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The Ledge Dec 18, 1902

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Array 'ylsitSl//
Volume X.   No  12.
Price, $2.00 Year ad^kci
Sfr^iT |^ev/s ?loat
V -1 ■
►In andSAboutUthe Slocan and Neighboring Camps
tliat are Talked'About.
Williamson—At Ingersol, Ont., Dec.
5th, tho wife of Geo. Williamson, a son
H. T. Twjgg will spend the winter in
I reland.
Bob Kirkwood will spend the winter
in California. *
There are fourteen men working at
the Washington.
. The work on tbe Surprise is being
done by contract.
Tom Mulvey and wife have gone east
for a few months.
Two weeks of excellent sleighing and
no sign of a thaw !
; Another shipment of zihc was made
from the Bosun this week'.
Ernest Brindle left for Victoria last
.Thursday to spend his holidays.
A party of  Denverites took in the
dance at Silverton last Thursday night.
... -1..-1 * f*
x Fresh^ndie8Jji^tsxj,at8in9!orang,e9;L
"Tetc^Besrintliecamp—Mrs Matheson's
Santa Claus has staked, a location in
New Denver. It Is called Williams'
Wm, Gibbs has been transfered to the
Rossland branch of the Bank of Montreal.
Mrs. Alex Sproat sold her house to H.
Clever last week and departed for Victoria.
The annual New Year's dance will be
held at Halcyon Hot Springs upon the
evening of Dae. 81.
All ads for this paper must be in by
Saturday, as next week this journal will
go to press on Monday,
Tho board of trustees is applying for
• lady taa6hor for, the primary department of tho public school.
Tom and Jerry when in Sandon
make their headquarters at the Filbert
hotel., A long bit will introduce you '
Rod Matheson has started a paper nt
Plncher Croon His brother Harry still
moves the lever on tho Frank Sentinel.
Evon in the Slocan lambs and lions
are seen together. Smelter mon attend
the meetings of the lead mine owners,
W. E Boie, who has recently returned from his honeymoon trip to
Europe, has taken a residence in Kaslo.
After six years of hard and lonelv
work Frank Orifflth has made a rich
strike upon tbe Westmount, Ten Mile
During the holiday hohhoii Jacob
Dover of Nelson furnishes engraving
free on goods purchased at his oatab.
If you want beer for Christmas buy it
from the New York brewery iiiSsiidon
Shipments made daily to any part of
the country.
Alex Smith, manager ot thu Surprise
mlnojlstiow reproducing the Everett
smelter In the Slocan, D. C. Johnson
having resigned.
Eretl Irvine A Co of Nelton have
movbd into thh Burn* block in that city
and n»w have the finest dty good* store
betf epn the Red river and the count
A Vancouver lady In ordering'a bun-
die of lowery's Claims sent lo her
brother, «ay*s ''It will do bim good, for
it is tfyc beat paper I have ever read."
Charley Hohrraan n* Kailo Van optimist. Uu U willing lo bet that it will
rain before.Christmas and that silver
will be «1U ciuiM an ouihw by next .hum.
In the Slocan we have one thing that
does tint neeA protection It in the
scenery which will eventually bring
more money to thU Motion than any.
thing else.
Ten back numbers of Tun L
dltUviViai, ,t Hi >.* .vftui  Cu any au'tftWM* in  ,,.,',.,1
America for ten cent a    Try wine.   A
bundle will  bo a  nice preient for a
friend in the cent belt.
Chris Foley has quit the Progressive
party.--i He--claims, that therworking
men are indifferent to their own interests and would * rather chew the cotton in .saloons than attend political
.Until the 1st of. January six back
numbers of Lowery's Claim,all different
issues, will be sent to any address in
America upon, receipt of, 25 cents. A
bundle of these journals make ah excellent Christinas present to friends ih
the benighted cent belt Address all
letters to R. T. Lowerv New Denver,
W. C. E. Koch bas finished hiB contract of building the bridge across Carpenter creek. The work'is well done
and should last for many years The
approaches are yet to be built. They
should be built of planks and trestle
work.' A solid road will cost double the
money and will not be safe when the
the water in the creek becomes a raging
So many of the boys in the hills have
expressed the desire to witness the
Xmas Tree .performance by the children that the committee on management—have—deeided^-to—accommodate
them by holding the enterfcainmeut on
Xmas Eve, Dec. 24th. Many of the
features this year are entirely new, an$
a happy crowd will be that to leave
Bosun Hall the evening, that Santa Claus
comes. •
Evidently the commissioners think
there aro plenty of gin mills In the Slocan already, for they refused last Mon
day all applicants for now licenses. This
eountry generally has two many places
where selling booze is the main business . There is no danger of thirst in
the laud although starvation might
squeeze a man if he depended upon
some of the hotels in the Kootenay for
a square meal.
In the recent Failrview Hotel fire disaster, one of the victims, only five
months before applied for a $5000 policy,
which now comes in at a very fitting
time for bis wife arid child; being the
ripened fruit of remembered duty. Another victim of the same fire applied for
$1000 endowment policy, butput it off
from week to week to effect the medical
examination, until it was too late
Moral—Insure in The Mutual Lifoof
Canada, and get your examination over
while you have fife and health. Von
cannot, afford to be without life insurance. Just aRk William J. Twins of
Kaslo, of tho cost for a $1000. You will
be surprised with the rates and options.
states cleared of forests-finds at the
present time that he cannot get timber
except at exorbitant rates. The de*
mand in the Northwest territories for
building purposes is now so great that
the Canadian Pacific -railroad is unable
to supply means of transportation. But
that will soon be rectified.  >
"Standing timber in British Columbia
can be purchased at one-third the price
demanded for the' -same - area in the
■United States^ I hav-e just come from
the coast and was surprised to find 100'
shingle mills in operation and sawmills
that four years ago were as dead aB
Queen Ann are now running day and
Then, agai.i, vast quantities of iron
have been discovered. I have within
the last two weeks had samples analyzed that almost equal the best Swedish iron. ■
"I mu6t say that there is a movement
both in Great Britain and the United;
States that means a great future for
British Columbia if the Government
and the people of that Province are
capable of rising to the occasion .The
people have no international prejudices
and have determined to open the Province to all. I look forward to the
building ot the Grand Trunk Pacific as
one potent factor in the enlargement of
public opinion and a greater develop
ment of the province. Another factor
that promises to be of importance is
that J. J. Hill, who appears tomymind
a typical railroad man, has so far appreciated the possibilities and probabilities of the future that he realizes
the importance of Canadian railroad
connections Of course we know Mr.
Hill as a Canadian and have a soft spot
for him somewhere. His railroad is
now running into East Kootenay JtntT
will get such coast' connections into
BritishColumbia that will prove very
beneficial to those that believe in
cheaper rates ft
"I am prepared to say this, that if instead of Eastern, Canadian capitalists
plunging in puts, calls and margins on
foreign stocks, they would concentrate
their capital in promoting the practical
development of legitimate enterprises
in British 'Columbia,'thev would pot
onl(v prove their patriotism, but would
assist greatly in furthering their own
interests as well os those of one of the
richest provinces in the Dominion."
The tptal amount of oro shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for the year 1901 was, approximately, 80,000 toiiH. Since January 1
to December 18, 1902, the shipments
have beeu as follows:
the smelting charges at the Northport
snielter were $8.50 per ton, while now
the same class of ore is being treated
lot $8.75,. and as soon 86 the amount of
cojee .that is. required can be obtained
the cost will be reducee to $3."
J3y the recent convention at Denver,
Colo.*, of the Western Federation ;-of
Miners, it was: decided to'-'greatly extend tbe Federation during the coming
vear. Under its supervision* new unions are shortly to be started' in old
Mexico and in British Columbia. The
work is also to reach out so that every
working miner from now on may become a member of the organization.
Heretofore no charter would be issued
to fewer than twenty men; but from
now on we vsrill take in any miner in
any district', carrying him in the general organization until his camp has become large enough to secure a charter,
or until he goes to a larger community
where a union is already in existence.
A woman's auxiliary was also started
by the convention. The objects ofthe
auxiliary are to foster unionism from
childhood to maturity, it has been decided that by interesting the mothers,
the daughters and the sisters they can
bring up the boys to be union men
throughout by the time they are old
enough to go to work, and that oh
reaching maturity they will clearly
understand all that unionism means.
,'S. S. Fowler Presents, Very Interesting Statistics
on the Question.
PLANS Or O. P.K. FOK 190.1.
The plans of the C. P. li. for next
year are most comprehensive. They
Include double tracking, tlm building
of n number of new linos west of Win-
nlpeg, And a' scheme of irrigation,
which will reclaim two and a half million acres of land botweon Calgary and
Medicine Hat, a scheme which hint been
thought out for some time past and
which will be carried Into effect lust as
soon as the plans are approved oy the
' In the scheme of Irrigation tho filter
will ho taken from the How river, and
it in calculated that it will take'threo
dollars per mire to turn this watfrr upon
the land, which is otherwise) admirable
in quality, and which ueeds this npplh
cation to uink*n It profitable, i
Tlm pint;*, which were tfubinittud to
the executive by William. Whyte, assistant to the pr«*i<t«nt, nnd .1 ti.Orif-
Hu, laud fOmtnisMOMcr, provide fur new
.lines which will open up territory lime
tofnrf closed tn Menhir*. That te to sav,
the i'. ('. It. v* about ui provide faclli-
ties In region* hlliic.no untouched with
thin objert In v!rtw~-to meet the demand* vt intending settler*.
There are v**i Htrelche.* ol country
yet to Ihi nettled auite apart from the
route wltkli Un* n«eu vunwii by thit
Grand Trunk, and thn object of the C.
Payne  IM
Ivanlims '.,-    tt)
Sunset f.lupksou Hueln)	
Reco .'...'.    42
American Hoy    42
A rliuirtoti    00
Lu Kt Clmnco 	
KntiM'iirliie    Ho
Siuoen Ilea) 
liver Olanco	
Ottawa ,	
Trade Dollar..,...,;
SloiMin Bay,.-.,-.,...
N*ms|>»W-» '.:,..{
Marlon ,..",	
l>ny*tr«>Ak ,.,.,
Monitor ( 1.
.si.M'iiii Mar	
Molly Oilman	
London lllll	
IlltlllllW »  ....
I. B- U'e	
K|x*» Ulor    *.,.
