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The Ledge Sep 12, 1901

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I \
Volume VIII.   No   50.
Price, $2.00 Year ADVance
General News pi°a*
In and About the Slocan and Neighboring Camps
that are Talked About.
Our woodpile is growing—so is our
Hunters  aro  numerous  these days
but. game is scarce.
H. Byrnes will erect a handsome residence on Union street shortly.
Born—At Silverton, Sept. 2, to the
wife of F. Liebscher, a daughter.
Service in the Methodist church next
Sunday morning.   Rev. A. E. Roberts.
ABk Williams about fruit when you
ave thinking of putting up jam for the
Clothes may not make the man, but
he can be judged pretty well by the way
W. W. Fallows, of Sandon, has been
appointed Slocan agent for the Similk*
ameen Coal Co.
Carl Lindow, of Slocan City, accident
the weather to indicate that we are ox
perienc.ing squaw winter—among which
is this, that it is colder than hell, at last
Dr. A. Milloy, the popular dentist of
Rossland, is now at tho Newmarket attending to the molar repairs of New
Denver's populace. He will be here
until Saturday, when lie leaves for Sandon. remaining there until the 20th.
We have received at our heliographic
station intimations of several matrimonial collisions impending in the local
circuit. The mice have chewed up our
cake basket, but we have chases of all
sizes in which we can put anything
upon which we can make an impression,
In the rowing race between Gaudier,
the Canadian, and Towns, the Englishman, held last week at Rat Portage, on
the Lake of the Wood, Towns won with
the greatest of ease.    Gaudier  is 45
situated near Rear Lake,  will  soon be.
added lo the shipping list.
Work has been suspended on the
Leviathan jrroup, -'.cross the lake, from
Kaslo    More funds needed.
The I' & I group, Ten Mile, was examined last we-'k by T. Wren of Spokane, one of the owners, with i\ view to
workine tlie property this winter,
Billy Ferguson has driven a .30-foot
cross-cut tunnel on the Tail Holt this
season, cutting the ledge and exposing
ore, which is rich in gray copper, assay-
ina* as high as 1000 ozs. silver to the ton
Reports from the Hoodoo"are very encouraging. Winter quarters are being
erected, so that the property may be
worked/throughout the winter months.
J. M M Benedum has the work in
Crown grants are being applied for
on the Railroad group, V. & M., Mimic,
Ha-ha, Evening, Jennie, Violet, Violet
Fraction, Return, Tramp Planet Fraction, Central, Red Fox, Red Fox Fraction and Monument No. 8.
Messrs, Wills & MacNaught completed the purchase of the Capella group
Tuesday. They will soon have things
in shape to let the world know just what
they have got in this valuable Goat
Mountain property.   It is a big thing.
Spokane  capitalists represented  by
„ ally shotT^flngeiroff~hiI~leitrhand-last
week, while hunting.
Dan McLachlan has returned from a
visit to the Lardeau. He reports Fer-
guRon as being animate.
The new trestle on the Nakusp branch
is about completed, and traffic thai way
will bo reopened in a few days.
The Royal Seal is a hand-made cigar
^ '     nnd V. B. Hawthorne will tell you all
' about it when he calls upon you.
Drop in and consult Williams when
you want cigars that will burn without
driving the neighbors out of town,
Services, will be held in St. Stephen's
church on Sunday next. Matins and
Litany at 11 o'clock; evening prayer, 7:80
There was mail for everybody this
week—this being the catalogue season.
The crop of suckers must he good in
this ciunp,
Billy Lotterick writes from Idaho that
ho is working ft property of his own
over there—one that will make a million
dollar mine,
F. G. Fauquier has been held for trial
charged with stealing $to» government funds while Gold Commissioner
at Kevclstoke.
Win. Harris, one of the most popular
young steamboat men in Kootenay,was
married to Ml°s M. M, Lyons in Nelson
last Thursday.
Williams is selling some of the finest
cucumbers   ever seen  in  this camp
years of age, weighs over 200 pounds, j Sid Norman, havo taken a bond 0I^he
"SMlm^ ' "' ™-~*i:i-
world since '95.   Towns is 32 years of
age, and weighs only 154 pounds.
In an exhibition drill at Phoenix on
Labor Day the Slocan Star's crack
hammer and dull team, Ross & McLeod,
put a 48-inch hole in a rock in ten minutes. At this point the rock split. At
Spokane during the Fair to be given hy
the Elks this month, this team expects
to meet the heaviest drillers in the
Northwest. One thousand dollars will
he given in prizes.
Following are tho newly elected nfii-
cers of the Slocan City Miners'Union:
.1. Nixon, president; Geo. Nichol, vice;
Bert. O'Neil, linancial secretin y; S. B.
Clement, recording secretarv; II. S
Baker, conductor; John Skinner, warden; financial committee. F. Carlisle,
II. L. Fife, F Purviuiice; trustees, ,1.
V. Purviance, D. Kennedy, S B. Clctu*
ijnt; executive board, .1. V. Purviance,
C. M. O'Brien, .1. A. Foley,  H, L. Fife.
Mrs Grunt Thorburn leaves this week
ior Dawson, whore alio will join her
husband. Tlie citizens of Silvet ton, lo
which camp Grant and Mrs. Thorburn
have been enthusiastic adherents since
away back in the nineties when Four
Mile creek used to run through what is
now tlie business portion of the town,
presented Mrs. Thorburn with a beautiful gold watch and chain, aud innumerable costly presents, iu remembrance
if her many acts of kindness adininis-
"GatinOTu and-Si((TC-oe-groupr-Ten-Miler
and will push development work, during the life of the bond, which covers a
year. C. E. Smitheringale and Tom
Reid are the sellers,
Tom Lloyd and Andy Tunks have
taken a working bond on tho Mary
Hurham.a Goat Mountain property, and
have started work on it The Mary
Durham was one nf the first properties
located in that dry ore belt and considerable worti has been done upon it. A
strong lead has been exposed by open
cuts and a shaft and somo very rich ore
has been taken out. A. Jacohson, C.
Barber and II. A. Hicks are the owners
to reaping enhanced benefits later.   A
deep tunnel was commenced in September last, and since then only enough
ore has been taken  from   the  upper
levels to defray the cost of exploration
work.   A three-drill compressor plant
has been put in  to facilitate driving,
together with a large ventilating plant
operated bv water power.   This main
tunnel is now in 1,700 feet, and is seven
feet hv nine feet in the clear.   A  shaft
was also started from the lowest of the
previous  tunnels,   and this has been
sunk 220 feet on the vein.   Tlie lode
has been opened up at two stations below No 5, that is Nos. (5 and 7, 100 and
200 feet respectively below No. 5.   A
raise has now been started from the
main   tunnel  to connect with  No. 7.
This wil! be 185 feet long, and No. 8
station will be located half way up the
raise.   The   lode has been proved at
Nos. ti and 7, and ore is being extracted
at the present time.   The lode at the
level of the main tunnel has not yet
been explored,but the upraise will soon
be completed, and the vein in the lower
level will then be explored.   All ore
from the upper levels will be handled
through the main tunnel,"thus expediting the work and reducing the cost of
The Payne Will Soon Have  Three Now
Level* From Which to Stojii' Oro.
- x_*>
ISjJA General Review Given in the Engineering and
jji* Mining Journal by E, Jacobs.
Continuing his article on Mining in
British Columbia, the first installment
■of which was published in these columns
last week, E. Jacobs says-
More reduction works are being established as the demand for thein increases.   Smelters have been erected at
Pilot Bay, Nelson and  Trail,  in the
Kootenay; at Grand Forks, Greenwood
and Boundary Falls, in the Boundary,
and at Van Anda, Texada Island.   The
smelter at Northport, Washington, is
within 20 miles of Rossland, and other
smelters in the United States also treat
ores from British Columbia.  The biggest
stamp mill in the Province is at the
Ymir mine, where a battery of 80 stamps
is in operation.   There are other stamp
mills, concentrators, etc., but it is evident that an enormous quantity of plant
and machinery will be required to meet
the rapidly growing requirements of
ore production and treatment.
Much outside capital has already been
-SiaRloyfidjii^qniiection with the min i n g
a valid free miner's certificate, which
costs $5 for a full year or a proportionate sum for any shorter period, but all
certificates expire on May 31. A free
miner may enter on Crown lands and,
too, on other lands where the right to
enter has been reserved, and may pros-'
pect for minerals, locate claims and
mine. Claims may not be located on
Indian reserves or within the curtilage
of any dwelling. Should a free miner
neglect to renew his certificate upon expiry all mining claims held by hiin under its rights, if not crown-granted, revert to the Crown, unless he be a joint
owner, in which case his interest or
share reverts to his qualified partners
or co-owners. It is not necessary for a
shareholder in an incorporated mining
company, as such, to possess a free
miner's certificate.
A mineral claim is a rectangular piece
of ground not exceeding 1500 feet
square. The claim is located by erecting three posts as defined in the Act.
ST^™.'^ takin;out"a | lering to tlie comfort of thc early pio*
***■-- 'liners  when bacon and beitim were it
life insurance pHcy
Another monarch will reign in Knnt-
ennv next month It is the Little Kin*
,u,,l" will be made by the Kootenay
Cigar Co , of NelMiit
H C. ThoinlliiKon I* having n wagon
road built from his ranch home on tlw
Queen City lint, to conned wilh the
Ciupuntot* creek road.
Two very popnhu* Kasloltei*, I! A.
Cockle and' Miss Hannah Hn-di Boon,
were united In m«>rrlage at Kash, last
Wednesday by Rev Beer
luxilrv with a hauuoc on the side. , ,, ■■•„
I Hiii Ku\
Poroupines are sociable animals, audi Aiin-tn-*.
III U       I     .    "      I I I .1 • <i(ll'»'» I
like some •'prints of bygone (lays, they
always carry a quill. To prove Hint
the best of feelings ex-sted between
himself and the keeperofa I'liion-strcet
hennery, one of these qitilU'tmc brute*'
made an afternoon cull.    Finding the
The total amount of ore shipped from
the Slocan and Slocan City mining
divisions for tho year 1900 was, approximately, 35,000 tons Since January 1
to Sept. 7.   1.901, tiie shipments  have
been as follows:
ljii-,1 Clmiii'i-..,
SI,.(Mil SIpIV
II imin	
American H",v
TmiIi' l»..|liir.
SllilKl't   i.llli'k't
S'lvi'iviji'ii   ..      	
Two Krli'iiil* .   	
Hill till'}'	
Illni'k I'rlinv	
Miller I'r.'.-U	
-di'i-n't  run. Unlit Kli'Mi.
Sllvi'C Kin. 	
Vnlili' Five
nil  lill-lli'.
.  so
•I* I
1 ts
Iii an interview in the Nelson Miner,
Manager Garde of the Payne said:   "In
regard to the Payne development,work
is being pushed as fast as possible and
within a couple of months we will be
able to open up three new levels, Nos.
