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The Ledge Jul 7, 1904

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v; .v
^^g!^7mm^y ta"
Volume XL, Number**
Price, $2 a Year, in Advance
W. C Lawrence is working1 at the
C A. Lett is spending1 his vacation at'
the coast.
Legal linen-lined envelopes are for
sale at this office.
Captain McKinnon is tho new man at
the wheel ou tho Slocan.
BORN—In Slocan, on June 24 the
wife of Peter Swan of a son.
A prospector from Spokane is looking
for gold at the head of the lake.
W. C. E. Koch has the, contract for
building the flume at tho Alice mill,
The tug ''Sandon" took down a boom
of logs from the head of the lake on
W. J. Twiss came into camp last week
with his usual hustle and captured several orders.
Harry Strickland has left Hoben's
store and his place has been taken by
C Vallance.
Hot weather hasbeen the order of
"theweeKT"-! ifetiiefiiroraeter registered
96 in thejhade on Sunday,
Land seekers should take a look at
Slocau lake. No place in America is
more desirable in which to build a home.
A bear is haunting" the lower levels
of Goat mountain.   He is probably look
ing for a shoot  of  berries,  or  Jacu
ISJobody can accuse Stege of 'being a
dryland sailor.   He was kept busily
'ensnared taking1 parties in his launch all
last week,
Wr, and Mrs. Cook, from the Okanagan, have taken Goo. Thompson's
house, and intend stopping here for the
The Methodist Sunday School had a
picnic in Union Bay last Saturday,
mainly to collect wood for the winter
heating of the church. x
Dan and Alex Mad'henon and John
'Woroly are* working on the Big Bear
ake towns
The annual meeting-' was held at the
Primary school room on Saturday the
25th June when A. E Taylor w'qs elected as trustee for the ensuing term W.
G.Brown and C. Di" McRao were appointed auditors and reported all itemfc
paid as correct The trustees' statement showed tliat incidental expenses
for the school year ending Juno 30th,
amounted to $147, as follows:
Accounts left over from previous
year    17 70
Janitors for two schools, up to
Feb  28    26.00
Wood and coal for both schools..   T>8.:I0
Painting blackboard etc      6 00
Scrubbing   and    cleaning   two
schoolroom's      5 50
Sundries—ads, stationery, etc..;     9.50
Scavenger work—Primary school   24.00
Received government allowance
Balance unpaid ,$47 05
Since February tlie work of sweeping
aud lighting lires has been done by J;he
"pupil s^ "~ ~*      "
ScuoQfi.Statistic,"..  „
Senior School—Norman Morrison, teacher.
No of days school open        20,">
No. of puoils on roll         Ti
Boys           is
Girls          14
Average a»o (years)     12.d"2
During th«vear2 pupils came in from
Sandon, 8 went to Vernon and ono \o
Junior School—Grace E. Wilson, Teacher.
No. of days schools open........ 2itt
No. of pupils on roll...7.,,,  2l>
Boys  ll
GirlB ,..........'  15
Average age  ,  7 28
During the yoar 4 were promoted, 2
went to Vernon, 2 to Fire Valley ami 1
to Nelson :    ' ■'	
SUNNY   81 UK   OF   LIPK,
'I.   u    ".""
The celebration in Nejson on Dominion Day was a success morally and
financially. The outside attendance
was not very large but the local people
were out in force, except in tlieCali-
thump'an procession. It was, not even
as strong as the hnnonade at the recreation grounds There were no accidents
and thu police did not make a. single
arrest which speaks well for the mild
nature of the boozeriue sold ih tho burg.
The celebration was different from the
old days, but then Nelson to-day is
filled with handsome women and beautiful children and thev have a refining
influenceupon the sterner sex that keeps
a town from being spoiled with red
don news growings
an'i'Al Karr have
gone to the
group of claims on Springer creek, in
which they havo an Interest, ».
Nat Darlina" hailed ua lost week. Ho
was riding on a cloud to Throo Forks
iu order to make time so that ho could
see the fun In Nolson.
An Ice cream Social beginning at 4
p in. will be given on Tuesday, the 12 th
lost., on Mrs. Bolunder's Lawn, by the
Church of England Ladles' Guild.
A number of people took advantage
of the cheap rate to attend the two day
celebration nt Nelson. They returned
in tho small hours of Sunday morning.
T. J. Lendrum will spend tlio year
attending to hU Interests In this province. He slates that nt tho present
time it ii almost im possible to procure
money in England for mining Invest*
montt, ^
A Chinamen visited Now Denver on
Dominion Dav, but left the next morning He had heard this town spoken
of as an earthly paradise, nnd took it to
be ptrt of tho Celestial Empire, but was
sadly mistaken.
C. J. Campbell staked a water-right
near the Mollie Hughes last week. The
water here to of {hat rate quality and
reus all the vear round ami Is Hullldout
to .supply tee entirn townsite, If the
proportion is carried through It will be
the bost thing ever Anno for thn town
A mooting of merchants of tlio Hloean
wa« held in Sandon last week to protest
««4*«»«»«,   ****}   ii*ui"i
According to the good old creed there
is a sunny and a shadowy side ou the
road of life. Those who aro ItuLand
follow tho shady sido are continually
rubbing shoulders with such" company
as Worry, Vanity, Jealousy and 'Selfish
ness. It gets you In a way of thinking
that all the affairs of the world are
wrong excopt in so far us congenial
with your porBonal will But on the
sunny sido what a difference. It Is ho
much easier to. havo a smilo on your
face and n song sin your lips where
warmth nnd sunshine Is than where itis
cold and dreary. Cheerfulness, Hope,
Comfort, Happiness, Faith, and congeniality with your fellow sojourners
all flourish grandly out under tho open
blue sky. And, too, It Is a jolly crew
thnt marches along with you. 'Mirth.
Pleasure, Htalth, .Social Friendship and
Lovo, good follows all, who help tremendously to halve the burden and to
double the blessings of this important
effort we call life.
'Twas a happy thought and joyous inspiration thnt prompted tho people of
Handon, New Denver nnd Silverton to
formulate an Entertainment to briny
about in pleasant tinlsoe the children of
the lake and mountain towns to mingle
together In innocent joy and xlee at the
beautiful cove and grove At Union Bav.
It must have been most gratifying tu
the parents to witness their little tot*
gleefully sporting with each other in
joyous.congeniality, and to feel that
tjioso dear children ou which rest jov-
oua hopes, were being so pteasautlv
■u.i .ti. mie,*,    rt«wii««*««*uMWJU (otiiemJniiy title oi nu\ on j 8n, (;jtv tn WMHn<-
m'WjUvJ.V'j'T .33 llsiX;,   £?Avh :.*4£ Ih:)  to'ii.\.  i*t. il*u ami. ___..
how tho 'new schedule   ~"
Some very high-grade ore hss recently been'taken out of the Carson
near Rapid creek, free gold being found
in thegaleua.
On tbe Silver Glance, east of the
Lucky Jack, a crosscut has been run
15 feet through a fine body of quartz,
canyiuggood gold values.
John Perkins ...of Everett, WaBh ,
came in on Wednesday's train and Will
Eaglegroun, Poplar" creek. Mr." Perkins lias been working on some claims
near Nelson for the past two months
with \ery satisfactory results.