H.'il Vm 	
Ilntniitaii ,
U.irilmii l|#n	
V-.iili' |.'lv«'	
I Mil
'.'. *
Swede Sam and his gang rang in
loaded dice on Dutch Jake in Spokane
12,000 before Jake awoke to the situation. When he did this is how he expressed himself about the affair: -
"Das vere de worst fooling I efer got
Dot poor vun arm fellow he stand
around my place tav after tay, an den
beitake a fling at de game, all modest
like, and ,den de peoples in de place
begin for to look aick-ilkeAI-k'nilWtidot
little fellow, seeing bim aroundt efery
day. and seeing de sickness.'idof'vere
comiag offer my'dekler^ht dor,1 game, 1
vinks as much as to say <Dases allricht.
He vlll be ours lader.';But he-rere nodt
ours. After he had gone*fronder'room
out I lootted mit hmatemeiit'at doBe
dices. Be chlmmen/ <dey vSwld roll
only van way; ButTdidttft bUpio der
doalor—It vus my ovvnvismardtnesi dot
caused all of dor troubles.' Somdimes
ven a man tinks he knows-ho knows
nodlngs. I don't' kick *bout dose matters at nil—but am glad der slick man
vas pudt of pusines by dor bolice,
■——r 1**	
WHAT   HK'fl   PAID   FOB.
The London Critic thus comments on
the writings of one ''H F. S.'* who is
"doing " Canada forSirGoorgo Newnes'
evening paper, and is rather quaint In
his comments ou llritlsh Columbia.
"Even an export," he says, "would
have found it dillicult to wrltw a report
ou the mineral resources of the Koote-
nay, viewed, so to speak, from tho top
of accach. or in the light of roseate
after-dinner speeches.'' Which shows,
our conteinpornrv nptly rcniarks, "how
little some people know of •expert's.1
Why, 'experts' have written reports 911
B C. properties from the top floor of
Winchester House} and as for not doing
it after dinner, that is just the very
time they prefer." To which the Mining Record adds: "If this is true, that Is
what the poor uuui Im pain Ior Ah has
been remarked, your London promoter
docs not buy mines; he*hiiys report*) "
"There are promoters—and promoters," says .the  Cniiltfrvlllo Chronicle,
At a meeting held last week by the
mine owners of British Columbia, the
following resolution was unanimously
adopted: ..
1. Whereas, the silver-lead industry
of British Columbia, notwithstanding
the usual richness of the ore, the proved
continuity of the veins, and the favorable natural conditions Of mining in the
province, is, and for some time has been
ina declining condition, which, if not
ameliorated, will end in total stagnation.   And
2. Whereas, the lead mining camps
of the United States, and particularly
those in the adjoining state of Idaho;,
are, and for years have been, enjoying
great prosperity,- due to a protective
tariff conserving the home market.
8. Whereas, the silver-leadmining industry has been for some years of national importance, and, unless allowed
to decline, will speedily attain to a much
greater degree of importance, benefitting by its increased expenditures the
trade and advancement of both Eastern
• 4 Whereas, our domestic market for
the manufactured products ef lead is
chiefly, supplied irom, the products of
ores mined   in  Mexico   and  Europe,
worth while on ore that.is recpyer*.d>8
a by-product, just as the prtfdUcewtn
L'eadville have beeh iable to ship to B*l-
gium under a freight rate that is nearly
as high.   However..there appears-to ba
a question as  to . the admissibility of
zinc ore into the United Stftt*as1 under
the existing tariff law;   At the time the
latter was enacted no 2lnc oro'ha'd «ver
been.imported into this, country,.-and
apparently no one foresaw that the domestic smelting industry, ^ouldever
acquire such a development as to look
abroad for ore.   Consequently the tariff
schedule does" hbtf contain that ijtem,
and in default of a special provision it
would appear that zinc ore would)fall
into the convenient ombibus clause, of
"all other oreanot enumerated," which
are dutiable at 20 per cent.    A duty
was levied on spelter at the rate of 1.5
cents per pound to protect the zincln-
dustry in general, but^as to the 'divergent interests of We" miners and smelters there was apparently neither conception nor intention.":     ;•
"Woa I* the lot nf tha mining camp to
which conies one of tliese promoters of.
tlie class that wants the IhiiiioHmI cinch
on everything In *ight for it couple of
years, who bit* 110 real inlfic-.l In the
, welfare oi the eamii, mid when hellnds
*{' lie laiilKit <*Mifl»|k| llu'
where labor and cost of production is
much lower than in this country; It
condition of affairs permitted by! .the
wholly inadequate protection afforded
by the prosent tarifl; while the prices
of white lead, lead pipe, sheet lead and
shot, in the Dominion of Canada, are
approximately equal to the prices
charged for the same commodities in
the United States, all to the detriment
of the producers,' consumers, ond transporters of load In this country.   And
5. Whereas, under the existing tariff
littlejor no protection is afforded to the
lead-producing industries: whilst adequate protection Is afforded to all other
industries of equal importance known
to us.   And;  1
6 Whereas, those conditions result in
the exportation of a preponderance of
ourcrud.e oro and bullion, tho former
to American and the latter to tho markets of the world; there to enter1 into
competition with tlie products of cheap
European and Mexican labor, and tbe
surplus product of the protected lead
industry of tho United States.   .
7 Therefore, we, the silver lead
minors of the hast and West Kootenay
districts of British Columhia, in convention assembled, do, hereby recommend and respectfully urge the enactment of a tariff act which will afford
protection to the producers, manutuc
turcrsand transporters of lead, thereby
creating and fostering a new and expansive home industry calculated to
benefit all classes by the stimulation of
national trade and commerce
Having in view the interests of tho
producers, manufacturers and conxum.
ers of lead, wo would recommend a
dutv equal to that imposed hv lluj
Unittjd States( viz:
Ou lend in tores lie, per pound.
On lead iu bulliuu, pigs, bars and old
lead, liK por pound,
On lead in sheets, wire, shot, etc ,';2|c,
per pound
On white lead, etc , 2|c per pound.
On all other products of lean as provided in the Diugly tariff act of July
21th, 1«»7
Provided, always, that if at anv* time
it shall be proven that a combination
has been.formed for the purpose ol unduly iiK.ri'iiiiiiig the charges made fur
t  .te catiii-nt e**nm Ihe **rth or % mines, mneitlng lead ore-, produced in Canada, \ «mi xn.e
u»•.hereof, d-fW>tt<nvhia  time   lo cryl/igj or fur relining or marketing lead Mil-'
"j down the ven-iireperty of which hut ai lion, or if tin-* charge for •eindtiiiir snd
,',j »iioii iim* iiHoiA ne iv**.trying l
Total torn...
»7.in,rton  woitTii  or
"it thn -.ink.- in the l,e K01 had lici-ii
iiverted when conner  wan  *ii- o*'  hi.'-K
imi»   all I t     •*   •• ♦*' "tfUttl^*
Denver  Is
,,...,    1,
is oiitiii-uH-iii uy prxvfu*] iwnil, *
\\l .1   n-u;\\   Ibe    M'lifi'i.     .[f.y,'Jij
jM^Hen-doii   The proiiintcr wlm wiUdml j t
honestly both-with tin
., j capHniiat teckiii,* inv«
Ml'l.tmiNKHa.  -t w«li'»me addtiiou u, any. mniii    I.ei i
I him innke wliai hi' may ou h deal, the.!
l.niiiaiii't.ioii Iimi heen  a heunjlli,  tu the
tamp    |tnt .1* for the oiN^riintli'il |un-!
4t ttlli „t'l  .
10gain; refining in Canada-is proved exhorbl-
WBITI1II  CObrMKIA***.   itiwiirsciw.!
Williams' store In   New
-flll-art     mill.     -.1.'.!,.,.    r^.9tt.:i.
NuU. fruits aud confcetiouery nre "there
In abundance and -Hants Claus, who
raads thia paper, U aware of the fact.
D. J. Robertson & Co. have plenty of
furniture in their atoreat Nelson, which
thay are willing to part with for s raa
aonabf-ft arwwint otmonnv.   Write them
for particular* of anything in their line.
James A. Gifker fn -Nctoimhaaa »tum
of stA#lantial goods on hand for Chri*t-
mas or everyday sain. After you have
once a«iuir*d ths habit of buying at hit
store you will And il difficult to stay
H Josi, direct and   indirect, of! wiili l.l« i>v..r ri»t<l«
iitMv ii-ituti'ii,   n-tm j take him.''
H'lovi'riior C. II, M;icl»Jiitu>l# ait*.* Any*'_
'ago, in   t»ie SiiokiMinan-'KeviHW     "It' lu^u*** r*i^   i.f*;,**,* <riifi.«.-»*.
irom the first the l.e Hoi had reecivwl! v«w \>«r« nnmny*.
1 fair pl«y. it would todav   be  the beat I    mh „  i*,.   a:      n
Oovemorlie.  Macklutuah Is an op j ...Ine in UritUh Columbia."
"     '   '   ^teh'toou 10 uw i»i«nt Mini', oj which 1   '^'' •'•'■■*■■• ••^.^•-*' *i'-'••'••• •»'''''''''''•'
'--    --*--- yy      - "■"' '•'■• ithAvt. hohdayii at fare ami one
Ticket* good
'24th,  2:.th,}|ilth,
Ht-xt and Jan. Int. «ood to return up to
and including Jan .1,10u<
him and ho has known Canada ho ha»
boon an optimist. And because he is an
optimist he has met with such great
success In all his ventures in Canada
No one ia better pouted on the Dominion's resources, and few men have as
clear a vision of tho possibilities of the
future Speaking oi the outlook iu B
C. and tho Torrtfcwliw, Os?ernnr Mie-
Mutuuh te quuud *» Having; "When 1
lived in the North wet t Territory, land
could ha purchased for 11 -V: an acre
which is now north from id to ll<».
Than, again, tho otp-trt lumberman
who baa soon the various American
The  Canadian  Paciiic  Hsilwuv will
the above
Mr. MacKeniie in head, hesald:    -i^n 1,,,,_.,..,,. „ ritt,Xi.X"
yearl.itl.«(ilant wn discovered cobalt '''?,,%„?J??"?,£fK
und molybdenum    The latter Is worth ?£. ?.., HJLn ,cr. 2Mt.4
|I.»W a (Munil and the latter WW to
•10*»)» ton.    In places thfre aro deposits that are large, hut the averag* of
th«io mln*#ml.-i will   ho ft tier  cant, (tt
tubalt and 2-J in molybdenite. W« have
made a shipment of 27*0 pound* nf sver
*te Mmptes  to   Vivian,  at SSrannoa,
Wales." , /
•'The reduced cost of treatment at tha
amelitra will bo an enormous factor In
tin* develowntnt of the cottotry coo*
ti,'uou#to Kiiwaiand.    Four ytsrv ago
Hilt, then tliek;iiVerilorg»ller.'llitH'oUlt
mine owner and j ci! may at hi* ducn-timi penni* the a<l-
'tment Miouhl lie) mi*siou   into ('nnndn   of   leml  bullion
Hiiielteil .'imi ri-flneil, or suielteif nnd re-
lined iu foreign countries from I'njifi-
dliuk lead me*, upon \my mifiit «»l an nd
valorem ;dutv ol  lh iter cenl ntmn the
V<»1l til Jltltll MllCHlOg ,'lll>] Ifljlllllg.
