May vanish while we w_tt,
SoY spend your life's rich treasure
Before it is too late.
The tender words unspoken,
% The letters never Bent.
The long-forgotten messages,
The wealth of love unspent—        •
For these BQl-ve heart's' ate breaking,
For these some loved ones wait-
So show them that you care for them
Before it isttio late a
'   J* — p1,'i ''-
Ten days to three, weeks' solitary
confinement, spent chiefly in bedi is
the^ litest TEngJish preasriptlon; tor,
tired or ailin^m
a recent London despatch. Well ones
also are advised that such a penance
feithrally perfor-tied once "*" year
would solve the whole problem of
health and longevity,
This is one ot the applications of
the principal secret of long life which
alarke'nrimber of prominent English
medical men are preaching to, all
their patients. The thev»ry,~condensed
into a phrase, is ''conte'rvafcion of
energy." It is combined with two
older and "iiiofe1 .aSftUiar precepts-
moderation and system. One "of 'the
Queen's physicians has just written
popular article oh the subject which
isTAttracting a great deal of attention,
because in his application of his principles he combats some ideas which
have long ruled .he professional and
lay mind. To begin with, he asks,
What Is life ? That is a question, he
admits, which you cannot answer,
but you know one 'tbiftjjf It inevitably
leads to, and that is death, and in a
about death, and that (s the expendt
ture in some way ot the last remaining ouncesbf energy. !
- It is- when he condemna the un
necessary waste ot energy by exercise
that this eminent physician surprises
us. The'man who works bard with
his head all day and then takes a
long walk for the sake ot exercise
makes a terrible mistake, according
to this authority.
"Mental energy and bodily energy''
he declares, "come to the same thing
at the finish. Having freely drawn
from tbe stock of one, you must not
then tap the other with the idea that
it Is beneficial a for it is not. They
have a common source."
He cites Mr. Joseph Chamberlain,
who takes no physical exercise whatever, as the most conspicuous example
of the soundness of his theory.
With regard to moderation, the
writer's most emphatic warning is
that everybody cats too much. Eat
what you like, he says, bat stop con
•Idembly short of fully satisfying the
appetite. The stomach lias far too
much work to da Give it less and
now and again let it have an absolute
"Practice moderation in smoking
and drinking. There is no need
whatever for total abstention, for
there Is mailing In the hablte whioh
ia in tic least Inconsistent with nona
gennrlanlwn. The man who drinks
a quart of beer a day most not expect
great length of days. He may never
be In the lea-t Intoxicated and may
believe that he experience* no III
effects whatever from consuming to
much alcoholic liquid, but it is too
much. Give a stricter meaning to
the word moderation, and drink accordingly."
The writer uses "beer In the Kng
Ibli *e»*e,meaning ale. Lager beer,
although eonsomed In larger quantities every .vear, bm not town™ «n
Kngllah nations! drink. Finally he
"As far as prictic* trie, five through*
ont your Ihe on the *amn aywem.
Ltt It be a good one to begin with,
and then adhere to it nnaliemi. A
great mistake i« made in »npj*»lmt: n
man hi tK'tfoqiiittrwUrm, toi hi, .m ik,
mmire** that   Fadism If had. Regrj-
There was some good in the late
Phili-o D. Armour if the following
itory told about him by the Chicago
Interocean is true:
One day several years ago a Chicago minister pf the Chadband type
called bri him aha applied ^ for Ifelp
for a poor woman in his parish whom
he had found in poverty and destitution in the most trying hour of childbirth. He was supplied with a stim
ample for immediate needs and requested to see that the poor creature
received necessary comforts with the
least possible delay. Mr. Armour's
ability to shunt his thoughts quickly
was one of his traits. This matter
Was speedily forgotten. Imagine bis
surprise when Chadband relurnW the
next day and said:
"I have brought your money back,
Mr. Armour.'*
"What does that mean?"
;.' 'My dear brother," sakt Chadband,
'T ami sorry to day tihat when* I applied to'you yesterday ihy information as to thwease for Christian charity had been received only by hearsay.   I have since investigated personally) and discovered that the poor
woman in childbirth is unmarried
and living in sin.   She has not sought
salvationthat is freely offered without money and   without price.   I
could not' therefore conscientiously
give her the money.   To satisfy my
conscience I must therefore return
it". • ■'    a   ■'
Mr. Armour's indignation was
aroused. He dismissed Chadband
curtly. Then he sent a special messenger to relieve the unfortunate
woman and make her unhappy lot as
easy as circumstances would permit;
"Above all," he said, in recalling
this case, "a minister of the gospel of
Christ should have been the first to
show merey to this fallen one, and if
she was in sin and the slough of
despond he should have been the
first to reach forth a hand to lift her
out and start her on the right road."
Gx^d^ArnTf "encampment ^hefi &
Kentucky colonel lifted his glass with
a Georgia colonel and said with all
the fervor ot his nature: "Colonel, I
drink this glass to old Kentucky 1 A
land where the blue grass catches
•the splendor of the brightest, bluest
skies; a land where the horses rival
the flights of jupiter in speed, a land
where the aroma ot tobacco fields'- is
caught in every breeze and borne
about, a soothing balsam for all ills;
a land where whiskey in its purity
measures to the dewdrops at twilight,
and at land where women in her loveliness rivals the angels." The Georgia
colonel paused a moment, looked at
his glittering glass, then at the Kentucky colonel, and finally said,,, "Siy
Colonel, will you please shuffle those
cards again ?"
