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The Ledge Jul 16, 1903

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Array '»*»\\«\w.«;
Vt lumr X. Number 42.
Price 12.00 Year;
,\0\ ANCE
Outlook much Brighter
Prospects of good times in tho
silver-lead en nips of tlie Kootenay!-'
havo greatly brightened since the
"assurance has come from Ottawa
that tlie Dominion government will
give aid to the producers in the
su iii of $500,000 a year. From al 1
sections where lead mines are being
developed, * words ' of cheer are
heard, and there is no doubt that
mines which have in recent years
been operated only in the development stage, will in a short time be
thrown open and ore turned out at
their full capacity.
, Senator. Turner,* principal owner
of the Sullivan group, in East
Kootenay, is credited with saying
to the Cranbrook Herald: "The
proposed bonus will enable Sullivan
company to start mine immediately
and to complete the smelter this
Reports of a like nature come
from other camps. J. L.Parker,
of the North "Star mine, says:
"As long as the bonus lasts, we
may consider that we will have
good times for the following reasons:
1st.   Tlie mines
shipping condition,
that are in a
but which are
their ores.
2nd. Those in a developing condition, but not" developing, will
naturally develope.
3rd. Those properties which
ha ve a favorable surface m i neral
condition, will naturally either
hive some work dono on them, or
the owners will find a more favor-
ablo market for them than has
been tho case the past two years.
4th. ■ Encouragement will be
given to the prospector to limit for
new finds, probably resulting in the
later opening up of a new district
or two,
5th. The wage expenditure will
return to the old stand ml of about
82,500,000 per annum instead of
less than 8500,000.
0th. Tho merchants, who have
been reducing their stock, will replenish it, resulting in tlio merchants emt getting fresh order*,
and giving tho railroads more
7th. The smelters will have live
furnace*, instead of dead ones, and
this will give employment to more
men, and through this certain ore*
available for Amies can lie used mid
purchased by them which would
otherwise have to remain in the
ground. This latter feature is an
important one, giving employment
to more men.
The amount of bonus to be di«-
tributed in five years time on the
ba«is of $15 per ton, wilt be about
12,500,000, and as the mino owners
will spend $10,000,000 more during
the same |>eriod, than they would
havo dono under the past conditions, it wi'l im seen that the government nld, although tardy, will
mean a direct aid to the district of
two million, live hundred thousand
dollars, besides an indirect aid of
ten million.
The following will be the amount*
of bonus on the difltar ent grade* of
ore that each grade will eArn:
SO per cent lead or*, $4.05 per ton.
40 per cent lead ore, $5.40 per ton.
50 per cent lead ore, $0.75 per ton.
(10 per cent lead ore, $10.80 per ton.
John   A.   Pfni»-H   te   twrmrtwti   *-u*
saving: MWe t'Xpeel to start upth*
til. Kngene thi* summer by reason
of the benefit from the lead bounty.
W« formerly worked almut 2ilfi
men on the  property  and   were
et-Mrtt.ltirr "* rtrw*   Ii ....   . t  1. .  1    .
1.1.     *(»* " ■•■-      ■»   *■■•••".   ■»'•'••■.
tiaiw* per month. The concen-
trotea were running 65 per cent
h .id."
Hymn X. White of the Slogan
Star said: "Tlie mine owner* are
getting i%11 they naketl tor fnmi thc
Dominion government, Tite efttet
of fhe boniu \xM cwUiul) be Writ--
(kill. Thtt Hkymit Star, whiilt
was sldpning to th*» American
Smelting * Refining Co. and mm-
icnded shipments some time ago,
ins entered into a contract to ship
to the Trail smelter and will start
shipments soon, It is reported the
bonus will be paid only on lead ore
mined, smelted and refined in Canada; By shipping to the Trail
smelter we will receive all the
bonus coming to us.
"I have no doubt the increased
output stimulated by the bonus
will take up all of the grant of
8500,000 per annum made by the
government. Indirectly the bonus
will be of still greater benefit to the
province as it will bring several
millions of British and American
money into the Slocan and Kootenay lead mines for investment."
There are other reasons why the
silver-lead mine owners should feel
jubilant. Following on the news
that the United States government
would almost certainly fix a ratio
for silver for coinage in the Phil-
ipines, comes the news that •* lead
famine threatens in London. The
normal British consumption is
270,000 tons, of which, about 25,-
000 tons is produced in the north
of England and in Scotland. The
balance is imported from Australia,
Greece, of which places Australia
ships the •greatest amount. Owing
to the low prices which iiavo prevailed for lead in London, and for
its sister product, silver, th6 Australian mines have been closing
down one by one until a heavy
shortage threatens. A-despatch
from London says the probable
shortage will bo 100,000 tone.
All this welcome new-s seems to
give the Slocan a brighter outlook
than.it has enjoyed since boom
Zinc, too, is adding encouragement. It has lately been ruling
higher in New York than since the
American war. And, on tlio understanding that the United States
will fix a ratio for Philippine coinage thnt will mako the white metal
worth 05 cents an ounce, silver li ts
jumped from 40 to 53 cents.
Thero is already felt the scarcity
of laboring men. Many of the big
properties are wanting more. This
shortage will not be long felt, for
tho Miner's Unions will soon get
good men to come in from the outside.
There is now felt among the
mine owners, more than over liefore, the need of a stronger organization than the make-shift organization that has been known as the
Miue Owners' Association. It has
I»ecn of little practical benefit, and
has stood in the way of a better
organization. We believe it is the
intention to reorganize on lines
adopted by similar associations in
tite silver-lead camps across the
line. Under such an organization
there would be no chance for the
smelters to play the "cinch." The
mine owners have the metal, and
if necessary could build their own
The Dominion government ha*
done enough for the mine owners
—thoy lutve been given what they
asked for. It is now up to the
mine owner* to do something for
themselves, if they would get the
benefit of tlie government aid. The
way to do ft is by using tho power
that is thelr'a.
M.l'Ur     MI'U'JT'J.W.
eral industry of the United States
having received S15.S39.913. This
amount has swelled the dividends
for tho half year ending June 30ch
to 881,143,951, a very gratifying division ..of profits for .which 135 corporations are responsible; this, is
especially satisfactory considering
the fluctuations in copper, silver
and other important products.
These dividends have gone not only
to Americans, but a substantial
amount has also been distributed
among foreigners, particularly
British investors.
In his annual report of the North
Star mine J. L. Parker states that
during the past year that property
shipped 3,426 tons of ore which
averaged 29.5 ounces of silver and
36 per cent lead to the ton. With
a $15 freight and treatment rate—
which J. L. Parker thinks is "ifair
and reasonable (for Slocan mine
owners), with prices at the outside
figure during the year of 81.50 for
lead and 52 cents for silver, the
North Star would have about $S
for mining, putting oro 'on cars,
and management of the miue.
Even a clever man like Mr. Parker
must find it 'difficult to produce
dividends ai such figures.
Trains are again
running in the
the Sunset smelter.    A side track
lias, been put in at the mine.
Returns for the last car • of Providence ores gave 8225 per ton,
Tlie net weight of ore was 37,832
lbs.; the gross valiu of which was
$4,256.27. The mineral contents
per ton were: gold 1:92 ounces,
silver 373.8 ounces, and lead 6.8
per cent.
Wednesday the long expected 150
h. p. iioiler for the Snowshoe was
received from the 'makers, the
Jenckes Machine Co., of .Slier-,
brooke, Que., and will be installed
without delay. This ''s «aid to be
the largest boiler yet ins-t died at any
mine in tlio Boundary.
Yesterday was the monthly payday at thc Granby mines, the
amount disbursed for wages being
about the sanve as last month, or a
trifle less than $25,000. The
Snowshoe's payday is next Wednesday, when the amount paid out is
expected to run close to $10,000 for
the month"
Totals for the ore shipments from
tlie mines of the Boundary for the
first six months of 1903 are now
available, showing that for the half-
year from January to July, inclusive, 274,567 tonsof ore were mined
and shipped and reduced at our
.ameUcrgs—^—_-ll^L,. -—	
mill Dame Jl Candidate
With the ehangfd condition of
mining In the Kootenays it will not
now lw long liefore the dividend
-,*t.t*CAifi      Mt,      i.'^Wk'ti       IftMlli      t'ixnil. j
Many of the sllver-Iead and gold*
copper properties all thtough south*
ern Kootenay are fast -miehfng a
•tage when the dividend*,, familiar
cnotigh a few years back, can be
iuuuuuicct month after month.
In the United 8tat"s Jane waa a
j tety ginni mtrtilh in ihe matter of
dividend*, in fact, the second lies!
this yemr,   ihe Moeltbolders in 16
companies Wentifled with the min-
* Lumber will be on hand for the
Clever block this week.
Martin Avison has gone to the
Cherry Creek mino to assist in
managing the property.
Born—In the Slocan Hospital,
New Denver, B. C, July 15; the
wife of Col en J. Campbell, of a son.
Jim Croft sold his team of heavy
draught horses this week. Thoy
wero taken to the Cherry Creek
mine, in Fire Valley,
New Denver's cherry crop does
not begin to supply tjic demand.
This oflice got five with stems on
and pits in this week.
Somebody left a Bruce paper in
the Phair hotel the other day. The
Nelson police have no clue to the
perpetrator of thu deed.
The Misses Queenio McCoy and
Isabella T. Kerr, Canadian entertainers, gave one of their high-claw
concerts in Bosun Hall, Tuesday
(evening to an appreciative audience.
