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The Ledge Jul 18, 1901

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 Volume VIII.   No, 42.
NEW DENVER, B.C., JULY 18, 1901.
Price, $2.00 Year ADV^CE
G$r\wa1 f^Ws FToat
In and About the Slocan and neighboring Camps 83
that are Talked About. ™
Bert Wilhelm has gone to Dawson.
G. 0. Buchanan has removed the
machinery of the Howser sawmill to
Ward Macdonald has "one to Howe
Sound to act as foreman at the Marlborough.
George Petty is working the Victor
and Bachelor claims, adjoining1 the
Queen Bess.
A. A Webb, F. L. Byron and Geo.
A Jackson have secured some coal
land in Alberta.
Bill Bowes, after spending several
years in the Klondyke, is visiting his
brother Jim in Silverton,
R-> W. Douglas, a prominent insurance
man of Winnipeg, spent several days
in New Denver this week.
The Government sale of lots will take
place in New Denver on the 25th. The
upset price of all lots is $100.
John L. Retallack has taken a lease
if Hit bond on the Washington, and a
small force has been put to work.
Tlie Kelly Merry-makers will be here
next Tuesday. They are favorably
spoken of by the Manitoba press.
Services will be held in St. Stephen's
church on Sunday next at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p m.    Uev, C. Arthur Mount,Vicar.
The burning of the Nakusp House
the other night at Nakusp removed one
of the landmarks from the Alfalfa of
Gus Mathew callB tiie reading room
attachment to his Nelson Htnoke factory
Carnegie Hall. No one is allowed to
xpit on the ceiling.
There is harmony about Tine Lhikik
ollice when 15 cows, each with a bell,
seemingly at both ends, run their
ninw-'r.s over our lawn,
The huh is slowly traveling soiilli.bul
John Williams does mil move. He is
Htill at bat and makes a liaso hit every
lime someone yells "Ice Cream "
The Government has reserved four
lots adjoining Till*, l.i'mi: ollice for
nchool purposes, and plant* are being
jirepared for i. new school building.
The strawberry season in just about
petered, but other fruits are still iu
sight, ami John William* in still able
tn iiuii't   tlie  cnn'iii'js of almost any
kind of a fruit desire.
made on the Silver Glance, near Bear
John Tinling has a contract for driving 200 feet of tunnel on the Canadian
Two tunnels are being driven on the
Mountain Con, and the property is reported healthy.
Last week miners were scarce around
Sandon, but the Rossland strike will
soon change the condition.
The claims of the Lode Star Co., on
the Upper Duncan river, have been relocated by Dan McPhail and Pat Keo-
gan. «.
Last week ground sluicing ox posed
six feet of concentrating ore on the
surface of the Young Dominion, one of
the Queen Bess group.
The completion of the tramway at the
Hewitt will enable that property to be
of AVimtst, 19()H. An order is also made,
forth" takinn of nn account by tlie
registrar of the dealings and transactions between the plaintiff and defendants as copartners, to inquire into what
the said partnership assets consist of,
and in what manner and upon what
terms the same may be most beneficially realized The court directs that in
taking the account the plaintiff shall he
allowed his wages as foreman at the
rate of Sn per day, and that the defendant Sproat submit such claims as he
may have for his woik of managing the
15. C.    MIMNCi    l.KOISI.ATION.
unfairly on all properties, and mostly
on those which are low grade Instead
of a 2 per cent, tax, in some cases it is
as hi_.li as 10 per cent , and it is actually
today retarding the development of
some of the, most promising claims.
While it is almost universally conceded
that the eight-hour law was a mistake
as being entirely uncalled for, it is
recognized tliat it, is quite useless to
hope for its repeal, so subservient are
the Government to the so-called labor
vote. The mining industry is now
paramount in B.C., and so many classes
are naturally dependent on its progress
and development that if they would
only seriously realize the absolute
necessity for the reorganization of the
mining laws and tlie suicidal policy of
hamnering capital by hurtful legislation, the cure is in their own hands, as
the Government is dependent on  their
The fact that British-capital  has almost entirely ceased to flow into British
Columbia is heinu1 keenly felt, not only
throughout the mining camps, but nlso
among the wholesale firms of  Victoria
and  Vancouver.   The local  press has j votes-B.C. He view, London, Eng
been much exercised  ov r what they j
term "want of appreciation" on the part'
of British capitalists, and until recently
attributed the cause either to the South
African war or to the non-success of so
many of the English companies already
operating there,  the blame for which
Contrary to expectation telegraphed
from Rossland last week, the Miner's
Union voted to go on strike on all the
properties in the camp operated by the
B. A.C., and as a  consequence some
they endeavored to fasten entiiely -on • thing- like: 12<"K3 inen quit  work and the
the niana_einent.   As we have already   Lo Roi<  Wai. E    j     ana Centre Star
an TnTiTuT-lfate lieavy~irf|vpeE 1'Here"
are 400 tons of ore ready for shipment
and the mine can ship 10 tons daily for
an almost indefinite period
THE- HAllTNt'Y    «nOIT|>.
The. Hartney group, coii*detini? of
eight claims, is situated on Silver
Mountain, back of New Denver A
number of capitalists It-run Jtochester.
N. Y , bonded the properties about two
years ago, aud commenced to develop
thein in a persistent and thorough
manner. The company, which is com-
posed of some of the best business men
of Rochester, have not allowed anything
to stop their progress but have gone
ahead with the determination to make
amine. Tlieir example might well be
followed by many others. J, |) Mac-
Master and J. W, Hannan arrived in
pointed out,, the fault lies much  nearer
home. Jn the lirstplace. the  past  and
present Government is to blame, and in
the. next, the local inining men.    These
are tied up tight.   The Union  has
siieilAheiollowing statement:	
"The foundation of the trouble is the
fact that nearlv half the mine emploves
1   FToat Frtirri /SeTsory
ig _ ■■
^Interesting Budget of News and Comment From!
8§ the Smelter City.
Dissatisfaction over the expenditure
of the Dominion Day fund is particularly great this year Like the poor, the
kicker is always with us, but he is present in unusually large numbers on this
occasion. Among the things complained of, with or without just cause,
is the unfair discrimination between
the .Smelter and the City bands, and
the high price paid to the Circus band
for its services at the Water Carnival.
If it he ttue that the sum of $300 was
disbursed for the three tunes played
that evening, then it is a proved fact
that—good things come high. The
half of that money would secure a
greater degree of efficiency from the
City band, by providing an incentive
for a better class of music than its mem
hers have yet been able to furnish.
Another grumble conies from the merchants who feel that partiality was
shown in the distributjoij_of_jhej-ur-
Kootenays, and citizens are wondering
if it might not be expedient to add half
a cent to the rate of taxation and makeover the patchwork edifice of the public,
school, which is certainly a disgrace to
a progressive community.
A young man in the employ of the C.
P U this week celebrated his first
Sunday off duty in eighteen months,
and he didn't _et drunk, either. One
wonders when the Lord's Day Alliance
is, going to tackle these great corporations and make them he good.
Some men are tickled all over to see
their names in print. Others are not.
There is one man in Nelson whose,
modesty in this respect is not only deserving of mention, but equally worthy
of emulation. Because a member ofthe
Miner staff innocently reported that he
chase inone\ for prizes.    It is said that j
the merchant    who    stands   strongest
unpalatable truths to which  they  have  are paid *20 per cent, less than  for the! against Thursday closing got the lions
so long shut  tlieir eves,  have  at  last,  ^nie labor in other camps, and the an    share.
noying   practices introduced—tirst, es-
pionage  and   blacklisting,   by    which
nianv of the ablest members were com-
It is just   possible,   >hat   Nelson  has
reckoned without her host   in  counting
obtained publicity, through a  letter  o
Mr. HirseheM-C'Vheii, a resident of  Victoria,  who chiefly ■ represents  German
capital, publish.-.! in ihe Colonist, and j ,„.■-,.,. t0 se,,k employment elsewhere; j on the erection of the refinery  within
also from the iniblisbed slatemeiits of j Hi*t*oiwl, revocation of the privilege of the  her borders.    In this case the "host ap-
secretary in being allowed to solicit | pears to be Mr. Michael McAndivws, a
members among non-union men off j well known prospector and miner. Mr.
duty on company premises; third, by j McAndrcws has a scheme of his own up
connection with bogus employment | liis sleeve touching the refinery, and he
agencies in seeking to flood the over-! has gone to Spokane with the avowed
Mr. Brewer, and other mining engineer
of reputation .-inil experience. Mr.
