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The Ledge Aug 14, 1902

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oft •»
-.Trori industry oF B- C-
The Outlook Favorable for
a Mammoth Enterprise.
The Mining; Record of Victoria' rightly
accuses us of stealing a lengthy article,
from its columns on the ifon industry
of British Columhia. The article in
question was published in these colunniH
on July 17th, and was very strongly
written and just the stuff wo like to get
hold of. But vve always want to be {inland never intentionally omit the credit
on any article deemed worthy of repro
duction in the Lkdge
We give below an additional article
from the Mining" Record on the same
" Much attention has been given during the last few months to the possibility of establishing in British Columbia Iron smelters and kindred  industries.   While nothing definite has been
yet accomplished, nor is indeed to.be
expected from public discussion, a great
deal of good has been done, for much
information bearing upon tho question
has been brought out and the Depart-
ment of Mines has promised to do all in
its power to supplement information at
present available by official investigation. The great benefit of the academic
_treatvneiit of this industry is that thc
facts eTFcttecIwilr tiaratyiaii"trrnttraefr
the attention of possible investors, for
there never was a time in the history
of the world when iron, in one form or
another, was in anything like as <?reat
demand as it is today    In the building
trade, for example, the coiihUmpUoii of
this metal far oxceedsanythingcontein-
plated not very long ago    Most of us
can remember when in the construction of even the largest buildings iron
played a very subordinate part, while
in 'structures of the ordinary class jt
was scarcely ever employed except hi
the form of nails    Nowadays thn con-
eontration of business  in  the  larger
cities has led .to the erection of build
ings of n class calling for greater quan
title* of stool, nnd even  in smaller
atructuren iron is being employed to n
much larger extent than ever before.
Within   comparatively   recent   years
thorohas been an active demand for
steel for bridge purposes, and it is only
a mutter of a comparatively short time
when the majority of the larger wooden
highway bridge* in North America will
be replaced with steel. The same Is true
of railways,   lu thousands of instances'
wood has' been employed In the con
Htructioii of railway bridge*, with u lull
knowledge that they would later  he
replaced by steel structures.   This has
been the ease with so many marls that
it is needless tn particularize any one of
tlwm.    At the time of construction motives of economy led tho companies to
employ Ihe material which wax cheap-
«st nt the moment, with the intention of
Huhiitilutliig peimniieitt structures when
truffle warranted.   A heavier valutne
of traffic iikewUe culls for heavier rails
ovoi many miles of railway every eenr,
ill addition tu the demand made by oi.
ttiintrv wear ami leaf   A meady in.
crease in railway utile^e iiiit only a
demand (or rail* for new line*, but an j
lucre*** in the annual ilvtu.md \ut te .
tmwnls.   The volume of commerce i»
*te«dllv growing and thl* mean* a va«tl
addition annually M tho quantity  ol j
Iron used in ship-building.   In short
the demands of traii-sportntioii, liiclud ,
lug ships, railways and hriduen, call furl
it supply of iron which n i only im
imuiffly **ur|ia*i4's that of it nunpain-j
lively short time ago, bin I* eipaudliiy •
every year.   It i» uot necesMrv toincii j
Hon the other industrial u*c. In which
iron Input, for nothing i* clearer than
liml with the increasing eomp'etlty..(
<mrctvlH**tiomhc number of ihe ptir
po*m for which it is employ ««d and the i
quantity required I* steadily expand
1'ift i
" It I* open t'» doubt If Hie dUcoverv j
Ot new <t«po*il» oi high -dai*.* iron ore "i*
keeping \me« with ihe *<simii»ion of tin !
market Though very widely distribu
ted, tho ore* ol iron are not very often j
found of such quality a* to warrant j
their   employment    wonowlrallv   «t
r4,.»t.., ,.:..,',..    .-.'   "•"'•"* •••'•Hi-i.-ri
fn-M-twt-* nf treat-menl    Kferv depOxit i
oi iron oro is not a nam nt eeoiwiuuc,
value, ** a giwwi manv  peoplis i.i iiii*;
jwrtM-f  hiA'u?   lirtiffiMiit  Ui their fiist*. *
Many thing-* enter Into e^mfderatinn,»
when one endeavor* to pronotiricn upon)
it... ft i„„ ,,i .,,, Iron id**>T«>Mt      The**  y.,<
tlm quail!v of llie oro iteell, toe aviui.
abkliiv nf Hntea when nmeamry, the.
co»t tit fuel, the c oiivenienco aud eo*t of
trooping together thn material* noeea-
n*rv in -nerewfnl «n*elliint oiM»ratlrt„».,
the cost «f labour, tlm aewwdhllity oC a
market ainl *o on    In -addition In tfcw«* j
• hiii »haj te k'AlU'.d uatiu'ut ennybfoiu-
lion*, therw ia Ihe artificial eomidera j
ttuu which miiv or nuiv  wo ari*e ttimi
Ike tact. Jh«l a greni eomMnalton o,
eapiUl dominate tht   iron   market
them *ro *»»««« i»*o »*»kJ» i*me«.4mg _
investor* will took, and the mo*t that j
thote who *re nnaM* to t*k* up Ibe in- j
4«*trv in * ptariim, tray **w *w*T* i* An',
fi t,t t'-iut an mneh littbt a* pm-wild* upon |
'i.f Miowfalls over the greater'part of
the area contribute largely to the successful employment of labour in any industry The local 'market is necessarily
limited, but there is a growing demand
in the u tenor of Canada, while the industry would he established on the
ocean and hence all foreign countries
the Establishment Of >Jt ! would be accessible at a minimum cost.
JV-", The claini is made by those who have
-A; given the subject some investigation,
C\J that iron can  be manufactured in Brit-
,Q | isli Columbia and exported to the/Pacific
Coast States   at  a  profit.   We do not
vouch for the accuracy of this
' On the whole the advantage!? which
British Columbia offers as the seat of a
great iron industry are well worth very
careful investigation by persons con
tomplating au • investment of that
character." ■ • ■
them We repeat that what has been
done in this direction in Victoria recently has been of verv great value,
and those who have been instrumental
in .accomplishing it should persevere
along the lines of investigation*,that
may open up.        .
, "Some things have been established
beyond question, iliore are numerous
deposits of iron ore in BritishColumbia, some of them being apparently ot
great magnitude, although tew, if liny;
havo been fully proved. The mii^lie-
tite ores are of high quality as a rule,
but will bo expensive to handle without* a flux The hematite deposits are
not, so well, known, and arc not as a
rule as well situated in respect to "water
transportation as tho magnetite, manv
of these latter being upon salt wntcr
and accessible by the largest ships,
There are some deposits of bog iron,
but very little has been ascertained
about their extent There are apparently extensive, deposits of iron clay.
Speaking conservatively, it may .'bo said
that, so far as the ore is concerned, a
good prima facie case can be made nut,
_and onejnay-feel safe in recommending
ment in the iron industry, to give tlm
Coast section of this province a careful
and exhaustive, examination. So (ar as
fuel Is concerned there need bo nn
question. If the object is to produce
charcoal iron, there is abundant wood
for the manufacture of charcoal If
coke is needed there is an abundiuici
of excellent coking coal, which can hi*
When the train left ''Nakusp on Tuesday for Sandon there were twelve persons aboard, four of whom were pas
sengers. About, three miles from the
head of Slocan lake the engine plunged
through a small burning bridge, causing
the death of James Connacher, the engineer. The fireman, Chester D Clark,
called to Jim to jump, but while putting
on tho emergency the engine went down
and buried him "at his post.    He .was
a sister, Mrs. Horace Hume, formerly
of Nelson. It is supposed that a spark
from the engine set tire to the bridge in
the morning, as the section men working a mile aw;ay knew nothine about it.
A man with a speeder in front of the
train could have averted the calamity,
and, during the fire season, it is strange
that the C P. R. does not take such
Coniiacber'8 body was found amid
the debris late Tuesday night. He will
be buried in Nelson. "Cars and another
engine have been brought from Nelson
and traffic resumed, although it will be
a day or two before trains will be running through to Nakusp.
caught between the tender and the engine, the coal piled on  ton of him and I pleasant smile* and helping hand.
Thursday afternoon the funeral of
Mrs. John A. Taylor was held from the
Presbyterian church. The edidce was
crowded by grief-stricken friends, and
the casket was buried beneath beautiful
floral pieces; showing the high esteem
in which the deceased was held by the
townspeople. Mr. Taylor and children
have the deep sympathy of the community in their great bereavement.
The death of Mrs. Taylor has taken
from the community one who was
known to alias a woman" of unalloyed
goodness. To everyone, and at' all
times and under all circumstances, she
was ever readv with a kind  word, n
he was cremated, their being no possible way of rendering him any assist-
once. Clark escaped' with slight in-
juries by jumping. !u the ex press ear.
Barton, the messenger, was' hurled
against the end of the car and stunned
urv.   .John'McCormick, who had \\et And  she  made tin-
commenced to  brake on  the  run that
day, was staiiilimr in  the express car
door    He jumped and  received, severe
injuries to his I.".is hv  st'itflng a rock.
He was hrnught to the Slocan hospital
at New Denver     Or   Powers and Mrs.
Scott* of Sandon.  Louis -Jc^in of Fire.
. Valley, and one other ^-"onger  Inula
secured by any one who might wish to lively time in getting out of the passen
be independent of th« present colliery . irer  coach.     Scan   lost  his   hat  am'
transportation of ortw
was ;< leader in all church work, and
especially helpful when the children
were to' be made happy To make
others hanpy seemed to be her mission.
Mrs. Taylor was the first svoman to
come into New Denver over the, Nakusp
trip on the cow
b'ankot* The ear-; were consumed by
the fire in a shoit time. A portion ol
the mail hairs were burned and the express and baggage' Tim steamer went
to the head of Sloe in lake and brought
the nassengers ti. New Denver.   James
and fuel to the point of assembly for
smelting would be almost wholly by
water iu landlocked sens. It is mil
probable that Ihe cost of labour would
materially  handicap  the industry in
British Columbia,   It does not in tlio j-ConiiHchcr mul • eon a leng time in the
Stateof Washington,    riie exceedingly i service ofthe1'  P  I! aii-i wa< <\u\ -!v
: catcher of the work engine, with Libby,
then a baby, in her arms, and seated
upon a coup of chickens She experienced the hardships of pioneer life,
ever cheerfully hearing the. trials by
hwrdiushaud's side, a loynl. dutiful wife,
nnd a loving honored mother.
Serial jS^V/s FToat
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are talked About.
"Fresh Eggs—delivered by II. Byrnes.
In July the Whitewater shipped 2131
How many mills to the dollar, in New
The  town was full of Sandon tourists
on Sunday.
Arthur Mullen will open a wholesale
liquor storo in Three Forks.
Louis Cortiana  has a lease on the
Silver|Hill>t Crawford Bay.
The shaft on the Iron Horse will soon
he sunk to a depth of 200 feet.
V. York has sold bis half interest in
\: '     . t    ■,
A.J. Marks, came in this week to
start some work on the Satisfaction and
Clipper claims.
Forest fires are darkening the sunsets
and making one wish the foiest fool had
been killed early in the game-
Tom   Burley   and   Billy   Stead   are,
working one. of Jiin  Ward's claims on
Silver mountain on a lease.
'Mr. Lyons of Spokane was in town
on Sunday. Ho is delighted with the.
hospitality shown him in Kootenay.
C. C. Povntz, foreman of the .Marion
mine, and Miss Graney. of Kellnof,
Idaho, were Mnarried in Kaslo a few
days ago.
Theatre-goers in New Denver will be
the Two Friends to Nels'on parties for! P1('aspcl to le*y  that the Clara Mnthea
«- noA i enmpanv will appear m Boson hall on
!w tl- ■ «ummer eat plenty of fruit and
vegetables, and buy them from Williams.
D M. Davis, an obl-time resident, of
Cody and Three Forks, died in Sandon
last week.