1, 7 and 8, at one time, and show up tho
ore bodies that are below the present
workings.   The phaft connecting No. 5
level with No. 8 level,which was driven
from the north side of the hill, is being
sunk at a high rate by contract and
raising from No. 8 is in progress at the
same time.   The connection between
these levels should be made before De-
comber lst.   The shaft is now 186 feet
down below the No. 5 tunnel.   A new
hoist was recently installed and is now
being operated by air    This hoist takes
the place of the gasoline hoist which
was not entirely satisfactory    Tho air
is furnished by a compressor located at
the portal of No. 5 tunnel.   Air drills
are now used in the shaft for sinking.
industry of the  Province,  but "much
more is needed for the more extensive
development of its enormous mineral
resources.    Eastern  Canadian money
has been put into mining and smelting
enterprises at Rossland, in the Boundary  and   elsewhere.    United   Slate,
capital haB done much towards developing mines at Rossland and in the Slocan, and the British Columbia Copper
Company, Limited, of New York, has
spent more than $600,000 on its Mother
Lode mine and smelter, near Greenwood, with good returns now coming
in.   A comparatively large amount of
British capital has also found its way
I into British  Columbia mining enterprises, but all these combined will very
probably falll far short of the aggregate
that two or three years hence will be
similarly employed iu the Province, so
big will be the future of this important
The following are some of the British
Columbia mines whoso total dividends
to date have each exceeded $loo,o0»
of electric drills I recently! *10-,00 t0 **W >»»** -•'•■
pnrehiiped for the Payne a complete
two-drill electric plant and it is our intention to give this plant a thorough
trial The electricity for the plant is
| generated at the mino.   If the electric
In^nlfal7loWtrffn^fTr~ —
recorded within fifteen days from date
of location.   A mineral claim prior to
being crown-granted, is held practically
on a yearly lease, an essential requirement of which  is   the  doing of assessment work on tbe claim annually to tbe
value of $100 or, in lieu   thereof, payment of that amount to the inining recorder.   Each assessment must be recorded before tho experation of the year
to which it  belongs  or the claim  is
deemed abandoned,   When assessment
work to the value of $500 has been recorded the owner of a mineral claim is,
upon paying a foe of $25 and giving certain notices, entitled to a crown grant,
after obtainment of which further work
on the claim is not compulsory.
Leases of unoccupied Crown lands are
granted for hydraulicing or dredging,
upon the recommendation of tho Gold
Commissioner, after certain require*
mollis have been complied with An
application f«e of tio is payable. Leases
may not exceed 20 years' duration. For
a creek lease the maximum area Is
hall a mile, and  the maximum annual
At the same time the raising and driving Is in progress iu  No   8 level andj
this in future will be accomplished bv  Moro lmv(! 'mUl totuls* ranging from
means of  electric  drills     I rmintlv »,0'Cflo t0 mUm   ,mt ,1", »* given., ,       ■    ,    ,      ,     ,
though incomplete, will serve to show i rental  9it>;    hydraulii' lease,  area Wl
than au appreciably large aggregate i acres, rental frx), and at least $10n»i per
amount has been returned by tlie minus annum to be  spent   in development;
over un<l above the still larger total ol J dredginu lease, area live miles, rental
earnings that has been  expended iu| I&0 per mile, development work $lnon
development    and   equipment.     The] per mile per annum, and   a  royalty,
figures are taken from the New York j payable to the government, of ;Vi cents
F,n;:iiieoi*iiig and Mining Journal and  per ounce on gold mined
Qlll't'll IU'"»         	
limiililii-    •	
Kil*)|ii (ii'.»U|i	
S|.i rlllpil"!' 	
flout door open  Mr.  IWIioy walked iu j KhiM. iMHli.
and proceeded to take an  inventory of '• Vi',',1,'1,'1'
the hnUM'hi.ld effect*.    Tlrlii„ of tlik In. i V-* M
reclined on a fur rug and took life at Us; lluie! '....77'
AM until ihe ii.hi, i.f the lion-i. arrived.; ''■"---'•'•-■•■"
drills operate successfully, as we have
reason to expect they will, a larger
plant   will ut  once he installed.    1'he'
drills  are  a   new    style,   called   the!
Uiirkee.   They are made on  ihe name
lilies as the air drill, hilt the power for
UU' the same is liuuMiiillcd ihtoilgh a llexi*
"J*! ble shaft from a dynamo located clo>e
A'i to the face of the workings.   I  believe
'''/ll that electric drills will he the solution
| Ad the cvoiinmicai iipeiation ol miucH
i"! located,   us  ninny are in  the Slocan,
remote   from   sources  of   Mipply   and
where   the facilities fur  reailiing the
working-  are   dillicnll,    The  clectiii-
phiut hu« hi'i'it shipped nnd sdll  be in-
(•talied and ready  lor upi'iainui  i• thi■ I<•
the British Columbia Mining Record:
I'.H III'. Slill'illl      .      	
|,i- Km, li'»i»l.il!il   	
Wm KiiKlti, llo-wliuiil......
C'liili'i'i.l'Hiiil- McKlniiiy
Si... ill ^!-ir,*-KH'nii	
lihtin. Slucioi
IllTII,   Slnl'llll 	
Hull Min"'. N'l*m
Wlllll-Wlltl I    SIlHiill   .
North slur, I*-"*' Ke»'>lt'iia>
ivuiii' >t n\ Ii.i*<liiinl
Unlit, si..■■'in	
ViiiIi. Vilt'iii
Kiliililn i'iiIImh.SIih-pIIi
St     I.Ulflll.-,   K»«l   K'lot.'IIH)
Mineral or placer claims are not **ub-
*i.uv«i"l ject to taxation unlets crown-granted,
'iiYtYi] '" which case tlie tax is io i-eui*. per
TY'iYYl ',t'1'-* lM'r .minim, but if $2>Ki be spent in
."'A'-"j work on the claim in it year thi* utx is
«','■«»!« remitted A tax of two per cent, is
"7'7,!!!i levied on all ore-,  and   other mineral
l'.i.'i.'.ip ■
lili,""! product*-, the valuation being the nut
'"''"'  reiiirie. froni the ■.tneltcri   ihat in, the
',,ii ii
M.L.GtiuuneUand wifchavegiyi'iil w|l(,n to^|1()U. „■« n,,p,e.'intloii of fin
'tludr  summer  residence   in  New j ||0H|,llnli,v   *,,.   |,«,i    partaken  i.l.   I
l*..mil. i
, (>| cost oj freight and treatment ih deducted
A few words iu concluMOtt as to ihe' •"•'■■•" ««'»«»»•»« '^''*-  ••■■»   ••-■•   «''•" »'
attitude of the Provincial (iov..rin.i.'iit ' """'"■**'*   TI'"M' ,nV,', a"'  '■'  "uliHtitw-
towardx tbe mittinn lii-»ii,trv.     At la-t i '•'»» f'"- "H ••'•*«'• -•» ■"'"I' "»"• l"'r-<ii«l
yearn M-Htnon   of  Hi,.   I.,,,.!   h-m,,-.,*..   "■-•I"''<> •''* "' '■'"■l>"< * "' -•">'- -' I""*
■ lured, »" loliy a- the  iatel   in um-i) <>ti|y
lor iniiim„'i'iir|io*t<-.    A tov ilt v nf liftv
U|'     li...	
Denver and taken up their residence in
Sandon for thu winter months.
W, ll. Kidwell, iiiiiniigor of P. Bum**'
branch at Kaslo, aud MSts Jennie May
Blackburn, ot fU'luoii, wt-u:......7.i iA...i.;
v/mk by Uev. U'lini.C A .\Y!,vv.-.\
Mrs Merkely has au nititlo in A 7
display window tSial is %-f-wnll%Uy dy-pl-'
oil of Sow In-iiver's home prodtn tion. j
^tiK iiwiliiM rat'li' snd a  plan-  ti'ji-.
deposit a nipple
■""-I-"         ,
pounded tin* llooi* with Iii-quill |intk«*i,
M-altering them over the th-m bui hi-
remarks were too pointed to be kiinllx
'l'..t lllulpt..
tin: (U'KK**.
•ilil'IK     M(V|-|ttl,     !II»\T.
A xiu,l)\ Utn e .'in- d'p'uii.   •',•'',
Up-',; iniiii thn' fd.-ifio,
illliiiilli-'t-     NVlll    be      I'M'lti-t
'-lii-r \|ni.l.'n tbt* Heck
I he led_-i'   lias   hern  l.'t-'-.i
Mi'vebiptneiit wink al thet.he.-u V.e-
■    I 1 1,1. I     .    (..    ■!    .,!,,>»       tl'!'-
' 1p l'.ii.; it. ■l;,,.'Mi, •'''.''• ""•>•" A I'Vi'W in-
*iA|'»pen' ' dh-aliou   that   vi'bin   ,|>,•    'l,*x'    *-*w
motiib*. it « (11 a-Hiiioe a \ oi-ilion as one
I   ,it   the  of the tno-t i-xteii*ive and iioh("*t pro*
Um-et-. 10 tlie  si "i»0     Situuied  iu  llie
■.J   ou  I lie   ,"'*",
lion for all t,ixe» mi laud,
|il'..jierty I'lV III re-pert id
'..MwoweeliH and ..IHr 'trial  I  will  be i anlhontv «•»- trlv.Mi to apneinlH .'...i.*   '"
- abb- to give you further |iarlinil.ir*.       I »»"""• "' •••••l«'»" *»*•" !i"    »"•»•»■- "• ,    ,hi.u<.nd teel   t-. < bar_.'d on
:     -Uuvevervhupeofgett,^ nid-a.   H,e tni.o,,-/  U».  ...   lb-   I n.u.u r, but     .,	
'rich and hh large ore HhoolH h,l-» N- o,.tb,»i, d.-lituie ba. vei been d-ne ...
i 1b.veU,we,e(o.,ud.,bove ... the old tin-nncicr. I her- is a feeling a..,-..,*.
! working-*.   Tin.-.Iiowhigs »f or.-in tl,*<  miiimg «•»■.. iimi ih.*... i-- .. .li»p..H,ii»i.
t'» it.u4t.iv burden the   tntiiii.g   11i• 111-11*y
tlie I.ui.l fm; iimi-
fiiittwall oi No.
ll'M'l   Ih
I ...  I   .
verv  eiicuiii-'
l,,,   n»   \\;l   ■!■ {,",'.)<>■■■'   Vi----tb,e   up \   St. ,.;,.,-
l.lUitiu'(>Ut I'U-e sieie,,':it|p""l'-ly from th-'
npjMT btvfll, (•'.iiIju HbiimiiMu-arebeinj-
tn.-t'le to the Htnelte»- -tnd a* go-td returns as ever ate beiu,' nbtaim-d
. 41'p'tii'*.
W  U.Will was lu NelM.n UM week,j Ma,„| ytt ,„„.„{ n,.- N*dd.« Kiv.* v?-»u|
looking after the carload shipmen
t .4
ore sent to Ih* smelter from llie Cma
group, Goal Mountain, the returns (run
wlil'di went over •_,<*»'>.
The church penph'. of Kanlo have in
al ■.tmkholdet*'-   fciii «'hio in-
IniiK the distill* to.n <d beinu' wmbtil h\  ,!(„,    Mr liarde Mtid, *'l
F.ngbsh   mii1*'1
i* iii^
■A I
f,ir reventle nut |ni>-t»s, lull    there   is nut,
mi <iii- whole, much  ground for t.-a-uu
utile rnmphtillt        I lie optliluli |s giMitf.u
i hut il will be well tor tin* li'tiislHtun- lo
aviinl tilikeitm.  wild  toe   Mining i,m-.
.loi' the les* flt'queiitlv   the,    are ,'lilei ed
• 1 ..-•', i,..t.      1,.  ■       ! ,,      ll,,,,,.
i -'
h.iv.-i it* ve.ittt.g v.t|uU! (tt (in-iii'lu-tiv. Ap'tU
all tniib'-i 'akeii li<
tl.K use-
l'"i-.-» pax'able are; lur tree intto-r'*
i eitilirnte, *."i per annntii; rirord*. $.»..'■*>
t*.(i-|i: !.* i-c-under "I'hirer Mi»iih'_ Art,
.i.'iiii ii ir
i * i -ii' in
■r, •
nMt«. livs
I His   ttliu
ie   pio|H'iiy   Wi
s|M*Cted   the   N'ativ
duewt tho city i.ouik
II in draft a \<\ b.w
.ill .It
silv.-r   Ib'll   this
'd sip
il uu«».ipera
I hire >.'«rs ago,  wh'-n
t.-d   l>v   the   Dotiitliiftll   I»i'
no roiicentrating ore iit  the  iniin'
I,til i I rout the ltt<> pei ceiil. i.<
X !e, i.-d ..it ll.
have about I0u.*»»t l**iih«.f Iwl  HU*', <»'i'l'"« "' «'"• "»•»''
it   -Mid
,.(!....  ■-Ml,  I.
