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The Ledge Jul 23, 1903

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 Volume X. Number 43.
NKW DRNVKR, B C. JULY 23, 1903.
Price $2.00 Yeah,
vl" ANTE
Dews of Cecal interest
Tlie wrong end of tlie strawberry
season is at hand.
Harry Hewer leaves for the
Okanagan country this week.
Jaa. Currie and wife are visiting
New Denver from Trout Lake City.
C. P. R. Agent Muier has been
changed from  Nakusp to Sandon.
Only another week or so in which
to get your name on the voter's
building the
The Crow's Nest Coal Company
is advertising for miners in Yorkshire papers.
Henry Stege is making several
very noticeanle improvements
about the Newmarket.
The poles for the electric light
system, are up and the work of
stringing tiie wire is underway.
When the Fisher Maiden Co. is
reconstructed, work will be resumed
on the property on a much larger
The ss. Slocan was driven heavily against the wharf and plightly
damaged in tlie windstorm Friday
steel may result in the iron deposits
on Crawford Creek being worked
at a profit.
H. Clever has erected a windmill on his property, and contemplates installing a water motor to
run his sausage machine.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Taylor, Mrs.
Robt. McDonald and family, and
Mr. and Mrs. Brindle, ara camping
on the Bosun camp grounds.
The shortage of laborers that has
been felt at the mines recently will
soon be overcome. Every train is
bringing strangers into the camp.
Ed Shannon brought in some
good looking galena ore from two
claims which he located across the
lake from Now Denver the past
Rev. Mr. Calvart officiated at the
burial of II. Stanley at Nakusp last
Sunday, who was killed on Saturday evening while; braking on the
C. P. R.
Mra. A. Wallace and child, accompanied by her sister, Miss
Everett, returned to New Denver
this weok, after a prolonged visit
to her home in England.
Three cars of Lucky Jim ore
were shipped by way of Kaslo lart
week. The property Is being operated by Thos, Jonea, who ia securing zinc ojc for the Iola, Kaa.,
J. 8. Drewery, one of the direc*
tors of the St. Eugene mine, has
returned from Ottawa, and says
that the St. Eugene will open as
soon ns tho necessary arrangement*
can bc made.
Rev. Mr. Mclntyre nnd party,
consisting of Miss Adair nnd Mix*
flavin, of Kevelstoke, Miss Cameron
of Three Forks, Mis* Mclntvn
and Mr. Lovering, nre cam pi tig for
a few weeks on Union Bay.
Grant Howard Wilsou wa* in-
stoutly killed and George Grant
seriously injured, by being thrown
from a load of mine timbers wliich
they went telling up thn hill lo the
\r„    <!..♦,,    .,i    sr,,....?,,.,.        i       n
n.M of a rlcnin \\nht
Again merit has been rewarded.
W. J. Twi«e, the tireless Omsdisn
Mutual man who has kept the highways and byways about the Slocau
iu a hot state tor mme yean, him
bean promoted to tbe Vancouver
office of tbe insurance company.
It in always a pleasure to get a
meal at the Hotel Slocan, Three
Forks. Mr. and Mr*. Nir*n are
pioneers of the camp, and when a
Messrs. Wallace    and
have the contract for
Clever block.      Work   starts this
week aud will be pushed with all
possible speed.
Our amateur photographers are
doing some excellent work on tho
beauty spots about New Denver.
C. F. Nelson is showing some very
pretty samples of what can be done
with a Kodak.
■Wanted—A tourist's hotel in
New Denver. Best location in the
world; most needed, and promises
to be the most profitable investment of the kind iu British Columbia.   This is no joke.
An explosion at the Cumberland
mine on Thursday killed 13 Chinamen and injured as many more.
Mine Inspector Morgan is holding
an inquiry, and will make an effort
to remove all Chinese from the
Biddy brought her brood into
the office thia week to peep throng!'
the cracks into the Colonel's boudoir. Wo don't know what she
saw, but it was evidently something neglige, for her comb became
intensely red and she set up such
had to put
her out.
The output for the month of
July, of the Morrissey miues promises to be a record breaker. Up to
the 14th it had reached 950 tons,
the largest in the history of the
camp. It is said that inside of six
months Morrissey will he turning
out more coal than either Michel
or Fernie.
At Kaslo certificates of naturalization were recently issued to
Cliong Chick Chune, How Cok
Sang, Joo Lee, Ming Fung, Mack
Quon, How Tue, Fong Lee, Wing
Chong, Mar Sang and Joo Chew.
It is not stated how many of these
gentlemen run sawmills and how
many wash smelters.
The Sunday School picnic held
on thc Bosun grounds Friday, was
largely attended and greatly enjoyed. Everybody turned out and
worked with a real to make the occasion a happy one, and but for the
pranks of the weather clerk who
rolled up a July storm for the evening, it would have been tlio best
of any yet held.
The Qu.'cn Bess mine and buildings, one of the Slocan properties
that lias suffered from bad management and an overdraft, was
sold to the Bank of Moi Ureal last
week for $0,500. The mineral
claims Tiger, Deadwood, Bland.
No. 2, Howard Fraction nnd Tiger
Fraction, belonging to the Slocan
Lake Gold & Silver Mines, Ltd..
were also turned over to the Bank
of Montreal to cover an overdraft.
After all has been said in defense of the Trail and Nelson
smelter.*, tlie simple confession Initio Ix- made that they are not in n
position to treat ore at a figure
miow an tho American smellers.
This cannot lie disputed. It is a
fact that both sides accept. But it
does not explain why the home
smelters do not make au effort to
improve their facilities for handling the ore output more reason*
Dr. Hacking, of Granite Falls,
Minnesota, who is in the Kootenays
in the interests ofoastern capital-
<.'♦*!'      r%t\   9*fttt* »»»itr*f*r -ttir-.ttii    #V«   i'fkti*4.t.    .   9
i,     ' ' *    "        '   ' •69"       ' '    '     ■'"*-' '• <."-•'.**   »,*>■*>
the recent gold duds at Poplar
creek said: "The importance of
the finds made have not been exac-
gerated in any way, and I am con.
vinced thst the district will astonish
tlm world as a wealth producer. I
do not care to say much ahont our
able to give you more particulars
that will be, I believe, more than
satisfactory to those interested. It
speaks volumes that in three days
from Kaslo, we are able, to so comfortably inspect so many properties,
and to cover so much territory."
Captain Jones said: "I am more
than pleased and can assure you
that you cannot speak too highly
of the wonderful wealth of the new
camp. There are a large number
of people in there now but it is
nothing to what it will be when it
becomes known what riches are
waiting to be uncovered by the
persistent and energetic searcher
for mineral wealth. You could not
have made me believe one half
I saw. Prospectors will appreciate
the accessibility of the district."
R. G. Lang, of Rossland, says:
"In a mining and prospecting experience of over thirty years, I have
never seen anything to equal the
showings exposed on Cooper, Meadow, Tenderfoot, Lynch, and Fish
creeks, all running into the Lardo
river from the south. "I believe
that the indications already warrant the belief that a second
Klondyke will be uncovered in thc
near future. Almost every claim
can show ore with'free gold that; is
either sticking out of the rock or
that can be panned when the ore is
as large as a man's fist that were
almost pure gold. I am going back
prepared to stay for some months.
I have already found good ground
that I ara sanguine about."
KI.KCTION. OAV,   OCT.   31.
In the last Gazette a proclamation a ipears fixing tho date for the
issuing of the new writs, Thursday
There also appears a proclamation
for tlie nominations, on October
15th. Elections will therefore
follow about two weeks after and
will, it is understood, take phicc
October 31st.
The postponing of the elections
until the last of October is explained
by members of the government as
essential in order to allow time for
any appeals taken from tho con11
of revision with respect to names
on the voters list.
The following returning officers
have been appointed for the elections in tho interior:
Nelson City, Robert A. Ren-
wick; Rossland City, Richard Wallace Armstrong; Kaslo, Wm.Henry
Walby; Ymir, Rolwrt M. Perdue;
Grand Forks, II. C, Kernan:
Greenwood, Geo. Cunningham;
Slocan, Robert G. Henderson:
Cranbrook, John Hutchison;
Columbia, J. W. Del vin; Fernie,
.John S. T. Alexander; Revelstoke,
George T. Newman.
TitANKrti. rott ravoits.
En. Thk Lkikik: Sir—Before
leaving Ottawa.the British Columbia silver-lead miners' delegation
desire to publicly express their appreciation, not only of the action
of the government in acceding to
their request for a bounty on lend,
hut al*oof the unvarying sympathy
nnd consideration which they have
reeieved from tho members of the
cabinet during the necessary investigation of this important question.
Too great credit cannot be given
to Senator Templeman and our
B. C. members, esjiecially the mem
Messrs. Green and Wilson, British
Columbia's delegates, and had a
talk with them over their mission
to Ottawa.
Green and Wilson admitted that
their principal object in coming
here was to endeavor to get more
money to carry on the affairs of
the province, although the * Jap-
anece question was also talked over.
It was pointed out that the provincial government was spending
$2 for every SI it had, without any
new field for taxation, and * as
long as this state of affairs lasted
there could be nothing but bankruptcy ahead.
It was thought advisable to
abandon the extravagance which
existed in. the province. Wilson
and GreenJiad iio real defence to
In respect to the Japanese question. Wilson admitted that; there
was some doubt as to whether the
province had tlie power to pass the
legislation which had been disallowed.
"The federal members impressed
upon the provincial representatives
that they had come here at a very
inopportune time, when parlament
was sitting, and just on the eve of
the provincial elections when they
had no idea whether they were to
be returned or not.
miners mill Reorganize
One of the best indications of
what the future is going to be, and
what is practically an assurance of
continued prosperity in the Slocan,
is contained in the following circular letter, issued by the temj orarv
organization of the Silver-Lead
Mine Owners' Association:
"Sandon, B. C, July 17,1903.
"Ed. Ledge:; Dear Sir— Yon are
hereby notified that at a meeting of
the Silver-Lead Miners of B. C,
held in Sandon, Dec. 10, 1902, and
at a subsequent meeting held at
the same place on May 4th, 1903,
resolutions wero passed looking to
the formation of a permanent organization of operators and owners
of silver-lead properties and mines,
and to that" end committees were
appointed to draft a constitution
and by-laws for the following purposes:
"lst. For selling, marketing, or
otherwise disposing of the output
of the silver lead mines of B. C.
