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The Ledge Apr 28, 1904

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-">     \
"y\. LOWe^g
Tk^mW f Aj2*~»*X»' '
mmm_WSa99999a>^^^^m^^   ' -  **     **-»
"Tr"""  nnd Financier
Editor anu^^...^
-..<.*',,' /   x
Volume XL, Number 31.
Price, $2-a Year, in Advance
from tbe Dke towns
W. S. Johnson has removed from Slocan to Montreal
Charley Brett and Russel Nichols svill
run a foot race on May 24th for SI00.
J e Dearin has staked a timber limit
at the mouth of EvauB creek.
Angusi McLean is in Australia looking-
for mineral claims, !
Bob Allen has bought a butcher shop
in Slocan City.
Mark Manley is working a gold property in Trinity County, California
New Denver will have a celebration on the 24th of May.
Tom Lloyd will return to New Denver
in a short time
Captain Stege sailed his launch on
Sunday for tho first time this season.
Herbert Cu* from London, England,
has become one'of ouf citizens.      °
J. F. McCallum is moving his hardware store from Slocan city toCran-
brooke ' '■
Murdoch McLean returned from Nova
Scotia without a single fishbone inJna
should have advertised that citv as an
outfitting place for the Poplar gold fields.
A penny policy in regard to advertising
will not build a city
W* H. Sandiford will examine a "-old
property, near Rat Portage for an Eng
lish company The'■Bosun will resume
operations just as soon as the com pa ny
can find a suitable nvtrket for lite zinc
product -   A
C'afa Mathes played to a fair hmise
lasi Friday evening Since January tho
show has lost $1,500, principally owin;*
to the fact that since the fatal fire iii
Chicago nervous peoole are afraid toiro
inside a theatre for fear the devil will
reach over the footlights an \ bum their
breath. ,
F J.'Finucane will bemarr'edin June
to Miss Sweeney. He was formerly a
bank manager in !New Denver, and got
his start in life from speculating in Slocan mines. His financial ability has
never been surpassed in Kootenay, and
we are pleased to learn that he is equally
as successful in affairs of the heart
Forty tons of concentrates were shipped from the Alamo mill this week to
New Denver needs a system of waterworks, and something to make it a resort for minors as well as tourists.
Mike Kerlin is opening up the Silver
Glance, a claim he owns near the Lucky
Jack in the Poplar camp.
Jap King is working the Keiituck
This claim is near Gold Hill, iu the Lardeau.
Three students   from   England  are
studying farming on tho ranch of J. C
Harris, near the Lucerno.
The Poplar Nugget was enlarged last
week. It is the only mitrgot in that
ramp that has nothing yellow about it.
Cloth lined envelopes are kept In stock
at this cilice. Mining companies should
send for samples.
H. M. Walker will commonce the
publication of a paper at Enderby next
Since Ihe Royal Shoe Store in Nelson
commenced advortisinar in thin paper
their business haa rapidly increased.
Tho Strathcona Holel in Nelson Is becoming the headquarters of Slogan mining men when in that city.
Tho C.P.K. agent at Three Forki Is
planting his garden during tho brief
moments between trains nnd ore ship-
Fniest Han op Is now dnfn^ business
In Poplar whore he o pernio* a lumber
yard in Addition to selling hardware,
and collecting rent from his tenants.
Goods are (old in Now Denver cheaper
than they aro in Nolnon, but our local
merchants cannot afford to advertise the
Tha Vancouver World states that
MauricoGlntxherger has let tlie contract
for tho erection of a stinc plant at None-
Rowland people will build a fawmlll
at the mouth of tho Little Blocan river
and cut logs from their timber limits on
Littlo Blocan lake.
Colonel IMerson Is tho first tourist of
tho season, Ho arrived in from Handon
this week, and fa busily fngaged hold;
Ing ont inducements to tho fish in tho
•***,*#       *4 a*********■&   ***    «*•***    ***v*# <v    ***** -4**.**
TVtwe.r he,*, \mlt. twnveA % tre^ ptnr.V
of i*adlos' shirt Waists, Belts and Under*
wear The lateat comet* for ladles a nd
Mm. Mason has opened a boarding
vjj«*4.i»w* *»*.!. -.Wifi^i-Wi 'wliy ,     itw»*i >»'t*it* w 1.9*9* x.
tray* bad too many places too eat in As
a rule tbt grub nerved in the camp has
been too cheap, both in quality and price.
The Nelson merchants have lost a
grand opportunity this spring.  They
__Mfissr.s,—Menhin ick,—Sandham —&-
Young have commenced development
on the Nelson Supplies -are being
packed xtp and the buildings have been
put in shape for the season. Snow has
been shovelled from the tunnel site and
tuneling has been started. It is expect
ed that tho lead will be struck in 40 er
50 feet. The owners nre confident that
they have a very valuable property.
With the completion ot tho Great
Western silver null at Fivo Mile, which
is at present receiving its finishing
touches, there will be inaugurated a
new era in tlio milling industry of Brit
ioh Columbia aud the Dominion of Canada, that is, the milling, amalgamation
and conversion into Dorre bars of the
silver and gold ores of the Silver Cup
and Nettie L. mines.
Tho mill is constructed on tho old
Pattnor process of calcination with salt
of sulphide nnd /.ine blende, a process
which has been long in use iu California for refractory gold ore ami in
Colorado and Montana for silver ores,
a process well adapted for iho high
grade ziuc blende ores of the Lardeau
mining district. Besides tho mines of the
companies aforesaid, there are a nutn •
her ot well-known mines such aB the
Triune, Cromwell, black Prince and a
host of other prospects iu this belt, that
aro still in tho hands of the prospectors,
which could havo their ores treated
successfully in this mill, a contingency
whlcn tho designers evidently hud iii
view when they were drawing up tho
plans of tho mill, as one-half of tho mill
can at any time bo placed at thu service
of custom work without interfering with
tho company's conditions.
I'ho mill Is a twenty-stamp of the
usual make, with a crushing capacity
of between 45 and ho tons daily, built
ou the slope ol the mountain aud constructed on the usual torraco system,
giving five main floors for the diffeient
treatments of the mill stuff.
What is promised as the mott remarkable gem of modern times is the ktiuzlto
■tone of Pala, San Diego county, California. It is said to Im more beautiful
than emeralds, sapphires or ruble*, it
hss tho property of absorbing light and
giving it ofl in a liine tinted gleam.
After being xubmltted to the action of
the Roentgen rays it will absorb them
and give them out again when placed
ina dark room and after being subjected
to tho action of radium it will shine
with even more brilliancy.  It it found
*    *   *   . i,......, * y     * i      r
\ fmfisn TM**.!»TV«.Mm\ in  w Toronto, eoivter
of £an Dlejjn county.
Float is a handsome annual, written,
compiled and published by R T.
I^werv. It e-rmtain* mueh that mvot*
of life in the west and mining camps.
Many of the article* aro singly worth
the price of the book. It is tent to any
address upon receipt of 25 cents Send
orders to It. T. Lowery, New Denver
or Neinon.
At a general meeting of citizens
held Tuesday evening in the Recorder's office it was unanimously
decided to celebrate Victoria• Day
in New Denver. The following
gentlemen were elected a.committee
to make such arrangements as were
deem ed n ecessary: A. W, Sfcrick -
land, Chairman; W. G. Brown, C.
F. Nelson, M. McLean, A. Jacob-
son, H. Stege. E.':Angrignon, A.E.
Taylor, Sec.-Treats.'
A subscription list was opened
and met with a ready response. The
Secretary was instructed to write
the various towns in the Slocan regarding sports, music, etc.
It is the intention to make this
celebration something to be remembered in the Slocan.      .
Arrangements are being rriade to
having a rock'drilling contest open
to team3 of the Slocan. Football,
baseball, tngs-of-war, Caledonian,
aquatic sports and a general good
time.   The whole to wind up with
The Winnipeg Telegram thus summarizes the objection to the 6.T.F.
