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The Ledge Apr 9, 1903

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Volume X. Number 28.
Price $2.00 Year, advance
gH®»»3»8S£&8 as ss ssasaassssss?:
Genial NSWs FToat
ES Hews of Local Color for and of Mining Men and W
P tfce Bury World. p
^asaassss as as ssasssssisg&sa^
Herman Clever imported a carload of
cattle thia week.I
Mrs. W. R. Beattie has gone on a
visit to Joplin, Mo.
The hard times have had loss effect
upon Three Forks than any other camp
in the Slocan.
Mrs. M. L Grimmett and children
have taken up their summer residence
in New Denver.
Mrs. Thos, Sharp, of Sandon, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. J. Cavanaugh,
of New Denver.
The Ne'w Denver rifle club is getting
ready to Bhoot.   Capt. Drewry is sum
mooing members to pay up.
A dance will be given in the Roso-
berv hotel next Monday evening A
cordial invitation is extended to nil.
Rev. Mclntyre, of Sandon, will participate in the Easter social tomorrow
evening; also Miss Shannon*, of Silver-
Huiih Williams will attend the District-Convention of tho Western Federation of Miners, to be held in Nelson
Wm, Gibbs returned from Hossland
Tuesday to take the cashier's desk iu
in tho flank of Montreal in the absence
•of Malinger .DeVebcr.
A meeting' will be held In' CleverV
'hall Saturday evening, to complete the
organization' of a local branch of the
Provincial Mining Association.
Ruby silver has been struck for tho
first time in the Payne. In the lower
tunne! can be seen along thn hanging
wall a streak of this exceedingly rich
ore. ,    ■    ,       '
It is now In order to revive the Gratis
Grading Gang and dean away the debris from the lire, fill in the holes and
make the burned block more attractive
to look at,
The road leading out of Three Forks
towards Sandon is being repaired by
minors from the Monitor and local teamsters. The government will be asked
to pay later on.
D.J. Robertson & Co. are sbowintr
soma flno parlor suites of furniture i
their showrooms In Nelson    Their un
dertaklng department Is becoming a
prominent feature of their business.
There was no church servlco In New
Denver last Sunday. Thero will prnb
ably bo four services next Sunday. It'i-
n feast or famine lu mining-camp life,
in religion as well aa pork and beans
A change in the date fnr balding the
Methodist social haa been made from
tho 14th to thu I0th--Good Friday eve
ning—to avoid conflicting with ihu entertainment given on the 15th hy the
ladiea of tho English church.
J H McAulay returned from hte
eastern trip last Friday, accompanied
by his bride, That evening the local
order of Foresters gathered at the home
of J A Taylor ana presented Mr. am'
Mrs. McAulay with a handsome illvo.
Herman Clavar is fitting up the store
next to ids block for a butcher shop
Harlow, tho well-known plasterer from
Nakusp, Is working on the bulletin^
this week, and Clever Intend* tn hav«
It made Into tlio finest butcher shtlp It
Tha many friends of Jacob Dmr
will regret to learn that he Imp against
a mortgage sale. This is a natural nut
eome of thn hard times In Nelson, n* tin
diamond and art good* merchant Is al
ways hit tha h*rde>t when flush time*
decay, Dover haa always been public
■piriled and haa done a great deal to
wards making tha town of Net*™
widely known It la to uo hop«l thai
Jake will mon get from under ite
snowslide ef adversitv.
Of nS\ the uncials beM In V,trr TV-m-ri
fand they have not been few) that given
last Thursday evening by the Knight*
of Fit&las was the gttwUtt mitum
Tht Eall was crowded with a most ap
pradatlve audience, the program wa<-
Wi.".* J,*.'!"***, li-J.'** •.*<•,>•..   i*i.vt.i, *»i*.»L-,ui',1 i. ,k*.iii.
(Ml. 8*v«ral mv feature* wti* Intro
dated. Particularly pleasing was the
singing by Miss Clevetlv, the club
•wftflnsr by little Jimmta Btfcar, and
tba burfeaqaas by members of the ledge.
Indications arc biighl far a good
•oas-mat im ftlWe.n-.m. Managm iaiw
win rttorn In a few days to resume
worfr on the, MifcefleM. work will noon
be started on Ibe Hewitt ml]), the
Tbmtr Maiden will retain* shipments
abwilr, nnd tbert i* ih* tlkfMiwt*, di
tha Oalsns Farm being worked Tha
Waktfltld wilt bt operated on a Urger
"calnthan Inst year. The flume from
the dam to the mill is to ho repaired nt
once, the intention being ^o start the
The impression.whi"h has got abroad
that the Rnsun stop]ed -shipments of
zinc oro to the'.Lanyon'Smelting"Co.
ow'ng to unsatisfactory return*?, is nh-
solutoly without foundation;'' The loin
people s<-4tled on terms entirely satisfactory to the mining company. All
zinc ore is now going1 to Trail, as returns are quicker.
The total amount of ore shipped from
rhe Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1802 was, approximately, S0.PQ0 tons Since January 1
to April 4, 1903, the shipments have
been as follows:
Week-  Ti't-I
American Boy  871
Antoiuo     21 si
Arlington  t  .     Ad
lUnvk I'tlnco  J7
Rdwlholder  -..,... i
Hosnn \    80 SHO
Hlue Blnl !  so
Payton "."..,.. a
Rn ti>rpr *** ■  j tv,
Fi*5!!*fr-Ms!den7i-.-rr..-1.T-TTr.T..TrTi— tm
Idaho  n
Ivnii'ioe.,..,  100 SO;'
Monitor   mi
Mi'tcor  ]«
OtCnwa  ,  jnr
1'ii.vtif MT nu
Queen Bw» ■  \tt
Knmliler—for March M*   .    . uj
Iti'OO  JN)
iU>i>ul)llo  te
Jlmli  84
Jtlo ,  o !
Ki'ft K«x  tl U
Sloe-,tr Star;.'. '.. ret 6«o
Slncsn Boy..  i« \h
••liver Glance  as kt,
8u.-|irli.c... ,*  6 I,
Total tons , ttt       r«S8
Messrs. McCarter and Kincald had an
interview with the Hon. Messrs. Blair
and  Sutherland   iu  ref«r*.mco to the
building of an electric  tram around
Death Rapids.   Tho Revelstoke imri
gallon company proposed to the gov
eminent that they  would  hiild   the
tramway and place, it in operation for
%l.mi per mile subsidy.   The Hon. Mr.
Hlal' considered the propoillon a good
one iii.d said he would recommend to
the irovernment the Navigation com
Pliny's offer.   Tho local member, Mr.
(lUllihcr, asked for 110,000 for the up
river (mnrovements and 8*1.000 of tt e
Kiiinunt has been placed in thn estimato*-
liy the government.   It Is Mr, Oalll
Iter's intention, as he explained It to
Messrs. McCarter and Klneaid to have
rim   money   available   at   mice    so
ihat a good deal of work could bo done
before the water became too high this
-piing.—Hcvelftokw Herald.
After some weeks of uncertainty, the
*«KUrauro is given l>y Colin Campbell
Ami he will have in opr rnthm an dt-t
trie power plant of 1000 light rapacity,
for lighting Now Denver and vlciiilt'v,
ui aliout throe moiiilm' time. Mr.
Campbell has been quietly at work on
•Iin scheme for »ome month*. Ale ha*
lOO lights already tdedged in New Dfii
ver. '1 ha government haa granted tin
water rl|tht asked for at Hox Canyon,
md a survey for the building shows ■•
made la*» week. • the work of erecting
the bulldii g and Installing thn plant
will b« hurried as fast as clrcumstaucee
will permit
IN   NKW   QllAltTKRi.
J B, HmMh-i Co., New !K«nver'»eti
•rgetlcteueral merchandise firm, ar.
n * poiition to fill all ordcis promptly
The tit<i rripptad litem temporarily, lui
.'radually tliey havo been getting Into
position to assume, thn .end. In tltcii
-tow quarters In thn Clever block thev
im ramiMHl lor room, bnt they hoixt tV.
wmedv ltd* «ho-rf V whw-n thmw will Hr.
iiiioio uiiitxn iha pjirt now occupied!
ny ii ifieinta iiukitttf  si'tup, ii iti*\u\i
ibe, hleoilon ol Ur. Clever lo rwtavair
iha old diujr store building for hit own
UatyiilUa Kawiur.
7'he .Soliirsn iimnti Mining <wo,>aoy
will hold a meeting in Spokane April
tl, to authorise the Issue ott2M,QC*\\n
8 par cent bondito lake up the com-
jMny's debt of IllO.OUt) ami give futwli
to carry nn ©on*tm«tion of the com-
pany's stneltar at Marysville.
Fluids of every kino front water to •
mint fnlep e*n ha bs/l at tbe gtmtanay
saloon in Sandon,
If j«s »*»!■ * Kftck -si hett f«» tlve
Rstdiig waton catt up tha New York
brewerr at Handon.
ASK   FOH   «i8ft.090i
ThniProvfnrinl Mining Association
menus business A petition has been
s-tit to Ottnwn asking- tho Dominion
go-or ment for an approprin'.ion of
*V2n,O0fl lor association purposes. ,The
appeal re-ids:
"An organisation under tho title of
'The Provincial Mininir Association of
British Columbia' has lately beei.
formed in this province, which has for
its obje« ts the. upbuildinc of ^tlio mitiiny
industry of the province, and the dissemination of information as to its rich
aiid varied mineral resources. i
"At n c i,vent;on of 8n0 delegates rA
eentlv assembled* at Victoria. 0,500 prA-
vineial'members were * represented, and
during a session ojitondliiir-o'ver severnl
days, resolutions w<\ro • adopted'Urgihg
the introduction of amemlinir and re.
medial legislation on the subjects <5>f
ntilting titles, taxntion. development of
mining properties, transportation and
other matters of first importance to the
mining industry* ,
"Thea'socia'tion embraees-wfthin Its
rrinks representatives from all classes
and conditions who have invested
either money oi- labor in the development of our mineral wealth, and who
believe by unity of effort and earnest
resolve thnt titey will be enabled to
bring about important reforms in min
ing legislation and so hasten the settlement and development of this provibce.
"Among the objects the association
basin.view are: (1) The establishment
of a bureau for the gathering and distribution nf reliable information ofthe
mineVal deposits nf the province; (2)
ireologjeal aiid inineralogical surveys
of nil mineral bearing sections of the
province, and (3) acting only upon re
lialile inform^*f^toTibrnl-Mt"lo~pfos
nectors. capitalists nnd niiiurs the most
likely Jields for the investment of
money and labor and so put nn end as
far as possiblo to the-es|tloitfttion ^f
worthless locations at the expousoof
ilielnveftiiVsr'pulillc. " ■•*'■■
"There is probably no industry of-
this province the development of which
along sound lines will cont til nits so
much to tho increase of customs and
excise revenue as that of mining.
•Reference to the enstoma and inland revenue derived from these sources will show that the mining industry
has taken a great stride forward since
1891. when the mining interests of British Columbia enmo tirst into general
notice. *■
"The importance of mining develop
ment in British CnlnmMn. viewed solely
from Its effect upon federal revenue,
suggested to the executive committee
of the association that tho Dominion
government should bo asked to aid this
worthy enterprise by a vote of public
money, and wo venture to respectfully
request that the sum nf 125,000 be
placed in the estimates for 11108 4 for
the advancement of the great'objects
wo have In view."