"2nd. To protect our several
interests from encroachments of
every kind, and io see that the
bonus so generously given by the
Canadian Government is not diverted into channels other tnan
those for whom it was intended.
fi t    t*4*
- \49A* ««AA/.
Herbert B. Ames was a passenger
on the train into Sandon Tuesday
evening. Mr. Ames is a wealthy
manufacturer of Montreal. He is
also a stockholder in the Payne
Mining Co. Mr. Ames bought his
Payne stock when it was selling at
$1.20, Payne stock was never
worth $1.20. Capitalized as it is
for 63,000,000, Payne stock will
never be worth 81.20. But when
Mr. Ames bought it at 81.20 he
didn't know it. He wasn't dealing in mines then; he was dealing
in very much inflated stock. He
paid for what he got, and got what
lie paid for. Payne stock is now
selling at 20c, and Mr. AmeB has
come out to see what the real thing
looks like. When he goes home
he will be able to explain things to
his friends. It is safe to say that
it will look more like 30c to Mr.
Ames than 81.20. Mr. Ames is
honest enough to say, however,
that tho fault has not beeu with
the mines so much as with the
Horliert Mason nntl Thos. Hawes,
who havo a lease on No. 1 t'lnnel at
the Whitewater mine werocaughtiu
a (-avein last Monday and narrowly
escaped death. The caveiu oceurcd
as the men were entering tho tunnel, and buried them, Mason was
released unhurt, but Hawes wns
badly bruised by the timbers which
pinned him down.
Tom Hawes was taken to the
Kaslo hospital on the train, accompanied by his partner, Herbert, ant]
an he is only severely bruised with
four slight ahmsinns, he will Ite all
right in a wcrk or ml.
SI.11«AM~MIK   -aitlt'WKVTH
Ihe total amount of nre mIhwkhI frou
llit Kl'wan ami Sl'iron f. 'ity mttt(t>«
divisions for ths yesr If-oJ wn* njnirns
Irnstely, 80,000 ton* Hliiec Jsttusry I
t<» July 17, 1WM, tlit »M|»meiit» li«ve
been sa follow*:
«*Mt    TV.. I
"STcI. For ~promoting~~the gen
eral good in the silver-lead districts
by coming in closer touch with
those who are engaged in that industry
"Thetims is now at hand for
dissolving the temporary organization. The committee on constitution and by-laws is ready to report,
and the sooner a permanent organization is formed to take charge of
business the better for all concerned.
"In order to get as largo a representation as is possible, on questions tliat will arise, you are urgently requested to be present,
either in person or by proxy, at i
meeting to be held in City Hail,
Sandon, B. C, nt7 p. m,, July 24,
"It is the intention of the committee to overlook no one who is
interested in the silver-lend mining
industry, and should you know of
anyone who has failed to get notice
of tliis meeting please make it a
personal matter and extend to him
a most cordial invitation to attend.
"Signed by John Keen nnd A.
C. Garde, joint chairmen, Louis
Pratt anil N. J. Cavanaugh, joint
Nothing will add more to the
permanency of the silver-had industry than a strong business organization of the silver-lend mine
owners and operators. Other
camps, across the Hue, have found
such an organisation not only beneficial to the operators tw individuals, but nu absolute necessity to
the pro|wr development of the industry.
There is one way to get an equitable smelter rate. It cannot U»
done until the silver-lead miner*
on this side the line put themselves
in the poMtimi of the silver-lend
miners on the American side, and
ran demand a fair rate or smelt
I heir own ores.
saint of thc hills tumbles into the iiUeutioua until wc have ma.de mints
Forks, tired, thirsty and hungry,
he knows where to get what will
pot new life Into his weary bones.
smelter tests of ore from the mines
that have been opened tip at some
depth.   In a day or two we will be
KnvrrJt'g f«w,«ort nf a wnn-c
we are confident will work as much
to (he Interest of the province as•
whole, as to thc mining districts in
% tn* in»*tiiitiii oi vrui'O-H'W.nn yum
paper will greatly oblige, yours
faithfully,     Jons L. Krtau.m k,
Chairman, Siver-Lead Delegation.
AKTtfH  wrr.n fliersr.
A di*|wiU'h from OlUvs*** **>*.
British Columbia's memt*r*,
Mfiwr*. Smith, Ma<cph«rson, Morrison,  Eatle and   GalUher,    met]
AflMtifan Boy.
Atllafltm. ....
With Vrtntt..
• «  "•'  t mttm9w*U.*,.,.,
my ton.
»*«♦» Ki.6ftt»
#..«. .*,,.,.,
QtM-ca ll,*»  ..
Wltfin  9*lt
**fc*a* ti»v ....
JJMfir OUar* .
Tumi Mat.,
i ....
Byron CI iff e is spending a
days in Nelson.
Tin? Denver House was reopened
Inst Thnrsdav evening.
Mewr*. PrnH nnA VleVte,** *vS\]
leave the hospital in a few days.
(*tt*. R^g«r» Imrm today for thc
Lardeau U> do at«tiessiiieut work.
iv.„   r»..,„.f,.„.i   ,t <j>,   ,i. .     i.
opened 9 livery stable in Silverton.
Andy Pearson wss confined to
the hospital for a few tlays with
la grippe.
Miss Jean (Tsmmm, of the N>f-
son Daily News, is home on a three
day'o vtelt.
Phil Mitchell of Ute Monitor, had
a fever* sprain dremetl at the Uja
pita! the post week.
Bargains in sniall-sised shirtwaists, for Misses, this week at
Megaws.    Call and see them.
Operations have been resumed
at the Last Chance, after a year's
idleness.     Ten men are employed.
A three-plank side walk has
been built from the K. & S. depot
up Cody avenue to the Jalland
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Athcrton returned to New Denver this week.
Mrs. Atherton and child have been
visiting relatives in the East.
Business in all lines is showing
considerable improvement. The
increased activity'at'the mines lias
already infused the camp with new
Work lias resumed on thc Echo,
near Whitewater. One car of oro
is on the dump. M. J. Halpin and
H. J. Wright have a lease on tho
Dan Hurley is Xoble Grand, J.
E. Lovering, Vice Grand, and Jas.
H. Thompson, Secretary, of the
Silver City Lodge No. 39, I. O. O.
F., of Sandon.
Mrs. Jones and daughtcr_Yiolet_
will jom~tlie party'of Union Bay
campers today. Miss Trienary
and the Misses Pound also contemplate a visit to the pleasure rendezvous.
Cliff Seal returned from Poplar
creek on Monday. He was so well
pleased with tho outlook in the
new gold camp that he left again
on Wednesday with supplies for a
summer's trip.
The Sandon branch of tho Provincial Progressive party met on
Monday evening and decided to
throw in their lot with the Labor
party if the latter will accept tho
tenets of the Kamloops platform.
Dr. Gomm and Angus McDonald
went fishing at Bear Lake Saturday
but failed to make a catch. Their
old methods cannot hold a candle
tb the pyrotechnic display that nature put on, and they came homo
mad as thunder.
Patty Murphv has Itought a hnlf
Interest in the Filbert Hotel. Tho
addition that is !>eing built will
make the Filbert one of the big
hotels of tho camp, aud will greatly
assist tho popular landlords to take
care of their increasing business.
Geo. Waite, for 18 months city
police officer at Sandon, has re-
signed and will leave shortly for
the coast. I'rider the efficient,
painstaking administration of Mr.
Waite the several departments under his supervision have l»een
raised to a high standard of proficiency, and the citizens fee) that
they are losing a good ofllccr when
George goes.
Some day then1 is going to 1m»
siieh a roar go up from the people
of the Slocan at the inhuman, <i ttel
treatment of live Mock I wing .*!iip-
l«d over the (". P. H, i« hlo-ean
toiiits, tint the government will
k* fortcd to taku rognifauee of it.
It te a common thing for esttlo
■car* to lw sidetracked at Kose&wiy
and left standing there for 48 hours
or mon*. during all of which time
the stock is neither watered or fed.
AlVltirr  O*   TWKLVK   MILK.
;. Dune Kennedy and Kobt. Brad*
, shaw have leased aud bonded the
i IVabhelor group, and will start
! work nt nnee.
The Daphire and Champion have
been leaded to Paul Hauck, who
will start work immediately.
j Negotiations are nnder way for
• a lease on the May.
tine of the first fruits of the »U*
ter-iemii temw i* the immediate
shipment or 1000 tons of  toad ore
by the .Sullivan mining Co. of Fort
1 Hteele. -■■."•!«.■.
Tenth Year.
The Ledge.
With which la amalgamated tbe
Published every Thursday in thc richest silver-
lead-zinc camp on earth.
Legal advertising 10 cents a nonpnriel line
first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent
insertion. Readlnp notices 23 cents n line, and
commercial advertising gradcl in prices according to circumstances. '
Subscription, .2 a year In advance or §8.50 if
not so paid.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk LSWiB'ia located at
Sew Ueuver, B. 0 , and is traced to many parts
of the earth It has never been,,raidi'd by the
BhorirT, snowsllded by i-henii silver, or i-uhriued
by Uie fear of man It works for il.e trail blazer
as well as the bay-wiiHlowed.oliiuiipaRiie- flavored
capitalist. It alms to he on tlie right side of
everything, and believes that hell should he administered to the wicked in large doses. It hns
stood the test of time, and un ever-increasing
paystreak Is proof that it is.better to tell the
truth, even If the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack. ■
One of the noblest works of creation Is thc man
who always pays the printer; ho is sure ot a
bunk In paradise, with tfiornlcM roses for a pillow hy night, and nothing but* gold to look ai
bv day.
Address all communications to—
Now Denver, B. C,
one of the furnaces I noticed a bunch
ofC. P. R. officials trying lo put the
fire out. All of them had let me walk
when I was on earth. At another
furnace 1 noticed a frying pan full of
fellows all praying. They were all
parsons who had believed in hell. In
the next slope sat Old Nick with a
grin on his blistered face about seven
miles long. He was toasting a chap
who,was spitted on a fork, while upon
his back 1 could read these words: '1
am the smart Alex who beat an editor
out of $2.' A lot of land speculators
just in from Alberta are trying to huy
the unlocaled portion of paradise with
■a view to placing it on on the market
in small sections."
Nature was kind to  Tope  Leo.
would not let him die on July 12.
A pencil cross in this square
1 idlcates that your subserip
ti >n is due, and that the editor
wants once again to look nt
your collateral.