1. The additional concessions to the
promoters remove many of tho supposed
safeguards on which the government
relied in defending the meastiro of last
2. The government has continued to
act without seeking tlie advice of competent and independent experts, which
there was plenty ot timo to havo obtained.
8. The government does >* not secure
thorough control of rates, nor reciprocal
traffic facilities.
A. Transportation over Canadian
routes and through Canadian ports is
not ensured.
5. It proposes a partnership in which
the people virtually supply tho capital
and assume tho risk, while tho corporations reap thu advantages.
0. The liability undertaken by tho
people Is practically sufficient tobuild
the road, while all the profltahlo nortmn
and all strategic points become tlio property of tho corporations.
7. It allows $25,000,000 of stock, entitled to dividends and ropresuitted by
nothing put into the road, to bc used
for speculative purposes on which stock
the people will havo to pay dividends
through freight rates
8. It postpones for a contury tho possi •
bility of a government owned and operated transcontinental line, and blocks
and weakens the present Intercolonial
ll  It overlooks and neglects tlio economic advantages of water tratmportH
Stop at The Queen's Hotel in
Trout Lake City.
MM news Cropping
The OddMlows attended church in a
body last Sunday.
McMillan & Pound, are doing a good
business in wall paper
Steve Slinger paid Sandon a visit this
F. H. Hawkins is crowded with assaying orders from the mines and mills in
this vicinity.
On thp north fork of Carpenter creek
about.a dozen'claim* will have assess-,
rnents done on them this summer
Pugilism-is popular in Sardon just
now, although it is seldom that any of
the contests reach the second round.
Fred Ritchie, the energetic manager
for W. R. -Megaw made a business trip
to Nelson this week.
An enjoyable'birthday party was recently given Miss Berci Radcliffe at
the Hotel Slocan in Three Forks.
The pool, mania is rampant in Three
Forks Some of the citizens stay up nil
nightshooting balls into the pockets.
Some fine specimens of ore have re-
Ten Round Glove Contest
Of Dawson, Agrees to Stop
Or Seattle, in fro Round* st
I    * ~. - - ■
If he fails to knock om Wllllimmon
In 10 rounds he forfeits entire gat*
receipts and mid* Wl.
Sit.k Itnrlev otree** in v-fis-h in at
VJoelrtck tm the Aay tA the %W at l.V%
A red-hot boat will precede tbe
event of tlie evening by two local
ceritly been taken out of tlie Chambers
group at Cody.
The New York brewery finds a big
market for its beer in Slocan lake towns.
The people in those towns aro oducated
beer drinkers
Billy Walmslay is again in Nelson.
He did not reach Arizona owing to the
fact that Bob Cunning and others kept
him busy in "Frisco.
Bwie Cameron is no longer an alderman, He prefers to work for the city in
the capacity of a contractor. The job
has legs fame, but more money iu it.
The Court has ordered the Sandon
Water Co. to take their tank off the Star
ground within six months. Tho decision will havo no effect upon the price of
Much sympathy is felt for the K. *k S.
officials iu the trouble that nature has
thrust upon them, and it is to bo honed
that they will have a long respite when
the road again toots the whistle
A K. & S engine was loaded on a flat-
car Sunday, aud taken via tho CP.H
It will bo somo days before tho narrow
gauge will bo running regular trains to
Tho Filbert and Hotel Sandon are
crowded with guests these days. If the
strain does uot cease both houses will
have to be enlarged in order to accommodate their increasing business.
Sandon is lively just now with entertainments of all kinds. This week
Clara Mathes played to large houses, the
ffcldfi'llnw* duuwd alt Tui'^li^v ttl.i'ht.
und this evening the lovers of iiugilism
will have a great'night.
Very little ore is moving just now
owing to ihe usual spring condition of
the roads and irail#, Everything point*
to a long chute of prospecting fnr tills
camp, and already a fhi»lto( other days
ti seen around the most famous Mlvur
camp of Canada.
Tho council offered I'a rv Nash *2S
a month to act as chief of i tie fire brigade
He wanted %W, although f«r all a lire
chief hat to do in Sandon any salary
looks big. This city I* more in need of
a chief to turn miiowkIMcm or hu-.li the
water when it make* too much noi§c» in
the creek. Fire is one of the leaser dan*
gers, arid in ten years has only once
takeua huge bile out of this most ui>i<i<in
of all Canadian cities,
Work commences this week on the
Mabou group, ! en Mile.
Eleven men are working at the Reco
ahd the mine m-ver looked better.
The Payne is adding another magnetic, sepa-ator to its zinc plant.
Water may cause the Last Chance* to
cense operations for a short time
Several minerVhav-K gone to Movie to
work in theSt. Eui-enei
The Slocan Star is to resume operations this week, all danger of slides having past.
It is noVhkely that the Monitor will
resume operations until the zinc plant
at'Rosebery is ready for business
The machinery in the Alamo is running .-smoothly, and giving jjood satsi-
faction to the management-
Geologists state that Goat mountain
near New Denver contains large bodies
of. high grade ore.
__Tom Avison has made a nice strike on
a—ciatm^beioir^the~sweet <ira8?, Uoat
The American Boy, Bluebird, and
severalother properties w.ll not resume
operations until the tunnels are dry.
Last week the Payne shipped 22. and
the Ivanhoe 23 tons Tiie shipments of
tho district are lessened bv the condition
of the roads.
The oil used in the Elmore process
since the duty was abolished .will cost
about 20 cents a gallon laid down in
Rossland or the Slocan.
Pat McGuire has an interest in eleven
claims near Poplar, and will develop
somo of them this summer. Ho has
sold his interest in the Enterprise lease.
S. T. Walker and A ,Taco!»on will
work tho Perseverance, this summer.
It is near the Bosun ami one of the most
likely claims in the camp
Tho Slocan Star has leceived more
machinery for the concentrator. When
the mill is completed the Star expects to
shin 40 carloads u month of zinc, lead
and silver ore
Through diamond drills two of the
deepest holes ever bored into the earth
were made. One tit Parnischowitx, in
Silesia, attained a depth of «,f»78 font,
and apparently this hole was drilled for
merely scientific purees. Tho second
hole was drilled near .lohaneshnrg,
South Africa, and nt a depth oM.W7ftft>et
drilling stopped, as the companv mak-
ing the ex\\erlii\et'.t, AlA it t»v ultvVvcr !f
gold ore existed at that great depth.
Instances are numerous where the ordinary well drilling outfit attained con-
siderable depth. The two deepest holes
drilled by this device were at West
Klistbetli, Pa., and the other in Alleg.
heuy county, Pennsylvania When
operation! ctntwA the well had lieen
sunk 5,*.70feet. The second well reach
ed J,<ilH feet
local ftuK-rr*.
Tho Kootenny tfaloon in Handon
ta iiftvcr Miov slided l>y elioap how,
or whiskey that  lm« lo»t;t* vigor.
Always Imve a IwUlc of Hamlou
beer in your pocket when you go
iUhiiig.   Write  to the Xew York
" to--1
44    * *»*^H. .
April 1!» Silver. .\3j»
April 20 Silver, HS.%
April 21 Silver, m
April 22 Silver, oil
April 23 Silver, 55f
April 25 Silver, 54»
April 28 Silver, 51*
April 27 Silver, 55
L«»ftd. 1'125«
Lead, £125*
U-Hti, ll'j:)*
Ii« ad, £12 5a
Lead, £122«ltd
li. .1. Kohkhtjmkv & Co., of Nel.
son are alive to what thc people
need in tlio way of Knrnitnre.
Write them.
I Aery loot itt thia country need*
• bootoraliop. Tln» Roy») 8hoc
Store, on linker afreet, inNelwwi.
can furniah any kind of footwear
that te nHjuirt'd.
Eleventh   ear
J. R. Cameron
Oldest Tailor in the Slocan
The Ledge.
With whioh Is amalgamated the
Sandon Payptrkak.
