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The Ledge Nov 28, 1901

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\,^'lxpf~- ^JOA&'V
CU/lUr> ,;,*-r-^:*/      a7
Volume IX.   No   9.
Price, $2 00 Year adv^n.
G^n^^aT flfctys Float
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps 83
§| that are Talked About. P
him at tho Queen cigar store with a box
of cigars in one hand and a match in
the other.
John Daly, so lon-j* known in tlie
social circles of Sandon and Kaslo, was
married to Miss Hall, in Butte, last
week. John will make a delightful
John Williams is fortifying* himself
against the attacks of Christmas trade
by stocking; up with everything that a
stocking wants upon the eve preceding
the 25th.
Blackjack has arisen again in Sandon.
Ward Macdonald is again in the Slocan.
Dudley Clark has gone to Salt Lake
Mrs. Funk returns to the Slocan next
Wm. Donahue has*returned to Sandon from Nome.
Wm. Gibbs is spending a two-weeks'
vacation at Vernon.
The Misses McKinnon are opening a
dancing class in Sandon.
Charles  Daley   has been appointed
deputy mining recorder in Kaslo.
Mrs. J. H. Dawson and children left
last week to spend the winter in Ontario
Angus   McGillivray   and  bride   re
in the case of Clark vs. Collom and
Adams, Clark's counsel has given
notice that they are ready to proceed
with the case at the sitting of the Court
in Rossland on Dec. 10. The case is
one of great interest to mining men in
the SI oca is.
The K of P  have added a handsome
They will give a social hop on Thanksgiving evening. This will be followed
on January iitli by a public installation,
and monthly entertainments of a social
nature will be held throughout the
put in at
Two old and battered heating stoves
can be bought for a trifling sum at this
J. A. Taylor is transferring his dairy
stock to his new headquarters at the
At Xmas give your friend a box of
Royal Seal cigars, and you will not be
The social dance this evening in
Clever's hall will be of tho type of ye
good old times.
Lost—-A boy's blue overcoat. Raymond Blunionauei* would greatly up*
predate its return.*
Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Bradsliaw left
Silverton this week for Frank, the new
Alberta coal town.
People can thank the Kootenay Cigar
Co. today for putting the Little King
cigar on the market.
K. C. Chipinan rounded up the owners
of personal property last week, Taxes
are {.till unavoidable.
W, F DuPiois had his wedding presents stolen while traveling with his
bride a short time ago.
TheC  17 II. will issue.return  tickets
ou Nov "27 and 2H, good to return  Nov
80, at fare and one -third.
If you want cigar presents write to
Jasper l'halr in Nelson. Me Is loaded
with tobacco in many forms
Wastkii—-An owner lor an umbrella
left in llie Methodist (lunch two weeks
it go    Apply tu A. K. Hubert*..
George Carney, of IvuhIo,  win* killed
hist weel; by the cnplosion of the inaga
•/ine, mi the Fry creek wagon road.
taiuis Miller picked into a mii-seil hole
At the I'avne last   week  iuul  was soil*
sitting around the street corners talking
about the downtrodden   masses.    His
was a Socialism that meant something.
He lived it.    But   even   his Socialism
was not popular with the riilingelasse«,
and their followers: and that of today
cannot become fashionable      Socialism
is too plebeian to ever be acceptable to
the prigs of selfishness that style themselves flic "upper crust."
Socialism is a good thing, and anything that will lead the masses of working people to studying it and practicing
it is a good thing.    This is the object of
the new party.    Like  all such  movements it will do good    Ten,  twelve or
fifteen years ago a  similar movement
was started in the western states, and
in less than  four years the   party became so powerful as to force the Democratic hog to swallow its whole platform
and conduct the national campaign upon it.  The Republican hog won out   In
Canada the same thing will bescen.    It
may be. that a Socialist, ticket, independent of either of the old parties, will be
put in the field.     But  to suppose that
the present generation will ever see a
Socialist government  in  power, either
in Canada or the  United- States,  is absurd     Tiie money power is too well
organized and generalled.    But even if
a Socialist is never elected, no not even
being organized in every precinct in
the Dominion. Each province has executive headquarters through which
the locals will be operated. Headquarters for British Columbia are in Vancouver Each local organization will
have full power to formulate its own
platform. The prime object of the new
party will be to inaugurate an educational movement spreading throughout
the Dominion, the ultimate object of
course being to place candidates in the
field, pledged to secure legislation along
the lines of Socialism.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, 35.000 tons Since January 1
to Nov 28, 1901, the shipments have
heen as follows:
»   OUtsfd'e Caw N€Ws
gSWhat is Being Done in Other Parts  of the Lead
jS5 Mining World. ,-
i'avne ',	
Lust Chance    2»
Sloeun Star	
Bosun    4ti
Ilwctt    40
American Boy    41
Sunset (Jackson Basin)	
Arliti'rtoii ,	
Two Friend''	
Black Prince...	
Miller Creek.	
til )
 ..17 a
Writing to the Mining and Engineering Review, K. R. Casper says of mining in the Coeur d'Alenes:
"The first discovery of mineral was
made in Elverton Gulch, near Osburn,
in 1879, when gold was found and in the
same year the discoveries in Pritchard
Creek, where Murray now is, were
made. Andrew.). Prikhard, the discoverer, is still living. In 1883 people
began to come in to Eagle City from
California and Montana and the mother
lode was discovered by Billy Kinsr and
his partners. In the fall of *83 the
Golden Chest mine was found at Murray
Subsequently the Bunker Hill and
Sullivan at Wardner, the Tieer-Poor-
man and other" at Burke, and then the
Morning at Mullan. A stampede re-
sulted and tnanv  fortunes were won.
An electric plant  is beiii*.'
the liamblei.
The Sunset  and  Trade   Dollar
ship all winter.
The Slocan Star has iV'JO tons of ore
ready for shipment.
The Noble Five Co. wiil have a meet*
inif in Victoria next month.
Work has commenced on the Lone
Star group, near Silverton.
The Hartney will resume operations
about ihe loth of next mouth.
In Loudon, Ernest Manslield is en*
deavoringlo amalgamate the interests
of the Kilo, Joker and Chapleau.
The Bosun shipped 10 tons this week
Another shipment of -JO tons  was sent
out from the (.iipella, nnd three tons
from the Mary Ibirhain
Waller Smith and .1. M M. llenediiin
ol' Silverton, have taken a lease iuul
bond on the A'll'i and ijticen Fraction
mineral claims, adjoining the t'ulenii
Farm, and have already ciiinineiici-d
operation*. The properties are owned
by New Denverites,
i.ii^lisb capital liipreieiiieti uy W II,
Saudifnrd hat- taken a bond on the Nee-
paw a, leu Mile, and wiil commence,
operations this week, (.' A Siindifont
will engineer the work The Nee pawn
is uiie ol thu lirst properties lin-uted on
I'en .Mile It I in-* I tee 11 under bond be
fore, and  has had a  great  amount nt
as pound keeper in the smallest burg in
the Dominion, yet Socialism will have
accomplished its end. and the politics of
the nation will have 'lieen bettered by
tin* new party's having- been brought
into existence
•*■• '
Why are these reform parties so short-
■iced'** (irgtuiizntions under tlie name
of Socialism come and go iikc periods of
depression and prosperity. They seldom live long enough to get out of the
primary sta'u-e. Is it because they so
quickly .'icco'tiiplish tlieir ends'-1 Not at
all. The men thut go to make up the
rank ami (ile of these new parties are
not a whit more patriotic than the rank
and Hie of the old parties, They join
the new movement because it is new,
-.ind they think they see iu it it panacea
ior all ills thut the hotly politic is heir
i". and they have an idea that in the
cure of the body politic their own life of
toil will sjiiioIiow, they know not how,
be made easier Bin all reforms nre
hrouuht about by sacrifice, and if n in.ni
is unwilling to make tlie sacrilices, ho
very quickly becomes tired ofthe new
party and drills back into the bed of
lost energy and bob*, about with the
crowd. "-nri.-iliMii means the betterment ol mankind.    Bui   no  beileruieni
t'lill    In-    Ustilijj    that     tides    not    (-(Hill-
'simset (Can, Gold Fields	
Silver Klnu	
Wilile Five...	
Red Kqx	
Aiituitie — 	
Qup'Oii Hess.	
R:t ml.lcr.... ;	
Kll.-ilii (il'tHI)i	
sji -ciiltitttr	
Knillv Editli	
V.& M	
M iirii hi    ..
Fourth of July >•	
Mary Durham	
Sweet Orass	
J.*!' II'
laborer wants to dictate terms to" his
employer. This is not only wrong, but
The surveys for this line from Michael,
B.C , to the International boundary at
Tobacco Plains, including a branch up
Morrisey Creek, were made by J. M.
Stark, C. E., who is also engineer in
charge of construction. Mr. Stark was
in Victoria, Sept.'.), filing the completed
plans with the department of public
works, and in an interview stated the
contractors for the line were ready for
commencing work immediately. It is
only proposed at present to construct
the line from the boundary to Fernie,
and for this work A. Guthrie & Co. have
tbe-ontraet. Sub-contracts have been
let as follows:  Tvvoney Bros., Spokane,
but it was those who held and bought
.more and developed xvho have reaped
the cream.
"The mines of the Coeur d'Alenes
ha\*e made. Spokane the beautiful city
it is, as the mines of Leadville made
Denver, and those of ("ripple Creek,
Colorado Springs. The ore in the district consists of 55 to flf* per cent lead
and 21 to 35 ozs. silver and is concentrated 5 to 9 tons into one. The mines
of the district produce about 47 per
cent, of all the lead used in the United
States. Owing to tho Smelter Trust
the production of the mines has been
curtailed. If running at their fullest
capacity 50 per cent more men could be
employed. The mines of the Bunker
Hill and Sullivan nnd the Empire State
at Wardner aro running at their fullest
capacity, employing about 1,.M> men
Those at Mullen floO, and tho-a* at
Burke fttH), Various others employ
smaller forces, At Murray, which is a
gold district, Barry N. Hillanl and his
eastern associates own nearly or quite
all the placers and have an immense
Total tons  SH7
A man was taken ill with appendicitis not long ago in the parish of
a certain prominent Presbyterian
minister of Brooklyn. The patient
desired the. services of a minister
ofthe gospel, but linked liis brother
to summon an   Episcopalian   from I scheme on foot, concerning which lit tit
ing 80,000 cu. yds. to the.mile,' north of
the International boundary; Burns &
Chapman, six miles, adjoining; Poupore.
& McVeigh, six miles, principally wheel
scraper work, about .100,000 cu. yds in
all, from Klk river to F.lko; Ureal Smith,
three miles east of Eholt, averaging*
80,'xX)cti yds. a mile; J. G. McLean,
Xelson, 2J miles of rock work, adjoin-
ing; FossA McDonald, Slocan, 2J miles
of rock work, adjoining; Breckenridge
i-v Lund, the Morrisey creek branch,and
5 miles of the main line adjoining.
Other contracts will be let for the balance of the construction to Fernie The
I'nited States continuation of the line
from Jennings to the boundary is all
under construction and a considerable
amount of grading done. The. grading
ou both the Canadian and the United
States sections of the line is to lie completed liefore winter, nnd the line from
Jennings to Fernie will be opened for
Iraliic hy the beginning of the year.
Kil.lioititNK-s   eiti.uts.
W. P. Kilbouriii* ,v Cu. manufacture!
another district, saving  there wns could be learned.   Tlm output  for last • cigars at Winnipeg aud do a business
..(.tiling in the IVesbyteiian praver- V-ir »'»«                                              j;'11 ';'m ,l'e wv"; , ™* <>™>»K are
book ...mlic.ble to   his   ,.„si      The   H'c.ker Hill 8 I,75m.«m.»1  .-"Henry \ ane, ( oli,,,,!,,,*, hxposition,
HOOK UppildlllK    IO    HIS    (MM,        I IK ,         1.1 it Ml. Mil! kllboUI'llliH        liiai'l..    Tl,,*    Wlww.l      lu
episcopal   minister    remonstrated! Mi,min
another's |,11,.,.iM'"I;	
I 1 igei-Poortiian
field, but was finally  persuaded toi Knipini Kt,-ite,.