;!-!!■ . rate, *i
Iti't'   -.elloW
p tiliit we uill be dbh'lo  Heal   at  a
treatment ebrirge.;, wbii-h mine ow iieif
|»"iil ll
»*'      I'
i rate
Im.incot aiidAuentyi ompany   Sin-   ((r((tjJ     | am gmng crti-t in a  lew <Uif
f.fmife,!,   I.
.Mill •fi'.ii. ».'.■.-.'. 't";U'l of di
.' .iM-.-odeiivoiiiirf t.. have  reunited, il i-   •.' 'ite.-mell 'lie, tin* week. 1*. r.-nt* ea.l.
ii'.'d  tlnif   fnrlbei"  li_,(«l.'.fto(i  is  not
ib-. irnuiubited «11_r *t.  <M-
pb-ted Mid will he put   ic  •t*otioi»1H,M|m^|«i,riir,l!, mid the Queen  IV-   Montreal and ol f the question*, that     ,u*"1 *"r*
it ion *
Ul *
•e "ti
exempting c'lmn h I'^l"'^.^ i,(^% ]»*'
Ktlon    Thepropo'"'
ted toil vote of the
Kreih snow covers the tin
tll|» HlHllitl
In I'Vjii'i
t r<
.d*li(tp-  undertaktu*.
it il
d Ae IV'X'
.(,h lidiill'V    Ui   t.
, Aid   *#i.-r/*l   divphr,!*
»ndth«rear« other j.ecuh,uiU.-s «-
till s
, Uaucc creek, last w.
'■»«»•        The    loiln*
,iil il v. ,i»dcci';_ I t'H'Xpeud the uh
■dn in development, with a vi
jicctv   |.n
wilt he wriolii.iy riiiinideted Will lie tb.ii
of treaiitig these back fillings."
Th» Hnvnl >"«.■(! i" u'rfldimlly driving;
1 '«■'!*
• I-
,!     I),
.Mil ■ ■|.4t(*et» I
i Hit
lire i-
a P
l<      Mllllll,
int«'p.-»i   I
ni'i-i (infiorf-
J I H s
t     M.l-'llllig    *-'.((
if  -vph*« '*» nrrivi
p'l   Hi
A   tW
i-fux*   :i   On/.-ir.   l-iHim.
i'llW-i*. fl
tl Hit*
p bo k»
■•)<-|-    *(tl< ■!)'"' "d
Tfoll. tlt,ll*or f**IO,'lle, ;lbov«* I **(»■' • H*dt
.i    t    Hit
,.«*  the imporictl vltnr** out of Nelnon
i (fie ilge ol  Is \ <■
ir*., who is ih«- li'ili-i
♦ * Y
Eighth Yeae
Ii) this year, when so many different
attempts are being made to  reach,  the.
Pole, it ia interesting to learn the most
extraordinary   plan   yet suggested  to
accomplish   that   object    A   tunnel is
the method proposed by -Captain   Louis
Launnettc,    formerly   of  the   French
navy.     Captain   Launnette's   idea   is
that   of   builditii!   :>   tunnel  of closely
cemented  ice  blocks  and lighting it
with   electricity   he could 'establish  a
route to the l'ole perfect lv  protected
from   the  elements and available for
travel at all time-, with liases of supply
at convenient intervals, an  abundance
of dogs for'traction ami  ouisiant  coin-
mimical km throusjliuui its «*nt ice h*ns;tli
Delias proposed  to  travel   uverland
to  some   point   in   Aiasl;.-i,   whence a
vessel designed for Attic uuteis would
sail wilh the expedition  to a  point  a I
Tuk I.KtxiK i- i wo .ki'hus .1 j-t-nriii ailvaiif*3    When not so i.iu.1  i:  i> *■*;;. .Vi to pm-tu's wm-tliy ot ci-eilit.   Li-mil U'lvi'i-tisiw: in <•_>c. n   ready selected bv Captain   '..ailliiiel le—
iioiiimi'ii-l liiH-:ii:,t iu-ciMon. ,-iiiil'/'flit--a liiir i/iiipIi  p-ul ■,-<•< jUont ill-, ri ion.     lit'ieUtii* i.otii-i-s -a, i-i'iits h  line, urn! coniirn'rc-iHl mivurlisir,),'] .*  ,        . ",, ,
Krii'lfcil in I'l'iri.-.-, ai't'orilijif-tii '..-in-uiiist.-iii.-i.-s.
FELLOW I'M.OKIMS: Tl(K l.KlXiK U loi-nUM at New in-iivcr, [!. (*.. •<ml i-an Le triiccil to l.iaii.v >.iu-( s of i in- earth. It conit's to the :r mt
every Thu .••-,< I ay sm.i lia- never heel, rai-leil !.y tin- -lit-ntt. -!i..\i>li.!otl l.y ehea|i mIyi.'i-. or ^ulp.i'.'e.i !•>' 'lit- k-ar i if mini. It -wo r lis for tin- rail
1'bzer a- well «- llu- liiy-wii.ploweil nipil < i-uin*i.-i kiu.-i1.-i \ .,r<,) .11 pit ji list. It .-lini-. to In mi tin- riu'lit si'li- o! evi'vytimitfanil lielievui. that a li
-hotil-1 Le fi'liiiiiii-tf'ri-.i to iln- wii-ki ii in liu^'i- (Ihm-s. It lia- -toon ihe list of timo. ami aii evi-r-im-iea-im; tiay-troali is proof that ir i-
tn-'tei tu tell iln- vi-ntii. even if the lienvt n- .In oi-.-ii.-ioniilly hit mil- .-liioki.-tii'-k. A I'luitc of jol,-, work is workA .t.-.-n-ion.-tUy for tlio ln'i i-fit
of hnmanity aiipi t la-;ii;H i.ci.r. Colin- in in..I -t ■■ -,u.». hilt do not pat tin- Lull i|oj> on thc i-viuiiiiiii. or chitst.' the I'I'H'k iow from our water
hni-K-1: -.im- i a. \ itu'f- pn.i :!n .->!)u-.i- a virtirn of ihn-t. ('im, ui tjti- nol-le-t work-, pfe rent ion i- the niitli '.vho iihvajs juiys the print ir: !.'■ i-
-.ure of it '..(ink it. pavinii-t-. with rimnikss it.-i- ior a pill, w i,\ nitfiit, ami m.ptlilui: hut j.-ohi to look at l.y ilay. "
R- T, LOWERY, Editor and Financier.
make it
warm for Wj
you..... 'n
Not exactly in the manner here portrayed, but XX
by a more,scientific and'humane process.     The '
present  cold  snap   reminds   us that  winter is
The Ledge.
[if* paraded o
sitissaieroi.avi- f |   approaching.    In view of i(  we   would call your  |"¥
■the short summer  fa |    .^j-chfioll  tO 0111' HOW liltC of Coal StOVOS.       TIll'V    ! I I
i   im  nisi.oo   over   V/\ ■,',,. , 7 ,]     _rJ
.,-,„, ,„• I,,,,,,.!,,;!! M  are certainly the  lincst ever shown  hero    All  IJl
A pem-i! i-ro-- iii tin.-, -ijuari*
imiiciue.- th.it y...nr sv.h-i-ri].-
;ioi. i> due. nai thattiie i "iitui*
'.vishes .ui'-.. h_":'.in to 'ookitl
,-.iuri-i-.!!.itei-al. °
.111 (lie streets in  such a • petroleum wells on the Island of Sakha-1 ,|1(, ^ur.\t \\,\,,.   j, j
i wav that evei'V one will know him.   Iin *■--'■' P™<-ticnily ;> fondan enterprise. I      .^ t{wr< .(v u,.m> ;llii, ,m j(V ni..-
.-"■ ,      ._ 1     ,,      The law does not. in so inaiiv words re-1 n.,n-is \',.w
~\A   sct'tiiid   11 lien so   moans   death.   ,-,,,. A,        ,   ,  IijAiUi> -Nl •"
ler   to   the   loreiii'iier.  and  the  whole
1 Tliis law  wt.uld   dooroasc  theft- in  „„,„„„-,, gwin9 t0 ^dictated by reason-
I any conntry. of coast defence. ;utd to bo. a regulation
r . •', , .,   ■ similar to that which forbids a forei.iie't
j     In a province   where  tho  spot  ■
a point a..-, lar tii.illi as
o';ite. Tiiein-etitirinuf
tbe evpeditiot)    Wiill.i
the botih-r of  the  1 "<-•.:,*i''m     -,,--.__■-
icr, when'   llie  main   base  of supplies   ^J sizes, srylos ailfl plMCCS. IllSpCCt thcill HOW, wllil(J O
wutiid be"!-stab!isheii     Then the, icemen 1 \ %  •      ,               ',    .                 .          ■ ,... ...                 .           ■ j § I
and laborers tcttld unpiu-k   lln'ir  l.-nl,|)(J( th° sUM'k  ^ ^mpl«tC IMlCy Will go (]Uiekly. ^
nnd set tu w mk at   ihe utnnel  road  to! y' "S o ^w
spropose.0 L*.ve,^ Bourne Bros., rf\
/  i
system is ponnittod the public will'
THUKSDAY,SV:PTK.M]iF.K'l_, 1!»01.. always   receive a service  that  i:
more or less marked   with   dishoti
kiioji  (in: Kiirn.ii's i i'i'i:i: srori:.
.Joo .Martin is again   showing in
tho face of B.C. politics.
The streak of yellow is again
showing in tlie Slocan foliage.
Canada is in a flutter. *. The
Duke of York is about to draw
With a full barn Manitoba faces
tlio win tor with a gloo born of
Tho use of printers' ink has cured
many a case of commercial dyspepsia.
B. C. politics would make a Hue
"suBjeot tor a series of puzzles in tho
daily press.   	
The coming of a lead refinery to
the Slocan is awaited with interest
Will it ever come?
It is reported that the smoke of
a smelter may ere long blow across
the beautiful face of New   Denver,
•-Procrastination is the thief of
time.'' Some of our subscribers
havo the complaint in a severe
If there was only one town in
tin- Slocan it would be the best
camp in II. C. hack of unity and
eonceiitralion decreases strength.
Judging from the sympathy expressed for McKinley in Canada
the chord hei ween the two countries mn-*! be evec'i'diiii-lv stroiii"-.
esty or incompetency.
Lowery's Claim, which appears
for a fourth time this week., has
already a. circulation exceeded by
few publications in the west. The
first number (Juno) is already out
of print, although plenty of the
second and third issues are still
It is cruel to place a weak man
in a position of temptation. If he
had never boon allowed to handle
public funds such a pleasant man
as F. G. Fauquier would not now
be feeling the bitterness that has
come from the show-down of his
accounts. __________
i to hold hind in the nei._'hborhond of the
Russian frontiers. As special pertnis
sions liave, already been accorded t"
certain foreigners to work the mineral
wealth of this region, and much forc'_'ii
capita! litis been invested one way ot;
another in that country without ;In-
necessary permit,tt considerableaniottui
of loss will result froni the, new law.
As foreigners must enter all.such utnier-
titkitigs subject to Russian law, they
will have no redress for any loss they
may experience irom Ihe decree. The
position of affair.*- in China, and possible
complications in the cast, aro doubth-ss
the motives for the new decree. 'It is
hard to see, however, how the conduct
of niinino- enterprises on or near, the
coast could prove dangerous in cast; of
To the Editor of This Xkpuk :
Sir—Your  Xelson   correspondent in
your issue of the 30th tilt., in comment-
The Sloean seems to be recovering from the many blows it has
sustained in the past, and having
had all the complaints a mining
-action   in   heir   to   it   (diould   now
blossom info an era of prosperity
that, will give many of us an opportunity once more to feast our eyes
upon a bank account before we
hand our tickets lo St. Peter.
It l- now tiitit- I'm- I". S, presidents lo quit shaking hands with
tie- publie, and nuiki* ail coiueis
leave their -jim- in the hands of a
how happy lie I'oiibl
The   N'tbiii,    pitsl'iilDi ■(■    i.l,i)i|ii|"
-liollld   ll'tW  b.-i'li    Alii!     ;n    ( IU,iW;(
a in I -hipped i.tn w Inn lii.i-h. ,\,    It-.
