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The Ledge Jan 10, 1901

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\      !
V<^umeVIIL   No 15.
NEW DENVER, B. C., JANUARY 10, 1901.
Price, $2.00 Year ADVanok
S^FaT MWnl Float I
In and About the Slocan arid Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
Lagrippe has become  epidemic in
Sandon.   Everybody has it.
a A lynx was seen near the Carpenter
creek bridge one night this week.
A large skating party visited Silverton
Tuesday night and enjoyed a few hours'
glide on the ice,
H. Ii. Jorand, who was reading law
in the office of R. B. Kerr in New Denver, was last week admitted to the bar.
Robt. Sutherland has gone to Lake-
view, Idaho, to work in the Conjecture
miue. of which Charlie Haller is foreman.
J. S. Carter, has been appointed traveling passenger agent for the C. P. R.
to take the place of W. F. Anderson,
Alex. Morrison was Wiled by an explosion of powder in the thawing at the
Sunset mine, near Whitewater,.,pn New
"TMTsTDayT-    ■ -.-    j . ... ■    r —
Rev. A. E. Roberie was presented
with a New Years prtjsent by his Slocan
City friends in the fqM of a Tetter and
a fat purse. j
George Scott, the Slocan City man
who lias been of unsound mind for some
time past, was taken to New Westminster lust Thursday.';'.
Fred Adraiu pulled a razor on I'addy
Fleming at Slocan City lust week, and
is now serving a term of three months
iu tlm gaol at Nelson.
II. Despa.rd Twigg, brother uf Messrs.
Twigg, stopped over for a lew days in
Nuw Deliver enrouto lo Vancouver
from their Ireland liome.
At Brighton, Ont., on Jim. Uh, Win.
Lawson, aged 9o years, was burned to
death in the home of his son-in-law,
.John McLean, which was destroyed by
Creditors of the Lemon creel; wagon
road have brought suit against the
Chupleau company to bring about a
settlement of tlie accounts of construe
The Kdimm compr.ny will give u
kinetoscopic exhibition of the Sharkey*
Corbett tight iu Uosuu hull this (Wednesday) evening. Admission, Iio and .'5
The gynumslum smrted ut Slocan
City nonie month* ago has gone tlie way
of others established in Slocan towns,
The equipment wait sold al auction on
Slocan City Ih in it (air way lo secure
incorporation. A iirmol Nelson bun inters has been engaged to draft the
neies-nrv papern and take charge of
the busine**,
it is about its tliltlcult for the citi/.eio.
of Sandon to find material to till their
mtliiicipiit olhcvs as it was to lind it pair
ol socks that would pair the morning
after the lire,
I lie weather clerk has no regard foi
tlm feeling* of others If tt were not mi
lie nouid have. Kupl Jul. I'm-l mo aloft
a few days longer unlit (he skating
rinks had a mirfave of ice,
.luhu Huckluy, one of Sandon'*
pioneers and bent known hotel men,
has told tli« Clifton Houne to i'at  Mur
l   ..    .,.,.(   V .■..„,„„„    \ff,f  «|||->M     find   H'HI   ll-O '
ii.Mii- i.'.iMiivt.nrv 1'imuirv I
A   SNAP   W)B   FO_KT.
Ottawa, Jan. 7 -R. J Clute and D.
J. Munn, who have been here for the
past few days, have been holding conferences with the Government in regard
to matters affecting the Chinese commission. It is about as good as settled
that Mr. Chris. Foley of Rossland will
get the place of Ralph Smith on the
commission. After this has been done
work will be proceeded with at once,
At the colleries of the John Cbckerill
Company at Seraing, in Belgium, concrete has been extensively used instead
of brickwork for lining1 circular shafts,
lining drifts, air passages, etc. The
concrete used has been made entirely
from blast furnace slags, those from
forge-iron broken to 30 or 50 mm. being
used as ballast, while the mortar is
made of granulated slags, hydraulic
lime in the proportion of 5 to 1 by
yolurne and slag cement. These are
incorporated in a mortar-mill, but no
addition of water is necessary, as the
granulated slag contains enough. Slag
cement is made of about 75 per cent, of
granulated gray iron slags and 25 per
cent, of slacked lime. When the slags
are tolerably uniform in character
chemical analysis of the materials is
not necessary except when the furiiace
charges contain magnesia.which should
3 per cisnt. The materials required for
a cubic meter of concrete are .750 cubic
meter granulated slag and .150 cubic
meter hydraulic lime
As an illustration of the .romance of
niiniii", and the lure of hope that  leads
men on and mi  until  either the. lucky!
"strike"  is uiade.  or   (lie -prospector,
tired out, at Jast wraps  himself-in  hjsj
solitary blanket, a disappointed man,
and turns his face-to the wall, an  in-l
stance may he given of mi old ('aliform
ian's experience. i
In I KM Nathan A. Arnold  landed  in |
Nin Francisco a buy uf l'i years A a-re. I
Alter, .two day>.'s,.|.oiiiu in  the city   In* |
went   in   .Sacrauieiito,   and   (hence   to j
I.mi!-! Har,nn the Vitl.a river, where  he!
engaged   h<>firil   al   xp!   a   week.    Il<7
The report gained currency last week ' '""htbt a ciaini i<u* is'lo,   worked  iw.i;
that tins hiyiio uiiiiu hud closed down.) W|,"ks and took out *7..">u,   Im-oui  that;
It was occasioned by tlie laying off of a| lilm! •■" t,u* V"'' ^Hi -" .v,,'"'s later,
few men.'  There was no shut down.      j Arnold worked, hoping against  hope,:
will find their way to this office at an
early date.
A merry party of about seventy
guests gathered at tho Bosun boarding
house last Saturday evening to do honor
to the occasion of.the 21st anniversary
of the birth of Chas. Sandiford, son of
the genial manager of the mine. Mr.
Sandiford royally entertained his guests
and a more enjoyable affair is seldom
given. The sleigh ride from town to
the mine added to the enjoyment of the
occasion. Dancing was indulged in
and refreshments served, the event
closing with speeches of honor to
Messrs. Sandiford and the company
represented by them I
The Arlington shipped 18o tons of ore
last week.
The Surprise mine has closed down
for the winter.
from the Bondholder went to Nelson
last week.
A good strike of clean ore has been
made on tho Bachelor group, Twelve
Mile,.under bond to R. E. Fislibum.
Another contract has beeij let for 2oo
feet of tunnelling on the Silverton Boy.
Recent work has uncovered a good ore
The tirst ore to be brought into New
Denver by the sleighload w,ts that
hauled by Pole Aiigrignon last week
from the Hartney.
The last shipment of ore from tiie
Piondholiler netted $2l0".per cur. The
property is improving favorably and
has plenty, of ore in sight.
Outside capital has taken over the
Greenwood Electric Company. The.
price paid was fT.'i.oou. F. J. Finueaiio
draws $12,107 out id the deal.
tone, while in 1899 it was 1,247 tons.
The total this year was made up of
20,532,498 tons east-bound and 5.110,580
tons west-bound freight. Of the vessels
passing the canal this year 14,426 were
steamers and 5,026 barges or sailing1
vessels —E. & M. Journal.
All people have peculiarities, some
one thing and some another. School-
mams are but human. They, too, are
peculiar. When the board of school
trustees advertised for a teacher for the
primary department they stated the
term, salary, etc. Six applications
were received from young ladies. One
selection was made and the young ladj
written to,'but the Miss had changed
her mind; another was accepted but she
declined; three more applications were
considered and accepted in turn, but
one after the other of the applicants
excused themselves. The laBt one
accepted the position and the members
of WJfi school board thought they had
things fixed. She was to show up
Monday morning, but at the last
moment sent a telegram stating that
she was called home and could not take
the position. The sixth and last of the
applicants is now being communicated
with, .
t^: World's Gotd Mr®%[
lit is  Predicted  That they  Will Produce One
Million a Day During I901.
It is expected that the Emily Edith
will make shipments of ore this' winter.
Extensive development work is being
done, an electric light plant has been
lnsiiille.il and the mine Ih iu excellent
Work was temporarily stopped ou
the Pinto this week, owing to the excessive flow of water, The ore showing
has continued to improve, and the pro
puny givca cvciy ptuiuUu of proving
something big.
The owner* of tlie V. „ M, group,
Twelve Mile, am getting out a shipment of ore.   They have had twelve
averaging Jfitll to the ton, $f>o of which
s in gold.   Five men are employed,
iu many of the mining camps of California with varying success, hut never,
makinganv large amount of money.!
Iu the year mentioned, however, h<»j
was in Tuolumne county and over $woo;
in debt, with no credit and no coin toj
meet the demand of Ills creditor*. "How j
1 was to get the money to pay my j
debts," said Mr, Arnold, "troubled mei
more th«u any one knew." Still full of'
pluck and energy, however, he started ;
out once more on a prospecting tour on ;
May •!'.), IH7U, tioing along the western ,
bunk of (Harks (inteli, weary fmii 1 ink ,
ing for a gold bearing ledge, he m\;
down, and, leaning against a lid let re.
nssH.VH made on the ore, the ictums turned over a stone with his phk, ami.
to his astonishment and joy, he saw
gold on its under edge.    Tills led t«. the
A *i ork and W. T, Khatford have; discovery or tbe "Hopi'" mine, one of
purchased the .\larpolo interest in tin-; the richcM in Tuolumne, ami em,
Two Friends mine. That property is-fiimnii*. for Iii output. P enabled Mr
showing up well under the nev» nmunge-1 Arnold u »t <«oIy o> pny M M d-ii.
ment, new ore bodies having been di»7 but pla-ed hiio iu posses-inn ol a u.n,
covered and'U*v«'iii}t,i><t Ten ie..(. ,j„ f.u-inlile fortune
e ui ployed.
It  is stated that  the percentage  of
values ,„ve,i .>„ tin- p]a«^ of the stamp*    Ti„ ]Ht.nimiwy report
mill lately  installed ut the I'lmplean.; m(|i„ „, U). s.,„jt  s,'|
l.«'in..n   creek    is   nut as large as |,.: u        ,, ^^ M iU u
should be. mid the |in«dii*ti»ni is made  ,«,..„   t ,,t.
•..tji-i.r -il;. M uni  i \s \i. m;am i«
oi"  lie-   ho-i
Marie ("aiiais.
tiie     li.M'ef
Up   for   the
IU«';OI     I   llt.'i.    **'ott»«,it><-    •«Md
t that hi. .Ml.littouai plant will have to be  ,„u, h)lH ,„,„. ,  ,„„,,.
