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The Ledge Oct 1, 1903

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 ^7^--~ pAYSTRBAK        ;.
Volume XI., Number 1.
np:w dknvkr, r a, Thursday, octorfr 1,1003.
Prtce, 82 a Year, ix Advance
Sandon news Croppin
Thos. Jones returned from the
coast on Thursday.
Mrs. A. David and sister leave
shortly for Vancouver.
Wm. Davidson will hold a meeting in Three Forks tonight.
Harry Stewart „ and Earl Scott
were confined to tho hospital a few
days this week with tonsilitis.
E. M. Sandilands, who has, been
absent for eight or ten days, returned from Poplar creek the past
For the Spokane Fruit Fair the
K. & S. will sell round trip tickets
from Sandon at $13.25, Oct. 5th to
Frank Malcolm spenVa few days
in Kossland this week, getting
machinery for the better working of
the Ruth.
Miss Hews, the blind elocutionist
of Colorado, entertained a slim
audience at the Auditorium Monday evening.
P. W. Johnson and J. E. Lovering were in N'ew Deliver on Saturday salubricating in the sunshine,
or words to that effect.
Albert, Ross returned  Saturday
evening from Nelson.      He states
aside from the wet weather.
Mrs. T. Trenary and Miss Trenary spent Saturday in New Denver,
returning with beautiful bouquets
from the garden of their friend of
pioneer days, Mrs, J. C. Bolander.
Owing to the washout on the K.
& S. there were no oro shipments
from Sandon last week. The
Payne sent out a car on Tuesday,
also the Star a car, the Rambler
three cars and the Red   Fox  one.
A washout on the K. & S. interfered with the traffic this week, but
the plucky officials used the hand
ear and made regular connections
at Sandon and Kaslo. The section
men put in a long piece of cribbing
at Whitewater and on Tuesday ore
trains wero moved over the  road.
Jim Kee is a Chinamen. Ho
sells vegetables in Sandon without
showing his paper*, and is periodically taken before the Court- for doing so, but the evidence against
Iim is never strong enough to convict him. Jim is cute, but not so
cute as the citizens who oppose him.
yet patronize him in his business.
Manager Hickey of the Ivanhoe
Ih always ready to boost the Slocau.
Last week J. ilrcseiibam, a repro-
tentative of the American Smelter
Trust, was in Sandon looking Into
the possibilities of the camp, mid
wiw presented by Mr. Hickey, with
n copy of the latest map published
showing the proven ore de|>ositJi of
the Slocan.
Mrs. J. C. Bolander, left for Portland the past week.
The big raddish in the Bolander
garden was pulled this week. It
measured 21 inches in length and
16 inches in circumference.
All the force at the Wakefield
came down the hill last week. A
change in the management was
affected, and the work resumed this
week on a larger scale than before.
The sad intelligence was received from Phil Munro on Tuesday that his youngest daughter
died atGleuroy, Ont., on Monday,
and that the elder girl was also
very low.
The periodical report that the
Bosun will close down on the lst
of October, is without the slightest
foundation. Manager Sandiford
says he knows nothing about any
such intention.
A social will be given at the
home of Mrs. Amos Thompson this
(Thursday) evening in aid of the
fund for the repair of the Methodist
church. A good time is assured to
all, and a general invitation is extended to the public.
Bar silver almost touched the (50-
cent mark the past week in New
York. Last Friday it was 59f. on
Saturday, 59i, on Monday. 59$. on
Tuesday, 5fl$, and on Wednesday,
Sept. 30th. 594.
Silver has not reached its present
level since June, 1901.
When Byron White, James
Cronin and other Kootenay mining
men declared some time ago that
silver would reach 65 cents before
the end of the current year, scoffers
derided them and said it was most
improbable. The outlook for
silver at the moment i-- the brightest since the present rise commenced
early this year and there is every
indication that the metal will keep
above 60 for the ballance of 1903.
Discussing the metal market conditions, the New York Mining and
Engineering Journal says: The
metal markets, for most part, are
quiet, the business done having
been on a moderate scale; and with
one exception, no material changes
can be reported in the general con
Lead remains the exception in
the metal list. The demand for
early deliveries and premiums,
which have heen paid for spot
metal, have resulted in a general
raise in prices. Business continues
very active, and it is evident that
consumption  is still   on   a  large
i*r.t± l*±^
I tor n—In New Denver, Sept, L'M.
1903, to the wife of f Jordan Stither-
lond, » daughter.
Wanted—A time-table thai will
enable the N. & 8. branch of the
O. P. R. to run on time.
A small audience greeted Miss
Hewn, the blind elocutionist, at
}lo*tin ball Tuesday evening.
O*. hiv:pUK..l l» ClllOUJ WAA Oertlltl*
Editor New Deliver I^KliaEi,   Silt—
Now that both* the Liberal' nnd
Conservatives as well as the Labor
Party have adopted the principh-
of the government ownership of
railways,it is evident that the question of an efficient civil service is a
matter of the very first importance.
We shall want the best men possible in the government service nnd
we can only expect to get good
men to enter by offering good pay,
fair chance of promotion and the
certainty of holding their positions
as a reward for faithful work.
History and experience teach the
danger of the civil service falling
into the hands of the politicians.
The vital question is: can we avoid
"the spoils" system?
I maintain that this is possible by
a comparatively simple law to protect government officials from the
politicians and give them an assurance of holding their jobs whilst
they do good work.
I maintain that by enacting a
law to the effect that no government official can be dischatged;
(unless the reason why he is discharged is published in the (Ja-
z tt"); great protection would be
given both to the officials and to
the politicians.
If the reavon given for the dirt-
missal of an official was a libel, the
person libeled rottld obtain redress
liy law if the reason was frivolous;
amero excuse to make room for a
political supporter or to get rid ut
an opponent; the whole transaction
would tie shown up and a Hood of
light turned on exactly where light
is needed.
It would protect the politicians,
for candidate** would feel   at   once
that they could not promisejobsaiid i midnight the train pulled into S»n
much corruption would thereby be don.    In short. It took 10 hours to
Spelter also remains strong, with
no material change. The demand
continues good, and conditions of
production are not improved. Our
Joplin report shows that zinc ores
continue to demand a high price.
Tn fact, the sales of ore in Joplin
district, gunged by price, this year
shows a considerable increase in
amount, although the actual quantity sold fell off considerably.
Silver has been fairly well maintained, in the face of a demand,
which, to say the least, is not excessive. The market is being
skillfully managed, however, and
there is no pressure to sell. An
unusual feature is that in the
month of AugUBt the imports of
silvor, in all forms, into the United
States exceeded the exports by 299,-
021. For the eight months ending
ing with August however, the excess
of exports was valued at 87,075,-
S33. This is only a little more
than one-half of the amount reported for the corresponding period
in 1902.
As a sample of the passenger
traffic over the C. P. It, Slocan
system the following is a bona fide
A drummer left Nelson one day
recently for Sandon, taking the
traiu over tho Slocan branch nt H
o'clock. Reached Slocau City, ib
or 50 miles, ut 12 o'clock. Took
steamer Shiran foi" Kowbery ut 12
oVloek and reached Roscliery, »
distance of 20 miles, at 3 o'clock.
Waited for the train fnnn Nakusp.
Train arrived at 0:30 o'clock.
E igino spent, 3 hours shunting cars
oif and on the barge. Train left
Rosebery for Sandon at 9:3m
o'clock. It is fourteen miles from
Rom'Im'IV to Sandon.    At 12 o'clock
WIIEKK    flOl.ll   CMTTKItS. |
W.'B. Poole, resident manager;
and principal owner of the Ophir-
Lode and Oyster Criterion groups
of mines in the Ttout Lake district, recently said of the Poplar
creek gold finds:
"In my experience I have never
seen   anything to equal what has
been    already   uncovered.    From
Fish creek down to the Lardo, for
thirty miles past Poplar, there are
some one thousand and upwards, of
prospectors who   are securing gold
in   paying  quantities.    I   believe
that the celebrated   Cripple   creek
and kindred camps are going to ho
eclipsed and I stake my reputation
on the fact that the lends will   eo
down.    This     has   a-ready   been
proven at a depth of four hundred
feet on Fish ceek.   Marquis  and
Gilbert are sinking and their  lead
holds its own.    My faith is shown
by my investments.    There is   no
question about the latent wealth of
the district, almost   untouched   as
yet.    New finds are   being  made
daily.    Kelly, Kerlin,  Msignusoii.
Ryan and Buffalo, all   have   good
showings and they will   be   heard
from    as   dividend   payers.    No.
there is no exaggeration and the
best proof of it is for   doubters   to
come and see,   and I   will   show
them the   purchase   price   of   the
Lucky Jack in sight and as   much
more on top of it.    What do   you
arc open wide enough for the  ad-
mittanceof your hand lined   with
gold?   Well, I can show them   to
you and not one but many of them
and even more   wonderful   things
are to lie seen.    But I would   not
he believed.    You can say this:   I
have a reputation at stake that   is
the result, of   many years ardu' u-
labor and experience,   and   I   am
willing  to   risk   it    in   backing
every   statement  that    has   been
made as to the wealth of Poplar
The total amount of ore shipped from
tlie Slocan ami Slncnn City mining
division.* for the year lW-"2 wns, upprox-
itnnfcly, 80.000 toiw Since Jnniinry I
to S.'|itoini>t*r 'id, 1IK13,thu shipment* Ini villi en ftf follows:
W-ck   T (.1
CIk CmMaRs SkkN
The first political meeting, and [would be taken up at once by
perhaps the only one that will be ! "xecutive committee, another
held in New Denver during the i vention would be called with
campaign, now closing, wr-s held in ! same representation ns thc
Bosun Hall last Friday evening. |convention, the member would 'be
It was a Wm. Davidson meeting, j called before it and given a chance
and was well attended by supporters to explain his conduct, and if the
of all parties.    Win.  Hunter   was convention should find him guilty.
in   this
AiiK'rlt'Hii Boy     tl
Illiili  I'lllll'i- 	
Hmtilli ilili r...	
Hmun    *:
■ tint* Hint	
Rtvtmi ,
Oillv Vimli'ii    -.''t
Kiiit'i"|if.m»    tl
KMht M.ilili>n	
Illul.lllllll 1.1-tfllt	
Miilin ,    t<i
IVillilioi-      1"
l.ui'kv Jim	
Monitor      I'
I'll y in' ■-.	
Qllivn  lli'M 	
ll.iinliU r	
K..I K<«	
SiiUMIt   NUt	
H|.«-»r|   It IV	
Hiiv. r (italic-	
M.|.-|.rl»r—     * ,	
Vtlu n iv»-r ... 	
!    I
his resignation would be dated and
handed to the Lieutenant -fiovernor.
He believed it was the only sensible
way of disposing of a disloyal
member, and was quite
willing to leave his case in the
hands of the convention that nominated him.
After briefly discussing the
various planks in the platform on
which he was nominated, Mr.
Davidson referred to the good feeling existing between himself and
Mr. Hunter, and said he was satisfied to leave tlie matter in the
hands of the electors, believing
that they knew already about what
they wanted and that, whether
elected or defeated, he would still
stand loyal to the best interests of
the Slocan.
Mr. Hunter was then called upon.
His remarks were brief but decidedly characteristic of the man. He
snid he hoped no one expected a
speech from him. He said he did not_
TntemlTolmTO any pulffieTneetings
in the riding as time was so short,
and that he was there only through
the yonrtesy of Mr, Davidson. He
ditl not feel that it was necessary
to hold public meetings for the
people to hear what he had to say.
Referring to his nomination, he
said he had been approached on
several previous omissions to run.
hut that he had kept out of it as
long as he could. Now, when we
have suffered so much from bad
legislation, he felt that, if he could
he of any service in bringing about
a better condition of affairs, it was
only right that he, should allow his
name to eome before the electorate
as a nominee.
He said he believed in parties.
