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The Ledge Dec 26, 1901

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Volume IX.   No; 13.
Price, $2 00 Year adJ&0_
$mmmm&?%8 ssssisss^sssssss
G^n^aT ^WsPtoaf
In and About the Slocan and neighboring Camps 83
that are Talked About: ||
Local merchants report a good holiday trade.
The Slocan Bob, adjoining' the Republic, was re-staked last week.
John Angrignon, wife and child, are
spending Xmas with Palma and wife.
Tho Bosun shipped 103 tons last
month, the approximate value of which
was 83,000.
.1. G. Stuttz is headed this way with
his show. He is always welcome around
these diggings.
The citizens of Ferguson have established a butcher shop independent of
the P. Burns combine.
Sunday was a busy day for sleigh -
riders Everything with runners on
was brought into service.
The force, at the Arlington is being
of Molybdenite found on a property
owned by W.'.Brasch, situated, in Dry
Canyon, two miles east of the railway
track on Lemon creek. This is the
only deposit of molybdenite, that has
been opened up in the camp.
Di\ Forin has been appointed by thc.
adjutant general at Ottawa, to examine
the recruits to be raised in this country
tor service, in South Africa. He left
Slocan Saturday for Rpssland, where lie
examined men on the 23rd. He was at
Nelson on the 24th and at Cnjtnbrook on
the 25th,
Messrs. Mulvey, King, Taylor and
Johnson have encountered a big thing
on the Ottawa, Springer creek. They
have a six-foot leda'e showing in which
three, feet of ore are enounterd. an assay from one of which last week gave
3185 ozs. silver to the ton. They have
taken a bond on the Hamilton, an .-id-
lncreased.   The mine will be dosed foi  joining property.
two days for Xmas holidays.
 Qeo.■■Ni"hnl Ita'g  been   elected   ni-esi-
dent of the Slocan  Miners' Union
M. Wehster is vice-president.
Sandon has. 74 nameB on the civic
voters' list. The municipal election
will be held on January 16th.
Joe Butler wishes us to state that he
has injured his foot again. Joe ought
to change Ids socks or fix the other
Dr. Milloy will he in New Denver
next week. This will be a welcome
note to those whose leeth require skilful attention
In Nelson the defeat of the by-laws
has had no effect upon the Royal Seal
cigar. The smoke from it constantly
lloats In the ozone of that city.
A slippy, sloppy Xmas with dull and
deadened times isn't conducive to a
happy heartednesH that makes the face
to shine—but be happy anyhow.
Santa Claus made quite a draft upon
the stock of good things in John Williams1 store, but there is plenty left for
thuhe who could not pet supplied during
the rush.
Dividend No. I, of one coat per shnre
on Goodenotigh stock was paid this
month. Dividend No. 2 will be paid on
the 15th day of January, 1902. It will
he one cent per share.
A big- shoot of ore is showing in the
winze below the So. fi level on the
Payne. When the mill is in running
order the shipments from the pro|>erty
will he resumed nn the old scale.
Hnndon's newspaper fraternity wsnt
to plsy st hockey They have challenged the universe snd, if In luck, will
get a game on with a scrub team of the
Geo    Aylwin   and   Chas.,, Nicholson
have recentlv been doiiiH' some work ou
ward. At the end of the year 1900 the
company received notice from the
American smelters, who had hitherto
been the purchasers of the mine's product, that they would not renew their
contracts during the present year, and
although the mine was in a satisfactory
condition for 'continuing its operations,
this action temporarily deprived the.
company ol'a market for its product.
Operations, however, continued at the
mine and mill for the first two months
of this year, but on March lst the mill
was stopped, and only development
work carried on until the end of April,
when the. mine was practically shut
down pending the solution of tne smelter question. A new contract for the
sale of the mine's product was entered
into in July on more favorable terms
than those previously existing, and in
the following mouth' the mill restarted
and has continued to work since that
time     Owing to the existing low  price
of silver and lead it is expected that the
profit on thepresent operations will be
small, but it is impossible to say what
the margin of profit will be until the
result is actually demonstrated by a few
mouths' work. In the meantime the
utmost economy in all directions, consistent with efficiency,is being exercised
and it is satisfactory to learn from Mr.
Fowler's report, that he has been able
to carry on mining operations at a cost
considerably reduced as compared with
previous periods. Moreover, now that
the Dominion Government has granted
a bonus for the purpose of encouraging
the establishment of silver-lead refineries in Canada, and as the latest advices point to the early erection of a
local refinery, it is hoped that the company will, in a short time,obtain better
terms for the sale of its product.
Japanese Horists have succeeded in
cultivating a rose which looks red in
the sunlight and white in the shade.
StT^te^ Said to be SUr.fc
i» . '
£[3 A Kaslo Report to the Effect that the Project is
8§ Virtually Decided Upon.
the Pontiac and Ben D'Or claims. Ten
Mile with the result tliat they have
come into a pay-shoot four to six inches
wide that assays 228 ozs. silver to the
ton. Running' with the main ore body
is a seam that gives assay values of.S-'fi
07.s. silver, and small values in gold.
Some time ago Louis Miller was badly injured by striking intoa missed hole
at the Payne mine. There was danger
of his losing his eye sight and he was
sent to Spokane for treatment. As a
result one eye has been saved. Last
week Manager Garde forwarded a check
for 8242 to Miller, $100 of which was
subscribed hy the company aud the
balance by the employes of the mine.
Signor Marconi has at last demonstrated that he can send a message
across the Atlantic hy wireless telegraphy, and the Anglo-American Cable
Company forthwith has got out an injunction restraining him from making
any further demonstration of Ills great
Invention. Thi cable company has a
cinch on the ocean nnd behoves it can
also hold the air If Marconi will come
to New Denver he can get all the wind
be wants to breathe, and he can use his
ticker if he wants to.
Tho Capella, Goat mountain, has
been closed down for the winter. Work
will be resumed about April first. The
last car load ol ore shipped from the
property caught silver at low-water
marl;, yet tho returns were, considerably over fd.OOO, There is a large
amount nf nre ready for stoping, but
there are no winter quarters for the
men, ami with the coming of the cold
weather work had to cease    The lower
Word has been sent out from Kaslo
to the effect that negotiations had been
completed for the erection there of a
200-ton smelter in connection with
which a refinery will be operated. It is
announced that the smelter and refinery
will be built and operated by the Glasgow syndicate which is represented in
this province by T. B. Stewart, and
which M. Gintzburger, of the Monitor
mine, interested iu the project. Mi*
Stewart arrived only a short time ago
from Scotland and it was not thought
probable that the negotiations would Incompleted for some weeks yet.     If the
j( 3*ew jiequests
....        .•        1 ««••!!     „,) tunnel be ng dr veil to tap the end w    1
guhh city on Xmas day.    WedgivoM ,   ,..,,,      ,      ,     ' ,   ,
.   ...   ..     .    ......«,.. j be into the ledge in about  leu  weeks]
\ after work Ik resinned, and  if the ore
cents to see ihe steam rise off the ice
wiin i:\v .in.11  uim>.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce will j body i* laiiyiht at that  point building* j
pay after«hc, 1st ot January,  the half i will be-erected and "iteration-* curried'
y-t-ar's Interest due on that date on the* mi mi a larger naif,
sit   per cent and foiir-aml-n.hnlf   per!
cent, debenture*, and on  llie  dnir  per
cent, bond* nf   the   Nnkiup   .v  .slocan
Hailwav <"n.
Canada'1*-! mo«t pofnilar bank inn institution, thi> Itatik ot Montreal, a- a
result of tundiicss triiif-At ti*<l during the
mU inoiitlis ending October ln*-*f, \iv,uh> n
profit of CIKoim The total deposits'
an* now £ 17,ft>»,« ►•*•* Iln* .n***«i* now;
eAccr-u i-i(-'»*„'.'pp*,*'.
lite   UiU'iwmi   I'Mnn:  mrm»ne«   sue.
Tie*   report   ol
tVtiiti'WHter Mint'
tin- direi'toia tl I hi-
. I.I.i . (ill* I'M). •!|l<
tl    'A'
rnift#d tn (he  l."li.l"fi   tiit-r.-fjit^-
'till iii*t . »t,'ite* lli.'it a   ; i.ili*   of
ba» lieen made d'n iit*^ the   m-.u
Amount lia* been aimed ai aftei 1 luiji
ing agtm-'t tie*   >■»•■*»'••   «t>;t.iiti(   t'A*.'"»
!-.,..m..rl •      •,,,.,..,»..(     ',-,,, -    -,..*,.,..
f.tttiiit.   n< w<>tt n* iy*.*fi~. >*. l\'i*h ntiiiitt.ti
, feprenents the whole rr»#t   .if  Ate   vein"*
figure. ihowii.,t lh« total amount nt „re, ,1(,v„|o        , W(,rk, ,,,..  C| ,M( „„,,„,
tbAlM*^i^hmmSU-*,m ifc, V^',forW(lH    \n ^^u^,. nt the mtti^
L to dat*.   Ihe amount is Wtons, the L,r|k(, u wm mt        {hu> ((| rMHM1(/
t-mtittw trim whirtt   ftwt   nn  fYK-t .?***>. '
As .Santa Glaus will have gone South before
he can read this message, we request the Power
who looks after New Years gifts to give us the
A rise in copper so that the hum in the
Boundary may not he hushed,
A smelter in Kaslo, so that that town will be
saved from the honeyanl.
A mint in New Denver so that we can jingle
coins that are native horn.
Au agreeable settlement of the Rossland
An elevation in lend and silver prices so that
thc fatuous Slocan can hold up its head and
wink  tint 11 eyes.
A Provincial l.cuu!;i.iiic that is stable
honest and pronTcssi-vi'.
M-t-viv 5,,i,.-*!li-.' .''■<' !■ -"■ lU'-'tivv in the court- *•!'
Tho alkM]jf io?; ot c»iiiipHU.»i'y vaccitiarioti.
\  remedy Uo- 'lie fni.st t*\ il.
\ »'mii> to»* 1 hii-ioiil imiiM»»t'Mtion
shortly be underway, and Kaslo will
experience an era of prosperity tlpit
will rose-tint the old town and darken
its atmosphere.
Dr. Selwyn says: "While still in the
saddle and on the trail 8 or 9 feet above
the brook. I noticed a powerful odor of
petroleum: Descending to the edge of
the water and stirring the stones and
gravel in the bed of the stream, considerable quantities of oil at once rose to
the surface and floated away. Crossing
to the right bank it was again seen
coming out of the bank some inches
above the then level of the st renin.
Here, skimming it off the surface of a
shallow pool, a wine bottle full was
soon collected.''