The Copper Queen, owned by An-
deison& Cochrane, and located about
eigiit miles up Poplar creek, is ono of
thf big propositions of the district. The
lend lias been proved by open crosscut
to be upwa*d8 of seventy feet in width,
and has been traced for .several thousand leet, Jack Simpson having located
on tho load about four thousand feet
from the Qucon. No assay returns havo
been received from the samples sent out
a fow days ago, but it is believed tho
values will bo high in both copper and
Frank MarcuB has for somei timo been
dovotiug his attention to the schists on
tho Marcus and Gilbert group, taking
samples aud panning, anil will in a few
days send several hundred pounds to
Spokane to be tested by the Hendryx
process. Ho thinks that the .greater
jmrt of tho schist on his and the Swede
groups will run nigh enough to be mined
and trout ud at a profit Tho rock will
run between fo and 810 lo the ton, and
as there are enormous bodies of it, the
•cost of mining—or rather quarrying—
will amount to more than 50cents*a ton.
The rock will, of courw, havo to be
treated In the district, ns it is not of
suilicloiitly high grade to pay freight in
addition io treatment rules. With almost unlimited water power within a
fow hundred feet of tho ore body, and
with every natural advantage for cheap
mining and treatment, there is no roa
«nn why hundreds of s-'tiVnuvi t-hould uot
within a very short period bo crushing
rock at profit ou Poplar ereek. We
have Inrger oro bodies and higher grade
than tho famous Treadwell iu Alaska
Tt.e natural advantages nre superior t<<
those in iho north, and every condition
is more favorable for the prolitable
mining and treatment of the Poplar
creek ores. All that Is required in the
stamp-mill and this should be a prolitable investment for capitalists.
Pat Carey opened his hotel at Poplar
last week. *
Rod Dewar has returned from a trip
to the east
Dr. Gomm holds the fishing record
for Sandon.
J. R. Cameron is training his chickens
to roost higher.
James Clarke has .gone to Manitoba
to look at the wheat.
John Regan is inspecting some properties near Trout Lake.
Wm. Hood is hitting the hammer on
the Alice mill at Crea'on.*
H. B Alexander is attending to his
mining ventures in Idaho.  '*■ „■
Sandon should lose no time getting
ready the celebration for Labor Day.
Dr. Thompson and wife, of Dawson
city are visiting relatives in the city.
The Sandon Hardware Co*, are getting
readv for business.   W.W. Fallows will
"be manager.
Ed MoLeod is travelling for his health
"and,, quietly boosting the Labor Day
W.'R. Megaw is capturing tho trade
in Sandon and shipping large quantities
of supplies to the mines
At a meeting of the Slocan merchants
last week a committee was appointed to
adjust matters with tho CT: R.
The new freight rate on tho C. P. R.
workB a hardship on the New York
Brewery but the quality of its beer is
better than ever.
Windy Bill was tho most prominent
Hgure in the Calithumpian parade at
Nelson last, week. Red Paddy was
unable to attend owing to other engagements.      „__'„_     	
Tho minor should not forget tho fact
that mineral specimens of ran nature,
or specimens showing fine crystnliaa-
tion, are much sought for na additions
to mineral cabinets The business of
collecting minerals hae grown so that
there aio 20 dealers through tlie country who are always ou tho lookout for
line cabinet specimens, nnd stand ready
to purchase at any timeapocirneiis show*
ing line crystalization or rare minerals.
Many (ine'specimons aro thrown on the
dump, their value not known. The
average good-sized crvstalli/.ed or rare
mineral will bring dolUrs apiece at
retail. __     	
Nativo nramie is not a rarity, though
it is not mined in quantity.   The pro-
dm lion of .u.M'iiir. in ni.iioly from iin*
sulphides realgar ami orpiment* Native
Two women will graduate Irom the
Montana School of ^fiiion this year, one
of them being a M.if.v iaiitl ^irl. Tin-.v
expect to pursue tliis work of mining
The Standard Oil f'o, will Inereavi' its
tank rapacity in Kansas ro the extent
of J.wi.ttX) barrel*.    The companv in-
tpml«* fr\ f*n»*iM *«MAt  **   t*ttr\.r* lift?.  f>"-^M>   i.p'i*>*
abt.ut (I
«   heavy
point   of
specific gravity.
When mined'it is tin white in color, but
utmn ttu'iMHlic*8 on tln< Mtrftlee to A dull
gray, It being very Micceptiblo to light
and air. It occurs Mm wing teniform or
tiotryoldal surface. There is little native
Arsenic found iu Iho United States; n
few specimens have heen extracted from
mines in N'ew Hampshire It is found
chiefly in the silver mines of Saxon,
Hungary and oilier Kuro|Mian localities.
The larger mines nf Um United States
employ arm I*** of men. ll i* e«t muted
that there are l.'i,«>'*'i men emplu Wl in
the copper mines of northern Michigan
The largest number of men employed
by any one min.! Is that of the Calumet
£ Hecla Mining company, who give em-
The Frisco was surveyed last week
The force at the Reco has been increased
About'a car of ore is being packed
from the Albcta.
The Last Chance won its suit agairibt
the American Bey
Last week the Enterprise shipped HO
tons and the Ottawa, 66
Last week the Payne shipped20 tons;
Ivanhoe, 35; Slocan Star, 45.
Jake Kelsen has several inches of ore
in the old tunnel on the Argo.
Zinc is tin? dark horse that will make
the Slocan hum with prosperity.
Finn contractors are driving a 7 foot
tunnel on the Rambler for $9.75 a foot.
The Jo Jo shipped 20 tons pf silver
dry ore to Nelson this morning (Wed.).
The advance in the price of silver is
already showing its effect in the Slocau.
^ Ore is jtging sorted and sacked at the
Cmit^TiniTtig "iuul partners have a
It looks'as though silver would reach
the 60 mark. Japan wants plenty of
the white, tm-tul.'
The Chapleau mill is busy cleaning
up the oro that has been mined. Tiie
mine wiil be worked by. Nelson capitalists.
The Colorado, on Twelve Mile, will
soon ship a carload of ore tliat will
average, more than -100 ounces to the
Ore is being packed from tho Jo Jo on
the north foi k of Carpenter. Some ■ f
the richest ore in the Slocan is found on
this property.
The Edietm, adjoining tho Neepawa,
has been leased to Joo Law, Chas. Barber, and C. B. Taylor. It is owned by
Shannon, Jacobson and McGillivray.' *
Work is' progressing at the Mollie
Hughes and it will no doubt ho a prominent shipper in tho future Some alterations have been made in tho ore chute
to make it more effectire This mine
ships direct into the cars, without sacking, thus making a groat saving.
The curiosity of Mrs. Victor M. Cle-
ment of Salt Lake City resulted in the
discovery of tlie onlv turquoise mine in
Mexico, says the Salt Lako Tribune
The mine is located iu tlie Santa Rosa
district of the slate of Zacatecas, near
tho town of Bonanza, and Mrs Clement
ts one of tho owners At tho time of the
furqunhe dmeovory Mr* fbmieiitu wn*-
living al Bonanza. Her curiosity was a
joke among the people at the silver-lead
mine, as she wa* iu the habit of prowl
ing about the dump, picking up pieces
of ore and claiming that they weie all
sorts of wonderful things, "une day,
about thirteen mouths ago, she went to
thn dump as usual and picked up a
pretty light-blue stone, which was very
hard and shiny. She took it homo and
compared it with a piece of turquoise
she find secured in the States, and im>
mediately decided that her new find was
turquoise. She was laughed nt, but was
so persMetif that the specimen was finally sent to Salt  Luivo to lie analyzed.
The li'| oil rnune i*-i**A: iltiit It wo* pure
n!l.i-|.h;ite of « Umimiiii, or turquoise,
rurquoN fever broke out at much and
and other eutopics were vetured no A
sent In for aiiiilysh The report in each
instance wn** the same.    At piesent the
who explained
affected thia point. He In «Uo a member
of the* committee which will collect ovh
denca to lay .before tho Hallway Com*
Always haw* a bottle of Sandon
beer in your pocket when you go
fishing. Write lo (be New York
Brewery aud gel» oaae,
The provision rntnh by the good people
of New Denver for the comfort and
amusement of all was greatly appro
elated    Tho number of row boats that
■murr* e nntl finite ei»Ht*.r»   ■»»••..• *1..   J * *
and the kindly "act of jfr. Stege in haW
ing his launch "Lucerne" busily engaged taking load afrer load hi short ex
curiions, contributed a pleasure to the
visitors which will be long remembered,
—An Observer.