\ H,l,,,•,l l" ,lvat *'«' l",lt»«**- f«,M „,„„„ „« nnviTauoo    T|„. «,.„«.,„
1 Last week tlie Pnyne. l.aM ("haiue was an uuumiuIU■ l.i.i^ one, the Ameii
the' Slocan, liuludltig the towns of!,"', w,,",,,w',»ter rediu-^l their -Itif* ean Tamil 1imviii_ i«-.-n ..pen,<,| i„, I.n-t
K^lo, saodon, Xi>w Denver ami other \mmtH< "*ll,K f" ,l'" »*'«*»«■ "f 'he Au.er- \ m-s April   1'Hli   and .-IommI  lleeeinhe,
lake Joans,   Jle will rosxie at .Si inlo/i   '  ' "'   '   ,' A " '"      — •'        '•	
any or« froiri B. t!.    I h»» trust Is, how    o|»i,»-d April sbd nu>\ closed December
ever, atlcmiiting !«► make a new and   Inth;   eaeh   eati-il,   tlterehue,   havn.g
„   ..     ,     ,      ...       .     , higher  rate   of   treatment,   and   the  been open S.H .Invs.    Ihe tout iiiiml«>r
Beatrice Irwin with a handwmi* gold tIwlMfl will l„, .,|j„*t_d in „ f,« ,Uv»7of v«s,.|s ,.»..rt'| through -larin- M,e
w.td.aud letter of commend.tb„ (or, The mines will lidorml tom* higher; season was lo.jv-. ,^um »»,«" !«^t
h<»r f,ilrhf.il sirvlees as nnrnnM for tho ,.;lt(.     ,t, fr ,,-,,,,, th„ shrp.n..nt- r.o- f.',
y»»*r   ItWO, j W^,||   W„r„ Vf,fy gf>0,Jt M f(>1|0W,,:   pgy,,
f'ev, Fatititr Cutu has lit'eti <ipj»oioled
I lie congregation and friends of the
Methodist    church    presented     Mist
1 year, -Ami fn-' :| d-.i-re.-i,). .if soft ei>. K
ijOirl j*r tent The freight moved by
The Netsou'i'ritiuue says: "the billtl ^*»l. 7Uk*u iitav Ui, U,i t.'Umi. .'.I,. th*1.**- ,«, ,VU, U..j,evvit «l,.,*e.l ,m b>-
oftheHoy.il Bank of Canada an- tx- K«»th *♦, Tr*d# Dollar tl, Whitewan.r Areaw of lis.-.^t ton», €»r f.V |wt* cent.,
teptiooallj. »rU»tw- they *rejmb*i4y <*!• AiiKwan lt,,y !*., W.nd'rfnl J,,tlif rotut ri*ing ii »nt i'>,rA>^\-, *h«^rt
th« iwatc.it «jvidine*s of imbbtediwrsiijSunset :t, Arlington t*o, Bindliolder 2o, torn* in lm<<t to*i't,tu:t,«i7:l t.in» in IWm.
In America7    Wutrmt foinf «>( eln*m| Ikwuu ?«», Hewett lo; total 72m| t»»u».     , The averse cargo thiw year  w«« l,:lt«»
able at this time, it would appear that
the Slocan shipments for 1900 were even
greater than for 1897. The total tonnage
will foot up something over 84,000 tonB
Of this amount 23,000 tons went out
fruuu Sandon, the Payne shipping about
hall of the total amount. Next to the
Payne came'the Last Chance with 5,912,
then the Ruth and Star with 4,000 tons
each. Then followed the American
Boy with 1151 tons and Trade Dollar'.HM'i
tons Tlie Mountain Con and Heco each
overreached the bin ton mark.
From Sloean lake, the total shipments
reached t,('IO. Of this the Arlington
shipped l,M5, Bosun l,||ti, Enterprise
1A.2U, Wakefield <180, and Vancouver
I'Jo. There, were twelve other shippers,
but none of them reached the Mi ton
Whitewater's total shipments reached
.).'.'i;.">, of which the Whitewater mine
i-enl- out .'i.'iHH,
ai-thii   rin:   rmr.cH   insim'ci'IH'.
I he Kaslo .*i Sloean Railway company have brought an action agaiimt
■lohii I!. Martin, assistant timber in-
spcetoj'.lor the stun of >*;t,'2oo tor moneys
paid him "under color of the ollice of
ushistaul liuiher iuspeclor between the
Unth May. |H!i", and thwiilrd November,
lt>oo," 'The company also claims daiu-
age.-i against the defendant for wrong-
fully entering on its premises at Kaslo
and depriving the plaintiffs of three
i w.Aev nnd e'lv'itt'.rmg tluUi (i-'in their
round house. T'»ey also n»k I'm an In-
jciiftioit. i'hi- is the outc'one of the
seizure ol the engines ol the t'Ouip.inyl
iu November last by the Inspector for!
alleged iaiillie to p,»y timber illle^* j
'.i.imi'si: iii* i hi: ii i ii Kit hi in: or ■■■■ j
"\'e>,"Haii| he; "life in mi lonely. '        !
"It   is   .one),    • iiieiiuie-,'    she   an•'
eWeivd '
■*\\ oiiidli I It lie '.Itcet lo h.jve a liltie ;
e..C|!,;e coV.'I'ed with 1'. \ it 11 < I lioiiey-;
*"le'I'.le ,oi<l . o-eS .'
"' n,, v.. hi ii|o i 11'
* .'ilei    ilie-.l    a    In mi     e.'llii",-.   J.oine .
Ui'e.l i ni a, busine.-, to h.-ne .< .itiie. rtile
I-. ineel in n at li.e «lool* wild a [,',<,*?
" i -e e.» ,
"«- .» »'. -i    •!>..   t-iiM,,,,,,,- ,,i.fi,,,.. ,|,(1;
• i-IviIum -.    iiiii.pi    tte1  «o««od   iiWt   ■'lvh*i':
\i<At\ enough iii 'be iisy parlor, a ml— i
mhi I mean a wife at tiie piano, *4lisf-l
irii.' in Ihe •j'bmtoitU,* it wouhl bf?
lovely.1' j
"And then
At this point a careworn woman tame I
round the corner Attn twins ma per-!
ituihiiUloi. A de el i.ileiu-1* fell Upon ;
the air for a little.     And she elmnged
'. luiKM- Lui.dtic. .;: .Monfr.-al mu t
pay a tax of $Sm * y. ai f't.ei iiiuaioeu
*..l   they   .-*i)"l   p_;i    1;, -i*.   nUWWiX,   bill
many have paid iu uc than that in hnet
others idu»e to p*y and are jailed.
The director of the United States
mints, George E Roberts, declares that
1901, the first year of the 20th century,
will show the greatest gold production
the world has ever known. It is estimated, from data furnished by him,
that the world's production this year
\Vill reach the enormous total of $865,-
000,000—$1,000,000 a day of the yellow
metal extracted from the gold mines of
the world. Moreover, the year 1901
will show that the United States is
again at the head of all countries as a
producer of gold.
The statement of the mint director
looks rather hopeful. It is sustained,
however, by the following estimates of
the gold output for the countries where
mining for tbe yellow metal is prominent, China being included for the first
time. Here are the tables which the
mint director indorses:
c"">     1898. 1899
United States'. .9 04,500,000   $ 71,000^000
Canada   14,000,000     21,000,000
Mexico. ■■.....    8,500,000       8,500,000
3ifflea  8o;ooo;ooo
Australia    05,000,000
Russia...  25,000,000
India.  ... 8,500,000
China  (J.000,000
All other  15,000,000
Totals..,. $287,000,000  $80«,500,000
1900. 1901.
United States. .8 82,000,000   8 94,000,000
All other.
Furry stated that there were fully 800
American girls in Chinatown living
with Chinamen. Three-quarters of them
are from country towns, and the unfortunates generally have not been recruited from the slums. Many of them
come from good families, and Dr. Furry
states that to his knowledge one of
them Is the daughter of a clergyman of
prominence in a nearby city. Many ot
the women are handsome and their
faces indicate refinement and education,
and as most of them are temperate,,
drink cannot be blamed as to the primary cause of their present condition.
There seems to be a fascination about
the place for these girls. They felt
themselves abandoned before they got
there and in Chinatown they seem to
find conditions that enable them to forget the past. Thisis probably because
the Chinamen are very kind to them.
The girls live in ecse in rooms filled with
incense, ornamented with costly draperies, dressed in Chinese silks and
visiting from place to place. In most
cases their parents do not know where
they are, sometimes believing that the
daughters are workiug in the city, and
tbe others not knowing whether they
are alive or dead. The clergymau
whose*daught'ir is in Chinatown does
not know where she is, and Dr. Furry
says that there is u prominent hatter iu
Philadelphia whose daughter is in
Chinatown now. Sometimes the,women
M 1
:l:l,i;K)!),uooj of tho section go to their homes, but al-
'lAio'li'iu! Ways 1'(5turn* (HtiUiu»   t'1^  «fter two
•2i,,tH>o'ii0''il'"' three,days' slay at home they have
      ...—!—'...._ J suffered so from tiie, craving for opium
Totals.... 8257,0011,000 s>;i(;r.,o(m,ik)u| that they simply have to come-back to
'The falling off,'in the  P.ioo total, as i their old haunts.
compared with 1800, is traceable to the.
war in South Africa, that section drop
ping from first place in 1898 to next to
last, in 1900.. China is practically at a
standstill, the political disturbances
having effectually blocked the mining
enterprises undertaken in recent years
by American. British, French and German companies,
OHie'ial information reaches the mint
director that the Cape Nome diMi'icl,
which turned out $"1,1)00,0110 last year.
will this year produce at least 810,000,-
1*hi. 'The Klondike will also hIiow an
increase, In the Foiled Status proper
—Colorado, California, Montana, Black
Hilts uuil other lields—a healthy growth
is looked for.
The world's production of gold for the
last decade of the present ceiitiiry,usliig
tiie aOove »i*uii'oii'u:ittl oxlimalc, Ai j.i.aj
ih*2,10i,l',i,V*Oo, as follown:
i>;>1  *$i;w,oooto>>
.  l|(i,!KN(,(kHt
ISO.!.     .        .   	
\H'.t 1 ,    ....
\H'.\"     .      . ,      ,        ...    ,
\H'*H '. ,,      .
For the entire century the gold
put   i«   suued   al   $7,7ni|,itpi'i,oo.i
'The New York Press tells this one on
Henry YV. Cirady, whose Hlatute iu
Marietta street, it says, recalls a story
of his career in Home, Ga., as edilor,
etc., of a newspaper whose struggles for
existence were hard indeed, "Dolph''
and "WW Ifounsaville, biginerchants,
declined to advertise, notwithstanding
Grady's persistent entreaties. "We
don't need to advertise," said "Wok,"
senior partner. "It won't do any good.
Nobody reads advertisements, anyway,"
"Don't read Vm"*" cried Grady, 'Til
show you," The next day'* paper fob
lowed one of the editor's brilliant, articles with this notice! "Wanted—Immediately, two thousand cats, for which we
will pay llfty centmmeli J, \V. Itounn-
aville & Itro." It rained, snowed and
hatli!«l cats Kvery Iniy in town Mtolt
cat* to sell,   Farmer* hauled them In
from   the   country.     The   railroads
IhI.uui.huA brought them bv freight ami express.