, attend thc bedside of the sick man.  }.-."»'*'-*-*
iran-itorv ! Hunter	
, ' 7 The latter explained   tlmt  he wnsl n,.,*!,.
Wheel,   La
Key   UY.M,
ihrniiiih ihe individual.    Mankind can  iigilltlsl   intruding   upon
In* bettered mils by mini bettering him
Nell''--intellectually, morally.spiritually
Any   nt her   betterment   is
Till;* llu.Ul- iphIi ( .Oil,tl I'lit'l i. iip.il. It
sacrifice, aii'
if men are tun
t„| very ill with appendicitis, and did I
miti-'x  ov   i't«*«.|M;   i:vi:\t**,
ls.Vi, id ,»
S..i.„     -.■ f.it
.lull,i! iii ri'inii
getii-iillv carried  '
the claim wn»  wii|
".,,0 Kl, belli;*   |.'li| feet
...    t   ., i    -...,..       .    .
\V...'I. wa
mi until
I out
! lieu eiici
Witt.   .*!*l,|iU,ll I I,
mn Wil** pl'nlil.
.«•.«.** 4       I   .11,1  I
if     Vt.il.lil
work put upon it.    Ihe   work  done on
oitsly injured,   John Fuller was slij-htlv Ij j, ,■„. ,,,,„, ,,,,„,„,.,* |,v ||„. invnersgrea!
hurt* I |y improved the properly, -mil it is pie*
Upon Christina*, morn it is  Mile Unit | ilic'.ed by llmne who  know   it  tlmt Hie
John Wiliillius' goods will he li*.||ed out | Neepuwa Will b,* iinide all i«111\  shipper
of many a juvenile  htnckiua   In thl-! under the new company.
beautiful burg.
A very etijo>(*b|e |.nrt,\ wn*» given la**'.
Friday   evening to a  number  n|  tin.*;    Ju-i now in Catiadn  Socialism  i*. li*.
young people at the home ot Mrs  P-*|. j cmuing quite pnpiilm-     In recent veins,     ■  ,*
nia Angrigtitin. J there has been a general stirring up iu ' A ». iU ,
In Sandon last week soineof the band;,,,«' o1,1 party I'Miiks mid thedi**coi,iehii*d
pBopie   got   Ininit   .inn  liinitfm    I urn | * *• •***'    ...... ... «...„   ..-.*.,..   «,	
...                           ,         I          I                  ,                          .        I               ,        i ■■      i ,:..,■   1,1   ll'    1 V- I !••    1 . i   t'l-   ',,"'',     .1' i *i   . ....
UKUIK'i   U.tH ll  l.tlllt vtlll  UIIU tl,  lllU  H  i*tl j '   '**» I        •*   **■' ,
a resiill we .-ee a ni-ti .j.iiii.i ,» -.iiii/..'!),. A l«o^e iuiiiiIh-i'uf e'-Xu, u- „*(llio)ed
anil growling *hiiP-').'ii* ctk»i.i,i.Hv' !if',-.(i!ii -.+,i,i,i.*' i-ji, j{.,i,i.',t;:, t,,,", Sa^K,!.f' "*'•' ■'■•-■X..->■,•■• hi'xttt
Canadian part j oi nit*.lei is ti.m--. i'id tin* piiiu iplc» *ti Sui-i.tll-ui c.xp.<iiiii!ct|
party men will '.'ondemii Ihe ;j,iMi*h.i i.i. |»v ,| M i';,ineioii. pioviiichil oriiaiiiner
*l» l (M*^ see m lue mini uli-ju 'ing im* j(,j '),,. ('.■n,,it|p|iu .-s-n'irin-l p'H l,v, 1 tic
wrecker of their de.tr uhl ftis-i|i/,e.|' tueettng wji* nut eaUed tu unlet* until a
ideas, and tin* ilit*ruption uf (hit  ninl   late hour,  -nnl   a-   Mr.   < itnieroii u.e
miolent ini very in xviui iiiipeniiiciiis.  inui  <im i .,!'",w"   ,'  A	
lltliiii in in |        . ii l Sixteen to < hie     , .
better ii.eiiiei'lces uiidet .-!.*• p.'liiiial\ not think the I'rcsbyteii-tn  prayer-1 N„|i|, side <;..!.! U
p.ttiy ihey will imt under another.        | book contained aiiything that would ; ( jjiu V«i"iTio
What pluck iim.I in.HVttfflii.it wi„ ; console him. " Why. yen it dow." I ..^^^ waH'1'^i ,,,,,„„.,'. /,,„.' {,„.
iiic"tiipli«h iu mining is well illti-trated ', replied the Kpiscopaliaii: "you'll | (-,„.„,. ,i".\|eue dlstrh-t the nittpui ni the
by the e\|ierieiici'  uf  llie   old   Lureka | find tllllt ill the appendix." .| dintrh't (or thn lirst half uf thi* y«'-ir was
"•renter titan that fur Hu* tit-i his uiuntli**
, of I Ot) i,
I      "'III   .Itllv     "'III,    l*s'ri,    iiillieih    Iniiii
in Ih'.I .(...1  ii»,*.l or nut. bin timl  tlay In.*'gone  n,„.|it.t <;,.,„ ,ni,|  \]nu„u  „,.„, ,„ ,),„
cun.pi.;..i   i,\e   .tai-   ait.-iHiii.is.   .ii  Uyt    Tin* public Imn I n . .Incited   |i„i.l-ei Hilhuni Suliiv.im i-i.ti-*n-.,j
tu    lllltlerstitllil   that    tlie   I'lil'i'lliost : Works  nt   Wnnlner  timl   Mew   up  Ae
m.-ivlm.it-*   mlvcrfi*-.'    their w'.rc-  "»'"   «»'"   ,|vlia1"""'  '■■'■ni-i.-teiv   •*'•■'
ir,n. i.i Kit i; Artiste.   Havana   Win,
ifirliM^li ""V',UI" ,','"ls IIMl1 -,"1'"' Swvet Homo.
I;.i.*,t^iii.i|''"hit-is a line large nnd varied to suit
|,1kii»,iinn', almost   any   smoker.     The   linn   ha*
r,'.':,,iMi;|,.„.|y   a.lde.l   the   blue  label  to  their
rim i,i Ml' i it*
'  'M'*.,  .lilU   I   inui,  ,,i,'..(i  i.lll  .MIiiiM! UiH'i'
I ct-.*itrs ivithiiiit a -.ingle twinge    (ieuiye
H*'i!oii, one ,,!   rl„- <„,*»; .1iijiii,«h*i's mi
Time was when a  man  in  biisi-
Tuiiuel iiol'l Mining ('oui>>iiii,\ which
wa-- fi'i'iiied lu iti".c|pip )t gravel eluiin
iu Nevada tiurntv, Ciiliiuiuia     \  bed uess gut trade  whether   In*  iulv.*r-
li.lk tlli.iii'1 u if. i ..liiliielici-i
wheii and thai Ihose who <lu  nut   advci-
tt'lai   |j<(. *ne •*.(» fill' behind the tilllt- that
.*  * tf. *,*..
•uiided in a larce. j
Foil Sai.i..—Mr*. Merklev, X«w Uen..
ver, otfeirs her stock of milliiipry, ladies' I
^ret*. <rii(iilo     elc       fut    s-ile   id    eii-t    ff,i*l
ca»li.      IlotiHe   mul   lot   on   the   samel
It is eMtimated that there will  be AM
tickets sold for tin
Yearn Im
ought. tn be ,*tlife fn sf-irr rlie   new veil
with a fit kitty
tl-'lV'illg    It.       M.'IIIV     PI1TP'.'-     "i
ami  Dials   had,   aiel   la.olial
tli'i l.Ut'il which   e\l*let|    Itp   li
llu woman   who loves to buy llp-tu* .time ago.    WMIe Hutigs havi
date  goods  should   ever  think   of  their normal
j'.M ( Klll/.lll^    IIIIIM.
If you've gut sotnething  to otYi*r
that is ••specially
Miiisou of the year. rc*t .'i.-suredaux
mini ur vvimiiiii   will   vveleutii'- Vtiio
ad and give il a healing if you -uv   ,*|(. ^I)1(, v|1||
it right and prim   it  right.     And  shut
i,i\,   r.i-
a  't.'ui
ssi a'v , tln-i e Ir- stlSS .i -1 lOliii
t  I ...i • ...ii,   ,       'l'i     ,     .
I'..t*,\ltl: .l'l**l *l  l.l|r,.!,H  *. le  -I.
till'   *,'|.ili/l e.>  uf Mtttil     *   tpe
taking" at Ihi- rule bem.' IhKl no union nn-ii mt* i-ut-
plnvc'i I .-un 'old tl>'itii?h, on *,•. i..|
authority, that 'pun- p. u.cnln-i *,! in,,..i.
tin* pike, represents. Hut house, and
when he enini-s again give him the glml
hand wilh <tii iii'ijei- enclosed.
The doctni exaiiinieil his putient
cifeftilly. an.I. with ii grave fan*, i.ild
him that In* was vers ill, i,i„| a«ketl if
In- h,i.| eiitisiilieil any tine  •-1 -•-     * -«fcf,, * •
-ill'l lite 111,1 II, ' J M eat tu see a druggist
atcl .'i-i.i d iii • adi ice, alel lie - '
"ItntggiM'" tlie i(,*, n.i ieuke iii.aimiily:
...i.ii » .1- ni* „u...| ui lii.il - I ue Kent
11,,*,-.' mil i an *h, v, l,e| i ,i ,|| 11 _•-!>.! yives
v..ti a hit <■!' io|\ ice ;- I . d-t   evaclh    Ihe
,..   I,.,. .,,K,.,.,,
1,'i'Hiu-k. liiivi
Mnpiircs   nt,
' 1
1 .i-it
" \
■'    i,C
I.U 1*
1  CI
mu* t
I vou.
' Ih.
1 .
' I!
. ii
i it.,.
if 1
I.T   »
■ III.
.III v •
i. .
Ig g -"'
1   1
»t ;
s   1   W
-I s
tl* >Ut
! -
e   e \
i'l   It
i 1
" \
J Us
«   M
n.ilt "
p   Shell    mullllis
I'ory partyituu     There is no reasun tu .iiifering Hum an  injitrv   in the neck, every ditTereitl   way  you   print   it
Tn mv mind thev   are  Imth  wrung
■ a, .I...I
ill i*.     1.1-1 » sei*       It Mv**
"lilt   ail i<i.liue,( elitrnl
Id for the Ho-um Hand ^«,w| helievi* that the pri.p***/atioiii.|S«jei,ttlisui: h,-did m.t «.* deeply into the question   may' be   right    right   for i-e.laiu   the picctu mine uwi,«*i.,  wnh a f,*w
I    At  *.' a  ticket the ,»n*>'* | ju ej**tmii« will have any other  effect.', Hi. remark* were well  received,  how   nnen.    Change it often   and   in the   honorable exceptions, ami tin it  cl,t.;.,
'. r'nere Is imimii^ new   ithniit   Micntiisui i e\er, iiiuicatitin that ineie nti* iiuuiv in  h»i»'fi: * n\\ yon ll hit   vin all.
j but the imsn engngeiHn it* propngniioii.  New Denver wtui have a uood under* ———
A idler ha* been received  lor W. K > | he tireat Hilornier   of ancient  Any*  M«ii<li.,» "f
Hcotl. kU|i«rintf<iwlont of the Queer tie**, j w«„ » Socialist ..f the Simon pure type, i priucipie-
KUting that  ibe company ban no in . 4JI(j jmrn Hu. *Uy to the present Sim Jul*,    Mr. 1 ami>nm i*
iciii!t*iii. am! adhere to it*',
iXHiiimiK   luctli  iii
'Wla. gciuli uicii.'" tried tin afte.i
veil's   ayo  they   were
pimi, to  a   man      Ihev   wmt   c.inci.li*
tu ,  -.... ia i ki  *^
liearing     A few
.In,ner .(H'-tker, Uagically,"wl»al w«uM, ^..v,!^,,^    ,,,,« pr..mi.,e.,t minmg tirm
t'!iiiy.|>i\er-- And bow   iitn^  vu-n* you
• ti   vuiii    \h*\   plan*,   mv   get.*!  m»n/
leallie*.   Jll-l ulj! ui J iijsulll pciUtClltlJO'y^
I i-n  \emrs.  nir.  ninl   1   tu*ver  had   a
single t * i-uiiig mil.
tention of elo-dog down, and  that thi-y i imx |lM t,e,.u it iive „„„,,      jjut C'Ln.t  ail tie- Ivtotetia*. camps, ami dtiiu-* tiut
(t>ttil have * pavrnl)
u-ii *
this imtiofi »rt» without the Idlied?"
