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The Ledge Jan 16, 1902

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 o/?Wx' x - )
*' %
Volume IX.   No   16.
Price, $2 00 Yeas ADVakc*
General Nev#§ pioat
In and About-the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
The Goodeuough hae closed down.
There is a deal on for the Mollie
Martin Melde is studyiug- dentistry in
W R. Will is spending the winter in
The force has been increased on the
Home Run.
Eat plenty of fruit and buy it from
John Williams.
Empty houses are none too plentiful
in Now Denver.
The snow around New Denver has
entirely disappeared.
T. M. Clement and J. R. Minto have
returned to New Denver.
Feb. 20th is the date set for the meeting of the local legislature
Dr. and Mrs. Gomm, Sandon, lost
their infant child last week.   -
The Minnesota Silver Co. will  ship
250 tons orzincorB to Kiirope. — -
The Royal Seal cigar will be elected
by acclamation in Nelson today.
George Ransom, of Sandon, is taking
up his residence In New Denver.
The tracklayers on the Arrowhead &
Kootenay road struck last week.
John Williams is selling some of the
best pipes ever brought into the Slocan.
The now C. P. R steamer Kaslo," was
launched at the Nakusp shipyards last
Houses are in demnnd in New Denver,
several Sandon families desiring to
move here.
Slocan Cilv is undergoing a civic
election this week. An able corps of
physicians Is on hand.
It is reported that the Whitewater
will close down when their contract
with the Trail smelter is completed.
John Buckley has assumed control of
the Clifton House, Sandon, Murphy &
Mel,ollan relinquishing their lease on
the property.
Skating parties from New Denver
and Silverton are of aluiopt nightly oc-
currciice at Harris' lake. The. ice was
never better.
Mrs, Angus McIiiiich left Tuesday
morning for Seattle,Wash , being called
to the bedside of her father, who is at
the point of death
During HHV1 there were l-IO-M tons of
ore shipped out of llie Slocan over the
K &S. railway. The V P. It. carried
about the sumo amount.
Three carloads of ore  is ready for
shipment  from   the   Neepawa.    The
property is proving to be a wonder un
der Its pre(«nt management.
George Morton, repicsi'iitlng Kil-
bourneV cigars, Is on his way to Koote-
nay. Hi* goods are of merit, and he
doe* h large business in 11. O.
In Siindon on Tuesday ll. Cunning
Nat Darling was a welcome visitor to
the Lucerne on Monday. Nat is jovial
to tho limit and that is what makes him
welcome, although he sells cigars that
are hard to beat in this western civilization.
Wm. Hunter, Silverton's most enterprising and esteemed merchant, has
gone to the roast, matrimonially inclined. Mrs. Hunter, nee Mjss Parsons,
will return with him to Nelson, where
they witl take up their residence.
S. Hockaday, a miner from Nelson,
and a Salvation Army man, lost his life
in a blizzard ou Bondholder hill near
Slocan City last week. He and three
companions from Nelson had taken a
lease oh the Bondholder and went up
to the property on Monday to commence work They had to break a
trail all the way in and failing to reach
camp before night had to stay in the
open. - Next day one ol the men camo
on to camp Later on they came down
to the road to get supplies and going
back got caught in a blizzard and lost
their way, being forced to camp in a
uiiowliunL- nver night. Hockaday iu»
came delirious but the other two left
him supposedly safe and got to the
mine. Early on Thursday morning
after partaking of food they went for
Hockaday but missed him and did not
find him till Friday night. He was
dead, having died from exposure
The body was brought to Slocan City
Monday morning, frozen stiff It wil*
sent to Nelson for burial.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1001 was, approximately, 1)0,000 tons Since January 1
to Jan.  11, 1002, the  shipments have
been as follows:
Wi'i'k     Todd
I'uyiiu  7,1
Ivnnlioit  •*>
Simmtt (.lactam HhsIiij  -in
Hoi-o  »)
A murlcnii Hoy  *i
Arliiiirlon ...,'  -iln
111 wit  »ift
lltWllll  (a
Total tons  lion
Work is going abend on the Hinolter
at Ferguson, in spite of the heavy snow*
The coii'wn will have a capacity of 90
tons a day.
learns are busy hauliuu ore fiom
the Silver Cup to Trout Lake.
Three very line leads have been
opened up on the Wide West prn-prty,
Fish Creek, by a lunnel which has been
driven 1W) feet
Two shifts are working iu the raise
being driven on the Nettie I..   Enough
me is being moved regularly lo keep
the road open to the property, bill as
sunn as the mine l* through und sloping
was elected mayor, and Messrs, Brown,] ix nt.-utr.il the output will W moved on a
Duffy,  .Jailmid,   Stein,   Ffolliott   and | larger male.
any reliable data tho sampling of the
mine was necessarily a lengthy under-
taking,and the result now placed before
the shareholders shows that, after allowing for. waste ore, there are nearly
484,000 tons of ore. in sight, giving a
gross value of $11.75 The working
costs are stated by Messrs. Price, Water-
house & Co. to amount to $1072, leaving $1.03 profit per ton The matte and
ore dumps at the mine and smelter,
amounting in value at November 30th
to nearly $1,000,0000, have been mortgaged to the Bank of Montreal at almost
their full value, so that at that date the
credit balance amounted to only £8,000.
Such a showing for an undertaking of
this magnitude is very fa( from satisfactory to the English shareholders
Mr. Frecheville's report on the geolog*
ical formation supports the views of
other engineers, and there is no reason
to doubt the continuity of the ore bodies
at depth; in fact, the grade at the lowest workings iB higher than the average
of that exposed in the other levels. A
large sum of money appears to have
been frittered away in mine workings
which were unnecessary; machinery
has apparently 'teen purchased for
whk-h there was no immediate need,
and, in one case, of a size quite useless
for the purpose intended. Mr Frecheville's examination of the company's
smelter at Northport discloses not only
grave in egularities, but also extravagant working, by which the' company
has incurred considerable loss. It is
important economics have heen intro-
duced, so that lie is able to anticipate a
reduction of the. working costs immedi
ately of from Sl'.i ri to Sfl,  with  every
|>i-o,i|H-i:(   nl   Mill   fin tiier 'reduction!*,'  ill
Ihe near future, and he anticipates that
ihe company will from henceforth earn
a minimum profit of something over 10s
per ton. On this estimate, taking the
weekly output of the mine at 0,000 tons
a week, the earnings of the property
available for distribution would amount
to £1150,000 per annum, from which the
Loudon expenditure would have to he
deducted, thus leaving rather less than
15 per cent f r the shareholders. It is
not unticip-ti-tl that for the lirst year
under the new management this -jsti-
mate will be fully realized.
"STAND   Oil    KALI.   TOdKTHEU."
A poem bv Mr Alfred Austin, Pout
Laureate of England, entitled "To
gether." and dedicated "with wannest
sympathy to the American people," will
be published in the forthcoming number nf The Independent. Following are
the verses:
"Who say we cherish far off feud,
Still mii'se the ancient gntdires;*1
Shmv me the title of thin brood
Of self-appointed judges;
rheir inline,ibeir raee,their uiilion.elau,
And we will tench them whether
We do not. as none others can,
Feel, think ami work together.
"Both speak  the tongue  that   Milton
Shakespeare ami Chatham wielded,
Ami Washiin/ttiu nml all his folk
When then jiitl claim wan yielded.
In it both lisp, both learn, both pray.
lhrye death, nml thus the tether
Grows tighiei. '.Mid -ivr. every day,
That bind* the two mircthcr.
"llnr ways «re or.e, and one mil' aim,
And nite will he inn- Mnry,
Who light fm  Fi'eediiih. ii'it for fame,
From Duly, not for ylni v:
Until stuck iif the ul.! Iiotite, where blow
Shiiinntcl;, and rose, and heather,
And evert M'.ir link  wins and 411
Through its loved haunts together "
obtained by taking the total yields of
different varieties of grain and potatoes,
together with the quantities of poultry
and dairy products,and figuring out the
value at the prices estimated to have
been paid the farmer. The revenue
derived from tho sa'e of Btock, hay or
roots is not included in this estimate, as
there are no quantities given,but these,
of course, materially increase the assets
of the Manitoba farmer, and give him a
large additional revenue.
A French medical journal attributes
the following to an "eminent English
An exclusively pork diet tends infallibly to pessimism.
Beef, if persevered in for months,
makes a man strong, energetic and
A mutton diet, continued for any
length of time, tends to melancholia,
while veal-eaters gradually lose energy
and gaiety.
The free use of eggs and milk tend to
make a woman healthy and vivacious.
Butter used in excess, renders its
users phlegmatic and lazy.
Apples are excellent for brain workers, aud everybody who haa much intellectual work to do should eat them
freely. Potatoes, on the contrary,
render one dull, invidious and lazy,
when eaten constantly and in excess.
To preserve the memory, even to an
advanced age, nothing is bettoi
Man is as positive as a woman is
Give a man an inch and he wants
a tumbler fall.
Life is full oi" trials—and the
lawyers are glad of it.
The girl who poses for artists always leads a model life;
Some men are like dice—easily
rattled, bub hard to shake.
Some people manage to talk a
great deal and say very little.
It's funny that a horse can go a
mile by only moving four feet.
A man may smile, and smile,
and still be a temperance advocate.
The brightest people are not, always the ones who cast reflections.
Common sense in an uncommon
degree is what the world calls wisdom.
Never judge the cigars a man
smokes by those he gives his
HoptfUT VfeVf OF Tt
P. O'Neill Looks for Boom Days in the Slocan
in the Wear Future.
The following letter from Frank P.