Puolishcd every Thursday In thn richest silver-
lead zinc earhfi on earth.
"Legal advertising in cent* a nnnparlel line
lirst Insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent
Insertion. Read In« notices 25 cents a line, and
commercial advertising graded in prices according to circumstances.
Subscription. 32 a year In advance or ii 50 if
not so nnld.
Certificate of Improvement ..notices -j'7. Delinquent Co-owner notices £10.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk lkdgk is located at
■New I'euver, B C.nndls traced to ninny parts
nf the earth It has never been raided by the
rherlff, snowsllded by cheap silver, orxubdued
hy the fear of man • It works for tne trail blazer
a« well as the bay-windowed, champagne-flavored
capitalist* It aims to be on th«> right side of
everything, and believes that hell should be ad-
m'nlstered to ihe wicked in large doses. It has
st 'md tne test of time, and an ever-increasing
paystreak Is proof tljat It is better to tell the
truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack.
One of the noblest works of creation is the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow bv night, and nothing but gold to look at
by day. "
Address all communications to-
New Denver, B. C
A pencil cross in this square
1 idicfttes that your suhscrip
tl m is Sue, and that the editor
wants trice again to look at
your collateral
One dollar in the bank is worth
two in a poker game.
Boost your town and watch the
Denver would drive an artist mad
with joy and a sportsman into paradise.
There is more superstition in
medicine than religion. Doctors
stick to fossilized ideas learned in
college as a priest sticks to holy
water. You cannot change them
except by death, as few men have
the courage or brains to follow anything but a beaten track in religion,
medicine, law or politics. They
fear the thorns of an unblazed trail.
shekels fall at your door.
Spokane will not cut much ice
when the weather gets hot.
The mails between Poplar and
Nelson should be transported by
carrier pigeons.
The users of patent medicines
would save money by buying their
whiskey by the bottle.
Platinum seems to be scarce.
Only 94 ounces were produced in
the United States during 1902.
Spring has come. We can tell
it by the jingle of cow-bells abaft
the fence that guards our water
barrel. ,
Until tho dollar ceases to bo a
god we may look for little change
in tho moral habits of the civilized
The building of a tunnel from
New Denver under the mountains
t6 the great mines of Sandon would
be of immense benefit to the entire
country. The work would cost
several millions in money but as
its course would be through a veritable treasure-house its builders
would make many fortunes. The
scheme affords a far greater opportunity for making money than anything that has yet come to pass in
the Slocan, and capitalists are requested to communicate upon the
matter with the editor of this
journal.       *
Since . we ceased publishing
"Lowery's Claim'' letters have come
Jj^u&irAm,alL_parts_of_ the-world
asking about it. They still continue, to arrive and often contain
money. In order to stop the trouble
we may be forced to resurrect the
journal. As we are shy a cylinder
press and pur bank account is
mingled with the "has'beens" the
problem is serious, even for a financier. However if we can secure a
sufficient number of ads and subscriptions we will dig ''Lowery's
Claim')lout of the journalistio bone-
yard and go at it. Our friends
might drop us a line on the matter.
If the aforesaid comes again on
earth it will carry no mould from
the grave. It will be strictly alive
and will jingle the bells above the
clouds while at the same time it
will pour ice water into Hades until
the place is closed up and the proprietor nothing but a wasted dream
of the Dark but hot Ages.
Little George—"Papa, why do
they say the pen is more powerful
than the sword?"
Papa—"Because you cannot sign
checks with a swoi'd, my dear."—
Revue Anecdotique.
The above reminds us that it is
said that no continental .:ation can
go to war without first consulting
the Rothschilds, also of another
A royal prince calling one day
upon the head of the , Rothschilds
found him busy with another person, and Mr. R—requested him to
take a chair. "I am the Prince of
——" was the haughty reply.
"Oh, I beg your pardon, sir,"
said Mr. R-—-: "take two chairs!''
Halifax.—A romantic ending to a
lengthy courtship has occured at
Glace Bay, when Frederick R.
Strong, a millionaire mine-owner of
South Africa, returned and claimed
as his bride Miss Rollie R. Newhook,
of the the Newfoundland village of
Tilt's Cove, to wliom he became engaged eighteen years ago. They
Is the Leading Hotel of
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor
A. JACOBSON, Proprietor
When you are seeking ilrst-class hotel accommodations you will tind thein at this house.
NE\V  DENVER.  B. 0.
Charley Gale's, sandon.
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
Gold.  .$ .7ft I Gold and Silver' .$l,0C
Lead 75 I Gold.silv'r.copp'r 1.60
Samples by mail receive prompt attention.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
1725 Aral »hoe ?*.»■■ Denver, Colo.
lass of seventeen and fifteen, respectively, btrong left for the Canadian West, went into' Klondike at
the early strike, and made half a
million dollars. Leaving Dawson
City he went to South Africa, invested in mines, and made it now
worth two millions. He never forgot the pretty maiden at his old
home, and a few days ago returned
to Tilt's Cove to claim bis bride.
Miss Newhook was then at Glace
Bay, C.B., and there Strong hastened and the wedding took place,
the clergyman receiving a fee up in
the thousands. Mr. and Mrs. Strong
sailed for Cape Town.
■    ■ tf   ■ .
Is a weekly paper published
at POPLAR, B. C.    It gives
all the news of that great
gold camp.     It costs $2 a
year to any address.   Send
your money to—
P. O. BOX 185
Blue Prize, Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented by GEORGE H0RT0N.
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points via Canadian
and American lines. Apply for Balling dates,
rates, tickets and full information to auy C. P.
C. P. R. Agent, New Denver.
■ W, P. F. Cummings, G. S. S. A*«t., Winnipeg;
Is  one  of  the
Hotels i» these mountaius where the stranger feels
at home. The landlord has a smile for every guest,
and the creature comforts of the Hotel are unsurpassed in the Silver City. The meals are free from
lead, the beds from bugs, while the fluids on the bar
produce a reasonable amount of exhilaration without
a disastrous result in the morning.
Wi George Clarke
The god of all the French will
soon be filling this western land
with the music of his flowery, but
Liberal oratory.
Just now Winnipeg is tho home of
grafters of every description. Money
is so plentiful that some of the citizens have to keep ice in their pocket*
to escape a conflagration.
Ix thk States some of the big
dailies are discharging their war
correspondents for being too reliable Yellow journals pay more
for dressed lies than the naked
Tub coming season wilt be hot
and dry, Forest fires will break
out and cause great loss unless extraordinary precautions sre taken
bv the police and people to prevent
It gets dry sometimes in Alaska,
The Treadwell mills on Douglas
J    -I,,-,,    ,1      1      9    ...    .        1 ' •
....... .... . «,  «,#*.»,«<    , .........~    .1 ****! »n.;i
1)uu: owhix iuu luck o! auma yum.
The Trfadwell mine* turn out 80,
Jack sat 'way back in church
with his mamma. It wa<? his first
experience. Everything was wonderful to him. By and by the collection was taken, but imagine the
surprise of Jack's mother when the
usher passed the plate, to hear Jack
"No, thank you; I've got some
money of my own!"
Wife—Bo sure to advertise for
Fido in the morning papers.
Next day the wife read as follows
in the newspapers: "Lost, a mangy
lapdog, with one eye and no tall.
Too fat to walk. Answers to the
name of 'Fido.' If returned stuffed,
$2 reward."
WISK   t.At>.
Ottawa.—The Customs Department states that the privilege enjoyed by American vessels since
1800 of carrying Canadian goods
from British Columbia ports to
Dawson, via St. Michael's, and having entry there free of duty, has
been withdrawn. In future Canadian goods shipped in American
bottoms to Canadians in tbe Yukon
via St. Michaels, will have to pay
Customs rates. The effect desired
is the confinement of Canadian
trade with the Yukon to Canadian
Filbert Hotel
BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The story is told of a youth in a
VFwIrt/n w*\    rtfA-if*,**] TM< f»     1 (-"••.'
m   '    ******        -»     ».1.IM*»»* A   ** I*.        9 **■* ■•*'■***,*■       +i -&*■*>    *J*a
tbr /"SrcnJaiJoM ot this U/.-wl
' 'If I stand on iny head,' * said the
He—You say there are no flowers
for the dinner table. Where are
the chrysanthemums I sent home?