Certainly the Province hud had a
long enough experience wilh individual governments,
Mr. Hunter said that, while he
was nominated by a Liberal-fun*
servative convention, he would he
a Lihcral-Conservaiiveonly so lung
Davidson promised to be always I as that party was in the ii'iijon'tv
there in the interest of the wage j and continued to work in the in-
carners. to oppose any measures | terests of the mining industry if
inclined to make the wage earner's; the province. If. when the homo
life more hurdc momc, nnd to sup- convened, nnd he t -liotild be eh i ii-i!,
port any measure that would make! he found that the government liml
his lot easier. But because he;.i Ltl.fisi! mnjuiity. he said In-
would be there primarily in the in-! would lend hi* effort- to ihe p.uty
terest of the laboring iiiiiu, it did in power, hi thai needed legislation
not n *cessiirily follow that he would could in* l.iought about,
not look .'tfler the   interests   of   all I     lie believed that whsif flieennntiy
suffeied most   fiom  was   want   of
present at the invitation of Mr.
Davidson and took advantage of
the opportunity to give expression
to his opinions on a few of the political issues of the day.
Neither candidate is a. fluent
talker, but each managed to express himself in conversational
style to Ihe satisfaction of his
Mr. Davidson briefly referred to his
record in the Slocan. He said the
Conservatives had claimed he was
a Conservative, and the Liberals
that he was a Liberal, but tTey
were wrong, for he had been an independent labor man ever since
lie was old enough to know anything about politics.
He was free to concede to the conservative press in this riding the
same freedom that he demanded for
himself to express his views on the
political issues of the campaign,
and he agreed with the opposition
that Mr. Hunter was a man of the
was true of Mr. Hunter
respect was also true of himself,
ami he was ready to speak of Mr.
Hunter in the highest terms as a
businessman and citizen of the
Slocan. But he felt that, should
Mr. Hunter be elected, he would
be held in line by the same political
power that now runs the government, and he could not see how we
could expect a good and stable
government could be formed out of
the old material.
He said that tho mildest term he
had heard in, condemnation, of the
McBride government was that it
was a humbug, ami some had even
gone so far mh to say that the people
had been robbed. He was not
ready to sav how much truth there
*' 9
was in these charges hut he felt
sure that nothing better could be
expected of the next government if
it was to be composed Of the same
people. '
In the event of his election,   Mr.
At present a government offim!
dare not take pnrt in politics or
criticise the government for fear of
losing his job. 1 hope to see outspoken criticism of the management of the department hv subordinate* and the whole government I
T •!'.!   l<" • 1 '-'•
Mrs. M. it. Himay establish-d
in Nelson the fir*! husiiie»« eollij ••
in Kootenay. It is still in .i|ki.i-
tiott, ami pupils are received from
all jwiHs of the. Country.
D. J. Robertson R: fo..   of   Xel-
travel 84 iniles-flve miles aninour.i"<m, carry the finest stock of   fur-
other classes, and heproiiii*>ei| faithfully to lend Iii- support to and
to work for, any legislation that
had for its purpose th" betterment
of the Slocau district.
It hiH lx»cii a-seitiil throughout
the rifling thnt an Independent
Lilnir man could not, il elected,
expect to get any public money-
fol'di-hill-cjiicjil in hi* ciJiMltiicii.
ey, but he feit wife flt.il »hi« W n* H
mistake, jirigiug IVum the u:iv the
la-Wing men in e\ery electoral district iu the province wetc being ap-
coiilidenre, and :$ soluid. st:>' 'e
government, "| tli nk I know the
needs of the count!) prob.ii ly too
well." Kiid Mr, Hunter, ami hte
bund felt it« w.i\ to hi- p H'ket,
He thought the pl.iffiiitu**-. of tlie
thf.e p.tttici. iu the I'mvincc were
pfett\ much the ^ime, and thnt
uh.it we  tued   j**   tueii   who   wj",
•tfrtlld  'l||   (Illl)'!'   j,I itfl.l'lll*..
He mid he leu! rn. u\ to gi ind n
going iniopolities.    Kveiythiiig lie
ive-fe*"!    tn    |i!*i,j.«rn     Si.
There is a penalty against fast
travelling in tlie Slocan. An engineer got fired the other day for
doing it.
OS   THK   M»T,
rilture in the country nnd  do lie
trade of Kootenay.
• Nerve bracers suitable for dump;
weather can  be   obtained   at   th
Kootenav saloon in Sacdon.
Tl)''    U(,\fX:
Hon  AiuiuAi i machinery improved thereby.    Injhumlml nml
Harvest Se/ vioe, held Sunday morn
i tig,
R*v. H. G. Shearer »poke in the
niug. on the Lord's Day   Alliance
The Silverton Miner's Union
will give a h*H in Union halt Friday night and promise that it   wilt
U1. ;v ver* enjoyable itlVir. j
Mrs. Brown, who b.is Wn *pwid-1 in Vict'trifl.
ing a h-w tuoulba with her mother,'    Youi* truty.
"   ib\   A   vhi-'i'i],
tiitetu numes nro
Britain today prominent Socialist* J mett. from the following |>olr>t«:
am holding itign official   position* j ^°^*" • • 	
under a Conservative government, ,v*^,,,',l,	
On nut ftfivr*tt*it*t,iil *-iiit*■*>*-n '.,->i
'"",*. * , ;*,,*'!*    ittitiii I
smelterw of the future we  do  not Ko**Wr-f ....
want a change of engineer*, etc, Sihfiton
riui.Aijiii.rifia >o. * j.,,.,... t',.,1.,
 h^lfm-mM,   tn Hit-   Hl..<«ii    Mlnlii'  1'iv
IUV *V#*t    W,, ,,  ;w   11   .  *■■*■ »<  >     •
piiMiched by   old-p.irtv   cindiiliitev Je«itititry Htn| he f.'lt thftt if he   iau
-eekiiig lie it "ii|n«nt. do no)thing to bring ln-ttcr   tliiM«-
In M-giiuI tr> tlie lirst principle of ito the (otintrv. he will lajtig  pro—
the Inilepeiiileiit l.iUir   Purty,   to perity to himself.
He thanked   Mr.    Davidson,   for
ituut-ejiiw eitei.d.^l to   Imi.  and
me i*>t ol   ticliiig  eliMidon
«'*»'*ti», Aioi iii.n*i*'*i   ibe    I'U'Ctors
would mark their balloti*   for   the
mm mhimn ihty teVu \*A u*uAA *.*,
the most for the riding.
i*i i.
J J! I
i in   <n
it,.,- rt.
I II-    In !«•(,
",   Hi,ti*;|   in
*,iV** tmtOttt*
with every change of government, I "'^"'W
rather than that mo»t of m would J \vi„i»w
| J Thrill  Fork*
and I Ahmo .
Weither< l*i.lrlln*
<Io we want a local Tammany Halt i q*^-
A-ii'VAKK sit'fwi: o*it r.!«. cin...
:»*l   I   w«.v»i tut i>, »* i*f,-w «.o, ttt*
-'t\\i__*"^f.yiu..ti',n.*t, V  1.* I'r.
I     *
. iljr
.,1*.  **r-f It*
prefer even the   management
extortion of the f. P.   R.    N*#
"i,»r- *-f
ieHf*f«N„,b;««i,'v i.Vtfi.v. y w i   \
: It: »#-, mti'l W.,<  «"•••*"*.»), y M *    V- !»'.'<.•
'"' inW,   »htjr   A.iii   it .m   ft..-   ,f.|.- U'l.* f
.->'    U*%%Af It, Ov? UttA'-t lOtt-fttii'S I •* I fttllt: *'«
f,  itltmitmi'ttriunt*.  !■ t ih**  rn-.'i'*.'   ''■'   I'-f iifli •»
i   |l'*(i'»lllllllF|,illllf   HI, 1>  "la'IM
.1 *
J. ('. Hkuum.
l ¥lfe   S iklfy
»Ihtt P«rk".
, ..I,     AtMl ttttht* WW nt.it* Oni **»l*-'f.  sit->4* f •****-    \\ hefl, after ••?»--'f fill,   the   Itit
I'll   "i*'«, ?,t   IIKlM 19*   I: .•»,..**■»  ->l* •    l« '- ■*»■•.•<»•»'■»
^    .i*.vithi>Tt!li.-»ir..Miin.r,'.*i."*-''< OU»»s»HVHllT»g   «l»»l*oVHI totbe
■:t.   i'*!-.>! aa »^..y ^I'jj*^.*^ yyMK nc k*->t*of the con*titueiiey, the n
which the l.ilwnil party   took   e.v-j
''i*e«'ptions in a resolution passed   at;
'...•  .**..,   h ,,*..<»,i ..,.*"..,   ml*.      I»9*l**-
= ,'.,i. AAX 1/Vi**,) \\, i,y;M-;i,h-]
was a gni.il one. S.# many men *
h%A fiom* teAti'-o th.t* mim-stiHirv jno..-.
ing as lalior »,.-iitdi<late,-', ami after
election bail switched to the old
jmi'ih-. luiii 1 ii'1 iiinitf ingtfieit >niil
d.iidei! to pre\ent vofara*'|i*i<>.>i1*t«>
a HJ.ilitioti of the otTelis**. llider
the working of the principle, the
eooveiiiioii tliat nominated the man
would have Jii«    iindflt«tl   writt«n
Jl'.C'.l    ill     il"     b'llHl-.
I here ti* m, Ih,hwnn te er, Lm
•till the New \"« ik brewery at
Sainton is ijoii-ga riisliiiir laiMia --.
The tutsie at tlie Knt* Iplbe nutn-
lul* '.l.\ KUe cut- of ore Were
shijipe I lluill.g Sj.t«';al<H'l'.
Mt>. Mftilii-.-'-n i-
fall stock of read vt'
•tear miUim rv THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C,'OCTOBER i, i9o3.
Tenth Year.
Chimmie Fadden on Diplomacy of Women
I'm a Frenchman by marriage, as Duchess says, but dere's one ting I'll never cop
right, and dat's French cooking and eating. All dat religion, politics, Wall street
aud sporting news is to Americans, eating
is to de French.
"Dat's de trouble wit your dinky nation," I says to Duchess. "If dey goes to
war dey gets licked; if dey digs a subway
it's a grave; if dey breeds racers dey is
ekates; if dey plays polo dey only cuts up
de turf; if dey fights duels dey only makes
faces, all because dey is never tiuking
about de ting dey is making a bluff at, but
is tiukiug about how deir grub is to be
Mostly I can get a fall out of Duchess
by pulling a hammer on de French, but
dis time she only gives me do baby stare,
aud says, "Cheems," sho says, ''Cheems,
you have only of tlie ignorance of which
you speak. Besides dat dey is de greatest
people on eart, do French is do most bravo,
de most noble, and do only ones dat knows
how to dress. Dey did everything before
anybody else done it. Did we not go to
see M'sio.u Suddern in do American play
of 'Hamlet' last year, and did we not see
de same play by Madam Bernhardt—
'L'Aiglou'—de year before? De French
is always ahead."
"On your way, woman," .1 says. •'Hamlet was wrote for Kddie fcSiiildorn by an
Englishman, not by Olyto Fiftch.'
"De more shame to de Englishman who
stole it from M'sieu Rostand," Duchess
says. "De English never knowed how to
fight until Napoleon teached em; dey will
never know how to paint or sculptor, no
matter who tries to learn em. It is only
de tings dat France has forgot dat any
odder country does well."
"Dey has a good brand of hot air on
tap, anyway,!' I says. "But tell me, why
docs doy put garlic in a leg of mutton?"
"Because do sheep hasn't de sense to
put garlic in his own leg," she says. "But
you has do bad temper dis morning,
Cheems. Come wit me to de city, aud we
will dine at do restaurant of de husband
of faen, Julie. It will be my treat, for
Julie is de dame du comptoir, and she
charges me uott iug for dinner, so delicieux
is it for her to liave de laugwudge spoke
to her polite."
And dat's no dream", neider. Julie used
to be a lady's maid, and she's so tickled to
have Duchess come to de restaurant, and
give her de news of de swell set, dat doy
never asks us for de price—and (bit's why
do dinner at Julies' is Duchess' favorite
We eats nt Jaques—dat's Julie's hubby
—between menl times, so dat dey can eat
It's den dat Duchess tells Julio to talk of
de swift set, dat we hears at our place;
aud de tings dat sho tells must bo warm
{impositions, for Julio "Don Dious!" and
lumps her eyebrows like sho was only
two jumps ahead of a fit. Do waiters
don't understand, for dey comes from u
kind of Hoboken of France where some
sort of French yiddish is spoke, and can't
cop do real Paris rrtifle dat Dutchess
spouts, Dat's a good ting, too; for when
Duchess gets to passing out do latest ex-
trays about do little lad in de brass band
set dat earrieo a wrist bug, and wears a
rose iu his thatch at uight, it wouldn't do
deso backwoods Frcndiios nogood lo hear
do whole story.
