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The Ledge Mar 20, 1902

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•-■^rts^n *****
Volume IX.   No, 25.
NEW DENVER, B. C, MARCH 20, 1902.
.Price,-*200 Year ADV5»c*
w ■ :  83
£§ In and About the Slooan and Neighboring Camps. 2g
that are Talked About. §|
A hospital is to be built in Trout J^ake
Trout fishing again became legal on
The Bosun sent out a carload of ore
the past week.
'N. C. Dingman,and family left for
Spokane laBt week.
At the Enterprise mine and mill 65
men are working.
For its-size, New Denver is the best
show town on earth.
'Die record office in Slocan City haa
been drawing blanks.
Sandon defeated Rossland at hockey
on Monday evening, 14 to 8.
There are about 90 men working on
the mines of Ten Mile creek.
The Arlington expects to ship a carload of ore daily for some time.
other church is to be built there.
A good strike waa recently made in
the Hewett at a depth of 800 feet.
1). R Young is in Toronto, as yet all
the building:* in the city are standing.
Mrs. Fraser, wife of Captain Fraser,
of the Kokanee, died in Kaslo last
Sandon is troubled with too many
cats If they were wild Rossland might
take a few.
The Silver Cup, in the Lardeau, has
been sold to VV. B. Pool and .1. .1. Young
for $500,000 cash.
If. is reported that several of the
mines around Nelson will resume operation-^ in a short time.
Fred Lowd en, recently killed ina
snowslide not far from the Molly Gibson,
was burled in Columbus, Ohio.
Miss Florence Jeffery left Monday
morning -for the coast. She expects to
mak« San Francisco her home.
When Carpenter creek is a raging
torrent the government will probably
sdart work on tho Union street bridge.
Jim Feening has gone to Thunder
Mountain. Jim hits had the prospecting fever so long that it Ims become
The CApella has secured rails and an
nre car, and will soon be pounding rock.
Later in the season a tram will be built
to the wagon road.
Jack Lind has recovered from the
fracture of the knee-tap, aunlaiueilgomo
throe months ago by being thrown from
n horse near Calgary.
C. R. Simpson returned from California last week. He now knows that
ranching pays belter around New Denver than Los Angeles.
11. J, Roble, wife and children, rpent
a (ew days In Now Denver tbls week at
the home of Mr. anil Mrs. Mctrkluy,
enroute to Kelowna, their future home
Hugh Macdonald has gone to Dawson
for a load ot gold. He Is a brother of
Bob nnd Neil Macdonald and should do
well-oven W he it a long way from
Thu robins not into town last week,
and so did a lot of orange*, for William*.
Rat fruit in the early days of spring
„„,»  ,.„,,   n.ttl   >-. r *   *.t,r. 1   -. -   ■ > ..1    '
.. ■   #  * * ■■*--
mui moltumev,
The population ol Shx*ii City  lm*
A*ett*iMi#A *bimt ."WO ilmte the wmm
was taken. Probably gone away to
avoid the noise or get shelter trotu tin'
tlltllllClflMI   HI [III
The Chew brother*, from Orillla am!
Mi<lland,wer-ft in town lit-t week. They
have a fortune out of lumber iu < hiiari...
and fis-pwi to make mon1 by rutting
lot* .somewhere In this province, probably on tha coast.
A fomfrtinv ha* been formal in t mt*
doti to work ihe Chnpleau and Mutt-■■
field properties It i* called On- KnA•>•
htocAo Mining and I mancul « ori*- ►. •.-
ttt.ri. and ha* a capital «»f %'lAfn.uty   H
the company lias the money in the bank
it will mean much to the .Slocan.
Mr Ryan, who represents the "Volcan
Smelting Co., is in Sandon looking for
a site to build a smelter, The city will
offer him liberal inducements to locate.
His company builds smelters from 810.-
000 and upwards.
Recently a paystreak of high grade
ore was struck in the lower tunnel of
the Fisher Maiden. Several tons have
been sacked and a shipment will soon
be made. The owners feel certain that
they have a mine in the Fisher Maiden.
The Alabama Warblers, or probably
Wobblers would be a more appropriate
name, played to a good house of white
folks in the Lucerne last week. With
the exception of McKanlass the show is
hardly good enough to get three miles
from a plantation. Some of the jokes
were old when Coal Burgess was in
flower, but this cut no frost with the
Wobblers.   They shoved the aged gags
with some of them to be ahead of all
others and they are meeting with much
the same results as tlie discoverers of
Lightning creek. Their report anyway
is the same.
Notwithstanding the report of these
men and Morrison we believe the value
ofthe discovery to be no more determined than it was when the lirst discovery was made.
It will be fullv a month or perhaps
later before any fair trial of the ground
can be made and it seems foolish for
persons to. think they can accomplish
anything satisfactory with two and a
half feet of snow covering the ground.
All gold discoveries have had just such
reporte made of thein as tliis p&rty give
about tlie Horsefly and so it is bound to
\ie until their value is proven —Ashcroft Journal.
"InWth^oMWwt tEouTthel t a st tremor
and were not mobbed. New Denver
people are so patient and so much like
Christians that they merely turned their
other ear." As Nelson is a Uttie out of
luck the Wobblei-M ai-h i>bi.vins>' a return
engagement there this week.
There nre more dollars in New Den.,
ver than lifty-cent pieces. At least,
a dollar-straight show will draw a bigger house than a lifty-cent show. The
Fiechtl Comic Players weie given a full
house at Bosun Hall Monthly evening,
and everybody paid a dollar. But it
was not worth it. The first two numbers on the program should have been
left behind the curtain. Thev had'not
enough merit to haitg a fig-leaf upon.
But the Birds pleased everybody, and
the Manhattan Trio and Fiechtl Quartette, and the little Troubadours were
as good as anything ever heard here in
that line. Thorn was grace and melody
combined In what the Troubadour* did,
and if the piano thumper had made less
noise and more harmony this number
would have been worth the price of admission alone.
Oil INK-* in   at   on.t.vn   KOHKS.
The Grand Forks Gazette says the
agitation toward ridding Grand 'Forks
of Chlnu-se has reached such an extent
that two public meetings were held this
week foK the purpose of considering
what stand should be taken on the
matter, and at both of the*e it was decided by popular vote that the Chinese
must go, where, how or when not being
A Isigely attended meeting of the
Board of Trade was held at which the
"yellow" evil was fully and somewhat
heatedly discussed In all lt» ramifications and bearings. It being finally
decided that It was for the best interests nl tho city to have it rid of the
Chinese. How thii desideratum was to
he atTomplMicd wnh not decided how
flit: iioiw.ri.t.
Four  or   five  prospectors  returned
from the Horsefly dixrnvfrie* thl* week
and r«-|>ort Unit they failed to lind, niter
ten days proline ting, any eiii-titu'iigiug
results    Oneof them pluiulv »>av* thai
I lie did not liml any gold     lift whs one
| ul tt -party ot tluee nr ttnir nnd ht'chiiiii*
| that   ihey   prospected   all !he creek r,
tiiihtn^ MiiiiD  -**■   fi.io-*.   lo   (.filrm v. a
depth of about three feet, snd  tint!  the
nrodurf in -ml.* \\;~ t,:\
I     Tliemmn, he »ny», whs tuna  two  In
. two and a h.ni iv,-, di-fp, inn ii.ev ;<ad
no difliculty in *tlp«aiiiiK ii ,{f ,,inl   *mk-
ing to  bedrock.   tiMhee*.  iviitt reached
! the creek* tiboit'   the  **hmu*  time,  thi-*
! piuHf*. i..r »,-<\*. ,'»re i'ii»tiii.*,»  niir    •*,m,9
' by the Uk>- .ml tiiiief, down the  liver.
TltiMitpJi-  5,p>   ,*'    ../. f,*..   ■«,,     ;...,,,* .1
, h«.H i-IVi' ulleietl   lit   joo»(,. clol»   ll.   le-
' latton tn »(e Hi.r-r.tt, .'.'., .v.j-*;.-* •-*>»■»
p li» *f»\ ft-*,--),, uti'il ',;,< «/i'i« vt.i* ,.*i.e,
j but tbe ap tsr.'-ri' _»r.-,t; .imictv U:\t '*.■*.*)»
Silverton may well feel proud of its
local talent. The third annual concert
given in memory of St. Patrick, in aid
of the Silverton Catholic church, was
held in McKiunon's hall on Saturday
evening. The hall was crowded, and
tlie audience heartily enjoyed one of
the best evening's entertainment that
has even been given in the camp. In
addition to the. many excellent numbers
given by Sih'erton talent. Miss Bennett
and Mr. Worden of Slocan City ap-
peared.   Their iuunber^__\yeriiJ:e.ciiLV.ed
with unstinted praise. A feature that
is prominent in all concerts given in the
sister camp is the part taken by the
juvenile, element, and on Saturday evening their performance was entitled to
;inil i-eeoivml tlio wnrinottt npplatise.
