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The Ledge Sep 5, 1901

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 Volume VIII.   No   49.
ttT.V.   DEKVER, Ti I    SEPTEMBER 5  l'lOl
Price, 82.00 TBi_.A„.
ffl^mmffimw>s&^^m&mmmmg8%i <
U£ f total value of silw
jBrWsh CoTUrpbTa yHTnTnSll^-ASTr.Lr
In -imt the
ami copper
iSA General Review Given m the Engineering and >\
83 Mining Journal by E   Jacobs j
nfold" i
It is not practicable to deal adequately *1 with mining in British Columbia
-within the limits of one short article,
the following review must necessarily
fail,-in some respects,.to do full justice
to so important an industry, presenting
as it does so many aspects and extending over a long period in its develop
ment..,There is much included in" tlis
earlier records of the industry that i;
verv interesting, but since the present
intention.is to give prominence to its
later commercial and industrial phases
the progress of tho last 111 years will
here receive most attention. The fol
lowing brief account of., earlier imiiiiif
iii the province is summarized from
various a j tides and from reports of tho
lateDr. G.M. Dawson, director of the
Canadian Geological.Survey.
The celebrated David Douglas, thL
botanist, in tho early" twenties discovered the Blue Bell mine (silver-lead) on
Kootenay Lake.:. Coal waa discovered
at Port Kupert in 1835, and some development was. done, by the Hudson
Bay Company, but these workings were
■aSjaudOnad-inaSttL'Tor those ntNilniiimo
■also on Vancouver. Island, where coal
mining has ever since been carried on
.:The early discoveries of. gold in small
f quantities ranged between the teare
1850 and 1857 'In 1850 specimens cami
from Vancouver Island and Queen Chin
lotte Islands. -An incipient milling
boom took place ou the latter in 1851-2.
Dr. Dawson says that from one little
ifieam or pocket of gold iii Gold Harbor
Moresby Island, between 320,000 and
*t75,000 were reported: to have been
*aken; -It.is stated by others that mon.
was:lost in the harbor in the operation i
Ot mining than was discovered. How- J
«ver, much or little, the "find enc"
there. Aboutthesametimethelndi;
from th&Skcena.River brought pieces
ofaold to the Hudson's Bay Compan;
fort, but saveral expeditions to find its;
souice met with failure.S In theinterior
gold was found in the Natchez Pass and
the Similkameen as early as 1852, andi
in 1851 Colville Indians were known to
fcive nnggiets in their possession Ban
«roftj in his "History of British Columbia," states "that Chief Trader McLean
procured gold dust from Indians near
Kamloops in 1852. Various authorities
place the first finds at various place*;
However, between 1855 and 1857 die-
-coveries were made on the Thompson,
Eraser and Columbia rivers, (iini th«i
sews of these, together >*ith the dla-
patulieii of Govornm* DoutflaB,. noon nt-
tractod attention to Biitlah Columbia
as h possible gold Hold.
It !i an old Btqry now uf Iio-* people
uurried from Sail FrflmilKW) to Victoria,
now tlm capital of the province, hy
VJhousatiilB. nud not up timlr tuittsi-'or
b&w tljey rushed up tho Vraser. river,
many ccoBgidg' the Gulf of Georgia Iii
■offin i-.o8tBj.of how {hey rounded Cape
iBnrn, or crossed tho fathmus of Pana*
mOt or plodded wenrilj o-v ai fiutct finm
Eastern Gnnndn Victoria hoinmo n
•City In ft day, and the mnitilnntt Boljtutlo
Wjw converted Into iv Crown colony lu
* yenr
Up to 1868 .nothing but preliminary
--wpeit kindbeendone,conpoquonHyllltlB
was kpown of the mineral resonrcea of
t-je province In (hut \ear, however,
-^lilmintng ctsallv Tjeg-nn,mui from that
jwrtod (fates the history of mining in
^t^Ji Columbia. The Increase In the
p^ggdHctlon of gold was rapid, and from
fKOQJ), which Ih a rough estimate of
outpntin 1853, it rone In 1863 to
U8,6jj8. I>i lijtt, after laborious
rno-j-ji}-}? ol daring prospeotoia, WtU,
ifejBt ttnd-jjishtnfnp weeKa, two pt the'
most noted gold prodiwora of BrittBli
■Ooiumblft, wen diaeovered, and In this]
*nd thu (ollowln**[ year most o! the othoi
'liyh oreelw in Cariboo twcwiie known,
Won ocMuti'ed that awofid rush, which
•ft ^he most' notable event tn tho lileioi y
-wo-ltlgfi Oolpiftl^t tmd dud tliftt bail
ouneis of claims amassed large sums of
moiiet in a ten --hi.rt.time.   Dr. Di
son urate of these creeks that Willia
creek has yielded more gold  than  i
other stream in British  Columbia
(dimples   of  its yield  m  c-ilv  tc
Steele's claim save a maximum field of
■100 oz.,  or $*5,o_4 a 'day.    More  than
S10O,0U0.in all was taken Irom this claim
of so'hy 25 fee;.,   in 181-2 Ciiiiinuj-ham'
claim  produced gold to.the value of!
nearly 82,000 a. day for thc season, while:
on  several  days ns  much   ns   _i   lbs
«ei!?ht in gold.-n-a.- taken   out. ..The
Adams'   claim   yielded;, to  each  nCit:
three partners. 340,000  clear.    Thes-i
claims were above the canvori. i.i -sh.il
low ground.    The deep, ground  helnw.
the canyon was first  bottomed  tnwan
the end oflSHi hy the Barker Omp-iiv
(Whence the name of the town. Barker
ville)      The Diller Company was tin
next successful in this, ahd it is' crcdi
bit stated that here,  on  hop  on im n
200  His   of gold,  worth  S**33. IOij   uei
obtained   in   one.day.  .In■ 18B8 .thri
claims helnw the rahvotirviHiled  S*00.
000,-and 20 ciaimR ' ww-.-Bn-adfly  ].u
ducingfi-om.70 to400nzs a rlav.    fmi
hundred miners were at worl;   on   \\',\
Hams creek
of   Willi i
creek for the first
ing, for which no returns are arailahlt
ms ten large.-'in 18R1 S200.000 north
of gold was taken from Uamphe.ll'n Dis
claim and llio adjacent White
hall claim, both on. Lightning iml
Attempt*" were made almost- Irom tin-
first to reach, the deep channel of. tins
creek, but, after, much work, ueii
abandoned in IS"*!.' Sinking was. how
etei resumed in 1B70. mid l„iviii_
proved successful, led to sitbsequeni.
great developments. The. rich char
actei-. of some.of the around'oii this
creek may be illustrated by statin *■ thai
at one time the Butcher, claim yielded
850 ozs, a day, the Aurora SOO ozs.. and
the Caledonia 300 o/s   _
Space limitations prevent the. liard\
prospectors being followed northward
into the Omibeca eountry iuTlSGH; into
the rich Cassiar district, which iii" 1872.
and later, yielded gold lo the value bf
|5,000,000 or 86,000,000," or into the
Yukon, where gold was found
ing quantities in : 1880. *" It. may be.
noted, though, that the yield of plnu'i
gold, which in'1803. reached iu maximum amount of $8,013*508, afim* Huctii
dting duriiiff devernl .veaca, full tn* imti
to:. fl,774,087,. and though. IS7B aim
toiil|io_rai'y mibHtiintiiii. ■;uepvi'r.v ,to *9*_
-(74.000) tho deullne uontliluod at'imlil
until, In 1883, thototlil. wah hulow *1.
000,000, iiiid. tli-ruiijtoi' jii'dlualon Ml
mil tho nilniimiui wiik rcnolictl In iSoa
thu iochI for Hint year Imviii-r bi'oii mil,',
1,181 Since tliuii thoro litu> ijoou. n
grndiial InobdHu, ao Unit tint showliij.
for,1800 ntei.W-l.noii was the hesf sin, t
It wil) ho oliHerml tlmt tlio forcgnlnj-
immnry (tflnlif.nlmost.oxoliisively with
plainit* --fold mlnln-r 'Pvciin . rim pub.
Ilshmi roporta of thu I'rovliiolnl pppilvt*
mont 61 MlnoH It Is. learned 'tlitit rhop
total' viiluii of coal mined, in l-MHsli
Cnlntnbln up to 1800 whs ?W0,648, nhil
thntln that \am the piodugtion wiib
l6H,6Sg. In 188*1 tho total wil'* (1,182,
2lu. and. although there Imva bmui
Ductuationsi tho inovenioni Rinco tins
on tlio whole been, upward,' tho.. unisl-
mum liavihg.lieon'aUHiimd in I00o;with
h lotal ■vam'tt' of' 31,818,785 Coko litis
haijn nddud to the minora! prnduvtH of
the pro'vlriue duvlllB tim Inst 5 ov 8 yoars,
lomiiwnitlnK with $7,825 for 18Q5.B, nnd
Inci tmsintf to »i2(S 745 foi 1000
Ouoi-jglwl HurvBy tstfttiatu-N allow that!
lotlo iitlnlotr of inet-illlu mlnorHlii in thii
iirnylnw t»mmonii,)d In 1887, In whiuli
V-nr «tl¥or and loud were produced tol
comlitnuil value at W8.54T, and In'
18P8 ol wlWifitS. P6r soiiijimoxpltdiiod
rwBon tlm only lodo nroriwit on i««fttd
fiftld1aSiT(u'P,»l'Ih^tlii,  i„
Liease It Ik inri'i-e^rinir to here.note
that gold, which in ISOl.was onlt =5o30
o31 (plater ■SJiJioie lnil« SigiOl^) in
tieiwd in iu .SITSilflo (plater
->! '(8 721 lodt ^^dSglJ'ind toppe-
from. 8i6,2M- in 1SH4 to SI.Mo 289 m
ISOO; The lollowing tabiee are. taken
fiom the "Annual Kpporf'.of the Minister of Mines for 190C
Total iu-nduciion for nil  years  up  to
ind includin_-1900.