I'liiel t't'c'i ion -'it   pr« -.-iii   i    ,-i I,j i-jj,!
ing on the Theosophical lecture given
here a fortnight ago refers to Theosophy
as the religion of the Hindoos. Kindly
allow me to inform your readers that
the word Theosophy is derived from
two Greek words—Theo, divine, and
Sophia, wisdom. This divine wisdom
is the silver cord running* through all
the religions of the world, therefore
Theosophy gives no more allegiance to
Hinduism than it does to Christianity,
nor to Buddhism more than to any other
form of religion iu the wide world; see
ing as it does in these, various forms hut
one Eternal Truth even as there is only
one centre to the circle.
F. W. Picrrir, F. T. S
Nelson, B. C, Sept. <i, Mini.
( OMI'I.AIX    Ol*   TOO    MITII.
The Kiu-incennuaiid .Minnie Journal,
of New York, thc Icadinu* mining jour
mil of America, if not ihe world, and a
recognized authority on till --iiostiou**
relating to the minim; industry, has
this lo say uf i'ic iiii'iiiuri.'ti roceiith
isi-tied by the B (.'., Mining Association:
"We give below tbe list ul'^rievittice-
ptesentcd by lite Biitish ('mumbia Mil.-
tiiji Association, M>iue of which are M.ji.i
euoiii;li.   The taxation in an ambitious,
growing I'l-iiviiu'e,  with  a  population
still loiiipiiiiitlveiv' miiiiII,   is  mi'Vitalil'i
heavy, and it is iml easv !■•  see  ho v   it
illi be reduced to any collsiderilble   e\
t.    ■sense of   the   It-.::-:,iit'.r   ^,'i. \
-r.ljM   1    I   t'-'"   '   '*        ""      ""     j   III
hi'ad.      The fllJieta! ear V\u-  elllbe!- , i biding mining   (hem   the   «oi|iliieii|oi)'
ii-h.ii wilh 0111111111-111- ol pure -.old ; "' -tmtt-tiv-;ti uiloriiiaii.ui. ami tlie r.^ii-
j hllioiin coticeiliing Ihe safety   ol   niiiie-
olid     lnlifitllig     liliiebillei \ .       ll     these
The dash of snow on the mountain tops, the early morning coolness and the smile on the coal-dealer's face all indicate the fact that
the restless hand of time has again
pushed us up against the stern
reality of buying more find. It is
ever thus. Warmed by the sun
for a time, and then in a few short
weeks compelled lo light the lire in
the morning and wait for llie boom
thai is always coming iu the spring.
THE jl
V (rdYSk -"•-,~--jau'*'"*~i-—*
will tell yon
a bo u t   i t.
TtinK(y?~Tt"""*'!lJeclTi|r',-    oniui.vi'.t
drinks,'md siil'urris  .._...
A Weary and
Thirsty Public
a il-hour-ilny npiioitiiiiit.y of
itrliiKliii; llu- iimst ili-llcioiH
Imvi't'iiifi'S prmltli'i-il li.v ;nt ;oii|
(-.mil Illinois Tin- i-iiiiii-s.'iin in-
siu.ilii'tl win'.i nut a t'l-i'i'Z'- i-
stiii iii.'. iuul tiilil |i|i'.isiii-p ti tin-
Uf.- oi'any l'iv.'1-ol iruoil t.ili.ii-ci
Roisterer «Sc Vaugluin
H'K   HAVE    KX lforTK
fc' Tin- " Raiiier" lii'i'i- li.-is liwi.mi- iln; favorite He.-r in tlio Co.ist Cities.    It 1ms unit in mn.'ccs<l'u
r.i;ip]H'tilinii the fpimous Milwauki-i.' Hirr-r.«.
Our Special Canadian Kye is the most palatable whiskey in tlie market.
We have it in bulk and is cases, 5's and f>'s. We are agents for tlie Bruns-
wick-Halke-Collender Co. Billiard and Pool Tables and supplies of nil kinds
Write'us for prices and terms.
have added
The  niosi   custly   state   funeral
which has ever taken  place  was.
pcihiip-,    that    of   Alexander   the
<Ji*i'.*il.     A round million wasspeiu
Andivw    < "ai*n.*uic    tniisi    hitve'"   kviiiK   Ah-xander  lo his rest.
much aiiuoyiii.ee in ihe ^i\ ingawav P'*1'' 1,,"*>' Wi,% !,l{l,•,",^ »•' »  ,',',1'l< "'' ','")
ul  itis  u.'aiih.     I'hiii-   Ati'h .  if he.
voor lues
and. My Optical
My slock ul Spectacle.' and
l*jye (jhtsiies is very coin
plctc, consistingol'Kiinlcss
Kyelilasscsjiud S|icetneh's
ami a lull line ot'siiiiidnr.i
goods.    ... ,    .    ,
I u'.-i i li.- jpiMi. i-r -.(itii-iiii .if
th.' iv-.i.'-' y, lip>vi'p. tip,
l.n_, •; . \;, .;, pm .•,  ,n,it -i.y
,-||l|lll.>       I'S  1Ii-»ii-pi||,I liillol",.
i'p Ml  l-i.iviii...
ti. W   lib'IM.MI-.TT, ,i,
\"i i  '  1  -I  t   ,.|;.ell..il  K "ll.ll, «',..
>.VM-'..V, Jl. i
to their stock, consisting of iron Beds, Rattan Goods,
Upholstered Goods, Tables, Chairs, Deska Mattresses
Dei! Hoom Sets, Sideboards, Wardrobes, Ladles'
Dressing Tables, China Closets,   Kitchen Cupboards.
.i .i.
■ I. fiiii-d wilh  '-nstlv  aromatic
,t t ,;   ui.   ii.i
'■"-'••■"a- ■'i-"»s.h'-u*,*i.    ti., I(TAAtfr\n\r   fnffrT
ie At-siietJittoii iiiakes ,-i nit'liike jtl   h . [ AA\J \J %, VAitt J V<V/HV/V
liofd. Silvir-l.iiul and <*>>|i|>.-r Mlm-s wioiled nt tlie KXl'll ANUK.
KKKIC MIl.l.tNO (iOI.K ]iro|ivi-tl,'   Hi.iit.'il .it ,,m.. |.,r R-mii-rn Invistun.
I'.'rti'i* liiivinu niliiini* |.rn; (..rt-i tor sj.-i!.• mv i• .jtit-i-r>-it to M-titl M>iiii|.|f>. of ilii'lrol'i- to
tile K\i-li.'i|ii.'.i' !'.-r i-.\liiliitl..lh
01 silllllill'il "ll'.tllll  III' M-lll'llV  IvVIH'l-", |l|-l-|lllill,     ('lll'l'i,-ll|llllllll-ll,-,'l' Slllll-ltl'd.
x        Addr.-ssiill i-..iiiiiiiiiiii'iiti.iii- to- AXIIKCW    I*.    IUHKMIKIK1K1I,
9        l'i |,.|.|i..in. Nn. lot.   |». o. |',..\ Tne, X.'Inioi, II, (.".
i\\l*%WV\%t\i\%l**^W*%Vlt* '%%%%*%% li
The Newmarket Hotel,
NKW DI-.NVKU,   it. '.'.
Has one ol the inosf beaiiiiful loeittioits  in America, tntd the pulilie tire
ti-sstir.'d of picas.-iat aceotimiodatit'iis.
HKN'b'V STB;i; -        .... i>i<»pt*U't*»r.
and tl- \seioht was -u great   that  it '
«""k -iglit\-t".m:   iii'.ili'.-   i.i..ie  '»«;«*'Aiam-es had been ,.inj|t.'.|, (tie inel,,,,. lid |
:. year i.i i'on\e\   il    fcmi    l:.tb\ hm > „,ll,|,| |lt,V(. I,,...|, ,iiiin-er.
O     *-\   1   1,1.
■Aan.pie  'd
< 'atiiid.!.
v'.ill  ,\n
\ i-','f"i - p Miit itito- tut.-!!   a-   i!,.,«
l.-.l "J"    It >■    !.'•    nto I      -i'l !,l'I V      I tlil :i
that I., tn- >-,.,.,, tii'.oitnl .**|..i-;m !,'iki..
>>i!it« >I;i\ tuiiti-t- vAil '!..• th'.-kt-i
.ii-....,.!    'v. .,     1 »..|,v. i    than    ||i,.»
iti'.tiiid "ir j.;i>ti..j,.,<
■-■;,-'•■■•.' i:i '■'•■ '-"'THE MINERS'
a iinllii.il 1,'i-t vear ti \ in-* '■(  -t-.-ttr.
ill .
'. 11.1.
• 1
. f. -
S Ai *
".'   A
'. !-Oll.
-Wlll'-I   V.'lellt ll   lie     ««.l|id    bluH
...* .(..nn \  .n  i.n-iii^:   io>'  vt.i^«"* n|
tii'i"' '.> lei h:t\i   - if !;«"I !,:•    P.if tine
Im him mine real   i>IM»d   migin   U*
;ii-i uiiijili-lii it.     Itttiiiiitto   jt   yiiclii
ll'l.'tiili,   ,\hn,',,i      leiviiih    ,-v.      I'-'O'e IH.'liy  W ill the .l.ppl.'lil|-i' id' o.'tin-
eiit.-d ii,  I I.i-a ••.•-,   ,i* i,. i,.»,i,. ,| .,. '.;n   bli-r-,  I.ni    ;■    »|,i|lit,,,    «,,,,.-,
i|m- te '.•-■ 'i|i,,,,'i,-i.,,' i,m . it.   '    .   t.i liiv !,,;t;,,,, ...v.,.,,. ....
-tiei-nt.. • «        II.      ..-•!,,       biin  .... ,,    y, .,)    ).}
EXCHANGE rhrBc c,rks • KmrtcnayCoffcc Company
Job Printing
'I'iui! n*ss;is> hiu|,  j,s  aitisiir  in.'i'ii.  «jtii('kly
< 1**111- a!  Xi'W   DtdiVc! m   jit iltiilt*. i*Hljnt|'ilim--
l'i....Mi's  .»« "ouiji*iHti-»n for t •<-.-'■■'. i.. »
I'leii-i mi  r.n'tiiH,   and j»(k«i ; p*. ■■-j^ K"   mtp*c   mm    m*t   ~mm.   '**i   mi" '*_*•«,"" "^mtmt "*X>c "5* **"""""** m—ari
The bar  is ,t,„k«fj; W*>-Nc**<*»•« «*w ^•^ fc«^    W%k%k%k%kC%k%k-)
with   ivlm-ii,    li(|tiMi-H   and Iff
ctffnr*.      I WIT  nnd  COM) '.'
...     ,, ,,,,„,.• HUGH NIVfiN, Prn^riefnr,
o^-    \\ultt   '''•'(('
i ii».'». '..■
th.il   i.
I*   I tl'-   \  M ^itt   M   .!•
li.-l'-K "1  th-' - ,t.
I in-   '.'. ' p i.     ',.«     I
I.-.-.-.FA- i ;.»-..„   v.
-halt jjii'l t.iki  .i j.iiit
" 111 i v i s ■ • .     I:    *i 11 i   i
th    <n
(.l-s||   i .- ...ill i i-.   I mill l<. •*! »:
Rii.U Ores u:u nullum Huugiu.
i    ■ nun-   III.   ! hi-
i *   thi t.i|o|l  th.
\ p.-. .■.• • . ,
.' I (i i 11 <■. i '   j. | i ■ 11
'loino,- i , ii-.i
\  kiol« td.i'i.   i.dt.d-  with ,i <l«'lita'li»    I'.m':.   Hit ip
•V    ■■■'• le*  tl.'«-   t>
'   -'■    "      ■        ».'l'«l.(!
•  ''.' «-; ,-pi   <tV !:,•!
■■lii.-r s.i-.i
t'l.i* ;t', ,.,   l
■- ■';,'!   ■ ...' ItfU n:
I'.M*   I-
i-A ,   ■• '-.