"Htajf nation, of cnurno," murmured
the Cheerful Mint.
oHflk the | (Hi, IpMl »*!.«.-( i   slt.lt ,  liMlA- {      "1'lial    (•    imtf    busliHlnl     Mppii'ljf,"
and  a  bank  iii   NVallncc  auti-muti-tt   iImc   tnctUum  in a «ti!«uui,
v%'«fe    store
I'he inirier-
*<l«»«*t»" i-l S^Hri iliKin.. iM.!.a*s.*M»s.*r   *■■,-„,. g-,- mh *■: 'he  m'H-e!»««»n? i# «»iM.ri -  ",,! v",,:,:",,, '"",l- The iiiirn-r-* *••> im* niiii'i ban.* w-aut the   v.e.e     "Mv   h'«»>.nii^J   t^yitiif'''   **ii4
tin imt   teirgot   .iteijier   i'hnir   wtien ■ nf it     He  *IM  nut  wt**r hole*   in   tln<  mi.     |( re.enf   lierti|i|tinrrfr*< nl t> .»•,     \t*n i* ** (>Oiiitivi* mt H   woniJtn   i*   rnioii recmrni/ed snd imin* hut   inmn'the   wi-bm,   .ibsfnttv,-   "*'r*rinn*i   be
|.n»sitig' through Nelson.   Vuu will liml i s.mil.   ha f uf  hit  uiudi-si*.   shmkei*.,' new *,. m. ,s iii   int.into.    \.ik*\* •*.!•*'Contrary. uicii  «*iit|4»>*t*«l    In   utl.et   u..nt§ thut tilts', have furiiuttcii hit night key." THE LEDGE, NEW. DENVER, B.C., NOVEMBER 28, 1901.
Ninth Yeap.
The LxiiokU two dollars n yenr in advance. When not- so paid it is JS.fla to parties worthy ol credit, hoiwl ndvei-tisiui; 10 cents a
nonnariel line first insertion, and ft t-eiits a line each sn1isei|iicnt insertion, IkinliiiK notices Kft cents n lino, nnd commercial advertisinsi
(trailod in prices ai'oordinR to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: TilK l,F.w.Eis located at New Denver. B. C. and can lie traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided liy the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of in an, .Reworks for (lie trail
Itlazerns well as the bay-windowed hikI t.-liampitpne-flavoretl capitalist. It aims to lie on the right side of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stoon the test, of time, and. an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that it is
better to tell tho truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of jolt work is worked occasionally for the lieneiit
of humanity and the ihiiincier. Come in and see us, hut do not pat the hull dop on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage nnd the other a victim of thirst. One of tne noldest works of creation is the man who always pays tho printer; he is
sure of a hunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow hy night, and nothing hut gold to look at. by day. ,.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor anil Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross m this square
Indicates that your subscription is tine, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
I m are ciumKrnl Co-day |
That we do not live in South
That there are" plenty of bacon
and bean? in the Sloean.
That the camp is not full of the
bubonic plague.
That the price of silver is still
above the horizon.
That, our fence shuts out the cow
That we are not a woman.
That Jim Dunsmuir has no mort-
•gagejtgainst us.	
That we do not have to live in
That New Denver's sidewalks
are not 16 miles long.
That the C. P. R, has a stove at
the siding.
That the sheriff has not pushed
his mitt towards us for many moons.
That we are not in jail.
That we do not edit a paper in
That Bill (Salliher has done so
nine!) for this country.
Tliat we have lind one or two
(ioveriiiiient ads.
That wc still have a few Slocan
That Weary Willies have been
so scarce this year.
Thut onr lmll-iji-y i.*- .-.till fat.
That   wi
without n tonii*. or giving the land- J jj,,. Vancouver Province,
lord the iliuinb.
That sn ninny dear reader-  hav
paid fur this paper.
understand why Christmas conies
in December.
Morgan is buying into the C.P.R.
The earth is still intact.
Away up near Cape Nome there
are 300 miles of coal beds. Could
not be in a better place.
Rosewood is so called because
when freshly cut it gives a fragrance like unto the rose.
Socialism is spreading in this
province. It will be an important
factor in coming elections.
If paper is packed damp a fire is
liable to break out in it at any time
from spontaneous combustion.
John Considine got away from
the gallows in Seattle, and will
now lose his turbulent identity in
New York.
There is no place on earth where
people live that you cannot find au
ing in the sun.
The Conservative party in Canada will always be weak until it
breaks away from the ghosts of
John and Charley.
The Slocan is one of the richest
campH in the world, or it would
sink into oblivion under the weight
of its many burdens.
The war in South Africa will
probably be ended in a short time.
The millionaires complain that it is
injuring their business.
The ice man may have crawled
into his hole, but the coal man is
making il warm for us all over this
broad Canada of ours.
An  a.-trononicr   has   discovered
lhat ihis earth was made from gas,
m   eat   turkey today! ||,. probably gut onto it by reading
FituM nil   I iiiTiMf- I ri'i:i: •vh.i'i
N'u papet i- a uiiiidei' ir.  il** uv*
\i.t <.*ii- -i.,ipi  tifi'.i in   ft it v    •* ■-1
tu 1.1*
The man who docs uoi advertise |
i- like the I'llilp who pill bis caudle:
uiiili r ,t   perk   measure,   and   then
wulidi'l-ed uli\  no one eould -e-e  il.
today, especially here in Montana,
is a stock of taffy with a lead line
of lies run through the center; not
because men who write are anymore
truckling or less honest than the
rest of this aggregation of gold
grabbers, but because of the never-
ceasing and silly cry of ■conventionality,' the demand for 'mere
appearances, with no substratum
of reality,' and the false theory
that all forms of literature are made
to amuse the people and not to
correct the abuses from which we
suffer. In the journalistic drama
the 'sack and buskin' is being exchanged for the 'cap and bells,' the
marshal's baton for the fool's bauble. It is customary in all ages for
master minds like Gibbon's and
Hume's, Maeauley's and Carlyle's,
Johnson's and Dryden's. Swift's
and Pope's, to storm the human,
mind with the ordinance of intellect and shake all creation with the
thunders and heat lightnings of
thought; wrestling from mankind
its awe and admiration. Every
once in a while there steals forth
Family & Commercial,
A i
llev'uuil .■(tVoriHi'*.' i-Treatinn tu
tin- iii.i-m-- \\iTiitilil never see min'h
M-ii-e    in   a   Thanksgiving    Day.
■\   A  the  l-il.d will JC'Vei-
Fitted with every modem
convenience. Special protec
tion against (ire. Rates *2.f><>
and 83 per day.
l'ri.|.i li*torH
Clothes iilwnys look well
and wear well- -SI* the
Tailor knows his b\u\-
Hess. Wear die best.
Leave ymir order lot a
Xniai- suit with
F  /:   / IFl-i^CHI-l*    siiiinuii:*
silently some mighty world-shadowing mind. Some inspired monk
like Rabelais, beneath whose intellectual thunder-claps superstitions
melt away like the baseless fabric
of a bad dream. Some divine philosophic Socrates, who gives to a
brutal world his mighty thought
compelling elenchus in exchange
for the poison cup. Some'mute inglorious Milton who peoples a
heaven and paints a hell. Some
divine rebel like Luther,who transforms the religious thought of all
ages for millions of mankind. Some
sublime bard like Shakespeare,
who, looking down through the
telescope of time, reads the hearts
of men hundreds of years before
they are born. These are wisdom's
uncrowned kings—intellect's lords
—whose imperial brows keep forever green the never-fading bays;
whose master hands have set a
literary standard that will endure
forever. But all the great men
seem to have passed beyond the
shadows. With all our boasting
about our 'civilization' there is not
in existence today the equal of
Shakespeare or a Socrates, a Goethe
or a Spinoza, a Confuscius or a
Humboldt. We are all too busy
making money."
are at hand
The Oyster,  taw or
finished, is       ._^
always there.     Wi
w. o. bhownk    NS
Taste the
winter drinks
at the Nelson Hotel
Bar. Hot Scotch,
Oyster Cocktails.
Woman Puneh,Clam
Nectar, and many
Reisterer& Vaughan
Three Forks
B. c.
Provides iieciiinnicdation lor
the inivellin*.! public ....
Ple-is'int mills, and gool
nieiils. The bur is stoclu-d
witti wines. I'qtit.rs tnnt
eigius HOT ,„„) oojjj
HUGHNJVEN. Proprietor
And if you would fully realize how happy they are
(   going to be made—for the Little Ones especially—
A   you should take a squint in NELSON'S DRUG &   «*A
f*  BOOK STORE.       Christmas goods are arriving
^   daily and every available corner inthe store is being utilized to display the pretty tilings.    It would
be impossible to particularize this week?    Santa
Glaus will forward liis list of presents soon, then
look out.   In the meantime it will do you good to
look over the Toys, Dolls, Cards, Books,  Useful
and Ornamental   Articles,   Perfumes, Chinaware,
Manicure Sets, Combs, Brushes, etc.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Nelson's Dmjg St Book Store,
New Denver, It. C.
ifsT'I'lie -'Hanii'i" Hei'i* has hi'cumi* the favorite Beer lit tin1. Const Cities.    It 1ms mot in sin-wssfu
(•'ittilit'tition llie famous Milwaukee llcut's. ..
Our Special Canadian Rye is the most palatable,, whiskey in the market.
*»Ve have it in bulk and is eases, 5's and (>'s. We are agents for the Bruns*
wlck-Balke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of all kinds
Write us for prices and terms.
furniture at
J. Q. BUNYAN & CO., "»"•
The Newmarketflotcl,
II.is 0110 ot the must, beautiful locations in America, and the public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
IIENRV STEGE, *        .        .  "   '.      ".  "
-.I'l'V   Kill.
,l||-l   HuiV   e\* r
ill I liiu-tiii • ii \.
I'A-i t-v ' 11 ck
with ilii**1 p;il'ii*.',i;ijil
for s;» r
I'  I  -.<  !
,i>      i
t .1 tki*.
It i- nut -;t|i* in  -.'ivi-   a
hole"   tin' I'ti-li in I.
'•Iin-*i t|
tlm u.anA .... i.iiiiii'il l...!;.>.
m\ ii%j_i In llu- fa.'t ili.it Mi.niy nt <*ni
«.tili*i*rili«'t~ liavi- Ini^niti'ii thai ti'.ic
nl tin- tiiiliW-t wt.rk- nl (inil >.- the
to in \\ hu iiiuiix ■* p.'u-  thi*   pricier,
l.M\p't!t>  s   a plant that   -i-i-ih
with'T in   \tinti«'a.
|*v*■ l'*« *"'>Vi'  i1' 'h<' ItC:''   "'"ii.   \m*.\i
hei   *itulll  Up ji^ilhl-t ulll 'Mi'(\  filli .-,
jt i» a -it*k  VHiKi   thin   iimi*-   nut   imi mil «itn* nl tiiini  om   **".ik   h»*i ,
>\', upi-ii V v,  I>* iivi-i. hi ;i<! in 'en- '.-.titi-r ti.-tif.'! ,-tsiy iin.rf.;
Hi<i-e liappv il.iv** (Hi* p;c*l iiilrvil.