British Columbia receives an addl
tionat representative In the House of
Con mom by virtue of the redistribution
bill now before parliament, anil tho
prn\lnc« will be divided Into seven
coiwliiuenclei, esch having ono member. These constituencies are Vic
torla. Vancouver, Now Westminster
Naialmn, YnleCarllmo, Kootenay and
Alherni-Atlln. An impression pre
vailed at one time In many quarter)-
that Victoria was bv virtue of the
Perms nf Union, to bo always entitled
to two members, but there was no war
rant for such an opinion, tha language
•f the Terms being explicit and to thc
offctt that the original distribution of
repn sentation should only continue
until altered by competent anthorily.
which In lids rate is the parliament of
Canada.—Victoria Times.
roaiKi cowl no riiia way.
The Montreal Star's Tendon cable
*avti The last night tit England of the
4l( Hi'UWh (\dnnl«t« was hardly an
tgrooable one. No fewer thsn «MW of
them were sent to nun Liverpool lodg
iug honmi k*wj«-r He put dp t j> *i.<5
onw has been fined for overcrowding
his housis having taken 147 lodgeis in
excess of legal accommodation.
Tba I.lveral Post saysj The flower of
Kngland Is beginning lo tl«i»*rt from
these shores na tho flower of Ireland did
tears ago,
er,. *
Tkereare few mee above
t. - .4, *- **,. 9*\    %%. mtt-A    Awtf
Tb»> *-twt*fw *t* te aboat VA,
The British Columbia correspondent
of the London Mining Journal writes
to that paper thus:
By far tlie heaviest burden on British
Columbia mining consists, not in provincial taxation,' but in tho levies imposed on a host of imported mine neces
sities, ns n result of a Dominion protec-
live tariff, which is in many points so
excessive as.to ho almost prohibitive of
external competition British Columbia
id thus every vear. compelled to pay to
the general Canadian jrovenue a sum
vastly iu excess of what is spent by the
natio'nnl authorities within and in respect of the province, and the mining,
amongst 'other -industries, suffers thereby Tho present Canadian fiscal systems pays "little or no regard to the
Western and Pacific Coast situation,
and the fact of British Columbia's distance of over 2,000 miles? by land from
tho. manufacturing, centres of Eastern
Canada adds enormously, by reason of
necessary freight chnriies, to the effect
of a protective tariff, which is naturully
conceived and elaborated from the
standpoint of Easterners, who at present control the national parliamentar\
situation. Coniederation is a good
thing nationally and imperially, but
British Columbia pays as a province,
through its inining and other industries, far too heavy a price for it; the
per capita contribution of the people to
national revenue through the customs
and excise—-the province not beingjto
any large extent a manufacturing center—being at least twice as much as
that of the peoplo of any other Canadian province or territory with the exception ot the Yukon.
A bunch of fifty Japs who have been
removing a big sandbank on the Great
Northern rnilwap near Elko, went out
on strike the first of the week. These
•laps are brought into tho States by a
largo employment company in Seattle
and are farmed out to the Great North-
urn railway at ft 10 a day, the 10 cents
of which'goes to the employment com*
pany. The company also furnishos
food to the different gangs of Jnns at a
lower rate than they can purchase it
elsewhere, and so long as their labors
are confined to the States tho Orientals
are satisfied. But it te different on this
sido of the line, as the Japs aro compelled to go down Into their pockets for
the duty charged on their food supply,
and they are now protej-ting to be
taken buck to the laud of trusts snd
mergers. It Is to be hoped the little
if Hows win their point, as British Co
lumhia already has more than her share
of Mongolian labor
Another victim has boen added to
the list of raiuers who perished in the
Nettie L. disaster last month. Otto
Blohm was overcome with gas at the
time of the mine accident, but it was
thought that ho would recover. Apparently ho got a heavier dose of the
i oI-oiioum than somo of those who* were
reicued aud subsequently recovered, as
ufter n short illness he has succumbed.
Un being taken to the hospital, directly
after the accident, he regained cons
ciousiirss and for a few day*ho|>e»w«r«
• ntertained that ho would ultimately
recover, but tho rally was only temporary and he gradually sank until
death brought relief.
with att halo and heartv.
All sttam-sr line* art putttnaoo atlra
<*f>+tt,m**ts*li9>T*tV:*.*** tie i9*kMIMAIfc*
MttfelM4 MI**.
Hix carloads of om twin tha HJfldsnd
mine at A in* worth weire r-Kdved at
the Hall mines smelter this week. Tbe
mine is being worked with double
shifts there now being plenty of water
for both concentrator and mint. Tba
company anticipate a steady ran all
ItaMot H«*tl4»r V-fttM.
TbaCaiisdlan Pacific Railway com-
Finy are offering rtdaced rates fer tM»
*m*t Midsv M*RWft. Tklm f««d
goin* April 0th to 12th iBcIustvs. r«-
turtttnf op to and tnetadlttg tb« 1«*.
Ilnn't H* T«<» I.Mt.«.
How olten does tho examining doctor have to sav to applicants for Life
Insurance: "If von had applied a year
ago you would have passed." Remember the Mutual Life ol Canada has on
lered Upon its thirty fourth tear. Thero
is no company in Canada, either native,
British or American, can show such results—as actual dividends paid to policy
holders, Results roan'—with bout results io policy holders, \V llism J.
Twi«s nf Kaslo wishes to say to one and
all "Don't be too lattTwiih your sp-
plication. ^__	
ri-iig*c**t **9 Html*.
Ping tottx Has at 1**1 fallen ur»4tr tbe
bun of lite law ke#per« of .Scotland In
the city of Dundee the patife magi*
trates hnvt decided that thit late*! game
is detrimental to tho morals of a soler
city It setims that all public homes of
that town or nearly all, have provid tl
ning-pong tablet for tlieir patrons, and
Ittt, uttiitfi-m   t*t   vAneiti*  fnr-   itrlti\*a   !»«.■■
trown ao rapidlv that the tails ar* not
k*rg» suougo to aecouuuouiu* hua *o*i
Urn* of the game.
tnm U9iA t*na*.
Tba lirst goiA brick from the Cam-
\ir,9*,r,   -.,,,„.,   «.,,..»   m,I   Imtl    wr*t*\*    »«.♦
area torntd out let iim Smihweitettt
Devalopmeitt Syndicate. It is Mid to
contain *» ounce*ot fold ait-l In bn the
result of 1 V> Um* of ore from open cuts
mm llit Gold Finch elaim.
Up to th« time it rioted, a few weeks
HfO, tHl a-'Cauof of f*l>»f ahortug*, thet
NMrtrwal aad Boston Copper company'«
wmnm* ameher st TVmndarv F»tt*b»d
trratrd W.ISM tmm ol ore. Irftin lb* B
C, SmAWthm *nA finn«n mines, and
sMffMil tfM %*****' ««ti* -of a*««rt t*^
par -emt. copper, I| onncos f«M and in
*«»«•• stiver p*r toa.
1 sandon flews ci'oppfnss'
ig What the Busy People are Doing where Even the E?
jg; Snow Moves Quickly. ,      (£
A train got, into Sandon on time this
The recent snowfall has improved the
sleighing slightly.
Tho city clerk is making up tlie assessment roll for11908.
H. B. Alexander sails from England
the&)th inst, to open the Ruth mines.
Miss Morgan of Hamilton, Ont , is
visiting with her sister, Mrs James
Jimmie Dimmick vtsitpd Nelson for
a few days this week, just to get a touch
of sunshine.
Sandy Cameron's sunny smile decorates the Kootenay. He presidesover
the dispensary.
Robert Cunning is expected home
in a few days from Oregon, where he
spent thc winter.
Sandon pupils are preparing for the
entrance examination in May. There
will be six entries.
Alex. Growder intends to take a trip
east shortly to visit his old home in the
oil regions around Petrolia.
Sirs. E.*.~R. ATRertouls visiting in"
Nelson, from where she will go east to
visit her homo in Now Brunswick
Tho ladies of Sandon aro giving a
ball in thn Union opera house on Easter
Monday iu nid of the skating rink.
The graders on the Paynozinc roaster
are making rapid progiess. The plant
should be in operation within 60 days.
Lumber for repairing tho flume was
received from Nakusp Tuesday. The
necessary work will be commenced immediately.
Alex Williamson and Thomas Mel
rose, hoth old-tiiheSandoniteSj are helping the C.P. R. to build a large hotel
at Glacier.
Ed Lvons has taken up a sido line of
insurance, doing business for the Cniin
dian Mutual with satisfactory results to
all parties concerned.
Geo Clark has bought In with Win,
Bennett In tlie Filbert hotel. Tliey are
doing the bust hotel trade in the camp,
which is what they deserve.
Roy Clothier, one of Bossland's celebrated hockey players, is visiting Sandon again, ihe town from wliich he
graduated as a juggler of the puck
Angus J. Macdonald and Howard
Thompson aro attending thn annual
convention of District Association No
0, W. P. of M., In Nelson this week.
The Paystreak plant Is packed for
shipment to tho coast to produce the
theoiiagram, which will come to the sur
face aliout the 1st of May.   Keep your
eye ou the fuzam.
N. J. Cavanaugh has produced a
table for calculating London price* of
load and nine, which will be printed in
book form and should be a very useful
document for all iiHeivMcl in Am mm
kot. It reduce* sterling money to Canadian money, givimr a catciilstion for
each |K«nt»y from £» to tlu, A table ol
thi* kind should save many Slncanites
from getting gray-haired trying |o
figure what lead Is worth in Loudon.
A boot one car per day Is being ihlp-
pee from tho Christina lako lime quarry
to the Trail smeiter Supt Wsugh ha*
about ten men at work now.
Supt. Kvaus i" working a small forco
of men at the Humming Bird on the
N*»ftH Y**rk The l**t reluvnt from ■
shipment mado arave 135 per Ion net.
Arrangement* ara tiemg made to liit
flrauhv shares nu tbe Bo«ion and New
Y»ik 'exihftiijte*. Thu Montreal aud
I to-ton and It  C. Copper shares have
already hutin lUletl.
-fM«r-»nt« tint Mrtrrl«nn now hav* Ibe
tho lona tunnel on tits Woe Jay, near (
( UOeiul, iin>••.•*.» AiAiui *>W »i'*vi, liiui *:■*
freti lo anA*e ib# lodge with another vC
or »> fe*t of work.
Some tWrtv men are reporte«| a«b#-
ing employed at tho Pro%ldenco mlna,
»Wfh neear irmkeit  bH-ler.    Tbe trat
ment* on the btmil ore being met Irom
the uroc-atds of shipment*.
James McNolty, with an a«*i*tani,
hat »lsrte«l development work on ihe
Marshall claim, one ol (he Mar«hall
group, which adjoin* thn Brooklyn
group on tho north t!d« of Photnu
Some magrdticent samples ol bMh
erade om are being taken from lh#
-r.Utior•<. fttij-tm-itog tbe l'r»»»MUme, vt.i,
o4tirt*nmo*m.   it bid* fair tw prov«ta
ftett »lo», aceordinf to all rtpoit*
tlm foe ttm of April there were HW
name* on the Granby mines rajurotl,
and some men havo been put on since.