O'Neill, a Spokane man largely interested in the Chicago and other mining
property about Sandon, written fiom
New York, will be received with gladness by the people of Slocan. It will,
at least, sustain tho drooping spirits of
the disconsolate and tickle thn weary
hearts of the hopeful:
310 W. 46th St., New York City.
To the Editor of The Ledqk :
Dear Sir: 1 have not seen a copy of
your Ledge for a good while, hence I
know not what are your thoughts nor
what you may have said regarding tho
outlook for the Slocan country. It may
be that long waiting and "hope deferred
has made the heart sick," and perhaps
"many have, fallen asleep" through the
dull and uninteresting Btate of the
market for Slocan ores. It haa come to
mo in a round about way that lead re*
lineries, at least, are to bo established
in British Columbia. That being the
case, of course we shall not necessarily
have to depend on the United States for
a market. Selling agencies will be es*
elsewhere in the European and Asiatic
markets. These agencies, the estab-
lifthment of which will not necossarily
have to wait for Canadians to inaugurate them, hm the American, the German and the Jew, always on the alert,
will jump at the opportunity.
When the B. C refineries begin to refine, and our lead and silver begins to
flow to London and Hong Kong, look
out for a boom iu the Slocan that will
make all past booms look about like
three dimes, or "put them away hack
iu the shade." Fuithermore, the
American duty, which has been a ter
rible burden fur us to hear, will not
then riseupHitd haunt usas in the past.
The high grade of our ores is going to
enable us, if need be, to undersell any
country, but, as our production is small
we can let the United States regulate
the price, but not undersell us
So here is our New Years greeting to
the Slocan: Awake, for the day of thy
deliverance is at hand!
V V. 0'Nkii.i..
Jan. 7th, IIIU'2.
'Its chief use is as an alloy ferro^
molybdenum which, according to the
reports of expert iron master!', give&
toughness to steel combined with the
property of self-hardening, acting iu
many respects like ferro tungsten. It
is also used in making molybdicacid
and other commercial chemicals, some
of which are said to be used at present
in dye works. Present production does
not equal the demand and market
values run from 10 cts. to 80 cts. per lb.
It is found in numerous localities in
Eastern Ontario associated with sulphides, such as pyrite and pyrrhotite
and also occur as small segregations in
"It is steel gray color,soft and greasy,
marking on paper and generally found
in flakes or scale. It resembles graphite, but is heavier, lighter in color,
and gives a sulphur reaction with silver
coin after fusing with soda carbonate.
"Large beds of this valuable mineral
might prove profitable by a system of
concentration as the demand is not
likely to decrease."
Cameron, iildnnneii.   All Ia  .ud.ni'a-
Paddy Murphy has leaned the Filbert
hotel, Sondon, aud is prepared to give
« reminder that will produce a glad
heart with every thing ihM wnmv» the
.h.'hu JVIhjicy wauled to dinn-re h\*
«d Ibis week; but was too busy filling
order* «t,» prppare hi* copy in time     If
A raw-hldi*- tl-ail l.- t" be bri.keii to
the Horse Shoe and Itutlled (ironse, this
month, and shipments made from ihene
Prof. Jacques Loch, at the fourteenth
annual meeting of the, American Physiological Society at tho University of
Chicago, in a paper entitled "On the
Prolongation of Life of Unfertilized
Eggs of the Sea Urchin hy Potassium
Cyanide," told a group of the foremost
physiologists in America that bv means
of observation of tlie effects of certain
chemicals upon oggsnf the lower marine
animals he was ready to make a tentative definition of the heretofore unknown
nature of death.
Doath,'he allirmed, was mil a nega-
t've process, a simple breaking down of
the ticsues, as it bas been regarded up
to this time, but an active agent born
with the birth of the e^j; and destined,
if not checked, to gain the upper hand
of the life instinct and bring about extinction But greater even than tho
apparent discovery of this death agent
in all mihstaiices is Prof. I.oeb's announcement that he has been able to
check it, in the eggs of the sea urchin
at least, by means of chemical agents.
Thin, it is claimed, means nothing leu*
than that on a minute scale the secret
of eternal life is in the power of mankind
The experiments, the professor says,
were simple. Unfertilized eggs of tho
sea urchin were placed in a weak solu-
lion of potassium cyanide and abandoned for several days lu oidinaiy conditions au unfertilized C|ig il 1 fn in a few
'Mioilid en-Hull' .«iii*o* p'litti ami pint
'(J allot one. and H>w the other.
They sutll would I'-ant how strong tin
Binds lii'iithci unto brother
How ipiici'lv thet   would  change
And sh'ttt 'be teen-ant feather,
Ktlidtr N't'w iJitiivcr I.Kindt:   Ifciur Sir—
I lain! our Provincial Minister of
Mines and all the salary-plugging of-
licials around Victoria, What are they
doing anyhow-' *
Herewith am sending you au extract
If money talk* 11 dollar ought to fr()lll „,„ mtmM> jIU|letiu issued by the
Hay   many   wise   thing*.     It  bani Ontario (iovcrnmeiit,   Ontario is in the
ceiltH enough. I "cent" belt where the progressive  pen*
„       ...... . tJ. .      I pie of B, (. say there is a ui cat crop of j hours, destroyed by  the dealt, agents
lkKed«ll4iiirh^sjHtri--«imm|ll|UOtf<i,wtlkll.. ,,,,„;„    |lMim W1I|, „.   A, „„,  , „, H„vi<nu
and   pi'eachei'H   are   all judged by      "Tin* following emuilries of general days ihe eggs were mnin examined
tlieir delivery. I interesi   h«ve  been   received     Letters I wnlm-re found  In be still  capable of
TheHi.u..\M,|,o.t.i.iili.>  make a! i,,r<'t,,v f""» •«> """> 1""1 pros | fe.lil./a.io,, and of , rod... -ing healthy
11 peelors will be  forwarded   io   pmper 1 uuimaU      lu  explaining  the   results,
parties tn atltlreHM'i. jjiveii free of ihiHiie.'; Prul l/ieb sail that ihe "nttrideroils
"1 Two American metallurgical and! protesse..'" were due 10 the actinn* of
chemical works iilili/.ing' raw material, j • eriain leiinenis .,| an unknown nature,
offer till relit pri< et lur 111 .It bdeldte, .t- ■ " ho-e 'lextflli live leudeii.\ wm i.tllt).
fret* fi-t-to it-i-l, mitii-i and ..tbt-r • Lift -' 'emctetl by Ihe |.i.!:js.iimi «,*i|(k
Unliable luiitrial- a* pu**sjl»!c
"!*. \ Veic Yni'lr ili'.-iler -ti tuttp.-i iU
f,,r v.-honl purpose-., etc ,   will   piirehntve
hero of oik*  mini,   mul an uhh of|
iiiKilhei. ;
The race troubles  will  continue
ui the country uh long a*   men bet;
1111 the wrong Inn-He.
There  in   a   little   story   al»oiit
Prince   Kdwut'd   of   Wales   told ill   molybdenite,   uoi Irani    tungsten 1 and
{the Bl'itbdi Weekly, which de<liirc« "l'"'- uncm.inon nn*. both f..r home
their jit to  Ik-  perfectly   true,    lit
I tie luilg  eipcLicti  icpori   until   mi.,
•         ' "     Li ■■
But ♦ttnt lit-!*' bi-fb in->i*t||fr
w|I(limi.tc MIMt export.
, . . ,11 ' ;l    ^ Chicago   dealer
the other day, to 11  ladv «lm wm,,,,,.     ...      .   tri„tw, „, ,
* • •-.nils, eie., ask*» ior iiuorm.ittnti rritatd-
• ■ ■        1 1    1 *i 1        ■      ,1 *
... ...... ...*,  . .j
,       All that  Is   lieeeSsUtt    hum-   |,i   i,li(,,t||
'life   evei'lil-lmg   i**    to    l.;l!    the    d'-alll
1 agents iu ymiir s-i •»ein l.\ altuwinir Prof.
, l.oeli ol   «ollie pilhei    e\|.cl Mt|eli(;ll   gliy
' to «o;ik \nn tit a soiiUioi,  ,,' 1. .•.-t--iuin
■ cyanide l>.r a «*•«■!, m mvo, *i .11 ?ni*/ht
! tie daubed   an   '-..hi   v.at,, leit    viin
■ wouMii ( have '■> '■•■-■it d- ,<*}*.
1 if iccii-BV tue. nu  lie-   pu*n'eiii   ni   tie
! Uoi mine and its smelter has at bud j "Nnw let 11* give m>e heailt «rip
' b«MJti MmA    Aa'it i> dnic-il  Ib'trvftlwr j     ,l« bv Int.e men-i.s vtven,
'   •'    '      'soft
the shareholders some weeks    The dis !
That never shall be riven;
>!id wilh mir ii-Mreful flfi'.:* unfurled.
you are looking for snaps, watch for hi* j ^ u ^.^ |um) ||o|.M ((1 (|in {mM (|f! And vow fraternal fellowship
ad next week.
If Union men in Canada are neavy
Whitttey drinker* the boycott recently
declared hy them on Gooderham A
Worn' whiskies will acriouuly affect the
Ulfi of the goods
•♦Barney" Chandler, tb« obliging *ta-
missnJ of the muiJSgcr* ol both mine
and smelter will appear to be justified
from tho statements made in the report,
which disclose unjuntiliable extravagance and Incompleteness of accounts,
Bo J/41 J* ur li'iil ihe wealJic:-,
Should need arise, face all the world.
And stand or fall together '
A HOHT   •*(»,,od.ii.111
Taking the Ciovernmeut crop icpn
mn.*t ij. 1A1     hi.'.'     tU.i't'in      \111ii.
greut-giand-ininniiiii is unite happy
111 heaven?' "Vcj*. deal-. re|ilie<l
ihe lady;  "don't  vou  think so?"