If Poplar creek was across the line
the trails from Nelson to Lardo could
not bc seen for dust.
THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1903.
Dunsmuir has an effectual way of
ridding Canada of the yellow curse.
He lets the China boys work in his
mines at Cumberland.
Asytiiino wilh a title has got a sure
tiling in Vancouver. The shoddy aristocracy will chase a duke, or even a sir,
with about the same alacrity a boy displays when he is nailing grasshoppers.
It is just one hundred days to election day, and not a single gas well
working in the province.
If Kootenay wishes to build up a
great tourist trade, the lively ad will
have to be sent wherever intelligent
people have time to read.
In one or more cities of British Columbia can be found a strange but
swell set of ladies. They drink brandy
and strong tea, elevate their pedal extremities upon the table while smoking
the seductive cigarette, and turn out to
every entertainment in full, beautiful,
but usually unpaid robes. They seldom pay for anything, but continually
exclaim: "Aw, we are the people."
If Christian Science continues to
spread it will soon be the leading religion of America. It is a sweet and
peaceful religion and its devotees do not
strive to crush those who stand outside
and throw remarks over the fence, To
our mind it is,,the first blossom on a
tree that will eventually cast a shade
wide enough lo take in all sects when
they grow tired of fighting each other
under the hot sun of creeds. Christian
Science is blazing a trail that will land
you in heaven ym a pass, while other
routes charge high rales with excess on
your baggage. „
If ihe news service of the daily press
keeps up its efficiency, along about the
year i960 we may expect to see bulletins like these appearing daily:
., Nelson, Aug. i, i960, 1 a. m.—The
editor of The Ledge was taken suddenly ill wilh cold feet, and sent to his
room iu the Phair hotel in a balloon.
Aug. i, 6 a. ni.—Dr. James Neelands
has just administered tb the colonel an
internal John Collins bath and placed a
poultice of paid subscriptions on his
pedal extremities.
Aug. 1,6 p. hi.—The colonel has
just awakend and rung the bell for another bath. The sound of hurried steps
denote that it is coming.
Aug. 2, I a. m.—The collins did not
agree with the colonel, it being the
second he has had in fifty years.    He
Pope Leo XIII was not the greatest pope since
2 Peter.    He  was the mental equal of Leo X.    He ^
4* was not so piteous of mein, so unduly humble as -f
"was "w^tOT^bu^^Iec^TO^^T^u^Ice^^l5),'
allowing him to read the Nelson Economist.
Aug. 2, 7 a. m.—The colonel has
just swallowed a Slocan beefsteak, and
as he is not accustomed to eating, the
worst is now feared, and the bulldog
has been wired for to New Denver.
Aug. 2, 1 p." 111.—Thc city hospital
staff are just taking away tlieir buzz-
saw and jackplane. They amputated
a portion of the colonel's feet and successfully removed four pair of socks and
a copy of Lowery's Claim that had been
caught in the lining.
Aug. 2. 7 p. in.—A score of ladies
have just called and offered the colonel
the entire proceeds of a tea-meeting if
he could gel well and join their church.
He could not rise to the occasion although resting easy.
Aug. 3, 3 a. in.—Il is all up with ihe
colonel. He multern in his sleep thai
an honest politician has been discovered
in Canada.
Aug. 3, 7 p. in.-"This has been a
busy day. In the morning Dr. Creed
cut off his head so he could see the.
light, and in the afternoon the C. I'. R,
surgeon took away Ills legs to cure the
tie-walking disease. The colonel is
now ready io i|tiil, and is only waiting
for his wings.
Aug. 4.-—The colonel has just ascended into heasen, leaving all iii» p.uu-
up stibscriliers in learn.
IIkavkn, Aug. 5.—The editor of
Tint la-ma-: arrived today, hut had lo
leave his bulldog at ihe Half Way
house. There'is groiil rejoicing in the
camp tonight.    Tlie colonel was  met
X Pio Nono, but he was wise with the wisdom most Jj
A suitable to his church and times. He was clever «£
4* in diplomacy, and famous as a liberal without letting T
% go a single tenet or principle for which his church ^
4* has contended for ages. To Leo is due the credit ok J*
*f* making the world see that, whatever the church may ^
4>- insist upon in the matter of dogma in spiritual affairs «f>
4* it leaves the members of the communion a scope of J
J freedom much greater than is to be found in the sects ^
4» that have cut themselves off from the old creed. Leo *§»
Tf --taw
T was certainly a great man and  stood closer to the J,
__£!___ • ._ L_£ IJ,__l!«„ ___U r._a.n..z,s,A     fri* A        At*
~™   peopie~tnan anypopeoroiuenuiucs— °	
selves. They are taught certain doctrines on disputed questions as if they
were unquestionable truths, when they
are incapable of judging, and every influence is employed to deepen the impression. This is ths origin of their
belief. Not until long years of mental
conflict have passed * can they obtain
the inestimable boon of an assured and
unirammeled mind.—Lecky.
When you teach a child that, one and
one and one make three, till the day of
his death he nevur finds any fact or
series of facts in conflict with what you
have taught him. Hut when you teach
him lhat one is equol lo three and three
equal to one, and lhat if he does not
believe this undemonslrablen "truth" he
will be eternally tortured- in fire. If
this proposition and menace were first
put him in manhood, he would dismiss
it with-.a "contemptuous- laugh. But.
having been taught it in childhood, if
he be only an ordinary human specimen, in manhood he cannot repudiate
it. The baneful figure was not legitimately taught him; it was not rendered
acceptable to his judgment; it was
burnt into him wilh the branding iron
of bigotry. He can no more discard
it than the convicted,felon of old could
efface the scar of infamy that had been
burnt on his brow,—Saladin., "
Decay and death are stamped not
only on man and his works, bul on all
that surrounds .hlin, on all ihat he sees
aiid touches. Nature herself decays as
surely, if not as rapidly as the work of
his hands. The "everlasting" hills are
daily and hourly beeu worn away.
Alps, Andes and Himalays arc all iu
process of degradation, of which there
is no repair. Nay, the sun himself, the
universal author iiud giver of life in our.
planet, is only a temporary blaze—a
tire perhaps already more than half
burned out, hastening lo its final consummation of cold and lightless ashes.
And probably no other fale is in store
for the countless stars which bespangle
the nightly firmament. The animalcule
whose existence is measured by a summer's day, and the galaxy which
illumines the heavens for millions of
ages are alike subject to the common
law of ait life—growth, decay and
death.—Colter Morrison.
the principle that no bonus should bo grunted to
any railway company wliii'li docs not give the
government of tlie iirovinee control of rates
over lines bonused, together with the option'of
" To actively assist by state aid in the development of the agricultural resources of the province."
a. That in the meantime and until the rail
way policy above set forth can he accomplished,
a gener.,1 railway act be passed, giving freedom
to construct railways under certain approved
regulations analogous to the system that has
resulted in such extensive railway construction
iu the United State1', with so much advantage
to trade and commerce. . - .   •
3. That to encourage the mining industry the
taxation of metalliferous mines should be on the
basis of a percentage on the net profits.
•1. That the government, ownership of telephone systems should bc brought about us a first
step in the acquisition ol public utilities.
fi. Tint a portion of every coal area hereafter
to be disposed of should be re-vrvoil from sale or
lease, so that state owned mines may be easily
aei-essiblo, if their operation hecoinss necessary
or advisable.
G. That, in the pulp land leases provision
should be mado for reforesting aud thut steps
should betaken for Ihe general preservation of
forests by guarding against thu wasteful destruction of timber.
7. That the legislature and government, of the
province should persevere In the effort to cecure
the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
8. That tho matter of better terms in the way
of subsidy'nnd appropriations for the province
should be vigorously pivssed upon the Dominion
!». That the silver-lead Industries of the
province bo fostered and vucouriiRud by lie, im
position of Increased customs duties on lend and
lead products imported "Into Canada, and that
the Conservative -■ members of the Dominion
House ho urgid to support any motion introduced for such a jut pose.
10. That as industrial disputes almost Invariably result iu great loss and injury both to the
parties concerned and to the public, legislation
should he passed to provide means for an. ami
cable adjustment of such disputes between employers ami employees,
11, That il is advisable to foster the manufacture of the raw products of the province within
the province us' far as jiossible by meansof taxation on the said raw products, subject to rebate of
the same io whole or part When manufactured
In British Columbia.
Mineral  Claims.   ■■
Situate  in the    Slocan   Mining   Division of
■• West Kootejay   District.   Where located:
Northwest of Bear Lake, about 6 miles irom
..-.■Three Forks.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Robert, McPherson, free
millers' certificate No. B 0!I313,V Intend,
sixty days: from the date hereof, to apply to the Milliner ■ Recorder for ; Certificates ol
Improvement, for* the-puriiose'of. obtaining a
Crown Grant of each of tlie above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37,must he commenced before the Issuance
of such Certilicates 01 Improvements
Dated this 2id day of June. A. D liios
VJtKDDY Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division ol West
Kootenay District. Where located: On
tho Galena Karm, adjoining the Sevciuon
Mineral Claim,
Ti c Vc* u S cvi" n 1 \r
superstitious dread of the papacy  to evaporate in
many quarters. *f
f Through Leoine statesmanship, the Roman jj£
% Catholic church stands higher in the estimation of £
4» the world—considering it as a purely human in- <f'
% stitution—than it ever did in the long days of its ^
*$» chequered history. His wonderful diplomatic skill *f
4j proved him a genius. The church has been held true Jp
X by Leo to all its ancient philosophy, and yet Leo is 4
T known as "the liberal pope." *|
5 Physically he was a shadow, but mentally a giant. ,|»
4< He was pious to a high degree and had prayed more *|»
than any other man of this age. Still he found time Jg
to write poetry and enjoy humor, not directed against «|»
t* his religion. He had faults but we do not intend to *f>
$ parade them here. He lived up to his ideals. He ^
4* was shrived as the poorest pauper o. his church was «j»
j|* shrived, even if his power was greater than almost %
4* any earthly monarch.    He professed thc faith that «|r
■-* - - • pL
'  t
*f* so many lesser men cannot profess, owing to its con- *'
4, flict with reason, and was ever kind and gentle.    He *
4* really believed what he preached and lived up to it. *y*
jf* He will live in history as a mighty churchman of
4* mighty and almost irreligious age.
Breaking It Gently.