Cohen refers In the "Jungle" marl-el
as a proof that there is ample capital
available in ihis country for the development of mineral properties if the
public believe thoy can make a profit
on their investment. At the meeting
of llie Victoria Boanl of Trade in IH'M,
he simed I hat "the apathy and indolence of the community would effectually
drive Hritish capital out of tliecountrv."
town this month,and after an inspection  The truth of his remarks isappaieni
of the workings they paid the balance
due on the bond and obtained a clear
title. On their way east thoy will stop
at Denver and examine the merits of
an electrical drill, gasoline engine, air
compressor and ore separator, which it
is the intention to install at the mine
II. A. Iligbie will remain in the camp
until the survey for crown grants and
the wagon road are completed. At a
meeting In Angii-a the company will
determine the time Mt which shipping
will bi< resinned
Before Ihe grading of the wagon road
commences two more tunnel sites will
lie   Incited,    In   live   lunucl-* ore  bus
today, and he observes that "capital
has nlmuM entirely censed to eoine in
here, and will remain an unknown
quantity until some radical changes are
effected in ihe present disgraceful mining law's," and he stiongly ur'/e* that
the present system of regulations re*
guiding mining, labor and land -li.nild \ "'-'I''1' to predicate the direction or the
he reorganized ou a business basis    He j continuity of an ore shoot developed by
crowded market with chenp foreign
labor; fourth, hy the Corporation seeking tn crush a sister union at Northport "
Willi shallow surface, developments
on a lode deposit it is rarely „_ood judgment to run a long costly Itinnei to cut
the lode at a great depth. The Mexican
miner's way. though not pretty, is generally satisfactory in returns His
method is to follow the ore values with
his niiuc openings, turning his -haft or
w in/.e or tunnel as the ore body changes
its direction. With shallow surface developments there is nothing certain on
put-* his linger on one of the chief drawbacks when lie states "The law has
been franied clearly for one purpose,
viz , In allow u man to take up ns many
claims as possible, and to do as I ttlc
work as poMHihle. The Australian law
denim 'ding compulsory icorkln
claims in required in this provinci
a surface cut or shallow incline It is
much safer to gain depth by successive
steps Just how much at a time is n
mutter for judgment iu the particular
case, but it is safe to say that 'ioo feet is
ordinarily au outside ligure for the ttrsl
„f i gain in depth sought by a tunnel. As
,\t|tlie direction  and  continuity  develop,
intention of bringing the matter before
Mr. Graves, in the hope of persuading
him to take the matter up. 'The scheme
includes a new townsite at Cody, where
Mr. McAndrews has extensive mineral
claims, and where he. believes the me
Iropolisof the Kootenays is bound to
A prominent business woman of Nelson, who bus imbibed some of the liberal
sence from his employer in order that,
he may take in the Buffalo Exposition,
that poor innocent reporter has been
seared within a sixteenth of an inch of
his life, andjie is now living in mortal
dread of approaching within a mile of
the place in which he earns his daily
bread. But the peculiar thing about
the affairs of that department of the
public works is that there is and has
been a censorship placed upon the
news emanating froni that particular
portion of the public news-making
world in favor of a rival newspaper.
Why any department of the public service has the right to give information
tonne section of the community and
withhold the same from another sectiou
of the same community is one of the.
mysteries of tlie world of politics.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and   Slocan   Citv   mining
the end nf In-ft, (lime were over !«».<HMI greater depths may be taken b\ «m*ic«*.
claims in existence    If the law only
called for two men to he kept   working
ou  each claim,  nearly   St.nOii   miner *
would lind employment "
Mr, Brewer, another critic whose ie
sive tunnels without inci-caning the
chances against siii-i--.*. Tn tunnel in
.ut a In le a thousand Oct below surface
works only liftv or *n feet deep reads
nice, hut it is not mining
been   found    Tunnels :'*. 4 and 5 all
The cemetery fencing fund ha-' been ),,ive ore in tiie face. No I, on which
Increased to *u"..Vi, Kev. F. C. \V Mc-|Work was resumed dm in* ihe past
Coll contributing fci.lVi since last i'«*- j moutlK shows considerable Improve-
report. The survey wiil he completed j ment In No, ;l the me has been con*
next week and the eonM ruction of the Minions for almost .'loo feet, and tbe face
fence begun J now looks bettor than ever.   It shows
In South Africa. Crazy  Horse Pear- j a paystreak of 'lu inches, carrying from j marks,   ihoiigh  tinpitlntable, have re.     Charles l»iiitci*i, a (ililm ma mining
aim. of Knslo, is n  member of  good j I t* • ' Inches of clean ore    The next j ,.,.'v,.,] mind attention from llie local | .'ngiiieei, who bus I n giving T.is ni-
Htftiidiug In the Wesleynn churcli. The! tunnel to be driven will be l»«) feel i pre**, says, •• Then' has been loo much • n-uiton to » ripple Creek low-i-ctni* mes,
Hnor* must have plugged him with l»elow No. It All the work so far lui**) t.i\.-iiam of income and capiliil Ion! meh mm.mured that he had '.mini a
fear, or else he is watching a chance to j lieen <ui the Hartney lend, Inil in n nun-h intern none mih the Mineral Act.
cold deck the collection plate. | short time the Marion lead, which innm j ltud ton much indifference displayed  in
W  II   Sandiford mid  wife returned I thi<mgh the property, ,. id be prospect ■,|,.v«-|..,,i,lg p.i.perties      lo  regH.d  i..
on Mondav from au enjovaMe trip toA'1 Th" *'* » '"" '" \\'" " "";»•> \ *•"' ♦'-"■• »-" *»w«" .*■'■■ " «»<»"«• ""
the cities'of *!„, conM. While aw«v i "vcngcH Hi, ounces hi silver and un. 1ll)(i,.r„im(l t!l,(t „„.,,, „.„„,,, ,„. „„
Mr    Hamilton!   examined   the   M„r'|. • l-"r ccnl.lead    \\ illi vigorous deveh.p . funhe, intcierem-e  with the  Miu.-ial   _
linriiUiih ifHHiiMUllniiiliiie tlif i-flohrntisl! -1"1'"*1  Ul*' I'*""*?'  Wl"  l"'''"""' »  '»'«j Act Inr. say. ten  years to coine. as  it !,„,„,. than »:i „ i.,.,. .-nal.liug
on . »hi|>|-vr.   It i* in a iiiliiei?iU**.*t,Uiu ami ( would l> better to liit Ihe low* reinmm'. u,«.ii-.*iiil* ol ti.n
.' Ii-w tip,. !•!•i-lo l-hii! m( •! I'liiiMiiliV  behind i .,, fl,,,,. .,,.„  ,.,,!,,, ,.»(,„„ t„ »„, ,.,,nt"iii«*,. I .      < ,.,     | ,;,,,!    ,
oxygen of this western world, carries on divisions for the year H>«» was, approx-
a desultory correspondence, with nn ex imately. H'i.OoO tons. Since .lannary 1
chaplain of the South African war T>7 to Jt'ily 111. 1001. the shipments have
the orthodox chaplain, as to many' '-eeu as follows:
others, an unshackled mind means a
mind diseased with sin, Cousct'Ucnlly
he is c.iuceriied about her spiritual welfare. In a recent reply to cerlain
veli.-iiieut admonitions and glorilit'.'i-
tions for tbe providential care that had
brought him safely through the perils
of war, the ladv  inischievouslv  wrote:   , .    ,
"lVh:l'  a pity   V'niti-   find   h,h«    „f,    liu.'i.■ '< T  |.'rl. |.it«
' taking care of vnr throughout the cam    !r,"ft',V.'yM''.
I 1'iiigti thut In- had no time  to mtvc  tin.' -*■'-'■'' '»,rim-i.
i     ,      . , , i '•••"■I-'iii-ukI* ......
I oilier bovs, just  as  worlhv.  who per    Mlll.-r("risk     	
j ished    As for tin*, you need Imt worry. I *.Z'i«,i (*mi7.i.',i.'i Kiiii-
i I am left t.t mv   own devices   and lu,! t"i'ir _.!""'
I Villi*- rlv«'
I* iviH-	
t.ll'st CIl.OH'l'.. ..
SluMI! S)jr
II '-.lilt..	
H.-'.rU    . ...
lllli-rlritll  |{. .v
Tr«.|.' 1'iil.r
Siiii»i-» ..luck*!
s .nn iu*u —
W.m.luf.il ....
Britannia    He re|M»rli>(l favorably
til* |-fO|H*il)'« «H<I    M     "••.•*    "I I «     *">-•
lilj*  .111 hlUn*"'. .mili'.Vi't'.l .
iinsl   *a!in!ae!oi->     p|nces».    un..ivilig
hi'inical con. eiiti.itmii and iiiitiii.il oil,
nd that   Liii'l"ii   iitpilulists  .iu<»t
.■;ii|y lo liael. any ■•liter,.) i*i- tha' -p
.Madid.    Ile-«s»eili. Ihal   ii   a,,,
»s|iile lo tu'Ht the ores at n i n»t ..i
ill!    «
><-t   liotiiiiied   in
doing dlllil well, loo "
The leprieved uutideri'i ('••llinti led
many iiieiiuiiin|». ol htssojoiini in Net-
sun jail in the shall* of numeiniis hind
scapes which In- painted fmin untitle
ii hih enjo\ ing llie Inispil.ilil i n| ih.it
institution. lie pie-ented the«e W'ui'l.*
"i iii i. « nit 0 mi'ii! <m on'.in •(•.nn*. i, in
Iln- ..ni olln iiiA, i«iln ii 1...in i.i- A,..
'iniii'ttliliU' n{ a favorite.    He . bi-ei(iitlv
it. ,i y..x
Uii'tii ll>'«*.
c ,iii.lli
II pip ih .1.1.1
|{,,l.l.|. :
S||f | l)%"
K'i«|.. iii.'ii|p
< li.p.!. ...
■»■», ,li ll...
I    • "«    !■• I;<h
I'll   » I:H
*.    V  M
iili'M-d t||M'ii   In-
si'lltflll .-.
Illlll   I
! \v i M.
WIMl     II"     TIM*
I   .    ,  .,•,,,!  ...   ..   .        e.
i|'lmiiii'ili,Mlii'Ul.   s,,   1 lull   the   ilu-ollliO"' I i.mi    nUn    nudile*   i»    i.n.-ilili.   I,,   »,t\.'
itl*s|\v,«M.!enpitalisi  inve-ting lit--  money   uudeci \ tlin-s O.iin the iiiainiii..M,ditinp-.,u|,ii-h
lone  s,.t   of   iircunistiinc-s   would   ti'-t! , urv value-i bel *eeu Ik", and «». in fold
the inn     The mill coiiti-iaplntfil will
lie.lei! right  at  tlm mine- to savni
~~" J    The judgmeiil of theioirf in the ea-.fi pi-si-nth lind Hint he i* winking under! i
The Wotiilerful U shippinsr <«» t»»« of i   f Mari|m VH <«„.,, Ah-xaiider. Florence i ennditio.,, v. In.:!, are ali-igeth.-i altered.! i
A ;     l■'. .' ■     - .'.,.. , . , ,. .   !
