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The Ledge Dec 25, 1902

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 Volume X.   No  13.
Price, $2.00 Year
SB In and About the Slocan and Neighboring'Camps'gj
23 that are Talked About.
.looal hews float:
J. B. Smith & Co. have a bargain
The Enterprise mine will shut down
this week, probably for the winter.
Xmas novelties, fruits, nuts, candies-
fresh and the best—at Mrs. Matheson's.
The gold shipments from the Klondike for the present season are above
The Christmas decorations in some of
the local Btore windows are pretty and
most appropriate.
The beer made at the New York
brewery, Sandon does not need a tariff.
It holds its own in any camp.
In spite of the holiday rush, D. j.
Robertson & Co still bave plenty of
furniture at their store in Nelson.
Santa Claus has made several raids
upon Williams' store but there is still
plenty of goode for those who have
Santa Claus sends you all his best
wishes for a Merry Xraas and Happy
New Year fromNelaon's Drug and Book
The reported lease on the Luckv Jim
has been torn up. The excess of Iron
in the Jim zinc iB against it at the
For the last time this year this journal suggests that Its renders call on
James A.Gilker in Nelson and see what
he has to sell.
The Payne has made a flat rate for its
zinc product with the Iola smelter. The mine is shipping 600 tons of
zinc and 200 tons ol galena every month.
A small force is engaged shovelling
the snow away from the approaches to
the new bridge, preparatory to filling
In. Tho government has the work in
Tho CoBur d'Alenes this year aro employing 500 more men than last season,
making a total list of men engaged
there in the initios now somewhere
about 8,000.
An English company ia erecting a
great smelter on the properties of the
ncinallas Mines, limited, which is operating the Dolores y Annexas mines,
45 miles from Santa Rosalia, Chihuahua,
The corner-stone for the mine school
building for the University of California, has been laid, and the work of
erecting the beautiful structure has begun. TliU is to lie the work nf Mrs.
Ptioebn Hearst, in memory of her husband, who made his fortune in mines.
When this school is completed, It is to
»>© the finest technical school in the
The Anaconda mine of Montana is
said to be the most notable exception
to the rule that copper minus decrease
in metallic contents at great depth. Ax
a rule tliey become richer al medium
depth, but docniRHM when far into the
earth. The Anaconda In wnld to he the
bent paying mine of the world. The
Rio Tiiiu is handling ores averaging
l{ per cent, copper, and the greatest
depth there from which ore ii removed
te flOO feet The Lake district te nten
something of an exception to the general rule, although there is Home decrease.
What are you going to give your wife
Christmas box 7 WTiat wottld b«
first sets and Mrs, Taylor took the final
and prize, a box of candy.
Sixteen gentlemen entered, and the
playing was brisk from start to finish.
It developed that New Denver has a
fpw good ping pongers and a host of
bad ones. In the first set the line up
was: Walker and Twigg, Kelly and
Nelson, McLean and Jacobson, Gale and
Harris, Thorburn and C. Strickland,
Angrignon and Taylor, Delaney and
H. Strickland, Morrison and Jost; the
winners were, Twigg, Kelly, McLean,
Harris, Thorburn, Taylor, Delanev and
Jost. The interest of the evening was
centered on the final. Kelly and Thorburn, two of the fastest players in the
camp, were drawn into it. It wss nip
and tuck from the Btart. They had
five games each and the sixth was running at "vantage in," "vantage out,"
antT"even" for some time before Kelly
won. The first prize was an ash tray,
the second, which was taken by Thorburn, a racket.
In the doubles the entries were: Mr.
and Mrs A E. Taylor against M. McLean and Miss F." Kennedy; Mr. Gale
and Miss M. Kennedy against C. F.
Nelson and Miss E. Byrnes. Mr. and
Mrs. Taylor won the final against Mr.
Gale and Miss Kennedy, winning a pair
the cities of the Eastern and Northern
States send the. largeet epiota, while
Great Britain may lay claim to a good
second place
Many Canadians visit Banff, but the
average Canadian has neither tho time
nor the wealth-to be classed as a tourist.
Banff lias the distinction of being the
moBt cosmopolitan place in Canada.
We have had visitors from every part
of the civilized world. The polished
Frenchman, the stolid Teuton, the
energetic American, the lordly Englishman, the hardy and canny Scot, the
rnddy son of Erin's isle, the citizen of
hands of the C. lJ tl. valuable information. As a rule these are men of few
words who do not go east to shock their
friends with blood-curdling evperiences
which were never, theirs. Experiences
thoy have had of cold aud privations
suffered, of close races with death, of
tasks which would daunt the hearts of
the bravest, but all of these aro forgotten in the attainment of their object.
Tlie work is only begun, and Banff,
Laggati and Field will for years to come
be tlie! starting points of men brave
enough to dare the perils of the Rockies —D. C."Bayne, in Crag and Canyon.
Life Insurance
Mutual Life of
Get your application in be
for a
more suitable than a
policy issued by the
fore the vear "runs nut.   You cannot
excell It     Remember Duty demands
Erotection to yourself and family If you
avn any. Just round up William J
Twiss of Kaslo for the necessary application form He will make terms for
Kjrment which will meet your need*.
n't delay. Wishing you all a happy
and fo?ons Oh rim ma*.
rinoTtvwo   T(»rii.TJ.*iar?itT,
Thar* waa a small number of ladies
in attendance at tha Plnf -Pong social
titan last Wednesday evening In
Clover's hall by tha Knights of Pythias.
Bin enteritis ity ine getnieinun wore
nnmerous, three tables belnt kept hot
bf them until nearly midnight.
The tournament was a suceeas (a all
respects, and, for tbe first of the season,
•tweed much interest In the faaelnat-
It* fane. Other -fames were provided
htr those not p!njj pong ImlltmA, snd
*t tha doe* a few welteee were given
fer those wishing to Indolre
Thare were b-et tour ledlat entered:
JMlsses. M ead F. Kennedy, end If re,
A X. Tajtar -Md Mrs. Fargtuwn Miss
?.Kee*edy shd Un. T9fm wtm the
The total amount of ore shipped from
tbe Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1801 was, approximately, 80,000 tons. Since January 1
to December 20, 1902, the shipments
have been as follows:
Week    Total
Payne    80 1978
Ivanhoe    IT 637
Sunset (Jackson Basin)  827
Reco    SI 4»o
American Boy  1154
Arlinaton   40 8.160
Hewett  805
Hosun ,    su 2040
Last Chance.  168
Wonderful  181
Enterprise  180 ItiO
Lavlna  85
Bismarck • nt
Queen Bom  iso
silver Glance  34 257
Whitewater  mt
Ottawa    20 48
Oapetlft  wi
Florwice  l
Trade Dollar  20
Sloian Boy    22 158
Neeimwa  12S
Hartney  26
Marlon  ho
May  5
Paystreak  7
Surprise  22
Monitor (for Nov, and Deo.)...... no isi.'l
Slocau Star     42 714
Duplex , , 7
Rmlly IMIth  so
WakcAtld  22»
t'retcott  4
ItamliU-r     n 4187
Molly Ollmon  turn
W'MtllllKton ,  11;
Palliott  2
0.0. D  2
London lllll  ii'i
Kuth.,    21 nut
Aiitoln*    a 807
U.K. I.M  144
Spectator  4
Hod Vox  ai
Hampton  is
Mercury ,. ti
Illinium-lie*  21
I'lirclllilnr  1
r'h;n-|i'm,in  11
I'lllto   18
Wililc Kim  n
Soho  H4
Total tout ~7li 27.4N7
MI\RU.»I.   HKHOimCKH   Of   II.   C.
According to a statement issued by
the Government Bureau of Statistic*,
at the present rate of production the
mineral output of British Columbia for
the pro win t year will oicood that of last
year by 20 per cent Last year the output uf the Hossland camp aggregated
278,000 tons; this year t ho shipments to
date ugceed 800,000 torn., while tha shipments from theBnundarv mlne-4 alrssdv
eiceed 400,000 tons The yield of placer
go d. snd of silver and lead Is practi
callv thc same os last year. The output
of thaLake1 Atlin gold mines has doubled
and thn depression In tha Slocan lead
and silver mining Industry is compensated by tbe larjre American demand
for sine ores, and hv the went rich
ft»id discoveries m the Cariboo region
tilt"    i,iiM**ki UuakuvA,' wu  <ktl<l  WllUti, liAt
greatly improved, and the sliuation Is
generally satisfactory.
The Greatest oyster
Canada the Best Country in   the  World for the
Investment of Capital and Energy.
inducing .out* M*went S^crtbera.
the South African veldt, the suiibrowned
Australian, the East Indian and even
the heathen Oriental, have nt one time
or another during tho past summer
been to Banff and of all these we havo
never heard of one who wbr not
charmed with Banff and its surroundings.
It is useless to indulge in empty plat -
tudesor hackneyed phrases in nn nt
tempt to describe tho place. Its charms
bailie all'attcnints ut description, und as
one tourist snid of tlio great fulls ofthe
Y0H0, ■"""
The lact that tho O. I* H. hotel ae-
oommodatlen throughout the mountain
district Isbeln*greatly Increased, bears
ample testimony to tbe increase of the
tourist travel, and particular testimony
to the fact that the Canadian Rockies
are beeomlnf more and more the Mecca
ef pleasure seekers.
.we hate heerd the question asked
where do the majority of the pluasnr*
eeekei*earns from T "We hate no statistic* at hand by which we can frame
• delnlte answer, hot wp Tenure the
W«I*B ton pen«"*L oheerratlon thet
They grow grenter nnd grander
at every view. So niny we say of the
beauty of Banff.
The closing season has seen many
improvements in the National Purl*;.
