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The Ledge Aug 20, 1903

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 s/   i $
w /va.w
Volume X. Number 47.
NEW   DENVER,   B.  C,  AUGUST   20,   1903.
Price $2.00  a  Year, in  Advance.
Edward Baillic of Rossland is opening
an oflico at Poplar creek.
No zinc oro is being' shipped from the
Slocan at present.
'Wm. Waldie lias a small force developing the Queen at Salmo.
About forty men are working at the
North Star in East Kootenay. Shipping
will bo resumed shortly.
A, W. McPhee and A. P. Hay, have
made a new strike of free gold on one
of their claims on Anderson creek.
Nelson bankers must be mining ex
ports judging from the way the News
reports their spinions on Poplar creek.
The Paradise minoyin Windermere
has shipped 937 tons of silver lead ore
to date, and hae 15 for cars ready for
Business ig improving"at Green wood.
Much work is being done on claims in
the district and transfers are of frequent
Recently 190,000 shares in the Portland at Cripple creek, Colorado, sold
for five millions. Will Poplar creek
catch up to this?
it tho gold Jand silver is stated ^to be.
ifo per ton.   It is now thought this cost
can be. materially reduced by employ
ing a higher current of 'electricity than
usually used in the electrolytic method.
It is almost an invariable rule that
when the output of a mine iB increased
the. average grade of the ore falls. This
is duo to the fact that with a small
plant of machinery the ore has to be of
higher grade to pay expenses, and
moreover it can be more carefully selected under ground, and yet keep the
plant running through of material
which would remain unmincd if only
fifty tons were called for.
The recently published, report of the
United States assayer shows that the
total output of lead in Montana during
tlie past year aggregated 8,177,(529
pounds. Flathead county produced
3,500,000 pounds o( lead with Meagher
county second in point of production,
with 1900,000 pounds. Silver Bow
county, with its copper production of
210,9(50,175 pounds, produced only 101,-
812 pounds of lead.
According  to  reports   from   Moyie
PT~P7~Drummond~~and T. Bennett
have made a big strike of free gold on
Sheep creek, a short distance from the
Yellowstone mine.
A zinc smelter is to be built at Vancouver. Its completion will mean to
the Slocan probably more than^the lead
and silver business.
J. K. Clark will enter a suit against
Fred Fingland to recover &1,000 which
he claims is due him as commission on
tho sale of the Monitor at Three Forks,
The Iron Horse, adjoining tho Kootenay In Hossland, is again working.
The principal owners nre A. E. Humphries of Duluth, and the Kcddin-JackHon
company of Spokane.
A law against wild-catting has been
passed in Washington state.' Mining
sharks nre now on a par with the
gamblers in the good state to the south
of British Columbia.
Heavy development work in being
done on the copper mines nt Mtillan,
Idaho, A 1700-foot tunnel is being
driven on tho Snow Storm, and K500
feet on the Springfield.
Tho Winnipeg, two miles from Phoenix, Is soon to be worked ngaln. The
product will be smelted at llmndniy
Falls. The Winnipeg iu the pusl has
ililupcd 8,000 tons of ore.
In ten yearn the consumption of nil-
ver Iirr been tSrt,iM»,Otw more than the
production.   If thii cnniUtiiiii lii'cjm ti|
mofeTThellera are needetl-fimiis couTT-~
try. The St. Eugene mine is not doing
much yet, but if it was working at its
full capacity the outwit would be large
enough to keep the Trail and Nelson
smelters busy on lead ore, and shut the
Slocan mines out. The mines of the
Slocan are pooling their product. If
they have a .contract with tho local
smelters, the St, Eugene will have to
stay dark or ship oro out of the country.
During 1902 the average daily production of electrolytic copper in the
world was about 883 short tons, of
wliich 7f>l tons, Jor 8(5.5 per cent was
supplied liy the United States. Ofthe
remaining 119 tons of daily production,
representing approximately 13.5 per
cent of tho total, about 8,8 per cent wits
furnished by Great Britain, 2 75 per
cent by Germany mul 1.(5 per cent by
France. The United States now produces annually the immense amount of
27H,8iiO tons of electrolytic copper. The
by-product recovered daily containh
about 74i»,(K)0 ounce* of silver and 9.V)
outlet's of goldj which equals nn annual
output   of 27,liX),(X..) ounces of   white
The Rambler mine, Wyoming, continues to attract .attention, and during
the year, {a considerable quantity of
the metal was ^collected, but not
marketed, by the Waratak Minerals
company at Kerby, near Grant's Pass,
A. G. Betts, who has been at work on
the electrolytic reduction of lead for
years, has recently been granted a
patent on an improvement of the pro
cess which he recently installed in tlie
Trail smelting plant, by wliich he expects to overcome the lack of density
which electrolytic lead has exhibited.
The claims for the hcav step in the process is that the. electrodeposited'lead is
characterized by substantial purity,
coherency, uniformity of structure
throughout and having substantially
the density and homogeneity of cast
lead, possessing uniformity of structure throughout and practically free
from crystalline form; having substantially the' homogeneity of cast lead
with a density of 11.3, and retaining
the normal structural characteristics
due to electrolysis. It is claimed for
this new process that all the difficulties
which have hitherto been encountered
in the electrolytic reduction of lead will
be overcome, an aim which a number
of chemists and metallurgists have had
for years.
J. E. Bamberger, general manager of
the Daly-West company, is quoted in a,
dispatch from Salt Lake as saying that
a contest is now on between the American Smelting and Refining company
and the silver brokers of London for
the control of the silver market of Jthe
world. He declares that the Smelting
company now has its own agents in
London, and as an e\ idenco of faith In
the future of silver is btiyfng futures on
the metal in the London market, One
reason for his confidence is that there
has been a falling off in the production
of silver in the United States during
recent years. London [silver brokers
have for many years controlled the
price of the metal, ami could move it
up or down to suit their wishes, but
now, if they seek to depress the price by
heavy offerings, tho American company
withdraws its offering*, ami the price
stiffens. If the Londoners attempt to
advance Ihe price, tho American company renews its offerings. In this way
the company lias become a powerful
much  longer  it is easy to guess It-, I prospecting fur «.ne year, with llu-tut-
effect upon wltUc uuuA i,iiiipn. j •ti-r.-umUi.,: '.'.V, if nt the t •.,,', i,;' ii,-.; ,11,11
The, lead and /.ink ore. of VVincnimiii I !,M' K'-wviliig "''""''J yM" '»'"- '■"-<<•
are  principally  found   iu  the galena
liiiieHlone, add the immediately under-
lying Trenton limestone.   Small quam
The placer mining prospectsj are also
good. The work on the Blue Jay has
developed a basin at the hewLof an
ancient canyon and payable gold should
be found here if the. deep sinking propositions ^on the creek carry payable
values. On the ground operated by II.
Howard good gold has been got recently
Tiie clean-up of three lengths of flume
at the ground worked by Raymond
Allen yielded 20 cents to the yard—a
value which would pay well with up-to-
date equipment. On McCulloch creek
the Revelstoke and McCulloch Hydraulic company has its Igiant at work
on old channel ground. A good deal of
coarse gold is being got and the prospects aro most encouraging. On French
creek the consolidation, operated by E.
A. Bradly, has been producing good
gold from the old channel, where virgin
ground ie being opened up. From mica
mining much is to be expected inthe
Bend, as „the deposits of this mineral
are reported to be extensive and of
high grade. The day is not far distant
when tho Bend will be a considerable
farming and fruit-growing section,
with its areas of rich land. Tho work
done at Boyd's ratich and by G, La-
forme, [11. Howard and others shows
the Bend to be, as fine an agricultural
,Crti.tini,^*acit,lii»rft=i'*l ={|j^rljil^(jQllijrrv^=iril(i.
development on the Big Bend means
much to Revelstoke, and if present
prospects turn out as they promise,
Revelstoke will be the outlet, for vast
lumbering, mineral and agricultural
production in the future.—Kootenay
Fortunes in Mien.
Experience has shown that stocks
based upon industrial enterpriso^have
never beeu equalled for a substantial
money-making investment. A\vay
back in 1H03 a mica mine was discovered
in the state of New Hampshire, tho
stock In which was soon owned by a
few families who all becamo wealthy
from the dividends, aud thu foundation
of many of out' eastern millionaires
was laid by it. Last year the stock
paid over nou per. cent in dividends.
This statement may seem to be exaggerated, but when it is realized that
the United States is compelled to import »0 percent of what is used in that
country, on which thero is a duty of 2lo
per ton specific, and 20 per cent .id
valorem, it can readily be seen how
such enormous dividends can lie paid,
India produces about onishiilf of the
world's supply. The I'nited States
and (.'auad.i ahout one-fourth each; yet
the I'nited States consumes more than
'""'.siiitoss ran only be made politic by a j0,l0.i„i|f 0f tin- world's product ion. So
 '•' ; '   '"'I'l'v   cnitdilions  oi'|(ar ,|„est|lt. M,p,,)v .if mica run short of
•     , mm     1 ••   . circiim-tunces.     If a gold  mine,  ttH*; .|.,, ,i*,.|iuunl tint **vorv oiitit-it is iili*ti*/.*t,«l.
quarter Isecliou.     Ihe   lease   permits . ,*,,,, "mini mu *** 1 \ mui*** e* winf,> u.
* viiii <.!■    1,-; ;e.'.  fiiimh! In- I'MfiiMvr, . j h(. ,irio. „, j.,,t.,.t  „„,.« ranges irom j
I tin; rock ea*y to break, mil  l».«> expen- iS;, ,.,,,,,„ ,,, st;(., ,,,,m„|. ,„• j,-,,,,, *ir,«i 1,, 1
:*ive to support.nnd transportation mti-t   ,.*l|(l,Wll ,.,„, uei-'udiii; ((l j,,, „,,,,. „„,| j
Im-iiii'xiM'M-tvt', Ntv-  tlie Mi
Who's a mugwump?
II. R. Harrison and family have returned to Victoria.
The. Kokanee is in the drydock and
the Nelson is again running to Kaslo
and Lardo.
The Conservatives of Nelson are like
unto tho Kelly and Martin Liberals of
More lights are needed inthe city. In
these nights of prowlinglpoliticians the
innocent should beware of dark corners.
A garden party at Frank Fletcher's
residence the other evening gave unalloyed pleasure to a largo number of
Some of the ice cream sold in Nelson
should be assayed for chalk. In some
of it enough might be found to make a
large mark.
Miss B. E. Merrill is now one of the
editors ot the Western Clarion in Vancouver. Miss Merrill is a clever writer
And will eventually gather many a bouquet in the literary field.
Tenders are being called for the build-
in": of a court house in Nelson. For the
be built too soon, as we have suffered
long enough from the Black Hole in
R, T. Lowery will issue a publication
called "Float'' about next Christmas, It
will.be tho most expensive publication
ever issued in this section of the universe, and those who want a few lines
in it should apply early.
Nelson has more political parties than
Greenwood has dogs. There are the
Hustonites, the Taylorites, the Lennie-
ites, the McDonaldites, tho ('alloy ites,
the Itidepeiidentites, the Socialites, the
Knot-kites, tho Silk Stockingites anda
few of us moderate drinkers who have
no objections to being sociable with any
of the ites.
Tho political campaign is now on iu
earnest iu Nelson City. Saturday
evening John Houston was the unanimous choice of the Conservative convention, S. S Taylor, a prominent
lawyer, being the Liberal candidate
Both nre strong men. aud the campaign
is expected lo lie Ihe warmest  in tin
Tom Collins located a large water
claini in the Lardeau not long ago.
The Phair hotel fs the home of Rossland people when they are iu Nelson.
John Houston has the contract for
printing the voters'lists iu 11 ridings.
Chas, F, Nelson of New Denver and
Mrs. Nelson were visitors in the city
the past week.
So far as the residents of Nelson are
concerned breaking; a "crap" game may
be considered a lost art.
Nelson merchants desiring fame and
money should advertise in the paper
you are now reading.
There is something doing among the
Eagles these days Sixteen members
took their wings the other evening.
Harold Selous has done a great deal
for Horticulture in Nelson. Ho now
advocates an arbor day for the city.
Bring your job printing to Lowery in
Tlie Tribune building. There are two
bull-dogs in the building, but they
never hark at the chap with cash in his
jeans for job printing.
Harry. Wright, mining recorder at
Ifelson, waslhe choice ofThtTConserva-"
live convention held Saturday to choose
a candidate  to  contest  Ymir riding.
Alf Parr is the Liberal candidate.
A Socialist talker occupied the curb
in front of tho .Madden house for a few
nights the past week, and agitated that
part of the ozone that wasn't already
shattered by the Salvation Army.