C. P. R train
the Slocan.
\avi ng-its-effec-Uu noii-tho.
and steamer service in
Rev. .1. O. Shearer will tell the people
of.Sandon this evening what he. knows
about Sunday.
John Cadden was in town on Sunday.
Ho has lately been running on the Rig
Hill at Field.
Mrs. Ki. Harrop and her  sister, Miss
Chapman, were the guests of Mr. and,     _,       ,, , .    ,  ,    .,
Mrs. Hugh Niven in Three Forks last ,C1|J«B Dempster has acquired the hx
week lu their honor a dance was I «_h;inge and Silver Plate from H. L
given in tin* town hall. Supper was' * Ae and others.
! served in the Hotel Slocan, and all'
ettt enjoyed themselves, as is alwavs!
favourable character of fhe climate <if
the Coast of the Province is an element
that must be taken into account, bn-
cause the absonceof extremes of tern
perature ami the almost entire niiseiuc
known in the inouniaiti-j. Like a hero
ll-e died putting on the air •jo-IIii'
others could l'v*' lie wa< uu'iiar.-ii'd,
and so far a^ can 'e le'irned |i-a\vs,in
aged lather, -rli . ''» i.i the Sljcaii, and
the case when the genial Hugh and his*
•vii'c. provide, a  social event,  for their
It i* « miy wisdom coined into ca*h,
s-ie'i 's .-in (•iid'iwment policy s-utoil by ,
Tn-' Muitial Lit" of Canada. Write for
mil iuiov'.naiioii and illustrations to W.*
.!. I wis.., IvilnllJ
George C. Marsh iccoutly died in
Dawson. He was dead in some ways
liefore he left Kindo.
The. license for running a street railway in Kaslo is $100 a year, but there
is iio tax on smelters
Pittsburg men now own the Ottawa,
having made :\ cash deal for It with
T. Mutvcy and his partners.
Hew Denver, and bow to let tbe world know about Tt
patty wm appei
August 23  or 25,
At tbe Sunday-School picnic held on
Saturday iu Union Bay park, there was
fun provided for everybody, anil everybody there enioved it*.
TUB URIKfR office tu« juithul these "cut*" undo to
cem, -w-fHtl-tl nut thU iUV'««tJy in *lUi»«i-.i**«# ami jwrw-m 11 .
•ml utiwrtire, and wherever * biitt U *wnt U wilt
turn the thoughts of the recipient thl* w*y I1
wit! make them want to 1c now more about the
town and the tcenic beauty suitoumHiifc it. Do
tvotb* backward in imleriiig a niipply; we have
m*Ae it nrMsible for Vew Wenm cititen* to adter-
tite the town, and at the mm* tiww t» fuciuuu-
their own cnrrenponiienee, at a K*n% m gt***«» liUn
what is paid for the blank stationery,
For ONK tKILLAK wv will piirit j**|*l
of too I>stterhe»«ls, rnle<i or unrtilfd, and $«» Rnve-
i,.nn» !frio, t.nttr fnni**« In i*i». '"mniTi" r<*WT. In
Urger onkrt * lurther reduction i* nwdc.
In Commercial Jorder*, tht owt w -Mtiy yur
eitra on an order of s<». either form.
Thin i« jrmtr opportunity to m*iM the T««ri»t
AMoctatkMit of TtritUh Columbi* in «larger way to
nttrnet innAat travel thi* war; «nd in tn infinately
cloter way, to hriag the name of Oi* Lacerite of
Itorth Ami''ri<-il tprimln*nAy hffnre ihe wwld.
ii yoa are at the mines, tend along your order.
Don't mm cheap piper, liar* ywir name on your
Remember, the com I* only OMB rx»M,Ak;
alKwt k a tetter.
it. (or letter Head «nd Knvelope printing,     fl every patriotic N'ew Ik-nvertte. .md every IwHine*** mu.
.'"•^Iiondenee. thi* lieautlful iiioiintiiii town would «oon lw known tlie world met.   The work i« ariUlic
$999 Stmt* JfM*y
ZtAm/mrmimrm, 0,Jt,
The Kootenaian sa,VR that the force
nt the Soho struck last week, owing to
.tlie-JiiaitaaamenLjiyitntiiig_tlie.iii to do
shaft work for 88.50 instead of $4.
The fishing atSloc.au Junction is good
and the scenerv or .1 H. McManus have
not changed tiieir location. Thoy are
both in place and Mac's beer is always
fresh. .'"-."
If you would be really healthy in the
fall aud winter you must eat plenty of
fruit in the summer. For further' information call at Williams' in New
Revs, Mr. McKee of Slocan, and Mr.
Mclntvre of Sandon. are cooperating
with tho local ministers in the revival
services being held this week in the
Presbyterian church
Married—At Granby, Que., Aug 2nd,
James A. Douuald, accountant for the
Canadian-American Coal and Coke Co.,
of Frank, Alta , aud Miss A- M. Walker,
Mrmerly oi Silverton.
Colonel Hay was in the Slocan last
week. He states that the force on the
Dardanelles is to be increased, and that,
development on Ihe Molly Gibson will
be steadily prosecuted
The New York brewery ut Sandon is
selling excellent bottled beer at a price
within the reach ot all Slocan ■ p--»npl«
should try a few bottles and compare it
with the double-priced foreign article.
1 Sunday evening a large enngrega-
I tion listened to an excellent sermon by
| Hev. Mr. Mclntyre in tho Methodist
j church, A little .5 year old was heard
<to remark on bis way Iioiiih, "(lh,
J mamma,   wasn't he a 'lacker.jsek' of
I H, J Itoble has -/one cast iu the In-
j teres! of a patent right lie has recently
I purchased. He will aUo introduce
| Kelowna cluars aud tobacco io the mar-
I ki»i down by tiie kic.iI lakes Mr*.
! Holiie will upend Mime time in New Denver vUititig friend*
j A wireless di-palili over (he Mac-
Swain route to the Ntndon I'NVstii'Ak
mMte-j that Pete McGregor, while pron-
! perling in Kaslo, slrilek h ledge of
t clover and traced II to Ihe cemetery.
!|t**«rt\cd J.'Ml pounds to the ton nnd
' IVte will luobably Use it (or liouqiiets
j in hi« Ice biin-itie**
The pHv*tu»ik  *»nv# thai then* i* *
■j,iA in Sainton sn moite«t Ami "be wont
ietiif.lt lliglil Willi a copy nf Mi« Chi-iK-
hhii nb«ervi«r lyingon ih«>H»oi, lli.it >»
nothing    There nre m-veral jfirlsui Nel-
.non #'!.<»  '«..:«,t   .n l*.  lw I  :*»!--siv *'li>'n
j Lowery'« Claim conii»i to town     They
j <-t«y up all night to read it.
I    lir   Millov  -i-i-iii- io hav>* »tinik *
'different gold mine     A f»'i«.it from tho
| LmdeiiH -ji>f that tbe I \ l„ m which
i Un i» inter»-»ted. ha* ili'vehipeil a ten
I di'iicv in prodine gold lhat  rniis|70to
.    i.f 1'ij,       (*»m    «|«*m-j '*«-s     *.«   sum. ti-,  t.r
,. .-. ' ii.,it.'- *; ib.MuT di.'-i-b.Me"
i ioi ibat were d-rdleate <ni ihe*nr-
} f»C«.
]    N**t Harling «-«iih*. Into town  with n
ruah  tftMt week    For -i fat man Nat
'more*  nnb'tei  <H»n miv  driiioiiH'r «'ii
.   lo   I'-.l'l    JJl! -vi-IK llio-we mil ||/rie ImCoI--
1 tf, Maiidaiid and ttnti«li l.iim rf.'art,
' in d tiHir  HKise is *»i-en ••very «> here in
I*. I.    Nil is i>llv Iroin  siunp to U||M r
Mofw,   and   -ortow   -«'ld'Oii   rati*   ii»
ahadow over bi* Mtntir trail
j     Y.rerr home in the land  neiid» InrtiU
i, ;e. Lvi it ibe prospector need* a
■i unit- or it'i« in lil« mfifii I» J. Hob-
.-i i-"ii te 1 o ot Keiix.ii m. a-A *if til Ui.i
*»nt ami m t*niei lo atvoiittiiiMlate the
j ilt.br lln-v Liv|< ■ latgo rinek of fiirtii-
tuieainl h<»ii*chold j,"«<l«. on b*i..i If
vou want an>thin; write to th**»it and
*+** »bat Ibi'v hav« to «etl von." THE LEDGE, NEW DENVEH, ii. C, AUGUST H, 1902.
Ninth Year
international f-ee trade, but it is
bled as well as otli'er parts of
Kootenay in order that eastern
factories may grow latter. The
Dominion government could foster
the lead business so that mining in
the Slocau at least would be a
lunch for both labor and capital,
but by the time it finds this out
the present generation will be
ptishiug clonds where it is said
capital never enters.
I.eKHl advertising to cents h
notices 25 cents h  line, anrt commercial ndverllsiiiB
THE LKDOE Is two dollars « year in advance    When not so paid it is SSf.SO to parties worthy o( credit
nonparlol line first insertion, and 6 cents a line each subsequent, insertion.    Rending
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PIIiGEIWS: THK LEDGK Is located at New Denver. B. C, and can lie traced to man)'parts of the earth. It comes to the front
-every Thursday and has never been raided by the sherifl, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer «s well as the bay-windowed nnd champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and believes Mint hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that It. is
better to tell the truth, even If tho heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see ni* but do not pat the bull doR on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barre1: one is savage nnd tho other a victim of thirst. One of the noblestworksof creation is the man who always pays the printer: lie is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thorniest* roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
td   I •' LiOWcKli
Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscrii*-
tlon is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
pour collateral,
seems liable  to go to
Dastards always seek to punish
by persecution.
A coward's success does less good
than the mistakes of the brave.
The journalistic road in B. C.
has been thoroughly Macadamized.
Tracy made a fatal mistake. He
should have hid in a store that does
not advertise.
A girl was fined $5 for hissing in
Toronto the other day but laughing
is still safe. In the same city a
man was fined SI because he would
not move on when requested to do
so by a policeman. The advanta-
tages of civilization are growing
daily more apparent in the east.
Many Boers are desirous of settling in Canada. Come along!
You are not barred.
The forest fire has drifted in and
should give it nine months in a wet
The Fernie strike is over. We
are rejoiced at this news, as our
coal bunkers have not even dust
left iu them.   ■
Billy McAdams should now
throw away his unpadded club and
use a rapier. It cuts deeper and
does not knock the pus out of hidden sores with too great a shock to
the vietim.
Travelers admit that Slocan lake
is the most beautiful lake in all-the
world except two. If the truth was
known it probably ranks first, but
needs printer's ink to stick it in
the memory of tourists.
When an editor pours hot truth
over the selfish ideas, plots, schemes
and customs of people he must be
prepared to receive a shower of
something. It may be rocks or
just a volley of vile words. Even
bats "will make a fuss when you
turn the light of d^y upon them.
Nine years ago this journal commenced to clamor for a Canadian
mint, and now one is to be built at
Ottawa. This shows the power of
the press, as the matter would
probably have never been thought
of if this journal had not flashed it
before the people. We get nothing
for it, not even an ad respecting
its erection, but then some people
do not get their reward until they
are a long time dead.
An editor often boosts his town
and district, announcing their superior advanta*g*MjPLyei'^
tors when he knows that the advertising columns of his paper
prove him to, be a prevaricator. A
paper dressed in fat local ads is a
great drawing card for its home. It
does not pay to send a poorly-clad
man or paper among strangers to
look for business. Wise business
men know this truth but in the
Slocan they are slow to act upon it.
We have more hay than some
farmers have money. We have of-
fered to give the entire crop to anyone who would cut it, but up to
date no one bas turned up with a
scythe. Perhaps there are none in
The Treadwell in Alaska has
found a process to treat ite ore at a
cost of 00 cents a ton. If science
keeps improving things, some day
the miners will Ih» paying a premium for the pleasure of digging
out ore.