She—Oh, George, don't speak so
loud. You might hurt Bridget's
feelings. Sho didn't understand
what they were, and has cooked
them in milk.
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Boom is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.   The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Everything
We Set the Best Meal in Sandon
Meals 50c.      Tickets $7.      Main St., Sandon.
Sandon and Elsewhere
In every mining camp in Kootenay, this great company of Meat
Dealers has established a name that will live as long as the name of the
Slocan. In Sandon, Manager Gusty is ever on the alert to supply the
best meats obtainable. You will always find the beet Fresh ana Salt
Meats; Salt, Fresh and Smoked Fish; Ham, Bacon, Sausages and Lard.
And when you want Poultry in season, er feel like having a dish of
000 ton» of ore a month and make teacher, by way of illustration, "the
a profit on each ton of 30 cents.
Ip thk beauties of Slocan lake
were known to the tourist world
nothing could hold the crowd from
filling all the town* around eyery
summer. The sights to be seen
around the glacier  opposite New
blood at once  rushes to my head,
Nolxxly contradicted her.
"Now," she continued, "when I
stand on my feet, why doesn't the
the blood rush to my feet?"
"Because," replied the youth,
"your feet ain't  empty.*'
A singular incident was that
when a horse owned by Mrs. Eliza-
I oetn MHtiHi ot iMXJiurti ttameu from
the Kf&bie into ihe iiinxnm aim «U>oa
beside the stove. The animal had
become chilled with the cold, and
with a sort of human instinct made
»• I..
mn *n.t*'ji  *M tiVtti tin**** id.
The "women of the house were
busy washing when the horse came
in, and were much surprised to see
their strange visitor. The horse
was led ont to the barn after it had
| become warm.
Drop » word over the 'phone to "7, Sandon."
4 feW *.' *   ft  \S a%A -Km* At A
Of the Miner's Union Block
I* At mlf fc*B fa tl* il/lf 'ittWiliM* {tt thtt*
atrkat Performance*, Conceit*, I nmt* mnt
other public PulcrtalnnicnU.
for booking*, writ* or wit*—
8«cr**urj Sandon Ulntn' Baton
•AffDOft, O. C.
nafatoriorvftw. tk*it*it«*p*ettj Mft; mo*
tm m*g* tppttamtm furnace fetaiad ttenmtfamt popoktiea to ttatttrtam, \jm. Eleventh Yeah
Ck Charm of fiiddcn Gold
. London.—Emigrants from the
old country at one time firmly believed that they could pick up gold
on the streets if they could only get
to America. If they will return
here they will find the legend has
come true of the' streets and lanes
of 'appy England. Sixty thousand
dollars in gold is scattered all over
the place aiid any one that can find
it can have it. , "'       ,
The yellow journals of London
are always willing to pay handsomely for suggestions in the noble
art of avoiding the lottery laws. Ih
England there must be some exercise of judgment or the prize competition is gambling.
To avoid all question as to whether
a man had used auy judgment in
the matter, it was at first.thought
advisable to confine gift enterprises
to dead men, who tell no tales. The
first idea was the brilliant one of
making a copy of the paper found
in a dead man's pocket an insurance policy. But the great British
public have a-deep rooted objection to1
any garni; which a man must dietobeatj
the next step was to% pay premium^
for the answers to all * kinds of ques-j
tions. The lowest step, in the ladder
was to offer five guineas for the best
opinion of what A should do if B iii*^
eisted on having the car window left
open, or sqmethinj-r of that kind. The
top rung was reached by the Times!
competition on. questions in the encyclopedia. 1
'Picture puzzles were for a lcnff time
tlie ruse and a dollar a day for lite was
offered to those who could  name  the
Eostoffice towns which were represented
y twelve pictures appearing in each
issue of the paper for a year. These
were mostly catches, cleverly drawn. A
minister standing in a pulpit with one
hand in the air ahd his mouth wide open
was promptly translated "SpeakwiiH",
butin reality it meant "Reading", because his eyes were cast down on the
desk in front ofhim and ho was reading
The latest dodge is the simplest and
the best of all TidBits hegap it bv
hiding a thousand dollars iu the earth
beside a county milestone
The hiders were the proprietors of the
_Diiner._ancLthey^_pretended to hove.«.
breakdown with an automobile, so as to
get an opportunity to di? a hole in the
ground between the wheels and conceal
the treasure without being too closely
observed Then they published a serial
story, in every installment of which
there way some part of the clue as to
where timl thousand dollars lay hid.
Thousands of Sherlock Holmeses read
that story and reasoned it all out, but no
one got it right until the final chapter
of tho story was published. That gave
the complete clue.
Twenty minutes after the paper
reached the nearest town a man walked
up to the milestone and dug up the
dollars. Iu less than an hour a dozen
others located tliu milestone correctly
and amused themselves by making the
hole deeper. Then they filled it up
again so that llmse who came after could
dig it over again
That was a great advertisement. The
idea was taken up by thirty-two papers,
and now there are about thirty of these
whose night editors go into the country
and hide gold instead of wasting their
time editing the news columns.
Sometimes the actual gold is hidden,
ten to a hundred sovereign* in a bunch.
Tho latent is to place  the coin iu smalt
and a hedge on
sections of lead pipe, stamped with a
number and the name of the paper.
Sometimes only a medallion ie concealed,
upon presentation of which at the news
paper office its face value will be paid to
the finder, provided he Jiilnws himself to
be photographed and give6 the story of
his life for publication , v
After the niffht editors have hidden
their treasure they return to the office
and write a lurid description of the place
These descriptions are not as deep as a
well nor as wide as a church door, but
they are enough Here is a fair specimen: ' *;4-* : "'   ■ , '-: ;;
"However, not being satisfied with
this piece af land for the purpose of hid-
iug treasure, 1 retraced-my steps to the
last sign post I had passed, and goiny
down the road to' which it pointed I
walked along a winding lane with a high
brick wall on the right
the left.
"Continuing some distance down here
I crossed some water and went past two
lonely cottages on my right Beyond
these I came upon a long, dreary stretch
ol muddy road with hedges on either
side and at last I crossed the railway
and found myself once more in an in
habited and civilized district.
"On reaching the main road I turned
to the left and passed in the following
order some almhouses, a Congregational
church, and, almost immediately facing
it, a corrugated iron mission hall. A
little further on is a public house with a
milestone in front.
"Carefully examine the latter and you
will find that you are on good odds '10
to 1.' With this encou'agiiiy: assu-ance
that you are on the right road follow me
over a bridge spanning some water
"I then took a tui ning to the right and
and came to a wooden footbriuge, so
I again crossed the wv.ter • and \\;alke(l
along a footpath beside it, at the back
of eome houses, and with a large open
space on my right. '
"At the end of this footpath I crossed
the railway by an iron footbridge an I
discovered another footpath with an
open space on the left. Here you will
find the little treasure tube, in a line
from one or two, just before vou reach
three." * '   ,
The "line from one to two just before
you reach three" is unintelligible uutil
you are on the ground. Then you may
find it means fence posts, telegraph
poles, trees or church steeples. Itis
dangerous to aek any of your competi
tors or you may give him a hint that he
had missed.
There ig a great rush for these, papers
Crnwda nt
not a pleasant one. because many a poor
devil of a treasure hunter has been
hauled up just as he was.approaching
thc, mbe he was in search nf.