Vm-ii. i «.iu in»l  ijirrti-   i»nie,     nu-
iswer-wl   the   little   priitee.    "Vou
wc, she will have to walk bfhitid
the augelH there, and  here nhe al-
rt' w»y* walkctl in front."
l„   -*4*l'| -1
lie- Ariitii nHo
(Jn*t*tii«Je   ill
.,,.} t i,**z i,f.+ ... ii*>i,-(ti;iiiit>-»i-i [ti'A s.-ii-iAiAut I-.*)
j wm km, ih**lfi», etc. ill the lulled
'Slate*. Ureal Iltilon, tlerumnv and
; Jiaucc wiiicb u»e me* niul niiiteiHlH
I i.i»..» 11 to •Kriir iii Ontario.
"The list will aUo inrliiile u»es and
! approximate market value* of imncralt
nt present cfimineoiallt valuable. !
•*Mol> tidenitit or siilphitle of moly tide- j
Pt.vevlv   ;«      nii'-'.iiift.rl '^,b-    :i     ]
ele^iut,;   u   ml   tltll »«'llifjk ; but   Utile   tillli-uut   «if
l« 11 tin.: I.'.-..*; t'n'tii^ i'n.ii ,,iu h.ijijMrO
to a  young  man  is to W» timet!
1     ..1.1 i»   1       *  »
*.p * ■ *. -.-...... .* ..... .   ......j.,.,..,,. I... .. , - ,.*.„**, * i.
Hwim for hinm'lf.—.lame* A. (Jar-
IIOIIIM.    IIKO*.     -»SS|<.>.
For   inatance,   Mr.   Frecheville  atatea
tion agent at .Silverlon, left last weak Uhat 110 proper aasay rccorih have ever j as a baiia on winch to hgure, it is esti-
for Novo Solid, »o be married     It icn't' !ieen kept, which seema to reflect not I mated that the cash value of Manitoba'*
every fellow  who  wouhj be »'> frank j only nn the lute manager, but nUu mi, products id the farm ';* in the iieighh..T-;-^'wiout agi-neml kiio-AUMlgeHiiiong mftll   „i„Hi, ?,.,„,,-,   „(„„
about it a« Barney . ! Ids predecessor, Mr Carltle.   Without« hood of *H,iM»,tMi    Tbtwo figures are j the Jieople, - Hatiiel W-fbatrr. firttcut of couunercial vMne
11 rot  tt.tr i' ninft
in   'i«sign
Liberty   cannot   I*    |.nwrw«l: nun; V"1*"^ v*' '•,",J*,0",,,"M M" >::»"d j w,nt flM th„ lH.llf.at f(f „„,f ,.,„."'
J • - ronUinm-r   a'nun   "i *,.,■!  cent  ,<t tj„,|mem 101 mt m in rn ei uh-k 1 le.litora
at jl'to-*1
I to wil
se tu V-«*   I tenv-t
*m1! --ontiiiue THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, JANUARY 16, 1902.
Ninth Yeae
ing to agree io a joint commission
in which all phases of the industry
may be investigated and reported
upon at one time.''
One for the Scotch.
ThbI.kdokU two dollars a year in advance.   When not so paid It is '?2.5<i to parties worthy of credit.LcrhI ndvertishiK ID cents a
iparlel line lirst insertion, and ft cents a line each subsequent insertion.    ReadiriK notices 25 cents n lino, aud c
    ._... commercial HilvertisiiiR
graded in prices accordinR to'circumstiinees.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: TilK LkiiOK Is located at NewDenver. B. C, and can be traced to many iti-uts of tlie earth. It conies to the front
every Thursday and has never lieen raided by the sherill, snowslidcd by cheap silver, or subdued by the fenrof man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the hay-windowed and cliampiiRne-flavoreil capitalist. It aims to be on the right, side of overythinfiand believes thai holl
should he administered to thc wicked in larse doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-iiicreiwlnu paystreak is proof (hat it is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit onr smoke-stuck. \ chute of jolt work is worked occasionally for the bcnelit
of humanity and the tiijar.cicr. Come in. and see us. but do notput the bull don on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the - noblest works of creation is tho man who always pays the printer; ho is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with t.hornless roses for a pillow hy night, and nothing hut, gold to look at by tiny,
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscriii-
'tlon is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
Trusts are only possible with a
high tariff.     	
Dunsmuir is in favor of railroads
being owned by the people. So
are. we. 	
The condition of the lead business in the Slocan is no credit to
Canadian statesmen.
The sinking of the Walla Walla
is another proof that booze in the
top stope of steamboat officers will
often make hundreds mourn.
The recent civic election in Vancouver proves that the people of
41mt^ty^(iLiiQLM^at-ft—wide opei^
town, except in the way of creeds
and cYmrches.
The launching of the Revelstoke
at Nakusp last week means much
to the Big Bend country. The
boat cost $17,000, and will ply on
the river above Revelstoke.
A protective tariff for lead, and a
reduction in the cost of mining
supplies and machinery, would
make the Slocan one of the most
important mining sections upon the
It is thought that cable messages
•will drop to live cents a word,
When Marconi commencoH to do
business across the sea the rates
will be still better. We will then
bn able to get messages on wind.
('amida stands third in the gold
producing coiintrien. Thc production last year was 8'J7,<KX),0(K), not
an ounce of which will be minted
in Canada. Our statesmen must
be back somewhere Hitting down.
All mining camps have a habit
of exhibiting ore sample.** at all
times and in all place*, from thc
church pulpit to the thirst (|ueneher
at a livery stable, but few can
■equal New Denver. Vt tho local
meal market a 'Jo-pound chunk of
I MM Mix. ore from the Mollie Hughes
is until to keep Home old-fashioned
Cerinan sauerkraut in a barrel
The National I'mk at liatilT i» to
be enlarged. The In-antic* of thi*
Park arc well-known in the Stat**
and Kiigiaud. hut Canadian* do
not -weem to fake much notice of it.
,Iu«t like N»'W I»enver. It i* otic
of the lM-Muty njMJtH of America, as*
yet unappreciated by the public.
In inter year* all the tourixt world
will have America'"*. I.ue«m<- upon
Uh i-atlltlg  MM.
has ever been in a position to dictate to the government, or that he
as Premier has ever taken Martin's
advice on matters of policy..
The Premier nmkes the Dominion
Government responsible for many
ills complained of and says that the
position that the government has
taken is that, in view of the large
revenues derived from British Columbia, the Dominion should in
duty bound assist in railway building in this province in at least, the
ratio of two to one and that when
the province gives aid to railway
companies there should be governmental control and a fair return in
interest for the aid and privileges
"With a population the smallest
of all the provinces," says he,
"British Columbia is the province
that has done the most for Canada.
It has in thirty years paid to the
Dominion $15,000,000 more than
it has got back. During the same
Dominion has been increased by
over $125,000,000."
Explaining the position taken
last year by the government on the
railway question, the letter says:
"Now then, I come to my position
in regard to Mr. Martin. Last
session, as everybody knows, the
government's policy in connection
with railways was being formulated, and after it had been submitted
to the house, tremendous pressure
was brought to bear on us
to force us to accept a
position submitted by the V. V.
& K, I shall not refer to the nature of tlie agitation or to those
who promoted it. The cry was for
competition in rail wayn and against
the C.P. R. Owing to tlie attitude
of a number of the supporters of
the government on this question a
crisis was created. We were practically hold up, and with the gun
to our heads asked to surrender or
submit to defeat. Because we refused to be held up in that fashion
the government has been denounced
as tools of the C.P.R. So far from
* our Ix-ing tied down to that corporation or controlled by its influence.
I will just nay that the V. V. & K.
would have got the mitaidy had the
company acccpt<Hl the conditions
laid down in the Snb-
they know it. Moreovt1
had lieen willing to build the whole
line over Ho|K» mountain the government would have nici and ii--
HHtcd thein. That company would
not h> agr-f***. They want-til to In-
allowed to build •'!<> mile.- at each
end under the i«-f oi« ni ih. .»»t m,A
get tlie mihsidy for the m mile* **n
built, Iu tlmt event they w«»tv
willing to wait forever, if nemwary,
more information than is afforded
by bare census returns. Natural
boundaries, resources, and special
conditions of each district Should
be considered, and having this in
view, the government is prepared
at the coming session to deal with
the matter in a way that will make
it satisfactory to all parts of the
province. In the way proposed.all
sections, will be consulted and all
interests considered, so that when
a measure is submitted the house
will be in a position to judge intelligently and act accordingly.
"The memorial of the mine owners setting forth their grievances
has had the consideration of the
government, and'as "a mine owner
myself,I naturally sympathize with
them in whatever degree the laws
may work a hardship, because, as
with our principal industries, it deserves all the encouragement possible aud should be relieved of every
unnecessary restriction. Hon. J.
„H.„Turnerat the last session an-
nounced,ns minister of finance,that
the question of taxation as a whole
would be dealt with in a general
act, for which information would
be forthcoming during recess. Our
grievance complained of is incident
to the 2 per cent, tax, as between
high-grade and low-grade ores. We
recognize that in certain caRes that
may be inequitable, and we are
considering its readjustment in proposed legislation. Mining is affected by measures both Dominion
and provincial in their nature, and
if the Dominion government at Ottawa will join with us,we ate will-
I heard Ian Maclaven, the Scottish novelist, tell a story a.t St.
Andrew's day banquet which is
worth telling again. The wife of a
dry old Scotchman was very ill.
At least the doctor told her she
could not live.; The husband went
to her to say good-bye. She asked
him if she had been a good wife to
"Well, y've been var'ry economical."
"Jamie, before I go. I've a
favor to ask of ye. Will ye promise to grant it?"
"I'll see, I'll see lassie when
y've asked."
"Let me niither ride in the first
coach at the funeral. Will ye no'
"Well, I dinna want to be ungrateful to ye. I'll tak' her. But
I tell ye straight y've spoilt the
day fr me! '—Calgary Herald.