. 1 "'J   '.. ■   ■ ri, i-ix.j   ;.-, ,.,-,,v,u»  turn meted to fo-Mvurd cojiji-s of Die Jure
going resnliitioiiN to the scnatorn »tid
utt'inht'ia u} Him liuioiiiiou  P»rfiam«»it,| ^ fj,,, ,)rn*j,|,,(n (,j
rDpiemniliiig llntiith Culuinbia, with thej v„i.„,u i„ 1, «. „,
nquest thnt ihny proMtnt th. •um.uo! V*,HB'1 '" U '" at
...*.*.   .'..it, A. |i,.»li v.i.i.iV.iii   ftn   ti    1111.Illlll (Ml 1
for their eiidnr»euii;iit
TKElocan-DistrTct embraces 'a ruggedly mountainous area west and uorth
of Kootenay Lake- and its west arm,
east of Slocan Lake and south of.a Hue
extending east from the north end of
the latter Samuel S Fowler, id a recent paper, thus describes the general
geology of the.:dis!irieta
"In the northern part of the district
there i- abouttl00 square miles of slate
formation, from which the major part
of the silver-lead output has been derived The veins which cut across the
slates are from a few inches to many
feet In width, and are probably related
genetically to a series of dikes of felgite
and other Intrusive rocks. The larger
veins contain many inclusions of tho
country rock. Tho gangue minerals
are chiefly spathic iron and quartz.
South of the slate formation thero is a
large area of coarso granite, in which
thore aro many veins of value, though
thoy aro narrower than those in the
slate, They are more sharply defined
and contain fewor inclusions of country
rock. Tho ores are harder and tougher,
contain ii larger proportion of spathic
iron and quarts, besides a greator
variety of other gangue minerals, and
important quantities of thu richer silver-bearing minerals, finely disseminated. As in the slates, an important
part, frequently the chjflf part of the
values In highly concentrated and is
mined and shipped with but little sorting as clean ore. East of thu slates and
granite, along the west shore nf Kootenay Lake, there is a narrow fringe of
very old schiM* and slates, which in tbe
vicinity of Ainswartli present valuable
ore deposits of good sixeand appearance
of couslierablo permanency, but the
ores are of low grade iu silver, ami except some jvhljh lie near the granite
area cannot be worked at much, If any,
profit under present conditions.
"The ores shipped from the district
comprise: (l) .Siliceous' oxidised ore
from near the surface of tho veins occurring In the sjates. This was formerly impotent In quantity, hut Is so 110
longer, the superficial ore bodies having
beeu worked out in most cases. It assayed'2U to, #0 per cent, in load, and was
often high-grade m silver, c-i) tJalona
nre, which now forms the bulk of tlm
oiitimt, either as lump orefhand sorted)
or line concentrates, It averages about
tu per cent lead, li \m cent zinc, aud
the remainder quart/, and mdcritn, bolide* the Kiilnhur combined with lead
and carries 9) to IM ounce*
silver per tun. oil Stltceotin lead ore,
«iii«rt><viiirg. hut very tow in lead;
ohtttlncd fhlcfiv from the granite aiaa
and imt amenanle to the ordinary pro
ee** of iniH'lianical concentration fl
Itlenilit, oliiiuui-.il an lump oie 'hand
Mirledj, m m a midqliug product from
•hiiiiii'iiiIIIm It, f» silver-injuring, and
often is of higl. grade    It i* «.lii|i|«.*d to
,        ........     *.,...*   ,r,   ,t,      «*■-     „.(,*.-.4   it
Hiem*   i>Yt«Mit   i»,-.i|i   Out   ...*,(,.,,^   (-,,.-,1-1.1!
trate    TheSlif-aii di«tri<'t  is nffurding
11 grndualiv iucre«fing qnnntitv of this
rich not ..te .tml :i *i7,A,m% ny *. /.ni'iim
r<'i!!/.iiig on all (hu
prcfiil   on<> of the
1»|..f   »ri...t.l..      :.*   »< I*. •    •    ■   '
Father T-aylor'a I'i»y«r—O Ix>rd
deliver ua from bigotry and tad
mm; Thfol ItnmvMt which la
worm—I don't.
niK ovBaTiitM or zin«j outv.
P^piratten* for tha plcf-r«e.ng u>ntb-
mmm tot* thi* {Wednesday) livening, fn
Clover's hall, aro such as will ibtmro a
w«ry «a}oyaKtf trenlnj to all «»t»ers.
Zl9t-lfi'9*i Or««.
Ill Sonthea*t Kooiuiiay, much interest
has Ik*su aroused in the dovdoproent of
0     . .       ,..    . ,       .   ,      tl»* *'"^ smelting  businnsfi and   the
Sneaking of tha imporution of sine promises which are being h#Id ontfM
ore by the Kansas smelters from tha tho trsatmwi* nf K<->nt«n*v luw-t«ad
HliHin district, the hi.giuecnng aud) or«», if favorable duties into the UniUHt
Mining Journal, of New York, aaya: i States can bo secured A number ©I
Ihe icuiuUucina uf Ann. ttUukl i* * tninM on  ^he «a*t  *\$e of Ko<»t*nay
drawback, and b«oauio thereof tha high
freight rate will not leave a targe mar-
fin to the ininar*. U is said that a rata
of 111 por ton has boon named. Kvett
under that condition it may be possible
for certain -minors to roalitt something
river aro known to carry a high |*r»
c«ntagc Id r4»e With modern methods
of smelting, thn penalty placod on alrta
ore* removed, » number of properties
in this district will h* ennbteA no be*
comt shippers.-Fort Steele I»rosf*ctor. THE LEDGE, NEW UOVEK, B. (J., DECEMBER 18, 1902.
Tenth Year
Thk Lkdok I3 two dollars a yeur in advance    When not bo paid it is 98.50 to parties worthy of credit.
nonp&rlal line first insertion, and 5 cents a line each subsequent insertion     -     -•
graded In prices according to circumstances
_    __ .... . Leeal advertising 10 cents a
Reading notices 25 cents a line, and commercial advertising
FELLOW PILGRIMS: Thk Lkdok is looated at New Denver, B. C, and can be traced to muny parts of the earth. It comes to the front
every Thursday and has neverbeen raided by the sheriff, snowslided by cheap silver, or subdued by the fear of man. It works for the trail
blazer as well as the bay-windowed and champagne-flavored capitalist. It aims to be on the right side of everything and belioves that hell
-should be administered to the wicked in large doses. It has stood the test of time, and an ever-increasing paystreak is proof that It is
better to tell the truth, even if the heavens do occasionally hit our smokestack.   A chute of job work is worked occasionally for the benefit
of humanity and the financier.   Come in and see us, but do not '" ...    ..... ,  _.*..._
barrel:   one is savage and the other a victim of thirst.   One of I       ...
sure of a bunk in paradise, with thornless roses for a pillow by night, and nothing but gold to look at by day.
R. T. LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
pat the bull dog on the cranium, or chase the blaok cow "from our water
One of tlio noblest works of creation is the man.who always pays the printer; he is
The Ledge.
A pencil cross in this square
Indicates that your subscrip
'tion is due, and that the editor
wants once again to look at
your collateral.
Never let an old year
out paying the printer.
die with-
or three bachelors who are anxious
to commit matrimony upon the
same terms.
One of the meanest men on earth
lives in Missouri. He sued his
sister in order to compel her to pay
part of the funeral expenses incur
red at the burial of their mother.
He got judgment, although the
suit cost much more than the
who would attempt to buy our legislature with that amount of money
would be-arrested as a lunatic.
There is reason in everything, even
in B. C. politics.
''The White
About the rarest sight in the Slocan is a boat or train on time.
No man is a good citizen' of a
town unless he is absolutely honest.
Socialism in its highest form
would do away with every evil on
Spokane is a wide-open town and
is rapidly becoming a clcse relativa
of Seattle. -
Scattered here and there around
a house limburger cheese will drive
away ants.    ^^_^_
The Doukhobors seem to have
-gotover-the religious-jag-they-had
some time ago.
The Guide, a paper published at
Gore Bay, Ont., announces that
the paper will be suspended for a
week in order to give the office a
chance to catch up on its job work;.
Our imagination drifts against barren rock when we think of such a
possibility in the Slocan.
Kootenay must not stay dead
when thousands of rich tourists are
planniug their trips for next year.
Itis the advertiser that gets the
business whether individual or
country. We can make millions
out of tourists by waking up to the
virtues of printer's ink properly
This is the winter of our discontent, made doubly so by the fact
fhat Christmas is again coming into
Mines at present producing lead
in the Slocan get a Mexican standoff in more ways than one.
The Sultan of JoKore wears diamonds worth 912,000,000. He is
in luck not to live in Seattle.
Mexico is pot afraid of trusts. It
has power at any time to remove
the tariff and break down monopoly
The steel rail works at Sault Ste
Marie have been shut down in order
to give the government a chance to
raise the duty.
Five hundred men were thrown
out of employment at the Soo the
other day. The new daily paper
in that city must be a hoodoo.
Billy Fraser's sporting novel,
" Thoroughbreds," is a great success. Canada should be proud of
Billy even if he does live in Georgetown. 	
The tourist trade is not like a
mushroom. It grows slowly but
will last for all time if properlv
cultivated. Push and printer's ink
are the most important fertilizers.
A white shirt and a diamond
stud is no sign of good breeding.
Such things will cover anything
they are pat upon, and they are
often used to gloss over a character
that is blackened by the soot of
vileness and vulgarity.
This is the time of vear when,
like flakes of snow, white-winged
letters flow, and every angel on
earth we ever knew seems to nave a
desire to impress us with the fact
that memory is often green only at
the standing of the son.
A Kansas editor is mean enough
to say of a charming young lady of
his town that she naked her first
batch of biscuits the other day
and gave one of them to the dog
and the brute buried it under the
f*-   .».Att   **i   -K^nn
.„.,»*._ it,**
■p*. , h. *   it' f#    »•».»•*■■* 9
The ('. P. R. has raised the pay
of its men east of Fort William.
Tlie road can easily afford  this I
since it cut editorial transportation
«->>   **A   ■**■-*.*
*»Wb*W  WWi*-**"    -y**»- ■»»   '-X ■•■»' -**-* • * **'"«.
Srens has made tbe C. 1*. R. and
eserves to walk for having done so.