Atniiy: with the fliow   ihiui**   llu*
it|K»rt of ii licit ctiikeat Atlin.
Mrirnr Kti*ti*1ii*f   «if    Ni'Kim     irtM
in,!*, "•! *i«,;'t'- l.n>*V nw\ *■'•' iUv-m
Vnv juirticnhii.'. ;ij.|»!v fn
R. J. Steel, Broker
M.I..-OY 11   c.
J. E.Angrignon
Ti'l'    I, «"ll| ?!*._' '■
Finest Shop in Ihe Slocan.      i _
I le"
9 .**»-lrf! *»WI*ti»«.f
:>:■*!.•'!'•   UP-l'O,
■   printii!u* «'i!ip«»i'iiuu*
--1HE iXDflE
\   M- i.i'
1   H*.
t p.p..
* i i' , Wl.
\ i*t..ii'i fi
|V ■,,' i.
I'l.. U..|!
..t *l,    it
New Denver, H.C.
. ....„■.. .. ■ i, ...jii.....
« l«- tin ■ ii MuiP(t,tv
I      '    ..'       .*   IL       "	
I* III <l  PI    •   •   I
'«*t(\   I    j!i. \i K
li.i'.. \
SI. Jomcs
\ .1 tiCOIlHOV, |»fi,prl*(.if
1 ?<A«r teenU  m  tbe i'!fy— t'Vi'ttt'.rf.it.h*  r>*om'i—flir roplcti*  with the h**-.;? of
Li>|iiui*> out <'iii»i» — lU-f.1 jm*i\ Ue thiiiiit;h(iiii.
('.iiuula i- al«nil   nlil   eitiiii'.'h   to
|.»iv«" it- mn. itml -IjiihI ««i» ii« own
1-Jrlck   Uhek,    l!,.||cviii'   Av
l)ciiv«*r, B. ('.
Ui* t US.
I ATI Hint* CTriMPiim rtuvrrr*
i oat («».it 1'ine t»oiti> ai ,*•***•>******f -ifcfi.Hiniii   t«wni.i-a
Will    lievt'l    I tit    • lliitl^ll    Ol    III*    |o
ami  tlie «'Au«*c eric- «»f .-uimirnti-.u  bv the!
''  'ni.iii I'.p.iin.t t.» k...iun vi* VttiuiUn
ppp-1 A.p.rii. .... )pi.,.k       .^.j..),    j,.)   .j,,jw,tf ,.Uut
r\t*-, Of k.Hti;.l   fntl   !ii,.'.r>»i..it(,,.n.  (,■,. tif:,v f-
l*J»  mr»i,i *rf—
«»   » i..»MHKTT.
I*   **   T*    1 .-   • •   v   ...   f,      ,
w v r oiiuiii.ii.n.
•*. v i.t . o i.,„ij»i,
WoittU'i*   if the  \t»ot*
Filipino* nn* ofTcrin-,' thntik*- totiny vtnrhl.
i ..    <t ...   y i   . ,♦:(...      ,f"*\     ..»   I*, f .tint ni       I'Vfii     i( Iti't-    tiiTi'il'     in'
tm*t triiiiriiint;**.   i-  n«port«t fnnn • m«i*l«*nut«M», will  mak.- tin* joint*■
South Amerieti. ",i,T 'lll«, vmii"' w,1*»* »■" «*H«I noiit. j NOTICE.
'""~ ; rhcuiiiuticiii,   etc.    If you   would | 	
In  the Teiiitori--* the  fartiic^ , t    , , , ; ,^,wj,,(>t iiavix^m.ii, ,*,,,,,.,, r.^* ^rt*(,j
bm none higher lately.
S*.i*ml*t i*. 1**1
tVU  ltl'MTl,:il in .i.ti
El^hRnt*-    Hould   make   co*!' V (£f V
... •#.!—.     J    writing hi I
Slo-mii  if the T_..._*.
park »ttiui*l- for the
ttpjii!*' irer*» l»i|? enough.
]\y   ifjrAfoiji  M   the  *bM1
iimyt* m UouLUni   u.ukil ran  >■.*.>*.l;»
„......„ ... .he Butte IW VANGUARDS A
I rUC   j«l<*,   hA**   ihe   Miowihift. •*« ®iy-*i **>4 !n*«,»Mi x*-*,i*    •£
j    . _.  t .i.i ii *<» h*"*''*' **lim«i»M i'*u»r. f..i    f 1
tviKomtiM article upon  the «tei^yetl;,.AHH WITH ,mmt  ,^,\J
inik -t*iy]f nt fieri ami fieri
Till'  .t.S.I'k*Hk*    Hfc
oil the de.i»y-hi ,:j|HH WITH ,mmt  ,^,\J VJ       'fl
•T<("5? *|,|i«*il"eT*" Wi.i.id.1*. .fliH ijivim-i. tifwft.
m*y» i*mi\ >*■: AV™U'KS w%fr" ™™Zv SO
p<^f^ ^^^ *^m^i p*.xm m^m mxm mxm m^m m^**, mxm p*x»9, p« xm*\p*. **\
tar ..-p*tP*t  mw   __4*m   Mfetf   ^^   M j^   ^fc%>t><%w%k*wic%k%
• |
'****^»*S*?-a**AA A
! -t'
'■   J
! *. A
Bank of Montreal.
i:.MblLhtM| tutt.
'>   ^'^tiVtj \t'*sn  jift'it't  'te'l'f   .{ !t ».,''*> *W|'t> h'tJiAh'-_
Kmenreil fnml   ;   :     i.OJOKUfXtlU
I"n«livtde<l pit/Hi*   ;    :   MUlHl.OI
«mn timer., mtsrnr.At..
Kt. Hon. IjoiwHtiutm-uox* ».mI Mouxt Horn, II.C. MO. Prenirfent.
Hox (j. A. Drcmmon-o. Vice Praiideni,
fl Sa. CijuW'.vi'hh, ('•en»*v»l .VUnwKer,
Hranches u» «H Mtu ot (5irmfl«, Newfound!*!*!, f Jrett Hrftaln, nnd
the, (Tnit-ml Huu*<a.
New Denver branch
LE a DE VEBEft, Manager
r Ninth Yeab.
Perils of tbe Gold hmii*:r$
One of the intrepid band who
braved the difficulties and dangers
of that mad rush up the Fraser
river.in the early sixties in search
of gold, which eventually led to the
discovery of the wonderful gold-
laden creeks of Cariboo,-has given
"Word came to us that there
was a party at Bridge river with
provisions that could be bought.
A number of us went* up (distance
seven miles); we found the party,
but they could spare only five
pounds to each, for which we paid
a brief sketch of his experiences to I $2.50 per pound.    Some of our men
"  a local reporter in his native town j got whisky from these parties, and
in Nova Scotia, which is not with-1 by the time we got to our boat (our
out iuterest.    Mr. Wm. V. Brown, i cabin being on the other side of the
then  a very young man,   was in j river),they were badly intoxicated.
Portland,   Oregon,  when   he was! One of them made an attempt to
smitten with gold fever.    "Gold," j shoot me because I was trying to
he said, "had been discovered in I get him into the boat.    1 caught
British' Columbia,  and everybody.! his arm and spoiled liisaiiii,but the
in  the adjoining American terri-1 bullet slightly skinned my leg.
tones soon reached a state of fever- j    "We began to think  wo would
ish excitement.    I received a letter j have to leave the country or die of
,    from a Nova Scotian, describi ng the
discovery of gold in  the   Fraser
•x river, in British Columbia.    I went
\o Victoria, B.C., and reached there
when that magnificent city of today
was a howling wilderness—only a
Hudson Bay post, without even the
usual accompanying Indian  huts.
Myself and live companions built
boats to ascend the river.    During
the fortnight that we were buildjng
these boats, 15,000 Americans from
San Francisco arrived at tlie post,
which, as if by magic,becameacity
of tents.   There was a mad rush
for the gold region, and our party
lost no time in starting.    The only
man who knew anything about the
region to which we were going, or
the route, was a fellow Nova Scotian
named Falt,originally from Lunenburg county.    When  we   started,
Fait and several others went on
ahead in a home-made canoe,aiHl I
and six others followed in a row-
boat.    We were followed in  turn
bv two other boats,  and in this
order   we started on our trip of
be obtained, with 140 miles before
us. We took in our boat five
others, making in all a company of
"The'men and teams returned
after two days' absence, bringing
back 22 dead men:  in  fact none
ten. We started out in company were alive except the Jew, and he
with three other boats, with ajwas uninjured. There being no
strong current.    We sailed on  till I accommodation   whatever,   myself
near dusk. Wre landed on the side
of an island upon which was an
accumulation of driftwood. The
wood being dry, we soon had a lire.
and three others concluded to make
an effort to get out of the country.
The river below being completely
frozen over.there was no likelihood
After partaking oi* a small  morsel, j of getting out that  way.    So  we
we spread down  blankets on  thej made enquiry of the Hudson's Bay
snow, laid ourselves in rows/spoon
fashion,' and then covered ourselves
with blankets. In this way we
were comparatively comfortable by
the combined heat ol" our bodies.
Company men how we might travel
overland. They informed us that
there was an American fort twenty
miles distant, and gave us the
course to be travelled to  reach   it,
The night was extremely cold. The but that the route would be dilli-
next morning the river was frozen ! cult. We started the next morn-
as far as could be seen. We con- ing. and after travelling through
suited   together.    All   except our-woods for a short distance, we came
. = i/\r>._.,.»Miis~
_nM> a _tt i*c*k_/lo.v_vi.*A
~n,v-H,,.w-*»y *-"■
rowed 30 miles across the Gulf of
Georgia, and reached the mouth of
the Fraser. The second day we
were rowing up the Fraser; we
camped on the site of what is now
New Westminster. After rowing
up the river and across lakes for
twelve days, during which we had
fix very exciting and thrilling experience, we reached an Indian
trail, which was 75 miles across
country to a point on the Fraser
river that we wanted to reach. We
had to. entry out- boat »»»* ftl1 our
stores across this trail of 75 miles.
After we had covered the distance
and endured great privations, and
overcome what were apparently insurmountable dilliculties, had a
shooting match, and narrowly escaped a lynching bee. wc reached
the I'Yiisi-t*. and found two or three
hundred now there, who were tillable to cross on account of  the ex-
starvation. We thought that it
was barely possible that wo might
descend the river in our boat, and
we at once made arrangemeUts to
do so. The weather was very cold
and the river very dangerous because of anchor ice and rapids.
The last food we ate before we
started was a crow that one of our
men had shot the day before. We
had no salt, nor had any for two
months. We floated down the
river till night overtook us, went
ashore, made a lire, laid down,cold
and hungry, without shelter. The
next morning we found the river
frozen over as far as we could see.
We concluded to abandon the boat,
as this kind of conveyance was impracticable. We thought if we
could reach Horse-Meat liar, so-
called, we might get shelter and
food. We reached the cabin of
Mr. Frank, a German, about nine
o'clock that evening. We spent a
comfortable night, as far as warmth
was concerned,but our friend Frank
could spare but a little mite  from
his-laMleiv—AVo—well know if—wo
did hot obtain food on our march
our situation would soon bo serious
indeed. The next day we resumed
our journey, following tho course
of the river, which in many places
was almost impassable. About
noon we came up to two men
(twins), belonging to )lachias,
Maine, who were repairing n boat in
which they intended to descend the
river. The point is somewhere
near Lillooet. They kindly offered
us passage, aud shared their sparse
food with us. This was providential indeed, and lifted our
drooping spirits. We assisted
them iu getting the boat ready,and
were soon on our way again, These
men were acquainted with the river
siiHiciently lo avoid being drawn
into ihe fearful rapids tlmt exist.