Following is tlie program as given:
< ijit'iiiiitr ii't'li-i's-i Fittluti- Cote
Cliorii*-. "Oli. IIpiII |'s, YoKive" Gli-eOliib
Duutt. --See llu-Pule Moon,"	
|  Mis,-. Mraudoii and Mr.-*, l'litrlcin
ItoeltiUlon  Miss Sarah Liuvshiii
Si iln. "A*let:|i in tin- Deep," Mr. Wunlttit
Trlii, -DMunt Cliimes,"	
Mi*.-."'. Ilrautloit. Shannon ami ituntt-i-
Dnt.-tt.'-Uti'i'i Dai Was Klne,"	
 I'nu Hi-andon anil Wos-t Tliorliuni
CluliSwinuiiiK MtoM. Law.-tnti
I'iaiio   nit)....- MIjs Dennett
Trio. "A Hini In llatnt.*	
,, ..Mls-fs.<:.-ill»lck, Horttin and MoDoimM
Hfi'Iiatlmi M1s.h Sliaiiiioii
■Vnarteiti'."Mi>!i.ilialn Will Ctnin- A-vniin".. MN»tt*
Hraniion.llin ter, M««sr*.TIiiIIiir, Di'iiikIuu
tiuliar Solt> Mr». Alii'it-nmiliio
Hf.-iilliiir. "If 'riintM Improve'1 n'llotilluon
Si)ln. ••Three l.ttiiVf*»ii|'Sliftmrin'k"-Mr*<. I'nlrlf.in
liialin:iii'..Mis^>.  I.awson, Itarclny. Mi-lloiiPiM
i Comet Solu  ..Jno, Kliiby
l.'tinili- yiiAi-tc't". "ilm-Family l)(ii-inr"..MiB*i,.«.
| Ui'timl.pii. Iltiuler. Mi'-wr* HianilDii.TInlliit;
, Silo, 'Davy.loint**' Ijoeker." Mr. U'ltnlun
i ralileau, "Daiu-c of tin- K«!i'I<;»"
SIT os ahi-:   I'l'.
The ('oltuti.-t in its  Vancouver items
i'otiitnes will be gelling for St"» a ton
of 91l),(Wl, prodiicintt 211,191,599 bushels
The acreage has been doubled since
1898. The average yield is 18.(3 buahels,
If the reuiaininjr land is as good as that
under crop, and if the same proportion
is devoted to wheat, there will be an
acreage of 17,000,000, and an average
crop of more than-800,000,000 bushels,
which would supply all that Great
Britain wants and leave plenty for home
consumption and other exports
Manitoba, however, is by no means a
wheat country exclusively. The oat
crop last year was 27,79fi,588 bushels
raised on (589,951 acres. The average
yield since 188!) has been 35 bushels,
but a yield of 100 bushels is not uncommon. Barley and other grains thrive
exceedingly, and the roots are famous.
The crop last year was2,925,H62 bushels,
averaging 286 bushels on 10,215 acres.
The live stock last year included 112,088
horses, 2i!3,168 cattle, and 22,960 sheep.
The raising of hogs is receiving increasing attention, and last year the number
had risen to 91,680 A large packing
and exporting business may be expect
ed. The exports of Manitoba wheat
and Hour in tht) last few years have
been as follows:' 189(3,14,000,000 bushels;
1897, 22,000,000; 1898, 23,000,009; 1899,
30,000,000; 1900,17,000,000; 1901, up to
Dec. 31. 23,000,000.
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for tho year 19ul was, approximately, 80.000 tons. Since January ]
to March 15, 1902, the shipments have
been as follows:
Ivjnhoe  ...
Sunst.'t (Jackson Hiisin)	
K-ji-o ,	
American Boy	
Arlington —'	
Lust Chance	
■IV underfill	
Qiitson lloss	
silver (i Ian fo 	
HnrtiiBV '	
Totallon«  it't
■ •iiii
The TnWai step Tai^en
SB. .
Mo New Denv
Will Do Somsthi-1-:? to.Attract the ._
A-tterition of Tr-x^-ik w»
j-'_. vu _.r [j'o.
'•ulturigt or ichthyophagous person
would be t'oiiiid guilty of any such bias.
Most rnun eat together too little fish,
They stuff themselves with meat morning, noon and night, and then they
wonder why the spring has left then
A meeting was held iu (Tver's hail
last Saturday evening! attended by
about 40 citizens, to disco?,- the proposition of organizing ;t loca' "vj.ini to cooperate with and assist tin- tourist as-1 steps and why they can't keep awake
sociation lately organixi-t nt Nelson, j even in the presence of the best of the
Tliemeetiinc was «*nlivrtu.->.J hy several imported.play actors. We have often
speeches by citizens pledging their sup-! asked ourselves the question why there
port to the movement and .-ettiriK forth i are no fish-eating societies. Sea food is
the great good that might he done by j quite a> diversified as land food: it is
the proposed organization. " Henry ; al>o quite m nutritious and generally
Stege was elected chiiitinar.of the meet-; far more delicious, and a fresh and de-
ing and W. D. Mitchell sM-cretary. As ! licious cod steak costs less than half the
to the business transacted, Che following j price of a beefsteak, it would itidubit-
letter from the secretary to the Nelson ; ably be better for us if we were as
organization will expbtiu- j much K-eivora as carnivora.   "Feed-
In response to your iiivititloii to 'join ■ ing of the carnivora at il p.m."   Is not
in with Xelson in orgauizina ,at.i ussoci-; the world more a zoo than a stage?
ation for the objects chcrei:; .set forth.!    "Tlie Halibut Express" is an interest-
the townspeople of New Denver met in  ing innovation, and may it afford  much
public assembly at t lever'.-luiil mi thej pleasure!
evening of Saturday  the  I'.ta, .A full!  - 	
representation attended.    L-[t-;;.-v Stivei               r.i;niyi> as  i;si'Aii.
hair art! W'D  Mit-i 	
was called to tin.
chcllappointed secret.try
Your comnuuii(-au<):i wa.- read, and
the merits of the proposition discussed,
Bimplified and iHiaaiisiuuiiv a.pprovwl
of, The chairman rallod iittetitiou to
the fact that  the scteiic b«*ji:;t!es. and
The railway subsidies brought
down this year in the Ontario legislature call tor grants totalling -$631 ,-
Ol'O. The Irontlale, Bancroft & Ottawa Kailway gets $210,00(3, including
intrinsic and latent merit's of "New j a rebate of 5:50,000, the idea being to-
Denver in tlie. Kooteimys." were not i complete a short and more direct
siirpa88ed in foreign-*tr doi.ne--.tic travel, j route from the Ottawa Valley to
bh evidenced by the -eneuii an<t uni-i Toronto. The Thunder Bay & St.
venial testimony and ti-.b-re, n<,t of !j00 railwav gets -j-2,000 a mile for 10
tourists alone, but .,i 'all tr.»'.>iers. •min-l ,niie8 and um acmj . nli|e> T]]e
inK.nen.mo.dedmeH-conumirdMlme...  a R n ^m u   n)j]e  fb,,  lft
writers and politician*     .'.*1.;l Willtatns |
ihade a few reniurl.t», siatii^  that the
advantagoH.and result-* likely to accrue
a   uh;  iioNt.s orn:iti:i>.
A bonus of Slu.Ow is offered by the
ijovernment of New Zealand to any
person who. before the lirst of January,
10uJ, shall invent appliances to sue-
ceBsl'ully save gold from black sands in
New Zealand*   It is a condition ofthe
j before long."   This was the statement j offer that the Invention   shall, in its
, made by a pit-vUion dealer to the Oil- j main features, differ from-all machiii.
| .mist eorivH-pimdent today.   The China-  ery and appliances at present iu use for
i men are cleaning out  all   the stored j thn saving of jfiild, whether coarse or
j potatoes grown ou the Fraser, and it'line    It shall he readily tran.-portable
j Is feared that tlie market  will -soon he; from place to place, ami shall In? cap-
t bare.   They are shipping thousands ol able of utilizing local water for all Its
itonatoSan Franclico.   <>ne Chinaman j requirement*.    The invention must be.
J alone is known to have *hip|«d l,0flo| capable of treating not less than ;5<i cubic
tons ou ihe ia-i San Francisco boat.   A yard* an hour of black sand or any
large proportion of the potatoes on the coarser material lip to a diameter of 4
FiaM-i ate grown by Chinese, and they , inches, and it mint be capable of treat-
are now reaping their rich remard. ing mich  material   profitably   where
While the demand for potatoes last* in', there I* not mom than a value In gold
San  FiaiiciM-o, the --Chinese have ap- of rt<l «:nw?nt»*i per cubic yard, not lent
parently control of a "business that is than mt per cent, of the gold contained
better than a gold mine".'   hitatne*. an*: iu the material in be recovered by the
Helling at *i*i a ton'in San IrancUco, machine.   No Imniix to be paid until
and the Chinese are getting $12 a ton ihe invention lias  been i-i»ntimioii»ly
j for their potutoei. on   the  bank   here,  worked fur Imm**. tfi-rstt six mouths, and it
i The duty it. ><**, mui the freight ».t. -o sball. during tlmt period,  h»v# in-Oi-il
i that there i- still a big margin of profit not le** than |ij.y»"-» cubic yafU of ma»
left for the San Fr-fncisco huvers    The lerial. working ihr hifi.'.-» <hy    Tbe
danger \* Aumhl tlie scarcity in Cali-  Im.hu* will be p:dd mi  the crfificate ..f
8 fontia toitliutit- tlo« every ton of In«al  an ortleer that tint less tn»»n twenty per.