' ^PP-*1'****- ",,,v *'*"'• v'*1* 'n >wck», bags, boxeaand
. -JHslu^wi 1"'«','«>|K*   "Wes" and "Dolph," who bad
.'>7!l-.»,\iH'Hii read the advertisement,  were nearly
. it*A.VMi.nooj par«ly/.ed with fenr.    It was the town*
2 0,00 1,1**'j binini'M* („ htandalHiul theeorneiot the
","-1 store and enjoy the fun     (irady him-
""'■celf   leaned «gi*irim   n   t-d-'graph  pol<?
UrM year or the ,,..w cent.try, ii est in.ate^ „,.|it«l«_f with laughter and mlng with
'•<dd :m«..|. wilUlmw 11 jr«il   iweiitv 1 „v„ry   (ri.,h   »,„,»„,.   ..v„|Kttiv   ri,tt<|,
over   its immediate prede
per  cent.
is   ciiimisk  m:\s  «»r   i:isr.
1 advertUemeots, i<h? Nobody r»>ad«
! em,'' I'Ih-p HounsAVilies were glad to
I »■ iiiiproiui»e <m n rontract for a year'*
; advertising
tor :i White MpIIILWI. Lo UhlffV a, i.'luiia-!
man is had euontrli, but for hundr<'<li.o(i
votinu   women   to    voluntarily   plann
llii'iil*4>lvei» in 't«ii- oi  ease   woei'e tliev
i-ohrtbit with the almond-t-yeti ueatheii
ii. Miiinjthing ifuiiuiiihar*lh oerre.iiUii
UMIl.l   lOHIHli   HmVI.IKII.
'    Suvs tbe  Miniii* A Ktirineertn"  He.
vinw   nf    ?vm   Franciseot—t anadn   it
• com ing forward with grvM mtridei* »» «
I _o|it prrMluc«*r. ttoiuksKi tb«* Klomlik^
by ,^plelivingiuth«.iorthwest,wl,er«.  virion, and the Canadians are viirnr.
♦ lo-   '•'»•,.,     of    Hti.»r,iiif|'if 1 11     lid.    ■i,...|.it-      ,.   1,,        ,.•,.,;,    . ti    .     ,,   ,    , ,;   (
left „r reiili.e,i. And, yet, in N«w , ^mmfm miM M ,hl. pf^.t|. Iim^
^.rk'« thliiatowii, il U an ordinary j ttto Unilml S\*im **.iin* are us^i «» th«
thing to «,« instance.. wh.w white gjrl»s hmk montiy of iho Dominion tor a bank
arogiving »h«ir bodhw to the tu#t of; t^twand the like, Canadian* uatur-
wealthy thin*»e. Dr Samuel K. Furry, j »||, («| lhM th#y w„n, » huit ^ n(
"itl^rintfmU'Hl of the fV»v«»ni Strict' th*lr nwn
mi**ioii, in tm years' »*iwrienee iu the*. _..
,,orf.   ->f   >h- ...,t;.,t,..   ha.  hmOinr^Y W%U* '"ZY*'*"0*9'
J.iuisril Kith tht* siiuatiiiii, e*jw-dajjy} am Kogiuh .>ndu«ta baa bought th«
with tb»* MH-ti.-Kii* wbere the f'hlm-w \ Uollin* frwip <*f i*ar lw willing goU
«otigrfg-n*-, and know* wh#,r«w>» h*»; claim* mtar Whi V*^. They will io
spmk-*.    In  .1  r«ieut  tttt«ranre  Dr. the*pring*et up    Matamp mill r
",,3w"!PtS^'    .
Eighth Yi
|books, "Ceasar's^ Column," and
!<The Great Cryptogram," made
his name famous the world over.
He was 70 years of age, and prominent in air movements for the
elevation of the laboring classes.
It has been discovered that common salt will cause heart action
when all else has failed. Fainthearted men and women should
carry a salt seller about with them.
[If the young lady should give to
the young man a sack of salt he
should "tumble" at once.
_   _ yeurln tiavanee.vyjwneii not, so paw »t is w.ou so parusis •wormy oi oreu.i.*»rTo barbarians east 01 Lake
rior it is n a yo_r.*S»L'*igal advertising 10 cents a nonpariel line first insertion, and 6 cents a line each subsequent insertion.   Reading
TnliXDOKii two dollars a year in advanee,<S»When not so paid it is 88.60 to parties worthy oi credit.
Superior it is tl a yoar.sQsL^Kal advertising 10 cents a nonpariel line first insertion, and & cents   ''
"notices 25 cents a line, and commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances.
Tub Lxnox is located at New Denver. B. C, and can be traoed to many parts of the earth.s_*jlt comes to the front
ohQap silver,oar subdued py, the fearof man.     It works for the trail
; aims to be on tbe right side of everything and believes that hell
buuuju. uo nuu.iu.nw.ov. *» ...» " «.-.».. «. ....«>, ——.^^... „„„ „ of time, and »n ever-increasing naystreak is proof that it is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack.*®"-*, ohuto of Job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the flnanoieMSsConje in and see us, but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and tbe other a victim of thirst.'SvOne of the noblest works of oreation is the man who always pays the printer; he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing bitt gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
four collateral.
Government Thl
i e   Ameri-
can   Smelter
SmelterS Combine is
•gain ready to take the silver lead
ores of the Slocan. But the cost
of treatment is to be raised. Thus
we have another example brought
home to us of the blessings of the
trust. All men must sooner or
later feel the effects of the tremendous concentration of wealth in the
hands of the few that is going on
all over the world, in the form of
combines or trusts. The manufacturer, the men and companies
of mea.ns, are no longer required to
compete with one another, but by
combining their wealth and industries, can force the people to accept
tlieir terms, whatever they might
be.- a-.
of the Slocan and the Smelter Combine of America we see the trust
demanding a larger slice of the
wealth produced by our mines, and
the owners must submit without
complaint. We should have.Cana-
dian smelters, one says. We have.
They are not, it is true, capable of
handling the whole output from
our mines, but in the business they
have handled thus far they have
been as greedy as the American
concerns. In fact they have demanded the same freight and treatment charges as the smelters at
Omaha, Everett, or anywhere else,
regardless of the fact that the
freight charges cannot be more than
one-third as great as the American
smelters have to pay on the long
There Heems to be a fair way out
of the dilemma, however, and that
is the establishment of ninelters by
the Dominion government. The
question may as well be met. now
as any time. It will have to eome
to It, if the mining industry is to
be protected ax it should bo.
It !h H«fe to wiy that this year
will set* greater advancement in
the Slocan than any in it« history.
The outlook witn never more promising and prosperity more sure.
Tlie ureat thing* needful an* pa-
tit'we iin«l hard work.
veto on the still greater atrocities
for which the jingoism olj0music
hall and the gin palace had begun
to clamor, and which would have
inflicted an indelible stain on the
honor of the country,, The Army
and Navy Gazette, the great military organ, has pronounced against
the policy of farm-burning, citing
Lord Clive, who deterred his soldiers from setting fire to a village
in which some of their comrades
had been slain, saying that it would
only create exasperation. Could it
be supposed that such a man as the
Boer has proved himself to be would
be subdued by making him homeless and desperate? Guerilla warfare is most irritating, and may
excuse outbreaks of passionate violence on the part of those against
whom it is waged. But the way to
avert it was to observe the rules of
civilized warfare and allow the
vanquished, they being beyond all
question regular belligerents, to
treat for terms. Instead of this,
Lord Salisbury proclaimed war to
the knife. His attitude would
have justified the Boers in destroying the mines, from which they
Teryjereditably abstained, or even
in burning Johannesburg as the
Russians burned Moscow."
According to figures prepared by
the Rossland Miner the value of
the output from that camp for last
year was 83,600,000. This would
place that camp in the lead, but
there is a probability that the
amount given is exaggerated, as
there was much ore shipped from
the dumps of the War Eagle and
Le Roi, the returns from which
were low.
A minister in
a Spokane pul-
TheBoreish *  ;"•;;•■
' -m. change for the
BOerWB-T     bettor linn tak-
vsnnstianity pit a few sun
days ago gave utterance to this bit
of truth:
"If the pulpit is turned into a
lecture platform or a concert hall
and entertainments and amusements are substituted for the public
worship of God, then the pulpit is
degraded to the level of secular
things. The preacher is only another name for the chairman of a
literary club or concert company.
While people hungry for the bread
of life are offered literary essays,
novel reviews, sentiments of poetry
or pleasing homilies on soft morality, spiritual famine reigns in the
cliureh, ami there is no comfort for
the troubled, nor salvation for the
Here is a man tliat is "next to"
the pure article. It is little wonder that the Christian church of
to-day is scolTcd at, ridiculed and
and not enough Christlike living.
Too much talking and too little
doing., In short, too much love of
mammon. Most men are honest.
Honesty despises hypocrisy. Therefore most men despise the modernized church. They look to it for
Christianity, and what do they
find ? They look to it for kindness
and love arid good fellowship, and
what do they receive ? They look
to it for honesty of purpose,  for
The man who discovered that
salt is an elixir of life, also has discovered that the common wasps
have a memory. This, however,
is nothing new. We fail to recall
an instance in our boyhood when
the wasp forgot to pay us his compliments when we rubbed up
against him—or her.
In view of the inability of the
school board to get a teacher out of
the five young lady applicants, it
might be that the board was at
fault in some particular. We understand they failed to forward the
portraits of our bachelor boys.
Such negligence is criminal, if not
disastrous.     _."
, And now comes the report that
a Dr. Herron is busy founding a
new religion. Wonder if it will
have scales on it.
An Indiana woman's eighth husband has committed suicide. Two
of his predecessors had set him the
■:-i—-   ;d:
Britannia to Columbia.
Daughter! and uncrowned Sister-Queen! and Friend!
The year wanes, and with that the Hundred Years.
New on thy brow the centuries descend*,
On mine the frost and sunlight, triumphs, tears,
Leave trace of many.   Look! what silvered locks
Mingled with gold under my diadem;
While thy fair braids, unfluttered by all shocks,
Shine hyacinthine.   Great Land! fasten them
Fearless, with Fresh stars 'neath thy Phrygian cap.
jlfi.o«,,jTirtt^<*rlv-kiss and.benison:
Love me, or love me riot; hap what may hap,
My pride and prayerswatch thy bright course begun;
Thou dost uphold the lessons learned from me,
And speak'st my Shakspere's speech;—-God go with thee!
Columbia to Britannia.
Mother! I send thy proud kiss back to thee
By subtler wire than whatsoever ties
Thy shores and mine, beneath the severing sea,
The bond of breed, of kindred blood that flies
Glad to my cheek at this thy salutation.
