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The Ledge Nov 13, 1902

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 Volume X.   No  7
Price, $2.00 Year ADvanci
'■few*' NfcWs.'PT.oai'
In and^Aboutnthe Slocan and Neighboring Camps
', that are Talked About.
Ask H. Byrnes for dressed chickens.
Two men are hitting'; the drill atithe
The cry of the mule-skinner is again
heard in the hills.     :
Angus McLeod has returned to the
Slocan from Dawson.
. Mark Manley has bonded a group of
gold claims in California.
The Forresters are preparing1 a grand
ball for New Years Eve.
- Aataall force has gone to work on
the Donelly near Sandon.
Gasoline Is replacing electric light in
some of the stores in Sandon.       ...
'■'•   ■'    *v    *•'-' -       "t  t*   *!'i   i     • ■     ,-    ■■'■'
A Siton' shipment pf j rite jwjui* sent' to
TraUfrora the. Pinto last weak. ■'.- *'*.;
Ontario apples at Mrs, Matheson's Try
a hox. > Her jellies are delicious.7yy
It is rumored that the school at Three
Forks will close for lack of pupils. J
« The Bosun shipped 60 tons of zinc to
lolalast^week-and 20 tons to Trail.
xry^M. .laumuI an 9*w*_ ii __.£
•  r-micirpiio-py-wiir— wC
Thero should be room for a hardware
store in the Slocan* Nelson and Vancouver ijrc too far awayiforeasy trading
in this line of goods.
Walter Murray and Angus Cameron
have made'a fine strike on the Young
Dominion, near the Queen Bese. They
have a lease on the property.
Keepyoua feet warm and you will
save much misery and many' dollars.
The American Shoe Store in Nelson.can
te'l you more about the subject.
The children'around New Denver are
commencing to wear big' stockings because it is whispered that Santa Claus
is camped close to Williams'store.
When the zinc bloom is in flower D.
J. Robertson & Co. of Nelson will be
able to supply-, the eporaous demand
for fumitjuxe ^at-will fo.llow.in its wake.!
J. C, Harris' blacksmith shop was!
burned io Jthe gfoiud; Monday night.'
A quantity ri! powder was stored in the
building and was removed with great)
risk. "*. -j
The jingle of the" ^cowSells Has ^given
way to the louder • hut less. tantalizing1
muiic the strain of which is "t-r-a-c-k!"
Otherwise lile on/Sixth'street is sober
fice it was live days ahead of 1901, ten
days ahead of 1900, twenty-eight days
ahead of 1899 and two days ahead of
1897 Tt waB five degrees below zero on
the morning of Nov. 1, last year. The
Indians on th<» coast aro prophesying
that this is going to be a long, severe
winter- Tliey do'this every year. It
is a way they have of expressing the
white man's feelings when he takes nut
his pocket-book and bemoans his fate
as he loous at the hole through which
his summer wages.filtered.
The total amount of ore shipped from
tho Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approximately. 30,000 tons. Since January 1
to November 8, 1902, the shipments
have lieen as follows:  '
Payne    an
Ivanhoe    SO
Sunset (Jackson Busln)	
Reco :    as
American Boy     n
Arllugton ,-•-     w
Bosun ■•    so
LastChanee '••
Enterprise..,...:..'. ■ ,
Queen Bess...
Silver Glance
Trade Dollar.
Slocan Boy...
Marion .......
Monitor (.
as our buildup,."; ~" ~~    "
Toni^htThe locarK. of P. lodge will
entertain "the .public by^urovlding a
dance that tflll .excell anything of the
kind the"feljr/tSr*h*fc given^-and this is
sayiug a great deal.
Zamloch, the great magician—ami iuv
is great,;no mistake—gave two performances in Bpsun hall, Friday and Saturday evenings. His audiences greatly
enjoyed the exhibitions.
G. O. Buchanan is moving his Dun-
can City mill to Croston. He ia one of
the pioneer sawmill men of Kootenay
and his many friends would be pleased
to see G: O. make a pile of money
The boys in the hills aro sending in
their dollars for New Denver stationrey,
and it looks as if the heart of many n
mother in the old home will be made
glad by a Christmas letter from her boy,
It is proposed to erect at Bowman,
Mont., a monument to the memory of
Henry P. T. Comstock, discoverer of
the groat lode bearing his name, Uo
died iu that city by his own hand in
18M, destitute aud apparently friendless.
Win. Edwards, a Camp McKinuey
miner, was burned to death in his
cabin on Whiskey hill on the night of
October 80th. lie had been on a pro-
trailed spree, ami was alone with a
bottle of whiskey when the cabin took
A custom smelter is to be erected on
Clear creek, Shasta county, California,
to treat the ores of the several proper
ties thereabout. The big mines have
their own plants, hut many small operators are unable to tither ship or erect
mi individual plant
About everybody in the camp who
writes lctttj.1 doea'ao o» Hew Deiim
stationery. Whv? Became It is as
cheap as the plain article, looks a thousand per cent better, is more business-
like, and a letter never gotta to the
dead-letter oflice with your name printed ou the envelope. One hundred fetter*
heads and 50 envelof ** fortl.
Three of th# miners Injure\ In the
freat Daly-Went axplnsion at Park City,
'tnh, three month* pa*t, have brought
action to recover from the company an
aggregate of $80,«i*i> for Injuries'au*>
talned ami f*Wi for doc»or*' hills    The
it w*# under-
b*A amicably
■settled with all.
Slocan Star.
Emily Edith	
.Waketield.^.^. j,„.i. .*..
Prescott...... ' :..     "
Rambler    ,   a
Molly Gibson,.	
Loudon Hill.
T»   12- T.o.„,'.
lied Fox	
l'orcuptnB ...
N'olilu l"lv«..
Total tons	
T   i.l
- 827
.. __ _j.
.1 1
Thelorcea*-ipe , ,.,
increased to 70 men in a short time.
Tho Payne and Ivanhoe mills are
working double shifts and. saving the
«lnc.-"-■-'-..*-*-.*■'■'.■        * ,-■■     -:-77
Some very rich gold ore has recently
been taken from the L H on Red Mountain.
II. Byrnes* chicken house was raided
one night last week and live pullets
There will bo a great move in Slocan
zinc just as soon aB the duty question is
Hev Cote has returned from his trip
to France, lite congregation are still
G. B Atkinson, of the Enterprise
mine, has recently returned from a trip
in the east.
A York has bought a oiiC'twolfth Interest In the Stor Painter from N. F.
S. J. Twoptood, of Sandon was married last week In Phoenix to Miss Stella
Buildings are being put up at the
Mercury and preparations made for
steady working.
Dr Mlllov, dentist, will bo in Sandon
Nov, 12th to 15th, nnd iu New Denver
Nov. 16th to ISth.
Walter Willis, who shot Bob Adams
In Rossland over 11.76, used to study
hole cards iu Sandon.
B. M, Saiulllands has been appointed
a stipendiary magistrate snd judge of
tho small debts court.
Merchants are requested to send In
their Christmas ads early as the space
In this p«p*r l» limited.
Slocan Citv Is resting easy. The by-
I aw In favor" ii tbe sawmill hai» passed
by a tix to one majority.
E. K. Cliiptnan spent some time in
the Slocan lant weektadjunting the many
affairs of statu and estate.
H. MeOeuslatid at his store itt NeUon
haa one of the finest stocks of l»oots and
•hoe* -ever sew In lhl» country,
P. K. Simpson, etiglne#rnttbe Payne,
was married la*l week In N-Hson to
Miss Jannie Gordon of Halifax.
The force at tha Noblo Five hat been | »*ti«wi« are *urpri*e», •»
reduced to a watchman, and that prop. I «l^l that thf .ompany
e*ty I* a^w Atent a* * Aetit wolf. 1
During this vear the Monitor at Three j
fork* has been tha largest *hipp«r of
the non-concintrating .Slocan mints.
The. Triune tramway, In the Fergtt.
■on camp, Is complet«n and will handle
ibe ore from the property thi* winter.
i     •»     i ,***
TnnTtonrWif nb^nt *i^» \at-y oi wto*twv te • *oA ro*p-^»*r nra tor *t l**na i^r tnn.   Onat "llu'l,i,'*, *IM*,!,,,J'-
lh« iwntoffjw! rfgulatlons of thiw treat ini the ttrnt   tmrttur*   to  b* etvvXeiW^X'^A        " J" . , -
j will be at AttetAmn, Xew Aleliro | (]?S!?l,ill\;0 , r'"™"*"*   *'«" *'** J"'
I I dine-d to attach weight to Dr. thnrc-
not like coal    lit pnea haa j    I he ioiiir winter »v«nint* are wiilMnlU pn>gno*tK-alion<. wonU An we'A io
(101.1)   nitKIKiINO   ON    l-HASKIt.
Tlie Kamloops Sentinel ways tho trold
dreil|io at Lytton has done reniuikably
well since it was moved beyond tin*
Van Winkle rillle. The ground tiow
being worked in very rich, but a good
deal of line gold is Inst. It In stated
that if all the gold raised up by the
buckets could Tie saved, the clean-up
would he almost luu ounces a week. As
it in not over 50 per cent is saved, and
the devising of some menus of overcoming the loss is a problem thnt Is en-
tinging the attention of the management. Mr White, one of the directors
of the company, came out from England
lately and is inspecting the plant nnd
making careful investigation into the
conditions, So far, tho operations conducted by this diedge have proved that
the hed of the Fraser carries paying
quimtities of the preuiouH metal The
appliances em ployed to save it are not,
however, anything like as near perfect
as Is desired', and if, as a result of the
experiments that are being made, the
existing" dlftlcnltles can be overcome,
gold di edging on the Fraser will become as firmly established an industry
as it is in New Zealand
Oil.   IM   H.   0.
office or store expenditure of any moment that is not continuous. Wages
and salaries must bo paid every week,
rent is due every month, insurance is
an annual expense, while even the
office Bafe wears out. in time, and must
be replaced. No business n)an wastes
time in grumbling at these outgoes.
Yet he thinks 'that' advertising, which
makes the entire business profitable,
ought to be a trifling investment made
once'and for all. Which is a moBt unreasonable bit of paradox.
A fair opportunity seems to present
itself for,oousiderat'ior. by the. Government of the pre-ient condition of the
lead producing industry'of British Columbia.   The mine ownerB of the-Slocan district of Kootenay are producing
ores  which yield silver and lead, in
varying  proportions.   With prices at
the level of a few years ago it was possible for them to make a profit on their
output,   But so low is the present price
Of silver, and so low the figure thev can
obtain for their lead, that it is impossible for them to stand against the im-
pi.rted pig lead from the States or England.   Accordingly we find within the
last few weeks that an important mine,
the Whitewater, near Kaslo, has been
shut down, and 120 hands are thereby
out of work. Another mine in tha same
neighborhood is reported as likely to'
close, and in fact the silver-lead industry
of Kootenay is in a despondent'state
for 'want of a1 profitable market into
which to send their lead.   The United
States tariff against Canadian or other
foreign lead ore is 1} cents per pound,
so that at present low prices of lead the
world over. British Columbia lead cannot be sold to that country at a profit.