E. Jacobs, secretary of the Greenwood board of trade, was in tho city
for a few days the past week. Mr.
Jacobs states that there is a general improvement in business throughout the
Boundary, and thero never has beeu
so grmt activity iu mining as at the
present time. In all thc camps of the
district properties that have been idla
for years have commenced work, and
the shipments will be largely increased
in the next few months.
metal, valued at nearly $i:i,Of*»,on.). and ) fnctor  h. ,lu, lliar|«,t allll( Mr, »,„„
more, than'jri«VH(Oounces;of the yellow  hctiivr thinks, is wre-ting tlie control
metal, valued at upward of $5,ood,oo0.
Licenses granting permittsiou to mine
beneath the surface of hike beds have
recently been granted bv the Utile. ... ,      . ,
...      ' *,       .'.... x combination  of
Minnesota, at the rale of $_'*. for ead
.:  I 111 Mill -1II
*! win in'   I
from the British.
In the operation of low-grade mines
There is Mich a thing as carrying the
the church bell racket to extremes. In
Nelson chinch bells are 11 greater
imtMMice than cow bells in New Denver
rn' bed bugs in Hosehery. The Neltntt
liinm-.v of the city. Although then- \ '••'"•,f»» Ml i*» mi ve-shatterlng Uiotl-
has been a bitter light for Mipremacv Ituli""- «•> anti-opiate, a worse pest
between the two wings of thet'onserva- ! Auin a yellow-h-aging brigade in a new
tiveparty.it is probable that the ma S tamp, a worse curse than an illiterate
j.ii-ity uf the opponents ol Mr. Houston ; Socialist talking on a street corner at
will accept defeat  In a sportsmanlike 'People who are in the habit of thinking.
hr mineral !e*i-e- -bah  V
tlliex nro»also found iu the St. IVI or;
sanilftiine formation. \
(Ire shoots do not always extend upward tn the Mti(,ic>, nor having been
found ill depth, an' llio-y «Ua>> found
to extend to indefinite depth; Imt they
hive HmHalions in all ilir-M-ibm- -
depth, height, width and length
In hwiy *J*y» sur/.ii*r.lj ■jl.«v V/,<■*«<')l,#i»
at Camp McKSnmy has tunud out
88,UGI in gold bricks. Fiv«« su-iup* are
treating U ('His of ore daily. In addition to the biiik* the Walt-i!t»u l,;i-
sltlpped (.'Dii.-siilemljle ore to tlm Trail
.'il'P'inl f •),
1 cents pet
tun. bt'sjdt's tin- regular taxes nn the
proprily ll is lii'Sii'Vi'd \U,n it"«ui ore
beds whieh havo Inn. Invalid ii'-ai' the
•diuH'Sof l.oitgyear lake, i» St. Louis
I'litiuty, «\Xt»'tnl b.tiealb the viati-r.s of
the hike. What nii-atis nf mttnii,r I* to
be employed ha* not yet Iuth iu,h|<-
public, and is a «tjt.jeil of mii.-i.h'ta! !■>
intercut 111 view nl the iiu', ,\,.,l Iln-
terms of thi- leas.- prohibits ilmitiing off
t>U« water to ri'.Hll tlie lint «>l the lake.
I lit* new mm il'l. tt hi the Hop i'..in
try 1" .-'till to be Ihe til*! I j/ut t ;i! ));i t 4!
IliiiiiliX b,M"tt U.e MiiUtv nt latji
tiudies uf water in the Ui ite.l sutcs.
Ihe I'li'dui'liou <>f platinum Ir un de
ilieX|.en-!Ve,    MtV-    till'    .Milling   tlti'l
Siii'iititic I'lfs, MippHen must ho obtainable at low 10*!, the ore HUM be
free liliillll;' nl'   oflet'   Iio   It 11 ll-*tlit 1   dilii-
citltiec in its reilnrtioti. power mu-t
In-ci'.e.-ip -live sutler power power pre-
fetrel; wages tun*! not !»• loo high;
and   tl.
Ili'l It'll!
lii-ilv   or  cheaply   oblaiuable,
1 miiii- ion*: haui e'lirieiil, ex-
■ I tu'1! ;i,i'tiM"it in ci 1 ry tie.
j i''<: «■','.! - 1 '■'!•>.i', lySA.i r.ivl I,tt-.'.•
l'li,* tti"ve f.tVi■■»»Im- t!ie«e m-Vi mI e«'>.
.!>■- 1 *. *,... if*.* L.'.tvr the ft 'il" of >".•' •
et tf ■''■'i* o'"ty (<•' made to \ ield \ pio','.
!t    tl     )»•<   «     •ii;e'ttlt'„'     plo|*0-1:1 ill   ll.r
tiau-tillllei *    ..I.'!
lot   l'i, ll  .1      Hilt-
lo ,in   .ii-.iUwii,
I.■■■!•;-.     I'l.W.leieit
OK-*   Hi,
|*j*.j*i ,-..,
Work lias been resumed on the Ah : ,.r).riB,,»  »,■,,.,.  \ ,y •■■■. MM|!.,*     "■■*■:,,\ •
There, one ol a group ol  promisim-   |«^j,i,i„ t'-ti *.*ibe I-mji-i uot)v.\ u-
claims ll short ilbtanie from Greenwood  ,„rd^l In th«. ^nlo'.<it-.il irnnrv Xtu.e
it lJcjMt«r-oo<l camp.   Imi**td**rahli' de- • |s-«>-f»» '»!  oih,,-,.*, v,*»t,,,•*.) rit'??>M(
velopmcnt wa* done on the property « [ tti« Mtmlb-M prodmtioti -th.-.*  \-'i.\.   In
»*.!,.      .*.,.,. .,..  ' III
*        ' ■   fi "     r      ■' '.       *,i.,,,.,*.  1 ,, ',*.      *».,,.,    *,,., ...a ,,,,       i'icI,*
» ate 1,'t'xi-*, fu« i. pov.i'r. v i.li'r,
pr.M I'-' (of t'i .llli T l.ll I i.f tne
i| Colli),.'.I atil e l'i-f of «.<'\'i-i.m
•>. ,xti*l lit  ft'l'litioSl   to   till «e!i.<»
U   il   , I    I      -    I     ■ ■!: (   I'    *,,,,   *,     'M.j.MI    ,-■    "I
*       I   ■ I *.*.',        >    '        *' .*>  .    ,1      *l      ,*,,
" »'"i'j - i, If-.iii in f..ii>, :*■* » i'.J *;*
s .''.r,v.i"\
The lliu He'-.l.
ol ote, but work wasiltHtttvlitHU'^of ir.,:
to lack of hinds. I
John Ua** llaiitmotid is to fitter tin-
Ala<kari copper tiehh a* con«iiStitig ,u
gineer, where h« *ill su^-rititeiid tin-
il'ivi'toptiicut     of    ci)-,'.'!     \*;*.\-i vUv ■>
adjoining tbt lir»« of the Valdez ant  and mm*<r
C*»JH«'.« Vu.ti   Miiio/di, kn bt*. roinpieteil   re|»irte>i *>>*
W»te ui-a olit.iil.1 » fi.nii t'f.i- ore- 2'* tih'f
ootoes of iriehot;,, a- h-j tio-t :X
Oilll.-e* tit    i'*'l      A>*•   i|i.iiie-li.    -tlfj'A
ol pUtviiaiii tu  n v,nt  iim*. l..j- in .*ii
obtained A* A .I'f-.teUty ;.|.«|!H t ("liii'tiv
r,,.*,.,    >   - 1 .,.', ,.,,  ,1,., ,   ,1 ,  ,-.,
It i-   Itealtbv      A
lo.ik-dbetti'r tt. til    ttieV    .I'll    tli'bv A
d'ait M* »«.•••,i   »u-oi- to lllio.-:..- tl.f ■_li:l'
bltllftef »r,i:'': .**    !! : •    »i-i '*••!;, llel 'to-
1"V    if   iu   T*.:.:'..
loutiltr--,  ( ultfonitit.
1. I'.n-   on-i.ni   e-vrtll-. 1 Si*
jilioi.-rf !!»_•  ii.'! ■)-■' 1 i.
H.fl«:*e    ,»!t,****i*.t    ■■;
TL,   .,*:,;,.   ,,   ',
' ' '     ii."..-.
w 1
a\S. .y .mi ;
:   ai»-l   !•*'"
:,%   (.
li^i '<:,    .'V-!ii«l.||,l
daring the nest fourteen nioithf »t a  not  tn <,-»*»"iit.»«-i»'taby rich d<"|«r*tts. tt» f-vi-rx .'ij«{.*.*r-.*!u
<*tt <d %i'X,i*i>yi* , jTi*ny a'A...-; m M j.Ive-r* »*! <'■»,-{ .n,•*.*», *,* u-*<- -s,   v.-,, !■.•■;.
Tlt# »vct'a«e c*wt in th* I ? uii ml Stilt ft* ' »» well **iri \\',t*lititgtou, * tivgini, \bu tuay  l»» *,tel   of
plOVI'i/    Ji    -J
i   -»>■ i-»;*,!,.   lf.» *
Ket*t,oiit-   ne,mt'
ol refiuiug copper mA recover lux from \Unn. Iikbo,  Coioii'lo, *ud   AU»k*. Downie creek, *n4 Ground iio/ Ui,n. ol Tut L1.101.
punty. '
Klfcti'iciitns mu-t have an article that j
is an  ai)--mie non eonittii-|oi, and will |
,U the -.tale iitlte W it!',-'.'1 (I'l    »l'"'lt If it. j
Mica ih  tills  article, and  there i* noili-!
ing "just iiii jiijinl.      Kiioriiioti*  i|tiauti- ';
tie* ate nci d mi stii"i nr  Work     Miea ;
boai-ls, lamp »iHke>,  It/iitin^ ane-l
ers   di-piii.'iKiiei foi
ler-»-j\i*t*.      ill, 0/    I
p.H i,,On     i'il    ',111 -.
couipoiind* ti   ts llo
,.,,t.t„i. \i ■, -i ,,...,.,,,* f.,, ,.      ', .,,..,, .:■
tto j-.t.vii , v ,..,; ',;,.-. (,.,;. > \\ S■.-.ve.
U! el i "it'ler- tt le**- '1 in,; i-i o i* *o li'itide.
it js Hi i,*_■-■!'• '.'.:'•• i'l i ■■•,l'll'it:l' U -i'^ ■
li.'i'litc ill*.i io » o i iii.il 10..111 ilo'i. lli-ei e
11 th,'!, W. il'!».       '1. lie itl'i'i   ni'i 'I    h ll'e l!  I'M
liii-tr tiaii-foiiiier-* and dimmers, he
•ides tiioll-lli'ls oi otoei iiiHU-i too
lllii.l.-l .ll- ii lio-l.tinli.
In liiitiiii^ *'i itre.it  ha*  hei ti tbe pro-
|{ll**n    iliitt    ii.il'.t)     ttll-lt"    I*    it***    irii    to
iliaiiii* lli.tii io an> oiImi   | ui-nil oi in-
iill.-l- 1 "...'■' .       ,'       I * I W    '-.
*i'.Mt''f_t   ,'iU  l'li'h,,.ii    t.'*e    :•» .t-.ili,'  h,i*i*
«,!"',*   Ali'i   .il'l 'II.1  L'M   lli* O     Ll     I'ttf    'ii*'-...!i>
are t.wbiy ij.|*'»«-«l*-»l in uotini,,' :l. «.i-i,e
lorio. ni.il *• • *.-**--lii'-i*.. I.*'*-. "'X«t!-itii_
vetiti<r«-il, ti-iti.iii^ jfitiio"!,' .» ,i Hn«-
sax rri.,» tint  .'if*,■in-*  irom   i »•»:-!> I t*.
1*) the (iilltKlltitf ol the i.«f^e-l   lli'ht*;u«t
'i;y,-tu,i,,, i
llv.ttw,, ,    .    |,4Ve    V.OIt    ill*l Jl-J*' (lilt
"•! i-J M ij.i'i' hu',   ' i.t" .   te.,-. :, i   j", *,■■! *A,,r
lAtlh thfrolgb   thi'   ,t'hertl-tli|f   toittmil-i
manner timl do their uituost  to M-ittre
the election of tin- choice of the convention.
Jolt). F.Waid who  sUr.ed  the   (lr*t
liolei III N el-oil, ll.ts   j,i|||.-ii    Ini'    i ojinil
en-ek   tti^h.    John  ha-   been *'iikitiLr
liert i ailipi- foil In* p.irl oni) >e.lt.*.He
lit..Iiuli he seldom eatt lie* tin- i-nd ol I In-
faitl'lOW.      lie    XV ,1-    10     I'i'M Ite,     Wllilie*
min en, 'I tiseiiroorii, While I'n.e, Kaslo.