I have been self-willed,—I shall be again;        ,
But thine to me is not another nation;
My knee, not wont to bend, today is fain
To make thee courtesy for all thine ages;
For that same reverend silver in thy hair;
For all thy famous worthies, statesmen, sages;
God go with thee!   If thy foes too much dare
I think we shall no more be kept asunder
Than two great cloud* in Heaven that hold the thunder.
London, Eng. —From the N. Y. Independent.
light, for truth, for friendship, and
what does it give ? They look to it
for consistency, and they see that
virtue checkmated at every turn
hy inconsistencies in the form of
"social amusements," but which,
with the mask thrown oil, are
simply stepping stones to hell.
If Christ should come again what
would He think of all this great
array of hypocritical churchism?
Would He not laugh at the foolishness of man V Would He not as He
did in the days of old drive out of
the churches hundreds, aye. thousands, ofthe so-called" divines and
their coterie of polished hypocrites?
example. Two other husbands
died natural deaths aud three secured divorces. Number nine is
preparing his funeral dirge.
Shakespeare said:
purse in thy head."
up the chinks.
•'Kmpty thy
But first  fill
Chinese Th0 c,,icTA,I,wir
_., can recently suggest-
VirtUeS ed as u, subject for
debate among its readers the relative importance of the live Chinese
condemned l»y thousands of  unite-i<
en place iu South Africa, and if the'ii,.vers.    Men  who do not  know
present   wiiiiciliiitory   methods   iiiwluti tin- .'hristiniiity is, who have
never fell Ihe power of the hand of
(toil upon them.mistake the modem
rlltlii'll lor (lie   trillion   of   -'hri*-!,
and jiiiIa' ■*• ■ •udiuj'ly, , And what
;.   , • ? i i! I • ■'■  *h<-;    h'tVI'  )">•!'   <|i'll«ain.7nj;
what I'lf, think i- rhiAii.tiiks ,l»m
'Sympathy, knowledge, justice,
Is not this the duty of I lie earnest. ;upii(ihiuess and politeness."
sincere teachers of the gospel  to-''     Kfinlcrs were asked  to express
v?    Isn't it  ihe dutv of every .their opinion us to the relative im-
I 'nil- i    il   II.';'    7   ."    Vl'l'MI''
pi Itili'il   :»!   • li*'    hniit;i j|
iiU'ii ;ip|ifi <*i.-itc ii:   ;il!
il.     I.til 7 i    si-it t«, 7i   f
IllnilrClli/i-il i llHI'rfl.      A
!t!*M     '
7 ini-
. Ml
dealing with the liners is adhered
to there is every likelihood that the
war will end with tin* capture of
(ieiienils |>i> Wet a ml Hot ha.    The
illlitnoiiil rietioii ol our own eetiei*!il«
in bunting the homes,and i|c\ n;|ui-
iii"- !li<'di-lriel-. llii-'Hiirh -vltirli mir
Moldier- uifiii-'lied. has done iimii- lo
prolong hnstililM- and eau-i- the
uprisintr in t'ape . oloiiy tln.ii nn\-
tiling •'!''', A tMiti'biinu'- iV>im.<
jiml the m-ll'ii-i- <>f he1 \\ il<- a ml
daughters are a> sacred lo   him   a--
In,- 11 o„i. u.   .too    n ..< >i    uh     »•■...»
>»«»■"    ,t|IJ'li> 'i   Hiiu    ill i •     ......
out Upon (lie wit in liii'l ~lr-lh-i
'rt }*>■■»»■ *!.-.-',   '     n''?,,   *.l"[    »"'"*^v7*:',
of il iiutiinl Italn-ii into tin- Snarl
of ••t.erv ninii to (lie field.ami madi'
Jinn iiuhl Ilion^Jj Jje nail lo e; -hi 1 .•|,ii/Ai 7,i,",-i,H>. , iniiffh .imJ oljiel'
on hi- liiiiid*- and kne«*s to do it. ,.]H^,<v ,,f .sitirtaiiim.-fil I'erhap-
lliit tieiHTal JKitehener has .piiekly none or.the-e plaee- or modes of
pi-ri.iveil the error and has lak« n amu-iiiieiit are. in th. m-lves.
a decidedly different eourse. lie (.\il-, Imt ir ihey an -infnl run as
l« tio  loliyer   liMiki*.!   llfMili   as   tin*. >moii«*\'-i»iakiti|; S4*ltfni,'~ li\   private
ihiiivnlials.    jhev    are   dotiiilj*   ,-o
wln-n inn a- eateh   pciinv   -efii'iui"
in,in who seei-h the evil  to cheek ipuilanee or these qualities.    Many
U., • 'replies hifve been received.
It is well enough for such as the! The following inteiestinge\pies-
Spokane parson to tell of the exist- jsion of opinion comes from William
cnee ofthe evil in the cliureh, hm.i.Ii'nuiiigs Hiyan:
••1 beg to say that in my opinion
the  < 'hinese  are   |j„lit   in   placing
sympathy lirst anions  the   viilues
I :,n;ini"il,
|        "I pi'U'htlie— >lioulij come before
We have started the new year well. We
want tq keep it up and will offer business-
making inducements that are sure to be
acceptable to you. We will surprise you.
How? Just come to our store and we will
show you. For the Ladies, Misses and
Children we have Furs, Muff's, Jackets,
Underwear, Snow Rubbers and Overshoes,
Felt Slippers, Mitts, Etc. For Men and
Boys it is needless for us to tell you what
we offer. You already know the quality
of our heavy Boots and Shoes, Winter
Suitings, Overcoats, Underwear, Overshoes
Woolen Socks, German Socks, *Etc.
New Denver, B. C.\
justice, for justice is only one of
the virtues of the upright.
"Knowledge is important, but a
man's knowledge may be a curse
rather than a blessing to a community if it is not accompanied by
--^Politeness com^-last.~But-all
five combined are less important
than love—the chief Christian virtue.
' (Sympathy,politeness and justice
are all manifestations of love. And
politeness, if it proceeds from the
feeling of friendliness, is closely
akin to both love and sympathy.
" 'Thou shalt love thy neighbor
as thyself includes all the Chinese
virtues but knowledge, and gives
to knowledge an inspiring purpose."
For Price
and Quality
You cannot lind butter Dress Goodn, hulli'i*, than
wo nre pfTarimr Jimt now. Sw* uur latest |iatiirns.
In Ooiitu' KurnUhliiKS, Noukwuar, Tlon,uto.,onr
Ntnck Ik complete.      Also Lulling-
iWLuU'M KtyU'A In Thimmkd Mii.mnbiiy,
M«.S. W. W. MERKLEY, Kw IViivit
*^.:»^>.. _-   ■r-,\.  ■ *»%t\
AT^i-A^T" :'^y*Sii^
It  WOllll
lljitl !u*
I I!*• beUcf if Ik* would, now
bar- diti^uo-'i'd tin* cu-'i'.   fo
c   -,\    ii'ini'd.A    SiiH'h    Ihe
!)v '<t • ;l>-!h'i '
tlii' tfilllili-   o
IhviT'- U*' did
alimll 7.     Il
i Ao
Sometlilni? that will chi-er the heart
ol Mie rcoipli'tit, Ih otto ot our Hue
Kttiplre watehi'H. Thev arc guaranteed ii8 llrst cIubs time keejierH. Qnu
nor, lail to give pm-fect sutlslitctloti.
We at'i- the ii.ciits lot* the Kootennyt-
Wiil' I'.r i
iHtl-.i \iiur
,i lint- jinn >
li'  .,l   .mi-   i • MM f 0*1
•li'i-tl >ii  li  l"l'i    llir I'
,lr...| |,-|-v ..I   !.-«■   IP.I
;|l.l!'*I.MH'-'   .I'll!
»h      Wi'ii.u..
I'll till
ll.l*    11
I of ,i siini in
H*>     OlfliOtll.t
I tl.
Mlllt'l   plan .»  "i   HOtii
diio,m..4.i 7 x, :hi
M-i* l,br   t .Mill*   tinny.
t-Hroiicii-ji.-.|   i'l-iii'i   i!
■.,,1   .
I'll ('hi'i'-l foii'i
"ipicd by innii!iii<iif
ut '-tiiinl nlV iiud t-ilk
ii.   ■ A11 •;■*! 1 * -:   -it   'hi'
i(it^   ,'ll-C t'Vrl' tu ',!• I'i i|ri'!i|i-il il lllli'*t
lie by tla' j'i'i-j.lt' tli-a air now Otit-
i»|ilr til- i in-Ill j,;oilij., linn i in in ...m
.«i all* I uijf, »M liti iviiii »\ui<» in'
lltlllllUioh     I..Vr|>     .iilli    llllll     llllllli
iii.utill.-*. ii *;-i i 11 ri Sn.';j7." 7,i'A,y
who with liii* i\ii to niiiidy it.
T,i(k i-fln-in. but \\<<rk i- '.' 1ml
i\   II i*
ING COMPANY are now prepared
to supply builders and contractors
with all tha above building materials.
Our products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at the
Spokane Exposition. The Lime that
we are now manufacturing is not
excelled. Special quotations to contractors on application.
W. L. Jeffery
Workers in Tin, Copper and
Sheet Iron.
Air Piping and Mining
Work a Specialty
Hcadqiuirtoi'M, New Denver
John Williams
Denier In
Van t.'atnp hunch iiuodh,  Confectionery and I'Vult.
Nnwninrket block.        .New Denver.
man "i nun lib' inait.
fcLiifioi' In kind word
uhji\, im tli'iil*- to
Hou« l)utrhuian.
In lb** wonlf m
'lorfinio   Wii-kll
gOo'ill    -«'li-i'   an;
ilibn tin
hvi'iy day N»*u York <"il\ list'**
•J.Ol l.*/ii> qiiMllH of milk. l..'MMi,S|'.»
poiiini- of meat, •_.'ilAI"» jioinnl* of
laitiiT. am! lo.-..'7x Imrt-i'l- i»f tl'iiii-.
Ihi- would knji tin rili/i'io oi
N'imi Hi'iio'i' niiiil ibf inil <if tbi'
-'»lh roiiliwy.
,y»tniid«*r.iti III*'
Sun.    •t'.iiti-li
fhuitiaiiity  ban*
U.u,_  .uul  tiut  a,
ni I'ipiiiifi linn ititb  ih ut i li   alTaiff.
Tin    SjMikam*   tuini-t''!-   U   right.
I In* world iia-too many   rbiiiviii'i-      ignatitifi Domitrlly ,tln* jiolitii iati.
iii.it an- ittitrin* to t'lirint ianitv audi orator and author, dial at  Mimn-
-■ blind h-iMli-r* of ihv Mint!."   TW. ajwilif mi .InnMnry '2nd, ntUr a b*w
titanv fill' '"■'-a* -    ffi'im   rff'   ptttyfr" »hy«*'     rfbtw.       Mr.     FVinriflly'i**
! 11
ftl.    #**   J^^^Hwlmi,   -*^^^9     ^^^n,.
j»{Pk   x^c   >•»<   >nm   y*
******.     W,H«r:    ><(«' AMM    "Ml.
ii^Liuik yi
'"ajjltal iall |ialil H|
lil^nl'l Vl'O   liillO.     .