Jaques gives each of do winters a hot of
claret ror dinner; but did day one of dem
was docked his red wine and mado to
drink tea, because he'd broke so manv
dishes; nnd do jxior chap cried so much
over his hard luck dat he made de tea
Ralty.   Den he said it wasn't so bad.
But dat wasn't all I was going to tell
you; only sometimes I get wondering so
hard why all folks isn't like Americans
dat I has to sing a song about it—or have
a fit. I was saying dat to .Mr. Paul do
odder day, when we was trying to see
would his slooo sail as well on her rail as
on her keel, "^es, Chunics," lie says, "do
American people couldn't do a wrong net
if dey tried. Dey is a generous, just, patriotic und grateful jienple; and dey will
not lie represented iu high ollice by a man
who forgets to show his gensrosity and
gratitude and justice, instead uf meanness, ingratitude, unfairness in all his
nets. At de chili, Ae odder day, 1 was
talking dis over wit general Miles, and he
Just den a squall hits us, and me and
Mr. Paul hud to swim ashore, sn I never
heard what de general said, ll don't cut
no lee, anyway, for Mr. P.iul, when In-
sturfti nut wid a Inf of dtnlo l.'mgvinl"!'
like dose woids, is mostly (ruining torn j
mutch wit Whisker*. j
Am   1   Milt*   oa.vhlg,   d.ll    WiiMl'l   wli-.il   11
wits going to tell you about. Iliiiii inl-cr
de jolt dat Duchess piitsiip fo ni.il,i- iMi'li* !
e^« get togeilder wit Wiley Widdy? Well,1
when Whiskers s«-eii dat dere was mumm'
tn.'ss|Kissiiig on ite gnifs, In* gut foul o| In*
shy Mtivnk iigahi, uiul hint nnd widdy wie
mi fiirn|Mirt dat he couldn't see In t\ |lut
make* Duchi'ss so mail del »ln« could
* ham. for Aie is hound log.'! Wlii -Lit*
locat.il in his own tin side, mi tint Mi>-
ruiiuie can t»> tiiiidc to tukeiri|m to Pari...
Hllil ottdiT IHvk* of Wood* w In le l.u. 3n••■■-■
wmits to go, and where Mi** l-aiinie
won't go so long n» her |«i has im home o(
his own.
I don't make if my I.imik"-.-, to fun n it
Hug* like dose, for I'm sjitUii.-.! uu in.'
jntias it Inys; nil de same I wouldn't */m
twldi-idnf Miss F/mtiic would put tip a yell
if Whiskers had a shuck to run all l.t\
hiiin-wrU', and ilidn't lime■ **» mm l» tim» ■>••
run hem. Mr. 1'mil doesn't wiv n..flint?.
IO' * .i wiw -win', .ur. i'.ho in nun so e.iii;, ton
•i V,*!,! '.i*.i- !.*,.i.*i )■■ 'A i.V i,*;.* *; .,,,,., Iiiiu
niii'f our jihiee^. d-.it le^v.-s Mr. 1'nnl m<.ve
of Ids own long grmi lo tnin uweyoii
\.uiu*t niiiii lli.«» ii,i« mm* iih.ihv like u
tn-eciiii tin- iiImiii. lint jiisi d.« won.', ll
Whi-kif-  3ue* a  latchvey mi a lUtV. l'.-nt
dat don't, save it. Money is no good if
you don't have it, is it ? If it is only good
to spend, why take de trouble to get it?
No, Master Cheems, if you havo money
you have self-respect—de only ting dat
you can buy wit money, and at de same
time not spend de money. Dere should be
a law dat man should make all do money
ho can—and give it all to his wife. Dat's
de only way he can buy happiness."
I was a foolish fellow to come to a clinch
wit Duchess on dat propositiou; for no
matter how good a argument I put up,
Duchess gets de decision, aud do poisse;
she being referee aud stakeholder, both.
But I was going to tell you about Willy
Widdy. She's not de kind of a player
dat sits on de club house verandy waiting
for au easy mark to go around de links
wit her. If de. oue she wants won't play,
she'll be in a game if it's only a lone-'
some—dough foursomes come her way
swifter dan any odder. So when Whiskers got shy, Widdy waS as gaily-gaily as
any goil in de county. Duchess tried her
best to get Miss Faiutie to drag Whiskers
over to Widdy's cottage, ao dat he could
see wlmt a push was dere at Widdy's
lunches and teas, and dat she wasn't* sentenced to be a widdy a day longer dan she
wanted to be.   But, Whiskers ducked.
"Itis of de ngravuto!" says Duchess.
"It is dat if 'Whiskaire see Madam Harding in company wit anodder, den he is of
de sentiment urgent*. But if he will nol
ga where he see dat many men admire
her, what can one do?"
"One can guess again," I says. "Let
your betters alone, and fix it wid Housekeeper to leave Maggie* have dis evening
off, for me frien de barkeep is coming
down dis evening, and we'll take a stroll
up di' pike wit him and Maggie."
Duchess never said a ■\void in answer to
dat, find I* had a right to be leary: for
whon a woman won't talk, even when
she has a cue, it's time for a man to get
his guard up and limber his legs for a
quick side-step. Me frien comes down by
de early evening train, aud 'conchy lends
me de station wagon to fetch him; de.
folks biMng at dinner and not seeing me
make de sneak wit de wagon. When we
was in de housekeeper's room, having a
bite, and a mug of de butler's ale to wash
de cinder's out of me Men's trout, Duchess chases me off, and don it was she puts
up her job. Widdy had been giving Duchess a lot of duds, and p'ehee! if she didn't
rig Maggie up in em till she was a dead
ringer for Widdy—only dat Maggio in
one of dose new straight-up-and-down
corsets, was asking wouldn't she break
like a lamp chimney if she sat down! "Me
frien was looking like ready money, too;
for his lid and blanket would pass him nt
a hundred yards for a broker on de right
side of de market.
"Take me out of dis corset, Duchess
dear," Maggie was saying. "For de love
of heaven! take me uut before I die. I
feel like I was boarded up—like I was
boxed up for de expressman to take
away." •
"Tons etes tres charmante!" say Duchess, putting on de poor goil a wrap Widdy
used to wear. "Don't hold you skirt like
a mouse wns chasing you. Look, hold it
hold her skirt like she was going to wrap
herself up in it if dere was enough of it.
"What's doing?" I says when I sees
dese tings.
"It's a play," says Duchess.
"Who's to be played?"
"Come wit me and say notting," Duchess says, and do four of us chases out to
de road by de lane.   Den Duchess and me
goes over to do odder sido of de road, and
me frien and Maggie waltzes along by
deirsel ves, and, say, dey was so like Widdy
and some swell Johnnie, dat I'd yelled, ^
only Duchess punched mo.
It was near dark when whiskers came
out from dinner, and starts out for a stroll
to de yacht club house to thrash out de
cup races once more. As soon as he cops
Maggio and mo frien, he starts like he
starts like he was going to cress do road,
and den ho seems to tink dat wouldn't do,
and keeps on; and when ho passes them
he hists his lid; me frien hists his, and
dat sassy Bowery goil, M.uggii\ sweeps a
bow dat makes her look more like Widdy
dan de close did. Whiskers went on his
way, and de couple makes it hurry sneak
wit* us buck to de house, where Maggie
gets mil of her swell rags and into her
own close; aud den de four of us starts oil'
up de pike, Pretty soon butler runs us
down, and asks me didn't I know dat I
was due ul do house, for dere was lo lie
bridge, and me l*ing snoud man, it was
up to me to lie on call if Mr, Paul would
want a small buttle.
Say, before t gets a ring to go to de
room where de folks was, Miss I'annie
sends for me on de quid, aud she says,
"('hiatus, where is Hoilenw?"
"Walking up de road wit butler, Maggie and a tried of mini'," 1 says. "Shall
1 chase alter her, Miss Fitiinio?"
Miss Fannie tutu it while, and den she
says, "How is llyrtcnsc dressed?"
",he-t a,-' die was when she dressed yon
for dinner."
"Ami Maggie?"
"I tin roof! What kind of a drink is a i
tin roof?"
"It's ou de house," says I, aud Duchess
is wondering yet.
Dat's de foist time in me life I ever
sunk a tip on Duchess, and de best ting
about it is dat it was her graft, at dat. If
she ever finds out d-.it Widdy passed dat
green to me, to pass along to me—to de
Norfc Pole for me!
Aud Duchess earned de stake, too; for
from de looks of tings down our way,
Whiskers will soou tell mo to pack his
trunk for a wedding journey; and when
de parson has willed half of Whiskers' income to Widdy, de credit of de job will
belong as much to Duchess, as to Widdy's
Nelson Exhibition.
Among the Trail visitors to the fair
were mayor and Mrs. Schofield, D. F.
Jelly the" orchard)st, George L. Merry,
and J. H. Clay the market gardener. Mr.
Jelly and Mr. Clay captured nearly SO
prizes between them.
G. 0. Buchanan of Kaslo had a number
of exhibits of fruit of liis owu growing
and that of his neighbors. He took first
prizes for Beitenheimernud Colvert apples
and second for Pacific Coast Trailing
blackberries'. He made entries for J.
Kidell and .1. Clark, and the former took
second for Weal thy apples and the latter
second for Griivonstien tipples.
0. W. Busk of Kokanee creek and Rev.
J. Calvert of New Denver had splendid
exhibits of their work as amateur photographers. The iNTe\v Denver divine captured the red ribbon,
Edward Grizzolle, the Hoover street
(lorist, ma.de a line exhibit of potted
plants and flowers, iuehuling nearly every
variety that can he grown in this climate.
He was awarded a diploma.
One of the unique exhibits was a catch,
of trout frozen in a block of ice. Ed
Bosquet, Nelson's champion fisherman,
made the catch,,' and the freezing ..was
done iu P. Burns & Co.'s cold storage
George W. Halo & Co. exhibited do-
signs of steam, electric, and gasoline,
launches and row boats, and their friends
say they should design a yacht to capture
the America's cup.
J. H. Clay, who has a farm a short distance up the gulch from Trail, made
spleudid exhibits of vegetables, nnd captured 15 first and (i second prizes. He
also took the sweepstakes in that class.
The soil around Trail is well adapted for
vegetables and the climate is probably as
mild as in any section of Kootenay.
Thero were a number of exhibits of
wood carving done by amateurs, which
were most creditable.
Allan Lean, the photographer, exhibited
u fine collection of photographs.
There was wheat in the sheaf from
Kokanee ranch and clover five feet high.
There were half a dozen entries of sunflowers, the tallest stalk being over 1-2
feet high and the flower 14 inches in
Onslow Newliug; took first prize for
Olapp's Favorite pears, and James Tarry
exhibited Duchess d'Angeliue pears from
street. While there are more pretentious
buildings than Mr. Driscoll's cottage, no
home in Nelson has so many evidences
that the occupants are striving to make a
home in the sense that Canadians understand the word. Mr. Driscoll has a garden and orchard that has not an equal in
Nelson. He grows more and a greater
variety of fruit than «ny resident* within
the city; yet wheu he built his home in
1893 up in the Hoover Addition, as it was
then called, people said he was "awav out
of the world."
1 Mail Orders.
We  give  all  mail  orders  our
prompt and eiireiu!. attention.
| We Solicit Yours
| For Prescriptions
A Competitive Coal Company.
Quite recently several of the officials of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company from
Toronto have made a visit to the company's properties at Fernie, and made optimistic reports of the outlook there. We
are pleased to hear it, as the gentlemen
should know what they are talking about*.
But some of the things that G. G. S. Lindsay, K.O., one of the directors, is credited
with saying, would have been left better
unsaid—at least from the company's point
of view. Referring to tho coke shipments,
Mr. Lindsay stated that the shipments to
the Granby smelter, among others, had
been stopped because'they wore "overstocked." Tliis was only half the truth,
us the reason the Granby shipments were
ordered discontinued for a few days was
because tho smelter 'was blown out torn*
lew days.. But: this is no large matter, if
the coal company now keeps up the supply, which it appears they will be able to
do. Iu referring to the quality of the coal
being opened up by the International Coal
& Coke Company,'however, Mr, Lindsay
made some remarks that will do him no
good. Here is what lie is reported to have
said, verbatim: "Weare glad to find the
Granby people entering the field. After
live years of work and the expenditure of
an enormous amount of money, the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Company has got coke
down to as low a figure as it can be produced at it profit, even on a* very extensive
scale. Tho Blairmore district* lias, undoubtedly, large fields of coal, some of
which havo been tested and abandoned,
and I very much doubt if there is.any
seam ai' coal in that district* that will produce good coke. I have ri'een samples of
coke made from civil taken from tlie vein
upon which the Granby people are working, and it is very high in ash. It may be
that they will, on other seams, obtain a
coal which will make good coke, but* if
they do it will be the only instance in that
district where such coal has been obtained,
and I would not be willing to believe that-
such coal exists until I see the coke."