:Total product ion fore
1891 to ISOO (in'clusivp).
while Atlin, BeniictiaiKl Cliilkat dis
trictsare full of promist- nf-a greatly
enluged vield Gold fiom milling
quartz will. have additions-from the
£>el un district and to a sunlit r etteni*
froni Camp MeKiim- \ '
There are numero'is exteiisively-de-
velojied and equipped mines in.the pro
unii fewof-tliem ImiiiB the Cnnsoli-
niten C-innoo HvdriulK. Cnmpanv's
nun" at Quesiiel Forks, Cariboo (where
1 tf it 11 expenditure for ditches, flume*-
dams, pipihgretc, of S549,*2n2 has. hern
inclined i\ith the result that goin
valued at S8Sl,14fi h,is:heen recovered,
ibout SS50,000 of which was the product
nf operations for the =ea=ori ISOO); T,r '
Roi. F/iwstonR:and Tmir, near .Nelson
B Ci: Mother. Lode aiid'nid frnneidcf
Group, ni-nr .Greenwood ; Curibno, il
C-ii[ip"VfcKin-iey; Wan Arnl.i, nuTex;id«
i"[ai!d: the-Crow's Nest PassCoalmmps
iipir Fijmin, and the big (ml minpp n
Van en nver Island
Another tuble is added helov.
purpose of showing tne ien   inn
position the part nf the Dominim
wc-t of the Uneky  Monntnms  oi
in   K'littion  io  CiiiiBd.-i's total  t
i ifiinpared iiilli
f tin Rockies It
ri.c! total value or
oil  nnd  coke  nro
■ lllllll 1*1       Hid     th<!
al   1;, it t ii t   hia    I
mdi'i-of t!,«-Do-
of the New Zealand
nnmg the Whitewi
g tn these properties
! lla       -118 3
oi    nnoiia iba.no
ill  he obscr
led that there is
iiLeiif 8^50,1.
M) between tin   tot
eofnthei i
As tin
the latter-total for ]900.
itpitt'if i-oal. in British Col-
i- ripidly iui-rejisiiig, and alten
ioh lieimr directed to its iron
it utH-ii" as though, it will
on_ lipi'iie tiie niinei-al ]iroduc-
Lhe ]i|-.ivim-(i will he gre;,tei nf t
the'torn!, aa at present, but i-
ill the individual minerals (e\
l ptiiijt;•*■-*-haps, nickel and.zinc) "than
that ol tin- n-iiuiindi'i-of the Dominkii
(ast of Mm Ifofky Mountains.
Kci)iti. ilw .I'xhauative' ami:-valuable
Animal Ki'|it>rt". issued hv the Piovm
cial Ueimi'iuicnt of Mines,- already re-
furred to. 11."in jrnthered that plaiuir (told
is pnidtii'i'd ehicllyju :Cni*ihoo, Cassim-
(iiiciudiiig Ail.tii). Kast Kootenay, Vale
and MI1-N.--I dioiHiiiKi lodogolrt in West
Kontmim, I llloool > ale (Camp Mi-
Kliincj*.! anil Hut Cimst (lintriclsi' Hijvi>i
In hiiil l\iiiiU-ii'ny,\V(-j-t Ivnoionny tAiim-
\voi-lli,-N*'i.ini, slni'iin and" HosBlnndi
mul tin- Dwisit i'n|;|i((p in West Kootenai
(N„ snniijnl linsslaiKi), Viileitho Bimtid-
ill y), and (he C-nw:: Iimi! In f.m Knot-
-nun mul Wi'si Kntitimny (NbIhoii ami
Slocan',, Hinlc.iai-.nt Knst Kon|tiiia\
tllt'ow'B.' Ni"-t PiiHi*> nnd '■Vniii-niiwi
Isliiiiii. .(iimiiruiofitnliH'M'fif tlili \ciir
innnwits.iliri niMtci'iiil. IncroBst. in. tin
proilncilini nt mppni'nnd jfnld from *\m
mines of 'Uiwaliind. Tlm ninent \mu
lihlt* fail* to ki<(< ii Mill li'irunr litcnitsi
tlit'rc, whlbMhc R'tundai'.v, dlsivtct will
nliwtnHilt'iiii*.|dt;'i'iil)l1v,to the output of
thiFi mi'ial** mul Mount Stiku nnd
Albornl . C'aiinl1 ihltiew.' nn Viini'mni
lulnml,. «lvi- 1'ioinlj.u.us .well of lihi
tiiuiiiiiiii nn H|i|itKi'inu\_quantity. Ra.st
Rontumi.v is (.liiiwliijrii very heavy In.
crcaBB In luiidiit in'cnilinatutl.lhat. olio
mino in that district alono produued 18
000,000 llw. d'iiviiiR \m) und, to borib
extent., i*llv*-r, whiKi-tlm Slocan Isru
Hniinit- llie-jiouiid ItloM—ae a imult
nf Ifllmi UOiililtP— duilun; 1808-Bftift
prodiiccr nf ollviu'and IOaiI. Nnwun^l
lioldrt aro tu ho opoiiytl up whoVlly In the]
Omw'B NoHt WiKfi,. Slciiln* Vnllay and
uiiar Kni'rvlewt hi ilie Uw Oltnnilgftii,'
Au uiuUttivoi1 ulll lia.iniiilt) mwiirk. the
Iron itajiftaitri wmv KmiituoiiH, thoiiu op
Twado M&u<t* and olIiuih on tliy
mm of v^oiivi'i Mum), ""
The leciet
Minerals Co;
and   Enterpi-
'I am pleaded to he'able to inform
vou that fihiompntsnf the ore in. stock
from the^Vhiten-ater mine have already
recommenced, and work upon the mmn
i" also expected to be resumed within
the next week-or so." .Owing to the.
■n-tifin of.the.Ame.Hean-S*ii(>ltor-'Pri,Bii
io practically boycotting all British
CV.iumiiia--ilv.-r: ore.*- from the end of
li t venr oie ihinments ce.-tscd from
that time. ,-Full operations continued
it he mine until about the middle of
February, when themil! waB. shut down
and only development work carried nut
These developments have opened lin
fresh reserves of ore of a better qualitt
than has hitherto been met with dnrinp
Hie historvof the comnnnv. and now
that shipments are being resumed it i
expected that the mine will som* be re
placed iipou the dividend-paying :bash
so unfortunately interrupted at the end
of last year by the smelter, difficult-
referred to ahoveJ
'Shareholders will be aware that thc
■■hipments from the EiiterDrise mine
have-hitherto been restricted as far as
possible pending the erection of a concentrating mill, which the engineer-*
reported was necessary in order to produce the best results and save the: loss
which would otherwise be entailed bt
hand-sort! tig the ore. ii was impractie-
ible to iustal -this . platit. during' the
«inter months, but its erection has
been pushed forward during this.summer season, and it is expected the "mill
will be in .'running order-within the
next few weeks. During tho interval
confliderable ' development work, has
bean carried out in order that tha. mill
may bo kept continuously : working]
after having' once started,. Tha ongin-
eeis raport vary' favorably.as..to :tlm
Itnyahle uharaotoi'of thu'ore upeiiot) ii|i
The forojroliig information with io
gard tntlitvcompaiiy'B prlnolpal asiutsj
ilist bo.rufrnrdod aa Hatlarmitary, nl
though Hid uontlmioit dolay In hflii.in^
tin prnpei'tios to n i'«YQime-caruing
cia.L, haa soroly trtod Itaroaourcoii. It
will he roinimihiii'ud that at Hie Inst
.ttiiitml.mooting tlio. tilmlrhmii Kti,ti«l
iluit tho dlrot'toi'B would mako evirv
pncilhln olfoi't to avoid calling ttpoii tlm
-■haveholdora fin' further t'flplml, mid hy
'oIbo of tlio Hti'letoHt econninv
and .by iliemselvnti working for i«i
months without drawing any fooa, tlie
dlrcaoislinxobcflnoimhlod toomrv m\
the (-omi'any'a affalrfl, only roalli*hi(r «
imuli|iirpoitl(.iib[ Us iitvfi metitt* at
tholr (loprouiatod jiricoa. L'ndor ordinary eircnmstaricoH tlm: annua! meotiiiff
would havo heoii hold thii month, asi
WB«llia caBolast year, but fis theolmir.
liian, Mr Wothered, Ifi about tn atari
for British Columbia, and will.visit tlm)
Wliltowntor and Eittorp*rlHe properties,
In width thecompaw hammah n vtt(\l
tutcioht, It hasIjo.ii deuitlod to poaippnaI
the same until .hia rotnrn, Thtc will
ennhlo the poHltlon of tha tDinpuny to
mora ituuitvAtQly, [llaufiU liiiforu. tho
ehnioiioklarH, nnd In tha inoiiniimu. (W
directors have made linancial nrvange*
mtniH-AliliU tliov|io|m^illimij thorn,
Q?_r lids iMfiOd." I
1    SenefaTN^5 PTOat    1
s —:  m
|§In aiiS AliOTit tlie Slocan iina neighboring Camps w
It that are Talked About - §|
K^essasas giS ss a-ssassssss^aS
«ill lie loaded with Eaton's fall cata
togies now due,.wa3 asked the.other
day if they had arrived, "No."said he
dropping his load to wipe the perspira
tion from-his hat band, "but they re
sending in little sacks of Timothy seed
now; the rest will come later "
The Gibbs'Gratis Grading Gang was
i evit ed on Labor Dav and started th(J
commendable tBsk of covering the Got
cinment block with a layer of good
r'iiss growing eaitii . Si sty pouods of
graes yced will be sown, and.when the
beautiful snow leaves us next spring
i carpet of green will be there, ovei
hich the kids wiil gambol and the old
Aiith'oiiv lladden has retuniod from
E. Fovle Smith will visit England
this month:
The diamond drill is to be -used, rn
the Pavne.
Work.on the Iron Horsn. -Ten Mile
hns been resumed
F. L Christie will return  froi
land ii
The'Monitor at Three Forks lilE i
lai of ore ready for shipment.
Service "in the. .Methodist church Sun
day evening... A.- E. Rohei-ts, pastor
A payment of 12 percent, on thedebts
nf the Chapleau.waB made last week.
The2S-c6n shipment of Black Princf
oie recentiv made, nested the.lessee
Eighteen men are working at.the
Surprise:   The property never looked
TbBlce merchants m sew uenver no
not fdar the approach of winter. . Thev
■■ell wood.
Sailor Jack. has. come again to Sandon.
He probably thinks that town needs -i
new mayor
It is thought that in a few shifts, the
lead will be utruck in" the longvtuntief
of the Noble Five.
A strike of a good body of ore  is re
ported trom the Exehangem across
run from the old drift,
"Work has been commenced at
Hartney upon the lower.tunnel, which
uiil be driven over 1600 feet.
A-. C. Minkhouse, while attempting
to sin it a belt with liis foot in the I
hoe concentrator last weelfl had his leg
The government has-been asked to
extend the trail Irom rthe Chapleau tc
the head of the first north fork of Lem-
MiseNell O'Reilly, after spending a
two-weeks' holiday with New Denver
friends, returned to her Nelson home
If. the lead  is  struck on the Last
Cnanee in the long tunnel It will give
depth of about 1700 feet and moan much
to tha Sioean.