After crossing the. divide of the
lioeky Mountains and camping on
Akainina Brook, Dr. Selwyn asrain
states:    'About   1   miles north of the.
report is not premature, the project wi'lUfith p.irallel,  the trail  came down  to
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City uiitiing
divisions for the year 1900 was, approximately, 35.000 tons* Since January 1
to Dec. 21, 1901, the shipments have
been as follows:
L«»t Clmiu-fi     It
Slttciui sur  i'il
HpiXUU    -l'i
American Buy    J"
IyiiiiIki'.      I'1
Sunst't (Jnetaon Hiisin)	
Arlington    '••«■
Twt) Fritaiils..	
Knti-'r|irUie    1"'
the level of the brook, and here on thc.
edge of the beaVer dam pool were
ledsres of hard dark blue shale dipping
V. 30'N 12J. Lifting layers of this at
and below the water, a quantitv of dark
uroeu circular patches of oil r-ose to the
surface, and a   precisely similar result
! ninck Vrlncti	
I <{<Kxlitiiuui<rh    it
I Miller C««k	
I Itei-o      '«
Huiimit (Can.Oolil Fleliln	
Silver Klnir	
(Red Fox	
Oueen Hew
Uomlholder     J
Kamliler    ««
iln Oro
Katln Qroup,
j S|*cul»tor...
Kmlly Bdltb.
KumcruMi  ,.
~    ilia
Fourili of July.,
Mar*.- Uucliam
t 1 lluffilo	
Sti'i'i'l (Inn*.
Tottil to tin  7(».*>
IM   IIKITiail   COM'MlltA
Oil 1
.   no
Hailey Willis, in tlie Kiinmeeriug ami
Mining Journal, ban a very iilterexling
article mi "0|| in the Nnrthi-rn Rocky
Mount,lino.' Speaking nf the«IUeovcry
ma !•• in Hrit'mh 1 'oluuibin be »a\>-
Tin' tu-ciirrouci' of mineral oil* a* n
•*<■»• |li^c iiikiii tin' water* "f >*|.i iii»»» nn1!
-11 run*, in ihe v ii nuts t.| llti* l'll» pur-
iillel ill tilt' 111.1111 I illiff "f fhe Hi.il>>
tl-'iiiilam* Iiii» li'iig *>i-cii kiinwn.   I hi'v
i m im-mnTyinnTniflT^
bottom of tho pool. This place is about
15 miles in a direct line W. lu S. from
the occurrence on Cameron Falls Creek
the main watershed of the Rocky Mountains and Mountains Kirby, Spence anil
Yarrell intervening. OR is said by the
Indians wlw frequent this region to
occur at other points in the Akaniina
Valley, both above and below that recorded. The Akainina joins the Flathead in Montana about 1 miles south of
the International Boundary. Thc,
heaver dam oil is of a dark greenish
black and does not Apparently differ
much from that of Cameron Falls
Sage Creek is a stream entering tho
Flathead a short distance north of thu
49th parallel, and upon It Dr. Selwyn
observed an occurrence of oil which ho
describes as follows: "At about n mile
aud a half higher up" (loj miles above
its mouth) "the creek leaves the high
inountaini which border Uh upper course
iu a northeasterly direction up to thn
main watershed some 14 miles distant,
and here at the edge of the water on
the left bank I found dark hard flinty
shales like thoau at the beaver dam pool
on the Akatnina dipping S. aS'—HO* W.
2B* Directly the layers of this rock
are rained, the oil rlies and sproadi
over tho surface of tho water in such
abundance that a short time xuftiecu
with the aid of a tin cup to collect a
holite full Here, also, a considerable
quantity ot gas escape* from the cracks
and joints in the rock and Ignites freely
on the application of a match Less
j than hall a mile higher up 011 the right
I hank and on the opposite or weit nIiIm
of the valley nil wa* .i^ain found emiiiiiK
> from the imie of a bank of drift which
i haw here tilled the valley and wuiHeri
tin' *ticam to maki' a -harp bend ca*l-
ward In the b*i»e <•' the O|i'o»ili* inoilli-
turn      No rock w a*  i'-t|n'»t"l   li-t-tc,   hill
J.t-i ,ii,\      .■(
•£HVe 1 tilt ,1
I I ,,    ,-t   ,
tic in tin- bi"f
11. '
ii.'  "
Tha company baa etpendeif itiintthing
like %tb,&10 in d-fTfioproent work.
Geo Aylwin wat up from Ten Mile (his
w-M-b, and report a hn-tfn-w*-* in a Hoar*
Uhing condition at Avlwin.    Tha rt-
eent utrtke nt. th# Veepnw* i* prorimr n
jroodthinf.   Ore i« b«tng taken out a*
development  proceeds and the   pro*
pwu (or thn property are very bright
Inqnirff* at* tuMtif mi4e hy m.v*A*
-1.'*^ P*.P.y,(t,  p ,*,,'!,. i..,.,.!.,,, 1   1,.,;..,,.(,,,  ,,,.,..;    ..i,,,.,.. ..    .,..,,,»,
of F-tbruarjr. 1»W; the mum* lh#refrti<» 1
shown in the account* e«» the r-Mult of
only ten month*" work Th# rom-i
paay a en|ineer rfporuthat at the 3!tt|
Dencnbcr, 190O, the ore reterve* in thej
tufn<« apprux(mac<«t f* t0,T>J t,,n\*. of no [
Mtlraated i^tom vilu" of over £50.0iO ,
On .Urn I Ait (t^-e-mheir U»k  ah bonnui ► ,t
M*' ', v, , • I-
i in   ii- m> uiv ion hi   >
leet at ••artli  !«»r every
11 1 i'i|iv     ijivuiii-i';.'*,   liut'i    ->i.-W
->|hiiI hunter   and  pap-
-..I    <...m»  i-.. .* ♦ .    t  ..   .it
dividend at the rate of >*t f*r ahara wat
piM, wfcte* tWtiM C^rt-V, tfc«* l*-av-
I ft
A mn tor Sandon.
ity laws that will pass in Nelson.
tn tho, mo'.vutimo. wc  wUh ovoavone vt^ thr*
wtivVl an «rtioyrtf)le time dnriw* thc fc3tivc .«U;ion
that i* now at its height.
,ti-l-|rl|-ti|-   '.1   li-IV-.*    Pit
,1 ' '
'•' ti.».Ii-d   (lie  .•itti-iln.il   ul    the    in.Ji.iii-.
'." 1 iic-v -A.'i'i' (ii.ili.iliiv liiiiiiil le*,   tiap|.H-
( ..( the Northwc-l   Fin   I'-mpany.   Ih*.
i' itii. .ili'l thi'lf■ ••*i»telic-f tia»  Ih'i'Ii   via
''   *  ,     .  .   ' .   I    .....   .•-    ,,  .        .,!!     .,,!    ,    ».,..,.    . .  ,
'S      '•..' I ll.-,»   y-...,v.'i*  ri< lii.l,  .-),.'»■■(.    I.i    O ,.
■;* ,,i."*.'ti( iimi-. Kcvertbi'b"*--, the tn-t
H Ntioiitit of thein which the writer ha*
|{ ' dt«crtv*-ri»i| I* cniiliiiiied In thi- report of
jj , flie ducctor  of the Cnnhdian Survey,
U' P.        .11;   >. f. 4 <.. ,   *.*.>-.      . *. P. ' .-»*. :- ..j.   %■:■■.        t,*i...,.
roer «•( that year  Or   Setwyn \i»in»di
teveial loralitle* on ihe Canadian title
I of th* line which hedfttcrih** a« follow*:
I    Cameron Fall* Brook ia a ft ream ri*-
I ing iu a take on the International Iloiin
'.t:uy lu'iir tati^tfjL't» lit' wt'-t, flaw!
'  fin-  creek, e*
•-.*..   ,..   ,i,bl,,-.|(
s   -.1   (..-iinl.'iini
*   **i.?ii,'i'   i,'
1.    '«..*    \f It «*-((• nt
i.ttit «■ U ,111 tlii»»e
.   .iti.l   A,.-noJim
**- f tl - i.   -,i    :!    >A.t-
tillt     !!l-f!     nf    il
l-.»i«' i<t|';ltii|\  .lllil of ;(,
• I-,.-,. -.«,■<i
* llj.'ll     .-hi.    >n-    «. .-i
ttiflci - ctiiir.-l« in .*|t("'*
..( i \ittii-i ..it I .ill- 1 1 >-.-
nl  Ki-.|iciicn;tn '  I'-i-'-.
■it   'I   lljllt   Illllf     V l'l!"H
in-ill lv tin* (Him
ifi }    jN'tll'llli.   |'l
III ,       ,>l   1>, J ll   *        *•-■■:       !■■■        I   '.   ■ I        1*1       HU'
-j-i iHK- (l.ll-'ti'-, il-ic! i-t-i-   iil.li.iii>    itC
i.i *:i-lii Ap.'J .'lilJ   ■' 1. it' ■'fie- ■.I   -Oi.iit'f-'l'Aiiii,
|H'lrofeiiin   111   the   viciintv   uf   I'lnclii'i
<'r.*-.*k, -i »(re«(it "it   tt.»-   ieitlhf«kt   *i.|<*
Of Ute mountain* al*o«l  'J» mile*, norlli
,            .,     „,,         ,.    ..       .,        .,  ! of !hct«»uii"tarv    Tin'c-'Untry all«l"iii
tMsveral loralitle» on ihe lanadtan *ide  ,     , ,'.,,*,,
■ _, ,i_ ,. t,...t_ t_ .,_.,_.u.... -.. f..i, ! bai been «uked with oil clmm-, and an
, etift-rimental Iwring «a* made which,
however, wt* abandone»l wh#n a topi-
I mn flow nf watf* wm ohuined.   This
pattte* tor i«mpk« of o»e from the v*i»  l»g a UUihi- of £*U to be t*ttM Ut* I »-«K»og*»ft^«M
I i ,,orth«-.*terlv for about 7 miW and j ^^ •i'»^»^ >»**»*•» «'*« «« *"
«    . ... , , , ... ,     ! main range and in rftcki of en-tai-emi*
(I     >^._(«L^        *timm .lallKA tkkf h*->lMu(   i"
ton \aV*.   After Mating that heaacend $
«d ttii**w**a thmi a mile and a b*Xt\   The Rnyal s*al cif«i i« mie n'. the
above lUnharptum toward the toutb * staadaid produetiou- of Ntttou THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, DECEMBER 26, 1901.
Ninth Year
Tub LKDOKh two.iollursii ypni-in advance. When not so puul it is s2.-Ki to piirties worthy of* credit. Upl lulvt-rtisiiiKlo cents 11
uonpnriel line iirist* insertion, mul ft coins a line each si*tl)sr-i|uent insertion. R etui hi i? notices I'ft cents a line, ami commercial lulvertisuiK
Kratletl in prices according to circumstances.