Mrs. Mctiratey of Ureal Kails is
HUing for a divorce because her
huaband will not support her. Ah
Bite weighs over 500 pounds we do
not wonder at this. To hold up
that much feminine sweet lies* is a
task that even a Dim Juan would
balk at.
Chief Justice Hunter said that
he had never seen a more disreputable or atrocious paper than the
Sandon Paystreak. The learned
gentleman is entitled to his opinion
although it does not agree with
many who are experts in literature.
The first reading of such a paper is
liable to jar upon a highly conserva-
and sensitive mind, but a more extended acquaintance will enable a
thinking reader te grasp the gold
that iH hidden within ite blue formation.
Some of the English papers are
becoming alarmed Itecause so many
Yankees are settling in Canada. No
need to* be afraid if the entire
United States moves over the line.
There is room for all, even England, in tills land of tlio C. V, R.
Come on ! Yanks. Roll in, tumble
in, walk or fly in, so. long as you
get here we do not care how you
reasonable people cannot bear a
collar that cuts the flesh on one
side and shoots salt into it from
the other side.
Once iu a while through au oversight on our part or some exchange
we print an article without giving
due credit to the writer. Then we
hear a. howl. We have our articles and paragraphs stolen in so
many places that if we were to
howl about it we would not have
time to eat. Every writer, except
one, is a literary thief. : If articles
are not stolen thoughts are, and
every man makes his literary pudding according to his ability to
profit by the work of others. No
man has a patent right upon
thought, and there is probably
nothing new under the sun, although tlie flight of years seemingly
makes things fresh by changing the
The Work
of Greed
The Toronto
World in a "recent editorial
blames the hard
times in the mineral regions of
British Columbia upon labor agitation, strikes and our incapable and
apparently iusane legislators. The
"WofldningirnTave^ia~lnor"e upoiT
the subject. Greed has canned
nearly all our troubles. Five years
ago the Toronto papers were
crowded with the ads of niiniug
stock brokers. The papers ditl all
they could to boom Kootenay and
lashed their readers into a frenzy
that was only satisfied by large
doses of gilt-colored stock certificates. It was greed that caused
the eastern papers to print these
lying ads and it was greed that
caused the suckers to gamble in a
game thoy ditl not understand. It
was a grand skin game dealt by
wily promoters, with the press "for
a booster ami the wise Rubes of
tho cent belt as producers. When
the fitful fever was over the people
cursed Kootenay, when they should
have cursed their own stupid cupidity, and the papers ceased to
notice our real mines because there
was nothing in it for their bank
accounts. Kootenay is still sulfei -
ing from thc explosion of the wildcat stock boom.
Over-capitalization of really good
properties has had an injurious
effect upon the financial health of
the country. Dropsy in inining
stock is not conducive to fat dividends. It te a disease caused by
greed, aud ite effect can be Been in
tlie Sloean and Rossland.
The tyranny of greedy capital
and the tyranny of organized but
'rresponsible labor has caused what
come.    Never mind your flag. Wo
have a good one over here, and you,
will love it after von know it lietter. I *>"ne IHJOplo call  trouble In British
1_ i Columbia.    It is dilllcult to keep
th'in harmonious.    Both are like
The honest nml good need never
fear au iiroiioclaatie pen, * The \n*h
of criticism  cute deep into  thow
Truth expressed sometimes has
taken away a man's lilwrty, while
falsehood has restored it. hmg
years ago, when the cliureh held
the cinch, -Ualileo discovered an
astronomic truth and told a-mul it.
For this he was jailed and con
deuiued   to die but  rcgaiiic-i
cats under a ham   at   midnight.
If capital Iuul all ite way iu Koote-
; nay the miner would soon lie a
(slave and the wealth created by
I his toil* would lie thrown out of
It is   false economy to run  a
railroad  too cheaply.    Lately the
C. P. R. has adopted the system in
the Slocan.    The freight train lias
been  taken off and the crew of the
only train running has been forced
to stand   more   work   than  they
should.     The   section   force   has
been reduced and an  effort made
along nearly all  lines  to  cheapen j phono.
running  expenses'    On   Tuesday j
the passenger train   went through j
a burned  out bridge,  costing one]
life and thousands of dollars. Dnr- i
ing the  fire season   a man   on a
speeder ahead of trains could have
saved such an accident. Tbe wreck
on Tuesday cost probably as much
as a lookout's salary would for 300
fire   seasons,   but apparently   the
long-headed   railroad   officials" do
not look at it in this light.    They
should study  economy from   both
sides of the divi lend scale.     >
Andrew Jai'doson, of the. {St. James
Hotel, worked a hardship upon liiuiBelf
and Gus lately. He hit a nail with his
foot so hard lhat he had lo sit down lor
several days while Gus dealt the.g-unie
iu the diiiin»- room. Gus was a little
nervous at first and would 'sometimes
li'nnil a- man five nips of tea, or call
someone, who waa standing'' pat behind
n Slocan beefs' ^ak He dealt the soup
fairly well, but when the crowd called
for I'ards.oti the secfuid course the Wise
Guys noticed that Gus was inclined to
go to the discard. However, he kept
the game running' and filled everyone's
hand. Occasionally he tried to make a
mutton four flush look all right with a
beef stew, or filled a craving for beefsteak with roast chicken, or slid the.
bacon and beans to a chubber who had
his mitt out for lemon pie; but, take it
all in all, from soda to hock theboarders
had no kick coming. Gus acquitted
himself very creditably in the new
game, and the pntrons iniss him since
he handed the deal back to Andy, and
again went on shift  behind the arama-
license, $150; oint shops, $100; wholesale, §50; restaurant liquor, §25; 80-
room hotel, $150; billiard table, 85;
bowling .alley? 85; opium seller, 850;
wholesale or wholesale and retail, $25;
retail traders, $5; hawkers, $50; taking
orders, 850; laundry, foO; any profession or trade, $5; insurance companies,
life, $50; express companies, $10; gas
companies', 825;*. telephone companies,
$5; electric light companies, $50; street
railways, $50; investment and loan societies, 850; fur dealers, $5; insurance
agents, $5; loan agents, 85; circuses
and exhibitions, $5 day; astrologer,
seer, fortune teller, clairvoyants', 825
The Rambler is in a healthy condition. It had a cash surplus on'Julv lst
of 845,000. ..,"*■
The lack of a Small Debts Court is
severely felt in the Slocan.
The total amount of ore shipped from
ihe Slocan and Slocan City niiuiiii>
divisions for the year lfiOl w;is, approximately. 30,000 tons. Since .January 1
to August!), 1002, the shipments havo
been as follows:
Wimk     T. hi
I'nyiic    y>t,
Sunset (Jackson Hk'hiii)    in
Reco  ..
Ainerk'Hii Boy...    :o
ArliiiRton ...."...:". *..    no
Hewett ,,   to
Bosun    s>(i
Ijti st Chance	
Kiitoi-pi-lsp   ]>>o
Queen He**	
Silver Glnnce	
Capella .'."
Florence      i
Trade Dolliu-	
Slocun Hoy	
NVeimwn.'.    ■»)
Hrtrtnev ,	
Pi i y RI r e:i k ].
Surprise ].
Monitor (for Julyl    i-.'o
SliH-iin Stnr	
Duplex  '.
Emily Edith :	
ii'.i. .■ I.
-\v «Iwin-TIlliTTVTTTr  it I
Rambler no
Mollv Gilisii	
The. Oily Council of Kaslo has adopted
Il.e following schedule of licenses, payable    semi-annually:..     Retail    liquor
Warm weather
'Is at hand.   A cowl, refreshing
Is a luxury that costs only Mc
At Ed's Tonsorial Parlor
Brick Block    New Denver
If you wish
to purchase a shot gun
or rifle
..Or anything'in the Sporting Goods line
send to
Sjill !
•i'.f: I
•i ISO I
Charles E. Tisdall
For liis i!Ki2i'iit:ilo
This Illustrate* und describes the most complete stock of arms und
tinmiuiiltt.nl In Canada.
Fol iolt	
<*.0. r> '„
London Hlli    iim
Vntolni' ,,      ..(i
K. K. I..-.•*    si,
Total tons  tWl
18 1.S7
Bargain Day
NKLSON will be selling
.Summer (JomIp. cheap
thnt day. Sum pic ol
prices ..'	
$1 U0 1JA-MM00K8, reduced ttf #».7fi
$l.M HAMMOCKS, reduced to $2.10
$8 00 HAMMOCKS, reduced to$I.M
$2 50 CROQUET 8BT,    "   "   $i.7ft
Other bargains In pro|>ortioii nt
NclSOn'S Drug & Book Store
Nf«r llfiivxr. II, <'.
Vttl-..StelMl|.. I'll.* Mink. 1.,1'rii * Wlnel.
•   . .   ...       .        ,     ,, . >N' Uy{m M"" *• »*«<1l».nli.|i mui .Mm.'
; champagne bottle*  by  the blunted i i*rin« huiuii**. rh,vk   ivif..r..t,,>.   \uMy
("tpidllixtH   of  l''uro|ie,   while  thej r>1"*- 1'1'1, «»* »'«■'**«. *■-. '
.....      . "»H • (.iiMim-NKinm of tin- Province would J kimvkmv st »mi; wo«ks
liberty bydenyn.K what   !m» kiitw ,.x|Ht nrincii»»lb    *       " '    '—          "   '
to be  the truth,    He jjot into jail' |HH. i.!.! Jo  ul
whuilifM-i-VRit. atidiiiidfriiMHiiiiKi|lV tHlinK il,.. tn.H, ami «ot out of, wmil(1 „ ,H. :..  rntBi -     ,- ,,....
the Htiieken   will  tun. nnd  *pew it |,y  |>V,„K,    |>w   „„.,  have ih.^m,W **"'   *   '"- MgN   *ml
their venom much the Maine m a
Onr Naphtha
Launch' is now
the use of
our guests
And tlio traveling public generally
will find everything for the inner man
that will put a shine of health and
gladness on the outer man at the
St. James Hotel
Job Printing
If la
That HHsayH
done at New
Address =
high in  artistic merit, quickly
Denver^ printing emporium—
nittle*nake biten when iln anatomy
Ih trod upon.
......,,        ..     ..,!«,<»m»try hittinij
courage to lie in jail when a he will' a |H,f|or _nMi
restore thein  to  ftwdom.    If ymi'
doubt* thin jMHertion try it,
'I* "'1*4
can  i>e marrietl,   witliouljWW
' any chanoe of a divorce there will |
alwayii iMMinore or leaaofwhat the
•<if('i  nm        i.t .-tiun- . (HiiiiiM-y ii hu Hi.itor m  giiiily mil tioulile.
u.vji'i' ,,(,..';:(•  ^'ii'^'h' .'iii t'Aiiiuy'uukt;* H oiaiimvoi Ateniil     in im Aiot'ttit we  have no labor
Can thia apply  to any of the judiiiary lieing nlow, imuioraL j trouble, but the time* are not per-
tbe towns in the Shwenn ?  UV have irrupt  or prejuiHi^tl. he mn ltd spiring ftout an  exeeauive loud of
heanl thatall the people in Handon |arre»»te<l. tried by tliow he aecuHi*,! pro-peiity.     'Ihe low price of lead
were getting biighoMKC but we do not and   throun   into  pri^ni  for  life 'and «il vr-r te the   elnnd  nnnn  mir
w.ii*->e n, »h main   m  vriein  hi*iH i without h chance lo put  up a dc*' financial horizon.     Ixwl milling i»
read thin paper. fenee More a jury.    The truth or! praetieally a new biw-iiewi in (Jan-
—  i untruth of the *ta*temeoi* doe* not;atla. but it; re-wivc*   little  of the|^»u
ChickciiB are m nuineroua iu J apparently cut much hgAl cap. In j miv umially given to infant*. Thej II
Sandon that they almost pnah the|the»iame muiitriif* a judge can ut-ej I'mvineiai govemment ia greedy
people off the crowded utreet*. The! the nuwt innulting »nd un«ille<Ufor|»nd want« it* WikmI for revenue.
vfaiiMMot tbrttcaiiip are nearly all. language toward* prjaotier*, pivw*'Tlie Dominion government im after
whiU» and wldotn kill anything ex- amiI jury ami the jwrtie« insulteil »!>#• ilnH,.« on mhdn^ mnohfnery
oept In wIMefenae, although many hnve nu fedrtw. 'Ihi--. te a shuA-'huA Hipplie*. and tluix the ia'an*
of them could f* COnvidwl of do- bag cinch, aud ha« a tendency toi- robbed of mor*' nourishment.
