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The Ledge Sep 10, 1903

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Volume X. Number 50.
NEW   DENVER,  B.  C, SEPTEMBER   10,   1903.
Price  $2.00 a  Year, ix  Advance.
Tho payroll !at DeLamar amounts to
$25,000, wliich is one of the largest rolls
in Idaho.
Tho Majestic Copper company ot
Utah has placed the order for coke to
blow in the new smelter.
Two hundred men wero thrown out
of work at the Utica mine at Angels
camp, Cal., last week by the shutting'
down of tho south shaft.
Prospectors from the Flathead country report that oil has been struck near
Atlyn by a Montana company. At a
depth of 300 feet oil was encountered.
Heavy sales of copper have recently
been made at 13& cents per pound.which
is regarded us the probable figure of
the red metal for the remainder of the
At the Calumet and Hecla pockets
are being constructed for supplying
Kimberley skipe, which are supplanting
the cage and car system in tho Red
Jacket shaft.
The announcement is mado that Geo.
Mitchell and F. A. Heinze of Butte
have associated themselves together for
the purpose of developing Alaska copper mines on a large scale.
,,fr—UJ.-». v«". *»*.*t.--*w»---*.f* *—- —- — *g—• — y
which Napoleon formed in the hope of
invading England, a collection of buttons representing twenty French regiments has been presented to the army
museum at Paris.
Lava gives us tho precious metals
rarely, but preciouB -stones ^ freely.
Agates, chalcedonies, etc., are customary results ot disintegrated lava, while
diamonds aro a regular accompaniment
of volcanic action.
It Is estimated that no less.than three
millions of dollars in gold dust will be
taken out>f the Valdez district during
this season. This does not include
Nomo, Dawson, or any of the Yukon
country. Valdea itself has a population
of 1,500.
Tho now process tried on low-grade
dirt has been mado on the headwaters
of tho Kuskowln, In Alaska, Gold is
known to bo on this and other rivers
flowing Into Bering sea south of St,
Michaels, but so far 110 rich strike has
been mado.
Tho copper mines near Corbin, Mont.,
belonging to T. \V. Clayton and others,
have boon purchased, it Is aald, by W.
S. McConnick of Salt Lako. All told,
100 claims have been taken over. It ie
aald tho company will Initiate rapid development work.
A man named Collard has recently
discovered somo prehistoric milieu
nbout nine miles from Bowfo, In tlm
Chiricnhtia mountains, Arizona. Near
Creek, that the Gtiggenheims and the
Ryan-Whitney syndicate bought on the
strength of John Hays Hammond's ic-
port regording the large ore bodies
blocked out, and the apparent [fact that
the rich ore bodies of Stratum's Independence dipped into Portland ground.
The miners of Idaho Springs, Colo.,
who were driven from that city by a
mob of citizens, have 1 caused the arrest
of a large number of prominent citizens,
including the sheriff, mavor, city attorney, bankers and business men, who
are charged with being members of the
mob. Developments are rapid in this
sensational case.
A mining gulch 12 acres in extent
will be situated near the Mines and
Metallurgy building at the World's
Fair. Here will be a reproduction of
an 1849 mining camp, including the old
miner's cabin of John W. Mackay, the
famous Bonanza king, a placer gold
mino in operation, mining machinery,
oil well, derricks, etc.
The new 20-stamp mill of the Lexington Hill Mining company on Spruce
Gulch, near Deadwood, has a capacity
of 100 tons per day. It will be driven
by electricity and the company will in-
sfairaT30Cr-liorsepower generatiTig'plaiYt"
in the lower end of Deadwood. It is
expected that the plant will also furnish
Deadwood and the surrounding cities
with electrictity for light and power.
Tho citizens of Olinghouse canyon in
the State of Novada, have been having
great trouble with their chickens which
have been dying -suddenly in great
numbers. An examination of some of
tho dead chickens developed the fact
that thoy had been picking np gold
nuggets to such an extent that they
overloaded their gizzards and tho
weight of the gold broke tho cbickons'
An oro body CO feet thick has been
proven by tho owners of tho Coronado
mine, Leadville district, beneath tho
parting quartzito. It is an iron sulphide
aud explains tho sulphide opened on
Cnrbonato hill, proving that it extends
under the city. The values are said to
bo about Hvo ounces, which is not regarded commercial, but the management will Inter sink its shaft to that
depth and explore tho oro body.
Following idleness of twenty-live
years, tho Guadalupe mines, near Sail
Jose, Cal, aro resuming, owing to thu
increased price of quicksilver and tho
improvements mado in development
and reduction of thc metal. A force of
200 men waa required whon tlie company resumed, the shaft was pumped
out, sinking wan continued,, and exten
go with him into his dim prospect tunnel, to slosh through tho water, and
share with him his enthusiasm over his
fine showing of rock, glittering in the
flicker of a tallow candle.
Why does the sweaty smell of such a
man give tis more pleasure than the
civet of a Market street dandy ? Why,
I say, do we like the free speech, the
free thought, the manhood, thc virility
of the open-hearted, opcn-handed,nmnly
miner ?
He is nature's nobleman; for he produces that which moves the wheels of
commerce, that drives the fanner's
plough; that pays tho artizan's wage;
that sives balm to the weary, recreation !to ;the tired, and that feeds the
It is he who produces the money ot
the nation; that which provides the
means to hew down the forests; to build
up the cities; to dig the canals; to construct the railroads: to put all wheels
in motion, and to set the world a-throb!
The precious metals which he gives
to us aro the life-blood ot energy and
activity. They arc that by which all
other things are actuated and enlivened
and for which mankind strives most
And why not ?
'Tis through tho possession and protection of them that proceed all other
thin <r8..„.DtGasuro._.nnwfii' preferment:.
happiness and health, too, when properly enjoyed, and the opportunity for
benefaction both private and public!
Gold, 1 greet thee! Thou wizzard of
unmatchablo dominion ! Thou servant
of man most mighty! Thou bearer of
burdens! Thou ameliorator of the lot
of tho indigent and unfortunate! Thou
best of all things and most to be desired !
Silver, I greet thee, likewise, thou
handmaiden of tho arts and sciences!
Thou bringer of joy to old and young
alike! and especially to the child who
exehangoth thee for a toy or sweetmeat!
Hail, all-important metals! Movers
and fructiliers of tho measure of man's
accomplishment! Greetings to thee,
lords! and acclaim! But lirst and
chiufest to those who live hardly and
laboriously for the welfare of tlieir
brothers in thejlield and in the cities,
or ou tho waters! TIiobo free souls!
great souls! Tho clean, wholesome,
whole-souled men, the minors!
Hail! I cay, and acclaim!—San Fran-
clsco Mining Review.
and a clear rivulet >'hich ran at their
foot, did not tend so much to give light
to the workmen as to render this abode
more magnificent than the palace of
Pluto. Mon. of all countries are to be
seen in these galleries; some draw carriages, others roll stones, and others
are tearing the rocks asunder. There
is a town below, a town containing
houses, taverns, stables, horses, etc.,
and what is. very remarkable there is a
mill in the bottom of this gulf, which
raises the water Jout of the mine.
The first stones taken out of the mine
are dried in a furnace which burns very
slowly, and which separates the antimony '■ arsenic and sulphur from the
stone, and the lead andlisilver ^remain
together. The operation is followed by
another in]which the dried^stones are
thrown into triangles, and piled on each
other to be pulverized by large hammers, set in motion by water. The
pounded ore is kept in a stream of
water which runs constantly over a
large clean cloth placed in a sloping position, by this means all the thick and
earthy matter is carried off, while tho
lead and silver remain at the bottom.
It is afterwards removed and thrown
again into a furnace, which separates
the silver from tho lead; the last is converted into scum.
Zinc Tonnage Increasing.
sive work is projected. The Guadalupe
by wero found the ruins ol an annum j mine* were heavy producer* in Jhoii
city  that te thought to havo had  nj prime.
population of at leant 2u,0l>l peroona. Pedro    Alvarado,    the   uiillionairt!
Marly Silver Ml uch in Sweden
Tho traveler, Reynard, gives us the
following quaint description of u do-
scent into one of tho most famous bilver
mince of Sweden In the early years of
the la.4 century.
Salborg Is a little village two days'
journey from Stockholm, and ono of
the must delightfully situated places in
tlw country.   The silvor mine, bui-* three
"   NYfilltTtEelnnc tonnage onuirneatF
ville camp has been steadily increasing,
it is interesting to know that the grade
of tho ore has not been held up to tho
standard which was established when
the (Kansas zinc smelters discovered
that tbey could handle these ores successfully.   Then tho purchasing basis
was placed at 45 per cent., with a premium of $1 per unit (or per cent) and
with a corresponding penalty for ores
running loss  than   the   basic   assay
value.    It  has  developed during the
past few  months  that tho Leadville
shippers could not hold up to that basis
and now the basis has fallen as low as
115 per cent.   However, the lowering of
of tho grade of the oro has not resulted
iu a corresponding loss to the zinc producers, as the increasing price of spelter has brought np tho prices paid by
thc smelters,   It is reported on good
authority that thero is little zinc now
being  shipped from Leadville  which
will assay moro than -10 per cont, the
larger portion oi  tho  tonnage being
close to !!5 per cent,   This fact, how-
over, shows that the smelters can handle
low-grade zinc ores at a profit and it
can lie statoti positively that had not
tho Biuelters been able to utilize those
ores,  there would have been such  a
shortage i<)f spelter production in tho
United States that the price would havo
been grtatly in excess of that now being
Advance In Copper Stock*.
Thn Rambler Mining anil Smelting
company, owning tho Now Rambler
mine, Grand Kneampniont, is experimenting on Iho belt method of handling
icopptr or« carrying high vnltics iu
platinum, with the prospect of Introducing an innovation in reduction work.
Gold In paying quantities is wild to
Imve been found on iho Alftfcknn coaM
near to thu point where tho American
Wtillu fiver empiir*!-. into Xho m-a, bt.-
tween Capo Yaktag nnd Uy cap*;. A
prospector took out a hundred dollars a
day for two weoka with a mule rocker
Cincinnati capitalists have bought (or
tia>,t)Ui  the Cotuvtiu mine, ll utile
Mexican mining man is dead. Six
)i'iirs ago Alvarailo was a barefoot
peon, working iu the mino of tlio l'nriil
district at HO cents a dny. Ho discovered tho Pal Milto mint-, and his
wealth nt the timo of his death wasjes-
tiuitited al $H0,ow),oi)i). Ho is reported
to liave hail no faith in banks, with the
result thtt silver bars of immense vnhie
Too recent advance iu llie piico ol
large moullia, but tho bottom Is l<»o | w,,,,M,r mocks, as manifested on the
deep to be won. A tub attached t<. n \ Xyy, Y,,rk and IWtoii Movk exchange*,
cable is used for the purpose of descend- . |wl,|8 ,„„. t„ t|„, |,eli„f ,|iut t|„, i,„,j,ieni
hue this abyss, and it Is lowered and j ,|IIV„ C()m:tU(U.,| thnt the bottom has
iiiiihted by a very curious machine, („.,.„ mwhi>A and that the umiiipulu*
driven by water. The extent of tbe )li(m w|llc|, |„,s \)WU Mispected ami
danger may easily bo conceived, when ; vigorously charged was a stem reality.
a person must descend iu this manner | NoW tluU t|lt) Wl.nUer holders have been
with only one foot in the machine, and I ••f,|,nk«n «lnwn"-aml nut—this inMilen.
his life depending ou the strength ol a , II1UV be able to cover tho storks which
rope.   A tmtolite, black as the devil,  u.e'v sold short and then pi'oceedei.' tn
It looks as though the new postofiice
would have an opening next month.
