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The Ledge Aug 8, 1901

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{fD/roR %^s=:~
Volume VIII.   No   45.
Price. $2.00 Year
S-an*3i*aT News FToat   I
—-  83
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps S3
that are Talked About. S?
Tlio bathing season is in full swing.
At Grand Forks the test oil well is
down 100 feet.
Born, in Slocan City, duly 2f>, to the
wife of H. P. Christie, a son.
Service in the Methodist Church at
7:80 Sunday evening.   Rev. Roberts.
o Bom, at Silverton, August lst, to the
wife of Andrew Stewart', a .daughter.
Murdock McLean is building* the addition to tho office building at the
F. J. Finucane made a hurried trip
through the Slocan this week, from
Secretary Higbie, of the Hartney
company, returned to his New York
home this week.
bright prospects for a good run of red
fish, already started,
Tho Misses Kennedy, daughters of
Mrs. Thos. Avison, arrived from the
oast Tuesday afternoon.
Picnic nnd camping parties will find
whnt Ihey want for mountain lunches
by the store of John Williams.
Camping and prospecting parties are
numerous in the hills. So are bush
Hres, us a result of carelessness,
BiminesH in Silverton is shotting
marked improvement with the resumption of shipments by the Hewett.
Jolm Williams has his ice cream
factory running at full blast these days.
The product is all sold in the local
Judge W. Jl Clagett, one of tho best
known attorneys of the Northwest, and
nn orator with few peers, died in Spokane last Salurday.
"Pup" MeCrao landed a trout from a
hole In Mill ci c-ck Saturday tlmt weighed
one Mia Its less than Iii pounds lie also
unmtij-ed t1' cross '.lie lake with it.
Miss Irwin, who has faithfully manipulated tiie key in the switch board at
the "ceiittiil" for two years, resigned
on .Monday. Miss Kennedy will succeed her
Since (lie truckmen's Mrike begun the
train and boat service lias been do-
cidcilly mil oi joint. Time Iallien are
tost *Ali! of, Hie trains cumin..' in al
any old time
A null*.*-of C IM!. linemen are repair*
in_ llie wires hereabouts,    Tliev   carts
comedy, with Mayor Lovatt as the star
performer, is uiven weekly, with no intermission between acts; the whole being enlivened by a prejudiced criticism
of the performance by tlie rival papers.
Perhaps the nicest way out of the muddle would be for the government to
cancel the city's charter.
B. F. McNaught has a coin 220 years
old. The piece is an English groat,
and was floating about Slocan City as a
ten-cent piece. A.R. Bolderston turned
it over to McNaught for a dime, and it
is said to be worth 81,500 by relic fiends.
At least that's the price Bert savs he
has been offered for it. It is of the
coinage of Charles II., the" date being
1681, and bears the face of King Charles
On the reverse is a monogram of three
entwined C's, surmounted by a crown
and date and  encircled   by   the  title
—-i,J.ng-ui—iiA-ci    mu-i\u.v^ iviuCli     Oy*
interpretation means "King of Great
Britain, France and Ireland."
A carload of ore is being shipped from
the Wonderful that will average 8100 to
the ton.
Six hundred tons of ore was shipped
to the Trail smelter by the Whitewater
during July.
The oro from the Ivanhoe dump is
being treated in the Minnesota mill. A
force of lit) men will soon be employed.
. A 50-ton shipment is being untile from
the I.a Paloma, situated on the summit
of Noble Five mountain, adjoining the
It is reported that the Tamarack has
it pay-shoot of 10 inches of dry ore. The
property is Ifhing developed by Spokane,
N. F. McNaught is working the
Hampton group, and is taking out some
very rich ore, assaying as high ns tvitl
Another long tunnel will be run on
iheSlocun Star, which will be the lung.
est ami give tlie greatest depth of any
in the Slocan.
The Free Oold property, adjoining
the Hoodoo, Springer  creek,  is bciny  ;V',"!"i'i'A. ,■ A,7.'
' l^l|. i-ll IliM   till   .111(1,
opened up by J   M. Heneiluui  under n   "'
lease and bond
The Kiiter'iriM* is shipping more
retfiiliirlv now ihau al iinv time since
td • property was taken over by the
Itn'M'iit riimpiiuy.
The  llurtnev i«  now  being worked
Five hundred dollars is being expended hv the Government on a trail to
the Lime Dutchman group. Another
trail is being built from Oro to I lie head
of Lemon creek, SI,000 having been'appropriated for the purpose
The, Hewett mine, Four Mile,resumed
shipments last week, sending out 140
tons This property, since the completion of the train, is sending down ore
to the wagon road faster than it can he
hauled away. Ore is being taken from
every tunnel and the. property looks
better tlniti at any time since operations
Six men are employed at the Capella,
Goat Mountain, and a carload of high
grade dry ore has been taken out for
shipment. A pay Bhoot six inches in
width has been showing in the tunnel
continuously for 100 feet or more. The
property ia proving up well, and iB another evidence of what haB always been
contended by mining men, that with
work the ledges of this mountain will
be made heavy producers uf rich ore
The Whitewater mine *vas reopened
last week, a force of 50 starting to work.
There is every indication that the Ru-h
will follow suit. At the Slocan Star 100
men are employed, Rambler 65, Last
Chance 50, Ivanhoe35, Payne 30, Queen
20, Red Fox 16, Wonderful 12, Monitor
12, Bosun 15, Hartney 12. At the
Hewett the force is rapidly being in-
ereasid.while at the Enterprise, Arlington, Speculator and other properties
thereabouts operations are going ahead
steadily with forces ranging from 30 to
100. Slowly, but certainly, the Slocan
is recovering from the last set back.
miles in extent, has hardly been prospected as yet, though the -company
employs nearly 70 foreigners and about
3,000 natives Tiie managers have not
begun operations on their valuable
placer properties.
The world's record for cheap milling*
of gold ore is held by the Spanish mine,
near Washington, Nevada county, California. During one month of the year
1899 it milled 3,448 tons of ore at a cost:
for labor, 13.3 cents; supplies, 10 0
cents; total, 23 9 cents per ton. At the
same place mining cost 31 G cents per
ton Total mining and milling costs
58.5 cen's. This is less than one-half
the mining and milling costs at the
Alaska-Treadwell, which are about
34 76 cents per ton for milling and $1.12
for mining; total, $1.47.
Although gold is slightly soluble in
water, the loss in the water from stamp
milling from such causes are almost infinitesimal. Even if a little cyanide is
used in dressing plates the loss is almost
nil. Where water has given appreciable assays it is due to the gold being
mechanically suspended. Some of the
Cripple Creek ores, if crushed and
shaken up with water and left, to settle
for several hours, will apparently give
up some of their gold to water. The
clear water, even after settling for three
The Re^nery Question
S S3
S§J. Roderick Robertson Thinks the C. P. R. Should Sa
he Encouraged to Build It. Sjj
days, has. given comparatively high
assays. The gold, however, was in
HI.OCAN'    OKK    Sllll'MKNTS.
The total amount of ore shipped froni
the Slorsin and Slocan City iniiiinjj
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, rtii.OOO tons Since January !
to Aug. 3, 1901, the, shipments have
been as follows:
I,At riuiiii'i',,..
si.ii'.in Slur —
li p-iiii .,,,,„,.
Aini'rli'iiii liny
Trrnli' lliillur.
"Mlllrll't   P.lllcU-li
S IVl'11'll.'ll	
Two l''iii'iul«	
lilpu'k "I'rliii-i- 	
».'.'   .	
suuv! (fii'i.dnlil Kli'lili..
sih.r Kin. ,	
Vi.llll' I'lVll	
Il.il |.'„x(f..i- .1 uly.i
n IIihIiij.
,*l 1'
J. Roderick Robertson, speaking of
the proposed lead refinery for British
Columbia the other day, said: ''There-
is excellent reaBon to believe that the
completion of the lead refinery in British
Columbia will mean a cut of at least
S3 a ton in the present smelter rates
The management of the C. P. H. stands
ready to build the refinery under the
terms of the bonus offered by the. Dominion Government, just as soon as the
management gets assurances of a tonnage sufficient to justify the enterprise
The bonus is So per ton for the first
year on 20,000 tons of pig lead to be
produced from Canadian ores. I estimate that the full production of the
Kootenay silver-lead mines is about
110,000 tons of ore and concentrates.
That should be far more than enough
to give 20,000 tons of pig lead needed
wilh litem all ihe appliances fur niakin. j entirelv    by   contract       Development
tin-dollar vo a   long  way,  ioclu'lin;
, \m>\* will go htr-'ilily forward,but there
j w ill be no ore stuped
Chini"'!' cook
Win. I". K. Ko.l. In- Un- i irn-t f..i -j    An«.ther dividend ii iintii.g to »l .»,-
co..i|i|etiiigtl.eSilvei ...otii.tiH.,   waginiA,,,, wj„   ,,„  |||lj(,   A(|trt|(i(  .,,„,,   ,,v  ||(|.
mad Imm where  tin- Government   «l' I |i.„iil.h-i*.C*iri»iiM.   <,..iii|.;iiiv,   hriiiaing
^.|«r.i|i(iiitlm. look il l«»ihi'il'iitneviu>ne,!(hi(((|(rl| t|ivi,|IM)l|v ,,.,„■ hv ,(j|( ,„■„,„,,,,.
A tt'lig of _0 men is .'inpbiyed. j n)t ()) „,,,-_,,„,_
Tin' new time-table over I be   K   .v n
Iliii'llmlili'i-.    .,.,.
' !ii i, ii.p.i
S|li lllllll'll
Kinllv I'Mlth	
I'l nlv    	
V  S M
K* i.ilh     ...    .
ii w
Tut-il loin..,.
sill \« I     AMI
Weill   iltlo   effei I   .\(igii>*t   lit     Traill'.
|«nve Kfiido for Sainlou nl H.iiii a.m. ar j"".',
iiving at Suii'lm  al   10:";   mul l.-av.''
Smulnii foe K'i(*li> «i ••■•" |« «i.
A new teacher bni been sociired for
the netiloi- de|iarimeiil nf Ihe public
(whoul     lo avoid trniible, l.iitlc   Tout
!     A civil eti„itii-er nl Tainaitlipa-, M
j H il, Utllr,    \\ I iii--    nl    Un-   ,l--]ili.iltll..i    '1'
lupiiienl''for the pa^t liliilith   |„,sim nf lliul ili-tiict:    "All  ahui*;   iln'i
k  ... _	
Mnl4lr.\ iiiid aliti>i(   the   liiii   ti.....   ...
the vicinity of Suta Lu Mat inn  clear tn
the poll of Tiuiipli-n, lied bed- of t-h-i)■•■
pule, i.i   .i*i|i|iiilliiiii,  an- enihiiiIi ii'i
lu miiiii'beds the .-iiplialt.   i"  nf  a.  'lark
chociiliiti' cliHmi'ier and iu a  soniewhiil
llie ui i
,i;...r.i, ;,,"_•   ,,...m-   M.A   .!S%fJ{ ,({
, btn It l* ti"' i»' n'l pi-'M.aMi' 'hi''
t»ie '.liiiitneitt* for the year will catch U|
li. the total for I'M*.