J. II. Werely and I). D. Mc-
Pltcrson uncovered a.new and very
important lead on the Gertie R,
while doing assessment work last
woek. Tho
Rev. Mr. Brown delivered his
first sermon in the Presbyterian
chinch Sunday evening. Services
will Ihj hold fortnightly hereafter,
Handon having l>een added to the
New Denver field.
Richard Blumenauer has asso-
dated himself with the editor and
will utmtet in running this jiijit.
Richard will look after the infernal
levels while thn editor knocks out
rich stuff from the upper stopes.
Preparations for the annual
Hnnday School picnic are about
completed. All children will be on
hand at the Pyman block at 9
o'clock Friday morning, from
I * men point rig* will start for the
i iwmuu picnic grounn*. \i en-nue-Ui
) banket* are easential if tho tiay is
to kt made an «uj*»yabte one.
In all probability there will be
six furnaces in . operation at the
Granby smelter in about six weeks,
or by Sept. 1st. In fact, the two
new furnaces now lie'ng placed arc
expected to be completed and ready
for blowing in before that date,
making the complete battery of six.
Not far from n thousand men are
directly employed at present time
in the various mines and smelters
of tho Boundary, and there is little
doubt but tliat this number will
shortly be materially increased, if
the smelters can continue to get tlie
coke to operate all the furnaces at
fullest capacity.
A contract has been let bv the
International Coal and Coko Co..
operating coal properties at Blair-
more, Albera, for tho erection of
100 coke ovens,-and tho work i<
now under way. It is expected
that the ovens will be ready for use
early in the fall, the product being
supplied to the Granby anil other
Boundary smelters.
At the Wakefield the force of
men will s.iortly bo increased to (10
or 70 The mill has been tlioi -
otigbly overhauled and will lw in
shape to stall by Si tin day.     A
 , _... force of 15 men  will lie employed
property adjoins the about the mill, ami 40 or 50 will be
worked nt the mine. Ten tons of
high-grade concentrates will Ih
turned out daily, besides the clean
otc, and Mamigcr Lane expect* to
send out aliout 250 tons of ore per
mouth. A carload goes to the Nelson smelter this week.
HOW   TO    AITIUiAt'll    AS    HtllTOil
Parties wishing to enter the
printing office nt this season of th*
year should lie governed by tin
following rules : Advance to the
door and give three distinct raps,
or kick the door down. The
"devil" will attend to your alarm.
You will give him  your name,
,  ,9*      v* * r
fAS«-tv...«<. «H.i.i lAA «<•-,< *.**■■ **<HU*tt*   Ut
yiM.'; rvw Mt lAfh.'a it.' i,ht ^.v....
lie will admit you. You will then
»Avme*? ttt the middle of the wro
and address the editor with the
following countersign: extend Ihe
ngin OhihI H-lioultwo leer irtnn Die
body, with the thumb ami index
finger clapping a ten dollar bill,
which drop into the extended hand
of the alitor, at thc same time *«y-
ing, "Wereyon looking for me?",
The Wil tor will gro»p ymir band
and the bill and my,   "Yon I**!'*
f  vour
A number of representatives of
the Miner's. Unions of the Slocan
gathered at Now Denver last Saturday to discuss the advisablity of
putting an independent labor candidate in the field at the approaching election. As a result of the
meeting the following has been
"A call is ..hereby, issued for a
convention,'to take-place in New
Denver on the 1st day of August,
1903, for the purpose of nominating
a candidate to contest the Slocan
Riding in the interest of the Labor
Party at the forthcoming Provincial election.
"The basis >of rep esentation to
be as follows: One duly accredited
delegate from each point at which
was situated.on the occasion of the
last Provincial election a polling
station, and iu addition, one delegare for each 40 votes or majority
fraction thereof polled at each station.
"Where there exists a regular
labor, union, the same shall have
charge of the calling of Primaries,
and tho method t> be adopted in
selecting delegates for attendance
at the convention.
of local Socialist Leagues, Reform
Associations, and branches of the
Provincial Progressive Party may
bo allowed seats.
"Pkiicv W. Johnston*,
"Hugh Williams,
"JnlyU, 1903."    •
W. R. Beattie is shift boss at
the American lioy.
Surveying for an aerial tram is
being done at tlio Idaho.
A. C. Garde and Thos. Jones returned to the city last week.
Work has been resumed on the
Jackson, in McGuigan Basin.
The Slocan Star haa mado a contract to ship to the Trail Binclter.
Dr. Hendryx and wife have arrived al Sandon from I*>h Angeles.
Several carloads of machinery
havo arrived for tho Payne zinc
Wm. Davidson, it is said,. will
be the labor candidate in the
A restaurant in Sandon furnishes
its patrons with lettuce grown on
the premises,
Put CMfltn hns decided not to
run for the Icginlatur** at the approaching elcc.ion.
Isaac Cunning hns arrived from
CVditr Rapids to take charge of tbe
oldest hotel in Knndoit
Many of the mines around Hun-
Ion are Mill wet,  which tend* to
decrease production slightly.
Trail.   The annual meeting will be
held on July 31st.
While unloading lumber at the
Payne last Thursday, Louis Ruck-
ney bad one of his legs broken in
two places. He was taken to the
hospital in New Denver.
Dr. Gomm caught a car-load of
trout at Bear "Lake a short time
ago. He tried to do tlie same trick
at New Denver this week, hut the
wind was too strong for his bait.
Thos. Farquhar, who has been
continuously engaged in the mines
about Sandon for seven years,
left for Sault St. Marie, Out.* this
week. Tom will make more than
"45" on the trip.
Jake Kelson says that chickens
in Sandon are more numerous than
at any previous time in tlie history-'
of the camp. He sets this down as
a sure sign of better times, or else
a lack of coons.
J. R. Cameron still has faith in
the Reliance, aud has had it steadily worked for nine months. A^
bunch of men like J. R. would
make this country hum if their
capital was equal to there courage
and perseverance.
From various sources wc learn
of men coming into tie Kootenay
with money to buy mining property. Dr. F. H. Hocking, of
Granite Falls. Mont., arrived at
Kaslo last week. Ho represents a
number of Minnesota cpitalisis who
are seeking mining ventures of
merit in the Kootenays and who
have been attracted by the phenomenal finds on Poplar creek.
As to his mission the Doctor said:
"Some of my people are already
interested in the Handy group on
Lynch creek and we are so well
pleased with the future prospects
that we aro again in the market for
meritorious investments in the
same territory. The developments
on the Handy group have been especially gratifying nnd ample funds
are being provided by my people for
tho opening of those properties now
controled by us, as well as for the
purposes of prospecting any now
venture* offering. This is cent inly
a delightful country and you seem
to have untold treasures of wealth
laitl up in your hills and valleys.
It seems to me to bo a tourists par-
adiso. and from all accounts is
equally as attractive to the sports
Thi"( fntnl smoutit nt ore ttlupped from
the Slocun hikI Slocan City mining
iliviHiniii for the year 1902 win, approximate!)-, tt'.OOO ton* Since Jammr? 1
ti July II, l!*M, the Khlpmentii hsve
heen si follow* •
Vftt.   T »»t
Aiiirrtmii lli»jf...,	
Itltfk  I'rliH'*-	
Il<inilli,,|.li,f   ,	
Illui. Hlr»l	
Tom Devlin mid  Bob Williams r1Ii^,r!«hiih>ii"77777777777, m
mo doing development work on the! jj""''^
Sunday Hun, near lk*ar Lake.
The Sew York Urewety docs not
need a bounty on its production.
Hut, then, its beer is not lead.
John Nelson will soon have the
Denver House In shape to re-open,
ntttw* ......
Oi»i*t. tk-M...
R*ml.l*r ......
ttrt'ti ..........
making the ninth liquor lieen lie ini r!^ 9'oi'777
'Mltotn mat"
t*¥*9tt thiy,,.
...,.,.„,.      „       .1   , t*0\*f,il Ol*l*l*9
\iit.ihl\'H'U  M   i;u-M.:-,-
iiagne supper in celebration of tbt
lead bounty.   We mneond tb-e mi**-
Let 'er dn,
«f "-'-•-* *
*.   r   (Virile
• utlv.
j ■*> i |.<rl«r	
,   Whi-i, nt,,.
T*i*l tat,
nottJ-tiiAnv wiMJiti a ore*.
Ijwt Sunday the Suntet smelter
blew in it* second furnace, and thc
Granby smelter placed its fourth
furnace in operation.
The thlnl fnrwtee fdr the Stttfet
smelter waa shipped from Spokane wi<j iw_ in<> n t ( ^^ ^
to*t Friday, a tut wilt lie put in place i Ajt<4J, *|v|ng hint the news o
a« mwm a* possible. j UtmUty ymi will t>e permitted to
TM* K'-otk J iteOtf»lk"ini^i<»>M^) **Am with a mnpl for an obligate shipplajj list, tht«re going taction properly discharged.
Jwk Thwmi'-Wttt wrna iu tln» t -*r..
Atittt l.*.sl we*k looking for a tou of
gold. There in « ready market for
this article in Handon.*
As a twttlt of the lead bonus, tbe
Antoine mine is nuking for tenders
for tbe driving of a I ,i'/M) fisit tiinin-l.