The Snowshoe has about 85 men nt
work, and at last has plenty of water
for nil purposes,
The organization of the R. C. Coal
company, limited, was completed thi*
week nt Grand Forks, H. E. Irwin, K
C, of Toronto, who is largely interested with other eastern capitalists, being present, Tlio company has valuable coal measures up the North Fork
of Kettle river, which will be developed
Paul Johnson, formerly manager of
the Mother Lode smelter, left Green
woode this week for Prince of Wales
Island, vin Spokane. In company with*
with Sam Silverman and J. B Hasting-
Ite sailed from Seattle Wednesday h i
his new location, whore he will ha>o
charge of thu erection of a smelter.
This week the branch pole lino from
the Cascade sub station ,in Phoenix to
the Snowshoe mine was completed.
When theelectric hoist is installed aitd
the transformers in place, the current
will he turned on. The headwords at
the main shaft nre now assuming pro
portions, and the oro bins into which
tho skips will dump the ore frmn tin-
nix Pioneer
Editor New Denver Lkikik:
Sm— A bill, entitled "An Act to
Amend the Assessment Aet,"recentb
introduced by the Hon. Minister of
Finance, might more properly have
heen entitled
"An act to discourage prospecting
and mining;" or
"An act to confiscate c rtain crown
granted lauds iu British Columbia:" ti
"An act to force tho tale of ceitain
lands to wealthy men or corporations; *
"An act to render unsafe Investment
in real projierly in British Columbia "
Any of the abovo headings fitly dn
scribes ihe measure proposed by the
Hon Minister of Finance
Many men of smsll capital have invested almost their last dollar in ex
pen ling live hundred dollars on min
oral claim* aud crown-granting thein.
believing that by sn doing they were
making their inveiimunt secure
lu other cases thousands of dollars
nave beeu spent in vnln, searching for
pay ore until the capital lininudiatelv
available has been exhausted, anil
now the Hon Minister of Finance pro
pottos lo lax tho man who i*|>oor or unfortunate at a rate of over five per cent
on the valuation of f.VX) which the gov
eminent place* nil mineral claims.
In many case* this oxceM.|ve tax
would uo doubt menu confiscation t>v
taxatlon, or a forced sale to wealthy
First elms farm lands, valued by the
government at 15per acre, aro assessed
*t four liith.i ivf one per vent, on their
value, while the clinuce* sre that Iho
farm land* are, acre for aero, more
vatitsMn than the gresl mapirktv of
mineral clslm*. Yet tho government
Mhiglo* out mineral claim* for special
taxation and |.rojio»e« to penalize the
unfortunate owner* to thn extent of
nix and one,half time* the rate charged
on farm land* And, further, tho tax
m imposed not only voii%titut«aat-hargu
agaluM Ihe mineral claim, but is also
diH-lnrcd lo lw « debt against all pro|f
oily held by tho owners of claims »o
it wil), iridsod. be a good thing m
keep nut of mining iiiv«»tm»rits if In
iTfu'iit uttitudt it m*lntaift#d by the
The Hon. Minister of Finance has recently i*#ued a circular In which la-
Mate* that the two percent, tat It the
ot ly tax lisid by the uituei tet thu
nrovineial ostimales for the enrwrir
year show tho e»ttmated revenue from
inliiln* »«iiri*e* at twiarinrt tit whlHi
mini but f 1.1X1 uts* is credited to tba 9 per
*. V.ilv. iAk*
It *'«ul4 Ui Interesting to know how
thl* laiye sum comparts with lha actual
Croftia made bv tht mints; and also to
now why an aggrtflstlon of piaco-
huut**r». pMingasa f>>vtrnm*Mit, skftuUi
^ii'1-j.o.t io it j tog Vi *VH %1itt into wnuli
in lime mav be made to lay golden aggt
Tha guiding spirit of lb* recent mm-
..ig convention apnttred to bo * Fair
(day for all.*'   It almost setnts as If the
Provincial Mining A*todatioa migl>>
profitably iuMitote a kindergsrtm. and
tnatrnet the lien, Minister of Vlnnnre
and tli* commit»lo«tr nA lates in lb*
A B C of tsistlon. W. 8. DttvraY.
Maw Dee ver, it. C, Marcti ?, t*US.
Clfar* that etalt. wh«a lit, • deSitfM-
fal aroma can always W tod mm
Wmums. rl.-*i.1
Tenth Yeak.
The Ledge.
With which li amalgamated ibe
 Sakdow Paybtkkak.    '
Published every Thursday in the richest silver-
       leaa-sano camp on earth.. ■'
Legal advertising 10 cents a nonparlel line
i I st insertion, and & cents a Hue each subsequent
insertion. Beading notices 25 cents a Hue, and
commercial advertising grade**! in prices according to circumstances.
Subscription, *4a year (n-advance or SS.sd if
not so paid. .    -■
Fellow Pilgrims: Thu Lidok is located at
N'ew Denver, B. 0 , and is traced to man; parts
of the earth It has never been .raided, by the
rlierlff, snowsllded by cheap silver, or riibdued
liy the fear of man. It works for ti.e trail blazer
,n well as tbe bay-windowed, champagne-flavored
capitalist. It alms to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
*t 'Od the test of time, and an ever-increasing
miystrcak is proof that it is better to tell th<-
trmh.even if the heavens do occasionally hit
ii'ir smokestack. ..*■-.
One of the noblest works of creation Is'the'man
wiio always pays the printer;  he is sure'of a
inink in paradise, with lliornless roses for a pil-
I > v by night, and nothing hut gold to look at
.hv day.
Address all communications to—
N'ew Deliver, B. C
> imncll cross in thia square
I '.U'Htes that your sabscrlp-
ti ii Is due, and that the editor
«• nits thee again to look at
>uur collateral.
the novel haa seen its day. The
world has always listened to stories
and ahvayB will. * People, "while
they like history,'science ai-d kindred subjects, will., always care for
stories. -There is'a moist extraordinary reading public in America.
^Ve have nothing in England like
the enormous sales of books, one
over another,- wliich are published
at the same time in the United
States. Here every one reads and
reads a lot."
THURSDAY,   APRIL   9.   1903.
Time ahd snowslides wait for no
It is
a long trail that has
Fernie is liable
to an attack of
• Variety is still the spice of life.
Note  bow we are dealing  in it
This paper may be blue, but as
the old minstrel remarks, it is read
all over.
Wo cannot take any /more cord-
wood for subscriptions, but strawberries are not barred.
Silver seems inclined to climb a
little higher, but slips on the road
too often to suit the Slocan'.
The freight department- of the
C. P. R. has a soul, We discovered
ihe fact in Nelson a day or two ago.
Certainty is better than suspense.
This waiting for a lead tariff at
- Ottawa puts a crimp in^tiio BiOcaTT
In tho future it will not rain so
much on the coast. . Lowery'B
Claim is about to be published in
Vancouver.  . .
The Daily News of Nelson its
steadily increasing in circulation.
Its first page catches those who
thirst for early knowledge.
When the newspaper fever seizes
some people it cannot be cured ex-
c -pt by death—Rod Matheson has
just started a paper at Raymond.
The Slocan may have a deuce in
the hole just now, but the next
deal may bury an ace. This Latin
is understood by educated people.
There is nothing tho mutter with
the Slocan. Wo have millions in
these hills that must in a short
time come to tho surface and make
us all rich.    	
Tho Ozonngram will appear in
Vancouver about the lat of May.
It has an assured circulation of
several thousand copies and will be
i literary cyclone.
Do not get alarmed because some
peoplo oomplain of the hard times.
It was much duller In the Slocan
twenty yearn ago, and yet at that
time not a soul mourned.
When the people of a country
do not want a newspaper in their
midst they Hhould let it die. If
(hey want oue they ritould dig
up liberally and look pleasant,
Tho tourist rush ia almost upon
ns, and spring cleaning has scarcely
U»gun. Wo must hurry or our
towns will not look sweet when tho
Granger* camp within our gate*.
Tt te thlrty-elg'it years ago today
Mnc-n the blue won out againat the
uray li thoKtnt<*. but tliat te not
lite reason why thl* paper ia printed
on aky-colored paper. It is a
legacy from the Paysfcreak,
T!.*.* JU|M.««MM*g ui t»w in too ex*
ji-Mirfve J.u Ihh itWiiovc, A. u-fuuu
movement Is udctumry to simplify
it* admintatmtion and cut away
tho mltapo wliich ii wound so
plentifully around Ute court ma-
Delinquent subecrihetii will nave
money by paying their bills at this
office. Legal proceeding* will
shortly be taken against all who
fc»v# noft p»M or arranged for their
account! at this office. Wind in
valuable, but itot mi an ttmei with
which to pay printers.
T1m» «f*j of tlie novel It not over,
nwmiing to Anthony Hope Hawkins.   H« aayt:    I do not think
The fishing industry will soon
open on Slocan lake, and the following may be of interest to nim-
Dr. David Starr Jordan, presi;
dent of the Leland Stanford, Jr.,
university, who has recently discovered a number of new varieties
offish in the streams of Hawaii
and tho Philippines, is a great
sportsman as well as a conscientious
ichthyologist, As might be expected, ho uses the most approved
of modern rods and flies in fishing.
"I have met some fishermen,
even among professional sportsmen, who prefer old-fashioned
methods," said Dr. Jordan, "and
though the ancient story of the
farmer's boy who catches fish with
a bent pin fastened to a piece of
twine, where full-rigged sports
from the city fail to get a bite,
borders bn the mythical, I have actually witnessed instances of success with back-number outfits
where modern appliances failed to
land the game.
"One day in California I had a
remarkable run of luck, and that
night as we sat around the camp-
fire I took occasion to say that my
success was due to the superior tie
of flies I had used.
11 'You may flatter yourself on
the string you have brought today,'
said ' an old fisherman who had
joined our party, 'but let me tell
you, doctor, that I saw a Digger
Indian catch more fish in an hour
in this stream than you've landed
all day with your fine flies.'
"'What bait did he use?' I
" 'Live grasshoppers.' replied
the old man, 'but he didn't impale
them, From his head he would
stoically pluck a hair and with it
hook. Almost upon the instant
that this bait struck the water a
fish would'leap for it. After land-
iug him the Indian would calmly
repeat the performance of snatching a hair from his head and Mixing a fresh , grasshopper to the
" 'I became fascinated,' continued the narrator. 'After the
Indian had landed in quick succession a mighty string of salmon
trout he suddenly stopped. I called
to hi iu to go on with the exciting
sport, but he merely smiled grimly
and pointed significantly to his
" 'What was the matter with his
head ?' I asko I," said Dr. Jordan.
" 'Ho had plucked it bald,' replied the old man,"
Sho was nowly married and did
not know a little bit about cither
housekeeping or shopping, and sho
waa giving her very first order. It
was a crusher but tho St. Paul
grocer was a clever man, and was
used to all kinds of orders, and
could interpret them easily.
"I want two pounds of paralyzed
sugar," sho began.
"Yes'm.   Anything else?"
"Two tins of condomued milk."
lie act down pulverized sugar
and condensed milk.
"A bag of frcsh salt. Bo sure it
is fresh."
"Yes'm.   What next?"
"A pound of desecrated codfish."