.'ilil dn/.f ns oi nt hi -i' caiiips.    il.- toanii-'l
ffolll lliillliet '«  le||>   ill    I**." to t(,e -|,i.t
Upon vvliitli  Ni-ls hi  i-  now   btiilt   aiiil
ujii-tied tl ''i-i/.e and pi lib di-j .-li-,u \ tn
.i tent lb- (mil.) have had a l-Ttioi.-,
hot tin- I,'•■lie*- ii.ttnii' t-|i.'eli.leli-*l hy
life oh the ii'tlitlet   1- peju r«lily t'-o lino li
lor John, and he iimiiiU <j'(it-. *. i m.j
wjth nothing but a t.oy  -tot k o! i,-iol
'< ,.'i  -I.-.
It wa* Sm.'l.iv i'i Lud* iiii'l M.f Km
kiitii'i' was to-.j iif *'**■ -u; in-.- Un- ii'.n.i,
of pilptoils lioio r.i|niir. i hf.— N.-i*
-.it   iiii'ti.   one   of    tM!,i   n:i   i-iii'in-lit
It ih inconceivable that people who want
to go to churcli Sunday morning can't
Km then' without being called to worship by  sin li an infernal din,   Along
.-tliuiii il.'iv'li'iihi the rael. or sfarfM tiluMs
kept poitio nniii the Salvulion Army
loitii'-mn with an ai|--ttii|it!atiii-.r aif-
giexatioti, ,'tkin to a flunk band, after
whh h the bell- p,,,,( ,i go-aiu and keep
tt up m.ti! 1! ni'Ii.ik. 'I'hi.s hell per
foimaiire may be nil tip hi for people
M ll.i havi' In Wnf-hlp ill hei'iN |o gl'l
,'ttlX |{oit*| ollt of jelto|iin, bill t«» lh«^
iii.'litititip -iii! nt a itj-s who ptefi-r*
t. t w'or«hlji in snlttitde -or »leep- It is,
"w>-il, '•'.*. , ;, lit-.i-tly liui-nti-ie'"
'.'.f.'.'yet  •     J.i i I.i I    :,tl-t   y,
nietrilv on     ,\f  a  time
I Iple     nf     |ttfo-L*fi*. J.     i|e
Iiiid tint ftfiJlJeil,    the   •.'
Will tl    t'i,
,'»"«!, d   ri,.
I   j i-id'.'i
• t
' t,
ir.n l to
■ "I'l'iii-
A sob-iei ot'l-h
iu ,.*. i'U'. %ttl. .V.
i  '*,•»». i
V*".I ",!.
l'ii|il>ir Creek
■t.f,;. i.,*.» 'nvti  #„r»t'j»'.i Aio!
Hi*..   ..I   K.t-bf Ua* the uoi.
I.iie   tto   mtleits      Work   will
i* ;hi* ue-'k .
■ •Ituehac heetlopt'tieil
*. l.iWAs itt fhitivgr.
i     '.- .....    i,. •     t
it   ,, i,.,.i  *,»,,» ,,*.,,*,, .,,, tmti.-t
IS:** j-;«ttti>'f.
.".,"  %i:-Ai   .!,.*<',«   K.iis»(ti   k%vn*
i A, ipint* for thc towiintle
poi ki-l   mid   UiJi'l   'I.*-  ir»-af   nii<»   trie
iviili'l of   Ihe   t»h|i-.   A   ItVili/   elide!,,'.'
tiiitl eoii-n ti"* i-i- >l>-iit»-l. 'then t:. ■
it.uri inl«-r in,i-i*' a iuul, and a* *.v t... u
?,..>**t-.t the «{ it'i*.   ot   SioliAiid   t<»  trte f
O'l'.i    1     '.il-,!*,'.   1.   -',      ".!..'.*'      „*,   ■,.',.'.,.       <>'        ■
the    fiii.ti   aititt"li»V    ill    .lllll    Sff.4tfit
4(1-1   tll.Ole  II-     <"in,tj«- III"-    (I".'     -'.'".l
• ai the « »!*i ile.'k .nil »*i''*'>ii"**l *,',,*•
..I ,'..<• 1*"j ,%i :..r* i.i t!.*f .i'.'i ■■)■■■'. X' > ;,■
Wit* tiothing left   but   tin-  «n ,**tr i r» the
lfl«*»e*B ixAA and »ttlt
I.i  k    'l!, .*■,,{,•...,(*,   »>(   vttpl-.ti      *Ko
H..:leiJ    Vtimi^U   here,  js   j(.iCHip    hi*
'.'.- ■'.* Kl-lt.'-l  i'-S" M,t|,|
• ip ie.il' ;iij.|  i'l/«iii, llreionei grub-
-■'4l«-| a   hruotiette   pro-f-eitor     After
-      i,4 i    pinWli    lid*l    !.'   | ii.J   btlllil the
'ii •*  I. it»-l he »i'Hf h.li rv  '-Wi.f.l ,1S fol|('i1t'»,-
~*<-it'l ».'i.    Ilitve  fir ink   nothing yet,
-i •   'I 'i y? i ii  .., ■).. « I.*.* '..'ij,.fr*»«' "
several tut-rc!i*ist» ot Knilo are tbtnk-
)f<.' lAn-y ;..."';?.£ ir; «? ttf* bett*
Biil Mall *u.,I two Indian  vtlet* h.%*e
»trui.k the utiip, THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, AUGUST 20,  1903.
Tenth Year.
The Ledge.
With which Is amalgamated the
Sandon  1'aystkeak,
Published every Thursday In the rielieat xilver-
leart-zinc camp on earth.
Li-ifal advertising 10 eenta a nonparlel line
first insertion, ami 8 cents a line each subsequent
Insertion. Heading notices 25 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances.
Subscription, ti a year in advance or $2.50 if
not so paid.
Certiticate of Improvement notices t'7. Delinquent Co-owner notices i-jlu.
-Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Ledok is located at
New Oenver, B. C , and is traced to many parts
of the earth It has never been raided by the
Bherlff, snowsllded by chean silver, or subdued
by the fear of man. It works for tne trail blazer
as well as the bay-windowed, chainpiiKiie-flavored
capitalist. It alms to bo on the right side of
everything and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked In largo doses. It has
stood tho test of time, and an ever-Increasing
paystreak ls proof that It is better to tell the
truth, even If the heavens do occasionally lilt
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation ls the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk In paradise, with thornlcjs roses for a pillow by ntglit, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver, B, C.
A pencil cross in this square
lidlcatee that your subscription Is due, and that the editor
wants once attain to look at
your collateral.
not, then labor will be defeated in
its war with capital. Labor and
capital are equally tyrannical, and
without the steadying power of public sentiment either |of tliem will eat
np any community and howl over
the bones,       ______
Tiie present system of hiring- doctors is a bad one for the patients. AH
doctors should be hired by munici
palities, just as we hire policemen
and other public officials. Under a
system of this kind rich people would
recover sooner and the poor would
receive proper attention without confronting a financial panic every time
time dad cut his foot or mother had
another obstetric performance.
Eating oranges will neutralize the
evil effects ot smoking tobacco.	
British Colombia politicians are
now beginning to mix with the plain
The Ledgk is the oldest paper in
Kootenay or the Boundary and still
its editor sometimes has to walk.
The mud in mini always splashes
the wae;on that rolls over his
nqtions about money, religion, poll-
tics or women.
Fitzsimmons, the pugilist, has
married again. If his wile is a good
talker Kitz should soon bo able to defeat all competitors.
Never be a chubber. Do not
steal in a retail way or your days
will be few in the land which our C.
P. R. giveth us. When you steal
single-handed the jail yawns for you,
and you have no place to hide your
pants. If you would be a thief get
into a trust and never look at the
white chips. Play the game well
and you will soon be able to endow
churches and colleges, while your
victims dig up and call you a great
The subsidy system has been the
cause ot much political corruption in
Canada. By making grants to railways, governments have been able
to raise campaign funds and keep in
.power, Through-, the—press—public-
sentiment has been so strongly against
the subsidy system oi robbing the
people for the benefit of large corporations, that, while willing, the
Laurierjgovernment had not the nerve
to carry it out with the Grand Trunk
Paciiic. It would have meant the
almost complete annihilation of the
Liberal party. So Laurier switched
and substituted the guarantee scheme
which seems to bo more satisfactory
to the public, although it is not known
just yet how campaign lundr. will be
raised in the future. Probably by
getting a rake-off from those benefited by tho lead and other bounties.
Money does not grow in Ottawa.
reason to believe that bona fide holders of lands under the existing laws
will not be effected beyond being
compelled to pay more nearly just
values for the property which they
are now now seeking to acquire.
While this in some cases will work
hardships upon poor men, it will also
strike the capitalist in proportion to
the amount ofthe lands he is seeking
possession of and therefore work to
the ultimate good of the public, a
step which is to be wished for
Take Warning !:r.£
A Texas government ofllclal has
refused to bis bribed for a box ol
cigars and $100 in cash. He must be
an escaped Conservative I rom British Columbia.	
Nelson aims to be the commercial
heart of Southern British Columbia,
but when it comes to advertising the
advantages of ^that city its leatlinir
men aro purely amateur in their
manner ol drawing trade.
The lloor of tlm ocean te mnAAeA
with gallefitiH loaded with guld. but.
we never hear of any pmsjioetois
Htaking claims on it. A!raid probably of having their blankets HjNtiletl
by the wet, or tho hus|'1cIoii get
abroad that all tho locations art;
f altcd.
Poi'K Lko lelt an eiitate valued at
$17,0UJ,(XJ0.   It Ih said In tlm Bible
that the rich man cannot get Into
heaven, but then that wan written     Tin: love of boodle Ih not iiioirj|*i
when i»|>e8 were unknown.   In ad- lized by Canadian legislator*.   Jt is
illtion totlilnSt. IVter Ik on lltcduir. ojx'iily  charged   by   some   United
and as he it credited with Mng the!Suites jiajiers thut when luvtjgtlga-
The weak-minded bigots in On.
tario, composing the Lord's Day Alliance, have been turned down by
tho privy council in England. Upon
tlie subject of Suntlay observance
common soiiso should be exercised.
It is well to have work suspended as
far as possible upon ono day iu tlm
week, but that day should not be
made one of misery. It should bo a
day of joy, of merriment and recreation. Any law that prevents Sunday
excursions, street railways from run
iiing, or aiiiUHeiiieiiis, is repulsive to
thc lnmisoM, and will defeat the purpose itH zealous but puritanical advocates aim at. It is tar butter u|xm
any day to worship (iod by roaming
amid green Ion-sin, or watching the
trout in a babbling brook than it is
tu hit or lcep iu a httill> church while
some theological H|»outer ox|jouii(la
his parrot sermon about a (tod who
reaembluu matrimonial ctndy—sweet
on one side ami sour on tho other.
we hear sermons yards in length warning the people to keep away from saloons, poker rooms, race tracks, and
almost every other place if tliey would
avoid disgrace, but never a word about
avoiding churches. Still the reports in
the daily press show that those who
frequent churches are. constantly going
down the pike* to hell and jail. In support of this we notice that one of the most
devout worshippers of St. Thomas has
jus*, got twelve years in jail,, while the
treasurer of a preachers' society in
Boston has skipped with $80,000. For
obtaining money under false pretenses,
Rev. Cowherd has gone to the pen in
Kentucky. Rev. Sam Styles is to be
hanged in Fort Worth 011 August 26.
In Kansas City, Rev. Nesbitt deserted
his wife. Father Krainhardt, for 39
years a holy waler sprinkler in Missouri liaiiged_Jjiiiiself_ilit_other_day—
Rev. Phillips, a Free Methodist shark
has been arrested for forgery in West
Virginia. Rev. H. A. Johnson deserted his wife in Virginia and flew
with another woman. In Raleigh,
Rev. Dillard was sentenced for writing
obscene letters to Miss Green. Rev,
C. H. Branhan is wanted in Bluelield
on a charge of killing his wife. Rev.
George Allen, at Morrisville, Pa., has
been sent to the pen for ten years for
stealing chickens, "From Coop to
Pen" would be a good title for one of
his sermons, in Chicago, Rev, Bro-
hcl is charged with tr/ing to kill his
wife. In Arkansas, a Haptist preacher
is in jail charged with assisting a
counterfeiter to escape. In Columbus,
Ohio, Dr, James Lewis preached an
eloquent sermon on Sunday, and the
next da) hammered his wife with a
club until she was insensible. In
Pulla, Mo., Rev. Moneymaker sues
another preacher for stealing his wife's
affections. The balm needed is $5,000.