Gigantic Sea Waves.
The waves ot the Indian ocean in a
Btrong west wind are 300 to 400 feet
long and 60 feet high, and have a
speed of 33 miles an hour. Such a
wave weighs 364 tons to the foot. If
a ship 600 feet long lies in the trough
ofthe sea, a wave 60 feet high hurls
against it 218,400 tons, more than 19
times its own weight. This weight
does not fall upon the ship at sea because its buoyancy enables it to rise,
but if it drifts upon the lee shore the
power of a succession of 218,400-ton
blows will tear to pieces any ship
man has the cunning or the power to
build.       "■■     .
The following is an extract from
the obituary notice of a country
newspaper, published in another
paper of the same town: "The pen
is silent; tbe office scissors have been
laid away to rest. The stillness of
death pervades the very atmosphere
where once the hoarse voice of the
devil, yelling 'Copy l' or 'Whatin-
thunder's this word?' was wont to resound. The paste has soured In its
pot; cockroach is eating the composition off I be roller, and the bluebottle
fly is dying in the rich and odorous
folds of the printer's towel."
NOWLEDGE ian't wisdom, but without knowledge it would be difficult
to make a man wise. If we would
act wisely in anything we must first grain the
knowledge to know how to act and: then with
wisdom put our knowledge into practical use.
When a man is casting about, looking for a
location where he can make his home with the
assurance that, if he "attends to his knitting"
and honestly strives to make the best of his opportunities, his effort- will be crowned with suc-
eess.he wants to know the merits and demerits
Of the locality and the conditions existing, so
as to act with wisdom. .;.
It is because men act without wisdoa. on very
little knowledge that so many make failures of
life. They are led by impulse and flirt with
Dame Fortune like a giddy school girl.     The
reSuit is always the same.   They fall; and when
y at large
■y failure. Alt
but successes, that go to build up a community.
they go down they take some body with them,
the community
measure with every failure. It is not failures,
and the community at large suffers in some
One strong,energetic,successful man in a town,
who has won through sheer "stick-to-ltiveness1'
and merit, is worth a dozen- hangers-on, who,
without wisdom or worth, attempt to win by
pot luck. ■
It is the former class that are wanted in this
part of British Columbia. If any such are seeking an opening, they can come this way. There
are openings for every one. Success will be
their% as sure as they work for it. New Denver
makes the first bid for this clsss of men. We
have some here but there is room for more The
inducements offered are many. We will state a
few, as briefly as possible:
New Denver's location, on a plateau sloping to
the shore of Slocan lake, makes it an ideal spot
for a residential centre, which It Is fast being
made. Its homes are far above thu average found
In moat mining camps, and its public halls and
buildings and business blocks are commodious,
substantial, and built with a view to permanency There is nothing shoddy about them.
Like the men who built them, they are here to
It is but natural that this feeling of confidence
in New Denver's stability should prevail. Aside
from the advantages that the town has as a residential centre, it is fast becoming the headquarters for some of tbe strongest mining companies operating in the' Slocaiv    The Silver
When the Virginian who lived in
tbe wretched log cabin with a family
of seven had told me that 40 acres of
his land was a solid coal bed, I asked
him if bis deed was all right,
"Never had no deed, sab," he
rather proudly replied.
-.'But have you no papers at all?"
"Nopapah tall, sah. I just squatted down on this yere land 30 years
ago, and hev been yore ever since."
"But if you have no papers won't
the owner come along some day and
bounce you out?"   ,
"Not skassly, sah—not skassly.
That is to say, sah, that the real
owner has come along three different
times and tried it, and every time he
got killed and had to give it up.
Deeds and sich things are all right
'nuff in their way, but, my old gun,
with a barrel seven feet long, is a
heap better right round yere."—Exchange.
mountain, Goat mountain and Fidelity-Bosun
Ig gold, silver and lea-
are rapidly developing into heavy shippers.
mines, carrying big gold, silver and lead values,
Their payrolls at present will not aggregate
than 100 men, but this number will be more than
tripled in a short time.
New Denver Is the banking find commercial
centre, ns well as the residential town on the
beautiful Sloean lake. The business done hy the
Bank of Montreal is surprisingly targe and ever
increasing. All'the local mines and those of
Four Mile, Ten Mile and Springer and Lemon
creeks pay through the local bank.
New Denver's school facilities are good; Its
churches are neat, well-constructed and we!!
attended. Its streets are sidewalked in all direc
tions. Tbe town is not laid out with one street
and a back yard,*but covers fully a mile square
and is without doubt the prettiest soot for a
in the mining section of British Columbia.
■■ New Denver's citizens are the pioneers of the
Slocan. They have made money In the camp,
and re-luvcstcd it. They own their homes and
are continually improving them, contident that
they will be amply repaid for the expenditure in
the comfort and enjoyment of them.
- '.There'are openings in New Denver for several
lines of business.