A big mining deal is miid to be under
w.«v U> wiiU-i. nil tin* priiicipai group-*
,',,   ll.,,    O ,l,,HM«l-(|\,,,*ri     Ivul,,       l-i\,>,,,  (lit,,
l^our grass widows, a widower of the
same class,  two  prominent mercantile
men, and a  waxen lady  who is commonly   used   to display  store clothes,
were tho actors in an interesting little
affaipV   last    week,     The    temporary
widower was the  victim.   lie  was  invited hy one of the G. W.'uto escort her
to  the  park  one moonlight   evening.
While  they   were   absent  the trades
men   and   the,   other   (i.   W.'s   fixed
up   a    job  on    tho   husband.     More
accurately speaking they fixed up the
waxen  lady  in   nocturnal   atlire   and
placed her iu his bed,   They then  retired to the lionie of one of the perpe
trators just across the. street   to await
the progress of events.    But he took il
(juicily,and declares he was saved from
paresis by discovering just in line- that
tlie lady was incapable nf adiniiii-ieiiug
a curtain lecltire anyway.
ll is said thai Ihe Daily Miner, under
new management, will take <>ii ihe airs
of the effete east, even lo the extent   ol
iiiii'niluciiii. an eastern pay-scale.
Tin- shin waist man, ulicr a lon-j-  delay. Im-* made  his debut   in   ihis city,
I In- ilmili'i'iil garment wn« :i fi'i-di   "in'
and a natty one ,v> he was permitted  in
weir it in tlie dining inoin m one m Uie
pi'iiicipal hotel-*, bill it is raid   thai   ".Ih■
Cie-lnlii wiil inil in-   eiiciiiil'ii.i'ii   at    tni-
partictilMi' linste.lry.    Ainilher Imtelmaii
s»\ > any man can  eat   at   In
Iniil! as lie's gut   bi«   pai.ls'   j
iil'ii eiiiniyli ill 'i-tn to pa\  tlm | i c.
■      Aniilher   piilivi'iiiaii   i'in-1 et   <<i < ;■
1 'h, Ai- linr. Ia~l   v. ri-!,,  and 'iie ci'
i ,n pp-ili:.'    I iii-velfiiin    i-    ~i ill     >.'.■'j
i 'f •■ p'  \|r   lli'.ll'eiii'i   u as   |M*lilieii
in ,n in li-.'l ill-,'   In-,   iipipniieni    is   ii
■ a  I v rnbili' !'■ I.   lint    there   are i
til.'; mil ellOU;: li  ' " vi\    (i|v   en ,<i     ,
iii.. i i '."i 'iiiid I ■  • > i :.,i'• •- In en   | Hi,
iiait it imt itei'ti Im  ii   TljIniiH'   .'Hit
»lt '.m-Iiii:,' :i ledllet lull  p'l the fnrei-
\|;in> I.i.mii:  readers  will   n<»n
subsidy. At a recent meeting of the
British Columbia Mine Owners' Association we indorsed the proposal of the
C.I-* R. people to build tho refinery, ***.nd
we trust that they will get the bonus.
The indications are that the refinery
will be located at Nelson,which through
its central location is well suited for the
enterprise. 1 suppose that the refinery
would cost perhaps 8300,000. It must
employ scores of men and will be a substantial addition to the town that gets
There is a much better proposition
than  this agitating the minds of the
people just now.    It is for the Provincial
Government lo   build the refinery al
some point on Slocan lake, where  rail-
toad   competition   woull   be   possible
With the relineiy in tho hands of ihe
C.l'.R., and all means of transportation
to it in conirol of Ihe same corporal inn,
what  chance would  the  mine owners
have, of netting anything but the  high
e-t freight and treatment rules;**   There
is no reason tn believe that the I'. I'. I!
w niihl follow a different imliev with   re
j j_ait! !u refinery rates than it follows  in
I lixtniip, freight   rales   where   it   lias a
j uiiiuii-■"■■!>      ll would   go  to  the   limit,
! ami lie niininir industry would  not   he
j lieneliltC'l III the least by the   enlalilisli-
; ment "i Ihe   relinery,    The   bniius   u.e
1 -.liteicil h\   the   Dominion   Gnveriiuiciil
,'lo beiieii! the inining industry—mil  the
! (' I' |{     li the I'rnviiieial   Goveinmeni
i will im! •■'i'i| in  and  take  hold  of the
sary to discuss at the prestmt moment.
Slocan lake, owing to its continuous
supply of dry ore, water power, timber,
iron, etc., is destined to become a smelting district unless the Government permits the railroad to divert the industry
to some other point more favorable to
the corporation's interest but less favorable to the interests of the mine owners.
There are natural and self-evhlent
reasons why New Denver, Silverton
and Slocan City should have a smelter.
Where the smelters are located the refinery should also he located. With the
centralization of the lead smelting and
refining business of the Kootenay
(under Government control of the first
and Government ownership of tho
second) in any of the lake towns would
make the town chosen one of 1.0,000
people, inside a twelvemonth. How-
l hill
eke! .
'.'lit     l "iillU.v      A ,1',      .1      1.    Willi
hand uiel I.ml 'pi Ihe (' I' li.
Thl-        s   ;,,,).,;; |\n   «')-,.;,], V.;,.-S       |l,.-
selillllli'ilt    "I  the   people    11 !|e||    it    sa \ S *.
''Pl.ielic.il liiiiPin.  men ainl st inlt'lit*   nf
location is not one of present moment."
An order and temporary injunction
restraining the strikers at Northport,
Wash, from attempting to interfere
with Ihe employment of non-union men
in the Northport smelter was issued last
Thursday by Judge Ilanford of the
U. S. district court at Seattle. Tho
order is sweeping in its terms, and pro*
hihits the strikers, their agents and
representatives from attempting in any
manner to interfere with the company
or by threats, force or persuasion to
prevent any employe of the company
from going to work. The. strike leaders
at Rossland and the labor paper have
take a desperate view nf the situation,
it being the Kenornl opinion that if the
11. A. C. people, are able to operate the
smelter steadily with a full crew the
union miners at Rossland will be placed
at a serious disadvantage in their strike,
there, some going so far as to say that
ihegriintlntiof the injunction will end
|    i in:  sti:i:i,  wokk Kits- nthiki:.
The steel workers' strike is assniniii"
AMgaiitic proportions. There isscarcely
! one nf the -11)11,11.111 employes of the
j I iiiled States Meel corporation hot may
j !"cl it It may be thai the American
• Fedi'i-iitiou of Labor will call out its
tleiiisaiids who handle |iindiici> nf the
| sii'i'i trust the structural steel work*
I ere may rellise tn hamlle steel finin tha
j nulls n| the trust, the inineiH may re*
. itise to dig ei'ial fur tniM mills, the rail*
wa\ nryaiii/iitiinis iiiu\   lie  drawn into
eveu.swnn ....  ....I   permit   lar leiched ; „|(,;, ,„.,_ ,,,,„,„,,, thlll   |H  ,„„,„.„,,.
ible.     The   trust   mitynatos    rein-e   10
|iieji|i||c - .'.ti.'lll Inlel'li'li-lice H iln
Vi-*|ed n.;h|s, niii'ialiHin, palemalisiii m
it ii > itlhe i-n lo warp (heir jmlgmeiii,
a, . i'i' l ieil the l't'u\ iiieial • in\ et nmi'iil
»ilinnli| build aii'l ct'eiate tin- m-IHhix
ll ihpiiri-l, a Pro-i iiirial i iiiici'io .i* im
illiei prnVKice I'l I'lillcei* I'-io! e|ini|;;li |.i
aili'illtlt Iii alivlhitl_*. tills Pi'eviiice
Wnllld    leci'lVe    Hie    lllli    lii'lifllt    ,,|    the
11 .],  ■',;")!  li ni'i ■ ' lie    ! '|-iiVI|i.i-    I I
i.a.e le' l'-l«    '•    y'-'OiJ    clnwdeil    mi!    el
,,,,, i,y.|ni',. le,  the •  .I'.l!    nt  an\   nthei
radi'iaii.      linilntads   are   cniiliitiuilly
;i-i,lli,; '...\ >i " nl <io  »e.it nl gu\ erument
niiede a "ingle pniul   tn the employes.
*iri'it'ii:M   ( \r*,i:,
Mini-'ter   "ll   ativiitie   pri'seni    can
,,i\\   i ,in«i. W hy   llils   ■ .pi||p|e sitnlliil lint
■.nine juineil tnitet her as man and wif«
in. .el ic'lii his peace
I    kill,    lil|s|e|        ||i.
..nlv   lw.'iit\.tive,   and
,l'l     IP . <ll   *.(>!   .Ift   l-i     ,
!...;,.    I.iiiiiii,
thinks  auntie'*
flii-V f.ti-tv'
„, w,.v.''".".-    'Mid   mn^
Ultlii nbuulA ilny "d home
.Ji'lltn \Xi:l*'UX   J'-A*   »i'1lii|-!l'ir'.J   JlfV"Wi
ontubei* «re to be (tot  under cnictrnt of Mi'l«"(l '""il, while at   otlnr   plac. s ll  isj
I n New York Syndicate I ,-»uml<tl no elMuiy-biacW tuliu in a coin i
j [liict, solid foim, re»emb|iin* coal   Juduj
I ing  IihIii   llie   Hiubue   .ipi.i-.iiiiii i- nl
A  Iy"'.Ii--i''   'Whl   hHliil  'iiin   Om"  *s'i;pipi.'*i ■,(.,■
trip to the heart of Kokanee creek,   lleiand   Bristol   Fraction,   adjoining    -•"'j tl,,.^, ilepoHils, ii is t.. be siippi.m-il  thai!
Mate* thtkt touri-it-* wAitld be delighted j Wakelleld ..n Fouc Mile.han beeintlvenl ,(u,v.   )lt(,   -,,,,(1,,,,,,. .   ,,,   ,t,.,„,v,t-   „('
(o know ot lli« ginni* 'oul lH*einnliiiir[ by Hum   1 hilly  to John ['nrolm ami
iHMUly lh«l  -.iirrouiMl* th* glicier In   torn Camplwdl    The  price  named it
tlmt Nflctinn.     The  C   P. |{.   should
advertise the '*('(•
At n meeting of the fir« commitlec
ttjipnfnfei? by the ehhen'A meeting <ome
time *0t, held in %be jmrlon of th« St.
J_uuw UoU'.l ilimJiAy evcuiug, it wait The tram wil! have n capacity  uf 2-4
A lo,*»») foot iK-rinl tr«m is to b« built
to i-onn-Mt the Silver Hill mul other
prtiperffe* to n sblnpfrtf point on Cnnr-
ford B«y, In the Ainiworth dl*ii«l(»n.hniincM»dc|Hifitiiof «»plmliuHi*»Mlrtil "
„y\.       f.ir.i...,   'A ■.'.. p       ''.',.,
nvual Cajituin   is   uiii|e,rp :)..■_■   imdiiiil
•Urii'i.f.iner-' at the ItospPal -i»■ I hi» imtn,**
fi'ic.i'lc wish for liini n »pi-.|\  :■ ••■'\ery.
|   |K'    111,, I 1 I li fc 1      11,      Hill        ,l|       Ull'      lPil'1-PIII
Hai's prettiest   mul  tnost   |Ki|iulAt'  i-m*
as|iltiill   and   pelii'leiuiu   wild  a   little'
eiigllipering w<»rk  the inti ri.»r «our#e]
'*        ,  ■*   .. ... ....   , ' pov.-i-aiiiiouiice.lfortheiieai * future
of tliese d»postt« ctiid b<» eailly   ascer-   '
Wined.   The  vinihle siirfaie «e*tmges
areof lut'li large |iro|xirtiom> as to Midi*
raft* flint  thev nrv but  the outlet* nf
dtci'led to report bark to the citizen'*
Mftfttttg', «*»d nw^tinir tft b« h**ld in
Mlnw*» I'tiiott hall ttetl TaendAy eve
uing.   A large attend*iue il enrnestly
tout * day.