"••'is'1'is"*'*-   •••"•    ' j ., (< >.| ci n 1111*  rtiei   .'nr :i*..'.v .   .'•■,.,'.'■.•..■.,..•.,   .  v.  >■.'.",   •'■.. . -. ., • ■ ,'■
The Black I'rinre if nlii|iphig a var-i j,,.,,,, frft„„.,| „„,| approved ol  by Mi  \ crown granted  i- niiolht-r evil which;
load of ore to Neldon. .In-tice Irving    It orders that   Mmin-i cati only be leii.edicd b>   the adoption
The Bondholder hiHahippeil five tona j shall recover  from Sprout  the sum ol
to the N-Maon mnelter. I.Vnl, with intere»l upon the said amount
Th« Ivunhr* mill will commence toj fr««> tin Ulb at December,  Wn, at the
»«t** »>i b* y*i"< vcuv, ar.vl Cuv the i'i'vovcp
ol tlie Austiahaii law regarding coin.
puNoiv winking That any ameliora
tion will be mule in this m*h|ci-I  Mr
llvcwci* i.'<\'-. ;'!i'r- '(ou'pffnf  us lie -'itf,in
fill   tliei
of « like amount   from the defeudant; that men in iiiith position own Iniiuliid'
grind again iu a few davi.
A ricli ■ttrtk'* hts  been   in.<•«}<                        ,      ..   , ,                               ,     ,     ,
' .... jUnrencel-   Mcinni*.     An  amount   ol ■ »i »m*li i-.Uiin*  v>liuli ih>'>   caiiuol, to
Al«rt, an htgl.l Mile profieiiy.               i      ^ |.»Hnw«| on the counirr claini will noi. work, and I.o|k* to sell at a
Cnder  Mntlniinl  d«-*.|At5«ifi»t   !!.«> tJ Sjirw|t#   -j.,je CMJI1 km)m  lUv:u^ m«»u«%;- v*bn*    The 2 u-r rent. ta-t
Boniin I* conaUiitly Improvlnflr-              I that Spro<it and  Melnnia \»#t.* n.pun on tin* gn>*. ..utput is a direct dvierrent
(tradlnjr  for Ihe 1'ayne coriii»re»«or! nt.t* in operating the M.irioo mine from l<» mining eiitci|.ii»c( ami imiHl Im laid
filanl will rommfnc* ltd* w*»>k.             j tha 15th of October. I**tfw, and that tin* at tin* <l.«ir of the pie-ent hm ,iim.fiit
Foi. Mil:. -A b»H iiili-rf»t «r. V-lmn.
"l'i,is t'iwn*ite eoh«i«ts of 142  acre* and
.. i.'Mii granted It is on Ten Mil*, in
i! e-sli.can,and i* «'irniniided by ruiuen.
I io» is a »nap for arivoue who wish*.,to
i,i.ike a n«al esiat" iiin*ini.ot (»ne
• '.-! .nod sl/>r.« -<ri- ,'iliexdc ilnaijr n
,..i >il busin|.Hhf y,ft.\ ur.n* Aj'j'ly to
i    W   Aylwirt, Sew llenver
in- i iilih'leliliv   illlt it ipittc* Mill   lie   inlii-
niiileil tn a. year       I
llie iil«tlte ni Ins nil
in retiitirm-,  and  uiav   he itrcotmied a
niiitlitt-t t.t tin* war b-ver mm ;* alir.iinl
Itt-n-inii.  t<i two   ni   Sci-'iii-   mos|
yonlhfui liiisini-'s men,   »vhn are s«i(| lo
i ,. . .   .i ,.   .....     <   •'...,,   -.,»  ,. ..<■■ ,, ...    .,
M>'i-(|.knowii «*iti/i"ii •leltvei'i-d ln.in»*'i( ■»(
lh«i   fiilliiHin^.      "Thev    .in-'ltf    In   be
Iilleen   Hunt-
1*41 *.*.
i ■
!* ty
« »1    the   Iilleen   mint*   I'-taliln-hed   Hi
illy  ennvim nil nt   Me.in>.i' mie tinn,. and  nieithei'  iiii"'
i*. lo* is a stranifer   I.M7oi<!\ ele\-eii me in.»   in  e*w<ti'ii< »•,
,..• iitsi a- liiiiow s.
AUHi.itilli.1 Hellliiis.. ,U .Siiii'.i.l, i   'H*
• <tii. ,-sili.il"*, ' l.iiiirt'iu,., I. lo.'' i iJ.pii...
I'tirrtl'*'* llnf.-Hi'.'n (iii.'iii.iiifli.H',1!. l»lt,ll*'
.'•tula: im o!«la!;.*.-i l;»l!**..t M'-\li»,
Mi-tiro ■ I'l-.b tal !'i«i*-ii f: '»,iy,na, *'.1I
il ;•,       --. i •     I   • ]   -   I",  '■ ,.' .    s. ii.    I ,n i.   |',.•.,» ii
I,';'! /'ir.'ili'i-'i-.
Kverv -ilvi-i ami ii<iid tifudiHcr   o,n\
have hi* »il|!!i"li CnliVtl ted illtn toil!   Hi
spanked'    iaiiitiihli.il goi>l antltoritv . unlimited quauiillr*. toe mint  t !.;••*■_•«••.
ii.:l! ••arli ni-jlti of their li**-»«,and rverv ' f*,r ■"'■■** ■*,»'ii.»ifi* l.fiti.   I • !•*  i-«-r  »**nf.
f..r j*..'.| and I 41 |*r cen*   fur silver.
If •:'! IW il|> lo the end  of   l**sis   the
. ..f'li'i „: ■■ .pf the rnih*. ti i - -h Mf-itr..-
• •old       I   l.»_J4l,_**l  *«
Spin l :*» .htx iVAiti i-:\
A »ix*lnch »ifik* ol rkli «r« ban b_«n||4irtiu>r»]iI|M-«)niluiieiI limit the tnl day ; A* M;  Hn- *.-r ;»imt-» mil, it pre.**-. •^^•*
s.id«if|i|ii    lit*.
■a   dAiii'U  tu
.AW  ItlSlt     blllll    Wilt'-tHI*    tlKIW*    l|f>«
pnnliMi* the told and froth'*   untk
I; the   weather   •lii.tild
■nn-   •'.4»ti-Uli/Ji-.l    *l.-t
*> M.drt. , is .|m.|,| iii ihe I il> **l I.imt lw.
.nt  the hill,     Tliitlk nf if '      Tfin-e fwrt
kid-; i,.i wonder tU.-ir  l>u*ine*-t  is  f.»t-
',   ; .|;_ >'•''     th,-r,-      (,     « -•»     1„     >,,.    ."('.,
i.-leird V,*- lll'sl Aft'livy for thi' li'iU'luy-
ii.>u <".f Wit' I".'*   •■'   tt»<*  «';'■■   <r»Ti»  Itie
eri'il  nt iMin, ,
,, l^»sr.-~A gohl waieh. !h*s»m~*h Nf*'
Nri-.u   i*   ;■•   L*if   ■*   Huh  Zi-tioa]. \^tA,.t *nd Sutrri.o,.    t'm.U-t  *t|j   lw
lilkkblilii^ *n|i.ii    *>t   lit*   ^kk»«'.»i   t.k   lUw , «l***1tU-*l bn ,1. li, Vlt.iAU. ts** tWl»V>'»,
*'•<] I'l'f      ......
No"5.i*l foul of -rirtula'n
ii*'.1l,*jy.' ■«•*■
*l,*H,.VH,H.'..»: THE LEDGE, NEW DENVEK, H, C JULY 18, 1901.
Eighth Year
created to work with, to produce,
to be innocently active, and today,
a majority of tlie people living up-
the face of the earth employ them
to be the slaves of disordered and
perverted senses.
How foolish is the race of man,
and how dispieably ignoble are
most of the labors he sets his hands
Away back in ancient days the
way of life, the ideal, useful, happy life, was discovered. It consisted in'developing to the utmost
extent, afforded by environment,
jand contemporary knowledge, all
the powers of the mind and body
of the individual; it lay in making
j the most of one's self in every way.
Ring up
The LKiMiEii twoii<i"ursii yeiiiiu iitivtuii-e.   Whfcii not  so imnl  it  is SJ.Wi to parties wortliy ol  credit.   l.i>i?nl lulvi-rtisini' in cinits n   and   till
Ri'inliiiK notices
p.ills a  lin'i, ituil I'diiiiritirciiil inlvi'i'lisii';
nuniairii'l line tir.-t iiise/'t'f»o, mi,i .It-enis » line ctu-li sulisi'i|u(.nt insertion
Knuli'il in prices ii('c-or,|i"t to ciiviiin.stHiK-us.
FELLOW PI1.0Ri>(^: Tuk Lf-ixiKis locati'it »t New Di'iivcr. 11. C anil cnu he trnc«.| to mnny parts, of the earth. It comes to (lie fnnit
every Tlmrsility iinii Inii* 'Uiver li<.pi> niiik'il by tlie siherill. siunvslhit'il hy clieup silver, or militliU'd hy the IVhi- of mini. It works for the trail
liliizei'its well us the liu^viniloweil a in! (-liuiii]):ii;iie-l!iivoreii fiipiiiilist. It iiinis to lie on the riitlit *•£«!»• <il everytlihmiin.l lielievus that hell
■ bhoultl Im Hilmliiistei-eil'« the-A-jt-keil in lariie d<i>e». It. Iiiin -toon the lest of time, nnd uu ever-inereiisiiiij pnj-streiik is proof thut it i~
Letter to tell the truth, -n'en if the heavens iln oeciisioiiullj- hit our sniokeftiiek. A ehuto of ioh work is worke'i oeeiisiunnlly for the lieiielit
of Immunity ami the ii>'alicii'i-. 0<>m*- in «inl see us. tmt il<> n..t put the hull iloc on the eriiiiiiim. or chase tlie hlnck cow froni our water
barrel: one is shviikc ii.M'l the other a victim of thirst. One nf the noblest works of creation i> the nu.it who always pays the printer: he U
sure of it lunik in |i«rn(l'Se> with thoinlesn roses f<)r a pilluM- i,v iiinlit. ami nothinr* but -jtoltl to look at by ,lay.