This is a true liccount of one person':,
idea of breaking it gently. The cook,
■whose home was off in the country, appeared before the "powers above" wilh
a letter in her hand.
I'll have to go home for a couple of
days, mum, she said. My cousin's just
just written to me, and she handed
over the crumpled hit of paper with an
audible sniff.
"Dear Mary, you had better come
home at once, your father is very sick,"
and it continued with many particulars
of the illness.
Al the end was a postscript, which,
like the old joke of a woman's P. S.,
had the pith of llie mailer.
"So long as you'll be driving up
from the village, you may as well bring
ihe undertaker along with you in the
wagon. J
At a meeting of the executive of tho Provincial
Conservative Association, held at Vancouver,
the province was divided into live, divisions for
organization purposes: The Kootenay Houndury
division is made up of the following provincial
election districts: lievclstoke,Columbia, Fernie,
Cranbrook, Ymir, Kaslo. Slocan, Grand Forks,
Greenwood,'the City of Rossland and the City of
Nelson. At the same meeting the following
resolutions itfcre adopted: "
1. That c nvoutions for nominating candidates for mem hers of the legislative assembly be
made up of delegates chosen as follows:
(a) In city electoral districts, one delegate for
every tlflv and fraction of tifty votes polled at
the provincial election held lu UHXi.ttwl* if the
city is divided into wards, tho prt|ioriioii of
delegates for each ward shall be based on the
vote polled hi each ward at the last municipal
(b) In other electoral districts, one delegate for
every llfty or fraction of llfty votes polled nt tho
provincial election held in WOO, the* uelcgatcs
to be appointed to polling places or as near
thereto as will be fair to ihe voters Of the different neighborhoods.
S. The election of delegates shall be at public
meetings held at a designated central place lu
each polling division, or in each ward In city
electoral districts, if the' city is divided into
wards. At such public meetings only those who
pledge themselves to vote for the candidate or
candidates selected at the nominating convention shall be entitled to vote for delegates.
8. Two weeks' notice shall be given of the
public meetings ut which the delegates are to be
elected,and Humiliating conventions are to bo
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis .l.O'Ucllly, of
Nelson, 11, C. as agent for John A. Turner,
free ininer's.certificate No. It 80700, and Hugh
Nixon, free miner's ccrliticate No. B «(KM),
intend, slxh davs from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Hecmder for a Certiticate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of thc above claim.
And further take notice tlmt action, under
Section .17, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certlllcaw oi Improvements.
Dated this 4th dav of June, A. D. mitt
OAKLAND SJincrul Claim
Situate in tho Slocan Mining Division of*Wesl
Kootenay   District,       Whero     located:
Ou Fo r Mile creek, adjoining the  Edinburgh mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Win. S. Drewry, acting
as agent for Ferdinand ,F. Loibschur, Free
Miners' Certificate No. II 01105, intend, «i dins
from t)]oedflto> hereof to apply to tin   Mining
Recorder   for  a Certiticate of   Improvements
for the puriiose of  obtaining a Crown  grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action tinder section 3? must be commenced before thc Issuance of
such certiticate of improvements.
Dated this 4th day of June, A. D, 1003.
day on which delegates are elected, anuin~ot1icr
electoral districts seven days after All nomina
tions throughout the province to he made at a
designated central place In each electoral district, ami on the same day.
4. All notices of the date of public meetings
for the election of delegates to nominating conventions, the apportionment of delegates, anil
the place and dale of nominating conventions
In the several electoral districts shall be prt-pnml
by the Member of the executive of the division
lu which the electoral districts aro situate, and
Issued over thc names of the president and secretary of the Provincial Conservative Association.
Ami'otingof the provincial executive will lus
held In Viiticouucr within a month, and the dite
for holding district nomlnetiug conventiont will
thenbcllxcd. JOHN HOUSTON
President"of tho Provincial
Conservative Association.
Nelson, June 8th, IM,
HAVVX   UKL1VEUY Mineral Claim
Situate In tho Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenav Dihtrict.      Where  located:    On
Silver Mountain, adjoining ihe Lo*t Tiger
Mineral Claini
'PAKE NOTICE That I, Wm, S   Drewry, ns
1   agent for Hermann Clever, Free Miner's
Certificate , No, B 04876, Intend, sixty days from
the date   hereof,   to   apply   to   the   Mining
Recorder for a Certilieate of Improvements, for
the purpose |of obtaining a Crown Grant of :tho
above claim.;
And further take "notice thai-action, under
section 37, must be commenced bciore the Issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 4th day of Juno, A. D. l!M«.
,"\V. S. DUE WRY.
1)A1.KKIT1I nnd   KK1.SO Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: On Four
Mile creek, near tho Waketleld mine.
'PAKE NOTICK thntl.Wm.S Drcwry.ucllng
1 as agent for the Waketiold Mines, Ltd., Free
Miner's Certiticate No. BfMSl, Intend, sixty daja
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re^
colder for » Certiticate of improvements, for the
purposo of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance
oi such Certificate ol'Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of VlaV, A D. 1003.
To H. EUMMELEN; or lo whon.suever he may
ha\o triiiiffcucd his lnteicst In the Soho
mineral claim, situated in ihe MtQuigini
Basin, Slocan Mil ing Dlvitlou, West Kootenay Mining Division.
VOU aro hereby notified-that I have expended
1   £102.50 in labor and Improvements upon the
above mentioned mineral claim under the pro-
b yo
contribute   your   proportion   of   the labove
visions of the Mineral Act, and if within IHMlays
from the{da.e of this notice you fail or refuse to
mentioned sum, which Is now due, together
with all costs of| advertising, your Interest in the said claim will become the
property of the undersigned under Section 4 of
the "Mineral <A<-t Amendment Act looo;'
Kaslo, B.C.,May 30,11*13.
$-H -H-T -M '■! 'W* "H-f '* **"H ■*-H *H *H -H *$
Osi: or two of the Hriiish Columhia
papers might gel a >li»c of the lead
bounty if they would ship their editorial**, to the Mueller.
Clot a life customer: "Vou haven't
charged me nearly as much for half-
soling these shoes as 1 expected." "No,
ma'am. We charge according to the
size of tho lihoc."—Chicago Tribune.
Photographer: "Beg pardon, sir,
hut can you look a little less stern and
severe?" Siller: "Never mind how
stern I look, this photograph is for
campaign use. I am a candidate for
judge,    (in ahead."
X - iNtwmarhel noiel X
Public opinion is Ihe judgment ofthe
Incapable many opposed lo ihe dUtem-
ing few.—The Philistine.
There   is   in   childhood    a   period
years, when uny well inculcated dogma,
no mailer how extravagantly absurd,
"s sure lo retain its hold  for life.- -
Wiikn kings,  queens or popes die
lhey shouU, if convenient, do it quickly
at   the   gale   by   Hwhcr,   Ingersoll,  urn] save the public from a long line of
Houston,   Paine, Buffalo Bill,   Bruno, j bulletins that the Associated  Press dis-
Keno Jack and milliims of others. j patches to its patrons,    Because some
Hi-avks, Aug. io,—A direct  O/ona- j man or woman, who  sits high  in llie j Schopenhauer.
gram from ihe colonel slates; "Heaven i public gaze, happens to be dying is no'
is a grand -place and even  backs New j excuse for Hooding ihe press with sense- >,,,,,.
.. ,i i-       .i ■      •  'i       t      i   *   it,-.,     .i,„,t  it,. Imiirlv* woiU can hardl)-give an) 'reason «hy
Denver over the dump.    Lvervllnug •». less, Innifl, hulkiiu* about  the lioutij .   '_ " ' >
free.    No psalm-sinijing, i-pcr-ceni-a- j nsv and fall of a  pulse.    Two lines a
month own ate allowed on the grounds, | day   will  lelt all  the  world carr* to
or rather  skies.    It is  all   sky   here. | know  about  ihe lasl hours of any nwn
lbmre te free and killv never gels under tor woman on this earth, except our own
m  poker table.    Tlie place is full  of j near relations. j
love, angels, roses nnd genuine honey. I   ..  .»uU* '"' "'* ki,ai*^ "u "'"""H «« **•**
I  am stuck on  the I
poem set in diamond*
(Adored nt lleviihlokc, Heptcml.cr liltli, liritj
1.   Thai I lilt convention minimi* the i*>l »•>■
ofthe party In iimll.T* ol provincial r«unl« niiil
..,..,*..9„.l n**   St.    .,9  „.   ..... ,   i...   ....   trull*! Uie ownership anil control of railways
measured hj   six,  or at  most  by  ten  M»\ |j„. development ut iho nKrlculiiiral r»iour
et* i4 llu' province in lnld down In (he platform
adopted In i».*i*,lcr*IS'<.i. which Ua* follow*:
'Toactlvclv '.Idlu dm fount ruction ot trail*
iiimiitstioiit iln' iiiHlcvcl«,|M-il  \»*t tin* of   ih
|ir<ivtiiii> nml lh" liiitldliig of provincial triuils
ri«d**,f puliHc ii.ytfi.Mv.
•' T«»»<li>|>l llie ptliicfplf* of •tf.iviriiini'hi •twit*
crihlp of railway* In n, far a* the Hri-ituiMaiuv-t
I'hv   greatest   part   <A Aw i'hn-Auo ]"f l,,<' •'r"vl,M"" "IHidu.lt, «i«I the adoption of
11 l)CW D-JMV-tf, ofTd'R a pleasant HttbHtituto for
homo to those who travel. It is situated on tlio
shore of Like Sloean, the most beautiful lake in
all America. From ita Inloonie* ami windows
oan ho Heen the grantleHt Hoenery upon thin continent.
The internal arrangements of tlie hotel are tho roverse
to telephone, all the rooms hcing plastered, and electric
bells at the head of every bed innko it cany for the dry
momenta in the !norning.^*v^^<*^.j&-t*j>^^
The bent and cheapest meals in the country are
to be found in the dining room.   The Iiouko te run upon eoHinnpolitan prlnelplcH, and the prnspeetor with hte
pack !h jiiHt uh wcleomo ivh the millionaire with hte roll.
Every gm-ht receive** the bent of euro and protection.