Local sportsmen occasionally shoot a
bird and bring it into the metropolis.
The drug stores now have regular
hours for doing business on Sunday.
H. J. Anderson and Miss M, Cunningham were married last Thursday.
Slocan trade is steadily increasing
with the wholesale, merchants in this
Prize pumpkins exhibited at tbe Nelson fair can be traded for subscriptions
at this office.;
Sol Johns ofthe Royal is talidngof
running a gimnasiurn in connection
with his hotel.
Tho body of E. W. Grier, recently
drowned in the river near Nelson, has
not been recovered.
The political pot is boiling over in an
endeavor to have everything cooked
by the 3rd of October.
The citizens of New Denver are agitating for the building of a wagon road
from Nakusp to Slocan lake.
Nelson is now the Athens of Kootenay, and education in many forms may
oow^"beproeured*in~this"cit3rr-—■   ~
Paddy Miles has returned from Poplar, and states that he did not locate
anything owing to the formation being
too full of stakes.
New Denver has the ago on Nolson.
A bear walked into tho Lucerne tho
other day and walked out again without
a shot being fired.
Tho C. P. It. pays something like
$"5,000 a month to its employees in
Nelson. Tho C. P. R. is certainly a
good thing for Nelson.
It is just possible that the report of
Jim Wardner dying from drinking
water may bo untrue, judging from
letters recently received in this city,
Tho buildings on tho fair ground will
probably bo completed this week. Indications point to a groat success for
Nelson's lirst agricultural exhibition.
Tho Strathcona' hotel  continues to
draw   tho crowd.    Travelers say that
under  tlio   mnnngement   of   Colonel j
Tompkins this hotel has few equals in
Iu a short time passengers going
north lind to tho coast will be sent via
Slocau lak» and Nakuep. This will give
tho world a chance to look at Now
Denver every day.
Archie Fletcher, one, of the best and
olilost citizens iu Kaslo, has taken up
his residence in Net-son.   Archie is at
home iu tlie metropolis and hns already
[ become accustomed to tbe street-cms.
There is danger even in llie life ol au
auctioneer. Charles Waterman, while
delivering an niatioii the other day on
household furniture, slipped off the
chair and fractured a portion nf his
hanging wall,
Talking about the Mollie Gibson
wagon road, tin' News rliould reuicur
her that it costs less to clear a path f<»r
u couple nl r.iviisi'*, than it doe" to build
lested. This is plainly seen in the
career of John Houston. He belongs
to the class of men who havo built up
the great West Always ready to light
with his pen for, the betterment of tho
community against those who, filled
with greed, would sacrifice th-j many
for the enrichment of the few, he has
drawn upon himself tha spite of those
who spew their venom as :i skunk does
its perfume. Tread in a jungle ilillod
with reptiles and every snake and Hz-
zard will heave, its dirty little spit at
you. Houston is a man who does not
call a spado an agricultural implement.
He does not hide behind a white shirt,
studded by diamonds, a heart that is
rotten with deceit, and filled with the
venom of dishonest actions. He fights
in the open with his face to tlie foe, and
it is quite natural for his enemies to
pour abuse over him. It runs from
them like juice from a squashed pumpkin. The country needs more men
like Houston in its legislative assembly.
It matters little about the party to which
they cling. Give us a legislature composed of men who have courage, energy
and determination, and British Columbia will be the moat prosperous country
on earth.   A western country needs all
strong men "aFtbe front. wbetherTlieir
shirts are white or blue.
The owners of tho Gold Park refused
$1,000 for a nugget found on their
J.J. Young of Calgary and Cochrane
Bros, of McLeod are reported to havo
paid 8:55,00 ' cash to Eric, Larson for a
claim lying between the Swede group
and tho Lucky Jack.
The Lucky Jack tunnel has been run
about 50 feet tit a vertical jdepth of 100
feet, and the. values found on the sur**
face still continue.
Marquis & Gilbert aro sinking on
their property with good results.
Samples of Poplar creek ore have
boon secured for the approaching Nelson fair.
J. J. Cameron built the lir^t hotel
hero.   He has also taken the lead iu
building   sidewalks,  securing   record
ollice, and other movements to benefit
the camp.   lie. runs a better house than
I could be  expected tinder the circutn-
j stances.   Mrs. Funk is in charge of the
' cuisueof this hotel.   Mis. Funk is well
j and favorably known, having run din*-
j ing rooms iu Sandon and Slocan City
* during the palmy doys of Ih<)7.
He dinned.
Dr. Daniel M. Slims,m, the family
|ili\sit'iau and lilVlniig 1'iieiul ol'the kilo
pml, Richard I lent) Stoddard, relates
uu anecdote lu tht■ ellect lhat tbe port,
while endeavoring In piocuiv an ini-
pi'iiitiptti Iiiih luihv lm a number nl
ii tends alter Mii. Si.iJJ.uJ and llu-.
servants had liliu.I, Ionia! a box ul
sardine. His Miiiuwhat vigorous rein.u ks, hispiuvl In I, s.mliiif tan's oh-
i.i lioii-s to llu.' '\i|vii s.-s.tiiii.'** ol' a dull
passage of j.n k-kniio,
8 .aid in bo locked in a steel cage of Uuiyiu« '" '"" ,"u"' * V""1'1'.0' |,,,( h '""!  •** <»"*" l'»«™ t(>!"»"» »'»'"*' *««'•»
his pxlatial lesidenee
tin Mineral creek, near Tacoma,
Wash , there is a largo arsenic mine,
where n nmelter has lieen eoiihtrueli-d
for reduction of ihe. mineral,   Vul.itil-
uiul  arneiiic  passea   through n   long
and ru-iii, descended with us, and
Mjn'iimcii uut an air so uieiam inuv in «i
it M-eiiied to have been iniide no put •
pose for the infernal deMciit. About
half way down vie, felt ureal mill,
wnich joined to the water whuli nil
i upt>u u» fruui all i|Uartim iu tun>u>s
»n,,ih,i«*t r,t VroeeiMt   XtW     The urno- i *tt'ri,'>* of rl't,mi l'ipos of bilge  caliber, i r,„K(,(, ,K fr„m „,„ |(.,,„,r,„. i„fl, wi,*,,-», ■
ertv I* pnrt nf th« Massiek estate ntal i M',a''1 "'" "",Icr * «"'M«"»  M"-«> "«I *,. |„„| („||,.n ,„, ,.,,1^,1,,^ the*., unbt.-r-
ban bepn worked off ami on for twenty \ *»•«■»'•   i-icu evc-mux   i*w*  p»pc»   •"» t rnui.an regions.   We nt length re-wind
yearn.    The mine is well equipped ri*»««* a'"1 "»J "iiil« «••«' red ,arsenic | t)u! hulUm ()f {[w ^ ft(u,(. |mU ,tn
wilh machinorv and Is highly thought 5 *» '«"»<» "J» ^' '"*J,Sci "* *»"<  l'Jl" SI hour'* journev,    Here our burs mid
of bv local miners. |,r,,m wllkh ,l ,H *cral"'a a,,,i »mt "l,°  gloomv feelings vanished; we m. tn .e
tbf* Km* (or *MwnntMo lur«'»mn. x   ..   . »     .    ,» ■       T     ...
tl*   i t  '/ u'hi'i lit AiiiiiiMi^ V'C(^!* '*'i'i'1*'!*   '*! ;*•■'.- : j "■-■; •' r>    -1   ri*'•*-.*   ,  ■■'-.   ■■■
ha#«pent three yeart in Core* in the 'THE .MOl'XTAIN'S AXI> MINKS, i" •••>'' «'*'etythmg wo* brilliant
employ of the companies ,managed bv     - j    Ue then d.^eiaie.! Mill mi tin r U-
!.*ijjli Hunt,lays he has installed dtiir- Why do we like tbe un>niititin# and { tew grouml for tbe piut<osetjf vi-sitm/a
lug that period oue 4«» and another 1*) the miners ' Why do we like to »trid« jwleon, tin- if ui of which is siij.|  i'"i
stamp  mill  for  the Americans.   The a rturdy equine and ride up 11 mountain j by *evc;*il column* of silver, uttti vu,.<-I.
XwwrMio *MVM*7, ,n U^uvUt'n v^u.u't', Ais '.U. iU^,U U.*.' tv. ut*"i•■, > " ■ *-t-«m.'l! ; »> •"-•■r ''Von filing   i,   i.mv.•!■-!.     I'<-'ir
and the pick of the Korean mining l«.r- ing piney • woml» to the rough cabin of i\>i -acioua Kalienes .diM-Ju»e tlnmi-et-vN
ritMV. n lilllii*i'/  lo tn-ai    iu* i-i**-*'**  we.*:*,*,,** , * ■i*-*' »1'C  iiUo.Uon   hi   lU|i   ii^i,**,-.   ki.    "
It is reported io connection with the i to eat with an appetite horn of inoun- j »'-o»>« "it oil ude*, and daaxled "u* *•>' » i,
#*!.£> ci tbe  I'onlwi   mint,  Cripj.le h*>n climbing, bi* l^an* *t*d haunt; »oi*»y i*»o«ion fioin the vauUn ut *'.**<* ,t
enable thi'in to cover with liainlsmne
protits, ihe sirioiiH question which
upcctilatois iu copper ate asking i.s
"Wan the iiioViiin-iil iiieivly pieliutin-
iuv tn one ol still givatei iiopoituiHi',
ur Wits It niinply a bear raid V" There
was a time when copper abates followed I
nc clear out a road for tin
1 heavy or.' teams
I    Pat Uice, formerly of Butte,  Mont ,
! 'ka.-i in t-.:«ftji hit; wevVi. He A.<.:--• t!i.--t
! Mary Mt'Lant-did mt write, th.* Ie...|,
-attributed to her, but thai it was
I written by a intin, and Mary ret-eived
, ^|s,0t u fm-the use ol her nanie iunu
nectlnii with ihe erot.ii' publication
.    1    Cnntuin   Kit/.-MuhliM   died    at    Santa
tit ly,- *h\ lu<\\\A,u h;t  W.,r.-er -d ' M""*4"'- in «'alitornin, Auu'Ust •.»•».   Cm-
The mirtnl unula-t bas been Wronger :"«»• t'"^»»>^ *■» *«'»» known m
.luring the |*ai thinv .lava and it is', K<w;enay. He wns government agent
now predicted thnt 11 cent copper is'1" •N«'l«»» >•«•«'» »g»* '•»'•» .»H«-rw*M«
so-,,, to be sern.   Meanwhile consumers :.wnrdfii of tl„, jail.   The cnplmn «>
•tn*    .-.-. *;,.      1 ..»    . .. ,. t    ,i-    <  '     . *  'V.,
tUv, A^Aiii    riivtriM^    iiit     iiiai n>  i, *fc('('*i'."" j
Iminiseel anothir advance wliich in i1'*" ll*'nt  •»***»*«■*«--- <"miA in ewu   **■
their present depletion of stocks   would < < Ustimied ;., |toiiln*r lib- ami |..m ns
heiotne 11 more or lee* sertt.it" predica-l    A strong man i- aHv.iv. n uuxri*. i„i
illicit. the   iv.-ak.     Afraid   or    in• .-ipai'li*   oi
The   Cited   Malci nrolm.-t   .„o,e' W-A'-g >••'" «" >»"» "l"'»  «!•••> »iMM
hi>|,o*,| u,,,n,**r
iniiienui 1 (liin nn,-  ottier imuiti^ in ine
world.   Twelve meUllie ami  t.irtv live  """' at hUn
le-n nirtnllii-   j*ro.!n<ts  nre found I here,   '" >,,lU,i'   lli'*'
he-ode*  over one hundred gem*  and : and hatred ol the gang who nam to
Ume*. '.plunder the. publk   -withoul  b'-in|  n...-
.iiti.i. iio
.1. .