Tho load on the Emma, Goat Mountain, should ba struck-In another 20:
foot This property (a oloso to Sow
Dunvor and earrlos high tirade dry ore,
;Tha liiad on tha Silver Gton-ja,-a: Mo-
Gui«!in property, waa en countered last
'ookntadopthorsoofiiet, and a pay
•lwot of 18 Itlohea of olonn nru ihown up,
■By omlttins tn visit tiie Uicuriio of
Amorloii tlm Diiko of York will miss
.pportimlty.ol bnyiii-j  tlio  clioluoati
Bi'ltlali Columbia fruit from: Jalin- \VII»
The Httlka racontly made on tlioFlHhor.
Mrildon la at a point bolow tlm old work
iiiffs'ind within a mllo of tlie Four Mile
■nsuiiroMl, -.Eight Cout'oF dry ore was;
nnenvorodi ,
At tlio ?no.fuot level on the Ramble
Carlhno,  McGuluan, nn-oreflhoot 175
Teat  long has boon opened up    Tho
iuiut la Froni ono trtwo foot wide, and
average* RQ0 oka, silver pov ten. . Tlio
Rambler Jh a RtoadyahippeK
George 01ml, tho popular -baritone
linger wlio waa hero last week,.hao a,
■«> whioh ho Iniis carried with him upon
i'l.hia trayola for; tho past ton yeaia.
nimipxpacta to i-omo woat.uoxt yoarj
itli an opera troupe of hta own organ-
Tlie Slogan Star mill was olosod down
on Saturday. ArrnnRomontBhavobaon
made Willi tlio smelter peoplo by which
the «ntiro produat il the mien will be
shlppod without(-oiiwntriting, Itisra*
poitod thatthdmitm Imi an ore body!
IS w UtwA iii ftldtht nnd tlmt 100 tons
oi omm ftfti1 am iio fliiinand, '
red li
of. 1
lawn, mower,  tothu edification  ofthe
passing throngs
A few weeks ago an Enc-iisbcompany
threnvupaSao.QOO-hond on the Mountain Con. after spending something like
S2O,up0"oii the property^ The compant
emoloyed an expert named lieihie to
superiutund the work, and he manatted
tn net out a few tons of, .pre. After
running i few hundred feet on the lead
he advised the company to give il up,
leaving the two tons of ore on thedump.
Last week W. W. Waruer, the owner,
who, by.the way, knows how to open
up a property, (nit a small force Of men
tov.ui.-k, and in the workings of the
English company uncovered a shoot "of
oi e 7o feet long, carrying clean ore aud
carbonates for a width of eight inches
to three fpet; assays from which give
S145 tothe ton. Mr. Warner will start
The total amount of ore shipped from
the ..Slocan aud Slocan . Citt mining
divisions for the year 1900 was, approx
imately,35,000 tons- Since January 1.
to Aug. m, 1901, the shipments have
been as follows
Last CUtiice
filucai' Stnr
Trurta Dollar
Week     Tot.
Mil ckson'Baal n)
Won loftul
Two Frloiid*
Blftek PrluiTU
Miller Qreek.
Rei .
sijitwiii rami Qnlit Ptatil-*
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Milife Kivo
UflM-lftir AHBUKtl.
fi°t lUlhifor A
wwcrttai ,f
Cnuetln u ,■
Total tonil,,,.,,,„. SIS        iii'^jj
La-jtwooh'K shipinontH of oro bring
tho.'tiit'ftl for tlib your past tho HouOiton
marl-. - A fow.of. tho .pcopertias listed
haviishipped more than.tho nmouiila^
u.diimi hi ihi. IKt tn them, hut nt aro
uiiahh tn ^et tha OMiei llgurui at this
(line Hn-Atner tho total ti nppioti
mutely -corvon and (h soitunvhnt en
(nui-amiiiii'iin thejaoe of the gonural
close down tlint:hns. boeu experibuued
in the camp for BOtiia montha.pnst.
Y,  (1,  KAUttmBlt  ABMKSTKP.
A Keyulstoka papor glveB the rollow-
iiw partitulara o( F G fcauqnler't ar-
uat    f G Fauquier wah arrested on
lhurada\ evenlnjr at hia loaidanw,
ohaigod with tpiiapproprlution ot tho
emn of Moo, while .raining rueoi-der »V
Naknap Tlwui-o uime boforo Prod
Fiaaer, J P , who, at llw luqueat of W
I Goepul(thuI1io\lnclal auditor, who
laid tho information, i amamtad thp case
tilUhoSth liiat,, w Hiioh timo an tho
.ovornment areraadi to « on with D
VlXTvaaijrftnlfidlntWaiilii, pf n^mi
^lym t.MJ&J&i.mmtm THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C    SEPTEMBER 5, 1901
Eighth Yeae
Th***. Lhikie i
oonpariel line llr •... t-"—■■ ■; ---■   - •■
gra<T«rl i>> p-ire   .pcorlniKtoeitcnni'-tan--e=
evervThur-'-    -J '       ' — -"*"
blaieta   we I
of hoi
i T  LOWER**,   Editor bp
The Ledqe.
I outlet   to   umikets that lie
closet! to thuu
I ind it hi*, death eighteen months
igo at Hamputiid lie hid ju-t*
VskeJ as to thi. condition'- in the been i*-sailed bj uintlit r fortune
{di-strict*) where the A-mencan Smelt- Mii Gamilm Biett tlie Iiinoti^
I nig Tiast opeiates Vi Braden hein^ took as much tionhlc 10
| stated that it hid been found nwe-5 atoid wealth it. most peopli dn to
|*un tore-stint the pioductton  of  gam   it     -ihe   begin  lift.  Willi a
THURSDAY, SEPTFMBFR - l*»l Ilead ores lu the (-OPnI d Vle,ies'lnd
=^=-=3-===^-==^-=-^=-*--**-== thit m iceoidim-e with tin- tin.
rrOTTBiriHToBSiirnisTapi ] h,nn igt of  (o licentiates  his  ban
  I k duct ci fiom 1 sOlO to   lOtlOopn
V    (r,i=ii   ha*-   (ommenced   to' month     His pLOpIe weienotat tht
spout in Rowland
The ban ina h i*. lnd i
with thf f rrll uf in in
MaMj i couple ha
courage to gtt mat neil
tow n 	
The rush hive i iea-011 to kick
in Quebec province VII the fiee
school bonks are pi inttd in 1* i em li
V baseliall umpire *,** i> ieceiitH
killed m Indiana betinse his decision did not please one of the
plai er-
Xiook twici befoie "ion  shoot
an advn _ th it should Ik   obsert«d
bj the fools  who  occasionil*,  kill
men   thinking the\   ire  bear** oi
other animals
TheMhite Horse Inbuilt -iv-j
thai thiongh Tin hmi millions
of peoph h.t\e heard of New Pen
vei* Vnd jet som* p"ople will
not idwrtisc in it
| pie-i nt turn taking a pound of ok
. -,   joutoi   Biiti<3h   Columbia    ind the
reason w vs tint the  0   P K   had
i establight d sue h lates as pi ohibiti d
not   the' their h tndling I'   <    oii«      At the
theirotiin fai*st of the ji ii h-sfiimhid made
settlement of tiOfHHl and hj ihe
time she w.ts -io hid come in Im
U00,(H)(i moie "the laine to ihe
com lusion howeui that wealth
w a inoi e ti oublp th in it w is w oi th
ind in the summei of ls'l. mm
mewed gning enoi mon- dmitt is
to the poor ot London md othti
gieit atie-, Within *i \eai -lit
hid disposed of hu uitm foi turn.
m   ch u lie--  i:*aq>t a  teij   sin ill.
i   SWE* THfc \l
M3ii-.ehrtiii.ln, l
,ui h-ine-tioti —
hi iii the ihuiLht*
Stein nt nt ii ■"■"is i
?l,e j-mn-e tnfm
Thi eiurdt liabt
1 niiptninui
i ni> nt lint li
nr I its of (if
lii_lnml i
■Mul fir
Uut v. im
-ind -.lwiutid «uli 1
Thesni-jinj tinoiij-
And told ii*. Jim 1ml
le uoiil tool u| (hi
\iid Miit it tithi ski
AniUolk i i hi- t i
blmil  out (li< ii l'i till
Hi stem" I H li ire  loi 1
His tinthu sunul lif
Vmt linnit 1 loin i  thi
Bnt hdhu
*! h_tn    (
In - iff oh
We aie New Den- |
vei agents for the
famou's Bennett's
Grown bi and fuse
—the best, safest,
smest fuse on the
mai ket
^ Dynamite Caps, bteel Hammeis Candlesticks,
hpoons etc—e\entiling foi the nunei And as
w e ai e pi epai cd to fin nibh  evei ytlmig to -ft 01 k
I amine so aie we piepaiecl to fnim&h eveiything
toi the comfoit of the bodj of the woikei
n/ Bourne Bros.,
W J "NEW DE\\ER  B 0
ii ! -
iovtitnre- foi <i toiice-sioo in i iti -'competeucr md bought 1 hulc
fiom tin CPE but the x iilwi\ ihon-e in 1 iilh^iii Thi= house
Lompinj would not ihitc fiom '-hortlj Uteiw ud w ls (J limed tin
then scale, which w is about double j the -itc oi tbe lint udeii building
Then i- m> -tuki in \ouit, vrt
thi town i- full of Inoken men
ilim "triki is tthat thet mid
around thit i itt of fi ost and blight
ed c\pw tatiou-,
Pdi-on. th* famuli'*;tint
iiutid tnothti in -"iidhni
and tnll inv-ti-iaL tht
busnie-, [Ji- uientionw
to the hdd u iln on i\
Luff Jo uhi li-h„ti-ih.
n   hd'
The Lead
Ii Hi iden who
a-   m   Hossland
11.   lll\      is   will
kmmn a- llu on hi - i foi iIm
Xiiori'iin Niiillin. Im i I*iim
t<> luimiin uflM   u u Mi   Ihwiin
Wil-11 fl-tt-IKiit  \IMl„l in Hit   Koilli'-
ua\> hiiihutolv his onitin hun
mil Ixiiigtit 1 iiiiHiltiin iH.jt, hi mt ii
1ms „.,t |,H!1 t'u.ssjif, tor th.ii
ti pn•*<ntnti\t to invii *he km]
l»i\ Mi Hiad'ii it- tmtimilh
tliuiirtiKlih |-*iM(.l on tin lt.itit-.ui>.