In proportion as we love truth
more and victory less, we shall become anxious to know what it is
which leads our opponents to think
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as they do. We shall begin to suspect that the pertinacity of belief
exhibited by them must result from
perception of something we have
not perceived.—Spencer.
, Are not religion's ministers at
the beck of the powei-s that be? If
the first command be, "Fear God,"
is not the second, "Honor the
king?"—K, D. Owen.
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Job Printing
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done at Now Denver's printing emporium—
Address = THE LEDGE
to gel, the   Dominion  miliwidy.    Ih
th-nro « vonn in   llrititdi  Columhia |
'■.■•■ho hn° the hunMhituni  to  *»hv th-Hl
-———-~   i .
*Dr   m'*>r        i'lfiith-r Don*-jg»n< rouHi^   s-lnniJil  have enter.-d'
ritliilvi muir iW pvAt- ■ ira« .*-.iic!ii tutu ^rv'-fcwniir1"''
DunSmUirS ,'*',,M'   a  lo"K|    OiitliCM*ii«Mi(»iiofK*MH*trihuttuiij
rv      .. v,'t,v. .,        -,1,1      i',,!,,.    '   ?. T,. ',*.'.' *r' .'.•   ■*     W *■■*.■-•    »♦><*-    tfllt'T'
rOHCy ,^,ph of U. t .  n»ad«: [
Wtting forth hi» |»oli(\ and explain-      "The government alxo wcogiiise*;
hig pnet action-* *A hiuiwlf and ml- the important*' of redistribution;
iMigues".    Aft<-r ••xplaiiiing thai he hut   it »1w» rwogi.izi** ai» of *till
did not reek U»«' I'vuiuorvlii-,! uiul ^reat'.-r fm[iorff».m-»» fhftt when a
■>t«tit>K hi* v%illin«n»i-** t«» n^ign at imiwun* i* intnwlii-witl it tihouhl Id*
mui time hiul hv wen mn YAx-Yi- m fair find m «oiiipri-ii(*i»fivf a-
\vee\ ot -\ union *A J«v1s«f >u lh«* jw****ih!<-. f <i»ntfnd that in a prt»-
htin**f ninU-t Ht.ui«*ou«' <•!*<• afitc to /vine*- lilte thii*. it »>« imjK»«<.|li|»* for
Umu % *iM** gf»***-ri»iMt*iii.l»»-d«-uit^iih-** li*ui«tatiir»'tn deal with all thr*
I'Uiyhiin't'.'trh   rhnt   >V,-f.l.   Mutin ibtoA*- *d a  Will   without   hnvtut?; 1-Bjfc|jfflydl^fe^ |
Job I'rinting is an art.
It ih today one of tlie
innsl advanced oI'uiIh.
I--1)     ■''';'-"tf',-i'   f\^rti»fr» t. nt-r\
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Mifiire in lite history
<»fprinting. Every up-
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»:*r«bii<h«.ii mn.
Capital (all paid up) $12,0U0,-JX).U0
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Kt. Hox. Ijohh Btrathcoxa a.id Mount Itov.tu G.C.M.O. t'rculdimi.
How. (J. A. Dhummoxii, Vice President,
K. 8. CjxrtjtHWN, (ienernl Munn-jrer,
Itmnchesi in nil t«rt« ot Canada, Newfoundland, firm Briwln. and
the United Htat<;*.
New Denver branch
LH B. DE Vr.HF.k. M«naf er
'^m *^m^^^^ ^^^**^ Wr^^^   ^*
*m€-mimtT)*m Ninth Year.
Beaumont, Cc.xas Wizard
Colonel Beverage Beaumont, of j "There can be no such thing as
Beaumont, Tex., is filling no small!social equality between the races,
part of the public eye in New York j sah. The color line is drawn and
these stirring days, and his nightly i can never be eradicated. Let me
conversations at the Waldorf-As- j give you an example of the way we
toria are coming to be regarded as j of the south feel in regard to this
the very fount of wisdom. Thej burning question. I have a half
colonel has traveled far and been | brother who is a mulatto, through
engaged in many pursuits, having, jno fault of his own. But do you
as he expresses it, "wooed the fickle suppose fo' a moment that I would
goddess as a bull puncher on the invite him to my table? Ten
western plains, steamboating on thousand times no, sah. Not on
the   Mississippi, -delving   for theiyo' life, sah, not on yo' life.   Why,
j sah, I could  not bring myself to
shining metal at Cripple CreeK and
bucking the tiger at New Orleans.''
"Strange to say, sah," explains
the colonel, further, "that I never
overtook the elusive jade and transfixed her with my glittering eye
until T returned, like the fatted
calf, to my native towns of Beaumont and turned my attention to
boring for oil,.I took up i\ few lessons along with my friend, Colonel
Jim Guffey, sah; and, wherever our
tools penetrated the waiting aud
willing earth there gushed forth
the golden stream of wealth. So
rapidly did we bring in gushers
Sii-J around Spindle Top that the stars
stopped whirling in ■ their spheres
in amazement. We threatened,
sah, to deluge the earth in oil, and
Mr. Rockefeller, finding his mighty
octupus inadequate to handling our
product, came personally and on
his knees begged us, for God's sake
to drop the drill.
"My impulsive nature prompted
me to boot him off the lease, but
Colonel Jim counseled moderation
and I reluctantly refrained. At
Mr. Rockefeller's urgent entreaty
we shut in our gushers, and stopped
boring. It was just as well, for we
already had mo' money than the
ameer of Afghanistan, aud what
was the use of worrying the ea^th
for mo"?
"Between you and me,sah," and
—thAcoloiielJowered his voice to a
confidential whisper, "it is my intention to retire from business and J
entah New York society. After a
life of sleepless activity this opium-
eating— er—lotus-eating oxietonec
will just about suit me, sah."
The colonel was asked what progress he had made toward entering
the Four Hundred.
"I cannot say, sah, that I have
made any particular progress. 1
have notjyet entahed the charmed
portal. I am, however, in plain
view of the gilded temple. When
yo' so-called Fo' Hundred ascertain
that Colonel Beverage Beaumont is
in town they will welcome me with
open arms."
It was thought well to drop a
hint to the colonel to the effect that
New York society hedges itself
about with the barbed wire of ex-
elusiveness. and it is no easy task
to set foot within the sacred in-
"Mo'honah to them, sah,"' observed the colonel; "mo' honah to
them. I nevuh etw»t pearls hefo'
swine, sah, and I should not seek
admission to a social circle that was
not exclusive to a degree. I come
of proud old ,-tock myself, wah, and
I hold aloof from the vulgah. 1
can trace my lineage hack to the
French Huguenots who settled
South Carolina and whose blood
flown injthe veins of the Calhouns,
the Clay*, the llenuregards and the
Heanmonts  of Hcuuiuont, Texas.
speak to him on the public streets.
I have borrowed money from him
on several occasions, aud have accepted liquor at his hands, but not
in public, sah, not in public." j
It was learned with deep regret
that there is a tinge of jealousy existing between Colonel Beaumont
aud Governor Hogg, also of Texas,
who not infrequently honors 6ur
ci ty with his presence.
"Don't ask me if I know that
mastodon,'' urged the colonel, when
he was asked if he had the pleasure
of Mr. Hogg's acquaintance.    "It
i§ no pleasure, I assure you,  sah,
to have, the acquaintance of a person like the one whose name yoxi
have introduced.    I read in one of
yo' yellow newspapers, -that balks
at no subject,  that he is in New
York at this moment inviting cap-
| ital to go south and perform some
wonderful stunts.   Inviting capital,
sah, has got to be a fixed habit
with Hogg.    I have climbed amid
the snow-clad peaks of the Jung-
frau,  where the  mountain   goat,
with icicles on his whiskers, leaps
from crag to crag, and there, with
his earmuffs on, was Hogg—inviting  capital.    I have traveled on
the plains of Egypt, where the war
chariots of the opulent  Pharaohs
are  buried  under   the  wrecks of
time, and there, as massive as the
pyramids themselves, was Hogg—
down the mucky Nile, where Cleo-
pati-a made googoo eyes at a Caesar,
ttlld there,the crocotlilco flying fi.om
him in affright, wa« Hoeer—inviting capital. 1 have turned my
prow homeward, and, inthe trackless north-west, where rolls the
Oregon and hears no sound save its
own (lashings, was Hogg—inviting
capital. I come to New York,sah,
the home of Mammon,where liquor
flows in rills and rivers; where the
sea rolls in upon the beach in one
ceaseless and sizzling gin fizz; where
beauty is enshrined in bowers and
smiles at you from behind damask
curtains; and, even here, sah, is
Hogg—inviting capital."
Thomas P. Goudie is an interesting study, He is accused of robbing the Bank of Liverpool of
»S50,000. When he was arrested
he had only *1,400. Where is the
rest ?
Ft is dangerotiH to discuss in
England any ease that is before the
courts. Yet no one in Calgary is
likely to serve on (loudie's jury,
and ns his case is one of the most
remarkable in the history of hank
robberies, it iH worth more than
ordinary notice.
Of all places in the world you
would hardly expect an ingenious
forger to come from the Shetland
Islands. Not that there was any-
Ah a matter of fact, sah-though! thing sublimely intellectual in
this is not for publication—we of jdoudif's methods. Like all great
the south are mighty superior to j bunk frauds this was worked by an
our extraction to the Fo' Hundred j elalioratc simplicity. If his necus-
of New York, who spring from thej ers are right Goudie forged a name,
old beer-gulling Dutchmen who j and forged it ho uncommonly well
eftine  over from   Amsterdam and] that the owner of it says he could
not have distinguished it from his
own had hv not known the cheques
**.'"*•   -iooi-kmI   Vl»  t*lt*-|1
ing the inevitable crash. The
money was not going in bets at all.