Mont., to
n«   manv.
..   . i.
Michael McAodrew's
FHKRto the I'ulilk-nicli md JW
Fifty Dollars Reward
Will be bald io anyone tuffrrln*
Kinutn»il*ro lhat It full* to «'i<r».
jNtitteulitr* a<idr«*t~
Mrs E McDougall, Nakusp. B.C
Homentake Gold Minin* coui,mufr, of
.South liakota, 2t<**i men. Some ot the
Arisona copper mines employ l.nw men
ior more, while nw«v no at flmi'ln«
island,in AImUh, the AJa.*k« 'i'readtieii
Mining company ban I.VjO men on its
pay roll. * __
Stop at Thc Queen'* Hotel In
Trout Lake Citv.
nnd   the'cf»'ornn,i are much harder Thau the Ori
ental turquoise. Up to this time the
ZacatiHaH ntunes h.tve not been placed
on tho market, but a number have been
forwarded to Tiffanv ot Sew Yuri-
Several cullers nre employed at tlie
mine and shipment** will be commenced
within n short time.
California's mineral production exceeded |it:.,0<)O,<*JO in il!*0. an increase
of »7)!U:>4 over 1f»>, i\ .r-'.,,,.***.* v«>', i-
Eleventh Year
The Ledge,
It. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
Published every Thursday in the richest silver-'
lead-zinc camp on earth.
Leual advertising 10 cents a nonpariel lino
rtr'st insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent
Insertion. Reading notices 25 cents a line, and
crttmnfirpinl advertising sraded in prices nceoid-
inir to" circumstances. >->'■*,'■.'
-Subscription. )?;2 a year In advance or $2 W) if
not so paid.
Certilieate of Improvement notices. S7T Delinquent Co-owner notices ilO.
Fellow Pilgrims: Thk Ledok is located at
Kcw Denver, B.C, and is traced to many parts
of the earth It has never heen raided by the
nheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or .subdued
hy the fear of man It works for tne trail blazer
as well as the bay-windowed, chanipaptn'e-flavored
capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of
everything, and believes that hell should 1« administered to the wicked in large doses. It, has
stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing
paystreak is proof that* it is better to tell the
truth, even tf the heavens do occasionally hit
our smokestack. •
One of the noblest works of creation Is the man
who always pays the printer; he is sure of a
bunk In paradise, with thornless roses for a pit-
liw bv night, and nothing hut gold to look at
by day.
Address all communications to—
New Denver. B.C
V pencil cross m this sqiinrr. ,
i • Urate* that  your suhserip
ti >n in due, and that the editor u
wants mco again to look at
your collateral
' V ,*.T\tVli.~/ f.    I •',
.      . i ■ ■ *■
most every thing. If scientific research keeps up Mike will be
blamed for all that is doing on this
earth and it is more than likely
that some of his relatives made
Sydney Fisher deal the mitt tlmt
put Duudonald over the sea.
Nat Daklixg says that domestic
geese in this province will not eat
cor j . He won three at a raffle in
Port Moody and took them home.
He fed them corn but they would
not eat itand were slowly starving
to death when Nat gave them away
to the neighbors. This shows the
effect of early education, even upon
geese. Thiuk awhile, and you will
know that many human beings are
just like a goose from Port Moody.
The Toronto Globe is 60 years
old, and has a Presbyterian parson
behind its ink barrel. Its editorials
are heavy enough for sinkers on a
fishing line, but its news service is
excellent, and few of the Scotch in
Ontario miss it with with their daily
porridge. It is a bible to them, and
they swear by it, as Deacon Mc-
Quien used to remark in Petrolia:
"Wait till the Glob comes in the
morrow nicht. It will tell a different story."      u
___ Toronto is a dangerous place to
Ix Massaciiusktts two boys
flagged the engineer and saved the
Pit-tslicld express from plunging
into a washout and destroying much
property and many lives. There
were 300 passengers on the train
and they made up a purse of $50
and gave it to the boys. The purse
should have been at least $5,0,000,
but then the love of the dollar in
the cent belt pushes gratitude to
one side when force is not a factor.
Those eastern dubs valued their
lives at a fraction over 16 cents
each, and probabfy most of them
are dear at that price. The boys
might as well have let the train go
in the ditch. The world would have
lost little by losing such a cheap
Over Wallace-Miller block, Baker
St., Nelson. Special yearly contracts for Pressing, Repairing and
Cleaning. Goods called for and
delivered weekly. Tents and awnings made to order.
Warm   Weather is  A round      Jn
Cooling Shampoo
He will make you feci good
Meals at all hours.
Manilla and Kamloops Cigars for sale.
I Have fresh meat every
day at Sandon, and in
all the sh6ps operated
by them in British
Columbia. "T No contract too large for this
firm. . Armies and
railroads supplied on
short  notice.
founders & Machinists,
— nelson, b.c.—
Do not get discouraged. The
big ore shoot is often just beyond a
" horse."
We notick in tho United States
that the Yellow Kid of 'Frisco has
Hearst failure.
At Ottawa the other day Sir
Mackenzie Bowell pressed for a
greater su pply of nil ver. We second
the motion.
Excitement sometimes kill, especially old maids. In Ingersoll a
lady recently dropped dead at the
wedding of her Bister.
Tiik weather of late makes us
indifferent to tlie coal man, but
makes us shine up to the ico magnate like a coon taming fat chickens.
The Okanagan is full of land
hunters many of whom are paying
fancy prices for fruit farms while
the Slocan with its thousands of
virgin ae:o* is practiedly undisturbed.
Canadian papers say
scalped   Dundonald.
Iliugland the natives wonder at
such news, as they think all the
Indians in Canada are dead since
Louis Kiel toed out at Regina.
"Wk would rather be Billy Hearst
with his three great papers und his
barrels of yellow ink and money
than l>e the president of 10 countries
like the I'nited State*. This honest and uncalled for opinion may
hflp \\ illie in the wid hours of defeated ambition.
live in. Several bakers were recently arrested for makiug dough
on Sunday, and a bunch of chubbers
were caught by the police playing
a 15 cent limit poker game. If a
man was caught playing that kind
of a game in. the Slocan he would
be run out of the camp, without
calling in the police. Things that
are unimportant to western men
are taken seriously in suoh places
as Toronto where the masses are
slaves to commerce and creed gods.
In Canada we already have too
much of the warlike spirit without
increasing it by spending millions
upon useless forts and an army of
non-.producers dressed in red. The
presence of an army is always a
menace to the peace of any country.
Canadians should grow wise by
watching the folly of other nations.
Thousands of them were crazy to
ffght the Boers to satisfy an innate
thirst for blood, and enable the cap-
italistsof England to work the mines
of tlie Rand without black or white
New York may beat us for business but when it oomcB to the hot
In i days we certainly have that good
An absent-minded young lady,
having been duly married, started
off on her bridal tour. The party
stopped at Nelson. Some time in
the night there came a succession
of terrified shrieks from the room
occupied Ity the bride and groom,
and the clerks, porters and employees generally rushed upstairs only
to meet a frantic female figure, clad
in white, fleeing in desperate haste
from her apartment, crying:
Blue Prize,. Henry Vane,
Columbus and Havana
Whip Cigars. Union
Goods, made by
Winnipeg, Man.