PFLLOW PILGRIMS: The I.KPGK is Incut ml at New Denver. B. C ami can be trace.! to miuiy ynirts of tin* eni-th. It, comes to tlio fn ml
every Thursday ami has never heen raided hy (lie slierill'. siioWsliilwl l.y c.hca)i silver, or suhtlnetl hy the k-nr of man. It, works for the trail
Id-ueras well as the hay-windowed und chnnipiiRne-flnvori.-d cu pita list. It aims to he on the right side ol everyl lung and believes thai lit-11
ihoiiltl he mlminislered'to llie wicked in laigc tloses. It luis stoon Ihe test of time, and an ever-increasing pnysl leak is prool that it is
better to tell the truth, even if tlie heavens do occasionally hit our smohestiicli. A chute of jolt work is worked occasionally fur the nouelit
of Imm-uiity ami the financier. Come in ami sec us. hnl do nut pat the hull don on the cranium, or chase the It luck cow iron; our water
barrel- one is -*avage anil the other a victim of thirst. One of ihe nohlest* works of creation is the man who always pays the printer: he i-
■iureof k blink in paradir.0. with (hornless rose* for a pillow hy night, an.I nothing hut gold to look at by day.
R, T. LOWERY, Editor and I-inancicr.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in tins stjuniv
indicates that, your suhscri|p-
Hon is due, nml that the editor
wishes once again lo look at
four collateral.
Blue mass will be said by   many
this week.
Drouth prevails  in" many'parts
of America.
It is a* wise child who khow.s its
own stockings.
During the year
one Kootenay
editor only had two drinks. This
is a record seldom beaten in the
There was no strike in the Hurley mill at Rossland last week.
The pugs of that town had to Goffi
and sit down.
Marconi is fortunate.    If he had
lived when the church  had a full
set of humps he would-nav^Deen"
burned at the stake. That was
One way of rewarding genius in the
early days.
While thero is frost in Alabama
and below zero in the east it is
pleasant to know that the winters
in B. C. will be mild for a great
many years, owing to the Japan
current having switched its course
two years ago. This is one .Jap
thing that we are thankful for, and
Imperial reasons cut no ice when
it strikes our shores,
The condition of tho lead industry in Canada having been brought
before the Dominion Parliament it
is quite likely that at its next session relief in the shape of protection will be given the producers of
lead. Favorable action at Ottawa
will bring capital for a refinery and
make lead worth 2-J cents in the
The following story is told by
John Kendrick Bungs as an illustration of a child's line sense of the
lltnesK of things:
"Hennessey, formerly foreman
of the Herald's composing room,
had a little daughter who said:
" 'Mamma, what are the still's?'
" 'The stars, my child, arc the
Angel Gabriel's lumps. F.vcry
night at twilight the iiugcl Mies out
of the gate of hirudise with n
torch nnd lights all the stars,'
•*()n the following evening a
storm darkened  the heavens and
near   the,   train.    Ho   hailed   Mr.
Gould and said:
•'Say. mister, we have a new
baby at my dugout* and we ain't
got no soap. , My old woman is so
stuck uji over it that she's making
me drive fourteen miles to town to
get some nice, sniellin' soap, an' I
thought maybe you'd help me our*
by get tin' me a* piece of soap mi ten
one of them fancy cars."
Mrs. Gould, who overheard,(lie
request, had a porter give the man
several pieces of soap wrapped in
towels, and several articles of
tinned delicacies. The* man seemed
much surprised at such generosity,
and as he turned to drive homeward he shouted back to Mr.
'■Say, mister, you all must be
some relation to Santa Claus."
The shortest sermon ever preached was perhaps the sermon which
Dr. Whewell was fond of repeating
from the text, "Man is born unto
trouble as the sparks fly upward."
minute in delivery,  the following
being a verbatim report:
"I shall divide the discourse into
three heads: 1. Man's ingress into
the. world. 2. His progress through
the world. .'}. His egress out of the
"Firstly, his ingress into the
world is naked and bare.
"Secondly, his progress through
the world is trouble and care.
"Thirdly, his egress out of the
world is nobody knows where.
, "To conclude: If wo live well
here, we shall live well there. I
can tell you no more if I preach a
year.'' Then he gave the benediction.—Exchange.
Colored Lady — Mister, please
gimme two cents' worth powder.
Druggist — Gun powder, face
powder or tooth powder?
Colored Lady—Wat 1 wants
with tooth powder, gun powder or
face powder? Two cents' worth
insect powder.
Druggist—I can't walk across to
the other side of the store and
wrap up two cents' worth of insect
Colored Lady—Who nuked yo'
to wrap it up? Just po' it down
m' hack.
They have a High School in a
small town near Toledo, and the
story istold'in those parts of how
the trustees decided to have a
classic statue of some description
in the building. They sent to a
the lightning zigzagged across the| Toledo Jinn for a catalogue, and
fucc of tin* sky. The child ran to! unfortunately, this was not illus-
her mother, exclaiming: i tinted.    After considerable diseus-
" 'Mamma, I think the angel isjsion, they dually decided upon the
going to light his lamps now." jUgui-eof  "Atlas,"  us that mime
"  •WtiV     *l<l    veil!    tl-litlV'    ■-•<(     lite ' -.•■nrriroi.i-ti-.it     frontyvmliv       flito     holivf
. * *. i:t. l:      <:      .    ',  . 4-,
i-biii^hlcr''' ' thovnii^ily in Vccjtln^ with :in in
** 'Because   he   is   striking   liis stittite of learning.
matches ou ihe sky." " j    When    -Atlas,"   thn   powerful
— j nude ligiire bearing the globe upon
•ti -I ,
,* WVUI-l.t'iltA  * ■' , »V»-| l'i -t.t,*,
statue a black cam brie gown in
which they stealthily robed it.
The next day they drew up a
petition to which they procured the
signatures of many of the mothers
of families, and then presented it
to the trustees. It called for the
exchange of "Atlas" for another
statue less offensive to thciiynaiden
The trustees thinking it well to
oblige their co n sti tu en ts, again consulted the list in the catalogue.
One of their number read the  des
cription of the "Laocoon" — "a
beautiful group of three classic figures in the toils of a serpent."
The price was the same as that of
"Atlas." An old farmer spoke up
"Ley.hey that one. We'll be
gettin's more fer our money.
We're sendin' back one ligger, an'
will be gettin' three for the same
price, with a big snake tlirun in—
le's choose the Laycoon."
When, upon further investigation, it was found that this group
was also nude, the old farmer advocated writing to the Toledo firm
to send some "picters of folks with
clo'es on,,.to choose from."
It is not related which work of
art was finally decided upon.
"I. tell you," exc-jaimed the slim
individual, "that water is God\s
great est gi ft to man." "A re you
a* Prohibitionist?" asked a bystander, taking him cordially by
the hand. "No, sir," was the contemptuous reply, "1 sell milk."
There is an immense amount of
trouble, a* great (ioal of blindness,
an incalculable amount of harm,
coming from the misuse ofthe word
faith. Men say that their religion *,
is a religion of faith, and that they
believe these things to which I object on account of that faith. Faith
tells them that the whale swallowed
Jonah. Faith tells them that the
deeds of cruelty committed by
Moses and David were just. Faith
tells them Elisha raised the dead,
and faith tells them that the Bible
is not contradictory, and that it is
true from Genesis to Revelation—
veritable  word of God.    There is
Gigar Oo.
mwttt.-ma   ikml^m   rtutin
l-'or liiiecs apply to —
W. .1. McMIU.AN & Cu.
Wholesale Admits for B.C.
Vunctmver. B.C.
Our Special
El Condor
something that tells them this—
but when they use the word faith,
they have got the wrong word.
The one they want is credulity.
Will be in. New Denver on
or about next Monday, Dec.
3<]tb. Modern and improved"
methods employed in all
dental work. Prompt attention is invaluable when vour
teeth exhibit indications of
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(inlm nre luiyiililoluliliii.
NnveinlKirilh, looi.
.'1 llul.j• mill DlniiJtii.il.It-tiil.*, "\ I I
III lli'itvy Stlvi'i'nlil ram*, fur- I 111
WMI'Iiu,*, dtlmr price*
Kiiulo, II.C.
i i»i
VI ki
HUM   't,,:r*
l;\     ,'|i->*.  ....    ,.,»...   ....  *   k.. t.<a y,',    , h*iir<       ,' lllhllMl 1
Gould wat* on a ."idc track in Min- placed in position for the inhuliit-
wiuri, Niyn the New York Timo-. mirx to view, muiic of the "citizen-
Mr. Gould stepped to earth to.-cHM?*" were stricken HpeechlenH
stretch his legu while waiting for a] with horror nnd shame.
regular train Ui \aw. tt wai- iu ( Ihiring the. .-tilly wali'lu,-, of the
thc more rugged part of the Htiite, i following night, wvernl of th^ne
well ;is\ny from i-iviliwitiuii. A mui-ally offended iemiiio* gathered
typical inlinliitant of the dintiii-t together according to previous ar-
ntopped a [niir of emaciated  mules ranueineut, and made tlie terrilile
Job Printing is an art.
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most advanced of arts,
and jOTcater efforts aro
being made to reach
perfection than ever
before in the history
nf printing. Rvcry up-
to-date business "man
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Tlii- c-.rtt l« no irrrnti-r lli.ni ihe hmur*(\r
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ment these lono* winter
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?"C*»'*1^^^b**^f^-J^J^"*^;^^CZ3"^^cri^a"^ pxzyp*p<x^p*7~^p*r~^
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(JL^>-AWA> ii. A U Y*.     vW/il      AViUi/dil^il   vy^U3
KRtHbl lull I'll   IM17.
Capltnl (all |mid up) $12,000,000.00
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K. S. Ci/iuhton, General Manager,
Brunches in all parts ol Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
the United .States.
New Denver branch
I.E B.DR VCBHIk, MuiiuRti
p« v* i [
*•». * 11 [inth Year.
eibonnys Royal flush
There, was not a boy i» the oflice; True to his promise, Mae walked
fho did not admire little May An- j into the office Friday afternoon and
uish, the managing editor's sten-1 checked off his assignments. None
grapher. She always had a bright * of the boys ventured anything but
mile and a cheery greeting for the | the customary "Morning, Mac,''
ta-ff', from Dick, the'copy boy(> t.oj*which was responded to by the
he okl man himself, who kept her j familiar reply: "How are you, old
u-etty busy during the day writing man ?"" Dudley was in the office
etters of regret to accompany re- at the time, pounding out his
ected manuscripts, and dictating j routine of sporting stuff, but he
■n occasional editorial on the policy | did not look up from his type-
f the administration in the Philip- j writer.