He was a victim of the confidence
trick on a superb scale,
The thousands were pocketed as
fast as they arrived in London. It
was, "Goudie, heads I win, tails
you lose!" with a vengeance. Who
got the money is a matter for speculation, only a judge dare condemn
a man before his trial, and newspapers must not rush in where
judges fear to tread. The trial
will be watched with the greatest
keenness, not alone by bankers,but
students of human nature as well.
It is impossible not to wonder at
the-.workings of a mind capable of
beating an intricate checking- system for two years, and yet not sufficiently worldly wise to discover
the infinitely clumsier method, by
which he himself was gulled.
It could hardly have been fear
of exposure that induced the man
to   keep on  taking risks.    There
was much more likelihood of discovery by his manager and fellow
clerks than betrayal by his accomplices.    When he was found but
he simply left the room, as if in a
huff,*.'to bring in another book. Instead,he walked out into the street.
At once the comprehensive detective  machinery   was   set   going.
Boats  and   trains    were   closely
watched.    A reward of SI,250 was
offered for Goudie's capture.   The
newspapers    theorized   him   into
Switzerland, tb the bottom of the
Liverpool docks,  everywhere, but
where he realty was.   All this time
Goudie was living in humble lodgings two or three miles away, disguised only by a seaman's  cap,
eating well, sending his landlady's
daughter out for the papers, taking
open interest  in   "the bank robbery,"  and actually marking the
paragraphs that appealed to him.
It was his landlady that gave him
to the police.    She saw his photograph in a newspaper    Her neighbors treated her derisively, heedless
that if she had  not done so after
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abject self-a.basement and self-distrust.    If human nature was essentially evil, men were unfit for
self-government;   and   their   own
welfare required the suppression of
every revolt against the authority
of the spiritual powers.    Without
the recognition  of human  rights,
without the principles of personal
dignity and natural justice,  social
order became a legalized system of
oppression,    manliness   became   a
stigma, the love of freedom was denounced as a sign of an unregener-
ate heart.    Hence the national degradation of so many Arian nations,
their   sickening flunkeyism, their
heartless subservience to the caprices of brutal despots.    As Herbert Spencer demonstrated in his
masterly resume of the dangers in
the path of a progressive republic,
a defiant resistance to every  form
of injustice and ollicial despotism
the duty yf self-abasement as aii
article of faith.—Professor <
in the "Secret of the East."
The plant as now contained in the
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Columbia Lake,  consisting ot one 50-
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Situate iu the Sloean Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: In
Best Basin, joining the .John W. Mackey
and Jim Fair mineral claims.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Alexander Sproat, as
I   agent for Win   Hustle Adams tuid Charles*
.I.Kapps. free miner's certificates Nos. B 7787(1
and  MO-KKt, intend, sixty    days from the  date
hereof,  to apply  to  the Mining Kecorder for
n Certificate of Improvements, for the, purpose of
obtaining a Crown (Irant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action under see. 87
must be commenced before the issuance uf Mich
Certilieate of Improvement:*..
Dated this 13lh day of January iintt.
MOUNTAIN   SCENKKV    Mineral Claini.
Situate in tlie Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District.      Where located:     At
the head of Kight Mile creek
rpAKE NOTICE That I. Albert Ashcroft, ae -
9.   ing as agent for Harrv Christopher Wheeler
F M C, No B, 52-iai,Charles McNicholl. K M C No
B ftiMlO and F F Liebscher, F M C No B 5U-IO0,
intend,  sixt-   days   from  the  date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the puriiose of obtaining a-
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice thut action, under
. Section 87, must be commenced before the ls»u«
article Of faith.—Professor Oswald,   am* ol'suchCertiticatepol Improvements.
Dated this (Ith dav of January, A. D. 1902.
Grate powers are useful only az
they are made serviceable; the
value ov a hoss depends upon hiz
being well broke.
The soundest wisdum cuius from
experience, but thare iz a nearer
road to it almost az sure—reading
and reflekshun.
l'AVMASTKR Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: At Three
Forks, adjoining the Newport.
'IUKK NOTICE thatl.J.M. McGregor, acting
as agent for, Fred Swannell. Free Miner's
:iiicate  No B M'S-iil,  intend sixty days from
   date   hereof,   to  applv  to  the Mining
Recorder for a certificate of improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a crown grunt of the
above claini.
And further take notice that action underlets-
lion 37 must be commenced liefore the Issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this nth day of December, A.D liml.
j. m. McGregor.
si stance is incompatible with the
spirit of a system  that inculcates
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
Store Fronts;
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson, B. O.
discovering his identity she would
have become an accomplice, in the
eyes of the law.
A. religion that makes man cruel,
persecuting and intolerant is a bad
religion for society.—Dr. Thomas
It is easier for a hypocrite to find
his way to a church or a prayer-
meeting than to the home of the
poor and unfortunate.—Investigator.
The calamities with which the
world is alllicted are the result of
the ignorance of man. and not of
the interference of -Clod.—Buckle.
Of all religions that have been
produced by the egotism, the malice,
the ignorance and ambition of man,
Presbyterinnism is the most hideous.—Ingersoll.
In exact proportion as nations
advance in civilization,thoaccounts
of miracles  taking   place  among
them become rarer and rarer, until
at last they entirely cease.—Lecky.
He that can work is born king
of something; is in communion with
Nature,  is master ol a thing or
things, is a priest or a king of Xa- j rOMVKrTIOK
turcsofar.    He that can work at j        »Al US IN < ONM.CI ION.
nothing is hut a usurping king, he Newtmirket Block.       New Denver
his trappings what they may: he ini
the horn slave of all  thing*.   Car-!
lyh'. '
Hut if the mysteries of religion ;
are incomprehensible to those  who;
teach them:  if among those who
profess it none can  he found who
PHILIP ROWE, or to whom they may have
transferred their interests in Ihe Black Horse
mineral claim, situated on Galena Farm Mat,
near Silverton, in the Slocan Mining Division, of West lYOotenoy District.
.1 expended S102.50 in labor aud Improvements
on the Black Horse mineral claim. The above-
mentioned $1(12.50 is (he expense necessary in
order to hold the said claim under the provisions
of the Mineral Act. and if within ninety (lays
from the dale of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the above-
mentioned sum, which Is now due, together
with all costs of advertising, your in-
tert^nts-Hn—the—said—cla Iin-*-* will =iiecomt-=—th*n-
property of the undersigned under Section 1 of
the"Mineral Act Amendment Act lrtoo."       ,
Dated  at Silverton,   B. 0„  this 17th day of
Octolter, li* il.
Dealer in
I Van Camp Lunch Hoods, Confectionery and Fruit.
SIl-VKlt    BII.l.   (Hid    MKK-UUKY
Mineral   Claims.
Situate in (he Slocim Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: North
of Sandon, Pavne creek.
TAKE NOTICE (hat, I, Herbert T. Twigg,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B 6244(5, for myself and as agent for Robert Cunning, Free
Miner's Certificate No B S21S!t, and Albert David.
Free Miner's Certiticate No 5211)4, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvement, for the puriiose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of each of the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must he commenced before tne issuance
of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Sth day of December, A. 1) liioi
PHILIP ROWE. or lo whom thev may liavt
transferred their interests In Ihe While Horse
No. 4 mineral elaim. situated on Galena
Farm flat, 'near Silverton, hi the Slocan
Minliij, Division, of West, Kootenay District.
ytiV a,HE HEREBV NOTIFIED thai I have
1 exi-ended .■■■'102,.'io In In Inn1 mid improvements
inillie White Horse No. I mineral claim. The
above-mentioned iltn.M i« Iho expense necessary In order to hold the said claim under Ihe
provisions of the Mineral Ael, and If within
ninety days from Ihe (lute nf ihis notice you fall
or refuse to contribute your proportion of the
iilipivtpiiii-iilloiiiti -.inn. which Is now due, tn-
gether with nil costs of advertising, your Inter*
.-•pt-p In the k |,| claim will become the pi'iip.
citv of tlie undersigned under Seclinn I of the
"Mineral  Act  Amendment. Act limn,"
Hated at  Silverlon,   II. 0    this 17ll   .lav ul
October, l!toi.
To DKI.lNQl'KNT Cd.nWNKll,
Tu iln- legal |tei-*>oniil representative*, ul
,1. A. SMITH, deceased, or tu any
pi-r-tun ur persons lo whom the -aid
.1. A. Smith may have traiihfenii
his Inti-i'csl In the Sliver Bill Mineral Cl.tlin.
•llualediiii Payne Mountain. -H miles south of-
Three Fork.., in the Hloeau Mining DlvMon
nl Wesl Ivui.ttiiiiy, Hi'ilUli Columbia
\ftil' mi.I each of you. are hereby uolllied
(tml we have c\j*vu<|iil («'.. hundred and
live do'lais in I.iIippi ami improvement* Mpoli the
tibtivi. iiienlloiieil liiliifial claim under the |.r.*
vision*!..(the Mineral Ael, and II. williluytil,.,*,*
from tin' tl <le ul this notice, you fall or refill, to
iiiiitributeyoui'iioriion of all such e\pt ndlture.
topi (lur with nil io-*l"i.f nilvei'lMiig, ymir Inter
fl In ih.- said claim will bceoiiie the property ul
the Mlbsciliters under Section I of an Act en-
ililetl'Au Ael to Ameiivl Ihe Mineral Ael l,»«>"
|).ii.d tt New l>. itv.-r, 11 «' . Mil*, .'lib d«v -.1
«i,i.,l..i  Ittoi HI-.UIlEItT T TU Kid.
STANLEY NO. -J Mineral Claim.
SituHte in the Sloean Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District.        Where lp<jt\t*y\5
,    Silver.'Mount" In.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Wm.-S. Die
as agent for Herman Clever, free miner's
ewry, noting
   , free miner's
certificate No. B380M. Henry Stege free miner's
certiticate No. BA24MI, and John (ioettsche, free
miner's certiticate. No. B38075, intend, sixty days
from the ttate hereof to apply to tne
Mining Recorder for a certilicnte of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant, of thc almve claim.