Tho liquor** aro the best in tho Hloean, and the1
liotol ha** long been noted for ite lteh and game dinncra.
fiwt-elaHH Iiouho in the Lucerne
One look at tho landlord will con-
any Htrangor that tho viand* are of tlio liest quality.    Kooiiih reHorved by tt!l*'gia|d».-i3-i^C5<JW-5>c*os>
HENRY STEOH,  Proprletor«*s#g\i)€N#€N^) (@h\
W"*M   IIUl«"l   WW  l»»"H   WITH    1
P|^      Thin in the only
w*J North America.   Oi
Y_ vlnce any i*t ranger t
they believe the Bible the word of (inj, I
but Ihgiusc they have  .ihvays believed '
it, and they were taught so from their
intancy.—tlr. Isaac Watts.
-V-M*<-iM»«>i*'V4 **4ti       i<itiX*l        *H*-'-*Mil IV >,    iiW     ItH-
i   |;iimmv infiivi • ! , % * i*i '111 - -      - tt
nc din     It  is a I     ihMK ,s MWWilun*  UUv i%  ,I""UJ  Piiid  men in the   world  unlay,    the
tmsm^-  nml'h,.nB»'»M(J"U-    ^ *?«"""** w!"w1 ™° »»«■*■. -I «*.• and U,c „„ifc. of wuuien ,
Lt« lha. ever blou,,,, whiUopuo tbe  «»". -dway business to sou   „,„, m. he |nrt. ^.^ upon  „lcm mm lnUU]y *
i i 'r, -.,,,,      it i,,. l,,i,;l liKcmiiirviTftitt-r1,!      ,,,.    .*    .   > -r, ' A  A
/lir ell'ftia'i'ly I'ioals im.'som iu in   inu-n. (   ,.,.i ' ' *"" '' i
I haw varvfullv  pn^ted Ule ,mire!«lMo Hl.or f.e A oold stay m the calaoet ,0lini^,^   |n|he   „)if,k(ry   ^^l
camp and not >« found eve, a Ir.ue of! "»J *™ *,wn h* rtH,M  no1 ^ | co.«fortable and even  luxurious ,uinK,j
,he  deiioquen,  sub^rilier.    IV.er t*Al*\ W»«  ". ^wr;  hm  ,CM -"-'^^ who would  eke oat   a  miscraHe .ub- \jTJ
me lhat during all .he  long  ,!,ifi ,,ttl»wl «-'•«; «^» great  and daung, >Ultnrv m nn). (l,„,r VlH,llUvt,,. j. ,;J^A
tll„   »,,f.r nn   the   door   be lots nnvr)"1"'1*' M' H%'"w" h,s smm'    ,,<nrt1 Kemsborg in "The Hible." f/J
,     , , , ! he resigns rather than  sutler   Ae  p.oo :     .... ... .    . .   .    ,9 A
known  n   single   unreformed pars4in, * ** i
of !i;ivin*.'Iii* bu»ln<»*-s  ideals sliiittered (
delinquent  tulmribrr io gel past him. j *> '""» f" "' ' ^;iU ( ,,wJa 'r {JK.1' Unions trom authority.   WVil^r they j
TW,   ih* U-g  Hh-**t.*,py  J   u^Mherter^Au(.*ite*,urwtOiW9,    Wmt^y .v^*dly, l!W  ,tw  C,Mhs«|
1 ^'ts d0tt" **€nmc ",e l,;,,e " Un m,f,\iin*iinXuniAi', like ,nmt ^mt^um*  U |
h*ok at  Iwll.    Ii   i* about   a billion
ffiiks iii'-m bete uriA hu*  Au y.ffuM-
rti*..* ot'UU^ »twil of t'oouis. .^.ifiist
fur his proftiund nature.
jiMinureiMi.    Tli^y Iwt'ip netalMir Awk
Tttf hrvfit I- rh.'.-iifrrrfisfrir; r ril'inm  ni*r t*r*J>ortnnity tn examine  for tfictli-
The ovfrwlHlmiog  ui ijorii\   of the j m «
I     H      | ^^^^mmmi^^^  K^^m/m*.tm^^W   *^^^^-*-~ -^^^ ***,*^^**.>^^ ^-^^WWi)*^^ ^^-^^mmmm^^^
\ j™t j m^^99^^m.<^^^t I^^A,^^^.^^^- m~^,^^j~9^ j^*-%9,^^^~*~^ l^^i^^^^A9mw m^^9\,^^4»^^%
I     _\_mmf^^^_^_t^^^__^_^^^^^^^^^'_^___f^^'_^^^^^*__J
Bank of .Montreal.
K«t«blUh«tl IHIT.
Capital (all paid up) $!2,a)0,(X)0.00
It,. ... „,.,:1   I 1 . "T  fin r»i \ ft*
Undivided protiti ;   t'*Mqu»l.oi
Rt. Hok. \xnm Strathcona n.,d Moukt Kotai, O.C.M.O. Pre«ident,
Hon. G. A. DBomtoNU, Vice President,
K, 8. Cu)0»ton, Oenertl Aluna-ffer,
UvaucluvA u\ M yxvru o« CaivAda, Newfoaiwiland, Ovcat I'a'tUvIn, mul
the United lime*.
New Denver branch
LE B. DE VEBEk, Manager
1Mb Tenth Year.
Is the only hall in tlio city suited for Theatrical
Peiformances, Concerts, Dances and otlier purlin entertainments.   For bookings write or wire
Secretary Sandon Miners' Union
[Condensed advertisements, such as For Sale
Wanted, Lost, Strayed, Stolen, Uirths, Deaths.
Marriages, Personal, Hotels, Let-rnl, Medical,etc.,
aro Inserted when not exceeding 20 words for
15 cents each insertion. Each live words or less
>ver no words aro live cents additional,]
rpilKMONT llOUSK, NELSON. Kurupciui
1 and American plan. Meals, Uf) cents. Rooms
from 2*e up to $1. Only white help employed.
Nothing vcllow ahout the place except the ijold
liillmsnfe.   ......   MALONIi & TUEG1LLUS.
located and lit hy electricity . It is headquarters for tourists and old timora Min (>/-s or
millionaires are equally welcome. THOS
MADDEN, Proprietor.
THK ItOYAT, HOTt-X, Nelson, is noted for
the excellence of itsciiisino.   SOL JOHNS,
BAKTLKTT HOUSK,   formerly
Is the host il a day hotel-Mii Nelson
white help employed,
e Clark
.   Only
THK   BXCHANGK, In KASLO, has plenty
of airy rooms, and a liar replete with tonics
and bracers of many kinds.
riiHK MAV5B, in KASLO.  is just the place
X   for Sloean people to Hud when dry or in
search of a downy couch.
JO, MKLVINy Manufacturing Jeweller,
.. Expert Watch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains. Lockets
and Rings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any In Canada. Orders by mall solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
aia A.R.S.
pure  Latakia Student's'   Mixture,   Pace's
Twist,  Craven's  Mixture,   Bootjack, Natural
Leaf,and many other kindsnf Tobacco.    '
G. B.MATTHEW, Nelson, P.O. Box-io.
Wholesale   -Meroliarits.
,   ers In Butter. Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
Fruit,Nolson, B.C.
Et.  OHKISTIK, h. t. tt
 _s_Jlcltor^MotaryJPublie,    "
. Barrister, So-
Telephone connection with the Slocan would have a startling effect on
tr«\de in this city.
Tom Collins has the rheumatism. He
may have received it from reading
early history in The Tribune.
Do not ask the postmaster when he
will move into the new stamp palace.
Thedate of the event will be in October.
In Nelson even the dead can ride in
regal style io the cemetery. D, J.
Roliertson owns a hearse lhat cost
Work resumes on the Molly Gibson
this week. New bunkhouses, stable
and concentrator a e to be built immediately'.
Ciood work and liberal advertising
are winners. It requires nine people
to carry on the business' of Patenaude
Bros, in this city.
■The demand for labor in and out
of the city is very active, and it is almost impossible to fill the orders received here from outside points.
A rich strike was recently made on
the Juno on Morning mountain. The
ore is a brown quartz, running high in
gold.    Let the good work go on.
R, T. Lowery has opened a job
'printing ollice in The Tribune building,
From now on Nelson will grow into a
great commercial and touristical center.
Aaron Kelly reports the May and
Jennie improving wilh every shift. The
reward of persislent effort is now in
sight for one of the oldest pioneers of
this district.
Under the management of Mr. Tom-
kins the Phair hotel is rapidly increasing its trade. Its reputation as the
leading hotel of Southern British Columbia is daily growing with all who
The story is told that once upon a
time Dave Carley and Bill Gallihcr
were traveling through the Rockies
towards the cent belt. While Dave
nodded over a copy cof "Life on Four
Continents," Bill stepped into the smoking car. He hastily returned, his
handsome face, showing traces of cmo-
tion. and in a Nile Expedition whisper
and fifty-two jealous 'women- here."
"Well," replied the king, "lhat is
easily settled. Take them all." That
was a little too strong for me, however,
and as I have never had such a field to
choose from since, I am stilia bachelor.
A Union-Made Calendar.
The office-boys'union in Nelson had
adjourned from labor to luncheon, when
the walking delegate, after examining
the union label on a doughnut, asked:
"Has yous kids seen de new calendars?"
"Aw, w'et er yer givin' us now?
Wes seen a hundred uv them."
"Dat's all right; but has yer read
. A prolonged yell went up at  the idea
of reading a calendar.
"1 tell yer dis year ninteen-tVce is de
bullies! year yet. Yez sees dem red
liggers wot shows de Sundays and de
holidays—dis time dey comes in pairs.
Dere's Washington's birthday—dat
comes on Sunday, an' we. got twoeasy
ones a runnin'. Den dey's put live
Sundays in March dis year. See ?
Decoration day is a Saturday, aad we
gets two a-runnin; der Fourth of July
is put down for a Saturday, an'we
skips the ranch for two days. Labor
day is a Monday, making two again.
Next Christmas comes on   Friday, and
sure dere's nuthin' doin for t'ree days,
anil de same wid New Year."
"Who makes de calendar ?"
"Why, Lowery, de printer, yer mutt,.
Don't yer see de union label. Dat's
what organized labor is doing for us
poor workiri' men."
Just Like Billy McAdams.
Labouchere and King Edward (as
Prince of Wales) were for years fast
friends. Apropos of this friendship,
Labby was once asked what he called
the prince when he dined at Marlborough house. Well, said the famous
radical, when the soup comes on I address him as "your royal highness."
The fish softens the reserve and 1 get a
little chummier and often as not call
him "Wales," while during the entrees
and joinls 1 get quite familiar and he
becomes "Eddie," while he slaps me
on the back and dubs me "Labby."