Dr. tfiorom, of Sundon, uprnking to
the Spokesman-Review the other day,
Mid if he had 110,000 he would put it all
into Wonderful atoek.   Ha think* the
Sandon*- municipal affair* are j^ofnfri Wonderful is rljjht now one of the bwrt
from bad to wor**.    The drlc farce*(propertied In the ramp,
A-cui'dinK Ui ihe Uuiicd Stateti Cuu.,ul
(0   i,..   »Ipi.   Iii i.      \o   nv.'Vt   ni'i   ne   (In' ''
j.irt n( a raih'.n.il cnrnnvatlmi tnwnnl a ■
linVi-riiinelit     reliiier-.     wmild    be   Ihe
signal for repii-als nn  the  part   of  the'
Provincial   •invernment   which   would
kimes in jig time     Ihe  Province «i-
ready has olliies in  London  and could
dispose of the product   to   much   better >
,i.lvaiitai«e Until .my  piivatp imucin
1-.-leisc  stati-il that .lames .1   Hill,
Ih. railroad king, in  limuich-g a ma...    ,v |.(„vim,. ,,„,,,, ,„,,, ,,,„ ^vantage
,n..tl. -.'heme looking  to the -•niiMnu-. „, , u,.,,     . „„„„.,. fll ,,„,„,,,. ,,, ,(Ilhtlu.„e
tii.ii .-I a railroml (toin < inle (.'ilv  to
Mr.  Ilelilulield,  H Im has    lived    lor    }7
veals iii Tasmania, ascribes the health*
luiuev- nl thai isiaini, \-ilieie, according
in nn* i.'sltiiiuii> , i onsiiinplinii aiel l.roli*
ehitiM are iilimisi unknown, iu large
p.n i in the em iiiv plus dees, u Imse odor
i-evi'i-ywhere apparenl The volatile
»>i.ii, i nl .!.i- i-'ni!vt'tlts nil aiit.eat- »n
iiuvi* ;tli iiseptir e/'/ert upon lieleU'llolls
gt'iuts of all kinds The tiee* imuir*
times atlain «reat si/.e due tliat )ut*
been meiiiurcd is fl:lit feet tall, and Nome,
are said to attain a heigh! of 10" feet.
V-'"''V(i»itok, X   distmiei-   of   about ;t,Mi»»
than any private i-iiiicern  could hop«|
llie mtlk shake is very proiiiuieul
these davs .lolm Williams will explain
why if you drop in and ask him He in
thn leading authority upon milk ahakei
iu this beautiful Lucerne of our*
Teleirraph* operator* in (ionnany re*
t'Hivit %.\U * wcitk- in July, KM
earh, while Mheriart<e plain* air ron-i,.,nmated pw>«t* on the output is •_.,*     "Where >uch   a refinery should be|   Swii*-*i weaver* make Irom 4u eentt to
  „  . , . iuf        I in-ie  ^iitkld bl', Iio i-Kli.l ll'ill 1>^   9
at Seonl, Korea *e*m*» likely to beuMiiej •'■•-'>' ""-' *»i"»*H* «■'*« «'  «•'«»■■■ "'»»i <i0Veri.mei.i r.tinerv.  Producers would
an iiB|-rttUiit Held for-fftld wlniiif. The! »v.»'>*,«MWMl    The  Hank  of Franc*! ,H, c]m)Sl.,{ »,,„, o„. ntitiii.^ was «„rth
American mfnua at iVonman are work 11" ■""','" !* »»»*-■•»»■»«■ the M he...... |(ii| ^ ^ |inwn(i H„ Iht. traflu. wi„
lug Mii'cenafuNy,   They now run a 40 j    |iuriii« the month ot June HO ■* lam pi' utaud,   The-* are a few »f the salient
atamp mill and two mi I la of JO atampaj rid >i day* at the Ymir mine.   The > feature*
templal-H.   Th»* dUtritt, aome 20 by KM»»»'
built in a matter which it i* tint necaft-lflOcenta a day hy wnrkinf Pihnnrt. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C.,- AUGUST 8, 1901.
Eighth Yeae
Th-LkdokU two dollars ii your in advance. When not so paid it is aWHi to parties worthy ol credit. Leanl ndvurtisiiiK in cents it
uonparlel line tirst insertion, and S cents a lino each swlisequent insertion. Kt'Rdinu notices .ft cents u line, and commercinl adverllsni';
graded in prices nccordini*(o circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: TilK L-DOK Is located at Xew Denver. II. C, and can he traced to many imrts of the earth. It, conies to the front
every Thursday and has never heen raided hy the sherilT, snowslided hy olieaji silvor, or suhdued hy the fear of man. It works for tlio trni
blazer as well us the buy-windowed and chiimpiigne-llnvored capitalist. It aims to h« on the rifiht side of over-ythinKamlheboveti that liull
should he administered to the wicked in larite doses. It has stood the test of time, and nn ever-increaslm* naystroak is proor that it is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chuto of job work is worked occasionally for the benem.
of humanity and the 'financier. Come in and see us, hut do not.pat the bull doR on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our waiter
barrel- one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer: he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but Bold to look at by*j«J'. „ .      and plngnc|er>
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once apaln to look at
your collateral.
up in' purgatory. We have often j outs, sunk the chips in the river
sat in the golden chair, but never j and stabbed every game in tlie
in one half as valuable as papa's'town. The northern police must
silver one. ' be very good or else the gamblers
In Servia wh^7"woiiuui wants j w^e ^ingy with their pelou Such
a husband she hangs a dressed doll a bl°w ^ hr^hf> ff an'to mf>'
in the window    T    '      !~~ "A	
In America when la Piker>  dealer aml bo09ter'   but
Slang will be the language of the
future.    You bet!    .
Mexico has 14 millions of people,
principally greasers.
Canada should hurry up with its
mint.   We are getting out of money.
Rossland will be out of luck as
long as the muckers will not muck.
This paper will take dried red
fish from Silverton people in payment for subscriptions.
The fruit grower will find a field
for his labor on the many dabs of
a woman wants a husband and is
wealthy she buys an English  lord.
In Chicago it is proposed to
muzzle the cats to keep them from
murdering the song birds. In N'ew
Denver it is proposed to gag the
| cats to keep them from waking up
the town.       	
England is slowly losing its commercial and manufacturing supremacy. In time Canada will be
greater than the Mother country
and the name of colony will never
It haB been stated that Rossland
miners working on piece work make
an average of $4.25 a shift. If
this is the case why not pay the
with the pai-sons the people ought
to rejoice at the improved opportunities given miners to save their
If the B. 0. Government would
like to be praised for an exhibition
of good sense it will build a smelter
and lead refinery at some point on
Slocan lake. An act of this kind
will benefit, the country much mon;
than trying to crush the mining industry before it has shed its long
clothes by hampering it with taxes
and restrictions of all kinds.
The Minneapolis Journal states
that the recent heat in Kansas was
the blow that almost killed fodder
There are fifteen kings in the
world.    Four is the greatest uum
ber we ever cared to keep com puny
Tourists should not be misled in
thinking that the smoke hanging
over Slocan lake emanates from a
More trouble at Grand Forks.
Another newspaper lias just been
pushed into the journalistic arena
at that point.
A French expert says the coining
age will be one of glass. In that
case the boy and his stones will
have to i-'eek oilier amusements.
The destruction of timber by
forest lires in the Sloean is a calamity that will lie felt when the mines
tire deeper anil more numerous.
Winter has at least one joy.
Then the cows do not ruin our
water barrel, or run their feed
grabbers over our undulating lawn.
That old saying. "It is more
blessed to give than to receive.'1 is
very consoling to us when we look
lit our list of delinquent subscribers.
muckers so much a ton for the rock
they muck and settle the strike?
At the beginning of the last century Denmark por capita was the
poorest country on earth, while it
was the richest at the beginning of
this century. The change was
caused by the land and dairy system. 	
The strangest flower on earth
grows in the Malay peninsula. It
grows on decayed wood, and has
no vine, stem or leaves. It is a
yard in diameter, and has a eup iu
the middle capable of holding six
Talk about corn in Egypt, but
look at the wheat in Manitoba.
Fifty millions of bushels, II" this
sort of thing keeps up for it few
years the farmers of tit at province
will he rich enough to buy out the
('. P. II.
For ten hours in the hot sun the
(\ I'. K. trackman rolls his barrow
along for •? 1.10. For eight hours
iu the dark tunnel the Kossland
mucker rolls his barrow along for
$'2.~nh Hoth strike. One for 81.tin
and the other for £.'!.    Such is life.
It is the little tilings thai please
children. "Don't you wish you
were me?" said a cherub in a sunburnt complexion the other hot day
as she held up a jug of iee cream
just close enough for us to see into
its frozen  dcplhs.    We did. for a
The Minneapolis Journal says:
"Here is an effectual answer for
those scoffing persons who ask,
What has Edward VII ever done
that hejLhouldJbe King of England?
tained if you ever strike that land
of frozen thermometers:    No matter how early you may awaken  in
the morning, you will always find
the mistress of  the house, already
up—that    is,    her    position    has
changed from reclining to sitting.
But as soon  as she observes that
you  are  really awake she hands
you a small piece of meat to steady
your nerves until  breakfast time.
Then she goes into the next apartment, which is merely an enclosure
for keeping the dogs away from the
stores,   and   after   lo   minutes   of
pounding   and   chopping    returns
with the breakfast.    A   large  Hat
wooden tray is placed on the   floor
and the landlady'takes her position
at one end in the attitude elegantly
described as .-squatting.    The  family and their guests gather around
the board on either side, lying Hat-
frozen woods, mixed with seal oil
and eaten with small portions of
fresh blubber, which the lady of
the house cuts with a large chopping knife. The next course is
walrus meat. This is also cut up
by the presiding lady,and is served
with no unstinting hand. At this
portion of the meal the one who
can swallow the largest piece without chewing has the. advantage,and j
the only way to get even with him
is to keep one piece in your mouth ]
and two in your hand. After this '
joint has been thoroughly discussed
there comes a large piece of walrus
hide, which has a small portion of
blubber attached to it and the hair
still on the outside. It is about
an inch thick and very tough, so
that it is impossible to att'ect it by
chewing. It is therefore cut into
very small pieces by the hostess,
and finishes the meal. Really, it
is the. most palatable dish of all.
S3K2K2KJ 58K5K K3 _S3_S2K
•J5- Received on Monday     Qj
Sj- a Car Load of
e board on either side, lying Hat *■-*
t their stomachs with their heads II
ward the breakfast, and their feetillj
it.     The   first   course   is   some tl
Fresh Teas, Coffees," and Spices;
Canned Goods, Cured Meats, etc.
Everything for the table. We are
handling tlie best brands in Canned
Goods—canned fruits, vegetables
and meats—and pride ourselves on
being able to satisfy the most fastidious, We recognize that the
table supplies for a mining camp
must be the best if we are to hold
our large trade, and, realizing this,
we aim to get the best in these lines.
Please bring back
our eag racks.