Represented hy GEORGE HORTON.
W. P
Mill and Mining" Machinery. Complete
Stock of Shafting, Fittings, etc, always
on hand Estimates furnished. Scrap
Iron bought by the carload. Repairing
and Jobbing.
Is the Leading Hotel of
air of B.C. is per~
fumed by their
aroma <^ ^ -^
Steamship Tickets
To and from European points via Canadian
  '     '    " -      -' -' es,
and American lines.   Apply for sailing dates,
The clerk rushed in and found
the groom, one boot on and the
other in his hand, the picture of
amazement. He explained <that he
had just come up.stairs and was in
the act of undressing (his wife had
previously retired) when she suddenly awoke with a shriek and fled.
"What was the matter ?" asked
the clerk.
"I don't know," said the husband.
Just then the bride, enveloped
in a huge bedspread procured^ for
her by a chambermaid, came back,
looking very red and foolish, and
in a half minute she explained the
mystery by saying:
"Oh, Fredl I forgot I was married, and when I awoke I was so
frightened."Chicago Inter Ocean.
rates, tieket? and full inlormatlon to any C
Ry. agent or—
- -     uriTitrAgenirwow Denver.
W. P. V. CtimmliiRS, G. S. S. A«t., Winnipeg.
Is the home ,of all Slocan people traveling to and from Poplar.
meals always ready.    McLACHLAN BROS., Props.
city, and Chicago backed over the
dump. Here in the Slocan, while
Old Sol is making a hell of the east
and St. Louis we can look at the
snow-topped mountains, and if we
had the harps, a slight stretch of
the imagination would easily land
us against the angel formation in
heaven. To live iu and around
Now Denver in any Hummer time
is equal to wearing vvingn aud pushing clouds with the angels.
When tho members of the house
naval committee were on a cruise
up the Atlautic coast thoy reached
one point where au international
dinner was given, and men from
Canada and from this country vied
with each other in saying .things
that would promote good fellowship and comity between two peoples living under different flags.
Representative Capron of Rhode
Island, who was not of the naval
committee, however, watfthereand
finally was called npon foraBpeech.
"I can't say what all these gon-
tlemen havo said who precceded
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.       Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding $88,000,000. <
GEO. A. COX,'President.        B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
Deposit* Received and Interest Allowed
Corner Ward and Baker streets.
.InllN I). Unt'KKH'KM.KU ih putting
the cap idieitf on bin lo !g career.
He ha* organized a Huh with billions behind it for the purpose of
r»nnfr«illiw the minorn) tmtiuit nf
\vievv-n       \   wor  tv*»n   we  hnnvd
a deep feeling oi grntitud
Canadians, and especially
i    1 .v t JitKKtw last year wine was ho ; the inlands.    Many years ago there
"plentiful iu some localities that the j came to my home a girl from Prince
owners  of   vineyards   Kent criers sEd ward Inland, and she has over
through the towns to drum up all jidnee remained there to brighten it."
who wihhed to drink at  their ex*     The applause which greeted this
nense.     Barrel* of it  were given I bit of sentiment shook the rafters.
away.     What a picnic,  and the i Capron had outstripped nil others.
Some time afterward this episode
was retold and among those present
Boveral hundred acres of the flucat fruit and ranch lands in the
Kootenay, *it tinted at the head of Crawford Ray, subdivided iuto 40
and SO acre lot,**; uIho an Improved Rnnch. Land can be cleared for
SI5 per acre. There in a good hotel, steamboat landing aud wagon
iotd through the propeity.    Price from 87.00 te 12.00 per acre.   Easy
much to do in tlie work of binding j t^ruiH.   Room for twenty or more settler*.
two countries* together, but I havt
me," he began.   ''I have not had
' 'J!' Also good Grazing nud mixed Farming Lamia. Monghig to the
,ti,oHftof|KiM)t«nay Valley'* Company. Limited, situated In East Kootenay.
'Jm thnm IVitit^ frism 83.00 to 7.00 per wro.   Term* S yearn, 141 canh.
,vv sy'Ai\x'\ '• i'
'• , 7 -i'i ,' t)
n i,
stated that n tru«t of thin kind was j Sloean 7,000 mile* away ! Still in
under wav, and that it would hnvl. the Sloean this year water is run-
all the hailing mine* in tin* Slocan j »to« to waste for lack of drinkers,
bv next Aiiffiiet.    Time  will oh<iw' and on a showdown us u beverage
how far the tumor wo* true.
A k'ikxtist in Paris hss discovered the microbe of old age. Mike
RoIms seems to lw an awful common
fellow, as he {« being found in nl-
U gives wine tlie deck and u'lnnout j
with the Knter.    Not the stuff in
tlie moHS-grown  bucket, but  the!
was a man well acquainted with
Capron aud his family.
"Why, Uapron,v> ho said, "your
wife wasn't from Prtacc Edward
♦•I know it,"  replied Capron.
laughing,  roaring,  rushing water,
that da*he* down the mountain side meekly.     "Our cook came from
like a ell ver flash amid the gveen.    that place."—Washington Post.
Of ihe Miner's llnlnw fMnefc
I* the «nly hull in th* Hty roltubie for The-
Hllk*!   ItlL.UUMIU**, OuttCcJt*.  1 Hitit.il   AI..J
otber public emcrtainnttiiU,
tr ... i       i.i. ,. Jit,   ... ,,,1.r,
S«*rr«t*rf SjumIoii Mlneri' Union
*1» Interior tlt*r. Ke*t(f)fff*p«city amr, nud
\*m M*s«,ii>',.Uai'.v«,n fu.swu.ee IwaUU Uivauittwut: ^wvhaUUju tadcuw twtii,lrVW»
I Eleventh Year
«W ■ J-1. . cc*
npHERE can be mo doubt that the
j_ credit for being" the most wonder-"
  Eul railway in the world fairly belongs to the great transiberian line,
which carries passengers, from central
Russia to Vladivostok and Port Arthur
on the Chinese coast of the Paciiic, says
the Waverley Magazine It.is 5,450
miles from Moscow to Port Arthur and
the train accomplishes the journey in 14
days, so that a person may now'travel
from England to Japan by this route in
less than three weeks.
As everybody knows, thia line is a
very importaut'featuro of the situation
iu the'war going on between Russia and
Japan, and, indeed, without it Russia
would find it next to impossible to conduct a war against her enemy. For the
time being it is used for nothing but
carrying troops und munitions of war,
nnd "the mail service whi^h began only
a few months ago has been temporarily
This Hue of 5450 miles has cost the
Russian government over 100,000,000
pounds to build. No fewer than 76,
000 men were employed in constructing
the chief section of 8,742 miles across
Siberia In making the bridges and
carrying out various other works as
many as 104,889 tons of cement wore
used", and 9,000,000 sleepers and baulks
of timber were employed in laying the
rails and iu erecting the houses and
station buildings. To provide all this
wood more than 100,000 acres of forests
had to be cut dowu. There were 800,000
cubic fathoms of sand as ballaBt.
Tke total weight of the rails used in
the whole length of .the line has been
1,235.936,000 pounds. Such an enormous
figure can convey very little meaning to
the mind ofthe ordinary person. Reck
oning the weight of tlie average inhabi
taut of a big town, men, women and
children, at 7 stone 2 pouuds—a very
liberal allowance—these railwav metals
weigh three times as much as the whole
population of London. At one place the
railway comeB to a stop at a big lake
(Lake Baikal), which is 3,000 feet deep.
In th« summer the passengers are ferried across and join a new train at the
other side In the winter, when the
lako is frozen, they are taken across in
icebreaking steamers; hut just at present the lines are laid along the ice s«>
that the train'may draw straight across
—the only train in the world that can
travel with passengers over a frozen
lake Strange to say, in th« whole of
the enormous length of this railway
there is but one tunnel.