Miss Anguish was not more |    On Saturday nights the l>oys on
yh'Mi twenty-one, although hard
work to support her widowed
mother and send a curly-headed,
eight-year-old brother to school had
left a. rather serious expression on
her pretty features. She was a little
woman, and so neat and trim in!
her modest costumes that ''Big1
Jim,'* the foreman upstairs, fell in
the habit of calling her "the little
Dresden China doll." When 1 say
that all the lxiys admired Miss An-
Luish, I should make two exceptions. MeElhonny, the police re-
jportiM', and Dudley, who wrote'
isports on' the Sphere, did more
Khan admire the, little stenographer.
[What had been at one time admir-
(fition underwent a common  metamorphosis;  they - were both   very
much in love.    This  condition of
[affairsCould not be kept a, secret
jlong from the observing eyes of the
istaff, and it soon became a. genera]
{topic   of   subdued    -conversation.
[Only once was any  open mention
wnade of the subject in the presence
Ijf MeElhonny.    O'Leary.the stock
^reporter, was the guilty man.    Had
Sit not been for the combined efforts
Jfof Fenton, the city editor, and two
Lof the boys,   things   would  have
'fared ill with this same  O'Leary.
>As it was, his facial expression underwent a. decided change for the
worse, which was only alleviated
after some time by frequent applications of  beef-steak,   and  arnica
Ifnassages.     Still,   notwTFhstanding
^[cElhohny'a censor on the subject,
3he fact remained that there was a
'contest for tho heart and   hand of
I Miss  Anguish  and  everyone-was
interested   in  the  outcome.    The
toys (with the possible exception
Jf O'Leary) liked MeElhonny and
Vfrirted to see him  win,  but the
odds were all in favor of  Dudley,
whose handsome face and (lashing
iigure,  always set olY by clothes
which were the envy of his col-
I leagues, gave him a decided ad-
| vantage  over   Mac.   whoso night
tramps through the sleet and slush
after police stories did not tend to
[improve the appearance of his hab-
liliineiitH.    Mac had a habit of overlooking the barber more times than
[-•was really  necessary; his necktie
l was always ambitious in its efforts
to climb over the edge of his collar,
while, as a rule, his vest and coat
twere shy several buttons, the tout
'ensemble of which did not make
tho honest-hearted police reporter
l the object of any great admiration
|u tho feminine mind.    But if Md-
tCllionny's buttons were not stout,
lis heart was.    He was as con-
' ieutious and untiring iu hits eha.se
fMex the hand of Miss Anguish as
when on the trail of a "hot police
story."    However, Mac's "linish"
could In* plainly seen  without the
aid of a strong pair of lleld-gliiHses.
He was very plainly running second in the race, and several laps
^behind,   at  that.   The inevitable
came   one  Wednesday afternoon. | congratulations,
when   Dudley  laid a little type-!     "Ves," he went on.    "Vou see,
written announcement on Kenton'si it's this way;  I wrote my old man
desk with the request  that  it he down at Pes Moines about it; sent
run in the society  column   next j him a photo of May, and he was
morning.    It was hut a very fewjju.4 tickled to death.   The fact of
lines, yet they sounded the death j the matter is that I never took to
knell of McElhonny's matrimonial j any real good girl More, and the
liopcx*.    Aim in nn* next in-iici ot | oki man nun imsnynHKetin toileatii
the Morning sphere appealt-u tbe; thai his only sou and  heir would
announcement of the engagement j go to the bad some fine day.    He
of   "Miss   May   Anguish  to Mr. j sent me £500 as a wedding present
Robert Anton Dudley." ! on the condition that the knot Im
MeElhonny did not luni up ni j lied without any delay. .May wax
the oflice that afternoon, although! willing and tomorrow w« get
Thursday was not, hiw day olT aud j hitched. Talk about good news
he had never been known to lose aj from home, why—"
day since the tragic death of his j Dudley stopped iu the midst of
predecessor, Durrett, a year before.; his self-congratulalory explosion.
The chief recciv-d ,'t curl note from; Tn tlw entmtien fo fhe little room
Mac stating that In* Iimi a severe >uskI MeKlhoiiny. There wait a
cold, but would Ik* on his feet by i strained silence, which was (1 millv
Friday in order to no on  the run. 1 -Token hy Mac himself, saying:
the Sphere were in the habit, of
congregating in Jule Sayer's alco
holic dispensary „ on Third street,
where they would pull off a quiet
little game of draw. Saturday was
pay day on the Sphere at that time
and all of the "gang" had their
weekly stipend with thein. On
this particular night the little room
at the, end of Sayer's bar was filled
with a number of the scribes. There
was the smartly-attired Dudley,
and O'Leary,whose right optic was
just beginning to assume its normal
size and color. Fenton, the city
editor, had dropped in for a glass
of rye and to spend a few minutes
with the boys. Ross, the general
assignment man, and Hill, who did
courts, made up the merry party.
MeElhonny did not get through
work until 3, and was therefore
not. present.
They were discussing the probability of having squeezed in a. police
scoop ou their rival, the Press, that
"I know "d—d well that they
haven't got it," said Hill, rubbing
his bald head, excitedly. "I saw
their police man not an hour ago
and he \\las growling a blue streak
because there was nothing doing on
the run. AVhat do you think, Mr.
Fenton?" This to the. chief, who
was lazily rolling a cigarette. Fenton was always rather skeptical
about scoops until the papers  were
"Don't count your chickens before they're hatched, my boy," he
replied. "Still, if it is a scoop,MeElhonny deserves a lot of credit."
Dudley curled his lip disdainfully. He did not like his erstwhile rival, and, as is invariably
tne case, his victory over the police
reporter in the contest for the little
stenographer had not softened his
he-art toward Mac.
"Boys," said Dudley. "I've got
a little scoop myself, and 1 want
you to take a drink on me on the
strength of it.''
They all glanced at him in surprise. Dudley was never known
to have brought in an exclusive
piece of news since he was in the
office; his long suit was in writing
stereotyped stuff about what Corbett
would havo done to Fitzsiminoiis if
he hadn't been licked, etc. And
to make it more strange, Dudley
was never known, to buy a drink
except for himself. Jule took the
orders and the drinks were soon
"Now," asked Ross, "what'sthe
'Tin going to get married tomorrow," replied Dudley, enjoying
the sensation created by his remark.
"Tomorrow!" exclaimed the
boys, "why that's pretty quick
Dudley smiled complacently and
accepted   tho   rather half-hearted
"How are you, boys?
"Mr. Fenton, I gave Roskins
that suicide story; I guess we've
got the Press scooped all right."
The boys heaved a sigh of relief,
while Dudley sat down a little flustered. Hill, who always acted as
banker in the game because he
never left the table until everyone
else was through, arranged the
stacks of red, white and blue chips,
and the game was soon in progress.
An old Mississippi river gambler
once said that "poker chips do
travel." That night they all traveled in MeElhonny's direction.
He won pot after pot with" astonishing regularity, until Fenton and
Ross rose from the table, "cleaned
out." Dudley played in the worst
of luck. Time after time bis three
aces and flushes and straights were
topped by the imperturbable MeElhonny, who seemed to enjoy a
grim satisfaction in separating the
sporting editor from his money.
Finally Dudley's salary had been
absorbed, and he pushed back his
chair in disgust. He half arose,
hesitated, and then seated himself
"I'm no piker," said he, "give
me some more chips." He pulled
from his pocket-book a certified
check for §500. "Just,let me have
§20 on thisi and I'll get it cashed
in the morning."
The boys looked askance at each
other, as Hill pocketed the che^k
and gave Dudley a receipt for $480.
By this time MeElhonny had in
front of him almost all the money
on the table, which, taking into
consideration the fact -that the
stacks of chips represented a half
dozen weekly salaries, was not an
inconsiderable amount in the eyes
of a. newspaper man.
As the cards were being dealt
out for the next hand, Dudley
-picked up in succession the nine,
ten, jack, queen and king of diamonds—a straight Hush,only beaten
by one hand in the deck. Dudley's
jQ.ufi£KL_JiiaunMe!LL_sligh tlv~~&s h a
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PAYMASTKK Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: At Three
Forks, adjoin ins," the Newport.
'PAKE NOTICE that I. J. M. McGregor, acting
1 as agent for Fred Swannell. Free Miner's
Certilieate Xo BSilSii. intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining-
Recorder for a certificate of improvements for
the purposopof obtaining a crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice tliat action underse©.
tion 37 must he commenced liefore the issuance
of such certiticate of improvements.
1 lati.'d (bis 9th ilny of December. A. D lfioi,
,1. M. MeOHEC.OK.
Mail and letter orders attended to same day
J. F. Delatiey,Wholesale Commission Herchant
tossed several chips in the centre
of the table and announced that
the pot. was open. lie ardently
wished that there would be one or
two strong hands out against him,
and his wish was evidently granted,
for 1 Till raised tlie opener 82, which
was "straddled'1 by the calm MeElhonny, who raised the lirst raise
$n. The rest of the players dropped out and settled themselves in
interested anticipation of a warm
time. Dudley had much difficulty
in restraining the look of supreme
satisfaction that passed over liis
countenance. He studied his curds
intently for several moments in
order to lead his opponents to suppose that he was not sure of the
strength of his hand, then raised
both of them $10. Hill only saw
the raise, hut, to the surprise of
all, MeElhonny, without giving his
cards another inspection, threw in
$20, thereby again doubling Dud-
loyvs raise. Dudley, confident in
his almost certain victory, asked
for more chips from Hill on his
check, and raised back 820.
"That beats me," grunted Hill,
disgustedly, as he laid down his
cards. "I'm beginning to look like
a selling platter i;i this race."
MeElhonny said nothing, but
again raised back an equal amount,
which was re-raised by Dudley.
"I guess it looks as if there
won't any of you draw cards until
you're both   broke,"   commented
Without that coin Dudley won't
■even be able to buy a license,in the
McElhonny's hand shook violently as he unclasped the watch. He
drew a long breath and slowly laid
his cards face down on the table.
1 'That's good,"- he muttered,  "T
can't ^ee your last raise."
. A murmur of astonishment Idled
the room as  Dudley  triumphantly
drew in the mass of chips and silver.
"You wouldn't have stood deuce
high, anyway, old boy," he said,
flippantly. "I had a king high
straight flush."
MeElhonny did not answer, He
arose and started for the door. Hill,
anxious to see on what the police
reporter had wagered so high,reached over and spread out Mac's hand
to the gaze of the. crowd.
"Good God," he cried, as he saw
the cards.    ' 'Mac, youJiad„a_i:Qyal
flush; it couldn't be beat."
Mac turned around slowly.
J.   A.   MeKINNON,   J.   T.   RICHARDS
I'HII.II' ROWE. or to whom they may have
transferred their interests In the White Horse
Xo. i mineral  claim, nl tun ted on  Galena
Farm Hut,   near  Silverton, In   the Sloean
Milling Division, of West Kootemi.v District.