Ho wrote glibly, "deasicated
"Nothing moro, ma'am? Wo
have Nome nice horseradish just
"No," sho aald, "it would bo of
no use to us; we don't keep a
Then the grocer sat down nnd
fanned himKclf with a washboard,
although the temperature wa*
The island of Guam
forced six inches abov<*- the s£a
level within the past few months
by sin earthquake, - according .to
Comm'andei' Seaton Sohroeder,'the
former governor of the island, wljo
is now in Honolulu. On September 22 of last yfea'r Guam was visited
by an earthquake which spread destruction ~in almost every->part.-bf
the island. Great fissures were
opened in some of the new government roads, school houses were
leveled and almost every building
bf stone wa? demolished. Some
time after the-- earthquake the
| boatmen who cruised about tlie
harbor of San Luis d'Apra
noticed that the channels were
shallower than usual,' " especially
over certain of tho reefs. The attention of the naval officers was
called to the matter, and they made
an investigation, coming to the
conclusion that the island had risen
about half a foot., .,,       j
■miVtff.lrtinlrtni-f   *t*n,*tnt*
*t it   -.      " •*-
tn lm tmvrihly
fill*, fit   r*H9
InAit** te mntA tn lm t*»trMity mw»t
in consequence of a mistake *phe
made the other day. Going in 9
hurry to a stotti after flour she took
what ihe supposed wan a clean
.. ?tt.....   11   i, * *
y,t.,:',     ...y   ..'-...    .»      Vi'**»^J*J.*.t     ■»».. J»*#|t* ,
ahe skipped into » store smiling
like a banket of chips and handed
the supposed slip to the grocer who
{imposed filling it. The first scoop
ull went right through it on to the
floor. When he rafaed up to sums
what was tbe matter and displayed
two uutleU at i.U-6 boUom limvUy
fringed, the lady Ut ont without
Haying a word. The groeer laid
tlie artfele away to await her return, bnt up to date she has not
appeared in the vicinity.
paid the surgeon is to gOtthj^skull.
The agreement states that the purchase is made' in the aid of medical science. "■' y
■Mandy was exhibiting hisf*h'$|d
in a' museum last .November Wlien
he came under,the eye of Dr. Ziter.
He performed feats that would kill
or render unconscionS' most men.
These .consisted in breaking heavy
china plates, chair legs, and heavy
glassware over- bis head*.. j    *
matter until one of, the farmer's
small sons "remarked: "I know
what's the matter with dad. He's
dead and don'tj^now it."    **
A dog that pumps his own drinking water is one of the curiosities
of Frankford* This dog is a Newfoundland, and his name is Jack.
From the beginning of his career
water was always given to Jack in
one way—from a basin set under a
pump in his master's yard. He
was little mare than a puppy when
his mind grasped the fact that the
movement of the pump handle
meant water for him. Accordingly,
whenever he was thirsty, he would
take the .handle in his teeth aud
shake'it, barking vigorously.
This gave his master au ingenious idea. The young mau rigged
to the handle a kind of pulley,
With a cord hanging from it, aud a
pioce- of broom-handle about six
inches long fastened to the end.
To take hold of this piece of broom,
handle nnd shake it vigorously
caused the rigging to move the
handle up and down and a little
water to flow.
Tho first time tho dog saw the
dangling wood of a aize so attractive and so suited to his mouth, he
seized it and he shook it tip and
down anil from sido to side. 'About,
a pint of water flowed into the
basin and he took a drink.
Ever~Bince,~whenever "ire~has
beeu thirsty, Jack has pumped for
himself.— PhiladelphiaRecord.
'*,. By an agreement duly drawn up,
signed and witnessed, Jap. Mnudy,
a young man of New York, has
contracted to sell his skull to Dr.
M. A. Zitcr, of the same city,-for
$5(0, the sku 1 to be claimed aft<r
Mamly's death.
By the terms of the agreement
Ziter is paying Mandy $5 ainoush,
aud is to pay it until $500 has been
given, to Mandy. Should Mandy
die before the full amount has been
Meanest Han In Kansas. •"
Not long ago the wife of a'Wesfi;
ern Kansas politician asked him to
lay aside politics long enough one
day to dig the potatoes in the garden. He agreed to do it. After
digging for a few minutes he went
into the house and said he had
found a coin. He washed it off
and.it proved to be a silver quarter..
General Draying: Mining Sup
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Coal & Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses and Pack ' juiuit.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
Where to Get Sulplt^fjj/heap. .
A Winona,-Minnvj'drugeist hard
been- tybrried thebthor' mo^ylirtjg
and his temped'w*k*s noije.-br^Jje.
sweetest. A customer. called and'
got a pound of sulphur.
"How much?"
"Ten Oents."
"Tencents!" exclaimedthepurchaser!. '^Vhy, I can getfa pound
of sulphur at Blank's for a *, nickel
rny day."
"Is that so?" snapped the druggist. "Well, if you ."go "to If ell,
you'll get it for nothing."
Sweet Woman's Logic.
Husband—-"Don't you think tliat
you are rather unreasonable to ex>
pect me to take you to a ' ball, stay
awake until 4 o'clock, and then
get up at 8 and go to my work?"
Wife—"I may be a* little unreasonable, but it's perfectly brutal
of you to mention it."
character and good reputation In each
state (one In this county required) to represent
aftd advertise old established wealthy.business
hou« of solid -financial Rtandlng. SiUry fcJLOQ
weekly with expense* additional, all payable In
each direct ••aen Wednesday from head offices.
Horse and carrliige furnished when necessary.
References: Rnclo«e self add res ed envooiie.
Colonial Co .934 Dearborn St.. Chicago.
Why you should buy
BCCailSC It is the bost quality.
BeCaUSO It *» the  most touting
BeCaUSO it ia-the laigpyt hiyb
grade 5 or 10c plug. <"■■•" '
BeCaUSOnie.Vsgs'wr-p vslunlilefor
premiums until January
lst, 1901.
BeCaUSe wo   guarantee   every
BeCaUSO your ilonlnr in autlior»
IsmmI   to   rWurd    your
money if voti ar'yT'Khl
ft a ,       m *      ,
LiHiTIl TiHi ll.nTiCTjs
StrftllgerS of every kind
« Are alwava welcome at
the Hotel Slocan, in Tluee
Porki. There it alwava
plenty ol food ana drink
in the hoots, and nothing
to charged tor looking at
tbeacenery. Ooraolnand
hive nomeibinf when yon
s summer
He'put ft"th hia.jeans apd went"
back to work. Presently he went
to the house again.and Bai$ hefaiad
found.ftiiother coin,.» He washed it,
'off. It-waB a silver half dollar.
He-put it in his jeans. "I haye:
worked pretty hajid," said! ^he Ax>.,
his wife;, "J guess I'll take a short
nap." When he awoke he found:
that his wife had dug all the..rest
of the;potatoes.   ButJ6he"found ho. „.,.■.-
Coins.,   It then   daw'ned   upon.her   Is the only hall in the city SMlt'ed for Theatrical
tliat she had been "worked.'',   ..• ,     " Performances.Concerts,- DSanceskttd other pub-
He Didn't Know It.
,., 4^ MinnjfsoJ^ ..farmert tvenJb fto
,t{>Wft^di)i-U.-company with some
fcindred*-'spirit, sampled some
choice spirits in a saloon. In his
matnlljin^ condition he bethought
.ljimseif.of buying something, for
liis < family, and Biially selected a
pound of.asafcetida, a drug which
is very odoi'iferous, but^which. our
grandinothers used to suspend
around our necks, as childi-cn,-in
the belief that it kept away disea8e.
Qn the \yay homo it rainediand
tjie.farmer was drenched to the
skin." The drug became soaked,
and its odor was terrible.. The
family, wondered   what  was  the
Brick Block    NewDenver
Manager of BOSUN HALL. "
.<>•■»'   K*
- -    k* , j-MAMUFACTURER
Dculers in Ruuffli nnd Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring anil Joint Finishing* Lumlier. Mo Id-
In**, etc., Sash and Doors on Hand or to order
Jobbing promptly attended to.
Fsctory onMalnSI.,  SANDON.'
I lie entertainments.   For bookings write or wire
Secretary Sandon Miners', Union
I have a few pairs of shoes
which! Will sell at	
These are genuine bargains.
Come and' see for yourself.
Purley Ward.      Sandon.
Chadbourne & McLaren
Ore shipped to Nelson will be care*
fully looked alter.
B. C.
Meetings in the' Union Hall ever? Friday evening nt 7:30 VHiIiik brethren cordially Invito d
toattviid Fkkd. KiTUtiK, Nobkv Grand; J. E.
Lovmiino, Secretary; Dan Huklky, V. Grand,
A.F. & A.M.   ,
8ANDOX, «. C
RoRularOommun lotion held the first Thurs-
ilnym each month in Masonic Hall at 8 p. in.
S('j<)uriiliiff brethren are cordially.tovited to attend   Jahks M. Bakton, Secretay.
Mcpherson &■ hurley
Manufacturer of  .
. of all kinds. , .
Pioneer Hotel of the Slocan      ^
',,■*■;., ROBERT CUNNINO, PntrMor :*
A Table that is  replete with the
choicest seasonable viands.
Rooms Larffo, A!ry and Comfortable.   Special attention j$o the mining trade.
•        .    r.T-.r.rr.saajL- '    ,    ',„',„ ,„' ' ar',l ,.  i
New PHlb-rnsto
•rriveln Munli,
Loavo your (*rd.r
now and nuu«
order tliat
Arrival of ft****. Suits made iii "ilia
order* are received
s m o k; e
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus & Havana Wbip
C i oro re *r* m*l<* hf~
Xtl&al O     yf p. KILBOURN'R k OO,
WltutlfMttr, Man,
lleprtafnled by Okohob IfimroM.
Bar Iron Stcol, Plpo Flttlngi, Etc.
Smokers' Supplies
Williamson's*   Sandon.
Bairak of Montreal
K«U-*IUh««! t«t?.
c*piui («u i«w ap) suoaaotxi.oa
ikwrvwl lund   :   :    AUUUUUU.UU
Undivided proflts i   s  MQ0B4.W
Rt. Hon. Lord Strathooxa *.\4 Mocxt Hotau O.CM.O, Prwident,
Hon. 0. A. Drpvmomd, Vice President,
K. S, Cuxtrrow, General MtMfer,
Branches m all pants el QsnacUt Newfoundland, Great Urluln, and
tlie United States.
New Denver, branch
LE B. DE VEBEk, Manager rENTH Year.
THE XEDtfK, NEWl)ENVER, B C, APfUL 9, 1903.
from Our Sorting Cable
'       TH«   WAT   OF   THK   KKGULAB.      1 nf   Anatrdli.     Thia   era    nl'nn.^,,
Reg'le*-    Idler, such they name—bin that way
fer twenty vearg.
Artopna1 Injun lighting helpln'-volunteers
titvaf-     -t some m«lo -feeling after old Manila's
Thai vtv't^kesahike to ChioaTTpp aga'net that
heathen wall.'
Which Pesln she waa pood, however, loot there
was with the advance.
Bat a refe'ler wouldn't touch it—not unless he
got a chance..
Fightiii'.,yes, an' foreign per vice,  nights and
thliu-s to fill your eyes,
Heathen gods an': heathen people, heathen land-*
an* heathen Bkles.
An* I'm here in "Frisco loafln'-clean dlwtfwnre
ah'mucho tin,
, An' I'm sayin', my amteo.that I won't take on
No, siree; I'm thro' with hlklii' an' tho service
has my scorn*—
Shive-tnil, I was fiichtiit' plenty 'fore your shoul-
d«r straps were born.