Many new paths nnd roads have lieen
built and the ohs rvntory ou Sulphur
mountain will be completed for the
coming season. New public buildings
are going up, others nre being renovated; additions have been made to the
animal paddock, and nil things point to
a.prosperotiH future To those who wish
to leave the 1mm of civilization the
care of city life and the hollow eouven-
tionaliticKn( the social world, anil to
enjoy t&enes of natural grandeur nnd
beauty, and the quiet of sublime rusticity, wo would nay—come to Riinff
While Banff in truly cosmopolitan
during tho Htmnicr it hiv* a native.
population truly Ciiiimlitm nnd which
combines in a strange way tho chiuae
icrislicsof tlio mail of tlio plains nnd
the man of tint mountains, Tincture
the two distinct clauses nml Banff so for
as her native population is concerned,
heeiiiH in he the connecting link
twecen them
Living in il.e National Park our imli !
vidunlity as citizens may he curtailed, i
but we have ;iur own institutions, our;
own history nml traditions, and our nwu j
Along the line nf tradition* we Imve '
men who had packed tlnouirh thetnmiu-
tains long before the whistle of the loco-
motive woke the echoes aiming tlifiii,
and whn«e tradition* form their history ;
A few men peculiar to the mountains
Men who bear the impress of the psck
trail on their faces, and the dlgnlllcd'
solitude of the Rockies in their lives
To these wo owe much and without)
them the tourist traffic would be hidly
l,a*>ill **.*nn*isrt-.*l
What does the tenderfoot know nf the
mystery 01 the pack saddle and the diamond hitch? What does he know of (he
hidden trail or ford, of the tr»s**fh«ro«t*
muskeg or the gaping glacier? If a
man wants his assurance and self rnttls-
fsrtlon net bark »mr Im him hit the
trail with an old packer and he will find
that knowledge is not all learned In
We have man who coma to un every
summer from the outer world to March
the mysteries nf the mountains, or to
track tbe gristly Those men ihow
their manhood by shaking off the ihak
lee of civilisation end with their guides
ttaralb* nan vara n! maintain rltrnblnij
and more inrndloui dangers of slap-lack
end dry bacon. With tkeirifttldes tbey
ha*e aimed the fleets whkb ther ksn
conquered, ind |wfe t>U«ed In the
The unwatering of the Toombstone
mines, Arizona, has commenced, pursuant to the policy of the new management to bexin work thereon a big scale.
At the sa in e timo work bas begun on
the big 0-compartment shaft, which is
to be used for development of the properties,
Governor Brodio of Arizona has recommended in his annua) message to
the president that the government set
aside 150,000 acres of public land of that
territory for the establishment of a
homo for aged and indigent miners.
The recommendation was favorably received by the mining men of that state,
and is thought possible of enaction.
Daniel Guggenheim of the smelter
combine and also tho leading spirit in
the Guggenheim Exploration company,
stated upon his return from Mexico recently with n party of capitalists, that
they had dosed 11 deal for the Veta
Granite mines In Parral, Involving a
consideration of |6,(>M),iKW; the Valar-
detin mines, in the State of Diirango,
for #5,000 gold, but that a deal was not
closed for the Hidalgo mine as reported
It is the purpose to operate the two
properties purchased on it large scale.
Uegarding the reported purchase nl
smelters, Mr. Guggenheim did not make
any statement for the public
The Hunker Hill and Sullivan com-
pany of tlm Cumr d'Alenes have com-
pleied Ihe two-mile tunnel driven for
I,,.. I working purposes In the tunnel there
: are liKl electric cars for tramming The
upraise from the lower tunnel In the
upper workings has been completed,
and the aerial tram used for eight or
ten years will lm put out of coiiiuiiSMioii,
which will have the effect of taking
mo*: of the population from the lowu
of Wardner, owing to the changed des
filiation of the ore The output of the
iniiiH, now about 7m tons per il»v, is
expected to be |,<mo tons.
It is published that Canada, even
Canada, has the presumption to think
of building another transcontinental
railway. Carry the news to Rudyard
Kipling, who doomed Canada for a generation to be regarded as "Our Ladv of
the Snows." Carry the news to those
who predicted that the Canadian Pacific was built a century in advance of
the needs of the territory it traversed.
Carry the news to thc thousands whose
descendants wi.l yet see the Canadian
Northwest the home of fifty millions of
people. Carry the news to American
capitalists whose money has already
started the development of Canada s
manufacturing possibilities, and for
whom another railway will mean the
opening of a new empire to become as
truly American as many parts of the
United States.
Canada has already 17,000 miles of
railway that cost nearly 1900,000,000.
She has the longest continuous stretch
ot internal navigation in the world.
She has 70 miles of canals, 10,000 post-
offices, 80,000 milos of telegraph wire,
000 public schools, 60,000 men in her
lumber camps injwinter, 17 universities
miles long, 6,000,000 people, ot whom 90
percent, are Canadian born and only 8
per cent of foreign birth, the remainder
being British born. Canada ranks
fourth in the production of gold, has a
million square miles of practically unexplored territory, coal beds that will
give over 4,008iG-e*94oas a year tor 5,000
years, and a per capita debt nearly
double that of the United States.
Canada is one of the most fortunately
situated countries—politically—in the
world. She is bounded on the east and
west by the Monroe doctrine, on the
north by the impregnable barrier of
eternal ice, on the south by a neighbor
that wishes her well and is giving of
her millions as pledges of friendly treatment. She has no moro need of a navy
than for another north pole, little more
use for an army thau Hudson's Bay has
for an awning. Hor peace is guaranteed in inviolable circumstances. Her
destiny is to aid us in feeding tbe world,
to build up a nation of liberty-loving
people, to develop her tremendous
natural resources with the help of
American millions in new and in trans
planted industries, the United States
Is not precisely au effete country as yet.
But the surprises in discoveries of vast
material wealth, in natural deposits of
coal, iron, copper, silver and gold, are
of our past mainly. In Canada they
they are only beginning. Merely the
fringe of that vast territory north of us
has heen examined. It is the greatest
oyster remaining iu the world, barring
only Russia, and Americans are to have
a share in prying off t.:e upper shell ami
partaking of the meat beneath.—Detroit Journal.
The class of fruit shipped via the Dominion Express company is mostly berries, grapes, peacbeB, etc, the past season's shipments including some 1*2,000
crates of strawberries, as against 9,000
crates last year, and 69,127 pounds of
peaches, as against 18,800 pounds in
1901. The increase in the export of
peaches, all of which come from the
Okanagan valley, is very marked, aiid
indicates that the cultivation of this
fruit in the British Columbia dry belt is
largely on the increase. In 1900 only
3 OOO pounds of peaches were exported
as against 18,800 pounds last year, and
69,127 pounds this year. As'the fruit
lands of British Columbia come nnder
cultivation, Mr. Kerby predicts that,
not only will British Columbia compete
with Ontario in the Manitoba market,
but that it will invade Ontario itself,
and compete with the growers there in
their own cities.
II. C.  rill'IT   THA III"..
tlUHT   AND   I'OWKit.
Iii ronvcrsflfinn with a Vanrvvivor
News-Advertiser reporter, Superin
tendent Kerby of the Dominion Kxpreis
company, Vancouver, remarked that
in iManitoba and the Northwest, British
Columbia fruit growers had an almost
unlimited market for their prmluet*,
especially small fruits. . By eipresi
beriies and similar fruits could be
■hipped 10 Calgary, Medicine Hat, He
gina and Brandon without either refrigerator or s|iei'ially ventilated ears.
With properlv ven'ilateil cars the com-
patty hoped n«xt suinmer'to laud fresh
berries in tirst dn-s condition as far east
as Uat Portage h only requires care
(ul picking aud sorting: nf fruit, good
paciiluir nnd judicious advertislnir to
secure that market tor the British Co-
lumbis grower During* the past sum
mer41.'it>.'» ia<-e«, or 974,7t>'i pounds, of
small (raits were shipped to Msnltnbs
from British Columbia, an against tit),*
000 (Hitinds shipped in 1897 This business was done, notwithstanding a partial failure of tha strawberry crop  Next
mcreiaat ol
Colin Campbell, acting for the Slo-
I can Llgll and Power Co., hss applied
1 (or l.tnW inches of wattr, to be taken
' from Cari\t*iiier 1*1*1*1*1*  *i   Uny   -timinn
! The plant is to be built upon the Apex I f"" #• *«*** I**"™ •«
1 ttoiu.   tht. comiwiiy proposes 10 light  If'J"'",',   ! Ji**! "'"}  'VJimt *"
New Denver end Slfvwtoa end furnish Ln^V 111'!" ^Z°„    "* k^"1"
power to tho mines The company pre- * W°* *™f*e"°Pj,. ,   , L
noses to charirn Hi e*in* * mnnibfor     As an indication of the growth of the
'fhe «u*ce«*(ul fleatint of this enter.l,un,b,»' "r., Kprby »uPP»«.'d   the  re
Here is the latest they are telling. It
concerns a well known patron ol the
sports, who has an insatiable appetite
for the American game:
I bad a dream about our good old<>
er-over--^, j friend ■Myer~ia8t~night"rwhieh~mBy"be~"
prophetic, began the Good Story
Warehouse, as the congenial spirits
gathered about him. In my visions 1
thought that he had died and waa making application to St, Peter st the gale
of heaven for admission.
St. Peter looked at bim thoughtfully.
"Yours was a clean record on earth,"
he said. "You were commonly known
as a square sport, I believe?" *
"I trust rwaB,"roplied Myer.modestlv
"At least I tried to be."
"Come in ' said St. Peter. "I think
that you will do."
Myer murmured his thanks and entered. He strolled around for a while,
but presently he was back again at thi
gate, looking disconsolate.
"Aro you not satisliod ?" queried tho
saint in astanishment.
"Ye-os, ou the whole, 1 suppose I
am,'' responded Myor, "but there is one
tiling1 lacking," and he whispered in
St. Peter's ear.
"Certainly not!" cried St. Peter, after
receiving tho whlspored communication.
"Thero Ts no poker-playing here. You
might find a game down below," he
answered, slowly.
"Oh, but I shouldn't care to remain
down thero, you know,'' snid Myer
"You are too good a man for that,''
was thn'lrenly. "However thero is the
elevator I might give you a ticket
with a return coupon nnd permit you to
go down and lind out for yourself.".
"Soon lie was on the elevator whlizing
down, and down, and down, until the
lift humped near the main entrance of
Horr Pluto's permanent pyrotechnic
Sure enough, there was a poker game
going full blast like the adjacent fur-
naces/and Myer joyfully demanded permission to 'sit in
'Where's your money?" inquired
Herr Pluto, win* wa« acting as banker.
Myer's face fell.
"Money!" he repeated. "Why, I
haven't any. 1 didn t know you needed
monev down here,"
"What sort of a graft 'An vou think
I'm conducting, anyway?'1 retorted
Herr iPluto. stacking Ithe deca under
cover of the complimentary laughter of
the players "Chase out on the out-
skirt* and play old maid."
There were tears iu Myer's eves as
he turned away
But within five minutes he was hack
again, with a grin mi wide that it wet
tlie lob** of his ears,
"Give mu two itscks,' he ordered,
drawing up s chair snd casting a h»»«I-
fill of coins on the Utile
Herr Pluto surveyed him iu amaae-
"How In the world-or I should sav
how iu hades-did ynu manage to break
off that wad ?' he gsuped.