\roV hRE HEREBY NOTIFIED tlmt. I have
1   expended i'ldiMUi labor nnd Improvements
ontlio White Horse No. I mineral claim.  The
above-mentioned ■?llt'..,»ii  is  tlio expense necessary In order lo hold tlm wiid claim under llie
provisions of tint Mineral  Act, ami if within
ninety days from the date of this noiiee you full
or relive to contribute your proportion of the
above-mentioned sum, which   Is now due, lo.
(fother with all eostn of udvcrllidiiK, your inter-
est* In the »nl(l   elaim   will become the property of the uiidersltfiied under Section  lof the
"Mineral Act Amendment, Act limn."
Dated at  Silverton,   II. C.   Oil* 17th diiy of
October, liml.
To llie Umil |ttT«>nnl reprcHentntlviji of
.1. A. SMITH, dcediiwrt. or In tiny
person or pci'sonn lo whom llie will
.). A. Smith may have tniiii>ferie
lilt Intercut In the Silver Hill Mineral ('him,
situated on Payne Mountain. 3mllinmihiiIinf
Three Foi-Uk, In tlie Slocan MIiiIiik Division
of Went Kootenay, BrltUh Columbia
YOU ami each of you. nre hereby noiiiieil
tliiit we Imve expended two hundred and
live dollnrn in Inbor mul Imiirovonieiits nnnii tbe
above men Honed inliK-nil claim under tlie nro-
vlnloiift of Ihe Mineral Act, nml If. within miilnyt
from the il»le of this notice, you full or refuse to
contribute your portion of all mich expenditure,
Kitfetlier with iillciMUiif HdvcrtlMiiK, your Inter
cut lu llie "Hid claim Will liecouie Ihe property of
tbe Mibscrlhcri* under Section I of nn Act entitled "An Act to Anieial, tli« Mineral Ai-UImi."
Dated nt New Denver. U. C. tlil« Uith dnv ol
October,!mil. IIERIIKRT T TWfcVs.
It Ix'giin U* look (lint way. Hai.se
followed rn ihe until MeKlhoiiny j
had I'xhuiihti'd bin Hiipply of ehipHi
mid hud flung into the centre of;
the table bin diamond scarfpiii, and 1
all that remained on him of value!
wiih Iii'h watch. ,
*M'll  VOlm* VOH !*"(>'   t irlMUJU Oiot'o '•
nil the \-vntoh i« worth " ""M Dud '
ley, whohc time was wreathed in a-
glad miiie of delight jit the veil-
fjeance he w«m alxuit to wreak on
♦ III.   ,,..tir./    ,...«     ■'
i   '   ' *   ' j   '	
MeKlhoiiny reached into bin vent
|>ocket und unhooked the timepiece
from its chain.    He heard  two of,
the boys talking in a low lone Im>-!
Mud hirti
••It'* :t Elaine,"  haid one.    "If
Dudlc)   \un*_«  tlmt   money   it   will
break the girl'* heart.   She know*
■ heV got it and I'll 1**1  ;-hi* is up
I now getting ready for the wedding.
,1,    A.   MeKINNON,    .1.    f.   RICHARDS.
I'HII.II' Ri (WE, or lowborn tli«v iiinvbavi'
iritii-fi-rr. d their intercom In tin- l'i>.|..rpi inl.i*
i-nil > Inlin. •llmilii.l ou Oiilfiiii Firm llui.
neiirsilvi'i'tiiii. In Ui-sint'iiu Ml'ilutr Divl-
Imi,..f Wi •( Kiiiilcimy DMilcl.
I    exiit'iiiiiil •|n-i..'«i In lnli<ii- and Inipii.i i*iii.*iiis
nn llie r'-t'il'tr.'i iiiiiiirnl i-lmiii      '1 In* nl, -i,  in. n-
ll'.ll.il p>HH|,Vi is tin* i'X|«*ll»i- l|,.r,»s.ir-*  in nidi Tin
bold (In- »,ild I'liilm iliidir )!.•' provision* .,( lie-
Mlni'i'til Ael. aitil If within uliH'ty iJiiv-k finiii lit.
.I.ii. ..( Ib'i» n>.Iii t yuil (.ill. I ii,.ii«. In . i.i.liil.i.t.
ymir proportion nl (be hI-ov. •iii,'iit|..ni-d «inn
winch I* imw iln*., f..ifi*llM*r Willi nil (..*!« -f
iiilvi-lliKlliiC.yniir lub it'll-* In Iln- *i|i|il:ibn will
l.-i-.iii..-th. 1.1..|.ii>. nI iln- in.il. r.iui.nl timl,)
1*'rllnii I ■!< llie "Miiniiil  A'l   .\iit.inliii. nl   \p|
Uiil.il  at  Silvtiloii. II   ('., tbl.  Kih ,Ui of
lletiiliel'. I!«l|
( ha in, eh k. iiui'j:
"What in h—1 is that to you?"
he exclaimed, and shut the door
after him with a bang.—-Victor II.
Smnlley, in Xortli-west  'Magazine.
.STAM.KV NO. •.' Mineral Claim.
Situate in t, ■ Sloc-an .MiniiiK l-'ivi-ion ol West
Kootenuv    District. Where     locinetl-
Ailjoiniipu   the   Mei'iinuu- and  Kclf|)se.   on
Silver .Mountain.
rrUKE NOTICE thai 1, Wsis.S. Diewry. aetln.*,*-
A asaKenl for Herman Clever, free miner.-*
certilieate Xo. IlSsom, Henry Stesre, free miner's
certiticate No. B.ri-'l"'.t. and John (.c-ettschc, free
miner's certilieate No. UliStiT.'J. intent), sixty ilay?
from the date hereof to apply to the
.MiniiiK Reeorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
K'rant of thc ubove claim.
Aud -further take notice tliat action under section :(? must be commenced before the issuanc
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this Kith d.iv of December, A   D., litCl.
.Mineral   Claims.
Silualu iu the Slocan Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Where located
South of New- Denver. adioininK (he Alpha,
Dakeview antl Cornciac I er mineral elaiiii*.
TAKE NOTICE (hat I, Wm. S. Drewry, aet-
iiik as a^eiit for the Northwest Mininir Svn-
iiiteiiduudiiys from thedate hereof to apply to the
Milling Recorder for a Certilieate of Iinnrove*
incuts for tlie purpose of obtaining a Crown grunt
of thu above claims.
And further take notice that action under section 37 must he commenced before the issuance o(
such cerlilicates of improvemenis.
Dated (his Will d.iv of December, A.D., lsiil."
SKKMd   FRACTION  Mineml Claim.
—,. ■,., p i
Situate in the Sloean Minim,* Di vision on
West Kflote.my District*. Where located:
On Fidelity Hullo, south ol New Denver, adjoining the Fidelity, Frisco, and Cracker
Jack mineral claims.
TAKE NOTICE that], Wm. S. Drewry, act-
liif,'iisiKjout for the Ho^un Minof, I.lmiled.
free miner's cerlilicate No. HfMin, inteinl
sixty days from the date. hereof to'
apply to the Milliner Recorder for a Certilieate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grunt of the above claim.
And further take notice thut action, under section 87, must lie commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this lfilh day of December, A.D. WOl.
SILVER    l!|M.   and    MERCURY
Mineral   Claims.
Situate iu the '.Slocin Mining- Division of West
Kootenay District: Where located: North
pf Sandon. l'avne creek.
sixty nays irom (lie date lieieol. to apply to llie Minin-.' Recorder .or ('ei'lificates of
liiipriivt.-inenl, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown (Irani of each of ihe'iibove claims.
And Itirlln.-r t;:kc r.dlii'e ,'!::(! iie'it'ii. tinder section A must he commenced l,i,-f,.n- the issuance
of such Certilicates of In.i*r.\<-meiiis.
limed tlii* Sib day of Dcci'mber. A. D r.ml
1IER11ERT T. TWIiiti.
CII.T.IS    NO.    ■»    Mii.t-i'iil   Claim.
Siiuan* in ibe sli-can Minim: Dlvl-ion of West-
K...,|i*tiay Distrief Wli.re I'e.-it.d: f lit
Trilintai"' cn-ek. ne;ir Samloit. ..it divide.
'CAKE NO MCE Thai Wilson ,<c s.-iil-lt-i-.aetiii«
I as iii-enl loi tin- A,buns Ih'itish Coliiitiblii
Miniiit-' Cniii|.a)iy. free miner's ..certilieate No.
li'.N.Vi. inti'iiil. sixl> day.*, Ii.ni iln* date hereof, to
apply to (hi- .Millie-' Recorder for a C< rtilicate of
liii|ii'ovcniei|ts. for llie purp iSi of olitainiii(r il
Crown fii.int of the nb..\*e chilni.
And i'urflii-r t:,kv nol.'<•<• ili.-ir action,  ttn'ter
Section .".T. niiist be c-.imuiciici d hetofe  Ihe  Issuance of such Cvrtlllc.-.t" nt Improvt'inents.
Dnteii this 171 h dav of'Xohor, A. 1). iuul.
1.5151,1 mul KOItSON Mineriil CItiilillf.
Situate in ihi*  An-.."'   l*:tlie  Minbnr   I'ivi-iou of
Wesl Kooleniiy i'islrit-.      Where locatetl:—'
• in IMimstiui ci'f-ek.  a! oil  s  miles   !'r"n.   its
'PAKE NOTICE That I, V. C. Cru-n, aetnifr ns
1    audit for the Daphne Minin-.*  ai:d  Dt.vclop-
meiii Compiinv. Limited Liability-  free  miners
eeililiei.tc No.  Wi'iiid,  inlelid.   sixtv  tiilVS  froej,
llie date  here.if,   to  apply to the  Minim;   g0.
'.■order for a Ccniliciile of IniprovrlVieiit-^ _-,r. the-
purpose of olituiiiim; a Crown Orant •'..( each of
the above claims.
Ami further take notice dint ae-ffiiii, under sh-c-
tion ."7. must be commenced In-fore the issuanco
of such (Ji-rtilicate of Improvei'rieiiis.
Dated this-.'nth day of Si-piember. 1WU.
F."c. OREEN. Nelson, B. C.
I.OKN.Y   DOON   FRACTION' Mineral CL-iiim
Sloean Mining DiviAtn of West
District.     Where   located:   On
Situate iii tin.,
Kootenay    . .
Four Mife Cree
'PAKE NOTICE, That 1. M. R. W. Rail,home,
1 Free Miners'Certiticate No. B *":.>.■'«, for myself.-mil usanenr for Frank Culver, Five Millers'
Cii'tilicate No, BSftWO, intend, 'ii davs from.the
date hereof, to apply to rite Minini; Recorder for
a certilieate of Improvements, for the puriM.sc of
obtaining a crown   (frant of iln: above clalnx.
And further lake notice that action under Sec.