Then you come around nil snarly, "Drees up
there I can't vou see ?"
'•Fioni]" ;•" yell..vou kid of twenty, looking
bayou t at me.
An'you llli..,,' noul with fcelln'? of extreme an'
^   irrentfcrtlg.'! .,"      .y    .",
With your way of doin' business, like a private
was a pig.
Why, the service's gone tQ biases: everything is
clear N.G., •      •
An* you liet your extra pesos that the same is
- shut of me.   *,
For I'm hero In 'Frisco loaflii'—clean discharge
An' I'm Myln', my amlgo. that I won't tako on
agin. . '      .*>'■'■
...:  * ..'LATER.,   !. ; ;' ._.   *
Well, say I  1 je»' got lonesome, co Idn't stand It
much, nohow.
This civilian life's a dead. one. mucho malo, I'll
Loafed around and spent denero till ho mas of
such I had.
Got to Ihlnkln' that the service wasn't—welt, oh.
not 10 bad.       '■:,
\ot Australia. This era of prosperity
lasted until it war'destroyed Some ten
years since by over-epeculation.
There-is 111'sight another era of good
times that should last for at least, half
a century With the augmented output of Hie Kootenays, which Is sure to
increase many fold* from year to year
until it will assume great'proportions,
added to the product of,South Africa,
Australia, the United States "and the
Klondike, there will he a'-steady stream
of gold pouring into the ei'.veial avenues
of trade of all countries until it will result in a universal' prosperity even
greater than that which waa begun by
the incident of the discovery of' gold
hy Marshall. After all gold- 'ia the universal touchstone. Without it the factory remains idle and .workmen de
generate into idle vagrants and loafers
Without it liteamers and'sailing ves
sels rot at the dock for the watit of employment. The merchant sbon close."
up his store and joins the-great Army
of the unemployed, and even the flnau
cier loses hia occupation With gold
plentiful how different is the picture.
In conclusion, let uv say that we think
that the fiftieth■• anniversary of the discovery of lode gold in Kootenay will be
marked",'liy "a "celebration which wPI
auUe equal that which took place on
tne fiftieth anniversary of the finding
of the shining inetnt, in California, and
we think by that time that the amount
of gold that this district will have added
ki the world's stock of precious metal
will cut a very iinportant figure —
Rossland Miner.
Chow an* quarters an' a bunkle an' your cloek a
, bugle call,.
Once a soldier, soldier alwayB; you can't h,-lp It,
that i« all.
Queerest thing, you git so lonesome, honestly.
that's what you will.     *
.Actually you git clear homesick fer Inspection
or a drill.
So I quit the game of Soafin'when I spent my
traveltln:<   »*, ■' u
Say, amlgo J feel better since I have took on aglu
-Robert V. Carr in Coll lei's Weekly.
81NCB   TdK   DAYS   Or   '49.
From tho day
discovered gold in California, up to the
©resent timo, the gold output of California has rea"hed the enormous aggregate of $1.050,000,000,, The entire supply ef gold in the world is about $5,000,
000,000. From this it will be seen that
California has produced in a little more
thap half a^century from the time of the
discovery of the metal there, a sum that
is equal -'to "nearly one-nuarter of the
vlsible.supply of tho gold of the entire
world." Immediately following the discovery of Marshall there resulted a
mining rush that was the greatest up
to that time that the world had'ever
seen, and was hot eclipsed by the great
migration to the Klondike. In four
years after the discovery of gold there
were 250,000 -"men in the state    Then
Wha't is vour opinion of the Anglo-
American 'alliance 1*- Pleaser"wire- tis
answer."   . ,   ,       ....-.-,
It happened that there resided in
Fort Worthy Texas, a quite well known
citizen of the ftaiheC. C. McCabe. The
operator knowing C. C. McCabe much
better than the visiting bishop, der
livered the message at the former's
house. The recipient was considerably
surprised at such a request for his
opinioi, but reasoning it out one way
or another he-concluded to answer.it,
aud wrote across the face of the nies-.
sage lhat he had received, his answer
as follows:
"It's a dam good thing''
•The surprise in the office of the New
York newspaper at such a violent expression coming from a good old Methodist bishop can well be imagined, and
a. second telegram more plainlv, addressed succeeded in.'reaching 6ishop
McCabe ,^His opinion on the subject
and explanation followed —New York
Fraser river in 1838, and subsequently
in Ominica, Cassiar and Peace River
districts in British Columbia, which was
followed by a later discovery of the placers ou tha-Wild Horsey Kast, Kootenay
The total yield of gold -in British Columbia up to the end of 1902 was over
180,000,000, most- of which came from
the placers, and it hae been only in the
last few years that lode gold mines have
begun to assume importance.
The production of gold v. hen added
to the silver that has been produced in
this province, California and Nevada,
has added greatly to the money of the
world, and the period that has elapsed
since the disonv^ry by Marshall has
been notable ns the greatest era of material prosperity that the warld has yet
witnessed. This Immense volume of
precious metal found its way into every
avenue of commerce and trade, and
quickened and stimulated them to a
wonderful degree. This impetus was
felt In the old as well as the new world,
The sails of commerce whitened every
des (or the purpose of interchanging
product* with tho most remote points
of the world. Factories that wore doing but little wore called on by an increased dnm and to double iiud treble
their capacities, and thousands of new
industries were established, There
waa work, and at advanced wages,
everywhere for everyone, aiid the pros-
nerlty of tho world reached iti greatest
height as a result. This wa* a lamented
by the wonderful output nf the placers
One of thefunny books that have appeared lately is "A Dog Day; or Tlii
Angel in.the House," by Waiter Etnan
uel.   Here are a few random entries
from the pup's' journal:
8:30— Ate Dicakfast with   difficulty
Have no appetite
8:35—Ate kittens' breakfast.
■*, 8:36—An affair with'..the..tot, the kit-
tens' mother.   But I sqon left her, as
the coward  doesn't fight  fair, using
9—Washed by Mary,
9:30—Showed myself to family. • All
very nice to me. Miss Brown, whom I
•■ather like, particularly enthusiastic
Kispt-d me again and again and called
me1 "a dear, clenn, Jbrave, sweet smell
ing little doggie."
9:40—Had a glorious roll in the mud.
1:80—A windfall A whole dish of
mavonnai^e fish on the slab in the hall.
Bolt it.
1:82—Curious pains in my inside. ■:
1:83—Pains In my inside get worse/
1:81—Horrid feeling
1:85— Hush up. into Aunt Brown's
room and am very ill there.
1:41—Quite well again.
1:12—Jump, twice on tho waistcoat
part of old Mr. Brown, who is sleeping
peaceful lvJiLthojnnci«ir._.____	
"TlilS—Mi8s"B~rown~"beats me. Very
nice Just like being patted. I yelp,
do the sad-eye business, and pretend it
hurts frightful. She soon leaves off
and takes me into the next ropm and
gives me six piecei of siigsr Good
business! Mutt remember alwavs to
do this.
4 to 5:15—Slept.
6:15—Awakened by a bad attack ol
eczema.   Cnlight one
7:15—Ate kittens' supper. But I do
wish they would not give them that
eternal fish.   I am getting tired nf it.
8:40—Fijsht the cat. Rhe scrntdies
my paw viciously, drawing blood and
making- me howl with. pain. Thii-
brings Miss Brown down In a hurry
Wraps paw up in bread poultice.
9 to 10-dozed.
10—led to kennel.
10:15—Lights out. Thus ends another dull day.
Bishop C. C, McCabe, one of the most
prominent mon of the Methodist Eplaco>
pal church, tells an amusing incident
at his own expense arising from a confusion of names.
The bishop says that while he was in
Fort Worth, Texas during the dlwus.
slon of the Anglo-American alliance a
Mew York newspaper wired him for hi*
opinion on thn subject Thia telegram
read as follows:.
"C.C. McChpo, Fort Worth, Texan
Miss McKinnon arrived in town on
Friday last from Boston, Mass , ou a
visit to her brother, J McKinnon. .Miss
McKinnon was delayed at Arrowhead
several days owing to the boat being
unable to run on the lake However,
the Miners'Union men came to the res
cue, and when-returning from their
perilous journey Fridaj nigl.t brought
Miss McKinnon back with them, haul-
in": her in a cutter 13 miles over the
lake      ■■' - ■ ■■      . *',  ,,;
It is not often, that a young woman
has so unique and sensational a ride
Miss McKinnon must have felt like a
queen of some far eastern monarchy
riding in her state cariiage
She says she enjoyed her cutter ride
very much and that she had no trouble
in managing her string- team V   .
The team consisted of- 27 men of the
Miners' union,' who had crossed the
previous dav, reinforced by'SvSuther-
land and two others We'uniderstarid
that the fair driver had her whip nearly
worn out, keeping the wheelers, Messrs.
Anderson and Eddy, up in the collar•.;'*.
-On arriving at Beaton, Mr; Sutherland secured a cutter and a team, of
horses and drove-Miss McKinnon to
Ferguson—Eagle.   -        •      •   .v
Fred. Irvine fe Co.
Dainty Spring Blouses
In White and Colored Fancy Muslins and Zephyrs, 75c to $8
All Sizes.
Mail orders promptly filled. Write for samples.
Embroideries and Laces in all the new designs
April Delineators.   All the latest Butterick Patterns now to hand.
Infants' Robes, Cloaks, Underwear in complete sets.      Children's Muslin Dresses, in white and
colored, in all sizes from 1 to 6 yoars, plain; also lace and embroidery, neatly trimmed.
Prints, Chambrys, Muslins, Lawns, Zephyrs, Glngiams, Nainsooks, Dimities, at very low prices.
Fred. Irvine & Co.
iiiiiiiiiiieHiiMiiniuMWMttiWMwriiiiiiii nm iiiiuiiiji
IrUh Match-Mnklnff,;
Adams, of Limerick
Irish match-
court, tells these stories of
A young girl once rushed into the
house of a friend crying, "Mary! Mary!
I'm to be married in the morning!''
"Yerrah, to whom?" inquired her
'•To one of the boys of the Dono-
vans "
"To which oi them?" asked her
"Well," said the bride, " 'twas rather
dark near the fireplace, and I didn't
rightly know which."
In another case a mother, called her
daughter early in'themorning: "Mollie,
get up at once."
 nv....k _r^-.«
 at., m i, -., »i-.
"You're to be married todav, Mollie."
"Indeed! And to whom?t* • inquired
"Now, what is that to you?" replied
the mother.
■ SilS Por Family or n Make-off
" The extent ofthe toll which railways
are taking from the people of Canaan
was thus pnt by Mr. McEwing: "In the
lirst place, there are our gifts in lands
and money.. These aggregate f 264,-OQO,-
000 If we had that sum in the treasury
today It would earn $10,000,000 a year
in interest—equal to HO per family
We aro overcharged in freight and passenger rates combined, as compared
with rates prevailing in the United
States, to the amount of at least |15,-
000,000 per annum—or 115 per family.
Then there ia the taxation that te
escaped, about (4,000,000 more., All
told, if thc railways returned us the
bonuses they have received, reduced
rates to a proper level, and paid their
fair share of local taxes, it would be
worth 925 per annum to each family In
th* Dominion "
Indications are
that thl* will prove to bo the best
retail waist season on record.