Senator Clark of Butte, offered a
prim of $1,000,000 to the first of
mh sons or daughter** who ^re*enteA
him with a grandson. His son
Billy won the \mm thiH mouth,
which is the largest premium ever
paid for being the fatWr of a boy
tf the old man ha* any more prirl's
or daughter* left, we know of two J three quarters of a million. Any man
the face of time and our delinquent
subscribers have lost their memories/It is sad to be forgotten this
way when all around us are to be
heard the sounds of joy, peace and
good will to all men.
Municipal corruption and a wide-
open policy has made Seattle the
Gehenna of America. Within its
borders vice rides triumphant over
the people, while virtue with tears
profuse is driven against the wall
built by greed and gold. This cesB-
pool of the United States should be
shunned by all who love the good,
until the vile die of their own sores
and are planted amid the maggots.
The golden calf is the god of Chicago. In that city all are welcome
provided they have money. The
thief and the swindler are hon
ored by the shoddy aristocracy if
their bank accounts are fat and
they know enough to keep out of
jail. Chicago surely is very amusing to those who know the difference between natural gentility and
a parvenu.    	
We have always looked upon the
Toronto Telegram as a paper above
the power of gold when it comes to
advertising stock schemes in its
columns, but recently the delusion
has been dispelled, for in that
bright sheet we find a huge ad
urging the people to buy stock iu
a California oil oompany. The ad.
is too sweet exoept for fools. Iu
one paragraph it states that stock
bought Christmas will doable in
value by New Year's, and in another it speaks of money being
doubled In 24 days. When a company has stock so valuable it is
never advertised. But the public
do not think of this. Tbey swallow the bait so luringly set before
them by money-loving newspapera
aud repent when the spell is past
Thus does the press become a
booster while the men behind tin*
scheme "oop the pile."
His reported by some wicked
people that the Canada Northern
ban *7fi0.flfl0 tn *twid nnon R P.
legislator* hut we do not believe
it. Our legislators are too honent
to accept bribes. Tbey might in
their ignorance give away this I
beautiful province to subsidy- him-
their country for gold they will
simply not draw cards, ueinte
once sent a man to Victoria with
#20,000 to buy legislation. He entertained some of the members with
a wfn*» anpper snd the next day
the bill passed, while the Montana
man put away hia u&d and won
dei-ed at the cheapness of things
far from hom*. So w^ do wot believe the question in reference to j
The recent decline in the price
of silver has
caused eonsidar-
able sinking of hearts amongst
those who live in camps where it
abounds. Many can see no hope
in the future and swallow the
statements sent out by the gold and
plutocratic press without stirring
the gray matter that nature planted
in their upper stopes. We see
only good signs in the rapid falling
of silver prices. It is due to manipulation for the purpose of event-
ally pushing the price over 60
cents, where it will be within a
year, and these are the reasons:
Men of money have taken advantage of a favorable opportunity
to hammer the price so that they
can load up with the white metal
at easy rates. The famine in India
drew such heavy., contributions of
silver that the government did not
find it necessary to purchase any
this year. This is something vtn-
are absorbed by the vast population of India the necessity for
large purchases uf silver will come
again, as water jumps a dam. Rich
men are aware of this fact and
they are busy just now crying clown
silver on one side and buying silver mines on the other. The game
is old as the hills, but still fools
those who do not think. In addition to this the great amount of
silver let loose in China will soon
be out of sight and that country
will be compelled to reach for the
v/hite stuff.
Silver will always be profitable
to mine. The world cannot get
along without it for currency and
manufacturing purposes. Gold can
never take its place with the millions who are too poor to get anything but copper and silver, and
with whom the bank note of paper
is unsought and practically1 unknown. America is not the only
button on the pants when it comes
to using silver.
So do not be afraid if you live in
a silver camp and are shy of plums
for your pudding, for the day is not
very far distant when the white
metal will be as popular as a village belle at a country dauce. The
present depression is not caused by
an excefsive production. It is entirely due to manipulation and
when the proper moment arrives
the price will plunge towards the
skies. If this is not the truth we
will give our printing palace to
those who never advertise, and
with our bulldog by our side hit
the pike for some land that is full
ef honey, pancakes and,real maple
one is liable to three years in jail
who passes as being current any
gold or silver coin of less than its
lawful weight, except by natural
wear. These laws are never enforced.
Look at the liquor laws in British Columbia. They read one way
and are kept another. No one ob-
j ects because the people are selfish
and pay little attention when their
own interests are not affected. To
have dead laws is of no use to anyone and makes a farce of authority.
Cut them ont or make the people
obey them.
Arthur flullen
Has opened a Wholesale Liquor
Store in Three Forks, and has
all kinds of Liquors and Fancy
Drinks, Champagne, Tobacco
and Cigars.
The Best Liquors
in the World—
From France, Ireland and
England—and he wants all his
old friends—and new ones—to
come and try a bottle, or case,
or barrel, whether you order
by mail or in person.
Master Ross Edwards, four years
of age, living in IrviugtOn, N. J.,
was very fond of his grandmother,
and"spent most of his time at her
home.. One afternoon he came
from play so very tired that he
could eat no dinner, and asked his
mother to put him to bed. She took
him upstairB and when he was
ready for bed said:
"Now, my little boy must say
his prayers."
"I tan't—I am so tired."'
"You want to go to heaven-
don' t you? Then you must say
your prayers." „,
... "Are  you   doin'   to   heaven,
"I hope so, and want to see my
little boy there."
"Is papa doin' to heaven?"
"He hopes to."
"Well, you and papa go to heaven and I'll go around and see
Order your Xmas suit early, boys.
Boaa Taller
<*\       a    I Canada is full
ueaa Laws 0f dead laws,
rotten and otherwise. The country is full of defaced coin yet every
man who passes one is liable to
fine or imprisonment. Everyone
is liable to 14 years who lightens
any coin with a view to passing it
again at its current value. Every
one is liable to a year in jail who
stamps names or words upon a
coin and  passes it again.    Every
A pretty neck is much prettier if
ornamented by a pretty chain
We have the chains, too, that will
Juat salt that neck. Some ladies
wear them with collars, others with
deoolete eostnnies. In polished or
dead finish gold, long or short chains,
heavy or light; rare valaos, always.
Threa Inter* M>«fravf<| on every article that ran
IwcntfrnvMl KIIKR Vt Oil ABOK.
Patenaude   Bros.
rUnufacturlnjc Jewelers
Nelson, B.C.
We wail
goir money
—Not all of it; no, not
tuMir-lr *\\ e,l it Wn
wunt $n*t ♦mnnf-'h to ymy
ii% m me can give you
*mn»' oi the dsHetooa
Holiday Dainties In the
■Fancy Grocory line.
We know we have the
lr**hf*t stock in the
camp. Don t yon ?
Take a tin of onr Maple
Syrup ap the hill with
yum, uv to your home. It
isdeliclooi with Chris-
tie* lte*t itisea-tu..
New Denver, B, C.
To Purchasers
we carry the Finest and
Largest Assortment . of
Furniture' and Carpets in
B. C, at reasonable prices.
Bed Room Suites, Side Boards,
Iron Beds, Rockers, Parlor
Suites, China Closets, Dining
Tables and Chairs. Chiffoniers.
Rattan Chairs, and hundreds oi
odd pieces which are always
acceptable as Christinas Gifts.
Special attention to mail
Furniture.  Carpet and Linoleum
Dealers, Nelson,B.C.
Nothing so completely satisfies "the
old folks at home" as a living photograph of the dear ones who arc absent
Our piotographlc skill will
enable you to give thegreitt-
est happiness to those you
care to please. Our portrait
work is our pride.
Queen Studio
Baker St. Nelson
"Xin»» iM'l4i«i-"«ud w« have the U»t
and neatatt assortment of Chocolate*
*i\i$ Hfln Son* it it prfl.(tu <•*»<! In M«l-
son.and a wa need money WILL
HELL CHKAI'. Beautiful fancy
ItaekaRM Iron, halt pound up. Hilce
to full everyone.  Call or writ* to-
THE PALM   ■•• #i, n«um, i.e.
Tbe Lake Shore Laundry
In New Denver
Is still knocking the spots off of
clothing that is toiled.
Are you natl->lled with your Income? Is your
time fully occupied?  It not. write us.
We oan give you employment by the month
on good terms or contract to pay you well for
such business as you secure for un at odd times.
We employ 1k>IIi male and female represent
ntlvcs. The next three months Is the verybert
time toB6.li.ur Rood*. No deposit Is required;
outfit is a1i«*olutely free.
We hove the largest nurseries In Canada-over
boo acres—a large rai.go of valuable new spermines. and all our slock Is guaranteed as represented
If you want to represent tho largest, most poii-
nlur and best known nursery, write us, It will
lie worth your while.
Canada's Greatest Nurseries,
try ; ;
Brick Block    New Denver
Manager of BOSUN HALL.
Reports, Examinations and Management.
Seats, Stencils, Price Markers, Printing Wheels,
Numbering Machines, Band Dating and Numbering Stamps, Cheok Perforators, Rubber
Type, Printing Presses, 4c.
Vancouver, II. 0.   .
It man or lady In each county to manage
business for an old established bourn of solid
financial standing. A straight bona fide weekly
cash salary of *18.oo paid hy cheque eaoh Wednesday with all expenses direct from lieadqu
tors. 'Money advanced for expenses,
MOGaxton Bldg., Chicago.
 , jar-
I'',-; Newmarket Holelj'i
|(t llCW DCriVCrf offers a pleasant substitute for *1
home to those who travel.   It is situated on the r^,
shore of Lake Slocan, the most beautiful lake in IJJ
all America.   From its balconies and windows £*
oan be seen the grandest scenery upon thia continent. A^X
The internal arrangements of the hotel are the reverse LAi
to telephone, all the rooms being plastered, and electric *-*
belle at the head of every bed make it easy for the dry pJi
moments in the morning.«^*jk«»<^«^«^»«^»ckjk-» LMJ
Tbe best and cheapest meals in the country are *=*
to be found in the dining room.   Tbe houae is run up- puX.
on cosmopolitan principles, and the prospector with his Lftl
pack is just an welcome as the millionaire with his roll. h£
Every guest receives the beet of care and protection, hJi
The liquors are the .best in the Slocan, and the IAJ
hotel has long been noted for ite fish and game dinners. **-*
This is the only first-class house in the Lucerne of,
North America.   One look at the landlord will convince any stranger that tiie viands are of tbe best quality.   Rooms reserved by telegraph.vjKjKjK^t*»*ujt«j
HENRV STEOE, Propr(etor«X$rs&6N®r\® (ft<\
WmJP ert% ***9 11 P"    *f*wm      l\lr\l   /rn «••-—-» A* **tw 0-w  .fm. II
.D>«iiJiM\ Oi iwjajnijrcffliiL
■established Itll.