Jei*e Prunk, the popular mo- .'/."J,^?rt>' *b,chll" ri,"',f.,n
dtoioron the K. ft ». hagainable ^ ?! Ji      **"•"_ l,™ *k(,m*'
handcar  now without uJng  th^^«^»;»*t;»f the mines in the vi*
uu,j, * Hfilty, tml the rv-.mitlgof thc Iuul
•' bonus uthkeM tiieir working profit*
The Rambler ix shipping fiOO tons able again, and it te likely Out mi-
a month. The miue h,i» beeu uhlf*- other month will w» the bAi-in at
ping to Evmtt, but may change to its bn^icst. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, JULY 16, 1903.
Tenth Year.
The Ledge.
With whioh is amalgamated the
Published every Thursday In the richest silver-
lead-zlnc camp on earth.
Legal advertising 10 cents a nonparlel line
first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent
insertion. Reading notices 85 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances.
Subscription, ii a year in advance or 82.50 if
not so paid.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Ledgb is located at
Kew Denver, B. C , and Is traced to many parts
ot tbe earth It has never been raided bv the
Rherlff, snowsllded by clieiiv silver, or pubdued
by the fear of man It works for Hie trail lilazei
as well as the bay-windowed,champagne-flavored
capitalist. It alms to be on the right side or
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing
paystreak Is proof that It Is better to tell the
truth, even If the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.       ,
One of tbe noblest works of creation Is the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk In paradise, with thornleps roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look ai
by day. ,
Address all communications to—
New Denver, B. 0.
The Lord made the earth in six days,
and upon the seventh he made the
As roofing, sheet zinc will last hundreds of years, and is extensively used
for that piitpose in Europe.
The jews have biblical authority for
making Saturday a holy day, but there
is no authority whatever for making
Sunday a similar day.
The C. P. R. took in nearly seven
millions more for the year ending June
30, than it did in the previous year.
Geo. McL. Brown has had charge of
the dining cars during the past year.
A Kansas paper says lhat King Edward has ordered a barrel of whiskey
from Kentucky. Besides being a
colonel, Edward belongs to a country
that never takes water, but bars little
A pencil cross in this square
tidlcatas that your subscrip
tl >n Is due, and that the editor
wants ince again to look at
your collateral.
THURSDAY, JULY 16, 1903.
A THiNGsoon dies when nature has
no further use for it. The appendix in
man is a relic of the past and is gradually becoming extinct. Many people
today are born without an appendix.
Labok is the father of capital.
Through ignorance the parent often
wears rags while the son sits in the
shade and sips cold wine through a
Max 0'Rei.i. died from appendicitis.
He probably treated it as a joke until
death marked 30 oh his copy. If you
ever catch the trouble treat it this way:
Use enemas of warm water as often as
desired, ice or hot water to the abdomen; keep the feet warm. Do not eat
anything, nor take medicine, and drink
nothing but water. Keep still and have
implicit faith in your recovery, and you
will soon be better.
The London Times prints an article
warning people to stay away from
British Columbia because the government is rotten. Some disappointed
pap-seeker must have strayed over to
We have just learned that milk,
cream or butter,, used directly or indirectly will feed catarrh. If you have a
cold or catarrh do not eat any of the
dairy products, and see what the resulf
will be. Cut out meat and salt at the
same lime. ____
/When the C. P. R. was a poor and
struggling concern it loved company
and gave editors (the men who made
the country) all kinds of passes. Now
that it is bloated with riches and power
it seldom gives up a pass, even at the
point of a rapier. Wealth is mighty
and does prevail.
the hand is worth two in | ^#4-4i#(Hs#4s###sl'4^#^«HHM4444?H^it^
J* THE RICH WIN. ■ '   4
4* ~ — *f*
4* When it comes to a showdown between the poor *f»
An ace in
the deck.	
The sky is  now visible through the
lead lining in the Slocan clouds.
If a man loves himself he need not
fear the hatred of "others.
In its treatment of women civiliza-.
tion is more cruel, more hellish than
the savage who never saw a church or
spoiled his eyes reading fine print.
Better late than not at all. The
Canadian Magazine has just printed
an account of the war of 1812. It was
news to many in Ontario.
General Booth says that the world
is becoming more godless every day.
Sky drummers must change their line
of samples or the other house will get
all the (business.
T  and the rich it is safe to bet that the average parson T
4»  will be found behind the gold.    Sky  drummers are «|>
jf*  only men and and while they preach against laying J*
up treasure where thieves and the sheriff break in"X
they are seldom averse to getting all that is coming. 41
In  Chicago  the packing plants run day and T
night, and the engineers work 12-hour shifts.    In ^
^ the summer the engine rooms are hot as the top flat **?
^ of Hades, and to work in them for hours at a stretch %
4* is very depressing to mind and muscle.    In an effort *§>
The Cranbrook Heraia~says-uva«a-
newspaper that exaggerates is a detriment to any district. Then it talks
about a properly that carries 88 per
cent in free gold.
Always watch the man who talks
long and loud about his God. He
will act crooked with his fellow man,
and then square himself by sending
ozonagrams to heaven asking Jesus to
pay his bills.	
It cost Captain Arthur Eric^ Paget
Roper Curzon three hundred thousand
dollars trying lo forget a girl. 11 hns
cost some of us more than that because
the girl would not forget us. However,
a man with a name as long as Cap's
would drive any woman from home if
she had to shout the full title when she
called him for breakfast.
As an excuse for stopping his subscription a subscriber at Princeton says
that he is leaving the country and de-
sires to cut off all happy memories.
Another delinquent over in Washington says that he has a line crop of
wheat yrowing and will settle when it
is cut. Wc hope the Lord will be good
to that wheat.	
Our subscribers hnve filled our office
with flowers und strawberries, but up
to date no sad-eyed mnn of the hoc has
arrived in wilh a bag et potatoes, or
pitched a load of pumpkins over our
luck fence. Do not be afraid, grangers, dear. We have nothing up our
sleeve, except a vaccination mark, and
three-shell men tire dead before they
can cross the plazu in front of our idea
factory.  _
Sku.inu stock is not always confined
to mining scheme*. Stock-jobbing is
sometimes fo"»J '•» the lumber busi-
ness. The present Is n good lime for
uu»crupul(>us manufacturers to make
n bluff at cutting lumber in order to
catch the aucker who te always ready
to put hi» money on anything
that glitters.    Mining Mocks are not
fnshionnhle just now, but lumber mill*
. ,*   *  >,   11 ....
finu wiic.ii *>*****» ***** j**-** * '■•-. * •*
i» it pomiiu iu* iiit* «i,w .'-i-'-'J *•!•'<■' yu n't -.a
Roi'timk has much to do wilh making women weak and nervous-, Many
women live fnnn day to day Ihe name
humdrum, monotonous* hh: ihvhxu,-
band mingle* with others at hi* work
or business while thc wife plods on at
work, mainly physical. Family life ns
a rule is very narrow and women are
prattkalty debarred from It.iving healthful contact with her fellow being*. Our
normal activities depend imith upon
social life, and without it women become nervoui, irritable and prematurely ng«l. 1.00k around you and see
if this is noi true.
T  to improve their condition, and have a chance to be-
<§»come acquainted with their wives and children, the "«f»
men asked for an eight hour day and a wage of $3. *§*
4 was left to arbitrators,  consisting  of  three  well 4>
known parsons—Kelley, Lawrence and Haynes.  In ^
spite of the fact that the demands of the engineers
were just and reasonable, decision was given against
the men and they went back to their slavery, wondering if the result would have been the same if JesuS,
and not His drummers, had tried the case.    On top
of their cruel decision the preachers put in a bill for X
j $3,000, and asked the engineers to pay half.   These 4*
«U peddlers of heaven theories worked 60 hours making Jl
4»  making up the case for the rich man and then wanted *j*
$1,000 each for their services. For the same number
of hours that an engineer gets $18, these ministers of
the meek, lowly and loving Christ ask $1,000.   A
more servile bid for the favor of mammon has seldom %
been made, even in Chicago.    In their report the
parsons state that "We accepted the responsibility
as a matter of public duty."   Their bill indicates
this, and their decision indicates that they are out *^
for the stuff, both in and out ofthe pulpit. Ministers |||
who are not strong enough to resist the influence of *§>
3J wealth and position, should never be called upon to T
i« decide anything of vital interest to the poor man. X
j* These Chicago parsons arc masquerading in Christ's T
J* clothes, and they are as far from His teachings as J^
4* hell is from this oflice.    It is men such as these who *f
X  bring disrepute on the church, and make thc world J
«§*  sneer when the name of creed is mentioned. «|*
most secluded spots on earth—and if
man has secured a foothold you can
tind also apples and cabbage; if either
is absent it will be apples.
This is a  wise provision of nature,
for if man  is compelled to get away
from his base of supplies he can manage to have with him bread, apples,
nuts and cabboge, and  in  that combination he  haa  food  for brain, muscle
and nerve, and neithee last*nor least, a
diet antidotal to sickness.    When man
is eating these foods he  is not taking
into his system an enemy in disguise.
Cabbage is king of vegetables.   Raw
is the best way to eat it, but if cooked
by steam without  having anything added lo it  while  cooking, it  will  come
from the cooker "sweet  and  delicious
and can be fed  to a nursing babe with
impunity.    It  is good  enough,  when
cooked in this way, to eat without the
addition of a single condiment, but if
desired  olive oil  and  lemon juice can
be added to taste, or any dressing the
consumer may desire.    There is nothing the matter with cabbage; tho trouble is. this ignorance of the people about
the best way to prepare it for consumption.    As an  addition to raw salads il
is always in order.    In summer the
need of cabbage and apples is not felt;
these old  veterans and slandbys can
take a rest while a variety of fruit and
vegetables of shorter life are in demand.