ii'in find hi" .ipiiii.. i- on ih* »ui,j,, |
hu "f ii* t< tliun oKlimtn im i*. i-i
I III oil)*, lll'li,!- | foi  -li  111 th(
illHiilnhof miitu»fii(,tl n-iiiiip
tiun   d   kail  liml  ■'•tiii-.pimilii-uh'
HiliiiulntiiiKihi ImhiMn     wild Mi
HindeiMct, rdtij lo a i< pi. Muitni.' had mhiiupiI
hi oftlM  Mliui    'uh  n tthwtiim
of tin Smith   Wnuiii  win and tin
lwipennipof Ihe Onuital  ninikti
The Urtmn «.n   di**tiibnt«  tht at
tt iitmn of pi oph in  Uii-nl  But mi
fti d ritiird*. tin* |nogi('•*■,„(doimsin
wtH mul entcrpupoi-     I -hould wit
it \\«* Nifi to piedicl Hiat  IpihI hi
Ita \ai ioiih nmiuifin tin wl [oi m* w ill
he hu mom hii-jri.)!, unud when ||,(
thit cbiiged b\ -Viiiencau loidsfoi
hauling Coeui d Alent oie \= i
rtsuit the \mencan 'meltti1- bad
pulled out Had it not been foi
thus diihcult\ the iompan\ would
piohahit Iihl been txking eteit
ton of oie pioduted in thecountit
altliough hi. was not sine that the\
tVOUlacail   lo handle (lie B t      oir-
now bet a list of the slump m puces,
et-en if the i educed rate of ti-ans
portation w is tonceded
On lieing asked wbotliei tliLit
was mj piobabilitt of tin Amen
tan bmeltinji liust re-enteiing th*
held m tin*- pioMTice Mi Biadtn
stated that the que-stion was out to
b(, deteijamed laigtlj b\ tin. futuu
Things might take i turn in --lit b
i inumei that \wthm thiet. uioiiih*-
the iompan\ might he in a position
to iiti!i**t' ill the leid ores- pi od need
but it the moment hL could not
coniene fin thing in thit dilution
Ko"^s|j id Jhnei
\\ lit u Hudson B mn tl thc coppi i
liullionaiii   jTive aw ii his foi time
to live foi  i turn, il W not
ton  a tiling! neai   Htdfoid     Bai
mtl was oik of tht i idlest men m
nntniii in ing woith ovti   Litiim
Oil ami it_iluini\ tin  bit^est mp
ii  nit i< limit  nnd   wtnkfll   in tin
imnui      Ilmuti'i, he gtil timl of
in million--    and  tvntuiilh  give
nwulj hu- i>ni!u   foiiniit  awns  t«
hntiHi'i lowii-hips mnl hi" politi
ai pam      Hi wnsolTiml n l-niu
unj   which In K'fnwd   uml with
nn Inioim of tjnnii \uu  iiumtul
iiiihoIh    In   took ti totuiKi  nl
Woiitlnii    wilh  mn' Minimi    nmi
llMll IWl|Hll*th HMll ll'lln,1"! ilmtol
Hni ^llliln nn nnmth' n mppn
mini ohilfin IhiiMi linliniii   tin
imw fnimniw I o t min uiim   whlih
in iuul not
mhlul to fi'lj ll biouglik liim me
nlhu lOlllllll \ ptoipottoi who
LMiwiiiiLd it offend linn 1.511,0111)
foi it and wan toln b\ post to kit])
tin mine foi his tioulilt Unit
mine ih now the i hit f nhwt of tiie
giwi Powell --jmlinik iuul luingi.
in mn iiiid a vm lint BnuiLtt
UoiiiiliH weii'iiot mn, fm in ikn-
otlui   hit( uiontlih In   wuh k-fl i*
tr-mbh. [h ihiulU noiuiii  np     Un ' ii<gm\ of i.liii),(}ni) -md lhlj.,gimn- j'.
opening of Un UttniM iiiinki l,tnn   ""
will hft-vi   n  good  <Hi-t     H  will
give ilic \iistiftHan-i a mmket in
(hum a nmrki'i fm   iln   hud p1(l
Mi- KiLtt w is foitid to  beli     	
the pnci allotted vv is t!2 000 ind
ibout si-v times the sum she h id
■saddled «ith this 4lJ 00i), Tbe
sptnt it in founding the Cottngt
hospitil it IIfi icombe ind settled
mininntiin vHi it Sinibton
Hoie being i qutlilied nuise she
took to nm item nuising and hit
ing itknded i weilthy niannfn,
tin pi named Moi le> w is In
qiieathed ljO.ihmi tt his tic _th
1 his -he mostly disfi ibuti_d to uit-
siomiv ssocittiei but tht
is(,ip( fiom tin poi tune tint duggid
her and two v. ns igosh( bifiiuid-
ed a pitent nitcii'oi win m grin
tndc issigiied hei i half io\a.ll\ in
oik ol hi- intentions tvlnili hi lami
i lingi -net t>- md Iioncht hei  in
til  IKK)
\o one had ilmdei tuiggle to
get iwat fnnn mone\ th n ! orbit
thc ship owuei, md oucl piopne
toi of the (oibiv hue He sold
lout hi-, gnat businiss n ilizmg
otei -tl,*ii)0 000 ind nnde it o\(i
t*o hi- hens not ivn hating him
self i lompetenip to letiieim Hi
bought a littli dim ju-t outsidt
l-^etei ind tin in d it into a maiKer
giildui milking it pa\ \ei\ fnnh
Ihi hrsl alliick ol foitiini wn*- the
new •■ that a ship of hu* wliuh hud
ht'i'ii iiphmidimi'd iinliifiind tn iln
Pimillt n M>ui lii-fiin wm [bum!
with nil hei Hiigo iiitnri Hut lie
wunti'd uollilng uioil to do wiili
wealth, nnd he umdi hu "Vi io
ttu* limit')* Hicwn-J vvoiih Llll
Otio     I Unilh   hofon In- dinl ,ml\
monilii- ago, hi uti-iuil a in w
logm'i nt l-ymft. whuhJu Miv" to
(ui\ x hohplitll
',    nn il Menu- MluitiK' Ihntidu-
tllllll   UK II      1IHHI    Will)   (lll>   Iiiokltl
upon in* inuitnih Ririitl, wlionld
picumd U»il tht1 lu mi nf llu guKpid
rttoi1-, Ihtd n llfo Ihui iMttdi'd Hut
powoi-H or huiniinlU mul jioshusucd
H \mm1oih thllt Lotild no| Loiiiufiinn
liiuniiii oxpeihiui II um lie u\-
plained only upon tin gioinid that
.ittoi the numl accepts the hible nw
tho woid of ttod, ll \h piopiuud tn
BUiltify "self in tun wuj Affcei il
full und iiupmliul tuiding ut thn
gospel** tin- woild miixl ho nm-
viiiiiil linn Ji'-nm wu, not (HiIm
I,  k \\ utlilmin
I nquestioniblt ilu tuidimt to
doubt i-= the hnnulifloii of pi i„i t -s
1 oi ige- tin monki ■, - bt Ih t nl that
thev uinstahi ns run on ill itiui-
I'ut oni doubttd Hi tried to
stand en ft *tnil winlt be tottend
leelih t nn n t otrci w ho ti j to
lliink independent! *■.   th it doiibting
WC   HWF   I-*1. ROLIr
>\f* LAU G   -v, 11    liniSKim it    roHONTU
ON!-  (All niPOl TCD LIl»liORSt\   1 IVLKPOoL
u\r c u i)(ir s hi \d ai i and sTtn i c\ Ln^nn^, i su
UNLIAH     IUMI fv    Biniii\   ^l V.TTLE
I     in   til flioiiteBfa*! Iiitlu C n ((. ties     It lias met limine* fu
i nonket
who now
up to till
Join nal
i the foi ei iimti oltho-i
it ilk himh eiect md look
etns  loi   inspiration —
A Weary and
Thirsty Public
vour Eyes
and My Optical
Department     e5\>>
Mt stock i f bpcttiiclt
plt*t<* conssMiisfof Rnnktfj
I \llrhsM mdspt, neks
iimi  i lull  Inn  lit STlltlti it 1
tiliiol'i|]ii*ia« nnd  «  in w   Hint ,
InHiiir   I'lijur.      Un    vi i v   li.«
Scud Im pi Ibis
SPKAIHI AHN  hullo  H  ■
llioimiiri hind H'lkxliln   Hm
ppli nt -
1,11'l'lN   Hiss MlM
th  (
Oni Spicial Ciinidiin hie is tin, most palatable whiskev in the niarkei
Ac hate it in bulk ind i& Lises 5s md lis Wo aie igents foi the Brans
wick BnlkeCollendei Co Hdlitud nnd Pool Pnbles and supplies of all kinds
Wnte us loi pnee&and teims
IIA\ I     AUDhiD
T0tln.ii stock consisting of lion Beds, R ittan Gocds
Upholsteied Goods T.iblss Oinu- Desks, M .,•,- ssej,
Bed Room Sets, Sidelonds Wiidiobes LiHUies
Diissin-? 1able& Chun Llosets   Kitchen Cupboaids
NO   4 K    -v    C   SLOCK   NELSON    B   C
The NewmarkctHotel,
HI\M   -sTlbl.
-TW DI NVBR     B  '
.t he-undid locutions m  Amcnen nnd the public aie
■miiied of pleasant lecnmniod itions,
Pi op> ie«>i
KEliQWNA    union WApE
Job Printing
Timl uhmi\ihluh lu arilsrli' mt'ilt. nuli-My        —
'lniio ul N'i'iv IH'iivi'i i pi Inl Iiib i'in|iorlum—'
■■linn nt llu wink invohpil, ho j nt " '*■""""       i ii|
-(oiiti'd to llio Ninloii lnutitnti* Im ( 'Iln ini'ilulUv id tin nu'illivnl j(J(
\\nir»ini(l *-ttuv\K I'Vpling nnwili (i»*\ hU> m ilidnweil and viiiatod tlio ?I
fiom w mlili ni Wool tori, In1 nuiuih jfiimiltUi* of llm mind, tlioj l,,|,-jf|j
hiui-^td liUmltUiH* tn Tnvlsin('lv,.inpt(iil ihitpviduinMir lifKioij  itiiri'Kl
dm in tin v m c now dninpliiK on tin
I ngliKh iii-iiltit   muih  tu  tin  di-'in lb vou lml thine In  wiicpliiKiiedtmipiiiHtUInn (?llldinil|\ n\tiugirinli...
pni^ioii of pibiH     litliirltiul-|.]t)-|l)j iitioiliit I,bivpj uf un udO wliiph'thi' liosllln Hfjtll ol phlluHiipIn iMlll
duDit)e<oniiti-i>> w'iliilM) h
Iio ili-.iiibnn.il nmoiiK il»'liniip(m1», 'Boli'iuo,—tlllibnii
Uptr il (all pnld up) *rU,--XX),0OU 00
, Uoeenod mnd   i   i    7,000,00OU[)
Undhldi'dpiollB       i   MOCBiai
1 11 HA ll   IIH10I'     MUM Ith VI
HT''I!uh  IiiBDSimi)tcoMn,Kl MoUKT \touu, OGMQ  l'losldout,
i -    IfiiN (I A DRmmoSD, Vice Pi esklem
15 S OboiiHTiA, tJonfiuil MnniiKii
HuinohoH in nl) pnrte ot GriwI«. Nowfnnnrthiiid, Hi oat Uiltnln, nnd
ilio United Btueci-ri
New Denver branch
LE B. DE VBBKR, Man«Rer Eighth Yeab.