C*piul (all paid ap) iuuuu,0uu.uu
Reserved fund : : 7,'JU0,(X)0,U0
Undivided twttto  :   :   AI0.084.O4
I1KAO   lirrlCK,   MO.MTRKAL.
Kt. Hon. I/jro Sthathooma s.id Mwjnt Vnxkh, G.CM.tf. President.
Hon. 0. A. Droiimond, Vice President,
EL a CuHjarosf, General Manager,
Branches io sll parts ut Csnsds, Newfoandlsnd, Great Britain, and
th* United States.
New Denver branch
LH W OE VEBEk, Manager
TsLi Tenth Year.
fls a Dreamer Uicws li
Alfred Austin, the poet laureate
of'Great Britain, has ■ become disgusted with  modern   civilization.
He considers it intolerably bauale
and prosaic.    He bewails the absence  of  fine   romance,  of  lofty
thoughts, of inspiring ordeals.    In
his address delivered the other day
before the Edinborough Philosophical Institution, and reported in the
New York Independent, he voiced
his contempt for "philosophic materialism,"  for  an age in which
everybody is talking shop , and extolling the virtues of money getting  and  money spending.   The
world iB going trade-mad.  Rations
are. at outs over tariff questions;
diplomats  and   statesmen   study
tables of imports and exports; national flags are regarded as "commercial  assets," and everywhere
the cry goes up: "More markets!
more markets!" "There never before   was so  much  international
hatred and racial jealousy, and at
least three millions of men in the
flower of their age are kept under
arms on the Continent of Europe,
and six millions more are ready to
join them in  promoting a policy
which, so far as we can make out,
consists  in   selling   the   largest
amount of cotton shirtings, locomo
tives, cutlery ahd table cloths to
semi-barbarous people,''...
Alfred Austin is, talking straight
from the shoulder. He is a mere
dreaming poet, and not supposed
to be familiar with the world and
the time*. Yet we know that he
tells solid truths. We know perfectly well that we are living in an
age that is thoroughly, fanatically
materialistic, that modern life is,
principally, one mad struggle for
fame, for position. At times we
feel as if things were going out of
joint, as if everything were going
wrong, as if we, too, like the Romans of the fourth and fifth century of the Christian era were going "laughing to our graves." We
like to talk about our achievements, about the glories of modern
science and industry, our manifold
inventions, all things that in our
opinion should make this the golden age of the world. And so it
probably is.
still so many who would fain make
us believe that we are, after all, no
better off than were the ancient
Greeks and Romans? Why do
Alfred Austin and his tribe persist
in throwing mud at the elegance
and splendor of our materialism ?
Never before in the history of the
world were international trade
tables .longer or bank clearances
larger. Never before in the history of the world could we travel
or communicate with each other
faster, nor were securities selling
at higher prices than at the present
time. The Romans, for instance,
had no Associated Press, no Marconi telegraph or Bell telephone
systems, no railroads, no steamships, no stock-tickers or boards of
trade, and yet there are some
cranks who tell ub that the contemporaries of Augustus Cnwar
had a pleasanter life than wo have.
The greatest living thfnker of
the present day, Horbort Spencer,
in his swan song, "Facts and Comments," propounds the interesting
question whether a civilisation that
is begri mined with steam aud soot
can be regarded aa an ideal one.
The octogenarian philosopher is
anything but enthusiastic over our
twentieth century world. In his
"Feeling versus Intellect," he
points out, with almost brutal cynicism, that "the motions are tho
masters and the intellect is the servant." Tbe soul of modern roan-
kind, we are told, has ears only for
tbe rough and uncultivated language of passion, and none at all
for the well-trained, elear volee of
noble intellect.
Hpencer, of oourse, is a world-
weary, strife-worn old man,' and
his words must, therefore, be taken
cum grano sails. Yet his observations and exhortations are entitled
to our earnest consideration. When
after living a life of Intense intellectuality that ran the whole gamut
of mental endeavor, and remained
so singularly free of false steps or
disillusioning aberrations, when,
after reading all the pages of ancient and modern history, and after
» vmiviui stuuy ui worm aciivttiew>|
Hiii}      .tJuduvcUti,     AU    Uiti-ciltciuAl
giant tike Heriwrt Hpencer arrives
M Mich a deprming and Atetn-
chanting conclusion or our civil!**-
Uon, there must, indeed, be mme-
Wnng wrong, something that should
Induce u* to moderate our incessant triumphant hymns to the
gfniuK of the age.
thie need not necessarily be a
pessimist or cynic to find fault with
modem civilization. Mankind and!
seonnmlc conditions are growing
better right along; the spirii of
goodwill and charity is strongly
ileveJojw*!, but it in awed too much
by a brutish Ae*Ate to tw-qiiirf pell,
no matter through what method.
The worship of gold has become a
passion. There is a disposition to
regard the gross achievements of
Morgan as being of more importance than those of a Spencer, a
Pasteur or a Virchow. There are
too many, nowadays, who really
believe that gold, wealth and
worldly success are more lasting
than the triumphs of human intellect, And yet we have the words
of Prospero in "Tempest," that
our material glories do not endure,
that "the cloud-capped towers, the
gorgeous palaces, the tol'em temple,
shall dissolve, and, like this insubstantial pageant faded, leave not a
rack behind."
Commercial greatness, and all
that it involves, does not amount
to as much as we are wont to believe. What has become of the
world-trade of Tyre, of Greece, of j
Egypt, of Genoa and Venice? In
his "Childe Harold," Lord Byron
bids Englishmen to remember how,
in spite of its watery wall and its
many galleons, the supremacy of
the Republic of the Doges, built on
commercial prosperity and ambition, proved less enduring even
than the wooden piles on which its
palaces" repose, collapsed and disappeared.
A civilisation that devotes itself
in a superlative degree to the piling
up of wealth cannot be regarded as
faultless. There are other things
besides wealth which go toward
making mankind happier, kinder
and better. Materialism is all
right if kept within bounds, if it
does not lead to mental ami moral
atrophy, if it is made to serve in i
the gratification of true soul-aspirations, if it is made the stepping-
stone, standing on which man may
try to grasp not at "the things
which are seen, but at things which
ate not seen/'
Alfred Austin well remarks, we
must refrain from persuading ourselves that "wealth, luxury, frivolity, rank, titles and the satisfaction of an ambitious materialism, are the great things of life, or
the noblest pursuit and sustenance
ofthe human race."—Francis A.
Success is the golden crown
an honest desire.
The first place to look for love is <
within thine 6wn heart.
If you would practice honesty,
practice with thyself first.
If you are going to think at all,
let your thoughts be of love.
Peace, life, health and success.
Breath    is life,   therefore    the j.
fuller the breath,  the   fuller thei^Qf
life.    Moral—breathe deep. '
$25,000 Drug StocR
I will and I can is a good mental
prescription.    It's free, too.
Thoughts are creatures reared by
the mind.—Professor Gregory.
A wise man's day is worth a
fool's life.—Arabic.
Educate and inform the whole
mass of the people.—Thos. Jefferson.
A people can never rise from low
estate as long as they are engrossed
in the painful struggle for daily
bread.—Winwood Reade.
First Little Girl: "The doctor
brought us twins yesterday 1" Second Little Girl: "That's where you
made a mistake. You should have
had a homoepath."
We have concluded to Discontinue tlie Retail Drug Business, and from now
We will offer for sale our entire Stock of Drugs, Drug Sundries, Toilet Articles, Etc., at cost.
;|ive below prices on a few articles, which will give an idea of prices of all oar stock:
Manygrown people who are uot
ready letter-writers will sympathize
with the lad who, after he had
been at a boarding-school for a
week without writing to his parents, penned the following letter:
"Dear people, I am afraid I shall
not be able to write often to you,
because, you see, when anything is
happening I haven't time to write,
and when nothing is happening
there's nothing to write about. So
now, good by; from your George."
The science of political economy
did not, in the centuries preceeding
us, exist. Princes estimated not
the number of men, but of soldiers,
in the state; finance was the mere
art of plundering the people, without driving tbem to a desperation
that should end in revolt, and government paid no other attention to
commerce but that of loading it
with taxes, of restricting it by
privileges or of disputing for its
monopoly. —Coudorcet.
An exchange tells of a boy who
f;rew up to manhood without see-
ng a woman. But in the oourse
of events he saw oue of the angelic
creatures. '' What is that, father ?''
asked tbe young man. "That, my
son, is a woman," said the father,
and the very next words the young
man uttered were: "Father, I
want one of them things."
THE Sreechts hero aen»
1   tionei mty offtr s dtiir-
•bis sufgsitlon for Obrlitnui
Em*s sns li of artistic merit
as veil ss isrpattlni value.
Wa. Ilfff, it fl. Is s Stir tud
CntMti tan** at Im **mtla ead a-tM
Wa. IMIt, tfttS.lt e «wn ■»»»*«
fi*«a m aau* o-we, maaata* wn* a
a* a-mertiv** untwiMut i/titi PMrh.
Na. miMi M<» It a Hni "hia
Ha/at "efaea.atelie bet a<f.
Ma. II4M, tf Ut. H a Clew If.',
peved wkk tat Peem, hetfat far lit
teatre • keiuilful DUn»e»e".
Vi tuiriawt tilt Mletn, tat ck****
" tataaitk* Wl ttk* Hu
my tit aamiHtavmry.
Wm* for «mt mm ttmitfM.
a bit
When in search of
Christmas Presents.
41. S. ATTWOOD, in
Kaslo, has a large and
well-arranged stock
Toys, Books,
Musical Instruments, Etc
Which srill pay prospective buyers to look
at. You can see the
stock easily if you go
to Kaslo If you cannot spare the time,
send a letter and your
wants will receive
prompt attention	
F. 5. Attwood
Kaslo—        '*
. PERUNA*  80 cents
ENO'S FRUIT SALT   75 cents
PAINE'S CELERY COMPOUND..,. '....'! .-.75 cents
BEEfy IRON AND WINE  75 cents
CASTORIA :  25 cents
CUTICURA SOAP. ,  25 cents
WHITE PINE AND TAR, Small." :   15 cents
WHITE PINE AND TAR, Large  35 cents
PAIN KILLER   20 cents
BOCHEES GERMAN SYRUP .'.... 55 cents
STEARN'S HEAD-ACHE WAFERS -.. '..;." 20 cents
SEIDLITZ  POWDERS ..'."..  15 cents
Tooth Brushes, Hair Brushes, Nail Brushes, Bath Brushes, Shaving Brushes Hariri Mir,™ „t
all kinds; perfumes in bulk or by the bottle; Soaps of all kinds, Ladies'fndK^Pu^ rhSp&ni
and Wrist Bags Combs of all kinds, Sponges, ordinary and rubber; ToothPowdmi?"d Washes ^
Water Bottles, Syringes, and hundreds oi other articles, all to be sold at cost re ana w ashe8' Hot
jpf --. We have a well-assorted line of Goods suitable for Christmas Presents' consisting 0f T ndipo' an*
AJ Gents' Traveling Cases, Manicure Sets, Atomizers, Perfumes m Cases, Ladies' SecJSiand man*
(11 other lines bought purposely for the holiday trade - ^ses, and many
■ f These goods are offered for cash only.     No credit given to anvone       Rri-no- *,*«» •-■-,„».- i .-
M and receipts to us, and we will fill them at half the ordinary pHces   Y Mail orde™ wKecKnfS
and careful attention, but a remittance must accompany each order, and the balance to be sent C*. QJ§
I need the Gash
and must sell
Ono National Oath HeftUtcr No. 47, total adder.