Nothing can be done to the proprietors
of the papers, because they cannot be
caught iu any overt act, and it cannot
be .proved that they-disturbed the highway in 'making the concealment of
medallions.*.. In fact, they insist that
they never di.:* up anything, bin simply
cover the treasure very lightly after
laying it on the ground. "   \
A funny ea.-e occured. at Islington
Ahout twenty treasure, seekers **;were
sure that they were .hot upon the trail
and thjtt the treasure was in theffutter
uear a certain.,. lamppost. Beside this
post stood a big policeman,; who kept
the crowd moving all the afternoon,
allowing ho. one to poke into the gutter
or stick knives into the curbstone joints.
The moment this policeman was relieved a man darted through the crowd
and picked up a $50 medallion right at
the foot of the lamppost, which had been
uncovered by the continued tread of the.
constable's feet.
The dark side of the story is thegrow-
ing tendency of roughs and thugs to fol-
these treasure seekers, and if a man who
is fortunate enough to find a medal or a
tube is seen by one of these gangs.and
is not provided with a revolver and a
good stock of courage he will certainly
be set upon and robbed.
Several such cases have already been
brought into court, but the treasure
hunters don't seem to enlist much sympathy from the judges. The whole thing
6eems to be looked upon as illegally,
lawful and a public nuisance. ■"*)
What have the papers gained by it?
Nothing. ^ '
Advertisers know that the increased
circulation is not a circulation among
those that sre desirable to reach by ad-
vertisments, and the paper itself does
not pay for the gift enterprise, which
the proprietors vainly tsytomakeout
is a charitable , affair, as. it is the poor
and needy that find most of the tubes.—
NewYorkSuri. ~ -
Cbc Similkameen District.
out-of-works, small boys  aud eiifcruris-
ing clerks of all ages swarm rouid the
trains in the country districts so as to get
the first numbers ofthe papers contain
ing the clues for that district.
As soon as the probable starting point
has been recognized by the description,
a foot race ensues, and in less than ten
minutes after the arrival of the papers
you will see a mob of silent, intent, determined men, each with a closely folded
paper in his hand, rooting round in all
sorts of places with i ou shod sticks,
table knives, oyster forks and old chisels,
anything tbat will turn over tbe ground
with ease and dispatch.
When the medallions are concealed in
town, they are usually placed at the foot
of a lamppost, in the corners of doorsteps, or between tho joints of the curbstones. If the road is macadam, the
treasure hunters will tear it up along tho
gutter for miles, a proceeding which is
promptly stopped by the police, who
havooroors to arrest all persons damaging the highway.
Everyday a number of men iu each of
theso treasure trove districts are taken
before the magistrates nnd fined $10 or
ten days for treasure hunting. 1 his's
the reverse side of the picture, and it is
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly.   Tents and awn
ings maae to order.
The copper-gold deposit? of Coal Hill,
the con I deposits of the Nicola Valley,
and the Aspen Grove mineral deposits,
comprises, an area ol mineral resources
capable of providing employinent to
thousands of skilled workmen Farther
south, the area is continued into the
Siniilkameeu district, of which F. AV.
Gruve, M.E.', writes the following interesting description in the Similkameen
Star :—
Stretching from Kruger mountain on
the east to tne summit of the Hope mountains on the west, a distance of over 60
miles, and fi;pm the international boundary on the south, for'50 miles north, it
embraces an area of some of 8,000 square
miles Scattered ovei this great area—
oni*' enth of which hah not been pros
pected at the present day—are numerous camps, that is, 'groups of mineral
cla:ma located en the outcrops of mineral
deposits, either of gold, copper or silver
Starting with Copper mountain, which
lies about 10 miles south-east of Princeton, we have a mineral zone over three
miles long by about two miles wide.
Over nearly the whole of this area the
outcrops of large bodies of copper ore
have been uncovered by prospectors,
and though, with but oneexception, the
work done consists of shallow shafts and
open culs (which is all that the average
prospector can accomplish),yet sufficient
has been done to establi.-h the fact that
the greater part of this area is traversed
by a large number of chutes of copper
ore varying in width ftnn 2| feett o 50
feet and the indications are that many
of the ore bodies are of greater width but
the development work done is not
enough to show where one body of ore
commences and another leaves off
Ki«;ht opposite Copper mountain, on
the west side of the Si Ik am een river, is
Kennedy mountain, on which a number
of claims haye been located. Some work
has been done on these claims and a
number of ore chutes have been exposed
w'aich,. though not as large as those on
Copper mountain, are of ample s ize to be
worked profitably, especially as some of
them carry higher values iu gold as well
as copper, running in soiiie instances
from $8 to $45 in gold aud 5 per cent to
7 per cept copper. On two claims on this
mountain platinum has been discovered
in the ore, running from a few dollars to
several hundred dollars per ton.
Passing up the Similkameen river
about three miles further we come to
Friday Creek camp on the west, or left
bank, and the,Combination camp on the
right,  or  north  bank   of   the  river.
Order your Spring Suit now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
Fa F* Liebscher*
Sllvtrtoa't Beat Tailor
A pleasant substitute for home to those who travel. II ie
situated on the ehore of Lake Slocan, the moot beautiful
lake in all America, From ite balconies and windows can
be seen the grandest scenery on this continent. The internal arrangement* of the hotel are the reverse to telephone, nil the rooms being plastered, and electric bells at
the head of every bed make it easy for the dry moments in
the morn lug.
The best and cheapest meals in the country sre to bo
found In the dining room. The house is run on cosmopolitan principles, and the prospector with his pack on his
back is just as welcome as the millionaire with bis roll in
the hank. Every guest receives the best care and protection.
The liquors are the best in the Slocan. and the hotel has
lonff been noted for Its fish and game dlnnert.
This is the only flrst«elft» boose in the Lucerne of North
America, vrw loon at the ihuoloni mill -convince any
stranger that the viands are of first-chws quality. Rooms
reserved by telegraph.
New Denver. B.C
is offering with every purchase
iiTOTmalinrmOTtnwr naay^^
has been done upon a number of small
veins of high grade copper ore from
which the piactical miner and lessee
will some day, when the country is opened up and smelters are built, neap rich
rewards for their labor. Combination
camp is both a gold and copper one,
containing small veins of high grade
copper ore, but tiie principal body of
ore, so far opened up, consists of a chute
of pyrrhotito 5jfeet wide, carrying some
gold values, but no more than assessment work has been done on this lead.
Fifteen miles further up the Similkameen, uear the mouth of Roche river,
several small veins of very high grade
gold ore has been discovered; and the
richest copper ore, taken out in any
quantity, in the district lies on thedump
of a claim about two miles from the
mouth of Itoche river and consists of
some ten tons of black oxide of copper
assaying 2(1 per cent copper and tt in
gold, which was tak«*n out in running a
80-foot prospect tunnel
Leaving the valley of the Similkameen
river and uoing up the valley of the
Tulameen there are three camps situate
upon (ributarioM of the, Tulameen, which
contain urospeetH that only need capital
•tut hard work to become remunerative
producers of gold, sliver, copper nnd
lead, viz: Boulder Creek camps where
are tho CoUfln Jack groups, the only
claims upon which nny consistent development  work hns been done.    A
strong and well defined ledge carrying
good values in gold and silver has been
opened up by the Boulder Mining Com-
) any, owning the claims.
im Bear Cret-k, a;tributary of the
Tulameen, and about 20 miles from
Princeton, several strong find well de
fined ledges from four to eight feet wide
have, been located, which development
work has shown to run from $25 to $50
per ton, chiefly in gold. A number of
high grade copper ore veins with considerable gold values have also ;been
located on this creek; claim* that'with
the advent of "railroads ai d smellers
will, 1 have no d*»ubt, yield large returns
to those working them.
Further up the Tulameen is Summit
camp, situate directly on the summit of
the Hope or Cascade range of mountains
and about 40 miles from Princeton. Mu-
merous veins of high grade galena have
been discovered, carrying values that
will run in most cases $lu0 or over per
ton, principally in silver and lead,
though some of the ore carries small
gold\alues. These oie bodies are as
urge and the-veins'as t-trong and well
d fined as are found in the majority of
silver lead mini a being worked at; the
present time in the Slocan
These are the principal camps lying
to the west and south of Princeton, but
along with these there aie numerous
oiher claims scattered all oyer the country with, iu many cases, good showings,
only needing capital to develop them '
into producing mines.