■'New Denver's scenic beauty is unparallod In
North America; its climate is temperate, and
the health of Its citizens marvelously good—sickness from local causes Is seldom experienced .
If you want
Send your laundry to
The lake Shore
fl. C. TpOMlilNSON & Co.
New Denver.
A full line of Silverware and choice
Confectionery at     ,
Josephine St., New Denver.
She—Tell me, darling, am I the
only woman you have ever loved?
He—Huh! Do you take me for
Madame Roland, a victim of the
tren z "-of-theSEVench—revolutions ,-as
_lie approached'the guillotine, raised
her eyes to the statute of liberty and
exclaimed, "Liberty, what crimes
are committed in thy name l" As we
contemplate the wanton destruction
and pillage of Chinese temples and
tombs, wrought by Christian nations,
we may rightly exclaim In our
humiliation and horror, "Christianity,
what crimes are committed in thy
name!" It is strangely incongruous
that the missionaries, those to whom
is specially intrusted the spreading ot
a gospel of peace on earth, good will
toward men, should be the first to
approve of acts of vandalism and
lawlessness when directed against
the heathen ot Orient. Piety seems
to be imbued with the idea that the
t nd justifies the means; that evil may
be employed to bring about good and
that the heathen has no rights which
Christians need respect. The rude
hand of violence is used in merciless
destructions of the sacred institutions
of a pagan people and the Christian
world applauds.—The Conservative.
j'Roor KNotmii.
Manganese bronze in the form of
sheets, for mining screens, is sometimes
used, acid mine waters having no action
containing more copper and leas manganese is now employed.
It is 42 years since George Jackson
made the first recorded discovery of
gold in Colorado, at Jackson's bar, now
Idaho Springs. It is 53 years since J.
W. Marshall made the historical discovery of gold at Coloma, California.
to supply builders and contractors
with all the above building materials.
Our products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at tbe
Spokane Exposition. The Lime that
we are now manufacturing is not
excelled. Special quotations to contractors on application.
NELSON, B.C.    °     P.O. BOX 688
To P. A.DKVKREUX.C.E., the owner, of aii
undivided one-eighth interest in each of the
mineral claims, '•Pausy," "VioletFraction,"
"May," "Flower" and ''Rosedale," situated
on the Scaton Creek slope of Payne Mountain,1 in the Slocan Mining Division of West
j    , .Kootenay District, British Columbia.
-TAKE NOTICE that I. Daniel E. Sprague, the
1   owner- of an undivided three-fourths interest
I in each of the above named mineral claims,
have expended thc sum of $102.50 in doing the
annual assessment work required by section ii of
the Mineral Act on the said mineral claim
"Pansy," and for recording the certificate of
work Issued therefor for the year ending the 89th
July, 1300; and the sum of $108.50 for doing such
work on the said mineral claim "Violet Fraction" and recording the certificate of work issued
therefor, for the year ending the 9th August, 1900;
and the sum of ¥108.60 for doing such work on
the said mineral claim "Flower' and recording
the certificate of work issued therefor for the
year ending the 12th August, 1900, and the sum
ot $102.50 for doing such work on the said mineral claim "May" and recording thc certificate
of work'issued therefor for the year ending the
180i August, 19H0, and the sum of t.02,50 for doing such work on the said mineral claim "Rose-
dale" and recording tlie  certificate of work
Issued therefor for the year ending thc 23rd October, 1900.
And, take notice further, thai I, the said Daniel E. Sprague, require you to contribute and
Call and see the largest
stock of Dry Goods, Carpets,
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Gents'
Furnishings in the Slocan.
The Hunter-Kendrick Co.
Those who scoff at the declaration
made by those who favor public ownership ot railroads that under that
system a passenger could ride from
New York to Chicago for f2 nr aenws
the continent for $5 should know that
in Switzerland, where tho railroads
are owned by the government, one
may ride aay and night lor 15 days
for $0.   To those who cannot believe
until convinced by a practical demon*
•tration,  what more proof do you
want t  If tbe government owned the
railroads of the United States, work*
ingmen of Hew York or other northern cities could vUtit the beauties oi
California every winter, those of tor-1
iki southern citle* could take a week |
off to visit the cool retreats of the
Adirondack* or of the Rockies everv j
imrnnw, »nd thone of botlt north and j
south conld revel in seasonable froif*
and vegetable* tbe vear round.   Are;
the»e not reaaoiis enongti wtty work-1
tnemen thooid work tor the system \
ol public ownership? There are other |
reawtmt, tworMofthem,  bat are not j
these enmigh ?--liabor World, !
A Testimonial
* of Special Value
"•■ "HINEST" —"
Grimmett Block, Reco Ave.
Sandon, B.C.
Rents Collected.   District agent for
The Great West Life Assurance Co., Winnipeg, Man.
Agent Norwich Union Fire Insurance Company.
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co., of Hartford
Mtm Fire-insurance Company,
I'IkeiiIx. of Hartford. Conn.,
I'acltic CoiiKt Fire Insurance Company,
Imperial KegUtrj- Company,
The Dominion of Canailu OunrnnW*! imd
Accident Insurance Company.