Not in Nelson.
Customer—Just look at this stuff you
sold my servant for rat poison yesterday. It looks to me more like baking
Chemist—Dear me, so it is. That's
that careless young assistant of mine
again. He must have given the poison
to the party who wanted the baking
powder, I'm afraid.
M.. "soiToltor*Notiiry i'ublliT   Sandon, B. C'
t. GKIMMKTT, L. t. B., BarrlBter.
  iry 4>■-*-"-
Branch Otlleo at New D<
Denver every Saturday.
In.suran.oe 8c Real Estate
lUIOMPSON,  M1T01IKI.L*  Ss CO.    Klre
JL   IiiBiuatieo _Ak«hU.    Dealers In Real Estate
Mining Properties
Lots for Sale.
Houses to rent and Town
n S. KASHDAIX, New Denver, B, 0.,
Real Estate and Mineral Claims for Salo. Claims
represented and Grown Granted.
1     ■' •'■'■    ~~ ~     ■ .       *
X"     Next to roughing it in the wilderness, there is no «$*
«^  way so good for the well-endowed man to spend his ,*|*
summer as in a  big city.    The  fashionable resort, &
he exclaimed: "Dave, our baggage is
lost!" "Well," said Dave, "did you
leave it behind; or has it been lost on
the road?" "Worse than that," exclaimed Bill, "the cork came out."
X the crowded watering place, the farm boarding house,  *jr
<$> the suburban village are  equally  incompatible with X
■T the proper rest and recreation necessary to a success- -$>
4* ful summer vacation.    There are  too many women *y
*p* and  flies  at  the swell  resorts;  you have to dress ^
% within  an  inch  of your   life   if you expect  to be .*§»'
«$» tolerated at the spas; most farm homes are innocent ^
1* of screens and guilty of multitudinous mosquitoes, *§>
e|* chiggers and other annoyances; in the average vil- *§*
j* lage resort there is always a most plentiful lack of■■«£■>
JJj'. ice and bath tubs, you have to ride seven miles on a *$?
Over Wallace-Miller blocK, Baker
street, Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing RenairiiiK and
.Cleaning. Goods called for iuul
delivered weekly. Teutsunduwu-
ings nmle to order.
punchers about the camplire: "1 was
at a dance once in Live Oak county,
and there was a rough, stuttering fellow there by the name of Lem Tod-
hunter. The girls, it seems, didn't
care lo dance with him, and pretended
they couldn't understand him. He had
asked every girl at the party and had
received thc same answer from each—
couldn't understand him. "\V-\v\v--ell
g-g-go to hell, then. C-c-can y-y-you
understand that ?" he said to the last
girl, and her brother threatened lo
mangle him horribly if he didn't
apologize, to which he finally agreed.
He went back into the house and said
to the girl: 'Y-y-you n-n-n-needn't
g-g-go to.'hell; y-y-your b-b-brother
and 1 have m-m-made other Y-r-range-
meiits'.,' o
It Means.
Papa, what does it mean when a girl
is fly ? It means, my boy. ail (he way
from twenty-iiye dollars cash to ten
thousand dollars a year.
Bring Your . . . .
JOB      ■—.
to this office. It will not hurt
you, and will help the editor to
live in luxury.
P. 0. Box m.
Phone 179
and iitfeiits for
Monogram, M?rguerita,
Boquet, Our Special,
El Justillo El Condor,
Sarantizados Schiller,
Tuckett's Union Label
Karnack T. & B. V. C.
Corner Alexander Street and Columbia Avenue,
Vancouver, B. C.
Reporter (in Mcstadonastoria): "Is
it true, Mr. Goldwaller, lhat you have
bought this hotel?" Innumerabillion-
aire: "No, sir! Itis not neccessary; 1
can alTord to be a guest."—Puck.
"Have you any request to make?"
asKed the sheriff of the erstwhile so.
aiety man who was to be hanged on
the morrow. "Yes, one," replied
handsome Harry. "Let mo tic the
the noose myself. I never yet wore a
ready-made tie."
Hu bad 17 yearn ex|wrlonce in dental work, in,.,
make* a incclnHy of Oold Bridge Work. Visit
made to tlm Slocun romilarly.
Gteneral   Store.
JT. KKf.r.Y.
•  ilroccrlcH, Dry (loodi, Kto.,   UoodnHlilp-
TIIRKK   KOItKW, dflali-r In
  ,     ry U    	
pod all aver tlm Hloeuii
IUM. The mo»t complete lirii f it
on the Continent ot North Ameri- fl CA L I II
ca. Situated irildU scenery "»• D C 0 (1 D T
rivalled for Grandeur. UoHtlnir, n CO U ll I
Klihlni? and KxeumloiiM to the many Hutu of
Intercut, Tuluirraplile communication with all
part* of the world; two rni\il« arrive and du|iart
every day. Itt luillien cure all nervous and
muiculnr dlieimwi; It* water* heal nil Kldi'ev
Liver anil Htomach AlltnenU of every name,
The jirice of a rounil-trlp ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round aiiditood for an any*, 1» |S,M, Halcyon Spring*, Arrow Ukc, 0. C.
IMIN   Mpl-ATrillK.
vliiilal l.anilSurveyor
Dominion ami l'r<>-
Nelaoii, II. U.
It IIRYLANI), F.iiinnoor and Provincial
Mild Hurveyor.   KAHI/1
Jil.   (1AMK1ION, Handon, MmmUcture*
,   Clothing toonlerj and eollclM |intron«*8t
rom ill i'l»««M.
0;(K) a in. Lv.   KASLO Au. rt;J5 |>. in
U:'25 a, m. Au. SANDON Lv. 1:00 p. ni.
Vancouver Society.
We would like lo have oue thing ex
plained;   Why is it that  poor people
have more children than rich people?
A Vancouver woman confesses that
her happiness has been blighted ever
since the first week of her wedding
trip, when her husband pointed out a
strange woman on thc train and said
he thought she was handsome.
A citizen was greatly shocked when
he went home to find his wife had left
him. The great trouble with the man
was lhat he didn't have the money to
dress his wife up to her notions. While
he was working hi-jrd, trucking, she
was gadding the streets, blowing in
every cent he made and making goo-
goo eyes at other men. The husband
has calmed down and taken her departure like a philosopher. Wc predict,
however, lhat, like a bad penny, she
will return.
A large number of young men realize
it's no snap to be a ladies' man in hoi
wcaiher on a small salary. The girls
must have ice cieam, summer drinks
and buggy rides. There is nothing
funny ahout buying ice cream and soda
water to s;iti«ify (the aesthetic taste of a
half dozen more or less admiring damsels. Thc average summer girl is
heartless, if not thoughtless, Hut the
"Charley Hoy" has to do it, if he wauls
to keep up hte reputation as a smasher
of feminine hearls. When we were a
boy, way back in the east, and had a
gill ou the string, il was the custom to
call for a single dish of ice cream with
iwe spoons hi il, aud hoth eat out of
Ihe Mime dish. It brought un close up
lo thc girl.
A  HlM'-t'HH.
A lit tits Kaslo boy in his nightdress
Ra^frameld~get a giassHSF- Beer and  you Save to
T wear a collar to your meals.    The  milk  is always *§>
Ja sour, the man who kills the pig and picks the berries 4*
<#> and milks the cows is  usually  the same  obliging #
J* major domo who cleans the fish you catch, and who %
4* is too busy to go swimming between acts.                   %
J* The old legend about the sad lot of the overworked *g*
<|t husband who stays toiling in  town, while his'wife ^
4> and daughters are skylarking  by the seashore or in ^
T the country, won't do.    It's a  fake perpetrated and «|>
t fostered by deceitful man.    The worst  hardship he J?
9 * Wf*
a   endures while his folkes are away is the size and *§>
«|, number of drafts he has to cash every week or so. *j»
4* While mama and the girls are sweltering through ^
3J the   breesselcss nights   in  remote hotels,  dad  has »|»
4* turned on the electric fans and invited some of the Jf
•J* boys up for a little session at draw.   There is a mint *|»
X patch in a dark shady patch in the back yard and *f
*js* thc ice man comes every morning with fifty pounds, ^
"""* enough to keep a couple of dozen very frigid and to ♦$*
frappe a few small  bottles after midnight.    How j£
i* awful for a man of family to be left behind in the <|»
«|t stuffy brick and mortar canons of the city ! *£
H •! "H W f WA -f 'W'H -H 'AAAAAAAAA>W
"Dadbum you !" said the milkman
to the druggist, "I've got a notion
to prosecute you !" "What's (he matter?" asked the druggist. "Matter
enough, you swindler ! That lasl barrel
of formaldehyde you sold me was adulterated. That's what's the matter!
I thought you was a honest man .'tnd
sold people pure goods !"
Canadian ^
.^t l>Aei fic Kv;
CHICAGO nnd return «0.80
TORONTO and return  515no
MONTREAL, NEW YORK, and return.. 108.80
^Including'Meals and BertliB.
Aug. 18, 111, ii, at,
tion upply[of local agent, or—
A. H. LEWIS, Sandon Agent,
D. I'. A„Nelson, B.;C.        A.G.l'.A., Vancouver
a l
Item From HumhIiiikI.
"Did yen have   a  pleasant time
Sunday     school ?"     aslce*
"No,"said the child.
"Why, what was the matter?"
"Jesus wasn't there."
"Yes, dear, lie nuisl have been;
lie is always there."
"lie wasn't today," iiiMsted Hetty,
"for the teacher got up and said,
'Je-.us is calling today,' aud then we
just sang and came home."
was on his knee* saying his prayer*,
INTEHNATIONAL NAVIGATION & I and Ins little Mster could not resist the
THADINUCOMFAM, UMITKD.    I temptation to tickle Ihe soles ol lm
KASL0*N KLSON KOUTfi. (feet.    He stood il ns long as he could.
—- and  then said: "I'lease, God, excuse
me while  I  knock the stuftin out of
5:00 ft. m. Lv. NKLSON An. 7:15 p. tn
n «n„    ,.;.     *.,       IT t«l (1 I v     9*1r, n   m   V ...