H. T. LOWERY. Editor and Financier.
! yam inn
very foundation   was  in
and     preserving    bodily
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this uOUnrc
Indicate!! that your Ruir°vi|i-
tlon is due, and that the '''Utor
wishes once iiirain to io°k at
four collateral.
THURSDAY,   JULY 18, 1901.
got the hist drink is made to pay
all costs. A law like that would
break half of tin* saloon men of
Kootenay in (50 days.
FROM THK KniTo**'* ltri»***« STOpK.
Times might* b<-* worse. Our
water barrel has lA'n full all summer.
Lowery's Claim is coming up the
trail on its second trip, and will
■warm many a cab'11 and palace before the week is (lend.
People living ii> quiet, localities
should avoid sud^n excitements.
A man dropped deUd in Northport
the other day \->'iiile watching a
circus procession.
Every year the nations of Europe
spend 7.r>0 millions of dollars for
naval and military purposes. Little
wonder that the *vnil for bread is
ever vibrating in the Old World.
Men like Boh <M*een will never
climb very far \\p the political tree.
He prefers to sta)' at the '>ase. and
noil over tlie windfalls with a gang
of greedy advoci'U's of the spoils
The Chinese Eiuperoi' has one
cinch. No one 'Hit hini can sell
almanacs in ciii'ia. Ah he sells
over L'OO million,-->'i year the monopoly is big enough to make Pierp.
Morgan yellow ii' the fac«*
A watch, losi in 1(527, has just
been found on I'overty Island, at
the mouth of thl***otineelieiit river.
Although run ddWn. ii wa-- in good
If the 0. P* R. section men were
paid as well as the muckers in
Rossland there would he no strike.
If the muckers were paid as much
in Rossland as they are in the
Slocan there would be no strike.
\Vliat some men think enough is
scorned by others, and so on to the
A Toronto druggist was recently
lined for selling soda water on Sunday. The awful, but foolish man.
Why does he not sell booze out of
the side door? No man in Toronto
can expect to sell openly such a
vile drink as soda water on the
beautiful Sabbath and escape the
law*. The druggists of the east
lack education.
The Slocan newspapers that re
ceive the bulk of the IrovenniienT
advertising do not support the
present Government, but they said
nothing against Bob CJreen when
that little star pulled the crank on
the voting machine at the last election. Bob must have hypnotized
the Provincial secretary, or else
that worthy lacks the sense necessary for his position.
Slocan lake is a. favorable point
for smelters. Around its shores
are many sites that could be used
by smelters. There is wood and
water in abundance, and nearly it
dozen water powers that could be
ulili/.ed. The district abounds in
dry and wet ores. Iron and lime
is plentiful. The freight on ores
to a Slocan lake smelter  would be
when all the world will take oil'
their hats to her. In the meantime some fellow loaded with hard
silver dollars ought to get in here
before the rush and lay the foundation for an immense fortune. We
would do it if our hands were not-
full with the task of editing two
papers. Come a-running, ye men
of mighty means, and plant your
long green in the Lucerne. It will
grow and enable you to sit in the
shade of prosperity for many decades.
health, and prov'N tliat  tiiti<> will j 110iniii«l.    Capitalists with  money
sometimes wait fop |iun,
The Hominiuii 'iovci-ninent pays
li. C. Chile .-^o ji (lay aud expenses
for holding eiui'iiry commissions-
about labor. Ml'tiy men with pro-
K'lbiy more wjlHini than ("lute
would dn the work for sin a day.
and feel happy.
for --uieltiiig purposes should look
into the matter. A lead refinery
would also lind here a profitable
A Colder! *•«"•« «!■« ■««»•«
n, outfit   to     -
R. Stevenson, in l'liy-jieal Culture,!
A great many years ago a sage
formulated the truism: "Experience is a dear .school, and fools will
learn in no other."
His bit of blunt philosophy has
been on the tip of the tongue,or the
pen point, of would-be teachers for
years, yet many things that vitally
concern their welfare a vast number
Experience has been keeping school
all the time, but the amount of
wisdom the race has assimulated
and stored up for guidance in life,
is ridiculously small.
One is tempted, with this condition so plainly mai tested, to broaden
this proverb into another, more
comprehensive, and to say, "Experience is the greatest school, but
man refuses to be taught therein.''
Humanity, if we are to believe
what we see, prefers charlatanism,
mummery, quackery to the wholesome lessons to be gained from
simple experience.
Life Hows on its swelling course,
dividing, broadening, with each
succeeding generation, and the
store of each succeeding generation.
and the store of experimental data
is constantly accumulating. But,
notwithstanding thi*. the individuals of the race grow weaker in
muscular power. le--s individual in
intellectuality, shorter lived. If
thev were wise thev would  use the 1
"A sound mind in a sound body"
was a recipe of ages.
Making the. most of one's self
was not in dwarfing any organ or
function, or starving any legitimate
and healthy appetite or desire; it
was not in seeking to accumulate
great fortunes to gratify greed or
avarice, or worse personal characteristics', it was not in giving up
the body and the mind to the gratification of sensual appetites.
We have been led far astray from
the true way by the so-called
teachers and apostles of modern
times. All their teaching has been
to inculcate the essentiality of
physical sacrifice. Religion and
science (so-called) have combined
to undermine the foundations of
ideal existence here. The lessons
they have taught have all been
directed to the end that intellectual
testing and analysis of life should
supersede true living—the gaining
and keeping of those bodily powers
which go with health and are of the
very essence of life.
They have succeeded in placing a
galling, crushing burden of theories
less. false theories that   never pro-
A Dn
When you want quick service, first-
class goods and fair treatment. We
can till "rush" orders of any size as
quickly as they are received, and
make a specialty  of large orders.
'Vnother carload aLttouii|usti^
one of feed—wheat,  barley, oats,
in,   etc.     Let   us  supply   you.
A complete line of Christie's Sweet
Cakes and Crackers just opened.
Bourne Bros.,
; nnd 1
When Victoria \wis  jn   life  het| hotel
fruits of experience to increase all
into  New   Denver I the essentials and  blessings of life,
mild a sanitarium and summer)     Whv is this?    Surely  we  have
.    The climate is superb.    It | had lessons   enough.     Why does
dueed a fraction of force, never relieved a pang entailed by tlie
wrangle of wrong living, and will
never lift man a single inch from
the depth of weakness into which
he has fallen.
(let away from these prophets of
darkness! Despise their theories
of selfishness and greed, their proposition to crucify the body and all
its joys for the sake nf a fortune
that i.s lleetiiig. or a lieav.m they
have builded upon a dream.
The man or woman true to self
(■annul he false to any iillmv rren-
ttire. Dogma and doeii-iue, prayer
and science i so-called ' and faith
and superstition and drugs and
j cliarins cannot iinike a minute of
j existence really joyous, and useful
land worthy of one who has brain,
and thinks with it and directs his
ife according to true knowledge.
Only the fruits of experience
! help inan in the right direction,
and experience has proven mosi of
these theories to be the Veriest
mental rubbish. He guided by
common sense led   by   Ihe   light of
itSTThe " Kiinier" Uei'i- tins litt-onu- tlit; luvoritc Hei-r in the Const Cities.    It litis mot In suwcssfu
(■■inipi'tttlou lliu fiinioun Milwaukee Item,
Our Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable whiskey in the market.
We have it in bulk and is'cases, 5's and (Vs. We are agents for the Bruns*
wlck-Balke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
Write us for prices and terms. -j
Have recenth opened in Nelson a
In which they carrv the best, and newest furniture in the country.
Buyers in and out of town aro requested to examine gobds and
read listof prices he tore phieing their orders elsewhere. . . . . . .
Unlit. Silvrl-l.iuil .mil i'iiiijii'I* Miiu.-t w.-inli'il hi I In- KXl'll ANUK.
KIIKK Mil.LINO (lOl.li in-i)|n'rtli-> mhih-iI hi uih'i' Im- Kiiiu-ni Iiivost.iri
I'm ill's lin\'ini-' iiiiiilnu in-i'i I'i'l.v lur i*iiln nn' ivi-urM-il  tn >i'ii(l imili|iU*s ot lln-lr nri' tu
1 111* l'*.M'lllillBr fur I'Xlllllill'ill.
p 11 -iiii-piili's slii.ulil I nt liv l'Aiiri'*s 1 •»-« - j ■ tiii.   ('iiri-»s|n»i-|i'iiH' milli'lti'il.
j. AiMivsihI! ('i>iiiiiiniiii-:it|iin'i|.i- AJillllDIV    I'*.    IIOSKN HKHOKU,
■f       Ti'li-|.li.'iic S". ml.    I', o, |(n\ ;<i". Ni'Uiiii, II. (.',
4^*%%^M^%%'%^%%%%'%'V%^^/%^%^%%%% *%-%%%*-%''--i
The Newmarket Hotel,
XKW DBXVEU,   B. -7.