J. E. Angrignon
The Leading
Finest Shop in tbe Slocan.
fil-o n1a_a nr1=lt,_tnnv_
Agent for
pay your proportion of such expenditure, being-
one-eighth ofthe amount expended in respect of
each of the said mineral claims, together with'
the costs of this advertisement, and thatflyou-
fail or refuse to contribute your said proportfc.i
of such expenditure, together with the costs of
this advertisement, within ninety days from the
date of tbe first publication of this notice, I will
at the expiration of .aid ninety days claim to
have vested in m«, as your co-owner, your interest in such of the said mineral claims, as you
shall have fulled or refused to coutribute your
said proportion of the said expenditure in con
nection therewith, together with the costs of this
advertisement, pursuant to section 4 of the
"Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."
. The address of me, the said Daniel E. Sprague,
for the purposes of payment hereunder, is care of
McAnn iMackav, Barristers, Kaslo, B. C.
Dated thc 87th day of November, 1300.
OR A   O BAN DA   Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Arrow Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.    Where located:—
On Mineral Creek, about thr»e miles from Its
junction with Cariboo Creek.
TAKE NOTICE That I, F, C. Orecn.of Nelson ,
1   B. C, acting as ageni for William H, Burtt,
F. M.*C._.,476,'.....       	
and George M. Annis. F. M. C. No. B 30,M»,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvement, for the pur|»sc of obtaining a
Crown Grant of thc above claim.
And further take notice that action, under sec
tion 37, must bo commenced before tlie Issuance
of such Ccrtllkatc of Improvements.
Dated this -i-tli day of October, lomi
it-7 F.C. GHEEN, !> L.8.
HIM'KIt   KKKP   Mineral Claim.
Brick Block,   Bellevue Ave.
Denver, B. C,
B. C.
Provides accommodation for
thc travelling public	
Pleasint rt<oms, and good
meals. Tho bar is stocked
with wines, liquors anil
HUGH M\ EN, Proprietor.
Three Porks!siul_>,i,.l.,?..!.l1.*; *te.»'»••$[, 1J,v-»-01* °r Wert
I'ayno Mountain.
j-T-AKK.'NOTICE that
icre  located:    On
I, Arthur S. Farwell
acting ns agent for M. C. Moiiavlmii, No. H.
MV7II, HHtooiiH-liiilf: II, W.I'imiI, Xo. '■iio,«• to
|one«juart«r. nnd Lester II. Snyder, No. IHM.HU,
iik to one^iu,*rt«r, undivided liiti-rcsts, intend,do
days from the date hereof to apply to tl:»
Mining Recorder for a certltk-utc- of Improvements for the pur|KWtt of obtaining aCrown
grant of the above claim,
And furtbcrtakctmt.ee that action under nee-
tion »? must bc commence! Iicforc the lusuance
of such certilieate of Improvements.
Datnt this mil day <l December. A I'., IMX).
tiMKMiti A   8. FAinVKLL
G. W. Grlinmrtt,
Xindon. B.
Hand jo, Jan. W. 1901.
Dun KiK.-lt rIvm me
tonflfy to thu mice
grunt .
which nan attended your
pleasure to
led your
y case and to the relief 11
sine* utlnff th» tfUMt* which you sup-
•vMeillul l-iMtllg «lld  HeiKlilikiwI  lul
■htlnm *	
case and to thc relief I have oh-
iK tha tfU.M«» which you sup-
the i*nlcoMr trouble with »y ty*# w»»
eoiitldeml •erlou. by an emlntnl ejre »p»«_il»t
!n Toronto, but with th* all of roar gtss-M I am
eriabb-niloaiUn-lloclerk-l »ork. nnd rutdlnj-
fur thrv* and lour hour* at a MMftt without the
»lilhee*t Inrotivtnltnee in my o-iltitwi It U
unnfcewuv for anyone to «o to outside polnu
In ordit to iBCure a ihorotitli and scientific test
Nr tiefer live vtsMn.
f urn ven Jraly your*-,
Hy optical il*i«irt-wnt I* now right up-to_st'
J t_*t lib*'"»-'>l*> •  l>urn Iii on iIn  train *ml
I* nlte-l Ih* Mine evetiliiir.   My »i-« W h -lv>
very complete
(.. W. <}HIMMKTT, <ir«4i«.uthii.i«,
and Jeweler.
•MNDON, B. I*.
When in NKTAON* *«;oor
Miners, Attention!
TION Mineral Claim*.
l)ivis-uu of
Where locator.
Kltusut   in  the   Slfwati    Mlulntr
West Kootenar District.    \vi	
On the Freddy Le* Mountain near th* Freddy
UeMlueralClalm, about » mile Irom Cody
TAKE NOTICE That I. W. A. Gllmoor. u
1 •tent for William Murray Dolaford. free
miner.renlricaU No, 11 UKStf, nnd John M«o»
QuIlUn free miner's eertlflrate No. II .TOM,
intend (todays from Ihedatoliareof to aimly to Ui«
Mlnliit* Keeorder for a certificate of Improv*-
menu for the uotpoM u( obtaining Crown icrait-i
■ if the above, cialui».