Mirror*. HiKk, other tin*.
Ont l'latt Olana Mirror, 40ifrt Inohee, bevel edits.
One Plate Olait Mirror, MtS4 Inch, with hardwood frame and aide tirackete. fixture T( tttt
long by 4| feet blub.
Hawing Machine at treat bariaim-
Two Planoa.
Barber Ohalrt, Mirror*, Hath Tutu, I'ipee, taiikt,
Ont Hall and Sprinv Engine Governor fur S\.
loch attain pip*.
One Parker Shooting OaUerv with Revolving
Animate, IllnU.Kto.,andI'lano Alloperated
by taaoilnt taglite* ran |Mn, tor tto.
Onecomblnetlon Billiard and I'onl Table,
Ont liirgt Hafa.
Oim J. J Taylor8ali< Ko. • mod a* new.
Oneeet Bar Fliturta, vary Hint.
Ont m**m dam*, on* Lubricator, one Meant
OUm Show Oaaat.
OtuOanVn ttMd Drill, I.> Uatbewt.
Ont good l>n*r Vrtm.
Harvtrort IiMtnimtnU.
It w-J.li juti 991.1 (• tt'i *4t*ii*m*t, attit lm it.
Cofder Baker and Josephine Sts., NELSON.
Corner Columbia Ave and Qoeen St., ROSSLAND
The study of civilization proves
in fact that all civilization has been
accomplished by a small number of
higher miuds. The mass has done
nothing more than profit by the
advance; it doesn't even like to see
it extended, aud the greatest thinkers or inventors have often been
martyrs. —-LeBon.
small boy was taught the
Lord's Prayer, and for a few days
he kept it going with great assiduity, but then he announced to his
mother in disgust: "I heard another fellow say that prayer today,
mother. It's going to get all
around towu."
The good is" but the beautiful in
Wrtta and twttnkm iM* paper If you 11 n out-
OOmtK9I9J9titlym «r||| rntit** Information
l*ompUf 0|«i< Ih/lln* you <l*-ilrVt./piin;haV
5 pt.-Bottles Cutting's Catsup
5 2J-lb cans Cutting's Grapes
5 21-lb " " IMack Berries
3 Gal. cans Cutting's Plums
3 Gal. " « Cherries
8 Gal. " " Grapes
« 2-lb ens Canadian Cur rants
6 2-lb " « GoosclKjrrieH
5 Mb " Hakinjr Powder
ft Mb Itottles French Mustard
ft pint » English Pickles]
2 10-lb Iwxes Vermicelli'
.Wi |>oimds BluffkranUh ('cml
8 pairs Wool .Socks.
TheWm. Hunter Co., Ltd
I'tit It OT Mhiftial Clnlm.
Kltuati; in tlh-KlocanUliiliiK Divlnion of Wwi
K-duIi'iiju Dlnlricl. Wln'M Iwnti'il: un llie
I'nyiic Mountain, i-uat of nml jnlnliiir tlif
Mercury Mineral (;inim.
'I'AKE XOTICE. that I, Arthurs
nctliitf n»ii(f«nt for l.i'iii'r II
Iatlif.iioiii-lumon uiianliiioualy a^rtn'tl to liy lia
Tnivellnu Pulillc,
_           Siiyder,
miner'** cirriiflratr No. H «l«Tri, and Harold Si
Inn*, twe mil cr'* rertllii'at<> Sn. II Mil, Inl^ml,
sixty ilityi" fnnn I hi' ilal« hi'i'-fof, In a|>-
iilv in the! Minluir HtRonli'r for a Ccrtlilc-ato ut
Iin|iiuvi!iii(!iil, for iiii' inii'|i.iKi' uf olitalnlliK ••
frown Grant of iim above claim. ;
\ nd further take notice that action, tuukr ate* j
tlmt »7,inunt lx> commenced before the l*»uanr#
nl Mjt-h Ortlflcate of Imnrovementt
lMtod thl* 14th day of Nnveml»r, A.D liml
PKMIIISt'lIT   Vfln»nil  (.M'llrn
SI.M au Minina iJivUioii of Wail
Situate In tl . .
Koot-MiMV   Ul-trlct Whi.r<-     lM*»t«d:
on Kon- Mllr Cm>k, adj<itnlnir thf Hewitt
and Loina IVmne.
TAKK NOTIOK thai I. M It. W. lUthborfir,
tit* mlxtaf * CartMuai* No II WOW. for
tntaalf, and a* arail for Frank Culm, trim
MteafiCttiltlvale No II MU Intend, tlily
daya from th* dat** har«»f to apply to ttia
Mining Ra-mrdtr for a OarMiiU* et li
umilalorUittiurpowor obialnlnf aCmwn uranl
of thaabirr claim.
And further lake notlei- thai acllnn under mt-
lion SI muirt lw cumnK-iicnl l«for<' th* lunatic* of
«uch (Tiilft< »ii> nf ImuroveiiwitD.
ItalMl thl* IVh 'ay of (VtnliM-. AD IM*
f, V. It, Mineml Claini
Kllu<t« in lli* Mlnian Mliilnir |ltvltlnn u'
W*»l Kootenay lliatitrl. Where locai«l:
un SHrn MouiiUIn, iivar Sta t>.-ii*r.r.
TAfti;  NOTIi'i:   Th,*ii I, Ciiliiilii.   strrritl.
Fne     MmiiTi   O'ttltlittli     N'o.    It    !AHW.
Inland,   tiity   *i*i*   tnm   lha   dat* hrmif
lu n|i|ily to llu' Mliilnir I6ii'iil'iliil' fm! a. I >i'tUi«a««
j of Imitm-rtniciiM. for ll>f purr-oat- of ohlalnlnr
I a f'rown flrnnl uf llif »»*»iv«. <.|*lm
Aa... (ufieil i»»r IHK'l l»l»l *( ti-ii. uimtr mt
tlou ST.mo-M \tt* fnmmtT.'-*p.-t In-for i- i^n- i"«in'i*ii
ol »ut'ft tarnftcate «il lmi«r«vam*ni».
I'Ml-eil ilil* inh J«> ,4 Su*tiiil*i,A. It. |>«.
Arrive WI.VNII'KG .id day t'M a. in.
A rrlvu HT. I'AUL ad dny trtn p. in
Arrive CHIC Ado 4th day 0:3oa, m.
Arrlv« TORONTO 5th day »:4ft p, m.
Mtivf MONTlttiAL '.tli day C.i$t, p. in.
Arrlvw NKW YORK «th day ftMa.m.
Cloai' coiiiiM'tion for-All Ka»twn iwlnta,
EAST—l.«av« Dtmmore Junction tltily
for St Paul; Kuolimay LHiiilliiic
Tuendey »n»l Snturdny for Toronto,
Montreal, nnd all Kaatorn Poiiitu
A trip Ku.i ov-ur the C P. II. will convlnca you
a* to lu comfort* and convenient**.
Kor lurther Information reiiirdliitr th>- "only
wa\" apply to—
O, B, OARKRTT, AinntNtw IVnvar.
K I, Coyle, A O, I*. A«t.. Vancouver.
J H iVrtcr IM'.A..KeUM>. B.O
Tn OKOHOK T. MrKIN7.IK.Ial«o( Sim Dun-
vfr. Ilrltlah ColumNa, or 10 whomtotvirr h<*
nuy have lian»f»rr»d hi* lnl#ml In On*
"HharehoMer" mineral claim, -nutated ni/rtli
of Rear Ia**, and adjotnlmt Ine " IjikevIen' *
In Alntwonh iMvUion,
I * u* tided nm,"" In UI..1 and liiilirovemeula
ut»n the above mentioned mineral claim under
tbe provl*lon« of the If Ineni Act, and If within
nlrn-lr day* tn.m iim 4.**t it %h.t» r.-.ik* jam
fall or refuw lo < t.ntrll.ute your |.r>.|)orilo*io»th«
above rr.tntliiiiiit auwi, wliVrli ie now doe. l<»-
mlbtr with all <M«»ta »f advrrtmnf, your IntereM
In the «aldcltlm will trewm tli*' |.i..)*M» <>f lha
underMirned, undar Hwtlfiei 1 „t *u A-ri **n-
tltkut   An Ait to Auwodllo Minora) Act |pr>"
lui«lai Niw l*-„*n, ll 1 . tht. 'Hi day ut
November.IWW. HOHT. W11.1,1 AIfH
WUiwia t'harWa h. HaaMalli
; §g||nti§4
Ryric Bros»,
Vasgt ltd A4*ki4* Ittratt*.
Oontnlne   a   KeU«b4«   Reoortf
of «n Um ttmtrf m th*
the1tii0u; world
IH1<MI fetfMMMMHi   t9__m_9__w9__ 9 ^^
wwmi.titmmtf twwwKa,*,
uAAAVtA*. eiweut oonrf toct*.
WorBmUmhf 99 WewtHelire.
•AMPLI   COPT   miE,
T*» IHrUVi^t'EVT -fnii-11-.i.VVIt.M
'Tn HAXrOHU DAIOf.K. <r n, «li.,n,«--vri !,.•
mny   h»v«i  tnn<ferrid  III*  Intcreat  in llu'
MlaevtalUalaw. «Hi*ti«*-.» tlw N tik I'--rk *.;
Itlirtit Mlk fWtlr. in lb** ~*'J*)tri Mi::i,.t N
vHbm. of Went K .itnuy liittrlci
Y«H* are htrthf n Aie.-<t thnt I hnveet|«m|nl
f<*a*««*Mie*nt «.-(|i ml r«--r>li.|f U*t9o,-
Om ahrte named claim* f<ic ib». year I»*i i«i»i.
il.re* han't red ami teven AMlirm »i.l Hfi v ene;
namely, one hand ml *n»t t«o doHereaiid ilftv
».k.U'--ii <**i h ..f »Vi« »*•.«! .'.siiiH. Iii ..iit..r ti.