I-   A.
i'.sf     .tl!
<.nti.'li'. y.
,,,(*   .- .-
I' f. • 1  t 'p
t -:::; J.t.Angrignon *»
Hairdresser A
? me-*! Shop m ifce Sltvaw.        % I
-LiiLtiik of MontreaL
I .1 .Itli.l.. .(   »S|»,
t'itpiial 'itli \X\ up- <,Wt*\y> iyt\
. 4 .■.-.I-..  ''4   1   '1     ) Hill) . I , :  >  tl  I, I  >   "   I   '   "   '
I'niHvi«l«tl |»i«*tU*   :    ;   ■"*l",' "b'd
hi: in (iiriri:,   w**\ tin. m .
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F. S, ''M'1's.i'iv, »k-i»«-r«l ■di»rii<c*c<".
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New Denver branch
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( (Ifs».C=T*9^r*«l tSiSOSfiri
Eighth Year.
m Grandma Cooks at Tt
"Grandma, I see by a writer in
an eastern women's paper, that the
mothers in the "social circles'*
in Ontario are complaining of the
great difficulty experienced in finding young men for their marriageable daughters. They say that the
servant girls—those who work for
a living—readily lind husbands,
while those of refinement and social standing are doomed to spend
their maidenhood, uncared for and
alone.    Why is this?"
The tjiiestion was asked by a
bright eyed daughter of sweet
temperament and lofty aim. and
Cirantliiin adjusted her glasses to
the situation and replied:
••Well, now. daughter;., it do
puzzle me lo know what there is
strange about that. Them mothers
inns' he poor critters, indeed, not
to be'able to sec where they have
misled themselves an' failed in
their callin". When I was a gurl
I suppose the same question was
asked, an' when you grow to be as
old as 1 he they wi]l be askin' it
still. Why', bless yer soul, child;
its no fa lilt o: the young men, nor
the young women, nor be the
mothers all to blame. It's the way
o' the world. Society, child, society's to blame. Yes, they had
society when 1. was a gurl, air'
some o' it was much the same as it.
be now; but not so much so. In
them days women looked deeper
into things than they do now, an'
even what was the --wa-y-up" set
looked deeper tlvn th' surface. Men
in them days was mighty proud o
surface showin's,   prouder'n   the_\
shell o' any o' us, from royalty
down to peasantry. But there be
a heap o' difference in the way we
have developed what's in us. If
there be any good in being o' good
stock, aud I'm not say in' there is,
but if there be, then it o't to show
in soniethinr deeper than on the
surface. Deeds o' kindness, works
o' love, simplicity o' character,
lofty ambitions, charitableness,
freedom from sham an' social
foibles; these characteristics should
show in the lives, o' the gurls o'
today. This be a practical age. an
age o' *'works,'' not o' fume, fuss
an" lizzie. The gurl what works
develops a. stronger, nobler character, and bci-omcs useful to those
about her, She learns to know the
meaning o' life, learns to know herself, and, knowing ■ herself, she
learns to develop the best that is in
her—awl any gurl what does this,
be she o' high stock or low stock,
is sure to make her's a successful
life. Remember this, child, an"
Ion't be tucked away in Ihe ideal
that life in a- dreamy fairy-land for
mtterllies to play in.'*
WO JIANGS    ItKASOX     IS    lill(ll),
A writer in a Xew 'York maga-
I zinc tells what he en'deavored to
learn about corsets. He got inquisitive and took a day oil' to satisfy his curiosity on thc question.
This is the way he tells about it,
and it might be said right here that]
he is not the first, man who has
mastered the subject in a brief
space of time:
him, and Annie has worn corset-
long enough to know something
about them, so I went hopefully to
her and asked:
" 'Annie, why do you wear corsets? '
Her reply'was very encouraging
and stimulating:   'Why do I wear
of their business; most of their
patronage appears to come from the
women, and those who make a specialty of female diseases, I notice,
are always busy.'
"'The inore reason why they
should keep their mouths shut, and
not go around abusing the people-
corsets?   What a question; why do j who support thein."     And Annie
I wear dresses, stupid ? ' i broke the conversation   by*leaving
"'Because it's the  fashion.   11 the room to  look  after  something
suppose," I replied.      'But   that;in tlie kitchen,
isn't exactly  answering my ques- \    " I picked up'a ladies' magazine
tion.' ' ;I saw on the table,   aiid. idly turn-
" 'Well, I could do without a7 ing the leaves. I found scattered
dress about as well as I. could do ; through the advertising pages many
without a corset.' attractive cuts of corsets of various
""Hut   all   women   don't   wear; makes and patterns;   most of i hem
them, do thev?
':are-shown enclosing the   waists of
'" " Yes. ail except a few cranks,good looking, and partly undressed
and dowdies. Anyhow, you men .■young (always young) ladies, with
don't have to trouble your heads waxdoll faces, and hair clawed tip
about it: you don't have to wear and touseled in tlie most sfcylisli
" *No. thank the—well,   that
one of the luxuries monopolized
the  fair  sex:    but.   now.   honest
Annie, don't you  believe you'd bt
better off without them?"
" 'Oh. I don't know,   f suppose i,
•.manner, having- nicely rounded,
is : boneless arms, and enormous pro-
>y ; jections of -bust.' standing in'posi-
merely reply: 'I don't know.'
" 'No, and if you believe everything cranks say or write about
corsets you'll simply make yourself
ridiculous, that's all. They can
jnst say what they please about us,
we are not going to quit wearing-
corsets, so now ! What are you
going to do about it ?' ''
Lf pentcrcreek-ALPS, ALPS FRACTION1,
and ALTORUS-Crown Grants obtained. Apply, W. J. McMILLAX & CO.,Vancouver, B.C'.
rrilEO. MADSON, Nelson, li. C, niamifa
J. turep* Touts, Awnings, Horse ami Wage
Cover*, ami all kinds ..if Canvas Goods.
Cor. WARD.* HAKEK St.-?.
DR. MlUA)Y/,Tcf,K
.11.-if hail I.i v ears i-.\jn,T'.i:iH''' in lii-ntal work, and
•im!*'-- a specialty of Gold Hri.lu"* Work. Most
i-.pinj.ii-ti (1,-ia-il i.llk-i in li 0.
To.li'tix Ei.l)l!icll,,or toany  pi-i-son or |icrsuns i Nhl.soN.H. C
to wliuiu liuinny have tr.-iiisl'ti re-i hisiiueivst i
in tin. "VL't'iimi" Miin.-1-iil Cluliii, one of tlii'
■•Nonpareil" i;'i'"('P. situ xt<- nciu- Hoar Lake,
in tho S!i"'.'iii   AI in injur   1 'ivNir.n   of    W'-st
Kootenay District:
Vu[' aiv hciei.y notified lli.il wc have i-\|x-ii(li--|
1    s|i>'..ii--. in  labor anil inii-riiM'tm-nts on  at-
i-i.iiiii nf your inii'ivsl  in  the  Vi-nioii   Miin-ral
• 'i.ijiii.     'llu-  alii'.vi'i inrntii.ni.il .-]■>;..;.."". is yin>.r,
|ii'-.,...i-tiii) nf tlio i\;.(-iisi- ii.i-.yviiy in ..rdt-r to ! , ,  .,,-....,v  ,,,,,,, wi.urvi--  ovitiii
ii..:.!tli.'.s:Hil *-l1iiijini..l.-r lia- provision- otth.- I     A ',V.V.°V ' ** ",\'"!, *-X*> ' ld,,,t;
.Mu,...'.-.l Aot, ami if withi i '.in. ty .lavs from (In-1 l *.    '< ".'    ''" !"X ['"'"I'H" U[H   TU
il.pt.pl t!,is n.uioi.' y..u tV.il..r iviiVi- t.'i .-...mriliui.- "" X* "';'";'"' ;•• •v"',li Aw< rl" JJ J: £ ]r ' Q
i!ii-pi!..,vo mentioned sum. „!,*,.),  i? now di*.. j '':l-   Ntuat.-il nudnt so.- "'i'.*- »n   D C 0 ft DT
uv..-:!.. i- will, all co-t- ...f ;«.lv.'rl i-h.t.-.  vi.ilr in "A-.1'*-' l>'r <'«*:V..l.-ur.    Ilont'i,.   H CO U H   I
r,ii>,i in :li„ <.,ii' .■!-.*.... ..-in i       -■    -'    ' I I-tsliuij.'  .mil   Kxoui-uoi-      Iti'-idoiil  1 hy-iciaii
io! Xui'-e,   Teleuraphlc .-.lii.ii'iinii-alii.ii with nil
■     '-Tin
; ol' course:   no   lath
Any i n t-iii I ter oi' her
sloping busl
of  fashion, or
family,   would
is till right
With this subject,  in my mind,
be today, and  they didn't bother j.J   dropped into the ollice of my
their heads about what was underneath so long as the surface looked
good. Today it's different. While
we women  is tuckin'  an' frilliif
__» __.? fit* a _•,„__._-.l__A._t_ II \*.\ ilrt^_L__-JA|-t„I/\/\_r__»'_"\_\il_
Till      IJ .VIII — l'lH7"Duri«vv-i\;i- s\j\jr%~y^r\rt.A-*
the men, an" especially the young
men, is doin' a heap o' thinkin'
about what's underneath. An'
they ain't long gettin' through the
sham front that society puts on.
Them mother's gurls what's com*
plainin' may he the nicest kind o'
gurls in Kocieiy, but when a man
f goes lookin' for a wife, child, he
doesn't nowadays go to the social
bargain totinter. Me sees in the
society gurl a heap o1 beauty, put
on, an' a heap o' shain an' frills —
Imt, take the wings off a butterily
an' what have you—jest- an ordin-
friend, Dr. Pulvis, one day, and
talked to him about it. Doc knows
a whole lot about such things, (and
thinks he knows a trifle more),   so
...1 K
ing, and asked his opinion of it. In
reply, he said: 'Well, sir, those
articles are all right; I've read
them myself, and I endorse every
word of them. The corset has certainly done a great deal of harm.
The women are, as a rule, convinced tliat intemperance is the
great curse of the country, but 1
doubt if it has done as much injury
as the corset. However, it is not
an unmixed evil, for it has undoubtedly done much to make the
practice of medicine profitable, although, at the same  time  it ha
ary grub.    That's the way tiie men | helped to deprive us of .sonic of our
o' today look at it.'
"But, (ir.iiidiua, you forget that
"the people of social circles have the
blood of noble ancestry running
through their veins.    They  arc of
•* * How is that,' I inquired.
-* ' Well, if you notice, we have
very few olistelriciil eases now.
The couples who  marry nowadays
better slock than the common pco-j don't raise such families as were
pie. and should be considered more j rai,-ed in our grandfather's thus;
worthy." J some have one child,   sonic  two,
"I'erhap--s,,, daughter, but y*»u ,-iui! many none -tt ail. Tin* young
can't prove what's in a man nor! ladiis arc a*, willing and anxionsns
woman hy what their ancestors I ever to marry, hut, as a rule, they
were, Silas ailns said that blood j are jtisl *ts anxious io avoid ninter-
was a good thing in a horse if iijnity: their es.cui.-e is, the great
iinide liini go faster. \n' if I wa- -| danger attendi'i- it; ,'iiid. it doe.*.
goin' to buy a lllly  I'd  get   iiiti'n'  sit'iit tn   lie   more  diiiiiM'roii-   than i
they all (*uit wearing them we'd have any use for a bust that did
get along somehow; but*, who wants not 'slope.'. any more than for a.
to go (lopping around like a. 'slom-; watch vliat, did not run. but. I sup-
uc.ky slouch?" That's what I'd , pose, there are slopes and slopes.
look a-iid feel like without a corset." : and the only way to secure the
''*'Well, it certainly   can't make i correct slope   is  to   wear a. corset
you feel
up in a
very good   to  be squeezed  that i.- a., genuine,   perfect
tight corset.