Scores of thousands of persons of differ
erit. nationalities were employed in
buildhu the line, and the Russian gov
eminent, being unable to get sufficient
labor through the ordinary channel-*,
employed convicts upon it^ one workman iu every five being a criminal.
Some of these convicts—about one in
every 20—are still win ployed in different
opacities, and many people have come
to the, conclusion, in consequence, that
the line is not safe for travelling upon;
but only those convicts who hirw, served
their time and satisfied the authoiitics
as to good behavior for the future art'
i-o engaged'
A rually good and up to dateterminu-
beiug required for the line, the Russian
government built the town of Dalny
specially for it. There used to be nothing where Dalny is now, and the town
was built and equipped with public institutions, .parks and places of amusement before any body was allowed to inhabit it.
When there is no war four trains
start every week from Moscow for Port
Arthur and Dalny, two °of them being
run by the Russian government and
two by,a private company. The first
clas9 fare for the whole journey in a
sleeping compartment is 26 pounds, and
18 pounds second class. Food is extra
and for the. fortnight's travelling costs
about 7 pounds There are no smoking
rooms and libraries on the trains, and
there are usually about 75 passengers in
each train load Most things are cheap
on the train, except baths, which cost
4s 3d a time There are three berths to
every first class apartment, and tour to
every second.
There is always a certain amount of
danger of the trains | being attacked by
the Chinese, and therefore special precautions are taken as on no other railway The whole line through Manchuria
is guarded by many thousands of troops;
and there are companies of armed men
at every station. Besides this the train
for the "last portion of the journey is
protected by bullet proof armor plates,
which reach as high as the carriage windows, and a small body of soldiers is
putrid neck stretched by American justice. Ti-ere was always a doubt of Mrs.
Maybrick's guilt There is now not a
uoubt ot ner hmocence. Lord Russell,
England's Lord Chief Justice, was convinced of the woman's innocence, and
wrote so after her conviction. The
judge whose charge to the jury con
demned her was a. second Jeffrey, and
went insane after the trail; the judicial
beast was probably insane with Ameri-
cophobia'whiii iiedelivered his spew to
his select British jury.
The prisouers efforts -at procuring a
pardon were systematically checkmated
by methods time would shame a eunuch
of the torture chambers of old Rome.
At one time when things looktd'fair for
a consideration of her case by the Home
Secretary, some officious understrapper
of the prison caused it to be reported to
the queen that Mrs. Maybrick's chastity
while in prison was oi paste diamond
purity, and John Brown's relict, despite
her gray hairs, was thrilled by a virtuous spasm, and stopped all proceedings to the, prisoner's r. lief. 1 believe
the Guelph drab had much to do with
the prolonged punishment of an iuin.-
ci'.dt woman, for which may she be
anathema forever and ever wherever
she may be—and for other things. I
don't know whether Mrs. Maybrick will
ever find her children or not, but 1 believe that she will, and that thu Almiglry
will put the light of recognition in the
hearts and souls of both, mother and
children, so that they.shall know each
other from afar, and so knowing one
another, shall forget in their joy all
travail put upon them by a savage past.
.    BENNETT & MURPHY, Proprietors
The Filbert is now the best hotel in the Slocan.     The Dining Room is
conducted on strictly first-class principles.    The rooms are
large, comfortable and properly taken care of.
Electric Light, Hot Air, Modern Plumbing, Everything
> it-
We Set the Best iVleaJ in Sandon
Meals 50c.       Tickets $7.       Main St., Sandon.
Every foot in this country needs
a boot or shoe. The Royal Shoe
Store, on Baker street, in Nelson,
can furnish any kind of footwear
that is required.
^ssssasssss /ass 3^insg92ssawss&
The Lucerne of America is slowly
coming to the notice of the world
as an ideal summer and winter
resort. The scenery and the fishing around and in the Slocan is the,
finest on the continent, and will
yet be a great source of wealth to
the country. Tourists and Travellers will find the Newmarket Hotel
in New Denver just the proper
place to stop at. Rooms reserved
by telegraph.
Order   your  Spring  Suit now.
Natty Suitings now arriving.
F. F. Liebscher.
SUvertoh's'Boss Tailor
OME American writers seem to
swallow n dictionary every time
they reach out for anything English. '.V. G. Slaubley, writing in Win-
die's Gatling Gin hurls deep thunder at
Teddy aud Eddie and other things in
such a cayenne fashion that we reprint
below most of his hot tamole for the
purpose of showiug how far some Yanks
can go without "bustln' their biler."
At the present time of writing autocratic Russia is getting hers in the
shape of many a good trouncing, both
by land and by sea Christian Russia
—that's what her apologists call hor, in
contradistinction to heathen Japan—Is
being handily checked iu her progress
of pllhigo and absorption by tho latter,
for which Klory bo!!! "Holy" Russia
the dominion of greed, cruelty, and superstition, the home of the knout, the
crndlo of slavery, tho God blessed country and government which maintains
an annexe of hell (Siberia) into which
to drive its "political offenders,'1 the
mother of myriads ot unwashed animals
whose ignorance aud bigotry induce
them to rip up women and batter babee
for religion's sake (Kishlneff), the empire ruled over by an autocrat whose
picked troops (Cossacks) represent barbarism pure and undoliled, whoso acts
make those of tho Turkish Bashi-Baz-
ouks seem as gentle charity in comparison; this large and constantly growing
ulcer on the geographical and political
world la going to no confined at last,
HENRY STEGE, Proprietor.
and little yalter "heathen" Japan in go
ing to apply the first caustic to the gangrenous growth that has been applied
slm-o France and England handled the
remedy In Crimea. Holy Russia, Oh,
It seems, from recent newspaper ac
counts, that Holv Uussta has found a
staunch ally in Aiico Itooieveltovno, tho
daughter of the American President.
This Indv* wns an enthusiastic worker at
a late pro-Russian bazaar held in Washington Of course; why not? Anything
pertaining' lo autocracy will always
havo the hearty good will and support
of the accidents now performing in thn
White House, from the spoliation of
that historic mansion, to the jamming
Ui Cfumuiv tntft-jwio <uiwit Uns mtu-ataul i .
^Xi'ilhvrnijiii,, Tins nhi.)u n-x^ /,.j j}.^ l:x   |t,
broncho buster and bull skinner hns
been filled with acts of official despotism that make the bnsky American
asttimed,   when   he remembers  the
rtxltw.tnlno     nunn      wMr>V>    Ma     rrfiunrt*.
Incut was founded. The civilised world
hat new two sure enough tmrn, Nichol
ass II. of Holy Russia and Teothydore-
ovitch I. of the United States of America.
England's latest play in Thibet. A
British column has invaded the couutry
for tho very potent reason that Britain
wants it and wants it quick The ex-
clusheness of the Thibetans saws no
liquid air with Eddie Wettin's government, and the bloody Briton is forciua"
hiis way into Thibet over tho corpses of
'hundredsof unarmed, protesting natives.
The British lion is a forcofui animal
when it is opposed to naked niggers
whoso acres it wants, and comos out of
the fray with dripping chops and a
straight tail, but whon it's honing for
spoil takes it into tho white man's country it generally returns with pale gills
and a neatly negotiated knot or two in
its caudal annex
The "victory" over the Boors showed
as a splendid example of British gallantry when England's soldiers were
opposed to white skinned enemies. It
took the bqefeatersnnany months, with
many thousands both of men and
money, to reduce a fow dozen uudlscip-
lined, unorganized Dutch farmers to a
state of subjection. Aud when it was
over and a brave republic wiped ott
the earth, then came the paeans of
praise for Tommy Atkins from such
rotten tories as Kipling, tho "sawed off
English stallion," whose tuneful whinny
and musical nicker is heard to the best
advantage whon his murderous mother,
H'Old H England, has committed a successful aiwtuU upon somo helpless state,
It's up to rancid Rudyard at this time
to whinny somo moro nickers, for a
nest of naked, defenceless, semi-savage
humans is being annihilated for the
sake of gain, by the filthy political drab
he owns its his mother country.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Lands and Mineral ClaimsSurveyed
and Crown Grauted.