Jng away with time. .hrml iv volution.    Keaiiv fref "and The  shienn would  flourish  upon
tii* in xearcb ofj JTT
I'ntil   lalwr aiuljffl
IRwimk (nf MnntrefBih
-l**~r   •-.*«.*. ±9 , i. _* Ufc       -<9*f  Uk
f iX V iX jA *!m iSA
KllMlftll.liril   IHtl.
vas» %amJA ia *a
Capital (all jwld up) $U>,U)0,UO.00
KeaervtHi tund : i 7,CUU0UUU>
i   f.HMHI.lM
Undivided profits
in? i ii   liWirtt
Kr ilox  LitinSTUATiKox-i a.ul Mount Hovau (J.t-..M.(;. I'retident,
Hox. (}. A. Drummonii, Vice President,
K. r\ Ci4HWTo.v, General Manager,
itrjtnclH'M m all jiirts ot Canada, Newfoundland, (treat Britain, and
••I** CntiiNl Htate*.
New Denver branch
t.R B. DE VRBRR. Manager
'mt W^W-k*)
*>>-^_aMH»Bw-^^^^ ^^^^0** —»*9^^^- ^^^^^—• 1 ai)*-^^^ ^^^^^»-""«**^^^j ^^^r**m'*9^^itf ^ta-^***™"^-----^^^ I
^^S^^*-^^ ^^m^^^^^^l ^^^^^^ J^l ^^K^^^i^^. \^^t^^^^^^ ^^^_t___t^^T. 1
■^^r^W^^ i^^^^^^ __,_mf^^1^^ ^^^^*^^ -^^.^^^^ ^^^W^j" I
m^m*.       ,^^^m m^^^-        .*^^^b ■^^^■k.       .»^^^m mmm*. w    ,J^^a*\ i^a^maii    ^ &^^^9_ t_mm^9.,4, . jJm*^*\ * Ninth Yeah.
UJbat a Bo$ton$keeier 1$
jail nailed tot-he wall
I so,   wouldn't  you ?
'  ) "Were you  ever in   Boston?"
/ asked the sporting man, as, after
draining his glass, he fished out a
sprig of mint, and chewed reflectively on the fragrant bit.
There was a dreamy, far-away
look in his eyes that made the barkeeper wonder if some new exercising yard for the penies had been
established near the Back Bay, and
the sporting man ; had beeu the
first outsider to find it.
"Naw," he said briefly, "but
I'vp heard of it. Thet's where the
beans come from, ain't it, and
they have brown bread for breakfast, Sundays?"
"Forget it," said the other
"Them things came over with
GJiristopher Columbus in the Mayflower, but there is a new Boston,
now. And say ! You want to put
on blinders and drop your toe-
weights when you strike the town,
if you ever go there.
"I don't often kick on any
proposition this side of a stroke of
lightning, but I had three days
and nights up there last week, an'
I got so busy trying to keep up
with the procession that I was almighty glad to get back here in
New York where I could sit down
by the side of.the road somewhere
in the tenderloin and pick dandelions and think for a while, and
listen to the rhythmic throbs in
the back of my head.
"Say, I've seen people in little
old New York that set themselves
up for capable drinkers, and there
are some few of 'em that get away
with the proposition, but the best
of 'em is only fit for entry in the
primary grade in Boston. It's the
climate, I reckon.
" They say it's just as well to
be dead as to be sober over there,
when the east wind blews. And
no sober man ever yet walked from
the po8toffice to the Boston common without losing his way.
"But the great feature of Boston is a thing they call draw poker.
They got me into a game there,
the night before I hunted out the
return ticket, an' say, it's the
.greatest game.ever.
"I thought I learned poker on
the Mississippi when 1 was walkiu*
taken a few more lessons out in
the Rockies when I was a little
older I took a whirl in Chicago.
Say, all that was just elementary, |
so to speak.
" 1 got the rudiments all right,!
an' picked up euough science to
lay down four tens after the. dealer
had drawn one card. But when I
reached New York and saw the
possibilities of the game, 1 realized
that it was up to me to do some
actual hard study before I could
tackle the heavyweig'ite.
"Somehow I got the notion
after a few months that J was the
real thing. A man that can hold
on to his own chips and pick up a
few blues besides in Now York
is apt to feel chesty if he really
kuows what they call poker out
"You can say what you like
about New York hot air. Some of
it's pretty gassy, J'II admit; but
when it comes to blowing about the
local braudB of poker, there ain't
no western man that has any peep
coming. He may win money when
he playa out west, but if he wants
a real strenuous game, ho can't do
better than to tackle Home o' tlm
grown-up players in this town.
"That is, 1 thought so, till 1
went to Boston.    An , say, that's
far euough east for me.    It's mej
for the peaks an' the prairies when <
I leave town again. !
" I don't know what they might'
do to me il I got
or Nova  Scotia,
like the further
than was known elsewhere. You
wouldn't think a cab driver would
say that, now, would you ? Well,
he would, after he learned the way
'round Boston. j
" He wasn't surprised  that.  I
was broke.    All he  wondered at!
was the return ticket.
" There was seven of us playing
and say, there was two othar men
wanted to butt in. I kicked on
that, and asked them what they'd
do for the draw, ahd they said they
had a deck with elevens and twelves in ^ it. They had, too, for I
saw it, and they said they played
poker with it; but I drew the
" I don't like so much water in
my whiskey, anyhow, and I told
'era they might play with it if they
liked, or even use a pinochle deck
for all I cared, but all I'd do would
be to lbok on. I had prejudices, I
I said,-and one of 'ein Was delaying the game long enough to count
the spots'.
"Well, I could see that most of
the interest in the game would be
gone if I dropped out* All they
wanted was a chance at me, and if
I'd understood Boston better I'd
hit the ground with a. big bump
right then, but, as I was saying,
felt chesty about poker, aud I had
I it in my mind that there was going
to be a surprise party. I don't
know but what I was right about
that, too, but nothing seems to surprise a Boston man.
"There wasn't
anything very
remarkable about the play for the
first twenty minutes. There was
a geezer in blue spectacles that sat
opposite me—they said he was a
theological student, and from what
I saw I should say he ought to
be—that bad taken q'iite'a few lessons in dealing and usually
scooped the pot when he had the
placing of the pasteboards, but that
didn't trouble me none.
" I had him down fine on the
second round, and I took it out of
him when somebody else dealt. It
was e&sy to stay out when he dealt.
I don't know whether the others
were on or not, but I guess not,
for he was a good winner when I
dropped out.
that had an educated finger nail
that was a decided help to me. You
see he used the old system, and 1
could use the backs of the aces as
he  could   after   he   nicked   'em.
| cards apiece, I concluded I had 'em
It wouldn't
strain your nerves none to bet 15
cents on a cinch like that, would it ?
Well, you try it on in Boston some
"The first man bet a white chip.
That was good poker and I recognized it. The second man he put
up a white chip, too, and I says to
myself he was all right. He was
lookin' for a raise later on if he had
" Then it came to me. I'd drawn
one card an' I boosted it five.
'• Then the ace came back at me
with ten more and the others dropped. It was like finding a stiff
stiff with a fat pocket. I sized
him for threes and it was 'leven to
one that my kings was good.
^Course he might have aces, but
I thought not. So we joggled eaeh
other onee or twice and he called,
showing down nine high, and when
I showed three kings he reached
for the pot.
"It sort o'stunned  ine, but  I
had enough presence o' mind
•'What's the matter with my
kings ? ' I asked.
"Three kings is a good hand,"
he says, ' 'but I' ve got a nine, seven
five, four, deuce."
"I see you have," says I, "but
what of it?"
" That's a skeeter," he says.
'• An' what'sa skeeter?" I asked
' • A skeeter is a nine, five,deuce.,
with any other two cards between
a nine and a deuce, so that there
isn't any pair in the hand. It beats
"Well," I says, "I don't see
no tassels hung up round the room
for the patients to play with. Why
don't yon   have   'em?"   I   says.
" You can't run a real first-class
funny house without you have the
fixtures." ■
" But  they all said a skeeter
beut three of a kind in Boston, an
I had to give up.    Before I played
any more, though. I asked them if
they had any more improvements.
" Don't you play big and little
There wasn't any
call for me to
[Concluded on fourth page]
jS a monthly journal that you do not
meet every day. Its home is in the
West, far from the smoke of crowded
cities and the hum of grinding commerce. High up in the mountains, surrounded by scenery that would drive some
artists mad with joy, its editor sits close to
heaven   and draws   inspiration  from  the
ClO.ltlS .j; ;). ;jj £ .j. .j, £ .J. j). £ ;J.
Lowkky's Claim is  principally devoted
to Truth aud Humor.     'It.has hosts of
friends and enemies.    It i* hated and loved
just according to how it strikes the human
mind.     It presses the limit every time
and always deals from the top.     It bows
to'no creed, cringes to no god or devil, and
fears nothing, not even the sheriff.    It is a
sham crusher, and  aims  to  tear the mask
from everything that is evil.     It is the
most independent magazine  in  the world
and panders to no class, party, sect, creed,
color, flag or fat advertiser.      It has  pay
ore always in sight, and  every shift shows
that it is increasing.      It  has  touched a
chord  in the human  heart   that vibratos
with its music wherever the English language breaks the ozone -js s|c *   *   *   £   #   *
If you want to get in line with it, get in
early as the circulation is limited to a million. No sample copies are sent to anyone,
but it is furnished free to all people who
are one hundred years old. Postage free
to any part of this wicked earth .% %
* •*
caught in Maine
Kind o' neeiuH
east you go the
the better you Und out what you
don't, know ulmut draw poker, an'
I'm free to admit that I'm discouraged.
" I think I'd rather go back aud
plav with the men thnt haven't
hud all the advantages of a higher
education. Say. three-card iitoule
and old uutid rank in tho one eho-*-
alongwlde o' draw poki'r in Ronton.
My. hut it'x a Kpirit<»d game.
" I wan
cab driver
ask for new decks.
"Tliat is, I thought so, first off,
but a man learns considerable in
Boston. This guy gave me a jolt
that strained my buttonholes after
we'd played for twenty minutes,
and, say, you know what a trivial
thing an ace is when it's a misfit,
don't you ? I know, too, but I
never had it jump up and hit me in
the eye, like it did in Boston.
" He was dealing, and it was me
to his left. I passed, and w-v all
passed but. him, aud he opened.
" Having the ton to the king in
diamonds, I looked at the top of
the deck, and my. the advertisement on the book of the top card
looked as big as a moon. It was
me for a niyal flush, one to three
on, and an ace high straight at a
hundred to nothing. .Inst naturally you couldn't have drove me
out of the running with gatling
guns, an' F boosted him a stack.
" That kept the others out. but
he came liaek at me double, and I
came near giving him reparte before the draw, but Homehow 1
weakened. I thought I'd see what
he tlrew nnd make play afterwards,
so I just made good, tolling him he
waa ou the verge of getting a great
moral lenaou, hut he just looked
foolish an' said nothin'.
" 1 took the out' an' he stood
pat. Of courne, if that ace had beoeu
the diamond I'd Ih>cii betting yet,
er     *        " '     	
" lie put up  two sticks again,
and 1 did the only intelligent stunt
i I rcnu'mlier altoiit the whole outing.