Bourne Bros., W
._• The "Kiuiler" Beer has ln'come the favorite Beer hi the Ginst Cities. * It has met In nut'eemfu
eiiiniH'tltlan the fanioiiB Milwaukee Ucers.
often   eare-
A cable from London says that he
is the author of the slang use of
the word -boy' for champagne in
English high society. After all,
we have to admit that the King
has done something."
If Bob Green accepts a portfolio
from the Government he will be in
a strange position. He was elected
by the miners vote to oppose the
Dunsniuir party, and if he appears
in the Held as a candidate for that
party he will be snowed under like
ascaba-iinicking. Hilly McAdams,
of Sandon, and one of the best
thinkers and writers in the province, is spoken of as a possible
candidate. McAdanis has always
stood pat for the miners, and if he
would accept the nomination he
would be elected hands down. II.
('. needs a few young men like
Mac to brush the moss olT of our
When a man cuts a trail through
a swamp so that the air and sunlight can get action on it all kinds
of reptiles are stirred up which spit
their sliuie or venom at  him  ere
thev lice further into the muck.   It!
* I
is thus with the editor ol Lower) si
Claim. He has been cutting trails!
through the swniups of custom, j
ignorance and superstition lately I
and human reptiles are shooting!
their slime at him from all direc-i
tions. As he Ik chid in an armor j
of Truth the slime merely (Imps olYj
und drowns those who spit it out.\
Hv and by  the aforcHnid swamps
Are becoming more popular every day. As a
Hlooo Pdkikiek, Nekve
Tonic <Jt System Builder
they lire without a peer,
and have liecn used with
lasting henetit by a very
great number of people of
txith sexes. Weak, nervous people have lined
them and are enthusiastic
in their praise. They are
small and ensv to take.
The price is also eii!*y .  .  .
Only 50c a box
Six boxes for $2,50
Mall. 4 in :uiy piilillV** tr>-in
Nelson's Drug & Book Store
\K\V  H'SVKIi. U. C.
Our Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable whiskey in the market.
We have it in bulk and is cases, 5's and (Vs. We are agents for the Bruns*
wtck-Balke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
Write us for priceb and terms.
■ ti
to their stock, consisting of Iron Beds, Kattan Goods,
Upholstered Goods, Tables, Chairs, Desks, Mattresses
Bed Room Sets, Sideboards, Wardrobes, Ladles'
Dressing; Tables, China Closets,   Kitchen Cupboards.
N0' 4 K -W. C BLOCK, NELSON, B. C.
(iulil. Sllver-Li-iiil mul (%i|i|ii'i- Mlm>* wmit.nl at (lie KXOIIANOK.
KltKK Mil,UNO (l(tl.l) |iro|H'i-tli'r. ssmiti'il ut nii'-c fur ICaateru Invent.irn.
I'artlt's Imvliii'mliiliKf l'i'"', I'l'lv lor nali' sire iv<|tU'st»<l to h«*imI M>ini|tl<<»> of (Ii4-lr nr«' to
llie KxcIiiiiiK'' f<ii* ••xlillillliiii.
All HIllllllll'S nllMllll Imi scut l»V l'"A|lll.'Ss. |,|V||ilii|.    ('i!|Ti.*|il)lllii'IU'l'SOllt'ltl'll.
Aililri-fMHll I'-mimilllleiitloiiMii-• ANDItl.W    1*.    UOSKNIIKIU'Kit,
'l'i'li|i||iiiiii Nn. loi.   ]'. (l. Iln\ 7i«t. N Himiii, II. V,
k-V%^%%%-%%%%%%^%%^%*%% •*%%%•%'%>%«
Somebody wonders why the
miners of Hosslaml do not hire the
muckers and make their contract
price with the mine owners accord* \ minute.
'••K'b'' i.  •
I limn men arc very
The (ireeks and Homuiis had ii(i!|t.w ,i|M)t,t^up|x>rtiiig other Hiiionn(wHI  dry  up,  and  the   v mums
wt-tkt-   until   they  l«»n*owe<l   this \\iiitl •},•<;•' ..wii.    Tin* .-,,uuiiy  iJ, creature--* who mm attack him
«,ivih» f •'-•••• f'*»"' *■••• •'"*■'•   <>r MrHMl.-.l with circulars showing that '    '       '""
late year-it   Im-  been  principally ,.jK„,. factories in Montreal  employ!
all day with them. c-lafl-rl and non-union labor, yet half:
weath- '''"' "■■■■*M'H '" -'I'--' VV,'H|   never
i   -,   •    at the bine  lidiel   on   a  eli**H»
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures!
Fancy Glass
The NewmarketHotel,
XKW DKNVFiK.   II. ■'.
Uiisone ot the most beautiful locations In AmerU-a, and the public are
assured of pleasiut accoiiimodatiun-i.
IIKXKV STKliK,"  IVop.|et«.|*.
Job Printing
Thai iiHMuyx lii-gli in art hit ic. mt'iit, quickly
limu-iif Xew 1fc»nvf!-M priming <*ni|Miriiim—
nnt mil I
wint Charles Hlllycr, Manager I Address
Siberia i«
loin the
*,     <i
condition of th*
m     ,,,     ii :
a jhhii- Held for food
oolc i crankH. The KmIii'iiiok live in a
Iwit i wmv that --mullet* nut pet   theories.
J l)..:i
A'-i.sj'  A   .'J.'.'.'.'Ji  .'J.','.'.-   ,'}.'■■  'I/VJ,
department lni*> iui|»oiied a lntri>ain
iu heat from the wiM.
when ibex
into it for
dip   their
I Weed.
(*M ii'iili t. t ,i.l>ti* li,,«l t
t*i the I'tiitiil Stale*-. The Yank*.
are quietly buying up mine-*, rail-
roadi*. forois, fiKtoriesi, and will
.10011 be rnlei* commercially if not
The jmpe hfti* the iuo«t e\peu*ive
lYt-iii the way in which ihe N'an-
i<|i(.   eoltver  N'l'VV-- Ailvel'liM'l' hpitf  lit-KMl
l^iueii '*> < laim inn' would lielieve
that the Xew- editor miv- ii -.teril-
i/eil he-virgin. |{an*4 hi*- hull, put
a (alico dre.t-* atound him. a bunch
of lilac*, on the lm-t line and you
would have a fair it'pn-fiit«tioii of
^itldoT-*' Mere i- the wav vou will lie  'Miter-' I. J
  OM    ML:       IVlllIl       Uitll     llVt      fi'^l'^
t]m> '" ,J"' U,"!'1-    " J- mH,h' "S ai».U,HTVertiHlvi,ion of Wx«lfa»i>.
•-olid siher. «*o«t iWl.iNto,   uihI wit?' 	
given lo the |MiutilTbvau \intrieao
(.ii »*i
xt:i :(»■;».
In   I lass s,,!,    cj|V   the
Ixtiikt'i   who  evidently   Wanted   In  have rxt-.*   I hut   are  full  of   teai>.
rwi-'h frtrriilf-sc nffhorrf  \«*in»   lu-hl The poMer btrnicfl op thr ftr<,   hty-
Brown Bros.,
The Jeweler*.. Ntlso-n.
Bank of Montreal.
i:.tilhll.»lr.l   l«IT,
''jtpi'jil /all }whl Up) ll^ilUDU-il)
Hf served in mi : ■ i„'<>*(,t.*> '.< h»
rndivlil-Ml proHt*   :    :   MHt >*l.«»|
H»*.,%li   ttmVV,   M-llNtltK.%1 .
Ut. Hox. !>'>(|iS'{'i<\tiico.vaii.mI Mocxr lioviu t.JIM.ii. I'n^idiiu.
H"N' «'t. A. OfifMHoso, Vice l're»stdem,
K. 81. rt/'tvmx, (i>nci«l MunHCc,
HraiK'be-* in  aii part.* 1.1 t,*j*jiHiIiit NuwIoUnuJaiiil, tSrwu jSrnani,   aid
th** l"nir«l Bttate*.
New Denver branch
I.E II. DE VEBHk, Mttmntr
■■^^^ ^^^J-^^»'^^^ -^^^.^^^^^^ ^^^^^^-"^^^ ^^^-^^^i^^^     *^^**-J^^,''^S r^md        a^9)\ %wm\\
Ww* w^Ww  Ww  m w  wwl"ww<111*
!____f^^"_____': mmml^^^^ *^^.^^^^ ■      ■ Eighth Yeah.
"There ain't never uo tellhv how
a man'11 prove up in a real emergency until you've seen him tried,''
said old man Greenhut as he stood
behind his bar, polishing a glass in
an absent-minded fashion. "That
there hobo was a man of conskVable
parts about 20 years ago. They
did say that he was one o' the best
short card players on the river for
a young man, an' so fur as any one
c'd see, there didn't seem to.be no
reason why he shouldn't grow up
with the country and be rich an'
respectable in his old age. He could
flip a card out o' the middle of the
pack as neat as he could off'rn the
bottom, an' when it come to niakin'
a full house on a two-card draw
there wa'nt nobody e'd give him
any points.
'•■Bod Thorpe he used to call himself, but. I don't know what his
name is now. He were reckoned,
as I said, one o' the best on the
river among the younger players.
He'd commenced right, playin' a
small game till he got onto the correct ideas, an' practisin' day an'
night with the pasteboards till he
got slick in handlin' 'em. An'
then he'd took to travel in* the river
an' pickin' up what he could in the
way o' casual strangers, an' the
first year he done right well, an' he
might ha' growed up rich an' respected if he hadn't had a streak
o' yaller in him.
"I've always noticed that when
a man has that streak o' yaller in
his make-up it's bound to show
Booner or later. An' there ain't
nothin' like draw poker to show it
up. Thorpe, he got to put-tin' on
more side than a middleweight
champion. 'Pears like he thought
he were the real thing an' was
reckonin' on bein' the cock o' the
walk. They do say that Sam Alstine watched him playin' for two
or three nights on the old River
Belle, an' made him a proposition
to pal together.
"Well, just naturally it stands
to reason that no young sport like
Thorpe c'd have any better openin'
than that. There wa'nt any other
man on the river that had proper
ambition in his line o' business that
enough, and it wasn't long before
they had cards and chips on one of
the saloon tables.
' 'They played table stakes, and
each man flashed $500 for a starter.
The lawyer and Thorpe were both
known on the boat as nervy players
but nobody- knowed the smoothfaced man, aud I never heer'd his
name. They called him Texas,
probably on account of his hat, or
niebbe 'twas his general look,which
as I was saying, was a. out-door
man. Any way,he looked a player,
and there wasn't nobody around
that cared to invite hisself into the
game. The play began kind of
cautious, like it does gen'ly among
men that ain't playing together
constant, and for half a dozen deals
there wasn't much doing. Thorpe
was feeling his way and he was too
-much, of an artist to force things at
the start. There wasn't no hand
showed bigger than threes and no
very important money in the pot
till it come the lawyer's deal for
about the third time. It were a
jackpot then, and there was 830 in,
having been no sweetening so far.
"Texas had the first say, and he
opened it for $30. Thorpe came
next, of course,and he raised it $50.
The lawyer, he skint his hand and
made it $50 more. Texas come in
and Thorpe raised again, S100 this
time, and both the others made
good, the lawyer studying for a
while, but Texas shoving his money
in prompt. When it came to the
draw Texas stood pat and so did
Thorpe. It were a pretty play for
him, too, for he had four sixes,and
having played as strong as he did
afore the draw,it would have given
his hand to draw one. Standing
pat made the others think,of course,
that he hadn't nothing better'n a
full at the most. The lawyer he
studied again and finally drew to
the strength of his hand,which was
three kings.