Ami further lake notice (hat action under section .'17 must be commenced before the issuance
of such certilicnte of improvements.
Dated this mih dav of December, A I).. 11(01.
Mineral   Claims.
Shuttle in Ihe Sloean MiuiiiL Division of
West Koou-nay District. Where located!
South of New Denver, iidlolnlng the Alpha,
l.iikeview and Corm-racl er mineral claims.
TAKE NOTH'F. that I. Win. S. Drewry, acting as ageiil for the Northwest Mining Syndicate. Ltd, free miner'.-* certificate No. DSum,
iiit(:i|p|p',titl,ivs fr.iiii thedate hereof loapply to (he
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement" for the nuriKiseof obtaining!! Crown grant
r.t (lie above cwlnih.
And further lake notice that action under suction H7 must be commenced liefore the Issuance of
Mich certificates of improvements,
li.pt.tl Oils i.Hh dav ol December, A.D,, lm!.
sr.K1.lt.   -Ml-ACTION   Mbiel.il Claim,
Sltllit,*   ill   till
West  Koote.iiiy   Dl*irli;(
lie, south oi Sew   Denver, ad"
g   otvi
Where  located:
New  Denver, Mil*
Frit-ten,   tin! Cracker
Slui-tiii   Mining   Division on
    •   Dl*trlc(.   Wli
im Fidelity lluf. .
joining tin- Fidelity
•l.u-k mineral claims,
rpAKE N'uTICK (ha- I, Wn,. S. Drewry. act-
A log as agent fur (be llu-iin Mlneft, Limited,
free miner's certificate N'o ll.V,i:ill Intend
sixty days from the date hereof to
apply to ihe Mining Recorder for ii (.'crtlllcut«
ul Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of (he nlmvc claim
Ami furt her lake notice tha( action, under *4n-
lliil't"   lllll-tl  l«.   l-i.tlllltliw i-.l    llCf.ll-l -llie  H«l|.||i..|»
of such ('orlllieiitc of Iiniirovciiieiilv
I tilled lhl« It'tlul.iV ol Id inhcr, A  D iwil.
DIKKCT I.IM.        l."Wi.-l
were on very Rood terms with the
Indians, I am told.    Yu'.JKo' Hun-
Ural, ruit, wm  OV   <l«-^.<l1t^ n*>*n*
\\'t-> 1
knows pnH'istd) either what he ls>- j jyinni|»'-j
lievi-s or can give any account of. EAST ^17,"*!"
the niolives of his lM'lief and eon-! I MontnjHl
duct, this is not the case with re-j NWNor
spec! to the difficulties  which wej Vin soo |.INK
oppose to this religion.   These arc St. I'anl, Chirac" hihI all t". s Xum
lll\*«. WDKIlsttV. (.1 -.ti I WUItAIKX,
I \ M.hlNNt'N, .1, T RICHARDS
I'HII.II' l.'t'WI <-i I., uli.ni ibev imp. it iv.
.uto-,1. II. d lltelt put' i. •!• It. lb.- l'i*.!*,i pi milt
■ litl el'lllll. «|tt|.i|e,| ott (iillelt.i l-'ttlll llrtl,
Me.-II'MJ-ti'lloll III lie SI.-.nil MI'iillK Dill"
lull, of Wi-t KoulHliiV l-l tl U I j
nl' AUK lll-:i(i:i(Y V'ti ll-'IKD th..i I Inn.!
e\l« IH*id Clii.'  io In 111.   p   llld   iilipli>(ei|i< Ills *
It llu- Kill .I.i   ltiilPit.il . I itm       T||i-   |I**,\ i--l||i-ll*
, ||.,|„*i|    III/ ,',-! I- II.i  e\|» n.i* nee. — lit   ill ulllel loi
JA 1 I.,-i   hold lie "..Id i liiiiu ni'.i. p   '■',.!   pioW-i'-i.- nt '.If .
! Mini til Ael, .mil if •■« lihlu tilm l\ il tv« tl'oin the j
«» jil.lte i.f tlljp le>llt i   Mill (all. I  ll.flln.   (.. ulitrllltlti  i
\U|U'tll|M'l        y..„,.     ,,,*   ,,   ,„|| ,.,,     ,,.     ||„        .|l.,,l,.-!||.-l|l|,-||l-l|     •tlUt
i   \ icldriil        p'wllieli'l*   Hum    due. I .tflllt.-l    Hill,    ill   ».>»l»   ol |
' rteiiltle ', t!*.. tii'litt-.}"it  loi-u •!-io iln- -*.|.| • li.lm »lll }
#',,',    .    .       . Ui oil..   III.    plol.tll    i.l   lie     lll.ll. l-ii.«,il|   Ulnt.l,
'  riiltllllHl     is,.,,),,,, (   ,i lb.     Mil,, t.,1   \.i   lm. i.idiui.l    \.(
Srrani'i'in i i!f<i" !
'    D.itiil *.i  sti\. .ton   It  i .. Ho    iah iu\ ni |
il. I..U i. 1 til
nv7 ' IIAIILK- 1    ll'*|'|-: I
HA* I |M)<« mui IIA->TIV(i<*> IKACUON-
tl   Mln,i,iirbilii,»
sim.iie lu tin-Slis-an Mining DIvWoii ot West
Kou'einiy Dintrlet. U le re located, Silver
Mountain, two mill»• i«l ol N'ew Itcnvi-r.
'I'AKI, NOTK'K Timl I llmili s. NM.on. Kiw
I    Mint i'«(Vttlfli ale N.. ll ,'.»iu, h tiinl t-Uty
dii\ t«lrti|iilhei|iiti. hereul, lo tiltplj tu (lie Mining
II. . ,,|p|, I  ],| I', llilir.ll. •   ol    llopl'iitil'ltil III*,   for
thi*  |,nr|«.-   ul uliiitlnbig (|.i« it (ii«iit» ol tliw
..I,,,*.. , Inlllia,
Viol    tllllli. i   1 < ki'   no!,!-.-    lli.t    *,i U..II     lllllll>r
Willi.i, ti. niiml in t, .l.iiiu mi il li. tore tin-i--.ii*
nine i.I .in ll l < Illln *,|. - of llll|'|..li IIpi lil»
D.tletl lbi-i»«iilMlii\ of NiiveiiilM-r, A   D liml
„.„.. ™..., **.** - ;•■'»•".'? - ■-•   -! UMhiis uicii    n  fan-' within the reach of all. and are so       toi'MST «1 .V.VVVM SKUVU I.
^Sk^tt Ji:: J ln,y! ein^'llndie  wilt p.nnis. of j ***** » t« I, ^ of eonvim-; ^ ^. „,,ri    k   «,,,   n l , s,,„.
pp«^r New Vorksmar^i huge   winning-   and   t»h« ot hig! %-ry -»• tlSZl^     '" ^=^1 ".JM T "*
ii will have a lendency to cement, j beta, that hi* head seem* to have PwJ^i^^ St Paul. To o..i«, M..mn-«l. H .**..„
m »t were, the honn and Uie^iiiviij two wtiww
• f .*
p'* %i,l w ^
tn (*.»n«nlt that common *ere*e which
in tit* of fraternal love.wh; a Kilken' hy prow><Miting counsel M the prt--l nature has h^towtid on each iniii-
»•: liininary hearing is eorreet, he nim-l vidual of the Irmmn m:o. -D'Hol-
Ys'hX —'i.v   inptti,*.,,.!,'.',   -.,..,
ami Fri. - V.iiu-<»i>v»-r, S^nttlc
i •>.(«.(
threjul. hy tlie way, that Mr.Koose-; liininary hearing
velt i-aine near severing hy inviting1, ply handed over tliousands to thive
» nigger (o his tabic; a most repre-1 men, who tricked  him  into Mief
The pro|Migandist.« of thcsutmiis-
From  Vamottvi-i  !•■   Alaska.  Haw mi,
• hiii»,.U|tiii. Australia.
I,. dn I. g.tl |xr»oii.il u |.ti-»iiii.>ilvi» of ,1,   i.l
> VI IT 11    i'*».i'« l'*'Hl   fffi.i   i,i:m,    (■*»■!.■,!.   .,«    '..It-1
» ,i,. in whom (In* -dlil .1. ,t  Xiniilt iu«y l*-*v«* I
li.iifl. ii'dlil" mi. iini in die  Mercuiy Mm*:
. nl Cl.i lm, -iliiiileilon I'aviii* M ii nt nil > thru- i
,,,.t,.. * .,'(. * f "(tit.,  ri,iin   t,, fi,,  tt ,*,), ■
Vlllillllf I Ut I   t I    He.I   K.iuli tin V ,    lltlll**h
1  ..l.ill.t i.i
%-11|     .,,,.,.., I,    t ,   ..   .■ trlii n bj ii..|ilii«: tli,»l ,
1      we bm.   e\|i*iiit.il iwu Iinipiirnl   iuul   ii\e
VMtiilt   Mbieml rl'ili..
siumte In ll,,   Sl-M-Hii  Mining I in I*t I iW.l
Ki-iliipiV Dinhiel. Wlieit* I'K-nleil: (In
Ifiio M.iiililrith, .uljuliilm* tin- llliii-blnt.