"Pin a man of nweurces," said Myer,
nemnonslv. "I sold mv return oi-mnnti "
prise win menn
and vicinity.
much to hew Denver
Ctaltwet to Hnlld.
The contract for building a branch of
tho Great Northern from Curlew, Wash.,
to Midway, B C. has heen let to 81ms
&ShkU! of St. Paul. Minn., and active
opareUoes #111 be commeecod this
mtintb This will! be the first link la
the line te be built by tbe Greet North*
ernlfrem the Boundary district threufk
te fhe eon*. Heat mwmtt at lm*
two other eacUons will beh-oilt.
,.1...v*» ■'«I,*.-, '.wi. t'ti9-iH.f,n:;-i.   \>,   %i;t,   Miiji-
ments per th* Dominion Express company since I897, being as follows:
1»7        &,<*S      140,9*)
1«»       88,488      781,6-tt
law   i?,789   m,m
1000    «,l&4      70i,2W
10M       10,874      757,446
1W»       4! Wl      074,70*
In addition to tbepe ehipmeate there
were probably 80 prioed* et fruit sent
hv freight from BriUah Columbia to the
Marrr Uh snd IUf>i»r I»«w Tttr
Is our best wishes to all! Thanking
vou Witidiy for your literal patronage
in (002, and hoping to please you better
for the coming year.  Wo havo now on
shipped direct to ut, such ae English
Stilwn Ch«see, Plum Pudding. Cross
* niackvell's goodi of «II kinds: Jap
Orengei, 100 Tmhj Ontario Turkeys,
Choice Bacon, Lard, etc. Nino here
Hunllght soap We. Come to us for your
house wants. We aen save yon We.
on Bttn UoUar you wo\M «Mod etoo-
where. Singar sewing machines to rent,
buy ur sell. Mail orders looked aiur.
J- *>***»*» Mew Denver.
!ff*Jiff,1* *_* **%* for • *"1»
9% In Williams' ftore. New Daavee THE LEDGE, NEvV DEtf VEK,. B. 0., DECEMBER 25, 1902.
Tenth Year
Ths LKDOBls two dollars a year in advance    When not so paid it is ¥2.60 to parties worthy of credit.   Legal advertising 10 cents n
nonpariel line first insertion, and 5 oents a line each subsequent insertion.    Reading notices 25 cents a line, an
graded in prloes according to circumstances,
<id commercial advertising
FELLOW PILGRIMS: TilK LxdgeIs located at New Denver. B. C, and can be traced to many parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has never been raided by tlie sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trai
blazer as .well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and hehevns that hell
should l» administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood tho test of time, nnd an ever-increasing naystrealv is proof that Itis
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack. A chute of job work is worked occasionally for thc benefit
of humanity and the financier. Oome in and see us, but do not pat the bull doa on the cranium, or chase the black cow from our water
barrel: one is savage and tho other a victim of thirst. One of the noblest works of creation is the man -who always pays the printer; he is
suxaof a bunkin paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at. by day.   _
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your sobsorip
Hon is due, and that tho editor
wants once again to look at
your collateral,
Toronto has a Moon that is full
every week.
It is a wet day when some one
is not sandbagged in Seattle.
It is well to remember just now
that the way to hell or a lead tariff
is paved with good resolutions.
Prepare for the worst. The country journals are about to review
the year that is just passing away.
The tourist trade needs no tariff,
and will eventually bring more
money to the Slocan than anything
It is about time that the churches
in Toronto were  holding  prayer
These are the days, when the
girls of the large departmental
stores of the east earn their three
dollars a week.
Driving mules often leads to
fame and fortune. Look at Castro
in Yenzuela, and that great man—
Dan—in Canada.
Healthy women are of great
value to any country. If strong
iB the frame of the mother the sons
will rule the land.
though we did not know our own
business. We should annex this
province to Japan and China, as
our Canadian legislators love these
countries better than their own.
Nature is extremely wasteful.
It spends many days piling up
suow in the Slocan and then the
soft breath of a chinook blows it
into water. The elements must be
hard up for a job.
The sea is full of gold. Every
tou of water carries gold. At the
bottom of the sea there must be
immense deposits of the yellow
metal, but this information should
cause no stampede.
In Morocco the Moslems are after
the Christians with spears. If the
Moslems pushed their faith in
Christian countries we suppose
they would be chased out with an
axe or a rum bottle.
The majority of the people in
Winnipeg do not want Sunday
street cars. So far west such a
course is strange, but then Winnipeg is not so big and you can walk
all over it in a short time.
Toronto is in the throes of a coal
famine. Here in B. C. we have
coal to burn, and plenty left over
for subsidy hunter*.
If the Grand Trunk wishes to
tap British Columbia let it come in
as a capitalist and not begging its
way like a broken hobo.
A Rossland paper states that
when the low-grade mines of that
camp are worked the population
will jump from 0,000 to 00,000.
Mining stock imt having palled
upon the Toronto people, its daily
press is now flashing oil stock ads.
Same old thing with a new face.
Parliament wil! open in Ottawa
about the middle of February.
Oalliher has already gone east no
that he will not mis* the opening.
Within two miles of our oflice
there ia a million dollars in gold,
bright, yellow gold. But for all
the good* it te to us it might as well
lie in Paradise,
Christmas in not t-h«* birthday of
Chribt. It te merely the day on
which the ancient* celebrated the
starting uf the nun mi it* annual
northern journey.
The Sloean produce* fruit, lumber, gold, silver; copper, lead, zinc,
and tourist attractions, and yet
there are days in wliich we do not
take in » short mi.
The Bank of England wnw founded hy William PaUenwm, a Hcotctt
buwaneer. lie no doubt found it
-emilei io hold up jM-ople liehiiid a
ro)J iimn hi JruM ul one.
Judging fnnn the iiutiilnTof people killed at errMwingw it te about
lime the railway** in Canada fenced
in their road* snd fined the puhlie
for walking on their track*.
Before many years there wHTBe
plenty of business for several transcontinental railroads, and they
will be built without government
aid if the people of this Dominion
are not devoid of wisdom.
Rossland is noted for optimistic
banquets. Under the spell of wine
the boom roars again and the
sound of a million hammers are
heard beating the tatoo of prosperity upon the iron caps of history.
Warbling Willie Mclnnes was
easily elected in North Nanaimo.
As provincial secretary it ie to be
■hoped that he will know moro about
advertising than his predecessor,
who was only a Prentice at the
The C. P. R would find their
Kootenay line more profitable if
they would dot the scenery with
first-class hotels and develop tourist travel in Southern British Columbia. There should be millions in it.     	
There are said to be 40,000,000
counterfeit silver dollars in circulation in the United States. The
dollars are genuine in everything
except the authority to issue them.
Another reason why silver should
be recognized.
It is stated that Mexico is Keeking by diplomatic measures to check
thc further fall in thc price of silver. Bryan's visit to that eouu-
try may have had Homething to do
with the rumor. This is a silver
lining to the dark cloud that hangs
over white metal camps.
A paper in the Southern State*
says that Canada has 500,000 sharpshooters, and at any time they may
fcwarm into the I'nited Stales aim!
shoot the union into n fozzled
finish. The I'dilor of that [taper
must lie a dope fiend or else he has
been reading about the rifle company in New Denver.
Appendicitis   must   liave   been
traveling under an alias for many
yearn for it now ooiue* oui in thej
-uutaiug Wiat the, i-jgypuau* ninieij
the Pharaoh family were troubled
•ait)) the complaint.   Thttt: jvc-cima |
to be nothing new under the sun. j
F.vervthinp1 we hftv« seem* to have!
beeu ''copped off" by the ancient*,'
long ago. '
for the eastern manufacturer and
sow-belly for the western miners.
King Edward is the name of Toronto's new hotel. It is eight
stories in dignity and cost over two
millions of dollars. George Gpod-
erham furnished the money to build
it, although the house will not depend upon its bar trade for support. There is no bunkhouse in
connection with this hostelry and
customers will not be allowed to
deposit their blankets in the sitting
room. The hotel is intended to be
a temporary home for the rich and
Toronto has swelled several notches
since the flagstaff topped this great
In Ontario the treating system is
recognized as the greatest cause of
drunkenness. It certainly is a
foolish custom and should be
abolished. To buy a man something that is no benefit to him
simply because you like him is mistaken kindness. If the people, instead of buying hellwater for their
friends, would stake them to a
paper, goose, duck, turkey, hats,
caps, etc., etc., there would be no
outcry against treating and the
instead of a mild curse.
The oil or raining- company that, -jirom-
ises to pay you a regular monthly dividend is a f;and and a swindle. The.
plan upon which these; companies are
worked is but little different from that
of the notorious Franklyn syndicate,
which landed Swindler Miller in the
The only difference is this: Miller
pretended that he was able to pay ten
per cent, a week because he was able
to win on Wall street. These swindlers
"•et hold of a small oil well or an oil
lease or a mining claim that does not
amount to anything' and then they
claim that, they are able to pay regular
monthly dividends out of the earning
of these properties Tlie dividends
that are paid are paid to the victim out
of his own money Two per cent, a
month looks very big—there is no gainsaying the fact tiiat it is big Stocks in
companies paying 24 per cent, a year
are not being peddled around at ten
cents a share The investor must te-
meinber, however that the sharper can
pay him 2 per cent, a month for a year
and have 7o per cent, of his money left,
and that the man who is getting his
money figure-s that Mr. Lamb will, before the end of the year, be so pleased
with his two per cent a month that he
will induce some friend to come in. It
ie a fine endless chain sort of an arrangement if it works right, but the
final end is inevitable.
Among these "get your-interest-every
month" schemes there aro a number of
oil companies operating all over the
United States. Almost every largo city
has one.   New York lua a number.
Here is the way these companies advertise: "Union Oil Company, shares
pay dividends of 2 per cent, every
month.   No risk, no uncertainty."
Every one with the least spark of
common sense knows that thero is both
nek and uncertainty about the profits
of an oil well. Every one who knows
anything at all about the oil business,
knows that there is not an oil property
in Texas paying anything like 24 per
cent, on the investment. The shares
of this wonderful company nre offered
for 10 cents a share
The Continental National Oil and Refining company, with oflices at Galveston, St Louis and other cities, is another of these two-percenta month
"sure things." The Pennsylvania and
Texas Oil company advertises not two,
but 5 per cent a month. The Blyson
Oil and Gas company, which has liead-
quarters at Wheeling, 1W. Va , guarantees one per cent a month, and yet offers one dollar shares for (35 cents. It
is like the others. The Phoenix Oil
company is like the Blyson, and there
are scoses more of them of the same ilk.