Ticket* «w>ld to »ll l>*r»» of th« Utiit'd j'    "	
and 0. it. A N Compmiy'* line*. l °° *,,,n>*
For lartlMH- imiliculmi cnll on or nil |    The lite Paul do Chaillu was on one
dr«Mtn   „    .    j invasion asked why he had never mar-
1UIBKRT IRVING, Mnmw, Kitslo.
ried.     Well,   once upon a   Mine,  he
iti iUTir» eTC4lleulnTlr»tfCTCis"1!,w*t''cc,' wIlhou, M *i",Ut'* "•'" olJi
AI LAN HO OltRmOnir  ll-UIStlOl Afr;,r*,„   ).;„,.,   „.|„,   „-..,«   wrv r,„nl   r*f\     When    PivM.lrnt   Hi.(.*».-vi-1l   «a
To atitt Irom Eurojmiiii i«.<hil* vlaOattaAlu
tnd American Hit**.    Ap{ilf  tor *at',ltig dala
niat.tiitilita^-l 1u** MnrtlikiUu) tc *&y C.
%f at*m<,<x-
CI'B, Act ut, K«« TUsiutt
me, offered me   my   choice   of tight  .SJiaton Spiiog-., Mo., a couoliyiu.w '
IiiinJicd and  fifiy-lhree women as a s said lo have supped up and Xul '"
wife.    "Vour majesty," I replied, "if I j member   of   the    presidcntal    p;■''■••
should marry one of these lieaulie* of! "Whar'n the prc»ident ?" Mr. R>" «
"Do you wish lo see him particularly ?"
"I never -ceil hut unc president tn my
life, aud, of course, I would liky lo see
him 00 gin'ral principUs," replied the
countryman, "but what I wants to see
this one fur inns' particular is lu mmj if
he's got them squirrel teeth the papers
say he has." And then and there ihe
president displayed his "squirrel" teeth
In the broadest of grins, "tio-.li ler
bla/es, you're ihe feller," "-aid the man
as he hurried away.
Sir Mdward Malel tells a remarkable
The COOII Hi'ltven. ,,,l,r)* "f" -t'tTlaln  cardinal, who, when
"Kf dey's milk in Paradise, dev j P"-"*^ »»>' »» admiring circle of ladies
mils' have cow, Jar," salJ Hro.lu. »• «" evening party to say wlulher he
William*, "en ef dey got honey dar, !«"» «v«r received any Martling confe,.
dey .ho'iiiu.' have bees, en whar' bee J *'«"«. »«P«va llui llu- liml person who
.    ,    ,    ,, ,    ,     .  ,, i hud coine to him  after  lu«  had   t,*l<eo
'orderi, deHired ab*«inhilio» for a mord«*r I
! which he *;i'u\ be had   committed.    A j
! gentle shudder ran through the frames '
of the audience.    This  was  turned  lo
I constei'ii.ilioi) when, ten   iniiiules later, j
Ion i'Uh'ilv innrqio's fiiiiiv.1  the itp,til-
ment and cigerly cl ti.iud ac«|iiainlan< c
wilh Ihe cardinal.    "But   I   see your
eminence does  not   remember me," lie
said.    "Vou will Uo mi when I remind
:yoiitfi,-it  f   mm\   th*,*   t'irtt   piTvon   icfiii
•   U-oufcssed to you  after  you enured the
service ot the ehurrh '.
Why You Should Buy
10c and 20c a plug.
Because it i« tho host quality.
BeCaUSO it in tb»  mont lasting
chew.        ■———
Because it i» tim lan^t high
gradn 5 or lUc plug.
BCCaUSe H»e <ng» arc valtinhlo for
premiums until Jaminrv
1st, MIOfl.
BeCaUSe w«    inmrHHt«»u   «v«ry
plug, mui
BCCaUSO your iliwHir In nullior.
i/t'd   to   refund    vour
money  If .vou ate nat
Chadbourne & McLaren
Ore shipped to Nelson will bo carefully looked alter.
NELSON,    " -   .  -      -      B. C.
Mwttlnpn Iii tlio Union Hall mv.rv Krlilay «ve-
nltiKat7:S0 Vlcltliii; lintlircii cordially Invited
toHtti'iid. Kiikii. KruiiiK, NuIiIh (Iritnii; .1. K.
l.(ivKliiNO,Si!civtnr>';  Dan lltiiu.KV, V. (Irand,
A I.T A 1*01)0 K NO, r,i
ItcwulurCoiiiiiiiiiiiiMil"M Iiiid tlie tint ThiOT-
ilny in cadi monili d, MukoiiIc Hull at M o. m.
Siijiiiii'iiliiKl'ri'llii'rii am cui'illully luvlti'illo attend    .lAMt.H M. llAHTHN. SccrctKiV.
NO. 97,  W. F. M.
MmUovitv SATUIUUY cvetiltiK nt 7:,1(i. In
MilMIKItsoX & lll'IILKV
HAVIlllM, II  r
K!K3 K K3S3S38J
Hi ilel Wiiil r
..* *w. *
,s u'ij ,■> ,v,'ir..'j.
•J i|   'iU   .   i'-.-H    Hi       'H
l^ivvd !"  -Atl.oii"
Vnl    11     ff    tlt.'t.-
What** llie matter wilh McllriJe?
Hasn't he any tact? Hardly. H<*
«anie over on llie Meaitier whh '«"
Knglishmen and insinteJ on tlu-ir uh-
hratiiiK' the Tourlli of July with l»i»>-
«r,r 9 <MBi«inr«.i».» ****** winnttmt * your*, there would be ci»ht hundred. velt, scenting *omethin|ir gooA,
A recent book, "1 he hog of a Cow
(boy," contains this characicrislic l'i,.-,
U'estern story, told by one of the co** •
lit the lending hotel in Southern  Ilritlwlt t'tiliiinliiit.     It
Iiah ttiitple aceoiiuuodatioii for i* large ntiiiihur <»f guetitM,
i 11    • i   i      •, •      • i • .
..«,*.*» „»*.,.   *...,.*► y< I...I.I,* I..   b»   >..*',. ,.|».-,,,-,   ,-»j»|>.-i^iii   ^'nj-(i,»ti^    iflj ,ni>
traveler An well m the tourist. Uriinimtfru will find
large wimple roonw nntl nil the eonvenieneen of the iiiixlern
hotel.       Rooiiih ituicrvetl by telegraph.
K B. T0MKIN5, Hanager K
*-i.%\**^m*m*-mat-m jg THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., JULY 23, 190:1
TiiATii Year.
The pleasure of it is
two-fold when you
have the choicest
eatables that the
market affords. So
is it in the home-
Life itself is only
little enjoyed when
your food is not in
prime condition. If
g you want the best
>>        in Groceries we c#n
£j supply you.
New Denver, B.C.
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
Mrs. A.
David is
closing out
stock of
in the store
at cost price
There was a politician. He was a
surpassing knave and an excellent
scoundrel. He was the chosen-
leader of men. In return for his
baseness the people paid him gold.;
Loathing him they heaped honors
upon him. In course of time his-
reign drew to a close. The state
was grateful for his superior ser-j
vice; the city.bowed low. Them
the politician laughed gleefully,
rubbing his Iiands. They were
very diity. But his pockets were,
There was an editor. His service was born of courage. His.
work was sturdy and true. The
public, feared him. The public
hated him. There were times when
the strong man threw himself upon
the ground and the earth grew
moist with his tears; for there was
not one who could understand. His
friends cursed him and with threats
sought to remove the pen from his
hand. But the courageous mau
said grimly: "The public is a mple,
blind from eternal digging in 'the
musty alleys ofthe earth, deafened
in the glamor of self glorification."
The editor turned once more to his
desk, smiling with strange tenderness, and again took up his soul's
There was a reformer whom the
people scoffed and spar upon.
Breathing their scorn he died.
Multitudes stood about his gaunt
frame. Sneeringly they said: "He
would have destroyed our property
and onr wealth; lie would have
abolished law and religion. He
came to rob us of our liberty, perverting bur minds with false doctrines." With shrill jibes the vast
crowd turned away. In a later day
the mutitudes again assembled.
They reared a massive monument
to the memory of the reformer,
treading gently about tho desolate
grave. With Aoices heavy with
love they called the despised one
A poet came to earth. One night
he walked with two rich comrades
through the city's slums. Slowly,
with bowed head, he lead them on,
through grime and filth and squalor.
carefully about them. Their
brows were heavy with disgust and
horror. Thoyfledr Inthe thickest of the misery the poet raised his
face, illumined as hy a vision. Intense pity and great love
swept over him. He wrote strange,
grand songs, such na the world had
never heard. The powerful refused
to listen. They drove him from
tlieir midst. But the populace gave
him welcome;  the  street laborer
blessed him; the lowly women
prayed for liim. The poet's heart
gladdened.—Polly Dawson in "The
Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Alexander Bigger, who, in the year 1896, was in
Bevelstokeandthe Slogan, will oblige by for
warding his present adil'es to
Barristers,Kelson, B.C,
Terms on application'
Puney Ward.      Sanson.
Miners' Shoes a specialty.
' Glasses that
W* succeed bocauao
our glasses glv« per*
feet sight.
The frame sets com*
fortobly, each eye
looking through the
centre ,of the Tense
.the whole becoming
to the wearer.
C. V    . Time Inspector.     SANDON, B. C
balCS Shor
The best Tonsorial Establishment in
the Slocan.
Balmoral Bldg, Main St., Sandon.
$5 worm
OF old magazines
SENT   TO   ANY    AD-
One Dollar
Address-        E.   GALLOWAY.
The Old Bookstore. Vancouver, B. C,
TENDERS will lie received until July 31 to
l drive tunnel ahout 1600 feet loiiu. Site I*
15 minutes walk from Ramiiler bulldliiir*. No
tuuder ur-coiwarlly aocejitcd.
Kaslo, 11.0. Per O.Alexander.
«# Haulers
A name thnt te a» familiar to old-
tin.ere aa the name of Three Forkn.
—familiar bccaiiHO it was thero in
(hy» of boom and in day* of dc-
prepf-ion that they enjoyed the hospitality of tho genial proprietor,
and partook of the hoMtesn' liounti-
ful table. Tho same conditiona
prevail today that havo won for
the house its enviable reputation
and ita proprietor is—
* Psychic Function.