Without this knowledge, dentil by
drowning would In-inevitable. \\V
proceeded on our way without any
party concluded to abandon their
boats, but we stuck to,, ours. We
arranged ourselves on each side and
to a, flat prairie. Upon this we
found hard travelling because of
water under the snow.    After going
pushed   her   over   the   ice.   Fre- j about live miles we came to a river
quently the ice would not bear us,
in which case we would hang to
the gunwale. After working in
this way all day and part of the
night, we succeeded in getting into
open water. Wc found some of
our men were weakening,especially
two. They were fast asleep on the
thwarts. We covered thein up
with their blankets. The balance
of the men, except, the twins and
us two Nova Scotians, were very
much discouraged, and inclined to
be drowsy. The boat became surrounded with ice, and little could
be done in propelling her with
oars. The night was dark and w*e
were ignorant of our progress, but
about midnight we discovered a
light on our left, which was visible
for only a short time, but an „ hour
or two afterwards it again appeared.
As there was an island lying off
abreast of Fort Langley, we then
supposed we were abreast of that
fort, and that the island had shut
out the light from our vision.   This
frozen over, but not sufficient to
bear us. We. walked up the. banks
of the river two miles to an old
barn, tore off some boards, laid
them on the ice, and in this way
crossed. We walked all day over
this kind of country and reached
the woods about eight o'clock in
the evening. After going a short
distance in tlie woods, one of our
men gave up and laid down. He
could go no further. We fixed him
as the man did the Jew, covered
him up in blankets and left him.
About ten o'clock we reached Se-
miahmoo Bay. In coming down
the steep bank on to the beach we
could see the lights of the American
fort. We now had good walking
along the beach, and ere long,
probably about eleven o'clock, we
crawled up the steep and were
challenged by the sentry, but as
we could not give the countersign,
we were committed to the guardhouse, where we had to remain
until twelve o'clock,  or until the
officer,Captain Mason,and marched
to headquarters. There we were
kindly received, fed and clothed.
After about a week a small steamer
came to the fort with supplies, and
we returned to Port Townsend.
"I never heard anything further
about the frozen men, but the probabilities are that they did not survive. We reported to the commanding officer of the fort of the
man we had left behind, lie sent
out a detaehnient,and he was found
and brought in all right.''
Don't buy more space than you
need,but don't buy too little either.
Bettor buy too much than too little.
Better put an eight-dollar ad in a
ten-dollar space than to put a ten-
dollar ad in an eight-dollar space.
One way you are out only two dollars; the other way you are out
eight dollars.
The main feature, of all truly
successful advertising is its ability
to outlast the first, impression—i.e.
to deepen the good it did at first.
AL Miiiernl'Cluimg.
Situate in the Slogan .Mlniiu* Division nf   West
Koomimy District.     WlitTo lot-alert:   Silver
Mountain, two milits cast of New Denver.
t-liAICK NOTICE That I. HiikIi S. Xelson, Free
1    .Miner's Certlticato Xo. 11 ii2U:i, Intent! sixtv
days from llu; .late hereof, to apply to tin* Minm"*.*
Recorder for Certiticates of Impi-ovoment'i. for
the  purpose of olitainini' Crown Orants of the
above claims.
Anil  further take notice  that action. nnilm
section 37, must bt* commenced before the i.-sn
unco of such certiticati's of Improvements.
Dated this 28tlt dav of November, A. D. 11KI1.
Mineral   Claini.
Situate in iht: Sloean Minin*' Division of West
Kooteii.-ty District. When- located: On
Tributary creek, near Sainton, on divide'.
'PAKE XOriCK That Wilson ji Senkler.actiu*
I as ut-'ent for the Adams British Columbia
.Miiiinvr Oonipaiiv, fiv*L* miner's certilieate Xo.
IOSo.'i, intend, sixt davs fii.in tin* date hereof, to
apply to the Minin*,' Recorder for a Certilicnte of
Improvements, for tbe purpose of ohraimiiii- a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice Unit  action, un'lei-
Sectiou 37, must In* commenced before the issuance of such Certilieate ul Improvements.
Dated thi.-. nth day of i ictuber; A. D. lOa.
KM MA and KOItSOX .Mineral Claims
Mluiitein the  Arrow Lake Minii,- Division of
\\ est hootenay District.     Where locate*.!:—
• hi I'li'.f-stiiii cree.I-. about 8 miles from its
TAKE XOTICK That I, 1**. C. Green, actlnt* as
1    .win f**r the Daphne Mining and Development Ct.mpiiuy. I,iuu'ted Liability, free miners
certilieate No   lli\'ii',i>, lutein!, sixtv days irom
the date  hereof,   to apply to the'Minini.'   He-
coi'ilei' for it Certilicale of Improvements, for the
purpo-.eof i>bti«itiiiii* u Crown Grant of each of
tin-above claims.
And further take notice that action, tinder section .'17. must he eiiuiiiicnceil lief..re the is.suauc*
of such Certilieate >it Itliiii'oveinents,
Dated this aoth dav of September, Hull.
F, C. GKKEN. NeUi.ii, B.C.
I.OKNA   IMION   l-'HACTION   Mineral Claim
Situate iu the Sloean Minini.- Division of West
Kootenav Di.-trlct. Where located: Oa
Four Mile Creek.
'PAKE NOTICE, That 1. M. li. \V. Halhhonu;
I     "",•""     ~.*,~~~""~     '      *   **" *     •'•*■•»».        *l.       IIIIUIHHI  MV|
I 1*ret-.Miner.*.'Certilieate No. H.-_','!!3, for myself ami usiwnt for Frank Culver, Fret* Miners'
Certilieate No. H HH.tjti. intend, .in davs from tlio
date hereof, to apply to the .Mining Iieeiirder for
a certllic.-.te of Improvements, for the purpose of
oblainint.' a crown  trrant of the above claim.
And further lake notice that action under Sec.
37 must he commenced before the K-uianee of sttch.
certilieate of improvements.
Dated this huh day of October, A.I), li.01.
NAIiOlt   Mineral Claim
sentry was relieved, after which we
were reported to the commanding
surmise proved to be correct. Soon
the ice opened and allowed us to
shoot our boat to shore. Here we
found ourselves about two miles
below Langley, the snow about two
or three feet deep, and we in it
with no means of conveyance. Out-
party now consisted of two men
frozen to insensibility; tlieir feet
having to be loosened from the boat
by cutting fhe ice with a hatchet:
four  men so much exhausted as
Scarcely    able   to   Walk,   and   four  cnttUnite your portion ,,f all such expenditure,
»' ' toifctlier With all costs iifii(lveltls|ii(,', your in(ei-
small men that must do all thftt! v?''"J'MH^ *«'^"'"V'i" ,',r,Tr,*v ,,f
I the -.ubsi'ilbcrs under Section   I ol  -in  Act un*
wtin   done      Mv  countl-vinaii   and I tlUeil"Au Act to Amend the Mineral Actinou"
WHS    uoilt.      AIJ    (Otlllll)Ill.lll   mill       D.il.il al New Denver, ll. C, this -.Mtl. dav of
the lej.'al iiersonnl representatives .if
J. A. SMITH, deceased, m* to aiiv
person or iiersons to whom the said
.1. A. Smith may liHvc transferie
hl« interest in the Silver Hill Mineral Claim,
situiitetlon 1'ayne Mountiiin. 3 mile* south of
Three Forks, in the Sloean Minim.* OivMon
of West Kootenay, British Columbia
\r<~iU. niitl each of you, are hereby notified
tlmt we have expended two hundred ami
live dollars iu labor it ml iinprovoiiieiit-i upon the
tibove mentioned mineral claim under the pn -
visions of tlie Mineml Act, and If, within IK)days
from the dtiti* of this iiotleit, you fall or refuse'to
myself took the one man  and  the|0t,,"lM,,',11'('1-
twin brothers the others.    All  wc
asked of the others was to go ahead
and mark  the track  through the
woods.    We got within  a  (piarterj        .,,, ln.:us^vl:sv , .miwxki.s,
of a  mile ol'  the" little  village of ;t*. *;ii as. anmikiisiiN, okm f aihiiaikn
" III.    \|.*MNN*iiN,    .1     I*.   HICIIAKI's
LiHigleV (not the  fort),   when   ui
Situate in the SLcan Minim,' Division of Wist
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Heco Mountain, adjoinim* the Hlueblrd,
Stran-jer, Tradu Dollar, Idaho No. 2, ant!
Kinvdon mineral claims.
'DAKK NOTICB Unit I, H. W. Hull, free miner.-.*
1 uertUieiitc No. H .L'.'lll, for myself and as
tijiteiit for George J. Atkins, free miner's eerlili*
cate Xo. li 4797:', Intend, sixty days fr nu the date
hereof, to apply to the Minius-' Hccorder
for a Certilieate bf Improvements, for Ihe purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such C«i tilicate of Improvements.
Dated this lith day of July, A. D. liml.
H. W. HL'LL.
CASIIIun   Mineral Claim,
Situate In the Slueau  Mining Division ol Wt*t
Kootenay   District.     Where located:    On
Carpenter ereek, adjoining the Sunrise.
•I-AKE   XOTICK   Thai I. John   Keen, Five
I    Miner s Certilicnte Xo. II .-WWIl, Intend, sixty
days fiiim tho date hereof, to apply lothe Mlnlnif
Hccorder for ii Certilieate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtainiin; a Crown Gram of (be
above claim.
And further take niitlcf that action, under section .17, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certilicnte of Improvements.
Dated this Met day ol October, A. D, I'm|.
John keen.
tnioi'dinarv   hi*j;h  water.     Myself j mishap.    We entered the llig Can-
]e of others I'lMistincli'il' yon, ^o-cidh-d. iipi'it tin* third day.
Ittl'l ,'l eotiple o
a boat to use a.*-
(■.'line to an old shack.    In this  we:
j took shelter until some  one  could
| go on aud report our condition.   In
la short time about o<» miners einne
ferry,    We j^ol ; Thi-- goryc is one ofthe jjreiil sights!
out and carried tin* sick men,   nnd
lour board** a! a nindeiate price i.l
si a foot, ami .'t- nails al ?l a nail
, ll.i.- v.a- U*f >ve the day <>f tni»t- ,
.mil, h,i\ im.' itupi'oviscd this ten v
boat, we started busiue-- carryiii"
i,w .-■■ !)•;•■■• ;*TO"- lb'- l'''"« "*". 'I'!''-'
rate of leiriitge was acroi'dinr*' to
tin- t-i-V: ui* ran. and i-ti the lit t
tiny *\e netted >::u\ III 'In-*.*
Weeks mo H'ceipt- V.eie "*',.'Aiiii.
and iln'*' eonipi'tilioii ua- eiic.'ii'.-t-
I |'i*ll.       \ltiT till**    We   tout*    HJt  u' I
titii.** and "t'U'D-d in Imnrt Itih*
"The water nciliil niiiYu it -1 ■ 11 >
trout llu* iwii** *o Dial we eoiitii
I.niUi' out claims.     With acii.itnoti
       ! "»   sitile-.    -omI
had she! down abi.'.n hnl
n illl   lis    perpi'lldleulal-    \\ (ills-.     ."»(MI
leet high, dark  and  di'smiil,   with
pt'lllilli. vi-iblf te .-href «!S e\rej*|
llie ll'tf'iow   strip <it" blue sliVdllect-
Iv iiverhead.    Tliedisiatiee||ii'oii!i!t
,!,., ,,..1 ,-!„„ ,..,.
llie ,|j..