Cabbage   sprouts,  mustard   and beet
lops in equal parts make most excellent
greens, but don't convert them into a
poison by cooking them with   meat.
When vegetarians are afraid to defend
cabbage, send   for me.    I  liave been
called "old cabbage doctor" so long 1
am entitled to a pension.    When the
kind of vegetables is stabbed at home
or by a friend, or should-be friend, I
am desirous of asking thai vegetarian
if he has a friend, a better friend, in
all the vegetable kingdom ? Where can
be  found   a vegetable   that, if eaten
daily, conveys more of an antidote to
old age than cabbage.    If thc young
lady vegetarians who imagine themselves insulted by being called cabbage
eaters knew more about the properties
of vegetables and less aboul sentiment,
more about the detrimental effects  of
starch and breads and less about what
they think vegetarianism means; more
about    cabbage,- lettuce    and    spin-
thc principle that no bonus should be granted to
any railway company which does not give the
government of the province control of rates
over lines honused, together with the option of
■' To actively assist by 3tate aid in the development of the agricultural resources of the province."
2S That in the meantime and until the rail
way policy above set forth can be accomplished,
a general railway act be passed, giving freedom
to construct railways under certain approved
regulations analogous tp the .system that,has
resulted in such extensive railway construction
In the United Suites, with so much advantage
to trade and commerce, -
3. That to encourage the mining industry the
taxation of metalliferous mines should be on the
basis of a percentage on the net profits.
4. That the government ownership of telephone systems should bc brought about as a first
step in the acquisition of public utilities.
5.-That ia, portion uf every coal area hereafter
to be disposed of should be reserved from sale or
lease, so that suite owned mines may bo easily
aceesdible, If their operation iieuonua necessary
or advisable.
(1. That in the pulp land leases provision
should be made for reforesting and Unit steps
should be taken for the general preservation of
forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of timber.
7. Tlmt the legislature and government of the
provlnw should persevere In the effort to secure
thu exclusion of Asiatic labor.
8. That tho nmlter of better terms in thc way
of snlwldy and appropriations for the province
should be vigorously passed u|ioii the Dominion
SI. That the silver-lead industries of ihe
province ba fostered and encouraged by ihe imposition of Increased customs duties on lci'd and
Mineral  Claims.
Situate  in the    Slocan   Mining   Division  of
-West Koote.iay   District.   Where located:
Northwest of Bear Lake, aliout (j miles Irom
Three Korks,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Robert McPhersoD, free
miners' certificate No. B 6B343, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for • Certifieates of
Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a
Orown Grant of each of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certificates ol Improvements
Dated this 2iA day of June, A. D 1903
robert Mcpherson.
lead products hii|>ortcd into Canada, and that
the Conservative members of the Dominion
House he urged., to support auy motion introduced for such a .impose.
10. That as industrial disputes almost Invariably result In great loss nnd injury both to Ihe
parties concerned ami lo the public*, legislation
should be passed to provide means for an ami
wible adjustment of such disputes between employers and employees.
11. That d Is advisable to foster the manufacture of the raw products of the province within
Ihe province as far as jwsslblo by means of taxation on the said raw products, subject to rebate of
the same in whole or part when manufactured
in British Columbia.
KltKDDY Mineral Claim.
Situate In thc Slocan Mining Division ol West
Kootenav   District.    Where located:    On
the Galena Karm, adjoining the Seven-.on
Mineral Claim,
rfUKE NuTlOE that I,Francis .1.O'Reilly, of
*• ' Nelson, B.C.. as agent for John A, Turntr,
frre miner's cerlilli-ate No. B 80T0O, and Hugh
Nixon, free miner's certilicnte   No.   B  8wniu,
Intend, alxU  days  from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section K7, must be uemmenced liefore the issuance of such CerUficaiB of Improvemenis.
Dated this 4th day of June, A. D. iius
OAKI.ANli Hhi«<i-nl Clnlm
Situate in tho Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District.        Where     located:
On Fo r Mile creek, adjoining the  Edinburgh mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Wm. S. Drewry, acting
as agent for Ferdinand K. Lolbsclier, Free
Miners' Certificate No. B (M405.. intend, tKi days
from the dato   hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder   for  a Certiiicato of   Improvements
for Uie purpose of  obtaining a Crown  grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under section 37 must lie commenced before the Issuance of
such certificate of improvements.  ,
Dated this -Uh day of June, A. D, 1903.
."■■*.-.'     W.S. DREWRY.
At a meeting of the executive of the Provincial
Conservative Association, held at Vancouver,
tho province was divided into five divisions for
organization purposes: The Kootenay Boundary
division Is made up of the following provincial
election districts: Revelstoke,Columbia, Fernie,
Cranbrook, Ymir, Kaslo. Slocan, Grand Forks,
Greenwood, the City of Rossland and the City of
Nelson. At the same meeting the following
resolutions wero adopted:
1. That conventions for nominating candidates for members of the legislative assembly be
made up of delegates chosen as follows:
(a) In city electoral districts, ono delegate for
every fifty and fraction of fifty votes polled at
the provincial election hejd In WOO, and If the
city  Is divided into ward.*, the pniiortion of
UAI'PY   WKL1VEHY Mineral Claim
Situate in tho Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.      Where   located:    On
Silver Mountain, adjoining Ihe Lost Tiger
Mineral Claim
■TAKE NOTICE That I, Wm. S   Drewry, as
1   agent for  Hermann Clever, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B 04378, intend, sixty days from
the date   hereof,   to   apply   to   the   Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose lof obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.*
.And further take notice that'action, under
section 37, must bo commenced bolore tho issuance of such eerUflcate of Improvements.
Dated this 4th day of June. A.D. 1903.
ach and less about paint and powder,
they would retain their health, youth
and beauty much longer. Some think
that too great consumption of cabbage
leads to the evolution of flat-headed
Dutch. There is a race prejudice in
this. The Teutonic head is broader
than it is high, and he is noted for his
science, philosophy and reasoning
power. If cabbage builds the Dutch
head, give us more cabbage.—Dr. J,
H. Tildeu.
vote polled hi each ward at the last municipal
(b) In other electoral districts, one delegate for
every fifty or fraction of fifty votes polled at the
provincial election held in 1900, the uolegates
to he appointed to polling places or aa near
thereto as will be fair to the voters of the different neighborhoods.
i. The election of delegates shall be at public
meetings held at a designated central place In
each polling division, or In each ward In city
electoral districts, if the city is divided into
wards. At such public meetings only those who
pledge themselves to vote for the candidate or
candidates selected at the nominating convention shall bc entitled to vote for delegates.
3. Two weeks' notice shall be given of the
public meetings at which the delegates are to be
elected, aud nominating conventions are to be
held in city electoral districts two days after the
day on which delegates are elected, and in other
_electoraUllstricts seven days after   Allnomlna
Hon s thTOUKhout"the-pro vinoe-to-be-tnarie-at-a-
designated central place In each electoral district, and-on the same day.
4. All notices of the date of public meetings
for the election of delegates to nominating conventions, the apportionment of delegates, and
the place and date of nominating conventions
in the several electoral districts shall be prepared
by, the member of the executive of the division
In which the electoral districts are situate, and
Usued over the names of the president and secretary of the Provincial Conservative Association.
A meeting of Uie provincial executive will be
held in Vancouuer within a month, and the date
for holding district nomtnetlng conventiont will
then be fixed. JOHN HOUSTON.
President ofthe Provincial
Conseavatlve Association,
Nelson, June 8th, W03.
DAI.KKITH and  KKlf.SO Mineral Claims,
Situate in the Slocan Mlnlug Division of West
Kootenay Distriot. Where located: On Four
Mile creek, near the Waketleld mine. ,;
TAKE NOTICE that I. Wm. S Drewry,acting
1 as agent for the Wakefield Mines, Ltd,, Free
Miner's Certiticate No. B 69131, intendisixty daj s
from the date hereof, to apply to tho Mining He-
*ordcr for a Certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
Aud further take notice that action, under section 37. must be commenced before tlie Issuance
oi'juch Certificate of Improvements.
y. A D. 1903.
Dated this 27th day
>f Iraprovci
y of May.
The second,son of President Hadley
of Yale is the aclcnowledged leader in
whatever is going forward among the
youngsters and always takes the principal place in any game. His mother
wns greatly surprised, therefore, on
going into tlie nursery where the children were playing church to find lhat
thu oldest boy was officiating us minister. She asked where the other lad
was. "Oh, he's in the other room.
He's God," was the reply.
To H. EUMMELEN, or to whomsoever he may
have trmiffeircd bis inteiest In the Soho
mineral claim, situated in the McGuigan
Basin. Slocan Mh ing Division, West Kootenay Mining Division,
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended
M02.50 In lttbo
above mentioned 1
visions oi tho Mineral Act. and if within eti days
f 102.50 In labor and improvements upon the
above mentioned mineral elaim under the pro-
from thc!da:e of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of tho (above
mentioned sum, which is now  due,  together
with    all    costs    of|  advertising,  your  Interest   In   the  said   claim will   becomo the
property of the undersigned under Section A of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act 1000.''
Kaslo, U. C, May SO. 1908.
Uncle Reuben says: "Wc look for
our fellow men to be consistent, tin'
dat's where we are inconsistent ourselves. De best speech I eber delivered
was on de subject of honesty, an' yet I
had to go out ditl werry cbcn'm' an'
steal wood 'null' todomoober Sunday."