Of all kinds.   Kodaks, Cameras
nndCPlioto Supplies.
* School  Books
■ft 1.1MITKI).
and Supplies. Blank Books,
Letter Books and Oilice Stationery, Wall Paper, Etc, Etc.
To and from European points via Cana-diui-
■md American lines.     Apply   for salliiijj* date-
rates, tickets and full information to any 0.
Ry ai;ent,"or—
C P. R. Anent. New Denver.
'"   ". w. nnm«l„M ft. S S. Apt,., W.ln„|Pw
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Lands and  Mineral  Claims Surveyed
and Crown Granted.j
P. 0. Hox Wi:],       OIHee: Koolona.y St., Nelson.
SMOKE ■ . • ■
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip cigars. Union
goods, made hy
Winnipeg, Slim.
Hepresoiitoil liy UEORUE HORTON.
The Voters' Lists.
In the cloven ridings iu southeastern
British Columbia, (he vote at the coming
election will be larger than tho vote polled
in lilOO. The number of names on the
eleven lists total !I4M, and it is safe to estimate the vote at 8fi per cent. Following
is the registered voting strength of each
of the eleven ridings:
Cranbrook \;i:,i
l'Vrnii' •;.. .1,1.15
lli'volstnki' l.uS'i
Viiiir l.iKil
Nelfion —''. ,.......'. Jilti
ill <!
Hjil,,  \, il In ,' t .ip
D. F. Jelly is Trail's orehardist, and his
exhibits of fruit show that ho understands
the business. He captured a number of
prizes for tipples and pears.
W. II. Covert of Grand Forks made as
Jiue a display of fruit as will be made at
any fair in the province. It included
apples, peaches, pours, and plums. The
fruit was clean, ripe, of good size, and of
excellent flavor, tfrand Forks may be a
smelting center, but Mr. Covert has
proved that it is also in the center of a
splendid fruit district.
^Thero was an exhibit of oil from the
fumed Flalhead river oil Holds, which tire
not open to locators because of u lack of
backbone in someone.
No liner orabapplos will Ik* exhibited at
the Spokane fruit fair than were those
entered at Nelson's first fair. Tliey were
fine in size, iu color, aud in flavor.
The plums, pouches, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and primes
wore not only remarkable for the variety,
but for tho size anil quality. I
Non. H. F. (liven of Kaslo is classed as
a politician, but he is also a fruit grower.
In his absence from homo his sun "Dub"
entered fruit, and carried oil' first prize
for plums.
Fred .1. Squires, Nelson's pioinvr merchant tailor, had a display of tents and
awnings of his own manufacture. He
makes a specially of protean tents.
JMi Laclilan Hrothers made a good display of slows and ranges, and it good ox*
nihil of builders' hardware,
Th<<*Mu*oii& Kisch C'ntijiaiiyiif Toronto
hail mi exhibition pianos, pianolas, »nil
Morley *\ri Co. in the satin- 1 ninth made it
display of musical instrument*.
1). McAnliur cV Co. made a line display
of furniture, show ins.' handsome mis for
fin' pui'ior, litchnling Uie Inns! ili'.-igns in
|ia\iii|ioi'is. In furniltitv for dining
riiniiK, lliii I'tiliVt- 'n «<:ik aud phil<- j-,!,''.."'
j were 111"*! Ill tractive,
i I'.l-ai'kiiiiiii Kit .Milling Company, l.iin
; ili'd. •••.■Mimed lolled ifciN. iitiliit wheat,
and Mlf-iisiiig liiirkwheal flour limn dnii
mill" al Sli'iiihcuii-i. Al-x'i'tu. ,
■Siiiekleton A,  Simpson of NYhoii htul
on ixliiliili'iii  nimbi.' mid g:.mil<' iimou-
| iiu'IHk, in.ide from  iii;iible qiiiirrifd in ar
! S'ljinound Kiihlo and giiiniteqiii.nnd nl
1 N«'l«uii,
I    Hin.li II. Ho.*. ,'ni.Mise.r nf 1' Kr.riKA
! Cm.'* cold rliff'pi' plain, «'.\lil!ill d i'll,'lii>
and fituute mnde inun hoin*, which s-liowcil
llii-.i lw in ...I... I.,-,.,  ., • ,i i. iii,.ii,
itosslainl. S.X. ... 7.	
liraiiil Forks	
k'uslo  s:i'.'
SliK'HIl  Hiii
Ori'i'iiwooil   711
Onluinbla ."  fil'.i
Total Ki.iM
Second Hand Store
uii China Hall
Niiw and Si.i'ond Hand (iomlts ot every description  bniiKlit  anil ifold.  See our ('nii'luTy ami
OiiuilM Uucitecl
l'li'.Ht>CliiHH Warchousu
l*or Stoi'HKO
linker Stioet, Wist,
Next tu CIMt. Ticket 0111 fo
I'lioni' '.'111 A I'M. Hox .'iSN
Cockle & Papworth
The best in Nelson. No amateur
work. Travelers, mining men
and otliers can have their work
done promptly at'the
SBmsSness School
Victoria slreet, opposite the City
Library, Nelson.
A mum' that is fiuiiiliiir to old-timers
us tho liiinio of Three forks -familiar
liwiuisi*" it was there in days of liooni
iuul in days of depression that they
enjoyed the hospitality of the Keninl
proprietor, and partook of. tho lioshiss'
bountiful table. The same conditions
prevail today that have won for tlm
house its enviable reputation and its
proprietor is—
? Books
j Magazines
j Newspapers
ry s Nurseries.
Roses, Bulbs, Rhododendrons,
Fruit atid Ornamental Trees,
Sewing Machines /Pianos
Old Curiosity Shop,
Josephine Street
Nelson,  ll.C.
v.iiv Coinp'iiV li.nl ••xhilf i
{.•nods Slicll  km  {.'mis  inidh-
ViV; Ji   tl    'H'i . ''i ll    'Hi-'i   it   ■■■   ■ . a I     t     '.  Ii *■        ,1 I I-  ,    4    -llli    | I.
hi* h'jt »«ti ut jut nt i. it-kin;.' ni * mi if.
I :iii
it ain't a ii».'»n-*« n.isii'> i^r,iti t..\
•tut |wrt of de y;iiMi'. It*» (lillYr* hi uii
\vonien-.*.oiiiiiiitK. If Diu'hri*. i|;dii*t h.i\i-
a hand ill miming uni> t 'ink -m a •„';*..•
op miik nnd liv«- on de tij»- ♦!n*'* \** n
ttwtehintt tne for rill d<•*•>■ v.sti- I mi.
iudduj.' htr ttlitiut th- Ix««ij. -J, j ...|
tmnk*-*t. "Wlntf V ,\,* n*** ut ihom- v * >,« t \it
In **)* nil »i •    I mi * in ii<r,
•*ik* wot-i »«.«♦ you ttiu pm iiiojp'y to i*  tltd %,,;, ft, I dc j»ric«-;"
tA-qn-wt it. tti<m»!iti    If y«n m« tn] it r<**Q *||"f* Anbi't  v*A i-*, mic,
u oo Uiti-r ofl ilAtidoav Uatltab [.n-oii-, wrnatt tin root." J
oil'," J Ml>>.
lint I never ronld foul Miss Fniinii',
Site niiili'S a lillli', inn! ih'ii Aie nmvs.
'"Cliiiini'H, what miv'liit'f lias HoiIiiim*
lieen up to'; Mrs, lliin(iii|j is In n*. and
when ]nip,i liiiiH' Un'k  from de Huh he
..|Hike of huvitlU' M'i'll Mni. Ihll'dillf,'. I
kii'i'..' d :t in* did nol. Imi .Mrs, ll."idiii).'
did not mv he did nm. I mi> hy your
face, * 'Inuiti s, it'll inn !;no\v ol some niii.-
■■Iiiii'd.it v» ill i -.Npiaiu.niidyoii iniisl tell-
I'll on! In* i i.t.., *,-.iiii Iimi, UM*,"
I in vet'could < on Mi»* Fiinnii'if I trn-d,
XI |'i lew her #!c pirn  (I'll   veji*. pl*;ved, :*l"\
Ate didn't pat lip no holler, tit diit.    I wit* '    \y],<)(| Hi.id
•'.I'ti't* nni.'what w.> d'iiii;r v.it dc full;-in \ i|S"„f"
de lihi'iiry, mi wlii ii I yjitn telbA fur, to
fetch de pii«if for Mr. I'oul ih't <!" fellur
wm n't   run   dry, J   nil>liU'H  Ae  luioul.
\Vhi*ker,w wa?. plnyin-ir np to Widdy lilic
Aw «n« a "iv |«r lent **u*'\i-inliiiitrIm-low
lt"l"    uiul   he   ,«"!■«   iift-nfil If li" itidii'f   Iiii
H   tier*' Would in* nolle ut jf left ill  de
.\'i.       ii i'l',,'    •     I,lit      ml'     Hill,     illlli
WJ.IJl    3    IMi'li il ii   ji'l'   lll'l',  1   H.:]|/i> ll'll', II
lo lie tfllte, nnd as sin* drivt■* trotiwli Ate
>t'.S»«iiiid wiyif, ••.Mim Fnuiiii  win. p>lhn)» of wiitilifsimd j» v.ilrr.
me dnt your wife cm ilre.-s Mii^vio to!
I«nk lil,.*'..!.!.-r l"'*U,-~ " Ktirf-n tr t  r:i**
run lie - i- it" lurmei', tn:i ..in,    J'*:i\s. : " "    "" '
"f*b*' i* i* \<-rr !-»!<! nmiii." i»ay«i Widdy.      I« te mul VicfoH.. ■«- a eity of )t«,iii.
•llit   I   niii* -lie d—trv«-idi-. \ Imt I jn»J   the tnie  mctiiiiiif of lh- ml.A "I
win- at hiii,'e," iuul -he p'<-*">d mi'out u
I iiiir };i.< ii. ,ii,d peine! it un* it Iiii r
Well. I P«x lode ,|!'ti'lli   wil   tne flil ti
dc Kuket-p, uiul  I wjdttr. ilil liv.rat <h ''tetf »> mt-.ny hoin«--•».    A  hoc.,- .(
|A(lojitei| nt Itcvi'liiliilii'. Ki'pt.'Ml.or Mill, V.n'J J
1. Tiuii flili I'.iinvciitinii roMlllnii- tU<» pol <-v
■ if the imrtylii iiiiiiit'i-n of |,|- ivlnctul ri-aifi unit
HiiiN: the uivm i>lil|i iuul (••tiiii-.il nl i'iuIwihm
Uiul tin- ili'Vilopiueiit nf llie iicrli'iilliir.'il nuiiiii'-
ee* ef III,' I'lnvliu'.' i* till (|..u n In tli- plittftiriH
llllol.t.'il ill lli'tnhel', |N!HI, tlliii'h I-i if Mlti-lV",
" t'u .uihi'lv , ilil Iii iim ciiiiiiii'iii.H ei ir.ilM
1,'ir'lli.'ll'illl the Hliilrli !i,|„*il jn,il ,iii« ol ill,,
pruvliiri- nml the ImilillitK of pioviiii'iiil trunk
nail* nt public iiiTCii-.lt v.
"llu inln|it iin- |iiliici|.ii<nf irnViTiinn nt own.