37 must l>e commenced before tbe issuance of siu*h
certificate of imprtm-mcnis.
Dated this loth day of October, A.D. ll-Ol.
TA.MAKACK   Mineral Claim*
Situate iu the Slocan Mining- Divisional!JWest,.
Third Eiist Fork of-Wilson creek, about 20
miles from Slocan Lake.
'PAKE NOTICE Tlmt 1. Kenneth L. Burnet.
A atfeut for ,riimes M .Martin Esfir., Free .Miner's Certilieate No. II L'liin, Intent!, sixty tlnys.
from thedate hereof, to apply to tb>- Milling ife-
corder for a Ortiiicnte of Iliij-roveiin pts, for tli(t
pui'|Kise ol obtain in ii' a Crow ulir.-i i.t of Ihe alf.vo
And further lake notice that iictlon, under Section 37. must be eoiiuiicnced before tlie tssunncc
of such Certilicnte ef Imiirovements.
Dated this Sist day of October. A. D. WI.
A I. Mineral (JIhIihh,
 lilif Division of   Went
Kuoeiuiy District.     Wlicre lociilcd:   Silver
Situate In the Slocan  Minin
Kuoeiuiy District.     \V .»..,-».-,
Mountain, two iiilles cast of .Neiv Denver.
TAKE NOTICE Tlmt I. lliluh S, Nelson, Free
1 Miner's Certlllcati. No. II WHS, Intend sixty
days Irom the tlnle hereof, lo unply to (lie Mining!
Recorder fur ('eillllcnles of Improvements, for
the purpose of ohlainliiff Crown (Irani* ol tht
above claims.
And further take notice  that action, iliitlei
section !I7, must be eoiiiineiiccil before the i«»u
alien of siieh cdilllli'iiteN of liiiproyeini'iits.
Dated thi*2Mb da> of November. A. D. I'.mi.
SUNItlSI-:   Mineral   t'laiiii.
Situate in tin- Sloean Milling Division of West
K'Kitfiiay   Distlict.      Where located:     Aii-
joinin/f the Hope miiicritl claim, ni-.ir Sim-
■TAKE NOTICE Thai I,Ocor»:c Alexander, free
1    miner's certilicnte N'o. 1I5po.ii, ns a^ciit for
the Ruth Mines, Liniiteil, free mini r'scertllieiitu
No. It.ViH.V,, Intend, sixty  days from llie date:
hereof,  lo apply  to Ibe Minim.' Recorder for
u Certilieate of Improvements, for Ihe purposeof
obtaining a (.'rnwn (Jrant of the above claim.
A ndfurlbcrt akc notice that aclloii iilnlcr M'c.ST
must lieciiiiiuiciieed belori:  Ibe U^uniice of Mich.
Certilieate of Improvement,.
Dated this 171 ll dav of Ocloiier  ltx'1,
CASHIKII   Mineral Clitiin,
Sifuiite In tbe Slociiii Miuliii; Division ol Wcs t
Kootenuv   Di<lilct.     Where  located:     On
Cai-|Kiiti r crc(.l(, hiIJoIiiIiil- ihe SuiirNi'.
'I'AKE   NOTICE   Tlmt I. John   Keen. Free
I    Miner's Ceitlllotte No. II .'.swu, iiiicinl. fUty
days fnilli the date hereof, lo apply loilie MiniiiK
Recorder for a C-ertlllca!,' of luipfovctneiits, for
the puriiose of ohtiilulin,-- a Crown Oriinl of lliu
above claim.
Ami ftinhtr (pike notice
NAIMHI   Mlneiiil Clalin.
Slluat.t in the Si can Mb lliu IHvUlon of ,''ei,t
Kooleniiv District. Where localeil: Ou
Rico Mountain, iidjoinlui.' the lllueblrd,
Sirimt'er, Tnnli-i DoflKr, Idaho No. a, uiul
Riiwd.pii inliieral cliilins.
TAKE MiTICElh-u I. II. W. Hull,freenibu-iV
I ci-iililciiie No. Il.(;':ill, for ni.y«el! .mil .is
aeinif for (ii-ni'i.'-c I Vdlu.. 11-*-«- nili,, r'*.. nisi-
elite No. II I7tlj^, llllltud,«lxt> davifr nu (be dale
hereof. In apply lo the Minim.' Recorder
for u iVrtltlcite of Iiiipmvfiiu'iit*, lor the pur
p..-*. ..f ol.i.iiiilini a Crown ■ (in<:i ot ihe above
Ami lilitlier Hike notice dial ael|,.n nude;'s, c
lion .'17, inii«t be couiuniiecil before On- i-»uiU(**
of siiehCeilillcad'of Iniiirov, inenl*..
DhImI this U'lli dnv of .itilv, A  D Imi
11  W .111*1,1..
HKWITT,  lll\((»N.   lltAMjllMTV nil
MOLE Mlip,i,i|CI.,lin«, and iln- ItlNCON
mil CHOW I'l.nlloiiPil MlneiPil Clidiii".
s-iiualt in Hie •■tliiciin  Mini   .- Division „l West
Ko.liliiiV  ill'lrii-l.     Wl ■■ e loctilcd:     \Uml •
tlm-. ini'p■•> ~-ulb . .«! ..I SjlVi ll.-ll. Ill' j
'PAKE Nlfl'lCF Tlnil  I    I liit.ii- .1   o'R,||l>.i
I    "fHilviiion.il ("    n.iti/,.ii( for l( iiiiilnifir,|
is...i.,,...    s.  ..    ;'>,', ,.>„,i,^| 1'ps.,1 , H,i-i
Mini i'«(*eilllieil' No  ll .'t*i. Inleinl. «hly d *>•'
it..lit   llie   .Utc   Inn..I     til   ,-i|l|,|y    to     Illl-    Mllll|-|.'|
lie,-.lili I loi I . nilii al. . ol liiiploverneiit-,. (or j
(111- |.tirp..«e ol p-blllll ll.j; ( I'oH'li (>rsilt» "I ill* I
■llltiV-e I'l.llllis
Ami (ntlbcl litkc ii..|ii-i- Hint aclloii. inuli r*nc-
11--ti i., iiiii-i lie i i.ii.iiiein i it liefore the issuaiitc
.il Mich Ccllllieiifi-*,..! Illl) I'ovcmclitf, I
lt.ili.1 lbi« ub dnv ,.( Niiveinliir  l!«t|. I
   ncli'u, under s.'i-
tion :I7, must be comiiieiiccd before Ibe Ifuiiticc.
of siieh (Vrllllt'iitc of ImproviinciiU.
I'ntiil thls.llM day nl October. A. D. l:"l,
To D W MOORE, "Mo any (»ison In whom fin
mui It.iv.- ir..n,.f. n-,1 Tit- iti'ififi in tin
Tvvli lieiihiilli inllleiiil eliiilu. ill the bt-Htlof
Elfbi Mile creek. In llu- S|..t-aii Mil Iiik Division, of Went Kootenai Dl»(rler
V'oUarc htiKby noillini that I hue •npnid.fij
I "ifi In iHlf.r iuul |iiipr..yi-iiii-ni» on iiccnuit
of your liileii >t In llie ! ivip kti.liiiin miiit-rat
il.itm. The .ilsiv«, im iiiloii. tl -'iU In your propor*
tlollol (he ik|*iisiliec,-.»mv hi of.br l'i bold till*
-.till < l.iiiu unit, i lie i i.ivMi.ii- of lb'- Mint i»l
Ail, nnd II wilbln iilutlv ilty-1 from the date of
Ibis iiolicc yovi fall tr ti*fil»e (,. oinlrlbiiti' tlm
illtoVe  ini'lltlnind  *lll.i.   itldcli  p- now   due,   I'*-
ifi'tlnr Willi nil «-• *|* of iiilverii-iiiif, j>.iir ind rc»|
! In tin- mild claim will ln'iotiie ih. \,ru\, ui o( thii
mult ndifiitd, tit.if.-1- Sxiloii  i   .( tb.  ■ Min. ml
Aii AminiliiK nl A«« X'.ni''
DshilAt Ni »• ItN-nvir  lie   (bi- 'ft (di iv of October t!«t.l. FRANK K I'l.iriK.
1 .1 10.- C l-f.l/   |*.f»-llUl    I, |HIM lllH(IV>-«   1,1    .1,     ,\
SMITH,'bet at tl, or lo .mv  |»i«..|i ot  |»i*
sou' to whom die «iili| .1. A. Smith liny l.p.v.-
lr..i.*»(.-ir.*l hi* Ini. i.*«i  io  tie    M,r, ik'v Min-
,,,»,-„,,,,,,'- ,,,W,;,*,h,     ..  ,   lt\, I.,    IV*     ,!.<!.I l.l.lll.,*
mile-, «.uili of Tliii*' F«nli«. in Hi.' s|.« -to
Mlnimr Dlvt.l.tit .,f W.-I K—li-iMV    llrftl-l.
t'ol    .md i-pieli of >.,«, ii». |ni, b*) n,tifi,.,| th t
J      we liave e\|» tided tu.. Inn,dn.I   u,i|  liv.
,|..|I.||<   III   |j|lx.r    Mllll   III J |.  t.Illtlit*    ll|i..|,     be
alsiv inlli.iietl mitii-rsl 1-lniiu In oni. i to foil I
lie- * bt clsliii mid, r llu* pr<.\ i.|..n« ..f the Minn ,|
Act, ltd R w ittiin rilci-tv dn - fr.-ni (be if,,f,, ,.f
Hit* iit.m . . t.pp 'all ol le'll-e I, i . .iittll.llli' V oui
jxirlion of all 'li.li «»*|i«'ii»llli'ir«.«, (.*i*lbi*r Willi
nil io*s, i.f .iiltcrll'liiv. vour infcii-t In On- tiiil
i limn will l.,t*..ioe.'hrproiariv ol •(»■ »ui."f ill»-r-»
Ul)ili I •il'I.Uitll I nl l.ll ill n.tlllfii "An Art tin
Slrt.-nil the Mlo.-rnl ,\t*t pin "
j»i:. -t.ii Si ti l»i.,v,i'   It   I     ibl« ri'lt ,[>4v *,(
«N*»..    r, J.   . IIEIi'linit T. TWIUi.
llt'HT  i I N'NINf.
»   PlVib
[ T*.« WlUNvtif.NI i>M.W.\EH.s, j
!        I.    I     Mi-KIN'VOV.    I    T.   RKTIARIW,
I'HII.II' ll'ill'i:  or I..«»;,, sn llu v  tn *tv Co. v.
.,,,*,. ,*,,. ,i ..,,. i. **.* in Hie imick )|i.r«t-p
uilii.-rttl i-|.»liii.»ili»>(..| «.i. il..| ii-t Vmm H*t,\
near sllvinon. in tie  sli,< i ■  Mlitlrn/  lilvl**'
|..ii,.( We-I it„<.(,<iin> Di«(fii!