Bow to Retain man's Cove
: Elizabeth,' -in Woman's .Physical I
. Development, says it has been" thej
habit - from' time  immemorial to|
advise   women   as to the propel
method^for preserving a husband'&
■ love.  .:Even in. the primeval  days
of polygamy, when the old pastoral
-horn ads .drove their herds arid then
wives wheresoever they listed, wo
men earnestly sought to know the
. secret,  of   retaining   a   husband s
..fickle   regard.    Through  the.age-
that have followed, high and  low
the queen as well as the peasant
have desired to know how the deb
cate. attentions,  the  careful iittli
bits of coui-tesy by which tbedom
mating  male animal  denotes, his
. affection, .may be secured to. ;them
selves alone, even unto deatli
Women, I believe,'' invariably
fear that when the.glamor of* thi
honeymoon lias worn off, and theie
comes a period when' the man
mate-i i*doi will looI and even
love itself.become no longer Ice
tntt mere friendly regard aiid kind
tolerance; : It is needless to remark
that the woman who finds herself
in this position suffers -. terribly
Although I have but recently made
the i qinintancr ofthe leadeis of
this, magazine, there have alreadj
come to me many appeals foi en
h^htment c n this subjict fi oni «i\ &s
who have loved, and served, and
find thims, Kes 0nduill\ being
thrust aside fvom. their husband
most intimate regards
■danj pens hivebem h-*ottd t
-this*', problem:   and. many women |be. on
mntualflove and respect in the connubial state.. A proper mai-riage!
is a necessity:.bnt that albiie is not
the sine (|ua non The woman
must be careful *to maintain-, her
standing as a possible mother. If
she does this, she" will not deterior-
her husband's eyes," but will
grow, more beautiful.
There, is a beautyin the matron
that is stronger, more potent than
that which invests . the maiden.
The latter is nothing more than the
promise of the former. The masculine eye, whether trained or
trained, sees iu her the
matron: tliefi-ainework upon which
will be spread the greatest adorn
ment of any home, a. superb, con
tented, happy mother.
'ITie realization of that vague'
longing, if it is realized as it should,
binds him to the woman., with fetter of love, stronger than any
co([uefete ever dreamed- of  forging.
It behooves the woman, there-
fore:not to look' for the fabled love-
charm, in cosmetics, finery: nor yet|
in the attempt to make herself her
hnsljand's mental companion,
our day and . generation it is her
dutj to do this 1 iittei ind the fatil
ities ire such ' that neglect in this
pai ticul ir i1^ i epi ebetisible but
-what she cannot afford to do, is to
drop.into neglect, of her physical
powers Ihesc must be caretull*,
schooled for the part they, are to
play hi life.
t    Her life..like-au athlete*:*, must
if continual training.   Over
he was all the time, acquiring an
unrivaled knowledge of the ore-
bearing ground of Colorado. And
prospector or
have put  forward theories, which j indulgence of food,   drink
h n p 1 eeu found pihcacious m t_ei    ncss < onnot safLh be pei nutted  it
t in inst inu_s  Lut the tioubl*- has   ^    ta^e     Men = i.\es loik dtepei
not bien nmo\ed     \\ ties aie still tb in the ] ainted clu-el  theirtifiii il
dunking the bittei en*,   ot neglect    nyst     Kl ilth   is   moil,   1 eautiful
while fickle-husbands wander afield ] than aiiy form of disease, than iinj
foi* intimacies and diversions* after; condition that is "not norma
the  bloom  of  gnlhood   ha-  faded' 111 piopu Imng  constant ei
from their, wives'.lips and ; cheeks, [the keeping other body in El
PI mil)   it   m maim',- institution  otpeile t health   in i laintainmg at
■ is right, and proper,   ahd. natural, | their best all  the   animal   poweis
this state ot altaus should not e^ist    lies the tiuc s>ecict  of   letuimng   i
and equally plain is it that of the I man's   love. * So* other  is worth
mini   ideas  advanced—pi his   de    \\a**tiu0 tiiiu tvei
■used—nont is the tine   me    guai The tiamuig loi   tins should bi
anteed to work under  ail   cireiim-; gin, properly,  in   girlhood:   but. it
stances. i should not be neglected for a week,
I beli \e tint the sjstem  of ohl once   wifehood  li*-   1<_ui   entend
Iarly. supposed  to   have   got his
money: by   bullhead luck.    It is
true he was an ; ignorant  man- in
many ways, but he was a splendid
judge of. ore; one of the very best, i miner.    After a. while-he took
He was.walking with|a friend oncej course in geology, mineralogy, and
the outskirts of Leadville in the | acting at f londo college Aftei
ea.iiy dijs of that hustling amp .that he went aimed with a blow
Tlitj came ti a prosi ect hole jjipe the nh pioec-s of i«iirai!
with ore around the edge. ] available to the. prospector'in the
Tabor stopped and .examined the;field. He also. went and worked
rocks Theu he called down the in unill at I mkeinidge *-o v. t
hole to the piospector who was acquire thi process of tirating oie**-
woiking below and asked him how b) tmil-_imataon It ■si-* such
much he-would take for his claim, j things as this that made him. abb
The prospector called back that he j to.understand the ground at Cripple
would take §1,000. Tabor closed [Creek; and it. was his little old
the bargain on the spot. The mine j blowpipe that found the :.flrst gold
afterward produced hundreds of j iu the great camp. ; The territ^rj
thousands of dollars." i when: he located thi? Independence
Most people think, because Win-! July 4, 1HH1, had been deserted bj
field Scott StrattOH was a carpenter: i eveii the few prospectors who had
and never heard of until the Ihde-1 staked claims there, as entirety
peudeiice made him. a multi-mil-]outside the gold belt. Stratton
iionairi! in twenty-eight days,, that j was left alone, and Ihey.eallcd him
he had nothing whatever to do with '.'the hermit of. Battle niouniftih
his own good fortune.. But Strattou j The I ndependenee began to pi'oduci
had been, an indomitable prospector in JwDH, and by 18911, when he sold
foi )e ii s lief oie he --tuick it He'ittotlu Loudon company it had
hvrd it Coloiado Spnngs aiuI m piod i ed s4 if)0 CiriO HegilMll
the winter he would work at bis[OG0.O0U iii cash for. it. Aftev.h
ti*ade, and in the summer he would ] had gotit into shape to sell, with
pick i buno with his outfit and s o< > 000 of ore iwif in Mf,ht
follow the beast on foot, over the j no such spectacle was ever seen n
hills, until the storms drove him I any mine. For miles along . its
into-nintei quaitus igam Seieiil ""1 \ u could \aX\, in th con
)eti-. he ti un*: cl it from Coloi-idr stant Jitto of sj K ti ite tieenthl
Spunks to the San Juin c mntn m nm. „( Id md all thei lombim
this i\ i) His hist ventuie in. tion f the \ell >\ met il
mining was down in' the Ban Juan, i Of course,. the element of luck
\ nmor hid omi_ up tiom theie [entend into his dis \<t\ i ut tht
the }i( \ ions wmtei md shown lonn miis cf [le-iiiti n ud lu*-
Strattou some beautiful ore from j indomitable .persevci _n
■m illeged claim ot bis winch jc .
cording to. his story, he had discov '
ered, but hadn't money enough to]
■k, and therefore had to sell  for |
for more than the luck. The biggest gift that Strattou has madi-
sincehestruck.it was SoO.000 toi
Colorado college, where be learned!
e the blowpipe that founded
Cripple Creek. He also testified
his belief in the educated, minei
by a gift of 825,000 to the Colorado
School of .Mines
jncHR. SALiE.
PBOPEHTT, Xnrtli Fur
J. Mcli.IL LAX 1
TENTS   Sn  J__W_'lSr:LNC3-__.
ni"tir„ "il 'l im5
d erll i t       lit
in      imle]t|pc
NELSON'.-B.C.       Cor. WARD t UaKEB Sa
1)R Mil LOI, "W-1
Hisli   lia   ev    iWrl    li       le   al sort and
npkw    "input)    IC iaBrirt(.r lork    Must
,\.*,«S HEALTH
,ir»T„% RESORT
am n> R^.ld*nt ehjsii-iai)
milli-ruimu ii> i u nlllmll
two mil- arriv a _ d l art
1 itlies i-nre. nil r dub ltd
Un walers htol all Kiili ov
■o (inted
y%'*/_V%ym'-m'm'%'m' /•
man    md   oil  «om in   joining in   into     ^ ou  • umot   tffoid   to   lost j j^n   ^  ^ ^^     vnit   ul otl
wedloikloi  hfi   is llie tut    onh  anj   me it the Pum,. tb-itjuompt |^tun.  hut i .nnd nutlm
idea-1 one; and that there is a possi- j ed your husband to single you . ont ■ ...,        __.
bihtv (I  evei\   woman    i\ht   hi-- h  ii rthei women  it b htovesjou, I'TJC   IVrTMCDC
what he could get for it. Stratton
hud si\ed up OOii htideuned
dollars from his labor with the
hammer and the saw. Hu put
e\ ij oue of them into that ilinn
Thc neit spimghe (inched up his.
5tltt*  old bin io ind  walked  to the -Van
Jum     He found his mint a plain  | ■ W UI ii.        |   ^y^JI    A
simplt bole in the-lound notLveni«    !_>_.„„,-,   0*.rtI-        -kl
s,ite<i „ot, m„Tot c„io, „, rt 2 Brown Bros., #
■ r    i    ^ i .i      u    l   i       _ \W       The Jewelers.   Nelson ■
into it   a thing MillRit ut to utterly '
disconnige any ordinary man,
Strattou was iuvariablv unsuc-
eessfiil in these slimmer trips. Yeai
aftei M ii In piospe tc 1
I NLI -S      |
SKEDKD.      ,
r Si   do      in tl e SI
l\E  NOTICE  Tin
TEKTZJ-X.   t  (
"WT^liolesale   iiercliaj^.t.s.