Has one ol the most, beautiful locations in America, and the public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
IIKXKY STKGi;        *        •        -      •       • Pi-oj.rtor.or.
experience, and let   all  the Hnclv-
face liioked lo tJi»- left  nn   British I seldom Hindi* over so in ihe sum- j man refuse to learn, or.   il the lo- ;,jmvv|| ,|„.UI.j,,rt „f Koveniinent. ii'u-
pild coins,   wJ,iJ"   Kin,;   IMwnrd'-! mev and   nuelv  hit-  zero  in   the Aon has been obvious, why does he )U(Ml.v|i,v t j„.„|t|,  „,„] di-cawe. and
now looks toi|,c li-iht.     This is in | «inter.    The aii- is braeiit-j* and al  refuse to avail himself of the kuowl- ,.jV a„(|'(j,,a,|, K<1 |1|(IIJ-j    Lilevou
accoidunee with u loiil..er.tnbli*.|ie(l'times so cleat that a wlii-sper eau Hip* forced iijkiii  him.  for the im*' jmvi,    strive to make the most of
eii-tom and doi.* tmt depiei-iat,. t|,i. Im-heard all over town.    The lish-i pi-ovemeiil of his own  condition?; *t   ||ot |t„. vnU,v,,|i' alone   but for
val I tin* c'p-s. jin*. is five, and ihe seencr\ is-_ranil   Let some deep-probinu  inetaphyH-' vo|||. ft,]\HX^ mt\   •*,„.   ,||0SI
highly  ideal-cian fifh up the answer from  the are to eouie after.
naiure not
t , enoiij_h lo drive   th
AiisffUia. is, one of  (hi.  . ...       ,   .               .,,, ,.,11.            i •»        i
• i>*ti** almost   iiisniie.     Ihe  siniseis! depths of hi* libstril*e  philosophv,
cNtnes. ,.«,,-, i„ 11|„. world.    Au>-;(.1|niM)1   ,,.,.»„,„,„,  I|V   ,ulv.alul
n ""^"hio^nu paper or wiiM,- <v|Mi|) „tt,  Hi|)(,  |||nWM j(||  '
m.ilerial on tin.-treet-s  is un-i-sted               .             ,        ,   ,,,, .           ,   ,    .    ,                  ,,
.  .     .     ,    .              ,                 , opens   ii   month  and   lills  upon tin* iisvcholnuical reasons.    Unites,
'in.Mm.•>!      If fhaf. nut iln'  hut-  in '   ,              . -    •  i        i          i ,.   i         i-        .   i*             i          i
lilittii'        ti infill   him ii   lid-   tiaiMii b'nls .ilm tVLMc'tr r.Vi'   lll'elw   ;» l*iw,
Nen Ih-o\i r it,,- |nitiul,itioii   -.loiild             ■ -,. .i    i              r  .-   ,      . . .                    i -.•   .i
,                             ',                           i-on shift 'lie in'juiti' of ilitsi tovelv ot iii**tiuet, .nel  ll   lit.A    M-aMiii   at   miisi \»* wits 'U u.i! u
r                    ^         '                            spot appeals in i,h\ soul (hat is nol aU. (hey an not permitted to allow
11    V.DIIHlll
,        , „ .      .i   .   .1        .i ' ln'ie ..inn"* h iiiiie  wlien
It onlv eoneerns  us  that   llnv  do . . . ,   ,
• . * hiii* tn niHKf u|i lii»i- minit i<> riniiwe
Life t- Iimi -hoil lo search lor ,,„,„,„.„ ,„.-„;-m!M a ..,|,.ar „M ^Ml,..
nr » "cndiliy "I'l tliinjf."
.1   9 ..III,ill   II l|l<  |S , ■■fiM.I.Iti',       "1111*11,11^
I HI'-.!.
Job Printing
Tlmi tissayK hijrli in aiiistic. merit, ciuickly
«l<in(* at NTi*\v Ih'nvi'v's prititiiiu' <(ni|Hii'ium—
Tht- -soiiiiiiff Hi   th,.   Sliwikii the
tll*i'fUltUitti U'V    h;1**   uitl\    fill    it,    few, '
».!'■.< -.....» «.    l.„1    I'll    «!,,,    v  (I    l.l-ll'l. I I,
IVp     ' !•■■ *    '.ilt    :'    Vi      ■ ■■!!'•  ii., \OU
And   in.oi.    illa.   'ii]i,i).|(.i;.t-.   think
tlll.ll   Soiil   Sli'S  i.i'""^>"il     i(-     ...•*.< M'i.'s
flinl was tlirtidio^ th«» ni'iv.-r-e.
hi   I»ic-p|.i ?,(,<- (le.'pl,.   ;ili-   ;i\.ls,.
Ut ii*nu\i to .»•,! ••sii-ly. jiiid iiiani of
the. Meati- - <|.i '»oi ojh-m utittf mid.
ninht.    l'i<-Ui!.I>   tl..-i   an* afinid
llf till*   l/.ll,       I'l    I;|||    ;|.-tlt-|i    mnt
111*1.111 Stl«t ria   |M   tin*   |ii..ruiiin   („t
ll.o-» .'.Iiu '.!.p,1(,''! ;.,,.ih :u, i|,iuu,
of l\ r.iiin\.
!t» fNnm.iti   \biti  .i   tiiiii   ;ii'U
drunk  le   i*   «.''k.'ii   l,,.in.-   U\   th.-
polii'.'*. «'f»)i,.! 'if., ;|tld then fhi*
Uli«il'.ni .4 ih,   ..ill    ui||l     .^Iteie    In*
dead,      Tin-   luajf-nifit'i'iif    scenery vagaries of this |?ower lo  inleileie
biitlied in a   y|oW  of silvery   Myht i with the beautiful and perfect order
«illlifi von   i-!i.;n- otit   of  earthlv of intiuiession Xiutirehas desiytied.
unid -,\\\i\ iii:il:e * mi thiol- Mint  vmi ■     Men and women  denv   instiuet.
liavi'Ih.wn into   Parndi-c   wilhutit'. Kaeh undertaken to In* n   law unto
ij«i.i|ij'i-l!iiii/i,^ uV iHi-iiiji^.iiii'iiM, i!«'?*iJt.    I''v-i'try lniito,sfl.||f      The (tiM-trin.** of tett* will
day .il Mo* yeai ihe laSse kUse* the is pi-oven ubsstbilelv h\   iticiraeU.
,""'-  ■•'.»*... ■'«  "•....       l'i lu   .Lu     »!.»• !', .,l;,..; u fff- 1n;idt-   In   !»•    ir*-**.  Hit*
jihi. i* i u.ar* il* »io« ii   of  i.»- and tr.iiuun h*d    .imi     uon-«ottstric|e«l:
-imiu. and  loiiij-he**  n<>n\  huutets. yet nil alioiti u* we see tin-in lioiHid
uilha itaiiiral iidd *itnr.i-_e.   I)ealh up. pinched, distorted  and bruised
-••Idoiii -in aks inio iln- camp,   but into a condition of ill health.  Food J£ ¥
rfii-i ry ,if fn ii  I,-.!,..- riiini/li-s   with vi/ns   nt'datni'il    for   priHhteiii-^  Hiid     §
lie*/epitvrs m> often a« to make th«* |m-si-i\ii.g   iiiiiM-ttlai     f.u-ii*    and __ %
n*i\ »*! il.e eru.J*,.- -ilieo~t a   pari »»» \t|_or   kmib allni'nl<-oi t-ohtliti"^- X J
the    fiiriilAtioit.      hi    all    Ihe  «id«* (o-i*\isfent   with   Rlld   .-sselltial   t(»  ; §
w»--i Mier*- i» im s|-oi moie U'/infilol life , \h nii'ii miii uhiiii<;i  of thi.-  IJI
tlinii Xeii Innvei*    Iii the!aiij.iia}i« eruttiry  hftvi* d«*t_rndi*«l  it   into .-* J^\
*ti   the   modem    . Ia«-|e.    --She's   ft lllele    j*r.tlifi**i*ii*»i*   of   one   of   til'*'      f
jn.M-h. Ao.d sheie will •-.lliu- h d;»\ m-iim-s.     Musrli'-" and   tiiaiiis   wen-■ l
fcC„J--1 mA.,.^4 mt smt ^•j^ **TsM ^aaM  mtXM mX**i **t   ^ htX>4 kT>, W!^V m£
Bank of Montreal.
K-tMtiluioMl Isj;.
!'<i.,i*.il f.,ll ,,;iid nn* s|'!ii«MMM»l
(.uMi'vini fluid   .*   ;    7.'J(Murn■ m
I'lKUvkM |>wtl««   :    :   -MtU^I-'H
h»:ah itrnii:, mostickai..
Ut. Hon. l/»iti»STiuTn<-oN.'»iud Mount Koru, »i.i'..M <i. I'resident.
IIov.fi. A. DhimmoM*. Vice President.
R S, fiJorsTov, fieneral M«n»irer,
Hntnches in all inaru of Cnnadn, Newfoundland, 'ileal liritain, aii'J
•f:>*-  f.'niN'-d -strifes,
New Denver branch
U-. B. OK VEREk. MniiaRcr
zm m
^^^9 w^^m*        . ,^^^m ^^^^^.       .^^^m m^m^       ,^^^m      ^_^^*       ..^mm ^^^fc»       .^^^mt ^^—^^       *^m^m i^^^^.,.^..^ *«^^^fc m^m^, , , ^
, I
— 'w w
t^^^i ^Wfci*,.™^.^^^ mk* _r^i Eighth Year.
THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. <_:., JULY 18  11)01.