There is just one thing for the investor to remember, and that is that no
legitimate enterprise that is looking
for capital can guarantee him five per
cent, or any fixed per cent, a month
from the day he puts his money in, and
if he goes iii and gets such dividends
for a time it is only a part of his money
being returned to him to keep the game
going. Some day the pressure will become so strong that the government
will be forced to step in and, thr. ugh
the postal authorities, make a general
cleaning out of companies of this class.
Seattle is now taking an interest ,in
the possibilities of the north as an oil
producing country. Besides the fact
that Alaskan development along 'any
line is of great importance to Seattle,
ntany business men of this city have invested largely in oil lrndB in the Valdez
district, and when the gushers up there
become dividend-payers it will be so
much added to the money in circulation
in Seattle. It has already been demonstrated that there is oil in great quantities in Alaska, and as rapidly as possible companies are making preparations to produce it and put it on the
market, says the Seattle Times. Tho
market, of course, is tho all important
question, and in this respect tlie Alaskan properties are exceptionally well
situated. There ia a large and growing
demand on the coast for oil, but vaster
by a great many times is the market of
the Orient, Its limit will never be
readied, for the Orient is just beginning to turn this way for its necessities.
Northern oil can entirely shut California
oil out of the far East, for it will have
the double advantage of being a thousand miles nearer Asia than is San
Francisco, and of being adjacent to
Seattle, which, when tlie transport service is secured, will be the recognized'
American port for Oriental trade, and
will have the best facilities for carrying
on tlie trade.
Arthur riullen
Has opened a Wholesale Liquor
Store in Three Forks, and has
all kinds of Liquors and Fancy
Drinks, Champagne, Tobacco
and Cigars.
The Best Liquors
in the* World—
From France, Ireland and
England-and he wants all his
old friends—and new ones—to
come and try a bottle, or case,
or barrel, whether you order
by mail or in person.
A pretty neck is much prettier if
ornamented by a pretty chain
We have the chain*, too, that will
just suit that neck. Some ladies
wear them with collars, others with
decolete costumes. In |>olished or
dead finish gold, long or short chains,
heavy or light; rare values, always.
Tbrr« li'ttDM I'liKruvH on vyr.ry uriicl* tlmt. i-iii
lw mikmvwI HtkK <*K CHAUUK
Patenaude   Bros.
Hanufacturing Jewelers
Nelson, B.C.
we want
your money
Require intelligent treatment, to produce the t'ffectsyou desire We know
how toubtain tee best effects and you
may depend on us for a photograph
that is—
Artistic, Life-Like
Queen Studio
Baker St. NeLion
To Purchasers
../ we carry the Finest and
Largest Assortment of
Furniture and Crtrpets in
B. C, at reasonable prices.
Hct Kuom Suites. Side Hoards,
Iron Beds. Hookera, I'urlor,
Suites, China Closets. IHnliiK
Tables and Chairs. Chiffoniers,
Kntinn Chairs, and hundreds of
odd pieces which are always
acceptable as Christinas Gifts.
Special attention to mail
Furniture.  Carpet  and Linoleum
Dealers, Nelson, B.C.
Order your Xmas suit .early, hoys.
F. F. LIEBSCHER, £»?£%•
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of HOSUN HALL.
Reports, Examinations and Management.
NEW DENVER,   -   B.C.
Is your
Are you satLiied with your income?
time fully occupied?   It not, write us.
We can i?lve you employment by the month
on pood terms or contract to pay you well for
sucli business as you secure for us at odd times.
We employ Imtlt male and female represent-
litlvcf. The next three month* Is the very best
time to ifil our uooits. Ni> deposit Is required;
outlit U absolutely free.
We have the liiwst nurseries in Canada—over
K'W ai res—n larne rai j:e of vnlimlilene.W9iioel.il-
lies aud nil our stuck is guaranteed ns represents]
If you want to represent the largest, most pon-
• i lut- and be*t known nursery, write us. It will
lw worth your while.
Canada's Greatest Nurseries,
Seals, Hteneilo, Price Markers, Printing Wheels
NumbcrliiK Machines, Band DntliiR nnd Nnm-
lierinK Stamps, Check Perforators, Rubber
Type, Printing Presses, Ac
Vancouver, It. 0.
M mnn or lady In each county to manage
business for an old isttttdlrticd hou«e of solid
Hiianclal standing. A strain hi bona fide weekly
ea»U salsry of HH.tn paid by cheque each Wednesday with all excuses direct from headquarters. Money advanced for oxiicnsos. Manager,
StOOaxton ftidg., Chicago.
"Xlii»» UclmM-''«nd We hsTiilie I*-!
xml iifftt-NM muiirtmt'iii ofCIkm-uInI)-*
Mill lloti Hoii» ever pnidiii-ril in ,\ei-
son, and ai wi n-N*d mnnef V-l'll.l,
SKLL CHEAP n»«utiful Kkihv
\inkkiti'. trior* kill |«Hind up, Price
to salt rverymie.  Call or write to—
THE  PALM     Bex fj, Ntlwii. B.C.
Thc Lake Sborc Laundry
In NewDenver
In still knocking tlie n\totn oft ol
clothing that te hoUihI.
y~' Newmarket noiei X
WCW DCIIVCr, offers a pleasant fmb&titut© for
home to those who travel. It iH situated on the,
shore of Lake Slocan, the most beautiful lake in
all America. From its balconies and windowB
pun he seen tho grandest scenery upon thin continent.
The internal arrangements of the hotel are the reverse ■
to telephone, all the rooms lieing plastered, and electric
bells at the howl of every bed make it easy for the dry
moments in the niorning.t-*t-J^»o>c*t-»tjKJKJK-i*
'llie best and cheapest meals in the country are
to be found in the diniiiK room. The house is run up>
on cosmopolitan principles, and the prospector with his
pack is just as welcome as the millionaiie with his roll.
Every guest receives the best of care and protection.
The liquors are the best in the Slocan. and the1
hotel has long been noted for its fish and game dinners.
This Is the only fli>t-cla«s house in the Lucerne
North America.   One look at the landlord will
viuce any stranger that the viands are of the l**t quality.    Rooms reserved by t<degraph.«^JKJM^»tJK^»tJKJl
HENRY STEflE.  Proprktnrf^#**&*^3e^1®.\
IIIK.r..   y-w
rue of pJi
11 con* L^J
diml- &£
—Not hll of It;  no not
nearly sll ol   it.     We
want Jtint ononuh to pay
ns, mi we can give you
Miine  m    lite in:iicn/us;
annuity  UHuiUc* tu the;
Fancy    Grocery   line, i
We know we imve thej
(reahest stock   in   the
^•--Sw,y >     i»*.v*.*i -♦ jtjiui.. . .
Taken tin of our Maple
Syrup up the hill
you, or to your home
tedclleiou* with Chrit
ties Bett Biwiuit*.
\\J.   /rt\ <%<% )\jr    ff%vr
W& ir*\M^.4"aa/ri\frt*}\
A V lVilht It 1 It W<Citlt*
The government at Ottawa van-,
not refuse consistently the W|ue«4 *
for a higher lead tariff.    If they do)
not urant It then they Rhoulft cttti
off the protection upon oil good*' Look Out for our Bargai
The ilinallowing of the British j the Hlocan.    If  one   industry in^ ,-,-
Colntubi* wl** by the   Itomfnfot ObiumIii \\b* toliv^'M thr ripest*j I   f>  CM ITH X» Ci\ iW
te a  direct Insult to I of another, all should I» treated «J# D.^iUf I f I  Ot VV/. Ulj
ie.   it|, I '
K.l«fcll«h*rf  mi?.
C-auiu) (*« **W «P) Jl'iWUttXMW
Reserved luud   ;   ;    7.000,000.00
Undivided profits   :    :   MCHfi*1.0-l
HfCAO   llfl'Wti,   VHIS'ttlKAh,
Ur, Hon l^ntnSTKATnr«)NAa.«i Movxr Rotju, (i.CM.0. I'rcsklenU
HoM.G. A. DituMMosn, Vice President,
K S. Cukw-ox, General Manairer,
Hranelie* m all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Ureat Britain. nttA
the VniteA State*
New Denver branch
LE 8. DE VEBEk, Manager
A. .A
gov* rnment
this province.
are treated a«*ialike.    It should nut lie <lum *ou|. New Denver, B. C.
I     f ^^^9*—^^^ ^^^*»ti9mm^^ *^^—-™* ,^^_ ^^^m-mi^^m ^^^a-maw^^^ ■^^m*"~mm^^m ■g-^-**—-»«-^^ MMI* —-w-^^ ^^-»»—- ^~^*| ^^^m*.^-^^ j-*-*^^*—*,^^^^ --^m*****-^^ '
Li -^^^^-^^ ^^^^^^l j^^*^^^^ i^^^^^^ l^^tmi.m^^ 1^*1^^^**      W^*^^^^ ,1-^^*^^^^ ^^^^^^ P^*^^^^*,^*^^^^ ^^^^^^'
\ Tenth Yeah.
Chcy mere Good fellows
By Cy Warman.l
Beside the crystal Klondike, on the
trunk of a fallen tree, we sat talking
of. the town of Dawson of the various
camps and the country generally.
Some men were poling and roping
along ap the swift stream with a flat
boat filled with supplies.
A prospector, floating down from
[Dominion, who had just shot a rapid
with a Peterboro, waved his hand
and my companion waved back. The
man in the boat held up a brown bag
filled with dust—his harvest of the
yellow corn of the Klondike.
The old miner pulled his white
beard to one side and spat out into
the stream, and remarked that Dawson would never be taken by a miner
tor a mining camp.
It was all very well, he said, to
talk of law and order, and it looked
well in outside papers, but if a Forty-
niner came to the Klondike, as he
had come, to breathe once more the
free, wholesome atmosphere of Early
Days, that man would go back to the
camp of his boyhood, with its electric
lights, trolly cars and painted houses,
deeply disappointed,
"I have made money in every
mining camp that I have seen," said
he, "I have traveled abroad for
pleasure, prospected and found gold.
In South Africa and Siberia, wherever
I struck a stake or drove a drill I
found the paystreak,
"It"s the simplest thing in the
world to follow this girdle of gold
that belts the earth. We know it
best where it crosses our own country,
so wide that it covers the whole west,
from Colorado to the Coast. Then it
sweeps up through British Columbia,
spreads out over Alaska and the
HudBons' Bay country, and follows
tbe Yukon down to the Behring Sea.