|Mitatoes will be cleaneil out. nnd the son* other than the applicant  l..*r the
, price here win be mm hii.'ii a* it  is ni   bonus mv  siien>i.full\   «or!,ing Ihe in
|»ieseiil in C.-iiifornia | volition.   Any |ii'r>**oii who  receives the
ti'iliils sb.ill not he .lliii-At-il  to  takf out
miles lioni Dinorwic to Lake Mino-
take.   This will give navigation to
from the promotion .-.t the -I,;,., m < f the j Ij,ic S(>u1"' 'rhf' •,}l,",?8 Hft-V milwa>'
asKociation were worMitioi ti.- •<i.i'i1?<st I ff«ts a cash subsidy of $1,00(.) a mile
ami hearty -support of rU- oeople of i or $;ti"i,'»j in all from n point on tho
New Denver. The tollfivit-,.^ i-esoln- J Canada Atlantic, near Hose Point to
tions were adopte-.!: Th.i- i -vnirist j the C. V. H, near Sudbury. The
association be orgHni/.-d iu N-w Denver | subsidies seem sadly small by com-
That menihersi,,,. M< bt- :v-i ,e *i. | ,iari(,tl„ witlulioae offered to «:o Cun-
™«! a commit,,  ^* A"[  'f'l"1^'"'! adian   Norther., et  ah   bv   British
to Solicit subscribers ..ud .iliOs. nptionu; ,
saiil committee to consist, o*   lulut  Wil-1
liaiiiH, Henry Stegi*. A   10. .V i,,.. -fohti:
Black and Align* M< lunw; ",ai.i coivj01"   latll(!1' '^i*.   on  railroad   pro-
mlttee to call imothei tueKiug at as j motors, already well on the way to
earlv a 'late as possible and report; aUo j become iiiulti-niillioniiires. "To them
that each person ^n i: he constituted that hath shall be given." lu the |>o
a committee of one to volunt inly ansisf
tin* commit tee of unuiugett.p'tit iu fur*
tinting the promotiop of ihrf objects of
Colmiihiii.     But Ontario is not a prodigal lYovince with "money to barn''
litical max ini  of the rulers of the
Pacific Province, whilst from "them
that have not"—the majority of the
... ' u'ople-idiall be  taken   that which
t has been suggf-t-eOtliJir  the  titeiii'j'.        ,,  .    .        .  ,
berdiipfeehev^.tt,, n ye, frnm'tl.ey think they law. or nay tare
•J." rents to fl, ami  irom  >;   to
tiik fi«i!  e,tput:*e*.
an,l j tor ihbiiiHelvea or their descendanta in
Ia very visionary by-and by.—News*
l Advertiser.
'    Urill  f«ini<» can   be tempered   ami
Bostonf leiulered vei)• bard by the me of the
| following composition: Six ounces car*
bit  i -t.t  hnnate of ammonia, »ix  nttniTs nitrate
The follftwitiif i.
It w»s no ottlin.ii
Vjincmiver. HC„ tor !U»ntoi,   »,t Tliura.    ' l"dash. four ounce*  M.ap iml tlfte*ett
i train  *■*'  ''■"'' M,h  water.    The«e ingredi-
balditit,!'-"1* *hu .1' be thoioughlv   mi%ei| by
1 H^itii'sni.      i :, • t*<-»'-l   |M4Jnt*<,  while stjlj
red   hot,  must  l<> siilimerge<l in  tha
,i:.tt one
.i   '*. .
1)1   .^-f-'l-*    /..l.pjll'
1 in*
A  !it'llt   ilp-'lliKtatloll   sMppleillet.l   llflM 1	
l»-.ei S-ucil bv the Wiiiinjieif Ti-S.-j[|-,iiii. I.'euanliinf iliiMfiniit/. not.ook in the
il coot :io*? .nt.0(nation h* tn tl.e eiiin- lfur«<dh* rountrv. * • i.r»es».oni|*ioit io
ale, »o;l. pi-..due's .»od  i,-tllfiviibie urea ' tin?   Astu roft   .hmriml    -.ns-      Harvv
day.   tip the conti ir1     v '«'■»•
''cntr.pi-Uiug nine c*th oi Cu--1
one till of Puget Nn.i tl s.ih
carof S«|iiaiiiish voile   iio|*
tl... {0..»  *i|,*i-.-t»,<  -J    J  »;.   -;,;,'„   ■
thcPavitlf to tin- A'1*ml"' ' f
• li will make tie- -,noe ' , .•
psxen.'fiT express    td 'he  '»b
lamU'd   iu   llo«ioi.    \li.toln--    :in.niing.!    Tlu-re are   m   AJt-xico   l-.'.T.V?  tnluil.«{
Tiit'\ toll ibe li'titip     '°!ie   yf»'; 1.tir.  K\.'ti'.l'-f in-'■ tli'lt-i'-nl fl'iNti't. <d iniiM'«dii-
pitts, Iri'oi'i'l ihi-.-i^b  .'•',   stii?.'* and  teui.
lour .bus ft,„„ ? „.,.„..-., ...  |V..«u.nti"",>    """■■«'< '"""•*  <"'•'«'  •"',-   »«■«"
—Iimti Hll'lsli I „|,i.ii»,|.-, |,     *.!*,s4:,i l,tj»
,•   ;is   the'
.ll   fi!!   be
aim 'iiing.
!t(j-t,t.t i.iAy ».'i f'tT tis ■'« fetn|u*irtng N
*-j»«i»ed, and siijtptirt*'d n. tM**< fwieition
until foiled mid   hardened unlit    >ntlv,
etl*.- fi'.mi tb.' i'tn ' >■ "p  ti
Ull\. lint  UlilHV   veil'*- •*■•'- '
I'tillld Hot  fii".V** be«-:     ,|ipo*>*<
'Mt,-i'i      ■:'■   U-".        ef      V) i'lltli.
*,,,',£*','' *l    |*s
ivi.e iniiie to the   i-»o-.t.-:i.«>     t;»li'i.',
t- tmdt"
itilJei        1 be i p|i!,v«b!e an
p'l Is n'i, '»ti1i*pl
'.it is  at   ll.'ii|ier'» I'ltiiit.  ai   |.i*esp-!if.
tie'    '.nl
'lei--' ■. t.f '.! i*i. ti iy'il.tiri?.
e under i rop.
<• I et-n ii|i in lli.- iiiMn .(i-1-..Vfi les  Mini
Hit- ^"tt pi" ■•*■ I.f ,; , i"o,<  .if
)..--'.   >i.,ti   in
:>Ji|<-ls it     otic   ol    I.'-     Oft      ilI'Ms    ill
Viani'.olM w 'i* ::.•■   e.uit
.1 * ••tii.niia-
ntsli t olniobi.1 in   tt'.ii-b  '*• pro»|.e, ?
,-t ii ; ■ >••■
fppptl  nl     f'.e     :-|    '.;,.,•      n-i      ■
.    t, p     'h,
-    ..-   .-./..     Ih-.v;    '      .-   ••   '.-uv"   "    ;'
thii'.!    ..1...-'     -. ;,d |    tt..
reror.i      'Il.e
>:«MZ tbnii tic III* ev.-c »«eli ailV where
h;g.,  I    ;p',    .   .   ......   .la.
.Pi   i . ...     ,.
...   ...     b.tll...   U.Pilt    ■!.   .>..'   >   l*-«"f*.»   It. II*     *>H-
tkii* Ite.l. 1      .1   i.tl*i(e|s t-i S
\i'   ;n'n*.    :..-.
* t
>ti«ider-»  iro.i)  bit?   ".«•   yroiintl   *'.ti»
t* «■ t.«*w
'■hi-,   fit t   p      *-"**'.^eof ,.
s   ..-: . ... ••
!<..»,. ...1  %, ,i.S  ;,.tl.    ;,.,..    ,      -.|,  ,4      ,*,!,,)    (.,,.
!   pS '   S
n I nt a',   t.p'   .*;,7r *, >.«   b-.;-i
■"-.  I.. i--;
*l    >■
•ni l tt'4 lo-.!*  dn    ■'.■  ij» •.   'oil   intend*
,, ti.'.pj*.
Ifiere •■' u* .* ■ :.-' • , f -f.y
-1   c«.!.<
-iii.  ..I .-m *..p„,|. ;s.t - .*t.-i-.tiol.s i   -rinii.
* le: ■■■:
•   ,\M.i n't.-!
i |«t   I    l*IMt
pi    f.!l Use    it
•■ K*»?»rn<-t'»
It  Ut.ii  if
'lie J.. -    .
•t i.i'..*io,
'..   ...   .• -. •   ti me-,    '»
'i»s«iliei|   .i*   ^■•i<(  aii
' .,*,   ,■(*.*, '« i ,,1't    "Sit* ". i
i, litei.Ui'V   11-.»
'    •:: -U- -      *f"     M
*,       I    J.ll.-OlliO.i.
iUf re
I lie aii-gteM
•|p**   *?;i?»*-*   i-^l'
1'tll.iiH'o   -tfld
-1.  I
U 1
Ol n
It    t
.l V.
-i-,.| It'!     ot •■ ..r ■! -   •'  ';.'i»tal '"'
'p.,-.lU'.i    **)•   \e\«    i i. i  lei   (nn ll.'.ie  J|,
ii lie i. Oi, i he-1 a* >,.^',*n« '.:<■ T'tpi -•
.*.       File
'•■■  ll.*.'*J.-■
.   ..ed
I'1-m.'i* * i.ti.':.i; THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B. C, MARCH 20. 1902.
Ninth Yeae
THrLKDGB Is two dollars a year in advance When not so paid it is *2..W to parties worthy ot credit. Legal advertising 10 cents a
nonpariel line lirst insertion, and ft cents u line each subsequent insertion. Readini; notices 'ii cents a line, and commercial advertising
graded in prices according to circumstances.
FELLOW PILGRIMS: Tuk Ledgk is located at New Denver. B. C. and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by the sheriff, snowsliiled by cheap silver, or suhdued hy the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as tho bay-windowed and champagne-ilavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything tout believes that hell
should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. K chute of lob work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier. Come in and see us, but do not pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the black cow Irom our water
barrel: one is savage and the other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man who always pays tho printer; he is
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but (jold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERV, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
indicates that your subscription is due, and that the editor
wishes once again to look at
your collateral.
dealer as partner, and between wit
and whiskey his journal should i*ise
to an elevated position in the community.
The Cranbrook Herald is four
years old, and its editor has a bank
This is the time of the year when
sulphur and molasses get a chance
to do business.
Man's inhumanity to the printer
has driven many a newspaper into
the sheriff's corral.