"Texas having opened the pot,
bet a white chip, and Thorpe trailed. I've heer'd that sort of play
criticized, but I call it good poker.
If he had raised it his pile, as most
men would, the chances was that
the lawyer'd laid down and more'n
he had a high flush. Betting as he
did there was a ehanst that the
lawyer'd raise, and Texas might
trail after him, so giving Thorpe a
better show. Well, the lawyer did
raise. 'Peared he'd caught a pair
to his kings, and Texas trailed,
having a ten-high flush, so Thorpe
had his ehanst as he Jiggered.
Right then was when I seed the
Of course there
wouhiirt lia' junipea^tlliecKanstr
I was teiidin' baron the River Belle
at the time, an' when I seen Sam a
watchin' Thorpe like he did an'
seen 'em set down over a bottle o'
wine that Sam ordered, \ says to
myself that Thorpe's fortune was
made. You see, Thorpe hadn't
played long enough for everybody
to get on to his great gifts as a
dealer. It were only a real genius
like Alstine that c'd see what he j streak of yaller.
was doin'. Iliad my own idees, i was a possibility of the lawyer hav-
but 'twa'nt up to me to say noth-ling made fours, but any man that
in' an' I wasn't dead sure of it knowed poker as he did oughter
anyhow. know it to play on the river would
••Well, you wouldn't hardly be- have raised it his pile right there,
lieve that any man would' ha' Thorpe didn't. lie called. Of
thrown such a'ehanst as that over course he took the pot. bin it were
his shoulder, hut that's just what a yaller play all ilie saine.and I c'd
Thorpedid. lie wasn't nasty aliout see that the other men wasa laugh-
it exactly, but he told Sam lie reck- ing at him (-tiietly. They didn't
oned he'was old enough to go it say nothing, though, and the play
alone, even if he was a young feller.
The only way I e'd ligger it out was
that his head must ha* been turned,
first, by the success he'd had, an'
second.by the very fact that Alstine
reckoned him good enough for a pal.
However it was. thev didn't hitch,
an' when I seen Sam walkin' away
from him I knoweil by the expression ou his face i hat something was
wrong, an' I says to myself that it
were the greate*<t mistake Thorpe
had made an' was likely to make,
an" that he was likely to get a call hImiih such thing.*..
!-om»' time when Iii' vvuMi't liwil-.in'
for ll.
draw was an accident.   If it were arizosy ray.
an accident it were a bad one for
Thorpe.    The lawyer got his pat
full all right, and having first say
opened the pot for the size of it,
which   were   about  $40.    Thorpe
raised him $50, and Texas trailed.
Just naturally the lawyer raised
back, and Thorpe raised again, but
Texas trailed.    The lawyer came
back once more and Thorpe made j •Bouthil-w-l'J'L.i«„'half-way n-ami ny all
gOOd, and SO did Texas.   Of Course, j tlie pui-ty raiK-her jurals,
Thorpe could have kept on  raising' An' svIumi iie'd Hood his inner winks with cawus
before the draw, being confident of
getting the fourth ace, but it would
have looked bad, and so fur as that
was concerned he played a proper
game.    He'd played three aces as
fur as anybody  would,  and if he
The wildest cowboy on the range was that wine
Arizouv Ray.
Neck deep in every devilment that come a-drift-
injj 'round his way.
As quick as lii*litiiin' with the gun, an' mighty
handy with the rope,
An' ridin'lironks he never had no equal on the
western slope.
An independent, sort of c-nss, lint true as steel to
brier booze we found
Twits safer to keep out o' reach o' that ol' jfim lie
packed around.
His daily work u' puuehin' cows the kid was
never known to shirk.
He followed Injuns with a vim that .showed In-
s.'i'l o' liked tlie work,
bettered in the draw, as he knowed '■ A"'w1"" w,,'a.,)Vl'rt»kt'""' '■-*«'"1 *"""i> "f'"
he was going to, his play afterward r^ZZStxri-^iy Ray'd see,,, ,-mA
would look perfectly natural.
"Well, as 1 said, Texas got his
fourth idug, whether by accident
or not and Thorpe of course got.
his fourth ace on a one-card draw.
Tho lawyer bet and Thorpe raised,
and Texas raised, and the lawyer
raised, and Thorpe raised again.
.Justus he did there was a click
under the table and I moved around
a little. You see I was standing
almost in front of Texas and I didn't
know how straight he could shoot.
Besides, I wanted to be where I
could see Thorpe's face a little better. Somehow, I wasn't much surprised to see him looking kind of
pale,and when I seen that I knowed
h'd heer'd the click and had a
pretty good idea of what it meant.
"Texas was looking at him, too,
and his eyes was a blazing as he
saw Thorpe's last raise and pushed
the rest of his pile to the middle of
the table without, a word. The
lawyer was as cool as a cucumber,
but he th rowed his cards down,
knowing that he was outclassed.
Thorpe got a little bit whiter, and
he hesitated a little, but he covered
the bet, and his voice was tol'able
steady as he said:
" 'I can't do no more than call
your pile.   What have you got?"
" -I have four kings,' said Texas,
laying them down, and fetching his
revolver up on top of the table at
the same time.
" 'They're no good,' says Thorpe,
laying down his four aces; but his
voice shook as he spoke, and he
didn't make no move to pull in the
.pot__—___ ___, ,	
•'Texas looked at him., for a bit
afore he spoke again. 'Peared like
he were studying to see what sort
of a man Thorpe was. Then he
says, as cool as you please:
" -I reckon four kings is good
when the ace of hearts conies off
the bottom of the deck,"
"But he didn't make no move to
pull in the pot, neither. I reckon
he were waiting to see what Thorpe
would do.
"It were the real emergency of
Thorpe's life. Of course, he stood
a good show of getting shot if he'd
put up a light, for Texas had the
drop on him, but it was his word
against another, and he had his
reputation to light for. If it had
uol been for that streak of yaller
he'd have taken his ehanst of being
shot, and  niebbe getting over  it.
with delight.'
Ills cup of joy  was  allius  full  sv'ieu  he  was
sbooliir up a town,
An'.something alius ovenuk the man that tried
to call him down-,
Wan (lumped iu jail a hundred limes, hut  nutii-
iiKed to -.jit cut agin
With  just  the same affection for the trail o'
devilment nii'siii.
One day a letter come to him, an' with it came a
An'as lie read tin-letter through us chapg that
knowed him had to laugh,
To see lilni cry, hut, changed our tune when
with his head at bumble -wise
He handed uu the plctur card nn' said. ."That'll
my ol' mother, hoys."
Then ctune a inoV sui-prisln' change.   Perhaps a
dozen times a day
He'd read thai letter through an' through in
eager, losrtn' sort o' way,
An' when he'd go to bunk al night it seemed to
ns moe' cussed odd
To see 11ii>i down upon his kliees a-tryln' to make
tip with God
Monday, 10 a m.—Heachud' England.
Country half asleep
4 p in.—Reached London. Village
asvake, but not really spry,
4:80- Iteached Hotel Magnificent.
4:45—Went all over it. Nice house.
Do as a pied-a terre for our directors
when over here.
5—Bought it.
8—-Dinner. Arranged to turn dining-
room into anteroom for callers. Tired.
Counted check8.   Bed.
Tuesday, 9 a. in —Head Times at
breakfast. Leader disparaging our
company.   Must see to this.
10—Saw proprietors of Times.
11—Bought Times.
12-Heard  of  difiicultv   with   staff.
Editor resigned
1 p.iii.—Bought some editor*.
1:05— Lunch,
The ttneBt 17-Jewehd
watch in the market at
the price	
went on.   both  of  them
.-CiOU more in the game, !
"Well, I says to  myself,   then,
that I reckoned Alstine had   mndej
one of the very few mistakes of his
life when   he olYcred  to  pal   with i
Thorpe, and that it were more than '
his usual luck for Thorpe to l>ack!
out. but Alsiiue wasn't there, and
there wasn't nobody for me to malce!
remarks to. even if I'd  wanted  to
talk,   which   1   didn't,    knowing!
enough  to  keep my  mouth  shut i
"There  wasn't   no  iumr Ih.iy.v
playing for the nevt *JO minutes or
•.hist iiatiii.illy .Mimcthiir o'that mi, foi theie wasn't   no  big  hands
nature happened within the next! out together, and I was looking nut
few  weeks.    I think  it  wore the for Thorpe to make ,, |,ig |,|tty on!
second trip down after that, that  his own deal.    It  were my  side!
Thor|K* got on the boat at .Memphis partner's trick at the Inn* for the
aud sol around for a s|»cll. like a ,„.X| txvo |.,,ui-»-. and I hadn't noth-
man will when he's ready for most \Uii ,.|M. to do hut improve my mind -
any kind of an opening ami  don't studying the game.    Thorpe werci
see   none   waiting.    There  was a pretty minimi*,  though.    'IVar.il
piker'**- game going on iu the saloon  like he vveie-Jitislied tolct iheotlier
with three or four drummer** and n feller* think he were a sivond-nite
cross-roads player from New Madrid player, ami wit*  waiting  till   they
in it. but the drummer* was cheap cnild *_ei a little caret««•**■* like afore
men ami was pl.tyinu it two-dollar trying tu gi-i e\en for his (list mi-*-
take.     After awhile  he  made hi*
tibt-t   aud  there  wn<*  when we all
loimd him out.
"It wen* hi* deal.and he'd Hiaik-
lt| till   MSVSM   tut    Ul."    Illilll,
limit, ami Thorpe didn't am'alwwl
no small game then, lie were lly*
tng pretty liijfh ihcin day*. »•••!,
Iiaslng a proper ii*s|**«*t for Id*own
taii'iili*. fit" He-el inn  mi    -n,.,, ,,,!«,„
rather than to weaken then.but the!
valid- did it. i
"He opened his mouth to speak, I
but he diiln'l speak,    lie looked at j
Texas for a moment, ami   then he j
looked at the revolver, and then he j
got up and left the table, and that
wa*-   the  end  of Thorpe.    There
wasn't a boat on  the river where
they'd let him play alter that, and
In-disappeared,    I hiiiu't seen him
since iill today, but il ain'l no surprise to see that he's a hobo, living
with hnlMies,     And tlnii's the man
that might have Itecn rich and  respected it ll lindii t Im'cii lor I be i,in-
little streak of valler."
Sijitutl Lowhuy's Claim
to vti\m vour  way  hv
M-inlino flu* cilifiM a <l«»l
Im*.   If furnish-)** a pmv-
t!<"T f.lmf. leaves no mix-cd
The Hamilton 17-Jeweled movement
in Nickle case, is the best and most
beautiful watch in the market at a
very low figure.
I have Hamilton movements lully
'.'.very watch guaranteed. Send (or
a $13 watch, mailed uj>on receipt ol
(}. W. GHLMMKTT, -lra,i„„u, (i,,ti<i„„
llliil .Ii'Weler.
Place •
Fresh Fish all '•'•'ti»>-'.tfJ5JJ;c-nD
Poultry most,the time. S2o   UP
Staph* a mi Fancy
Agent fin*
3 to fi—Interviewed the company's
competitors; three minutes each.
6 to 7_*Wrote checks.