Ulby mining is Retarded
The. July number of the Mining*
Record contains an excellent article on
the unsatisfactory condition of the mining industry of the province The
article deals impartially with all sides
of the case and gives eight hypothetical
masons for the bad odor in which British
Columbia stands with investing capital
Here they are:
I. Inadequate mineral resources: "
As a reason for the disfavor with investors this count may be dismissed at
once Whatever British Columbia suf-
fnrs from, it is not lack of mineral or
area of mineral territory. Of course it
must be remembered that most of the
mineral in British Columbia requires
elaborately    contrived    transportation
 anil treatment facilities for it"* profitable
handling... However much mineral
there is in the. country the rapidity nf
its development is measured by the ra
pidity with which railways, mills ami
smelters are brought to bear upon tin*
mines. This is a slower process than
the discovery and the acknowledgment
nf the importance ot the mines them-
y selves. So that capital invested in the
'development of mines where there exists no means of handling the ore, may
for a time suffer a check of the same
nature as if the resources of the country
were inadequate. But such a temporary
drawback to profit earning; is fully appreciated, and understood, and while it
may be chafed agaiiiBt is never put
forth as a valid reason for giving the
country a bad name
II     Exaggerated anticipations on the
part of investors:
Undoubtedly this has had a great deal
to do with the poor returns of which investors complain, and which have given
it bad name to British Columbia. Without going beyond the list of productive
mines, nr considering the wildcats from
which gold was to be extracted by some
process of stock-broking alchemy, we
may safely say that mines were unloaded on investors, and cheerfully accepted
hy them, at prices which discounted
the possible progress of the country for
many years to provide an adequate return on the investors' money. It is not
necessary to particularize. Examples
without number will rise of themselves
'.he reader's mind. It is noticeable
this connection that while mines
area,   namely,
occurred between capital and labor in
British Columbia which would occasion
any special discrimination against a
province as a Held for mining investment compared with New Zealand,Australia or the United States
VT.    Overtaxation and iniuvious'incidence of taxation:
The mining industry of British Columbia is undoubtedly overtaxed. Of
that there cannot be any question at all
Directly or indirectly its contributions
to the provincial revenue are far in ex
cess of what is necessary for its own
regulation and development and its
legitimate ratio of the expenses of government. But even more oppressive
than the amount of the taxes levied is
the method of their levy The. taxes
aro hritie of them upon property hiii: nil
upon industry and development So
long as one is content to hold mining
property and not work it the taxes are
inlinitcsiiiial, but so soon as any attempt is made to develop and produce,
a scries of excessive imposts are encountered An example of this may be
given which would be ludicrous if it
were not an illustration of a system
which is disastrous in its effects. A
mining* company may hold a crown
grant to a piece of mining property
merely by paving an insignificant sum
demanded as the tax on "wild land,"
hut as soon as an attempt is made to
work the ground it is necessary to take
out a license costing $100. If it were
the other way about it would be a comprehensible system of taxation. If a
company were charged a fee to hold
mining property without working it,
and that fee was remitted when it did
work the ground, the system would be
capable of being understood. But as it
is, it is monstrous taxation That is
merely an illustration of the system of
luxation by which industry is throttled.
Development is taxed, cost of production is taxed, everything connected
with the industry is taxed except the
holding of mineral land without the intention of working or the desire to work
it There is nothing in British Columhia which is having a worse effect upon
the mining industry than this, and
nothing which is doing more at once to
justify and extend the evil reputatian
ns a field for investment which the
country is securing.
VIII Abnormally high cost of production from inefficiency ol labor:
This is a matter on which it is difficult
to procure reliable comparative statistics. Frequently where, such a cause
for lack of profits is assigned the real
blame lies on the management and organization of the. labor In well-managed mines the  cost of production in
The borax mines near Daggett, California, contain the borax as borate of
lime. The borate is contained' ir a
shale rock, which carries some eight to
ten per cent, boracic acid.
It is i-f'ported  that a  rich  deposit  of
„ ..,„,. . ; copper has  been  discovered  in  Chan-
British Columbia appears to compare j,.,linm. ,,„,,,,tx. v v     .     >    .1     .- -,„-,
,,..,, , ,    .        uuqu.i county, N.i ., at a depth ol oOO
favorably with the same classes of mines !f(JeL   Jamestown        jta|  ,s interestwl
in other countries ■ land a shaft at a cost of *57,O00 will  be
If the foregoing analysis be in any ;     t cjou,n
sense reasonable the trouble in  British !    ,„.     . '    ' '
llie site has been selected on Barclay
Sound, West Vancouver Island, for the
landing place for the Pacific cable.    It
consists of one hundred acres, and  will
I he laid out as a tmvn i;;id cottages built
! for employes,
j Advices Irom London state that the
1 British Post Ollice is purchasing a largo
j amount of telephone apparatus from
j concerns in the United States, one com-
[ pany alone having recently received an
I order for SoOO.OCK'i worth  of appliances
A very iiii-ortaiit decision to the milling Stales of the West was recent I v
made by the Supreme Court of Montana,
and if sustained hy the Supreme. Court
of the I'nited States, all inining claims,
RosBlaud, Slocan and
Toad Mountain, have returned a very
low average return to the investor,
mines developed outside that area have
retv.:ned, or are. returning, a high average. But'BritishColumbia's reputation
has been necessarily judged by the
former and not by the latter
III. FiXtravaganeeand incompetence
on the part of the representatives of in-
S vestors:
These also have been et'licieui allies of
Hie. baseless enthusiasm of ihe investor
himself.    People who overestimate the
value of a mine at ten times its proper
worth are exceedingly  likely to over
ceiiniiitc. a superintendent in the. same
proportion,    Particular'y has this been
the case in reference to  Knglish com
panics operating in  British Columbia
We refer not to the few  which  survive
iu a sound and solvent condition, but tn
the many which have departed leaving
Upon the shoulders of British Columbia
the unsavory reputation  which justice
Would lay upon their own.
IV, Bad mining laws:
The British t'olurnbiu mining law is
probably not perfect. But it must not
he forgotten that the milling law has
undergone no nuiierial change, since, the
time when capital was Mowing freelv
into th" country So fur as Hie condition * under which an industry israrrieil
nn are regulated by law ii will quickly
iidapl itself to any reasonable change;
hill itciillii.it he subjected to' continual
ihau-_tv •nit!i"U'. great lw..- ■■.wl ihuiiag..
The fad of there being contiiiiuil chuii
■jes rather thuii the changes tln"hiM>lv.'-
U what dislocatoN an industry. There
cannot he a doubt that the impression
widely held abroad that the government of British Culiiiiibia is administered iu u uplrit unsympathetic with, if um
hie'tile i.i, the miniuu industry, nnd
that sniiie ,11 least of the iltlliculth's
which the investor meets in endeavor
VII Extensive .swindling on the
part of company promoters:
To describe the operations of all company promoters as swindling would be
harsh and untrue. But it must be confessed that the. operations of the London
Stock Exchange which have had the
mineral resources of British Columbia
as tlieir excuse, and the investor as
their victim, come perilously near to
justifying the accusation. To making
such a sweeping assertion, however, we
would prefer to paraphrase the brilliant
epigram of a Olasgow professor made
nt the time of the City of Olasgow hank
failure. He said "Call a spado a spade
and not an agricultural implement, call
11 hank director a bunk director and not
a swindler " So we would take refuge
under his mordant innuendo that the
"renter includes the less and sily: ('ail
a spade a spade and not an agricultural
implement: call a London company promoter a London company promoter and
not a swindler, allowing the honest
company promoter t" escape in the exaggeration permitted to the epigrammatic form of speech.
In this connection look al the capital
uf the British Ameiicu Corporation, a
capital of ,l'l,"iOi.i,0iHJ completely de*
htioveii without the mines of British
Columbia being responsible for the Ions
nf a single sixpence of it So far as
ihis company is concerned its mining
risk was traind'erri"! for a sum in cash
equivalent to its whole capital and
nun1.', ami I'trt-elv Iii I'vci'ss of nil thai
It sunk in the pureliusc and ilovolop-
ment of Briti«h Columbia mini's The
risk for which the country is reapon*
sihle. rests wholly upon ihe mines operated hy 1 he Mib-mltary companies of tlm
It A.C; the odium which British Columbia will receive from the Urn* of this
capita) should devolve upon the lliian*
rial operations ol it» manager tutiia
new cIhhh of men villi new methods
"lug to secure nil adequate return on hisjtahe hold of the British Columbia  mile
capital are due lo this wniil  ol  syiiipa- i ing market il N hopeless to look funwii.l
thy. i- it potent  factor in iimlntaiiiin;. jhi any great improvement iu the conn*
nnd iKTCiitualiiiu  lite iIimhim  leu  ..ijih'*-   *i.iii.i.i.rf  .ii.h.o-   iiivcusuts  who
British t'oliiinbiu     llie mines ol Britishihuve b.-.-n victimized 	
Columbia must cense to lie considered
iiiercly as 1 (oiiveiii.-nt   imirce ul  res
eintc. and as a curptl"   vile  for evperi-
mi-ninl Indslntlon
V      I'n.eiM.. ri.lnti'tnu IteMveen hOmr  j\%       ..*..      .  mtt*%%.     W   I    1
tnnl i-Kpitiit:
Looked ul positively and   with  reler
cine to Itritinh Ooliimhia aloue.it might
certainly be s«i>l that  il the relations
between labor and capital  were more
'.,    I 1 III :fl. ,     ,1 . I,.
Unit breaking out at 11111* neinnr-nt inio
open war, British 1 oiiuiilna as 11 Held
for investment would tie more aiii'.-n-l-
ive limit it is. A- a mallei'..(fact.tin-.-i-
■•ver. mere iiictnhjlitv of these relation*,
ii.'irf from *i.-ni-tf ii"irf-o*i'. doe* unf fi.-ir-
th ularly affeil the -.mm aid lot* at*
> ,.,,ip, i.i' iiiiiiv.' .ul u.i.'.y >n 'i'l'i .iri'U..
I; i« in the p'olit and !•»** account oi il.e
n.i..-. that itieiiotibie.iripiitafi'* Moreover the labor prnlilem, like tin* poor.
we hav always with 11-, .11
!*•#•   hat   «•»•<"!>'  oi/ii-r 1 niu
!  ifM ■ IM*-'..'!-,        ApiTI'     f
Columbia seems to be mainly traceable j
to  exaggerated  anticipations  on  the\
part of investors;  extravagance and in-1
competence on  the pari of the  representatives   of   investors;   overtaxation
and injurious incidence of taxation, and
extensive swindling on the part of company promoters.