Cross this and you pick up the paystreak again and follow it across Siberia—hunting, hoping, Hying in a
dream that can never be realized,
because if he find a fortune, he will
have exhausted the anticipation to
such an extent that the realization
will only sadden him.
and then will come the realization
that his dream is over. Having be
come suddenly rich and disconted, he
strives for pleasure in the things thai
money buys.
"Ah," he mused, "it it were as
easy to find happiness as it is to find
gold, I should be always happy."
More of this talk there was, from
which I gathered that this hoary
prospector was wifeless, childless,
rich and unhappy, and there was a
helpful lesson in his life.
There we sat, Bide by side, like a
stack of reds and a stack ot whites
on the green cloth; just the same
height—six feet of earth would do
either of ub—both independent: one
Independently rich so that he could
pay IiIb debts; the other independently poor, so that the sheriff, if he
came, could find nothing.
Yet, in spite ot that fact, one was
sad, disappointed and ttred, the other
cheerfUI and fUU of interest in the
great show called Life.
While we sat there thc old man
told me a story, which is part of the
forgotten history ofthe West I hut wat},
hat is no more, and this is the story I
let out to tell. It was told with honest pride, to show that the rough men
and heroic women who blazed tho
trails from the Missouri to the Pacific
had big hearts that were Hlwayslnj
the proper place. j
Many years ago, In a mining camp j
far out in the wide, wild West, there \
lived a man?*nd woman—both good
fellows.   Without benefit of clergy
they abode together for many raoona,
fell oat and finally separated.
No a, tor the lirst time, the worn mi
realized how much she loved him,
and the man been mo aware that the!
best lia tl gone  ont of his life.   Of
eoarae, she,  being a woman, could •
do nothing, and he   being a mnn.
would do  nothing;  so  they  met,
nodded, nnd \mmii emch other, mid'
nil the while love grow stronger.       j
All the people in the camp came,
sum to know tlieir tmuoie* ami nil |
symmtina-ed   witti  them,   toi   they,
were good fellows. j
Finally the man g»v* in, called on i
the woman and proposed mnrrtsge.<
t" *    i* , y
..)*»«<, i^iifnutivaOti., i,w, w.'i-**, ek, it.wj. 'nAvuiM ,
the next day. *
Tnat night in the hotel the man'
told hit friends what was to be, and'
they all clicked glsmes and wished
Miimjoy.   i*
That night the woman «u ather
\Hl\e whvtew nnd watched ,t hf{»
Mack cloud that jesme oat of the west
and htAtA tht Sow wind etme myb*
"Hn$*£ffl Tm*Mg tip ifk* eanymi
The moaning of the wind saddened
her and the sight of the black cloud
caused her to weep in fear.
The kind woman with whom' she
lived heard her sob through the canvas wall, and went in to see her.
The woman hid her face in the lap
of her friend, and told her that she
was to be married on the morrow,;
and the good woman kissed her and
cheered her, and told her that she
must not weep on the eve of her wedding day.
Then the bride-to-be wiped her
eyes and tried to be glad, but when
she was alone she looked out on the
black cloud and heard the wind sob,
and moaned in uncontrollable sadness. When her friend peeped in
again the woman, with her glorious
brown hair let loose over her white
gown, was kneeling beside her narrow hed.
That night the sleeping camp waB
startled by the cry of fire. The wind
was now blowing a gale, and swept
the fire before it. The wooden
buildings burned like ricks of dry
straw. Hundreds of people barely
escaped in the clothes they were
sleeping in.
When the fire died down and the
roll was called only two people were
missing, but they were' deeply
mourned, tor they were good fellows.
A stranger said that a citizen, hurrying along the street, had stopped
and helped him carry his wife and
children from their burning home.
When they were safe, the man,
thinking perhaps there were more
people in the building, ran back.
The ceiling fell and he perished in
the flames.
Five blofeki away they found the
charred form of a once beautiful
woman. They made two graves,
side by side, and all the people went
to pay their last respects to the victims of the fire. Above these graves
they raised a monument, upon the face
of which was chiselled:
the doctor in town by refraining from
printing the truth about him. We
would like to live in Macleod, and
run it* newspaper six months, and see
if the doctor would change his mind
about "running for revenue only."
If we didn't get some glory out of it
we would agree io take one dose of
his pills, after lirst saying our
"If the editor makes a mistake he
has to apologize for it; if the doctor
makes a mistake he buries it. If we
make one, there is a law suit, tall
swearing and a smell of sulphur; if
the doctor makes one, there is a funeral, cut flowers and a smell of varnish. The doctor can use a word a
foot long, but if the editor uses it he
has to spell it. It the doctor goes to
see another man's wife, he will
charge tor it under the head of a visit;
if the editor goes to see another man's
wife, he gets a charge—of buckshot.
Any medical college can make a
doctor; you can't make an editor: he
has to be born one. When a doctor
gets drunk it's a case ot "overcome
by heat," and if he dies it's "heart
failure." When an editor gets drunk
it's a case of "too much booze," and
if he dies it's a case of "delirium tremens/' The editor works to keep
from starving; the doctor works to
keep off the gout. The editor helps
men to be better; the doctor assists
men to die easy. The doctor pulls a
sick man's leg; the editor is glad if
he can collect the bill at all.
"Revenue only? Why we are only
living for fun, and to spite the
We have concluded to Discontinue the Retail Drug Business, and from now
An    Improvement.
The Calgary Herald asks: "Are
newspapers run for revenue?" and
then proceeds to answer its question
like this:
"The doctor from Macleod says
they aro. What In thunder do doctors run for anyway? Do they run
for glory? One good healthy doctor's
bill would run this office six month".
An editor works half a day for $3.00
with an investment of $3,000; ft doctor looks wise, and works ten minutes
for $2.00, with an Investment of three
cents for catnip and a pill box that
costs $1.37.
"A doctor goes to college tor two
or three years, gets a diploma, and a
string of words th.it the devil him-
sell couldn't pronounce, cultivates a
look of gravity that he palms off for
wisdem, gets a box ot pills, a caynse
and a meat saw and then sticks out
his shingle, n fall-fledged doctor. He
will then doctor you till you die, at a
stipulated price per visit, and puts
them tn as thick as your pocket book
will permit.
"An editor never gets his education finished; he learns as long as he
lives and studies all the time. He
eats bran mash and liver; he takes
hto pay In hay and turnips, und keeps
"I hear that Cactus Tim has
legs cut off," said Alkali Ike.
"Yes," said TaramandaTim; "railroad did it—nipped his feet off clean
and sure. He's 6tumpin' 'round on
wooden pins now.''
"How does he like it?''
"Fust-rate. He says he can't get
snakesjin his boots now.''
Inhi3 "Story ot the Cowboy" Emerson Hough gives the following quarterly report of a foreman to a Eastern
ranch owner, which constituted his
most serious labor of the year:
"Deer Sur, we have branded 800
caveS-thlii round-up we have made
sum hay potatoes is a fare crop. That
Inglishinan yu let in charge at the
other camp got to fresh an' we had to
kill him, .Nothingmuch has hapened
secce you let."  Yurs truly,    Jim."
A laundress in Ottawa, Kan., fair,
fat and about 40, has given an example of nerve that Is some. Recently she eloped with a showman,
We will offer for sale our entire Stock of Drugs, Drug Sundries, Toilet Articles, Etc., at cost,
"give below prices on a few articles, which will give an idea of prices of all our stock:
PBRUNAJ ,...,....  80 cents
CASTORIA ' 25 cents-
BROMO-QUININE TABLETS....: ,  20 cents
WILD CHERRY, SPRUCE AND TAR ■■...<. .15 cents
WHITE PINE AND TAR, Small ...;..,.   15 cents
WHITE PINE AND TAR, Large-.:    35 cents
PAIN KILLER.,.!..  20 cents
AUGUST FLOWERS !  50 cents
Tooth Brushes, Hair Brushes, Nail Brushes, Bath Brushes, Shaving Brashes, Hand Mirrors of
all kinds; perfumes in bulk or by the bottle; Soaps of all kinds, Ladies' and Gents' Purses, Chatelaine
and Wrist Bags, Combs of all kinds, Sponges, ordinary and rubber; Tooth Powders and Washes Hot
Water Bottles, Syringes, and hundreds ot other articles, all to be sold at cost. '
We have a well-assorted line of Goods suitable for Christmas Presents, consisting of Ladies' and
Gents' Traveling Cases, Manicure Sets, Atomizers, Perfumes in Cases, Ladies' Needle Cases and manv
other lines bought purposely for the holiday trade ■*•.'. 3
These goods are offered for cash only. No credit given to anyone. Bring your prescriptions
and receipts to us, and we will fill them at half the ordinary prices. Mail orders will receive prompt
and Careful attention, but a remittance must accompany each order, and the balance to be sent COD
.Corner Baker and Josephine Sts., NELSON.
Corner Columbia Ave and Queen St., ROSSLAND
A Lady Ttmeher for thu New Dtmvcr Primary
School forjtbe eimitnOerm, commencing alter
tha holidays,
Socrctary Hoard of Trustee*.
offer for Xmas!!!
20 % Discount
Ou nil nm nl" now In 'luck, from
Nov, mull till New Yetri. KODAK
liiivouu offer like thl* from other
lion*-, after New Yean, Imt not lie-
fore. Sljck contlat' of Jewelery,
Silverware, Optical Goods Hancy
ware, etc.
leaving a husband and several children dependent upon her for support;
which all men will admit unanimously, was a mean trick. She left him
a note, pinned to the rolling pin: "I
am very happy with the man I lpve.
Do the best you can for the children.
Be good and do right, and heaven
will reward you,"
People are not to be treated like
animals, to be patiafied with food,
clothing and shelter. They must
cultivate reason, memory, imagination, hope and love. Thoy must
not only have corn, wheat, shoes,
clothes and furniture, hut * they
must have books, magazines, music
and pictures. A life which is made
up wholly in eating and drinking
ia the life of a bea-st.-Southwestern
A minister looking down from
his pulpit wondered how all his
people could clriwi ho well. After
he had Minted up the contribution
box ho knew. —Flatonia Record.
Vt, I'. It. Time limixvtur.
SANDo.V, |i. t;.
U t**M.tt.       W   -
hr.jj(!r-omc!y iMurtrtilcd
ll wiH t*ti y**i in lati.9 wilh
T*» ftttt. «ut»i*.t. t. (tt.'nfu
gtva* with »ach ailirla. «• Ihe
t«« «f ilit trt-kN 4»li»m4 1*
W# «Kttffully tititni your
maway if »•« *taika ii.