PO. Box 583,        Office: Kootenay St., Nelson
Uf. George ClarKe
Hotels in these mountains where the stranger feels
at home. The landlord has a smile for every guest,
and the creature comforts of the Hotel are unsurpassed in the Silver City. The meals are free from
lead, the beds from bugs, while the fluids on the bar
produce a reasonable amount of exhilaration without
a disastrous result in the morning.
o     Sandon,
J. R. Cameron
Oldest Tailor in the Slogan
The Strathcona Hotel
In Nelson, B.C., is the Headquarters for
Tourists doing Southern British Columbia.
 Write or wire for terms or rooms	
B*   TOMKINS*   Manager.
aggressive  gluttony,
«pollation,>anln#f plunder and <
potation, rapine, 'plunder and datura's-
entity, it will not ba easy to overlook
Here's some mere richness connected
with thafrlght little, tight little island"
on tbe Kuropeuu map, marked England:
In 18S) Florence Maybrick, sn American
woman, waa convicted by it British jury
of poisoning her arsenic-outing hu*bund
and sentenced to death; the sentence
was iHibsequentiy changed to life imprisonment and tho woman duly isicu
cerated. After fifteen years' confinement ahe hat at last b«e»t freed-under
emdltions, One of them is that she
rntiNt not mnift or know her two chll
dren, who have sine* hor conviction
grown to manhood and womanhood . I
linn* (• tb*t ttie Alamai h«rw*»ti*i*n»P time
does that proposition shine aa one of
chilly cruelty/ it is luminous, I think.
Could it obtain in anycountry on earth,
p.igm or Chi'Uuan, civitiied or aavage,
ouulde of tbe ratty bland and economy
which produced it? Mrs Maybrick s
eonviiEuwii win* tttnutwit hu n i«aa*nAUii>
measure for the hanjrlng by an American court of the filth? little English
sodomite Maxwell, who killed his roommate, Prellor, In a Bt. Louis hotel, and
placed the body in a trunk. Mai well
wa* caught in New ftoiith Wales, returned, and, after conieasing, had his
grand hold
ix vdim.au,
is thn home (or all
Blocan people visit,
big the great gold
camp. Tasty meals,
tine liquors aud toft
imi* ina kn It a pleasant home for
3acob*on * Anderson, Props.
The Exchange Hotel in Ka§!o ia
like au oasiii in au Egyptian desert,
Oivk.Au ii.nk.tt iiinsk   w   rn   uwi-.   ,wvo
to ft flower garden.
St. J ames Hotel
Is* a haven for all mountaincera when in the
eity. The meala aro free-milling, and the
bifieere in the liar just aa (ine ns the dew
that dampen* the hill* in the early morn. Tie
your automobile to the St. Jnmea when you
<st<»am into th" Lueonii*, and t!n»n a.«wiy the
wet good**. *   Sample Rooms in connection.
A. JACOBSON, Proprietor.
Job Printing
That uasayH high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
THP f FHfiF :/sx JS: * 1.^*1 ^.^^tJl.sk- ::-3j^i~~-i~**^>' -
Eleventh Year
than by any other Liability Company in B.C.
For Particulars Write-
FicDermid & HcHardy,
NELSON, ==- 	
Agents for East and
West Kootenay
moves 288,000 miles per
IS size,   Nickel,   17  Jewel,   Adjusted
Same as above with" 20 year
Gold Filled Case
We.recommend this watch to any working man, and we guarantee him satisfaction
Send for one while they last.
Watchmakers & Opticians,      NELSON.
rpHE KING'S HOTKL in Ferguson is a oheer-
I ful home for all travelers to the Lardeau.
F.iANK BARBER, Proprietor.
1 and American plan. Meals, 25cents. Booms
from 2*c up to 81. Only wliite help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the sold
In the,safe. MALONE & TREGILLUS.
BARTLETT UOCSK,  formerly the Clark
is the best ?1 a day hotel in Nelson.   Only
white help employed,
r   G.   JIKLVIN,
»J.   Expert Watch
\ Manufacturing Jeweller,
Repairer, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
andRings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any In Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
240, Sandon.
1   near Ward Ht., Nelson
LAK   A   DAY,
HOTEL, Baker St.,
BI.   THIS   1JOL-
Slocan people when they
FERGUSON is the. homo of
are in Ferguson.
MCDONNELL,BLACK, Proprietors.*
est and the best in the Lardo.  Gold seekers
MOTEL is the old-
Wholesale   Meroliemts.
ers in Butter. Eggs, Clieese. Produce and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C. •
T? PEK.OUSON ,& CO., Nelson, B.C. WUole-
Vj. saledenlers iii Wine*. Liquors and cigars.
Agents for Pabst beer.
ML. ORIMMJKTT, L. L. B., Riirrlnter,
.   Solicitor,Notary Public.    Sandon. B.C
Branch Ortlce at, New Dan ver every Saturday,
Insuranoe & R.ea.1 Estate
it*. Dealers In Real Estate
Houses to rout and Town
X   Insuraneo Agents.   Dealers In Real Estate
Mining Properties,
Lots for Salo. 	
rt 8. UA8HDALL, New Denver, B. C,
Real Rstntiuind Mineral Clulm* for Sale CWms
r^pwnntod nnd Crown Omitted.
New Crop Home Grown
and Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds,
    p g. H.T TT.T 7. jCRH—ERIIT.T_mQK A GKSr-—■
Eastern Prices or less. White Labor.
Catalogue Free.
8009 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B,C
French Revolution,
Terror, 1793
The average human life is thirty-
three years.
§1,000,000 grold coin weighs 3,685 8 lbs
Mormons arrived at Skit Lake Valley,
Utah, July 24, 1847.
Experiments hi electric lighting, by
Thomas A Edison, 1878 80
Dagiierre and Nieper invented the
process of daguerreotype, 1839,
The largest cavern in the world
the Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.
First American library  founded
Harvard College, Cambridge, 1638.
First cotton raised 111 tho United States
was in Virginia, in 1621; first exported,
1747-   ■■■■     ■ '■'■'":• .    ■
First sugar-cane cultivated (in the
United States, near New Orleans, 1751;
first sugar-mill, 1758.
The largest university is Oxford, in
England. It consists of twenty-one
colleges and five', halls.
First telegraph in operation in America was between Washington and Baltimore, May 27,1844,
The first illumination with gas was in
Cornwall, England, .1792; in the United
States, at Boston, 1822.
Printing was known in China in the
6th century: introduced into England
about il474.
Glass mirrors first made by Venetians'
in the 13th century Polished metal
was used before that time.
The great wall of China, built 200 B.C ,
is 1,250 miles in length, 20 feet high, and
25 feet thick at the base.
;; Meerschaum means "froth of the sea.''
It is white and soft when dug from the
earth, but soon hardens.
London is the largest city in the
world, containing a population ofU.536,'
034 persons, not including suburbs
J    Pofryfc^d pavagvaplis *  *
Never judge a man's income by the
stylish clothes his wife wears.
One wonders how the leap year girl
enjoys acquiring relatives by refusal.
After saving up money for a rainy day
many a mah blows it in some night.