In developing the tourist trade
the railroads should put up the
major portion of the expense.
Potatoes, just now are worth
more in Kansas than peaches or
apples. Would that we were in
Prospecting for tourists will be
vigorously carried on in Kootenay
this summer. We have a sure
method for locating them at this
The usual spring rush to new
camps is now in progress, but the
Slocan still has millions below the
surface awaiting the advent of drill
and powder.
Jt used to be the law in Holland
to tax a man 50 cents if he entered
a saloon before* noon. In Canada,
right now,, the tax iB frequently
higher than that.
John L. Sullivan will retire from
the stage and go fanning. The
stage can stent! the loss, but John
will surety lind it lonesome behind
the turnips anil sunflower.".
It is against the law in New York
to *ell booze on Sunday, but not a
citizen lias been found packing a
bottle upon that tiny. They must
get their drinks through the keyhole.
The ('. I\ K. will
overland   train   un
run tho fastest
the continent
this Hunnner. There are not many
then on this great road, even if
they do Hood the went with oljeae
freight rates.
Hy thi? drop in copier T. W.
Uwtwm lont $7JHH),000. What a
waHte! If he had only invested
that much in New Denver we
would all be rich, even if nil the
touriM* never got past Xelaon.
With the price of nilvcr so far in
the fttimp it xpemn hard to realize
that two men have recently paid
half a million dollar* cahIi for a
mine in the hardeau. Yft miph is! It only
the ease, according to the   Kevci-i plenum
Lord Metheun is a brave soldier,
but his place is in the ranks. England will some day learn that titles
do not always have brains attached
to them. Many a British officer
could not rise higher than a corporal if it were not for their titles
and rich relations.
There is a boom in Alberta and
the holders of real estate in some
of the small towns north of Calgary
do not know what to ask for it.
Those who want the earth will not
give the earth for it, and in consequence there will be some sad
hearts when the bloom is off the
Chances in Canada is the name
of a new journal to be issued in
Canada, principally for the purpose
of advertising our resources in
foj-eignJands._ The editor should
endeavor to disabuse the popular
European idea in reference to the
eternal reign of snow in this lovely
but poetically defamed Canada of
It would be better for British
Columbia to pay for the building
of the Canada Northern railway
through its territory and keep the
eight millions of -acres of land. The
building of the road will make the
land very profitable and the province can make much more than
the cost of building the road. To
give away the land and money besides sounds like a scheme to rob
thc people. We Bhould retain
something if we ever expect to get
out of debt.
The Department of Agriculture
at Ottawa seems bound to make a
farmer of us. Every few days we
receive a circular telling us the
best way to Bet hens, plant turnips,
mow grass, saw wood, or somo
other agricultural poiliter. The
last one was on "The cow that pays
bent." Wo hare come to the conclusion after reading the advice
from Ottawa, und from our observations around town, that the bent
kind of a cow to have is one that
can Mvi' on colored postern, ale
bottles, clothes on the line, soft
coal, barbed wire, water barrels,
etc. We would not care to have
any other kind of a cow. She
would ruin uh in this climate eating
Times must be very hard iu Victoria when that city ha* to renort
to open gambling in the vain hope
of making times boom,    Von cannot build up a town on gambling,
thrives   when   money   is
nun never pitxltti.fH any-
T 011 r I c;t      British     Columbia
_, seems to   be awaken-
I r3Q6 ing to the fact that it
is a desirable field for tourists to
exploit. Associations are being
formed at the Coast and in Kootenay for the purpose of cultivating
the tourist trade, and if our freak
Legislature does not block their
efforts by putting a tax upon tourists this province may yet become
a Mecca for globe trotters. Eor
scenery British Columbia is -not
surpassed on this planet, and its
climate, always mild, is a Paradise
during that part of the year when
a white collar wilts in the south
and east. The fishing and hunting
is par excellence, and the scenic
beauties of river, lake, valley and
mountain are magnificent enough
to enthuse the dullest soul, or drive
an artist into a delirium of joy.
It is only a matter of a few years
until all the intelligent world, will
ring with the praises of this wonderful province which our legislators seem so eager to give  away!to
Taiiway"fiendsr~ ~~    ~1—
California is a notable example
of what can be done in the tourist
line. Los Angeles is built in a
desert, yet its population has in' \i
decade increased from 50,000 t\
over 100,000, principally through!
the tourist trade, for a very small
city would answer the natural requirements of that section. The
city is 10 miles from the sea, and
its climate, aided by the liberal use
of printer's ink has made it what
it is today. Huge hotels have
been erected all over Southern California to accommodate the vast
trade. In Los Angeles another
hotel costing 8350,000 has recently
been opened. Pasadena, a city of
10,000. has two hotels capable of
holding nearly 1,000 people, and
providing for them in a style that
is hard to beat in Xew York. At
Coronado beach, near San Diego is
to be found the largest seaside
hotel in the world, while that little
beauty spot, Santa Barbara, with
only S.000 population is building
a hotel that will cost not far from a
million dollars, In dozens of places
can be found large hotels filled to
the roofh with gueata from all out
the universe. The service at these
hottilR is of the beat, proving that
the men catering to the trade understand their business. tiooA
hotels are absolutely necessary iu
order to acquire and hold the custom of moneyed people. Kxeept in
the winter time Southern Califor-
i nia could not compote with thin
province if we were equally equipped with hotels and tlie world was
aware of it, One can lw obtained
with money and printer's ink will
do the rest. Let uh set our light
upon the mountain top. and give
the cellar a long rest.
portunity to occupy au attitude.
"Is this not payable on demand?"
asked Mr. Morgan, simulating surprise. " "Yes, if indorsed"—
haughtily. The magnate frowned.
"I am very careful whose note I
indorse," said lie,with mock severity. ■ ''Do you challenge the Bank
of England?" gasped - the clerk,
gazing at the visitor as upon a
blasphemer. "If you are solvent,
why do you want my name on your
paper?" The glare of suspicion
which accompanied the words was
too much for the clerk; he stared
speechlessly. "Very well," continued the magnate with vigor.
'' We will let it go to protest.'' The
petrified clerk looked alarmed about
it, but could offer nothing in reply
except a mumbled and ridiculous
assurance that the bank was not in
distress. Then Mr. Morgan smiled
and indorsed the note.
r%/%'**/%'%%'%-%%%-%■%'%< V»
. Pvoiri the buh's Kenne* I
■L%*%^V%^k%%''%^%*^%%'%' *™
Faithfulness, what is it?
Old dog Tray was said to have it.
And he carried it with hiiii.
Tray was only a. dog, but his example is worthy of emulation by
human beings.
Many people seem to think that
faithfulness is a Something to put j
on to make the gallery applaud.     .*;
Faithful to one's face;        .    *      j
Unfaithful   when   the   back   is!
Faithful when  the   dollar is in |
Unfaithful when the purse is
But that is not. faithfulness.
That's germified cowardice.
Faithfulness is courageousness
with love in it.
Not that sentimental senility
sometimes mistaken for love.
But that deep-rooted warmth of
respect that only a healthy, manly
heart is capable of giving.
-,-,i   And iwftivinp-.	
tion, and administer reproof:
Faithfulness does not tell to your
back what your face should know,
Nor tell to your face.what your
back should kne-w,
Faithfulness lives upon love, not
from without, but from within.
We must love first before we can
be faithful.
To be faithful we must not say
all that we know, but we must
know all that we say.
To be faithful we must not do all
that we see others do, but we must
do all that we think we ought to do.
To be faithful we must not say
what others should do, nor do what
others say, we ought to do.
Try to be faithful.
It's good.    °
Over in West Virginia on one of
the railroads is a little town called
Sawyer. Close to the town the
train passes through a "tunnel. One
day a nice looking young couple
were on the. train, and they never
seemed to know that there was anybody else on the train. Oblivious
to their surroundings they were
like two souls with but a single
thought. AVhile the train was
passing through the tunnel those
near the young couple heard a suc
cession of suspicious smacks something like a kiss with a dozen
echoes. Afterthe train had passed
through the tunnel the brakeman
came through the car and called
out,"Sawyer," and the timid looking young man looked up and said:
"I don't give a diirn if you did.
We are married."
Archbishop Ryan's friends tell
this story of his grace: The archbishop was about to take a train
for Baltimore at the Broad street
station,when a young man accosted
him, saying:
"Your face is familiar. Where
in hell have I seen you?"
"I really don't know," said the
archbishop, blandly. "What part
of hell do you come from?"
To be faithful one must be wise.
To0be faithful one must be—not
cruel; but stern.
To be faithful ono must "condemn a fault as well as commend a
Faithfulness is not in providing
beds of roses for friends to lie upon.
Faithfulness demands discipline,
and all discipline is painful.
Faithfulness to oneself is not in
satisfying every craving of the
Every passion,
Every vice,
.Every notion.
A faithful parent does not spare
the rod of correction.
A faithful man does not give
unbridled sway to his passions and
A faithful friend docH not give a
senile smile of approval to everything we do ami say.
A faithful friend has faults, aud
sees faults.
And will gladly   receive corree-
The two greatest medicines for
Spring are
Dr. Fax's Sarsaparilla
Hlooil Puritici- ami Tonic
Dr. Scott's Iron Tonic Pills
Mood Builder and Nerve Tonic.
For Stile nt
NelSOIl'S Drug & Book Store
Ji s*vy=|>**iivt» i*_B=H-=O-
Cigar Go.
For prices apply to—
Wholesale Agents for B.C.
Vancouver, B.C.