And further take noHre that action unili-r mo*
iMi») must Im commetit-eti Iwlure the i«u» iu* ol
»ui li i-ertlflt-ati-K of ImurovemcnU.
Dated this hiil day ol January. 1H4.
*- l>Acr -
$25 Suits!
F, HKfNNKK, Tailor
Fred. J. Squire*
tin; KKVTrcKi.***'-* ntAnt,
larlty te a sound principle; hot itj   vvi»cn two Kentucklan-4  want to
■hotdd he regularity irom year toi^,.,, drink they my "Im'§ get to!
y«»r. and not merely from day toigtttar.-   It boo joke.   They mean!
rtiiv.*' I H menlly    The- Kmtnf.klun  Ih fhe
»Im»*?. hedeelann, are the secret*jmm r»iriotfc ftmi layal iwul on earth!
ui imtg IU*-,, ,iwl lie..add-, "there arc .,„, ijiww, Uay. k*x»*m\* i«t  ■ '«.-ii.i«*_r
no other*. * | tngether,  aitd he can ting ti»e pralt*i |
il Utam imm tM y.a*%w»iw} ih%*.iii in-.tf ^jn «mUr« «un« with titeffmeeMtd I
thut which »«h> *.*» mrtfcuut- w*-_k- Umm m a macjti-m bini.  Thtewwi
Whose 0
Place *
utu,thou h»*t tin till**tot-irtnt'lttonthI
tlmn «."t U'«*' td lAm-t tiurti*. ,
Vrmh Fish alt ilwiltM,    «jl^
»wirr* <mv *m* d»T af the liMilwill* *< P"Ol*-»T "s***** ***■ **^^^
tin  nil   trulii* frum  Ucvu'liii'iln- mih| K«»*t>'ti<iV
t'i*. IdUm&.i** Jmvp*tlh*i i"t **t li'^ut- i.'-pm'-.U-, i
TwmIiv., Thi.rMl*!!* j«.«I Frlda**,   I'i,ri«i"<-
>u< ll»J' «■
nlh t
J .»:) J,"
<*iitta i'crchn  Water-proof Fiiho Iiiih
Iieen provtnl and not foiiml wanting
So TiiiMM-ltnl^M.   Sn rrfiin!iifr.
J - - - 	
i.   It ..AHIIKIT   A.v.,f
I".,I »'.,»■_•   t
Afi.. *'*•'•■
'.rfc-r. I» I*
\    V. I*
J'.,  v   .i fr \m l*i
and Kiiu rn *>ii lini.      i
rue* U'k't»*,ti<1 fait in
M$ «#•** tit ■
i*. v. it.
W V. t". <'«mu *..«»....
t .i
• ti'.ti
Hif  u it Km
*t '.Ai*t:i:t r.
A«tl.t. Xr» l«rm*r
..**. »■. A»r.. ttt*at|*# ?W-*!-i?
Eighth Yeah
It isn't the thing you do, dear,
It _ the thing you leave undone
That givesyou a bit of heartache
At the setting of the sun.
The tender word forgotten;
The letter you did not write;
The flower ybu did not send, dear,
Are your haunting ghosts tonight.
The stone you might have lifted
Out of a brother's way;
The bit of heartsotne counsel
You were hurried top much to say.
The loving touch of the hand, dear,
The gentle, winning tone
Which you had no time or thought for
With trouble enough of your own.
These little acts of kindness
So easily out of mind,
These chances to be angels
Which we poor mortals find.
It isn't the thing you do, dear,
It's the thing you leave undone
Which gives you a bit of a heartache
At the setting of the sun.
—Margaret E. Sangster.
American silver miners may well feel
encouraged when they pursue the fol
lowing facts relative to the wonderful
absorption of the white metal. The
noted financial writer, Moreton Frewen
of London, wrote the following letter
recently to a friend in America.
" Rather more than a year since, when
in Chicago, I gave my reasons for thinking that the currency scheme of the
Indian government would shortly break
down. Briefly stated, the position of
Sir James Westland.the finance minister
in India, was to give India a gold
standard and a gold currency, (1) by
accumulating a gold reserve; (2) by
melting up masses of silver rupees as
those coins were collected in the revenue, and 86115110- the melted silver bullion for gold.
"The India government during the
past 12 months has accumulated a gold
reserve, which at one time *was nearly
■eighty millions sterling; but has found
it quite impossible to force this gold
into the currency of the country. The
sovereign is unfamiliar; in a country
where wages are six cents a day it is
impossible to secure change for a sovereign; and farther, the rupee currency
itself, starved by the closing of the
mints in 1893, had induced everywhere
a famine of silver rupees, thereby making it still more impossible to secure
rupees in change for a sovereign. The
scarcity of currency in the famine dis-
joice that the project of adding India
also to the gold-using countries is likely
to be abandoned' Had it been practicable, the splendid and unexpected harvest of the new gold would have been
poured into Asia to become the hoarded
metal of those countless myriads.
"From that disaster, which our
'statesmen' contemplated with such
complacency, we have been saved; the
yellow mau has pronounced for the white
money. 1 hope that it may be still
possible to secure legislation by Western nations which may equally protect
tho. world of industry from currency
contraction and the world of trade from
fluctuations in exchange.