.bold tba taht«latm< nn<l< r the i-o.*l.trt.i nf th..
Mlfteral  Aef. anil tf. wttlitn  *« tlm* 1i,ai\ it*
■Ull   .,;   -. UH tv.Kk#. l,,At    I.ti,,,,  tt-UtW   1.. 1 >ll|ill,
in- yt'Ui iir'tuirtlim ui *iuli t>ki*eit Ilium, 1,,
,t*l9r with *ll tfWt «.f miftUtii,! ymt InlPtel
».. -AA eliHa will lament-O* t<ri*t**it *4 ib» -anti
"■tin.I    itltitf   •*»!.' •.    »    ■''    tlm-   Uiitril     in
AtiuMrftmoM Ael, l'.«**>
■     titled tfcU Itttv <lav ftt l**tm1#1, V.fu.
•%-fv*** CM A* I   ii*ii-r.
|V# llt.USiil 'K\r <'.*M»H Si.lf*
T. MIKK MMltni*. M I « MrKAV. — u,
»li. in*« >rr iln> iimv bim traiuferndtli'lr
i..iPi*-.i. tn ihr m.->nlev lolnrml cltlm. *lt«*
et.-dnear MHInlinn Htm an Mlniiiv rHv|»lnn
«V.| hi.*'fmi llt.lfkl. H <
\'ill", ninlMib'.f <o   irrhfrihr n» tlfle.1 thai
I ha»«   f-tjrft<M ih»- ««m f.f »1<BMi In
|,il*.,r «nd tfti|.f..»-"»rn*'n'* m».it  tbt*  ifwivi' linn
i|.,i 1-1I   fntiii-rai   riMiin  «M«t« t  the I'tnilOnni ttl
|tw   lliiM-ral   Arf. »'.(1  If. wltliUi nlitttt   day.
'Mill Iln   > 'UL   i-f 'lll«  .'*..'!"■«•    \i-t'.ll,f    ln-Ul****    f..
rutiiiHHi'r 1 ■•«» < '.fiio--v *•' »ll *«tt-h #rj» .'IMwte*
«hi*l« ;«1.99 do.*. i<<tretb*r «n(i *ll r**t*ut aii.
ver*.l«lr.^, «t>»tr infew<l In lf.<   «.iid tlum will
!»»■.-*# 'tn- i-i i»-:t, ..< «Ik* iiii*mr*4i"i*i-it Hwd'T
UttVtm I -rtf *o .%«*iei»H'fe.| 'An U-* tn tutttwit
tt„ mn*riit l*»r r»a "
ln*-li-X-a |v....r,*B. <\. Ih.« tint .|*« of
*'• ***..» 5"» 1. »   m *'7'iTi
Hear Poriune
Tapping   *\
C»j't««rtW»(IJi *»«4|M liiitr;! Uj# at yintf
iUmh when II I* n I li*..U-l ll.ren
a Uj. I h»>r lw . 1,.it..i^l.-hum* fir
aalc that miv h»-i«-iiriilii.i-'*'r.)ne*Ak.i1
henealli tlie *»r**r*. Thev are «tiM-
atnt la t-t** tirtirl ■■ f ''«■- *»li.<'ai> It*-
!»*•#< tb* >*»f nt a*'«l Mi*nttnt •»!•>«-..
Tb» t«-r*it«t 1* «h'li •»«• • firtitn*-
mm *wttt It,-? .*w*i «*.!k*■•» Tlif ji»1»c
Ir r .*.!*• I if 9-M lm nt,finely.    Ad>
. T. Lowery
***** Denver. B. C. THE LEDaE, NEW DENVER, B. C, DECEMBER 18, 1902.
Tenth Year
Notary Futolio.
J_i. Notary Public, Insurance Agent and
Mining Broker. Mining Stocks bought and sold.
General agent for Slocan properties. Small
DeWs Court held lst and 8rd Mondays In everv
month.   Established 1895.
and American plan. Meals, 2fl cents. Booms
from 2rcup to Jl. Only white help employed.
Nothing yellow about the place except the nold
in the safe. MALONE & TREGILLDS.
MADDEN HOUSE, NELSON, is contrally
located and lit by electricity It is headquarters for tourists and old timers. Miners or
millionaires are equally welcome. THOS.
MADDEN. Proprietor.
THE ROYAL HOTSL, Nelson, is noted for
tbe excellence of itscuisine.   SOL JOHNS,
BARTXETT HOUSE, formerly the Clark
is the beat $1 a day hotel In Nelson. Only
white help employed. Q. W. BARTLETT,
fftHE EXCHANGE, in KASLO, has plenty
-■A.- of airy rooms, and a bar replete with tonics
'and bracere of many kinds.
THE MAZE, In KASLO,  is lust tho place
forSlooan people to find when dry or In
search of a downy couch.
JG. MEI.V.IN, Manufacturing Jcwellc;-,
i Expert Wlitch Repairer, Diamond Setter,
aad Engraver. Manufactures Chains. Locke is
and Rings. Workmanship guaranteed equal to
any In Canada. Orders by mall solicited. Box
840, Sandon.
pure LataWa Student's' Mixture, Pace's
Twist, Craven's Mixture, Bootjack. Natural
Leaf, and many other klndsof Tobacco.
G. B. MATTHEW, Nelson, P.O. Box 40.
HJ. PHAIR, Dealer In
«   mestlc Cigars and Tobaccoe*.
Foreign and Do-
Kootenay oaxiciy "Works.
J a. Mcdonald,
•   Wholesale Confectioner
Manufacturing   and
Nelson, B.C
"Wholesale   Merchants.
ers In Butter.
Fruit,Nelson, B.C
Eggs, Cheese, Produce and
\ HANK   REKLAW _     _     \
I thank God that I'm ouly a Bull
Pup aiid cannot hope to attain, that
Ipfty height of purity and holiness and
dignity that some of tny triends have
recently assumed
But I thank God more for the
blessed privilege that even a Bull
Pap has, of loving others.
Love covereth a multitude ot sins,
somebody has said;'
And the ordinary Bull Pup needs a
lot of it;
It's what I'm after.
Don't misunderstand me—I have no
use for thai sentimental poppycock
that passion crazed weaklings slobber
over each other aud call love.
I want that love that looks deep into the heart and sees there the goodness that is there, —
Fov in every heart there is goodness.
I want the love that is powerful
enough to swallow my own bigotry
and the bigotry of others, and then
lap at the fount of goodness that flows
I wa,nt the, love that teaqhes me
wisdom—wisdom to know and hate
my own sinfulness as well as the sinfulness of others, and yet to love them
for their goodness;
I want the love that can take a
ton of meanness from the hand of another and walk off with it in my vest
pocket; ,.
I want the love that will take a
friend by the ears and bpm^ishead,
against the wall of Truth, if he refuses to listen by any other mean .
Those friends, who are so pure and
holy; who would judge another and
execute him for having thoughts and
daring to express them; they who
cannot, or rather will not, lift themselves high enough to understand the
motive behind the words, cannot
know what this love is.
The meek and lowly Nazarene met
•uch people, but he did not save them.
They were too holy to be just—
What He was after.
time its output has steadily decreased
until its production of 1899 wa8 but 550
tons. •■-,.■
In 1876 the Rio Tinto mines were reopened and quickly took first rank
among the world's great producers of
copper, .j
In 1883 the Bulte camp was opened
mA has now become the greatest copper producing- district in the world —
Amering Metal Market.
A       FOR
Our holiday Stock comprises every line.handled .by the jeweler, and each line Is as comprehensive as unlimited resources and
competency can make it. Watches,Clocks, Diamonds, Sllyerware, Jewelery, Etc. Every department Is complete In Itself; no one
being sacrificed to another. Wa sell every line a specialty, and onr close relations with the best manufacturers enables us to do
so greatly to your advantage.     In buying from me you get the best gaods at the lowest price, quality considered.
1'lu.     XA:Vli:r,n    h
OWN   CtfOLDITCH   *   CO.,    Nelson.
Impellers. Wholesale Grocers and Provlslou
Merc. ao'°.
Ella     \JAM.M+AC3 A. AAU*  -BJ«   AJ •
.   Hcltor, Notary Public.
CHHISTIE, L. t. B., Barrister, So-
_ Sandon, B. C,
Every Friday at Silverton. tf
.   Solicitor, Notary 1 „„„t.     ^...vu.,..
Denver every .Saturday.
 Solicitor, Nota;
Branch Office at New
L.   II.     Xj.
B., Barrister,
Sandon, B. C.
Mining Properties.
Mining Prone:
New Denver.
Crt AD.C-C1 r..r -.
rtles should address Box 50,
BOTTIjINO- works,
when yon want soft drinks.   Special attcn-
ion paid to the tradeof families,
X C. E. HIGNEY. Sandon.
Insurance & R»eal Estate
< i InBnranf e: Agents.   Dealers In Real Estate
totals Properties.  Houses to rent and Town
Lota forBwe. —
1 S. RASHDALL-, New Denver, B. 0.,
Real Estate and Mineral Claims for Sale, CUIrns
represented and Crown Granted.
Luntier, Doors. Windows. Store Front*, Show
Cases, Store and Bar FIxtarcs, Counters, Fancy
GlaM. H. HOUHTON, Mana*?»r.
Nelson, B. C.
HMhad 19yearsexiwrlunco ind
B. 0,
 ,_      i dental work.and
makes a specialty of Oold Bridge Work.  Most
complete dental office iu B C.
Copper was one of the first metals extracted from ores by man     ,
There are evidences that a prehistoric
race Iin America possessed the art of
putting a keener and more lastiug edge
on copper tools than is now possible.
The ancient , world of Greece and
Rome possessed stores of copper.
There are good reasons for believing
that the Phoenicians knew of the copper
deposits of Great Britain earlier than
1,000 years before Christ.
Spain has been supplying copper to
the world for 2,000 years at least.
century the Cornwall mines in Great
Britain were producing probably over
three-fourths of the world's Btipply of
One hundred years ago the United
States, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Canada,
South,Africa and Tasmania, which now
produce 85 per cent of the world's c6p-
pier, were not producers, or at most, of
only a few tons each.