; A.nnie returned from the kitchen.
"*'Thank you. I don't lace." ;and seeing how   I   was  employed.
•-'Of course not.     By  the  way. I said:
what made you faint in church that I     '-'Looking  at   the   corsets?    1
Sunday night?" 'think you must lie going crazy on
'* 'Whv. tbe heat, of course: vou j the corset ouostion. 'Ooing to write
don't supj)Ose my corsets had an\:- Ian article on the follies of the fe-
thing to do wit-hit. do you?'' | male sex?'
•''Ob. I don't know, rhavcj •' -I am just- looking at these
heard it said that they do some-j pictures, and learning some of the
times cause women to faint.' |good qualities of the  most adinir-
"'Well, mine, don't.      I don't j able articles.
pinch myself in like that fool Fanny
Bowers.    She sleeps in hers.'
Seeing that Annie was about to
lose her temper, I changed the sub-
" -Now, don't make a fool of
yourself over something that don't
concern you.    If you had ever worn
a corset you would never think of
ject, and inquired after the health j dressing without one.    It's a great
of Mrs. Wilson, a friend of hers,
who has been in the doctor's care
for some time.
" 'She isn't any better, poor
thing: the doctor says she'll have
to submit to an operation.'
'* 'What for?'  I inquired.
" 'Oh, female trouble, and i'm
afraid she can't stand it, and I hear
of so many   women   dying  after
support for the body, bracing you
up, and keeping you in good form
as nothing else can, and then, well,
what does a woman look like without one, anyhow?"
''Now, as I have never worn a
corset, I don't feel,quite competent
to argue the question with one who
has had many years' experience as
a wearer of this most delightful and
|..-r''-i in tho s.iii; otiiln will !,.-!-■ nm- tlii-|ii-p.|ii-rl',
.-I' Hi.■ -nlisfi-ilK-r*. mul. r soon',.u  i of tin- "Miii
i.i'p.l \i-t Aiiu'iiilimMil Aot i.'.-ii"
I'-ti-l nt Xi-ls'in, II   it.. ■.!.-'■ 1st ]|  ,|„vof .Itilv.
.1. 0.  Mol.KAX.
'i'" OKLlXi'TKNT Oi.oWXKK.
;i'u tlii-K-i.-uoof N. D.   "llnni-i-:. i.r  wlmriisi.ov.-ri
it iimy i'..iio.|'k: j
Vol" ..no ln-ivliv notiliod thus 1 haw o-qioiiil•<: |
1. pjiii liiniilri-.i ,r il ovu dollar.- and titty o.■>■,;- i
id luli'.r pinil iiii|ii-i'Voiiit;]ils u|i 'li tlio Mnllti-inil.'!
cr-.il olniiii. sitn;ito(l noar Sitmlon, in tli>- SI... .■•, |
Mining Oivisii.li, anil roi-'ifli-i! in tlio ullloo "f; In. I
Mining Rooiirili-r (nr (In- 'uid >llvi«ii.|i. Iioiin' t!nt.|
uuinttiii i''i|ii:i'oii i.i lu.Id said olnin; mid.-r tin-.
provisiiiiis,,,f tin.- .Miiicrul Aot f..<r tlio y.-.-n-.-r.ilin-- '
Ndvoiiilii'i- lSili, l'.ipin.
And if iiitliin niiuty da.'-s frmii tlio dato "i tills
notiooypii fail-r r.-fuso t-i' o..ii.'i'il.iito ymir |ir.r
pot'tiun of suoh ,N|i. nditiii'o, ti.Liithoi- with all
oost of :nivi'!li<ii!ir ymir intor.sl ii; tlio spiidolaiii:
it will li.'o.i.nio tin- pi-n|i..'rty .if tli• - unil-Tsit-ned. i
undor-ootioii I ..I ppii Aot to unici ii tin- Minor.--
Aot. Jin hi
Il.'.n-d this J'tlh .!;!.'. of -Inly. Inn!.
I |i;tris nf tlilMV.iI'lil:  t\V-i   lll-iiN
I'n-i-v day.     It4  t'.nlio-' vui'i1
I imisi ular disopifos;  ils  w.;il,-i>
Livor and Stnimioli A ilnioiits.
i (.or   wiol*   .looi.i-.lin.L'   |i.
I villas    Tho jirioo "A r..a
! No«   i l.-m or and  llnloyo
yoar rmmil ami _-...;id fur 3"
i yon S[i!'iiik-. Arrow l.aki-
.riivo and doiiiirt
all in rv.'nis and
iioai .'iii Kiilntv,
'i'onn-':  -l'. |.
'.•si.loii.o in hoti-l ..r
ni-irii' liokot hotwoi-n
i, "lupiii-aiilo all tho
days. j. -;i.;ia. tlai-
IS. C.
K'   Ill'-'VL.YXn,  I-.pp.ipi,
Linn! Siii-vi-Mii'.   Sand'
Minoral Claims.
Situa-.L'   in   tho    Sli.oiin    Minintr   Pivist'iti   ...f
Wo.st 'Kootoiiay Distriot.     U'lioro  looatc-d:
On Tributary Crook, in  tho Slooan Mining
Division of West Kootonay. 15. C.
'PAKE   NOTICE  That  I,   K. M. Sandilansl^.
I    Cft. No. Hf>S3Ji, uctiii-'iisiifiiiit fori'. Burns.
Oft. No. 13 MS-ii, und 1). 0. Mann,Cft. No A xi'M,
in tend (id days from tho dato hereof to apply to the
Mining   Jleoonlor lor Cortilioatos of Iiiiprovo
nients for the purpose of obtaining Crown (.'runts
ol cuoli of the above claims.
Anil further take notit'fl thai action under section 37 must Iju commenced liefore (he issuance ot
such certilieate*! of improvements.
E. Mi SA'NDi'l'ANbs.
those operations that it scares me.' | imlispensahh*    contrivance,   so   1
** 'I'm.   a   dangerous   business, j	
_y%^mVmVmVmV%VmV%^mV ^
Does sho wear corsets?'
li 'Why, of course she does.
What's that got to do with it?' she
replied, with more warmth than
appears necessary.
*' *<)h. nothing, I suppose
though I heard a .doctor say that if
the women would ijuil wearing
eorscls. (here would not Im so
intn-li of litis *feiiiale Uoiilile." hut
I don't   know   anything  aliottl it.'
'* 'Xo. I guess tiol: nor the doctors either. Th'-\ are always pich-
in*j; at the poor uoiueu alioiii sonn--
lliiitg. I think il'-a shame! They
had lietter attend to their mvn
good lilond:    not    lieeausc   o'
pedigree,   hut   U'-':ii',-e   Air'A
O MI'IM   In    Hi'
hei''. forinerly. lind the eor.-el  i*
t»- ;i tin' c.'iu*.!' <>!' i'.'
hetter horse.   Wilh nicii an' women      •• ■ Ihii. onr  yiaitilnniiiieis wore
it* jest ihat way.    Society frills an' them, didn't liiex'.**' I s-ogm'sicd.
inake-Mieve an' fu*-.-an' liddleaii'       " i   •.•lie.—   lhe\   did;  and   their
hiiilerliyisiiiH don't   go   fur   iiiin-li, d«ni|;htei*',   too,   and   the   present
lis the woman thai men h-ok al generation i*. -ulVeriu*^ for it,'
that which is   henenth ih.- stnia.--,        • I   reineiiiliered   thai   ih.n-ar.
..Vint,   do  yoti   know,    child,   thai said to !«• nxoxjile- |o all i|ii<'*ii.nis.
,!.-   '.I.eV
ltu'|-c is  jcsl  ;-,-  wtll'dl
a- hig a soul,  jest   a:
ttl   i ill'   gill <   illrli    «<i(ks     |ll|     Jl     Jt V i tl
•('- there is in t),,. Inittei-lly t>'-l|.- '•
-<M*ic|\ ; all   11 she doe   if  lo ii-Jiti-n
the   to,*|t| nf the    1,'if llct .     Illothct     nt
other ineiiihei*.'. of the family, il'*.
ntv oiiinino **ln* i-J woitltt of a l..rio
vvite honov »t<no t'te ^o*'.<<t« »ni I ut'
hJuc*J'!i>i.i|l stock.       Nol   that    J';u
'" up-
a   lieait, j.-l   and to haiti -oitu thiri^ **l" i Is.
mtieh virtue,   -ideof this, I concluded local
(ill niv   m.tllii-d    -i-let    ami   di-cils-
!h" -l|l.j.'l-|. \    f'-llo'l.   Mil-lit   to  he'
sdde to iclv oil what   liis *-j«.t-.*  iclis,
»An h*f<M' wfJt*'
iufcirn'i, 'i'8i/tili'(8
■t Vow..
d    il  it   inakci-
,1 .
IiIimkI  lie goo.
.,.,.. I..      (
i* ■.. ,
\vl».%t «r»- their d.*ui|_htei- up fm- to
in ti iv well, with notion" to i.-c,.iu-
tu.'iid 'em 'ut ih» hhie.iilii.d that
t!o«,«.ed through the vein- ,,f tl».-ii
,'in,-,--.for*. a fiimdc-d vear-M, hirm.
hii'k. Ilihr IMi-_ht> III tie I.i o|fi j- 4-
HU Utdoei'llieitt   Jut    M*\   \o<«J:,;.'   uri'.i
t" take aliolt. t.url* Ik- y'"!** 'he
hull world over; lhat  in,  the*,   U-
liiiiilf ri|«in alxiuf tit"  *>t\tne getn nil
ju'an »»    «iitt-tt'iii'liiiii.
1,1.   j*M-i%l    "Ulli-I ••»•*»*     On
Nelson Saw and
Planing Mills, Ltd.
t timhor
Store Fronts
Show Cases
Slore & Bar Fixtures
Fancy Glass
Siunai  i.ttwi'.Kv's i 'i..\i\i
td oiililc \ ultr \v.i\ lo,
>(*n«iil|o  the <aliluj' a i|,,i
l.u . It furnishes ;i |m»w-
• l«'f that l»-av«'» Ud tuix*<'tl
tone*,   mm    ciuhkii   tn*
I'f.lhij lot mIijiIIi*! Ui'j. lie
r<i**k 'd' sitjtt'i*-?i'iwii aii'i
nnioii -if' H(<   i»i jolii jin-f
al  nl   !Vci*(i((tii   <»u   this
t»;ii th.     Dit_.   »v|iilc  r 11«
rliotitrhr   of piuchasc j>
uaiiujiii!     your    i(ji|i«*i*
"J ol ■(-.
Brown Bros.,
™      The Jeweler.*;, Nelson.
Place •
KKTIJHN   Mlneriil Cliiini.
Situate in tin; Sloc'in .Miiiini* Division nf We-t
Koo-L-nay District. Win-re located: Wtil
nf (hu Sui)|iliire, on Phvih; Moiuitalii.
"p,\KK NOTICE Tlmt I. Hwbort T. TwUfLMin
1    n^oiit   for thc  l'u} in-  Contiullilnteil Mlninj?
('ompfliiy, Limited, Kr»e Miner'sCortlliuntc No.
B WS75, intend, sixty day,* from the .late hereof
to apply to the Minim.' K'eeonler for n CertiliciiU'
of Improvements, for the purpoHe  of olitaliiiiip
a Crown Orunt of the above claim,
And fuit her take notice that netlon, under s*c
Hon 87, must be coinnienceil before the issuance
of siit'li Certilieate of improveiiients,
Hated this Mil day ol September, A. U. Itmi.
Mineral Claim,
Sitiuitu In tlie SI enn Mb inn i)lvi*p|on"of .'v--t
KiHjti'uav District. Where Incatcil: Dn
l':iyne Mountain.
[MKE NOTJCK 'I'liat I, Arthur S. K.-usvell,
Kl'i'i' .Miner's (Vi'lilietile Xo li .'.oi.VS. Iliteml. iii'
liny s I im ii i In. date hereof, to npply tu (In- Mining
lli.i'.il'ili'i' j,,|- ,i C< rijili-ai.. of iiii|iri.veini i.t.s. f.'n
(be pliriiiisu of oiiliiiniiif.' a CrnWii dnilit ..(llu-
nl..n. I'laiin.