"You will observe that while the government of India have offered their
sovereigns for rupees, at the rate of one
sovereign for 15 rupees (a ratio of 1 to
22, the bullion ratio being 1 to 22), no
one would give them silver rupees for
sovereigns at that rate. Is this not interesting, in view of the old stock
objection to your free coinage, namely,
that at 1 to 16 India would swamp you
with her silver and drain you of gold."
Mr. Frewen's statements are borne
oat by the fact that every vessel clearing from England bound for India
carries bar silver as part of her cargo.
For instance, here is an item taken
from an English Journal of Jan. 4:
"The P. and 0. Co.'s steamer Arabia,
sailing today, takes the following specie
for:—Port Said, bar silver, £800; Bom
bay, bar silver, £51,500; total, £51,800.
The same company's steamer Peluwan
takes the following:—Calcutta, bar sil
ver, £164,000."
"  And this is but the record of one day'b
shipment.—-'Frisco Review.
Castor oil will keep leather "belts soft.
The deepest shaft in Victoria, Australia, is at Stawell, 2,415 feet.
Gas doe:- not form in a steam boiler
while in use, unless superheated steam
be called a "gas."
In boring an artesian well "solid rock"
is technically understood to mean rock
which will not cave when drilled,, or
yield or move under the drill.
Steady progress is made in the work
of unwatering the Comstock, Nevada,
mines. Ore assaying $4 per ton is now
susceptible of profit. The deepest of
the old workings is 8,300 feet.
Distance at which sounds may be
heard through rock varies with the
haidness of the rock and the firmness
of the transverse joints. Hammering
and drilling have been heard through
180 feet of rock in mines.
A 10-brake horse power gas engine
will consume about 8,700 cubic feet air
per hour. The exhaust would better
be piped from the engine out of the
mine. Under ordinarily intelligent
management there should be no danger
from fire,
A mixture of ten parts of white lead,
three parts of black oxides of manganese
and one part litharge will stop a small
leak in a steam boiler is an emergency
for a little while, but the leak itself is
evidence of structural defect that needs
radical treatment.
After Stock
I lind I have a large stock on hand, therefore offer to ,i ou all ,
I; lOo/o off each Dollar
My goods are fresh and neat and I want
you all to come and help me get
rid of them.
nelson bc4' Jacob Dover's, "The Jeweler"
It your watch is not running right, send it down and we will repair it, with a guarantee to ran right
tricts had greatly added to the trouble
of the famine, and it was understood in
the spring that while still keeping the
mints closed to free coinage, the Indian
government was buying silver and
minting rupees for its own profit. The
situation, however, owing to the South
African war and other causes, attracted
little attention on this side of the sea,
and it was only on Friday last that we
learned in a Times cable from Simla
that this precious gold currency scheme
has beon virtually abandoned.
"The Indian government has minted
since last February no less than 85,000,-
000 rupeoa. say 80,000,000 ounces, and
last week shipped here to London
1,000,000moreof their reserve sovereigns
to pay for their last purchase of silver
bullion In this market. The mints in
Calcutta and Bombay aro now turning
out 1,000,000 rupees daily. Under such
conditions the cause of the steady advance In the prico of silver during tho
past four months stands revealed. The
position Is very interesting. The Indian
government Is buying for tonpence the
silver which makes a rupee; next, this
government sells these rupees each
Wednesday in the Bank of England for
ltt penes You, of course, know the
mechanism of this exchange. Thu government of India sells 'council drafts
weekly to English merchant- who are
buying goods in India, and these coun
cil drafts are demand drafts on the
Indian treasury for silver rupees. So
ibat on 1,000,000 rupees coined daily
the government Is >t present making a
profit of CO per cent Mr. Edward Atkinson's test of'honest money* is that
money which, thrown into the melting
pot, comes out as bullion the same value
it went In as coin; tried by this test the
rupee is even is your '50-eent dollar.'
To such shifts have we been reduced
by tampering with the currency of««),.
OOU.OOOofnur follow subjects.
"But.iiotwitlistuiKllug these enormous
coinage*. -••"■ *!! the symptoms show
that ltullit isMVttn ynt thirsty for currency —thirsty ns h miii-tiakiHl plain in
» time of druiglii. Ouring tin* tout mx
weeks the nilvur in tin* treasury rmutvu
Im* UlUm »»ff by more thuti ir>,t*)*','M)
ruiH't-H, ihv. _0 |M't* ient., no that thu
caiili rt-m-rviii uf- llfiu government of
, ,,,,,■, * i-i*i,.i.u' i.i vm^mie
Information concerning probably one
of the largest coal and coke industries
of the Dominion of Canada has just been
made public.   T. G. Proctor and R. E.
Fishburn of Nelson, and V. Hyde Baker
of Cranbrook, a shQrt time ago pui-
chased 6,000 acres of coal lands situated
at Blair more, Alberta, which is about
50 miles east of Fernie.   Since the land
was purchased men have been engaged
in developing* the property, and the result of the work is proving most satisfactory.   Although  this  enterprise  is
yet young, it will probably develop into
one of the greatest of its kind in the
world.   At present the entire western
country is being supplied with  fuel
foom the Crow's Nest Pass Coal com-
a coal famine is threatened.   The new
coal fields will be opened up at once and
nothing' will be allowed to interfere with
the success of the enterprise. The transportation facilities of that section are
excellent, as the C P.R. passes directly
through the coal grounds,   The Great
Northern will in a few days commence
operations in building a line into the
coal fields,   There are two routes under
consideration—one is to the Crow's Nest
collieries and the other to Blairmore.