11 tdld my hand right under the discard, and he "howed down his open-
em,    He had a deuce full.
l'rovlnee of Urltlsh Columbia. /
No. IMS.
1H1S IS TO CKRT1FY that 'Tlie Anglo-
__ Slocan Syndicate Limited," Is authorised
iiud licensed to carry on business wttliln the
Province of British Columbia, and to carry out
or effect all or any of the objects of the Coin-
puny to which the legislative authority of the
Legislature of British Columbia extends.
Tlie head office of the Company Is situate lu
The amount of the capital of the Company is
*T> 000, divided Into S.uOO shares of £1 each.
The head office ofthe Companv In this I'ro-
vince Is situate at Silverton, ami Thomas Keynell
Lane, whose address it> Silverton aforesaid, I*
the attorney for the Company.
aiveii under my hand and seal of ollice at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia. ihislfltli
day of July one thousand nine hundred unit two,
[I. 8 J S. V. W00TT0N,
lie glatrnr ol Joint Stuck Companies.
Tho following are the object>* for which the
Company has lieuii established:—
(a) To purcliiiMi.iakc on lease or uthunvise
acquire any mines or mining property in uny
part of the world with any water rights, tlmlier
rights, plant, machinery. -Directs and things and
us the lirst operation ol' the Company to take or
accept a k'iikii of the Wnkcfleld Mines In British
Columbia, wilh nn option to purchase thesniiie
on such terms us may he agreed, and, with a
view therein, to adopt and nke the Ixmclii of
mid cany lute effect (with or without modifications) nn Agreement dated the i'8lh day uf Keif
ruary.UMW timl expressed to lie made hetttivu
the wiiltellilil Mines Limited, of llie one nail,
and Thomas Kcyno-U Lnne, (on M\nld of the
Company.! of the other purl:
(li) lo carry on the business of miners mid
mine owners, and t<> work, develop, mitnitgc
carry on and turn to account any mines or
other property lu which the Conipiny limy -»e
IiitcrcsUu, and to switch for, win, wet. quarry,
crush, reduce, amalgamate, dress, refine ami pm
pure for niiiik.t auriferous qiinrix mid gravel
and oilier metalliferous o «•« and mineral sub-
stniires mid precious stones, anil in carry on miy
metallurgical operations; mid tu buy, **il,iinti
deal     '   '" " '       '   '
R. I. LOWKRY|-™c
'**',*                     ;
liettl ui bullion specif,coin mitt precious inctnls
I'oiiput'.qulcktllver and other miiicrnUor metals'
(v) T.i seek for nnd secure o|>eiiliigs for (lie
•employment of capital   mul to  prospect and
Hiiiic i fur mims and minerals, .imt examine .mil
explore uny land* »r territories, and employ and
I equip exped lions, e.viilnrflro, piiKis'i'iors, e\|ieil«
I anil other nuunis, audio locate   |ie« .>iii mid up
ply for ainl acquire mines mining claim*, mlii-
j ing right*, wnier rluhts. llmls-r rlghti nntl other
: concession.., gr.mls.    moitopdli*.   llnlil*   .on!
I property,.mil to acquire, take „u Ina** nr other.
j wise, any lands, farm*. fnn-M*, gra/.lng right.,
! Ilxheileu mill proper! ie*. mid Work and develop
| (hesnuic *>r turn tbem tnaecuii <i:
j   id)  Tu carry mi any other Imainc*, whether
I maiiuliiiturlu.'. (ratling, entiinurclal ur other
i wisf, whlcb may   lie i-n|iiilili- of  l.iluu i.ii,Veil
lent ly carried un In . .nmei tlnn with tin-..l.uvi-.
toLiirt'iiiiliinir in Mlifuulv'   fnf iiwii'd Uir calcillnldl, dlivt'llt or Indirectly. I>> i-iiluuin*
ici«giapningio«iieeii> ior n«»r«,t,((.VM,ll(M,f„nv)((,,.r ,„,„. lir„rtll;ilk. .,,IV „*,„,,.
but It   WIVHirt.      It   W»H II ■ i *•«>• or business ol llm«*<.ii.p«iiy: hi.iI In pultn
liar lo enrryoii Ihe  lutnluen ut iiiereb.iiil"       '
talking alHMit it with ».    •' It didn't really cripple me, for
down  near what  they! I wan pretty well to the good when
eill the d.'iypo,    Ifonent, I hey do.!
The little kidlct* that Ml new*.
p;i|H'ln oil   Um   i-ttveO*   in   lioMoil
WtrAI   ir^r-ijJrtHM-ih   .tini r*%y    liivvpu.
" Th»» cab driver wiih a decent
mil, ami when I told him that I
had the coupon left that wax gmsl
for one llrnt-clai^iJ two-wage hoin«>. he
told me I whh phty-iiig in laigv luck.
HIbtrouble waa that he had untried a IkMiton woman ami bought
a Hoflton hoihc and he couldn't
get anybody to take them otf hte
" I mentioned jgiker to him and
he Nirt o' niphed, onA *nlil he
1'Ct.koiied it wa* the  mviligiianl in-
I wftftin, lititit nhook iiiycoiilldence
itmuch. and thev didn't nee the
■color ot my chip* again till 1 caught
three king*. i.\en ui that i tiiun I
get- wiKny, for the theological *l\\-
dt in war* dealing, but it oiih "•►i
two Imhick to play, not being u j«ck
and 1 invfRtiii I'd Inhl Auwit ni
that if the ilealer'd come iu, but he
muM have fumbled xomehow, for
when In1 ItHikt'd at hte eonte he
tliit",v them down.
"The age mode good aud that
nmAe four in and eight dollar* In the
j |x»t wilh iin* the laH to draw.    The
Hge look l«n 1','ifd*. :ruid I AveA  him
| for n (tub and a kicker, thinkiu', ol
any on Hie ImihIih'*» uf niereli.ii
trader*, curriers by I mil and water, ImiIIiIii- ind
'.'.   To inin ll.ikil ..I iillu.l wise .ie.|ill|.', lit,,'.*! I
VIldiHIg   Sl.it IV nl W   4111   Liters   puti-lil,  |i.ilenl . ,
rights  lll'eliwcs, |i|,itei-|iilH, I .iliee«.|i,li«   lll*il|i-|i    i (
..llm.iml rli.'lil»..ii|.l to manufsiilire, nm-. lend ;
.mil Hint l'i Meciiiil lli. «i.in- .r nn lie-ml." ,
iiii|iioviii|i nl, |ni>ei-». appiniitis euinliliiiiiloii
<ir • tiler liVMter *.r llilni.' f*rtnlng He' «ul.J.:i I
lie ii'-if. .ui I loiir.u.t Hi imw nf pii>|..«. *ln le-
.\*i't lie Ii'-if.mol |ii..»|M'lid m-.iie.V In nnklii,'
.-N|ii-llllli Ht. te<l«..r lilVf-Sllu.1ll.nl> In li-lflloii
Illl li-l'i. '.I In milking ol let king lo mike Inven
,l|.iu*>n|' linin.iViini nl« wbuli ie,i> I. inine llu*
I .||h>*|-| i.| uny aiu-h |i«t'lll«, HccllM-mit' I'ivliis:
I..   T'l i ui'vluse. Win* hi' Wix«*. i.f 'thfi'wl-
I -i««|iiln« f..r .nty Interi-l .«ujr tenlor |».|«.nml i.r»p
ll.Vf!* ,,,  rt't.t.   . -.  *..  .*•*■    .-.Vi. f     , •'   *.   I
(irlaKi-i>|ill<Mi< over nl In ivs|«e| <it an) iiUij«-il)
cvehtiiigo, let, mortgage, turn lo accotint, grant
■■itsemeiits, rights, or prl\ lieges In rcniiect ol, autl
otherwise ileal with all or any part ul the prop.
i'i In nml as-ict* of the Company:
ik) To sell or otherwise dispose of till ur uny
pail of llie undertaking and assets uf theCoui-
p,iiiy, either together or hi |ioriloii>:
■I) To Invest anil deal with lite ni-nieysnf tli-
C/Klupaiiv nut iniiuedliilely reiiiiireil lur the liu-l
nessiif tliei'imi|iiinv ti 11 iiv maimer wlileli innv
helliuiigllt Illl
nn) To lend and advance money mul give
credit, mul lo guarantee Ihe i'iiimimii. ids of miy
company, lirtu.or imtsuii. mul tn liml ami in.il.e
Tin  To raise ur borrow money:
dn To secure the payment of any inuiiuy or
the piTforiuiilicit of an)' obligation by luortgnuu
ui I'lmrge ii|hiiiiiII uriuiy ol the ii*-m*i» nt tin.
Cuiiipaiiy, ineliiiiiiig It* uncalled capital, ainl to
Issue debentures or dcbiiiiiiir.' stuck, wlili ur without seciirit):
(It) Tu iniike, draw, acecpt.c.id iise ilNcoiiul,
and ls*ue bills of exchange, inuiuls.i,r'' nutes,
warrants, delmiititres, and uttni itegotinble In-
(■l'i   Toapply for. proni .Ic.iiiidoliialuiiuy Act. '
deeivn. i.ril.-r,provisional order, lleei.se, or other
iiiii1ioi-||i necessary or useful for an> ot the ..li-'
,(,*. i-..((lv- (Vm|Mii^, ut for i rtVuiii- .or. uesll  .
tle-illuii of t||e('/Oinpilliy'seuiistlllll1'li:
l'i To ylveufaeeept, ii*i(..,h.idei'.il('i i fol'.iii.-i j
sn!.- ur i iiirliiise or i'\e|iniiui.,ur as ri.i..niiei'Mtli.n '
for anv services rendered or ulherwiv, any fnllv j
oi imrlly |itld «hiiie< (,r stis'U.oi uny di l.i.'iiturei. |
i ol i liter seeuiln . ur nil) cho-e hi iie'tl n or vtiltl- j
nlil • i ru|»'rl): ;
*    To ■» I »* !»e:il-i, l.t'tikt i». i.i  Mil, roiili.u-
j lot's, ami tu nil III llie hlidllC"  ot III.. Cunip.iilV
illl' null .igen's.  In ilier.   cinlii, |.|.   .nl,.c,,u".
! ti,iei..|'«, ur other-:
l    To pav all rn- my i \\*'i «.■» Iiii-iiiiuIIiii' ii
1 lll'itlull Willi   I'l-   follitlllli.il     |il'.i|l|iillull.   lllll III-
' li.l|»lllll'l< ol ill.  IV 1111(1111).   il lite | I'. .('Ill I Kg • f
1 llie •iiIisi-|-|i.||uii ol Its i nulla I or any tail ilien-ul,
..|tli. uliliiloliig of nut   |(iiin«. ami t.i |i;ie e..iu-
nii*.»|.iiiS lu liniki is and .Iln l« I -i itiiileitt lilliiu
plUi'lllJ.SelliliL-   "I L'llirn||l<S'ililrllti'«oliie|i..||iili !
ol -lilt    vlllrei    i|. Im-mIhi-,...  ,,,-   «,-,.,nlil, .   .'.t ll;.-
' i ..iii|..iiiy or ot .ui) eoiii; t  tilt,   .-I..I i.   t'.t..
ii     To elfect   liisiirsnees ngnlllil   I .»• t>. iln
1    i.ii     11*. Si.-  (« (niii-,.n|.l.iMii to tl   il"l I" j
|n»   f.n-iii I >i iii •.  nml  to  .* .'ini.ui.*   to  |.,* i.e.
lends    li..-ui:il»,    imi   <-| :iilt it.!.-   |i,«ii»nil >.i.  '
il..I In v.|i,. gi.itn'lli-..  |ieii-|  ii-.   loil elt nil ill1.- !