Rev. Wales, of Boston, has been lined
for cursing iiud raising caiu generally.
He also figures as a co-respondent in a
divorce case. In Williamsburg, Ohio,
Rev. Henry Henderson has heen
charged wilh criminal assaults upon
little girls.
This is a sample of the reports constantly coming lo Ihe daily pres-;, ainl
should serve to warn people against
the dangers which surround people who
become infatuated with church-going.
The habit is dangerous as the records
of our jails iiud lunatic asylums show
lhat nearly all of llie inmates belong
to some church.
lone woman selling papers on tbe streets
that she might live, Surely some
great passion must have twisted her
heart and thrown hei in the driftwood
of a great city. It is ever thus. When
we lose the charm that holds the crowd
we are passed by like a dirty deuce in
a mud puddle. The death of Lizzie
Howard strikingly illustrates the fact
that it seldom pays to grow old. Belter
die in the full flame of earthly triumphs
than linger with the dead ones while
yet breathing. Of course tbe case is
different when we gently sink to the
grave surrounded by the llowei s of love.
Kailtoiiding in the Andes.
One ofthe most remarkable railways
in liis world is thai which Americans
are-now building across ihe Andes to
connect Guayquill on the coast with
Quito, the capital of Hcuador, in the
interior, a distance of more than 360
For the first stage Ihe railroad is
comparatively level. After passing
through ii region of plantations it enters dense tropical jungles and forests.
Perhaps nowhere else in the world is
the vegetation so rich and luxuriant as,
on the western slope of the Andean
Growing from the very telegraph
poles are orchids elsewhere considered
rare, and between the steel rails .and
the plates flowers and plants force their
way. So marvellously rapid is this
growth that the railway company, in
order to check the vegetation, employs
a chemical solution composed larkely
of arsenic and nitre. Properly applied
this has proved quite satisfactory. It
is distributed from a tank car especially
constructed for the purpose,
I Mail Orders.    1
We  give  all  mail  orders  our   -Vl
prompt and cttreiul attention.
Of all kinds.   Kodaks, Cameras
and Photo Supplies.
^ .LIMITED. -ft
$- *
^ NELSON, B. C. -fc
| We Solicit Yours
| For Prescriptions
* School  Books
To anil from Kuropean points via Canadian
and American lines.    Apply   for sailing date-a
rates, tickets and full information to any 0.
Ry agenCor—
C P. It. Agent, Kow Denver.
•" *» F. Guimniiisra G. S. S Agt,   Winnipeg
and Supplies. Blank Hooks,
Letter Hooks and Ollice Stationery, Wall Paper, Ktc,., Kt<\
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Lands and  Mineral  Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
I'. O. Hox .Wl,       Ollice: Kooteimy St., Nelson.
SMOKE ....
A Heretic's Prayer.
Let him who would raise himself
by communion with what is highest
and best in his own soul, or in the universe, labor for our lather Man who is
within us.
That his name may be counted holy
among men;
That his Kingdom' may come, the
Kiugdom of the light and right in
which there shall be no more priest or
Cxsar.       „       ' ■
That his will may be done in fact, as
it is in the ideal world;
That wi'h him we may day by day
make good our steps of progress;
That our trespasses may. not be forgiven, but repaired, for there is no sin
but against Man;
That our common efforts may lead
us out of darkness and deliver us from
the deceiver;
For Man is the light, and the right,
and the striving uopards, from the beginning to the end of the ages.—\V.
K. Clifford.
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip cigars. Union
goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Hepresented by GEOKGK 110UTON.
Custom Typewriting
The best in Nelson. No amateur
work. Travelers, mining men
and others can liave their work
done promptly at the
Business School
Victoria street, opposite the City
Library, Nelson.
A name that is familiar u, old-timers
us tlio name of Tliri-n Forks—familiar
because it was there in days of boom
und in days of depression that they
enjoyed tlie hospitality of tho genial
proprietor, und partook of the hostess'
bountiful table, Tlie same eoiiditi^ns
prevail toduy that have won for the
house its enviable reputation ami its
proprietor is—
Cockle & Papworth
KASLO,  B.  C.
Henry's  Nurseries.
Mineral  Chums.
Situate In the Sloean Mining Division of
West Koote.iuy District. Where located:
Northwest of Hear Lake, about ii miles irom
Three Forks.
'PAKE NOTICK that I. Koliert Mel'hcrsor, free
1 millers' certilieate No. U iitcna, intend,
sixty (lays from the (lute hereof, to apply to the Minim; Kecorder for Certilicates ol
Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Urn nt of each of the above claims.
And further take notice thai action, under section 37, must be commenced before tiie issuance
of such Certilicates oi Improvements
Dated this 2zd day of June, A. D 1003
FKICDDY Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division ol West
Kootenay   District.    Where  located:    On
the Galena Farm, adjoining the S.eveiuon
Mineral Claim,
-TVVKE NOTICE that I, Francis .1. O'Hellly, of
A.   Nelson, B, C,as agent for John.A. Turner,
free miner's certificate No. Ii 80700, and Hugh
Nixon,  free miner's certilicnte   No.   B   StKHW,
intend,  slxt>   days   from   tlio  date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Uecorder for a Certilieate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section .17, must be ecininenctd before die issuance of such Certiticate of Improvements.
Dated this 4th day of June, A. D. l!K»3
Roses, Bulbs, Rhododendrons,
Fruit and Ornamental Trees..
It wasn't so much the coat of many
colors, said Joseph's hrcthren, discussing the pit incident. Hut when he
showed up with the red golf stockings,
a pink hunting suit, and auto goggles,
it was necessary to lake severe measures.
Ik-nevolence and righteousness, these
shall he the only themes; Why should
you use the word "prolii ?"—Mcncius
joo H. C.
Greenhouse and Hardy Plants
Home drown and  Imported
Garden, Field and Flower Seeds
We have abetter stock than over, and yon
will save money hy buying direct. My new
Catalogue;-* ill tellyounll rbout it. Mailed free
■Suit) Westminster Road.      '   Vancouver, II. C.
Toll. EUMMELEN, or to whomsoever he may
have transferred his Interest in the Solio
mineral elaim, situated in the McOuitmn
Hindu, Slocau Mi ing Division, West Kooi-
enay Mining Division.
VOU are hereby notified tlmt I have extended
1 ^ltkt.AO in labor and improvements upon the
above mentioned mineral claim under tbe provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within DO (lays
from tliocdmc of this notice you fail or refuso to
contribute your proportion of the labove
mentioned sum, which Is now due, together
with all costs of| advertising, your Interest In the said claim will become tho
property of the iindcntigiied under Section 4 of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act ltwo."
Kaslo, H, C, May 30, l»os.
■ ■ ■ THE ■ ■ ■
Newmarket Hotel.
The End
of Fame ': 0,,t"':1p,"1,ta-J 4\
**•••'-'    tht.   trail   unlmnor-vd
yinith     and
Hoc,   woman
lirst {«?c (honorary, in lact) there Is
Httlo douht but what he will \m*t the
l»rol edition.
Some men treat their wives in a
lllAiilKI      t„fX*     *..*.<,.       .»     iilitll      Wilts
.Uv. aO    ■•     ioiiiifc    H u«..     It Uu    -wi" U-t t iy ,
item now in |n-o(;rcM nre completed
it will be shown tlmt many mem-
lioiiiol coiitfreHf-i aro lultrt-«le(l in th»j
UU'^al tnvtisiter ut' valuable  tiiuUif
i'lnd    m*mr->r«l   Innila   to   er-iniArttftnn**
lilcvo'ii^mi-nt  ■*yrv1l<*Atfe. ttnrt   ttrttv-v
ilk'thai ua It may, there arc thuu-
:.u\i    un-un;;'.     '\':Aw    1,'fA'J    it
fur imtanie;  Forty  year-, a^-ii  s
queen of the »itvus   rin^,   divi-Jini; tlu-
appl.iUM' with   Dan   Kite.    Tlu-   oifu-i
day she died in   New Orh'an-* am! was
buried in   I'otter\   Field,    For   twvutj
iiiii ->-
j Adopted III llcvetntolic, September Mill, ltmi.J
1. Thut thl* convention re:itllruis the |hiI.<-.v
of the party In muller* <<l provincial roiiiUiiiid
tr.-iiU: Ihe iiwncmhlp and ("introl ol railway**
Itl'.ll llif ileVelupmiilt <if tile .-klliilltllt.il riKiiur-
ecu uf the province uh lalil down lu the platform
uilol'teil III i li-tolier. IK"!), which |i,a« t IIowk:
"'In nillvelv ,ilil In Ihe i-m-t rinlioii nl 'trull*
tliriHlu'luMil tin- umleveliipiil |mrt tini ol thi'
province 'iini the btillillni; of piuvincinl tiimk
ruidnol public iicceiutly.
• iTk mlnpt tin- prliirf|ili-*uf piMriiiin nt own-
'.■M-.lj' ••'•' rulWi uy - ii'v "■• f'.v ■.*. ■ th, i in ■.*,.ii-r.i.,i, *,
nt the province will illlllll!, lllnl   the Uifnptlnll ol
Ihe |irllll'l|ile that 11" ImiuiH ullulllll hi' eC.lllti-il In
,iny I'.illw.i) !'"iH|'.ni> Mhicll iUy mil ylve llie
u'nVilii'neiil   nl   tin-   province i-outrid  ut  inten
>i\l*r lllll < l»'llll"V'l, ti't-'rllll'l    ultll   till'   "|illu|l of
•• l'i i»»-tlvi'!.i :i--l--t !'5 "tate .tli! In tin di-vtlnj.-
iiient ol the Nitrii'iiltiiiiil ii'*iiiic«*« ol llu- province."
i.   That lu ihi- unitiitliiii' uiul mult the rail
W.IV Ji-IU'V iiliMH' act fnl'lll e.ill hi' iii-riiliipll»lml,
It jfl-iit-r. I railway Mel be prt*».'il, c!vlli« lltHiInlil
tn I'l'ii'triii-t rnil«iiy« under cernilii approvnl
reifiilitl'Mi* Hinilutroti* tn Ibe »<ytcm that lm*
reunited In -in li e"iUin«lii' r.iilway i'nii«tnulloii
In the I'lillnl ShOe-i, »|ili mn nun li nilvtliilfiftc
to trade and iiiuiiii-r-1-.
,'i,   1li.it In em hiii,ifi ibe minimi iiiiln*.ti» tlie i
invitl',11 ul iin'ij|lileri,ii» miifi » »liiniM In- on iln- j
li.i-l-l of ft 1-11-. Iil.tt.-i- nu the Hit |ir>,li!i.
i.       'i'tllt't     ill,     ,*,ll ,'1,111, ,,i     >. I, ,,. ,-',,,,<    l*i    |i if-  j
! iliiuii- •fttiiii-mlinubl U-l-r uttbt iili-'iit n« a tlr't I
l   it,l> j ,t,.|, i,, ||i„ Jicijilj.illiill nf pnlitic Illlllll,n j
*i.    Tlllt l» |l"lil->'l nf t'S'ty l-nwl   Mt<»   iHU'lfllf)
t.i !«• ill«!««»N|iif «li»*ittl U- ri-Hrviil ti'i.in o-ilii nr ]
|r,i«c  nnlll.lt M.tte ntt im it   mini «   in;!)' be (H-ily j
■.tccc-lUc, Iftlieil' iil-erutl'-llliieoiii.'ii in i cwuiy
nr ild-i ln.ible.
'IN'mI   hi  tl',.-   | *■&%, Iuul  li-*-»."t iifi.tliUm
Tin: Nkw-maiikki' Hoiki, in Xiav Duxviat oilers a iileasaiit hubstllutu for
home to thiisi) who travel, It Is nihiiited nu the shore of I,ul,e Sloean, the most
beautiful luku lu till America, Krnin Itm biileiiiiiesi itlnl wIiuIoWm can he xeeli the
irmihle.t M-inery on tlilicuutinent. The Inti-ruul nrruliiieiiieiitn of thu hotel ute
the ri'Vi'r-e to telephone, all the I'linm-i behi« phi«tcreil, ionl ulectrie bell» at the
In-nd of every bed mitke it tituty tut thu dry momeiil* iu the mnriiiliK,
Till; In-,t uiul eheapi'iit ini-iiU in the country an- to hu found in the dluinu
liinlii, Tin l|,,u*,u is inn on i iMiiupniititli iillln'i|iie>, ,111,1 tin- |,|,i*.|„*.*Iiii « illi bin
pink i*. jn*! m web niiie iii tin- millionaire with hi* roll Kvei-y itm^t iiri-ivci
llu  I . .1 i .u. .,:, 1 j,iui< < i,"li
Tin: lii|iiiiiK Hre the be*.! lu the Sloean, nnd the hotel hit* lout.' bi-eii imteil Inr
It*. Ii-li iili-l Kiilne iltniirrt
Tili-> I-thu only llr.t-cliiiii Iniiisfi In the Liieeriin nf Nurtli Aini-rlen. One li.ul,
nt tin-bin,Iim,I will leniitline any -.Iriuiuer thnt the \inii*b* itm nl lina-rlii-,,
HUiilitV     H.ioin*. re-etM-l by telei(riipli,
HENRY STEGE  «t,   %c  *£  o#  I'ROPRIETOR.