stranger. Tradi' Dollai, liUtto No, 'I, and
Itiiwduii iiiliieiiil eliiltiiN
TAKK \(iTI('Klhn( I  II. W, Hull, free min. r-'
I .i ittHente V.. l-M-n-M I ti.r invm-lf mul in
aiiiilil (ordu.lge ,1 .illtiflt. (l.-e IilliK I » ■ > It 111*
ttili Vi, V,-M'.-T*. lel.iM •IM*. ,1. iff .tip tie .('»>.-
hereof. (" ,i|i|ily (o On- Mining lleeuritor
(ora -fVililii nd- of liinii-.irinilil**, l>-( llitppur*
|w.«.* of i.I.IhIiiIiii** h Crown iIipiip: ..I llie .il,uv»
lUhn. m
Ami (nrllii r ti(U' iiotiee (Ini .i. ii,,|i uielir »•(••
It* .n .IT. !itli«t Im* i ..llllllelif i i| Ufi.rc Hi'- l"tninc»
i.f i;k ll ("el (ill. »te ..( J ui r.n. 11 m-toil"
heusible allair, nah, a  imihl   n-jiie- that .the money 'Aiu»  goin^ in i»'t*i nion to in jnsfciee Aogmn iteenme the
jK.,i«i)th* jilTair." for hit* Wnoflt.    Then, tlie story; faithful ally of every form of des-
The   ctilonel   v,:o*   eiiiisiAeiiihiy goes, other men wanted a linger in  jwtism.    The  )*igait  pride  in the
mined  «»h  thi-   Milijc*t  and   con- the pie.     They   were   **ne(r-w«ful.   nnijoty
i|".(l.ir» In  l.il«c   and nm.'"-" meutu  ii|»t.  llu*,
U.Vi-   io l.ll 'l.e'l llillil-l   ilt.ln, In -l.ll I lo lloi.l
lie  -III ell mi utidi 1 He  i I "*il-l..ll->->l(ll. Mil.i 1,11
t, i. .i.ii If, Hillii .i oil . t\ iti-n ■   Pr.iii llie lUle ,,(
Throiiiih   htttkiiiX"  '" KiiniiH- via all ,iiii« nuiii-r, ».*.»» i.iiioi tt-tn,- i. . .>iiiili.u««- %<«if
'.iUlIu' t.iue-t. ■  '"■ ' ■■' ," ""'-   M't "i
"    ■   * ■■' -'in iipm j.-t in iin «(a,. ,,   . K
I               "    '        ' '         	
h. u'lii i.i.
DIhn.iU lti.,V oF <'o.|>,iUTNKIlMIII'.
. ..,iniii.(|i«*>mif   f|„u.  i„|«,»,ti.,r.hl|.   hern-fort. i-ilMl.ig l«
of .wlf-reliant   manhood
And all the whileHoiidie wn*near-' was Muperw-ded hy the worship of
"  p ■•:! ••<-'- ..I .idwill.ii.i;. >..in  11.It j.-tin llu-jiiid, ,„,,„  iMkk   Vi.*«*  l|,.i#l. -MlvtrtMi   II   l   .  I.,,.
•n.t.ntit tickitf frt.llt till l!.lin(*.nl|.»W!«ir (.I'tiii »ill J-t-. * »li«* i*i '.|*tt» •■ fhr Milwrrtl^ft i |,.„, ,\t „4»«J I,, IMud>»l «*<rtn».|i(      Ttir l«i«ln«.
,',!" „.,'..    M-.-l    1    \-(l"t .,    le.t.,iio,.(..('.l,.!!..,*  p.,.-,,,,,.1.
c t.ebtu.A j, r t»" .* *i.i-i*i*'t it'iur iiwivp. John Mi>i,i\ u*.
i   » i     >.f,D|-..i.  NM-.O.K  < l   Dii'lD .     -»ilr»«i..ii. II l     (..i..isr«1f THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, JANUARY 16, 1902.
Ninth Year
Jan 18—Hamilton and New Era, nr Silverton,
D Brandon.
Dec 14-Edna Kate. IT—Flood fr 31—New
England, Halifax fr. Jan !>—C B. Xew Koh-i-
nor, Dominion No 2.
Dec 13—Ca]iella, Drewerv,  Wallace, Tun-is,
Sligofr.    16—1 X L, Wonderful fr, Sampson,
New    Springfield.    HO—Hardskarpell,    Handy.
* Condore,Corliss fr.    Jan  3—Miner  Bov.    11—
Central, Red Fox, Red Fox fr.
Dec T— Gipsey, \, Lestock Forbes to Frank J
O'Reilly, July si.
2—Good Hope, 1, Francis J O'Reilly to Wm
Se Hallday.NovSO.
s-SilYerite, Stlrcr Ridge, Billy F, Ground
Squirrel, Silverite fr. Golden fr, Jno H Cory, A
C Allen, Jno Foster to E'A Woakea, extension
rt six months on bond, Nov SO.
i—Mountain Chief No 2, *}, J J Grant to Mr.
Alma Imt'/., Nov 21.
18—Summit fr, I, Alex Smith to Wm Kent,
16—Orient fr. Diamond fr, J each, Geo E
Knowles to John Docksteader, Aug 15.
17—Willard, Key fr, notice of satisfaction of
judgment In favor of Bourne Bros against A J
Key Ir, all Interest, O J .Marino to A U Blumenauer, Dec 17.
IB-Cody fr, _ Joker fr, i, Jno McGuillam to RS
Wood, Dec 11, *2,600.
21—Cody Ir, and Joker fr, 81-24 each, John Mc
Oulllnm to Dr Jno T Carroll, Deo 17.
Jan 8—Homestake, \, David T Davis to M
Nicholson, June 5.
L H, 208-lfiOO, Jno Tinllng to Chas Brand, Oct 15
Los Vegas, 88-500, Jno Tinllng to Chas Brand,
Oct 15,
Camden, Harlem,Basin fr, leach, JnoTinliiiff
■to Chas Brand, Oct 35.
6—Twickenham, affidavit of publication of notice to delinquent owner, Frank E Clute to D W
Mountain Scenery, 1, HC Wheeler to F F
Liebscher, Dec 27.
13-- Alert, J, Jno A Taylor to A 0 Ostby, iDeo
.30, *150. _
Nov 80—Soudan No 1 fr, lst n f Lemon, A R
Deo 3—Snow Flake, head of Twelve Mile, H Or
•*> 13—Manhattan, Lemon ck, F Dickenson.
Berkshire, Lemon ck, W E Newman.
23—Club, relocation Slocan Bob, Hnrvey Fife.
27—Venetian, Lemon ck, T Lake.
Nov SO—Evening Star fr No 9, Southern Chief.
Dec 2—Monument^o 2 fr, for 5 yrs.   23—Carson.
Nov 29—Kootenay Pass. Dec 11—Silver Star
fr. 17—Monument No 2 fr, Northern Pacific.
Grand Trunk, Great Western. 20—Monument
No 2, Monument No 3.
Nov 25—Great Western {. E Stubbs to Mr»
Emma Gray.
26-Notlcc by T J Smith, for the V& M Mines,
that they claimed the Champion group,provided
W Lee staked the property while working for
King Billy, J, C Ward to R H Brett.
Dec 6—Panorama, J A Foley to Jas Baker
and Dan Hanlou.
Pluto, Stanton and Sharpsvllle, Jas Baker to
Dan Hanlon.
Monterey i, Robt W Malloy to Leo Doiron.
11— Champion and Sapphire, all, W  E Lee to
I events just passes By I
9*^WW^^99^^^^^WW^nfWWm*WW W^^9WW
20-Tamarack No 2, Falls View No 2, Tamarack fr No 2, Con E Fielding. Robt G Henderson and C M Gethlng to John F Holden.
28-Neepawa, Bolssovain, Edison, Hiilmna and
Flora fr, A. D McOillivray, E Shannon, A Jacob-
son   T Todd, J  H Currie,  T   Avison  and  O
ir^i.,!,,,.,*,.,,-.„,.   „f | A.irton    (Brat
This question of Canadian loyalty has many sides to it.     It is the
popular belief that loyalty consists
in being satisfied with existing conditions, content ever to be,  as we
have heard many an  Englishman
express it,   "blooming colonists,"
subservient to the laws of this and
the Mother Land.    This is loyalty
of a kind, but not the kind that is
going to build up Canada.     Canada has progressed to a certain extent under it, it is true,  but it has
been progress dearly paid for.    If
there can be any surer evidence of
wrong conditions than the showing
made by the last census it has not
been produced.     The increase in
population for the past ten years
has barely been.-. what the natural
birth rate Bhould have made  it.
And this includes the hordes of
Chinese,   Japanese and Dukobors
who, for "Imperial reasons," Canada has been infested with.     It
must  not be inferred   that Can-
[adians are a decaying people, or
that Canadian women are averse to
assuming the duties and responsibilities of motherhood-   A sturdier
race of men and more queenly women do not exist on the face of
God's green earth than Canadian
men and Canadian women.     Thoy
have the energy, the integrity, the
courage, the intellect, the power to
cope with any   people   under the
sun.    Why, then, does Canada jog
along in old colonial fashion with
natural  resources as great, if not
greater, than those of the nation to
the south while that country is going ahead at a rate that astonishes
the commercial world?
Many answers may be given to
this question and we would not
pretend to lay down set causes as
an answer.    But it can be said that
it is not because Canadians are less
intelligent, leas progressive,  nor
Clothes always look well
and wear well—if the
Tailor knows his business. Wear the best.
Leave your order for a
Xmas suit with—
tContlnmeil ivilvurtUtiinenti, ninth an Fur Sale
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MarrtttKes, Pcrsoniil, Hotels, Lesfiil, Medical,etc,,
are Inserted when not, exceodlnir 20 words for
26 ceuti ckcIi liiwrtloii. Each live words or lew)
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Employment A-genoy.
Help of All Ktniln FnrnUhoil.
Poi-iUtfllcu llu* lti.% Nelson.