Our Special
El Condor
P. O. BOX 76.
names and postofflce  addresses of   ELEVI
Sen (1
-   9 Qle
FARMERS 'who have lnn-T to clear or who have
use for a STUMP PULLER, and we will mall
I'HKK to your address, a coi
Great Northwest,, now s?oi
*' ' ly, nnd address the """
i-'-kkk to your address, a copy of our Stories of the
Oreut Northwest,, now axil ns to
plainly, and address the W. SM1T
ess.    Write
Send for 40-page pamphlet containing questions
Wed by Examining Board of Engineers to ob-
MAl'lllUlKTS &
tain Eiiglnee-slic
„     ,  ,,    ,- -        ™*\.lvnOj\jrB,it7 ..
Publisher. 18 S. uh St., St. Louis, Mo
, U. S. A
Has one ol tlie most beautiful locations in America, and the public are
assured of pleasant accommodations.
HENRY STEGE, T     .        '.      '.       \
Three Forks
B. C
Provides accommodation for
the travelling public	
I'leaatnt rooms, nnd good
meals. The bar 18 stocked
with wines, liquor* and
cigar*. HOT and COLD
HUGH MVEN, Proprietor,
M'    Tourists    W
52 And the traveling public generally gg
r"| will find everything for"the inner man jr*
[jn that will put'a shine of health and [jf]
]Q( gladness  on the outer man  at the JQ(
ffl St. James Hotel
W*W NKW DKS'VKH A. -U-fnilSON,|>ro|i
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
stoke Herald.
thing exii'pt. minery  and   broken |
hank   accounta.    battle   haa   re-!
MOIt-nAV    IVIVMtlVTl   TMV,    VOT-V,
A bopeful feeling m to llie future,""""  -""*"""     ™"";   """   '~\    J. I'ierpont Morgan i« th*
mav y    "  °n m" «ambH"K' but of an anecdote repealed at a .went .
,,,.,. -J not from moral |»rinel|>hw.    When! ,„„,,,<„„ ,„ ,»,„ v?i»«(l(iii«rt«-r« nf theV
Itlll'l    '•*'  lAuM'til   tiV'1    lllf    ii»-n*uV»«'i V.     Mi,     . ,. , ,        , , . , .fa . ,
v Itlw (,ai,t'.v ,K)-VH «** lt iiXi,,i m tlmi i »t<*l tniHt. and If not  uporryphul, | ^
i they can get -.'0 per «e»t.  from all, mitral,* a bent of humor hitherto, \\J
prevail* in the Slooan, hut it
ftpring.    \W have not noticed any
»tr<?akH of fat in our bunk account
lately, although tin* Hinging of the
illuf*trat*i'H a bent of humor hitherto,
htiHineMNi u„aUH|M.ct4.(j jn the binker,wiyn the
robin make* ux feel
Ul   WMl.
like a  million
K.     ('.     I>l>SiUiU     hit*     nUlUlt    u
the 01 her gambler*?  the
! will roM.nie in that eity.    It miiHti N>w yolk Tmm>    While in' |.on-
towu   when*  gambler*:(fm, h(t y^,^ ^o Itnnlt tA Ktighimll
the   miuiiriiml   iP>vwn.jw|th   H   ,arge  curm,cy  ,„>„. forj
im' a niee
diitat«* to
Mu-   chin u.s   uf   Seattle
newfjiajmr eaHi'd the Ky«- -U|icm»riought to go away Iwwk and take
nl High llnti. High Kiver ur hhim' ii*-iv<* food. Unit itmrHge in
Mich a iianif.    H<- ha* a Imoju'riue wati-rwl.
which he wished to obtain jrolil.
Teller examined the note nnd handed it 1-tt.rk. "You have not in-
•lomd it."' s*id he. glad of an up-
-miw*Z   rnipm
il^s/^ti>jAjtil\k   vn    avii^iiji*a v^^^iic?
K*tntHlth-»tl IHI7.
Capital (all r«id op) $12,000,000.00
Reserved tnnd s : 7,fJ00,(X)0.UU
Undivided profit*  :   :   f»10,«l.(M
Ht. ties. 1/iHD Ktiuthoosa a.id .Mount Hovai, O.CM.d. Presideni.
Hox. ({. A. Drdmmond, Vice President,
K. S. CiiOUHTov, General Manager,
Branches tn all ttaruof Canada, Newfoundland, (Sreat Hrliain, and
the United States.
New Denver branch
i.g ti. on vntink, MuMttHtti-
^."^^ ^-^^.^--.--^'-^^ J^^ii^^^^ ^^^^^^i^^ **^^^^^-*^^ ^^^^^^^ -^^^^™fc-J*
K Ninth Year.
H Personal teller topics
always get more than he can carry.
Hence, our love for the Germans.
"Speaking of national likes and
dislikes reminds ine, Wales, of a
lot. of rot that is eternally being
printed both in the United States
and in your country about the
'friendship that exists between the
United States and England.' Such
bosh makes me weary. Of course
you and I personally are good
friends. Ours is a friendship of
long standing; a friendship which I
trust may never be 60 broken as to
require a brace; but I am positive
that, so far as our nations are concerned, there is not a particle of
real love existing between them.
"You have your English flunkies
who come over here and attempt
to out-American  Americans.    We
know them and   smile  at  them.
Then we have  a   large  gang of
flunkettes who go to England, and
run their shirts off trying   to   exhibit their zeal for Johnnie   Bull.
Your people turn one eye-glass on
them and turn sick at the stomach..
When it comes to bed-rock, Wales,
the English people and the Americans don't like each other one bit,
and  if an   occasion   should   ever
arise, you will find that the spirit
of 1776 is  about  '250 proof  and
growing stronger as the years pass
by.    All this fol de roi about   the
coalition of 'England and America
exists only in the muddled imaginations of a lot   of   clabber-headed
space-stuffers, who could not   tell
the   difference   between   complete
compression and  absolute  expansion.   Should the time ever come
when large national   interests are
involved, our nations   will fly at
each other like saloon   bums at a
free lunch.
"Wales, yoirdon't know how I
would like to see you,  and  divide
I was not at all surprised last
Tuesday morning when I received
a cablegram which read as follows:
"Are you coming over to see me
[Signed] A lbkut Edward, •
formerly of Wales."
I was not surpi-ised, I repeat,
from the fact that I have known
Albert Edward for years, and there
has never been one cross word between us. I at once sent him the
following letter, and as we have
nothing to conceal, I am perfectly
willing that the world should read
it: .
"My Dear Wales—
"Your message received, and I
would have cabled you, but some
time ago our dam broke, and our
cable got lost in the shuffle. While
it is true that we have a street car
cable in Austin, I was afraid to
try a message over it. Judging by
the way the cars are run under the
present management a cablegram
Bent you via the Austin Rapid
Transit Steel Car Cable would drift
into London some ten or fifteen
days after Gabriel had finished his
cornet solo. By that time you
would have forgotten that you ever
had   a  crown.    So I, decided   to
"In the first place, I am coming
if I have to walk. A whole lot of
other Americans will make the
trip, but I don't propose to mix up
with 'em. I have been invited to
join the Roosevelt party, but declined with thanks.    When I go off
on a, little jaunt like that I never
like to be bothered   with   women,
until I get there.
"I don't believe Mr. Roosevelt
will go; in fact, he has told me he
would not.    You   see,  Wales, he
has a Congress on his hands,, and
it is a job.    It takes Mr. Roosevelt
it under herd.    I had rather try to
corral a bunch of Texas steers in a
burning cane brake than hold down
an American Congress.   It's awful,
i       "I note also what you   said  in
your last letter, received a month
ago, regarding my costume, in case
I was on hand when   your  crown
sheet was riveted.   To be honest
with you, I don't think  I   would
look well iu knee pantaloons and a
sword.    I ain't built on the  knee
pantaloons model.    As for a sword,
I could do nothing with it in case
of a ru'cuH, which  I suppose  you
anticipate, or you would   not  ask
me to come armed.   However, J
have  a   pair  of Colt's 45 calibre.
single action sixshooters that I can
work double,and you know, Wales, j
that   I'll   stay   with you in case
there's a   row.    I'll   bring   them
with me.
"In your letter you   said some-
thing alxmt a 'good time, plenty of
champagne, etc.'    Now, to he honest, I don't  like ohampague.   I
don't suppose I've drank a dozen
bottles  in   the   last  two   weeks.
There is something so evanescent,
ho transitory and   so- delightfully
disappointing in chaniimgnc that I
,, ii  #     u     i..  tn.,i    *..«„      "Mr. Roosevelt probably decided
seldom call  for it.    In  fact,  you! • ,.    ,
. im   ,....„t.*», a.wi i ',t! "ttt' ",,('n "Wty or exceedingly
can get   more  solid   comfort ami. .     ,• »*
...   „„„„«. „f thoughtleaa in his action, aud held
/ quicker action out of a  quart, ol * '
' 11 r   .   i,. ..,i.!«w*i,„,, hia tongue.    Ihe incident had al-
ten-year-old Kentucky whisky than *
a whole baaket of! mmi I3aHH,'(1 tnm '">' ,,,i,u1'  wI,l,n
1 recently I saw an   alleged   poem,
credited to some one in   Washing-
return. It was horrible, shocking,
disgusting, nauseating, and Mr.
j Roosevelt's worst enemy, if he was
j a gentleman, would rush to his aid
against such a traducer of American womanhood.
"Refering again to the crown
piece, you may look for me over
there on time. In this connection
I would suggest that if yon have
not placed an order for it, you
might save money by having it
built in the United States. Some
of your best people trade right
along with us, and buy everything
from a railroad locomotive to a
wife, and outside of the wives, I've
heard no complaint. I'm of the
opinion that you could get a first-lass crown here for half the money
it would cost you in England. You
see, there's no market for 'em here,
and hence they are cheap. I have
never seen one worn in Texas, and
if I had one I would not know how
to buckle it on.
"It's getting late, Wales, so.I
will post this letter and go home.