Canada,  with 2,000 miles oFlrefght
charges added, it -is met at Halifax or
Montreal by pig lead from England on
which the import, duty Ib. owing to a
tueftjrential tariff,1 but I cent per pound,'
making the Imported article as a basis
for paint manufacture or plumbers' use,
cheaper than our own.   Now, say tho
silver-lead miners of Kootenay, give
us another cent  per pound duty, or
even three quarters of a cent, and we
will fairly make things hum in lead production ' Thoy make out a reasonable
case, and in' view of the important
character of the industry and the peculiar conditions which confront it, might
not a bonus be the best methoe of rendering silver-lead mining assistance?
We aro menaced with lead not only
from Mexico but from Germany, and
the case of the Kootenay miners is an
exceptional one —Monetary Times,
j§The Impressions of an English Editor Gained by
§n   * a Trip Through the Province.
An (ntte-p-en-dent «mi<-*lter companv ii
being organix-nl at l.or<Mtiiiy, Now
Mexico, the capllaliMtlon boing iv**', ■
t*»> This company lia* the exclusive
.ontr<»l of the rigbi- and patents of
CharliiH A W«ssi»l«, wliich proeoss, it f»i
»aid, will treat lead ore
Although  at  pit.-Hciit the output of
petroleum in Csnnda i« not of much lm-
ixirtance. and no attempti have yet
liei'ii made to explore fi.r this mineral
product on a large scaie. a Dr M. S
Churchill, of Vancouver, who U stated
to have an Intimate knowledge of ttie
iwtroleiiin deiKJsltK of North Ainciica,
itnuexpn'i.M'd hit opinion that the Ca-
iiiulinii Nmiliwi"it it the great oil iton*.
bonne of llie Western Hetniiphere.   He
profile* to have traco'l the continua
linn   of   the olbbearlnir kIinIc**.  which
hsv* been recently la|>p««l in Texas,!
California ttiio-Cani-t'iian territory which i
In hU opinion is the real •nurceof thai
great oil Mipply of the i'nited State*, j
.wording  to  this  et pert  f h«   basin t
forincil Itetween tho   great  mountain
ai ti )«m ner **"*** 'A the IWki-i^ and the co«v»t |
..,„,!*. ,   contains a  Ukc of petroleum ofinax-1
I till   *liACt:   Ap-1
ItAAv    t,t I?,!:it.';.\l '
I'KKJl'UV   A   ItKAL   orrKNCB.
That was timely action on the part of
Chief Justice Hunter when in Vancouver the other day he ordered the arrest
for perjury of a man whom* evidence on
his own behalf appeared t« the judge lo
be false bovond reasonable doubt, I he
accused, of course, will have i lair trial
and a chance to vindicate himself, pending this It would be improper to eulnrge
upon this particular case.
It is notorious, however, that the
present oath administered in court has
come to be very lightly regardco; and
we have had glaring illustrations re
cently of what to tha observer appeared
to be the most willful perjurv, committed In instances by men in high position It was In the power of the presiding Judge In these chkos to have
committed them for periurv; Indeed tht
act upon which tho chief justice has
tu-oc'i.'i.led nia'ln ft their duty to iin so
if they shared the common opinion as
to the testimony given.   But the in
We liave not yet' scon manv letters
describing the tour in British Columbia
and expressing the opinions formed of
the mineral wealth of the province, but
these will doubtless appear in clue time
Most of the letters continue to deal with
the farming and ranching industries of
Manitoba and the Northwest and the
mixed farms of Eastern Canada    The
Daily Telegraph gives an interesting
account of the extreme west ofthe great
Dominion, and its special commissioner
has many nice things to say of B. C,
comparingit with California.* Hewrites:
"I am convinced that British Columbia is a far richer, as it is a far more
beautiful  country  than   its   southern
rival.    On the coast line it enjoys a
genial and temperate clime, somewhat
moist, for the annual rainfall is considerable; but, at all events It does not
require irrigation iu order to grow fruit.
In a measure, this most western province of the great Dominion combines all
the resources of the rest of the country
Its chief industries are lumbering, fisheries and .mining, and in the fertile
belts of land dovetailed between the
glorious mountains farming and agriculture are carried on in a small but
successful way.
"Traveling by rail and riyer in British
pleasure. No part ofthe earth can
boast greater splendor of scenery. From
the time the train, after its monotonous
crawl over 9oo miles ot urnirte lamia,
enters tho first belt of the Rocky mountains the eye is charmed, tho mind impressed with the wonders of the scenery. Precipitous peaks, noble stretches
of snow-clad ranges, narrow sinuous
gorges, through which the train winds
with a snake-Tike movement, mad rushing torrents and graceful waterfalls
tucceod and re-succeed each other in a
bewildering panorama. British Columbia can be made and doubtless will be
made one of the grent touring centers
of the world. In its natural beauty it
possesses eve.rythitur to attract "tli«
traveler and the sportsman. The rivers
and hikes are full of lish; deer, caribou,
goats and bear are wandering through
the foii'Bts and over the hilli. Smaller
game, waterfowl andduck are in abundance everywhere and need no elaborate outfit or journeving to be found
.'•To those who have exhausted the
delights and resource* of Switzerland
and Norway, British Columbia can
offer a most tempting paradise ol sport.
Thero are many nmged peaks to be
scaled, capable oi testing the ability
even of the most experienced climbers,
and in certain centers Swiss guides unready to assist the traveler iu his desire
to conquer new heights, Although in
several of the 'most attractive districts
the country has been opened up liy railways and river services, tin- value of
the'touriMt has not yet lieen fully appreciated as a means for circulating
"At various spots along the route,
some of the most magnificent scenery in
this continent the Canadian Pacific
ttailway company has established a
, number of small hotels Prettily built
oi logs, stnndiiiir in well-ordered grounds
| with clustering groups of ur and pine
aud under the shadow of some noble
lead has long lieen recognized.    Lead
is incompletely reduced,'and both lead
and lead sulphide  are volatile under
the conditions by which the assay is
performed; the extent to which such
losses are compensated for by the" reduction with the lead of antimony, biB-
muth, etc., depends on the character of
the ore,, so the result is a good'deal of a
guess anyway     The  late H..: van F.
Furman'stated.... that  the buttons for
several hundred load assayB showed au
average of only §6 'per cent Pb.    However, in spite of the impurities in the
buttons, which are weighed up as lead,
the result is almost -always  too  low.
The fact that the loss ts higher in proportion to the lead of a low-grade ore
than.to that of. a high-grade prevents
the application of any corrective factor.
There are some aftsayers who can obtain by careful work in the muffle results on favorable ores that are not far
below the truth,-but it-is iafe to say-
that the ordinary fira.assay for lead is (
only an.approximation, which, is, quite
unreliable'to base calculations ou.    In
view of this the Engineering and Mining Journal of New York, thinks that it
is nigh time to discard completely this
inaccurate method aud relegate ft to
the obliyion into, which the fire assay
.for-coppfti'.lQng-HlndeifelL !:_*. •'
difference   shown    by the  h«ikh  has} peak, with a if air vi*taof forest and
tpreadthe moral disease—upon which  '            '"""
action such as that taken by the chief
justice l« calculated to put an effective
check —Columbian.
torrent, tnese resting houses form a
very delightful prospect The manner
in which these agreeable hotels came
about is curious, if only to illustrate
the rapidity of determination on the
part of keen business men A magnate
of tin' company, ntnying at one place to
have luncheon, was struck with the
general air of comfort and ncatot*s» oj
the room, which   had   I-cmi tastefully
jvst nN*niN(»   it ot'r.
The KiiglneerliD-r and Mining Journal
of Sew York, maki".  uoie of llie lad
that "there l« considerable Interest in    . ,,.,.. ,    ,
the production of *il.c ore in the Sloe,,.,   «i"< orate,   with maple _le»v.
dirtricl, and one of the Kansas »nie]|er», ""} *n<j !*V*^  S> **X*M **' hV,M"
has lutelv sent a iepr Unlive there 1 '«■ M»qtilr-*J *»•««; wurb ii waa. and «-«•
to luv*«W »"•  e!».,.IUi.ui«      There   Inform*.! 'hat it  had been carried ..nt
" OV  H    .tollHjf   9Allt**a*.     U«    n-Aio-d   -Str*
and -vki'ii  whence "he   came,   'From
where rnne'.t   (Scotland,' wo* the  repi.v     ' Where ato
vour  relative*'f
The Similkameen Star aay sit ia now
definitely known that the Marcus Dalv
estate, of Butte, owners of the Nickel
Plate groun of mines in tho lower Similkameen, nave placed an order for a
40-stamp mill, which it is expected will
be iu operation some time late this fall
or early this winter. The mill, which
is now in process of manufacture at
Sherbrooke, Que., will havo a capacity
of about 2QA tons of ore per day, which
can be readily increased by the addition of more stamps.
A location for the site for tho mill has
been selected near the mouth of
Twenty-Mile Creek, which is about live
miles from the Nick-el Plate mines. The
location is Indian land, adjoining Hed-
ley City, and negotiations for tint-, acquiring of the. hind, which have been in
progress for some time, are now about
completed When inMallcd this will be
the first stamp mill erected in the Sim*
ilkaineen ilUtrict, the others nearest
being at Camp McKinuey and at the
Stem winder mine iu Camp Fairview.
nnttlnl   Up.
The Hossland Miner says the Similkameen country is bottled up. It will
continue to be bottled m> until it has
railway connection with the outside
world.' Tho McLean* wil! keep it bottled up until thev get a subsidy from
the Dominion Government to "add to
the Provincial snbsidv already promised,
when the C. P. H. will tiroceed to build
the road, giving the McLeans a big
rake off of the bonus. Not until then
can we expect the powers to be to uu
cork the bottle. The Similkameen Star,
while not disputing the Miner's assertion, suys the indications arc that Jim
11(1! l« going tn take a pull at "the
bottle" before either the McLeans or the
('. P. II. get around to it.
Beer lit
the   i.'iiulili.iii-.       Tliere
are «aid to be numerous nunc* capable
of  producing line ore,   but tri»» high
railway frriclit** to pntut**.  where nme'.t
Ing i« "conducted In the ITnhed States h \ >'",r. reiauvetr
at present against their development.'    ^'J!'1 T.. *.  "V"
When the fact bivome* known thatj''""*'
all, or nearly all. ol the galena ledge* ol J-'.1*'"
(h# m«p»*n carry reorder leaahltrh'trrade
tine, and when it U aeiuonarawxi mat j
Hot, Aotc un* c*w >'»'. it.uA^'A. vX}i,Aij J.l'i
Influx ut American  capiul will boom
the Slocan a* it ha<t never boomed.
■ nine out   ln'ie.
yon uiniingcicM. here,' »«u! thej
man.    And tod/iv every traveler j
who pa*#e* by   Field, Glacier or North
Klioriuoiin dcponiU of I n It nine "leu
occur In thit state, say* the New South
Wale* correspondent of the London
Mining Journal, but thev have never
been opened up The only zinc raised
at present in at Broken HiU, where
atMiiit V*o,i>tk) toiiaot zinc < <m< entrate*
;ti,<t \*e,7; have been «aved. it ha» often anion-
i-»!ie.| vi»jt<M> thai wiine o| ibe Urge
/.uu Ioile* lm* i' not lie.-u Hi.ikeil. flow-
eii*r, the high pin* of /.me i« drawing
•lo- .-.Hn/.i;.r, m', -i$A',-t,',jt*.* ', - t,ht A.'ut
depotitm, and vehemet fo.- arq,iirili;»
■»<i|i»« »f thelli «l« being  .\u.tlU.il.   .ill.I
Sot land, al-to.'i-doubt le»» in a ahoii time /.no  mining
I! o|>erationa will !«• *urt«<l.