"What .lie V
r  ill
HI   doill).'
.itli'iuion   ill
she   called
' '\\ iiii  « ll.ll   .-"
knile,     Wb.tt
I'l'tiiiin;   it .v ii
id    01*
mi 1,
i.i. k-
i .'" ' 'Well, dear," she
s.iid, dn lv, "I didn't ex.utlv ibinj," u»u
niii' opiiniij; it with pravvr!"
,'ll'lOlttll     lil       t    i.llll.
, rtniiiiatiiig   readers   know
•l*y; -Ul (    'I::   ''    !'      ' '•   *'    '
J-lrotig and forreful non
•li* iiii,    *' \< It.'     -l.u'    ill..
Un-, Uili,1  mint   vv i 1 w 11   lie   said   ill   last
■a 1 lU's issue  ol   the   Minneapolis   Mes-
vvli'nti tin
We u-.il!;,
ll.l'.i   Sit •
.lilt    l>Sil»  ,
I * ,      ' .      *. s.
lite    ^ui»J
nl'   v
■ tine   ol
t'i   in S:\.
ti'.,;!y  a'.lu.M.I
l'n  u.-s  Jill's  is   .(
, ill I,,I I ll'"» III
W-.;> to . all the
ii> Siib-i libi-!$.
, ft    I! bin V.'SIH-
! :t w Slip tbc»r
\et •
l v*>,U v   nt
■ '   .-I	
U    ll.Uf    .tlio 1. m.iik!?. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, SEPTEMBER io, 1903.
Tenth Year.
on and was coDied into all the news- \§0000000000000000000000000
5    * 9
The Ledge.
With which is amalR.11n.1tcd the
Sandon I'aystkkak,
Published every Thursday In the richest silver-
tcad-zinc camp on earth.
Legal advertising 10 cents a nonpailcl lino
first insertion, and 5 cents a line each auliaeqnetit
Insertion. Rending notices Ita cents a line, and
commercial advertininf,' graded in prices accord-
inir to circumstances.
Subscription, ti a your In advance or $2.50 if
uot so paid.
Certificate of Improvement notices $7. Delinquent Co-owner notices Hit}.
Fellow Pilgrims: Tun LEdub is located at
New Denver, B. C , and is traced to many parts
of the earth It has never been raided by the
aherlff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued
by the fear of man. It works for Hie trail blazer
as wcU as the bay-windowed, champagne-flavored
capitalist. It aims to he on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has
stood the test of time, and an ever-Increasing
Saystreak is proof that it is better to tell the
■uth, even If the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation Is the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New BenTer, B. C.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wants once again to look at
your collateral.
mi, Xir^^^.^JPsyreonJiacBeth
i hy wrong in his buraing
System   £»£*Z
ran the city of Vancouver against a
hard job. The council of that city
will enforce the vagrancy act with a
view of drawing the demi-monde oft'
Dupont street, and eventually out of
the city. Under the present condition of society in our so-called civilization the attempt will be a failure.
Instead of one boil Vancouver will
now have hundreds of pimples. In
order to cure so-called evils the cause
must be removed, Reformers like
MacBeth must do something to cam
their fat salaries, hence the flowers
of a plant are scattered while tho
roots remain. The social evil can
never be stamped out until the false
ideas are obliterated tlmt the church
has propugated in reference to the
social, sexual and economic standing
of women. Women must be absolutely free before this world will
grow better. The laws and sentiment lostered by the church are
mainly responsible for the existence
of such places as Dupont Htreet in
Vancouver. This on the surface
may seem like a wild statement uttered in hatred, but we stand ready
to convince all persons, capable of
thinking, that it is absolutely true.
Our tiKxlern civilization, guided i»y
the false teaching* of creed manipulator*, drags its women lower and
treats thein more cruelly than the
barbarous of any age. l.'ntll we become regenerated and cut the best
link in the female chain of slavery,
persona like MacBeth might as well
suve their wind until their brain
pans expand and become capable of
seeing the real path towards the jxt-
imtnent  reformation of the  human
race.     Tilt; CciisUlll iltUettnu   lA   vk«
mail eon vi net' the tli<»iiglitltil that
the incas grown methods of miking
people good are out of da,Ui and
should be changed for a t*) stem that
will be successful.    We know the
9)oiv.m, *tm mA-ictj viiiiiii'i tMivfti ti
in 1I111I), uiit tml uu}io lUui iu ctuiu-
tion and the next generation,,
Mn:, yac-'nt face 1* a 1 ■* *i > » mi lie
Thekk U plenty ot yellow in the
Lardo, but no Chinamen.
Ifrr.rirtTPs fn tiAenneoA t.h.on^ht,
are usually careles* about supporting
their nt*w*j«j»i*rH. Thought 1* j*>wer-
fal, bat It seems to simmer down
when the c-om-j* reach ior ctu>h, ,inA
beooatei secondary to mtler i«l thing*.
If Lipton is Y's he will stick to his
T's, and quit chasing white wings
over the C's.	
The works of ^Shakespeare contain
many heroines, but no heroes. But,
then, he lived a long time before tlie
American war.
A cure for lockjaw has been discovered. The reverse is needed
when some politicians are turned
loose upon the unprotected public.
The condition of the streets in
some of the Slocan towns shows a
lack of public spirit, on the part of
the citizens, and a lack ot funds on
the parj; ot the government.
The wealthy farmers of Manitoba
will find the Slocan an agreeable
place to live during the winter
months. Blizzards are unknown and
the wildcats are so tame that even a
tenderfoot can pat them on the stakes.
There seems to be a hoodoo at the
Treadwell mine in Alaska, seven
men having met violent deaths there
within a week. The hoodoo has
caused 100 men to quit work. As a
rule it does not pay to have anything
to do with men, mines or anything
else that is unlucky.
The world does not stand still.
Gall has got it faded, while business
is a gouge game in which honesty
looks out of the windpw. Politics
are merely a game of power and
biggest purse receives the greatest
worship. Merit without a bank account is like unto a tomcat in a fight
without teeth or toe nails.
The rich man went into his spacious dining room and in the midst of
his family sat down to a sumptuous
dinner, and lifted his voice in thanks
to thc Almighty for the bounteous
repast provided.—Ex.
papers  of Europe.     And thus
"canard" became immortalized.
His Claim for a Pension.
The pension hunters give thousands
of reasons why government bounty
should'be extended to them. Commissioner Ware thought he knew
them all, but he received a letter a
day or two ago from a battle-scarred
veteran who advanced a new proposition that he intends to have framed.
It read: "Igotblud poison by being
hitt with a hens eg wen I cam back
frum the frunt. The eg was not
good wen yon send my penshun 1
want the Deed sos my wife can't get
nun of it—she throde the eg. She
war a rebel. If she gets it I will
have lit and bled for nutliin'."
1 Mail Orders.    1
We give  all mail  orders  our
prompt and careiul attention.
| We Solicit Yours
^ ———————
| For Prescriptions
ft ——————————
Of all kinds.   Kodaks, Cameras
and Photo Supplies.
A rich man lived in a small town
in Missouri and each Sabbath day he
was to be seen in his cushioned pew
in the fashionable church of the
town. Just on the edge of town he
owned a valuable tract of land, set
out in the choicest fruit and shrubbery.
There also lived in that town another man about the age of the first,
but very poor. Botn were very old.
They had known each other for
many years, in which time the poor
man had been wealthy, but security
debts and his unfailing confidence in
Cod nnd his fellow man had made
him tho dupe of designing pretended
friends and ho lost his wealth and
found himself compelled to do menial
labor to procure the necessities of
life. But his tastes had grown simple
as were those of his aged wife and
they got along with little.
One day the rich man wanted some
post holes dug on his pluco and at
onco thought of his old friend and t'>
him sent word ho had work for him.
The ui.l man came, wm told what
to do and sot to work digging. It
was hard work for a young,
strong mini, but work was scarce
anil had been for a long time; his
family was out of food and he felt that
he must work. Oltcn ho rested his
old back. Ills morning -nieal had
been scant, and when noon came lie
throw himself in the shade within
sight of the big houuo of his friend
and rested. The rich man drove
lionii! lor his noonday meal, but before going lu ho would inspect the
work, m Ins was paying by tho day.
Seeing the old man under the tree
Killed by Four.
Although I was on the plains when
buffaloes were there by the hundreds
of thousands, said an old-time locomotive engineer, I never killed but
one, and I didn't mean to do that.
The experience happened during the
year in which the Santa Fe railroad
was opened up through Kansas, and
the engineer's story is a part of an
interview which he had with a
writer for the New York Sun: One
day my train was held up not far
from Dodge City, Kansas, by a great
herd of buffaloes that were traveling
south. I ran as near to the herd as
I could get, and then stopped to wait
until it passed, for I might as well
have dashed my engine against a
stone wall as tried to force a way
through that living mass.
Of the buffaloes that could see us—
those on the edge ot the herd-only
one seemed to be disturbed by our
intrusion on that vast prairie, and
this was an enormous bull. He actually towered head and shoulders
above his fellows. He was near the
head of the column, and left the ranks
when he stepped upon the railroad.
He advanced toward the locomotive
untii*he"was~"a"~few~ yards- irom~ltr
Then, with nose to the ground, he
pawed the dirt and bellowed and
snorted, showing every disposition to
resist our coming into lm domain.
As he stood there in the middle of
the track in challenging attitude, I
pulled my whistle valve wide open.
Such a wild, piercing, hair-raising
shriek as the locomotive let go had
never split the air in thai far western
country before. It struck tlie great
bull with such terror that he rose on
his hind feet as if he had been shot
up by a blast. An instant he stood
like a falling tree, and came down in
a heap across the track, making
everything tremble. He was dead,
literally frightened to death by the
shriek of the locomotive whistle,
Taking No Chances.
As the collin containing the a flee -
tionale wife of a «.orrowing husband
was being conveyed to the churchyard
in a certain country parish in the south
of Scotland it accidently struck against,
the corner ol" a wall, in consequence of
which circumstance the deceased was
aroused from a trance and lived for
several years. When the poor woman
really died a few years afterward,'in
the act of passing the same spot the
husband anxiously exclaimed to the
bearers of the collin: "Talc'tent (care)
of the corner this time."
Leadville's mineral product for the
past month was 70,000 tons of ore of all
[Adopted at Revelstoke, September 13th, 1002.J
1. That this convention reaffirms the pol.ey
ofthe party in matters of provincial roads and
trails; the ownership and control of railways
and the development of the aprrlculltiral resources of the province as laid down in this platform
adopted in Uctober, 1S)9, which isjas follows:
"To actively* aid in the construction of trails
throughout the undeveloped port ons of the
province and the building of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
"(To adopt tho principle* of government ownership of railways in so far as the circumstances
of the province will admit, and the adoption of
the principle that no bonus should be granted to
any railway company which docs not give the
government of the province control of rates
oyer lines bonused, together with the option of
" To actively assist by state aid in the development of the agricultural resources of the province."
*!_-Thfit in_J^LmeMltIJ^^
and Supplies. Blank Books,
Letter Books and Office Stationery, Wall I'upor, Etc., Etc.
* School  Books
jj ■
ft   I
ft NELSON, B. C.