Undivided profits
ttililUliiil   111..
^-_*^ ^^*«?*r*m^^m^^^^<i**
)m m*4 »**■**. h!*** tat   :»^ )mi   >4 W!%* )m.   „**'
,   i, ^ * i, i ii i'. i ■•
t i,nc»,7;»-i.*i:
Ho*. I.nlMiSTinTIK'OXAfl.ld MoUNT WoVAU  (,».C, M.<J.   I'l'l'i-ilbllt.
Ilox. (J, A. DltUMMoNn, Vice I'l-cstdfiit,
K. S. CiuitMiiv, (Jcrii'iiil ManinrtT,
S.ran.*!!i'-in all nurN ot CanaOa, Newfoundland, drcnt Hritain, and
New Denver branch
"WW1*"WW**Wtarmy*   _c   Wk   WW   WW   WWWWW f "?"Sf-
MA, Yeab,.
IS   THE   ONtT   ONE.
Well, after all is said and done.
Your mother is the only one—
The only one in all th' land
1" give a chap a helnin' hand,
T' cheer him in the daily work
Thet he's a-dyin' just t' shirk;
Who says, whenever things go. wrong,
••Keop up, Si, 't will be done Tore long."
Sometimes, when crops refuse to grow,
No-matter how I hoe 'n hoe;
'N plow, 'n rake, 'n sow, 'n weed,
Jest so's th' stock ken hev some feed-
Well, pa comes roun' an' says, "Say, Si,
I'reckfthet crop's 'bout goin't' die;"
An' brother Jim, who's citified,
Says, "Really, has the fodder died?"
An' Sue.who reads them romance things,
Says, "Back to earth what old earth
And then sue hoi's her hands 'n looks
Jest like the gals in novel books.
But ma!   Ah, mother comes along
Softly humrain' an ol' sad song,
I drop th' hoe, f mop nay brow—       ,
•Ain't got no use for sunshln'e, now;
An' life ia filled with sudden bliss,
APor ma has asked me for a kiss—....
An' after that—well, I jest swear
I wouldn't change with'a millionaire.
Some time ago, when Hjggins' gal
Was lookin'Ter a life-time pal,
An' when I went to church, why she
Wuz there; too, an' she wihke4 at me.
An' at one mee,tln\ by hfer side,
I Bays, "Liz, will yer be my briae?"
'Fore rhad time to make a guess,
i She squeezed my hand an' whispered,
We taiked 'bout flowers
:       rings,
'N cottage love, 'n all them things,
*N how we'd live on honey drops
On a farm that didn't need no crops—
But—something 'neath my Sunday vest
Told me I loved my mother best.
Ah, mother's gettin' old and gray;
Some dav, why, she'll be laid away
Down hf th' field by th' old mill stream,
Where all the roses love to dream
And when thet happens, like 'ez not,
The old farm^ll jest 'bout go to pot;
We'd lose all hope, ef ma was gone, „
Fer she moBt runs the farm alone.
Up with th' sparrers every morn,
Callin' the chickens to their corn;
She cooks a meal I wouldn't trade
Fer the finest farmhouse ever made;
She cleans th' house an' sets the hen,
An' shoos the pigs back to their pen;
She feeds the cow, an' then she goes
Inter th' house, an' sews, an' sews,
;»Au' bakes a cake, en' runs th' churn,    /
An'gathers in th wood t'burn;
An' ef you say, "Ma, rest a while!"
She'll answer, with her old sweet smile,
"Child, I ain't tired a bit.   Are you?
We can't reRt when there's work to do."
An', supper o'er, the chores all done,
She hears our lessons, one by one,
An'then she sees th'cat is fed,
An'puts th'children all t'bed.
,     --.|.
Yes, after all is said and dope,
Your mother is the only on*.
—Robert. Mack ay.
mental emetic then you can stand
almost any amount of—well, namby
pambyness, and do not belong to the
present century.
Did the intellectual man who thus
married propoxate his mentality?
Not at all; without doubt his children
were quite ordinary individuals.
Wait until you see the mother of a
great man's children before expecting much from them.
Every great man with world-wide
fame, had a mother possessing strength
ot mind and body.
Do not misunderstand me, I do not
wish to convey the impression that
the father has no inflaenoe. It takes
one's breath to contemplate what a
race could be produced in a few gen-
.etations if, the parents should lend
clean righteous lives both'morally
and physically, Then' if .every
hum*-' being' 'couk} tneet a Hixm
welcome as he makes his entrance
into life. No undesired children In
all this green earth I To dream ot
this Utopia fills one with ecstasy. If
such a condition could exist, much
disease and sin wquld disappear and
man would not doubt that he is made
in the image ofthe Infinite One, and
iB joint heir with the Prince of Peace
to eternal life. Alas, we realize that
"Paradise Regained" is of slow process, v. nd it behooves the mothers to
make superhuman efforts to save the
race from sinking to lower depths.
Lincoln used to be fond of telling a
story which he got from Mr.Connant,
a lawyer in a   western town who
desired the nomination for county
judge.   On the morning preceding
the evening on which the county contention was to meet he applied to the
livery stable-keeper in his village
for a horse and buggy in which to
drive to the county town,  16 miles
distant, where the convention was to
be held.   "Give me tiie best and the
fastes*; horse you have, Sam," said
he, "so that I„will have time to go
around and see the boys before1 the
convention comes in."   The liveryman, however, was supporting a rival
candidate, and gave the lawyer a
tect, but whioh broke down entirely
before half the journey was completed, so that when the candidate arrived
the convention had adjourned and his
rival had been nominated.
On his return to the stable late tbe
following afternoon, knowing that It
was useless to resent the trick played
upon him, he said to the owner:
"Look here, Smith, you must be
training this horse for the New York
market. You expect to sell him to
an undertaker tor a hearse horse,
don't you? Well, it's time wasted.
I know from his gait that you have
spent days training him to pull a
hearse, but he'll prove a dead failure.
Why, he's so slow lie couldn't get a
corpse to the cemetery in time for tho
resurrection." — San Francisco Argonaut.
. The greatest French author of the
century, one of the greatest minds of
the world's historv—Victor Hugo—near
the close of his life wrote the following
beautiful thoughts: '
"I feel myself the future life. I am
rising, I know, toward the sky. The
sunshine is over my head, Heaven
lights me with the reflection of unknown
"You say the soul is nothing but the
result of bodily powers; why, then, is
my soul the more luminous when my
bodily powers begin to fail? Winter is
on my head and eternal spring1 in my
"The nearer I approach the end, the
plainer I hear around me the immortal
symphonies of the worlds which invite
me! .'It is marvelous, yet simple. It is
a fairy tale, and it is a history. For
half a century l.haye been writing my
thoughts in-prose, verse, history, philosophy, drama, romance, tradition,
satire, ode, song. I have tried all.
But I feel that I have not said the
thousandth part of what is in me.
When I go down to the grave I can
say, like so many others:'I have finished my day's work,' but I cannot say
'I have finished my life.' My day's
work will begin the next morning. The
tomb is not a blind alley; it iB a thoroughfare. It closed in the twilight to open
with the dawn. I improve every hour
because I love this world as my fatherland. My work is hardly above its
foundation I would be glad to see it
mounting and mounting forever. The
thirst for"the infinite proves infinity."
I Miners, Attention!
To M. S, BENTLEY, of tho oity of Spokane
the State of Washington, one of the United
States of America, holder of an undivided
nlne-twonty-fourths interest in the Joker
" Fraction Mineral Claim hereinafter more
particularly described.
'PAKE NOTICE That I, John MaeQulllan, of
1 the City of Vancouver, B. C. the owner of
an undivided eleven-twenty-fourths interest in
the Joker Fraction mineral claim, situate In the
Slocan Mining Division of the West Kootenay
District, on the Freddy Lee mountain near the
Freddy Lee claim, about a mile from Cody,
havo expended on the said mineral claim the
sum of one hundred and two dollars aud fifty
cents ($102.50) being the amount of expenditure as
required by section 24 of the Mineral Act to be
expended on the said Joker Fraction mineral
claim during the year ending: fltli October, 1900.
If you, the said Bentley, should fall or refuse
to contribute your snare (.being the sum of $38.40)
of the said expenditure, together with all costs
of this advertisement, broceedtngs will be taken
under section 4 of the Mineral Act Amendment
Act 1900, in order to vest your interest in said
claim in your co-owners.
Dated at Boom 18, Inns of Court Building.
Vancouver, B. C, the 3rd day of January. 1901.
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has
been proved and not found wanting
No miss-holes.  No running.
Send your laundry to
The Lake Shore
H. C. Thomlinson & Co,
New Denver.
TN ORDER that the Government may be la
1 possession of definite information with
which to supply those seeking Investments in this
Province, I am instructed to Invite particulars
from those.who have properties for «ale, and
who may feel disposed to forward such particulars to this offi"* for thc purpose in question.
In view of the proposed early re-organleattoii'-
of thc Agent General's Office In London, England, the desirability of having on file a list erf
farms aud other properties for sale, with full and
accurate details, Is obvious Properties submitted may include farms and farm lands, industrial,
or commercial concerns: timber limits, water
powers, or other enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate, investment.
It is not proposed to recommend projiertie* to
intending investors, but to afford the fullest ac
cess to the classified lists and all available information connected therewith, and to place enquirers In communication with the owners.
The fullest particulars are desired not only of
the properties themselves, but of the localities in
which .they are situated, aud the conditions'
affecting them. For this purpose printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to those
desirous of making sales.
R.   E.   GOSNELL,
Secretary, Bureau of Provincial Information.
Bret Hart once said Would you
redeem the world converj your grand
mother.'' Do not mistake mo, everything' depends upon the coming generations I know. The children that
are born to day throughout 'the land
p—how potent for good or evil they
[will become! Ah, yes! It is be-
•tuse I am mindful of the children
jtbat the poet's words present them
sires to me.
I fear wo Americans care so much
t>r the present that the word grand-
lother may appal some of my read-
The tendency of tlie time is to
it all we can out of to-day with no
bought of yesterday, or care for to-
lorrow.  Here in thc west the farmer
chausts the soil never meaning to
blenlsh it
Jin many parts of Europe, In rural
jstrlcts, every person, after eating a
liely flavored fruit, plants the seed
lorool for those who succeed him.
fere such a mode ol' procedure sug*
listed to our people, how quickly
joy would roajiond by assuming they
l-oposed to look out for themselves,
ir men do buslncsB for today. To
[it the gondii sold or worked off, and
iiionny In tlit'lr iKiokcts is the
lilpf nhjoct. Unptitittlnn for honor or
ltegt'lty Ik too old-lashioncd for this]
}<• ot prvgre:**.