*\     hi'iai   in  it,-'   t-avt. iuul  tn,*t*  ii»».-ii*n,m
•h "Id Ik   in nli- for nl'iii «tiiiir and tlmty.-U'i**
(iir'"*i* bt  irimulinir ai;iihi*l  il* wa»telul ■!«■•(
'■ 't'-i'i'fy rA^hl.     liViu-fl   '--'iii'    -fi ,'n   I
olw«lermwlaHmeilw.«vol«!r,nhaa»,l,',J,,bl,>" «»««>«. lW««neural to uilii-jtrticisunHl all day a. he,  lit.)
,..-4,ie., 1     <*,*it    f,.i      i.i     ui'.jiiii.-.    ti   -il   '     *     Tbiit lbi'b*:'l-l'i1ure iuul tnveti tni'iit nf the ;
(ttt-iuJ    M,v'    >"*     l"   uutiiin*   «'■'!» i^.v,,,^.,,,,,,,.,, H.,,.v.re In II* t ff.rfl to *f»irf I
nienially and fdiyttcaity,  i* really,      .     ,.     . .        ., ,   ,        ,
.,   .   .   ,      ,,,*          ,  'mikIki iA  tfiitrU'si  which mv*. Ixwn
not* man.   IU. i* ju»t a lUttg omlv(,       ,, ,    .,,     , t     t   ,
*, eral laurU thivjtl«h the iKittest f-er • stand t.i malci- <».-» n-.ut Iti (t, r-,>.h
of throwinir it into a 'txngimn ]**A\u,nmuc0iji li,e «^I«'»*«h4««* »' ^Xw was the «m,i dmAk *.,.»* «.-..t.,„
with  the ottior lizard*.   A Svi<hax ., ,,^",',,f'**"• ^*',c -wwintry.   These,,-j|u. world ha-* ever known, .md w.i% the »»oiii"H».rimr.»*ii<•<.■«..mt.tittr*«.«!<•»<»nmi
i« R ICinCC cnill|»ire«l   to tl»e«e t tltrhl   ,,*tu,'i,")'» c«"f»"l •* .tlleCted by any ; r,r*l person   to  tumble   through   papei   ij,,l'li:r,!!.!n't'*I'-':' liemi-.!.' '-,"''*»■*'ib.mlliMi
alrrtkms ui«n the ohm*uf nia.i.        Htigfltlon which may lw, mrieti orj|UH,ps while her 1 e w.„ ,;,.;,,« .„ ^^Zo^^l
by the rc|*alinjj 1/the j»reseiit law. \ f,(n s^ed.   In lur old At\* sin- was
F'vsin.ic Aev.timeut tltAlfuVMiVt .-'o-ili-  What eAlAsX t'.w jii'u^wcd lt^lAlatU--H ', jusi   .«    mhii-uiJ
iJ  -Li 'f!l:' "•*'it,iii4'm,*ii"'1^ .ii-'tMiftf HiAi-h
*    Tho iln- in-ll- r ..( t.-tbr1 ti -tie* ',» tb« *w iv j
lU'A's :,,( «ut,.|i|v ru.il N[(|iiri]irlailiiti« for tin   pri.\|iice j
• I, mi,| |«- 1 ii' >r,«u*lj* ia s»«vl i»(> ii U,*i* I),(i.iiii.i,,n 1
t»    'lh-1,1    llw    •iltnr-t'-:i»l    l*w,*[i*i'r'l>>**  nt   llw-
{.f.,vii'i i* !«• fii.irri-*! ii <!»1 t-.-U'i^i 't bv   In- lm
tt  my   motion lritr».«-
t«i    1lm»a* |i ibii'ii I 4|.|<o.« <lfii«»i,t Intitil'
llilf r«"ln'f   lli   UTr.tr   lir**  i-l <!   lii.'tlfV Imlh »,l (hi'
•■liilli^     jiilllH' ei'hri tlii'i ni,II t-'   llu*   JiillMli',   li'tfi-litfmi
HuhM the valhlltv i»f all t*ibtt.:.,iim   will have ai«n minlnir c««im« na'p.xps-r*,.often in the rain, and ii-.;,tK. '*^,\V?,^
Ihm*.   it H -f.n«!i/r*e« the «nV.n» in  yet jatenu-d w a mhfrtl lhat will ; ;,;,„„. with nu to.np.iru.ius h.,t A, j,-,.., ^'''^'il^a'tll^, 1 -... ,1- «, ,,,.*.;
t JI _t 9 *      t \ ' § I.       • UHi  *1  f*  ■**• * ** *f*9r %** M*mi* f    ITSf   Rl-1 Hltfi*^"*  ■
the many ttrike* now to-jrginu: at thi   interest  litiwireda of atldiiional In < Her life *•■« ronvintic enoucli i.» *,iU Hir«- »iyh.> m* «*»!.«t«..<«*»■ t.rntiw««-**itui,*
IminMriai  life of Ameriea, mieees.* ve»to« in the event that the {(resent t\tn n novelist.    \ *,X,**i\ Kife in ,\|,,. J*jrrfi''irt»Wi'^-ittrtr.,»«,7^*t*V«'ti'-»»»f*)j-r'r tor-^turV.'V?
will come to thc nntom.   irtt don .law* aro regaled.   There it good b4.na, then a queen of the ring, then « M't^
bank of Montreal i
Ettabllthad 1017
t.'tjtital 'iii! tmi't »!-!.. tl'i.'Ml.oo-i.-H
UtserviA luiui -     7.01*V1' '-'*•*
ritdirldcl profits *      5lo,*»s|<M
Kt. Hon. Stratheoita nml Mount Uoyal, V, C. M, (i. 1'r-enldfiit.
Hon. (i. A llrtimmfitid, VinvPn-nidi-nt
K, .', (.'LiU'H'.m, (Jeui-cat MAUitj.-fv"
Itranrlien in all partit of Canada, Newfoundland, ilttat llritain,
and the Ctiitmi Auw.i.
New Denver Branch - - - Le H, De Veber, rianajfcr Ten'th Year.
[Condensed advertisements, suoh as For Sale
Wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Legal, Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding '20 words for
{5 cents each insertion. Each five words or less
>ver 20 words arc live cents additional.]
and American plan. Meals, H5 cents. Eooms
from 2'c. up to-j-l. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the gold
In tho sxfe. MALONE & TEEG1LLUS.
MADDUX HOUSK, NELSON,;is contrally
located and lit hy electricity . It is headquarters for tourists aiid old timers Minez-s or
millionaires are equally welcome. THOS
MADDEN. Proprietor.
rpiIE ItOTAI. HOTKI,, Nelson, is noted for
Jt- tlicexcclluiu'eof Itsculsinc, SOL JUllNS,
1)AKTI.KTT HOUSK, formerly
o Clark
     is the best *1 a ilav hotel In NeUon.    Onlv
while help employed:   (J.   W. BAUTLETT.
THK   KXCHANGK, lu KASLO, IiitSjilenty
of airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
rpiIE MAZK, in KASLO, is just the place
J. for Slocan people to find when dry or In
search of a downy couch.
near Want St., Nelson, II. 0. The Dollar a
Day House.
JG. MKI.VIN, Manufacturing Jeweller.
• Expert Watch ltepaher, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockela
and Rings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any in Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
Omar Khyam to Date.
What harm in a little dining,
With bumpers of Dago rpd ?
A song, or a jest, unfolding—
A tale that's not convent-bred?
What harm in a little gazing
In the depths of amorous eyes ?
Life is not all made of sorrow,
Nor we saddest when we sigh.
What harm in a little!amoking—
A cigar or a pipe, perhaps ?
What harm, when the shadows lengthen,
In a cocktail or dram of schnaps?
What harm in the painted paste-boards,
And the chips tliat are red and blueV
What harm in a little guessing
At the speed of a horse or two?
Life is all in the living.
Sieze pleasure before she's lied !
For as a wise man puts it:
You'll be a for long time dead.
Laugh at the day that's past us!
Let us scoff at the days to cornel
But smile on the day that's with us;
For others are "on the hum."
NelBoti, B. C, August 8..1003.
Wholesale   Meroliaxits.
ers in Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Produce nml
Fruit,Nelson, B.C.
F. \
licitor, Notary Public.    Vancouver, B. C.
Ija   uivulihua j*. *  wji   ua   I'm   fcmlTlSlSri
Solicitor, Notary Public.    Sandon, B. C
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday.
Insuranoe & R.ea.1 Estate
1 Insurance Agents. Dealers In Real Estate
Mining Properties. Houses to rent and Town
Lots for Sale.
S. KASHDAIit, New Denver, B. C,
Real Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale. Claims
represented and Crown Grauted,
Every sect is a certificate that God
has not plainly revealed his will lo
If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also
true of trouble.—Elbert Hubbard.
The crowd is always on the side of
truth, but commonly not long before
the truth in that special form becomes
a lie.—H. L. Koopman.
We "do not believe immortality because we have proved it, but we forever try to prove it because* we believe
If men would attain to their highest
inherent power it is as necessary thai
till barnacles of superstition be removed
from their minds, as it is that the fungus growths ofthe sea be scraped from
the ships' bottoms, before they attain
the results intended by their designer—.
H. C. Morse.
No matter what your cares an' woes,
Don't humor 'em by freftin';
If hard luck aims her heavy blows,
Strike back—don't go to frettin',
Screw up your nerve an' hold your grip
An' keep a frozen upper lip,
Fur anything on earth can whip
Has had 17 years experience in dental work, and
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work. Visit
made to the Sloean regularly.
■General   Store.
T T. KKI.IiY, THREE FORKS, dealer In
t), Groceries, Dry Goods, Etc, Goods Shipped all over the Slocan.
"Yes! In God's mercy! He will
let her starve to death. That's his
mercy. He forced me to sell myself
for her. He made me what I am. I
was not always Wild Madge: O how
I hate your God. I gave my life, my
honor, my everything for my poor old
mother. And now she must starve as
others have starved before her."
The nurse was not surprised at tbe
almost perfect grammar of the fallen
woman. It is loo common to cause
"Hope for the best, Madge. Your
moi her need not starve. There are
many places to go to. Put your irust
in God."
"Yes. But didn't three little children starve lo death down in- "
She slopped and then went on: "1
have seen hundreds of people actually
starving. And God lets them. He
don't care. I will soon be with him.
1 will have a chance to tell him what I
think of him and his mercy. All I
asked was to live until she died. And
He won't even let me do that, after all
I've suffered! Oh, I hate him! I hate
him !"
"Who is your mother, Madge?
What is your real name ? Let me
send for her ?"
"Never! Do you think I would tell
you ? Do you suppose I want her lo
know what her girl has come to be ?
It would break her heart to hear of my
"She will hear of it anyhow. And
it will break her heart not to see you."
"No, she won't. She will suppose
I have been murdered or burnt up or
drowned; but she will never suspect
that Wild Madge was her girl."
The patient's voice Was getting lower
and lower and all her excitement was
She lay quiet for a little while and
began to murmur again: "Yes, God;
1 see it all now. You intended to
starve her from tbe first, It wasn't
enough that father must die. I could
still support her. So you must kill me
me, too. 1 stood between you and
your victim a long time, God, but I'm
done for now. I can't protect her any
more—your mercy—the mercy of the
quicksand—wliich never gives up- a
victim—you are   a just and  merciful
he made one of the most sincere and
impashioned petitions I have ever
beard. At the close of his supplication,
however, he surprised those present bv
"'We know, O Lord, that thou wilt
send us rain, just as thou bast done
many times before; but this lime, O
Lord, unless we get it damned quick it
won't do us any good *!"
Mrs. Binge—Do you think that eeath
ends all? Mr. Bings—All but the estate.
The lawyers end that—Judge.