/Ine Nf .lupllii.
Jopliti ore averages abom *♦ j»crci
eelt«»*nee   o'
trobeii  bv
wb-ii-b are
U>tv   ami
not been touched by ttrlket or trunta,
-e<w>ff{*llf at the New York brewery iu
Frank Bourne wa* in Sown U*l week
He expects to close up the store at Na
knap in a few month* and remove to
A. J. devtflav ha* a position at the
Tyae mine af Wnttrtf Sfeker-   He»ar»
that many Sloean men are
Ihe Inland
WHAt    •*   till*,   thk.
fur %I>HI in |,li« nun   hi   i'
worthle*»    a**HMiiaenti*m
which I* dear ai any pnw.
'1411,4,1,  'n-lll
in nuance,
"where onr
ut again    Are vour even iiupaiedfof iheearlv in the Held— B. C («a«ett»
the piwloiyred mUjIu of artllicla) light ?' '              	
'iinu.  ij,   'ir>,'«iA'i,   i>'|Jin.A,   -in_,iii.'t9',itii, '1' 	
be at the Drag Store Sat., Nov MS. pre-
par#tl lo Kl gitmm tor ail refractive,    Advertising Is not «otnething
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^.^II^^    \_V^_7 ttllJ^te-tA to   grumble   beca^   retaraa rememWr The Molual Life of Canada
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working on, only one pair (A eye*.
' to neglect them f"
MM** HV   flttr. ANtAV.
iii mre* k+ "ttill irtt'le cbtetfy on the haii*
m( the fire a-*n*av; in MvuiheitMem Ml*-
>iiiri nothing' te u*ed hut the weta<**tiv.
rommonly one of the volnmetrh" metli
««la Chemi»l> in Colo**--!.') 4n<l elit*
when, employ llie  vo|iim..tric inetho(|».
will self roufffe fn*nranfefhe*perwithi ai«o, bul in con»ideriu'.' tbeir re»nlt» ii
letter  teettritv   than  any aiivetiuat'iit   is nece»Hiiry to know winiiier Hn-> relet
Tha Kirift
eaurinf many
wAiia tiMMtig
oht-tlme slora in Jf^l*AU
wftntb".* i-attifoibm.  h'm ar** frifhteried' romwinv.   (Vet the beat when buying to "dry™ lead or "tH * lead     Th«* the
change in the weather is'    The  fii'M  ntio«f«il  bow  into Sew. at the pnin-jmii ot paying tor ttp*ee vear life tnriranc*    Wiiuam A. 'i'wuw. fren-• ^ame *tt»»i>le io*>  »l.o*  i...i *,..k m<iu
a man to look at thel rtiwet otiThawday, the •sth, •everal'aftar vear    Meat beginner* |«tt 'ml«« eral tfent. Kaaio, «ili call oiiyou mtt  lead bv'«rea*M) aiei *-< l«r <•'"'! *
Jji« tiilkw »*Hj* at Jit'--lfty***l*itt!^«*e.Wti •?»♦..    A**r.r4. * fir» «kx*-m »hr^wt h t*hi«ntirea*^na1»)e' trip *rmr*A     Dm- bim  a t«*ta*l re. ■ w*i *•.«*>• 1*9 «|oote an actual rep *nt    «»mm*r»»  *mn*e   i«   trying   ti.   get
•mil i»t vcr ••..«» "■/'»»,«•   »ft,.f   ,„\m,,,-f „,,,|
eoncentratini;. Itn' bigheat a*#av U
**h.*H jjtiir.    The highent  price during
ihi-c ?*ii*t| w-ivk fi". «<!,'«.,-Jn.-ff m ii,,*: |!ft'i. j*.->*.i
ton in the bin The average price 9,1'*
per ton for ore averaging v1 percent.
.*,'.»...   „..»». «.« i ■.,,*> ,., t   ,   ..... -,   1  , ,,„ „,.,,»
nl liijfhi'i giade. ai.d n- lucuniin ai>
<».r'!tH§iy »Jenier»Hv ib.»r.» -« * ri'.lu.'-
tion of J jwr rent, for in*ii»lure inthe
<ire, bul not w. to the |:*t • tpi.»tation
gtiven at*ave.
A wift. wiedng, *|*iet'ti  with liul
littln" iva«H)ii hi tin- Iwkgriiuml
ge\" ita tuning*, while  a c.M Imsi.
i\e*t*  *j.r(»jv»«'»i(v:   H-vke-*   i*v  hard
! fug to the snntr chronology of thf* ef- 'liori-ilgbte******,    The-e It htrdlr an' yarding lire trtmranct
The irtamifart  *f t*;<*  tite  ******   lo   WAliu. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., NOVEMBER 13. 1902.
Tenth Year
Thi Lbdob U two dollars a year in advance When not so paid it is 82.50 to parties worthy ol credit. Legal advertising 10 cents a
noupariel line first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line, and commercial advertising
■fiaaed in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: Thk Lidos Is located at New Denver. B. G, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comeB to the front
every raursdajr and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blaaeras well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right -side of everything and believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that it is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barre : one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays the printer; he is
sore of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
  R.T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
boundary Hue.  There are probably
no mountains on earth that excel
those of British Columbia in picturesque grandeur and great number of peaks.    It is worth a trip
across the continent any day to see
the slides come down, and I predict that in future many people
will uiako a practice of going to the
Canadian Rockies in April or May
and camping where they can see
some of these tilings.   There are
numerous points where such sights
may be seen  almost any day from
the lst of April to the middle of
May.    Any man or woman who is
fond of the great or the grand in
nature will say as I said when I
saw   the  first  slide  come down:
'This is worth all the time and all
the money it has cost me to cross
the continentV
For the benefit of tourists we
will say that we have a snow-slide
editor on our staff who knows all
about these awful things aud will
be pleased to show visitors their
running grounds.
ply of two gallons a day the blood
of the traveler crossing the torrid
waste becomes thickened, the features become thin and peaked, and
fever threatens madness. In crossing the valley one cannot very well
carry with him more than enough
water for one day's supply. The
only way to do is to durry over
and try to reach a known spring in
a gorge on the other side—only
about fifteen miles distant— before
oue succumbs for want of drink.
During the mining fever in that
neighborhood, from 1872 to 1878,
hundreds of people were lost in
trying to get across.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
indicate* thnt your subscription is due, and that the editor
ish    once again to look at
four      atcral.
Alcohol and
cigarettes ruin the
A dishonest man thinks all the
world is just like himself.
The press of Nelson has not built
& lead refinery for several days.
Canada must put up her douks
and fight against any more crazy
emigrants.     _____
Times are improving ia Rossland.
A man was shot in that camp a
tew days ago.
The C. P. R. now operates nearly
8,000 milee of road aud takes in
4162 a minute.
If they only knew thousands of
people in the east would ettvy our
lot.   We own two tons of coal.
The Lord's Day Alliance want
Sunday newspapers stopped, although nothing is said about
Monday morning papers. By and
by these good people will try and
stop the sun from shining upon the
day they love so well.
Sweden has the lowest death rate
of any civilized nation. The
Swedes are the most honest people
on earth, in Sweden. Ac-cording
to some social standards they are
said to be the most immoral in the
world, although they live in the
north and there is not a house of
disrepute in all the land. Perhaps
this is why they seldom die.
The lumber industry is so prosperous just now that it is difficult
to get loggers, especially in the
east. In Minnesota there is a
shortage of 3.500 "lumber jacks."
In that state the lumbermen complain about the McCarthy law
which compels them to pay their
men every thirty days. Nearly
every "jack" g-oee to town when
he gets paid and remains there until there is nothing left of his roll
except a headache.
Arthur flullen
Has opened a Whole-sale .Liquor
Store in Three Forks, and has
all kinds ot Liquors and Fancy
Drinks, Champagne, Tobacco
and Cigars.
The Best Liquors
in the Worlds
From France, Ireland and
England —and he wants all his
old friends—and new ones—to
come and try a bottle, oi' case,
or barrel, whether you order
by mail or in person.
ft ".CO.
For the last fifteen minutes the
newspaper correspondents of Victoria have not formed a new cabinet
There is one thing about the
story of Eve that we like. It did
not cost much to keep her in clothes
Four and a half million people
are employed in tlie mines of the
world and maiiy of them read this
The building of the Trans-Siberian railway is the greatest engineering feet of any age.   It will
cost half a billion dollars.
Wooden nutmegs have been
raised out. An English manufacturer has been fined for making
cigarettes out of shreded wood.
Never cut your nails while in
bed. Peter Doyle of Toronto did
so, went to sleep, rolled over on
tlie open knife and died in a short
The Indians Hay that the coming
winter will be the hardest in five
decades. We hope they aro lying,
although we will not know until
next May.	
Man is a strange compound of
good and evil. Chas. P. McRostie
terian faith around Fairviewfora
while, then clerked in the postoffice
store and stole $700. When arrested he knelt in prayer which,
however, did not save him from
three years in the pen. He was a
poor preacher, a poor clerk and a
poorer thief, for when found out he
confessed to the crime. He is a
sample of the weak who fly to evil
equally as quick as to the good,
and are successful at nothing.
Sunday military parades are to
be abolished as far as possible in
Canada. When the people get
really good they will be abolished
on every day.	
George U. Ktuntz died
Duluth last month.    He
mnn who discovered  iron ores in
Minnesota and  received the iisiuil
reward   -nothing.
The liberal people who are always talking about the tourist
possibilities of British Columbia
now have an opportunity to help
this paper place the facts before
the world. Talk around home is
cheap, but it takes money to even
whisper a long distance. We can
make millions out of tourists but it
requires money to attract their attention. They will not wander in
here to any alarming extent unless
tho fact is stamped upon their
minds that British Columbia has
no superior in the things that make
the blood of a tourist grow warm
with joy nnd admiration,
llypocn-v jinn** that   it   is M-
ter t*i he gntiA t lm ii otherwise.    If
such were tint  (lie ,*,<t--..  «,)  many
jrfM-ple would »'"» nrnku u <-!<»,"tk of
K<mmIiioh* Io hide their rotten houIs.
J. K. Paisley has bought the
firnnd Union hotel in Ottawa and
will make it one of a circuit of
hotels at Halifax, Quebec, Montreal ami Toronto for tho trade of
tourists. If Paisley would build ft
circuit of tourist hotel* iu British
.   i Columbia ho would make millions,
poor i»jT|H. r  ,, R   mv|,H nml 0p,,mt<,H
WWM ''"'! several hotels of this kind, btital-
j though tliey  could   not iuroiiiliio-
Jdatc the tiude lust summer tliey do
; not wem  inclined to extend that
\ranch of their luiMites!**-. The nwtd
and others and finally the government agreed to let them alone, provided they left the country as soon
as possible. Tolstoi selected Canada as a refuge for these maniacs
and the Liberal Government of the
Dominion aching for a chance
to fill the country with anything
human, they emigrated to the territories and were settled upon 276,-
000 aeres of land in two tracts.