8* Newmamei Hold K
The following is an extract from Thc
Vegetarian of Chicago:
"A representative of the Chicago
American recently reported some young
women of Chit ago university as indignantly resenting the imputation that
they were vegetarians nnd lived on
cabbage and carrots, preferring to be
known us putrons of thc stock-yard*,
.... We have thought that the
voung women might bc vegetarians
and quite correctly retus-ts lo be represented ns living on cabbage and carrots. .... Vegetarians nre too
intelligent lo arrest their mental operations by eating boiled cabbage, much
k'fcfc    Ul    IHKI    lll.ll    1 H\.« IIHI-I,   titauU     v..
their Momai lis, that mo*t execrable of
all dietetic abominations, corn-beef und
I take pleasure in resenting the
Vegetarian'* inutile** assertion that
cabbage i« an abomination, und worth-
le**.-. ,1* a fuuii. I wuuld .u suou go on
a "regular" or "irregular" coumc of
Mryclwinc, fir*cnic or Jigitalis, er even
resort to quite regular dose« of such
heau-parsilyzerf at  antipjrine, ami-
kitninitt and many other drugs of daily
use by drug advocate* ns to go up
Mgainsi such brain, heart and stomach
aunlhilalors us corn-beef and cubliage,
but I wish the reader to know that it
is thc compounding that kills in this
case. Sulphur und saltpeter are quite
innocent and bunnies.-*, when uiuiic,
but when combined in a mortar and
pounded with a pestle in thc hands of
a fellow who doesn't know the gun is
loaded, end in sending the pounder
into eternity.   Many is the innocent
COfUUillif 01 vinimi  I*.*!   aliu   uttHMg-t; > 9
Mitu tutu ttteiuit)   d\   w.ij  uiAtetinui-il'
morbu*. npoplcxy and heart paralysis,
because of general ignorance of the exploitive effects of these two ileum of
is killed who mixes sulphur and saltpeter, nor do all die who vol In-ef aud
cabbage, but death lurks as a possibility in that vicinity,
Cabbage is one of the line-it vegetable* that grow*. It* relation to u-ge-
tnbfiN is lb/1 v,'iini» lb.it ,'«ppK-s ho).) in
fruit. Apple* aud cabbage ua- ihe two
iikhI important items, of fond, for thej*
are to be found when till other* are out
of reach.   Go where you will—to the
iAilnptiMl nt IteveUtoke, Hi<|i|i>in1ii-r 1.1th, lliis>,|
1, That thl* cfliiVMiHiiii roafllrnw llie |«il ev
orlliit partyInmntum ut iimvluclal ruulpitufd
trallii the mvmmhlp nnd control ut rnllWHy*
nikI tin* dovcliiimiuiil ut tha niriinilliirnl room--
ees of ihe province n« luld down lu tlm platform
adotl-'dI" ik-UiI-t, mm, which Uaifollows:
" To m lively Did In the cuidtruclloii of trails
throuwh-iut llie timl«v«lo|H*d l«>rt mi* of ihe
provlucu and llw bulldliiK uf provincial trunk
rtttdsof puhlie necc».|tv.
' To »d«H tlw tiriurljik-s of iroveriimeut own-
rrslilp of railways in so far a* llie clicmimi himv«
of the province will admit, and tlm inlujiiluii i.l
It W-W DCIH)-*t1\ offers a pleasant fliibstituto for
homo to thoHO who travel. It is situated on tho
uhoroof Like Slocan, the most beautiful lako in
all America. From its balconies and wIikIowh
I can bo booh tho grandest Boenery upon thlfi continent.
Tho internal arrangements of the hotel are tho reverse
Y*w to telephone, all the rooms being plastered, and electric
r^t bolls at tho head of every bed make it easy for tho dry
LnJ momenta in tho morning.^»M)t^t^i«^t^t^Ajiitj»t^9
*~* The best and cheapest meals in tho country are
to bo found in tho dining room, The houso is run upon cosmopolitan principles, and tlio prospector with his
pack is just as welcome as tho millionaire with his roll.
Kvery guest receives tho best of caro and protection.
Tho liquors aro tho host In tho Slocan, nnd tho1
hotel has long been noted for its fish and gamo dinners.
This is tho. only (lrat-class house it
North America.   Ono )ook at tho liitulh
vinco any stranger that tho viands nro of the liest quality.   Rooms reserved by tolegraph.vjKJc*L*«^uw-»
HENRY STEQE, Proprietoi*\$)«r\®e\®0\®l^A
uii gin11ii uiMiitini v~'*m
in tlio Lucerne of taA
andlord will con-L^J
i of the liest mini* h£
ID rfi\ if*** 11F    *\$
IUItJtltltlt\ VU/lt
ttttablliiiiMl 1817.
Capital (all paid op) $12,0^000.00
Iloiwrvcd lund i ; 7,000,000.00
Uudlvldod profit* i   i   MQOM.OI
Rt, Hon Lord Strathcona a.id Mookt Ror*L» O.C.M.O. President.
Hon. O. A. Drummono, Vice President,
E. 8. Cuiuston, General Manager,
Brunches nt all pnru ol Canada, Newfoundland, Great Krltain, and
the United Htatcs,
New Denver branch
LE B. DE VEBER, Manager
tm Tenth Year.
lathe only hall in the city suited for Theatrical
Performances, Concerts, Dances and other piw
lie entertainments.   For bookings write or wire
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
[Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale
Wanted, Lout,Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Legal, Medii-al,etc,,
sre Inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
l!i cent-) each insertion. Each five words or leas
>ver $) words are live centa additional. 1
L and American plan. Meals, 25cents. Rooms
from Te. up to jl. Only white hel|i emidoyed.
Nothing yellow aliout'tho place except the «old
In the safe. MALONE & TREOll.I.US.
located and lit hy electricity . It is headquarters for tourists and old timers Min et-s or
millionaires are equally welcome. THOS
MADDEN. Proprietor.
THK KOYAL HOTKl,. Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of itsouistne.   SOL JOHNS,
BARXI.KTT HOUSK,  formerly
. . is the best 81 a day hotel In Nolson
white help employed,
e Clark
.   Onlv
THK   EXCHANGE, hi KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
riiHR MAZK, In KASLO, is lust the place
X for Sloean people to tind when dry or In
search of a downy couch.
T   G.
eJ.  E:
MBI/VIN, Manufacturing Jeweller,
Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Selter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
and Rings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any In Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
•A- pure Latakla Student's' Mixture, Pace's
Twist,  Craven's .Mixture.   Bootjack, Natural
Box 40.
Leaf, and many other kind's of Tobacco'.
G. B. MATTHEW, Nelson, P.O.:
"Wholesale  Merchants.
ers In Butter, Eggs, Cheese. Produce and
Fruit, Nelson, B. C.
I.. CHhISTlE, L.t. B., Barrister. Solicitor, Notary Public.    Vancouver, B. C.
.  Solloltor. Notary Public.    8andon, B. C
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday.
Insurance Se K-ea.1 Estate
I    Insurance Agents,   Dealers tn Real Estate
Mining Properties.  Houses to rent and Town
Lots for Sale.
•p 8. KABUSALL, New Danver, B, 0.,
Itcat Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale. CUIms
represented and Crown Granted.
Han had IT yean experleiicoln (i
r years experience li'dentAl work, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work,  visit
mado to tlie Hlocan regularly.
Qeneral   Store.
JT, KKI.CT,  THRRE   FORKS, dealer In
.. Groceries, pry Goods, Etc,   Quods Ship
ped all over the SIocaii.
_.   IUM.  The moat complete urn f II
on the Continent ot North Ameri- nCALIn
ea. Situated midst scenery unrivalled for Grandeur. BoatlnB.	
rinhtncr and Rxcursiom to the raany p&
Interest.  Telegraphic communication with all
part* of the world; two malls arrive and depart
everyday.    Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular dUeasesi lu waters heal all Kidney
i Kany points of
Liver and Stomach Ailments of every name.
The nrlce of a round-trip ticket Mt*««»
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all .the
S**W   U-»HT«r   HI1U   l.mtlijtiil,  uv-"""""   "",,',
year round and K-»d for *> Ait*, I* t •■»».   Hal
ryon Spring*, Arrow Uke, B. C.	
IOIIN  Mol.ATCIIIK,   Dollilnloil ami  Vue
t)   vliielal Land Surveyor,  Nelnou, ll. 0.
All HKVLAND, Knioiieui'and Provliiclal
,  Land Surveyor. KAHLO
JK.  OAMKKON, Handon, Manufactures
,   Clolhlnif to order; aud sollella |iationa«t
rom all clastes.
(irftt * ro. Lv.   KASLO An. 3:15 p. m
llgft n, ro, Am. SANDON Lv. 1:00 p. tu,
ttini^****-' •**•*-'•""  *•"' * * *
3u:n.n *m?m twnr..
SrtOa. m. hv. NELSON An. 7:1B p. m
8-40 »* ni. Ar.   KASLO Lv. 9M p. m
Tit-kaU wild to »11 purl* ol tho Unlt'd
i&im**ji*fc,i<*i^***»',f**' *'•*• X'X --i'.*"-''**"
unci O. H A N Company'* lines.