.'tvlilp.it   I'ullu'iiy   in ►., la um ilici in'iiniiH;iiiiT-,
*,'   !,l:i*   (IV,Vl'll','   ll  ill    I,I   I,H,.    *l   ,,|     I | :,,l,   ,  (1    ,, ,   ('
flic |irlii('h*li> lli.'if iiii 111111111 almiilil In' i/rnifi'l Iii
:my r.iilH.iyi'niiip.iiiv  ulilili iImic   h,,i trlvi* tlto
.'nVlllhllllll     III      III,,     j,li,VU|i'l'    CIHll | ,l|     ,,|     Illlt'H
"i,*r lm... I,.,iiii«.wl,iiij.'i iim wilh |||,. ni,||i,ii of
"Ti.ncllVi'!\ .'K-i-l b\ «t; »i"il<| In iI|.-i|,.',,.|,,m-
ui* ,t ..I tli,- iH-ru ii'Iiii ,| n .-in,*,... ,., t|„. j|ljv.
.'.   'I'luif Iii lie   in, ,i Hi,I,   .mi| mud id,. r,j|
Kill  |»,l|cv illie\|. •. ( (. (Ill r.iti In-   iii'i-.i|n|i||il|n|
i ,'i-n, i  lr..lln.iyiii'l It |-,--..!. l«,v!u„' 1i,*.,|* i,i
li c,,|i«,|l|i'l IlillMii)* uii!, i ii-il,,|n ii|,|,riiV,'li
Iftflll'iti"!!*   illl ths.;.*ll-   I.i   III.*   ly   I. in   ||,a!   \,:,m
i.   nil- il in 'in b I'Xii-ii.ji..   r,il«i',  ciiMi iii'linii
III III,' 1   |..t'l|S!iltl"»,   llPIl   It,   Illlllll   .mIuhUiii.'.'
I'. Ii'iii,- .mil cniHi, iit.
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piicli I*, J11-.I in, wcb'iunc iii llu, inllliiititilrc with liU roll, Kvcty uiici>t rccclvcH
llie l't",f care iiiiii prolicliiiii,
Till: lii|nor-. ttrc I lie In.',I in tlie Slocun, iiiel lliu linlel lin» hunt been notcil for
* ti-.ll 11II'I tfII 11,1'   'lilllll't*.
Till" i-linniitly fir.t-clii-i» hoii,ii In (lie l.ucenui of N'oilh Ami'tlcii. One look
ill Hie tin,.thiol will I'.iiiilni'e mil i.lr,ni«cr Hint llie -liiili'li Hie of fir»f.clil-»
•imilil.v.   It.ioin. r*i.iirvi'<l by tclciinipli.
i!i.fii.,ii, i.u, . -• -1 1 I,.
iiiii'.'e en llu. ml j.r.'iit'*.
ynVcriiiiii'iil  o«ii"i»lil|. of
n t!ic
lifhiii).' taikli*.
The Nrj-iiii Ui-, Worlvs had a iliti'nv uf
{.'un hcaliiii,' mul i-ookinj.' i-lovcs. tint, its
umiu'.jp'ri. iioinU"! svitU \w\A*-1<» tin-1 .Ait'.t*'
itt, nf I-mul I m luil ou tlieir Move* I.*. Hu-', t,,. ,tJ i, „„.,9.**,...  ,. , ,,:,
Illllli If, Ol   "IC-i.-illl. j »|H|('IJ.*4loi Itlltill t.
I '.,.'. IKitlic    Illlllll l? l .'.illlllll ll    ll.i'!l|lrill      '     ," '"'"!,'"',',' '"'•'-"i'1' *l'*, *-•*.'' .   *. ,,'.'ii
,   , ,     ,* ,   ,        , , •' l (.mv Inc.'ubiiillil per.tv.r.-  In llie i IT'iitp
oi-.inj.Ji te .I'll ol   \i,.trhiii:t)iuiz Iuul* in Uo-.Uw*-x*-tu*l.A\uf Aitiilt U'f.r.
lltHVilMV.     I'lli'V ll|.*0  liwi.de ,-| litre i!.u'|»!,,.,rf.    «,    Tfoifl (Iiiiii* wmWii-'.Jl »i,ii1,tii l,.|in'.   '
' I-. .1)., 11 i ll I
ll.li |4 nt it (1 fl'(
I.   "I but  the
,l*",-i Id Ihi' iiit|il!*lllon nt |tf.il.|ic uliliiim.
Tbil'i |.'i'if *f. cry (',,>,I .-uch  lt.*n .ft-r
If ,li*«|it,"c(l ..f „|i"ii|i| tn* ivi'MmI frmn s.ile or
..- Kiiiiui »iiie,>Mniit mini'* nifty lie m.ily
*•    <<   I!,!, , if tlieir   ..|t l.ltl .11 ll, , ,i,ii..*l   Im ,,,,*,f"y
IIMill l»,lbll\
,i Timl Iii the |,iit|i lin.l li,*,-* provftlon
■It nlil* In' in n.lw l'i if n.t',1'1 "*ili iit aivt in.a *u\*
h »ii',| Ik- ijk, it («r llie irttieril pi, * iv;itltin t.f
1,1   lull
,1 11,
Vh:   'HJlj
I «' •i:|,.»iilv nml «p|t|»;«riitt|.H,-. fur  utt*  prut I,, t,.
i «li nl 111 viif ii*»typ« mii-ii ujt,..ii the l),,niii.|,.ti
j K iVctiilili'iit,
I Bank m Montreal g
Ettatilfthed «U17-
Ca*)»llfll («II pndt np)	
Wli-.l i* true nf Vii mria is e»|s>: |!v mie of
N«'l»on,    1,'ti  ltiv.li   of  iln  olie in I ".ui (da
fttlr ilnon  ri,"./'
i'-' -"' iff*.it. :yX
■*||.•!»•'•. I.i Mi!l !"
V/hi"l  I  !'."»•■   .
» it'Ti  li ill Oliee,
... .  it |V -It., .
•t, }tt**i*,.... .,' f\ h: ■
- '""• n drinking
.   Wli.i
iv*'-,*• .'.v.*... i'.,.*,.. ;
iioi^tnielnl Imiltltti,
1 *sh\9, "ii
ijiflix-.   A j ii i'ii;,' lh
tluit    llf   J.   J
|.|.,ih ,,-iif l„.l* n I ,11 ,|t i.-e. iijr,,.,.(| I,y tt" tm
;x.*»ii|,rti i-t im r-*«»nl 1'i.iMiit .hit!.** on lejiil „i,,|
:.-...| i.o ilivl* i,tr:*,|}..» n,i . 1'nu.xU. *ntl llmi
if:.i* t',.,..« riul.v.* in, ml.-, r* >,| jt,t, n.,niliil,,ii
II..it . I* nr." il I>> »ui.|. it any ti.t.llt.ii iitlfi.
,|twvt| I.T «*nli f ,*iiip»***
pt 11ml »* li i|.!•>«!,I i|.[,H'<« -iiinet,! Invsrl-
.*,l.ti- r.-'ti't In i'»".*iH !»*•«. ii,,,| iejiirj !■ *th f,, tl*
|*>l»i.*r..|«-rriw*l *'.*t I■■ tf»* j-tltufl*, I.i'l,1.1||.i„
• :,*..■'«','., ,.,..*,>,'.,,. ,,. ,,',. in. i» ',,,r nn m,,|
e.,t,t,. ...ipifHe i»t .f u;rli ,',i*-*n,i, - l**mr,*»n T,n.
],\-,*tt9 uiul • trip!..ve **.
tl 'tli-,' .1 ,» »i'vi. .'A. • . f *,*,* o,i w,p, i.fne-
Itor '.( I hi- »»■» jf* iiu.|iot llu* |.r>.viiifv vrilhin
lis.- |Tn*it*i*»' a- t.if .« f.i**;i,lf Iii riHti.t. ( t.*»«.
11 ,u .:>, ■!*- ..,1 »„.,,   ).f ..t.:t 1-, *--..t,je. 1 iriTeliliJl* , if
Ui      ti     .    , .1 i}»f*»i»i^ in ub >l# tit twtt Wh>n miiiiiiftHnri'ft
...     ,'^* *, ,* *,': ,■ 11.
* ,*ii,.« ,. ,i* it. c,< ,*,
The hiiMiji*.-* »t,',V
.■■lirj'oiiiiiieil 1,.   i i iilcw'i .♦*  t/i.o   *h..m
j*-o|i|e who ftvr  ill  t«  nn-  mtl.iii.'
ht>ute* ni 'SA,.
If! II
'it   I* .
I"*)«liviil«i| |trufiS3*
Ul. Hon. .Stntthmi.* aiiiI Mount ll.»y»l, U. C M,(i  IV-fHident
Hon. Ii. A. DnitHiiiond, Viii-.l'ri'Jilditnt
K. S Cloufttftii, (ifiicr«t M«nair«»r
Hivtiiihi'ii in nil |«Ai'is .-i I'hioi'I.'i, Nciifouinll.ind, («rr«t lliihiiu,
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New Denver Branch, A. W. SltickJand, Acting Mgr. Tenth Year.
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General   Store.
TIII1KE   FORKS, dealer In
         .     yd    ' "    '  ■-•
|wd all over tlio Slocan,
From the Butte Reveille.
"Going to leave town, Jack?"
"I got the. 'bine ticket' this morning,"
was the answer.   "You know what that
means."   •
This conversation, audible to the little*
crowd which had gathered at an outgoing
train at the Anaconda depot today, was
tho means of divulging to the Reveille
correspondent a remarkable state of affairs
in this city.
The very latest in Standard Oil infamy
is the "blue ticket."
Preliminary to the opening of the
Washoe works here, the Standard Oil
blacklist, so well kuown in the oil regions
of Pennsylvania, has made its appearance
in Anaconda.
The "blue ticket" is what the men call
it, and if you find your name on a blue
ticket you might as well go home, begin
to pack up your belongings, and get ready
to walk ont of town, if you haven't thc
money to ride.
The introduction of the "blue ticket"
discloses n condition that has never lieen
equalled in the trust-cursed existence of
the city. It proves tliat the infamous
"blue ticket" is but the beginning of another era of tyranny which will incense
the independent citizens of the state.
To describe the "blue ticket" it is necessary to go back a few months. Soon
after the Amalgamated Copper Company
sprang into existence, one of the most
convincing proofs that it was an oifshoot
of tho Standard Oil Company wns the introduction of tho "pedigree slip" aud the
"brass tag" in the Anaconda works.
Most of the readers of the Reveille are
familiar with the "pedigree slip" and the
"brass tag." The former is a form wliich
must bo iilled out* by every applicant, for
work. In it he must state his age, his
nationality, his birthplace, and, in short,
supply the company with a complete and
satisfactory biographical sketch.
" "The "brass tag" was but a part of the
new system of keeping track of the employes. It is the same plan that the Standard Oil Company has worked successfully
for years in its refineries in the east.
If the applicant, for work passed thc
rigid examination and his credentials satisfied tho agents of the company, he was
given a brass tag with a number on it.
When ho went on shift, he passed this
tag through the little window at the timekeeper's ollice and got a red card, on
wliich was registered with au automatic
machine the time of his arrival.
This, now, became his authority to go
to work. It served at once as a check, a
means of identification, and a convenience
for keeping the time of the employe.
At tho conclusion of the shift he passed
in the red card, which was again stamped
by the automatic timepiece, and received
the brass check in return, which he presented iu turn at the beginning of the
next shift.
Recently many of the men on returning
from work found when they passed iu
their red tickets at the timekeeper's ollice
that they were not given the customary
brass check in return, but that a blue
usiially hung.
In many instances tho men thus summarily discharged wero recognized as
thoroughly competent and reliable at their
work, and' tlie only cause of their dismissal could be found in the fact that they
refused to follow the dictates of the bosses
in polities anil vote the ticket the Amalgamated had decided to support.
It was some timo before the men knew
the extent of the company'H new method
of blacklisting. First, several of them
tried for work in the other depart incuts of
the Amalgamated Company's works in
Anaconda. They found thnt the "blue
ticket" stood against them at the foundry,
at the brickyards, und on the 15., A. & P.
They they left town, and found that
the "blue ticket" had killed their chances
of employment in the Amalgamated works
in every part of the state.
Many of them inquired concerning tho
chances of getting work in tlie Amalgamated mines in liutte, wheu these latter re
marked with a ticket of azure hue can get
a pair of shoestrings at the company store
without the money.
It is not generally known outside of
Anaconda that the company store methods ore just, as pernicious as ever. Men
still are required to go to the store to get
their pay checks, and the amount of their
indebtedness to the store is deducted from
the check before payment.