They caused trouble, refusing to
pay a road tax or obey the laws of
the- country. They would only
obey the laws of God and found
that Canada was not much better
than Russia for them and they
sought a chance to go into the
United States, but that country
drew the line at such people, and
then they appealed to British Columbia, stating that they only
obeyed the promptings of the Holy
Spirit in them and could not be
amenable to any human law or
ordinance. Bad as this province
may be in some things, it could
not stand such a gang of people
and handed them the marble heart.
Recent arrivals from Russia
have been preaching transmigration of souls to ihem with the result that they abandoned all food
or clothing of animal origin and in
preachers they started wandering
over the prairies in search of Jesus,
dragging their women and children
along with them. The "s-feiy' or
their wanderings has beeivtold in
tho daily press.
About the best thing to do with
Douks is to send them to the hot
belt, in India where they can live
on rice and chant hymns all day
with the fakirs of that laud who
hold similar views of their own.
Failing in this they might lie put
in the Legislature at Victoria.
Frtr 'on CO. Shields publishes
Foreign an interesting article
Praise  *n *"8 ^ew ^
naioo magazine upon snow
slides in the Canadian Rockies. He
illustrates many slides and scenes
that he saw along Wilson creek in
the Slocan while hunting bears
last spring, Speaking of the scenery
he says:
"As a loval American I dislike
to think that Canada has anything
greater or better than the United
States have, but candor compels
me to admit that the Canadian
Rockies are higher, greater and
grander in every way than anything we have on this side of the
The air of Death Valley in the
Great Basin is much drier than that
of the African Sahara, and the heat
is so great as to put the body
through a sort of evaporating process, such as to which a dried apple is artificially subjected. So
rapid is this evaporation of the
body moisture that two gallons of
water a day are absolutely necess-
sary for each individual, instead of
the three pints one ordinarly consumes. If one were to sit down in
the desert all day long and do
nothing but drink water he would
still feel thirsty.  Even with a sup-
Come along
to our
will  work  in  harmony  with uny
capltaliH who will put* up a string
te'.:-,  I Ut    'tt
Iio llloie iir\\
it   wi!
Bargain Sale
next Friday
and Saturday
W,  111*.   L.v.
• 'lliu.* ti, tniit,.
villi'.  •* im- n( <iur H<"uitiltil
t.p.in lm ilif tlii.*«t -ti.ck i.f
Of a pretty watch or a good
piooo of Jewelry is always
sure to be acceptable and in
flood tnste. Next timo yon
are Present Hunting, we have
something to show you that
will end your search at once.
We want you to see our stock.
Patenaude   Bros.
nanufacturing Jewelers
Nelson, B.C.
Beg' to announce to the people
of New Denver and surrounding
district that they have bought
out the entire stock and trade
of Messrs. Bourne Bros., and
tliat they purpose carrying-on,
at the old stand, n general merchandise business, in Groceries,
Hardware, Gents' Furnishings,
Boot-s and Shoes, Paints & Oils,
and Mining Supplies.
They have a carload of Potatoes and
Vegetables, and a car of Groceries coming in a few days, so will be in a position to m.et the requirements of their
Thev will handle BRAIDS GGLDS-
COFFKE. These two lines are the best
in the market. We ask you to give
them a trial.
Order your Xmas silt early, boya.
P. F. LIEBSCHER, gftg.
Received this
A full range of
and Children's
MRS. flERKL       'S.
Brick Block    New. Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
Reports, Examinations and Management.
Bargain Hunters
R. Elliott
One comMii.itloii Millard and Pool Titlilu,
One I.arw Hatv.
One J. J. Tnylor Safe No. « irood ai new.
Oniikiii Dm' l-'lxtui'cH, vary Hut".
One Nittloiml Oath RvifUti-r Nn. 47, Mini adder.
Mlrrorn. ldxiu, other Off*
One I'l.ilc (lifts* Mirror, 4ox-.it Incite Intel <<dirc.
One l'l«t«<il»n Mirror. »ixftf Inch, with himl-
wood rr.tnie und nlilc linu'kfH, ilxtini' J^ fee*
hunt l.y <3 t*y*'i hlfcjlt
Si-vrlna Mni'hlnt'Kitt ar*".tt liit'twln*.
".'.«■> eu"*'.*i
Hirln I'l'liidrn, Minm-. Iluili Till--*--, PI|x-». tunkn.
• •*,,.    li.ni ,.ilil   >|.i;u^   l.nuuii' «...
Itli ll ••IfMIt pil"'.
Om- sictiti (imi);,.   un.. Lnlnii-.il*.
•t.i«>» Sit .iv t'*i*c*.
• lm- tl:.!.!i-H«<wi| llilll.liv \l ,|l„ «.
tiiM'.'.*.-"! I-' •'•"I' l'r<->-".
sin v.-voi'i liii-intmi-iii*.
Contain*   •   RollaM-o
of nil tho Kvonto toi tho.
puilwnid weekly;
•440 A VIA*. tlNOUC COW, lOotl.
For Solo by all Nowodoaloro.
Addroao NIW YORK OUPTt*,
Seals, Stencil*. Price Markers, Printing Wheel*,
Numbering Machines, Band Dating and Numbering Stampa,' Check Per/orator*, Rubber
Type, Printing Pressei, 4c.
VaneoiiYer, B. 0.
, "_i «-*" «»r My In each county lo matincV
bwliwM for an old ..tKldbhed hi-n*. ^,)
ll.mnelal «HiiitliiK. A «i'aiRl.i boim lid.' weekly
tw»li*Uar,vof»ll*.0<i1,«|d |,£ I'heque euoh We/
UMdnywHh nil *x|*W« dike: fA" „ hM,tan?r-
P- Newmarket iKHeiA
. i nm im- .ii.
>n*. ■■it'.iiii
If wli ii ymi wmil U u.
Iilvi H|...l,
Xmas Goods
Ii it <liilv   i
iuul  imt   ulluw
icaiith,.: The Roving^;
tliat tin*|     T)ouks        'll*",t
•     Jlllt      1IJMHI
i-h<-tuh!  t-ee
get the main   pfufitl
thc Miiflti-ih ami 1 wuy iu which
l IK
o\VIM*u     t«»     thf
tliey  mo looking for
to   gohUU'   ull   Imt   tin*'' AevtOt*.    Thi?* »-nr/.j   ii'li-niou.*   wt
i nil'..-"!-...-!,,/! »i> 1-FiKH-ln *tti».*t»*i.. *1*i   ivii
  4-. '     *
, , 'c«»ntnrv     Thov flit wmv trom the
pwiivilix.*   m  Cmnuo.   ^«^t(im>k   rhurch   anil  ivtiili!i«h(Ml a
Hipcd out it« debt ami ihoii m PfJ'-j <tMllIIIII„itv of t|,r-jr 0WIIi «p,^hllv
mg  \mm.     lor   tt»   ||j»r'«tot«w«j M-   wfll. nnA ._„,^_	
(4MiH«U han  mort"  ikmiUiUic-kh than j v|0*<(      rj.ju,   ^U)4M-m,
anv <yiutitrv «*xw|»*l   Kev, V.entenA,    .._/   ■     •,,'   ,*,•.,.,,
nntl gootl inHnugement hm nt Imt J ^,.
ma.Iethe^tempay. j^    Aftw» ,jmo th,
—~ j l-.v. I  l«|<ir,. •Ik.U'Ii llt'iv ,
H.,K talked;WtlS0n SDrug& Book Store
Vi'-ii   Hi-mi-r,  H    |".
Wlit-.-iml mi'iill,,,, r t.i -  ;
•iii|..*< l-iiii-l*i ,ii,.1 vin; iv ill
: r "liiw ni-. * !i,i tn,,■ \ ..,.
■i ii i
I IK, .n-
ili.lHIMl*. li
IlCW DtttW, oiTei-H a ploAMant Hubstitute for
home to those who travel. It te situated on tho
shore of Lake Slocan, the most beautiful lake in
all America. From ita halconiea and windows
! can bo seen the grandest scenery upon this continent.
The internal arrangements of tlie hotel aro the reverse
to telephone, all the rooms lielng plastered, and electric
bells at the head of every bed make it easy for the dry
moments in the uiorning.t^KJK^^c^i^^t^i^t^it^t^
The best and cheapest meals in the country are
to be found in the dining room. The house is run up
on -cn«mnpolit-an principle, nnd the pro«p*eotor with his
w* -w pack is Just as welcome ns the millionnif *» with his roll.
pj\ Vtvery guest it»ceives the best of cam and prote«
Lr™J Tin- liquors nre the l*e«t in the Sloean.
id hot«'l has long been not*il for Um tishand game dinners.
• '       '"''* ''*t'"' un'v ^1'•4'*,*'rt^,* hoitM' in the Lucerne
U*J North America,   thu* look  at  th«- landlord will
i mn I I'll,   y-w
otwtion. KJi
nnd  the L^J
(tiniters. *j£
ie of fy^
con- L^J
■ no I. A..-A
vince any *irai»i»er thnt llie viands arc of the Itcst ipial- -.,,
Hooiir reserved by t»'lcgiaph.t^-K3t^KjKj>t^?»js»  ^^
HR^WY STHCIR.  Pro'pr|et«tr^,f)«\#^^«rNj)^L'J
0**-^—ntH^^^^   f^^^_*-#, *^^^^^   ^^^^f*i-  1-"*^^^   |^^^^- '"-- Vl*^*^^^   |^^_*p->   '  'lA^^^^t      ^^-^^f*   "^ "*M^^^^M  l^^^^gp"*"*.*^^^^^ ^^^ttti^^^
s!m>ik9tLmymi*tML?Za4hc!mya4 W"**4 W^T^W"^KJII
tntlitary *«*r-f
cliureh   and I
to Si-
K^y ;tt<tt, l,h      1,-v,-^ i^        kkMhi*..*'*'!^
were finally banished*
a time they were s-eg- j
~~~~ !regate*! iijKin lands in 'the'Iran*-1
Kaslo has a smart m that the Cauc/lmik, ;
world knows not of. When it' I^eft to themselves* they got along I
trmie* to ImnqmUittg n. tenit\h>- fairly welt until \\\e. gosev\\w,v\\t{
fri«nd they can do it in a manner' called upon them to submit to the!
iliAi -AouW kiHMk N'tw. YutLV. (Ou'U-as *A ihe I«itHt*i»it Kinpin*. m-
ileat over the dump of deMpntr. |eluding compulsorv military *<r-j
and nev-er ki*e a eigarettf. -vie*.     They   ftp]^1et]  in Tolrtoi
H   tlK.MHJl'AIU'l-'KS
in Nelson
M Ul, uHUKHs vni.iciTKI'
W. C. Browne
• * >
A J*
.^ W^X W "Nl K 7>^^< '>5j^-"->^   tmrA""m,
/*• wm ^xm* wAs^ymt amXmH 9*%^xm*\ f^CX-tA^
>*rl»c   MW    ww    Mkc%k%
Ban ii Ik af M-nntresa
',     .l-,\.)\,.liril     ll'.J^
-Uptul inil |i«iil 0|<) kl'J,i*JU,WU.iA)
Undivided profits  :   ;   M0,(iai.tM
Hi. llus. ijiHu tiTfumaiXAH.nl Mmxr Hoi\u tt.C.M.ii. I'eoniAem.