Please give my kindest regards to
Mrs. Wales and all the little wails,
and do me the favor to tell the
dear lady not to put herself to the
least bit of trouble on account of
my coming.    Just any   old spare
Bosun Hall pantry
Big Snaps for 10 days only|eVuifSyou
11 lbs English Currants si
Ashcroft Potatoes per sack, tj2
McLaren's Crock Cheese, tStKS each
A few boxes big fresh prunes left, 25-lb, si.ia.ie.ich
Try our delicious fresh-roasted Coffee, 30c
Another big consignment' of our famous Agra-
kellia Ceylon Tea, 40c Hi—better than Upton's
70c tea.
Postuni Cereal big nackage SOe
Bi-.- Can famous Blue Point Oysters 35c
Magnolia Shrimps UPc can
Choice English Pickles 25c bottle
Cambridge Sausage 25c, can
Can Duck, Chicken and Turkey 3 cans &ic
Cross & Blacltwells Soups, Mock Turtle, 4;>c- can
9 cans Cream SI
16 lbs Granulated Sugar *l
100 lh sack Granulated Sugar *5.85
Whole Wheat Flour selling fast 5on> $1.4(1
2 Cans Green Peas or Corn use
Fresh Print Butter 80c It-.
Star and Climax Tobacco si lli
Grain-fed Hogs dressed aud shipped to any oint
on X & S. R.R. and on Sloean Lake. 10-jc it.
Coal Oil. ¥8.90 per case
Clear Wheat ss hd   .     '.     ,      .
Copen Hagen SnufT p>1.90 Big Crock
Large Plugs T & B Smoking Tobacco 3 for 80c
•iiic plugs 4 for 85c
Canadian Blackstrap 10c a plug
24 bars Best Laundry Soup il
Almond Nuts 25c lli
English Walnuts 25c lli
English Tobaccnes cheap "
Hudson's Bay Mixture 10c box
Send ns your order for thc Famous Star Dog
Biscuit, 10c lli.  Just the diet for your dogs.
2 packages Wheat Manna Breakfast Food 25c
*\\ atch out for our big Orange, Lemon and Banana Sale for 15 days, starts on Saturday
Laying Hens, tirst-elasB stock, -1 each
Fresh-laid Eggs 60c doz
Clear Wheat *2 ner loo ll>s
Call early and often and save 'money by buying
al the Pantry.
Write to us for price*, or call personally.   You will save money Ity doing so
they were sent to supplant. How
much of Christian teaching is due
to the East we shall never know,
bnt it iB a well-established fact that
Christianity can claim but little
originality in its theology or in its
forms of worship,—Boston Investigator.
The outlook is certainly more
hopeful now that able medical men
are beginning to protest against the
infernal torture of poor beasts, and
also against its uselessness. In
room in the palace,or a shakedown time,,perhaps ministers of religion
up ' 'alf and 'alf,' as in the days of
in the parlor is good enough for me.
I know you'll be crowded. If not
entirely convenient, I can take
lunch at some hotel or restaurant,
though I must dine with you once
or twice in order to meet the children. I am going to bring them a
nice book entitled 'The Life of
George Washington.' It's very
"Well, good-bye, Wales, old boy.
I want to be near you when the
crown act comes off,* and if any
anarchist or nihilist tries to make
a rough house of it, I'll attend to
him while you can tell one of your
men to order a hearse.
"Trusting   we   will   have    fine
see you soon, I am as ever,
"Your friend, etc.,
"K. L. B."
"the public be
who arc singularly callous as a body
to the woes of the dumb creation,
may stir in their comfortable study
chairs, as. they read that many peo»
pie now question why Christianity
has done so little for animals. ~
Modern Society.
If God wrote the book called the
bible, or any part thereof, what did
he write on—paper, parchment,
rock or mud? And who translated
the divine language into human?
And in what part of the earth was
this work of God found? There is
so much light that man needs on
this subject, and all he has is darkness. God ought to make one more
revelation and reveal to man how
an d-whwe-he-m ade-h is-fi rstr-re vel-
Subtract from a great man all
that he owes to opportunity and
all that he owes to chance, all that
he has gained by the wisdom of his
friends and by the folly of his
enemies, and the giant will often
be left a pigmy.—Barlow.
It is plain that Christianity in its
oldeat forms of worship borrowed
from India, and that the early missionaries to that land of mysteries
brought  back  the worship which
yore. They teUme you are running the throne for all it's worth
and attending to business.   Good
boy! I always knew you'd make K L R in The Current Issue.
a king if your folks would ovor give
you a chance. It took 'em a long
time to see it, but you finally outlived all opposition, and I, for one,
was glad to see you make your
royal flush.
"In" your letter you asked about
the possibility of Mr. Roosevelt
being continued as president. Well,
you know I am a democrat, and
Mr. Roosevelt is a republican, but
to be honest, his chances don't
seem to bo very bad. I have never
asked any favors from him, but
I'm about the only man in Texas,
democrat or republican,  who   has
; not" ' (t | A   fAH   (fc |   In one vear is a fair profit.
"Some  time  ago  he invited n ; $ \ \J   lUl    $ 1   Buy Similkameen Valley
j negro-Booker T. Washington— j Coai Company's shares and make It.
to cat dinner with him, and Booker
promptly accepted. I've never
known a negro to refuse an invitation to eat, ho Booker's acceptance
Hoeined natural tome. We Southern
people don't believe in social equality with the negro, ko wp went for
Mr. Koonevelt like a farmer hitting
\t\ free lunch.
but we say—nothing. There is
nothing to say, certainly nothing
to thank anybody for.
If there be any position where
one does more work for less pay,
turning grindstone for more jobs,
than the country editor, and for
fewer thanks and less money,
say "God pity him," for he needs
pity. The position as editor of a
country newspaper is a most treacherous, difficult, hardest-to-please,
easiest-to-offend, and surest to receive kicks, cull's and advice, we
have ever heard of, and we know
there is none worse—there cannot j
Vou speak well of a man for 999
times,and forget or are unable from
cause to speak the thousandth time,
and he is your enemy for life  and
will   always   afterward   have   his
work done at the   "other   place."
If his wife  or   daughter  goes to
"Jimtown" for a visit, leaving on
the night train and  returning in
the same manner, and you  fail to
mention the fact, though you know
nothing about it  and   can   know
nothing about it  unless   told, you
are a deep, dark villain   with*, de-
isigns^^aiTrat'hinrand worlciiig~foF
his rival or his enemy, whose  wife
you did speak of as going on a^visit
because he came to your office and
For nearly thirty   years   C.   E. i told you all about it and asked you
Graham has been publisher of the j to mention it in   your  paper—in
Waseca Radical.    He has just sold; two places, and be   "very   careful
out.   His valedictory follows:        [ not to get the two items in the same
It is usual for the editor, in pass-; column or on the same page."
ing, to thank the public   for  past *	
favors.    We thank nobody.   What1    "Don't you think I preached a
wehavehadwehaveearned-twice very poor sermon this morning?"
over.   We have turned grindstone afiked the now Preacher of the «left-
, con,from whom he expected a com-
To the legal personal representatives of J. W.
LOWES, deceased, and to HUGH JlcRAE,
or to any [Xir-son or persons to whom they
may have transferred their interests in the
Glencoe Mineral Claim, situated on the north
side of Hume creek, in the Slocan Mining
Division of West Kootenay District, British
"\rOU. and each of you, are hereby notified that
JL I have expended two hundred dollars in
labor ami improvements uiwn the above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of
the Mineral Act, and if. within ninety days
from the date of this notice, you fail or refuse to
contribute your portion of all such expenditures,
together with all costs of advertising, your interest in the said claim will become the property
of the subserilier under Section 4 of an Act entitled -'An Act. to amend the Mineral Act lD-bO."
D^ted at New Denver. B. C. this KSth day ol
February, Iwte.
.  P. A. McDQNELL.
'JUKE NOTICE that thirty day.s from the dato
I of this notice I. W illiam Downie, acting as
Hgem for tho Canadian Pacific- Railway Company, intend to apply to die Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works foriiermission
to lease that portion of the foreshore of Slocau
Lake, in tlie town uf Silverton described as follows:
. Commencing at a |wst marked "C.l'.R. S.E.
corner," thence northeasterly along high-water
mark to the north boundary of Lm 18, Blocks,
in the townsite of Silverton.
Dated at Silverton, B.C., Feb 19th, 1902.
KING   PKACTIOX   Mineral   Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Minini: Division ol Wesl
Kootenay District. Where located: On
Noble Five Mountain.
Wei 'PAKE NOTICE that 1, John D. Anderson, P.
I L.S., of Trail, H. C. emit for Mrs. Mary
Holland, Free Miner's Certiticate No. 2.J218A,
intend, sixty days from the (late hereof, to apply to the Minini; Recorder
for a Certiticate of Improvements, for the puriiose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certiticate of Improvements.
Dated this Sth day of March, A.D. v.m.
■'1-13 .1. P. ANDERSON.
AND HUB,  KDITII Fraittluniil
and KINGSTON Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan MiniiiL' Division of West
Kooteniiv District. Where located: On
Silver Mountain, west of the Merrimac Mineral claim.
'PAKE XOTICE Ilmtl.Wm. S. Die wry. act-
1 ins as agent for John D. Mac-Master, free
miner's certificate No. B RUM, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the MlniuV Recorder for Certiticates of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtain lug a Crown Grant of each of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action, under Section S7. must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certilicates of Improvements.
Dated this 30th day of January, A. D. ltftt.
-'-i."i  W.S.DKEWRY.