To and from European points via Canadian
and American lines.    Apply   for sailing dates
rates, tickets and full information to any C.
Ry agent^or—
C. P. R. Agent, New Denver.
*", w. V. Cumminm. Q. S. S. Agt.. Winnipeg
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Lands  and   Mineral  Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.
1'. O. Box Ml,       Oilico: Kootenay St., Nelson,
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip cigars. Union
goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented by GEORGE HORTON.
Cockle & Papworth
Custom Typewriting
The best in Nelson. No amateur
work. Travelers, mining men
and others can have their work
done promptly at the
Business School
Victoria street, opposite the City
Library, Nelson.
A. name Unit, is familiar to old-timers
as tho iiiuno of Throe Forks—familiar
heoause it. was there in duys of lioom
and in days of depression that, they
enjoyed the hospitality or thu gouiiil
proprietor, mid partook of* the host-ess"
lioiintil'ul talde. The same conditions
prevail today that* havo won for tho
house its enviable reputation iuul its
proprietor is—
Mineral  Claims.
Situate in the Slocan Milling Division of
West Kooteaay District. Where located:
North went of Hear Lake, about ii mltoslrom
Three Forks.
'PAKE NOTICE that I, Kobert Mel'herBon, free
1 miners' certiticate No. 11 tisms, Intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder for Certiticates of
Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of each of the above claims.
And further take notice thai action, under section HI,must be commenced before tlio issuance
of such Certilicates ol Improvements
Dated this 2x<\ day of June. A. 1). 1808
FKKDDY Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division ol West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
the Galena Farm, adjoining the S:evcn.-.ou
Mineral Claim,
FnlMo Alarm.
,i A bashful younj* man who lias been
ECoitifi; with tho same girl (or nine
years, took a notion tlmt ho would
make a desperuto move and try to
kiss her. On belnjf approached on
tho subject, tho fair one protested
violently and vowed she would
scream (or her mother if he attempted
any such bold proceeding". Homein-
berliiff, however, that taint heart
never won (air lady, ho seized her
in his Strom? arms and planted her a
nice one rijjht on her nwebud mouth.
"Mama!" yelled the jfirl, and the
young uiuu'ii hair went pimi|mdour
in a second, and the cold sweat stood
out on his brow like warn U|mu» uii
summer squash. "Aluma, where did
you put those apples you said we
could liitvo to ent?" continued the
young lady. And white tlie directions (or 11 tiding them apples' came
In mullled tones from up stairs, the
young man wa* realizing how the
doomed murderer (eels when the
messenger with the reprieve dashes
up tu the seene at ties very last
moment. -Ex.
way policy above set forth can lie accomplished,
a treiier.,1 railway act be passed, irivitifr freedom
to construct railways under certain approved
regulations analogous to the system that has
resulted iii such extensive railway construction
In the United States, with so much advantage
to trade and commerce.
3. That to encourage thc minini." industry the
taxation of metalliferous mines should be on the
busts of a percentage on the net protits.
•I. That the government ownership of tele-
phono systems should Imi brought about as a lirst
step in the acquisition of public utilities.
.1. That a portion of every coal area hereafter
to lie disposed of should be reserved from sale or
lease, so that state owned mines may be easily
accessible, if their operation becomes necessary
or advisable.
tl That in thc pulp land leases provision
should bc mado for reforest lug and mat steps
should Ihi taken for the general preservation of
forests by guarding agaiiiBt the wasteful destruction of timber.
7. That tho legislature and uivornnimit of Ihe
province should persevere In the effort to secure
the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
8. That the mailer of better terms in the way
of subsidy and appropriations for Ihe province
should he vigorously pivsswl upon thc Dominion
». That lh« silver-load Industries of the
province be fostered and encouraged by the lm-
million ut Increased customs duties on'lead nnd
lend iiiiiiliicts hupiirleil Into Canada, and lhat
ihe CiiiiHoiviitivc members of the Dominion
House be ut'gid to support any motion introduced for such a .impose.
io. Ihat as Industrial dispute*alntofct Invariably result In great lost and injury both to the
parties concerned and to the public, legislation
should be jiusscil lo prut'lilo menu* for an n in I
cable adjustment of such disputes lictwceu employers and employees.
11. That a is advisable to foster the manufacture of the raw product* of the province within
tho province as far ns jmsslhle bv nicniisnf taxation on tlio salil raw product-*, stidjoct to telwto of
ihe same In whole or part When manufactured
In lliitUliUilinnliia.
Henry's  Nurseries.
Roses, HnJbs, Rhododendrons,
Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
Greenhouse and Hardy Plants
Home  Grown  and   Imported
Garden, Field and Flower Seeds
We have a better stock than ever, and vou
will save money by Imving direct. Mv new
Ciitalogue.willtidlyouallrboutit. Mailbd free
.Wi Westminster Hoad. Vancouver, II.C.
intend, sixf* days from tho dato hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilieate of
Improvements, for the puriiose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section S7, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 4th day of June, A. D. I'Ml
To H. EUMMELEN, or to whon.soever he may
havo transferred his Interest in the Soho
mineral claini, situated in the McGuigan
liasiu, Slocan Sll ing Division, West Kool-
enny Milling Division,
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended
isHK.W in labor and Improvements upon the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within '.ill days
from thejdate of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the labove-
mentioned sum, which is now due, together
with all costs oft advertising, your interest In the said claim will become the
property of the undersigned under Section 4 of
iho'''Miiieral Act Ameiidmeii
Kaslo, B.C., May SO, W03.
ent Act WHO."
.1 C.RYaN.
■ ■ ■ THE ■ ■ ■
Newmarket Hotel.
i Books
j Magazines
j Newspapers
huwiitl; "Did yon bring your din-
flier?"     "No,"   said    the    laborer. Tlio Hrat CiiiiiihI.
■ "Aron't,   vou   point?   hmnn  for H.V     A eaniml uipnn* in Kn«n«li * AneV
■' N'o,"   nKaln.    "Why not?'  «»kP(1 Hn Kn'/lkh it, hns tvttw in ttifnti « ' •
hhe  jihHunthrojiist.     "Hoeuuse," re*\ honx or rubricated iii'wsj.njier Hory.
I pltot th* old man, "wc have nothing Its orijjin in aiiiuslriif.   Almt Hlty
f fn tho house to cut,  nnd  I would' years n-go a French Journalist con-
hathor   rest than   Uikn   tho   walk."!tiibiiu.id to tho Fruoeh  prens nn ex-
fl turn iho rich mnn rvnemul m Iim j«;nt/j(;/jlot w'ti'mii ho fteclnroii hiin-
' pocket atwl palling out « half dollar sell to have »*'«n thc author. Twenty
said: "Here, take thin for youi hall .ducks wero placed together, ami one
day's work; I don't want you alter of them,  having Im-cii cut  up hit"
| dinner, ior no man who doe** not eat very small piece*, wast gluttoiuti-ly
Ait, norm can e:irn ;i h-..lf tl'lliv In t.hu gnhhtuA n[t by the t,r,h*-r n!ip.**>.'t
afternoon, and you needn't come back Another bird was then »acriilc«il h
any inori-.'     ihe u\A inteirer trudged  tin* remainder, and s<» on, until <w>
to the grocery and Ixdight namething duck was left, which thus contained
tlmt mammy would iikc to eat, and in iu tnsido tlie other ruocu ai. 'i iu-
wended hi* way to hU little home,    i the journalist ate.   The au>ry caught
i 9
And All Kinds of
Sutumery cart tic hud
at mc Uiilcst tHkiK
Slure in thc Slocan.
• i
• <
• i
Tin: Nr.vvMAiiKKr IIoiki, in Xi:iv Ihsviii <>ilcr« a pl<,-H»uitt sid Pilule for
homo to IIuko who travel. It Ih hit unfed on the nluire of Lake Sloi-an, th» tiiont
lioitntiftll liiko iu all America. From Itm tinleoni»i« ami window* can he »eeii thn
giHiidnat si* on cry on thin continent. The internal Hrritliuoiiioiitit of thu hotel un*
the-reverie to telephone, all the riiont*. lieiiiK plu«tercd, and elm-trio helU at the
hoad uf ev. ry hed make it tumy fur the dry inmiioiiti. In the inoriiliiif.
'1'iikIm'i.I ami oliim|Mi»t nieaU in the country urn to h« found in the dluiiiK
ilium, The linn*.!) ii run on ooiiiiiitinlltiin principle-*!, mul tlio pro^u'ctui' with liN
pack i» JiihI in, welooiue im the inillluimiri- with ItU roll, Kvcry «m**,t receive!*
the In *t naru iuul protection.
Till: liijuort are the Ih-wI in the KIoi-hii, and thn hotel Iim* Innu heen noted fur
it**, li-li un,I Knim, ,Hutu,r» '
Tin;-i-lliu uiily llri,t-i'ln>i luiii-o in the I.tir. rtie ul N'nrtli Ainorion*   One lm>k
nt tin* Iim,Um,I will ioniivli  any  HtntiiKcr thai tlm Uiimti* um «f lir-.t-.lu--.
i|ii>ilitv    HiHiiii* r»<*rvt-d hy tele«m|ih.
,r: W. J. Parham j $j
SANDON. •    ggj
narik of Montreal %
CtUMUhart 1817
tNtpStnl (nil pnM tip) •la.ono.omum
7nt.)h-.i ifilJt Wr.'*         I */,J*li ji U'VJ.lii
rurfivhteillproHt*      IHo.iki ol
itt. lion, HtrAt)iiona and  Mount l(nval, O. C. \hii. President
Hon. (J. A. Drtiniiiioiiil, Viee-I'realdent.
K .H (Ifttiaton, tti-uwral Manager
Brandies in all part* o{ -Canada, NitMioundiand, Great Hritaiii,
and the V.nlteA Ktnti>».
New Denver Branch - - - l-e U. De Veher, rianager Tenth Year.
[Condensed advertisements, suoh as For Sale
'anted,Lost,Strayed, Stolen, Births, Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Lejcal, Medical,etc,,
are inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
io cents each insertion. Each live words or less
>ver il.) words are live cents additional.!
and American plan. Meals, io cents. Eooms
from 2'c up to $1. Only white help employed.
Nothing yelloiv about the place except the cold
It. the safe. MALONE & TREG1LLUS.
MADDEN HOUSE, NELSON.ris contrally
located and lit by electricity . It is headquarters for tourists and old timers Miu e/*a or
millionaires are equally welcome. THOS
MADDEN. Proprietor.
TIIE ROVAX HOTKI,, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of its cuisine.   SOL JOHNS,
 (, :	
BARTLETT HOUSE, formerly the Clark
is the best il a day hotel iu Nelson. Only
white help employed, a. W. BAKTLECT\
rrtUK EXCHANGE, in KASLO, has plenty
-*• of airy rooms, and a harreploto with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
flUIK MAZE, iu KASLO. is just, the place
X for Slocan |«ople to find whon dry or In
search of a downy couch.
near Ward St., NeUon, 11. 0. Tho Dollar a
Day House.
TUB KING'S HOTEL, in Korituson is a cheerful
homo for all traveler* to thu Liudeau.
.1 amks Cl.'MMiNcs, Proprietor.
-TAHE HOTEL FERGUSON is the home of Slo-
1 can peoplo when they are in Ferguson.
McDonki.1. & Black, Proprietors.
HPHE BRITANNIA HOTEL is tho oldest and
A the bent, hotel hi Lardo. flold seekers always weteome.   Ui.VIN Hltus.