».it.ee we ••ln'ollliHiVil .1 ealill'lti <*f
It! leet pel'peitdte-.llar fail, lli'l'i-
w.i- a tlt'lt iiiliia. W e liei*l |»iil .tiie
l..i-it below or pei>h, ,tml t'Veu that
111.IS   be the e.i-e    If,    ;*t) ei|,|l|ili-*    In
;ifi oinpli'h il.      Mutt;',   tin- Ini^li!y
V.A\ W< ",y tn t ,l.-iel.,';! l,.j] ! ! ,i\ -l.t'H « *
wide enoiijih for olse to -jjiml p*(l.
*, elui one ieaiied -notion ii^,*nn»t
the ii.i'k, hilt if the balatui' ti.'t.iieii
itK'kef we   would   take  nut   nbotii   livei ward all hope   would vani-h,
>-itladay. Wc  cxcluingt-i!   idea-,   laid plan-,
"The wiuU'i' being near. w.e built, .'.md at la,.*-1, ei hi elm led to lie lu nut*
., ,„.,***tmu"iMf. ft-ilioi tmf mm urn-' Im!'* until mnniii"' f»tnl 'Ih'ii ».i*»l*n
•A .ii,,ii t-.iitic from 'Vi" lht<V'-v. V.a; ' *.h- ',\t\i'ioyi to -'v:uv- tht- hint ht-
< filii|MSH}'. Wi* l.-id made *'u! 1-7 hot. After sji-cl'dh'^ i)te tiny in
tal-vl i(p lo ihh t«»...". Hwiil tihh .-Utr'yh%'i'ii<:-nm^ All'al -flltfiiltlimnjn I«il,l«iHj^'i>
of altftitx run Id not lik-l tiitteh loin-- and cold, wc nil ngatii iMturihl our
i us four who carried them, intn the
little village, and handed ii** ever
to it fat old lady who was i-imiiin-.i:
a whisky shop. Thoii'Ji lu-r t-v-
ti-riur was roti^ti imu ie-r caiioif'.
Hnl  mi*|* r,*s|,ee|!ll.ie,   \i-t    -he    |ni*-
m-s. i| a 'Vinpaliieiie heart. Sin*
wa- llu* pt*r*ii!iili. atiim of tende)-
lies-. 'tin* !to/eli tiieli wete laid
uiit itpnti the tltittr, le.! whi-ky
itiiuieil dnwn their tht'oat-. atci
,-t.ow h* apeii upot, th. ii Ir- iv.i:
(.■.-I. '! lo- lt.-\t lu rtiio'.. the bo- .|
wi )•• « ui I'.tiit then li i I, and il u.i
|..tnn! lhat they wen* liu/.-n badh ,
i'\ li'iul'lUy  'iltitVe  fheii-   l,*i|.*e**        'I'lti-
jc.'.u fellow.-   v,etc   in   ;;   mis   bad
ciUidition, and   n.»   nndical   as-i-1
am e could lw obtained.
**The next day one of the men
who had abandoned the 'toat- ar-
iive*l Ml ltl«l llllit-oli j* tiny -tatIon
Willi 11 e;i!|    I'ontailtlllg    Kt.YlHHI    in
Ifohl dilsl. lie re(Mirhi| many of
Iii- tioat-mates to be dead or dyin-.'.
The Ufld-Mitf-   JU\    |H"ipl«*  nlb'i.^l
nin.il' iiiiwi;,.i'i.i ith-pp.uiiei /n.i., b e
itao-fi-riid tb.-n liiterom tn the l*'<*il..rn min-
.ml ••Inlin, *|(ii,'i|ii*l nu Oaleiia Knflil'tl.'U,
111 ii si!n it-i.:. in tin- S|..i an Mi-iii.p.* li.p.1.-
I.ni.ipf Wot Kooiin.iy Di«ti-iet,
ol' AHI-* IIEIIEHV Nu'l'll-'II*D tl. .; I li - \ .-
,. ||,l,|| wj...* -«p ii, I :|„.,  ,,,„(    ,1,,.  ■ nV, ,.,, ,,;,
..ti tit.* l"*i|.iia  inii.eriil el.iiui.     'lb*- ''■•• '•'■ *ln* i.ii. .1 :i -I  -l'i',' Vl i* ibe .'VI*. II*.1 II.-.'. -- pi v   ii. ...il. f t.i
!e:.! 'I..   ,iid . ipiiii, tn.*i,,  ,:..   1r.,.,;,,,,     p ii„.
Mini *..I \. t. .-nd li ,t i'l,in i,iii. i, ij.-i* Pt.'iii  i!.,.
.!.'   - < ih1,- .. •'.. '.■■ ■- :-i!, i   ,-■-.     i        t,. . i
1'IIIUI' HOWK. or lo whom thev miiv have
ll-iiiisfeireil their iuteresiH In tin* \Vhiii* ||t.i'-e
No, I iiilneral claim, sltiiuted on Galena
Kit nu (hit, near Silverlnu, hi the S|..eaii
Mlldiu Division, of West K.,.,teiiav Ills*net
vot: hue HKHicitv notified iimi ihav,
1 exUMided >IOif..frfi|ii lab..)- nnd lni| r.iveineut-
untile While Hi.rseNo. I inliier.tl . I.iim. Tin-
'llMiVclliclllliillcd   C|'l.'.,Vi   Is   Ihe  e\p.-||*e   li.t't-'-
-ary Iii order lo hold the -aid claim itmler ihe
pr.w-M"*iis t.f the Mineral Ail, ami if within
ninety days li'.im Iln* tbite ..| ihi* imiii*.* v.-u fail
nr i-etus- t*. contribute ymir |.iu| oiiimi ..I the
ahpive UH'lilioli.il -.till 1. "bleb is iias' due. i, .
Ketl.-i'i- with -ill e.H*. ol ii-iv.'ili-iin.*. ei-iif ii'l. .-.
.-I-,  in   llie  >*.ii.l    elaini    t\|l|   lieeniue  fhe p|,,i,.
'-IIV    "I    III*'    llli'i'i-l'.'l!. ll   Illlllll'   S.e|,i.II     |„|i|'r
"Mi.pftpil   Ael   Amen.llie -nt   .'i.-t l:«-*p"
D.tt.-a   ii!   -(i\.-n..i.     l(   C     tin ,  im    ,| n   , ,r
t i.-i.'tu-r  l'*i|,
i 11.(1.1,1.- I:   Iii i|'|*;
TA.1M1WCK   Mineral Claim
Situate in the Sloean Minin*,' Divi-ion of Weil
Kootenay District. Where located: On tho
Third Kast Kork of Wilson creek, about tO
miles from Slocan Lake.
rilAKK NOTICE Thai I. Keiineih h. Buruct.
-■- a«eut [.'!■ .Jnines M. .Martin K«itr., Ki-co Millar's Certilieate No. H litaii. intend, sixty .lays
troni'theilate hei-eof. tt- apjily to the Milling Ke-
I'order for a Ceriliieate of improvements, for tho
liur|tose of obtain!)!-? a Ci'p.vvn (irant of thu alwvo
And further take notice that action, under Sec-
tl'tn .li. must be eoinilienccd before tin; i-tsuancc
of Mich ( ertilicate ef linprovemeut*p.
Dated Ibis »ls=t day of October. A. D. l'.H'l.
SUNIIISK    Mineral   (.'lain
Situate in the Slociiii  Minim* Division of West
Kootenay   District.     Where located:    Ad-
joiiiin-.' tho Hoik* mineral claim, near Sandon,
T-AKK XOTICK That I, Getive Alexander, free
1    miner .« certilicnte Xo.  iVi'.nti  n< iiu'enl for
tlio Kuth Mines. Limited.free miner'seertiiictite-
No.  H50S.-SI, Intend, sixty   days from thc date
hereof,  to  apply  to   the Minim* Recorder for
a Certilicnte of Iiiiprovemeiits, for the purpopcof
obtiunlujr a Crown Oram of the above claim.
And lurlher take imtice that action under sec. 37
must be commenced before ibe issuance of sttch
Certificate of Improvement*..
Dated tbls 17th dnv ofOctolier li»il.
pMOI.K Mineral Claims, and ibe ItlNCOV
andCKOW Kructloiml Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Sloean  Mluim.* Division of West
Kootenav district.    When; located:   About
three miles soutli-east of Silv.-rtuli, H.C.
TAKE XOTICK Tlmt  1.   Kmncis J, O'Reilly,
1    of Silveitou, H. c.. as iiKeiit tor It. InaliiKer,
of Sjioliiiiif, State of Wui-hliaHoli, U.S.A., Free
Mima's Certlticati N**  II .'.:'.|.-*.;, Intend, sixty ilnjrn
Irom Ihe dale hereof, to apply  to   the Mbiinf*'
Keeorder foi Certilicates ot  linpiovement-. for
the puriiose ot obiuiiiini.' Crti«n (innits of the
ah..yt claims.
Ami further lake notice llutt action, under section III. iniet be commenced hef..n* the isntiaiice
of such (.'erlllicati sof Iin; ruvi merits,
Dated this eh day of .November, liml,
T.   I!
101.1X1,0   IA
I   | el -..>;.. I    l'i |.i
V ur  j.i ■■; .*ili.
'.Vb'l'.   I*   ....-.',
.ill..tl.llli.- -,
I**' *    'll-     l'*!'*
S-   -ll- -l   i ■.. Ill-
i i   t. ,i       !    •*
• I
otill \!'.!,'
p.t. I;-., .   . ■
(     Slllilil  'p>
" m7'77
■  . -.   IP,    :',..
il   t,-
li t, l;l,l
•ill.VKK l,i:,*|.' Miii.iiil claim.
Situate n. th. s|„eaii .Mliilni* Divi-ion *,r Went
Ki.t.t.-ii.-iy District. Where I<h*.i|i il; On Xorlh
K..lli.*l I'ij-lit Mil,(i«-k.
TAKK NoTICI'., Thai I, Ali.en K. Ashcroft,
I rrovluii.il l.pintl Survewir, as ni*eiit for Kr-
tii-stc. Hrlltitp.K. M (' N*. Il|*.!.:;i, ami Joshna
I'liltlur. F M. i' Nu. Hl'.'tl, iiit(.i,.l.sl.\ty diiTJl
Ir.'iu tlie dull* iiereot. tmipplv to tin- .Miniiijf
lleeoriler tor .i eel tili.-iOe .ii ln,|.i ..wiuciit.. for
lliepiirii.i-e ..! ..I tninii,}.. , . i.,»... «ian| ,,f ||*„
at ii\.*elitiiii.
A,nl (tii'lln i t.il.e n.itie,   th,-,i „, t,.ii ini.U-r i*co>
li.'ii."'.'ii,ti*t i,e e .uiiii.-iii-ed U-f..i>   iiii- l«-,u.tnra
nl  ■■■li-ll .'. I lilie.ile ..I illl|.|'..V. III. 1,1*
It t. i| th|. t;--i,  I,,-, ,.f  Sneii-t.  \   |i  I"■■!
ii.man i   A-.tti'i.-oKr, c i. s
Illl.   H*lN*iWII\.   -I.AKIN   IIIAC-
l ION,    I IIII'M I'll    I It \t   I IOS
ind  isi:v oi«.ii  i■ i: \»■ i iov
Mpp .i.i   ei  pi...
■ I Wi-nt
... ate.I:
■•'   -1111-
■» i*
MliHJll i.oU'KliV '.> < 'l.\iM
hi * .inn- i tun u u\ i.,\
-i-lie III I'l Mn* *(Ht«»r ;t i|it|
tin . If I'nn.i.slu',* a j uv,
• i«'r fliat l(*av«*> im» iiijk*(-.|.
hub-;      ',(l\i|       e*ti(^0'k      hu
beaten for shattfriitL' t\w r»',-*7V7
■Illl,If l;
;t H uti
-Al \
. i \.
.!   v \ >■
i!  '.II.VA
i,..i,i Up.
'... • I .1   'V*
lllil .