.1. H. LOVE
T\ltY OKK iMtOPIMlTV. North Fork Car*
JJ iMiiilvrcrmik--ALI'S, ALPS KHACTION
and ALTUHUS—Crown OrimtM obtained. Aie
ply, W. J. McMIl.l.AN & CO . Vuni'i.tiwi-. II.C
NKLSOJI, II. <J.      Cor. WAKD & HAKKIt Sn
.^.MILLOY,   ut,
n* had lli year.** ejnicricuiv in dcnl.il worl. win
iiiKken it Rjicclitity ul llnlil liri.ltfe Work. Mu»*
completit ili-lilil tifllci> In II (',
IIJM.   Thi-JiMi-il ('.iiii|.leti- II r A I   Til
oiilhe Onitiiiint i.f Niii'ih Aiin rl* ,
I'H. Situated iiiiil't p.t'1'inry un DCCIiDT
rivalled fm (ir.tml- i.i 11 .iilim, K tO U tt I
KMilnK i\ut\ Ksi-nritl.tii*! Hchleiit T'hymei.iii
ami N'urwt IVIrifraphli-. .pii.iiiiii.ii ,tll,,ii uith all
|mi|. ul Ibe wirl.l t«.. mill, .uiive and ilipnil
evi-rv day ll» ip-Uh. * i-uir ,iil iii-rvuiH and
inti-it-iil,*irill*!!i*.-*; it« » ii.-n* It.-.il all Kltlui.*
Lli'er timl ^'..tiu li iiiin.-ii' . fl'l-.t'l \l.
WIM'IIK TKIIM-- ll I. 1'. i-r m-A*
The     price   of    t     i .timl (|i;.   ti. kc(   IxiMi-in
N.«   l>  !!-,:, . ....   XX, Ai    M u-.
ycur riiiiMtl iuul-r-'i.l ltir:(t diyi, l» pt*.!.*"..    IUI*
cyoii spritur". itrn* I, tk--. 1( * .
bateable question has been thrown
at us with the request .for comment:
"There is more direct evil exerted
to the social and business world by
the power of money from the pockets of the laboring class than from
all money corporations combined."
Agreed.    But that   does not lessen one iota, the crying need of the
cultivation   and practical  demonstration of the principles of socialism.    The moral and social evils
arising from the abuse of the power
of money  in  the pockets   of the
laboring class, are evils,   it is true,
that weigh heavily upon mankind.
They are the curse of the age, but
being  self inflicted,  and brought
upon man by his own free will,  it
would   be  difficult   to  make the
question a debateable one in the
light of a public issue.     That the
working class need moral and so-
oial   improvement  every socialist
will agree.   That the evils men inflict upon themselves are quite as
great and far reaching as the evils
inflicted upon them by the money
corporations socialists will generally admit.    But because self-inflicted evils exist is no excuse for the.
evils inflicted by others.     It is the
aim of socialists to show that these
evils do exist, and by checking one
to check the other.    It is a waste
of time to discuss the relative magnitude of the evils, or to excuse one
by saying the other exists.    Socialism would check the evils of individuals as well as the evils of corporations.
The following curious marriage
notice appeared the other day in
the London Times: "On Tuesday,
the 15th inst., at Bottesfield, Lincolnshire, John Kirk, an occasional
preacher in the Methodist Connection, to Susanna Seaton, of Bur-
ringham. mantle-maker. The
patient bride had kept company
near two years with a blacksmith
of the same place, and was actually
published with him in the church
the   very   Sunday   preceding   her
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known to herself eloped next day
with the preacher; so true is it that
we know not what a day may bring
less courageous, as a, people. It is
not because Canada is less resourceful, less fertile, nor less capable of
..IV     il....     ll.!.. *,-.
It   IIKVL\M»   l'.ii»'lin-..i   <iitl l'i...In. i*
I,and "Mirvi-Ni.i     s.unl ,n,
T-*i'n» rjf-yics,
11'      V    TV.I'.T'fV-l.   P   CO.,
f\    ,     iJUMll'M III all thill,**   P.IH
I",ii.  V. e
I  A««>'it»' '.vi;
j     It.    I'.l UKHON,   SiiPit ,t      M unit., til..*
r im aU fl .«.,< *.
"Wlioteaal«»   Moi-olietntH
TOHN    l.'IKII.IM I ( II    *    I'll..     V.|«-,i.
lm|'in«t'^«, Wlt-t.li-wli <lr.»-rr*Aii<|Pnivi*|.<r
nature has endowed these peoples
and countries equally. Wherein,
then is the difference? Next to
the distressing lack of confidence
that Canadians exhibit in themselves, and their indifference to the
magnitude of their country's resources and capabilities, the great
drawback is the character of our
laws. Over in the states the people are cock-sure of everything in
relation to themselves and their
country. They know their capabilities. They can do anything
except make a new world and provide sun, moon and stars for it.
And every law made by them,
national, state and municipal, is
framed with a view to protecting
themselves and their resources. An
alien has no properly rights of citizenship. In Canada our laws are
so I'rained, lor "Imperial reasons,''
no doubt, that a Canadian does not
stand any better than a Chinaman.
The result is that aliens come over
here, partake of all the property
lights of ('ili/.(*ij,-*hi|», pocket the
proceeds and yo to their home
country to spend it. And Can-
ndians, those young, thrifty and
desirous of going ahead in the
world, tiring of the unequal pull in
the home land, cross the border
and are soon lost in (he whirl of
business in the American cities--
a loss to ('anudii and a gain lo the
slates, for wherever a Canadian
goi'n lie Lukes his place in Ihe front
j iaitk. Their places arc lieiny; tilled
liy Chinamen, Japanese, and the
like. The result of all this is thut
ihi'liest of ouryo'ingtiieii leave and
{Canada is iM-iug bled of all the ele-
j iiieills ol (migli-KS— tlie |ili»lit.-» fit
j her industries, mining, tunning
land industrial, are limning iu a
J steady stream to the American
1 «-iii's .tl.iii,: lh». l«»rdcr, which are
| Iti-ii.n Imill up iu   iinlii-liiii' grand-
marriage, but for the reasons best
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
M Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers ot Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
 R, REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
Seeds, Trees,
"R-nlflC for Fall or Spring:
JJUlUa Planting.
Catalogue Free.
An up-to-date lino of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B.C.
Stoics at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
(iKIMMKl 1, lirinliiPltt' 0|.(i.*iiin
and Jimv(i|i.|-
Au'i'iil fni (.'.tiiii.lliin KiHliikC'n.
3(x«i Westminster Road. Vancouver. U. C.
Reports, Examinations and Management.
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
(fold  * .,'m I Gold ami silver..,-y .7ft
Lead f>0| <;nlil,Rllv'i-,eo|i|i'r Lfin
Samples hy mall |-eci-ivi!|irom|it uttmitloii.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
14'Jl) tilth Ht.,   I!eiivi>r, Colo.
The Leading
Finest Shop In the Slocan.
Brick Block,   Bellevue Ave.,  Now
Denver, B. C,
J» i, iiiiiioi ii I i H ,
*, iki*# v .'*»r I'"'-'* ■»•
mv Vtt'ttt it silv.-rt-.
|lirri«'i'r   H.,
• rt tt   It   r
♦•ur wil ii (he money, while ihtiwon
tin" Ciniadian side are left   in  theiD   fg J.owcrV
Hiniiit of inactivity. '»,"    .*. u <*
1 Ne.v Denver, B. C
Siji'nal  1/nvBHY's Claim
to come your way by
M'lHlmjj the I'dilor a <lul
htr.   It fumishos a powder thai leaves no tnisu'd
holes,   and    cannot   he
hcate.n lor shattermjj tlie
nick of superstition smdj
ignorance that covcis sol
much ot the brij»hr metal ol   tVccdotn   ou   this
cm io.     iA^.   uioic   titc,
thought  ti\ jtHi'ehaw1 h
warmiujr    your   upper j I
I'd unit front l-'.urti|ws.iti imlnt* vIh ('iiiiikIIpii
tud Aim-rlcnu linei-     A|i|ily   fur falling .lnti:t
t.ito, tlikil.* .till'!  full infiirm.-tUipiii !'   .m.-f (?
Ily nffpiit nr-
(I. II. ilAltltKTT,
«'. I'. W. A«i'nt, N'*w IVn\*t
W   |», K. CiliiiminiftPi. B  H. H. Altl., Wlnnl|«.|r
_ HIWOlTtS^iiTn^Wly^arnire cami^Tird'ciTies
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Buy Your Fancy
Groceries,u"1 provisU)"s |v<"n ti|e
Wm. Hunter CoMLimited.
Stores at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
Una I inn: and Packing to Miiiex,
and general local business*.
Nr>W llt'livrr, II. V.
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our Htttftfajje wii^oiih meet, nil Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack * ai:;uis.
Feed Ktableii at New Denver.
;  oni roltsKT DF.I'Altr-
i   IN   Al.l. .sTH.l„S   AM»
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
ItlillUtN KNDS JUSTIN,   |
SPIKKSfrotn.V-to.Vk.'      ',
j\| ,    H-ilt.-K-.f, ,V tun l'i|(*ll-       !*viinJ<.*fl, »
litilMMlTT    1
»v I
HV   -.'  th"
tl,, TUrt'iM. f,
ij-.li. »l <
rt   *** ttnfif t*
Tlu've are I'-ti-'tali.'t.* aud'.j«i'.'i:i,lwtH.
All ar<* iinrc«*fl  iijuhi wim«' -)M»int«,
nil differ upon u1}h*i>,   'Yiiey would
nut lw M-dci'di-M*. if ilicv wciv uoi «>•
eoiiHtituti'd.      Tht-   follmviiiff   de-
+ PHOTOfiWAPHCWS        •#
tVAMCOUVCn «« HttAOM, B.C. #
1* %-%-%%%%%%%%%%%<-#
The biggest sale in our history in Fall and
Winter Wear. Cleaning out aii lines. Bargains
for all.
;   M'Vil'AlWK i'AI'KKN'S.
Fred. Irvine * Co.t
I    t
A).1.SIZHSam..STVLKS     ;
*\ VKHY IjiW I'RIi'BS      [


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