TUB QUEEN'S HOTEL in Trout Lake'has ample
aeeommodation  for a luruo   iii
The will,.which is the. creative energy, j it to the stranger. The German lighted j
guests.   AllltAHAMSOX HKOSJ
lurgo  liumbur'of
T O. MELVIN, Manufacturing Jeweller,
v i Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
andRliiL's* Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any In Canada. Orders by mall solicited. Box
•i*t/i, Sandon.
"Wholesale   MeroJaaxits.
ers In Butter. Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C.
17   J.. CHRISTIE, I,, t. H., Barrister, So-
. .   Hcltor, Notary Public.    Vancouver, B. C.
ML. GRIMMETT, I,. L. B., Barrister,
,   Solicitor,Notary Public.     Sandon, B.C
Branch Oflice at New Denver every Saturday.
JUSlOEailQ<=* Ar- "F-g.-gm.'l  TTtet.-a.+o
its.    Dealers in Real
Houses to rent and Town
_L   Insurance Agents.    Dealers in Real Estate
Mining Properties
Lots for Sale.
p 8. RASHDALL, New Denver, B. C,
Real Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale. Claims
represented aud Crown Granted.
Hon had 17 years uxjiorlcnco In dental work.
makes a specialty of Gold Bridge Work,
made to tlie Slocau regularly.
Oenoral   Storo.
V. Groceries, Dry Goods, Etc, Goods Shipped all over the Slocan.
IBM. The moat complete lir 1 I TU
on iho Continent uf North Aiiii.tI- n CA L I II
ca. SltunWd mld*t scenery un- n r O A n T
rivalled for Oramlcur. lloatliiK. R CO U H I
Kluhlng and Kxciirslons to tho many polnta of
Intermit. Tulegraphlc ooiiiniunicntlnn with all
fart* of the world; two mall* arrive and deput
every day. Its bailie* euro nil nervous ami
muiculir dlK'nsei. Its waters heal all Klduev.
Liver and Stomach AlliiumU of every name.
Th* price of a roiiml-trlp ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and good for Hi) ilayu, U W.SS. Halcyon H|irlii|s, Arrow Luke, U. 0.
JOHN   M»:LATCHIK,   JV-jiiiliilwi and   l'lo-
fj   vlnclal Land Surveyor,   Nelson, 11, (),
As illustrating the advantage of obtaining all possible knowledge in regard to one's business, the following
good story is told:
In the time of our greatest business
depression in 1893, the owner of a large
woolen mill, which was run without
the employment of a chemist, saw that
it was necessary to manufacture more
cheaply in order to do a profitable business. He decided to investigate his
waste products, and had a sample of a
liquid obtained in treating indigo-dye
goods with soap and alkali," examined.
It was found that the waste could be
easily worked up in a simple apparatus,
thereby furnishing indigo mid oleic
acid which could be employed again
in the works. So large a quantity of
this waste water was obtained in the
works that the recovery of these two
articles, at the prices then prevailing,
meant a saving of over thirty dollars
daily. For almost fifty years this liquid
had been allowed to run into the
It is by watching such articles and
taking advantage of the results that
some of the largest fortunes have been
made. Carnegie made his first real
start in the iron business by having the
iron ores he purchased tested and then
properly utilized. The unparalleled
success and thc vast accumulation of
wealth of the Standard Oil company is
largely founded upon the same careful
attention to the utilization of the waste
The same thing is true in almost all
avenues, not the least so in mining.
The miner who succeeds best is the
man who can cut off the greatest
wastes, and turn them instead into
profits. The old method will do no
longer. Only a bonanza will stand
such wasteful practices. In this day of
large mines and low-grade ores, the
most careful economy in each department is needed for success, and it is
best attained by permitting nothing to
go to waste.' Throw nothing away
until you are sure that the last vestige
of value has been extracted and profited
byi As an example of the old extravagant methods in mining, it is only
necessary to call attention to the
numerous piles of tailings which, are,
now being worked at a profit at old
mines from which millions have been
taken. In some instances, these tailings are actually yielding greater
values than were extracted from ores
by first treatment; in ether words more
values escaped than were saved. Of
course, this was due in a great measure
to the crude methods of mining in the
early days, but a test of some of the
tailings at mines of tlie present day,
after treatment by modern methods
and machinery, is proof enough that a
great deal of the loss may be traced to
carelessness or ignorance. The tailings cannot be tested too often.
Some years ago, a miner who had a
rich claim in Siskiyou county from
which he was taking out line free milling ore and getting good returns with
a small mill, called al the Review oflice
when he was in San I'raiicUi'o and exhibited some of the ore. On examination the writer found that besides (he
line gold there were sulphurets ol unusual value apparently in the ore. Wc
asked the miner what he got out ofthe
sulphurets. His reply was characteristic of tlie early miner: "Oh, damn
the sulphurets, ji's the free gold I'm
uflcr." Through curiosily we had the
rock tested and the sulphurets were
worth $345 per ion.
works through desire. If your conditions are not what you wish, hold for!
what you do want, in thought. Stand
firmly in your own mind, and do not
recognize the unpleasant conditions and
they will gradually dissolve for lack of
thought sustenance, and be transformed
to harmonize with your' wishes. This
will not be sudden. Your present environments were not sudden accretions.
If you will trust your ideals and hold for
more delightful surroundings, you will
be awarded in just the degree of faith and
earnestness with which your thoughts
are projected.
When you learn that it is your pieti-
tal attitude that causes you trouble, you
will stop lamenting and go to holding
firmly to thoughts of peace and harmony, and good will. And as you
gradually disintegrate the old beliefs
and gradually establish the new, you
will find your life broadened out in ways
you had not dreamed of before. It will
lake on a new aspect. You will regard
time as opportunity for development of
strength by noble effort in the line of
This is surely worth while to examine
into, if you are not secure in the knowledge of power to rule your own life*—A
tlie cigar, took a few puffs, and, beaming affably through his spectacles, said,
"1 vould npt haf droubled you, but I
had a match in mine bpggit and I did
not know vat to do mit him.
A woman in Holton told Editor Beck
ot the Recorder lhat she likes his paper
but had no use for its editor. We are
glad, observes Mr. Beck, that she
likes the Recorder. We are also glad
she does not like us, as we already
have a wile who might get jealous if
some other woman should- yield lo our
numerous attractions-
General Draying: Mining
Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty . .  .
Goal and Wood for Sale
Saddle Horses and   Pack
Animals.    .    .    .    .    .    .
Feed Stables at New Denver.    •
OS imrinnrspnnnrs innnnnnnrTPi
Over Wallace-Miller Mock, linker
street. Nelson. Special.yearly contracts for Pressing'Kepitirinif anil
donning. Goods culled for mid
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings nuiile to order.
SJ 38viti$f) Zion and
Mainland Qiqavs$
ORDER YOUR . . . .
Call and see my'
Stock of suitings
^•■.■■;i'i/-yi&^ &':&-•&& tiifcife&ffi tN^fo^W"'^ -3_\
;'!      Vanoouvor and Nelson, B. C.      I*:
wj is.
Is the only hull In the city suited for Theiitrlc.il
Performances, Concerts, Dances am! other purlin uiiterUiiiniuntM.    For bookings write or wire
Su-rctiu'y.Siindon Miners' Union
A Pretty Woman.
What is essential to a pretty woman?
Here is the answer as given by a mod-
erd beauty expert:
A pretty woman, first of all, must
have clearly cut, regular features.
She must have a skin above reproach
untouched by rouge or powder.
She must have full, clear eyes.
She must have eyelashes long and
curling upward.
She must have eyebrows finely
marked, slightly arched, long and narrow; but the narrow line should be
thickly covered, so as to be well marked,
as if penciled.
She must have a straight nose, yet
delicate, neither fleshy, nor pointed, nor
broad at the tip, with the nostrils free
and flexible.
She must have a mouth rather too
large than too small, with lips full and
plump and rosy red. Even an exquisitely shaped mouth has no charm with-
Sandon and Elsewhere
Salted   and   Smoked   Fish   Just   Received
Eastern   and  Olympia   Oysters.     Turkeys   and   Chickens
She must have even, regular teeth, of
moderate size, pearly white, with full
She must have a chin neither sharp
nor blunt, but gently undulating in its
line, round and cushiony, turning a
little upward, wi'h a dimple in it.
She must have a small, delicate jaw,
not large and angular, which gives a
hard, domineering look.
She must have a throat round, full
and pillar-like, a marble column to support the head.
She must have glossy hair that has
never known the touch of bleach or dye.
She must fully understand what best
suits her in the way of hairdfessing,
and cling closely to that style.
She must have small, delicate, compact ears of a shell-like shape.
She must have 11 forehead smooth,
even, white, delicate, short, and of an
open, trustful character. Aristo s;tys
"of lcR|pll\"t>ry with the joyous brow."
She must have a long and delicate
hand, yet plump, with tapering lingers,
the tips of which, when resting on the
palm, should turn back a little.
Sausage ot all Kinds Made Fresh Every   Day.
Love in Nelson.
This picture represents a nightly
scene in Nelson and shows that the old:
old story is ever new. The young man
is happy because his best girl fans the
delicately perfumed atmosphere, while
he sits serenely, well knowing that his
immaculate shirt bosom was done up
at the
Kootenay Steam Laundry
and will not break even if the situation
becomes critical.
Staple    and   Fancy-
Groceries, agent for
Goodwin Candies
Giant Powder, Etc.
P. 0. Box 2%.
Phone 179
.ind fluents for
Alt. HKVLAM), Kiiifliiaor mul I'rovuu-lnl
,  Lmil Surveyor.  KXHLO
Employment   Agenoy.
Nelson Employment Agency
Thu Way of it.
Tlu* Mini and  substance of the New
Thought  te 10 teach  the people their
The Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
The Filbert is now the best hold in the Slocan, The Dining Room is conducted
on strictly first-class principles. The rooms are large, comfortable,
and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Evkkythixg
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c. Tickets $7.    Main street, Sandon.
A visit to our Tailoring Emporium will .give you
an idea of the prevailing styles for Spring Clothing
I   R   CAMFROY rmo avenue.
KtreiiHoiis KxereiHe,
Some years ago President Koose-
veil sat for his portrait to a well-known
I'Vench artist whose Gallic pulitcnos
was only equalled by his desire to speak
our language in the vernacular, lu
some way he had hit upon onr wind
"wigKli'i" and found it of frequent use
power, lo teach thorn lhat lliey do not
have to be sick and poor, and that anx- j ><> delink'  with  his  subject,   who,  us
iely, despondency, discouragement and
Hotel Sandon
Robert Cunning, Proprietor.
Pioneer hotel of the Slocan.    A table that is replete with
the Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Rooms Large, Airy and t'omforlable.    Special Attention to Mining Trade
Monogram, Marguerita,
Boquet, Our Special,
El Justillo, El Condor,
Sarantizados Schiller.
A 1. S O
Tuckett's Union Label
Karnack T. & B. V. C.
Corner Alexumlnr Strict nml 'Columbia Avenue,
Vancouver, II. C.
Canadian *
ST. TALI., 1I1XXI-, Al'ilLIt-i, IHXUTH,
Sltil.'X   CITY
<*HH'\<J(i hijI otiuii  t'li.U,
I 'J'oUoNTO mul n-tiiiii ,  U-WI
M'iNTItKA!., XI.W VultK, nu,| return..turt.Ki
;in<•lii'linif Mi*nl. iiii'l HtirtliK.
At:u'  u>. 1"'. •■•''. :"'•.
I    K,ir iimi' !:ib!i•*. nh « mikI r,,iiijilc!,Jliifi.riii»-
j ili.ii ii|i|ily.ni I'imi .n-'i-tit, nr—
V  U   I.K'.V!-, •-   .•!,;. .Wi.*:.