A man's reputation for wisdom1 may
be due to his frequent use, of the words
"That's so,"
The wrong side ia never the safe side;
therefore, the inside of a jail must be
the right side.
When a man sits down suddenly, unexpectedly and severely he realizes
what a hard world this is.
When a girl tells a young man she
dreamed about him it's up to him either
to propose or to take to the tall timber.
It isn't quite so bad if rheumatism
attacks a man after he has lost his hearing; then he doesn't have to listen to
everybody's cure for it.
There's no occasion for a man who
courts a widow to lose any sleep, "it he
isn't her choice he'll soon know it, and
if he is he can't lose her;
1) .U.M A ANOKHJNON', New Denver
L   eral Drayman nnd dealer In foal, wood and
"The most interesting story I ever
heard came from the lips of old 'Buckskin Charley,' chief of the Southern
Utes," said J. P.,Altb6rger of Philadelphia.
"As told by a white man the narra-
matic action and eloquence of the red
warrior. It was about a meeting xrAU
a big grizzly bear in the mountains ui
Colorado. Charley was out looking for
deer. He was equipped with an old
fashioned, single barrel, muzzle-loadin
The reports which come from Australia indicate that the population is not
growing at a satisfactory rate, says the
Louisville Courier-Journal. The birth
rate continues to doline, while the mortality among infants goes on increasing.
Meanwhile, the emigration from the
island exceeds the immigration. The
small immigration is in part due to .the:
efforts of the labor element to prevent
the importation of workingmen. But
while they are having their own in this
respect, they do not seem able to make
conditions sufficiently pleasant to keep
the population which they already have,
i here is a tide of emigration from New
South Wales, which in six months exceeded 16,000, considerably more than
the number of immigrants. These emigrants go to CaUBda, the United States,
and even to Great Britain, and their
places are not supplied. Australia has
an area more than sufficient for the
population of the whole of Europe \'et
it has but 3,750,000 inhabitants, and at
the present rate it will take forty-six
and one-half years to double that population, and 112 years to give it a population of 20,000,000. But even for this
slow rate of increase the prospect is bad,
for the natural increase is at a continually diminishing ratio It is evident,
therefore, if Australia is ever to realize
thahighesD hopes whichit-hus entertained of becoming a great and populous
country there must be au essential
change in the present policy.
Respecting Coal and Petroleum lands in South-
East Kootenay.
NOTICE is hereby given that licecnes to prospect for coal and petroleum upon and under
lands situated within Block 4,603, South East
Kootenay, will be Issued forthwith to all persons
who,have made proper application, In pursuance
of the provisions. of the "Coal Mines Act" and
- Tho fee for each licence will be WOO, and all
applicants who have not deposited accepted
bank cheques to cover that amount are hereby
required to do so without further notice.
Licences will be is.-ued In the following form,
viz.:— (
"Mining Licence Issued under the Coal Mines
Act and Amendments.
"In consideration of one hundred dollars now
paid under the said Acts, and subject to the
provisions theroof. I, W. S Gore. Deputy Commissioner, acting for the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works, licence
to enter, prospect, search and work for cool and
petroleum (but no other metal or mineral) upon,
In and under all that piece or parcel of nib eral
land situate in and forming part of Block 4,5.011,
East Kootenay District, and described as
follows :—
and not exceeding in the whole six hundred and
forty statute »cres. .,
"Owing to the number of applicants for
licences to prospect for coal and petroleum, and
the peculiar circumstances surrounding the application for and issuance of ihosolicen-es, and
the well-known fact that the issuance 1ms been
unavoidably suspended for so many months,
the Government of British Columbia finds it
impossible to determine the equitable ricrhts of
the numerous applicants. Therefore, for the
purpose of enabling all persons to go before the
proper tribunal for the «eterminat,ion of their
respective rights find,priorities, this licence is
issued and accepted, subject, 10 such prior rlsrlits
of other persons as may exist by law. and the
date of this licence is not to be taken or held as
in any sense determining such priority, and
further it shall not be taken or held to waive
enquiry by Ihe Courts into the proper performance of all conditions precedent as nctween
adverse claimants;: .and* further, on the understanding that the Government shall not be held
responsible for, or in connection with, any conflict whioh may arise with other claimants of the
same ground, and that tinder no cireum.s.ances
will licence fees be refunded.
"And the holder hereby wolves anv claim or
demand against the Government, and'ex ores ly
agrees not to take ally steps or proceedings, or
present any petition, to enforce any alloyed
claim or demand against the Government of the
Province of British Columbia ansiiiR out of the
issuance of this licence or any other matter or
thing appertaining thereto
'The land being under reserve from preemption and sale this licence does not includo
any right other than tho right to prospect for
coal and petroleum.
"The duration of this l'cence is for one year
from the, ,190
[X.    .   - .'"■' ■ -
" Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
"Lands and Works Department,
"Victoria, B.C.. ,lDO ,"
Chief Commisioner of Lands &• Works,
Lands andWorks Det)artmentL __	
y**t* «iporlerire In dental work, and
innkiM a unwla'ty of ftold Bridge Work.   Visit
mftiie to the Nlocnti regularly
Has hurl 17 yearn eiporlenre Sn f
General   Store.
*. ,x■*,...,*,   ••ww™,  KOUK8, dealer In
OrawrlM, Dry (loods, Kte.
*   Ol
OIl.VKIt CITV lAttum MO. 8». I.O.O.V, i
O Handon, H.O. Meeting* In lb« Union Itnll
titer v Friday turning «i IM VWlIng lavtlirwi
cordially Invited to *tt.iul .1. K I/ivkhism,
VottlMArnn«lt A, L.Chahi, Vi.-*Grandi W..I.
• iMtlirTT. HwMary.
^Asaas t.oiuiK so 'it.   k* av v.
Syt lttffi**,.*fi 'A'tArumltj tn?,',;,* Al ft.Al-fk
bi tli* Pvtli'iti Vtftie Hub, Mtii'ton ^<J(»lirnllifi
iirHhr»'Ti will waive a Pythian «>l«<nw. >*
ltkkcwtin.v.G.     Ammi J. Ham, K.K.ts.
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson  Slocan City Nakusp
Rosebery    NewDenvef
St. Louis $60    Chicago $65
Toronto $87.35 Montreal $98
Halifax $121.80
New York $101
Three Month's Limit.
Juno 7,10,17, nud 18.
July I, 2, nud B
Anoint 8, 0, nnd 10.
September 5, 6, and 7.
Low Excursion Fares
Fnr nil eastern point* will aluolm quoted
jrolntf via Port Arthur all rail or lake
route, returning Bamo or via ChliAgo
nnd St. Louis.
For full particular* apply to locrtl amenta
riflei which put him at a terrible din
vantage, when he wus suddenly confronted by one of the biggest specimens
of the grizzly he ever saw,
" '1 ju.nped behind big tree very
quick,' he said, 'and Mr. Bear came
close, rearing up on his hind legs I was
scared to shoot, only having one barrel.
Then I commenced to talk. Isaidr'Mr,
Bear, I am your friend. I come out
after deer. 1 hope you go away nnd ho
I kill deer and leave big piece of meat
for you." Then tho bear seemed to yet
friendly and he dropped on his legs to
the ground, much as to say he'd like a
piece of deer, and then ho run off into
the mountains."—Washington Post.