IWe are all mote or less imbued j
ftlt tlib idea. We tuny not realize j
but the moral atmoHpherc. be It j
I'tid or had, nflVct-s every Indlvlflual j
itlii- community. 'No man lives j
hiiusi'lf alone. '   Nor can In* :
III'the word gi*itniltiiotlieMliH|ili-u*i*«;
lit, let tf «lt'n]i tin' ilf-t pun ot  t.hitv
|iii|K!iiiiil word hihIHitii|il> wty if you,
tilt*I euiivei-' tin* world eonvort  tho!
iUh-i*s.    Wit!) no di'sire  in  under-
i. !!;.- jAiTiii:;,  oi   the   ilii'ti   i   <lu
It llctitate to mr.,   tin*   lllotntT   luii.
(i-lnih'lv M'ko »o ii'- with -hi-   ebiMV
[i> tli;ui niivlliin'; H-M' ifii'f,   iiidc-d,
|c Ciea'.oi* titiiiMrlf wUm- itistniiiH-nt
le !**.
,\<-t   iiiiiny  Oeenurn  ,r,v to'*   i'lt:u
evailed that nil ot the intellectual
iilnwiiii'itf entto* tt'oiii   tin*  foiternui
llo.    Tin* niiilio't   >viih *U|i*Ht»,t,'d   tA
i n i it      i...,ii!'" .jui n> •>       ii.i  !••;»
le-i'iiiiir. Brillhut im-ii took unto
i-ii-iihcIvi-s ]iivtiy dolln lot* wlv?!t to
jiliiM  tiiriii   In   tllisir   luUUru   hoUI'i>.
lie i'tim'ijtle reqtli^io* tioitnriielieney
iiiti.d   iiml   li'*l\       I'erlmfw   tho
livcl of'tltt'day t> tin*  U-t   I'liHT to
Ll> liu   .t>K- i I \\';'li;.:: 7t  I'-tv, ;   ■■>
(etiiiir tin'story  »■» laid.   Sapj«•«-«•    k-mitk. uakin'u ik.warn CO.,
hi   Jr.uk    tliioti^li   th«   i.ai,'''* of w.ut-nau.
iVlonjtound Mel»*«a" or tho "Child-
[noftlM* Abhcy."   If th« homiim*
rlmtt ttwo !<o»>|r* do nirf j?ivf* yon .u
ToF. A.DEVEREUX,C.E., the owner of an
undivided one-eighth interest in each of the
mineral claims, ■Pansy," "vuii.fpMofif,n »
May,"*"Flower" and "Rosedale," situated
he Seaton Creek slope of Pavn
on tl ..  _
tain, tu the Slocan
Kootenay District
To M. S. BENTLEY, of the Oity of Spokane, in
the State of Washington, one of the United
States of America, holder ot an undivided
nine-twenty-fourthg interest la the Cody
Fraction mineral claim, hereinafter more
particularly described.
-TAKE NOTICE That I, John MacQuillan, of
1 the City of Vancouver, B. C, the owner of
an undivided eleven-twenty-fourthu Interest in
the Cody Fraction mineral claim, situate in the
Slocan Minlnjr Dlvlulon, of the Wsst Kootenay
District, on tbe Freddy Lee mountain near the
Freddy Lee claim, auout n mile from Cody,
have expended on the said mineral claim the
num of one hundred and two dollars and fifty
cents (W02.60) being the amount of expenditure as
required by hbcIIoh l\ of the Mineral Act to be
expended on tho said Cody Fraction mineral
claim during tbe year ending- 3d August, 1000.
If you. the said 'ienlley, should fail or refuse
to contribute your share (uelnsr the sum of W8.40)
of tho expenditure, toapthcr with all costs of this
advertisement, proceedings wil! bc taken under
section 4 of tho Mineral Act Amendment Act
1800, In order to vest your interest in said claim
In your co-owners.
Dated at Room 18, lunu of Court HuIldliiK,
Vancouvor, H. C, the Sd day of January, lwa.
For elovun montha, to November 80,
the provincial revenue of Ontario was
$3,000,000 and expenses $8(50,000,
Some Biscuit
and Cake
arc light, sweet and wholesome,
h.^alker & sons
Canadian Whiskies
Scotch Whiskey
Mam Bros.
C^Wholesalc Dealers in Wines, Liquors andCigars-O
"ale," situated
Payne Moun-
ic Division of Wast
British Columbia.
-TAKE NOTICE that I, Daniel E. Sprague, the
1 owner of an undivided three-foul ths interest
in each of the above named mineral claims,
have expended the sum of «102.50 in doing the
annual assessment work required by section 24of
the Mineral Act ou the said mineral claim
"Pansy," and for rccordinR the certificate of
work issued therefor for the year ending the 29th*
July, 1300: and the sum of $102.50 for doing suoh
work on the said mineral claim "Violet Fraction" and recording the certificate of work issued
therefor for the year endini; the 9th August, 1900;
and the sum of j-102.50 for doing such work, on
the said mineral claim "Flower* and recording
the certificate of work Issued therefor for the
year ending the 12th August. 1900, and the sum
of $102.50 for doing such work on the said mineral claim "May" and recording thc certificate
of work issued therefor for thc year ending the
12th August, 1900, and the sum of $102.50 for doing such work on the said mineral claim "Rose-
dale", and recording, the certificate of work
tober, 1900.
And, hike notice further, that I, the said Daniel E. Sprague, require you to contribute aud
pay your proportion of such expenditure, being
one-eighth ofthe amount expended in respect of
each of the said mineral claims, together with
The Clifton House,
HtiHuiiiplc Jiffoiiiiuixlatlou* fur a largi< mimlM-r of |ieopl(>. Tim rooms aru large
and nlry, and the Dining Room !■< provided with ever) Milng In the market
Knm|iiV ['miiiix for Commercial Traveler*.
John Buckley, Prop.
the costs of this advertisement, and that If you
fall or refuse to contribute your said proportion
of such expenditure, together with the costs of
this advertisement, within ninety days from the
date of the first publication of this viotlne, 1 wIU
at tho expiration of laid ninety days claim to
have vested in mc, as your co-owner, your Interest In such of the said mineral clulms, ab you
shall have fulled or refused to coutribute your
said proportion of the said cxiiendlture In con
nectlon therewith, together with tho costs of tlik*
advertisement, pursuant to section 4 of the
"Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."
The address of me, the, said Daniel E. Sprague,
for the puriMisea of payment hereunder. Is care of
McAnn & Miickuv, llarrlslers. Kaslo, B. C.
Dated the 97th day of Novemlter, 11W0.
SII.VKK   WKV.V   Mineral Claim.
Situate. In the. Sloean Minlim Division of West
KooUiimy district. Wheie loeuted: Ou
Payne Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Arthur S. Harwell,
1 noting us agent fur M. C. Mimauhaii, No. B
JWWH, m tooimlialf; II, W. i'eel, No. ytiifl, as to
wieH'iinrtyr. hiiiI Usterll, Snyder, No, ll*_«u,
as to ipiio-i|iihi1i I-, undivided Interists, intend,(Mi
iImvs from Ihe date hereof to apply to tl)«
Mining llimanltir for a eortitlcvte. uf Improvements fur the piir|»«c uf iilit.iliilni.' it Crown
grant of tint above elniui,
Anil further lake notlii' that iii'tl-ni umlor ««*•
tlnn :i" iniisl lie ''Oinuieiieed liefore the |w>uani'i»
ut sueli eerlitleate of Improvements,
Dated thl» ISlli day of tWemliei. A  li.,J(««(i.
iv, in.iii ...     ,,., ..«"'.
The Newmarket Hotel,
ilO Ut'y
others ate sour
Him otic ol the must iMMuitil'ul litemlntw  In Anic'-icn,
ItHrttlfWl of pluJIKIIIlt UC»'tllll|ii<|:l!i«itl>.
IIHNHY STMil-;""""-.        •        .      -
I"-l »!)<• |-'tl)!i(- ;u*c
I'DIIV   1'HAt'TION   mill   .IOKKH Hit ACTION Mlmr.it ClnliiH.
Ihiiiiatii   In   tlie    Sim mi    Mining   DivMim  of
t       .Vi'.i   Kioiiieiiiijr Dmirlei.    \Mnri- loeat«d:
On HieKi'ililv l/'c Mniiiilniii tieiirlliftKrexIdy
Uhi Mlmriili'lfilm. iiImhh h tulle from Cody
(TAKKNOTICK That I. \V. A. iiiliH.»ir, at
I    agent fur William Muiiuv    iiut.foMl, fr»*
i liiiiiii'ne. itllienle No.   It   ll«:i-i.   md Juliu Mac-
'iPifllm     fr.-.-   iiiIii.■!•'     i.i-h!i1< il.     V.    tl  lT'i-11
I i it t •.•nrliUHtny *i tniin Hniliti- hen-ui in uiiply to tin
Minim!  Heenn||.|- l,,r n i-erlltli'iil<- <.f liniiruve-
! iiieiif* for I lie |iui|».N' n( -itiialniiii/ I'r.iwn uritiit*
, ... llll illmW - I.iini...
;    Ami lili'th-r l.it.r ii'itln- ilit.t  .i<-i(.,n mi'ter *«••
| li..ii :ii !rtn-l !»■■ I'.iiillni-Meed l«■!«.(•■ (In- l«»iii»iii'ii-ut
'' »n< ti n-rlitU ad •   ' liii|.ii>vi-ii"'iii«
It.!.-i! list*  'i •! .|iv ..!   l-iii.i ,'v   l",|
W    V   l.tl.M'li |J
what makes the ciii:icrence?
r\l1 il \J mm I\ 1 i     11 i-i^ri t i imj
in ii.
>-.| * rit* •
'.Mi  yt
wder ...
T -U!-;;st CA
IhS*   i l"-*:
i  •■ ■
■Aj  "..■*•,|.«':■*,.*<*    i>,iiki:i',t
..->   ....      ..    ,U... •>.(,.   v.. , •..
<;  -..;'(-i':- itri '  ro.n'v.n.
■ ,-i - '•<■>
.....i. t. ,i
l*W   -f^i-i, «o>»»w'iwt       , • •*        * f f *»  rr *f
*n wmm mm«v*»iy#»i-^ *«v *** <w
\   J U ll|i>f>N  A v.11 , l»f «J(-i
Hi-.' M'fit-   !li   Iff   citv    -I '«i|tiffi|*tM'>if   ftpn.lM
-I.*. «.,-
lic^t ■.,-{ \'ii,-c rlir.ini.'ihiiu.,
V.     i Iii.   j  .,1-  !
tui.x   uiv   \Auy.A   y:
ili.iill   (.-(    ',;ii,ii,   .'in    li.Ohl.