Oar giodsand yonrenergy should
make It so.
It Is High Time
to look through yonr trunk, see
what yoa need and order what
voo feel (■ too good to last long.
Don't Walt
m»mi*^i*9**.i*tmma amm******!*.'**
till others have secured all we
have of what yoa like best and
need most.
W. R. flegflW, Sandon and Vernon.
Powder, Fuse, caudles.
vJ rOvvi IvS
Genera! fline Supplies
neflentlon* of * Uaohelor.
Women,get headache over missing
love letters tho way a,man does over
missing his dinner.
Thn man who ride* on a railroad pass
acts bigger when lie Is'doing it than
the pr sldcnt who writes it.
It seems that when a captain of a
battleship runs her on a rock ho ft entitled to feel aa bad a* a woman who
hat a drop nf noup spilled on her new
gown, but hndnesn't takeltany lurdor
Women will become financiers when
they learn that a 09 cont bargain, pltir
10 rents rar fare for something they
don't want, costs more than a dollar
bargain, without the car fare, for something they do want.—New York Preai.
A Dltraraat State.
Towne-Flolman's home for a short
trip from his naw ranch in Texas
Browne—Yea, I saw him.
Towne—He's so full of Texas that he
can't talk of anything else.
Browne—When I saw him I noticed
that he couldn't talk nf anything, but I
thought It waa heennsft he waa full of
Kentucky —Philadelphia Press.
Last year 17,000,000 pounds of copper
were used for wire in electrical apparatus in the United States.
Six feet of good ore has been opened
in the Hummingbird of the Cmur
d'Alenes, which is assured permanency.
It is stated on good authority that the
project to build a 810,000,000 independent steel plant in Utah has been abandoned.
Tenders are being solicited from all
parts of the world for the construction
of a new railroad in Australia, 1,063
miles long.
The Seattle Iron and Steel company
has been formed with a capital of
16,000.000 to build a steel plant and roll-
in* mill at Seattle..
The Ouray Chief Mining company, of
Ouray, hae purchased the Fowler
smelter of that place, and will have it
ready to blow in shortly.
The industrial dividends which have
so far been announced as payable in
March, amount to #30,425,909, ■ an advance of about S12,000>000 over the
dividends paid in February.
It is expected that the enlarged
smelting and concentrating plant of the
North. American Copper company,
Grand Encampment, Wyoming, will be
ready to begin treating ore goon.
The Quaker Portland Cement companv has been organized in Pennsylvania with b capital stock of $5,000,000
works will be l,750,OCO barrels "a year,
the largest of any plant in the world.
A strong company has been organized for the construction of an independent lead-silver smelter and refinery in the Coeur d'Alenes. It is stated
tliat all of the new properties opening
up, some of which now have good bodies
of ore, will loyally support the independent enterprise.
It is asserted by those making ex-
6lornt ions of mining properties about
eno, Nev,that the great Comatock
lode extends into that section.   For
Earticular evidence the work in the
leeert King and Wedekind properties
is cited, also recent facts determined regarding the hot springs of Steamboat
and tne hot water of the Comstock
Rich strikes near Reno have caused
those interested to predict that their
district would rival the production of
the famous lode.
Late advices from the north state
that the thorough boring done on tho
great tundra along tho Nomo coast has
proven tho existence of pay dirt between tho hills and the beach. The
tundra to bedrock is from 80 to 120 and
180 feet deep, and In boring through
this it was found that pay-streaks occurred, layers muck, clay or sand Intel venlng. It was also satisfactorily
determined that the gold was deposited
thero by action of tho sea, as along the
8resent beach. The prospecting out-
ts used during the past winter have
dona a large amount of work, and now
It remains but to sink shafts and drift
on the payttreaks as in tho Dawson
placer beds This, it Is said, Is a thawing process, as the tundra te frozen to a
great depth. Coal Is now ISO to (MO a
ten in Nome, which makes hoisting
about prohibitive. Operators state
that when they get coal at a re»*wn»bU>
figure, a largo amount of work will be
done on the tundra.
' 'W Jr  **"'
Lord Dttndnnald recently bewailed
the fact that the graduate-* of the Royal
MUltarr c«ll*g* at Kingston hate'no
lobs in a Canadian standing army to
took forward to. In speaking of this
tha London News says: "We want no
standing army—no plethora of soft
tnapa in thn regular force, which will
make It an Inducement tor Canadian
youth tn forsake commercial life for a
of Canada are thram who cultivate a
military umm—who wmuu iteaett the
child that nt fighting rather than work
It haa heen Asm red that Adeline Pattl
willwiakeheretS-OnAfor t**rb eonrert
ami W per rent, ol rneelnia that exceed
tfJSOO, which meant 1375.000 for the
aistjr eoneert*. nr IM each minute on
the stage, t2 00 each second of the time,
W.47 far each velvet note, or «^>everv
time ahe breathes. Ne wonder that aha
finds it diflkalt te fire up the farewell
tour hatilt.
Silver King Hotel
In Nelson, I hare secured a
lease upon the Imperial, nnd
have changed the name to
what tt was years ago:
Tbe Silver Kin? Hotel
This name Is familiar to all
who bhtxed tbe trails In early
days, tnd the newcomers
. will not forget tt tt tbey drop
in and see me.
Now is the season ofthe year to assist nature to ward off
disease. We have several popular remedies for Spring
medicinea       TRIFOLIUM   COMPOUND   IS   GOOD.
Donaldson's Cough Cure
Donaldson's Rheumatic Cure
Donaldson's Scalp Cleaner
Kesorcerine Hair Tonic
Barney's Lmimerit
The above are remedies prepared here and which we have
pleasure in recommending when such are required.
Red Cross Drug Store,F J ^J^
Prospectors for Bargains can
locate a large chute of	
Clothing, Hats, Boots, Shoes
. -,—At sacrificeprices^atthe^store"of~   !
Thomas Brown, *23F
P. ■ 'Buffi
Fresh, Salted and Smoked Pish Ju.it Received.
Eastern & Olympja Oysters
*mmmm *9. w9* 99.,**.*,--..*.*,-,*,-,-,^nnrLrun..ijanjiijui^
Turkeys and Chickens
Sausage of aU kinds made fresh every day in the week
A visit to osr Tailoring:
Emporium will give
yoa «n Idea of the prevailing styles for Spring
Filbert Hote
Wm. Bennett, Proprietor.
H. Geigerich,   |!
A 9t9W%*m 99t9l.
Kaurtbr—Wlul is a proWem novel?
Waavtby—It Is one In whleh the hk»
Uve mt the aatWr and the lodgment el
the puhtuher are eonallv mnllngto
the reader.-Ikttlmor* American.
IjThe Fllhert Is now the heat hotel in the Sloean.    The Dlnlnf W/m-rn 1* eno
dneted on strletly flrstclaw prlnelplea    The rooms are large,
comfortable and properly taken care of.
llie best Tonsori*! EstaUtohment In
the Blocan.
Balmoral Bldo, Mala St., 8andon.
We set the Best Meal in Sandon
Metis, $Oc Tlckeu. $f.
Main Street,
lk*t JOB WORK in the Blocan done at THE LEDQE THE LEDttE, NEW DENVER, B C, APRIL 9, 1903.
Tenth Yea*.
[Condensed advertisements, suoh u For Sale
V anted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
.larrtages, Personal, Hotels, Legal, Medical, etc„
ire inserted when cot exceeding1 80 words for
pant a aaaK J nBAM***!*— *"      *    "
:5 cents each insertiou.   Each Are words or less
>vcr SO words are five cents additional.!
Notary 2Putollo.
General news Comment
. Notary Public, -Insurance Agent and
Mining Broker. Mining Stock!" bought and sold-
General agent for Slocan properties. Small
Debts Court held 1st and 3rd Mondays in every
month.  Established 1895.
L and American plan. Meals, *5 cents. Boom
from 2 c up to il. Only white help employed
Mothlng yeUow about the place except the vole
In the safe. MALONE & TBE01LLUS.
\f ADDEN HOUSK, NELSON, is contra liy
.»X located and lit by electricity It is head-
i|iiarters for tourists and old timers. Miners or
millionaires are equally welcome. THOS.
•I A OPEN. Proprietor.
THK KOYAL HOTKI., Nelson, is noted for
a   tho excellence of ItscuUine.  SOL JOHNS,
liARTLBTT HOUSK,  formerly the Clark
1 >   Is the best il a day hotel in NVlfon.   Onlv
».hiio help employed.   Q    \V. BAK'f LETT
A. of airy rooms, nnd n bar replete with Ionics
a nd bracers of many kinds
rtlHK MAZK, in KASLO.  is Just the place
L   forSlooan people to tind when dry or in
nearch of a downy couch.
r O. MELV.IN, Manufat'tiirliifr Jeweller,
A, Expert Wlitch Repairer, Diamond Seller,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains Locke's
.indRliiRS. Workinauship guaranteed equal to
auy in Canada.: Orders by mall solicited. Box
*40, 8andon.
*• pr re Latakia Student's' Mixture. Pace's
Twist, Craven's Mixture, Bootjack, Natural
i caf.aifd many other klndaof Tobacco.
O. B. MATTHEW, Nelson, P.O. Box 40.
Koot-eneiy Oan-dly Wdrka.
T   A.   SIoDONALl).    Manufacturing and
•1.   Wholesale Confectioner.     Kelson, U. 0
"Wholesale   Merchants.
.'*   ers In Buttef. Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
Kiult,Nelson, B.C. <*...".'
I.i Ii. CHKISTIK; V.X. M., Barrister, So-
V . Hcltor, Notary Public. Sandon, B. C.
Every Friday at Silvcrtou. 0 tf
\ r I.. GRIMMETT, l. t. B., Barrister,
.H.Soltoltor, Notary Public. Sandon.B.C.
'(ranch Oflice at New Denver every Saturday
Tnauranoe <Sb Real Estate
IlllOMPSOX,  MITOHELI.  ft CO.    Fire
I    Insurance Agents.   Dealers in Real Estate
..........    -■      Houses to rent and Town
M Inlng I'ro|K.Ttlea
Lots for Sale.
1 8. HASH OALL, Now Denver, B.C.,
R<'al Eitafeimd Mineral Claim* forSale CMras
n'niwenfcd and Crown Granted,
Barely two months intervene before
the annual rush of tourist travel from
east to west sets in, and it ie worth
while considering what steps should bo
taken to divert a portion of this business from the main line of the Canadian
Pacific to the Kootenays in general and
Rossland in particular. The Imperial
Limited service over the Canadian Pacific will be inaugurated early in June,
and this brings with it the tourist business Thousands of dollars can be diverted into the Kootenays if the matter is approached properly, with the
possibility of further considerable sums
being brought in as the indirect result
of tourists being introduced to the resources of the inland kingdom. It is
high time the question was being taken
up in earnest.
Last year steps were taken to form
tourist associations at various points,
but it is not on record that anything of
a substantial nature was accomplished.
This year nothing appears to have been
done towards resuscitating the tourist
associations that became moribund lant
year as their financial resources were
exhausted. Something should be done
and,at once for a genuinely serious
campaign is required to secure any
reasonable share of the business that
daily paeEes the doors of tho Kootenaye
when the tide of tourist travel is in full
flow. It would be comparatively easy
to induce no small proportion of the
tourists eaetbound td make a detour
via the Arrow lakes to KoSBland. thence
to Nelson and back to the main line via
the Kootenay lake and the Crow's Nest
road route, while weBtbound travelers
could reverse tbe order. Where tourists
are returning over the road it would be
a pleasant break in the rail trip to debouch into the Kootenays through the
beautiful Arrow lakes and prosperous
mining districts.