Just how to produce a Metaphysical function'
otliiflrof iho Psychic KW-ltlw tlirouirh tho five
special hen ue* nf Scent. Tnato Touch, Rlsht und
Hearing;. Bv o mtrol of the subjective uotlvltles
of the tliouKht forces you produce a pcrfcot stale
ofdreatnliiK when wlite awnko. This awakens
the Psychic function of Intuition which rIvcs
you a clear nnd lueld cuncvptlnii of tha under
lyltifr principles of all phenomena. This gives
you the mental |Kiwerit oi H* I'nyclilc Ailcitiuitl
true Metaphysician These "excrelsrt,'"'meth.
ods"and' drill*,"for ihe development of ' The
Higher Occult Attainment*" will be sold for
only loo silver, PitOF. K B Dotton,
Lincoln, Nfiir
That am. settled in iny old stand, with a full line of
Gent's Furnishings,
Trunks, Valises, Etc.
All the very latest styles,-we feel it a pleasure to show you
what we have in these lines,
•**99W+^^*+***+i^r******'***i***">t***+,<***^^ ' '
My stock of Groceries is fresh and the best brands, and J
am now in a position to give satisfaction in all lines.    .
Albert Ross,
Bar Iron Steel, Pipe Fitting*, Etc.
We have better stock than ever, and you
wllligave money by buying direct. My new
Catalogue will tell you all about it   Mailed free.
8009 Westminster Road. Vancouver, B. C
%xoi «r f t f f *+ mf*9
&m 4|3fr
T?r SMOKE ^.1
*fef   BRITISH LION &   4||»
Order your
suit now
Call and see my stock oi Suitings.
[p..p. liebscher/£_!?$c
P.: Biare:
Fresh, Salted and Smoked Fish Just Received.
Easterii & Olympla Oysters
Turkeys and Chickens
Sausage of-all-kinds made fresh every day in the week
AItCIII K  VltACTION   Mineml Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Whins: Dlvlalon of West
Koo cnay Wrtrlct. Where located! We*t
branch of the North Fork of Cturpenter
creek, on Oo ly Vrtrltnt SlouiUnl.s,
'IUKR XOTUIKTImM. W. J McMillan, free
1 mlner'nceriltlctituNo. H7IJ*1, (or my.Hf
andnanirant lur it. J. M«Mlllau, Iree mlnorH
ct-rtltVntu N ,|ITm&.l<iteiid itxtydam from tha
date hereof, to apiily to tli* Mining Itecortai
fornOcrtlrtcateof Improvcmanta. for the (iur
■jkwo of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
claim ...
And further take notice that action, under a*e
tlmiSf.muH I*-fomfweww b*f«r» Ihe lavtanta
of aoch O'HiHcale of IirtprovimmiU.
Duel ttili nth day "' Jul*, a ,n. fo
S'loiiM call on
11   TOT T YAWf w   ,
J.V.  ±JAAAAX\J da, A a HaMOilt
Oi.»(',*nmMim1lon!,<*o1 a<M tmUavlTaM*
On* Natiomlt-atlt Htm.itt.Su. >.total»«d»i
Out •mall KifiUior Hale
Oua J J. 'Ciyl/tr Hit*.. So. 'j
nut, iiiiiint  i,iii riiiuiiii,
h«winf Ma< hm*•
OIlM Show t;« ••
floe Plata Ola** Mirror, 9mM m<-ha»
"      MiM liwbet
flailwr ekaira. Mirror», lUih t«w,Tank*,
IfaaUr*       l*1t*t-i*ra*ta*
fin* Ma*fin X ninth Wano
(»nt B*tl and hptin* KutA**Haitit**>t, 4 imi,',
tmxtti (Ji«t >
inn, Itak* Knitn* HOp. «ltln u*,.*,*.*** *.X. ■
tilli:ni*ti>mp)*tf ' I
itm Oak* F. nine. Vhp. !
o-i* 9f»u**, it*Ap. ■
1K&A H|>llt Putljr, from ,(, to ll\nthm j
itm W*t*i-*iplitu*tM9t1tiA*. •
Cool Hats for Hot
Sec our biff Window display of llcndgcftr tills weok.
Cut Glass Bar & Table Ware
Some pr-f'ttv niiiffl© |»le«-wi, aimI  handnome »et«.
AlU'dnimy, andartlMle.     A«k to aee tbem.
W. IR, flegaW, Sandon and Vernon.
Pioneer Hotel of the Slocan
A Table that is   replete with the
choicest seasonable viands.
Rooms Larffe, Airy and Comfortable.   Special attention to the minlngtrade.
THe Filbert Hotel
Bennett & Clark, Proprietors.
Tlio Fllhert ia now tho best hotel In the Slocan.    The Dining Room is conducted on striotly first class principles.    The rooms are larce,
comfortable and properly taken care of.
We set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals, 50c.  Tickets. $T.
Main Street.
i -
KASLO lowery'
A vltit to oar Tailoring
Kmfttttam will give
yoa »n fde» ol tlm pre-
Tuilinjr styles fer Spring
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Saddle Horses and Pack A.aim-iis.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
s m: o k: es
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus & Havana Whip
Pierre *re mR,le ^J~
Ll^dl a     w P. KILBOUIIXK & CO.,
Wlmil|*K, M»u.
Rc|ire»inlei1bynKOnaK Hoiiton.
#        PHOTOGRAPHERS        \f
m/m ^tmrm^9fm^4^fmf9fmr9fmmtm
RoHWiKiiv. n. 0„ July «lh, iw*.
Thirty (Isynttftfrdilc wm Intend to applv to
thf-tntlof|Gommlw|iin«r-»f Liui.l* nnd Wnrkii nt
VlrtorlnfornkiHielnl llcetno to cut tnd wrry
away tlmbur fium Uie follow In«tlmcilbud irut'U
ol Uitu:
CommeiiflDitnt a |ia(t iilnnlcd on the toutli
»li!oof tbONCoiul Weal Fork ot \VII«oii rrvi'V,
W H KiHtti n»r diMritl. nltout one mile frwm ihe
mouth, marked L. OklUMlier. H. K 0., tbtuco
■»if*t*K'»(itln«,th^nr* n«rth m <lmln<. IIipimb
• nut ft) chain*, tlieiKBiouili (Uclulnt to lha |>oliit
ol conimenremeiit.  l>«n-<l July Alii, IHuS.
CommencliiK at * |miii iilaniu-l on tha wttl
hank oi Wllaon rivek atkiutonii mile alxMe tlm
hbrhUlla. marknt J. IUU S K. O. fhetut
«>uth 40rhalnn, tlwura wi»t tm chalm, «heiu>e
north W rhaiim, thenr« >att tut ebainttoMut
ff cwft«v«fj«w«ft-».   DaU-4 Sub Miv. iw,,
* 3. ktvQUATH.
Oiimm-ni'liiu at * \n*t iilmilnl uu Hiw ia»i
hank of WUaon rrrek. »l«>nl four mIM aim ** ih,'
Ihlnl K»»t Kork of WIlMtnemk. markort J. I.
0 . H. K. 0., tlxnc* ««.! 4" < halti*. thru.. iK.tih
tm rhalua, tl*ni-# mm «i rh« lm. Hume* ttmth tm
chain* to pfJnt of rommemfntt nt
DatwIJnlyWh.lwa        J J UALLAIIAN.
rOI'KfH MX'* I uoi,
Oo-mmcMlmj al a r«M i.latiM m tlw non It
iMinkof (Iw Ihlnl g»	
markfil A
t-haln*,thttir« iMittt Pi rhalsu  ihrm* welt,,
phalna, thw«* north Mchalin»n |nlni of w»m»
uwtitiiiMciit,  iMUd July Mll.l'Ul.
a KKxyi-y
:m« at a r« m i>iauir<i tm tiw non it
* thlni Km* 9mtk ul Wllwn *r.*k,
land a half mlk* fr>.m lha m-ntli.
Krnnry, N. \V. CI. Ihcnca *■*» tmi
summrr nmmr
At ii monthly, has tx«n di«
contiiioed for the prtoent.
White iff editor to making
arrangcnJt'wa ft-r A* tumre
production tm a gr*nAtr *c*h*
al) ita |*)d-vp wjluerlkri wil)
rw*i»e The Ijro»e in«tead.
JIEl,.*(IJt, ■». c.
**m*   ***     Oi.
THE    ^j(
OLD     M
A. JAComOX, Vrepthittt
TO ). V. AltMhTROKO. ailmlnl.irator t>r tht.
tatataolllaitlii MimlitMn,i«l«Nhom*o«t«r
lm in y luivii iDiUhfiim (I thn Intnim! of I at llu
llBfiMwn. AwmaiA, In tht HWll«#r" atA
.IT.,,. ,   •    .,*!    , ..   -I     ,*). I.. .. ..'!   .. ,.   I ,.
WMvnntatn Mtf-lialf mil* nurlh nf Kt w T*Ti*».r
*h#i*t* Mlntnff IHvMtw.
yoU ARK HERERV KflrrtriKU that tktv*
I itmttimtttmHit9trmUm* *»it tmntmitaifmi**
j h,«m IM a-^« wt*Rtt«tt(l minmteiataa* *tiO*t
| Uw |iro«taion«o( tbcliti^ai Att.Utw.tr lit rrli
';«!.. 1»J art Maie   tjtti, iikiii  ami If iMtlii
i,»,„.k» it%vt  tnitn llit* A*n*   ,,t m. .. it*,,  ....
lull or fiBluiM'i«. I'oiitrihiili'yourjir(ij.i»rO/i|iirf ««•
A     . w\Ath li turn rf-at. m*
nwAttttfmm^11'J **r ,M**W*
tatiikTAitntA, artrfar fhftkw , flyf* An wh
be Mlnrtal Art i»
C4i »y» J-K*»S tA
_^#       When f,m wnot, * tint, etent menl, nr n bett f,h»l
fmW  ** e)tan and noli and welt made, you will find what
jwi nre hnVlng tor nf, thin tptenoer two**,  hlvn tbr
flum tmve lonlm.
aim* »«w
cnW-rvbhaltoca    .._,.	
tn lha aald Halm wttl httmw ih* i
tHM VA» Aft tni Amu* Aw, Ulnrtal Art i»« '•
ImI-hI at Xrw IVnnr. B. ------
May 1»S
New Dttiver
•Plient 10
} .n£Cu!ii4u.l;iUvW..i;.ii
Tft! niM MiPrjetWr jj*
Heat JOB WORK in tlie Sloean done at THE LEDOE.
tn**  ,„.,„.
■MMflM hy mmII wtlr. pttmpA *ii*i
Geli tti SllTcr itefiiel ttl »evfkf
Itt* Atmp9tv9t *»i., Tumi it, rw,P.


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