-I I.e.
pi .ni'i-
. ,*»»
IV»'f j
Vatu.'.>t|Ve>.    |liv ,'»
I. .■.Lift O
,    .,   ,     ,    ,.     M,      A.   .   .. ..     ... -».«.*    to Dniviiie ov-tciiut-to buujj  them
i>lov«ll»V the IIn«Icon »» ISa*. tout-  rmt   1 tin.    We   armed »t  I In** a    ., , ,,     ,
1    * *       , i/i        ■     t .        i       i *  i    i -     i »«'* »« tin" men would volunteer to
i»nnv to iiinke the rofiil  tm«l mt* point weak ami wwrv,    Iiilookmi;!  , , .        ,   ,
V * . i       T   i       i        i   • i   •   i eh««r the emA.    \ iniiutM-r of the
(ImvoiviI to «et more nioiiev tliioi l«»ek and iHinileiin-i ovei our \%mtA    . , ,
. ,     .,   ,      *    -       i.        ,.i .. ,    ..   , .,, i ininen* Hgreett to j£o to the   i*e*w*ii«*.
wat Agree-il iiimhi toi their wrvK-i'*;. t»re«ath eM-mie, it eaufeih-elihliill-A V . . ,
. . ' , ,,A .ii * ...    Aimmg the t«rty wn*» Jew.   who
iiu<!  fii-en.ntti*'  flie  eoriui,-i,nv   «ruiFiF. fo  run   «Pirons?h   mt*   fr-tnu.'.    Wei *        '. ,       . ...
.    . ,        i i   .i. i.t   . * ,. tomw  llie*i:»,«ii» ImiiiKlit  i»i  Uv *
nots-.ul.mit to their ilenMn«l« thev ■ t»minin«d that onr »iiffeniii(/i woiihli , ,,.      , Z     ,   ,.*
' . ,  ,.   .   . X        . ..       V .   ,   ..th.   man.    fk  Jew uttiinl  hua
U#*k   »♦»«*•'**>on   mA  btoeki-it the ;em\ niwm oummvalhei-e. Imt n\h». ,   „ . ... .,
A  } , ,,       '        i .,   , ,    .    ; half the money  it he would save*
rami, hence the eompanv etmhi not onr hoiien «oon wen* hl««*tMl. I*-   . f .  . •    ._      «. ,
.XX' , '    * .... '..       , ...       -    .  .-Abe wmtty jm-i!  hit*   hfc.    iieiwr
fnlfil the ftfftrarr.    flnreomlit.onci.nw.   the Vtnee neither iffimM! ttlMU(f||fcW;IgUiecmtriMt he.overnl
ww bccominK Prions An no Umi >heiler uor tooA.    We mmlo out to :Mm nj$ ^ *m u%m\m^mA^mUiV ^  -,   ,
could lie ohtaineil: U«iil«». we«en* get a h«f ofhreail iiieh. tot which' m,t,  rtnA hv  Af*i,emtu effirfs   ft,   K. T. LOWCfy
*for*roun«l^l by h»MiN- 1mlwin*.       . wepuiAK*.   Thi**aa-**UthutomiLI re*hed thefort. New Denver, B. C
luck nl MtijK'r.siitititi am
JUJntjaucc Uiai cuvi'i
much nf tlm lirijxlit im*t
al ol   IVeefloiii   on   tltis
faith,     Dijr.   whih'  thr-
rhoiiffht   nf  jiiiri'hrtvi' ?s
wArmiiifr   your
\ > \ .
**1H* n   ii
r  - -: nip.|, r *>» . (oni
..*■•        \     •   ,
H  «   .   tin* i;«(, •!«
.\.'ll.     |'.li„..'0
i, I'
S ,t\ >'i {.*» ■
* * \
l      ■  ..'■ i
. -1,-,'i
. i ».'<■. .
i I'-a i i
• "iuki.kh v liner
I e.l.i , .v... s •
I ii'i tiiiitiii'   N'iv X
• ytiO'u-. ln-f l'i
.'«'<-,ui'.,, tPf, It
( IViitiniu , J».*.' !**
Sew York   "
llavetiir.l, N'iiv .."
.St. i'AOl, f»e«   51
I.St in i.i, Nnv .-.I
t '  1.1,1    l!i':|..   X.)V .ill
-I ,   I »-*l    I I
..   {*,-., I
tti.i. I'ee :h
I'l <'.i.|i'!|.|i'^,|lr'C I
•>!. l.-ni., IVe fi
•■■' .li. .tie
l'i IU l.e vl J.NT (iiutt'Milt,
f.. D  U MlmliK    .t ti. ...> i.-,.,.i,i„ «),..(„ ;,,.
■   »**     ***** -i     *»   Jl'f.I/*-.!     |;>    i,,T.f.,.    j!(    ,|t.
I p.i.-f.. |(,..U, Inllilf.lj ' Ivtllii.  j|   'be   ll.-i«.|..r
t'.Ui.i MiV. r.fi.. tt. t|, s{.«-j,i, Ifb.inj,- |ijvi
.(..'.    ..f H. *f   k...o*»lll,   fl|.*p!, I
r   i  )...',» ,...iiii.,i u..» i I,,,, f||.,„w| i.,'((N IINLN f Al. ** •.■l.i\(.*.
•;•.;.. U=. iM-ll,,^,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,,^,    s.iirMi    ,;„,„,,,.,-,.   ,   .       H;^.Ui,..
•M„    «. ,,   „ „ .„i(-„,..(i|. 7. i777r'i,o,,,7" I'tU'U'    <"•'-,    M..';.,'ii,t)     IliitlH n.i,'   J^Ct
II    * *  :«wililiiiiit'l" th ■     *■»-% ?.»««.(».  -jl  On    -Hlo.»tt:
;    llM'tlll   « .!».'»i        ;...1«    ,1„ l,   1,   .„,    ;)„.    ,3„„.(,(
i rb*** rethf i-*i t«il **r   tffn«-   r,  ,  .niiji.m,   tf,,
; pit*'V«  m»i*Ui.uvi.t ...ii...  mbuh .. t   4»f   t,X . I   * r"Tr* ''" "' '•' !" '*"■    ' ■-'•  - * mi -< ttibWltt
;' (.flier W|lh».!I,..M«.f  *.i«.,»f.|.|^.v. *,!,... *.r..|    t"'"*ni»»»«-'.'**t-«     ■'     '-Hi'.-,,,,    f. .*   ii     i*    u
'10 1*1/    *<J'|,"i   |'JP. ri.    III-'/'!..     ....       ■'!.,        .      ,...|-J(,    .'     I.
■  ■   t •tt*r**4r*»<f     Ut >lrr    •*.«»!   J*(    I     /•(.:        Mir.ff.it] .     „
I    l\.s»'U» H,m |M *<■*  ti ('..IM* b44»i .if «*-     K. J»*U»»*» %*«.. V   If. An,,„a.i
•    ' *• *  ,ni   ( ,>ili«i, II, IS
< o.»,
eat Kin.
f. r r*>-«*r.,
1 i'H •* *l
ill!,'**   PP.f,   *|!l,||- THE LEDGE, NEWDENVER, B.C., NOVEMBER 28,.1901.
Ninth Year
i yellowish-white powder into cakes
_ ■ under strong   compression.     The
Jn commenting on the retirement':    , -.     ,       ,     ,.
. „.  „   ,        T. ,.      ^ ...     „ , . I cakes are as bard and   shiny  as
of Sir Redvers Builer, Julian Ralph.
| crockery.    They are  used as cal-
Silverwaiv, Rings, Watches,
Pearl-Set  Brooches,   Gents'
^ Chains, Ladies' Chains, Scarl
Pins, Bracelets, Manicure
Sets,   Novelties,  Spectacles,
Ljr** Kodaks.     All to be had at—
G.  W.  GRIMM ETT, Graduate Optician
and Jeweler.
Audit for Canadian Kodak Co.
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills,Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson, B. C.
says: "In away, Sir Redvers-Bul-
ler stands for the worst faults that
poison the sources of Great Britain's
strength and for the worst, defects
that weaken her army. .What Builer lacked in capacity and personal
,, .        ■ -   '      , ,   ...    -,    I resembling pressed brick but harder
worthiness was made up to him by ! ° '
Iciuni carbide is used for ascetylene,
I and on being placed in  water give
off a regular  and  even  supply  of
oxygen gas.
An excellent building
the influence of Lady Aubrey Bullet* at court.    She got him appointed to  the chief command   at thc
opening of the   war,  and always
after that, while he  messed and
bungled at the front, she kept him
in high favor with the crown and
the war office.    It is a proud boast
of the English that their wives sit
beside   their husbands  and even
speak  for them at the hustings,
\yorking hard and shrewdly among
the people as well, to gain votes for
those who aspire to seats in Parliament.      But  all    the   English
women of brains and ambition.do
not stop with this.    A few others
work their way deep into government circles, and defile the sources
of the nation's   strength  by ceaseless efforts to further the interests
of their husbands, even wheu the
husbands are unfit; even when they
—the wives—possess nine-tenths of
the energy and brains in the conjugal partnership.    And it is not
their    husbands   but  themselves
about whom   they   are  most concerned.    They are infatuated with
the delight of personal power. The}*
wish to pull themselves into higher
and higher stations while clinging to
the arms of   the   husbands whose
careers they engineer  by playing
upon the weaknesses  of the great
and powerful   with   their smiles,
their flattery,   their   dinners  and
their gossip.    Give them credit for
their skill if you like, but think of
IMPORTED what results from it,    Think what
kootenay Coffee
is being made at European gas-
I works from coke ashes, hitherto a
troublesome waste. The ashes are
powdered, mixed with a tenth part
of slaked lime, formed into a stiff
paste with water, and pressed into
bricks like clay. The bricks, protected from rain, harden in the air
without artificial heat.
Dealers in Teas and Coffee.
All grades and prices. A
trial order solicited. ...    .
Kootenay Coffee Company
P.O. Box 18;}. West Baker St. .
The business man learns how to
advertise by advertising.
No man knows how successful
he will be in advertising until he
An advertisement that does'not
say anything can not be expected
to bring returns.
If the truth were strictly adhered
to by every advertiser, the results
would be better for all.
Many a business man has found
that the most expensive form of re-
treni'hnient is a discontinuance of
his ad.
Success in advertising does not
depend so much on a large expenditure of money as it does on knowing how to expend a little judiciously.
?",-T.I'a.1!!?..!:°"limiailceof every successful   nlator necessary to the welfar
business de|M.'iids
W E Combine allof these precepts; hence our unqunlllled
establlshlm,' our business in Nelson in 18!>D.
Our jewelry and watch making departments have no equal in H.
C. All work guaranteed. Mail orders receive our prompt and careful attention. JACOB DOVER. C. P. 11. Time Inspector
welfare _.     	
successful business established on business
success since
THK   JEWKl.KR,   Nelson,
Turkey ShootiThe
Dealer in
Van Cam)) Lunch Goods, Confection-
cry and Fruit.
Newmarket Block.        New Denver
[Coiitleuifiil ;it|vi*ril'ii',.n.*nts. -melt as For Sale
Wauled, Lost,st.ruwil, Stolen, Mirth*. Deaths,
Marriages, Personal, Hutt-ls, Legal, Medical,etc,,
are Inserted when not fxeeodiiiB H<> words for
25 ceiitt each insertion, Kaili live word*or lest*
over 2 ' words are live cents aililltlotial.j
Poultry For Sale,
l)AKltr,l> PLYMOUTH Hoik fowls -duet*
1) jiiiiilltif,' lifis, live pullets, niie yeiirllii**
rooster; wi-ulii IS Ihi. Iinnnrii'il si ••el*.. I'rli*-
Mitt. Mlimit'ii mul Hue'/t ciicKi'li-..**, **»i.iii-1i, \V.
A.THUHMAN. Nelson.
EJmployment Agency.
llil|tiif All KI nd- I-iinii-lii'pl
I'.iitlonUe II..X Vi; Nel-p.n. .1,11.  l.uVK.