.1 s.twieri'lt. I-;. J CtiVt.K.
I 0. I'* A.,.S.l..iti.ll,y.        A.I. I'.A., VmniHivrr
H.-lliiifiill kiml*,
.1, H.I.11VK
IMl ll..». i«
ri'Krtft are uncles*.
I'Aolutiiui must he recognized by Ibe
individual.   11* our life promine* nothing
heller iu  the  fill tire  than our previous
condition oi" vervitude, il w.nil.l h.trdly
*~T--~TTTrr-7TT=r:^~.—~———-————— | he worth living.    Hut when  we  be^in
KfWVTKNAY RAILWAY A NAVIGA- \>,o Au-.k anj  to Kvl-t glimp* nt *w
TION COMPANY, MMITKH.       \ power of d.vilop.iaut, life is no U,«»t
" ■ ' - 1 a treadmill existence with no redeeming
OPRRATINO j feature,   It b
may well he suspected, U nut a patient
siller. One day the artist found him
particularly restless und was at last
forced to reason with hint.
• ■ ■ 1nt•• •
INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION Al,   ""'ve ^ZhYni^!'''1^'\
TRADING COMPANY, UMITKD    ,,lKt#     XU Uke "'^  r,MM,K' m'
"All,  Monsieur, I   im-plorc,   tl.
winkle /*• hands."
After a few minutes he spoke ii-jjaiii.
"M(»n»iei.irv   p:.,r-,l.u\, but   ['!i'*.,.'   Ji,'
not wi^nlc /, head."
A tew   more  brush stroke* and  an»
ivi-! "iber ..ppe.il.
h.-ui 11 in. bv.   KASLO Ak. .1:15 p. m \
iUio a. ut. Ah. OASmjS i... i-y*} p, in.
"Ac   shuul/.hare.   Monsieur;
5 our A:A\y duties and rcco^ni/c onr diiitu* I '•«t }*>*• Ao not w i^k* ect."'
I   te'g
Is the leading hotel in Southern  Riitish  Columbia
It   1* ** 1*   -"1 *t*t r*1
I .--is ts 1
... .,
\ it,
"ii.Vir*wi"jiW'*iivi"/ii|i,"  i.awji"   a9v*
"Monsieur may wt^lc /e ear.
i ,\ui' ii>   •■' i,i,7s'', HI'1 >, I.,,,1 ,.
  ;J.iH't and ih.d ].ih   is *ix.'iiiJi«,-v<il.     UV*11''1 ",<-' "3wl J *■"'" "''HH^'* ph;***.-."
INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION 4 ;■•**■ (h;« all «(*««■* m* the t.'*viU *t m>
TKAMNO COMPANY, LI.MITKI).    j var.v,nK •»»•. and wc can work in bar-
K AMI.O.VV'fSMV  Itlll'.'TF " iiwmx w'oh -tti.it iiv   ;iuA   ihu-   t*,,*, .m. ■
  / masters «>f oursvlw, ihrsHi^h ill* tew. \        Had to Im» It htnucliow.
Now i.mihs in ilic pi.usu.il p.irt ol An l.n^lishiiian was Iravi'liu^ not
Menial Science, wli'iib has to lw re- Ina^ aj4<» in .1 compartment of a l.mi-
(H'.itcJ like .« Jrill in ^r.fmui.tr, in every ,iioii itnio. At one ol thu si.Hi.u.s .1
piHsihle form and iii.iiinc-r, Kciuse it i>  tiitiii.iii t'lilu..! the  * irri.i^e an J f >.■■■<*
5«)».m. Lv. NKLSON A». 7:15 (,. m
B:40*. rn. Ah.   KASLO Lv. «:;« |> m
TIcketH iwilil to til iMirtii of the l!ni!<-*d
BtiitM «ntl Cnnailn via (.real Northern
•titl O. R A N tVimpatiy'i* line*.
F.»r imtVicr |>nttiru'mm vail on or ml
iif.mv.itT mvixc, umuw, k^u.
Tht «mi':i»r« cl the Kitlt Ldlte vuli^v
h*tnllc«l during th« p«*t month 'H,we\
tons ol or«.
.1 ,* t
''"' -..•*••'. injH' Ci. mi Amm yn, t. ill Wain,    tin-    *i-:il    opposite     Uie      l.i,^,
It is tin- i*- 1, that   man is   tfn-  ure.itett   Wtutv tin-   if.iin   $,:,,)   ...„,,*)
punt,-i in tin- ini'misc.     M..M is ta,,.*it r   : ui.hi, -eiii)^   tlw   oihuiA  il^.u, l.-'Ml
If be diKrsat  kiwi* it lie d»H*sn*t   m.uii-' .is'ec.1   t,*t  one.    Allbu-uJb   .,--i.*   A;-A
•test  it.      Ke»'i«f»niiion ««wf«rs   use  b\   ;,t the rc.jui.-sf, rhe   KukIMuu.ui  11 ■■•cr-
I capacity for manifesting in externals/thcless pullcj out hi» taw xn<l lw:.JvJ,
quests, nntl the ideal position it occupies appeals
v.v|tial!v 10 any traveller a* well as the tourist. Drummers will fiiul lari'e samoK* roonx niiA ;«lt the
veniences of the modern hotel.
Chadbourac & McLaren
.'Ore Hhi|>|4"il to Ntls<>ti will Im; cure-
lultv luokeA niter.
NELSON.      - -      B. C.
,     SILVLI,' <ITV LOlXiK NO. 3U
!       I.O.O.F.
j *iM. ii, 11. t
\|. ,11,,'.     tl   'Ir.*   I     <*.«..,,     ((.lit     tll't,    (■' flltH-V   f*(9 ■
i nn . .-t : ,v, \ i.f.ti.d.- i.tiiiin-ii r,*fi|t»liy liitliH
I* 1*': ,;'. Jus Ul I.i •).» .'.%•• 1,1. *.l*i*.l, J.l:,
I.'  * I I ■*'..     \ l.r   1 ,|      lis     }(      Til" VI s.iJI,
99. t tr t  tukt,   99 • Iwl •
A1.T\ I, ilti.l   XO  J.
M-.I "S,   |l. • ,
i. „ :.. i-i 11,1  mh li«ii»-
M • in.*   11*11 it » (.. r, .
I. li.1   *.   Ji.   •*   ■■.. •■•>  linlli-ll Ut »l-
■ rfi..
in ,
■I V'*
M    (!
m mm miners' union
NO. t>7. w   r  M.
i-n Mt.jr if, 1.Vi, in
M J.S Kit's
■ lli lil'W
• S II VI 1.
IUI.II Wi'.l.tAMs,
l*r*»!.'* >.*.
VI   (
. I. tWKKNCt:,
***,-* rHity.
K. OF P.
rat •
1 1,
')".   55
Iff I
,'.*.    '•W.i itttV,-
miii tofl.-.imn,
2U1.1..S4  Ki8. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, SEPTEMBER 10, 1903.
Tenth Year
and Shoes
Union flade
We have a large assortment of the best
makes; all sizes and
shapes, weight and
color; and iu addition to our present
stock we have on the
road a bigger Variety
than we have carried
in recent years. If
it's shoes you want—
hill shoes, business
shoes, walking shoes,
dress shoes-^shoes of
any kind, you cannot
do better than to select from our stock.
New Denver, B. C.
^ Hunters
Should call on
Ono Combination Pool and Bllliitid Table
'ine Pool Table
'One National Cash Resistor, No. 7- total adder
Due small Excelsior Safe
due J. J. Taylor Safe. No. 9
Set, of lino Bar Fixtures
Sewinfr Machines
Glass Show Ca es
One Plate Glass Mirror, 40x96 incites
"      3(1x54 inches
iUtber chairs. Mirrors, Bath-tubs-, Tanks,
Heaters        Letter-Presses
'One Mason & Hisch Piano
one bail and Sprihfc Engine feovehidr, 81-inch
steam pl|>e *,
Ono Dake En-sine 12-hp, with governor and
-liftings complete
<lne Oake E  gine, 5-hp.
O ie Boiler, 12-hp.
tinel?-inch Shtiftins?
Wood Split Pully, from 10 to 24 Inches
One Wood-Splitting Machine.
Hews Cropping from tbe Cake towns
Brick fttocK
New Denver
Mutineer of HOSTJ.V HAM.,.
*  "-1          ,  il ,1 ■ui»">»jmi
Sh nil ort
Kt't't* A vu.,
HuiniiiiR since tho grout lire, nml lil-ivnyn oi*<ii
|i to nililtilgtit.    Cull In whim vou »iiill
Silver City and net a llller,
       _ IVIIV:
ii|itnnililiilglii.   Cull In when you make'the;
Meal Ticket, $5,50 for $5.00
O.M. MUltllARl),
Trrninoii n|i|i||rntloii
AHOIIIK   FKACTIil.V   Mliur.il Claim.
■<l'ii*ii.'iii(l»,iil,-,.M Mind -j: tHi!.nl ,ii uf Wi
Km. nuny JlUlrlct. Win r*. lurntfil: Wv.i
briiicli of th,. Vorfh Fork of Citrwmtur
(■rc,'k,«in Hu ly Vnrileit -tlmm'il
'lUKK S"OTI(!KTIiK» 1. W..I Mi MI'Imii, fri-c
I iiilini'ncirtlllcatu No H7J*m. l.,r iriVMlf
mul ii«nu.'iii lor ||. J. MiMlllnii fr.ii miner1*
-•mitt.-uti- V .lUlJ/.VI ti-uil xliitv.lr,, frninilic
ita(« li. i.i.f, to d|iiilv !■» Iim Minim/ Ki'ioriliii
for ft (.••nlilfnti'of (m|irnvi>mi»iii«. (or Um i,nr
ii <**• ul •.li!.ilnlii«n Criiwu (irmit of fhe «liov*
Antl fuiVii-r Uikti nutlet* llmt nrtlmi. uti<li<r ***•
tlm ■<.. I'ltm u* i',,miii.'iii*iil liffuiv i|». imuati'-e
uf •ii-»i i. rtitU itxif |m;>rnvfiii«nt>.
f>*>" .t thU Hill  by nt ,li|| ■    \,|l. VI
W .1  MiMII.I.VN.
I'llll.Htl-IMII.V   mi.   ;i   V|m.f.,| ,.|,lllH
HittrV    In   tltr    Mturwn     Mlnlnif   HiO.l.n
\i«-l   h',i ,b*„ i\r 11,1,1,1       vt|   *».   t. , ,,
•in   .llvllc  l.,(«r«*vn   IV.imll  m„t   liMiille
',"•",'"  ■•*"*.- Id    ,a.. •v.iiu,,i.,*i.iiv ir.Mii
Hu    Hi illitnaiu if,   u,,
'AKK XnflCt*'. llmi 1. K.« Clcini'iiw.», M,iti
•*** uv i.t U.t ft. *t |«r,*„|i fr»v •»!»..r-* t.t*
ttttciili'Ni, ll'.HMl, V |, pr^.1,11. *' M.C V,.
II. **t ..imi -.V..*».r.,|,l..i,, K, M r \.i M'lOT
lnt»t..1, «My i|,M« fvn.i lliu ,|,ili. ftci**• -T
t,i -i,ii»iiv c.i* tlw \Hi*,t,.|e n#,-,^iu>f i,,., «■, fi.r,. ,i.
',St'l"'* %',"'"<","*■ J'* •'*   l'"",'"*"    "I .itlljllilll*!'