For farther parlieuUrt call oo or ad
dfiSjBERT IRVING, Manage, Kwto
To aad Iroea Wtatmmn 9*1*1* vis OaaadUi
ut*-j Am«rfc>«nlli»M.     Applr   It* talllnf date
nlM, tick-tin and fell Mmwiatl** to ««yC,
0 P. R. A|W»t, Hew Denm.
XP r.0a»ml«f«.».» t. Agt,. Wlaa^tf
Did you ever eat a horned toad fried
irj tar or a bandicoot in molasses ? I
presume not. Therefore I will speak
of something else.
I used to know a barber who had a
regular set of questions for each customer. Every time a certain youth
came in he asked him all about the
health of his folks. He knew them all
by name and enquired about each one
separately. He always wound up wilh
the query: "And how is your good old
father ?" By and by the old man died
in due and legal form, but-~the barber
forgot to revise his list of questions.
Every week he asked theyouth about
the folks and wound up the same
old way and every week the youth explained that his father had died on
on such and such a dale. "And how.s
your good old father ?" asked the barber for the steentlv time and the youth
replied: "Oh paw he's still dead!"
This same barber had a disagreeable
habit of always poking his cold linger
in your ear.
I   like a sociable   barber   who endeavors to make one see the bright
side of life while he gently bul firmly
robs him.    I met several in St. Louis
recently but it was a pleasing, fat com-
plexioned individual  that  did  most of
the drawing   on   my   bank   occouiit.
When I took off my collar he laid it
carefully away in a lil tie closet and said
something nice "about my 99-cent tie
pin.    I smiled and he marked I5 cents
in a book.    I told him I only wanted a
shampoo, but he said he  would consider that his life had been a failure if
I didn't let him trim  off the Irouseled
lace curtain effect  around  the edges.
He pleaded so hard ahd looked into my
face so sweetly that I reluctantly consented and he added  50 cents  to  my
account.    Then he  told me I had the
finest head of hair   lie   ever   cut—so
silky and so long and  luxuriant—and
asked what I did to keep it so lovely.
That gave me a sort of pleased exhilarated effect along my spine and 1
smiled.     The   smile   assured  him   1
would stand for 10 cents more and he
put it down.   Then he told me a story
about a friend of his who shaved a dead
man.    The stiff was full of alcoholic
gas and when  the barber pressed an
bubbles and he upset a piano getting
away.    I think the  story cost me "a
Then he told me I ought to have the
ends of my hair singed to keep it from
falling out and preserve it for future
generations to trifle with, I explained
that I had to catch a train and would
rather strew a few stray locks along
the boulevard from there to the depot
than to get left on the platform with a
wealth of shedless singed hair and an
expiring ticket iu my hand. Of course
you wilt understand that I mean the
ticket would be in my hand and not
thc singed hair. I loltl him also that
I was not married and hence no future
generations were dependent upon me
for hair as yet. He yielded to my eloquence and refrained from starting the
proposed conflagration. I never did
like to have my hitir afire. It's bad
enough to have one's heart afire and no
insurance. He put some sort of dope
on my head and curried it with a wool
carder and turned 11 hydrant on me
and then dried it. I asked him if he
ever accidentally drowned a man, ami
seeing that 1 was a humorist he put
down (mother quarter.
Ivxpcnses were piling up, but I was
reckless. Barbers have lo live. One
can't expect litem to think out nice
hprn-hc* giatih. The sordid worKl
is too materialistic. Why should we
not huy our compliments as we Uo our
ftwh and stovewood ? If Ihe bootblack
aiiya your nock** arc pretty, give him a
nickel. Then he will bow Io you and
he happy and you can walk away like
a lord. Suppose il in your last nickel—
who cure*. I saw lhat the barber
really enjoyed working on my face, %o
I let him -shave me mid made no remonstrance when he started in 10 give
manage.    I hail been sitting up
the various charges. Every time you
go into a St. Louis . barber shop they
open an account with you in their ledger. The niggers wanted to put in
new shoestrings for me at the small
cost of ten cents, but I told them I was
in such a rush I would have to ask
them to accopt the price as a gift and
let me off. The head barber wanted
to put some nice tonic, on my hair to
make it grow. He said it would
small nice and make all my friends feel
better, but I remonstrated and he reluctantly put down tlie bottle and ten
cents. It costs ten cents every time
they pick up a bottle in St. Louis. After
one o'clock on Sundays and holidays it
costs twenty.
While the fat-complexioned gentleman combed my hair 1 told him about
my experience in Chester the night before. The electric light went out and
I had to get shaved by candle light.
-The barber set a row of candles on
tlie edge of the wall case and then
shaved off an eyebrow on the dark side
and left my ear full of soap. I felt—
stretched out therewith candles all
about me—like the principal figure at
an Irish wake. Three of the barbers
laughed at the incident and said it was
surely an odd experience, and the
scorekeeper put down five cents for
each of them.    With  the assistance of
three niggers and an additional outlay j Why yoa should Day
of thirty cents I acquired possession of
my coat and  hat and umbrella and
fled down the station  platform just in
time to run intc a closed gate and watch
.through the iron  bars  while  my train
pulled out and left me with a slowly
expiring ticket in my vest  pocket.—C.
b. woic .,,'..;
A correspondence has been taking
place in an exchange with regard to
the reasons why men don't go to church
and, as we know something about it,
we beg lo offer the following additional
Because the church ..won't'- come to
Because Ihe missus goes there.
Because they want to smoke.
Because they are not allowed lo show
their new hats.
Because they cannot stand a man
having all the conversation to himself.
Because they want exercise.
Because they want rest.
Because   it  reminds them of their
wedding day.
 , -* *—  ■
If Walkem and Martin lived in
France they would fight a duel.
Nelson can get a tourist trade by advertising.
lOcand 20c a plug.
BeCaUSe it is the best quality.
BeCOiUSe it is the most lasting
chew.     . ■————■"-
BeCaUSO it is the largest high
grade 5 or 10c plug.
BeCaUSe the tags are valuable for
premiums until January
1st, 1906.
BeCaUSe we    guarantee   every
plug, and
BeCaUSO your dealer is author
ized   to   refund    vour
money if you are not
Zinc  will   surely push   the   Slocan
mines against a banK account.
4>      While one  labor organization after the other is T
X  &0'n£ on a strike, the encouraging news reaches us <«g»
4*  from Butte, Montana, that the Miners' union of that *f*
jr. city, now celebrating the twenty.fifth anniversary of ^
«|>  its organization, has never been involved in a strike
4*  and, in the long period of its existence, has always
X  succeeded in maintaining harmonious relations with
4* employers.    This is certainly a record to be proud *|*
T  cfone that is decidedly  unique in  the annals of ^
«§»  American labor.    Paradoxical as it may seem, the <|»
miners have never demanded and never been granted ^
an increase in wages since the organization of their 4-
union.    Their employers have, however, voluntarily 'jj*
conceded shorter hours and made various noteworthy ^
sanitary improvements in the mines.    The union is ^>
b0!lp*],fj—In a prosperous con3iTiOTr~^It^isbTiTses~a"
A certain Yankee woman tlie wife of
a former representative in congress and
minister abroad, who now ■aims at
social leadership in the most exclusive
and top-lofty, circles ol Washington,
D. C, is noted for her love ot" display
and her penchant for wearing about all
the jewels she can bear up under. One
recent night she gave a dinner. Several
members of the diplomotic set were
present. Madam was in high feather
and she also wore a diamond tiara and
several sitings of pearls around her
neck. During the evening she complained of feeling a bit chilly and told
one of the servants to call her maid.
When the maid appeared she is said to
have shivered a trifle, and exclaimed:
"Susette, 1 am so cold; please get me'
mother string of pearls."
menial women. The Chicago fair one
who rested contentedly on the wildly
throbbing bosom'of her love-consumed
organist could not help herself. She
simply had to give and receive kisses.
An intoxicating wave of mysterious
emotion invaded her little fluttering
heart when the full lips of the organist
were seeking for her own. Considering all the circumstances of the case,
and the well-known foibles and susceptibilities of feminine nature, the
Chicago woman cannot be blamed for
succumbing to the temptation which
came to her. Her husband must be
an unfeeling monster. If he were
what he should be, he would take infinite pleasure in kissing womanly lips
that templed an organist lo worship at
the shrine of Eros.
It is the steady pound lhat maKes a
mine of anything.
Great   is the
about fishing.
man  who never  lies
burial fund of about fifty thousand dollars a year to *f
v its members. The history of this Butte Miners' ^
union furnishes satisfactory proof that labor unions ..*§».
can organize and exist without friction with employ- X
ers, and that both sides may promote and protect «|.
their respective interests by treating each other with *r
kindness and justice. Ordinary intelligence should ^
4* tell employers and employees that their interests are J*
X one and inseparable and require peaceful and forbear- T
4* ing cooperation, and that nothing that is prejudicial "
4* to the just rights of the one can be beneficial to the
X other. It stands to reason that, in the course of
4* time, the spread of a better and more comprehensive
T knowledge of economic questions, and the rights of Jf
«$« labor and capital will be instrumental in removing
4* many of the causes of constant friction, the conse-
JL quences of which are so hurtful to all parties con-
4* cerned,  and especially to the at present helpless
****i 1 *•
-   public.
Bring Your .
to this office. It will not hurt
you, and will help the editor to
live in luxury.
CHICAGO and return ...W0.80
TORONTO and return 05C0
MONTREAL, NEW YORK, and return..106.80
^Including Meals and Berths.