Souih-ea.^t from Princeton, 25 miles
down the Similkameen river, is Camp
Hedley, a gold and copper camp, but
principally' the former, and ihe only
camp in tiie Similkaimen nistrict where
any continuous'development work, and
Veal mining has been carried on for a
.numbi'r nf years, the ■result-, oi'* which
have In en the o) eniug upof ihe Nickel
Plate mine and the proving of rich and
large ore bodies of sufficient size and
value to warrant the owners erecting a
1C0 stamp mill and cyanide plant, the
building of BI miles ot expensive flume
and a tramway over three miles long at
an^outlay of some §500,000, over an equal
sum having been spent in developing the mine, all of which the
manager expects to have-running in a
couple of months'time
There are a number of other good prospects in this camp which only require
development to transform them into
mines. North and eouth-east of Camp
Hedley are several other camps, such as
Riordan, Green mountain, Pearsons,
Iron mountain, Yuniman aud Olalla,
thaJattei-.situate, on the   OAsVand west
sides of Keremeos creek, about two
miles north of Keremeos. In all these
camps, which cover an area of over 20
square miles, the outcrops of ore bodies
have heen found varying in width from
the 1CD foot wide low grade copper deposits of Uiordnn mountain to the small
nigh grade ledges of milling gold ore of
Yuniman camp.
Outside of the work done by prospectors iu their annual assessments, little
development work has been done in any
of these camps, except on tho Bullion in
Olalla camp, on which the owners have
done considerable work, which has resulted in the opening up of a body of
good grade copper ore.
There is a good trunk road all through
the district, starting from Penticton,
where there is connection with th C.P.R.,
running via Olalla and Hedley to Princeton, thence up tho Tulameen river nnd
Otter creek, past Boulder creek and out
to Spence's Bridge on the C P.P. via
Nicola. There is also a wagon ro*d
from Penticton tu the Nickel Plate mine,
via Iron aud Uiordnn inountnius.
No description ofthe mineral resources
of the Siniilkmiieen district would be
■voniple'e without mentioning tlie coal
iiie*Mii en around Princeton, which cover
an area of 80 square mil?s, or 19,200
acres, and which have been proven to
contain over (H) feet of coal, mado up of
sen nm varying from 2Ja feet to 1H feet in
25 cts.
one chance on s ticket in the
World's Fair. Tho tickets hsve
• coupon attached, which ia
placed In a sealed box until the
l&th of .July, WW, when the
drawing takes place. Tbt man-
n«r of arawtng thai! he decided
by a committee. The chance of
s lifetime for a cheap trip.
P**$9* at a 4l*iamta tarn ***4**a*t*aj
Taar taaailamh* aam*.  A**rt** *tt tetters
rumcHou. a smvth. Ntuw.
Henry Stege, Proprietor
m nov dcodi t
The Exchange Hotel in Kail© fa
like an tmth in an Egyptian desert.
Slocan folks flock to it like bees
to a flower garden.
1 The Strathcona 1
|J m NELSON, B. C. jQJ
jnt Is the leading hotel In Southern British Columbia. g"|
(¥1 It haa ample aivMurnnodatton for a large unrulier of f¥ ]
*-* gaesta, and thc ideal porition it occupie* appeala "
]0 equally to any traveler m well m the tourlnt. R^
W^J Drummem will fltul large eample roomi and al! the u^J
i i wnvtmtuvm ui Uttt muntwu uvtti. a a
TV" ~*
I     ■ ^^M*-^^**j^^M-*-^^*^^«,-.^^*^lM-'..^l     Wt '^a   ^^^99m*9^^. **^^M M-l-*-^^. ^^^mw* ^^^    I      ■     I
IMl. Ww^^W^^^^i^^^^J^, rt^^w^^-^^ii^^taM^ _F_i
■     ■  fc-.-J11^-   ■**-■ ^m9. *k^^^m^m'l~~m^m*~~Ji   ypj ^^^W^J^^^^t^t^^^m,^.  M     W
m-Ja Wmmmm0Sf*t atw^mm^^^m^w^_mu,^^l^mmmmm.i^^  mWm^ ^^mmm.^^^^**-^^^^*^^     ,^^a tk, Mi
!2jB. TOMPKINS, Managergj
•K.    09,    99.   ** I
*% <t*i* t^ ts *t**rt9it.
*w*t*t w*r**\ i t*t* THE LEDGE, XEW DE.VVKR/B.C., APKIL 28, 1904.
Commercial Hotel
Is the home of all Slocan people
traveling   to   aad    from  'Poplar.-
Heals always Ready
McLaenlan Bros., Props.
p.o.box ss NEW DENVER.
Terms on application    -
Eleventh Year
(each one different) are
sent to any address for
R. T. Lowerj
fPHK KING'S HOTKL in Ferpriismi is a cheer-
1 fui home for all tnvelers to ihe Lardeau.
,F   ANK BARBER. Proprietor.
L and American pl(vn. Meals, 20 cents Rooms
fr)m 2'c up to *1. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the aoid
lh the sale. MA LONE & TREG1LLUS.
'pHK ROYAL HOT.KL, Nelson, is noted for
*■•: the excellence of Its cuisine. SOL JOHNS,
proi)rifctor. _^_  .   ' -
BAUTLKTT HOUSE, formerly the Clark
is the best SI a day hotel in Nelson. Only
white help employed. G W. BARTLETT
rpHK SltVKK KING "HOTKL, Baker St.,
1 near Ward St . Nelson. B 0. THK WOL-
LAtt   A   DAY   HOUSK.
fPHK HOTKT. FKRGUSON Ib the home of
1 Slocan people when thev are in Ferguson.
MGDONNEL & BLaCK, Proprietors.
THK    BK1TTANNIA    HOTKL is the oldest, and the best in the Lardo.   Gold seekers
always welcome.     ULVIN BROS.
TG.   JUKI*, VIST,    Manufacturing   Jeweller.
 t    Ktrnpri  Wnt.rth  Rptintr*ftr,_Dininond_Seltor_
and Engraver. Manufactures'Chains. Lockets
and Rings Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any in Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
The London " I'rnth"' publishes the,
Joilowing from an American travelling,
in India. He vows that he heard a
Bengal pleader make the speech in a
ease in wliich tliiuv were cross-sum-
mouses lor assault. Maybe it has been
st roii« ly iiavored with Yankee humor,
but if not true or even new, it is, at any
rate, amusing- enough to print:
" My learned friend with mere Wind
from a teapot, thinks to browbeat me
frorri my legs But this is mere jrorilia
warfare. 1 stand under the shoes of my
client, and only s ek to place my bone
of (.onteiition clearly in your Eionor'e
eye. My learned triend vainly runs
amuck upon the sluet anchors" of my
case Your Honor>will be pl-eased
enough to observe that iny client is a
widow, a poor chap with one post-mortem son. A widow of this country, your
Honor will be pleased to observe', is not
like a widow of your Honor's country
A widow of this country is not ablfe to
eat more than one meal a day, or to
wear clean clothes, or to lGok after a
man So my 1 poor client has not such
physic or mind as to be able to assault
the lusty complainant. Yet she has been
deprived of some of her valuable leather,
the leather of her nose. My learned
friend has thrown only an argument ad
hominy upon my teeth, that my client's
witnesses are all her own relations. But
they are not near relations. Their rein-
tiouship., ia only homeopathic. So the
misty arguments of my learned friend
will not hold water. At least they will
not hold good water Then my learned
friend has 6aid that there is on the side
of his client a respectable witness, viz.,
a pleader, and since this witness is independent he should be* believed. But
your Honor, witn your Honor's vast
experience, is pleased to observe, that
truthfulness is not so plentiful as blackberries iu this country. And I am sorry
to say, though this witness is a man of
my own feathers, that there are in my
profession black sheep of every complexion, and someof them'do not always
speak Gospel truth. Until the witness
explains what has become of my client's
nose leather ho cannot be allowed to
raise a castle in the air by beating upon
a bush, so, trustingin theadministration
of British jiistice on which the sun never
eits, I close my case.'' *
Usually a cow does not stand much
chance when she engages iu a hand-to-
hand conflict with a jjrizzlv bear." said
Michael Ayres, a Colorado stockman;
'but several years ago one of my cows
killed one of those animals and came
out of the eiruggle without, a scratch.
the cow had recently given birth t-> a
caif It being her first born, the mother
was exceedingly vicious, and it was un-
pate for a stranger to approach her, as
her horns were long and pointed. The
cattle-shed had a thatchnri roof, and was
scooped,out of the hillside a short dis
tance from the house. .