FLOOD FKACTION Mineral Claini.
situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District Where located: In
ltest Basin, joining the John W. Mackey
and Jim Full* mineral claims.
to grind more axes and for less pay
and fewer thanks than any   otherjP"
man living-or dead.        ' :    liYm»<J ,lo>" draw,e(l thl'hm<iHt
For twenty-eight or twenty-nine \ dew»n-    "But i% ru,,H hl "V mlnd
years we have heen at the crank, ithet rve hwud WOVHe<if J C>U(1 im]i'
and we know what we are talking irickollect wher' it wins."—Coin in-
shout.    We do not say, like Van- hu« State Journal.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Alexander Sproat, as I
I    agent fm-U'm   Hiisiio Adams aim Charles I
.1. Kapps. tree miner's cj^licju-ss„Nt^ jaj787fl___^ __l
fliiir-Tit-flwrlntentlrsret.v <lays*"irom the date
hereof, to apply to the Minini,' Recorder for
a Certiticate of I in pro vements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grunt of the .hove claim,
Andturthertakenotk-ethatactlo tule.rsec.ST
must be commenced before, the Issuance of such
Certiticate of Improvements.
Dated this isth day of January lnrA	
MOUNTAIN   SltKXKKY   Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Minini: Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: At
the head of Kl*ht Mile creek
TAKE NOTICE That I. Albeit Ashcroft, am-
.7".. '"■? m.'i^ent for Hurry Christopher Wheeler
F MC.No 13..'of!*!,Charles McNicholl. V M CNo
B .W41(i.uid F F Liebscher, F M C No B MIOO,
Intend, sixt days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Minim* Recorder for a Certilicnte of
Improveinenls, fm- (be puriKise of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the nbovt* clnlm.
And further take notice that action, under
Section 37, uhim lie commenced before tlm isttu-
mice of such Certilicnte ol Improvements.
Dated thlsiitli day of January. A. I). 11*-*
$90 for $2.50
was thc profit made
in  four   years in
Crow'g Nest Coal Shares.
you can g»<t from
your I Huh potato chiini|>agv.e.
'  «, don't think I can   -P»r« «.e
Ume to meet  1'nm* "e''^'    ^ v,U-\\Ulngt<MMHn«,r, In whioh
arc hod ngour primaricH uniiaiial-. *     .,.,',
and if it had i.ot|t,,H wnU"' m*fT lhf  ,be. feather  and tlMlIH'rHiH,,.iM,ceo   he alTsr would he
hu, crop of candidate,   w,   would '" «**«• '• Wf ■""™ * ™\»
•       ii       i i    ««...  ..«/! i n<*KTOi to many I'rcHident   Itooae-
hftve heen through hy now, and I      *   ' *
, »    * ,.      ivHt'H  daughter,   a henutiful and
con d iihm'  IIih MoHt  Hoyal   lleer- ,, ,   , -i      ,     4
Wo are going a^wnplMed y°ui>K Rirl, who haa
ly early thia year.
U-en for the dry wen
jtiHt become of ago.
»<iu«,  Vt'ttil-W,  I   WWII Ut It'll JUtl
neHH st Now York
to fdve him s hot time,   however;
not hwaiiHO he in a prince ^for the( ,
woodHSrefullof >nt over  her(M I nghUhere i, where i   tmw up
Lb^mW ho reprint* a   groat ^««'Mr. Koonevdi.   Hndpro-
nation of excellent jieople. j
••Thn    \inp-rifi-in   ooonh*  "wo n't
ilecpdcht to (formally mhkI »!*>
tho barkeepera), liecaiiKO of the
discovery of lioer. Without thin
groat product, hundred* and thou-
xnuth of pood, linnwt mon Hj-rlit
hero in Texan would actually wiffer
for i'ooil.a* it* \ooh pini'tUallv |»ui*
it in tho reach of all. When mi*-
fortunes iivoitako a m*n, and all
crop* fail, he, can take to hoor like
it yuntlowor to thi- K'"l «»!' "lav-  »»•'
piwwl to tako hlx part. I did not
approve hix action In dining with
Hooker 1. WttHh'mgton, hut he in
our president, the huxbaml of a
noble American woman, and tho
fathor of a pun- American Kill, and
while I am practically an ovanjto-
h.st, and of course can not eiidorht*
murder, vet I tell vou   Wale-*, that
tlnh Priiitiny is nn art.
Ir is today ono ofthe
most advanced of arts,
and greater efforts aw
hcinu' made to reach
perfection than ever
before in the history
of printing. Every up-
to-date business man
recoo'nizos the importance of having' hi* stationery   well  printed.
ffljWWW Iii '""iii'lMffiftb^Bi
Till- rn«t l« tin Kl,-lll«l lll.ili Hie )t.« tfli.ll.*
«-<H'k lltut liilnlul ulllin «l|l will  \i,\\
if I had the author of that ahomiu-
ahU- {MH'in 'way Up ill the Colorado
river mountain.- ,above   Austin, I
don't leallv lielieve he noulil  ever
1 In; Utu,i »li.itlii lit* I.i.*i,i..ii ..I lh.-l ..iiiji.iin » ,..i..|  loud mill llii'ir I'nv
Illlilii I limit" anil t It't-lilc llKhl.       S|...i k hi.lilt I« pirliilppil-r In tl«'ji|ollt» ul all../ lii>
■■   ■    ■  ,,f 1i,r.iiil"..l»»l«flc»l*lili-»hiiipi-i'*. Wi-Mf-fii Ofll*
nl   SS iuiili-.fi  k'ntirri.ti  ami l'i i«|» lily     \-»llv"I.A    w.t.i   ;. -m,
.ilnifn n.< i.ti..,i.i|      -V.-tliiiitl.it »»•»!« i.l * !§•■ iV.iiijMny piri ii.•»
<IriVoi>,       Un. |.lti,..|i I .*l r* tiiiiiny, Limlt^l. .f l..r.iii...l-»l»ii.-«l»lili*i!iiip.-1'- ^i*«,i'i'ii <>m* .* ..it.l i.iv full al -1-IIN'oLl.     A»liii>.|p«  Sn„l-
t.r. I.lndlrtl. t...« ,.« i-miimI Uti, will, « i •|-!t;ilti'.-<ii i, * I •*:» «•,«>', «111 ip.il *.t.H «■■■-. ' -i •n*rJl»r  *ltlt   I'm *t..,i '!«!'- « .,..■ I'    Uil will »!»..,-n.i I.i
AsllSiH.A tnln mi  .-fljii, witn I. ii.t-.mi*. 4 li»*»|. ill ut Ami tflumillr lii.-..t|..imil..n» f"i  AMMMU.A 'llu-*. t»> < ■ m Ar '■ l- *"iM.. f..r lh. *«i|iiil'-
kiiiiiti it Vulli-v e-i t' r..tii|r.uiw'« «Iipui * I-, jib .ii. • ■ I., it i.*i-' •■/'..»■»• willi i ti ll»- ii-"t» \, -it rllt««i> «ltir.-*t in* nm* t.» 11 *. * '*.*.* i p -. mif .>iti* UI '.p-ki-f
*1 *l.li*,.«i titti«..l !•■ i-ii|»ur riMi.Hi Willi a iiiiicfiprti t'tir. ■ Irtii- . wlitilt tin-tip" t i *.*'' «tiitrii f.-r tin* « **U v*n in t.'.ili. t ..ii.)*pii,v in -in
.•■wiil.       K.ir l.uil.i luLin.-ii't-.i. .ii..|<.r.^|».*,it..-  t,--'.l%- l«. till: »HIII K UIKI V VIM.IV foil   KiMI'lM,  I ImmI.'iI,
II.      li   "(tl     l-.S'l I" *,!-,    li     I     ,
Woltl.hs SCKNH' Itoi'Ti:
MIIIWT I.ISi;        l.oW'KsT KATKX
Winnipeg: VaiK'Oitvtt
(Toronto t Vli,'toria
KAST j OtlawH       WKST ] .Si-Mttle
.   ..'..I... i ... iinl.il
Nhw V<»rl- '<?rrnt-i,-1 n-(.
Vin S»Hi 1.1NT.
St. I'tinl. (JiiliH-i-ii ami all I'.S imiotfl.
;      T<»riMST i'l.KKIT.Il SlUIVK K
KAST   l.v lhinsiuore lit.. I)*»i)v
,     ,.    . ..... -
,  ..»    ..'iii.'.ia;     *.*m      k '■•*. "*.rt;>      .'»      i   . .'l»-t
,    St Pull, 'I'o.onto, Moiiirn;il. Husleii
I        WKST-l.v   UevrlMoke,   Uatly
| Viitiiniivtr,  Spiitil*-. r,»m.t '
{     .IIOMK-SKKKKItS  KM ( ItsloN
Ticket* on *n\*, Weiit-lwuttnl, M«rcli l*f
• tn \ tiril ,'ttt'l.
Through   »i(»i!,iii^»  t,i Kuri)|i«>  vi« nil
\t!'HI»PC   I .in..,
Prejmitl lit I-., tc jt ..in all jiniiit-t-ni i^u'eti
r ii t ••«.
I. t i..til.», im . i ■'.«. i, !...„. ,j .■„,! :,,,;, :t,
iii.ti. *ti<ly »i«
O.H.i.AltllKt l,l*.-i*ii.\nr|ii.ri'
. K  '.OftyV, I  ». «■   »..-•   i * ■,   ,A,,
. -.t ..-". p. li I   i . \.". i1*ua$pM^j^^^£&'!^2i&Z
it; i^-tvi-Alri tt-ttcj "psnp_i^_.,.
Ninth  Yeab
, Clothes always look well
and wear well—if the
Tailor knows his . business. Wear the' best.
Leave your order for a
suit with—
Lumber, Doors, Windows, Store Front?, Show
Cases,Store and Bur Fixtures, Counters, Fancy
Glass. H. HOUSTON, Manager.