July 12,13.14,15,18   August. 18,19, 25, S»
D KT ItOIT, (Epworth Lsague).  tTO.05
BOSTON, (N.E.A. Convention)    Hi.80
BALTIMORE. (B.B.O.E. Convention)..   68»l
SARATOGA, (Mystic Shrine)    88.8)
For time tabic.', rates and complete*. Information apply.of local agent, or—
A. H. LEWIS, Sandon Aiwnt,
D. I'. A,,Nelson, BjC       A.G.L'.A., Vancouver
■ *iu
me a
nurxlng a johloet of malaria tlie iiIrIi!
helore, nnd after thc fir»t hot cloth I
lost comwioMnnwi* «»d t-yrty cents for it
bed. I don't know what all tliey did
to tn<2 afur thai, but I think they
counted mv money for the bill iu*l came
| nut even with my pile. Of course I \
bnd a dollar sewed up in my onion -suit **«ltl»" oHim.
that they failed to find.
When I waked up from my dov two
oiKKerM were eiiami'liny my  feet and
iioolJit-r brushing ">} com. 1 'nciv wn**
another one trying lo do something
with my umbrella, but be quit when I
looked at bim. Three men were engaged aboul my head. One wiih gtiij.
log n lift!** combination rotary mower
and steam flat iron emery wheel over
my inuoUtuuvu lo sandpaper it down.
Another wn* furnishing ibe motive
powtt »»ib « *** ^ ban*.clipper mn-
chtoe mi th« third wm putting down
Fourteen "rules* framed from writers
on health culture, and from personal
observation and experience, lhat tend
to promote health, happiness and long
i. (let your full share of pure air
and sunshine, and often breathe deeply.
a. Hut sparingly, and little or no
meal, and drink two quarts of water
%V Walk perfectly erect, not less
than four miles daily, or have cquivofcnt
4. Keep clean, dress neatly and with
propriety nt all times.
5. lie temperate in all things .tnd
do the square thing by i'vcryb„dy.
6. Be cheerful, compowd. fear nothing, and never hurry.
■j, Hear no one angry thoughts, and
don't i>e a fault-finder.
».   MllllK «»t tne gouu HtllVt MMM un
your mistakes.
"Infinite nnd Hternal Spirit of Good,
give us renewed strength to overcome
all our defects. Give us renewed spirit
of good will to nil our fellow beings.
Give tis faith in the helpful power of
the infinite Got»l; nnd make us see
more clearly Ihe law, ihe ways, the
means, the methods that shall bring iw
lasting health, pence, happiness and
prosperity. Make us earnest and fearless iu searching truth. Give us perfect trust in the law of denial life."
l>o not grow weary trying to correct
your faults each effort makes you
stronger.—!,. W. Hillingsley.
P. 0. Box 2%. Phono 179
ami atfenti fur
Monogram, M?rguerlta,
Boquet, Our Special,
El Justillo, El Condor,
Sarantizados Schiller,
Tuckett's Union Label
Karnack T. ith. V. C
Corner Alnifunli-r Minvt tml (VlumliU Aveinif,
V uncoilv*r. H. O.
Chadbourne & McLaren
Ore shipped to Nelson will be care-
full v looked alter.
NELSON,      -      -      -      B. C.
Mcotliiitsln llicUnluii Hall everv Friday eve-
nliif.' al 7:30 VWlIni: lii-ellireit ronliiillv InvlM-il
toHltHiil. Khki>. KiaiiiK, Not.li- Urand: J. K,
l,uvKitiN*u,K«cn;tary; Dan IIiiii.kv. V. tlrand,
A.F. & A.M.
ItegulnrColumn.ilcatl'in lulil tin; ilr»tTtitr*-
dny in i-acli month tn Masonic Hull at s i,, m,
SoJoiintliiK l>r«thmii are cordially Invited lo at-
U'llil.   JAUKH M- llAKIUN, S-VlTiU* y.
NO. 97,  W. r. M.
Mma every HATUHDAY evimlnt? at t:*i, In
Mc.l'IIKHKON It Ill'ltl.KV
HAN'IMl.V. a. e.
DKI.lVKitV  lu ALL i'AKO. *ip I UK-Oil V
0oC*QD|,OC*CD"O mkmmki
•    W ImWtwtmmmw**^^! i^^L* m-t*^^* 9^^*9—^91^^^ tX-^m*      ^-Ml     ■*),„«■ *-^*****-*^w,i.-,,^W ■•^^m™.—***-*^^ W^t^.„.Jmmm\ %%, Jgm
A hiiOlo-lieaJcd Chic.igo.tn Wiinls to
hv divorit-il from hin wife bccnusc she
iiHowetl herself to hv w'omcA and hugged
s Hotel Phair
•■ ••   - ■«,•■-•■■■
i *U' *HU*',*.',   Vl
i.nlf.1    tn    i3,*,„ti,nri\    t».l«l,l,    »•,.!„,„»,?„
'11 J'i'.i in
g. Think of your gooA liealih and j divorce   piiHwdioj,'*.     Nvilhir   kgal
not of your ill*. puxt-denu  nor   ■aHmIuIovt   friwrwn.*
io. Ik»  nn   active member  of  thc j should cover n caw of this kind.   A
,   ti< t*i   i, : »'C*iii:*t* n-lii*   r^rh.inpi?*-*  Wit,*»-«i   with  H
i.i%»vt **   '*** i." -* 'J   *% f'*'   -
ll. Tell your trouble* to a lawyer or muiicijin i-. iu>l re-potuiUle lor her
a pnlireinnni don't annoy oihen. aclioim.    She te temporarily non com-
I j. L'ticr these words before riling  pfl* merni*.    r*ycliofo#fic«l authorities
in thc niorniiiR: Courn^.  Pflrce, IK-1 well know that kej-lhumper* cxvrci*c
ci»ion, Cbnipmuiw, Concenlraiioo, Ac-1 nn incupltcabk tpell upon   emotional
curacy,    Self-KelMiite,    ChccriuhitM. j women,  and   that   tbe *pe\\ te .um^
aoA live thiuii, Ipui&Kant   and   irrenUtable when it  te
it. Strive   each day to do one  ur ov-mbadouidb) an abund-mceof pilu*.
ttt   _   >       .  _ i _ ..^i. .i....:....! ..A'...:...
more urtwlfiih a< »*.
14. Be brave enough io ackoowlcJi;*--
There te oalnral pnycltoloKtctil affinity
between the musical genius and senli-
K B. TOMKINS, Hanage
hw »m|)l« luteinmiHUluiu tor t* intge liimiiier o) utit^U,
antl tH* UleAi jwMiitlon it (Mrtiptm »p{**\sl<* #vjimHy to a«y
tmv<«I«rtw w«ll as thn tourist. I)rtiminer* will -flntl
large wniijilf rooma hiiA iiii the eutivetuciicei*- ol the m<«i<>rn
hotel.       Kootnit rcscrvttl by t«loRrit|>h. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., JULY .1.0, 1908.
TbMH Year.
Delicious canned meats
that make luncheons so
enjoyable while the
weather is hot.
Canned Tongue
Deviled Ham
Boneless Chicken
Boneless Turkey
Veal Loaf
—All the Meats and
Fish that are w lolesome
Appetizing, strengthening and easily digested.
Have you inspected
our new stock ot
Boot's & Shoes?
J. B.SM1TH & CO.
New Denver, B. C.
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
Mrs. A.
David is
closing out
the entire
—stoek of—
everv thins:
in the store
at cost price
The Ft. Steele Prospector says
that the country about Perry creek
and its tributaries is to assume considerable! importance in the near
future as a gold mining camp.
This, it says, is attested by the ore
bodies which are now being developed, and the persistent work now
being done on the placer mines in
that vicinity.
The Kootenay Perry Creek Mining Company is now sinking a shaft
to bedrock to test its ground. Albert Banks is at Montreal, purchasing a stacker and washer.
Operations with the steam dredge
have ceased for the present owing
to lack of necessary machinery to
handle the gravel. Operations will
be resumed on the arrival of the
stacker and washer.
The Perry Creek Mining and
Hydraulic Co. is now constructing
a ditch and flume three miles and
a half in length. The ditch at the
intake will be 800 feet. A large
syphon 1200 feet in length has been
built across a ravine 175 feet deep.
The sawmill recently installed by
this company, is doing good wOrk,
cutting about 10,000 feet of lumber
daily. Thirty men are uow era-
ployed, aud several teams are engaged in excavating the long ditch.
Development work has been resumed on the Roaring King group
of claims situated at the head of
Perry creek. Frank Williams with
a small force went up to the mine
last week. Work will be continued
during the summer months.
It is reported that work will be
resumed in the near future on the
Badger and Red Mountain group
of claims. This is a free milling
proposition, now under bond to an
eastern syndicate. A ten-stamp
will be installed, and it is believed
that the property will develop into
a big gold producer. ,
The new zinc smelter which was
blown in last month at Pueblo
marks a new era in the metallurgical development of Colorado. The
plant is under the cuntrol of the
United States Zinc Co., and cost
nearly $1,000,000. The furnaces
have been erected cjose to the
smelting plant of the American
Smelting and Refining Co. When
running at its full capacity the zinc
ncarly 500 men. It will take probably three months for the plant to
reach its full working strength.
The first bit of spelter ever produced iu the Btate was cast when
tlie furnace was placed in commission and from this date forward
zinc ores that hitherto have only
found a market in Germany will be
reduced at home. The inauguration of this important new enterprise means that ores which a few
years ago were not only considered
worthless but a serious drawback
to the operation of silver mines,
now havo a distinct market value
and can be Bold near the mining
The plant is one of the most
modern in the world, and was erected under tho supervision of the
experts of Germany and America.