Over YYulliic-a-Millcr hloi-k, linker
street, Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods cal lud for ami
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
General Draying: Mining
Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty . .  .
Coal and Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses  and   Pack
Feed Stables at New Denver.
g 3Bviti$l) Zion and ^
vjjj ^mainland Cigavs^
i':|      Vancouver and Nelson, B. C.     M
g   ORDER YOUR . . . .
Call and see my
Stock of suilings
on thu Continent of North Ameri- n L A L I Q
ca, Situated mliUt -scenery un- D C C Q R T
rivalled for Grandeur. HwtlriK. It tO U II I
Klrtilng and ExcuihIoiis to the many points of
Interest. Telegraphic communication with »1
parts of the world! two mails arrive and depart
every day. II* 1>athes cure all n«rvou» and
muscular dUca-sea; lw waters heal ull Kldnoy.
Ldver and Htotnacli Ailments of every name.
The price of a round-trip ticket between
New Beaver and Halcyon, obtainable Ml the
year round and good for su days, ia <f3,SJ>. Halcyon SprltiRB, Arrow Uiko, II, 0.
vlm-lul Land Surveyor,
Dominion and  I'ro-
Nelson, 11. tl,
AK. IIRYLAND, KiiKiiteor Rial Provincial
,   Lanil Surveyor.   KASLO
Employment   Agency.
P.   BURNS  & CO.
Sandon and Elsewhere
Fresh   Salted   and   Smoked   Fish   Just   Received
Eastern   and  Olympia   Oysters.     Turkeys   and   Chickens
Sausage of all Kinds Made Fresh Every   Day.
Nelson Employment Agency
lli-l|iiifiill l-.ii".-
.1. II.IiOVK
I', tl, Hum, tu
0:00 n nin hy,   KASLO Alt. 11:15 p. m
llri,'. h. m. Au. HANDON Lv. I;m p. m.
B.-00 n. in Ly. NKLSON Ait. 7:1ft p. m
H; 10 a. in. Ait.   KASLO Lv. '.\s.\u p. m
The man who gits to frettin'.
—James Barton Adams.
The fathers (of the church) laid down
as   a   distinct  proposition  that   pious
frauds are justifiable, and even laudable;
and if they had  not  laid  this down,
they would nevertheless have practised
them as   a  necessary consequence of
their   doctrine of exclusive salvation.
Immediately all ecclesiastical literature
became  tainted   with  a   spirit  of the
most unblushing mendacity.   Heathenism was to be combatted,  and  therefore prophesies of Christ  by Orpheus
and the sibyls were forged, lying wonders   were   multiplied,  and   ceaseless
calumnies poured upon those who, like
Julian,   opposed   the  faith.     Heretics
were to be convinced, and therefore interpolations of old writings and complete forgeries were habitually opposed
to the forged gospels.    The veneration
of relics and the monastic system were
introduced, and therefore innumerable
miracles were altribulpd  lo the  bones
of saints or to the prayers of hermits,
and were solemnly asserted by the most
eminent of the fathers. • The tendency
was not confined to  those eastern  nations which l)ad been always most destitute of the sense of truth; it triumphed
wherever thc supreme importance of
dogmas  was   held,    tiener.ilioii  after
generation il   became  more  universal;
it continued till the  very sense of trull)
and  the   very   love   of  truth  seemed
blotted out from the minds of men.
Lt'i'ky's History of Rationalism.
"Well, it's time for me to he going.
I must be up and doing. I can't lie
here all d.iv."
mercy before—if you ever gave anybody—what they wanted—without a
curse attached to it—I have never
heard of them."
The pauses were more frequent and
the patient spoke wilh an effort.
"You punish the sinners—and chasten the good—but you hit them all—as
Madge said no more, and in a little
while she was with her God. And the
good nurse felt both shocked and relieved and piously crossed herself
several times.—J. Ci. McDill in Hrann's
Love in Nelson.
This picture represents a nightly
scene in Nelson and shows that the old*
old story is ever new. The young man
is happy because his best girl fans the
delicately perfumed atmosphere, while
he sits serenely, well knowing that his
immaculate shirt bosom was done up
at the
Kootenay Steam Laundry
Is tlm only hall in tin- city nuile-il for Theatrical
Performances,Concerts, Dances ami other piir-
lic entcrUinments.    Kor bookings write ur wire
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
Staple   and   Fancy-
Groceries, agent for
Goodwin Candles
Giant Powder, Etc.
Mcpherson & hurley
and will not break even if the situation
becomes critical.
Tho Chicago Interviewer.
Max O'Rell used to tell a slory about
his lirst experience with a Chicago
newspaper reporter. The genial French-
man had just arrived at the Grand Pacific hotel, and had retired to his room
lo rest after a fatiguing journey, In
order lo get llie most possible out of a
short siesta he took oil' his clothes and
got into bed. The day was a hoi one,
and for belter circulation of air he left
the door slightly ajar, plating a chair
against it for security, Shortly utter-
ward he was awakened from his nap
by it knock at his door, and he drowsily
ini|uired who was there.
"Mr,# litiitik, of The Daily So-and-
So," replied the reporter.
"I cannot be disturbed now," called
O'Rell, "Vou will have to come
again, I cannot see you now. I am
iu bed."
Notwithstanding thi* injunction, the
humorist saw the door pushed open,
ihe chair fell over on the floor, llie reporter entered the room, threw his Itat
on the table, sighed tind helped him-
The speaker was it young Kirl *>f; self to u i hair,
perhaps t Weill)-three or tvuim-fuui | "Well, well, well!" exclaimed ihe
years. Her hair was dark and langled J ,Uyw< aii^ry Frenchman. "Thi-* is tin-
and her eves vvcre ted vviiii lever, .md > pie.vdeiilcj. What will you li.nr,
two bright "pots burned on lur white ; „jr v What'll )<>u have ?"
checks, She lay upon a while col in j "Thank joti," replied the ivpuutcr,
an ho-pital and tried   lo  li-e up as she   |'|| t,t|<,-,t ^;in li//,"
puke.    The nurse  made  her lie down j
A HiimIi Order.
The Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
The Filbert is now the best hotel iu the Slocan. The Dining Room is conducted
on strictly first-class principles. The rooms are large, comfortable,'
and properly taken care of.
Ei.i-xtric Light, Hot Air, Modern Pi.umwng, Everything
Wc Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c. Tickets $7.    Main street, Sandon.
P. 0. Box 296. Phone 179
:mil agents for
A visit to our Tailoring1 Emporium will fjive you
an idea of the prevailing styles for Spring Clothing
J. K. CAMivKOa sandon, b. 0!
Hotel Sandon
Robert Cunning, Proprietor.
Pioneer hotel o( the Sloean.    A table lhat is replete with
the Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms Large, Airy and Comfortable.    Special Attention lo Mining Trade
Monogram, Marguerita,
Boquet, Our Special,
El Justillo El Condor,
Sarantizados Schiller.
Tuckett's Union Label
Karnack T. & B. V. C.
Corner Alexamler Street anil Columbia Avenue,
Vancouver, 11, C.
CHICAGO mul rnturil ^n.wi
TOItt>NTo mill return  i^iin
MOVTKKAI., NKW VoltK, mul return.MO »t
.liK-lu-lItitf M*i»l-i riii.l lli rtli*,,
Al.tf.  In,  I'', i'.'l. .''I.
Kur linn) tiilili's t.iti'* ainl r,iiii|ili'ti-|lnf,irm».
li'.n *ij,j,ly.i,f l-.i'.il nf.,nt, ,>r-
A. II, I.KWIS Siiml ,n Aift-iit,
.1  s.CAItfKti.                     K. ,1  CUM.K,
l>. I'. AmNi-Ihuii. |l.;(\        A.ti.l'.A.. Vin liver
Tlclwt* wild to till mvt* ot the Diiitntl  SP,,,U *     ''
State* mul Canada via Great Noithein , again, saying: "Vou  nitut  Ih- quiet; j
j joti are Oaui) nun,   >iiiu   iiiuti   mil**.-
Is the
i, t
leadiiiLr hotel in Southern  Riitish  Columbia
,-j.i)"ii-iiVjn' etiM   iii, nr ',ii\
Hlltt * *.   i«*  %**-   •
3-vj-.w.i-)J,ii'j' ,.-*,..    iiU, Vl,ur:iv-,i.
HOBKIlT IHVlNTi, MnnAsrvr, Kaslo j    -Kxiite   the
  i gracious  reply
devil!"   \va«   the   uii-
"l   unixt liave iiHiiitv
^ I for my mother, and I iiitt-4   leave  here
liiing Your .
io llli, uftiti,. ll \i.ill not fiat'
you, and will help the «liinr to
live in luxury.
,)j   , »**«.4*»^   i<-#   -Wl ■t-".*!!.      * t, lM*«,t-i?»   4it\     I'l   .1
'1.1,1. I
Mil),,   -wtlvi   ,ilil.   fc.1,,,11   lt,l   ?,w»W*,il   i,t(j*--u,,.v
politki.m* gathered   in   (he  Amen im-
Ull «'l tli-.  i:lii5i .'Wiiiuc iniUl   il.e otiful
nigln. j
i .....  ,„. :,. ti.,i.; -   *     t **. :** *
one of the severe*! drouth* the «ouuti\
Iiiid ever *veii, and I attended a privir
meeting held lor the puipo-e of petitioning divine piovideiite l*>r rain.
Among ihi-xe ili.it tm>U  p.itt   wax ,m
old   L'ii)ii.i    wl.ii,   though   .'ii,-   i'l   Un-
i niii-t   di-ViMj*   i litiri litni-n   in   tin'  i i"h-
, iiiiiiinv, i I'iilJ  tHL<4iiii>n.i]Jv   use siii'**^
liingv-igi*.    Se-iie ol   thi'-e pre-H-iit !'i-l
"Truxl la liod's  tiieuy, vliild," said j xulTered more from the drouth than he,
llie nuroe i UIK' when he  was vailed  upon lo pray
,   ..i
...... .„
Chadbournc & McLaren
Ore ,sliiji|«'tl to Nelson will he cure-
lullv looked niter.
NELSON.    ' - -      B. C
s, rt.Uiy.
-AM»'S, l»   i
i-i lb- I. -*.l *'i  11 !*!   '%■ IV  I'l Mil) itr-
VilUiW   l<l< ti,n li t.,filially ii,\|lril
Hts   tli i.iv.v    S l'li lii»r,il: J K.
V f ,  liini.tt      I -V-     II     Til' Ml -i*.
"It's m» Use. You will never leave
here,'* Wiis ihe xtilemu reply of the niiixe
its she prevented the  girl   front   rixitlg.
"|>o jou me.Ht tint I iim dung-""
streamed ihe palieiil.
"Yes. Ytm will ***>t>u l>e willi tioJ.
Sh.ll I ■-•»*) f »• ,i rr'n'it ■'"
"S*\n**l I wool h.ue ,t ptit.il. O
I',.1,1 !    W'b.it will h.tome of nii-tlur'.'"
quests, and the ideal position it occupies appeals
etiuallv to anv traveler .is well as the tourist. Drum-
mors will find lutve s.unnlt1 r»>onis nuA all the civtt-
veniences ofthe modern hotel.
A.F. & A.M.
Al.l A 1,-llM.J. Sn  f
If* Cll! Ut'. !:.:■:, I...i ..)•■ .*.
ili.v im .-ii-li m<utti  iti   VI >»
-;,,.- ,*  '■   •    * *   **»       I,, i
!■ t,t|      .1 **H*   «t     tUl.l.A.
■1   I!*'    ! l-l T!.!#»-
r Hull it * ,,. in,
■ } 'i- i.'.*n*.*»i
it, tl'V
;<tw LthvtH mmm union
NO. OT,  w   F. M.
VI,. f.
"i - V II HMAY  i'V. nl.
»! I-*•, In
.11 WIM.UVtx.
I'r«»i*t, nt.
VV i*. f, VWHKNCK,
s<« ri-ury.
K. OF P.
itt, i.ii.i,  v\, ,
»i. ii*. i-.-i i.   «**,.
ti,tf ' r. tt t. i    *... .il
H  H 'i-W'-vir
* - tl»V
,     11*!!
Vi »»»'
ift.tl.-f »l * ti'rlm I
•-.tr.ilnfi. Swi],.iirr>-
I'vf filiiri a *b t,n,*t
I HlU   K  ltl<i THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., AUGUST 20, 1903.
Tenth Year.
A carload
Fresh Vegetables
this week.
you want
New Denver, B, C.
Parley Ward.      Sandon.
      Minors' Shoes a -speclaity.