Great Britain produced 7,000 tone of
copper in 1779, and maintained its position at the head of the world's copper
properties until the end of the first half
of tho ninteonth century, since which
The.B, C government loan was not a
success, only 20 per cent, of the £720,-
000 offered beingisubscribed by tbapubT
lie. This is unfortunate, especially as
the loan was withheld some month's "ago
because the monetary conditions''then,
vyere. not considered favorable tothq
issue. On the present occasion the
failure is not because any objection
could betaken to the loan in view of
the purpose for which it is intended to
employ the money, or that the price of
issue was too'dear.. Natal, which appealed to the investor at the Bame.time,
has fared little better, and several other
government and, municipal issues have
not resulted in an unqualified success,
so that there is only one inference to
be drawn, and that is that the war has
temporarily straightened the means of
this country, which: for the time being
appears to have! had a sufficiency of
sterling investments. We regret the
ill-fortune of the province, the more because if good loans are not a success,
what inducement is there to float industrial undertakings ? Possibly with tthe
advent of the New Year capital will become more plentiful and less timid.—
London B. C. Review.
JACOB DOVER, S^sjoenweblcer
Orders by mail receive our prompt attention.   Send your watch repairs to me and'I will do tne rest.
The,, Laborers' Co-operative Asspcia
tion are reported to have 100 tons of
ore mfned at the Good Luck on Canyon
creek, near Golden, and they are working on two feet of solid ore. This ore
is being got out for the Vulcan smelter,
which the company expects to operate
shortly.        ,   	
All the while' keep the upward
windows open.—Brooks.
A Lady Teacher for tho Now Donver Primary
School for tho ensuing term, commencing alter
the holidays,
Secretary Board of Trustees.
" f
offer for Xmas!!!
There is no luck about advertising,
no chance, no scheme. It is legitimate
straightforward business from beginning to end, from the day the campaign
isstarted.xilear,UDJo the close of busi-
nessiat the finish. Advertising is a
legitimate reasonable means of gaining'
an end. The advertisement which appeals best is that which is planned with
the greatest intelligence, contains the
greatest volume of honest intention and
sneaks in frank, unequivocal wards
anout reliable goods and about the care
ful painstaking methods of those who
arc handling the business; presents in
the best way logical arguments for the
purchase of goods from the merchant
in question. This is advertising that
will pay —Advertising World.
Mica In Canada.
The Westinghouse Electrical company of Pittsburg havo decided to open
a factory in Ottawa for tho purpose of
cutting and otherwise preparing mica
for use in the electrical business. Tho
supply of mica will be procured from
the Gatineau hihI Kingston districts.
At the etnrt employment will be given
to '200 men and girls.
At present the Westinghouse companv gets n largo share ofits mica from
India, but there is u probability thnt
the establishment of n new factory iu
Ottawa will focus attention on the Canadian source of supply, which Is prncti
tally inexhaustible and more convenient
...  , OPERATING , * ,,
9:00 a in. Lv. KASLO Ar. 8:15 p. m.
11:25 a. m. Ar. SANDON Lv. 1:00 p. m.
5:00 a.m. Lv. NELSON Ar. 7:15 p. m.
8:40 a. m. Ar. KASLO Lv. 8:35 p. m.
Tickets sold to all parts of the United
States and Canada via Great Northern
and O. R. & N Company's lines.
For further particulars call on or ad-
ROBERT IRVING, Manager, Kaslo,
Haje shops in neai^y all tlie camps and^iiW
of Kootenay and Boundary. v, They sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer. Try a line of their
steaks- ^   *~   ~    ~    ~    ~
•V.   I
P.   BURNS   &   CO-
That assays high in artistic merit, quickly
Denver's   winfinn.' Qrv,«^:„-^ J
done at New
s printing emporium—
General   Store,
v * Groccrlca, Dry (J
pad all over the Hlocan
JT* KKliIiV.    «ii*n-n»n    r *.t
I Groceries, Dry Goods, V.W.,
KOHKS, dealer In
Tf AT.OVON HOT flPKINGH »ANITA Illl IUM. Tbe most romidew lir A I Til
on tlm Continent of North A inerl* n CA L I n
ea. Hltuatad midst m«ncry un-
rlvalUd for Orandtur.   Uoatlnr.
r.anjr prima of
Flahlnir and Kicnnlom to tha       . .
fatorMt.   T«le»rTa|ihlc communication with all
pan* of tb* world; two mails arrive and dcjiart
•very day.    Ita bath** tore all nervoui ami
5inicular dlacaans; lu wmn heal all Khlitay.
Im and Htomach AilmenU of erary nam*.
t»a jirlca of a' ronnd-trlp ticket betwenn
V*w Oen-rer and Halcyon, obtainable all tbe
year round ami K<xxl for an day*, la MM. Hal-
eyon H|irlni*, Arrow l.»W«. II. O.
20 % Discount
On all sooda now In itock, from
Nov. noth till New Yuan. KODAK
have an oflfor.llka ihU from other
bou*«» after New Year*, hut not »»»•
fore, HtX'k coniUt* of Jcwolery,
Hllvorware, Optical Qoodn, Kanc.y
ware, etc.
C. I'. It. Time In«[«tor.
The Filbert Hotel
OIIN   Mcl.ATCHIK,   Dominion and
vlwlal l.aml Kurveyor.   XeUm, ll. 1.5.
AH  HKY1,\ND. KiiirtiMW ami Provincial
,   l.nnil Miivi'Vi.r    K*>M»
Why yon should buy
BeCaUSe it in the heM quality.
BeCaUSe It I* A*o  mnht laatintf
,,l,(,w w^mmmmm
Because u i« tho
jjratlo 6 or l-OtTpIug.
BeCaUSe th** mtfa tne vnUiahlti (or
te\, itm.
M»U inl. m |iri) iijillv -<Hi inli-il to.
r. Tr.r.Tf.M. a
i>, i .... i. .ii I,,*.,.,
% W9«i**tir*' «'"
JU.   -LAMIIHIN,  t*»t,i%
,   CloihttiK u
ii It r.
iuim hi,   ."Vliot-UKiui:
;Mt'l n-.lti-lf |iatp>nni'
mm »ll<-Un-w».
(laid I TU Oold an1 Mllv»r..It .>»
L**4     Ji I Ool IMlltt'ttuwfp'r \M
liaitiDim by mall r*-**iv*tprompt aluntlon.
Gold and Sliver Refined ind Bone bt
lit* Arapati** *«.,  D*«v«r, Cala.
'   manor lady. J» *•.'.•» ^9*%_r___ "■•»-•#•
Is the house to stop ut when
in the Silvery City.     Tlie
"jrooms are airy ami tlu- Ih<1<
| conducive t<* slumber, while
-I tho   eall Ik'Hs  beside  every
door will put you in mind ol
modern   civilization.     The
meats in  tlie   tiniuin '""iin
will make a mash upon your I
ta;Hie and change vour stom-j
uch into an internal heaven]
I lie ri-litTi is   fWMnvij/iiiii.ni^
and is run upon the Canadian
American und European
plan. Thc bar is replete
with all kinds of bracers from
gentle old rye to thc tipple
that foams in tbe ghm,
This old-timebotcl has recently
been bought by the undersigned
and renovated into an up-to-
date hostelry. Miners, tourists
and all classes of this world's
people can always get a square
meal and an easy bed within
the portals of my doors. The
bar contains many kinds of
nerve bracers, ranging from
the brew of Cody to tho sweet
cordials of sunny Franco. If
you aro dry, hungry, weary or
sad when passing through tho
Forks, lift the latch and drop in.
Silver King Hotel
In Nelson, I have secured a
lease upon tho Imperial, and
have changed the name to
what it was years ago:
The Silver King Hotel
This name is familiar to all
who blazed the trails In early
days,  and tho newcomer*
will not for.gct It if thoy drop'
in and see me.
Staple and Fancy
Agent for
Kootenay Coffee
Dealer* In Tea* and Coffee,
All grades and prlcea. A
trial order solicited....   ,
Kootenay Coffee Company
P.O. UoxlK*. WentliakerHt.
General Draying: Mining Sup-
plies and Heavy Transport-
Our Baggage wagons meet ail Sunday trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack * ainuisi.
Peed Stables at New Denver.
To and from European polnti vin Oanadlat
and Am*rlo«l ItttM.  ■ AffVf   ter aalltnr Vla|p*
ritaa, ticked and ftfl! inftrtnatlon tsu injrC.'
Ry agent or— •
o.ji. oAitRierr., *
. '   t    'jfft'P. !C ftntt New DeD«pr}
W, 1>. tl OuMmln'm. 0. <fl. Airt., Winnipeg
Seeds, Trees,
bee supplies;
fruit baskets,
Bulbs K5Hgor8prln<
Catalogue Free.
»ono Weetmlnator Road. Vancouver, 11.0
lihiif, ami
vour «li--Hli«r i* mitlior.
I/id    to     iclnnil     vour
iiimim'V if von «n< no»
m     * iwa  **m   ___f ' ^   ____ w   ji   uk im''   "^ '
Cigar Oo.
*»a«tt>M* tut m *aa ***ii*n*i*m. hoow m wa
ttii.txtil nat,m*    A mraleVLlttihatitna
smW laixtit nt It* ui p«M !>y ewnn" **t*h
»«kUf »tib all m;»*i> .tivn v tr.,ov Imut^usr.
t**ta    Unit** »dv»i»f«t tut ftimnm*.   M»n«e»f.
i*ii:ait*,9 Mh-, *'''«•■»**'»•
gP. H. Murphy
for prVee e«i(ilr t»-
Win I mil At**** lev B.O.
tm*tnw*m, B.C.*
Our Special
£1 Condor
Fred. Irvine & Co,
\V« aro nlmwlnjr In onr m»w promlKe* «mt ul'tl»« Miimi Mm-kn of l^ilitfn' W wr «v«r «iii|ilH.v»'tI in Nelnon. In
thc l.a»!foV Di'partmpnt you will find a vory liir/jo atmnrlmonl of np-Io i|«i« and natty Mylof In Ijnliwi'HUk
r«-»hmfr*»« «r«l Fr-fni-h Flunrtfl Kliltt nml Hlou«« VV»!nt«i A v«ry \netty ami natty lot of Ij-kIIiw' Silk Tli-«,
Scurf* «n<l Nick Tien—Ju*t ntceiv^d, tnwctel lor the holiday lra«i*. Ladii'M1 and Children'* lUndkerclniiln,
Hals and Ciipg; Fur Boas, Tie**, Ruffs, Muffn and Si'al JavkntM In the 0«nt"*« Dnpartment we can ihow
yon Men'* Smoking' Jack«t«, llremlng Gown*, Rath Robe*, and Travolta,? Ruga: Silk I'robrollae; Ti««, Silk
All Holiday Goodi.
Wrap*, S<;arfit Mufflam. Kid Glove*, Mitm and Fancy Half Hon, aud llndorwaar.
..#                  ; MAIL ORDB1W HKCRIVRHV»KCUL aTTKNTItiK
 I Illl
Fred. Irvine & Co.
i mum


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