:: riTrUTfirtrt i r Ttnn rnnnrm
By fie Bros.
«Te waives
'*'U,.:v iimnrnnir;'
I need the Gash
and must sell
Out Nitliiiml C~»ih Ue>f Inter Nn. *'.. total adder.
Mirror*, 18*1(1, other «lwu<
One I'UlR fllana Mirror, lt»I!»l inrhe*. I- ve* will*.
One IMntriltaM Mirror, «vM im h, with liard-
wuud fr»ro* ami »M# tiTucktt. fli1ur» 1{ teti
lulIK liy ii ttrt hl|(li.
Sewlnif Machine* tl fraat l.nr«»lii»
Rarltf-rOialri, IHrrur«. H*»li TuM l*l|»a tanki
One  Hull »-ml Hjirina Cnnlne Oi.vrriii.i fi.m-
Inch «te*m |»li#.
One Parker NhiMttii; nailery with  Uitnltltt*
Allium!*,Hint*, Ktc,and I'itno    All »|ierat|.<t
tiy irtwilliii' -"nitine: en»i »7.r<n, fur MMi.
onr (-niiililiiitl'ni ftililanl mi IV«4 T«Mf,
fliv Mavl
<*iji- t.MlitcfUlr.
n,„ ,1   ,t   T..J.1 I*  V,, ' | „. „, „
On#**t !Ur Hiiur««   ii't.f flu..
In wars between great nations
the gods still interfere; but in prize
fights the best man, with au honest
referee is almost sure to wiu.—
Rev. Charles M. Sheldon says a
peck of corn will make a pint of
whiskey, and a pint of whiskey
will make a peck of trouble.—La
Porte Herald.
IWItliOT Mineral Onim.
Situate iullir SI-kuii Mining Diviclon of Wen
Koolenny DNtrlei.   Where Itx'ttteil:   on llie
Tnyiie   Minimal". en»t of   nml JuIiiIhk the
Mercury Mliier.il Chi lm.
'PAKK NoTICK, thut  I, Arthur S. Farwell,
1    aetini; iKHnCiil (or l,i.»ii-r 11   Snyder, liw
tulnnr'i. certificate No. II ,',|n;<i, iinri Ifurold Si--
Imi** free mil cr'* certim-atr No. II *4471, intend.
plvty   ili>»   ll'oin    the    ilnte    herei.f,   to   np-
iilv  lu llu- Minim: Itecorder for ii  ('• Ullii-xte nl
Imiir'iVfitiMit. lor llie |>ur|».«i- uf nliUlnliiy t
I'riiwii HikiiI uf ihe ulio-re claim.
Anil further ink** notice thut aetlmi. tinder tec- j
tiuii 37.itinitt he <'i)iiniieiiced Ixfure die l«a»ni'» |
nl audi I Vrlliicnti* ut Improvement*
I Lite.I tlii« Hlli ilny uf NuvainhiT. A. I* l.'U
A. S. F.unVKU,.
la the conclusion unanlmoualy ai;re.-il to hy lu*
Traveling Public,
In (he in.ilti I ..( mi aHilicatlou fi» a ilii|.llr.it-f uf '
' '"■lie In tftmi in mul ,*♦■, Work
!       * Ortllleatr of T lie In Ml
i       .'•. In the tuvvti uf Nakll«|t(Ma|> l>< . '
' V"Ttfr. i-tm.lv irlvei. thai Jl i* tin• Inla-i 1
I .I IMi ti< U'Oealllie i \l4rallu i -I mu ne nth i
iii-m iliegrai [itilille.itt .u iit-rr-ui * iluiiilrntc ul t
I tlii'f'rrtllli'Atcuf Tllk* tu iln- ilium- iiienlluiii-d i
, ...I., .1-1,0 Jn. 0,1*1 :,, iu tjn* u»»ii ■-. X*ii,i>,ik
f'M.lti l*'l*. In llw imlti* ">t .limi-i. Mi-.Vell, »hlif»
i Ci-tlOirllf laiHUti llie UMt iltv uf Jmiurv l-'iT, «
I ami numl*red»'«W.
I It   V. M». I.Koli
lllili.it II.hMi it
I'KNOIIHCOT   MnifMl Clnlm.
sitiinte tn 'I.i sliMiui Mining ItivKiiiiiul Weal
KuutaiiHV    Ulilrlcl. U'litin-     liM-ntad:
on Kuif Mile Cm k, adjulnliu'  the   ll»-«llt
lllll I, -nn l>. mn-.
rpvKK NOTiCKthatl.M. b    W   ItatliU.riir,
A    Vfr Uliirr'o Certilieate Vu   II   iiwito, for
ms«Hf, and l* at'ent lur Frank Culver, tnv
Miner". Certificate  N.      It    U.\*l;    lnKiil    «ix|y
il»v» frmn the d»te hire..I in apiilv i«> thi
Minim/ Rei'urdcr dr « CertlHe i1i uf lln|irove
menti> fur the |iiin».«eiif .iliiuiiiliitfui'ri nn yrmit
uf Ihealuve i lalm.
And funliet ield iiuiici tlu.t ji llmi under anil ill .17 HUM l* i-iiiuiiii nceil Irliiri* the Mmncr o'
MM ll iettille.il. i.f lin|iro\i-lni-iit«
D.ileil Ihi. )'.||i   i.v ..Ml. I..In   Hi l'it
wit. \v ii\ riiii'KNi:
I , I*. It. Mil. r;il CUim
|      I ..lilllfivlMf)   Offl,
I «•• min I   !!*•!
Xi'lauti    II, C. 1fllh   fe-
| One "<le*m Oilnre, ut
j OmnOanlenSeeitnrlll.i.j Unlli**w*«
"lie »lr«m ,
Hurvrym k Iiultmrjajit.
H    i U what you want i«n.,f inlvntonl, wrltr ft.r il*
W in- «i •) meiitton ltd* |*!<« il yuii litrnait-
iiil.«..l K-i-t-iaiul jfuw arill r«*i-*re iniurmailoA
fir>w»|)€ly ii|«m tl># lime ymi de.lre t,. |,urel «**«
[R. Elliott
j- .    * *,.., J£ASL.O .
«*W     *     *  *^  *m, .
lo iihl.l.vyt K.vr *:**■ *o si.H
■i.'i^t'iVtiH iWUiilfX. i ' i tUh -nn mn 1.t
may li-i-ii II«ii«ft tl.ii Ida m|.i<..i| lu tite
"rung. Nu t," •■HflM.,1" nil '«' .nut der"
K.tet.1 Mil* I'r-k. Im. Hi-   «*»•'«•*'. Mim.i-. lu
iM'ns, '4 \\"**t K'i«i4*uay iH-ttUl
Y'Ot'   in li*ivt.y tuf.lfU-l itiit  I  h.nV-r »<:• mini
I     f..«»»-«*.iiitiil *w..«l<    ml r-i'iiOlii-'t  if * ••>.
, ))■« -<l« *e uaronlrlalm* Uw Out t«ir la*' !«••».
. Ihrea huivlnrd »ud trvan dollir-. ami iSfty ni.l».
i.anwlv. mu-luiiidrfd *u.| im. ikdlar* and tifM
i <ut* f»r *ath of tli* *>»td i-Uima. in ••nit, i,,
hi-M fhe a.i Id eftiirun ini.f. e ll». i:,\ I ■ i *.. •• ■ T *'
Mln.;*») Act; aMi If. nill.it, D tOm* in ... '1.,
•'**t**f.?W*ia4lr*. j.« t.lt'.r rrfna* |..<-..i,tili.
., , rune (.i'i.|,.iftf*!t, -if *,)■ h i'l;-.*!. u'lir ', '..
.■*1iiimii1n,n,9aiiit •tntitli**!.* yuiif |ii|»*k**i
is* •.!>! i .'aim •III ktmatw ib# (*><i+njr «>f |li»aiiti
«. ili»r  vnort.^rtt'^i   *   «♦ thr .Vn »»■»!, in"
AttwuillH'14 All. %$>'i.
..   Iiaww iM« thUrla-a cf l«.f^mi«r, |;«i.-,
.  •     '       »i<u>'d-.    citAH. r. itiu't...
Mtlli'.r    in   llw      M. . all     Willing   Imui.ii   ul
"l>*.t   K.i- t-i-uiy tl.«lrl*.-t      Whrfir   !,n itnl;
11*, c|iv, ,* M.iUi.l..i.i, nt*r N*-» P< n»« i.
q^Anll   NUlI'l:    I'lmt  I, Ciflniiiu   M.rilll,
1     fit*'    M n«r . C.ilifl.-ili    Vi.    II    '/OKI
-nteuil.   only    iiit»   li-.iu    itie   .l»i»-  hi-n-f
., ,,-,|,U •■> ll» Mli.iutf liiiunlrr fur a I <rlitii »n
, ..f lmi»r.«etiiei,i». fur iln  |iiir|in«e  uf .liialtilii/
, .kl'v..*f- tii'»ut .4 ll'»' *k*i*lri iatlli
A ini furllur i.iki in.it.. i|,i,i»,(-fimi. iin.lt r »*«'
««if -in ti t>*rtit!iati-«.f len r. \fiiu-iii.
Arrlvfl WINNII'EO .ill dny 8:,'/i». tn
Arrive ST. PAUL .Hi day ti'40 \i. in
Arrive CHICAGO Oh thy u*,»t u. ui.
Arrive, TOHONTO 5th day »:4&|i. in.
Arrive MONTIIKAL Mh dny f.au \, m
Arrive NEW VnllK *ith duy nMn. in.
Cluae eiiliiiietliiii for all EuM.-rn |Hdllt«.
KAST—Li'nvn iJuniiiori! Jttm-tioii tUti>*
fm' Si Paul: Kootminy LiunNtiR'
Tii«siIh.v mul SHturilay for Toronto,
Montreal, anil all Kaetiirn I'ointN.
A til|i En»t uvir the C I*. It, will cunvlmvyfiw
h« tn Ui cutnfortK «inl cuinenleiice.
Kurfurilitr information reimidliiir the "unly
way" M|>].iv lo -
Qi B, OAKKKTT. Apod New llenver.
. ..'.Cujli-, a O. I*. Agt., Vaiii'.iuvcr.