Nner ni>Q|h tbznlbo oiHlawllno oooaz of
Mkah elcad pesezo ttrawn ilftdl pOa Uhw
goi htai' eUe ooM fioi> ,onflLov flalos nu
o!n A eawt.othati drO nd tiontila tdroo
lipMt eeeoq «oru lieeliinnM % aaee
atott>af I'lihdmawellcauuxnMui eao 11
St nngtMd*S/.?tO o nehw itilifllPiniflx
115 oez° t XNlutu hCI It hx i>i cs ,aJ
Mpluvaxott vtbnttt tt Dtosoo nv e ,Cet
nxti ttMv nu v..h rq slllprn tsi'rn M 'C
naCfll vxeVypheoifttllmO ntttC%i Lo
tpoouiomMcat ti» ljoi'trCHe'tKo uQtvravZ
Out, of the night thnt eovcrs me,
Black as the jilt from polo totyole,
rthank whatever gods may bo
For my,unconquerable soul.        ,,    '.
In the fell clutch of dreumstance
1 have not winced or cried uloiid ;
Under the bludgeonitigs of ehaneo
My head » bloody, but unbowed. «
Beyond this plnco bf wrath aud tears
Looms but the horror of the shade;
And yet the munacu of the years
Kind'* ami snail lind me unafraid.
tt matters not how stralplit the gate,
How ehorged with punishment the scroll,
I am tnaBtor of my fate.
I am thu ca.itulu of my soul,
The Kootenay Saloon in Sandon
is never snovslided by cheap beer,
or whiskey that has lost its vigor.
To G. F. COPELAND, deceased, or to whom Ills
Interest has been transferred in tho Morn in it
Star mineral claim, situated on Gout mountain,Slocan Mining Division .West Kootenay.
■VOU-arc hereby notified that I haveexi*ii(U<l
1 iit7l0.li*) In labor and improvements on the
above mentioned mineral claim under thc provisions of the Mineral Act, and If, within ix) days
itum the date of this notice you fall or ivfu».e to
contribute your proportion of tho ubov • mentioned sum, which Ih now due, together wish all
costsof advertl«litM,yourlntcrc8t lu the said claim
will become the property of the *undi'i>lKued
under Section 4 of the "Mineial Act Amendment
Act llMi,"
New Denver, B.*C, April 7, 1IXM.
TrustworUiv lady or jjwitlenmn to nauiuiw
liintliiPiM in tliin comity and Htijululnft territory
for w.ll and favorably known hou*«» of solid
lii.aiu'jftl Maiiilinif. $*.i,M straight chmIi falury
mil expeiiM'spaiii each Monday by check direct
from hradquartem. Expense iitoiu>y advatiu«d.
Position iKrinnment Addre«», Muuagrr, $10
. uiiu lil-R'U, Clili'UKo, lliiuoii.
D. P. A ,NelMiu*
P.O. IV A., Vancouver
., i.i t „„,» i*,.,»..„.. .
Dominion tml
V..1*.-.,   i*   r*
ti. nr-V i.a.NU, f.itKiiitot «nd I'ruvtnciftk
M»4 *utit/yifi.   KAHh'-i
K. & 8. Ry.
Uv Kr.'JOa.tii.-hitndim-Ar 4:25
Ar 10:45a.m.-KanlfH-Lv 2:00
Gold drcdtffiH are operating Hiiccess-
fully in th« Unitod Stat(»*--ln Oregon,
Idaho,  Montana, Colorado and  Now
Mexico.   At Orovlllo, Cal , thoro aro 20
dniliri'H operating Thero are from 5,000
to «,000 acre* of dredging land proved
ami developed   A <'on*ervatlvee»tiinate
of the value of these Orovlllo properties
is $4,iViX),000.   None of the stock in the
companies In for nale.   On thtt American
river, near Kolnom, a good dredninir
Held nan Iwen prov»«d    It* Iihh not bi-eii
an fullv dcvelojrt.d a.-* OinviUe, but th*1!
df«Mlgi'nj( acreage in aliout an great an
I tltatofflrovitle.   Tln'rearpfourdnilge*
I near Folnom, aud lately new life ha§
,'u'en infused  into  the camp.    Plan*
have deeii made to equip the proportiea
with dredge*) an  rapidly  aa puialhlo
'Two large dredges are now nearing
[completion, and a third U under w*v,
land noon the FoUom dinlrict will attain
i llie prominence ol uroviiio.   uma tmn- jj
, 11*11, ul»ttU|l«SA AJVi   UiHii    ill     iiiti tlttiVtilWm^ i
)t«««np«uit!i»; DucyrtMi wmfmny, Soulli
• llll««i»kiN»„ Wl*. ;• Thew Automallie
! Shovel company, Lorain, O.; Link Belt
P. O. BOX 106
Dealera in—
Bitxli, Doors,
OlttM*», Blltul«, <?tc.
Paper hung In any part of the Blocan.
Lv 1:30 p.m.-KiMto-Ar 11:00 a.m. iMarhlnerv eompnny, Chleago, III.? Mar
  ,„  ......  ,. *       *.*. ■  '   i *• 1 ■in .   ...     V,.1„ ,..    »  ..   v r\r\   , '■ •'"■ " **     '        "
II «.riiiini»t Hnifcoik it siiiuAim I »mW »<* ary \    M , ,, „ ......
iimi riv#N «««»n the t.w*r*t*. It i* w*il-known     Ticket* »old to all i»*rta of the United
A^hcwithftnilpi^^wnwiri   The lamhnfrl • States and Canada via Orent Northern
and O. R A N Company's linos.
For further pariicnlai  call on or ad
i:obert rnvr?;a, xruu««», k**i«,
riiin.ihi» ttlnngs Tnrkl*li. *t«im «n«i *ho«rpr
I>ath*. TliouMiMtf h«v«» '*(«'!! cund of then*
»M!l*m.*cUtlt'» immI iieiiralgti* Il» w»k-r# h.al
*»H U**r, kHiwy. and «*.«m*«,h »Hro*»nt«. A
**m em* tar fc-n«l i«t*tnimi* Twr« mulll itaily
'■■■• !ulw.*>i.tlL- ,<s:i:.s. ,A.'".i;X,'..
V   '  M    *   ',,'.*..-,.»*..    *    '*■'**,    '    >*   ►    ■.■.,...,,.41..■ ;.    *,     „,.,..»*    k.**.*,,..,    '.I   -,,
Ktsden Iron worki, KtocklAii, CaI.
D. J. Robkhtsox & Co., of Nel-
son ara alive to what the people
need In the way of Furniture.
Write them.
Is the largest in tho
Blocan. Ladiea out
town should wr J te for
samples or prices.
Wanted Immediately
A fycar.-4-a To wil Fruit trees, Kn»pl>crr,v.
xVg,tjlllia Goosnberry an<t CurrRiit IjiikIics
etc Good limy wcukly ; Ontllt free. Vlw'm U
big money lu tltls work for trustworthy men.
Over 600 acres. »*?»
tlvallon, i.ver (WW acre* of Nurfery Stock int'hul-
itinr tlio eholecst and lwat vnrletlos for Orohanl
and Uurikn pUutlng. Wo will iMIvcr tttunla io
otulo • «r* In #ood condition, freight imid. Our
agenta havo ovory ndvantiiKC tlmt this lino of
biuiiit'M can olTer thoin.  Apply now for turins.
Pelham Nursery Co.,
tar  Wlll.miifco arriingonienM for Wal mronoy
or tlie liamllliiR of i'xoIunIvc territoriofl,
Oold  ..» .7» I Oold nnd Silvor, *l tx)
itutot 761 Ooldjjlv'r.copii'r l.Au
Sninplwi by mnll rw»olveprompt uttentlon.
Gold and Silver Refined and Bought
17S.1 Ami »Ihm» *"■„  Ilrnvwr, Colo,
rnTTri TwrTT/l/lT?nn
IXlJli JOi U\JI7l2iX
Is a weekly paper published
at POPLAR, I). C. It gives
all the news of that great
gold camp. It costs $2 a
year to any Address.   Hend
imni' mnn*Mr tr*.
I'ol'LAU. no    f


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