To construct a lino to tho latter place
will incur far less expense and it iB
quite probable that is where the line
will be run,   The coal is said to be of a
higher grade than that obtained in any
other part of the province and tho demand for it is already growing.   Coal
from that district is now being used in
Nelson and is said to give the best of
satisfaction.   For railroad purposes Its
quality cannot be excolled anywhere In
the west.   From  present indications
Blairmore will ho the Pittsburg of Canada.
SaultSte. Mario.—Tlie Sultana nickel
mine and property, comprising 2,0.0
acres on the nickel range In tne townships of Dury and Trill, owned by J, B.
Miller and H. W. Evenden, has been
sold for 1250,000, the purchasers being
Charles Neumann and Judge Krans, of
Chicago, who have had an option for a
year and hav« sunk five shsfts They
wilt, within a year, place a $100,0)0
plant on the property, and intend
working the mine on a gigantic scale.
The Manitoulln and North Shore Rait-
way is surveyed right through the pro.
pertv, and is expected to he completed
within a year.
Hill Bros.
Manufacturers ot
Sin of Oslug Tobacco.
In early colonial days the use of
tobacco was considered far more sinful and degrading than indulgence
in intoxicating liquors. Old-time
legislation reveals some curious attempts to check the spread of the
' creature called tobacco." Landlords
were lined if they permitted it. to be
brought into their taverns. No one
could take tobacco publicly nor in his
own house or any where else before
strangers. Two men were forbidden
to smoke together, and no one could
smoke within two miles ot the meeting houses on the Sabbath day. In
Connecticut in early days a great ing
dulgence was permitted to travelers
—they were allowed to smoke once
during a journey of ten miles.
been made that just as soon as Mac-
Kenzie & Mann receive encouragement
from the government the Coast-Koote-
nay line will be built. Eight thousand
dollars per mile subsidy will be asked.
Orders shipped to all parts of the
Country.     Mill at head of
—Slocan Lake.—
[Condensed advertisement*, suoh as For Sale
Wanted,Lost,Strayed, Stolen, Ulrttui, Deaths,
Marriagea, Personal. Hotels, LetraI, Medical,etc,,
aro Inserted when not exceeding 80 words for
.5 cents each insertion. Each live words or less
over 8u words are live cents additional.]
Postofflce address. Rosebery.
I have a number of Suits
for Men and Boys that,
are Al in every respect,
which I will sell at actual cost. Regular price
$14 and $16; bargain
price $10 and $12. No
catch; straight bargains
for you.      Take one?
New Denver.
NELSON, B. O.      Cor. WARD & HAKKB 8U.
on tin
io Continent of North Amerl- n CAL I II
ca. Hltuate-d midst scenery un- n r « n n *f
rlvulled for Grandeur. Boating, l CO U ll I
KUhlnff and Kxcunlons. Resident Physician
and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with nil
parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart
every day. Im bathe* euro all iu-m-ous unil
muscular discaiw, its water* heal all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments. Terms: *.„ to tin
per week, according to residence In hotel or
villas. The price or a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and Kood forttu day*, it W-.V Halcyon Springs, Arrow UVo, B. C.
Alt HKYLAND, Engttwor and Provincial
,  Lund Surveyor. Sandon.
K. TKKTIKI. * CO., Nelson, U.O.,
Dealers l" •*•• Vms» .aid Aim)tr»* H»j
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local business,
Now l>«nvor, It. C.
Correspond-' f '
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
Brewers of Pine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land
ence solicited.   Address—
U      DVCDO    A.    Pf. HEAVY   AND  SHELF
H. byehs acoa, HARDWARE
Goal, Iron,
Steel, Blowers,
Water Motors,
Truax Ore Cars,
Ore Buckets,
Rails, Belting,
Packing:, Wire Rope,
Tin and Sheet
Iron Workers
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities 0	
of Kootenay and Boundary.   " tfiey'self"tlie-"
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
steaks-^4^-^^^-^#-^l)->#-#-#    ,
P.   BURNS  &  CO.
Wine Co.,
Wholpial. defile™ In
any tUnarypn wan.-.-
I will now noil
Hollo,     Filiiii.,
Kodak.* at
Band (or prleea on
American prleea
rRATRKARN. Kaulo, B. O
Mineral Wat»r».
*   Tborua k Co., Ltd.. aoli' anwiiM for Halevon
aW, Niton
I   it.   OAMKHON,
»|,   I'lotliltilC tonrilor!
Haiidmi. Manuraoturca
noil »..IMi- patroitatf*
TU< Uub-.mil Vest Is tho BMT
tiiidi'txliirl ovt-r devised for infanta. No
QUTTONS,   Pl>»«,   or    STRINGS
IM.IK   IIIUW., JMa-m.  are *w In the
j  irmit with Hit- l*-»t lliu- uf isifoi* -ilitalnalile
| lit tlieir Hue «t l»uauw*».