Two Days
$5000 in Prizes
Under the auspices of tlio Mayor and City
Patrons: The Brotherhood cf Railway Trainmen ami Rossland Miners' Union No. fl«, W.F.M.
Granl parade, lacrosse and baseball tournaments, tin-men's i-oni|it.-tlti<>ii, tujfs of war, horse
racing, boxing: and wrestling contests, athletic
,norts of all kinds, mai-biiie and double and
-uncle hand drillintr, and speed exhibition by the
iriii'iel'->s tvondor. Dr. M„ grand hull, magnificent
liyroteehnic display, anil performances by the
Rossland Drivmatio Club Railway rate less
than one fare for tlie round trip.
Further particulars from—
j^.box-36-NEW-D E N V E Rt
Term* on Application
The best Tonsori.il Establishment in
the Slocan.
BalmokMj Bi,dg,  Main St., Sandon.
~$S wopiiT
One Dollar
Address- K.   OALI.oWAY,
Tlie Old HookKtnre, Vutiriniver, Jl. C.
.%li(!IHK   KIIAOTIOX   .Mineral Oltilm.
K ft ,*ii-\y  IMstrut.     Wlu-re lufiiti-it.   Wi'nl*
In -1 n<-'i  of  tlir Vih-Mi    Kuril   nf   t.'iu]'i'i|t«r
i'i'i-l<, ,ni Ho ly Viirli-n Hnuiiiiil,.,
'1'AKK \'<iTI<:i: Thii* I   VV  .1  MtMI'liiii. free
I    iiiitn'i-'i4<i-i"liii'iit.) S«   H7K:fl. tor im-Ki'lf
Byron White has gone to Spokane.
Cliff Seal left this week on a visit to
his eastern home.
Wm. Clarke has a force at work on
the Wild Rose   •
Mike McGuigan is smiling. So are
theboye.   It's a son.   Came August 17.
Special business will come before the
Miner's Union meeting Saturday evening.
Matt Oletto went back to work this
week, after a few days spent in the
Jack Whittier returned from the Blue
Ledge country in Northern California,
this week.
Manager Garde of the Payne has returned from the coast, accompanyed by
Mrs  Garde.
Earl Scott came in from the Payne
this week, and is having a bad leg
treated at tho hospital.
Drewery & Twigg have just finished
tht! survey of the Silver Chord, adjoining the Noondey on Cody creek.
M. Osgoode, P. Hirsch and W Remington. With J. C. Hyan, are checking
up the smelter situation in the Slocan.
The ledge on the Washington was
tapped this week in the long tiimiel.
The showing is said to be good, the ore-
being of very high grade.
Messrs. Milloy, Melvin, Seal and
Rogers returned from tin gold fields on
the Lardo river this week, satisfied that
that is the most promising yellow metal
camp in B. C.
Bob Cunning is showing some very
rich gray copper and  zinc ore from the
new showing on the Mercury.   He is increasing the force, and hopes to be able j
to ship ore in a short time. j
The citizens of Sandon do not like to I
have their peace disturbed; they won't
take a dare, and they never back down
They don't like to see any wild and
ragged exhibitions of booze and blow
on the public streets. When it crimes
to keeping order, if one is not sullicient
a dozen will volunteer, and it doesn't
much,matter how big tliedisturber feels
nor how red the booze, they will land
him in the cool place if his legs and
arms hold to his body,
Tuesday afternoon a husky citizen of
an adjoining camp hit town with a load
of fighting red aboard. It wasn't long
till be. began the geyser act. and cut
the dirty rod air about him into squares,
circles and triangles with his arms.
He stood upon his own dung hill and
defied the earth to move him After a
little while the earth smote him, and a
stipendiary magistrate, th • postmaster,
the pedagogue, and an ex-policecaptait
carried him, kicking and biting, into
_C|IJ?) p,»________*_  ——
John M. Burke, who once owned a
bank in t!is town, has been inn private
asylum in California for some months.
Matt Tapnsilla, bridge foreman of
the K. & S , met with a serious accident
last Friday, While pushing a car he
fell on an axe, wliich cut a gash in his
hip 10 inches long, and three inches
It is now thought that the Poplar
creek gold belt may run tlwrm^li Kaslo.
Years ago gold float showing Sill in
value wns found near this town, and
placer gold is found iu the creek up to
Kemp's Springs.
II. (i. Dyer, Ph. I), of the United
States Natural History Museum of
Washington, accompanyed by his wife,
daughter anil A. IJ. Candell, are leaving for home this week. For three
months tliey have been collecting and
studying the moths and Insects ol Kaslo
and vicinity, ably assisted by \V"J.
Cockle, the well-known local"eutotnol
PHONOS   FItOM   TllltKK   KOItliS.
Mm. RiulelilT and <l(Ut|jlitei' lutve
returned from Ciliary.
T. Baker left Three   KorkH lawt
week for the gold camp,
  Mesar.". Foster and Sloan are go-
smiii... intii-siiKaii Mininir nivi«ii-n of iv* | i**g thiH week to the Lardo River
K "1V l,ii"i"    vv •' -'■ ""  -'jroid lieldH.
Traveling Locomotive Inspector
.    , „,,.., „,r ,„,.„.„ Aiihtin stopped Monday   night  at
i„,i«. „....„, (.,r u   |   M.-Miiiim. it,, hivi••• iThri'e  Korkx
i-rtlll-,i».. V    WK t.i I  irml MXiv.l,-u,tr..mtl«- * l "UL   1U,KN-
l,,j rt i.i|il,(,-iii.'i(l  Impr-ivi-riii-nt*. lor tin- iiiii  i . •'.      .... ,, ,
ie"" of i.liulnliiirit Ohm ni.runt of i!,c .il,m> jl'tMlled 1110 Pitt Collage  lltld    lire Ut
! home to tlieir frmndn.
!    The wagon road up   Ihe   North
| Fork is rapidly   being   built.    It.
; Peak Iiiih llie contend.
The new Hlriki'on the McAllister
i *. ill!
i,,.\u*.o .».,,»„. I)l4!,.(1 ,,,„, Al t|ii||i liii(Ji r
t i-i .1,. iiiii.tiK-commi'iiii-il lnf.il'.. t|,„ i^u.,,,-.,.
nf •urli<:vriiHc-.it«.»f lm|ir,.vviin.i,u.
iMt.-l tliU Hill .Iny ..f Jul'    A.II   l.'i
W, I   MrUII.I, IV.
IMIII.AiiKI.|'Hl.t   Ml.   a   Miu.,,,1  Cliil
S....-   uitu*,   shZTn ,  liivl.!,,, ,/!!nH»,lmTl    n^    ^TV*     t'^l
'\-"t   k,...t.„ar iMtrM      Wh,.r„  i,,,.,,,^. ; lll*t lllltk.     Ol'M    Will    be    xlllppCtl
■;:--"':'u,:;,',ir^iiu':::m!!w;::;:,,,r;;;^ >■««■« <»•« »■*«««» nm\ te iii.ui.ni.
"if I li'i*iii,«,.ii jr n*i tri f*  ll i       i.        i
•IVVUK Ni.llCKttmtl   I' 1 n.-m,.,,,,   ,,'tlnu '       '"*"H     < ■idllOOIl,   M'llOOUf'iU'llH'   ttt
li.'«- n.i,l w..\ t*„|,i..„, k. M r s„ H'-'.,i i"'hint been ciigiigi'd   for the   oiimiiiii'
,-,.•'  i..'M.i.ii.tfif...,,r.i.-rl..rinvriiii.'«i*   UlW' «<,u,s«»'
■ <• rn,'.f.,t,.,, ,.,,1,, friii,, f,nr|„ia,   ,,f ,,i, .i..!.,.,
n r-.-v. i,.**,*,. ,f ,|„, .,(, ,,,,,-',,|,„ l  *■
.\i"tfiirM.„rith.-ii..t||,.-ih-ii iK-tl i, imiti-r ««.i-
.i,.ii*i. tn,,.ii,. ,,,„„..,...„,.,( t«,f„r„ t|„, ,*,„»„,.,
■i» ,* 1.1 . ■ -'i„,ii,. ,,f i,|, .,,,vnn, nn
"i-i I ttil- I f it.iv uf tn-jii.i   \   ji ii„g
I", -i  H.KMKM'S. X-I...II.H.C
a geiieial supply store, and are doing an immense business. Every
train going into the town carries
hundreds of gold seekers. Town
lots are already demanding pretty
stiff prices.
Wm. C. Lawrence writes The
Ledge "to correct a statement appearing in the issue of the 18th, in
which I am placed in an unenviable
light." The article referred to
related to the charges preferred by
Mr. Lawrence against Sclvoolmaster
Pedlar, and Mr. Lawrence writes
a communication 1000 words in
length to explain his position in
the matter. The School Board
properly heard these cnarges and
dismissed the case, exonerating Mr.
Pedlar, therefore we cannot see
that anything can be gained by devoting a column and a half to this
communication. If, however:, it
will make anybody feel better, we
will declare positively that we are
guilty, and Schoolmaster Pedlar is
guilty, and the Board of Trustee-?,
are guilty, and everybody connected
with the educational, judicial,
and governmental departments is
guilty, of misrepresentation, lying,
and of cruelty, and that the child
was cruelly beaten—beaten so
severely that her finger swelled,
and "her ring could not be removed
until the swelling was reduced."
and J.
of the
E. V. Drake, president,
W.   Patreaus, metallurgist,
Lanyon     Zinc   company,
panied by their ladies, are
a visit, to the Slocau.
Messrs. Drake and Patreaus are
accompanied on their visit by Mr.
Jones the Zinc buyer, aiid they are
here to size up the ore situation.
They have visited the Slocan Star,
Payne,and other Sandon producers,
and on Tuesday ' inspected the
Bosun mine. An effort will be
made to get a larger supply of zinc
ore from this camp, with the posi-
bility of a zinc smelter being built
on the Canadion side.
U» Tlii ti"   l'\»i!
Ttu'sday evening.
MK.uniir  ntovr  eon.,tit.
Win, ('(.irk returned from I'ophir
fit ek on Sal in tiny.    lie uiul  pm-
llli,''   11,111-   .'(.IftlH     it        \,ilt,..V/|l'       |j|l|-
i«'iit,  wu  ii,<; ^iiiii i,'iui   tvum',
*i 'i,ly  ouIitoji,   .iini    Inlieve   I hey   ii.t-vi*
 „*,  *„",*',",  'M*wlliii-i*j|£ ;t)<   {miuhI   ;vs   tin-   hr.-l,
xttlt fttiiiM-- *r ,,,,   tl,,. f, ,|i,,,.ri.,,.   it;, ./I...        I i ii , ,
-mi.-.-.i,.,. v».„,( s ii,ti,,.w..tl,,.,.,,,;,. «h<-ugh lii. wuik Iiiih bwn tlone   in
I'',*',',"/•' J 'AyA'\'"'■ x'   t .....I ti ,,t...| „„  ili-iiioitvirat.. its value.     Mr.   <'l;tik
 *i'U' ini'.*. -,i,.,,   ii,. ij,..,   ,,,-. ,„,„,,( yvilei* llmi ihe ^i/lil Kune hits   teen
::,.;,a ak* .'t':':::,*;:v"1;1::"!':;;;;; p«»vWion«u ti..-tributary «-m«k«
* il'*',-.''M^';,'ti Jun''*it.'.V-f'":i,'':*'';'"''',;''  •'•»l,,)'.»»K '"i" ,l,«- I*udoriver, ami
ii i vtwiivt'        there te every promise of  lhal    Im--
u *."*„ ii r. j,,i»- ■.,. i,,.. *UI, ,,„, ,M.H, •„„,,, n|ffl|| ju   ,{HtWi
Nearly 800 names are now on the
voters list Following is a revised list
of the votes in the various places:
Slocan ; 234
N a k u s pTrTrrrrrrx. "TTTTiO-i"
Sandon 145
New Denver 112
Rosebery  17
Silverton  48
McGuigan  85
Three  Forks    34
Winlaw 2s
Alamo 2
Gutelius 1
Cody 8
Burton 19
Fire Valley 8
Robert H.  Anderson,  formerly j
superintendent of the B. C.  mine,
r.ow ooeupics a similiar position at
the LeRoi mine at Rossland.
As shipments are being increased
again at the Snowshoe, the force of
men, wliich was temporarily reduced, is again being augmented.
Another cleanup has been made
at the Waterloo, Camp McKinley,
stamp mill, being 'M.\..v ounces of
gold, worth SfU'20. Within six
weeks the mine has realized §8,000
from the mill.