V     '1',. .1|.|||I o(i   muni-.,   llie   i   *iiiI„i-  o: il.e
l'otii|n|it In kind iii) prii|ierl)   -.f tie (*ii|ii|* i *;    '
oni ill p. lllellliil sn\   -.hare*    »lo I.   ilel.e,|i|ir.»
ui' seeiii'ltle*, uf oilier enni|iini|i *
it     T" lirm-llle Un- Coliipni)   I.i ti   li-4l-|. nil ,
ul t. e. glil-ell In  ant   rolmit    .1   i|,'M"nlniiev or '
i.k uoi, UAi.riMoiti:, sti.vr.it m'K.iuji:
KrnclI01111I Mliietal t'lnlui.
Sltiii.'e lu iln- SloiHii .Mining Ilivlsloii ol
W.'.t Itoileiiay O.slrlel. Where loctiletl:
Oil Koi'f Mile ereek    Wesl of Cnndef I!roup.
■'P-tltK N'oTICI-:, Tliat I.Herbert T Twlgg.as
* iigein I'ui tieurgi II, Pawsoii. Free Miner'."
I.'e. lillei.l. No, ll-i.-s ,'i. i 1111.1111 sl.-tlv days from
llie date lleiisif. |o a|i|i|y to the ' .Milling
Itiv.'i'ib'i loi ("eiiilieaie- oi  Improvements, for
tlie    |illl|Kise   ill   iilltllillllU I'rnWII (InilltS Ot   III).
.iliuve claims,
llel   further I11I111  not lee   1I1      ai'tion, liodttl
•ks-II-.i. .'!" is|   Ik eolilllieiieeil  b . '1'e  Ihe U1.11
al I sil'-lieeltlllcales of lili|il'uveil.eiits.
Il.ile.I Illl- Ull dlit "I Allk'ttsl   \. D. HSU,
l.tll.UCN    IIOI'K    ncAtTIOK
Mineral Claim.
Sliiiiite in tin   tri'utt   l.nke Mining |l|\|s|un uf
We*.    l\uo|e|..i>    lll-lllel      Where located:
On II..Id Mountain, eight ami 01m Imlf nillei,
from 111 utli ..f l'lug-l 1111. ek.
'I^ IKK XOTICK. That I. Tlun    tbrlel ul N».
a    ku<|i.  II   1'    Vi**   Mini'- I'-illtle.ile Ku
K iSIO". Iiili'tid.«l\t> doi'n from the .late Inie*.I
iu ,i|i|i|i in tin Mining Iim unlet |ur a ( erlltuaii
• •' llll|.ruvenieuls.  fur llie purpose   uf ..lititlnliilJ
u * i.iwn (Irani ol tin- uli-.teelaim
Viol flirllier lake lotllii' 1I1.1I 11 I lou. Illnlei N-e
* lion IT, must |«. euiiiineiiie I   Im l*.ie tin i>«u.in.f
f i"i ll «Vil|||e,'lti. of |tliji|-ii\i menu.
11.1..I this .1 lliil.it u. .Init A  O f"i
' Titos   AIIHIKI,.
I   \ TIIUN nml I    It Miner,I CI,In*.
Mineral   Claims.
Sltinili, iu the Arrow  Lake .Milting Division uI'
We»:  Koutiiiii)   Disirtcl.   Where lociitiil,' At
lie.itl of Carilio.i Creek, about lv miles from
MitrUiii City.
rpAhK NOTJcK that 1,K M.SmidiliiniU.Cft..
JL   No, UtUttll, (Kdlngas ngeiii  lor I'. Hums,
CU. .Xo. II MMO; .luhii IImwii   Cfl. Xo It. IliM;
W    Mackenzie. Cft.  N'o.   II 1WM1I, und W. Q.
(lark, Cfl No. II itWtTil. ititeiiil   r,ixiy days Irom
the date liereof,  lu apply to the Mining   Hc-
eoriler fur a Cel'lilirtite ol finproVellieiils, for till'
piirpo-c of olititliilug a Crown (irant ole.ieliof
the above cluims.
And further take nuliei. that iti'tlun, uuili-rsee
I imi ;>i\ liill-t b Iilllieiii.|.il before llie IssilallVe
ui such r.ilitlente ot ImpruVeiiii'lU*.
Dined this Kind itav of July* A O. I!«U."
COXOO   XO.   '.',    HltlSTOI.   mul
MAMIKIt Mliiev.,1 Claims
situ.ite in (he sloean Mining  Di\i-.lon ol Weil*
Kooieuiiy District.   Whuv loeati-d:  t)u thi
Xuttli Kmkol Klglil MlleCr..k
'p-VKK XOTICK rhat I, K. It.iiiiiii.luiner.aei
JL    lug as agent foi Chits   K   llois-. K. M.C
II 14.101, John A. 'I'liinei, K* M. <'* llM.vt. M* K
Haintiielmeyer, K. M-C.  II :,*uu. and Ssnforo
Daigle, K. M C ItCI.'l Inteiiil. -Ivlv .Ujsfroni
the dale hereof, »o M|i|'ly to thn Mlnliig Itecordlir
for Certilicates of linproveiiienti., lor the pur-
[n*. iii "litnliiliig  Ctuwii lil.ttits uf ibe aliot»
Ami Itntlter lake nut lev tliul .lellun, ninlii **>*•
Hon 117 lllil-l lw eoiiiineiieed before tlie Is-umiie
ul such Certilicnte-.ot liinirutellleiils.
Dmed this l.Mli day of lul>   A.D . ls»«.
WoltUlV SCKXIC linl'TK
Pacific Ky.
Mil i',.n  Milling  lilt Isioii ol Wml
Dflrli'l       M'ln-r..   I..a|..(-     Ur.
l.iiii..ib..iil I  inl'i* lib ul Slhcr.
M:illle |l| l||,
ll..I   \|.   II
ton. 11. r.
lit I. *•"'! li'K thai ti..   .
M     fell      „V.      IM'H'.'l.',
t    no rii.-rl.« lliai.n,  .. \|
•ilt'ili   1   in:i-i.il. -it.it
I U. Kltigbuid,
i- In  1 Imi- l.u.Hi,
I'l tl    Xo   It <.hM.i,l«
l-kj.-lr.illl Ur ilijl,.
Sew Vml; WKS'I'
M   Jiiiin
Hll.it It 11
ur rl
'•'ii build, cotiHruet, mill ictiti. alter, en.   ,,■*,£,,
fluents of ethical citltui-e thnt hail' cnurwif he'd thm» he'd n»iw<I lie-
o[»erate<I toward the evolution of a, fore thedmw.
more mtricnt-e uptcm inthegnme;    " Then, tin the other.--*- t«H»k thne
(Kill il .i»ii,l. niot-e, ividscr. I*i ti us 11 uu I
.reel any iKillillugs or erwlb.|i« of any nature
nl/cliKitri, .tie! ,io,i KtiiH.i). ii4iuti-4>» ..r
other wi4>«,iini| uny w.tp*r e>.iir-<-«, en dill ,01
sluices Hid an) engine-, |i!itiit, til iildiier*. or
u -ik- of .111 11,lur.- ulmU *t. r. un.l 1., .i,,,i,lV
". '   ,,,     ' '•'"- " <"     ' ' ',   "•'*■' ■ '  '"* »-...*.
M     I-. .iei|iiiie tin   whole or .my pin  1,1 ih.
mul. Mn kill j uiul   l.||.|io-.   iil.d   llllil. rlake  III..
tlnt'llliN-soi on imii|Miii| in 111 ..i |« r-oii .irn-
big mi mi) l.ii«|iie.< wbieh ihi, l.'i.ni|Miit "i«
tor. et to e.urt 011, ..r In .uimlginiisl.. ttlltiot
.liter inf.. ,iri,n.Ktiii. no lur joinl o^riilon-
Willi nit -.lelieomiMii) . Hi hi. ,,r i»-r«„u-
1    Tuj.ruUi.4«..iM .rtl(,.r i-i.iii|miiv .liherl. r
III. piir|«.i'.if ari|iiirlng  ,|| „r  n,t  ,,„| „nln-
|.l'*.(.e!Tt     l|l.'r|.jlll     of   tW-    ''..-,,-.   if.'-,.,     ,,*     ,    v„,
dt risking mi) of tu M.iMliltii. ..r .-I ivrc, imr .11
any lm«me«« which may lit- ti«Wnl e, ih'l*«>nti-
i"ii)'. ■■■  111.1t  i-llli,me.    t!|i    V.lliv   ,,!    .,a   .,111-
Ifojiert) , *ti gfiinrMl.t. H ilb 11 \ I. 1    lo  iiinkinv ,,
odliHil otMH'ti pr-mollun   and  ,,. «„|,..r|l*.
pMin. viiirsittiwtlti-pl iJ„go'. tu.w.fU,
tit li»»t'Oiill.ul*-li«|k|4i «>*«r|.  llu  Mll,.tlti4l >« ■■)
thuctipiMlfir-tivnilites of .,, (.,»,,« t. u'v utb
t(.m|.iuvj •.
j     T"  llil,.|.-Vf>.  Hi-inn,.     ,util,    ri    il. t.-|. j..
111 ite 1
i ntl stleli Ibli,ir» 1
. lie atianuti. al
.1 Ult'nli ■'
lo tin   Mining Ifeci.idei  Iin
a 1 until 1.Mnt  .,|
Scut tin
(Suit  Wl'st-
I  ll.-JH-t.iitl
invuriii' 1*11111-
ebul lli.-al o
in ■
Ainlliinilei ink
,.i*l I.-.-
■ ol  llll|i|*
,' :'i.i! ■}
bel-ll    Id.-  !,«,,
t. lllililii
t  -It'll.   \   0
id. I ■>!,. I",
11   .1 -li. |,
■.!• 1(1
•or, I
in l'lvi.lNy'l.V.N 1   1 ' i«i 1 t'l
fo 10IIX li. DKVI.I.V. ,.r wbonivM v-srli
lute   K.iil.'illt I   li|.    Ii,!.r<-I   (li    llie
W«is|ern V11  f  mlirral  ellm   •lluitiil  In Hu
\troit t.it.e Mining Dtvi-I ». Wi-t K<m.Ii n.-iv
V'd'  AUK IIKIIKIIV XnllKIKD lino I have
I     1 tiHi.ilnl kUhAiiiii- titi ,1  inil liiiiir..teiiii-ul>
U|»ill llie   i.|*.V«.  lllrl.li ^|   11ll1er.il illlllll nuiln
"'   '.'''"I' 'I llu   U.,..'...   -,* •   ......lit *,ii,»„
nl..ill i|ii)-i ffi.ni (Ih dale of litis uoileo )*,.
tailor r^fiiw- t.n-ouiift.iii. fin ' r .|'uflloii..f 1(1.
i'i*ii 1111 ult'UM il Jitu.. ;tl.iili i, Uiiv, ,iIM-, ,.,.
■ rtIn 1 with nil i*oh|...( i.ilii-itHiiii.yiitir jut* rest
In tin- vi|.| 1 iaim W||| |r,.,iin ttie 1* ,|#||, ,.(,,„
•inbnlfiiiil. ur.il«.r **«li..«. I f ||i, '■'l||„... ,
.li 1 \UM'i>4iti*"iit Aft em'
D.11..I at N'tWnso
' l'«'.-.
mi) I (;|'|
ll'.lt I
'M Ufl,I> llliAXD
\t H»Tl:i!>  Mi, •{   Mil-mi 1 |.,|„
» ut ,M it»
I ni .M. J'iiiiI,   Itlilull
''It's »%*<
, >miil Me
Mm if
TIM IIIM     "I.K.r.l'IXtJ
1 \ i»<
KA.^T— I.i'rtVi' I lum,|.ie .Inn, (lu11 ilmiy
I ..in.linn
1 - I
,1, 11,
■ Or
1 li. j , -
.)..   ,1.1
•*. 1..it Di
el.eti.   1
u«  and 1
MfT il,,
•■ill' I
r  r   I--
1 tl.-*
i '•"•!
• ig- ul I, I ib.