Iitaiiauit ot ;,i; inni m, .-, .:•-..-< 1 ux i. luuiJrcci years
in the finest Icuvcr.tng prcji.taiionf,,
Ki>T(..---'Ih<*r'- .m* many AU ^ A *'r> tut of
1 ,i! r y ,•■!•. ;•■''■; " ■ ' '!:•.(
- A-l it )i.-.-t' i■ i-i: ! . -. i,i .1 , ■■.ti-, !ii.-<iO
.ill.;'     '   . !        ••"').   'i    •   •   r,  is.   .lis-
j;in-   .     , .,i..i»   »-.
lvhs-..t iu.. *. ;. :
.   . I.    !.-     |«,.-,< »|J,
',..'•. li .it Xix t.Aitt
$25 Suits
K. SKINN'KU. Tiil.-r
Fred. J. Squire,
I  Silverware
! ,  ,   .
y '■ u;i
st \\   ui.sv rn.
V n n .*>-.•.•»•
1-..  >* ■
1 v I«. v i
I have come and the world shall be
shaken A
Like a reed at the touch of my rod.
And the kingdoms of time shall awaken
To the voice of the summons bf God;
No more through the dim of agea
Shall warnings and chidinss divine,
From the lips of my prophets and sages
Be trampled like pearls before swine
Ye have stolen my land and my cattle,
Ye haye kept back from labor its meed:
Ye have challenged the outcasts to battle
When they plead at your feet in their
And when clamors of hunger grew
And the multitudes prayed to be fed,
Ye have answered with   prisons or
The cries of your brothers for bread.
1 turn from your altars and churches,
And the  mockings   of steeples and
domes,   >'.;., S •;';'■:. 7>A
To join the long weary marches
Of the ones ye have robbed of their
Iiharein the sorrow and crosses,
Of the naked, the hungry and cold
And dearer to me are their losses .
Than your gains and your idols of gold.
I will wither the might of the spoiler.
I will laugh at your dungeons and locks,
The tyrant shall yield to the toiler,
And your judges eat grass like an ox,
To be written in lightnings on high,
And the wails of your captives have
With the bolts that must leap from the
The; thrones of your kings shall be
And the prisoners and serfs shall go free
I will harvest from seeds that I scattered
Ou the borders of blue Galilee,
For I come not alone and a stranger—
Lo! my reapers will sing through the
Till the star that stood over the manger
Shall cover the world with its light.
—James G. Clark.
For tbe prayers of the poor have as
"That which South Africa has to fear
is the corrupting, corroding, enervating
power of wealth. While we, the people
of South Africa, hold by the old, simple,
brave ideals and manners of life of the
founders of the South African race the
future of South Africa is assured. It is
for the women of South Africa to transmit these ideals to their children. Freedom first, and wealth, ease, luxury
last, if at all. Bathed in blood and
swathed in sorrow as South Africa is
today, the time is yet coming when the
land will be the home of an independent
and strong nation."
IJUey and Nye played,jokes on each
other continually. In a smoking car
between Columbus and Cincinnati an
old farmer came to Nye and said:
■HAre you Mr. Riley? I heard you
was on the train."
"No, I am not Mr. Riley. He is over
"I knew his father, and I would like
to speak with him."
"Oh, speak with him, yes. But he is
deaf, and you want to speak loud."
So the farmer went to Riley and
"Is this Mr. Riley?"
"Er, what?"    .
"Is this Mr. Riley?"
"What did you say?"
"Is this Mr. Riley?"
"Riley!   Oh, yes!"
"I knew your father!"
"No bother."
"I know your father!"
"I knew your father!"
"Oh, so did I."
Had m Good. ExewM.
Teacher—Why have you been absent
from school?
Boy—Why, mom broke her arm
Teacher—But this is Thursday. Why
did you stay away two days?
Boy—Why—er—it was broke in two
places.—Philadelphia Press.
stamped on every
garment, insures
you genuine
Hjron. genuine
the most perfect, most heaitiuul,
most delightfully comfortable
underwear made.   Endorsed
F«r a. da, Wmmb l
-<-<• Children.-h-
i.AUflr*telaiis DryGoodt
Stores keep foil
"-*  ■Hae«.     ■*
The season's greeting's to oar dany
friends, old and new; who have so loyally
supported us daring the year just passed. ^^
We are sure our business relations bave fP~
proven of mutual advantage, and we promise our hearty co-opera- n^;-
tion for 1901. asking a continuance of your good will, and hoping
to have a call from you when you visit Nelson. A
We are moat cordially, \
JACOB DQP5R,  ;i   ,
Nelson, B.C.
Our Watch and Jewelery Manufactory has no equal in this country. We guarantee to repair the beat watoiv and make the best piece of Jew«lery. Mall and
exproas orders will reoeive our prompt attention. \,
'A iy
NBM0N, m   Jacob DoySfsi "The Jeweler'']
It your watch is not rannlngright, send it down and weiwill repajrlt, wUh aguara^etojron right.
When we turn to religion in its
different; phases, we find the same
emphasis upon them all—the emphasis of mass of majority; not that the
church exists for the masses—no one
would claim that—but that, such as
It is, it is a mass church. While the
promise of scripture, as a last resort,
is often heard in it about "two or
three gathered together in God's
name," the church is run on the
working conviction that unless .he
minister and the elders can gather
two or three hundred in God's name,
tion to them, or, if he does, he will
not pay the bills. The church ot our
forefathers, founded on personality, is
exchanged for the church of demo
eracy, founded on crowds; and the
church of the moment is the institutional church, in which the standing-
ofthe clergyman is exchanged for
the standing ol the congregation.
The inevitable result, the crowd
clergyman, is seen on every hand
amongst us—the ageni of an audi-
itice, who, instead of telling an audience what they ought to do, runs
errands for them morning and noon
Mid night. With coddling f'»r majorities and tact for whims, he care-
hilly picks his way. Ho iloo.s lilt-
people as much good as they will let
itlm,tells them as much truth us they
will hear, until ho dies at lam, and
(roes to take his place with Puritan
parsons who mastered majorities
with martyrs who would not live and
be mastered by minorities, and wild
kpostles who managed to make anew
world without the help of majorities
at all.--(J. 8. Lee, In Atlantic.
oi.ivk H«;iiiu'tNKirs i-mirin-cv.
In tho Maiu,ln,*»f r, Kng , (itinnlinn of
rwont dut't t»|i|iO'iic<l a li'lti-ifi-mii Olive,
rkhreitier which <lfi:lm«il tlmt KnglHiiil
lins lour, her honor, find iiivilht.* for her
eni|ilrn ruin Jiti-I ili'Miilrttiuii. Tlie nnv
phecy tuny iihvui* In- fullilh-tl, liu. "it in
a wine man tlint will lw tuuglit hy m
liitbe," ami KiitfltttHl might k-um iintcli
even from thin woto'in'** woM** In ihe
luce of rwi-nt r»jvi'in«* in South Afri.'H
the lelter will !»•• i*«*ik1 with m IwIiiik of
M'riiiil«iu'M, if it i- not in iicronl with
an KtijrliKliiiiiiti'* Hih- of tlioiiglit.
"Tlit! ila\ i» t-oimtiy:,' hiiy* tlm li-ttt-r,
"whi'ii  Kiiylntui   'vili  know   wli.it   tlm
|'l'li'»'   Wil*   ••!    Jli«*  lilt*    n(    iVi'lji    Stilll|7
Afrtfiiu *•!(»" I» ■»*• '«< -'ii     i'lit'H* 7 Hutu;
l*CWf I4(|-l>.>   III".    '....,.    I   ,    .ti.   i-.t»   .•■..li    ...    «" - ,
wh.» ii.t- .ia..,. .; v.uh 1,1). t,I.„»| tl.i'.
k«|tj."-mul <l''>ii>.'.*»» i>< Iii* irjltvi* !,iiii|'
hut Kiiiliinil ivi.-'il hiiVf fimnil it'
i'li«*M|M'r lo l»«ty ln», Si-' iit  tin* net .il ai
UlUlk.ll    lit    Ui-HU'V,:       Wlll'll    (Jill.   ,|;|.v
roriH**. *ml it viill ci.tiH'. when t>itflni\'
troo^ix, Itiifximi. f »»*miiitr«ii*riiiaii,;irn
U|kiii tin* m»iI "i i.ni/i.tnil; w„mt r.iii{-
linlii'ifii i-atl.fi tl ili-ii-iiil lli.lini./h-!
Kit aim ||«iuj*n»i iU*«tIi a- *<< il»iv.>
jiitthfj-ftl !" •!•■!• -..•! ;..'* iiiiUiiuil ,.ii««.-^
■''-•■*■'      ■■ »...i.   it.(. Tri-..|, ut
furrier, .v;!*(i'«fr'- i- .>.»(.■( in tin* t>tr«'*'t*
ol I.tniulitti ."•let ih>- w>«iii«ll<l l*»H .it tin*
M.ii'ili-Airii'i'! ut.< Mv'li* i'arlt inf '
tifi vi itli !!,■• A-» »'!*t; Kt .-!i*linti-»n tlu-li ■
When Ki»|{Sat*<i lniik- lite t-ii|i whirl, to
<fty <th>' fi«-i«---..» ,(* utir lf|..i, ffi.'fi iitfli.it
day, l»*t l>«-i r"ni*»!niH*r >*»Hilt Afrira
t'.u, Ki.<t.'.it. : .'. i. f-i-' -li-ii'" f'-v'i ''i-*
hvi»* o( h«*r «w ft l»r«ti- -il.Jitr'; Mi'itv
than thf «-v.s«l";^!..'i- asi'S »fJf« 'i<»ii <t( hw
(t«i|t4>('oIiiU!*ti; innri' thin fh<» nlHsnit
m •! f»i«'ii«!*l»f" • .  tl««*  rq>tthN»**.    Sfi«
|tri* S.jr*t ♦»»»» ti-.-H-.i. »
Vicar's wife—"Well, Mrs. Rogers,
I am glad to bear your husband has
given up drinking. I hope he's all
the better tor it?" Mrs. Rogers—
"Oh, yes'm, that he be. Why, • ever
since he took the pledge he's been
more like a friend that a husband.'
He Had It.
"The fact is," said the fat man, "I
married because I was lonely as much
as for auy other reason. To put it
tersely, I married tor sympathy.
"Well," said the lean man, "you have
mine."—N. Y. World.
Three Forks
B. C.
Provides accommodation for
the travelling public	
Pleasant rooms, and good
meals. The bar is stocked
with wines, liquors and
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor.
What others say
who know the
kind of work I
SANDON, B. C, Dec. 80.1900
Dear Sib: Allow me to inform you that the
glasses I trot from you last summer hare been
very satisfactory. I was much pleased with
your method of testing the eyesight, and believe
it to be thoroughly scientific.
Is you are as thorough in testing the eyes of all
your customers as you were In my case, I think
you should give good satisfaction always.