Rossland will always be a strong
drawing card for tourists. The fume
of its mines is known throughout
America and Great Britain, as well as
in varioiis of the countries of Europe.
No tourist would consider a visit to the
Kootenays complete that did not take
him to Rossla*>d, where the biggest
gold-copper mines iu Canada are located Entering or leaving the country
all visitors would be in Nelson for a
longer or shorter period, which establishes the point that the people of the
Golden and Queen cities should bo
prime movers in any effort to capture
tourist business. The Canadian Pacific
has offered its assistance toward ° securing a share of tho business for the
Kootenays, and the undertaking would
undoubtedly be fulfilled to the letter,
but it is essential that the initiative
should be taken by the people who
have something to gain from the increased business.
The people who will profit by an ac
o.   , .
raation by the governor-general in
council. Then Sir Wilfrid would be
able to say to the United States.and to
Britain that if the United States would
not submit the question to the usual
tribunal, no American miner would be
permitted to mine gold in the Yukon,
of course respecting existing rights.' Sir
Wilfrid said it was an important suggestion, which would be carefully con
sidered. but he took no action upon it
it, and I think it worth while for the
people of Canada to be reminded of it
at a time when everybody seems to regard this as a matter entirely in the
control of the United States."
rt *a had 15 years experience in dental work, snd
oakes a i|M>rlatty of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental oflloo in B 0.
General   Store.
•i, GrocerN, Dry Goods, Etc., -floods Shi|e
***l all over tlio Slocan.
II IUM. Thc most complet* 11 C A I T U
fn the Continent of North Ameri- fl C A L I II
ca. Situated inidtt scenery un- n r n n n r
rivalled for Grandeur, lloaiti ir. II CO U (l I
tubing and Ktcur«imi* to the cany points of
Interest. T«legr*|ilili' communication with all
-.uruof the world; two mails arrive and depart
.-very day. Its bathes cure all nervous and
niwcular diseases; iu waters hf«l all Kidney.
Liver and Stomach Ailments *4 every iiitmts,
Vhe j>rl<« of a   round-trip ticket between
\tw waver and Halcyon
md nnd good for*)
von Hprliiff, Arrow Lake,
,~ !-- -.....,..„. obtalkshl* all th«
nar round and good for no nay*, Is WW. Hat*
 .....       . "   ke, B. 0.
lOII.V  MoLATCIIlK,   Dominion and
•I   vlncltl Land Surveyor.   Kel-un, II C
A    tt. H5J'"**'*0. Biynnw** %*.,\ l»»v»lwUl
/V.  UndHurvsyor.  KAMI.0     ' "v,"v""
cession ortourisTbusiness areprimarrty
those iu the hotel business. The average tourist in this country expends
comparatively little save upon his en*
tertsinment and railroad fares. Business might accrue directly to merchants
and others, but the great volume of
extra money would go direct into the
hands of the hotel men throughout the
district. Incidentally it is a fact that
any method of bringing outside money
into a community benefits the community as a whole, so that the project
of bringing tourists into the Kootenays
is of interest to the public as a whole.
Then there is the indirect influence
which au influx of tourists would have
They would become familiar with the
names and places in the country nnd
mining propositions presented to them
thereafter would be accorded an en*
entirely different reception than might
otherwise le the case. Moreover,
tourists could not fall to be impressed
with the possibilities of the country nnd
would after n visit become more or less
of advance agents nnd advocates of the
Beyond tho shadow of n doubt it Is to
tho interests of the communities in
the Kootenays that tourist travel
should be encouraged, and It is to be
hoped that the proper i.teps will be
taken now when jtuiiicient time inter,
venes to accomplish something before
the Hiiininer traveling season commence* —Rossland Miner.
A West Australian mining journal
tells what a prospector's "pack" must
include in that country:
"A tin dish, water bag, and pick and
shovel may be described as the old-time
outfit of tho alluvialist or digger as
known in the East. The plant of a
prospector who wishes to strike new
country here willnin into several hundreds of pounds cash, if he is to be properly equipped for a several months'
trip, It varies according to the number of the party. Good camels are
costly at the outset, but very soon repay the outlay, for the cost of water in
a Jry country is considerable when it
has to be carried, or time wasted in
seeking it Then, .again, camels will
live on herbage and trees horses don't
care for. The other impedimenta are
just as the fancy of the principals lead
them. An Afgan is not always necess-
enry, but it is just as well to have him.
Success depends not so much upon the
speed of traveling as the thoroughness
and care in observing the country traversed. Many men make for records
rather than doing the job well. An intelligent 'blackboy' is just as necessary
as the camel driver. He will find
gnamma (water) holes,'and attend to
little matters which the white man
either has not the inclination or the will
to do properly. Load up only what is
absolutely required. Take not one
compass, but several, for it is easy for
the needle to lie. A bicycle would come
in handy at times, and on a pinch' a
hurried trip to a settlement could be
made, instead of on foot.1'
The Loi\don Engineer, in a recent
issue, refers Io some amusing things,
which appear in the columns of the
daily newspapers on engineering mat
ters. As an example it quotes from a
description of a recent competitive trial
of British naval vessels, one fitted with
the old style marine boilers and one
with Belleville boilers In this case the
machinery of the boat carrying Belle-
don correspondent of the Manchester
Guardian, an important paper—arives
his views as follows: "Indirectly of
course the Belleville boilers were responsible for overheating in any part
ofthe machinery, but that in itself is
not an argument for nbandoninfi Belleville boilers, but for making your machinery match your boilers; fn other
words, for making it capable of resisting the driving power of such boilers
That tho driving power of a Bellevlile
is .greater than thnt of a cylindrical
80,000,000 acres of farm land. Of this
vast territory not more than 13,000,000
or 14,000,000 acres of it are occupied.
Manitoba and Assiniboia have already
done much to justify Canada's title to
be the granary of the empire.
Some fourteen surveyors from Winnipeg have been in Movie making
preparations for going to Yahk to sur
vey a line from there down1 to Moyie
river to the boundary line for the proposed branch of the O. P. R; to Spokane. The construction of this road is
to begin as soon kb the weather will permit It will take about eighteen months
to complete the line.
r is, of
course, not disputed."
No .Overcrowding,''
There are more than 2,000,000 acres
of the finest arable land in the world in
Manitoba, Bays a Winnipeg dispatch to
the London Expross, There aro perhaps 2,000,000 acres more prairie grass
which needs little or no cultivation lo
feed cattle on. In Assiniboia, Sas
katchewan, Alberta and Athabaska
thero are immense tracts of ngrlcut
tural country sufficient to supply the
Un'ted Kingdom with all the com nnd
cattle required Including Manitoba,
there are estimated to comprise over
In the sub-basement of one of the big
New York life insurance companies is
a safe so large that a theatrical company might perforin therein. There
aro three doors, tho combinations of
whoso locks aie controlled by ten men
Each man, a high official of the company, is an integral part of the integral
whole In instance: Five men are required to open the outer door, each
knowing a fifth part of the entire combination nnd no more. A having set
tho gratings in hi** combination, is followed in turn by B, C, D and R, when
the bolt may be moved In the same
manner the second door is opened bv
three men in combination, and the
third1 by two, iu the latter case each
beinsr iu combination with one or more
of the other eight on the outer and
second doors The safe is regarded as
A single gas company in London
owns 190,000 coin faced meters, through
-which the public purchase gas by the
pennyworth. Consumers are 'numbered
by millions aud they nre increasing
daily The innovation is immensely
popular. The consumers piy as they
no. There Is no worry over the ap
proaching visit of tho collector at the
end of the quarter, no terrible iiltimt
turn,."If you don't pay your eras will be
cutoff!" Every pesson buying gas by
the pennyworth is visited'once every
five weeks hy the collector who unlocks the meter and carries away the
bronze contents in a bag There are
100 collectors in all, and the mass of coin
they handle in the course of a year is
enormous. Imagine $1,800,000 in pennies, the annual takings. Over 750 tons
bronze!        ■ . ..
Iri* the case of the Northern Pacific
Railroad company against John Soder-
berg, to test his right to enter their
grant land with a location of granite as
mineral, the supreme court of the
United States has decided in favor of
Soderberg. In delivering the opinion
of the majority of the bench, Justice
Shiras sain: "We are of thc opinion
that this legislation consists with rather
than opposes the overwhelming weight
of authority to the effect that mineral
lands include not merely metalliferous,
but nil such as are chiefly valuable for
which are useful in the arts or valuable
for purposes of manufacture."
riiENPERS will lie received up to April snth
1    for the lemiilmr of the Wakefield flume,
the entire distance from the mill to the dam.
Address all correspondence to Hox lib, Silver
VA*rroNK'» imim mtoiik, Stimn.
Mall orders prn nptlv stim-M to.
11.   -OAMKKOtt,
IWndon. Manufaetarw
and si<lk<lui patitniavt
v.<« a tn. Lv.   KASLO An. H:I6 p. m
lt:2Aa. m An, BANDON Lv. l**> p.«.
r,M a. m. Lv. NELSON An. 7tlfi p. m.
•'..., .1).   J..   Ur*.   A*-. i*.t'*.y*Ji*    III.      ill,',,! )l    ill.
Ticket* told te all parts of the Unit*!
Btaleaand Canada via Great Northern
and O. R 4 N Company'* I'nw.
Fer farther partiralara rail on or ad
ROBERT IRVUNO, llanafftr, Kntte,
To *ot trim Zarttjmae (wJaU vi* OuuuUai
and AaMriraa Hm    Ap»iy  for aaMaf 4al*>
*• »lai, tJrkrts Ma* f«iW UtlvrmitUtt, t* a*>yC
Ut agaai at—
ri, n. oannirrr.
& V. H. Ami**, Haw Inaett
W, m, V. mmmfrijn, tt. *,«?. <*itt„trfmtri»n
Iii a recent Interview, S|r Charles
Tupper gave his views on tho question
of retaliation against the United Btates.
Sir Chariest in the course of the inter
view, expressed himself strongly in re*
gardto tint attitude of llie American
government on the Alaska boundary
qtic*tion, and recalled his suggestion to
Sir Wilfrid Laurier at tho lime of tho
announcement of the breaking of! of
ncgotlatons. He said t "1 then thought
thu subject over, and I Hunt-rented arrow
tho floor of tlio house a proposal to Htr
Wilfrid Laurier of the value of which
aubaequent reflect Ion has not at all
weakened my opinion. I aald to Sir
Wilfrid that, important as this question
was to us, it was not ono on which we
could ask -Great Britain to go to war
with tha United Statin Rut I said I
do not thing that Canada U in as help
lest a position as mo»t peoplo auppoM)
Itll true Iho United States havo (he
only am*** to tho tomtom it is also
true that thay haviaircas both for jrii
pio and for trade; thoy have a large
portion of lha trado of tho Canad an
Yukon, ami ihev have a very larue
prwpondcrar.co of the mining population, AmiH'ii-nn dtixiMM vvho ui'« getting tho full benefit of tho Canadian
I   4 4*4,.*.* |W«,   I   *'Vtj,0,<.9H±it»    «*.    «>««    .*,**,
I frM <li!\-Hie «V«uVI  iVM-M-n tlw jif>u,t>n".-'
I of two acts of th* Canadian parliament
by unanimous volt* of both hou*<tw,
1 wmth hu cvwW oM*S« iiw «tr* d*j*»,
thn first giving authority to thcigovorii
mont lomnstruit a railwav from Kits
r»    1 . .1.. .    i ..     ,. .».  ,     .,.,*»*    .    ...1 1:   I      1
Is tho principle topic of
our discourse tliis week.