IS Carter  I) l'.A.,Netiwn. II C
lu IIKIHKIK T. McKKN7.IE.lal. uf N, w
vi r, llriliahl ..luml.ia ..r I., wliumimrvir hr
Hi.y   hate  tiannfeind  til.  Inti ie»t   In   thr
•Mian holdi i" nil eral claim, •ittiaiwl mrtli.
uf Ikar Uke, and ailjulnliin ihe 'I.iiket u u'
In Aln.wi.rtli |)ivi.|,.n
I • tin ndid If'.'.'«(in InUr mid ltn|i|i,vi!in«iit»
•i|^.is Us.- »!*.*• <u»iitlufiNl n.iM ml claim m drill;. )-iiiVI»liiii. of iln* Uiu, ui ,t,l, ,,n,l If within,
ninety day* from tlw due nf tin. m-tln. *■,,,*.
tntlurreliix lui-.iiirll.iiti y.-ur |r .[urtl. i,i,f t|,r
..l».»«.   I1..IUKHI..I   »Oili,   Wllllll   I.   l|„W   due.   tl,-
tftiilier Willi all ci*u <,f .idverli.ji,** vtir iti*>rrr«t
Hi tie *«ali|it»im wtltl.1 ,m >(*., i,'i" i. tt» ..f tU***
tnideraliriirtl. under Kirt|..|i t .'f ,, _,. ,,,"
tlileil   An Act lu Amend lie  Mm. i.»i A, I i-mi"
fH|..).il.N.w tkimit, It r ,|ii- 'IliiUvuf
N.iVi'nit.ei,t,*L' IMIir. UIU.UM-.
Wil,..,* ClutrteaH. Kftilidall
(Hear fortune
r.' tn ctNiti » \ r i i.t.v. •* ii»-
l, UJhK MtiJ/JflN  ...,.!./   1.   WifcAV*  u»   »,,
iii,- «■• . t.rlliey mn liatr iran*fftr><1tl> it
!■■■ -»-S- ,,. -.1,* •*•  i-i..  ii.iii.fd ilaim.  *e„
,*,,l , r,t if,in, t- ... «*!*,**,„ Miuii gMti«i..i.
\\ .    I   hi, l|*    !,»   |>..!|l<*t,  II   t
id.  .,,,(i». Ii..r *.   ii   -!<*t1..r»I.M"'l*'<'»l*l<»l
I   Imi*     .i;»nM   >li.    .lifli   «.f   •■!»>» Vi  In
j tt *i*«* i   mie.**!...'   «'«iii,.  uii.l. r tin   |r.<i»..fl'i-f
!.'■.- '- .*. ? i ' . •{ :*, 4, X„ i. ,,,,..1, il**,.
! if*.in I., il.l. * I nn, l,■*,!!-), »r>u tilt i.l fl'war t"
i .-,mlifl*i*'*e ..-ur .*• »n-..., .-' *>!l «i* tt **\\*\.>liti.r»*
1.-I1) -l ./. i-* I .ill,i -l ii |l,.- t,Ul ij'-iMi MiJj
l»t*,,l(,r it** jf j#ft« ..I *ht e,i»4rf»li.'»..il Unaitr
•Afri i»l*.*4 » i «,•!»» tr"#.t "A* *l ' t#.i»**%4
ll-.  Mi'wt-1  ,|,f  if*, "
1   - f». **v,i„d'   «'., iU** l.y tUy »*'
It    t1*tlV
i *. . .
.far V. .
nJm.f whilt i!
..me tour. u|f ai y.nir
. nut l,i*.irl       llirei<
4 lm*:   I hit.- Itt-i ii.ii,m.11 Liliu. f..t
•ill. thai liii> !l»Vl UlillllMl««-«*M"»-*»lt-vl
t«ln Nlil llit * »ut '««*«■. I h»» It* .itll'
aft.l in l*i«- hurl .,f fh-' ^w^aii. I.-
tv..a th*. pm iKaaml W .iiff.'.riiiin.*
I in l.Uii..i) I» fklt ainl a f.ftnii.-
i.i,.t, .iwalrtl.. *)*■• nUt .; Tiie|.f|i-r
v iK-miiiai da.*! lm». i|»ti'l>,
R. T. Lowery
New Denver, B. C. THE LEDGE, NEW DENVER, B.C., DECEMBER 25, 1902.
/ o s
Tenth Yeap.
Notary Public
ii.    Notary Public,    Insurance  Apent  and
Mining Broker.   Mining Stock? bought and sold.
General agent  for Slocan  iiropertics.    Small
Debts Court held lst and
month.   Established 1895
Mondays in every
and American plan. MeaU, tn cents. Rooms
irom are up to Si, Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the uold
in the safe. MA LONE & TB.EGILLUS.
located and lit by electricity    It is head-
Miners or
quarters for tourists and old timers,
millionaires are equally welcome
MADDEN. Proprietor.
THE ROYAL HOTKL, Nelson, is noted for
J- the excellence of its cuisine. SOL JOHNS,
BAItTLETT HOUSE,, formerly the Clark-
is the best $1 a day hotel in Nelf
•white help employed
.„._ Jsoii.    Only
THE   EXCHANGE, in KASLO, haa plenty
of airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
nnd braccrB of many kinds.
THE MAZE, in KASLO,  is just the place
for Slocan jicople to find when dry or in
search of a downy couch.
T G. MET.V1N, ManufacturhiK Jcwellc.
A. Expert Wliitch Ilepalier, Diamond Setter,
and Engraver. Manufactures Chains, Lockets
andltiiiipi. Workmanship punnuiteed equal to
any in Canada. Orders by mail solicited. Box
tta, Sandon.
pure Latakla Student's' Mixture, Pace's
Twist, Craven's Mixture, Bootjack, Natural
Leaf,and manv other kinds of Tobacco.
G. B. MATTHEW, Nelson, P.O. Box to.
H.7. PHAIR, Dealer in Foreign and Do-
•   mestic Cigars and Tobaccoes.   Biker St.,
Kootenay Oandy Works,
Manufacturing   and
Nelson, B. C
J   A.   McDONALI>,    _..
•   Wholesale Confectioner
"Wholesale   Merohants,
ers in Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
Fruit,Nelson, B.C.
tOHS   OHOLDITCH   &   CO.,    Nelson.
♦F    Imjn rters. Wholesale Grocers and Provision
.   licitor, Notary Public.
Every Friday at Silverton.
., Barrister, So-
Sandon, B. 0.,
Ml.. GRIMMETT, *,. x. B., Barrister,
. Solicitor, Notary Public. Sandon, B.C.
ich Office at New Denver every Saturday.
Mining Properties.
ew Denver, B. C.
TT when you want soft drinks. Special attention paid to the trade of families,
C. E. BIONEY, Sandon.
Insurance &o R.ea.1 Bstate
Insurance Agents,   Dealers in Heal Estate
Inlng Properties   " -.-....
Lots for Sale.
Houses to rent and Town
*>%.<%%**%<%%'**•-<«•%/%% \,>A^9 I
5 Proip the sun'sXenneti
Perhaps there were some intelligent men in the crowd of English journalists that recently passed
through the Dominion, like an
icycle down the back;
Perhaps they were the cream of
the editorial milk pan, but,.' if they
were, then England's editorial
milk is mostly clabber.
Some of the writers, if not most
of them, who wrote to their papers
their impressions of Canada, did so
like schoolboys, or like men who
had traveled little and whose ideas
are hide-bound and cob-webbed.
They seemed to be under the impression that they were making the
trip as superior beings, and as an
act of condecension to we ''bloomin'
The writings of the Glasgow
Herald man were particularly
Writing from Grand Forks he
says that "A blot on her'scutcheon
appears to he revealed by the frank
announcement that secret societies
are represented hy the Knights of
Pythias (whoever they maybe),
the Odd Fellows, and the Foresters."
I'd like to turn an x-ray on that
man's head, to see if it would penetrate its awful density.
He is too harmless for a knave
and too dense for a fool.
It is a waste of time to attempt
to conceive what is his idea of a
"secret society";
Perhaps he believes such an organization to be a body of cutthroats, banded together to kill
and to commit other acts of lawlessness.
He must think them very bad.
for he further says of Grand Forks:
"The blot, however, is eradicated
by the gratifying intimation that
four congregations have their own
church buildings completed and
paid for, each having its own resident clergyman or minister."
All of which is wordly edifying,
but of no sense.
If this wise guy from Scotland
will stop over long enough in any
American city, the next time he
tears himself away from his mush
and milk, to take a jump at the
Knights, or a frolic with the Foresters, or a dash at the Odd Fel-
sense rubbed into him, and a heap
of ignorance rubbed out.
He will learn that these orders
are as beneficial and more practically helpful from a religious point
of view than is modernized church-
ism or Scotch or any other brand of
They are a blessing to any community.      	
When we see hell spelt in some
newspapers with a hyphen, as for
instance, ''heaven and h-1," one is
strongly reminded of the New
England prude who wrapped the
legs of the table in napkins, because, naked, they looked immodest. When used in a blasphemous sense it is all right to
spell the word with a hyphen, but
in any other sense it is absurd.—
Beaumont Journal.
When the word hell is used so
extensively by  tjie ministers from
the pulpit, we see no harm in using
it in public prints.    Speaking ol the
JJew England prude,  reminds us
that the same lady made a trip to
Texas years ago,  over the M. K.
andT. railway.    Just before entering the Indian Territory,  the conductor announced to the tourists
that iu a few minutes they would
see the beautiful  Cherokee Strip.
The lady blushed, pulled down the
window curtains and began reading,
while every man  on board leaned
way out of the windows.—Current
 *  !
A certain young man  took hisj
girl to church.    The evening was j
warm   and the youiijr lady complained of feeling faint. The young
man smiled sweetly upon her and
took   something out of   his   vest
pocket and whispered to keep the
tablet in her  mouth.    She shyly
placed  it   under her tongue and
rolled it over and over, but it failed
to dissolve.    She felt much better,
however.    When the sermon was
over she slipped the tablet in her
glove, bging desirous af examining
the   indiasotvabie little substance
that her "steady" had given her in
the house of worship.   When alone
in her room she pulled off her glove
and out fell a pants button.    She
is looking for a new  fellow now.—
It is an injustice to the men to
always have feminine figures to
represent Faith, Hope, Peace, etc.
What is the matter with the figure
of a man with a toothpick in his
mouth to represent Contentment.—
Thurber Journal.
Credulity is a monarch on whose
kingdom the sun never sets. The
cradle and the gravis are its frontiers, the entire human race its
Our Holiday Stock comprises every line handled hy the jeweler, and each line Is as comprehensive as unlimited resources and
competency can make it. Watches. Clocks, Diamonds, Silverware, Jewelery, Etc, Every department Is complete in itself: no one
being sacrificed to another. We sell every line a specialty, and our close, relations with the best manufacturers enables us to do
so greatly to your advantage.     In buying from me you get the best georis at the lowest prloe, quality considered.