\ p I   ARE IIERCHV Vol IFIKD tlnO I Iipio i
1     • xp. inl.il On." "In l.l» i mul iiiinn.vi n.i-iio i
'. ->.  lie   I'l,rk Mm*'  inli.eial I flint,     tin   ,l,ov< - - i\,f,ii,ty ,i,.l Kl Idmy for  St.   |»,.,||  aid  ail   I    st
' ni.iill-.iie.l m»/'" is   i he t-yieii*''   ii-n-s+pirv   in: ,„"    .... „     , .
-r.l . (.. bold He* "aid cl.lm mi..|. r ibe pr,ivi.lv*i.-> •"""'"•%l* *" ,'',,'•
.Mh    Mli.Ml.PI.   rtPl.l   if   wlOil.i    lil.'.cfl    ,!,.« , .
•-1. iii in, n.i colli,i« i-miiit vim (iiil or refii*.   i.,       '"■!">   "to, i"' it.i-ui ., M-o.u.^l. B-(.'ii
i(-..nlril.iil.*    yoiir   |.r«|«,ri|..n    ..(    the    »l#.*e
' in. -iiMoiii il   "mil.   Milled  l«    '•■* *t»    'l'i-      i ,*.■(..'
Willi      all       (ii.m      ..(     iii!t e-HUl. u.    y.tlf    It,
Furi-.'.iiil-'.tti -iiilni ', ,- .* o, "i "■•
FOR  I lilt|* | MAH
Tt, l»«t* ».'P|   •  »».<    ft Hi,      ..*' , )i    ,
D. i*,'in .1, I.-h.'v i
.lllli   l.i l» ..-*l fo». I.illl liil  fiti'v   P.f t :,-
T<.t;n»t si,, iiiii*^ din Cti.w'. %-, -i s,,*ti,M,
r i io,. > ,...n , im   | ,„.
I "I   tl»***H„l|,,Il „< l„ (I),
A'1-'     •'"      """      "<     H'lii-MUlou.    v.tif    lit-'      ',"' "**♦'V'*'l'.n ,.( I., in,,   ,   .,.     , ,i   ,,„,,,,.
M'i":i»rt» >.ttli, miifor»l»'i.-il m„|,r -Hmioi,  , ,,i' n'»t*t '    ■*•
Ifo-  'Ml\ifi:,\ A.f •tti»ri,4ii1.'i,t  \,i1.«,"
Diird  rn  Hifveii..i»,  H ,•,  ,|,|, ,;,», ,,,„ „f, «».«.<*AMRF.IT, n., i\,„ f„„v,r
• ». i..i«.r  )•• f J       j w   i r_,mi_   i   ,,   ii   .        . "..v.
num.Wi:  ,„„.,,      ;"• V°»»".**4^:V.v.'.;.«wr
I .i,w,_i .,.,,,11 ** x  A'..',.,/., H, ,; /
Ninth Yea|
Half Price™^
Beautifully Silver-mounted, toi
Ladies and Gentlemen. Regular price $6.50, $10, $11, $12,
$15.50—yours at one halt once
C a n p c $L f)0 t0 $- -50, re" ular
V/Ctl ld» price; yours at half price
Pocket Books, Silver Mounted
$2.25 to 83.60—to clear at just
Now's the time for a liiiwun. If you cannot
come, send the amount vou want to pay and
receive the article by return of train.
G.  W.  GR1MMKTT, Graduate Optician
and Jeweler.
Aeenl for Canadian Kodak Co.
Nelson Saw and
PlaningMills, Ltd.
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
Nelson, B. O.
Tailor made
Clothes always look well
and wear well—if the
Tailor knows his business. Wear the best.
Leave your order ior a
Xmas suit with—
F. F. LIEBSCHER, £*?,?£
Dealer in
Asiatic .labor   ix   il.e. j different   manufactured   forms   to   the
—— \ extent of two-thirds of its output, and
The following characteristic letter j should Canadians manufacture their
from Olive Phillips-Wolley, the well--own lead products it would automatic-
known author and sportsman, on the. i ally relieve the situation in the silver
above topic recently appeared in the ; load mininj; camps Tlie chief hope at
Victoria   Times.     "1   cannot    refrain ! present lies in tin*. East, and  now  that |
*■* ' ,
from answering* an article in the Duns-1 affairs in China are quickly settling
muir daily of November 14th, though 1 | down it is expected that she will shortly
had no intention of touching the matter i ag-hiii become a large purchaser, but
until later. In a leader upon British j the benefit, however, will go-rather to
emigration it is stated among other j the States than to B.C.., which, at pres-
things that 235,970 people, left the | ent, is unable* to export the metal in a
United   Kingdom   in   the  first  nine j refined state."
months of the present vear,  of whom ! ;    *™  ,
only 13,631 went to British North Amer-1 A ccrtain racoraa man adopted
ica.   Tlu; Western Empire (a new Lon- a paying position   with  a,   firm   at
don periodical) regrets that so much J Seattle and closed up his affairs
British blood should be lost to thc Em-1 at tjie forrner plaCe to  take  up his
or the Holiday TradM
DI A MON US- Ixiosu and Mounted
pire, but confesses itself at a loss to find
a remedy for the evil, and the secretary
of the Church of England Emigration
Society feels 'that little more can be
done at home than has been done,' and
suggests that immigration societies
should be formed in Canada. Another
paper, after quoting words used by the
Duke, of Cornwall, thinks that Canada
should he made more widely known.
"The Colonist sums up thus: 'It
would be a patriotic work to endeavor
to secure for Canada ae nearly all the
British emigrants as possible.'
"Now, let us have a little plain lalk.
Like, a good many of my neighbors,who
are neither politicians nor hired newspaper men, 1 am confoundly sick of
hypocritical poppycock.
"Do you want white men here, or
don't you? Is it the duty of politicians
to watch the action of the principal emigration societies in the interests'of the
colonies, or is it not?
"If the answer to both these questions
is yes, how do these facts strike, you?
"In 188'Uhe greatest of all the British emigration ollices (the Emigrants'
Information Ollice, 31 Broadway, West
minster, S.W.) was founded under the
direction of the Colonial   Ollice,.   The
new duties. He broke up housekeeping and the first load of furniture was taken to the boat. He
accompanied the shipment to Seattle
himself, leaving his wife and a very
youug son at home. The young
hopeful was unduly impressed with
the idea of moving from Tacoma
and as the evening lengthened appeared more and more abstracted.
His mother roused him from his
reveries for his evenings prayers
and the lad responded with an air
of resignation. As he finished liis
address to the Throne the boy hesitated and then sorrowfully added:
"Good bye. God. We are going
to Seattle tomorrow, and I suppose
I won't see you any more.'"
When chaplains are needed for
the army the authorities at Ottawa
will persist in sending only those
who steer sinners against the Catholic or Anglican game, much to the
discomfiture   of  the   Baptists  andj
V V GOl.DHKOOCUKS,latest designs
WATCHES-Killed and Gold
Xobby l'altorns
Ladies' and Gents'
GOl.l.) 1.0CKBTS
,        willi nnd without siones
GOLD CHAIN'S—;iU iviiisihts
j^A with mul without stcmo.*
LiJ GOLDOUARnS-ioand 11 karat
^M Standard Grade* nf Killed Chains
\J*\\ nnd Guards In all styles
Don'f waste lime
Sending your orders to houses that
do not have the goods.    Send
them to us and get just what
you want without any
..... delay. ....
" Jacob Dover's
The Jeweler.
(lur \ionoiniljiuArtii^ viiiii* wilh cvvry article, iuul should
any nrtli'le bnuifht nf us nut prnvo sallsfiu-lory, we nre at all
times i-'hid lo i-xeliaiiKO same In the entire satisfaction of customer. JACOH noVEK.C. I'. K.Time Inspector
Latest. Fnds in
of all kinds
and  HRON7.E
And all the  Latest Creations in
Goods of All Kinds
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
■ -v^ i-wy'i
Van Camp Lunch Goods,  Confectionery and Fruit.
Newmarket Block.        New Denver
[Condensed u<lvei-llsi-mi*>iit.s, such a-, For Sale
W anted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Mirths, Dennis,
MarrliiKl'H, Personal, Hotels, Lei-'al,.VtMlienl,ete„
are Inserted when not exeeeditiK 20 words for
nil I'onis each Insertion, lincli live words or less
over Ho words are live eents additional.]
Poultry For Sale.
BAHltKI) lTiYMOIJTH Rock fowls-three
yearlliiK lions, live pullets, ono yearling
rooster: wci«ht 18 llw. Imported stoek. Price
«!(). Minorca und Hock cockero.s, waeiieli, \V.
Employment Agenoy,
Help of All Kinds Furnished.
Poirtofflce Box 4(15, Nelson.
BT OHK PROPKHTV. North Kork Car-
_' uentercreek-ALI'H, All's FRACTION.
•nd ALTURUH-Crown Oranu obUlned. An-
ply, W. J. MCMILLAN k CO.. Vancouver, B.O.
NKUON, 11. C.      Oor, WARD It IIAKKIt 8t»
Mait uitu 15 years eximneiiee.in tl
    ,     ...        il work.|
make* a iiiertaUy of Gold HrldKu Work,   Mont
(■ompletn (Icntnl offli.'t' In fl O,
ItlM.   The llipi.t eoni|ili-te M r 1 I   Til
on ilntCttiillin-iili.f Nurtli Aiin-rl* n L A L I II
i>t. HIluiiMl mliUl m-i'iier) nu D EC fl D T
rlvallcfifur(iniiidtur. IIohiIhh;, n CO U It I
KIsliliiK iuul l:Mur*liiii«     lle-ldeiit I'liysli-mn
<•»    SIluilMl mlilit ici'iiery nu
Klshl „
and Nur** lVltifiu|ilili'. ..iiuiitmii ull.nt with all
|itrU of the World' tw.p m:ill« nrrlvit piml depiin
every dity It* lt;iilii-« cunt ill iii'iv-nutt uiitj
mu*i*iilardt»i'it<ii'«; In vvii.-r-i Iuul nil Kldnnv.
Liver nml stutiinrli Ailuii'iiU. Sl'KriAl,
WINTI'lt   TlvllMS.    fM    in    -l.'i per   n.-ek
Tin:     (trice   ol    ,;     rmllitl Ui|i    lllkll    iK-ttti-'-ll
New   llemir anil  lliilrynu, nlitjilullili'  pill tin*
)«- ir round iimi i.-*«>.i im ;n ti iv-, i» »,'i..'i'.
cyuii SpriiMf,, Aii..» I. iii,-. II i".