Hox. tl. A. DfU-'MMoxin, Vice l^rwMent,
R 8. Cijocsto.v, Ccneral Manager,
Hianchcn ia all mru ot Cam* A a, Newfoundland, (Ireat lir its In. «mi
*he United Stnte*.
New Denver "branch
LR B. DR VRRRIe. Wanater
**9*. Tenth Yeak.
JI newspaper Courier
It is now something over ten
years ago when the Spruce Ridge
and Gray Creek Sioux were on the
warpath. There were 5,000 reds,
all told, women and children, who
scampered from the agencies and
were followed by the troopers and
"dough boys," whom the Uncle
Sam hurriedly gathered up and
sent at double time to the front.
There were three newspaper men
who bunked together in a miserable
tumbledown shack near the Spruce
Ridge headquarters. They were
James Halliday, William Watson
and Charles Deane, though, of
course, among themselves and to
others they were Jim, Billy and
Now, in order to get their "stuff"
into their papers these three newspaper men were compelled to employ a courier to make the trip]
daily to Slowville, on the northern
Nebraska frontier, eighteen miles
away, where waa situated the near-i
est telegraph office.   The courier
left every afternoon at 5 o'clock on;
one or the other of his stout Indian
ponies and returned the next morning.   This courier was a devoted
little chap named Bob.
It was pretty cold out at Spruce
Ridge the winter of that Sioux rising. The three newspaper correspondents found that a little liquor
inside the belt was conducive to
warmth of body and warmth of
imagination. Their courier, Bob,
brought them over from Slowville
two bottles of whiskey every day.
The newspaper boys didn't drink
it all. They had friends in plenty
to gather in their shack in the
evening and help them dispose of
their fir*? water.
One day when the Indian trouble
was at its very worst a courier
came in from one of the outlying
camps and told the correspondents
that they might expect half a dozen
soldier friends ihe next night to
enjoy their hospitality
"Jim, we're in for a wet night
of it," said Charlie Deane to Jim
"Yon  bet we are," Charlie,"
answered Jim, "our own capacity
is none too small And oar guests
have been dry for a month.   There
Bob's hand went to his side,
where an awful pain stung him.
On he went and fell from his pony
at the door of the correspondents'
shack. They had heard the firing
and were outside.
Billy Watsou picked the fallen
boy up in his arms. ''What is it,
Bob?   Speak, boy !"
The courier opened his eyes. "I
brought your stuff for you, boss,"
he said, and then his head fell
back. The courier boy would carry
no more messages.
There were three solemn-faced
men standing at the door of the
shack. "A boy's life for a bottle
of whiskey," said one of them.
Then he went to the pony and from
the saddle bags took the three bottles and broke them on the frozen
ground. "No more of the stuff for
me," he said, "forever," and his
comrades said "Amen."—Edward
B. Clark in Chicago Record-Herald
It was midnight, and the bartender at the gilded booze parlor
in a western city was preparing to
close, in compliance with the ordinance in such case made and provided.
At this moment the distinguished
foreign visitor came in, accompanied by his suite. He had enjoyed
an evening of comic opera, and
was on the way to his hotel, but
was still full of music.
Seeing the cash register on the
counter, with the keys outward,
he stepped up to it, sang several,
bars of "Mr. Dooley—ooley—oo 1"'
and accompanied himself in a lively
fashion on the keys.
"Say 1" exclaimed the bartender,
with a gasp, "do you know what
you are doing?" '
"I kess'so," replied the distinguished foreign visitor, in his
best American dialect. "Vot id
ze—k damage?"
"Twenty-seven dollars and fifty
cents," said the bartender, looking
at the figures registered by the machine."
"All r-r-right. Zet 'em up $27.50!
vort'.   yhentlemen, step up I"
morning with which to clear the
cobwebs out of our brains and enable ub to do a day's work."
"I'll be dead for a drink in the
morning," said Billy Watson, "we
ought to have sent for more stuff,
for as a matter of fact this will
hardly go around."
I5ob, the courier, was standing
near whilr his employers were
prophesying woe aud thimt for the
morning after. "You gentlemen
lias been mighty good to me," said
the lioy, "and when I takes your
telegram over this afternoon I'll
buy your stuff tonight and leave
Slowville before daybreak, aud by
the time you's awake I'll have your
"Don't you do it, Boh," said
Billy Watson, "Jack Blue Cloud
and a half hundred of his fellow
devils are riding pretty near every
morning as you know across the
trail that you come by, and if yon
start before sunrise you'll run
plumb into them."
Don't you bo scared," answered
Bob. "I'll get bv 'em all right. I
kin teach Jack Blue (-loud a thing
or two."
At 0 o'clock that morning, an
hour liefore sunrise—it waa midwinter—IJob, the courier, put three
l>ottles of liquor into his saddlebags, aud in the awful cold headed
his poney toward Spruce Itidgp.
Bob covered ten miles by tho time
the -Mini's yellow face was showing
over the edge of the prairie. "No
reds this morning," thought Bob.
"I've pa»«ed tho worst of it." The
thought was scarcely formed twfnre
:iround a pimdridgc, 200 yard* to
bis left, came a Issly of mounted
Imliiins. There were alioiit ten
buck* ui tbe bunch. They *«h\v
V. vii i\>* quick a* he saw them. The
eurn iei'»» mil Iny straight nhe*ad.
The litdiiius turned their [wmlc-V
'..i.vi! .t;il W'Asi th,*1 hyt.-otli/iti*"''*-'
a right-angled triangle nnd en
i|««(V.sied to bead the I toy off.
The reds turned into the trail j
about H>0 yard* to tin* rear *A tliei
ilyiug \i*My stud it'.-* t.a.iuriii'1-riili.'i'
Titon ,t   \\A*t  n  stmtidirawAV race
A western senator tells the following story of a western farmer
who was visiting a western metropolis for the first time:
While standing iu the lobby of a
leading hotel, talking to Rome
friends a few weeks ago, I was introduced by one of my colleagues
to a typical western farmer, who
had just arrived in the city the
night before, and was being shown
around the capitol building. The
old fellow had never been ina large
town in his life, and after telling
me iu his quaint way of some of
the sights and places he had seen
in the city the previous night, be
suddenly turned and said to me in
somewhat confidential tones:
"Say, before leaving home I had
read about them fellers that blow
out the gas and get suffocated, and
I warn't fooled by that darned
thing up in my room in the hotel.
I seen a light in a glass bottle
hanging on one end of a string,
and I couldn't put the dtimed thing
out Bo I took the knot out of the
string and put the bottle in the
bureau drawer, and what yer think,
senator? Blest if 'twarn't burning
when I got up this morning."
tress, and tears flow from its eyes.
The common herring is "the-most
difficult of all marine creatures to
catch alive for an aquarium. A
whale is the most difficult to preserve alive.
Cranes, storks and wild geese fly
fast enough to make the trip from
Northern Europe to Africa in a
week, but most of them rest north
of the Mediterranean.
A fox is dainty as well as crafty
and prefers the tongues of lambs
for food. He has been seen to
chase sheep until they, ou becoming tired, hung out their tongues,
which he then tears off and eats.
A caterpillar cannot see , more
than a centimeter ahead—that is to
say, less than two-fifths of an inch.
The hairs on the body are said to
be of as much use as the eyes in
letting it know what is going on
Ostriches live to the age of about
sixty years.
The mandarin duck is one of the'
most beautiful of aquatic birds.
*   So voracious is the cod that it
will swallow anything it sees in
An eel has two separate hearts.
One beats 60, the other 160 times
a minute.
A ladybird can travel 20,000,-
000,000 times its own length in an
hour. In that time a sloth can
only travel fifty times its own
There is no country in the world
in which the raveu is not found to
be native; it is also the ouly bird
known to ornithologists which is
of such cosmopolitan character.
Only one existing reptile can
sustain itself in the air. This is
the flying dragon of the East Indies. It has no real wings, but
can glide from tree to tree like a
flying squirrel.
The common house fly usually
produces the note F in flying. To
do so it mast vibrate its wings 385
times a second. The honey bee
soundB A, which means that its
wing vibrations are 440 6 second.
Once upon a time a gentle girl
came upon a wicked snake swallowing a frog.
"How cruel," she cried, indignantly, and got a club and killed
the wicked snake and set the frog
day after that it was lovely for
And the gentle girl sat all day in
a boat and held a line with a frog
hung on the hook at the end of it,
and the frog was very much alive
and struggled beautifully, and attracted no end of bass. —Life.
We liH\'t< not tnlvHiumd tlir priiie of nur
tiilmii'ii>, Amliei'.limiting toliai'eo, Holt*,
Ciiit«"ii<.j anil fair PImj' -fflMtwIuic to-
liui-.ro. urn tlm aitinti alar wild piiur to Hi*
■'■tiiaiiiiii'i' a* formerly, ffr hut** aim «•»•
tendril tint time for tlm i'*d*riii|itloll nt
Snowalioi' ruga lo .luniiHi'y lat. ItttU.
The most dangerous thing about a
lie is that a word once uttered can
never  W  oUUteruted.     Home oue
once  said   that   lying is a worse!
crime than counterfeiting.   There!
is some hope of following up bivd j
coin* until they nre all recovered,)
but an evil word can never lie over- ]
taken,   The mind of the hearer or
reader   has   been   isiisoued,   and
human devices cannot reach iu nnd
cleanse   it.     Lie*   can   never, be
called liaek.
He slow in ehooHuga friend, and
rtlmfcr to change hi in; courteous lo
intimate with  few. slight no
j in oi   ini'  hte   p-uwily., iioi   e»l««'»u
t »u\ uue fur his wertllh.
' Never give In lo growing old onA
you have the secret of keeping
young. Hold on to your active-
new tkud Uv yum," ■vullm.-Uj'tu.
Work   kei»n«   om»   viittw       Work
She called up her grocer by telephone the other morning aud, after
she had sufficiently scolded the
man who responded, said:
"And what's more, the next order you get from me will be the
last one I will ever give you."
"It probably will, madam," said
the voice at the other end of the
line; "you arc talking tothe under
taker."—Indianapolis Press.
WIit»r« Money Kulta.
Henry Watterson of the Louisville Courier-Journal, in a recent
article denouncing tho barbaric
splendor and impurity of rich
American society, refers also to thc
corruption iu Ameti an politics.
Unsays; "Look at the lobby at
Washington. Does k uot exist?