8:0°--Theatre. Play, "The Ironmaster.'' Don't like the sound: suggests
rivab'i*; niUBt see if rights are to be had
We<lnes(lay--Cu)-iously unlucky morning*. Admiralty wouldn't sell fleet
War °ttice refused to scrap guns Colonial secretary declined to let me have
Jamaica as a Mp Tor our ashes. At this
rate >>o use stayiiiu- out Picked up
Tha'Oes steamboat fleet for an old song
on sv'ay back Will do to run on the
cana's inside our fitting shop.
Thursday, .-"> p.in.—Things have been
hunimiiiii* unlay. Steamboat deal e.vi-
("lent'.v leaked out. Bought the P. & 0 ,
Gunf-M, White Star. Orient. I'nio"
Cn_tb\ and North „ German Lloyd
Bought, the Liverpool docks. Boiisjlit
tlie Loudon a«'d Northsvostorn. Cabled
to ui,v company that they might begin
in,-ik in j.-
l-'ri-lay, U) n in —Cable fnnn company
askiI'll' me to buy less and sell more.
Nonsense, plenty ol" time for selling.
Miio!' best policy to buy tip all our
Casio-liens Urtit; sell to ourselves then
and "take sure of oiders
4 p. m —Bought Holyhead harbor-
Mad'' an offer for St. George's Channel-
SaMirda.y, 9 a m—Cable from home.
"Rival ti-Ust formed. Underselling'.
Rettf-'ii at once."
10"-Returning— London Punch.
Nfli'th Carolina, is credited with |niv-
in<>- produced about $20,000,000 in gold
frond her mines. It was the first State
in tf'hich gold was discovered. That
was hi 1790.
mak*** a speuinliy   of mlxeil
K8, and affords	
A Weary and
Thirsty Public
a 84'h<Jur-day oiiportunity of
(IrltiHhijj the moat delicious
bes-eCUs'iis produced by art and
Kood'*1uors Tlie cigars oh ii In.'
smoK-5-! when not a hree_u is,
stirrl"K*, ami add [ileasure to the
lifu oL(Uy losvrof good tolmci-n
Reistercr & Vaughan
Tujwiis lCi.Diiicn.or t«* any ix-rsim or |tt-rsoii»
te Whom he amy haw irunsfrrred his interest
i'Mh«"V,>riion" Mineral Claim, one ofth'!
•'^>nii|iareii" wriiiip, situat'i ui'iir Bear Lake,
!>' (lie Hlm-itn   UIiiIiih   Division   of   \V-'J*l.
tfootcnay Dletrict:
VoU ure Imrchy nollHfcil thai w« have ''.xixjudt-d
1   ^"Vi.i'ih In Iftlwr mul improvement* on ac
counter your Interest In thu  Vernon  Mineral
ClaiC.    The ,-ihovt' mentioned ?W.ti.r> Is your
pi(ii'"t'tli>ii of tlie -xiienw. iitH'esHnry in urder U'
hold 'he said claim under tlm iirovlnlons ofthe
MluCll Act.tuid if wlthi.i ninety days from tlm
(lute '.'f this notice you full nr refuse to contrlhutc
thn i'l,«»ve niuntloiuid sum. which is now due.
InyyO'j'T with all co«t< of advci'lislnt*, ymir In
leref' 'li llioNiiid claim will Im'imiih-. tlm prniierlY
nf ilie-Milm-rllier*. under Sect Inn t of the "Min
■•nil -n't Ami-nil'iient Ael vmi."
l),i'*M al Stili*'li. It   15., this tstli dav nl .Inly,
J, li.  McUUN.
T«i |i|.;|,IM,>rKNT Cil.nSVNKIl,
Tu i1"' i-:-iiiii..if s. I'  M""iii., nr 'tii..iii.,«.\' i
f iim.v I'linf'Tii:
V*i»•   ,,!,• Iii-i-,.|i>' nnillii.( thai |   Ii.-im- .'\i„.||i|i'il
I    "it,- Ini 'lici-d -i il I iV" 'I'llliu-and (ills p-i-i'1*
In   pi'1  r ,ni'l (iii!-l"Vi'llli.|il« Hli.ni tin-   Mnll'l,. iillli
i l.il ''l.lilll   "itii-ili-il  mill    S;i'i||,„i.   iu tilt-Sl'iCin
Ml pi"i< |>|\ isl.,». piiiiI ii'i-.uil' -i! in tin- .lilt i tin'
Min'". Ilii'.nl' i '■■! llif -'i'l 'livi i. N'inu' t »*■•-
,iin-,1.iiii i'M|iii)< 'I i.i li-iil  'i'.iii , l.iiiu  unit, i  lli.-
>''iiill*..|  ill''  MltP.'.PlI  Ar! \,. I- III.- \.-.p|, lidllll-
■ "iili.i lit'li  in. i.
pi u il In I' niin it ii n • (i I In., in i< ,,: llii*
t ..ii I'hu  .1 it-fii-i. |., i jiitilt.   t .im   |ii'n
•id li  ' v,i' mlitiin-   t ..'rili.-i   <\ uh  .'II
.p. • i| j.li' .  \. ur i.,|. i..- i . tin -,ihi , l,.liu
 nit. lie    in"|i-ilt   nt   Iln    null, l-i^-iinl,
.   Wi I"  .ui,." i!   Iln-  \|iin'l il
In Hot
Or cold one should
always remember to
keep the .stomach or
bowels in o-ood order
For this purpose
there is nothing* better than. .... . A
Health Salt
It is a safe remedy for
tlie many simple' ailments, such as Biliousness, Sick Headache,
etc., and, being1 a palatable effervescent powder, it is at all times , .
Cooling and Refreshing
Sold only at
NelSOIl'S Drug & Book Store
N«'SV   DtMIVl'l-,   ».  C.
Street-car drivers in Spain icceivo $tt
per week, in New South Wales they receive $12.
IGjntlt-usediulvri-tisL'meiitj), such us For Sale,
Wanted,Lost,Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Ma ninnies, Personal. Hotels, Lentil,]Medical, etc, t
are inserted when nut ttxeeedlng 20 words for
H5 cents each insertion. Each live words or less*
over 21 words are live cents additional.]
FOR,   SAX-m
DKV OKK PUOl'iijKTV, North Fork Car-
!)Cii(er ereek-A LI'S, ALPS K1UCTION,,
and ALTUKUS-Crown Grants obtained. An-
l>ly, \V, J. McMILLAX & CO.. Vancouver, B.C..
'PHEO. MADSON. Nelson. B. C, manufat-
1. tures I'ents, Awn inns, Home and Wajrou
Covers, and all kintls of Canvas Goods.
NELSON, B. C.      Cor. WARD & BAKER Sts.
1)11. MILLOY,1{,1^Kb
Has had 15 years «x|wi*ieiivit iu dental work, aud.
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work. Moftf
complete aent'il office in B C.
XI   ICM7-Tliemo»tcomplete ii r a I  Til'
■iuent I'hyslelau
on the Continent of North America,   situated midst set'iicry 1111
rivalled for Grandeur.   Boating	
Flshin-f and Kxcursitms Resident Physlclau
and Nni-sc. Tt'lenriiphle eommumcatlon with all
parts of the wiiriil; iwti uiaiLi arrive and depart
everyday. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; Us waters heal all Kidney,
Liver and Stomach Ailments. Terms: *il5to *rtS
Iter week, accordln*,* to rcsldeiive In hotel or
villus. The jirico of » rouiid-trlii ticket tietweon
Ntsw Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round anil ifootl lor iio •luyp', is •S.a.S. Halcyon SprliiRs. Arrow Luke. B. O.
Vit   HKYLANK, KiLifineor itml Provincial
,   Laud Surveyor,   Suiiduti,
\\r   1*. tki-:t/.ki. * <:o., nvihoh: h.o.,
!   V|  ,    Dfiili'i't. in .ill ]mui--t and A»si,vers'Sup
I    11.   <*.\:ui;ito\,
el,   clnihiMir ii..ii-.|i r:
fnnn all cliin>i.«.
ii'tl'in.  Miiuiil'at'luroK-
mi •..lii-lin patriMiiiitir:
\  ^
Wholesale   Mai'oliai-xtB.
|M IINKIt.    lti:i;i(»N    X    ML.   Wholi'sal*'
I    M.-ti-iiiiiiikitini |iii|iui'ii'i-«-  l,ii|H'i-.  I'l^inr.
;,li  |IH   I,mill".       NVIm.ll.    \'il 11,'unt i |,    Vli'llllla
mi I, lull. Kl,--
\ I
K S^l <>
J. E. Angriqnon
Tlie I^-iiillntr
I i <*,«*-
Itt-lUt    Atlltll   Allliv. ll.ll, tlt^l,  t llli   Ul."'   UUV    tttlHll     I.H     ,.'i'i>'i>t>
"Wlu'll   we  *_«»t   tft   Hi'Iimp* In** »» liiiiMiiiti.   and   tlix   IttMyn   ami
o\H*uniii eniiH'.     they mh» oUwyn 'i'hwqte ix'mn wlwviil  rrem  mu <iIh'",
-pit 011 thi*n» ttint I know«Nl svhs* 11 iimuh-v (|iMHiuii.    Hi*   rillUil   tin*
i.i.-11'i  i.iiti.i-  imt *\'ob linn   Mil- ;i «-.ir**l- »lvr»~* «ir fnnr titu-"- »- n-Midl.
* m.***"
mepilU-liiKiil U'lb'i- uiti» i T--VA
hil on thtu f i„.v,.| *i4i'ii jW.ii>-, !!«•
\t.,i*» «|iiit«'Voui!).. I don'i rii-kon
ln» urn- iiurt-c'u  *-'("♦ «»r _7.   I11H li<*
llt*l I liMI-l **.'*»   I ixilllilti t -(MliolJi-
uiii id tin (s,«s in- <li«l it, hut I
ff-'koii'l'i"\!»** iiiii«*t b»v*» ini*-triit-l«H|
**..m.'tliMiK.    Ai»yw»y.wliilp'liior|it*
*.*,.»•* <l< lliu-.. '!'(">»,•» [nit Iii- hand in
Iii-   [itn-k.-r    Hftml  of  -*ti«l-l.-n.   not)
nn»v«»*l   lik»«  he liv-iil   uitwily  mil-
.t^A'tV*. IVU-I tl'-'  U'vf  '*  ''''''*"    ■*""'*'   '"
liis eye thm **h«»w»il h«* mrr n Hum*- »l*»*»hm*ir Iii** wml. **»)":
ouyh^iriii.     V«•■*>•-»hi »>*• It.*-*   *.su»*' * inif.iu .Iimi...! 1 ■* I,'!'") ..itiu
MlltVinl Ihi-y l»r^j-»iil«*iikln-gl-f»r*4j»i»ii. in- l»i«l »l>«* '•*<!** in front ui liiu*.
mul h,»mv\tytheetTM<Uh<'y\H>]y*-*\ "V*.**. I «'«m"t k«o-«   stbibrr if
mtt Thorjir m i% jin-m- *lm*\> \*»ik- mh* |«»1 *»f TUur^-*-*   jiljiv to un<*
itvft, vtem wiih llie «.»il«iiril »M»"J*r- ,,vn ,!,"v,, ^'"^ ,,r  n,*!*    Vc"""'
»m,. of f,^Hf-*riJv.-.. Ilni gullalk* lifc«-l) il <n>a».lHil I'ltiM f«nir «'iK
ing   with   liiui.   he  !»-lii«   suiting th-tt tin- innnb km« ht* j.-*****   h» iW
iM-jtton for shitttciintrthe
rtH'U ot su|)oi>nn«»ii Hilt!