Kootenay Coffee
i to  develop  them.  to. draw
ot to belong to I
ignorant creatures*
tit 1 ---(.li nt\ m  thej
Three Forks
Provides iieeoiuiiiodiitioii for
the travel Unir public
l-lcaa-inl; ruoms. and good
metis.. iThc.b-ir. is atoaked
witn wines, liquoi-s' and
cigiirs. HOT and COLD
iHUGHNIYEN, Proprietor.
il" evei\   w
\ion her hiisbiind's   love,  certainlv iratihi
retaining it^until the linal  inevita-j his ■affection
ble ^epilation \ hi sdf   u d i
Tin   (iniiot 1 e d ut In   hid** in-, cHsot blind
the   pi uliu be*,   of   thi   u   ntil thit u,-t in 1 u
«l_uif nn.nt  of   i  hu bind   ind it   I tlnf tint Ihe nt mi ige  ci\i e I
tun j tm_ tt uitu  ill olutt^  ti hi    in-_ieul  the inui s \o\\b bind hu
s>   tiled   hjii   iiatuit     Mm   il  iiiL\«tabh ti thun     Tin legal
tin h ii t*- n ibihtu*>do n t ilwin      luitil eeiem m is   "i  litiht
love.woini'ii  who are en  rappon .convention:  and. has  no mote i
with tlun id  i   thtit mi j ii in ui tirf  straining tftitt    ip m   lln_   man
,l'A°'mA„ i'V"" TV'1'"' ;""»»1"stl""1t1",1 "'l,1''"i»";;lRELIABLE ASSAYS
a physical iittubutt    and  it    pei    h it*-;e oi an  tUpliant     What will     n i     i    i
1  tunti m nn t U nl m^ th s  lu», hold him tt   Ins  \ m    Ins  within'1 d  ,,   i t tt ' i   '
iC.iiloiijj; any. ;thu possibilities at your hand,; iiudj      Rich Ores and Bullion Bought
Mv oWivali n has lid nn. lo llu   it  m»h  do  not  a\ail   \  iiwir    d'OGDEW ASSAY CO
i moHismti Unit a maj»ut\    1 tin  thiin    \ mi   U ipid\   i- um ownj        n«» > in -    im>     * i
women    if  (Uili/id   uimmunitii-j u liking,
entirely imglwi llu' essouUnl things*[' >rumiNi'' rrtui-ii  in  him'-.
to pmpttimii Hut      l min   pi opu
UiiiilttinitnH liiiBbaml eh \i Ai mlil      Itiiplu Imii u mil ion thai wumw
1,1       -tioiiisu  unit *.t»uiMH  with in inlnlmr I-dm tittmh   u» iiitk
llie.* nmniiiiiitoii awl intinun\ n*..| this N luu   p ilmpi In n ^mmi
uulthij, riiim widlntk   bill tiliu* il i * vti m thiin in nn\ mini   liiw-tm *»
iliiittuni     Whin .upon bmimiiin'tnt  It   in mi   i \plnliw llu   \\h '
sit'eli,  IiiU  lulu  luibtl-H o[  Ulleniwl.ilill.ilii;-    "■Thou
nud tmliiluiuu   tlmt up ullh itib ihuwh lim l\ul
Uiun of (\u\  nthllmti   llu   umh      hn Inwiiui'   »UMl \ W   hi
iininuil   ImiH   in   tl vuiunn     N»   m. ol Un Hi>i mui in ( . hnml.
liQRltln minimi lu\   t   oi i mlil >m|iitii Hum w n inlniiii, mini
lu\i   t mmibliilh    n nun ii-thi ub    n I iilntl Han* w imlm   w* \ ipn
,iintlovi--lii(iocl woiuimi n«v i!oulil lu      """ '    '"    '" '
lontinui lohM rnu   who aIIo-auI \fAlort-w   Cnixr   Otl/i
iiud inliniuftii
mou,en/, it ^.mii ii.. I..i pianino Mills Ltd
that a wonitm Bullion In lite is tho * -A«*«*"& «*MliJf*_LUt
Kootenay Coffee Company
firs.J H.VVereley's
1 MMl R li I 1-- \i\
Place •
imo i\ w**
t.l\l Ulll!   HIM M
i-Ve-li Kish-nll Ui. tin
25- Ui3
Partner  groceries
mlu i
beailiiKof oliikhen   il ib Uh  ii
Btinot fur family tlmt prompts tlw
miitinfe of i\oi\ animal awl in
hi'oad torniH, 'no'.woimu) whu pin*-
inita lua-wlf lohuonn unllHid loi
tht liutuin^nC lunltln oliiklun \-
enlifilod In i din hold tin Imi ol
it man.
This lw tins kr.v'-foi' univwxiil
happlnoa* lu tlu imuiltd winu
Tlvn woraauwlio tlu-ougli itjiwraneo
or oupldltj niiuiloB n plMml
wmoU   anuillltPH (m>i;   tliuin of
tllO    llllplliW,,S    Hull'    Mllllll-    limn
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Store ft; Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Charles Hillyer, Manager
IEirel«cwi,- B. a.
Ntiiwl l.i»M.m ■< I I MM
tu i'iniif .v'tiiir wny l>y
•.iii!il\uu' rdo iiilitor n pin!
llll'. It 'lll'lliHiu'H 11 |111W
lli'l'tllUt ItltlVl'Stllllllls/ll'tl
htiltm.   ittttl    I'tiliiHit   lit'
Iii tut» lw ilium imp tin      	
iiirUnl miimslitimi mul u'u  '" "\
]       ia'tuimni'i' tlmt I'piviirs su
uiiu'li ppl'tlic lii'ifi'Ht iiii-'t-
ll   ill    tUHil PHI    I'll    tlll^
mui    Hu iiiuii. tin
Minium nl |iuii'hiiM is
wiii'minu':ynti'. :«ii|»'i-
R. T. Lowery
Ne* Detivor. B. C
iJ.E. Anqriqnon
Tlm I "lilt
Finest Shop In the Slocan.
Hi'  Avq..   Now
H.E.T,:HAU!.TAm. C.E
MINIS       I SI  IS)    I
'   kn , '». Xtlsiis
St. James
Now Denver li C
a jacobson ft -;-j„i'ttipi,
\ -OnmttinuWo itioms— Ht\r rriplcte with the boat af
■n'titul fiutfli-s—lloat aorvlco thi-imglieuu, V
Eighth Yeab ^
July »•—< H(l Crow, 7 miles from Hill's Mill, R
Nellie, nr Bern- Lake, N Hickey.
Au(j8—Kiiselwrv, Wilson or, G S Vanstone.
■    Thistle, nr McGuixan. V Gallownv.
.,   5—Irene 11 fr, Wilson er, 0 J Marino.
Sitar Poinier, Femiell er. IX Dolly.
6-Hlaek .lark, Ei-?lit Mile er. J IT Morrison, C
8-Mallard, s vrfnnn Hill's Mill, J Wallace, 2\
9—Kooky. Eight Mile er, 11 0 Wheeler.
Spectator, near Hewett. A V McDonald.
10—Edna fr. Sloeuii Lake. D Muthcaon.
la-Switch Back, Silver Mt, D McLeod.
18-Hesla. Four Mileer, H V McDonald.
Horn Silver, Four Mile T Kane.
Butte. Four Mile, M Cummings.
H—Navajo fr. Dardanelles Basin, 1' M Hayes.
15—Miti-le Leaf, Wilson cr,  W Schulzke, G
l'j-Kinfrtberne, Goat Mt, Hurt Xelson,
Keystone fr, A Tunks.
20— Kitty, in- Silverton, A Mitchell.
Tol«u*s, itr Silverton, 1' Kumv.
Sl-Ar-J-onaut, Red Ml. 1' W Ellin.
*<-Umpire, Gout Mt, C G Baker.
id-Marie Anne, Glacier cr. J B Mki-Iiii.
Josephine, s-ime. a l)ii|iuls.
Hojki Well, same. G \V Marlin.
Margeretttt, Tributary er, G H Wri«ht.
.7—Sultana, Trout ck, 1 Loutthead.
Aaron, same. L A Thurston.
28—Duplicate fr, Washington Basin, l'Corrl-
gan, DCosi-rilT.
l»rlze fr. <icGui-*an cr, S Hunter.
Toronto fr. Tributary er, G ll Wriyhl.
.9—nru'.'i? Mine. Cariienter er. .1 Hotter.
SO—Bummer. Wilson cr, G S Vanstone.
Great Western, \Vil<o» er, K X^Cook.
Asbury, same, G S Vanstone.
31—Halifax fr. Dardanelles Basin, D McKlnnon.
•■■• July 30—Dreadnought, LydiaJr. ■.ll—Hed Fax.
Red Fox fr, Central. Au*.' 1-Sllver Top fr.
Grace, 'Admiral, Stanley No i, Nancy Lee,
Butcher, a—Un ted fr, Caledonia, Saddle Rock,
Producer. Alert. 3—Happy Delivery, Frederic
ton, High Rock. 5-iJroni, Wren. 6—Black
Bess. 7—Young Rambler, Lucky fiwade, Swede
Boy, Franklin, Drake, Littte Estelia, Minnie.
8—Eclipse. 9-Belfast fr, Xew l'hoenix, Twickenham, Farinirdon, Chicago fr, Delegate fr, l'ul
man fr. 12-Beaver Atwood, Emporium, Mam
moth, Treasurer, Jehovah fr, Surprise fr. 13—
Rupert, Silver Leaf. 15—Am fr. Red Star, lfi—
Heather Bell. Glcnore, Windsor, BAT, .TUT,
Nicer Than Ever, New Port fr, Denver, Halkin.
17—Lord Roberts. 19-Belle Smith Fits*, Fits fr.
20—Stiiulev Fitz, Coless fr. a—La Mont, Sunset.
Hi—Gopher. Boxer No 2. iS—Fair Chance, Lambert. M-Tramp Planet. 2'i-Edith fr, Big fr.
27—Tamarack. 28—Imperial, Rineon, Scotland,
Silver Band. Tinyford, Croydon fr. Islington,
Rodney. Wintou. -d- Morning Star. Little
John.   So—Mono fr.   31—Forget M».
July 30—Chambers, Eureka, Jay Gould, Wellington, J each. J A Caldwell to Ed Becker.
May 3.
Aul' 1—Furlong, i, D Sloan to J Ryan.
2—Valkyrie, all. Gait, Silver Cord, Bryan, %, D
Paig to J Anderson, .March 30,18M8.
Same, J Anderson to G B Gerrard, Sept 2, 18i)8
Same. G B Gerrard lo B M Walton. July 25.
Bell Smith, "... A Trenary to J C Regan, \V A
Hendryx and W H Stunson, July 27.
Fitz, J. C Behrman to same, Julv27.
Same, J, A Trenary to same. July 27.
Diamond Cross, Bosphorus, Gibraltar, Dardanelles No 2, Lady L fr.F Peters et al to Dardanelles and Okanogan Mining Co, July 21.
8—Silver C        "
Aug 2, -jl_5.