Yours very truly,
G. W. Grimmett. T. J. BARRON.
Jeweler & Optician. Principal Sandon
Sandon, B.C. Public School
This is only a sample of many testimonials which I can give. Many
more of such will follow from people
you know. The proof of work is the
result. I will produce the results
and you will know what I can do.
G.  W. GRIMMETT, Graduate Optician
and Jeweler.
Staple and Fancy
Hill Bros.
Manufacturers of
and      o
Orders shipped to all parts of the
Country.     Mill at head of
—Slocan Lake.—
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspond-- ~*
enoe solicited.   Address—
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
U      DVCDO    _DL    r*f> HEAVY  AND  SHELF
Goal, Iron,
Postotiice address. Rosebery.
In this department <>( our
store you will lind tlu* wrv
newest  ere.-.lions   in tliis
SOll.Sun'.S  HiHAlri   it) Cl'C
Poplins, Aiimzijus,
tians, Coven tJlotlm, <;iu*.
viol and Homesjiun Suit-
Agent ft>r-^	
lOniiili'iiicd iKlvi'rllHi'UH'iits, well us For Side,
WillitO't, 1.0*1, Kt|;iy<'(l, Slolwii, ntrlliK. Ucntli*..
MarriitiAfi- IVrnonut, Uoti'ls, l.i'triiliMwlii'nl.i'tc.
.ire iiiMirlni wlimi nol. I'sri'i'itliiij in wiinU for
ificiiuls i;iu"li iiiMurtiuii. Katti live worili><>r l(>.<i.
over 2' words are tiv<j ivnl." udilltl'iiiai.]
$16-o$ 10
I have a number of Suits
for Men and Boys that
are Al in every respect,
which I will sell at actual cost. Regular price
S14 and $16; bargain
price $10 and $12. No
catch; straight bargains
for you.      Take one?
at  DAN   ricLACHLAN'S
New Denver.
james croft;
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local business.
Steel, Blowers,
Water Motors,
Truax Ore Oars,
Ore Buckets,
Rails, Belting,
\ Packing:, Wire Rope.
Tin and Sheet ^
Have shops in nearly all the ca^ps and cities
of Kootenay anoTBoundary. "They selFthe
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try afline of their
P.   BURN S. &  GO.
j   I'KM'IST
NKLSuN*, it <.'.      l.'ur. W.VHD & IIAIvlilt SU.
,.|"",,,'r,,'*,,;,1.2f>. j-)0i 2,01). 2.50
llli-U'li llfurlKii ti,  7r... V.  1 •).*, I.,,,, vil
iintl 1.00 per yd
II It'M.   Th-'m.n.U'((iii|ilei, y r 4 1 t 11
mi tli.'l.'iiiliiiiiil ut Nurlli Ann ii- n CAL i n
1.1,   sliiciiinl iiiiil.il ^i-i'in'ry uh  nrnnnf
livalliill'oi'Uiaiiili'lli'.   liiiiiliii^, n CO U tl  I
, Kfililrit iiml  K\cur"i'iiip<      !ti'-ii|i>i)|  rliystolan
j iiml Niii-m<     IVIiWi'iilili' ( ui'.iiiiiisii'aitini wllli all
jwi't'i ul tlm wurlil: l« ti niitils   nilM  mid ili|i.ijl
i-vi i.y il;ipv,      II.-   !inllir< ciitv   -<1!   in'rvuiw nii-t
iniinul.trili^'itKi'Hi ii» wiiii't-i lii-nl nil Klitiiitv
l.hci mill Stuiiui-'li Ailment-.    IVrim: fir.t«.-I**
[nr   writs   ai'ciiriltnir tu r«-j«|il«*tn'« in  Imii-I m-
'ill ih.   'I'lii- |iiic« ill n r-iiiiiil<lrt(i lli'M iMiiH'tiMi
X»'W lii'iivcr iiinl 1I,iU',v«;i, «Vi!iiiiu.tili'  ill U«*
I jfiir I'uuiiit hihI k«iiii1 liirmi il.-»>-.<, i* r.*i.;i.'i,   llttl-
ivii.i H],i'tli(*". \li'"iv l.'ifci'. It *'.
It   tlt'.VI.ANI), Kiii>iii<*<>r unit I'rovliu-lnl
l.anil Snrvi«yi»r.   Suiiiimi.
A i«|ii>i-!i*I lliif ni" Stunu y-t
.'>U llli'iii'il Wiliv :M . .
lllllllel|HIII -illllllll/i,   ■
I'lalilSklilliK     ( 111
Will." **| Vit'l li "kti*
lr will ut
I.Oojhm yd
" wi,"'I.")0 jirytl
1.«N».   U<».   l.*)0,
I*.   l*Ki;T/l*l, * t'O.,   S,-Uum,  M.C..
|).-nli'r» in ill Itiiiif. iind A*M.vr»' iSii|t-
Mineral Waters.
tMii*'i-«.i.A*"<   ai;haii;i»   wati:us.
!• •' )ill I*    fd'tt«*-V <'•>. i.t-t. *'l< 'w "**'"- lli<w»'»<>
! Water. Nil-nii
Ftnif Din knmi:r.ji.. tu\, 7-,,   1 tu\
ilnlm* linw     '•"'' • '»'" • OH',   I .'HI,
(IiuhI. ■; mi.i 1 < .... I 1 .)► .   %     .,,.,.fli
iln ,-liu  'li.  1'   •,"'' '•-•' I" I    > ul «l;
|"\Vflti    f-'l      IHII;'!'-.   »l,ltllM l-lt .1    l.,l| ,llj. ...
Martin O'Reilly „ Co.,
New Denver
& Light Co.
■     II,   <:.OH-IU»v'
*| ,   <*t.iltiiii« l-»
, i.tl.4...
1 ...il 1...   it.iiiulai lutf*
.iii) * •!!< ii* |.«nuMi»(<«*
I   il.l.il,    ttlio-..  N
I  ,    Id lit   « till tin- 1
Nww .Ili'iivnr, II. <".
^^^^w^ ^^*^*^^^ ,____r^^,____f ____*^^"___i
Wine Co.,
J Wtmli'iiitlirili'aU'rslil
I will IIUW »»ll
Sullii.      Fili<i«,
K'pilnki ni
Ami'neitii (tf(*"<*f>.   Moult fur prli?i** oil
aliUlii>i« .<■•! w:i;.!,
h. MI'ltATllKAKS. K«»lo, U.C
Until •>• ,'n I OoH nmt Hllvcr   » .Tft
U1111I wil <lol(l,nllv,r,<'ii|i|i*r l.Vi
SimiiW" Hy mall n-^'tv.' ^r«>Kj»* nltnillni.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
Ilia ifitli Mi.. IK liver. CaAh,
J. E. Angriqnon
The UfiMlIni?
IkMUn ltltKsk, New Denver, W.i).
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
ramlly & Commercial
Wrlti-fur |iilci-
OurHUH'k Ih tin* Inriifnt In
9J% *%%%%%%^Mk%^%^%^t
Fitted willi ovevy iriocloi
convenience?.  Special protq
tion ujfaiuHt fire. JltttuM $2.-1
and $H per day.
vJ. t\. ULAHK,
Hc|wrw, Kxuinlnatloii* and Matinjfu-
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
lt(n hiil M j »ar» cii»r|i nci in il.-iiul work, J
in«l««« » njneUUi,- ,if i),,li| llrl.liri- Work.
Most complete Dental Office In BJ
'►•.I lliiii>( tttrnU • liUiiialil<r|
"Wh*Jl»Balui   Mei*ohnnt«.
I    V. (HUI'I'IN   *   t'O.,
»| .     H'lli  .1'  ^ * It ■     ill   i'l-|--      III
IH--J'*. Idlll.'f .-lli'l !■-•«-.
JM HM.1J.   lll.l-.Mi.i,   A
urn mtM-iKT iiF.i'Airr.
MKNT l< n»*»«i|>ATK
Fred. Irvine & Co.
i.ATivsr srvi.Ks at|
f.o\vt:sT ruitiA.
Kt ul»(,, N'i'lwili,
lii-pivlntiiii-,   ciln-'l
llll l»tv»i.*
mul |.iri,tt'.i
« «».,     i\ K.AWM1HI' I
I   -,,.■    . .     l*|i... •• !
V imiiiivi,  Vli|ii<t*,|
■i 1 ■ 9Tm^ j^W   W       9*9    ■   W 9       *_77 > ^w*^" ■   • 9\ .
■ ••ItS    IIIIH.IHIIII    *    <«»..     \. 1...I.  ,
♦ J       ll.ll«»l!«)«. Wlll.|.-N,lf-Uli»< t ««.l.l Till* Wiull j
Ml»T<-fl*1l1*. I
< HHMTIK, I.. I.. It
General Drayirtjj: Mining Sup- F. \;,l*. >•-.» i-«w.
plies and Heavy Transport-  ,'""
ation a Specialty.
., HirTiM^r, **•
HiiMjmi.  II   I*.
Ml,, liltlMWr.TT, I..  I.. B.. lUttilWt,
,   '■...fi--iii..r N'i->*»r> l"»t»!ic     h*ihI»ii, B. r
lli-Hi,-li 'ilHci' tf XVw IVfivt-r fifi-n M.itnnwy
iliv uainv
SaJ«lle K«tr»^» mi Pact.' .a.?.uh
YetA **3»'ii-.# *t Kcw Ik-aver.
....     -y
>i"nr, I.KI.%Jfl» MO«f*i:.   S:kn*p.   B   C..I
I      1 > i.V* ti* *l s -....««» -!•»«*.!-.«f » uaft-Vf*- f
M*»'M<-)i»i»i,i'.»i..il'>. i
♦I'MK   %m,l!«ft.f«X  HOTKI.. MW*«Cltli.
!    1. »v«.in»»>l.r<l.i- Mi»tn« m*d V*m9*tcUi!
Now in projriv«f». Ihwiory. Drom Ofindfi. Silks. Table Mtum*
Towek Millinery,   Muntles. "Kui-h. (^urpets, Curtains. Hemnnnts
frMm m!I ,-J».tVM-»niMr,-.< •.,*   « *\ HO ^ I V    PRK^F.H. I >IVKH (1**4*
and 8ilk«—anything m tlitn depaiiini'iii  ar 20 \n i <ent. diseoiiui. »
Furn—balance oronr stiK-k— at 2.ri per ei-nt. tli_M-c»tiiit. MiihiIuk—
Ladies' Jackets, CoatH and Cmlf Capes at less than coat. HkirtH:
I.4idieH' ready made from *2 upwards. Mon « Wear: FUwee lined
TTnderwR«r from f»Oc mvh up.    fforaraina in Men's Tiew. etc.
j   Fred. Irvine & Co.
A il'aiALTV
rin-;<»shvni:i.fABUi f NELSON, B. C.
 i Mtminftiinmm.umtit


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