We want to call your
attention to our new
stock. More complete
than ever, Many new
tilings for the kitchen.
Htitnuiiibui-, uUt), tlmt in
Groceries we have tho
choicest on the market;
everything frcbh and
pure. j
You will l»*lnter«*inl lo know ll.atoar
stork nfMuHUM* ftMwnir will im<« in
9 taw dsr»   HlflUli ahagwis and flnWi.
Hew Denver, B. C.
P. O. llox m
l*hom 179
Situate In the Arrow Lake Ulnlng Division of
\V«ii Kootceay District. Where located'
On t'*iiii>oii Creek aliout tiro mile* from tile
Jimrtloii with Carrlboo Creek,
TAKE NOT1UK That I,A. R. Heylaud, amiiI
for 1't'tcr McDonald. K. M. O. HStS»f,. Ellen
McDouaald, K. M, O. Bitm, Walter Knu, K.
M.C  4l«SS, Intend, fluty days fnnn tlio ddtc
hereof, to aiiiilv to the Mining Recorder lot
a certiticate of improvement*, tor the itimiowoi
obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.
And further lake notice that action under Sec
Hi mint lw commenced before the iMiianco of tucb
certilieate of linpruiremcnw.
Dated thl* *4tli day of February, A ,D, itm,
Temperate Bartenders.
Bartenders with a blue ribbctn
knotted on their white vests, may
soon be serving drinks in Chicago;
as the Chicago Bartenders and
Saloonkeepers' Total Abstiueuce
Society was formed .Sunday with a
charter membership of . 16. The
bartenders do not expect to help
save the Woman's. Temple. The
objects set forth, are: To promote
temperate habits among bartenders,
to set a good example to customers,
to protect the cash register and the
stock, aud to elevate the calling.
Farmer John's Reply.
"Is this the way to Warchum V
Asked the maid with bloomers on,
"It's how I've always wore 'em."
Said astonished Farmer John.
—Baltimore American.
Glasses Perfect
for near
and far
The Inconvenience of
separate glaaaea for
reading and distance
Is avoided by our
double vision glasses,
which afford,, perfect
sight for near work
and for seeing afar.
C. P R Time Inspector.
Gold......... * .7613old aiid Silver, .il.no
Lead.....    .76 I Gold.sllv'r.copii'r 1.5C
Samples by mall receive prompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Beugbl
1723 AmpBlioe"\,"'Denver. Colo.
Excursion  Bates
To J.M.M. IIEMKDUH. or to whomwverlic
may bava tnnatetml tit* inltmM In ihe
L'roufrll mineral claim, (Itusted nt th« head
nf Kluht Mite creek. HluoanMlnliiirDlrlitloii.
Wo.t hooloiiay DUtrlct, II O.
', and each of you, are hereby notlfiH thit
tmtre «x|«ndrd the turn of HATIM In
labor an
and Improvi-menlii uiion lha above men.
' -'—'   " "    uiiikr the provlilont ol
llonad mineral claim   .... ,	
tha Mineral Act, and If. wilhln, ninety.
....   „.,m,m,   nvi.  aim   ll.   wmllll   ninsl/   d*.>»
frum lh* itata of ihi* notice, .vou fall * r rt'ii** t.
«**irltmi« )-otir i<ortio<i of all »ixh <rsuciiiUtttn>a
am-juiiilittft >i<lKhty-two.lol*«r<aii*l*»uiy ceiiu.
which 1* now dite. lorallttr with all emtn of mi
iwt)«lim.>oui Iiiitiw4 in Htr aani claim will
become the property or Hie undemlunwl umlrr
Action 4 of an Act entitled "An Act to amend
lha MIm-t*! AH 1*0"
Dated at nanlo. 0 O, thl* «h day nf Marrh,
il alUr dale I la'ind lo a|n> y to the lloiior-
»%«. the Chief C .mmlal ,'iVof Ui.d" ami
Uorbifora *i«cUI llr-ence ui tut nnd cirry
Mknd,«lt«*«M m the *.«ih tH** of Mimmli
Like mi th* Nako*t> and Hl<v«w lttll»ay ,twm-
meiiciiuaia t»#t markid •• M O.-H. tV. -LV*
plant.d<we-h»llm!l«aMiih of A B, Hn«U«if«
t«*»l, and ahmit Tin fret fmm Ihe *ionth-Mn.t«-ur-
Hint nt %t.»u,'t: Lki«, iIhvmw tmth 9* < itt Int.
ihanoetM* W)r«haln«, lh tic* north mrhalnt.
ihrnrswr*! *i chains lo (mi I t* t.-mmmttt*
Uaied *t Vaw lhat it. i« the llih d»y of
m, nisrr,mm*Kii,
* **■ a, m, w^m m,+       in,    w # ,
Fare and Third
April 9,10,11,12
Settlers' Rates
June 15 th
For lime Inble*. rales and comple'e Informs*
tion apply of lucal agent, ur -
A. II, LEWIS, Sandon Agent,
D 1». A..Nel»on. II.O.      A.O l» A.. Vancouver
NOT the ' largest nurseries, greenhouses, and
seed bou-es In iho world," but we have better.
stock ttian ever, and you will save money by
buying direct. My new Catalogue will tell
you all about It., Hailed free.
3009 Westminster Road. Vancouver, B. O.
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
Reports, Examinations and Manage*
Job Printing is an art.
most advanced of arts,
and greater efforts are
beingj made to reacjv
perfection than ever
before in the history
of printing. Every up-
to-date business man
recognizes the importance of having his stationery  well printed.
rhe cost Is no greater than Hie lovrw-d
work thai tiifeiior.flUe* willpheyou
Spring Goods
We have the larffcit st <sk ol Kcndy-Made Clothlni? In tho city; arriving daily from some of tlio largest wholesale firms in Montreal and Toronto.
Fit guaranteed,
Our stock of Hoots and Shoes will soon be complete. Try the Invictus
Shoe put up by George A. Slater. Not forgetting the famous Ames Holden
Shoe, ' Union Made," with stamp on each shoo. We wish our lady friends
tn know that we have added a largo stock of Ladles1 Shoes. Call and see
thein    Prices right.
Our prices In Groceries are away down.    Leave your order for the
month of April with us.   Delivered to any part of Sandon free of charge.
MacDonald & Ross, Sandon
*< Newmarket Hotel
C-MAdiatt port ob Cttudlati territory lo
HavMMi; the oihrr an actdtelaringthat
until the United RlMe* *g*eA to ante
mil th* Almha tw-nnrianr to an inter
nailonut tribunal, eonrtitote-il In tbe
ordinary way, wilh nn equal number ol
representative* on each Hide, with a
prri»i»-ion lor im umj.tr* in CUM tbty
did not aire*, that no American ettlum
iiukuU lc (icriuittct! to olutwio m*
right* hi lt»« Canadiau Yukon lliAt lli*
United State* of Amerfra do net git* to
•ay -Canadiaa or Ifciiitfi mbpti' thtit
own t-trrftory. I mgf«-*te»l thai thmo
two sets nbould have a laiiHsndinf
, *..*_**) f>n,rWtig thai they t,h*_uM not
' ffi Into op^rutfin erwpt upon pwcla
miQiiX>Alh <*kii<A*!>
•ml t«*t.U fnr
Tuaerr cigar co,
iimoK iarfi ar,*»$
Monogram, M?rj:uerila,
Boquct, Our Special,
El Justillo, El Condor.
Sarantizidos Schiller,
Tuckelt's Union Label
Kamick T. fc B. V. C
l)<Mt Aht*9*at Mint ««4 €kt*mM* Aiaamt,
•iMIlHl'V l»AVM»ll*r Aim I tmttwH i«apftf I
t itt ik, ei,M i\mmtaim,*t ni i,tw4 aai
.\f*it*,tnt * R,*rl.| Mmm li tut »>m( rant
nan) f)»i'hti) ir oul%v iMjuUfi ftttiMUw't
f Urn,; ilwunia ittnt at a rf« plnBteil atmtt
rn** fi* b*H mil**, wm* athm.ln* nyritwrly
•llmlJ>« hum lh*I«Ui;P*',>>« lb* Stktm,i,
t.mtfi," iln-nua n/itihUO tinltit, 1k *t*t tw*A9i
thalaKibrttrammihm cImIm, thmnta wn* ■»
i Mint I it (It* p**% ttt
MM lit lit* p tat tw -fmtomwtiwmit,
-Oilfd tl Ro»»b«ry. Manth toh, WX
nt nm* turn atiar Ait* t ttmm l« *■ vl,
I W Ui& Qior C-nniuiuiuiia uf LuuU aiuX
ww%t.fnt*fii*rtftl tlrimi* i« nirt and earry
•way tmfm tnm Om Mowtaw tml «f UaJt:
I\mm*9*t949l9 wmwmltiA-h OtHftWtV
fm***,* auwt A. It. nbtlnufi naai wtmr, atmwt
■ni* mlV*w1h of ta* If mild pnit onlht K»ktt«to
. A *y**9 ml9i.y Mmwtt wni m iWalmi. ilmmtt
1 'tmtk altUaUa. maw* MM l*> thaim, ihmtt
Mffili I' I'ltlJUII'tfltJllt J'l I'/JIHH^ftfyimtrtit,
V9ti4 at Urmhatt, O C . ilittl H»N »*■».-»
i,, ttAi.i.Annv.n.
TltVQ DtttOtr, otTera a ptnnaant Hiilmf Unto for
home to tho»e who travel. It Is sftuntrd on tlie i
ahore of Ijttke Slocan, tlie most toautifnl lako In'
all America. From its balconies and windows |«
I can bo seen tlio grandest scenery upon thia continent r^n
The internal arrangements of tlio hotel are tlie revemi j^nj
to usiepiiune, mt me ttwma tmng planter**!, ami eicctnc *
itttiin al tho head ol every be-d make it- eaay for the dry
momenta In the momliig.t^^ijw^i^cfUK^cKJKji
^1 Tho Iieat and ehenpart meala In tho country are ™
flHto ^ found In tho dining room. Tlie liouwy la run up- pj\
U^Jon mHiimpnUtnn princlplea, and the prospector with hia 'UKl
finck ia jn«t aa welcome aa the millionaire wltli hia roll. *~*
Every gneat' rectivea tho beat of care and protection.
The llquora are the beat in tha Slocan, anil the]
hotel haa long been noted for it* fish and gamo dinners.-
Thia ia tha only Arat^laaa house in tba Lucerne of j
North America. Orw look nt the landfort! vrfl! cofl-
tinee any stranger that the viands are of tht beat qiutl* |
ity. Koom* re*fr\w! by I^!cgr*ph.i^»^»Aj<jKJ«j<<«j
HENRY STEQE. Proprl«torrs#«Ndrs#CN4|^


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