Orders by mail receive our prompt attention.   Sand your watch repairs to me and I will do tne rest.
The output of tho Smuggler-Union
mine at Tollundo, Colorado, will bo
greater the present year than for any
year iu the history of the mines. .-The
two millR of the company have a combined capacity of 40C tons in 24 hours,
and are now doing full duty.
The Doukhobors seem to have
got over the religious jag they had
some time ago.
9:00 a m. Lv. KASLO Ar. 8:15 p. m.
11:25 a. m. Alt. SANDON Lv. 1;00 p. m.
5:00 a. m. Lv. NELSON Ar. 7:15 p. m.
8:40 a. m. Ar.   KASLO   Lv. 8:85 p. m.
Tickets sold to all parts of the United
States and Canada via Great Northern
and O. R. & N Company's lines.
For further particulars call on or ad-
ROBERT IRVING, Manager, Kaslo,
Have shops in nearly all the camps and cities
of Kootenay and Boundary. They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
notary Tumuia.
1 8. BA8HDAI.L, New Denver, B. C,
Real Eatato and Mineral Claims for Sale. CUIms
wprwentcd anil Crown Granted,
The Greatest friend of truth is
time; her greatest enemy is prejudice, and her constant companion
is humility.—Colton' Lacon.
The trthrist trade i& not like a
mushroom. It grows slowly but
will last for all time if properly
cultivated. Push and printer's ink
are the most important fertilizers.
Job Printing
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
done at New Denver's printing emporium—
Address ===== THE LEDGE
* Lumber. Door*. Window*. Btere KrouUJShow
Cum. Btore and Bur Fixture, Counters, Fancy
aim H. HOUSTON, MunaKur.
Nelson, B. C. __
*.,     i»:rc.
iu u»u i5 yearn experloncc in dentM work, and
make* a .specialty nf Guld Uriels Work. Moat
i'(iin|iltie tk-nUil otllcu In ft. C.
Hiw1>adl& yearn, experienceIn
Oeneral   Btore.
JT. KKI.LV,   THKKE   KORKS. de»l«r In
•   (iroccrlcn, Dry OimmIi, Kt«.,   Uood* Sli!i>-
pwl ull over the Slucmi,
Ili'M. The must romiilftte II C A I T U
on tin* Continent of North Aiimri- Jl LA L I U
ea. HltuntMl mlilm m-i-miry un D C C fl D T
rivalled for ftraudtiiir. lionilnv. n CO U il I
KUIiiiik anil Ku'iir-'l-iiii tu tlio i.-.ouj' |**>iut» ol
Interett. Tcleuraptilc roniiiiuiiK'utlon wltli nil
pert* ot the w«rl<l; two mall* arrlvti nnd du|>eil
everyday, it* limhta cure all nervous mnt
nuM'ulur dim"1**,*'*: tin witter* hrnl all Klilru) .
Liver and HUmmcli Ailment* ul every imiiiu,
Tlie iiiu-e nt u round-trip ticket t«tw«sn
New lii'iivi-i and lUlrytm. oliUitialib nil tin*
y«ir rirtiml mid iriKnlfor*i i|»jr., u «3.S5, Halcyon Hprtngi, Arrow Lnkr, ll, C
Professor Miller, tho provincial min-
eralogiBt, has completed his summer's
work of inspecting the mining induu-
trios of Ontario, and was back at the
parliament  buildings   preparatory  to
arranging bis annual report  Ho speaks
most encouragingly of the mining industry of tho country, renewed activity
being manifest in almost every district
He was pleased to note that there wore
fewer little companies with a few thousands al their hack, who frequently became financially  embarrassed  before
thev wore able to do stifliciont development work, and more big companies
capable of carrying through extensive
operations.   It win* notable, howevur.
that In almost every caso American
cauital was behind the now companies
This was attributed to a period of great
prosperity In which American capitalists accumulated wealth and naturally
looked near at hand (or good invest
ment, and tliey generully found it hero
Speaking of tlio copper mining industry,
ho reports four good properties on the
Al go in a Central aud four more on tht*
Soo branch of thu Canadian I'acillc railway    It Is hoped that when they nil
get going they will havo enough bust-
nosq to warrant the Installation of a
local   Hini'Uur,   which  would  prove it
great saving, as underexlsting ciicum
htancoh tin* i-opper concent rati"* havo
to be shipped to N'ew  York.-Toronto
Why you should buy
B©C&.USe it is tho host quality.
BeCaUSe It i* the  most lasting
chew.        "*mmm*mmmm
BeCCIUSe H> te Aw largest high
grado 5 or loc plug.
BeC'BiUSe -he tags are valuable for
premiums until January
1st, 1001.
BeCaUSO w«'    guarantee   overv
plug, mui
BeCaUSe ><""• dualm- is author
This old-time hotel has recently
beeu bought by tho undersigned
and renovated into au xtp'to-
dato hostelry.   Miners, tourists
and all classes of this world's
people can always get a square
meal and an easy bed within
the portals of my doors.   The
bar contains many kinds of
nerve bracers, ranging from
tho brow of Cody to tho swoet
cordials ot sunny Franco.    If
you aro dry, hungry, weary or
sad when passing through tho
Forks, lift tho latch and drop in.
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
General Draying: Mining Supplies and Heavy Transportation a Specialty.
Oar Baggage wagons meet all San-
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack 'Uinuis.
Feed Stables at New Denver.
Kootenay Coffee|^st;Trees'
Dominion »u<t  l'f>
IOIIN  Mnl-ATC/HIK,  -■--
J   "tndit Uml Hurvoy-r.   Nel*»n. H- O
H HKVI.AND, Kiimiioor unit Provincial
L»n<l Surveyor    KAHI/I
IU1I oriliri (jroiiiitlv hU.uiMm! to.
WW, TKKtZKL. A CO.. N»l*m. U-C,
•  Dtiktt to Mt Drag* mm AJ*»ye-rt' Hti|r
JR.  ©AMKBOW, temion, UannfaetarM
•   C-joOUnv toonter; »nd -toHfliw pftliunNt*
tA9i Tl I Oold JllVrjNJMlV l.S<»
G*M ui Silver Refined and Boocfet
ITtt AMpafca* St.,  Vaattt, C»t».
-. _ -_.!■__■_.,.,,,      .muimmmmmmmammam^m
m***t 1*4/ In mc-Ii -Miwtf ia wwnaaa
_*Mim* tat anoU miMlifcrt fca«M *IaSM
iiiwataimawmw*   A «nl«W. to** latatajtly
mmmtarynt mm pamttfthaaamt **wtj9**V
wm%*t «w all mtatma* Altmi tnm Utrntmr*
tat*   Moa«y *wt*wa*m k* mpaaam   9A**mm.
The Filbert Hotel
Ih tho ltouKu to Htop ut when
in the Silvery City. 'I'hc
rooms are airy and tiie beds
conducive to slumber, while
thc call-bells bctrfde every
door will put yon in mind of
modern civilization. Thc
TncM? ?n ^yr% dininw vnofn
will ui*ik<j u asaih npon fom
taste and change your Htom-
ach into an internal heaven.
Thi* Filhert \n coftmooolitan,
andismn upon the Canadian
American and European
plan. The bar is replete
with all kinds of bracers from
gentle old rye to the tipple
that foams in the glass.
i'/.eti   to    rt'fund    your
Cigar Oo.
Ld/U61   Marguerite'
Picyova Bouquet
OlgarS our Special
HI Condor
Silver King Hotel
In Nelson, 1 have secured a
ltmse upon the Imperial, and
have cliHtiued the name to
what it was years itjfo:
The Silver King Hotel
This name is familiar to all
who blazed tho trails in early
days, and the newcomers
will uot forget it U they drop
in and see tne.
Doalerd in Tona and Coffee.
AII Kiiulos uiul prices. A
trial orili'r nollcltod. ...    .
Kootenay Coffee Company
I'.O.HoKVtt. Wert lUker St.
f VANCOUVER and NCL30N, _.
1% %%**/%%*%%%%*
"RlllKfil for Fall or Spring
.DUlUft piftntlng.
Catalogue Free.
sum Weitmliuter Ilnad. Vancouver, U. C.
V\t nvd froiti KiiMjnsa.il pnlntu vin OmiAdliii'
anil AmerlcAM Hti«n.    Apply   fur mIIIhk »latM>
rate", ticket* anil lull Infsrintition tu any C.
Ity ftii«iitor~
0. I*. K. A ucnt, New I)«nver.
W. V, t\ 0\im«nltii», (». H, H. A||t,, Wlimlp««|
»«r nrlMW ant>l<r l«.»--
W V MfiMtt.l.AN kC.O.
WbolMata A«*ntt tor 8.0.
tmtmnt, H.C.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
iMf   9*wfa*it9W*9tk*
P. H. Murphy
Oofttalnt  •  lltiWrt*   »«oorif
ef 9» «!• Imrt» tn thf
9*m a vim* w««l« wrr, tmm,
W TOOT wllff*
Holiday Specialtie
We *n ahftwlnft tn our new pruun»tt» oue of Ui* iin*** aiucin ui LwJJu*' Www tvw dipjf-Javi'd In Mrfr.tni. In
th** Urliw'D^p4rtmont you will find a very lir^o tusortment of tip-to (lute »nd nuty ityle. in Udiet'KUk
Cwhroore at d French FUnuel Shirt and Dloutio Wmtatn. A very pretty and natty lot of Ltdlea' Silk Tie.,
7k*.Zh*~ul }*.sxl: T;*-.,i' .f,.v.; .-'?«'■.'«"»*, *net*\a\ fnr tliw hnHHav trait*. IaAI**' and Chlldpin'a Haisdk.rcblef.,
Halt and Capt: Far Bom. Ties, Ruff*. Muff* and Seat Jacketa In tht Qent'a Department we can .how
yon Men's Smoking Jtcktta,DrǤalnir Oownn. Bath Robti, and Trawling Rug<s Silk Umbrelln; Tiat.SUk
Wrapa, Scarfa, Muffltra. Kid Q\ovt*, Mltu and Fancy Hall Uoi., and Underwear.    AU Holiday Qooda.
,      MAIL OlOBm RtOEIVt irKQIAL 4TTIHTI0II a^^^^m^^^^^^m^
«'^^™'TJ  Fred. Irvine * Co.,   *™ESEF
NELSON, B« C ai.niT Low.pjuca


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