With the exception of one, these matters must be largely left to right themselves. As the boomed shares shrink
those who buy them at the. lower price-
will make money and change their attitude towards the country, and as investors find out that the province is not
a Tom Tiddler's ground they will insist
on a prudent and economical management, while it is to he hoped that, a
generation of more business-like promoters will succeed to the first exploiters of our resources."
Legislation has it in its power to
remedy the effects of injurious taxation,
aud also by insisting upon full information of the working of our mines to
limit, to some extent, the depredations
of the wild-cat promoter. It, is quite
absurd that in a country so rich as
British Columbia, any doubt should be
felt as to the ultimate outcome. We
must face the problems oraised by the)
present condition of the mining indus- \
try in a free and open spirit Nor will
it be long before lost ground will be
recovered, provided we go about to
recover and not to lose more. We
have, however, remarked that the immediate outlook is not hopeful. This is
true in the sense, that, perhaps, for the
iext two or three years the inflow of
fresh capital will be restricted. But
the interim will afford a breathing space
in which now unproductive and only
partially profitable undertakings will
become productive and profitable. It
will be a period of active development
Then, later, conditions will be more
perfectly comprehended, the opportunities for investment will both appear
aiHi-oe'iiiore-oi voraoiep*a—repetition—Or
patenti'd  or
unpatented,  are, taxable
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the fatal mistakes which have been
committed in the. past will be less
likely. While the common sense of the
legislator will liave had a sullicient opportunity lor assertion in remedying*
the mure gross detects of the, present
mining law* and taxation systems.
When this time arrives the mining in
(litstry of llritish Columbia will have
entered on the really important stage
of its career, which must eventually
bear to a condition uf unprecedented
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Ml,. (.Ill MM lil I, I..  I.
,      **o|_|.'IIOI     N'llll's    I'lp
II:. I I i.l. r     «*
oiiIpui     II    I*
It,,   llairi-l.l,
Jlille Salilloll, II   I'.
Ilriill'ell llfllee ,'l  Via   llei.let . ■( i I V   SallllllaV
•hi: \iti.iN«.iii\ linn I,. Mo...., (iiv.
i* Iiimlipinn t" (hi Milling   ii.il i'on nn i. I.
ii     i.i iiiimp a   Hu i.i i-.ia
I'o   -.    ..'
i.l Am, in
r i   f'-itt.
i', K.
..   *-   Vlll Call.
I >i   »aliint-
I!  ..IIMIK'I"I.
A .'. ol, N'ew | 'em, i
-   ». A.'».. \Vlhi,||...
Summer Vjirntion Tr!n«
r,\,\\VII-.IIU AN   t.MIIIUIloS
HI'I I A ■'.'».   - i
! i'Wi.1!! ii i.i-: vi.n; \i; i.i '\u
>   \ . s     I    I i , I    > I    I M   ' ' ,    »..■>.
.Iiih  I.'.. II. 1".
!l a!(.'!':l ill
Si. Jomes
Ni*u lli-iivt*r. h.C.
1 hi ri
ll •!-.■ I Tprl,
jV,. •r***».|«  in  ch*** «'i»v  -''#>n>f»n«We ronm«—K-ir
I,i«ft>.»»-«* in.l <'i-p,'nn>--l-U'-if -.crvi.-c n i
*   > lt.lM-.flN A til. Prnp.
fi...!<••«•    U'-fli   fl>»» Iw.tf t.i*
C|I!:M'!.\\   iSHKAVnf;
.IllU  •„'. '.!..
N V'l'P1
■ Al. KM I A I i.'N
i»K l _i:«ti i   *:•.•
* 111V   .'.
' .*. "tii
oil o| ».|.ir.«« 111.- til :
•t (..
(i. ii (.Aitiinn, u
i.riovn-,;»,<■ r u- , "v'.-
It   (leu, , ,. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, JULY 18, 1901
He is drunk.
He is intoxicated.
He is inebriated.
He. is tipsv.
He is full
He is loaded.
He is-jagged.
He is fuddled.
He. is tight.
He is topheavy.
He is slewed.
He is liaif shot
Tie is half iriino
He is overcome.
He is overtaken.
, He is primed.
He is afflicted.
Tie is elevated.
He is exhilarated,
lie is gonial.
He is happy.
He is mellow.
He is corned
He is beery.
He is winy.
He is si-roircy.
He is 1)0oV7v"
lie is soaked.
He is chock-a-block.
He is lushy.
He is muggy.
He is cockeyed.
He is boryoyed.
He is muddled.
He is jiggered.
He is foggy.
He is hazy,
lie is dizzy.
He is stunned.
He is inoory.
He is dopey.
He is ossified.
He is petrified.
He is paralyzed.
He has a (glorious or elegant) jag on.
He has a load on.
He has a skate on.
He has a bun on
He has a biannigan on.
He Iuib a shine on.
He has a still on.
He has an edge on.
He has a skin full.
He has got a cup too much.
Tie has looked on the wine when  it
was red.
He has a bee in his bonnet.
He has an applejack gait.
He has been taking a little of Paddy.
He has been crooking his elbow,
He lias more sail than ballast.
He has his mainbrace well spliced.
He has the sun in his eye.
He can't see a hole in the ladder.
He can't lie down without holding on.
He is half-seas over.
He is three sheets in the wind.
He is on his beam ends,
lie  is  under the  influence  of   the
He is over the bay.
He is in his cups 7
He is in his pots.
He is off his trolley.
He is off his nut.
He has been to session with the Tanks. \
He had too much fish bait.
He went beyond the limit
He has been trying to beat John Barleycorn.
He has got more than the law allows.
He has irot wheels in his head  from
fumes in his stomach.
He has bee-i   rushing   the   growler
once too often
He has been measuring sidewalks upside down.
He is holding up his head so as not to
lose any.
He lias a champagne appetite .and
beer income drunk.
He has a cold tea drunk.
He has a pink tea drunk.
He has got Katzenjaininer or howling
He has a whisky cough.
lie is d(*ad to the world.
HtVMB0(WU»« OR--M Of T_«T_» roWBH
Every effort is being used to make
the Vancouver Street Fair and Summer
Carnival to be held August 5th to 10th,
a success. It is expected that special
rates will be put in effect from all points
on the LAP. R. into Vancouver and that
special excursions will be run.
Speaking of the approaching event
the Province says: "When Vancouver's
summer carnival opens here in all its
wealth of entertaining features and attractive novelties, every one of the
thousands of visitors will be especially
delighted with Jarbour's Oriental Carnival Circus and Menagerie.
"There are many things to 6ee at .labour's, many strange and interesting
things, which show the modes of life of
the peoples in the aggregation. The
open air performance is, perhaps, the
feature of the show, and the three Austin sisters are the stellar attractions.
They aro expert trapeze performers,
a.id their graceful movements not .inly
attract, but electrify. Strong ami supple, they do every part of their turn so
gracefullv as to bring applause from
those least disposed to applaud, the
kind who say they have, seen better
acts—but they haven't. One particularly charming feature of their act is
the three sisters in a trapeze on a revolving wheel. While this act is not as
dangerous as the double one upon the
trapeze, it is far more pleasing, and
calls for a display of grace, if less
strength of arm and nerve, and quickness of eye
There are ten shows iu one,  so to
speak,  and in   the  Mexican   theatre,
German village, streets of Cairo, and j
Oriental theatre, the Pluissance and the.!
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking Powders containing:
alum.  They are injurious to liealtb
Established in Nelson
ARE pre-eminently a watch house, and particularly want
your mail order business in watches, but please understand
that, while we give particular attention to mail orders for
watches, that is but ONE department of our business. We do not confine ourselves exclusively to mail orders for watches, but fill orders for everything
needed by customers. Our lines in diamonds, fine jewelery and novelties, like rir
our watch lines, are standard in quality and unsurpassed in style and selling (11
qualities; and, too, prices are in your favor—as much so as high quality will |j
permit, There shall be a mutual helpfulness in prices here. Quality shall not
be lowered to make prices "cheap." There shall be absolute satisfaction on
your part or we will not try to win your trade. We would like to have you put
us to the test iu this matter.
.•fcSf-Our watchmaking: and jewelery depart ment has no equal in B. C.
HTTis on allFuTJI^:     "~        ~      """
He is on a spree.
He is on a bender.
He is on a racket.
He is on a tear.
He is on the nui-tan.
He is on the ree-raw.
He is feeling his oats.
He is full of mountain dew.
He is full of dope.
He is full of forty-rod booze,
He is full of Jersey lightning.
He is full of tangle foot.
He is full of bug juice.
He is as lull as a tick
He is as full as a gout.
He is as full as a bedbug.
He is as drunk us a lord
He in as drunk us David's sow.
He is weak (wobbly) ou his pins.
He is all mops and' brooms
He is about to east up his accounts,
Il<> had a bird,
lie had a peach
Ho had a bundle.
He had n beaut
He had a so<d> on.
He had a still on,
He had lieen sapping up
He fell irom grace.
He fell off the water cart.
He had been licking up.
He had broken mil a^'iin
He whs out of biisini;s>.
Ho was down and out.
lie was all to the bad.
Hi- had been hitting the hard stuff.
He had too mm!; tamarack.
Ho was up against it
He was tanked up
He had bocu lighting the boo/..*.
Ho was fixed all riirht,
11.< was put under the table.
lie couldn't navigate.
He wm* tacking
iii* wan un in the air
Hi* \vn* rotten,
He is disguised.
lie is screwed
lie i* ^t. wed
He i> beinu«ed.
He i« beaij/ercd
He \* liowxi-il
He hud been ilnllvili. With 111.