-One "ight a bear, having smelt the
presence of a cow and calf, mounted the
roof of the shed and proceeded to force
an entrance by scratching th ou«h the
thatch. I he cow at the same time detected the presence of the bear, and held
bersejf unreadiness to receive the intruder. The noise of a terrible ftrug-
gle aroused me, andgrabbing a lantern
1 rushed from the house, and opening
the shed door found the cow in a franiic
state, butting and tossing to and fro
some large object, which evidently had
lost all power of resistance It turned
out to tie a good sized griz'sslv, which
had been, run through and tli rough the
body by the courageous mother. The
little calf was nestled in a corner, sleeping peacefully, and seemed unmindful
of tne maternal struggle. I suppose
that as soon as>the bear gained an entrance through the roof it was pinned to
the ground by the cow's horns before it
had time to do any damage.
orders lor tailor-made clothes Good commission,
■jxperienceunnecessary. Urowu Tailoring Co.,
10 Adelaide St. \V.,Toronto.  •    ,
"Wholesale   Meroh.an.ts.
***3 ers In Butter. Eggs, Cheese. Produce and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C.
ML. GKIMMETT, L. L. B., Ban-later.
.   Solicitor,Notary Public.    Sandon, B.C
Branch Office at New Denver every Saturday.
In.9uran.0e Se £&eal EJstate
L   Innurance Agent*.    Dealers In Real Estate
Mining Properties.  Houses to rent and Town
Lots (or Sale.
S. RASHDALL, New Denver, B. C,
Real R«Ut« mid Mineral Claim* for Sale Chlms
Mnri^n»r«d nnd Grown Granted.
1) U.MA A-KcilttOXON, New Denver Gen-
I crnl Drayman nnd dealer In cotil, wood and
Hm niii 17 imt* ♦•ximrlrncf In dentnl work. »nn
iimkiw a ••MiflnHv of G<»ld Bridge Work. Visit
mado tn the Hlocan rpgntarlv
The Quartz Valley poet got hold of a
hatchet a few days ago and hewed out
the lollowing *.        ■     ■
O.hear the merry milk maids singing.
See the «heep the shepherd* are bringing,
Hear the milch cows'bells a'ringing,
On the farm.
See the river, how it bends,
Hear the cackling of the hens,
 And pig* °' aq'.j»'.'.!i!)g tn tJioJr pp"*»;
On the farm.
See the plow bovs turn their plows,
hear the lowing ot the cows
And the grunting of the sows.
On the farm
See the milk maid with her stool,
See the children off to school,
Hear the braying of the mule,
on the farm.
See old Rube in his new blou >e,
Sec the goats ujioii the house,
See the kitten with a mouse,
On the farm.'
See tho children at their play,
Romping 011 Au new mown buy,
Cheerful, meny, laughing, gay,
On the farm.
See old Rube with maul and Glut,
See the turkey gobbler strut,
See the lambs back off to butt,
On the farm.
Hear the dinner bell ring out
Hear the farm bunds yell and shout,
Smell the scent of nacur-krout,
On the farm.
See the boy with Hue ami hook,
See him going to the brook,
See htm for grasshoppers look,
Ou the farm,
Hear sweat song bird* In the trees,
Hear the humming of the bees,
Sett old Rube take snuff aud sneeze,
On tho farm.
See old Rube with dog and gun,
H«j the lilt l« chickens run,
See, tho hu wk lias captured one!
On the farm.
See old grandma in her chair,
Hte her comb her thin gray hair;
And ni her lup, a D.iok of Prayer,
On the farm,
8m the KitlrOiiH with her hesui,
Bee her iiluck the reddest rose
And hold it to each lover's iicmo,
On Ute farm.
—I'bkl'HMV OlKK.
Easter Hats
We have our Ladies' Spring Headgear unpacked. Ready-to-Wears
and Sailors. Dreams of Loveliness. We nre proud of the selection,
aud fed confident that our Sandon ladies will likewise feel proud of
their selection.    Watch for the big window display.
W.. R* ffegaW, Sando n and Vernon.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Address ==■■ ■' THE LEDGE
"VrOTIOE is hereby piven that, sixty davs
1> after date I h-tend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase fpr agricultural ))ur|K3ses the following described tract of
land: Com.ieiiciiig at a post marked "A. ll. F„
S. W. corner "and situated about 800 feet northerly from the shipyard at Rosebery and adjoining K. N. Cook's prc-erantion thence north -10
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence west 40 chains to point of commencement; containing 100 nitres.
. Dated April 5th. 1904.
Qonoral   Storo.
f  T. KKI.f.V.  THKKR  KOHKH. dealer In
•I,   ■Ur'H'Hrli**. Dry flumdn, Etf.
O Handon, ll.C M<-*tlnu* In tlw Union Hall
everv Friday evening at 730 VHtlnir brethren
cordially Invited tu alt mi J. K LOVERINa,
Void* Oram! t A. L.Ciuto, Vfr«ar*nd; W.J.
GAiincrr. HwMary.
^«A7«flMIX   f.OIMiK  NO  »4.    K.   Or  I*.
o MM* *v*ry Wiilni«klay evening at * o'clock
in the l'.\ tlilftn fimlf Hull, Ssmloii Hnjournins
brothrtii will wtlve a Pythian wtl<*o*m*t. H.
raAACTox.C.C.     Ai.FHrit J. Ham.. K. ft. ft H.
fOIIX  Mttl.ATCIIIK,   Dominion and  Pro-
*}   vIih'UI Land Hurveyor.   Krisou, II. C.
U HRYLAND. Engnwoi' nud, Provincial
,,   l<«inl snrttyoi.   KAMLO
Improves the flavor
and adds to the health-
fulness of the food.
When outfitting for camp
always take Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder for good
health and good food. It
makes the finest flapjacks,
biscuits and bread.
Never go into the woods away
from a doctor with a cheap alum
baking powder in the outnt. You
want the best baking powder in
the world—and It is most economical In the end.
VTuTICE Is hereby #i. en that 00 days after date
•^ I intend 10 apply to the Hon rab.e Chiet
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase for agricultural purposes
the following described tract of land: Commenc
ing at a post marked 'M. Q., N. W. corner." and
situated about 800 feet northerly from the shipyard at Rosebery and adjoining R.N. Cook',
pre-emption, thence east 40 cnaius, thence south
40 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence north 40
chains to point of commencement; containing 160
April 8th, 1904.
ISIS  Mineral Claim.
Situate tn tlie Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District. Where located: Near
Bear Lake, adjoining the Snap mineral
TAKE NOTICE, That I, Wm  S. Drewry, K.
I ..      f* ^,.__.L„l.,.^, — **.^M._^.......lr ...A n.,9...r^.«^.
asentfor Minna Boetcher F. M.C. o. B 0401(7,
Hugh B ■ Fletcher F. Mu C. No. B.09833, John-,F.
- clntosh. V M.C. No U it!i35ft. Oliver T. Stone,
F, M. C., No. y. (54:10, Itolit Williams No F. M.