The independent merchants have made
several ineffectual attempts to compete
with the "store," and for a time it seemed
as if the men were going to have an opportunity to trade where they desired, but
the shut-down, the "blue tieket" and the
return to old-time coercion on the part of
the company have intimidated the employes so that the commercial branch of
the Standard Oil tree is flourishing as of
The Copper City Commercial Company
—the euphonious name of the company
store—employs one man solely to spend
his time at the works and watch the men.
He goes to the timekeeper's oflice and
finds out tho exact amount to the credit
of every man employed on the hill.
If tho hooks showed that you had $iu
coming to you at tho Washoe works, you
may rest assured that you can get ijHij
worth of goods at the Copper City.
It has been learned that the "blue
ticket," like the "brass check" and the
"pedigree card," is a Pennsylvania importation, and that for some years the Stand-
ara Oil Company has employed this
method of blacklisting men whom they
could not manage politically.
Assessor Levengood is still standing the
fire of the Amalgamated newspapers,
which have taken a keen dislike to this
officer for his fearless stand on county
valuation. Mayor Frinke was elected by
the votes of the people of Anaconda, yet
tho company is throwing every stumbling
block in his way and trying to hamper
him, as it is mayor Mullins in Butte.
Judge Smith of Lewis and Clarke county, before whoni the municipal contest
was tried, decided that the mayor was
duly elected and duly qualified. Still the
Amalgamated newspapers are keeping up
the fight, and are in every conceivable
manner trying to tie up the new administration—much of their work being done
under the guise of legitimate interest.
These are the methods by which the
Amalgamated Company is trying to reform Anaconda, and by tyranny aud injustice win fights that they cannot win by
fair means.
But the workingmen do not* take kindly
to this "blue ticket" plan, aiid while it
may have tho effect of making men more
reticeut and cautious in expressing their
opinions politically, it will defeat its own
end on election day, when the Standard
Oil crowd will discover once more that coercion and tyranny do not win elections
in Montana.     .
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on ilifCoiiiiiiiuu fit North Auirrl-(I CAL I n
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year rouml anil iroml for'an dnjs, Is ■eS.a.i. Halcyon Hprliiu*, Arrow hake, ll. 0.
found tlmt
■work in uny of tho
Love in Nelson.
This picture represents a nightly
scene in Nelson and shows that the old'
old story is ever new. The young man
is happy because his best girl fans'the
delicately perfumed atmosphere, while
he sits serenely, well knowing that his
immaculate shirt bosom was done up
at the
Kootenay Steam Laundry
and will not break even if the situation
becomes critical.
P. 0. Box 296.
Phone 179
and agents for
fOIIV    M.'l. AT*f'llll'\    IV,minimi  nml   Vt*.
I   vlni'lnl Lund surveyor.   Nil'mi, It. i;.
A. 1
Hint Surveyor.   KANI.il
iii.d I'nvliu'l.'il
Employment   Agency.
Nelson Employment Aflcncij
IIAKEII STIII'.r.T, M'l.^tV. II  <\
nip of ni kllnl*
I. II   l.nvi:
I'.fi. IIov.p;
.I.*.** a in. i.v.   KA.M.O Au. .1.1,1 |> in
11.-25 a, in. Alt. HANDON l.v. I:t«> p. w.
TVTfftiV I TWiV It     V . *• •'• i -I'l i ,\»
5:00 n. in. Lv.
9:10 a.m. .U.
All. 7:15 (i. in
.'I,,i*l   [l    III
Tick«t» mold to nil fmrl* of tin* IJnil>«iI
SUtCi uulCuwila via -.Uf.ii NmUii'iii
Hlul ih ll. .ifl*. I < )ii|..ili) V Iln.'*.
For (art In1!* (Jiithiilar-* «%ll on or Mil
thoy finilil not get
{•oinjMtny's mini's, in
tho Coloniiio wnoltor, or in tho Butlo and
Host on snu'ltcr. Tlio unenviiihlo iiotorioty
of tho "hino tiokot" had pm-edod (hem.
Tho man with tho hlno ourd te nmrkod
hy tho eoinjmuy.
Hooiin't uot work in tlio sinolter-s at
Grout Falls.
Iio can't gei work in the coal mines nt
(Io can't wot work in tho luinlur mills
nt Hamilton.
do can't k*'< work at Iho coal mines or
coking ]>liiiil nt Storrs,
Ho cnn'l got work in tho coal mifios at
In lugging onni]is and coal cimnw, in
iiih.s und Kinilti is, tho "Mm- ticket'' liar
ihuio its doadlv wmk.
Tlu> iu'digt-V ivr.l h;^;,iil-ilia idu.iiiy
ing Iho men, and from Iho few who havo
conn* (nick to Anaconda hi gather their
iiejiiii^jiigHiiiiil move out wilh their families il has heen learnt d thai after making
the eiivle of tlio entire stale, in no jilnce
! w In iv the Ainiil;'ai!i;i|td ('umj.viiy control h is it jHishihle toohtiiiii work wilh tlio
Migina of the "I'lue li'kil" iiltiiehi'd In
the niiiii w ho seeliH employment,
ll is ilillieuli to iiiii;iiiii« iho feelings
thut (hi), new tyranny of (he mm]i,.ity has {
i !!,:• n.iiH il ill Ihe liiiihls of file Itu tl. A
few Mmplo ooni|i,'iri,'iiii,« nmdi* among
tla-lllN.'Uc-s »)iiivvs ihiil Iln re e\ii»ts ul
lu'isi'lll 111 tins city ol Alliicoiiilii im colli-
jileti' ii system of cs)iioi;i!go uh |nvvails
;i!'iiniiil fh" iK'i'-.oii of' flu-."-Yd" .if p,>, ,■;,,,
and thnt any kind of o |iiihli»' *le«'l<iraliiiii
nf ]i"liti''i'l iiidi'iHiiihuu'' will win fur the
j thoughtless imvoti llie diiiideil "hhic
It  lv: rci'iiemlioml l.y many that  tiny
Were led into li|i|iflleltfly illfioii'llf coiiver-
I Nilion coiKeniing iwlitic*: the ijm-..iion
,' iviw ewlcil it thev mmrovi il of   tin*   i«i,*hivi-
|ol rfieioitnty iisw.sMir, who hits r.ti^d the
i. ."•I .- ine III III    llu    .illil li'l' rlvllilt tn'.Uluu
d'i)l.'U'i>, or Jf tl.i'.r a;i*Ci'iil uifh llie m ini-
| mciit which oo>ii|tcll,il the ii»ii'||i,'ii»v Uulu
i wani thing towntii ahntiiig the nu-tt,k>» niii.
jHincc in Ihe vtilley,
' T<»» life imtllV'.if th" "''hu- tii'Vet" tn tl
i Oe-i'iiverei'i nml tliey Miouni Ji.ive hucn
, nunc irticcitt, nnd nvngiii/ed in the iiji-
i i«uvni5y iniioceiit   iiiijmr-cr one of  the
,ctilli|Klliy'M '>|SltlelS."
) Ther." is no lunger the »light«>t d-niht
; in the n.ind* of th«- p»t»f»l«- of Atceoniln
< thnt the works win- eht*»A tlowti fo vntil
oof :At   n hu ?tit■ iinhrir'il't- hiciim ,*r! f,i *\\.
A)li.,ikMII!^fiili   < '•Hiljrtfll .    oi*   V, iu*   hr.Vf
of ihcir ha li %- !i*n h thev i ii-iei' oi.
Slilru, Cookt' Aprons and
Overalls, Caps,
Denim Pants, Carpenters'Aprons,
Tweed Pouts, Walters' Aprons,
Cottonade I'unU, Painters' and Plus-
Jumpers, terers' OveralUi
lilouses, Mackinaw Coats,
Ihifllneers' Jacket*, Mackinaw Pants,
Walters' Jackets, Tarpaulins,
llaibers' Jackets, IlunnuKe liair*.
(llnKhai'.i Jackets, Horse lllankets,
Mission flannel Tents,
Underwear, tltc, etc., I:tc.
Wnri'luiiiM.'s, Winn 1 street
Kai'liiry, 1 llHhtlnii Siri'et
Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan. The Dining Room is conducted
on strictly first-class principles. The rooms are large, comfortable,
and properly taken care of.
Hlkctric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Evkrvthing
We vSct thc Best Meal in -Sandon
Meals 50c. Tickets $7.    Main street, Sandon.
Monogram,     M?rguerita,
El Justillo
Our Special,
El Condor,
A visit to our Tailoring Emporium will give you
an idea of the prevailing styles for Spring Clothing
vl.    IV.    WYiYlJvlvlJ.N SANDON,   B. 0.
Tuckett's Union Labe'i
Karnack T. & B. V. C.
Corner Alexander Stret'tJiinlJColiimblii Avoiiue,
Viitii'Ottver, II. C.
Kootenay Wire Works Co*
,Miiiiilfiii'tnffr«   nf   Miillir"!".,
I'IIIiimk, Hi'il I mi iiii."., r.,iii*li,
Hotel Sandon
Robert Cunning, Proprietor.
loncvr hotel of tho Slocun.    A table that is replete with
the Choicest Seasonable Viands.
Kouins Larue, Airy iinJ Coinfuilahli'.    Special Attention to Mining Tiiule
Mi'itlii;,   TiiiliiliK,    llHiiiUinitiiif,  'i,il))
Hurli  iiiii) utlii'i' iihvi lii,,«.   iinr Nu. I
Hpillli! \* III" lni.t mi ii,,. mint,, t.   ,\»k
fm it mul lnkc im nil,, i.
I -IKiNT WI'IU-KT .V 1.1 .SOX,
11. «'
«30 Wiiti-r St,
Tili'j.|n,ii(. M«,
* Swti.-ll t
\V,,tk iiiuii' liy Imtiil nr iii'n liliu', mul «»u klii.it
I'liliri*,     1', llVi'ly    tt.lKull   I'ttllk   lot   ainl   llrlill-ll,
muk < vi ry ilny In tin- »ir.k.
lllntikil*., I'ldtirti'l., 1'nriMin" i'l'-    ** «™--fui."-
.*,,....„.,,,.,» ,,*,,,,„*; «ii*M. «i|i.,Jir.    *illt»)ilv HOI, I*
|iMilll|,H\   Hlll'llltl ,1. In
l»Al'l. .MPOU, l'r<i|iri<'|Ar.    1* o. !«..* 4M
Ji*)   AltlllVKIi
New Spring Goods
OF THK l..m>T l.t'llloV*
S.iiffh   T\v.-«i|s,    T.fifii!*.Ti((i',   Sfi-iflu
iuul Ji. Iv.ai'p Si■jy.-j,.    \ ii,|,. in„
f»f I'niiHiitf* «.f tlw litlinf i»tv!.*
I',V.     Wlr-.l* v< " iln.il I j-««i -, i,«,-!v
••xMiil Iiiii 1 * i n ilU»ij«i.iil *iiai
$mr.'*tit<Ti of "In- "lijn.' iK'i.,--t."
Ill etfei'tmA eu,,]nmfioii with fit
t'l *U',l tit" (IMrt.
•"•II  •»•)   I**   I
KOBEHT IUV ING, M**».ia«r, Kaslo,' ticket" m th« t-uiujainy nt-or*.   No man
John Smallwood
Wiri «t«et MERCHANT IAWjI-
hotel in Southern B/ifish  Columbia
»i»ii*ni»'*"^'''it'*/***   t'i*' ■>   !■•*.•' -' f
. . • ,      ..•„•*. .........    *». .4.
position it occupies appeals
as ucS! as thc (ouiisi. Dnini-
tners will find Jar^e sample rthinis ami all th^ enn-
venieuces of the modern hotel.
Provincial Exhibition,
Si'lllnf,' flutes Sept. l»ft. 27, 2S, L>!»,
."0.    Ihiui] in rutui'll Ootolier (!,
Rates New Denver $16.25
CotTcBjwmdin-ir rales from nil Kootenay jvilius. Tlirouclt coaches and
Kleejmrtf AitowIujiiiI to Wcntiuinst-cr.
Victoria Exhibition
Oct. 6-10.
On pnviiK'iit of extra turn Vhiicoq-
vi-r or Wo.tiiiln«t«-r to Vioforia, tic-
Itt'tw will be f'tXvAtA * il.»\a. Fur
(lollipli'li! Iliforuiatloii fliul Ix'ltll ri'Si'i'-
Vtttioiir, appl> iu lu'iil ap'iirs or wrlti'
1(1. It. (}AKIM"r, \gi. ,N<w Denver.