'r«lii'i V| .Vri'i 'i     ' .'. "•'.  '       ' '   "
imti'li *»l tin* l»»ii»lii m«"t-
til nl   IVfiwIoHi   «iti   thin
I'nitli.    Dijr, whilt* the
thnuirht «»f )nir«»hu*«» in
hncst Miop 10 ttic 5iocan.
]\r\eV   Hlnck,    Hcllcviic   \vi- ,   \',.w
Denver, II. (.',
.I"HX Vll.l.VNt K
III   V     I  ill
\«»N|*\i;i if .    H.'ttNoiiM:.    \i;iin(In,
• it u 1., mi: 11   <•• 1111 1    »i: villi:
•1,11 ii..,i, mill   MlM'MiLII.   It-it 11 lull
M|„. 1   I 1 , Ipip-,
*)     Im;
( HIII.Ill I (II     ,y
.rit'i"", SS li.i|.-.,il.' (ii'ii-
('((.,     N,|,	
■I--11 ml l'ri'\i*lnti
Lj ID OtA*. L-
( llltlsl II
•il.ir.   \ni.iiy
, I..
I., II.
\i   I.. 1. lit iimi: 11, 1.. 1
.'I .   *>"lli-llnr Noiiin I'ni'li'
III ..,, -li llltli'i- pit  \..«    I !,...,(. 1   ■
II iir|,|i'r.  Si, •
.ipil'.ii    II    ('.,
II.,  II-nil*, r,
S.llllli.H. II   (',
I.    SjltlC'll IV
Sl'll'ttr 111
K,..,i, 1
In-iiH 1
1 ss 1 »i
Slinliiu   |MSl-l-it
, I Id'11 I,'i»n
♦•SI", N'M't I' I Hi.,I t. Sd'm » Mi, wit „.|1iiii
W in 1 Mi t.r. 1,1 l'i, •■ Mint" *
('■t'li.iii. \ , II .(*; ui l.iiiu 11 Mi l..a„ l-iif
Mi'"( ' 1. nil" 'i. S'. II »«;>. .mil SVm A
t !'-<t It,, Mlt„r« i.tlliiiit. \.» it Tl'.',
int. ">l. "IS'j •! »>••» Irom Km thl,- lt,-i, ,,1 In
.t|.i''s |.i ih.  Minim; Ui-...I'd 1   |.,i  C, Kill, ,1, •  it
111,I"•>»»■!• till.    I'll    lit,     |.IH|>»I    ..I    ,,llt  lilil.ll,'      I
« 1 •" 1.1.11«m .ii 1 11 li.,(1 in- ,i|i,,»t- <'litliim.
V'tl*   tlh,r(il.i   .!"li<, lliu itiii'tti. Klitlrr <■<-
ii.p'';  11 ir 1..nun, in <-I i»(.ti- i|m- <;,«ii:.ti..
•>» '"' It 1 ' Hilt, -'let, ..   Iiiifi'i.t, ,1,. ipI,
!'**!• I till-  ||H| lilt       '    Inii,   v     jl   1 ,,|
st si s hid ss iis
11 *'*v.i**. m ti i,si 1;.  ni.ss i:nv, 1 »r-
I-* i (». sunt **i.i< (» ntvi'i«i> Mi,.. '.■.!
•I'm; Aiu.i!
I       I* lll'Hlll|llill
Mfii.    1,-CIMIM
\ltl.l\(. MIS   HOI! I., *l.<'.in(1u ,
rlt r- (,.! \ti;tli..'   iml I'-.ii.inii'fn I
A   III 'Vhllt-tiv
>l VniKU   I'M lis us
To All. KANl'lltS  l'n|\T> ml
I..VKK U«H'TK.  Vt.l. tt\!!.
ii  Mi,
!i"i,.,,      itl.lf,. I
• I >!•..,(.! .I'l    '.1 .
111   MLun.   |i!vi.j..n  1,1 SSi.l
til   Mill   1.1M
M    1'nlll til  *  lllf.li
''*» I,.-
I... J>l,i,| >*,
!lii .1*! ,,( Nil*
if 1:  T  MAIK TMH   V
\:i\ivi. KA«.i\i:i «:
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\    U •--'■' .
■ nil* *ii    \
.»■..    II.  -i
..-'.' ;..'»-
'.   \' ...  -  '<,    A- : ■ •
M'-N.-iiulti.   Ir .«■• M»»» *
,   i* 1 I..,.,.  H    Hui  I p.-
.     II      .Ml
i'.\S amkuh a\ i;\< i im<i\s
IK   I  (  .11 .'»
K    SS
.'•   I.
f   III.
n-%1. •''»'   p. -tl- •
"--:.| (» /-*,„„.,•,,.., 1
'litl, »!■ •    •;  (lit;,*,,
. •' s. <"*•>.1,.   ,;
I lt.ll, t.
, i-.ft
.. Ill*
■,:«* .
■ It 1 - 'he
.     T.   ■
\\A'J *< «
Nit'i'lniiU  ' ■(
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1   rvvi<"
.|,|r* ** tj,,- \.,
ll  i.Aldll  I
, (,••   I*   Str-
M«a> tJ-.n-.cv. I J. C.
'!,/•-•" »•«*)• m tbt tJi't "'"t>nttutT*Wt fdytni—VAT :'*'«
f,ritHi'it*»> in<f '*'c*.ir»--H»'*»* nerrffi" tty ty.
Nt*1^ |Mf»iv«r, llC.
^ % SVII«M)\ * -wSL.!**^!*
't   -n :lA> ls,«r* t*r* *r<
,t' t
t \t'im
» .**■
II   «1
1**1  ^r«
.■■'I tl-iln I
,rt''*tt Id »
:   *. 1 "* 111   -1      '
• null
IU ail- nt nt
W  V  f
ti 1. iifidirr
i   >:. 1 THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, 13. C, AUGUST 8, 1901.
Eighth Yeab
I events JUst PassrrjS Sy j
It is haul   in  look   upon   dusith  as a
blessing*, and stil! more ditlu-ult for the
human mind to receive, it as such.    But
that it is a blessing* all must admit,  for
-without death ano decay  there can be
iio future life.     In   nature,   the   seed
must die or there is  no increase.    It is
so in tlie, life of man.     And  when age
has bent loss- the back of'one whose life
has been one continuouii hardship; when
old age finds one isolated and alone, an
outcast, with no friend or kin to watch
over, care for or comfort,  then  what
greater blessing-could come to a man
than-rhat of death?    Recently, in Winnipeg-, such a blessing- came to Thomas
Winters, an old  British  army veteran.
Isolated and alone,  in a little  hut  on
Princess street, screened from viesv by
a high board fence, tlie ag-ed  veteran
had lived a quiet, secluded  life.    His
pension svas small, but his wants were
few, and  if Im had  troubles,  he kent
them to himself.    A. high board fence in
which it svas ditlicult from  the outside
to detect an  opening', surrounded the
little plot, in svhich the house occupied
n central position,   hi 'this citadel tin-
old man lived alone,  and unmolested.
He made, few calls and received fesv
visitors    The site of his fortress svas
owned hv the Dominion government,
and for the use of it he paid a  rent  of
one dollar a month.   The blank   brick
wall of a warehouse,  five stories high,
shaded his garden   in  tlie   afternoon.
Few of the number who hourly hurried
by, dreamed that here, on the principal
wholesale street of the city, and within
a stone's throw of the Winnipeg* theatre,
hail for many summers lived an aged and
infirm man, who had spent the best
years of his life in  the service  of his
country.   The high, closed fence kept
the old man and his affairs a secret save
to a ie.w.    Of the few, less gave the
matter a second thought.   A few weeks
ago the old soldier's heart gave him
much trouble, and he went to the hospital.   He was discharged, some better
in health, but he could not be cured.
Some days later he ss'ent to a doctor's
ofiice for some medicine. He returned to
his hut and svas never seen again alive.
Sometime between sunset and dasyn,
while the city around him was wrapped
in the silence and darkness of a sum-
 . .l^.Kf l-l. A_rilr( —
great deal of water is directly absorbed
But svhen too much is taken some re- !
mains in the stomach and so dilutes the j
gastric juice, svhich, if practiced con-;
tinu.-illy, will eventually cause dyspep- ',
sia. Where can we find one whose |
body has not been affected by improper ;
eating and drinking? To whom, then, j
shall sve go for advice concerning our i
food'-' Know thyself, and the advice of j
others svill not be needed. It must be
remembered that one person can do,
without harm and sometimes with advantage, what is injurious to another,
fn other svords, "What is one man's
food, is another man's poison " Men
differ very* widely in their habits
Every person should understand the
great laws and principles of physiology
aud apply thorn with the aid of experience to his own case. For instance,
how can one expect to be free from
stomach trouble, if for breakfast he partakes freely of fried ham and eggs, adding perhaps fried cakes and fried potatoes. This, to my mind, is about as
digestible as a well greased piece of
shoe leather. Water cannot get through
a well greased piece of leather, nor can
gastric juice penetrate through a svell
greased egg If one eats something
that does nor agree with him he should
discontinue its use e\'en if it does tickle,
the palate
"One of the svoist evils, and it is
taught us at an early age, is the habit
of eating too much food. The child is
no sooner old enough to desire food
than he is overfed. We have all seen
the tender infant urged to take a little
more food, after nature had already
said "enough.'' Then, in a fesv minutes, if the child cries a little from pain,
or from the effects of having been already overfed, the stufling process is
repeated, hi fact, feeding becomes the
panacea for every ill. The stomach is
thus unnaturally distended, and if the
stufling process be continued, it becomes enlarged.
"After a while the infant becomes old
enough togo to the table. He is the
most prominent object of attention and
conversation, and each contends for the
honor of feeding his little stomach. He
must, of course, like what the rest like,
tea, coffee and other injurious thin<>*8.
The process goes on till the precious art
of eating and drinking is acquired.
The arrangement'of our modern tables
tempt him as a man more than* when a
child, because ins stomach is entirely
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid linking Powders  containing
alum.   Thoy are Injurious to health
request—a single sentence—on apiece
of crumpled paper, pinned the paper on
the outside of the gate and tied a shred
of crepe to the pin. A passer-by the
next morning svas attracted by the
crepe on the gate, and lifting it up read
in unceriain characters, apparently
written hy a shaky hand, the inscription on the paper. "Will someone please
tell the police that an old man has died
For the benefit of our subscribers sve
are going to start a conscience fund.  A
conscience fund is a good thing     So is
a good conscience.   The better tho conscience the bigger the fund,    So get
your conscience in good   trim.     The
conscience fund in  the   United States
treasury   amounts  to something over
$2011,0-17.55.   The account   was opened
iu September, 1811, the first  contribution being 81 sent bv a man  from New
York state.   The largos!  amount  I hat
has been contributed by any one con-
siiiMici) smitten soul  was !?l'l,_*i(), -tent
fmiu London, and the smallest a  two
cent   stamp.      The   contributors   are
chii'lly peeple who have defrauded the
government in slight   svays, and  _eu.