'    Xo     It'silll
1.,-r. .,(     i  ■
«   -. ll-'li- nt,   ,
Win 1
• fn.
1 ntrlt*,
H-.f. ii-1, y.
I'.. Illllll.
il.telll. .
!-[,!, I,, 1
1 tin Hot >
e|im,i I
..>.*. lain.
ni :t; i,,iisr 1.
Ditl,im, ,,1
ec.1t.1t in,
Jillielloi,  of
'{. 4 *t.u...
fue miii'
ft  dit-
.     JI....I.U
Illl lit- f,,I
for Si    I'.iiiI;    Kmi!i-ii.i\
Tu-BHilav anil Miiiuilnv -fur
Mtnitr«'ii(, ell'*
Ulltlti-il,     \.i,,o, ,|,„.
l'r.'{.'i|.| f|. I,. f;.  ,,.   ;
Vmii'i'UM er,
t"  l.iiiu)
•Itiily ; fur
VlH    Illl
I"    l»-lll"s|
*' laioii,j.i ,,,,«„ jrn.1,1  .1 th,
, »». IV, tlii.   I.f  d..|'uf .fun. I..r,,,,.I-,,*, ,-,(,!, .,., ..flunn.t".,
»•   u    liuiliiv  . Da', .'tin- Itb.lHt ,,! t„|,.
i   H,|inii>i\  1 .... .-.l.*.      1 IKlt'Mtii
*** .o'li.   Omi inM,4i, nuiiti mv
Itttlieiii«1 Ujf,,!,   Ihe is.iium
ill. Ill*
AD V..1.
h  It    JullOA,%
it.Ull III} ].IJ<u|0'MII lullllllil's,
K.'f lirtOtt. mil* *-•..!>'»• icir. ..oil imi iu|.-«f»i,»-
II«hi,**14>I) Ifl
o,ft.-. w<i:t:n, \»r„i v„« o.„*r,
V~},Ct9.if. i,0. I'   Act . V,..,oi,v.r
j  •»  lart«   DC %.,Vr'n* h  U THE LEDGE,NEvV DliJKVER, B.C., AUGUST 14, 11)02.
Ninth Yeah
Spring and    !
I have just received a very
well-selected >tock of new
Roods. Get In yonr order for
a nobby Suit early.
F. F. LIEBSCHER, ffffi
THK   EX CHAN-UK, in KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, and h bar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
rpHE SIAZK, in KASLO.  is just the place
X    for Sloean people to lind when dry or In
search of a downy couch.
Tl when you want soft drinks. Special attcn-
loti paid to the trade of families.
0. E.. MONEY, Sandon.
|Continued from third page.)
Ins-ura.n.oe *& Real Estate
JL Insurance Agents. Dealers In Heal Estate
Mining Properties. Houses to rent, and Town
Lots for Sale.
_     Graduate of Philadelphia Optical College:
Graduate of the Caiuulmn College of Optic-? and
-piKOKGK  I,.  raiUlti  Opt.   D. Honor
Graduate ot tne u-aiiiulinn College of Up
Detroit Optical College. Outfit for the diagnosis
and correction of Optical Defects unsurpassed in
the Dominion. Consultation free.., At Nelson's
Drugstore after May aa.
~\ S. KASHDAIL, NewDenver. Ii. C
Real Estate and Mineral Claims foi'SaUt. CWIms
' represented and Crown Granted.
Lumber, Doors, Windows. Stcre Fronts, Show
Cases, Store and Bur Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
Glass. H. HOUSTON, Manager.'
Nelson, B. C.
TV*V OKK PROPKKTV, North Fork Car-
\J pentercreek-ALPS. ALPS FRACTION
and ALTORUS-Crown Grants obtained. Apply, W. J. MCMILLAN & CO., Vancouver, B.C.
KELSON, B. C.       Cor. WARD & BAKER Sts.
Has had 15 years experience ill dental work, ami
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental"office In B C.
casino, or right and left bower, or
his heel's, or something?'' 1 says.
" If you do, just say so. 1 just
dote on opium, I told 'em, but I
hate to bite into a chunk of it
when I'm. eating blauc mange.
You hadn't ought to spring it On
me so sudden. T've got a weak
heart, anyhow, and this is far, far
from Cypress Hill.
" Well, they said that that was
all there was to it, and never
thin kin'they were lying about it,
I went on playing. I don't, know
as they meant to lie either, but it
seems I ought to have found out
more about those skeetera. If I
had, mebbe I wouldn't ha' been bit
twice. *I don't know, though,
most anything happens iu Boston.
" We played along half an hour
more, au' 1 wa« getting back about
even when 1 caught four tens cold,
an' braced up for a killing. It was
a good dot to begin, an' I nursed
it like a sick baby before the draw.
There was two raises before it come
to me, an' I histed it two stacks at
"Tliey both stood pat an' I took
one card. When I shoved up my
pile I was siiigin' Sunday school
songs with both elbows. Itjwas like,
getting a legacy.
" Well, one man dropped, bnt
the other called, and lie showed
down another of those skeeters.
"You've got it, I says, but here
is where a skeeter don't bite. I've
got fours.
" But my skeeter don't bite.
I've got fours.
" But my skeeter is all clubs,
says the feller, an' a flush skeeter
beats fours, An' the., other" guy all
said il. did so, so it was me for the
" I'm not going to Boston again.
When I get; tired of the Tenderloin,
I'm going to live on Mount Pelee
or down in the Philippines, or
somewhere where there isn't so
much excitement. I find I've got
to take care of my uerVes for the
rest of my life, and I didn't get
used to the Boston ways quite early
enough to like 'em."
The barkeeper said nothing, but
he played wig-wag with his head
ether julep.
"This one," ho said, "is on the
house.'' —New York Sun.
'Kok Thk Lei»;k, nv W. D. Mitchkix.
God save our xnmd and manly Icing.'
Hleas our beautiful, beauiilnl queen, ,;
God save the kins,' •
Send them harmonious,
With ns and of us ami lor us,    ,    f
Long to reifrn over us,
God save the king.
God saveotli kreat and noble king.
Bless our -.cautiful, beautiful beautilul queen
And her dutiful ■wn.
Send them harmonious.
With iia and of us and for us,
Long to reign over us,
God save the king;
The Slocan tunes the slogan and
sounds the loud timbrel, and kith and'
kin of tlie lands of the Shamrock, the
the Rose and "thp Thistle, from the
lands and the isles beyond, the seas
rally together this morning; to the call
of the chief, " Hello, my children !"
From the land of tlie sweet maple
tree, the evergreen pine and our silver-
tressed mountains, we come; from the
lands of the blue gum and the wide-
spreading banian; from Africa's golden
sands and green veldts, and from islands of spices, with a sprig of acacia,
we come, and royally, loyally, joyfully
tender our loving homage to our new-
crowned king and his beautiful, beautiful queen.
And lot us thank God, ■' Lest we forget "
New Denver, B. C,, the 9th day of
August! 1902, 8:-10 p m., high noon at
Greenwich, London, Eng
With a view to establishing a uniformity of practice, gold commissioners
and mining recorders nre.. instructed
that, provided they are'.satisfied that
tiie construction of a trail is essential to
the'proper development of a claim, a
free, miner may be allowed to count the
cost of the same, towards his annual
assessment work, on obtaining permis-
sioii before, hand from the proper official
and subject to the inspection of. the
All overdue accounts owing Thu
Leogio must be settled forthwith or
they will be placed in court for collection.   Dig upaud save money.
The. refuse from the town should be.
burned, aud its effect ".upon the ozone
would not then be so noticeable
8 wnen you wani anything
nf send direct to the old-established hous* of JACOB DOVBli.
w^l the best—and it never pays to get anything else.
in the line of Jewelry, or
have anything in this line
that is in need of repair,
In doing so you will be sure of getting
No shortage in stock; no waiting for goods.
Nobby Patterns
Ladies' and Gents'
with and without stones
GOLD CHAINS-all weights
with and without stones
GOLD GUARDS-10 and 14 karat
Standard Grades of Killed Chains
and Guards in till styles
This is our
Daily Motto
And you will be impressed with the
meaning of it to yourself if
buy your goods
At Jacob Dover's
The Jeweler.
Our^ersoualjKuarftntee «oes with every article, and -should
any article boitftht of un not jirovo satisfactory, wo are at all
times glad'to oxohannesanui to the entire sullrSfaetlon of customer. JACOB DOVER, C.P. R. Time Inspector
Latest Fads in
of all kinds „
And all the Latest Creations iin *
Goods of All Kinds
Times are, looking- up in New Denver.
The editor of this \i:i\)er litis just bought
five cords of wood
■■an, i*i9*nf*&*i*tiaJ9i nvm a
fn the hours of shadow that have so
recently befallen mv home, many friends
have assisted me wilh their kindly aid
and lender loving; sympathy. I could
have received no hotter treatment from
my own kindred, nnd in a public manner I wish to express my gratitude, and
sincerely thank tliosi'. who have so
earnestly re.died out their hands anil
henrts to me in the midst of my "'reat-
est sorrow. .John A. Taylou.
All parties indebted to us are requested to settle their accounts'by September 1st. 1902 if they wish In save costs.
After that date amounts remaining unpaid will be. placed in court for collection. Him. Bito.s.
"New Denver, Aug. 14. 19U2.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
IC»r. The most complete II r 1 I Til
on the Continent of North Ameri- n CM L I n
ca. Situated midst acenery un- n[-?(l D T
rivalled for Grandeur. Boatlne. n CO U II I
Fishing and Excursions to the many |tolnts ol
Interest. Telegraphic communication with all
parts of the world; two iiiiiila arrive and deimrt
everyday. Ur hatliea cure all nervous and
mumilar dlieaaes: tta waters heal'till Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments of every name.
Tbe jirice of a round-trip ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, ohtainahle all the
year round and jjoocl tor:so ilayn, i» Al.Sft. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B. 0.
AR. HEYLAND, Eiijnneor and Provincial
.   Land Surveyor.   KASLO
WF. TKKTZKL A CO.,  Nelson.   H.O.,
. n •
Dealers in all Druirii and Awayer-V Sup
Jil.   CAMKKON, Handon. Manufacturer
,   Clothing t-oorder: and anltclU iiatronaite
rom all cl.M»(«,
•Wholesale  Merahanta.
lint-*    OMOLDITOH   A   CO.,     Veltwii.
'♦'    lm1 ■ r*r-. WholeaaleOiwenmnaProvUlon
Mi ;  at ••■.
I? t. UIIMSTIK. I.. I*. H., Barriater, Ho-
1 , licitor, Notary rulilic. H»tid*-ii, !» -0.,
venrrrldayatHIWirUi.i, tf
,   Hollcllor. NoUry IMlillr
Hranth OM*}* *► V-w fv>u>.-.i' *
ar Co.
J. B.Moore, in the Winnipeg' Tribune, tells about how Begbie sent up
iin editor for contempt in New Westminster 85 years ago, as follows:
In tlmt time there were many reports
around concerning thejudgo.iind amono'
them one that he was speculdtinjj iu
miniiiK rlaiins. Robson, editor of thu
New Westminster Herald fjot hold of it,
and it came out In lar#e letters that tho
judge wuh -speculating1 in gold claims in
I happened to he in court that time iu
WestminBter, hearhiK Home very peculiar casob that were brought up. To
my surprise, Robson was brought into
court on a bench'warriint. I hav surprised, because he was well thought of
liy everybody socially. He was very
courteous anil obliging. As soon as lie
entered tlio dock, his lordship hioiiglit
out the paper and said:
"This is your pa pur?'
" Yes,*' replied Hobson.
" Well, this ie UAm in every respect
What have you to say ahoiit H V
" Vour lordship, my reporter not it
nu the street. It wan in everybody's
mouth, but 'f it is false I will withdraw
the statement, and apologize, not only
now, hut through tuy paper, If it Is
not mi "
He almost shouted, " Do you know
that is contempt of court. I commit
you to jail fur one month."