I    .1 s, twirlM . " i:* J CiiVI.K.
; U l*. ,i.,n.'.*iii,:m\.*<'. \ i, V A , Vmn-..im-r
SlbVKUJ'ITViiJ.dlMil^NO. 3t»
,    Mi. ♦tut «i.i tl,.
■ uii,I-.,!);...-Vt.
■ t" mi' nl  7ns
1  I,,   HltUi,      \  i
I N.I-II l.,») ,
■-JlMii'N, ll
I'l,I 'I. III
'I. I- 1,1.111
, tli ,, i!
I ti'ii r* Iriilsy 11.
in i i'ii|l.i!|y hi\|i,i,|
.N' I'l'- I.Mi.iJ; J. 1*..
«*      II      'I'll* Ml f,.»,
Is the leading
It hns Titnnlo m
quests,  ami  the uleai
equally to any traveler
A I.T A I.'llx.l: N". t-i
»*M'i'N,  ll. I'
U.-4»iiI.ir«'..iiiti,iii,i. -li n  I., i'l llu- (ii«l Tlmif-
(1(1* III  ,"|i lllll, lUll    Hi     M*l"   Till      Ifllll    Hi    k   [I    Mi.
:•■,' -iiiiiiii,.' I i.liiti n  1.1<- < * ntully Inilli ill., »t*
ll l|,|        .(AMI «   M      |t,ll, |l,%.   Si II I III, V
MCW  newwrf> mr»;irmy   !U2!nSS
no   nt,  w  r T,fl
M , ti, i i, ti -.vi I UI'A,   , i-uii,',
MIVKHSl^li X H.%1.1.
II i *V>, In
III OH WH.tl.Uti, \V  f
i v«icr:Nci:(
K. OF P.
II. lil,
Jl .!   I
n it
■ inti u,
• . Ui -.tri.it-ir at «k,"*i*Iim k
;•■ iiwil Hm.-i-,!,. -*w,),.uiii,
.. . ii. ,. I'lil.i.'.ii m»>i. i,«.«
Ain.il. i him..k nt,*
Cnadhoui.'ic & Md.^rcn
0«'j-Mitjin, to N»wif« will im €*re-
fnllv t'-i'ikiHt *tt«?r.
?*KLSOfl.      - -      B, C THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, OCTOBER 1, 1903.
XULit.Vi!il>iXl    ij^nu
Line of
Old Men's Comfort. Shoes
Jus; received—liisin'ct them,
New Denver, B. C.
•** Hunters
Should call on
One CombliiHtion Pool and Billiard Table
One Pool Table
One National Oash Register,No. 7, total adder
One small Exci'lsior Safe
One J. J. Taylor Safe. No. 9
Set of tine Bar Fixtures
Sewing Machines
Glass Show Ca es
One Plate Glass Mirror, 40x98 inches
•' " "      36x54 inches
Barber chairs. Mirrors, Bath tu is, Tanks,
Heaters        Letter-Presses
Ono Mason & Hisch Piano
One Bail and Spring Engine Governor, SJ-lnch
steam pipe
' One Dake Engine 12-hp, with governor and
HltitijM complete
One Dake E  gine, 5-hp. •
One Boner,U'-hp.
One ID-inch Shafting
Wood Split Fully, from 10 to 24 Inches
One Wood-Splitting Machine.
The Ledge.
With which is amalgamated the
Samihv   Paystkkak.
I'uliiishcil every Thursdiy In the richest silver-
lunil-zluc cnnip on earth.
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
Legal Advertising 10 cent* a nonpariel line
first insertion, and fi cents a line t-ach subsequent
Insertion. Beading notices 25 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances.'
Subscription, $2 a year In advance er Si.50 if
not so paid.
Certificate of Improvement notices il. Delinquent Co-owner notices -10.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Lkdgk is located at
New I'enver, B C . and Is traced tn many parts
of thc earth It has never bwii raided liy the
sheriff, snowsllded by cheap silver, or Mibdued
by ihe fear of man It works for ti.e trail blazer
as ivell as tlie bay-wind' iwed. champagne-flavored
cnpitnlb-t It alms to be on the right side of
everything, nnd believes that hell should be administered to llie wicked In large dnses. It has
stuoii tiie test of tlnte, and an ever-increasing
jiaystrcak Is proof that It is better to tell tin-
truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation ls the man
who always pays the printer; ho is sure of a
bunk in paradise, with thm'iile.'S roses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but gold to look at
liy day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver. B. C
A pencil cross in this square
I dlcates that, your suhserlp
tlm is due, and that the editor
wantH -nice attain to look at
your collateral.
Vancouver is now building
smelters. It might wait until
Kaslo gets through.
The C. P. R. would confer a
boon upon British Columbia by
cutting its passenger rate to three
~~U uiJui^tr-uuui
ports Dawson resembles Paradise.
Both have gold in the street formation.
God seems to have deserted Nelson this year. It rains every time
the city has a fair or a public celebration.
lUii'o Am,,
Sill   "
Hiiiining since Uio great Are. and nlivays open
up rn midnight. Call in when you strike the
Silver City and get a tiller.
Meal Ticket, $5.50 for $5.00
Teriiuon B|»|illcatloii
A lit:IIIK   KIIACTION   Mineral Claim.
Slln*i||. fn (lie mm«tii VfliftH' TlKfiif',1! nf U'i'M'
Konieiiay lllstrlct. \Vln>r<> locntmlt We»t
lirmii'li of the Vortli Kurk of Cni'|iciifi*ir
ereii-k. (in I'd ly Vlir>l«li Moillllill,,,
'pAKK VOTH'K Tlmt I W. J McMillan, fn*
I tniiii-r'ii ccr'llli'titH Nn llflifl, for inyM-W
mi'l m agent tm U. .1 MrMtll.m fret* miner'*
fifltlu'e V . 11717.'M trnd *<u'y itm. frmn Hie
,t*t, I,. i.,,f. to npiitv fo lli>' Mililwg li.ii,i.l«i
fur * l*<rt(t|»'nt*" of Iiniirovfiiiciil*.. fur tlm fiiir
11 mh uf nbinliiliign Orown (imnl of Hie t*lm*>
Aii'l fmlber 'sk« iinllrr lhal sell -u. under «♦•(•
ti hi .1;, ninM In-romniciifNl l»f"N< tlie Uminn'i-
11* »iii It ('"ctif'oit.".' lm- r -v. )ni'iit«.
Ihtnl Illl* lldlililV uf Illl'     \M    V'H
W..I   Mi MII.LAN.
The world haa not stopped moving. The Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Co. has caught up with the demand
for coke.
A mot was narrowly averted in
Nelson lust Thursday. A Kaslo
infant was awarded lirst prize in
the baby show.
The rise in silver and thc bonus
on lead must make the Slocan one
of the best camps in Canada, just
as soon as the mine owners fully
realize the changed conditions.
It was a queer couple, says a
preacher in a Massachusetts town,
that drove np to the parsonage door.
She was tall and angular, a typical
"old maid," he was short, fat and
jolly, with a sort of David Harum
look about his eyes. He had a
snug farm, well kept aud paid for;
and she was known as a neat, industrious woman, who had brought
up a family of children left orphans
by the death of her sister.
Sard Cooper assisted the woman
from the wagon as handily as he
could with his f-tiff arm and stiffer
knee. She waited while he hitched
his horse, and together they entered
the parsonage.
"Reckon you can guess what
we're here for, parson," he said.
"My sister Jane, who has kept
house for me nigh on to thirty
years, died last winter, and it's been
lonesome for me and the cows and
pigs since. Miss Jones, here, has
hovered them chickens of her sister's until thev've got from under
her wings and goue to town. Now
'taint far crosslots from my farm
to her's, and we concluded that she
can run my house, and I can run
her farm, and it would be better
for both farm and house. So we
thought we'd just drive over and
get you to hitch us up for a span.
I'm going to be good to her and
provide everything nec'sary, and
she's going to be good to me and
take care o1
it short."
Tho ceremony passed without
special incideut. After Sard had
adimnistered a sounding smack on
Nancy's cheek, he turned to me
and said, "Wal, parson, what do
I owe ye?"
"Well," I said, "you can give
me whatever you choose," aud j
added, with a smile, "give me
what you think she is worth to
In an instant his Yankee love
for a bargain came to the front,
and fishing an old-fashioned copper
cent out of his pocket lie said,
"Parson, I reckon I won't be stuck
very bad if I give you that to begin
with. If I find she's worth more,
why, you'll hear from me  again."
Ho had the better of ine; there
was nothing more to be said. 1
made the entry of the wedding in
me the bill," he ended breathlessly,
"for I have to get to school."
The grocer made out tho bill,
wondering at the queerness of the
order, and handed it to the boy,
asking as he did so:
"Did your mother send the
money or does she want the goods
The boy seized tho bill and said
with a sigh of satisfaction:
"Ma didn't send me at all. It's
my arithmetic lesson and I had to
get it done somehow."
As he ran out the grocer opened
the cigar case and handed out
smokes to the men there.
"It's on me," he said. "Say,
there's more than one way to skin
an eel, isn't there?"
ing-, circulating and publishing', a
certaiu written statement of accounts,
to wit, a report and statement of
accounts for the period ending 5th
December, 1900, and a written statement, to wit, a report of a meeting of
shareholders of the said company held
on tho 17th December, ,1900, which said
report, statement of accounts and report
of meeting the said accused knew to be
false in ceitain material particulars,
with intent to deceive and defraud the
[ members, shareholders and creditors of
the said public company, and with intent to induce persons to become shareholders therein.
Further, that the accused, in the year
1900, being managing director of the
London and Globe Finance Corporation,
Ltd., unlawfully and with intent to defraud did make and concur in the making of certain false entries, and did
omit and concur in omitting certain
material particulars in certain books of
accounts and other documents; to wit,
the journals, ledgers and securities
books of the said company, and the
statement of accounts for tho period
ending 80th September, 1899.
Further, that the accused in the year
1899. being managing director the said
Platform of Independent
Labor Party.
company, unlawfully did make, circulate and publish, and concur in making,
circulating and publishing, certain
written statements of accounts; to wit,
a report and statement of accounts for
the period ending 30th September, 1899,
and a certain written statement, to wit,
a report of a meeting of shareholders of
the London and Globe Finance Corporation, held on the 24th of October, 1899,
which said report, statement of accounts
and report of meeting the accused
knew to be false in certain material particulars, with intent to deceive and defraud the members, shareholders and
creditors of the said company, and with
intent to induce peraons to become
shareholders therein-
Lastly, that the accused, in the year
1899, being managing director of the
London and Globe Finance Corporation,
Ltd , unlawfully and with intent to
defraud did make and concur in making
certain false entries, and did omit and
concur in omitting certain material
particulars in certain books of accounts
and other documents, to wit, the journals, ledgers aud securities books of the
said public company and statement of
accounts for the ' ' —J'-- "A"-
September, 1899.
period  ending 80th
Beer from tbe New York brewery
of Sandon, can be procured in all
parts of the Slocan.
me.     So   whenever
The British Inventor says:    "An
idea that is often brought to us is
that  of a self-lighting   cigarette.
This is attained by attaching to the
end of a cigarette a   6mall portion
of composition, such as is U8cd   on
safety matches.   The invention has
been patented by different people
many times and   crops   up   with
aggravating regularity and most extraordinary    persistency.      Some
people bring cigars with a blob  of
phosphurus stuck on top, regardless
of the fact that not only would such
a composition in contact with good
tobacco entirely spoil it,   but  the
effect of drawing   in   the   lighted
chemical would probably half  suf-
"foc¥telii¥ulerrntt^th¥Fti mesrtbe
igniting composition is stuck at the
side of a cigarette,   and frequently
a match kead is fixed on a wire let
into a cigar.   The inventor  of  a
self-lighting cigar is always a non-
smoker, we need hardly add,   and
always fails to see that his is  one
of tbe inventions nobody wants."
R. T. Lowkkv is making arrangements to'start a paper in tho Poplar creek district. He wishes to
get in sight of gold nuggets even if
he has to take them for 8ub«crip-
Tiikkk are the days when the
liver gets out of order, nnd makes
everything blue, except ft four
flush. Probably the best way to
cure iv rebellious liver is to take it
outside, pound it Into a jelly, and
then starve the villian tiiitil it sits
still and whistles for hash.