Yet are there tho-wo who will sweur
that it U only a figment of pnrtiznn
[IS a'monthly* journal that you do not
meet every day. Its home is in the
West, far from the smoke of crowded
cities and the hum of grinding commerce. High up in the mountains, surrounded by scenery that would drive some
artists mad with joy, its editor sits close to
heaven  and draws  inspiration from the
ClOUdS    si;'*:!-:-********
Lowkrv's Claim is principally devoted
to Truth and Humor. Tt has hosts of
friends and enemies. It is hated and loved
just according to how it strikes the human
miud. It presses the limit every time
and always deals from the top. It bows
to no creed, cringes to no god or devil, and
fears nothing,,, not even the sheriff. It is a
sham crusher, and aims to tear the mask
from everything that is evil. It is the
most independent magazine in the world
and panders to no class, party, sect, creed,
color, flag or fat advertiser. It has pay
ore always in sight, and every shift shows
that it is increasing. It has touched a
chord in the human heart that vibrates
with its music wherever the English language breaks the ozone ^ ^ * 1..'* * * *
If you want to get in line with it, get in
early as the circulation is limited to a million. No sample copies are sent to anyone,
but it is furnished free to all people who
are one hundred years old. Postage free
to any part of this wicked earth \ * * * *
malignity! It already costs a million dollars to set a presidential
ticket in the field; already a hundred thousand dollars to sustain a
contest for a seat iu the senate of
the United States; how long shall;
it lie—the press already defending *
Four Hundred—before our public I
men shall become a race of Medi-!
cean princes, without the learning j ',jA'sl
or the arts of Florence, and the
presidential chair itself a simple
commodity to lie knocked down to
the highest bidder!"
Winnipeg l" Vancouver
Toronto Victoria
Ottawa Seattle
Montresl Portland
\ New York \VKHT« SFranoluco
St. John
Now West-
i. Dawson
Hear Fortune
opportunity w.iii. iim** t.-i|*- «t your
illKif When It Uiiol ll(.(.llf.|, lliKU"
:i tup: I luvt two mliifi.il i l,ilm» fur
mil.' tlmttimy lii*W'iiiilllu!n*.ruiieuuli«<l
l«*,„ ull, il„. .ur't..-. l'l,(IV nre -.Iln.
.lli'il ill t li' hi-^rt  ..(  llu- SI.K'.lli. In-
inn,,... i|i,   p*n, ,.   .*■ i If ,..(•-. i. m(.,,
'till teril'ii y I- :li li .-mil il fnttuhi
unit mi ill llu- ,i -.i|:il -i The (irii'i-
i in in lm. I ii «i lu nn ..ii a i.», ,\«i-
R. T. Lowery
New Denver, ll.C.
"        NoficiT
.. liKMNyi'KST Ci'* tWNKIt
I * nl'.i.U'JK 'I'   MiKl.N7.tl    Lit ■..! N'. »• l» .
i*i  Kfi!."t. i -.itimlilu ••» i-i vtlii.in-. -.-ft, i <i
.■i.t   I,' ii   ii in*:,4i< .I.    ii i i -i   in   i.
••'furl   I !• -" m(t -ci-l. l-i'i'i »li i ,i   I i   i*
t It*. I **     ii <i    ') i •■.    i     i   .
From Fort William, tho favorite mnn-
mer route to all Eastern point*,
For St. Paul, Duluth, Sault 8te Marie
Chicago, etc.
EAST—Liuivo Duninow Junction daily
lot' St   I'aul;   Konluiiny  Liuiiliui:
Tuewliiy nml Siitiinlav ter Toronto.
Montreal, etc.
WEST—l.t-nv.'   KtHHutoke   ilitiiy   fm
Scnttlu itml Vhiu'iiuvit.
Tliroiitflt   booking  Jo Kur<>|>*t* vin nil
Atlantic Lines.
f'l'inriiil Mrl.'i"n   nf   !.iti.'(i»t   I':it»"*■*.   (nvn.nl
from aii Kin'opran loiintrics.
VW lii'iiho liiii.-iiliii'it i >ti« nml full Inform:.
itihi. tpiiy in
li,ll.i. MfKKt i    .-U-Vi't.Nfft IMivu.
V,   ! •' v! , I  ll   V  Airt. V ,ui.,
• -.*' tin l>I*..\.,.\.;fM.. li
To HKMN-Vl KM t.i.iWMiss
I".. U    li  VIM |'v |    ,;-.,,*,,,,,     ..v.,.), ,    j ,
"ilmiii *.» wi !.   im-*** Invi- 'i "el-ir, iHn* i.
'"   '"-  i i  lli-   l,.i..'ii|i,,   W.ii- t*   ,: .I   I ,.,
•*■'->'  "-.i*" '  ! ' ' im". -l'li.". •. *.i, :i„    ,V|.
V. V. IC. MlniTiil Claim
Sit unit In Hie Slui'-xu -Ulninu- niviiluii uf
Went Koiitt-iiwr Dinlrlt't. H litre W»l#d:
On Silver MdUiilshi, iif*r New llMirir.
TAKK SOTH-K Timl I, CutliMlnr Merrill.
Fn* Uli.i'r't. r«itlllt'*t<' N'o. H mm.
iiiUnd, •Iny il»y». fri mi tlm "lute lurael
m apply to theMiiiliiK Heionlcr for *> t'enlnt»t«
of Itiiiirovctiifiiu, (<>r the i>ur|io»i! of oliiilnlnir
• Crown Grant of the above olaltn.
And further Uke iiotlce iltat action, nutter Motion it, mum lw cotnmeni'etl I * fore the iMtianr«
of Mich Certificate of Imjirovtintnu.
Datftl thlailh day of Noyemlier, A. 1». n*-?.
Sltuiiti) lit tlm KliicHti MiniiiK Dlvfition ul Wett
Koo1«mty !>l»trlct. Where lootttH:
On Pour Mlli' Civik, «rl>i|iilnw Ihn Hewitt
aiid linrim I liiiiiii'.
1AKK NOTICK thai I. M. It. W. lUlhlxirtio.
■ Frw Miner. t>rtllh'al« No. II. «<««. for
my««lf. Mint a* wiil for Kratik Culver, Krew
MliiorM-Vrlifit'ate No- H. MS*. Int*n<l. ilxly
i!uys front the ilat'' hern I to *h|,j.Iv to 111*
Mlnlnif lletiinlir for a OrtHlrate uf itn|irore-
ini-iitK for the |Hin"i*4>o( olitnliilns it i'mwh Kraut
nf rlirabove I'lnlni.
And further take notice thai actlnii under mt*
lion 37 ititint !«• cfimiiieiii'i'il U'fure tin- |n»imiic*i>f
»ueii icrlitlciili' of liii|irovernen(.
IMteil till- IMIi .'ay nl Oi'lulier. \. ll. l'.«^.
I1KI.I.KV1 K KHAt'TIOV.Il, MIii.mI I'lulm
stiu'infn tli- **t- .'.I in- M-L- m-,.,1 : ;. ,; Vi'tat
Kiiutetiitv Ili-lrUt WIiumi Iim'hihI: On
I'hviii- M.iiiiit.iln. V'Tili .i* s.ii,.t.iii.
'I'AKI'l Xn'I'll'K Th»t I IlitUn T T«v*. .*
I ..Willi f.il l.ii.r*.'*' K !t'.in«..;ii, fm* Miner'*
tiHHinite Sn i'f**',*. Alfiiil »'. lilinle, I'ti-t<
\lit er'n'.erlitfesl,. V'. tS'/.M, imi *f..|iii C *l.*iif,.
Fin   VU'nM '. IVltllnA'*-   \       l'.«il.'..   I,li|i (i.l   *\\{v
'!■)• '. u; t!.< il.-(■ ...ii* i <•- <i*y'i !■• the
Mn-iti,.* Id-.-i.'-il.-t ' • h it its:vi|.* *f nn.
'•r-innii ui«* |.,i Hi. i.m .•».'•! .«t it, ti..,. ,fi.,«ii
. r.iti* ..! tin  ili-iv < l.iiiu •
\ "-I iiiriliil Itl,. f.«.t:<*-i 'lia u ' - :, it,, *, . .t*-f#
"I.* .". ii*.ii«* i.i •-i"iti..i s.i ci) t.. ;..i, •! -,. i».«, ,tu -n
*i *i,< li it thili i»l. ..! ltti|,n.ti'tiH'ii'i>
!! -ti.' Iiii- '.tli ill   *1 ... i *l*,-i     \   !>  i . /
HMt'UV.IM   '*     I'Wtl.i,    \.,*i.i
-•■   .In.    I ,   li    *. \J     i   ,   ii
^    -' h.. •. i -i        ||   i .
i   \i,i i f"< ui *.<i' "ii < i.,' ; 'i ■•»
On.  on  anil  on  th«y wont.    Forjvritlt imntl  nntl  lirfirf  nntl hntin.
thiii* utitiw lioti RainHl h iitHU% ex-* Ytmth ih HUM  with hojt...   with
pocting every motnen* to hour th.   faith in »>lf, and in humankind.''
pin- <>f tli* iittiliitM aljtmt  hi»» i«*n«. t Uiftrpforn he who would  lw yntinp'
No nhotM mme.   Four milwi more, j jiUI»t kwn the ^i.iritH Uenh.
i*'i 1*, :*. ...,., ■■ * '
***'!    l,!l ,',,*■   if.it   h 'i'l -.'...it    ^ i. is *i  *i.».... tit
fairly Maggwd    The wl*   wt'^l
within  titty \*n\* of him.    Put-"
fiiiete ami jninuii"*! wotvon therif^t •,
ot A rid|(« on« mile Ittnu the goal, can  fly an   entire   week  without
At   that   instant   nit di*monnted»stopping to rem..
\n*t\wi* i"M'*w.  fv-,mv Ia'.IuiuI ft.mu'j    Snm» of the ivit-i in   hiherio, f»nt>
weruh ftpmew. Tite Indiana turned of a bright te*' lint, and they are
'-,«*»«• one uiiti vttHry oi lit* \\ev\ng\ sexy i:unj.pu:.u*uu.-< in ite tuuauli^ht,
imy. and then .spurred to the rear.|    fhe cry of a young *eal when
T3<H:'i kw'it the HjsaimiTife<lwi>1*<1i*ft*:;
.tM-Htl. onmrft*
It te »iul  that   the  fri|0t«*  iiirtl
'J h»» cry of a
- ■'■ mxttitiA*A or Ahrmt
Could not follow.
rewmble*. that of a
he attiwk'^1
eh'AA In Ate-
tJACH ONR nf th«« nine
** Uumonda in tne Hro< in
•ho*n itct« ih *   tattiiit.**
Thii It our No. 4704,
wMfhwe-neHfw $t7S «'♦
(ujtmntee tlw quulitj.
'9 tin fc» mt **w Htita***.  tl
WaaUlUt  <« UAtiMiKil   Mtkil   nt
Ryne Bros.,
Yt*t* imf .tttiefitfif* Itrarta,
i*,*..!    1*1' I, II »1  I   ■! ll  t    I   'r     I ,| * ' , 1,1 i *
j  III     , t    V I    ll        U ,      \* I      , ,'     !• I'll
",      ' 1        I
I I   I   it   li ll        I     . " '1 I        | I        •
1    *..*,,    li • .,'     i i| A !,'. ,1
I   I til. I « Itll Illl I   "ll. I  111' I ll I-I  1.   I        II
, III 11,    ill i .      , ii  ..ill   4 I .   !        Ml
i ill •!• I irf ,. .1       it   ', l     •»,'.:     I .      \> '
I      »..»,  Iv\'.»     |. .,   r  "ll    I        |i I     . ■•     I t
.    -.I'llll.i-l    I '.-I L- 11. 1        '   , I       .      .