II, tl*
circulars of this office may be obtained iot,]ier8i    This   s|10Uj(|   not   j)0_     A|
free of eliarare* at (300 public libraries I       .        , ,,    . ,      ,, ,,    |
.. . _ .v . -r, ■!. ■ i ■. ■ I regiment, usuallv has nearlv all the ;
throughout Gnvit-Britain, and its circu-1 * *
lars are published annually for the j tl^noininations in it. and it is not!
different colonies. Moreover, its circu- j fair to send along a sky pilot whoj
lars are sent out here to, different wed- carries onlv  one  brand   of, creed, j
t y »■ i
known   men   for   comment.   One  lies ' "p^, them all in
before me as 1 write.   It is called the
Canada Circular for  1001,  and in it I I
find  that   'In   British   Columbia some I win   many   a   battle.    Yon    can't
farm hands receive from $20 to $35 a I tell, as the  experiment has never
month,.with hoard, but on Vancouver j been tried.    All or no creeds should
Island   and   elsewhere  many farmers. be   SUppii0(1   our  soldiersAso that!
einiilov Janauese and Chinese for lartn      i m   -A-        in.     i    ..      n*l
*      ' when a Christian   bullet  shuts oil'
Union is strength
I and their combined prayers  might
work* at a lower wajffi '   Pajfe 0—'Much
i;  ill.Vl. \Su   t',... i..f
i„«i,ii ">nt *..-. .p    > ii>il"
W    t\ -n-;i*:r/i-:i. a- iii,,  Xi,|«..i.,  hi-,,
M  ,   lt.-.,t,-f- .*„ ..'.. Ii.ii,.*>  1 A-v»,,,,(*' >,.,..
done, hy Chinese.' Pa ye l?,—'In British
Columbia there is also a very large
fishing industry, hut* mosr of the etn-
ployees are native Indians.' Page 13—
'In British Columbia female servants
are, specially scarce, hut Chinese and
Japanese servants are mainly used, especially in the country districts, as
cooks for the rougher kind of domestic
work, and for laundry work.'
''Is this enough? 1 have, not had
time, not* is it my business, to wade
carefully through the whole, pamphlet.
1 am not paid to work either as a jour-
naliet or politician. Other men are.
But it seems to me that if either politic
iaiiB or newspaper men representing tlio
Prouder wanted to see Britioh emigrants come to this country, it would
bo worth their while to see tliat British
Columbia was not advertised to all England as the one province in Canada to
which white labor (farm hands, cooks,
fishermen, tailors, domestic help, laundry women) should not come because
its places are already filled by Chinese
and Japanese.
"If I might make a suggestion it
would be to tho men who don't do their
work and don't represent the peoplo:
'If you mum sacrifice the people to your
own interests, do so, but for pity's sake,
stop your psalm singing.' We can
stand your incompetence, but don't ask
us to believe that you aro doing anything.   Some of us can read.
"Vou could cure the trouble in twelve
montliR if you wanted to. I would undertake to (Ind the remedy for the Mongolian  trouble   myself in very short
order, but there would be some terrible
Drink, and the gang drink with you;
Swear oil, and you go it alone;
For the bar-room bum who drinks your !
1 las ,i i|u<-ui*ble>.s thirst nf his own.
I'Vasl, and your friends un* many;
Fust, and they nil son tlt-iiil;
TIh-n'I! ind ^i-t mad (f ynii 'n-,tt llvm -i-l
Sn loim as their stonniohs an- fed.
Stt-.il, if vim yd a million,
For Uitu you i in Itirntsh n.til;
ll'-. ihe v'lf.it biv lliii'l'  who   gets   till!    nil
While the liltb' mir-** v;n to jail,
«l-*.i. nil;  miii or   ■»    kcimm uv
over the trail thev are the best no-1
quaiiited with.
Major Quiz (ex-Confederate —
Say. Pat. were you at Hull Run?
Paddy—Oi was, sur.
Major Quiz—And did you   run?
Paddy—Faith, Oi did, sur; and
all that didn't, run are there yet.
One of Baltimore's harbor notables is
a colored woman, who i*oes out in a
bout in all kinds of weather to get
washing from ships arriving. "She
obtains the business," the account says,
"and her husband does the washing,"
All C. I*. H. agents in local territory
will  issue return tickets at fare and
one-third for the round trip on Dec. 28,
24, 25, HO and Jan. 1st, good to return
till Jan. Hid.
Ireland has -108 able-bodied persons
to 1000 Inhabitants, Scotland 424, and
England 182.
Seeds, Trees,
JTldllLb   A(jk1CULTURAL
"Rill VlC for Fall or Spring
JJUlUa Planting.
Catalogue Free.
So c.t Witsiniinctttr Rtiail. Vancmivor, II, C.
Nelson Brewing CoJ
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land
ence solicited!   Address
R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
Reports, Examinations and Management.
A full line of Silverware and choice
Coniectionery at
.kmoiililni' St.. New Denver.
Gold $ ..Vi 1 Oold and Silver. .* .7.1
Lend »01 Golil-.sUv'r.oo|i|i'r l.Mi
Siunpli'.* liy mull rucelveprompt attention.
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought.
1439 tO tli St.,   Dunver, Colo.
An iip*tc-d'it(-'lii>(> uf
(.■onstiuitly on limid.
Iloiuliitlli-c: NELSON. II.C,
Stoips at SANDON, KASLO, and NF.LSiO"
Hiive shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. Thev sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to oive satisfac-
tion to every customer. Try. a line of their
steak s-*^-*A#-^/S-xS-^-^-n^-nS-vS
i   -HII.UllN
IIS.    « A II I.OU'
.      C|,.ll|.',L'   I....1   I.
r..lii mil I.*
I.ill •!,.    .M;tl|.|l,i. n,If
,ll    -.III IK    |.Hll'.ll It-f
"WltoieHftlo  Moroliants.
>|<iiim;ii,   iikki'on'   a  ro., \vii.,i»<..«i»
I V'-rilmnKaiiil linti .rl.-i«: I.lt|l|..r*t X'Aenr*
•nd l»r-» (ittoil-t. .SV.-iiii ViiircniVfr. Vli-turi*
»inl l/tjul-.ti. Km;
[OHM    rifOMMTVtl
*    «!0.,     Xt-lwn
•I " inipirur*. Wlmlimtli Of* i-rmnil ProvUl.in
T?   ».. rilRHTll'.. I.. ».. «*, n»rrl*w, **
r,  llfltn-r, S«»urf PnMli-     sutidrtn. B   C,
KrMtf tl Hil».r1'..
\q i.. VatisinKTT. t. r.. n,, iHrrtoter,
flr-sntll 09** *» N»-w |*n». r tv*r» Hsturdsy
'llu-ll i'   l(i**i-l»'«', nf   l.fiiiill'ui. *i\v*>:
"I'tic li'iit) i\oe*l ifii it* nsiiiiii rccciviiiif
iniit-li iittfiiiinii in H. I'   iiiiiiliiK cininif.
a** tlie pref-i'tit fuiHractK with the smelt-
_ | ei** oiinill".  i-.\|nic, and  iImti* it. miiih«
|a|iliri'liciini(iii fell an to what arrange*
' .„...» i ,„,., i„ nl,. f,1(. ,.,.v» ri.'ii.      Tin-
Im-H Anii-UiT**, iii view ut the itnuHli-;
fat-iiiV\ iiutlonk Imth (nr lead mid ni!ver, j
arc tiHlninlly anxious, and no far thej
American Smclthij* Trust *how« no
(ll«|K>*iti.ni to iijfrtiii take B.C, lend ore*.
Unit n reffnen* been niremiy under eon '
utruetlmi, it -wntild have nomowhiit re- i
lieved tlm situation* which ha^ her-n ;
nccentuated by the recant (all In silver j
with no Imrn-fdiat* firo^jwc! «vf improve-1
mfitit It had been pointed out by!
fcnnomUMihat Canada ImportuIsnd in I
Signal Lowery's Claim
to come your way by
sowlinp the editor a dol
lar.    Ft furnishes a pow
dcr that lcnvesno missed
holes,   and    cannot   bei
lien ten for sliatterintr tlie;
ruck of superstition and
iirnor.mn' tlmt rovers so
much ofthe bright met-i
•»!   ol'   freedom    on    tlii<41
earth.     Dig,  while  tjiej
thought of purchase is!
warming your upper |
R, T, Lowery
Ne»v Denver, B. C
J. E.Angrignon
The I^endlns:
Finest Shop In the Slocan.
Brick Block,   Bellevue Ave., New
Denver, B. C,
Toaml from Ruri)|MMii ihiIikh vlii CnundUi
mul Amerlcnn line*.    A|t|ily   fm- hiiIUiik ilnti>»
i-ttW-i, tli-kituami full liilnriiiiitliiii tn niiyC.
Hy iRinit nr—
C. I', 11. Anunt. .New I>envi*r
W*   I'. K, Oiiiiimlinw. It, H. W, Aut,, \Vlniil|Ht»/
P.   BURNS .&   C
Buy Your Holida;
and Provisions from the
Wm. Hunter Co.^imite*
Stores at Silverton, Alamo, Nelson and Phoenix.
Hauling And Packing to Mines,
and general local busineaa.
New I>«MV«'r, 11, V,
General Draying: Mining Sui
plies and Heavy Transportj
atlon a Specialty.
Our Baggage wagons meet all
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack '.AAais
Feed HtaWcs at, New Denver.
ont coinkt dkiwkt-
MF.NT  Is  ri'.To.DATF.
IN   Al.l. STVI.K.N   ANI»
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
simkhs rnun ,v11•*,in*    ■
A warm xmas Present lor You
tvANCouven ->•• nelson, it.e.
U e Hit' »ii(clillji OUl  roUip]i:lv >>'" Jn »'') V Hi'* Ut
in Nelson, for a short time only.
aaa iii'Ver bnfoj'f* i'ipi;dlrd
Fur RutVs. IVi-Mam
Lftdios* Kur Capes. Collars. Mulls, Boas. Fur-liued (>ape.s Fur RutVs. IVrMam
Lamb .Jaelccts. Grey Lamb Jackets. Electric Seal and Mink (touts. No 1 South
•Seal Jackets m 24 and 2i--uica icij^iiin exti.i ipnoi>. A,**. v»n*.«c (\»,U,.-. Ixv^: accu
carefully selected from the large ««w of J. Arthur Paquet of Quebec, the largest
and one of the most reliable (Inns of lur manufacturers in Canada, we can safely
recommend each and every garment sold by us.
Children's Gray Lamb Collars, Caps, Mutt's, Boas and Coats.
•■imnmig ••••<
SOLE AGENTS FOB      • rfCCl    IrVlflC ^  CO. *TmtNKfi ah.. VAMRKft OFj
' Aiwl. SIZr*S Avi»ST i IjK8
NELSON, B. C. at very urn* PRICES


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