Ami I'linlii-r take noilee dial ai-ti.iii. iiiiili'i
seelimi til, must be eiiiiiiiii'lleed belnre tin- I--11
aiii-i- nf s||i-|i ei-rtitieali- nf linpl'nveii'i'iits.
D.iieil tbis.piih 1l.1v nf Aiik'nsf. a. I). r«ii.
i'.'.'U \. S. FAJtWKI.I.
I'liNTII.ll,,    lti:l)  1'llti   unit    lti;i»    |.*o\
i*ltA(."ri(i\ Miii.iiilriiipii-
SltUPili.   111   tlie     -sl.i.-iiii    Mliiinu-     I >; \ i - j •. 11   -.i
Wi -I    lv«'.!(-.iiiv     I'i-tl'lrl       Wil. I       I...  U.'.p
N|!||l>..   Il.-|s|||   illlll    j   .il!'    till-   Slll',.li-.-     >ll   III.
I     .I..I11
TUMI, i-:v.\ns-
(ii-:\i nun1 iiursi*;. kasi.»»(
I*'|'i -It l"\Al till tlielilile,
l'lilp'-fS   |lpis|  tin- time.
25 UP
<>    X ,     , 1  . ■:   ■■ y,..
\i.*etll ti'f
AAnnotm a • •« M ,  .. „
K \-
.'ii in-; tii.it l.u. 11 A\i.n.i,..|(i
\ I'lii.'h, I'*!.-.- Mli..-1's C.Mllip-n'
1! V ■.';.'.'.■ rf. K. 1I...1. r-i .1., i'ii«. MipiiiV
miifii.-; . 11 '•-■'.-..'. c.i'iii-ii'ii- \1 ii.ibin(*,
Min, 1 -1. iiiiin.ti. N . It'.>';:.;, l-'r.'. Mi/inr'i
il.ic.-it. X ' !Ui. Inii -in!, i-lxtv il.>.. tri.in t!i
bi-r.. .1    1       i.,.:>     in    'le-     Mii.ii,;■   Hu
(.,1  :\   I'n"     .I--   ■ t    IpuP 1-   1 ..iii. . I
.1 t
'en 1 'I,   I. ■.-
I -iii-hi
|i.i>,.,t 1).
-ll'lili   ll,  'I
K.I     ll   ll,.
in     'le-     Mii.ii
imp 1- 1 ,.i,,< , i
('1   m ii 1 ir .i.i
1   I'- ;
tlii.  ,1
'■ »    '. |pii|.|.
1   .'      .,--.,.  1.
I  It \'   I KIV
p.p    Mini.
(till...,  ,1,    Im.i
'pKi: N'.i I.     11,,- j
I    ^l'l 11'- ' . 1 Hiii.**.   \,.
'»■ . '   !>■!  I-     il     U    ,»..,,    I  1
V p   li    ■"> I  .  I   I. nit    -hu
:•'.     I     t...i',.'.U     U.     tl„     <*\i
C i-'i 1 .-',    .:    I-- ,,,,.(■, ,, ,. ..
■I..... im. ,. 1 i  ■■ ,,„..,
Ai.i! 'pull., p   ■ ■!.,   ,      1, .   il
•A t,
nl ■ s ,
'    M.
ii «-.'
••■ Ml.
i< t-
SUM- \ltl   II till.Ss! I.| \ I  |jM,\
I'.l   \i   l»MII,U.    »t   \ I  . I  I       -1   VI   I I   I
1 . ii-ti.tn, ..1..1 Sum- \i:i 11   1 , ,, lj(,lt
s,'., , .  .i, -i,   _■•! .. ,,,..   M,,,ii...
    on:.   1 ..lll.ei •!    .■  II.
'I" \ HI'.  Snj HI    lint !. Win
I      ... ,,...■ ■ ' -.  \l
I . I : Hu ,il.- V.   II
I'll !   l'i
t       t.
Mi,,,,,    ,,
In. vtn
Y«   J, .        I,'.. .
I..I...  li    M. I..
•1.1I   \\
V..     t!
ll iii'i   .UH  t
kl»«-  •••.V"r
Charles Hillycr, Manager k.t. i^mcry
si. James
Ncu Denver. H C
%  JUOMt't'tm A t*t'»..t*r..}.,
\\»-    »•*.  i'i;i:r/i:i, * rn„  v.-ismi.  ».(.*.,
}}   ,    Ii.-.-ile:--. ill .all Pillir-  :.ml   Avipiyers'Supplies.
11.    CAMKUON",   Snnil-jii,   Mar.ufartlircS
I'l.iihiiv i.p ppfi. :■:   and  » .li.-iis patronage
fl-.ni all i-lss-i-s.
V\riiolesfA.le   Merehaiits.
'im*i:xi-:k.   i;i:i:ton   *   co,, Wh-k-^ili;
I     Meri-liiiiits and linpurti-rs:   l.inii'.rs.  ''it-nrs
and Dry Hi....is.    .\*,ls.,ii,  \'-un'..ti\.-r.  Vi.-Mii,-i
nnd London. Emr
if    Imppii'ti.
*    CO.,     N.-lson.
Wholesale Wroeer.s111.il Provisiua
Kvery. Friday at Silvei-to.i
I..  (.'IIKISTIK, L. I.. It., llarrister. So-
iieitor.   Notary  Pnhlie.     Sandon.   B.   C,
ML.  fSKlMVWKTT, L.  L.   IL, Biirrister.
.   Solicitor, Notary I'nblic.     Sandon, 15. C.
Uraiieb Oflice at New Denver every Saturday.
'I'HI-:  AKLINti'lON  IIOTKL, Slix-anCUv,
I    is headquarters for Mining and Commercial
A full line of Silverware and choice
Confectionery at
•loseiihinc St., N.-w Denver
or sou LINI'.
1 via. St   I'titil or (..'hii'it^'u
V\\ A.MKI.'ICAN   KMiri.'SluN
■" liay- litiiil
i :'■ '• ttf'ToliKl; i 15
'll^ll Mi'i'plii
I'lifnlitii;   All
;  ' .ti -
i\V lil-.'li
!•'  1
l-    i.e.
' ,1,1, .,1.,:,
■*• 'he  I.-
, ll.i.AK!.*!'.
. \,l>. I*   A.
Kiii'tcliiiy  l.il^*
t" N'-itii-i.u"v«'i*
1" ..ii'i ti p., Lu
■ md Am. ii.■,.,.. 1,.,. -
i.it. -. Iti'lli t«.-i, .| > ,
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W   I'
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I lit
SI    !,*-  ,\i 1'
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• I"1' l'i iniii
It    Is   li,(|;l \*
(iii !»-•  :i 11 v 1
.A'! _)'i ■::•■
|M-r!t:'i*!ii'll     illilll    ••\'**r
i„ •'...-..  ;■    o      ' '
.*}'pi Iniii,',.  K\i'i \ 111 * -
l.ll|,|tl'    l»l|sin,s»     111:111
l'eel i'J llJ/Oi  I III'
:l!l<'.- «.f
''••on < V
HllJM.I f
llitV lli*_
\ I ■>{,.
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t |Mi|
Ko'.soi:. D. O
Ne.v »»ertv»?r. II
' t-'M' iv.y    l!.u   .:
■j.nr«"  i'.'*t «.-i'v<'<. »(,•■.,
• 1 ., 1 1
,,,-V   ,nif.i.   .>|
Eighth Yeab
London's new paper, The. Father (the
name is old enough), publishes this on
"The Balance of Power":
You take some States,not less than three;
We'll cal! them A and B and C—
Not Russia, France or Germany,
But each a simple letter.
Supposing*'A should buy a gun,
Then B must purchase more than one;
And C, who cannot be outdone,
Will go a cannon better,
Now A, if not entirely mad, !
Another gun or so must add.
As many as the others had,
Until he overtops them;
And B and C will order more,
Exactly aB they did before,
And lay up implements of war
Till lack of money stops them
For this is the Balance of Power,
Humanity's loveliest flower;
If we were not afraid
Of the guns we have made
We should all be at war in an hour.
The war clouds may threaten and lower,
But never will break in a shower,
For we haven't the cash
To do anything rash,
Upsetting the Balance of Power.
Then B, on some convenient day.
Will make a secret league with "A ■
In which thev practically sav,
They'll »*o for C together:
The secret, being one of State,
Is certain to evaporate,
And C may soon anticipate
Extremely sultry weather.
So C his neighbors will fatigue
With patriotic base intrigue,
Until he makes a secret league
With each of both the others;
So any two to fight are loath,
Because the third is bound by oath,
To tig-lit against and for them both
As enemies and brothers.
And this is the Balance of Power,
Diplomacy's climax and flower;
If we did not surmise
We were all telling lies
We should nil be at war in an hour.
The war clouds may threaten and lower
But never will break in a shower,
For vou cannot depend
On a! foe or a friend
When it comes to the Balance of Power
To Adam in his great transgression
there came a prophetic voice declaring
he should be doomed to earn his bread
"by the sweat of his brow. The bounteous gifts of Nature were in future to be
cared for, nursed and cultivated. His
whole life was now to become one of
•solicitude and activity, and even then
when his best skill had been bestowed
on the means of living, he was to see it
mayhap swept away by the storm to
perish by drought or be devoured by
the locusts, amTstandTamicTthe ruins"of
his labor an humbled and impotent man.
That decree of Heaven, which was to
be so literally fulfilled to Adam, has
followed his descendants down through
all the ages and as populations and
manufactures increase this anathema is
becoming more decided in its prediction
and more emphatic as a living necessity, The alliance that exists hetween
Capital nnd Labor is the closest tie of
interdependence that binds the human
Capital is refined as being the accumulated savings of labor and tho profits
arising from the savings of labor; it is
the essential of progress, and hence
every industrial pursuit demands an
application of Ub resources in the development of labor.
Labor is of two forms, forced or voluntary; the forced being that which
holds humanity aB a slave op in a state
of serfdom In the days of Roman
power it was considered a source of
wealth to be possessed of slaves nnd
serfs, and some of the work erected by
euch labor stands today as historic
monuments that are the surprise and
ikdi-iiration of thc. world Voluntary
labor is evolved from the gradual lib*
eiiy that arose from the cultivation of
trades, and the itiecliauical demands on
skilled labor. The workmen became
isolated individuals, into many professions, thus disrupting tlm common
basis of labor and diviM'llng the mIikIh
int. vai'.i'iw chuutp'li. ut pru.ltu'iioti, no
that llie lnhi.tr of today is an offer of
skill wn tlie Miark-'t for :t consiilciatlon
of value tn bn ciiiii|it!ltsati'd for by an
•exchange of inonev m* other jfoods of
(■('iiui value.
Within the ).i,«i hall century great
iiiid licicc .itnigglei' have taken place
in the liilinr world. Capital lia*. with-
lii-'id from the u'liikiiiiMi their fair xliare
<.; pro-its in Mn ;r ciiiiihincri jn'oiliictiiiii,
tn.nl ton-ell tn -uireinlei'. Labm* mi
tiieniiiei loiii'l Im-.1-siiiiH'i! iht> ujigri'*.*
mvc, tri'i'uciith with violem-e and Kins"
ihitlHtlie. I in- -miUVI* id eillniUHUi luf*
hi'iOtl.e ,i. !■ ■ U'.lV'i-! s.-il ,'llnl (lie (utter
htlile*. ll.tt: u en- foiiiiei'ly atleinhllil oil
ili*.|.U\i'- I,nve i.ti.\ U'l'ii relocated to
Hie iiiei.ri "i iv.I*",i and 1'irlieai'iiin'e,
Hlid i iillli 'Uii._ tiiffit  letW    leitflis   in   tin*
i    '      •        • t    .> ...     l-l .*'..     i.lili-i.    |.... M'lO'll
vol,.-   i it t  • ..  iti   timl   which   uffei-ts
so with the employer.   His life is full
of anxious thoughts oi the past and
future—of  contracts   that will  fail to
meet expenditure, of required material
increased in value, of debtors of whose
payments there aro doubts, and other
delays and worries that tend to shrivel
life and sharpen the temper.   And when
we ask the question: "What is the matter with the boss?" little we know of
the weary hours our employer has suffered on matters that affect our welfare
as much as his own.   Struggling and
battling with adverse circumstances is
the lot of many capitalists, and when
we consider that not 10 per cent, of those
who embark in business succeed, how
slow  we are to realize the effect of
failure on a heroic spirit who has fought
and failed, and how miserable we are
in withholding the mantle of charity or
the  svmpathetic  word      Many  have
been the methods adopted to solve the
great problem of how best to govern
the relations of Capital and Labor.