Hope.   15—Lilterty, Happy Gerry, Jubilee No 2,;
Ontario No (i. Maple Leaf, Alder.   Bally Ho Boy,!
Empress,  Zulu.  ■ 20-Queen, Winfred Alberta,
21-E J, Duplex.     22-3now Flake.  Roekv fr,
Canadian Mutual.   23-Dipper.  Teapot fr.   24-;
Golden Hill.Homestakc.
July _n~Eclipse No 2 fraction.
Aug IG- Corker No 2.
July 22—Hampton, Ethel K, Plunger. Silver
Bow, and Camp Fire, declaration by N F Me
Naught claiming J A McKinnon's 1 interest,
owing to lapse of miner'* license.
Loudon fr. A McDonald to Win D Wrighter,
Iron Horse No 2, A L McLean and D McDonald Ui \Vm D Wrighter, .-plO.ooo.
Iron Horse Xo 2 and London fr, W D Wrighter
toT A Noble,-iia.oor.
■"'-Mineral Hill, J C Butler to J Frank Collom
30— Kenneth fr, VV Thomlinson to same.
I'lumboh fr, W H W.iiren to same.
31—Bachelor. Exchange, Silver Plate, Port
Hope, Qui-eu of tho May, Xo 13, T & B, and lory,
notice of seizuroby sheriff
Aug 1—Renfrew, A Stewart to John Campbell.
3-Slissln-pf Link, 2!'. 1) D McPherson to A
5 -Morris, m—R B McCammou to A Owens.
Morris, 1-tJ.T Mulvey io same.
Dundee A, J Ol MoC'allum to K A Cameron.
Little Jim fr, C L Johnson to W 11 Warren.
Plumb Line fr, W 11 Bomlah to J Frank Col-
Cecil, \Y Thonilinsiin to same
8—Tin Plate fr, J P DiiscoU lo J McCarthy.
Ki-Sunnyside fr. J, W Warren to Max Heck-
li-Kmile MaustiuM.), J RtidelilT to I Robin
Skookum and Victoria. M Isaacson to the Ntnv
Gold Fields of British Columbia.
Em llu iManelield, i. I Robinson to W Ipe.
11—Same to John Taylor.
15—St Lawrence
Jonn iayior.
'.nee, i, J C O'
Connor to A V Mc-
8—Silver Cord, i. BM Walton to T 1) Farrell,
ij—Gypsy, Shakespeare. Little Juinbo, \, LR
Forbes to W F Halliday. Aug 3.
12—Dominion No 2, J. A L McLean to D M McDougald Mav 28.
n    Ada Bell. 4", W Hazard to D J McDousald, Aug
3. 1900.
13--B A T.J R L. Halkin, Windsor, J,Sunrise,
}, B Anderson to M Smith, J illy 23.
Gleno-.c, AC French to_W_tf_Roger, Aug 10.	
; i6=CrBtttnrnoTOKroT~3Sleoi AMcUonald'sfii"-
terest by .sheriff, Aug 15
'Mario, Ida. Eagle, Black Eagle, >;, J M Anderson to F A Hilton, Aug 14.
22—Glengary. Ontario, A A. McDonald to C B
Taylor, Aug ii.
21—Mary Durham, 13-18, J Welsh to A Jaeob-
boh, Oct 5,181*9.
2(>—Keystone, T Avlson to J   D MacMaster,
July'.*, Aug27.
uoriess fr,!., Condore, t, f A  lleinienerg to J
Dopksteai'er, July 21.
Christine,   A   A McDonald to C   B  Taylor,
Aug 21.
s-8-Nntieeif-the license of A It Mann by M
29—Crlstine.salec.-incolled, S P Tuck. Aug IU
30-Cashier, 1) 0 Mcl'liall to .1 Keen, July 10.
Silver Lake, Silver Lake Falls, Granite Mountain, W W WarnertoJ A Whittle)- Aug 2«.
Sunrise, M Klrllu and A Wadd 11 to E M San-
Same. K .M  Saudllands to Ruth  Mines Co,
Aug 29
Sliver Reef, and Home Run, 1-5 each, P Sin
nott to A V McDonald.
Hi—Bachelor, Exchange, Silver Plate, Port
Hope, Queen of the May. No 13. Tory, and T& IS,
sheriff's notice revoking former notice of selzuro.
Bachelor, D S McVannel to Thos Lake.
17—Tin Plate fr, John McKinuon claims hall
Interest In same.
Ill—Tacoma, i, F Dick to John Bulko.
21—Viking fr, i). RO Henderson to Geo Aylanl,
ii—Eastside, A Tunks to R I Kirkwood.
ii—Morris, i, Al OwenB to J FrankCollom,iW
Eastside. W H Warren to same, J100.
Gold Viking, New Phoenix fr, and Viking fr,
3, Geo H Aylard to Thos S Dunbar.
IUigarding the smelter of Butte.Mot i .
the following facts are of interest: 'I ,i>
ores of tlie Anaconda and Co1oi*.m|h
companies are treated at the snieiD-rs
at Anaconda, 20 miles west of. Buiie..
Those of the Boston and Montana are
treated at Great Falls The Butte and
Boeton at the company's smelter at
The ores of the M. 0. 1' , or Heinze
company, are treated at Butte. Those
of the Parrott Company are divided
between Great Falls and Anaconda.
The Clark ores are treated at the works
of the Butte Seduction Worke which
are owned by W. A Clark.
There are now in course of construction at Anaconda at a cost of $-2,000,000,
what are known as the Washoe smellers
which will be operated under the control of J.l^Ajnalg'amatetlLi?oijQ GiHL5Vii21^L
July ii -Sandon, Ten Mile, DO .McCuidf-'imt
N R Cunning.
Lilly, suiiu, It C (illchrisi.
Trc.isiu-e, Springer ck, R I Kirkwood.
X3—Hidden Treasure, M Hondholdur aud
Arlington, I C iinjibell.
Tom HentDii, close to Alpine group, I) Hanlon ,
Piccolo. Tin Mile,CAyhviu.
SI—Tiicoma,   welve Mile A Miuzlo.
Crukei, Hid ii I 1/emoii, (V llruseh.
27 • Nancy, mlu of Mineral Pass, by |H.'nnlsslon
J 1' rank C'dlotii.
Keuutli fi, dlviilu Springer and Ten Mile, W
Pliniiboblr. siuie, W II Warren.
'„*'»   Renfrew, l.i-m<.u ik. Alex Slt'imi'l,
J»ck Fran Iln, sj.rlugcr ck. lii'u Falrbalrn.
Navy Cut, ».iuie, II McNaught,
T O, lifinoi ok, J'K> I,nv.
.1' -Couiiiiu.il,.nil ihu Kni'-rprlse, j o Hutlisr.
Oni,Ten Mil,.. HV HU,|.,u.
Sl-Kye fr. Hp.blnson ck, W It McQre«iir
Man, Leiuuli ck, VV llra-wh.
Drvilrii,   Ini'.aii Luke, J Nlcbol,
Aug I   I'riMpciniis, SprlugiT «'k, it IJuuijier,
Hon, I,.,! < r f,. ,!jv|.|„ i„t Sjii'logu,- «,„/ Ten
Willi. K III . Mil IW,
Iinli'i«-iii|p'ii.'L', Lemon ck, .1 Crawfnid anil J K
tii.,-i;e.||,.ii»|,|„ bet Spiliig.raii.. Tmii Mile, \V
Ka»l Mill', 4MIIII!, W 11 Wgrreii.
i'luiilblilpe'r, -.Milt-. WH llelillhh.
1.1111-  JI'...,»v'U-     I*   I..T    I,!.-Ml
.i~-(il>iii|il.v, Tob.ii rk, II ('.iini'ion
Mniintili, 1,1 .ii   henl uf Kooliiiny  I'am ck,
Muik Mutt v
Alpinr, • nn. . I, Hi'i-'imaiiiiitliil A MiLi'iu.
Ilullali, I i.i) inn ck, T Mulvey.
('i iw'ii,.';. I i, f 1,1-in hi ck, J I lli'.iu.
Mo'in»lili i', T'lliin rk, T I' I'oliln
l.iliv.u! -"juiiui-r. IMi Mii'uai,-.
Kl'i • 'i, ii'ii H'.inlb dler. HO Mcl'ii.ilg
'.,   Al b.tl.li.r I, .'oil ii f Mnimi. .l.i.C.iinpli.'ll.
Iluid 'liim-v HI n I L.-nwit. II I, Fill'.
Ncpi , Mtinv I T Himih'Im *iii'
Sunlit -il'  II  illUle I»'l  Ten Mile anil Siirllli'iii
IVIlWit'p'ii '     *
H   lln|ii'li, Sj.riiii.'1'i rk. K K Milliiiliiinl
i   Villi .\    •  l-.l.tn i It, l< ii Hi'iiiliT.iiu.
||i«lmki'. Ihi |ul I.' ek  ,1 KiilelifT ami M
l'i   Hurlv iJ'iti!'.  -,.r!i .-, r el; i; \-|,.|, I
llli.lil,llli|. . I(nti*"li rk, A Twler.
.     L 11, •-. (i, T. ii Mil... Jl* nn..In II Hint l'i.ml
I;*   Nn l.S|niii/i-r«'li. T Hleiiili.
t.t' i,.t llit!*|inl|.,
I.' tn ii i k   Win 'I'b mni.r i,
which, tvhen completed, will be one of
the largest and finest equipped smeltem
in the world employed in the reduction
uf copper ores
Thc. above is but a g'lance of this
wonderful district. The city of Butte
is as unique and unrivalled as the
mines, concerning each of which, no
comprehensive knowledge can be obtained without an extended poreonnl
The valiie of the output of thu district
for 1900 reached the enormous sum of
over fifty-three millions of dollars distributed as follows:
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking Powders containing
,. alum, Thq-f are lnjurloui to beultb
(il.OKV   IN   KXri'XSIOIi.
"My pa. he says girls that sing
on tluvslagc have excelsior in their
tights sonictiines." little Waldo informed tho minister while endeavoring to entertain him in tlie parlor
until .mamma got her hair fixed
and her skirts properly balanced:
"and T know what the excelsior is
for. too.     Do you?"
'•Well." the good man replied?
"I never go to plays where there
are girls dressed in tights. T hope
jrou do not do so either.''
"No, pa he always goes alone
when they are going to be that kind
of shows. Rut. honest, don't you
like shows where they hlive the
tights and excelsior?"
"My dear boy, T must insist that
I know nothing about such things."
"Aw, I bet you do, too. I was
at your church Sunday.''
"Oh, were you? How did you
like it?"
"Pretty good. Say, the people
that belong where you preach must
like shows of that kind where they
have tights on, too.   don't they?'"