(■rally their consciences are quickened
jitHl .'liter a religious revival  in tin* immediate, neighborhood     Oin* ivpniiaiit
soul returns an  "1.  < I.   I'.' lor *1 _">,
which ho said he svou limn a I'. S. pay-
ma !er in  a   poker  ginne       The  (mul
that sve Hie about  to «tart   svill  lu* nf
special   nilvanliigc  '<' 'H'Ihh-iii'iiI   milt-
SCI'iliei'*., I'M no ulu*   Will   he   i"\(llt<|ft|.
We ssiil iihI make iiuy »ii**ttin Ihhi;   a ih
to relieve  guilts   cnimciciiiv*.  thai   the
fllliit i*. to be  opened  and   siv  ssitl   receive miytItniir in thesha| col oilitteiiil.
"I 11 IA" svon in poker games  not  ae*
cepttil.    If youi t'oiisi'it'nft'pint's  tube
relieved uf the hurdi-ii n| |.:n l;in_ admit
any money m- iimni''* IpiIvh limn a dead
relative, ur ;i fneiiil m etii|iluse!' whu-e
■|ihltv»*t l*» lint t'tinsvil. M'tt'l  It ultiieji,      |l
in nit iii-i't"*i,us In!   ymi   lu   ..end   wiiii'
h.'lllte       \'u|   tin Will  ll.'l Ve   III    U.'lil    im  ,|
relii.'iiitiH vesiS'iil in sum' luiil-t \'u
ijiii-i-i i H is . i >■ i, .'il. Ail i mil 11 mil imts will
lit'   ail'iiiisvli'il^ed   m   these   ■ .ilnum-
Hon'i   i:\r mi   siren.
one meal a day, The Koniau soldiers
in the best days cf Koine, subsisted oil
rations svhich were scanty us svell an
simple, yet they carried armor svhich
in these days svould be deemed insupportable.
"Tlie digestive apparatus is subject
to habit, like the rest of ihe system. At
the accustomed meal time the saliva
and the other digestive fluids svill floss*
though no loud is taken. When that
time, is passed, they do not start so
"Lack of exer-'ise. to my mind, is a
great hindrance to digestion. When
the body is in a sluggish condition, the
digestive juices floss* slowly. • The alimentary canal does not contract vigorously to khead the food."
For more than TEN YEAKS the goods of Jacob Dover have been made on Honor and sold on
Merit. Our line to-day is larger and better than over before. Our stock ot Diamonds and Precious
Stones is the largest in the Kootenays. We solicit your patronage. By buying from ine, you
svill save 20 per cent on each dollar, and you svill be getting quality as well as quantity, as I guarantee
all goods bought Irom me.
""■■*    tEWKLKR,   Ni'lxon, H. C.
■Sit \vt- mils' t'liiiiluy rx|ittt'i ss'orkiiifii, nil jobs |n-.ini|iily rxoiMiti.il,
Mull onluis rei-t'ivo niir prnr.i|it, and I'tiivful'it.tfiititiii.
«k:c*-k:cs3 tsjtSKxatsxgJsa
Hivh .Men anil Clitucli.-s.
Bishop Hugh Miller Thompson
preached a sermon in Jackson, Miss.,
last sveek,during the delivery of which,
among other things, he, said:
"The greatest burden of failure and
shame svhich the church carries today
is the burden of her rich men. A poor,
beggarly gift of a fesv thousand dollars
for somo work appealing to affection,
sentiment or pride has been published
far a*ui svide, and shouts of praise sung
for the donor. The church millionaire
is the most dangerous and disreputable
enemy to the church as thing's are now,
The poor creatures are trying to cheat
their osvn small souls by dropping less
than one day's profits of their business
lo some small charity, and striving to
believe that They are '.'onspieuous
Christian gentlemen "
Probably the greatest output of any
mine, (not a quarry) in the world, is that
of the Norrie, in the Gogebic range,
Michigan. In 190O this mine, svhich is
opened up hy shafts,'drifts and slopes,
produced over 1,00U,0(KJ tons of ore, or
roughly 3,1)00 Ions of ore per day.
Should ni-l miss itu opportunity to visit
D. flcLachlan's
Wlnui in ncai-fh ol Gent's Fiirnishinys for this
season's wear.     Some rare ItarKains.
New Denver, B. C.
too large w«fTiilHriiaFTJecomi-iixedT
When he has consumed about as much
as his system required, another dish is
brought on.
"Suppose a hoilBolt-opsu'.oiidoavoving
to follow out the lasvs of physiology and
hygiene, svould svithold from her guests
tea, coffee, condiments, etc.,what svould
her modern fashionable friends think .
Thoy would likely think her a reform
crank and laugh at her for her pains.
Are we feeding our stomachs svhen sve
overeat? No. We are feeding disease.
When sve overeat for any length of
lime the system becomes full of impurities, and Nature tries to throw off these
impurities in the form of colds, boils,
and many diseases.
"Kveryhody is inclined to eat more,
than Nature requires. We svould b" iu
better condition if sve ate less than sve
do Some of our great men were small
enters Sir Isaac Xcwtmi svas exceedingly rigid with himself, llenjiiniin
Franklin sometimes ate very little food.
Dr. Dsvight endeavored to subsist on
tsvelve inoiillifiils of food a day. 1-resi-
ilent Jefferson said. 'No man, svhen Incomes to die, ever svill repent ol luivinu
eaten so little ' O.SandL N ("ussier, i
phrenologists, in their writings advance j
„ud ilefciul llie doctrine of citing  only j
to supply builders and contractors
with all the above building materials.
Our. products received First Prizes
md Medals the Inst two years at the
b-yoknne Fxpositioii. The Lime that
we iwe. now inaitufacturing is not,
excelled. Special quotations to contractor:! on n|-plication.
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 608
Kootenay Coffee
Seeds, Trees,
 8 .50 I Gold ,-tiiil Silver..s .75
50 I Golil.silv'r.copii'r 1.5(1
Samples by mtiil receive prompt attention.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
Cigar Oo.
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers ot Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.    Correspondence solicited.   Address—
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
An up-to-date line of
constantly on hand.
Head office: XELSON, B.C.
Stoic* at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
Km' pliers apply lo -
W. J. MCMILLAN &0<>.
Wlittli'tilli' A-.'iint* lur II.C.
Vitiit'iiiivt'i'. II.O.
Our Special
El Condor
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best moat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
P.   BURNS &   CO.
rui:rr BASKETS,
1 Bulbs fi'i-KMii
(■ntali^iif Ei'cc.
p pin.
. ii- i.
fiiilit^'i tl.. nl Vii.p i.tt\fi, it, ('
Will II. I, Mini,' H\I,V
wHa^<      ~>^^^f ^^^^r- ■ ~"-^^^m w^m"" " " """^^***_( ^^**_f***'  "<~^'M__f
^^^•^^^^^K. ^^^-^^^^^\ ^^'-^^k'^^^ r^^*^^^^^\
ll'iuliiitf and I'licUint; <<> Mines,
and ixciicritl local bunin<>ns.
Nt'V»   Dftivi't',  It,  *'.
l*X^,F<XW*'F€SXm)wC' "**{
Wine Co.,
H'lmliiSiilc dealers In
Kootenay Coffee Company JOHN WILLIAMS
,   .1    ... «     i,       .., Denier in
p . '     l!       S-i \ i   -,  II irl  •*•!.
'i,M,v-' IMPORT &D
In \'W II. in. t     Kit.
F. -iMI I'll, nt iln-..HI,
Apply I >i'l'".->
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars^   **
Agents for Calgary Beer.
%, *%%^%ik,V%'%%^%%^'*V^
Heltons, Kxiiinlimtioiirt nnd Maiui^o-
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
l-'unilly & Commeri'lal.
Kitted wil.li every modern
eonvenienee. Special protection against lire. Rates $2.50
and&i per day.
l'i*ii|ii It-ttir*.
forget the
Lake Shore
Three Forks
B. C.
VlUtlHIIlp liUlli'tl li-xtd*,   <'tilll(>Ctli»ll
rrv and Fruit.
I 011; kmiski itKi'Airr.
I MKXT Is ri'-Tn.iiATI*:
! IS ALL sTVLKS \\l»
; I'lUt'K.s,
I t'
II,'u    l«ll.
1 li'Vi-ltnitit'-nl  nitv* Mini   itt   1I1U   ii'1-i'nf'
IllllTV C.Vtt (iimiiU |l»T   t|uy WituM  In* lii't.
ti^r lliiin tlirci*.   "ll ■*iir|irii*«i'( ii»*," ^av-1
be. "licit ftiml i*< i*v»'r illir«"*'«''l. 'Ik* whv
it i» linltt'il ttnWIl   illtn  l||i'   "liililiitli   hy i
*'"*'   *-*''-" '•-*'1 """        '      ■'-    " '•■ "" ' |
tlmt in.tny have itnH-{i!-«tii>ii f*d «i> *»- (
pf«|i»i«, wIipii wt- n*Hli/.« (In* Im I Unit p
mo«t nil nf no -.il ti,<i fn*!. iliinl, :,n.
Iinicli fluid willi our (ii--;ile,<'Miii-<|n.-|i<*r j
fond, ■nd ***l «iitir*lv l-munii'li lur jfttml
Ivattlt. tVlv'ti w,; I'nt. i.i,, f.v.(, -dn *A„' :
It. not pm|M!rly mls«*d with mIivh. Soint*|
till*   ilk* HKI'l   UlUll     t>|U|>flU      tH.t-.lH,.lUll,(
thn food in oit»i hull th« ili^r-non    It
wtitiM lw* teller to «>mii » in«*»l  tlun to j
Mt a* (mt( *»« Mtinc i|i.     If tin- »(i>iii»i-lt |
h«>l tttrtlt. it would ii<•! l>f  *.i Iini. and
it U* -jfeitlomM** f*»»*t I »m«* tti*t it|
bun not. \
"When wo l»l*e li«(ilid  with fo.xj-ij
I'mvidoH -(CCiiiiiiiiodnilon for
»,n    it it « 1 iiiIIh   j'tiXttV.    ....
IMe:i. nil    r ■ .'..i,,     u.iit)   xutift
ineiilK.   The Lur is stocked   v ..   , i.i.u,i
with   wine*,    ll,(uoni   «nd ! N«wm*rkct ltU**k.
cijrnr-4      HOI' and  (JdLO
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
NT/.V LiN',:-t','  SI'
iKr.s am
[II IU!* IN" KSIis.l
"•riiii'N h-'iiii .*
v,pvru«.iv <H>\vK<Tinv
Sew Deliver'
HUUH MVbM, Proprietor.
A tall Hue ol SilverwHri' nnd choice[
Odilcctionerv at
" • lijti-jtliliti-Hi,. St ■• Ik-itvtr
General Draylng:: Mining Sup- "... T(J
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty-
f)nr l*Agt_nge wagon*. mee% all San*
iiuy tr«ln*.
_-4_it Hoi_c** -nd rACk, 'X\U.i
Feed Swhlwi «t Sew Denver.
I »ill II,iW 'til
Sf*,,, PJlMtf,
KtsUh* al
Bargains >° House Furnishings
We are now olUjriufr npecial lmrptinH in Cui'iieLs, Hiij»,h. Luee CnrtaiiiH,
PorrieroH. Window .Shades. Table (,'over.s, Floor Oilcloth. Linoleums, ('rtuiih
(Moths, and Ingrain .Squares, at prices never liefore equaled in Nelson. This
is it golden opportunity for securing great values in these lines.
Fred. Irvine & Co.
at VERY LOW PlirCES    ,


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