•     *\-\i   , ,, ,*t,,.,,.. . ..   •,;„, ..-.  ;s
Il     |,1<I
1      tl      I        '
I 111
1-       ' 1
t< t.     t-     |,
I 1
th     Mi ,
i    AiMit      ,
•v .1 ,
ri |           ,   ii,    ,
i H      • ' i i.    tli
,   I,    ,   I     \ |   •.
Hl;l.'tVATI-  Hi;,,, ,|
Sll„   I.
11, II
I •!  ' / lli
\ ll t   \    I'l,
.'.< I,
• *l*.
)    I ,
I'   1
»»'■ I' i»H  tl
III., »' -I   H.lli I J'     I
| lltlK f'.tlf .'. •  f Lft>     I'   i •  •    »".'.- 0».
I ll.i   -I..IU !.*«   »|||,    ..    , . >    !.*»    tli-"    hi    • ''. I
r,.!    i  ,|
i" i-i M  vi ' n : . ■ ..-,\ .j j,
"'     I--..-     -iii!   i i,,\, t'n..rfrr>>lti. ,
■■,', t^J. ||.   |,   Vl|,lri   ,,,,„  r,i  ,l.\,     .,,
'   tl i r.-   v>, . ,,   j .,    >( a .,, \(i,.,, fc. In, ■*,, ..
,', V' . .1   ifli ■   , ; i .nl .   i   •   , .      .    .   Wei    '   r i ^ ' •'■ ** "•'• ■ <     It"",. >   11  I
.lit 1, > .1   ,        -«»  ». t  ■*.  I.t     i   t   •   • I      -'«| t1!    •
i    \\t » ti'Hi. . .1 uii.i     i    tt*..,    i \     ,        i'-<i-     •   *   ii i»t.'.i,, ntixio,,-
i   it,,.     tH-'-.ttif:.        ">■* n !*-   i<f>l | .,"'    -li*!"»"   -I"   - ■'•!  -t   -.".', i,
itlsw l^«* i   -ir m.,.*.. \     v    ->- ■-  • .,,,\,,       A "    ,     ' ■"■I" •*   !" " • "'I-""-   >•   *•"•**- •«♦»,
[.«».,.....w«.j,fr,            .;.";}„;v:rt"M:wr!;,„"" :*:TX.'
lt..,,.iA    -t,/r. *,   . ,:,..   .  *   ,.-».,.*-.,        '    t„"",'In"    ""*''   l".»    .'i-i.-r  ll'l«   I,
'       "■'     '■[•■■'     ■'" ;"- -     \*".      ...-v ,   ..     - .     .,      -..,      .
■   UH*'      •   i I.i ■•    i li    i   i •   * t t   i>+         I (   |i .  i                            .                                                                                   ■   * '■•
H»*»-ieo,»..,fw,.(j, • 7',!'".  , ' '*,'".I'',.'!*. •;•■■:"••! I'-'f
..    , ..      »    .           i        " -" •   '      "    *'•*   l"l» I     I'    -»■••■' trttn.il
*- .' '.. .        -  3.    !V   T« N                    V  ..*»  1   I,-.   , ...   •
***. ,.-*1 \<,,t*tri,..
-.» 'tV-.ii   ,.-i,  O   i .    IM.   iir.* ,1.,-r-rtf
•    >"• r   i   i.r-Ttsi
\t   i.i v I /Hi Hut It
Al.iri:    VII,    '.    M    ,t.l   I Mm.
•«iHi.*.'..   .,1(1,.  ■>'-.    :.    Vliii'i./   1*11,1.! «,   . .f    \*,',it
I'biI.M'    V. ■      "
ii-l .. 11i'l ln-.i-l ■■'   i v.',.;t     ti ,*       ,-, , I..
1'AKF  Milli I:   Srn'l    llr-t-ifl    l»liei,:t*
; I    •..♦3,? I.,  IVft.-* M,**'(.. . fn.   *.Ii>* i'l  tVr'
'i*it»Vi   II M****.   !..»•-il.   OU*.   O***,  •■• ni
tin   »*l»t«   U.-imJ.  i* *)-A%   i. ih.   Sltnlri-*.- »{*•
'■ I-. *r«l>» f *,» * I'.ntrit *u *4 lm:» *.n, m«. tuth*
.  |.*«l'J».-*       if     l,'.-l*"«.*.|l.»'      n     ll*»i:     l.r.'lt   * ',   'lull, tt- t'Ulnt..
Ahtitnnlit tmlr n-.'U-*'hit -*•-*:■ r  i:i-A.r »<*#-
I   >,.,:V   nttn* In.      ni'lii''.■..' ':. *   >,'   ■(..-     '--■,-. i   v«
**t   i i li i .'jus... ....;« ,4 Uftit-.*'tu*-i.iU
lHlm-1 (Wn -'lit   U*. • 1 '..slrml.-f    *    |.|<!f
1      »-• riv? fr:  .    l'u ion.
'    A woman   can   ki***>  a   womatt
with''Hi km* king her imt off, hnt »
man r»n't.    Atihiwvu (i!uU>. THE LEDGE, NEW -DENVER, B. C, NOVEMBER 13, 1902.
Tenth Year
rrilEMONT HOUSK, XELSON Euroiiciui
1 and American plan. Meals, 25 cents. Rooms
from re up to Si. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the sold
in the f af'e. M ALOS I? & TREG1LLUS.
KKLSON, is cohtrally
located and lit by electricity It is headquarters for tourists and old timers. Miners or
millionaires are equnllv welcome. THOS.
MADDEN. Proprietor.'ia     t Kn — _
THE ROYAL HOTEL, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of itseuisinc.   SOL JOHNS,
BABTLETT HOUSE,  formerly ._.
Is the best SI a day hotel Jn Nelson.^ .Only
white help employed,
el iu
G    W
the Clark
in.    Only
of airy rooms, and a bar replete with ionics
and bracers of many kinds.
mHK MAZE, In KASLO,  is just the place
X   for Slocan people to find wli
■hen dry or In
_    for Slocan people to find
search of a downy couch.
JG.   MELVIN,    Manufacturing  Jeweller,
•   Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver.   Manufactures Chains. Lockets
andRinirs.   Workmanship guaranteed equal to
,' any in Canada.    Orders by mail solicited.   Box
240. Sandon.
Ha. PHAIR, Dealer   r
•   mestic Cigars and Toliaecoes.
Foreign and Do-
Biker St.,
Kootenay Candy "Works.
T   A.   BJfcOONALD,
Manufacturing   arid
Wholesale Confectioner.      Nelson, B. C
"Wholesale   l^eroliants.
ers in Butter. Eggs
Fruit,Nelson, B.C,
Cliocso, Produce and
. "I-D UN    CHOLDITCH    ft   CO.,     Nelson.
a}', Importer?. Wholesale Grocersand Provision
SE .   Hcltor, Notary Public.    Sandon, B. C.,
•EVei          . -..     .
In UHHISTIE, L.'ti. B.
r .   Hcltor, Notary Publ
EVery Friday at Silver-toil..
Barrister, So-
-   C
ML, GRIMMETT, ... -.
,   Solicitor, Notary Public.    Sandon,.B. 0'.
L. L. B., Barrister,
j..jl« oviiuivuii^umir Public. Sandon, B. r
.Bjancb. Qfflce at New Denver every Saturday.
aiixiing Properties.
Mining prone
. New Denver, B. C.
ertles should address Box 60,
.. 71   when you want soft drinks.   Special attention paid to the tradeof families,
''■• C. E. MONEY, Sandon.
Ixisu.ran.oe 8* R*eal Hlatate
Mining Properties.  Houses to rent and Town
Lets for Sale. ■•-■
/SeOBGE L. PEDLAU, Opt. D. Honor
\X Graduate of Philadelphia Optical College;
Graduate of the Canadian Collocc or Optics and
Detroit Optical College. Outfit for the diagnosis
and correction of Optical Defects unsurpassed In
the Dominion. Consultation free. At Nelson's
Drugstore alter May US.
1 ft. RASHDALL, New Denver, H. 0..
Real Estate and Mineral Claim* for SMe. ClMrn*
Kprcsonted and Crown Gnuiled.
Lumlter, Door»r\vlnilow», Store Front*, Show
C«»e», Store and Bar Klxtnivs, Cjittntors, Fancy
01ms. H. HOUSTON, Munagur.
v.i..»« n r*.
. pyorp the .BLiPsxenn^ \
Socialism is one bf the political
diseases that attack man;
It is not so easily developed as
the diseases that go under the
name of Conservatism aiid Liberalism in Canada and Republicanism
and Democracy across the line;
Yet it is nevertheless a disease.
It has'this redeeming feature: if
well developed and it is allowed to
run its course, it cures for all time
the common diseases of whatever
name contracted under tho old-
party blankets, and leaves a man
politically clean and mentally
sound, and in a condition to broaden
his vision of himself and his fellow
Like the measles and the itch
aud the fever, it keeps que at the
boiling point while it is running,
aud makes him troublesome to the
man content to sit and steep his
shins in the fumes from the old-
party flesh-pots, but when it has
run its course it leaves him with a
social system upon which to put
healthy, robust political flesh.
For years the Socialist propaganda has been waged by those
afflicted by the disease*, in the
Its growth has been very slow,
until within the past year or t\vo,
but today it* is attacking every city
town ami village, and spreading into the country;
It has even crossed the line into
There is always an evidence of
hot air bubbles about new cases;
As the disease becomes deep-set
it develops into something more
tangible and finally into votes.
Where there are hundreds blowing bubbles with Socialist soap
there wont be on an average more
than one who has developed the
disease far enough to liquefy his
hot air into a vote.
This<was particularly noticeable
in the recent state elections across
the line; *    .
The Socialist vote was only about
25 in 10(H) of 5thej total vote cast.
This does hot mean   that the
cause-is weak, it simply means that
the disease is-in its hot air stage.
In one of the Montana counties
to votes with a vengeance; _
They voted for a dead man.
He was tno regular nominee on
the Socialist ticket, but died in
Seattle four days before election.
The peculiar part of it was thab
he ran ahead of his ticket.
This may appear laughable oh its
face, but behind it all there is a
Dead men can do no damage.
It would have phown wisdom had
the voters of some of the ridings in
British Columbia voted for dead
men four and two years ago.
IN   A   Nl.lSHKl.l,,
.     WITH    THE   SAGES.
Make sure that, - however good
you may be, you have faults; that
however dull you may be you can
find out they are; and that, however slight they may be, you would
better make some patient effort to
get quit of them.—Ruskin.
M-an forgets even to question
about his own growth in goodness
while he serves the souls connected
with him and the great whole of
humanity.—Phillips Brooks.
Come, take that task of yours
which you have been hesitating
before and shrinking and shrinking and walking around, and on
this very day lift it up and do it.—
Phillips Brooks. ■   ■
The man who does not love his
country is not only odious and detestable in thejpublic eye, but there
is a screw loose in "the man himself.—John Morley.
Be not satisfied with a superficial
view of things but penetrate into
their matter and form, and the
end thev were made for.—Marcus
Man is, properly speaking, based
on hope; he has no other possession
but hope; this world is emphatically the place of hope. —Carlyle.