"Oh, no; indeed, I hope not."
"Well, then, what were they all
singing 'Glory in Excelsior'  for as
vou let them if vou didn't kind of
Are the only kind to be found in our store. Everything from a neat and inexpensive birthday remembrance to a fine and elaborate Sterling Silver
wedding* gift.   Our goods are made on Honor, and we guarantee them in
.      . (i
every way; and a guarantee from a reputable house is always good. All
mail orders will receive our prompt and careful attention, and as we employ
only the best workmen, all repairing guaranteed.
THK   JEWKT,KR,   Nnigott, li. C.
ulity, and those whose intellects TVlA
were most shackled by prejudice j * **v
were regarded as the wisest of man- •
kind.— Lecky.
Never were' the problems presented to the human mind so numerous or so complicated. Every
fresh idea opens new difficulties,
and gives birth to new combinations. Under this accumulated
pressure we shall assuredly sink if
we imitate the credulity of our
forefathers, who allowed their energies to be cramped and weakened
by pernicious superstitions.—
Gulil, fine ozs..
Silver, lino ozs.
Oi)i|ici'. lino lbs
Quantity. Value.
M,Vi-.HS s l,W7,i»l.,llll
.    0.1,-)l,S7!).3*l 12,S«»,714.W
..■Ifi.JM.ft.'.l SI»,7l)i.:iSil Oil
Total  m,l 11,7113.0,1
A report recently published, contains
intoiostiii-af data on the mineral wealili
of the earth. Act-ordiiig to thin publication, the number of ininoin employed
in the world's mines is4,il55,*201,of whom
875,1)08 aro in Great Britain, 498,509 in
Germany, 441,578 in tlio United StateH,
810,210 on the Islands of Ceylon, 810,.
888In India, 292,8*21 in France, 239,481
in Russia, 219,277 iu AuHti-u*Hungar.y,
100,150 in Belgium, 118,577 in Japan.
The financial results of the wnrld'n
minus are, of course, not In proportion
to the number of miners employed,
which is explained when it is consider*
ed, for iii>taiicnthat the black diamonds
in Ntiwciistle cannot compare in value
with the'i* white brethren of Kimberley,
tlioii<rli thn Infills!-'!')! value of tlu>
formor is much farther reaclunjr than
that of the latter. In Kimberley, tlm
minor's output, ou an average,amoiiiitH
lu valiio to II ,080, while his colleague
of Newcastle is satisfied in brinjiinjj
H-i'i worth of eonibusiibleto the surface,
iitriT pit11 -kh iir.nrcKn.
I will sell, this iveek, Crawford anil
I'ro-wvimr IVaches ami IMiiiiih from
m.Kila fl .V., 22 Id crate, f u,b New
Denver to imv point inSlnwin. Apple*,
Pears, Water and Nutni.-if Mollnna,
.«.-.i* , ■!■*• i..-.iiiK«i..nr, j Uipe TMiiii»iiit-«i io Hirivi? noxi week,
*»l!'h     ll'Mll     .(    !,'   HI     11   ( ll       Will   '|'|l   llllll.r   |, '    \\»..   1.   . II 1 111
i(,nk« i «„.!.,t -.iin.ii, < i<, W i'l,,,*!,    *'■■ »ioii\le let tfiiinl>  second-haiid; ue
nr.iit,r.-.i Mii-.Ti,,,, iiiii 7 buy direct fnnn  the orchards and for
S|i"t('itslt. ,f r. I)ici.am:v,
('(iininls.ion Merchant, New llenver,
like it■?'■—Chicago .Record-Herald.
In the Middle Ages the ambition
of every scholar was to form around
his mind an atmosphere of thought
that bore no relation to the world
that was about liim; knowledge
was made the bond-slave of ered-
Skepticism is the highest duty,
and blind faith is the one unpardonable sin.—Huxley.
to supply builders and contractors
with all the above building materials.
Our. products received First Prizes
nnd Medals the last two years at the
Spokane Exposition. The Lime that
we are now manufacturing is not
excelled. Special quotations to contractor.! on application,
IT   II M, im Mil.-, li W.-ir
i •    • 'ilil.'ti   I! ■'      i   '   i.   f,   I., iii'in   ,*,  !„■ , |  '
(i -t.-i'rjr '
mi ... inn. i.ii.iu.u, u i; aii*h ;
..'i       (I'l-llV. I.. IIP"I, .'[..  W  I'   Ullll.pj. j
*n>'' .ir \i» i.iiiil ii f l^iimii i-li.C II lien        j
li.ni i,i.pip, l.t'iiMin i k  .( II,',iii I
■     ..<■ ...    .•;.-.,..«   •   I   ,,- .1, .ii,    rt     |i ,
(4 .-.- '
m, i  li^t'iti.., mn < i  t,vin>iii ck.'l'j
Tip. ('Vj,.,.,.,,.>;
Mien's  itril.i!
I:.i.*«   FrU-H
Seeds, Trees,
rlants A,;UU;ul;n;UAIj
BulbS for YM PUihUhk.
Cauiloguo Free.
Credulity in all its mystical
phases is a crime against vsocial
progress. It is impossible to perpetuate a civilization based on
skepticism and the endeavor of human reason, if the credulity aud
devout faith of the Middle Ages be
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers of Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspondence solicited.   Address—
Rr REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
Instead of trusting what their
own minds tell them, men have a
pretend to have supernatural sources of' knowledge.—Schopenhauer.
The narrow-minded woiiiuii hasn't «
thought beyond tlie limited sphere of
her vi»iou.
Cigar Oo.
TTri 1 OTl    Brands:
UI11UX1 Monogram
J-J9/DG1    Marguerite
PS CTQ VO Bouquet
v/ig^ar s 0ur Special
£1 Oondor
For iMlet'i apply to—
W. J. MCMIM<AX 4 CO.    Schiller
WlmloMln AkoiiM for n.C.
Vnni'uuver, H.C.
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local business.
Now KrnviT, II, t'..
An uii-to-d'ite lino of
constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B.C.
Stoics nt SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   O O.
Wine Co.,
Wholesale dealers in
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Agents for Calgfary Beer.
*/* ■%%%•%%% %%%•%%%%*-•
Report*, lCxninlnatloiiH and Mnnngo*
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
Family & Commercial.
Fittod with every modern
convenience. Special protection against fire. Rates $2.50
and $3 per day.
General Draying: Mining Sup*
plies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Oar ll«gffftff« wagons moot all Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack '.Hindis.
Kood RtahlM at New Denver.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
•SPIKKSfi-om .'wtiiijui;      i
id •    ■..,.! i,m v<uv\
il   I,. Id li-.i. (Sjiiiuif«r <k, II .V Hr4iMi.tw i ,    ,   (».,■,,       .... .,,   ,
A',*).-*. *l. * t   . | " '
i :,'■» M ,i.iiii, i.' v.;, M.iini Hi'iiUi   .«<-. j't'iju-tt-'tl, t!-«* inn-iii!.*'ii Wjii-k \iiilii.nt
"':"V'"A',,M^,*?,.Vi,,\x:,'s;;*1\^r,,,M^ ;""' ■■"• n.-utii.-.'iu*-wt of
Kiiiii.ui, iipipini' i >i i 'i dic'miii'ii   ri,('(.i^-iiixci|.    1 he   men re-
i'r .''.,, ,,',,   i.im'(Ii,h»   (,1'aiAm
wn* ii-uleil ki Momtcxlj M.  J»   HKXUY,
'i'r.ti|i'ji.i"ituii.i*|./■» M'.'p'p"' Vim,fi.ttti'tui H.C
tt'MITK l.lllnlf OX1.V
A(»ii*m»     :i -Kt-utmr St.- (r, (>h ti«*> \ .. ,. ,   ^   „      ,
y.-p. i: di.!ir '. i (i, mi »•    •'    liif.l   j...i,,' 'uriicd t«i work on M.>ni|iy
ii, i iii-
iHllcli     it   Kiiui*t rti   sitnii«.• ti      .<.;   Klk.VIc,
I   Hi, l ■ • '1 !•» >i 'I*   \\  ..,.!..:. :« , (,.ii»   -.*, , . j       11' |s."il    tht*
loon r    Hint- M--,r*. t',.\i.\. y .m  vim.   #;_. ,. .   .
|,uti, »> mti i..» !» . •.....   \»,.-v  I...I1.. (•«,. ' were diccov^riHl  liv ^ 	
mi"'"( K,,i"" ""r"■'•,r,no' :;;:tJ«:ir!.i^cr.'^:.r:\!:l *ND domestic cigars
*_'«|i| lli*'.|« of A»i«fr«M*i
K   II   llnr_r*V(»,
Dealer In
lii-Nf in iMAkf If  known to llifl
I Annul ■jovciiiincin.   He wnn*w*ri\e*i I UoAUUUto,
*<-ili«    Mn linn.     Ivy,   Myrit.-.    I|ii,Uiii'i|.iii.
6',(i wall.  IlijI.Ui.i  l.i.li     ;i v<r « li(T,   II.   i
I  i)(ini«l ■joveuiinciu,   lie wnnAWAnUil  ""*"
II..T.I-lVw.*.7^l1-.l^'v.-■^"^^".'^'*^t'V-r-,"«t.' «»»*«lrM'rt in .nd n-tioiilj* etptitieA ffom* Van Otran huntb C?oc*4\ Confection
W, ..(..•"..,   »•    .   'i.m-ihi. M.r-nv».| jiIih A ii*t rat inn idloniim waa «*(ju*l in . „   ,
Hil»^r >ui (».i -,i "'-ir i. ti*    '.   Kiiitii* r.. M»f»l ,,,1,,,, »n r*jirii«(»lii Cry  aiKI Prillf..
ar..-.   . Hp,|«    ; thi'.i ti i.. y^.ii, i,-4iW,       '' l   *"''<"'>• '"•	
yit."'idu /■» ••*!,"»»*Vi*}    Tin* man trt-o im*gium bv atsvei did
Kl'-"    •*  Sti'-trr*
U».»  lt'.'.l-» l
V'(- '■•   f(,-iii'i     ll" i» h   0 '"i'l      V!< » -r
Ni-nliirn.Orjii'l (**t>-'k   N"rifi.-fii l*i< Id-   flr.'U , . . .        -  ..    ,
w.  .»,t    ji-«''•*  A.ni'1 ■• l.'ii--   u l'*tt jeiimiffh lokiiow what MljU
lUTira m co^isvn%ins
iKfwmarket Block.       NewDenver
New Autumn Goods
Sci- our Wnnh Kid Muvhh. >
Bir^aiiin in Vail***, Trunks and Trav«lhnr Hnu'*.
>■■•••■■» 3 t Illl
Fred. Irvine & Co


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