DUV OKI**.  I'KOl'KKTY. „,   „
l».,,t,:ri-r.ek::ALP.s    ALPS  FHACTION
North Folk (.'in*
•*.)•;\v. .i.'.McMillan .\ cu.v.imc.uv.'.
NKLsus, ii i      i *i. \v,\un i itAi.r.ti*-.*.
seeing a man
Gold S .50 I Gold and Sliver. A .75
Lead Sol HoM.sllv'r.copp'r 1.50
Sample* liy mull receive prompt attention.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
1129 Kith St..   Denver, Colo,
' Grand Shootlntr Match for live Turkeys!! J.
F. Delancy has ordered 25 BIG FAT TURKEYS
for the occasion. Bring alonu* your rifles, all
you sharp shooters. Everybody Invited. This
will be one of the most excltlnj,- matches of the
season. We hope to see all the mines well represented; also all the i*roo<l marksmen of Silverton
and Slocan City, You can come up on morning
boat and return on 4 o'clock bout, same day.
Match starts at 10 a. m. sharp, lu front of Newmarket Hotel. If this match proves a succtiss
we will have several duriiiR tho winter. Don't
miss behiR on hand if you want fun. Every
Turkey put in u box alive, with head and neck
outside of box, the part exposed being the target.
Every marksman hitting the neck or head of
bird wins his trame.
Commission Merchant, New Denver
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address-
It. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
linn lent 15 \i*.iri*>.-\ii**ili'iiri* in ili-iiUl ***itli, pint
...-I}.,,«.. :*     .,'<> ■ ! i.  I*!!!-'-..'-  W  •*■*     V   ••
i*ompli*»i'iit-iitir*.tllt-i' In H c.
like Builer put in
high command, of a man like Lord
Metlume kept in the iield after
committing such a blunder as to
walk unsuspectingly into the Boer
trap at Modder river, alter leading
his men to such a shambles as
Magerslontein. All through the
army runs the story that a Lady
.Jeune, a Mrs. Chamberlain, or a
Lady Aubrey Builer is behind these
and half a dozen other such incompetents—such misfits in uniform."
A mistake not likely to be rectified seems to have been  made by
tlie lirst designers of car wheels for
railways.   The llanges,  doubtless
without special consideration, were
placed on the  inside,   where  they
may remain, but a   Burundi con-J
tractor has shown that wheel** with j
oulsidc  lliinges will safely  round j
sharp curves where those with in-.
side llangi's will jam or  leave thej
Iu drowning,  strangulation, giiH|
MilYoHitioit and the like,   the  Ixidy
Oigar Oo.
For prkea apply to—
W, .). McMll.l^X &C(».
Wholesale Anetit*. lor II.C.
Vancouver. B.C.
Our Special
El Condor
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
GIANT -*"1
Whose 7
Mace •
Jl    IIIM.   Th< -iii **t i ..mpltt. II r A I  TM
..itiii.cmtiii. 1,1 i\.nil vni.n-ncal i n
i.i    **ltu»ti**l iii,.|.l  .*. i.i r> uii
ri»-.»IIiil Im (Jrni.tl in    itiiiliiir
KNIitntr ni'il l'v. nr -I .u*      It.'-liV-i.t Plij-l'lu.
till') S'lir**      l'i it t/t <|.l.l   < ■< i liuiii»r*ll .n iillli nl.
furl. ..( tilt' «    I! I    tH-.   mill*    illtli   .'Pi.l  *i. ;.,|t
rvriilnV       li*   '*• •*!" * * nt*    -'U   ii-'iviii*   i i .
iiiu*- •-.* it .It-   «* *    <••   » .'..'■*  I-..-il   -ill   Ki'li'.-.
l.tVrr   i.ti V   ,!i..t |,   »,ll.i.-.(l-       I i llli-    'i.l.-.*
|»r   »»<-.-|i, .i.i ..i ii ■..*   I. i  »i.t«"i.'(-  ii.   I...'. I '.;
ul!.*     Tli*  ■■"•..' "'   - r-I* -t lit . H. k.'(..'.»•-I
,\»-U      K.  ||l, I      ,     -.     '  '.',-. '   ' '    '
1, ,    I,   I, .,|l„|  ,.,.,)     -   ... |   ■,.!    » .,'  IV- ,     I
•■I .-.I **. *u. j*   * ■   -i t. ■»•■. it • .
A lull Hue nt SSIvcrwiitc iuul choice
("(iiilcctldiiei v at
su F^v imr o Ft
4     t:  I
A.   !.'•
ll».( I. ,M
t «-,,,... .-.
T-.-I--I TT**!*?
.(. (
.t \.
v      «%-.(■» Itl'V     **■
tit uii
»|M*HM'.«t.    !(•»■?»»>'    *    «'«»*.   W»   •.--*.!
:■■,   ,       (.*,■    »*. n
'**'    * ,■■,.   V*
T   M     «
■j* sA t *. * '
»ntf I..M.-I
III.,   \V»
J,,.,,,..-.   .
!.-«- •
*t i iiiu.iiiti n  *  «•».
«*i»m*»f»*i. »■ »-- «•. a** •»*'»
- *    V .-,,.  e >. ,,       *** 4 ;-    It
•    d>»    ••   -»     V    It ,
*ntunit*tl   t    t. n . n.n
'i • * '.' ■•    "■'<■■■     ***■*« '• v
n     , - v   * , *,-  i     i ..,    ■»«(*..J»
ih in a healthy condition, death r«- hJKM CHOI1 H0i:sK, KASW>,
'and heart iwiinn.     The actual res**  Poultry must the timo. 2-9   UP
toi-atiun of life l.y ri'tu'winjj hreatli-.
itiy,   and   the circulation   <*f   the1
llioinl.   i^ IkiVi   kllllWIl to he JM».**.silllc, ■
Thin   lint*   lici-n   (h'iiioiii*lrated   in:
Hurope Ity a  M-tie* of  Iimi <*\]i«<ri- ■
ment* on (l(l^•^. in  which l*i out of
'il imiiiiiti- tli.it hud li.-iti killed l'\ ;
, j i-ll|iil*(if' llu were .iniiijiUt tnick to!
."jiife.       I lie |»hm I'--   n,it.j!.|»   nt   ! i|**
I eiii"■ nir lliroiit'h a Hilw into ''ie
',1'inj:- at tin* it-nia! Ineiitfiitig rati*.
} in i.-jieiiin^ the i'lu'*t ami .•><|iic«'/.iti<k' >
p tin- lit-.tit in iiiiil.ili.*;. ni llu- ii.ittit.i!
j niiitriMiion**. V llanifh |ili\Mciatt
"" ( hit- i*»'|*oil»*ila trial   in   On* cum* of
■"*•'.'I    lll.Ol    Dl.li     ll.lli   llllll      <K1<l|l<'l     *  MKKIIO*
.. Inrm. llie iienil w,i- u-.utuu
<-! llitminii am o|ieninK(*tit in th»'c|»r**t
m\;i!K fttid e a- <.ijini''/»«l rhythtaie.il*
-■    lv fill' h:t!f Mil Jinlli . ai! Iieiliy at tin-
' situw lime   U'li'i-ii   lull*   lj-e   Illl.';:  .
.11,li n- ,|  I. -I'.it    !«'■•>;,h.»ti«->.l   ",\,t.*>  ••■!
u|»  iii:A   *SiA\   ajt   n*;i*-ion;il   (^im-
JM*"***ju||   H;i.»    lii-illiii    lo   k««'j»   tie*
iti-.ill ^<»iii»:.     \Me   «»»»tiiitled   >«*V*
<etnl lidiir**, when hroathin^; *\\i.<h-u-
[I: i i-(-f-i '1.     't*1 f?<" I'lthnii u :!• ih* i*t
f Tin- ttxywH •j«.'3!(-l>» *4 *.. 17
ANiit**!. i»« I'.iri-, Ate jh'cp.mhiI !»•,
i mixing ~tt*>  iiuutiA* ut AnAiAub' u1
lime "With  »H Jh»«ij>iI*.   •»» iwfUitti** tit-
4 <»\u!o. and  foiiitfn^ f!»e r* tdtinp
Seeds, Trees,
"RillHe ibr Fall or Spring
JJUIUO planting.
Catalogue Free.
S'Kiti Wi'miiiliihti'i- Kttail. Viincouvi'i', It. I".
An up-to-date Hue of
constniitly on hand. -
Head office: NELSON. II.C.
Hauling and Packing to .Mines,
and general local busine**.
Ni.w  llinti t,  It. I*.
^^J-^^^^^^^ ^^^*^^^^^^J ^j^^^^
Buve shops in-nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenav and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a lino of their
p. burns & co:
Buy Your Holiday
Groceriesiin<i pi'ovisi°ns (r,m t,,e
Wm. Hunter Co.,Ltd.
Stores nt Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
Ui'lwrtH, Kxiiinlitnttoiiw nnd Mitniigu*
Wine Co.,
<Vlit.|i*nlr tli*,ilirii In
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars   **
Agents for Calgary Beer.
ygg»^ ^  j«« ,^1    tmtVIt
> ii 11« mmtiwitmSmtSmtmmimiimaimmim **
i   .]nh Printi.u<i' i,** ;i,n. ;i,rt.
•I     It  t< fiiil:i\'   i»||(i   iA' tho*
•*      (lVv-«  '(«|\*;('ti'i'i| i,f *,i\'t<*.
aud ^)«':'ii'i' clVui'J>ijn-
hi-mvi }S;li;!."'li' *,«« iX.¥'h
(icrftM'ti-cii   tliiiu ovi-r
t ..(- -..    :..   *i...   t.; *,,,-,•
(»f l»i iiitiuii. Kv«*ry up-
toiluif  ImnIui'ss  muti
ivn^ii7,<'.-. ih** import*
nwi' uf haviiit*' his >la-
finU'Tr   \Yt-]\  t'Hnfr'd.
-■*   t    ■*!$  v*  ''  '*  m''~'  *P'' *'  ' ^ '•'■   tfi-      ln-l* -^f-**^
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Our IHjtkrko wagon* meet all Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack •..: .ais.
Feed Stables nt Xnw Denver.
till: ( imisKI" HKI^HT-
IiJr.Yi'   i>   i »*'-'!"**-StA'i'i*»
IN   Al.l. STYLUS,' ANIi
l*I{|*i> /
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
iNKWMNKnl-' SI-lKKSV.v!.'
uiiJimx r.N'i>s.n*ST,iN. !
SI'IKKS In.iii teUittoc      i
<*■%_    A   ,tAIAAfMMMJti%M«     *f9mw99 Am* ***** WTmrnwrn 0%     S
|g^    mm Aa a Jm Ak Jk Am mjm* im   JA^    \J/a Am mjm   m*      __*____tk __% __f_ 9aj9a jl'   j mi*      mm Mk ttA Am A/a m| mm mm m^rn ma mm *   |k       mmm tm mma miak;
spcuas mk ta«sc5 ttmrai en oia 5
Wo arc iilli'rinj? our romphMf stiM'k ol Furs at  prices never In-fure equalled
i *
M     t»''-'
I^HlieH FurCapfs. ('ollars. Mulls, ftrnts. Fur-iineil Capes. Fur HtillX Persian
Latnl) .laekets. f.rey \a\\\\\i .Jackets. Electric Seal and Mink (.outs. No 1 South
Seal .Jackets in 24 and 20-inch lengths, extra iiuality. As these (,'oats have been
carelully selected from the largo (inn of '.I. Arthur Paiptet ortjncljcc. the largest
aud one'of tlie uvxst roltaMe firms nf fur m-'tnuf-'^furersin i'nmuhi. u*e run snff'ly    '
reeonttnenfl each atul every garment sold hy uh. I
Chihlrens Hrav Lamb ('oHurs. (vaiw, MntVn, Slum and CoatH. >
i * (
ml     Er*»rt Irvine & Ca       tr
Fred. Irvine & Co,,
IIVSKS ami vaijskr or


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