It embrace* all the latest devices,
and has a capacity for smelting 200
ton* per day.
Tho Pueblo works were opened
under the direction of William
Shulte, of Overpelt, Germany, ono
of tho best zinc metallurgists in
Europe. Mr. Schulto will leave on
his homeward voyage in a fow days.
Expert* In zinc smelting wero imported from Frankfort, Germany,
and will remaiu in the employ of
the company.
' Anyone knowing tho whereabouts of Alexander Biitger, Who, in the year 189(5, was ih
Revelstoke and the §loc-an, will oblige by /or
warding his present addres to
Barristers, Nelson, B. C,
p.o.box36 NEW DENVER.
Terms on application
Parley Ward.      Sandon.
Miners'Shoes a specially.
Speciairthis Week
Dainty Footwear to Fit
Dainty Feet
Albert Ross,
We have better stock than ever, and you
will save money by buying direct. My new
Catalogue will tell y ou all about It   Mailed free.
3009 Westminster Road. Vancouver, B. C
C. P. R Time Inspector.
The best Tonsorial Establishment in
v the Slocan.
Balmoral Bldg, Main St., Sandon.
$5 worm
(Hie Dollar
Address- E.   GALLOWAY,
The Old Bookstore. Vancouver, B. O.
PsyGhiG Function.
Just how tn produce a Metaphysical functionating of the Psychic Kne .Ities throuifh the fivi*
-cial bouse* <>f Scent, Taste Touch,'Sight and
es>  ..      ,   ... _
of dreamlnR when wide awake..   Thin awakens
Hearing.  By omtrol nt the subjective activities
of the tliouKht forces you produce a perfect sta'o
,.   .    * "   6.* -'.*,'
Bar Iron Steel, Pipe Fittings, Etc.
P. <:Burii
Fresh, Salted and Smoked Fish Just Received.
Eastern :&" Olympia Oysters
Turkeys and Chickens
Sausage of all kinds made fresh every day in the week
the Psychic function of intuition which give*
you a clear nnd lucid conception of the under
lying principles of all phenomena. This gives
you the mental imweM of a Psychic. Aelej.t and
true Metaphysician. Theso "exercises.''''methods" and' drill*."for the development of ' Th
menu" will he sold for
PltOF. R   E  DtlTTOM,
Lincoln, Ntbr
Higher Occult Attainment*"
only 10c silver.
AltOllIK  Kit ACTION   Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Mlnlnir Division of Won
Koo cnay District.    Where located:   \Vc«t
briiic'i of the Worth Fork of Carpenter
creek, on Dolly Vnrden -Sountalo,
'IUKB XOTIOB Th-11. W. J McMillan, free
1   miner's million l No. IttlttH, for myself
tin* ah niront lor R. J. McMillan, free miners
«*, .Ideate X .11717*5.1 .tend sixty da>« from the
date hereof, to apply to lha Mining Hei-onlei
for a Certilieate of Improvement*, for the pur
pone ol obtaining a Crown Orant ol Ihe abovt
claim.      k ...
And farther take notlcn that action, under aw
tion -17, mu«t 1* commenced before the Usuan"«
of Mich OrtiUcatenf Improvements,
Dated this mh day of Jul    t U, tout
a nupiers
Cool Hats for Cool
See our bifc Window display of Headgear this weok.
Cut Class Bar & Table Ware
Pioneer Hotel of the Slocan
A Table that is   replete with the
choicest seasonable viands.
Rooms Large, Airy and Comfortable.   Special attention to the mining trade.
Order your
suit now
Call and see my stock of Suitings.
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
General Dray ing: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Coal & Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses and Pack *..n~,*is
Feed Stables at New Denver
Uf Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.    The Dining Room is conducted on strictly first class principles.    The rooms ara large,
comfortable and properly taken care of.
Wc set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meats, 50c Tickets. $?.
S M   O   K E
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus & Havana Whip
PI jjro 1*C an made by—
U&ai J     w P, HILBOURKK k CO.,
Winnipeg; Han.
Represented by Gkorqk Horton.
»%* %%%%<%% *%%%%%<V»
noKKiiKitv. B. 0,. July 00). 190S,
Thirty days after dato wa Intend to Aitiily to
the UileflCommlssluner of Lands anil Works at
Victoria rora special licence to cut and curry
away timber from the folio* In* described Iran*
ul land:
Commencing at a {tost planted on tbe aoutb
side of the second West Fork of Wilton creek,
W st Kootenay district, nbout one mile from the
mouth, marked I.. Onllnulior. 8, K O., thencu
wentft)chains,thence north si chain*, theme
• ant wi chains, thencasoiilhfUohalnstothe point
of commencement.  Dabnl July Mh. li-os.
OommenclnR at a |»it planted on the west
Imnk oi Wilson crock aboutono mile abovo the
hUrh falls, marked J. Mod.	
N   K. o. then
s, then
Main Street.
Bom* pretty tingle plewa,
All», dainty, and artistic.
and  handsome seta,
Auk to fee them.
K mulA call ou
One Combination fool and MHIui.ITal.lt
1*W* I'o-ol i'*bk«
On* N'atiouilOa.tj K*«l»Ur,No. 7,t*t*l*Ai*r
thi* mawll Km* Mnt Safe
fine J. J. Taylor Hsf*. So. *
Mat of Una liar riit-artt
*iiwift* M»f ttirvM
Olas* Hhow (\* tm
One I'lattOU-u Mirror.«»«»«inetwt
» - ••      S4tS4 Inches
Nattier ebalrs. Mirrors. Hath I* *,Tanks,
Hentart      Utmr-Vrmam
Una Mason ft fllatsh Piano
tin* Bail and Spain* EnstiM 0«vtmer, 1| hwh
itatim i>l|>»
(Mtltakt Kaariaa II bp, wilh co*'ar»w art I
«ttIn«r«eo*«»to(4 I
i 'ni iu\*a Ur ittnt, h-hp. \
Wwrt npllt Pally. Irom VlUUittthta
turn Waml'i.iUtUi* Maehlna.
i W. IR. flegaW, Sandon and Vernon.
9 0*m
summer nmmT
At * monthly, has been dis
continued (or the present.
While iU editor is mukinjr
arrangements fur ita fatore
Vi'odactton on a grander acalo.
all iu paid-up subscribers will
receive The I.f.ivjk instead.
MKLSON, H. «!.
A visit to oQr Tailoring
Emporium will give
yoa an Idea ot the pre-
vallingsty)** lor Spring
A*t.    SS*    **/* Hit hmt *<smri *
UtiAXl   tiiAhijii..
w.uth 40 chains, thence west 100 chains, theuca
north W chains,thence mst ltti ehaini to iNiiiit
of commencement. Dated July Mh, 111.13,
Tntttr* ixvc.ATirtN.
Commenclmt at a \i»t nlHnte<l on the rast
bank i>f W llson crt«k, aliout four mtlaa alio «the
third K»»t Kotk «>f WII»on cmk. marked J. J.
0. H. K. 0.. thence «a.t«, chains, theutii notlh
inochains, thence east 40 chains, tluncit south lo*
chains to point of commencement,
Dated July &th, lira        J J CAl.l.A HAN.
_ Oonimonrliw at a pt»t planled on the north
bank of tha third Kmi K »rk of Wilson creek,
ahou""- ' - '-" —"" '—       "
marl .,. . _	
chains, tUnce aouih «> cUtus. thence -awtlao
chains, theuconorth inchalutto point of com-
mencemeiit.  Dated July Ath, l»U.
......   Am _,
shout three and 9 lialf mlloi from tha mouth.
iurki-d A  Kanuay, K. W. 0, thence cast 1*1
\|f A. JAC00SO.V. Proprietor
When y*tn want a first class meal, or a bed that
ts clean and soft and well-made, yon will find what
von nro looking lor at tli is pioneer hmm. Altai ihe
hi test nerve tonics.
Tf) ». V. AIIMH1HONO. administrator oftha
estala ol Martin llurthtson.orto nhomsoaver
he in y luivo lrsin.ferr.il the lultraU of I si Iln
Mnnhlsin. doteascd, In the "U llo^r" ai d
"l»im" mlnitral clulins, slluaitd on O.wt
tnoniitaln, one- half mile north of New Denver
\ruv ^.iMiriiir.ttv vmwim,'ii.** n*,*
1 euBcnded •»««> In labor and lmtirov»ments
upon the above nwuiloiwd miorrsl claims nnd.r
Him i-^ovbloniof the Mineral Art.Niw. ei. lit red
Mk.lisS.nJd Mate mh, im art If nithin
nliictr ilj^s from the dste ol this notk-e »ou
fall or refuse to contribute your proportion oftht
afc»»vt mrntlotwd sum, »Wh ts r»«>w An*, it*
Ntw Denver
'Phone 10
Best JOB WORK in the Slocan done at THE LEDGE.
hi the ssW rlaitu will becomi tbt pn>t*rty <4 the
4 of an Art en
... the ssldclafm will l*com*i the a**,
nnrirrsbniMl. under Hrtiltm - w
fnd the:
tltM'An Actio Amei ..
iHteilslNew Denver. U. U
Uny I*»
Mineral Actual'
n*mr>Mab)r mall rreflvfittrnpt *ti»ttth,ri
Geld tad Sliver Rcflacd and feangkt
I»SS Arap«h«»* ••»..  Daavnr. «!•!•,


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