He is pn Itry
He is swipev.
lll» IMotlfllM'-ltfil.
He in ilii/g'd
He in we.in
Hi* lllf llli'll   III   !l|l>  •UH,
Hi- b.'i* dniiil. ;n p.'!- th ui he Im*. 1.J.-.I,
He i* on.' and Hum
II" iinik"- iiidt'iiuir.'-. wnh lu* [o_-*i
Hi" ti.i* li | it: i:i ;i   lih.-ln pm tu  ke.'p
III*   I ■•„'*.   •'i-.i.,1 S
111'  l.,'|i.
II" .li
liCit.IV ,
ll '-* •
vahie was $*_-5.0i.n>. This is at the rate,
of S750.0DO foi- a quarter, almost enough
to justify the old dividend ol .*>l88,O0n.
The Pierrefitte silver mine, which is
situated in the French Pyrenees, about
li miles from l'au, is now worked electrically. Water power is utilized for
driving the generators. Mr, E. H.
Davies, who acted as expert in connection with tlie equipment, has just described the electric power station'before
the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy
in London.
Schmidt's law for finding a vein after
it has been faulted or dislocated runs as
follows: If the dislocation/or fault, is
struck on its hanging wall it must be
passed through and the driving continued on the hanging wall side of the
faulted lode. If the foot wall of the
fault is struck it must be passed through
and the driving continued on the foot
wall of the faulted vein,
A few years ago the principle objection raised to Cripple, Creek was that
ore in the mines only occurred in narrow fissures, although it was admitted
that the mineral was of high grade.
Expert after expert turned, the district
down for this reason and they went so
far as to express the fear that with anything like depth the,-knife blade seams
would close, up and there would bo only
two or tin ee mines iel't in the district.
Development has not only surprised
the experts,but the owners of the mines
as well. In more than half the properties of the district machine drills aro
used in breaking the ore and the grade
All watch roiiiiiriiiH i-'
bPi»l workmen.
uai-nti'eeil, us we, I'lmilov none Imt llii
. V. It. T1MK lNSFKOTOlt
THK   JEWtiM-.lt.   Nelson'
U. C.
is fully up to the days of the knife
blade seams.   This has also been the
history of some of the best  mines in
However ill you may speak or think
of women you will always find a woman
able to do it better than vou.
A loving woman will keep her heart
warm as long as she lives, and her hair
black as long as she dyes
AlgeriaiT^ieafr(i7~llH»re"is soimiFhTTTg"
either to interest or to amuse.
The street parade is spectacular and
pleasing. Oriental people in tlieir native costumes catch the eye and hold it
There are really too many features
in Jarbour's circus to enumerate, and
they are all ■■nod. The, aggregation
adds to the gaietv of any community it
visits, y
Stratton's Independence mine made
another great output during May uwl!t0 supply   builders  and contractors
Shnulil mil miss an opportunity to visit
D. flcLachlarTs
When in sonn-h of Gent's Purnli-liiniirs fur tliis
season's wvsir.     S'.-mu run- Imrniiliis.
New Denver, B. C.
Nelson Brewing Go.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
hTbyers & CO.
f'nLt * „rii> I Sold ami Silver, .* .7!i
Lt'iid    .SO I GoM.silv'r,i'u-i'iY l..V>
Samples liy iniiil rect-ivoprompt attention.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
1499  Kith St.,   IliMiver, Colo.
will do better in .June,   The, May tonnage was n,ili)(i tons, of which the gross
Kootenay Coffee
liciilcrs In Tt'iis unit ColT'i'.
All ixinil"> nn.I |irK'fi. A
liliil nrili'i'H'illi'lii'il	
Kootenay Coffee Company
l\«-\ Itoxl**-?. UV-i IlitwrM.
XKIiSOX, II, (*,
j with all the above building materials.
jOur,* products received First Prizes
j and Medals the last two years at tho
j.S|K)kane ICxikkHIoii. The Lime that
j we are now manufacturing is not.
I excelled.   Special quotations to con*
! tracton on application.
NE-SON, B.C. P.O. BOX 688
Cigar Oo.
*■■■■ A
An up-to-ditlo lino of
constantly on hiiiul.
Hi'-ul office: NELSON, li. 0.
Stoics «t SANDON, KASLu, and NELSON.
For |iilii*i apply to--
\V. J. MCMILLAN &!.:.-,
W!iol.'<ili> Atri'ii'-.f'irll.O.
Viinrniivt'i'. H.C.
Our Special
El Condor
Have'shops in neatly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
Three Forks
B. C.
Mack !
Provides accommodation for
the truvclllntr public ....
Plcitrint rooms, and (food
monk Tho bur Ih stocked
with winoH, liquor* nnd
eiKHr*. HOT and COLD
HUGH M\ EN, Proprietor.
| Dealer In !
;      IMPORTED !
___  i
Vim ('hiii|i bunch (food**, Confection ■
i-rv and Km It.
Hauling and Packing t<t Minos,
and general loc-il hiisincHs.
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Wine Co.,
\Vllljlt"l,.|l- lll'Plll'l-1 111
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars   **
Agents for Calgary Beer.
.\rw   HtMivrr, II, i
.II.|'i"i "i ^'ilt'i'i'
!".! f'tt* Jf.lVfl | it*
'k   (III    h"   '.'rtvi
m» In*- hull-
11   -   i      *■ 'Ml''*   ,*
II   •   l»  --llt.t ■ „>u'\
II • i ■ ni i ■<! -.!>: ir.iii *iii.|('.ir*twitv ***'*d.
II-.* •:;-■• ..  ,,-
I!     14 to • ,l|l. im   I'tl.'i'alH-c.
Hi' I- .ill In- 1.;l-.'.
,i|.i ill>
li. ill   .
»<     Wfll     1  I
IJ    »,«•   ! fi
',.rli   ... r   ■•.
If J."I » i'.(   "
>(< V,   «-,  .4    u-
ni'iippy j ii (ni.-!
BATHS ix (-oxxwrnoN.
XowniiH'lict Block,        Xow Denver
Seeds, Trees,
riants A,;,nri'i.T!i{AL
KWllT liASKK'l>S
In \. » |i. iiv.i    Kev i.fiii.    A|-j.l> I i iti:.».
K SVIITH.,,,-il.U.ffl
l.i'1-.irt*, KxaniliiHiliiim ami XIhiiii({«-
NEW DENVER.   .   B.C.
l-'ainlly & Commercial.
Fitted with every niiKlein
eonvenicnoo.  Hpeei'al protection against lire. Hates $2.50
I ami $3 per dav.
l'n>i<i It-ton,
forget the
Lake Shore
t.'«l-»l«»itH»* Ytr,*,
on? roit-Ki iu.i'Ain-
MKST  l> 1 l»-lo.|»ATi:
IN   AU. NlSI.KS   ,\M.
.1. *rfll,.-     Ill-    »nj.-
_ p ' • .'
I « m «
M. .1. IIKNIIV,        I
...,,n,«t..« H....I v. .,.,-.«,%«.■*, H. (',
W Hill. I. Hum--~\t.V
. .1,.. i
r>  'ii* l,.iiiii' li'inn « hill
li.- i.-i. .
H« •-    ,v
ni h.*j»till ' .'M">  ,.i-.-,i  i,ii;;,ii; Ji(.' I.4T
Hi* ii i    <•«•    «i».»i,„* iiin-.-H liki* a
'll't.lKMH   ».•.,.
11  '  'I*  I. :i  JIVI    _  .'111 UltlUUliil   hi  a ^
ni**" if* ••>■_»■»-*»'-4-r m>. ■• ■"kB_,fc _» j* I
ii • .,,»» ...I'll i,'.-»l,n_' ln»   iir»* Willi tr*r
H■• »( >* v-.-t. i «id- : .!.».» ,(r»«»k,
h« Km- ■••-•ii »n*» * "*-K i    -iil.lnirit.
!lt«»--.i...li- -l.-t..'. 'THW». KVAXS'
ll.. iM.i ...- * u... ... . .k_ tiVM C|(0|. ho-jni; KASl/l,
lli- lift i ri.-* witn it * ". .'...((-.ink. .,        ,,. ___.»,»
U, :.,[ i,^*^.X..._ x*. ...At :^M[ *"ih f-Ub nil f-^time      MKM
i.c-pi-Aiu, nt.;** l\ioltry mmttiK-tmif. 20   UP
m  Maii
|t»«t , »!.,- (-f.H-nr.U,;..
f..r ill- m .'iff-
Rmwn Rrns., ^   SILVERWARE
t    The Jeweler*. Nelson. *    _h A UiU ,iw ,A *Uw**** mvt choice |      .-   ,       
%^^W9\%V%f%s%,m/£,                ■ •■'•iiiVeikmnv .*»«                 #      * u«if*iw»ai .u
u,kAAA ^        nrs.J.H.Wereley's
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
itlliltoN KMH.H'sriN,
«l'IKK.<from .Vlo.Vv
Underwear Specials
I  ». ..Iri     -»•    v. » 1«
Sill |i  (     hi
I «.:■ t • w ■
».,'in,        !#•
AUH'I'I.'.-III in I.'' -     '.,:., ■ i A  k,UA;ri!'»iI
*»VtllUyO'i't *-*•'-!
rt *TR»THr. tRS.!(,«,. W C
,• »,   ii
cn '•*»■ v.'.-.'*    i»,'i t'l'u Vj__Ai 11
,. $ I. »s.*.#M
.'•it1, Vi ',■*. i litivm iitv.-M.'.. ^wfiiii.
tim wvok. at	
l«r 1'j.ir
Hen's Soft and Starched Shirts, $1.00
I     lr*rec\ Frvfnp jf- Cn       I
Hik*. t»,\».*» HK-iAAW>„
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
IfELSOlf, B. C.


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