C. Bf5iS80,.lns. Black, F. M.C. No. B.6l071,and
Her ertT. Twigg, F.M.C. No. B. 64392, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements for the puriiose of obtaining s
Crown Grant of tho above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 87,must be commenced before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements
, Dated this 17th dny, of March. A, D 1H04
To CHARLES NEWHAUS. or to whomsoever
,ne»n»j; have'transferred his interest in the
Black Eagle mineral claim, situated on the
north Fork of Carpenter creek; Slocan Mining Division, West Kootenay.
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended
ijlOJSOin labor'and improvements ou the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions ol the Mineral Act. and if within 90 days
from the daie or tliis notice you fail or refuse lo
contribute   your   proportion   of   the   ^.bove
mentioned sum,-which ls  now due,  together
with    all     costB    of   advertising, ■ your   in-
torc>,t   in   the   said    claim will   become the
property of the undersigned under Section 4 of
the "Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900."
Three Forks. B.C, March 10,1904.
To G. F. COPELAND, deceased, or to whom his
interest has been transferred in the Morning
Star mineral claim, situated on Goat mountain, Slocan MiningDivlsion,West Kootenay.
VOU are hereby notified that I have expended
1 ,*-710.oo lu labor and. Improvements, on the
above mentioned mineral claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if, within 90days
from the date of this notice you fail or refuse Ut
contribute your proportion of the abovn mentioned sum, which is now due, together with all
co8tsof advertising, your in terest inthe said claim
will become the property of the undesigned
under Section 4 of the "Mineial Act Amendment
Act Wuo." 0
New Denver, B. C., April 7, 1904.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Latids nud Mineral ClaimaSurveyod
and Crown Granted.
I'. O. Box r-r-J,        ORlce: Kootenay St., NeUon
—....i.2vlTA^bi 7J2JL.
AM V ny HOT fPRIKtlt * A WIT AH-
__ IU5W. Iht-mMpfm^kteii
on th« Continent «f North #\m«rf- fl
«a. Situated mkw (twneryun
fit*l\**i 1*w OnttAtwr. tv+iltie
y irtniitr noo ^.tiniM-ifih in 1 tih 1..*.»,> j>"ii,iMi/i
IfttoriM. T-tlwrrsphlc rwr.m*OMi'*tl«n with *U
prtiof IbiwodJ; two m»IU *rrtv<e and 4tp*ti
ttttfmf* lt« twth-M tort all tim-«» and
maaeabviia*****: tu waUr« b*sl ail KMiay.
LittT ami fttonmch Ailment* ol •very nam*.
ft* Jffic* of * roandtrlp dflurt* bHw**n
Jftw Dtnrtr and Halcyon, obt4tnaM« all tb*
fttttmnA ami troc*i tntto 4*$*, i* »M. n*b
ejron Sfrtnft, Arrow Us**, n. C.
8omk months ago I imued a publication called «• FLOAT" at the
grc^tent ex^nae ever Incurred for the ulngle iaaue of any publication in
Kootenay. The work contain*, in addition to over 50 illuatrationa,
full page and otherwise, fteveral atoHeti by different writers, and nketchea
of my own upon thing* that have occurred in the variona cam pa of the
Blocan. Life in the cent belt is depicted in all the sombre ahado of the
effete but Sunday School ami. Takeu altogether a 81 would not be too
much to charge for fttch a work, but I whipped aeveral carlondu at
50 cent**, and atill find that I have aeveral thouaaml left. In order to
-Rfwfot the world, and «jwp«*r! an^wMno ov»»r vowny a darV p«tb T will,
until further notice, ttv\\ " FLOAT" ttt 25 cent*, three copie« for 50
e«nl»-, or Kcvi'ii copies for a dullar, (MMt free auywhei*e. TourUt
afwociatinn* ahould aend \t to all centre* of travel. Other* ahonld treat
their tjli^uint irmuln Ui a w;py. .Shoot your orders in Wie most convenient collateral and address them—-
RT*     f   /\ti fr*f\iF          
. T. LOWERY N""--Bc-
Situate lu tho Slocan Mining Division of West
Kooienay District, where located: On
Silver mountain near tlio Hartney mine.
TAKE NOTICE That I, Wm. S. Drowerjt,
acting as a^ent for Alfred J. Marks Free
Miner's Certilieate No. B. W.GOii, Intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mlnine Kecorder for a Certiticate
3f Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Grown Grant of the abovo claim.
And further take notice that action, under sec
tion 37, must he commancetl before tho issuauit
of such Certilieate of Improvements.
Dated this !N*t (lay of April. 11*01.
New Crop -Home Grown
and Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds,
ton aritixo i'Lasting.
Eastern Price* or lew. Willie Labor,
Catalotrne Krte.
U» W-wtmlnitor Itoad. Vancouvtr, 11. C
K. & 8. Ry.
Lv h:.M0*.tn.-8fUidnti-Ar 4t25 p.m.
Ar 10:45 a.m.-Ka*lo-Lv 2:00 p.m.
Steamer Kaslo.
Lv 1:80 p.m.-Kanlo-Ar 11:00 a.m.
I .. t.nn \" ,1    ...     i  ...   r> rv r*   ,   ..
»*..     t.,d   |>,U,,      kH'*„,..Mk.      k.*l      v..   , u     MiLU.
Tkk«t* told to til Nrii of the United
State* and Canada via Great Northern
«nd O. R & N Company'* Unci.
Fnr farther partial!*? cult on or *d-
IlrtBERT IRVING, Muv*g*v, K**U>,
NOTICE IS HEREBY GlVENj That, 80 d.;ys
alter date I Intend to apnly to theflon. The
Chief Commissioner of L;uidf and Works for a
special licence to cut and carry, away timber
from tho following described land, commencing at a post planted at tho Worth East corner of
W. H. . udhope Timber Limit on tho south tide
of Bonanza en eU and about (IJ miles from Slocan
lake iu West Kootenay District, Thence west 80
c-hnins, thence north 80 chains* thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to place of commencement. ,
LONZO OX LEY, Looater.
Dated this 4th day of April 10(M,, •
A ranch, with hotel building, at
Twelve Milo, Slocan lake. Several
acres ready for cultivation and implements on hand. A packing sta-
tion for minen in the vicinity. Terms
easy. For particulars apply to—
J. H. Cory, Three Forks, B. C.
WANTEDS*1 lirratt
territories, to ripi'i sent nnd advertise nn ort
ctttnhlitihed buslncw hnuse of solid tliiHiiclitl
siftinllnn Htilnry ttl weekly, with cx|Muises
advont'cd each Womlny by cheek direct n«.m
headqunrtera. ExjMinses advanced; iiositloii
iH)nminf.iit. We furnish evorytnliiR. Address
The Columb a, ftjo Motion Uldir., Chicago HI
\\T A X'TETl Special Rcprccetitathe
W A IS 1 t!l I) In this coumrjr and ad-
Joliihur territories, to represent and advertise an
o:d(>'tul>llxlii-d iimlncjw home of solid tlimnclnl
standing. Hnlary »Hl weekly, with Exj«niM advanced each Monday by check direct from betni
(inarters. Hone and bumy lurnWiwl whei:
neccMury; irf4ltlon permanent. Addrt-M Blew
Hro«.4 Qu., UximRIO Mmnon KMr,,Chlv^u.Ill,
Direct Line  Lowest Bates
New York
Han Vmietaco
VU Boo Pacific Uot, St. Paol, Chicago tnd all
V, H. |M>(nM
to Akaka, Japan,China, Hawaii, Aastralla.
1    totuitHOyiMtauiK* *i tiogiAott 9nu toevunii-
\ wtitvli* itMP, ft. Ore*
Por tlnw tahlM, r 'tn and Information, apply
to local agent*, or wi ;t«—
U. P. A , Kalsoii.
A O. P. A., Vancouver
i        PH0T0GRAPHIR8 *


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