Nelson, B.C.
Enaploynaexvt -A.gen.oy.
Hel)i of All Kinds Furnished.
Postoffice Box 165, Nelson. J.H.LOVE.
NELSON, B. C.      Cor. WAHD & BAKER Sts.
Has had 15 years exiwrlenco in dental work, and
makes a sjweiaky of Gold Bridge Work. Most
complete dental office In B.C.
HALCYON HOT SPRINGS SANITARIUM.   The most complete liril  T II
"ie Continent nf North Ameri- n L. A L. I ll
csident Physician
on the Continent
ca.   Situated midst scenery un
rivalled for Grandeur.   Boating
Fishing and Excursions.    Re.-*,. .....
and Nurse. Telesraphtc communication with all
parts of the world; two mails arrive and depart
every day. Its bathes cure all nervous and
muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kldnov,
Liver and Stomach Ailments. SPECIAL
WINTER TERMS: sis to SIS per week,
The jirice of a roimd-triii ticket between
New Denver and Halcyon, obtainable all the
year round and frood for W) days, is !-3.35. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lak-*1. B. C. '
A     It. HEYLAND, Kninneor and Provincial
XX,   Land Surveyor.   KASLO
V. TKKTZKL & CO.,  Nelson,  B.C..
Dealers in all Drags and Assayers' Sup-
JR.   CAMERON, Sandon, Manufactures
,   Clothing to order;  and solicits patronape
rom all classes.
"Wholesale   Merolaarxts
&   CO
Importers, Wholesale Grocers and Provision
Merchants. "
People who are horrified, even at
the very name of syphilis, will find
something of interest by reading
this article to the end:
Bavaria has, since 1S07, couipul-'
sory   vaccination.      Whoever has
been in the fatherland knows what
compulsory means.    In 1872, after
the people of  Bavaria   had  been
vaccinated and revacciiiated for a ]
period of 65 years,   that   country
had a   smallpox   epidemic.    Over
30,000 persons were sick with the
pox and, queer as it is,some 29,000
of these 30,000 had been just previously vaccinated.    This fact was
revealed by the vaccination records.
Prussia had an epidemic in   1871,
during which no less than   64,000
persons died from   smallpox, and
Prussia was then a well vaccinated
Upon the official vaccination and
smallpox records Dr. Bruckner
(Basel) bases the following remarks: "The official smallpox
records furnish the clearest, proof
that all smallpox epidemics of late
years have had their beginning
amongst the vaccinated and revacciiiated.*" -
It is a known fact that Bohemia
is the best vaccinated and the worst
smallpox-ridden country in Europe.
In Germany it has been officially
admitted that vaccination is blood-
poisoning. The health office in
Berlin has admitted that in 1891
over 1000 deaths were caused by
In 1890 Theodore Poppe published the following sentence:
"Vaccination is syphilitic poisoning. '' He was duly prosecuted in
the courts for contempt of the vaccination law. The prosecuting
attorney called as witnesses for the
state upon Dr. Ouewell (Berlin),
the highest medical authority on
vaccination. On Sept. .'5.1890, this
same authority made the following
statement under oath: "Every inoculation oL^Qiealied^pi^tMMvfi
Professor Dr. Virchow, etc., etc. !
These men have a reputation at
stake and their authoritative statements have not as yet been impeached by men who enjoy themselves anything of a reputation.
coir th
FL. CHRISTIE, .'... L. It., Barrister, So-
,   licitor.  Notary Public.     Saiidun,  B.  C.
Every Friday at Silvcrtoii. tf
Ml.. OKIMM.KTT, L. L. 11.. Barrister,
.   Solicitor,Notary Public.     Sandon, B.C.
Branch Oflfrc sit New Denver every Saturday
Lowery's Claim-
to come your way by
sending the editor a dollar. It furnishes a pow
der that leaves no missed
holes, and cannot be
beaten for shattering the
rock of superstition and
ignorance that covers so
much ofthe bright metal of freedom on this
earth. Dig. while the
thought of purchase is
warming your upper
R, TV Lowery
New Denver, B. C
Report*, Examination* and Manage'
B. \j.
ft     ~*5S  | ^%^   Ft-mily # CMwmcrci-il
pox' is syphilitic poisoning. Since
I follow Peczely's method of diagnosis I am in a position with certainty to demonstrate the evil
effects of vaccination to that of a
syphilitic nature. Most of the
people will have to suffer a lifetime
from this poisoning. "When oui
present vaccination law was passed
the authorities labored under misconceptions in regard to vaccination. It was universally believed
that (he pox of the cows was some
thing different from human pox.
But now it has been proven to a
certainty that cowpox, which was
held to be a distinct sickness among
kine. is a myth. Cowpox as a separate sickness of animals does not
exiM.. Siiuie cases of the so-called
cowpox are nothing else but syphilitic sores, others are true human
pox. Mr. Jenner is indebted for
his lympth to the syphilitic milkmaid, Sarah Xelones. Vaccination
does nothing hut prepare the way
for the worst of sicknesses.' * Such
a statement from so great an
authority startled the medical profession of (icrniany. Investiga-1
tiotiH began everywhere. \
Dr. Schoppe (Houn) called at-;
totitioii to some of his observations. *
saying: "If a child is not very]
robust we will find m the result of1
vaccination a great disturbance in!
the lymphatic ayRtein; lymphiiiige-
itis begins, and, ox a rule, scrofula
is but the initiatory sti'p nf tulnn-
Thi* hint w»* followed up by
others, and as we understand, in-
vt-.«.tig«iior> i»i<* .AfiUiX \,i*-\..ui-A u>
come forth with ili«« "tatiMiinit that
imwi of thi' many em-e** nf iuln*r-
ctilosis of tivent ye/ir« nre directly
i'ini«i'(l by the dNtiirbanci* in llu*'
Ivinnhatie svMent Aw* m vaci-ina-
tion nnd vnvnoi--i-nntiiin.fi *'»■'' worth
worth whth
A Baptist church in Kansas includes among its membership a devout family consisting   of   father,
mother, and a precocibus cherub of
six.    The pastor  has   the  usual
weakness for chickens, and so has
the cherub.    In the early part of
the week the pastor was invited to
dine.    The pride of the family had
been properly coached for the event,
and more attention than usual had
been paid to his spelling.    He had
mastered any number of words of
three letters, but it was still safe
for mother and father to spell out
the words of two or more syllables
which   they   did not wish him to
It was: "When you go down
town purchase some c-a-n-d-y,"
from mother; and father was always saying, "Get some b-a-n-a-
n-a-s this morning." The pride of
the household had learned that
whenever you want to use a word
in anyone's presence that you do
not wish him to understand it
ought to be spelled out.
There was chicken for dinner
when the pastor came to dine, and
he showed his appreciation by requesting two helpings. Only one
piece remained, and the cherub in
the family had not been satisfied.
It was the father who said:
"Mr. -—. let me give you another piece of chicken.'"
The pastor, with a show of reluctance, passed his plate, and the
pride of the family addressed his
mother: "Mamma, don't you think
the preacher is a p-i-g?"
All the cheating and cunning in
politics and commerce is due to the
many   deluding devices practiced
h v-nfciGSts—an A _'*>ol i ti t*\ m.i i s lTv i 11 e's
and priests of all ages have been
fond of show; the less meritorious
they were themselves the move they
were in need of adornment. The
less truth a creed has the \ more
ceremonial it will adopt, ami the
more an article is advertised the
less is its intrinsic value It the
giant on the show bill is bigger
than the living giant, and if a merchant becomes richer by selling below cost, we are confronted with
another class of imitators of the
priesthood, who sell seats in heaven
for a worldly compensation.—A.
Treuck, in Life and Aim  of Man.
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R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
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latest mixes
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ll\|«V   I'  i'
Call is Kn's
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vhilc i'iM)«liI»'riiijf.
Comfortable; hth
A lV\v ol iin*
..li,..'     .*
m in iv
-»,,,   t,.
ipit-i.     ii.    tit,.
tin*   |w»-t   lew
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mimoN knds jrsTiN, ;
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J.AVMj-.s    >j| M.J.S   JJJii-»J*;s.
^if^ ,^ww...^ ■who hj.\.-il»'.-I«r.'ii ai.Miii.-i   il   an
'r ■tlY«if«<*wjr I>r.  Kniini'liffhl.   l'mfi*--
Fltt«d with i'v«ry ni«««l«-rn ,nr  ?>,-   Yunj.'.   In   \\'ei*».   Ur.
convenioiue.  Sj«»<-ial \>v*Atu'- s»h«.ji{w.  Dr. sti»^'h%   fir. uh-i,
tion U}£jlinst iir«*.   Hatir-H #2.:"»*»   |'rol«*««»r hr. ii««V>is». Proli-^m- J>r.
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COCKLE & PAP WORTH,      hr Z"«"^   Vr*^" ]»• ltmn'
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I Iii!i1m-hV i.ihueil wnxli «li'i'»ti'j( ii(('»m»'. I.iiii'ii. Fiiiviin. Piijtui-., V.*'i\iet-, I'ra'Miiilii!- Ami D-iiiiiu-i-*. \\V
iiivstt- nn >;irU iii#|ifiinni m hil«< ymi tint i{i-l « */tM.t| H-liHlutii tn il'l »:/«••» liutn J'J t« H '»u»l      Vrn-n* v»rv;ii,w .
**.t. Ai.t.si^ \n\\   9     hiXQ irVlDC ^ L0       •vui sk>» »m. ui.w> t»t'
wrrraiHK patkuns.                     *                            ,f           au.sizksawstyus ■
-in: only UEI.IABI.H                     WbLSOW, B. C.                       ., very um puwks
[ "-*"" i   iiiiftttitmf


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