It is now anticipated that the
close-down of the iJranby smelter,
for the purpose of connecting the
two new furnaces, the erection of
which te now being completed, will
occur about the l.«t of September,
for ten tlayn,
The work of installing the new
150 li. p. boiler, manufactured by
the .lenekes Maeliino (X, at the
Snownhot' mine Iiiih been completed, anil it will be placed i.i
('ommission as soon as the government inspector  jut-sen upon it.
In llie course of a week or two
the four furniii'CH at the (Jranby
smelter will lie blown out, for the
purpose of connecting up the two
new furnaces, This will require
pcrlmpH ten davs, when all six
will be operated. In the mean
time ore shipments from the com-
puny"-* '.uitu-.-* -.vill lur-r-Nsmlv *>e
.discontinued, hut Supt. Williiiuii-
state*. tb:it the force will not be re-
tliiced, a-< he has plenty of work
for the men to do, and has storage
room in (he iiiIiu-m for a very large
[amount of ore. When shiiuneitis
aie resumed, alter the vlmt down
at' the smelter, tliey will »m» at the
rate of more than 'J.ooo tons daily.
Murdock McLean left Tuesday morning for Poplar creek.
Dynamite has advanced 25c a box
and steel half a cent a pound
W. W. Warner has another fine
showing of ore on the Wonderful.
Improvements are being made on the
Ivanhoe mill so as to treat the zinc ore.
Jeff Baty is at Nizzini, Alaska. Hugh
Madden is building a saloon in the same
Photographer Trueman is taking
smiles on tne pretty babies of New
A social dance will be held in Bosun
Hall on Tuesday, Aug. 25. Everybody
A meeting of the Provincial Mining
Association will be held iu Kossland on
August 24th.
Silver is steadily climbing in the
right directoin. It promises booh to
reach CO cents.
Phil Munro, wife and children, left
on a two-month's visit to their Ontario
home this week.
Dr. Milloy will bo in New Denver
from the 22nd to tho 25th, to.attend to
troublesome teeth.
These, are days when fishing is enjoyable, especially if a case of Sandon beer
is in the bait basket.
Larry Knowles has bought out his
partner, and is now sole lessee of the
Arlington hotel in Slocan City.
The moonlight excursion was greatly
enjoyed by a large party of pleasure
makers last Wednesday night.
Work on the Howard Fraction was
resumed last week. A 1000 foot tunnel
is to be driven on the property.
Dick Orando who ran a saloon in Sandon some two years ago, was taken to
Westminister by Officer Black.
The fall styles of furniture will soon
be arriving at D. J. Robertson's in Nelson. Do not fail to write when you
want anything.
Another partv of campers, from Sandon and Kossland, are enjoying the
pleasures of "roughing it" at the Bosun
camp giounds.
Lemon creek has not a gold excitement, but il has a boom on. It has
never experienced such activity as is
now being felt.
The freight and treatment rate on
dry ore from Slocan has been raised
from $9 to Sll a ton in Nelson, aud
from $11 to §12 at Trail.
J. F. Collom claims an interest in
Prof. Park's method of treating dry
ores. This might delay the erection of
the Arlington mill, on "Springer creek
Andrew  Jacobson returned  from a
gold as large as your finger sticking
out of the rock. The quartz had worn
away and left the pure gold exposed.
It must have been exceedingly hard
gold or mighty soft quartz.
Fernie is going to have a lodge of
Knights of Pythias Sixty-five names
are on the application and~Grand Chancellor Nelson will leave shortly to install the lodge.
Geo. H. Bayne, a man well-known in
mining circles, was attacked by a large
female bear near Ferguson some days
ago, and so severely injured that death
ensued a few days later at the Lardeau
•Miner's Union hospital.
The Conssrvatives of the Slocan Riding met in convention in Bosun Hall on
Saturday and nominated Wm. Hunter
of Silverton to contest the Riding. The
old wheel-horses of the party believe
they have a fighting chance.
W. Mortellete, a Frenchman, was arrested at Slocan last weeK for stealing
a quantity of light machinery from the
Chapleau mine. He admitted his guilt
and was taken to Nelson where he was
sentenced to one month's hard labor.
Manager Campbell believes that he
will bo able to turn on the power for
the new electric light system in New
Denver in a week or two*. Lights will
be supplied at the following rates:
Residential, 1(5 candle power lights, 50e
each for first three lights; 3c per unit
over three lights; 8 c-p lights, 80c each
for first six lights, 8c per unit over six
lights * Stores and offices. 6c per unit
ovi r six 16 cp lights; $1 per light under
6 lights. Hotels, downstairs 6c per
unit, pedrooms 4c per unit.
No light supplied to residence less
than 2, 16 c. b. lights or 4, 8 c p lights.
Residents are    allowed one   allnisrht
Allnight  lighting  allowed   in
VI |U~li\/-VllC    "
Or.la h iutaab,/tam *rt~
piai—x<i cun vniu jj
day. He was so well pleased with the
outlook that he is going to build a hotel
An enthusiastic prospector of the
Poplar creek told of the finding of a
rich vein on one of the properties. He
said the discoverers were drunk at the
time, and that they saw two prongs  of
stores,    offices  and  downstairs  hotel
lights.   All other lights to be cut off at
Owing to our inability to getthecorrei t
figures, the list of ore shipments for the
oast two weeks has not beeo printed,
but we present the list correct to date
American Boy	
A ntoiiie 	
Blank I'lini-e	
Bosun    (JO
Hluo Mini	
Enterprise.'    80 .
Fisher Maiden	
H h rtney	
Hamilton .-	
II iL'liliiiid Li«ht	
Ivan hoe , 103
Luck v J im	
Meteor    -40
1'ayne  15(5
Queen Bess	
K.-iuibler ,    iio
llntia ^... „.„„.,„,„„ ,
Ktltli ,    42
Keit Fox..
Silver continues steady at an advance of about four cents since the be-
girning of the year. There is no likelihood of a decrease nor a diminution in
the demand, for China and India continue to absorb one-half the silver produced in the world.
And here a problem presents itself
which baffles the calculations of the
most expert statisticans and students of
political economy. Where or by what
means is the silver, the millions in small
coins which is distributed yearly among
the hordes of the east,absorbed? For it
disappears; is completely swallowed up
in barter between the teeminu multitudes of these two Oriental countries
and even grim Famine fails to bring it
forth from places of ite accumulation, if
it is accumulated. Whatever the
theory advanced regarding its absorption it never returns to the channels of
trade, and its place must continue to be
sunp i d yearly.
Gold is never a medium nf exchange
among the poor millions who inhabit those Oriental countries. The
small silver coins will ever be their
money and silver coins will always be
used with gold in every other country
in iho world.
The attempt to demonetize silver has
acted as a boomerang ou the very
nations who advocated the measure,
and they are now clamoring for an international conference to place a fixed value on the silver dollar. Such attempts
are not new in the history of the world,
but whenever that has occurred, silver
became a mere article of commere, and
was subject to fluctuations. It cannot
remain so and yet, be a money metal
without disasttous consequences to
trade relations between naitors.
Sliver has again reinstated itself.
Backed by the inexorable law of supply
and demand it will retain its place as a
money metal and a fixed value must be
placed on the dollar,—The Mining and
Engineering Review.
i,   2
Another stampede is promised, this
time to Cooper creek, at the head of
Kootenay lake, where rich gold finds
are reported.
Slocun Star	
SIoohii Buy	
Silver Glaiu-e.	
Vhiico  ver...	
Wonderful    23
Total tone 74.1
A Carload of
Snyder Candles
Just received. These Candles are equally a-ood as any
made, and they come at a g-ood deal less money. The
proof of the candle is the burning. It is for you to make
the test.
See our big Trunk
and Valise Display
W.  R, flfigaW, $m-*™ and Vernon,
P. O. BOX 185
* ^House
Uec-o Am.,
Kunning since the urent fire, anil always opftii
up to midnight.   Call in when vou strike tile
Silver City anil get a tiller.
Meal Ticket, $5.50 for $5.09
A Utile Journal |iiililliilii-tl monthly at NVw IVnivr    y H. M. Wullcvr <Cn|iyrlirM)
ItVnftinillmitoii k i\ti*\ work.   Noitilnu
dlit ul unit, it ju-i >i*i, iiiitn »hi.jwiii«.   Ii Iim
ti i-mir-i** "t what *otm> |mii|iIh i-iiII pn-tty ir.mil
muff. Oilier |m-iiii|i> mltrlit think ntlicrwUv of
It.lmt limliliHfn'tiiiMti-r. IM r.itlurIn'nil.nnili-r-toinl mul alun-il liy an Itonmt nun limn to la*
mhuiiil<T«!iM!iiiiil 1'iiil-nl liy ii f'"il. It won't in t you iniiili t • *n- what Vol; think »limit it, It
mIUhi 10 CENTS A COPY. A namulv i«|*y will l» i-uf .v **u un r»i|u>Kt; ur ymi «uii i?«t It
for 60 CENTS A YEAR U >•'"»u».».-riU. Xn\V      A-hlrea-
.*. fl*    %fi 1*9*1     IV-0S
Har Iron Steel, Vl\te Klultitfd, Kte.
Brick Hlock    New Denver
Man.Ker „f HOSUS HAM..
--.v. Hunters
Should enll on
OnaComliliiHtloi) I'nol Hint IlillUnI Tulile
<»IIM PoolTfttilu
One NntioiuKVJi H<-;.>Mer,N<> i,totnl«-ldt-r
Onti iniiili Ktcvlnior Knit*
Out'.). J.T*'.jUi s.itt. Mo.','
Shi of ll iiii llur Klxtnri*
Sitwiiitf Mnehinn-4
Olmu Show 1'n e.
Uni' 1'liitM tilim Mirror, 4i>x'.i4 inrli»»
" "      Srtxr,! liieht-.
lUilwrcliMlrii. Mirror-%, lUtli tu:n>,Tt»rikx.
Ilcmtiir*        K'ttir-l'rim-iii
Oliu Mit»"ii k HUi'h Pimm
iinv IUii mul H|irlnir Kiinlin- linviiriior ,'i| Im-h
•tt-iiui t»l|*
turn I ink* Knifiiin 1* Iiii, with tovernor unit
tilt lilt'-il-OIIIJlllitl'
Ono luk i- K filip, ili|i.
tine IIiiiii-',U li|i
Hi.ti lli ili()iS!i«ftin«-
Woo I Split fully, from in lo f I Ini Iim
line Wi>iiil-S|illUitii( Mn( him'.
The imiiu'ii'tu iitiiiilwr of iiiiu*tt-|
gtiint^ ^oiii^ into ICilitiOiitou «1i»<|
trift am to Mime (!i'KM-«» lm n\,\irv-\
■HmU'-iI liy llu* i'iiMiiiiih llKiin**, At
that |>oit iliu int.' tin* month of.ltiiu-j
no }«f« flint* -?47:$,:W'J «nf»f'fillf-ff*'*l, I
while for tin* niiim' |i«Ti<Ki la^t yi'-ir!
thn fiitiire< \vern a),,T '»"7*      Fn 'In ,
Print Blurs
WMn trtnl blur*. Ir*
i )I*L .U*   ti < -/ i i   . ii tl
ganatai  aHaromtott
W« |>««lll«r«l> cur*
thia condlllo* will*
RELIABLE ASSAYS ro]um,;i;1-,    ,   ,   ,
«.*   i.n,.,2^tC, ,Z      I» »«ta,tt.o» tu the- fr,,   „„>l„i«
l.f<»ii ••,' i,,.(*» ,«iv'-(-, - ,.'r ' 'j- -tie li'tlir'«. won Ii nr*'   v«-iv   ijiii<i-,
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought <ijh.|V to lo. ation.
OGDEN ASSAY CO,    Vf ro[»)ai < _v«*k. u* new tow».
I7*1V .lr*|>atm«' **.,   Iirn-irr, t*«lr».
ty    THE
A)      OLD
N-ttlf r't* r-ffM'tn w«»r-p ailiniltfil U11-
. of«li:irg«', »?* wHIasa IniTjfiaiiioiiril
toilVith aii«l MitftlftMiii liuvedj^iK-ti, t>| (Itilinh)f grmtilt.
x SUamesHotel
A, .lAIVirw.lV, fV.,prf,>f,*r
W>i.i»n y,in wnrd n tint dn.i mcai, nr rt ?icd that!
U ch.'«*fi**ml «>ft rtrid weUmuAe, yon will timl whu
yoa are looking for «t thl* pfonccr l»ou««. AI«o ih« j
tUteu nerve Umics. j
New Denver
Thone 10
CI*        . T5w.,|* *fll,-f»/ill(i*M<T.


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