Then a subdued "nh" went through
I he crowd and his lordship could nee
that thi're wm Hre unwowfieri", hut lu>
had faced   many u harder  crowd   in
' f'lii'i1 oo and o?lu'*i' pliu,«-«.
|    Itnbsnit was tnki'ii off to jail, which
! wn* a block house and not very impos.
ing, but miliil,  with collage roof, iron
doors mul window shutters
Thnt night there wah an Indignation
meeting called, nnd the conclusion «r
lived   nl  wn* tlmt  Hobson lind made
ample apology, and thnt he titu**t be gut
out, no we *t«rted for the jail, tlm crowd
sliout'.ng and groaning when naming
Iteghlu'H r«sidi«ni'i«.   When we goi to
tin* jail It won * very mini piei-imf anlii
t eel un*    The Iron door we could md
get through.   The windows wen- milid,
tin* walli 1-1 iiiihes thick of H ('. lir
btiill in niorlar, nnd hard to get through
' lint tlu» unit wn* only ulilni'li'd     \ lad
M&rgU6rit6 <l-'r wm prm-tired mid lliu NlilngleN vrnre
'yonu (lying In every direction    A hole
BOUflliet *H* '*u*<h' and a rope pinttired, and
n UoIimiiii   wat liauli'd up tliroiigh   the
Harrinter, i
Handon. II.C
ry "*i»tun|»y      '
CAItl'ENlKB CltK.KK  HlllnliK, AT   N'EW DlSNVIK,
> B. C.
OKALEO TENDEHS. |iro)ieiiy eiidoisod, will
the tlth Sejitctnher next, Ior the erection mid
completion of n hrldero acros,i Carjientar Creek,
on the Hue of the iiro.-eut structure, nt New Denver, West Kootenay District. B. C.
TliuUrawiue, s|)ocitiuatIou» acd eondltionsof
tonderins and contract may he seen at the Public
Work* Engineer's Offlce, Lands and Work* Department Victoria, H. 'j., at the ollleo of tho
MiniiiK Recorder, New Douver, B. C and at the
ollice of thc Government agent, Kaslo, B. 0. on
and after the lltlt AiiKU't itiKtant.
Each tender must be accomiianled liy anac-
cetiteil c'leiiue or certltie ite of deposit, made pay
aide to the utuleraltfiied, for the Bum of ihrechun
tlivd (simtj dollara, ia security for tlie due ful-
iilnient of tlie contract, which nliall he forfeited
If tlieiiarty tendering decline lo enter into contract when culled upon to do so, or If lie fail to
complete thu work contracted for. The cheques
of iiiisuccea.-iful tendei'ura will be. returned tothuni
ii|i. n tlie execution of the contract
Tenders will not he considered unless tnado
out on the forms supplied, and sinned with the
actual tdicnature of the tenderer*.
The lowest or any tender not ucissurlly accepted.
\V. H. liOHE,
Deputy Comuilnsioni'i'of l.-netsX: Works,
Lands und A'orKs Departiui'iit.
Victoria, B Cfttti Annual.iim*.
Just to hand
A new stock of
Prices running
$8 to $40
These are strong, serviceable
nnd excellent time keepers.
Fully warranted lo give'sat-
i-fat'toiy service.
Send along your watch
repair rt and havo your
watch  made like new
G    W.   GRIMMKTT, Graduate Optician
and Jeweler
Auent for Canadian KodakCo.
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Staple anti Fancy
Agent for
K AS 1,0
'VHV. followlnif a|i|illciilluufora wlinleaalaltiyior
1 llconwi ha« linen rai'i'lvml, and a siicitul
Mii'tlini of III.' Iliiiiil of Idi'i'in'cCoiiiiiiUdoncra
fcrUioSliKtan l.lcitiw DiMrict will lx> In Id to
coiiNldar inch iiMplli'a Ion at Siiiidoll.oiiTtiiisiliiy
tint S cond day of S'|iti>iolH.r, at »<•>  o'clock
|i. in.:
AHimiH MUI.I.KN, tVli.lis.il.' Lii'fiii't'  Three
Korku. II, C
I luted nt New IVuvir 0 0 llth dav of Auinint,
Chief McullCt! lli-|»rtur
ToW.il. VlM:KST.ofS|.,.kei.#i, \Vm»Ii„ or to
wlionti.oi.ver lie in.iy Iuv*' Irinmfi-tr.-d Iiii in-
lercata In Ilia l.tiltliluir W'hI.-hi ami Kar-
awaf inlmriil i-l.tliu*. •iliiiiii-d In tlm Mc-
Outtfini llmln, iid)..|iiinu' tll<' ""'.11(1 nnd K<d
t'r".«cliliiii,lii lliu Mliicaii Vilnius |)|vi<|.>n
of Welt KiMeiilV DUtrlct. II. •'.
\'ul' are liucliv ii-.tllli-.l tli.tt  I li im-i.>|cii.|i-d
rVlotn In lalx'i nii.l liii|.r..v.iiiint< ti|i.in Iht
uliove llieilllollill lilliwral I'lallll* under Hi*. Mil
vhIoii* ot the Mini ral Ael. and it witliln ft efavi
iri-iii llmda e ol lln« ii..i..e vi.ii fail <n rulii-.. |<>
ifiiiliilitilfi   your   i.r..|.ori|..ii   ol    llie   nUttr
il-rfiitt.linl   »tmi.   wlticll  U   l".w   du«,   tmctth-rf
wilh    all     «'<i<i«    of    ailvfttMiiii,   natr   in-j
ti-ri-*.|» III   lla»   Mid   vlaima  will   la'toin* th«{
in»H«'rtv "t U»" iiiiiW-r*!,' nd iii.ilef H, ill.in  4 ot j
llie "Mhtprol Ad Am-?iiilm.nt *ct l(««i."
I.C. Il¥,%N     I
When in Sandon should not
forget TILK DENVER hotel
Knti'H rettwmitble
Rooms airy
And one of the few houses
in thc world that is built
over a river.
Victor Kleinschmidt.
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transport-
Our Haggajfe wagons meet all Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack * ui:n«iis".
Feed Stables at New Denver.
To and (roin Kuropeaii |toiut« viadtnadiai
and American lliiim.    Apply   (or aulliuit datci
r,»U:ii, ticket* and full liiforniatlon to any V,
Uy agunt or—
O. l». II. A Kent. Sew Dainrei
W f, >■•. Cummin**. U, S, S. Aut., V\ lunlceir
Hauling and l*nckin^ to Mines,
and general local business.
WOOD  AND   COAL   FOR   SALE'Catalogue Free.
Seeds, Trees,
Hill VlC lor Fall or Spring
JJU1U& Planting.
New lienv-Hr, II. 0.
Kootenay Coffee
IValero in le«H and IXdfn*.
All tttiilim mi.I price*. A
trial order *>llt Itcd	
Kootenay Coffee Company
IMMkHI. W«*t lUker Kl,
VKU«H)N. II. 0.
Sunn Wcaimlnxter Road. Vancouver, II. C.
KASLO, B. 0.
W   J. Mi'MU.t.AN *i:ti.
\Vlli>h*llr AVrl.lt I.f n.V,
V|.lf,»'.|tik»».  tl   «"
OlirflDGCiftl' r'ln''- ,'1<"? ^u* turcttllrtht pnrnitt* anil
El Condor
t flit' Nlitnitlnjr m«»ti were benrA fhroiitrh
I thi> lolly Hr tr-it<*i|iir*mmiv initra  .Heine
i Htiiihii* li'tt #nrlv »ii«ft  ■morniii"'nn itn<
river to IniltJ tourl
two iiii'i'!iii„'s mere. iielA iliiiin« tii«a
p**»l wnwl: |iti«rit»»ni(i»l*r  «li.it» |.in.<i^llMlJ-tv «4
-j -»iviirin(j thr' t'bnw   unwiiiill  itit Sew
§   rfftlJ,       fffl^lJlgillfll' t»,-,f il lU,*f   l'   it   r..ilt.1 ♦,..   tn.lnc,.,* lr,f
' hiiiUl a ttjiiu Uiiiiii^li tin' tuiiTi in l'ui»n!
M IMrruTDHKR 01' ' Hnv. I In- mill | enpie wnnhi i*reet A l.i»^c
' miumill tin ilu> water front lliftv     No
li'tiniti' |>l«ri whh t»n^^ioti-fil, nml, how I
v«T mifli  tlm riiix-ntt  wmiUI   liki-tit]
nve fh«» fiitPrjitiM* Iiitc. llii-y illil nm J
P. O  nox 1*\ XKI.-S0N, B.C     ■ <i*«*Mfi»l n«v ncilrtii ronW b« t*ken nn-j
*[*'.' tin1, )kVi'.'.i«t'.t vvn:U',nV,AnuVA.
RELIABLE ASSAYS* u«Am i^m^i \i„u*.m+ u*. a.
O.Jrt •J»tOiM*m4*M*m..t  If   «'*^ »"r,i «'•*« «•• «  «'«lr Ut te' **l In I
Uw4 Mil lull mn'Tf^t*"*) i.«. * iti«» ilt*p*rtm»»iil *lm Ml^nf nil rntwn-!
Hampiimhy mmim*ii-*fpu,miA ttiuhti.fi       „r»rt(f<f mimtAl tisim* on mhkb the;
Gol*i an-i Silver R-cflned and Bought '**•** »rw ""i«i'i. *nA th«» right* nt nil \
*m mm mm 99am* m. ^_m 9 \# mm tax  ' iir''*«'">l,lnr!-"" Ismtl' no wliiih tln'i«n«-yi|
UUUE-fi ASSAY UUt ;"»v''""! ''m^"h«*. m*>" '»• *->*fi•< •"" ■
mu Uvii. -it., it*M»*>. CuU. Clou. 1
j jit> nhl tttiitAeiUl liH*l*-*eitAy
t,,wm l|)rfiJ,iijj|tiii| ln.y (|lii-f- ra«i*il#r*ligTi!nMl
mul iiiiMvati.i uitu mt up to-
ibt«' Iwf-nl-i'h'V MliitTM, tnuiiiit**
nml nil CIO***!'!, ni liiix wmiu 0
j,..»j.|i- ran »l*«yi set * »<\oat*
iiukat ami «i> en*y \»*A within
cli4> |»oriHl* "I n>> iltHtiK. Tlie
hur conliilns tunny kinrtu of
oetve br*r#m. rmigirifr from
thu brew «1 t'oily lo tin* «we#l
i-fifillnl* "I "tmitv Frnni-i* If
von nre 4n. hiiorty. "Hem, ur
•ml whin r»«t»»)«lnif lhr«ii«h lh»«
ttiti*.*, hit theiau it aitA4f<n*Ui.
Fred. Irvine & Co.
We have a beautiful range of
Ladies' Suitings i
In Hlnck Itmuucluh-H, Hlai'k. Tlltio and Red Serges, Cashmere ull colore.     I
Stnjwl FlunnoU. WotiiltMi r'lvjM1 i\o (%h\\w. in ull  fiishionj-ihU* shudo^.     Hrmio-
thing to Miiit everyone.   In hiiiiuuui- «:<mkIs we havt! a line range of Colored and     ;
Plain Dimities,  Flowered and srri|M(| Organdie*. Striped  Muslins, Victoria,
Hmhops, nnd Persian  Lawnn, StrijM»<l Oronn<lifio MiiHlinN.       High c\om Dry
GwhIm in all lines.
Choice Line of Latest and Most Fashionable MlIHuery, and Dressmaking
■tf.iir. "tou i.'w hwmvv i-ywriii irrysttny
iHlimiHIIIIIIII ■!•■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
ftfiLK AOENTS FOR      I Kt*AQ    IryjllP  Si  TO »TRI?NKS *xt» VALISES OT__
tut* ovlv nv.i.iAw.r..                     nELSOR, B. Z*                     *i vbiiy urn prices
;rimiiiiiiii w»nw ^w* 1 1 mmimh


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