Only the brave know how to forgive: it is the most refined and
generous pitch of virtue human
nature can arrive at.—Sterne.
We reduce life to the pettiness
of daily living; we should exalt our
living to the grandeur of life.—
Phillips Brooks.
Anger falls aside and withers ou
the breast of peaceful love.^-Tennyson.
Hold faithfulness and sincerity
as first principles, —Confucius.
We hiive -not -advanced tho price of
our tobaccos. Amber smoking tobacco,
Bobs, Currency and Fair Play chewing
tobaccos are the -same size and price to
the consumer" as formerly. We have
also extended the time for the redemption  of Snowshoe  tags to January I.t,
Slop Look
r *+s -xrm-trn* *
Holiday Christmas Goods that I bought direct from the manufacturers, ■■»■*■■■   ;.' " ..
Goods that^are good goods.
New styles and patterns;
inthe East.
and as reasonable as you can buy
Helton, B. C
v, MI]JLOY,i"7r1''
u tiad liy earn eA|*rleiicu in ilemal work, and
makM a specialty of Gold Ilrldife Work. Most
complete dentsl office lu 11- 0.
Gtoneral   Store.
v. urocorlM, Dry Ot
pod all over tlie Hlocan.
JT. KKLLY,     .liiinn     I-...'
, OrocoriM.Dry OtxxU. Et»,   Owd-i Stilp.
KOKKS. dottier in
IOM. Tb« mint complet* liri | Til
oo tht CopUneut of North Ameri- fl CA U I tl
«*. Mtotted mktit «*nerjr nre n Fn A n T
rivalled tor Grandeur. Itatin*. n CO V fl I
FUhlnir and Kscurnlont to tbe many poltiU of
Inten-ntt. TnlMmtptili-1 romtnunioatlon with all
ptrtaodba world; tw« maiU *imi- nu*l dopatl
•rerrday-    lu l»athe» cum all nervou* and
folar dtoea***; lia waUrn hral all Ktdnajr,
' and St-omath Ailattut* cf every immt.
jirlMi of a roand-trip ticket tetwe-an
Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all th*
ytar roond and irood for»»days, It fS M. Halcyon Hprtn*», Arrow L*k-». B 0.
ion* M.i.AT't'iiir..
♦J   vtnrlal Land Hurv*jfi>r.
1) imi..lm md
X*t*>n, II. C
*\'     A "Similarity.
"What % this here ping-pong
they are playin' in the east?;'
asked Toothless Tuttle of Lop-Ear
"It's some kind of a game that's
played with a racket," explained
Lop^Ear Lewis. V,
like gettin' drunk an' playin'
I want your patronage.      You can get your Chriatoias presents at my store and you are not t iking any chances.   1 guarantee all goods and quality, and as reasonable as you can get anywhere.
Orders by mail receive our prompt attention.   Send your watch repairs to me and I will do tue rest.
The skeletons in
ways rattle. their
wrong time.
the closet al-
bones   at   the
9:00 a m. Lv. KASLO Ar. 8:15 p. m.
11:25 a. m. Ar. SANDON Lv. 1:00 p. tu.
5:00 a. m. Lv. NELSON An. 7:15 p. m.
8:40 a.'m.'AR. * KASLO Lv. 3:85 p. m.
.. Tickets sold to all parts of the United
States and Canada via Great Northern
and O..R. & N. Company's lines.
For further0particul8rB call on or ad-
ROBERT IRVING, Manager, Kaslo,
0. I\ It Tlm« In^i-wtor.
AH  HRV1.1SD, KiyctiMwr atf
,   Land Humym-.   KAMI.o
fANITOMK'^   HHUO   •tlOKf.,  Sti*i,ti.
Mall nr.lor* prn njitly »tt^nit«l t»
Wr. TKBTIKL • CO.. Xttwu. HO.,
,   Oaalar* In all Droira and Aawytr*' Hap-
•k 99. **,   .*-#*.**• ; **
•F,   ci-MhOurtonM^r.
Ii.lli fci.L-iUt-.ia,.
and •.Min pathmatt
lO*oldan*lsif-f«r..« W
I HiM nili''9jm*vt'r IM
Ootd  ».v»
M*4   .......       -     -*>
•*.»>UI.'«J* V)   nth:'. '.-Uill .-l'i VL I1 "-,-      ' ' 'tl ...i.u .li.
nald ul Sllf er Retliel ul taafht
;** Ar«fMilia« St.,  Ii»»v»r. C«U.
Mr. E. N. Foh8, Republican
candidate for congress " in the
eleventh Maswicliunetts diHtrict. is
making a campaign that te opening
the eyes of some of the Republican
iiiOiShbacks of that part of the conn,
try. He is strongly in favor of
tariff revision and reciprocity. His
attitude •n the general tariff question is that the tariff should be high
enough and no higher. Iu his
opinion the Dingley tariff does not
fit that description, and the time
has come for a general readjustment of tariff schedules if the)future
huccchh of our iuduHtricB and tbe
welfare of our people are to lie
guarded. Mr. Fois, it y-hould Im?
said, ig a large manufacturer him-
In arguing for reciprocity with
Canada, Mr. Fo** called attention
to thc fact that Canada in our
third best customer among the nation*, being led hy Great Britain
and -Germany only. On the l»a«i»
of population *he in the liest per
capita customer the United Stato*
ban. Our truth' with Canada te
greater than that of all the m-tt of
tin* count rit* of the we*U»rn licnd*-
nhw combined. ''Canada, tln'ie*
ions" wi!d Mr. Fow'* te the ono
above all othpn* with whom we
Mliiittltl hftk tn carry our friendly
and reciprocal relationa of trade.
We hoUI in Canaila la**t year
nparly a* much of our manufacture* aa wc sold to the entire world,,_       _        m
in-f. I      ,1   ...I       -      .      1.1*1      ,     If .-,     tm.    ^».    ■
9*M 9    -i *  'w,        #A*.*H0 *#..•*..*■* ■ , »*  .       *   9 ,99.1*       ..*..   „        A 9  ______       __\       fc*^^L   *
junit'Hi  si-'.'*   "we  fl*o1d the vrt,rh\ 1 n.«.t" A-4-tSi l^#v/*.
year.     Canadian   nnd   American
trttdc cotidltif»n« »r»» now eminently 11
aatisfactory to Aincricann, hat they
me not likely to remain no, nnltws
I we   Me »vliiln^   'im   griir,   X./hrfAiiiA 'A i
fairchancf. aK our market*.   Tli**! rfl,r »«***• »»»*t •*—
Canadian* rcucnt the American w j mcmim.ax* to.
policy, aiid already there te a ten-\***~»^<""ac
dency to discriminate againut Ain-j
Tlie mechanism ot a watcli is
an intriciite and delicate thing.
Many good watches havo been
ruined by bungling repairers.
I do expert repairing and am
willing to stand on my record
as such. I know how to ban.
die a cheap watch and I know
how to handle an expensive
time piece. Either gets the
same honest attention and care
In my hands. If you have
watch repairs to bo done 1
want your work. 1 promise to
do it at a reasonable price.
hasdon. u.o.
For Sale
5000 Shares (uf*i each) tolly
paid up stock In the SIMILKAMEEN
CENTS each, In lots ot 100 shares or
more. This Is not jiooled stock and
tho certlflMtes will be delivered on
receipt of remittance. If yon want
to buy or tell stock of any kind write
os. K. M. McDERMID, Nelson.
Cigar Co.
This old-timehotel has recently
beeu bought by the undersigned
and ronovoted into au up-to-
date hostelry. Miners, tourists
and all Ha usee of* this world's
people oan always get a square
meal and an easy bed within
the portals of my doors. The
bar contains many kinds of
nerve bracers, rangiii}; from
the brew' of Cody to the sweet
cordials of sunny France. If
you are dry, hungry, weary or
sad when pasting through the
Forks, lift the latch nnd drop iu.
When in Sandon should not
forget THE DENVER hotel
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of-Kootenay and Boundary. . They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
P.   BURNS  &  CO.
That assays high in .artistic merit, quickly
Denver's printing emporium-!-
done at New
8tapie and Fancy
Agent for
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local hualness.
Now D-mtver. U. V,
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transport-
Our Baggage wagons meet ail Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack ^uinuts.
Feed Stahles at New Denver.
Rates reasonable
Roonin airy
And one of the few Iiouhch
in the world that i» built
over a river.
Victor Klcinschmldt.
Kootenay Coffee
l-vileri lu Tea* and Cnftim.
All «r»ri«* and prtrea. A
trial order elicited	
Kootenay Coffee Company
I*. O.!».»« int. Wan Hater St.
Seeds, Trees,
"RnlVlC for Fall or Spring
.DUlUb p|ftllting.
Catalogue Free.
**» Wdnimlniitf r Hrt.«l. Vancouver, H, C.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
marguerite < |
Our Special
151 f*t,*» *4*~
991   VVU4M.
tinemttt, B.O
VTEO.-A TIMIHT»'0B1HV OK.VTI.K-i     •    "     -^^1. \u A   rMTllt    onr
U4f l» Mfii/wit* la iKAtHMff | frl™"    gOOO*.        A* A    -TWOI    Otir
Ml -.  ,      ,   .
Ul Man***-   A ttrattAA, b»i» **»*klf ,
llirif «,* fl*rt» \*ik*\ I.* cMip' ni+ww1
t WMkt *U nmmua*** .t.i * '■* tfitu. Sn-.i-iilna.il
Moan- atvaii'i' *l '••' «■ -i '»"i. »"*    Mm. itfi-i
twtw tmt, t%k*+i-
WiuYiug iii.unil',,1 tvi»*i r* ah*' \i*.A'7iug
hmnehwi in Caimda.—Minneapolis
If you will he dieri*h«i wh*Mi)
: !te (pkkI i* hut ihe beautiful in | yon are old, b*» eonrt*<Mi» when yo«
.n.--Roti'»^»au. j are young.—John Lyly.
T« *w4 tram Mamfm* x?>iM* tl* 0«r.*<tUi>
itht iKiW.Hi'fii tlntii      .tpr'j'   ■*-■»• ..ifffn.n. .-»4p,m
r«iw,UtkitMattt lull liif»riniitl(»ii u, my t.
Uy MWl «r—
O. 9. GAwSUm.
C P. It A*t«t. V«« nuvtr.
W P. f. Cnmmluict. O.«. *. A«i.,Wt«rt|itf
We have a beautiful range of
I «Hie«' S-'»itlno'c
In Black BrotuiclohH, Bliek. Blue and Red SargeSiJCashmerc all colors.
8f rijH*d Flannoln, Woolen C 'rope dn t!hine, in nil fashionable shades, ^ome-
thing to snit everyone. In anmraor goods we have a fine range of Colored and
i'jiuu -L>imiiiiiM, rauwyjeti ami miipeu Orgaiame.^ dtnpei) .Musiin.1*, Viciona,
Bishops, and Peroian Lawns, Striped Grenadine Muslins/* JjlHIgh class Dry
Qtmth in all lines.
Choice Line of Latest and Most Fashionable Millinery, and Dressmaking
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
St'iIX Ar.r.xT.; FOR


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