The  Workmen's Compensation Act
has come to the front with rapid strides
and   yet  the   workman   clamors   for
amendments, until   capitalists   protest
against the injustice warred on enterprise,  and  the  serious   danger   that
threatens the lifeof industry,   Our law-
courts bear emphatic evidence of the
claims made by workmen, even where
the plaintiff has had the erection of the
work and suffered by his own want of
skill or precaution; yet in the face of
contributavy   negligence,   he  has  the
hardihood to drag his employer into
court for an accident  for
alone to blame.   On   the   other  hand
some  employers are anxious to ru-h
contracts on the motto "Time is money"
that they ignore, the common elements
of safety, and when   accidents  oecuv
through this cause it is but just that the
law step in and punish the carelessness
that endangers the life of any workman.
We have trades-unionism as another
means to an end.   The law permits men
to combine and conspire for their own
welfare, but when you take thought of
the coercive measures adopted by this
form of society it cannot  accomplish
much,   For instance, two men serve an
apprenticeship to a trade; one is a master of his craft, and the other a slow,
poor workman.   Yet his union demands
that his pay equal his superior fellow-
workman.   Now we contend that this
is a double edged injustice—first, on his
employer,   and  next  on  his  brother
workman, and society will never in this
age'ofreason-tendtosniooth the friction
that must naturally arise from such unjust demands.
The nearest approach to the solution
of the labor question is the principle of
profit-sharing. It reduces production
to a community of interests: it places
the employer on his integrity; watchfulness is superseded by confidence; sel
fishness is uprooted by justice, and tho
true recognition of worth is established
by the simple act of co-partnership.
The workman becomes imbued with n
spirit of economy; his work is transposed into a labor of love; all the nobler
feelings of his nature are called into
action; a now era has dawned upon his
life. He labors to save, to promote, to
invent; in a word he is a partner with a
financial interest that he is compelled
to respect. He is consulted in the
affairs of tho firm, and feels a' pardonable pride when his advice takes practical form. Firms under such a ruling
aro generally successful.
Thorn is another form of solution to
the labor question, which is now uni-
versally preached—tho gospel of Socialism The great dtlliculty with it is that
not two advocates of its doctrines agree
as to its application From Carl Max,
with all the intervening apostles, down
to Henry George, each seems to have n
remedy entirely of hifl own thinking.
Some seem to aim at the re-modelling
of society, some to disrupt society, and
not a few labor to pioduce a stHtc of | excelled
chiios Bolbiiny, in liis wonderful honk i
"Looking Backward," wants society te |
hold the '.oods of society for the wants j
of society. Avery pretty theory, and I
admirably conceived and written; hut
we would a«k: "Whi-rn would Individual t
genius and talent he relegated to?" In
It human lo work for mere applause?
ts the feeling of independence to be
cnislied out of the human moil? The
spirit of inquiry and Invention would
be hushed in the world: individual
eiiterpriM' and effort would be, blinked
bv the feeling that personal reward for
!.*!.;.i '-.vjit'Stdci! wi-uM h<: an unknown
■'ii.'iiitity, and thc cry of "Ant I tny
lirotlu'i*'* keepery" would he stilted In
the death struggle* of civil strife If
NiH-iitltMii Ir. to be (lit; cure-all of all the
iuiUiii'iiiiiMiim ul society as present, con-
K'itiitcil, il inwtt tomo iu a more pence
1(11 .(till .111 elilUKh-   IpiiIii  —..< .   ...     |/(M.|,,
'.   A.. (''MpoiVi'ii, Vic'tiii-i'v'
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avoid Baking Powders containing
alum.  They (we lnjurlou- to bealtli
Goods of HI
Another long and ominous silence—-
perhaps twenty minutes..
"Goin't' begin harvestin'  t'lnorrer,"
"Dew tell.    Must   hev airly  crops,"
from her.
Then the clock had the tloor for another seventeen minutes.
"Hoss is sick," she said
"Waal, I'll be durn.   Which un?" ex-
claimed Jim.
"Bay mare."
After this outburst nothing was said
for thirty minutes.
,    "Goin' t' th' siiigin' skule Saturday
whichh01^ | night?" queried Jim.
"Nobuddy a\t me," she said.
"1 axes ye," said Jim, bravely.
. "I'll go,'" she. said.
Twenty-five minutes elapsed.
"Oie Boss bed a kaff," Jim said.
"Law me," she said.
Twenty minutes passed.   Then Jim
unlocked his hands, put on his hat and
stood up.
"Goin?" she asked.
"Goin'," he said, and walked out on
the.  porch.   She followed him to the
door and they both stood thus in silence
for ten minutes.
"Must be after eight," he said.
"Must be," she said.
"Good-night, Mandy," he said.
"Good-night, Jim," she said,and shut
the door as he walked out of the yard.
And yet this is the twentieth century,
mineral are reported from New Ontario
in the Michipieoten district. South of
Lake Wawa a large copper deposit, two
miles long, has been found and acquired
by A. W. Fraser's Ottawa syndicate and
the Clergue syndicate. Some of tho oro
is reported to be of the sensational richness of 27 per cent. The early comple
tion of thc AJgoma Central will enable
development to go on almost immediately It is said also that the Clergue
gold at Lake Wawa has turned out to
be an excellent body of ore.   Gold dis-
to supply huildei'B and contractors
with all the above building materials.
Our,, products received First Prizes
and Medals the last two years at tho
Spokane Exposition. Tho Lime that
we Are now manufacturing Is not.
Special quotations to con*
tractoi'ii on application.
Are tbe only kind to be found in our store. Everything from a neat and inexpensive birthday remembrance to a fine and elaborate Sterling Silver
wedding gift, Our goods are made on Honor, and we guarantee them in
every way; and a guarantee from a reputable house is always good. All
mail orders will receive our prompt and careful attention, and as we employ
only the best workmen, all repairing guaranteed.
THE   JEWHI.KR,   Nelson, M. C.
coveries are reported 17 miles west of'
Sudbury. The Fraser syndicate is also
doing extensive work on the Sakoose
gold mine, 9 miles from Dyment Station, into which they have built a spur
line and are shipping to the Keewatin
reduction works.
Living on t'\vo meals a day is
conducive to enlargement of the
Nelson Brewing Co.
Brewers ol Fine Lager Beer and Porter—the best in the land.   Correspond*'
ence solicited.   Address—
  R. REISTERER & CO., Nelson, B.C.
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Similkameen Coal Co., Limited. For
further particulars apply to—
Sandon, B. C.
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constantly on hand.
Head office: NELSON, B. C.
Stotes at SANDON, KASLO, and NELSON.
For prices apply to—
Wholesale Aicouta for B.O.
Vancouver, H.C.
Our Special
El Condor
of Kootenay and Boundary.      Tliey sell the
best meat obtainable and aim to give satisfaction to every customer.     Try a line of their
P.   BURNS   &   CO.
Wine Co.,
Hauling and Packing to Mines,
and general local business.
Now Denver, It. tl,
Seeds, Trees,
iiff  Factory   I'lli'-n.
Preino Cameras and a now lino of
Printing Papers. The very beat.
Send for prlcog.
A  thoroughbred Berknliirc Hour.
Apply ai—
<,>ukkn* Hkss Mink,
Wholesale dealers In
Choice Wines
and Fragrant
Cigars'   "^
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Family & Commercial.
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Fitted with every modern
convenience. Special protection against lire. Rates$?.50
and $3 per day.
I General Drayin?: Mining Sup-
I piles and Heavy Transport-
I       ation a Specialty.
Our Ilaggage wagons meet all Sun*
day trains.
Saddle Horses and Pack \.i::r.uis.
Keed Stable** at Now Denver.
Bulbs,v,r F"** ''i»nt.inf?.
Catalogue Vree.
MKXT  IS  ri'.'Id.DA'I K
IN   Al.l. Nil I.I.N  ami
Fred. Irvine & Co.,
iNKWUNKol*' Sl'lkKSANi-i
-<PIKF.Sfroiiir*to.vx-     !
1-*,.•-.i ti
*-t.iiii"i *
Ji'il ri'.i
Inltnv,   I
......  .
I ..
HlM'ti  I...V
<l|ljl...    Illl
'I>l iit.M .1
(Mi lie !■ ■
kn<>w le A
\ivif'.'' :■■ ',
Wimi (t.trrow
rU-'Im'.<  *•■■.. .....   ...
ati'l  rct-.i-r;
•wiirkuusA  i     -_ .   '■
th't.t* nl'   i   :i,t!ii'i' : ,!
IKJHt-l his -Mil 111 tin- I
tllM ilt-.ii'**!   I■"•.<( !•■> , ■!
l-i-ane* »■,-..•   ....•   .
.'Ill'i 'I  III'      Mll'iltl  P
i.iii iin* lii'iti i'ii !
.m-iI   w'h'i- nl   tii«
iiiitHilin.!-. ill*!* iitc
ppi-.t, n.l.iilii._ liitii
iv   t-r   i«*i ii'tiin'ii.
«     itlVi!*)'     Ilttll     1"
mil ii.lv.u-.tft;:-"* "I
. ii nt* |..ll*lli llipn
",.-..ti'. (lie tf't" t"i*
nn'NTHY   l-dl'UTHHIf.
lie ciime in lit** curl.v Itvilixlit.  When
ii.. I. T'.ni-ki'il *i!u- mtfttt*"! llu- ilixir kim!
'I'vii'tnli'il lo 1 !• *.Hi'i<(,iM'i| .it »t'i-irij*hint.
"ll.* i! you. .lim'.'" ''
Mm ii'lmitt-*il lielnjf "il"  hy a curt1
"v.-..' a ml l'ulln\»e<l her into thc |»«i*l(il*.
lb- mi ilowii <m a chuir wilhmit loaning
!..iiK,  -i|;ir."l  his  hut   it,   hi* t«l»  «ml
M. .1   HIIMKY,
ti 'i Wi-ntillltiM.-r It..nl. V.iiicoilVi'l. ll.C
DeitU;;* in
uuw ihesreiiih t.ml! «'*«'3*"» ''•- '""•«|- "v<''' J»u k,u-'C,i,  ™U'
./^^ vl ; •■■!< -.ti tin* f.ir a,\,. ,.f the niom with her
. ui I'.v.i-."   llie I ••"",K')''"« •'•■J' ""•' '»i'1''e0,*"'r Mu'[ Van Cauijj Lunch VumxIh, Oonfectiuii
*     ,i ..).■■!   h>
I   l'...il"'-;   id'   lilt'-
.p'iHclldtoj    "I'olk* w-flll.*"-
..i. .«i.',r:    "A" Ve|.t |*|>
...:     :,*'.t!a-_."
New Autumn Goods
t Al.l. AM* -'IA <>l il KALI. MANIM:-. AM) LADUvS  UKADV-TO-WKAH bT.lA' I1AT.S.
Ii,>l |.<.t..i l.AlilKS'1 I |{S. I.ADIKS' ILANKI.K i I'lAtti.t I'l.AID SII.IKT WAISI's.
WOOL M.V"niU-:.***Sl> ai.'i KIDKl'l) »iV.\ i^l'll.TS.
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cry and Fruit.
Fred. Irvine & Co.,


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