Ainl rnrtf,«,p ukr nollr-i. tlm "i fl ni  uuit.-r *•<•
t n.i, "."   imi ,1 1„    ,,, n.i,.,,. i.,. I    :,.,.,,,..     ., „
ol »iu*i i>rtliiin»>. of lm
The hospital is befng newly papered this weekj
Sirs. O. V. White and sonsf have returned to Spokane?.
Jas. Vallafice ahd family moved
to Nelson on Monday.
Schoolmaster Latfering" spent a few
days ib Hevelstoke this Week.
John R. ©larke ^ave two exceeding'
interesting lectures in Sandon.
Mrs.- McLalichlan is enjoying a
Visit from her sister, Mrs.Mclntyre.
A basket social will bo held in
tlie Reading Rooms next Tuesday
'iha Ahifeficah Hoy has a showing of three feet of high grade ore
-'-the best It has ever encountered.
After Bpehdinjr a few Weeks in Sandon in connection With thd working of
the IVnhfioei \V. C. and W. H. Yawkey
left last Friday for the East.
Alefc Crawford returned from
the Lardo Mon day t He runs a
stage line out of Thompson's Landing, and says things are booming;
LaWns are not so nbntiful as dividend paving" mines abotit, Sandont but
IS li. Atlitirton has one When the sUn
is hot h« tilmdCB it With an oleander
Eight loaves of bread fer twenty-five
cents is the prlte charged juet now by
Sandon bakers. At this price th«ir
cake ou<?ht to be dough when they go
to look for dividends.
0. A. McLeod and Howard
Thompson haVe takeb a lease and
bond on the Monntain-Con> and
already they report having made a
strike of S inches of clean ore*.
Albert Ross has the handsomest business sign in town. Since the recent
fire Mr. lloss has arranged his new
goods on his shelves and tables with
exquisite taste, and the appearance of
his store is a treat to the eye.
E. H. Thomlinson, of St. Petersburg, Fla., who has the record for
catching the largest fish ever taken
with rod and line—weighing 575
pounds—is visiting Sandon, looking after his mining interests.
A hungry man from somewhere,
and a lazy one, hit Sandon last
week, aud, in the absence of Mr.
and Mrs. Twogood. entered their
home in search of something to eat.
Sunday night the residence of
and a quantity of provisions stolen.
One of the most creditable balls
that the Sandon Miners* Vnion lias
ever given, was held last Monday
evening. Th-e attendance was
large, music good, aiid the floor
management perfect. Many attended from New Denver atid the
lake towns.
At the semi-annual election of
ollicers of Sandon Miners' Union,
hold Saturday, the following were
elected: Pres., Howard Thompson:
vice.-pres., J. F. McDonald; financial-sec, A. Shilland; troas., Jas.
V. Martin; recording-sec, P. W.
Johnston; con., A. G. Monkhouse;
warden, Rod. Dewar; financial-
ooni., P. W. Johnston, Robt. D.
Mitchell, Robt. McTnggart,
smelter is an attempt to get a slice of
the bonus, which was avowedly given
solely for the benefit of the producer.
Unless our company gets as low rates
as the Trail smelter offered in March
last we don't propose to move. The
company won't be held up by any railroad, corporation or smelter, because
we don't have to submit. The St. Eugene company doesn't owe a cent, has
money in the bank and the mine is
there and cannot be stolen,
"When the Trail smelter is ready to
do business with us on a reasonable
basis, which is the March rate, we are
prepared to sign a contract and to
operate the St Eugene to its full capacity. This tneans'a daily output of not
less than 100 tons of concentrates and
tho employment of 200 men.
"Meantime alterations nnd improvements are beim: mado at the St. Eugene mill under the direction nf jniil
superintendent King, The plant is be-
ihg arranged to save tlio Zinc-blende
carried in our ore. We expect to save
from 2o0 to 8C0 tons of srinc-blende
monthly, but do not propose putting
this product on the market at the
present time. The only sale for Canadian zinc-blende is at Iola, Kansas,
and we expect to secure a market
nearer home eventually."
Tha treatmein of zinc ores is yet in
itsinfaney in Coloiada. Mine managers
admit that our present methods are
wasteful and we have made an important advance in bringing zinc ores to a
position of commercial value. We are
not allowing our zinc reserves to remain wholly useless.
But there are still other problems
which confront Leadville, We have
yet to Bolve the problem of low grade
silicious ores. Experimentors and investigators are at work, however.
Plants will have to be eretted and torn
down before the right method is determined but it is absurd to suppose that the
metallurgical science of the day cannot
find a way to treat $6 silicious'ore at a
profit, when S"2 ore at Hoinestake or
Treadwell makes dividends.—Leadville Herald-Democrat.
The game season is open.
October 15, Thanksgiving Day.
A. E. Taylor has leased the Strickland
Work on the Myrtle group will be
Platform of Independent
Labor Party.
This party lays it down as a first
principle, tliat they will nominally endorse or support only such men as will
place their signed, undated resignation
in the hands of the convention which
nominates or endorses them*, that this
resignation be sworn to; that this resignation may be handed in to the Lieutenants-Governor in Council whenever a majority of the -convention shall consider
stieh^actiOsi^auVi-oHOie; "" =======
1st That we gradually abolish all
taxes on the producer, sliihing thein on
land values.
'2nfl.    'Government   ownership    of
Reports nf rich gold tiuds continue to
pour in from tho Lardo river district.
Ihe latent iuul greatest timl reporiet)
was iiiaile last Week ou the (iiiid I'ark
group. A piece of quartz the size of
it mini's head wns taken from n lent!
that panilli'ls the one iu which the
original wonderful deposit was found,
and imbedded iu this quart/, was n piece
of pure gold as large an u man'* two
IWts t'lliiitingtn thn rock by stringer*
of gold that rati through and around
the ore.
.1. M.Harris, who returned to San-
iimi from Poplar Creek on Saturday.
miw the Rpi'1'iiiinn aud Mules that the
viiliie nf the ninfget would bn upwards
of W/O.
M.J. Halpin, of the Hem mine, who
liifpi i.li-il all the julmipil  Ihids with
(ted w
Mr. Harris, Is credited wltbsayluu: "In
nil my experience I never saw anything
like what 1 hiivexci'ii on thin trip. The
Knglitdi laiiktunge fails one In trying to
tlem-iho what Is to be seen in actual
wealth on Poplar Creek nml iu the
viciuitv. ItiitnuiiMu fortune-*are already
iu itiglit."     	
WON'T   l»K   IIKI.II   VV.
rairon'd"s, tneans of communication, and
the establishment nnd op-eftition by the
government smelters ana refineries to
treat all kinds nf minerals*
llrd.   That the Franchise be extended
to women.
4th.   The abolition ol property qualifications for nil public oflkes.
5th. No land or cahh subsidies
I a ds to bo I,-eld by the actual settlor?,
and further, that ten per cent of all
lamlfi ho immedimelv set aside for educational pttposesnnd llie education of
all children up to tho aire of sixteen
years to be free, secularand compulsory.
Text books, meals, iuul clothing to be
supplied out of the puhlie fttndH when
(ith.      Compulsory   arbitration    ol
labor disputes
7th Uestrictlon of Oriental hntnl-
arn'.ion by a law on the lines of the
Natal Act, and mich action by the
government as wid entire the work-
innmeii of tliis Province protection
titrninst the effects of Oriental com
petition nnd association,
Hth Ahfohite re-serviitlnn from sale
or lease, of a certain part of every
known coal or oil area, so that state
owned mines and wells, if necessary,
may be easily pouslbhi in the future
AHconl leases or grants hereafter made
to contain n pinvisioii enabling the
government to fix tlm price of coal
loaded on curs or vessels for shipment
to British Columbia consumers,
0th Municipalization and public
control of tlie liquor tralllc,
lOtli To provide for the settlement
of public questions by iliieit vote under
the Initiative and Keft-icndtim,
lhh. IVii'ctiiiii iliiy tn bo a public
holiday. Provision "lo be made that
everv eiiiploveo nhall he free from
tervice nt least four cnnsecnlivo hotiri"
durinu polling, and the exercise of '.lie
FraucliUe to be nude compulsory,
How Alio TuoMittON, Prenident.
Pkih.'y W. .IniiVKTtix, Secretary.
IIKMlOl-tlll   TO   lUllTliON   ,|OK.
pushed all winter.
Born—at Silverton, Sept. 8, 1908, to
the wife of W. S* Horton, a son.
John Kinman is working the U & 1
group, on Ten Mile, under a lease.
Since the engine wreck last weeK the
safety-switch is lubricated and set.
The date for holding the Provincial
elections has been changed to October 8.
A test shipment is to be made from
the Winifred proup, on Dayton creek
Dave Sloan, oi Slocan City, ib developing his property on Cameronian
The Black Prince has been leased to
Con Murphy, Tom Mulvey and F. Johnson, who have started work.
Frank O'Neil has resigned as bookkeeper of the Bosun mine and will leave
for Portland, Ore , to take up the study (
of dentistry. f
G. R. Payne, special representative
of the Mining World, of Chicago, was
in New Denver this week in the interest
of that excellent mining weekly.
Frank Griffith is working on the
Black Cloud, on Ten Mile, for P. W.
Ellis, the jeweler, of Toronto. The
Black Cloud, together with a fraction
recently staked, will be crown granted.
The ehctric lights were turned on
last Friday night. Tbe system is in
satisfactory working order, but the
lights are not giving the brilliancy that
is promised when the plant is in full
Bob Sutherland and partners have a
good thing on the Lorna Doon, Four
Mile. They have two carloads of rich
silver ore ready to ship, and believe
that they will be able to continue regu
lar shipments.
The C.P R. wreck crew raised *he
wrecked engine and tender Tuesday
and pulled them to Revelstoke. The
engine had a battered appearance, but
otherwise was able to ride the track
without a limp.
The collection of customs on imported
goods at the port of NelBon for the
month of August amounted to $16,939
Tne dutiable imports were valued at
§41,11)8, and the free imports at §32,585.
This makes 874,148 that the people doing business through the port of Nelsou sent out of the country during one
month, which is at the rate of §889,779 a
If ever there was a railroad on this
green earth that has given as poor
service as the  C. P. R.  branch from
been published. Where the fault libs
it would be difficult to say, but the service is and for months past has been,
most wretched. The train is seldom
loss than an hour behind time, and two
hours late is the usual thing, while many
times it does not reach Sandon until 10
and 12 o'clock at night.
Eighteen Knights of Pythias waited
at the Siding station from 7 until 10
o'clock last Wednesday night for the
train to go to Sandon. The train was
in Rosebery before 7 o'clock. Two
hours and a half were spent loading a
barge with freights for the ss. Slocan to
take down the lake, and then orders
wore received from Nelson to proceed
without it. At the Siding Rome was
howling—and so were others—but it
did not help matters any more than to
keep the boys warm. At about 12
o clock the Avhizzy old engine pushed
into Sandon, and'the Denver Knights
were met at the station by the Sandon
brethren, who marched them to their
warm, brilliantly lighted hall, and pro
couded to take the kinks out of them
asSandonites are wont to do. Five
candidates were shown the lirst mysteries of Knighthood, after which the
Grand Chancellor mattfe his official address tethe lodge.
It. A. Bradshaw, Liberal nominee for
this riding, tendered his resignation
last week in the following letter :
Dear Sir—Private matters, only now
cropping up, which will necessitate my
leaving the province, probably before
the elections, have compelled me to
place my resignation as the Liberal
nominee for the Slocan riding in the
hands of the executive association
This, I may say, was accepted at the
regular meeting held last evening.
I would take this opportunity ol
thanking liberals and all other friends
throughout the district, who have so
kindly lent their assistance in the campaign thus far.