WIioI-mgUo   M«rohanta.
-(••..I    VnmitHnir nw the bm<\ it
n «.!i')li . Iiiiilrt'ii.   Its wm is rawmn-
V,   il;.      li-    llplAM.   I.111II1H.IHI ini J >.'«,.'.*ii'.V
•i(,«ver limit «MM*'•«,« Inwt v»*.nr ■ w" .
. . ., , mi .■>,■ \i D-.   ,ii-   iinnM. etnt'..is.i» _•
"Thenforo  it  wnnlil -twin tl.nt  wi»   w jt(, ,.,■■;,.;,.„,, Section of lungs «nd
h»v.'tMVi'Mitlit-i..lv tlm llrat (tti<l th«| aixlonu-u.   For tale by ill ImuI1r| Dry
!oiik<»»! -.iiw »" '•>*• rond tt» tii,« rw-{floods stent.	
India ~
•IMHINKII.   UKtCTOX   *   l-»..  Whulwitlu
I    M«irt*lmiit«»inl lm!»'rl«.r»i  l.li|u..i». t,l«tti»
("ul Dry tiiinil-.    .ViOi-i hi. \ aiii'oiivt-r, Victoria,
ami Umtltiii, KnK
,t   tn»|M•••»••« \V»iciti"«tS« tlwffr»i-iiilPro*l»K»n
Gold * .Ml QoliVand Silver. .».7H
Laad M| Oold.illvV.copji'r 1,V)
HamulM by mall r*c*ive prompt attention.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
UK) tilth Ht,, Dflnver, Oolo,
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Agents for Calgary Beer.
\        PHOTOGRAPHERS        0
Family & Commercial.
I'. U. Itot Uo.
Report*, Examination- and Management.
Fitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection against fire. Rates $2.50
and $3 per day.
Haa had 15 vaara axj»rl*nce in dantal work. *»4
makaa a tp*eUi|y of Gold BiMr« Work.
Host complete Dental Office In B. C.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
General Draylng: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
mimiitliiii <if (rt-c mlnm^ in
111','ab I»V«m**'    'I'm   '"•' »'"    ii,"-ih     p,p~    -I.     .'AA.    7
liii'lmnj.'*, bfcatiat* n*» lliu rupett cur
rt*n«-y in liulj* i« relinvwl bv the prosont
Iftrg*-* mlilitinria, utir ini|»ortiinr uii*r
cliau.a lifi>* will imt ltt- obliged In gi\«
16 pence for 'cmiuHl ilrjtfu'; thi;y will
^Uti i\ |«'Wi tl',i'U. \-.'t-!itn-' only t_, no
that e-nchati-c will (nil, nil probably
vltvnr mU rt«c until tti.M' i- u.t .nnitrt.,.     ,,
Any profit rm the vi.um^ »n»t Imu, ofj°ar ^^^iSam^ ""^'L
ni|iK!h     JJi'JipJi-   lint   5»-in*.    ii*-*   !«•«•». '
rrAchtrft,tln>liiiliait tuinti wkHIw*o^n«'»t.|
•*l think in ;lu* liiiti-l Stiitit lit* niA<\\
rm-ii ami tin-Nilvt-i im*u wits alike ri-*;
»». miK-rt'ii
I,  <lll Tl   tTli-*
i.. citui-jriK.i..i..
Ilfltor. Vour? PuWi<*
Evwrr rthUf it Hll*»f*»..-
Ml.. flRIMMKTT. I.. I..
,   Mollrlt-w. Notan Pol'll**
IW--..H...UV.. •■ ..I.JU-M D'Ml«-'f."P
II., Itirrl**««*r. Ho*
H»nd<in. B. C,
«., BarrWu-r,
■t'Hr: f.Kf.AlfD tiotrni:,  \._aip. B. C«
I    ■ t t'Mk*« «w«l #-■<-*•**«>««•"<»'»'■.•* t># tnvtwn.
Saddle Horses and Pack *.ai.n-i»
F««i JiuWea at Saw lA-ttrer.
I     ; t -\VU* V*
Hut. Vtcl^AoalM
I'I'flK AltM»«»TO*<
f    <«W«aartmfarMMMr »r-4 Commit
M»n    tiHtaiKt* 4 i(lt*.W**»p*
HiiTi.t., n»w<an €-t/,
Clearance Sale
Now in program Hnstory. T)ioh« Onoiifv SilkK. Table Linonft,
Towels, Millinery,   Mtintloit, "Furs, (Carpets, Curtains, Remnants
from ill Hf-nnrt-mr-nt* «t RrMI(irr\fN PRICKH.        Dl'OHS Qood.H
and 8ilk»—anything in thin department at 20 per cent, discount,
pllrg_.balance of our stock— at 25 per cent, discount. Mantles-
Ladies' Jacket*, Coats and Golf Capes at less than cost. Skirts:
Ladies' ready made from $2 upwards. Men s Wear: Fleece lined
TTw!crwear from M\e each up.   Barcains in Men's Ties, etc.
|   Fred. Irvine & Co


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