VI  ,nil  CI.iln,
Al.l. men aro not Ihmni equal.
Thin is a fact that the ordinary
kind of a socialist fails to grasp.
Practical socialism consists in
government ownership of all great
lint's of business such as banks,
railroads, ste unship*, telegraphs
and telephone*, etc., etc.
Iris whispered   in Xehon   that
,tuA?^,,,W^.,^"i^r^(r,,^,^!1?!:::U!'! ^'« Taylor I.«h recently joined the
<»n   illvlil*   l*»wi»ii    Keiittefl   mt't   .intuit*
* r.-te* *L,«t 1} nil***** *,i*i,i!hvke.|, rly fr<iin
Hit- Th ,ui!i«,m »rr"Ui<.
UKK NuTICK llmi I. K. H n.'m*»t*>, nHtitir
a* ntfiu fnr II, *t Vitittiit ,tt*f ultier***' >-<r-
Iim ntit Nn IPW. ¥ I,. rii'iuiU. K M.C Sn.
Ilj-iw. mul W.A (J'.j.leii. V. M c w »i'>:i.-:i.
Int-id, Kitty 'tm* ttun ili» .Ini* lici»~'f
n Liiylv tm i.)\.> Ufnlnir Hwui'ilut' f ,* n i vim m<.>u*
if I'ntirovrmetiu. tor On* pntt*uw of <<l,t>liilnr
, f*»'***t ft**-.*.,, ,.f thtt  nlti .,,. :l*,(..-,
Ami furfitoruiM n,>tl<i' Hi*' mi n. mulir «m»
\n . *"  nur" l*<   ■ iiiniiii i.i i■ I  !•' 'i*u i\i' ','. n.i ni i
if -tiicli l>rtlttfi«ii' nf Imnr-wrmctti*,
'•Or I tUtitU.liy iU .iiiau-t   \   li. J:*J,
V.t* CI.I MKMX V.|*.n,HC.
ehurcli. il this Ix* true it tAiuw-
plninly tbe eflii't jolitles have UJ»OH
home minds. Mo>4 j»oliticiaiis floe
tn lire-water in times of jMilitical
war, but after all we think holy
water reaeUew more vuUx, ami does
tmt ivnt/o tho wilar   pb'Tiim   bum.
my private record, and wrote
against it, ''Fee, one cent."
A year from tliat day Cooper
drove into the yard with a cord of
line hickory wood.
"You remember what I told ye
when I gave ye that cent? The
woman's doing well, so 1 thought
I'd give yo dividend."
Tlio following anniversary he
drove into the barn with a ton of
hay, and said, '"Nother dividend,
piiiMin.   The wife is all right."
Kvery anniversary of the wedding during my pastorate another
dividend found it's way to the
parsoiuige, Ko in the end my one
cent became my biggest fee.
ONK   ON   THK   lillOCKH.
He walked into the grocery store
with a slip of ]>aper in his hand
and the grooonit once produced his
pencil and the order hook, for the
hoy's mother was a good customer,
"(Jood mowing," said the imy,
whose curly heud scarcely rendu d
l.* llu- i-uuiitvr. '"I want thm-
and a half pounds of ntgiir. It's
il cents a |muitd, ain't it? And
rice is 8? I want two and a quarter
{KMindsof lhat. And a quarter
polltul of your seventy-flve cent tea
And two ami a fifth pound of your
The B. C. Ue*iew  of London, Eng
reproduces the full   text of charm's
brought   against   Whitaker
Thoy are as follows:—
For that the Bald accused, in the City
of London,.boini? director and manager
of a certain nubile company, called the
London and Globe Finance Corporation,
Ltd., unlawfully did make, circulate,
and publish, mid concur in making, circulating curtain written statements aud
accounts which he knew to be false in
certain muterial purtinriars, with intent
to deceive and defraud the members,
shareholders, and creditors of the said
public company, to wit: In or about
the month of October. 1809, a report and
statement of accounts foi a period end
lug 80th of December, 18M, of the said
com puny; and lu or about thn month nf
December, 1000, another report and
statement of accounts fnr a period ended
5th Decemlier, l'JIX), of the said com
pney, ajuilnst the matute.
Fui'ther, thnt the ammed, In the
year 1000, being managing director of
the Loudon ami Globe Finance Corpnr
atioii, Ltd , unlawfully did make, cir-
ulatu and puliilnh, and concur in mak
This party lays it down as a firsrt
principle, that thoy will nominally endorse or support only such men as will
place their signed, undated resignation
in the hands of the convention which
nominates or endorses them; thai this
resignation be sworn to; that thia resignation may be handed in to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council whenever a majority of the convention shall consider
such action advisable
lst That we gradually abolish all
taxes on the producer, shifting them on
land values.
2nd. Government ownership of
rairoads, means of communication, and
the establishment and operation by the
government smelters and refineries to
treat ail kinds of minerals.
3rd. That the Franchise be extended
to women.
4th. The abolition of property qual-.
ilications for all public oflices.
5th. No land or cash subsidies
Lands to be held by the actual settlers,
aud fui'ther, that ten per cent of all
lands be immediately set aside for educational puposes and ;he education of
all children up to the age of sixteen
years to be free, secular and compulsory.
Text books, meals, and clothing to be
supplied out of the public funds when
6th. Compulsory arbitration of
labor disputes
7th Restriction of Oriental immigration by a law on the lines of the
Natal Act, and such action by the
government as wiil ensure the work-
jngmen of this Province protection
against the effects of "Oriental ~oom~
petition and association.
8th Absolute reaervifcion from 6ale
or lease, of a certain part of every
known coal or oil area, so that state-
owned mines and wells, if necessary,
may bo easily possible in tho future.
All coal leases or grauts hereafter made
to contain a provision enabling the
government to fix the price of coal
loaded on cars or vessels for shipment
to British Columbia consumers.
Oth Municipalization and public
control of the liquor traflic.
10th To provide for the settlement
of public questions by direct vote under
the Initiative and Referendum.
11th. Election day to be a public
holiday. Provision to bo made that
everv employee shall be free from
service at least four consecutivo hours
during polling, nnd the exercise of the
Franchise to be nude compulsory.
How ami Tiiomi'sos, President,
Phucv W. Johnston, Secretary.	
■   « * *"'	
One of the Prettiest Places In Kootenaj-
Tlu New Denver Market Garden.Sixth Street.
Seventy fruit trees, nearly all beiiriiiK; all kinds
small fruits, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, red currents, etc. Flower «urdeii with
I'holee varieties of roses and other plan's for
fUttiiiK—(rood market. All under thorough eul
tlvnlioii, and perfectly Irrlirnted. with comfortable 'IwellliiK lumso" wondidied. storeroom ai d
out buildings. Fur further particulars ani'ly to
WM. ANDERSON, New Denver. H C.
$5 worm
One Dollar
Address- E.   GALLOWAY,
The Old Bookstore. Vancouver,1 B. C.
16 size Watch of English  make   Pendant
durability and hard
service cannot be beat. Cased in
Nickle Case, solid back, open in
the front only, and is as near duet
proof as can be made. Yours for
.$9 to any address.
Watch reyairing oiw specialty.
0.1*. K Time Inspector.
Say, Pard,
Sort your
—  Itliirty-five-eent   coffee ami   tliree|
I'KuiiAiitA fiaif » uiiiiiiou |N!i>|mkj ,IH,tN of initk. Thai» n cent* »|
will visit the Poplar creek uexi j,[tmrt. ain't- il? Anil plence givej
Miiiiim-r.   It M Aiijeitur uu how '"
Ti. T'loMAH SI HAK. tr io 9ht4i,*.*-t*t ht*
imf Mvi-tr.vtf*".-.! M« iiilei*-** In «bt II' v»l
Fivi». I^ikf Vli'wuinl Jriirit* iiilmrtl i-Ulm*.
•tuisio'l <m <it,M M'tirttwlo. s| <nr, Mining
IMvl»|/>n. M'hi KirMmy |ft»trl»-*
is advertised. The Hlmwingx j
wrminil IVmtur nre fit rti*h n* nilV-
tiling ewr iliwovereil. mul yet it i
ML'-riii* to have little etteet upon the;
ordinary Kootenay citizen. He
gm**t ii{»lit along (ireatning nhout
Y"r..V »'/r,:,7'",,,(,,*>•'"'*ii.n^.«Miii..i MHiiething. und will nut wake  up
I    •V.t'iiln UK.r.  Imrr v.mtnf* »i ,f tarity, ., "\     ,      , . »  . J
hi ..mt th*' itif,t* nnntfi mln*Ml f'ulri,.   mulir i lllltll HOmMKMlv   mini     thl)    f»llt,«*Hie
Jill' |,tiivt«l'ill '.f tbl'   Mtlir'Hl    Ail.   iiii'l tf. wfltittt
•ndiy* fr»*nlh<*i1i*f of Ihh r">f*rf   utttmllfw
ruf'Lt ,f, t*i tiirUtiOf \'nur firii*tnO\<i*i it il>t- uli-.t'i*.
SM-liilloRIMl >UIII    WllL-ll l» IKiW   rtlH'    II ll |,»V«I If.
W-ilrt-r will, »l| r*-*ti t4 »rt-**riM*nf, i,,nrfii,
l*rnf In It* lull tlittmi will Itfe* rut »N r#r**t>
**tij tut. tl-* ***, ".tmtrrtnH tsti«Vt a*, u <ii i .ii t*h+
Mlnm! A«-t Am#wlim»n| in. l•*««.
Hf»WI» llf ST,
rH'NTAV !» M*rT»f»!*A!.D.
tHK .$   UUTHI'«iii.St.
Xawemttt, H I* . *#p< l«*J». t"*t).
Oold    I .Hi] utiili nun siivitc   t) mi
UaMt    .M|«oMjlll«'r/nf'*t>1r U*\
*ktr>[4M»*<} mull r.*f*lv*Komj,( Kltiiitfott.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
171(1 j|ra| *h»« "»..  O-M^rr, l«lo.
Shoes that Wear
Make your output high-
grade. Thero'n junt nn
good Muff in you ite there
ever wan in any man. All
it neette te applieation to
gel it out: hard drilling,
deep shooting, and clean
mucking. X word of encouragement now and then
will make yon feel letter.
And it cost* ho little yon
can't afford to mitw it. If
you are in doubt aliout it,
write for a sample copy of
MUMh.S ib, a i-titue Journal in uii villi! Mm iii-* inie.
worth* of cheer. AUe»year;
10c & copy,
Addre*ii—   Momkntk,
Voir  IVinvnr    Tt   C
I'ulli had melt u outli f.) li. M. WAI.KKIl.
Not Extremists
Last week we called your attention to our Footwear; this week to our
Headgear. We have everything for the body between these limitB, and
all is good, but our new stock of HATS is particularly good: Stylish
Shapes, Fast Colors, best quality.   Hard aud Soft, for Fall aud Winter
W. R. flegaW9 Sandon and Vernon,
Bar Iron Steel, Pipe Fining*, Ktc
f™\ SUamesHotel
W      OLD     \)>
A. JAOOBBOW. Propriotor
*Mf    yy ftm yoQ mnM ft fnf^.j.iggi, \mnit or a U'd iin i
Jjffr   i» olenn and soft and well-made, you will iiiid wimt
"*        yoa are Hooking for *% thia pknetr bom*. Al«o< tl«
tluctrt nerve toulca.
k Vi» •**
M>tifin<»  10
V<i r-i>*w»ti l»r n'»l lit»iii|rt*m,t«
■» »nl • rrnlhinir *lut. y,m \i.
runs into him with a bank aocount.
Ihtete thf eftei-t   ot   living   loiiff
yearn in the Kiitl-4 of great natural
wealth.      It  erettim  indifTerence
much the wime m  the  brnnty  ofj       fii^MiMarikw.   n*p*Mti* *i„t**.
] Victoria hypnotiw* itwcitiwnn into\ Parley Ward.        SandOtt.
jtwamwrUJ upulhy. j m**n'i9m*****tuhf.
■■ii >ui»
th* MH* lhi-1 ffl-a ear, atittui m* u
M •' A**** hit* 1*09*30**i**i     t1*iy
The bett Tonsori*! Knubltohment in
the Slocan.
B.iLito«JU. Bu«, M*5n St., 8*ndc«.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—


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