R. A Bkadshaw.
Slocan,   September   2nd,   1903.
It is stated that Mr. Bradshaw's wife
recently became entitled to a large and
valuable inheritance, and in order to
look after this newly acquired estate,
which requires Mr. Bradshaw's immediate and close personal attention, he
has been compelled to sever his business connection with the west, and
inove to Toronto, and this has necessitated his resignation of the liberal
The people around Sandon generally drop into the Kootenay
saloon when they want an antidote
for wet weather.
For Sale—Furnished cabin with
complete batching outfit, 3 minutes
from Post Office and wharf. Wood and
water at the door. A snap for cash.
Apply at this office. .
Hundreds of people are locating
furniture these days at the store of
D. J. Eobertson & Co , in Nelson.
His stock is immense and the
prices reasonable.
ON   THK   L.1ST.
.. .239
The voters'  list is closed,
hundred aud fifteen names are
tered, from the following points:
Slocan ,	
Nakusp ,	
Sandon    154
New Denver -11-1-
RoBubery  17
Silverton 52
McGuigan ....   .31
Three  Forks 34
Winlaw 3U
Alamo .2
Gutelius I
Cody 3
Burton 19
Fire Valley 4
Deer Park 5
According to a report from
Tacoma, independent ore producers
are negotiating for tha purchase of
the Everett smelter, owned by John
D. Rockfeller, one of the objects
being to become independent of the
smelting combine.
A lodge of the Order of Railway
Conductors for the Kootenay district is to be established in Nelson
Snow hit the high places in the Slocau
Lawrence— Sept, 4,1903, to the wife of
W C. Lawrence, a son.
Avi.wix—Sept. 7,1903, to the wife of
C. W. Aylwin, a daughter.
$3 worth
one Dollar
Wednesdav afternoon at one o'clock,
in the presence of a large number of
friends of the contracting parties, Rev.
C. Arthur Mount joined in marria«o in
theKngli-hchurcli. Win. Thomlinson
of New Denver, and Miss Alice Thorn-
IhiBon of Cumberland, England. The
church was prettily decoiated with
(lowers contributed by their host of
friends, and altogether the ceremony
who the happiest that could bo made.
Miss Thomlinson Is the daughter
ofSeargent of Police ! homfinson, ol
tho Cumberland Constablery, hug
land; a voting lady of estimable char
acter, beloved by all who know her.
Herineetinu with Mr.ThomlliiMon dates
hack several veaia, and their engage
ment ban been of long fitanding
Wm Thomlinson is a man among
men. Ho has boon prominently con
nected with every movementnWM has
been for the advancement of the Slocan.
and his name stands for loyalty to principle, loyalty to home, loyalty to friend
rtnd foe.'     '
Tub Lkdoi-: extends tn Mr. nnd Mrs
Thomlimmn the wish of every Slocanite,
thnt tlieir marital relations may be ns
happy and long as their goodness de-
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1S02 was, approx-
llllHlUlY^OU.U-J-u-luim^     ouiCe-unliuni -v.—j-
to September G, 1903, the shipments have
been as follows:
Week    To'bI
American Boy....» ■    *-
Illavk Prince	
Ilosuu...    20
lllue I)ln1....	
Dny ton	
Enterprise    W
Klslier Mnldcn	
Illffhliiiid Llfiht	
Iv.'inlioi' •    ■*»
Ijiifkv .Iini    ,,
Mercury    «
Monitor     «'
I'liyiii!    '•
Queen Hess	
Rniiililer    48
Until •    ss
lied Vox      4J
Sloi'iiii Star    «
Slocan Hoy	
Silver Olmico	
Vunoo vur •••
The Old Bookstore.
Vancouver, B.C.
Total ton* 3ft»
The Xew York Brewery is brewing a beer tlmt will mme day make
Sandon famous.     Buy n case of itjo. W. GHIMMKTT,
tbe next time you ro UHlimg.
J' H TIiiik Ini-Mieetnr.      HANDoN. H.-C
1 IliU I.i tiay nt lii.'u t   \   fi  l>...
V. * »'l,i"MK'."M  \,'t*,,;
.!. C, Drewery, of ItoHhUnd, |>am>ed
through the city l«*t night on his way
In Toronto. Mr. Drowerv In one of (In-
directors of the St. Kugeiie mine mid
hi'fiiri' Matting mil mi hi* trip he U
i-redlti'd with in.iUing the fnltowlntt
itf-itfiin'iit letfardimr the future o|ier»-
riotm *nf Kii«t KootenavS Id/ lead iniiif."
"The St  Kusreiie mine would be nm
n.u,t (ull Ulant t<»livy if thi> Tw.it nitU'lU't
hud heen willinjr to grant in* tlm   hriiii*.
;l'at« lite*, iiilriei*   Ul    .iMft.fl   *t**i.     li * i
I.ii *'i> VnVli imiiliii'    td   ,i,M'l     '.;ili   f;ir'i.i; '
Initi'-for fri'i^lit   nnd   tri-ntiiiiMit   finnil
|the Canadian MiieUer*. although we art"
. Iiu-A       Hinillg      to      «*i»Mt>    H     -.'il.lUii
ion « ri*a»i>nnbl*f lm»i*.
! i.JiWc bifve bi'i'ii negntbltiiur   with   tlif
J, \V. Bengough, tlm well known
Canadian laituuiiUt mid entertainer,
who in row In Knglnnil, has been en-
K/tgeil by A. V. Satnlicitmi to fnrniMi
cartons to the KnjjIUh paper* on
Clinnitii-rlnin'ii fl»cnl pulley.
Tu TllnMtS M II \V,, nr In lv|iniii»iii.vi»r In;
miy luvr ira'i»f<».-.l M«tiitrrttt In lli<» l<,.»»l
VU:v   l.iiloi'VldW  nnd  .li imlr» 'mtitfrnl rtnlmt
>!.,i*(-lti!   ••»!   «.,.,.,<    M't'lildiii.   *-»   IHH   »fllll(ij.
nwM'iii   W'»i V>.,i..n*iy lilm-ti'l.
\tiil' nnlirrrliv tirtllltcit lllll w., hive. K|»*in!,(|
».'.'.'. ni In Ui.ii'. iii.j.i'ii.iii.111* am! mi*, > ,
nia.it iln- **\m,sf n.iiiir'l iiilntr.il fulni*,. iin'1. r
Oh* i.im*.i->*.rti nl lit.' tliiiKi'Jill ,\it. aiiil If. m (JiIii
.ml,U*«7r -in llii-it.it.> nf Ilil. ii..||i*c. mhi f.ilt in
ri'tii.i'tiMiiiitflliiiti" vnnr|ir«.|».tl»..nutlli«'nl*«,Vf.
,,,» ,111**1.1 Jl .U(H.  1lllk.1l i* UnU' «ltl,«>   *V H imtttl-lt.
hai.k tk.u:hkh wantkh.
on  i r 1^ t,
.icriinii'.g l»> «  *rtti«f.nt«iry   «••*tH-lhtifiu
'; \V.     II        Atdfidgl*.    IKAIiSgir    f-f   tin-
" mni'ltii,  i* now in .Muiitreal ciniMilllrig.
■ Sir Tli'iina*  s|inn^hne>i!»y   Bin!  ti. M.
Itosuilli, griM'ial tr«flk' iiiHiui^'i'r of llu*
       _„__      ■ ('»nadi«ii I'lHtlh'. with a   vh-w   to  *•»•-
r**r~i   , ■ r-_'..   r»     _ r^r* ■ x -~i, r(lrj|tfcr*|»»w(*r fr.'i^'lif   rttio*   un   St, Kit-.
RELIABLE ASSAYS *'<•'»•»»'«'««M,.v"«» »*«»
•*Thi* lx**t niler tli»> 'I rait work*  now (
in»Ui*!» for .st   Iriii^rtu* mo*, i* **itbin   «
ie* it nt* of t.H  liijjjier  tli»n   the  toWi
UM    Ki'fufi*
v„- Xrw {i, nv*-r Otful ir S
m-t.u*t*i i*o
w u unriiFi.i,
„ *,*■, >nI.i.,3 ll,,,,,!
N"<»' Dmli-r,  \i,.r U  |*»W.
cm        , i .7nir.(.tiinii.»siii-.T  i).,.,
»*f«l|       IS I l.',| I •!•*•>,-,,1,1.'r) V
Saniitlt* lw inmfl ttr*ltti*t,tii_l uttniUi.r,.
Cold and Sliver Refined anJ Boueht «•»>* "U-retA u* in Mar*».
tmmwmwmtma  *■#«#«« %##«#«    **'* i*'iUrAi jfovertimii.t tiiAd«*iUl»otititv
OBUulM ASSAY UQ, ur^ii: mt lead ort^.   Tiu>   Se.   Ku*etie
tyt& Armtmlmt •*..  Itt9ttt. i'tilm        iDlntnillV-t'Olulori* the atlilllih'   ol   the
i.,r«"t« fn llir «mI,( i-laflii* niii l,»Ti>ini> trw tn
. »»y itt Ihi- tin i'fnlifll.il Ullilrf •»■ t|i»fl I i.f
Mltll-r.tl <»M .ll<H-',iftt'<t«t li'. I*'»l.
Ht'M'-lX [i MAflMtN.U.ll.
IMS" .1. JHTHH*iiN 1
V*iii*mvtt, It. C . x.;4 IHli, twu,
Shoes that Wear
Nnrt<«MH#i fiitnut It.ivlni.''In m     Vmi
MKIl!   •*l»'lllHl* Willi-  »MII   V"  Iuv,
th* MU* ti.il J '" <*" ii<|«*i'l < i). ii
ill Jif**«h-*v. •,iMllWlr»t       ita*j
It*.*-* m,V.-'i/fi.,ii.    !t*i4ir!f.i- .inti.*.
Purtey Ward.      Sandon.
Hlt**t*' sl..** a ipttlaHy.
Villed with briRlit, Hpioy
thingH tlmt nro wortli
while, will ho iitfiied thi»
weok. Nothing j»Ht like|
it ever hccii before. ItH*
local (lepiirtint'iit will con
tain a brief write up of
.Handon,with ilium ration*:
nn original «U»ry by the
prince uf local »tory telleiK,
and local hitn anil miwcH
hy Hunk Ucklaw. If you
want to help a got-A tiling
ahing,   neiUl   two   'fotir*'
■hit nieeet m*A two nnmM
miff Moment* will lie. nenl
to Iwith nddrofmeN for one
year.     Don't wait.
AddroB—   MoMBxrn,
New Dfiivcr. B. f"
I'll'llll 'IHH'l I'l" <l " '"i'ii '"'.I  v" "'    '''' UtJM.J.i
We have wrnp enough in our window to make mid* to wanh nil Ihe
.lirtv linen of all political parties-it'** good soap, t«»o,--the bent matn
Half the work of waHhing iH dono when you uhu good »oap.    li) iu
Wo Ro   ntatrsfllW. Sandon and Vernon.
'    - il    ■
The hetl Tmmvtei Y.sUiUtehmtA in
the Slocan.
tf TUB
M      OLD
Ti   REUAB1.1:
A. JACOIWO.V. I'ropiktor
SOFT When you wnnt a first claim meal, or a lied that
u£r is denn and «*ft «nd well-ninde, you will Jlnd wSiat
' you nre looking for at thU pioneer hoaie. Aim the
niiemt nerve tonic*.
New Denver
'Phone in
Xh.m, Main St., Sandon,»Best JOB WORK in the Slocon (lone nt THE LEDOE.


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